225: The Bear Will Charge You


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected episode 225.

00:00:12   It is brought to you this week by Express VPN,

00:00:15   Hover, and Zola.

00:00:16   I am your host, Steven Hackett,

00:00:18   and I'm joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:20   - Oh, hi.

00:00:21   I wasn't expecting to be first.

00:00:22   I was like stretching my neck, so hello.

00:00:25   - It's a one and two shot, right?

00:00:26   I don't have an order.

00:00:27   - I was, no, no.

00:00:29   you definitely favor Federico.

00:00:32   - That's true in other ways.

00:00:33   We're done with you.

00:00:35   Hi Federico.

00:00:36   - Hello and welcome to 2019.

00:00:38   This is your co-host Federico Vittucci.

00:00:41   Hi Steven.

00:00:41   - We're back.

00:00:45   It's been a while, I feel like, since we recorded.

00:00:48   We had our year-end review episode go up,

00:00:51   but we recorded that a little bit early.

00:00:52   So it's been like three weeks or something

00:00:54   since we've talked in the context of this show.

00:00:57   So I'm excited to be back with y'all today.

00:00:59   - Yeah, we finally settled Federico's contract dispute

00:01:02   and we're back.

00:01:03   - If people were like, last week they were like,

00:01:06   where are y'all?

00:01:07   I was like, we announced like three times,

00:01:08   we were taking the week off.

00:01:09   But we took the week off and now we're back.

00:01:11   - No, they just miss you, man.

00:01:12   - I know, I guess so.

00:01:13   But we're back and we're going to start with follow up.

00:01:16   Follow up from sometime last year,

00:01:18   I don't remember what the context is for this,

00:01:20   so I'm just gonna read what past Steven wrote

00:01:22   in the Google document.

00:01:23   Waterproof earbuds do exist.

00:01:25   Kyle's the gray reminded us about the J birds.

00:01:28   Tarik pro they're Tara pro they're waterproof like in ear workout headphone

00:01:35   things. Um, I'd heard of Jaybird. I didn't realize they had a waterproof model,

00:01:38   which is super cool. If you're all sweaty and, and sore like Federico is,

00:01:43   I have no memory for the context of this.

00:01:47   I'm looking at the webpage. They have Epic endurance. Um,

00:01:53   is that you want to have that so I mean cool but what are we talking about I

00:02:00   don't know I think we wanted the air pods to be water resistant maybe and

00:02:03   someone said oh there's no such thing as I don't know yeah that's a strange

00:02:07   thing because I know that that waterproof headphones exist because I

00:02:11   was looking them up once was like I wonder if I could get earbuds for

00:02:15   swimming so I'm so I'd like but it's it's a super difficult thing to do yeah

00:02:21   Yeah. So anyways, that's there. More important follow up though is that we won an upgrade-y.

00:02:28   Hey. I won my own award, finally.

00:02:33   Yeah, well, I mean, so I listened to the upgrade-ies for those who may not be familiar. Every year,

00:02:38   Jason and Myke over on upgrade award trophies. I'm still waiting for mine in the mail, by

00:02:45   the way.

00:02:46   That's not true. No, there's never been a promise of a trophy.

00:02:49   Well, I just sort of assumed since I give trophies for things that you would follow

00:02:53   suit.

00:02:54   But you guys give awards to like your favorite apps, the best apps in a bunch of categories

00:03:00   and a bunch of media.

00:03:02   And we won four favorite tech podcasts for 2018.

00:03:06   Thank you, Upgradients, for voting for us.

00:03:08   It was really awesome.

00:03:10   And just for this one special episode, we're going to use the Upgrading artwork for the

00:03:15   show art to lord it over the other tech podcasts that didn't win.

00:03:19   then we'll go back to our normally scheduled show art.

00:03:22   I do feel the need for people that don't listen to Upgrade and don't know what the Upgrade

00:03:26   is to wonder why I gave myself an award.

00:03:30   I feel like I need to clear this up.

00:03:32   So it's because you can.

00:03:33   The Upgrade is includes mine and Jason's votes on things, but we also have a popular vote

00:03:40   of the listeners and Connected won the popular vote and it was also Jason's nomination.

00:03:48   So based upon that, I not so humbly accepted the award.

00:03:54   One of the few instances where the popular vote actually works.

00:03:58   Yes, that's correct.

00:04:00   Everyone can agree on it.

00:04:05   We also have some follow up about airpower.

00:04:10   Listeners may remember that some time ago we made airpower predictions.

00:04:14   I'm just going to go over what each of us predicted.

00:04:17   Federico said it would come out before the iPhones.

00:04:20   He was false.

00:04:22   Myke and I said after the iPhones,

00:04:24   maybe false, maybe true, we don't know,

00:04:26   but AirPower made it another whole year

00:04:29   without being introduced.

00:04:31   - I didn't say which iPhone.

00:04:32   I didn't say which iPhone.

00:04:33   Might have been the iPhone 11.

00:04:35   - But look, because here's the thing.

00:04:36   The reason I brought this in is because

00:04:38   I think the episode before our Year in Review episode

00:04:40   or on the Year in Review episode,

00:04:42   Federico was still standing strong

00:04:43   that it might have happened before the end of 2018.

00:04:46   Because these were listed in our document as 2018 air power predictions.

00:04:51   So I figure at this point we can just put this to rest that nobody won.

00:04:56   Because they didn't come out in 2018.

00:04:58   But what's more interesting to me is that Apple didn't kill it at the end of the year.

00:05:01   You know, like you could bury bad news on a Friday at the end of the year.

00:05:07   Like that's kind of what companies do, right?

00:05:09   They scuttle stuff.

00:05:10   You don't need to say something's dead if you just decide never to talk about it again.

00:05:13   I mean, that's true.

00:05:14   true that maybe what Apple's doing here that there's such like unknown territory because

00:05:18   this just doesn't happen with Apple. They don't announce things that don't happen very often.

00:05:22   I am not making a prediction, but my personal feeling is that it's dead.

00:05:26   I don't think we're ever going to see it. I don't think we're ever going to see it.

00:05:29   I think it's still coming. I remain optimistic. I had a thought today. I had a thought about this

00:05:34   today. The one I think the reason I think that we're ever going to see this product is because

00:05:39   there isn't even any concrete leaks to say that it's not happening, which tells me that

00:05:45   it is so early in production that like the group of people that are working on it is

00:05:50   so small that it is so far away from ever even being a close point of getting out there

00:05:58   that we're never going to see it. Like it's not breaking out of like the close industrial

00:06:04   design group, right? Like that's kind of my imagination of this. And if and so if

00:06:08   only those people know about it, it never got far at all. Which means we'll

00:06:14   probably never see it. That's kind of my my headcanon on this.

00:06:17   Hmm. It's good. Because there aren't, there's no there's no big rumors like no

00:06:22   one's got anything. There's just be like oh I heard from this person who heard

00:06:25   from this person that it was not gonna happen. But no one's got anything close

00:06:30   close to like a report on it.

00:06:33   Let alone leaked hardware from China, right? Like just not total silence. But Federico,

00:06:39   you're still holding out hope it sounds like.

00:06:41   Yeah, I think it's coming eventually. I don't know. I mean, the reasonable take would be

00:06:48   what Myke is saying that it's probably dead and the lack of leaks is definitely a sign

00:06:54   the points in that direction. But I don't know why I want to remain optimistic. Maybe

00:06:59   because I just I cannot imagine Apple just canceling a product and like it

00:07:03   never happened but maybe I'm wrong maybe maybe I'm not I don't know I remain

00:07:08   optimistic 80% optimistic is my is my ratio here 80% optimistic on airpower

00:07:16   bullish mm-hmm we don't have to introduce that word to our show or

00:07:22   bearish I don't know what's the difference between bullish and bearish

00:07:27   There you go. I've been meaning to talk about this forever. Why do people use these words?

00:07:36   I assume it's because the bull charges you, whereas the bear is more protective.

00:07:45   Alright, so bearish is characterised by or associated with falling share prices, and

00:07:52   Bullish is aggressively confident and self assertive, characterized by rising share prices.

00:07:59   So bearish is prices going down, bullish is prices going up. So if you're bearish on something,

00:08:07   you think it's bad, and if you're bullish on something, you think it's good or that

00:08:10   it will improve over time. I'm not 100% sure why you would choose these two animals.

00:08:17   It is. I want to say it's because the bull, like, is all excited.

00:08:22   But like a bear will charge at you.

00:08:24   Yeah, a bear will like tear your arms out.

00:08:27   It's like, I feel like you need a timid animal. Like, it's otterish or something.

00:08:32   I'm otterish on apple stuff. I feel like maybe the bear,

00:08:38   maybe the bear, like the image, the classic image of the bear waiting by the river to catch a salmon.

00:08:46   Maybe you know right, but that's like but that bear at that moment

00:08:51   It's like patient ready to strike but bearish means that like it's a stall going bad

00:08:56   Right, it's waiting for the bear is waiting for the salmon to go down

00:09:00   Yeah, and just like it waits for the stock to go down Wow. I think that's exactly why they called it that

00:09:06   analogy

00:09:09   Wait, do we Salomon's actually go upstream though? So it doesn't work

00:09:15   Upstream is part of a different podcast, that's not us.

00:09:21   Speaking of that other podcast, finally moved past this, we have some follow out.

00:09:25   I wanted to point people to a great segment, actually the Upstream segment, on this week's

00:09:29   upgrade about Apple TV services coming to Samsung TVs, Airplay 2, etc.

00:09:34   We're going to talk a little bit about this later in this episode, but I think Jason and

00:09:39   the other guy on that show did a great job kind of walking through this news as it was

00:09:43   breaking and putting it in context that again we're gonna talk a little bit

00:09:47   about later but I wanted to point it out here here at the beginning.

00:09:50   Are they bullish on it? Bullish. I'm very bullish on TVs but bearish on my choices

00:09:58   of TVs which we'll talk about a little later on. Okay all right I want to ask

00:10:02   you why. Okay there's a podcast that I'm bullish about which is Mac Power Users

00:10:06   Stephen's first Mac Power Users went up earlier on this week it's a very good

00:10:10   episode. I'm very proud of Steven, very excited for the future of Mac power users, because this

00:10:17   was a great first episode of it. So people should go and check it out. And also, do you want to talk

00:10:21   about your live show? Yes. So Saturday, March 2, we're going to be doing a live Mac power users in

00:10:31   Chicago. So if you made it to upgrade live back in the fall, it's going to be a similar type deal.

00:10:37   But David and I are going to be doing the first live MPU in a really long time.

00:10:42   So we're super excited about that. There's a link in the show notes if you want to grab tickets.

00:10:46   I would go ahead and do that sooner rather than later. They're going at a pretty good clip.

00:10:52   But we would love to see you out there as we take MPU on the road. It's gonna be fun.

00:10:58   It's one stop on that road.

00:11:00   Yeah, it's just the one...

00:11:02   A road.

00:11:04   Yeah, it's like a curb. It's like Section of Road.

00:11:08   And while we're in the Stephen on podcast section of follow out, Stephen was on the Stormone podcast.

00:11:16   We spoke about Tyler Stormone a few weeks ago when talking about kind of photo comparisons

00:11:21   between the iPhones now and the iPhones prior to the 10, right? I think it was like 7 and 10S or

00:11:29   or something like that, and the HDR.

00:11:31   It's a very, very good episode talking about

00:11:33   the death of blogging, basically,

00:11:34   which I'm about 75% way through it,

00:11:37   and I'm really enjoying it.

00:11:39   - Thanks, Stephen.

00:11:40   - That's kind of what it's about, though.

00:11:42   But it's like the death of traditional blogging monetization

00:11:45   and the difficulty of trying to create new things today

00:11:49   and make money from them.

00:11:51   And next week, Tyler is actually gonna be joining us

00:11:54   on this show because he offered to give us

00:11:58   Crash Course in photo editing, which is something that me and Federico both want. I don't know

00:12:02   if Steven, I think Steven's probably better at this than, than the two of us. But it's

00:12:07   something that I want because I've been playing around with apps like dark room and stuff

00:12:10   like that. So Tyler's gonna come on the show and one of the segments of next week's episode

00:12:16   is going to be talking all about photo editing and hopefully especially on iOS.

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00:14:19   So as promised, we are going to make our 2019 predictions.

00:14:25   Just a few episodes ago we went over our 2018 predictions.

00:14:29   I don't remember who won.

00:14:30   It's not important.

00:14:32   I did.

00:14:33   Thank you.

00:14:34   I think there wasn't a winner.

00:14:35   That's what my memory tells me.

00:14:36   There was a winner.

00:14:37   Three-way tie.

00:14:38   Three-way tie.

00:14:39   No.

00:14:40   So I'm going to go over the rules real quick before we move into this.

00:14:43   The order is set by the number of points awarded in the previous year.

00:14:48   So we've taken care of that.

00:14:51   To earn any points for a pick, everything written down in the document must come true.

00:14:58   One point is awarded for any pick deemed correct in the first two rounds.

00:15:02   No half points.

00:15:03   All full points.

00:15:05   And the risky picks round.

00:15:07   This is a special one.

00:15:09   Two points will be awarded for correct picks in this round.

00:15:12   If your risky pick is wrong, you lose a point and all three of us, the two other hosts,

00:15:18   agreed that the picks are risky. So we've done this in advance, so anything in here

00:15:23   we all agree is risky enough for this category. So those are the rules, and Federico you were

00:15:29   somewhat obnoxiously the winner, so why don't you start?

00:15:32   All right. I will start. Well, I thought you didn't remember who was the winner.

00:15:39   It comes and goes when you get older, you know.

00:15:42   feel bad for you. Alright, so first prediction of 2019. I think there will be, we will see

00:15:52   the launch of a new Apple News subscription service to get access to content from select

00:16:00   publications in Apple News. This may be the direct follow-up to the acquisition of texture,

00:16:07   it may be something completely new. Anyway, I think Apple will introduce a new option to subscribe to

00:16:14   magazines and other publications, websites, all kinds of sources in Apple News. I don't know if

00:16:21   it will be available internationally or if it will launch just in the United States

00:16:26   and other countries, but I think it's something that Apple wants to do. I think all signs are

00:16:31   pointing to Apple wanting to launch more services in 2019.

00:16:36   I mean, Tim Cook said as much yesterday in an interview.

00:16:39   And I think one of them will be in Apple News.

00:16:44   I would love for this service to actually be international

00:16:48   and for Apple to launch subscriptions that grant you

00:16:52   access to Italian publications, for example,

00:16:55   or French publications, all kinds of sources in Apple News.

00:16:58   But these, I don't know.

00:16:59   I will just say that my prediction is a new Apple News subscription service in 2019.

00:17:05   Would you also want this to be a thing, like, as a publisher that you could go in for?

00:17:13   I don't think it works necessarily for Mac stories, and I think I pretty much follow

00:17:18   the same argument that Jason had on a few episodes ago of Upgrade.

00:17:23   our kind of niche website. I very much prefer to control all the members that we have that

00:17:33   get access to extra content in the form of a newsletter. I don't think I would be able

00:17:41   to make as much money if I were to do a revenue split program with Apple over Apple News.

00:17:48   So not for me, I could see why websites with millions and millions of readers and subscribers

00:17:54   potentially may be interested in this kind of program, because at that point you reach

00:17:59   an economy of scale, and so even if you have a small revenue split it kind of works out

00:18:04   for you, because you still get, I don't know, a couple million dollars from people who would

00:18:09   have not paid anything.

00:18:11   So at that point if you're the New York Times or, I don't know, Vox or other big websites

00:18:17   it kind of makes sense for you, but not for me personally. So I just want to use it as

00:18:22   a reader.

00:18:23   You see, I think that therein lies the issue of why this might not launch, because the

00:18:30   thing about the economy of scale might work out for some people, but if you're the New

00:18:34   York Times, right, and you're included in this, like yeah, you might get a little bit

00:18:42   of extra money because of all the people that don't subscribe to you that read your articles.

00:18:47   But what happens to your subscribers?

00:18:50   Like if you subscribe to the New York Times for $5 a month or whatever and then Apple

00:18:55   comes along with their service and it's $5 a month and you get everything, why would

00:19:00   you keep your New York Times subscription?

00:19:02   Oh you wouldn't.

00:19:03   Exactly and I think that's the issue that Apple is going to face if like convincing

00:19:08   actual worthwhile like big names because you can have a bunch of small names and that would

00:19:12   be great because you'll like aggregate a bunch of stuff but you've got to have some big names

00:19:16   in there to sell it to people. And I think that they may struggle to get that. Like in

00:19:21   the same way that they struggled to get all the TV deals that they wanted when they unveiled

00:19:26   the Apple TV, the one with all the apps on it.

00:19:28   Yeah. Yeah, that's definitely a concern. And I get why it may be problematic to look at

00:19:37   this prediction and say, well, will it actually make sense even for those big websites? But

00:19:42   But I still think Apple wants to try this.

00:19:45   If it can convince some publishers to try this.

00:19:50   So my prediction is not about whether or not it will be successful or whether or not it

00:19:54   will contain all of the websites that we would like to see in there, just that Apple will

00:20:00   launch this service in 2019.

00:20:03   I think it's a good prediction because I think it's something that they want to do.

00:20:06   They spent all that money on that company.

00:20:08   regardless of how successful it will be eventually.

00:20:11   Yeah.

00:20:13   All right, Steven, you are up.

00:20:16   - All right, my first prediction is that the Mac Pro

00:20:19   will ship by the end of 2019,

00:20:22   and I will waffle on sticking with my iMac Pro.

00:20:26   I'm just being honest with myself this year.

00:20:29   - What do you mean you will waffle?

00:20:30   What does that mean?

00:20:31   - So I have said that the iMac Pro--

00:20:33   - Like waffles, like the things that you eat?

00:20:34   - Yeah, I've said that the iMac Pro is the machine for me,

00:20:36   but I think I will be sorely tempted by the Mac Pro and I will question...

00:20:41   I'm actually considering making a pic of my own to be "The Steven will buy a Mac Pro,

00:20:46   then he will take it back and get an iMac Pro, and then six months later we'll get another

00:20:52   Mac Pro."

00:20:53   That's probably what I think will happen.

00:20:55   Oh yeah, because he always does this, like he buys one model, and then it's like "I'm

00:20:59   not so sure about it."

00:21:01   And then takes it back, but then like a few months later ends up...

00:21:05   So like when you bought the MacBook Pro, then took it back, then bought a different size

00:21:09   of the MacBook Pro, then got rid of that and used an old MacBook Pro, then got rid of that

00:21:14   and used the current one.

00:21:16   Right?

00:21:17   I got that timeline correct.

00:21:18   It's hard to tell.

00:21:19   Really.

00:21:20   We keep track of these things.

00:21:21   Right.

00:21:22   Your memory is not present for this.

00:21:25   Right.

00:21:26   Mm-hmm.

00:21:27   Apple has said it's a 2019 product.

00:21:30   I believe them.

00:21:31   I, this is not part of...

00:21:32   Did they say 2019 or did they say not 2018?

00:21:34   I don't remember.

00:21:35   - No, no, they said, on the second time,

00:21:37   they said 2019 product.

00:21:38   - Okay, okay.

00:21:40   - So this is not part of my prediction,

00:21:41   but my gut says it'll follow the iMac Pro schedule,

00:21:44   announced at W2C, release at the end of the year.

00:21:47   - 100%, yeah.

00:21:48   - You know, I think that's, but my pick is,

00:21:50   it ships by the end of the year,

00:21:52   and I will have a hard time deciding what to do.

00:21:55   - Your prediction is it will ship by the end of 2019,

00:21:59   and you will have a hard time choosing,

00:22:01   or it ships by the end of the year,

00:22:03   and you will stick with the iMac Pro?

00:22:05   - That I will have a difficult decision in front of me.

00:22:10   - So if the Mac Pro comes out before the end of 2019

00:22:15   and it's so awesome and you're like,

00:22:17   no, I'm gonna buy this immediately,

00:22:19   does that invalidate your prediction?

00:22:19   - I think we need to do the Steven Waffling thing

00:22:22   as a not graded thing because you could not want it

00:22:26   but say like, oh, I'm not sure to get a point, right?

00:22:29   - You cannot predict feelings.

00:22:31   - Okay, all right, then I'm putting in parenthesis

00:22:33   not graded, I waffle and stick it in with my iMac Pro.

00:22:36   I think it's good to have in there so we can we can refer back to that later on, right?

00:22:40   But yeah, I think that yeah, I believe you're completely right that it will ship by the end

00:22:46   of 2019. I am also in agreement that like it they will show it off in June. That thing could

00:22:51   be ready to ship in May, but showing it off any earlier will be a mistake, right? You put that

00:22:56   on stage at WWDC. People are gonna go crazy.

00:22:59   Well, people have a lot of feelings.

00:23:03   Yeah.

00:23:03   It is unknown what those feelings will be.

00:23:06   Yeah.

00:23:06   If it's the first R Mac, then people may feel differently.

00:23:09   Right, but it's like what Apple consider modular might not be what everyone thinks

00:23:13   modular is supposed to be, right?

00:23:15   That's true.

00:23:16   That's true.

00:23:16   So that's the big problem.

00:23:18   Yeah.

00:23:19   Yeah.

00:23:19   So that's-- we'll see.

00:23:21   That's my pick.

00:23:22   Myke, what about you?

00:23:23   I'm surprised I got to this one, because I was the last to put my predictions in,

00:23:28   and neither of you would pick this and I feel like maybe you just left it for me

00:23:32   because it feels like a lock. Apple will launch a subscription service featuring original video

00:23:38   content in 2019. I got burned by that last time. Right, but because you were too soon. Like, 2019

00:23:45   is the time, right? Like, just look at the TVs, look at the CES TVs. There's point one.

00:23:53   The other thing is just like, it is the time. 2019 is the time. A point can't be the thing

00:23:58   that you said. I mean, so my question is, they have signed all these contracts with content

00:24:04   people, some of them pretty recently. So I guess like the beginning, the earlier of those will

00:24:10   start seeing content towards the end of 2019. All of the stuff that they've signed is not going to

00:24:14   be 2019 shows. Like this is like a rolling stuff. But like, okay, we will start to see the first

00:24:20   shows in 2019. Perfect. With the launch of their subscription servers. Yeah. Do you think do you

00:24:27   Do you think they're going to bring back Planet of the Apps for like a season 2?

00:24:31   I wouldn't put it past them but it feels like it would be a bit of a mistake to be honest.

00:24:35   Yeah it would.

00:24:36   So bad.

00:24:37   Myke, this is not graded but I want to know from you what you think about two things.

00:24:42   First the name of the service and if you think it will also have back catalogue stuff in

00:24:48   addition to new original video content.

00:24:50   No back catalogue.

00:24:53   No back catalogue?

00:24:54   Because no one will sell it to them.

00:24:56   And I think it will be called Apple TV.

00:25:01   I think this is going to be an original content thing and you might get something, I don't

00:25:05   know, you might get some iTunes rentals or whatever, I don't know, but I can't see a

00:25:10   back catalogue in this.

00:25:13   Which is why I think they've been so aggressive with the amount of stuff that they're signing,

00:25:17   because no one will send them a back catalogue.

00:25:19   And the reason, I mean honestly I hope there is one, because it makes the whole thing a

00:25:23   little bit more tantalising.

00:25:25   I can't imagine who would sell Apple their content.

00:25:29   Yeah.

00:25:29   Because all of the big studios are building their own services anyway,

00:25:32   so they don't need it.

00:25:34   And then when you've got companies like Stars or whatever, one,

00:25:36   Netflix will do everything that they possibly can to keep that content as well.

00:25:40   Amazon. Yes.

00:25:41   And I firmly believe and like the reason Apple have had to start

00:25:45   making their own content is that the TV and film industry does not want Apple

00:25:49   to do to them what Apple did to the music industry.

00:25:51   Yeah. Like own it.

00:25:54   And so I think that that's why it was so difficult in the first place for Apple to do an over-the-top

00:25:59   TV service, which is what this was always supposed to be. I think like the Apple TV was supposed to

00:26:04   be like your cable box now, right? And everything was just through apps because the future of TV was

00:26:09   apps. But turns out now the future of TV is original content and that's what Apple's making.

00:26:14   So I was thinking about this a few days ago in the context of Sylvia and I are watching a comedy

00:26:21   original TV show on Netflix and I am personally watching Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video.

00:26:27   What show are you watching on Netflix?

00:26:28   It's a stupid silly comedy to watch before sleep.

00:26:33   It's called...

00:26:34   Okay.

00:26:37   Okay, so the cast is actually pretty decent.

00:26:45   It's called The Wrench and it's a comedy with Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott.

00:26:51   Oh, the raunch. Yeah, I've seen this. All right. Okay, you like it?

00:26:54   Yeah, it's stupid fun. It's not...

00:26:58   It's a calm... It's a stupid sitcom.

00:27:03   You know, pretty much like in the style of what Ashton has done before.

00:27:08   But I was thinking about the fact that by the end of 2019,

00:27:12   it seems realistic that I will be paying for...

00:27:16   for four different streaming services, Netflix, Prime Video, Apple and Disney Plus, if it

00:27:24   launches in Italy. Which I think it's a very interesting scenario, like how different all

00:27:31   of this is evolving comparing to what happened to the music industry.

00:27:34   You might be doing Warner too, man. WarnerMedia, that's going to HBO and stuff. That'll be

00:27:40   your fifth one. Especially if they do what I think they'll do, which is eventually a

00:27:44   a Harry Potter television show. Yeah, I think you're right. I think you're right. There

00:27:47   would be five because they're doing, yeah, I want to, I want to have access to HBO. So

00:27:51   yeah, five. This is it. Like, you know, the, the, the dream of this stuff was that we could

00:27:58   get rid of like cable subscriptions. We're just replacing all of that money and then

00:28:04   some. That's all that's happening. Yeah. I mean, I'm looking at adding like the Xfinity

00:28:09   Instant TV and like comparing that versus YouTube TV and the Hulu stuff

00:28:13   Right now it's like why don't I just pay for cable?

00:28:16   What do you call somebody who is it who has never had cable then buys it for the first time a core accord

00:28:28   a core

00:28:31   Tire Kurt Kurt. I don't know Kurt buyer. Yeah, you go. Yeah, you just

00:28:35   Cord Gluer. Gluer. I don't know. But it was never caught. Oh, that was the problem.

00:28:41   Mmm. Cord Man. Yeah, there you go. Cord Man lives again.

00:28:44   Steven Acker is the Cord Man once again. There's Wire Man before, I think.

00:28:49   Jason just sent me a message. Cord Connector. Hi, Jason Snell.

00:28:53   Oh, that's good. That's very nice. I was thinking about a few days ago,

00:29:01   Like I was thinking about all these services and I was like, maybe instead of paying like

00:29:06   50 euros a month on five different platforms, not right now, but in a few months, maybe

00:29:12   I should just buy, you know, Sky, like satellite TV.

00:29:17   And I get access to, to, to con to the content that is also available on streaming services.

00:29:22   But then again, you're not going to get Netflix original content.

00:29:24   You're not going to get prime shows or Apple shows.

00:29:26   They know this, right?

00:29:27   Like, that's why Netflix started doing this.

00:29:29   I'm not getting the originals and also I need to wait before they launch in Italy.

00:29:34   Yes.

00:29:35   Like there's going to be a small delay, even if it's just a few weeks.

00:29:39   I don't want to wait a few weeks while everybody's watching Mr. Robot or something.

00:29:43   So if you want to watch TV shows and be in tune with new episodes and talking about it

00:29:48   with friends and you want to get access to originals, the only solution is to pay.

00:29:52   Otherwise the other solution is to pirate those services, but I don't want to do that

00:29:56   anymore.

00:29:57   So it's become so much easier to pay, it's just an expense that I gotta account for,

00:30:03   because this is where things are going now, and there's nothing we can do about it, I

00:30:08   suppose.

00:30:09   Round two?

00:30:10   Yes.

00:30:11   All right.

00:30:12   So, I think in 2019 iOS, and I'm not saying which version, gets a tabbed Windows, for

00:30:25   the lack of a better or proper name feature that apps can implement. So by

00:30:30   tabbed windows I refer to the ability to have the same app showing you two

00:30:36   different areas of content, similar to how Safari can show you two web pages

00:30:43   at once, two tabs at once. I think we will get the ability for apps to show you and

00:30:50   and to open multiple views.

00:30:54   I don't know what the design will look like, I don't know what the interaction will look like.

00:31:01   Will you get the ability to have tabs at the top of the title bar, like on a Mac? I don't know.

00:31:08   My prediction is about the ability to do things like in Apple Mail,

00:31:13   "Show me two messages at once" or in Notes, "Show me two notes at once."

00:31:17   the ability to have the same app open multiple documents or multiple views.

00:31:22   Do you think that they could be separated so I could have a note paired with mail in

00:31:31   sort of one multitasking view and another multitasking view have notes and Safari?

00:31:37   Or are you saying these things would always be Mary, just multiple views?

00:31:40   I don't want to grade that.

00:31:42   Okay.

00:31:43   But I don't think...

00:31:44   But what do you think, off the record?

00:31:46   But I think, but off the record, I think you will not get the ability to split the map across different app combinations.

00:31:55   I think it'll just be inside the same app you get to open multiple views.

00:32:01   But it's not like you can say this view, I want to combine it with Safari or this view, I want to combine it with Mail.

00:32:07   I mean, I would personally love that, but I don't think Apple wants to do it.

00:32:11   I mean, I would be so happy if they did, but I don't have a lot of faith in that.

00:32:16   - It seems like tabs next to each other could be step one,

00:32:20   and then step two down the road is,

00:32:22   you can shuffle those tabs into different screens.

00:32:25   - Maybe, yeah.

00:32:27   - Who knows?

00:32:27   I think this would be awesome.

00:32:29   I know in like, Mavics or something,

00:32:31   OS, Mac OS added this to everything,

00:32:34   so like in pages you can have tabs,

00:32:36   and all these apps you can have tabs

00:32:37   like you do in the browser.

00:32:39   I don't use it a ton on the Mac,

00:32:41   but it's one of those things that when I do,

00:32:44   it's exactly the right solution.

00:32:46   And I really like it.

00:32:48   I use it in Safari really often if I'm in the relay CMS

00:32:53   or WordPress on my site or on your site

00:32:56   and have a browser open elsewhere.

00:32:58   Maybe I'm previewing or maybe I'm

00:33:01   copying text or something.

00:33:03   It's just so helpful.

00:33:04   And so many other iOS apps would benefit from it.

00:33:07   I really hope you're right about this one.

00:33:09   I really do.

00:33:10   Yeah.

00:33:10   And I was just doing my taxes today.

00:33:12   and I really wanted to show, yeah,

00:33:15   I wanted to view two spreadsheets

00:33:18   in numbers at the same time.

00:33:20   I was like, well, you cannot do it on the iPad

00:33:22   unless you do some stupid tricks like open the spreadsheet

00:33:26   with quick looking mail or something

00:33:28   and then put numbers on the side.

00:33:30   But I wanna actually have numbers show me two documents

00:33:32   and I cannot do that.

00:33:33   - Yeah, just last night I needed two Google sheets.

00:33:36   So I opened Google sheets on my phone and my iPad.

00:33:40   - Oh no.

00:33:41   There's nothing else I could do.

00:33:43   Don't you have like five iPads in the house?

00:33:44   Eh, it wasn't in the same room and I need to be...

00:33:46   I did that today.

00:33:48   I had the main iPad Pro in numbers and the 11-inch on another page.

00:33:54   Oh yeah, we need to talk about it.

00:33:55   No, we haven't spoken about it yet.

00:33:56   No, I don't want to talk about it today.

00:33:57   Next week.

00:33:58   He keeps just saying that.

00:33:59   It's like, "Next week, next week."

00:34:01   Next episode, we'll talk about it.

00:34:02   Promised.

00:34:03   Okay.

00:34:04   I'm putting that in the doc at the top.

00:34:05   Okay.

00:34:06   It's a prediction.

00:34:08   My next pick is that the MacBook Pro with no touch bar, dubbed the MacBook Escape, will

00:34:18   just kind of go away in 2019.

00:34:21   Where?

00:34:22   Where does it go?

00:34:24   It stops being sold.

00:34:26   It goes away.

00:34:27   I think that Apple meant for that machine to be the MacBook Air replacement, but people

00:34:33   Apple didn't like it and it didn't hit a price point they wanted to hit and it was too close

00:34:40   to the MacBook Pro and it sort of felt like a cheap machine because it didn't have the

00:34:44   touch bar.

00:34:45   I just think it didn't do what Apple wanted it to do and it didn't get updated in 2018

00:34:51   while the other MacBook Pros did.

00:34:53   There is now a new MacBook Air at effectively the same price.

00:34:56   It just seems like a redundant machine and one that's not super popular and one that

00:35:02   should probably just fade away. This is a bold one. I mean, I don't, I don't follow

00:35:09   these all these arguments about and all these nicknames, you know how much I hate them like

00:35:14   people calling products with all these names. Well, yeah, I do too. But Apple gave us no

00:35:18   choice in this. It is technically MacBook Pro 13 inch to Thunderbolt three ports. You

00:35:27   don't need to say that you can just say the MacBook without the touch bar and everybody

00:35:31   Yeah, Mac will go without the touch bar.

00:35:33   But people like to... whatever.

00:35:35   Okay, so, I don't follow the situation a lot, but I feel like this should have been your

00:35:40   risky pick.

00:35:42   Because it is not in Apple's, like, MO to get rid of products very quickly.

00:35:49   I would like to turn your attention to the Mac Pro, which is still on sale.

00:35:54   That's true.

00:35:55   Well, that's true, but it didn't get an update in 2018, so maybe we're already a year into

00:36:00   it going away and we just don't know it yet. How'd you think about that Michael?

00:36:03   Just think about that. They're still in the old MacBook Air. You can still buy that. I don't want to talk about that.

00:36:09   But this machine just seems like it doesn't have a place. Like I know like I

00:36:14   can hear you tweeting me, "No I like the MacBook." It is nice but the Air is I

00:36:18   think a better computer. It's not as fast I don't think but the Air like has brand

00:36:24   value and people like the design of it and people wanted to run it on a MacBook Air

00:36:29   and that's what they got.

00:36:30   This machine just seems like it was a swing and a miss.

00:36:32   And I think it's really clean if you have

00:36:35   like the one port 12 inch MacBook,

00:36:37   then you have the MacBook Air,

00:36:38   and then you have the MacBook Pro.

00:36:39   And the MacBook Pro is a good bit more,

00:36:41   but you get the touch bar for what it's worth

00:36:43   and all this other stuff.

00:36:44   You get four ports on all of them.

00:36:45   This machine is just, it's like sort of homeless

00:36:48   in between these product lines,

00:36:49   and I think it's time to go.

00:36:51   We'll see if I regret this in a year.

00:36:53   - Okay. - Okay.

00:36:56   - All right. - All right, Michael.

00:36:57   On iOS 13, the iPad home screen features more than just app icons.

00:37:01   I am reviving my pick from last year and bringing it back.

00:37:07   Correct me if I'm wrong, Federico,

00:37:11   but this was like a generally assumed upon rumor, right?

00:37:16   Like that the iPad home screen was an iOS 12 feature that got pushed.

00:37:22   Gorman said so.

00:37:24   Yeah, this is a widely believed rumor along with the tab windows feature.

00:37:30   Because this was like, maybe he's going to do it to me again next week.

00:37:33   But with memory serves, this was a rumor, which was and I believed in it.

00:37:38   And it's something that I wanted for a while.

00:37:39   So I made it my an iOS 12 pic, like in our 2018 predictions.

00:37:44   And then like two weeks later that like the thing went out about, oh,

00:37:49   Federik got everybody in a room and told them performance, performance, performance.

00:37:53   Yeah, that's right.

00:37:54   I just want you to be right so much.

00:37:57   Yeah.

00:37:58   We don't have to great this, but I want to know your thoughts on what you think or what

00:38:06   you would like to see as more on the home screen.

00:38:10   Yeah, what does that mean?

00:38:12   Widgets, because that's already a thing that exists, right?

00:38:15   So like, they've tried to surface them in other places anyway.

00:38:20   And then on the iPad, you can't get what you get on iOS, which is like 3D touch and the

00:38:24   icon to get the widget to pop up, right, which is a thing that you can do on the iPhone.

00:38:30   So that would just be fine.

00:38:31   And there's some I would quite like.

00:38:32   Like I would quite like my calendar to be on the home screen of my iPad.

00:38:36   I would love to be able to tap shortcuts on the home screen of my iPad, right?

00:38:39   Like that they're just a thing that exists.

00:38:42   I think shortcuts to files would be kind of cool, as if it's like an actual desktop, like

00:38:48   on a Mac.

00:38:49   And I would also like to be able to create app pairs and put them together.

00:38:55   And then I can just...

00:38:56   Oh, like two icons next to each other.

00:38:58   That'd be nice.

00:38:59   So you can just tap it and then it just opens them up together.

00:39:02   And I think I spoke about this before.

00:39:04   My thinking is that the launchpad from the Mac moves to iOS and that's where you get

00:39:11   your apps from and there's just an icon and a dock and it opens all of your apps.

00:39:15   Kind of like Android as well.

00:39:17   So you could drag some application icons to your home screen if you wanted to, but there

00:39:22   is a separate view which brings up all applications.

00:39:26   So, I was thinking about that a few days ago, and I had a thought of like, you know how

00:39:32   on iOS now there's this gesture that you use in a bunch of places, which is the vertical

00:39:39   swipe from the bottom of the screen.

00:39:42   And I thought, what if the new home screen is like a desktop, like Myke said, but then

00:39:47   if you swipe vertically in the middle of the home screen, you open the launcher.

00:39:53   Instead of being like an icon that you don't see, you can just swipe anywhere and you like

00:39:57   change layers or something.

00:39:59   That would be fun.

00:40:00   Yeah, like the little swipe brings the dock up and then the big swipe brings...

00:40:05   It could bring up like multitasking and all of your apps or something, I don't know.

00:40:09   Yeah, that. I mean, that would make sense for sure. Like I could see that.

00:40:12   Yeah, I think it's just clearly time that the iPad graduate from the iPhone user interface,

00:40:20   right? And like, it's funny, because as I say that, I'm reminded that I think

00:40:23   we all complained when it was different before iOS 11, or whenever when they sort of unified again,

00:40:29   and then the iPhone 10, like all that sort of awkwardness that there was.

00:40:32   Well, but I think then there was nothing that set the iPad apart from the iPhone. So it may as well

00:40:38   - Right. - It'll have just been consistent.

00:40:40   - But now there is, and so it's time for it to

00:40:43   sort of graduate to something more powerful.

00:40:46   And maybe they could do what you're talking about.

00:40:49   It could be as simple as just giving people

00:40:52   an option past the grid of icons.

00:40:54   Like what if it still does app icons,

00:40:56   but they don't have to be in a stupid grid?

00:40:58   Something more spatial, I think,

00:41:00   would be beneficial on a bigger screen.

00:41:02   I like it, I like it a lot.

00:41:03   - And I also remain convinced of a theory

00:41:06   that I had a few months ago on connected,

00:41:09   that app shortcuts will play some kind of role in this.

00:41:14   Like in addition to widgets,

00:41:16   I think there will be some components

00:41:19   that is about actions.

00:41:20   And like having a short,

00:41:23   like a visual shortcut on the home screen

00:41:26   instead of just in Siri or the lock screen,

00:41:29   where they never show up on the lock screen for me,

00:41:31   but I think they should try again

00:41:33   and put them on the home screen and see what happens.

00:41:35   All right, so these two rounds, standard picks.

00:41:39   Next round, risky picks.

00:41:42   - Right after this sponsor.

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00:43:50   support of this show and Relay FM. Alright boys, time for our risky pick. So

00:43:55   again, these are two points if they are correct, but if it's wrong you lose your

00:44:02   you lose a point that you gained in the previous round.

00:44:05   So Federico, you have brought back an old friend.

00:44:09   - Yes, I'm trying it again.

00:44:13   Reminders, gets a major update in 2019.

00:44:19   First of all, this is something

00:44:22   that I personally would like to see,

00:44:24   but also I have a feeling that there is something

00:44:27   that is in the works just by,

00:44:30   Just because talking to some friends

00:44:32   and hearing things here and there,

00:44:35   I feel like work is being put into changes to reminders.

00:44:40   And so I predict that we will see,

00:44:45   possibly, I guess in the next version of iOS,

00:44:49   major changes to reminders.

00:44:50   That is my prediction.

00:44:51   Now, not graded,

00:44:53   just some features that I would personally like to see.

00:44:58   The big one is a new design, new and more flexible design.

00:45:03   I just think managing reminders with the Reminders app

00:45:05   is so slow.

00:45:07   When it comes to, for example, adding dates,

00:45:11   like due dates to a reminder, or adding notes,

00:45:14   or any other kind of metadata, it's so hard.

00:45:17   There's no support for tagging,

00:45:19   which is something that I would like to see,

00:45:20   to have tags and to have, in addition to lists,

00:45:24   I would like to have saved searches or stuff like that.

00:45:28   You know, Todoist, OmniFocus, Good Task even.

00:45:32   They have these features where you can filter your tasks

00:45:36   by tag or combinations of tags.

00:45:39   I would like to have that in reminders.

00:45:41   And I would love to have deeper integration with files

00:45:45   so that I can attach documents to a reminder

00:45:48   and have it be like a negative attachment

00:45:51   that I can preview and open and export to other apps.

00:45:54   So a new design, tagging, faster interactions for dates

00:45:59   and other elements, other metadata to attach to a reminder.

00:46:04   I just wanna see Apple do to reminders

00:46:08   what they did to notes a few years ago.

00:46:11   And I feel like the time is right

00:46:12   for reminders to change, to evolve.

00:46:17   Of course, I feel like this is a risky peak

00:46:19   because Reminders feels like the forgotten app by Apple.

00:46:24   It hasn't been updated since iOS 7,

00:46:28   and it's been essentially unchanged since iOS 7.

00:46:33   So that's six years ago at this point.

00:46:36   And I have to believe that it's one of the most popular

00:46:40   apps, like Notes and Reminders.

00:46:43   Like I see people using it all the time,

00:46:44   just anecdotally speaking.

00:46:46   but Apple hasn't paid a lot of attention to reminders in the past few years and I don't

00:46:52   know. But I want to try, I want to see what happens, so my risky pick is reminders gets

00:46:56   a major update in 2019. So I want to put a parameter on how we decide major and what I

00:47:02   thought was it is it gets time at WWDC on stage. They talk about it. I feel like that's probably

00:47:14   That should be fine.

00:47:16   My only concern is what if they don't talk about it?

00:47:21   But then in iOS 13, reminder says like an all new design.

00:47:26   Right. But then we will decide otherwise.

00:47:28   Right. But like, let's say that there isn't a lot of features. Right.

00:47:31   But it gets a bunch of like it gets some stuff.

00:47:34   But if it's on stage, like on stage is the minimum.

00:47:37   And then we can decide past that.

00:47:40   OK. All right. Yeah.

00:47:42   you know because like if we end up like we will get the bear and we open it's

00:47:46   like oh my god this is a different app it's obvious right but like if they just

00:47:51   like oh and we've just redesigned it like that's but like absolutely nothing

00:47:55   else changes that's not major but if they put it on

00:47:58   stage that's important enough so i figure at that point like that's where

00:48:02   we set the baseline yeah i agree that works for me yeah yeah

00:48:07   Okay. My risky pick. Good luck, Steven.

00:48:12   No, I just want to state before, before Steven says this, cause I just want people to know this.

00:48:16   He sent us a text message today to ask us if we thought this was risky. I just want everybody to

00:48:22   know that Steven, Steven was like, thought that this might be a dead cert. So, okay. You can,

00:48:29   you can now tell everybody you're... No, I didn't know if you would think it was risky enough.

00:48:34   - Enough, so you felt like you needed some reassurance.

00:48:38   - This prediction is a lock.

00:48:40   The only question is the timing.

00:48:42   That's all it is.

00:48:43   - Okay.

00:48:44   - And so people are saying that our Macs

00:48:49   could show up in 2020.

00:48:51   I'm gonna say, that's my risky pick,

00:48:54   the first one will be in 2019.

00:48:57   I'm not gonna say which computer.

00:48:59   I'm not gonna say if it's a notebook or a desktop

00:49:01   or how expensive it is or replaces the MacBook

00:49:04   anything. I just, what if Apple just jumps the gun? What if they're ready? What if

00:49:08   they think we're ready? All right, so that is your, that's your pick. I now want you

00:49:13   to tell me the answers to all of those things. This is not great. What do you

00:49:17   think is going to be the first one? It's, I think it's definitely a notebook,

00:49:23   probably the MacBook. Clearly the processor in my iPad Pro, like, it can keep

00:49:29   up with my MacBook Pro, but I think they're going to start this with the notebook line.

00:49:36   There was something, maybe it was the talk show, I don't know, I've listened to a lot

00:49:38   of podcasts, somewhere someone said that they could envision a world where the notebooks

00:49:43   are on arm and the desktops stay Intel, at least for the foreseeable future.

00:49:46   That's interesting.

00:49:48   But I just want to know, when they did the switch to Intel, it was the MacBook Pro and

00:49:54   the iMac went first.

00:49:56   And then very quickly after that, the rest of the line transitioned.

00:50:00   I don't think it's going to be as fast as that unless there is some sort of secret arm

00:50:07   project that can keep up with the iMac Pro right now.

00:50:11   Because right now, Apple's armships can't quite reach that level of performance.

00:50:15   So if all they have to deal with is all that we know about, it will be notebooks first.

00:50:20   So we'll see.

00:50:22   I just want to say, right, that it coming in 2019

00:50:27   means that at WWDC, they have to announce

00:50:32   that this is happening, and then give people

00:50:36   a very short window of time.

00:50:39   I feel like it's too soon, man.

00:50:41   - Either 2019 or 2020, the timeline could be this.

00:50:45   They announce it at WWDC.

00:50:47   The first beta of Mac OS whatever is ready for it.

00:50:52   and there are developer tools ready,

00:50:54   just like they did with PowerPC and Intel.

00:50:56   They said, "Hey, there's Rosetta."

00:50:59   And you may remember, you probably don't,

00:51:01   there was an Intel Transistor and Hardware Kit.

00:51:05   I've been meaning to write about this for years.

00:51:07   I need to get around to doing it.

00:51:09   But basically it was a Power Mac G5,

00:51:11   with a Pentium 4 in it.

00:51:13   - I remember all of this, I remember all of this.

00:51:15   - You paid some amount of money,

00:51:17   and then you had to send it back.

00:51:18   I've looked for years to find one, they don't exist.

00:51:21   But if you have one, find my email address.

00:51:24   I don't think anyone was allowed to keep one.

00:51:26   I think because--

00:51:27   No, no.

00:51:28   I think Apple killed your family if you didn't give it back.

00:51:30   It was in the contract, I'm pretty sure.

00:51:32   So that's my only question.

00:51:34   They announce it, and there's some reference hardware.

00:51:36   Or do they say, the simulator's good enough?

00:51:39   Because Apple's been emulating ARM.

00:51:43   You can run ARM software on a Mac sort of in the emulator

00:51:46   for a really long time.

00:51:47   And so maybe that's enough to get this up and running.

00:51:49   and then Mac OS whatever comes out in the fall,

00:51:53   and that's when the new machines ship,

00:51:54   or towards the end of the year, I don't know.

00:51:56   But it just feels like maybe Apple's more ready

00:52:00   than we're giving them credit for,

00:52:01   and maybe they're gonna surprise us.

00:52:04   Who knows?

00:52:05   - That feels like a--

00:52:07   - It's feeling exciting.

00:52:08   - It's the timeline that gets me, right?

00:52:11   - If it ships in January 2020, I'm gonna be super upset.

00:52:13   - It's the timeline, 'cause like,

00:52:16   we're half of the way through the year

00:52:17   before they'll even talk about it.

00:52:19   Like the first reference of it.

00:52:22   - But that's gonna be true in 2020, right?

00:52:24   So like, you know, that I don't think has a bearing

00:52:28   on what year it is.

00:52:29   I think that's true for any of them.

00:52:31   - I also do wonder if like,

00:52:33   I feel like it depends on the Mazapan timeline,

00:52:38   because I feel like you maybe wouldn't wanna do

00:52:39   both of those at the same time.

00:52:42   It feels like a lot.

00:52:43   - Yeah, that's my concern, yeah.

00:52:45   - Or, and I'm not a developer,

00:52:47   So if you're a developer and I say crazy things in a second,

00:52:49   please forgive me.

00:52:50   What if the Marzipan stuff and compiling your Intel Mac apps

00:52:55   for Arm are kind of the same thing?

00:52:59   Or like they're wrapped up together?

00:53:01   Like, you know, I don't know.

00:53:03   I mean, iOS apps are gonna have to recompile

00:53:05   to run on Intel Macs.

00:53:06   So I don't know.

00:53:08   The chat room is asking Arm Macs announced or shipping.

00:53:12   I wrote ships because I'm going all in.

00:53:16   - Steven Hackett feeling risky in 2019.

00:53:20   - I know. - My God.

00:53:21   - So we've judged my pick, we've judged my pick,

00:53:25   but this next one is classic, classic Myke's pick.

00:53:29   - No, it's not classic,

00:53:30   and I'll tell you why it's not classic.

00:53:32   - No, because Myke has added--

00:53:34   - Oh yes, it is.

00:53:35   - No, Myke's A, it's the longest pick typed out here by far,

00:53:39   but it is like four things glued together,

00:53:41   and Myke, you always get these wrong

00:53:43   because half of them come true,

00:53:45   And if you were just shorter or, so go ahead.

00:53:49   - Apple releases an iPhone subscription service

00:53:52   that bundles a device, AppleCare,

00:53:55   and a selection of other Apple content services

00:53:58   into one monthly payment.

00:53:59   - Are you sure about this?

00:54:00   - This isn't as wild as you think it is

00:54:02   because two thirds of this, they're already doing it.

00:54:06   The only difference is take the iPhone upgrade program

00:54:09   and add services to it.

00:54:11   - And add iCloud to it?

00:54:12   - Anything.

00:54:13   That's why I said other Apple content services.

00:54:16   I was super careful with this one.

00:54:18   I wasn't gonna be like,

00:54:18   "Oh, and they add the TV service in iCloud."

00:54:21   'Cause that's what I would have done last year.

00:54:22   But now it's just, you take the iPhone upgrade program

00:54:25   and you put some online services in it.

00:54:28   That's it.

00:54:29   - Okay, so when you say,

00:54:31   I wanna hear from you the details.

00:54:33   You say content services.

00:54:35   - Yeah, content services.

00:54:36   - Does that include iCloud storage?

00:54:38   - Exactly.

00:54:39   - No, it doesn't include iCloud storage.

00:54:40   - So content, you mean media?

00:54:42   Music I mean it can include iCloud, but that's not what I'm talking about Apple music or

00:54:47   The Apple TV service or the Apple news stuff. So, okay

00:54:52   Okay, see I could see a world where they do this and then instead of $38 a month

00:54:56   It's $39 a month and you get the 50 gigs of iCloud space

00:54:59   Yeah, but that's not risky though, right? You wouldn't have let me have that if I was just like oh they add iCloud to the upgrade

00:55:05   Program so you are saying specifically content not so if they do this and it's just iCloud you get this wrong

00:55:11   Yeah, I'll just be sad. That doesn't feel risky.

00:55:14   I'm going to put it in parentheses just to clarify.

00:55:15   It doesn't feel risky, right?

00:55:16   If I said to you, if my pick was, "Apple are going to add iCloud space to the upgrade program,"

00:55:23   I don't know if that would, like, it doesn't feel risky. It feels out there,

00:55:27   but it doesn't feel like a risk.

00:55:29   A riskier would be they're going to double the free amount of space for everybody.

00:55:32   But like, the reason I think this is a few things going on. One, they are going to have a bundle for

00:55:41   their content. I think it's why one of the reasons they're doing the news thing is so they have

00:55:46   something else to add to Apple Music and Apple TV and then the news thing. So they'll have like a

00:55:52   what feels like a bigger package even if you never use the news thing. You'll be able to buy them

00:55:57   individually but I think they'll have a package for all of it. They already do the iPhone upgrade

00:56:03   program right where it's like a monthly fee and I know like it's done through a bank and everything

00:56:07   but like Apple can rectify that and make all that work the way that they want to.

00:56:10   And the other reason is the quarterly earnings adjustment that they just did.

00:56:16   And this, I think that Tim basically says this is going to happen, right? That they're looking

00:56:22   at ways to spread the cost of iPhones, right? Like that they want to have the ability for

00:56:27   people to pay monthly is basically what they were talking about. Like making, you know,

00:56:32   that kind of stuff. And that feels like a real easy way to fix your upgrades cycle.

00:56:41   Because people just come into this program and they get a new phone every year and then they

00:56:47   get a bunch of other stuff too, which all feels free. And I know that the upgrade program exists,

00:56:52   but they do not do a great job of promoting it. They haven't spoken about it in a long time,

00:56:58   Which makes me think the reason they're not speaking about it. It's cuz they have this better one

00:57:02   In in the works and they want to wait for that

00:57:05   That's why that's my pick

00:57:08   Okay, okay, okay, so we're going to now move into

00:57:13   Non-graded extra picks these don't count for or against you that this is just

00:57:20   The cherry on top if you get it right or the extra kick in the gut if you get it wrong

00:57:24   But no, no, or it's just like to help you save a little face if you get everything else wrong

00:57:29   You'd be like well, I was at least right about something

00:57:32   That's what I did at this one. I played it safe in my last one Federico. You're up. All right. I

00:57:38   Mean, of course air power is released

00:57:42   When you say of course why isn't it in your regular person if it's of course, all right, that's some semantics

00:57:53   If you believed this, it would have been your risky pick.

00:57:58   And I would have let this go as a risky pick, I think.

00:58:00   Of course, as an extra pick, that's...

00:58:03   That was what you meant, of course.

00:58:05   That was what I meant.

00:58:06   So of course, as an extra pick, AirPower is released and new AirPods are also released

00:58:11   in 2019.

00:58:14   AirPower, not just the new AirPods case, but actual second generation AirPods.

00:58:20   We're never going to see that new AirPods case, right?

00:58:23   that product that is definitely dead. That's 100% dead. Because even if AirPower comes,

00:58:29   it will come at a time when they're ready for AirPod version 2, which feels like it

00:58:33   should happen. And you're saying they won't have the case for the first-gen AirPods maybe?

00:58:37   Yeah, that will be gone. You won't get that. Maybe. Because they were only going to do

00:58:41   that because AirPower was supposed to come out before they were ready for new AirPods,

00:58:46   right? Six years ago, yeah. Okay. When we were all young. Alright. Well, some of you

00:58:53   were young. My second extra pick...

00:58:55   Wow, I haven't read this one. Oh boy.

00:58:59   Uh-huh.

00:59:00   Okay.

00:59:01   I think all of us focus on Apple's products, like the stock stuff, which we're not even

00:59:05   talking about this week, because it's not really what we focus on. I think about Apple

00:59:09   as a product, and hardware, and software, and services. So I'm going outside of my comfort

00:59:14   zone, and I'm just going to say, someone on Apple's executive website, so there's a page

00:59:20   on Apple.com. I think it's /leadership, maybe we'll find it put in the show notes. It's

00:59:24   got a grid of like human being faces, people who are SVPs or presidents of whatever, this,

00:59:29   that, and the other. My extra pick is that someone, I don't know who, will either leave

00:59:35   or be fired.

00:59:36   Above the line.

00:59:37   Who's on that page currently today.

00:59:38   Or the whole page. Because there's a line.

00:59:40   Let's see.

00:59:41   Right?

00:59:42   Let's look at the page. What is it? Apple.com/leadership?

00:59:43   Apple.com/leadership. The line, underneath the line is Steve Dowling, VP of Communications,

00:59:48   Lisa Jackson, VP of the environment, Isabel Guimay, who's the VP of a managing director

00:59:54   of China, Tom Mirren, the vice president of marketing communications, and Deidre O'Brien,

00:59:58   who's the vice president of people, right? Or are we talking about like, here are your

01:00:03   big executives, right?

01:00:04   He's saying that Eddie Hughes is going to get fired in 2015.

01:00:10   Is it going to be Angela? Is it going to be Craig? Is it going to be Johnny Ceruggi? Like

01:00:14   who's gonna go? You know, like are we talking above the line or the whole page?

01:00:17   I think the whole page. Okay. That's less exciting. Well those people down there

01:00:23   still important just because they have a, you know, horizontal line break atop

01:00:28   them. But if we're talking about above the line, we're talking about Johnny Ive

01:00:31   and Tim Cook and Eddie Q and Jeff Williams and Angela Ahrendts, right? Like

01:00:35   these are the big players. It could also be Tim Cook, you're saying. Oh, yeah. I'm not not

01:00:41   saying that huh don't hear what I'm not not saying you just don't know could be

01:00:47   Tim Cook I mean if they keep or a pot in all my friends are watching survivor

01:00:52   right now and trying to talk me into it so maybe that's just on my mind yeah

01:00:55   but this feels like a lynch mmm okay so that's some going with I don't know who

01:01:02   I don't know why but it just feels like there could be something there but if

01:01:06   If you were to pick one though. Bye, Eddie. I'm just kidding. I don't know. I don't know.

01:01:13   Interesting. Could be. Michael? Head pods. Yes, yes. Over-ear headphones from Apple.

01:01:23   They don't need to be called head pods, but that's just the way that we all think of them.

01:01:27   Yeah, I think that we're going to get over-ear headphones this year. I think that that will

01:01:31   be a thing. It's a thing that I would quite like. I would like some Bluetooth headphones,

01:01:37   some nice Bluetooth headphones for travelling and stuff and I'm not buying any for now.

01:01:41   I have some like B&O H6 that are wired which I'm just going to keep around with the various

01:01:47   dongles that it needs. Two dongles I have to keep with them now. One for my iPad, one

01:01:51   for my iPhone which is awesome. Love that, thank you. Dongle town, it's amazing. But

01:01:56   I'd like some Bluetooth headphones but I'm going to wait because I really like the AirPods

01:02:00   And if Apple can do for over-ear headphones what they did for in-ear headphones, then

01:02:06   I'll be very happy.

01:02:07   I had somebody say this to me, or I saw it on Twitter, I think I saw it on Twitter because

01:02:11   Casey is broke, or I heard it, who knows, it's like what Steven said, information just

01:02:17   comes in, I don't know where it comes from, that they may be like the best Apple product

01:02:24   available right now.

01:02:25   You know what it was?

01:02:26   Jeremy Burge told me this yesterday when I had lunch with him, that he thinks that the

01:02:29   AirPods are the best. Wow, weird flex but okay.

01:02:31   I know, it was a good flex, I love Jeremy.

01:02:33   The AirPods are like the best thing that Apple makes right now.

01:02:38   And I agree, right? Like it's, there's nothing wrong with them. They're simple, they do the job,

01:02:44   they still have that kind of magic about them. They're great, I love them.

01:02:47   Because who has something bad to say about them now? Not really.

01:02:51   And I feel like being out in London after the holiday season, oh boy, they are everywhere.

01:02:56   And they are so backordered right now that really badly like I went into the common garden Apple store yesterday

01:03:02   And I was gonna buy a pair for a dinner because she keeps taking mine

01:03:06   So I don't want her to keep doing that you can't share you can't share

01:03:11   But the problem is she just she uses them and then she takes them out just puts them down not in the case since like

01:03:17   This is I can't abide by this situation

01:03:19   So you got to solve that I was gonna buy us some so I went into the Apple store the new Apple store

01:03:24   and there was a box on the shelf and I picked it up and I was walking around

01:03:27   like looking at the Apple store and stuff and I went up to the guy and I was like

01:03:30   I'd like to buy these please and he was like oh

01:03:33   I don't think we have them and like on my mind I'm like well I got the box in

01:03:37   my hand and fake box display only box oh come on

01:03:41   Apple he went down and checked and I know why this is happening

01:03:44   they're incredibly stealable right and I've never seen a display only

01:03:50   box for anything in an Apple store because you do

01:03:53   the checkout thing, right? So like they have to put the real products on the shelves. But AirPods

01:03:58   are such a desirable item right now, I think, and they're, you know, I think that for some reason

01:04:03   now they're seeing their big moment, I think people are stealing them. So, but they have

01:04:09   display only boxes. And there's like five of them on a shelf, like these display only boxes.

01:04:14   I mean, the guy was like, he was trying to say, "Oh, we only get deliveries on these and these."

01:04:17   I was like, I'm like walking away from him, right? Like I'm like, I'm done. Like you've told me they're

01:04:20   and not here. You don't have to explain it to me. I don't need to hear about how often

01:04:23   you get deliveries. I'm out of the door.

01:04:25   Don't you know who I am?

01:04:26   Gah!

01:04:27   That's what you said.

01:04:28   And then I put an order on Apple's website and they're going to arrive sometime before

01:04:31   the end of January, apparently.

01:04:33   Yeah. They are everywhere. I've noticed that as well. I think they were extremely popular

01:04:37   over the holiday season. I remember when I first got them, I felt self-conscious at the

01:04:42   gym wearing them because they do look kind of silly. But now it's just like they're just

01:04:46   everywhere.

01:04:47   Yep.

01:04:48   They're sort of like the default pick, I think, for a lot of people, which is cool.

01:04:50   Well, until they get the shipments, Myke, I'm afraid to tell you that you cannot live

01:04:56   with Adina anymore.

01:04:57   You cannot share AirPods.

01:04:59   That is unacceptable.

01:05:00   It cannot happen.

01:05:02   So you need to find another apartment for you, Myke.

01:05:08   It's the only way, right?

01:05:09   Like, I've just got to leave now.

01:05:10   It's the only...

01:05:11   It's such a shame.

01:05:12   We had such a good marriage, but...

01:05:13   Well, I know, and the wedding was fun, but you're done.

01:05:18   So, over a pair of AirPods.

01:05:23   That's terrible.

01:05:24   She doesn't listen to this one on my shows, which is probably good for everyone involved.

01:05:28   Send her an MP3 later.

01:05:31   I thought about making this one of the main picks, but I don't know, I was more confident

01:05:36   about the other ones.

01:05:39   2.0, gets shown off at WWDC, and it features a new developer framework for, a

01:05:48   new developer API for integration with shortcuts. So right now there's app

01:05:53   scanning theory integrated with shortcuts if they make a serious shortcut and if

01:05:59   they use those ugly and silly workarounds of saving data to the system

01:06:04   clipboard. And I think Apple noticed this and they're aware that it's a stupid

01:06:10   workaround. This needs to be a proper developer API for apps to offer actions

01:06:18   that can be added to a shortcut using the shortcuts editor. And those actions

01:06:24   can be, of course there can be like an entire system of permissions and

01:06:30   controls for privacy and user authorization, all that stuff. But I envision a feature where

01:06:38   actions offered by third-party apps can be customizable. So they have customizable text

01:06:45   fields or parameters that you can customize. Basically the same visual actions that you have

01:06:51   now in shortcuts, but those are based on X callback. And I think these actions should

01:06:58   retain the same visual aspect and the same customizable fields, but everything should

01:07:03   be based on a native API that is not a URL scheme.

01:07:09   And in addition, I would like to see, and I would predict as an extra pick, folders,

01:07:14   finally, because I mean, seriously, and also AirPlay 2 actions, I'm gonna say.

01:07:22   So what would an example be of an AirPlay 2 action?

01:07:26   - Oh, stuff like connect to this specific device

01:07:30   or take this song and play this song

01:07:34   on the living room TV and stuff like that.

01:07:35   Like being able to control where stuff is playing

01:07:40   or being able to control playback.

01:07:42   Like play and pause on these Rplay 2 device

01:07:45   if it's playing something.

01:07:47   - Okay, and to clarify,

01:07:49   just because the chat room is saying this,

01:07:51   I wanna save us from the tweets.

01:07:53   This would be like Shortcuts version number 3.0,

01:07:57   but the second version of Shortcuts.

01:07:59   So Shortcuts I think is 2.1.2.

01:08:01   Yes, so Shortcuts 3.0, whatever, the second major version

01:08:05   of Shortcuts.

01:08:06   How dare you, Federico?

01:08:07   How dare you?

01:08:08   Oh, sorry.

01:08:09   How dare you?

01:08:11   Oh, I'm the Shortcuts guy.

01:08:14   All I want out of a future version of Shortcuts

01:08:17   is when you set up a new device and you open Shortcuts

01:08:21   the first time, it doesn't scramble

01:08:22   the order of your Shortcuts.

01:08:23   - Oh my God.

01:08:25   - Can you not sync the order of shortcuts?

01:08:27   Come on guys, it's killing me.

01:08:29   - Yeah, and that and folders,

01:08:31   once you have over 50 shortcuts,

01:08:35   or even 30 shortcuts, it becomes unmanageable.

01:08:38   - Man, I got hundreds, that's not true,

01:08:41   but I've got enough where,

01:08:43   so I had to reinstall it on my iPad,

01:08:45   and I did it and I knew the second I opened it,

01:08:48   I was like, oh, here it comes,

01:08:49   and I opened it and then I opened it on my phone,

01:08:51   I was like, oh, come on.

01:08:52   That's so sad.

01:08:54   All right, my extra pick is a hedge against my risky pick.

01:08:58   I think both of these things, I think in equal amounts.

01:09:01   I don't think they are necessarily mutually exclusive,

01:09:06   but that is what it is.

01:09:09   I think that WWDC, so normally, WWDC is like,

01:09:14   this is what we're doing this year, right?

01:09:17   It's this iOS version, this macOS version,

01:09:21   This is what we're doing with Swift, et cetera, et cetera.

01:09:24   I think we are going to see part of WWDC this year

01:09:28   be labeled, be talked about as a multi-year plan,

01:09:32   specifically to move the Mac and iOS closer together.

01:09:36   You know, whatever that means.

01:09:38   If that means our Macs or if that means Marzipan

01:09:41   or if that means something new that we don't see right now.

01:09:44   But Apple talking about we are starting

01:09:46   a multi-year journey, a multi-year process

01:09:49   to this end goal.

01:09:52   That would be really unusual, which

01:09:54   is why I don't want points associated with this in any way.

01:09:57   But it just feels like we're at the brink of something

01:10:01   really big.

01:10:02   It's like the iPhone software roadmap, right?

01:10:07   Yeah.

01:10:07   But even that was mostly just like,

01:10:09   this is what we're doing, this version.

01:10:11   I think this is going to be like,

01:10:12   this is what we're doing now.

01:10:13   And next year, this is going to happen.

01:10:15   And in two years, we will be here,

01:10:17   as opposed to where we are today.

01:10:19   So a multi-step, multi-release,

01:10:21   like overarching story about where they're going.

01:10:25   'Cause like, A, it just feels like we're just standing

01:10:29   on the edge of something really big happening,

01:10:33   both the Mac and iOS.

01:10:35   And I feel like if they continue to do this sort of thing,

01:10:38   this year we have the Mars Upain apps on Mojave

01:10:41   and they're all kind of bad,

01:10:43   so we don't know what to think about them.

01:10:45   They're bad on their own, but are they just beta?

01:10:47   and label is beta, but when I build an iOS app on the Mac,

01:10:50   is it gonna have all these controls?

01:10:52   In a vacuum of information, people think the worst thing.

01:10:56   And if Apple is getting ready to move

01:10:58   into a really distinct transition time,

01:11:02   I think putting those details out early

01:11:05   helps people from freaking out,

01:11:07   and I think Apple needs to help people

01:11:09   from freaking out right now.

01:11:10   - I agree with your thinking, right?

01:11:15   it would be a wise thing to do because of those reasons. But the problem is, the problem with

01:11:25   doing that is talking about an architecture change in the abstract if they're not ready to do it.

01:11:34   Because it could harm max sales, right?

01:11:42   I mean maybe. That was a risk when they did it with Intel and people still bought Macs. I don't know.

01:11:49   Yeah, I don't know. It's definitely a possibility and it would be nice, right?

01:11:56   But that also doesn't feel necessarily necessary. Like they showed off Project Sneak Peek but didn't

01:12:05   say anything more about it, right? They're just like, "This is a thing!" And then that was it.

01:12:10   that was kind of all they did. They didn't really give any details about how it would roll out,

01:12:14   or what would be available, or what it would end up leading to. But it depends on how much

01:12:20   they're going to talk about. If they're going to do what you think they're going to do, and they're

01:12:23   going to have an ARM Mac available, then yeah, it might be a good idea to talk about a multiple year

01:12:29   plan about this stuff. So we'll see. All right. My last non graded pick was a rejected risky

01:12:41   pick. So this was my first risky pick, but my fine co-host, my esteemed co-host said

01:12:47   it was not risky enough. I disagree. Not both of them. Oh, yes, actually, I forgot about

01:12:53   that. Thank you, Federico. Federico agreed that it was risky and Steven said it wasn't.

01:12:56   And then we asked John Voorhees to adjudicate and John Voorhees fell on Steven's side.

01:13:02   So my last pick is...

01:13:03   All people together.

01:13:05   The 2019 iPhones start at a lower price than the 2018 iPhones.

01:13:11   That feels risky to me.

01:13:12   It does feel risky to me.

01:13:14   But you know, I mean, it feels like it's more likely now because of the way this year has

01:13:21   gone.

01:13:22   But that's still like, I don't know.

01:13:24   I don't know.

01:13:25   like a way to solve it is to have more phones available.

01:13:28   uh but you know that should do it. I've thought a lot about this and I want to do

01:13:33   a segment where we like talk about ways this could become

01:13:37   true. I want to do that in like a show here pretty soon I think but

01:13:42   it just feels like something's going to happen here whether it be

01:13:46   you know reduction in price or something like the things that make the 10s

01:13:51   more expensive go away in the 11 or whatever's next you know.

01:13:55   I don't know this feels like something's got a game of steel

01:13:58   Yeah, I mean if I don't think the stainless steel doesn't account for the $300 price increase, but it you know

01:14:04   If it feels like something's got to go so I I like this the reason I said

01:14:09   It wasn't risky and that may just be colored by the season. We're in we're like Apple just dumped their bad earnings news, but

01:14:17   It just feels like they've hit the ceiling so we will see I hope you're right

01:14:22   Yeah, I mean unless of course we are wrong and there isn't actually a pricing thing and the reason that people didn't upgrade was because

01:14:30   They didn't think there was enough in the phones as opposed to being a price

01:14:33   Like that's the thing. We don't know my assumption is the phones were too expensive

01:14:36   But yeah, or Apple misinterprets what actually happened, right?

01:14:40   Could be the worst outcome actually we're gonna talk a little bit about

01:14:44   Apple spreading its TV wings and

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01:17:08   As promised, uh, Apple, Apple's at CES. It's sort of,

01:17:13   it's sort of wild.

01:17:14   There's always a joke that Apple wins CES, right?

01:17:18   Because they do something during CES, but at least in recent history,

01:17:23   it has not been that they had actual products that are being announced at CES or

01:17:28   like that they are involved in actual product announcements.

01:17:31   It's usually like Apple does something on their own, right?

01:17:35   At the same time, but no, this is like,

01:17:37   TVs that are being announced to CES

01:17:40   are being announced with features from Apple.

01:17:42   - So we have Samsung getting iTunes and the TV app

01:17:47   built into their sort of like native TV experience.

01:17:52   You won't need an Apple TV box out the back.

01:17:54   Others are getting AirPlay 2,

01:17:57   including like basically every other major brand. Samsung gets Airplay 2 too. They do.

01:18:02   So they get Samsung, Samsung get Airplay 2 and the iTunes app. Other manufacturers, LG, Sony,

01:18:09   and who was the other one? Vizio. Vizio. They're getting Airplay 2 and HomeKit. Samsung is not

01:18:16   getting HomeKit. Currently nobody else is getting the iTunes app. That's kind of the lay of the land.

01:18:22   Yeah, which feels to me like a temporary exclusive, I would think.

01:18:27   But an interesting TCL is not on this list and they are a growing brand in popularity.

01:18:35   I've never heard of them. I would say more.

01:18:37   I've never heard of them. Panasonic would be a bigger name.

01:18:42   I don't know who TCL is. This is like an American thing.

01:18:45   TCL. Is your TV a TCL TV, Stephen?

01:18:50   Mine is an LG TV that is so old it doesn't get on the internet, which is the way I want

01:18:54   it to stay.

01:18:55   Interesting.

01:18:56   The creative life.

01:18:57   I've never heard of TCL.

01:18:58   As Jason Snell is telling me over Diem, TCL has been the wire cutter pick for years.

01:19:04   Jason's TV is a TCL TV and it runs Roku.

01:19:07   Oh, the famous Jason TV.

01:19:10   Yeah.

01:19:11   Okay.

01:19:12   They're a screen maker.

01:19:13   They're a screen maker.

01:19:14   So it may be that the Roku stuff isn't compatible or Apple didn't talk to them or they didn't

01:19:18   get along.

01:19:19   Whatever.

01:19:20   This is really big, right?

01:19:21   To get all this stuff before into your television,

01:19:24   you had to go buy the Apple TV Puck,

01:19:26   which I believe is like $669.

01:19:28   Did I get that right?

01:19:29   It's very expensive.

01:19:30   And it's way more expensive than other boxes like it,

01:19:35   way more expensive than what Amazon does or Chromecast is.

01:19:40   But now they're sort of uncoupling it from their hardware,

01:19:43   and it's pretty exciting.

01:19:45   I think it's real exciting.

01:19:46   - Let me tell you something that's hilarious to me, right?

01:19:48   So Sony TVs are getting AirPlay 2, right?

01:19:52   Sony TVs exclusively run Android TV.

01:19:56   Yes.

01:19:56   So Android is getting AirPlay 2 is what's happening here.

01:20:00   And HomeKit.

01:20:01   And WebOS.

01:20:02   How weird is that?

01:20:02   How weird.

01:20:03   WebOS also.

01:20:04   And WebOS.

01:20:04   Or it runs on the firmware layer beside the OS,

01:20:08   which I think is probably more likely.

01:20:09   All of this stuff is just the web, right?

01:20:12   But it's just funny when you think about it, right?

01:20:15   Like, it's kind of funny.

01:20:17   I have many thoughts that go in two different directions.

01:20:23   Which one do you want to go, Myke?

01:20:24   Left or right first?

01:20:26   Left please.

01:20:27   I don't think it's a valid argument to make fun of the software that runs on modern televisions

01:20:39   and to say, "Oh, that UI is so terrible," or "It doesn't have Apple taste."

01:20:47   kinds of arguments, like "it doesn't have Apple polish," where...

01:20:50   Because the Apple TV sucks.

01:20:53   Where these... like, these... like, and I speak from experience, I used... I have an LG TV

01:21:02   with webOS, I've used Sony televisions with Android TV. I think these OSes, for lack of

01:21:10   a better word, are perfectly functional, they may not be pretty, but in my experience, they're

01:21:16   usually faster to navigate and to operate than tvOS. The tvOS UI, I personally think,

01:21:23   I don't want to say it's terrible, but I don't think it's good. I don't think it reaches this

01:21:28   ideal of Apple design made in California. I think webOS on the LG TV is a perfectly fine operating

01:21:38   system for a television, and I actually prefer myself using the built-in apps on my LG TV.

01:21:46   And you know why? Because they're faster, they have a more intuitive UI, and also the YouTube

01:21:53   app on my webOS TV is the only TV client with YouTube that gets 4K, because YouTube on the

01:22:00   Apple TV does not get 4K. The webOS version does. So, seeing these tweets about "Ooh, but it's not

01:22:08   TVOS UI, it's not consistent, it's not Apple design, who cares? You just need to watch a TV

01:22:15   show, you just need to watch a movie, you're not staring at pretty pixels, like most people don't

01:22:20   care. We can make this argument for phones or for tablets because you're actually using them and

01:22:25   interacting with apps, you are interacting with UIs day in and day out, but on a TV you just need

01:22:31   to watch stuff or you need to play a video game. I don't think it matters. So that was my left

01:22:36   direction. Well, you know what all every other TV manufacturer has in common? Their remotes are

01:22:43   better than the Siri remote, like the very basic interface. Yes, the very basic interface to get

01:22:48   into it is I mean, that thing is so consistently frustrating. And I've had mine, I've got the

01:22:53   1080 Apple TV because my TV is old. And I don't know how many years that been Alec for or

01:22:58   something. I still perpetually get it wrong, like it or hold it the wrong way or click when I mean

01:23:04   to drag or it's just really frustrating to use.

01:23:07   - So the other direction was I am confused by this split of AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support,

01:23:19   mostly because I've seen these screenshots of the Home app in what I presume is a future

01:23:24   version of iOS, maybe iOS 12.2, that shows you, I think this was in the Visio slides

01:23:31   maybe, HDMI as an accessory in the Home app. And I don't know what's that gonna do, like,

01:23:41   well, does it mean you will be able to make automations that turn on your TV,

01:23:45   or does it mean that you will just be able to, say, change to this specific input? I don't know

01:23:52   what HomeKit support means in the context of a television. I know what I do with HomeBridge,

01:23:58   which is this custom server that I run on my Mac Mini, which I love because it lets me switch inputs and switch the volume of the TV,

01:24:05   change the volume of the TV, lets me change channels so I can do a bunch of things,

01:24:08   but will Apple go as far as allowing me to switch all inputs and tweak the volume, tweak the color scheme or whatever?

01:24:16   I don't know. It's not clear.

01:24:18   There was something that was floating around about this, and you know, we mentioned the upgrade thing earlier.

01:24:23   I think y'all's segment was really good, but a lot of people were like, "Oh, it's like when Apple did

01:24:28   Motorola rocker which is like this phone that you could sing like a hundred iTunes songs to and then the iPhone came out

01:24:33   like not that long afterwards and I think the this the feeling behind that comment is

01:24:39   This is something that Apple is not gonna take seriously and it's gonna be bad. I think both of those are wrong

01:24:45   I think a this should not be surprising if you've been paying attention to what Apple's been doing and what they're doing in the background

01:24:51   The video service you don't spend billions of dollars making original content to like shove it through a very

01:24:57   particular Apple TV box that has a very small market share.

01:25:02   You do it and you want it to be as broad as possible,

01:25:05   which is what this is about.

01:25:07   And I think Apple, because of that,

01:25:08   is going to take it seriously,

01:25:09   and I expect this to be well done.

01:25:12   To your all's point, the apps on these TVs

01:25:14   are substantially better than they were years ago.

01:25:16   The TV I have, I bought maybe six or seven years ago,

01:25:20   and I bought the one I did specifically

01:25:22   because it didn't have built-in apps.

01:25:25   It just has inputs, and it's a dumb TV,

01:25:27   doesn't get on the internet. Even then it was hard to find one, but I did it

01:25:30   because the apps are really bad then. That's not the case now. A lot of these

01:25:34   TVs have pretty good software. There are privacy concerns with some of them that

01:25:38   we should talk about, but they are more responsive and better designed than ever.

01:25:43   And I think Apple, because their video service has to compete with things like

01:25:49   Netflix and Hulu that are there natively now, they've got to be just as good, if

01:25:54   if not better.

01:25:55   And so I think the idea that this is gonna be

01:25:57   some sort of like awkward, kludgy thing

01:26:00   that Apple is just sort of like, you know,

01:26:02   grafting onto the side of a TV operating system,

01:26:06   I mean, that may end up being true,

01:26:07   but I don't think it's going to be.

01:26:08   I think this is going to be something they take seriously,

01:26:11   that they work hard at, that it provides a good experience,

01:26:13   because Apple has to make this money back

01:26:16   for this TV stuff.

01:26:18   They're gonna grow their services.

01:26:20   The TV service has to be a big part of that.

01:26:23   And if the app is bad, then people are just going to--

01:26:26   they're going to get frustrated with it, right?

01:26:28   They're going to not want to use it.

01:26:30   And Apple needs it to be really accessible to everybody.

01:26:35   Can I share my current concern?

01:26:38   Yes.

01:26:40   So I'm looking at these TVs.

01:26:42   And I want to get a new TV anyway,

01:26:44   because we've had our TV for a few years,

01:26:47   but we could have a bigger TV quite comfortably in the space

01:26:50   that we have.

01:26:50   So it would be nice.

01:26:52   And now there are all these TVs coming out, all these interesting features.

01:26:55   But I'm like, I know that obviously now is not the right time to make this decision.

01:26:59   But I can already see how difficult this decision is going to be

01:27:01   because of the differing features across Samsung and everybody else,

01:27:05   because Samsung's TVs are going to have the Apple apps on them because

01:27:09   and that's great, because then I can watch all of my iTunes content

01:27:13   and then all of like YouTube and 4K and stuff like that.

01:27:16   And then I don't need an Apple TV anymore in theory, right?

01:27:19   Because all of the providers have apps, right?

01:27:21   Like so I watch YouTube, I watch like Prime content, and I watch Apple content.

01:27:25   And Samsung's TV will have all of that built in.

01:27:28   But then they don't have HomeKit.

01:27:30   And then will the HomeKit stuff make it worth it going with a different manufacturer?

01:27:35   Right.

01:27:35   But we're not really sure what that's going to be yet.

01:27:38   Hopefully we'll find more about that soon.

01:27:39   Like what actually you'll be able to do with HomeKit.

01:27:41   But then if that's the case, which one of the three do I choose?

01:27:44   Like it feels like such a difficult thing.

01:27:46   And as with these things, usually like I want to get one probably relatively soon

01:27:52   that when they're released so we can talk about it. Right.

01:27:55   Because if I wait for the wire cutter to review them all,

01:27:58   it might be longer than I would want.

01:28:00   And then like, is it even worth owning an Apple TV anymore?

01:28:03   Like what's going to happen there?

01:28:04   And then what if Apple end up working with Amazon,

01:28:07   which I 100 percent believe they will, and then it's on the Fire TV?

01:28:10   It's all very confusing.

01:28:12   And I feel like I'm just going to spend a lot of time

01:28:15   to thinking about this now with no answers for quite a while. That is my current TV fear.

01:28:22   If I were you, I would pick the TV with both Airplay 2 and HomeKit, because it feels easier,

01:28:34   like, hypothetically, that a TV gets a software update with an app rather than, I don't know,

01:28:40   if it's a chip or something that involves HomeKit.

01:28:43   Like I would go for the framework

01:28:45   and the main feature over the app,

01:28:48   because you can still use an Apple TV,

01:28:51   but there's no accessory to enable HomeKit.

01:28:55   So software, you can either wait for a software update

01:28:59   or still use your Apple TV.

01:29:01   But if you wanna have HomeKit,

01:29:03   the only solution is to buy a TV with HomeKit.

01:29:05   - Right, so I should go for one of the non Samsung ones then.

01:29:09   I would go for the one that has both frameworks.

01:29:13   I think LG, Sony and Vizio are both. They're both Airplay 2 and HomeKit.

01:29:20   I think all three of them are doing that.

01:29:22   And then Samsung is not HomeKit currently.

01:29:26   I personally, I would pick a TV that has both.

01:29:30   And then who cares about the iTunes app, you have an Apple TV anyway.

01:29:33   Okay.

01:29:34   - Yeah, 'cause then there's this whole thing about like,

01:29:37   Samsung TVs don't support the 4K HDR standard

01:29:40   that Apple's content's encoded in.

01:29:42   - Yep, yep.

01:29:43   And you wanna get a TV with Dolby Vision,

01:29:45   you gotta look into all this stuff, yeah.

01:29:48   - TVs.

01:29:49   - It's complicated.

01:29:51   Apple is kind of enforcing some privacy rules

01:29:54   around this stuff.

01:29:56   A lot of these TVs watch what's happening on the screen

01:29:59   and that data is used for recommendations

01:30:02   and then sold off on the back end.

01:30:04   There's a really interesting interview over on The Verge

01:30:07   with the, I think the CTO of Vizio about this.

01:30:11   And Apple has told them that you cannot look

01:30:14   at what our customers are doing with AirPlay

01:30:18   or in other apps, but if you use an Apple TV,

01:30:20   they can because it's just an HDMI input.

01:30:22   So that's something too to look at

01:30:24   when you buy one of these.

01:30:25   Does it do that tracking?

01:30:27   Spoiler alert, all of them do.

01:30:28   But can you turn it off?

01:30:30   Vizio you can, some of the others you can,

01:30:32   but it's more difficult.

01:30:33   There's a lot, buying a TV is complicated.

01:30:36   I'm kind of in the boat you are.

01:30:37   I feel like this is the year where we upgrade to a nice 4K TV.

01:30:41   I like to go a little bit bigger.

01:30:43   I just feel paralyzed by the choices.

01:30:47   I can wait, so I'm hoping that a clear winner sorts itself out maybe midway through the

01:30:53   year or this fall and I can make the move.

01:30:57   It's complicated.

01:30:58   likely to see the kind of more traditional technology outlets review

01:31:03   these TVs because of this stuff where they typically wouldn't. So that might be

01:31:07   like you know like there might be some Verge reviews about these TVs where they

01:31:10   typically don't review TVs but they may be more inclined to because of the Apple

01:31:15   stuff so that might be good. And also I really hope that personally speaking my

01:31:21   2017 LG B7. I guess a software update at least with our Play 2. Have they said

01:31:29   anything about that at all? LG hasn't said anything about backward

01:31:33   compatibility so I don't know. That's not looking good. Fingers crossed though.

01:31:37   To round out this week Federico you have published I gotta say is maybe

01:31:44   like the the most mind-bending shortcut that I think you've published in a long time.

01:31:49   It's your workflow masterpiece, is what it is.

01:31:52   Yeah, I think so.

01:31:54   Yeah.

01:31:55   This is the most involved and complicated workflow/shortcut you've ever built, surely.

01:32:01   It is the most complicated.

01:32:02   I've built other complicated shortcuts, but I feel like this is a...

01:32:08   It surprised me in that I think it's a combination of...

01:32:12   It was complicated, but also you resonated with people a lot.

01:32:16   Whereas other complicated shortcuts that I made in the past did not break out of the

01:32:22   workflow people niche.

01:32:25   This one did.

01:32:26   And I was really surprised by that.

01:32:28   Well, I mean, it makes sense because this shortcut that we're talking about is called

01:32:33   Apple Music Wrapped.

01:32:34   Federico built Spotify's end of year thing that they do where they show you data about

01:32:40   the music you've listened to for Apple Music on Apple's behalf, basically, and published

01:32:45   it and it's incredible and it gives you a kind of a grid of icons and stuff of your

01:32:51   most listened to songs and your most listened to artists and genres and all kinds of information

01:32:57   presents you with a web page which is private to you and a PDF with embeds on it and stuff.

01:33:02   It's wild and my favorite thing about this shortcut is the little notifications that

01:33:09   you get when it's... I've never really... I've never seen that before really, that like,

01:33:14   when I'm running a shortcut, like it gives me like actual iOS notifications, right? Because

01:33:20   I like it. It adds a little bit of personality to it. It's cute.

01:33:23   Oh, thanks. Yeah, that was one of the last minute improvements. You, Myke, you suggested

01:33:30   to do the top artists and I also added that in the last two weeks. Yeah, it was a lot

01:33:36   of work, right? I've been working on this for two months, since late November, essentially.

01:33:44   And it's got over 500 actions. And yeah, it was impossible to create in the shortcuts

01:33:55   editor, you know, all the scrolling and all the duplicating of actions, because there's

01:33:59   There's no easy way, like there's no native way to fold, for example, blocks of actions.

01:34:06   There's no way to easily copy and paste actions in the shortcut without having to use third-party

01:34:13   hacks and workarounds.

01:34:15   But I'm really happy for two reasons.

01:34:22   It's really fast, despite all the actions that it contains and all the things that it

01:34:27   does.

01:34:28   And also it doesn't have any dependencies. It doesn't use any third-party servers,

01:34:36   it doesn't have any of those third-party community stuff that is going on these days,

01:34:43   and I don't really feel confident about for the future. It doesn't have any third-party code,

01:34:49   it doesn't store any configuration files or cache files in your iCal drive. It's very clean,

01:34:54   it runs from top to bottom and doesn't save anything on your device except the things you

01:34:59   want to save, you decide to save. Most people, like the vast majority of people, are reporting

01:35:06   successful results in running the shortcut. Which I cannot believe that you, I mean I know you spent

01:35:12   quite a bit of time yesterday debugging it but I felt like you were gonna just like, like at scale

01:35:19   it was like oh well there was something I didn't account for and it's not working right because

01:35:23   Because it's just the sheer parameters of the data, the variation in the data that can

01:35:28   be input into this are so broad. Like I'm really surprised that it worked. And this

01:35:33   is nothing on your ability just upon how complicated a thing this would be.

01:35:39   Yeah, and ultimately, for the vast majority of people it is working correctly. The edge

01:35:46   cases that are left are all down to the fact that some songs have special characters in

01:35:53   them, or some artist names have special characters in them. And I want to say two things about

01:35:59   this. First of all, I cannot possibly test all of the Unicode characters that may be

01:36:04   present in the Apple Music Database. This is just not something that I can do. But most

01:36:08   of all, I don't have the tools in shortcuts to make sure that this is not

01:36:14   a problem, because to do things like sorting numbers from biggest to smallest,

01:36:22   there is no native action that does that. There is no native shortcuts action that

01:36:27   can take some text and say "let's take a number and see which one is bigger, which

01:36:32   one is smaller". To sort numbers I have to use custom JavaScript that you don't see,

01:36:37   but is actually loaded in a web page inside Shortcut that is invisible and that doesn't open,

01:36:44   but the shortcut is actually opening a web page and writing JavaScript code to sort numbers or

01:36:50   to do the duplication of lines of text. All these crazy hacks

01:36:56   shouldn't be necessary. If only I had native actions to do this and those native actions could do

01:37:05   What Shortcuts does, which is making sure that you don't get an error for Unicode stuff,

01:37:10   making sure that the shortcut is never interrupted because the system takes care of problems for you,

01:37:17   but by using these workarounds, I don't get any of those safety measures.

01:37:23   So I have to hard-code all of these edge cases myself, and like I said, it's just impossible for me to

01:37:29   consider all of the possible variations of quotes and double quotes and special characters and weird Unicode names.

01:37:35   and the fact that people can upload tracks from their iTunes libraries, and when they do,

01:37:40   they may use special emoji or special Unicode signs, because I've seen people do this. So,

01:37:47   you gotta go for the 90% of people in this case, and for the 90% of people it's working correctly,

01:37:53   so I'm happy about that. I ran into many many limitations of shortcuts in Apple Music when I

01:38:01   when I was putting together this Apple Music Wrapped.

01:38:04   Most of all, I would like to point out the fact

01:38:07   that the Apple Music filters are super buggy and limited.

01:38:11   Not only do they return different results,

01:38:15   slightly different results, every time you run them,

01:38:18   because if you just ask for 100 items,

01:38:23   and you say you need to sort them from biggest to smallest,

01:38:26   once you reach the smallest number,

01:38:29   So a song that has only been played once, but the system has 50 songs that have been played once.

01:38:35   That song associated with the number 1 is going to be different every time,

01:38:40   because the system just randomizes it for some reason.

01:38:43   So the songs at the bottom of your list may be different every time, but most of all,

01:38:48   I'm annoyed by the fact that there's no way in shortcuts to say

01:38:52   Show me songs whose play count

01:38:55   need to be considered within this time period. So things like "I want you to give me a hundred songs,

01:39:03   sort them from biggest to smallest, but only show me the ones, show me the play counts that

01:39:08   belong to 2018 or 2017".

01:39:12   There is no logic to separate play counts by year, and that is something that, of course, I detailed in the article as a limitation.

01:39:21   But yeah, better Apple Music Filters, better actions to do sorting and clean up duplicates,

01:39:31   better way to manage a long shortcut, because at 500 actions it becomes impossible.

01:39:38   But overall, I mean, the response from readers has been incredible, and this has gone way

01:39:44   beyond what I was expecting.

01:39:45   I was like, maybe a few hundred people will like this.

01:39:49   And Zandiv was much, much more than that.

01:39:51   So I really want Apple to make this shortcut obsolete, because they really should do a

01:39:56   native Apple Music Year-in-Review feature.

01:40:00   I was worried that they were gonna...

01:40:01   Because you've been working on this for so long, and I was so nervous for you that they

01:40:05   were gonna pop up on New Year's Eve.

01:40:08   "Hey, everyone!"

01:40:09   I was like, "Oh, no!"

01:40:11   Yeah.

01:40:12   Yeah.

01:40:13   That didn't happen.

01:40:14   It's really awesome.

01:40:15   Yeah, thank you.

01:40:16   It's great.

01:40:17   Senors were my most played band of 2018.

01:40:20   - Somehow I believe you.

01:40:21   (laughing)

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