222: Green Monday, Yellow Wednesday, Purple Thursday


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 222.

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00:00:18   I'm your host, Steven Hackett,

00:00:19   and I'm joined on one side by my co-host, Federico Vatici.

00:00:22   Federico, how are you?

00:00:24   - Hi Steven, I'm good, how are you?

00:00:26   - I'm doing well, I'm excited to be with y'all today.

00:00:29   And on the other side, I'm joined by Myke Hurley.

00:00:31   - Hello.

00:00:32   - I was thinking about this, like where,

00:00:35   like if one of you on each side of me,

00:00:36   but when we do live shows, Myke's always in the middle

00:00:39   and I'm on the end if Federico's on the other end.

00:00:41   - I was just thinking that exact same thing.

00:00:42   You planted that thought into my brain.

00:00:44   - I was actually thinking the opposite,

00:00:46   like what if instead of being on the sides,

00:00:48   we're up and down?

00:00:50   Like what kind of dimensions are we looking at here?

00:00:52   - I think I'm always in the middle, I think.

00:00:55   I feel like that that just like works.

00:00:58   Well, because we've done it every time now.

00:00:59   Like I sit in the middle.

00:01:00   Even when we recorded in an Airbnb, I was in the middle.

00:01:06   You were.

00:01:06   But you two were on the opposite sides when we recorded the Airbnb.

00:01:10   It is odd how that has worked out.

00:01:12   Maybe it's because we do often do ingenious.

00:01:14   So you and I are like already next to each other.

00:01:16   Then Federica comes in, you know, just, I don't know.

00:01:18   Next time you see us live, take note of where we're sitting.

00:01:21   And if it's changed, let us know.

00:01:22   Well, I think it's a holdover from me being the like introducer.

00:01:26   Right.

00:01:28   but now it's just the way it is.

00:01:30   - It's that Micah energy, everybody wants a piece of that.

00:01:34   - The chat room says it's because Micah's

00:01:36   in the middle geographically, but that is all dependent

00:01:39   on how you're looking at the map.

00:01:40   - It depends where you start, right?

00:01:42   - Yeah, that's a matter of perspective, really.

00:01:46   More than anything else.

00:01:48   - Speaking of geography, most people in Italy

00:01:52   have discovered over the past couple of weeks

00:01:54   the existence of flat earthers, thanks to a television program that did like a series

00:02:00   on these people. And like everybody's talking about them now. And it's very funny because

00:02:05   I get approached by like my mom or like my girlfriend's sister. Everybody's like, did

00:02:11   you know that these people exist? You know, like, yeah, I'm familiar with them. Thanks

00:02:15   to YouTube. I would like if people are interested in learning

00:02:19   more about that, Flat Earth Societies, they should listen to episode 13 of the

00:02:25   Ungenius podcast. When me and Steven get into it. And Steven, so quick

00:02:30   behind the scenes, Steven writes most of Ungenius and he tends to write me as if

00:02:35   I am a conspiracy theorist. So in that episode, I am kind of a Flat Earther, so you've got that going for you if you want to hear what that's like.

00:02:46   You also doubted the lunar landings, I believe?

00:02:49   Yep, moon landing.

00:02:50   Yep, there was one more, but I don't remember off the top of my head.

00:02:53   Yeah, I don't remember what the last one was.

00:02:54   The Flat Earthers found our email address, though.

00:02:56   That was exciting.

00:02:57   They did.

00:02:58   They did.

00:02:59   Oh no.

00:03:00   Oh no.

00:03:01   We're going to move right into talking about things we've already talked about in a segment

00:03:06   we call Follow Up.

00:03:09   We spoke now two episodes ago?

00:03:11   Three episodes?

00:03:12   I don't know.

00:03:13   Time.

00:03:14   I was going to say time is a flat circle, but that's a terrible--

00:03:15   Time is a flat earth.

00:03:17   - Time is a flat earth.

00:03:19   - Don't do it.

00:03:20   Don't go there.

00:03:20   - Federico, you talked about how you're accessing

00:03:23   the files on your Mac mini remotely,

00:03:26   and I didn't talk about that,

00:03:28   and then I sort of realized this week,

00:03:30   it popped in my brain that I don't need

00:03:32   to have that need very often,

00:03:34   because the majority of my working files are on Dropbox,

00:03:38   but when I did need it, I was using back to my Mac,

00:03:43   which is now gone in Mac OS Mojave,

00:03:47   back to my Mac, is no more.

00:03:49   - You just stumbled, nearly stumbled on something

00:03:52   that I can't believe we have not thought of before,

00:03:55   which is Mac OS Mojave.

00:03:57   That sounds so good.

00:03:59   Like why have we not been doing this the whole time?

00:04:01   (laughing)

00:04:02   Mac OS Mojave.

00:04:04   I love it.

00:04:05   - That is good.

00:04:06   That's what we'll go with now.

00:04:07   - Thank you, Mac OS.

00:04:09   So I had, again, this thought at some point,

00:04:13   and realized that I needed a new way to do this.

00:04:16   And I didn't want to do what Ferrico had done.

00:04:19   And we're going to talk about what you've changed here

00:04:21   in a second.

00:04:21   But opening up SMB sharing on a Comcast connection--

00:04:26   Comcast actually doesn't let you do it.

00:04:27   You got to jump through some hoops.

00:04:29   And I really didn't want to go that route anyways.

00:04:32   And so what I'm using is screens and screens connect,

00:04:37   which is this really nice remote management app.

00:04:40   It runs on Mac OS and iOS.

00:04:42   And Screens Connect is this little program.

00:04:46   It used to be a system preference pane.

00:04:47   And now it sits in the menu bar, which I preferred it

00:04:50   as a system preference pane so it

00:04:51   wasn't in my face all the time.

00:04:53   But it runs on the Mac in the background.

00:04:55   And it basically acts as a conduit.

00:04:58   So if I'm on my iPad somewhere else,

00:05:01   or if I'm on my MacBook Pro somewhere else,

00:05:03   and I need to get into my Mac Mini,

00:05:05   I can just open screens, screens connect,

00:05:08   figures out where I am, where the other computer is,

00:05:10   and lets me in.

00:05:11   So there's no port forwarding,

00:05:13   there's no router configuration.

00:05:15   You basically just turn on screens connect

00:05:19   and at least with my home network setup,

00:05:23   it just works really nicely.

00:05:26   And so I have screens connect running on my iMac Pro

00:05:29   and my Mac Mini and I just made a Dropbox folder.

00:05:33   I named it Bridge, just because it seemed clever.

00:05:36   And that's the only Dropbox folder I sync to the Mac Mini.

00:05:39   And so if I need-- and I'm telling you,

00:05:41   I've done this like three times in the last probably two years.

00:05:44   This is very rare for me.

00:05:45   But if I need something, I can just remote into the Mac Mini,

00:05:48   find it on my Drobo, put it in the Dropbox folder,

00:05:51   and let's let Dropbox sync it to me.

00:05:53   And I have to deal with transferring files directly

00:05:56   over my connection.

00:05:57   And I've been, at least in testing, really happy with it.

00:06:00   And in nine months, when this need comes up again,

00:06:02   I'll let you know how it works.

00:06:03   It was a time for me to reevaluate screens

00:06:06   and Screens Connect and it's always been

00:06:08   an impressive application.

00:06:09   Version four is really nice and it's a good alternative

00:06:13   if you don't want to deal with like port forwarding

00:06:15   and stuff.

00:06:16   But Federico, you have changed how you're accessing

00:06:19   your Mac Mini from the internet, so what are you doing?

00:06:21   - Yes, I turned off SMB sharing after feedback

00:06:26   that I was sent by some kind connected listeners

00:06:28   and I'm now using just SSH and SFTP which is encrypted and preferable to SMB.

00:06:34   People sending you pictures of your file system.

00:06:37   Like, "Oh hey, look!"

00:06:39   Thankfully it hasn't happened. I also adopted a longer and more complex password,

00:06:44   which I thought was going to be annoying, but actually thanks to the Apple Watch unlocking system,

00:06:49   when I'm at home I just need to press the space bar on the Magic Keyboard and the Mac Mini unlocks,

00:06:55   thanks to the Apple Watch.

00:06:56   You don't get this Michael, because you don't wear an Apple Watch anymore.

00:06:59   You don't know what I get.

00:07:02   Well, are you wearing two watches?

00:07:05   No.

00:07:06   [Laughter]

00:07:08   Maybe I should like set up a fake arm and just put the Apple Watch on it next to my Mac.

00:07:12   Sure.

00:07:13   And then I can just tap it.

00:07:15   That's not creepy at all.

00:07:17   But I could see actually like a mannequin in your office just holding the Apple Watch

00:07:23   so that you can fake use Apple Watch features.

00:07:27   I could use that mannequin quite well.

00:07:29   I could put my VR headset on its head.

00:07:31   I could put an Apple Watch on its arm.

00:07:33   See? And that wouldn't be creepy at all.

00:07:36   I'm sure your wife would be supportive of the idea

00:07:39   of a mannequin wearing tech gadgets.

00:07:42   Anyway, yes, I'm using SFTP and SSH,

00:07:45   still using file browser, and I can use Prompt.

00:07:48   I can use all these other iOS apps to access my Mac Mini,

00:07:51   which is very nice.

00:07:52   What, who would the mannequin look like?

00:07:54   I wasn't thinking of that, but...

00:07:57   It will look like Prince Charles.

00:07:59   Mmm.

00:08:00   Uh, so, uh, I'm sure that would be fine.

00:08:03   Didn't Matt Alexander have a mannequin made of himself for a thing?

00:08:07   At some point, yes he did.

00:08:10   Okay, we'll just, we'll find that one.

00:08:12   [laughs]

00:08:13   Oh my god.

00:08:14   I don't know if I can find that.

00:08:16   Probably.

00:08:17   It's on his Instagram, maybe. We can find it.

00:08:18   Yeah, I'll find that.

00:08:20   Or it could be like not necessarily a mannequin but like a like a wax statue.

00:08:24   You know those? Like they look like real people but they're not?

00:08:29   Oh, oh wax like a wax statue like a man-of-two-swords type dealio.

00:08:33   Yes that that kind of stuff. Some of them are super creepy and super realistic.

00:08:39   Scott Forstall wax mannequin.

00:08:40   100% you nailed it. I couldn't think of who I would want it to be but now I know who I want it to be.

00:08:46   Now we know.

00:08:47   With his eyes wide open?

00:08:49   So it's wide open, big colorful shirt.

00:08:51   Nice.

00:08:52   Nice.

00:08:53   There's a button and he just says, "It's blow away.

00:08:56   It's blow away."

00:08:57   It's blow away.

00:08:58   And you introduce him as Scotty to people visiting your house, that would be amazing.

00:09:03   That would be good.

00:09:05   Federico, in the section where we're talking about this in the previous episode, you had

00:09:08   mentioned that you were using the app File Browser.

00:09:11   Yeah, yeah.

00:09:12   Which actually does not support AFP.

00:09:15   So the Mac has a couple of file sharing options.

00:09:17   You have SFTP, SSH, like what you're doing.

00:09:21   You have SMB.

00:09:22   You guys are saying a lot of acronyms that I don't understand right now.

00:09:25   Just want to let you know that.

00:09:26   AFP, SMB, I don't know what any of this stuff is.

00:09:29   Yeah, SMB, it's actually SMB2 now on the Mac, but AFP.

00:09:33   Oh good, that makes it easier.

00:09:35   Yeah, 2 is better than the 1 before it.

00:09:37   AFP has been deprecated though, and so like File Browser doesn't even support it, and

00:09:41   it's sort of going away in Mac OS over time, so SMB limits your options if your ISP doesn't

00:09:47   allow you to open it up on the network which is true for a lot of ISPs but

00:09:51   there's lots of good options now for this sort of thing and I do kind of

00:09:55   wonder like how big of a need this is like how if back to my Mac was really

00:10:00   popular would Apple have killed it off I can't imagine many people were actually

00:10:04   using it. In a post Dropbox world people don't do this stuff as much. Yeah right.

00:10:12   Man, I don't know about you guys, but like pretty much my entire file system is in Dropbox.

00:10:17   Right? Like I don't, you know, the only things that do not go into Dropbox are podcast production

00:10:24   files, unless I know, and like the only times they ever go in there or the only times I ever

00:10:28   need them, they're in there because I've put them in there because I know I'm going to be traveling

00:10:33   or whatever, right? Like I don't start a project on my desktop if I'm going to be finishing it

00:10:40   away from my desktop.

00:10:41   And and if I am going to finish it away from my desktop, it will go into Dropbox.

00:10:45   You know what I mean?

00:10:45   Like, it's not like this isn't a thing where I'm like, oh, rats.

00:10:49   I don't have the file, right?

00:10:50   Because it's just not, you know, that's just not how I work.

00:10:53   So I think that that's why I'd like something like back to my Mac

00:10:57   just doesn't doesn't really make sense anymore,

00:10:59   especially when Apple's trying to get you to sync all of your documents.

00:11:03   It's very I got my Mac mini today and I took great care

00:11:07   to make sure I unchecked that box of like, sync my desktop!

00:11:11   - Yeah, do not want.

00:11:12   - Just watch everything delete from my iMac or something

00:11:15   like that, great, there it goes, that's what I wanted.

00:11:18   See how my Mac Mini arrived, I can provide

00:11:20   some important follow up, the accessory kit,

00:11:23   cable, it's just a power cable.

00:11:26   That was all that was in there,

00:11:28   there was nothing else in there.

00:11:29   I was disappointed that the stickers were white.

00:11:32   - So the Apple sticker color deal is interesting, right?

00:11:35   because if you get a MacBook Air,

00:11:39   and it's like space gray or something,

00:11:40   the stickers are colored.

00:11:42   My Mac Pro came with dark apple stickers,

00:11:44   but the Mac Mini doesn't.

00:11:45   I don't think the MacBook Pro does.

00:11:47   It's real hit or miss.

00:11:48   - The Mac Pro comes with black ones.

00:11:50   So I don't know why the Mac Mini

00:11:52   doesn't come with gray or black ones.

00:11:54   It comes with white ones.

00:11:55   - It's real confusing.

00:11:57   - Also, can I give a PSA?

00:12:00   - Sure.

00:12:01   - I wanna talk about stickers for a minute.

00:12:03   - Oh no. - Okay.

00:12:04   Very rightly, I think lots more people are putting Apple stickers,

00:12:08   or stickers in general, I should say, onto their iPads because the

00:12:12   iPad keyboard folio is a boring expanse of nothingness.

00:12:16   So I'm seeing lots of people putting stickers on it.

00:12:19   Very happy about this.

00:12:21   I would like to ask people, please don't put those white Apple stickers

00:12:25   on your devices.

00:12:27   It's too big and the sticker is not very good.

00:12:30   Just spend like a minute Googling for Apple logo stickers

00:12:34   and you can get yourself like a nice rainbow one or something like that.

00:12:38   Those big white Apple stickers, please don't use them.

00:12:41   And if you're going to use them,

00:12:43   please don't put them where you think the Apple logo should go.

00:12:46   Put them like in another pot.

00:12:48   Like don't put it right in the middle. It's way too big.

00:12:50   It doesn't look right.

00:12:51   Like if it was scaled down to the size of the Apple logo on the iPad,

00:12:56   it would be fine.

00:12:57   But that sticker is like it's like the biggest Apple logo that ever exists.

00:13:00   Like there is no Apple logo on any product that is the size of the sticker

00:13:04   they put in the box. It looks wrong. Just trust me on this one. My PSA is over.

00:13:09   Do you guys have literally any opinions on what I just said?

00:13:13   It sounds more like a complaint than a PSA, honestly.

00:13:20   No, it is a public service announcement to make people's sticker devices look better.

00:13:25   OK. Now, I agree with it. I just don't have any opinion.

00:13:28   I think you're right. Agreeing with it is all I wanted.

00:13:32   Yes, I agree with it officially.

00:13:34   Today's episode is brought to you in part by our friends over at Luna Display,

00:13:39   the hardware solution that turns your iPad into a wireless display for your Mac.

00:13:43   So you have a super portable second display

00:13:45   with stunning image quality and basically zero lag.

00:13:48   So my Mac Mini arrived today and I've tested the Luna Display.

00:13:53   I played around with it on my iMac a little bit and it was great.

00:13:55   But now I've spent some like some extended periods of time with it

00:13:59   because I have literally just been setting up my Mac Mini with just the

00:14:03   lunar display. I plugged it into a monitor to get like the initial setup

00:14:06   done. Once that was done in went the lunar display and I've been using it for

00:14:10   like an hour or so today. It is this this thing is unbelievable. Like I cannot

00:14:15   believe how responsive this like everything becomes. Like it is wild to be

00:14:21   able to use your Mac like this like with an Apple Pencil. Like it's so wild. Like I

00:14:27   I can't believe how responsive it all is.

00:14:29   It just really, honestly, like just works.

00:14:33   I am absolutely so excited about this.

00:14:37   I've been waiting for this, right?

00:14:38   I've been talking about it for weeks, right?

00:14:39   Getting the Mac mini, plugging the Luna Display in,

00:14:42   and now I'm using it and I love it.

00:14:44   And here's one thing that I thought was fun

00:14:46   because one thing the Luna Display can't do is send audio.

00:14:50   But what my Mac can do is connect to my HomePod.

00:14:55   So I was just to test out what it could do.

00:14:57   I was watching a YouTube video

00:14:59   with sending the audio to my home pod and it was flawless.

00:15:04   Like, I cannot believe how it can do this so well.

00:15:08   Like the video looked amazing and the audio was perfectly in sync.

00:15:12   Like this stuff is incredible.

00:15:14   Like seriously, like you if you have a Mac and an iPad,

00:15:19   just pick one of these things up, just even just to play around of it.

00:15:23   But like I now have the ability to access my Mac Mini from wherever I want.

00:15:27   I can access my Mac Mini now without because I'm just going to leave it

00:15:30   on all the time, right?

00:15:31   Like it's just going to do its thing and I can access it whenever I need.

00:15:34   Like I'm super, super excited about this.

00:15:36   I think you should check it out.

00:15:37   And we've got a great discount for you.

00:15:39   Go to Lunadisplay.com L U N A D I S P L A Y.com.

00:15:44   Use the promo code connected and you'll get 10% off.

00:15:47   That's Lunadisplay.com and the promo code connected.

00:15:50   at checkout for 10% off.

00:15:52   Our thanks to Luna Display for their support of this show and Relay FM.

00:15:56   I shared something with y'all over iMessage the other day and I was trying to scroll through.

00:16:00   I believe Federico's quote was "you have to say this on the show or I will" which felt

00:16:05   like a threat.

00:16:06   I'm just going to be honest with you.

00:16:08   I think people know that I bought a second HomePod for Black Friday.

00:16:11   It was like a hundred bucks off at Best Buy.

00:16:15   And so my HomePod status has been one in the studio, one in the kitchen, and we had an

00:16:21   Amazon Echo in our bedroom.

00:16:24   And a funny thing was happening.

00:16:28   Sometimes I just put technology in my family's lives, and then I just sit back like a scientist

00:16:33   and watch how they respond to it, you know, just as an experiment.

00:16:36   I just want to observe, take notes.

00:16:40   And what I was observing is that people would come

00:16:43   into the bedroom and ask Siri for things.

00:16:47   And Siri couldn't answer because

00:16:49   Siri was in the other room.

00:16:51   This was going on about the same time

00:16:53   where there was some sort of issue between

00:16:56   the iHome switches, or the power allodials

00:17:00   that we have to turn lamps on and off.

00:17:02   Some of it was going on where the Echo

00:17:03   wouldn't talk to those, but the HomePod would.

00:17:07   And I was just, I was watching these two things

00:17:10   on a collision course for each other.

00:17:13   And when they collided, what came out was a third HomePod.

00:17:16   It's very strange how that happened,

00:17:19   but Target had a cell and we are now a three HomePod family

00:17:23   and the Amazon Echo Now is plugged in here in my office

00:17:27   'cause I wanna check Apple Music out on it

00:17:29   when that launches, I think later this week or next week.

00:17:32   But we're basically all HomePod now in the house.

00:17:35   You took advantage of what was called the Green Monday sale.

00:17:40   What is this?

00:17:41   That's not a thing.

00:17:42   Come on.

00:17:43   Yes it is.

00:17:44   It's a new shopping day.

00:17:45   It's called Green Monday.

00:17:46   Why?

00:17:47   Yeah.

00:17:48   We already have two.

00:17:49   Green Monday is an online retail industry term similar to Cyber Monday.

00:17:53   The term was coined by eBay in 2007 to describe the best sales day in December.

00:17:59   Green Monday.

00:18:00   Yeah.

00:18:01   Don't you know that today is is yellow Wednesday?

00:18:05   Are you not familiar with yellow Wednesday?

00:18:09   What's tomorrow? Yeah, tomorrow is purple Thursday.

00:18:13   Purple Thursday. I knew about that one.

00:18:16   I didn't realize it was coming up so soon. I thought it was next week.

00:18:19   Don't try to move away from the topic yet. So now do we get to make fun of you?

00:18:23   You don't, but I can.

00:18:25   Okay, considering all the things you said about my three home pods,

00:18:29   I feel like you came up with a bunch of stories to justify your purchase of a third home pod.

00:18:34   Whereas I was just honest.

00:18:36   I just said I like it so I want a third one.

00:18:39   But instead you need to have this entire introduction.

00:18:43   Just like the home pod and you get a third one.

00:18:45   It's fine.

00:18:46   But now you understand why I got three of them.

00:18:49   Now you do.

00:18:50   I do understand.

00:18:51   I also understand.

00:18:53   So the first two were the white, which I really like.

00:18:57   The third one is black.

00:18:59   The room that it's in black looked a lot better.

00:19:01   The black looks really good.

00:19:03   Like I kind of wish I'd done black on all of them, which again is something I believe

00:19:06   you told me early on.

00:19:08   So Federico, I submit to your wisdom in the HomePod Arena.

00:19:11   Thank you.

00:19:12   Yeah, I even set it up as a studio pair for a little while.

00:19:14   They're in separate rooms now, but I wanted to experience that.

00:19:17   Holy moly, it is good.

00:19:19   Yes, it is very good.

00:19:20   If you're listening to music a lot, like that is the best way to do it.

00:19:26   Yeah.

00:19:27   because they're in different rooms but when I set it up I was like I just want

00:19:29   to experience this because the one in the studio like where it's plugged in to

00:19:33   get it out is like pretty serious remodeling at this point. It's like that

00:19:38   one is here forever but this the stereo stuff is really cool and we woke up this

00:19:43   morning and they're they're discounted yet again like Apple has everything on sale.

00:19:47   Well kind of I think this might just be in the UK. Apple is emailing some Apple

00:19:56   music customers, this came from 9to5Mac, to give them a £50 discount to bring it to £269 for us.

00:20:03   So that's just like another thing that they're doing. But this one, this is like a promo code

00:20:08   coming directly from Apple, where all of the sales have been through third parties like Best Buy.

00:20:13   But I hadn't seen any sales on the HomePod here. I hadn't seen any. I wasn't looking,

00:20:21   but that I hadn't seen any. But yeah.

00:20:26   Having bought two at sales price now, I firmly believe $349 is about $100 too expensive for

00:20:33   this product. I would never pay, I mean, my first one I paid full price for on launch

00:20:38   day but no one should. These are on sale often enough, like wait till it's on sale.

00:20:43   Is my...

00:20:44   $250 is the right price.

00:20:45   Do we talk about smart HDR?

00:20:46   We can talk about it. There's this photo that I saw on Twitter shared by Tyler Stolman.

00:20:56   And I think it's a good example of what I was trying to articulate, I think it was last

00:21:01   week or a couple of weeks ago, about the iPhone camera and how I sometimes, I said sometimes,

00:21:08   often or sometimes. Sometimes often. It depends. Some weeks it's sometimes, some weeks it's

00:21:16   often. It depends on the pictures. I get it. I get you. It depends on the weather, it depends

00:21:19   on a bunch of factors. I don't like the pictures that come out by default from the iPhone XS

00:21:25   camera and I think this photo here, comparing the same subject on a photo from the XS and

00:21:33   a photo from the iPhone 7, you can see the obvious differences between them, such as,

00:21:38   for example, the iPhone 7 version, the highlights are kinda blown out on the subject's face,

00:21:45   and in the hat she's wearing, and the iPhone XS version, using Smart HDR, everything is

00:21:51   more uniform, so everything is correctly exposed, and the colors are more balanced out.

00:21:58   When I sent you guys this link, I said something along the lines of, this is what I try to

00:22:08   say when I was talking about how old iPhones produced more punchy looks in pictures.

00:22:18   For example, if you look at the iPhone XS version, look at the face, look at the jacket

00:22:24   and look at the shirt, the red of the jacket and the white color of the shirt and the details

00:22:32   of the face are more flat to my eyes in the XS version.

00:22:37   This iPhone 7 version, the red is brighter and the white is brighter and the face, even

00:22:42   though the highlights on the nose are kinda blown out, they create that kind of contrast

00:22:49   that I don't get in the default XS version.

00:22:53   Now, I shared this opinion in a reply to Tyler on Twitter,

00:22:58   and a bunch of really clever people,

00:22:59   including Sebastian Dewitt, he works on Highlight.

00:23:02   They replied to me.

00:23:03   And I said, I tried to come up with these arguments

00:23:08   for and against the look of the iPhone XS camera,

00:23:11   because it is clearly, at this point,

00:23:13   everybody sort of agrees that it is

00:23:15   a sort of a creative decision by Apple,

00:23:18   even more than a technological one, perhaps.

00:23:23   With Smart HDR, so the argument 4, the XS captures more data than it would otherwise be captured by older iPhones without Smart HDR.

00:23:33   And thanks to these more data points, you can recover some details when editing a picture in post, essentially.

00:23:43   So it's sort of like RAW, I mean it's of course less data than RAW,

00:23:47   but thanks to Smart HDR you're able to adjust more aspects of a picture

00:23:53   than you would be able to adjust with an old iPhone without Smart HDR.

00:23:58   So most people told me on Twitter, if you don't like, for example, the flat colors of the jacket

00:24:04   or the flat skin tone, for example, just bump up the contrast a little bit

00:24:10   a little bit and the result will be better thanks to Smart HDR than doing the same on

00:24:17   an old iPhone without Smart HDR. But the argument against, in my opinion, is that I don't

00:24:24   want to do this.

00:24:25   No, I don't. I understand that argument. Great, great point. I don't. It doesn't work

00:24:30   for me. The argument doesn't work for me. Like, I would never really think to do that

00:24:35   because I don't know. If I don't like an image, most of the time I don't know what

00:24:40   I don't like about it because I don't have the knowledge.

00:24:43   Like I would never if you would have said to me like, OK, look at this image,

00:24:47   how do you make it look like the other one?

00:24:49   I don't know. Turn up the brightness.

00:24:51   But no, it's not. It's the contrast, right?

00:24:52   Like I don't know what to do.

00:24:54   But I will say I really like this.

00:24:58   This this this image pair.

00:25:00   It's fun to me because Tyler posted it as a here is how good the tennis camera is.

00:25:05   Right. So like this is like one of those things where it's like I

00:25:09   100% understand and can see everything you're saying, but I disagree.

00:25:15   And it's I don't think you're wrong.

00:25:17   This is a this is a difference in like personal taste.

00:25:21   I think the 10S photo here blows away the 7S

00:25:25   because it's more it just feels more balanced to me.

00:25:28   All the details look better.

00:25:29   I guess this is it's just a difference.

00:25:33   And this is a lot of the problem with camera comparisons anyway.

00:25:37   It's like people actually like different things.

00:25:39   And, like, I like, I am a big fan of the photos, you know, the portraits you see, where like

00:25:46   the sharpness is like all the way to the very end, and it has that like real, it has a very

00:25:51   specific look to it.

00:25:53   But most, a lot of people do not like that.

00:25:55   But I do like that.

00:25:57   I guess what I'm trying to say is, if it is possible to improve the default Smart HDR

00:26:04   with edits later, I would like Apple to produce a better default picture that implements some

00:26:13   of those edits without requiring me, the user, to go in and do those edits manually.

00:26:19   So I want them to keep Smart HDR and keep improving it for the future.

00:26:24   I just think the version of Smart HDR that they chose for the launch, for the first iteration

00:26:31   of it can produce, sometimes, like I said, results that are a little boring, a little

00:26:39   too flat. And I don't think this is just me saying this thing, I've seen this comment

00:26:44   from a bunch of people. And I think there's room for Apple to produce pictures with Smart

00:26:52   HDR that balance out all the details that produce uniform colors and exposure and highlights

00:26:59   and all of that while still having that extra little kick in the contrast, in the color,

00:27:05   whatever it is.

00:27:06   But yeah, I mean, it's totally fine if you prefer the iPhone XS version.

00:27:11   I can see why people prefer that.

00:27:14   And I'm not saying that the iPhone 7 is necessarily a better picture, but like, again, just look

00:27:19   at the head and you will see the problems there.

00:27:22   But when I look at it, like I showed this picture to Silvia, right?

00:27:25   So I zoomed into the picture so that I would cover the 10s and 7 model names, and I asked

00:27:32   her "which one do you prefer?"

00:27:34   And straight away she told me "well, the one on the right is so much better".

00:27:38   So I don't think I'm alone in this, but I understand why some people, most people maybe,

00:27:46   don't agree with me, or others like me.

00:27:51   So this picture we mentioned was taken by Tyler Storman.

00:27:56   Tyler's a very interesting content creator.

00:27:58   I enjoy his stuff a lot.

00:27:59   He's good on Instagram and YouTube.

00:28:01   And I was on an episode of his podcast recently.

00:28:03   I'll put all those in the show notes.

00:28:04   And the model is...

00:28:05   Her name is Anya and she is also an awesome Instagram person.

00:28:12   She's like an influencer and a model and she has a really cool Instagram page too.

00:28:16   And Tyler and Anya are married and Tyler takes a lot of Anya's photos.

00:28:20   really called you are. So I'll put links to all their stuff in the show notes.

00:28:25   So Federica, the next bullet point here in follow-up says Belkin launches wireless charging

00:28:30   dock and you are the king of the docks, it seems like.

00:28:33   Okay. Am I? Okay.

00:28:35   You're the dock king. What's going on with this one?

00:28:39   So this is the, so what happened here is that I don't know what Belkin is doing since they

00:28:45   were acquired by Foxconn. Remember that?

00:28:47   Holy crap!

00:28:48   No, Belkin is a Foxconn.

00:28:49   Yeah, they are. They are a Foxconn subsidiary, I suppose. Anyway, just so, last week there

00:29:00   was the Apple Store refresh with... What did Apple launch last week? A bunch of new watch

00:29:05   bands and something else.

00:29:07   And the iPhone XR clear case.

00:29:09   Yes, the case. And so I had been checking for a few weeks at that point because I realized

00:29:16   that on October 30th, when Apple was doing their Brooklyn event,

00:29:19   Belkin announced the only USB-C to HDMI adapter

00:29:25   with support for 4K at 60Hz and HDR output.

00:29:31   So I've been looking for adapters like this, couldn't find anything

00:29:36   that supported 4K 60Hz and HDR with Dolby Vision and HDR10.

00:29:43   And Belkin thought that announcing this in the middle of an Apple event was a good idea.

00:29:48   So I don't think a lot of people noticed. I noticed because I was checking out their

00:29:54   press newsroom page.

00:29:55   As king of the docks would do.

00:29:58   Of course. So I had been checking the Apple online store for a few weeks. And last week

00:30:04   I saw the Apple Watch bands and the iPhone XR case and I was like, "Hmm, let me check

00:30:12   if Belkin actually released something today and told nobody about it.

00:30:17   So I went to the US Apple Online store and didn't see anything.

00:30:22   Then I went to my local Italian Apple store and I saw both the new Belkin USB-C to HDMI adapter

00:30:29   and the BoostUp charging dock for iPhone and Apple Watch.

00:30:33   So it appears that Belkin kind of soft launched both of these accessories just in European Apple Online stores.

00:30:41   I have no idea why, but this is the case.

00:30:46   I acquired the USB-C to HDMI adapter, works as advertised, I had an article about this

00:30:52   on Macstories a few days ago.

00:30:54   But the boost up...

00:30:55   So, this is an evolution of the original Belkin Valet charger that featured a lightning connector

00:31:04   and an Apple Watch stand.

00:31:07   This one has a wireless charging pad for modern iPhones and a horizontal Apple Watch charger

00:31:14   so that you can take advantage of nightstand mode when the watch is charging.

00:31:18   And the wireless pad for the iPhone uses Qi charging of course at 7.5W.

00:31:26   So this is, unlike Android, 7.5W is considered fast wireless charging on iOS by Apple.

00:31:33   I think Android devices can go up to 10 watts, if I'm not mistaken.

00:31:38   Anyway, this is an expensive dock, it's gonna cost 140 pounds or 160 euros, so not cheap,

00:31:46   but I have been informed by Santa Claus reading my girlfriend that I will be getting one of

00:31:51   these for Christmas.

00:31:53   So I'm very much looking forward to this in the white version, which is gonna go great

00:31:59   with my IKEA nightstand.

00:32:03   Yeah, I mean, I already have a Logitech, it's just called Logitech wireless charger in Europe.

00:32:11   I have a Logitech charger, which is great.

00:32:13   It's very nice, very minimal, goes great with this IKEA furniture.

00:32:18   But I want an integrated solution for both the iPhone and Apple Watch, and this is it,

00:32:21   even though it costs a lot of money.

00:32:23   And I don't understand why it costs so much money, but you know, no alternative is as

00:32:28   pretty as this one. And also I should say the USB-C to HDMI adapter, also expensive,

00:32:39   costs 60 euros or 50 pounds. It's a thick dongle, let me tell you.

00:32:46   Yeah, I got one. I think it's huge.

00:32:49   And even more annoying and surprising is that you pay 60 euros for this and you don't even

00:32:57   get the option to charge the iPad while outputting video to an external monitor. There's no USB

00:33:05   power delivery built in, so this is literally just one adapter for 4K at 60 HDR output.

00:33:12   Works great, that's what it needs to do, supports iTunes and Netflix thanks to HDCP 2.2, but

00:33:19   your iPad's battery is going to run out if you keep streaming video. So I'm looking forward

00:33:25   to somebody ever doing 4K at 60 with HDR in a USB-C hub. I think that's going to take

00:33:33   a while though, because this is a lot of chips that need to go into this dongle, and I'm

00:33:37   not sure if, you know, I mean they could do probably a USB-C hub that is as big as the

00:33:42   iPad, and that would support it, but...

00:33:45   Looking at this image on MacStories, the dongle looks like it's half as tall as the iPad is.

00:33:50   That's an 11-inch iPad, but yes, it's not small.

00:33:54   It also seems like that dongle's big enough they could build a battery bank into it.

00:33:59   It's very big.

00:34:00   So you don't have to have power delivery because there's a battery in there letting everything

00:34:04   charge.

00:34:05   It's Papa Dongle.

00:34:06   That's what it is.

00:34:07   He's the king of all dongles.

00:34:08   On that day, by the way, Apple also put the 18 watt charger for sale.

00:34:14   Oh yes, that's the thing that was missing from my list.

00:34:18   Which is particularly exciting if you are somebody who needs to charge of a UK plug

00:34:25   because this is the first time that Apple has shipped a collapsible UK plug since the

00:34:33   Apple Watch. The Apple Watch had a collapsible UK plug where the prongs would collapse inside

00:34:39   of the plug. I remember I saw somewhere like an interview with Johnny Iov and he said like

00:34:43   how long he'd been working to try and make this product and now the second time this

00:34:48   has popped up is with the 18 watt USB-C power adapter charger. I can't believe it's taken

00:34:53   them this long to roll it out more, but I just bought a couple of these because this

00:34:57   is the best charger I've ever seen for a UK plug now because it collapses down so it won't

00:35:02   poke you.

00:35:03   And as Casey, let's just told us all, this is the superior plug type.

00:35:07   So yeah, Casey loves them. He actually, weirdly enough, like it was very expensive for him,

00:35:12   but he had somebody go to his house and replace all of his wall outlets with UK outlets. It

00:35:17   He has to make a lot of really particular purchasing decisions now about his electronics

00:35:24   and stuff.

00:35:25   But yeah.

00:35:26   Casey prefers something non-American?

00:35:29   This is his favorite.

00:35:30   He had everything in his house changed over to the UK plug system and that's it.

00:35:35   And he loves it.

00:35:36   So I'll be sending a couple of these Casey's way because he loves them so much.

00:35:43   I mean there's a if Casey likes something from the UK I have a whole list of European things he could like so

00:35:50   like health care

00:35:53   Democracy we have a couple of brief things to round up what has been a record-setting

00:35:58   segment of follow-up

00:36:01   First there's a really nice segment on this week's upgrade about the iPhone. That's a good show iPhone air quotes discounts

00:36:09   You and Jason Myke you and Jason spoke a lot about the iPhone 10 are the tennis and how Apple is really pushing

00:36:16   People to trade in old phones

00:36:17   We touched on that last and last week's connected and I had this like whole follow-up thing in my head and then listen to upgrades

00:36:23   Like well Jason said everything I thought so just go listen to Jason

00:36:25   Yeah

00:36:25   I liked what Jason was saying because he provided maybe like a different opinion and a little bit of like potential clarity for why this

00:36:31   Thing is happening. I still maintain that super weird

00:36:34   It is weird, but I think Jason has had a good viewpoint on it

00:36:38   Lastly, longtime listeners will know that at the end of the year, every year, here on

00:36:45   Connected, we do a year in review episode where we sort of walk through the calendar.

00:36:50   And as if we're walking through the forest picking flowers, each flower is a story as

00:36:55   we go through the months.

00:36:57   And sometimes the stories we laugh at because we thought it was a big deal at the time and

00:37:02   it didn't go anywhere.

00:37:03   Some things are really small at the time and it being big.

00:37:05   It's really fun to see how things turn out.

00:37:08   we need. Do you usually laugh at flowers, Steven? Well, the metaphor did fall down a little bit.

00:37:14   Okay. Okay. I was hoping we could just keep going. We need your help a little bit though. So if you

00:37:19   have a story topic from 2018 you'd like us to revisit, just tweet with the hashtag #ConnectedYear

00:37:26   and we have a little, a little robot going around and scooping all those up into its basket.

00:37:32   That episode will come out on December 26.

00:37:36   You're being very, very visually metaphoric today.

00:37:40   Why has the robot got a basket?

00:37:42   Well, where would the robot put the tweets?

00:37:44   That's true. I guess he prints them out? I don't know.

00:37:47   I think there is one obvious best topic of the year, and that is so obviously weird fish.

00:37:56   I mean, of all the things we discussed, Weird Fish is the absolute winner.

00:38:02   But we are up for discussing other topics of the year, even though Weird Fish is the

00:38:09   best topic.

00:38:10   Don't we also have some predictions to go through?

00:38:15   Yes, we do.

00:38:16   And we will do the one that episode, probably.

00:38:21   We have some 2018 predictions that we can go through.

00:38:23   writing it down that we're doing this on that episode. One of the three of us needs to write

00:38:27   that down so we remember.

00:38:29   Steven.

00:38:30   Alright, great.

00:38:31   I said Steven.

00:38:32   Great, okay.

00:38:33   Alright, start on year in review outline and what should I say? I'm putting this in my

00:38:41   task manager.

00:38:42   And review predictions.

00:38:45   Include 2018 predictions.

00:38:47   This is what people tuned in for, right? To listen to Steven put things in to remember

00:38:51   the milk.

00:38:52   There's still room for air power to come out for airports.

00:38:58   There is no more room!

00:39:00   There absolutely is.

00:39:01   I got my first AirPods on December 20-something two years ago.

00:39:08   It is absolutely possible.

00:39:10   The time you bought something, that's not...

00:39:14   That's where you bought it.

00:39:15   They didn't release it on December 20th.

00:39:18   It doesn't matter.

00:39:19   That's not... if you ever worked at Apple operations, you know this is not how it works.

00:39:27   I didn't, but I like to say that. Some people do on Twitter, so I can say that too. Do you

00:39:33   work at Apple? Do you?

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00:41:23   We have to talk about the smart battery iPhone case.

00:41:27   Remember this thing from several years ago?

00:41:29   The humpback.

00:41:30   That's right.

00:41:31   for how it looked but it turns out that it worked pretty well. There is a there

00:41:36   are rumors by Mr. Rambo over on 9to5Mac that the smart battery case could be

00:41:41   making a comeback and watch OS 5.1.2 which is the best version number of

00:41:48   watchOS yet. He found a case, references to a case, three individual cases

00:41:55   actually all of slightly different sizes that could be for the XS, XR, and XS Max.

00:42:00   He believes they will be out this year so they could squeak in under the wire

00:42:05   actually had this in the show notes a couple of days ago kind of assuming that

00:42:10   it would be out yesterday or today it's not out yet but it seems like it could

00:42:15   be. Oh here's the thing right now this feels like something that you would

00:42:21   match up with air power right it's all battery related so I'm sure this

00:42:26   This charges via, it's got to be charging, you'd expect, but I bet it's not, but it would

00:42:32   be nice if it was.

00:42:33   Imagine that all at the same time.

00:42:35   Wouldn't that be nice?

00:42:36   That'd make you happy Federica.

00:42:37   That'd be weird.

00:42:38   I don't think this would work with AirPower though.

00:42:40   I can't imagine this being wireless.

00:42:43   Like it would be cool if the battery case could wireless charge and then it could charge

00:42:47   your phone.

00:42:48   It's like a fire brigade of power.

00:42:50   However, the image on 9to5Mac has a lightning port on the bottom.

00:42:56   What if the battery is larger and it's toward the bottom because they need to fit a wireless

00:43:03   charging coil on top of the battery?

00:43:05   I think it'd be cool.

00:43:06   Because you could just leave this in the case all the time but still use wireless charging

00:43:10   and then when you pick your phone up you have bonkers battery life.

00:43:14   Yeah, I would be surprised honestly if Apple did release a product like this and it wasn't

00:43:19   wireless charging enabled.

00:43:22   It feels like that you would be adding like ugly complexity, you know, if you're like,

00:43:28   "Well, your phone charges wirelessly and we want you to get that, but your case, you have

00:43:32   to plug that in."

00:43:34   Yeah.

00:43:35   Yeah.

00:43:36   So is this something that y'all want?

00:43:37   Oh yeah.

00:43:38   Oh yes.

00:43:39   No.

00:43:40   That's impossible.

00:43:41   All right, Federica, you first.

00:43:42   I love, I was one of the few people in the Apple community, it's so fancy, that publicly

00:43:49   exp-

00:43:50   Of which I am king of the dicks.

00:43:51   Publicly expressed is a positive opinion in favor of the iPhone 7 smart battery case.

00:43:58   Did you use it? I have no memory of you using it.

00:44:00   I loved it. I had an entire section of my iPhone 7 story about it. I loved how native to the iPhone

00:44:09   it was. No need to manage anything. No need to turn it on and off. It was all integrated right

00:44:13   there in the batteries widget. I loved it. And I was so sad when starting with the...

00:44:20   They never made a version for the Plus models, they never made a version for the iPhone X.

00:44:25   We recently gave this old iPhone 7 to Sylvia's mom with the smart battery case and she's

00:44:33   absolutely loving it.

00:44:35   She never has to charge the phone during the day, it just works and once you get used to

00:44:39   the thickness of it, I think it basically doubles the battery of the phone.

00:44:45   And if that's a compromise that you're willing to accept, this is the best option that you

00:44:51   can find on the Apple Store.

00:44:53   And so I want to get a XS Max version of this as soon as it comes out, because I never want

00:44:59   to plug in my phone during the day, as I'm doing right now, but the phone is sitting

00:45:03   on top of this wireless charger on my desk.

00:45:05   I don't want to do this.

00:45:06   I want to have the iPhone in my hands.

00:45:08   And with the SmartBuddy case, I could do that.

00:45:11   Ask any tech blogger and they'll make fun of the hump on the back of the case and criticize

00:45:15   Apple's industrial design. Appearances are debatable but the smart battery case has some

00:45:19   serious practical advantages over third-party battery cases that I've always wanted to experience

00:45:24   for myself. Yes, that's me. Yeah, that's a good quote. You said that. It's a real good

00:45:31   quote. It is, it's good. Yeah. I just don't need battery, extra battery life on my phone.

00:45:37   Like it is absolutely, this phone is absolutely fine. Like I have no requirements for additional

00:45:44   I would like it for travel. Even then. Because here's my thing, right? I am always still

00:45:54   gonna bring an external battery pack. Yeah, but batteries like RAM, the more you have

00:45:59   in the phone, you're never gonna complain about it. Yeah, but it isn't a problem for

00:46:03   me because, well, a couple of reasons. Most planes have something you can plug into these

00:46:07   days, right? So I will just plug a cable into the seat outlet. But other than that, I have

00:46:14   massive Anker battery which I have that can charge anything that I will take

00:46:19   with me right on a trip. Will it charge your USB-C iPad Pro? Yes because it's

00:46:24   actually like this is it's the one that charges the switch and the switch is

00:46:28   incredibly power hungry. Will you put a link to that in the show notes? I don't

00:46:32   know what one it is but I'll find it I'll find it. I recently acquired a the

00:46:38   wire cutter recommendation for USB-C batteries this is a brand that I was now

00:46:43   familiar with. It's called the ZMI USB PD backup battery. So this thing is the best

00:46:55   battery I've ever used. It supports a 45 watt output. I'm gonna buy that one, because my

00:47:02   only does 30 watts. So you don't want my link. My link sucks. What's your link? Okay, so

00:47:10   this is the current wire carrier recommendation.

00:47:14   I needed to wait a week from Amazon to get this delivered.

00:47:17   But today Sylvia needed to use her MacBook Pro,

00:47:21   which was turned off.

00:47:22   This thing turned on the 13 inch MacBook Pro

00:47:26   and kept it charging as she was using it.

00:47:30   So.

00:47:31   - Here's the thing though,

00:47:32   I've never heard of this company.

00:47:33   - Yeah, but I've had this battery for two weeks.

00:47:38   I haven't caught fire.

00:47:40   I haven't exploded. The wire cutter recommends it. I think you should be fine. Also I checked

00:47:46   and this company makes other things like cables and other accessories. And it looks very premium

00:47:53   actually like the battery itself. It's like an LED indicator. And what's even better about

00:47:59   this battery is that it doubles as a USB hub. So once you're charging, it's also a hub,

00:48:06   It's a battery hub.

00:48:08   It's insane. It's awesome.

00:48:10   And it's it's looks very, very stylish and classy.

00:48:14   It's got this sort of space gray color.

00:48:16   I love it. It's like, hmm, I'm not sure if it's available.

00:48:19   Yeah. Was it forty five?

00:48:21   What I think it just might have a different maybe.

00:48:24   What is it called? ZMI.

00:48:26   Yeah, like the actual name.

00:48:29   Is it the power pack? 20,000?

00:48:31   No, just just click.

00:48:34   I'm looking at one. Just click on the wire cutter link a little.

00:48:37   Yeah, it takes me to a search when it finds zero results.

00:48:40   Oh, okay, so you need to copy the name and search for it on Amazon.com or Amazon Italy has it.

00:48:45   It's advertised as the battery for the MacBook, MacBook Pro, Pixelbook, Nintendo Switch and a

00:48:52   bunch of other phones. Yeah, all right, maybe I'll get it from Amazon.com then.

00:48:56   Yeah, anyway, you were saying Michael something.

00:49:01   Oh, I've just searched for it on Amazon.com and it's not there either.

00:49:05   What? Are you sure about this?

00:49:10   So, yeah.

00:49:12   Well, you can read the wire cutter explanation of it.

00:49:16   Yeah, that's like having it.

00:49:18   It's on Amazon Italy. If you know Italian, you can sign up for an Amazon Italy account

00:49:23   and buy it from Italy. Maybe it's an Italian company. Maybe the "I" stands for Italy.

00:49:29   Yeah. I see it in the US. It's right here.

00:49:32   Just in my browser. It's such an Amazon.com and it's not finding it.

00:49:35   I don't know what's going on here. Right here. Okay.

00:49:38   The aforementioned watchOS 5.1.2

00:49:43   brought with it for Apple, for US Apple watches I should say,

00:49:48   the ECG functionalities. This was something that was

00:49:51   teased way back when the Apple Watch

00:49:54   Series 4 was announced and we're not doctors. I know that we may sound like we are, but

00:50:02   we're not. So I don't know if we can give a super thorough explanation of how this works,

00:50:07   but effectively what the watch does is monitors electrical impulses across your body. So it

00:50:13   uses a new sensor on the back of the Series 4 and then, so that's on your wrist and you

00:50:18   touch your index finger to the digital crown after opening the new ECG app and

00:50:24   you're supposed to kind of sit still and it will monitor electrical impulses

00:50:29   from your heart across your body and what it is looking for... I'm so sorry but

00:50:33   can I give some real-time follow-up? I'm so sorry. Is it about Amazon? It's about this

00:50:38   battery. It's listed differently in different countries. I found the same

00:50:43   thing on Amazon.co.uk. It's called the ZMI QB820. That's the product code. It's listed

00:50:51   differently in different countries, but that's the product. I'm sorry.

00:50:55   That's a sign of quality.

00:50:57   But I figured I had to get it out there so we can stop people from tweeting at us. I

00:51:02   found it. It's going to be Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk. It's listed differently, but this way you

00:51:08   should find it.

00:51:09   Okay.

00:51:10   I'm sorry now we can move back onto ECG's so easy G's are looking at

00:51:14   Is this electrical impulse generated from your heart is it in a regular?

00:51:20   rhythm called sinus rhythm or is it

00:51:24   Acting up and you could have a health issue and so the ECG looks at that

00:51:28   I played with this when it came out whenever five point one point two came out several days ago

00:51:33   And it works basically how Apple described it on stage you open the app it walks you through

00:51:39   some like setup screens, you have to like enable it

00:51:43   on your iPhone as well.

00:51:44   Some of that actually is a little confusing.

00:51:46   I think Apple could have done a smoother job

00:51:47   at the onboarding, but they really want to make clear

00:51:50   that like if this shows you have an issue,

00:51:53   or even if this doesn't show you have an issue

00:51:54   and you think you have a health issue,

00:51:56   like go see a doctor, like there's a lot of

00:51:58   lawyer speak in some of this stuff.

00:52:02   But once you get it all set up, you just open the app,

00:52:04   it walks you through, you have to sit still.

00:52:06   So I did it and I actually moved a little bit

00:52:08   like my finger moved in the digital crown and it basically said it had to restart.

00:52:12   But 30 seconds counted down, I got a healthy return, which is good.

00:52:18   And then that is, when the test is done, you get a screen saying, "Do you want to basically

00:52:24   write down any symptoms that you're having?"

00:52:27   And it depends all that in the health app.

00:52:29   So say that you felt lightheaded and you did this and then the reading is inconclusive

00:52:35   for shows that you may have something going on, you can write down, "I felt lightheaded,"

00:52:40   or "I felt dizzy," or whatever that may be.

00:52:42   So when you go speak to your doctor, you have a very clear record of what happened.

00:52:48   And the Health app will actually—this is so cool—will generate a PDF of all of your

00:52:53   test results that you can just send to your doctor or print out a hand to them so they

00:52:58   have this over time.

00:53:00   Because some of these issues can be intermittent from what I've read.

00:53:04   This isn't something that's going on all the time.

00:53:06   Sometimes it kind of comes and goes.

00:53:07   And so if you've been doing this for a month and you caught three of them, that could be

00:53:12   really useful information to your healthcare provider.

00:53:15   And Health App just takes care of documenting all that for you.

00:53:20   It's really pretty cool.

00:53:22   And I was glad to see that I'm healthy, at least in this regard, which is nice.

00:53:26   And I like that it's here.

00:53:27   Myke, I know you haven't been able to play with it.

00:53:30   Your watch is not a US model.

00:53:32   Oh, you don't even have a Series 4.

00:53:33   What am I saying?

00:53:34   Federico, you have a US watch in your household though, correct?

00:53:37   - Yeah, Sylvia does, because I bought a Series 4 watch for her when I was in Brooklyn.

00:53:43   So I tested this, and initially I had a very, very wrong idea in that I tried to perform

00:53:51   an ECG as my post-dinner digestion was going on, and my heart rate was too high for the

00:54:00   ECG.

00:54:01   So you get a message.

00:54:02   I was getting inconclusive and one of the reasons listed by the ECG app was maybe your

00:54:08   heart rate is a little too high right now and that usually happens when your body is

00:54:13   going through digestion.

00:54:14   I was like "what did you eat?"

00:54:17   "Okay, it seems normal, I didn't know that."

00:54:19   It was not a light dinner I should say, so that was not surprising.

00:54:24   So what I did is I just waited, I just waited a little, relaxed, ran the ECG test again

00:54:29   And it's not like I was worried because I just had an ECG at an actual doctor, you know,

00:54:34   the classic one with 10 electrodes on your body, like a couple of weeks before. So I

00:54:40   knew that I was fine, but I ran the test again and it came back. We know, sign was written,

00:54:45   all good. There's a bunch of, when you set it up the first time, there's a bunch of screens

00:54:50   and like explanations that you need to read. You need to provide details about your, you

00:54:56   know, about your, like, your age and your weight, I think, like, details that the

00:55:01   HealthDAP can compare, you know, to produce these summaries for you. And, I

00:55:08   mean, it was great. I think much of the skepticism surrounding ECG is that

00:55:15   you're comparing, you know, going to a cardiologist and having ten, usually

00:55:22   ten electrodes attached to your body, to your limbs, to your arms, to your chest. You're

00:55:28   comparing that, which is a lot of medical equipment going on, to a bunch of cables and

00:55:37   they need to put some gel on your skin to make sure that the electrodes attach correctly.

00:55:44   You're comparing that to wearing a watch, putting your finger on the side of the watch,

00:55:50   which looks kind of ridiculous, but I compared the printed result of the traditional ECG

00:55:57   to the watch ECG and the graph of the heart rhythm. It was basically the same. It was actually kind

00:56:06   of the same heart rate and the same rhythm and the same shape of the graph, if that makes sense.

00:56:13   So I think, I mean, I'm not sure if it's going to be,

00:56:17   it's like the heart rate measurement.

00:56:20   I don't think it's going to be as accurate as wearing a chest strap.

00:56:24   For example, in this case,

00:56:25   I don't think it's going to be as precise as wearing electrodes

00:56:30   when you go to the cardiologist, but I think it's close enough.

00:56:34   And I think this idea of creating a closed circuit by putting the finger on one

00:56:39   side and having the watch on the opposite side of your body,

00:56:42   I think it works and if they get approved by the FDA they're clearly onto something.

00:56:47   So I think it's awesome that they're doing this.

00:56:50   I really love this line from John Paxoski's article on BuzzFeed.

00:56:53   He says "The point here is not that the watch can't do a medical grade ECG, it's that it

00:56:59   can do an ECG at all."

00:57:02   It's like, yeah sure it's not the same as a 10 lead ECG, but it is a version of it that

00:57:08   can do whenever and wherever you want. Like, that is kind of incredible because like, look,

00:57:16   if you've had something in your chest and it feels weird, if you want to get an ECG

00:57:20   done that day, you got a long day ahead of you if you're going to get seen today, right?

00:57:24   Like you're going to have to go somewhere, like all that kind of stuff. And if you could

00:57:28   just immediately test yourself to give yourself some level of peace of mind, great. And there

00:57:32   is a, there was an example of this already, right? There was this guy on Reddit who was

00:57:37   playing around of it and was getting weird results. Tried it on his wife, it was fine,

00:57:46   put it back on him. Weird results, weird results. It was saying "afib", like "afibulation".

00:57:51   Went to a healthcare place, they tested him, and they were like "this probably saved your

00:57:55   life". So it's wild. And again, this was inevitable to happen, that exact thing was

00:58:02   inevitable to happen. Funnily enough, it happened on the exact day that the feature came out.

00:58:07   So, you know.

00:58:09   I wanted to say something about people complaining about the fact that it's US only for now,

00:58:15   and saying this is software, why don't you just roll it out, even though you don't have

00:58:20   certification by each local government.

00:58:24   Seems wise.

00:58:27   First of all, I don't think these people get the idea of how providing people with a quasi-medical

00:58:34   feature can expose yourself to class action lawsuits and all kinds of troubles when it

00:58:42   comes to "oh my watch didn't detect AFib and I died and now I'm suing you because you gave

00:58:49   me a watch that didn't tell me". It's important to have oversight, it's important to have

00:58:55   approval and to have clear regulations in place because when you're telling people you

00:59:01   you buy this watch, you buy this device, and you can run an ECG, and it'll tell you if

00:59:06   it detects signs of AFib. I think it's important that you get all of your, that you get everything

00:59:14   covered in terms of working with the local government, working with the local medical

00:59:19   institutions, getting approved for sale in a local market, because this is not like,

00:59:24   "Oh, I don't get Apple News in Italy," or "I don't get the Apple TV app in the UK,"

00:59:29   or something like that.

00:59:30   This is serious stuff.

00:59:32   And people are gonna use this feature to perform tests

00:59:37   that are up until today were performed

00:59:40   at the doctor's office.

00:59:42   And they're going to install a software update

00:59:45   that in the background will monitor them

00:59:48   and tell them if it detects signs of a medical condition.

00:59:52   I mean, this is not a joke.

00:59:53   And when it comes to this kind of functionality,

00:59:56   I think it's extremely important

00:59:59   that any company, not just Apple, but in this case,

01:00:02   we're talking about the Apple Watch,

01:00:03   that they work with each local government

01:00:06   and each local healthcare institution,

01:00:10   whatever you want to call it,

01:00:12   to make sure that it is approved

01:00:14   and that if you go to a hospital,

01:00:17   those people will know what you're talking about,

01:00:19   that if you generate a PDF

01:00:21   and you bring it to your local health office,

01:00:25   they will know why you have that PDF.

01:00:27   it's all these details that I am, what I understand the argument of, it's just software, so it's

01:00:34   technically possible. I think in this case, unlike news apps, unlike watching TV shows,

01:00:43   it's extremely important to make sure that each citizen can use this feature while knowing

01:00:49   that it was approved by the local government, that they pay taxes for, and by the health

01:00:54   organization, the health institutions that are local to their country. People are probably

01:01:01   going to disagree with me. I just, I think any software feature that deals with the health

01:01:09   aspect of your daily life needs to be approved by the country where you live and needs to become

01:01:17   compatible, for the lack of a better word, with your health institution and local organizations

01:01:22   and your doctor and your, you know...

01:01:24   It's why we don't have, for example, the health integration with local hospitals for blood tests.

01:01:30   They could enable that, but it's not just as easy as saying, "Oh, there's an open API,

01:01:36   now your hospital can work with that."

01:01:38   They need to get approved.

01:01:39   And they need to get approved for your safety, for their safety, because Apple doesn't want to expose itself

01:01:45   to lawsuits by people complaining about this feature.

01:01:48   feature. So it's a bureaucracy, but in this case I feel like it's needed.

01:01:54   I completely agree. Like, this is a super tricky thing. You want to make sure you get

01:02:00   it right. You want to make sure that it meets everybody's cool with it. Especially because

01:02:05   any of these types of things will increase the stress on the healthcare system. People

01:02:12   being able to test themselves at home is a good thing and a bad thing, right? Because

01:02:20   if the software isn't 100%, which it probably isn't, right, like it's not going to get every

01:02:25   reading correct, it may give false readings and people go and get themselves tested and

01:02:31   there was no problem. But even if it does give them a problem, right, like that is a

01:02:34   person that wouldn't have taken that reading. I mean, as terrible as that is that they may

01:02:38   have had a problem, right? But you know, that's going to drive more people into medical institutions,

01:02:44   anything like this. It is something that I believe people should have the access to because

01:02:50   we have the technology. So people should be able to use it. Like if we have the ability

01:02:56   to democratise healthcare in this way around the world, that should be done, right? But

01:03:03   everybody needs to understand, it comes with complications and problems.

01:03:08   You know, there are also issues with like people becoming obsessive about testing

01:03:13   themselves, which is also not a good thing, right?

01:03:15   Like there are there are a lot of issues that come with stuff like this that we need

01:03:19   to understand and deal with properly as a society.

01:03:23   But it is 100 percent something that should exist, but it needs to exist within the

01:03:29   institutions that already are in place.

01:03:32   Like Apple can't just roll in and be like, we put our testing sensor in this thing.

01:03:38   It's the whole problem now. Like it's irresponsible.

01:03:41   They need to work with the governments and the governing bodies to make sure that this stuff is implemented correctly.

01:03:47   Health features need to be regulated.

01:03:51   That's my...

01:03:52   And tested.

01:03:53   That's my perspective on it.

01:03:54   So, yeah, but as soon as possible, really, they should work.

01:03:58   I hope that in 2019 we'll see the rollout of this feature in a bunch of countries.

01:04:02   So we'll see.

01:04:04   And one last question for you guys on this.

01:04:07   Are these features like serious selling points of the Apple Watch?

01:04:13   So like at this point you have ECG, so you've got AFib detection,

01:04:17   Irregular Heart Rate detection, 4 detection and emergency assistance.

01:04:21   Like are these are these is this kind of stuff a serious selling point for the Apple Watch?

01:04:27   Yes, I think it is.

01:04:30   I've said on the show in the past that if I had a family member who was at risk of some

01:04:35   of these things, I would buy them one.

01:04:38   And not too many details out there, but I've got a family member who has had some recent

01:04:43   health issues and I'm thinking about buying them an Apple Watch because one of the things

01:04:48   that they're going through, the watch could really be helpful in their situation.

01:04:52   I think that's a good idea.

01:04:53   I think you should do that.

01:04:54   It is an expensive gift, it's an expensive device, but I think that the stuff they're

01:05:05   doing now with the sensors builds on what they were doing a couple of years ago.

01:05:10   The reason I wear an Apple Watch most days, I don't wear it every day, but the days that

01:05:16   I wear it, it is for the fitness and tracking stuff.

01:05:20   right. So go work out, go for a bike ride, go for a run. I want to quantify that and

01:05:25   see how I'm doing over time with my activity level. The notifications and that stuff, like

01:05:31   I use less and less of it mainly because I work at home. Like I'm always here. It's like,

01:05:36   I see when notifications happen, I don't necessarily need to be tapped on my wrist. So I've dialed

01:05:39   that way back. But the fitness stuff is important for a lot of people. All those stories we

01:05:44   heard, we still hear them, but especially when the watch came out, and like watchOS

01:05:50   and three when the fitness stuff really got kind of more open to developers. People saying

01:05:55   the Apple Watch helped me lose this many pounds or I've exercised 90 days in a row and like I'm

01:06:01   still closing the rings. This health stuff on top of that feels like the next level, right? Where

01:06:07   the stories like that guy on Reddit who you know the deduction is probably saved your life like

01:06:12   our friend James Green, right? Like the Apple Watch did save his life and those things are

01:06:19   really important and it's when like I like talking about this I like talking about the

01:06:23   Apple watch I'm interested in it mainly because of this sort of thing because Apple can apply

01:06:29   its like hardware software services you know magic to things that really matter you know

01:06:37   it's one thing to like oh I synced all my contacts around and like I know FedRico would

01:06:41   kill for that right now but it's a different thing to apply that to oh hey you may have

01:06:45   have a heart condition or hey you know your aunt had a fall and no one would

01:06:51   know except that the watch called now we want to call it to you as her emergency

01:06:55   contact that stuff matters and Apple doing more in this arena is really

01:07:02   exciting to me because so far they've done a really good job of it and so I

01:07:05   think it's a huge selling point maybe not for the whole population but at

01:07:08   least for a segment of it I think it puts it miles ahead of something like a

01:07:12   fitbit that just can't do this stuff.

01:07:14   Yeah, totally agree.

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01:09:31   All right, so we're going to round out this episode talking

01:09:34   about article that Federico wrote called the mini setups of

01:09:37   the iPad Pro. And so we spoke about your Mac mini setup and

01:09:43   how you're doing some of that we talked how the iPad sort of

01:09:45   interplays with that at your desk. But this article, you kind

01:09:48   of walk through the different ways you have used your iPad Pro

01:09:53   and some different methodologies you're using depending on how

01:09:56   you want to work. That's I think a really unique thing about the iPad, at least in the

01:10:00   Apple ecosystem, where like a MacBook Pro is kind of a MacBook Pro, but an iPad you

01:10:04   can put in all these different situations depending on what you want to do. So do you

01:10:08   want to walk us through a little bit about some of the keyboards you're using and the

01:10:11   USB-C stuff? So the first, the idea of this article was to show the setups that I tried,

01:10:19   but also make the point of the iPad Pro, the iPad in itself is more versatile than something

01:10:29   like a MacBook because of its form factor and how it can change depending on the accessories

01:10:34   that you use, but also make the point of USB-C being a bigger deal than maybe initially expected

01:10:42   because it unlocks compatibility with a bunch of accessories that you probably already own

01:10:48   for your Mac, which you can now use with your iPad Pro. And the setups that I detailed,

01:10:55   so let's see, the Magic Keyboard that I initially used with the Studio Knit Kanopy Stand, but

01:11:01   now I'm using with the Finti Cover. It's a product that I got from Amazon.com, and Jason

01:11:10   Snell was, he told me, actually I forgot about this, but I used to own one of them. The Finti

01:11:17   cover that I'm using, it's very much inspired by the original origami stand.

01:11:23   Oh my word, yeah.

01:11:25   Yeah, I totally forgot about that, but this is where it draws its inspiration from.

01:11:31   This is a cover for the Magic Keyboard.

01:11:33   You put the Magic Keyboard in a plastic shell, so it sits into the shell, it doesn't move,

01:11:40   and you can close the cover on top of the keyboard.

01:11:42   It's got magnets, so they sort of attach to the bottom of the cover.

01:11:47   When you want to use it in typing mode with the iPad, those two little magnetic tabs,

01:11:53   they create a stand, like a triangular shaped stand, and you can put the iPad on top of

01:11:59   that stand and it's not going to fall off, it's not going to open accidentally.

01:12:03   And this is my favorite setup when I want to use the Magic Keyboard.

01:12:07   I also detailed how I'm using the Viozon vertical stand, the thing that looks like a mini iMac

01:12:14   foot made of aluminum to raise the iPad to my line of sight and with that setup

01:12:20   I mentioned again the Magic Keyboard but mostly the Mattias Mini Tactile Pro

01:12:27   keyboard. This is a mechanical keyboard that's based on USB that I've been using

01:12:34   and I really enjoy it. The article has a bunch of details about what kind of

01:12:39   mechanical keyboard it is, but it's very much inspired by the tradition of classic

01:12:45   Mac keyboards, and it's very noisy, it's very loud. Sylvia hates it, I love it.

01:12:51   I'm probably gonna have to stop using it soon because she really doesn't like it.

01:12:57   Can I ask you a question about the Matthias? What do you think about the way it looks?

01:13:03   It's not pretty. I think the pictures that I had in the article made it look prettier than it is.

01:13:12   Yeah, it is an unfortunate looking thing.

01:13:19   It's ugly and it's bulky and it's heavy and you need to hide the thing when people visit your

01:13:27   house. It's heavy?

01:13:28   It's not light.

01:13:29   It's not light. It's powered by steam, like what do you expect?

01:13:35   Each key has its own mechanism. So there's quite a bit of metal.

01:13:41   I would never have thought that. That surprises me actually to hear that they're heavy. I

01:13:47   will say on those images, very good job by the way. You did a very good job with the

01:13:50   imagery in this post.

01:13:51   Cynthia took them.

01:13:52   So she's got the eye.

01:13:55   you have a new design expert, like what would we call it? Like a creative...

01:13:59   What are they called? Creative director. There you go.

01:14:03   Yes, creative director. That's what she does.

01:14:04   But yeah, and so I detailed the mechanical keyboard, the wheels on stand, and then I

01:14:11   moved on to the topic of USB-C hubs and how the first one that I bought was not an iPad

01:14:18   Pro hub, it was a MacBook hub. My bad for assuming that it was going to work well. It

01:14:25   was a hyper hub called the Solo 7-in-1.

01:14:30   - I have one of these. - I should have assumed

01:14:33   it was gonna be a good solution for the iPad Pro.

01:14:35   In fact, they made a new thing for the iPad Pro

01:14:40   that has a grip specifically designed

01:14:43   to attach to the iPad Pro, like a soft rubber grip.

01:14:45   There's a Kickstarter campaign going on right now

01:14:49   for this new hyper hub specifically designed

01:14:53   for the iPad Pro.

01:14:54   But I ended up, I settled for now on the OWC USB-C hub.

01:14:59   This is a review unit, they got in touch with me.

01:15:04   I was skeptical of this product,

01:15:06   but I actually really like it.

01:15:08   There's two things I don't like.

01:15:11   The USB-C cable is too short,

01:15:13   and as you can see in one of the pictures,

01:15:16   when I use the iPad Pro on the stand with the USB-C hub,

01:15:20   it's hanging off the iPad

01:15:22   because it cannot sit flat on the desk because the cable is too short. And also it doesn't

01:15:27   support USB 3.1 Gen 2, which is 10 Gbps transfers, but only Gen 1, which is 5. And also doesn't

01:15:36   have, as I mentioned a few minutes ago, doesn't have 4K at 60, but only 4K at 30 Hz. But yeah,

01:15:45   so it was this kind of long article, longer than I expected, going through this idea of

01:15:51   How you can extend the iPad Pro using keyboards, using cases, using stands and mostly using

01:15:58   USB-C. Oh and also there's a final section about using the iPad with an external display

01:16:02   with the ultra-fine 4K that I've been talking about.

01:16:07   And a bunch of keyboard shortcuts.

01:16:09   What USB-C hub are you actually using now?

01:16:12   I'm using the OWC one now.

01:16:13   That's the one I'm using for now.

01:16:16   I mentioned in the article I'm not completely sure this is the thing I'm gonna stick with.

01:16:21   I have two more on the way.

01:16:23   So I made a pledge for the Hyper Hub on Kickstarter, which should be coming out in January.

01:16:31   Coincidentally though, Satechi, they announced their own USB-C hub this week, and it's shipping

01:16:40   this week.

01:16:41   I have one on the way, I think later this week at some point with UPS.

01:16:44   And it's very similar to the Hyper-1, kind of similar specs.

01:16:48   It doesn't have a soft grip for the iPad Pro, so I want to see how well it's going to attach

01:16:55   to the side.

01:16:56   But, yeah, I want to test these two and I guess I'll follow up in January.

01:17:02   What is that, the Type-C USB 3.0 3-in-1 Combo Hub?

01:17:05   No, there's an article on MacRumors yesterday I'm going to send you a link.

01:17:09   Oh my god, okay.

01:17:10   Thank you.

01:17:11   So, just reading your article, and just in general, just ever so slightly looking at

01:17:17   this, all of this stuff is so confusing.

01:17:21   It's so confusing.

01:17:22   What is confusing for you?

01:17:24   Everything about USB-C.

01:17:25   Okay, okay.

01:17:26   What do you think is confusing?

01:17:28   The fact that like, oh, well, if you want it to do this, you need this specific one

01:17:34   and it's got to support 3.2 or 3.1, but oh, but don't worry, don't think about

01:17:38   Thunderbolt.

01:17:39   all of this stuff and like you are doing a great job of breaking it down but like so

01:17:44   the confusing part is like everything that gets to the conclusions that you get to right so like the

01:17:49   stuff that you're doing is a great service to people like me who don't want to buy 20 hubs

01:17:54   but like just reading through everything that you're having to go through it's a it's a little

01:17:59   bit of a lot of info yeah okay yeah that is true so which one of these like just like having looked

01:18:06   at the imagery of this Satechi and the HyperDrive. Which one are you more interested in?

01:18:12   I don't know, they're very similar. I think at this point I'm more interested in the Hyper one

01:18:19   because of this patent pending grip that they have.

01:18:23   All right, let's not go crazy.

01:18:25   That's what they're saying. I mean, I want to see how it works.

01:18:29   I think the Satechi one will be fine. I think both products...

01:18:34   I have the solo hyperdrive thing, right? I bought it for my MacBook Pro. It works great.

01:18:41   It is a little bit looser than I would like, which I get why it is that way for the MacBook,

01:18:49   because of where the USB-C ports are on the MacBook. Like, I'm maybe more excited about

01:18:55   this one because the USB-C port is in the middle, so it will be more balanced, right?

01:19:00   which is I would assume.

01:19:02   Yeah, I think I'm going to back this too.

01:19:04   And I expect they'll probably make their shipping date

01:19:07   because they're an existing company that knows how to make products

01:19:10   exactly like this one. Right.

01:19:12   You'd expect

01:19:13   you would think that they might they might know what they're doing.

01:19:16   You would hope.

01:19:18   Yeah, but.

01:19:19   Oh, I guess get in.

01:19:21   There's only 16 left of the early bird special.

01:19:24   So there we go. I'll get one of those.

01:19:26   Yeah, this is a nightmare.

01:19:28   This stuff right now,

01:19:29   I do have some other questions for you Federico.

01:19:31   How frequently are you actually using your iPad

01:19:36   with the monitor? - Very frequently.

01:19:38   Whenever I wanna write for at least a couple of hours,

01:19:42   I'm gonna use the monitor.

01:19:43   Yeah, because it's more comfortable over,

01:19:48   if I'm writing for like 30 minutes or an hour,

01:19:51   I'm gonna use the iPad.

01:19:52   But if I know I'm gonna write for like two, three hours,

01:19:55   then I'm gonna sit down and use the monitor.

01:19:58   Yeah.

01:19:58   Okay.

01:19:59   That makes sense.

01:19:59   And you had a picture in your article of you using the Apple pencil.

01:20:04   Yes.

01:20:04   With the, with the iPad on the desk.

01:20:08   And I wonder how does, how does that actually work?

01:20:11   How are you doing?

01:20:12   Like, how are you using that?

01:20:13   So with the iPad next to me on the right side of the desk, I, it's sort of, I can

01:20:20   just use the pencil to navigate and tap on things.

01:20:24   so that I don't have to use my fingers because it's more...

01:20:29   you know this, it's easier on my wrist to use the pencil.

01:20:35   And sometimes I have to look down at the screen to make sure I'm tapping the right things,

01:20:39   but if I'm just scrolling, I mean, it's fine.

01:20:42   I can just quickly glance at it.

01:20:44   Like, if I want to open an article in a list of multiple articles,

01:20:49   I can just quickly glance at it and tap.

01:20:52   it's not a big deal really.

01:20:54   And it's kinda like using,

01:20:57   I think you use a Wacom tablet as you're used to,

01:21:00   I don't know.

01:21:01   - I do.

01:21:02   - It's basically the same idea,

01:21:03   but in this case the tablet is also a computer

01:21:06   with the screen, so.

01:21:07   It is unfortunate that when you're doing mirroring

01:21:11   to an external display,

01:21:13   the iPad's display never turns off

01:21:16   because this is basic mirroring,

01:21:17   this is not like a Mac that you can put in clamshell mode

01:21:20   and have the display be off.

01:21:22   but video out is going to the monitor.

01:21:25   It's not like that.

01:21:26   But I made the best out of a bad situation

01:21:31   so I can use the screen of the iPad,

01:21:33   which is always on, as a trackpad to control the UI

01:21:36   that I see on the bigger monitor.

01:21:39   - I am greatly enjoying watching you go through

01:21:41   all this stuff.

01:21:42   These articles are really good.

01:21:43   They're really fun.

01:21:45   - Next up will be, so I'm not sure

01:21:47   because now on Mac stories we're working on all of our

01:21:51   end of the year app and game roundups.

01:21:54   So I don't know if I'm gonna have the time

01:21:56   for another smaller article before the end of the year.

01:22:00   I would like to have one to explain how I enabled,

01:22:05   there's an accessory that I bought

01:22:09   that I wanna write about to turn the Smart Keyboard Folio

01:22:13   into a similar setup to the Smart Folio.

01:22:18   So using the iPad in touch mode,

01:22:20   which the SmartKey portfolio doesn't support.

01:22:23   It's like this kickstand that I'm gonna worry about it.

01:22:27   But yeah.

01:22:28   - Not 100% sure what you mean,

01:22:29   but let's leave it at that

01:22:30   so people can wait for your article.

01:22:32   - Yes, it's a very weird product, but it works.

01:22:34   But yeah, it's fun to,

01:22:36   it's both fun and a nightmare to go through this stuff.

01:22:40   It took me weeks and I needed to talk to people like Marco

01:22:43   and Steve John Smith.

01:22:45   I had Steve actually make, send me his script,

01:22:49   like a Swift Playground thing that runs code

01:22:54   to check the resolution of the external display.

01:22:57   Yeah, it was a whole thing,

01:23:00   but it's fun to do this research for me.

01:23:03   I love doing these kinds of research

01:23:05   and buying things on Amazon and confirming that they work

01:23:08   and complaining what don't work.

01:23:10   It's fun.

01:23:11   Also expensive, but it's fun.

01:23:14   - There were hobbies you could have.

01:23:15   - Yeah.

01:23:16   - It feels like we're done.

01:23:17   If you want to find links to the stuff we talked about,

01:23:21   to this battery that has no name,

01:23:23   or to KBase article about Back to My Mac being dead,

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