199: Make Half of a Change


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00:00:02   - Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 199.

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00:00:16   I'm your host, Stephen Hackett, and I'm joined

00:00:19   as most weeks by my two handsome, intelligent co-hosts.

00:00:23   We have Michael Hurley, how are you?

00:00:25   - I'm good, I like that you say hello to the listeners

00:00:28   when you start the show.

00:00:30   It's very nice, very cordial.

00:00:30   - You wanna break the third wall a little bit.

00:00:32   You know, you just wanna--

00:00:33   - It's that southern charm.

00:00:34   - You just wanna look 'em in the eye

00:00:36   as they're driving or washing their dishes,

00:00:37   listening to us, and just let 'em know

00:00:39   that our hands are on the steering wheel with them,

00:00:42   that our hands are in the sink.

00:00:43   - The hospitality--

00:00:44   - With them. - Of the South.

00:00:46   That's what you can get on our show.

00:00:47   You're guaranteed southern hospitality

00:00:50   when you listen to Connected.

00:00:52   - And because I'm hospitable, I don't wanna forget

00:00:54   my friend and your is Federico Vittucci.

00:00:56   - Hi, how are you?

00:00:58   I'm good.

00:00:59   When I-- I wanted to tell you that you mentioned the steering

00:01:02   wheel.

00:01:02   When I bought my car two years ago,

00:01:06   so I'm at the place, the dealership,

00:01:09   with my girlfriend and my mom.

00:01:11   And there's this guy who was in charge of selling me this car.

00:01:15   And so we went over all the details one last time.

00:01:19   You know, the day that the car arrived,

00:01:21   he was explaining all the different functions,

00:01:22   all the different buttons.

00:01:24   And then, so I'm in the car, still inside the dealership,

00:01:29   in the showroom floor, basically.

00:01:32   And I'm trying to understand what all the buttons do.

00:01:36   So the guy gets into the car, sits in the passenger seat,

00:01:40   and he looks at me straight in the eyes, and he's like,

00:01:42   "And you know that, for any problems,

00:01:45   "I'm always here with you."

00:01:47   And it's, (laughs)

00:01:49   and it's, and he meant that, like,

00:01:52   As he's saying that, he hands me his business card with his phone number and it's like,

00:01:57   "I'm always in the car with you." And I thought that was extremely creepy.

00:02:02   He thought that he had landed on like the perfect final sales line.

00:02:08   Yeah.

00:02:09   Right? Like, as I am right now, imagine I am always in this car with you.

00:02:13   Like an angel watching over you.

00:02:14   I have other people that need to use that seat.

00:02:18   Like that seat is needed. Like I don't…

00:02:21   I don't want you to linger here forever. You're gonna like open a sun visor and like a picture of

00:02:27   him falls out. Like he's just been there the whole time. And I thought that the guy was extremely

00:02:32   creepy and I asked my mom I think a couple of months ago what whatever happened to the guy

00:02:38   because my mom works for sort of the Italian equivalent of the DMV. But in my understanding

00:02:46   of the DMV is that it's a terrible place. The Italian version is kind of decent. On

00:02:52   the teaching scale it's a normal place. And she told me, she knows all of these guys,

00:02:59   dealerships and all that, and she told me that the guy got fired.

00:03:03   Oh no. He was there too much.

00:03:06   The guy was just creepy honestly. He was looking at me and it's like,

00:03:12   I'm always here with you.

00:03:15   He was giving off a creepy vibe.

00:03:17   So yeah, that's my story about steering wheels.

00:03:20   I hope he's not a listener.

00:03:23   Story of the week, new segment.

00:03:26   Put a sound effect under it, it'll be perfect.

00:03:29   Story of the week.

00:03:30   So we're recording this on Tuesday, June 26th.

00:03:34   We're a day earlier than normal, we're going to talk more about some scheduling stuff in

00:03:37   second but today marks the release of the Mac OS Mojave public beta release. So we

00:03:43   had iOS 12 release yesterday on Monday I think and now Mac OS public beta today.

00:03:52   I got there some links in the show notes. Jason Snell has a really nice like

00:03:56   hands-on walkthrough of the whole OS so if you saw my dark mode thing Jason's

00:04:01   is much broader talking about lots of stuff going on and I am also putting a

00:04:06   link in the show notes to my favorite external SSD because you should not run

00:04:12   this on your primary machine. You should not boot into this yet on a regular

00:04:17   basis for your work. It's still very early. If you have a second MacBook or

00:04:21   something or if you're like me, I have a desktop and a notebook, I don't use the

00:04:25   notebook very much, then yeah go crazy. But like do not put this on your

00:04:28   production machine. Don't put it on your only computer because it's still really

00:04:33   early and if things go wrong it can be difficult to go back. You can't, if you have a time

00:04:38   machine back up with Mojave you can't restore that data to High Sierra very smoothly. So

00:04:44   just do what I do, put it on an external SSD and the next bullet point in the show notes

00:04:49   says, Federico had a bad day with Mac OS. So Federico what happened to you?

00:04:55   What happened to me is that I should never use Macintosh computers. That's what happened

00:04:58   me that I should just stick to iPads and iPhones. So last night I got curious about Mojave.

00:05:08   If you do this every time. Mojave curious.

00:05:10   And I don't understand every time you do this. I don't understand my curiosity.

00:05:15   It's the allure of the Dark Mode. It spoke to him.

00:05:20   Dark Mode spoke to me and he said, "Come over to the dark side."

00:05:24   Hey! If that's a Star Wars quote, I'm not sure.

00:05:27   Holy cow. I think Star Wars is the one with the light side and the dark side and the guy

00:05:33   who's the guy who's the father of the other guy.

00:05:36   Spoilers. Do you know, can you give me the name of any

00:05:39   person who says the phrase, like join me in the dark side, come over to the dark side.

00:05:44   Can you give me the name of anybody? The guy, the guy with the black helmet.

00:05:48   The name, I'm looking for a name, no description. Darth Vader.

00:05:51   Yeah, you did it. Okay, you did it. You did it. Good work.

00:05:54   the guy. Look, I watch one Star Wars movie. So, the first one. Wait, which first one?

00:06:01   No, I don't want to clarify it. I think it's best that we don't get the answer just in

00:06:06   case. The very old one, not the trilogy that's... I know some basic details about Star Wars.

00:06:15   Anyway, so I installed Mojave and then basically you two last night, you shamed me into having

00:06:27   a second partition with High Sierra on it, with the stable version, because of the shows

00:06:32   that I need to record, which I understand and I felt bad, so I went on Amazon...

00:06:35   You do this every year though Federico, every single year we have this.

00:06:39   Well at least I feel bad every year.

00:06:42   Why?

00:06:43   I mean at least I'm sorry. Like I could do it every year and not be sorry. I do it every

00:06:49   year and I apologize. I don't... I understand... Forget it. Go on, carry on with your story.

00:06:58   We're on Amazon. So I needed to install High Sierra, but turns out you cannot just download

00:07:04   High Sierra and run the installer from a newer version of Mac OS. You need to make a bootable

00:07:09   USB thing. But I didn't have a USB drive that had enough space to be an installer, so I

00:07:16   went on Amazon.

00:07:17   Yeah, because you were going to make a partition, right?

00:07:19   I was going to make a partition, boot from USB and install High Sierra on the partition.

00:07:23   I went on Amazon, I could have bought a USB drive that would have arrived this morning,

00:07:29   but instead I just went to an electronics store this morning and I bought a USB drive.

00:07:35   Which was fine because it's a 32 gigs one, like super cheap, so I was actually pretty

00:07:41   happy with my purchase.

00:07:42   I make a USB drive using this application called, I don't know, I just read something

00:07:49   on Macworld.

00:07:50   Disc Makers X, yeah something.

00:07:54   There's a bunch of them.

00:07:56   There's a couple of them, it's one with the golden X as an icon.

00:08:00   Install Disc Creator, that's the name.

00:08:03   Wow, look at that icon.

00:08:05   Yeah, it's horrible.

00:08:06   It's very shiny.

00:08:07   So, I install High Sierra on the partition, everything is fine, I create my user account,

00:08:13   I type in what I believe is my usual password, I log into iCloud, I log into the High Sierra,

00:08:21   I download a bunch of apps, like 1Password and Tweetbot, everything is fine.

00:08:25   Then I remember that to record I need to use Audio Hijack, and to use Audio Hijack I have

00:08:31   this recipe thing, like this workflow that Steven created for me, that connects all the

00:08:37   right inputs and saves two copies of the audio file. But it was on the other partition. So,

00:08:43   on the Mojave partition, I needed to export the session, I think it's called, from Audio

00:08:48   Hijack and import it back into High Sierra. So I log out from... So I restart the Mac

00:08:56   and I log into the second partition, the one with Mojave on it.

00:09:00   I save the file from AudioHijack,

00:09:05   restart my MacBook again, and I try to log into iSierra.

00:09:09   And I thought that I had the usual username

00:09:14   and the usual password that I use all the time for the Mac.

00:09:18   But it wasn't letting me in. So it was saying "Your password is incorrect."

00:09:22   I was like, that is not possible.

00:09:25   I just created a password, and I always use this password.

00:09:30   And I typed it in twice, because you

00:09:31   need to confirm your password when you set up Mac OS.

00:09:35   But it wasn't letting me in, so I tried like 20 times.

00:09:39   I tried all caps, no caps, first letter, title case,

00:09:43   everything.

00:09:43   Nothing was working.

00:09:45   So I text Steven, and I'm like, how do I fix this?

00:09:49   And Stephen told me a bunch of things, including--

00:09:53   Did you try the root thing, just out of interest?

00:09:55   Was that a thing that anybody tried?

00:09:56   The what?

00:09:57   The root bug?

00:09:59   Just like, just type it in a blank password?

00:10:01   No, I didn't try that.

00:10:01   I didn't try that.

00:10:02   No, I gave him the 10.13.5 installer, I think.

00:10:06   So it's well past that.

00:10:09   Because you couldn't even download High Sierra.

00:10:11   So I had to zip up the installer application, which

00:10:14   is like six gigs, and put it in a shared Dropbox folder.

00:10:18   I felt very dirty. It's like a gray market OS installer ring that I've built for myself.

00:10:24   So anyway, I start doing... first I try to reset the password using the native password.

00:10:35   I forgot my password tool when you... what's it called? Recovery mode?

00:10:39   Yes.

00:10:40   Didn't work. Then I tried the rec...

00:10:44   What do you mean?

00:10:45   said that the password with my Apple ID couldn't be changed. Just said this user account...

00:10:52   But I actually remember ticking the box that said "allow an Apple ID to reset the user

00:10:57   password" but then I tried and it said "this user account cannot be reset via an Apple

00:11:03   ID". Okay, sure. So I try macOS recovery, I try to reinstall macOS and it said "the recovery

00:11:12   server could not be contacted. So I then try Internet recovery, which is this other method

00:11:20   that takes like 20 minutes to do I don't know what. There's a globe icon in the middle of

00:11:25   the screen and a progress bar. It's booting from like a remote image on an Apple server.

00:11:30   So if you don't have a recovery partition, it's like my MacBook Pro through a series

00:11:35   of unfortunate events does not have a recovery partition and I haven't gotten out of fixing

00:11:39   So my only option would be this internet recovery.

00:11:42   So you hold down a set of keys, and it basically boots from an image hosted by Apple.

00:11:49   And so it copies some of that to local disk space and then boots from it, and it takes

00:11:53   forever.

00:11:54   But yeah, I waited 20 minutes for the Internet Recovery magic to work, and I said, "Reinstall

00:12:02   Mac OS."

00:12:03   And it said, again, the recovery server could not be contacted.

00:12:08   Which is funny, because you're literally just talking to a server for Internet recovery.

00:12:12   But yeah, so at this very moment I'm recording on Mojave, because I cannot log into High

00:12:19   Sierra, where in theory I use the same password that I use all the time, a password that according

00:12:27   to the Mac I must have typed in wrong twice when I was creating my user account.

00:12:34   I don't know if there's any other way to reset my password, but this stuff looks incredibly

00:12:38   difficult to me.

00:12:39   Like, why isn't there like a single screen that says, "I forgot my password.

00:12:44   Let me change my password."

00:12:45   I think the problem is that I did something that I shouldn't have done, which is enabling

00:12:53   FileVault encryption.

00:12:54   Also, I don't know what FileVault encryption is.

00:12:58   It just looks secure.

00:13:00   And I thought, well, maybe, you know, like, my thought when I see this security stuff

00:13:04   is, I don't know, maybe if the police gets my computer for some reason, they cannot get

00:13:10   to, they cannot see my stuff.

00:13:11   Or it's in a car that gets stolen.

00:13:13   I don't know who that would happen to.

00:13:15   Exactly.

00:13:17   But I don't know what FileVault is.

00:13:20   It just looked fancy enough.

00:13:23   And now I cannot change my password.

00:13:26   So I don't know.

00:13:28   Now I'm probably going to get all kinds of suggestions.

00:13:31   Okay, do you have some for me?

00:13:34   Those are the two that I've thought of so far.

00:13:36   And I have not personally come across the recovery server cannot be contacted or whatever

00:13:41   that error said.

00:13:42   But in googling it, it does seem like people have run into that and there doesn't seem

00:13:47   to be like a consistent answer to why or like how you go around it.

00:13:55   Some people said to reboot with the option key held down, which will let you verify your

00:14:00   Wi-Fi is on and then select the internet, like I don't know.

00:14:03   So if you have ideas, please let us know because we'd like to fix your computer.

00:14:08   I bet FileVault is the problem though, right?

00:14:11   You should be able to, you can boot from another volume with FileVault enabled, you just can't

00:14:16   poke around the protected partition.

00:14:20   So for again, for instance, my MacBook Pro, I have five volt turned on, which I think

00:14:25   is a good idea on a laptop because if it gets stolen from you know, an airport or you leave

00:14:29   in a bus station or wherever, they can't get your stuff.

00:14:33   So with with this when I boot into Mojave on that external SSD, the internal drive doesn't

00:14:41   show up in finder unless I mount it and give it a password like it is hidden away, but

00:14:46   I can still boot from other volumes, no problem.

00:14:49   So I kind of got the feeling that you have something bigger going on and I'm not sure

00:14:53   that I would blame FileVault.

00:14:55   I mean it's possible that when you turn FileVault on that somehow it cooked your keychain or

00:14:59   something and now you can't log in.

00:15:00   But I think you're in a weird spot that obviously shouldn't have happened because you've hit

00:15:06   some sort of issue.

00:15:08   So I didn't know about any of this part, right?

00:15:10   Like this whole conversation happened between the two of you, like for even this, like the

00:15:15   partition thing even beginning in the first place.

00:15:18   So for what it's worth Federico, I just want you to know that I appreciate the work that

00:15:21   you have attempted to do this time to fix the problem that you created.

00:15:25   Mm-hmm.

00:15:26   Like, I appreciate it.

00:15:29   I just want you to know that.

00:15:30   Well, it didn't work.

00:15:31   Well, you tried, you know, you tried your hardest, you spent money on it, you spent

00:15:36   time on it.

00:15:37   I hope that this experience has taught you a lesson for next year, but genuinely I don't,

00:15:43   I doubt it because I still don't understand even why you did it in the first place.

00:15:52   I don't know why you would bother to install Mojave.

00:15:56   It doesn't make sense to me.

00:15:58   You know he's a huge Mac fan and he's itching for his new Mac bit.

00:16:02   It's probably stupid.

00:16:04   It's probably stupid.

00:16:06   that. I thought that messages would sync better between iOS 12 and Mojave and I really wanted

00:16:16   to try dark mode. But I can tell you that I'm...

00:16:20   Why does the messages thing matter to you?

00:16:23   Because when I'm recording shows, like for example interviews on App Stories, I need

00:16:30   to be able to talk to John but messages is always out of sync or just texting Silvia

00:16:35   in the other room, stuff like that. But I can tell you now, I'm going on the record

00:16:38   with this stuff next year. And especially on the watch, like I will never ever again

00:16:46   put a watchwise beta on my main watch. It's been an incredibly frustrating process in

00:16:52   that I cannot do reliable workouts anymore. Like external heart rate sensors are not working.

00:17:00   The built-in sensor is worse than usual.

00:17:05   The built-in Apple Watch sensor for heart rate was always problematic for me, but now

00:17:10   it's just been a horrible experience.

00:17:14   My heart rate is like 150 bpm and the sensor says 67 or the calorie counting just stops

00:17:22   working.

00:17:23   And I'm like, "I'm dying over here, Apple Watch.

00:17:26   It's not 67 bpm."

00:17:28   If it is, you need to go to the hospital. Maybe you've just gotten really good at

00:17:34   work outs. Yeah, you're sweating like an animal and your heart rate is barely above

00:17:37   most people's resting rate. So I feel like I will never put a watchOS

00:17:42   beta on my main watch ever again. I should probably be like David Smith and have like

00:17:47   22 watches on my arms. And also I think the same argument applies to the Mac. I think

00:17:54   I think the reason that I find the Mac one frustrating though is that there is a way

00:18:01   for you to do this, which is to just put it on an SSD.

00:18:06   With the watch stuff, if you want to try it out, your option is buy a new watch or just

00:18:11   do it, right?

00:18:12   And so I would understand that more.

00:18:14   But you could just, external SSD, you know?

00:18:18   Taken care of.

00:18:19   Use my Amazon affiliate code that's in the show notes.

00:18:21   You'll be set.

00:18:22   It's very pretty.

00:18:24   It's blue and everyone should buy one.

00:18:27   Should we take our first break and then actually do follow up?

00:18:30   Uh, yeah.

00:18:31   Let's do it.

00:18:32   Because we never got there.

00:18:33   It was the story about the steering wheel that really tipped it all over.

00:18:36   We really drove off course at that point.

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00:19:53   So do you want to go into real follow-up, Simon? Yeah, let's do some some real

00:19:57   follow-up and we are going to talk about Federico's directions to read the show

00:20:02   notes on an Apple Watch. What happened here Federico? Matt Cassinelli actually

00:20:08   followed my instructions and built a workflow to text the link to the show

00:20:17   to himself so that he could tap the link on my message and try it on the Apple watch.

00:20:24   As you know, this is the best practice for show notes. I said I want to reiterate my

00:20:34   belief that the future of show notes is on the wrist and I was really happy to see Matt

00:20:42   put together this workflow, as you can see these glorious screenshots of tiny text and

00:20:47   tiny links and tiny articles on the Apple Watch. This is the future of content.

00:20:54   Aside from the weird double navigation button, which I don't understand, our website looks

00:21:01   pretty good on the Apple Watch.

00:21:03   Mm-hmm. Yeah, so I have a question about this, and I haven't watched much Apple Watch stuff

00:21:10   in the sessions. So watchOS 5 has a webkit rendering engine, but you only use it right

00:21:17   if in a situation like this, right, you get an iMessage that has some content attached

00:21:21   to it or an email or something like there's not a browser, it just can show stuff if it

00:21:26   comes into you. Do I have that correct? Yeah, like if you get a message, you can click the

00:21:31   link. Yes. Right. But you can't just be like, hey, I want to go to a website. Yeah, like

00:21:36   it's only you can only act upon stuff that's been sent to you.

00:21:39   Yeah.

00:21:40   Yeah, and presumably developers can show you web content if it's needed.

00:21:46   I'm not sure if it's only on iMessage.

00:21:48   But anyway, yeah, it's the WebKit engine.

00:21:52   And I think basically if you receive a link to an article that WebKit or Safari thinks

00:22:01   it's suitable for Safari Reader,

00:22:04   it'll load the Safari Reader article view by default.

00:22:07   As you can see, I think in the Mac Stories screenshot

00:22:11   and in Matt's tweet, I think that's Safari Reader mode.

00:22:16   So it tries to optimize using the,

00:22:18   because it's a responsive layout,

00:22:20   only on a super, super tiny, tiny screen.

00:22:23   It's using Safari Reader to just show you

00:22:26   the images and the text.

00:22:28   It's fine. Personally, I'm pretty impressed with the way that our website looks on such

00:22:33   a tiny screen. It's nice.

00:22:35   Yeah. I mean, actually, it shows our media player and stuff, so I don't know what it's

00:22:39   doing.

00:22:40   It's doing all sorts. It's very exciting stuff happening there.

00:22:43   I'm not going to prioritize fixing the website on the Apple Watch.

00:22:46   You would need some kind of organic toothpick to tap on those tiny, tiny buttons.

00:22:53   I'm just shaved down the end of a hot dog. There is another tiki scale.

00:23:01   Yeah, do you want to read what this is actually called? Steven, do you want to go for it?

00:23:07   What the TICI in this tiki scale stands for?

00:23:11   Thrombolysis. Thrombolysis? It sounds like it's a medical thing in a cerebral infarction.

00:23:21   So basically what this is, I Wikipedia'd it and I still don't understand it, but it's

00:23:25   really bad.

00:23:26   This is when you die. This is what happens when you die.

00:23:29   It's like a serious...

00:23:31   It's a scale for measuring stroke conditions. Like, the brains function after a stroke.

00:23:37   Like after a specific type of stroke or hemorrhage. So this is way less fun than the other tiki

00:23:44   scale.

00:23:45   Yeah, this really sucked the air right out of the room.

00:23:48   But a lot more useful, maybe, even.

00:23:51   So, yeah.

00:23:52   What do you have to say?

00:23:55   I don't agree with grades.

00:23:57   So it starts from grade 0, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3, and it's so boring because

00:24:02   it's grade 0, no perfusion.

00:24:05   Grade 1, penetration with minimal perfusion.

00:24:07   Grade 2, partial perfusion.

00:24:09   And grade 3, complete perfusion.

00:24:11   I feel like…

00:24:12   There's also a grade 2A and grade 2B.

00:24:14   I don't know.

00:24:16   Yeah, but we have inferior and inferior minus.

00:24:20   So I feel like we can forgive a multi-stage level.

00:24:23   That's true.

00:24:24   I mean, alright.

00:24:25   Also it's tichi with one C. So it's like tichi.

00:24:28   Tiki.

00:24:29   Tichi.

00:24:30   Well a bunch of people sent this in so we wanted to address it.

00:24:34   Hopefully none of us ever have to hear about that again.

00:24:37   Just briefly we want to mention that there is going to be no episode of Connected next

00:24:42   week.

00:24:44   We will be back on Wednesday.

00:24:48   The show is back!

00:24:49   Some of them. The show is back on July Wednesday 11th. That will be me and two special guests.

00:24:55   It will be the first time actually. I went back through and best I can tell, it'll be the first

00:25:00   episode in five years that only one of us is on. It's the perfect way to celebrate episode 200

00:25:05   with only one third of the show in attendance. So I'll be joined by Casey Liss and Jon Voorhees,

00:25:11   and we're going to do that show on the 11th. And then Federico is back. But Myke, you're taking

00:25:17   a month off. Yeah, I'm going to be back on August the first. So, enjoy my voice today

00:25:25   because I'll be gone for a month. I'm getting married and I'm going on my honeymoon. That's

00:25:30   happening kind of all throughout the month of July. So, this is the last time that you'll

00:25:34   hear me for a bit and then I'll be gone. But then I'll come back and then everything will

00:25:38   be good again. This is the last time you're doing connected as a, what's the word when

00:25:44   your bachelor. This is the last episode of a bachelor. You'll be a man next time you're

00:25:52   on the show, Myke. You'll be saying things like, "My wife." We talked about it briefly,

00:26:09   But the iOS 12 public beta is out.

00:26:11   And so people are running it now, you're not just stuck on the dev build.

00:26:15   It does seem that this is the same build as the dev beta 2, which the both of you are

00:26:20   running I believe.

00:26:21   I've seen some people, including a friend of the show and software miner and architect,

00:26:26   Mr Rambo say that this is the same build, like from what he can ascertain that this

00:26:31   is the same build.

00:26:32   I don't know if you are aware of anything on that Federico, like I don't know if you've

00:26:37   seen anything specific, but it seems like that this is Dev Beta 2.

00:26:41   Yeah, no, I think it's actually the same. I haven't heard or seen any other changes from

00:26:48   the current build, and it's basically the pattern that Apple has been following for the past couple

00:26:52   of years of the Dev Beta comes the week before, and a few days later, if not even the next day,

00:26:59   if everything is fine, the public beta goes out. So I suppose that with Beta 3, unless Apple

00:27:06   destroys everything, we'll see beta 3 next week or the week after and a couple of days later the

00:27:12   public beta 2 at that point. So there's a... That is my great fear, right? That like everything's

00:27:17   so fine right now and then they're just gonna be like "haha, we gotcha!" They just like release

00:27:23   the worst beta of all time. That's what I'm concerned about. It's happened. I mean that's

00:27:28   part of the deal, right? That it's all possible. So I'm still not running it. My plan is to do it

00:27:36   it after some upcoming travel but did the two of you feel like it's kind of

00:27:40   ready for like nerdy consumption like should listeners have connected check

00:27:43   out the public beta? I mean I would say you're fine with the dev beta as well but

00:27:46   like I mean you know I know people say oh you should never say but I'm just

00:27:49   gonna straight up say it like I think it's absolutely fine I've been running

00:27:53   it for a couple of weeks I'm happy to say that I like it like I have had I've

00:27:58   had one springboard crash on my iPad over the last eight days like I think

00:28:05   think that that is probably as many as I've probably had on 11. Like, I have absolutely

00:28:10   no problem with this. I have no battery life issues. I am completely fine with it. Like,

00:28:17   I mean, you know.

00:28:18   >> Is GPS still broken? I saw some tweets about that.

00:28:21   >> I mean, I wouldn't know. Like, I was out in London today using it for walking directions

00:28:25   and had no problem, but I don't know what the problem is with GPS.

00:28:29   >> Yeah, when I was driving the other day, I noticed this on Beta 1, and I thought it

00:28:34   was a temporary issue, but then I saw that people were actually tweeting about the GPS

00:28:38   problem, and I tried again with Beta 2 a couple of days ago, and just Google Maps and Apple

00:28:44   Maps were saying that I was going in the opposite direction of where I was driving. So, yeah,

00:28:50   I needed to ask Sylvia to put in directions on her phone. But otherwise, I would say it's

00:28:57   totally fine. Again, the GPS and the occasional springboard crashes are the only problems

00:29:03   that I've noticed. I think it's totally fine, battery life is fine. And there's a few issues

00:29:09   of course with third party apps, especially the ones that do...

00:29:12   Yeah, I haven't had any. I haven't had any, like, instant crashes or anything.

00:29:17   No instant crashes, but just like random stuff for apps that do, I don't know, like custom

00:29:23   things with menus and pop-ups, I think. Because there are some changes in the API, always,

00:29:30   maybe things break, but not to the extent that they were breaking like a couple of years ago with iOS 10.

00:29:36   So I would say the iOS 12 beta, unlike the other betas, it's basically fine.

00:29:43   And we got the idea that it was going to be okay when Apple, you know, had the talk show.

00:29:49   I think Josueck basically said "It's fine, I have it on my phone."

00:29:53   Which is unusual for an Apple executive to say on stage.

00:29:57   I think Joe said a lot of things he probably shouldn't have said.

00:29:59   Honestly.

00:30:00   Yeah, I feel like he gets loosey-goosey.

00:30:02   One reason I like him being interviewed and stuff is because I don't necessarily want

00:30:06   to hang out with a bunch of Apple executives, but I feel like he'd be the one.

00:30:10   We could just sit back and talk about iPod shuffles for an hour and it'd be great.

00:30:14   Does anybody else think about that?

00:30:16   Just me?

00:30:17   I think you might be on your own on that one, I'm afraid.

00:30:19   Just me.

00:30:21   There were a few things that are going on in the beta that I wanted to mention.

00:30:25   a couple of things that I've noticed in using it. I did see one that this isn't my thing

00:30:31   but I did see it going by on Twitter that you can apparently now use on an iPad that

00:30:37   is a non-pro iPad. You can use three apps at the same time. I wonder if it will ship

00:30:43   this way.

00:30:44   Yeah, that's a bug. So my understanding is that this is a bug, a really bad one in fact,

00:30:49   that it wasn't supposed to ship and it'll be removed

00:30:53   because these devices, Apple thinks they're not capable

00:30:57   of running three apps at once without running

00:31:00   into performance problems and other issues

00:31:03   because they think these iPads,

00:31:06   they don't have enough memory.

00:31:07   So enjoy three apps on non-pro iPads until it lasts

00:31:12   because I think it'll be removed.

00:31:14   - And I guess kind of just breaking down some stuff

00:31:17   that I've been enjoying.

00:31:18   The new notification stuff obviously is, I mean, I think that this is the main reason

00:31:23   if you want to update right now, this is the biggest feature that you're going to get on

00:31:27   a daily basis, is the notification stuff.

00:31:31   Like the grouping is so good.

00:31:34   You know, anyone that's listened to this show for long enough knows just how unhappy I was

00:31:37   with iOS 11 that it removed the grouping by application.

00:31:41   And this is so much better than that, than the previous way of doing it, because it now

00:31:46   now groups by application, but also collapses them.

00:31:48   So my overall view into notifications is way smaller.

00:31:53   It's really good for group iMessage threads, especially,

00:31:57   because I'm on quite a few of those,

00:32:00   and they just get all collapsed together in a nice way.

00:32:04   So you don't have 30 messages that you

00:32:07   have to scroll through before you can see what's next.

00:32:10   The group's going off on something

00:32:12   that you're not talking about, and you

00:32:14   want to see if you've got any emails or whatever, you're scrolling down like two screens before

00:32:18   you even get to that. Now that's all collapsed together, which is really nice. And I like

00:32:23   that you can, I was concerned that they were going to mess around with the 3D touch actions,

00:32:27   right? That maybe that would open the group or something, but it just allows you to react

00:32:32   to the last message and there's nice little buttons everywhere. There is one thing that

00:32:37   I don't like, but I'll get over. In adding in, like when you swipe to a message over

00:32:43   to the left hand side you get like contextual buttons right. You used to be able to if you

00:32:48   swiped it right to the end the notification would just go away. Right, it was a quick

00:32:51   way to clear it. But because they've added in another button called manage which is like

00:32:55   another way to get to the quick settings that doesn't work on the iPhone anymore. It still

00:33:00   works on the iPad because the iPad has way more screen space. You just keep going until

00:33:04   it goes away. But the iPhone doesn't. So by the time that the notification is cleared

00:33:08   the screen there's just those three buttons left. If you found that to be that way Federico

00:33:12   you can't swipe the notifications away anymore on the iPhone?

00:33:15   I don't think I've ever done that. I always, yeah.

00:33:18   Okay, so that's how I used to do it. Like if I wanted to get rid of notifications,

00:33:21   I'd just swipe them. I quite like that. But you can't do that anymore. But I will take

00:33:26   what I've gotten. Because this is the thing, like I always say this, I feel like I have to try and

00:33:31   reiterate this all the time though, because I think it's important. I'm happy to lose functionality of

00:33:35   of what I get as a net positive at the end. And the net positive is the ability to be

00:33:43   able to get at that pain, which allows me to deliver quietly or turn something off,

00:33:48   right? Turn notifications off. That's just another way that they're letting you get to

00:33:51   that is by swiping and hitting the manage button. And I absolutely love that. I'm getting

00:33:55   rid of so many notifications. I was listening to you and John talk about some app stories

00:34:01   And it's so true that like, there'll be so many times where like I would get a

00:34:06   notification and be like, I really don't want to see it anymore.

00:34:08   But to get rid of it takes so long.

00:34:11   Like you've got to go into settings, wait for the list to load once you get to

00:34:14   notifications, then scroll to it and then pick like, what do I actually want to do?

00:34:18   But this is so good to just make the decision of like, of getting rid of it.

00:34:22   Plus I feel like that they have finally used language to explain what cover sheet

00:34:29   is in a way that makes sense to me now,

00:34:31   like the difference between the lock screen

00:34:33   and notification center.

00:34:34   Like they are two different things.

00:34:36   Like I have no idea that they were two different things.

00:34:39   No, but like they're still on the same screen,

00:34:41   but it's just notification center belongs when you pull up.

00:34:45   And then, and that's where everything that's old is

00:34:48   since the last time that you locked and unlocked your phone.

00:34:51   And it's like, now I can see

00:34:52   why you put these things together.

00:34:54   But like Apple's problem sometimes is like,

00:34:56   They make half of a change and they don't explain it, so it doesn't make any sense.

00:35:03   So cover sheet and the removing of grouped notifications made no sense in 11 and it was

00:35:08   bad.

00:35:09   It didn't make any sense.

00:35:10   But now when they go over to 12, it's like, oh, because they had a better grouping system

00:35:14   and they were finally going to do something that made sense to split those two apart even

00:35:17   though they're on the same screen.

00:35:19   Like it took them to the next iteration before they could explain it.

00:35:24   I hope that a potentially slower cycle of development might allow them to make those

00:35:30   changes in full in the future as opposed to doing them like half and half because they

00:35:35   kind of have to split the functionality apart because they need to release something.

00:35:40   Right?

00:35:41   But yeah, I really, really like that stuff.

00:35:43   I like all the controls, I like the grouping, I think it's awesome.

00:35:46   - Yeah, and I love how the simplification

00:35:50   of the cover sheet,

00:35:52   I think it's actually not called cover sheet anymore.

00:35:55   Like all that-

00:35:56   - It's lock screen and notification center.

00:36:00   Like they are defined now.

00:36:01   - All that weird naming convention is gone.

00:36:04   And now it's just, do you want to see alerts

00:36:07   on your lock screen when your phone is locked?

00:36:10   Or do you want to just go to the notification center?

00:36:12   I think it's so much cleaner,

00:36:13   it's so much easier to understand and to explain.

00:36:15   There's one feature, like one small detail that I wanted to mention in this list.

00:36:24   Something that I used to do all the time before iOS 12, I remember a song or I hear a song

00:36:30   on the radio or, you know, when you walk into H&M, for example, you're shopping and they

00:36:35   have the radio station on, but you can't know what song title it is and Shazam is not working,

00:36:41   but you can make out the lyrics of a song.

00:36:44   And I used to go on Google and just type in the lyrics of a song and trying to find the

00:36:48   song. Now you can do that in Apple Music. So you can search for lyrics and it'll bring

00:36:53   up song results with the lyrics highlighted within the search results. It's so good and

00:37:01   I've already managed to find like three to four songs that I wouldn't have found otherwise.

00:37:06   And the best part is it's not like you're on Google, you find the song and then you

00:37:11   have to open YouTube or you have to type in again into your streaming service, you can

00:37:15   just tap. It's right there. You can just tap play and listen. So I'm really…

00:37:20   I wish I knew this feature existed because literally last night we were having this where

00:37:25   we were trying to think of a song and I was asking the Echo because apparently the Echo

00:37:30   can do this, but every time I asked the question like "Oh, what is the song that goes?"

00:37:36   and I give it some lyrics, it would just say "Resuming Spotify". It's like that's

00:37:40   not what I want and I did this like three times and then I just picked up my phone and googled it

00:37:44   but otherwise I would have gone to Apple Music and done it right because that just seems like

00:37:47   an easier thing like an easier way to do things or maybe I should have just asked Siri I don't know

00:37:52   but um but yeah that's really cool I actually had I would never have known that that feature existed

00:37:56   unless you unless you just told me it there you go oh until I read your review if it would have

00:38:01   made it in the review um I've been enjoying creating an emoji um and I wanted to just give

00:38:06   a little Memoji tip to people, in case you're playing with them now or whatever, you can

00:38:11   from the app, if you expand it in iMessages, you get like this three little dots and a

00:38:18   button that you can press that give you a couple of options. One is to delete and one

00:38:22   is to edit, but another is to duplicate a Memoji, which is really good if you want to

00:38:26   make a summer look for yourself. So I have regular Myke and then I just duplicated the

00:38:32   one that I've made to put sunglasses on him and then another one to put a top hat. So I have,

00:38:37   you know, the three important looks of my curly regular sunglasses and top hat. I just thought

00:38:44   that was really good because when I first used it I made two and they weren't the same because

00:38:49   I didn't know you could duplicate it and it's like, "ah this is like something different" but

00:38:53   I don't remember the exact choices I made. So yeah you can just duplicate it and then you can edit the

00:38:58   duplicated one to put different hats or sunglasses or whatever and I really like

00:39:04   that so it's really cool. It seems like a lot of thought went into the emoji

00:39:09   system like details like that right like I don't think I would have thought of

00:39:13   that initially you know oh and make a second one. My expectation is you know

00:39:18   they may have been working on this from the very beginning and like took some

00:39:22   time to flush it out further because they had to wait for tongue detection

00:39:27   That is very important. I use I do that a lot. I do a lot a lot of the the me emoji and I'm sending I

00:39:35   think I've sent more me emoji than I've ever sent an emoji. It's more fun. I said it I said the

00:39:40   picture it to my mom today. I just confused I had to confuse my mom with things like this. She's just

00:39:45   like how'd you do that? I think that'll be true for most people because unless you're like me and

00:39:55   you have been strongly correlated with an Animoji character, like it's not you,

00:40:02   right? Like this is, this is you. It's sort of a creepy floating head version of you,

00:40:09   but like it's this will take off for the same reason that Bitmoji took off,

00:40:15   because you can put yourself in these into the into the app in a way that you

00:40:20   can't do when you just pick a lion or a ghost or whatever. I mean I think that

00:40:23   there is a missing component though because Bitmoji creates all of these

00:40:28   emotions for you right you just create your look and it puts you in a thousand

00:40:34   situations and that's I think what makes Bitmoji so successful which is I think

00:40:38   is is they're similar but there is a key difference in that Bitmoji creates all

00:40:42   of these stickers for you that have different emotions and they have they're

00:40:46   in different contexts and they also have lots of seasonal ones and stuff like

00:40:49   that so I would hope I would like to see Apple take me emoji a bit further I

00:40:54   think it may have been Jason snow who said this to me at one point during

00:40:57   WWDC where he was like I would like them to just give me an option to make him

00:41:03   emoji character and then just create just recreate all of the emoji that

00:41:09   exists with my face I was like oh yeah that would be really good right so you

00:41:14   could all of the current yellow faced emoji characters like the that exists

00:41:18   just the regular emotion emojis, you can just have them all but your face. I would like

00:41:24   that a lot.

00:41:25   Just one small thing that most people are already aware of, I suppose. You know, there's

00:41:31   a favicon support in Safari tabs. This is on Mojave and iOS 12, which I really like

00:41:37   because I've always been a fan of the way that Google Chrome presents tabs with website

00:41:42   icons. Also these website icons, these favicons, or if you have an SVG like MacStories we have

00:41:49   and like a retina ready SVG icon, you'll use that. You can see these icons in the new iCloud

00:41:56   kitchen feature, which at this point it should really be a kitchen or password app. Like

00:42:03   it should be a password.

00:42:04   Yes, they have one on Mac.

00:42:05   It should be a kitchen for iOS. Yeah.

00:42:07   It makes a lot of sense.

00:42:08   They've been adding features.

00:42:10   So right now, if you want to see your iCloud Keychain passwords in iOS, how do you even

00:42:15   do it?

00:42:16   I don't use this feature, so I don't even know, like, is there an interface?

00:42:18   You need to go into settings, accounts and passwords, and then show websites passwords?

00:42:24   Yeah, it's...

00:42:26   Or I guess if you're looking for a password, right, you can do it.

00:42:29   Where, like, if you're at the moment where you need a password, you can hit the little

00:42:33   Keychain icon on the keyboard when you're in a web browser.

00:42:37   I also asked Siri in iOS 12 to show you a password and it'll take you to that screen.

00:42:42   But they've been adding features to the iCloud Kitchen and it's really well done and it should

00:42:46   be split into a separate app at this point.

00:42:48   Anyway, the Kitchen also uses website icons now, so it can actually be used and browsed

00:42:55   by normal people.

00:42:57   It's much more colorful and usable than before, so I really like that change.

00:43:02   And also I really like how the iCloud Kitchen now tells you if you're reusing the same password

00:43:06   on multiple websites and on which websites you're reusing the same password and it will

00:43:12   offer you to change it.

00:43:15   I really like what the Safari team and the iCalCitchen team does every year.

00:43:20   Even when Safari does not get a major update in terms of design and functionality, they

00:43:24   always manage to sneak in those couple of features that are really well done.

00:43:29   I think the password autofill changes this year and the iCalCitchen changes are really

00:43:34   good.

00:43:35   So when I was hearing about those, I was like, oh, I'm not going to get to use them because

00:43:40   I use Chrome, right?

00:43:43   And Gboard.

00:43:44   But what I hadn't realized is that whenever I need a password, I don't get to use Gboard,

00:43:50   right?

00:43:51   iOS kicks me out to a stock keyboard, even though I don't have one installed, which is

00:43:56   one of the features that, what of, um, it's a security feature, right?

00:44:00   So when I'm typing in a password, the key to third party keyboard that I use can't see

00:44:04   it because you can do that full control thing, whatever it's called, full access. So it brings

00:44:10   up a standard keyboard. So I may be able to get some of that functionality and this is

00:44:13   proven to me. I had a two factor code, I was logging into the Slack web app on my iPhone

00:44:19   because I needed to change something and I got a two factor text message and it popped

00:44:25   up the little thing above the keypad that just had the number that the text message

00:44:30   had come through. So the text message comes through with the six digit code and then while

00:44:33   I'm looking I've got my cursor in the in the keyboard area in the password field

00:44:37   it just shows the little six digit code so would you like to enter it that's

00:44:41   probably one of my single favorite features of iOS 12 that is so amazing I

00:44:46   love that feature I wished it would then just delete the text message but that's

00:44:50   maybe asking too much but that that the ability for the iPhone to know what's

00:44:55   coming in through messages and just let me tap a button without needing to type

00:44:59   been the key. That just makes things so much simpler and will, I think for a lot of people,

00:45:05   make it even easier and they'll be more happy to turn on two-factor for more and more services

00:45:11   because it enables this. I don't know if this stuff works, maybe you can tell me, I don't

00:45:15   know if this stuff works for non-text message two-factor, but it does for text message stuff.

00:45:21   Yeah, and it's so impressive that it works for, I think, all the different locales and

00:45:29   languages that are supported by iOS. Because Apple is doing, they're using data detectors

00:45:35   and heuristics to try to infer where the code is positioned in a text message. And it works

00:45:42   in English, and I tried a couple of days ago, it works in Italian, and you get the suggestion

00:45:48   right away. So as the message comes in and as you tap into the field in a web page, it

00:45:55   just loads into the QuickType bar suggestion thing and it provides you with the code that

00:46:01   you can tap and fill in. It's so impressive and I really like that. It's a small feature,

00:46:08   but it really does remove that annoyance of just going back into messages and trying to

00:46:14   to memorize the code and switch them back.

00:46:17   It's a small feature, but once you try it,

00:46:22   it makes so much sense.

00:46:23   And you go like, I wonder why nobody's ever done this before.

00:46:26   So yeah, really good one.

00:46:30   But it's like it's one of those things where

00:46:32   I'm cool with Apple doing it, right?

00:46:33   Because I believe that they're not

00:46:35   sending that code or that information up to somewhere

00:46:38   and then back to me, like it's just happening on the device,

00:46:40   and I'm cool with it.

00:46:43   So yeah, iOS 12, two thumbs up so far, I'm really enjoying it.

00:46:48   But I want that shortcuts app.

00:46:49   Yeah, I know.

00:46:50   Give me the shortcuts app.

00:46:52   Come on.

00:46:53   One day.

00:46:54   Come on.

00:46:55   One day.

00:46:56   Come on.

00:46:57   I forgot some follow up.

00:46:58   Oh, you're fired.

00:47:00   And it just popped in my brain when you were talking.

00:47:02   So we were in San Jose and they had the bird scooters.

00:47:06   And what was the other company?

00:47:08   Lime?

00:47:09   Lime Wire Scooters.

00:47:11   They're here in Memphis now.

00:47:13   So like, on the mayor and the city commission,

00:47:18   like rode them across our city halls,

00:47:21   like a water fountain thing at the front of it,

00:47:22   and rode across the plaza on them,

00:47:26   and did some cool power sliding in front of the media.

00:47:29   And the weird thing about these,

00:47:31   you just leave them wherever you go, right?

00:47:33   So I'm going to this coffee shop,

00:47:34   I can just leave it outside.

00:47:35   And that's fine when it's not the city you live in,

00:47:39   But now, after just like a week,

00:47:41   and they're not even in my part of town,

00:47:43   they're all like in the midtown area,

00:47:44   where like there's a lot of restaurants and stuff to do,

00:47:46   and then they're downtown.

00:47:47   This weekend was in a neighborhood where they are,

00:47:51   and they're just everywhere.

00:47:52   And like there's like people riding down the street

00:47:54   without helmets, like what are you doing?

00:47:56   So it's fun to do when you're on vacation at WWDC.

00:48:00   It gives you heartburn when it's in your own city.

00:48:02   But I just, I don't know why they're here.

00:48:04   We're not a big city.

00:48:05   Like, I don't know how they picked Memphis.

00:48:07   but Bird is here in force.

00:48:09   They are, at least in the parts of town they're in,

00:48:12   they are everywhere.

00:48:13   - This actually made me look at these in the UK

00:48:16   and I was kind of just digging around today.

00:48:19   Those electric scooters are illegal in the UK.

00:48:22   - That's probably good.

00:48:23   - There's gonna be some significant work

00:48:26   that needs to be done if they wanna launch here,

00:48:28   which these companies are trying,

00:48:30   like Bird and Lime and Lyft and Uber,

00:48:32   like they're getting in on this game now,

00:48:34   like Lyft and Uber are,

00:48:35   everyone's lobbying to try and get these things added. So it may well happen but

00:48:40   as of right now kind of just like that type of vehicle is illegal here

00:48:46   and I think it's like when I was younger there were these like little gas-powered

00:48:50   like mini motorcycles like they look like motorbikes but they were really

00:48:56   small like a child would ride them. They were like a scourge on the streets

00:49:01   of London so I think a lot of laws were put in place probably because of those

00:49:05   to like ban that type of vehicle I think. Sure. Yeah I can't imagine these in a big

00:49:11   like in a real city like if you've been to San Jose for you see you've been to

00:49:15   Memphis like it's laid out very similar you need a car to go almost anywhere

00:49:18   even the city center feels sort of suburban in a way I can't imagine

00:49:23   riding one of these things in the streets of Chicago or New York or London

00:49:28   or San Francisco like a real city with like buses and fire you know like yeah

00:49:34   It just has to be terrifying. Well, one of the big problems is the littering of them, right?

00:49:38   But and and again, I saw more news today. I feel like I'm really plugged into the scooter news

00:49:43   I don't know why this has happened to me, but it's where I am that in San Francisco

00:49:47   they're now like talking about letting them come back, but

00:49:51   They will build

00:49:54   Areas where you have to park them

00:49:56   Right, so like like those like the city bike type things where like you can you can drive them

00:50:03   but you have to take them to a designated parking or pickup area as opposed to like just put them wherever you want.

00:50:10   So I saw in San Francisco that now they're

00:50:13   they're kind of taking bids or like they're talking with companies about setting up

00:50:18   stations, right, that you would pick up and drop off at so that they won't be littered around anymore.

00:50:24   So that that's kind of a way that like a big city might try and

00:50:30   Deal with it like and again as you can imagine the companies that have applied for those permits right now include uber and lyft

00:50:36   And it's probably gonna end up being one of those companies that gets it because they're more established, right?

00:50:43   But I would be super surprised at the city of San Francisco allowed uber to do it

00:50:48   It feels probably more like it would be lyft, but I guess we'll wait and see alright

00:50:52   I know that you're probably very excited about our next topic Steven

00:50:56   Yeah, so Friday at the end of the day where big companies released their most important news

00:51:01   Apple opened a repair service program for

00:51:06   every MacBook and MacBook Pro

00:51:08   With the butterfly keyboard, so it's the 2015 16 to 17 MacBook

00:51:13   2016 and 2017 MacBook Pros, you know, you know the ones with the silly ports and the keyboards that don't work so

00:51:22   For up to four years from initial purchase Apple will repair the keyboard if you have

00:51:29   Sticky keys or keys that are keys that feel sticky key presses that are not recognized keys that are loose

00:51:36   Key presses that are repeated any of that sort of stuff Apple take care of that machine for up to four years

00:51:43   From date of purchase Marco Arman had a tweet that I strongly favorited

00:51:50   Saying that well if the lifespan of these computers is five to seven years

00:51:54   Which is probably about right?

00:51:56   Apple should cover them for five to seven years, and I agree the the 2017 keyboard is slightly better

00:52:03   But clearly it's not the standard that Apple would like it to be because it's included in the repair program

00:52:08   And unless they are getting ready to start replacing these with keyboards where they've solved this problem

00:52:13   Which they could be they haven't said anything

00:52:16   Then I think that after four years and this happens Apple should still take care of those of those customers

00:52:21   you know MacBook Pro customers are

00:52:24   Generally, you know the the higher end of Mac users and I think those are customers that are important to keep happy

00:52:31   But I'm glad they're doing it. I wish they were doing it a little bit longer

00:52:34   But now it's here. So if you have paid for a repair if you

00:52:38   Some reason didn't argue your way into a free repair before this Apple will reimburse you you can get in touch with them on their

00:52:45   page. I think that's a good move by the way. Yeah, and they do that with with all these repair

00:52:50   extension programs. Okay. If you paid for it and they then they come to their senses then they'll

00:52:53   make it they'll make it right. But yeah absolutely it's a great, that would really be crummy to say

00:52:58   like well it's free now but because you were failed three days ago you're out seven hundred

00:53:02   dollars or whatever it is. There's a question I think of of why now I think there's a couple of

00:53:08   factors worth considering. I don't know the answer but worth considering. One, there is no new Mac Pro

00:53:14   So this was not, at least so far, joined with new notebooks.

00:53:19   You know, there were not new notebooks at WWDC.

00:53:22   I think the earliest we would see them is probably

00:53:25   July or August, maybe even later.

00:53:27   So it's not like Apple's saying,

00:53:30   there's a new MacBook Pro, the keyboard is fixed,

00:53:33   all the old ones are covered under this.

00:53:35   They're not saying that with one breath.

00:53:38   What I do think this says is that Apple,

00:53:43   I would imagine would feel confident in a new keyboard design whenever that shows up.

00:53:52   Because what you don't want to have happen is they release a late 2018 MacBook Pro and

00:53:57   they have to add it to this program retroactively.

00:54:00   That would be bonkers, right?

00:54:02   Like that you would release a new product that you're saying before it's even released

00:54:08   that a part of it is broken.

00:54:11   Right.

00:54:12   There is historical context because that's my gig.

00:54:16   You guys remember the white and black

00:54:18   13 inch plastic MacBooks?

00:54:20   Remember those? - Yep.

00:54:21   - Like 2006, seven, eight, nine.

00:54:23   Those had a problem.

00:54:24   The white ones were affected more but they both did it.

00:54:27   Where the top case would crack at the palm rest.

00:54:30   So at the very front lip of the computer

00:54:31   where your palm went, that plastic--

00:54:33   - It was the grayish part, right, on the white one.

00:54:35   'Cause it was colored a little bit gray, wasn't it?

00:54:37   - Yeah, it would crack at the front of it.

00:54:39   And there was a lot of hypothesis about why.

00:54:44   There were little nubbins on the display,

00:54:46   and I think that added pressure to this part of the top case.

00:54:48   Anyway, it's not really important.

00:54:50   But my point here is that repair

00:54:55   took place over the entire lifespan of that machine.

00:54:59   Apple never redesigned the top case or the display

00:55:02   or whatever was causing the problem.

00:55:04   Apple was content to let their Mac Geniuses

00:55:08   take out the 17 screws or whatever it was required to replace that top case.

00:55:11   That's a repair I could still do in my sleep because I did thousands of them.

00:55:15   Yeah, I think there's some contextual difference though in that people loved

00:55:18   that machine.

00:55:19   People did love that machine so they had a good will.

00:55:21   Also, that was a relatively minor repair where if you have to have your keyboard

00:55:27   replaced on a MacBook Pro or MacBook, you're getting a keyboard, a top case,

00:55:31   and a battery because that is all one component.

00:55:35   And it was mostly cosmetic, right?

00:55:37   Because mine chipped like that, and I just didn't care.

00:55:39   Like, it was like, whatever.

00:55:40   Like, it just didn't bother me.

00:55:41   Yeah, you could still use it.

00:55:43   It's not like your L key failed, and then you

00:55:46   couldn't type LOL anymore.

00:55:47   Like, that's a tragedy.

00:55:49   So--

00:55:49   Just O-O-O.

00:55:50   O-O-O.

00:55:51   So the way I'm choosing to interpret

00:55:54   this is that Apple wants to take care of their customers.

00:55:57   They know it's important.

00:55:59   They know there's a problem.

00:56:00   And that whatever they are working on for later this year--

00:56:04   or God forbid, early next year,

00:56:06   that they are working on something

00:56:09   with a different keyboard or an improved keyboard.

00:56:11   And I hope that that's true.

00:56:14   I hope that it's this year.

00:56:15   I hope that they have figured this out.

00:56:18   And I'm glad they made the right call.

00:56:21   I'm sorry that they're in the situation.

00:56:22   They shouldn't be in the situation,

00:56:23   but they are doing the right thing.

00:56:25   There's also the factor of like,

00:56:27   they're being slammed with class action lawsuits,

00:56:29   and I'm not well versed enough in that world

00:56:31   to say how this affects that.

00:56:34   Oh, this does indicate, I think,

00:56:36   from a lay person's point of view,

00:56:38   that Apple is emitting some sort of guilt

00:56:40   in the way that these machines were designed and they work.

00:56:43   But I'm not like, well, I don't wanna say like,

00:56:45   well, this means this for these class action lawsuits.

00:56:48   I'm sure Apple will settle those.

00:56:50   That's what they do.

00:56:50   And, you know, so you'll get seven cents in the mail

00:56:53   in 10 years.

00:56:54   But I don't think this is a reaction to the lawsuits.

00:56:59   I think it could be a partially reaction

00:57:01   to the outrage over these machines.

00:57:05   I think Apple would have done this eventually,

00:57:09   but I do wonder if it was done now and not later

00:57:12   because people are so upset.

00:57:14   And this is a repair exchange program

00:57:16   for a machine that's still for sale.

00:57:17   And that is not something that happens every day.

00:57:20   But there you go.

00:57:22   I think if you have a MacBook Pro,

00:57:24   I think you can sleep easier knowing

00:57:25   that even if you don't buy AppleCare,

00:57:27   Apple's gonna make this right,

00:57:29   at least for the next couple years.

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00:59:26   So there was a Bloomberg report,

00:59:29   new AirPods, a new HomePod and Studio Quality over ear headphones

00:59:34   are apparently all in development right now at Apple,

00:59:37   according to Mark Gurman and Debbie Wu.

00:59:39   I want to go into just kind of touch on each of those things.

00:59:44   Let's talk about AirPods.

00:59:46   So apparently, Apple is developing a brand new set of AirPods that feature noise cancellation

00:59:53   and water resistance.

00:59:55   This isn't waterproofing, you can't submerge them, but it could be for rain and splashes

01:00:01   and that kind of stuff.

01:00:03   They're also looking to increase the range so you can be even further away from the device

01:00:09   that they're connected to.

01:00:10   And this would probably be a 2019 release and will likely cost more than the current

01:00:15   version with also the possibility of adding some biometrics like heart rate monitors into

01:00:20   them too to expand kind of Apple's health focused line of products.

01:00:24   I was thinking this is probably like AirPods Pro, right?

01:00:30   Like this feels like not AirPods 2.

01:00:33   This feels like a significant difference in the, like noise cancellation alone feels like

01:00:38   you don't need that in every version. Apple please don't put that in every version. I

01:00:44   don't like noise cancellation. And also just, you know, it feels like just not... AirPods

01:00:49   are a strange thing for noise cancellation anyway because like you're moving around with

01:00:54   AirPods and like you shouldn't... I don't think people should use noise cancellation

01:00:59   in the street, right? Like I feel like you probably should have at least some noise coming

01:01:03   in. But they would be good, you know, if they can somehow put noise cancellation into something

01:01:08   that small and it works well and like on track when you're traveling and stuff that would

01:01:14   be really nice right? I'm a bit skeptical about the idea of noise cancellation in such

01:01:18   a small package. It's not even like you don't even have an actual ear cup you have an ear

01:01:26   bud that goes into your ear and so is there even enough room to do noise cancellation

01:01:31   done well that doesn't give you a headache? Like there's no suction right? There's no

01:01:36   Like isolation of any significant, you know, I don't know how they're going to do it.

01:01:42   I mean they may be able to do an element of it, right?

01:01:45   Like so it sounds better, but surely it's not going to sound amazing.

01:01:48   Also the idea of Apple having discussed adding biometrics to AirPods.

01:01:54   I can see why.

01:01:55   I also can see why it may not be as useful as the Apple Watch.

01:02:00   So you wear the Apple Watch all day.

01:02:02   And so if you're interested in building a profile of your heart rate over time, the

01:02:07   Apple Watch to me feels like the more useful approach, because it's on your wrist at least

01:02:12   15 hours every day.

01:02:16   But I can see why adding more of these sensors to the AirPods may be useful for, I don't

01:02:23   know, for example for people who work out and wear AirPods.

01:02:27   Or if maybe Apple has come up with a way to do heart rate monitoring through your ears,

01:02:34   which feels kind of scary, but that is more accurate than doing so on the wrist.

01:02:40   Or maybe they can monitor other things that is not necessarily heart rate.

01:02:45   Maybe they can…

01:02:46   Well, I've been doing like, you know, I was kind of reading a little bit more about

01:02:52   this.

01:02:53   I think it actually speaks to a problem that you have, which is reliability of just the

01:02:58   one sensor.

01:02:59   And like if you were working out with your Apple Watch on and your heart detecting earpods,

01:03:05   it might, AirPods, it would do a better job of accurately getting your heart rate correctly

01:03:10   because it has multiple places to pull that data from.

01:03:12   So the Apple Watch is going to be more useful overall if you want to have data multiple

01:03:19   times throughout the day, but maybe if you also wear AirPods during a workout, which

01:03:24   is maybe the time where you're most interested in having super accurate data down to the

01:03:29   second, in some cases, maybe that's how Apple is trying to set it as. And if you also wear

01:03:36   AirPods Pro, your workouts will be monitored with even more accuracy or something like

01:03:41   that.

01:03:46   Until then, until these new fancy AirPods come out sometime next year, it is likely

01:03:52   that we will see an AirPods 2 which would have hands-free Siri, because right now you

01:03:59   have to double tap to speak to Siri, so this would be using the Ahoy! telephone trigger

01:04:04   phrase like combination, and there would be a new chip that powers them which would allow

01:04:09   for this. And of course what we already know about that new wireless charging case, which

01:04:17   I believe Apple will probably still sell separately if and when AirPower ships. Although I think

01:04:24   the likelihood of that is decreasing the closer we get to a new version of AirPods coming

01:04:30   out. I think they may only sell it for a limited time if at all. Because they may just bring

01:04:36   out the new AirPods and be like "hey these are way better anyway give us more money"

01:04:40   and then they don't have the complexity of selling this random AirPods case as well.

01:04:45   That would be a shame if they did that but I see it as a possibility but that I reckon

01:04:49   September we will get like AirPods 2 which will have this.

01:04:53   There's a couple of things I wanted I would like more battery just because why not you

01:05:00   know I'd like better battery life in the second version.

01:05:02   thing I would like is faster device switching. So whilst AirPods are better than anything else I've

01:05:09   ever used, like if I'm switching from my iPhone to my iPad, sometimes still takes longer than I would

01:05:15   want. You know, I come sitting and just like watching a spinner for like 20 seconds or something

01:05:20   for them to pair up, I would like that to be quicker. And I would hope that a new chip, like a

01:05:25   you... is it the W chip? They have like W1 in them, right? Yeah, I would hope that, I

01:05:31   guess W3 or W2X, because the W2 exists but is not... or maybe they just put the W2 in

01:05:39   these now. I mean, whatever it's going to be, I would hope that that maybe help with

01:05:43   that more, you know, like if they can beef up and maybe put more special sauce on the

01:05:47   whole thing, who knows? They love the special sauce on the AirPods. That's why they're adding

01:05:53   the water resistance so you can put even more sauce on them and it doesn't destroy them.

01:06:00   You can just put as much sauce on as you want.

01:06:02   So I would like that.

01:06:03   That would be one thing.

01:06:04   And again, it's already better than anything else we've ever used for switching devices,

01:06:09   but I would like it to be better even still.

01:06:11   I use a Mac app called Tooth Fairy and it just puts a little icon in your menu bar and

01:06:16   it forces them to drop their connection elsewhere and connect to the Mac.

01:06:21   if you think switching between iOS devices is bad try switching from your

01:06:25   iPhone to your Mac it is like I've had it where like one of them switches or

01:06:29   they switch and they drop back to the phone for like no apparent reason and

01:06:34   this has I don't know what it's doing it can't be good but it is doing something

01:06:38   to force them to to move over to the Mac and that I have found handy because I

01:06:43   use them for things like slack calls or like if we just have a quick phone call

01:06:49   It's not a podcast and I don't want to you know power up my amp and you know if I just want to use the airpods

01:06:55   Maybe I'm already even wearing them. Then it's just a quick and easy way to do that

01:06:59   And so I've got that running on my Mac now

01:07:01   One thing I would really like to see and it's totally like silly

01:07:06   but I'd love to have a black finish on them like I I

01:07:10   Don't mind the white

01:07:11   But I would prefer black and I think black would look cool and I think if Apple

01:07:16   wants to like like in a way AirPods are like the most generic Apple product has ever been

01:07:23   like it's just white earbuds that they cut the cables off of but I think a black finish

01:07:28   could show hey this is hey this guy's got the new ones you know it could be a little

01:07:32   status symbol in there and I think black.

01:07:35   Stop the email yes we know color color wear will paint them for you.

01:07:38   And if you want to wait until like September.

01:07:41   - I was gonna say, $2.99.

01:07:43   $2.99 ships in early August, that's the current color wear.

01:07:47   - Okay, so if you don't wanna do that,

01:07:50   and I think that they would do a better job at blending in,

01:07:53   I mean, I see AirPods a lot more than I used to in the gym,

01:07:56   but I still have that self-consciousness factor sometimes,

01:07:59   like they're white and they stand out,

01:08:01   I think black would sort of disappear a little bit better,

01:08:03   and I would like that, so some sweet black AirPods.

01:08:07   - Oh wait, it's $3.39 if you want the case as well.

01:08:11   Jeez.

01:08:12   It's $40 more for the case.

01:08:13   But I didn't know this.

01:08:14   You can have them in three different colors.

01:08:15   You can like, everything can be a different color.

01:08:17   You can left run right one on the case can all be different colors.

01:08:19   That sounds right up your alley, Myke.

01:08:21   No I don't want that.

01:08:24   They do look cool though.

01:08:25   There it is.

01:08:26   Damn the pictures look good.

01:08:27   Like you've got them in like metallic finishes and stuff.

01:08:29   Put a link in the show notes so people can see them.

01:08:31   There's a couple of things I would love to have in the AirPods.

01:08:36   I mean of course more, you know, longer battery life and extended range so that I can just

01:08:41   freely walk around the house and it won't drop the connection. Also I would love to

01:08:46   have a native Siri that actually sounds great, like great voice quality because right now

01:08:51   Siri kind of sounds like it's shouting at you from a different room into your ears.

01:08:57   I would love to have...

01:08:58   Yeah, because it's coming from the iPhone, like it's shouting from your pocket.

01:09:03   I would love to have an actual Siri inside the AirPods. But really my main thing is volume

01:09:08   control and I think we were discussing this when the AirPods came out two years ago and

01:09:16   I haven't changed my mind. I want to be able to slide my finger on the AirPods to change

01:09:20   the volume. I hate, hate, hate the tapping. I hate the tapping. I've never gotten used

01:09:28   to it. It works like three quarters of the time and it's never a nice experience to thud

01:09:34   the side of my ear. I mean it gets the job done but it also feels kind of stupid.

01:09:39   I think just swiping on the AirPods would be much more subtle and also it would be perfect

01:09:44   for volume control because you're literally swiping the volume up and down. So yeah,

01:09:50   hopefully you know AirPods Pro will have these features but I don't know maybe Apple is against

01:09:55   swiping on your on a little thing that comes out of your ear. I don't know it just feels right to

01:10:00   to me but we'll see. Alright as well as AirPods is the return to rumor of what I

01:10:06   think at the time we called head pods the over ear headphones that are likely

01:10:11   to be high-end in price and construction apparently according to this

01:10:16   Bloomberg report they are intended to be higher end than the Beats products.

01:10:20   Anytime we talk about Apple and Beats I think it's worth checking in on the

01:10:24   Beats brand and I know Federico I think out of the three of us are you the only

01:10:27   one who owns any Beats products? I don't know any. Multiple Beats products even. Multiple.

01:10:34   I just. Yeah. So why? Like what is Apple doing a good job at keeping that brand separate enough?

01:10:41   Like what's your feel on the Beats landscape right now? I think they've done a pretty good job at

01:10:46   having some features from what they've been doing on iOS and on the watch and sort of trickle down

01:10:53   into the Beats product line, which I kind of see as two things going on. One of them

01:10:59   is of course keeping the brand identity and the mass appeal for people. People can recognize

01:11:06   Beats, it's still got a huge presence, at least when I walk around Rome and I see people

01:11:14   wearing Beats.

01:11:16   Yep. It's a huge brand that doesn't have any of the negative connotations attached to Apple

01:11:23   It's all kind of separate and actually a lot of folks don't even know it's owned by Apple.

01:11:28   I think...

01:11:30   Exactly, right? Like it stands for itself still. Good and bad.

01:11:34   And maybe even more than, you know, Instagram as a separate thing from Facebook, almost.

01:11:40   I see some parallels there. But really, what I think Apple is doing here is they're almost

01:11:45   treating the Beats products as a testbed for some features that later maybe they will become

01:11:52   part of the main Apple products. So for example, they've been doing the W1 chip in the B-TEX,

01:12:00   in the Studio 3. They've been doing Siri integration on the Studio 3, which I bought at WWDC and

01:12:07   I've been loving them. It works really, really well. They've slightly improved the noise

01:12:11   cancellation in the Studio 3. And again, I wouldn't be surprised if both, you know, if

01:12:17   The Studio 3, for example, is Apple testing the idea of a better audio chip and better

01:12:24   Siri and noise cancellation in an over-ear headphone product.

01:12:30   Maybe in the future it could inform making actual Apple headphones or whatever that thing

01:12:35   is going to be called.

01:12:36   So the idea of... and also the fact that Beats products are... it's not like one single Beats

01:12:45   accessory, it's a line of products. And so the idea of having multiple AirPods versions

01:12:51   and having the separation between AirPods and headphones, I think, you know, having

01:12:57   these is probably informing Apple in how to deal with separating different product lines

01:13:03   and having these custom technologies such as the W1 chip and in the future maybe the

01:13:07   the W2 or W3, becoming part of these tiny devices that can be either earbuds or what's

01:13:15   the name of the on-ear headphones such as the Solo and the over-ear such as the Studio.

01:13:22   So I think it's interesting that it's still a separate thing for marketing purposes, but

01:13:26   also maybe from a technological point of view it also helps.

01:13:32   So apparently Apple had planned to launch these in 2018 but had some problems in development

01:13:39   and they're now being targeted for a 2019 release for these over ear headphones.

01:13:44   So weird for modern Apple, I can't believe they would have a product.

01:13:47   Well, well, it's better than to announce it and then not ship it.

01:13:50   It's true.

01:13:51   I have no problem with them having problems and it not being delayed.

01:13:55   It's not actually late.

01:13:56   I don't care about that.

01:13:57   If they don't tell the date.

01:13:59   Rest in peace AirPower.

01:14:00   Mmhmm.

01:14:01   Like I, you know, for the point of that they're like yes, I've made my opinions on that kind

01:14:07   of thinking quite clear in the past.

01:14:10   But with these it's like, these aren't a thing that are late as such because it's not a defined

01:14:16   timeline, right?

01:14:17   Like it's a brand new product, right?

01:14:20   So it's kind of is what it is.

01:14:22   If they're having problems developing a brand new product I kind of don't care.

01:14:26   I'm interested to see what they end up doing though.

01:14:29   Now the Bloomberg article says nothing more about HomePod other than saying in the intro

01:14:37   that it's being worked on for 2019.

01:14:40   No details, just a new HomePod, which isn't really saying much.

01:14:46   And of course, as has become our way, if a rumor keeps popping up, we like to decide

01:14:52   to make some predictions about it.

01:14:53   So considering we've seen a bunch of this stuff in the past a couple of times, and it

01:14:57   looks like it's going to be pretty long term. We're going to make in round robin style,

01:15:01   in traditional round robin style, some predictions. No problem. Some predictions based on the

01:15:10   potential for Apple's future line of audio products after this break. I want to thank

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01:17:50   hover for the continued support of relay FM. So round robin style because I created the

01:17:56   round robin today I get first pick and what we're going to do here is we're going to make

01:18:00   bunch of predictions about AirPods and HeadPods and HomePod about over the next, I reckon,

01:18:06   up until the end of 2019. So we're going for some real nice long-term stuff here. Some

01:18:10   things that we think that Apple might do with their audio-based products. I'm going to go

01:18:16   first and I'm going to say AirPods to gain more controls via touch actions. This is what

01:18:21   we were speaking about a minute ago. It feels like an inevitable thing to me that you will

01:18:25   be able to at least do something more than tapping to access some kind of action on the

01:18:33   AirPod. It just feels like something that people wanted for a long time and even if

01:18:36   it isn't something as nice as like gently stroking it to change the volume, at least

01:18:43   just being able to touch or get an option to touch the AirPod to pause rather than tap,

01:18:48   that would be real nice. I also, I was very careful with my picks here to not make them

01:18:53   too complicated. Every one of my picks had like two sentences and I brought them down

01:18:57   to one sentence because I know I've been burned by that in the past.

01:19:00   That's where you get...

01:19:01   That's where I always get... I always just ruin myself by being like "touch actions like

01:19:06   this!" No, not in the actual pick. The actual pick is "Airports to gain more controls via

01:19:10   touch actions." That's the pick.

01:19:13   I'm going to go with a similar simple pick and one that I think would fit in. I already

01:19:20   about it, I think it would fit well with the other Beats products and everything else Apple

01:19:23   does, at least one more color option comes to AirPods. I'm not even saying what color,

01:19:30   but just at least one more option. I think people would like choices, I think people could use it as

01:19:35   a fashion accessory, Apple uses this on all other sorts of products, I think it would be Swell.

01:19:40   Yeah, I think the only reason they didn't get it the first time was because they couldn't make

01:19:44   enough of them. They could barely make them in white. They just did one color option.

01:19:47   So I feel like at this point they should be good enough at building these things so they

01:19:51   could at least have a black one or a gold one or whatever.

01:19:55   Or space grey would probably be right, not gonna make black, it'll be space grey.

01:19:59   Whatever color space grey will take.

01:20:02   I'm going with the AirPods line is splitting two, so the, I don't know if it's like a base

01:20:10   version and a pro version, I don't care about the name, but there's going to be two versions

01:20:16   and the base one gets a small price drop.

01:20:19   - Ooh, you did an and.

01:20:23   And is always tricky in these predictions.

01:20:27   - Risk it this time.

01:20:28   So yeah, two, like the line gets split in two versions

01:20:35   and the base one is slightly cheaper than it currently is.

01:20:39   - I'm gonna go with a HomePod pick.

01:20:42   I think that the next HomePod in 2019

01:20:45   will be a mini HomePod. I think the HomePod as it is, is probably not going to change

01:20:51   for a while. I don't know how much more they could do in a year or 18 months or something

01:20:58   to that piece of hardware that is desperately needed to it. When if they had a mini HomePod,

01:21:05   something that was cheaper, something that was easier to put in more rooms, I think would

01:21:09   be ultimately a better product for them to make like a $99 version which is just this

01:21:16   little guy with nice speaker you know like and you can maybe power on battery power so

01:21:21   you could take outside or whatever but I think that a mini HomePod in 2019 would be a welcome

01:21:27   product and I think is their most likely next version of the HomePod.

01:21:34   I don't know how I feel about that one but I guess we'll see.

01:21:38   I just don't know if they could, their whole thing was right, it sounds so great because

01:21:43   we packed all this technology in it.

01:21:45   And if we know anything from like the Google devices or the Echo devices or any other like

01:21:49   regular non-smart speaker, is it when you go down in size it's hard to get that quality

01:21:54   and volume out of it?

01:21:56   And maybe Apple could do it, but I just, I'd be very interested to see how that device

01:21:59   sounded compared to the regular HomePod and how they pitched that.

01:22:03   This yeah, but like it's a different pitch, right?

01:22:05   it sounds great and it's so small not like it fills the room like they can make

01:22:10   a nice sounding small speaker like they exist yeah right like remember those

01:22:14   like Jambox dealios whatever they're called? They were fine you know like that

01:22:19   you can make a decent speaker that's small it's but then the pitch is that it

01:22:23   sounds good and it's small like rather than it sounds good and it fills the

01:22:27   room. So I'm gonna go with a HomePod price drop. And... You're gonna put a timeframe on that?

01:22:37   No, however long this round robin is good for. Well, up until the end of 2019,

01:22:43   there you go. I feel like by the end of this year, I reckon holiday season, the

01:22:48   HomePod gets a drop. I'll give it another year. I'll say before the end of 2019. I

01:22:53   I can't imagine they're selling in huge numbers.

01:22:57   I think the price has a lot to do with that.

01:23:00   And I just think that Apple may need

01:23:03   to make an adjustment there.

01:23:05   - I think it's too expensive.

01:23:06   - It is. - For what it is.

01:23:07   - I think it is too.

01:23:07   - What is it still?

01:23:09   - It's like 999, no it's 349?

01:23:14   Yeah, Federico knows he's bought six.

01:23:15   - No, I have three, only three.

01:23:17   Yeah.

01:23:20   Alright, so I will go with a very specific one.

01:23:25   I think that ShortCuts, the app, will gain new AirPlay 2 actions to play audio on specific

01:23:35   HomePods.

01:23:36   So I think ShortCuts will have native AirPlay 2 actions so that you can create your own

01:23:41   custom ShortCuts to have certain playlists or songs or podcasts play on individual speakers,

01:23:48   which may include HomePods and of course other AirPlay 2 speakers.

01:23:52   So AirPlay 2 actions is something that I really want to see in the future of shortcuts.

01:23:56   I don't know if the first version of the app will have them, but I think by the end of

01:24:01   next year shortcuts will have native AirPlay 2 automation.

01:24:06   It's a very specific one, I told you.

01:24:10   That is incredibly specific.

01:24:14   But I appreciate your specificity.

01:24:18   I think that Apple will create some kind of new noise cancellation technology. I think

01:24:22   that they will have a thing, their Apple version of a whatever it is, right? Good or bad. It

01:24:29   doesn't need to be good or bad, but like I think they will do something where they say,

01:24:33   "You want to know how we get noise cancellation into these AirPods? It's because we created

01:24:38   this thing and they have this whole thing that they have done that goes into the AirPods

01:24:43   and the head pod, you know, or whatever, about some way that they've enhanced everything

01:24:51   we've ever thought about when it comes to noise cancellation like they did. What was

01:24:55   it called? Stereoscopic? What is that thing? 3D sound? Whatever they call that. The home

01:25:00   pod nonsense. Where it's not stereo, but it's that other thing. It's the same idea.

01:25:04   They're not going to call this noise cancellation. They're going to call it with some fancy name

01:25:08   like quiet time or something like that. Yeah or like active room detection sound noise

01:25:15   you know. We could workshop in that. We mentioned this earlier. Apple talk. That's a different

01:25:24   thing. Myke you and I both dislike noise cancellation. I think for the same reason it makes me sick.

01:25:31   Like it makes me sick to my stomach. Yeah it makes me feel nauseous. Yeah. And so I

01:25:35   I hope that whatever they do either doesn't do that, but I'll be shocked

01:25:38   because I'm extremely sensitive to that sort of thing.

01:25:40   So I just hope it's optional that I don't want this in all AirPods.

01:25:42   I don't want this in all headphones.

01:25:44   Put it as a high end option, like the rest of the market.

01:25:46   And let me continue to use AirPods without it forever, please.

01:25:50   Or even let me toggle, right?

01:25:51   Let me, let me, you know, cause there might be other things I want in products

01:25:55   that have this, but let me not use it.

01:25:57   Uh, so mine, I'm a curious if you guys are going to allow this, but it's a better

01:26:03   incorporation of Apple news into the audio ecosystem, like especially into the home pod,

01:26:10   I think, where right now you can tell it to play the news and you can pick between a couple

01:26:17   of different partner, you know, Fox, NPR, etc. And I think there's a real rise and I'm

01:26:25   selfish because I host one of them. But there's a real rise and like these super short, like

01:26:29   minute to minute audio updates.

01:26:32   We have one called subnet, and I just wonder

01:26:35   if there's a way to make that more

01:26:40   of a pronounced feature in the HomePod,

01:26:42   or even in Siri and what it does with audio.

01:26:46   Just so you could say, "Hey, tell me the news,"

01:26:48   and you could have it stringing together

01:26:50   several different sources, or even from a marketing point,

01:26:53   like some sort of push of news and audio being together,

01:26:57   it's a real important little corner of podcasting and audio production and I

01:27:02   think Apple would do well to sort of flesh that out a little bit. With the

01:27:06   Echo you can say I want to play NPR then I'll play subnet then I'll play something

01:27:10   else and you can kind of fake that with like a playlist and podcast but it's

01:27:14   it's kind of clunky. Apple's doing a big push on Apple news we didn't get to talk

01:27:18   about this week but they're busy doing Apple news stuff and I'd like to see

01:27:22   Apple news and Siri audio HomePod stuff become closer together somehow.

01:27:29   I mean I'm happy to let you have it because I don't see it happening.

01:27:32   So like if I'm playing to win then you can have that pick because I don't really see

01:27:38   that as a thing that they would spend severe marketing time on other than just like a podcast

01:27:46   app feature which is not necessarily geared around a specific thing for their audio products.

01:27:53   Right? I feel like that's two different things. Like if the podcast app gets something like

01:27:57   this, you didn't get that.

01:27:59   Well if you get to control it with Siri I do.

01:28:03   No cause that's Siri.

01:28:04   No but Siri and the HomePod, it's all like one thing.

01:28:08   Right no but if they stand there and they're like "here's this new feature for Siri" and

01:28:12   they demo the Siri feature. I think that's very different to like it works on the AirPods,

01:28:18   like that's two different things. We will adjudicate that when the time comes, but I

01:28:21   don't think you're going to get that one. Federico, do you want to finish off the round?

01:28:25   Do you want to round out this Robin? My final one is again a specific one. I'm going to

01:28:30   say that the headphones will be... That name cracks me up every time. They will be wireless

01:28:38   only and they will have no headphone jack and they will charge either via lightning

01:28:46   or USB-C. So, it's a bunch of different things all at once.

01:28:55   What if they go truly wireless only? You have to buy an AirPower.

01:29:00   I think you're right. No headphones, Apple releases past Beats. Any new thing I think

01:29:07   is going to be wireless only like the AirPods or the BeatsX. I think that's I

01:29:12   think that's a lock. The BeatsX uses lightning now my wife has a pair she

01:29:17   likes them she came on the show and talked about them so I think there's

01:29:19   even precedent there so I think while this may be specific on the surface I'm

01:29:23   not sure you're really saying much that isn't true now which is interesting so I

01:29:29   think that I think that you could be on track with this. There you go we'll see. I

01:29:34   - I hope they don't call it HeadPods.

01:29:35   That's the worst name.

01:29:37   - Best name ever, HeadPods.

01:29:39   - It's the best name for our purposes here.

01:29:42   Bad name for a product.

01:29:44   - If you wanna reach out to us this week,

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01:29:54   Remember, we're taking next week off,

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01:30:00   which is very exciting.

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01:30:20   - He's also in.

01:30:21   - Yeah, the editor's in the chief.

01:30:23   It's very complex.

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01:30:50   Federico until next time I speak to you say goodbye. Adios.

01:30:54   See you in August suckers bye!

01:30:58   (laughing)