219: Your Best Friend, Base64


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 219.

00:00:12   I'm your host, Stephen Hackett,

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00:00:18   I am joined, as always, by my co-host, I have Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   - Hi, welcome back.

00:00:23   - Hey, it's good to be back.

00:00:26   You know, we had a complaint on Twitter

00:00:27   that people like when you introduce the show

00:00:30   better than when I introduce the show.

00:00:32   And, you know, that's not a very nice thing to say.

00:00:35   - I told that person that they were mean

00:00:37   and they apologized.

00:00:38   To me, not to you.

00:00:40   - Yeah, well, I'll be waiting.

00:00:42   You can find me on Twitter @ismh.

00:00:44   And we have Federico Vittucci.

00:00:48   - Hello Stephen, welcome back.

00:00:50   - It's good to be back with y'all.

00:00:52   I enjoyed my time away.

00:00:54   It's actually kind of like my first time off all year, I think, but it was great.

00:00:58   But I, I did, I listened to the show.

00:01:01   I always listen to the show when I miss it.

00:01:03   And I've got to say, starting the show with a topic, having follow up at the end is

00:01:08   chaos.

00:01:09   Oh, shut up, Dad.

00:01:10   No, I thought it was perfect.

00:01:13   I stand by our decision.

00:01:14   We had an important iPad review episode to do.

00:01:17   You've wasted time for posters of you.

00:01:19   You weren't even on the show.

00:01:21   The posters are all very good.

00:01:23   Yeah.

00:01:23   But we're going to start off the episode, "Oh, we have a co-host, he's not on the episode

00:01:28   today, let's talk about pictures people made of him."

00:01:31   It's like it's a monster memoriam.

00:01:33   It's weird.

00:01:34   Start the show like that.

00:01:36   I greatly enjoyed your iPad Pro review.

00:01:39   I was listening, thinking, "What could I add to it?"

00:01:42   And honestly, I think you guys just nailed it.

00:01:44   I don't really have anything to add, except that I'm really enjoying the 12.9-inch.

00:01:49   The keyboard folio's just okay, I don't hate it as much as Federico does.

00:01:53   And I, like on this trip, I basically, I took my MacBook Pro but I think I used it once,

00:01:58   all the show prep and you know, I had to do a couple little things in the evening and

00:02:01   I did it on the iPad.

00:02:02   It was pretty awesome, so.

00:02:04   Yeah, I started downloading a bunch of apps like Affinity Photo and LumaFusion and stuff

00:02:11   like that.

00:02:12   Like, that's like my next little thing I want to play with.

00:02:14   Like I want to play with those like really complex creative apps.

00:02:17   I'll tell you, I do not understand Affinity Photo.

00:02:20   Whoa boy, I do not.

00:02:21   Affinity Photo is really hard. I've been having fun with Lightroom.

00:02:26   Okay, I should try that then. Maybe.

00:02:29   I tried to use Affinity Photo and I just can't understand how to work it.

00:02:33   I just have no idea what I'm doing.

00:02:35   I cannot work it out. One of my problems with Affinity Photo is that

00:02:38   I think some of the icons are unlabeled, so it doesn't tell you what each button does.

00:02:45   But I've been having a good time with Lightroom.

00:02:47   I've actually been talking to some friends of mine, like, they've been giving me some

00:02:52   tips on like, what the adjustments mean, what you're supposed to do, like, I've been reading

00:02:57   online and also been playing with the beta, with the iPad beta of Darkroom, which is coming

00:03:03   to the iPad.

00:03:04   And it's really, really, really good.

00:03:06   Like it's one of those UIs that it kind of makes sense on the phone, but on the iPad

00:03:11   is so much better.

00:03:13   So...

00:03:14   But LumaFusion?

00:03:15   Oh my God.

00:03:16   Luma my god that application is

00:03:18   Amazing. Yeah

00:03:22   Jonathan Morrison who has a YouTube tech YouTube channel did a video where he edited this

00:03:28   I haven't watched it yet, but it's it's it's wild. Yeah, this has been on my list

00:03:33   It's the only reason that I didn't want to talk about it today like in depth is because I haven't yet watched the video

00:03:38   Okay, okay, we'll hold it. Well, that's what you can say. Like it's amazing. Like that's cool

00:03:42   But like I actually want to talk about this, but I just haven't gotten around to watching it yet

00:03:46   So it's in the show notes is the first link you should go check that out

00:03:49   It really opened my eyes to what these these programs can do because you know

00:03:53   I think it's easy to say well

00:03:54   Wasn't there final cut or logic and the reality is there are really good alternatives on the iPad now like today

00:03:59   You can go download them. So go check that out it really I was surprised at how easy it seemed

00:04:06   You know, he's like a professional. He's great like professional guy. So it's pretty good

00:04:12   Good.

00:04:13   We do want to point people to our Cotton Bureau store.

00:04:16   There have been a lot of requests for the AirPod stickers to make a comeback, and they

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00:04:24   I don't expect that to last.

00:04:25   We're doing something kind of fun this time.

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00:04:40   Like name, uh, look pharmaceuticals company.

00:04:43   Yes.

00:04:44   Right.

00:04:45   That's what it is.

00:04:46   This is right.

00:04:47   Like that's the joke.

00:04:48   I think.

00:04:48   Well, yeah.

00:04:49   Or something like Smith and Smith, you know, like just random insert.

00:04:53   There you go.

00:04:53   Yeah, we got it.

00:04:54   We found it.

00:04:55   Oh, a lot of bleeping in the section now.

00:04:57   Uh, this pen is awesome.

00:05:01   The stickers look great.

00:05:02   Uh, like I said, there's not many of these and once they're gone, they're gone.

00:05:07   So, uh, go, uh, go check that out.

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00:05:14   This t-shirt. So I,

00:05:16   I'm in the design Slack room in the relay Slack, right?

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00:05:24   I freaked out. Like they're so good.

00:05:27   And I ordered an orange one the second they were available and I'm going to wear

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00:05:32   Yep. It's, we're very excited about it. Um, and I only, I,

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00:05:39   So I kind of just wanted to go forth and buy upgrade merch,

00:05:43   if you so desire.

00:05:45   - We talked about this a couple of weeks ago,

00:05:47   but we've always had, sort of in our Google Doc,

00:05:50   what we would call like a topic zero.

00:05:52   So like a small topic in between follow-up

00:05:55   and the real topic, and that recently graduated

00:05:57   into what we're calling tiny topics.

00:05:59   - I still think topic zero exists, right?

00:06:02   Like tiny topics can exist, but topic zero still can exist.

00:06:06   So you think topic zero would be in between a tiny topic and a full topic?

00:06:10   Yeah, I have no idea what the hierarchy is.

00:06:13   I do it mainly by feel.

00:06:15   Right?

00:06:16   It's like, sometimes, like today, we have a topic 2.5 in a document.

00:06:19   I don't know why it's that.

00:06:21   It just is that.

00:06:23   We have a very, very strict topic numbering system that nobody understands.

00:06:28   It's not good.

00:06:30   But a tiny topic is something that's not really follow-up because we haven't talked about

00:06:33   it before, but it's not a full-blown topic.

00:06:36   So for today's tiny topic, I want to talk about something that I mentioned on Twitter

00:06:40   several weeks ago, and it's just a situation that I'm in in social media.

00:06:44   I'm an Instagram user, I like Instagram, I use it several times a day.

00:06:50   But the application, or I guess the advertising algorithm that lives within the application,

00:06:56   seems to believe that I'm a woman.

00:06:58   So I get ads for feminine products, for bras, for clothing, for purses, handbags.

00:07:06   They're very targeted.

00:07:07   If I were a woman, I feel like these ads would all be spot on, but I'm not.

00:07:13   They're targeting a person very well.

00:07:16   That person is just not you.

00:07:18   It's not me.

00:07:20   Not you.

00:07:21   So here's a question.

00:07:22   I don't know if you've done this.

00:07:24   Have you checked Mary's ads?

00:07:27   I haven't. I should ask her about that and see if she feels like she's getting ads for

00:07:34   NASA things and whole computers.

00:07:36   Well, no. I just wonder if the two of you are getting the same ads because you don't

00:07:40   have a Facebook account, right?

00:07:41   Neither does she.

00:07:42   So, oh. Well then that's no help, right? Because I was thinking maybe you are getting her ads,

00:07:48   but if she doesn't have one either, I don't know what's going on.

00:07:51   interesting too because Instagram has the explore section so if you hit the

00:07:55   magnifying glass to search in there shows like suggested photos and

00:07:59   accounts I've got it I've got to give them credit that stuff's like spot-on

00:08:02   it's all like old jeeps and old computers and like it's just perfect I

00:08:09   love all of it but this I feel like there must be different things though

00:08:13   right okay I bet the explore tab Instagram handles but the ads are

00:08:17   handled by Facebook's platform. Yeah I'm sure they're totally separate so yeah so I don't

00:08:21   know I don't know if it's some like weird type of accounts I follow or like

00:08:26   and are you like trying to tailor it because you can say right like this ad

00:08:31   isn't relevant to me you do I am and it's still doesn't seem to have really

00:08:35   any effect does Mary do shopping online on one of your devices mm-hmm I mean we

00:08:46   shop online stuff but not only my devices yeah but like even if that was

00:08:50   the case, Stephen was going to shop online on his devices more than Mary would. The problem

00:08:55   is there's no, there probably isn't that much of a strong link because there's no Facebook

00:09:00   account.

00:09:01   Yeah, it's a weird thing. So that is what it is. If you're listening and you're in charge

00:09:06   of Instagram advertising, like good job, like all this stuff feels really cohesive. You

00:09:10   just have the wrong person.

00:09:13   You have the female version of you.

00:09:17   This is the other side of targeted ads, right? You wouldn't care if they were spot on. It's

00:09:24   more frustrating to you that they're wrong.

00:09:27   Yeah, it is. I know a lot about the Warby Parker bras. That's a way a company talks

00:09:33   about itself. I've seen their ad a lot.

00:09:35   Is that Third Love, I think they're called? I've heard them on podcasts.

00:09:39   Yeah, they're out there just using that Warby Parker name. Anyways, that's me. That's where

00:09:43   I am with Instagram. I'm still using it, but the ads, it's sort of funny to me now. Like

00:09:47   I just find it amusing. So there, that's where I am.

00:09:52   As Kate says in the chat room, Stephanie Hackett would love it.

00:09:58   I mean it seems to be pretty good for me. Instagram knows me pretty well. I get ads

00:10:02   for tattoos, I get ads for jewelry, and for video games. So it's pretty much me.

00:10:10   I get video games. I get lots of Kickstarter projects.

00:10:14   You're just a sucker for those Kickstarters, Myke.

00:10:18   I guess I am. I've got a Lacoste ad right now.

00:10:21   That's kind of cool. I don't know.

00:10:23   That seems fine. This one isn't good.

00:10:25   What is this? Cybersecurity?

00:10:27   Oh no, no, no.

00:10:29   They're trying to tell you something.

00:10:30   So I'm going to hide that ad to say it's not relevant.

00:10:34   I'm I think that

00:10:36   I'm pretty happy with the ads that I get because there's a Mont Blanc ad.

00:10:40   I mean, come on, it knows me.

00:10:41   Like I'm happy with my ads because I.

00:10:44   I feel because I tweak them.

00:10:47   So like I tell Instagram, like this isn't right for me.

00:10:50   I mean, of course they have to have a base idea of who I am as a human being before

00:10:54   they start serving me these ads.

00:10:56   But I think that if you are unhappy with your Instagram ads, this is not for you,

00:10:59   Steven, because you're beyond help at this point, then just, you can tap the button

00:11:03   and say hide and just say like, it's not relevant.

00:11:05   And I found that that would just say, and sometimes they ask, they give you a little

00:11:09   survey you can say you are an ad power user Myke yes I would 100% sounds me up

00:11:20   perfectly actually yeah yeah it's actually a huge part of my life so yeah

00:11:25   I guess I had the power user perfect she should be in your bio somewhere maybe

00:11:31   you should change your bio on peach to say that you're an ad power user

00:11:36   Peach is still kicking, you know. It still goes.

00:11:39   Can you change your bio on Peach?

00:11:41   Yes, still alive.

00:11:42   Can you actually change it and say that you're an ad-powered user but just on Peach? Is that

00:11:46   possible?

00:11:47   I don't know, man. I can try. Let me see.

00:11:50   But like…

00:11:51   Please everybody go follow Myke on Peach for very important content.

00:11:56   Oh, I don't think I can get… Like, it's a bit messed up on the iPhone.

00:12:01   Oh, boy.

00:12:02   They're actually one of the things. Oh, edit bio. Yep. Add power user. So that's more use

00:12:10   than Peaches got all month. So like an alarm just went off somewhere, right? Like, did

00:12:15   you have Peach already installed on your phone? Yeah, man. It's just there. Well, yeah, but

00:12:26   I installed from backup. I can't really judge. I found probably like eight months ago in

00:12:33   a folder on my iPhone the application path. Remember that? Oh yeah. So man, what a good

00:12:40   app. Okay, so that's my tiny topic. Federico, I believe you have one as well. Yes. I wanted

00:12:46   to quickly point our listeners to the latest update for Working Copy, which is the GitHub

00:12:52   client that I've been using since 2016 on my devices. It's a working copy at a

00:12:58   basic level. It lets you manage your GitHub repos or you can use other

00:13:04   services as well on your iOS devices. And one of the things that made

00:13:11   working copy always stand out from competing apps on iOS is its

00:13:16   integration with native iOS features. The developer is always fast in terms of

00:13:22   adopting the latest APIs, the latest screen sizes.

00:13:25   And working copy is one of, before today's update,

00:13:29   was already one of the best apps that integrated

00:13:32   with the files app and the files API on iOS.

00:13:37   Today, version 3.6 of working copy enables this feature

00:13:42   that I've already seen in one other application on iOS.

00:13:46   That application was Textastic, a text editor.

00:13:50   This feature is called Opening Place for Directories.

00:13:54   So Opening Place can be used by third-party apps

00:13:58   for individual documents as well as for entire folders.

00:14:02   And the idea would be that instead of duplicating

00:14:06   the same document in a bunch of apps,

00:14:07   if you wanna make changes to the document,

00:14:10   every other application can just open the same file

00:14:13   and make changes directly without having to import

00:14:16   that document or creating duplicates

00:14:19   and resaving the document and all that kind of stuff.

00:14:22   You have one file, and a bunch of apps

00:14:24   can open that single file and make changes to it.

00:14:27   Now, working copy supports the same idea

00:14:29   but for entire folders.

00:14:31   So you can pick any application folder from iCloud Drive.

00:14:38   The developer is using a few apps as examples of this.

00:14:41   For example, IA Writer, Scriptable,

00:14:45   which is the JavaScript app that came out with iOS 12,

00:14:49   Codia, which is like a visual code editor,

00:14:53   and then some other apps that I don't remember.

00:14:56   But the idea would be you open an entire application folder

00:15:01   and you add it as a repo in working copy.

00:15:04   So you create a location for that app folder

00:15:07   from iCloud Drive in working copy.

00:15:09   And at that point you establish a two-way sync

00:15:12   between working copy and iCloud Drive.

00:15:15   So for example, in my case, I imported the IA writer,

00:15:19   iCloud Drive folder into working copy.

00:15:21   And now whenever I make a change in writer,

00:15:24   I see that change in working copy.

00:15:26   And if I make a change in working copy,

00:15:28   I see that edit back in IA writer.

00:15:31   So it's a two way sync between a third party app

00:15:33   and the iCloud Drive folder from a third party app.

00:15:36   So it's poking a little hole in the sandbox

00:15:39   through the opening place APIs.

00:15:42   What's even-

00:15:43   - Okay, so let me ask you,

00:15:45   Why would you want to do that though?

00:15:47   Like why is that good?

00:15:47   - There's a second layer of this,

00:15:49   in that you can configure a remote connection

00:15:53   for a night out drive folder in working copy.

00:15:56   So for example, I took my IA writer folder

00:16:01   and I added it to working copy.

00:16:06   And then I said, I want you to work

00:16:09   with this remote GitHub repo,

00:16:12   which was my existing repo on GitHub.

00:16:15   my personal private one.

00:16:16   Oh, oh, OK.

00:16:17   And you can say, take whatever is in iCloud Drive, commit the changes and push them up

00:16:22   to GitHub.

00:16:24   So I have a, by default, instead of having to do this manually myself, like export a

00:16:30   document and overwrite and do this entire work document by document myself, the working

00:16:37   copy just picks up all of the changes from IA Writer and says, "Do you want to save these

00:16:43   changes to GitHub and I say yes and pushes them up. The third layer of

00:16:48   this is that that repo on GitHub, a bunch of people are invited to that repo. So

00:16:54   for example, John and Ryan are part of that repo. If they make a change through

00:16:59   whatever device, whatever OS, whatever app they want to use, when I sync the repo

00:17:06   back down to my device, those changes will be automatically reflected in

00:17:12   a writer as well because it's a two-way sync.

00:17:14   Right, because that to me seems like the key part.

00:17:18   It's like now every time you sync working copy, it's also syncing your text editor.

00:17:23   You don't have to keep jumping between one and the other, right?

00:17:27   That's cool.

00:17:28   That is cool.

00:17:29   Now, I could see some horrific accidents coming from that, but it does seem really great.

00:17:34   Welcome to using GitHub.

00:17:36   Yes, you just gotta get... and that's what I wrote in the post.

00:17:40   You gotta get used to the terminology and to just learning what you can actually do

00:17:44   and not do with GitHub.

00:17:46   I am pretty paranoid about saving copies of my articles, so the really important ones,

00:17:53   they are backed up in three locations, so also Dropbox is also part of the picture in

00:17:57   that case.

00:17:58   But if I'm working on a 2000-word post, having a copy in iCalDrive and GitHub is usually

00:18:04   okay.

00:18:05   Yeah, because if you're using your text editor and then somebody accidentally deletes something

00:18:10   or all of it in GitHub and then it just syncs back to your local text editor.

00:18:13   That's like a weird thing to happen to you.

00:18:16   You got to be careful with that, but thankfully you can see all of the versions

00:18:19   of a file in working copy and you can pick them up and you can restore them.

00:18:23   And of course, everything.

00:18:25   OK, yeah, you can see all the versions and you can actually what I do,

00:18:28   you can drag an individual version out of working copy and it becomes a file.

00:18:34   And so if you use something like kaleidoscope, for example,

00:18:37   which is a diff comparison tool for iOS.

00:18:39   What I do is I pick up two versions from working copy

00:18:42   and I compare the changes and I can see the individual words

00:18:45   that are changed between versions.

00:18:47   It's very cool.

00:18:48   So, I mean, Apple should do this stuff on its own inside of files.

00:18:54   I think it's incredible that files doesn't have a versions feature built in,

00:18:59   doesn't have any way to recover deleted files, for example,

00:19:03   doesn't have a way to let you see multiple versions of the same item.

00:19:07   This feature has been available on macOS since, I don't know,

00:19:10   Leopold? Snow Leopold, maybe?

00:19:12   Yeah, at least.

00:19:12   I remember when it came out.

00:19:13   So working copy, if you use GitHub, if you use Markdown, if you,

00:19:17   I mean, if you're a programmer, of course, and you want to use GitHub

00:19:21   and you want to work from iOS, this is super, super highly recommended.

00:19:25   If you're a, you know, I use working copy,

00:19:28   maybe not for its intended use case as a, you know,

00:19:32   a writer who needs to collaborate with two editors on iOS, but it works really well for us,

00:19:38   and it's been working well for us since 2016. So, really recommended.

00:19:42   Yeah, I mean, it's not the intended use, but I do see how GitHub could be used quite easily for this

00:19:48   exact purpose, right? Like, multiple people collaborating, not in real time, but like,

00:19:54   asynchronously. Yeah, it's great.

00:19:56   Right? Like, it makes perfect sense. I mean, Federica, you adopted me into this

00:19:59   system when I brought my history column to MacStories like a year and a half ago or whatever.

00:20:06   It makes so much sense the way that you guys do this.

00:20:10   I for a long time just did it on the Mac and then it's like, "Oh, I'll get back to my Mac

00:20:14   and push it to GitHub."

00:20:16   I finally downloaded a working copy three or four months ago and started using that

00:20:20   as well.

00:20:21   It really is powerful to have all of that just on your device you have with you all

00:20:25   the time.

00:20:26   It's pretty sweet.

00:20:27   And even new iPad Pro power user Casey List is a fan of working with me.

00:20:31   Oh, man, that settles it then.

00:20:33   So, you know, it is the app you got to try.

00:20:35   If Casey List, the iPad power user is...

00:20:39   It is so much like I'm enjoying watching him go through this

00:20:43   because I just can taunt him now. Right.

00:20:46   It's like watching your kid making the same mistakes you made.

00:20:50   Well, but it's more that like he was so, so like set in his ways, right,

00:20:55   about the iPad for so long.

00:20:57   And but the iPad will come for us all.

00:21:00   Wow.

00:21:00   Eventually.

00:21:01   Very dark.

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00:22:24   So one thing we like to do on Connected is check back in with technology that we have

00:22:30   been using for a period of time.

00:22:32   No, we cannot talk about the Newton, Steven.

00:22:34   Next topic.

00:22:35   Dang!

00:22:36   Well done.

00:22:37   So we're going to have to go to the next one on the list.

00:22:40   I think all three of us are still grappling with the switch to OS X from OS 9, and we're

00:22:44   going to talk about that today.

00:22:46   I think we all three just are understanding the way that we use things changes over time,

00:22:51   so we like to touch base on things.

00:22:53   And so this week we're going to talk about the HomePod, which has been out for, I don't

00:22:58   even know now, like nine months or something?

00:23:01   It came out in December of last year.

00:23:04   No, it was February.

00:23:05   It was February.

00:23:07   It came out in February of this year.

00:23:10   So nine months.

00:23:11   You can edit that together, right?

00:23:12   Make you sound smart.

00:23:13   No, I was leaving that just the way it happened.

00:23:18   This was one of those things as we're getting closer to the end of the year.

00:23:20   I do remember feeling this now.

00:23:22   I remember going through this of like looking back at stuff that's happened this year. I was like, oh my god

00:23:28   The whole book came out this year. That was the same possible like that as soon as you serve everybody's like, oh

00:23:34   I remember that feeling because they missed the holiday

00:23:36   Purchasing cycle like just about like eight weeks. It's like come on guys. Mm-hmm

00:23:41   Yeah, cuz that was it right because we were also that's why I'm thinking about December because we were all so surprised

00:23:47   They didn't make it and then oh two months later. They've made it sad

00:23:51   But it's out and it's been our lives for a while and I just kind of want to talk a little bit about at least

00:23:56   How in my family the usage has changed so I think long-term listeners will know that I stuck it in my kitchen

00:24:02   Unplug the echo we had and put the home pod in and I don't want to say my family revolted

00:24:08   But they weren't they weren't fans. It just didn't work for us sort of in its early days

00:24:13   The big kicker was the multiple timers in the kitchen

00:24:15   But so the home pod got banished out here to my studio the echo

00:24:20   retain its place in the kitchen, but after the iOS 12 updated the multiple timer thing,

00:24:25   I wanted to give it another shot, another shot in the kitchen. I'm not one to like

00:24:30   hand-wring over like Amazon Echo listening listening in on us when I don't know like

00:24:34   I generally trust the Echo and trust what Amazon is doing with it, but I wanted to compare these

00:24:39   products. And so the HomePod has been back in my kitchen now probably for like six weeks and

00:24:45   Honestly, I think the family seems to be really happy with it.

00:24:51   The multiple timers is a huge win.

00:24:52   Of course, we cook a lot.

00:24:54   That's absolutely a big deal there.

00:24:57   Another thing that I think has come to be appreciated by all of us is that even if you

00:25:02   pay for the Echo, the Amazon Prime Echo music plan thing, it's roughly like $10 a month,

00:25:11   And it gives you access to a lot more music than just what you get for free.

00:25:14   Even with that, Apple Music is just much larger and much better than Amazon's offering.

00:25:20   At least it seems like it is.

00:25:22   And so Siri seems to be doing a much better job, at least for us, in finding the music

00:25:27   that we want to listen to and being more forgiving in how we ask it.

00:25:32   Siri has some actually some really interesting ways you can ask for music if you can't quite

00:25:36   think of the name of the song or the album it's on.

00:25:40   You can ask it for the newest album by the Senors, and then you'll get the new album

00:25:46   by those guys.

00:25:49   That's one of my favorite things.

00:25:50   I remember when Kings of Leon, they had an album come out just years ago, when the Echo

00:25:56   first came out, and the name of the album was the same name as one of the singles, and

00:26:04   it would never play the album.

00:26:06   It didn't matter how I asked, it would never play it.

00:26:09   I can never remember the names of albums now.

00:26:12   This is the problem with the days of streaming.

00:26:14   I never remember the names of albums or songs anymore.

00:26:17   I just don't pay attention in the same way.

00:26:19   So now I'll just be like, give me the latest album

00:26:23   from Such and Such and it will just play.

00:26:25   - It's cool. - I love that.

00:26:26   That is really cool.

00:26:27   - Yeah, and I think, I don't know why this has happened,

00:26:32   but it seems like my kids interact with it less.

00:26:35   So they would go up and ask the Echo to tell them a joke

00:26:39   or ask the weather, or like, they just talk to it a lot.

00:26:43   And like, sometimes I felt a little strange about that.

00:26:47   And this is like a complicated subject

00:26:49   I don't wanna get into today,

00:26:50   but like, things that we're okay with,

00:26:52   but we see our kids not be okay with,

00:26:53   even though it's the same thing.

00:26:54   It's like, oh, my kid uses too much screen time.

00:26:56   It's like, do you know how many hours

00:26:58   I look at my phone every day?

00:26:59   That's a whole topic, but they do seem to interact

00:27:02   with the HomePod a little bit less.

00:27:05   And maybe that's 'cause they think Siri is bad.

00:27:07   I don't know.

00:27:08   But all in all, it seems like it may hold the place

00:27:13   in the kitchen, and I really knew I was in trouble

00:27:16   when I realized that I miss having it in the studio.

00:27:18   Most of the time, I just listen to music on my iMac Pro,

00:27:21   but if I'm just working in the office,

00:27:23   and I'm listening to a podcast,

00:27:24   if I'm doing a photo shoot or setting up something,

00:27:29   then I'd use AirPlay to the HomePod a lot,

00:27:31   and not having it has actually made me miss it.

00:27:34   and all my lights out here I can control via Siri.

00:27:38   And I don't have, I still like pick up my phone

00:27:40   and ask it to turn my lights on

00:27:42   as opposed to just sort of shouting into the void

00:27:46   when I walk in the office.

00:27:47   So I may end up being a two HomePod family here

00:27:49   before too long.

00:27:51   I'm kind of hoping there's some good Black Friday deals

00:27:53   and I may pick up a second one for the office.

00:27:55   - In the beginning of October, I bought a second HomePod

00:27:58   because anyone listening to Cortex recently,

00:28:02   I've been on this like music quest for a while.

00:28:06   Like I just found myself listening to more and more music,

00:28:09   like a lot of the time.

00:28:11   And then I had been in a couple of friends' homes

00:28:15   who had multiple home pods and could hear the difference.

00:28:19   And as I started to just get more and more interested

00:28:22   in listening to more music when I'm at home,

00:28:25   I decided to get a second home pod for the stereo pair.

00:28:29   Like it's a terrible thing to say

00:28:30   because of the price of doing this,

00:28:32   but it does really feel like once you have a second one,

00:28:35   that is the best way.

00:28:36   The stereo pairing really changes the experience

00:28:41   of listening to music of a home pod.

00:28:45   The sound is much more richer and more complex,

00:28:48   even if you're not in between the two of them.

00:28:50   We have it set up so there's one on either side

00:28:54   of our sofa in our living room,

00:28:57   but even if I'm in the kitchen,

00:28:58   I can still hear the stereo separation.

00:29:02   It's very clever, like the way that they do a lot

00:29:05   of the stuff that they do.

00:29:06   Like we also hooked it up to our Apple TV.

00:29:08   So then we'd like, if we're watching something serious,

00:29:11   like a movie or like a house of cards or something, right?

00:29:14   Like we will play it through the HomePod,

00:29:18   HomePods, 'cause it gives us like a pseudo fake surround

00:29:22   sound, right?

00:29:23   Like it just adds more richness and complexity to the audio

00:29:26   than the TV's speakers will, right?

00:29:29   It's like it just sounds better.

00:29:30   So I've been enjoying the overall audio experience

00:29:36   of using multiple HomePods.

00:29:38   We still use the Echo though.

00:29:40   Like for a lot of the same things we were doing before,

00:29:43   we have an Echo in the kitchen and one,

00:29:45   I have one by my bedside.

00:29:48   And this is mostly because it still has skills and features

00:29:54   that only work there and that Apple are not going to implement.

00:29:57   Like there are there are like third party skills that we use, which I can't

00:30:01   imagine how we would do it any other way if we want to keep using it.

00:30:04   And what again, like the multiple timer thing, it's just more frustrating

00:30:09   on the HomePod than it is on the Echo.

00:30:12   Like the way it all works, the way you set it, the way you check it, the way it

00:30:16   alerts you, like it's all less than.

00:30:20   But I will say the more I use the HomePod, the more I realize how bad the microphones are in my Echo.

00:30:26   Like, especially the original gen.

00:30:30   Like, I just I think I'm getting used to speaking to the HomePod at a certain volume level that the Echo is not happy about.

00:30:38   And as I've used the Echo less and the HomePod more, so I don't use IFTTT for home stuff anymore on the Echo.

00:30:47   I do it all on the HomePod because all of the stuff that we want to control is HomeKit

00:30:52   enabled, especially with the shortcut stuff.

00:30:56   So my Roomba, I just can do that too, by using IFTT and the thing that Federico worked out.

00:31:03   So you can do all of that stuff.

00:31:05   So I just do all that on the HomePod.

00:31:06   But for the stuff that I use the Echo for, I'm like, "Oh, these microphones are not as

00:31:13   good."

00:31:14   original gen, so like maybe it's gotten better on like subsequent echoes. But yeah, I'm very

00:31:20   happy with the HomePod now. Like at first I kind of wasn't that sure about it, and that

00:31:25   was mostly because I just wasn't listening to enough music. But now I am, I'm getting

00:31:30   great value I think out of having one and especially out of having a second. So Federico,

00:31:37   how is your 15 array of HomePods? How is that treating you?

00:31:41   I am officially announcing today that I am discontinuing Mac Stories and I'm launching

00:31:47   HomePod Kolo, it's my new HomePod collocation service.

00:31:51   It's like, you know, you know, like those historic photos of like all the Marshall amps

00:31:56   stacked up, right? And like, there'd be like someone like it's like that kind of trope,

00:32:01   you know, like a ton of Marshall amps stacked up and you've got someone playing guitar in

00:32:04   front of them. There's just like 70 HomePods all stacked up and you're just like standing

00:32:08   in front of it with your hair blowing back. We have three of them still and we actually

00:32:19   removed the stereo pair last week because we bought a new piece of IKEA furniture for

00:32:26   our very small hallway that separates the living room and the bedroom. We now have one

00:32:33   of those. IKEA Besta something, it's like a drawer and it's not too tall so it's kind

00:32:41   of perfect for having a HomePod sit in the middle of it so we can actually use the touch

00:32:48   controls if we want to and so now we have one in the kitchen/small living room, one

00:32:53   in the bedroom, one in the hallway and we love it. I mean I love the way that it sounds,

00:32:58   I love how I can trigger my shortcuts from it.

00:33:03   And since getting the Mac Mini and I'm now

00:33:08   starting to set up some home automation the way

00:33:11   that I like it, with Homebridge, I've

00:33:14   set up some iTunes shortcuts in the sense that I now have--

00:33:21   this is, I think, part of the discussion Stephen and I will

00:33:24   have about the Mac Mini.

00:33:25   But as far as the HomePod is concerned, I now have commands for triggering specific playlists

00:33:34   on shuffle with just one word. Instead of saying the whole "play this playlist on shuffle", I can

00:33:41   just say one word. And I also have the ability to automatically start playing certain playlists

00:33:48   on shuffle when I run a HomeKit scene. So for example, if I want to say "relax time", I can

00:33:55   turn all my lights red and dim them and also start playing music via iTunes on the Mac Mini,

00:34:01   which is streaming audio to the HomePods. It's pretty cool. So, I love the HomePod. I wish,

00:34:09   the more I keep using it, the more I keep coming back to this single thing that I don't like about

00:34:14   it, besides the fact that Siri gets us wrong sometimes. Actually, two things. First, I've

00:34:21   noticed that in the past few months Siri picks up accidental activations more

00:34:28   often than when I first got the HomePod. It definitely happens at least once a

00:34:34   week now, whether it's the TV talking or, for example, a few days ago the plumber

00:34:40   was at my house and he was doing some work on the on the on a on a gas pipe or

00:34:49   something. And he was just talking to me, was explaining what he was doing. And suddenly

00:34:54   Siri goes, "What's that?" And it's like, you gotta imagine how weird it is that Siri in

00:35:01   my house is in English. And the plumber is just talking to me and suddenly this lady

00:35:06   from the speaker starts talking in English and I needed to explain the whole situation.

00:35:11   So it activates accidentally a lot more than back in February for sure. Also, the second

00:35:18   thing, the main one I don't like, I cannot tell, due to the way that the HomePod is

00:35:24   designed, it doesn't have a ring around it, so it doesn't show you with the light

00:35:28   or with the status indicator that it's actually listening. You gotta look on the

00:35:33   top of the HomePod, but because two of our HomePods now are sitting on a

00:35:38   shelf that are higher than our line of sight, we cannot see the top surface. So

00:35:44   So in the second generation HomePod, I would prefer to see a design more like the Echo

00:35:50   so that you can place the HomePod on any surface at any height so that you can see whether

00:35:55   it's actually listening or not.

00:35:58   I have a, kind of following on from that, a request if anybody knows this.

00:36:03   For a reason that I don't understand, what I assume is the dominant HomePod changed.

00:36:09   So if you have a pair, when you give a request, there is one that will listen and respond.

00:36:17   But for some reason this changed and it's not the one I wanted to be.

00:36:21   And I don't know how to change that.

00:36:25   But like just one day it was the one.

00:36:27   So there's like there's one by the door of the living room.

00:36:31   That was the original home pod.

00:36:32   So I'm used to looking at it.

00:36:34   And it's also like if we're triggering stuff like IFTTT stuff, we typically can always

00:36:39   see that from wherever we are. But the one that keeps responding is now the one by our

00:36:43   window which I never expect. And so I say something like I do the command like the Ohio

00:36:50   telephone and start speaking and it's not lit up and I'm like oh it's not working. But

00:36:54   it's because it's the other one that's taking my request. If anybody knows how I can swap

00:36:58   that I would love to know. I don't even know if it's possible to do and I don't know why

00:37:02   it changed. It just changed. And like Rick Allen said in the chat, can you take it out

00:37:08   the pair reset it and add it back in. In theory, yes, but then how do I tell it which one is

00:37:14   the right one, right? They're both solo HomePods at that point. Is there a way to say this

00:37:20   is the dominant one? That's what I want to know.

00:37:23   That's our HomePod update. What did you call it? HomePod Colu?

00:37:29   HomePod Kolo is my new service where we provide people with remote connections.

00:37:35   And so yeah, you can totally run a web server on HomePod and also play music.

00:37:44   So whenever somebody visits your website, the HomePod is going to play a song.

00:37:49   It's pretty sweet.

00:37:50   You can imagine it's a very loud collocation space.

00:37:54   [Laughter]

00:37:59   Everyone has April Texas, it's mandated.

00:38:01   I should also say, on a more serious note, I should also say that on the record, I wrote

00:38:06   this in my iOS 12 review and I'm going to say that again on the show, I want shortcuts

00:38:11   to have native HomePod actions, native AirPlay actions.

00:38:15   I want to be able to write little scripts that play specific albums or specific playlists

00:38:21   on specific HomePods with specific volume levels. Like, I want to control the whole

00:38:26   thing. I want to be able to automate my HomePods from shortcuts. I don't think that would be

00:38:32   too crazy to have, considering that I paid $300 for these speakers. Well, a normal person

00:38:37   would pay $300 for this. I pay double because it's a very sad story. But yes, HomePod actions

00:38:46   in shortcuts. That would be nice.

00:38:49   It was interesting to me that you started that statement with "on the record".

00:38:53   Can the rest of the show not be used?

00:38:55   Sometimes I say things on the show in an unofficial manner of sorts.

00:39:03   Sometimes you shouldn't treat those as final statements from me, because sometimes it's

00:39:09   the character saying things, it's not the Max Stories editor saying things, if they

00:39:14   make sense.

00:39:16   The character?

00:39:18   Federico Viticii is just a character that I play on podcasts.

00:39:22   For example, do you really think I'm launching a HomePod collocation service?

00:39:26   That's w- no!

00:39:27   Well, don't say it.

00:39:29   No, but it's fun.

00:39:32   I mean, it's, you know, it's fun to say.

00:39:34   I'm just gonna register a domain real quick.

00:39:36   Some people just take every single thing I say literally, but I'm just saying sometimes

00:39:43   it's entertainment.

00:39:45   So I am not discontinuing Mac stories, that's what I mean.

00:39:49   Well Jon shut it down already, so he took care of that.

00:39:52   Well there you go, do you guys have a job for me?

00:39:56   Besides the podcast?

00:39:59   So there's HomePod Kolo dot global, HomePod Kolo dot tech, oh here it is, HomePod Kolo

00:40:10   dot online.

00:40:11   That's good.

00:40:13   Well, it's online. It is online. I'm going to spend a little company money, Myke. It's

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00:42:50   of this show and Relay FM.

00:42:52   - All right, so this week Federico,

00:42:55   you published something,

00:42:56   I know you've been working on it for a while,

00:42:58   you had some of us looking at some beta versions of this,

00:43:01   but you have released a shortcut

00:43:03   that is a home screen icon creator.

00:43:08   You can launch apps, you can launch contacts,

00:43:11   this thing seems to do everything.

00:43:13   What have you created?

00:43:15   - So yes, at a basic level, it is a way to create icons

00:43:22   on your iOS home screen for launching apps,

00:43:25   for launching contacts or contact actions,

00:43:30   and to have solid color icons.

00:43:33   If you have like a black wallpaper or, I don't know,

00:43:36   a white or a red wallpaper, you can create icons

00:43:39   that sort of allow you to fake having gaps

00:43:43   on your home screen so that you can create custom layouts.

00:43:46   That would be the idea.

00:43:48   I assume you wanna know the story

00:43:52   of how this shortcut came together.

00:43:54   Yes, please.

00:43:55   So I've always been intrigued by the feature

00:44:00   that Workflow had years ago, and that feature

00:44:03   was maintained by Apple in the transition to shortcuts,

00:44:07   that you can add a shortcut to your home screen.

00:44:10   And when you do this, you open a shortcut in the shortcuts app,

00:44:13   and you tap the Share icon, and you choose Add to Home Screen.

00:44:17   And what happens is you're taken to Safari,

00:44:21   and you see in the address bar something

00:44:23   that says data, colon, and then a bunch of text.

00:44:27   And I never, like, Workflow had this feature,

00:44:31   so I realized, well, it's not like a proprietary thing

00:44:35   if Workflow used to have it,

00:44:37   and Shortcut says it still has to be something

00:44:40   that is open to developers.

00:44:41   And I never really paid attention to the link.

00:44:48   But then, like in late October, I realized, you know what?

00:44:53   I actually want to take a look at this data link that contains a bunch of text, like random

00:45:00   text. I want to see what it is. And so I assumed that that text, like an insanely long string

00:45:07   of text, was going to be base64 encoded text. Your best friend, Myke, base64.

00:45:13   I don't understand base64.

00:45:16   Like there's a page on Wikipedia that tells you that there's an algorithm that's...

00:45:20   Yeah, and you've explained it to me, but it still doesn't make sense.

00:45:23   It's something that exists in the world and there's nothing you can do about it. You can just accept it.

00:45:28   Don't test me.

00:45:30   So...

00:45:32   I'll eradicate Base64.

00:45:34   I thought this is going to be Base64, so what I did is I copied the link from Safari and I opened Shortcuts

00:45:40   and I went like, here's the text, decode it, and it didn't work.

00:45:44   So I googled "Bay64 decoder" and there's a bunch of web apps that can do this for you.

00:45:51   And I don't know if it was like a memory limitation of shortcuts or if I did something wrong myself,

00:45:57   but I was able to decode the text by using one of these online web services.

00:46:04   And what I found was amazing in that it was the code for an HTML web page that contained CSS,

00:46:12   contained an HTML structure and that also contains some JavaScript. And by

00:46:18   taking a look at this and this code I realized that Apple was essentially

00:46:22   putting together a web page. So here's how it works. When you add a

00:46:27   shortcut to the home screen, shortcuts creates on the fly some HTML. This HTML

00:46:35   contains the web page that you see in Safari with the blue background and the

00:46:38   instructions on how to add the shortcut to the home screen. But it also contains

00:46:42   meta tags for having a home screen icon and for having a splash screen when you

00:46:50   open the shortcut icon from the home screen. And fun fact...

00:46:52   Right, because this is piggybacking on the sweet solution thing.

00:46:56   Yes, yes.

00:46:57   It's web apps for the iPhone.

00:46:58   Using web app technologies. And fun fact, when you add a shortcut to the home screen with the Apple Shortcuts app,

00:47:05   Shortcuts creates on the fly a local host server connection, like a local server, to provide Safari with instructions on which kind of splash screens to use depending on the device you have.

00:47:23   So it's basically opening a connection to localhost to say this is an iPhone, use a splash screen that is, I don't know, a thousand pixels tall and 500 pixels wide, something like that.

00:47:36   Anyway, the most important step of this super inelegant workaround is the following.

00:47:46   When you add this HTML webpage to the home screen, web apps have a way to detect whether they are running in what is called a standalone mode.

00:47:59   Standalone mode is when you add a website to your home screen and you launch it from the home screen.

00:48:04   This is supported on Android, on iOS, and it's part of the, I think it's called, Progressive Web Apps technologies.

00:48:11   When it's running in standalone mode, what happens is, via JavaScript,

00:48:17   Shortcuts simulates a mouse click on a hidden link in the web page.

00:48:25   And it uses mouse events, which is part of the standard JavaScript library,

00:48:30   to simulate a click on a link that is invisible.

00:48:34   And that link has a URL scheme that takes you to Shortcuts

00:48:39   and runs the shortcuts you selected.

00:48:42   Once I figured this out, I always wondered,

00:48:45   how can you add a shortcut to the home screen

00:48:48   that is actually a web app, but then when you open it,

00:48:50   it launches shortcuts, and that is how.

00:48:53   It's using JavaScript to fake clicking

00:48:57   on an invisible link on a webpage.

00:49:00   And at that point I realized, well,

00:49:05   I can just turn this system into whatever I want

00:49:09   because I can put together the HTML

00:49:11   for presenting users with a webpage in Safari,

00:49:14   and I can use the same script to launch any link I want

00:49:19   when the icon is tapped from the home screen.

00:49:22   And so I got to work and I added support

00:49:25   for running any app URL scheme you want,

00:49:29   like launching Tweetbot or launching Google Docs.

00:49:33   I added support for running any shortcut

00:49:36   from the shortcuts app.

00:49:38   Added support for contact actions.

00:49:41   So you can pick a contact and you can say,

00:49:43   "I wanna create an icon for texting my wife,

00:49:46   "or for FaceTiming my friend Steven."

00:49:49   And also I added the option to create a solid color icon.

00:49:54   I customized the HTML that you see in Safari

00:49:57   by using CSS and HTML shortcuts.

00:50:01   I can present users with a responsive web page that uses the San Francisco font that

00:50:10   has an embedded instruction image that tells you how to add a web app to your home screen.

00:50:20   And I also customized the splash screen that you see for a second when you tap this icon

00:50:26   on the home screen.

00:50:27   This was not necessary, but I hated that when I tapped the icon, the experience was not pretty enough.

00:50:34   So I wasted at least a week figuring out media queries for adding splash screen support,

00:50:43   which is something that people will see for a fraction of a second.

00:50:46   But it matters to me because it's nice and it's prettier.

00:50:49   But basically I had to learn how pixel ratios work in WebKit.

00:50:57   So the idea that, for example, most iOS devices have a pixel ratio of 2,

00:51:02   but modern iPhones and modern iPad...

00:51:05   No, actually just modern iPhones have a pixel ratio of 3.

00:51:08   So it was a whole thing, calculating device size and creating images on the fly inside the shortcut.

00:51:17   But at the end, I ended up with this shortcut that is over 200 actions long, and it's definitely the most complex thing I've ever worked on.

00:51:28   But you can use it and you can create icons for whatever you want.

00:51:33   You can customize it. If you don't like the options that I provided, everything has a comment in the shortcut so you can see what all the steps do.

00:51:44   By default, for example, my shortcut uses icons from the App Store.

00:51:48   So if you want to have a custom icon on the home screen, you can just search the App Store

00:51:52   and use the icon for any app from the App Store.

00:51:57   This is how people create secrets on their phones.

00:52:01   Yes, exactly.

00:52:02   Well, why would you want to open my calendar?

00:52:05   It's boring, but actually takes you to a private photo album.

00:52:09   Just saying.

00:52:10   Oh, no.

00:52:11   Oh, no.

00:52:12   - Some people do that.

00:52:14   - Oh, I know, it's like a big thing on Android, right?

00:52:16   Like here's a calculator app,

00:52:18   but actually it's a hidden photo thing.

00:52:20   - Yeah.

00:52:21   - So do not endorse that.

00:52:23   - But yeah, everything is pretty much modular.

00:52:26   You can change things,

00:52:29   you can switch the order of options in the menu.

00:52:32   And a first version that I published yesterday

00:52:35   required Dropbox for image uploads,

00:52:40   but then thanks to a Mac Stories reader,

00:52:42   I figured how to remove the need for Dropbox altogether.

00:52:47   So these 200 actions,

00:52:50   the shortcut takes five seconds to run now.

00:52:53   And all the images, all the assets are provided

00:52:55   in base 64, Myke.

00:52:59   - Of course they are.

00:53:00   Everyone's friend.

00:53:01   - All the icons, all the splash screens,

00:53:03   everything is local to your device.

00:53:05   Nothing gets uploaded.

00:53:07   It runs offline.

00:53:08   You don't need an internet connection.

00:53:09   I mean, you need one if you want to search the app store for an icon.

00:53:14   But otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the result.

00:53:17   And this approach, the idea of loading custom HTML in Safari, I've been explaining how to

00:53:26   take advantage of this on Club Max Stories, because I'm building like a custom reading

00:53:31   list highlights tool.

00:53:34   That's wild, too, by the way.

00:53:36   That thing is madness.

00:53:37   I've been building that on Club Max Stories.

00:53:39   Max Stories I share the home screen icon creator and also Max Stories I'm gonna

00:53:44   explain in the future how to load other types of data and files in Safari from

00:53:50   the home screen which is also going to be pretty interesting.

00:53:53   I want to ask you, this is all great, this is amazing, but what are you actually

00:53:59   using this for? I want some examples.

00:54:02   Okay, so I've been using one example, I've been using Agenda on iOS because I think I

00:54:08   finally figured what this app does.

00:54:12   You figured it out.

00:54:13   Yeah.

00:54:14   You're the person who figured it out.

00:54:15   Yeah, so.

00:54:16   Oh, poor Agenda.

00:54:17   It's a nice app.

00:54:18   I just can't work out what it, how.

00:54:22   Like you need to have a mind made for that app.

00:54:26   So what I'm using it for is to--

00:54:30   it's a very simple use case.

00:54:32   I have a project called Shortcut Ideas.

00:54:36   And into this project, there's a bunch of ideas for shortcuts

00:54:40   that I want to test.

00:54:41   So what I do is I take an individual note,

00:54:44   and I add it to my calendar so that on that day,

00:54:47   I remember that I need to test something.

00:54:49   So for example, tomorrow morning,

00:54:51   I know that one of my shortcut ideas, which

00:54:53   is called Car Playlist with Launch Center Pro.

00:54:57   It requires me to configure an iBeacon in my car,

00:55:01   like a little USB dongle that uses the beacon technology.

00:55:05   So it's a way to add notes, but make them calendar-based,

00:55:10   so that I know where I can do them.

00:55:14   - It's a very beautiful app.

00:55:16   - It's very beautiful.

00:55:17   - It's very good-looking.

00:55:18   I just feel like I don't work in the way

00:55:22   that it wants me to work.

00:55:24   - Yeah, but this app, it also,

00:55:26   I think the way I like it is because I,

00:55:31   I never fully got the OmniOutliner approach on iOS.

00:55:37   Like, I love outlines,

00:55:39   but OmniOutliner is too much for me.

00:55:41   And the idea of having these simple outlines,

00:55:45   but also the calendar integration is nice.

00:55:48   I am, I hope, so my dream is that the agenda developers

00:55:52   will offer you the option to create reminders instead

00:55:56   of calendar events, because I would

00:55:58   love to be able to tie an agenda link to a reminder.

00:56:03   For now, I think I'm just going to write

00:56:04   my own shortcut that converts agenda events into agenda

00:56:08   reminders.

00:56:09   So whenever I create an event from agenda,

00:56:13   I can just run a little widget shortcut,

00:56:16   and I can say turn this event into a reminder.

00:56:18   I don't need to see it into my calendar.

00:56:20   But anyway, I have a custom, so to answer your question,

00:56:25   I have a custom agenda icon that uses the agenda icon,

00:56:30   the agenda logo, but is called automation.

00:56:33   And it takes me into the shortcut ideas project.

00:56:37   I'm gonna do the same for Keepit.

00:56:40   So using the same app icon,

00:56:43   but to launch me into specific screens

00:56:47   of the apps that I use the most.

00:56:49   so that I retain quick access to the app.

00:56:52   But whenever I type the icon,

00:56:53   I'm taken into a specific part of it.

00:56:56   So that's a big thing for me.

00:56:57   On the iPad--

00:56:58   - I wanna give you a feature request.

00:57:00   - Sure.

00:57:01   - You probably thought of this.

00:57:02   I just don't know how, I don't know how you could do it.

00:57:04   It'd be great if you could though.

00:57:05   Like to be able to do, modify the app icon in some way,

00:57:10   like put a border around it or a color on it.

00:57:13   So like you could have five agenda icons

00:57:17   and they all have like a slight difference to them.

00:57:19   So you could hit the one you want for a specific project that you know it to be.

00:57:23   Right. Because otherwise, like you end up with the app icon

00:57:28   and then a shortcut to something in the app and it's just the same icon.

00:57:32   I don't know if it's possible, but it's just something that I would like.

00:57:34   Something I'm like the next thing I'm working on is

00:57:39   and some folks are going to copy this now that I'm talking about it.

00:57:43   I don't care.

00:57:43   Mine's going to be better anyway.

00:57:47   A way to create wallpapers with shortcuts.

00:57:51   So taking the same idea of using HTML and CSS

00:57:57   to build up a web page that is never shown to the user,

00:58:02   but that web page, that presentation

00:58:04   is converted to a PDF and then to an image.

00:58:07   And what I'm playing with is the idea of instead of just using

00:58:11   solid colors, like plain colors, I

00:58:13   I would want to learn CSS gradients so that I can make beautiful gradients

00:58:19   and then use them as wallpapers for shortcuts.

00:58:22   So I could probably do something like take this image

00:58:25   and add a border around it with CSS.

00:58:28   Yeah. Yeah, that'd be cool.

00:58:30   Let me save it in Agenda, Myke.

00:58:32   - Hold on. - Yeah, please do.

00:58:34   How does this app work on the Mac? Oh, God.

00:58:37   Well, I will save it, Myke, in Agenda eventually.

00:58:41   But yeah, so, HomeScreenIconCreator,

00:58:44   it took me way longer than I expected,

00:58:47   but I mean, the response has been pretty amazing.

00:58:49   It was at the top of the shortcuts subreddit yesterday,

00:58:54   got a bunch of comments and what are they called?

00:58:56   AppVotes, I suppose that's the name.

00:58:59   - Yeah, sure.

00:59:00   - So I was really happy with that.

00:59:01   Yeah, it was fun to put together.

00:59:03   - It's wild, it's wild. - Thank you.

00:59:05   - Like, I don't fully know what I would use it for yet,

00:59:08   but I have it and it's just like...

00:59:10   - Well, here's what I wanted to--

00:59:11   - You know what, actually, here's the thing.

00:59:13   The fan is very interesting.

00:59:15   The fan is very interesting.

00:59:16   I was playing around with my Pixel.

00:59:19   And you know on iOS, when you 3D touch on an icon

00:59:24   and you get the quick actions that pop up, right?

00:59:28   Android has these, but you can take those quick actions

00:59:32   and you can drag them to your home screen.

00:59:35   So for example, Todoist has a quick action thing

00:59:39   to add a task. But on Android, it doesn't even open the app. It just opens a little

00:59:43   box and you just type it in. So I now have on my home screen on my Android phone, it

00:59:48   just says new task and it has the todoist, like a version of the todoist icon, which

00:59:52   is small inside of a bigger bubble. So you can tell it's not the same thing. Tap it and

00:59:56   I can just enter a task. And it's like making me think like, huh, I wonder if there is a

01:00:03   like a version of a home screen, which is focused around and Gray's done some of this.

01:00:10   And he's mentioned some of his stuff on Cortex 2 of like, it's not app focused.

01:00:17   It is action focused.

01:00:20   Yeah. Right.

01:00:21   Which is making me think about what I would like to see the future of the iPad home screen be is not app focused, but something else.

01:00:30   Yeah. Right.

01:00:32   Because I pulled this out in my head and now I'm excited about it.

01:00:36   I keep thinking about it.

01:00:38   Why don't we just have on the dock on iOS what is essentially Launchpad and just all

01:00:45   the apps live in that and the apps aren't on the home screen anymore.

01:00:50   We use the home screen for something else.

01:00:52   I think that's more of what I personally would want to see rather than just this grid.

01:00:56   I would just put everything in a dock.

01:00:58   Just give me the Launchpad.

01:01:00   weird that Launchpad even exists on the Mac and not on the iPad when you really start

01:01:03   thinking about it. It's like it doesn't make sense. It's in the wrong place. So I've been

01:01:10   thinking about like what does an action home screen look like and like is it something

01:01:16   that is like I have in addition to an app launch screen? I don't know. I don't know

01:01:21   if I'm ever going to do anything about this, but it's just something I've had turned over

01:01:24   in my head. In part because of what you've done.

01:01:28   Well, one other thing that I do on the iPad, I don't know if you've looked at my iPad Pro home

01:01:37   screen, but it's got a black wallpaper and it uses the black icons on top of the black wallpaper to

01:01:45   fake having a gap in the middle of the screen in landscape so that I keep my most used apps on the

01:01:51   the left side and folders in a vertical orientation on the right side. So of

01:01:57   course this only works in landscape, the layout gets all messed up in

01:02:03   portrait because the iPad rotates and it doesn't keep your your layout but I

01:02:08   don't use my iPad Pro in portrait on the home screen. I never think of my... like if I ever

01:02:15   have my app in portrait it's like I don't know where anything... my iPad I don't

01:02:19   or anything is anymore. Like I have no idea what this layout is.

01:02:26   So this was fun. It's cool Federico, it seems like something that people should know about.

01:02:35   Like it feels like you've done something here that Apple wants to have hidden away, but

01:02:40   now it's out there.

01:02:41   It was an open API before some other apps used to do this kind of trick before, but

01:02:47   But now if you want to have a contact on your home screen, you don't need to download an

01:02:50   app from the App Store, you can just do it for free with my shortcut.

01:02:53   So there you go.

01:02:56   I think it's super awesome.

01:02:58   I just wish I had the ideas to take advantage of it, but time.

01:03:02   Time is what I need.

01:03:03   You will have the ideas.

01:03:04   There's the holidays coming up, Myke, and you will have time to think, instead of playing

01:03:08   with your Nintendo Switch.

01:03:10   Think about your home screen.

01:03:11   No, I'll probably just play Pokemon.

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01:04:04   I'm more said that Luna will change your travel workflow. TechCrunch have described the visual fidelity as frankly stunning and it is super cool.

01:04:11   My favorite thing is just how easy it is to set up.

01:04:13   Like you just plug it in, you open the apps, one on the Mac, one on the iPhone,

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01:04:20   that it will just open like the lunar display app on the Mac,

01:04:23   which is open whenever it's logged in or whenever the lunar display is plugged in,

01:04:27   which is super great.

01:04:28   I've been like tying around the idea of when I get my Mac mini very soon

01:04:33   of just plugging in a lunar display into that and play

01:04:36   and then just using my iPad as the way to interact with that Mac mini.

01:04:40   Turns out, it's possible, Lunar Display put together a whole video and blog post about

01:04:45   how to do it because they thought that the idea sounded super cool, they tried it out

01:04:49   and it works.

01:04:50   And I am very excited about the prospect of this because it just looks like a super cool

01:04:53   way to be able to manage that Mac Mini but also if I do need to do something super quick

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01:05:02   Super super awesome, there's tons of uses for this thing and it's super simple too.

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01:05:20   promo code connected at checkout. Our thanks to Lunadisplay for their support of this show

01:05:25   and Relay FM.

01:05:26   I have some real time follow up from Kate in the chatroom, she's linked to me to a support

01:05:31   article about how to control which home pod responds. Apparently the left home pod becomes

01:05:36   the dominant home pod. Why did they make that choice? But they did.

01:05:39   It's left brain and right brain, you know, that stuff.

01:05:43   Oh yeah, yeah, that makes perfect sense. Apparently all you need to do is go up to the

01:05:49   home pod that you want and you tap on it and you ask it to turn on Siri and then that will be the

01:05:54   one that uses it. Seems like a very simple way to do it, I just wished that it was more obvious.

01:06:00   But yeah, so I will be trying that out once we're done today.

01:06:04   You guys have in the show note Apple's holiday ad, which I've watched and I've watched the

01:06:09   behind the scenes and it seems like the two of you have many more feelings about this than I do.

01:06:15   It's beautiful.

01:06:17   Oh, it brought tears to my eyes.

01:06:19   Yeah, yeah. I don't know, there's something about...

01:06:22   Am I a monster? That I wasn't moved?

01:06:24   Maybe.

01:06:25   You are an old man with a heart of stone.

01:06:28   You've experienced every feeling you could possibly experience by now. Me and Federico

01:06:33   still have new ones. There's nothing more for you to feel, is what we're saying. So

01:06:43   leave it to the teenagers here to share emotional comments on a commercial from a multi-billion

01:06:49   corporation. This ad, I like it because it's something that resonates with me, the idea

01:07:00   of sometimes keeping your creative endeavors away from people.

01:07:08   Because you feel like they're not good enough.

01:07:10   Because you feel like they're not good enough or that nobody's gonna like them or they're

01:07:13   too personal or too, you know, people will not be able to relate to them or whatever.

01:07:19   And the message of it's okay, like you should share your creativity with other people. It's

01:07:26   something that I struggle a lot of times myself and so seeing this message in this ad and

01:07:33   I love the style, I love the animation work and there's a dog and the fact that as a dog

01:07:38   person the fact that the dog is sort of helping the main character overcome this problem is

01:07:47   even better for me because it's interesting you see it that way I just saw it as the dog

01:07:51   made an accident like he just accidentally chased after something and opened the window

01:07:55   The dog knew what he was doing, Michael.

01:07:58   Yeah, they always do, right? Dogs have...

01:08:00   They always do.

01:08:01   Yeah.

01:08:02   I don't want to hear anything about this.

01:08:04   This was done on purpose.

01:08:07   So, yeah, it's it's a message that resonates.

01:08:11   It's done in a style that I like.

01:08:13   And there's a dog.

01:08:14   And there is a behind the scenes video.

01:08:16   Funnily enough, I don't know why this is.

01:08:19   Both the ad and the behind the scenes video are the exact same length.

01:08:24   I don't, it's just one of those, I noticed it.

01:08:26   I was like, they're both two minutes and 53 seconds.

01:08:29   Huh?

01:08:29   Why, why are they both anyway, but they are.

01:08:33   And the behind the scenes video shows that I would never have guessed this.

01:08:37   This, the characters are CG.

01:08:39   The environments are practical.

01:08:41   They are sets.

01:08:42   They are miniaturized sets that were built.

01:08:44   And this added on to me because like, like the whole thing is about sharing your

01:08:48   gifts, which is a great tagline.

01:08:49   It's a great play on words.

01:08:51   you know, like that you share your gifts with people, but also the holidays are a

01:08:55   time when people share gifts with each other.

01:08:57   Right. It's very clever. And like, I was just remarked to talk about like sharing

01:09:01   gifts, like showing these people, like the things that they're able to build.

01:09:05   Right. Like that is a gift.

01:09:07   And I think this is a beautiful ad and it has a wonderful message.

01:09:11   You know, I guess, Stephen, I'm surprised you didn't at least get like called

01:09:16   Tyriad because the character whose name is Sophia or Sophie, I think they

01:09:21   mentioned in the behind the scenes, is just using a Mac. I thought that might have at

01:09:24   least brought a tier to your eye. Yeah, she's creating on a Mac because you can't do real

01:09:29   gift sharing on an iPad. Yeah, that's true. I love the Supreme sticker. I think that's

01:09:33   funny. Yes, I love the song by Billie Eilish. She's amazing. She's 16. She's been making

01:09:41   music since she was 11. So she's the perfect person for this ad, right? She's perfect.

01:09:46   She got signed by a major label when she was 14, so two years ago. And if you have a home

01:09:51   pod. Here's a teachy music tip. Thank you. If you have a home pod, set it loud. So set

01:09:58   it like 70 or 80% and play by Billie Eilish. The title of the song is You Should See Me

01:10:06   in a Crown. Trust me, home pod very loud during the day. Don't do this at night. You should

01:10:13   see me in a crown by Billie Eilish. You will not regret it. The song is great. And I'm

01:10:18   I'm not saying I don't like it, I like the message.

01:10:20   I think the message is great.

01:10:22   Fidor, it's interesting you say that you struggle with this.

01:10:25   I struggle with the opposite that sometimes I feel like--

01:10:27   (laughing)

01:10:28   - My ideas are too good.

01:10:29   (laughing)

01:10:30   - No, no, not that.

01:10:31   - No, I'm kidding.

01:10:33   - The mechanism, I feel like sometimes I only make things

01:10:36   because I have to share them and then I don't make

01:10:38   enough stuff just for me that's private,

01:10:40   which is like a different thing.

01:10:42   But yeah, the behind the scenes video really was cool.

01:10:46   I had no idea that they were background sets.

01:10:50   I'm like, oh, I'm just gonna watch a two-minute thing

01:10:53   about how CGI works, and it's like,

01:10:55   oh, holy cow, they built a city.

01:10:58   That's awesome.

01:10:59   - Yeah.

01:11:00   - And it shows how much, it's like the HomePod video

01:11:03   from earlier this year with the room

01:11:06   that it extends as she's dancing.

01:11:07   - Love that ad.

01:11:08   - Apple puts a lot of money and effort into these things,

01:11:10   and that is really cool.

01:11:12   - I love that.

01:11:13   That HomePod ad is one of my favorite commercials

01:11:15   of all time.

01:11:16   I have many times just watched it for fun, right?

01:11:20   Like it's just a wonderful, wonderful ad.

01:11:22   Let me ask you, in America, are Christmas ads a thing?

01:11:27   Like emotional Christmas stories?

01:11:30   - Oh yeah. - Okay.

01:11:31   - Yes. - 'Cause that's the thing

01:11:32   that I think it started here, like it's John Lewis, right?

01:11:36   Like John Lewis at the department store.

01:11:38   John Lewis' Christmas ad this year,

01:11:40   it's probably the best they've ever done.

01:11:42   - Should I watch it?

01:11:43   - Oh, it's an Elton John ad?

01:11:45   Oh my God.

01:11:46   Oh my god, it's so good.

01:11:49   It's so good.

01:11:50   I will put a link in the show notes

01:11:52   to the John Lewis Christmas ad.

01:11:55   It is incredible.

01:11:57   I cried, I cried my eyes out watching it.

01:11:59   So that's that.

01:12:01   But the S Apples ad is very, very nice, very nice.

01:12:04   - We don't have emotional Christmas ads in Italy.

01:12:07   I don't think we do.

01:12:09   There was an ad a few years ago

01:12:12   that sort of became viral among my friends

01:12:16   and on Facebook in Italy from I think it was like a German or like a Danish supermarket

01:12:23   chain. It was an I don't remember exactly details but it was an ad about like this old

01:12:29   man that was always spending his Christmas alone and then his family realizes and they

01:12:37   spend Christmas together and I swear like I cried a lot watching that ad. It was really

01:12:44   beautiful and touching. But they're not a thing in Italy. I think we are too cynical

01:12:50   as a country to get emotional for ads.

01:12:55   Is Christmas commercialized significantly in Italy?

01:12:58   Oh yeah, but not... yes. Well, it's kind of weird because there's this divide between

01:13:06   the commercialized aspect of Christmas, of course, and the religious aspect, because

01:13:10   we have the Vatican.

01:13:11   Because I would have figured the religious aspect was even more so than some other countries.

01:13:17   There's a lot of debate amongst, you know, between the religious people who say, "Well,

01:13:25   Christmas is now too commercialized and everybody else is just spending money." So we feel that

01:13:32   debate a lot because of the Vatican and because of the religious aspect of Italy. But yeah,

01:13:40   very commercialized and I feel like maybe this is happening everywhere but

01:13:43   I've been seeing Christmas decoration go up in late October which is nonsense

01:13:47   like we're starting this thing earlier every year I mean next year we're

01:13:52   probably gonna see Christmas stuff in August I mean why not you know yeah

01:13:56   it's crazy it's harder outside of America because there's no Thanksgiving

01:14:01   barrier yeah right they're pushing right through it but they don't care anymore

01:14:05   more than just like whatever. Yeah Thanksgiving has lots of holes in it and Christmas oozes

01:14:11   through. That's wonderful. I have one last thing I want to talk to you guys about today

01:14:16   because I saw this and I just want to know what you think. The 12 South power pick. What

01:14:22   is this? I have not looked at this yet. I saw this and I wanted to react on the show

01:14:27   so I'm loading the page. Let me explain what this is for our audio listeners. It is a wooden

01:14:33   picture frame that hides the 10 watt Qi charger underneath the image. So, it's just a picture

01:14:43   frame and you put your phone in the frame and then it will charge your phone up. So

01:14:49   it's got like a stand, that's where it lives, you put it in there. 12 South have also, they've

01:14:53   gone an extra step, they've created some images and wallpapers that pair together. So like

01:14:59   have one where it's like a blank sky with some marble floor but when you put your iPhone in it

01:15:05   there is like a matching Eiffel Tower or Tour de Eiffel, is that it? I think that's it, I'm gonna

01:15:12   go with that, that would then be in its place so you complete the whole image. Wait, hold on, so

01:15:18   you gotta use their own wallpapers for this effect? No you don't have to, you don't have to, you can

01:15:23   can use whatever you want, but they created a bunch of like freely

01:15:27   downloadable images that pair together nicely, right?

01:15:31   But you can do whatever you want, or you don't have to have an image at all, right?

01:15:34   Like you can just have a picture in the frame and then you just, you know.

01:15:38   Can you put your own physical picture in the frame?

01:15:42   Yes, yes, yes.

01:15:43   These pictures, they are downloadable photos, right?

01:15:46   So like you can download the images, you can print off the images to go in the frame

01:15:51   and then you can download the wallpaper if you want to, or you can just put any image you want in the frame.

01:15:56   Okay. Okay. I mean, I love 12 South. They make some really great stuff.

01:16:03   They make some questionable stuff too, though.

01:16:05   This is not one of them. Like, I feel like we are-

01:16:08   They make great stuff, but then they also make like, the cases that you stick-

01:16:13   The back candle?

01:16:14   No, the candle is like, that was, I think that was probably always a joke.

01:16:17   Oh, the cases that look like a Bible that are, yeah, yeah.

01:16:22   Yeah, then I don't like those.

01:16:24   So I feel like this is just approaching the wild territory of, it's a shower head, but

01:16:31   it's also a G charger.

01:16:32   Wouldn't that be great?

01:16:34   It's like, I don't want this.

01:16:37   I don't want to have chips and cables and power in every single object that I touch.

01:16:44   I don't want to walk around the house with my hands with gloves and be like,

01:16:47   Ooh, is that a charger? Can I touch it? It's like, well,

01:16:50   it looks like a coffee maker,

01:16:53   but actually if you put your phone on the top of it, I don't want that.

01:16:57   So, um,

01:16:58   what I would think if,

01:17:00   if I went to someone's house and I saw a picture frame with an iPhone leaning in

01:17:04   it, I would not think, Oh, that's a charger. I would think two things. A,

01:17:09   that phone is just going to fall out of there and break. But B who's,

01:17:12   who are they angry at that they are covering the face of this former loved one with their

01:17:17   phone? Right? Like, oh, that picture, you know, like, I'm not talking to that person

01:17:21   right now. So I just covered them. I just put my phone in there. So I don't have to

01:17:24   see them looking at me. It's, I want to, I'm trying to imagine the ideal user for this

01:17:32   product. Somebody just casually walking around the house, you know, they're doing chores,

01:17:36   they're doing something. And then this person was like, who let me put my phone in the picture

01:17:40   frame per second than to charge it. Like, why would you do this? I don't understand.

01:17:48   I don't, I'm not going to buy this product because it's, I just don't want it. But I

01:17:53   feel like I have a, I understand it more than, than you two do. Like, I feel like I kind

01:17:59   of get it that like Qi charges are ugly and like a picture frame is something that's always

01:18:03   just sitting there anyway, wherever it's sitting. So like, why not put a Qi charger in the back?

01:18:09   However, that line of thinking does lead to many more ridiculous situations as Federico

01:18:17   has explained.

01:18:18   So I do not encourage the line of thinking of "why not put a Qi charger in it?"

01:18:22   Like I don't like that sentence.

01:18:26   Why not put a Qi charger in it?

01:18:28   Because again, I will say, I've said this many times, Qi charging makes me uncomfortable.

01:18:32   It just makes me uncomfortable.

01:18:34   There's just something about it that I don't like and I don't know why it is.

01:18:38   I don't ban Qi charging from my home.

01:18:40   I'm thinking of getting a Qi charger soon, but it's still, I feel more comfortable with

01:18:45   a cable that I plug into the phone.

01:18:46   It's just, it's just how my brain is built.

01:18:49   What if you had a Qi charger, but it was not vertical.

01:18:54   It was more like a mat, like something that you rest somewhere.

01:19:01   What if it supported multiple devices at once, like say an iPhone and your Apple Watch and

01:19:07   in your AirPods.

01:19:09   Wouldn't that be nice?

01:19:11   - What would you call it?

01:19:12   - I don't know, picture power?

01:19:14   Like power mat?

01:19:15   - Power mat's good. - Power pad.

01:19:19   Power pad. - Power pad.

01:19:21   Power pad, like somebody should work on that.

01:19:24   You know? - Sounds very good.

01:19:25   - Should file a patent for it, maybe.

01:19:27   - That's a good idea.

01:19:30   All right, I think that does it for this

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01:20:54   - Adios, echos.

01:20:55   - Cheerio. - Adios.

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