212: NanoHippo


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 212.

00:00:12   It is brought to you this week by our sponsors,

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00:00:16   My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined as always

00:00:19   by two of my very best buddies.

00:00:22   I have Myke Hurley here.

00:00:23   Myke, how are you?

00:00:24   - I'm feeling even better now.

00:00:27   - That's good.

00:00:28   What about you, Federico?

00:00:29   You feel good?

00:00:29   I feel normal, I would say, on a TG scale.

00:00:34   So yeah, between normal and good.

00:00:37   So yeah, overall thumbs up.

00:00:41   - So you're in the sort of the green zone.

00:00:43   - Yeah, I'm in the green zone, yeah.

00:00:44   - I have some scale stickers right here.

00:00:46   - For reference. - That we're gonna

00:00:48   give out soon.

00:00:49   Yeah, for reference.

00:00:51   I would say that I'm on the TG scale.

00:00:53   I'm pretty solid between decent and normal.

00:00:55   I'm a little sick, so my voice hurts a little bit.

00:00:58   It's hot in here, in my office,

00:01:00   but I'm glad I'm with y'all so it's not inferior.

00:01:02   So I'm decent normal somewhere in there.

00:01:05   - Okay, okay, good.

00:01:07   - What about you, Myke?

00:01:08   Where are you?

00:01:09   - I'm gonna say on the scale today that I'm probably good.

00:01:16   - Okay.

00:01:18   - I mean good. - Good.

00:01:19   - You know, good.

00:01:20   Good, good to good plus, but like good, at least good.

00:01:24   - It's like good and a half, basically.

00:01:27   Good point five. You know when you go to the the doctor's office right and it's

00:01:34   like they have the pain scale and it's like which frowny face do you feel like

00:01:39   today? I hate that because I have I hate that like I hate that thing because I

00:01:44   don't know like faces or like colors and stuff they just don't equate to pain

00:01:51   like I hate that thing. Imagine when Jeremy Burch goes to the doctor and they

00:01:56   and they're like the smiley scale and it's like no this code point is wrong and this emoji is wrong

00:02:00   they just show him emoji and he's like oh is that version seven sir what is the unicode code point

00:02:07   so i agree with you all it's sort of a crummy scale so what we are doing today is calling upon

00:02:18   all medical professionals to replace that with tche scale so if you're a doctor

00:02:23   or nurse or

00:02:25   Terrible or somebody working in the medical field and you replace that with a t-shirt scale sticker. Please send us a picture and

00:02:32   Make sure you have good insurance. I

00:02:35   Don't want to be involved in this

00:02:37   I would like to exclude myself from this narrative that I've not wanted to be a part of since I feel like I feel like

00:02:44   The the teacher scale is a completely non scientific

00:02:48   method but also

00:02:51   It's relatable like people understand it at a like an emotional level even though it shouldn't be used in any medical profession or

00:02:59   Nuclear testing facility, you know those kind of jobs shouldn't be used this this radiation leak is

00:03:05   But people can understand it like there's a there's an empathy going on with the teaching skill that's why people love it

00:03:13   So maybe not like medical professionals, but like therapists. That's what we're saying now

00:03:18   No, I'm not saying that either.

00:03:23   We have a lot of stuff to talk about.

00:03:25   Emoji is a huge topic today.

00:03:27   We're going to play a game with emoji in a little while.

00:03:31   But we have some follow up at the beginning of the show.

00:03:33   Some truly best I love you follow up.

00:03:36   Yes, so as of this recording, I'm looking at the page right now, we have raised $66,210

00:03:46   for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

00:03:48   you to each and every one of you is donated. I know lots of people have

00:03:54   shared this on their own podcast and on Twitter and on Facebook and everywhere

00:03:58   else. It means the world to us to see St. Jude benefit from the generosity of our

00:04:05   community. So thank you. Best people. Best people. That is best I love you

00:04:11   follow-up. Mm-hmm. So we're moving from something that makes my heart happy to

00:04:15   something that makes Federico's heart happy.

00:04:17   What's going on with the heart rate app on the watch?

00:04:21   - Yes, I regret to inform you that I was wrong last week.

00:04:25   - Whoa! - Yes.

00:04:27   Well, you know, I'm not, I'm still new to watchOS.

00:04:32   I still feel like whenever I open the watch app on my phone,

00:04:36   like it feels like I'm discovering something new every week.

00:04:42   There's a way to check your heart rate recovery in the dedicated heart rate app on the watch.

00:04:50   In fact, it's even better than what you get in the Siri phase.

00:04:54   After a workout, you just need to open the heart rate app, scroll all the way to the

00:04:59   bottom.

00:05:00   There's like a small widget type of thing, like a small card at the bottom, that shows

00:05:06   you your recovery in real time after a workout.

00:05:10   So especially if you have something like an external sensor connected, like a Polar H10,

00:05:18   you will see in real time the BPMs hopefully go down after a workout.

00:05:24   That's the goal at least.

00:05:25   That's how, you know, hearts should work.

00:05:29   And yeah, this is so much better than just switching to the Siri phase and waiting two

00:05:34   minutes because you can just open the heart rate app, scroll to the bottom, and see, you

00:05:39   over the course of two minutes,

00:05:41   two and a half minutes, what happens to your BPM value.

00:05:44   So thank you everyone

00:05:46   for sending in this comment and this correction.

00:05:49   This is actually really useful and I discovered

00:05:53   a bunch of details of the Heart Rate app that I was not aware of.

00:05:57   It's actually a pretty decent utility.

00:05:59   I mean, I was using the Heart Rate just to

00:06:01   measure my heart rate from a complication,

00:06:04   but there's a whole list of features that you can

00:06:06   access if you open the standalone app,

00:06:08   which is now in my dock on the Apple Watch.

00:06:12   So there you go.

00:06:13   - I think it's interesting.

00:06:14   I have it open now,

00:06:16   and this is common in watchOS apps

00:06:19   just 'cause the screen is so small.

00:06:20   Like it's not always immediately clear

00:06:23   what's available to you until you start like swiping

00:06:25   or tapping or force pressing around.

00:06:27   And again, like that's fine, the watch is small,

00:06:30   but I feel like any time I spend time in a watchOS app,

00:06:34   I'm always sort of surprised.

00:06:35   I'm like, "Oh, it does that too.

00:06:38   I wasn't aware of it.

00:06:39   So I don't know what could be done about that

00:06:43   to make this more discoverable,

00:06:45   but I'm glad it's there.

00:06:46   Like you said, it's super important if you're tracking

00:06:49   during a workout to see how that recovery rate,

00:06:52   how that falls off.

00:06:53   So I'm pleased that you were pleased with it.

00:06:56   - Are you pleased, Myke?

00:06:59   - I'm pleased that Federico is pleased.

00:07:01   I'm pleased that Steven is pleased that Federico is pleased.

00:07:04   - Nice, we're all pleased.

00:07:05   That's good to know.

00:07:06   - All right, moving on.

00:07:08   - So up next we have a couple links in the show notes.

00:07:13   Really interesting in-depth blog posts

00:07:17   by the team behind the iPhone photo app.

00:07:21   I'm gonna say Halide.

00:07:23   I say hard I makes sense to me.

00:07:25   - I think it's French also, Halliday.

00:07:27   - Oh, is it?

00:07:28   - That's not.

00:07:30   - Really?

00:07:31   - It's really not, I'm just rolling.

00:07:32   - Okay.

00:07:33   (laughing)

00:07:34   - Yeah, come on.

00:07:35   However you say it, so they have a blog post

00:07:38   about the hardware and the software.

00:07:40   You should read them both.

00:07:42   It's really fascinating to see how much Apple is doing

00:07:46   in this camera that's new.

00:07:48   And like we spoke last week, it makes the fact

00:07:50   that they talk so little about it on stage

00:07:52   even more baffling to me.

00:07:55   There was so much they could have spoken about

00:07:57   and they just didn't.

00:07:58   And I've been using my XS Max a lot more

00:08:02   to take pictures the last couple days.

00:08:04   I'll have a link in the show notes to a photo

00:08:07   I took on Instagram and I didn't do any filtering or anything

00:08:12   this is just straight off the camera to Instagram

00:08:15   and it is of some like bulldozers and stuff on my street

00:08:18   and what blew me away is between the leaves on the trees

00:08:22   you can see a really blue sky and you know most

00:08:27   previous iPhones would probably have blown that out

00:08:30   and like it looks sort of hyper real for a photo

00:08:32   which I still struggle with a little bit

00:08:34   but it's how it looks to the human eye.

00:08:36   And I think that the iPhone has given up

00:08:39   some of its neutrality it had in the past

00:08:42   to make something that's sort of like more realistic.

00:08:46   So like this picture is really nice looking

00:08:49   and I think I am definitely coming around

00:08:51   to how the Max and the XS takes photos,

00:08:54   but it's been an adjustment period for me

00:08:57   like we spoke about.

00:08:57   But I was really pleased with this picture.

00:09:00   Like you look in the shadows and like,

00:09:01   the HDR did a really good job in this photo

00:09:04   pull out details and stuff that it would have lost I think in the past. So go check out

00:09:09   those blog posts.

00:09:11   Those blog posts will also kind of talk about, remember we've been talking about this for

00:09:14   a couple of weeks, just like the selfie camera seems to like, seems like it's doing something

00:09:19   that's smoothing. And it's still, I still think the jury's out on it a little bit as

00:09:24   to why this is happening, or like what decisions were made that led to this happening, but

00:09:29   it seems like it's something to do with low lighting and the way that the phone's trying

00:09:34   of smooth out distortion, is that right? And the effect is that it looks like people's

00:09:40   faces are getting smoothed. And they kind of are, but their phone's trying to do something

00:09:45   like that, but it's not a case of the phone is applying a beauty filter to you, but it's

00:09:51   just a result of what they're doing with the HDR stuff in the camera. Is that right? Am

00:09:57   I following it?

00:09:58   I think so. I think that sums it up and there's an argument that maybe they could tweak that

00:10:04   in the future to help minimize that effect, but all in all I'm definitely coming around

00:10:09   to how these pictures look.

00:10:11   I still think, and I don't mean to be like a conspiracy theorist or anything, I still

00:10:16   think that they have to be, you know, the people at Apple, they have to be pretty much

00:10:20   aware of what these pictures look like before releasing the iPhone. And while it was not

00:10:27   labeled as a beauty filter and of course maybe it was not done intentionally. I mean you

00:10:33   gotta notice the differences. Yeah I genuinely think that they have tuned it in some way

00:10:38   and they've, however they've decided to ship it, they're like "we like what this does"

00:10:42   or "we think people are gonna like what this does" and they shipped it. It wasn't the case

00:10:45   of like "we're gonna try and make this camera make people's selfies look better" but as

00:10:50   a result of everything else that they did this happened and they were kind of like "okay"

00:10:54   Because I saw it like on the first selfie that I took, right?

00:10:58   People would have tested that.

00:11:00   So you know.

00:11:01   It's not a surprise.

00:11:02   So last week, last week, I challenged you both to buy pop sockets for your 10s Max's.

00:11:10   Now I'm very, very confident that Federico did not do this because he was so against

00:11:16   it.

00:11:17   He's being so close minded about the whole thing.

00:11:20   And he just flat out refused it seemed on the show.

00:11:23   So Fedorik, I'll be very impressed if you're gonna surprise me.

00:11:26   I couldn't buy one because I ran out of money.

00:11:34   That's such a shame!

00:11:35   Are you doing okay over there?

00:11:38   Yeah, we just bought our last meal and then we just ran out of money.

00:11:42   I was like, man, I cannot buy that popsocket.

00:11:45   They have to eat the HomePods now.

00:11:47   That's such a shame that you ran out of money at such an opportune time, I suppose.

00:11:52   Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was really unfortunate.

00:11:55   I'm sorry about that.

00:11:56   I'm sorry about that.

00:11:57   It's fine.

00:11:58   I hope that you're going to be OK.

00:11:59   But Stephen, I know that you did buy a Pop Suckit,

00:12:02   and I am very intrigued as to what you think about it.

00:12:08   Here it is.

00:12:10   Isn't it a great fidget toy?

00:12:11   It is.

00:12:12   So I have it on the back of the Apple leather case.

00:12:16   Just for the sake of visualization,

00:12:18   I bought one with a print of the moon on it.

00:12:21   So I have a black leather case and the moon on it.

00:12:23   Looks kinda nice.

00:12:25   I am torn.

00:12:27   I 100% see the benefits of it.

00:12:30   It does make the phone easier to use.

00:12:33   Like this morning I wanted to watch a YouTube video

00:12:36   while I was eating breakfast.

00:12:39   There was something I wanted to finish up

00:12:40   in preparation for another show.

00:12:42   And I could just sit my phone up with a little pop socket,

00:12:46   like a little kickstand, and watch what I needed to watch.

00:12:50   It was some old NASA footage.

00:12:51   And that's all pretty great.

00:12:53   I haven't moved down from where I had it originally.

00:12:58   I think I originally had it kinda too high

00:13:00   on the back of the phone.

00:13:01   But it's where I've gotten out I'm happy with.

00:13:04   But as you predicted, I do not like

00:13:07   that it makes wireless charging effectively impossible.

00:13:10   You can kinda line it up just right,

00:13:11   but I've been plugging it in.

00:13:14   - It's less than ideal for wireless charging.

00:13:16   - Less than ideal.

00:13:18   But it also just adds bulk to a phone

00:13:20   that's already pretty bulky.

00:13:23   And for someone who normally doesn't carry the phone

00:13:24   in the case, I'm also stuck with a case with this thing

00:13:28   'cause I didn't want to stick it right to my brand new,

00:13:29   very expensive phone.

00:13:31   So I think where I'm gonna end up with it is,

00:13:34   generally when I'm just around the house

00:13:35   or I'm at home or work, my phone is caseless.

00:13:39   But I always put my phone in a case when I travel

00:13:43   or when I'm out doing something,

00:13:47   like out exercising or I'm out in an event with the kids

00:13:52   or that sort of thing where it's way more prone

00:13:56   to being in and out of my pocket in a way

00:14:01   that's more accident friendly, more accident prone.

00:14:04   So I'm gonna leave it on the case

00:14:05   and I will use it when I have the case.

00:14:08   So I like it, but yeah, I think mainly

00:14:10   'cause I'm not a case guy, I don't like the bulk

00:14:12   and that sort of hampers it for me a little bit.

00:14:16   Okay. I mean, I'm happy that you tried it.

00:14:19   Um, I am.

00:14:20   I actually think that you like it more than I thought you were going to like it,

00:14:22   which is a surprise to me.

00:14:24   Uh, but I'm very pleased that you did try it.

00:14:27   I will say that I'm not the only person that uses these now.

00:14:31   I've also convinced gray.

00:14:32   So like on the most recent episode of cortex, you need, in case you need more

00:14:37   convincing, cause I think people think that I do wild things, right?

00:14:41   They just think, oh, you can't trust what Myke does.

00:14:43   He does crazy things, right?

00:14:46   Well, Gray does it now too, if that's of any more help to you.

00:14:48   So you can listen to the most recent episode of Cortex and you can hear

00:14:52   Gray's thoughts on, on Popsockets.

00:14:54   I think that they're very good.

00:14:55   And Federico, I, the next time I see you, I'm going to make you use

00:14:59   one for an extended period of time.

00:15:01   You're going to give me money to buy one?

00:15:03   Yup.

00:15:04   I'm going to give you some money so you can buy one.

00:15:06   Trade iPhone cases, right?

00:15:08   Like if it's attached to the case, then, and I don't know what sort of adhesive

00:15:12   they use, but I feel like I could lift a building.

00:15:15   It's a 3M adhesive.

00:15:16   I could lift a building by this popsocket, I feel like.

00:15:19   Yep.

00:15:19   It's crazy.

00:15:20   You can reapply them.

00:15:21   Like, you can take them off and reapply them.

00:15:22   Yeah, I adjusted mine down about half an inch.

00:15:25   And that was definitely helpful.

00:15:28   Sometimes you have to apply a bit of water, I've learned,

00:15:32   if you want it to stick again.

00:15:33   Or fire.

00:15:34   I'm still using the same one I used on my previous phone.

00:15:37   And it's stuck on there.

00:15:39   I did have an interesting conversation

00:15:42   with a family member about this who

00:15:44   thought that it was sort of silly to like have a phone so big you needed another product to make

00:15:49   it easier to hold? Yeah, people said that to me and I think that that's nonsense. Like it's,

00:15:54   it's not about that. Like I like it because it makes it easier, but it's not impossible.

00:15:59   And plus, like, I understand why people take that tact with it. It's like, oh, if you need that,

00:16:05   then you shouldn't have a phone that big. But the point is, I want the phone that big. And now I

00:16:09   found a way that I can use it more easily. So isn't that for the best? Like that just seems like the

00:16:13   best of all worlds to me. Agreed. We need to just take a second because you will have

00:16:20   heard us talk in the past. Was it last week we spoke about the fact that we were in, what

00:16:27   was it last week? It was a video for the Apple Watch, right? Like we just snuck in. There

00:16:31   was this like, there was a video on Twitter that Apple support shared and you could see

00:16:36   this like carousel of podcasts and you could see our logo just sneaking away in there.

00:16:41   Well, two things have happened over the last week.

00:16:43   Now there is a second Apple support video, like a GIF about using watchOS 5,

00:16:50   where we are featured prominently in that.

00:16:53   Like very clearly, you can see the connected logo and a little GIF that they made.

00:16:57   I will also say it is interesting that they say, as Kyle's the great pointed out,

00:17:02   the tweet is podcast listener, yoga lover and power user. That's me, right?

00:17:05   They're talking about me because I have all those things now.

00:17:08   I do yoga now, so I think they're talking about me.

00:17:10   But maybe even more impressively,

00:17:13   Steven's made it to the K-base.

00:17:15   You've done it.

00:17:16   That's right.

00:17:17   I labeled this on Five Twelve Pixel's K-base article of the year.

00:17:21   Which is an honor that I bestow very carefully.

00:17:25   Upon yourself.

00:17:26   You're just giving the prize to yourself.

00:17:28   Yeah.

00:17:29   Well, and to the two of you.

00:17:30   Okay.

00:17:31   You're just as much a part of the show as I am, as the three of us together.

00:17:34   It's not a prize I was looking for.

00:17:36   So I will cut the prize into three, and we'll each get a segment of it.

00:17:39   What's the price? What's the price? Do we get like a slice of your website?

00:17:44   Is that like...

00:17:45   I want the 512 to be like the million dollar page where I get like one pixel on your...

00:17:51   Oh, yeah.

00:17:52   Is your page made of 512 pixels actually? I feel like there should be an area...

00:17:57   There should be an area of your website which is like a sidebar or like a box which is made of 512 pixels.

00:18:05   And you can donate...

00:18:06   You sell the pixels.

00:18:07   And you can set each one of those pixels to people.

00:18:11   And because I now own a third of the price, I should have a pixel for free.

00:18:18   I mean, I'm in bargaining mood today.

00:18:21   Yeah, you are.

00:18:22   I mean, I can't argue with that legal that legal mastermind that you're walking around

00:18:28   with all the time.

00:18:29   So yeah, so we're part of this is the k base article.

00:18:33   I define that as an article at support.apple.com,

00:18:36   but this is part of the Apple Watch user guide,

00:18:39   which feels even more important

00:18:40   than just a regular K-Base article,

00:18:42   which of course is very important.

00:18:44   This is about how to play podcast on Apple Watch,

00:18:47   because Apple refuses to use English

00:18:50   when it talks about its products.

00:18:52   So play podcast stored on Apple Watch.

00:18:55   Play podcast from iPhone.

00:18:57   Then you scroll down to play podcast from your library.

00:19:01   There, right there, is connected episode 201

00:19:06   and episode 200.

00:19:09   One of those, I believe, is just me and John Voorhees,

00:19:12   I think. (laughs)

00:19:13   You guys missed 201, I think.

00:19:15   - Oh, man, why'd they do that?

00:19:18   - Nope, Federico's on 201.

00:19:22   - That's good.

00:19:22   - Say 200.

00:19:24   - 200 was John and Casey. - No, 200 was me, John,

00:19:27   oh no.

00:19:28   - Oh no. - Oh no.

00:19:29   Why did you say that? I cut this from the show.

00:19:32   Everything's ruined now.

00:19:33   You should f*** this when you say "kiss his name".

00:19:36   What's actually happened is they skipped 200. They were like "bleh" and then they went straight to 201.

00:19:41   Oh, I see that. Yeah, they're playing 201. So he was almost in the world's greatest K-BASE article,

00:19:47   but he didn't quite make it. So this is really cool. Thank you to whoever out there is doing this.

00:19:53   I don't know why it's happening. I'm so happy, but it's like, people say, "Oh, how?"

00:19:59   I don't know. I have no idea why this has happened, why it continues to happen. It is

00:20:05   very surreal and wonderful, but I don't know what's going on.

00:20:10   And this will be our show, Art Forever.

00:20:11   Forever.

00:20:12   We will never change it.

00:20:13   Never change it.

00:20:14   Never change it. It is the same. Now and forever. Okay, so we have a lot more talk about, we

00:20:20   We have iOS 12.1, we have a request from Michael, we have some shortcut stuff.

00:20:27   But first, Myke, do you want to tell us about our first sponsor?

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00:21:36   show and RelayFM.

00:21:38   So the iOS 12.1 beta came out. One of the things that it is fixing is a story that somehow

00:21:45   kind of mostly passed me by that there is a charging problem with the XS is

00:21:50   that right there's like something going on where in some there is a percentage

00:21:56   of phones that if you plug them in they don't start charging until you turn on

00:22:02   the screen it's a very weird software bug and one of the things coming in 12.1

00:22:08   is a fix for this I'm surprised that they have not pushed this fix sooner in

00:22:12   in like a 12.0.1 update if it is something that seems to be actually happening because

00:22:18   12.1 is multiple weeks away I would expect but that's something that apparently is going

00:22:23   to be fixed. I think everyone can agree the most important thing in 12.1 is the 17 new

00:22:30   emoji that Apple is bringing out. There is a lot of new emoji and a lot of new emoji

00:22:35   variations so I'm going to put a link in the show notes to Emojipedia's breakdown of all

00:22:42   of these new emoji so you can go for yourself and see what they're all about. There's lots

00:22:47   of very interesting ones but we are going to play a game today that Federico wanted

00:22:54   to play and there is a side there is 17 new emoji there is an image that is going to be

00:23:00   be in our show notes, I'm sure that Stephen has put this as a chapter art, right?

00:23:04   Sure. So you can look at your phone right now and

00:23:07   you'll be able to see it, but it's also going to be, there is a link in the show notes called

00:23:11   "Every New Emoji in iOS 12.1" in case you want to play along at home. So what we're

00:23:15   going to do is, Federico is going to try and guess the names of these emoji, just what

00:23:22   he thinks they are called. I have the actual list up here, I am going to say "I'm going

00:23:29   going to say if he is right or not and we'll say what they are actually called

00:23:32   and Steven will you score this? Sure so I'm gonna I'm gonna mark I'll have two

00:23:40   columns I'm gonna get my notebook I'll have one column that says correct and

00:23:45   then I have another column that says incorrect and I'll just tally as we go

00:23:52   through and we'll see how we get now does he get one guess can you help him

00:23:56   Do I need to get the exact definition of the Uni--

00:24:00   I think we can decide all of these rules as we begin playing the game.

00:24:04   Perfect.

00:24:06   Right? I feel like you're not going to get any of them, well, some of them.

00:24:10   You're barely going to get any of them completely correct, I think, because their

00:24:14   Unicode labeling for emoji is very strange sometimes, like the way that they--

00:24:20   some stuff is like weirdly descriptive, so I don't think you're going to get them all,

00:24:25   but we can work it out together.

00:24:28   I think that would be the right way to do it.

00:24:30   So we'll start from the top left

00:24:33   and move along kind of row by row.

00:24:35   So we are playing a very interesting visual game on a podcast.

00:24:39   This is new ground for us all.

00:24:42   All right. So this guy right here,

00:24:45   there's a smiling face with three hearts.

00:24:48   So this little dude's got lots of love to share.

00:24:54   I want to say smiley face with lots of love.

00:24:57   Actually smiley face? No.

00:24:59   Smiley face with three hearts.

00:25:01   Nailed it. I was really worried there for a second because you said smiling face with three hearts.

00:25:07   Oh no, smiling face with a lot of love.

00:25:09   The emoji name is smiling face with three hearts.

00:25:12   That is the name.

00:25:14   Smiling face with three hearts. Okay.

00:25:15   I'm going to use this one all the time.

00:25:18   All the time I will use this one.

00:25:20   This is a great emoji because I like the ones that have the hearts on them.

00:25:24   like the hearts and eyes and stuff, but that's a little bit too kind of like romantic, I

00:25:28   think, you know? Like, there's like a love element to this, but like smiling face with

00:25:32   three hearts around him, it's like "Oh, I'm so thankful for this, you know, I'm gonna

00:25:36   use this one a lot, I think, so..."

00:25:38   Next up, so right here we have the first problem. I have no idea what this stands for.

00:25:44   Yeah, it's another good one, though. It's a red face with a tongue out, and it's like

00:25:48   a water droplet.

00:25:50   Is that a... okay, so let me get... alright, so this could be... so in Japanese sort of

00:25:56   manga tradition that's not like... I don't think it's crying, it's more... is it sweat?

00:26:04   Or is it like... is it crying?

00:26:08   Why is it red? Is it red because it's not angry? Because it's like... seems sad. It's

00:26:15   exhausted probably. Is it exhausted because it's hot? Oh yeah, it's next to the cold.

00:26:23   So this is the hot face. Hot face! He got it! Hot face! He got it! Two for two Federico!

00:26:31   So the next one is cold face. No it's cold face. Cold face. Cold face. Cold face and

00:26:39   cold face. Good additions. I have a lot of questions about cold face, about the icicles

00:26:43   - Yeah, yeah. - Out of his mouth.

00:26:44   - Terrifying, like.

00:26:46   - Well, my only assumption is, like,

00:26:48   this person was drooling before it froze.

00:26:51   - Or he's been frozen a long time

00:26:55   and that face is actually dead and paralyzed like that.

00:26:59   - Oh, damn. - Or, you know, for--

00:27:01   - That's dark. - Water to freeze like that.

00:27:03   - It's the first branded emoji, it's Mr. Freeze.

00:27:07   - Who's Mr. Freeze?

00:27:08   - Terrible Batman movie.

00:27:11   - Da da da da da da da. - No idea.

00:27:13   that one. Next. Well, I don't know, there's a little party head and the thing that you

00:27:19   stick in your mouth and makes a noise, I don't know what the name of the thing is. What is

00:27:25   that called? There's like a... Yeah, party... party tongue? What are they called? I'm gonna

00:27:33   Google party tongue. Google paper party tongue. Nope, nope. We should have seen that one coming.

00:27:40   It's like a streamer right? What are they called?

00:27:48   Giant paper tongue.

00:27:54   Party horn or party blower.

00:27:56   According to what the video is.

00:27:57   Party blower because it's like it makes a sound you know.

00:28:01   That's what it was back in my day.

00:28:04   How is that sound again?

00:28:08   sounds like a cow. Party time everyone!

00:28:15   All right so what do you think what do you think uh this emoji's name is?

00:28:19   Um party face. No? It's called partying face so this is right. I feel like that is fine we can

00:28:29   give him that one. You're doing good Federico. I do think though that we have just weighed

00:28:35   Of that top line, that might be like the most descriptive, but alright.

00:28:39   It's gonna get maybe a bit harder now.

00:28:41   So this one I'm gonna get wrong.

00:28:44   I have no idea what this emoji is doing.

00:28:48   It seems like it's a tipsy face.

00:28:52   You know, the cheeks are a little red, and he has this face that looks like a...

00:28:58   Yeah, a little, you know, a little too much to drink maybe.

00:29:03   Mm-hmm.

00:29:04   I'm gonna go with...

00:29:08   How would Apple describe it though, or the Unicode Consortium would describe it?

00:29:11   Like they wouldn't say "drunk face" or...

00:29:13   Right, because this is the thing, everyone knows it's "drunk face".

00:29:16   This is "drunk face", right?

00:29:17   Like we can all agree that that's what it is, but what did Unicode call it?

00:29:21   That's the problem.

00:29:22   Maybe "inebriated face" or...

00:29:25   Come on, you gotta choose, you gotta go with something, you gotta say what your guess is.

00:29:30   - Tipsy face, tipsy face. - Alright. That is a good guess, it is woozy

00:29:34   face. - Woozy.

00:29:35   Woozy is the term that they're using, right? It's like, oh, it could just mean someone

00:29:40   who's sleepy. No, this is the drunk face. So you didn't get that one.

00:29:44   - Drunk, okay. Woozy face. So this one, the next one I know, because Jeremy, the CEO of

00:29:51   emoji. Just emoji. Not emoji. He's the chief of emoji. He told me on Twitter. So I described

00:30:00   it as the puppy eyes emoji. He told me it's the pleating face emoji. Yeah, pleating face.

00:30:07   So pleating face. Alright, next one. Guy with the moustache, red hair. So red haired man.

00:30:20   We'll go with that. Man, comma, red-haired.

00:30:22   Mad, okay. Alright.

00:30:24   But that counts. It's just, you know, I think that's fine.

00:30:27   And woman, red-haired is the next one?

00:30:29   Correct. Correct.

00:30:31   Then we have man, curly-haired?

00:30:33   Correct.

00:30:35   Woman, curly-haired?

00:30:36   Correct.

00:30:37   The next one looks like Mr. Clean without the moustache.

00:30:41   [Laughter]

00:30:43   I don't know. Man, bald?

00:30:47   Correct.

00:30:49   one woman bald. Correct. Alright so we have old man is that is that what it is

00:30:55   old man or is it like albino man oh man I'm not sure what is this supposed to

00:31:00   mean like the white hair I don't know man old man? Incorrect. Man white haired.

00:31:09   Oh come on everybody knows it's an old man. You've just gone through a whole

00:31:13   string of gender and hair color. Description of hair. Like, you know, this one was there

00:31:19   for you. Alright, so the next one is a woman white hair. Then we have, oh, then we have

00:31:30   a woman superhero. Correct. And men superhero. Correct. What's the next one? It looks like,

00:31:37   I gotta zoom in on this thing. It looks like a Venice carnival mask.

00:31:43   Computer enhance!

00:31:45   What is this? Is this some kind of Batman, Marvel thing that I'm not familiar with? Like

00:31:55   these superheroes that you guys watch on the TV?

00:31:58   Like Star Wars?

00:31:59   You think that they have chosen a specific superhero?

00:32:00   Is this a Star War?

00:32:02   Yeah, this is Star War. Star War woman, you got it!

00:32:07   No, okay. Woman... what is this?

00:32:12   Uh, villain is the opposite of a superhero.

00:32:15   Is that what you're going with?

00:32:17   Yes.

00:32:18   Alright, it's woman super villain. That counts.

00:32:22   Okay.

00:32:23   That's fine.

00:32:24   Thank you. Then man super villain.

00:32:26   Oh, correct.

00:32:27   Now, I feel like this is where it gets really descriptive.

00:32:30   So there's a leg.

00:32:31   I hate, I hate this emoji so much.

00:32:35   I hate this one.

00:32:36   Super creepy. It's like a leg without the rest of the body.

00:32:43   Just like a decent body leg.

00:32:46   I feel like they wouldn't just call it leg.

00:32:50   So something like upright leg with knee at a 30 degree angle is probably too much.

00:32:59   So just upright leg is my...

00:33:04   Wrong.

00:33:05   Oh no. Is it leg? Leg. No! You over thought it. You over thought it. So the next one is

00:33:13   foot. Correct. The next one is foot. Okay. Next is, what is this? What do you guys call

00:33:22   this? Oh God. I know the Italian word. Okay. So this is a soap tablet. I'm not sure if

00:33:30   if English people call it a soap. Like a bar. Like a bar of soap. Like a soap bar. Bar of

00:33:36   soap. Soap bar. Is that what you want to call it? Yes. Wrong. Soap. It's not soap. Soap

00:33:46   is the one in the bottle. This is a... That's liquid soap. Nah. Alright. Next is like this

00:33:55   yellow... I don't know, this looks like... it could either be a sponge, because it's next to the soap,

00:34:02   or some kind of bread with seeds. With lots of seeds, maybe? It kind of looks...

00:34:10   Sponge. It's a sponge. Yeah, sponge. It's a sponge. It's not bread with seeds. Not bread with

00:34:20   Even though it's hacky for you, I recommend it.

00:34:23   But some people.

00:34:26   Next up is bone.

00:34:28   Yes.

00:34:29   Bone.

00:34:30   Okay.

00:34:31   Tooth.

00:34:32   Correct.

00:34:33   An enormous, enormous tooth.

00:34:35   It's a big tooth.

00:34:37   It's bigger than the bone.

00:34:38   Now, this is some kind of doctor equipment.

00:34:43   It's like goggles or visor.

00:34:46   You know the thing the doctors, they put in front of your face when they need to do something

00:34:50   disgusting on you and they're afraid that it's gonna explode in their faces

00:34:55   it's called like like like a lab lab mask is my is my answer it's always so

00:35:04   heartbreaking when I hear you say the name of it it's lab goggles goggles well

00:35:13   That is just an update. We have 20 correct and 5 incorrect.

00:35:21   I feel like we're moving into the problem territory though.

00:35:27   Yeah, some of these later ones...

00:35:29   There's a lot of things in there that I'm very confident you won't get.

00:35:33   Alright, so next up is the... this is a lab coat.

00:35:39   That is a lab coat.

00:35:41   Okay. Then we have... so this is a shoe, but it's... I... would you call it a shoe? Or would you call it like a boot?

00:35:50   Well, I can't answer, can I?

00:35:54   No, you can't answer. I'm just thinking out loud.

00:35:57   Right, right.

00:35:58   Now I'm gonna tell you here, I'm looking for the correct description.

00:36:03   I just want you to know that up front. I want a description.

00:36:07   It makes me suspicious because it's right next to a woman's shoe.

00:36:10   So I'm going to say with man shoe.

00:36:15   Man shoe.

00:36:18   No, no, it's a hiking boot.

00:36:22   Well, I don't understand.

00:36:26   Shoe comma man.

00:36:27   I don't understand.

00:36:30   Like, like do people actually go hiking?

00:36:34   Is that something people do?

00:36:35   Yes.

00:36:36   Yes, that is a hiking shoe. Like that is a man and woman's shoe.

00:36:40   I own shoes that look just like this.

00:36:42   I just thought that hiking was something that people like doing in the movies,

00:36:45   they don't actually do it for real. Like, I want to go hiking. Why would you go on a map?

00:36:49   People hike. People hike.

00:36:51   People do tons of interesting and strange things.

00:36:53   It's not necessarily up a mountain. A hike can be on flat ground.

00:36:56   Like it's just like a long purposeful walk through the wilderness.

00:37:01   Yeah, but there's more to it than that. There's like a little bit more danger.

00:37:06   If I walk around Rome, can I go on a hike around Rome?

00:37:10   No, I feel like it's got to be outside of it.

00:37:12   There's got to be some nature around.

00:37:14   Yeah, not an urban area is my personal interpretation.

00:37:18   Some uneven surfaces, you know, some trees to walk through and that kind of thing.

00:37:24   Is that, that's like, I don't know, I'm just trying to understand it. Is it like a

00:37:29   recreational activity for people or like a sport? It's not like a race. It's not a race.

00:37:37   Okay, okay. Recreation, exercise, that sort of thing. Okay. All right. Next. Next. All right,

00:37:45   so this is a woman shoe. Is it though? Is it though? Would they call it shoe? I feel like you

00:37:53   you maybe have walked yourself into a problematic space. This is, yeah, I don't want to try that. I

00:37:58   feel like I should move away from gender and just say so this is a this is a oh what did they call

00:38:05   oh man I should listen to my girlfriend more there's a term for this that's just a general

00:38:09   piece of advice I'll give you um this is a

00:38:16   this is shoe this is just you're going with just shoe blue no no blue shoe do you think that there

00:38:26   are no other shoe emojis? They probably are. So this is uh... What do they call it when it's like

00:38:33   it doesn't have heels? Well I can give you the answer. No you should. If you're asking me this

00:38:38   question... This is uh this is a flat shoe. You're correct it is a flat shoe. Really? Oh nice. These

00:38:46   are called flats. That's what they're called. Oh they're called flats. Now we're moving into

00:38:51   some animals here. So I'm very keen to see what happens in this little segment.

00:39:00   So this one is the thing that Americans are always... like I remember Kevin Rose from

00:39:06   Dick Throwing. Kevin Rose who went down a staircase.

00:39:08   Yep, that's exactly it. This is a raccoon.

00:39:11   That is a raccoon. Myke, can you put that in the show notes please,

00:39:15   that video for people? Of course I can.

00:39:17   So the next one, what's the difference between the llama and the alpaca?

00:39:23   But I feel like this is a llama.

00:39:26   This is a llama.

00:39:27   You are correct, it is a llama.

00:39:28   Okay.

00:39:29   I think alpacas have more like fluffy fur.

00:39:32   Ah, probably.

00:39:33   Probably right.

00:39:34   Llama versus alpaca.

00:39:37   I am confused though, because the next one is a...

00:39:40   Whoa, whoa, a llama is twice the size of an alpaca.

00:39:43   Really?

00:39:44   Huh!

00:39:45   Llamas are huge.

00:39:46   you draw a pack as a tiny? Yes. You sit one on your desk. Speaking of size, so the next

00:39:54   one is the hippopotamus, if that's the English name. That is correct, and I love the way

00:39:59   you say that word. How do you say that? Because I know that I'm getting... How do English

00:40:04   people... No, you're not. It's just the vowel sounds are different. It's just hippopotamus.

00:40:07   But like, it just sounds so much more beautiful when you say it. But it looks tiny compared

00:40:11   to the next one, which is the kangaroo. Well, that is the problem. Or this is maybe another

00:40:16   thing which is saying about how big llamas are, right? Exactly. So the hippo is the same

00:40:22   size of the raccoon. So either raccoons are terrifyingly huge or this hippo has a problem.

00:40:32   It's a tiny hippo. It's a nano hippo. So the next one is the kangaroo? Yes. Now, this animal

00:40:42   right here. I'm pretty sure that I've never seen one of these in Italy or in real life.

00:40:47   They only exist in emoji. It reminds me of the meme that the honey badger don't care

00:40:56   thing. So I'm going with the badger. You are correct. That's incredible. Nice. Now we're

00:41:05   about halfway through at this point, I think, right? But we've got a little over half, it's

00:41:12   So a little under halfway through.

00:41:13   Stephen, do you wanna give an update on the score

00:41:15   and then we're gonna take a break

00:41:17   so you can just take a quick look over these Federico

00:41:19   so you can maybe try and put some thoughts into your mind.

00:41:22   So where are we scored right now?

00:41:24   - We are 27 correct and six incorrect.

00:41:28   - Not too bad.

00:41:29   - So I will say you are doing a lot better

00:41:31   than I thought you were going to.

00:41:33   So I'm very intrigued how the rest of this is gonna unfold

00:41:37   'cause I think we're about to start getting

00:41:39   into the potential problem areas.

00:41:41   But so yeah, I'm I'm intrigued to see how you're going to do with the rest of these

00:41:47   because you could still lose it if you got all the rest of them wrong, I think.

00:41:50   We'll see. And today's episode is brought to you by Hover. Building your online identity has never

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00:44:29   Alright so we have another, probably another animal here. Do you want to give it a go?

00:44:36   What is this thing? This is a swan.

00:44:39   It is a swan. Next up is a peacock.

00:44:47   Correct again Federico.

00:44:49   Then we have...

00:44:50   Oh, so this is a bird, but I feel like it more specifically it's a it's a parrot

00:44:55   Is that gonna be a final answer? You're gonna go with parrot?

00:44:59   Or is it tropical bird?

00:45:01   No, it's not a parrot. It's not a parrot.

00:45:08   I feel like if Apple were to do a parrot

00:45:10   It would have been like red with tons of like feathers and that kind of stuff

00:45:14   Like a more stereotypical one

00:45:17   Yeah. I think. I don't know. Um, bird. No, they have...

00:45:24   I just want to let you know real quick. I'm not particularly trying to lead you in the

00:45:29   right way here. I'm doing that who wants to be a millionaire type thing, you know?

00:45:33   No, no, no. This is a parrot. It is a parrot.

00:45:36   Nice. This man knows his birds.

00:45:38   Most certainly do. I would never have said parrot for that.

00:45:43   Like no way. What?

00:45:44   I wouldn't have said that was a parrot. I would have said something like tropical bird or something like that. Yeah

00:45:49   Like I agree like I'm surprised they didn't go a little bit more kind of like cartoony

00:45:54   Red and blue feathers and the yellow. Yeah, like the big plumage like

00:46:01   He's a iowa7 bird, you know, it's a little restrained. This is the Johnny Ive parrot. Lescue it with it. No fun. No fun parrot

00:46:09   Lobster is the next one, correct?

00:46:13   Now, this is... I hate this one. It's terrifying. I hate it. I hate it in real life. I think

00:46:21   they're useless. Please don't email me if you've done research on these things. I don't

00:46:27   care. They're useless. I hate them. They have no place on planet Earth. This is a mosquito.

00:46:33   That is correct. Did you know that Bill Gates once let mosquitoes out in a TED Talk? Are

00:46:40   you familiar with this? Oh my god. Really? That's like a whole big thing. Here's the

00:46:43   - He was talking about malaria, I think,

00:46:45   which is spread by mosquitoes,

00:46:46   and he cut loose a bunch of mosquitoes in a room.

00:46:49   The thing that I'm concerned about here

00:46:52   is that the mosquito and the lobster

00:46:55   are both as tall as the llama,

00:46:57   and that's horrifying.

00:46:59   - Yep.

00:47:00   Let's pretend the mosquito doesn't exist.

00:47:04   So now, what is this?

00:47:07   - Exactly.

00:47:09   - This may be the hardest one,

00:47:10   or second hardest one, maybe.

00:47:12   So, initially I thought this is some kind of like cell like type of thing like molecule type of emoji.

00:47:22   We should describe it because it's hard to picture.

00:47:26   It's a green type of like sphere or green like a ball like a green ball with what looked like

00:47:39   Like, like, like tiny funnels growing out of the bowl.

00:47:44   - Nice. - Plus holes, which is interesting.

00:47:52   - I think the holes are the top of the funnels. - Oh, could be the top of the funnels.

00:47:56   So, I would have said cell, but also I could see some kind of weird fish being like this.

00:48:07   [Laughter]

00:48:09   You know?

00:48:11   [Laughter]

00:48:13   What in the world?

00:48:15   What kind of fish?

00:48:17   You're... Are you thinking of like a

00:48:19   puffer fish?

00:48:21   Is this... Is this... Okay.

00:48:23   Is this weird fish?

00:48:25   The name? Which... What are you

00:48:27   going with here? Weird fish.

00:48:29   [Laughter]

00:48:31   You really... You really are gonna go weird fish?

00:48:33   [Laughter]

00:48:35   I don't know what else to choose. It's either weird fish or cell.

00:48:44   It is a microbe.

00:48:46   What? What is a microbe in general?

00:48:51   It's a tiny, usually I believe, single cellular organ.

00:48:55   This is weird fish. Everybody will know this is weird fish.

00:48:59   This is one of my probe is a microscopic organism

00:49:03   Which may exist in its single celled form or in a colony of cells that is a completely useless description

00:49:09   This is a useless emoji. This is much better as well. We are the fish you just dissed all of science

00:49:14   Yes, one of the descriptions terrible. It's like it is this or this and this or this like that is not a description of something

00:49:20   bad description, all right

00:49:23   Moving on. This is some kind of fruit

00:49:28   Or a weird fish.

00:49:30   Or it's not a weird... there's a leaf, there's a leaf, there's a there's one side of the fruit that is

00:49:36   ripe and the other seems like it's not.

00:49:38   Is that a leaf or is it like a flipper?

00:49:40   It's a weird fish.

00:49:42   [Laughter]

00:49:44   I think, so I don't think, I don't think I ever...

00:49:49   [Laughter]

00:49:51   I don't think I ever had one of these in my life.

00:49:54   Okay.

00:49:56   I think it's a mango.

00:49:58   You are correct.

00:50:00   Nice.

00:50:00   Good job.

00:50:01   That is very good.

00:50:03   Mangoes are good.

00:50:04   I think I had one mango once.

00:50:07   I've never had a mango that looked like a mango, right?

00:50:09   Like it's always cut up, right?

00:50:11   Or whatever.

00:50:11   I've never eaten it from like the...

00:50:14   The mango plant.

00:50:16   What's the name of the mango plant?

00:50:18   Mango tree?

00:50:19   Is it called?

00:50:20   Okay.

00:50:21   Yeah.

00:50:21   So next up, this is...

00:50:26   Lettuce?

00:50:28   Is that your final answer?

00:50:30   Or salad? What kind of salad? No because the salad is when it's in a bowl and with stuff. Yeah.

00:50:36   So this is lettuce. Yeah.

00:50:38   This one's gonna make you mad. You're not gonna like this.

00:50:42   Leafy green.

00:50:44   Leafy green?

00:50:47   Really? Seriously? Yeah. Yeah, that's what it's called. It's called leafy green. Lettuce is a type of leafy green.

00:50:52   there are yes it is this to me joy and stuff like that this to me looks like

00:50:57   me looks like romaine lettuce which has got long skinny leaves like this this is

00:51:02   not a good name I would have said lettuce but this is one of those like

00:51:06   real difficult you know yeah leafy green so we thanks Jeremy next up is the thing

00:51:14   that Michael made me try for the first time three years ago in America this is

00:51:20   a bagel. It is a bagel. I forgot that it was the first time you know. You do put sometimes

00:51:26   weird fish on those. Yeah. Then we have salt. We have salt next. The next one I happen to

00:51:33   know, I don't know why, probably because Sylvia's sister used to study Chinese and so I one

00:51:40   time like googled this stuff. This is mooncake. That is mooncake. Holy moly. I have had mooncake.

00:51:47   Oh yeah? What's it taste like? Dust?

00:51:50   It's nice! It's nice. It's a nice little cake. So as described on Emojipedia, the round golden

00:51:56   brown pastry of a Chinese mooncake, a traditional delicacy and lunar symbol of the mid-autumn

00:52:01   festival.

00:52:02   Nice.

00:52:03   It's nice! Sometimes it typically has an egg inside.

00:52:07   Oh!

00:52:08   Oh, I was not expecting that. Then we have cupcake.

00:52:14   We do have cupcake.

00:52:15   Now this is Safari, but Apple wouldn't call it Safari, so I'm gonna say this is...

00:52:23   Well it could be two things, it could be ugly icon, or it could be compass.

00:52:29   Shots fired.

00:52:31   Which you can go with.

00:52:33   Compass.

00:52:34   Compass.

00:52:35   It is a compass.

00:52:36   I have two comments on the compass emoji.

00:52:38   One, I'm really surprised there wasn't one until now.

00:52:42   For that reason, I'm not even sure why it's been added.

00:52:46   If it's got all the way to this Unicode, what are we at, 7 or something?

00:52:51   This far and there is no compass?

00:52:52   And two, come on Apple.

00:52:55   Come on.

00:52:56   The Safari logo?

00:52:57   Come on.

00:52:58   Come on.

00:52:59   I mean they make the phone and watch and computer emoji look like they're products.

00:53:02   Yeah, but they are phones and watches and computers.

00:53:05   Safari is not a company.

00:53:06   I mean it's not like they're making the man emoji look like Tim Cook if you follow the

00:53:10   same reasoning.

00:53:11   Maybe it's true. I wonder what Tim Cook would look like with a mustache. I don't know you should ask him send him an email

00:53:17   Sometimes he replies. You should just make a Tim Cook Memoji and put a mustache on it.

00:53:21   Unicode 11 is what this is by the way. Mm-hmm

00:53:25   so next

00:53:28   This is a these are bricks. These are bricks. The name is bricks

00:53:35   The name is actually brick. Brick. But that counts.

00:53:39   I don't know why he's called Rick and then he put two of them.

00:53:43   I don't really know why they did that.

00:53:45   But there you go, there's two of them.

00:53:47   Skateboard.

00:53:48   I saw Tony Hawk retweet Jeremy about this.

00:53:52   Yeah, there's like a whole wild story about this.

00:53:55   Are you familiar with this story?

00:53:57   I think I am.

00:53:58   Of Jeremy Burge and Tony Hawk?

00:54:01   It's like, so there was an emoji that Emojipedia made, I think it was for their kind of default

00:54:08   set when this got announced and Tony Hawk was like really upset about it.

00:54:12   Yeah, because it was like...

00:54:13   And then...

00:54:14   Yeah.

00:54:15   Because it was wrong.

00:54:16   So then like they made another one which was based on his actual, like Tony Hawk's actual

00:54:21   skateboard.

00:54:22   Yeah.

00:54:23   And, and now that this one Tony Hawk approves.

00:54:26   Perfect.

00:54:27   So the skateboard is correct.

00:54:30   It is indeed a skateboard.

00:54:31   Now, this is a... this is a... like a suitcase.

00:54:35   But what concerns me is the stickers on top of it.

00:54:43   It looks like this belongs to somebody who travels, because those are like stickers when

00:54:48   you visit like parks or stuff like that.

00:54:52   I think there's like a...

00:54:54   I don't know, was that a mountain or a volcano or something?

00:54:57   also so I don't know if there's a if there's a specific term for like a case

00:55:02   for somebody travels and goes to like parks is a like I don't know like an

00:55:09   explorer case so I'm just gonna go with suitcase as my answer

00:55:16   I'm sorry luggage that's too bad I'm pleased they're adding this one by the

00:55:25   way. This is one that like is something I look for all the time, you know? Yeah.

00:55:32   Dynamite? Firecracker. What's a firecracker? It's like a firework type

00:55:40   thing but it's it's like a little thing and just makes a bunch like sparks. Never

00:55:45   seen one before. You probably have but you but it's like you're not sure what it is. I

00:55:51   I thought it was dynamite too.

00:55:53   Yeah, it's very clearly dynamite,

00:55:55   which is quite interesting, but it's a firecracker.

00:55:58   It's like the opposite of the gun becoming a water gun.

00:56:01   This is a firecracker, but it looks like an actual weapon.

00:56:04   Stick of dynamite, yep.

00:56:06   So the next one is another Chinese thing, I think.

00:56:09   And I'm torn between either red envelope or red letter.

00:56:14   I think I remember this is something that,

00:56:18   something maybe, if I'm getting this right,

00:56:21   It has to do with weddings?

00:56:23   No, it's Chinese New Year.

00:56:25   Chinese New Year?

00:56:27   Okay, so it was a celebration of some kind anyway.

00:56:30   I'm gonna go with red envelope.

00:56:32   You are correct, it is red envelope.

00:56:34   Nice.

00:56:35   Tennis ball?

00:56:37   Is that your final answer?

00:56:41   Yeah.

00:56:43   Softball.

00:56:45   What's...

00:56:46   For the game softball.

00:56:47   It's got the stitching. The red stitching is the giveaway.

00:56:49   Kind of like baseball, but with a softball.

00:56:54   So people do actually practice hiking and softball.

00:56:59   This is something that people do.

00:57:01   Not at the same time.

00:57:02   Not at the same time.

00:57:03   I mean, unless you're really good.

00:57:07   Now there's a, on this final three, it appears a sports related section.

00:57:16   There's two that are similar to me that look like disks.

00:57:22   But I'm gonna go with the first one as Frisbee.

00:57:28   I'm sorry Federico.

00:57:30   This is called Flying Disk.

00:57:33   I think Frisbee is a trademark.

00:57:35   I think Frisbee is a trademark.

00:57:36   Yes it is.

00:57:37   That's why Frisbee.

00:57:38   Really?

00:57:39   Frisbee is a brand?

00:57:40   Yeah, Frisbee is a brand.

00:57:42   Like Kleenex is a type of tissue.

00:57:43   There is another product that the frisbee company makes.

00:57:47   For extra bonus points, can either of you name to me the other product, you know, that

00:57:53   the frisbee company makes?

00:57:55   I want to hear Federico first.

00:57:56   Is it cereal?

00:57:57   No, but you're closer to them than you think, really.

00:58:05   Do they make a soda of some kind?

00:58:11   They make pie pants.

00:58:15   Really is that you put, sell it on pie pants.

00:58:19   What is pie pants?

00:58:20   Yeah like you put, you make pie in them.

00:58:22   Okay no they make the Aeropress.

00:58:24   What?

00:58:25   Come on.

00:58:26   Yeah.

00:58:27   Seriously?

00:58:28   Yeah.

00:58:29   So can you throw it?

00:58:30   And it comes back?

00:58:32   You can throw it.

00:58:34   Pie pants.

00:58:35   Yeah Aerobee.

00:58:36   Aerobee they make frisbee and the Aeropress.

00:58:38   Frisbee pie company.

00:58:40   Wow.

00:58:41   I'm looking at frisbee. No what you're thinking of is where frisbees came from. Oh, yeah frisbees were pie tins

00:58:48   Yeah, so I'm not wrong. They they they made pie tins and now they make toys. Yeah, but that's not it's the same

00:58:56   Bonus points for me. Okay. So what so he got that one incorrect?

00:59:01   Sorry, buddy. So this is some kind of it could be a bunch of things

00:59:07   Looks to me at first sight you look like some kind of

00:59:11   Some kind of empty cello, you know the musical instrument

00:59:19   With with like a cello with a net

00:59:24   For some reason but it's not I don't think it's that so it should be some kind of sport

00:59:30   Also look like some kind of cleaning product for the house

00:59:36   Like like a fancy broom

00:59:38   Mm-hmm. These are all really good guesses could also be could also be a

00:59:42   paddle

00:59:45   like of some kind

00:59:47   Mmm, this is a paddle. This is a paddle for

00:59:54   For sports, but I'm just gonna go with sport paddle. This is a paddle

01:00:00   This is just called

01:00:03   Lacrosse. What is like? Oh the thing that rich people do. That's the one. Oh so it's an actual

01:00:11   is lacrosse the same as polo? No. Okay. No you're thinking of polo as the thing that rich people do.

01:00:18   Oh really? Lacrosse is a kind of violent game where you is that that net thing the ball goes

01:00:27   in there and you throw the ball it's uh it's but it's like a team sport and there's like goalies

01:00:33   and stuff. Polo is the one with the horses right? Yes it can be. Unless it's water polo

01:00:39   in which case the horses are in trouble. The horses are dead. No, no, no, no. Now what is this?

01:00:47   I have no idea what this is. So this could be I think a religious symbol, some kind of like

01:00:55   mind's eye. Or it could be a weird egg. Like, it could be a blue egg.

01:01:03   It could be like a...

01:01:04   Laid by a weird fish.

01:01:06   Could be the egg of a weird fish, honestly, because it's blue. I don't know. This is...

01:01:16   So this is an object because of the... It's not a symbol. It's got like lighting and like

01:01:22   a 3D thing, so it's a physical object. Seen from above, I suppose, but why is it like

01:01:32   with the black circle and the light blue and white, so it must be like a precise, like

01:01:39   an exact thing that people know. This is a disc.

01:01:49   Okay, I'm gonna give you the description of this before I tell you the name.

01:01:55   An eye-shaped amulet, believed to protect against the evil eye, generally appears as

01:02:01   a blue glass bead with an eye made from the circles of white, light blue and dark blue,

01:02:08   a commonly seen item in Turkey.

01:02:10   This is the Nazar amulet.

01:02:13   Well I never would have said...

01:02:15   N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-Zar?

01:02:16   Nazar.

01:02:17   Nazar.

01:02:18   It's also known as the evil eye talisman.

01:02:22   But I was right about the eye though, so I was not completely...

01:02:24   And you were also right about it kind of having a more like spiritual side to it.

01:02:30   Well, okay.

01:02:34   Puzzle piece?

01:02:35   Incorrect.

01:02:36   It is simply called jigsaw.

01:02:39   Jigsaw?

01:02:40   Why?

01:02:41   What is jigsaw?

01:02:42   This is a jigsaw puzzle.

01:02:43   What does it mean?

01:02:45   What's what Jigsaw is a sore. It is a type of electrical sore, which is, uh,

01:02:51   which is what you would use to make a jigsaw puzzle. I guess. I don't know.

01:02:54   You just, you just call it, you call these things like you don't say,

01:03:01   you don't say like today I'm going to do a puzzle. You say today I'm going to do

01:03:04   a jigsaw puzzle. Is that how you say it?

01:03:06   Sometimes. Yeah.

01:03:09   I feel like I don't have anything to back this up, but I feel like jigsaw puzzle

01:03:14   involves a level of complexity that a regular puzzle doesn't have. Maybe

01:03:20   that's just how I've interpreted it. But yes, it should be called puzzle piece, but

01:03:23   it's not because... reasons. So the next one... Jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that

01:03:31   requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and tessellating

01:03:35   pieces. And they were rectangle piece of wood and then cutting that picture into

01:03:42   small pieces with a jigsaw hence the name so there you go I was right.

01:03:47   The next one could be the character Ted from the horrible movie Ted with Mark Wahlberg.

01:03:55   Again, do you think that they got another brand of emoji?

01:03:58   I watched that movie twice.

01:04:01   Ok.

01:04:02   Just for your information.

01:04:03   That's on you isn't it?

01:04:04   Yes, this is a teddy bear.

01:04:07   It is in fact 100% a teddy bear.

01:04:10   And now this is the, this is one of those, I am going to ask for specificity with this

01:04:19   answer. This is one of the, this is one of the board things that, that people who have

01:04:27   more brains than me play. So this could be chess or could be, actually, you know, I,

01:04:36   I know there are other games like chess exists, but I don't know their names.

01:04:41   Like snakes and ladders?

01:04:42   Like backgammon for example, right?

01:04:46   I think it's kind of similar.

01:04:48   I think you move rocks.

01:04:52   You move like...

01:04:53   I don't know what is this.

01:04:55   The only thing tying backgammon and chess together is that you move things?

01:04:59   Well, you sit...

01:05:00   Candyland fits into that too.

01:05:02   place a board on a surface and you sit in front of somebody else and you use

01:05:09   your fingers to move things. I think I know what piece it is after he gets it

01:05:17   wrong I want to guess. So this is a chess piece but what type? So yeah this is

01:05:24   what I'm asking you for. From watching Harry Potter I know that there's well I know the

01:05:29   Italian names so that's too bad like in Italian we would say... Don't give me that.

01:05:34   Mmm alright so there's the tower, there's the night, there's the... who's the chessmate?

01:05:44   Is it chessmate? The chessmate is not a doctor. That's your friend who plays chess. The chessmate

01:05:51   is a movement check checkmate or chessmate

01:05:57   chessmate i got you

01:06:01   checkmate that's how you call it yeah chessmate chessmate

01:06:09   chess comma mate

01:06:13   come on give me the answer this is not the the archer

01:06:19   Is there an archer?

01:06:21   Give me an answer Federico.

01:06:23   This is the tower...

01:06:25   chess piece tower.

01:06:27   Chess piece tower? This is...

01:06:29   Steven, do you want to go?

01:06:30   It's the pawn.

01:06:31   It is the pawn. It is a chess pawn.

01:06:33   I want to play chess.

01:06:35   P-A-W-N. Pawn.

01:06:36   Like a pawn shop?

01:06:37   It's the most common piece.

01:06:39   It's actually spelt the same as a pawn shop.

01:06:41   Yeah.

01:06:42   Yeah.

01:06:43   P-A-W-N. Yeah.

01:06:44   Mmhmm.

01:06:45   Alright, so next up...

01:06:47   I feel like we're entering, I feel like the rest of this row is like some easy ones and

01:06:52   then with a couple of really hard ones mixed in.

01:06:54   Really hard ones, yeah, really hard ones.

01:06:56   This one is the prehistoric calculator.

01:07:02   It's pcalc beta, really.

01:07:04   I'm just gonna adapt the Italian name, I don't know if it exists in English, could be also

01:07:11   the Latin name that works in every language.

01:07:15   This is an abacus.

01:07:17   is in fact an advocacy. Nice. Nice work. The receipt, this is interesting, says July 17th

01:07:26   which is the same date as the calendar and if you look closely it says Misfits, Square

01:07:31   Pegs and the Round Halls which is the, you know, thing different. Oh nice. Apple campaign.

01:07:36   Very nice. They're all free because California. Now I'm going to go with receipt as the name

01:07:44   because it's it's right there in the literally printed on the emoji.

01:07:49   Is it received? It is, in fact, a receipt. Yes, it is.

01:07:52   All right. Next up is the thing that my plumber has when it comes to visit.

01:07:57   This is a toolbox.

01:08:00   It is, in fact, a toolbox. Yes.

01:08:02   I was wondering where that was going.

01:08:04   He comes to my house and just crying, screaming.

01:08:11   This is not, what's it called?

01:08:17   That is the question.

01:08:18   You know, you know when you, no, but when you, a hoof, you know, with the horse, this

01:08:26   is not a hoof, this is a magnet, right?

01:08:29   It is a magnet, yeah.

01:08:30   But people do, but people do put magnets on horses, right?

01:08:38   So they can walk up the sides of buildings.

01:08:41   Come on!

01:08:42   Federico, they're not the same.

01:08:45   You know this, right?

01:08:46   I just want to double check that you know that horseshoes and magnets are not the same

01:08:49   thing.

01:08:50   They're not magnets?

01:08:52   No.

01:08:53   They're, this is called a horseshoe magnet because of the shape, not because horses get

01:08:57   magnet feet.

01:08:58   Oh.

01:08:59   Although that would be cool.

01:09:00   What do you think they're doing with the magnets?

01:09:03   I just thought it was like for better grip or something.

01:09:06   I don't know.

01:09:07   Like on asphalt.

01:09:10   What if they're walking down the sidewalk and there's a metal grate?

01:09:13   They just get stuck.

01:09:14   They can't move.

01:09:15   Like when you're, I just thought that maybe for some reason, like when you're parading

01:09:19   with horses, like sometimes in Italy, like the police, they do parades with horses and

01:09:24   I thought maybe magnets right under their feet helped with like better grip on, on,

01:09:31   I don't know.

01:09:32   I don't know.

01:09:33   I don't know why I thought that.

01:09:34   Do you know Federico how horseshoes are put on the feet of horses?

01:09:38   With glue.

01:09:40   With nails.

01:09:41   Ooooh.

01:09:42   Really?

01:09:43   Yep, they nailed them in.

01:09:45   Yep.

01:09:46   It'd be cruel to do glue, really.

01:09:48   See, magnets will be better.

01:09:50   Oh, magnets.

01:09:51   Magnets, they would just stick to the horse.

01:09:53   Um, no.

01:09:54   Horses aren't metal.

01:09:56   Because...

01:09:57   What is happening?

01:10:00   Can we just cut to the next one?

01:10:04   Next! Next is a flask. This is a flask. No, it is a test tube. I'm disappointed.

01:10:20   It's not a flask. Flasks don't look like that. Flasks are broader at the bottom than the top.

01:10:24   Test tube is the same size all the way down. Well, I'm sorry Mr. Science that I got this wrong.

01:10:29   That's right.

01:10:30   Yeah.

01:10:31   Yeah.

01:10:32   Now, the next one could be...

01:10:35   Hot hands.

01:10:37   ...either really weird old-fashioned with some kind of mints inside.

01:10:43   Oh my God.

01:10:46   Mints old-fashioned.

01:10:47   How did you guess?

01:10:49   Could be the thing that doctors use to test, like, bacteria.

01:10:57   It has like, I know that it has a name that feels, that sounds like a person's name in Italian

01:11:04   And I'm not sure how to pronounce it. Oh, yeah

01:11:08   I think this is a Petri dish

01:11:11   Yes, what's it called in English though? Petri. Petri. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Good job. Nice

01:11:19   Now this could be also in like, this is the science robe. So

01:11:25   Like at a glance it looked like

01:11:28   Like at first I thought it was like the Hamburglar mask

01:11:34   Whoa, I think I think it's the DNA Wow, it's DNA this is DNA

01:11:42   It's not a mask. This is DNA. I'll never know how you ever guessed the correct name Hamburglar mask

01:11:50   No, it's DNA

01:11:53   Then we have the fire extinguisher which funnily enough contains the fire emoji

01:11:59   Yeah, that's some emojisception

01:12:02   Yeah, emoji within an emoji now. They could have done one more and done the cross three emoji on top of the fire emojis

01:12:09   Yeah, because that just makes it look like it's full of fire. Yeah, it's a

01:12:12   Fire distributor, it's not a fire

01:12:21   Defy our extinguisher. Good job. Now, because I got it wrong before, I'm gonna say this is liquid soap

01:12:27   It's not it's lotion. It's a lotion bottle

01:12:32   No, this is soap. You don't put lotion in this thing. You do

01:12:37   You can tell it's lotion because it's like white and creamy. You need to tell Apple there's been a mistake

01:12:45   This is liquid soap

01:12:46   This emoji is a mistake for a bunch of reasons and it's gonna get used with some awkward pairings. I think so

01:12:54   The current score

01:12:59   in 15 20 25 30 30 40 40 49

01:13:03   correct and

01:13:06   15 18 incorrect

01:13:09   Really well so far you've done really well. I want to break I want to break 50

01:13:15   Okay.

01:13:16   Okay, so the next two are similar to me.

01:13:20   Yeah, this is gonna be tricky.

01:13:23   The first one is yarn.

01:13:25   No.

01:13:26   Incorrect.

01:13:27   It's a spool.

01:13:29   Incorrect.

01:13:30   It's spool something.

01:13:31   No, it's incorrect.

01:13:33   It's thread.

01:13:35   And the next one is yarn?

01:13:37   The next one is yarn.

01:13:39   Okay.

01:13:40   Thread and yarn.

01:13:41   Alright.

01:13:42   Then we have paperclip?

01:13:45   Safety pin.

01:13:48   Safety pin.

01:13:50   Oh, it's not a paperclip, you're right.

01:13:53   No.

01:13:54   Safety pin.

01:13:56   This is the Nimbus 2000 from Harry Potter.

01:14:02   But I'm afraid that Apple just chose broom.

01:14:08   - As a broom. - Yes, it is broom.

01:14:11   Now, this could be really sad or really tasty.

01:14:16   So it could be a basket where a baby was abandoned.

01:14:21   Like Harry Potter, for example.

01:14:24   - Are you rereading Harry Potter?

01:14:27   What is going on?

01:14:28   - No, no, no.

01:14:29   I just got caught up on the whole controversy

01:14:32   with Nagini and the actress playing Nagini.

01:14:35   It's a whole thing.

01:14:37   - Yeah, I'm not familiar.

01:14:38   I am very much in tune with the Harry Potter community.

01:14:42   He says that.

01:14:44   This could be, I said tasty, because it could be a picnic basket.

01:14:49   I would never do this, but I hear that sometimes people go on picnics and eat food publicly

01:14:54   like in an open space, and they put food in a basket.

01:15:00   Or, or it could be a laundry basket.

01:15:04   It could be.

01:15:05   So what are you going to go with?

01:15:06   Is it full of food or is it full of dirty clothes or is it full of babies?

01:15:14   Or Harry Potter.

01:15:17   But it's next to the toilet paper.

01:15:21   It feels like this is the cleaning section.

01:15:26   So this is a laundry basket.

01:15:29   You dream too big, my friend.

01:15:31   It's just a basket.

01:15:33   Oh my god.

01:15:34   I shouldn't have been that specific.

01:15:36   I know you gave three different things they all had one word in them

01:15:39   Basket next one is toilet paper

01:15:42   Uh, it is actually roll of paper

01:15:48   No, this is toilet paper. Come on. I think that's oh, I know what the emoji is. I think that's incorrect

01:15:54   It is a roll of paper. You don't know the scale though

01:15:58   right

01:16:00   That could be like a paper in a factory to make uh books or something could be

01:16:05   It could be a huge roll of paper that a llama could use if it's you know exactly because they have a lot of

01:16:11   documents to work on

01:16:14   Alright so final three man, I really did I break I feel like I broke 50 though. We'll see

01:16:20   So this is the infinity symbol also known as the okay the infinity okay, so yeah also the logo of the loop

01:16:29   Go Jim

01:16:32   But it's infinity. So what is this? This is some kind of international flag

01:16:37   Is this the UN flag or is the UN flag UN flag?

01:16:42   I decided to just stop you on that one before

01:16:46   yeah, it's the United Nations flag and next is the

01:16:51   Pirate flag

01:16:55   Correct pirate flag. So you've done it you got through all of them

01:16:59   Steven what is the final score?

01:17:01   it is 54 correct 22 incorrect you did a good job that's not too bad I was at all

01:17:13   yeah this was fun also some of these names don't make any sense such as what

01:17:20   so what's that the weird fish name again micro micro micro and that and the roll

01:17:26   of paper that should be toilet paper and the and the what's the other one that

01:17:32   didn't make that the pawn thing that that should have just been called

01:17:36   chess piece also liquid soap that should just be liquid soap not lotion but

01:17:42   overall I feel like maybe with the exception of five of these silly names

01:17:49   most of them actually make sense oh there's a there's the other one the

01:17:53   polo one what's a lacrosse yeah I think a lot of people would get that as

01:17:59   lacrosse off the bat though it's a pretty well-known sport oh the countries

01:18:03   I think yeah yeah oh yeah yeah we have several like it's a thing so interesting

01:18:08   good job that is more popular in America than anywhere else I think so like yeah

01:18:13   and you're right it is brutal those guys can like hurl those balls out of those

01:18:17   things at a terrifying speed. But good job buddy. Good job.

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01:20:04   So I have a request for our listeners.

01:20:07   I have long been a user of the app Droppler. I use it when I'm on my Mac to take screenshots

01:20:16   of things to easily share them with people and I also use it as a way to share PDFs and

01:20:21   stuff like that. I had been using their iOS app that hadn't been updated for a while on

01:20:28   my old phone and it hadn't been updated for the 10 screen or whatever but I didn't really

01:20:33   care too much because I just used the Action extension and it all worked there and I would

01:20:37   like upload a PDF, it would give me a URL, I could share it with someone super easy.

01:20:41   I tried to log into that app when I got my new phone and it wouldn't work and it turns

01:20:47   out that that app is no longer developed and they have a new app. But the new app doesn't

01:20:51   have an Action extension or Share extension, either of the two, to upload something from

01:20:57   anywhere and it seems to only allow for image uploading now, which is not always what I

01:21:02   I want. I want to be able to have this like agnostic service.

01:21:05   You can like even on the Mac still like you can upload files to it.

01:21:09   You can upload text to it.

01:21:11   You can screen record. There's loads of stuff you can do.

01:21:13   But it feels like that the iOS app is kind of.

01:21:16   Crap now, honestly, like they've they took a bunch of functionality

01:21:21   out of it for reasons that I can't fully understand.

01:21:24   So I've been a Drop

01:21:25   So I've been a Drop

01:21:52   It's not really what I want to do.

01:21:53   People in the chat room, Pastor Boy is recommending drop share.

01:21:57   So maybe I'll check that out.

01:21:59   I used to use drop share for for image uploads to my CDN, though.

01:22:04   I don't think you want to set up a CDN.

01:22:06   Or you just I just upload stuff to the Mac stories

01:22:09   CDN all the time.

01:22:11   It works great. It's really fast.

01:22:13   Interesting.

01:22:14   I yeah. So I also I want it to be a full service.

01:22:17   Like I don't want to have to set up something myself somewhere.

01:22:22   that it's feeding from, right?

01:22:23   Like Dropler is like a whole thing.

01:22:25   I don't want it.

01:22:26   So like, this is the thing.

01:22:27   You own the data.

01:22:28   I don't care about that.

01:22:29   Like, I don't want to have to

01:22:30   set anything up.

01:22:31   Ideally, I just want a service

01:22:33   that I could just upload stuff to

01:22:35   and it just give me a link.

01:22:37   That's ideally what I want.

01:22:38   And I don't really care about

01:22:41   owning the content as such,

01:22:43   because it's not stuff

01:22:44   that typically is very important.

01:22:46   Yeah, Dropler is just

01:22:47   and I've used it since

01:22:48   logged into my account

01:22:49   when you're talking since 2011.

01:22:51   And it's a great little thing.

01:22:54   It's like, hey, I just need to share this image somewhere

01:22:57   that I can't upload it directly.

01:22:59   So I've done it with really big images to send people, hey,

01:23:02   go download this, or text.

01:23:04   It's just really helpful.

01:23:06   But the Mac app isn't very good.

01:23:08   And their prices have only gone up over the years.

01:23:11   If you need a pro account, I'm with you.

01:23:13   I'd like to explore other options.

01:23:15   So maybe you'll follow up on this next week.

01:23:17   And you don't want to use Dropbox.

01:23:21   I don't want to use Dropbox, no, because I don't want to have to clean out this folder every now and then.

01:23:26   I just want a service that I kind of don't care about.

01:23:29   Most of this stuff is usually just junk, really.

01:23:32   It's not stuff that I need to keep. It's like his little screenshot of something funny,

01:23:36   or his little screenshot to just show someone something.

01:23:38   I'm not looking for a thing that I have to do any maintenance to.

01:23:45   Because otherwise, I have things that I share with Dropbox links, but they're very specific.

01:23:49   you know? That's not what I'm looking for here. So I welcome

01:23:53   welcome alternatives. Cool. So we'll check back in on that.

01:23:57   Shortcuts continues to make itself known across the iOS

01:24:01   ecosystem. Sweep, the App Store nation. The

01:24:06   Apple Store app has gained

01:24:09   shortcut support. So if you are on the iPhone

01:24:12   upgrade program and you do your pre-approval,

01:24:15   you can set a serious shortcut to order an iPhone XR

01:24:19   here in just a couple of weeks, which is pretty cool.

01:24:22   So you can just say, "Hey Siri, drop the cache

01:24:25   and iPhone XR will be heading your way."

01:24:28   If it works. So I want to know,

01:24:32   Federico, does this change the approved tichi

01:24:36   method of ordering? Well, we have to see

01:24:39   how it works in practice because

01:24:43   I don't want to be in a situation where it's a new feature

01:24:46   and maybe it doesn't work well, maybe Apple didn't actually test it at scale

01:24:52   and maybe you launch the shortcut and the app just hangs for like 30 seconds or stuff like that

01:24:58   so if you're brave enough to test this for the iPhone XR when it comes out

01:25:05   please do let us know, maybe we could update the official t-chip pre-ordering system

01:25:12   with new guidelines.

01:25:14   Uh, I know you must be up at two o'clock in the morning, yelling at Siri

01:25:19   repeatedly until your phone order goes through what could go wrong.

01:25:22   Right.

01:25:22   But my thought is that like, you could set it up because I don't do it.

01:25:26   Cause you have basically to get this, you have to go through the iPhone upgrade

01:25:29   program to even get the ability to save the shortcut, but like what if it was in

01:25:32   the shortcuts app, it's just a button that you press and then your phone's

01:25:35   ordered.

01:25:35   There's a button.

01:25:36   Yeah.

01:25:37   But if you want to try the voice command and if you don't live alone, my recommendation will be that you need...

01:25:44   And if you live in a time zone where it's night, my recommendation would be to wear nice pajamas,

01:25:50   wake up 15 minutes earlier, leave the house, go in your car or outside so that you can

01:25:58   issue the Siri command without waking up your partner or your children or your dog.

01:26:04   So you just gotta leave the house 15 minutes earlier and issue the command outside.

01:26:09   You don't want to wake other people with your Siri commands and with your Siri output.

01:26:13   Siri is very loud on the iPhone at night.

01:26:16   So just leave the house and please take your keys because then you gotta go back.

01:26:20   So we'll see.

01:26:22   I know that our friend John Voorhees is gonna try this method for science.

01:26:27   Not because I forced him to do this in any way.

01:26:33   is not going to write an article about this, or a short thing for the club. It's not. So,

01:26:40   it just wants to do it, and it will do it. It can't wait.

01:26:45   It can't wait to do it, in fact. So we'll follow up on this with the 10R.

01:26:50   In all seriousness, though, I'm surprised that Apple is doing this. But also, I think it's a

01:26:58   It's a nice way to sell the idea of a custom shortcut to people, like set up your Siri

01:27:03   shortcut with your voice and you can do this practical thing.

01:27:07   You can save time with this new feature that we have in iOS 12.

01:27:11   I think it's a really nice touch.

01:27:13   Asterisk if it works.

01:27:15   So kind of skeptical on that.

01:27:17   And last thing I wanted to just mention today, Business Chat has like expanded again.

01:27:23   chat is like it's a way for you to talk to businesses in iMessage and it's

01:27:27   branded right is that kind of the top level of what business chat is I don't

01:27:32   know why you find this so funny but yes that that's what it is why I said I

01:27:36   found it funny you had a funny accent in your voice you had a funny funny

01:27:40   backdrop going on okay it's funny I don't I don't find it funny it's useful I

01:27:52   I just didn't know how to describe it.

01:27:54   I can feel your sarcasm from over here.

01:27:56   You said it's useful.

01:27:58   You said it's useful with a very sarcastic voice.

01:28:02   No! I'm sure it is useful.

01:28:04   [Laughter]

01:28:06   I'm sure it is useful.

01:28:08   I have no doubt about the usefulness of business chat.

01:28:10   Now I can't help it.

01:28:12   But, you tell the story, then I don't care anymore.

01:28:17   Nobody cares.

01:28:19   Oh, I thought it was useful. I didn't say it was useful, I said it was

01:28:24   sarcastic, and I was right. It's a way to talk to people.

01:28:31   See? It's funny. It's a way to, like, if you want to, like,

01:28:38   for support things, for example, or if you, like, support requests, if you want to get

01:28:44   in touch with a company about your order, like you're tracking, like, a package that

01:28:48   needs to be delivered, or if you have any general question,

01:28:51   the theory would be instead of sending an email

01:28:54   or using one of those proprietary real-time chat

01:28:58   systems that you often see on web pages,

01:29:00   you can use iMessage.

01:29:01   And in theory, the convenience of iMessage and all the privacy

01:29:05   and the encryption--

01:29:07   and Apple sold this idea, I think it was actually two years

01:29:10   ago at this point, as the next level of business chat

01:29:15   is that it would be integrated with Safari results.

01:29:19   So you could type in like the name of a store

01:29:22   in the Safari address bar,

01:29:23   and you will get like an iMessage icon,

01:29:26   and you would tap that icon and start chatting

01:29:27   with the business, with the store right away.

01:29:30   But also companies that offer,

01:29:34   so you can see why this was two years ago,

01:29:37   companies that offered full-blown iMessage apps

01:29:40   could integrate those apps,

01:29:42   like data from those apps with Business Chat.

01:29:45   So of course, iMessage apps mostly ended up being stickers.

01:29:50   I know, I know that there's useful iMessage apps,

01:29:54   but honestly, I don't think they gained

01:29:55   any meaningful traction.

01:29:57   But the news is that Business Chat has now expanded

01:30:01   to more countries.

01:30:05   I think 30 companies worldwide, always on,

01:30:09   you know, and you can now use it if your favorite business supports it.

01:30:17   And I tried, I tried to use it. There's a company in Italy called Body Bank,

01:30:24   because they're your friends, but they're also a bank.

01:30:27   And I was not familiar with this company before, so what I did is I just Googled

01:30:34   what Body Bank does, and I just sent a generic question about it.

01:30:39   Like, "Can you give me information about your credit card?"

01:30:43   And for some reason, either I got it wrong

01:30:46   or the person on the other end

01:30:48   was not really good at their job,

01:30:50   but they told me that they don't work

01:30:52   with those credit cards, which is interesting.

01:30:55   - Chow buddy, they call you buddy.

01:30:58   I don't like that. - They said "chow buddy"

01:30:59   in the message, and it looked like iMessage.

01:31:03   Like, you get this special iMessage background, like the--

01:31:09   - Is it in iMessage?

01:31:10   Like it's in the Messages app?

01:31:12   - It's in the Messages app.

01:31:13   It's in the Messages app.

01:31:15   You get like this special background

01:31:17   with the color of the title bar of the iMessage UI

01:31:20   is the color of decided by the company.

01:31:23   So with the body bank chat,

01:31:25   it was like a blue window in iMessage.

01:31:29   Your messages are gray instead of blue,

01:31:31   even though you're using iMessage,

01:31:33   you're not using SMS or your carrier data,

01:31:36   you're using like plain iMessage.

01:31:38   But yeah, it was just straight iMessage.

01:31:42   You get the read receipt, you get,

01:31:44   no, you don't get the read receipt,

01:31:45   so I think you get the delivered information.

01:31:48   But then it leaves alongside your other conversations

01:31:53   in the Messages app.

01:31:54   And also I tried, like, after the person,

01:31:57   the body couldn't answer my question,

01:32:00   I said, "Okay, thank you."

01:32:01   And then I sent them my Memoji as a sticker

01:32:05   Because I thought it was funny. I thought, you know, I can memoji a bank. I can see what happens.

01:32:11   But I got no response. Which is really disappointing.

01:32:15   Boring.

01:32:16   You know, you act all friendly. You know, body this and body that.

01:32:22   And then you don't even send me a thumbs up?

01:32:24   I try and be friends with you and you won't even...

01:32:26   I'm shut up being your buddy. It's right there. Like, I'm the buddy, you're the bank.

01:32:30   And we're both buddies.

01:32:32   But no. No response.

01:32:35   To be fair, the Memoji probably didn't even get delivered to the business chat backend

01:32:41   on the, because they use a web service and I'm pretty sure that they don't get the stickers

01:32:47   from Memoji in their, you know, because these companies are using some kind of dashboard

01:32:52   that integrates with the business chat API.

01:32:55   So it's not like they have a giant iMessage screen.

01:32:58   It's not like a guy with an iPhone on the other end just chatting with you in his free

01:33:03   time.

01:33:04   integrations with third-party business products and all that kind of enterprise-y type of stuff.

01:33:09   So I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't even see my Memoji.

01:33:14   Well, if they use apps though, I bet they did see it.

01:33:18   Yeah, you think so?

01:33:19   Like, I bet it's just a web view for them.

01:33:21   Why didn't they just reply?

01:33:22   Well, maybe it's not. I don't know.

01:33:23   Because...

01:33:24   They could have said, "I don't know, you look nice. Your Memoji is nice."

01:33:29   Like, "See you later, cool buddy."

01:33:32   - Nice emoji body, something like that.

01:33:34   - They probably thought,

01:33:35   this guy's good at guessing emoji names.

01:33:38   That's probably where they left it.

01:33:39   - Well, they were right, because I am.

01:33:41   Turns out-- - He sure was, he really is.

01:33:43   - Is that it?

01:33:45   Feels like it? - I think that's it.

01:33:46   - I think so. - I think that's it.

01:33:48   - All right, thank you for checking out this episode

01:33:50   of Connected, if you wanna find links

01:33:52   to the stuff we spoke about,

01:33:54   and of course, the image of those emojis,

01:33:57   so you can play along.

01:33:58   Although I guess it's over now, so,

01:34:00   maybe you missed your chance.

01:34:01   But if you wanna see him, there's a link over

01:34:04   at relay.fm/connected/212.

01:34:08   You can get in touch with us there via email,

01:34:10   or you can find us elsewhere on the internet.

01:34:14   Myke hosts a bunch of shows here at Relay FM,

01:34:17   and he is on Twitter as imike.

01:34:19   You can find Federico on Twitter as vitici, V-I-T-I-C-C-I.

01:34:24   He's the editor and chief of maxstories.net.

01:34:28   You can find me as ismh on Twitter,

01:34:30   and I write 512 pixels down net.

01:34:34   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week,

01:34:35   Pingdom, Casper, and Hover.

01:34:38   Until next time, gentlemen, say goodbye.

01:34:41   - I do that too.

01:34:42   - Cheerio.

01:34:43   - Adios.

01:34:44   [BLANK_AUDIO]