242: An Incredible Critique of Modern Capitalism


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 242.

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00:00:18   I'm your host, Stephen Hackett, and I am joined

00:00:20   because it is an even episode.

00:00:21   He is going first, Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:24   - Hello, Stephen Hackett, how are you?

00:00:26   - I'm doing well.

00:00:27   We're back.

00:00:28   We're talking before we hit record.

00:00:30   May is a weird time in our world

00:00:32   because WBC is like coming, it's on the horizon, looming.

00:00:36   But May is like sometimes it's quiet,

00:00:38   sometimes it's busy, and at least this week,

00:00:40   it's very busy, so I'm excited to get into this.

00:00:44   - May is sort of like a fake summer month.

00:00:47   Like you can tell that it's almost summer,

00:00:49   but it's not, but it's warmer than spring,

00:00:52   at least in Italy, so it's like fake summer.

00:00:54   I don't like it.

00:00:55   It's like, it's a countdown to summer.

00:00:58   and it just makes me anxious for the actual,

00:01:02   for the true summer to arrive.

00:01:03   - The days count down, the temperature ticks up.

00:01:06   - Yeah, yeah.

00:01:08   - We are also joined by Myke Hurley.

00:01:11   - Take your time.

00:01:12   - Oh yeah, the other guy.

00:01:14   - I'll just sit here and wait.

00:01:15   You guys sit and talk about the weather for a minute.

00:01:17   Solid minute.

00:01:18   - I think it would be fun when episode,

00:01:20   well I'm ruining it now,

00:01:20   but if I just didn't introduce one of y'all

00:01:22   and in the second topic we jumped in.

00:01:25   Like Federico, what do you think about this?

00:01:27   Maybe that's a trick for the live show. Just come out, sit in silence on the stage,

00:01:33   waiting, just waiting. Or maybe under the table and then you just pop up. Or we shoot you out of

00:01:38   a cannon and you appear in the second topic. Sure, why not. I feel like we have insurance for that.

00:01:43   Maybe that's my surprise. I need to call the theater, can y'all give me a minute?

00:01:52   We spoke about the end of Aperture and Myke, you wanted to hear from people who were still

00:01:58   using Aperture and you have a page and a half in the Google doc to now enter into the record.

00:02:03   Yep, I made a promise. I asked listeners to write in if they're still using Aperture and if they did,

00:02:11   I would mention them. So they did and so here they are. This is like

00:02:14   a complete roll call of the rest of Aperture's user base. We have Matthew Carbone who is a pro

00:02:21   photographer who's kept an Aputure library until last week. Ben Cardy is using Aputure

00:02:30   because he doesn't want to have everything in his iCloud photo library and doesn't want a

00:02:36   subscription product. Ben Cardy also, he should have used Cardy B honestly. He should. Why Ben?

00:02:45   Do you want to try and say it? I was about to try and say it but I can't roll my R's and then

00:02:51   too embarrassed. Okay? You don't know Cardi B's catchphrase? Oh, I'm the coolest. Don't

00:02:59   worry everyone, I'm the coolest. Yes, okay. Well, I know the songs, I just don't know

00:03:03   the characters. She has a specific catchphrase, so now I am the coolest of all of us. Martin

00:03:07   Kuhn is a current user of Aperture and is saddened by the slow decline of the app. I mean,

00:03:12   it's dead now, Martin. Oh, that's so sad. I really like this version. Version one was terrible,

00:03:17   Version two was quite tolerable.

00:03:19   Version three was true joy.

00:03:20   I've never heard of this app, but Martin is moving to an app called Lunina by Skylum Software.

00:03:28   I don't know this application.

00:03:30   Steph has been using Aperture for over 10 years with thousands of e-commerce product photos.

00:03:36   And the reason that Steph uses Aperture is to keep them out of the photo library.

00:03:41   Which I get that, right?

00:03:43   Like if it's like a separate place, that's the problem with moving to something like photos is

00:03:48   if you're a professional, like that is not an option because then you end up with just all this

00:03:53   crap in your iCloud photo library, right? Like it's just stuff that you don't want.

00:03:56   Or you can set up multiple photos libraries. You can pull the option key when it launches and

00:04:02   create or choose a different library, but that gets, I'd imagine the overhead on that, like the

00:04:06   mental overhead is pretty bad. It's like, Oh no, what library am I in? And moving things back and

00:04:12   and forth between them would be a pain.

00:04:14   So yeah, it's not, I hadn't really considered this use of Aperture and like a bunch of these

00:04:18   people mentioned it that they're using it to like hide photos from iCloud.

00:04:21   It's pretty interesting.

00:04:22   After receiving this tweet, I decided I want to change my name.

00:04:26   This tweet comes from Tristan Wedgebury, which is just what a name, right?

00:04:31   Tristan Wedgebury?

00:04:33   Yes.

00:04:34   Wonderful.

00:04:35   Tristan is now looking at a thing called On One Photo as a replacement.

00:04:40   I've never heard of this application.

00:04:42   One of the reasons that I included these tweets

00:04:44   is because there are these applications I've never

00:04:45   heard of before, and I thought maybe it

00:04:47   would be helpful for people.

00:04:48   Sam Rubin says, "I still use Aperture.

00:04:51   I hate it, but I pay for it once.

00:04:54   So my brain won't let me stop using it until it breaks."

00:04:57   So really, Apple has freed Sam from the shackles

00:05:01   of his own brain, which I guess is a good thing.

00:05:03   And Jordan's dad uses Aperture, but he

00:05:09   wrote in to let us know that again similarly why didn't the dad writing I

00:05:14   don't know Jordan you need to get your dad to listen to connected I guess you

00:05:18   especially can now because he has been explicitly mentioned I don't have

00:05:22   Jordan's dad's name Jones that well I mean what what is this follow-up for

00:05:26   your parents like doesn't make any sense this is kids follow-ups when Steven does

00:05:32   follow up is follow up for your parents well we need to get Jordan's dad on the

00:05:36   show properly. I think we might be going a little bit too far there. Maybe Joram's death

00:05:43   is my surprise. Who knows? Now that would be almost like prestige level. Creepy. Consider

00:05:54   we're still in my section of follow-up, I want to talk about the Galaxy Fold again.

00:05:58   Are we still doing this? Myke you need to let it go honestly. No, no, no, you know why I won't let

00:06:03   it go because Samsung won't let it go either. They have released, they contacted all of the pre-order

00:06:09   customers. Remember I mentioned this, that they were going to contact pre-order customers? The reason

00:06:13   they're doing this by the way is because there's some like US regulation where they have to, like

00:06:17   they can't just leave these people just like out there. Basically they've said they cannot give

00:06:22   any estimate on when it's going to ship and they are giving these customers until May 31st to

00:06:27   confirm if they want to keep their pre-orders otherwise they'll refund them. I would also like

00:06:32   to know from anybody who is going to keep their pre-order. If there is anyone out there in our

00:06:38   audience that has pre-ordered a Galaxy Fold and is going to keep that pre-order, I want to give you

00:06:43   like a medal, right? Because like your belief in Samsung, that's kind of a belief that I want in

00:06:50   my life, but I'm still holding out hope because my my feelings remain that Samsung, they do it,

00:06:56   they will do everything they can to ship this product no matter what happens, but...

00:07:01   This has become your air power, Myke.

00:07:04   100%, yes.

00:07:06   Yes.

00:07:07   That is true.

00:07:08   I have a question, though, about the metal.

00:07:10   What if one of your parents ordered a Galaxy Fold?

00:07:14   I can't let it go.

00:07:15   It has to be you.

00:07:16   And I will give you a metal that can fold in half

00:07:21   and will immediately break.

00:07:22   This made of plastic.

00:07:24   It will fold once, and it will immediately break,

00:07:26   like all metals.

00:07:28   OK.

00:07:28   So do you think this is ever actually happening?

00:07:30   Yep.

00:07:31   This is really, you still believe at some point, right?

00:07:34   It's going to happen at some point.

00:07:35   But, but what I'm asking is, do you think this phone in like the next six months,

00:07:41   there will be a phone called the galaxy.

00:07:43   I believe there will be a phone called the galaxy fault that releases in 2019.

00:07:48   It might look a little bit different.

00:07:51   It has to look a little bit different to this, but that you will be able to point

00:07:54   it and be like, that was that phone.

00:07:56   That's what I believe.

00:07:59   I just don't know. I can't make up my mind. I just I don't know. I just don't know.

00:08:05   It's just going to have a little like piece of rubber that goes over it. Although just

00:08:09   ship it with a case and like please don't take out the case like something right like

00:08:13   just whatever. But they'll find a way. Love finds a way.

00:08:18   The Powerbeats Pro are out. People are reviewing them. People seem happy with them. So I know

00:08:25   Nine to five, I spent some time with them.

00:08:27   Rene Ritchie had a video about them,

00:08:29   I think yesterday or today,

00:08:31   and it seems like it's pretty much what we expected.

00:08:35   They're kind of bigger and bulkier than AirPods,

00:08:37   but you get really good battery life.

00:08:40   And I think the thing that I've been most surprised with

00:08:42   or most impressed with is people seem to really like

00:08:45   the way they sound.

00:08:46   And I think I probably come to beats with the idea

00:08:51   or like the memory that the audio was really bad in the early days.

00:08:57   Like just bass heavy and not accurate and it seems like, I don't know if that's still

00:09:01   true, but it seems like these at least when compared to the AirPods are getting favorable

00:09:06   reviews and I think that's exciting.

00:09:08   I think it's cool to have options using this technology.

00:09:10   One of my favorite things that I've read about this came from Zach Hall at 9to5Mac who did

00:09:16   their kind of like hands on impressions and he's talking about how he thinks that they

00:09:20   sound better than AirPods and he says it's kind of like when AirPods when you press each

00:09:25   earphone into your ears with your finger it sounds like that except you don't have to

00:09:30   press them in.

00:09:31   Which is a really good way to test if you're gonna like the sound.

00:09:35   Because you know if you push they sound better right because the isolation is better.

00:09:41   That's what these are like.

00:09:44   And the Powerbeats Pro come with I think three or four different sized tips so you can actually

00:09:49   get a good fit in your ear. Like for me the AirPods fit okay they could fit better but they don't fall

00:09:54   out but anytime you can seal more of the air off on the outside they are going to sound better and

00:10:01   more full and this is a way to do that you know without having to hot glue them in. So they don't

00:10:07   have wireless charging I don't know if that was something we knew or not I don't remember but

00:10:12   but they did. Yeah. Um, but they get nine hours of battery life between charges and

00:10:18   the AirPods get five and it's just cause they're bigger, right? You could put a bigger battery

00:10:21   in it, but so that is convenient. The case looks massive though, like way too big for

00:10:25   a pocket. Yeah, it's big. I think, I think it is too big for, for a pocket. And I mean

00:10:32   that the power beats pro are bigger cause they have like the ear loop. What does that

00:10:36   thing have a name? Let's just call it an ear loop. I think it's called the ear. Call it

00:10:42   an ear loop. Maybe a hook. Yeah, I'll go with that too. That sounds like I don't want a

00:10:46   hook in my ear. Would you want a loop in your ear? Why is a loop better than a... Well, a

00:10:49   loop over the ear is better than a hook through the ear, as Ben Franklin said. It's not a

00:10:55   hook through the ear, they're not piercing your ears. No one said that. You could put

00:11:00   it, it's over the ear. You said through. You said through. Yeah. I'm sorry. They're called

00:11:08   ear hooks. Adjustable secure ear hooks for lightweight comfort and stability. On the

00:11:14   Apple's website it doesn't say anything about going in.

00:11:17   Were you thinking of Captain Hook? A little bit, to be honest.

00:11:21   Captain Ear hooks. What's that like? I don't know man. That would be like super

00:11:29   strange hand. It's like an air pod. No, like a power beat on the end of his wrist.

00:11:34   No, it's just a human ear on the end of his finger.

00:11:38   Oh God, that doesn't make any sense. That doesn't make any sense. That's not how Captain

00:11:43   Hook works.

00:11:44   Okay, can we talk about controls? Let's bring this back on track.

00:11:47   No, we should talk about how they're not available in Italy.

00:11:50   They're not available in the UK either. I think it's US only right now.

00:11:53   Is it US only?

00:11:54   Yes, I was waiting because 9to5Mac said they were going to be available for pre-order Friday,

00:12:01   I think. But maybe I didn't read it. Maybe they didn't mention it. But I was waiting

00:12:06   Friday. I haven't been able to find any information

00:12:09   about this Federica I've been looking. Yeah.

00:12:12   I was reading all the articles. No one's saying it's in the US only, but it seems like you

00:12:16   cannot order it. So the black is all that's available now anywhere and the other colors

00:12:21   are coming soon. But outside of the US, it's in the Apple Store app, but it just won't

00:12:26   let me add it to the bag. And then it says delivery coming soon.

00:12:29   coming soon yeah and like so in the United States the three colors say the

00:12:36   same thing coming soon but the black don't ship until the middle of June so

00:12:43   well I think you might have just missed the window maybe maybe the people are

00:12:47   going crazy with it they're not many of them or whatever but it's not this is

00:12:51   not a product you can just walk into an Apple store and buy right now is what

00:12:54   we're saying anywhere this is gonna be a Federico Vittucci Apple store purchase

00:12:59   us in San Jose I think. Absolutely. I think that's happening. I need to surprise Sylvia with them.

00:13:07   I'm sure she doesn't listen to the show so you know she just doesn't care about my podcasts.

00:13:13   No it's kind of sad sometimes right that feeling? Of your family not caring about your job? Yes it

00:13:20   is. Yeah like so Idina listens to a few of my shows but like I have she listens to Analog

00:13:28   and cortex i think i think that's it oh and i'm genius just so ingenious too yes i got one um

00:13:35   sorry federico she's completely uninterested in anything that we do together yeah but that's good

00:13:41   because it means we can keep our relationship secret uh so i have friends of mine who tell me

00:13:47   that their parents listen to their shows right yeah jordan's dad's listening right now yeah

00:13:52   Exactly. And I think to myself, like, my mum has never shown any, literally any interest.

00:13:59   Like she loves it. She's very excited. She always wants to know what I'm doing,

00:14:02   but she's never once like said to me, I would like to listen to that. Never. It's never come up.

00:14:10   Yeah. I mentioned my mum before she tries to use Google translate to read my stories.

00:14:15   And she always asks what I'm doing. Like whenever I say I'm busy, she always asks,

00:14:21   Did something happen? Like, nothing happened. I'm just working.

00:14:26   Well, she knows what you're like. You know, at any moment you could say, "Oh, my arm fell

00:14:31   off or something." Because that's just how you are to your poor, poor, poor, poor mother.

00:14:35   Yeah. Well...

00:14:36   My mom did tell me the other day, she just sent me a text message and she's like, "Oh,

00:14:40   nice new picture." I'm like, "What are you talking about?" She's like, "Your Twitter

00:14:43   avatar." And I was like, "Oh, no. What is happening now?"

00:14:47   She's following you. My mom follows me. My mom follows me.

00:14:50   Does she?

00:14:51   My mom doesn't have a Twitter account.

00:14:53   So I got a little upset when she started following me because then I realized, you know, people are gonna follow you back because they're gonna realize, you know, people can be creepy.

00:15:02   So I think she stopped following me, but she still gets notifications from Twitter via email.

00:15:07   Did you get unfollowed by your mother?

00:15:09   Yeah, I told her to unfollow me.

00:15:11   What's worse?

00:15:12   I mean, I told her to unfollow me.

00:15:14   But she still receives highlights from Twitter via email.

00:15:18   Oh.

00:15:19   Yeah, it's like she gets like, Federica Vitti, she tweeted and like it's some stupid screenshot

00:15:26   from some shortcut that I did. She's like, what is that? What is that photo that you

00:15:31   shared? It's like, it's not a photo, man.

00:15:34   I think my mom just just types my name into Google. I think that's what happens. And then

00:15:39   just like, because she'll tell me things every now and then. And I'm like, what is happening?

00:15:44   Like what do you know about this?

00:15:45   For a while my mom just had twitter.com/ismh bookmarked in Firefox.

00:15:50   She didn't have a Twitter account.

00:15:52   She just went to my Twitter page.

00:15:54   If you google Myke Hurley I can imagine your mom saying, "Ah, so you're the co-founder

00:15:59   of Relay FM and that British guy you keep hearing on podcasts."

00:16:03   Oh my god, I didn't even say that.

00:16:05   Oh, that's right there.

00:16:06   On the Relay FM.

00:16:07   On the Relay website?

00:16:08   Is that what it says?

00:16:10   Okay, so they're not in Italy.

00:16:12   They're only here and they're not really here.

00:16:15   I do want to talk about the controls.

00:16:17   So the AirPods, right, you just talk to them now

00:16:19   or you tap them and some sort of SOS code

00:16:22   and things happen.

00:16:24   But the PowerBeats Pro are basically covered in buttons.

00:16:27   There's volume buttons, the big B button on the side

00:16:32   does something, it's like basically a keyboard

00:16:35   attached to your face.

00:16:36   And I don't know how I feel about that.

00:16:38   On one hand, if I think about, these are, you know,

00:16:42   I guess designed or it's supposed to be used while you're working out and maybe your hands

00:16:47   are sweaty.

00:16:48   You could just like hit a button and not have to worry about anything touch sensitive or

00:16:53   tapping.

00:16:54   You wouldn't be hitting a button, right?

00:16:56   You would have to like, so you couldn't, I bet you can't just tap it.

00:17:00   You'd have to like support it with your thumb underneath and then press it.

00:17:03   Just smash it into your ear.

00:17:05   I mean, that's what your head's there for.

00:17:06   I guess it's what the ear hooks for, right?

00:17:09   It won't come out.

00:17:10   Yeah.

00:17:11   That's what the ear hooks for.

00:17:12   there. It goes right in, that's why you put it in. Is this really better than the

00:17:16   AirPods though? I don't know, it's definitely just different. No, it's

00:17:20   different. I think it's, like the AirPods being touch sensitive is good,

00:17:25   but you have to do the thing where you hit yourself on the side of the head,

00:17:29   which I don't enjoy. Well, is it really hitting yourself in the, like, that's a

00:17:33   bit of an exaggeration. It's not like you're punching yourself. I don't like the feeling of tapping the thing into my ear, I just don't like the way it feels.

00:17:40   feels. It feels like brutal, like in a way that... Like a medical examination? It's just

00:17:46   like I don't feel like I should have to personally feel when I'm interacting with my technology.

00:17:52   Like I don't want my body to have to feel another feeling other than just my finger

00:17:57   tapping a thing. Well you obviously don't wear an Apple Watch anymore, so that's obvious.

00:18:02   Well no but that's the pleasant thing, right? It's like imagine if, imagine if you're holding

00:18:07   your phone and every time you tap something on your phone your phone kind of poked you

00:18:12   right in the other hand right no one would want that like that's not what you want and

00:18:17   that's kind of what the AirPods are like.

00:18:19   The AirPods are not poking you, you're fucking them.

00:18:20   No but it's like you feel the the force right of the tap because I feel like if I ever tap

00:18:25   it to the level of that I want it never does anything so you have to like you have to give

00:18:29   it a thunk.

00:18:30   It's unpleasant it's unpleasant okay okay but it's still better than though like supporting

00:18:36   That's it, right? It's like, yeah, the physical buttons is good, but then it's not as convenient.

00:18:42   It's a thing you have to spend more mental energy doing.

00:18:49   Because you can get it wrong because you have multiple buttons that are tiny. I guess maybe

00:18:56   that requires more attention too. Although with the tapping on the AirPods, I have them set up

00:19:01   up to the same thing because I can never remember what I had set on the right one

00:19:05   and what I had set on the left one. You can't set them I know I know everyone's

00:19:09   gonna write and tell us how perfect and 100% hit rate that they have with this

00:19:13   but I don't. You can't set them as different things because that's too much.

00:19:16   I also very regularly only use one. Oh okay well then that's a bigger problem.

00:19:20   This is gonna make me sound old but all of these controls are never gonna beat

00:19:24   the inline controls on the wired headphones. It's never gonna be better.

00:19:28   You're not wrong. That was an ingenious solution.

00:19:31   The way that that thing was shaped, right, when they put the divot in the middle of it,

00:19:36   right, like, you're never gonna beat that.

00:19:40   I have never, ever used those.

00:19:42   What? How?

00:19:43   I never figured out what they did. I can never remember what the...

00:19:47   Yeah, I swear.

00:19:49   I believe you.

00:19:49   I never, ever used those controls. I just couldn't... I never got it right. Like,

00:19:55   I was constantly fiddling with the little plastic thing and I could never

00:19:59   tell like I would just take the the earbuds off because it was easier. But

00:20:04   then you never paused anything? I was never pausing man, never. I'm stopped. The world can stop, I ain't stopping.

00:20:13   I can one-up the inline wired remote with the all-time best remote for playback.

00:20:23   I'm putting it in the chatroom now. Is this a iPod the Hi-Fi? What is this? No, no, the

00:20:30   iPod wired remote. Oh no, I knew you were gonna say this. I have one of these. I

00:20:34   didn't like this thing because you had to physically clip it to yourself. What

00:20:37   is this? What is this? It went in the top of the iPod with the iPod accessory port

00:20:42   so like the... Hey, this isn't the legit one is it? Third and fourth gen. This is it.

00:20:48   Third and fourth gen. I mean the description of this is totally wrong but

00:20:52   it went to the third and fourth gen iPod.

00:20:54   So I used one of these, I had my iPod in my car,

00:20:57   and I ran this right behind the gear shift

00:21:00   so I could just like reach down

00:21:01   and skip a track very easily without looking.

00:21:05   And then the headphone jack went into the stereo.

00:21:07   It was great.

00:21:08   This was peak music control.

00:21:10   - Yeah, I didn't like it

00:21:11   'cause you had to clip this onto yourself.

00:21:12   So you had so many, you had just so much cable.

00:21:16   Like just so much cable.

00:21:17   - Yeah, it's like a mile long with a lot of cable.

00:21:19   - This shipped with a shorter headphone cable, right?

00:21:23   - Maybe, I'm not sure. - I think it did.

00:21:27   - Anyways, that was peak iPod control, in my opinion.

00:21:30   - Before we move on, I have some secret,

00:21:34   unannounced follow-up that I say

00:21:37   does a surprise for you too.

00:21:38   But no, you both know what I'm about to say,

00:21:41   it's just, it's not in the document.

00:21:44   I gave it a honest try for three months, maybe more,

00:21:49   I'm done with Evernote. I'm out.

00:21:54   Are we just playing the hits at this point? Is that what this podcast has become?

00:21:59   We just play the hits now, we're like Evernote, ah, and then soon photo sharing is gonna get killed again.

00:22:04   Like, what are we doing?

00:22:06   Look, I'm on the record as I'm gonna rediscover, I'm gonna give Evernote another chance.

00:22:14   I'm gonna try it again. I wrote it on Club Max Stories and I believed in that

00:22:19   experiment so much I put it on Max Stories for free for everybody. And I

00:22:26   said I'm gonna try for a few months, I'm gonna move all of my notes into

00:22:29   Avernote and I'm gonna see how it goes. There's a lot of potential here. The

00:22:33   company CEO promised that we're gonna be faster with updates in January, so it's

00:22:40   May and it's just driving me crazy in the sense that when I open the app on my

00:22:47   iPhone or my iPad Pro it always hangs and just isn't unresponsive like it does

00:22:57   not receive touch input. Well because it's one of those applications that you know everything is a

00:23:02   WebView. Yes. Right. So if it's been a while since the last time that I used

00:23:07   Evernote like, I don't know, like an hour ago, and then I reopen Evernote. It's, it

00:23:13   doesn't do anything. It just stops responding to anything. I need to force-quit the app

00:23:19   and reopen the app. But when I reopen the app, it still shows me the previous view and

00:23:24   then it like crashes. Like it manages to empty the cache or whatever, and then I can use

00:23:31   it. And that like, I've so many occasions I wanted to save a quick thought and it just

00:23:38   didn't work. Like, I was wasting minutes trying to select like a note from a list and scroll

00:23:46   back like it was terrible. And so I continue to believe that there's a lot of good stuff

00:23:53   that Evernote is doing. But a couple of things. First of all, I cannot accept this kind of

00:23:58   performance problem on a note-taking app that I'm gonna be using every day, and especially at WWDC.

00:24:05   Like, I'm gonna be taking notes at WWDC and I cannot accept these kind of issues. And second,

00:24:11   I just don't believe at this point that they're gonna be faster with updates and bug fixes. It's

00:24:17   just not the case. I feel like if you have, you know, a team as large as Evernote, it shouldn't

00:24:25   take you five months to start fixing the simplest of all the problems that you have in your app.

00:24:31   So, you know, work out. Now, I just need to find time to move back these... Let's see how many

00:24:42   they are. It must be a few hundred notes that I moved into Evernote back to, I guess, just Apple

00:24:49   notes again yes let's see how many 417 so there's your weekend it's gone it's

00:25:01   gonna be fun it's gonna be fun but yeah it's how are you gonna do that oh I have

00:25:07   no idea man manually so there's a there's a tool on the Mac see if I can

00:25:13   find it while I talk that will export Evernote notes to where you can import

00:25:19   them into the Mac. Yeah I think I'm familiar with that. I thought about do I

00:25:25   want to do I want to move from Evernote to... Notes can just import directly from

00:25:29   ENEX file. Perfect so I'm gonna use that. You probably are gonna have to

00:25:35   manually go through every single note but this will at least be easier than

00:25:40   then you know. Yeah I thought about do I want to use keepit instead of Evernote.

00:25:47   before I moved to Apple Notes.

00:25:50   But my thought process was,

00:25:52   we've already seen that the shortcuts team

00:25:57   has managed to add some,

00:25:59   like a first wave of Apple Notes integrations.

00:26:04   And I think, you know, coming into iOS 13,

00:26:07   and the beta that I'm gonna put on my devices,

00:26:09   it's gonna be good for me to use Apple Notes again anyway,

00:26:13   because I bet there's going to be some changes there,

00:26:16   either in the app itself or in the shortcuts integration.

00:26:19   So Apple Notes doesn't do everything

00:26:23   that I would like it to do.

00:26:24   There's plenty of good stuff that Evernote is doing,

00:26:27   like saved searches and that kind of stuff.

00:26:29   But even those advanced features

00:26:32   are not as important as having basic performance

00:26:38   and having a note-taking app that when you open it,

00:26:40   it actually lets you tap around the interface,

00:26:43   like pretty basic things for a mobile application, I think,

00:26:48   being able to actually use it.

00:26:50   So yeah, I gave it a try, man.

00:26:54   Like honestly, a couple of months, three months,

00:26:57   but I've seen what I needed to see

00:27:00   and my verdict is thumbs down.

00:27:03   - See, I was always concerned about what you were doing,

00:27:08   right, like moving everything,

00:27:10   'cause that's not what I do.

00:27:12   And Evernote is perfectly fine for my use case,

00:27:16   which is an application for mixed media

00:27:19   for a specific project.

00:27:20   Like it's, so I use it so infrequently

00:27:24   that it doesn't, I don't get as frustrated by its foibles

00:27:28   because I don't use it every day.

00:27:29   I maybe use it once every week or two weeks.

00:27:32   - Yeah, but you, like you have multiple note-taking apps

00:27:36   and you use even multiple-- - I only use Notes

00:27:38   and Evernote.

00:27:39   - But those are two apps and you also have two,

00:27:41   like you have both Todoist, I think, and Dew, for example.

00:27:45   - And I use things and Clear.

00:27:47   - I mean, I have like a monogamous relationship

00:27:50   with my apps.

00:27:51   Like I'm a man of passion and I give it all

00:27:53   to one app at a time.

00:27:55   - I just have a lot of love to give.

00:27:57   - Yeah, good for you.

00:27:58   - One app cannot manage the amount of love I have.

00:28:01   (laughing)

00:28:02   - You are a poly-apparose, Myke.

00:28:05   And I just, I cannot fathom the idea

00:28:10   of having like two note taking apps and three task managers like so one only one and it

00:28:15   has to be a good one so

00:28:17   Well I'm dead

00:28:20   Well you didn't like my description of

00:28:24   I've quit

00:28:25   It's gone

00:28:26   I'm done

00:28:27   Okay well

00:28:28   Steven please you have the ability to take us to a break at any point

00:28:33   I think it's time I think it's time that I tell you about our friends over at Fresh

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00:30:26   you hear about us?" section. I'd like to thank FreshBooks for their support of this show

00:30:31   and Relay FM. Last week, we took place in the Federico Vatici Memorial Challenge.

00:30:39   Memorial?

00:30:40   Yeah, sure. Why not?

00:30:43   I'm not dead.

00:30:45   So we can remember you?

00:30:49   Remember you every day when you opened the stupid Twitter app on your iPhone.

00:30:52   Is this why you're going to remember me by? By forcing you to use the Twitter app?

00:30:55   Yeah. I mean, if something happened to you today, God forbid, that would be fresh in

00:30:59   my mind.

00:31:00   - A memorial is an object which serves as a focus

00:31:03   for the memory of something, that's it.

00:31:05   - Who are you, Tim Cook?

00:31:07   Opening your talk with the dictionary definition?

00:31:09   Amateur hour.

00:31:11   Okay, so last week, Federico, you were talking

00:31:15   about the official Twitter app, and for some reason,

00:31:17   Myke and I said that we would use it for a week,

00:31:20   and I don't know about you, Myke, but I held to this.

00:31:24   I did use Tweetbot on the Mac for a couple things for work,

00:31:27   but on my phone and on my iPad, oh, God,

00:31:30   the iPad app. I was using the official Twitter app. Myke, I want to know how it went for

00:31:35   you.

00:31:36   I'm conflicted about this. I did stick with it. Similar to you, if you look at my tweets,

00:31:45   they will all be Twitter for something, unless I had to use another account on my Mac or

00:31:53   whatever. So I tweet about show stuff, then I would use Tweetbot, because we'll get to

00:31:58   that.

00:31:59   in on Twitter or my iPhone to all of my accounts.

00:32:02   It was a wild ride.

00:32:03   No, I have them on my iPhone, but if I'm tweeting show publishing stuff, I'm sitting at the

00:32:07   Mac when I'm doing it.

00:32:08   I don't want to go to my iPhone to do that.

00:32:11   Going backwards through the timeline feels really old school.

00:32:15   It's a very old school feeling.

00:32:19   It's made worse by the fact that Twitter's "load more tweets" button is really easy to

00:32:25   miss, which is kind of hilarious because isn't that what they want me to do?

00:32:28   I feel like they should make that more visual, like stand out watch more visually.

00:32:35   I feel like I'm scrolling through for not very long.

00:32:39   I'm like, "I've seen all this already," because it's throwing me back to yesterday's stuff

00:32:42   or whatever, right?

00:32:43   I find that kind of strange.

00:32:44   Or that it doesn't just load automatically.

00:32:46   I don't know why it doesn't load automatically.

00:32:48   Twitter wants me to be there, right?

00:32:49   They want more impressions.

00:32:51   That's peculiar to me.

00:32:52   When I get there, I don't know why it doesn't just load it all, but such is life.

00:32:58   I'm finding that I am much more likely to just stop.

00:33:05   I have a desire going backwards where I'm like "I've seen enough now"

00:33:09   Where if I was going the other way I would be less likely to do that I think.

00:33:14   And I think it's because Twitter is way less enjoyable this way to read backwards.

00:33:22   Even though, again, the Twitter app does a pretty decent job of making things make sense

00:33:28   chronologically if somebody's using threading and stuff, right?

00:33:31   They do a good job with that.

00:33:35   But there's just something about it where it's like, this isn't as engaging to me.

00:33:43   I am 100% reading fewer tweets in the Twitter app than I was in Tweetbot. I have yet to

00:33:55   make a decision as to whether that is good or not. I think it might be, but I don't know

00:34:00   that. I don't feel like I've missed anything I needed to see, because part of my show preparation

00:34:11   is to make sure that I go to a few websites or whatever beforehand just to like double

00:34:15   check that I've got everything that I want.

00:34:17   And you know, if there's any news which is big enough, it will always bubble up a bunch.

00:34:22   So I feel like I'm, I'm probably I am missing some stuff, but I feel like what I am missing

00:34:27   is maybe not that important.

00:34:28   I don't know.

00:34:29   Like maybe I, if I want to keep doing this, maybe I want to like use RSS a little bit

00:34:36   more.

00:34:37   very limited list of stuff, right? Just so I can have a place to easily go and

00:34:42   check what I need to check right during my preparation for a show and maybe

00:34:46   that's something that I'll do. Does Nozzle still exist? It does. Do either of you use any

00:34:53   services like that? No. Okay, because again that might be a good, like just a

00:34:58   good thing because it will allow... It's like a safety net. Yeah, it's like the easy

00:35:06   surfacing of what people are talking about. I really would love it if Twitter could just

00:35:11   do this on their own. I don't know why they don't. I will say, when you go to their search

00:35:17   tab and they've got a "for you", there is a lot of stuff in there that is clearly for

00:35:24   me. It is technology-related things. But I feel like I should be able to go to somewhere

00:35:30   and Twitter's app and see a list of what everyone that I follow is talking about.

00:35:35   Like, I don't understand why they don't have this feature. It feels like they should definitely

00:35:42   have this feature, but they don't seem to have it. So, um, I really miss Tweetbox's mute system

00:35:49   a lot. It's the, it's the timed based stuff, uh, and how easy that is to get to. So you can

00:35:58   time-based mute a word but it's super clunky to do that you have to you can't

00:36:04   even mute a hashtag easily you have to like yes you can mute a hashtag so I

00:36:09   thought initially that you couldn't but you have to like hold down on it and

00:36:12   then they put it in the popover with copy and paste it's like you scroll over

00:36:16   on that thing and there's a mute button like why is it there that's stupid but

00:36:20   alright I'm pleased that I know about that now but like time-based account

00:36:26   Mute is a big one for me because I'm a man of varied interests, right? So like I have some of

00:36:33   my friends that are also interested in like wrestling events, right? If I don't want spoilers,

00:36:39   I just want to mute them for a day. But I can't do that in the Twitter app, right? Like it's not

00:36:44   possible to do that. It's just like they're gone forever. And I know that if I would just end up

00:36:50   muting people forever without meaning to, right? And that's not what I want to do. Keyboard

00:36:55   shortcuts in the iPad app are bad. Their scrolling shortcut is bad. It scrolls the most minimal

00:37:03   amount when you hit the space bar. It's like, this is pointless. And the up and down arrows

00:37:06   move way too slowly. Oh no, sorry, the keyboard shortcut on the space bar goes in the opposite

00:37:13   direction to what I want most of the time. Twitter on the Mac is a real scene. Oh boy.

00:37:18   It's not good, right? If you want to try and use any of Twitter's products on the Mac,

00:37:23   you're in for a real just a real mess because you use the website which is whatever they they don't

00:37:30   have an official app tweet deck is a nightmare um i cannot make tweet decks stop refreshing and

00:37:38   sticking to the top like they have a checkbox which seems to indicate what i want to do but

00:37:45   it doesn't do it and i don't understand why so like the checkbox says or like a toggle is like

00:37:51   stream tweets. If you turn it off, but it still keeps happening. So I don't really know.

00:37:56   I don't really know what the checkbox does. Maybe that is like a metaphor for Twitter in general.

00:38:02   Basically, I don't look at Twitter on my Mac now at all. Like, I might go to the website every now

00:38:10   and then if I need to do something, but I've always had a Twitter app open on my Mac, but I

00:38:14   don't now. I have a weird request. It's maybe not weird, but I have a request. I would like an app

00:38:20   that is just focused on posting tweets from a variety of accounts.

00:38:26   Like, I know I could use TweetDeck for this, but I kind of don't necessarily want

00:38:30   an app with a timeline. If such an app exists, I would like to know about it if anybody knows such

00:38:36   a thing. I actually like the overall visual design of Twitter these days. I think the app itself is

00:38:45   fine, it's clean and simple, the pure black theme is good, and it has all of the information and

00:38:50   features that I want. I wished that you could stop video from

00:38:53   auto-playing but I don't think you can.

00:38:57   But I'm gonna stick with it I think. I want to keep trying this

00:39:02   because I think the thing I'm most keen about is the

00:39:06   long-term effect because wouldn't it be kind of hilarious

00:39:10   if I was more addicted to tweetbot than I am twitter?

00:39:14   Wouldn't that be kind of funny? Yeah, I can totally believe that.

00:39:20   And I actually think that might be the case.

00:39:22   The app being better makes me want to be there more.

00:39:27   And this might be like a kind of funny

00:39:32   tale, really, if that's the way it ends up going.

00:39:36   So I'm going to keep going with it because I'm interested to see

00:39:40   if that's the way it ends up.

00:39:43   Like, do I use Twitter less now I use the official app than I did

00:39:47   when it was Tweetbot?

00:39:49   And I can tell you so far, the answer is definitely yes.

00:39:52   So we'll see.

00:39:54   My experience is very similar to yours

00:39:57   in that I'm using Twitter far less on my phone

00:40:02   with the Twitter app.

00:40:05   The biggest thing I struggle with,

00:40:07   it's what caught me up last time,

00:40:10   was Twitter's feature of showing replies or threads over time

00:40:17   with the little line connecting them down the side,

00:40:20   I just don't like it.

00:40:23   It brings up old tweets.

00:40:26   For instance, say Federico tweeted about something,

00:40:29   and then Myke, you responded to it 20 minutes later.

00:40:32   You know, I would see that together,

00:40:33   and that's fine because that's in the last couple of minutes,

00:40:35   but then say that Jason replies to it two hours later,

00:40:39   well, sometimes the client will surface that

00:40:41   just in the timeline, and it's like,

00:40:44   wait, I've read this before,

00:40:45   and then I'm momentarily confused

00:40:46   why I'm seeing it again and I just I don't like that. Even worse, so I was following along with

00:40:52   Google I/O yesterday and people that were tweeting a thread I would keep seeing the first tweet over

00:40:58   and over and over again. Like I felt like I was I was being waterboarded or something. It's like

00:41:04   what is going on? Like I feel like I'm losing my mind here. Like why I'm sure I've seen this tweet

00:41:09   like a thousand times today. It was very confusing. Yeah and it's great that you can sort the timeline

00:41:14   chronologically, but that repeating deal, like there should be some sort of mechanism, like I've

00:41:20   seen this once, then just show me the replies. Now in Tweetbot, say that Jason responded four

00:41:26   hours later, I either have to guess at what Jason was responding to or tap into that tweet,

00:41:32   you know, swipe over on it and then see the conversation. So like the pro is there's less

00:41:38   actual physical interaction, but the con to me far outweighs that of like, it just takes up a lot of

00:41:42   of space, I'm seeing things repeatedly. And that is, that's always what gets me with the

00:41:49   official Twitter app is that mechanism. But the other thing that really gets me and the

00:41:54   thing that this time in particular, for some reason has really bothered me is, so for instance,

00:41:58   I'm going to open Twitter on my phone. Now I haven't looked at it in a couple of hours

00:42:02   on my phone. And I go to my account. And, you know, there's a there's a badge next to

00:42:08   the timeline like the home icon at the bottom and there's also one by the bell

00:42:11   and in the notifications tab you have all mentions and then if you're verified

00:42:17   you have verified and I do not care I will never care about anything in the

00:42:24   all notification screen I don't care who likes my tweets or how often they're

00:42:29   liked I don't really care about new followers I check in on that every once

00:42:33   in a while but it's not something I need to see in real time all I want to see

00:42:37   mentions and I have to go to each one of those if I want to clear that little dot

00:42:42   and if you have multiple accounts in the app like I have five accounts set up in

00:42:46   here if I want to get rid of that dot I've got to go into each one and into

00:42:52   that tab over and over and what I'm doing is I'm learning to ignore that

00:42:56   button but then I miss mentions like I just I don't like the all notification

00:43:01   screen if I could turn that off or if I could say don't badge anything and by

00:43:06   that I mean just in the app like I don't have badges turned on for the Twitter

00:43:09   app that's crazy pants but just in the app I don't want to know about anything

00:43:12   in that tab I don't want to know that there's unread things if you want to

00:43:16   have them there for me to see later that's fine but I feel like I'm drawn

00:43:20   into the notifications screen way more often than I want to be there and that

00:43:26   is really frustrating for me again when I have multiple accounts if I go to my

00:43:30   account my accounts overview thing the account switcher okay like 512 pixels

00:43:35   has a seven next to it. Connected has a one, MPU has a five, liftoff has a three,

00:43:40   and genius has a two. I don't know what that is. That could be followers, that

00:43:44   could be something that somebody liked, or it could be a mention. And those

00:43:48   things in my mind are not equal weight. And the Twitter app has no concept of

00:43:53   that. And that that is what will keep me from using this app. This is why I'm

00:43:56   going to go back to tweet bot. This desire for Twitter for me to see all

00:44:01   all notifications just doesn't work for me.

00:44:04   I have found the little badge on the notifications bell

00:44:08   to be really distracting in a way

00:44:10   that I didn't notice from other applications.

00:44:14   I find myself, as soon as it lights up, I hit it.

00:44:16   And I think it's because it lights up more often.

00:44:18   It's like one of those--

00:44:20   Oh, yeah.

00:44:21   Is it Pavlov response or something?

00:44:24   It lights up more often because it's given me everything,

00:44:28   which is not what other apps would do.

00:44:31   Like so. And it's a lot like you get that bell lights

00:44:35   that little bell lights up every time someone faves something.

00:44:37   Right. Like that. There's a lot going on on that tab.

00:44:40   Yeah. Too many things.

00:44:42   My other kind of smaller just complaints are

00:44:46   swiping to the side to launch the camera is never what I want.

00:44:50   Like as part of that's having used Tweetbot for so long,

00:44:52   we're swiping is a big gesture in that app.

00:44:54   I think accidently launched the camera all the time.

00:44:57   Generally if I'm going to tweet a picture, I'm going to take it with the camera app and

00:45:02   then tweet it.

00:45:03   Maybe that's just the way I've always done it.

00:45:06   I've never taken a picture from within Tweetbot, I don't think.

00:45:09   It just seems like the camera has a very prominent place in the app that doesn't jive with the

00:45:13   way that I work.

00:45:16   The settings will allow you to modify what you're notified about, but it's groups of

00:45:22   people, not types of thing.

00:45:26   And I think the chat room is conflating like push notifications, which again, there is

00:45:33   a filter and this thing called advanced filters where you can mute notifications from people

00:45:39   you don't follow, that kind of stuff.

00:45:41   But that's not what you're looking for, right?

00:45:43   It's like, don't tell me about retweets or whatever.

00:45:47   Right.

00:45:48   And I have all of those off because, and this is where the chat room is, I think confused

00:45:53   what I'm saying. I have all those off because I don't want push like I don't want iOS push

00:45:58   notifications. This has no control over what happens in the app. It still badges the little

00:46:03   bell in the apps interface. And they need controls for that. I think I actually I have,

00:46:10   okay, let me explain the whole thing. I have pushed notifications on for Twitter for certain

00:46:15   things. So I wanted to try out what was it like when you say to Twitter, tell me tailored for me,

00:46:22   I want to get notifications that are tailored for me. And I have it set in iOS to just go to

00:46:28   the notification center, so they're delivered quietly. And I would say it does a pretty good

00:46:33   job of that. A lot of the times it's notifications from people I do care about notifications from,

00:46:41   whether it's like, "Oh, this is an interesting person that just followed you," or "Federico and

00:46:48   and Steven both replied to your tweet, right?

00:46:50   Like in it.

00:46:51   And so that's nice because that just lives in notification center.

00:46:54   It never bothers me.

00:46:56   And if I ever go in there, sometimes I see stuff.

00:46:58   So that is quite interesting.

00:47:00   But I wouldn't have notifications on for everything,

00:47:03   nor would I have them bother me particularly, you know?

00:47:06   So so, yeah, that that stuff that I wish was better.

00:47:09   But a couple of things that I really like about it. I agree with you.

00:47:13   I like the design.

00:47:14   I'm using not the black mode, but like the dark one, like the purpley one.

00:47:18   I think that looks great.

00:47:20   I do have push notifications on for direct messages.

00:47:22   There are a couple of people in my life that I talk to over Twitter DM and we just never

00:47:27   have moved to iMessage for whatever reason.

00:47:30   And Tweetbot's notifications for that are just totally broken because of the API changes.

00:47:34   They're really slow if they come in at all.

00:47:36   And with Twitter, they're really fast.

00:47:38   So that's nice if you use DMs.

00:47:39   That's a good reason to use the first party app.

00:47:42   And I've finally seen a Twitter poll.

00:47:45   Sometimes you see tweets in Tweetbot and I think, "That's probably a poll the way it's

00:47:50   worded, but I have no idea and I'm not going to go hunt it down."

00:47:54   And so I've been polling all over the place, boys, just answering people's questions in

00:47:58   a multiple choice format.

00:47:59   Any time it comes by, even if I don't care about it, because I can.

00:48:03   So my engagement's up with polls, I guess.

00:48:07   Yeah, about the mentions and notifications thing, I guess I just, like, I never bothered

00:48:12   to check that section, because I actually never use it, and to catch up on the mentions

00:48:20   that I get, and the people who quote my tweets, I use a saved search. I described the method

00:48:27   in a Mac stories post that will be in the show notes. So I just open the, I just tap

00:48:32   on the search tab, and if the search is not already open, it's right there at the top

00:48:38   of my searches, and I can also launch this search using Launch Center Pro or a shortcut.

00:48:46   So it takes me directly to this view, which is a chronological view of my mentions and

00:48:53   the people who quote my tweets.

00:48:55   So the way that it works in Tweetbot, basically, but it's combined in a single view so that

00:48:59   I don't have to use the dimensions tab, which I also don't like because it's too slow and

00:49:04   clunky and I never care about activity notifications either.

00:49:08   So that's one way that I've sort of fixed the problems with the Twitter app.

00:49:17   But I guess I'm happy that you guys took this experiment.

00:49:22   And I totally understand why Tweetbot is still an excellent client if you like to use Twitter

00:49:28   a certain way.

00:49:32   I guess I just, I don't know if it's maybe just like a personal thing. I feel like I

00:49:40   am more productive when I use Twitter less, and I still get a ton of value out of Twitter,

00:49:45   especially when I have to publish like a big story that I'm working on, and you know, it's

00:49:50   useful to be able to promote that, or you know, and of course I love feedback from people.

00:49:56   I agree with that, but like I also want to say, right, like I also really enjoy reading

00:50:00   the tweets of the people that I follow.

00:50:01   Like that is the thing that I enjoy.

00:50:03   It is a thing that I enjoy.

00:50:04   Like it's not like it used to be, but otherwise I wouldn't use it anymore.

00:50:08   Like I do still get value and enjoyment out of that.

00:50:11   I get to see lots of funny things.

00:50:12   I see interesting things.

00:50:13   I see things people are doing.

00:50:14   Like I know that there is a there is a trend these days amongst kind of.

00:50:20   The shows that I listen to where everybody has that kind of feeling of like,

00:50:26   I don't want to tweet anymore.

00:50:27   And that's not just this.

00:50:28   it's also like comedy shows and stuff that I listen to it's not just tech shows

00:50:32   but I just want to say like for the people out there who listen to that and

00:50:36   they're like but I enjoy reading to me I do too right like the main reason I use

00:50:40   Twitter is not to promote my own stuff it is because I want to read what people

00:50:45   are tweeting the general discourse is different now than it used to be two

00:50:50   years ago three four five six seven eight nine ten years ago but I do still

00:50:55   get enjoyment out of it and I do not have I do not harbor any feelings of it

00:51:00   all towards people like yourself Federico who do not enjoy that as much

00:51:03   anymore it doesn't have to be a like I like this thing so you should too but I

00:51:09   just want to say like it's just a different point of view to the one that

00:51:12   I'm typically used to hearing I think I just wanted to say that I think I still

00:51:16   enjoy some tweets but really my main problem is that I feel like it used to

00:51:22   be much more useful. There's really no good way to put this that doesn't make me sound

00:51:29   like a jerk, but if anything important happens or is about to be announced, these days people

00:51:39   reach out to me privately, like there's a very good chance.

00:51:44   If it's in your area of influence.

00:51:46   Yes, of course. If it's in my... I've always seen Twitter. I've always seen Twitter as

00:51:50   a work tool, as an instrument to discover apps or news or that kind of stuff. And that

00:51:56   is why I used to be super into like completing my timeline and making sure that I was catching

00:52:02   up on all the tweets, reaching out to developers, discovering apps, really engaging with the

00:52:07   conversation. But as time has gone by, I've discovered that it feels like a waste of time

00:52:14   because most developers of apps that we tend to cover on the site, they reach out to us

00:52:20   us via email or by DM to me personally. And so I've kind of lost that value of, "Oh, I

00:52:28   need to discover stuff for Mac stories." Right? So, and the other people that I follow, like,

00:52:36   there's an overlap between the gaming journalists, for example, that I follow, and the gaming

00:52:41   news that I get via RSS. And so there's, it's not that I don't, well, yes, I don't enjoy

00:52:47   you know, all the political stuff and all, you know, this outrage that is a constant

00:52:53   outrage machine, at least in my timeline. Maybe I follow the wrong people, I don't know.

00:52:58   But it's just, as a work tool, I see less return on investment than before. And that

00:53:06   is why, when I said I'm more productive when I don't use Twitter, it's because I feel like

00:53:11   I haven't invested 30 minutes in completing my timeline, but I got 30 minutes of writing

00:53:18   done and that makes me feel better.

00:53:21   That was my perspective.

00:53:23   And so the Twitter app, by design, sort of makes it difficult for me to see the entirety

00:53:29   of my timeline and that is kind of better for me.

00:53:31   So that was what I was trying to say by it kind of feels like a waste of time.

00:53:39   Not because I don't care about the people that I follow.

00:53:41   Maybe I follow too many of them, by the way.

00:53:43   Maybe I need to curate my following list a little more.

00:53:47   But it's just as a discovery tool for apps and Apple stuff,

00:53:52   which has always been a huge part of Twitter for me,

00:53:56   I think it's less useful than before,

00:53:58   because developers and companies and marketing people,

00:54:04   we've been doing this long enough

00:54:06   that they reach out to us privately.

00:54:07   And so that part of the Twitter experience

00:54:10   gone for me at this point. Make sense? Do I sound like a jerk? Yes, I sound like a jerk,

00:54:15   whatever. No, no, it makes sense. And I think that it's... You're in a situation, it's your situation

00:54:21   that you are in, right? Like, you can't be a jerk about that, like that's what your life is.

00:54:27   You know, I would say that maybe a thing to do for you would be to be a little bit more

00:54:37   aggressive about unfollowing people. So when you are spending time there,

00:54:41   it's more likely that you're going to enjoy it and get something out of it.

00:54:45   Yeah, I think so.

00:54:46   But this is a good experience and it's a valuable experiment. And I actually,

00:54:52   you know, I don't know how many of our listeners did it too, but I would recommend more people

00:54:58   actually do try it because I feel like I learned some stuff and I'm going to keep on it, right?

00:55:06   Like I'm sticking with it and I want to see what effect it has on me. I would especially

00:55:13   recommend it for people that are concerned about the amount of time that they're spending on Twitter

00:55:17   because I'm very convinced that weirdly enough it will actually make you use it less,

00:55:23   which is hilarious. I think that shows. It is a meme about how bad Twitter's general

00:55:31   development is as a product and service, this really is a really interesting to me to see

00:55:37   that of like, "Oh, I prefer to use Tweetbot and Twitturrific to the point that I'm spending

00:55:43   more time on Twitter than if I use the official app, which is trying to trick me to be there."

00:55:48   So kind of funny.

00:55:51   Twitter's not very good at its own app.

00:55:54   That's the moral of the story.

00:55:55   All right, we have a lot more to talk about, but let me tell you about our second sponsor.

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00:58:20   let's get physical. Okay we have some personal news, some hashtag personal news.

00:58:27   We are no longer professional podcasters, we are now paper wizards. Oh boy, this is

00:58:36   one of the weirdest, this is so weird. What is, okay, someone explain this. Yes,

00:58:44   yeah, so Apple is well known to understand gaming. People, everyone knows

00:58:50   that and they have a long history of making really good iOS game. None of that's true.

00:58:54   None of it's true. Anyway, so what has actually happened is a Warren Buffett who is a billionaire

00:59:00   investor who owns a lot of Apple and can we call him Warren buffet? I feel like it's more fun.

00:59:06   I don't know if Warren and buffet really go together like, does it really flow like the

00:59:14   the name earlier in the follow-up section but anyways Paper Wizards, Warren

00:59:20   Buffett, Big Investor and Apple and I guess if you buy enough Apple stock then

00:59:27   you get a game named after you because this is a little two-level iOS game

00:59:32   named Warren Buffets Paper Wizards and you go... Wasn't this like some kind of like

00:59:40   investor event. Yeah, just a shareholder meeting. But it's of Buffett's company though, right?

00:59:48   Yeah, right. Why did they make a game for this? I can't work it out. Like, apparently

00:59:53   there was some video, right? Like an Apple style video and Tim Cook's in the video and

00:59:58   they're making a joke about, like Buffett wanted a game so they made a game. Which is

01:00:04   kind of funny because that's actually true though, right? Like the joke that they're

01:00:07   Macon is true. He probably asked them for a game so they just made the game for him

01:00:14   and it's got Memoji in it which I'm sure breaks some kind of app review guideline somewhere.

01:00:20   And it was made by some third-party company but Apple maintains the copyright to it so they own

01:00:30   the game. I've been thinking about this, we're going to talk about this again, but this is Planet

01:00:35   of the apps to gaming. I'm obsessed with this game. Planet of the apps, right? That was

01:00:44   and Carpool Karaoke. People looked at that and be like Apple can't do TV services. This

01:00:50   game is to that, like, Planet of the apps is to TV, which this game is to Apple Arcade,

01:00:57   right? Like you look at this and you're like Apple have no idea what they're doing. We

01:01:02   We need to explain the mechanics of the game. Federico, since you're playing it a bunch,

01:01:05   can you explain what you do in this game?

01:01:08   I think you're throwing money at people's houses, right?

01:01:12   I think it's newspapers.

01:01:13   Oh, it's not bundles of money?

01:01:16   It's newspapers.

01:01:17   It's a rolled up newspaper.

01:01:18   Oh, I thought because if you're Warren Buffet and you have a lot of money, you can just

01:01:21   throw money away.

01:01:22   Well, no, the story is that he started life as a paperboy and built an empire from that.

01:01:28   Is that true?

01:01:29   Yes.

01:01:30   you really build an empire after throwing newspapers? I mean, good for him. It's one

01:01:36   of those things. It's one of those like origin stories. He was a newspaper boy. I don't believe

01:01:44   that you can draw a linear line between that and billionaire investor, but like, you know,

01:01:50   he could have been anything, right? To start with. Well, basically what this is, if you

01:01:55   remember the old video game Paperboy? It's like Paperboy on rails in that you're following

01:02:01   like a guided trajectory and it's got this idea like they were going for the same graphical

01:02:09   style I think of Crossy Road or in that vein at least so it's like first person Paperboy

01:02:16   on rails with colorful graphics. But it's only got like two levels. One is set some,

01:02:25   like what's it called Omaha? Like what what what is that? Omaha, Nebraska, which is his

01:02:31   hometown. Yes, it's where Warren Buffett's from. So it's not French buffet. Okay, Nebraska

01:02:37   sort of the opposite of France. In which way? Every way. No offense. No offense, Nebraska.

01:02:48   And the second stage is in Cupertino and it ends at the new Apple Spaceship campus at

01:02:54   Apple Park. Shouldn't you be throwing subscriptions to Apple News at places rather than actual

01:03:00   newspapers? Or iPad minis? You should have been, like, this game, the major flaw is that

01:03:06   you were like, you were supposed to be throwing money. I mean, you're making a game with Warren

01:03:11   Buffet, you gotta be throwing money at people. And like, it was just been, that would have

01:03:16   been an incredible critique of modern capitalism. It would have been an amazing piece of performance

01:03:22   art. I don't, I don't think that that's his bag,

01:03:25   right? I don't think that Warren Buffett, of all people, wants to have a modern critique

01:03:31   of capitalism. That would have been, that would have been

01:03:34   such an incredible piece of self-evaluation, like, that would have been incredible. But

01:03:39   still, you're throwing newspapers. What I appreciate the most about this game, it's

01:03:42   not like it's a simple mechanic, you just fling the newspaper and then you throw it.

01:03:46   It's like, sort of like Angry Birds, with some extremely basic, like, physics mechanics

01:03:52   going on. But what I appreciate the most is that you can throw the newspaper at cars and

01:03:58   Birds? Yeah.

01:03:59   It's, uh, you can hurt them. Like, and they get in the way. And you can, I'm pretty sure

01:04:05   that I got some dude in a car in an accident by throwing newspaper at the car.

01:04:10   They definitely crash because you hear the noise.

01:04:12   Yeah. And also the, the, the most incredible part is that you got these two animoji and

01:04:18   of Warren Buffett and Tim Cook. And it kind of feels like Warren Buffett is kind of like

01:04:23   a father figure to Tim Cook's animoji in the game.

01:04:27   which is incredible. It's like you have father and son guiding you through the game.

01:04:33   I often wonder what it's like to be Tim Cook.

01:04:37   Weird.

01:04:38   I kind of feel sorry for him sometimes. He doesn't want to do this, right? Like, this

01:04:44   isn't a life, this isn't the part of his life that he wants to lead, where he has to, like,

01:04:50   have a game made for Warren Buffett and, like, be in it. Like, he doesn't want to do this.

01:04:55   up as a side gig being in a game for Warren Buffett.

01:04:59   Right? Like, you know, sometimes you must just look at it and be like, "Steve never

01:05:03   had to do this. Why do I have to do this?"

01:05:07   When I was a kid, I had a dream. I wanted to be the best CEO in the entire world, and

01:05:12   I wanted to, you know, make him, you know, leave the world a better place, and instead

01:05:16   I ended up in a game for Warren Buffett.

01:05:19   Why? What made me... Why am I doing this? I'm like one of the most powerful people in

01:05:23   the world why am I in this game? Oh I think he loves it. Do you? I know he loves the celebrity

01:05:32   stuff do you think he cares about making Warren Buffett happy like really? I don't think he does.

01:05:38   Oh oh I'm flying into Apple Park now I've been playing it while y'all are talking. I have a lot

01:05:42   of questions about whose offices you're throwing these in like can one of those offices be the

01:05:46   people who made the MacBook Pro keyboard and I throw like a rock in the window? Well one of my

01:05:51   problems is with this like the logic of this game newspaper delivery people do

01:05:57   not throw newspapers into the 20th floor building of an apartment building well

01:06:01   maybe you couldn't but like paper men can yeah you don't know you don't know

01:06:05   about what I can do I haven't told you my high score yet what's your high score

01:06:09   ten thousand two hundred and fifty oh leave you it's pretty good three times

01:06:15   by the way. How many times? That's three times. Well I played one time and I got 9150. I don't

01:06:23   believe that you only played this game one time. I don't know how to make you believe that but it's

01:06:29   true. You only played it once? Once. Ever? Once. Okay. Once today at lunch. I've played it three

01:06:36   times I got 7050 then 8350 and then 10250. That's pretty good. I will say

01:06:44   It's not bad. It's not a bad game.

01:06:46   Like, doing what it does, it's fine.

01:06:49   Right? Like, it's fun enough for 10 minutes, right?

01:06:53   Like, it's... I've bought games worse than this on the iPhone, right?

01:06:59   Like, it's just weird.

01:07:00   Wait, wait a second.

01:07:02   You can collect Warren Bucks in the game?

01:07:06   Yeah, I have a real...

01:07:07   You call Warren Bucks?

01:07:08   Yes, that's the money that you get.

01:07:10   I have a real problem with the fact that the leaderboard has Warren Buffett at the top

01:07:13   with 15,350 points. I have a real problem with this because...

01:07:18   Is he playing the game?

01:07:19   Okay, who are the other people on your leaderboard?

01:07:21   I have Henry, Daphna, Clay, Evan...

01:07:23   It's all the same!

01:07:24   Yeah, it's all the same. It's not a real leaderboard. That's what makes me annoyed about it. They

01:07:28   just put him on the top with a super high score.

01:07:31   Do you think they are Warren Buffett's friends?

01:07:34   Like...

01:07:35   Yes.

01:07:36   I also wonder if that's the highest score you can do, but like why didn't you tie this

01:07:38   into Game Center so I could beat Jon?

01:07:41   Because that would have been too much work.

01:07:43   This was meant to be the most simple thing it could possibly be.

01:07:46   My score that round was 9,500 by the way.

01:07:50   Oh nice.

01:07:51   That's my highest.

01:07:52   You just beat Evan.

01:07:53   Take that Evan.

01:07:54   Congratulations.

01:07:55   Yeah.

01:07:56   But actually no, Evan's probably beaten you right?

01:07:57   Because of Alphabet.

01:07:58   Oh we're tied.

01:07:59   Where did they put you?

01:08:00   Are you tied?

01:08:01   One of the messages that Warren says is "Looks like you've been investing in practice time."

01:08:06   Oh yeah, there's a lot of real bad puns in this game.

01:08:10   I haven't played it with the audio yet.

01:08:12   I've played it silently.

01:08:13   I feel like I'm missing out.

01:08:14   - The audio is pretty good too, to be honest.

01:08:16   It's not bad, it's just--

01:08:18   - Weird. - Weird.

01:08:20   - I did see a tweet, I don't know who it was,

01:08:22   so forgive me if it was you, saying,

01:08:23   "All the people who thought Apple was gonna get it

01:08:26   "with Apple Arcade, like, good luck with this."

01:08:29   I think that's a little unfair,

01:08:30   because Apple's not making, I think Apple knows this is--

01:08:33   - Yeah, like, this is not serious.

01:08:35   Like, no one would have ever found out about this

01:08:38   if MacRumors didn't publish their article.

01:08:40   no one would know about this, right? Like, Apple's not making this game of the day.

01:08:45   Oh, what if they did? That'd be incredible. Can you imagine if they did how great that would be,

01:08:50   though? Let's see how it is on the App Store and then games. It's got 4.2 out of 5 in the UK with

01:08:57   14 ratings. I'm gonna give it a 5 star. I'm on Wikipedia and I'm just gonna read you a sentence.

01:09:05   In 1949, Buffett was infatuated with a young woman whose boyfriend had a ukulele.

01:09:13   Why did that make it to his Wikipedia page? Why did that make it there?

01:09:20   I guess from some autobiography, right?

01:09:22   In an attempt to compete, he bought one of the diminutive instruments and has been playing it

01:09:29   ever since. Oh my god, Warren Buffett! This is a long competition going on.

01:09:35   Long Connie's got going on over there. Oh my god.

01:09:38   Oh Warren. He's the guy who writes weird letters, right? Like weird open letters to Apple? He's

01:09:46   done that sort of stuff in the past, right? I don't know. I don't pay much attention to

01:09:50   the investor side of things. In April 2017, Buffett, an avid Coca-Cola

01:09:56   drinker, an investor in the company, agreed to have his likeness placed on Cherry Coke

01:10:00   Coke products in China.

01:10:02   Did he agree though?

01:10:04   I feel like Warren Buffett asks for a lot of things.

01:10:07   I feel like he's just asking.

01:10:08   He's asking for things.

01:10:09   I don't think people are going to him and being like, "Oh, Mr. Buffett, please, we'd

01:10:14   love to put your picture on something."

01:10:16   That's not happening, right?

01:10:18   Like that's not happening.

01:10:19   Maybe he invests in these companies so he can be in games and can be on Coke bottles.

01:10:24   No, see, Stephen, I think that is 100% what is going on.

01:10:29   That Coke is the best Coke.

01:10:32   Buffett Cola, everyone's favorite flavor.

01:10:35   Buffet Cola.

01:10:37   Cherry Warren.

01:10:38   So yeah, so this is the thing.

01:10:40   Do you think he's going to pay his way onto our show?

01:10:44   I'm open to it.

01:10:48   Maybe he's my surprise for WWDC.

01:10:51   That would be a big surprise.

01:10:54   Would you be happy to have Warren Buffett on stage?

01:10:56   I don't know what I would ask him.

01:10:58   I 100% would be. About the game! We would ask him about the game.

01:11:01   How's the ukulele going? We would ask three things. The game, the ukulele,

01:11:08   and the coke. The Chinese coke.

01:11:09   There's only three things I want to know about. I don't care about the rest of your stuff.

01:11:13   And he's like "Oh yes, I see you read my Wikipedia page."

01:11:16   I wrote that myself, you know. There's no iPad version. You gotta play it

01:11:22   on the phone. There's a link in the app store. If you just want to kill like five minutes

01:11:26   of your life, it's not a bad way to do it. It's something you should experience for the

01:11:31   sheer weirdness of it all, I think. The picture of the buffet cola is as awesome as you can

01:11:40   imagine it is. I'm sending you a picture right now. Oh no, it's not working. Oh no. Well,

01:11:48   you just gotta believe me, it's an amazing photo. It's a cherry coke that you can only

01:11:53   got in China. I'll find it, it will be in the show notes, people need to see Buffett

01:11:59   Coke. Oh my god, what is this? What is this? Why would you do this? Did you get the picture?

01:12:07   No, I don't know what you're sending. But it's not working. I don't know how a Mac works

01:12:11   anymore. Hold on, I took a screenshot. Don't worry, I found an article about it, it will

01:12:16   be in the show notes, from marketinginteractive.com. So anyway, the game is actually pretty good.

01:12:23   but there's multiple layers to Warren Buffett's story that do not convince us.

01:12:29   So we would like to know more about whatever is going on here.

01:12:36   Also please make a rapid version.

01:12:38   Can I do a Munch Squad with you and read the press release from Coca-Cola about why they did this?

01:12:47   Please do.

01:12:47   "Chinese consumers love new flavors and crave excitement from brands like ours as we launch

01:12:55   new products," said Shelley Lin, Coca-Cola's China marketing director. "As we thought of

01:13:01   the most creative ways to bring the great taste of Cherry Coke to China, we thought,

01:13:05   'Who better to celebrate the launch of this special drink than its best-known fan?' We

01:13:10   were honestly surprised when Mr. Buffett agreed to the idea. We're thrilled, and he's selling

01:13:17   well. Would you like to read? Well? Just saying well. So Warren Buffett said, I said it would

01:13:27   be fine to do this for the first six months after launching the product. They asked for

01:13:31   like, I can imagine they asked for a week and he's like, nah, six months will be good.

01:13:34   If there are no problems associated with this and he asks me to continue, I will likely

01:13:39   say, okay. Incidentally, there is no compensation involved. Sure. I mean, you got Coca-Cola

01:13:46   to put you on the... yeah.

01:13:48   This is the best thing. I'm so pleased we did this now.

01:13:51   What is Warren Buffett's obsession to be in products?

01:13:54   He wants to live forever.

01:13:56   I think it's an ego thing. It seems like an ego thing to me, right?

01:14:00   Do you think he has a brand of ukuleles?

01:14:04   Oh, let's find out. Warren...

01:14:08   We're really off track. We have the real news to talk about.

01:14:11   He's an avid bridge player.

01:14:13   Alright, so as you may imagine, he sponsored a bridge match for the Buffett Cup.

01:14:20   There's a Buffett Cup.

01:14:22   I found a link to Bill Gates singing as Warren Buffett plays ukulele.

01:14:28   What is going on?

01:14:29   Can we, Stephen, again, you have control, let's move on.

01:14:33   Okay, let's, iOS 13.

01:14:35   Let's talk about that.

01:14:36   So Mark Gurman is here with a report, not here.

01:14:42   He's on the internet with the report.

01:14:43   He's a friend of the show.

01:14:44   Friend of the show, Mark Gurman.

01:14:46   Mark Gurman talking about a lot of stuff actually.

01:14:49   iOS 13, Mac OS 10.15, watch OS 6, whatever version tvOS is on.

01:14:55   There's a lot of details in here and it's an interesting article from Gurman because

01:15:00   it's an article and then it's just a bunch of bullets and like maybe he's finally breaking

01:15:06   free of the shackles of the Bloomberg style.

01:15:08   I have a little theory about this.

01:15:12   above the bullet points is what Bloomberg wants him to do. Oh sure.

01:15:16   Everything below that is what Mark really wants to do. Remember he used to have to

01:15:21   like write with other people and they were like people according to the

01:15:25   things. Anyways okay so we've pulled out a couple things that we want

01:15:30   to talk about. So we're gonna start with iOS 13. The software for the second year

01:15:35   in a row will speed up devices and reduce bugs. Sounds pretty good to me.

01:15:39   Good, okay. It was popular right like that was really popular. I should also just do it every year

01:15:45   But well they're going to now though. I think I think that's the point

01:15:48   Will it keep compatibility with the same devices that I was 12 supported my dad is nope

01:15:53   I'm gonna knock something off. I think it's got to you. Yeah

01:15:57   Yeah, cuz that went 12 went really far back right like it's got a knockoff something

01:16:03   I don't know how much it's going to though

01:16:05   I mean, it's probably why they updated the iPad Mini, right?

01:16:09   So they can get rid of whatever chip that had in it.

01:16:12   So iOS 12 supports back to the iPad Mini 2.

01:16:17   And the iPhone 5S?

01:16:18   And the iPhone 5S.

01:16:20   So I'd imagine this is iPad Mini 4 and newer, and then the iPhone 6.

01:16:27   So I don't think they can kill off the 6 yet.

01:16:29   That seems fair, right?

01:16:30   I think so.

01:16:31   It's fine.

01:16:32   So that's good.

01:16:33   Up next, a dark mode, a black and gray heavy interface optimized for viewing at night that

01:16:42   can be enabled in control center.

01:16:45   And the control center thing is the key part, right?

01:16:48   Like that's the thing that I, that's the detail I really wanted.

01:16:51   It's not just tied to something like a sunset or time that you can just basically toggle

01:16:57   it.

01:16:58   Or an accessibility setting.

01:16:59   This seems like a feature you can just turn on or off.

01:17:00   And this is coming in the next version of Android as well.

01:17:03   We're not going to get to Google I/O today,

01:17:04   but that was part of Android Q. I have questions for you,

01:17:07   Federico, about this.

01:17:09   If a developer is using just bone stock UI kit,

01:17:13   apps that just use the features that come in the tool kit,

01:17:17   I would assume that they would just get this.

01:17:19   But say an app with a more custom interface,

01:17:24   maybe one that already actually has its own dark mode.

01:17:26   So let's talk about Overcast.

01:17:28   Custom UI, he uses common UI elements,

01:17:30   but he's rewritten a lot for himself.

01:17:32   Overcast has its own internal dark mode.

01:17:35   What does this mean for apps like that

01:17:37   that have sort of developed this on their own?

01:17:39   Do you have any ideas or thoughts?

01:17:41   - Yeah, I think 100% there's going to be,

01:17:44   as you mentioned in two ways,

01:17:47   either if you use just stock UIKit,

01:17:49   and if you recompile for 13,

01:17:52   you will get it for free, as they say,

01:17:55   as part of the system controls.

01:17:56   But there will be ways for developers to say,

01:18:00   This is the kind of control that I want to display in light mode.

01:18:03   This is the kind of color that I want to show in dark mode.

01:18:06   Pretty much like you can do in Safari and WebKit

01:18:08   for the dark mode support on websites.

01:18:11   You don't have to use, because it doesn't exist, standard HTML.

01:18:16   That means nothing.

01:18:17   But you have an API that lets you say, OK,

01:18:20   when you have a dark color scheme,

01:18:23   you should do this instead.

01:18:24   And I suppose there will be a similar kind of control for,

01:18:27   of course, a different language in Swift or Objective-C,

01:18:30   whatever, to say when it's dark mode, when it's a dark mode enabled, I'll switch the UI

01:18:35   to this. You know, these controls that I have, even though they're customs, they're

01:18:40   custom controls, I want to use this version for light and this version for

01:18:43   dark. And it'll be more work, but of course it has to be available, because

01:18:48   otherwise basically everybody will revolt. And, you know, it would be a super

01:18:54   easy way to make everybody upset. So I will be extremely surprised if there's

01:18:58   no API to do that for apps that do more custom things as well.

01:19:04   So like you could imagine that if you were using an app like Overcast in the light mode

01:19:08   and you switch to dark mode it will switch to like basically Marco's current dark mode.

01:19:12   It's like a thing you could think would happen.

01:19:15   Yeah, it has to happen. I mean, again, super surprised if it doesn't happen.

01:19:21   Because Apple's aware of the fact that developers already do this, right?

01:19:24   Yeah, exactly.

01:19:25   It's not a niche feature anymore. Like we were just talking about the fact that the

01:19:28   Twitter app has it, right? Like it's like a real thing. It's not just like an Apple

01:19:34   indie third party thing anymore, right? Like it's, no, this is like a real thing that people

01:19:38   do.

01:19:39   Yeah, yeah. I do wonder though, I do wonder if Apple will promote it as a way to save

01:19:45   battery as Google has done with the dark theme for Android Q. Because if it's using black,

01:19:53   as Gurman mentioned, I'm just going to assume that black will mean true black on OLED screens.

01:19:58   And I have to wonder if Apple will explicitly say, if you use dark mode, your battery will

01:20:03   last longer.

01:20:04   Or if it'll just be...

01:20:05   I don't think they will.

01:20:06   I don't think they will either.

01:20:07   I think it'll just be implied.

01:20:09   And maybe people will do benchmarks and that kind of stuff.

01:20:12   A revamped health app with a new homepage that better outlines your daily activity from

01:20:17   the day.

01:20:18   This is something I would like to see.

01:20:19   The health app just feels clunky to me.

01:20:22   Like you can add basically like sections or tiles to it.

01:20:26   And it feels very much of the iOS 8 era that it comes from.

01:20:30   And I would like to see more customization, having your activity more front and center.

01:20:37   But I think there's also room for them to do a better job at presenting this in a way

01:20:43   that's smarter.

01:20:44   So like, I don't know, like if you're tracking, say you can install a water tracking app,

01:20:50   which we spoke about a couple weeks ago.

01:20:52   Like health should suggest that I add that to my health dashboard, I think.

01:20:57   Because right now, like trying to add data sources to health, like that back and forth

01:21:01   is clunky at best.

01:21:03   I like to see that smoother in places.

01:21:06   Yeah, and this is something that I've been arguing for a long time that the health app

01:21:11   does a good enough job at letting you track stats and presenting various numbers.

01:21:18   But Apple needs to do something to make sense of all the data and to give you actionable

01:21:23   and informative suggestions or results that are not like, "Okay, I'm looking at a chart

01:21:30   right now and I see a graph.

01:21:31   What does it mean?"

01:21:32   Like, a way to make sense of all the numbers, to answer the simplest questions like, "Am

01:21:38   I doing well?" or "Am I on track to lose weight?"

01:21:43   Let users set goals.

01:21:45   like, I wanna just wait, I wanna just wait, or maybe I wanna eat less carbs, or I wanna

01:21:51   walk more on a daily basis, and tell people you're doing okay, or here's what you could

01:21:57   do, like, give them simple and actionable suggestions, not just a collection of charts.

01:22:04   Because that's impressive, like, you can look at all these graphs and all these numbers

01:22:07   and that's okay. But I feel like it feels like looking at a looking at like a like a

01:22:15   spreadsheet after a while. And I think it should be more of like a like a fitness and

01:22:20   health assistant instead of a fancy spreadsheet. It should be more actionable, more human is

01:22:26   what I'm saying.

01:22:27   Jared Ranerelle One that we've spoken about before, the Reminders

01:22:30   app, you know, we're hoping that it gets some much needed love. So again, from Germin's

01:22:36   report, an updated reminders app that better competes with the several to do list programs

01:22:41   available on the App Store.

01:22:42   The new app has a main screen with four default sections laid out on a grid tasks to be done

01:22:47   today.

01:22:48   All tasks scheduled tasks and flagged.

01:22:51   Each section has its own different colored page that users can add items to.

01:22:56   This is not what I want.

01:22:59   What is this?

01:23:01   This is fine if it's a section of reminders.

01:23:03   This sounds like a feature of the new Reminders app, not the whole app. I mean, I hope so.

01:23:10   If he's just had one image or one screen described to him, I can see how he got this. But Reminders

01:23:17   needs to have lists and then it can have these views to sort things from your lists. Due

01:23:23   dates. I don't think this is the whole picture. I choose to believe this is not the whole

01:23:30   picture because if it is...

01:23:31   Well, it must have due dates, because it's "Churtletusks".

01:23:34   Like, this is just the view.

01:23:36   This just feels like as you open the app, this is what you see,

01:23:38   and then you tap into each of these, right?

01:23:41   I guess, you know, when we talked about this,

01:23:44   we were imagining more advanced features,

01:23:47   because it says to better compete with several to-do list

01:23:51   programs.

01:23:52   Yeah, they're gunning for you.

01:23:53   Remember the milk?

01:23:54   Look out.

01:23:55   Yeah, like, I don't know, attachments or searches,

01:23:59   you know, that kind of stuff.

01:24:01   That's what we were hoping for.

01:24:02   And instead, when it describes, like, the main screen

01:24:05   is grid with four buttons.

01:24:06   It's got to be just an incomplete picture.

01:24:11   I don't want to be in a situation where

01:24:13   the same engineer that did the home app for iOS and the Mac

01:24:18   is also in charge of reminders now.

01:24:19   Like, this has to be, like, one of the many changes

01:24:24   of reminders, right?

01:24:26   I hope so.

01:24:28   I hope so.

01:24:30   Okay, and then one more before the break.

01:24:32   A dedicated menu in the messages view,

01:24:35   conversation view to send sticker versions of Animoji.

01:24:39   So I'd assume this is an iMessage app,

01:24:41   but what does sticker versions of Animoji mean?

01:24:43   Does this mean Bitmoji?

01:24:44   Does it mean-- - Bitmoji!

01:24:45   This has gotta be, this has gotta be something,

01:24:48   it will be closer to Bitmoji.

01:24:50   What I reckon this is, whilst I would love it to be

01:24:53   like Bitmoji where they put like an avatar

01:24:56   that I create in different circumstances,

01:24:59   I think what it will be is your face that you have made or an

01:25:03   animal in the standard emoji, like face,

01:25:08   like facial expressions.

01:25:10   So if you want to send a surprised Memoji image to someone,

01:25:15   you don't have to actually make the face anymore, right?

01:25:19   You don't have to like open the Memoji app, go, and then take a picture.

01:25:24   It will just be there already. And you can just send it to someone,

01:25:28   which I think is good. I would like that.

01:25:30   I would like it to get closer to Bitmoji,

01:25:32   but I think this is something that they should have, right? Like this is,

01:25:36   it seems good to me, right? Like I don't, the way it's described,

01:25:41   like the very particulars in which it's described seems strange,

01:25:44   dedicated menu. I don't know what that means, but, uh,

01:25:48   I would very much like to see this. I think that would be great.

01:25:51   All right. There's much more, but let me tell you about our final sponsor.

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01:28:12   show and relay FM.

01:28:14   That doesn't get old.

01:28:16   It's really good.

01:28:17   Okay, we're going to keep going through this.

01:28:20   Gurman says the built-in email application will be updated with the ability to mute individual

01:28:26   threads, block incoming email from Cernic contacts, and will come with simpler folder

01:28:32   management.

01:28:33   What does that mean?

01:28:34   And that's it.

01:28:35   See you in ten years.

01:28:36   Yeah, this is nowhere as much as what 9to5 were talking about.

01:28:41   9to5Mac reported way more on this one. Like about snoozing and stuff like that.

01:28:48   I wonder, like simple folder management is part of that. Like snoozing your email

01:28:56   is a way to have simple folder management because you're managing

01:29:00   emails in folders. They just happen to be like, you know, actually snoozing.

01:29:06   So the MailApp, this is from 9to5, the MailApp is getting smarter for the first time

01:29:10   the upgraded app we were to organize messages into categories such as marketing, purchases,

01:29:14   travel, not important and more. With the categories being searchable, users will be able to add

01:29:19   messages to a read later queue, similar to third party apps. So that's more, that's much

01:29:25   more and you could see potentially how it slots into that, like folder management could

01:29:30   be the idea of that like the Gmail like promotions thing, but snoozing and like well read later,

01:29:36   that's not in here at all. So I don't know.

01:29:39   could be happening with mail but yeah there's a long way to go to make it

01:29:42   modern. Up next a more organized share sheet which he puts in quotes for

01:29:49   sharing photos and web links the software will suggest people to send

01:29:52   content to based on how frequently you interact with them. I for one think the

01:29:56   share sheet we understand the difference between the two rows but I don't think

01:30:00   most people do and I think the idea of like I forget all the time sending to an

01:30:05   app or performing an action.

01:30:07   I think that's a dumb line, and Apple

01:30:10   needs to do a better job at making it simple to send stuff

01:30:13   around.

01:30:15   Yeah, yeah, I can see that.

01:30:16   I agree.

01:30:17   It's about time.

01:30:18   It was a little more organized, and especially

01:30:21   like if you could learn, like when I share PDF documents,

01:30:26   for example, I tend to either share them with these people

01:30:29   or use these apps and have some kind of smart organization

01:30:33   of the options that I have, that would be helpful.

01:30:38   - This version of the share sheet is five years old, right?

01:30:42   - Yes, it's been around since I was seven or eight, I think.

01:30:46   - Yeah.

01:30:47   - I think so.

01:30:48   One thing that I really hate in the share sheet

01:30:50   is how Apple inserts their own services into it

01:30:54   and you can't get rid of them.

01:30:55   I never want to send anything to Safari reading list,

01:30:57   but I can't turn it off.

01:30:58   It's just always there mocking me.

01:31:01   And I think that's a little gross.

01:31:02   - That's a little gross. - It's not mocking you.

01:31:03   It's not mocking you.

01:31:05   - It feels like it's mocking me.

01:31:07   - Yeah, well.

01:31:09   - The company is also testing a downloads manager,

01:31:12   wait for applause, for its Safari web browser

01:31:15   so users can access downloads in a single place

01:31:17   like they can on what Gurman calls a computer.

01:31:21   An updated files app will also work better

01:31:23   with third party software.

01:31:26   - This wasn't in the original report.

01:31:28   This got added.

01:31:30   details about Safari downloads manager and the files app will not referenced in

01:31:34   the original report. I find that interesting.

01:31:38   There's a few things that are tweaked, but that's a big one. It wasn't in there.

01:31:41   This doesn't mean anything specific, but it's just a point that got added.

01:31:46   Uh, there was nothing about the files app and the amount of information about,

01:31:51   so I think the original report just said that there was going to be a download

01:31:54   manager of Safari and then just moved on. Um, but the, uh,

01:31:59   Because I was really bummed out by the fact

01:32:01   that it said nothing about files.

01:32:03   And so I'm pleased that it got mentioned.

01:32:06   I think phrases like the access downloads in a single place--

01:32:09   like, Germin, he probably has to.

01:32:12   Like, a lot of the stuff we pull apart in his reports

01:32:15   now are this helper text for people

01:32:18   who don't understand what the features are.

01:32:20   Like, we know what a downloads manager is, but people don't.

01:32:23   But then people get hung up on, well,

01:32:25   what does a access download in a single place mean?

01:32:27   Like, where is that place?

01:32:28   I don't think that's important for the idea of,

01:32:31   okay, there's gonna be a downloads manager.

01:32:33   Like that's the key here.

01:32:35   - And I think that single place should be a file provider,

01:32:38   like iCAB has done.

01:32:40   It should be a location in files where

01:32:42   it could even be like a special location.

01:32:44   It doesn't have to be at the same level.

01:32:46   - That's like genuinely the most logical place to put it.

01:32:49   - Yeah, it should be like a special location in files

01:32:51   where you can manage the files

01:32:53   that you've downloaded from Safari.

01:32:54   So you can tag them and they could be like,

01:32:57   they should totally be by default local files.

01:33:00   They shouldn't just automatically on their own

01:33:02   just waste storage space in iCloud Drive,

01:33:05   unless it's what you want.

01:33:06   In that case, it should maybe be an option,

01:33:08   but I could see it being like a local file provider

01:33:11   like iCab, the third-party browser does.

01:33:14   What I love about this generic sentence,

01:33:19   and I understand why Mark has to do this,

01:33:22   but an updated files app will work better

01:33:25   with third-party software.

01:33:26   That could mean so many things.

01:33:28   It could mean third-party file providers,

01:33:30   like Dropbox and Google Drive and all these folks.

01:33:32   It could also mean the document browser,

01:33:34   which is the files UI that third-party software can embed.

01:33:38   And there are a whole list of complaints

01:33:40   that developers have about the document browser.

01:33:44   It could be the kind of APIs that you get if you

01:33:46   are an iCloud Drive-enabled app.

01:33:48   And what you get on Mac OS compared to what you get on iOS

01:33:53   is vastly different.

01:33:55   So it could be so many things, I just, you know, it would have been nice to have more details,

01:34:00   but I understand if maybe Mark doesn't have these details or doesn't want to share them,

01:34:03   or they are maybe too technical to share, in which case I totally understand why.

01:34:08   So it's good that at least explicitly mentioning a downloads manager for Safari, that is great news.

01:34:15   Cannot believe that we've gone almost 10 years since the iPad launched, I won't even count the iPhone,

01:34:22   But the iPad launched nine years ago,

01:34:24   and we're finally getting a downloads manager in Safari.

01:34:27   That's excellent.

01:34:28   - The iPad is going to be getting some unique features,

01:34:31   including an updated interface for multitasking,

01:34:34   tweaks to the home screen, and the ability to cycle

01:34:37   through different versions of the same app.

01:34:39   - See, this is also, and I think it,

01:34:42   I don't know if it was like in a different version

01:34:44   of the report, but I saw like a different look for widgets,

01:34:50   like a cleaner appearance for widgets.

01:34:52   - He did mention that.

01:34:53   - He did mention that.

01:34:55   Again, cycling through different versions of the same app.

01:35:00   I'm pretty sure that last year,

01:35:02   Germin's report said something along the lines

01:35:06   of a tabbed view for apps.

01:35:09   And a tabbed view is vastly different

01:35:12   from multiple versions of the same app.

01:35:15   - Every single time this gets mentioned by anyone,

01:35:19   The wording is different.

01:35:20   Yes.

01:35:21   It is impossible to understand conceptually what this is going to look like because there's no consistency.

01:35:27   And that could be for many reasons.

01:35:29   One, it probably has changed a lot since last year.

01:35:32   It could be both.

01:35:33   It could also be both.

01:35:34   Could be both. It could be multiple things.

01:35:36   It could be that people know it's going to exist, but nobody's seen it.

01:35:40   Right. That everyone that's talking about the fact that they notice exists, maybe nobody's actually seen what it looks like.

01:35:47   They just know that it's there.

01:35:50   And this is common across all of the features that

01:35:54   were covered in this article.

01:35:56   We know the basic details, but aside from reminders,

01:36:01   I think, honestly, there are no details of the UI,

01:36:03   what it actually looks like in practice.

01:36:05   In fact, reminders is the most detailed one.

01:36:07   And that's a disappointment because it sounds terrible.

01:36:16   All of this stuff is subject to change until it's seen anyway, right?

01:36:19   You know, and it's like, I don't know how to bring these things up.

01:36:22   Do you remember the health thing?

01:36:23   Remember the health app?

01:36:25   The Mark Gorman leak of the health app where it was going to look like Passbook,

01:36:28   but it looked nothing like Passbook?

01:36:29   Mm-hmm.

01:36:30   Yeah.

01:36:30   Right, like this, you know, UI I feel like is probably the hardest thing to describe

01:36:36   because I bet it's the thing that changes the most, right?

01:36:39   Like features, like just the basic concept of a feature probably changes way less.

01:36:44   Anything else on iOS we want to talk about?

01:36:46   I think these are the key things that we care about.

01:36:49   I mean, there's a lot of stuff, right?

01:36:51   There's like specific health app features and there's tons of little things, but I think

01:36:57   these are interesting.

01:36:59   I kind of thought, partially thought that iOS 13 may be a little quiet.

01:37:05   Like okay, there's some iPad stuff, but the Core OS, like the share sheet, like Safari,

01:37:11   Mail, we're going to be kind of quiet this year because of Mars Japan and other things

01:37:15   going on, but it seems like it's his full steam ahead on all fronts, which brings us

01:37:20   to the Mac.

01:37:22   So he says that Mac OS 10.15, of course, support marzipan iPad apps running on the Mac.

01:37:27   It says there will be a new Apple music app, which is being developed as a standard Mac

01:37:32   program.

01:37:33   So I guess you load it in from floppy disks, it sounds like.

01:37:36   So that's that'd be exciting.

01:37:37   Not marzipan.

01:37:39   I guess that's that's an odd way of it's an odd way of phrasing it, which makes me only

01:37:44   think that he means it's not marzipan. This is not the iPad music app. Maybe this is something

01:37:49   they've been working on for a long time and it predates marzipan or they're unable to get the

01:37:56   iOS app far enough along if they want to support certain features that iTunes has. I don't really

01:38:01   know why this would be. I would find it interesting if they're going to launch a major new Mac app

01:38:05   using app kit. The the way of building apps that is seemingly is going to go away at some point,

01:38:12   or at least play second fiddle to marzipan apps from here on out so that's really interesting to

01:38:18   see what that could be like and then there's integrations with the siri shortcuts app which is

01:38:23   i think the shortcuts app it's not called siri shortcuts oh i would never

01:38:29   other things are called siri shortcuts though so it's very confusing it is i mean so the what so

01:38:35   what i think this is i don't think i've shared this anywhere i am going with the idea that

01:38:40   shortcuts is not coming to the Mac quite yet and that all this is that Siri on

01:38:44   the Mac can execute shortcuts like the home home pod can that's all I think

01:38:49   that's all I think this is huh I could be I'd love to be wrong but I kind of

01:38:53   think this is gonna be like a multi-year thing to get shortcuts on the Mac that's

01:38:58   interesting I thought that good theory so we'll see it's a good theory I'm not

01:39:03   willing to make it a prediction but it's something I've thought about that maybe

01:39:08   this is like not a big deal. Okay I was about to ask. That would be a risky pick

01:39:12   probably. Let's finish up with watchOS 6. So I'm just gonna blast through these

01:39:18   and we'll talk about them all. Apple is adding an App Store directly to the

01:39:21   Apple Watch. Anemoji and Memoji stickers will synchronize from the phone to the

01:39:29   watch. More complications, more watch faces. Federico you're the only one of us

01:39:35   that's wearing an Apple Watch on any regular basis so do you have any

01:39:37   thoughts on this? Not about the animoji and the mimoji. I mean, I just don't find myself

01:39:46   communicating that way much. Complications and watch faces. So I saw in the article that

01:39:53   you mentioned like those watch faces that I don't understand, like the sun dial, whatever,

01:40:02   That's that stuff that looks fancy, but it's not really functional and I tend to be...

01:40:08   I agree with CGP Grey when he mentions that the digital watch should be a digital watch and be functional and show you lots of digital things.

01:40:17   Now, I don't want to carry the sky on my wrist. That's kind of useless for me.

01:40:25   Anyway, so if we can get more complications and more complication types,

01:40:30   And complications have gotten a lot better in the past couple of years.

01:40:38   All the apps that I use, they're now updating the background, and when you tap them, the

01:40:42   app launches fast, so that's good.

01:40:45   I hope that we will continue to see more flexibility in terms of making complications with truly

01:40:51   custom designs.

01:40:53   It shouldn't be necessary for somebody like Underscore to use, what is it, SpriteKit or

01:41:00   whatever to make those completely custom UIs.

01:41:03   There should be UIKit, but maybe Apple doesn't want to open up UIKit on watchOS.

01:41:09   So my wish is for Apple not to focus just on the fancy watch faces that watch people

01:41:18   understand, but to continue making utilitarian and functional watch faces for people who

01:41:23   actually want to use a digital watch, and more complication slots and shapes and

01:41:30   ways for developers to put custom icons, animations, text, whatever in

01:41:37   those slots. So continue down this road, and the article also mentions a bunch of

01:41:42   apps that Apple is making for the watch, which is great. You're gonna have

01:41:47   the ability to listen to audiobooks using a watch version of the Books app.

01:41:51   That makes sense because it's audio content.

01:41:55   They're gonna make a calculator,

01:41:56   so that's gonna be interesting to see the competition

01:41:58   with Pcalc, you know, a custom watch kit app

01:42:01   compared to the preparatory UI kit version

01:42:04   that Apple is making.

01:42:05   So that will be interesting.

01:42:06   I cannot remember the other apps

01:42:09   that were mentioned in the article.

01:42:10   There's gonna be a, oh, there's a couple of ones.

01:42:12   - There was a hill tracker and a measuring tracker.

01:42:14   - I should mention both of these

01:42:15   because I told Sylvia she was very excited

01:42:18   about this ability.

01:42:19   She uses both a third-party app for tracking your cycle and a third-party app for pill

01:42:24   reminders.

01:42:25   So, ideally, the same system could be integrated, it could be a native function of the Apple

01:42:32   Watch.

01:42:33   Ryan, in the Mac story Slack, and I'm sorry Ryan for stealing your idea, but at least

01:42:37   I'm giving credit, he brought up an interesting possibility that maybe this "Dose", I think

01:42:46   It's the name that Gurman mentioned, the Pill Reminder app and the Cycle Tracking app.

01:42:52   It would be interesting if they have any kind of reminders integration, because those apps

01:42:58   are all about reminders, and Apple is making major updates to reminders, so maybe there

01:43:05   could be some kind of integration between these new apps based on dates and cycles and

01:43:10   reminders and Apple's new Reminders app.

01:43:14   could be fascinating to see. In any case, this is great, so definitely looking forward

01:43:21   to the new Apple apps on the watch. But yeah, I hope that developers at least get more freedom

01:43:28   and more design options is what I'm hoping to see.

01:43:33   I think it will be a shame to not still have custom watch faces.

01:43:38   I'm still torn on that.

01:43:40   Like, um...

01:43:41   I feel like opening up custom watch faces, I know what it's gonna do to me.

01:43:47   Like, I'm gonna be wasting too much time trying all kinds of ugly watch faces.

01:43:53   It's the same... It kind of reminds me, this possibility, of the problem that I had

01:43:59   when I used to jailbreak my iPhone.

01:44:01   I was constantly trying new themes and new mods, and they all sucked.

01:44:06   because you know they were created just because it was possible.

01:44:10   So I don't know. I don't know how I feel about custom watch faces.

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01:45:00   And Federico, you had a little teaser on Twitter the other day about some new projects you're

01:45:04   on so that'll be exciting to see whatever that is. In a bunch of different

01:45:09   places not just Mac stories is all I want to say. It's gonna be an exciting month.

01:45:16   iOS stories is coming. You ruined it Myke. Way to go man. He told us to keep it quiet.

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