183: PodStorm


00:00:00   Three, two, one, click.

00:00:04   Everybody good?

00:00:05   - I really hesitated for a moment

00:00:07   'cause I wasn't sure whether to click on the one or not.

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00:00:26   My name is Stephen Hackett, I'm your host,

00:00:28   and I'm joined by your two other hosts.

00:00:31   We're all equal footing,

00:00:32   even though I'm the one announcing the show.

00:00:34   Up first, we have Michael Hurley.

00:00:36   Michael, how are you?

00:00:37   - You were very, very traditional this week.

00:00:40   - Well, I am now, but will it be that way in the edit?

00:00:42   No one knows.

00:00:44   - Yeah, anything could happen.

00:00:45   It could be in reverse.

00:00:47   Over me, over me.

00:00:49   - We also are joined, of course, by Mr. Federico Fattici.

00:00:52   Hey, buddy.

00:00:53   - Hi, it's, hi, how are you?

00:00:55   It's good to have you back.

00:00:56   Yes, yes, I was absent last week. I was absent in the body, but present in the spirit.

00:01:02   Were you though?

00:01:04   Yeah, I mean, it's almost strange to be able to talk to you in real time

00:01:09   instead of having this sort of godlike commentary coming from above into our ears, into our show.

00:01:17   It's strange. Are you a real person?

00:01:19   I think so.

00:01:20   Even?

00:01:20   Okay, okay, cool. All right. Yeah.

00:01:24   taken. So this is the show. We start with follow-up. With you. And I think we already talked about one.

00:01:31   Last week I was absent. And I was absent but I still edited the show. So if you haven't

00:01:37   listened to last week's episode, maybe listen to the first couple minutes and you'll get a taste of

00:01:40   whatever that was. It was really good. You did a really good job. I think the Steven era has been

00:01:48   is just a huge success so far.

00:01:51   I will say, for the listener who's rolling their eyes at me right now, I did not put

00:01:56   this in the show notes. I did not put this in follow-up. Someone else did.

00:01:59   He really... it's like, just in big, bold letters, "You must applaud me." It's very

00:02:03   upsetting.

00:02:04   That's right. Or, "I'll string your words together and make you say terrible things."

00:02:11   So let's jump in. What is this...?

00:02:15   Yeah, I have a few clarifications, corrections and pieces of follow-up from last week.

00:02:22   Maj pointed out the correction in, we were talking about the fingerprint sensor, you know,

00:02:27   talking about that in-screen fingerprint sensor.

00:02:29   So it is made by a company called Synaptic.

00:02:34   The phone maker, Vivo, they didn't make it.

00:02:37   That was what I said. I was incorrect on that.

00:02:40   Vivo is just the first manufacturer to use it.

00:02:43   So that's a good thing because it then means that Synaptic, the company that makes this

00:02:47   fingerprint sensor, they can sell it far and wide because it's just a part made by a vendor

00:02:51   is what it looks like so far.

00:02:53   And Vivo, for whatever reason, is a manufacturer in China, is the first one to really be doing

00:02:58   anything public with it.

00:03:00   It might be because it's a tricky part or an expensive part so it's being done at low

00:03:03   volume.

00:03:04   I don't know.

00:03:05   But Synaptic is the company and they make those sensors.

00:03:08   I do wonder, I mean it's great that it's like this third party like OEM other phone, you

00:03:15   know, companies could go and buy this thing and integrate it.

00:03:18   But I wonder, and you guys talked a little bit about this, like is there a market for

00:03:23   this thing?

00:03:24   Like Apple's not going to go back to a fingerprint reader.

00:03:26   Android will keep doing, there will be a lot and lot of Android phones that will do fingerprint

00:03:34   sensors, if anything, just to cater for people that don't like the face scanning.

00:03:40   Right, so if you've got so much choice...

00:03:42   I just wonder if those customers are used to it being on the back and that...

00:03:45   You know what I mean? Like, would they make the move to put it back on the front

00:03:48   where it used to be?

00:03:50   I think the back is nice, the front is normal, and I think that if you can have

00:03:57   so much of the screen be the sensor, that makes it good to put it on the front again.

00:04:02   Because you've added an additional incentive.

00:04:05   Like if you can cover a quarter of the screen so you don't actually have to put your finger

00:04:09   or your thumb in a specific place, that is enough of an incentive to move it again, right?

00:04:14   In my opinion, because now you've created something that is vastly superior.

00:04:21   Many people also recommended to me a way to trick Face ID into triggering a new scan.

00:04:28   So this is something that I was complaining about.

00:04:30   like if you're looking at your home screen and face ID doesn't recognize you,

00:04:34   there wasn't a button or anything you could press to make it scan your face again.

00:04:39   Well it turns out if you tilt the phone away from you and back again,

00:04:42   it will trigger a rescan because what it's doing is something with the accelerometer.

00:04:47   I reckon this is something to do with the raise to wake stuff,

00:04:49   so it effectively treats it as a new raise to wake. It's a hack but it totally works and I've

00:04:53   been using it this week and I'm very happy about it. Like it's fixed one of my biggest issues.

00:04:58   if it doesn't recognize me, I just tilt away, tilt back and it does it straight away.

00:05:01   So I like that, but I still think that there needs to be a better mechanism for it.

00:05:06   But this one will totally work for me for now.

00:05:08   I got lots of feedback about that.

00:05:09   If you do that enough times, it sort of becomes like a workout.

00:05:14   You know, if you do that like a hundred of times every day.

00:05:17   Yeah, wrist exercises.

00:05:18   You should put some weights on the back of the iPhone.

00:05:25   I mean seriously though, this film's pretty heavy as it is, so, you know.

00:05:30   We're gonna get pitches for cases now that you can attach weights to. You know what you've

00:05:33   done.

00:05:38   It's like when Goku trains in Dragon Ball because he needs to become faster and so he

00:05:42   puts on weights.

00:05:43   Sure.

00:05:44   We can totally relate to that.

00:05:45   I was getting ready to bring that up.

00:05:48   Especially Steven knows. Steven knows, I'm sure.

00:05:50   Yeah, I'm surprised that we didn't think of it before now.

00:05:52   Exactly.

00:05:53   It's weird I had it written down in my notebook. It's very strange.

00:05:57   Stephen, tell us about Dragon Ball.

00:06:00   I can't tell you about Dragon Ball. But I can tell you about the story in the San Francisco

00:06:07   Chronicle. Apple Park is a beautiful campus. Everything is made out of glass and dreams

00:06:15   and hope. And the problem with those three construction methods is that people walk into

00:06:20   And if you walk into Dreams and Hope, you're mostly okay.

00:06:22   But if you walk into Glass, you're going to have a bad time.

00:06:26   And so this article has transcripts from three 911 calls from Apple's new campus.

00:06:35   These are retained by public record requests.

00:06:36   You can go and get these.

00:06:38   People walking into Glass and getting hurt.

00:06:40   And that's a funny story to me, but it's also, I mean, it's terrible that people are getting

00:06:46   hurt and clearly Apple has a problem on their hands.

00:06:49   But it's just something about this story just really… it just fits so many things that

00:06:56   people complain about Apple.

00:06:58   I don't know.

00:06:59   What do you guys think?

00:07:00   I have a couple of points on this.

00:07:01   One, it's super weird to read these 911 transcripts, and you should read them just

00:07:06   because they're interesting.

00:07:08   Especially because they're really good transcripts, so they pick up these strange inflections.

00:07:13   The way that they respond to things is really interesting.

00:07:16   time on all three calls, like the way that the address is described is very peculiarly

00:07:23   like they also, the person that's calling is always really hesitant to actually talk

00:07:28   about what's happened, which I find really weird. Like the 911 dispatcher has to ask

00:07:34   them multiple times to explain what has happened. And then there are these two calls which were

00:07:38   clearly made by the same person, like the second, the last two calls, because every

00:07:44   sentence has basically started with "it's going to be in" like this phrase is repeated

00:07:49   a bunch like it's gonna be on the gate it's gonna be in apple park it's gonna be like

00:07:54   a day and it's really just interesting to read these calls um i think it is really uh

00:08:01   meme-y to point at this and be like "johnny i've can't design" but i kind of i i'm sorry

00:08:08   stephen i roll my eyes at this it's just it's a building with glass like i walked through

00:08:12   a screen door at your house.

00:08:14   It's true, he did.

00:08:15   Right?

00:08:16   Like, you know, this is just a thing that people do, and there are ways around it, and

00:08:19   eventually people will stop doing it because everyone's bleeding out.

00:08:22   Yeah, everyone's dead.

00:08:24   I mean, I didn't put this in here to make the point that Johnny Ivey's bad at buildings,

00:08:27   although maybe he is.

00:08:29   It's just a weird story because we don't hear much about Apple, like their campus stuff

00:08:38   before Apple Park, and they made such a huge deal of it, and now it's in the news again.

00:08:42   a very strange story because we don't see this sort of stuff from Apple.

00:08:48   There were professional architects involved in this.

00:08:50   It wasn't like, you know, it wasn't all journey.

00:08:53   Maybe put some bandage or something on that glass.

00:08:56   I've worked in places with plenty of glass, I mean it happens, but it's a thing.

00:09:00   Anyways.

00:09:01   Yeah, this is going to be one of those sad situations where they have this beautiful

00:09:05   campus but now every wall is covered in stickers.

00:09:07   Yeah.

00:09:08   Right?

00:09:09   the unfortunate part of this, which I'm sure they're doing now if they haven't done already,

00:09:13   right? Like they're trying to put some tasteful warning signs, like push and pull or whatever,

00:09:18   but it's just a shame that eventually every pane of glass is going to be covered with

00:09:23   a health and safety sticker.

00:09:26   So what you're saying, Myke, is I'm going to quote you back to you. "It's a shame to

00:09:30   cover Apple products in stickers," is what you said.

00:09:34   That's what he said. It's on the record. It's in our audio files. It's what he said.

00:09:39   I've already lead quest on the show, but I held it back.

00:09:44   I love the question from the dispatcher.

00:09:47   Is this a building or a room number?

00:09:51   I imagine like these people staying in an Apple hotel and everybody just at their computers

00:09:57   in the rooms.

00:09:59   It's a very strange picture.

00:10:00   But yeah, I've never been in a...

00:10:05   I've never worked in this type of office, so I don't know. This is something that I've

00:10:11   learned recently of like offices with glass walls and doors and people walking into them.

00:10:18   This is all new to me, but I've never walked into a glass door myself, so I guess it I

00:10:25   suppose it hurts real bad, especially like if you're, you know, walking like, you know,

00:10:32   need to go somewhere and you're like focus on your phone and then you just suddenly hit

00:10:35   your head. It's like that must be awful. That must be really awful.

00:10:39   It happens all the time. Can I read, can I read just a little section of this, of this,

00:10:43   these calls? This is call two on January the second. This is just to highlight the interesting

00:10:47   text. This is like a good example of it. So dispatcher, what's the address of the emergency?

00:10:53   It's going to be one Apple Park Cupertino. It's going to be a medical emergency. Can

00:10:58   Can you verify the address of the emergency? It's going to be one Apple Parkway Cupertino.

00:11:02   Okay, and is that a business? Yes, it's going to be Apple Campus. It's just like it keeps

00:11:07   going on like this. It's really interesting to me. I don't understand. But this is obviously

00:11:13   just the way this person talks. And it's like, you know, I know I have my tics. I say "like"

00:11:17   a lot, right? But it's just fun to me to read it written down like this, because this person

00:11:23   just keep saying this phrase over and over again. Anyway, it's interesting. It's interesting

00:11:28   just because you kind of get to see the way that the protocols are, because the person

00:11:35   who hurts themselves is not really allowed to talk to the people. It's a security situation,

00:11:42   they call it. It's all really just weird, but it's there if you want to go see it.

00:11:47   Federico, tell us about iTunes LP.

00:11:51   It's 2004, everyone.

00:11:53   I think that yesterday this website, which is also a newspaper, I think, Metro, they

00:12:00   published this report based on an email that Apple was discontinuing the iTunes LP format,

00:12:07   which is this, I want to say, interesting experiment that Apple did.

00:12:13   I think it dates back to 2009, maybe?

00:12:18   And it was a way for artists with an album on the iTunes store.

00:12:24   This Metro article is so bad.

00:12:26   Yeah, it's terrible.

00:12:28   You just need to go and look at this.

00:12:31   It's really bad.

00:12:33   Like basically they don't know what iTunes LP is and they think that it means all albums

00:12:41   are being removed from the iTunes store.

00:12:43   Oh gosh, this is terrible.

00:12:48   The title of the story is "End of iTunes? Leaked Apple Email Sparks Fears Over Future

00:12:56   of Music Downloads."

00:12:58   Only to the Metro!

00:13:00   Check out the GIF, though. That's like iTunes version 6 with CoverFlow.

00:13:04   It's good.

00:13:05   I'm saving that GIF.

00:13:08   Never mind the source, but the story is that this format, which was a way for artists to

00:13:15   essentially replicate digitally the experience of buying a physical CD album.

00:13:22   So, using a mix of CSS,

00:13:25   HTML and

00:13:28   JavaScript, I want to say, you could offer on the desktop in iTunes these extra contents such as bonus tracks or

00:13:37   the... what's the name of the notes that you use to get CDs? Liner notes.

00:13:43   video so you could offer this basically DVD extras but for music and

00:13:48   I have thoughts about this. I thought it was a cool idea

00:13:51   but

00:13:53   Basically, then Apple reached out to the verge and they sent a statement

00:13:57   They will not be accepting new submissions for iTunes LP content the submissions for new LP content if it ever

00:14:05   I don't know if somebody is

00:14:07   Well, those are ending this month

00:14:10   I'm sorry to officially communicate this to you, but the existing iTunes LP albums

00:14:17   and your purchases will live on and you will be able to re-download them and enjoy them

00:14:21   only on the desktop because they're not compatible with mobile devices.

00:14:25   Man, that's just like... I love that, right? Like, they're gonna keep supporting it,

00:14:28   which means just more old code in iTunes, right? Like, just more legacy in iTunes.

00:14:35   That's what that means, poor iTunes.

00:14:37   Yeah, yeah, what you gotta do, it's an old app anyway, so everything is old. And I want to say

00:14:44   that I'm sad because I think, and if you pay attention you could see how maybe Spotify is

00:14:50   sort of doing something along these lines, that the idea of being able to reach out to the super fans

00:14:58   of an artist and to offer, maybe even let them pay for extra content, it's something that I think

00:15:05   should have been adapted to the streaming era, which is something that of course Apple

00:15:09   never did.

00:15:10   But I could see how if I'm really into Fallout Boy, for example, I would love to have notes

00:15:16   or video or bonus tracks, stuff just for me, an interactive content that I could use within

00:15:23   Apple Music instead of having to search on Google or go to YouTube or something else.

00:15:28   I think it's a great idea for people who are really into, you know, an artist or really

00:15:33   into music.

00:15:34   But of course, how would you reconcile this with a subscription model?

00:15:39   And I guess that's why Apple ultimately, you know, it was a great idea launched in the

00:15:46   wrong time period.

00:15:48   That's the way that I think about it.

00:15:50   So what you want is a way to go into iTunes and to connect with the artist that you love.

00:15:58   No.

00:15:59   Maybe they can just put it in a tab in the iOS music app.

00:16:02   Yeah, and when they're ready to talk to you, they can just ping you and then you'll know

00:16:07   that they want to speak to you and tell you about their new releases.

00:16:12   So the only social feature that Apple ever got right is the current one in Apple Music

00:16:16   and that's it.

00:16:18   That's very good.

00:16:19   I saw something that happened to me a couple of days ago. Federico sent me a message and

00:16:22   he's like "there's this band that I think you would like, they're called Mount Joy"

00:16:26   and I was like "okay" and I saw it and I didn't get to it at that time. I opened Apple Music

00:16:30   an hour later and it was right there because and it had your little face on it.

00:16:34   And I was like oh yeah that's that album that Federico told me and then I started playing it

00:16:37   on my home pod. Like that is a great feature, works very well, I like it a lot, it's good.

00:16:43   Unless your friends have terrible music tastes then it's not so good.

00:16:45   Yeah, anyway, iTunes LP I think, I still think there's potential for reaching out to people who

00:16:55   want to support a favorite artists even on a streaming platform in different ways other

00:17:02   than just give us money and you listen to music. Like I would love to have notes, I

00:17:07   would love to have interviews, I would love to have extra content and I want to pay for

00:17:11   it. Or I would love to have, and this is something that I think Beats Music experimented with,

00:17:18   to be able to buy tickets for concerts or buy merchandising. I think it's also something

00:17:23   Spotify is playing with. If you go on an artist page in Spotify, you can see links to buy

00:17:29   merchandise on the artist's website. And I, you know, if you consider Apple as this huge

00:17:34   install base and they have Apple Pay, why don't you do something like that? And make

00:17:38   it, make it easy for people to support their favorite artists and go to see live music

00:17:42   and, you know, retaining people within Apple Music because it's a virtual cycle that I

00:17:47   think would be beneficial to everybody. But, you know, iTunes LP is not that and it's going

00:17:53   away so better keep all the downloads of your favorite iTunes LP contents. I think John

00:17:59   on MacStory is actually linked to a Wikipedia entry of all the iTunes LP albums that you

00:18:05   can buy on iTunes because of course somebody made that list. It's probably the intern at

00:18:09   Apple maintaining that Wikipedia. I'm pretty sure I have one. I don't know what it will

00:18:14   be but I'm sure I have one because I remember like when the feature debuted, like I remember

00:18:18   the Grateful Dead one that they kept showing off on stage. I don't know why I remember

00:18:23   that so fondly, but I know that I would have bought one because that was in that stage.

00:18:28   Well, I guess I'm still in that stage where I'll buy literally anything Apple will do

00:18:32   since that stage never ended.

00:18:33   So how's your HomePod?

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00:20:03   Our thanks to Hover for their support of this show. So Stephen, you wrote a little article on

00:20:09   your web blog 512pixels.net where you basically told the world that the home

00:20:17   pod is being rotated away from the kitchen because your family rebelled

00:20:20   against you? That's pretty much what happened. So I think I spoke on

00:20:25   the show that to review anything I really like I don't I need to

00:20:31   actually like use it and spend time with it. I'm not very good at like the like

00:20:33   fast like 48-hour impressions type things and so for me for the home pod

00:20:38   that meant unplug the echo and put the home pod where it sat in the kitchen. So

00:20:43   I did that after you know the first couple days I had it. It's been there

00:20:47   ever since. I unplugged the echo and put it in the hall closet which led to a lot

00:20:52   of questions about where the lady inside the echo had gone from our three-year-

00:20:56   old. He was very worried something bad happened to her which is something to

00:21:01   think about as a parent but that's not really the point today. So the home pod has

00:21:06   been there for three weeks and this weekend kind of all in the kitchen and someone asks

00:21:12   the HomePod something and it just botches it.

00:21:14   I forget what it was.

00:21:15   Some like simple request and Siri just fell down.

00:21:19   And just kind of all of a sudden the family is sharing with me that they really want the

00:21:23   Echo back in the kitchen.

00:21:26   And so I, you know, I didn't want a rebellion so I put the Echo back and now the HomePod

00:21:32   is sitting out here in the studio on the other desk just kind of sitting there looking sad

00:21:38   and alone.

00:21:39   I have a question for you as it relates to your children's use of these devices.

00:21:44   Do you think that there could be a point that like they grew an attachment to the Echo because

00:21:51   it was the first one like it was a novelty initially and now it's like that's the thing

00:21:56   so something different with a different voice isn't the same thing?

00:21:59   - Yeah, I think so.

00:21:59   And Snell had said something silly

00:22:02   about how his kids sometimes,

00:22:03   or maybe it was John Sirkusa, someone,

00:22:05   said their kids used the wrong name.

00:22:08   Like for my kids--

00:22:10   - Yeah, I think it was Sirkusa on ATP.

00:22:12   He was saying that they say the Google phrase to the HomePod.

00:22:16   - Right, because that wake phrase is just like

00:22:19   the word that you start to,

00:22:22   when you wanna do computer stuff with your voice.

00:22:23   Like that's just the word you start with.

00:22:25   And so yeah, that's definitely part of it.

00:22:27   - I do it too.

00:22:28   Like I say like, Alexa, when I want to trigger the HomePod,

00:22:33   like I do it.

00:22:35   So it is a thing because in my mind,

00:22:39   a voice command now is just started with that word.

00:22:43   It's not necessarily that I'm thinking about

00:22:45   what device I'm talking to.

00:22:47   It's just like when I want the lights to go on,

00:22:49   there is a sentence that includes that.

00:22:51   So like it's the whole sentence includes the Echo Wake word

00:22:55   as well as the command.

00:22:57   - Yeah, so I think that's definitely a factor in our case.

00:23:01   But really like the use cases,

00:23:04   and I've talked about this before,

00:23:05   we use the Echo for music listening,

00:23:07   checking the weather and news,

00:23:08   setting multiple timers,

00:23:09   and controlling like smart home stuff.

00:23:12   And all my smart home stuff works the same

00:23:13   with HomeKit or with the Echo.

00:23:15   And the HomePod is like way better for music listening

00:23:19   when Siri parses what you want correctly,

00:23:22   but all the rest of it, the Echo is better.

00:23:27   The Echo has this really cool flash briefing thing,

00:23:29   which by the way, it's a little plug,

00:23:32   we have a new show on Relay called Subnet,

00:23:34   which you can plug into your flash briefing

00:23:36   on the Amazon Echo service.

00:23:39   And so for me, I ask Amazon, what's the news?

00:23:42   It reads NPR, it plays NPR, it plays Subnet,

00:23:46   which is my own voice in my own kitchen,

00:23:48   which is kind of funny, and then plays the weather.

00:23:51   - And this is also on Google Home too.

00:23:53   - Yes, it is on Google Home.

00:23:55   You can do all of that stuff with the HomePod,

00:23:58   but you have to do them one at a time.

00:23:59   Like, just some of these features that have evolved

00:24:02   over time with the Echo, the HomePod just doesn't have.

00:24:04   And unfortunately, some of that stuff

00:24:07   is exactly what we use the Echo a lot for.

00:24:10   And so, for us, the sound quality,

00:24:14   which is way better than the Echo,

00:24:16   wasn't enough to offset, okay,

00:24:19   where all these other voice assistant type things

00:24:21   we want to do, the Echo does better,

00:24:23   it fits our needs better as a family.

00:24:26   And so, I don't want two of these things in my kitchen,

00:24:29   which is what a bunch of people said.

00:24:30   Like, we'll just have both.

00:24:31   I was like, well, that's not really an answer for us

00:24:35   in our kitchen, so we're gonna have one,

00:24:36   and we're gonna have one that music's okay, it's fine,

00:24:39   and it does the other voices and stuff better

00:24:42   than Siri does at this point.

00:24:44   - What about it getting better, though?

00:24:47   Like, this is a thing that everyone is kind of

00:24:49   hanging their hat on right now, and it's true, right?

00:24:52   that Siri can just get better.

00:24:55   And if Siri gets better, then you

00:24:56   have better hardware and competent voice assistants.

00:25:00   Yeah.

00:25:00   Well, there is-- I mean, people have quoted this,

00:25:03   but I think it was really well said by Marco

00:25:05   that you're buying something for what it can do today.

00:25:08   Don't buy it on the promise of features tomorrow.

00:25:10   That's really good advice as far as buying consumer electronics.

00:25:16   But backing up a little bit, the feedback of Siri

00:25:20   will get better soon, I think is extremely short sighted for a couple of reasons. One,

00:25:27   Siri has been less than great on Apple's most important product for years. The iPhone like

00:25:33   Apple is the iPhone company if you look at their bottom line, and series an important

00:25:38   part of the iPhone, and they haven't made real progression on it on the iPhone in a

00:25:44   while and there you know, I'm not saying they haven't done anything. They've made the voice

00:25:47   they add new domains, it is improving.

00:25:51   But it's not improving as rapidly as it needs to

00:25:54   to catch up with the Echo.

00:25:56   And so, I don't understand how what is surely

00:26:00   a low volume product sold just to Apple Music customers

00:26:05   is enough for Apple to completely change

00:26:08   their internal structure or fix whatever's broken

00:26:10   in the Siri team, whatever has made Siri slow to improve.

00:26:15   I don't think the HomePod is the magic bullet to fix that within Apple. I just don't see it.

00:26:19   Because if they were if they really thought Siri needed improving and

00:26:24   it's on the most important product your company makes like the the side button on

00:26:29   the iPhone 10 like is that it's like the Siri button and it also does some other stuff and

00:26:34   if that wasn't enough to like get Siri get like the Siri train on the right track

00:26:41   Then I don't think the home pod is nearly powerful enough as a lever to make that happen. Can I provide a counterpoint?

00:26:48   Sure, so, you know a lot of this stuff. I would assume a lot of things that get prioritized because

00:26:55   Apple is a company made of humans

00:26:58   They become prioritized when somebody important enough up the food chain

00:27:03   Realizes a problem. So what you're saying is my blog post will change this with no, I'm not

00:27:09   Unfortunately, I'm not talking about your blog post even though I'm sure it's been widely read and circulated because you're an influencer

00:27:15   my theory would be that like

00:27:18   High enough executives in Apple are probably not using Siri on their phone that often

00:27:23   Because I think that a lot of people that are pretty confident in technology

00:27:28   Tend not to use Siri on their phone like as much as they would use it in a product like the home pod

00:27:34   Because the home pods only interaction is via Siri

00:27:37   So like I would assume now that if Siri is deemed to have problems inside of Apple

00:27:44   They are becoming more apparent now that more employees and engineers and executives will be using the home pod as a

00:27:51   product and realizing some of the shortcomings firsthand, so whilst I agree that like

00:27:58   Logically, it doesn't make sense because Siri has been a part of basically every product that Apple shipped for the last few years

00:28:05   Why hasn't it gotten better?

00:28:07   I guess my point would be that maybe because it's not being used that much, so it kind

00:28:11   of gets swept under the rug.

00:28:12   But now that they have a device where Siri is the interface, it might prompt them to

00:28:19   prioritize things a little bit differently because it's right in their face when they

00:28:23   try and use the product and get less than, not less than stellar results, but just not

00:28:28   the results that they would want all the time.

00:28:30   Yeah, no, I think that's a really good counterpoint.

00:28:32   I don't know how I feel about like Apple fixes things when the boss notices like that's a I'm just gonna side

00:28:38   I'm just gonna put that off to the side for now. That's a really interesting competition. We should have one day

00:28:42   I hope they do fix it

00:28:46   Like I think some people took what I wrote or how I responded on Twitter to be well

00:28:51   He doesn't want it to improve and that's not true

00:28:53   Like I want Apple to be as good at this as Google and Amazon are Apple should be as good as their competitors are in

00:29:01   this market. This is a really important market and I hope that they can they can do it. I

00:29:06   just think that even if what you said is true and I think it probably is that that's not

00:29:12   going to be overnight. Like the people in my email saying oh just wait to WWDC and Apple

00:29:18   is going to have this massive overhaul. I just don't see it moving that quickly because

00:29:22   we have years and years of history showing that that it's not. And take something like

00:29:29   I'm comparing apples to oranges, but like the the Mac Pro conversation, right?

00:29:33   Like it takes time for these decisions to be made and it takes even longer for the work to be done.

00:29:39   Like I'm sure none of the three of us are anywhere near smart enough to work on this stuff.

00:29:45   I can't imagine the engineering that goes into it, but I hope that they do it.

00:29:52   Now if we're, you know, in June we're recording our post-WDC show and 2018 is the year of

00:29:59   Siri and Siri's like rapidly better, I don't think that means I was wrong.

00:30:04   I think it means that this has been going on.

00:30:07   That's selective.

00:30:08   Hear me out.

00:30:11   I don't think they can be as good as Amazon in the next three months.

00:30:16   Like that's just not possible.

00:30:20   If we are going to get WWDC or sometime in the fall and the HomePod is all of a sudden

00:30:24   way better, then that's awesome.

00:30:27   It means Apple has noticed this, but I think it means that it's been going on in the background

00:30:33   a little bit.

00:30:34   And then why ship the HomePod late if Siri's still back?

00:30:37   There's lots of questions in this.

00:30:38   I think the big picture is today at least, it struggles.

00:30:45   It struggles with some really basic things.

00:30:48   But it's not a nightmare.

00:30:49   Like Siri on the HomePod is not awful.

00:30:54   It's just frustrating.

00:30:55   And your mileage will vary.

00:30:58   I know y'all have them and like them.

00:31:00   I have one and like it.

00:31:01   I'm keeping it.

00:31:02   I'm gonna have it out here in my office.

00:31:03   But for our needs as a family, like as a kitchen thing,

00:31:06   it just, it just, I just wanted the right fit right now.

00:31:11   But I am keeping it because I do hope Apple fixes it.

00:31:14   And I think that they can and I think that they will.

00:31:17   just a matter of how long it's going to take.

00:31:20   Federico, there's something fascinating that I've noticed in the replies too, Steven. The

00:31:28   idea of, there's a common thread of folks on Twitter and on podcasts or websites saying

00:31:36   I'm sure Apple knows and they're working on this. And this is a fascinating social mechanic

00:31:42   to me. I've been thinking about why do people think this way? Why sort of almost sort of

00:31:48   analyzing the situation like why do some folks struggle to reconcile being able to like something

00:31:57   but also see the flaws and the mistakes in the product or in a story in whatever it is.

00:32:06   there's a group of like-minded individuals who they need to tell you that they are sure

00:32:21   that Apple knows. And I've been thinking about this, why is this such a common piece of feedback

00:32:29   that we get? Because whenever I point out something that is not up to my standards on iOS,

00:32:34   for example, I get this reply and Steven got this reply and Myke gets this reply. And the

00:32:40   conclusion that I've come to is that for some people, hope is sort of like a powerful sedative

00:32:49   in the sense that they need to know. And so they say, I'm sure that Apple knows and it's

00:32:55   working on this. And I wonder why that is. Why do you need that kind of conviction that,

00:33:03   know, Apple knows they're working on this, they got this. It's interesting to me because

00:33:07   it's sort of when you're having this kind of discussions on Twitter, it can be fascinating

00:33:13   to have this argument to get into these arguments with folks who have more of a more of an inclination

00:33:20   to you know, to just forgive every single mistake that Apple, that Apple does, and they

00:33:25   do make mistakes, you know, because they're not perfect. They're not, you know, they're

00:33:29   They're not gods.

00:33:31   They're just a really good company, I think.

00:33:32   But there's some stuff that needs to get better.

00:33:36   But that kind of reply, it sort of

00:33:38   defeats an entire conversation.

00:33:40   Because if you're sure that Apple knows,

00:33:44   where do we go from here?

00:33:46   And this is something that I wanted to bring up

00:33:48   a while back on the show.

00:33:49   I think it's always more productive when

00:33:52   we get into these arguments.

00:33:54   To offer some kind of solution, to offer some kind of,

00:33:58   like, how can this get better instead of saying, I'm sure it will get better

00:34:02   because that's just useless.

00:34:04   You know, for one, it's a fake hope because you have this hope.

00:34:08   You don't know for sure.

00:34:09   Because it seems logical.

00:34:11   But this isn't necessarily a logic situation.

00:34:15   You can't just assume.

00:34:17   Exactly. It feels like it should get better.

00:34:19   So it will. That's not how these things work.

00:34:21   Yes. Yes. And that's that's that's the fatal flaw.

00:34:25   And yeah, I've seen the replies to Steven.

00:34:29   I've been sort of following, you know, without getting into it.

00:34:33   I think you can like the HomePod like I do, like Myke does, I think.

00:34:37   I mean, I have two of them.

00:34:38   You like it more than most.

00:34:40   January, you like it more than most people do.

00:34:42   I like it twice than you, Myke does.

00:34:46   I think maybe a little bit more than that,

00:34:48   because you also got rid of all of your echoes.

00:34:50   So which does make me wonder, actually, I want to know

00:34:55   right? From you, what you think about the quality of Siri. Because you are in this

00:35:02   way more than most people that have this device because everybody else that I

00:35:06   know that has got a HomePod also has an Echo which they have kept plugged in and

00:35:12   they are probably continuing to give the majority of their like commands to

00:35:16   during their day. But you got rid of everything and switched over to the HomePod.

00:35:21   pod. Do you agree with the criticisms about the quality of Siri right now?

00:35:25   Well, yeah, for sure I do. I tried the other day, like I wanted to add something to my

00:35:32   Grocery List because we've been testing any list and it didn't work because the HomePod

00:35:38   still thinks that I don't have any of these SiriKit apps installed on my devices. And also,

00:35:44   like, there's a... I noticed that because of the current placement of the HomePod,

00:35:49   it's too close to my TV, and sometimes it does not understand what I'm asking, or it

00:35:56   thinks that I haven't stopped talking, where instead it's the TV that keeps talking, but

00:36:02   my request is over. So we're probably going to switch the placement to be more distant

00:36:07   from the TV. And yes, I mean, it doesn't take a genius to understand serious problems. Also,

00:36:15   You can understand that those problems exist and still like it.

00:36:20   Because I would say that in my experience, I never did the news briefings myself.

00:36:28   Because I'm not interested in US political news more than I already see them in the Italian

00:36:35   news.

00:36:36   Anyway, I listen to podcasts and stations are fine.

00:36:40   I listen to music and music requests have been fine for me.

00:36:45   And the other day I asked about like a unit conversion and it worked. I've noticed that

00:36:51   Sylvia is starting to, I'm talking quietly because I'm bragging, I don't want her to

00:36:57   listen that I'm bragging about this, but she's starting to ask questions to Siri, which is

00:37:01   nice because she's sort of, she's accepting her, which is cool.

00:37:08   Just that new roommate. Yeah, well, isn't it though? And in two rooms, so... So, I think...

00:37:23   She has accepted another person into our relationship.

00:37:27   So it's going well, but also I understand the problems and that's fine. I want to say

00:37:40   I'm sure that we'll get better. I'm not sure. I hope that we'll get better, but the, I think

00:37:46   in spite of the problems, I'm still able to enjoy it. And if I ever come to the point

00:37:51   where Siri is so bad, I cannot even set timers or play. Also, I should say I don't set multiple

00:37:56   timers so that's not a problem for me but it is for other people and I accept that and

00:38:01   I don't respond with "I'm sure it will get better because that's just useless" anyway

00:38:05   I like it I still like it and we're starting to like it as a family which is nice so yeah

00:38:12   I have one last thing on this it's just this is a purely like just a problem in my house

00:38:18   where Adina will say to me a lot "hey sir" right it's just like a joke that we've had

00:38:26   for a while, she'd just call me sir. But like, now, very frequently, she asks me something

00:38:33   and someone in the room goes "hmm?" which is what the HomePod does. It goes "hmm."

00:38:40   If it hears the trigger phrase but you don't give it a command, like because she might

00:38:44   just say it to get my attention, it just goes "hmm" in its little British accent. So that's

00:38:51   a little thing that keeps happening in my home, which I'm sure is a problem for anybody

00:38:54   whose name is Alex or something, right?

00:38:58   That is an issue for you because you wouldn't change the wake word because your name is

00:39:03   not the exact name, but every now and then it's going to get confused.

00:39:07   So I find it to be funny.

00:39:09   So that is an interesting point because on the Echo you can change the wake word and

00:39:13   Apple doesn't offer that.

00:39:15   I saw some people tweeting today that maybe it would be nice if you could change it per

00:39:19   device.

00:39:20   You could call the HomePod "Hey HomePod" and you call your phone the regular phrase,

00:39:23   instance because there is this issue and I'm sure y'all have seen it where for me

00:39:28   at least it's always my Apple watch will catch the command instead of the HomePod

00:39:32   like if I raise my wrist like if I'm doing something and I'm like there's this

00:39:37   move I can do and it confuses Siri which is hilarious and maybe it'd be nice to

00:39:42   have some customization at some point so you could avoid that sort of thing.

00:39:46   Yeah I would honestly much prefer to say hey HomePod like for this one device it

00:39:51   it just makes sense to me.

00:39:53   I don't know why, but like that in my mind

00:39:55   is just more of like a thing

00:39:57   because I'm specifically asking that device

00:40:00   because it's not my usual system of voice control.

00:40:05   Last thing, I wanna just talk about this,

00:40:08   the HomePod and like the little movie video thing

00:40:10   made by Spike Jonsie.

00:40:12   It features FK twigs with music from Anderson Paak.

00:40:16   You have to watch this video

00:40:18   if you have not yet watched this video.

00:40:20   It might be my favorite Apple ad of all time.

00:40:23   It is fricking unbelievable.

00:40:25   It is so good.

00:40:27   I love it.

00:40:28   I love the metaphors of it.

00:40:30   Like everything is expanding in the house

00:40:34   as she's listening to the music.

00:40:35   Like I like that, right?

00:40:36   Like the HomePod adds all this additional dimension.

00:40:40   Like I love this video so much.

00:40:44   It is wonderful.

00:40:45   If you haven't seen it, it's like four minutes long

00:40:47   and the music's really good.

00:40:47   The dance is really good.

00:40:48   like, and but just the visuals that it creates are really cool and feels like, I mean, like

00:40:56   as even the Apple website is using the kind of the colored strand visuals with the HomePod

00:41:01   now, I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes the template for future ads for the HomePod,

00:41:08   like the silhouettes became for the iPod. Like, it feels like a really strong visual

00:41:15   metaphor that I like a lot and it's very very unique so I really love this ad I

00:41:21   really really love this ad it's it's a really nice piece of filmmaking so if

00:41:25   you haven't seen it you should see it that's wonderful today's show is brought

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00:44:17   So a couple of weeks ago our friend Marco wrote a, I think what the kids call a blog

00:44:22   post. I'm not familiar with this.

00:44:24   A blog. He wrote a blog. That's what he did.

00:44:27   It's like a tweet storm but all on one page.

00:44:29   It's a very confusing medium.

00:44:32   It's like a pod but written down.

00:44:34   Yes, it's a written pod.

00:44:37   I quit.

00:44:39   It's a pod storm in text.

00:44:44   Well done.

00:44:48   So in this pod storm, Marco draws some pretty harsh parallels between WatchKit apps and

00:44:57   And the sweet solution, if you remember this, before the iPhone had apps, Apple, Steve Jobs

00:45:05   said, "Hey, you've got Safari, just make web apps."

00:45:09   And they did this thing where you can still do it in iOS.

00:45:11   You can put a shortcut on your home screen to go to a website.

00:45:14   They called it a "sweet solution" and some other people had other names for it, which

00:45:18   I can't say on the air.

00:45:21   Wasn't super...

00:45:22   A sandwich of something that you shouldn't put into a sandwich.

00:45:25   Yes.

00:45:26   not ballooning I don't know and I think he's right um so basically he builds

00:45:33   this case of you know these apps especially in the beginning watch kit

00:45:38   apps were really like watch kit wasn't really an app framework you were

00:45:41   basically just sending data from the phone to the watch and over time it's

00:45:45   evolved a little bit where you can have logic running on the watch now and there

00:45:49   are some good examples of watch apps but I think it's safe to say that most of

00:45:54   them are pretty limited and there's a lot of stuff that the watch just can't do or can

00:46:01   do if you're Apple but that's not in the frameworks that third party developers can use and basically

00:46:07   his point is WatchKit only lets developers create baby apps.

00:46:13   They're not sort of these full featured like rich apps we've gotten so used to on iOS over

00:46:17   the years, that comparatively watch apps are very simple, very buggy, very limited.

00:46:23   And they got me thinking, and I want to see what we all use on our watches, app-wise,

00:46:31   and what we think about the watch as an app platform and what Apple should do to maybe

00:46:38   evolve it in the future.

00:46:40   I don't use a lot of watch apps.

00:46:44   I love my Apple Watch, but like I was going through this list and seriously the only two

00:46:50   third-party apps that I use on a regular basis are Shazam, which is ironic because it's

00:46:55   technically kind of owned by Apple, and Workouts++ by Underscore. These are the two apps that I use

00:47:04   like every day I would say. There's also the Apple Breathe app, which is another third-party

00:47:10   app but it's a native watch app that I use and sometimes I check the weather in Carrot

00:47:17   and I check things off in things but I really don't do that often. I mostly use my... I've

00:47:26   become one of those people who say I use my watch for notifications and workouts. I mean

00:47:31   the Apple watch is essential for me now for fitness and all that kind of stuff but I never

00:47:38   go to the home screen, I keep very basic complications. I don't switch watch faces. In fact, I remove

00:47:46   all the other watch faces because I don't want to switch them accidentally. I only keep

00:47:50   one alternative workout-based watch face and that's it.

00:47:54   Oh man, you've got to have a kaleidoscope face just for the funsies.

00:47:58   No, I don't. I'm not fun in that way. I stick to very basic stuff. So yeah, it's

00:48:08   not an app platform for me, which is a shame, but also I think it should be an app platform.

00:48:14   I don't think my usage of the watch justifies the state that it is right now. I would love to use

00:48:25   more apps, but it's just inconvenient and all the other apps that I've tried are slow or they just

00:48:32   haven't been really thought for the watch form factor and I would love to have like

00:48:38   a native overcast but that's not possible. I would love to have like a native home kit

00:48:43   app that can do all kinds of stuff in the background but that's also not possible I

00:48:48   think. I would love to have more apps that make sense for the watch but developers can

00:48:53   make them and so the fact that I use my Apple Watch primarily for fitness and notifications

00:49:00   means that's all I can do realistically right now but I would love to do more.

00:49:06   I think I use more watch apps than most people do. I don't specifically know why

00:49:14   but I use, I mean I use a bunch of the built-in ones right so I use mail and

00:49:19   the timer app, the home app, the nail playing app, these are all in my dock by

00:49:24   the way all of the apps that I use are in my dock, messages and then I use a

00:49:28   a bunch of third-party apps so I use Dew, Workouts++, JustPressRecord, Bear,

00:49:33   Fantastic Howl and Carrot Weather and they are all used very frequently like I

00:49:38   will use each of these applications multiple times a week some of them

00:49:42   multiple times a day and I would like a lot of them to be better but I've mostly

00:49:49   accepted a lot of the frustrations that come with using these applications now

00:49:55   But I would love it if I could have more like I would like to have like an

00:50:02   overcast app. I would like to have a due app that didn't get really upset when it

00:50:08   was trying to be done when the phone is not attached to it because it's trying

00:50:11   to do the processing somehow like the processing of the voice

00:50:17   recognition stuff is not that good on LTE and I don't know what it is that's

00:50:22   happening, I don't know what the difference is, whether it's trying to do more of it

00:50:25   in the cloud or whatever, I don't know.

00:50:27   But yeah, I think that I use these applications more than most people do, but, and I'm,

00:50:34   you know, it's not amazing, I don't get frustrated about it specifically, I just

00:50:40   get frustrated when things don't work, but a lot of the time, they do work.

00:50:45   Yeah, I think I'm probably closer to Federico on this scale.

00:50:49   I was looking through my watch and really the only third party apps I use on any sort

00:50:52   of regular basis are Carrot Weather, do Strava to start recording bike rides, so that's

00:51:00   not every day but at least once a week, and then Todoist just to kind of check on things,

00:51:05   check things off.

00:51:07   None of those apps I'm doing really any entry into.

00:51:11   It's mostly like status and checking things off and just kind of glancing in on things.

00:51:17   Most of these are really glorified notifications, or maybe interactive notifications as opposed

00:51:22   to a full, rich system.

00:51:25   Really Carrot Weather, which I think we all three mentioned and use, I think is probably

00:51:29   by far the best watch OS app that I've got installed.

00:51:33   But even it feels limited.

00:51:35   Even on the Series 3, it can be a little sluggish at times, and it feels very basic.

00:51:40   It's fine.

00:51:41   Like I said, I think it's best in class.

00:51:43   But I think it really shows that even if you really work really hard on a really good developer,

00:51:48   it's still going to have some limitations to it.

00:51:52   And when I read Marco's thing, he wrote it like a week and a half ago now, I found myself

00:51:57   in agreement and I still agree with what he said.

00:52:00   And I was like, "Yeah, Apple should fix it."

00:52:03   I think some other people said, "Just get rid of apps and just do notifications and

00:52:06   stuff."

00:52:07   And I don't know what the answer is.

00:52:08   I don't think getting rid of apps is the answer.

00:52:10   I think Apple is well within their,

00:52:13   you know what I'm talking about earlier,

00:52:15   they have the ability to improve this.

00:52:16   I think in the beginning it was very hardware constrained.

00:52:20   That original watch was very slow.

00:52:23   The Series 3 is a world apart as far as performance.

00:52:27   And so I'm hoping that as this hardware evolves

00:52:30   that the software catches up.

00:52:31   Because I don't think the watch is ever going to be

00:52:35   what Kevin Lynch initially demoed in that first keynote

00:52:38   of I'm doing everything that I used to do on my phone

00:52:40   my watch. A, I don't think anybody really wants that, and B, I just don't think it's

00:52:45   super within the realm of reality that people are going to stop carrying their phone. Even

00:52:50   with an LTE watch, I still carry my phone everywhere. But clearly they could improve

00:52:56   it, and I think that for the two or three or five apps that most people have and use

00:53:04   on a regular basis, that should be better than it is. My guess is this will continue

00:53:09   to improve, but other stuff is just going to take some time.

00:53:14   As someone who is not a developer, I don't know what the actual limitations are. I don't

00:53:18   know what is causing what. I don't know what an application could do if it could use the

00:53:23   frameworks that Apple uses, right? Because that seems to be the problem, is that Apple's

00:53:27   apps are better because they're not using WatchKit. They're using some frameworks that

00:53:32   Apple apps use, right? So they're able to take advantage of things differently. So my

00:53:37   My feeling is if developers feel like they need a better system to make their apps better,

00:53:43   then yeah I want them to have it and that would be great.

00:53:46   But I don't think that getting rid of applications completely is a good idea.

00:53:50   I actually think it's a bad idea because I use applications on my watch every day.

00:53:57   Just because some people don't use them or some people don't use the watches at all,

00:54:01   I don't think that means they should completely can it.

00:54:03   Should they make it better?

00:54:04   Yes definitely.

00:54:05   But the idea of the Apple Watch just being a thing that you can just get information

00:54:10   from, I think over time I've started to move away from that a little bit because of the

00:54:14   LTE watch.

00:54:15   Like the LTE watch enables me to treat my watch like it's a little computer sometimes.

00:54:21   Like when I'm at the gym or whatever, like I actually don't have my phone with me and

00:54:26   I can do a lot of things on my watch and I want that stuff to get better because I do

00:54:31   see a potential for this watch to be like a mini computer that just does what I need it to do

00:54:36   without having to have a thing where I can check on my feeds, right? But like I can check an email

00:54:42   if I need to, I can send a text if I want to, I can check the weather, I can get this like basic

00:54:46   information from it, but it just giving me information isn't necessarily what I want.

00:54:51   Sometimes I want to be able to act on the thing too and I don't think that getting rid of all of

00:54:56   that stuff is a good idea. I think it's a bad idea and I actually think that it would be a detriment

00:55:00   to the watch overall. I would love to see this stuff get better because I would like to see more

00:55:05   complex and more full featured applications but I don't think that scrapping it is a good idea.

00:55:11   I think it's a bad idea and I actually do believe that Apple... I am more... I actually believe more

00:55:19   that they're more likely to improve watchOS than they are to improve Siri at a fast rate.

00:55:23   It's because Siri's been around for so long right at this point. Yeah and Apple's really good at

00:55:29   frameworks and like system software and API stuff and Siri,

00:55:34   assumedly, is a very different problem set than like

00:55:38   building tools for developers to build on top of an OS. That's Apple's bread and butter.

00:55:41   Especially when like a lot of the tools already exist but they're just being

00:55:44   used internally

00:55:46   Well, it feels easier to like fix up some of that stuff to release

00:55:51   to developers than it would be to like fix a problem that they seem to have not

00:55:55   been able to completely fix

00:55:57   For the last six years or something. So yeah

00:56:00   I really hope that there is more that will be shown in the future on watchOS

00:56:05   Like I really hope that it's gonna continue because like year over year watch OS has gotten so much better

00:56:10   but

00:56:12   maybe the the things that they're opening up for

00:56:16   Developers hasn't been as strong

00:56:19   but it would make me very sad if

00:56:22   Apps went away completely. I think that that is a bad move

00:56:26   So I you mentioned the LTE watch and I wanted to say that it's been well like

00:56:32   more than five months and I think it's just ridiculous that we still have no news as to and

00:56:41   If ever the the Apple watch with LTE will become available in more countries

00:56:46   So I'm pretty happy with my decision to buy a series 3

00:56:50   standard Wi-Fi watch a few months ago because otherwise I would still be waiting and

00:56:55   I really like my Series 3 watch. It's faster, the battery lasts forever, but I

00:57:00   would love to have the LTE version and I think it's super strange that we have no confirmation by Apple whatsoever.

00:57:09   So that's too bad.

00:57:12   Whilst we're on this train, like Apple Pay Cash, all that kind of stuff, like

00:57:17   These are like, should be really important things that seem to be very slowly if at all

00:57:22   moving out and I really want to see stuff like that start to expand a little bit more.

00:57:26   I don't know what's going on recently but like Apple seem to be not being as good as

00:57:30   they have been in the past about international rollouts and expansions for new things.

00:57:35   So I would like to see that.

00:57:36   There's a whole page I think on the Apple website that lists all of the features by

00:57:44   country and someone a while back they asked me to compile like a full article about all

00:57:50   the regional differences of iOS features which I think is a super fascinating story that

00:57:54   I just haven't had the time to get to.

00:57:57   But even if you consider stuff like indoor mapping or lane guidance in Apple Maps, those

00:58:03   features are not available for me at all.

00:58:05   So they're literally impossible to test unless, I mean, I can look up a mall or an airport

00:58:11   in the US maps, I will need to go for a driving session in the UK to test lane guidance, which

00:58:18   is unfeasible, to say the least. You also drive on the wrong side, so that's also...

00:58:25   You can drive my car anytime you come to Memphis.

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01:00:24   So there's rumors, there's a lot of rumors going on right now.

01:00:28   They're like kind of small round-uppy product type things which is kind of leading to two

01:00:34   trains of thought.

01:00:35   Are we going to see some kind of probably pretty chill Apple event maybe at the campus

01:00:41   sometime within the next month or two or are we going to get a bunch of press releases?

01:00:46   So there are a few different selections of products, some new rumors, some old rumors,

01:00:52   but let's run through some of the things that could find their way into a potential event.

01:00:57   So the first off is new iPads.

01:01:00   So we spoke a couple of weeks ago about these cheaper iPads, so kind of like a refresh to

01:01:05   the current iPad situation that is existing right now, like the 329 one.

01:01:11   So that looks like it would make its way in, but kind of nothing else, right?

01:01:14   There's not going to be a new iPad Pro in March.

01:01:17   In fact, there were rumors today kind of trying to detail what the new iPads could look like

01:01:24   later on this year.

01:01:25   Federico, what are these features? What are we looking like to get from the iPad Pro line

01:01:31   later on this year?

01:01:33   So it looks like we're gonna get the iPads with Face ID and therefore there will be some

01:01:41   kind of bezel, not bezel free, but you know, sort of edge to edge design like on the iPhone

01:01:51   I suppose, and no home button, again just like the iPhone X, and there will be both

01:01:57   again a 10.5 inch and a 12.9 inch iPad Pro models, and the latest rumors from today,

01:02:05   they say that Apple will make an announcement at WWDC again, so just like last year, and

01:02:12   maybe some kind of update to the Apple Pencil, although it's not clear what kind of feature

01:02:16   will get on the new Apple Pencil. And no, based on this report from Rosenblatt Securities

01:02:23   shared today.

01:02:24   Who is that person?

01:02:26   It's called Rosenblatt Securities. The analyst's name is Jun Zhang. And yeah, no details as

01:02:37   to whether there also will be a smart keyboard or a new smart cover. Just, you know, iPad

01:02:44   Pro with Face ID. So that's pretty cool, but I don't think it's ready for March.

01:02:48   Yeah, that... I mean, I would still be surprised if that is in June even. Like, I would be

01:02:53   really happy to get more new hardware, but that would be a surprise to me. But it would

01:02:57   make me feel a lot better about no new software features. Get a new fancy iPad. Yay! Sure,

01:03:04   okay. Yes. So I guess that device would probably get a little bit physically smaller, maybe?

01:03:12   that would be nice. Maybe? I don't know, I mean the bezels are already really thin on the 10 inch.

01:03:16   On the 12.9 that would be especially welcome because the bezels are still huge. Yeah. So

01:03:25   so does this this room has both both devices? That would be cool. I mean I would really like that 12.9

01:03:33   with either... I wonder if it would be a bigger screen, like it would actually be bigger than 12.9

01:03:39   or if change the form factor, I thought about the physical form factor.

01:03:42   And I think personally, I would prefer keep this form factor the same

01:03:47   and give me an even bigger screen.

01:03:49   But what they're probably going to do is is just bring the device

01:03:52   in kind of like squeeze it in.

01:03:54   I think so. I don't see that would be also pretty cool.

01:03:57   I'd like that to.

01:03:57   What else do we have on this rumor list?

01:04:00   What about the iPhone?

01:04:03   I see, too. I think we talked about this a while back.

01:04:07   the idea of Apple doing a follow up to this phone, right?

01:04:11   I think it's been popular enough that they'll do it, but it's kind of there's

01:04:14   there are a lot of conflicting thoughts about what this device will get.

01:04:18   So there were like a lot of different rumors from different analyst firms.

01:04:21   And I think a lot of this stuff is just speculation, but it's informed speculation.

01:04:25   Some people are saying there will be significant changes

01:04:28   and some people are saying there won't be significant changes.

01:04:31   I think personally, I lean towards the not significant change area.

01:04:36   I think it would be really nice to see a small version, like a really small version of an

01:04:42   iPhone X, right?

01:04:43   Like it has all the iPhone X guts in it and Face ID and stuff like that, but I don't see

01:04:47   it.

01:04:48   I think kind of just like maybe a new processor and some other little bumps here and there,

01:04:53   but I don't foresee a super fancy future for the iPhone SE2 at least this year.

01:05:01   Yeah, yeah.

01:05:03   I don't know why would Apple make a mini iPhone X where the iPhone X is still the latest version.

01:05:10   I mean when they did the iPhone SE, the iPhone 5 design was already passed, I think.

01:05:16   So I don't think that that will happen.

01:05:19   And a huge part of the SE is the price.

01:05:23   It starts at like $349 in the US and to keep that price down, the easiest way to do that

01:05:29   I would think would be to upgrade the internals but leave the case and the machining and everything

01:05:34   else alone. If they invest in it to make it a tiny iPhone 10, just knowing other things

01:05:40   about Apple, I just don't know how they do that and then keep the price where it is.

01:05:47   Those two things feel like they're in big conflict to me.

01:05:49   What about this MacBook Air rumor that we're going to get a cheaper model? Is this interesting?

01:05:56   I think it is.

01:05:57   You know, the MacBook Air assumedly exists to hit a price point.

01:06:02   It starts at $999.

01:06:04   The 12-inch MacBook is $1299, so there's a bit of a gap there.

01:06:10   And my feeling is, just from talking to people and talking to listeners and readers, my guess

01:06:17   is the MacBook Air still sells really well.

01:06:19   Yes, the CPU in it is pretty old at this point,

01:06:23   but I think people looking to spend a grand

01:06:29   or especially less on a notebook,

01:06:33   like I don't know if that's the biggest priority to them,

01:06:38   to have the newest CPU.

01:06:40   So this rumor is weird 'cause it just says a price drop.

01:06:43   People have attached all their hopes and dreams

01:06:46   for the MacBook Air to this rumor.

01:06:48   I don't think it's gonna get a Retina display.

01:06:51   I don't think it's gonna get Thunderbolt 3 probably

01:06:54   unless it's just, if they upgrade the CPU

01:06:56   then maybe that comes along with it.

01:06:58   But I think at the very least we could see an 899

01:07:01   or even a 799 according to a rumor today, MacBook Air.

01:07:06   And I think a 799 MacBook Air,

01:07:09   even if it doesn't get any CPU increase,

01:07:13   I still think it would sell really well

01:07:15   because it's big for students,

01:07:17   It's big for people who just need a Mac

01:07:19   and don't have the budget for something nicer.

01:07:21   And for people who buy them in bulk,

01:07:23   a lot of MacBook Airs still get passed out

01:07:26   within businesses as part of large deployments.

01:07:28   And so a 7.99 retail price, if you're education

01:07:32   or buying in bulk is maybe 7.49 or 6.99,

01:07:37   that is really interesting to me.

01:07:40   That would be by far the cheapest notebook

01:07:42   Apple's ever sold, and I think it would continue

01:07:45   to sell well at that price.

01:07:46   So maybe this is March, maybe it's later, maybe there's a CPU update, but my gut says

01:07:52   it's more or less the same machine it is now, but noticeably cheaper.

01:07:57   And I think even at $899, I think that's a lower enough price that I think more people

01:08:04   would look at it, maybe switching to the Mac for the first time.

01:08:09   The Mac Mini, to bring up Apple's other old machine, when it was announced, it was really

01:08:15   cheap and part of that that pitch was hey if you want to switch to the Mac

01:08:18   this is the easiest way to do it because it's super cheap and you just plug all

01:08:20   your stuff into it well people don't use desktops anymore these notebooks and

01:08:24   Apple doesn't really have a switcher notebook anymore I think the MacBook was

01:08:28   supposed to be that but until they can bring the price down it's not and you

01:08:34   know something $799 $899 somewhere in there competes with a lot of you know

01:08:39   mid-range PC notebooks I think it'd be interesting I hope they do it so I have

01:08:45   a question for you right because I don't know this I know that like the some of

01:08:50   the older iPads and some of the older iPhones sticking around in the iOS line

01:08:55   there were like a lot of complaints that those devices were holding back iOS and

01:09:00   it was like making it difficult for developers because they had to keep

01:09:04   targeting for these slow under the phone like the i-5 processor hung around

01:09:08   forever. Is this the same on the Mac? Like is this the same kind of problem? I don't

01:09:13   I don't think it is at this point. The system requirements for Mac OS High Sierra

01:09:20   go back all the way to like some 2009 machines and the rest of it

01:09:27   kind of like 2010. So you're talking about machines that are seven years old

01:09:32   can still run High Sierra. They might not run it great. I've run High Sierra on

01:09:36   some of these older machines, and honestly if you put an SSD in them, it's more or less

01:09:40   fine.

01:09:41   So I don't think they're at that point quite yet, because the MacBook Air that is for sale

01:09:46   today, if you walk in Apple Store right now and buying a MacBook Air, it's really basically

01:09:52   from 2015.

01:09:54   And so I think they're well within that sort of margin of acceptable performance.

01:09:58   So I don't really worry about that with the MacBook Air at this point.

01:10:03   So if we were going to look at, so we got these, right? Refreshing the iPad, refreshing

01:10:07   the iPhone SE2, a price drop in the MacBook Air, and if there was going to be an event

01:10:12   or like a big kind of PR thing, it would probably also include AirPower and some refreshed watch

01:10:18   bands and cases. This isn't an event, is it? Like this doesn't feel like an event. I can't

01:10:24   imagine somebody getting on stage for this selection of things.

01:10:28   No, I mean you still need the big product. If you're making an event, especially Apple

01:10:34   is under so much scrutiny from the entire industry, you cannot make an event to announce

01:10:40   a cheaper MacBook Air and a wireless charging mat and a bunch of bands for your watch and

01:10:47   iPhone SE. It just feels like...

01:10:49   Like these will all be welcome products but they are press release products.

01:10:54   It feels, yeah, it would be like a press release event, like a bunch of minor products all

01:10:59   clustered together with people getting on stage to repeat their specs and prices. Like

01:11:05   it would be a boring event, unless there's a surprise of some kind, but I don't think

01:11:11   we've seen any mentions of surprises coming.

01:11:16   The only thing that I think could slot in here, but there are no rumors of it and it's

01:11:19   not expected would be a new Apple watch. Right? Like I feel like if there was a new version of the

01:11:24   Apple watch, you could maybe make that the headliner and then do this other stuff. But I don't think

01:11:28   that we're due for that. No, like I don't think that that's going to come. But like that, that

01:11:32   feels like it's something that could fit in here, which is outside of the usual kind of flow of the

01:11:38   events. But I don't think we're ready for that even. No, because that was refreshed in September.

01:11:43   So, exactly.

01:11:44   Yeah, I want to buy a bunch of

01:11:47   AirPower mats when they come out

01:11:49   because I'm really looking forward

01:11:51   to that. And also, I suppose the

01:11:53   updated AirPods with

01:11:55   the case, because I just assume that

01:11:57   Apple is launching the AirPower mat

01:11:58   and the new AirPod

01:12:00   case together.

01:12:02   So, yeah, I think that that won't

01:12:04   just be the case. Like, I think it

01:12:06   will be that those rumored refreshed

01:12:08   AirPods. Like, I think it would be

01:12:09   really weird for them to just

01:12:11   release the case. I know that they

01:12:12   will release the case as a separate

01:12:13   that you can buy for your existing ones, which is fine. But like at this point, I feel like

01:12:17   they could probably, they probably have some Any AirPods update nearly ready and who even

01:12:22   knows where AirPower is, right? So it's like they may as well just wait and do those two

01:12:26   things together. So there's one thing that I wanted to talk about. I'm going to start,

01:12:34   this is the point where in our notes we have something that says Federico's surprise story,

01:12:41   which the guys have no idea what I'm talking about and there are no notes.

01:12:47   Federica really likes to do this. He really likes to tell us like three days before the

01:12:52   show "I have a secret surprise story for you" and then that's it.

01:12:56   Because I feel like the surprise brings out the interesting questions in you Myke because

01:13:03   you really react positively to the surprise and it makes for a good show. So that's why

01:13:08   I do it.

01:13:11   So, I'm gonna start from the main problem that happened. Now, I don't want you to

01:13:19   be concerned, but I lost everything on my Synology.

01:13:24   What? Okay, hang on a second. Hang on a second. We need to go back a little bit to last weekend,

01:13:30   I think, here, from my perspective of Federico sending us a message that said, "I lost

01:13:37   the drive on my Synology, but like, as you said, thank God for RAID 1 or something, you

01:13:43   were super proud of something you set up, so I'm expecting that that is how this story

01:13:48   begins.

01:13:49   So, yes, a couple of weeks ago, in the middle of the night, Sylvia and I, we start hearing

01:13:58   this loud beep sound, and it just wouldn't stop. It's like, what is going on here? All

01:14:06   all our devices were set to silent, and the sound was coming from the living room, so

01:14:12   I go to the living room and I look around and I realize the beep is coming from the

01:14:17   Synology, which is this home server that we were using to store personal backups and our

01:14:24   TV show episodes and movies. And so I log into the Synology web interface, and it says

01:14:33   that one of the drives had failed. And it was like 1am, I didn't want to look into it.

01:14:41   I was like, I'm just going to turn the beep sound off and think about this tomorrow.

01:14:46   Yeah, I mean, you can't do that. That's wild.

01:14:48   I don't want to deal with file system issues in the middle of that.

01:14:54   Speak for yourself.

01:14:55   Yeah, I mean…

01:14:56   I live for that.

01:14:57   - That's what you like to do.

01:15:00   So what I'm about to share is gonna drive some folks,

01:15:05   especially those who like to debug file system problems,

01:15:10   really upset because my course of action

01:15:14   has been really different

01:15:15   from what those people might expect.

01:15:18   So the following day I log into the Synology

01:15:22   and everything is super slow for some reason.

01:15:24   and it says volume one is degraded.

01:15:27   It's like, what does it even mean?

01:15:29   First of all, what is volume one?

01:15:33   That was my question.

01:15:34   It's like, what does it mean that it's degraded?

01:15:36   This complex terminology, which I really don't like.

01:15:39   And everything starts being super slow

01:15:42   to the point where I cannot even open the system preferences

01:15:46   to change settings.

01:15:48   It just, it would not respond.

01:15:50   And it starts beeping again,

01:15:53   but I cannot open the settings to turn the beep sound off.

01:15:55   - Where are these settings?

01:15:56   I've never used a Synology.

01:15:57   What device are you using?

01:15:59   - It's, so the Synology runs like a fork of Linux.

01:16:05   - So this is all on it.

01:16:06   You're like trying to do with it on it.

01:16:08   - And this is all on it.

01:16:09   And you log into the web interface

01:16:13   using like a local IP address.

01:16:15   And you have this Linux interface,

01:16:17   which has been modified by Synology.

01:16:19   And you turn the beep sound off

01:16:21   by opening like some kind of preference screen.

01:16:25   And it says, "Turn system over."

01:16:27   - Turn off the beep.

01:16:28   - So that, turn off the damn beep

01:16:32   because I really don't wanna hear.

01:16:33   And it wasn't working.

01:16:36   So everything was unresponsive.

01:16:38   And I was trying to use an interface

01:16:42   in the volume manager thing

01:16:45   to understand what was going on.

01:16:48   And it just wouldn't work.

01:16:50   And I start doing some googling around.

01:16:53   And everybody's recommending that you install Linux

01:16:58   and you do this manually.

01:16:59   Like you understand what is going on with the file system,

01:17:04   which is x4.

01:17:08   I didn't even know what it means.

01:17:10   This is like-- it sounds like a John Syracuse nightmare,

01:17:13   but it's a bunch of terms that I don't understand.

01:17:18   So what I do is I text Steven and I'm like,

01:17:21   so let's assume that I have a SATA drive,

01:17:26   like a 3.5 inch drive,

01:17:28   and I need to access the contents of this drive.

01:17:30   What do I do?

01:17:32   And Steven tells me, well, you need an adapter

01:17:34   and you need to, and I was like, does this work?

01:17:37   So I send him like a screenshot or a link

01:17:39   and it's like, yeah, it should work.

01:17:42   So I talked to my girlfriend and I'm like,

01:17:44   I guess we should somehow extract

01:17:47   The contents of the drives, at least the one that is working,

01:17:52   and at least try to salvage this situation

01:17:56   and maybe reinstall the Synology OS from scratch.

01:17:59   We make a backup of the drive and then we reinstall

01:18:02   and we hope that the issue goes away.

01:18:04   So we go to the electronics store and I buy this adapter.

01:18:09   But I don't look on the description on the package,

01:18:12   that was my fault.

01:18:13   So I come back home and I connect this adapter,

01:18:17   but it wasn't adapt.

01:18:18   So the SATA connector is the same,

01:18:20   but if you have a 3.5 inch drive,

01:18:22   instead of a 2.5 inch drive,

01:18:25   just the adapter itself will not power the drive on.

01:18:28   - People ask me why I don't bother

01:18:30   with network attack storage.

01:18:32   - Hold on, hold on.

01:18:34   So the drive will not spin.

01:18:37   It will not make a sound.

01:18:38   And I was holding my ear against the drive to hear

01:18:41   if it was actually spinning, but it was not spinning.

01:18:43   So I was like, I text Steven again.

01:18:46   It's like, it does not turn on.

01:18:49   It's like, yeah, you may need like some external power source.

01:18:52   So I go on Amazon.

01:18:55   And the adapter and the whole box

01:18:58   is beyond the state of being returned

01:19:01   to the electronics store at this point.

01:19:02   Like, I think I opened it using scissors or something.

01:19:05   Like, it was like the package was entirely destroyed.

01:19:08   And it was like a 10-year-old adapter, so whatever.

01:19:10   I just keep the adapter.

01:19:11   I don't want to go to the store.

01:19:13   So I go on Amazon and I buy a docking station, which is like this, it's like this, it's like

01:19:22   this cradled thing where you put drives in and it's got a power. It's like a cable that

01:19:30   goes into the wall and it powers the drives and you connect them. So I wait three days

01:19:35   for the docking station to arrive. And in the meantime, I discovered this tool called

01:19:40   the Paragon for Mac, which allows you to read the contents of drives that have a file system

01:19:49   that is not officially supported by Mac OS. In this case, this .ext4 format. It's like,

01:19:57   "Okay, I'm gonna wait for the docking station, connect my drives, and with Paragon I will

01:20:02   be able to open the file system and there will be, I suppose, like a user folder and

01:20:08   and I will copy everything into my MacBook storage.

01:20:12   So the docking station arrives and I connect the drives, they spin, they power on.

01:20:17   I see the drive in Paragon.

01:20:19   I was like, "Okay, I did it."

01:20:20   I was very proud of myself until I realized that all the folders that were exposed in

01:20:29   the drive were like system stuff and my user data was encrypted.

01:20:36   (laughing)

01:20:38   So I was like, oh no, I go to YouTube and there's like,

01:20:45   here's how to recover data from your Synology,

01:20:48   even if it says the drive has failed and the volume

01:20:51   has crashed because in the meantime, yes,

01:20:54   the entire volume has crashed and I couldn't even

01:20:57   reboot my Synology anymore.

01:21:00   And I watched these tutorials on YouTube.

01:21:02   There's a guy who is spelling out Linux commands

01:21:06   that you're supposed to enter in the term.

01:21:09   And at the point I was like, you know what?

01:21:10   I'm done with this.

01:21:11   I'm never, I don't wanna install Linux.

01:21:15   I'm not, I actually even tried to make a USB key

01:21:19   Ubuntu drive and just nothing worked.

01:21:25   And I was like, you know what?

01:21:27   I'm not gonna make a partition on my MacBook.

01:21:30   This would have never happened if I had an Apple computer,

01:21:33   because at least it would have given me some terminology

01:21:37   that I would understand,

01:21:38   or it would have given me an actual interface

01:21:42   that I could use instead of a guy spelling out commands

01:21:45   for the Linux shell.

01:21:47   I know that people love to solve these problems.

01:21:50   I hate these problems.

01:21:52   I hate this kind of, oh, you have to do it yourself

01:21:56   because there's no GUI for you.

01:21:59   This is not at all what I like in computers, so I have made the decision that I will buy a Mac Mini.

01:22:08   It's the end of times.

01:22:14   This is like a trail of just like really questionable decisions that you have made so far.

01:22:23   I realize that now people are going to send me all kinds of recommendations on how to recover data

01:22:32   from a Synology drive. They're literally happening in the chat room right now.

01:22:35   So like, you know, you've got you've got a whole situation ahead of you here.

01:22:39   No, here's my reply. If you want, if you if you are like a normal human being,

01:22:48   and you want to come to my house and do this for free, and you're not weird, and you're not creepy,

01:22:53   get in touch with me. But nobody will do this. So I don't have the time for this. I don't have

01:22:59   the patience. I don't have the knowledge. It's not fun for me to do at all. I don't want to go

01:23:04   to a technician who will do it for me and see my data. Thankfully, the personal data that was

01:23:14   stored in the Synology. For some reason, I don't know why, but a few months ago I had

01:23:20   copied everything in my Dropbox account. So all we lost is effectively our Plex library,

01:23:27   which is fine. I can rebuild that.

01:23:31   I can rebuild it. I can make it stronger.

01:23:34   I can re-download stuff. If personal and sensitive and highly important work and personal data

01:23:43   was stored in the Synology, I would have probably gone to greater lengths to make

01:23:49   this work, to recover that data, but because it's just a bunch of Plex

01:23:55   media folders, I just don't care. I think I've lost a little bit. Didn't you lose

01:23:59   just one drive? Why is everything... No, I said that both failed. Oh, okay. I don't know what

01:24:07   happened. Something in the file system happened, obviously, that was mirrored to

01:24:11   the other drive as well because they were in a RAID configuration. So something happened.

01:24:17   I don't know where, how, or why. I don't even know what it means that volume is degraded.

01:24:24   Like, I need normal human words for this stuff, and I need a normal interface. And I realized

01:24:34   that, and this is, this is going to be a bigger topic, but what happened is that I realized

01:24:41   that I have a bunch of stuff that I've tried over the past two years and I just don't have

01:24:51   the patience for that stuff anymore. And I want to sell every of these accessories of

01:24:57   these devices that I bought because ultimately the Apple stuff.

01:25:03   Is the Nvidia Shield included in all of this?

01:25:06   The Nvidia Shield has been already reset and put in the box.

01:25:13   So this is a change that is happening in my life right now that I'm sure we'll talk about

01:25:17   again on the show.

01:25:19   But I realized that despite all the issues that I have with Apple software and hardware

01:25:25   times. It's never driven me this crazy or it's never caused me this kind of problems.

01:25:33   And for better or worse, the Apple stuff works for me quite well. And it's designed for humans.

01:25:42   It's not designed for Linux nerds. I just don't have the time or patience or I just don't like

01:25:48   doing this. And so it's sort of this problem, this entire situation that really stresses me out

01:25:54   a couple of weeks ago, it became this bigger theme of I bought a bunch of devices over the past

01:26:02   couple of years because I wanted to explore and I'm glad I did that. I wanted to try a bunch of

01:26:07   different things but now I realize that I'm happy when everything is consistent and is made by Apple

01:26:15   and it works and it's got a UI that I understand and it does not require me to type out commands

01:26:21   in a shell. So I'm gonna sell a bunch of these things and I wanna buy a Mac Mini, but there's

01:26:30   an entire discussion to be had about the Mac Mini, which we probably should have next week,

01:26:36   because it's a big topic. But this surprise was meant to be an app...

01:26:38   Not next week, because Steven's not here next week, and I can't help you. Yeah.

01:26:43   In a couple of weeks. I'm still doing my research. I'm still doing my research about what I want

01:26:48   and what I want to do. There's things that I plan on selling, so I already, I'm doing

01:26:55   my research in terms of what it costs to ship stuff. I have a big box outside where I'm

01:27:03   keeping all the stuff like in our garage where I want to sell all these things. But yeah,

01:27:08   it's been a sort of like an epiphany, like this single thing broke and the entire system,

01:27:15   It's like my Synology, I guess. The entire system crashed.

01:27:19   So what you're saying is that you have returned to your eBay store ways, really, what you're

01:27:26   doing.

01:27:27   You get to use your training.

01:27:31   I can use my e-mail skills again. So yeah, I guess the surprise was meant to be sort

01:27:38   of an appetizer for this idea of "I'm happy with my Apple devices", because they're not

01:27:48   perfect. Apple makes some really questionable decisions sometimes, but you know what? Their

01:27:57   stuff works. And it's visual, it's friendly. Which you cannot say the same thing for Linux.

01:28:05   I'm keeping my Raspberry Pi because it does something that I need, but also that could

01:28:11   probably be run on a Mac Mini home server.

01:28:14   So we'll see.

01:28:15   But yeah, this was a surprise.

01:28:17   Are you concerned?

01:28:19   No, no, actually, I mean, I'm really sorry that you went through this.

01:28:23   I'm really glad you didn't lose anything important.

01:28:26   And I did a similar thing.

01:28:27   I had a Synology, I had a hardware problem with it, and now I use a Mac Mini and a Drobo.

01:28:33   But I know that if that Drobo explodes, it can be extremely difficult to get data off

01:28:37   of them.

01:28:38   And so I shared this with you when you said that, you know, because I asked you, like,

01:28:41   you know, my gosh, did you lose anything important?

01:28:43   I keep, there's like regular old, like unencrypted USB portable hard drives that I, you know,

01:28:50   I back up that Drobo to, you know, once a month or so.

01:28:54   And so I've got everything safe and sound on a device that is very simple and that I

01:28:59   trust completely.

01:29:01   And so I, yeah, I'm sorry, and I totally get it,

01:29:05   'cause, you know, especially if you're doing

01:29:07   like file sharing and stuff, that's just easier on the Mac.

01:29:10   Like the Synology is really powerful,

01:29:12   but it has a lot of overhead that I found unnecessary.

01:29:17   And I think maybe that's what you're responding to as well.

01:29:20   It's like, I can just have a Mac, I can have Mac,

01:29:22   a Mac mini, I can run a macOS on it,

01:29:24   I don't even have to run a macOS server,

01:29:25   'cause it's not a thing anymore.

01:29:27   And you can just share it to your network

01:29:29   and it's gonna work and you're gonna get the benefit.

01:29:32   And what I guess is going to happen

01:29:35   is that you will find uses for that Mac Mini.

01:29:38   Having an always on Mac can be helpful for different things.

01:29:42   And so you'll be able to run back plays

01:29:44   and backup the external drives.

01:29:47   I think this is going to be a better setup

01:29:49   once you kind of get through the pain of the migration.

01:29:52   - Yeah, yeah.

01:29:53   There's been a lot of discussions with Sylvia here about,

01:29:58   And she, for once, she's like, "I told you, just like the guys," she said, "many years ago, that you should have bought a Mac Mini."

01:30:08   And I was like, "You know, all of you, you were right, but I wanted to explore. I wanted to have my wilderness ears to understand what was out there."

01:30:18   And I needed to try stuff for, ultimately, just to realize, "No, not for me."

01:30:24   This is why I don't have no interest in looking at something like a Synology,

01:30:29   because I already know how I will be when I'm having the cold sweats of trying to fix these problems.

01:30:36   And like you describing that to me, like if this happened to me today, I wouldn't be able to deal with it.

01:30:44   Like I'd be like, well, I can't do anything now because I don't have the time to sit and fix this problem.

01:30:50   Like I wouldn't have even gone as far as you did I would have had to have just got up and walked away from it

01:30:54   Like with where I am in my life right now, I need my technology to just be doing it for me

01:30:59   I wouldn't be able to deal with something like that

01:31:01   So I can completely sympathize with you

01:31:03   I'm sorry. So well, yeah, it's fine. Thankfully just media files. So

01:31:10   That's totally okay

01:31:12   But it was still stressful because I at least I wanted to try but I couldn't because it's way beyond my skills and my knowledge

01:31:20   Anyway, this will be I suppose like a continuing topic of

01:31:23   Federico gets rid of all the stuff and is considering a Mac Mini. So

01:31:28   Be on the lookout for updates on this story. Bring us home Steven

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