209: Secret NBA Training


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 209.

00:00:13   We're recording this the day after Apple's iPhone event.

00:00:16   So there are just a few things to talk about.

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00:00:22   I'm Stephen Hackett, your host,

00:00:23   and I am joined by my two co-hosts.

00:00:25   I have Michael Hurley, how are you?

00:00:27   - Oh, hi, matey.

00:00:29   Ooh, that's nice.

00:00:31   Like a pirate thing going on?

00:00:33   - Arr.

00:00:34   - Ten arr.

00:00:35   - There we go, there we go.

00:00:37   It was a subtle little thing, but I'm pleased you got it.

00:00:40   You got it.

00:00:41   - I picked up what you laid down,

00:00:42   and we have Federico Vittucci.

00:00:45   - Hello, ciao, how are you guys?

00:00:48   - Good.

00:00:49   - Not piratey.

00:00:50   - I wanna just ask you right away, Federico,

00:00:52   because this has been, I've been excited to hear this

00:00:55   since yesterday, because you were complaining

00:00:57   about the way that you think Italians will say "ten ar"

00:01:01   and I would like to... I just want to hear it right now

00:01:04   how do you think that your friends and family will describe that phone?

00:01:07   What will they call it?

00:01:08   So the other phone they call it the "ixesse"

00:01:13   The "ten ar" it's the "ixere"

00:01:18   Oh I love it though!

00:01:21   No, no

00:01:22   See you don't like it because it's... you understand it all

00:01:25   but that sounds so exotic to me

00:01:27   No, it sounds like it sounds like like a shop back in my hometown that sells paint.

00:01:31   Like it's a terrible it's such a terrible name.

00:01:36   We're so proud to unveil the iPhone paint shop today.

00:01:40   It's like XR it's like it's like I don't know.

00:01:44   It sounds cheap and like.

00:01:46   I don't know, it sounds like a license plate or something.

00:01:49   It's just a terrible sound in Italian. I don't know.

00:01:52   See, I can't say it because I can't roll my arms.

00:01:54   You can say you can say it.

00:01:56   See, I can't do the rolling.

00:01:58   You can do the "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

00:01:58   "Dudurr."

00:01:59   "Dudurr."

00:02:00   That's as close as I can get.

00:02:02   This is a new...

00:02:03   And also, "Hi."

00:02:04   It's a family podcast, guys.

00:02:07   Pull it together.

00:02:09   People might be driving right now.

00:02:11   They were.

00:02:12   This is ASMR done by me.

00:02:15   How would you say ASMR in Italian?

00:02:20   Do you want to know what the letters all spelled out individually?

00:02:25   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:02:26   "A-S-M-R."

00:02:27   That's what I'm saying. Or I could read it as a word. I don't know, uh, azmur?

00:02:33   No, no, I preferred the letters. The letters, okay, sure. Why are we doing this, by the way?

00:02:40   Because there's nothing else to talk about.

00:02:42   Cool. We're just riffing today, we just got to get those ad reads in. No, we have a lot of stuff

00:02:49   to talk about, but we have a few sort of, um, it's not really follow-up, but just items that I wanted

00:02:56   to talk about. First up we have some anniversaries amongst us that we should celebrate.

00:03:02   I feel like I should do this because I don't have one.

00:03:04   Okay yeah you do it, yeah you don't have anything going on. You celebrate us.

00:03:08   I celebrate, I am in great celebration of my co-hosts because they both celebrate

00:03:13   great things around this time. Congratulations to Steven for 10 years of 512 pixels.

00:03:20   Sounds like a eulogy, this sounds like a eulogy. What is...

00:03:24   Yup, my friend. I miss my friend. Congratulations, Stephen, on 512pixels. Well, okay, the 10-year

00:03:31   anniversary of your personal website, because it hasn't always been 512pixels, right?

00:03:36   Yes. The original name was Fork Bomber, which is a programming joke, and it was in 2008,

00:03:41   so I dropped the E before the R. That name did not age well, so I changed to 512pixels in 2010

00:03:47   or something, but yeah, it's a decade of blogging at that site. It's all there in the archives,

00:03:52   And it kind of it's really mind blowing to me, but thank you for the the kind words.

00:03:57   And Club MaxLaurie is the very exclusive and very wonderful website based club is three years old.

00:04:04   Congratulations on that Federico. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Doesn't this line up with the

00:04:09   website's anniversary though? Or is that not true? What do you mean? Like you didn't launch the club

00:04:16   as an anniversary, like on an anniversary time for MaxLaurie? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:04:21   Yeah, you just chose the worst time of the year for it for no specific reason, right?

00:04:25   It was just one of my terrible ideas.

00:04:29   Yeah, and now you're kind of bound to that.

00:04:32   It was like if I could pick one time of the year when I'm not busy and I could

00:04:37   launch this messy project, what would it be? Of course, mid-September.

00:04:41   Perfect. Because you'll never have to deal with it again in mid-September, right?

00:04:46   You'll never ever do any kind of anniversary-based things.

00:04:48   - I don't know, no, no, no, yeah, well.

00:04:52   - Two years time's gonna be bad for you,

00:04:54   'cause that's gonna be five years,

00:04:55   and then you're gonna have to do something big

00:04:57   exactly during iPhone season.

00:04:59   But I've left the best for last, you may remember.

00:05:02   - Before we go there,

00:05:03   I have an idea for what Federico could do.

00:05:06   I think he should give away an iPhone

00:05:07   on the fifth anniversary of the Club Max stories,

00:05:09   buy an iPhone and give it to a club member.

00:05:12   - That's a good idea.

00:05:13   - You should write that down.

00:05:15   Saving up for it.

00:05:16   or open an actual club in Rome.

00:05:19   - Or, now stick with me here,

00:05:22   you create some sort of drawing.

00:05:24   So you have everyone's personally identifiable

00:05:27   yet GDPR safe data.

00:05:29   You could, in a GDPR safe way,

00:05:32   pick a winner and go fly to their house

00:05:36   and help them for three days.

00:05:38   You spend the night at their house,

00:05:40   like in the living room,

00:05:41   building custom shortcuts for them.

00:05:44   Whatever they need, you go to their house

00:05:46   and it's like hands-on shortcut training with Federico.

00:05:49   - Sure, that would be the new tier of club maxories.

00:05:54   (laughing)

00:05:55   - It's the white glove tier.

00:05:57   - Yeah, you know, I've always wanted to join an actual club,

00:06:02   like one of those exclusive clubs

00:06:06   where there's a president of the club

00:06:08   and they have meetings,

00:06:10   but then the more, like every time I research actual clubs,

00:06:13   it sounds super creepy.

00:06:15   Yeah, I've been watching Frasier right now, and Frasier and Niles are both a part of many

00:06:20   clubs, and it is kind of cool, right?

00:06:21   They're part of like the wine club and the opera club and all those kinds of things.

00:06:25   And it does look cool until they start doing like the initiation ceremony.

00:06:28   Yeah, exactly.

00:06:29   So anytime I look into this stuff and it comes like initiation and like dinner and like we

00:06:35   have these dinners at these villas and everybody get together like this is Ice White Shot going

00:06:41   on.

00:06:42   I don't want any to do with this.

00:06:43   Or that season of Mad Men.

00:06:45   But anyway, anyway, it is also a great anniversary because two years ago, Stephen Hackett created

00:06:54   Pandemonium across the entire globe by saying that his iPhone had a snake inside of it.

00:07:00   This is otherwise known as Hisgate. You may remember the millions of views that Stephen's

00:07:05   video got on YouTube as his phone was making a weird sound. And then Stephen lived to regret

00:07:10   that day.

00:07:12   We should do like a "Where Are They Now?" series on people who started iPhone gates.

00:07:18   There will be an episode about steel.

00:07:21   If that thing ever did happen, if anyone ever looked back in the history of this stuff,

00:07:27   you are in that.

00:07:29   Yeah.

00:07:30   Great.

00:07:31   Congratulations.

00:07:32   Great.

00:07:33   I also want to point people to the B-side of this episode, there'll be a link in the

00:07:39   the show notes where John Voorhees and I sat down to talk about the book Creative Selection.

00:07:44   Who? Who joined you? You did the show with whom, Steven?

00:07:50   This guy.

00:07:51   Who's John?

00:07:52   John.

00:07:53   John? Okay, your friend John.

00:07:55   He has access to your WordPress, it's fine.

00:07:57   Oh God.

00:07:58   We had a nice conversation about it. We were going to talk about the book on the show,

00:08:01   but like it's such a crazy time, but we want to get something out. So it is, in the show

00:08:05   show notes like half an hour. I enjoyed the conversation. And a spoiler alert, the book's

00:08:09   pretty good. So I think that you will enjoy that conversation I had with Jon. I know I

00:08:14   did because Jon's great.

00:08:17   You just knew you wouldn't be able to get me to read the book.

00:08:20   That's true.

00:08:21   We're having fun today. We're going to have a lot more fun today, but we should actually

00:08:23   get truly serious for a moment because it is the month of September, and the month of

00:08:28   September is Child Cancer Awareness Month. And every year we do this where Steven sets

00:08:34   up a page for the St. Jude. Is it a marathon? It is. So this year all three of our kids

00:08:41   are doing the kids marathon. This is cool. They run all their miles like in the neighborhood

00:08:46   and we do the last mile together as a family downtown with like people cheering and stuff.

00:08:51   So it's a lot of fun. So that's what we're doing as a family this year is the kids marathon.

00:08:56   So there will be links in the show. There's two links. One which is a link straight to

00:09:00   St Jude's donation page, there is another link to a piece that Stephen wrote about what

00:09:05   September means to him and his family and to many families across the world. You should

00:09:11   first go and read that piece and then take all of the emotions that you get from it and

00:09:17   turn those into cash and give that money to St Jude because they deserve it, because it's

00:09:22   an incredible place, it does incredible things. Stephen and the Hackett family want to raise

00:09:27   $20,000 this year, so they're already halfway.

00:09:32   This is a time where we're all about to put obscene amounts of money into technology,

00:09:39   maybe just siphon off a small amount and give it to St. Jude instead.

00:09:43   That's a good idea.

00:09:44   Thank you, Myke.

00:09:45   I think it's a great idea.

00:09:46   It's always hard to transition out of that, but we're gonna do it and we're gonna get

00:09:51   into some sort of mini topics before we get into the meat of the keynote.

00:09:57   The first, I just wanted to mention briefly, the leak situation this year is not great.

00:10:04   Last year it was firmware, this year it's all from the website.

00:10:09   We had the stuff that our dear friend of the show Mr. Rambo found, but then we have a dear

00:10:14   friend of the show, he's been upgraded.

00:10:16   And then we had a site map get published a couple days ago and had URLs and names and

00:10:23   all sorts of stuff in it.

00:10:25   Those two pretty significant leaks both from the website sort of product marketing whoever you know group with an apple

00:10:32   Which is different it's a new place for them to leak

00:10:35   I was curious if you guys had any any thoughts on that like for me at least it feels like this is inevitable as Apple

00:10:40   Continues to grow and they have more people working on more things. It's harder to keep everything buttoned up

00:10:46   but I don't know do you guys surprised that it happened again I

00:10:50   understand how

00:10:53   Like the you know those images that came out what we were talking about last week. I understand how that happened

00:11:00   It was still stupid, but it happened

00:11:01   I cannot believe that the site map stuff got out after the image stuff got out

00:11:06   Like it seems really wild to me that

00:11:09   And I know they have a lot to do right?

00:11:13   I know that there must be so much to do that day

00:11:15   But I feel like the processes have to be different. They know people are like

00:11:20   Digging for absolutely anything

00:11:23   anything, it just seems so strange to me right now that this stuff can still be happening.

00:11:30   This wasn't as bad as last year, right?

00:11:32   Last year was an unmitigated disaster for everything that got out from the firmware

00:11:37   leaks and stuff, and then the iOS GM leak that came out from that carrier or something

00:11:43   that had Animoji in it and stuff, but this one, it's just like another...

00:11:48   It seems like they're not having problems so much now necessarily with people leaking

00:11:54   stuff, like telling stories to other people.

00:11:57   Where they're falling down is the operations and like managing.

00:12:01   And it's funny, if only an operations guy was in charge.

00:12:07   I couldn't help it.

00:12:08   I don't really believe it, but I couldn't help it.

00:12:11   But it's just funny to me now that it seems like the problem that Apple is having keeping

00:12:15   their stuff under wraps is process issues. Like the last two years it's been a lot of

00:12:20   process stuff where the biggest leaks are coming from.

00:12:24   I think too more people are looking, right? Like I'm sure this writer who found the sitemap

00:12:29   thing, like they were monitoring for that. They made a guess that this is part of the

00:12:33   website that's got to get updated and they were watching it somehow. And I think there

00:12:38   are just more people paying attention to everything now and that's only going to continue. As

00:12:42   these things happen people realize oh if I spend a little time and make some

00:12:46   educated guesses I'm able to be able to break a story which is great like I'm

00:12:51   not like that's great I think it's interesting I think people should do it

00:12:54   but it's uh it's got to be harder and harder for Apple to do this sort of

00:12:59   things like you said updating a major website is like a lot of work and Apple

00:13:03   historically has had issues with that it used to be that the website would be

00:13:07   down for a while after events or like you'd refresh a page and it was a super

00:13:10   broken for a few minutes. They've gotten better over time and I would imagine

00:13:14   that this won't happen again that they now have processes in place of you don't

00:13:18   update the sitemap until you know the keynote's done and maybe that means the

00:13:22   website will take longer to be updated in the future but that's better than it

00:13:26   leaking from Apple's perspective so I'd imagine they're having some some meeting

00:13:30   and some some planning changes now how to avoid this in the future. Yeah I mean

00:13:35   And it just feels inevitable at some point that you just need to test some of these things

00:13:41   in a production environment.

00:13:43   It seems impossible to just assume that Apple has a staging site and they test everything

00:13:48   on the staging site and then they just go live in production without having actually

00:13:51   tested anything on the real website.

00:13:54   So they need to perform some of these tests.

00:13:58   Should they be better at it?

00:13:59   Should they be smarter at it?

00:14:01   or maybe just do it in some countries with some different processes, maybe,

00:14:05   but there's just going to be people looking at this stuff all the time.

00:14:09   And so I don't know what the solution is.

00:14:12   The Sitemap one feels like something that could have been prevented, maybe.

00:14:19   But I don't know.

00:14:20   I just feel like at this kind of scale, with this kind of attention,

00:14:24   people are going to be looking for anything they can find.

00:14:27   And I mean, it could be worse, right?

00:14:31   It could be like you leave your new iPhone in a Lyft

00:14:34   or something as it happened to the Google Pixel.

00:14:38   Still, this stuff, and there's people who get really upset

00:14:43   about these leaks, like people who get upset

00:14:47   on a personal level.

00:14:48   I see people saying it's like their Christmas got ruined

00:14:53   or something, like this is not.

00:14:56   I don't understand that kind of frustration that comes with the fact that some people

00:15:02   were able to get their hands on unannounced products or details from Apple.

00:15:10   It's not like they killed your family or something.

00:15:13   So I mean, I'm just speaking my mind.

00:15:16   I see people get really upset on Twitter about when leaks happen.

00:15:20   And I get it.

00:15:21   If you work at Apple, I get it that it's a disappointment.

00:15:23   people who don't work at Apple, and people who don't have friends or close friends or

00:15:26   friends of friends or family that work at Apple. Why do you get so upset? I don't get

00:15:31   it.

00:15:32   - People like surprises. Speaking of surprises, there'll be a HomePod update coming next week.

00:15:39   We knew there was gonna be some stuff, 'cause they were gonna support Siri shortcuts and

00:15:42   other things, but let me just run down this list and maybe we can gauge how excited we

00:15:47   are about these features. So, Siri shortcuts are coming. Thumbs up.

00:15:51   that's already supported now actually I I hate to be the well actually guy you

00:15:56   got teachers playing I'm just I'm sorry I'm sorry but most people don't have

00:16:01   access to the shortcuts beta so like we'll meet halfway lyrics search for

00:16:06   music is this something that you guys are excited about like the echo does

00:16:10   this and I actually have used it several times that it's handy when you need it I

00:16:13   have never gotten a positive response anytime I've ever tried to do this on

00:16:19   any device ever. I don't know why. I just... it never works for me.

00:16:23   It's because you answered the wrong lyrics, Myke.

00:16:25   No, but I'm good at lyrics, and I will not accept it any other way.

00:16:29   Maybe I'm better at lyrics than the machines, right? I know more words than they do.

00:16:33   I don't know what it is.

00:16:34   Okay, okay.

00:16:35   Do you have Rage Against the Machines about it?

00:16:37   That's a good reference.

00:16:40   Phone calls. You can make phone calls on your home pod.

00:16:43   Oh, finally! Another device that I need to make phone calls on.

00:16:47   I don't want to make phone calls on my phone.

00:16:53   I almost always take phone calls with my AirPods.

00:16:58   Like if I have a call scheduled with somebody that's not on Skype, I always use AirPods.

00:17:02   I don't.

00:17:03   And I can do that.

00:17:04   I can pace around my office when I'm on phone calls and like throw my tennis ball against

00:17:08   the door and like I just like I need to walk and the HomePod will let me do that but I

00:17:12   already have AirPods.

00:17:13   Like this doesn't do much for me.

00:17:14   Yeah, I just want to call my mom for my HomePod, so...

00:17:18   Why though?

00:17:20   Because I'm a good son and I call my mother.

00:17:22   Yeah, but like, okay, no, no, no, I call my mom too, but why do you want to do it on your HomePod?

00:17:26   Because it doesn't mean...

00:17:27   You can have your mother's voice booming throughout the entire home with your three HomePods chained together.

00:17:33   I'm not gonna do that. I just think it's convenient because it means I can call my mom while I'm doing something else.

00:17:39   So I can, for example, I could be cooking and just ask the HomePod to call my mom.

00:17:46   And I wouldn't have to use my phone and get, you know, soap or sauce or whatever on my

00:17:50   phone.

00:17:51   I wonder how well it, I wonder how well the person on the other end hears.

00:17:54   I'm intrigued to try this.

00:17:56   I want you to try this when it happens.

00:17:58   I want you to call me and then you can cook something and we'll see if we can have a conversation.

00:18:01   Well, find out.

00:18:02   Like, okay.

00:18:03   Okay, sure.

00:18:04   We have find my iPhone so you can ask the HomePod, just like you can on the watch, to

00:18:09   make your iPhone or iPad or whatever make some noise. I think this is great because I use this

00:18:15   pretty much. I'm happy about this because since I stopped wearing my Apple watch, this is something that I miss.

00:18:20   So I'm pleased about this. But here's a question.

00:18:23   Whose phone does it ping? Is it just the one attached to it? The one with personal requests?

00:18:30   I would assume. I would assume that but I wonder so if you are in a iCloud family

00:18:36   Deal like like we are in our household in find my iPhone

00:18:40   I can see all my wife's devices and that was not possible before we were an iCloud family

00:18:44   So I do wonder if it will tap into that

00:18:46   My guess is is that it won't it will just use the sort of paired iPhone

00:18:50   Which is like still a limitation of the home pod that it's it's basically like

00:18:54   The personal data is tied to one device and it doesn't have multiple accounts yet when I was watching the event yesterday

00:19:01   And they would did the Mission Impossible video right which by the way Tim Cook told us all so good

00:19:06   It's the best thing when he sent out that tweet right and then deleted the tweet and then it tied into the video

00:19:11   Very very good work perfectly. It's very good

00:19:14   But the the lady she she says like oh, hi telephone, right?

00:19:19   She chooses the Siri call phrase and my homeboat went off. Oh, yeah seems like great work Apple did a good job

00:19:25   Did a good job well done so proud of you

00:19:27   Maybe they just don't think that, you know, many people have a HomePod. I don't know.

00:19:32   It's just 10 people, so how much trouble could it be?

00:19:37   Well, they've sold 10, so they've sold it to Federico three times.

00:19:41   And there's just seven other people.

00:19:45   The three of us make up half of the ownership of the HomePod.

00:19:49   That's right.

00:19:49   And finally, I saved what I think is the best for best.

00:19:54   You buried the lead.

00:19:56   Support for multiple timers.

00:19:58   This for me is like one of them.

00:20:06   I have two things that keep me using the Echo.

00:20:09   This is one of them.

00:20:10   The other one, I don't know if they're ever going to change,

00:20:13   which is the ability for me to order my groceries

00:20:15   directly through the grocery provider that I use.

00:20:17   I can't see that changing.

00:20:19   It seems unlikely.

00:20:20   But the multiple timers thing that is massive for me

00:20:24   to be able to set those up when I cook.

00:20:26   So this is this is another really big point ticked off, which should mean we've

00:20:31   complained about it for the last year.

00:20:33   Should have been there from day one, but I'm pleased that it's that it's happening.

00:20:37   So I have a echo story for y'all that reminded me of it.

00:20:41   So, you know, I bought a HomePod.

00:20:43   I tried it in the kitchen and my entire family revolted and said, put the echo back.

00:20:47   A lot of it was the multiple timers and some of the other stuff that they've added since.

00:20:52   But what I'm running into now is frustration with the Echo

00:20:56   because it will sometimes just forget

00:20:59   about smart home devices.

00:21:00   Like I've got these iHome, like they plug into the wall

00:21:03   and you plug a light into them,

00:21:04   so they just cut the power on and off.

00:21:05   The Echos will just sometimes forget about one.

00:21:09   It's like, hey, turn on the Den Light,

00:21:10   and it's like, I don't know about Den Light,

00:21:12   please add it to your, it's like, what are you doing?

00:21:14   But HomeKit has never forgotten about it.

00:21:17   And so when this update comes out,

00:21:19   I'm gonna put the HomePod back in the kitchen

00:21:21   for like another test because I think the updates they've made to it would

00:21:24   allow it to replace just about everything we use the echo for. Whether you

00:21:29   do music, we do multiple timers when we cook, and we do hey play us the news and

00:21:35   you can do that on the HomePod as well. And the other stuff you know the home

00:21:39   all my smart home stuff is both echo and homekit aware. I would lose voice command

00:21:45   of the Roomba which is like the best thing in the world but I would get over

00:21:49   it. So I think we're gonna I think I'm gonna give the HomePod another shot and

00:21:52   in the kitchen after this update and I will report back to see how that goes.

00:21:56   Yeah it really is like the groceries thing. We use it so much that it would

00:22:03   that would be frustrating because it's not even just a list like it literally

00:22:07   adds the thing we ask for to our shopping cart. So when we do our grocery

00:22:12   order for delivery it's already in there. It's very clever and it's an echo

00:22:17   skill and I don't I can't imagine a way that the HomePod will at least in the

00:22:22   near future be able to make that any better so that's it's a shame but the

00:22:28   HomePod is getting better. Alright we should probably talk about those new

00:22:32   iPhones but before we do let me thank Squarespace for the support of this show

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00:24:25   - So we have new iPhones.

00:24:27   Woo!

00:24:28   - What a surprise.

00:24:29   - Yeah, who knew?

00:24:31   I think we're gonna treat this episode

00:24:34   as if you basically know the news at this point.

00:24:37   - Yeah.

00:24:38   - I think that's the safe way to handle it.

00:24:39   Can I talk about our thoughts and reactions to it?

00:24:41   If you don't know the news then I would like to recommend that you listen to episode 210 of upgrade

00:24:47   Because we went through a lot of news

00:24:50   So you can go and check that out and when you come back, we'll be here for you

00:24:53   And then we can continue. So Steven continue. Okay, I will I will continue now

00:24:58   So we've got the s phones and I want to see what you guys think about this

00:25:04   I sent sort of like two reactions to this in the community

00:25:09   One that this is kind of like a boring S upgrade year

00:25:13   to the iPhone 10 with the new 10S and the 10S Max.

00:25:18   And then I get the sense that this is also,

00:25:21   like people are also really excited about these new phones,

00:25:24   particularly the larger one,

00:25:26   which I want to talk about sort of separately in a second.

00:25:28   But first, do you guys fall in one of those two camps

00:25:31   of this is kind of like a ho-hum year for the iPhone,

00:25:34   or is this a bigger deal than maybe it lets on?

00:25:36   I don't think it's a bigger deal.

00:25:39   If you look at the improvements in terms of the camera, or we just saw today the first

00:25:46   benchmarks from Geekbench from, I suppose, reviewers who just tried the new phones, it

00:25:53   doesn't feel like a huge bump compared to the X.

00:25:58   But I try to keep an open mind and I try to listen, especially to the world of the people,

00:26:05   and in my case the people would be my girlfriend from last night, we watched the keynote together

00:26:11   and she summed it up, the iPhone section, quite nicely I would say. She said that the

00:26:18   technical parts were boring, so she just got up and did stuff around the house. And that

00:26:24   the phone, she said, so it's basically bigger and a bit faster. Which I think for the XS

00:26:31   and the XS Max, I think it's a good summary, honestly. It's a bit faster, and the fact

00:26:36   that the CPU name is the same kinda hints at that, and it's bigger. So if you were looking

00:26:42   for the plus-sized iPhone X, this is it. So it's a new phone, but also it's kinda not

00:26:50   new in the sense that, besides the camera stuff, which we're gonna talk about, I don't

00:26:54   think there's any major difference yet. I guess we'll see if maybe more stuff is

00:27:03   added exclusively for the XS family with 12.1, which should come in some time in

00:27:10   the fall. I could see some features being exclusive to the iPhone XS, but also I

00:27:16   don't think we're in for that kind of major revelation of "oh, so this is why, you

00:27:22   know, we didn't see much software at the September event because Apple was saving

00:27:27   all of these exclusive features for the XS for 12.1.

00:27:31   I don't think that will be the case.

00:27:33   So it's a spec bump here, basically, and there's a bigger phone.

00:27:37   It's about what I expected, though, like I

00:27:42   I wasn't expecting there to be anything huge because Apple kind of gave

00:27:46   themselves a pass, right?

00:27:48   because if you think about like the last four iPhone updates before this,

00:27:53   they were starting to get really tired, right?

00:27:55   Like kind of getting to like the seven and the, you know,

00:28:00   like in the going into like the eight and stuff is like, I'm bored of this now.

00:28:03   Right. Like I feel like I'd seen that phone over and over again.

00:28:06   And the ten was such a huge jump that they've given themselves

00:28:10   like a few years runway before they really need to do something big again.

00:28:13   You know, because, you know, as we were just talking like last

00:28:17   maybe last week or the week before, like super happy with my iPhone 10.

00:28:20   Like I don't feel like I need to replace it right now.

00:28:23   If I wasn't somebody who was really like interested in a different sized phone,

00:28:28   I wouldn't be like super enthused to get the 10S because the 10 is so good.

00:28:34   Right. Like and the 10S just the standard 10S doesn't add a ton.

00:28:39   Right. You know, like I would always get it because of the situation that I'm in.

00:28:43   Right. We're like people expect because I want I want to be able to talk about it.

00:28:46   But if I was just like an average consumer, I probably wouldn't upgrade to the XS.

00:28:50   And I think that's totally fine, right?

00:28:52   Like as a choice to make.

00:28:53   I might actually upgrade in a different direction, but we'll talk about that in a bit.

00:28:57   But I think the big thing here, the kind of the thing that's made this,

00:29:04   whatever the feature would be for the S year,

00:29:06   is the fact that the iPhone X is now a line of phones, right?

00:29:10   Like there are three of them now.

00:29:12   Like that is the thing.

00:29:13   Like the feature this year is that you have a choice and you can make some

00:29:18   choices about the phone that you want to buy.

00:29:20   And those choices give you different advantages, different disadvantages.

00:29:25   It's up to you as opposed to like adding touch ID or 3D touch or whatever.

00:29:29   They've just made everything about the X a little bit better in the places that it

00:29:33   matters. And then they've also expanded it into a product line.

00:29:37   Like that, I think, you know, we look back right at these S revision years and

00:29:42   we're like, oh, like the 5S was when they introduced Touch ID and the 3GS was when video

00:29:48   became a thing and the 6S got 3D touch, right? Like we look back each year, like all that

00:29:57   S revision brought this. And I think that in a couple of years time, the 10S revision

00:30:02   was when they had three funds for sale that were all new, which, you know,

00:30:09   also the first time in a couple years where the regular size phone and the big

00:30:15   one are the same device right so you for a long time you had the dual cameras on

00:30:22   the plus and not on the not on the the regular size phone. When did that start?

00:30:27   The I guess the 7 and the 8 so now with the XS and the XS Max you're

00:30:37   you're really just picking between size.

00:30:39   You know, the other metrics are gonna be the same.

00:30:44   And I think that's an interesting change as well

00:30:47   from how they've done it in the past.

00:30:50   You spoke about the Geekbench score.

00:30:52   I think we should talk about the CPU a little bit.

00:30:55   Apple, of course, always spends time on that.

00:30:59   They spent a lot of time on it in this keynote.

00:31:02   This keynote felt padded out in a few different areas.

00:31:04   This was one of them, in my opinion,

00:31:07   talking about the neural network

00:31:08   and all the things that it could do.

00:31:10   It'll make Face ID a little bit faster.

00:31:12   Face ID is the same, it's the same sensing hardware,

00:31:15   but it should just be able to do

00:31:17   the computational stuff a little bit quicker.

00:31:19   Talked about real-time Core ML,

00:31:22   talking about how they've hooked the neural net

00:31:23   up to the image signal processor with the camera.

00:31:26   So now it's doing, what did they say,

00:31:29   a trillion operations every time you take a photo?

00:31:32   That doesn't make any sense.

00:31:34   It was funny to me where they were like "oh, we're going from 2 billion to a trillion."

00:31:37   It's like these are just numbers.

00:31:38   It doesn't mean anything to me.

00:31:40   To me, 200 billion sounds bigger than 1 trillion.

00:31:43   I mean you have 200 versus 1.

00:31:46   Or they could have said 900 billion.

00:31:48   Right?

00:31:49   Like it takes you a longer time to say it so it kind of feels bigger.

00:31:51   It feels bigger.

00:31:52   Like I was not impressed when he said "and we went from 200 billion to 1 trillion."

00:31:57   Like wow, what a letdown.

00:31:58   It's not surprising though because like those numbers are beyond average comprehension.

00:32:03   Right?

00:32:04   Like, I have no scale anymore.

00:32:06   Like, if you can go from 200 billion to a trillion,

00:32:10   then like what you've done, I can't fathom because you've taken

00:32:15   like it took you so long to get to 200 billion and then you just like,

00:32:18   oh, whatever, like we'll just buy these massive factors.

00:32:21   We've increased it.

00:32:23   Like at that point, it's like I can't I can't comprehend what that means anymore.

00:32:27   Like, is that a really good thing or is it just like an average thing?

00:32:30   I have no idea.

00:32:31   Yeah, they should start giving performance updates with practical stats.

00:32:36   Like before you could edit like a 4K video,

00:32:40   you could export a 4K video in 30 seconds.

00:32:43   Well, now you can do it in 20.

00:32:44   And then I think they do that where it's possible.

00:32:48   I don't really think there's a way because like what this is kind of enabling

00:32:52   is like, oh, we can do we can make the pictures better.

00:32:56   So well, that's not a quantifiable thing.

00:32:59   You're like, oh, pictures will be two times better.

00:33:01   Like you can't. That's not a statistic you can give.

00:33:04   Right. So it's just like,

00:33:05   you'll be four times more handsome in this photo.

00:33:09   This picture is twice as better as the iPhone X.

00:33:14   Sure. You know, this picture is blow away.

00:33:17   Like, so we we went with CPU names, right?

00:33:20   We fell into the trap in believing that the CPU name would change every year.

00:33:27   Clearly, we've now found out that like there is some kind of like naming scheme

00:33:31   that Apple has.

00:33:32   It's going to change next year.

00:33:33   It will change next year for sure.

00:33:35   I don't know about you guys, but I was really confused for the first ten minutes

00:33:39   of them talking about the CPU.

00:33:41   I was like, that's the same one, because I can't remember the numbers.

00:33:44   All I can remember there was the name.

00:33:46   But I think it's the it's the it's the trillion that gave it away.

00:33:50   You know, like when when they did the one trillion, I knew that was the new one

00:33:54   as the old one didn't have trillions, just billions.

00:33:57   That's true.

00:33:58   During that part of the presentation, my girlfriend got out of bed and she's just like, "This

00:34:02   is boring.

00:34:03   I don't care."

00:34:04   You watch these things in bed?

00:34:05   That's so cute.

00:34:06   We were lying in bed and watching on the big TV because we have a 57 inch or something

00:34:11   TV, so yeah.

00:34:12   Oh, you have that in the bedroom?

00:34:14   You don't have that in the living room?

00:34:15   We do.

00:34:16   We do.

00:34:17   Yeah, it's in the bedroom.

00:34:18   Yeah.

00:34:19   Me and Adina were watching it together at home and it was funny to see the moments where

00:34:22   she would just pick up her phone and just like start going on Reddit or something. It's

00:34:26   like, okay, this part's boring for you. Yeah, they got deeper into some of that tech

00:34:30   stuff this time. And so we should talk about, we almost talked about it. So the name is

00:34:36   A12 Bionic. They reused Bionic from the A11. Our guesses last week, just to review, none

00:34:41   of us got this right. Federico said A12 Nitro. I said A12 Supersonic. Myke said A12 Momentum.

00:34:49   Kate said A12 Canon and Steve Tranel Smith said A12 Plasma.

00:34:53   Myke's name is terrible.

00:34:54   No it's not!

00:34:55   It's so bad.

00:34:56   It is real bad.

00:34:57   It's bad.

00:34:58   It's terrible.

00:35:00   You should not be in charge of picking CPU names.

00:35:04   Super Sonic I think was the best out of them.

00:35:06   Cross that off your resume, Myke.

00:35:08   You're not good at this.

00:35:09   A12 Fast and Furious.

00:35:10   That's what you were picking over there, Mr. Nitro.

00:35:13   They have to brand the CPU names, you know, Apple's doomed.

00:35:17   So the question is, Federico you put this in the show notes, the question is who are

00:35:20   these demos for? Like who is benefiting from these explanations?

00:35:27   Like they announce, every time you announce these apps and these games, you know, this

00:35:32   parade of people coming on stage and walking off stage and doing demos, like who cares

00:35:37   about this stuff? Like consumers, nobody, nobody's talking about like, it's not like

00:35:43   My mom is calling me, she's like, "Oh, did you watch the demo for the new game by Bethesda?"

00:35:48   I'm like, "No, my mom doesn't care.

00:35:49   My mom just knows that there's a new iPhone."

00:35:51   TV doesn't care.

00:35:53   I was watching the news today, and of course there was a segment about the new iPhone that

00:35:57   was super generic information.

00:35:58   They actually called it the Steve Jobs Center instead of the Steve Jobs Theater.

00:36:04   So this sort of gives you the idea of the attention to detail that the mainstream media

00:36:08   has to this kind of stuff.

00:36:10   The press doesn't care.

00:36:12   You don't see articles about, oh, and here we break down the demos from the Apple conference.

00:36:17   No, nobody cares about the demos.

00:36:18   I have my theory.

00:36:19   I have my theory.

00:36:20   It feels to me as if they do demos just to feel, well, for padding for the event, to

00:36:26   just occupy time when they need it.

00:36:29   And just because they need some kind of visual reinforcement for the things they just announced.

00:36:35   But in practice, most demos are useless.

00:36:38   And this is just my personal opinion.

00:36:40   It just feels like a waste of time.

00:36:41   Like you just need it to feel time.

00:36:44   I think the reason that they do it is to validate the claims that they're making.

00:36:49   Like it's attempting a validation of saying that this CPU is better

00:36:53   because it can do these things.

00:36:54   Because if they don't do that, what else are they talking about?

00:36:58   Right. Like if they can't like because what they're saying to you is

00:37:02   this phone is faster because we did this.

00:37:05   And then they're like, look at all these things that are now better

00:37:07   that couldn't be done before.

00:37:08   And I agree that that is almost in service of nobody.

00:37:12   Right. Because it's like consumers don't care about it.

00:37:14   I think it is for the press.

00:37:17   It is to just when you're thinking about this phone and writing about this phone,

00:37:22   you're now aware of the fact that this thing is faster because here's our receipts,

00:37:26   like here is our proof of it being better and faster,

00:37:29   because if they don't talk about it being better and faster, like what else was is there?

00:37:34   Right. Like in especially in an S-year, like what are you going to do?

00:37:37   What are you going to do?

00:37:38   Well, I would I would say the photography section.

00:37:41   Is almost as boring for me or it's like, look at this picture,

00:37:45   look at this picture and this one and this was like, I need one one

00:37:53   and then show me like when they're showing me like the depth of field stuff,

00:37:56   which is really cool and I can't wait to play with that.

00:37:59   Right. That is fun to see because you're showing.

00:38:01   But like, look how good this picture is.

00:38:04   Look at the water on this guy's hair.

00:38:05   Like, look at the water! I can't take that picture.

00:38:09   Like, it doesn't matter if you give me the phone.

00:38:11   I can never do that. Right?

00:38:13   Like, so it's like a similar thing for me.

00:38:16   It's like, I can't...

00:38:18   At least I can play the Bethesda game.

00:38:20   I can't take a picture like that.

00:38:22   This demos would be more effective if there was like a before and after.

00:38:26   Like, show me the game running terribly on an iPhone 8.

00:38:30   Or take a picture with an iPhone 3GS.

00:38:35   And then, right? But like the real thing you actually want to see is, in serious

00:38:40   it's like take that picture with the iPhone X and then take it with the XS

00:38:43   but they won't do that because the difference won't be big enough, right?

00:38:46   And they won't do it because some of these old phones they keep selling and

00:38:50   it's not like they can say "Well look how crappy this phone is!"

00:38:53   So like, you know, the thing is like, I don't know, like you've... all of this stuff

00:39:01   especially in the SCS, that they just feel like they have to show something to back up their claim

00:39:09   because otherwise all it is is just like we were just talking about it the two billion right or

00:39:14   the trillion. That means nothing. At least the basketball guy whilst I kind of whatever,

00:39:22   at least it's showing something that it can do right where they're like look we couldn't do this

00:39:26   before, this is the kind of stuff that can happen now. And whilst that is applicable

00:39:31   to barely anyone, right? Like, are you playing basketball at a close to NBA level? Then this

00:39:38   app's for you, right? Like, I'm not 100% sure who that was in service of.

00:39:43   I'm so glad it's here now because, in secret, I have been training to join the NBA.

00:39:49   Finally! Finally!

00:39:50   I knew it! Finally! He's taken the... he's taken the... whatever.

00:39:54   the push I needed the technology will let me finally reach my full potential.

00:39:58   All the all the vlogging and all the you know buying camera equipment and all the

00:40:02   buying tripods and stuff was all in preparation for the moment where you can

00:40:06   finally train put your iPhone on a tripod and use the home court app to to

00:40:11   to monitor your your throws and your jumps and your elevation.

00:40:16   Can we can we talk about the XR? Please. XR? I really want to talk about this phone

00:40:22   Because this is I'm gonna say right I've been talking for weeks about why I thought the 10R was a bad idea

00:40:27   I was totally wrong. You mean the 9 the iPhone 9? Yeah the 9

00:40:31   Well, let's talk about the iPhone 9. You mean the 10C the iPhone 10C?

00:40:35   The 10 or the 9C is like what we was thinking of right like it's gonna be just like the 5C

00:40:39   Because we're thinking like this is gonna be just like the 5C

00:40:42   It's gonna be the iPhone 9 right like it look like it but it will be colors and it will fail because it will be old

00:40:48   Apple

00:40:50   totally

00:40:51   surprised me because this, the XR is basically packed with everything the XS has inside of it.

00:40:59   Like pretty much the only differences are it has an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen

00:41:06   and it has one camera so like it's just missing the telephoto lens even though it can also do

00:41:11   like software portrait mode photos. Like I was super surprised at how much new technology went

00:41:19   went into this phone. Like, they have, they have, I'm really surprised that Apple has

00:41:23   found a way to pack this thing full of the new technology. So really, it's like you're

00:41:29   getting a phone that looks like the, the, the X, but it's cheaper and is in colors and

00:41:36   it has all of the stuff that you might want. I'm surprised.

00:41:38   I keep thinking about this and the more I think about it, the more I feel like there's

00:41:43   a catch somewhere, because it looks like an iPhone X, it's got the same design, it's got

00:41:50   an LCD, but most people don't care, like, they don't care about LCD versus OLED, like,

00:41:55   we care, but again, my friends don't care. It just, it looks like an iPhone X, that's

00:41:59   what matters. It's got portrait mode, it's Tambia software, and then I started reading,

00:42:06   you know, information that I was able to gather about this on Twitter and some of the articles

00:42:10   that I read, I saw a bunch of tweets saying that portrait mode, done via software because

00:42:16   of course it's a single lens, it only applies portrait to people, therefore faces, so if

00:42:23   you try to fake this portrait mode, I guess with a dog, it will not work, so that's the

00:42:29   first limitation.

00:42:30   And then I also saw other tweets saying that of all the studio lighting effects, only three

00:42:35   will be available on the on the XR which is also interesting. But that aside, what's the difference?

00:42:44   I think it's the screen. So I agree with you, I think a lot of people either don't care or won't

00:42:51   be able to tell the difference, right? I think that a lot of people wouldn't really see too much

00:42:58   of a difference in the color or if they see it like "this doesn't bother me, this is a great

00:43:02   screen you know like whatever especially if it coming from another LCD phone it's like fine this

00:43:06   is gonna be great but like that I expect is like a huge cost saving the LCD of the OLED and you know

00:43:13   it's aluminium doesn't have stainless steel like I'm sure that they're basically they have found a

00:43:19   way to merge their processes right they really know how to make phones with LCDs in them and

00:43:24   they really know how to make this 10 shape now and they've just found a way to smush it together and

00:43:28   and offer it for $750. Now, I did see something today, I saw this in MKBHD's video, I looked

00:43:34   it up, which is super strange. The resolution of the 6.1 inch LCD screen on the XR is kinda

00:43:41   weird. It's 1792 by 828. It's 326 ppi. So because of that, you actually can't watch

00:43:48   1080p videos on this phone. Because it doesn't go to 1080. You can only watch 720.

00:43:56   You can watch them but you're not seeing it one for one.

00:43:59   Yeah, sorry, that is a better way of putting it, right?

00:44:01   But like, you're not getting super high quality video on this, and the PPI is lower, right?

00:44:07   So the 8+ is 1920x1080 at 401 PPI.

00:44:12   The 8 is 1334x750 at 326, so it has the same pixels per inch as the 8, as the XR, XR.

00:44:24   But the screen is so much bigger.

00:44:26   So I don't think that it's necessarily, I don't think this is a problem, I just found

00:44:30   that interesting.

00:44:32   Maybe this is part of it.

00:44:33   Like that LCD panel that they're using is maybe not the highest quality panel they could

00:44:39   have used potentially, I don't know.

00:44:41   It's basically like an iPhone 8 screen but just more of it.

00:44:46   It's not stretched out, it's actually just like if you had a sheet of screen that just

00:44:50   cut a bigger chunk of it out.

00:44:53   That is interesting. Again, I think it's something that... I think the XR buyer is someone who

00:45:00   right now has an iPhone 6s or 7. For them, it's the same resolution they've always had,

00:45:06   there's just more of it.

00:45:07   Yeah, I don't think that this is a problem. This was just an interesting tidbit.

00:45:12   It's a way to curb the cost in a way that doesn't really detract from the experience.

00:45:19   So here's, we've spoken so much about the 5C,

00:45:22   but the 5C was compromised because it was an iPhone 5

00:45:26   in a new case, and the new case highlighted

00:45:28   that you bought an old phone.

00:45:30   This is different because it looks just like the new phones,

00:45:33   especially when you put it in a case.

00:45:35   The iPhone 5C case had all its holes punched in the back,

00:45:37   so you could see your bright green phone shining through it.

00:45:40   This, in a black leather Apple case,

00:45:42   is gonna look to almost everybody just like a 10,

00:45:47   And that's fine and because this phone isn't for people who like no I don't think many people are gonna go from the 10

00:45:53   to the

00:45:54   10 R or something like maybe some from like the 6s plus or the 7 plus to this so that you know

00:46:01   They're gonna see a little bit of reduction in screen quality, but I don't think this is a bad deal

00:46:06   What's so interesting about this phone?

00:46:08   Like you said Myke it is very similar to the 10s

00:46:12   It's the same as the XS in terms of performance. It may even benchmark faster because it has fewer pixels to push it

00:46:19   You can get loads of storage you get a really good camera

00:46:23   It has face ID. It has all this other stuff. This feels like a product

00:46:29   That like not from the Tim Cook Apple like I was really afraid that this phone was going to be

00:46:35   Sort of a basically another 5c like basically they took the old iPhone 10 and put it in a aluminum case

00:46:42   And they didn't do that they made this phone that sort of in between the 10 and the 10s

00:46:46   But closer to the high end and that is encouraging to me because Apple

00:46:51   They could have made this phone less expensive, but they decided to make something good

00:46:54   It is still more expensive than the the 8 that it replaces, but it's less expensive than the 8 plus so again

00:47:01   It's right in between I think it fits in really nicely with what they're doing

00:47:04   And I'm glad that it's got the performance and so many of the specs from the new phone

00:47:09   So it's not penalized out of the box by being a year behind

00:47:13   Do we know the RAM of the of the XR?

00:47:16   Because if it's got

00:47:20   less RAM than the XS

00:47:22   I have a feeling that, and this is a really clever move if my theory is correct,

00:47:28   that this phone will be successful because it's not a compromise right now.

00:47:32   Unlike the 5C you're not compromising on anything right now.

00:47:36   But I have a feeling that it will be a compromise eventually,

00:47:40   perhaps in iOS 13 or iOS 14, when people will replace their XR.

00:47:46   I have a feeling that whenever major new feature Apple is working on, it will be compromised on the XR.

00:47:53   If there's a difference in terms of RAM.

00:47:56   If, yeah, we don't know.

00:47:57   If there's, we don't know. We don't know yet.

00:47:59   I saw an article claiming that the XR has 3GB of RAM, whereas the XS would have 4.

00:48:06   And it wouldn't be unusual for Apple to limit functionality based on RAM.

00:48:12   So it's not a compromise now, and I think it's an excellent phone right now, and I keep

00:48:16   looking for a catch and I couldn't find one, perhaps because there's no catch right now.

00:48:21   But I mean, I look at buying iPhones personally because I always want the best, and I look

00:48:27   at these expensive Porsches and I'm like "this is an investment" and I know that whatever

00:48:32   major iOS feature comes out, I will be able to run it because I got the latest and greatest.

00:48:38   With 10R, I think it's going to be an excellent phone for most people. I wouldn't buy it myself

00:48:43   because I want to have the peace of mind that I will get all the possible iOS features and

00:48:49   functionalities that I can get. And if it's got even slightly worse specs than the 10S,

00:48:56   I think that would be a real possibility eventually. Not this year, maybe not next year, but at

00:49:00   least in a couple of years.

00:49:01   If I didn't want the biggest phone, I would want to take a look at this because

00:49:07   I would consider it because I love the colors so much.

00:49:10   Because it really does have pretty much everything that I want, right, from the

00:49:19   phone, it gets fast and I mean, I'm fine with the camera.

00:49:23   I love the dual camera system is really great, but like I'm not wed to it.

00:49:27   You know, like it's a great advantage, but it doesn't significantly change my experience

00:49:33   in any meaningful way. You know, like sometimes it's nice to zoom in on a photo a little bit,

00:49:37   but like the photos are such high quality, you can zoom it in a software, especially when sometimes

00:49:42   the phone does that for me anyway. But I think, you know, but like I just got the placebo effect

00:49:46   and just think it is always the second camera when it isn't always right. But those cameras like I

00:49:51   am a colors I should say I'm all about that coral color like it looks so good

00:49:56   to me like the RNG pinky one I love I love the look of that thing the it that

00:50:01   they all look great and Jason was talking about the the glass back and the

00:50:05   aluminum like the color being slightly off it's weird if you look on MKBHD's

00:50:10   video that difference changes based on the color so like the blue maybe a

00:50:16   little bit closer than the coral or you know whatever the case may be but I

00:50:19   I think they do look really nice, and I think people are really going to like them.

00:50:22   I think it's going to be really interesting to see over time how these phones sell.

00:50:30   So there's a really good article by Ben Thompson that's in the show notes called "The iPhone

00:50:34   Franchise."

00:50:35   You should definitely go read.

00:50:37   But part of what he talks about, and part of what I think a lot of us are thinking about

00:50:41   is the mix of phones.

00:50:42   So last year you had the 8 and 8 Plus as sort of like the regular updated phone.

00:50:50   And then you had the 10 on top as like the enthusiast device.

00:50:55   But the 10 outsold the others every quarter that it was for sale.

00:50:58   And now it's gone, by the way, which I think is good because it helps keep this line cleaner

00:51:02   than it would have been otherwise.

00:51:05   And so now this year they've got one sort of mainstream phone maybe, the 10R, and they've

00:51:10   They've got the XS and XS Max on either side of it size-wise, but both more expensive.

00:51:15   So what is going to happen to the average selling price?

00:51:19   I'm sure initially that the iPhone XS and XS Max will sell very well.

00:51:23   Driving up the ASP, we're all getting ready to talk about what we're going to order.

00:51:26   All of our phones are going to be very expensive.

00:51:28   You add AppleCare, you add the new AppleCare with loss prevention, it's even more expensive.

00:51:33   But you know, quarter two, quarter three, quarter four that these phones are on sale,

00:51:39   Like will it fall a little bit?

00:51:41   Will the XR be more successful than the 8 and 8 Plus?

00:51:45   I think that's a real possibility that the 8 and 8 Plus underperformed because they looked

00:51:50   old compared to the X.

00:51:52   And I think a lot more people bought the X than I think I anticipated.

00:51:56   I wasn't sure it was going to be the best selling phone.

00:51:58   And so I just wonder what that mix is going to be like.

00:52:00   Will it continue to be that the most expensive ones sell the best?

00:52:05   Or will it be that the XR is so much better than the 8 and 8 Plus were in their day that

00:52:10   it's going to do really well and drag the ASP down?

00:52:13   Or is that balanced out that the XS Max is really expensive?

00:52:17   There's going to be a very interesting number to watch because it will give us an indication

00:52:21   of how these things are selling at large.

00:52:25   I'm anxious to see how that goes.

00:52:28   My theory will be that it won't change too much because the XR might sell really well.

00:52:35   But the Max only has to sell like okay because of the price that that's at, that it would

00:52:41   balance it.

00:52:42   That's my feeling on it.

00:52:44   Like I don't think that they would have put these phones all out there into the water

00:52:49   if they thought it was going to drag the ASP down.

00:52:51   I reckon Apple's pretty steadfast in its belief that it won't do that.

00:52:54   And I expect that's one of the reasons that the 10 did not change in price, that it stayed

00:52:58   at 999, which was a surprise to me.

00:53:01   I was expecting it to go down to maybe like $899.

00:53:05   I didn't think that the 10 would stay at $999, but it has.

00:53:10   What are we ordering, Nan?

00:53:12   Federico, what are you getting?

00:53:14   Alright, so we're talking iPhones now.

00:53:19   So I thought about this and I'm going to go with 10s Max, 256 space grey.

00:53:27   Just keeping it classic.

00:53:28   You're going with space grey?

00:53:29   Yeah, and with the case, I don't know if the English name is the same one. Lavender Grey?

00:53:38   That's it. Okay, same name.

00:53:40   I don't think it's Lavender Grey, I think it's just Lavender.

00:53:43   It's called Grigio Lavanda in Italian. Lavender Grey.

00:53:47   God, we're having a great time today with all this beautiful Italian. Let me see. No,

00:53:54   it is Lavender Grey.

00:53:55   Oh, okay.

00:53:56   It is Lavender Grey. I stand corrected.

00:53:57   Fake news.

00:53:58   Thank you so much. Do you want to tell us what you want next?

00:54:01   I'm going to do the 256 gig max. I've talked about this before. I generally alternate colors,

00:54:09   but I really don't like the space gray back, but I love the black stainless rim. And so

00:54:14   I'm going to do what I did last time. And I'm going to have my phone and my iPad. And

00:54:19   last year is like whatever device came up first, like my phone. I think I bought on

00:54:23   my iPhone last year. That was going to be silver. If I bought on the iPad, it was going

00:54:26   to be space gray. I think I'm going to do the same thing this year and leave it to chance.

00:54:30   The gold looks really good, it's just not for me. But I appreciate that I think a lot

00:54:35   of people are going to really like it. I do, however...

00:54:39   No case?

00:54:40   A case? I'll order the black leather one, as I have, and use it sometimes. I have it

00:54:45   on now because, as I discussed last time, I broke the back of my phone a little bit.

00:54:49   That crack is spreading, which is troubling.

00:54:51   Of course it is.

00:54:53   I'm going to keep the iPhone 10. I'm going to get it fixed after my new phone shows up.

00:54:58   But I'm a little I'm excited about the max I'm going to order it, but I'm a little concerned

00:55:03   it's going to be a hair too big. It is the size of the old plus phone, but it's all screen

00:55:09   and that upper part of the screen is going to be really far away. I hope that it sticks.

00:55:14   I want it to stick. I want this phone I want the battery life. I like the size, but it's

00:55:19   going to take some getting used to again and so I am ordering it but I'm reserved

00:55:24   a little bit that it may not be right for me in the long run so I guess we'll

00:55:28   see. Control Center is gonna be useless on this thing. It's like wasted. It's gonna be awful.

00:55:34   It's just like, "Hey Siri, open Control Center. It's the only way that we'll be able to do with it."

00:55:39   Yeah I don't know what it's gonna be like, right? Like going to that size again

00:55:44   because of the pure screen size like obviously I'm going with the Max and I

00:55:50   will find a way to make it work for me but it may not be a one-handed device

00:55:53   anymore we'll see yeah I'm obviously going 10s Max okay so ideally I will get

00:56:01   the 256 gold that is ideally what I will get because I think the gold looks

00:56:06   really good. I am also open to 512 and or space and or silver I should say. It all just

00:56:16   depends on what I can get. Right? Like if I if the 256 gold if I miss it or it's sold

00:56:22   out I'm not going to be like oh well no iPhone. I will go for 512 gold and if I can't get

00:56:27   that then I will try 256 silver or 512 silver because I want a phone on the day one. So

00:56:32   Ideally, I want the 256 gold.

00:56:35   I love the gold.

00:56:37   I think it looks awesome.

00:56:38   I can't wait to see it in person, but everything I've seen of it, it's like,

00:56:41   yes, that looks so good.

00:56:43   I will get a case, which does kind of make me sad, right?

00:56:46   Because I like the way these phones look, but I have to put them in cases

00:56:50   and I will get the blue horizon case

00:56:53   because I think blue and gold is an excellent combination.

00:56:57   So that's what I'm going to go for.

00:56:59   I do want to say, right.

00:57:00   So it does feel super weird to be ordering the phone tomorrow.

00:57:04   It feels too soon from the announcement, right?

00:57:06   Because it's Wednesday to Friday.

00:57:07   It's just one less day than normal.

00:57:10   Don't quote me on this, but I just feel like the ordering process

00:57:14   is not going to be as stressful this year.

00:57:16   You just said it on a podcast.

00:57:17   It's impossible to not quote you.

00:57:19   I can say it, but you can't quote me on it.

00:57:21   Right. Like I've just said it, but we all signed the non-quote agreement.

00:57:25   I haven't signed anything.

00:57:26   So, yeah, I mailed that out to tens of thousands of people.

00:57:30   But I, and if anything, it's just because last year, last year we thought it was going

00:57:36   to be really bad and it ended up to be like, okay.

00:57:39   Right.

00:57:40   Because everyone was saying, oh, it's not going to be an, I'm confident that there will

00:57:42   be as many as there should be, if that makes sense.

00:57:46   Right.

00:57:47   Like it will be like a regular release.

00:57:48   As long as you're there at the start, you'll probably get what you want.

00:57:51   Which was mostly what it was like with the 10, but we were all freaking out beforehand

00:57:54   thinking there was going to be like five per country.

00:57:56   So it's that time of the year again.

00:57:59   pre-order tips with Federico time.

00:58:03   No, because your tips last year were robust.

00:58:06   Well, you didn't apply my tip correctly.

00:58:08   So there's a new and improved version of this segment.

00:58:12   So he got it wrong, but you still improved it anyways?

00:58:15   That sounds like your--

00:58:16   He got it wrong, but I improved the way

00:58:19   that I describe my instructions so that people like Myke

00:58:22   will not get it wrong this time.

00:58:24   My instructions had a part that was implied,

00:58:28   and Myke went the wrong direction.

00:58:31   So today, go through the Apple Store website

00:58:36   or app on your iOS device

00:58:38   and mark the stuff you wanna pre-order tomorrow

00:58:41   as a favorite.

00:58:43   So whether it's an iPhone or a case or an Apple Watch,

00:58:47   hit the heart icon and add it to your favorites.

00:58:50   Confirm that the items you want are in your favorites

00:58:55   section of your account, of your Apple ID.

00:58:58   Make sure that your credit card is up to date

00:59:00   and that it works and that your bank

00:59:03   is not gonna flag the transaction or anything like that.

00:59:06   Tomorrow, wake up, I would say 30 minutes

00:59:09   before the pre-order, have a coffee, make sure you're awake.

00:59:12   Have multiple devices ready to go,

00:59:14   ideally on separate networks.

00:59:16   We've been done before.

00:59:18   Keep your computer on Wi-Fi, keep your phone

00:59:20   with the Apple Store app on 4G.

00:59:22   Try to use both the store website

00:59:25   and the Apple Store app, you may have better luck with one of them. Last year my friends Myke and

00:59:31   Steven, I think you guys used the app, I used the website. So there's CDN involved, so your friend

00:59:38   might see the Apple Store website already up in the United States, but maybe it's still down in

00:59:44   Europe. You just gotta keep refreshing and eventually it will work. Now, last year, if I'm

00:59:50   I'm correct, Myke. You wasted time deciding during the checkup process whether you wanted

00:59:57   to have the phone delivered or go pick it up at the store.

01:00:00   No, my problem was I wanted to do pickup, but I wanted to choose my store.

01:00:05   Right, right. Okay. Don't do that.

01:00:09   But I have to do that.

01:00:10   Why? You're just gonna waste time?

01:00:12   There's like a specific store that I need to go to.

01:00:15   Canon, why don't you have it delivered to your house?

01:00:20   is that the deliveries never arrive, they never come.

01:00:23   - All right, so if you're like Myke,

01:00:25   I'm afraid I cannot help you because you're gonna,

01:00:28   you're gonna have to spend a few seconds

01:00:30   either entering your zip code

01:00:31   or picking from a list of stores in your buy.

01:00:34   Like all these interactions count

01:00:37   when everybody's trying to buy an iPhone,

01:00:38   whether it's Safari asking you for location access

01:00:41   or typing your zip code.

01:00:43   Like you're gonna waste a few seconds doing this.

01:00:45   And if you absolutely need to do it, do it.

01:00:48   Yeah, it's like I have to pick it up from the store.

01:00:51   OK, OK, I get it. All right.

01:00:52   And I have to choose the store that I want to pick it up from.

01:00:55   If you can stay at home and wait for the delivery,

01:00:58   just go straight to, you know, ship to my address. You're done.

01:01:01   Also, here's my second tip this year.

01:01:04   Don't add AppleCare

01:01:08   or a second device to your first purchase immediately.

01:01:12   Like tomorrow morning is what I'm going to do.

01:01:15   I'm gonna go get the iPhone, deliver to my house, and that's it.

01:01:21   Then I will go in for a second order for my iPhone case, the Apple Watch, and AppleCare.

01:01:28   If you don't want to waste time, you can actually get AppleCare the day that you buy your iPhone,

01:01:35   that you receive your iPhone.

01:01:36   You can go to the website and buy AppleCare online, and it will still apply.

01:01:40   It does this super weird thing where it's like checking the diagnostics.

01:01:44   Yes.

01:01:45   But you can buy AppleCare within a 60 or 90 day window, I think, of you getting the new phone.

01:01:50   So you don't have to add all of this stuff as you're getting the phone. You know, everybody's

01:01:56   trying to buy the iPhone, it's gonna be messy, there's going to be slow loading times. Just go

01:02:01   for the phone first, then get all the other stuff. That would be my suggestion. And if you can,

01:02:06   don't waste time picking stores for pickup unless you absolutely need to.

01:02:10   That's all really good advice. I think people should follow it.

01:02:14   but after we get ours.

01:02:16   - Piece of advice one is, wait for us all to tweet

01:02:20   about the fact that we have made our purchases

01:02:22   and then you can go right ahead.

01:02:24   - Wait for us, then remember my tips and apply them.

01:02:27   But first, wait for us.

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01:04:16   Apple Watch.

01:04:18   This was very interesting because it kind of felt like

01:04:22   it was maybe the more exciting product.

01:04:26   Then the phone like the Apple Watch seemed to have a lot more going on,

01:04:31   a lot more new stuff going on than the phone did. I was pretty excited about that. Like,

01:04:37   I thought it was pretty good, right? Like, would you agree Federico, you are a daily

01:04:41   devout Apple Watch wearer? Like, are you excited about the Series 4?

01:04:45   Oh yeah, totally. Like, the heart rate stuff, even though the ECG and all that is gonna

01:04:56   to be exclusive to the US initially, but the hardware improvements like the

01:05:01   new, the improved sensor and the fall detection and all of the changes to the

01:05:05   work.

01:05:05   Yeah, cause it does what? Like low blood pressure now too, right?

01:05:09   Like as opposed to just that. And what is it? What is it? Yeah.

01:05:14   The pressure, but is it something fib? What is that thing?

01:05:16   A-fib atrial fibrillation.

01:05:18   A-fib. That's it.

01:05:19   Yeah. That stuff is super important. And, uh,

01:05:23   Apple worked with Stanford and other institutions before, stuff like the Apple Heart Study.

01:05:29   It was based on detecting atrial fibrillation, for example, and now this is going to be a

01:05:32   native feature of the Series 4.

01:05:35   So this stuff is impressive, and especially for workouts like the new activity phases

01:05:40   and the complications, I really like what Apple has done here.

01:05:45   And the fact that there's going to be not only functional changes but also visual changes

01:05:53   in the software, so the fact that the UI is more rounded and these new complications and

01:06:00   watch faces that you only get on the Series 4, that to me makes it a really compelling

01:06:05   upgrade.

01:06:06   for the first time, I can get cellular, but with the caveat that my ISP still doesn't

01:06:17   support cellular.

01:06:19   So what can you do about that? Can you just get the watch on a different carrier?

01:06:25   I can get the watch and wait. So I went to the Apple website and they said, for now we

01:06:31   only support Vodafone, but my provider is telecom. So Apple, as a message, says don't

01:06:37   worry, new companies are added regularly. So I assume that telecom in Italy will...

01:06:45   I'm just gonna tell you, right, so this is the second watch.

01:06:49   All done. All done.

01:06:50   Brings of it the second carrier in the UK, right? So like slow...

01:06:53   If I don't see Tim, which is the name of my provider,

01:06:59   Hey Tim.

01:07:01   If I don't see Tim added within the next couple of months,

01:07:06   I'm just going to switch to Vodafone and whatever.

01:07:10   Cool. Yeah, cool, cool, cool.

01:07:11   Yeah, because I wouldn't rely on that being added, right?

01:07:14   Because they seem to they are being added,

01:07:16   but they seem to be being added pretty slowly.

01:07:19   Like we we had EE only for the first year,

01:07:22   and now Vodafone's being added here too.

01:07:25   So we have two and we have like six major carriers in this country.

01:07:28   What gives me hope is somebody actually told me this on Twitter

01:07:34   that Apple has done some work to support a specific LTE band,

01:07:39   I think band 32, that only Vodafone and Team use in Italy and in another country.

01:07:46   So it's an LTE band that is used by like three carriers worldwide.

01:07:51   The other, the second country, I don't remember which one, but in Italy this LTE band that the iPhone now supports,

01:07:58   it works with Team and Vodafone. So somehow I think it's all related that Team is going to be next to support the Apple Watch

01:08:06   because they're working with Apple anyway. I don't know. But if it doesn't happen within, I don't know, November,

01:08:11   I'm just gonna switch and whatever. I just, I really want to have a cellular watch. So we'll see.

01:08:17   Oh yeah, yeah, for sure, I get that. They're bigger. The screens are bigger, but the watches

01:08:24   are bigger. They're like a millimetre to two millimetres different in each direction. I think

01:08:30   people are going to be surprised that how much bigger those things feel. Like the millimetres

01:08:34   in a phone don't really mean anything, but when you're putting something on your wrist,

01:08:37   it means something. They look bigger and I think they're going to feel bigger. I think people get

01:08:45   used to it, right? Because you just do. But I'm surprised, you know, Apple has been

01:08:50   heralded for a long time of making 38 millimeter watches because they're great for people with

01:08:57   smaller wrists. Well, like they don't make that anymore. 40 is the smallest now. And so I'm

01:09:03   intrigued to see what the real world consumer response will be like, like when more people

01:09:08   with different body sizes start getting these things, like, is it going to be a shame? So like,

01:09:13   I am there will be a 40 millimeter in this house for Adina for my wife and she is tiny

01:09:19   So I am super intrigued to see what she thinks about the 40 millimeter

01:09:25   Like if it's gonna be too big for her or not the there's a tweet from our friend

01:09:30   Casey

01:09:32   Liss I can't be is it a dear friend or just a friend? Oh, I don't I don't want to go crazy

01:09:39   acquaintance of the show I would say I would say frenemy of the show frenemy of

01:09:44   the frenemy of the show frenemy of the show for me the showcase he lists I did

01:09:48   the thing we all did several years ago where like you print out the size of the

01:09:52   watch and like try it on I think I think he said further down this thread and I

01:09:57   think some other people chimed in that they wear the the 42 now but they're

01:10:02   gonna go to the 40 because the 44 feels too big this is a deal where I'm jumping

01:10:08   had a little bit I'm not ordering one tomorrow but I may at some point in the

01:10:13   future but I think I would try them on if you have any question and because it

01:10:18   is a big jump I also because I like poking at the Apple press sometimes even

01:10:24   though we are the Apple press people always slam other smart watch makers for

01:10:30   not having a 38 millimeter watch and now Apple doesn't have a 38 millimeter watch

01:10:35   like they've gotten bigger. That's what I'm getting at. And I think that that's interesting

01:10:41   to see that I'm intrigued to see what people's reaction is because in theory it should be that

01:10:47   it's too big because that was the whole, there was like a big narrative around the fact that...

01:10:51   But people said the same thing about Android phones and camera bumps, like we all just accept

01:10:55   it when Apple does it so people should go for a walk. But they are bigger but I think critically

01:11:02   they are thinner. That's the thing that I'm most excited about in the design change. Because

01:11:07   if you wear it with a jacket or a dress shirt or something, it's a little bulbous at times.

01:11:13   Now it's smooth, flat. Smooth and flat.

01:11:18   Yeah, I think that is nice. It is worth mentioning though, like you know what you're saying about

01:11:23   going down to the 40, that you will lose the compatibility of all the bands you have.

01:11:27   That is true.

01:11:28   because the 38s are compatible with the 40. So it's just worth mentioning like you know and you

01:11:34   can make your decision however you want but if you've got an impressive band collection

01:11:38   then you have to keep the kind of the big one or the small one for that.

01:11:41   They're slightly more expensive. The Series 4 with GPS starts at $399.

01:11:48   The cellular models are $100 more, they're $499. The edition is gone but they're keeping the 3

01:11:56   around at two seven. Which is great. You know, they did that with the Series 1. This is a clear

01:12:02   pattern for them. And the Series 3, some people in the chat room were talking earlier, like,

01:12:06   should you upgrade from the 3 to the 4? If you've got a 3 and you're on the fence, like,

01:12:11   the 3 is really good and it's going to stay really good. I think the 3 will age better than,

01:12:15   definitely than the original did. But even the Series 1 or 2. This does feel like the most

01:12:20   compelling upgrade since the original. I think it is because the design is so different and,

01:12:25   you know, the bigger screen. The screen is bigger, better sensors. Like if you have ever upgraded,

01:12:30   it feels like you should upgrade to this one. Right? Like if you've upgraded at all, it feels

01:12:35   like you would, you get a benefit out of that. Like they've got the, uh, that stainless gold.

01:12:40   I will say if I was buying one of these, I'm not buying one for myself. That's the one I would buy.

01:12:46   It looks really good. I love, I love the way that looks. That it's a very good looking

01:12:54   watch. What do you guys think about the stainless gold?

01:12:57   Yeah, I think it's going to I think it looks good,

01:13:01   but I think I will be bored soon of the gold color.

01:13:04   So I prefer something a little more.

01:13:05   It will age quicker.

01:13:06   It will definitely age quicker.

01:13:08   Like all of the kind of the super fancy ones, right?

01:13:10   Like the ceramics and the additions and all that, like they all aged quicker.

01:13:13   And whilst this isn't that it's the closest to that, because

01:13:17   gold makes more of a statement than silver or

01:13:22   or like the regular steel right or the darker ones you know like this lighter or darker ones

01:13:27   it makes more of a statement and gold goes with less right like from a fashion perspective because

01:13:33   it is more vibrant but i really like it i really like it i think it looks great and the gold

01:13:38   Milanese loop very nice i think it looks very nice did they do a gold link bracelet i don't think they

01:13:43   did no they never did that it was rumored like for a second well no they made one for karl lagerfeld

01:13:52   Oh, I think you're right.

01:13:55   They gave him a gold edition with a gold link bracelet.

01:13:58   Back when Johnny thought that they were going to be a fashion company, like a luxury brand.

01:14:05   Actually looking at the website, the only stainless steel bands are the Milanese.

01:14:08   I think the link bracelet's gone.

01:14:10   Interesting.

01:14:11   I think it's interesting that the fashion aspirations were like a short-lived adventure

01:14:20   for Apple.

01:14:21   looking back I think it's because they they didn't know what it was yeah yeah

01:14:27   I think it's fascinating to see like this kind of pivot that Apple has as a

01:14:32   wasn't even that the the real focus on communication like they call it like

01:14:39   being connected wink wink now right but that it was much more focused on like

01:14:45   watch to watch communication as well like they had those like the three areas

01:14:51   It was like fashion, communication, and health, and health won, right?

01:14:56   Like that was the thing that people seemed to be the most interested in.

01:14:59   And whilst they try and make this thing look as good as they can make it, they've really

01:15:03   kind of held back on the fashion thing now, right?

01:15:06   Like there's only one fashion brand and there's only one fitness brand that they use, right?

01:15:11   They have Hermes and Nike.

01:15:13   And I think that that kind of tells you a lot of what you need to know about it.

01:15:17   The other part of that is, you know, they used to separate the aluminum like down a step when they initially sold it

01:15:23   The steel was the default and they've gotten rid of naming the aluminum a different thing

01:15:27   They've really I think come to grips both in hardware and software and messaging with how people actually use the watch

01:15:34   They just didn't know I remember that first keynote Kevin Lynch was like it replaces your iPhone

01:15:39   It's like no it doesn't like it's for fitness and I message and they've really honed in on that the chatroom is saying

01:15:44   Zach is saying that the

01:15:47   The link bracelet is like $100 cheaper than it used to be.

01:15:51   It's buried on a series 3 website and there's no 42mm option.

01:15:56   I think it's safe to say that thing is on its way out.

01:15:59   But yeah, they've definitely refined this, right?

01:16:02   The fact that the edition doesn't exist anymore is another thing about that, right?

01:16:06   They're kind of reining in the fashion aspect.

01:16:10   And all of the press stuff shows health quite significantly, right?

01:16:16   It's always a focus on health and they have an interesting focus about they did another

01:16:22   one of those life saving videos and this one made me cry because our friend James is in

01:16:27   it because he told his story about how the Apple watch pretty much saved his life.

01:16:33   It is an incredible video.

01:16:34   This one is really good.

01:16:38   They have like a couple of stories, right?

01:16:40   They have a story of a father and son and the son had some heart trouble and they had

01:16:44   a story of a guy who got kind of lost, marooned in the ocean on a like a way like a kite surfing

01:16:53   and then a mother and her young baby who got rear-ended and was in a like side like a like

01:17:00   a hit pretty badly in a car and were able to call emergency services. This video is is it is it will

01:17:08   get you man it's very emotional it's very very very nicely done and I like these videos because

01:17:13   I watch it and I'm like, I know that there's always a focus. Apple really tries to show how

01:17:19   that technology saves the world, makes people's lives better and sometimes lays it on a bit thick.

01:17:24   But I can't argue with these because these are all true stories, right? At this point, we know

01:17:31   two people that have personally been in these videos. These are true stories of people. And

01:17:37   and there was like another one a couple of days ago, right? Like a CNET writer who had a very

01:17:44   similar thing, right? Where like the iPhone detected a heart condition. Like it's very

01:17:49   impressive. And I think to myself like, and as well, like you look at the phone detection,

01:17:55   I'm like, "Hmm, would it be good for me to maybe like, and I think a lot of people are thinking

01:17:59   this now, like for older relatives, like just give them an Apple watch, but like just wear this?"

01:18:05   Yeah, I mean if I had a family member in that situation, so the fall detection, should back

01:18:09   up a second, there's a new accelerometer and gyroscope in this watch and they talked about

01:18:15   you know how it works and so if you fall either like down backwards or forwards it will basically

01:18:21   like alert you, hey do you need help, do you need to call emergency services, but here's

01:18:24   the kicker.

01:18:26   If you, if the watch detects no movement after 60 seconds, like after a fall, say you fall

01:18:30   and you've hit your head and you're unconscious or worse,

01:18:34   it will place the emergency call automatically.

01:18:37   That is like Apple edit,

01:18:40   and especially the Apple Watch at its very best.

01:18:43   It's absolutely great. - Yeah, I love it.

01:18:45   So what's happening?

01:18:48   Steven, you're not buying one, right?

01:18:50   - I'm not.

01:18:51   I'm gonna hold off partially because,

01:18:55   well mainly because my iPhone I'm ordering

01:18:57   is really expensive.

01:18:58   And I still wanna see what they're gonna do

01:19:02   with the Mac in the fall, so I'm gonna hold off.

01:19:05   The other thing is too, well, I'm not,

01:19:08   I haven't left the Apple Watch behind like you have, Myke,

01:19:09   but I generally only wear it now on days that I exercise.

01:19:14   So three or four days a week, I wear it,

01:19:16   and the other three or four days a week,

01:19:17   I wear a old-style watch.

01:19:21   And so for something I'm not wearing every day anymore,

01:19:24   it's a bit expensive.

01:19:26   I think I will at some point do this,

01:19:28   but not on day one, not this time.

01:19:30   - Okay, what about you, Federico?

01:19:34   - I'm gonna get the 44,

01:19:37   what's the model name, 44 aluminum cellular.

01:19:43   Probably with the light gray sport loop

01:19:50   because I really don't want another white sport

01:19:54   silicon band, I have like three of those.

01:19:58   Do you have any of the sport loops?

01:20:00   I do, I'm wearing one right now, it's a red one.

01:20:03   It's the Nike one.

01:20:04   I just bought my first one, not too long ago.

01:20:06   I don't like the way that it looks, especially with the stainless steel, but I've been using

01:20:11   my watch for sleep tracking and it's great to sleep in.

01:20:14   Tomorrow morning is going to be very busy.

01:20:16   What color aluminum did I miss?

01:20:18   Gold, space grey, or silver?

01:20:20   Silver.

01:20:21   Silver.

01:20:22   Yeah, standard one, that's my color.

01:20:24   It goes with everything, so it's functional and I don't want to get stainless steel because

01:20:30   I feel like I used to have a stainless one back in the very first Apple Watch and when

01:20:36   I moved to aluminum I appreciated the reduction in weight.

01:20:39   I was lighter and I liked that and I don't want to go...

01:20:42   I like stainless but I don't like the extra weight.

01:20:47   I will be buying the 40 millimeter gold aluminium

01:20:51   with a pink sand sport band for it.

01:20:54   You know, that's what she wants.

01:20:56   She's going bold and I encourage it because I think the gold aluminium

01:20:59   looks really good.

01:21:00   They use it a lot when you're going through the band selections.

01:21:03   They use the gold one a lot, like more than they use the dark one

01:21:07   to show like the band pairings.

01:21:09   And I think it looks good.

01:21:10   So and I say if I was buying one for myself, I'd get the gold steel.

01:21:14   But even though this is a really, really great Apple Watch update,

01:21:17   Like it's the, in my opinion, the best Apple Watch update that they've done,

01:21:21   like year over year.

01:21:22   Uh, I still don't, I wouldn't wear it, so I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna spend

01:21:26   the money on it, but there will be a new one in the house.

01:21:29   Um, so I can try it out.

01:21:30   I can play with it.

01:21:31   Uh, but.

01:21:32   No, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna go for, so I'm going to get the

01:21:34   Solio for her as well.

01:21:35   Um, I don't think she's going to use the Solio, but just in case

01:21:38   for the option later on.

01:21:39   All right.

01:21:40   Should we take a final break?

01:21:41   And then, uh, why don't we, we made a lot of bold predictions last week.

01:21:46   Why don't we take a look at those and see how we did.

01:21:49   I won and I won the predictions.

01:21:51   Did you?

01:21:52   Spoilers, spoilers.

01:21:53   I don't know if you did.

01:21:56   We're going to get into that.

01:21:57   Interesting.

01:21:58   All right.

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01:23:11   I have the main base station in the center of the house

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01:23:17   I have the beacons.

01:23:18   Like I said, they just plug in

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01:23:21   One, in fact, is just in a hallway

01:23:23   'cause it doubles as a nightlight.

01:23:24   And then I've got a second one out here in the office

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01:24:02   So we made predictions and now we have to grade ourselves.

01:24:08   Federico let's start with you because I think you went first last time you said

01:24:13   two new iPad pros that was wrong redesigned redesigned smart keyboard of

01:24:22   course not because there's no iPad I work updates for iOS 12 hmm that was a

01:24:28   disappointment what were you hoping for I don't even remember he wanted a

01:24:34   productivity iPad is what he wanted. Yeah. Can't wait to do some number sheets.

01:24:39   You did get the next three correct. So you had cheaper phone is not called the

01:24:43   iPhone 9. You had new watch bands. You had series 4 has multiple changes to

01:24:51   watch faces which beyond the leaked one we had seen and you were correct on that.

01:24:55   Mm-hmm. And as you can see these items that I got right are the most important

01:25:00   once. That's why I want. But I think this is about percentage. This is about, no, this

01:25:06   is about percentage. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. No, no, it's not about percentage,

01:25:11   it's about the importance of the stuff you got right. No. Yes! No, no, no, no, no. This

01:25:16   is, you are, you, ugh. Who's important to? Who's important to? Well, for example, let's

01:25:24   take a look at Steven. Um, I don't know. So I said, let's go through it. I said no iPads,

01:25:30   I said iPhone and Apple watch only got that correct.

01:25:32   I said no max got that correct.

01:25:34   I said the names would be the 10 C and the 10 S so I got the name 10 C wrong.

01:25:39   I also got correct that the line would be the 10 S the nine.

01:25:44   So again, that name is wrong, but the phone is correct.

01:25:46   Eight plus eight, seven plus seven se.

01:25:49   So the line is mostly right.

01:25:50   I got the se wrong and the name's wrong again.

01:25:53   There's a lot of phones in that list, my friend that they don't sell anymore.

01:25:58   No, just the se that's it.

01:25:59   Okay, did they sell? Oh yeah, they do sell the 7s. Alright, so you got that pretty much

01:26:04   right. I'll give you that.

01:26:05   And then I said the iPhone 9 or 10c would come in colors. Again, the only details wrong

01:26:12   is the name. Percentage wise, which is the only reasonable way to measure this, I am

01:26:19   more correct than Federico. But even if you take his ridiculous way of scoring it by importance,

01:26:24   I also come out ahead because the name is the least important detail. The color's more

01:26:28   the lineups more important what they didn't announce is more important I'm

01:26:33   just saying that for for once the voting grading system based on the sort of the

01:26:40   the idea of the electoral college would have been would have been successful

01:26:43   let's not talk about that so what we can't agree on is that Myke did miss

01:26:49   that Myke lost my class that's what terribly as the loser I am going to pick

01:26:57   the winner that is what I would give myself. Stephen won this. I'm sorry teacher but Stephen

01:27:03   won this. Of course he's your co-founder. You're biased for Stephen. Why don't we consult

01:27:09   AirPower predictions? Okay. Well before that we need to talk about yours. You're not off

01:27:13   the hook. Alright. New iPads, didn't get that. Didn't get a new pencil or keyboard. Nothing

01:27:19   on the Mac. I mean I say that was right. The fact that they said Mojave is coming out,

01:27:23   that's nothing for the Mac. Yeah, there was no substantial news on the Mac. So I'll upgrade

01:27:27   that from orange text in the document to green. I got something. I said the cheaper iPhone

01:27:32   will be called the iPhone 9. I said the only iPhones we see on stage, hey, the only iPhones

01:27:36   we see on stage will be the three we know about. You got that right. But that was like

01:27:40   a sub point to the nine? I don't know why that's indented. Whatever, it doesn't matter.

01:27:43   You got sub points, you've graded yourself fine. You're right about that. I thought the

01:27:47   larger phone would be called the XS Plus because I thought the XS Maxes would be a ridiculous

01:27:51   name. I still think the XS Maxes are a ridiculous name. New faster face ID, that's true, that's

01:27:56   - It's not new though. - It's not new sensors.

01:28:00   I don't care, give myself half a point. Come on.

01:28:03   This system is rigged. You're just scoring points based on what you like and what you don't like.

01:28:08   But look, it doesn't matter. Just give me something. I still lose. Just give me something.

01:28:12   And there wasn't some kind of unique case. They did do colors. There wasn't some kind of unique case.

01:28:17   Because look, we can say I got three things, but they weren't three, four things.

01:28:20   You got more than me, Federico. It goes Steven, you, me.

01:28:25   I accept this even though I was correct about the air power

01:28:29   As was I so let's talk about this Federico. Yeah, did air power ship between our last episode and the keynote? No

01:28:37   What happened to it?

01:28:40   We're never gonna see it we're never gonna see it that is my my ball prediction air power will never exist. Mm-hmm

01:28:48   Yeah, something I said it is completely dead something horrific happened

01:28:53   I think a lot of things caught on fire is what I think happened because that really feels like the like

01:28:59   What would happen to mean that this product would go from getting?

01:29:02   Significant time to never appearing and I think stuff was overheating like it was just a technical

01:29:08   Disaster is what they had on their hands

01:29:10   I don't think we're ever gonna see that product now like I think it's dead instead

01:29:14   So we should talk about that a little bit. It is

01:29:17   Still on the website only on the air pods page

01:29:22   Yeah, I've seen a lot of people point out that that AirPods page is outdated in a bunch of ways

01:29:27   like it's there's a lot of products on that page like old Apple watches and iPhone 7s and

01:29:34   Yeah, it's like there's that page could do with some some TLC because I think there was there like they've held off on an

01:29:42   AirPods update because of this because of this. Yeah, so here's the deal you promised a prize

01:29:47   So what are you getting yourself and me and not Federico?

01:29:51   I don't know.

01:29:53   Well, see, that's how it works.

01:29:55   You two are the co-founders of Relay

01:29:57   and you just assign points

01:29:59   to each other. What are you talking about?

01:30:01   What are you talking about? The system is

01:30:03   rigged against me. This is madness. What are you

01:30:05   talking about?

01:30:07   We didn't stop AirPower

01:30:09   from occurring. This is a conspiracy against me.

01:30:11   I just texted Phil Shiller and was like

01:30:13   "Hey man, I need you to hold off on this

01:30:15   because I want..." You two

01:30:17   run the company and decide how to

01:30:19   sign points. You are the one who wanted a prize in the first place. We're only discussing

01:30:23   a prize because you demanded a trophy. You demanded a prize! Which I still, I have nothing.

01:30:29   I have nothing for a prize. But look Federico, you did a good job. You got 50% of your stuff

01:30:34   right but you didn't get as many things correct as Steven did. I would say it's more like

01:30:40   60% because really I work is a, doesn't really, does. You chose six things. Three of them

01:30:47   were right. I don't know what you want from me.

01:30:51   I work and I work update for iOS 12. What would it even include? Like what is new in

01:30:57   iOS 12 that I would support? You wouldn't understand. You don't use iOS.

01:31:01   Yeah. What are they going to do? They're going to

01:31:03   have shortcut support? What are they going to do on the Mac?

01:31:05   Hey Siri, add a row to my table in my budget spreadsheet.

01:31:11   Support touch screens? This is going in a direction that I didn't

01:31:16   expect. Like, I don't know why we're in this situation.

01:31:20   We're in this situation because my grading needs to be higher.

01:31:23   It's not 50 percent.

01:31:24   It's like 60 percent because the things I got wrong are like accessories to them.

01:31:29   So the main you got 60 percent, you got 60 percent.

01:31:32   Stephen's like 75 or 80.

01:31:35   Yes, he won.

01:31:36   Hey, hey, boys, boys. All right.

01:31:38   OK, I'm going to I'm going to show before you break up.

01:31:40   You got no, no, no.

01:31:42   Stephen, you got 80 percent of stuff.

01:31:44   Federico got 60%. I got 40%. That works. All right. All right. I'm going to end it. We're

01:31:49   done. There's probably going to be an episode next week. But if there's not, then we love

01:31:53   you. I quit. I quit. I quit. If you want to read some links, some articles we've linked

01:32:01   to. For some reason you haven't seen pictures of the new iPhone, they'll be linked in there

01:32:04   too. relay.fm/connected/209. There'll also be a link to the b-sides I did with John talking

01:32:11   about creative selection, go check that out. If you want to get in touch with us, you can

01:32:16   do that from that website. You can do it via something called email, which I think some

01:32:20   people still use, but if you want to send us something on Twitter, you can do that as

01:32:24   well. Federico is there as @Vatici. Follow me on Instagram.

01:32:28   Whoa. That's what I'm saying. Okay.

01:32:31   I just Twitter now. Okay, okay. We'll see our Instagram handles this week. Federico,

01:32:35   what's your Instagram handle? Everyone knows our Twitter handles by this

01:32:38   point my Instagram handle is John Voorhees okay it's a lot of pictures of

01:32:44   converse tennis shoes and Chicago he loves Chicago. The Fedorico loves Chicago.

01:32:50   My Instagram handle is the same as Twitter it's v-i-t-i-c-c-i I'm the same person everywhere

01:32:56   mm-hmm what about you Myke who are you on Instagram I Myke I Myke I am YKE I am

01:33:02   I am not isomh on Instagram due to a clerical error.

01:33:06   Don't go there.

01:33:08   Don't go there.

01:33:09   They blocked me, so I don't know what's there anymore.

01:33:11   Oh, no, really?

01:33:12   I sent them a message, and I said, hey,

01:33:15   I'd like to have this name.

01:33:17   Can we work out something?

01:33:18   It's not as bad.

01:33:19   It's OK now.

01:33:20   Before, it was like lots of pictures of like--

01:33:22   Dead animals.

01:33:23   Just--

01:33:23   Yeah, dead animals.

01:33:24   Yeah.

01:33:25   Yeah.

01:33:25   So I am stevenmhackett on Instagram.

01:33:30   So bad.

01:33:31   This is what happens, kids, when you rage quit social networks.

01:33:34   You lose the handles.

01:33:35   That's true.

01:33:36   Myke, will you put all those in the show notes?

01:33:37   All our Instagram handles?

01:33:38   People can find us?

01:33:39   Yeah!

01:33:40   Yeah.

01:33:41   If you like pictures of old Macs and bicycles, then you're gonna love my page.

01:33:44   I don't know where we are now because you disrupted me.

01:33:46   So we're not on Twitter anymore, but you can find us on Instagram.

01:33:49   Federico...

01:33:50   No, we are still there, but I just feel like we can evolve as humans.

01:33:57   We can be in multiple places.

01:33:59   So we're going to be signing up to Mastodon.

01:34:02   You can find Federico's work.

01:34:06   Federico is the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net.

01:34:09   So Federico, Monday you'll be releasing your iOS 12 review.

01:34:13   Is that correct?

01:34:14   Yes.

01:34:15   Spoilers!

01:34:16   What?

01:34:17   Spoilers!

01:34:18   Sorry, spoiler!

01:34:19   Spoiler, it's in the twist ending.

01:34:24   He says, "Use Windows Phone instead."

01:34:26   So, maxstories.net, keep it locked there on Monday, the review will be up, I guess midday,

01:34:31   do you know what time?

01:34:32   Roughly?

01:34:33   Yeah, my afternoon.

01:34:34   Usually I try to post it around 5pm, so usually around the time.

01:34:39   Hopefully nothing horrible will happen this year, but probably I just jinxed myself.

01:34:44   But if it does, just give it a few minutes and we'll be ready.

01:34:47   That's midday if you're in the... this hemisphere.

01:34:51   This is exhausting, Steven.

01:34:54   Just give it a few minutes.

01:34:55   It's great advice.

01:34:56   Just let the website ruminate for a second.

01:34:58   If my website goes down, just give it a few minutes.

01:35:02   If you see problems, it's probably your Wi-Fi connection.

01:35:05   It's not my fault.

01:35:07   Unplug your router and try again.

01:35:09   You want to have your Mac on Wi-Fi but your phone on 4G and refresh until it comes back.

01:35:15   Yes.

01:35:16   You've got to mark Mac stories as a favorite.

01:35:19   No, but seriously, we have a new caching system this year.

01:35:22   Actually, we've been using this new system.

01:35:24   Oh god, it's new?

01:35:25   Yeah, well we've been using it for like seven or eight months.

01:35:31   We added it last year.

01:35:33   I was just like, oh we've got a new cash server going in on Sunday.

01:35:36   This is going to be fine.

01:35:38   It's been up since last November or something.

01:35:40   So yeah, we should be fine.

01:35:43   Look forward to that.

01:35:44   I've read almost all of it.

01:35:47   It's incredible work.

01:35:48   Congratulations.

01:35:49   People should go check it out.

01:35:51   You can find Myke on a bunch of shows at Relay.fm.

01:35:54   If you like this show, I promise you there'll be something else there that you will love.

01:35:58   A little bit less than our show, but you'll still love it.

01:36:01   And you can find me at 512pixels.net and 512pixels over on the YouTube.

01:36:06   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week for making the show possible, Squarespace, Casper,

01:36:11   and Eero.

01:36:12   And until next week, gentlemen, say goodbye.

01:36:14   Adios.

01:36:15   Adios.

01:36:16   Adios.