245: Totes Ricky


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00:00:02   - From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 245.

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00:00:18   I'm Stephen Hackett and I am joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   - Hello.

00:00:22   - Hey buddy.

00:00:23   - I am very excited to be introduced first this week

00:00:26   because next week I get introduced last and that's best.

00:00:30   - We'll see how that goes.

00:00:31   Maybe there's a fine print for live shows, we'll see.

00:00:34   I'll be taking offers from both of you.

00:00:38   Who wants to go first or second?

00:00:40   - Well that means, but then you'll disrupt

00:00:41   your entire ordering system.

00:00:43   Are you really willing to do that?

00:00:44   - Maybe a live show is, falls in like a unique category.

00:00:49   - Hmm, I don't know what I think about this.

00:00:51   - Well, we'll see how it goes.

00:00:53   We're also joined of course by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:55   Hello.

00:00:56   Hi.

00:00:57   Hi.

00:00:58   Bless the last ones, or they shall be first or something.

00:01:04   Pretty close.

00:01:05   Pretty good.

00:01:06   Something like that.

00:01:07   How are you?

00:01:08   I'm good.

00:01:09   I'm good.

00:01:10   We have so much to talk about today.

00:01:11   It is our annual WWDC prediction episode.

00:01:16   So we're going to get to that.

00:01:17   But first we have a tiny topic.

00:01:19   But before that, we have follow up.

00:01:23   This first piece of follow-up comes from John Syracuse and David Smith, who worked jointly

00:01:29   on correcting us.

00:01:30   We had talked about the MacBook escape nickname, and I basically said that Marco had come up

00:01:36   with it.

00:01:37   And John, and Underscore corrected us, saying that the ATP chat room, someone there came

00:01:41   up with it.

00:01:43   And Marco merely blessed it.

00:01:44   We have a time-stamped overcast link in the show notes, because when you're corrected

00:01:49   by underscore, it comes with time stamped overcast links. So we're sharing that. And

00:01:55   this is good news for you Federico.

00:01:57   Do we know the name of the person from the chat room?

00:01:59   No, that was not provided by John Syracuse. You know, what does he know about follow up

00:02:04   really?

00:02:05   Yeah, he's new to this game. So this is good news for Marco. We can have an aqueen, you

00:02:11   know, a relationship again, a friendship going on.

00:02:13   Wait, I thought he was exempt because of his sexiness.

00:02:16   Well, that depends. I said that depends on his workout routine. But yes, I'm very pleased

00:02:24   to hear this follow-up item. It means that someone in the chat room will never be friends

00:02:29   with me, but at least it's good for Marco.

00:02:33   Can you imagine if it was like underscore? Like that's how he knew?

00:02:36   Well, that poses an interesting problem, for sure. I think it's best that for privacy reasons

00:02:42   we do not disclose the name of the chat room member who came up with this silly nickname.

00:02:47   So yeah.

00:02:48   Okay.

00:02:49   GDPR in IRC.

00:02:51   Sure.

00:02:52   That's why.

00:02:53   The new MacBook Pros we talked about last week are shipping.

00:02:57   iFixit has taken them apart because that's what iFixit does.

00:03:01   Did you buy one?

00:03:02   Silence.

00:03:03   Silence.

00:03:04   You bought one?

00:03:06   I've just realized this.

00:03:08   Because I got an email, a security alert, that said someone from Memphis has signed

00:03:18   in on a Mac to Twitter.

00:03:21   I have like 95 Macs in here, it could have been literally any G3.

00:03:25   And you were complaining on Instagram stories about Migration Assistant.

00:03:30   You bought one of these, didn't you?

00:03:33   Busted.

00:03:34   Yeah, he bought one.

00:03:36   He bought one. I can't believe it. How long until you return it? What one did you buy?

00:03:40   You said nothing. See, because he thinks he can hide. He thinks he can hide. Because he feels guilty.

00:03:46   He thinks he can hide, but I'm a super sleuth. Did you tell your wife? Did you tell your family?

00:03:51   My wife knows, as does Marco, because Marco and I had a phone call last night about sound equipment for our live shows at

00:03:57   WBC and then that took like five minutes and then we talked on the phone for half an hour about laptops.

00:04:02   You see how it goes Federico? You see how it goes? You tell Marco about his new laptop,

00:04:06   he doesn't tell us about his new laptop. I have to sleuth it out of him.

00:04:10   Why don't you do the predictions with Marco, with your best friend Marco? Do the predictions

00:04:14   with him. He's probably going to wish for a bunch of R-Play 2 fixes.

00:04:19   And then like a Mac Pro and then that's it.

00:04:21   I mean, that would make us both really happy. Yes, there is a 15-inch MacBook Pro here in

00:04:27   my office.

00:04:28   Have you gone up a size?

00:04:30   is yes because I wanted to... oh here we go here we go why do you not learn when you change

00:04:38   anything you change anything you will inevitably have to return it why do you do this yourself?

00:04:44   do not let him talk. you have gone up to 15 and now you're going to take it on a trip and then on

00:04:51   that trip you're going to realize how big and heavy the 15 is and you're going to get home and

00:04:54   you're going to take it back and you're going to get a 13 again that's what's going to happen to

00:04:58   to you? I have not sold my old 13-inch. It is also here. So I'm learning. Don't get rid

00:05:04   of the old one. Don't you even learn anything! You're still going to return the 15. Why did

00:05:07   you change from 13 to 15? I wanted to try the 8-core model. Nobody's ever wanted to

00:05:12   talk about something less than Stephen was to talk about this. I wanted to save it for

00:05:17   the live show and like, pull it out on stage, but here we are. Was this going to be your

00:05:21   surprise? Right, but the thing is, you know neither of us would have noticed. I did have

00:05:25   that thought of like, I have two co-hosts who don't care about MacBook Pros.

00:05:28   I would have not at all noticed that you had a different laptop.

00:05:32   Well it is a different size and a different color.

00:05:34   But again, I don't, I would not have noticed.

00:05:37   Anyways, I will let you know how the 8 core MacBook Pro is.

00:05:41   So far it's fine.

00:05:42   The keyboard is oddly softer.

00:05:46   Like it doesn't feel, it's the same amount of travel, but it feels softer and the sound

00:05:52   is worse.

00:05:53   It's softer what people were looking for. I don't know if that was what you needed.

00:05:57   Yeah, I told Mark, I was like, it's different. I don't know if it's better or worse. They just

00:06:02   keep changing it. They do just keep making it different. I actually think, sound and feel wise,

00:06:07   of all of the ones I've tried, I think I'm at the point where I like the original one the most,

00:06:12   and then that's it, right? Like the original MacBook Pro one. Like the super loud,

00:06:18   super clicky one. Oh yeah. That's where I am. That one sounds like you're typing on rocks.

00:06:22   But I just figure if you're gonna take everything away, at least give me the noise.

00:06:27   Yeah, that one sounded good and bad, but like in a good way. This one just doesn't, I don't know.

00:06:33   I don't know. It feels softer. I really want to see what 8 cores is like in a MacBook Pro.

00:06:37   So we'll see how it goes. A quick reminder that next week, episode 246 is our live show at WWDC.

00:06:45   We'll be live in the Hammer Theater in San Jose. This means a couple of things. One,

00:06:51   if you're not in San Jose. The episode will be out later than normal. My plan is to get it up

00:06:56   Wednesday night as long as I don't fall asleep editing at my laptop and my new ginormous laptop.

00:07:03   I guess the brightness from the screen will keep you awake, right?

00:07:06   That's true. It should be up late Wednesday night. That's always my goal is to get it out as quickly

00:07:10   as possible. But if you are in San Jose and you have a ticket, we're super excited that you are

00:07:16   coming. If you don't have a ticket there are like four left. Like there's a very

00:07:20   small number, there's a link in the show notes, it will be sold out. Go grab one.

00:07:25   I want these four tickets to be bought by an entire family. Like I want a family

00:07:31   to attend our live show. So bring your kids, parents. I'm gonna say that I don't

00:07:38   care who buys them. It doesn't have to be a family. Anyone can buy them. It would be

00:07:44   nice I guess for Federico's sake if it was a family but if you're like one

00:07:48   person or two people don't not buy them because you're not a family that would

00:07:51   be or get married on the way in oh my god and then come which is also a

00:07:56   possibility you're gonna have the best time you know first night you know

00:08:00   getting married going to the connected live show I mean it's perfect who

00:08:04   wouldn't wouldn't want to do that that has literally happened has you would

00:08:07   tell this story? At our October show in New York, we were doing a little meetup afterwards

00:08:15   and a guy comes up to me and he's like, "Oh, I'm so, like, thanks for coming out to the

00:08:21   show. I was lucky that it was here anyway." And he points to a woman who's sitting down

00:08:26   like just behind where you're standing, basically. It's like, "We're on our honeymoon." Oh my

00:08:31   I have never apologized to somebody as genuinely and frequently as I apologized to that poor

00:08:41   woman who was clearly being very supportive to her new husband but did probably did not

00:08:46   want like she did not want to be there she was very nice to me but I could tell that

00:08:51   she thought of I just said like I can tell you love him very much and obviously right

00:08:58   now you love him more than you've ever loved him so and as I said to the guy I

00:09:02   was like so this is probably the only time you're gonna get away with this

00:09:05   situation mm-hmm but yeah so that happened we have a tiny topic and it is

00:09:10   literally a tiny topic because the iPod touch has been refreshed is too strong

00:09:17   of a word it has been spec bumped so some quick details it is still a 4-inch

00:09:21   run and display so it's still you know very very portable very lightweight it

00:09:25   It is powered now by the A10 Fusion chip.

00:09:28   The old one, I believe, was the A8.

00:09:30   So make that what you will.

00:09:31   The A10 Fusion, by the way, came from the iPhone 7.

00:09:34   That always helps me thinking about how old a CPU is

00:09:37   and what phone it came in.

00:09:38   So it came with the iPhone 7.

00:09:39   It supports group FaceTime.

00:09:41   Apparently the old one didn't.

00:09:42   It comes with ARKit support.

00:09:45   And so there's the new and fancy things.

00:09:48   The rest of it's basically the same.

00:09:49   Like I said, 4-inch screen, some slightly revised case colors,

00:09:52   I think.

00:09:53   They look a little more vibrant to my eye.

00:09:55   but still no Touch ID, obviously no Face ID.

00:09:58   But I think the exciting news is it's now $199.

00:10:02   It is the cheapest--

00:10:03   - What was it before?

00:10:05   - I think, I think $249, but I'm not.

00:10:09   I am quietly Googling.

00:10:11   But it makes it a super cheap Apple Arcade console.

00:10:15   I think that's why this is here, right?

00:10:17   It's gotta be.

00:10:18   - But I made this argument on Twitter

00:10:19   and a bunch of people disagreed with me

00:10:20   and a bunch of others agreed with me,

00:10:22   so take that as a will.

00:10:23   but I think it's the perfect kids device.

00:10:26   Like, you have ARKit support,

00:10:30   and it's presumably gonna run Apple Arcade just fine.

00:10:33   You have group FaceTime, which is ideal for parents, kids,

00:10:38   this kind of visual communication

00:10:41   that it's perfect for families.

00:10:43   And it's cheap.

00:10:44   I mean, it's 32 gigs, I think, at the base model.

00:10:48   I think it's fine if you just wanna install

00:10:50   a couple of games.

00:10:51   Some folks on Twitter are arguing that the iPad is the perfect kids device.

00:10:56   And I can see that. But I mean, I have no particular experience with kids, but I do

00:11:01   see a fair share of young children either with iPads or small iPhones or iPod

00:11:06   touches. So I think it is a kids device.

00:11:09   It is. I think Apple describes it as the most affordable because they never say cheap,

00:11:13   of course. It is the most affordable iOS device ever.

00:11:16   And taking a face value, that's exactly what it is.

00:11:19   It's an affordable iOS device that it's either gonna be a kid's device or a testing device for

00:11:26   People like us who want to put betas on relatively modern and cheap iOS devices. Sure

00:11:32   I have some some pricing details just just to head off the follow-up

00:11:35   So the the previous generation was $199 for 16 gigs

00:11:40   The new one is $199 for 32. So they've got the price point but double the storage

00:11:45   You can now get iPod touch with 256 gigabytes of storage, which I think is an all-time high for the iPod touch

00:11:51   So, all right, this makes sense to me as a media device for kids, you know

00:11:55   I was thinking about this in terms of my family where we have an iPad fifth generation and an iPad mini

00:12:02   floating around for the kids and

00:12:05   We really did that

00:12:07   I think because at the time we bought the first one the iPod touch was languishing

00:12:11   It was unsure if it was going to stick around and clear the I mean the iPad mini you could say the same thing

00:12:16   But I think my kids like the iPad size because they do video stuff on it. I don't know if they'd want something

00:12:21   Smaller maybe they would when they're older because you know, they don't really carry the iPad mini around right?

00:12:26   that's kind of using using it on the couch or at the table at the table or something, but

00:12:30   We don't have any of these in my household besides just what I own out here

00:12:34   No, no iPod touch and permanent use that doesn't change

00:12:37   This doesn't change that for my family, but if this is what you're using at home then hey

00:12:43   This is a pretty nice little update the image on Apple newsroom is is funny to me

00:12:49   So they've got like three iPod touches and the one on the far left is showing group FaceTime, right?

00:12:54   But I don't know what kind of conversation these people are having because they're all just smiling each other

00:12:58   No one's saying anything in this in this group FaceTime conversation. That's how the kids that's how the kids talk now

00:13:04   It just looks really funny. It's just like a bunch of like selfies effectively just stacked in a little grid

00:13:10   Maybe that's how it is. I don't know. I'm really struggling to be excited about this. Like maybe it's just like

00:13:15   It's kind of just like like it's it's such a weird thing

00:13:18   Like yeah, it has a home button that I'm sure is an actual physical home button, right?

00:13:23   It's still got the tiny screen tiny by today's standards. It just seems like a very strange

00:13:30   It just seems very strange. It really just feels like they really didn't want to kill off the iPod touch yet

00:13:35   But they're about to kill off the processor that it had in it

00:13:38   So let's put a new processor in it and then move forward and that kind of that's that I have a bit of a conspiracy about

00:13:45   This okay people were talking earlier. We're totally rightfully so that okay apples just kind of clearing the decks

00:13:52   for

00:13:54   WVDC right they they do this almost every year. They have small announcements leading up to it because they don't want to

00:14:00   sort of clog up the news cycle. So if you go to the Apple newsroom and you

00:14:05   download the press images they come with the date of the announcement. It's like

00:14:09   the MacBook Pro is dated May 21st which is the day those were announced. The

00:14:15   iPod touch ones have the date of the keynote on them as the file date in the

00:14:22   in the files. So maybe this was maybe this guy was gonna be like a press

00:14:27   release on the keynote day and they decided just to go ahead and do it in advance or maybe

00:14:32   they were going to make a bigger deal of it and they cut it.

00:14:34   This was never getting stage time, but they would have at least, like, just, it would

00:14:38   have been one of the press releases on that day, right?

00:14:41   Right. So they're just spreading stuff out, which I think makes a lot of sense.

00:14:44   You're just like Rambo.

00:14:45   Yes, but just with an Apple PR images.

00:14:49   Just like really unimportant information, but like, that's how it works, you know? You've

00:14:54   found some metadata.

00:14:55   That's the difference between me and him.

00:14:57   What he does matters.

00:14:58   What I do doesn't seem to.

00:15:00   So there you go.

00:15:02   It's not really a conspiracy.

00:15:04   Apple just didn't rename their files.

00:15:07   We have so many predictions, things to talk about, but before we get there, let me tell

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00:17:25   Okay gentlemen it is time for the 2019 WWDC predictions. We will start by

00:17:33   reviewing the rules because we have rules, we are not animals. The order was

00:17:38   set by the winner of the March event predictions which as a reminder was Myke

00:17:43   Myke in first place, I was in second place, Federico was in a distant third.

00:17:48   Hey, don't make fun of me.

00:17:49   That's not necessary.

00:17:51   We destroyed you.

00:17:53   What have I ever done to you, Steven?

00:17:54   Well, you lost the March of Itchings.

00:17:56   You are officially my enemy for this round of predictions.

00:18:00   Whoa!

00:18:01   My enemy's not Myke anymore.

00:18:02   You know I'm in charge of the trophies.

00:18:04   I'm taking it out on you, Steven.

00:18:06   Oh, okay.

00:18:07   Wait.

00:18:08   Why was I your enemy before now?

00:18:11   Okie dokie.

00:18:12   To earn points, everything written down in the official prediction Google document must

00:18:17   come true.

00:18:18   There are no half points awarded in any round.

00:18:22   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two regular rounds.

00:18:26   Two points will be awarded for any correct picks in the risky pick round.

00:18:31   Or as I typoed the other day in an iMessage, the Ricky picks.

00:18:34   I don't know who Ricky is, but Ricky's picks.

00:18:38   Ricky's the new mascot for the predictions.

00:18:41   If your risky pick is wrong, you lose a point, so this is very important.

00:18:45   And critically, the other two hosts must have agreed that your pick is "risky."

00:18:50   So we had some arguments and I messaged about this over the weekend.

00:18:54   We fight a lot about this stuff.

00:18:57   It's really stressful.

00:18:59   And a new rule for this year, and Myke you came up with this and I think it's brilliant,

00:19:02   cannot reuse any picks from the 2019 yearly picks.

00:19:06   So for instance, I chose for my 2019 yearly picks that the Mac Pro would be announced

00:19:13   and released this calendar year.

00:19:15   That means I can't go to that for the WWDC predictions.

00:19:19   This made this much harder, and I think better.

00:19:23   Much harder.

00:19:24   Like Federico picked tabbed windows for his 2019 on an iPad.

00:19:31   So that made it really difficult to pick anything to do with split view changes and stuff like

00:19:37   that.

00:19:38   So it made it quite difficult.

00:19:39   The idea of multiple apps and all that kind of stuff was made much more tricky by this

00:19:43   because I think really anything could have brushed up against that pick.

00:19:47   So it made it harder, which was good though.

00:19:49   It did.

00:19:50   I think this is a great rule and I think that we include this in our WWDC prediction rules

00:19:54   from now on.

00:19:55   So round one, Myke, as the winner of the March events, you get to go first.

00:20:02   So we made these picks, we wrote all these picks down, I mean I put mine in about a week

00:20:06   ago, because I got to go first, so I figured to stop us from arguing about what "first"

00:20:12   meant, I would just put my picks in early, because it was kind of like, well if you'd

00:20:16   put it in already, but then I come along and be like, well I'm first, so I'm taking yours,

00:20:20   so I got mine in, and the reason I'm prefacing this is my round one pick is Dark Mode for

00:20:25   iOS. And that is particularly interesting as there has been a rumor going around, well

00:20:32   it's actual, we would assume real images published on 9to5Mac, of what looks like dark mode on

00:20:38   an iPhone. So I'm feeling pretty good about this one.

00:20:44   Well, I think it's kind of obvious that you're getting this point.

00:20:49   I think to be honest, we all felt pretty good about that point anyway, right?

00:20:53   Yeah.

00:20:54   It feels like something that that was been pretty sure for a couple of years, right?

00:20:59   Like it's just like it seems like something that Apple would inevitably definitely do.

00:21:03   And it's already overdue.

00:21:05   It probably should have been last year that they did it, really, if not the year before.

00:21:10   But we're here now.

00:21:11   And so what the images on 9to5 show is kind of just a darkened UI on the home screen in

00:21:19   certain areas but a fully like true black Apple Music image. This article also shows

00:21:27   a couple of other things including reminders and when you look at the reminders UI you

00:21:31   can see what Mark Gurman was talking about right about these like four buttons there

00:21:35   are these like in the sidebar these four buttons and this was kind of how I imagined I think

00:21:40   when we were talking about it was kind of just like the way that it was described is

00:21:44   true but is clearly not the way the app was gonna look it's just these four big

00:21:49   buttons so like it's just these like I think it's quite a nice user interface

00:21:53   really of like these four sections that you can tap on and they have big numbers

00:21:56   on them so you can quite easily see these like sections that you can go into

00:22:00   like email inboxes really and then there are these lists below so I guess it's

00:22:04   like you can have multiple lists and still pull all that information together

00:22:07   into one view I think that's pretty nice to be honest it's like a way to beef up

00:22:12   reminders. Something else is also in this article is what looks to be some kind of floating

00:22:17   window on the iPad and notes. It's like the tools palette for the Apple notes, like when

00:22:24   you're using the Apple pencil, and the image kind of makes it look like it's been detached.

00:22:29   So that's kind of interesting, right? And all the pencil and brushes and stuff are pretty,

00:22:35   I don't want to say skeuomorphic, but they're more detailed than they are now. I think they

00:22:38   look great. They're more realistic in a way that they look very interesting and I'm intrigued to

00:22:45   see if this is like the UI designers notes going rogue or if there's going to be a little bit more

00:22:50   of a different look in iOS 13 in some areas right that would maybe indicate a little bit more

00:22:57   realism coming back in certain areas which if it's of this kind of caliber like this kind of level

00:23:02   I could totally accept. You know, like I'm not up for Markerfelt coming back or whatever,

00:23:08   but like... Design Twitter, it's losing its mind today.

00:23:13   I follow a few of these folks. Are they happy? Are they sad? I mean, they're

00:23:17   probably all of those things, right? Well, some of them don't want you to use,

00:23:21   ever use the S word when it comes to realism in UI design. It's a word that cannot be used.

00:23:30   To be honest though, I do agree, which is why I didn't want to say it, it's why Steven

00:23:34   didn't want to say it, because skeuomorphism now has taken on a negative connotation.

00:23:38   It's a bad word, for sure.

00:23:41   But yeah, apparently the screenshot is from Markup and not Notes, but it's the same tools

00:23:45   that are in Notes.

00:23:47   But anyway, you can kind of get the point.

00:23:49   It looks really interesting, I'm intrigued.

00:23:52   I will colour myself intrigued about this, but yeah, Dark Mode.

00:23:56   Dark Mode looks like it's coming.

00:23:57   first pick is dark mode on iOS. Do you want to add any non graded details about that?

00:24:06   Yeah, I'll add some non graded details. I'll add some non graded details. I don't think

00:24:12   it's going to be all kind of OLED black everywhere. I don't think that's going to be the case.

00:24:17   I think that it's going to be a mix depending on the application. And I also think that

00:24:22   there's going to be some kind of system for developers to clarify what can be put into

00:24:29   dark mode and what won't be. So there will be a nice API so you can be like "these colors

00:24:35   and these elements make them dark and these not" so that's pretty obvious that they would

00:24:40   do that but what I am intrigued about and I want to see what you guys think. What do

00:24:44   you think will happen if I enable dark mode and an application is not using this API?

00:24:50   won't switch. Nothing. Nothing will happen. You don't think that the system might try

00:24:53   and force it? Like invert it or something? No. No, I don't think so. Okay. No. Because

00:24:58   I was thinking about that smart invert, right? Because that does some stuff like this, I

00:25:03   guess, where you can specify, like in the other way, like don't invert images, right?

00:25:08   Are you familiar with this? Yeah, yeah. I wonder what happens if you enable smart invert

00:25:13   when dark mode is enabled. I know the first thing I'm going to try. Does it switch back

00:25:17   I want to know now. That seems like it. That just explodes.

00:25:21   That feels like it should have been the top of somebody's QA list, but we'll find out.

00:25:25   I'm sure it is. It just gets extra dark.

00:25:29   Okay, I think this feels like a point for you. I feel like you've got this one on lockdown.

00:25:34   I hope so.

00:25:35   My first pick also feels to me more sure after the iPod Touch got updated, but I'm going

00:25:42   to say that iOS 13 changes system requirements dropping devices supported by iOS 12. I am

00:25:50   not predicting specific models or CPUs. I just think that they're going to be some devices

00:25:56   that iOS 12 is the end of the road for some some products.

00:26:02   This feels pretty, pretty sure. Right. I mean, I feel like iOS 12 was like the first time

00:26:07   that had happened in a very long time. Like it was a news story, right, that it

00:26:11   didn't drop anything from 11. And I don't think they need to do that again,

00:26:17   right? I don't think they need to say and everything from iOS 12 is supported by

00:26:21   iOS 13. I don't think that's necessary. It kind of felt like they were doing that

00:26:25   along with a lot of the kind of focus on performance as like a goodwill gesture

00:26:29   because they were kind of getting destroyed in the in the wider media,

00:26:32   right? There was all that like planned obsolescence stuff and all that kind of

00:26:35   stuff going on at the time. So that, you know, and also the battery issues and all

00:26:42   of that, right? So like it definitely felt like a time when Apple needed to be like

00:26:46   "Oh we're gonna make sure your old phone runs great!" but I don't think they need

00:26:50   to focus on that as heavily as to say like "Oh everything's gonna be hunky-dory

00:26:55   for really old devices." I think that they can still say "Oh we're gonna focus on

00:26:58   performance" but not not have to say "Oh and your iPhone 6 or whatever it will be

00:27:05   will come along for the ride. Yeah, so we'll see where that line is drawn, but it feels like it's time.

00:27:09   Yeah, but the updating of the Mini and then the Touch certainly makes it feel like they're gonna get rid of some of those older chips.

00:27:15   Yep, I think so. That does feel, that does also feel like a point for you.

00:27:20   So my first pick is

00:27:23   there will be new Animoji characters in iOS 13, in the next version of iOS.

00:27:29   I don't wanna, I don't wanna say how many

00:27:34   At least non-graded, you know, and grade those, but I think there will be new Animoji and

00:27:41   That's basically my pick and non-graded

00:27:45   I would like to add some color around this and I will say that I believe there will be at least four

00:27:51   maybe five and

00:27:53   They will of course be supported on all devices and there will probably be a demo on stage

00:28:02   Maybe Craig Federighi will make some, you know.

00:28:04   - Do you think they'll demo them?

00:28:06   Like just new animoji?

00:28:08   I don't think they will.

00:28:09   - Maybe just in passing.

00:28:10   - So this is actually where I wanted to bring up a point

00:28:12   that I think is important for our predictions.

00:28:15   I don't think that anything that we predict

00:28:17   needs to be in the keynote.

00:28:19   It just needs to be true by the time we record.

00:28:21   - Yeah, I thought that was obvious.

00:28:23   Yes, correct.

00:28:24   Yes.

00:28:25   - 'Cause some of this stuff may come out

00:28:26   in the State of the Union or even later.

00:28:28   I don't see them doing a demo for this

00:28:30   Unless they use the new characters to show off like the sticker feature that's rumored right where you

00:28:36   It kind of like in some other kind of detection like last year. There was tongue detection. Yes, there was maybe these orders

00:28:43   I don't know ear detection or maybe like some maybe an emoji appears in some other app and they just use it as but you know

00:28:50   Like it kind of is somewhere else mail us. Yeah

00:28:56   Really good email sign offs. I've just send all of my email and an emoji

00:29:00   Yeah, I

00:29:03   Think I think all of us are gonna do well in round one. Yeah, I think round one feels pretty good, right?

00:29:09   I feel like new an emoji. I mean they've been bringing new an emoji out with basically every major release right for a while

00:29:16   So it definitely feels like that's that that that trend will keep going

00:29:21   Let me let me ask you all not to be graded, of course

00:29:24   But do we have any ideas on what animals or characters could be added? I have an idea.

00:29:31   I have thoughts. I was just looking through the animals that I wanted to see as an emoji.

00:29:37   So I would say, and these are just my personal picks,

00:29:40   I want to see the kangaroo and I want to see the peacock and I want to see the squirrel and

00:29:46   I want to see the white rat.

00:29:48   These are my picks.

00:29:51   Especially the white rat.

00:29:52   I'm still going for just standard emoji face. I think white rat will be better. I

00:29:58   Can't believe they haven't added the emoji face yet

00:30:01   And I think they should add it white rat the white rat though. The white rat is yeah

00:30:08   Yeah with the tail and everything. Yeah, it'd be adorable. I

00:30:12   Think I definitely agree with like this the default like emoji circle face has got to be there

00:30:18   I think that there is room for

00:30:22   for integrations with other media. So like, why can't we have like a Buzz Lightyear and emoji or

00:30:31   some other like character from media? I think that could be fun. I don't know if Disney wants

00:30:37   videos showing up on YouTube of Buzz Lightyear saying terribly dirty things. So maybe that would

00:30:41   That's 100% the reason it will never happen.

00:30:43   I think that could be fun if they did something, some branded content type stuff.

00:30:48   past that I think that there's also room for not necessarily a new character but new options when

00:30:55   you go to create your own so like I'm flipping through this and like you could do way more

00:30:59   styles of hats and facial hair and like just just make that more even more customizable

00:31:06   than it is like some of the hairstyles are really bad and there's not I mean there's there are lots

00:31:12   of them but you could always improve it so I think I could look at them saying hey we you know you

00:31:17   There's even more customization options now if you are into that.

00:31:21   There should be at least more accessories, which I think is a point that I raised in

00:31:25   my iOS 12 review last year.

00:31:27   And also, if they're going to do any kind of new type of detection, they should probably

00:31:33   do distance detection so that your character's face grows bigger or smaller depending on

00:31:39   how close you are to the sensor.

00:31:42   That would be fun.

00:31:43   do videos where it's like you're far away and then you you know you like your

00:31:46   head becomes bigger if you you know get closer to the camera that could be fun

00:31:52   distance detection I don't know if it exists should be a thing round two Myke

00:31:56   you're up first this is when I feel like it's not gonna be as kind to some of us

00:32:01   all right round two Apple will show off Apple Arcade again come on this is a

00:32:07   point this is kind of obvious yeah really yeah oh we disagree all right so

00:32:14   my reasoning is that I the Apple arcade is gonna be one of the bigger features

00:32:18   of iOS 13 for general consumers and so that they will spend a little bit of

00:32:23   time just showing that off again as a temple feature of iOS 13 that Apple

00:32:28   arcade will be there and you'll be able to get all of your games one of the

00:32:33   other reasons is this doesn't have to be an iOS like there's going to be a tvOS

00:32:37   segment there's going to be a max segment apple arcade is on all of them so it's going to i think

00:32:43   apple arcade will show up somewhere during the presentation and will get mentioned uh even if

00:32:49   like they they could even say because i found out this was recording upgrade there is a lab to pitch

00:32:54   your game at wwc this year uh so yeah so the idea of it not being a like open developer story

00:33:03   is changing and or at least Apple is trying to give it that impression so

00:33:07   I think Apple Arcade is getting brought up on stage. Allow me to ask you though

00:33:11   when you say show off or brought up on stage

00:33:14   does Apple just need to mention Apple Arcade and maybe show a logo like the

00:33:18   same graphics that we saw the last time or

00:33:21   even more of Apple Arcade's actual usage? Considering the flexibility of

00:33:24   the connected picks I'm just going to say Apple will mention Apple Arcade

00:33:29   again. Okay okay. But it'll be during the keynote

00:33:33   And this is graded during the keynote?

00:33:35   Yeah.

00:33:37   Okay.

00:33:37   I think that, I mean, I can't just say like, because...

00:33:40   Not just need to make sure?

00:33:41   No, no, no. Because it's like, they're 100% going to do a session,

00:33:43   like it's going to come up in a session. I don't want to make it too easy for myself,

00:33:46   because that just feels cheating. It's like, oh, Apple will mention tvOS, right? It's just like,

00:33:51   yeah, of course they will, right?

00:33:52   Okay. I did not know there was a session for pitching your games. I retract my previous

00:33:57   questioning of your judgment.

00:34:00   That was what locked it in for me as a prediction on this show. And I found that out. Oh, then I can

00:34:04   be on board with that. My round two pick is that Apple replaces at least one major bundled Mac OS

00:34:14   app with a marzipan version. So by these, I mean, you know, apps that are installed in your Mac out

00:34:19   of the box. So mail messages, whatever, that one of those that we have today will ship the next

00:34:27   version of Mac OS as a marzipan version. I'm not gonna say what, although I have a non-graded guess.

00:34:34   Okay, question for you. Yes. How do we establish

00:34:40   the methods in which we know it is a marzipan app? That is something I thought about. So I think

00:34:49   there is a rabbit hole this pic could fall down where say something like, so let's talk about

00:34:55   messages that Apple says and messages and 1015 has lasers and all this stuff

00:35:00   and until we get our if they don't say that it's marzipan and they just say it

00:35:03   has new features then like we need to like get our hands on a beta to see I

00:35:08   guess but I don't think that's possible I think it is incredibly likely that

00:35:12   Apple will state what apps they are moving with this because they want to

00:35:16   show it off right that will work okay yeah I don't think we're gonna be in a

00:35:20   situation that is described we're like well I don't know if it's marzipan or

00:35:23   not like it. I just wanted to ask because let's say that someone maybe heard that it

00:35:30   could in theory be possible for Marzipan and AppKit to coexist in a hybrid application.

00:35:37   So let's just assume that it's a possibility that somebody heard. Would that work? I've

00:35:43   been proposing this and people keep saying that I'm crazy about the idea of the music

00:35:48   app being a split between the two? Sure, and again, let's just say that somebody, somewhere,

00:35:56   heard, you know, from somebody else that it could be a possibility someday, or maybe next

00:36:06   week. Maybe immediately, they. Just making sure here what the ground rules are. Does

00:36:11   that constitute a marzipan app? I don't think it does, because that wasn't the conception

00:36:16   of which the pick was created under.

00:36:18   It's not, and I think that it's Apple saying this is a marzipan.

00:36:22   If they just infuse mail with some marzipan goo in the middle, that's different.

00:36:27   I think it's the case of them saying, "We used those tools to make this."

00:36:32   I think that they're gonna, because this was actually going to be one of my picks, it was

00:36:36   going to be my risky pick, but then I removed it when I saw Steven's pick.

00:36:40   I think that they are going to surprise us with an application that they say is like,

00:36:47   "Oh, and you know this app that everyone uses, it's now made by these tools." And it will

00:36:52   be not something like Messages, but something bigger. Like my, I would say, calendar.

00:36:58   Maybe.

00:36:59   Because it's important enough, but not so important. And it's not a million miles away

00:37:04   from the iOS version anyway. They were just like, "Oh, and now the calendar app is like,

00:37:09   share the codebase now. Or contact something at that level. Yeah, right, something that

00:37:15   is important but not massively complicated. Okay, sure. Also, non-graded here, but really

00:37:22   they should keep the marzipan name. I gotta give it a name, right? It's like Coco for

00:37:27   example, like it's just fun and it's a technical name that just people in the know are gonna

00:37:31   use and everybody's just calling it marzipan now, just keep the name marzipan. I mean,

00:37:36   I wouldn't mind if they if they gave it a name that was like Coco.

00:37:40   It's still in that style, though.

00:37:42   Yeah, but I do agree with you that they should give it a fun-ish name.

00:37:47   I think that they will keep again non graded.

00:37:51   I think that Marzipan could stick around.

00:37:54   You know, that came out that it was the code name or Gruber said it was like not code name,

00:37:57   but I don't know.

00:37:58   I don't know what that was about.

00:37:59   But no, that was.

00:38:00   Do you remember that was like John Gruber was thinking of like a completely different thing.

00:38:04   Do you remember like there was like there's apparently two different things, right?

00:38:07   Amber, I think it was. Yeah. Amber. Yeah. Amber. This is what people are calling this.

00:38:13   And so I think Apple may just need to fall in line with the community and say well people are just calling it marzipan

00:38:18   So that's what we're calling it. You know, even if that wasn't their plan a year ago

00:38:21   That's clearly what people know it as and I hope it has a name

00:38:25   I really hope it like I would I also would like it to be called marzipan. Apple names everything. Apple

00:38:31   Apple doesn't ship a dongle without giving it a name. Like everything has a name.

00:38:35   It will have a name. No, but I mean like a fun name. Not like,

00:38:39   not like "You like it on the mat!" Right? Not like "Project Framework!" You know, something super

00:38:45   boring. Project Framework. Oh wow. Call it Deep and Open.

00:38:52   Project Deep and Open. You guys are never gonna let it go, are you?

00:38:56   No, no. So anyways, that's my pick. At least one major bundle of macOS app gets replaced

00:39:03   with the Mars main version. My non-graded pick is Messages. I think that's probably

00:39:06   an obvious one. But I like the idea of Calendar or Context, something like that.

00:39:10   Or Reminders even. Come on.

00:39:12   Reminders is a very, very good candidate for this because they're apparently rebuilding

00:39:17   Reminders, right? So it's like, ah, we did... Because this even makes sense for Apple. If

00:39:22   you're gonna remake an app why even bother to make a Mac version now? Like if

00:39:26   your tools are good enough that you're telling people to use them then you

00:39:29   should use them, right?

00:39:31   Yep.

00:39:31   Alright, my second pick. iOS gets expanded font support.

00:39:42   So okay I want to say just quickly before you explain yourself.

00:39:46   Yes.

00:39:47   You could have said this was a risky pick and I would have been okay with that.

00:39:51   Uh-huh. So like I I know you feel sure about this one. Look how gracious I am

00:39:57   Well, just using my risky picks as a regular picks

00:40:01   you don't think it's risky but like I just wanted to say that like this this feels like a

00:40:05   Risky pick to me. I would love it because oh boy do I hate installing those things that you have to install?

00:40:11   Yeah, so my pick and the graded pick is iOS gets expanded font support

00:40:17   I would like to add some non-graded details around it in terms of what I think will happen.

00:40:24   Obviously, installing custom fonts on iOS is a pain right now, and I think Apple wants

00:40:28   to move away from the process of installing fonts through certificates. Like you can get

00:40:34   any font or those other utilities like font font or something like that. And I think Apple

00:40:39   wants to have a native solution, so the obvious strategy here would be to just have an area

00:40:46   in settings where you can install your fonts and either, I don't know, pick them from files or just

00:40:51   drop them into the Settings app, something like that, where you can see and preview maybe.

00:40:55   I wouldn't go as far as saying Apple is going to do FontBook on iOS, but I could see some kind of,

00:41:01   you know, font preview system in settings when you install those fonts. And so that would be the

00:41:09   first approach, make it easier and native to install fonts on iOS.

00:41:17   It does feel like this is one of those sorts of things that would be a consequence of Marzipan.

00:41:23   Right? I think there's going to be a lot of little things like that where it's like, well now

00:41:30   if we're telling you to make this app for both places, there's some stuff that we just have

00:41:35   to support that we don't right now.

00:41:37   Which brings me to the second aspect to this, which is I wouldn't be surprised if with expanded

00:41:44   font support and considering what Apple is doing with Marzipan, there will be an actual

00:41:50   open API for developers to plug into and present a font picker in their apps that loads all

00:41:57   of these installed fonts.

00:42:00   And if Apple is doing the marzipan thing, obviously that iOS font picker should become

00:42:08   a macOS font picker when it's running on macOS.

00:42:11   At least that's what I would do.

00:42:13   If certain dialogues on iOS become the native macOS alerts...

00:42:19   It's called the font picker.

00:42:21   I get what you mean.

00:42:22   Yeah.

00:42:23   There's an iOS font picker and it becomes a macOS font picker.

00:42:26   supposed to be calling for the files, like for the... what is the document picker?

00:42:30   What is it called? The files app thing? I'm sorry, I just read your...

00:42:33   Yeah, it's the files picker, really.

00:42:36   Right, then that's Finder, or like the system version of that right now, right?

00:42:40   Yeah, the open and save dialogue, basically.

00:42:42   Yeah.

00:42:43   Yeah, so that's like the same idea. An iOS component becomes a native Mac component,

00:42:48   and in this case there's already a font picker, a native font picker on macOS.

00:42:53   There should be one on iOS. And I would be super happy to see all of these. There's some

00:43:01   details around the system that I would be curious to see, as I mentioned, like how do you actually

00:43:05   install your fonts? Can you just drop it into files? Do they sync with iCloud between devices?

00:43:13   I don't know. But I would love to see expanded font support, which is my second pick for these

00:43:19   predictions on iOS, of course.

00:43:22   It's this kind of stuff makes me feel like the nerd that I am because I get so excited

00:43:28   to think about just those little ideas of like the way that a font picker would work

00:43:34   on iOS and Mac, right?

00:43:36   Like this is why I'm really excited for this, like the idea of Mazapan, like what it's going

00:43:41   to end up being.

00:43:42   I think it's going to be fascinating.

00:43:45   This feels like a pick for "you know things", but you don't want to say "you know things"?

00:43:51   I don't want to say anything. It's gonna be used against me.

00:43:54   No, it's only used against you if...

00:43:59   I will say this. All that I know and that I've witnessed has not been used in these

00:44:06   predictions because I wanted to play fair. So there were things I could have used. That's

00:44:14   That's what I'm saying. And I didn't use.

00:44:16   You're a very kind, very fair picker.

00:44:21   And the risky one is actually risky, as we'll see in a few minutes. So I kind of went all

00:44:27   out there, and it's basically just... I'm betting it all on the risky pick this time,

00:44:32   as always. So, yeah. There's a good chance I will end up at zero points again.

00:44:38   Or minus again!

00:44:40   So let's let's do let's do a quick break here and come back for the risky picks.

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00:47:18   Ricky's here.

00:47:19   The Ricky picks.

00:47:20   Ricky's here, he's ready to go.

00:47:21   Myke, you are up.

00:47:24   I went through so many.

00:47:27   [laughter]

00:47:29   Basically I picked about three different things that I thought was risky and I didn't think that you guys would agree with me

00:47:36   So then I couldn't think of anything else and I threw caution to the wind and I'm picking something we've spoken about before

00:47:41   It's not really even spoken about anywhere else

00:47:45   Except on this show

00:47:48   But it feels like something that I think makes sense

00:47:53   And that is cursor support for iOS

00:47:56   So enabling you to non-grade it, but for additional info, that you will be able to plug in some

00:48:04   kind of pointer device, either via Bluetooth or via USB-C, and take advantage of something

00:48:09   in iOS to enable you to have a cursor you can move around on the screen.

00:48:13   Of course you know what I think about this.

00:48:16   Yeah, this is a great risky pick.

00:48:19   we heard, we discussed how I heard that it was being tested as an accessibility feature,

00:48:27   support for plugging in a USB mouse or trackpad, but it's very possible that it's also going

00:48:34   to be Bluetooth, and have some kind of new feature under the accessibility settings for

00:48:44   the, what's it called, when you, well anyway, in the...

00:48:48   - Assistive touch.

00:48:49   - Assistive touch, yeah.

00:48:50   I continue to believe, and I've shared this before,

00:48:56   especially in the iPad story from last week

00:48:59   or two weeks ago, I don't even remember,

00:49:01   that there should be actual support

00:49:04   for mice and trackpads in the iPad's future.

00:49:06   It would help, of course, for accessibility,

00:49:08   but it will also help professionally.

00:49:10   It just makes sense when you're working

00:49:15   with an iPad at a desk to also have a pointing device.

00:49:18   I mean, I use my iPad in a stand so I can put it at eye height for ergonomic reasons

00:49:23   and it would be easier for me if I could use a mouse sometimes.

00:49:27   Yeah, so, and especially if the iPad is growing to embrace external displays in better ways,

00:49:36   it just makes sense to have an actual pointing device that would allow you to interact with

00:49:42   an app's window on a secondary display.

00:49:45   So yeah, I think this is a great risky pick and it totally constitutes, you know, it as

00:49:51   an element of risk because it might as well not happen, might as well continue to be something

00:49:55   that Apple keeps testing internally.

00:49:57   I feel like I need to bring a mouse to WWDC so I can personally test this on a better

00:50:03   device.

00:50:04   Oh, that's a good idea.

00:50:06   Someone needs to bring a mouse.

00:50:07   So yeah, that's what I'm going with.

00:50:08   It feels Ricky.

00:50:09   I like it.

00:50:10   I like it as a risky pick.

00:50:11   All right.

00:50:12   I am going a different direction.

00:50:13   I'm gonna talk about the HomePod, something that hasn't come up yet today, or in a long

00:50:19   time.

00:50:20   And I'm gonna say that the HomePod is going to gain multiple user support.

00:50:25   I would like, personally, personally, a little bit more.

00:50:29   Well I can do that as non-graded.

00:50:32   I want the pic to be vague.

00:50:33   I would like a little bit more.

00:50:35   This is why we have iMessage, to work this thing out before the show.

00:50:38   Yeah, but I'm hearing it now, and I'm like, okay, but like, just anything else.

00:50:42   have a little detail. What is multiple user support? Why don't we talk about it and then

00:50:46   we can decide if we're going to add anything else to the pic, right?

00:50:50   If I ask Siri on the HomePod to add something to my calendar and then my wife comes in and

00:50:57   asks the HomePod to add something to her calendar, it should know who we are and add them to

00:51:02   our respective calendars.

00:51:03   Okay, are we saying the HomePod will be able to detect you by voice?

00:51:08   I don't know how else the HomePod could detect you.

00:51:11   how it doesn't have a camera. Right. But you could, but it could just be expanding

00:51:16   personal requests to be two different accounts. Right. So you could just say like, this is

00:51:22   Stevens, this is Mary's and like Mary come in and say, add this to Steven's calendar

00:51:26   and it will just do it right. That's still multiple users, but it's not particularly

00:51:34   nuanced. So you're saying that the home pod will be able to detect different voices and

00:51:39   act accordingly. That's what the pick is? I think so. Alright, but then let's say

00:51:44   it's that, right? Because I think that there is a level before that.

00:51:48   So HomePod gains multiple user support via voice? Could you see what I mean?

00:51:55   Right? Like imagine if you... because personal request is just locked to one

00:51:58   iCloud account, but what if you could have it with multiple iCloud accounts

00:52:02   but it's still not necessarily picking it up? Like if you say, "Hey HomePod, add

00:52:08   lunch to my calendar today and it just does it because it knows that it's

00:52:13   Steven that's one thing rather than being like add something to Steven's

00:52:18   calendar and then it adds it to your calendar and it but it doesn't know that

00:52:21   it's you that said it. I think we're in agreement that the pick is voice detection

00:52:26   which is the feature that it should be if they're gonna do it because otherwise

00:52:29   it's so friggin dumb but I genuinely think that considering where the home

00:52:33   pod is right now with smartish stuff that I could see it making a half step before it

00:52:40   makes the full jump. Because voice detection is still like pretty new for some of Apple's

00:52:47   competitors. So, but I'd be great. Wouldn't it be great? Risky. It's very Ricky, but it's

00:52:54   good. Yeah, touch Ricky. Do you feel good about this Steven? I feel like it is something

00:53:01   they they need to do and I feel like the the Siri support on the HomePod and like that

00:53:12   it being tied to a phone like all that is just really not great and yeah I don't know

00:53:17   if I feel awesome about it but it felt like it's within the realm of possibility and we

00:53:22   hadn't talked about the HomePod yet so here we are okay well do you think do you think

00:53:27   Myke has a question. Do you think that Apple is putting a lot of development effort into

00:53:31   the HomePod?

00:53:32   I guess we'll find out next week.

00:53:34   Because it feels to me like they're not doing that.

00:53:37   Anything HomePod related is very risky at this point.

00:53:41   Oh, I agree with you. It's just like, I think it could have been risky to be like Apple

00:53:49   mentions the HomePod during the WWDC keynote.

00:53:55   You know what would also be fun, Myke? If I was playing a long con and I told you guys

00:54:02   about external pointing devices, knowing that you would pick one.

00:54:06   Woof, could you imagine?

00:54:07   No, I didn't do that, but it would be amazing.

00:54:10   That would be really mean.

00:54:15   I swear, I actually heard that, so... But it gives me an idea for... Sometime in the

00:54:20   future we'll see.

00:54:21   Alright, okay, so, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna say it. I'm gonna use it. Okay, so.

00:54:32   Attention listeners.

00:54:40   My risky pick is the following.

00:54:43   The Fed or Ricky pick?

00:54:45   It's very Ricky.

00:54:48   (laughing)

00:54:50   - This one is pink Ricky.

00:54:52   - It's Ricky to the max.

00:54:53   - I believe that Apple will bring back

00:54:57   some kind of app list slash launcher UI element

00:55:02   that looks like a sidebar on iPad.

00:55:08   - Oh God, this, you are killing yourself with detail.

00:55:12   - I try to keep it as generic as possible.

00:55:14   It'll buy app list slash launcher.

00:55:17   I think if it looks like a grid, what I mean is a sidebar-like element.

00:55:24   But what is sidebar like? Sidebar-like means sidebar, right? Like, what is "like"?

00:55:29   I need to maybe clarify the terminology here.

00:55:31   I think we need to talk about this so we can really nail down what we're saying.

00:55:34   So let's talk about it. Okay.

00:55:36   I believe that there's a subset of iPad users that miss the ability to add any app to multitasking,

00:55:50   so whether it's SlideOver or SplitView, that does not necessitate going back to the home

00:55:55   screen or using search.

00:55:58   As someone who is very used to these things, I still miss it.

00:56:01   I still miss the ability to be able to call up more applications than the ones that are

00:56:06   just in my dock easily.

00:56:07   - More, exactly, exactly.

00:56:09   So to call up more apps besides those

00:56:12   that you have in the dock.

00:56:14   We've seen users, and I do it myself,

00:56:16   put folders full of app icons in their docks

00:56:20   just so that they have more apps in there.

00:56:22   And I think it's not an ideal solution.

00:56:24   And I think there is a way to add other apps to a space.

00:56:29   So if you're in a split view,

00:56:32   you can go back to the home screen, grab an icon,

00:56:35   then go back to the space and drop an icon there, which is not ideal because it's...

00:56:40   Federico, do you remember a long time ago, when we were talking about the potential refresh

00:56:45   to the iPad home screen, I made the prediction, or like just had the thought of Apple putting

00:56:52   Mac OS's launchpad into the dock, and that's how you access apps.

00:56:57   Yeah.

00:56:58   Right, so it's almost more Android-like, really, right?

00:57:03   And also, I think it doesn't make much sense that there is a good way to do this, which

00:57:09   is actually invoking search and grabbing an icon from search results, but it's only possible

00:57:15   if you have an external keyboard.

00:57:17   There's no way to invoke command search if you're using the iPad's software keyboard.

00:57:23   So I think there should be...

00:57:25   There's an argument to be made for...

00:57:28   There needs to be a launcher, whether it's a list of apps or a grid of all your apps,

00:57:35   but a way to have more app icons available via touch so that you can add them to multitasking.

00:57:46   Now this could exist in a bunch of different places.

00:57:50   Maybe it could be enabled from the dock.

00:57:53   Maybe it could be enabled from the multitasking app switcher.

00:57:56   the home screen plays into this. I just think there will be a new launcher.

00:58:04   I think we should remove sidebar-like from your prediction.

00:58:08   Okay, feels like it makes it less, way less risky though.

00:58:11   Because sidebar makes it seem like it needs to come in from the side, and like, I think

00:58:16   that's gonna really make things more difficult for you. And the idea of some kind of app

00:58:20   list or launcher, we know what that means, right? And it will be very clear.

00:58:24   I think we can identify that if we see the feature.

00:58:28   Yeah, as like, oh, this is a different way to get to applications

00:58:31   than the ways that we've had previously.

00:58:34   Like, for example, they add a new way in iOS 13

00:58:38   to bring up applications that was not in iOS 12.

00:58:41   I don't know if Steven is OK with this.

00:58:43   Maybe we can non-grade the fact that I think it'll have

00:58:47   it'll be on the side.

00:58:50   I just feel like it would make sense

00:58:53   to have it be an element that comes up when you swipe from one of the edges of the screen.

00:59:00   And, you know, I'm not saying that Apple will go back to the iOS 9 design, but I do think

00:59:08   that the underlying idea is something that users are missing.

00:59:12   This isn't going back, this is continuing to go forward, right?

00:59:16   Yeah.

00:59:17   Like, this is adding on to what was brought in with iOS 11.

00:59:20   Yeah, it was basically sort of what I imagined with my iOS 11 concept from a couple of years ago.

00:59:27   Shelf!

00:59:28   Not the shelf, but the...

00:59:30   I know, I know. I remember it was like a mini home screen that came in from the site.

00:59:33   It was like a mini home screen with an integrated search.

00:59:36   And I think that there could be a place for this UI element, this new feature,

00:59:44   feature, this new way to add apps to multitasking on iPad to extend what is

00:59:50   already possible. So this would be my risky pick. Some new kind of app

00:59:58   launcher could be a list, could be a grid that allows you to open apps and enable

01:00:05   multitasking in a different way from what is possible in iOS 12.

01:00:09   Do you agree, Steven? Is this risky?

01:00:13   Yeah, that works for me.

01:00:16   Perfect. So if Apple does not do this, I am going to be destroyed again.

01:00:23   I think we're all sitting in a pretty precarious position with our Ricky picks.

01:00:29   I don't think anyone is taking one of these home.

01:00:35   Like, any of these could work or not, I think.

01:00:40   I don't feel confident about anybody's risky picks, which I think is how we should always

01:00:44   feel about the risky picks.

01:00:46   Do we have a contingency for every single one of us losers?

01:00:49   We all get zero points?

01:00:51   I think the show's over.

01:00:53   No, I'm just kidding.

01:00:56   That's never happened.

01:00:57   I think we would just deal with that.

01:00:59   There is the question of tie-breaking.

01:01:01   I believe that we will go to our old standby, the coin flip.

01:01:06   The coin flip?

01:01:08   Live on stage?

01:01:09   Yep.

01:01:10   So we could use Siri or we can use a Relay FM Challenge coin.

01:01:14   I have one right here.

01:01:15   If you make that flip and you don't catch it, that thing will destroy a table.

01:01:19   It's really heavy.

01:01:20   I will make sure that I have one in my bag.

01:01:22   Perfect.

01:01:23   We need a very strong person.

01:01:24   We need Marco to flip it.

01:01:26   Only he has the muscular strength now.

01:01:28   Well, he'll be busy in the sound booth.

01:01:30   He's recording the show.

01:01:31   Well, he can throw it from there and see where it lands.

01:01:34   No, Federico, you own one of those things.

01:01:38   That will do some serious harm.

01:01:39   I don't think we have the insurance for that.

01:01:40   Yeah, that's why it's fun.

01:01:41   Maybe you should get insurance for that.

01:01:44   We have insurance.

01:01:45   I don't think we have challenge coin protection.

01:01:46   Well, you should ask.

01:01:48   No.

01:01:49   That's extra policy.

01:01:50   Okay, now that the pressure's off, it's now time for the most fun segment of the predictions.

01:01:57   The non-graded ones.

01:01:58   the miscellaneous stuff and the extra picks that we would like to mention for bragging

01:02:02   rights. And I would like to propose the following system. Whoever wins the bragging rights non-graded

01:02:12   picks section gets to offer drinks to our small group of friends. Well no, who loses?

01:02:18   Sorry, loses. Whoever loses. Ah, so whoever loses non-graded, they have to buy a round

01:02:24   of drinks? Yes. Yeah, okay. I mean, that's perfectly fine. There's no proof for this,

01:02:28   but we can do that. So I'm going to say that we have two, we have two rounds of non-graded

01:02:35   each. I'm going to say that Apple will do some new stuff with Animoji to make it a little

01:02:39   bit more like Bitmoji, which is effectively, you know, that you will have a set of stickers

01:02:45   that are in your Memoji face or your Animoji, I mean, more Memoji than Animoji, but Animoji

01:02:51   could slide in there too.

01:02:54   So instead of you having to make a surprised face into the Face ID camera, iOS just does

01:02:59   it for you and you can take one of those stickers and messages and apply it into a conversation.

01:03:05   I know I would use my Memoji more if I didn't have to make faces every time I wanted to

01:03:09   send one to my friends.

01:03:11   It's awkward to do in public, right?

01:03:14   I think that the excitement of the demo of it following your face has worn away now.

01:03:21   Like it's not as, it's not needed as much now as like a selling thing.

01:03:26   Now it's just like, well, you have to have one of these devices to be able to make the

01:03:30   Memoji and then you just get the stickers and you can also record video and make your

01:03:34   own facial expressions if you want to, but we're going to give you a set of like 25 different

01:03:38   facial expressions.

01:03:39   All right, my first non-graded pick is that mail.app will get modern features like snoozing.

01:03:46   It's gotta happen, I feel like.

01:03:49   Every year, I feel like this...

01:03:51   Both of mine, the non-graded picks, are like, "I could just use these every year until they

01:03:54   come true."

01:03:55   Yeah, this makes a lot of sense also.

01:03:58   All right, I was gonna say there will be changes to the drawing and sketching interface used

01:04:04   for markup and notes, which duh...

01:04:07   - You got that one in the bag.

01:04:10   - I got this one.

01:04:12   I'm gonna add just for funsies,

01:04:15   maybe it'll even be an API.

01:04:17   So I think Apple should--

01:04:19   - Now I would like that a lot.

01:04:20   - Apple should open up the drawing and sketching API

01:04:23   that they're using for markup and notes

01:04:25   and make it available to all developers

01:04:27   so that developers do not have to write

01:04:29   the whole thing from scratch,

01:04:31   especially because drawing and sketching notes is awesome.

01:04:35   It supports 120 hertz refresh rates.

01:04:38   It looks great.

01:04:40   I mean, the ink quality is terrific.

01:04:42   It works amazingly well with the Apple Pencil.

01:04:44   This should be an API so that developers

01:04:47   don't have to make their own and waste time doing so.

01:04:50   Should be an API.

01:04:51   - I'm gonna go with external storage support on iOS.

01:04:55   Just so the next time they release an iPad,

01:04:56   people won't talk about it.

01:04:57   - iOS or just the iPad Pro 2018?

01:05:01   - I'm going, I'm just gonna go broad and say iOS.

01:05:04   Okay. It's probably just gonna be on the USB-C iPad Pros, but I'm just gonna say iOS because

01:05:10   it counts. Perfect. Because I, you know, I also imagine if you had like a non-USB-C iPad

01:05:16   Pro and you use the camera connection kit, it will probably work. But like, I don't know

01:05:20   that's gonna be the case. That's not included in my non-graded pick, which I feel like we're

01:05:24   now having to be a lot more careful with non-graded picks now that there's actual money at stake.

01:05:28   Yeah, now that they're actually graded. Well, no, the stakes are higher, really, because

01:05:34   got money at stake here. We don't usually have money with the other rounds. It's just

01:05:37   trophies. And remember, we want Steven to lose for two reasons. One is my enemy and

01:05:42   two he doesn't drink. So it's even more fun. Ah, interesting. Okay. Well, you can still

01:05:47   buy things at a bar. You could get the most expensive non-alcoholic cocktail that exists.

01:05:54   The most expensive Coke that you can find. Yeah. Maybe you could buy the Warren Buffett

01:05:59   Coke if you can find one.

01:06:01   I would like it imported from China.

01:06:03   Wait, no, it's Korea.

01:06:06   Where was it?

01:06:07   Was it China?

01:06:08   It was China.

01:06:09   It was China.

01:06:10   Somebody knows.

01:06:11   My not-greated pick is iCloud family photo sharing.

01:06:17   The wimpy little shared photo streams is not enough.

01:06:19   I want to be able to share my iCloud photo library with my spouse, have them pull things

01:06:24   from it.

01:06:25   Google Photos does this.

01:06:27   This is, multiple people can share the same library.

01:06:31   You're gonna lose.

01:06:33   Or I can grant access for other people to access my library.

01:06:36   We know what this means, right?

01:06:38   It's family support for iCloud photo library.

01:06:40   This is not happening.

01:06:42   This is not happening.

01:06:43   They make every couple years improvements to iCloud photos and maybe this is the time.

01:06:49   It's probably not.

01:06:50   That's why it's not graded, but it's something I want to see.

01:06:54   My last non-graded pick would be improved support for zip archives.

01:07:01   Actually for compressed archives, not just .zip files.

01:07:06   In the files app and in the files framework, so the document browser, the file speaker,

01:07:11   whatever.

01:07:12   It's just ridiculous at this point that you can only, on iOS, on iOS 12, you can only

01:07:16   preview the contents of a zip archive if you open QuickLook.

01:07:21   You can look into each individual file into the archive.

01:07:26   You cannot just extract an archive like you can on Mac OS.

01:07:30   And I think the iPad is turning 10 next year, and it's just absurd at this point.

01:07:37   So there should be proper support for extracting archives.

01:07:42   Zip, .rar, whatever it is, should work.

01:07:45   And also creating archives.

01:07:47   be able to pick a bunch of files and say compress and make an archive from files or from files

01:07:53   enabled apps. And that's it.

01:07:58   It would be nice, because the file support is kind of weird, right? Where it's like you

01:08:04   can open it, but you can't extract it. I find that so strange. Like you can preview everything,

01:08:12   You can save everything individually, but you can't extract all the files at once.

01:08:18   So strange.

01:08:19   Cool.

01:08:20   I like it.

01:08:21   I think we have done well this year.

01:08:25   We'll see.

01:08:26   We'll see how well soon.

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01:11:05   So we wanted to wrap up our pre-WBC episode,

01:11:09   talking a little bit about the event itself

01:11:12   and the conference itself,

01:11:13   and kind of wanted to check in

01:11:15   on how everybody is feeling about it.

01:11:18   How does it compare to previous years?

01:11:20   So Myke, where are you with WBC this year?

01:11:22   How are you feeling going into it?

01:11:24   The closer we have gotten, the more conversations I've had.

01:11:27   So having these conversations with you and doing the draft with Jason

01:11:31   on upgrade this week, I am becoming increasingly more excited

01:11:35   for what feels like it's going to be a pretty big year.

01:11:38   Like last year was interesting.

01:11:43   It wasn't like iOS 10, right?

01:11:47   Which was just aside from Swift was that year, right?

01:11:52   I think was the...

01:11:53   No, it was WIFT for iOS 8.

01:11:55   Whoa, really?

01:11:56   Yeah, 2014.

01:11:57   Blurgh, my brain didn't like that thought.

01:12:00   But 10 was the messages year, and the stickers and stuff, and it wasn't a massively exciting

01:12:06   year, especially when, again, from iOS 9 to iOS 10 we thought there was going to be more

01:12:12   interesting iPad stuff, and that was the year where the iPad was just not in the keynote.

01:12:16   They mentioned nothing.

01:12:20   So anyway, I think that this year is going to be exciting because we have stuff that

01:12:25   we know has been being worked on for multiple years, right?

01:12:29   Like the iPad improvements, right?

01:12:31   It seemed like all of the rumors were pointing towards them existing last year, but then

01:12:35   they had to have a pretty big kind of like change in the way that Apple developed things

01:12:41   because of performance and security and all that kind of stuff.

01:12:45   So if you add that in with Marzipan, which is something that we know is coming this year

01:12:49   anyway, I feel like this is going to be a really big one and I'm very excited about

01:12:55   it because I like it when there is enough that happens which you can spend weeks thinking

01:13:04   about all these little edge cases of like, well what would happen if this happens or

01:13:08   what would happen if that happens and last year was interesting for Siri shortcuts but

01:13:12   like those conversations of what would happen if X kind of ended by the end of the WWDC week

01:13:20   when people started to understand the limitations for what series shortcuts would be, right? Like I

01:13:26   remember the first couple of days it felt like the sky was the limit and you would be able to do

01:13:30   absolutely anything. Then we learned a little bit about more about what it was and it's still

01:13:34   exciting but wasn't like this is going to change everything for everyone. But I feel like

01:13:42   Mazapan especially, the ramifications of that are going to be felt for many years one way or another.

01:13:49   And I'm really excited about this year. You know, like for all we know,

01:13:54   Federighi tells us that the arm transition is beginning. Right, we haven't spoken about that

01:13:59   on this episode today. And it was mainly because I think nobody picked it because it was in the 2019

01:14:06   yearly picks. But they may stand on stage in the same way that they told us about Mazapan

01:14:11   in like two years or like a year before anyone would get to touch it at least,

01:14:15   they may say "oh and we're doing this because we're starting to transition over to ARM chips"

01:14:20   right like that might happen and or like we haven't even spoken about the possibility of

01:14:26   stuff like Xcode for iPad which could come out of nowhere right and I know that C. Troughton Smith

01:14:31   spoke about this in a really cool article that he wrote for Mac stories a couple of days ago like

01:14:36   that could come out of nowhere like Swift did. Right? Like it could just be a world

01:14:41   with a small team of people that were working on it and now here it is. I think that there is,

01:14:45   whilst there is possibility for big surprises like that, just even if they deliver on what we

01:14:50   think they're going to be delivering on, this is a huge WWDC and I'm really excited for it.

01:14:55   Jon Sorrentino It does feel like it's going to be monumental and not just for the Mac or not just

01:15:02   the the iPad it feels like all over the place there's going to be change and it

01:15:06   does make me kind of think too it could be a quieter year for something like the

01:15:09   Apple Watch but I think that there's so much going on here in the story of

01:15:14   bringing iPad apps to the Mac that that's so important to both of those

01:15:18   platforms that's going to uh to really dominate things and it's I think it's

01:15:22   gonna be the iPhones quiet yeah yeah it could it could be I mean it's gonna get

01:15:26   dark mode and you know whatever else comes in iOS but that's I don't I don't

01:15:30   I don't expect anything too wild on that.

01:15:31   - Yeah, I mean dark mode and new updates to Siri shortcuts,

01:15:35   maybe new version of the shortcuts app.

01:15:37   But I wouldn't--

01:15:39   - But this is why I included like, arcade, right?

01:15:42   Like I think they'll show it in the keynote

01:15:43   because it's a feature that will be coming with iOS 13

01:15:47   but isn't necessarily that much for the iPhone itself

01:15:52   but they'll need something, they'll need some stuff.

01:15:54   - Yeah, there's a whole collection of things

01:15:59   we didn't discuss or mention, like the windowing support on iPad or the improvements to the

01:16:05   Files app, which will also be available on the iPhone. That was also something that Gurman

01:16:10   reported last year. We still haven't seen whatever's going to happen to the iPad's home

01:16:16   screen. The leaks that we got today from 9to5Mac showed an iPhone home screen, and that looked

01:16:22   the same as iOS 12, so that's still also something that in theory should be coming. I think it

01:16:29   It'll be, I don't want to say that it'll be as huge for the iPad as iOS 11 was.

01:16:36   I feel like they're going to build on top of that foundation instead of saying...

01:16:40   I feel like that it's in a different way.

01:16:42   It's going to be big in a different way.

01:16:43   They're not going to say we're throwing everything away and we're redoing it all.

01:16:47   They will keep the dock, they will keep the app switcher, but I feel like they will add

01:16:52   more to that.

01:16:54   I just mean that like the ability to run iPad apps for the Mac might be a huge shot in the arm for the iPad.

01:17:02   Yeah. Yeah, that's true.

01:17:04   Right. And like so even though Apple would be themselves adding less user features,

01:17:11   it might end up being that the next year from this WWDC to the next one becomes one of the biggest

01:17:18   jumps for iPad users as there are a lot more cool applications available potentially.

01:17:24   Yep, I think you're absolutely right there. I think they both have benefits potentially.

01:17:29   There's a prediction that we forgot to do. Any guesses on who's gonna play the Bash?

01:17:36   I have a few wild theories.

01:17:40   Okay, I have none, so why don't you just give me a list?

01:17:44   Yeah, I don't care.

01:17:45   Oh well, sorry grandpa. You know, the kids these days and their music.

01:17:51   I will say, of Monsters and Men, they have a lovely indie rock band, they have a new

01:17:58   album coming out this summer. My wild guesses would be Blink-182, or Liam Gallagher, also

01:18:08   has a new album coming out, he's been touring in the States.

01:18:11   The key is always new album coming out.

01:18:13   Yeah, so all of these bands, they have new albums coming out. Also, and we could go down

01:18:20   the route of bands who have played before.

01:18:24   Witch Apple has never done, I don't think there's ever been a band that has played at

01:18:28   WWDC twice, but I will still mention Vampire Weekend, they have a new album out already.

01:18:35   An incredible new album, by the way.

01:18:38   Father of the Bride is amazing, I love it, I listen to it every single day.

01:18:41   Jimmy Eat World, they have a new album coming out, and I think they played before at WWDC,

01:18:48   or maybe I'm mistaken, I don't know.

01:18:50   Still, the important thing to consider for the Bash band, I feel like it has to be something

01:18:57   a little more, a little fun, an upbeat, you know? Not something like Death Cab for Cutie

01:19:02   or Jimmy E. Ward necessarily. So Blink-182 would be incredible, especially with the new

01:19:09   lineup featuring Matskiba.

01:19:12   Are they potentially a little bit too risky?

01:19:14   They are potentially a little too non-politically correct. That's my only issue there.

01:19:21   Yeah, that might be tricky.

01:19:23   Of Monsters and Men, which by the way you should go listen to the first two albums,

01:19:26   would be an extremely Apple pick in terms of music, in terms of themes, in terms of

01:19:33   style, so that could be Liam Gallagher also a little too risky.

01:19:39   imagine Liam Gallagher. They tend to go for a happier band in general and if there is

01:19:46   one thing Liam Gallagher is not, he's a generally happy person. Remember that tea thing? The

01:19:54   cup of tea? We had to make some cup of tea. Oh my god. Yes. I'll find that. I'll put it

01:20:00   in the show notes. Such a good video. But yeah, so we'll see. I'm very curious to see.

01:20:07   Unfortunately Billie Eilish, of course Apple has been promoting Billie Eilish like crazy

01:20:13   on Apple Music.

01:20:14   She's touring somewhere else.

01:20:17   And so I was looking into this stuff a while back, but Billie Eilish not available.

01:20:24   There was also somebody else.

01:20:27   Shawn Mendes also not available.

01:20:29   Lady Gaga just played at the Apple Campus, so I don't think she's also gonna play WWDC.

01:20:35   Yeah.

01:20:36   Sharon has a new album coming out but that seems unlikely. But they got Gaga!

01:20:40   They got Gaga though! Could be a cheer- I mean-

01:20:44   Funnily enough, funnily enough, if you pay people enough money they will play your concert.

01:20:48   They will do that!

01:20:50   Steven, do you know any of these names?

01:20:53   A few.

01:20:54   A few.

01:20:55   Okay, that's good.

01:20:56   Do you want to make any predictions? Just name a band, anyone.

01:20:59   I don't have any strong feelings in this area.

01:21:00   Just name a band? I just want you to name a band.

01:21:02   Just anyone.

01:21:05   Okay, that's about it. Okay. I just saw them. They put on a

01:21:10   good show. Do we feel like there's any hardware coming? We

01:21:13   didn't talk about this. As in my 2019 predictions, I firmly

01:21:18   believe we will see the Mac Pro and probably also the pro

01:21:23   display shown off not for sale, I don't think but hey, it's

01:21:27   coming the end of the year. I said in the last episode that I

01:21:30   I didn't think the existence of the new MacBook Pros

01:21:34   made any difference about the rumored 16 inch.

01:21:37   And the more I've thought about that,

01:21:38   the more I think that I've changed my mind.

01:21:40   I don't think that's coming.

01:21:41   I don't think they would Sherlock their new,

01:21:45   fancy eight core MacBook Pro

01:21:46   with something that apparently is better.

01:21:50   I also think that machine had--

01:21:51   - Right, but if it's more expensive, does it matter?

01:21:53   - Maybe not, but I also, this is a topic for a different time.

01:21:57   Everyone has put all of their wishes

01:21:58   on this new MacBook Pro, like inverted T key,

01:22:02   the escape key, like I just don't know

01:22:04   if Apple's gonna give us all what we want.

01:22:07   - Are expectations not higher for the Mac Pro?

01:22:10   - I think they are, but the MacBook Pro

01:22:13   is a more important computer because they sell.

01:22:16   - It's what their developers actually use.

01:22:19   - Right, right, so no doubt some developers

01:22:21   are gonna buy Mac Pro, some podcast network co-founders

01:22:25   are probably gonna buy a Mac Pro,

01:22:26   but the MacBook Pro is the main machine.

01:22:28   I mean, I expect that most people that buy a Mac Pro probably also buy a MacBook Pro

01:22:32   as well.

01:22:33   Mhmm.

01:22:34   Right?

01:22:35   I can't imagine that there are that many people that would only use the Mac Pro.

01:22:39   I feel like people would also use the MacBook Pro in another environment.

01:22:42   I'm not confident about the display.

01:22:44   See, I heard you on upgrade about that, and they are two sides of the same coin, and I

01:22:53   I think that if they show off the Mac Pro, you have a slide with the display, you ramble

01:22:58   off the specs, and you move on.

01:23:01   And you say, "Hey, this is all coming later this year."

01:23:02   It's all you have to do.

01:23:03   You don't have to show it working, you don't have to get into the details.

01:23:07   The way they did the...

01:23:08   I actually just...

01:23:09   A while ago, I'll find it for the show notes, I did a thing on the 2013 Mac Pro for 512

01:23:15   pixels.

01:23:16   It's like, you know, this machine is something we talk a lot about, but like, what actually

01:23:22   Like what how do they actually announce it? So that'll be in the show notes for you. But the

01:23:27   The thing is they teased it at WWDC and then they had an event in the fall where they went into

01:23:33   details and they can do that again. The iMac Pro followed a very a very similar type release like

01:23:44   cycle. It's like they can just talk about it. So here's some specs and you know you're going to

01:23:48   learn more and it'll be for sale later this year. So I think that's fine. I think the display comes

01:23:52   with the Mac Pro. Because if they don't, if they don't do it, so in these things, you always think

01:23:58   about, well, what is the alternative? If they show off a Mac Pro, and they don't say mom about the

01:24:03   display, then that's like part of the conversation for the rest of the year. It's like, well, they

01:24:08   said they're coming in with a display. They didn't show it. So it must not be happening. They must

01:24:12   have backtracked on that. And Apple doesn't want to do that. Even if the thing doesn't work yet,

01:24:16   you can show a render of it and be like this is what it's going to be and fill in the details

01:24:21   later. So I think they have to show them at the same time. But I think that could I think that's

01:24:24   the only hardware we see. You know, this is not a time for new iPads. Obviously, phones don't come

01:24:29   out to be a BDC. The only the only hardware is Mac hardware, but it's just it's not what Yeah,

01:24:34   and it's only the Mac Pro unless my new arm MacBook shows up. But I think the Mac Pro

01:24:38   and the display Do you think that they could bump the iMac Pro any? I don't keep up with the Xeon

01:24:45   chipset like every like some people do but I so I'm not sure if they're new Xeon

01:24:51   W parts that could go into an iMac Pro but there are updated AMD GPUs so they

01:24:58   could do a GPU or you know or clock speed change I think it's probably time

01:25:04   it's been out for a year and a half that goes into a larger story I think of what

01:25:10   ground is left for the iMac Pro once the Mac Pro arrives and that's a really interesting

01:25:19   conversation for another time.

01:25:21   And then there is of course the possibility of an ARM based 12 inch MacBook.

01:25:24   Of course.

01:25:25   Of course.

01:25:26   I think that's on the table from here on out until it happens.

01:25:32   I reckon its first introduction is like developer hardware.

01:25:37   like they did with the Intel Transition Development Kit thing that I wrote about on Mac Stories.

01:25:43   So yeah, we'll see.

01:25:44   I think the Mac Pro, it feels like a lot to me.

01:25:46   The other stuff in our Mac, maybe, maybe not.

01:25:50   So I think that does it.

01:25:51   Next time we are together, we will be together on stage.

01:25:56   We're going to be grading our picks, talking about the news.

01:26:01   It's my favorite work week of the year.

01:26:04   It's so much fun.

01:26:05   There'll be surprises galore.

01:26:07   There's gonna be Federico's surprise, which is very concerning.

01:26:10   There are gonna be some awards that y'all are really gonna treasure the rest of your

01:26:13   lives.

01:26:14   Very concerning.

01:26:16   No one is more concerned than I am about our live show, because I feel like everything

01:26:20   is "I'm in the dark about everything."

01:26:22   And you will be kept in the dark as the surprise occurs.

01:26:27   Are you blindfolding us?

01:26:29   There's no need to.

01:26:30   I don't consent to that.

01:26:31   I will just take your phones away.

01:26:34   Oh, so, okay.

01:26:36   It's phone related.

01:26:37   It's it's okay.

01:26:39   Internet related.

01:26:40   Until then, if you want to find links for the show notes today, stuff we talked about,

01:26:45   you know, we linked to it so you can go read more or you can listen to the MacBook escape

01:26:49   name being born in real time.

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01:27:24   And Federico, we didn't get to talk about this.

01:27:26   I'm sorry.

01:27:27   I meant to bring it up.

01:27:28   But will you tell us about the new podcast launching at Max Stories real quick?

01:27:32   Yeah, it's called "Dialogue" and it lives at dialoguepodcast.net.

01:27:38   It's a spin-off of App Stories.

01:27:40   So we've basically taken the interviews that we were doing at App Stories before and expanded

01:27:45   on them.

01:27:46   So this is a seasonal show, 12 episodes per season, each featuring five guests, basically

01:27:54   organized in two-part conversations.

01:27:58   And each season will have a different topic.

01:28:01   And the first season is all about writers and writing. Today, episode one is out, and

01:28:07   it's just me and Jon Voorhis. We introduced the season, and we talk about our approach

01:28:13   to writing, the business of writing online, a bunch of different topics related to writing,

01:28:19   and we have a lineup of guests coming up next week. There will be the first part of our

01:28:25   interview with John Gruber of Daring Fireball. It'll be a two-part conversation about Daring

01:28:31   Fireball, how he got started running online and all of that. It will come out the same

01:28:35   day of the talk show live, actually, I think. And then we're gonna talk to songwriter and

01:28:41   musician Frank Turner. We...

01:28:45   Just like, poof, just sliding that in there.

01:28:48   We have... We're gonna talk to screenwriters, to novelists, it's gonna be fun. So yeah,

01:28:54   each season, one topic, one theme, and then there's going to be a break between seasons,

01:28:59   and then we're going to do another one. So it's kind of like a TV show. We're using the

01:29:03   seasonal format of Apple Podcasts, but of course it also works everywhere else. So if

01:29:08   you like top stories, we basically took the interviews and made a whole show around them.

01:29:13   That's the idea.

01:29:14   I'm very excited. I have the first episode queued up and I can't wait to get in. You

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01:29:32   Adios.

01:29:33   Adios.