178: The Tiny Head Trend


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00:00:07   Welcome to Connected, episode 178.

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00:00:15   My name is Stephen Hackett, and I'm joined this week by my friend and yours, Federico Vittucci.

00:00:21   Hi, Stephen, how are you?

00:00:22   I'm good. We are mic-less. Although, you wouldn't know that until now, because apparently,

00:00:28   and showing the show was my job. I don't know how that felt to me. But it's just us. Myke is off

00:00:33   celebrating his birthday. So if you haven't tweeted at Myke, maybe wish him a happy birthday and tell

00:00:39   him your favorite color in the same video. I think he'd really like to know your favorite color.

00:00:43   Yes, yes. Myke is turning 41. So make sure to wish him a happy 41, 41 birthday.

00:00:51   He's catching up with me almost. Yeah, he really cares about I mean, you're 46,

00:00:56   Steven. So still a few years behind, but make sure to wish Myke a really happy,

00:01:02   really happy birthday. Very special number. Steven, do we have any follow up this week?

00:01:08   We do. I would like to thank all the listeners who emailed me photos of puppies and flowers.

00:01:15   Somebody sent me a picture of a baby. I don't know if it was their baby or someone else's baby.

00:01:21   Well, that's the question. If it's someone else's baby, I have a lot of concerns,

00:01:25   But if it's their baby, then it was a cute baby, so thumbs up.

00:01:28   It was nice to have nice emails about nice things.

00:01:33   We also got some emails about the Files app on iOS.

00:01:38   And several people suggested File Browser, which is an app I believe we talked about

00:01:43   during the transmit conversation a couple of weeks ago.

00:01:46   But it does a whole bunch of stuff.

00:01:48   You recently wrote it up on Mac Stories, so there will be a link to that as well.

00:01:53   So I've downloaded it and was playing with it today and it does a lot of clever stuff.

00:01:59   So if you're looking for something that the files app can't do or struggles with because

00:02:03   it's buggy, this app is worth a look.

00:02:06   Yeah, it's really powerful and the developers are actually working on a bunch of improvements

00:02:11   based on the story that I wrote.

00:02:13   Really great guys.

00:02:14   They listen to feedback, they try to implement as long as the iOS APIs allow it.

00:02:21   I think File Browser, if you're looking for iOS 11 integration in terms of stuff like

00:02:26   drag and drop, for example, or really the file provider, so being able to browse your

00:02:31   servers and connections within the Files app, that's the one you gotta try and maybe consider

00:02:39   as an alternative to Transmit.

00:02:41   The problem is that, especially if you compare the two side by side, the elegance and the

00:02:47   polish of transmit is really nowhere to be found in file browser which has a

00:02:52   utilitarian look I would say you know sometimes it kind of looks like a

00:02:57   Windows app in places but it's improved I can tell you it's improving they are

00:03:01   actually they're trying to pay attention to these details there's a beta that I'm

00:03:04   testing that has a bunch of also visual improvements so the the drag-and-drop

00:03:09   stuff and the files integration is really nice and if you're it depends on

00:03:13   what your priorities are.

00:03:15   If you don't care and transmit is still working fine,

00:03:18   that's OK.

00:03:19   But if you're looking for iOS 11 features,

00:03:21   this is the one that I would recommend.

00:03:23   Cool, so there'll be a link to that in the show notes.

00:03:25   They have a regular version and then a business version

00:03:28   that's more-- would you know the difference between those two?

00:03:31   Yes.

00:03:32   So the business version has two main features.

00:03:35   The first one is you can sync specific folders

00:03:40   for offline usage.

00:03:41   So if you work in a business environment,

00:03:46   you need to make sure that this directory from your server

00:03:48   is always available on your device.

00:03:50   You can do that.

00:03:51   And also, if you happen to have-- and I

00:03:54   do-- one of those SanDisk iXpand drive, the little USB stick

00:03:59   that you plug into the Lightning port of your iPad,

00:04:02   you can access that with File Browser.

00:04:04   And I can tell you that from this very feature,

00:04:08   the Sandy SkyExpand integration is going to be a lot, lot better in the next version of

00:04:14   the app. So this is a great way to almost turn the iPad into a computer from the perspective

00:04:21   of I want to plug a USB drive into my device and copy stuff into it or backup my photos

00:04:29   to a USB drive. This is possible with our browser and it's getting a lot better. So

00:04:33   that's the difference.

00:04:35   So HomePod orders have gone up. What did we do?

00:04:43   I got one through our friend John Voorhees. He was kind enough to put in an order for

00:04:50   me in the United States because of course in Italy we don't have availability or even

00:04:56   confirmation that it will be available like in France and Germany in the spring. We don't

00:05:00   have any news from Apple. So at the last, not at the last minute, but I would say the

00:05:05   day before, a couple of days before, I was looking at the photos, at the marketing photos

00:05:10   from Apple on the website, and it seemed to me like they changed the color of the space

00:05:15   gray one, that it's actual black instead of a really dark gray, and I thought it looked

00:05:20   much, much better than the original product shots. So I changed my mind and I got the

00:05:26   space gray HomePod.

00:05:28   Okay. Yeah. I went with white just because that felt like the traditional color.

00:05:34   Yeah. Like it's the iPod color. I like both. You know, I think I think both. I think either

00:05:40   one would look good. But I went with white. And I think the white maybe maybe more fun.

00:05:45   I got some some ideas for photography and stuff for this for a review. So I went with

00:05:51   the classic iPod white. Yeah, I think that that's gonna stand out more in videos and

00:05:56   photos. I think it makes more sense from a visual perspective, but I consider like

00:06:01   most of the furniture in our living room is 10-story black or really

00:06:06   dark brown and the white HomePod would have maybe, you know, it would stick out a

00:06:13   lot I guess. We have also the server which is black and the the Echo which is

00:06:20   also black in the same area of the cabinet that we have so the HomePod,

00:06:25   the Space Gray one would blend in a little better I think.

00:06:28   - Mm-hmm, camouflage it.

00:06:29   Where's the sound coming from?

00:06:30   I can't tell.

00:06:32   It's coming from everywhere.

00:06:33   There we go.

00:06:34   - Well. (laughs)

00:06:37   The next item in our follow-up makes me really, really upset.

00:06:42   - It's sad. - For a couple of reasons.

00:06:44   For a couple of reasons.

00:06:46   Tell me about this story from TechCrunch.

00:06:50   - BlablaCar is a company that we have followed on this show.

00:06:54   I would say obsessively.

00:06:56   It's a service that you personally use and endorse

00:06:59   at the deepest level. - No, I do not.

00:07:01   I really do.

00:07:02   So this is a service that,

00:07:04   for those who are not aware of BlaBlaCar,

00:07:08   it's a car sharing-- - I don't know

00:07:09   how you couldn't be. (laughs)

00:07:12   - It's a car sharing service where,

00:07:14   it's apparently really popular in Europe and in Italy

00:07:19   and among my friends.

00:07:21   And if you need to go somewhere,

00:07:23   but you don't wanna drive or you don't have a car

00:07:27   or you don't wanna take the train because, for example,

00:07:30   if you wanna go to a small town in Italy,

00:07:33   the transit system can be a bit problematic.

00:07:35   You, what you do is you hop into someone else's car

00:07:40   and you share the drive and you pay that person money

00:07:45   through the BlaBlaCar application.

00:07:47   So if I'm a driver, if I'm going somewhere,

00:07:50   I can advertise my trip on Bablakar and say,

00:07:53   "Hey, I'm going to Florence

00:07:55   and I can have two people in my car."

00:07:57   And I can put in a bunch of preferences,

00:08:01   like I don't listen to music

00:08:02   or I don't want people who smoke

00:08:05   or I want people to be quiet.

00:08:07   So there's a bunch of parameters that you can set.

00:08:09   And you as the passenger,

00:08:11   you can say, "I'm looking for this kind of drive

00:08:14   to this destination on this day

00:08:16   and I'm this type of person."

00:08:18   And if there's a match, you can say,

00:08:20   well, I'll go with you. So this is a terrifying idea. If you ask me to just go with someone,

00:08:28   no matter the, the, you know, you're using a service and people have to be verified.

00:08:33   It's still scares me to death to do this kind of stuff, but it's really popular and I understand

00:08:38   why, but there's some news Steven.

00:08:42   So when this first came into our lives, their artwork and their, in fact, if you look at

00:08:49   your podcast play right now the chapter art for this chapter is a couple of these characters.

00:08:55   They little like claymation characters and they sort of interact with each other and

00:08:59   they have they've moved away from that. So this article is basically two things, a new

00:09:03   visual identity, which I actually think looks really nice. And they're optimizing their

00:09:08   service for small cities. So like if you want to go to a small town, you know, it could

00:09:12   be hard to get there in public transit, they're trying to optimize that. But anyway, so it

00:09:17   popped up again. TechCrunch is like on the BlaBlaCar beat.

00:09:20   Like they are Romain. I think Romain from TechCrunch is always

00:09:25   reporting on BlaBlaCar. I mean, it's it's a it's a great idea.

00:09:29   I just that I don't trust strangers. I don't know if

00:09:33   that's an I mean, is it just me that it sounds that sounds scary

00:09:37   to just say yes, I will go with this person that I just met.

00:09:40   It's basically like Craig Craigslist, but you share a few

00:09:44   hours in the same car next to that person. I don't know. But also I want to point out

00:09:51   that there appears to be a trend in terms of branding and visual design that I've seen

00:09:58   from a bunch of companies lately. And we, Steven and Myke and I, we call this trend

00:10:04   the tiny heads trend. So if you look at, I've seen this pop up in a bunch of places. The

00:10:12   The new artwork in Todoist, the graphics you see when you complete something, for example.

00:10:20   The new BlaBlaCar identity.

00:10:21   And just today, I think there's a story on the new iOS 11 App Store about finance management

00:10:28   apps.

00:10:29   And there's the same cartoon characters with large bodies and tiny heads.

00:10:35   And I don't know why, but this type of style, it really creeps me out.

00:10:41   these people they have really large bodies like the monster what's the name

00:10:46   of the the character from Big Hero 6 oh I should know this you basically that

00:10:53   type of structure but we're really tiny head and it's I don't know it looks

00:11:00   strange so there's some links in the show notes explaining oh boy it's uh

00:11:08   It's a trend of tiny heads.

00:11:10   It is weird, but you know, branding, what can you do?

00:11:14   Alright.

00:11:15   Steven, save us, please.

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00:13:05   So I just looked on Myke's mentions on Twitter and people are wishing him happy 41st birthday.

00:13:12   It's good.

00:13:13   It's important work we're doing.

00:13:16   Very, very important work.

00:13:18   So there's this there's a story broke yesterday in Axios that Apple is doing some some things

00:13:30   this year with iOS.

00:13:32   So the report claims that Craig Federighi has announced revised plans for iOS 12 that

00:13:39   a number of features that were being worked on, assumably, or kind of spinning up maybe,

00:13:45   now being delayed until 2019. Those included a refreshed home screen and

00:13:51   CarPlay interface by the way which is interesting. But instead of all that

00:13:54   stuff we're going to see improvements to core apps like mail, updates to the

00:13:59   camera app and photos with a focus on stability and bug fixes. So this is a big

00:14:08   shift potentially in iOS. You know iOS has been just pedal to the metal

00:14:15   year after year after year for a decade now and it looks like this is to be

00:14:19   believed and I think that we believe it that Apple is going to take some time to

00:14:24   sort of polish iOS 11 to fix the bugs they have to make improvements and it

00:14:30   not be a really big year for like user facing features so so what do you think

00:14:37   Mr. iPad. So first of all I think this story is mostly accurate.

00:14:45   Conversations with a bunch of friends at Apple this weekend, the

00:14:50   consensus is that this indeed happened and the story is mostly true. The details

00:14:56   of course can be wrong and things can still change. You know features sometimes

00:15:00   they get pushed back all the time or they get you know moved up so the

00:15:04   details can still change, but the underlying idea that there was this meeting and the executives

00:15:09   decided this is the thing we gotta do, this seems to be the case. And I've seen on Twitter

00:15:17   a few people say this is exactly what happened. Also in 2015 with iOS 9, that there was a

00:15:26   focus on stability and performance improvements, but I don't remember there being a story about

00:15:33   a meeting at about Craig Federighi saying this year we should focus on fixing the bugs

00:15:39   and improving the performance of our devices. I don't remember that being an explicit decision.

00:15:45   I remember iOS 9 was an iPad release. To my recollection there were not a lot of iPhone

00:15:56   features but I don't remember Apple saying this year we're focusing on fixing the problems and

00:16:02   consistency and speed. So, if this is... there's also a tweet from a friend of the show, Steve

00:16:09   Transmith, that I think is a good point of, is this like something that Apple does all the time?

00:16:17   And we just hear about it now, that, you know, features they get delayed, and there's also the

00:16:24   talk of fixing bugs and having a more, you know, a better performing operating system. But is this

00:16:31   really different from previous years? Or is this more like, no, we were actually going to ship this

00:16:37   redesigned home screen this year, we were going to do a bunch of new things for CarPlay, but we need

00:16:42   to delay these major features to next year, as opposed to what we were thinking until a month ago.

00:16:50   So, I guess the question is how much is this unusual for Apple to do at this stage, you

00:16:58   know, in late January?

00:17:00   So that's a good question.

00:17:01   I think, and this is why I had my prediction a couple of weeks ago on connected, that Apple

00:17:08   was going to have a focus on speed and fixing bugs this year.

00:17:13   The combination, the really bad December that Apple had, the combination of the battery

00:17:20   stuff that was popping up everywhere and all the lawsuits and the news that the iOS 11

00:17:27   adoption rate was the lowest in years based on Apple's own statistics.

00:17:34   I think all these elements combined to the executive team saying, "Maybe we do need

00:17:40   to slow down and focus on this other aspect of the user experience, which is equally important,

00:17:48   otherwise people will not update their devices anymore, which is going to be a problem. I

00:17:53   think it makes sense. I'm in favor of it. And this goes against, or maybe against my

00:17:59   own interests, but it's also something that I like, because having fewer features, personally

00:18:05   speaking means my review is going to be shorter because there's only so much you can say about

00:18:11   "yes, there are fewer bugs now." You can compare speeds, you can compare design fixes, but

00:18:20   fewer features means fewer chapters in my review. But also as a user, I think I welcome

00:18:27   this because iOS 11 has been buggy in many places for a lot of people. A lot of people

00:18:36   have had more issues than I've seen on my devices, but I think especially on older devices,

00:18:44   older iPads and iPhones, iOS 11 has been problematic. And so I think it's better for everyone if

00:18:53   once every couple of years, every three years maybe, I don't know, but every once in a while

00:18:59   Apple slows down and says we're going to do three, four major new features instead of

00:19:05   ten, and we're going to focus on making sure that the foundation is solid so over the next

00:19:14   couple of years we can continue building on top of it. Otherwise if you just continue

00:19:18   building and building and shipping new features and new design you have two problems. One

00:19:22   One is performance and we've seen all these bugs.

00:19:25   And the second is inconsistency.

00:19:28   Apple has been building on top of the iOS 7 design language for years without saying

00:19:33   "Look, we need to slow down and we need to make up our minds.

00:19:37   What is the aesthetic that we want to go for on iOS?"

00:19:41   And if you look at iOS 11, even the tiniest details such as there's probably three different

00:19:47   strokes for toolbar icons used in a bunch of places of the OS.

00:19:53   So I think it's good news.

00:19:54   I think it's good for everyone.

00:19:55   It's good for Apple.

00:19:56   It's good for us.

00:19:57   And it's good for developers, because maybe for one scene

00:20:00   in god knows how many summers, they

00:20:03   won't have to ship a bunch of features,

00:20:08   like major features in their apps.

00:20:11   They can focus on maybe the business aspect

00:20:13   or improving the performance and just cleaning up code.

00:20:17   That's also good.

00:20:18   So I'm in favor.

00:20:20   I'm in favor of this.

00:20:22   Yeah, I think the reason this is news--

00:20:26   I mean, and you alluded to it a second ago that it's

00:20:29   the end of January.

00:20:31   And you're assuming this happened even

00:20:32   in the last couple of weeks.

00:20:34   They are already in at least the beginning part

00:20:38   of the cycle for iOS 12, right?

00:20:40   And so did something internally flip over,

00:20:47   and they decide to make this and push things back.

00:20:49   Whatever happened there internally, I think is,

00:20:53   I think is probably good for all the reasons you stated.

00:20:57   That there's stuff in iOS that needs attention.

00:21:01   The design has sort of gotten scattered

00:21:04   over the last year or two years.

00:21:07   And I think that if they,

00:21:09   I mean, iOS is their most important operating system.

00:21:12   And there's some stuff in there that needs to,

00:21:16   that needs to kind of be refactored or reconsidered for the modern era and especially looking

00:21:20   at moving forward, right?

00:21:22   If they can spend some time and short the foundations in there, then they're better

00:21:26   off down the road, right?

00:21:28   That if something is buggy or broken now, then in two years or in three years, that's

00:21:33   a bigger problem.

00:21:34   So I'm with you.

00:21:36   I think this is I think it's a good move.

00:21:37   I think it's encouraging to see Apple be willing to put its most important OS, you know, to

00:21:44   slow it down for a year and and to not not get into a war of features with

00:21:51   with Android and and to say hey look we needed to kind of take care of our own

00:21:55   house first and so yeah I'm I'm I'm in favor I'm excited by this. I'm curious

00:22:04   to see if this is true how they market how they sell the idea of coming to

00:22:11   WWDC. I assume that there's a, you know, it's not like there will be zero features.

00:22:17   Like the iOS 12 SDK is just a bunch of fixes. I don't see that happening. There

00:22:23   have to be at least a couple of features that you can say, "iOS developers, this

00:22:27   year you can work on this." And there's also a point that I wanted to make

00:22:32   that there's not necessarily, there have to be new features in the iOS SDK for

00:22:40   developers to work on their iOS apps in the summer. For example, there could be major

00:22:47   iTunes Connect changes that require developers to consider the other aspect of how they release

00:22:53   apps, how they manage beta testing or even the business model. So there's still stuff

00:22:59   that Apple could announce, even if they have, say, three major features on iOS. But the

00:23:06   report from Bloomberg and the follow up on Axios is that Apple is pushing forward on

00:23:14   the Marzipan project of having this shared framework to bring more easily iOS apps to

00:23:23   the Mac. So I guess that maybe that will be the huge announcement at WWDC and I could

00:23:31   see how it sort of will shift the tone of the event from iOS developers scrambling to say we

00:23:37   gotta get this device screen size and these major features like drag and drop and new UI to work by

00:23:44   September versus iOS developers saying hey maybe now I should consider making a Mac app. So that

00:23:51   should be a different type of event if this is indeed the case. Yeah and you could see a world

00:23:57   where this project to unify, at some level,

00:24:02   Mac and iOS development.

00:24:05   I can see this being a very different WWDC

00:24:08   than we've had in a really long time.

00:24:11   I think, thinking back over the last decade of conferences

00:24:16   from Apple, most of them follow this pattern of there's

00:24:20   a new Mac or a new iOS release, or recently both.

00:24:25   And sometimes there's hardware, but most of the time

00:24:27   there's not there's a pattern to these things and if this year is about

00:24:31   stability on iOS and I would hope the Mac as well then you have lots of room

00:24:36   to tell this other story and maybe it's this secret project or maybe it's maybe

00:24:42   it's something else but I mean really like the most recent like weird WBC I

00:24:48   can really think of is something like the Intel transition which was now 13

00:24:52   years ago right it's like we actually don't have much in terms of software

00:24:55   because it's actually all about this strategy, right?

00:24:57   They didn't even release any new Intel Macs at that point.

00:25:00   Those weren't due for another six months,

00:25:02   but this is a time for us to talk about the future,

00:25:05   and maybe that's what we get this year in San Jose.

00:25:08   It would be exciting, and I think that,

00:25:12   I think above all, if there's any kernel to truth in this,

00:25:15   I'm glad that Apple is seeing what we see,

00:25:20   and they're responding appropriately.

00:25:24   that we do need to take care of these lingering issues.

00:25:28   We need to modernize some of our things.

00:25:30   We do need to take care of the UI inconsistencies.

00:25:33   And so, yeah, sign me up for this future.

00:25:35   I'm down.

00:25:37   - Yeah, and I mostly want to see this happen

00:25:40   because I wanna see what the reaction

00:25:43   from people who have been saying Apple

00:25:46   should have a Snow Leopard year, Snow Leopard release.

00:25:50   I wanna see what those people will say after this

00:25:52   because part of me thinks that those people

00:25:54   will never be happy anyway, and that this no leopard comment is just something to say

00:26:01   because they tend to be negative all the time. And there's a, you can take a look at, you

00:26:05   know, around and you will see this. People have lots of opinions as always, but I want

00:26:10   to see, I want to see if this, if this strategy can basically make the critics happy or not.

00:26:18   And I tend to fall somewhere in the middle.

00:26:20   I think there should be a balance of new features and fixes every year.

00:26:26   I think this is, what we're seeing in this case, is an exaggeration.

00:26:30   Because it seems to me like Apple prefers to do either a bunch of new features or just

00:26:35   to stop completely.

00:26:36   And I think this kind of extremist strategy of it's either all new or nothing new, I don't

00:26:45   think this serves anybody well.

00:26:47   I think there should be a better, more balanced mix of, instead of doing 10 features and no

00:26:53   focus on fixing stuff at all, maybe do 6 features every year, but also do the fixing and the

00:27:01   polishing and the performance improvements alongside that as well.

00:27:05   So I think this should be a lesson for Apple going forward.

00:27:09   Now they need to stop because they have, probably they have, you know, legacy code and craft

00:27:15   from since before the days of iOS 7, I would assume, in certain places of the OS.

00:27:20   But going forward, this should be an opportunity for Apple to say, "Maybe we don't need to

00:27:26   do 12 major features plus hundreds of other smaller features and changes every year. Maybe

00:27:31   we can do half, but we can also keep people happy." Because as it turns out, we're now

00:27:36   entered this kind of stage where we all have smartphones and many of us have tablets, and

00:27:45   used to these devices and having this long list of changes at the expense of performance

00:27:51   and stability every year, people don't like that. People want their phones, you know,

00:27:56   it's not like 2010 when everything was new and so it was super cool to have a new feature,

00:28:01   dozens of new features every year. We want our phones to work and we want our tablets

00:28:07   to work. So I hope that going forward, I want to see what happens this year, but next year

00:28:14   even. I want to see Apple say, "Okay, maybe we need to do a little bit of both at the

00:28:19   same time, not either one or the other."

00:28:22   I think that's totally fair. It does seem, and I hadn't really thought about that, but

00:28:28   as soon as you said it, I was like, "Yeah, that makes a lot of sense that Apple is cold

00:28:31   or hot on these things." And we have gotten, so not to derail this into Mac land, but this

00:28:40   This is sort of what we were promised with the Mac last year.

00:28:44   And Apple wasn't as clear as this report seems to be, that it's about stability and fixes,

00:28:49   although Craig Federighi said that to the nerd audience at the talk show, and language

00:28:53   wasn't as clear in the keynote.

00:28:55   But High Sierra, people thought it was going to be a snowlipper release, but then they

00:28:59   did a new file system, and then they did whatever they did to the authentication system that

00:29:04   ended up being badly broken.

00:29:07   So even High Sierra is not like a purely bug fix release and neither was Snow Leopard.

00:29:11   Snow Leopard added exchange support, which was a huge improvement to mail contacts and

00:29:17   calendars.

00:29:18   So even Apple's Mac bug fix releases always have one or two features.

00:29:24   Snow Leopard also had Grand Central Dispatch, which like totally changed and added to the

00:29:28   architecture of computing on Mac OS, like big changes under the hood.

00:29:34   And so I think there's precedent for that of Apple saying, hey, you know what?

00:29:37   We're doing bug fixes and cleaning up.

00:29:39   We're going to clean up the UI.

00:29:41   And you know, Mail and Safari got a lot of attention and got a lot of new stuff.

00:29:48   So I think that, you know, I don't know how Apple sells just bug fixes and reliability

00:29:54   to like the public.

00:29:56   But I think if it's one or two, you know, big features, and then the rest of us are

00:30:02   excited about this sort of cleanup stuff then that's enough for a major OS release.

00:30:07   I don't think this is going to be iOS 11.5.

00:30:10   That would really, really surprise me.

00:30:13   It's going to be 12.

00:30:14   I thought about that.

00:30:15   It would be crazy.

00:30:16   I thought about that though.

00:30:17   Yeah, yeah, it would.

00:30:20   I'll tell you what a possible strategy could be.

00:30:24   A simple message.

00:30:26   iOS 12 makes your phone last two hours longer.

00:30:30   That would do it.

00:30:31   would do it. And you know, you do that and you do 100 new emoji and you're basically

00:30:36   set. You know, everybody wants a phone that lasts longer and has new emoji and maybe new

00:30:42   one emoji. I think in the, to get those numbers back up, you need to get practical here. You

00:30:49   need to understand that the very necessity that most people have with their phone and

00:30:54   That is, I want my phone to last longer.

00:30:57   And I honestly believe that if they focus on performance

00:31:03   and they ship features to control the--

00:31:06   even more features to control background processes,

00:31:08   for example, and to control which apps are using

00:31:11   a lot of your energy, and combine

00:31:16   that with the throttling and the battery information coming

00:31:19   in 11.3, Apple has a real chance to make

00:31:24   people happy by addressing the most common complaint, and that is, "It's 11 p.m. and

00:31:34   my phone died." Because that's annoying, and everybody can relate to that.

00:31:40   Yeah. People in my household would be happy. I know that.

00:31:47   So yeah, we'll see. I'm curious to see the WWDC press release. Like, what is it that

00:31:52   they say in the press release, "Come to see the future of iOS."

00:31:55   I guess they will still say that because they have to, but it should be interesting.

00:32:03   It's February almost, and I would assume that now it's going to be the hot rumor season.

00:32:11   We're going to get the reports of features coming or not to iOS, so I'm looking forward

00:32:17   to that.

00:32:18   It should be an adventure.

00:32:21   the invite is just like Craig Federighi with a band-aid like placing it over an

00:32:24   iPad. It's like the my graphics is a photo Craig Federighi holding a sign

00:32:30   that says sorry. Sorry. And a cardboard sign like standing in an intersection. Alright we

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00:34:12   thanks to anchor for their support of this show and relay FM so in the same

00:34:17   time frame we're talking about iOS 12 the iPhone SE and the iPhone se to the

00:34:23   rumored upgrade to the iPhone se is making the rounds and I think most of us

00:34:29   believed that if there is another iPhone se and I think there should be it looks

00:34:33   the same they just replace the guts in it which are basically an iPhone 6s give

00:34:39   take and put like the iPhone 7 or hopefully even the iPhone 8's internals

00:34:44   in the in the case and just upgrade the specs and keep selling it as it is. I

00:34:51   think that's how a lot of people have thought about this but there's a KGI

00:34:55   securities report out casting doubts on the SE2 and basically saying that if it

00:35:02   does come it's not going to bring anything like wireless charging it's not

00:35:07   going to bring radically new design. And I just don't know what the point of this

00:35:11   report is because I don't, were people thinking that somebody, so I've wrote my

00:35:16   iPhone 10 review this week, finally, and someone was like, Well, why didn't you

00:35:20   mention like an iPhone se sized iPhone 10? I was like, because I don't think

00:35:24   there's going to be one like, so what I don't understand the point of the report,

00:35:28   it seems pretty cut and dry to me that if the iPhone se two is a thing, they're

00:35:32   just going to put new hardware in the case and keep selling it.

00:35:36   I thought the entire point of the SE was to, one, keep the small form factor that a lot

00:35:44   of people still like around and giving people the better internals, and also to reuse some

00:35:52   components that Apple has.

00:35:54   The supply chain already knows how to produce en masse, and they know how to make into a

00:35:59   product.

00:36:01   I don't understand why there should be the expectation that the SE has wireless charging

00:36:07   and therefore a glass back instead of the aluminum design of the iPhone 5 family.

00:36:14   I just don't understand.

00:36:17   Does the SE have the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s size?

00:36:22   It's the 5s.

00:36:23   So it looks more or less like a 5s.

00:36:26   The edges are a little bit different.

00:36:27   But yeah, it's that size.

00:36:29   So it has Touch ID and it's that 4 inch form factor.

00:36:33   I could see maybe dropping the home button and the Touch ID.

00:36:40   But to change, even then it would be strange to have the iPhone X look with the, because

00:36:48   I don't think the body, the aluminum structure is changing.

00:36:53   I struggle to imagine why would Apple want to make an iPhone 5 sized iPhone X or even

00:37:01   an iPhone 8.

00:37:02   Basically an iPhone 8 into the... because there has never been... if we're talking about

00:37:09   wireless charging, so let's go step by step.

00:37:12   If KGI mentions wireless charging, that means at least the iPhone 8 design, because those

00:37:19   are the phones that support wireless charging, there are not the iPhone X. But there has

00:37:25   never been an iPhone 6 sized device that has wireless charging. So Apple would have to

00:37:36   make a new iPhone 8 type of device into a smaller body. And that to me does not mean

00:37:45   reusing components and making a phone that is smaller for people who don't want to get

00:37:52   the latest one. Because basically you're arguing in favor of saying I want an iPhone 6 but

00:37:58   that supports wireless charging and that thing never existed. So what is it exactly that

00:38:03   you're saving here? I don't understand this report.

00:38:06   This may be a case, I mean we could be wrong, right? It could be come and come and go and

00:38:11   has wireless charging and a 4 inch screen and a new body. But I just don't see Apple

00:38:15   making that investment. I think the SE is like super cheap and I think a

00:38:19   large part of that is because it's so cheap to build them at this point that

00:38:22   they just like they're just cranking them out and yeah so I hope there's an SE

00:38:28   you know my wife has an iPhone SE she really loves it but it's two years old

00:38:32   and you know it's got 6s internals and I haven't run any benchmarks or like the

00:38:39   battery thing on it because I don't I don't want I assume that it's had

00:38:42   battery wear and tear over those two years and she likes the size she doesn't

00:38:48   want to go up to the size of the iPhone 8 and so hopefully there's something to

00:38:53   replace that phone with for her at some point but I would I would not be

00:38:58   surprised if it looks the same and I don't think that's a letdown like I

00:39:00   think people who buy the iPhone SE buy it for two reasons one of two reasons

00:39:04   one because it's it's cheap and you know if you if you only have a little little

00:39:11   relatively little bit amount of money to spend on a phone.

00:39:14   It's at the bottom end of things.

00:39:16   And two, I think the bigger reason

00:39:18   is that people really like the size.

00:39:20   There are a lot of people, my wife is chief among them,

00:39:23   that anything over four inches is too big for her.

00:39:25   She doesn't care for it.

00:39:27   I bought her an iPhone 6S,

00:39:29   and I sold it to a family member when the SE came out.

00:39:32   - Really? - Yeah.

00:39:33   - Oh, wow, okay.

00:39:34   - So she had a 6S for like two months,

00:39:36   and then the SE came out,

00:39:37   and I had to swap it around for her.

00:39:41   And so she doesn't want to move up in size.

00:39:43   And there are a lot of people like that.

00:39:44   And that's, it's not a very big market,

00:39:46   but I think it's a market that is worth Apple continuing

00:39:51   to serve, especially if it is relatively straightforward

00:39:56   to do so.

00:39:57   And taking the SE and giving it a glass bag

00:39:59   for wireless charging or making it with the face ID,

00:40:03   like all those things are not keeping it simple.

00:40:06   And it would drive the cost up.

00:40:08   And it would, it would de-centivize Apple to do it

00:40:11   in the first place so I think an iPhone se2 is just the iPhone se we know today

00:40:15   just faster and that will appease those customers 100% yeah I could see you know

00:40:21   iPhone 7 specs into that kind of device not even iPhone 8 specs I don't remember

00:40:28   when the SC launched which kind of internals it had it has the 6s internals

00:40:35   and it came out like four months after the 6s so for most of a year it was it

00:40:40   it was up to date and then the iPhone 7 passed it.

00:40:43   Okay, so it could be iPhone 8 specs in the smaller package.

00:40:48   That would be nice.

00:40:49   Yeah, that would be amazing actually.

00:40:53   I have a dear friend who swears by the SE.

00:40:56   He doesn't want to upgrade to the, even the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8, the small one.

00:41:03   He just wants to keep the phone as small as possible.

00:41:07   Which I understand, because a lot of people do not like where we've gone as an industry

00:41:13   towards bigger phones. They want to use smaller ones. And I think the SE is important enough

00:41:17   to keep those people happy. Because if there are enough people, why drive them away to

00:41:23   another ecosystem? If you can make this cheaper phone that has arguably a classic industrial

00:41:31   design, you cannot say that the iPhone 5s look is ugly or dated. It still looks beautifully

00:41:38   retro the way that I see it. It's a classic Apple design. So why not keep it around? And

00:41:46   if you have the components for the current line of phones, why not reuse them? I also

00:41:53   think it's valuable for Apple to produce these phones because it teaches them how to use

00:42:00   teaches them how to make these components into an even smaller package, such as taking

00:42:06   the current year's CPU, for example, and making it fit into such a smaller body.

00:42:13   That should be valuable from an engineering perspective.

00:42:15   So I would be happy to see a new SE model this year.

00:42:20   Yeah, I didn't really thought about that from the engineering perspective, it being beneficial.

00:42:25   But I think you're right there.

00:42:26   I think there's definitely something there.

00:42:28   And I think the look is fine.

00:42:29   Like I said, it's classic.

00:42:32   My wife's got the Space Gray SE and she usually carries it in a case but I had it out of the

00:42:37   case a couple of weeks ago and I was just holding it.

00:42:41   I was like, "Man, this looks really good still."

00:42:44   And every…

00:42:45   Well, it's not so much with the iPhone X but for a while with the Plus, sometimes I

00:42:51   thought, "You know, would it be crazy to like pick up a 5S or an SE just to have a

00:42:58   phone that is smaller for like bike riding going to the gym and the Apple

00:43:02   Watch has taken care of that for me because like going to the gym with a

00:43:06   plus-sats phone in your pocket is just a giant pain but there are people who you

00:43:12   know want a phone as small and compact as possible and and you said something

00:43:17   about you know going to other ecosystems there aren't many Android flag no

00:43:22   Android flagship phone is as small as the SE you kind of have to do like

00:43:25   mid-range or even cheap phones on the Android side to get something this small.

00:43:30   So I mean Apple really I think has the only premium small-sized smartphone at

00:43:36   this point you know that matters and I think that's valuable to have and I

00:43:40   think that you know when they introduced it they talked a lot about how people

00:43:45   buying their first iPhone at the time they were buying 5s because they were

00:43:49   cheap and small and the SE can meet their needs but with modern technology

00:43:53   inside of it because if someone is buying their first phone and they're

00:43:57   going to buy the small cheap one if they buy something that's three years old the

00:44:02   the iOS experience is not what it is on a new phone right it's going to be

00:44:08   slower you're gonna have features that aren't there and some of that's true on

00:44:12   the SE because it doesn't have 3d touch but it is as close as you can get to

00:44:20   having the full iOS experience for the cost.

00:44:23   And again, I think that's valuable

00:44:25   'cause someone coming into the ecosystem,

00:44:27   if their first device is small and cheap,

00:44:29   but it's a cruddy experience,

00:44:31   that's not a great introduction to this world, right?

00:44:34   And I think the SE keeps a lot of people

00:44:37   coming into the ecosystem happy for many years.

00:44:39   And again, I think that's a valuable customer to have.

00:44:42   They're not paying what I paid for my iPhone X,

00:44:44   so they're not like as monetarily valuable to Apple.

00:44:47   But if their first iPhone experience is good,

00:44:49   I bet they're going to get a second iPhone.

00:44:52   And if it's a way to introduce people to the iPhone for the first time that's cheap and

00:44:57   relatively modern and fast and beautiful and robust, that aluminum body is way tougher

00:45:02   than the glass front and back iPhone 8, 8 Plus and 10, then those are all good things.

00:45:08   They're all reasons to keep the SE around and to improve it.

00:45:11   And I really hope we see it this spring.

00:45:14   March will be two years.

00:45:15   It's time.

00:45:16   So I'm hoping that even if there's not a March event, Apple just has a press release

00:45:21   of "Hey, the SE has updated internals.

00:45:24   Go crazy."

00:45:25   I know that we'd be ordering one for my wife the day it happens.

00:45:29   Did they have an event for the original SE?

00:45:34   There was an event.

00:45:36   It was during the 9.7-inch…

00:45:38   Oh, right.

00:45:41   Yeah.

00:45:43   iPad Pro event, maybe?

00:45:44   I don't know.

00:45:45   right there was something else there was something else in that keynote but they

00:45:52   look I'm looking on on YouTube let's see what else let's see what else was during

00:45:58   this event I don't know they had other stuff but it was part of a March event

00:46:03   so yeah it was March March 20 21 2016 6 March 2016 so that was two years ago

00:46:10   yeah it was the 9 point it was the 9.7 inch iPad Pro yeah yeah I'm looking at

00:46:15   photos there were four color options for the SE. Nice. Yeah, it's a really good take.

00:46:24   I'm taking a look at the pictures again because I don't see this phone, this design often,

00:46:28   right? It's a classic design. It still looks great. I mean, it's not the phone for me,

00:46:34   but I think it looks fantastic. And there's no camera bump. It's nice. It's flat. It's

00:46:41   a flat back as it should be on a phone and it can even capture 4K video. So I forget

00:46:48   that the SE is a modern phone. It's got Apple Pay, it's got 4K video, it's got no camera

00:46:56   bump. It looks really nice. It's the past of iPhone designs but that does not necessarily

00:47:03   mean that it's bad. So I agree, we should get a new SE. I don't want it but it's important

00:47:10   for people to have. So fingers crossed. Even though, I don't know, there's going to be

00:47:15   a March event in 2018, I have no idea. But yeah.

00:47:18   Maybe it'll be the iPhone SE and a Mac Mini. Just all the small things get updated. iPod

00:47:24   Touch.

00:47:25   It'll be the grab bag event with SE2, Mac Mini, and AirPower.

00:47:31   Oh yeah, that thing. I've already forgot about it.

00:47:34   Don't call it that thing. It's awesome. I'm looking forward to AirPower.

00:47:38   - I am too.

00:47:39   The other day, actually, I think I tweeted this,

00:47:41   I got to the gym and I flipped over my AirPods case

00:47:44   and the LED didn't come on.

00:47:46   I was like, "Oh no."

00:47:48   So I pulled the earbuds out and the left one wouldn't pair

00:47:52   and the right one said it had 2% battery left.

00:47:54   I was like, "Oh no."

00:47:56   I didn't have any wired headphones with me.

00:47:58   And I stayed at the gym.

00:48:03   I didn't go home, even though the thought did cross my mind.

00:48:06   But I definitely just put them in

00:48:07   So it looked like I was listening to stuff.

00:48:09   So you know, people don't try to talk to you.

00:48:11   I don't know what that says about me as a person.

00:48:14   Maybe nothing good, but.

00:48:15   - Actually, a lot of people do that.

00:48:17   Remember when we were at Facebook two years ago,

00:48:20   and there was the vending machine with headphones

00:48:24   that you could get.

00:48:26   You could have used one of those at the gym.

00:48:28   - I know, oh man.

00:48:29   They're like, "100 bucks for AirPods? Ahh!"

00:48:31   Okay. - Sure, sign me up.

00:48:33   - Here's my credit card.

00:48:35   (laughs)

00:48:37   All the iPhone SE stuff comes in context

00:48:41   that KGI and others are reporting

00:48:43   that 2018's iPhones are gonna be bonkers.

00:48:49   So a second gen iPhone 10 with upgraded internals,

00:48:53   a 6.5 inch iPhone 10 Plus,

00:48:56   and then a cheaper LCD but still has Face ID,

00:49:01   6.1 inch screen and

00:49:03   assumably no 4.7 or old plus like I don't want to really get into this because it's all crazy and it's really early

00:49:10   But I just I just don't see apple giving up the 4.7 inch size

00:49:15   I feel like something in all this iphone reporting is is not landed quite yet. There's still something out here

00:49:22   That isn't quite fully formed in these reports. So I had a thought about this

00:49:28   This is just my theory, but it's the only way that in my brain I can reconcile these rumors.

00:49:35   My idea, and my question/theory is, if maybe the strategy of offering both the old design iPhone 8

00:49:48   and the futuristic iPhone X, if maybe that did not work out as Apple expected, or if maybe it's just

00:49:55   time to move on. I wonder if this could be a way to say within the same line, so

00:50:03   the same design, we now offer three options. There's iPhone X which will be

00:50:11   the "basic" one with the LCD. There's iPhone X Pro which will be the one we

00:50:21   have today with the OLED display and the bigger display also and an iPhone 10 plus which will

00:50:31   be you know the really top of the line model.

00:50:35   Yeah, $1300.

00:50:40   And I do wonder if maybe this is Apple's way of saying we don't want to cause any more

00:50:48   confusion, asking people to pick between the also new iPhone 8, which is a bigger number

00:50:55   than last year, so it must be new, but the also newer new iPhone X, and it's a way of

00:51:05   saying everything is new, but now you just choose whichever version you prefer.

00:51:12   I do also wonder if confusion could be just relocated somewhere else, which would be how

00:51:19   do you explain to people the differences between what looks like an iPhone X but as an LCD

00:51:26   and what looks like an iPhone X also but is OLED. So it seems to me like just the display

00:51:31   type wouldn't be enough to explain people how to tell the difference.

00:51:36   No way, man. People don't know the difference.

00:51:38   Exactly. But I have asked myself this question. Is this a way to simplify the decision for

00:51:45   people? Instead of having to say, "Do I want the old design, but it's the iPhone 8, so

00:51:51   it's still new, or do I want the iPhone X, which is super new, but it's also super expensive?"

00:51:56   Yeah, I don't know. It's all very confusing.

00:51:59   I still think that the iPhone Pro name is a great name and it should happen.

00:52:04   It is a good name.

00:52:06   But we all know, you know, we're gonna go back to the, I mean the 10 plus, it sounds

00:52:10   amazing.

00:52:11   So I was holding a friend of mine, she has an iPhone 7 plus.

00:52:18   And she wants to wait until the 10 gets the plus version because she's so used to having

00:52:23   the big phone.

00:52:25   And I was holding her phone a few days ago and it looks, it still looks great.

00:52:29   I'm used to the iPhone 10.

00:52:30   I love the iPhone 10.

00:52:31   I think having the edge-to-edge design compensates for the smaller size, but I cannot wait until

00:52:39   I get the plus physical size, but it's an entire display.

00:52:44   Because I know I can use that phone.

00:52:46   I used that phone for a couple of years.

00:52:48   And I'm going to have an even bigger plus that has this edge-to-edge display.

00:52:55   That it's not physically bigger, but the experience gives me more room for apps and everything.

00:53:00   So I'm really looking forward to this phone.

00:53:03   That's really funny to me.

00:53:05   I too very recently held a 7 Plus a friend of mine has and I sort of had the opposite

00:53:13   reaction to you and I really liked the Plus.

00:53:16   But the X, because it's more or less hand-wavy, the Plus screen in the regular phone body

00:53:23   roughly, I was like I don't know if I, I don't want to see it, but I don't know if I could

00:53:28   go back.

00:53:29   Like it felt enormous.

00:53:30   part of it is just trickery that it has the chin and the forehead so it looks bigger than

00:53:34   it is. Yeah, I don't know. So I am very curious about an iPhone 10 plus, I would

00:53:40   definitely want to check one out. But I don't know right now if they were both on sale,

00:53:45   what I would do because I'm really happy with the 10 because I've gotten used to

00:53:49   this the more compact size. But you still like you said, get most of the benefits of

00:53:53   the plus screen. Now the one thing that I still think is inferior is the keyboard. I

00:53:57   I think the keyboard really benefits

00:54:00   from the width of the plus.

00:54:01   That is so true.

00:54:02   Yeah.

00:54:03   Who knows?

00:54:04   I guess we'll find out in September.

00:54:07   We should note that all these rumors and this speculation

00:54:12   is leading up to Apple's results, which are due tomorrow

00:54:16   for Q1 2018, I guess.

00:54:20   Sure.

00:54:21   Which would be the holiday quarter,

00:54:23   the really big numbers.

00:54:26   And, you know, we've seen all these reports of... and I should tell you, this notion that

00:54:33   Apple is discontinuing, is canceling the iPhone X is everywhere.

00:54:37   I've had my girlfriend ask me if the iPhone X is being cancelled.

00:54:41   I've had my mom ask me what is going on with the iPhone X.

00:54:45   I've had friends saying, "Oh, don't you know Apple is discontinuing the iPhone X?"

00:54:50   So the narrative that Apple isn't selling the new phone well is something that happens

00:54:56   every year, but this year it's been everywhere in the news and people, like everybody I talk

00:55:03   to about the iPhone, they know that Apple is canceling the iPhone X, which is crazy,

00:55:09   but I do wonder if we're going to get any, I mean we have to, to get any kind of detail

00:55:16   from Apple tomorrow during the earnings call that they need to reply to these reports that

00:55:24   the iPhone X is being cancelled because it didn't sell as well as Apple was hoping.

00:55:31   My guess is, so we'll see the average selling price, and I think that'll be up a little

00:55:36   bit from where it's been showing that, you know, X's are in the mix. But I would not

00:55:40   be surprised if Apple doesn't take that report on like head-on and says no we're

00:55:48   not canceling demand is still strong we are still making this phone because it

00:55:52   is so and most of the time these stories come out and they sort of die off

00:55:55   because people understand that sometimes they come from people who are trying to

00:55:59   do things with the stock or I don't know that's the case this time but you know

00:56:01   there's all these factors right when you talk about the financial side of it that

00:56:04   I don't think either of us are fully capable of discussing intelligently but

00:56:09   It's very complicated. But this time, like you said, it is everywhere, man. It is everywhere and

00:56:14   It feels like Apple because it's their flagship. I think I would not be surprised

00:56:21   I should say if Tim Cook doesn't address that just directly

00:56:24   In like very plain language and they have done that sort of thing in the past addressing certain things

00:56:30   But uh, no, it's it's silly to think, you know, maybe you know

00:56:35   maybe it hasn't met their expectations or maybe the ASP hasn't moved and we'll

00:56:39   see that tomorrow you know to a degree and we'll have to wait for you know a

00:56:44   sim Kona and other other folks to really break it down but my guess is that the

00:56:49   iPhone 10 is selling fine I see them out in the world I also see a ton of eights

00:56:54   and eight pluses because I think the eight was different enough that people

00:56:57   who skip the seven are finally upgrading like I know a lot of people from the six

00:57:01   or the 6s to the 8 and I think their numbers are going to be huge

00:57:06   tomorrow but I don't think Apple's gonna let that rumor continue to float out

00:57:10   there. I think they're gonna say something directly. Yeah I hope so.

00:57:14   I want to see what the narrative, how they, you know, all

00:57:21   these analysts, how they react to a direct confirmation from Apple. So that

00:57:26   should be interesting. And the results are due tomorrow, so February 1st at... we talked

00:57:33   about this a few minutes ago, Stephen, what's the time again? It's at 11... my 11 p.m. in

00:57:38   Italy, which could... should be the 5 p.m. Eastern in the United States, but as usual,

00:57:45   the results, they come out 30 minutes before Apple does their earnings call when the market

00:57:52   closes you get a press release from Apple and you get a bunch of charts from

00:57:57   websites like Mac stories 512 six colors all the all the great websites we have

00:58:03   we have charts so we have numbers so we have different colors for numbers so

00:58:07   that should be fun should should be should be a real scene so we have we got

00:58:14   one more topic and it's a busy week I mean for the end of January like we're

00:58:19   We're not even talking about the government probing Apple about the battery thing.

00:58:22   There's still a bunch of stuff that we've had in our show notes that we keep pushing

00:58:26   back.

00:58:27   It's been a very busy January.

00:58:28   Usually January is pretty slow when it comes to covering Apple, but they're keeping us

00:58:33   busy.

00:58:34   But we have one last sort of unusual topic.

00:58:37   But first, let me tell you about our final sponsor this week.

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01:00:39   So Federico, we're preparing for the show this week, and you text me and saying, "I've

01:00:44   been using DuckDuckGo this year."

01:00:47   Or for, I don't know how long you said.

01:00:48   "I've been using DuckDuckGo."

01:00:50   And I know people who use it.

01:00:52   I think most of the people who use it, if I can paint with a broad stroke, do it because

01:00:56   they don't want to use Google for political or religious reasons.

01:01:03   But you use Google stuff often, you know.

01:01:06   But you're using DuckDuckGo on iOS for some very specific reasons that I found really

01:01:10   interesting.

01:01:11   So what has gone into this decision for you?

01:01:14   So I should note upfront that I haven't switched search engines because of privacy concerns

01:01:24   or because I think Google is creepy or because I feel like I'm being spied.

01:01:29   I understand that some people have these concerns, which are valid, but this is not my primary

01:01:34   reason.

01:01:35   I have been increasingly annoyed by how a Google Mobile search works and looks like

01:01:42   in Safari for iOS. I've had very specific complaints and problems that I will go through

01:01:48   right now. The first one, and really the most annoying one, which I cannot stand any longer,

01:01:55   is that every single time I search for something on Google with my iPhone, I get a location

01:02:03   prompt. I get a pop-up dialog that says "Google wants to use your location for results whatever".

01:02:12   I have tried to follow a bunch of tutorials over the past couple of years. Each one of

01:02:19   these guides offered a solution to get rid of these prompts. None of them worked. So

01:02:25   yes you can try to send me a link to a tutorial that promises to fix this problem. It will

01:02:30   not work. I have tried them all. So every time I open a Google search, I get this prompt

01:02:36   that I assume it's because I tried to use Google.com, but also the iPhone sees that

01:02:42   I'm in Italy. And basically I need to accept this prompt, then it reloads the page underneath.

01:02:50   So the results change before my eyes. And this is super annoying because I've been seeing

01:02:56   this prompt like 12 times a day. It's so annoying. The other issue that I have is that

01:03:05   there's a general weirdness due to AMP pages. So the Google AMP, the mobile format that

01:03:14   they're doing, it used to be that I could not copy the standard URLs of web pages. You

01:03:24   You know, Google was doing the google.com/amp/something.

01:03:28   But now that the links have been cleaned up,

01:03:31   I still get weird issues with, for example,

01:03:36   scrolling in these AMP pages.

01:03:39   Because Google, if whatever possible,

01:03:41   they try to default to loading the AMP version of a web page

01:03:45   that you open from Google Search.

01:03:47   Or for example, I often cannot swipe back from a Google AMP

01:03:52   page.

01:03:53   if I try to swipe back from the left edge of the iPhone's

01:03:57   display, the gesture is like stuck.

01:04:00   Because I think the Google AMP, it does some weird stuff

01:04:04   to hijack the standard scrolling behavior of Safari.

01:04:08   And so sometimes not even swiping back works.

01:04:11   Or if it does, if swiping back works,

01:04:14   I go back to the main Google search page,

01:04:17   but I cannot swipe vertically anymore.

01:04:19   So I cannot scroll results for like two seconds.

01:04:23   should say it's a happy anniversary it's been a year since you were in the New York Times

01:04:28   oh really uh yelling about Google AMP well there'll be a link in the show notes nice um what else um

01:04:35   oh of course um there's I get constantly I get redirected to the from the google uh dot com

01:04:44   version which is the one that I want to use because for work I need to look up English

01:04:48   stuff all the time, I get redirected to the Google Italian version, which would be .it

01:04:55   for Italy. I don't want to use that. I do not want to, because whenever I type something

01:05:00   in English, but it goes to Google .it, it then says "do you mean to search for this?"

01:05:07   because it does not understand English, because it's the Italian version. So I do not want

01:05:12   to get redirected to the Italian version of Google search. And finally, something that

01:05:17   have been noticing over the past few months is sometimes when you tap on a Google search

01:05:21   result, you open the result and then if you go back, the result gets overlaid with related

01:05:29   suggestions. So like tiny rectangles containing related search queries for the result you

01:05:36   just tapped on. But if for example you go back and you, so let's say you search for,

01:05:42   I don't know, Doc Cow Tattoo on Google.

01:05:46   And you open a result, and you say, oh, this is pretty cool.

01:05:49   You go back, and you're back on the list of results.

01:05:52   And then you say, oh, man, I should have copied the link

01:05:55   to the web page.

01:05:56   You assume I should be able to tap and hold

01:05:59   on the title of the search result,

01:06:02   and I can copy the link.

01:06:03   But no, these suggestions, they overlay the result.

01:06:07   And you cannot see the result anymore unless you reload

01:06:10   the entire webpage. Which is just... I'm... this is too much man. Like, all these changes

01:06:17   and all this AMP stuff and the location prompts. This is just so annoying. It used to be so

01:06:23   simple and I don't mean to sound like a grumpy old guy. I'm all for change and new features.

01:06:28   But it's like... you were supposed to give me a car and now you're giving me this space

01:06:34   shuttle with all these controls and all these options. I just want a list of results. This

01:06:39   was your entire premise, Google, that I type something into the box and the box spits out

01:06:43   a bunch of results. And that, for me at least, that is not the case anymore because whenever

01:06:48   I type in something I am waiting that second wishing that either I don't get a location

01:06:54   prompt or I don't get a bunch of AMP pages or that I can scroll like a normal web page

01:07:01   and this is just too much. So like a couple of weeks ago I was like, you know, I know

01:07:06   Most people do this for political reasons.

01:07:09   I'm just going to try DuckDuckGo because of the design

01:07:13   and functionality.

01:07:14   I want what Google used to be three, four years ago

01:07:18   before they started doing all of this.

01:07:22   And it looks nice.

01:07:25   It's a list of search results with no AMP, no location prompt.

01:07:30   And yes, privacy is a plus for me.

01:07:33   For me personally, it's not the main reason

01:07:36   why I want to use this.

01:07:38   It's just the main functionality of a search engine.

01:07:41   I type something, I get a list of results.

01:07:44   Sometimes I get those special fancy inline answers,

01:07:49   like you can do calculations,

01:07:51   you can do currency conversions,

01:07:52   you can look up definition of words,

01:07:55   which look awesome on DuckDuckGo.

01:07:57   It's a really beautiful design.

01:07:59   You can get nerdy with DuckDuckGo.

01:08:01   You can go into the settings,

01:08:02   you can change a bunch of preferences, you can switch themes, which is nice, I guess.

01:08:09   But honestly, it looks nicer. Still, and if you have any questions Steven, feel free to

01:08:16   ask me. I'm not a DDG expert, but I've been playing around with it. I fear that the...

01:08:29   I will still have to use Google for two things that I do all the time. It's not that I fear,

01:08:37   I'm begrudgingly using Google for two things. One of them is I use Google News results a

01:08:46   lot. And DuckDuckGo has a news tab in the search results, but it's not as, I don't want

01:08:55   see real time, but as effective as Google's. On Google I see a lot of news items, on Dr.

01:09:04   Go I often don't even see the news option at all. And the other one is the ability to

01:09:11   filter results by time. This is something that I do a lot on Google, if I'm looking

01:09:16   for something recent, I filter by the last 24 hours or the last month. This is something

01:09:23   that you can do if you tap on search tools on Google search.

01:09:27   And I think DuckDuckGo has the same option, but again, there are not as many results as

01:09:36   there are on Google.

01:09:37   The good news is DuckDuckGo has this feature called "bangs", which are basically a syntax

01:09:45   that allow you to redirect a search from DuckDuckGo to something else.

01:09:51   And this works both in the DuckDuckGo webpage, so if you actually type into the search field,

01:10:00   or if you set DDG as your default search engine in Safari, the bang syntax also works in the

01:10:07   Safari address bar.

01:10:09   So for example, if I know I need to look something up on Google, instead of opening DuckDuckGo

01:10:15   and then be like "oh man, I didn't find what I was looking for"

01:10:19   If I have a feeling that like, you know, maybe I'm gonna find this page on Google

01:10:25   I do, right away, in Safari, exclamation point G, which is the bang syntax for Google

01:10:32   and then I type in whatever it is that I'm looking for

01:10:35   and automatically DuckDuckGo goes to encrypted.google.com

01:10:40   which is the encrypted version of Google search

01:10:42   I don't know what encrypted means, it should be encrypted by default.

01:10:46   I guess there's a higher privacy level or something.

01:10:49   And it's a way to bypass DuckDuckGo and go straight to Google.

01:10:55   And there's the bank syntax, which I'm not super familiar with, but I know you can do

01:11:00   this kind of stuff for YouTube, for Amazon, for...

01:11:04   It's a way to save time, you know, with the custom syntax.

01:11:09   So basically, I'm happy so far.

01:11:12   looks cleaner. And I don't understand why Google is making it so hard for people to

01:11:16   use Google Search on their iPhones. It used to be so simple. It used to be so effective.

01:11:22   Like you type something, you get something back. But now they're hungry for all this

01:11:27   data and location and amp and all this custom stuff. And I'm just like, you know, Google,

01:11:33   I'm fine with your data collection policy. I'm fine with your type of company because

01:11:39   Usually I get a great service out of Gmail and the G Suite and all this other stuff,

01:11:44   but this is too much. This is basically unusable for me. So I'm just going to use something

01:11:47   else.

01:11:48   Yeah, I haven't spent much time with Dot Dot Go, but I know it's powerful. I know that

01:11:53   Safari, Mobile Safari and Google are a super annoying combination. I get them too, here

01:12:00   in the US. I get that little pop-up. And as far as I can tell, nothing I've searched for

01:12:05   and found on the internet can make it stop. So there's that. But yeah, I think it's interesting.

01:12:14   Keep us posted on this. I'm curious if this is something that sticks long term or if you

01:12:18   end up being frustrated by something and going back.

01:12:22   I've heard from people that said I try to use DuckDuckGo because I like them, the design,

01:12:30   I liked the company, but ultimately I was constantly going back to Google, so I figured

01:12:35   maybe I should just switch back and accept Google for what it is.

01:12:40   So far, the things I'm looking for, like, I don't know, support documents from Apple

01:12:48   or developer pages on developer.apple.com, or old articles on Mac Stories or Dating Fireball.

01:12:56   I've been able to find those just fine.

01:13:00   I want to see how it goes. Maybe when I'm working on an article and I need to do a lot

01:13:05   of research, is that going to be a problem? So I'll keep you posted on how this goes.

01:13:10   But right now I'm making actions for drafts to launch search pages on DuckDuckGo. I'm making

01:13:16   workflows. I'm having fun as usual, but we'll have to see. When I need to look up a lot

01:13:25   stuff, old articles, old reference

01:13:28   material. Is that going to work for me? I

01:13:30   don't know, so we'll see. I think that

01:13:32   does it for this week. Feel good? Yeah.

01:13:34   I feel good. Yeah, I do. I do. I feel

01:13:37   refreshed, Steven. That's good. If you want to

01:13:40   find show notes for this week, you can

01:13:42   point your web browser to relay.fm/connected/178

01:13:49   The show notes are probably also in the app

01:13:51   you're using to listen to this, but

01:13:53   they're on the web if you need them there.

01:13:54   there's an email link there on the sidebar of the web page and then of

01:13:58   course you can find us all on Twitter. Myke is @imyke. Be sure to wish him a

01:14:03   happy birthday and tell him your favorite color. You can find Federico

01:14:06   there as @vititi and Federico of course writes @maxstories.net. You can

01:14:13   find me at 512pixels.net and 512pixels on YouTube and on Twitter I'm @ismh.

01:14:19   Thank you to our sponsors Squarespace, Anchor, and Smile.

01:14:24   And until next week, Federico, say goodbye.

01:14:27   - Adios, el chio.