2018 in Review: The Wonder of Everything


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected,

00:00:09   episode 224, our 2018 year end review.

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00:00:20   I'm your host, Stephen Hackett,

00:00:22   and I'm joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:23   - Happy holidays.

00:00:25   - Hey, it's Boxing Day where you are,

00:00:28   as we release this.

00:00:29   - Yep, I'm sitting in a box, as the tradition would say.

00:00:32   - You sit in the box?

00:00:34   Is that the tradition?

00:00:34   - That's how it goes, yeah.

00:00:36   Everyone gets their own personal box on Boxing Day.

00:00:39   - Yeah, well, that's, oh, and, okay.

00:00:42   And Federico Vittucci, hi.

00:00:43   - Hello, hi, happy holidays.

00:00:46   It's good to be here, how are you, Steven?

00:00:49   - I'm good, it's the end of the year,

00:00:51   there's just a few days left,

00:00:52   and we have this tradition on Connected

00:00:54   to look back over the previous 12 months

00:00:58   of news and stories, things we talked about,

00:01:00   and sort of revisit them and see what was a big deal,

00:01:03   what wasn't a big deal, what rumors ended up being true,

00:01:06   which is like my theme for 2018.

00:01:08   The rumor mill was just really bonkers this year.

00:01:11   But before we do that, we have very important business.

00:01:15   - I don't wanna do this.

00:01:16   - Yeah, it's very important.

00:01:18   It's very important business.

00:01:19   - No, because we're gonna fight.

00:01:20   - We should do it.

00:01:21   - Wait, no, we're gonna fight.

00:01:22   We're gonna fight again, so.

00:01:24   - Okay.

00:01:25   - No, there's no fighting. - I think there is.

00:01:27   - I don't see why.

00:01:28   Why?

00:01:29   - Based upon the rules that you put into place last year.

00:01:32   - Okay, okay.

00:01:33   - The no half points rule.

00:01:35   - We have our annual predictions.

00:01:37   And these are the rules we put forth about a year ago.

00:01:41   Two points for correct picks in the risky pick round.

00:01:45   If your risky pick is wrong, you lose a point.

00:01:48   This is where it gets interesting.

00:01:50   The other two hosts must agree your pick is risky,

00:01:52   which I guess we did a year ago.

00:01:54   And there are no half points.

00:01:56   So that is where I think we could get into some debate.

00:02:01   - I forgot about the risky points rule, which is probably,

00:02:04   that's why, okay, okay, cool.

00:02:06   Then this is clean cut, this is clean cut.

00:02:08   - That's why. - All right, cool, cool, cool.

00:02:10   Wait, we need to do some adjudicating as we go through this,

00:02:14   but I think we're probably good.

00:02:16   I forgot about the risky picks rule.

00:02:18   - Yeah, Myke, are you where you could keep score for us?

00:02:21   - Yeah.

00:02:22   - You got a pen and paper there?

00:02:23   - You know I've got a pen and paper.

00:02:25   round one, I'm going to read our predictions and then we can discuss the outcomes. So in

00:02:30   round one, I predicted the Mac Pro would ship by the end of the year after teasing WWDC.

00:02:36   Michael said there will be a bigger iPhone 10 style phone, but will not have an OLED

00:02:42   screen. Federico said, there's a lot of this, iOS 12 will have a focus on quote faster speed

00:02:48   and performance optimizations being a tentpole feature. It will be on a slide. Please appreciate

00:02:54   all these points. I still can't believe you got a point out of this because you picked so many

00:02:59   things. So many things. All of them. You're a madman. The counter, the narrative around iOS 11.

00:03:07   And then he has some examples, faster animations, maybe 64 bit Swift promotion, something under the

00:03:13   scenes, maybe a built in cache cleanup feature. So some of those details are sort of hand wavy. But

00:03:19   I think it's pretty clear that Federico gets a point for iOS 12 having a focus on being faster.

00:03:26   They preach that good news at WWDC. So I have a point I would like to bring to the group.

00:03:31   So I said there will be a bigger iPhone 10 style phone but it will not have an OLED screen.

00:03:37   Now at the time we were thinking max but doesn't the XR fit that exact prediction?

00:03:44   I think it does. I think you get a point as well.

00:03:47   Because iPhone X-styled phone will not have an OLED screen.

00:03:50   Now it's like, I know that at the time, we didn't think that the XR would exist, right?

00:03:55   But by like just the way that we wrote the prediction down, I think it counts.

00:04:00   Yeah, I think it does too.

00:04:02   Because you don't say that the only bigger iPhone X-style phone would be LCD.

00:04:07   You say there will be A1 and that-

00:04:09   Yeah, this counts. This counts.

00:04:11   -That's cool. -To the language, you are correct.

00:04:13   So I'm pleased that I've at least scored this year.

00:04:16   It's like it might be the first time I've ever scored a point.

00:04:19   You always get too specific, which we'll see.

00:04:23   I personally consider myself the winner now. I have the moral victory here.

00:04:27   What a rush, huh? Having a point. How does it feel like?

00:04:32   The power I have right now.

00:04:33   I did not get a point. I will tell you though, this will be my first pick for 2019.

00:04:39   This exact phrase. But there's no Mac Pro this year, so I do not get a point.

00:04:44   Are we gonna do this on our next episode?

00:04:47   Yeah, yeah, we do at the beginning of the year.

00:04:50   Oh, I got something. We have to.

00:04:51   I have no idea right now. I know.

00:04:53   You can't come into this off the top of your head.

00:04:55   It goes poorly. No.

00:04:57   We are under listener contractual obligation to do this.

00:05:01   Yeah. Who signed that contract?

00:05:02   Round two.

00:05:04   Michael said, "Apple Watch with an always-on display."

00:05:07   I feel like we were all cheated

00:05:08   by losing this point, personally.

00:05:11   The whole world. Yeah.

00:05:11   Every Apple Watch user was cheated by you.

00:05:14   I cannot believe that this is still not a thing on the Apple

00:05:17   Watch.

00:05:18   It boggles my mind.

00:05:19   Federico said, a streaming service

00:05:21   announces Apple Video one to two months for free,

00:05:24   bundled with Apple Music as an option.

00:05:26   I remember at the time telling you,

00:05:28   that was a wild prediction, because they hadn't even

00:05:30   started shooting the TV shows.

00:05:32   That, I think, is another one that could be totally reasonable

00:05:37   in 2019, by the way.

00:05:38   That is like, that's probably gonna be one of my first picks.

00:05:41   So we're all gonna have to run for that one.

00:05:44   - And I make it onto the board.

00:05:46   Still no new iPad Mini, and I had a parenthetical,

00:05:50   if it's killed I'm not wrong.

00:05:52   The iPad Mini 4 is, as it ever was, still for sale.

00:05:56   So, right now we are tied.

00:05:57   Myke, you have won.

00:05:59   Federico, you have won.

00:06:00   I have won.

00:06:01   - Wait, who's keeping the scores here?

00:06:03   - Well, I mean, they're in green and red now,

00:06:05   so I could see them.

00:06:06   but I'll let you do the final thing.

00:06:09   Okay, risky picks.

00:06:11   So again, if you are correct, you get two points.

00:06:16   If you are wrong, you lose a point from your total.

00:06:20   And we already previously agreed

00:06:22   that these were all risky picks,

00:06:24   so there's not any debate about that.

00:06:26   Federico, Workflow 2 will appear as a system, feature,

00:06:30   or app heavy on Siri integration,

00:06:33   Framework for pro apps to talk to each other and you had two non graded things. I'll just say just for clarity

00:06:40   There probably be a migration tool

00:06:41   I guess from workflow to workflow to or now we know is the shortcut which there was

00:06:45   The App Store version might be kept around for a while. It's only an App Store version. It's only one version

00:06:51   So that was wrong. You should have kept your not graded things in there to be honest because this is a thing

00:06:56   framework for pro apps to talk to each other that's

00:07:02   That's not there. That's not there, but I think overall, like…

00:07:07   But we don't do half points around here, though. So this is where it gets awkward.

00:07:11   If you look at the entire prediction, Workflow 2 will appear as a season feature wrap, heavy

00:07:15   on serial integration. So why does NotGraded even exist, then? That

00:07:20   everything you said had to be graded? I don't know why we did the NotGraded, but

00:07:23   I don't know. Because the point was, because we had this

00:07:26   in the past, of everyone getting way too specific, and if you were more specific and you didn't

00:07:31   all your specific points you didn't get the point like that was the reason for the not graded

00:07:35   and why we thought you were wild i don't know but we decided that it was yeah i don't know why but

00:07:42   at the time we decided that it was not graded so i think we give it to him yeah all right we can

00:07:46   give it to him but we have to put this rule into place because this is a rule that i know exists

00:07:50   which is everything that is written down has to be true for the point to be given i i think yes sure

00:07:57   we could let it slide this time, but I think that all of us get zero points, because

00:08:02   T2 doesn't get a half point, but I'll let it go, but...

00:08:07   I mean, compared to your... but let's compare this one to your risky picks.

00:08:12   I say Workflow 2, you say... Steven says iTunes rewrite or replacement for macOS.

00:08:17   Myke says iOS 12 features a large-scale UI redesign across iOS, the biggest since iOS 7.

00:08:25   We thought that that might happen, right?

00:08:27   Like I might just be one year off.

00:08:29   - Ryan tell Bloomberg said it wasn't happening.

00:08:32   - But your risky picks are complete.

00:08:34   - Yes, they are completely wrong.

00:08:36   - Mine is only partially incorrect for one detail.

00:08:39   - But we don't do half points, no half points.

00:08:43   - Yeah, here's the thing.

00:08:44   I don't think you can compare risky picks to each other.

00:08:47   I feel like they just exist as their own item.

00:08:51   - Riskiness.

00:08:52   - But I think you get it.

00:08:53   Even though the framework for Pro Apps,

00:08:55   I think I know what you were saying then,

00:08:57   but I kinda also think that the Siri shortcuts,

00:09:02   that's not Pro Apps talking to each other,

00:09:03   but it's Pro Apps talking to the system,

00:09:05   I think we give it to him.

00:09:06   - I think it is close enough to correct that I agree.

00:09:10   - If you wanna be super nitpicky,

00:09:13   you could argue that Siri shortcuts as in framework

00:09:16   and the clipboard as a way for apps to talk to each other,

00:09:19   it kinda counts. - The clipboard

00:09:20   is not a framework.

00:09:21   The clipboard is not a framework.

00:09:23   It actually is! It actually is! It actually is a f-

00:09:27   Well, but-

00:09:28   Well!

00:09:29   It's only- it's- it is-

00:09:31   It is partially incorrect.

00:09:33   This- this point.

00:09:35   Alright, you know what? Kate has actually adjudicated this.

00:09:39   Risky picks are worth two points, so you get one point.

00:09:43   But that's a half grading.

00:09:45   I think that works fine. Yeah, but whatever.

00:09:47   Look, we're all trying to find ways to let Federico win this at this point, aren't we?

00:09:51   So we'll just say it's close enough.

00:09:53   It's the holidays, give him the two points, Federico wins.

00:09:57   Federico gets three points.

00:10:00   I am not surprised that I won again.

00:10:02   Take the point away from him.

00:10:04   This is why he doesn't deserve the point.

00:10:05   Thank you, thank you Connected Listeners for supporting...

00:10:08   This is why.

00:10:09   He cannot be humble in his victory.

00:10:12   He has to now be like, "I am the king of all predictions."

00:10:18   supporting the rightful winner of this prediction. See you again next year.

00:10:23   I knew we should know when I'm winning.

00:10:24   Well, we can bring everybody down with round four.

00:10:28   Extra picks?

00:10:29   Extra picks that were not great. These are just things that we put out there.

00:10:33   That we just said.

00:10:34   So let's just blow Federico out of the water. Federico said two things. Apple

00:10:39   Video and Apple Music have dedicated apps for Mac and iOS. Music and Video removed

00:10:44   from iTunes on the Mac.

00:10:46   He also said, this is maybe my favorite,

00:10:50   "Reminders will get a major redesign

00:10:53   "modeled after iOS 11 in files,

00:10:55   "new family sharing features,

00:10:56   "and integration with the HomePod."

00:10:58   - Oh, boy, that's so bad.

00:10:59   - When was Reminders last updated, Federico?

00:11:03   - iOS 7, iOS 7, five years ago.

00:11:06   - Oh, boy.

00:11:09   Not that we're any better.

00:11:10   - Well.

00:11:11   - Not that we're any better.

00:11:12   I said--

00:11:13   - You were close.

00:11:14   An app kit and UI kit give birth to something new

00:11:17   and cross platform like Gurman said.

00:11:20   It's not really true because these apps in Mojave

00:11:23   are just basically UI kit apps with a little shim

00:11:27   to make them work on the Mac.

00:11:29   I also said an iPod touch update,

00:11:31   so maybe I'm the biggest loser here.

00:11:32   - That was the wildest thing.

00:11:35   I can't believe you said that.

00:11:36   - Just going crazy at the end.

00:11:37   - That should have been a risky pick, that one.

00:11:40   - If I'd gotten that right,

00:11:41   I would have won it for all time.

00:11:44   Myke, you set a new Apple Pencil with a button of some kind,

00:11:48   with aluminum with a question mark after it.

00:11:50   You got a new Pencil.

00:11:52   There's the tapping thing, it's kind of the same spirit,

00:11:55   but it doesn't count 'cause there are no points.

00:11:57   Federico wanted a new Smart Keyboard.

00:11:59   I don't know if you knew this,

00:12:00   Federico doesn't really like the Smart Keyboard.

00:12:02   He suggested a new material,

00:12:04   backlit keys and a dedicated Siri key.

00:12:07   You got none of those things.

00:12:09   - I got a new Smart Keyboard,

00:12:13   which is the SmartKey portfolio with a new material,

00:12:16   but it was not what I was expecting.

00:12:18   The new material is the texture for the key,

00:12:21   wow, this is so sad. - So sad.

00:12:24   - Look at this.

00:12:25   - And then Myke also had something,

00:12:27   Myke's interesting, you had a couple

00:12:29   that Bloomberg sort of shot down early on.

00:12:31   On iOS 12, the iPad home screen

00:12:33   features more than just app icons.

00:12:35   - So really, I should blame Federico for my loss.

00:12:40   - Sure. - Right?

00:12:40   - But then Federico wouldn't have gotten speed,

00:12:42   like it's a give and take around here. Well that's it though right? That just helps me win more.

00:12:47   So I blame Craig Federighi for me losing this year. You should just blame yourself for bad picks.

00:12:54   No they were good picks. These are all things that are gonna happen. I was just wrong by maybe one

00:12:59   year. That's just so upsetting about all of this. That's not how it works. Well so you're gonna just

00:13:05   repeat the same picks for 2019? Look I'm not gonna say that it is impossible that I would do that.

00:13:12   Alright? Just, you know, maybe I will do that.

00:13:14   Copy and paste them right out of here.

00:13:16   I am, as we speak, copying and pasting into my notes document.

00:13:20   Okay, good luck.

00:13:21   What is this? What is this good luck from you?

00:13:24   You know, here's the thing, right? You keep playing it like this, everyone's gonna want you to lose.

00:13:28   You know that, right? You're gonna turn everyone against you. Is that what you want?

00:13:31   There's enough people who love me that I feel their support and encouragement to keep producing amazing productions.

00:13:41   See what you will do to him?

00:13:42   Turn him into a monster.

00:13:43   He's a monster.

00:13:43   I'm a monster at winning picks.

00:13:45   That's what I am.

00:13:46   I quit.

00:13:46   No, you have to read the sponsor first.

00:13:50   No, I've quit.

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00:15:14   Emryley FM. So the year in review time, we will go throughout the year talking about primarily,

00:15:21   I think, the things that we spoke about and we were focusing on the most in the show. How are

00:15:26   we going to do this? Who's going to read them all? I feel like Steven's year, right? As the host.

00:15:32   As the resident historian of the Apple community.

00:15:34   That's a good point. Yeah, this is just more history. It's just more recent than you normally do, but...

00:15:39   It's true. Ask me about these things again in 10 years, please.

00:15:43   Okay.

00:15:43   You will know them.

00:15:44   Yeah, it's no problem.

00:15:45   Won't be surprised.

00:15:46   So this really began at the end of 2017. Remember all this? The iPhone battery gate.

00:15:54   Apple is throttling your phone because it would shut down otherwise, and people were mad. The

00:15:59   battery replacements were so expensive. And Apple announced at the very end of the year

00:16:04   that for all of 2018, for a bunch of iPhones,

00:16:08   you could do a $29 battery replacement.

00:16:13   And people were mostly excited.

00:16:16   I think some people thought they should be free,

00:16:18   which is sort of silly.

00:16:19   But 29 bucks, you get a battery put in,

00:16:21   put in your old phone.

00:16:23   I don't know about y'all, I have sent a ton of people

00:16:25   to the Apple Store this year to do that,

00:16:26   including my own parents and family members

00:16:28   as recently as this week, reminding them,

00:16:30   hey, this ends at the end of the year.

00:16:34   And then the other price is gonna go back up. Do you guys think people will be upset about that?

00:16:38   I had completely forgotten about this and now I kind of regret it because I should have told my mom to get a new battery

00:16:44   And now she she will not be able to come to the Apple Store because there's a holiday. Just sitting there in silent regret

00:16:51   She's gonna she's gonna she's gonna be so upset if she finds out. You've let her down. You're a bad son

00:16:55   I'm a bad son. Between this and the pranks you play on her. Yeah, is this just another prank?

00:17:03   I haven't actually pulled any pranks.

00:17:04   You pranked her out of $30. Way to go.

00:17:07   I'm planning something for Christmas.

00:17:09   I still haven't decided what I want to do.

00:17:11   What do you mean, like you're planning something?

00:17:15   What does that mean?

00:17:16   That's what I said.

00:17:18   I want to do something that is fun.

00:17:20   Who is it fun for?

00:17:22   Me, mostly.

00:17:24   (laughs)

00:17:25   And the people who participate in the prank.

00:17:28   Oh, you're gonna have people?

00:17:29   Except for my mom.

00:17:30   Yeah, usually Sylvia, she just plays along because she's also terrible like me.

00:17:35   Yeah, I feel bad. This is ending on the end of the year, right?

00:17:42   Yeah, the fee, thanks to Benjamin Mayo in the chat, the fee will become $49 for all products except the iPhone X, which will change to $69, which is a nice price for a battery change, I think.

00:17:57   And it ends on Boxing Day instead of December 31st.

00:18:02   Oh man.

00:18:03   Well, that battery is gone.

00:18:05   I'm not getting a new battery.

00:18:08   But it's not expensive to change anymore.

00:18:10   49 instead of 79.

00:18:12   You could just apologize and hand her 30 bucks.

00:18:15   Or you could take care of it for her.

00:18:17   Say, "Hey, I'm going to borrow your phone for the afternoon and go do it as an apology."

00:18:20   She thinks she's going to get a prank, but in fact, you're actually just going to fix

00:18:22   her phone for her.

00:18:23   You come back with a Motorola Droid.

00:18:25   It's a terrible prank.

00:18:27   Well you did that once. I used Android for a long time. Yeah, I've got it over here somewhere.

00:18:32   Up next,

00:18:34   Transmit for iOS is discontinued showing the end of pro app development on the iPad. Pack it up.

00:18:41   I'm so sad that this

00:18:44   This this happened. I'm still using file browser on iOS. I mean it's functional. It does its job well.

00:18:53   And you could you could use a bunch of other apps. I know people use documents for FTP access and that kind of stuff

00:18:59   I prefer fire browser because of some advanced features that I like like shortcuts or like you can add

00:19:04   Specific folders for a remote location to your home screen as an icon, which is nice

00:19:10   But I still miss the UI and like the polish of transmit and I so wish that panic

00:19:18   Like I would subscribe to transmit

00:19:20   This is one of those apps, especially now that I have a Mac Mini, so I connect to a

00:19:24   bunch of folders that I use on my Mac Mini.

00:19:27   I would pay, I don't know, a $10 subscription a year for transmit.

00:19:31   You know, that kind of utility I would pay for.

00:19:34   But I guess they're focused on Coda now.

00:19:37   I think it's the only iOS app they still maintain.

00:19:39   Oh no, and Prompt, which I also use, which is not a podcast, it's an app.

00:19:43   There should be a podcast called Prompt, though.

00:19:46   That's a good name.

00:19:48   But yeah, it's a sad announcement.

00:19:50   I wish they would actually backtrack on this decision,

00:19:54   but I guess it's not happening.

00:19:56   - I'm still using it, it still works.

00:19:57   I sort of assume that that will not be true forever

00:20:01   and then I'll deal with it then.

00:20:02   But I use it actually a fair amount

00:20:04   for uploading shows to our host.

00:20:06   It's very handy.

00:20:07   Up next, we have Apple Previews iOS 11.3.

00:20:12   If you don't remember, the features included

00:20:14   new Animoji and ARKit 1.5.

00:20:18   Tell me how much this has changed the way I work on your iPads and iPhones.

00:20:22   This is, um, this has complete a arcade.

00:20:24   1.5 has allowed me to use the iPad as my computer.

00:20:29   Um, yes, because now I, I basically, the way that I work is I hold the iPad and I

00:20:36   project a 3d graphic of a Macintosh on my table and, and I, and I touch that

00:20:43   graphic with my hands, real AR.

00:20:46   So this is... you cannot do real AR on a Mac, which is why I'm using the iPad as my primary

00:20:53   AR computer projector. Yes. Totally game changer. No, seriously though, are you guys still using

00:20:59   an emoji? I know Myke. Myke is. He sends an emoji every once in a while.

00:21:04   I'm more... I'm still, as predicted at the time when Memoji came out, I still use Bitmoji

00:21:09   more because of like the little scenes that Bitmoji will put your character in.

00:21:12   And there are those Bitmojis that you send us all the time, like the Savage Bitmoji,

00:21:19   those have become institutions of our private conversations.

00:21:22   Everybody wants to get the Savage one every now and then, because that's when they are

00:21:25   commended for their savagery, you know?

00:21:28   Everyone wants to be Savage.

00:21:29   That's perfect.

00:21:30   I use it, but it's not a ton.

00:21:33   This is one of those things I expect that slowly over time they just keep making better

00:21:37   and better.

00:21:38   I'm intrigued to see what they do to Memoji

00:21:41   like over the next year,

00:21:43   'cause it feels like something that

00:21:44   probably does help sell the phones,

00:21:48   even because people,

00:21:49   whether they will or they won't use them,

00:21:51   they might think that they'll use them,

00:21:52   and they're kind of like a cute thing,

00:21:53   it's like a demo thing.

00:21:55   You know, I reckon kids love it, you know?

00:21:56   Like it's a cool feature,

00:21:59   it is not a groundbreaking feature,

00:22:01   but it's still fun.

00:22:03   - I just realized I cut my hair,

00:22:05   and I need to update mine,

00:22:07   because my little guy still has long hair.

00:22:09   I should get on that.

00:22:11   - It's a very important task. - I'm gonna do that.

00:22:14   - Why is the next item in our list?

00:22:17   - Because at the heart of Connected,

00:22:20   you may think we cover Apple

00:22:22   and related services and technologies, but really--

00:22:25   - We just do that as filler

00:22:26   until the next news comes up about this service.

00:22:29   - Yeah, BlaBlaCar, our true calling as journalists--

00:22:34   - BlaBlaCar.

00:22:35   - We had some changes in its business 11 months ago,

00:22:38   and I'm skimming this TechCrunch article,

00:22:40   and I don't remember what they did,

00:22:41   but they did something.

00:22:42   - No, see, this is the thing.

00:22:43   This is like the end of our coverage for BlahBlahCar,

00:22:45   because they took away the blobby guy.

00:22:47   - Oh, that's right.

00:22:48   They did the rebranding. - They rebranded.

00:22:49   - No!

00:22:50   - So it's not interesting to us anymore,

00:22:52   because the BlahBlahCar mascot is gone, so.

00:22:56   - The BlahBlahMonster is gone?

00:22:58   Oh, no.

00:22:59   - I'm watching their rebranding video,

00:23:01   and there's people with tiny heads in it.

00:23:03   (laughs)

00:23:04   Yeah, this was part of the whole wonder of everything.

00:23:07   It converged.

00:23:09   Tiny Heads will make an appearance later on.

00:23:12   But, you know.

00:23:13   - Did you know that BlaBlaCar

00:23:15   is the world leading long distance carpooling platform?

00:23:18   And that it's a trusted community marketplace

00:23:20   that connects car drivers with empty seats

00:23:23   to passengers looking for a ride?

00:23:25   - It's super interesting to me

00:23:27   that you can just roll this information

00:23:28   just out from, like, just from your brain.

00:23:31   Did you know that they have 60 million members in 22 countries and over 18 million travelers

00:23:37   every quarter?

00:23:38   I mean, it's an impressive company.

00:23:40   I think I want a seatbelt attaching me to my empty seat, just personally.

00:23:43   I don't want an app to do that.

00:23:45   I want a seatbelt.

00:23:46   Do you pay the cricket sound effect for your own jokes or is it just for mine?

00:23:51   It's just for yours.

00:23:52   It's weird.

00:23:53   I try to put them in Logic after my joke and it crashes every time.

00:23:56   The founder and president of BlaBlaCar, his name is Frederic, so I guess that's a sign.

00:24:05   Frederic Viticchio.

00:24:07   Frederic Mazzella. Sounds kind of Italian. Yeah, Frederic carries BlaBlaCar's vision

00:24:17   of a people-powered travel network. We're all about the people-powered...

00:24:21   You would really hope that he personally would carry the vision of the company that he's

00:24:24   the CEO for, right?

00:24:26   The founder and president, not even a CEO.

00:24:28   He's a president.

00:24:29   Yeah, they hired an adult to be CEO.

00:24:32   Oh really?

00:24:33   Did they?

00:24:34   That happens a lot though.

00:24:37   Alright, the next story I think is perhaps the most interesting for me in January.

00:24:43   Rumors of the iPhone XR began.

00:24:46   And so this is the beginning of what will be a multi-month story of this bigger LCD

00:24:54   LCD foam, but it has a notch and it's aluminum and not stainless steel.

00:24:58   Like even in these early reports, Ming-Chi Kuo had this iPhone XR just locked down, it seems like.

00:25:06   I mean, this is going to come up a lot throughout this episode, I think, but Kuo has just,

00:25:11   he gets a lot right, like a lot right. And it's sometimes it's very like the things he tends to

00:25:19   get more right is when there's some kind of supply chain stuff, right? Like that's where he kind of

00:25:23   of his information tends to live.

00:25:25   But I mean, there's a reason so many people pay attention

00:25:29   to what Quo has to say, I think.

00:25:30   - I mean, this was like at the time we,

00:25:32   I remember the reaction, like the confusion of,

00:25:35   oh, Apple is making an LCD phone without 3D Touch.

00:25:38   What does that mean for 3D Touch?

00:25:40   They're never gonna do this.

00:25:41   And like, I think we realize that,

00:25:45   I don't know if Apple is slowly walking back from 3D Touch,

00:25:49   but I think it's pretty obvious

00:25:52   that they don't necessarily consider it to be a deal breaker at this point.

00:25:56   So they just wanted to make a phone with LCD without 3D Touch.

00:25:59   They just made one and whatever.

00:26:02   I think looking back, this is one of those rumors that at the time

00:26:06   people were losing their minds over.

00:26:08   But now in hindsight, it kind of I mean, it makes the most sense

00:26:12   of all the rumors that I think we we have here.

00:26:14   Yeah, I remember there being so much debate about like what this would mean

00:26:19   for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, would this be the 9?

00:26:23   All the marketing stuff is,

00:26:26   it's rarely present in these rumors,

00:26:28   'cause that's really internal to Apple,

00:26:29   and sometimes decided really late in the game,

00:26:32   but as Apple gets bigger and they make more of these things,

00:26:34   people just know about what's coming,

00:26:37   hardware-wise at least, and sort of up to the rest

00:26:40   of the world to sort of fill the story in around it

00:26:42   'til Apple makes it all clear.

00:26:44   It's always interesting,

00:26:45   and it started really early last year.

00:26:47   This was January 23rd.

00:26:49   That's early on in the cycle.

00:26:51   We also had the first reports that began to sink

00:26:56   Myke's pick boat of iOS 12 features

00:27:01   being shuffled off into the future

00:27:03   for a focus on performance.

00:27:05   Another rumor that seemed like it held up over time.

00:27:09   - Yeah, this was, I think the rumor said

00:27:12   that this came from like a meeting that Apple had internally

00:27:16   like a bunch of engineers participated in this meeting.

00:27:20   This is, I feel like, in regard to software,

00:27:23   this is sort of the rumor that shaped the narrative

00:27:26   for Apple going into WWDC,

00:27:29   what they were going to show for iOS 12.

00:27:31   And it's pretty incredible that, basically, six months before,

00:27:35   we had sort of a rough outline of what to expect for iOS 12.

00:27:40   There were a bunch of surprises, of course,

00:27:43   But I think, once again, Gorman had this information correct.

00:27:48   And there were people-- there are always people on Twitter

00:27:52   that do not necessarily believe what Gorman reports,

00:27:56   or that sort of accuse Gorman of being too--

00:28:01   not sharing too many details.

00:28:03   But I think in hindsight, looking back

00:28:06   at all the reports from Gorman, I

00:28:07   think he tends to be very correct,

00:28:10   even though sometimes he doesn't exactly

00:28:12   get the specifics right,

00:28:14   or rather, sometimes he doesn't share the specifics

00:28:18   too many months before, if that makes sense,

00:28:22   but the rough outline of what he's saying

00:28:25   tends to be coming through all the time.

00:28:27   So, German and Quo, I guess,

00:28:30   are the winners of the year, if you will.

00:28:34   - And it brings us to February.

00:28:37   right out of the gate we had a big dramatic news story.

00:28:42   Apple was going around stripping emoji out of apps,

00:28:47   banning people from the app store

00:28:49   'cause they used a single emoji in their UI.

00:28:52   People were freaking out.

00:28:53   What happened here, Myke?

00:28:55   - Well, it was like there was a couple of applications

00:28:58   that were being rejected,

00:29:00   and as far as we could see,

00:29:03   it was all they were being rejected for using emoji.

00:29:06   And this was around the time where a lot of large applications, apps like WhatsApp and

00:29:11   stuff had started to redesign their emoji because they had previously just been scraping

00:29:17   Apple's emoji even on other platforms.

00:29:20   And so there was a lot of like, "Huh, what is actually happening here?"

00:29:24   And basically it turned out that some apps were being rejected for using emoji as images

00:29:31   rather than as text, right?

00:29:32   That was kind of one part of it.

00:29:34   But then it ended up kind of looking like there were some wild app reviewers who were

00:29:41   just rejecting things left and right.

00:29:43   And it mostly seemed to have got sorted out, like the applications that were originally

00:29:47   getting rejected ended up getting through again.

00:29:51   It seemed to be one of those many situations where something weird happens at app review

00:29:56   and nobody can understand why it's happening and then it gains a bit of traction and then

00:30:00   just gets fixed and taken care of.

00:30:02   I do not remember this at all.

00:30:05   I don't know why, I think I know why

00:30:09   I wasn't paying attention,

00:30:10   because I was working on a story that,

00:30:15   like in February I was mostly busy writing

00:30:17   a couple of the in-depth stories for the next month, I think.

00:30:22   So this completely like flew past me.

00:30:24   I had almost no recollection of this entire saga.

00:30:29   So I guess now developers can use emoji as fonts

00:30:34   as long as they don't actually embed the images,

00:30:37   which I think is fine.

00:30:39   It was a weird controversy,

00:30:42   like one of those things that I completely removed

00:30:46   from memory.

00:30:47   - Yeah, I think where that ended up is fair.

00:30:49   I mean, like so many of these things,

00:30:52   it was just awkwardly handled.

00:30:53   Like the App Store review team seems to start doing stuff

00:30:56   and people don't know why,

00:30:58   and then Apple has to backfill with a message.

00:31:00   And they could always do better at that,

00:31:02   but I feel like where it finally settled,

00:31:05   you can use the font, but the images are ours.

00:31:07   Don't embed them.

00:31:08   Definitely don't put them in another platform.

00:31:10   That, I think, is pretty within Apple's right

00:31:13   and pretty reasonable from my point of view.

00:31:15   February saw the launch of the HomePod.

00:31:18   Remember that thing?

00:31:19   It was--

00:31:20   - That was delayed, right? - It was, yep.

00:31:23   missed the holiday, showed up in early February,

00:31:28   as did the tiny head tee,

00:31:30   perhaps the best connected tee shirt we've ever done.

00:31:33   It was a real exciting time with tiny heads

00:31:35   and giant speakers, but the hot pot was incomplete,

00:31:39   wasn't it, there was something missing.

00:31:41   - Airplay 2 was delayed to, it came out eventually

00:31:45   with iOS 11.4, just before WWDC sometime in May.

00:31:52   And I remember February because I asked our common friend John Voorhis to get me a HomePod

00:32:01   in America and ship it to me with very expensive overnight shipping with FedEx or DHL maybe.

00:32:09   It turned out to be very expensive with a lot of taxes for Italian customs.

00:32:15   But that was my first HomePod.

00:32:18   Then shortly after getting the first US one, I got a second one from a guy on eBay, like

00:32:27   this random person, an Italian person on eBay.

00:32:30   I think he did what I did.

00:32:32   He bought a HomePod from the United States and put it up for sale on eBay, Italy, and

00:32:38   I also bought that one.

00:32:40   And the third one came later at WWDC.

00:32:42   I bought one with you guys.

00:32:45   I think it was at the Apple Park retail store, and I came back to Italy with a third HomePod,

00:32:53   which I placed in the bedroom and I wanted to see how long it would take Sylvia to notice

00:32:58   the new HomePod and spoiler alert, just like the new iPad Pro that I bought last week,

00:33:07   it didn't take her long.

00:33:12   She's got her eye on you, man.

00:33:13   She knows what you're up to.

00:33:14   She noticed the iPad, the 11-inch iPad Pro, which I guess we'll discuss in the next episode,

00:33:20   maybe.

00:33:21   She noticed the new iPad Pro the next day, and she noticed the HomePod also the next

00:33:26   day.

00:33:27   So, she notices things.

00:33:28   I cannot hide from her.

00:33:31   If memory serves, we were all a little bit skeptical about the HomePod as to whether

00:33:36   it was actually going to be something that we would like.

00:33:39   I think that there was a lot of like, "Eh, are we going to get one?

00:33:41   I don't know, I don't know."

00:33:42   we will have multiple ones.

00:33:44   And you especially, Myke, you were skeptical of the HomePod.

00:33:47   I was very skeptical.

00:33:49   Yeah, I said I wasn't going to buy one and then I bought one.

00:33:52   So I was maybe the most skeptical, but

00:33:56   but that's probably why I only have two and you two have three.

00:33:59   Skepticism.

00:34:01   Do we know like are there things that we think Apple is going to add

00:34:06   to the HomePod like before WWDC?

00:34:08   Do we think there's anything they should do before like the next major

00:34:12   major version of the software?

00:34:15   - I don't really have any feature requests

00:34:17   for the HomePod to be honest, to be quite honest.

00:34:20   - It feels like all that I want is for Apple to follow

00:34:24   sort of like an Amazon Echo model of like,

00:34:27   you can enable a bunch of things

00:34:29   and you don't need to have your iPhone

00:34:31   with the app installed.

00:34:32   I don't know if they're ever gonna do this.

00:34:36   - Well, yeah, yeah, I would like that, like skills.

00:34:39   - That and multi-user support,

00:34:41   Even if it can't detect your voice, if you go to it and say, add this to

00:34:46   Steven's reminder list, add this to Mary's reminder list, like just some awareness

00:34:50   that most people live with other people.

00:34:52   What a concept.

00:34:53   Yeah.

00:34:54   All right.

00:34:56   What else do we have in February?

00:34:59   We have the first rumors of a over ear headphones from Apple.

00:35:03   Head pods, head pods, head pods.

00:35:08   I would really like these because I would like some,

00:35:12   some, uh, either USB-C or Bluetooth over headphones.

00:35:17   Um, I'm still using the B&O H6 with a now a dongle attachment when I travel,

00:35:22   but I'm kind of like refusing to buy any right now in the hopes that like Apple

00:35:27   will make something amazing like AirPods level of amazing. Uh,

00:35:32   but I don't, I have no idea when that would even exist like a product like that,

00:35:36   but I'm kind of holding out for now.

00:35:37   - Yeah, I'm still very much waiting for this.

00:35:39   I do have over a year USB-C headphones from Sony,

00:35:43   the MHX 1003 something, and they're amazing,

00:35:48   but I also want Apple to make their own with maybe USB-C,

00:35:52   but mostly the W1 chip for like longer battery,

00:35:56   better performance, that kind of stuff.

00:35:57   So I hope this is one of the 2019 products,

00:36:01   but I'm kind of skeptical because we haven't heard

00:36:04   anything else about this rumor, I think there are no more details.

00:36:08   It's sort of one of those rumors that just disappeared a few months ago.

00:36:13   And we don't know what's going to happen.

00:36:15   Stephen, the next item in March, this is a very,

00:36:20   why are we talking about this? Why did you decide of all,

00:36:26   of all news, why this one specifically?

00:36:29   Myke, Myke put this in here.

00:36:32   I put it in there because it's one of those ones that everyone will have forgotten about

00:36:35   and I think it's too fun to not mention again.

00:36:38   In March there was a news report that Apple employees kept walking into the doors, the

00:36:42   new glass doors at Apple Park and that there were many 911 calls.

00:36:47   So for anybody who forgot or didn't see this, this article is so wonderful to read I think

00:36:53   that it's worth looking back again.

00:36:55   Just reading the transcripts between the security people and the 911 dispatchers.

00:37:01   just wild things to read like we had an individual or run into a glass wall

00:37:07   pain and they hit their head they have a small cut on their head and they're

00:37:11   bleeding slightly disoriented we have on-site security with them right now are

00:37:15   you with the patient now no I am NOT with the patient we are trying to have a

00:37:19   secure my god this is easy awake is conscious is he breathing that we do not

00:37:24   Oh no! Yes, he's conscious and breathing! Oh my god!

00:37:28   [laughter]

00:37:31   You see? They're great! So if you've not read these, you should just read them.

00:37:36   They're very, very good. They're very fun to read. And luckily it seems like nobody was badly hurt.

00:37:42   Hmm. Since the guy quit reading them, I'm being conscious.

00:37:44   Why are they talking like they're talking about apps? Like, "Dispatcher, is he completely alert?

00:37:50   Color unknown at this time. We're still waiting for an update

00:37:53   Okay, well

00:38:02   If they fix this problem, do we know if the fix this problem with the maybe with stickers?

00:38:07   What didn't wasn't there a report somewhere that they were putting like I height stickers and some of the doors

00:38:12   They were putting just all the black Apple stickers they made for the Mac Pro

00:38:16   They got those back from the factory and you put those everywhere, okay?

00:38:20   face ID iPad rumored to debut in

00:38:24   June

00:38:26   We were worried they were gonna put a notch on the iPad. Oh, yeah, we were talking about the notch on the iPad

00:38:32   It's still but it still seemed like they were gonna put it see actually seem more likely to put a notch on the iPad after

00:38:38   WWDC right because they split the status bar up. Yeah, so it still seemed possible

00:38:44   Honestly, we were still wondering if it was going to be a notch up until they showed it.

00:38:49   But also it didn't come out in June.

00:38:50   And we were expecting, I remember we were expecting, like we were talking, are there

00:38:56   going to be new iPads in June?

00:38:58   And then we were very sad when they didn't show any iPads.

00:39:01   It didn't happen in September either.

00:39:03   It was very sad in September, right?

00:39:05   Like might be more sad in September.

00:39:07   Welcome to being a Mac user, guys.

00:39:09   Yeah.

00:39:10   Yeah.

00:39:11   a lot of talk about what orientation this thing could be in, right?

00:39:14   Because the iPhone's locked to portrait orientation.

00:39:16   But as we know now, the iPad is effectively agnostic

00:39:20   about which way you hold it for Face ID to work.

00:39:22   As long as the camera's not hidden,

00:39:24   or you're not like, to an extreme of an angle.

00:39:27   And I don't know about y'all, but like,

00:39:29   the only time I ever have trouble with Face ID on my iPad

00:39:32   is if my hand's over it, you know,

00:39:34   if something's silly like that.

00:39:35   But it works really well.

00:39:37   - Yeah, I still remain very happy with it.

00:39:39   March also marked the beginning of a multi-month story

00:39:44   about a cheaper MacBook Air.

00:39:47   Again, we have friend of the show, Meng-Chi Kuo,

00:39:50   talking about a affordable MacBook Air that would be in Q2.

00:39:56   That, again, also didn't happen.

00:39:58   It was basically the end of the year.

00:40:00   But there was so much--

00:40:03   Wasn't affordable, right?

00:40:05   And not more affordable.

00:40:06   Yeah, it wasn't.

00:40:07   Yeah, it's still too expensive.

00:40:09   There was a new MacBook Air. This product that was being spoken about here in this rumor

00:40:14   did not come to pass. They didn't exist.

00:40:17   No, I don't think so. Part of me still has hope that out there on the horizon there is

00:40:23   a $1000 Apple notebook, but the MacBook Air is not that machine, at least what we know

00:40:28   of it today. But this rumor came in the midst of a lot of conversation about what's going

00:40:35   on at the low end of Apple's notebook line, and frankly, Apple hasn't done much to solve

00:40:39   that. In some ways, they've made it worse with an additional machine at $1200.

00:40:44   Apple acquired Texture this month as well, which is the magazine app, sort of all-you-can-eat

00:40:49   magazine. You pay a subscription, you can read a bunch of stuff. I've never actually

00:40:53   used Texture. I don't know if either of y'all have, but it's a thing. Apple owns it. It's

00:40:57   still on the app store. It's $5 a month. It really seems like at any point, it's just

00:41:02   going to get pulled into Apple News to me.

00:41:05   was a Bloomberg report like two weeks ago. Oh, is there time saying that it will be?

00:41:09   Yeah. Yeah, that that Apple is going to be rolling it into into Apple News, and they're

00:41:16   currently struggling with getting some of the larger companies on board because at $5

00:41:23   a month, how can you convince the New York Times that this is going to be cost effective

00:41:26   for them compared to what they can get people to pay on their own? What was the there was

00:41:31   an app or service like this years ago for like indie web publishers?

00:41:36   Readability man. Yeah that's all this is. It's Readability 2.0.

00:41:39   They used to send you a check. They sent you a check. Your commissions. I got one.

00:41:44   Yeah. That's what everybody wants. Check. Paper checks please. In Europe. We love them.

00:41:48   Yeah I bet this is gonna be one of the things of 2019. Like one of the announcements of

00:41:55   2019, this expansion of Apple Music to magazines with like a new subscription model. This is

00:42:04   going to be part of the narrative in 2019 and it could go alongside the new Apple Video

00:42:08   Service which seems like it's going to launch in 2019 at some point. So I'm curious to see

00:42:15   what they do from a technical perspective. Like, will you read actual scans of magazines

00:42:22   in Apple News, that seems inelegant. So I want to see, then again, will they convince

00:42:27   all these publishers to turn their magazines into like actual HTML content customized for

00:42:32   Apple News? I don't know.

00:42:34   I think that's what it's going to be. It'll be the content from the magazines, not like

00:42:38   the old timey magazine pages scanned in.

00:42:40   It's like getting past the New York Times or Financial Times's paywalls in Apple News,

00:42:45   right? That's probably what they're trying to build here.

00:42:47   I think that's exactly right.

00:42:48   So it was a very public thing.

00:42:52   It was on Apple's newsroom, for crying out loud.

00:42:54   A lot of times they acquire companies and you just sort of hear whispers, but they were

00:42:57   very upfront about their purchase, and I think we are going to hear a lot more about it next

00:43:02   year.

00:43:03   Yeah.

00:43:04   Allow me to surprise you all by reminding you that there was an Apple event in March.

00:43:09   Yeah, the one at the high school, right?

00:43:11   It was the education event.

00:43:12   Yep.

00:43:13   where they spoke about education, where it was basically nothing new, but they were just

00:43:18   focusing on it, and they unveiled the now $329 iPad, the sixth generation iPad, with

00:43:25   the Logitech Crayon, which is the Logitech branded third-party product that works like

00:43:31   an Apple Pencil, but has specific technology in it that means it can just work still with

00:43:36   that sixth generation iPad.

00:43:38   I have one of these iPads that I bought for some doing like reading and watching video.

00:43:44   It's a good iPad, but I cannot use it anymore because I cannot stand the bezels and the

00:43:49   home button anymore, which is why I got an Intrepid Pro, but we'll talk about that.

00:43:55   I think it was a... it's not an exciting event, but it was a bunch of old information, especially

00:44:02   about the education features.

00:44:05   But it was in Chicago, I think. Was that in Chicago? And John was very excited about the

00:44:10   fact that it was in Chicago. And also Apple did a bunch of things at the Chicago Apple

00:44:15   Store.

00:44:16   Which had just opened, if memory serves.

00:44:19   Yeah. And I think John was interviewed by the local television network. So that was

00:44:26   cool.

00:44:27   Oh, yeah.

00:44:28   Yeah. Mostly, mostly boring event, unless you're a teacher. And even then, teachers

00:44:32   I have some thoughts I hear from Fraser that, you know, most of the stuff they talked about

00:44:37   was kind of old.

00:44:39   The iPad, I think, is a great value for what you get.

00:44:43   In all of Apple's lineup, it's probably the best value of any hardware they sell.

00:44:48   The next item I had completely forgotten about until a few weeks ago.

00:44:53   Me too.

00:44:55   Well, even then, though, right?

00:44:57   So do you want to say what it is?

00:44:59   March Foxconn acquired Belkin and therefore also Linksys and the Wemo brands.

00:45:07   Um, I, cause we were talking about this as one of them.

00:45:11   Like I think this came up, I don't remember how, but we were saying, oh, do

00:45:14   you remember when Foxconn bought Belkin?

00:45:16   But I, I completely forgot that they also included Linksys and Wemo.

00:45:19   I had, when I remembered this, I had the same reaction that I had last year.

00:45:24   When I remembered that Mozilla now owns Pocket.

00:45:29   I had completely removed that piece of information, and when I remembered that, I had the same

00:45:35   reaction.

00:45:36   So, yeah, they acquired Belkin, which is one of the...

00:45:39   Belkin continues to be one of those accessory makers that Apple sort of collaborates with.

00:45:45   For example, like Logitech, for instance.

00:45:47   In this case, Belkin is making a bunch of, like, the wireless charging dock for the iPhone

00:45:53   an Apple watch and the hdms USB C to HDMI adapter with support for 4k and HDR

00:45:59   which are only available on the Apple Store so it's one continues to be I

00:46:03   guess it's not surprising because it's Foxconn and they make iPhones so they

00:46:07   have a relationship but they continues to be one of the the brands that sort of

00:46:11   do the only at Apple type of deals for accessories that brings us to April which

00:46:20   started off with a real exciting article on the second Bloomberg reporting that

00:46:25   Apple will switch to ARM in its max in 2020 leaving Intel behind going to the

00:46:32   future of their own chips. This seems like it's still probably the the course

00:46:38   forward it feels like 2020 is totally reasonable to me. What do you guys think?

00:46:42   I think this year has only added more fuel to the fire like it feels like

00:46:48   things Apple's missed on plus things Apple seem to be working towards all

00:46:54   only further indicate that this is a very strong possibility. I think WWDC 2019

00:47:02   should be able to give us a hint if this is actually happening or not like

00:47:07   depending on the scale of the project Marzipan or project sneak peek whatever

00:47:11   it's called depending on how extensive that is I think we'll have a pretty good

00:47:16   indication that they're actually moving forward with this idea. The only the only

00:47:21   thing that is kind of strange to me is the fact that a Mac Pro is coming out in

00:47:26   2019 and it's not gonna be ARM based so it'd be kind of I don't know it'd be

00:47:31   kind of weird to have such a major release. But that's probably always gonna

00:47:34   be the last product though in in in the transition right? It was last time. I

00:47:40   guess so maybe it'll come out in 2019 and the ARM version will be ready in 2023

00:47:44   or something. I think to people who are going to buy the Mac Pro may be more

00:47:52   comfortable staying on Intel longer. I think that was definitely true in the

00:47:57   PowerPC to Intel transition that a lot of people always hung on to PowerPCs

00:48:02   maybe pros are more apt to do that especially if they had you know PowerPC

00:48:07   specific things and so I agree with you Federico it's a little weird but I think

00:48:12   I think in the grand scheme of things,

00:48:13   that'll shake out okay,

00:48:15   that the Mac Pro will be the last new Intel Mac.

00:48:20   And I think, the more I think about this,

00:48:23   the Mac Pro has been delayed,

00:48:25   again, is now a 2019 product.

00:48:28   I wonder if part of that is building an Intel Mac,

00:48:32   but building it, building the infrastructure

00:48:35   for that machine in a way that they could move it to ARM

00:48:38   without totally redoing it all.

00:48:40   - Yeah, so that it doesn't require a brand new Mac.

00:48:43   - Mac Pro again, you know, third time.

00:48:47   - Because didn't the cheese grater,

00:48:50   didn't that go from PowerPC to Intel, same design?

00:48:53   - It did, and how they did it was the case stayed the same,

00:48:56   but they totally redid all the guts,

00:48:58   and maybe they're doing a Mac Pro with arm in mind.

00:49:01   You know, I think that's a reasonable thing to expect,

00:49:04   so definitely something to look for.

00:49:05   I agree with you guys, 2019 just pointed me

00:49:08   in this direction more and more.

00:49:10   or 2018 did, I'm sure 2019 will as well.

00:49:13   We also had a huge, huge iPhone release.

00:49:17   The red, product red iPhone 8 came out,

00:49:21   and I gotta say, like the iPhone XR uses the same design.

00:49:26   It looks so good.

00:49:28   - Yeah, this was confusing though, right, at the time.

00:49:31   It was like, oh, iPhone 8 is the one you're doing?

00:49:35   Okay, or 'cause the, it was like,

00:49:37   shouldn't have been the iPhone X?

00:49:39   Like it was a little bit confusing at the time.

00:49:41   Still remains, still continues to be confusing.

00:49:43   I don't really know why they did it.

00:49:45   But now, at least, I guess we can probably assume

00:49:49   there will not be a Project Red iPhone X

00:49:51   because of the XR, right?

00:49:53   There probably won't be one.

00:49:55   - Yeah, I don't think so.

00:49:55   I feel like they're happy to have just one of them.

00:49:57   I don't see the XS showing up in red this spring.

00:50:01   We also have a proposal from Apple in April

00:50:05   for accessibility focused emoji.

00:50:09   This included several items, an ear with a hearing aid,

00:50:14   a service dog, person in a wheelchair,

00:50:16   person with a cane, lots of emoji options

00:50:19   to sort of round things out.

00:50:21   I absolutely loved the story when it came out.

00:50:25   I love it now and it's gonna be really great

00:50:27   when these start showing up.

00:50:29   - Yeah, that's 2019 by the way,

00:50:32   'cause this was a proposal.

00:50:33   this wasn't Apple saying like we're debuting these emoji.

00:50:37   Like they had to propose them to the Unicode committee.

00:50:41   So--

00:50:42   - Jeremy has to approve them first.

00:50:44   - Yeah, I mean, so this, for Apple though,

00:50:46   this might be early 2020.

00:50:49   Like it depends on when they're gonna release it, right?

00:50:52   'Cause like, if you think like Apple don't always,

00:50:55   they don't release the new emoji with the,

00:51:00   with these like zero iOS release.

00:51:03   So it could be late 2019, early 2020,

00:51:06   it just depends really.

00:51:07   But they're great.

00:51:08   You would expect they would get these ones in

00:51:10   as quickly as possible,

00:51:11   considering they do already have the designs done.

00:51:13   (laughing)

00:51:14   Right?

00:51:15   They did the designs, this was all in the blog post.

00:51:18   But yeah, it's great.

00:51:19   - It's really, really awesome.

00:51:21   We also had big news that would have rocked 2007, Steven.

00:51:26   Smug mug bought--

00:51:29   It's the smug bug.

00:51:31   Hello there, I've bought your Flickr.

00:51:35   Smug mug, bought Flickr.

00:51:42   It is not part of Oath/Verizon Media Group as it was renamed last week.

00:51:48   What is Verizon Media Group? Oh my god.

00:51:51   This is the new thing man.

00:51:54   They have just a big capital Y as their logo, which doesn't make any sense.

00:51:58   - Are you getting sense?

00:51:59   - Oath was a company owned by Verizon.

00:52:02   Oath was made up of Yahoo properties and AOL properties

00:52:06   taped together by Tim Armstrong.

00:52:09   He left, whoever was running Oath previously left.

00:52:12   Now Verizon has a new CEO and he came in and said,

00:52:16   "Why do we have all these dying media companies?

00:52:17   "We should just build out 5G."

00:52:19   And so Oath is being renamed Verizon Media Group,

00:52:22   which is the most boring company name

00:52:24   in the history of the planet.

00:52:25   And they very unfortunately are downsizing a lot of people,

00:52:29   including like friends of ours at other websites,

00:52:31   which is a real bummer.

00:52:32   But I am glad Flickr was sort of scooped out of this.

00:52:37   Smug-a-Mug seems to be a pretty well-run company.

00:52:39   I think it's a family company, which is pretty cool.

00:52:41   - It is a family company.

00:52:42   I remember, I know this because we said it last time.

00:52:45   That's how I found that out.

00:52:46   - Just like really, it's a family company.

00:52:48   (laughing)

00:52:49   And the, it's not really true.

00:52:54   But Flickr did make some waves at the end of 2018 saying that if you had over a

00:52:58   thousand photos on your free account, they were going to start like photos above

00:53:02   a thousand were going to be removed unless you paid, which was not awesome.

00:53:06   Some people really were upset about that.

00:53:08   I mean, the truth is Flickr is, is over, you know, it's, it's glory days.

00:53:12   We're 10 years ago and it's sad.

00:53:15   You know, I have an account there.

00:53:16   I was a pro member for a really long time.

00:53:18   I let it lapse years ago.

00:53:19   Uh, it's kind of a, my to do list just to, I have some pictures that I've

00:53:23   reference a blog post I need to move those and then I'm gonna be done it's

00:53:26   just time to go it's time in the Sun yeah well smoke smug bugs don't like the

00:53:33   Sun

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00:54:14   That's wildness. Absolute wildness.

00:54:16   wildness. I love PDF/Pen. I use it on all my platforms. I love that on the Mac version it has

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00:55:24   May marked the biggest story of the year.

00:55:27   The iMac G3 celebrated its 20th anniversary.

00:55:31   See, this is where you put in the crickets.

00:55:33   That's not nice.

00:55:40   By I have one memory of this which was you and Jason working together to write an article

00:55:45   In Austin at my bachelor party, that's true

00:55:48   We were in the hotel and Jason texted said hey come come come pro blog with me. And so we blogged together

00:55:57   It's a lot of fun. You really know us nerds really know how to do bachelor pie. Yeah, it was crazy

00:56:03   Blogging, podcasting, all the great stuff.

00:56:06   - May also was yet another chapter in Twitter's

00:56:09   slow murder of third party clients.

00:56:13   So when they announced the API changes

00:56:14   that now we're living with,

00:56:16   that things like favorites and retweets

00:56:19   and push notifications were all gonna be different now

00:56:22   with third party apps.

00:56:24   They initially had said, I think,

00:56:26   I've read back through these,

00:56:27   and I cannot tell what actually happened,

00:56:29   but basically Apple, or Twitter, excuse me,

00:56:31   had a date and everyone freaked out so they moved the date back to August and they announced

00:56:37   that change.

00:56:38   Yeah but they didn't change anything.

00:56:40   Just changed the date.

00:56:42   Nothing changed, just the date.

00:56:44   So that was sort of part one of this.

00:56:46   We're going to come back to the story in a later month when I actually got implemented.

00:56:50   We also saw a class action lawsuit over the MacBook Pro keyboards.

00:56:55   We all remember that a single crumb would come under a keyboard and then you'd have

00:57:00   to use an iBook G3 during a live podcast recording because your MacBook Pro is

00:57:04   useless. Very relatable example. And you know, Class Action Lawsuit, which I don't

00:57:09   cover these, like I find them sort of gross to talk about. Like I don't know, I

00:57:13   guess don't, they feel weird. But it was just a sort of a line in the

00:57:18   Seine with these keyboards, which Apple has improved a little bit. The 2018,

00:57:22   actually my 2018 has been pretty solid, but that old keyboard, the second

00:57:26   keyboard is still present on the MacBook and the MacBook escape so if you have

00:57:31   one of those don't eat a sandwich near it I guess or if you do you can join the

00:57:36   section lawsuit couple of weeks ago that one of the keys on her 2017 MacBook Pro

00:57:41   I started to fail so she's gonna join the class action I don't know she's no

00:57:48   but we're gonna go to the Apple store so nice I think we also had Federica your second life article which is a

00:57:55   a game I remember from like 2005 I guess you finally checked it out yes that was

00:58:00   a story about the game Second Life and say don't give Stephen the credit he

00:58:06   only knows this because of the office no that is 100% yeah you see I know I know

00:58:12   where you got your references I just saw the episode like two days ago we're also

00:58:16   watching the office I mean I'm watching the office Sylvia doesn't like the

00:58:20   office so I'm watching about myself it's a great show this was a good article

00:58:24   actually and sort of a... thank you. One of your best. About workouts and using the Apple

00:58:31   Watch, good stuff. I enjoyed writing this one even though it's kind of heavy in places

00:58:35   but it's one of the articles that I'm actually kind of proud of. So always, you know, it's...

00:58:42   You can choose to ignore this question if you want and it's perfectly fine but are you

00:58:46   still keeping it up? Mostly, yeah. It's been a rough period for, like, the month of December.

00:58:50   I haven't worked out much.

00:58:52   I think we've been like,

00:58:56   and this is like personal stuff, but it's fine.

00:58:58   We're being busy with like taking care of the dogs

00:59:02   and like a bunch of schedule things that we had planned.

00:59:05   And also like I was busy with the traveling and stuff,

00:59:09   but it's, I'm buying new equipment for working out

00:59:14   because my old indoor bike is starting to fall apart.

00:59:17   So I'm gonna be jumping back into my old schedule and routine as soon as I'm done with all these things for the holidays.

00:59:26   Because one of the things that I was not expecting is that when I do not exercise and when I don't do my workouts, I miss that feeling.

00:59:38   And it's something that, especially in the past two weeks, as if we've been busy with Ginger, one of our dogs,

00:59:44   and the site, Max Stories, has just been crazy and I haven't been able to work out.

00:59:49   But I actually crave that feeling again.

00:59:52   Like, I need to work out and I need to do all of these things again,

00:59:58   which I guess it's a good sign.

01:00:00   So, yeah.

01:00:03   Looking back at this article, it kind of...

01:00:06   It's funny because it sort of serves as inspiration for myself,

01:00:10   which is a weird thing to say,

01:00:12   But I'm very it's one of the articles that I'm really happy and that I wrote it's up there with them in my personal favorites with the I

01:00:20   Made you a mixtape story from two years ago

01:00:23   It's one of the articles that I constantly look up to so

01:00:28   Thank you for including this in the roundup

01:00:30   I'm glad that people liked it

01:00:33   And that brings us to June which is the biggest month of Apple news we have

01:00:41   D.C. Lots of W's in there. We had our first live show in San Jose which was a lot of fun.

01:00:49   Federico taught us about Susan Hammer which was critical to the coverage we had to do

01:00:55   that day.

01:00:56   It's all you need to know.

01:00:57   Was it tennis or something?

01:00:59   Yeah, she was really into Susan Hammer, former mayor of San Jose. She was really into tennis

01:01:07   and also she was a mayor in the 90s when MC Hammer was a he was a popular I guess and kids

01:01:16   would stop Susan Hammer in the street yelling "it's hammer time" which was just an incredible story

01:01:23   I got me again

01:01:26   just imagine it's just like it's it's not like mean bullying right like it's not mean

01:01:36   No, but it's like it's like the best kind of like teenager bullying, right? Where like

01:01:42   they're saying a thing to you and you can't say anything back to them. It's just like

01:01:47   you have no response to that. You have to kind of embrace it. So good. Such a good story.

01:01:53   I love it. We thank Susan Hamer for her service to the city of San Jose and for giving her

01:01:59   name to the beautiful theater where we had our live show and where most importantly,

01:02:06   where we all won some trophies. I mean, mine was a good trophy, Stephen's was a decent

01:02:13   trophy. Myke, how was your trophy? My toilet trophy still sits in my windowsill. Next year

01:02:25   you'll get a better one, Michael. Well, will I though? The better ones will be available.

01:02:33   Will I get one? We'll see.

01:02:35   Depends.

01:02:37   Oh yeah, I see in the show notes, this is very important, the prompt briefly returned in the month of June.

01:02:45   It did.

01:02:46   For a very, very complex round robin that I had completely removed from memory.

01:02:54   It was like-

01:02:55   Steven destroyed the tradition of the round robin in our special episode.

01:02:59   It was a special episode. We had like the logo and the music I think and the follow-up sounds I miss the sound effects

01:03:06   Timer quality. Yeah. Yeah, I'm just gonna I'm just gonna yeah. Hey timer quality

01:03:13   But it was a very complex round-robin that we never attempted ever again. So

01:03:18   It was very confusing Steven. Well, I think it's only never been attempted again because me and you revolted so badly

01:03:25   Yes, I was it supposed to work again like round-robbing but then flipped in reverse

01:03:30   It was super confusing. No every time it wasn't that hard every new round someone the next person started

01:03:38   It's only fair way to do it or otherwise someone would always be last and no one wants to be last

01:03:42   All right month of July. So hang on. We're just skipping over all the actual news from WWDC

01:03:49   I just wanna be clear about that. We're just moving on

01:03:51   I mean, what's the point in going over it?

01:03:53   it right like we all know what happened like I'm fine with that my feeling is

01:03:57   like WWDC and the September event like there's not really much point in cover

01:04:03   in those like because I mean special shout out though to ARKit2 which and

01:04:10   our artwork that was in the document we should definitely take a moment to talk

01:04:15   about that I think about that moment a lot it is my Twitter banner what an

01:04:19   incredible thing. Not just one of the best things of the year, one of the best things

01:04:24   that has ever happened to me because I never would have believed that I, we, could have

01:04:29   been in that position. Like, I have like this fracture on my wall, not a sponsor of this

01:04:35   episode, but it's a true thing, of Tim Cook standing in front of an Apple Watch with the

01:04:38   connected logo on it. Like, what an incredible thing to have happened. Just wonderful.

01:04:43   Yeah. I think about the moment a lot too, like when I was in the audience and I actually

01:04:48   saw the logo, like I couldn't believe that I was seeing the connected logo and Casey

01:04:52   brought me back to reality. It was incredible. So that was very cool.

01:04:56   And I guess in true, you know, just like, of course it would happen to us. Not one of

01:05:00   us was in the same place as one of the other one of us during that moment. Because that,

01:05:06   I guess that just feels like the way we would do things. Right? And they're just never together.

01:05:11   Yeah. Yep. Yeah. Cause I didn't make it out to San Jose until the day of the live show

01:05:17   and you were there and Federico was in the room. If you haven't seen this picture, it's

01:05:21   the artwork for this episode. So anyway, I'm in WBC iOS 12 ARK2, which is the only true

01:05:29   announcement of the show and all the demos for ARK2. Yeah, we should move on to July,

01:05:37   which was a good month for you Michael, I suppose.

01:05:40   Oh yeah. It was fun to go through these stories to be like, I remember that. Oh, it's because

01:05:46   I wasn't on the episode. I did listen to them, but I didn't remember talking about this stuff

01:05:51   because I was off for basically the whole month, which was great. Thank you both for

01:05:54   covering for me. And it did result in another very connected thing where our 200th episode

01:05:59   was just Steven.

01:06:03   So for context, Michael got married in the month of July. And I remember this because

01:06:08   at Mac Stories, we were doing a 10th anniversary series of articles and podcasts for the App

01:06:18   Store that turned 10 on July 10, July 8 or something. And as we were working on this

01:06:25   stuff and publishing articles and episodes of App Stories every day, Michael was getting

01:06:29   married. So one of my, I think my article launched on the day that Myke, of Myke's wedding,

01:06:35   which was fun. But it was like this huge effort that we had worked on for like a couple of

01:06:41   months, me and John. But it was fun to look back at the history of the App Store, like

01:06:47   some old apps and old games that I hadn't heard the names for a long time. I personally

01:06:55   did a story about App Store preservation and sort of the future of like what happens when

01:07:01   an app or a game disappears from the App Store.

01:07:04   And that article had a bunch of quotes from the MoMA,

01:07:08   the Museum of Modern Arts, which was very cool

01:07:10   to be able to ask them questions.

01:07:12   Yeah, it was this huge effort for the month of July,

01:07:16   and I was exhausted after that, but it didn't matter

01:07:19   because I needed to start working on my iOS 12 review

01:07:21   in July, so that was fun.

01:07:25   - Yeah, my story for that was 10 years of App Store changes,

01:07:29   And it was hands down the hardest thing I wrote this year.

01:07:33   It was so difficult to--

01:07:35   I had to find devices.

01:07:37   You can't install old versions of iOS very easily.

01:07:39   It's like finding an iPod Touch, running iOS 3,

01:07:43   and the app barely works anymore.

01:07:45   This stuff is all just disappearing out from under us.

01:07:49   And I'm glad we were able to capture it in that article.

01:07:51   I'm really proud of that column.

01:07:53   But it was really back-breaking.

01:07:56   It was very good.

01:07:57   What else do we have here?

01:07:58   We have Mac Mini refresh rumors beginning.

01:08:03   We also have with that larger display Apple watches.

01:08:07   Again, two things that Ming-Chi Kuo effectively write on.

01:08:12   Months in advance, you know,

01:08:16   minus the low cost notebook thing.

01:08:19   So I remember the time the only thing being strange

01:08:22   about the Mac Mini rumor to me is that it was right

01:08:24   after WWDC that it was rumored.

01:08:26   and sometimes July is kind of a quiet time for Apple News

01:08:29   because people are just sort of heads down

01:08:32   working on stuff out of the conference.

01:08:34   But here we are with rumors already.

01:08:37   We also had Instapaper splitting away from Pinterest,

01:08:40   which we mentioned because we all three

01:08:42   have been Instapaper users in the past.

01:08:43   I still am, I still use it every day.

01:08:46   And it's something that, an app that I care about

01:08:49   made by people who know what they're doing,

01:08:52   a nice team running it.

01:08:54   And I think it's fair to say that under Pinterest,

01:08:57   it didn't necessarily get the attention

01:08:59   someone just wanted. - Hashtag GDPR.

01:09:00   - And now it's sort of, yeah, they were basically

01:09:04   broken in the EU for a long time.

01:09:06   But it seems like they've got that stuff behind them

01:09:08   and they're pushing out nice updates again.

01:09:11   And I'm optimistic about Instapaper's future.

01:09:14   I really am.

01:09:15   - Yeah, I don't use it, not for any particular reason.

01:09:18   I just don't, I don't really read articles in this way.

01:09:21   But I hope that it still exists, as it

01:09:24   feels like one of those applications which

01:09:26   has been around for such a long time

01:09:28   that I would love to see it continue.

01:09:30   Yeah, it's got a long history.

01:09:31   I mean, it was in the App Store really early on.

01:09:35   We also had new MacBook Pros spec-bumped,

01:09:41   the revised keyboard we talked about.

01:09:43   But there was an issue with the firmware.

01:09:48   They were basically heavily throttling.

01:09:51   and Apple had a software fix for that

01:09:53   and everything was kind of okay again.

01:09:56   Such a weird story.

01:09:57   It's so strange that this shipped this way.

01:09:59   - Yeah, super weird.

01:10:00   - Oh, the next item is not fun at all.

01:10:03   I remember this. - Ew.

01:10:05   - Okay, so month of August. - We're into August, yes.

01:10:08   - Yes, which is a very important month

01:10:11   because I turned 30.

01:10:12   Just, you know, the more you know.

01:10:14   - Happy birthday. - Thank you.

01:10:16   It's kind of late, but I'll take it.

01:10:18   - I always wait for the year review episode

01:10:21   wish you a happy birthday. Sure. Apple kills officially this time the app, the app affiliate

01:10:28   program. So Apple used to run through a platform called Performance Horizon Group or PHG,

01:10:33   an affiliate program for apps where people could earn commissions on sales for apps and games and

01:10:40   in-app purchases and that kind of stuff. There were rumors that Apple was going to discontinue

01:10:48   this program the previous year in 2017, but then Apple sort of said no, the announcement

01:10:54   was wrong. That was a very weird story. But eventually in August 2018 they confirmed that

01:10:59   yes, they were ending the affiliate program for apps in November, I think, or October,

01:11:06   on October 1st. So that essentially, the consequences of that announcement, I think, are still being

01:11:15   felt and through the Apple community. Luckily, Mac Stories and other websites, we moved away

01:11:23   from affiliate linking as our primary source of income years ago, when Apple started lowering

01:11:29   their commissions and just not paying much attention to the program. And also, with the

01:11:34   transition to freemium apps and free downloads, those commissions were going down anyway.

01:11:40   So Mac stories and other websites, I think, we moved away from that model years ago and

01:11:46   were fine.

01:11:47   But other publications, I remember Touch Arcade, for example, being impacted by this announcement.

01:11:52   And also apps and utilities and other services surrounding the affiliate program had to be

01:11:58   discontinued.

01:11:59   For example, the Blink app by a friend John, which I still use because it's an excellent

01:12:04   way to search the App Store and copy a link to an app and read its release notes.

01:12:10   He was discontinued and he never came out on the Mac.

01:12:13   John actually had a Mac app ready to go the next day, but Apple announced the end of the

01:12:19   affiliate program and the day before John decided to never release the Mac version.

01:12:26   Yeah, that was a very unfortunate series of announcements.

01:12:30   I mean, I'm sad that this has happened.

01:12:34   For example, I don't know if you noticed, but this year we didn't do Thanksgiving

01:12:39   like Black Friday roundup for up discounts on Mac stories just because it

01:12:44   doesn't make sense to do it anymore

01:12:46   there's no money to be made there yeah so I don't know what's going to happen

01:12:49   to max or is deals which is the Twitter account that we used to run for up

01:12:52   discounts because that that just become becomes a cost because it doesn't make

01:12:58   any money directly anymore

01:12:59   so I don't know but it's sad that Apple did this and you know it's falling the

01:13:03   right to to to end this program but it's still said for

01:13:08   Indie websites, smaller publications and other services that make money off the program.

01:13:13   So that was sad.

01:13:16   But in better news, besides my birthday, Relay FM also had a birthday in August.

01:13:22   Relay FM turned four, so happy birthday, Myke and Steven.

01:13:26   You are four.

01:13:27   Thank you for all the great birthdays.

01:13:28   Yes.

01:13:29   A new host you had a special Q&A episode of, Connected.

01:13:34   That was a very good one.

01:13:37   I think I was not on it because I was on vacation at the beach.

01:13:40   Yep. So it just all worked out perfectly.

01:13:42   Gav was the place to do our Q&A because you were on the beach.

01:13:45   Yeah. To get topping up your tan.

01:13:48   Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

01:13:50   It's hard to believe it's been four years now, four and a half.

01:13:53   Five years next year.

01:13:55   So next up, third party Twitter apps had to remove their features

01:14:01   because of the API changes that we spoke about earlier.

01:14:04   So this saw Tweetbot and Twitterrific remove a bunch of notification features

01:14:08   and one of the big kind of things that ended up being removed was

01:14:13   stats and activity stuff was just taken away.

01:14:17   This killed Apple Watch apps as well. I miss the ability to see the stats

01:14:23   and stuff very easily but that's about it for me. I mean this

01:14:27   is kind of what I said at the time because I just wasn't using the other

01:14:29   types of features. The only other thing really is like

01:14:32   Tweets are a bit slower, but in times when I want real-time tweets, like if I'm watching

01:14:36   like some kind of event or something and want to see tweets in real-time,

01:14:39   I just move over to the regular app. Like, it's fine. But it's a shame.

01:14:44   Yeah, those features are still there. You can go to the web as well if you need to,

01:14:50   but it's just not in these third-party apps. I kind of feel how you feel. Like it's a bummer,

01:14:55   but it hasn't really changed my relationship with my Twitter client. I still use Tweetbot, and

01:15:00   It's a little frustrating at times, but it hasn't been that big of a deal.

01:15:06   We also have this month, again, returning to iPhone rumors that 3D Touch would be removed

01:15:14   from all 2019 iPhones.

01:15:16   We still don't know if this is going to be true or not.

01:15:18   We know that the iPhone XR lacks 3D Touch and they are replacing with Haptic Touch.

01:15:23   In fact, the most recent iOS update included more places where Haptic Touch works, which

01:15:28   Which is basically just a long press that then the thing just kicks you and says, "Hey,

01:15:33   I did it."

01:15:35   I would be okay with it.

01:15:37   As long as they bring to Haptic Touch, Peak and Pop, I do use that frequently.

01:15:43   I believe that the Haptic Touch stuff doesn't support that yet.

01:15:47   I think they would need to add that for me to be okay with giving up the rest of it.

01:15:52   I agree with you.

01:15:53   I think they've got quite a bit of...

01:15:56   There's a little way for me that they would need to go.

01:15:58   I think Pecan Pop seems like it would be a difficult thing for them to do

01:16:00   because like so I played around with the haptic touch on notification center.

01:16:04   It does not work the same.

01:16:07   You have to on the tenor, you the notification pops up when you let go.

01:16:12   It's very peculiar, so I can press down and let go and it pops up,

01:16:17   so it still doesn't even work the same as the iPad.

01:16:20   So it's kind of peculiar and I don't really get it.

01:16:23   It seems like there's still some work to do on it, to be honest.

01:16:27   Alright, that rounds out August, so we've just got a few more months left of the year

01:16:32   and there really isn't much that we're going to talk about for the end of the year because

01:16:36   it's just happened. But there's still some stuff, September and October are big months,

01:16:41   but before we tell you all about those, let me take a moment to thank our final sponsor for this

01:16:45   episode and that is Cane 11, the company who make ridiculously comfortable socks in precisely your

01:16:50   size. The socks that you're wearing right now, I'm sure that they are a one size fits all or

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01:17:35   Stephen, could you tell me about your K-11 socks, please?

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01:17:40   - They're great.

01:17:41   I am one of those people that the all size fits all,

01:17:44   I kinda fall in between, so I have socks

01:17:47   that are either too big or too small,

01:17:50   and then you try to stretch it.

01:17:51   It's always been a problem.

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01:17:57   And their website gives you some advice

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01:18:02   It's really great.

01:18:04   So they showed up and they fit perfectly.

01:18:07   It's really awesome.

01:18:08   So I've actually ordered some additional ones.

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01:18:51   It's kane11, kane11.com/connected, promo code connected, for 20% off your first order.

01:18:58   Thanks to kane11 for their support of this show and Relay FM.

01:19:02   September the month of new iPhones and new Apple watches and off the bat we have product

01:19:10   names and images for both.

01:19:14   This was such a wild day.

01:19:16   This story and going through it reminded me of the year prior, right, where we had the

01:19:21   HomePod leak, which gave away a bunch of information.

01:19:25   This was like that.

01:19:26   9to5Mac were sniffing around on some URLs and they found product photography of two

01:19:32   sizes of iPhone and the larger screened Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 4.

01:19:40   the wild like "what is this Apple Watch screen? There's so much information, right? This is

01:19:47   ugly!"

01:19:48   The best part of this article is the image caption that says "not a mock-up".

01:19:58   Just so you know, not a mock-up. And then also within 24 hours there was a lot of talk

01:20:05   about what the new iPhone names would be, iPhone XS Max was the name, to which many

01:20:11   people, including yours truly, believed could not possibly be the name of the larger phone.

01:20:16   Yeah, again, people were losing their minds, and I thought it was very strange. The only

01:20:24   argument that I sort of bought into was the idea that Plus sounded kind of like it had

01:20:30   something more but max just sounded like it was bigger and that kind of turned out to

01:20:36   be true because the XS and XS Max are the same phone but one is bigger. So I guess the

01:20:42   change to the max name kind of made sense. It still sounds very strange to call it the

01:20:49   basically the way that people call it the iPhone XS Max. They don't say XS, they say

01:20:55   say "excess" or in Italy they say "ixess". So, yeah, I found "ixessemax". So, that's

01:21:03   not a good couple of words to say together. But yeah, I guess it, you know, whatever works

01:21:10   for Apple works for us. September also, I mean September event, 10h, 10s, 10s max, Apple

01:21:19   watch Mojave which I still not sure how to pronounce. You see Mojave, you see Mojave,

01:21:25   nobody knows. And iOS 12. Mojave. Is that the smug bug voice again? The smug bug. Everyone

01:21:34   the smug bug knows how to pronounce product names. He's very smug about them too. Yeah,

01:21:41   it's because he knows them and you don't. Yeah. He's very smug about them. He would

01:21:44   never call it the iPhone XS. I'm just saying. No he wouldn't. He's too smug. Yeah, even

01:21:48   never. There were more anniversaries, 10 years of Steven's website, because it wasn't, it's

01:21:56   not 10 years of 512 pixels, right? It's like 10 years of Steven's website, is that right?

01:22:01   Yeah, it's got to be right. It had a name change a couple years into its life. But it's the same

01:22:05   same thing, right? Like same site, but just a different name. 10 years. It is continuous.

01:22:09   All of the links still work is my understanding. And Club Max Stories, the Club Max Stories,

01:22:15   which is the Mac stories membership newsletter that Federico has been writing. So it's third year.

01:22:21   It did strike me that you two chose, I mean, I don't know if 10 years ago it was the same,

01:22:26   but like just interesting times of the year, like a very busy time of the year to

01:22:30   to launch such a big project. Not the case 10 years ago. No, I can imagine that. The iPhone was a

01:22:36   WBC product, you know, kind of like the new phones announced in the summer. It wasn't until the 4S,

01:22:42   till it was the fall. So I just started in September because that's when I left the Apple

01:22:46   Store and I could block it wasn't anything to it. It was just how fast can I stand up a WordPress

01:22:51   site? But yeah, a decade it really I mean, I go through the archives and we're talking about just

01:22:57   a year on this show. We've forgotten things. There are things in my archives I come across

01:23:01   sometimes that like, I don't remember writing. I don't remember, you know, it's like, it's just

01:23:05   so much stuff. But it's one of those things like I will always have this site

01:23:11   no matter what else happens, it's just a part of me at this point.

01:23:14   - Yeah. Mine was just a stupid decision to launch in September three years ago.

01:23:18   But I did it for one specific reason, which was... And in hindsight, I'm actually pretty happy about

01:23:25   it because it worked out well, that I wanted to launch and immediately have an integration

01:23:31   between the club and my iOS 10 review. So the idea was, I launched this thing,

01:23:39   and there's immediately going to be benefits for members, and there's going to be the exposure

01:23:43   of the iOS review that is going to drive people to the club.

01:23:47   And that worked.

01:23:48   So now I'm stuck, sort of, with this September, combination of events in September, but every

01:23:55   time I try to make the best out of that situation by having those kinds of extras, like special

01:24:02   things, be exclusive for Club Maxoris members.

01:24:06   We also had of course your ios 12 review and audiobook narrated by a british person

01:24:14   Mug yeah, the smug bugs

01:24:16   Smug, but got him

01:24:19   I've forgotten how the smug bugs sounds down which is a shame. I've forgotten how the voice went it was like three seconds ago

01:24:25   go.

01:24:26   [Music]

01:24:27   Hello there! I've bought your flicker!

01:24:37   He's gone forever now, it's just me. Yep, I did that, you did that, it's a big thing

01:24:42   every year, it's much bigger for Federico than it is for me, but it's a big job.

01:24:49   Why is there an AirPower link in here in September? Oh yeah, the manual. Yeah. So Apple is...

01:24:58   People discovered that Apple was referencing AirPower in the instructional manual of the

01:25:05   iPhone XS. And some people... I remember this on Twitter. Some people thought that it was

01:25:10   fake. There was like a bad Photoshop. But no, Apple does reference the wireless AirPower

01:25:16   charger in the little instruction booklet that it's inside the iPhone XS package.

01:25:20   So that's awkward, but...

01:25:23   I mostly included this just to note that all year we've been wondering where this product

01:25:29   is, right?

01:25:30   Like it hasn't made an appearance in our list, like our countdown so far.

01:25:35   All year we've...

01:25:36   It's a meme at this point, AirPower.

01:25:39   Well September 2 was a year since they announced it, because they announced it with the iPhone

01:25:44   X.

01:25:45   I mean at this point, we're recording this in December, my thought is it's just dead.

01:25:51   And if it shows up it'll be a nice surprise.

01:25:53   But I'll tell you what, I'm not putting it as my risky pick for 2019.

01:25:57   No way.

01:25:58   No part of that.

01:25:59   No way.

01:26:00   October brought about maybe one of the best episodes of Connected, which was when Federico

01:26:06   attempted to name all of iOS 12.1's emoji without ever having seen the name.

01:26:12   LA1.

01:26:13   Did you?

01:26:15   I think I did pretty well, but it was not a contest.

01:26:20   I think we all won.

01:26:22   Yeah.

01:26:23   Also, it marked the

01:26:25   very important debut of We Are The Fish

01:26:29   in our

01:26:31   connected

01:26:33   back catalogue of references.

01:26:35   I would have said "cell",

01:26:41   But also I could see some kind of weird fish being like this

01:26:47   Are you thinking of like a puffer fish?

01:27:00   Okay, is this weird fish the name which what are you going with weird fish?

01:27:09   Fish. You really are gonna go weird fish? I don't know what else to choose. It's either

01:27:20   weird fish or cell. It is a microbe. What? What is a microbe?

01:27:31   So that was a very fun episode to do. I guess, I don't know, we'll probably do it again in

01:27:36   the future we'll see depends on the new emoji. Maybe it should become a tradition. I don't

01:27:41   know. We'll see what happens.

01:27:42   I think it should. I guess at some point we will have all of the accessibility ones we

01:27:49   talked about earlier, but there'll be some strange ones too to pick, I'm sure of it.

01:27:53   We also saw the release of the Google Pixel 3, and it was Google's press event in New

01:27:58   York, which was kind of a strange event in ways, but I think there's no arguing the Pixel

01:28:02   is an excellent phone. Myke, you've got one and you seem to have enjoyed your time with it.

01:28:08   Yeah, I feel like I'm never going to talk about this phone. I just feel like at this point,

01:28:12   I don't even know why I have to say it. I really like it. It's a great phone and the camera's

01:28:16   incredible. That's my review of the Pixel 3, I think. It's great. It's very nice. I like it.

01:28:23   I get the small one. It's pink and it's nice to hold and it is a good Android phone and it does

01:28:29   some cool stuff and the camera is amazing. That's my Pixel 3 review.

01:28:32   I'm glad we've been waiting for that. It's good.

01:28:35   We also saw Apple's

01:28:39   or Adobe, excuse me, Apple invited Adobe

01:28:42   to show off Photoshop for the iPad and Apple's press event where they also

01:28:46   announced Macs.

01:28:47   But it was shown off before. So Adobe showed off.

01:28:50   Oh it was, like a week before, right? I think it was a little bit before.

01:28:54   Adobe Macs, so they

01:28:58   which is Adobe's conference is where they unveiled it.

01:29:00   Having previously acknowledged that it would happen, which they did,

01:29:04   they showed off what it was going to look like.

01:29:08   And then they joined Apple on stage for the iPad Pro presentation

01:29:11   to give a condensed demo.

01:29:13   So June next year, but still pretty monumental news.

01:29:17   And I'm very excited for it.

01:29:19   We had our live show in New York with Federico's cousin,

01:29:23   who was very gracious and taking time off.

01:29:25   That was incredible.

01:29:27   Like, I had no idea.

01:29:29   Unfortunately, I couldn't join you guys in New York.

01:29:33   But it was such an incredible thing for my cousin to do.

01:29:39   Like, I was not expecting it at all.

01:29:42   Big moment.

01:29:42   He's a very busy guy.

01:29:44   You know, he runs a very important business.

01:29:48   He sells vinyls in America.

01:29:52   So I know he's very busy with his company.

01:29:55   Yeah, vinyl cast. So it was very gracious of him to fit in for me. You know, so it's

01:30:04   a very good episode and Marcus makes some really good points. So you should also check

01:30:11   out his company, Vinyl Cast.

01:30:13   It's a snappy dresser.

01:30:15   Yeah.

01:30:16   Yeah.

01:30:17   It was. Ming-Chi Kuo makes a return in October saying there will be a new...

01:30:21   I feel like he never left.

01:30:22   He's always here.

01:30:23   He's here with me right now.

01:30:26   I'm back boys, here's an iPad Mini.

01:30:30   Saying that yeah, iPad Mini 5 late 2018 or early 2019, so this is still within the realm

01:30:35   of possibility, I think this is a product that if they don't do anything in 2019 then

01:30:41   it should just go away.

01:30:42   Like the new, the 6th generation iPad being cheaper than this thing, being better at this

01:30:48   thing in every single way except that the mini has a laminate laminated display and the

01:30:55   sixth generation iPad does not. Other than that the iPad mini just outgunned and it's

01:30:58   more expensive and just feels like a relic and I'd like to see him do it. I think there's

01:31:04   probably still a market for it but I can understand if it goes away. And then of course we had

01:31:09   the October event which brought about the MacBook Air, the Mac Mini and the iPad Pro

01:31:14   which two out of three everyone's been really happy with.

01:31:18   MacBook Air has had a bit of a tumultuous life so far,

01:31:22   I think, including Steven being upset

01:31:24   about the storage last week, so.

01:31:26   - Gotta get the 1.5 terabyte version, man.

01:31:29   - Can't wait for that.

01:31:30   Can't wait to do it.

01:31:31   - It's so expensive. - It's that .5

01:31:34   that really seals the deal.

01:31:36   - We spent basically the entire month of November

01:31:38   debating the iPad.

01:31:40   - Well, some people did.

01:31:42   - We did.

01:31:43   I looked at the show notes, we did.

01:31:45   No, but I mean like some people get really upset about it and I don't think we do.

01:31:50   Like in the sense that, you know, there's these blog posts and these videos, can you

01:31:55   get real work done on the iPad?

01:31:56   And I feel like we're sort of, we handle that conversation in a different way because we

01:32:02   know that it's possible to get work done on the iPad, but we also know its limitations.

01:32:07   And I think other blogs and other YouTubers, they make more sort of dramatic announcements

01:32:14   and like claims that, you know, they go viral for like a week or so and then...

01:32:22   That's just my opinion though.

01:32:25   But yes, we did discuss the iPad Pro.

01:32:28   I started the iPad Diaries series about the new iPad Pro.

01:32:32   I started spending a lot of money on USB-C accessories and keyboards.

01:32:38   It was a very productive month.

01:32:40   I got a lot of writing done, the episodes were good, we had some fun discussions.

01:32:46   I'm curious to see what the situation is going to be like in six months, because this iPad

01:32:52   discussion, this is a point that I made on connected in the past.

01:32:56   few months, this entire thing sparkles up again and people start arguing about the iPad

01:33:03   for work. I bet it's gonna surface again sometime in February or March. Somebody's gonna complain

01:33:08   with a tweet or with a blog post and the whole cycle is gonna spin up again. And the iPad

01:33:14   Pro discussion will begin anew. So we'll see when it happens. I bet it's gonna be... It

01:33:19   usually happens every 3 to 4 months. So I think we're only like 2 to 3 months away from

01:33:25   cycle. Is that going to be in your 2019 predictions, predicting when people will start talking

01:33:30   about the iPad Pro again? That's a point for sure. Like, that's the,

01:33:34   it wouldn't, it would be unfair. It would be unfair. Nothing else of note I think happened

01:33:40   in November. We just were, we were just getting work done.

01:33:43   Yeah, it was a lot of conversation, like it was a lot of conversation, you know, and talking

01:33:48   about the merits of the product, defending the product where we thought it needed to

01:33:52   be and then as you say like talking about some of the things that you were doing you know some of the

01:33:57   apps that you were excited about some of the dongles and stuff and yeah but there was news

01:34:02   but news that mostly hasn't changed so isn't really worth looking back on and then December

01:34:07   the biggest I think the biggest story in December at least in the Apple community I think is Apple

01:34:11   Music arriving on the Amazon Echo because it's wild this is a wild story it was crazy when it

01:34:17   was announced and it got even crazier when it was released. Ed has been very interested

01:34:24   in it and I am really keen. Like I just saw someone sent me a screenshot of an email that

01:34:29   Apple sent them talking about how to set it up and all the things like giving prompts

01:34:33   about what you should say. Just goes on and on. Just won't stop. And also in December

01:34:38   we all bought Mac Minis. Which is something we would never have put in our predictions.

01:34:45   We're all gonna buy Mac Minis this year.

01:34:46   - It's true, we're three for three.

01:34:47   - Yeah, yeah, and I can tell you that writing more

01:34:52   about Mac stuff is something that I wanna do in 2019,

01:34:56   which is something that I haven't done.

01:34:57   - Uh-oh, he's put the Mac back in Mac stories.

01:35:00   - Well, John is writing about the Mac on Mac stories

01:35:04   most of the time.

01:35:05   I guess I'm gonna-- - You personally.

01:35:07   - I personally will write about Mac automation.

01:35:10   Like, I haven't written about this stuff in four, actually five years.

01:35:16   So it should be fun.

01:35:17   It's one of my goals for the next year.

01:35:19   But we'll talk about that in our first episode of 2019, because this is a very

01:35:27   important final point that I personally put in the document.

01:35:30   The episode is over.

01:35:32   And just like the year is over, I would say overall, do we give a thumbs up to

01:35:39   Apple in 2018?

01:35:40   I think yes. I mean, I would have liked to see better improvements to iOS for iPad.

01:35:49   That's my only negative note, honestly. The iPad hardware is now so much more ahead of the software.

01:35:55   It's kind of ridiculous to look at that contrast between the two.

01:36:00   But overall, the devices are great. The XS Max and the Series 4 are great.

01:36:05   Yeah, just the iPad software could have been you know could have been a nice more

01:36:09   a nice thing to have but so one more thing to look forward for 2019

01:36:13   If you want to find links to all the stuff we talked about head on over to relay.fm/connected/224

01:36:23   While you're there you can get in touch with us via email or you can find us other places online

01:36:29   You can find Myke on Twitter at

01:36:31   I-M-Y-K-E. Myke is the host of a lot of shows here at Relay FM. You can find Federico at

01:36:37   V-I-T-I-C-C-I on Twitter, and you can find him, of course, at maxstories.net, writing

01:36:42   about Automator and Terminal and Activity Monitor, all that good nerdy Mac stuff. You

01:36:49   can find me on Twitter as @ismh and I write 512pixels.net.

01:36:53   A quick programming note, our next episode will be out on January 9th. We are taking

01:36:58   the week of New Year's off. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday with friends and

01:37:02   family. I'd like to thank our sponsors, Pingdom, Smile, and K-11. And until, I guess until

01:37:09   next year, guys, say goodbye.

01:37:11   Arrivederci and bonanno.

01:37:12   Cheerio and happy new year.

01:37:14   Adios.

01:37:15   Ah, it's happy new year.

01:37:17   Feliz Nuevo.

01:37:18   Feliz año nuevo.

01:37:19   Hey, we'll go with that one.