207: The Best Easter Egg is You


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00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 207.

00:00:12   It is made possible this week by our sponsors,

00:00:14   Casper, Pingdom, and Green Chef.

00:00:17   I'm your host, Stephen Hackett,

00:00:18   and I am joined again by the two co-hosts of Connected.

00:00:21   We're all back together two weeks in a row.

00:00:23   Up first, we have Federico Vittucci.

00:00:25   - Hey, how you doing?

00:00:27   - I'm great.

00:00:29   I'm glad you're here and we have Myke Hurley.

00:00:31   - It's a new day, here we are.

00:00:33   - It's a new day, it's a new.

00:00:35   That's a song, right?

00:00:37   That's totally a song. - Yeah, I'm feeling good.

00:00:38   - Yeah, yeah.

00:00:40   Well, I want to, we need to clarify something

00:00:43   before we do the show.

00:00:44   People were worried about me.

00:00:47   Someone even thought that I was drunk on the show.

00:00:51   - Well, no, I don't think they thought you were drunk,

00:00:52   they thought you were hungover.

00:00:54   - Oh, okay, yeah, hungover, okay.

00:00:54   - Which is slightly different, you know?

00:00:56   Yeah, but I just had a cold. I don't know if you can still feel the last bits of the cold,

00:01:05   which is basically gone at this point, I'm doing much much better, but it was just a cold.

00:01:09   I don't drink before podcasts, that's not professional, you know?

00:01:15   -And especially... -I think you did one time.

00:01:18   Did I?

00:01:19   If I cast my memory back, I am very confident there was an episode of

00:01:23   at least the prompt where you were drinking wine.

00:01:26   I was drinking wine but I was not drunk. That's different.

00:01:30   Yeah, but this is one of those things where it's like, you were also a little bit looser

00:01:36   than usual. I remember this. I don't know what episode it was and I probably would never

00:01:41   find it, but there was an episode where you were drinking wine and you were having a little

00:01:45   bit of a holiday party I think.

00:01:47   Well, even if I was a hangover you wouldn't know because you wouldn't notice. I'm very

00:01:51   professional like that with my drinking. So maybe, maybe, maybe I've done many episodes

00:01:58   of Connected and I was hungover and you didn't know.

00:02:01   You would never know.

00:02:04   Last week I just had a cold. So thank you for warning about me but I'm fine, I think.

00:02:11   Moving on, can we do follow up?

00:02:14   I'm glad you're okay.

00:02:16   Last week we were speaking about the Aqua Screenshot Library put together and we talked

00:02:20   about how I wanted…

00:02:21   world-famous, internet-famous Aqua Screenshot Library.

00:02:25   Yeah, it's done many hundreds of thousands of page views.

00:02:29   I knew you before your Aqua Screenshot Library, so don't forget about us.

00:02:35   I knew Aqua before it became famous.

00:02:38   Do you feel, I will ask you, because I'll just say this has been linked all over the

00:02:43   web this week.

00:02:44   It's like, when you look back at it, it's like this is one of those perfect little things

00:02:48   that when a big website needs a link for the day, it's like perfect food for that, right?

00:02:56   Because it was on Lifehacker and stuff where it's like they need something interesting

00:02:59   to link to today and someone had found this and they're like, "This is perfect."

00:03:04   It's one of those, it's like candy for these bigger websites, which I think is probably

00:03:09   why it's getting linked to everywhere and doing hundreds of thousands of page views,

00:03:12   right? In hindsight, it's like, "Oh yeah, this is perfect for that," which is the same

00:03:16   as the desktop wallpapers. Same idea, right? Like, these things are very interesting to

00:03:21   nerds, so big websites find them, they find them interesting, and then they put it in

00:03:26   their selection to link to later on, which is great. Does the fact that it has done hundreds

00:03:31   and thousands of page views now in like a week make it feel like it was worth the time

00:03:38   investment to you?

00:03:40   Yeah. Yeah. Since it was so well received, and I haven't gotten to all of them, but I

00:03:45   I have a bunch of emails and tweets from people like sharing like,

00:03:49   Oh, I forgot about this. Oh, I ran this on my first computer.

00:03:52   Like people are like genuinely like connecting with it, which is what I wanted.

00:03:57   But you, you know, we've all done this, right?

00:03:58   You just never know if it's actually going to work.

00:04:00   So I'm pumped. I liked your pump. Oh yeah. The connected thing. That's good.

00:04:05   You know what I haven't actually done yet is look through tiger,

00:04:08   which was my first, my first version. I'm like, I'm flicking through it now.

00:04:12   haven't even thought about that. Look at these icons. Ah, iTunes was green! Yeah, the

00:04:18   iTunes icon has changed a bunch over the years. Oh gosh, brush metal, brush metal. I

00:04:22   always forget about it until I see it and I'm like, oh god, there it is.

00:04:27   I always get confused between Cheetah and the other with the

00:04:34   name that's like a shoe brand. Puma? Yeah. I always get confused. Which came first?

00:04:41   Cheetah, Cheetah was the first one right? Yes I'm loading it now. I've looked at it

00:04:47   too much I don't actually know. Yes Cheetah was 10-0, Puma was 10-1. 10-1 okay yeah.

00:04:53   Why is the calculator made out of metal? Why isn't it? Why shouldn't it be? I feel

00:04:59   like that it would like you press the buttons and they would like maybe

00:05:03   scratch a little bit you know. It makes it really heavy like it feels good in the hand.

00:05:07   So yeah, it's done well.

00:05:11   Which is really exciting.

00:05:12   You chose Songs of Innocence as the album!

00:05:15   I did!

00:05:16   That's very good!

00:05:18   That's very good, I'm ruining all your Easter eggs now.

00:05:21   That's probably the biggest Easter egg, honestly.

00:05:23   That's very good.

00:05:24   No, no, no, no.

00:05:25   The best Easter egg is you.

00:05:28   In the, uh, in the FaceTime booth.

00:05:33   That's the best.

00:05:34   There are some incredible pictures here.

00:05:35   I haven't looked at any release in as much depth as I'm looking at this one where I'm

00:05:39   looking at every image. So now I'm noticing all of the things I've kind of just like perused

00:05:44   through, you know, but now I'm looking at like keyboard and mouse preferences, which

00:05:48   I wouldn't necessarily look at. But here I am now going through all of this. And it's

00:05:53   funny because I probably look to all of this, right? Because I was so interested in that

00:06:02   can probably like my you know my first Mac I was more interested in than any

00:06:06   other computer right like I wanted to look at everything and see what

00:06:09   everything did because I was new to it right so I would go in and I probably

00:06:13   would have spent a little bit of time in like date and time system preferences

00:06:19   for whatever reason just like what is this what's in here so yeah this is nice

00:06:23   I'm pleased that you did this project and I am very very happy that it's

00:06:26   getting a lot of attention but you do have some things that you're working on

00:06:30   with it though right? I do so I we mentioned last week I wanted to have the

00:06:35   inclusion of a page where you could compare a single image across all of its

00:06:40   releases like what did like the main screen assistant preferences look from

00:06:44   the public beta all the way through High Sierra. Which is a super important thing

00:06:48   for the project right like it makes sense for like if people are looking at

00:06:55   this for historical purposes which they ultimately will end up doing that you

00:07:00   would want to be like what happened to calendar all the way across like yes

00:07:05   important to see yeah absolutely and I had an example of that in the blog post

00:07:09   but I hand-built that gallery and I needed a way to do this programmatically

00:07:13   because with 1500 screenshots it was already a lot of work to do what's up

00:07:17   there now and in starting to build those manuals like very quickly without a hand

00:07:22   and so I just said on the show if anyone is WordPress dev maybe knows how I could

00:07:28   this get in touch and a couple people emailed me but I owe a big thanks to Warren Harding,

00:07:33   not the dead president turns out. He's a really nice guy in Australia.

00:07:36   That's really exciting for a second man.

00:07:38   Yeah he's not dead he's just been learning PHP all these years.

00:07:42   Maybe he should have been dead.

00:07:45   Please email Federico directly about that comment.

00:07:53   PHP is a fate worse than death.

00:07:56   So, Warren has built me a tool to do this, and I hope to get this rolled out in conjunction

00:08:04   with the Mojave screenshots coming up.

00:08:07   But it's working in beta, and it does what I want it to do.

00:08:10   So I know Warren's a listener, so thank you again.

00:08:13   Thank you to everyone who emailed and I talked with Warren, picked up the ball and ran with

00:08:18   it.

00:08:19   And it's really great, and I'm excited to roll it out.

00:08:20   So keep an eye out for that.

00:08:21   I'll be sure to talk about it here.

00:08:23   It's really, it's gonna be cool.

00:08:26   So I'm gonna have it as a single page

00:08:27   where you can go in and compare screenshots.

00:08:30   Select the one you want and look through all the releases.

00:08:32   But I got some metadata stuff to deal with

00:08:35   to get it all to work, so.

00:08:36   - I really like how you say that name, by the way.

00:08:40   - What?

00:08:41   - Warren.

00:08:42   - Warren, yeah, there's not, there's no,

00:08:44   there's just one long letter, really.

00:08:45   - It's just one sound, it's just a sound.

00:08:47   - Warren.

00:08:48   - I guess I would say Warren, right?

00:08:50   - Yeah, I can't do that.

00:08:50   - Like, Johnnie Kavula, Warren.

00:08:52   - Warren. - Warren.

00:08:52   Warren Hart. Warren Harting. Thanks, Warren. Thank you, Warren. Warren, I'm expecting Warren

00:09:03   is very happy right now. We apologize for ruining it. I mean, he's alive, so he must

00:09:08   be happy. And learning PHP. Oh, boy. All right. Well, I'm looking forward to the library updates.

00:09:21   I've played around with the exclusive beta and I'm pleased that you're taking steps to

00:09:28   improve because I mean, of course we're joking about PHP, but the fact that for historical

00:09:36   purposes people are going to use this resource, which is a horrible word, but it is what it

00:09:40   is and several years from now, if you keep it up to date, people will use it and it will

00:09:46   become like a destination when you, you know, when you search for, what's the name of that

00:09:52   website that used to exist? Sort of had a thing similar to yours, but I don't think

00:09:58   it's updated anymore. I don't think the website still exists.

00:10:00   There was like, there was like GUI library.

00:10:02   Yeah, I'm thinking of guidebook, but with the logo was like GUI, something like that.

00:10:09   Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you're right. That's, that's what it is.

00:10:11   So if you can sort of turn your screenshot library into this sort of modern version of

00:10:17   that, I think that will be great.

00:10:19   So I'm really happy that you're continuing to update it, and I was really happy to see

00:10:23   it linked in a bunch of places.

00:10:25   I have to apologize to you, Stephen, though, that I didn't look on Italian websites, because

00:10:31   I really don't follow them.

00:10:33   So you may have been linked on a bunch of Italian blogs, but I wouldn't know, because

00:10:37   I don't read them.

00:10:38   I think it was on Sunday, one of the big referrals was a couple of websites in Russia, which

00:10:42   was exciting. I tried reading them with Google Translate and it struggled.

00:10:46   But they seemed to like it.

00:10:47   We could have had a Frederick Tendrils moment with you.

00:10:50   Yeah. Yeah. They seemed happy with it in Russian. So, it's good.

00:10:55   Yeah. I hear they're happy with the Americans lately.

00:11:02   Swiftly moving on. Thank you to everybody who has become a Relay FM member. We will

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00:11:22   be a lot of fun.

00:11:23   And I'm hoping that you will also hear, because we are actually recording that today, so this

00:11:28   is why I'm talking about it, like it's, I don't know what's happened yet, because I

00:11:31   don't.

00:11:32   I'm hoping that Steven will be able to provide some historical context and an accuracy rating

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00:11:56   Last week we mentioned the app Opener, and I think this was in context of opening a Twitter

00:12:01   link in tweetbot?

00:12:04   It was to open a twitter link in the twitter app.

00:12:08   So in tweet terrific and tweetbot now, you can no longer find out who liked to tweet

00:12:14   or whatever.

00:12:15   So this is a way that if you open in the share extension the link to the tweet, you can then

00:12:22   have it automatically default to open in twitter or any other app that you so choose.

00:12:28   So do we actually need opener for this?

00:12:30   We had some feedback that maybe you could do it other ways.

00:12:33   Well, yeah, there's a—we got an email or a tweet—I think it was a tweet—about the

00:12:40   fact that there's a—in the Twitter—actually, in the Tweetbot app or in the Twitter app,

00:12:46   there's an "Open in Safari" sort of activity item as an action extension, but it's not

00:12:54   really an action extension because it's not available in other apps.

00:12:57   still the idea that you can open in Safari from Tweetbot and by doing that you will be

00:13:04   redirected to the Twitter app because iOS uses universal links, so instead of opening

00:13:10   the link in Safari you will be taken into the Twitter app because the system sees the

00:13:15   Twitter.com link and it says "well, you have the Twitter app installed so instead of opening

00:13:20   Safari in a webview I will take you to that tweet inside of the native client".

00:13:27   That seems to be working for some people, but speaking from personal experience, this

00:13:32   is an unreliable solution.

00:13:34   It is so random.

00:13:36   It seems so random that sometimes I open a link, and this happens with Twitter, this

00:13:41   happens with YouTube, it happens with Safari View Controller sometimes, other times it

00:13:46   doesn't, but Universal Links, as much as I kind of like the concept of the link is tied

00:13:53   to a page inside of a native app, the implementation in iOS so far has been unreliable for me.

00:14:03   I don't know what the issue is. I don't know if something perhaps changed since Universal

00:14:09   Links were introduced with iOS 9, that would be three years ago, four releases ago. But

00:14:16   I prefer to use OpenR because it always works and I know what I'm doing. So it's an extra

00:14:21   tap, actually not if you're using AutoOpen, which I described last week, but yes, you

00:14:27   would need to have OpenAir installed. But in my experience, using OpenAir is much more

00:14:31   reliable than sort of the lottery of universal links, and also it allows you to open links

00:14:37   in many other third-party alternatives, not just the official clients. So back in the

00:14:44   day when ProTube was available, the excellent YouTube client that is not available anymore,

00:14:51   I used Opener to open YouTube links in ProTube and that was amazing. But I still use Opener

00:14:58   for a bunch of other types of links, including, you know, Tweetbot and Twitterific for example

00:15:04   are options that Universal links do not support. So this may work for you, or may not. If it

00:15:11   doesn't I seriously recommend trying out Opener. Yeah I've been very happy with it

00:15:17   I like it a lot it's a great little app and it's good to set up with other

00:15:21   things right so as you're saying like YouTube and stuff like that because if

00:15:26   YouTube opens in Safari View Controller it's never signed in anymore right so

00:15:31   then I have that whole problem but then I try and sign in and then it opens the

00:15:35   YouTube app and I'm not where I want to be because you know like I see a see a

00:15:39   video and I add it to my watch later queue or whatever and it's just never it

00:15:41   just doesn't work the way I want it to so with opener I don't have to worry

00:15:45   about this stuff because it can just pass the URLs over to the application

00:15:48   and open it where I need so I understand yes it would be wonderful if universal

00:15:53   linking did this accurately and if it does for you then awesome but I have

00:15:58   found that is not the case so that's why I am enjoying the use of opener very

00:16:03   much in our post API destruction world.

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00:17:58   Alright, so there is an update out today for the application DUE. All these apps have names

00:18:07   that when I say them they all sound the same.

00:18:09   Not called DUE, like do something. It's DUE.

00:18:15   DUE.

00:18:16   Can you say that again, Steven? What's the name?

00:18:19   No. They all sound the same. Do, do, do. That's D-O-D-U-E and D-E-W. They all sound the same.

00:18:26   Don't forget, teux, D-E-U-X, D-E-U-X. That's my favorite of all the bad names.

00:18:31   That's the French one, "tadour." Is that how you say it?

00:18:34   "Tadour." I think that's how it's pronounced.

00:18:36   "Tadour."

00:18:37   "Tadour."

00:18:38   "Tadour."

00:18:39   "Tadour."

00:18:40   You know, I can't remember what it's called, but what is it called? Like, is it the title

00:18:43   of a web page, you know, like you can hover over the top and see like the, it has like

00:18:49   the name. You know what I'm talking about, the little description in the web page. I'm

00:18:53   trying to think. All right. So yeah, you might be able to help me here. When, when we click

00:19:01   the bookmark clip that adds a link to the CMS. Yes. And it prefills that field that

00:19:06   says Ty Tool. What is that called on a website? I don't know. Let me see.

00:19:14   But okay, the reason I'm saying this is that in trying to add the TÜR DÜR website to the

00:19:20   show notes, their description is "TÜR DÜR, what DÜR DÜR have TÜR DÜR TÜR DÜR?"

00:19:26   which I think is friggin hilarious. Check the show notes, it will be in there. I think that

00:19:30   they very much lean into their silly branding, which I like very much. But what is it called?

00:19:36   Like you can get that...

00:19:38   Like the page title?

00:19:40   Yeah, the webpage title.

00:19:42   Yeah.

00:19:43   Right? That's what I said, but everyone laughed at me.

00:19:45   How does... Oh, so that... You were just trying to describe the... where you see the joke.

00:19:54   Yeah, because it's not... you can't...

00:19:57   The name of the thing was not the joke itself.

00:19:59   No.

00:20:00   Okay, now I get it.

00:20:02   The joke.

00:20:03   What is happening?

00:20:04   I had to describe where you see the joke and then I could say the joke.

00:20:08   I thought the name of the place where you see the joke was the joke.

00:20:14   No.

00:20:15   So did I.

00:20:16   Oh, so that's two of us.

00:20:17   Now we've cleared that up.

00:20:19   That's all definitely staying in, by the way.

00:20:21   Let me talk about...

00:20:22   Of course it is, I wanted to.

00:20:23   Let me talk about Dew, which is one of my very, very favorite iOS apps.

00:20:27   And I've been using this beta for a few months now.

00:20:31   I really love it.

00:20:34   I do. I love it very, very much.

00:20:35   And the reason so Dew is an application which I mostly use for like

00:20:41   quick reminders or repeating tasks that don't feel worthy of going into

00:20:47   my task manager. So this could be stuff.

00:20:49   Remember, so not not and remember the milk.

00:20:52   No, because there's no milk.

00:20:53   Actually, do you know what? If I do need to remember milk, it goes in here.

00:20:56   So like if I need to buy milk, it goes in here because stuff like buy milk,

00:21:01   in my opinion, should not be going into your task manager, because that's just.

00:21:04   But what if your task manager is remember the milk and you have a task

00:21:08   and that manager called remember the milk?

00:21:10   Then you've made a bad decision.

00:21:11   You've made it.

00:21:12   You've already made a bad decision, though, if you're using that.

00:21:15   So I don't trust any of the choices that somebody could make.

00:21:17   Don't if they were using the milk.

00:21:20   I would, there is a reason we're not doing the iPhone home screen episode this year and

00:21:25   that is part of it. So stuff like take out trash, like buy groceries or do your exercises,

00:21:33   take your pills, those kinds of things that you may need to do every day and have to be

00:21:38   done. And one of the best features of Dew is the fact that it will keep reminding you

00:21:45   on an interval of an item until it is marked "completed".

00:21:50   And this isn't something that a lot of applications will do.

00:21:53   It will just keep reminding you.

00:21:55   And a little while ago they added in some features to snooze the action from the reminder,

00:22:03   just from a very simple list of options that you have.

00:22:06   But my very favorite feature about JU 3.0, this is taking advantage of some notification

00:22:12   changes that were made I think in iOS 11 where now you can instead of just taking

00:22:19   the notification and saying remind me in a preset time like 10 minutes or 30

00:22:23   minutes and then it goes away and then comes back again in 10 minutes or 30

00:22:26   minutes you can now tap on it and you can press a button to custom snooze for

00:22:32   as long as you want you can just keep tapping these intervals so you could be

00:22:35   like one hour one hour one hour save and then it will remind you in three hours

00:22:40   You kind of have to see this to understand what I mean and there's a link to the Mac stories review in our show notes

00:22:46   But what this does is it means that I get those notifications and instead of me just saying like a preset time for it to remind

00:22:53   Me again, I can tell it exactly when I want it to remind me again. It is a wonderful wonderful

00:22:58   Update to the application. This is a really excellent feature

00:23:02   It also has haptic feedback and a pure black theme for all the phones, but the custom snooze stuff

00:23:09   it is really wonderful. And I haven't seen it implemented in any app like the way it's

00:23:15   done here. Basically they're creating like a custom keyboard, is that right Federico?

00:23:20   For that it's almost like a keyboard as opposed to just preset options.

00:23:25   It looks like a keyboard but it's actually a custom view that you can load below the

00:23:31   content of a notification. I think that's what's happening here.

00:23:34   And there aren't many apps that I've seen that do stuff like this.

00:23:37   No, it's actually really clever.

00:23:40   I think I've seen only one other instance of a developer using

00:23:43   this API.

00:23:45   It's perfect for you, because it sort of retains

00:23:48   the context of these custom snooze times

00:23:51   that you create in the app.

00:23:52   You can bring them over to the notification.

00:23:56   I'm not sure if it's like a separate view controller

00:24:00   or if they're doing something to sort of hack

00:24:03   into the-- like a custom key.

00:24:06   But it's not a custom keyboard because you need to enable a custom keyboard first.

00:24:10   So they're showing a custom UI at the bottom of the notification.

00:24:14   And this is super clever.

00:24:15   Yeah, this is perfect use of the notification content APIs that they introduced with iOS

00:24:24   10 and iOS 11.

00:24:25   So I'm impressed.

00:24:27   The first time you showed me a screenshot of the beta, I was really surprised because

00:24:33   it's not something that you see every day.

00:24:35   Most people probably wouldn't care, but as someone who obsesses over these little APIs

00:24:40   that you are also forced to, well not forced, but you Myke had to read this stuff last year,

00:24:47   you were not forced.

00:24:48   You were not forced.

00:24:49   For some of that stuff I was forced.

00:24:52   I felt like.

00:24:55   But I'm always happy to see developers taking advantage of all the little possibilities

00:25:00   that iOS offers.

00:25:01   So it looks really cool.

00:25:04   It is worth noting that Joo is a paid app and those two features, the black theme and

00:25:10   the custom snoozing are an in-app purchase for existing customers.

00:25:15   So you have to pay $2.99 to get that, but it's worth it in my opinion.

00:25:20   It's well worth those features.

00:25:21   If you use the application with any kind of frequency, you should upgrade.

00:25:26   Trust me, it's worth it.

00:25:27   So it's a great app.

00:25:28   I love it.

00:25:29   So that was an app.

00:25:30   You know, that's an app that we expect to be updated, right?

00:25:32   I think Joo has been in, you know, it's been an app that's been, had updates and it's taken

00:25:36   care of and we know that it exists and so we expect it to be updated.

00:25:39   However, something else got updated yesterday that literally nobody, not one person, would

00:25:44   have expected would have happened.

00:25:47   The Airport Express, do you remember that product?

00:25:49   The product Apple explicitly doesn't sell anymore and stopped selling like a good few

00:25:54   months ago, got updated to support AirPlay 2.

00:25:58   No, no, I gotta say, shout out to Zach Hall from 9to5Mac.

00:26:04   He actually expected this.

00:26:06   He has been tweeting screenshots.

00:26:08   Because there was sort of like-- it looked like a bug

00:26:11   since the iOS 11.4 beta.

00:26:14   But the Home app showed you like an Airport Express icon

00:26:19   as a device that you could add to HomeKit.

00:26:22   Well, let me rephrase what I'm saying is my expectation.

00:26:25   When they got rid of the product and announced that AirPlay 2 was

00:26:28   existing, I don't think anybody expected at that point that the Airport Express,

00:26:33   once it stopped being sold, would ever get it right.

00:26:36   Like there may have been breadcrumbs which could have could have said it afterwards.

00:26:40   But I can't imagine anyone would have really expected that.

00:26:42   Not really. Yeah, it's it's so strange to me.

00:26:45   And I actually tweeted this this morning that it was strange to me to see

00:26:49   a discontinued product get such a major upgrade because I mean,

00:26:53   we're talking about Airplay 2, one of the key features of the iOS 11

00:26:57   release cycle. Some people said yeah it's totally surprising it doesn't really

00:27:01   make sense. Other people said it's more I'm not surprised because it's sort of

00:27:08   like sort of like a goodwill gesture from Apple saying we know we discontinue

00:27:14   this product so here get this one last feature to you know sort of to as a as a

00:27:21   thank you please forgive us. The funny thing though is the Airport Express is

00:27:26   now more desirable as a product for me to own. So it doesn't really make sense. Which makes it the

00:27:30   weirdest thing. Like I now am more inclined to want to own one because then I would be able to

00:27:37   turn any speakers into Airplay 2 speakers. Well you can get one on Amazon pretty cheap,

00:27:44   or eBay still pretty cheap. Gray market hasn't caught on yet. I actually bought one when they

00:27:51   announced they were going away because I thought this is something that I should have.

00:27:54   This is super cool because I mean these Airport Expresses like their whole deal was like you

00:28:03   could extend your wireless or you put a printer somewhere but what a lot of people use these

00:28:06   specifically for was to stream music from iTunes to like their home speaker system and

00:28:13   a bunch of people did that for a really long time and now those users have a modern way

00:28:18   to do that you know without having to to go on and buy something else and I had I had

00:28:23   I'd always sort of secretly hoped that Apple was going to do something with AirPlay 2 to

00:28:28   make it like, make anything an AirPlay 2 speaker because the HomePod doesn't have an output.

00:28:33   And I was afraid they were just going to say, well, the answer is get rid of your stereo

00:28:37   and buy a HomePod or 6 if you're Federico.

00:28:40   But this is a nice way to go about it.

00:28:43   So you know, I think if you're in the market, get one before the price goes up on eBay.

00:28:48   My guess is they will climb in price now.

00:28:51   like between 40 and 50 bucks right now it looks like. Yeah it's about what it is here too.

00:28:55   I looked on Amazon Italy last night just out of curiosity and Amazon was out of stock of course

00:29:04   but you could buy from third-party resellers on Amazon and a bunch of stores had the

00:29:11   Airplay 2 compatible Airport Express up for 400 euros. So yeah. This is that HomePod thing you've

00:29:23   been hearing about. Yeah so there's one here 500 pounds on Amazon. Yeah holy cow. Yeah there you go.

00:29:32   Used like new for 500 pounds and 4.59 pounds delivery. That's bananas. But to show how

00:29:40   versatile this can be, Jason Snell hooked it up to an iPod HiFi, which is about the

00:29:46   best thing I've ever seen. Someone on Twitter replied to both of us and said, "Well, you

00:29:50   could use..." There used to be this program called Line In where you could take audio

00:29:54   in from a machine and make it play through its own speakers. It's like, "Well, what if

00:29:57   I did Airport Express to an old iMac and had music playing out of an iMac G3 from Siri?"

00:30:04   I was like, "Yeah, you could do that too." They should still make this thing, even if

00:30:09   it's not like it does so don't make the airport express again but Apple should

00:30:12   make a little airplay to receiver that you can plug into audio so I'm pop mini

00:30:17   it's gonna be one day it will be a product right like the Google home mini

00:30:21   or something right all the the echo dot like that's what it will be if they ever

00:30:24   do it I hope so because it just gives you so much more flexibility and it lets

00:30:29   you use existing equipment with the new like interface stuff right that you

00:30:34   don't have to go and replace your home stereo or like the system that's wired

00:30:37   into your living room. Everyone already replaced their home stereos when the the

00:30:41   iPod hi-fi came out. Do you remember? That's true and then again then they

00:30:45   went to Sonos and now they're on home pods. People just want to be quit they

00:30:50   want to quit being you know director. That is one of my very favorite Steve Jobs quotes

00:30:55   right when he says that he replaced his whole home audio system with the iPod

00:31:00   hi-fi. It's very good. There's no way that's actually true. It's very good it's

00:31:05   story, millionaire, right? Can you imagine what he had? And he's like, "Oh no, I'll just

00:31:09   get one of these things." I don't believe you, Steve.

00:31:11   Yeah, I just put it all on the curb in a cardboard box. I brought home an iPod, iFi. It is cool.

00:31:17   And I mean, props to Apple for doing this. Airplay 2 obviously had such a struggle coming

00:31:22   into this world, right? Like, it was delayed, and then it was buggy, and then it was out

00:31:26   of the betas, and then they finally shipped it. And to then do the work to make it, you

00:31:33   know work on an Airport Express that got updated last like 2012 or something

00:31:37   like that's that's that's like legitimately cool and mm-hmm maybe this

00:31:42   is why maybe the Airport Express support is what made their play too late that's

00:31:46   probably not true but can you imagine if it was but I I really do appreciate it's

00:31:52   easy to joke about this but I really do appreciate them doing that because it

00:31:55   gives like this thing was cheap when it was news like a hundred bucks or

00:32:00   something and like they didn't have to do this right like no one to your point

00:32:04   no one like would be upset if this never happened except for Zach but now that it

00:32:08   has happened like it it's a nice thing and I'm glad they did it it is I just

00:32:13   wanted to mention the airport line was discontinued in April well airplane 2

00:32:20   was supposed to be out well before then so the airplane 2 could have been like

00:32:23   the parting piece for the airport Express and then maybe it was supposed

00:32:27   to be. And then they couldn't make it or they couldn't ship it in time and then

00:32:33   it just all sort of fell apart. And the Airport Express was last updated in June

00:32:37   2012. This is only on the 802.11n style so it looks like a baby white Apple TV

00:32:44   with the Airport Express before that like looked like a big wall charger like

00:32:49   it plugged and hung from the from the prongs in the wall. This one it looks like

00:32:53   I had that one. Yeah, I've got a couple of them. It's Fight. Airport Express Fight.

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00:34:24   - Okay, so we're gonna talk about the Mac Mini.

00:34:26   We promised last week that we were gonna talk about reasons

00:34:29   that we may want to purchase Mac Minis

00:34:33   or how we use the existing ones we have.

00:34:36   But first I wanted to talk a little bit more

00:34:37   about the idea of like who is the Mac Mini customer

00:34:41   'cause we're gonna talk about like the way we are going,

00:34:43   like the way we want to use them or the way that we do.

00:34:46   But on a sort of a broader landscape,

00:34:49   some feedback we got-- - Hang on a second.

00:34:51   Are we doing follow-up as a topic?

00:34:54   - It's a-- - No.

00:34:56   - It's just like a little,

00:34:58   it's like a little follow-up icing on a topic.

00:35:01   - Interesting.

00:35:03   - Nachmani got promoted from follow-up to a topic,

00:35:05   but there's still a little follow-up DNA left in it, so.

00:35:08   - Okay.

00:35:09   - Just a couple examples.

00:35:11   neural sandwich on Twitter which I'm sure is his given name wrote the Mac

00:35:14   mini for me is great if you want to have two matching monitors and not have to

00:35:19   deal with laptop clamshell weirdness and it doesn't cost the price of a small

00:35:24   home which is kind of funny so I think I have used a laptop in clamshell before

00:35:29   back when I had a job that's basically how I use my new book all day every day

00:35:33   and that can be definitely weird like it doesn't wake up or don't go to sleep

00:35:38   correctly you get home and it's been running in your bag because it woke up

00:35:41   when you unplugged it and freaked out. And a Mac Mini is nice because you can

00:35:44   have it on the desk and you can have two matching displays. Right now at least if

00:35:50   you want to use an external display with like something like an iMac it's not

00:35:54   gonna match. You know for a while the iMac and like the LED cinema display and

00:35:58   thunderbolt display they all sort of had a similar language and then the iMac

00:36:02   sort of moved on and Apple didn't update the displays again. So if this is an

00:36:06   important factor for you, which it is for some people, then the Mac Mini kind of is

00:36:11   the only option.

00:36:12   Just put stickers on everything.

00:36:14   Yeah, just cover it all up.

00:36:16   There's like camouflage the borders and you can't tell what's going on.

00:36:18   I wonder if dbrand make a Mac Mini skin.

00:36:21   I'm sure they do.

00:36:25   This is like a use case.

00:36:26   I can confirm that they make skins.

00:36:28   Well, yeah, skins.

00:36:29   Well, this is slick wraps that I'm looking at now.

00:36:32   They make Mac Mini skins.

00:36:34   I don't know if dbrand do though.

00:36:37   - Please put those in the show notes.

00:36:38   - They will definitely be there.

00:36:40   - So, you know, this, you know,

00:36:42   I don't know how big of a use case this is,

00:36:43   but it's one if you want to use multiple monitors,

00:36:44   the Mac Mini is sort of like the easiest way to do that

00:36:48   that doesn't involve buying a Mac Pro.

00:36:50   Tyler wrote, which I think is interesting too,

00:36:53   I had said that desktop switchers

00:36:55   weren't real people anymore,

00:36:57   but Tyler is one of those people.

00:36:59   So I guess I'm weird, but if I got a Mac Mini,

00:37:01   it would be, as a switcher,

00:37:03   I have very little desire for a notebook,

00:37:05   but I'm tired of my desktop PC.

00:37:07   So I think Tyler's representative of a group of people

00:37:11   that is still out there,

00:37:12   so maybe I was wrong to write that off completely.

00:37:15   I do think Tyler's probably in the minority here,

00:37:17   but there are people who, like I'm a desktop person,

00:37:21   Myke, you're a desktop person,

00:37:22   and so if we were gonna be switching from a PC to a Mac,

00:37:26   then maybe we would be looking at the Mac mini

00:37:29   if it were a viable option.

00:37:31   - And I understand that,

00:37:32   But like when we say things like it is an incredibly small percentage of the market,

00:37:37   like that is categorically true because we know things like, for example,

00:37:41   that desktops take up 20 percent of the Mac market, which is already a shrinking

00:37:46   market. And I can almost definitely assure you that the majority of purchases are

00:37:51   IMAX, because otherwise Apple would have updated the Mac Mini more than they did in

00:37:55   the last four years.

00:37:57   I think something that goes hand in hand with that conversation is like the

00:38:02   the span of the iMac. The iMac you can get one that's relatively inexpensive. I

00:38:09   mean that's that's different for everybody of course but the iMac starts

00:38:13   at something I'm loading the page installing it starts at $1099 that does

00:38:22   not have a display has a hard drive but then of course you can go up to

00:38:26   something like the 27 inch and spend you know over $3,000 but the iMac is a very

00:38:31   broad product and I think one reason it sells so well is it's I think it's kind

00:38:38   of like the default option because it has a display and everything and it's

00:38:41   it's sort of like the flagship of the desktop line. I think part of it is too

00:38:45   is that reach where Myke you can edit podcasts and video on one and then

00:38:51   someone can buy a machine that is more or less the same computer and use it in

00:38:55   an office and not not really need any of that stuff so they can buy a cheaper one

00:38:59   and the idea of a pro Mac Mini may tap into this a little bit where there is

00:39:05   like a really basic entry level but if you need to to spec it up into something

00:39:09   more powerful you can with a broader range of the Mac Mini's ever had. That's

00:39:13   what I'm hoping for with this new machine. So maybe they can take some of

00:39:17   that iMac flexibility and apply it to the Mac Mini in which case the sales may

00:39:22   come up some if it's if it's a more if it's a more reasonable option to more

00:39:27   people. You know right now not many people are buying them because they're

00:39:30   old and that means that they're slower than other Macs on the line. That's

00:39:33   okay for some people but for others of us, including the three of us I'm

00:39:37   going to talk about, it's not quite enough. Lastly I got an email from

00:39:41   somebody, they asked to be anonymous, but they support a mixed PC and Mac

00:39:48   environment in a big company. So they work for a corporation with an IT

00:39:51   department and I had not really considered this but they have a standard

00:39:58   like display keyboard and mouse bundle for all of their users and then the

00:40:04   users just get a Mac mini or they he sent me the the model number I looked at

00:40:08   I was like a small like HP desktop it's kind of like a Mac mini it's like small

00:40:12   form factor a little HP and they basically drop in either a Mac mini or

00:40:16   an HP depending if the user is getting a Mac or a PC but the rest of the install

00:40:20   is standard like standard display standard USB keyboard and mouse standard

00:40:25   power like power strip and all that sort of stuff they just drop in a different

00:40:29   desktop and that's not it that's not something that I had really thought

00:40:32   about but I think it makes sense that that that's sort of like the switcher

00:40:37   or like I said unplug my PC and plug into Mac Mini well I think there are use

00:40:41   cases where the Mac Mini's like sort of universal inputs and and like small form

00:40:47   factor make it more flexible for different types of users.

00:40:52   I guess this company is still buying old ones.

00:40:55   I emailed them back just last night and hadn't heard anything.

00:40:58   So I assume they're still buying just old ones, but I think that's kind of an interesting

00:41:03   use case.

00:41:04   The iMac is clearly not going to fit into the way they buy computers, but the Mac Mini

00:41:08   does so they buy them.

00:41:09   I think that's a use case that's worth considering as well.

00:41:13   So should we talk about some other use cases?

00:41:16   Yes.

00:41:17   Puerto Rico, why do you want a Mac Mini?

00:41:19   - I miss being able to organize my TV shows

00:41:24   and movies with Plex, and I would like to have

00:41:29   an actual Plex server that can do transcoding

00:41:32   and store multiple gigabytes of content

00:41:37   on my local network, so I would use a Mac Mini

00:41:41   as a media server for TV shows and movies, for sure.

00:41:44   But in general, speaking of encoding video,

00:41:49   I would use the Mac Mini so that I

00:41:52   can keep using my 2015 MacBook Pro for podcasting,

00:41:57   and I don't have to ask Silvia to use her 2016 MacBook Pro

00:42:05   whenever I need to encode a video for my iOS reviews.

00:42:10   I would love to have a Mac Mini in my house that I can connect to, that I can feed a video

00:42:18   file and say you need to encode this video or multiple videos at once in the background

00:42:24   in three different formats.

00:42:26   Because we use Mac stories when we do videos inside of our stories and especially for my

00:42:30   iOS reviews, those videos are actually in three different formats depending on the browser

00:42:36   that you use.

00:42:37   So we use MP4, WebM and OGG, I think, as a fallback option.

00:42:43   And I really don't, you know, I feel bad asking Sylvia to do this thing on her computer because

00:42:48   it's faster than mine.

00:42:50   I suppose that if a new Mac Mini is released and if I max it out and it's got the new Intel

00:42:55   chips inside and I put in tons of RAM and, you know, I should be able to process like

00:43:02   five or six small videos at once, which are not super long videos that are like 30 second

00:43:07   snippets of, you know, features of iOS, but still that would be really helpful. And I

00:43:14   would be able to set up, you know, these automations to sort of look for video files in my Dropbox

00:43:19   and maybe use Hazel and kick off these tasks with the shell or automator in the background,

00:43:24   it would be fun. And also, it would be a centralized backup location for my MacBook, for Sylvia's

00:43:32   Macbook and especially Sylvia, she has a lot of graphics assets and other video files for

00:43:39   her job that she needs to archive. So I would very much prefer to have a central location

00:43:45   that is not a Synology with its terrible UI and RAID whatever means. Please don't email

00:43:52   me, I know you love your Synology, that's fine, I'm happy for you. I want a Macintosh

00:43:57   computer.

00:43:58   Also specifically, Casey?

00:44:00   Yes, Casey.

00:44:01   Casey Liss?

00:44:01   It's fine. Don't worry about it. We're good.

00:44:03   It's fine. Don't worry.

00:44:05   It's too late. He's already DM'd you in Slack.

00:44:10   So yeah.

00:44:12   Entertainment, automation and video encoding for screencasts that we use in our articles,

00:44:21   and backup location for my computer, Silvio's computer,

00:44:25   and maybe something like an off-site backup of iCloud for library of Google

00:44:31   Photos that we can also keep you know copies of those services offline. So three

00:44:38   main use cases. Mine are pretty similar honestly like I've been toying

00:44:42   around, this is something I've had in the back of my mind for a while but like I

00:44:46   would definitely be more keen to do it if and when Apple upgrades the Mac Mini

00:44:50   because the Mac Mini is the perfect machine for doing this kind of thing.

00:44:54   where I want to have a Mac that is turned on all the time.

00:44:58   I don't like to leave my iMac even in sleep.

00:45:02   I turn it off every day because it's powering some USB devices

00:45:06   that are really expensive, they're audio equipment.

00:45:09   And I just prefer it to be off.

00:45:12   I just prefer it like again, like I understand that many people

00:45:16   think it's fine and I get that, but I just prefer to not have these things

00:45:22   on all the time so I turn them all off every day. But I would like to have a machine which

00:45:28   is on so it could do things like running some Hazel scripts for me, like processing photos

00:45:33   in my Federico Vittucci created but nobody else uses except me Hazel scripts with the

00:45:38   Dropbox photo thing that I have running.

00:45:41   From six years ago.

00:45:44   From like 2014 or something, I don't know, but like I'm still doing that. And I'm sure

00:45:48   I could come up with some other stuff too, like ways for me to,

00:45:52   especially with shortcuts, the shortcuts app seems to have some restrictions

00:45:57   about and I don't think they're going to get fixed

00:45:59   about where it can save files.

00:46:02   It used to be with workflow, you could save files

00:46:05   any way you wanted, right, to Dropbox or Box or iCloud Drive.

00:46:08   But shortcuts only allows files to be saved to the shortcuts

00:46:13   folder on iCloud Drive.

00:46:14   So unless Dropbox creates their own shortcuts actions,

00:46:18   which I don't know about that yet, or some enterprising third party could do it,

00:46:23   which I believe will happen.

00:46:25   But if it wouldn't, then I could have Hazel watching that folder

00:46:28   and then moving things where they needed to go, which would work nicely.

00:46:31   But there's always things I can do there.

00:46:33   I also would like to have a machine that I can like VNC to from my iPad

00:46:37   using an app like screens or something to perform basic tasks

00:46:41   that I need my Mac to do.

00:46:42   There's just some stuff that like Federico's video encoding

00:46:45   that I need a Mac to be able to do.

00:46:48   It's easier to do on a Mac.

00:46:49   So I would, but I would prefer to not have to turn my Mac on

00:46:53   specifically to do that one thing.

00:46:55   So just being able to use an app to just access

00:46:58   that machine would be great.

00:46:59   And also network attached storage.

00:47:01   I don't really have anything for that.

00:47:02   And I just am not keen on having like a Drobo set up

00:47:06   to my iMac, but I could totally do that right with a Mac Mini

00:47:11   and just attach some external storage to it,

00:47:13   hide it away in my office somewhere.

00:47:15   and it would just be humming away and I could say things to it and it would be great.

00:47:19   So a Mac Mini would be perfect for that.

00:47:21   Yeah, so I've got one and my use cases for it definitely overlap what you guys talked

00:47:27   about.

00:47:28   So I have a mid 2011, it's hooked up to my television, it's like an i5, 8 gigs of RAM

00:47:33   and I put SSD in it like 100 years ago.

00:47:35   It is hooked up to the TV, we use the Apple TV as like the default input but the Mac Mini

00:47:40   is nice for some video stuff that's not easy to get to the Apple TV because I don't have

00:47:43   Plex I have Plex set up but don't use it now and we because we have kids like

00:47:47   there's still stuff that we watch some DVD and so we have a USB Super Drive

00:47:51   plugged into the Mac Mini we can watch DVDs on the on the television it does

00:47:56   host a Drobo over Thunderbolt I would have that Drobo here in the office

00:48:01   hooked up to the iMac except for the noise that it makes and my wife doesn't

00:48:06   love that it sits where the TV sits but it's it's got like six hard drives in it

00:48:10   and a fan and I basically have to like power it down anytime I record and that

00:48:15   seems like a lot of you know a lot of just back and forth and so it's in the

00:48:18   house and I connect to that Mac Mini over Ethernet from the studio and into

00:48:22   the house and pull files off of it but that is directly attached to the Mac Mini

00:48:27   and I like that because that means I can do file sharing and I can back it up

00:48:31   with backblaze because it's directly attached to a Mac. Things that you again

00:48:35   you can do with a NAS but are a little bit trickier and can be a little more fragile.

00:48:41   I'm not super keen to learn how one of these things works when I know how a Mac works,

00:48:46   right? Like, and that's one of the reasons I prefer it, right? Like, I know how a Mac

00:48:49   works, I know how the apps that I can download work and they're gonna work with my iPad,

00:48:54   like I'm sure you can do all of this stuff with a Synology and probably more in some

00:48:58   cases but I don't, I'm not, I'm just not really keen to learn a whole new thing. I would just

00:49:04   like to use macOS? Yeah, I like that the Mac just sees it as an external hard drive. The

00:49:11   Mac just sees it as a drive and you don't have to use a Drobo, you can use like a Promise

00:49:14   RAID or a Pegasus or something. There's other options out there. Promise RAID is a very

00:49:20   interesting name. Yeah, is that the name of that company? They promised that your RAID

00:49:26   would work. Promise technology. They make some Thunderbolt stuff. So you have some options

00:49:34   But I like it just attached to the Mac because I can just use Mac OS to manage everything

00:49:38   So that combination the Mac money in the Drobo do several things. I host a big family iTunes library there

00:49:45   That's there's not there's some music in that but my wife and I use Apple music now

00:49:48   So the music is less important

00:49:50   But that iTunes library is set to download any any movies or TV shows that we purchase which is less and less over time, but

00:49:58   Occasionally we still do that and and then the I that iTunes library will grab a copy of it

00:50:03   That iTunes library is also subscribed to every relay FM show and so I download all of the mp3s

00:50:09   We publish and have them on the drobo because you never know when you're gonna need something you

00:50:13   Have you ever know but one day but one day I might

00:50:18   One day when I build the relay the relay aqua library, I'll be set

00:50:24   I have an application running on my Mac mini called print opia

00:50:27   So I have like this like brother network printer that does not support air print

00:50:32   So I can't print from an iOS to the printer directly

00:50:35   There are several different Mac apps that do this print up is just the one that I use and it basically

00:50:40   Exposes my brother printer to my iOS devices like through the Mac

00:50:45   So I can print from my iPhone or iPad

00:50:47   To my brother printer as long as the Mac mini is up and running which is

00:50:51   Very handy if you have an older printer or one like mine that just doesn't support air print

00:50:55   I have time machine server running from my MacBook Pro

00:50:59   There's link in the show notes how to set that up.

00:51:02   That's pretty new to Mac OS.

00:51:03   It used to only be in Mac OS server.

00:51:05   And then content caching.

00:51:07   So you can set up a Mac server-- Mac OS server is basically

00:51:12   dead-- to cache things like software updates and app store

00:51:17   updates and stuff for other machines on the network.

00:51:20   It's a little bit evolved to set up, but it's not too bad.

00:51:22   There's a KBase article in the show notes.

00:51:24   And I have that running.

00:51:26   So it downloads a Mac OS update, and then

00:51:29   And we have like, you know, my wife's got an iMac now.

00:51:32   I've got my iMac Pro and a MacBook Pro and it just allows those downloads to be faster.

00:51:39   It's not I really set that up because I want to play with it, but I've left it running

00:51:42   because it's helpful.

00:51:43   And then because I have a SuperDrive, CD and DVD sharing to the modern Macs on the network.

00:51:49   So occasionally, I'll need to pull something off an optical disk.

00:51:51   And I have a USB SuperDrive in my office, but I can never seem to find it.

00:51:55   and sometimes I just pop it in the one in the house

00:51:57   and just share from there.

00:51:59   So Myke and Federico, I totally agree with y'all's reasons

00:52:03   for wanting a Mac Mini because it is like

00:52:05   a really versatile tool and you can,

00:52:08   because it's so small and it's effectively silent,

00:52:11   you can just leave it running all the time.

00:52:13   My Mac Mini only gets rebooted when it freaks out

00:52:15   because it's getting older or there's a software update for.

00:52:18   Other than that, it's just running all the time

00:52:20   and I don't interface with it directly very often.

00:52:23   I do have a keyboard and mouse paired to it

00:52:26   that sort of live in the entertainment center.

00:52:28   Most of the time I just use screen sharing from another Mac

00:52:30   and you know how I need to pull something off of it

00:52:32   or change the setting.

00:52:33   But most of the time it just runs and it hosts that Drobo

00:52:36   and does these things for me

00:52:38   without really much interference

00:52:39   and that's really what I wanted.

00:52:40   - Yeah, I'm excited to get back into the idea of

00:52:45   I have a server at home doing things in the background

00:52:48   and I can issue sort of commands from my iPad with shortcuts

00:52:53   which is something that I wasn't able to do.

00:52:54   Back when I used to have a Mac Mini in 2012, 2013,

00:52:58   I used to have a personal Mac Mini at Mac Mini Colu.

00:53:01   And I didn't have workflow to do this sort of

00:53:05   remote execution of commands.

00:53:08   So I used to rely on these hacks and workarounds,

00:53:11   something like saving a command,

00:53:14   like a shell command inside of a text file in Dropbox

00:53:17   and using Hazel to sort of read the contents of that file

00:53:21   and executing the command.

00:53:24   Crazy stuff, but with shortcuts now,

00:53:26   I could issue like an SSH command from my iPad

00:53:30   or from my iPhone, even from Siri,

00:53:32   and kick off a series of tasks at home.

00:53:36   Do we think there will be an announcement

00:53:38   at the September event?

00:53:40   Where do we stand?

00:53:41   Okay. - No.

00:53:42   - All right.

00:53:43   - No, I don't think there will be any Macs

00:53:45   at September event.

00:53:46   I actually don't even think they're gonna mention Mojave

00:53:49   in the September event.

00:53:50   Is it because you think there's going to be a second event in October or just like...

00:53:55   There will be a second event of some kind I believe, either like a press event or like some

00:54:00   briefings or just some product releases. Depends on what they're announcing but yeah I don't think

00:54:06   that the Mac will get any time in the September event because there's so... you could... that event

00:54:13   could just be iPhone, like nothing else right and you would fill an hour because they've got three

00:54:19   phones at least that they're debuting so I don't think I don't think that we're

00:54:25   gonna see it Stephen I want to ask you actually do you feel that Mojave is as

00:54:31   ready as iOS 12 is no I don't interesting because that might be another

00:54:38   thing right like maybe Mojave just isn't even coming out in September but for

00:54:41   this reason because they're gonna hold it and wait until it yeah so they've

00:54:44   been a like over the last several years Apple's done a it's really hard to

00:54:47   Dictate or guess what they're gonna do because they've done a bunch of different things they have done

00:54:51   Everything in one event they have broken out the Mac stuff separately

00:54:55   They've done like you said Mac is like press release stuff or like you know our journalist friends have

00:55:01   New Macs, and then there's an embargo and they all drop at the same time

00:55:04   And

00:55:07   Mac OS has come out the same time as iOS and it's come out later and it just depends on where things are and

00:55:12   This year in particular there's not a lot of new stuff in between iOS and Mac OS like when they did

00:55:18   When did they upgrade to iCloud drive that goes at iOS 8?

00:55:21   So I could so yes, but it didn't have an actual app in iOS 8

00:55:29   Right got the app in iOS 9. Yeah your

00:55:32   applications upgraded to use iCloud drives storage the

00:55:37   The thing that was weird about that is that the Mac version,

00:55:40   or whatever, I guess, I don't know what came out that year,

00:55:43   but whatever version of Mac OS was that year, it was later.

00:55:48   And so you could upgrade to the new Notes,

00:55:50   or upgrade to iCloud Drive storage,

00:55:52   or something like Mac. - Yeah, I remember that.

00:55:54   - Remember that? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, totally.

00:55:56   - There's nothing like that this year,

00:55:58   that as far as I can tell,

00:56:00   that is really dependent on both Mac OS

00:56:03   and iOS coming out together.

00:56:04   So I think the Mac could totally be an October thing. I don't know if there's enough to hold a Mac event

00:56:11   I think they could put it in like iPhone keynotes take way less time

00:56:15   They used to like if you if you sit and actually watch the iPhone segments

00:56:18   They're much shorter than they used to be because a the phones like just evolve

00:56:23   Last year every year and like people already know a bunch about them. So you don't have to go

00:56:27   like as in depth about like the camera subsystem as they used to because the changes are

00:56:33   smaller deltas and people kind of understand what they do and so even if it's like

00:56:38   iPhone iPad watch like then I think that's probably like an hour and a half or two hours, but

00:56:44   You know, I feel like you're way more likely to see iPhone

00:56:48   It's like you probably go like in the in the importance order right iPhone watch iPad then max

00:56:54   Like I can't imagine a September event with iPhone and the Mac mini and then like there's an October

00:57:02   Yeah, I mean unless the Mac stuff is real short and they use it to open the event and then they move on

00:57:06   So we'll see it's not impossible. We'll see I think either way is totally possible

00:57:10   But if it's just the Mac mini and like spec bump die max and it may just be press release stuff

00:57:16   I don't know. We're way off topic now, but

00:57:18   Either way like whatever happens. I think all three of us are interested in what a new Mac mini would be

00:57:24   I would really like to replace mine at home

00:57:25   I would maybe replace the one that we have at Mac Stadium

00:57:29   For live streaming although we just put a new drive in it not too long ago

00:57:32   So hopefully we're good to go for a while. So we'll see we'll see how it goes

00:57:36   I think a lot of people are watching this and I think if the three of us are

00:57:39   Any indication there are users other users like us who want to use it as a home server and office server and?

00:57:46   Having something a little bit more powerful

00:57:49   And maybe smaller at the same time would be nice for those people. So like I said, like I said last week

00:57:54   I'm genuinely excited about the possibility of a new Mac mini

00:57:57   Maybe it's just been so long, but I'm pretty pumped about it. Today's show is also brought to you by Green Chef

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00:59:15   to know what you think. Yes so we did the the gluten-free options. It was nice

00:59:20   knowing that that was how things were going to be. Sometimes when you order

00:59:24   things like you've got to really pay attention to the labels and make sure

00:59:28   that you get what you think you're gonna get. I didn't have that worry

00:59:31   with Green Chef. They're right up front on their website about, "Hey, we offer all

00:59:34   these options." That really sets them apart. So somebody who eats a modified

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00:59:43   everything was really easy to understand how it went together. You know, I can cook

00:59:48   some basic stuff but like you get anything fancy fancier than my level and

00:59:52   I start to get worried I'm doing it wrong I didn't have that worry with

00:59:54   Green Chef and the meals are great we my wife and I enjoyed them the kids enjoyed

01:00:00   everything we tried we got them to try some new things which is apparent it's a

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01:00:28   your first box of GreenChef. Our thanks to GreenChef for their support of

01:00:32   connected and relay FM. Alright so we've got some more iPhone rumors to round out

01:00:38   this week. Yeah. We're just like in it with iPhone rumors. iPhone rumors. I like iPhone rumors. Go for it.

01:00:45   I had a pretty tongue-in-cheek blog post the other day of like these four iPhone rumors came out today

01:00:51   I was like there's so much stuff

01:00:53   so we're gonna start with the

01:00:55   The Apple pencil there's been talk of maybe this is the year the Apple pencil gets added to the iPhone Myke

01:01:01   I know you and Jason have talked a lot about that on upgrade it makes sense

01:01:05   You look at the galaxy note line people really like it. Maybe Apple could do something here the new

01:01:09   Again for lack of knowing the real names the iPhone 10 plus is an enormous phone

01:01:14   it looks like and it'd be great to be able to take out a pencil and do stuff with it,

01:01:18   but it seems like that's maybe not the case after all.

01:01:22   Well, it looks like Apple doesn't want any of the serious business happening with the

01:01:29   Galaxy Note.

01:01:31   I see this gentleman walking around with a Galaxy Note, typing in on the phone with a

01:01:37   stylus.

01:01:38   I assume they're all editing cells in a spreadsheet.

01:01:41   looking all serious with this ass pen. Wouldn't it be easier though? But it would be easier

01:01:46   though like to access Google sheets with, I mean that's how I find with my Apple Pencil.

01:01:52   So you're saying that you would like to walk around and edit spreadsheets as you're walking

01:01:56   with the phone and a st... Sure. Yeah man. Why not do it at a desk? Sometimes I have

01:02:00   to get real business done. Because you know I'm a man on the move. You're a man on the

01:02:05   move, okay. You know I travel around, I'm a very important businessman. You know? So

01:02:10   sometimes I'm out on the prowl.

01:02:13   I don't know what I'm talking about anymore.

01:02:14   And I need I need access to my Google Sheets.

01:02:18   That's just how it is. What can I say?

01:02:19   Sure. Well, I hope that someday you will get your wish.

01:02:24   I want I want an Apple pencil.

01:02:27   I want Apple pencil support on the iPhone.

01:02:29   Like I want it for the same reason that I have that.

01:02:31   I like it on my iPad, like the ability to write stuff down, drop stuff down

01:02:36   and have an additional way to access UI elements would be really important to me.

01:02:41   Like I love the Apple Pencil for that.

01:02:43   There's no reason I wouldn't want it on an iPad with a vertical 6.5 inch screen,

01:02:49   like a sorry, like a what do they call it?

01:02:51   Diagonal, diagonal 6.5 inch screen.

01:02:55   It's going to be a really, really big screen.

01:02:58   It is like I would love to have an Apple pencil, like a smaller,

01:03:01   much smaller Apple pencil that was designed for that purpose.

01:03:05   I could think that would be really great.

01:03:06   Like, and I know why, you know, I know you can make fun of it, like,

01:03:09   because the note has always been a thing to make fun of.

01:03:12   But over time, everything that people have made fun of about the note

01:03:15   has happened to iPhones, right?

01:03:18   Getting really big and all that kind of stuff.

01:03:20   Except the fire thing.

01:03:22   Could happen.

01:03:23   There is absolutely no reason why that couldn't happen to Apple as well.

01:03:27   Like Samsung were just the unlucky ones that it happened to first.

01:03:30   But it hasn't yet.

01:03:31   So I'm just saying that there's the conversation like the Logitech

01:03:34   crayon maybe even so like you could have one device to easily go back and forth

01:03:38   between the phone and an iPad as opposed to right now it's sort of paired and you

01:03:42   wouldn't want to be like plugging into the lightning port every time you change

01:03:45   devices I think it'd be I think it'd be nice I don't think it's for me I don't

01:03:49   use my Apple pencil hardly at all but for people who do like it like why not

01:03:53   make it an option right like you're not bundling it like you they do with the

01:03:57   note it's not gonna be embedded in the body you eject it like it's gonna be a

01:04:00   separate purchase because that's how Apple is. Why not give people the option at least?

01:04:05   So Federica you don't have to use it but Myke you can. That seems fair to me but it seems like

01:04:10   it's not going to be the case so maybe next year Myke.

01:04:15   There were also rumors of production delays for the iPhone 9 so the LCD phone. Apparently the

01:04:22   OLED phones will be available in September but like the iPhone 10 the LCD version might launch

01:04:29   later on. So there might be some there's clearly some kind of production issue because there's no

01:04:33   reason why they wouldn't want to ship them all in September. But it seems like they might be having

01:04:38   some some trouble which it kind of tracks for me, right? Because the OLED phone was super weird and

01:04:43   new and they had to do all that crazy stuff with this display and stuff that I'm not surprised that

01:04:48   there was some hiccups and I would expect this is similar kind of thing for the LCD one. Like they

01:04:52   know how to make an iPhone 10 at this point. Like that's not an issue, right? So like making a new

01:04:57   iPhone X and a bigger iPhone X probably doesn't pose significant issues for them

01:05:02   but this new LCD phone again it's like different in different ways the bezels

01:05:07   are smaller smaller than they've been on an LCD phone before you know like so I'm

01:05:10   it wouldn't surprise me if they were if they announced that the iPhone 9 will be

01:05:16   shipping a little bit later because it kind of would track with when they

01:05:19   announced the X. Does that make sense? And I could see how maybe some people will

01:05:25   say "well I don't want to wait for the iPhone 9, I'll just get the new iPhone 10, thus giving

01:05:30   Apple more money."

01:05:31   We're not saying it's a conspiracy theory, but it sure is an interesting thing to think

01:05:38   about.

01:05:39   And that is what's a little bit different this time, if this pans out. Last time it

01:05:45   was like the high-end enthusiast phone that was late, so all of us just waited. If the

01:05:49   nine is the sort of the mainstream phone which I'm not sure it's it was gonna

01:05:55   I think it is I think I think you could argue that that even though the prices

01:05:58   will be more like the ten is the you know they're kind of positioned as the

01:06:02   mainstream phone now right like that's gonna be the the kind of fault the

01:06:07   middle phone in the line right like the one the medium phone the one for

01:06:11   everyone not in size but in price yeah you know because they you know we've

01:06:15   spoken about this and there was a Mark Gurman report that seemed to clear up most of what

01:06:20   we believe to be true, right, at this point about like the sizes and even in that report

01:06:26   it says that the 6.1 inch phone looks like it's gonna have some colors and we've spoken

01:06:31   about that on this show, right, like how I think risky that decision is on Apple's part

01:06:38   to make colored versions of a phone again after the 5C.

01:06:42   The color's not why the 5C failed.

01:06:44   It's because it was old and no one wanted it.

01:06:47   Right, but it's not that it's old.

01:06:49   It's that you know that the 5C was old by looking at it.

01:06:53   And you will know that you have the not expensive iPhone

01:06:56   by looking at it.

01:06:58   And if that's a problem, we don't know.

01:07:00   But I hazard that it might be.

01:07:02   I guess we'll see.

01:07:03   So much of the way they've done things

01:07:06   is turned upside down now.

01:07:08   Who knows?

01:07:09   So we'll see.

01:07:10   I still have some concern that the mainstream phone

01:07:13   is too big, but I guess we'll see how that goes.

01:07:16   When it's the best selling iPhone ever,

01:07:18   then we'll know I was wrong.

01:07:19   But right now, I feel like there are people

01:07:21   who are gonna be upset that the 4.7 inch

01:07:24   is now no longer a flagship.

01:07:27   - Sure, but this has been a thing

01:07:30   that's moved over time, right?

01:07:32   Like the 4.7 inch phone is bigger

01:07:34   than the phones used to be.

01:07:35   - It is, but I wonder if this is too big.

01:07:38   Again, we'll see how the sales numbers pan out.

01:07:42   While we're talking about displays,

01:07:44   there's this interesting report by Barclay

01:07:46   saying that the 2019 phones,

01:07:48   so not the phones we're gonna see here in a couple weeks,

01:07:50   but the phones a year from now,

01:07:52   will, according to this report, drop 3D Touch.

01:07:57   This echoes a report by Ming-Chi Kuo

01:08:00   saying that 3D Touch was not gonna be a feature

01:08:02   on this iPhone 9 this year,

01:08:04   which I think he's backed off of.

01:08:07   So what do you guys think about this?

01:08:10   This is based on part sourcing,

01:08:13   and the parts used to sense 3D Touch

01:08:16   have not been ordered for the next year's phones,

01:08:19   or those suppliers are being told that they're SOL.

01:08:22   But that could be interpreted as,

01:08:24   oh, they found a new way to do it

01:08:26   that doesn't involve these parts,

01:08:27   so maybe it's thinner and lighter.

01:08:28   And they did that with the iPhone X.

01:08:30   The 3D Touch subsystem in the iPhone X

01:08:32   is different than previous phones.

01:08:35   Maybe they've just been able to change

01:08:36   improve that again, or if you take it as far as this report says that 3D Touch will be

01:08:41   going away, being removed from the iPhones. I don't know which one it is, but what do

01:08:45   you guys think about that? Federico, do you use 3D Touch on your phone?

01:08:49   Yeah, I do. I actually do. But it depends on which implementation of 3D Touch. So, for

01:08:56   example, I use the Peek and Pop all the time for previews, whether I want a preview link

01:09:04   in a web view or I want to expand, for example, a tweet and I want to see the replies to that

01:09:11   tweet. So the pick and pop system I really enjoy and I really use all the time. I don't

01:09:17   use quick actions on the home screen as much, mostly because I forget about them. I forget

01:09:23   about the fact that they exist. And every time when I sort of remember and I look at

01:09:27   those quick actions and I go like, "Oh, that's really useful," and then I forget again. So

01:09:31   So those haven't been able to stick for me.

01:09:35   And I...

01:09:36   And they're just inconsistent, right?

01:09:39   Some apps have really good options and then some apps just say "Share".

01:09:44   I've also mostly found it not really that great.

01:09:50   You're pressing down and you're going to a place, but then the app opens and then goes

01:09:55   there?

01:09:56   The implementation of how it works has never felt right to me.

01:09:59   I never really feel like I'm saving any time because like I'm just watching the app do the things I've done

01:10:06   To get to that point. I have a theory that I'm going to share here

01:10:11   And I don't know if it'll I don't care if it'll come true or not. We're not this is a

01:10:16   It's it you can share you can share things like this on podcasts because nobody really it's a theory

01:10:21   It doesn't it's not a prediction. So I don't have to worry about

01:10:26   the prize or winning, so this is fine. I'm very relaxed in sharing this theory.

01:10:32   So if Apple does a redesign on the home screen and they remove 3D touch,

01:10:39   I could see the quick action

01:10:42   feature going away altogether and

01:10:45   being replaced, to avoid the very issue that Myke just mentioned of "I'm just watching an app

01:10:53   navigate to a page",

01:10:55   I could see shortcuts becoming home screen elements, in that you could have shortcuts

01:11:04   on the home screen to perform actions in the background without having to open the app

01:11:10   or show you stuff from the app. Sort of like a widget, but based on the more powerful framework

01:11:19   that is shortcuts.

01:11:21   So we're going to discuss this, I don't think 3D touch is going away, but if it does and

01:11:28   if it's replaced by the shortcuts API, you know how Apple likes to introduce a framework

01:11:35   or a technology and it's one thing when they launch it and then over the next few years

01:11:42   they sort of reuse it for other things.

01:11:46   And I could see...

01:11:47   example like here NSUserActivity becomes the building blocks of shortcuts.

01:11:51   Exactly, or SiriKit. You know, it's all these APIs that they start off as one

01:11:57   thing and later you go "oh now I see why you introduced this feature years ago".

01:12:01   I could see shortcuts becoming part of a redesigned home screen if, you know,

01:12:04   Gherman said several months ago that a new home screen is one of the key

01:12:09   features of iOS 13 in 2019, so we'll see. But anyway...

01:12:13   I can totally see that happening. I think that is a very very good prediction

01:12:18   but I don't think that 3d touch needs to be included in that, you know, like I don't think that

01:12:22   You have to remove that you would do that because you remove 3d touch or vice versa, right?

01:12:28   Like I feel like that the 3d touch actions on the icons. I

01:12:31   Don't think people use those really at all. I mean again, I'm sure some people do but like in the aggregate

01:12:38   I don't think that they use by a lot of people but I you know

01:12:41   I use 3D touch every single day for all sorts of things.

01:12:45   Peek and pop like to look at elements.

01:12:49   You know, maybe I want to see a message, but not have it as read yet.

01:12:53   Or I want to be able to just peek into a link.

01:12:57   I do that all the time. Right. Like I see a link and then I'll just

01:12:59   I press down on it and then push it in if I want to actually go to the website.

01:13:03   Like I use this stuff all the time and I can't imagine Apple

01:13:09   completely removing this. I don't think that this is on the money. I think that what has

01:13:15   probably happened is that the parts have changed. The way the technology is, the physical technology

01:13:24   is different and people just interpret that to mean something. But I don't think that's

01:13:29   the case at all.

01:13:30   This feels like one of those analyst moves a little bit where analysts sometimes have

01:13:34   to swing really big because in two years we're not going to remember this unless they were

01:13:38   Like oh yeah, Barclays man way to go 3d touch guys

01:13:42   Yeah, I don't I don't think it's going away, I think the parts have changed

01:13:47   I think it is interesting to talk about how Apple could change it in software

01:13:49   Which of course no analyst has any idea of because software this sort of stuff only leaks when Apple puts out home pod firmware

01:13:55   But I do think there's room for Apple to improve 3d touch, and I think the home screen is the number one place

01:14:02   I love the idea of like exposing shortcuts via 3d touch as opposed to the quick actions. I think I think to

01:14:08   I think if Apple is going to

01:14:11   Like if they're redesigning this like if they're having new parts that make this possible

01:14:16   Maybe we finally see it on the iPad, you know

01:14:19   Maybe whatever is going on here with the hardware allows them to put it on a bigger screen

01:14:23   I don't think that would be for this year's iPads unless we're gonna have a fun surprise

01:14:28   but you know in the future like it's already sort of fragmented between the phone and the tablet and

01:14:35   That's only going to get more noticeable if developers use their Dtouch more

01:14:39   And maybe it's maybe it's time. I mean, what do you guys think?

01:14:43   There's a couple of things that I want to that I want to share about the arguments against 3D touch and

01:14:50   Sort of in favor of 3D touch if that's okay

01:14:53   Because I see these arguments being shared on Twitter though, the first one is accessibility

01:15:00   It's this word that a bunch of people throw around and they say things like

01:15:04   "3D touch is terrible for accessibility and Apple should remove it because it's not easy to use."

01:15:11   And my problem with this statement is that there's different types of accessibility

01:15:22   and different types of inclusive design.

01:15:25   And so while you could make the argument that from a motor skill perspective, 3D touch is

01:15:30   not accessible, on the other hand, I also think it's true that people with vision impediments,

01:15:36   for example, that really don't like the fact that to get to some piece of information,

01:15:42   you need to navigate into multiple screens deep into an app and its navigation stack.

01:15:49   3D touch as a shortcut to preview content could be an accessibility feature in that

01:15:54   you're saving taps, you're saving time, and you can see, you know, you can get to your

01:15:59   information more quickly.

01:16:00   So the accessibility argument doesn't really hold true because of the different shades

01:16:04   of what inclusive design on iOS means.

01:16:08   The second argument that I could see why 3D Touch may be going away -- so as you can tell,

01:16:15   I'm a little torn on this topic.

01:16:18   The fact that it's still not available on the iPad is a -- should be maybe, I don't

01:16:23   know, a warning sign. But the iPad has its unique set of challenges when it comes to

01:16:29   implementing 3D touch. It's a big display, so if you press hard on the display, of course,

01:16:34   you know, maybe it'll bend, or maybe you're using your iPad on a desk with a smart keyboard

01:16:39   or a smart cover propped up, and if you press on the screen, the iPad will just fall on

01:16:44   the desk. You just push it over the angle of the cover. So that's a problem. But then

01:16:51   Then you look at Apple and you see Apple for example replicating some 3D Touch features

01:16:57   on the iPad with a standard long press.

01:17:01   So things like clearing notifications all at once in iOS 12, you can do that with a

01:17:06   long press.

01:17:07   Or the files widget in iOS 11 that you get on the home screen by long pressing on the

01:17:11   files icon.

01:17:12   That doesn't require 3D Touch at all.

01:17:15   Or also in iOS 12, stuff like notification previews.

01:17:19   You just need to long press, I also think 11 actually, you just need to long press on

01:17:24   a notification and it pops open without having to use pick and pop.

01:17:28   One of the ones that I find the funniest is like on the iPad in Control Center, why can't

01:17:33   I not just tap the home icon?

01:17:35   Yeah, that doesn't make sense.

01:17:36   That doesn't make sense.

01:17:37   Right?

01:17:38   Like, why do I have to long press it?

01:17:40   Like what am I doing now?

01:17:41   But that's another good example.

01:17:42   Control Center, you can expand with a long press.

01:17:45   So the folks who are saying 3D touch is going away because it's useless, just look at the

01:17:50   long press gesture.

01:17:52   That argument also kind of makes sense.

01:17:54   So my main problem, as Steven mentioned, is the fact that you introduce this new technology

01:18:01   and you get developers, you know, you sort of get traction among the developer community

01:18:06   to implement 3D touch.

01:18:09   And it's not a technology that is considered legacy at this point.

01:18:13   I mean, it was introduced four years ago.

01:18:15   It's not like the headphone jack or stuff that was introduced in iOS 3 or iOS 4.

01:18:24   It's a relatively new feature.

01:18:26   And I agree it's not totally discoverable, but just mixing 3D Touch without giving it

01:18:31   a second chance, I don't think it's the right answer.

01:18:37   Especially after you've made such a big deal out of the display technology that you needed

01:18:41   to implement and all these sensors.

01:18:44   You build, as a company, you build the Taptic Engine to provide haptic feedback and work

01:18:50   alongside 3D Touch.

01:18:51   So you make a big deal out of this new feature and then suddenly it just disappears.

01:18:57   While there are plenty of arguments that would justify that, I also think it would be weird,

01:19:03   because it would sort of, it would smell like a failure in modern Apple history.

01:19:11   a huge failure because it's just a feature of the iPhone but still something that was

01:19:16   introduced, made a big splash and just removed four years later, three years later. I don't

01:19:22   think it's a good look.

01:19:24   There's precedent for them changing the way that it works, right? Like at watchOS where

01:19:28   3D touch has been downplayed, it's still there but I think watchOS in its early days really

01:19:36   struggled with like...

01:19:37   It was the discoverability problem.

01:19:39   There was just too much hidden behind what

01:19:42   was called force press then.

01:19:43   And so they sort of, OK, you don't

01:19:45   have to force press or 3D touch to do everything.

01:19:47   Now you can swipe or do these other things.

01:19:49   And maybe that's where it goes on iOS,

01:19:51   but I think we're in agreement that it's not going away,

01:19:54   that this is an over-reading of the situation by this analyst.

01:19:59   Yeah.

01:20:00   I think one of the key things is there's still

01:20:03   stuff being put behind 3D touch in iOS 12, right?

01:20:07   don't think that you would continue to use 3D touch as heavily as it's used in

01:20:13   iOS and in some places even in Apple's own apps if they were removing not just

01:20:19   like the hardware but the actual feature itself it just doesn't seem realistic

01:20:24   yeah so so I guess we're saying it's here to stay at least for now yeah in

01:20:30   some way right like there may be a change and there probably will be a

01:20:34   change but it's still going to exist like it's still going to be what we know

01:20:39   now but maybe that may be done in a different way maybe they don't need to

01:20:43   use that maybe they're just gonna use do it all in software right that they can

01:20:46   work out like when you're pushing your finger down into the screen more like

01:20:50   that if there is no plate that is recognizing presses or anything like we

01:20:54   don't know but I believe that the next iPhones think we all believe the next

01:20:58   iPhones will use will have 3d touch and then the way that they always have the

01:21:03   tactic mode will be there and it will press on you when you do something like

01:21:06   it's still going to exist. So let me ask you a final question. When you think of

01:21:10   analyst firms, do you think they're like the Wolf of Wall Street? Like tons of, you

01:21:16   know, questionable substances and parties and these people just having the best

01:21:21   time of their life and... This is not a thing that I would be willing to comment

01:21:26   on one way or another. Because I sometimes think about it and I like to

01:21:31   imagine it's like that, you know, and in their spare time they make iPhone predictions.

01:21:37   I worked in a very big company, right?

01:21:40   Don't ruin it for me.

01:21:41   Which would be very similar to a lot of these firms, especially like the Barclays firm,

01:21:46   right?

01:21:47   I think it's a lot more boring than you think it is.

01:21:49   That's too bad.

01:21:50   I'm sorry to say.

01:21:51   Alright, well that's fine.

01:21:53   Good for them.

01:21:54   Alright, Steven, take us home.

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