246: The Ultimate Dark Mode is a Crash


00:00:00   [classical music]

00:00:02   [audience applauding]

00:00:09   - How is everybody's WWDC?

00:00:11   [audience cheering]

00:00:13   That's it, just like lukewarm.

00:00:15   Y'all are just tired at this point?

00:00:16   [audience laughing]

00:00:18   Well, thank you for coming.

00:00:19   This is our second live show since WWDC moved to San Jose.

00:00:24   We're glad to be back here in the Hammer Theater

00:00:26   with their awesome crew and amazing venue.

00:00:29   We've got a lot of stuff planned for you all tonight.

00:00:31   Someone asked me earlier how we're

00:00:32   going to fit all the topics into tonight's show,

00:00:35   and I answered them truthfully, we're

00:00:36   barely going to cover anything.

00:00:38   So a couple of-- or one quick announcement.

00:00:40   I know the robot voice told you to turn your phones off

00:00:43   or whatever, so here's the deal.

00:00:45   I need them to be muted, please.

00:00:47   But at the request of Federico Vatici,

00:00:49   have your phone handy because you

00:00:51   are going to need internet access during the show.

00:00:55   Unless you're unfortunately on Sprint or T-Mobile,

00:00:57   you should have LTE in the theater. Any Sprint people?

00:01:02   Really? Come on. But there is public Wi-Fi available as well.

00:01:05   But if you're on LTE, do that so we don't crush their access

00:01:08   points. This is where I get to introduce two of my favorite

00:01:12   people in the world. Guys that I've done this show with for

00:01:15   like 120 years, it feels like. Please welcome Federico Vittucci

00:01:20   and Myke Hurley. [Applause]

00:01:22   [Applause]

00:01:31   Wow. What up? Can you believe that these many people come here to hear three guys talk about the Mac Pro?

00:01:42   [Laughter]

00:01:44   There should be a podcast about that. Yeah, that would be good. Like a good hour of discussion about it.

00:01:49   Yeah, we do that before we talk about that. Let's that that pans out because I happen to have one

00:01:55   We go

00:01:57   Very nice that trash is that a trash can no, that's like that's a computer. I had one it was a trash can

00:02:04   No, don't do that

00:02:07   Let me let me turn it on here there's a hand crank in the back. Give me a second

00:02:12   Okay, you can go in and get hand cranks on technology or all the rage these days

00:02:18   So

00:02:19   Hope there goes it's booting actually turning it on it kernel panicked when it booted earlier

00:02:24   So we'll see if this works. This is literally his show notes are on this

00:02:27   So we have to wait now. You really should have turned it on when you came on

00:02:32   You know, you could have used the real computer, right?

00:02:34   Yeah, we're gonna sit here. I love the computer of the future. I left my Newton at home

00:02:39   That really is the computer of the past now

00:02:42   But it's very sad. It's a sad setup.

00:02:45   Our show document says "Secret Federico Segment, Not the Surprise."

00:02:50   Yeah.

00:02:50   So, do you want to take it away?

00:02:54   Well, you know, last year we were here and I gave you all some details about this very beautiful location, the Hammer Theatre.

00:03:01   I remember.

00:03:02   And we talked about the name, Susan Hammer, previous mayor of San Jose, and I only mentioned in passing another person.

00:03:11   Okay.

00:03:11   The person who gives the name to the place where, you know, developers among us have

00:03:18   been waiting in line for the bathroom all week.

00:03:20   Now I know you wanted pronunciation.

00:03:23   Tom McHenry.

00:03:24   Thank you.

00:03:25   Gives the name to the McHenry Convention Center.

00:03:28   And I would like to talk about him for five minutes, if possible.

00:03:31   For context.

00:03:32   Is he here?

00:03:33   He's not here.

00:03:34   Okay.

00:03:35   I can assure you that he's still alive.

00:03:36   He's very busy.

00:03:38   Right now?

00:03:39   - Until we get to the end of this pretty brief segment,

00:03:44   I will refer to him as Mr. Tom.

00:03:46   - Is there a reason?

00:03:48   - I want you to know that Mr. Tom is known for many things.

00:03:51   He's an author, he's a businessman,

00:03:56   and he was the former mayor of San Jose from 1983.

00:04:00   - Wasn't Susan Hammer a mayor as well?

00:04:01   - They had more than one.

00:04:02   - Did they name every building after mayors?

00:04:04   - Hold on, every mayor here gets a building.

00:04:05   - Is that Mayor Original Joe?

00:04:08   Is that Mayor Original Joe?

00:04:09   I'm not sure about that.

00:04:10   - Okay, we can find out next year, I guess.

00:04:12   - Tom McHenry served as the mayor of San Jose

00:04:14   from 1982 to 1991.

00:04:16   So I did some research around this,

00:04:18   and apparently he led the explosion of growth

00:04:22   of America's 10th largest city, San Jose.

00:04:27   So I double checked because the population of San Jose

00:04:30   apparently is one million people.

00:04:31   - Where are they? - Where are all these people?

00:04:33   - Where are they? (audience laughing)

00:04:34   Not downtown.

00:04:35   - They're definitely not here.

00:04:37   Apparently the Wikipedia data is up to date until last year.

00:04:40   So one--

00:04:41   But they all moved in the last year.

00:04:42   I have no idea.

00:04:44   The very famous website, the San Jose Mercury News--

00:04:47   we all know about the Mercury News, right?

00:04:49   Are they GDPR blocked?

00:04:51   Did you struggle with that?

00:04:52   Actually, I don't know.

00:04:53   I bet they are.

00:04:54   It's one of those websites.

00:04:55   They referred to McHenry as the most powerful person

00:04:59   in Silicon Valley once.

00:05:01   Forget about Steve Jobs.

00:05:02   That's not right, is it?

00:05:03   That's not right.

00:05:04   And according to the Metro Active website,

00:05:08   McHenry loved being the center of attention.

00:05:12   - Okay.

00:05:13   I don't know anybody like that.

00:05:14   (audience laughing)

00:05:15   - McHenry had very peculiar...

00:05:18   (audience laughing)

00:05:21   - He's talking about you.

00:05:24   - Yeah, I got that.

00:05:26   That's the joke, I got that.

00:05:27   - Okay, good.

00:05:28   (audience laughing)

00:05:29   - McHenry had very...

00:05:31   (laughing)

00:05:32   McHenry had very peculiar music taste.

00:05:37   - How do you know this?

00:05:38   - He really liked, I did my research.

00:05:40   With my real computer, not that.

00:05:41   - Did you go to his house?

00:05:42   - No, he liked the Eagles and U2,

00:05:46   so he's basically got the same taste as Tim Cook, essentially.

00:05:50   - I think John Siracusa as well.

00:05:52   - Hold on, McHenry wrote a couple of books.

00:05:56   And so I went to read his interviews about these books.

00:05:59   - I thought you said he read the books.

00:06:00   - No, no, no.

00:06:01   - Can you imagine that?

00:06:03   And he said, and this makes me feel very bad,

00:06:08   - All right.

00:06:08   - That he sold hundreds of copies.

00:06:12   - Oh no.

00:06:13   - Wait, where did he say that?

00:06:15   - In an interview.

00:06:16   - Why would you say that?

00:06:16   - He was so proud of it, but he said,

00:06:19   he said he wished he had applied more.

00:06:21   Yeah, he used to be a bartender.

00:06:26   - Was this after the book sales?

00:06:28   - I don't know, I think in his youth.

00:06:30   Okay.

00:06:31   And I'm quoting here.

00:06:33   Okay.

00:06:33   A lot of people said they weren't sure I would be a good mayor, but they want to

00:06:38   get me out of bartending because it wasn't any good.

00:06:41   Um, why did they name the convention?

00:06:47   McHenry also was a radio host.

00:06:50   Okay.

00:06:50   He was a podcaster, I guess, in a way.

00:06:52   And I hear that he actually came up, came up with the concept of follow-up.

00:06:57   Oh, wow.

00:07:00   Not somebody else.

00:07:01   Does that come from your research?

00:07:02   McHenry pioneered follow-up.

00:07:03   Wow, it does say it and it's documents, so it must be true, I suppose.

00:07:09   The thing about Tom is...

00:07:11   Is he lost the mister now?

00:07:13   The thing about Tom is the nicknames.

00:07:15   Oh, nicknames.

00:07:17   Last year I revealed how people used to refer to Tom as Big Mac.

00:07:22   Oh, yeah.

00:07:23   Turns out he had more nicknames.

00:07:25   Little Mac.

00:07:26   But really the nicknames go way back in the McHenry bloodline.

00:07:29   - Okay.

00:07:31   - His grandfather.

00:07:32   [laughing]

00:07:34   - You do know this is a technology podcast.

00:07:37   - Hold on, I'm at the end.

00:07:38   - I'm not getting any of that.

00:07:39   - His grandfather, Ben Sellers.

00:07:42   - What?

00:07:43   - San Jose Councilman.

00:07:44   - Okay.

00:07:45   - Was known as Honest Ben.

00:07:47   - Okay.

00:07:48   - His father, John McHenry,

00:07:51   - This Honest.

00:07:52   - Was a member of the Truman administration.

00:07:54   - Okay.

00:07:54   - Was known as Big John.

00:07:56   - Big John.

00:07:57   - Big John.

00:07:58   big John energy to him. Stop it! The good old B.J.E. Stop! Tom McHenry was also known

00:08:12   as the Magster. The Magster? Oi. But others... Isn't that your nickname? We could go with

00:08:19   that, right? The Magster? Other people... No. Because after he... Of course he was succeeded

00:08:23   by Susan Hammer, but he kept talking about being a mayor and running again, and so he

00:08:30   kept showing up in these articles and these stories and these radio programs, and so the

00:08:34   other nickname that Tom McCarran had was "Timeless Tom".

00:08:38   Timeless Tom.

00:08:39   And so that's my research.

00:08:42   Thank you so much.

00:08:43   We're done.

00:08:44   Thank you.

00:08:45   Is that a new catchphrase for you?

00:08:48   That's my research?

00:08:49   You should go with that.

00:08:50   That should be a...

00:08:51   Like a jingle.

00:08:52   That's my research.

00:08:53   There we go.

00:08:55   So--

00:08:56   Do we have an actual show?

00:08:57   Follow up?

00:08:58   Big Tom?

00:08:59   Big Tom's-- what was it?

00:09:00   Wait, what was his name?

00:09:00   Big John.

00:09:01   Big John.

00:09:01   Timeless Tom's--

00:09:02   Timeless Tom.

00:09:02   Timeless Tom's topic, other than that it's known as follow up.

00:09:05   Steven, how was your first keynote experience?

00:09:07   Congratulations.

00:09:08   Thank you.

00:09:08   It was awesome.

00:09:09   Yep.

00:09:09   I got an invite the week before.

00:09:12   These guys know this.

00:09:13   I thought it was a phishing attempt.

00:09:15   So I copied the link and opened it in a private tab.

00:09:19   I swear to you, this is true.

00:09:20   And then checked the security certificate.

00:09:22   I was like, I'm gonna enter my Apple ID

00:09:24   and then Russia's gonna have it.

00:09:25   And you don't want that.

00:09:27   Not picking on Russia specifically, it's just--

00:09:30   - No, you are. - I am.

00:09:31   (audience laughing)

00:09:33   No, it really was amazing.

00:09:34   I've watched these things,

00:09:36   I've paid attention to them before you could watch.

00:09:37   Remember the days like you're refreshing like Engadget

00:09:40   and like stories are coming in and the site goes down,

00:09:42   like what's happening?

00:09:44   It's all just happening in person now,

00:09:45   for me at least for this year.

00:09:47   And it really was incredible.

00:09:49   And I was joined by David Sparks who was here somewhere,

00:09:52   My coach, Samak Pareezer, is also his first time,

00:09:55   and it really was special.

00:09:57   It's something I'll remember for a long time.

00:09:59   - Now you get the fear for next year.

00:10:01   - I know.

00:10:02   I'm just gonna think, I'm just gonna close my email

00:10:04   for like the two weeks before WWDC.

00:10:07   - Don't do that.

00:10:08   - It's fine.

00:10:08   - We've got a business to run.

00:10:10   Don't do that.

00:10:11   - Whatever.

00:10:12   - He never checks his email anyway.

00:10:14   I am a smart battery case believer now.

00:10:16   - Oh, are you?

00:10:17   - Follow up to IFTF. - Really?

00:10:18   - Yeah, it's timely.

00:10:20   I figured during our WWDC episode,

00:10:21   I'll talk about smart battery case a little bit.

00:10:23   - Sure, why not?

00:10:24   - So during--

00:10:25   (laughing)

00:10:27   - It's a thick case.

00:10:29   - You got, yeah, it's very thick.

00:10:31   Steven changed his phone, so in the case of changing

00:10:37   his phone, had an extra battery case and he gave it to me,

00:10:39   and I've been using it.

00:10:40   - 'Cause I'm a good friend.

00:10:41   - Yep, I've been using it for the last few days.

00:10:43   - I took it out of your cut of the company profits that month.

00:10:46   - Okay, I can't get a pop socket to stick to it

00:10:49   because the phone is too heavy now.

00:10:51   That's my only downside.

00:10:52   - No, here's the thing.

00:10:53   You haven't tried hard enough to get it to stick.

00:10:55   - Okay, maybe I could superglue.

00:10:57   - I know how to weld.

00:10:58   - We could weld one.

00:10:59   - Is it safe to weld with like a battery two millimeter?

00:11:01   - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that should be fine.

00:11:03   I don't like the fact that my phone's always charging

00:11:05   in my pocket though.

00:11:07   - Because of fire?

00:11:08   - Just, yeah, yeah, I don't like that.

00:11:11   - Are you just afraid of your pants combusting?

00:11:12   - I don't know why it has to always be charging.

00:11:15   Like whenever I look at it, it's charging.

00:11:17   - ABC, always be charging.

00:11:18   - Ah, that's the way it is.

00:11:19   All right, I'm done with follow up.

00:11:20   That was very on topic.

00:11:22   Yep.

00:11:23   WBC batteries, yeah.

00:11:24   Smart battery case.

00:11:25   Good job.

00:11:25   You just spoke about a mayor.

00:11:28   That gives the name to the convention center.

00:11:29   We're not in it!

00:11:30   Show some respect for the city.

00:11:32   Ugh.

00:11:33   Not just because you come from Europe, you can just come here and disrespect Americans.

00:11:36   Wait a second.

00:11:37   Actually, he's not going to be from Europe much longer.

00:11:44   Thanks so much everyone.

00:11:49   (audience laughing)

00:11:51   - Why would you do that?

00:11:52   - That was so good though.

00:11:53   - I needed to even out the Russia thing, so.

00:11:55   - That didn't do that.

00:11:56   - Follow out, follow out.

00:11:58   - What is follow out again?

00:12:00   - We have some follow out.

00:12:00   Follow out.

00:12:01   - It's created by Susan Hammer.

00:12:02   - Susan Hammer had this idea to talk about other things

00:12:05   before you talk about your own things.

00:12:07   - Yeah.

00:12:07   - 'Cause that's just what we do here.

00:12:09   Now, so a couple of episodes of things

00:12:11   that you should check out.

00:12:13   - Why are you surfing on the web right now?

00:12:15   - I have to scroll.

00:12:16   - What are you doing?

00:12:17   On Upgrade episode 248, Jason and Myke spoke.

00:12:22   The afternoon of the keynote.

00:12:23   I always love this episode because you get sort of

00:12:26   the gut reactions and you find out how wrong you are

00:12:28   about everything later.

00:12:30   'Cause when you're here, I mean you guys know this, right?

00:12:32   Like you see somebody--

00:12:33   - You're not doing a good job of like--

00:12:35   - It's a really good episode, you should listen to it.

00:12:37   - It's all wrong, but listen to it anyway.

00:12:39   - Jason, I can see Jason.

00:12:42   - Yeah, I heard it a lot.

00:12:42   - He's very unhappy with me.

00:12:43   (audience laughing)

00:12:45   It's a great episode.

00:12:46   I also wanna point people to Mac Power Users episode 485,

00:12:50   where David and I interviewed

00:12:54   the Mac Pro product manager from Apple.

00:12:56   We sat down for about 45 minutes,

00:12:58   got some really interesting stories

00:13:00   about the Pro workflow team.

00:13:01   And my favorite tidbit from this,

00:13:03   the Mac Pro, which we're gonna talk about

00:13:06   basically for the rest of the time we have you here,

00:13:09   is designed to be like used--

00:13:11   - I just, everyone just left.

00:13:13   - I can't see, they could all be--

00:13:14   - They heard a lot of shuffling at that moment.

00:13:16   - It's designed to be used in the field

00:13:18   by real video professionals.

00:13:20   And so they said, well, what happens,

00:13:22   and it's got wheels on it, which is amazing.

00:13:24   What if someone like slides it down like the ramp

00:13:27   on the back of a truck?

00:13:28   You know what I'm talking about, on a moving truck,

00:13:29   they have like the corrugated metal ramp.

00:13:31   And so they wired a Mac Pro up with like vibration

00:13:34   and G-Shock sensors or whatever, and rolled it down a ramp.

00:13:38   - I don't think they needed to do that.

00:13:39   - But that's why it's a good computer,

00:13:41   because they didn't need to, but they did it anyways.

00:13:43   - Is that why it took two years?

00:13:44   - Yeah, maybe they had to rent a truck

00:13:45   'cause I can't find one.

00:13:47   - Can you roll that down a truck?

00:13:50   - This would roll really well.

00:13:51   - Too well.

00:13:55   - Too well.

00:13:56   - You got, what you got going on?

00:13:57   - You got anything?

00:13:59   - So,

00:14:00   I, if I were you,

00:14:05   I would keep an eye on Mac stories tomorrow.

00:14:07   - Okay.

00:14:08   - Morning.

00:14:09   - Are you signing up for that interview that we did?

00:14:12   you speak to me? Is that Luan? Yes. Okay. Myke and I talk about... On my hotel room.

00:14:18   Yes. Yeah. Did you ever connect it without me? Nope. Mmm. So yeah, I'm just, you know,

00:14:24   something tomorrow. It would be of benefit to you all. Mm-hmm. I mean, your

00:14:29   homepage is all set to Mac stories right anyways. Yeah. Everybody does that.

00:14:33   Do you need to do anything now? No, just what I... Steven, can you open your notes

00:14:38   up please. And during the episode I will be asking Steven questions and everybody

00:14:43   else questions I guess and I would like you to just stay here. Where was I gonna

00:14:49   go? Quiet. Oh well that's difficult. Okay I have notes open I have a title called

00:14:55   Federico surprise which sounds like a website I don't want to visit. It sounds like a dessert.

00:15:00   Steven, what is the American city with the most ridiculous take on pizza?

00:15:08   What would you say? Am I saying what you would say? Easy. All of them. Take that

00:15:17   Tucson. There's one in particular. They call it pizza. I wrote it down. Do you

00:15:23   want to know what I wrote? Yes. So I wrote it down but I could have just told you.

00:15:27   Yeah, no, just tell me Chicago. Okay, okay

00:15:30   Hey, don't even try that's not pizza. Oh god. That's I don't want to turn our show into this

00:15:37   This is not what you're supposed to write down. I will tell you what to write down

00:15:41   What did we do in Chicago two years ago?

00:15:44   What did we do in Chicago two years ago? Mm-hmm like why we were there? Yeah

00:15:49   Hey, yeah, good job peanut gallery

00:15:54   No, just don't really done. I will tell you what to write down. We were there for release notes

00:15:57   Okay, and we did a live show we did. Mm-hmm. What story did I tell on that live show for the first time? I

00:16:04   Remember, I know okay, you can talk the B story. No that one and I was here the bakery story the Baker story

00:16:11   No, I call a person that works at a bakery a baker. Mm-hmm. But if you were to yes, but

00:16:19   Instead of a baker, how would you make it more cool with the baker, right?

00:16:26   Write that down.

00:16:27   The baker?

00:16:28   The baker.

00:16:29   We can move on.

00:16:30   Your surprise sucks.

00:16:31   Wait, your surprise is Chicago the baker?

00:16:35   Is that it?

00:16:36   Write down the baker.

00:16:37   Okay, I'll write it down.

00:16:38   And we can move on.

00:16:39   All right.

00:16:40   For now.

00:16:41   All right.

00:16:42   Talk to you in a bit.

00:16:43   Okay.

00:16:44   Wait, you are still on the show, right?

00:16:45   Yeah, yeah.

00:16:46   All right, cool.

00:16:47   our annual WWDC predictions.

00:16:51   We're gonna grade them this time.

00:16:52   And a reminder of the rules, we offer no half points.

00:16:57   We only offer full points at Connected.

00:17:01   We have a risky pick section.

00:17:03   - Ricky pick.

00:17:04   - Ricky picks.

00:17:05   That started as a typo and now it's the name of the segment.

00:17:07   - That's the name, Ricky's, the Ricky's.

00:17:09   - If you get a Ricky right, you get two points.

00:17:11   (laughing)

00:17:14   And if your Ricky is wrong, you lose a point.

00:17:16   I'm imagining characters now, Ricky Wright and Ricky Rong.

00:17:19   (laughing)

00:17:20   What do they look like?

00:17:21   - Ricky Rong is in like all leather and he has an earring.

00:17:23   - Oh, he's up from the bad side of the tracks.

00:17:27   - Bad boy Ricky.

00:17:28   - Oh, I like him.

00:17:29   - The other two hosts have to agree

00:17:32   that your pick was risky.

00:17:34   - Ricky.

00:17:35   - Ricky.

00:17:36   And we had an order set by the March event predictions.

00:17:40   - Which I won.

00:17:41   - Can you believe that all these people

00:17:42   came here to watch me win?

00:17:44   - Myke got to go first.

00:17:45   - There are prizes involved in this that are,

00:17:49   they are here.

00:17:50   - Where?

00:17:51   - You'll know soon enough.

00:17:53   So round one, Michael, you said dark mode for iOS.

00:17:58   - Got that one.

00:17:59   - Got a point.

00:18:00   - Yep, it looks good.

00:18:02   I haven't really seen it.

00:18:03   I've seen a little bit.

00:18:05   - It looks good semicolon, I haven't actually seen it.

00:18:07   (laughing)

00:18:08   I'm gonna revisit that.

00:18:09   - I like the way that the dock looks.

00:18:12   I like that kind of stuff.

00:18:13   - It's a good dark.

00:18:14   - Yep.

00:18:15   - It's a good talk.

00:18:16   Have you, wait, none of us are running the beta, right?

00:18:19   - No. - No.

00:18:20   - No. - No.

00:18:20   - It seems like it's been heavily advised against.

00:18:23   What is this, like some little warning?

00:18:25   - There's a warning that says,

00:18:26   attention for thrill seekers.

00:18:29   Please do not insult the beta.

00:18:32   - Please don't. - I highly recommend

00:18:33   that you-- - Please, the public beta.

00:18:34   - Okay. - Yeah.

00:18:35   - So I felt pretty good about that, that was an easy one.

00:18:38   - Yeah, I think it looks nice.

00:18:39   I played with it on an iPad,

00:18:41   and in between reboots and crashes, it looked great.

00:18:43   - And there's really a lot of work that went into it

00:18:45   like in terms of--

00:18:46   - The ultimate dock mode is a crash.

00:18:47   - That's true.

00:18:48   (laughing)

00:18:49   - Sure.

00:18:50   - I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I had to say that.

00:18:51   - No, that's a good joke.

00:18:52   - Okay, thank you.

00:18:53   - You did a good job there.

00:18:54   - Thank you.

00:18:55   (laughing)

00:18:57   Do you have anything more on dock mode?

00:18:59   - No, I just wanted to say something serious,

00:19:01   but I kinda ruined it.

00:19:02   - All right, great.

00:19:03   - Moving on.

00:19:04   - Okay.

00:19:05   - I said that iOS 13 would change system requirements

00:19:08   dropping devices that were supported by iOS 12.

00:19:11   That is correct.

00:19:13   past Steven did not put what devices in his document,

00:19:16   but it changed. - We do not,

00:19:17   we do not prepare, correct.

00:19:18   - So Peanut Gallery, what got dropped in iOS 12?

00:19:20   - I've been six, six plus.

00:19:22   - Underscore squeaked out, five plus.

00:19:24   Six, six plus.

00:19:27   - I think Underscore's been pottyin'.

00:19:29   - Yeah. - Yeah, yeah.

00:19:30   - And iPad mini two, three, and the original iPad Air.

00:19:35   - So basically like all of the stuff that they updated,

00:19:37   which we were surprised about.

00:19:39   - So that's A7, A8 in there.

00:19:42   - So they're gone. - They're all gone.

00:19:43   - Bye bye. - So point for me.

00:19:44   - Congratulations. - Good job.

00:19:46   - And you got? - New Animoji.

00:19:48   - Okay.

00:19:49   Did you get any of the ones right

00:19:50   that you predicted there would be?

00:19:51   - What did I predict? - I don't know.

00:19:53   - We also didn't write those down.

00:19:53   - You think you said mouse and there is a mouse.

00:19:55   - There's a mouse. - Yeah.

00:19:56   - That's good. - So, and there's an octopus

00:19:59   and something else. - Cool.

00:20:02   - And something else that I-- - Is there a rat?

00:20:05   - Yeah, sure. - Cool.

00:20:06   - It's just a mouse but zoomed in.

00:20:08   - Yeah, and there's the new Memoji too,

00:20:10   which look, there's more, I like the AirPods, that's fun.

00:20:14   - The customization looks really fun.

00:20:16   I cannot wait to make a mic with blue hair and a lip ring.

00:20:19   - Yeah, I was really excited about,

00:20:21   'cause what I thought Apple was showing me

00:20:23   is that I could literally replace regular emoji with me,

00:20:28   and you can't technically do that.

00:20:29   They have it so like in some apps,

00:20:32   the stickers that you create of yourself

00:20:34   show in the emoji keyboard,

00:20:36   but they just paste in as images,

00:20:38   which is the worst bait and switch of all time.

00:20:41   So mad, because they're like,

00:20:43   oh, it's in the emoji keyboard.

00:20:44   Yeah, but it's not emoji.

00:20:45   You can't just put anything in there.

00:20:46   - Right, and if you put them--

00:20:47   - Be like, oh, it's in the emoji keyboard.

00:20:48   - If you put, I played with it in the Notes app,

00:20:50   and the emoji are small and the stickers are enormous.

00:20:52   - Geez, fail, it's a failure.

00:20:54   - Are you the kind of person that puts stickers

00:20:57   as images in a note, Steven?

00:20:59   - No.

00:20:59   - Is that your attempt at being young?

00:21:02   And like, that's not where you're supposed to put stickers.

00:21:04   - Yeah, you're supposed to send them to your friends.

00:21:06   - Yes.

00:21:07   - He uses Bitmoji now, though.

00:21:07   Are you printing those stickers, Steven?

00:21:10   Like, do you put them in a note, and then you print the note?

00:21:14   And then you cut them?

00:21:16   I'm going to fax them to you after.

00:21:17   You're like, put it up on the wall, be like, oh, yeah, yeah,

00:21:20   yeah.

00:21:20   OK, round two.

00:21:21   So round one is a tie.

00:21:22   I have one.

00:21:23   Oh, yeah.

00:21:24   We all have one.

00:21:24   All the time.

00:21:25   That's what a tie means.

00:21:26   Even though I had the most correct one.

00:21:28   That's not--

00:21:29   So I am very happy, because my second pick

00:21:31   is my vindication for having lost the upgrade

00:21:34   draft on the same point.

00:21:35   But I was a little bit more vague with this one, so I got it.

00:21:38   Apple will mention Apple Arcade again during the keynote.

00:21:42   - Which they did with controller support

00:21:44   for Xbox and PlayStation, which is awesome.

00:21:46   - Which I'm so happy about.

00:21:48   - And it's in the beta, it's on iOS.

00:21:50   There was a tweet going around of someone playing

00:21:52   on an iPad with a PlayStation controller, it's awesome.

00:21:54   - I like that Apple have finally decided

00:21:56   to give up on the MFI controllers.

00:21:58   That's what they've done. - Yeah, it never took off.

00:21:59   What was the Steelcase one?

00:22:01   - Steel Nimbus series.

00:22:02   - I bought one, I used it once,

00:22:04   and now I think it's like holding up furniture in my house.

00:22:06   Like it's never been used again.

00:22:08   - Wait, not Pro Controller, right?

00:22:11   Why do they have Nintendo so bad?

00:22:12   - I don't know, I don't know.

00:22:13   - What's wrong with them?

00:22:14   - I don't know, I have no idea.

00:22:15   But I wonder, they mentioned the Xbox One S,

00:22:18   but I have an Xbox Elite Controller.

00:22:20   - I have an Xbox Elite Controller too.

00:22:21   - Yeah, because I'm a big boy.

00:22:22   - Because that's the kind of people we are, I guess.

00:22:24   - Yeah.

00:22:25   - It's like $150, that controller.

00:22:26   - Will it work with all those switches and things?

00:22:27   - I don't know, well I guess we can't.

00:22:28   - Hey, hey, hey, hey.

00:22:30   - I use--

00:22:31   - No one cares about video games.

00:22:32   No, sorry.

00:22:33   - No, you don't care about video games here.

00:22:34   - I use them sometimes.

00:22:36   Well, I use like the trigger adjuster.

00:22:38   - Yeah, yeah, just turn your chair.

00:22:39   - It's way nicer to not have to pull the trigger

00:22:42   the whole way down.

00:22:43   And I also like that if I get bored,

00:22:44   I can just, 'cause it's all by magnets,

00:22:46   I can just take the joysticks off if I want to.

00:22:49   - Yeah.

00:22:50   - Yeah.

00:22:50   - We can go back to the show.

00:22:51   - We can carry on now.

00:22:53   - Sorry, Steven.

00:22:54   Sorry, Dad.

00:22:55   - My next pick.

00:22:56   - Sorry, Dad.

00:22:57   Sorry, Dad.

00:22:57   - Apple replaces at least one bundled Mac OS app

00:23:02   with a marzipan or now catalyst version?

00:23:04   - Well, you said marzipan.

00:23:06   (audience laughing)

00:23:09   - Oh!

00:23:10   - This is very debatable.

00:23:11   - As it's written, right?

00:23:14   He's making a real face.

00:23:15   All right, sorry, sorry, dad.

00:23:17   Sorry, what app?

00:23:18   What app did they replace?

00:23:20   Reminders, right?

00:23:22   - Wait.

00:23:23   - Reminders is, I believe, replaced.

00:23:25   - Podcast. - Podcast was not an app before,

00:23:28   so you can replace something that doesn't exist.

00:23:30   There is evidence that Messages has been redone, but they didn't mention it.

00:23:33   Okay.

00:23:34   We're gonna call it a point.

00:23:35   And we're gonna call it a point.

00:23:36   Are we?

00:23:37   Are we?

00:23:38   Yeah, I think we're gonna...

00:23:39   Can you replace something that doesn't exist?

00:23:41   Do we want to have this conversation?

00:23:43   When we get to your Ricky?

00:23:44   How picky do you want to get on the Ricky?

00:23:46   Oh, you're right, fine.

00:23:47   [laughter]

00:23:49   Federico...

00:23:50   I'm the victim here.

00:23:50   Federico over there.

00:23:52   conspiracy going on.

00:23:53   Even on stage.

00:23:54   Federico nailed the next one.

00:23:56   iOS gets expanded font support.

00:23:59   This is actually really cool.

00:24:01   It's gonna be through the App Store.

00:24:02   - You didn't think that.

00:24:04   There's no open API.

00:24:05   Is there an open API for a font picker?

00:24:07   - The App Store people didn't think that.

00:24:09   - It's kind of interesting that they're selling them, right?

00:24:12   - So after we did this episode,

00:24:14   I really thought about how would you get them on,

00:24:16   and the store was the only obvious answer to me.

00:24:18   They don't want you dragging in a true type font

00:24:20   from Dropbox.

00:24:21   - I think there's gonna be a screen settings though

00:24:23   that lets you preview those fonts.

00:24:25   - Do you think?

00:24:27   - Do you know?

00:24:27   or do you have a strong idea?

00:24:31   - Is there a word in English for somewhere in between?

00:24:34   Those two types of feelings?

00:24:35   - What you just said.

00:24:36   - Yeah.

00:24:37   - You said the English words, somewhere in between.

00:24:40   - Yeah, somewhere in between.

00:24:41   - Did it, good work.

00:24:43   Is there an English word for somewhere in between?

00:24:46   Did you think you were talking Italian?

00:24:48   - Like the Germans, like they have a single word

00:24:49   for everything.

00:24:50   - Yeah.

00:24:51   - Yeah, like that.

00:24:52   - What was you saying Italian?

00:24:52   - I don't know, I don't know.

00:24:53   - What, you don't have somewhere in between in Italian?

00:24:55   - Yeah, but it doesn't, it's not, I don't know.

00:24:57   I don't know.

00:24:59   You could make up a word a no one would know.

00:25:01   Somebody will know. There's a few Italians here.

00:25:04   Is there any Italians here?

00:25:06   Good job.

00:25:07   Wait, one person said yes, they were a liar.

00:25:10   The other person said C.

00:25:12   They also may have been a liar, but they said it anyway.

00:25:16   I got this. There's an API for apps,

00:25:19   so that if you have a font, you can offer that font to the system.

00:25:23   - Oh. - As a font picker.

00:25:24   - Oh, like you were saying, like Photoshop, right?

00:25:27   Were you saying that?

00:25:28   No, Jason said that. - Or something like,

00:25:29   IA Writer has their own bundled fonts.

00:25:31   You're saying they could offer those

00:25:32   to other apps in the system?

00:25:34   That's awesome. - That's a good thing.

00:25:35   That might be a way to get, like--

00:25:36   - Can preview those fonts.

00:25:38   - Huh. - So.

00:25:39   - Huh, okay. - Cool.

00:25:40   - Great.

00:25:41   - That's all good news.

00:25:42   So at the end of round two, we are tied.

00:25:45   Very interesting.

00:25:48   Anything else with fonts?

00:25:50   - No, I mean-- - Had to wait

00:25:51   For the tab to load for the ad read.

00:25:53   It takes a long time.

00:25:54   There's a new Apple font, which is interesting, I guess.

00:25:56   What is it?

00:25:56   Apple New York.

00:25:58   Really?

00:25:58   Yes.

00:25:59   It's a Serif font.

00:26:01   I haven't installed it yet, but it's on the developer website.

00:26:04   Interesting.

00:26:05   Yes, they're going to do the whole-- maybe they'll

00:26:06   do Apple San Jose at some point.

00:26:08   It'll be just one character.

00:26:09   Big.

00:26:09   It's just all big.

00:26:11   Because there's no one here?

00:26:12   It's just an ellipsis.

00:26:14   That's it.

00:26:15   And you can only use it during the day.

00:26:19   It closes down at nine.

00:26:21   After 9 p.m. the phone just stops.

00:26:23   Okay, this very special episode of Connected

00:26:26   is brought to you by AstroPad Studio.

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00:26:48   But the makers behind AstroPad and Luna Display,

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00:26:52   Hey!

00:26:53   (audience applauding)

00:26:56   One of those guys was the guy who said C earlier.

00:27:00   So they understand that every Creative Pro

00:27:03   has a highly individualized and unique workflow.

00:27:07   This is not something where one size fits all.

00:27:10   And that's why they spent the last five years

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00:27:17   It's amazing, it's like the things

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00:27:36   - I will say I am a fan of both bells,

00:27:38   you prefer bells?

00:27:39   You're less of a whistle guy.

00:27:41   I'm more of.

00:27:42   - I'm so sorry about your attitude.

00:27:46   They've designed AstroPad from the ground up

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00:28:03   - It's packed full of features too,

00:28:04   like magic gestures and custom pressure curves

00:28:06   and unlimited power-up shortcuts.

00:28:08   - Did I skip a line?

00:28:09   - Yes.

00:28:10   - I'm so sorry about your attribute.

00:28:12   I'm fired.

00:28:13   So head on over to astropad.com/try, that's T-R-Y.

00:28:19   Our thanks to Astropad Studio for their support

00:28:21   of this show and Relay FM.

00:28:23   (audience applauding)

00:28:27   - Let's talk about the Ricky's.

00:28:31   - Yeah, let's talk about yours.

00:28:33   - Curse of Support for iOS.

00:28:35   - So this is one we should say that

00:28:38   in the beginning part of the week,

00:28:40   we thought Myke had missed this.

00:28:41   Because when you're here, news comes out over--

00:28:43   - It wasn't in the keynote or anything.

00:28:45   You know, like it wasn't on the work cloud.

00:28:48   It didn't exist.

00:28:48   - Right.

00:28:49   - You know, Federighi didn't use a mouse

00:28:50   with a shaky hand.

00:28:51   We didn't know it was here,

00:28:53   but it came out that indeed iOS has cursor support.

00:28:56   - Mm, I know gave you the idea for that.

00:28:58   Pick.

00:28:59   - You.

00:29:00   - Mm.

00:29:01   - But you get it.

00:29:01   - So you get it.

00:29:02   - It's also my point.

00:29:03   - But you get it.

00:29:04   - That's not how this works.

00:29:05   - But you get the idea.

00:29:06   Okay.

00:29:06   - So how does it work?

00:29:07   How does it work in iOS 13?

00:29:08   - Bluetooth, which I was pretty surprised about.

00:29:11   I kind of always figured it would be USB only,

00:29:13   but it also--

00:29:14   - I think we said there may also be Bluetooth,

00:29:17   and it turns out yes.

00:29:17   - Yeah, I just figured it was less likely, right?

00:29:21   Because it is an accessibility feature,

00:29:22   so you have to enable it in accessibility settings.

00:29:25   - So you gotta go in AssistiveTouch,

00:29:26   enable pointing devices,

00:29:27   and when you have AssistiveTouch turned on

00:29:29   and you connect a trackpad or a mouse,

00:29:31   the little AssistiveTouch thing will become a cursor.

00:29:35   - But there's, so that's amazing.

00:29:37   I'm very excited about that.

00:29:38   I'm very excited about putting my iPad in a stand,

00:29:41   which I do all the time,

00:29:42   and now instead of reaching out with my Apple Pencil

00:29:45   to tap things, I can use a mouse, I can use a keyboard,

00:29:47   and it's great.

00:29:47   And I love to be able to do that stuff

00:29:50   with my preferred operating system, right?

00:29:52   Like I use my Mac that way and it's great,

00:29:53   and it's great for ergonomics.

00:29:54   Sometimes my iPad is not so good for ergonomics

00:29:57   when I don't wanna use it in a laptop form factor.

00:29:59   I wanna be able to use my preferred operating system

00:30:01   in many different setups so I can always be comfortable.

00:30:05   - Federico, do you think this is something

00:30:06   that will become like pretty,

00:30:09   like some accessibility features get used by lots of people

00:30:11   because it tweaks something about the system

00:30:14   that a lot of people think should be the default.

00:30:15   Do you see this falling into that category where people who don't necessarily need it

00:30:20   for an accessibility point of view will use it because it makes iOS more useful or faster

00:30:25   or something?

00:30:26   Yeah.

00:30:27   I think Apple was sort of caught by surprise by the response to this, and they like to

00:30:31   remind us that it's an accessibility feature, that it was not designed to be over bringing

00:30:36   mice and trackpads to the iPad.

00:30:38   But I think it's the kind of feature that will be used by folks who don't necessarily

00:30:42   need it, maybe for the primary reason why it was designed.

00:30:45   I think it is the right thing to do to introduce this as an accessibility feature,

00:30:48   so it doesn't completely break the idea of touch devices too soon,

00:30:53   that they can stage it out a little bit.

00:30:55   But there is something additionally interesting with this.

00:30:58   You can program mice buttons to do things.

00:31:01   So obviously you want the left click to be tap, wild otherwise,

00:31:06   but you can have the right click bring up the dock,

00:31:09   or you can use the scroll wheel to go back to the home screen.

00:31:12   and you can actually assign buttons to running shortcuts in iOS 13 and iPadOS.

00:31:19   Is anybody from shortcuts here?

00:31:21   [cheers and applause]

00:31:27   We love you.

00:31:28   Yes.

00:31:29   But that is incredibly exciting.

00:31:31   So if you have, what kind of shortcut do you run?

00:31:34   Maybe to start time tracking, you could right-click,

00:31:37   and it would just automatically fire your time tracking shortcut.

00:31:40   We have stuff more that we want to talk about

00:31:42   with Shortcuts later on, but that is just like,

00:31:45   I love that feature, nobody needed to do that,

00:31:48   but I'm so happy they did.

00:31:49   So I'm really excited to play around with that.

00:31:51   - So you got this point.

00:31:52   - I really got that point.

00:31:54   - You got your two points, it's a Ricky.

00:31:56   - So I am. - Two points.

00:31:57   - Four point mark score, I'm the winner, right?

00:31:59   It was first to four points?

00:32:01   That was-- - No.

00:32:02   - Oh, all right, well, I got all my points.

00:32:04   - My risky pick was one-- - Ricky.

00:32:07   - Ricky. - Ricky.

00:32:10   - Time for dinner.

00:32:11   That sounded so strange.

00:32:13   Ricky.

00:32:14   - Sometimes when we do these predictions--

00:32:16   - Somebody who's called Ricky is listening right now

00:32:19   and they're like, "What?"

00:32:20   There is a Ricky in the audience and they're pointing out.

00:32:24   - Sometimes after we do these, we hang up the Skype call

00:32:26   and you just have a sense of dread

00:32:29   that you really blew it.

00:32:30   And this is where I was last Wednesday.

00:32:33   We hung up the Skype call, I get some lunch,

00:32:35   I'm editing the episode, I'm like,

00:32:37   "Pass Steven, you really messed this up."

00:32:40   Not so much that I would alter the integrity of the show

00:32:43   and change it, I didn't do that.

00:32:45   I didn't think about it.

00:32:47   Could I slip one in and they wouldn't notice?

00:32:48   - I really wish you would have done that.

00:32:50   (laughing)

00:32:51   - Mine was the HomePod would gain multiple user support

00:32:56   via voice detection.

00:32:57   - Well.

00:32:58   - You were chronologically the first person

00:33:01   to score your Ricky.

00:33:02   - It was very early on.

00:33:03   As soon as they mentioned the HomePod,

00:33:05   I thought, I've got this, because why else would they bring it up?

00:33:11   Because they sell like two a month, and they're still too expensive.

00:33:15   They sound great, it's fine, but like, as soon as they're like, "And we have something

00:33:18   for the HomePod," it was like a light from heaven came down on me in the keynote hall

00:33:24   and said, "Steven, my son, you are correct."

00:33:28   Is the HomePod your dad now?

00:33:30   Is that what that is?

00:33:32   I really liked when they when they show that off is that they had this image on the screen of like a home pod and

00:33:37   Like a bunch of people's legs like they were sitting around it and looking at it like they're all facing towards it

00:33:42   It's who does that like wow?

00:33:44   Center piece of your home. No, you know what I want to do. I want to sit down around the table and talk to Siri

00:33:50   Yeah, let's have a conversation all four of us

00:33:53   We'll add things to our calendars and it'll go in the right place is a doctor so good

00:33:58   Congratulations, it's a shock to all of us

00:34:01   but I too have a perfect score. Mm-hmm good job.

00:34:07   Ederiko. Yes. Would you like to go through your pick? My Reiki was Apple will

00:34:12   bring back some kind of... Some kind? Yes. I just like the emphasis, I enjoyed the

00:34:18   emphasis. Thank you. Of app quotes, app list slash launcher UI. It is in quotes in our

00:34:26   document. UI element on iPad. Okay. Now I know why you think this is debatable so

00:34:31   So I'm going to make my case for why.

00:34:35   You can have multiple apps in SlideOver.

00:34:37   And when you want to choose between them,

00:34:40   there's an app picker just for those apps.

00:34:43   You mean like the multitasking view, right?

00:34:44   Is that what you're talking about?

00:34:45   Yes.

00:34:45   It looks like that.

00:34:46   There's always also in SlideOver,

00:34:50   if you want to put in SlideOver an app that

00:34:52   has multiple windows--

00:34:53   and I sent you screenshots for this--

00:34:55   there's a vertical element that shows you

00:34:57   all those windows on the side.

00:35:00   Same for Split View.

00:35:01   If you want to put an app that has multiple windows

00:35:03   in Split View, there's a new UI for those windows

00:35:07   on the right side.

00:35:09   So it may not exactly be what I had in mind,

00:35:13   but it's three things.

00:35:15   So really, if you do the math, three sort of,

00:35:19   it's like one yes.

00:35:21   - Wait, no, wait.

00:35:24   What is that math?

00:35:26   - If you don't give me this point,

00:35:28   I will call the police.

00:35:30   [laughter]

00:35:36   So I think—I don't want that to happen, first of all.

00:35:39   I would like to report a conspiracy.

00:35:41   I think the language that saved you is some kind.

00:35:46   And in hindsight, I think we should have put it in.

00:35:48   I think we should have put it in, to be more specific.

00:35:50   And we shouldn't have let him use the quotation marks.

00:35:52   Don't—you actually don't—don't do that!

00:35:54   Give me the point.

00:35:55   He actually typed it in.

00:35:58   That's a terrible idea.

00:36:00   No, we're not doing it because of this, because I'm not letting you set that precedent that

00:36:04   every time you want something, try and call the police for it.

00:36:07   Do it!

00:36:08   No, we will not have that in our household.

00:36:10   You will not do this.

00:36:12   We're going to give you the point.

00:36:13   You are not my father, he is.

00:36:20   We won't, look, just please.

00:36:22   Look at it.

00:36:24   Please just delete the numbers from your phone.

00:36:26   We're going to give you the point.

00:36:28   got nothing to do with oh my god he nearly pressed it yeah sheesh I think I

00:36:32   think these some kind of I think it saved you and that's really on us we

00:36:37   should have made you be more specific and you will not get away with this

00:36:40   again young man we've all so well we had trophies what a victory give to well

00:36:48   winners and we have roadies we had prizes prizes things thanks we had

00:36:54   - There are things to give to the winners.

00:36:56   We have a three-way tie.

00:36:58   - But we need to come back to this.

00:37:01   We're just gonna leave that hanging

00:37:02   because we have some non-graded picks we need to deal with.

00:37:07   - Oh yeah, okay.

00:37:09   - So we, non-graded is sort of a misnomer.

00:37:13   - Because now we're grading it.

00:37:14   - Because now we're grading it.

00:37:15   So the new rule is that the loser has to buy drinks.

00:37:18   - Yeah.

00:37:19   - And so these picks were supposed to be non-graded

00:37:22   but now they're graded because Federico

00:37:24   - You have to bet on everything.

00:37:25   - Yes.

00:37:26   - Apple does some new stuff of Animoji

00:37:28   to make it more like Bitmoji.

00:37:30   - Yes.

00:37:31   - Some new stuff.

00:37:33   - That's how you got your Ricky.

00:37:34   - I'm gonna call the police.

00:37:36   (audience laughing)

00:37:39   - So here's the thing about my non-graded picks.

00:37:42   I pick the same things every time,

00:37:44   'cause at some point I'll be right.

00:37:46   That did not happen to me this year.

00:37:48   I said that MailApp would get modern features like snoozing.

00:37:52   - It didn't get anything, did it?

00:37:53   No, it got something. What did it get? You can drag the composer around, make a new window, and...

00:37:57   That's not...

00:37:58   So it got what iOS 13 brings.

00:37:59   That's not what we're thinking of. I think Dan Morin told me it gets multiple colored flags now.

00:38:05   [audience cheers]

00:38:06   Oh, so this is...

00:38:06   No, that's not what we're gonna be excited about!

00:38:08   -Matter feature! -You have a rich text composer.

00:38:10   No, it's like an old thing. It's just already on the Mac. It only exists on the Mac. So...

00:38:14   You can mute threads.

00:38:16   Muting threads is not what we were thinking of.

00:38:18   That's not...

00:38:19   Hey, look, it's not graded anyways. Can I please just have it?

00:38:21   Wait. Yes.

00:38:23   - I still lose. - Yeah, 'cause you'll still lose.

00:38:24   Who can give it to me? I still lose.

00:38:26   - Yeah. - It's fine.

00:38:26   - Okay.

00:38:27   - So I get a half point, which we don't award,

00:38:30   to a non-graded pick, which we don't grade.

00:38:32   - That's how it works, yeah.

00:38:33   You got a half point for this.

00:38:34   - All right.

00:38:35   Federico, what was your next one?

00:38:37   - There will be changes.

00:38:38   See how precise and surgical I can be?

00:38:41   There will be changes. - You can be.

00:38:43   Not on your Ricky, though.

00:38:44   - Do I need to unlock it again?

00:38:45   - Oh, God, please put your phone down.

00:38:47   - There will be changes to the...

00:38:49   Give me my phone.

00:38:50   - Okay.

00:38:51   - There will be changes to the drawing,

00:38:52   sketching interface used for screenshots, notes, et cetera.

00:38:57   Maybe it'll even be--

00:38:59   [LAUGHTER]

00:39:02   You just wasted my iCloud story.

00:39:04   Taking selfies.

00:39:06   I want money.

00:39:06   Changing your wallpaper.

00:39:08   Maybe it'll even be an API.

00:39:10   Texting your mom.

00:39:10   So I got Pencil Kit, and I got the new drawing interface

00:39:15   that you can drag around.

00:39:16   And this is an awesome deal, right?

00:39:18   Because we've all used drawing apps where their pencil support

00:39:21   lags behind, literally lags behind.

00:39:23   - Heyo! - Hey!

00:39:24   - I was talking to some developers

00:39:27   that they were just about to release

00:39:29   their own custom drawing interface before.

00:39:33   They were working on it.

00:39:34   - Hey, it's better to have it before, right?

00:39:37   Like then to finish it and ship it

00:39:38   and then have to change it, I guess, right?

00:39:41   - Sure.

00:39:41   - You can throw away some code and do it again.

00:39:43   - But it's exciting.

00:39:44   - It's very good.

00:39:45   - Do you get the sense that that will be something

00:39:47   that a lot of drawing apps,

00:39:48   like say the Paper app for instance,

00:39:50   who have invested a lot in their own drawing mechanisms.

00:39:55   Do you think they'll just swap it out

00:39:57   or you think it's gonna be like a slow process?

00:39:59   - I don't know, it's like--

00:40:00   - I feel like if you are an actual note-taking

00:40:03   or drawing-focused app,

00:40:04   you should be doing something in that world

00:40:08   that makes your app different.

00:40:10   I feel like this is something to add to apps

00:40:12   that would also like to have.

00:40:13   - I don't know how customizable it is, but--

00:40:15   - That's why, right?

00:40:16   - The Apple version does a lot that you get for free

00:40:20   and the performance is like, it's a lot of work.

00:40:22   - Right, but like, if you are Notability or Good Notes,

00:40:26   like your whole app is note taking, right?

00:40:28   Like you wanna have more features

00:40:31   and it's possibly more Apple provides.

00:40:34   - Yeah, I guess, yeah.

00:40:34   - We'll see.

00:40:35   I would be surprised if we see like actual drawing apps.

00:40:39   - Good Notes or whatever.

00:40:40   - Or like Procreate, no Procreate,

00:40:42   but like something a bit more simple.

00:40:43   - Why is the last note not assigned to me?

00:40:45   - Huh?

00:40:47   - No, you got it.

00:40:47   - It's not green.

00:40:48   - Yes it is.

00:40:49   Google docs on the iPad is an ad.

00:40:51   Well, we'll come to-- what, framework?

00:40:53   It's not good for me.

00:40:54   Well, look, that's because it hasn't--

00:40:56   because you're not connected to the internet.

00:40:57   What do you want from me?

00:40:58   Next.

00:40:59   Myke.

00:41:00   Jeez.

00:41:01   You got a huge win for USB drive lovers everywhere.

00:41:04   External storage support on iOS.

00:41:06   Now, now, The Verge and Gadget and Federico and Jason Snell

00:41:11   won't complain about it anymore in their reviews.

00:41:13   That's kind of--

00:41:14   Is that stop talking?

00:41:15   I just want people to stop talking about it.

00:41:16   I just don't want people to talk about it anymore.

00:41:18   That's all.

00:41:19   I'm done with this.

00:41:20   Move on.

00:41:21   - You got the point for something that you don't want.

00:41:25   - What I wanted was to not have to hear

00:41:27   about this complaint.

00:41:28   - New rule, to get a point you should--

00:41:30   - No, that is not a new rule.

00:41:32   I am, no, my passion comes from the other way.

00:41:34   I just really don't wanna hear about it anymore.

00:41:36   That's my passion.

00:41:38   - You hater.

00:41:39   - I want to spend some time this fall

00:41:40   seeing how far I can push this.

00:41:43   I have a lot of zip discs laying around.

00:41:46   - And I'm just wondering if I can assemble

00:41:49   the right chain of dongles.

00:41:51   Can I take something out of my G3 tower

00:41:54   and put it on my iPad? - We're gonna have to go

00:41:55   to the old town of dongle town, old dongle town.

00:41:57   - Ye olde dongle town. - Ye olde dongle town.

00:41:59   - My next one is my annual-- - I told you not to do this.

00:42:04   - I know, but I really, if there's anyone listening

00:42:09   who has any power, this is all I want.

00:42:11   iOS 14 could be nothing but this and I would be happy.

00:42:14   - No, you wouldn't.

00:42:16   I'll use the Mac.

00:42:17   iCloud family photo sharing.

00:42:19   Let me paint you a picture.

00:42:21   Some people have other people in their lives.

00:42:24   - This is gonna take long.

00:42:25   - You read about the mayor for an hour.

00:42:27   Some people have people they care about in their lives

00:42:30   who they wanna share pictures with.

00:42:32   And you're doing it via iMessage or AirDrop.

00:42:35   This is just be an iCloud photo library.

00:42:37   We've talked about this forever.

00:42:38   Jason's talked about it.

00:42:40   I just, so much of iCloud family sharing stuff

00:42:43   is really kind of half baked.

00:42:46   but this is just missing entirely.

00:42:47   And it seems so obvious to me, especially this year.

00:42:51   And look, the new Photos app looks amazing.

00:42:53   All the stuff they're doing to surface old photos

00:42:56   and context-aware stuff, like if I'm searching

00:42:59   and hiding things, oh, that looks awesome.

00:43:01   But I still can't very simply share 30 photos

00:43:05   I took at my kid's birthday party with my spouse.

00:43:08   And that just seems like something Apple would be really into.

00:43:11   - Can you give me my phone back?

00:43:13   - Not yet.

00:43:14   - Okay.

00:43:15   - Yeah, I mean, I don't particularly want that feature,

00:43:19   but I understand--

00:43:20   - You have someone in your life you care about?

00:43:21   - Yeah, but we don't wanna share all of our pictures

00:43:23   of each other.

00:43:24   - Not all of them, I mean, they need to be controlled,

00:43:25   but look at the way Google Photos does it,

00:43:28   and just do that.

00:43:28   - But isn't Google's thing like you do share everything?

00:43:31   - There's lots of options on like who's in the image and--

00:43:35   - I just don't really think I wanna do it.

00:43:38   - You just uncheck, anyway, some of us do want it.

00:43:40   Federico.

00:43:42   Improved support for zip archives in the files app and framework and of course you had to make the deep and open framework joke

00:43:49   Deep and open open for I got all of this you can compress files

00:43:53   You can unzip archives and it's all right there files app document browser. What's the framework?

00:43:57   What's the zip in framework?

00:44:00   Zip kit is there in the files app and framework?

00:44:05   the files framework

00:44:08   You can zip English you can zip in the files framework. Yes, and you

00:44:14   Can you zip and unzip in not outside of the files? I mean my phone you're not running out

00:44:19   No, you're not gonna take it cuz you when you say it like that with that look in your eye

00:44:25   I'm not gonna give it to you

00:44:27   Right cuz you look really angry and I can't see how that's gonna go well for anyone better

00:44:32   You go no fun. No phone time till bedtime tonight

00:44:34   so

00:44:36   The the non-graded picks didn't go well for me. Mm-hmm, and I believe I owe the two of you drinks. Yep

00:44:42   Yes, what all of you don't get excited? What is the fanciest bar in San Jose?

00:44:47   Work it out later on let's ask the mayor. So we do have a a tie

00:44:54   We have a three-way tie we need to fix that. I have a proposition

00:44:58   Okay, but before we get to the proposition

00:45:00   Let's thank our next sponsor. Oh, that's good. We're gonna leave these people in suspense is what we're doing

00:45:05   - Is it less suspenseful when I draw attention to that?

00:45:07   - Yeah. - Okay.

00:45:09   This very special episode of Connected

00:45:11   is brought to you by our friends at Mac Stadium.

00:45:15   These are the people who provide

00:45:16   Apple Mac infrastructure as a service.

00:45:19   No, what are you doing?

00:45:21   - He says he needs it for his surprise.

00:45:23   - That wasn't true.

00:45:25   - I think Mac Stadium--

00:45:26   (laughing)

00:45:28   - Wait, what was that?

00:45:31   Was it not true?

00:45:33   I think Max Stadium's here as well.

00:45:35   - Start again.

00:45:36   - Somebody? - Start again.

00:45:37   - All right, I'm gonna start this over.

00:45:38   Future Steven, fix this edit point.

00:45:40   - No, don't, leave it in.

00:45:41   - Well, now I said it.

00:45:43   - Leave it in. - It's live.

00:45:44   - Take out when you said fix it.

00:45:46   - Own your mistakes, old man.

00:45:49   - Now you gotta leave that part in too.

00:45:55   How many levels down?

00:45:58   - I was telling somebody today.

00:45:59   - See, now you're telling them a story.

00:46:00   - And it was the honest truth three hours ago.

00:46:03   This is my favorite thing I get to do all year.

00:46:05   - Yep.

00:46:06   - And you guys have really taken that away from me.

00:46:09   (laughing)

00:46:10   - Wait, aren't you celebrating

00:46:11   your wedding anniversary this week?

00:46:13   - It's the same week.

00:46:14   - It's the same week?

00:46:15   You're referring to the week?

00:46:17   By the way, can we give a round of applause

00:46:19   for the Hacketts who are celebrating

00:46:20   their wedding anniversary this week?

00:46:22   (audience cheering)

00:46:24   I made it better.

00:46:25   - I believe 37 years of marriage.

00:46:30   - Really good, they look so young.

00:46:31   - Good job.

00:46:32   - Yeah, most wedding anniversaries I spend it

00:46:35   with these guys and not my spouse,

00:46:36   but she came with me this year, which is awesome,

00:46:38   so thank you for coming.

00:46:39   Mac Stadium though.

00:46:41   - No worries.

00:46:42   - Mac Stadium's really great.

00:46:43   - Okay.

00:46:44   - No matter what your needs are,

00:46:45   if you need a single Mac Mini, so Relay has,

00:46:47   we have a single Mac Mini at Mac Stadium.

00:46:50   Sometimes I see pictures that they post

00:46:51   of their Mac Mini racks, and I think,

00:46:54   my son is in there somewhere,

00:46:55   having his own life without me.

00:46:57   Or if you need a fully scalable Mac private cloud,

00:47:01   Max Stadium, they can do all of that

00:47:03   and everything in between.

00:47:05   They can help you move your iOS and Mac app development

00:47:08   out from under your desk up into the cloud.

00:47:12   Max Stadium has years of expertise doing this

00:47:14   with companies like Box, Shopify, and Pandora,

00:47:18   and they have over 3,000 customers worldwide.

00:47:22   And this week, Max Stadium is officially announcing,

00:47:28   I can't pronounce that word.

00:47:29   - Orca.

00:47:30   I wanted to say okra because I'm from Tennessee, but that's not right

00:47:33   Okra okra like the way but with a K. Okay, so not like the whale like okra with a K not like the whale

00:47:40   This was so sorry. Is this from a movie?

00:47:43   No, cuz it's got the thing. It has the late. It's the latest cloud solution for Matt clouds. Yep

00:47:50   Get ready for this next sentence my friend

00:47:52   You know

00:47:52   I was at the talk show last night and Gruber read this sentence and you knew it was coming and I knew it was coming for

00:47:57   me and you're not ready and I'm not ready but go if you give it a go anyway

00:48:01   it's a lot of come on kubernetes yeah read the whole thing that sounds good

00:48:06   orchestration orca I did the wrong way read it in the right order orca stands

00:48:15   for orchestration with kubernetes on Apple and it's a way to use these

00:48:20   commands that do really cool things we just get a refund at this point you've

00:48:24   - You said it out loud now, so.

00:48:26   (laughing)

00:48:27   - We'll talk to them later on.

00:48:28   - Okay.

00:48:29   So you can use these commands to create and orchestrate

00:48:32   macOS VMs on genuine Apple hardware.

00:48:35   And now Apple has some really fast hardware to do this on.

00:48:38   Which is awesome.

00:48:39   And MacStadium's gonna be ready for that too.

00:48:41   So if you're building apps for the Apple ecosystem,

00:48:44   you can learn more about their infrastructure.

00:48:46   Just go to macstadium.com/relayfm.

00:48:50   Or if you're here in town, or if you're not in town

00:48:53   and you wanna fly to San Jose in the next two days.

00:48:54   - Speak to Max Stadium, they're really nice people,

00:48:56   so you might wanna do that anyway.

00:48:57   - Yeah, so if you're somewhere out there,

00:48:59   buy a plane ticket, come to Alt Conf,

00:49:00   they're hanging out there all week.

00:49:03   Or if you're on the web, again, maxstadium.com/relayfm.

00:49:06   And we have a special offer

00:49:08   for our awesome Relay FM listeners.

00:49:11   Max Stadium is offering two months for the price of one

00:49:14   on their Mac mini subscription.

00:49:16   Just use the promo code relayfm, all one word,

00:49:20   when you order.

00:49:21   My thanks to Max Tatum for their support of this show

00:49:24   and all of Relay FM.

00:49:25   - My thanks too.

00:49:26   - All of our thanks.

00:49:27   - All of our thanks.

00:49:28   - And your thanks.

00:49:29   - Yes.

00:49:30   (audience applauding)

00:49:31   Okay, so we had said that if there was a tie,

00:49:36   we would do what we did last time and flip a coin.

00:49:39   Problem is, cannot get a three-sided coin.

00:49:42   - Well, I couldn't find one on Amazon Prime at least.

00:49:44   - Couldn't find a three-sided coin.

00:49:46   So I have two propositions to solve this.

00:49:50   There is the tournament, and the knockout.

00:49:53   - Can you explain the difference please?

00:49:54   - Yes, tournament version, you two, one on one,

00:49:59   then the winner goes against me.

00:50:01   - Wait a second.

00:50:02   - Why are you so special?

00:50:03   - Because I get advantage as the winner of the last one.

00:50:07   - You got your advantage by having the first pick

00:50:09   in all of those rounds.

00:50:10   Your advantage is over.

00:50:11   - All right, knockout version.

00:50:13   - Okay.

00:50:14   - We keep flipping until--

00:50:15   - Can we hit each other in this version?

00:50:16   - Keep flipping until there's one man standing.

00:50:18   - Ooh, that sounds good.

00:50:19   - We just keep flipping.

00:50:20   - Okay. - That sounds good.

00:50:21   - Could take 20 minutes.

00:50:23   - That sounds great. - Okay.

00:50:25   - I think we need a judge.

00:50:28   - An official adjudicator.

00:50:29   - I think we need some outside help,

00:50:30   so please welcome to the stage Jason Snell.

00:50:33   (audience applauding)

00:50:36   - Hi, Jason.

00:50:37   So we rehearsed this a little bit later on,

00:50:43   a little bit earlier on,

00:50:45   and we came to the harsh realization

00:50:47   that Jason Snell cannot flip a coin.

00:50:49   - Flip a coin.

00:50:50   Like, it is, I've never seen in my entire life,

00:50:54   somebody attempt to flip a coin in the many ways

00:50:57   that Jason attempted to flip a coin.

00:50:59   - It's like I've never seen a coin before.

00:51:00   - Yeah, it was, he--

00:51:03   - It was sad is what it was.

00:51:05   - Just kept throwing it up into the air

00:51:07   and he kept dropping it and then he couldn't pick it up.

00:51:09   It was like a whole thing.

00:51:11   - And this was the excellent, I think,

00:51:13   still on sale Relay FM Challenge coin.

00:51:15   - Yes, where can people go to get the Relay FM Challenge?

00:51:17   - And we learned something important

00:51:19   about the relay FM challenge coin when I finally did figure out how to flip it, which is I

00:51:24   flipped it 10 times and it came up heads all 10 times.

00:51:26   Yes.

00:51:27   Yes.

00:51:28   Now I could have used this information for evil.

00:51:30   Oh my God, that was so loud.

00:51:32   Don't make sounds like that.

00:51:35   That was really scary.

00:51:38   Give me the point, Jason.

00:51:40   I think we should talk more about US file access in iOS.

00:51:43   So we can't use the coin.

00:51:45   - So we've decided that Jason is going to ask Siri.

00:51:50   - Yes, yes.

00:51:50   'Cause none of us can be trusted,

00:51:52   so we have to bring somebody else onto the stage

00:51:54   to ask Siri.

00:51:56   - So how this works is you're going to let each of us

00:52:00   select our heads or tails.

00:52:02   - Correct.

00:52:03   - And then you will ask Siri to flip a coin.

00:52:05   - Yes.

00:52:06   - And then Siri and I will eliminate at least one of you.

00:52:07   - So for instance, just so we're all clear,

00:52:11   if I say heads and Siri says tails, I'm out.

00:52:14   - Yeah.

00:52:15   We can all say the same thing so we can all we could be here for hours

00:52:19   If you know we do have a contract saying we have to leave this could be the rest of the episode

00:52:23   That's fine. There's nothing else happened this. Yeah, we'll just keep doing it until we get to the end

00:52:26   Okay, so round one. I think we should go in the round-rubbing style. No, that's too it doesn't make a difference

00:52:32   50/50 anyway, so I do it round one. I want to be Myke is going to get to go first because he had that slight advantage

00:52:38   I

00:52:39   Know it's hard and then Federico was going to go first. No, he was third. Well, it's

00:52:44   He's making up his arm rolls, he's gone rogue.

00:52:46   Myke, heads or tails?

00:52:47   Heads.

00:52:48   Federico?

00:52:49   Heads.

00:52:50   Tails.

00:52:51   Okay.

00:52:52   Bold move.

00:52:53   Can you show me the version that you're running?

00:52:54   Is that official software?

00:52:56   It's not a beta.

00:52:57   Hey Siri, flip a coin.

00:52:59   It's tails.

00:53:03   Oh.

00:53:04   Oh.

00:53:05   First place.

00:53:08   I did it in one?

00:53:13   In one? I was hoping for a little bit more. First place, so now we have to choose who's...

00:53:17   Oh yeah, now we get to go, because now, who's second?

00:53:19   It's the battle for last now, yes.

00:53:21   Ah, I was really hoping it was gonna take longer than that.

00:53:23   So it's me against you?

00:53:25   It's me against you for second. I will not lose again.

00:53:28   Federico, heads or tails?

00:53:29   Heads.

00:53:31   You just say... You wanna say heads or you wanna go for tails?

00:53:33   [laughter]

00:53:35   What's the time?

00:53:37   Obviously we'll go with tails.

00:53:39   Hey Siri, flip a coin.

00:53:41   It's Tails.

00:53:43   Yes!

00:53:44   You lose, baby!

00:53:46   This is a travesty.

00:53:48   Yep, well.

00:53:49   Congratulations, Steven.

00:53:50   No toilet for me this year.

00:53:52   Jason Snell, everybody.

00:53:53   Official coin flipper of the connected podcast.

00:53:57   Myke?

00:53:59   Yep.

00:54:00   Steven, open the notes up.

00:54:02   Oh, here we go.

00:54:03   We have prizes.

00:54:04   Well, thanks.

00:54:05   We've got to go back to the surprise again.

00:54:07   Just a second.

00:54:08   Myke, which phone do you think the baker is?

00:54:10   think the baker uses?

00:54:12   [laughter]

00:54:14   [laughter]

00:54:16   An iPhone 6.

00:54:18   Okay, well it doesn't really matter.

00:54:20   I was just...

00:54:22   Oh, okay then.

00:54:24   Where do you think the baker likes

00:54:26   to share his photos

00:54:28   of his bread? Is this

00:54:30   for me? His baguette, his pizza.

00:54:32   [laughter]

00:54:34   It's not Rico.

00:54:36   WhatsApp? Like is it...

00:54:38   -Publicly. -Facebook. No? Is that a no or a yes?

00:54:42   -MySpace. -Google+

00:54:44   No, I mean, it's the obvious one, come on.

00:54:47   -Shwitter? -Pictures?

00:54:49   -Instagram. -Thank you, Steve.

00:54:51   I'm young, I know what Instagram is.

00:54:53   So, when people appreciate a photo on Instagram, what's it called?

00:55:01   They like it.

00:55:02   So, they give you...

00:55:04   -Likes. -Write down likes.

00:55:06   We're done.

00:55:08   [audience laughter]

00:55:10   What do you have so far?

00:55:12   Chicago. No, just the, that was not the Baker. The Baker likes. Cool. Thanks. Moving on.

00:55:18   [laughter]

00:55:23   I've never been more confused about anything in my life

00:55:26   than what you have done to this podcast. Is Chicago needed? No. Oh. He's probably dumb because he couldn't understand his own.

00:55:32   [laughter]

00:55:36   Have some awards to give out. Yeah

00:55:38   Steven reaches under the table always getting up now

00:55:42   This is still an audio podcast at heart. Oh, it's a big wooden box. Oh

00:55:47   My god is that who is this for?

00:55:51   It's impossible to tell it's a big wooden box and it says

00:55:55   Macintosh Plus on it on gold inlay. Yep, who is this first second or third? Did you buy a present for yourself? Did you and Jason?

00:56:04   collude

00:56:06   (audience laughing)

00:56:07   - Someone will have to write a report about that.

00:56:09   - What is this?

00:56:10   - In third place, we have Federico Vittucci.

00:56:15   And losing is a very stressful thing.

00:56:18   So you have a classic Macintosh stress ball.

00:56:21   - Oh my God.

00:56:22   (audience applauding)

00:56:23   - I would watch that before you use it.

00:56:25   - Oh no!

00:56:26   - No!

00:56:26   - Are you serious?

00:56:27   - Is that from that person that I looked up

00:56:29   and I found him in a voter registration database?

00:56:32   - Yes it is.

00:56:33   - Oh!

00:56:34   - Yeah, I did a thing.

00:56:34   So basically, Steven sent us a photo.

00:56:36   Why'd you let me touch it?

00:56:39   It's kind of yellow and stained.

00:56:43   Just like an old Mac.

00:56:44   So Steven sent us a photo of-- when he bought this trophy--

00:56:49   he sent us a photo of this box.

00:56:51   And on this box was a label.

00:56:52   And on that label, so I zoomed into the picture,

00:56:55   and there was the name of somebody.

00:56:57   And so I looked it up, this person's name on Google.

00:57:00   And I found his address.

00:57:02   And he's a registered voter.

00:57:04   So he's a good US citizen.

00:57:06   And I kind of wanted to call him,

00:57:08   and I wanted to pretend that was Amazon or eBay, actually,

00:57:11   and be like, hey, I wanted to check on your--

00:57:13   there was a problem on your shipment.

00:57:16   And I wanted just making sure what was in the box.

00:57:19   But then I didn't do it.

00:57:20   I wanted to be surprised.

00:57:21   So thank you, Steven.

00:57:22   You're welcome.

00:57:24   Please don't let the dogs eat it.

00:57:25   Why is it called Smeka-Mek?

00:57:27   I don't know.

00:57:29   It's got a kiss on it.

00:57:31   I let John Syracuse borrow it earlier.

00:57:33   I don't know what happened.

00:57:35   What is second place?

00:57:36   Second place is better than third place.

00:57:41   And I feel like second place really contains

00:57:46   all the emotions of winning and losing.

00:57:49   - Yeah.

00:57:50   - So second place gets this lovely box

00:57:53   and you think it's just a whole other prize then.

00:57:55   - Oh come on, this isn't fair.

00:57:56   - It is a floppy disk holder.

00:57:58   - I can't get this home.

00:58:00   This is clearly the third place.

00:58:02   I have now this huge wooden box to deal with.

00:58:05   - But think how many floppy disks you can store.

00:58:07   (audience laughing)

00:58:08   I can't get the little things back in.

00:58:09   - I feel like you were always gonna give yourself

00:58:12   what you wanted.

00:58:13   Because last year-- - I kinda wanted the box,

00:58:15   honestly. - Why don't you take it then?

00:58:17   - 'Cause it's the second place prize,

00:58:18   and I'm a winner. - I can't believe

00:58:19   that it was actually a conspiracy against Myke.

00:58:21   - After all this time. - All along.

00:58:23   - So you get a lovely, I think handcrafted box.

00:58:26   - You get it back. - Macintosh Plus

00:58:28   inlay on the top. - You get it back.

00:58:29   I'll take the dividers, you can have the box.

00:58:32   - I can't. - Congratulations.

00:58:33   - This will not go in my suitcase.

00:58:34   - I have a Mac Pro to get home.

00:58:36   - There is no way.

00:58:38   - You can do it.

00:58:39   The thing is, pack all your socks inside of it.

00:58:41   That's how I did it to get it here.

00:58:42   - That's actually a pretty good idea.

00:58:44   - All your pants.

00:58:45   - I don't know if my suitcase

00:58:46   is literally deep enough for this.

00:58:48   - You'll figure it out.

00:58:50   And first place, I thought should have something

00:58:54   to commemorate the news of WBC of the Mac

00:58:57   and the iPad coming closer together.

00:59:00   We have apps that can run on both.

00:59:01   We need an adjudicator for prizes next year. You can't be trusted to buy prizes anymore.

00:59:05   Jason Snell's agreeing with you, it's very troubling.

00:59:08   Because you can just buy whatever and assign it to yourself in whatever order you want.

00:59:12   So first place I thought should commemorate...

00:59:15   You just buy the things you like.

00:59:16   ...the things that happen at WDC. So this is a three-part gift.

00:59:19   It's a three-piece gift.

00:59:20   You gave yourself three gifts?

00:59:22   There are three of us!

00:59:24   It's a three-piece enamel pen set. One, I couldn't find an iPad so it's an E-Mate 300.

00:59:29   Exactly, and this is what you wanted it is a pen with Macintosh with the rainbow

00:59:35   I mean off what you would want and then a really nice gold pin uh-huh with the rainbow Apple logo on it isn't that strange?

00:59:41   I didn't know I was gonna win this frankly after after my

00:59:45   Home Pod pick I thought I was doomed

00:59:48   But here we are inspired against us the whole time

00:59:52   Yeah, prices did not go over well this year you and Jason Snell look at the size of this box

00:59:57   Last year you got a toilet trophy, but it was small

01:00:01   Thanks for prizes dad

01:00:05   Let's talk about the iPad mmm, okay, so about iPad OS it's pretty great. I got an OS so

01:00:14   That was a you didn't expect that did you know no no not at all

01:00:19   What I was actually the most surprised of anyone because I didn't know that it leaked out

01:00:23   I didn't see that because apparently it leaked like 10 minutes before and everyone on Twitter knew and I wasn't reading Twitter

01:00:29   Although I didn't see it. From a developer agreement

01:00:32   Yeah, like so I I like screamed when it happened. I was so excited. Mm-hmm

01:00:38   I would never have expected this. I don't I couldn't have imagined Apple ever doing it let alone doing it now

01:00:43   So I think it's fantastic. So Federico they forked iOS. So it is did they?

01:00:49   That's like question number one, right? Like what did they actually?

01:00:52   I don't know if they went to GitHub and hit fork or not,

01:00:55   but what it effectively means is the iPad

01:00:57   is getting features that the iPhone won't.

01:01:00   - But you can make the case that that was already happening.

01:01:03   - Oh sure, I mean look at multitasking, right?

01:01:06   That was never gonna come like crazy split screen business

01:01:08   to the iPhone, but to me at least,

01:01:10   it's not so much as a signifier of what's happened,

01:01:13   but what will happen in the future.

01:01:15   Because now, what happens at WBC where they talk about

01:01:19   TV OS and iOS and everything else and skip iPad OS.

01:01:22   That effectively happened last year.

01:01:24   It was like, oh, the iOS 11 stuff is fine.

01:01:27   Check back later.

01:01:29   Maybe that indicates a renewed commitment.

01:01:32   I think it does.

01:01:33   Yeah.

01:01:33   And I've seen folks get really upset about it's just

01:01:37   a marketing name because they want to sell more iPads.

01:01:40   Like this weird connection between--

01:01:42   All names are marketing names when you think about it.

01:01:44   And they do want to sell more things if you think about it.

01:01:46   Sure.

01:01:47   But--

01:01:47   About all of it.

01:01:48   I feel like there's enough, like I like the idea of sending the message that it's

01:01:53   a unique enough platform that it deserves having its own name, but it's still at the

01:01:59   very foundation of course it's iOS.

01:02:01   And so I don't understand getting upset about the fact that it's iOS but this iPad

01:02:07   OS name is sort of fake and it's just for the show.

01:02:10   I feel like it's a good show.

01:02:12   It's a good show.

01:02:13   I watch that show.

01:02:14   Also, you get all these features, right?

01:02:17   Multi-window, split view, and drag and drop,

01:02:20   and the full-size keyboard,

01:02:22   all the things that the iPad has,

01:02:24   and I feel that justifies having a separate dedicated name.

01:02:28   - Yeah, and I think deserves the focus

01:02:32   that that name has to give it, right?

01:02:35   As you said, you can't say, "Oh, here's tvOS.

01:02:40   "We're gonna do this,"

01:02:41   and then just not talk about iPadOS.

01:02:43   There's five platforms now.

01:02:44   - It is a lot and that's something,

01:02:46   that's a topic I wanna get into later this summer

01:02:48   of like, it's a lot of stuff going on.

01:02:51   But as someone who, that has not my primary computer,

01:02:55   I like this news too because it shows

01:02:58   that they're willing to be bold

01:03:00   on what they're gonna do with the iPad.

01:03:02   It felt for a really long time,

01:03:03   I think it was true for a really long time

01:03:04   until the last couple releases,

01:03:06   that they had to play this balancing game

01:03:08   between the iPad and iPhone.

01:03:09   And I feel like Apple's kind of signifying,

01:03:11   you know, we can take those shackles off the iPad

01:03:13   And it can become what they really want it to be.

01:03:16   And that's really exciting, because that's good for the rest of the ecosystem as well.

01:03:20   Is there anything about iPadOS that you specifically want to touch on?

01:03:23   Like, what are the things that you are the most excited about?

01:03:26   Well, I think the multi-window stuff is really impressively done.

01:03:31   I want to see how it shakes out in terms of discoverability.

01:03:34   And this is something that was discussed on the talk show last night.

01:03:37   For example, the idea of you enable all these features.

01:03:40   you can have multiple windows for every app,

01:03:42   and you can put the same app in multiple spaces.

01:03:45   And you can have multiple apps or multiple windows

01:03:48   for the same app in SlideOver, and you

01:03:49   can cycle through them.

01:03:51   And it's really quite the system when you look at it.

01:03:54   And I think it enables so many new use cases in terms of not

01:03:59   just seeing two documents up on screen at the same time,

01:04:03   but really having multiple windows in different types

01:04:08   of windows, even-- so SlideOver, SplitView, Spaces--

01:04:10   and you have Exposé.

01:04:11   So I think it'll be really fascinating to see

01:04:13   how developers implement that.

01:04:16   Files, I was really surprised to see the extent

01:04:19   that they went with this upgrade.

01:04:22   And basically, I was going through my wish list again,

01:04:24   and essentially everything was addressed.

01:04:27   Column view, metadata, quick look, the quick actions.

01:04:31   You have zip and unzip.

01:04:32   You have folder-based collaboration.

01:04:35   You have external USB and SD access.

01:04:38   You have file servers.

01:04:40   And it seems like so far it's only SMB servers.

01:04:43   Ideally, it should also be SFTP and all that kind of stuff,

01:04:45   but we'll see.

01:04:47   So that--

01:04:47   What is an SMB server?

01:04:49   Ask.

01:04:50   Ask your friend.

01:04:51   What is an SMB server?

01:04:53   OK.

01:04:55   And then Safari really got this massive update

01:05:00   that they did this entire rework of what

01:05:05   it means to have Safari as a desktop browser on iPad.

01:05:09   You have all these websites that now work on Safari for I,

01:05:13   but from Google Docs to YouTube.

01:05:15   And you can actually choose the quality of the video in YouTube

01:05:18   in Safari now.

01:05:20   You have Netflix working in desktop Safari.

01:05:24   And it's not just that, but you've got a download manager.

01:05:27   So this is something that I learned today.

01:05:29   When you download a file, you can

01:05:32   choose if you want to-- by default,

01:05:34   it goes into iCloud Drive/downloads.

01:05:37   But you can choose any file provider

01:05:38   to be your default downloads location.

01:05:41   So you can put it in local storage,

01:05:43   or you can put it in Dropbox.

01:05:44   - The iPad's real good, right?

01:05:46   - Yeah.

01:05:47   - Isn't it nice? - Well, it's been good

01:05:48   for a while. - But it's getting even gooder.

01:05:50   - It's getting, yeah.

01:05:51   And I'll tell you this, which actually,

01:05:54   it's got all these new keyboard shortcuts.

01:05:59   It's got this entirely reworked menu

01:06:02   for Safari Reader and content blockers.

01:06:07   It's been entirely rebuilt, and it's not just like flipping a switch

01:06:10   and saying, "Okay, now it's desktop mode."

01:06:12   But there was a lot of thought that went into adjusting the viewport for--

01:06:15   - Do you know how stuff like--

01:06:19   when you go on a website and you hover over a menu

01:06:21   and a menu comes down, how are they dealing with that?

01:06:24   - They try-- my understanding is that they try to avoid leaving the page

01:06:31   so that a tap doesn't actually navigate to that element

01:06:34   but shows you what the hover state would be,

01:06:37   sort of like, how are you doing that?

01:06:39   It was a lot of work, or so I've been told.

01:06:43   - Something in between.

01:06:46   - Yeah, somewhere in between,

01:06:47   if there was only a word for that.

01:06:49   I wanna talk quickly about shortcuts.

01:06:53   - Oh, let's take a break.

01:06:56   Let's take a break, then we'll talk about shortcuts.

01:06:58   - Let's take a break.

01:06:59   Maybe I'll get this one right.

01:07:01   - I believe in you.

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01:07:57   I've been on the other end of this beta testing an app,

01:07:59   so I was on Casey's Test Flight for his app,

01:08:02   and I ran into a little bit of an issue

01:08:03   and he asked me how I did it.

01:08:04   I'm like, I don't know.

01:08:05   Like I was hitting buttons and something happened.

01:08:07   - You tell me, you're the developer.

01:08:08   - Yeah, you tell me.

01:08:09   - Jeez, Casey.

01:08:10   - Get on it.

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01:09:09   (audience applauding)

01:09:12   So Federico, tell us about shortcuts.

01:09:17   - Massive update that sadly didn't get the time

01:09:21   that it deserved in the keynote.

01:09:23   And I feel like maybe not enough people

01:09:27   are talking about this now, and it kind of makes sense

01:09:28   because the week of the conference,

01:09:31   everybody's excited about the Mac Pro and iPadOS.

01:09:34   But really, what they did with the shortcuts app

01:09:36   is impressive.

01:09:37   So it's now built into the system.

01:09:40   And it's got this whole new editor.

01:09:42   So the way that you actually create your shortcuts,

01:09:45   if you want to put together a simple shortcut

01:09:48   or a multi-step shortcut, the editor is all new.

01:09:51   And it's based on this idea of getting rid of--

01:09:56   There's a parallel in a way between ZwiftUI and the new shortcuts.

01:10:01   ZwiftUI is pitched as a way to have way less code.

01:10:05   And in a way, the new editor of shortcuts is a way to have way fewer actions,

01:10:09   in the sense that all the previous input-based system,

01:10:13   like doing the get variable stuff, that's gone.

01:10:17   Basically every action now has a parameter.

01:10:20   And that is a whole new deal with shortcuts in iOS 13,

01:10:24   is to have a parameter-based system

01:10:26   where in every action you can go in there

01:10:28   and there's like a field,

01:10:30   and you can say, "I want to have some text in here,"

01:10:33   or "I want to pick a document," or "I want to pick a location."

01:10:36   And it sort of looks like a natural language UI.

01:10:41   It reminds me of when in Fantastical,

01:10:43   when you're typing out a sentence

01:10:45   and there's all those tokens that sort of fly out

01:10:48   because they're recognized.

01:10:49   When you're putting together an action,

01:10:51   the new shortcuts, it sort of looks like that.

01:10:53   You have this sentence that says, "Pick two photos,"

01:10:56   and, you know, in a way that is structured

01:10:59   that makes sense, visually speaking.

01:11:02   And that saves a lot of time when putting together a shortcut.

01:11:06   But that's not all, because this parameter-based system,

01:11:10   it's also -- it's been opened up to developers.

01:11:13   And so developers can now --

01:11:14   And this is what we were talking about, having a shortcuts API.

01:11:17   -Is that like a deep and open framework?

01:11:19   -Yes, exactly. It's exactly like a deep and open framework.

01:11:21   -I think that joke's so old, no one here got it.

01:11:24   -No. -I feel very self-conscious.

01:11:26   -Yeah. -John Voorhees got it.

01:11:28   So, thanks, John.

01:11:30   The thing about parameters is that by having a shortcuts API,

01:11:35   even more so than before,

01:11:36   if there's a missing feature from shortcuts,

01:11:38   now developers can come in and say,

01:11:40   "I actually offer this feature as a shortcut

01:11:42   that supports inputs and outputs

01:11:45   and lets users define these data items

01:11:49   and that actually can support dynamic options.

01:11:52   So that when you run a shortcut from a third-party app,

01:11:55   and maybe that app wants to confirm something with you,

01:11:57   it can bring up a list of items.

01:12:00   And that sort of unlocks so many capabilities

01:12:03   that were not possible before.

01:12:04   So that's going to be super, I think,

01:12:07   super interesting to see how developers plug into that.

01:12:09   But basically, it's a replacement for URL schemes.

01:12:13   It's a replacement for those crazy clipboard-based hacks

01:12:17   that folks like James Thompson, for example,

01:12:19   implemented in iOS 12.

01:12:21   So that's awesome.

01:12:22   They're also doing automation in the context of you

01:12:25   can now run your shortcuts automatically on a schedule.

01:12:28   There's a bunch of triggers that we published on Mac Stories

01:12:31   today.

01:12:32   You can run a shortcut when you leave a location,

01:12:34   or when you arrive, when you connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

01:12:38   And they support different types of execution.

01:12:41   So some of them are automatic.

01:12:43   They don't require confirmation.

01:12:44   And some of them require confirmation

01:12:46   through a notification.

01:12:49   So something that I was thinking about today is Bluetooth is now a trigger.

01:12:56   So when a Bluetooth device connects, run a shortcut.

01:13:02   And the new accessibility stuff is also a series of actions.

01:13:07   So there are now actions for turn on assistive touch, for example.

01:13:12   You see where this is going?

01:13:13   I do.

01:13:14   One of your concerns with getting cursor support on iPad was,

01:13:20   "Well, I don't want to leave AssistiveTouch enabled all the time

01:13:23   because it leaves that floating circle thing on your screen."

01:13:27   But what if you had a shortcut that says,

01:13:31   "When this Bluetooth trackpad connects, turn on AssistiveTouch?"

01:13:36   -Yes. -And by doing that --

01:13:37   -It's like somebody thought about what I would want to do.

01:13:40   -Yeah. -And then they fixed it for me.

01:13:42   Yeah, so automatic triggers are going to be awesome.

01:13:45   Thank you.

01:13:45   Yeah, they're here.

01:13:46   Thank you.

01:13:47   They're listening.

01:13:49   And finally, I want to talk about the gallery.

01:13:53   Even more so than before, the thing

01:13:55   that they're doing in iOS 13 is really

01:13:58   what should have been all along.

01:13:59   There's no more separation between Siri shortcuts

01:14:03   and custom shortcuts in that all the shortcuts section

01:14:07   from settings is gone.

01:14:09   Everything is into the shortcuts app,

01:14:11   - Which is better.

01:14:12   - You don't, yes.

01:14:13   You don't have to go in there and manage them

01:14:17   or record phrases.

01:14:19   You can just type a phrase, for example.

01:14:22   All of your custom shortcuts automatically run

01:14:25   when you just say their name.

01:14:27   So you don't have to say, oh, this custom shortcut,

01:14:29   I wanna sign a phrase to that.

01:14:31   Everything has been so much--

01:14:32   - Wow.

01:14:33   - Everything is so much simpler than before.

01:14:35   And there's not only that,

01:14:38   but because now shortcuts is built into the system.

01:14:40   So let's say that you're adding a Siri shortcut from Peacock.

01:14:46   And actually, James Thompson maybe

01:14:49   has done the work to support parameters.

01:14:51   But maybe you don't like the default state

01:14:53   of that Siri shortcut.

01:14:54   You can go in there, and before you add it to Siri--

01:14:58   which, by the way, does not require speaking the phrase.

01:15:01   You can just type the phrase.

01:15:02   You can customize that shortcut before you add it to Siri.

01:15:06   And the UI that you get--

01:15:08   and remember, you're still in Peacock.

01:15:10   But the UI that you get for customizing the shortcut

01:15:12   is the shortcuts editor.

01:15:14   - Oh, this is cool.

01:15:14   - So the shortcuts editor is now a feature

01:15:16   across the system because it's built into the system.

01:15:19   - Oh, that's awesome.

01:15:22   - Thank you shortcuts.

01:15:23   - Thank you shortcuts.

01:15:24   - Wow.

01:15:25   - Go on then.

01:15:31   - A lot of episodes we're talking about shortcuts.

01:15:33   You may imagine what I'm doing and now you just saw it.

01:15:35   I'm just sort of staring.

01:15:37   - Like playing into the distance.

01:15:38   I gotta play the Mac card just for a second.

01:15:41   I know we're getting close on time.

01:15:42   But spending some time with the Mac Pro this week,

01:15:45   talking to the team behind it.

01:15:47   - Look at me. - It's not a hug.

01:15:49   - I got to touch it.

01:15:51   - I didn't know that you can't touch it.

01:15:52   I was not allowed to touch it.

01:15:53   - I got to look at it with my own.

01:15:54   - I was walking out of the place

01:15:55   and some guy at his hand in the band said,

01:15:57   "What happened?"

01:15:57   He said, "I touched the handle and they,

01:15:59   "choo!"

01:15:59   - They closed it and then all my fingers fell off.

01:16:02   - Well, it was very messy.

01:16:04   I think what the Mac,

01:16:06   we're gonna talk more about the Mac Pro.

01:16:07   Of course, go listen to ATP this week.

01:16:09   They did an excellent job, as you may imagine,

01:16:10   talking about this.

01:16:12   But the biggest thing for me with the Mac Pro

01:16:15   is that Apple has put a stake in the ground,

01:16:19   sort of back in the high levels of creativity

01:16:22   and creative professional work.

01:16:25   If you think about where the Mac strong suit has been,

01:16:28   I mean, over the decades, you know,

01:16:31   in the '90s it was print publishing,

01:16:34   You know, Jason Snell's cranking up magazines

01:16:36   on his, you know, Performa or whatever.

01:16:38   I don't know.

01:16:41   Macworld didn't have much money, he just had a Performa.

01:16:43   It was very sad.

01:16:44   - 2004.

01:16:45   - And it moved to a lot of web design

01:16:49   and web development later on.

01:16:50   And now you do see Macs in these really high end

01:16:54   audio and video production houses.

01:16:56   But people were stringing multiple Macs together,

01:16:58   it was kind of messy.

01:16:59   And Apple has solved that problem.

01:17:02   That doesn't necessarily mean they've solved

01:17:03   my problem as a podcaster or your problem as a developer,

01:17:06   although I think the Mac Pro is flexible enough

01:17:08   to meet many people's needs.

01:17:10   There's obviously a larger conversation to have--

01:17:12   - Surprise, isn't.

01:17:13   - About the display.

01:17:14   But wherever you land on that continuum,

01:17:18   I'm just excited as a Mac nerd to know

01:17:20   that they have something at the very high end

01:17:23   to keep the Mac relevant in those markets.

01:17:26   I might not play in those markets myself,

01:17:28   but they're important for Apple to have those customers,

01:17:31   and I think that's great.

01:17:32   - It's also nice if you use an iMac or even an iMac Pro

01:17:35   to know what the future's gonna look like for you.

01:17:37   - Absolutely, I mean clearly things like Afterburner

01:17:39   aren't gonna come to the iMac Pro, I don't think.

01:17:42   Things like the MPX dual GPU module, they're not gonna--

01:17:45   - Why don't they just make the iMac really big?

01:17:48   Like just really big.

01:17:49   - Like the eMac used to be?

01:17:50   - Yeah, it just keeps going.

01:17:52   - It'd be great.

01:17:53   It's on the desk, who cares how thin it is?

01:17:55   - Exactly.

01:17:55   - But--

01:17:56   - It depends how close your desk is to the wall.

01:17:58   - Is that a huge concern?

01:18:01   It would be if you had to move your desk.

01:18:02   How tiny is your office?

01:18:03   Your office is named Mega Office.

01:18:05   I live in London, man.

01:18:06   That room.

01:18:06   The mega's a joke.

01:18:07   [LAUGHTER]

01:18:10   So it's exciting to be a Mac user.

01:18:12   I think even if this isn't the machine for you--

01:18:14   and it's not for most people, honestly--

01:18:16   I think that it's cool that it exists.

01:18:18   And I can't wait for Jon to buy one.

01:18:21   Jon looks very nervous on the front row.

01:18:24   Come on, then.

01:18:25   Steven, can you go please sit in the audience?

01:18:28   [LAUGHTER]

01:18:31   Take your phone, go sit in the audience, please.

01:18:33   He's done with you now.

01:18:35   Do I need a microphone?

01:18:36   Uh, if you want.

01:18:37   Can I take one?

01:18:38   Yeah, sure.

01:18:39   I want to feel like I'm still a part of this thing.

01:18:41   Michael, close your iPad.

01:18:43   So, Myke.

01:18:44   Yeah.

01:18:45   Why are we here?

01:18:47   This week.

01:18:51   For WWDC.

01:18:55   Mm-hmm.

01:18:56   What, uh...

01:18:59   There's a conference going on, right?

01:19:03   What does the convention center look like this year?

01:19:06   It has neon on it.

01:19:08   For what?

01:19:09   Emoji.

01:19:10   Dark mode.

01:19:11   Hey.

01:19:12   Hi.

01:19:13   This is my section.

01:19:14   It's nice to see you out there, actually.

01:19:15   You know, somebody in the audience here today almost figured it out.

01:19:25   There's a lot of people out there, actually.

01:19:28   mentioned emoji okay hmm did we ever do an episode about emoji yes hmm

01:19:37   Stephen what do you have in your notes I have Federico's surprise if you don't

01:19:43   want to know what that is the words that you wrote down I wrote down Chicago be

01:19:47   said that not why was Chicago ever brought up is it you just wanted to just

01:19:54   say the pizza was bad? Was that all that was? Yes. I just needed to... I have Chicago, I

01:20:04   have THE baker, and I have the word likes. So we did an episode about emoji. What was

01:20:12   about? Weird fish. Write down weird fish.

01:20:18   What do you have so far, Steven? Puerto Rico surprise. Chicago. The baker likes

01:20:31   weird fish. Folks, it is time to open Safari. Everybody in the audience and at

01:20:36   At home, right?

01:20:37   At home.

01:20:39   So if this was a, let's say, a place on the internet--

01:20:43   Can I open Safari, or am I still looking at Next?

01:20:44   Yeah.

01:20:45   Put it together.

01:20:45   What do you think that goes?

01:20:47   Thebakerlikesweirdfish.com?

01:20:50   Yeah, try dot com.

01:20:51   Thebakerlikesweirdfish.com.

01:20:53   You could have chose a shorter--

01:20:54   Can you tell me, Steven, what do you see

01:20:56   when you type that domain?

01:20:56   I'm still typing.

01:20:57   Yeah, that might not have got it right yet.

01:21:00   Thebakerlikesweirdfish.com.

01:21:02   It is the Emojipedia page for Microbe.

01:21:06   What microbe microbe mm-hmm, and there's a link that says connected listeners

01:21:11   Here is your long-awaited surprise if I tap this what happens wait did that go to Emoji PD?

01:21:19   Yes, so Jeremy's involved

01:21:21   I'm gonna tap on it now. Don't say what you see just look at it. Oh

01:21:28   Oh, no

01:21:33   >> I get to do it. >> For those not here, Federico is taking off his jacket. Myke looks. >> He has so

01:21:43   many bracelets on, he literally cannot take his jacket off. Your jury has failed you. >> Taking

01:21:53   off his jacket. >> I want you to look at my arm and see what I got. >> I'm going to take

01:21:59   and see what I got.

01:22:01   I've been keeping this a secret for three months.

01:22:10   So, he'd...

01:22:11   Wait!

01:22:12   Wait! No, wait!

01:22:14   Because we need to go to the extent at which you kept this secret.

01:22:17   Hang on, hang on, Myke.

01:22:18   Is that a lie?

01:22:19   Yes.

01:22:20   He told me...

01:22:21   Oh my God.

01:22:22   ...that he had to go to the doctor...

01:22:25   Terrible person.

01:22:25   ...to get a skin biopsy.

01:22:27   [laughter]

01:22:31   Right?

01:22:32   No, it's worse than that, Myke.

01:22:34   He told us he was getting a skin biopsy to help future patients.

01:22:38   Yes!

01:22:39   [laughter]

01:22:40   Federico has a-- I love you so much.

01:22:45   In case you have not been and seen this picture,

01:22:48   Federico has the microbe emoji tattooed on his bicep.

01:22:54   I love you.

01:22:56   That's our show, I guess.

01:22:58   [applause]

01:23:00   I forgive him for the lies.

01:23:06   [applause]

01:23:08   Oh my god.

01:23:12   Oh my god.

01:23:14   Yeah, you can, you can. Go away.

01:23:16   You just go.

01:23:18   Look at it again? We're sending him away.

01:23:20   I haven't seen it. Let me see it.

01:23:22   Wow. You're still a terrible person.

01:23:24   terrible person. Everybody give a hand. [Applause] >> Wow. >> I don't know what happened the last

01:23:30   hour and a half. I feel like we should apologize. I have like friends here from home and I told

01:23:49   them like we have this funny tech show. I don't think it was tech or funny.

01:23:53   People were laughing. I mean they might have been being kind but they were laughing.

01:23:58   So a couple things to wrap up. First of all I'd like to thank everyone who made this

01:24:04   show possible. I'd like to thank our sponsors Astropad Studio, MaxxStadium, Instabug.

01:24:09   Give them one more hand.

01:24:17   I'd like to thank the Hammer Theatre. Anthony and his staff here are amazing. I've told them this. We do shows all over the country.

01:24:24   This is my favorite theater to work with. It's my favorite show of the year. Please give the Hammer Theatre a hand.

01:24:29   I'd like to thank our volunteers who helped make tonight possible. So Marco Arment is up in the sound booth.

01:24:45   I know from my experience Monday night Marco is very sweaty

01:24:49   So just stay up there till we clear out and we'll be good and also our friend Spencer is here

01:24:56   Spencer's behind the scenes of a lot of our events in California an

01:25:00   Amazing human being I made the joke earlier that he's the nicest guy on the internet, but he's not on Twitter

01:25:06   So he's the nicest guy off the internet

01:25:08   Sorry gray

01:25:10   But Spencer's our photographer tonight, so if you see images we're sharing they came from him

01:25:15   and thank you, seriously.

01:25:17   [applause]

01:25:23   But, uh, you, me, yeah, Stephen, did I get another Mac Pro?

01:25:28   They gave me a computer the other night.

01:25:30   I didn't get you anything. [laughter]

01:25:33   He does an amazing amount of work to put these things together,

01:25:36   and I'm very proud of him. Thank you for making this happen again.

01:25:40   You bet.

01:25:42   [Applause]

01:25:44   We have a live show coming up in San Francisco in August.

01:25:51   We do.

01:25:53   So this year, believe it or not, Relay FM turns five years old.

01:25:57   [Applause]

01:25:59   Are you going to cry?

01:26:01   [Applause]

01:26:03   Myke's going to cry. Back up a second.

01:26:05   Five years ago at WWDC is when we decided to do this thing.

01:26:08   this thing. We've been talking about it. We talked to guys like Jason and some other people

01:26:15   about our idea. And Myke came to Memphis after WWDC and we did the original sort of beginnings

01:26:21   of the company at my house in Memphis five years ago. And if you had told us then where

01:26:28   Relay would be now, we would not have believed you. And it's not because of us. As great

01:26:34   as, as Myke is, and as great as Federico used to be, and, and all of our hosts,

01:26:40   every talented person that's on Relay, none of that would matter if no one

01:26:46   listened. And from the bottom of our collective heart at Relay FM, thank you

01:26:51   for listening for the last five years. We won't, we literally would not be here

01:26:56   without you. So thank you.

01:27:03   I can't say anything.

01:27:04   You're just crying?

01:27:05   What am I going to be like in August?

01:27:07   You're going to have to mop you off the stage.

01:27:10   So we will be in San Francisco in August

01:27:13   for our fifth anniversary show.

01:27:14   We're going to have a lot of hosts there.

01:27:16   So if you're in the area, we'd love to see you.

01:27:19   But seriously, thank you so much for listening.

01:27:22   Thank you for tuning into Connected every week.

01:27:24   If you don't do that anymore, I understand.

01:27:29   I can't.

01:27:30   You can't listen anymore?

01:27:32   Yeah. Thank you everybody. Have a wonderful rest of your week.

01:27:37   We'll see you around San Jose. Thank you.

01:27:38   [APPLAUSE]

01:27:41   [ Applause ]