208: It’s Ugly and I Want It


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 208.

00:00:12   I'm your host, Stephen Hackett,

00:00:13   and I am joined as always by my co-host,

00:00:17   co-host number one, what?

00:00:18   I don't wanna rank y'all.

00:00:20   Co-host A, Michael Hurley.

00:00:22   - Yes, A is still like, it's still a ranking.

00:00:28   if you say A. Well you don't know what I'm gonna call Federico yet. Oh, it could be A* or A+ or whatever you call it.

00:00:35   Yeah, co-host A+, Federico Vatici. Hi, but it still means I'm more important than Myke

00:00:42   because I have a plus. So if you wanted to have neutrality you should have gone with

00:00:46   co-host A and co-host 1. That way both are equal. That's true. You want, what you're

00:00:54   saying is we want co-host neutrality. Yes. That's the FCC that we're fighting for.

00:01:00   Yes. Hello Steven. Hi. We should say the show it's brought to you this week by

00:01:06   Squarespace Simple Contacts. Linode, I usually do that earlier. Do you want to

00:01:10   do you want to rank the sponsors too? But then no I don't. Okay. And then I got

00:01:14   distracted by the ranking of the co-hosts so this is really not my finest hour

00:01:19   guys just to be honest. So we do a show each week we usually start it with

00:01:23   follow-up but this is a very busy week so we are... let's issue it.

00:01:27   We've paused the follow-up train. Let's issue it.

00:01:30   Let's issue it. Goodbye follow-ups. Let's put it in a cannon and shoot it out the window.

00:01:35   See you later follow-up. Follow-up cannon. In my mind that's like a big T-shirt

00:01:39   cannon? Is that what you're thinking of? Yeah. You just shoot follow-up into the end of the audience?

00:01:43   So here's something that's interesting to me. T-shirt cannons for live shows just as

00:01:48   as like an idea.

00:01:50   - Okay, so as both Senior Vice President of Live Events

00:01:55   for Relay FM LLC, and the guy who deals with the insurance,

00:01:59   I'm just gonna go and say no to that

00:02:00   on those two different levels.

00:02:01   - But we already have the insurance though.

00:02:04   So, look if--

00:02:06   - That's like saying--

00:02:07   - If you pay for insurance--

00:02:08   - I'm wearing a seatbelt.

00:02:09   - And you don't get the opportunity to use it--

00:02:11   - Let me hit this wall.

00:02:12   - Then like what's the point in having the insurance?

00:02:15   - That's not how--

00:02:17   - Sure it is.

00:02:18   That's right, though.

00:02:18   It's like when Nintendo sends you an email and they tell you you have points

00:02:22   you need to redeem and download free games, otherwise they're going to expire.

00:02:26   Then you go and download some games you don't want.

00:02:27   Exactly. Because you got the points.

00:02:30   So it's like with insurance, you just go and get hurt.

00:02:33   Otherwise, why do you keep paying?

00:02:35   Think of how much money we spend every year, like forever on insurance,

00:02:40   and we never get the opportunity to fire a T-shirt cannon.

00:02:42   I'm just saying we should we should just throw T-shirts in people's faces.

00:02:46   And I mean, they wouldn't get hurt with a T-shirt cannon.

00:02:48   Would you can you get hurt with cloth?

00:02:51   We do not think so.

00:02:53   Need to build a challenge coin shooter, though.

00:02:56   We talked about that.

00:02:57   A challenge cannon.

00:02:58   That's a real challenge.

00:03:00   That's a real challenge.

00:03:01   That would hurt.

00:03:02   Yeah, that now a coin in your face shot by a cannon.

00:03:05   That would hurt.

00:03:06   Listen to this thing.

00:03:07   You don't you don't want that.

00:03:09   I don't think it would kill you, though, right?

00:03:11   Because there's that Mythbusters episode where they like they work out

00:03:14   about the coin from the Empire State Building, right?

00:03:16   That if you dropped it, it wouldn't kill you.

00:03:17   - That's a penny, though.

00:03:18   - Yeah, but still, this is a coin,

00:03:20   but it's not gonna hit terminal velocity from this cannon.

00:03:23   - You don't know how good my cannon is?

00:03:25   - Oh, so you did buy one, then?

00:03:27   - Well, I'm building one out of spare EMAC parts.

00:03:31   - Have we currently spent about the same amount of time

00:03:34   we would have spent on follow-up, just talking about cannons?

00:03:37   - No, follow-up is gone, man.

00:03:39   - Yeah, the cannon's really powerful.

00:03:39   - It's just paused, it's not dead, it's sleeping.

00:03:41   - It's never gonna come back.

00:03:43   So an interesting thing happened last week.

00:03:45   I'm just, I'm on my computer, I'm working,

00:03:48   and all of a sudden iMessage is filled with images

00:03:52   that seem to be real images of next week's iPhone.

00:03:56   - They were basically-- - And next week's Apple Watch.

00:03:58   - Promo images shot from a promo cannon to the internet,

00:04:02   caught by a nine to five Mac.

00:04:04   I think is what happened.

00:04:06   That must be the explanation, right?

00:04:08   How they got the images, they were shot out of a cannon.

00:04:10   Is this a new obsession of yours?

00:04:12   Canons, shooting things?

00:04:13   - It started about 10 minutes ago.

00:04:15   - Okay, so it's very new to your brain.

00:04:19   Okay. - It's very fresh.

00:04:21   It's new and fresh.

00:04:22   - Yeah, so we've all seen these images.

00:04:24   There's two iPhone X style phones

00:04:27   depicted in different sizes.

00:04:28   We're assuming the iPhone XS and the XS Plus.

00:04:32   - I wanna just throw a conspiracy theory in straight away.

00:04:36   We assume it's a X and a bigger phone, right?

00:04:40   What if it's a 10 and a smaller phone?

00:04:42   Oh, I don't know.

00:04:47   I don't believe this.

00:04:48   I just want to just want to put it out in the world.

00:04:50   You know, I believe it's the 10 and the 10s and the 10s plus.

00:04:55   But I just wanted to put out into the world the idea of there's your SE.

00:04:59   You know, it's there right in front of you, right in front of your face.

00:05:01   You missed it the whole time.

00:05:02   Well, the person who found this phone seemed pretty convinced.

00:05:08   - It's the thing. - This is the...

00:05:09   - I also want to talk about that.

00:05:10   So 9to5Mac found these images, right?

00:05:13   And then the images, we've seen them.

00:05:16   I mean, look, I think we can all,

00:05:17   we're all in agreement that these are spot on, right?

00:05:20   Like this is the stuff.

00:05:22   Is everyone in agreement?

00:05:24   - Yes. - Yeah, I think so.

00:05:26   - But they also seem super confident about the names, right?

00:05:30   Like iPhone XS, but it's not on the image.

00:05:34   - Yeah. - And now,

00:05:35   I mean, I'm just gonna say, right,

00:05:37   Like if I am 9to5Mac, I would be less confident about the name.

00:05:43   Like they seem to put those two things together as like--

00:05:46   Well, you don't know what the URL was

00:05:48   or what the file name was, which is where--

00:05:49   Right, but a file name could be a code name.

00:05:52   No, I don't think so.

00:05:53   All right.

00:05:54   So this kind of feeds into my theory

00:05:56   that I already shared with you guys about how

00:05:59   these images came to be.

00:06:02   So my theory is that 9to5Mac doesn't

00:06:04   want to confirm why they are so sure about the name,

00:06:09   because confirming the name-- this is just my theory.

00:06:12   Confirming the name would tell people the method that

00:06:17   was used to find these images.

00:06:19   And my theory-- again, I have no idea

00:06:22   if this is what Mr. Rambo and the 9to5Mac team did.

00:06:25   Also, an excellent job, by the way.

00:06:27   This is exactly what people expect from 9to5Mac.

00:06:30   And I've seen people say, oh, this

00:06:33   is so wrong for people to work at Apple.

00:06:35   But, you know, publications that

00:06:37   that deal with rumors and scoops

00:06:40   exist in all kinds of industries.

00:06:41   And this is...

00:06:42   This probably isn't the right word,

00:06:44   but I'm proud of them and I'm proud

00:06:47   is the right word. But like they

00:06:49   this is that this is what they're

00:06:51   here for. Right.

00:06:52   This is what they are here for is to

00:06:53   do stuff like this.

00:06:55   And they keep breaking down

00:06:57   these little areas and finding this

00:06:59   information.

00:07:00   If someone at Apple thought that it

00:07:01   was a good idea to put these images

00:07:03   somewhere that they could be publicly accessed, then I think it's all fair game.

00:07:08   Yeah. Anyway, my theory is that these images were uploaded as a test to a URL that MrRambo

00:07:17   started monitoring months ago, possibly, using one of those link monitoring services or his

00:07:23   own script or stuff like that. Because Apple tends to share assets and media on its website,

00:07:31   whether it's the assets for the web pages or assets for the newsroom, the PR material,

00:07:37   essentially.

00:07:38   They tend to follow a usual naming structure, these file names and these paths for assets

00:07:45   on the website.

00:07:46   And so it wouldn't surprise me if MrRambo started monitoring one of the possible URLs

00:07:51   months ago, and eventually the link became active, he got a notification for the iPhone

00:07:57   and Apple Watch Series 4, he saw the names in the file name, because that's the link

00:08:02   that he started monitoring, and that's why they're so sure about the name. Because Apple

00:08:06   doesn't... it's not like Apple is going to upload an asset to the website for the iPhone

00:08:10   10 and call it iPhone Michael. No, the name is going to say iPhone iPhone X.

00:08:15   And again, I want to say, I believe that they are correct, like that it is the iPhone XS

00:08:19   and that it was probably found in the exact way that you say. I just wanted to like pose

00:08:23   the question, right? That like they are super confident about the images because they've

00:08:27   got them, but like they don't have branding on them, but they are they seem very confident.

00:08:32   They're like, this is the name. So it's just like it's interesting to me like that you

00:08:37   would have that level of confidence because like what they've not said, because it's clear

00:08:41   that they couldn't get it, is what that difference is between the naming. Because there's probably

00:08:46   a difference but it's one image right and it's the 10s line but then probably is the

00:08:53   10s something right is the bigger one we would expect.

00:08:57   I have a request also and this is so unlike me but you know I don't think I can pretend

00:09:04   any longer can I just say XS and iPhone X?

00:09:08   So I'm gonna say I'm gonna say right now I have been firmly in the 10 camp for a while.

00:09:15   nobody in my life... I think at the point where they put two letters together, I think

00:09:19   we're good at this point. Like if you want to start calling it XS, I think that that's

00:09:23   mostly fine. When I call it the iPhone X or iPhone Dieci in Italian, nobody, like none

00:09:31   of my friends ever understood what I meant. How do you say X in Italian? X. X, yeah. That's

00:09:39   nice. I've only... Everybody, yeah, everybody calls it the X and everybody who saw the rumors

00:09:46   asked me about the XS. So, um, it's just, I feel like I'm pretending... Apparently the Roman numeral

00:09:54   S means half, which is quite interesting. What? Where? This is somebody, somebody contacted me

00:10:03   and told me this, that in roman numerals s means half because we were talking about it

00:10:07   on upgrade right? So I've never seen this myself but okay I'd never seen it before either but

00:10:15   this I had had somebody contact me to tell me this I'm now trying to find this tweet yeah

00:10:21   fun-trivia.com so I'm sure this is accurate says s equals seven or seventy so I don't know yeah

00:10:30   well so if only we knew someone who was roman yeah that's why i'm i'm confused because i've

00:10:37   never seen the you're italian he lives in rome yeah but it's different like it's different right

00:10:42   i'm not an ancient roman i mean you're not as old as me but you're getting up there i'm not i'm not

00:10:49   the i'm not the son of the roman empire so yeah i had somebody say to me the roman numeral s means

00:10:54   half. Yeah, Wikipedia says 70, so I'm gonna go with Wikipedia. So should we? I'm not gonna

00:11:00   put this person on blast. So what you're saying is this is the iPhone 80? If we were to follow

00:11:06   the stuff on the world. Basically my point is, at the point where they put two letters

00:11:10   together, where clearly S is at least an ambiguous Roman numeral, I think that it's fine to say

00:11:17   XS now? No. It's not the name of it. But I don't care. I just don't care now. It's a

00:11:24   bad name. I'm going to keep calling it the XS, but I'm not going to correct people for

00:11:30   calling it XS. Oh yeah, well correcting people you just come across as a jerk. I will correct

00:11:36   the two of you because my job on this show is to keep you accountable. When I said correct

00:11:41   people I meant specifically Federico. I'm not going to correct him if he calls it the

00:11:45   the XS. Okay, thank you. I'm curious about the S name. Are you guys surprised that the

00:11:53   S is back? Because they skipped it, what, last year. They went from the 7 to the 8,

00:11:59   and then it seems like we're going to get a 9, so the 8S may not exist. I'm a little

00:12:04   surprised to see it back, because I think people who know don't do this, but just regular

00:12:09   consumers just buy a phone every two or three or four years, there is that idea that the

00:12:14   is like not a big upgrade and I was surprised to see the branding come back.

00:12:19   Do you guys have any thoughts on that?

00:12:20   I'm surprised.

00:12:22   I thought they were going to just keep the iPhone X branding and just basically treat

00:12:28   it like a car and say 2018 edition or something.

00:12:31   Yeah, me too.

00:12:32   Kind of like they did with the iPad Pro.

00:12:34   It didn't get like iPad Pro 2 when they did the update last year.

00:12:38   They just called it the second generation or 2017 model, stuff like that.

00:12:43   So I'm surprised they're going to say S. I guess that with the iPhone, they still think

00:12:49   they need like a precise change in the name to tell people this is the new one.

00:12:55   That's why I didn't think that they were going to do the iPhone 10 2018 thing, because I

00:13:00   think it was too difficult when people were trying to buy phones.

00:13:04   But I didn't think they would go to S. I thought they would come up with something else.

00:13:08   I didn't think it was going to be just iPhone 10, but I am surprised that it's 10s.

00:13:14   Just because the letters together, it looks awkward to me.

00:13:17   It looks like a t-shirt size.

00:13:19   That's what I find hilarious.

00:13:21   Let's say they go with plus, right?

00:13:23   It's like the iPhone extra small plus, which is just...

00:13:26   Extra small plus.

00:13:27   There is a horror in me where I think that there is potential for iPhone XS and iPhone

00:13:33   XL.

00:13:34   I'm really scared about the potential for that.

00:13:35   I would hate that so much.

00:13:38   - Now, XL would be a Roman numeral,

00:13:41   and that would mean 40,

00:13:43   because it's 10 before L means 50 minus 10

00:13:48   in Roman numerals.

00:13:49   So the iPhone XL would be the iPhone 40,

00:13:51   whatever that means. - I'm still concerned

00:13:52   about saying, categorically, that S isn't a Roman numeral,

00:13:55   just for the follow-up that we might get.

00:13:58   - Well, now it's decided.

00:14:00   We can retroactively apply that

00:14:02   to all the monuments around Rome.

00:14:04   whenever you see an S, it means that...

00:14:07   Again, I will go back to Wikipedia as Steven did.

00:14:11   I can confirm what Steven says.

00:14:13   It says S is 70, R is 80, N is 90.

00:14:17   I thought you were a Roman.

00:14:20   I've never seen these numerals.

00:14:24   Or maybe you just didn't know.

00:14:25   And now like the scales are like gonna fall from your eyes

00:14:28   and you'll be walking around town

00:14:29   and you have like a new appreciation

00:14:31   for how old everything is.

00:14:33   It's like the meme with the with the lady and all the numbers and the grass around her.

00:14:37   But they're just all letters. It's not numbers.

00:14:40   Just letters flying around everywhere. Gold!

00:14:43   Excited about gold?

00:14:44   Yeah, kind of, especially if it's like a black and gold combination.

00:14:51   Not like they're going to do all black now.

00:14:52   There's never going to go white again because there's just it just is weird.

00:14:55   Right. With the small bezels.

00:14:57   But black and gold sounds good.

00:14:59   We're going to do some predictions later, and I'm kind of spoiling

00:15:02   something for myself, but I want Apple to make a clear case because I want the gold

00:15:09   one, right? Because I think it looks I think it will look nice, but I will never see the

00:15:14   gold because I put my iPhone in a case.

00:15:17   OK. And I think it's a shame that I would have a beautiful color, but but can't ever

00:15:22   look at it because I have a case that covers the entire phone.

00:15:26   Like I just get a hint of it at the bottom or whatever.

00:15:29   I would like a clear case.

00:15:31   Or maybe the answer is that you get a

00:15:34   What's the name of PopSocket made of gold

00:15:39   Yeah, we could do we could go for that instead and like I know I'll say before I again

00:15:46   I understand like other companies make the cases but I just have always liked Apple's cases

00:15:51   Like I like the silicon case that they make

00:15:53   Like a lot of the other cases that I found that they're way slicker and I'm not a big fan of that

00:15:58   But you know, I might change my mind.

00:16:00   I will always get an iPhone, an Apple case to begin with,

00:16:04   because they know how to make them.

00:16:06   But then maybe I would swap to a Spigen clear case

00:16:09   or something later on.

00:16:10   - Yeah, I feel like I always end up

00:16:13   getting the Apple accessories,

00:16:16   like cables and cases and covers,

00:16:19   because at least I have someone to blame.

00:16:21   Like when it breaks, I can go to the Apple store

00:16:23   and get in an argument with a guy.

00:16:25   - That's a really good point.

00:16:26   Like if I have a case on my phone and I drop it and it breaks, so like Ian's like "Look,

00:16:30   you did this."

00:16:31   Yeah, exactly. That's what I do.

00:16:33   And this is your fault.

00:16:35   At least you can put a face on the tragedy. If you just get a random case from Amazon,

00:16:41   it's not like you cannot blame Amazon and go to the Amazon warehouse.

00:16:46   Is it also terrible to say that I want the Apple logo on the case? Is that bad? I don't

00:16:50   know if that's bad.

00:16:51   No, I think a lot of people do.

00:16:52   No, it's not.

00:16:53   I spent all this money on the phone.

00:16:55   Like, it's the brand.

00:16:57   Right. And I kind of want to have the

00:16:58   Apple logo on my case.

00:17:00   Like, I don't know.

00:17:02   And I know you can get and I hate

00:17:04   those cases with the holes cut in

00:17:05   them. That makes me just so mad.

00:17:07   I like that. I hate that design.

00:17:08   I really hate that.

00:17:10   Can we can we talk about a tragedy

00:17:12   real quick? Yeah.

00:17:13   We're talking about iPhones and

00:17:14   cases.

00:17:15   This time last year, almost

00:17:18   exactly this time last year, I broke

00:17:20   a 7 Plus

00:17:22   and had to have the screen replaced like a week before the keynote. Oh I remember that. Yeah.

00:17:27   I don't. I actually don't. What is the... Really? It was not great. So I did not break the screen

00:17:37   on my iPhone X but I did break the back a little bit. It's a small crack. Did you?

00:17:43   Yeah I dropped it yesterday. I didn't tell anybody because I wanted to tell you on the show.

00:17:50   There's a crack now in the glass that runs in parallel with where it meets the steel band like

00:17:56   sort of across the camera. You just ruined your resale like a week before.

00:18:00   Yeah so that's why I fixed the 7 plus and now I'm looking at this phone and like the screen is

00:18:07   scratched just to... Did you not get Apple Cam? No I did. The screen is scratched to pieces like this

00:18:12   and now I have this crack running in the back so I don't know what I'm gonna do with this because

00:18:18   So it sounds like you could keep it and then just like Apple care it and then sell it after you get a new one.

00:18:23   That's my thought. Yeah. Yeah, it is it is

00:18:25   Purely, it's like purely aesthetic. So but last year like the screen was shattered. I was like, I can't use this phone

00:18:31   I need to I need to fix it. Yeah, I don't know what I'm gonna do with my iPad, right?

00:18:34   Cuz my iPads all broken. I don't think I said it, I spoke about it on this show, but like I've

00:18:38   Cracked the entire screen is ruined like there are cracks and they're getting bigger all over like soon pieces are gonna start falling out

00:18:45   You should put a picture picture that in the show notes

00:18:48   But it's the thing you can't I can't get a picture of it that shows it

00:18:50   I can't photograph it because when you got the screen on you can't see it and when the screens off

00:18:54   I can't get the light to hit it properly

00:18:56   So I tried to take pictures, but it just doesn't show it but I have yeah

00:19:00   I have like two cracks that go from corner to corner and like all of the edges are all cracked up too. It's bad

00:19:06   So so my dilemma is normally I sell

00:19:10   My existing phone to help like bankroll cuz I buy fans unlocked which seems like reasonable, right?

00:19:17   And then just like in five or six years, I'll buy at an example of this phone for the collection

00:19:22   But this year I've been thinking

00:19:24   So my wife has an iPhone SE that doesn't seem to be going anywhere as a product line and like it's starting to

00:19:32   Show its age a little bit and she doesn't want

00:19:35   She doesn't want a new phone

00:19:37   She wants something the size of the SE but I kind of been thinking like maybe I let her try the tin for a little

00:19:43   While but I don't want to give her a busted tin. So we'll see what happens

00:19:48   But uh, yeah, I just want to share that briefly. I

00:19:51   Felt like I needed to confess. That's okay. Mm-hmm. At least she didn't totally break it and you have Apple care

00:19:58   Like I have no Apple care on my iPad

00:20:00   So like I mean, I can't do anything so Apple have that recycle page on their website, right?

00:20:06   where you can trade in stuff.

00:20:08   So I went over the page the other day, right?

00:20:10   And I kind of I was clicking through it and just like,

00:20:12   I wonder if they give me any money for it.

00:20:15   I thought like, oh, let me see what it's worth if you don't.

00:20:17   Like if you say because it asks you like, is the screen OK?

00:20:20   And I'm like, yep.

00:20:21   And it's like, OK, we'll give you like say it's like £350 or whatever,

00:20:24   like trade it in for your gift certificate right now.

00:20:27   It's like, OK, so let me see what the difference is if the screen's broken.

00:20:30   So I went through the whole thing, right?

00:20:32   So I answered all the questions

00:20:34   and it's like calculate how much this is worth.

00:20:36   And then it just popped up and said,

00:20:38   here are some options to recycle your iPad.

00:20:40   There's no money.

00:20:42   It's just like, oh, we're not going to take that from you.

00:20:44   You can recycle it if you want.

00:20:46   And it's like, oh, man, OK.

00:20:48   So I don't know when this thing when when I replace it,

00:20:51   I'm just going to recycle it, I guess, because this thing

00:20:54   has nothing that could be done with it.

00:20:56   It's a shame.

00:20:57   I've told you guys how I've been selling my iOS devices

00:21:00   for the past few years.

00:21:03   like the ones that I don't use anymore.

00:21:04   Just sell them to John?

00:21:05   No. So what I do is, so, um, you know, my mom, she works in a,

00:21:10   in a public office, right? It's like, kind of like the DMV, um,

00:21:13   but less terrible. And of course, Viterbo is a small town and it's,

00:21:17   it's very possible that, you know, whenever someone goes to this office,

00:21:22   my mom knows this person. Um,

00:21:24   so what I've been doing is when it's time to sell my iPhone or my iPad,

00:21:27   I tell my mom that, that I'm putting them on the market.

00:21:30   And so when someone she knows goes to her office,

00:21:33   she tells them that, you know,

00:21:36   my son is selling an iPhone or an iPad.

00:21:38   And then I give her a commission, like 10 or 15%.

00:21:43   So she's incentivized to sell my stuff.

00:21:47   And she also gets a commission.

00:21:48   And that's why I've been getting rid of all my iPhones

00:21:51   and iPads using my mom as a middleman, essentially.

00:21:55   - That's interesting.

00:21:57   - Yeah.

00:21:57   - We do a similar kind of thing.

00:21:58   - It works really well.

00:21:59   Idina sells my stuff on eBay.

00:22:01   See? That's kind of like the same system.

00:22:05   Yeah.

00:22:06   Just a little more Italian, if you will, but it works.

00:22:09   I will say, I mean, I'm not, again, I'm not trying to say that you're a bad person or whatever,

00:22:13   but I just let her keep the money.

00:22:15   Because if she's going for it...

00:22:17   Well, she, no, she insists that I should keep it because she's my mom.

00:22:21   That's fine. Then the commission, you're more than, you know, you're very kind that way, I think.

00:22:25   But yeah, my feeling is like, well if you didn't sell it, it's just gonna stay in my

00:22:30   office forever.

00:22:31   So if you go through the hassle of selling it, you can just keep it.

00:22:37   That was my reasoning too, by she insisted, like I don't want all your money, so I was

00:22:42   like okay, let's reach a compromise, you can keep a commission and sell my stuff.

00:22:45   I'm happy, you're happy.

00:22:47   And the system has been working really well, just like this guy who keeps buying my iPads

00:22:50   for some reason, I'm not sure what he's doing with all these iPads honestly.

00:22:53   He's keeping them, he's building a casing engine.

00:22:54   I kinda don't wanna know. I feel like I don't wanna know. But yeah, it works really well.

00:22:59   Personal eBay.

00:23:00   I have some follow up.

00:23:02   Wow. I thought, what happened? Someone shoot it back in again from another camera?

00:23:07   Are we talking about Roman numerals again?

00:23:09   We are.

00:23:10   Oh my god.

00:23:11   This is gonna go on forever.

00:23:12   You guys are looking at the chatroom.

00:23:13   This is gonna become a thing now. Okay. Fine.

00:23:16   So we looked the Wikipedia article up and apparently we were looking at the Middle Ages

00:23:21   section according to Kate, but if you scroll further down, S shows up as half.

00:23:26   There we go, so everyone was right and wrong.

00:23:29   Yes.

00:23:30   So we were right and your source was right.

00:23:33   Everyone is right.

00:23:34   Everyone gets a half.

00:23:35   So S is half then.

00:23:36   So it's iPhone 10 and a half.

00:23:39   So this is what this guy said to me, who I will now, his name was Steven, so I will now

00:23:42   say it wasn't you.

00:23:45   So his point was 10 and a half kind of makes sense.

00:23:50   Like the S makes more sense than ever because it is like 10 and a half.

00:23:56   Maybe that's why they always use this.

00:23:57   No, S is for speed.

00:23:59   It was initially, but it didn't stand for speed in the 6S.

00:24:03   They always like didn't for a while they make it stand for something and then stop

00:24:07   doing that. No, just the 4S.

00:24:09   I said it stood for speed.

00:24:10   OK. Or maybe the 3GS.

00:24:14   That's the first anyways, it was like I don't know we're talking about anymore new phones are gonna be gold

00:24:18   We think the name is 10 s that name is problematic. The gold looks pretty Myke wants a clear case. Yep

00:24:23   We summed it up

00:24:24   So that's just you should have just skipped all the way ahead to the summary and you would have got through this entire thing

00:24:30   I'll put that as own chapter. You should start doing that for every topic just provide like a two cent like it sum up

00:24:36   I don't think so

00:24:38   Defeats the purpose of having a podcast like a TL DL too long didn't listen. Well, it's like you're

00:24:43   You're the minute keeper, you know, like Steven's keeping the minutes and you can assign action items at the end of the topic

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00:26:22   So alongside the iPhone leaks were, or was, say a singular image of the Apple Watch Series

00:26:31   4.

00:26:32   in what looks like the aluminum gold finish.

00:26:35   - Yep.

00:26:35   - It has a bigger screen, which we'll come back to.

00:26:39   The digital crown has now just a red ring

00:26:42   as opposed to the whole thing being red

00:26:44   like on the current cellular models,

00:26:46   which I don't know about y'all, but even after a year,

00:26:48   I still really dislike the red cap on the digital crown.

00:26:53   - Well, I've never seen one myself besides, you know,

00:26:55   the one on the wrist of my American friends.

00:26:58   - Yeah.

00:26:59   - Also, by the way, four in Roman numerals

00:27:01   means 13 so that's interesting. What? That's not confusing. Why did that happen? It's on

00:27:08   Wikipedia. It's on Wikipedia. So the Apple Watch Series 13 has been revealed. It's weird

00:27:13   that their whole empire collapsed. So strange. Yeah. You got a extra, well it's like a mic

00:27:20   opening in between the crown and the button and then you have the side button which I

00:27:23   pointed out before but has the saddest product name. You know Apple gives names to everything

00:27:29   And the Apple Watch side button is just named "side button" all over case.

00:27:34   It's not sad.

00:27:35   It is sad.

00:27:36   It's a side button.

00:27:37   What you gonna call a side button?

00:27:39   It's such a lazy thing.

00:27:42   Doesn't the iPhone X, isn't that called side button now too?

00:27:45   I think it is.

00:27:46   It may be, but I bet it has a capital letter.

00:27:49   I don't know.

00:27:50   Look, the side button just minds its own business, alright?

00:27:52   It's just a side button.

00:27:53   It doesn't want to have anything to do with the crazy terminology that Apple uses.

00:27:59   It says I'm a side button and I'm proud of being a side button.

00:28:02   Stop trying to take that away from me.

00:28:03   Do you remember when it used to pull up your grid of friends?

00:28:06   That was a terrible idea.

00:28:07   Can I ask you guys something?

00:28:10   The side button has seen things.

00:28:12   Can I ask you something?

00:28:13   Right.

00:28:14   I can't see personally from these images how the display is bigger.

00:28:25   Well, it doesn't show your proportions compared to the...

00:28:29   No.

00:28:30   Are you saying that you don't see how it extends all the way to the edges?

00:28:34   OK, that I can see.

00:28:35   You know what I mean?

00:28:36   Like, yeah, there's still a bunch of space that like, I don't,

00:28:40   I know it's not going to go super edge to edge,

00:28:42   but like I'm looking at pictures on Apple's website and they're like,

00:28:45   I mean, the corners of these complications seem to like go as far as the existing ones.

00:28:51   Like, I'm willing to believe that they've done this, but I'd

00:28:55   I don't personally feel like these images totally confirm that.

00:29:00   Like the scale still seems roughly the same to me.

00:29:05   Yeah.

00:29:06   Or at least the change is small.

00:29:08   It looks like it goes about as far. I don't know.

00:29:11   Maybe I'm wrong, but I find it...

00:29:13   I don't know if that is a definite confirmation unless somebody's got some calipers out and worked this out.

00:29:20   But I don't know.

00:29:21   I don't know.

00:29:22   it looks thinner and I don't know, you can tell something's different.

00:29:27   It's definitely different, right? But again, the thinner thing, I'm not gonna bank on that

00:29:34   until they say it because you can do a lot with product photography.

00:29:39   Yeah, I remember when they released the current generation of iMac, no optical driver, thin

00:29:46   at the edge, and Phil Stiller didn't want to turn it all the way around to show you

00:29:49   "Oh, it's 5mm thin on the edges, never mind there's a huge hump in the back of it where

00:29:56   you put all the computer."

00:29:57   And was it the iPhone 7 where they photoshopped out the camera bump?

00:30:01   Yeah!

00:30:02   Yeah.

00:30:03   So like, you know, again, I think we can look at these images and we can draw some potential

00:30:07   conclusions from them.

00:30:08   That maybe the screen is bigger because I guess it kind of looks like that, or maybe

00:30:11   it's thinner because it kind of looks like it might be.

00:30:15   But I don't know if all of this stuff is confirmed yet.

00:30:20   The rumor is like 15% larger display according to Zach's article.

00:30:26   That may be within the realm of it's kind of actually hard to tell in a mockup.

00:30:31   This is not a mockup, but in product imagery.

00:30:33   And maybe you've got to hold it or put it on your wrist to really see the difference.

00:30:39   If you hold your Apple Watch now under a bright light, you can see where the display ends

00:30:44   and you have like the black bezel like there's some room in there but I don't think this

00:30:48   is going to be as like breathtaking as the iPhone 10 was or even like the the 10.5 inch

00:30:54   iPad compared to the 9.7 I don't see this being yeah I don't know if this is something

00:31:00   you would look at and be like oh it's gone edge to like I don't think you would see it

00:31:03   as much especially because the the major color in UI is black right so like I don't think

00:31:11   I think a lot of stuff really shows off the screen anyway in full because it was predominantly

00:31:18   black so, which is to make it look like it will fade together anyway.

00:31:23   I mean that's what it's OLED after all.

00:31:25   So like right now with the Apple Watch you have a little bit of an inset so if you run

00:31:29   your fingers over it the screen is flat and then curves over the edges and the text and

00:31:34   imagery doesn't go all the way to that angle change and so maybe it's just anywhere the

00:31:41   the screen is flat you can now have text or imagery or whatever and you know I'm

00:31:45   not I don't haven't measured this but maybe that's the 15% like I think you're

00:31:49   right I don't think unless you really like look at this thing all day and have

00:31:53   it side by side most people just walking on the street aren't gonna notice this

00:31:56   difference which is fine like the watch doesn't they said they talked about this

00:32:01   on the talk show this week the watch is a weird product that like you don't want

00:32:05   to get really smaller but you also you want to be thinner maybe but not like

00:32:09   physically smaller and you don't want to get bigger either. They're kind of locked

00:32:13   into like the size of the watch and so there's only so much you can do in a

00:32:18   product like this as opposed to a phone or tablet where you have much for your

00:32:21   rain because it's not designed to be wrapped around someone's wrist. Let's

00:32:25   address the elephant in the room. So there's a watch face that we've never

00:32:29   seen before, right? There's a watch face we've never seen before in this image.

00:32:34   Mm-hmm. Is that ugly? It's ugly and I want it. It's like I appreciate that. It's like it's like junk food

00:32:41   Yes, it's it's unhealthy, but I want because I you want you want eight complications, right?

00:32:45   You know what? Nine, however many there are. It's like one two, three, four five six seven

00:32:50   There's nine complications on this saying like if you're gonna wear a computer on your wrist

00:32:56   You want the maximum amount of information? Otherwise, what's the point and we're in the computer? I do. Yeah, right like yeah

00:33:02   I always felt that way. I always I mean, I think this has been a common complaint over the last

00:33:06   four or five versions of watchOS is that you couldn't get enough information on the screen.

00:33:11   There was always something else that you had something you had to lose, right? So

00:33:16   even if this is just one watch face, which is like the complication face, like I would that's the one

00:33:22   that if I was wearing the Apple Watch, that's what I would want. Like I would want to bring up as much

00:33:26   information as possible so I could actually utilize the computer that I've

00:33:32   chosen to wear. But it is ugly. Yeah, Dieter Bernhard the Verge had a tweet that

00:33:36   really cracked me up. He said, "This watch looks great, the watch face looks like a

00:33:39   "Lord of Warcraft" and he has two screen chats side by side building his case and

00:33:44   it's hard to unsee. It's too much, it's way too much, but it's kind of the point

00:33:49   in a way. I think it's interesting to to see what Apple will do in terms of

00:33:53   asking developers to update their complications.

00:33:56   I want to bet that the one in the top left,

00:34:02   so I think that's the timer one,

00:34:04   right now developers can use that kind of complication,

00:34:09   but it's a circle.

00:34:10   And I think they can use a circle that progressively fills

00:34:13   as you complete things throughout the day, for example.

00:34:16   I want to bet that the API doesn't really change

00:34:19   so that they can still use the same API,

00:34:21   fill the circle only there's a new display option that instead of a circle it's going to be a line.

00:34:26   So considering that, you know, we've seen developers really not spend much time working on

00:34:31   their watch apps, some of them actually pulled their watch apps, I think the more Apple can do to

00:34:36   let developers have new display options for complications without asking them to redo the

00:34:41   entire thing from scratch, I think if they can come up with a way to make it easy for developers

00:34:47   they're going to do that. But also...

00:34:48   Yeah, I'll call attention real quick to Benjamin Mayo.

00:34:52   I saw him tweet this a couple of days ago.

00:34:53   "Apple Watch complication data is provided as rendering

00:34:56   "agnostic templates."

00:34:58   What this means is a developer can say,

00:35:00   "I want a progress ring with this text and it's 70% full,"

00:35:03   and then the operating system displays it.

00:35:05   So you don't design it, you just give some parameters.

00:35:10   You just provide the data to fill the...

00:35:13   So there's no developer work needed

00:35:15   to show these complications differently if they're just that.

00:35:19   That's good.

00:35:20   Yeah. Yeah.

00:35:22   Also, I'm pretty sure, you know, none of this extra complication stuff

00:35:26   will make it to the Siri watch face

00:35:28   because Apple is investing on the shortcuts stuff for the Siri watch face,

00:35:32   which, by the way, none of it has been working for me on watchOS 5.

00:35:36   I have a bunch of iPhone apps that offer shortcuts,

00:35:40   both on iPhone, iPad and Apple watching theory,

00:35:42   but they don't show up on the watch at all.

00:35:45   You need to enable a developer setting if you want to see them.

00:35:48   But in theory the system should be able to suggest them to you, which has been interesting,

00:35:53   you know, quote unquote interesting, because in theory we're supposed to be working on

00:35:57   a review of this stuff.

00:35:59   So yeah, I'm excited about this watch face.

00:36:01   I think I'm going to use it, even though I really don't like the analog clock.

00:36:05   I'm not an old person.

00:36:06   I don't want to see, you know, hands moving in a circle for my time.

00:36:10   You don't have to be an old person to want to have that just out of control.

00:36:13   You're an old spirit in a young body, Myke.

00:36:17   So I don't need the classic watch face,

00:36:21   but if this is the only way to get nine complications

00:36:24   on my wrist, then I'm gonna use it and, you know, whatever.

00:36:28   It's fine.

00:36:29   But I want this for the modular watch face.

00:36:34   Like when I have a grid of complications

00:36:36   and a little time in the corner,

00:36:38   I wanna have like seven complications on the modular face.

00:36:41   - It would--

00:36:42   Boggle my mind if they didn't do this for the modular watch face.

00:36:47   Because you've made the modular not as modular as another one then at that point.

00:36:53   And then you'll get what you want, won't you?

00:36:55   Yeah, totally. Exactly.

00:36:57   We have real-time follow-up that we need to mention on the show.

00:37:01   What happened to the Canon? Why will nobody respect the Canon?

00:37:05   Look, follow-up is now more like something that moves in the air.

00:37:08   It's fluid.

00:37:09   It's a presence. It's fluid, it's a presence.

00:37:11   9to5Mac is reporting that Apple considered instead of plus for the big iPhone XS, Max.

00:37:23   So iPhone XS Max.

00:37:25   Likely name for 6.5 inch OLED flagship.

00:37:30   So there you go, Max.

00:37:31   What do you think of Max?

00:37:32   I don't like XS Max or XS Max, right?

00:37:36   I don't like that whole thing.

00:37:38   I have a logical problem about calling it Max because that's saying it's the most it

00:37:45   could ever be, which is incorrect.

00:37:46   It's the maximum.

00:37:48   I really, really like the idea of just calling my phone Max.

00:37:52   Right?

00:37:54   Because I would just call it Max.

00:37:55   Hey Max.

00:37:56   What if the X is uppercase and it's a Roman numeral and then it becomes iPhone...

00:38:01   I quit.

00:38:02   I quit everything.

00:38:03   It becomes iPhone Maten.

00:38:04   If they do M-A capital X, I'm done.

00:38:07   That's it.

00:38:08   me again. Oh, and Kate has pointed in the chatroom, there's no way they're doing this

00:38:13   because it sounds the same as Max. Max and Max. Max and Max. There's no way. There's

00:38:20   no way they're calling it the iPhone X Max. That's too confusing. That is a great point.

00:38:24   Wasn't that a video game, Max and Max? There's no way that they would call it the Max, right?

00:38:30   Because it sounds like Max. No way, surely. Someone, it's like one of those things where

00:38:36   they name it and they don't realize until they're presenting it. Like, "Oh no, we never

00:38:39   said it out loud!" Maybe they're gonna rename the Mac the Macintosh, so the problem is fixed.

00:38:47   The Maxintosh. Do you want a Macintosh Book Pro? I do. And do you want a new iMacintosh,

00:38:55   Steven? I want a Macintosh Mini. I want a Macintosh Pro. Yeah, that name doesn't really

00:39:03   seem to hit home for me, but who knows? None of these options we've talked about are good.

00:39:07   I don't like 10s, I don't think people are going to say it XS, including one of you.

00:39:12   I don't like 10s Max. I don't know what they should do, but they shouldn't do any of this.

00:39:19   Yes, yes, I agree with you. They should have just called the iPhone 11. That would have

00:39:24   been much simpler. Well, until we know what the iPhone is named, we're just going to set that

00:39:29   And I want to remind people and thank people for signing up for the relay FM membership

00:39:34   We the three of us watched pirates of Silicon Valley

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00:40:08   If you have signed up, thank you. Thank you very much.

00:40:13   We're a week away from an Ample event. We know a bunch of stuff, but we're

00:40:17   gonna do some predictions here. No prizes. This is pure just like we say the stuff.

00:40:23   stuff, maybe next week we can say we were right, we can say we were wrong, or we can

00:40:27   ignore that it ever happened depending on how right or wrong we all ended up being.

00:40:31   Federico, I don't want to round robin this because that would probably get really confusing

00:40:35   because we all have like completely different numbers of predictions. So we can round robin

00:40:41   it in category only, so Federico why don't you just go first.

00:40:45   Okay, so I'm going to start with the obvious one that more than a prediction maybe it's

00:40:52   It's a hope. I really want to see new iPad Pros. I want to see new models for the 10.5

00:41:00   and 12.9 inch iPad Pro models. If the rumors are correct.

00:41:05   How confident do you feel?

00:41:07   I feel pretty confident. I think if Apple wants to show off new iPads, what's the best

00:41:17   event to do it. And I think the same event where you are announcing new iPhones and new

00:41:23   Apple watches, I think that's the kind of spotlight that sort of helps the perception

00:41:28   of the iPad Pro, because everybody's going to be watching this event. So I'm pretty confident

00:41:34   that we're going to see these new iPad Pro models. Even though 9to5Mac didn't find images

00:41:39   for these specific devices, I think we're going to see them. And they're going to have

00:41:44   the edge-to-edge design, you know, without the home button and face ID with multiple orientations and all of that stuff.

00:41:50   So alongside the iPad Pro, I think we're going to see a redesigned smart keyboard because the current one

00:41:56   actually came out three years ago and the smart keyboard hasn't changed at all since November 2015.

00:42:02   And I really think it's time for Apple, especially because we've seen

00:42:05   better third-party keyboards, you know,

00:42:08   Based on Bluetooth, I think Apple could really up the competition here and make a new smart keyboard that is more durable, that has backlit keys,

00:42:16   maybe an even better Siri integration with more, you know, media keys and media function keys, that kind of stuff.

00:42:24   So I think that they would pivot to making a Bluetooth keyboard instead?

00:42:28   No, I don't think so. I think they want to keep using the smart connector.

00:42:31   Right, but they're just gonna up what it can do because people are starting to make better products than they make.

00:42:37   I think so, I think so. I also think we're going to see some updates for the iWork suite of apps on iOS for iOS 12.

00:42:48   I would be really surprised if Apple isn't doing anything with shortcuts for pages and numbers and keynote.

00:42:56   And by shortcuts, I mean, I really think they should do system Siri shortcuts, so suggestions to reopen documents and share a document.

00:43:06   document, but also direct integration with the shortcuts app. I think there's potential to sort

00:43:12   of extend the iWork suite of apps with some shortcuts integration, so I really want to see that.

00:43:18   My wild card here is that I believe the cheap iPhone, the LCD one,

00:43:29   will not be called the iPhone 9, but I think will keep the iPhone X/X name in some kind

00:43:39   of variation of the name.

00:43:42   Because I really am on, like Steve Transmitt, I'm on the train of this is the shape of

00:43:50   this iPhone and the screen and the lack of Touch ID.

00:43:56   I think this is the iPhone X brand, and I would be surprised to see the shape of an

00:44:01   iPhone X, but it's called iPhone 9, because Apple made a big deal last year of announcing

00:44:07   a phone with this shape, with this unique design, and calling it the iPhone X with an

00:44:11   X as the name.

00:44:14   So people really identify with this kind of device, with this form factor, with this shape.

00:44:19   And so saying, well, this is actually the iPhone 9, because it's the same one but it's

00:44:23   cheaper, it doesn't really fit into how I believe Apple marketing and branding works.

00:44:30   Also, most people aren't going to know what the technical difference between the LCD iPhone

00:44:38   X that looks like an iPhone X but is actually an iPhone 9, they're not going to care about

00:44:44   the difference between LCD and OLED, they're going to see a cheaper iPhone X and they're

00:44:47   going to say "well that's the iPhone X and now it costs not as much as last year".

00:44:52   So why didn't Nickelodeon call it?

00:44:54   I don't know, iPhone X 2018.

00:44:57   Really?

00:44:58   I don't think that would be absurd.

00:45:01   I would be really surprised if they're calling it the iPhone 9.

00:45:04   And if they do it, I mean, I'm not a marketing expert, of course.

00:45:10   But I think I'm going to think it's confusing because why make it such a big deal last year?

00:45:15   You know, this unique design that only exists, you know, in the Apple ecosystem and you call

00:45:20   it the iPhone X, but it's an X, and everybody calls it the iPhone X.

00:45:24   So people really can identify this device.

00:45:28   When you pull it out of your pocket, people say, "Oh, well, that's the iPhone X."

00:45:33   And now this year you come out with a new phone and you call it the iPhone 9.

00:45:36   It's like, are you going back?

00:45:38   Like, are you going backwards instead of moving forward with the iPhone X?

00:45:43   I mean, the name 10C is just sitting there.

00:45:47   There's rumors that it's going to have colors.

00:45:50   Maybe they're gonna recycle that idea.

00:45:53   Maybe.

00:45:54   I could see that.

00:45:55   So, I don't know.

00:45:57   I really think it would be like a backwards decision to go back to the 9.

00:46:02   It may happen.

00:46:03   I'm gonna disagree with it because I'm gonna think it's confusing.

00:46:07   But I could see actually also the counterargument of "this is the entry line iPhone, it comes

00:46:12   after the iPhone 8, so it's the iPhone 9."

00:46:14   I think between the two options I prefer mine because it's less confusing.

00:46:18   Finally, I'm gonna wrap up my predictions with, of course, new watch bands,

00:46:22   because, you know, Apple pulled a bunch from the store a few weeks ago.

00:46:26   I assume because they are preparing to announce new watch bands for the fall.

00:46:29   They always do this, I think it's gonna happen.

00:46:32   They do this device on no device, right?

00:46:34   Like every time there's an event now, there's new bands.

00:46:36   Because it's just a seasonal, they release bands and cases on a seasonal basis now.

00:46:40   Yeah.

00:46:41   And also we mentioned this just a few minutes ago,

00:46:44   but I think there's going to be multiple changes to the watch faces.

00:46:47   announced alongside the Series 4 Apple Watch?

00:46:51   I don't know, so this is my question for you guys.

00:46:54   I think there's a possibility that these new super customizable watch faces

00:47:00   with multiple complications will be exclusive to the Series 4

00:47:04   because of the more powerful CPU and battery life and RAM or whatever it is.

00:47:08   But the idea of...

00:47:09   Well, if the screen is bigger, it has better eligibility.

00:47:12   The screen is bigger, the device is more powerful,

00:47:15   so it can fetch data in the background more frequently, therefore we can have more complications.

00:47:21   I would be surprised...

00:47:23   But also, irrespective of all of that, it doesn't need to be a technical reason, and it's perfectly valid, right?

00:47:27   They have a new thing, it's software only, and they just put it on the new phones because...

00:47:32   Because, right? And I am not a person who has a problem with that, that you lock some software-only features to hardware,

00:47:39   hardware because like you can't keep doing this forever.

00:47:43   Like if you if you don't have hardware features to put into it, you have to find

00:47:48   some reason to sell the product.

00:47:49   And you know, so I would I would say that I reckon that one's pretty on the money

00:47:54   that like these these new watch faces will be for the series four onwards only.

00:47:59   That seems pretty, pretty plausible to me.

00:48:02   Yeah.

00:48:03   Is that your predictions?

00:48:05   That's it.

00:48:06   Yeah.

00:48:07   All right.

00:48:08   Let's take our second break and then we can get into mine and Stephen's as well.

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00:51:33   Alright, I'm up next. So I want to have the same amount of confidence that Federico has

00:51:40   in the iPad Pro, but my confidence is wavering because there isn't really any information.

00:51:49   There's no real strong rumors.

00:51:51   It could mean, let's go a few things here, right?

00:51:54   It could mean that they're coming out,

00:51:55   but they're coming out a little later on, right?

00:51:57   So they're actually maybe not being made yet.

00:51:59   Maybe they come out in a month.

00:52:00   There is also, like Occam's Razor would say

00:52:04   that if they are coming out,

00:52:06   it's just because the supply chain

00:52:07   doesn't really care about iPads when there are iPhones,

00:52:10   right?

00:52:11   So like if there's gonna be a part leaks,

00:52:13   they're just leaking parts about iPhones

00:52:15   because that's the most important thing.

00:52:17   There are many different things it could be.

00:52:19   I want to believe that there's going to be iPads

00:52:22   because I want a new iPad Pro,

00:52:24   especially because mine is broken

00:52:26   and I don't want to have to keep waiting.

00:52:28   If they do do this, like Federico,

00:52:30   I believe there will be some new smart keyboard,

00:52:32   but I also think there'll be some revisions

00:52:34   to the Apple Pencil as well.

00:52:36   I just think it's time.

00:52:40   I said it before many times,

00:52:41   I think they could make a more expensive Apple Pencil

00:52:43   that has some function in it

00:52:44   and it's made out of aluminum.

00:52:46   that there are a lot of different things they could do there

00:52:48   and I would love to see a new Apple Pencil

00:52:50   that has something new going on.

00:52:52   I've wanted that for a long time and I would love it.

00:52:55   I don't think there's gonna be any Mac announcements

00:52:59   during this.

00:53:01   I think if we're questioning

00:53:02   if there's gonna be iPad announcements,

00:53:04   I don't think they will have time for Mac stuff as well.

00:53:08   I also don't think there's gonna be anything

00:53:10   Apple TV related.

00:53:12   I don't think anyone was questioning that

00:53:13   but I don't think we're gonna get anything there.

00:53:15   There's definitely no streaming service this year.

00:53:18   It's far too early.

00:53:20   I don't think there's gonna be anything on the Mac.

00:53:23   I think there'll either be a separate event

00:53:25   that will include iPads if there's no iPad stuff,

00:53:27   or they'll do products announced by press releases

00:53:30   later on this year, maybe with some briefings

00:53:32   and that kind of thing.

00:53:33   I just don't see it right now for the Mac, unfortunately.

00:53:38   I think the cheaper iPhone will be called the iPhone 9.

00:53:42   So I'm going against Federico on this.

00:53:45   I, my thinking is your second part, right?

00:53:48   So, I keep going back to this,

00:53:49   I said it a bunch of times now,

00:53:50   but when Apple announced the iPhone X,

00:53:52   they spoke about it being years ahead, right?

00:53:56   That it was from, like, basically a future phone.

00:53:57   It was multiple years ahead of what they were doing

00:54:00   with everybody else.

00:54:02   So they went from eight to 10,

00:54:03   which means they have a gap, which is the nine,

00:54:06   and logically, everything we know about this iPhone

00:54:10   makes it seem like it's in between the eight and the 10,

00:54:13   like it has an edge to edge screen and face ID, but it has an LCD screen, not an OLED,

00:54:18   and it has aluminium, not stainless steel, right? Like there are things that make it in the middle

00:54:23   that I think they'll call it the iPhone 9. I don't think they'll call it the 10 something

00:54:27   because it doesn't have what the 10 has, which is like an OLED screen and stuff like that.

00:54:33   And I think they could start to confuse it in more ways by calling it 10 something.

00:54:36   I think they're more, my feeling is they're more likely to call it the iPhone 9 or a non-numbered

00:54:42   name. I don't think it's going to be the XC because it doesn't have what the X has, it

00:54:49   has only some of it. Like basically it's just face ID and edge to edge screen. So that's

00:54:57   that. I don't think they're going to call it a larger phone, the XS Max or anything

00:55:00   like that. I think they're going to call it the XS Plus. I didn't necessarily think they

00:55:04   were going to call it the Plus until the S was basically confirmed. And if they're going

00:55:08   to go with S, they may as well go with +, because I think that + is a stronger brand

00:55:12   than S is, personally. I think it would be weird if they kept S and didn't use +. I think

00:55:19   that Face ID will be faster. This will be a second gen Face ID, and that it will be

00:55:24   faster. And this will either be something to do with the Face ID unit, or it will be

00:55:29   something that the system on a chip can help them with, right? Like there will be something

00:55:32   that they will say that face ID is X percent faster.

00:55:37   And if they do colors for the iPhone 9, I think they're going to do some weird case

00:55:40   again, like the 5C case.

00:55:43   Like I can't imagine them introducing colors and then not doing something with the cases,

00:55:47   so maybe they'll do cases of holes in again, who knows.

00:55:49   But that's my wild card.

00:55:52   Yeah, I think most of that makes sense.

00:55:58   I think it's going to be iPhones and Apple Watches.

00:56:01   I don't think we're going to see iPads next week.

00:56:04   For all the same reasons you said, there's not a lot as far as the rumor mill.

00:56:09   I mean I will remind you, they spent a big chunk of time talking about the Apple TV last

00:56:13   year.

00:56:14   So, you know, there was space for three phones and an Apple TV and an Apple Watch last year.

00:56:21   Yeah, and in 2015 they had all that stuff plus the iPad Pro.

00:56:26   I mean, if there were no Macs on the horizon,

00:56:29   I would say the iPads will be here,

00:56:31   but I think Macs and iPads are enough for a second event.

00:56:35   So, you know, honestly, like in my mind,

00:56:38   it's, you know, like 55, 45, no iPads.

00:56:42   Like it's not, I don't feel super strongly about this,

00:56:44   but I think I tip a little bit in the direction of no iPads.

00:56:47   I think we're gonna see the iPhone.

00:56:49   - My brain feels that way, but my heart can't let go.

00:56:52   - Yeah, well, you smashed your iPad.

00:56:55   I didn't smash it as such, but it's broken.

00:56:58   - Rage smashed it.

00:57:00   - Well, it's like I'm not even 100% sure how it happened.

00:57:02   I think I know.

00:57:03   It's kind of like when Federico put that dent in his.

00:57:06   It's like, I can work out some reasons why this happened,

00:57:08   but I didn't see it happen, so.

00:57:11   - That was mysterious.

00:57:12   I think in the time we've spoken,

00:57:14   I think I have settled on the names 10C and 10S.

00:57:19   I think calling it the nine when it looks like the 10

00:57:24   is confusing, but again this is like a 55/45 split in my mind.

00:57:29   None of these positions I hold strongly. I'm just a little bit over the line.

00:57:33   I like that we spent this much time on the names because this will be the one that we'll definitely remember next week, right?

00:57:38   To be like, "Ah, you said this and I said this."

00:57:41   Oh, I will remember this.

00:57:44   I know, you're like, "What are you saying?"

00:57:46   Ten something, right? You're thinking ten something.

00:57:49   Ten or ten something, yeah.

00:57:51   Alright, I'm saying 9, Steven's saying 10c. Alright cool, we got that.

00:57:55   Yeah.

00:57:56   I think the 2017 iPhone 10 goes away. I think the line will be the two 10s phones, whatever

00:58:05   the 10c or 9, whatever that phone is, 8, 8+, 7, 7+, SE. I think the...

00:58:12   You think they keep the 7 and 7+, as well as the 8 and 8+?

00:58:15   That would follow in line with what they did last year.

00:58:17   Wow, so many phones.

00:58:18   Right now you can go buy a 6s.

00:58:20   is but it's the same number phones you can buy now. I'm not saying they should

00:58:23   do that but it's what they do. So I think that the iPhone X, the SKU, the

00:58:27   model number that we have today will not go down in price it will simply go away

00:58:33   like the iPhone 5 did. Remember the 5c replaced the iPhone 5 at the discounted

00:58:39   price. So I think something similar will happen this year and I think that'll be

00:58:44   that'll be it for this iPhone X and we'll have the new ones. I think that's

00:58:48   all about price. I think they can't drop the price much on the X and have the

00:58:52   margins they want, hence the XC or the 9 or whatever that phone is with an LCD in

00:58:57   it. So I think that's kind of where I stand there. And I think you know the

00:59:01   the colors being being on the XC fits with that with that idea. And you know

00:59:07   the 5C was not a big success. I think for a lot of reasons I think people, I think

00:59:14   we talked about it on the show I'm sure. I don't know, were we doing the show then? I

00:59:17   I don't know, but I know writing at the time at least,

00:59:21   I really thought that Apple should have a sort of like

00:59:24   mid-tier phone to hit a bunch of price points

00:59:26   around the world, and the 5C was not that phone.

00:59:29   The 5C was a replacement for the 5 at $100 less,

00:59:32   because the 5 was expensive to manufacture,

00:59:35   and the 5C was cheaper.

00:59:36   - I don't imagine them ever really making that phone that--

00:59:40   - No, they're not, and that's not,

00:59:42   so I think that people went into the 5C with expectation

00:59:45   and were disappointed.

00:59:46   This year the Expeditions are different.

00:59:48   I think they can reuse the C brand and not fail

00:59:51   like the 5C did.

00:59:54   So I think it's an opportunity to bring some color

00:59:56   and fun back into the line.

00:59:58   And I'm all for that.

00:59:59   I think all their products should be more colorful.

01:00:01   Look, Jason Stell and I agree on this.

01:00:03   Everything should have more options.

01:00:05   But it seems like that's only gonna be true

01:00:08   in this sort of lower level phone, which is fine.

01:00:11   - How many colors do you think?

01:00:14   I think we could see, obviously we'll see black and white,

01:00:19   or you know, silver or whatever, space gray and silver.

01:00:20   - So space gray and silver, right, then what?

01:00:23   - And then maybe two others, maybe like a red and a blue.

01:00:26   - So no gold. - I don't know.

01:00:28   I don't know, I don't know about the gold or not,

01:00:31   just because it looks like that's gonna be new

01:00:33   on the flagship, maybe they don't want that to be

01:00:37   on the lesser phone, so you know you bought

01:00:39   the most expensive one if it comes in that gold finish.

01:00:42   Hmm, but who knows who knows that's like a wild card like until you know maybe a day before the event

01:00:49   We'll see somebody leak a bunch of boxes that have all the colors on them

01:00:52   Which probably what happens but outside of that?

01:00:55   I think that's really hard to guess, but I don't think it's going to be crazy like at the 5c came in five colors

01:01:01   I don't know if it's gonna be that many, but who knows that was a lot colors. I

01:01:03   Have a fun one for you guys. Can we also try to guess?

01:01:09   the name of the next Apple-designed system on a chip.

01:01:15   And I'm going to go with Apple A12 Nitro.

01:01:22   Alright, can we just get a breakdown of what they've been called?

01:01:27   So starting with the A10, we had A10 Fusion, A10x Fusion, and last year A11 Bionic.

01:01:34   So we've had Fusion, Bionic, and what was the other one?

01:01:38   Was that it? Just Fusion and Bionic?

01:01:40   That's it. That's it.

01:01:42   *fart noise*

01:01:43   So we've got Fusion, Bionic, and you think Nitro?

01:01:46   Where is that coming from?

01:01:47   I don't know, it just feels fast.

01:01:49   One potential problem with Nitro is that the Safari JavaScript engine was at some point called the Nitro engine.

01:01:57   Yeah, but they also make something called the Fusion Drive.

01:02:00   Exactly. So that shouldn't be an issue.

01:02:02   So I don't think that matters.

01:02:03   I mean, those things are really just for presentations.

01:02:06   Like it doesn't really, you know, and I think they just want to give it a name.

01:02:11   Man, this is, this is a hard one.

01:02:13   Go for it.

01:02:13   Come on.

01:02:14   So we've got fusion bionic.

01:02:19   Oh man.

01:02:20   Steven, do you have any ideas?

01:02:21   My first thought is maybe that's what the max name is attached to, but that's sort of dumb.

01:02:27   Right.

01:02:28   So you said Nitro, I'm gonna go with,

01:02:33   I don't know, I wanna say like Jetstream

01:02:37   or something like Sonic Boom, something fast.

01:02:42   - Sonic, Sonic would be a good one.

01:02:45   - Sonic is good.

01:02:46   - The A12 Sonic. - That's actually really good.

01:02:47   - A12 Sonic, I like that.

01:02:49   - See now I don't know, right,

01:02:50   'cause you guys are going down--

01:02:51   - A12 Super Sonic, that's what I'm going with,

01:02:53   A12 Super Sonic.

01:02:54   - All right, 'cause you guys are going down the speed train.

01:02:56   - Yeah, yeah.

01:02:57   I don't know if I want to go down the speed train. Right? Like I don't know what I should

01:03:01   go with here. This is really difficult. I can't think of anything particularly good.

01:03:05   Right, think about it. I mean, mine's terrible.

01:03:08   No, I like Super Sonic. Super Sonic is great. It's an Oasis song. They could use Oasis as

01:03:13   they introduce the iPhone. I'm really struggling with this one. Full throttle.

01:03:20   A-12 Bullet Train.

01:03:24   Oh, I don't know, man.

01:03:28   Maybe they're gonna go for something that refers to size. I don't know, something like

01:03:32   A-12 Jupiter or something.

01:03:35   Max would fit there.

01:03:36   Yeah, I still don't think they're gonna use that name. I think that it wouldn't have left

01:03:41   the whiteboard, right? As soon as somebody says it, you've got to realize you can't.

01:03:45   Like that, like I know I said, like Fusion is OK, but like you can't Max.

01:03:50   This is I've solved it.

01:03:51   The A12 Max will be the first arm processor in a MacBook as well.

01:03:55   Oh, yeah, I can see that.

01:03:57   I could totally see that right.

01:03:59   Like I get that for sure.

01:04:00   It's the Max that runs on Max.

01:04:03   It's just it's just Max on Max on Max.

01:04:07   I feel like we're all working really hard to give me some time here,

01:04:10   but I just can't.

01:04:11   The chat room very, very much wants you to say A12 Bonanza.

01:04:14   I know why because I had a show called Bionic and they called it Bionic then they would

01:04:17   call it Bonanza.

01:04:18   Like, I get it.

01:04:19   But like, I don't think it will be called that.

01:04:21   So like, I would just be wasting it.

01:04:23   I may as well come up with something new.

01:04:25   A12 Turbo.

01:04:27   It could be another one.

01:04:29   Turbo is good.

01:04:30   Like, but I don't want to say that because you just said it.

01:04:32   Like if I would have said it, it would have worked great.

01:04:34   But you said it.

01:04:35   So now I have nothing.

01:04:36   I'm just stealing all your ideas.

01:04:38   Yeah, exactly.

01:04:39   I was just about to say Turbo and then you said it.

01:04:42   So yours is just A12. A12 blank.

01:04:46   There is no name.

01:04:48   Alright.

01:04:49   I have nothing.

01:04:50   We have some real-time follow-up to close out this section. On September 12th, 2013,

01:04:58   five years ago, the fifth anniversary of my website, and we recorded the prompt episode

01:05:05   13, S is for fingerprint.

01:05:08   And we spoke.

01:05:09   Good title. That's a good title.

01:05:10   That's a great title.

01:05:11   title. See, see, that S was for something, right? Obviously the S was always standing

01:05:16   for something because we were trying to come up with what it stood for.

01:05:19   It was a touch ID that forced fingerprint. Oh. Security, man. S is for security.

01:05:25   The day after Apple's 2013 iPhone event, the prompt co-host discussed the keynote, iPhone

01:05:30   5C, the iPhone 5S, and more. The first link in that show notes, that episode, is a link

01:05:39   to Federico Vatici's "Introducing Writing on the iPad Text to Automation with Editorial

01:05:44   Book."

01:05:45   Oh my god.

01:05:46   Wow.

01:05:47   So that's a real blast from the past.

01:05:49   I have also put in the show notes, I did a video about the iPhone 5c, so if you're not

01:05:53   familiar with that phone, go watch that video, and a post from my site from five years ago

01:05:59   talking about how people got the iPhone 5c wrong.

01:06:02   Alright.

01:06:03   Wow.

01:06:04   Yeah.

01:06:05   looking up synonyms for the word bionic. One potential idea could be A12 godlike. A12 extraordinary.

01:06:20   I can see that. I'm now looking at synonyms for speed. What about A12 precipitation? I'm

01:06:28   I'm not 100% sure why that's a synonym for speed.

01:06:31   What about A12 omnipotent?

01:06:34   I got it. I got it. I'm just gonna go with this because I have nothing else. A12 momentum.

01:06:38   That's what I'm gonna go with.

01:06:40   Okay. Kind of sporty? I like that.

01:06:43   Yeah.

01:06:43   Alright.

01:06:44   I don't think they're gonna call it that, but it's the only half-decent name I can come up with.

01:06:48   Okay.

01:06:49   I'm really annoyed at myself now because Kate just came up with a great one. A12 cannon.

01:06:55   Right?

01:06:58   called the cannon. So I'm gonna put that in the show notes as well so if uh that's the name then

01:07:03   Kate gets it right. Yep yep and Kate's the real winner yeah let's be honest. Can you see can you

01:07:08   see Phil Schiller on stage saying and with our all-new powerful A12 cannon CPU. We're blasting

01:07:15   down the competition with the cannon. Oh wow. Right? That's good. Right? Come on sure we can do this.

01:07:20   Talking about predictions, this year we have made a lot of predictions. Too many. Right?

01:07:27   many categories of predictions. And I think it's safe to say that we can probably assume

01:07:33   that the majority of these predictions, if they're going to happen in 2018, they're going

01:07:38   to happen next week, right? With what's left.

01:07:41   Or the October event that Federico doesn't believe in.

01:07:43   That's why I said the majority. So the majority of them will probably happen within a week

01:07:49   from now. So we should probably refresh everybody's mind on what we've predicted and even then

01:07:56   potentially show how our predictions we've just made clashed against the predictions

01:07:59   that we made in January. So we're going to do that after we take our final break for

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01:09:33   Do we have some more real time follow up? Is that what's happening now? Did we just

01:09:36   sprinkle follow up throughout the entire episode instead of doing it at the beginning?

01:09:41   I don't know. Steve Tron Smith guessed Apple A12 Plasma. It's pretty good.

01:09:48   I'm trying to open tweets in Safari, but it says "The server understood the request, but

01:09:53   is refusing to fulfill it."

01:09:55   Wow! Thanks for nothing, server!

01:09:58   The server's getting a little bit big for its britches over there, I think.

01:10:03   Like, it understood, but it just doesn't care. I mean, alright. Cool. Okay.

01:10:08   Wow. That's pretty intense.

01:10:10   That's just rough, server. Come on.

01:10:12   Alright, so what I have done, okay, I have gone through our predictions, and I've pulled

01:10:17   out the predictions that are most likely to be fulfilled in a September event, and I've

01:10:25   also removed the predictions that were either considered right or wrong by now, so we can

01:10:30   touch on those later on in the year when we review our predictions and make our new ones,

01:10:35   right?

01:10:36   These were from the classification of overall yearly predictions.

01:10:42   So I have a couple here.

01:10:45   That there will be a bigger iPhone X style phone but it will not have an OLED screen.

01:10:50   Feeling pretty good about that one guys.

01:10:52   I also picked an Apple Watch with an always on display.

01:10:56   That could still happen right? We don't know that.

01:10:59   That could still happen.

01:11:00   We don't know from that image or otherwise.

01:11:03   What do you think about an always on display for the Apple Watch?

01:11:05   Do you think that's still a possibility?

01:11:07   Hmm, I don't know. I don't think so.

01:11:09   At some point, they've got to do that.

01:11:12   At some point, yes.

01:11:13   But I don't know.

01:11:14   It just feels too soon still.

01:11:16   I don't know. Not sure.

01:11:19   Other watch companies, other like companies do it.

01:11:22   You know, Google app, Google watches do it.

01:11:24   I don't know. It could be.

01:11:26   It's an OLED screen after all.

01:11:27   That's kind of the point.

01:11:28   But Apple still haven't done anything.

01:11:30   We've always on.

01:11:31   I will ask you both.

01:11:32   Do you think sleep tracking is going to happen?

01:11:35   Yeah, yeah. That one, I think. Yeah. Yeah.

01:11:37   Because that's a software thing, ultimately, right?

01:11:40   They don't need to put any new sensors in for that and just make sure

01:11:43   the battery is good.

01:11:45   Federico, you said you you predicted that the streaming service

01:11:48   will be announced as Apple Video.

01:11:50   It will have one to two months free and bundled of Apple Music.

01:11:53   How do you feel about that one? That was wrong.

01:11:56   It's not going to be called Apple.

01:11:57   It's going to happen.

01:11:58   I feel like all of the particulars about that are right.

01:12:01   But 2019, 2019, and it's going to be called Apple Apple TV.

01:12:05   I agree with Jason Snell.

01:12:07   The name is going to be Apple TV.

01:12:08   Yeah, yeah.

01:12:09   Apple video feels like, I don't know, home movies.

01:12:11   In your defense, right?

01:12:13   Like a lot of what we now know about the streaming service was not clear then.

01:12:17   And now when you look at it and you see the slate of products

01:12:20   like that, it shows that they have, you can be like, OK, they need some time.

01:12:23   But we didn't know like the pure breadth that they were working on

01:12:27   when we picked that, when you picked that in January.

01:12:29   Yeah. Yeah.

01:12:30   Stephen, you said no new iPad mini.

01:12:34   Feeling pretty good about that one, I think.

01:12:35   That would be the real shot next week, I think.

01:12:38   Yeah.

01:12:38   And like, oh, we heard you like the mini, right?

01:12:41   Mini? Everyone wants a mini?

01:12:42   Here's the iPad Mini.

01:12:43   That's what you were looking for when you said mini.

01:12:45   You didn't want the Mac, right?

01:12:46   It was the iPad.

01:12:47   I picked new Apple pencil

01:12:50   with a button of some kind, maybe aluminium.

01:12:53   So that's, you know, who knows?

01:12:56   Federico went for a new smart keyboard

01:12:58   with new material, backlit and a dedicated Siri key.

01:13:01   Yes.

01:13:01   - You got very particular in that one

01:13:02   against our recommendations,

01:13:05   but you decided you wanted to be really particular.

01:13:08   Stephen, you said iPod Touch update.

01:13:10   (laughing)

01:13:13   - What, why?

01:13:14   - These were, I should note-- - I still believe.

01:13:15   - These last three, there's no points assigned to those,

01:13:18   but they were predictions that we made.

01:13:20   - We live in a world where not only did the Airport Express

01:13:23   get AirPlay 2 support, but today Apple updated

01:13:26   the airport utility to support the iPhone X screen.

01:13:29   Literally anything is possible.

01:13:30   Yeah, but they aren't new hardware products.

01:13:32   You just gotta slap the A10 in there and call it a day.

01:13:35   So they were our overall yearly predictions.

01:13:37   AirPower predictions, we made these

01:13:39   just a couple of weeks ago.

01:13:40   I will just run these through again

01:13:42   because it's probably gonna happen

01:13:43   if it's ever gonna happen.

01:13:45   Federico says that it will be released before the iPhone.

01:13:48   So you have like six days at this point.

01:13:50   How are you feeling about that?

01:13:51   I think it's all in the next six days.

01:13:54   It's all--

01:13:54   (laughing)

01:13:55   It's all still holding out?

01:13:56   I'm putting it all on the line for the next six days.

01:13:59   It's gonna all in.

01:13:59   It's gonna happen, I'm sure.

01:14:01   Yeah, totally.

01:14:02   And both me and Steven say after the iPhone at some point.

01:14:06   And then we made some audio device predictions.

01:14:09   Now, we said by the end of 2019 for these.

01:14:12   So I've removed some of the more like the big ones, like the over the ear headphones.

01:14:16   We're not going to talk about that right now,

01:14:17   because I don't think that's happening this year.

01:14:19   So I said AirPods to gain more controls via touch actions.

01:14:23   I think we're going to see AirPods version two next week, by the way.

01:14:28   So I think this might be one of those things.

01:14:30   Steven once was predicted at least one more color option in the AirPods.

01:14:35   Federico thinks that the AirPods line will be split in two

01:14:40   and that there will be a base version that gets a small price drop.

01:14:43   Yeah, and this Federico guy is smart. I like that.

01:14:46   I don't think that's going to happen.

01:14:47   He's a smart guy, but I think that if they...

01:14:49   By the end of 2019.

01:14:51   I know you said that, right?

01:14:53   But you know, but but we can we can look at that part in 2019.

01:14:56   but I don't think that's happening this year.

01:14:58   Steven thinks there'll be a HomePod price drop.

01:15:00   I think that's still gonna happen, I don't know when.

01:15:06   I believe that Apple will create

01:15:08   some kind of noise cancellation technology.

01:15:10   Again, I still think that's gonna happen,

01:15:11   but that might be 2019.

01:15:13   And Steven thinks there'll be some incorporation

01:15:15   of Apple News into all of this.

01:15:18   Maybe a new branding of short daily news podcasts

01:15:22   that comes along with some headphone changes.

01:15:24   - Just something.

01:15:26   I mean, they put Apple News everywhere else and people like news on the home pods.

01:15:31   So, you know, just a better way to manage that stuff.

01:15:33   That's sort of broad.

01:15:34   So that's our prediction.

01:15:35   So you can all write those down and then we'll maybe we'll be able to look back on some of

01:15:40   these in the weeks to come and realize how right or wrong we were.

01:15:44   But yeah, there's, you know, so there's still there's still some possibilities there for

01:15:48   us.

01:15:49   But I thought it was just worth highlighting those as we get into what could be the final

01:15:53   Apple event of the year and where all of the products get released.

01:15:58   Programming note, next week we will be recording and publishing our episode on Thursday, so

01:16:03   the day after the Apple event because there's so much going on and things get moved around.

01:16:09   As always, we like to have at least a day to think. Apple usually does their events

01:16:14   on Tuesdays, but they're not. This time they're doing it on a Wednesday. So we're moving our

01:16:18   show on a Thursday. We'll show you Apple. You think you can get us? You're not going

01:16:21   get us. We'll just move it, right? That's, I think that's our attitude to this.

01:16:24   Sure, everyone's in agreement with me. That's great. Everyone agreed. I take your silence as

01:16:30   agreeing. Steven, wrap up the show. I'm going to wrap up the show now. This is where the show

01:16:37   is wrapped up. I'd like to thank our sponsors Squarespace, Simple Contacts, and Linode. But

01:16:42   if you want to go find out more about the stuff we talked about, if you've been under a rock and

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01:17:33   channel and until next week guys a busy week so I guess I guess until then say

01:17:41   goodbye cheerio adios