243: I Win Money Because It's Green


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 243.

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00:00:17   My name is Stephen Hackett

00:00:19   and I am joined by Mr. Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   - Oh, what a great week it is.

00:00:23   It's one of the good ones.

00:00:24   (laughing)

00:00:25   - Who is going to be first at WWDC?

00:00:27   That's three episodes away?

00:00:29   That's 246, so that'll be Federico.

00:00:33   Oh, no, that's good. That's good.

00:00:36   Oh, so you're last.

00:00:37   Because I want to come out last. Get the big cheer.

00:00:40   We're going to walk out together.

00:00:43   I was going to say, I'll probably just introduce you at the same time.

00:00:45   You'll still have to say my name second, though.

00:00:47   Everyone will then cheer and it will sound like it's all for me.

00:00:50   Or I use your celebrity couple name.

00:00:53   Which is?

00:00:54   I don't know, what would y'all's name be?

00:00:57   I don't know.

00:00:58   I like that actually. With a Y? All Y's. All Y's. Oh that's really good. Oh my god.

00:01:05   M Y T Y C C Y. That's awful. That reads like My Teachy. I like that even more though.

00:01:16   It's good. Oh well. And we also have of course Mr. Federico Vatici. Yes hi. Terrible week.

00:01:22   The predominant half of the celebrity couple. Wait. If you like to think so. Why is that?

00:01:28   is that? There's more of his name in it than your name. But I've put wise all over the

00:01:32   place though. Yes, more wise. Yeah. But when we changed it to wise, I think I took over

00:01:38   M Y T Y C C Y. Y'all I think I have a yeah, there's more there's more of Myke's letters

00:01:43   in there. Sorry for that. So this is what we do now on this is what I'm like as a person

00:01:49   like you at first it's just like a little bit and then I like infect you you know like

00:01:53   you described a virus is what you've described. That's what I'm like because as as a friend

00:01:57   I am basically a virus. It's good that you think this of yourself. It's reassuring. Look,

00:02:02   I am a firm believer in knowing yourself. Sure. Then you can get along in life. I know

00:02:08   myself. I know who I am. Sure. This is what you get when you do meditation with Headspace.

00:02:15   They tell you that you're like a virus. Yes. I'm pleased that it worked on you. I don't

00:02:21   like Headspace. I have no problem with Headspace. My problem is with the Headspace guy, but

00:02:26   But it's all been cleared up for me since we got AirPods. I've complained in the past,

00:02:30   right, about the Headspace guy. That, like, Adina would listen to the same things all

00:02:34   the time. The monk?

00:02:35   Oh, I don't know. He's like a British guy. He's a retired monk or something.

00:02:41   Okay. But he's always talking about chairs or whatever. It annoys me. But two things

00:02:48   happened. Follow up. Follow up. Hold on. This is more important.

00:02:53   got a subscription so she stopped listening to the same like small clips all the time and then she

00:02:58   started wearing her airpods in bed so now i don't have to hear it at all she's a she's a headspace

00:03:03   pro now she is she is well until she takes her airpods out and leaves them on the kitchen counter

00:03:09   naked and alone yeah i'm gonna talk to her about that when i see her this summer yeah we're gonna

00:03:14   have to know that i shame her on this show but she doesn't care because she doesn't listen oh man i

00:03:20   I tell her, I was like, I spoke about it again,

00:03:22   but she just doesn't care.

00:03:24   I feel like our next connected shirt

00:03:26   should just be like a table with AirPods on it.

00:03:29   Oh, that's good.

00:03:30   And no show branding just says, don't do this.

00:03:35   That's good.

00:03:36   Or like a t-shirt with a pocket on it

00:03:37   and the two AirPods are just poking out at the top.

00:03:39   Oh, that's good too.

00:03:41   Who does that?

00:03:43   Hey, uh.

00:03:43   Not an adena.

00:03:44   Hey, hey, cylinder call Cotton Bureau.

00:03:48   (laughing)

00:03:50   Call, like you speak to them on the phone.

00:03:54   Yeah, we have like the Batman red phone kind of situation.

00:03:57   Yeah.

00:03:58   We have special access that you don't have.

00:04:02   Yeah, the T-shirt signal, yeah.

00:04:04   The T-shirt signal.

00:04:05   Okay, let's save ourselves and talk about iTunes.

00:04:10   Oh my God, no, moving on.

00:04:12   Okay, moving on.

00:04:14   Today's show is brought to you by,

00:04:15   (laughing)

00:04:16   We can do follow up.

00:04:18   Just gonna skip over iTunes.

00:04:19   Just get it over quickly, come on.

00:04:21   According to 9to5Mac, the new standalone music Apple Mac OS will be AppKit, not...

00:04:25   I thought we talked about this.

00:04:28   Did we talk about this?

00:04:29   Well, it's yes and no.

00:04:31   So basically at first, with the first round of leaks, 9to5Mac reported that iTunes would

00:04:39   become music, right?

00:04:40   Which was gonna be Marzipan.

00:04:43   And then Mark Gurman said it's going to be a standard Mac program, whatever that means.

00:04:50   And now 9to5 have put out a secondary report saying that they have since clarified what

00:04:55   they know.

00:04:56   Sure.

00:04:57   Everybody's clarifying something.

00:04:59   Well now I'm clarifying for them.

00:05:01   And now it's going to be a standalone music app, but it's based off of iTunes because

00:05:07   a lot of people are saying that it basically is iTunes, but they're saying that it's like

00:05:12   a new application with some of what iTunes has.

00:05:15   You know, we're just trying to like close the loop here.

00:05:19   I really like this error we're in of dueling Mac rumors

00:05:25   when it was just German at nine to five.

00:05:28   And his reporting was outstanding.

00:05:30   But now you have like German versus nine to five.

00:05:33   And it's very exciting to to see them kind of like

00:05:36   either agree or more interestingly disagree with each other. So.

00:05:40   Mm-hmm. I think it's... I think it makes sense not to make iTunes like the music app for the iPad in the sense that the people who use iTunes, they are accustomed to certain features, you know, advanced features that you don't have on iOS.

00:05:59   So I think to sort of ease the transition because some iTunes features are going to be new Marzipan apps, but the music stuff...

00:06:07   I feel like the people who manage their music libraries really care about these advanced options.

00:06:13   I think it's a shame, because my hope was that they were going to have to make the music app a Mazapan app

00:06:20   and make it really friggin' good.

00:06:23   That was what I was getting at.

00:06:25   That this makes sense, but I'm disappointed because it likely means that we will not get all these features,

00:06:33   you know, smart playlists and just being able to import MP3 files with drag and drop on the iPad.

00:06:39   Because the idea was if you're gonna have to do this on the Mac, well at this point why not also

00:06:44   do the work on the iPad? But if they're gonna keep it a standard Mac program, which is an excellent

00:06:50   definition, I guess... It's my favorite phrase now. The Mac program. I don't know why you said

00:06:55   "program", like I don't know why you did that. It sounds business-y, it's, you know, this is a

00:07:00   program. It's not an app, it's a program. That's when business gets done.

00:07:06   But yeah, so I guess it likely means that the music app for iOS will not get the advanced

00:07:11   music management options from the Mac, which is a shame because it's about time. At least

00:07:17   the smart playlists and being able to import music files, because I mean, I'm paying for

00:07:22   Apple Music and one of the features of Apple Music is iCloud Music Library, but that functionality

00:07:27   as effectively absent from iOS.

00:07:29   - Yeah, I wonder if this is just a stop gap

00:07:32   until they can get the UI kit app more features.

00:07:36   You know, like if say that they were working on this

00:07:37   for a while and they said, you know,

00:07:39   we can use this for a little while,

00:07:40   but eventually we'll transition,

00:07:41   'cause it doesn't make any sense long term

00:07:44   for this to be the plan.

00:07:45   Like, you've gotta make the iOS version better.

00:07:48   - Like, if they're still moving forward

00:07:50   with a non-Marzipan version,

00:07:53   that doesn't look good for what they would need

00:07:56   that application to do in the light of marzipan.

00:07:59   Right.

00:08:00   Exactly.

00:08:01   That's not a good thing.

00:08:02   It's a bad thing.

00:08:03   It's actually pretty bad for marzipan,

00:08:05   where they're like, oh, we'll just

00:08:07   keep making a standard Mac program instead.

00:08:09   But it's also bad if they did-- say

00:08:12   they took the music app off the iPad now

00:08:14   and plopped it onto the Mac.

00:08:16   A lot of music users would be upset that, oh, marzipan

00:08:19   ruined this application.

00:08:20   Yeah, iTunes wasn't great, but it had all these features.

00:08:22   And marzipan apps are baby apps.

00:08:24   it also avoids that argument.

00:08:26   So I could see why this makes sense for now.

00:08:28   - What if it's all a conspiracy to remake iTunes

00:08:33   as an AppKit program that is however terrible

00:08:36   so that everybody starts wishing

00:08:37   for iTunes to become Marzipan?

00:08:40   - Exactly, that's the conspiracy.

00:08:42   You heard it right here first.

00:08:44   - I like this.

00:08:45   - And you guys wanted to skip over iTunes, come on.

00:08:48   - Come on, come on, now we've got conspiracies.

00:08:51   - Up next we have the Powerbeats Pro

00:08:53   We spoke about their launch in the U S last episode, and now we have some

00:08:57   information about it's international rollout.

00:09:01   So later in may, whatever that means, uh, power power beats pro will be available

00:09:08   in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and then a bunch of other, a bunch of

00:09:13   other places in June, including Italy.

00:09:15   So it looks like by the end of the summer or midsummer, both of

00:09:19   you will be able to order these.

00:09:21   but I imagine that you will still buy them in California.

00:09:24   Jokes on Apple because I'm going to buy them in San Jose. So.

00:09:26   Is that a joke on Apple? Like, well, it is for me, it is.

00:09:30   That's the, you know,

00:09:32   that's what they get for postponing the Italian launch to June.

00:09:36   It's also assuming that they are available in stores because right now,

00:09:41   at least they are still, they will be for me. Wow.

00:09:44   They're still pretty backordered. I'm looking right now and yeah,

00:09:48   pick up for the black ones is still June 17th at my store.

00:09:51   Not a problem for me. I'm going to say I came from Italy just to buy this device.

00:09:55   Once you give it to me.

00:09:57   What's wrong with you? I came all this way for this.

00:10:01   I booked a trip just to buy these headphones.

00:10:03   They told me they would be here.

00:10:06   You do have a tradition of buying audio products on our summer trips.

00:10:11   So it's time.

00:10:12   Exactly.

00:10:12   You bought some Beats headphones two years ago. Last year you bought four home pods.

00:10:16   No, no, that was the same year.

00:10:18   Was it the same year?

00:10:19   Was it the same year?

00:10:20   Yeah, the first time was you bought an iPad.

00:10:25   That's right, at the old company store.

00:10:27   Yes.

00:10:28   That was a fun day.

00:10:31   We have some sad news if you were super into the Warren Buffett game.

00:10:36   It has been pulled from the App Store unless you were in the United States.

00:10:39   So it's available in the US App Store, but not international stores.

00:10:43   Apparently for no reason that people can understand.

00:10:46   I think it's because of us. I think they're punishing us.

00:10:50   I think we killed it.

00:10:52   Yep.

00:10:53   Maybe.

00:10:54   I've heard from so many people, like, over the last week or so, be like, "Warren Buffett's

00:10:58   a nice guy!" I'm sure he is. But the whole thing's still hilarious. That was honestly,

00:11:04   I don't know, yeah, it's a bit uncouth to talk about this on your own show. That's one

00:11:08   of my favourite Connected segments of all time.

00:11:10   It's pretty good.

00:11:11   The whole Warren Buffett thing. I, 'cause again, the only reason I know this is 'cause

00:11:15   for the last week or so, people have been sending us clips from Overcast, which I love

00:11:20   this feature so much in Overcast because I get to hear all the things that people like.

00:11:25   And there were lots of clips from the Warren Buffett segment.

00:11:29   Look, Warren Buffett is a nice, maybe a nice guy. I think he's wildly out of control. Ego

00:11:34   is the problem here. So...

00:11:36   We just know this already. Nice guy, big ego, it's fine.

00:11:39   lovely but his ego is a bit of a problem. He had a game made for himself.

00:11:46   And remember I said about the guy writing open letters? That's Carl Icahn, not Warren

00:11:50   Buffett. That's an important clarification. That's the guy who likes to write letters.

00:11:56   Yeah, like they just dilute it all and give it back to the show.

00:12:01   That's the guy that people call a serial investor. Is that the guy?

00:12:05   He's really into breakfast food. Oh wow.

00:12:09   Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Can I, can I read something for a Joe over at macro?

00:12:16   No, you cannot. You've lost the right to speak on this part. That's difficult for a podcaster.

00:12:23   That is you've put me in a bad spot. That's good. Make everything a little bit more tricky.

00:12:27   This paragraph was so perfect. Given that Warren Buffett's paper wizard only takes minutes

00:12:32   to complete and that Buffett's high score of 15,350 is seemingly unbreakable, the game

00:12:39   appears to be little more than a short-lived novelty. As such, it is not at all that surprising

00:12:45   that the game has already been pulled internationally."

00:12:47   I want to issue a challenge, and we'll talk about challenges later on, challenges are

00:12:55   very important now. I want to issue a challenge to connected listeners. Someone has to beat

00:13:00   Buffett's score.

00:13:02   I wanna bet it's impossible. Like, I would bet money that the game is programmed so that

00:13:08   you cannot beat that high score. That that is a perfect score plus 100 or something,

00:13:13   right? Because we've already established Warren Buffett has a big ego. So, you know, of course

00:13:18   he scores some beautiful Mists of the Face of Diet Coke.

00:13:23   Oh, come on, this guy. Was it Coke Cherry or something? It wasn't.

00:13:27   This is the same guy that had a Coke made for him in China and had Bill Gates play you

00:13:31   ukulele at his party or something like that. I want to see someone beat Warren Buffett's

00:13:37   score or the closest to it. That's what I want to see. So tweet those with the hashtag

00:13:44   beat Buffett and we'll see him. Oh yeah. Hashtag beat Buffett. I love it. That could be, that

00:13:51   could be misinterpreted maybe. Well, it's like a, it's like a food music thing. The

00:13:57   The Beat buffet.

00:13:58   No one likes beats.

00:14:00   Okay.

00:14:01   Okay.

00:14:02   That's some follow up, but we have some tiny topics, some little items to discuss.

00:14:07   But first I want to tell you about our first sponsor.

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00:14:18   I'm going to tell you guys a story.

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00:16:04   from countless day disasters and for their support of this show and Relay FM. It's hard for me to

00:16:09   imagine that you were ever young. Yeah. But yeah, I guess that's possible. That's a long time ago.

00:16:15   No one should be like young Steven. It's just like a good life lesson. Yeah, I mean, I guess in the

00:16:20   fifties you didn't have computers so it makes sense that you didn't have a backup.

00:16:25   Well I said computers I meant stone tablets but you know you got to kind of fit it into the ad

00:16:30   read you know. Okay tiny topic number zero for some reason we spoke I spoke a long time ago about

00:16:38   how my Instagram ads thought that I quite frankly was a woman and had lots of lots of products

00:16:46   designed and pitched to women in my Instagram and we kind of came up with the idea that

00:16:50   I don't have a Facebook account.

00:16:52   My wife and I both use Instagram, obviously from the same IP address, and they've just

00:16:56   mixed us up with lack of outside data.

00:16:59   And for Lent this year, my wife and I gave up Instagram, we uninstalled it from our phones.

00:17:04   I have returned, but she has not she I think is leaving Instagram behind.

00:17:09   And this has fixed my ads.

00:17:11   My ads are now super relevant because I guess they're only see my account activity at this

00:17:17   IP address if our theory holds up to how this was working so I I owe my wife a

00:17:22   big thank you that I'm getting better ads on Instagram so weird right it's so

00:17:29   weird but I think it fits in with how we assumed it was working so yeah that it

00:17:33   was it couldn't pull from Facebook mm-hmm yes but I wonder where it's

00:17:39   getting information about me from because I don't use my Facebook account

00:17:46   But is your Instagram account, but they're tied together and so they have basic

00:17:51   Yeah

00:17:52   Biographical information about you that you're a certain age, a certain gender, you live in a certain place

00:17:57   So I think that for me most of it is episode

00:18:01   219 by the way when Steven spoke about this if you want to get a bit more context you can do that

00:18:07   I think for me it's like it is pulling a lot which is probably now is for you from the accounts that I follow on Instagram

00:18:14   Right. I wouldn't be surprised if it like goes to that as a second tier if it's not getting enough data from you about Facebook

00:18:20   But for you it was pulling from the closest Facebook source that you could get to

00:18:26   And it's not and again like I reckon I don't have this problem because Adina uses Facebook

00:18:30   But she doesn't have the app installed. She just uses the web browser

00:18:34   Because she doesn't like the Facebook app. So it's terrible. That might be what's going on, but that is super interesting

00:18:42   It's weird. I guess congratulations. I guess it's a lot of ads for things that are very relevant to my interest all of a sudden

00:18:49   So how was it to give up and how long was it like 30 days?

00:18:53   Yeah, however long lent is and what did that mean? Did that mean not using it or just not posting?

00:18:58   Yeah, we we uninstalled it from our phones and I think at one point I looked in the browser because someone sent me a link

00:19:06   to something they wanted me to see which I was fine with but

00:19:10   It was weird. I definitely missed it, and I don't think she did so she I think she's coming back

00:19:15   Hmm, which means she's now on no social media because she's also abandoned her Twitter account so damn yeah good for her

00:19:22   If a tree fall in the woods or something right that's right

00:19:25   I mean if you don't get a retweet how do you know your feelings are real?

00:19:28   Exactly, I don't know nation. It's got dark tiny topic number one. We're taking a trip down to dongle town

00:19:37   Anchor has made a super weird dongle.

00:19:41   This is my favorite stupid dongle.

00:19:44   Please explain this because I read this and I'm still not sure I understand why.

00:19:49   It makes way less sense when you see the images that Anchor provided to websites, because

00:19:55   the images that Anchor provided to websites is a MacBook Pro with a dongle coming from

00:20:03   the USB-C port to which Apple's Lightning earbuds are connected to. It is a Lightning

00:20:12   to USB-C audio dongle. So when you look at the images that are in the Verge blog post,

00:20:18   which were provided by Anker, I looked at it and I'm like, "Why does anybody want this

00:20:25   product? Who needs to use their Lightning headphones that badly that they would pay

00:20:32   $30 to be able to do so. Now, anchor is saying that, again, I don't know why they provide

00:20:40   the images that they give that the dongle is actually really for the iPad Pro. Yeah,

00:20:45   show that in your images, which makes a little bit more sense. But I still think that it's

00:20:53   like, so so if I travel, so when I travel, I obviously take my AirPods, but as we've

00:20:59   We've discussed AirPods and I get on planes and so I bring regular my regular headphones

00:21:03   that I'm wearing now.

00:21:04   And it means I have two adapters.

00:21:06   Now I have a lightning version of it and a USB-C version of it.

00:21:10   So I can use it with my phone, my iPad.

00:21:12   But I guess if I had lightning headphones, I could just get away with one adapter.

00:21:16   But like, I don't even know where my lightning headphones are.

00:21:20   I think I used them one time.

00:21:21   I feel like at that point, though, you're better off with because guess the iPhones

00:21:27   the problem isn't it?

00:21:28   thinking like any other headphones, but the iPhone, you would still need a lightning adapter

00:21:35   for that. But anyway, this is just like the weirdest friggin dongle because it's lightning

00:21:39   to USB-C for audio only, but all of the images show laptops, and I love the thought of somebody

00:21:47   plugging this, getting this whole setup just for the laptop. What a weird world we live

00:21:52   in. We have remained in the depths of dongle town for way longer than I thought we would.

00:21:58   We're in the dongle sewer at this point.

00:22:00   It's bad.

00:22:02   The USB-C situation is still not really clearing up.

00:22:06   If the iPhone would move to USB-C, everything would get easier.

00:22:12   Yes, it should be there.

00:22:14   If you buy this, please let us know with the hashtag #WeirdDongle.

00:22:19   Why do we need to hashtag every single topic now?

00:22:22   You feel like you're some kind of live TV event.

00:22:24   Because we're trying to, you know, make podcasts viral and hashtags are the best way to do

00:22:32   it.

00:22:33   I have some sad news.

00:22:34   The best color of the iPhone XR being blue is rumored to be going away with 2019's version

00:22:41   of the phone, which I've seen called XR2, I've seen called 11R, which is weird.

00:22:46   That would be 11R.

00:22:48   Yeah, I think 11 is weird.

00:22:49   Like I don't know what they're going to do.

00:22:51   What if it's like 10RS?

00:22:53   That'd be exciting.

00:22:56   10RS.

00:22:59   That sounds like IRS, which is not a good name.

00:23:07   I like it.

00:23:08   The iPhone IRS.

00:23:12   So Mark Gurman along with others have surfaced colors of, color samples.

00:23:21   What this looks like is someone smashed a bunch of IMAX and there's broken pieces of

00:23:26   coloured plastic everywhere.

00:23:28   What it looks like to me is somebody's either broken these off of plates or they're broken

00:23:34   samples of the glass that's going to go on the phones, right?

00:23:37   Because some of them have got these weird corners to them, which clearly look like the

00:23:40   corners of a phone.

00:23:42   It's strange.

00:23:45   So the colors are, what are they, like white, silver, or like white, yellow, red, purple,

00:23:54   black and green are the colors.

00:23:56   So they've removed coral and blue, which in my opinion are the only two good colors.

00:24:01   The blue is incredible.

00:24:02   The blue is great, I love the coral.

00:24:05   Yeah, it's good too.

00:24:06   Coral is divisive, but I like the coral.

00:24:08   But I do like the idea of a purple foam.

00:24:11   So the new ones would be purple and green, replacing coral and blue to kind of get that

00:24:16   into one sentence.

00:24:18   The green is fine, I guess.

00:24:19   I think the lavender is the color would do well.

00:24:22   Yellow is bad.

00:24:23   The yellow is bad.

00:24:25   The yellow is bad.

00:24:27   We'll see.

00:24:28   Uh, I'll be sad if blue goes away because I really liked the blue 10 R that I had, but

00:24:33   I still think about it all the time.

00:24:35   But um, Oh yeah.

00:24:37   You did have a turn our for a while.

00:24:39   Yeah.

00:24:40   And you went crazy and you bought all the new iPhones.

00:24:44   Yeah, I'm using a XS because I got rid of my Macs after that experiment.

00:24:48   But--

00:24:48   Oh my god.

00:24:50   That was a great profit to me because Steven gave me his old XS Max battery

00:24:55   case.

00:24:56   So I was the real winner of that whole thing.

00:24:59   OK.

00:24:59   That battery case is big.

00:25:00   I used it for the first time this weekend.

00:25:02   Oh, yeah, dude.

00:25:03   It makes the Macs real bulky.

00:25:05   It's a big boy.

00:25:07   It's very heavy at that point.

00:25:10   But it's good though, like that smart battery case, it's very clever, right?

00:25:14   Like it worked. I mean, news, news flash.

00:25:17   But yeah, like I like it.

00:25:19   It's like it's a nice little piece of technology.

00:25:21   But I also I don't like how you I don't like where the the lightning port goes in.

00:25:26   It's in a weird position, like it's way too low down.

00:25:29   Right. Yeah. But yeah, it's good.

00:25:31   Like the getting in and out is easier than the regular cases, which is kind of funny.

00:25:37   It's very floppy at the top.

00:25:39   Yeah, but yeah, I use the battery case anytime I travel and it's it's fantastic. But I mean,

00:25:45   Federico, you still using it every day? Still every day. Why do you? Okay, I want to ask you.

00:25:51   I'm just so used to it. You work at home. Like what are you doing with your phone that you need

00:25:55   the battery case on every day? Well, it's not like I never leave the house. What's that like? Well,

00:26:03   Yeah. You open the door and you walk outside. Yes. Outside. Yeah.

00:26:07   Um, can be weird for some people. Um,

00:26:10   I just don't like that when it's like 11 PM or midnight,

00:26:15   uh, without the battery case, I would get the red battery icon on my phone.

00:26:20   I just don't like it. I don't like the idea that I have to charge my phone,

00:26:23   but I'm still not going to bed. Um, also that's a problem.

00:26:28   When I need to take screenshots, for example, if I'm working late,

00:26:31   - Yeah, screenshot patrol.

00:26:32   - I just cannot accept the fact that one of my screenshots

00:26:36   would have a red battery indicator.

00:26:38   That would be a sin for me.

00:26:40   - Wow.

00:26:41   - Don't you have like systems to clean that stuff up though?

00:26:44   - I used to, I don't do it anymore.

00:26:47   It's not worth it.

00:26:48   - We talked about this a hundred years ago

00:26:50   and we used to have, I'm trying to log in,

00:26:51   we used to have a Tumblr where we booked screenshots

00:26:54   of people, like phones with bad battery life.

00:26:57   But I think that died.

00:27:00   I just don't like being shamed by my phone when it's 11 p.m. or midnight.

00:27:04   And so with the battery case I just forget about it.

00:27:07   And it lasts all day and then when it's 3 a.m. when I'm going to sleep,

00:27:10   just put the phone on the Nomad wireless pad and it charges.

00:27:15   That's perfect. Yeah.

00:27:17   But I did remove the case a few days ago because I needed to do something with like

00:27:23   one of those tripods that I needed to take a video.

00:27:27   and I was surprised by just how thin and light the phone actually is.

00:27:33   I love taking the case off of my iPhone.

00:27:37   It's like, well I've been having this because I've been using the bridge keyboard right?

00:27:42   I love the new bridge pro.

00:27:44   I absolutely love it.

00:27:45   I know that you're not as sure Federico, but it's the perfect thing for me.

00:27:51   I'm so happy to have you.

00:27:52   No, no, I think it's grown on me since, you know, for the past couple of weeks, yeah.

00:27:56   I absolutely love it, but having my iPad Pro out of the smart folio now, it's I love I've

00:28:03   like fallen in love with the design all over again.

00:28:05   It's like this thing's like a piece of paper.

00:28:07   How is it so thin?

00:28:08   It's amazing.

00:28:09   Yeah, it's incredible.

00:28:10   But I have no stickers on it right now.

00:28:12   I need to fix that.

00:28:13   It's very upsetting.

00:28:14   On the iPad itself or on the bridge?

00:28:16   Yeah, because all the stickers went on the smart folio.

00:28:18   So you're gonna you're gonna sticker the iPad directly?

00:28:21   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:28:22   Okay.

00:28:23   That's what I've always done in the past.

00:28:25   Yeah, I just... I don't know.

00:28:29   Gotta go big or go home, man.

00:28:30   Federico, you have some news to share with us. You have launched a new podcast on Relay FM

00:28:36   called Adapt, and I would love to hear all about it.

00:28:39   Yeah. So this is a new iPad-focused podcast that I'm doing here on Relay FM with my

00:28:47   partner in crime, Ryan Christoffel, he's one of my writers at MacStories.net.

00:28:53   We've been thinking about this format for a few months now, and the way that I think

00:28:58   about it is sort of an evolution of Canvas, which is the iPad podcast that I used to do

00:29:03   until last year with Fraser Spears here on Relay FM.

00:29:07   And since Canvas ended, I've been thinking, well, personally I've been itching to get

00:29:14   back into doing a podcast about the iPad, but sort of trying to do it in a different

00:29:18   way.

00:29:19   And Ryan actually came up with the idea of structuring Adapt around the idea of a challenge.

00:29:28   So every two weeks, when we're releasing episodes every two weeks, in each episode there will

00:29:34   be at least one challenge.

00:29:36   And the idea is to challenge ourselves to do more on the iPad, to get more things done

00:29:42   on the iPad, but that is not just sort of like the tagline of the show, it's actually

00:29:47   part of the show itself.

00:29:49   So the idea that one of us, or maybe both of us, we will challenge each other, and maybe

00:29:54   in the future we will accept challenges from listeners as well, to get something new and

00:30:00   unusual and weird and difficult maybe, done on the iPad.

00:30:05   So for example in the first episode Ryan challenged me to get work done using a custom keyboard

00:30:12   on the iPad.

00:30:15   Which was fun, and I think for the next challenge I have to write and publish one of my posts

00:30:22   in Apple Notes. So Ryan is terrible. What you should know about this show is that Ryan

00:30:26   is a bad person.

00:30:28   Yeah, so this show's been under development for a while and Federico and Ryan created

00:30:34   some demo episodes to try it out. I've heard a few challenges that Federico set and a few

00:30:40   challenges that Ryan set and Ryan's really mean. He is. But to be honest, I will be honest,

00:30:49   Federico if me and you were doing this show together, I mean you're dealing with Federico

00:30:53   Vitici here. Like if I'm setting a challenge for you to do something on the iPad, I'm gonna

00:30:58   make it really hard, right? Like because if it's a simple one, I know you already know

00:31:03   how to do it. I see the things you do. I would, you know, it has to be like these wild things.

00:31:09   So I think Ryan's doing the right job in pushing you to your limits.

00:31:12   Yeah.

00:31:13   So the idea is that we'll challenge each other to come up with solutions to try and win the

00:31:20   challenge or at least try to complete the challenge.

00:31:24   So that's going to be the main focus of the show, the idea of the challenge.

00:31:28   And again, each episode there will be at least one, maybe more, we'll see.

00:31:32   There will also be topics, of course.

00:31:35   We'll do follow-up and we'll do Q&A.

00:31:37   As with other relay shows, you can use a hashtag, which in this case is #AskAdapt and ask us

00:31:44   questions and we'll reply to your questions on the show.

00:31:46   So I guess the idea, the way that I look at this new podcast is, I've been working on

00:31:54   the iPad for seven years and I'm gonna talk about it on that big story that I told you

00:31:59   guys I was working on.

00:32:01   It's coming out next week, so it's gonna be fun.

00:32:05   But I've been working on the iPad for seven years.

00:32:07   Ryan is also using the iPad Pro as his main computer for three at this point, I think.

00:32:12   And we know a lot about the iPad, but there's still so much that we don't know about other

00:32:20   kinds of apps that people use or other kinds of use cases for the iPad that we're not familiar

00:32:25   with.

00:32:26   And so part of the reason we're doing this is to sort of try and sort of get a little

00:32:31   bit out of our comfort zone because it's easy for us and especially for me to get accustomed

00:32:38   to certain workflows and certain automations, certain apps, without having to try new things.

00:32:45   So it is a way for me personally to try new things, to try new apps and discover more

00:32:51   of what's available on the iPad than on the App Store. But it's also a way to prove how

00:32:57   All kinds of different things can be done on the iPad and iPad Pro these days.

00:33:01   And so it's got that kind of message that underlying...

00:33:06   And it's right there in the name of the show, ADAPT, which means, you know, trying to change

00:33:11   yourself in a way and adapt to a different computer, trying to get work done in a different

00:33:16   environment.

00:33:18   I'm super excited about doing this.

00:33:21   I like...

00:33:22   I really like the idea that Ryan came up with of the challenge and trying to push ourselves

00:33:27   to try weird difficult things. And of course I want to thank you guys for having us do

00:33:33   this show on Relay. It feels like a perfect sort of a... you know, this is the... Myke,

00:33:38   if you will allow me the Pokémon analogy, I guess this would be the Charizard to canvas

00:33:46   Charmander in a way, you know? This is the big evolution of the show.

00:33:51   Wait, why did you skip... what's Charmillian? Why did you skip...

00:33:53   Who cares about your medium, man?

00:33:55   [laughter]

00:33:56   Come on!

00:33:57   [laughter]

00:33:59   Nobody likes the middle Pokémon. Nobody.

00:34:01   So...

00:34:02   They're all pretty bad, right?

00:34:03   Yeah.

00:34:04   Yeah, poor middle Pokémon.

00:34:06   I'm a middle child. I'm basically the middle Pokémon of my family.

00:34:09   Well, you will always be...

00:34:11   the last one to meet Myke.

00:34:13   [laughter]

00:34:14   Oh, thank you.

00:34:15   That's the final evolution.

00:34:17   At least on every other episode.

00:34:19   Heyo!

00:34:20   So, yeah, there you go. We're doing this. It's every two weeks.

00:34:24   New episodes will come out on Thursday. Today is just a special launch day.

00:34:29   So every two weeks on Thursday, new episodes of Adapt.

00:34:33   That will be relay.fm/adapt. And episode one is available today.

00:34:37   Excellent. We're really excited about it. I love the format.

00:34:42   You know, the idea of taking Canvas. It's like Canvas and Dubai Friday had a baby.

00:34:47   baby, and we have Adapt. So I'm very excited about this show. I've heard a bunch of episodes

00:34:54   already, so I know the guys are good at it, and I'm really excited to see what wild things

00:35:00   you can get up to, especially as we move into the summer.

00:35:03   Yeah, there's a Yes13 coming up.

00:35:06   I'm really keen to see how the beta process affects the challenges.

00:35:10   Oh my god. Oh god. We'll see. Well, so thank you guys, thank you everybody. I hope you

00:35:17   everybody I hope you like what we've been doing here. There's a lot more coming in the

00:35:22   future and again, Ryan is mean but he's also a good friend. He's a good person, he's not

00:35:30   really a bad person, he's just mean to me.

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00:37:38   It is about halfway through the year,

00:37:42   but we're only a couple of weeks away from WWDC

00:37:45   when we're gonna find out a lot of what the next

00:37:48   six months probably, maybe more, year,

00:37:51   nearly two years are gonna hold for us, right?

00:37:53   We're gonna find out a lot about what Apple's

00:37:55   gonna be up to, especially what's all the software.

00:37:58   So I thought, wouldn't it be a great time now

00:38:02   to look back--

00:38:03   - To declare my victory earlier.

00:38:05   - Wow.

00:38:06   back at the predictions that we made at the beginning of the year to do two things. One,

00:38:13   to do any early grading and two, to see how we're feeling about them at this point. I

00:38:19   think this also will help get us into the predictions mood because we're going to be

00:38:23   making our WWDC predictions in two weeks time for the love so we can crown my victory on

00:38:31   the live show. So let's take a look. We can go, why don't we like go back to them. We'll

00:38:38   do the original round robin order. Each of us can read the prediction that we made in

00:38:43   rounds one, two, and the risky pick round, round three. And we can, we can talk about

00:38:48   them a little bit.

00:38:49   All right. So I guess I'm first. There will be a new Apple News subscription service for

00:38:56   content from select publications. And you already got that point, man. Got that point.

00:39:01   locked up it's green in the document which means I win money because it's

00:39:08   green so you know perfect do you think that that oh there's no money money

00:39:15   well actually it's is that legal - is that legal for us to put money in this I

00:39:22   don't think we want to get into cash prizes does this game become illegal I

00:39:29   I will say I have the awards for the WWDC predictions.

00:39:35   They are here in my office ready to be packed to go to California.

00:39:37   Are you touching them?

00:39:38   Well, they're on the other desk.

00:39:39   I mean, I can go get them, but...

00:39:42   That's not necessary.

00:39:43   Those are really heavy.

00:39:44   Well, one of them's really heavy.

00:39:45   They're really heavy.

00:39:46   One of them is.

00:39:47   Uh, I hope the heavy one is the last place one.

00:39:52   You get to go home with an overcharge on your package.

00:39:54   Can you tell us which one is the heavy one?

00:39:57   No.

00:39:58   Wow.

00:39:59   Just one of them.

00:40:00   Okay.

00:40:01   Interesting.

00:40:01   Wow.

00:40:02   You're a mood killer.

00:40:04   I sent you a photo of the eBay box that came in.

00:40:07   It was pretty sizable.

00:40:08   Yeah, it didn't look good.

00:40:09   It looked pretty sketchy.

00:40:10   You know, you know, actually, I did something that I didn't tell you guys.

00:40:15   Oh, God.

00:40:16   What size iPad is it?

00:40:18   When you sent me that picture, I zoomed in on the label and I googled the name of the

00:40:23   person that was on the address.

00:40:26   Oh, damn.

00:40:27   And I tried to figure out if that person was also selling other items online,

00:40:32   but I couldn't find anything except for a voter registration database.

00:40:37   So that person that sent you the box is registered to vote in the United States.

00:40:43   Steven.

00:40:43   Good. Oh, it makes me nervous that it's come from a person.

00:40:47   Yeah, I don't like that because that's not like a shop that sells awards.

00:40:53   It has to be something used.

00:40:55   So my my that's a big concern.

00:40:58   My theory is it's a used Apple computer of some kind.

00:41:02   Apple junk of some description, right?

00:41:05   Like that's effectively what it's going to be.

00:41:07   So lesson for you dad.

00:41:09   Next time, blur the labels because young people, we can zoom in on that stuff.

00:41:14   Yeah, we've got good eyes.

00:41:16   That's what you get for sending pictures.

00:41:19   Good detective work, even though it didn't get you to where you wanted to be.

00:41:21   Why isn't he talking anymore?

00:41:24   I think he's worried that you found him out.

00:41:26   I'm just letting y'all cycle down further and further into fear.

00:41:30   Oh my God.

00:41:31   He bought a performer for us.

00:41:33   Oh my God.

00:41:34   One for each of us.

00:41:36   So Federico has a point for the Apple news description service with publications.

00:41:41   Good job.

00:41:42   Thank you.

00:41:43   I had Mac pro ships by the end of 2019.

00:41:46   I feel like we will know more about this WWDC.

00:41:49   So too early to call.

00:41:50   By the end of 2019.

00:41:51   So, or by the, yeah, I, I, this is

00:41:54   not in my prediction, but I think I said at the time, I fully believe that this will follow

00:41:57   the iMac Pro idea announced at WWDC, you know, teased and then ships at the end of the year.

00:42:03   How do you feel about this picked now? I feel less confident. I feel less confident than

00:42:09   it did at the start of the year. They told Matt Panzareno it's a 2019 product. I'm like,

00:42:13   you can't lie to Matt. He's like the nicest, coolest guy in the business. You can show

00:42:16   it and say it's a 2019 product. It can still come out in 2020. What I'm going to be really

00:42:21   sad is if the first one ships like January 3rd, which would be brilliant. That's going

00:42:25   to be pretty great. I don't do it to me. Apple don't do it. I think that this should be judged

00:42:34   on when it can be bought. Yes, I agree. Yeah. When you can order one, you can order one.

00:42:38   I think is fair because you know, they could put it on sale on like December 15th and it

00:42:43   shows up. Stephen is literally writing that into the document. Now you can feel the fear

00:42:48   emanating from his fingers as he typed that into the document.

00:42:51   My round one is Apple launches a subscription service

00:42:55   featuring original video content.

00:42:57   Almost almost there.

00:43:00   Yep. And we don't know if it's paid or not.

00:43:03   So is it a subscription service if it's free or is it if it's bundled?

00:43:06   I'm going to give it yellow for now, because I still I still think

00:43:09   subscription doesn't mean paid.

00:43:11   You just because it does. No, it doesn't.

00:43:12   You just subscribe. You like sign up.

00:43:15   You like don't say we go for free.

00:43:17   Well, you can subscribe for free.

00:43:18   Yeah.

00:43:19   That's the RSS model.

00:43:21   So if they do it via RSS, you get the point.

00:43:23   I don't think that that's true, but.

00:43:25   I'm still confident that I'm just going to lock that one right up.

00:43:29   This is yours.

00:43:29   Like it's just a matter of when it shows up.

00:43:31   Cause it might not.

00:43:32   TV, tv/os and everything just got updated, which we're not talking about because I

00:43:36   don't think any of us, I'm still mad.

00:43:39   I'm so mad.

00:43:40   Why?

00:43:40   I don't know if there's something particularly wrong with the office, but it

00:43:45   just nothing's in any order of seasons.

00:43:48   Metadata's tricky.

00:43:49   All of my other shows are, but like I bought it all from iTunes.

00:43:53   Wait, did you buy The Office box set?

00:43:56   Yes.

00:43:57   Yeah, I have the same problem.

00:43:59   It doesn't categorize box sets by season.

00:44:02   It does episode one of each season in a row, and then episode two.

00:44:07   But you know how you can fix it?

00:44:08   If you search for The Office, I've said this before, it's still the same.

00:44:13   If you search for the office and then you can choose between seasons, but if you go

00:44:17   through your library, that's how it works.

00:44:19   Something I don't like on the Apple TV, why is my library the final tab of like five tabs?

00:44:26   Right?

00:44:27   So you've got like what I can watch now, this is in the TV app, and then you've got like

00:44:31   the two new stores.

00:44:32   Like, sure, that's fine.

00:44:33   I don't mind the stores being in there, but I feel like my library, the stuff I've already

00:44:37   bought from you should be easier to get to than the fourth or fifth tab in the selection.

00:44:42   Yeah, I just bought the box set of house. It was for sale for like $20 on iTunes and mine were a

00:44:48   bunch of torn ribs and it downloaded all whatever it is 150 episodes or something, but they're all

00:44:55   the same season. They're labeled like season one comma episode one. And I haven't looked at it on

00:45:00   the Apple TV yet, but I would guess that it's broken as well. Just like the office. There's

00:45:04   something wrong about the box sets. Like it can't, if you go through your library, it can't work it

00:45:09   But if you do a search for it, then you can pick by season,

00:45:12   and then it will let you go for it.

00:45:14   I did have a suggestion today on my iPad

00:45:17   to watch a show that we've been watching.

00:45:19   That was pretty good.

00:45:20   Like, it's like, okay.

00:45:21   - Yeah, I've seen some of that,

00:45:23   and it's pulling from other apps, which is cool.

00:45:25   It's early days, I think they'll iron this out.

00:45:27   You know, for a long time, I had heard that

00:45:30   a lot of the iTunes data entry and like,

00:45:33   sort of like how stuff gets into iTunes

00:45:34   is actually not Apple, it's like an outside contractor,

00:45:37   and so maybe they just need to update the way they do it.

00:45:40   I bet they get it strained out.

00:45:41   I mean, it's only been like six years

00:45:42   since the Apple TV came out, they'll figure it out.

00:45:45   - This has only been a problem since tvOS though.

00:45:48   But that's old enough at that point.

00:45:49   - So four years, five years.

00:45:52   Up next, Federico said some things that are very,

00:45:56   I have lots of questions about in light of recent rumors.

00:46:00   - This was based on what we knew at the time.

00:46:03   iOS gets a tabbed Windows feature

00:46:06   that all apps can implement.

00:46:08   I guess we have to clarify,

00:46:12   because at the time what we knew was what Gorman said

00:46:15   in 2018, that iOS 13 was going to offer apps

00:46:20   the ability to open multiple views as tabs.

00:46:23   And he specifically mentioned tabbed windows.

00:46:26   I guess that in the prediction segment,

00:46:31   I mentioned that the design wasn't clear, but the main idea was we need to be able to

00:46:39   open multiple views per app.

00:46:41   So I guess...

00:46:42   That's not the prediction though.

00:46:44   We do it as it's written.

00:46:45   Do it, right?

00:46:46   You say tabbed windows.

00:46:47   So they have to be tabs.

00:46:48   If it doesn't look like Safari, you're in trouble my friend.

00:46:53   No it has to look like a tab and a window.

00:46:57   So all right.

00:46:58   Yeah, like Safari, right?

00:47:00   what I mean like there's like safaris not in the prediction no but like that's

00:47:04   that's what a tabbed window is well that's you can design a tabbed window in

00:47:09   many ways so it doesn't have to be like Safari well it just has to be tabbed Myke

00:47:14   went too far that is that I was trying to like paint a word picture because

00:47:19   tabbed windows doesn't do it I think yeah like but like Safari is not in in

00:47:25   the prediction just just making sure okay mm-hmm it doesn't say it there but

00:47:29   I'm just trying to imagine like how we're gonna visually judge it.

00:47:32   It can be like on the Mac that you have multiple tabs in the title bar, maybe.

00:47:36   Yes.

00:47:38   This I already know that we're gonna fight about this. That's gonna be a bad one. That's gonna be a real

00:47:43   That's gonna be a real bad one. Yeah

00:47:45   but

00:47:48   Maybe it won't be so difficult if it is just multiple instances because that's not tab windows by any stretch of the imagination

00:47:54   Mm-hmm. So we'll find out. Yeah. All right, Steven you're up next

00:47:59   I am up next I said the MacBook escape no please don't use this no don't use

00:48:04   them the MacBook Pro 13 inch comma to Thunderbolt 3 ports that was definitely

00:48:11   that was definitely easier just say the MacBook Pro with the ask button you

00:48:16   don't need to use nicknames just use oh my god the MacBook Pro without a touch

00:48:21   bar is going away is what I said there are still lots of confusion Apple didn't

00:48:26   update it last year. They also didn't update the one port MacBook. So I still

00:48:32   think this is on the table for this year. Maybe not this summer, but maybe this

00:48:34   fall they'll get around to straightening up the deal with the sad, sad notebooks.

00:48:42   Mine was my second round. On iOS 13 the iPad home screen features more than just

00:48:47   app icons. I still feel good about this one. Yeah, I think you're gonna get this

00:48:54   one it's it's generic enough that features more than just app icons you

00:49:01   could easily get the point I feel like for once I actually worded a prediction

00:49:06   right yeah this is a good prediction we only took a risky pick round and this is

00:49:12   a reminder basically it's all to play for until we get to risky picks because

00:49:17   if you get a risky pick correct you get two points but if you get your risky

00:49:23   pick wrong, then you lose one of the previous points you may or may not have scored. So

00:49:29   Federico, what was your risky pick?

00:49:31   My risky pick was Reminders gets a major update. And then there's a parenthesis that says,

00:49:38   how do we decide major? An explanation. On stage at WWDC or with the side past that.

00:49:46   Not graded, some features Federico would like to see, but there's not a list here. I guess

00:49:50   I guess I mentioned tags and saved searches and that stuff. Yeah. I think I could get

00:49:57   this one because recent rumors have indicated that Apple is going to release a new Reminders

00:50:02   app for iOS and macOS. This also happens to be one of the things that I heard many, many

00:50:08   months ago. So I guess we'll see what happens, but I feel pretty confident about this. Reminders

00:50:13   got its last redesign in iOS 7, so that would be 2013, six years ago. I think it's about

00:50:22   time for a Reminders redesign. It really sticks out compared to files or Apple Notes. It's

00:50:30   time for an update and I feel pretty good about this one.

00:50:33   I think you've got this one pretty much buttoned up at this point. It's funny now, I agree

00:50:39   at the time it was a risky pick, but now it feels like maybe of all of your picks except

00:50:44   the one you already got, the one that's most likely.

00:50:47   Yeah, this would not be a risky pick if you picked it today is what we're saying.

00:50:51   Yeah. Well, you cannot change what has been said.

00:50:53   I know it's in the past. It's in the past.

00:50:57   Why don't we talk about yours, Steven? How do you feel about this one?

00:51:00   I don't feel great. I don't feel great. So I said, as my risky pick, that our max will

00:51:06   ship in 2019.

00:51:08   You didn't need him to ship, did you?

00:51:10   I should have said, "I think I've overstated this.

00:51:15   I think this is going to cost me."

00:51:16   We told you.

00:51:17   You didn't have to say this, but you did.

00:51:21   Now you will reap the consequences.

00:51:23   I don't fully regret it, but I do somewhat regret it.

00:51:28   It would have been more than enough to just say, "Shown off."

00:51:33   Or spoken about.

00:51:34   Here's the thing.

00:51:35   I was tempted by the glory.

00:51:37   Because if I get this right, it's going to be spectacular.

00:51:41   But I'm probably not going to get it right.

00:51:42   I tell you what, so I'm ready to up the ante a little bit here.

00:51:45   You can't change the rules.

00:51:46   No, we're not changing the rules.

00:51:47   I'm merely upping the ante on this one.

00:51:50   If you get this pick right, I'll buy you one.

00:51:54   Ho ho!

00:51:56   If Steven gets this right, I will buy...

00:52:01   Wow.

00:52:02   Wow.

00:52:03   If you get...

00:52:04   You gotta buy the base configuration though.

00:52:06   - The dead federal ego stop.

00:52:08   - Yeah, yeah.

00:52:08   - If the new Mac Pro is an ARM Mac.

00:52:10   - Get the base one.

00:52:11   - I'm gonna add to this.

00:52:15   - No, no, no.

00:52:16   - No, I'm gonna add to it.

00:52:17   If the Mac Pro is an ARM computer,

00:52:20   I will buy you the top of the line one

00:52:23   because there is no way that is happening.

00:52:26   - Oh my God.

00:52:27   - It is an ARM Mac I will buy.

00:52:28   - You're gonna spend 30,000 pounds to buy this computer.

00:52:33   - Can't use the relay card for that, buddy.

00:52:35   Gotta come out of your own money.

00:52:36   Because what it's going to be, if you get anything,

00:52:38   you're going to get a MacBook, right?

00:52:41   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:52:42   The one-port, Casey MacBook.

00:52:45   Because as well, I want to say--

00:52:46   I feel like this is going to cost me dearly.

00:52:49   And if I win, it costs you dearly.

00:52:52   My risky pick is that Apple will release an iPhone subscription

00:52:56   service that bundles a device, Apple Care,

00:52:58   and a selection of Apple content services

00:53:01   into one monthly payment.

00:53:03   I would feel better about this pick if they had announced a bundle already.

00:53:07   However,

00:53:08   however,

00:53:09   the fact that they haven't released a bundle could also work in my favor favor

00:53:13   because this could be the bundle.

00:53:15   Here's,

00:53:17   here's kind of what I think about this.

00:53:19   I feel like at the iPhone event in September we will see video content,

00:53:24   Apple arcade,

00:53:26   and if there's any time this is going to happen,

00:53:29   it's going to be with the new iPhone.

00:53:31   So I feel like until the September event, this is still on the table in my,

00:53:34   in my mind. Yeah. We don't know anything. This is,

00:53:36   this is a September thing. 100%. You know what, as I've said this,

00:53:38   I'm remembering like Apple's current issue with the

00:53:43   iPhone.

00:53:44   I think this is happening because they're doing so much weird stuff when it

00:53:48   comes to selling the iPhone right now.

00:53:50   Trying to try to sell them again because they're, they're struggling.

00:53:53   This could be a way to do it.

00:53:54   Like they make the upgrade program more attractive by including more stuff in

00:53:59   it. So.

00:53:59   Mm-hmm. Yeah, it has to be basically I think it's still gonna be the upgrade program

00:54:04   But there has to be more in it than there currently is right because the upgrade program includes AppleCare and the phone on a monthly

00:54:11   Payment but they need to add in content, which I think they will do

00:54:15   It's been such a weird year, you know, I was thinking in prep for this show some years we get a really big March event

00:54:22   They've done that the past couple of you know in the past. We got the 9.7 inch iPad Pro

00:54:26   We got the iPhone SE we've gotten other things in March

00:54:29   It's just been a very odd year for hardware so far and and other things right we saw the video

00:54:35   Media event, but that's really been about it really right?

00:54:40   We haven't had a lot of other stuff and so it feels like it's gonna be a fall heavy

00:54:44   Yeah, but the end of last year was a lot of hardware though

00:54:47   Right. Yeah. Yeah

00:54:50   Big and maybe that's just the the way it's gonna be right like is it we do you remember the year?

00:54:56   We were already doing this show, so it's been in the last 80 years or so, where Apple didn't

00:55:02   have any hardware until the fall.

00:55:05   Like there wasn't even like a cable, like nothing.

00:55:08   It was a strange year.

00:55:09   I have a vague memory of that, yes.

00:55:11   I have a vague memory of that.

00:55:12   I think it was like the year that the music event didn't exist or whatever.

00:55:16   They stopped shipping iPods.

00:55:21   So that's our picks.

00:55:25   I'm definitely leaning towards Federico winning this one.

00:55:28   Do we get a can I be as the temporary winner?

00:55:32   Of this way, actually, actually, actually.

00:55:37   I'm not feeling too bad about myself because I think Federico's round two

00:55:44   could be a problem for him.

00:55:46   Yeah, I think so.

00:55:47   We'll see. We'll see.

00:55:49   I think you got too specific.

00:55:50   You pulled the classic Myke Hurley.

00:55:51   Yeah, you really you really might have that one.

00:55:54   As the temporary winner, do I get anything?

00:55:59   What?

00:56:00   No.

00:56:01   Right now?

00:56:02   I don't...

00:56:03   This is a half year check-in on the predictions and I'm the temporary winner.

00:56:06   And all we're saying is, you're healthy, go back to your life.

00:56:07   I'm the interim winner of these predictions.

00:56:11   No?

00:56:12   Nothing?

00:56:13   You guys are cheap.

00:56:15   Should we mention the non-graded extra picks?

00:56:18   If you want to do them quick.

00:56:20   Just for funsies?

00:56:21   Yeah.

00:56:22   Yeah. I said AirPower is released.

00:56:24   Aha! Yeah!

00:56:26   I also said new AirPods are released.

00:56:29   Yeah, but AirPower ruined everything.

00:56:31   And I mentioned shortcuts 3.0,

00:56:35   in the sense that Workflow was the first version,

00:56:37   Shortcuts was the second version,

00:56:39   a major new version of Shortcuts shown off at WWDC,

00:56:43   with a new developer framework for integration.

00:56:45   A deep and open framework.

00:56:47   Shortcuts also gets holders and AirPlay actions in 2019.

00:56:50   God, that was a lot of stuff.

00:56:51   Very specific.

00:56:52   You really went for it, didn't you?

00:56:54   Thankfully, it's not graded.

00:56:55   You think you're going to get them all?

00:56:57   No, all of them.

00:56:59   Unless you know, did you play this with like a loaded deck?

00:57:02   Like, did you know?

00:57:03   You know, I share my secrets.

00:57:05   I don't, I don't know.

00:57:06   I don't know.

00:57:07   I'll let the anti-federico, if you get all of those, I will buy you shortcuts.

00:57:11   You know, that's impossible.

00:57:14   You get an R Mac from Myke too.

00:57:18   I said, and got this right.

00:57:20   Someone on Apple's executive website will be leave or be fired.

00:57:24   Oh, you got that right.

00:57:25   It's not like you never mentioned it.

00:57:27   No.

00:57:28   Yeah.

00:57:28   Yeah.

00:57:29   I believe this was the beginning of the year of Steven, which we're still in.

00:57:33   I also said, uh, which in hindsight, this seems ridiculous that it was allowed.

00:57:40   WBC will introduce a multi-year plan to move the Mac and iOS closer.

00:57:44   Well, duh.

00:57:45   Like, I don't know.

00:57:46   This seems really obvious that this is what's happening with Mars Japan.

00:57:49   Well, but you can say whatever you want in extra pics.

00:57:51   It doesn't matter, right?

00:57:52   It's true. Mm hmm.

00:57:54   Which is good for you because you said some crazy things.

00:57:57   Head pods, which is over ear headphones, and at the 2019,

00:58:00   iPhones start lower priced in the 2018 iPhones.

00:58:03   I still don't think that's crazy.

00:58:04   Those are not crazy.

00:58:05   That's not crazy.

00:58:06   It's not crazy.

00:58:08   I wonder, I think, I don't know if they're going to go to lower price,

00:58:12   even though they did that in some international markets and they sold more

00:58:15   iPhones there than in other quarters so yeah you know supply-demand but I wonder

00:58:19   if the iPhone pricing stays the same or it is lower but it's the same price if

00:58:24   you add the bundle I did not say what territory so I probably would get okay in

00:58:30   India it's okay Wow okay so that's that's yeah you you like to win easy from

00:58:39   that it's just you know well winning in honor do you have any honor well yes

00:58:59   thank you for your congratulations I'm really happy to be the temporary winner

00:59:02   of these 2019 predictions I appreciate your support thank you guys well WWDC is

00:59:07   next and I've got first picks so... And I have a whole list I'm gonna destroy you.

00:59:13   It doesn't matter you know right like yeah my picks one and two I can pick

00:59:18   literally anything I want. Yeah so I don't care I got I got better ones. It

00:59:24   doesn't matter if they're better if I get the points I get the points it

00:59:27   doesn't matter. I feel like we're playing we're playing unfairly. We're not playing unfairly.

00:59:30   There was a process I won it right? No not that I feel like Federico knows

00:59:36   things and I don't know anything I don't talk to nobody nobody talks to me and we all know

00:59:42   what Guillemet told us this is like we can pick whatever we want I'm just gonna go and

00:59:47   pick my favorite things from from Mark Gurman and Guillemet Rambo and they're gonna be picks

00:59:51   one and two and then for risky pick I have to go a little bit off the reservation yeah

00:59:56   oh I want to say actually this is I'm adding another rule in we can't reuse any of our

01:00:02   picks. Interesting. Can't get the same points. Okay. Right. I think you're right. We have

01:00:07   2019 year picks. You can't, we can't reuse the picks for WWDC. Okay. I agree. We have

01:00:12   to pick different stuff. Motion approved. Okay. We put that in the document somewhere,

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01:01:38   So you bought another phone, huh?

01:01:40   Did you get this time?

01:01:43   Another late-life crisis.

01:01:45   Cycling through them.

01:01:48   What's going on here, Steven?

01:01:49   I like this Steven's current, like just in general, his way of just dealing with us is

01:01:55   Silence. I've noticed this recently. You've lost silence.

01:01:59   It's very, yeah, it really is turning into our dead. You know, it's just disappointed in us.

01:02:05   I, for years, have kept an Android phone around. I feel like knowing what is going on in Android

01:02:13   makes me a better Apple commentator because it's important to know all throughout the industry

01:02:21   what's happening. And my previous Android phone was a Nexus five x, it was a couple

01:02:25   versions behind on Android, it's a pretty old phone at this point. And I did not pick

01:02:30   up a pixel two or three because honestly, this is a phone that I I don't use very often,

01:02:35   I just couldn't justify that expense. But the pixel three a, which is was announced

01:02:40   at Google IO a couple weeks ago, is there sort of cheaper entry level mid range phone,

01:02:46   the hit all the things for me. So it was it was a cheaper phone, but still a pixel phone.

01:02:54   So it had the default Android experiences, but I want I don't want my Android phone to

01:03:00   be cluttered up with Samsung junk or you know, something like the OnePlus phones. So I've

01:03:04   looked at before, they use oxygen OS, they're sort of layer of stuff on top of Android,

01:03:08   I want the the pure experience that one plus that new one plus looks incredible. Right?

01:03:14   Have you seen any of the reviews for that?

01:03:17   Yeah, it's all I had in my YouTube sub box.

01:03:21   It was like five or six reviews.

01:03:24   But yeah, it's like $669 which is nice.

01:03:28   I'm not the first person to make that joke, won't be the last.

01:03:32   But it's got the pop out camera and all that kind of stuff.

01:03:35   It looks really good though.

01:03:36   It seems like it's way overpowered for the price.

01:03:39   Seems interesting.

01:03:40   And the Pixel 3a is $399.

01:03:42   So a lot cheaper.

01:03:43   Now there are trade offs here that we should talk about the three a is kind of plastic

01:03:48   back so it is incredibly light like when you pick it up it doesn't weigh a thing.

01:03:52   There's no glass backs there's no wireless charging either.

01:03:55   It has the same camera as the pixel three, but it has a an older CPU.

01:04:01   And at least in my experience with this I've had it like a week and a half I've set it

01:04:06   up I did not put my sim in it so I want to be clear how far I was willing to go because

01:04:11   I miss his lock in Israel.

01:04:12   But slack, Twitter, email, everything else I would normally do on my iPhone that I have

01:04:19   set up on the pixel, I've been using the pixel for for the better part of a week and a half.

01:04:24   And I really feel like I've spent a lot of time with it much more than I have in the

01:04:29   past.

01:04:30   And, you know, the hardware is is snappy enough.

01:04:33   It's not the fastest phone I've ever used.

01:04:35   There is a concern out there that Android phones pixels in particular, for some reason,

01:04:41   slower over time before they should that they don't age very well if that happens

01:04:48   with this phone this phone is going to be a mess because it's already a couple

01:04:51   generations behind as far as its CPU and if that slows down over time that's

01:04:56   gonna be rough. In Dieter Bohn's review on the verge in his YouTube video you

01:05:01   can see he like puts the 3a and 3 next to each other you can you can really see

01:05:07   that there is a difference, like it is noticeable.

01:05:10   And like you're saying, it feels fine when you're using it,

01:05:13   but when you compare it to what is available now

01:05:16   in the higher classes of CPUs, you can see the difference.

01:05:20   So I think it's gonna be intriguing to see what happens

01:05:23   to that phone over time.

01:05:25   - Yeah, absolutely.

01:05:27   But you know, for a secondary device, that's fine for me.

01:05:32   I will say the Pixel camera is super impressive.

01:05:36   It takes great shots in bright light.

01:05:39   It takes incredible shots in low light.

01:05:42   It has the night sight feature where you can basically shoot in the dark

01:05:46   and see well beyond what the human eye can see.

01:05:49   The camera is really great, and I'm glad that they brought that to this

01:05:53   cheaper entry because that's really the hardware that makes the pixel stand out

01:05:57   just head and shoulders above a lot of its competition.

01:06:01   Samsung has good cameras, too, but the pixel, if you just want to buy

01:06:05   Android phone for the camera, the pixel three or now the three a totally the way to go. It's really

01:06:11   made me reconsider what Apple is doing with its cameras. And I think for a long time, the iPhone

01:06:17   was the best smartphone camera. I don't think that's true anymore. And I think that seeing what

01:06:23   Google and others are doing really shows where Apple is sort of focused on some things and let

01:06:29   other things go. And yeah, it's a single camera. So you know, you don't have the zoom, you don't

01:06:34   have the wide angle that you do on other phones, it's rumored to come to the iPhone.

01:06:38   But for a single lens setup, the quality you get out of it is is really remarkable. And I

01:06:43   really give them props for leaning into that. I know you have felt the similar way about your

01:06:48   your pixel three.

01:06:49   I think the camera's better. It's not. It's not about whether the camera's better, the images

01:06:56   that you get from the phone are better, because it's happening in the processing, right? Like,

01:06:59   that's where Google is shining because they have whatever they have to make the images look as good

01:07:04   as they do. So you know, I think it's, I think that it continues to surprise me whenever I use

01:07:12   it, just how good it is. Are you running the current version of Android? Are you running the

01:07:18   cube beta? I'm not on the beta just because for this conversation, I wanted to run what the stock

01:07:25   version is. And that does lead to some issues. So one thing that has been talked about in the

01:07:31   Apple community is that the next version of Android has very iPhone 10 like gestures to go home and

01:07:40   enter multitasking. And on Android, nine pi, the current version, they're like only halfway

01:07:48   implemented. So like you still you tap the home indicator to go home, instead of swiping up. And

01:07:53   And it's sort of weird coming from an iPhone X,

01:07:55   or especially going back and forth the last 10 days or so.

01:07:59   Oh, boy, have I gotten confused a few times.

01:08:01   So I understand why Google has done it.

01:08:05   There's a really good episode of the Verge cast

01:08:07   we'll put in the show notes where

01:08:09   Nilay and Dieter interviewed some Android executives

01:08:12   at Google.

01:08:12   And they really pushed them on this of like, hey,

01:08:14   did you just rip off the iPhone, which is what a lot of Apple

01:08:17   types are saying?

01:08:18   And they basically said, well, it's what people want,

01:08:20   and we think it's a really good system.

01:08:22   And I think it is.

01:08:23   And I think there's reasons that Apple got to where they are.

01:08:27   I guess the answer is yes, then?

01:08:29   The answer seems to be yes.

01:08:30   And honestly, I don't get worked up about that sort of stuff.

01:08:32   Everyone steals ideas from everybody.

01:08:35   I don't care if you're going to own up to it.

01:08:37   Yeah.

01:08:37   There's a lot of things in Android I wish iOS would copy,

01:08:40   one of which I've thought for a really long time

01:08:43   that we'll talk about in a second.

01:08:44   So all in all, I've been really impressed with this phone.

01:08:48   And the bigger thing, though, of course, is the software.

01:08:51   So for people who have tried this coming from the iPhone, you always going to run into apps

01:08:56   that are iOS only.

01:08:57   So like overcast, for instance, was how listen to my podcasts, not on Android.

01:09:01   And so this is a podcast list phone for me.

01:09:04   But I will say the number of apps that I use on a daily basis that are on both platforms

01:09:12   and are good on both platforms that list is better than ever.

01:09:16   And there are there really only a few apps that I use on a daily basis that aren't here.

01:09:20   overcast is in here. Day one has an Android version, but their Android version does not

01:09:26   support their end to end encryption. So I was not going to unencrypt my journals to

01:09:33   use it on this phone. So I don't have day one on here. But you know, slack, Twitter,

01:09:39   YouTube, Apple music, which is feels really weird on Android. It's very strange Dropbox,

01:09:44   Instagram nest, like these things that I use every day Instapaper. They're on here and

01:09:50   They are perfectly fine equivalents to what's on iOS.

01:09:53   Some of them, like the Nest app in particular, which I've complained about on

01:09:56   the show before, is actually really good on Android because you can make shortcuts

01:10:00   on the home screen to go to individual cameras to quickly turn them on and off.

01:10:04   We're going to talk about that in a minute.

01:10:06   I want to talk about Nest actually before we finish today.

01:10:09   Yeah. Rest in peace, Nest.

01:10:11   But and the Google Assistant, like, isn't a contest.

01:10:16   Everyone circles around what Apple is doing with Siri and

01:10:19   And that is something that is not not good that they're killing them there.

01:10:25   So I've been really happy with it.

01:10:27   And I'm not going to switch because there are iOS apps that I do depend on.

01:10:31   And I prefer the experience of iOS.

01:10:34   But honestly, the degree to which I prefer it is less and less over time as Android gets

01:10:41   better and better.

01:10:43   It is.

01:10:44   Oh, it is good.

01:10:46   Like they seem I mean, I Oh, they didn't show.

01:10:49   bunch of stuff that was that exciting except for like I liked the Google

01:10:53   Assistant working locally so it's like super fast doesn't need to go out to the

01:10:57   web anymore but it was I don't know unless they're gonna show off more later

01:11:01   in the year it doesn't seem like a crazy good feature release to be honest like

01:11:07   it just if if this is what Apple did at WWDC I'd be kind of I'd be kind of

01:11:12   frustrated I don't want to talk about Nest though because you mentioned it so

01:11:17   So at Google IO, Google effectively killed Nest. What do they call it? I was called Google

01:11:24   Nest.

01:11:25   Mm hmm. And so they they're doing a couple of things here. The brand. So Nest was an

01:11:30   outside company. They bought it several years ago.

01:11:35   And they kept it kind of outside, didn't they as well?

01:11:38   They did. It was it was inside Google and then it was an alphabet and then it was like,

01:11:42   it's moved around a lot. They fired basically anyone who's ever run a department at Nest.

01:11:46   It's been a bloodbath.

01:11:47   At the same time, Google had the Google Home products

01:11:50   and they have basically merged those things,

01:11:53   which I think makes sense.

01:11:55   Like why would you have two smart home,

01:11:57   effectively brands or companies in your company,

01:11:59   like put them together.

01:12:01   But I think Nest is going to lose out on that.

01:12:04   So like the new Google Home,

01:12:06   which is like the little home pod with the screen

01:12:08   that goes in your kitchen,

01:12:09   that's now branded Google Home Nest or Google Nest Home,

01:12:13   or it has like a super long confusing name and-

01:12:15   Nest Hub and they have a new one called the Google Nest Hub Max which is a 10

01:12:19   inch display. That's quite the mouthful. But the core Nest features and

01:12:26   products, the cameras, the security system, the smoke alarm, they haven't done enough

01:12:31   with that. I worry now that they're never going to get around to improving them.

01:12:37   Simple things like I have the security system in my office and I have a camera

01:12:41   right in my office looking at the door and the windows.

01:12:43   And if the camera is turned off,

01:12:46   but the office is armed and the alarm goes off,

01:12:50   I should be able to tell it to turn the camera on.

01:12:53   Best I can tell, I can't link those things.

01:12:56   I can't say, hey, when I arm the office,

01:13:00   turn the camera on.

01:13:01   Like why can't I build--

01:13:03   - What is the point of that?

01:13:04   That's stupid.

01:13:05   - It's all like individual things.

01:13:06   And you can do some things with like geolocation.

01:13:08   So we have, you know, some cameras come on

01:13:10   if we both leave the house, but they need more of this sort of like a macro

01:13:14   control that they just don't have.

01:13:16   And I just worry that stuff is never going to happen.

01:13:19   And it's kind of made worse that Google has basically shut off access to Nest

01:13:24   partner program where you can interact with the Nest stuff through other services

01:13:29   and other partners.

01:13:30   And they say they're going to relaunch it and like they're building it to be more

01:13:34   secure. But they just killed all of it.

01:13:36   Well, what they're doing is what they're doing is now they've killed off

01:13:40   works with Nest, which is what you were talking about.

01:13:43   Now it all has to be through Google Assistant.

01:13:45   It's all Google Assistant now.

01:13:47   So apparently they're going to try and make some stuff better

01:13:51   with Google Assistant.

01:13:51   But a lot of the third party companies

01:13:54   have been issuing a bunch of statements about the fact

01:13:57   that some of the stuff that they do straight up

01:14:00   will not work with Google Assistant.

01:14:02   Like with what Google Assistant can do today, it won't work.

01:14:05   And Google didn't tell any of the companies in the Works

01:14:08   Nest program that they were doing this. Everybody found out during Google I/O.

01:14:13   Google says that they're doing it for privacy, which I believe, right, it's like I'm not saying

01:14:21   that they're lying, like I believe them, that's why they're doing it, that they feel that this

01:14:25   is a better method, right, to not let people tie directly into the products but to go through this

01:14:29   layer, but it seems like it's making it more difficult for owners. Like IFTTT support is going

01:14:36   away. Google Assistant has way less hooks into the Nest products than works with nested,

01:14:41   and they're not planning to replace that functionality. If I was somebody like you,

01:14:46   Steven, who bought quite heavily into Nest, I'd be really annoyed about this.

01:14:49   I am. And so I recently had a family member, I helped them install a bunch of ring products,

01:14:56   so several cameras in the security system. It's all owned by Amazon now. I'm telling you,

01:15:01   Like if I was starting over today, if I, if I already wasn't like several

01:15:06   hundred dollars into nest, I'll probably almost a thousand dollars into nest

01:15:09   hardware around my house.

01:15:10   Cause I got the thermostat too.

01:15:11   And a bunch of other stuff.

01:15:12   I would go to ring, like it all works better together.

01:15:16   The app is better, especially on iOS.

01:15:18   The software is easier to understand nest.

01:15:21   Like the nest app is downright confusing in places and like ring has got it

01:15:26   figured out and ring actually ships new products.

01:15:29   You can get doorbells, which now Nest has, but you can do motion lights with cameras,

01:15:34   like all of these things that Nest just, they've been too busy infighting to actually

01:15:39   innovate on anything and it's really frustrating.

01:15:42   You would hope that that's part of why Google did this,

01:15:45   so they could actually start shipping products, right, with Nest branding on them.

01:15:49   This ring is killing them.

01:15:51   But like, I believe it's the privacy stuff, right? Like the Nest,

01:15:55   whatever that Nest system was, was just not secure enough for what they wanted to do.

01:16:00   Because all of Google I/O was focused around talking about consumer privacy,

01:16:06   and like a lot of the features that they were talking about was about giving users access

01:16:10   to privacy. I think Google are really scared of what Facebook has done to consumer trust

01:16:15   in technology companies, because Google really needs that data. And I think they are worried

01:16:22   that people are going to start to get more skittish about where their data is going.

01:16:27   So they just were constantly talking about privacy controls and practices,

01:16:32   like throughout the entire presentation. I think that they're a little bit concerned right now,

01:16:37   which is good. Probably not good if you have Nest products, it would seem,

01:16:42   but like I think it's good in general. Yeah. So I think I just don't have faith

01:16:46   that Google's going to handle Nest well because they haven't handled it well since they bought

01:16:50   And I mean, it really is frustrating as a customer and a long time customer.

01:16:54   I've paid them lots of money over the years and to see what my family members

01:16:58   been able to do with ring products.

01:17:00   It's like, I mean, I don't, I'm not going to switch, like I'm way too deep,

01:17:04   but I could see if someone's coming new to this market, like I would say,

01:17:10   don't, don't invest in nest at this point heavily because the future seems so

01:17:14   uncertain.

01:17:15   Did you don't have any nest products?

01:17:16   Do you?

01:17:17   No, no, never got any.

01:17:19   At some point I did some research but it was impossible to buy a Nest product in Italy.

01:17:26   You couldn't order them from Google.

01:17:29   So I had to...

01:17:30   I found some sketchy guy on eBay but I didn't like that.

01:17:34   For home security stuff I think you could just buy what's available to you.

01:17:37   I don't think it's worth messing around with that.

01:17:40   Yeah I've never...

01:17:41   I mean if I had a heating system that could have used a Nest thermostat I would have gone

01:17:47   with one. But we don't have a system that can support it. And I thought about the smoke alarms

01:17:53   as well. But again, we're not allowed to replace them. So I've just never just never bothered with

01:17:58   any of that kind of stuff. And like it's never if you're into home kit, let's like the echo be stuff

01:18:04   works with home kit to a degree. I know, Frederick, you play with cameras that work with home kit.

01:18:08   If that's important to you, like, neither honestly, neither ring nor nest is going to be

01:18:14   up your alley. So like you have to make all these decisions about ecosystem before you populate your

01:18:19   home with smart home stuff. And I'm just looking forward to the day where that's not true.

01:18:23   All of the echo integration with Ness is going to die. It's also going to all going to die and

01:18:27   won't be replaced. Geez. It just seems like the wrong move. There's an article in the show notes

01:18:32   that the Verge wrote up and they have like just this box in the middle, which is just like a list

01:18:36   of the most popular integrations that will just straight up die and probably will never come back.

01:18:40   And like the Echo, the Echo stuff makes the most sense because Amazon and Google are not

01:18:46   going to work together very well on this.

01:18:49   So that's all going to die.

01:18:50   So the ability to adjust the thermostat, display the Nest camera feeds on the show, like that's

01:18:54   all going away.

01:18:55   Good times.

01:18:56   Thanks, Google.

01:18:57   Thanks, guys.

01:18:58   Thanks for the phone, but please fix Nest.

01:19:00   Does that do it?

01:19:02   Are we done?

01:19:03   I think so.

01:19:04   I think so.

01:19:05   Feels like a show.

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01:19:33   iPad client.

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