167: Dissolving of the Plus Club


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00:00:16   My name is Myke Hurley.

00:00:17   I am joined by Federico Ficci.

00:00:19   Ciao Federico.

00:00:20   Ciao Myke.

00:00:21   And Stephen Hackett.

00:00:22   Howdy, Stephen Hackett.

00:00:24   Howdy, Michael Hurley.

00:00:25   Oh, you said howdy.

00:00:26   That's nice.

00:00:28   We had a big show today, we've all got those big phones.

00:00:31   Big show, big phones, that's the name of the game today.

00:00:33   - Smaller phone, actually.

00:00:35   Less big phone. - That's true.

00:00:36   That's true, middle phone.

00:00:37   It's the Goldilocks iPhone, right?

00:00:39   It's like, they're just in the middle, it's just right.

00:00:42   - Yeah.

00:00:43   - Yeah? - That's right.

00:00:44   It found just the perfect bowl of oatmeal,

00:00:46   or whatever's in that story.

00:00:47   That story's actually, so,

00:00:49   we'll do a little side tangent here.

00:00:50   I'm sure the two of you haven't read many,

00:00:53   like, what are those stories called, like--

00:00:56   - Nursery rhymes?

00:00:57   Are they nursery rhymes? Fables?

00:01:00   Yeah, you know that sort of like class of story, right?

00:01:03   I don't know how many of those y'all have read recently.

00:01:05   They're all sort of terrible.

00:01:08   Well, aren't they all adapted from stories

00:01:10   that are meant to scare children into being well behaved?

00:01:13   Yes, and it does work for that.

00:01:15   My children are very afraid of being eaten by a wolf now.

00:01:17   So.

00:01:18   Good, good, good, good.

00:01:19   You want them to have that fear.

00:01:21   But some of the stories are, what are we talking about?

00:01:24   Let's go to follow up.

00:01:25   Okay, follow-up is very odd this week.

00:01:27   It sort of blends into all sorts of things.

00:01:31   But I thought I would start by updating people

00:01:34   about my late 2016 MacBook Pro that was fixed

00:01:39   after much arguing and pain with the Apple Store.

00:01:45   That MacBook Pro came back to me whatever it was

00:01:47   a week ago, two weeks ago, and I have rage sold it.

00:01:51   So I just have this-- - Oh, wow, okay.

00:01:53   - Late 2012 sitting here on my desk,

00:01:55   which is not the fastest computer I've ever used,

00:01:58   but it's fine for now.

00:01:59   So, yeah, there it is.

00:02:01   - So you actually ended up going the full Marco on this one?

00:02:04   - No, the full Marco is buying a new old computer.

00:02:08   I have not done that.

00:02:09   I already had this one.

00:02:10   It's just bringing it back into service.

00:02:12   - I feel like we're on a technicality.

00:02:14   Mm-mm, I don't think that counts.

00:02:16   - No, it's totally different.

00:02:17   I didn't spend any money.

00:02:19   I have spent no money.

00:02:20   This computer was already in the collection.

00:02:22   I did put a battery in it, so I spent 100 bucks,

00:02:24   but I did not buy a dual computer.

00:02:25   - How did that computer get into the collection?

00:02:28   - That I don't know anymore

00:02:29   because there's like 100 computers in here.

00:02:31   - Isn't that convenient?

00:02:33   - This I think may have been,

00:02:36   it may have been mine at some point,

00:02:38   I don't know, it's impossible to keep up.

00:02:40   But anyways, so.

00:02:42   - You should just use an iPad.

00:02:44   - Except that I need to do work in Logic and Final Cut.

00:02:47   - On your laptop though, really?

00:02:49   - Yes, yeah, when I travel at least.

00:02:51   - But you're not traveling right now.

00:02:53   - No, I'm not, but I did edit both videos

00:02:55   I posted this weekend on it,

00:02:56   which was an adventure we can get into later.

00:02:58   - Why?

00:02:59   Why did you do that?

00:03:00   - 'Cause I did it in the living room instead of my office.

00:03:05   I don't wanna work on an iPad,

00:03:08   because Google Docs has not been updated, has it?

00:03:12   Has it been updated, boys?

00:03:13   - It sure hasn't.

00:03:14   No, it never will be. - Still no.

00:03:16   I did some digging into Google Docs for iOS,

00:03:20   Because I'm writing this article about drag and drop on the iPad, and I was looking into

00:03:26   how different apps expose different data formats for the text that you can select, and either

00:03:33   copying to the clipboard or drag and drop.

00:03:37   And so I try, of course you cannot drag and drop with Google Docs because they still don't

00:03:41   have an update for iOS 11 with that feature, but you can copy text from Google Docs to

00:03:47   the clipboard.

00:03:48   And so I moved that text into one of the shelf apps that I'm using to look at the UTIs, the

00:03:55   data formats that they expose to the system. And Google Docs, I think the problems that

00:04:01   we all had in the past with like copying from Google Docs and losing the formatting or copying

00:04:08   from like Apple Notes or Apple Mail and pasting into Google Docs and also losing the formatting

00:04:14   goes basically back to the problem of Google using a custom data format. Something like

00:04:21   VND.google.docs documents, like a custom data format that I searched on Google and apparently

00:04:28   it's the proprietary format that they use also in the Google APIs for dealing with the

00:04:39   The Google Docs suite of apps like Google Sheets has a version of this.

00:04:43   The Slides also has another slightly different version of this data format.

00:04:48   So I guess the reason why you...

00:04:50   We constantly lose the formatting when we copy from Google Docs and paste elsewhere

00:04:55   is that Google is exposing first the either plain text, which of course doesn't have features

00:05:01   like bullet lists or links or bold and italics.

00:05:06   And then, after plain text, they expose this version, which of course is useless if you're

00:05:11   going to paste that formatting to an Apple application.

00:05:15   So I suppose that the struggles that Google is having with drag and drop is that they

00:05:21   need to reconcile the fact that they're using these custom data formats for their own text.

00:05:27   Which is, I suppose it's like a fork of HTML, sort of like Evernote was doing with their

00:05:32   own NML version.

00:05:34   So I suppose Google is doing that and they still haven't figured out how to combine drag

00:05:39   and drop with their own custom engine.

00:05:42   But it was interesting for me to, just by using the clipboard and looking into the data

00:05:46   formats that they use, HTML is like last into the list of data formats that you can export

00:05:54   from a Google document.

00:05:56   So that was fun.

00:05:57   And by fun I meant I was basically screaming internally and weeping.

00:06:01   But yeah.

00:06:03   I go through waves of believing they're gonna do it and then believing they're never gonna

00:06:09   do it and I don't know where I settle.

00:06:13   Sometimes I'm like, "Oh, you know, they update their stuff slowly."

00:06:18   Then other times I'm like, "Oh, maybe this is just one that they'll completely skip."

00:06:22   I have more faith in their ability to update for the iPhone X than I do for their ability

00:06:29   to have drag and drop and that's now in this segment.

00:06:32   So Google Docs also does not support iPhone 10 right now.

00:06:37   Google Docs and Google Sheets, they are in that old compatibility mode.

00:06:41   So Google, we've got our eye on you and Federico is sniffing around inside your business and

00:06:49   just let you know we're coming for you, I guess.

00:06:51   Yeah, that's true.

00:06:54   So I mentioned that we all have iPhones, which definitely means that some stuff went down.

00:07:02   So Federico, did you bribe anybody? No, no. I didn't have to. So I didn't get

00:07:12   my iPhone on Friday and that was despite my best efforts to be as quick as possible with

00:07:18   the pre-orders, my Apple order page said that I was going to get the iPhone on Friday but

00:07:24   what I didn't account for was the national strike that I mentioned last week affected

00:07:31   Shipments throughout the entire week in Italy so you could have fixed that with just more cash like don't you know?

00:07:38   It was another problem. There's a there's a this was basically a dual problem of

00:07:43   What UPS called over volume so like a backlog of packages that were sitting in a warehouse?

00:07:50   somewhere outside of Rome and they couldn't deliver because they needed they had to catch up with the with the previous shipments from like

00:07:58   the week before because the strike was on Monday and Tuesday and in addition

00:08:05   to that they also do not support driving to the warehouse and just picking up the

00:08:11   package on your own which you can do in other UPS facilities I guess in Italy

00:08:16   and also you know I've seen people in in the US driving to the to the local

00:08:21   facility and picking up the package you cannot do that in Rome for some reason

00:08:25   So I was really upset on Friday and I had the thought of trying to go to an

00:08:35   Apple store and buy an iPhone on Friday because I had this this entire plan in

00:08:39   mind that I wanted to spend the weekend with the iPhone X, I wanted to start

00:08:43   writing about the iPhone X and I just I wanted to have the weekend off so I

00:08:47   could play with the device and you know start getting some thoughts together. But

00:08:53   But then, as always, Sylvia made me think about my stupid ideas, that it was useless

00:09:01   to just buy an iPhone on Friday, because I was gonna get one on Monday anyway.

00:09:07   So I decided to mostly stay away from Twitter, because looking at the pictures of people

00:09:14   unboxing their iPhones was just too much, and I basically took the weekend off, and

00:09:22   I played with my Nintendo Switch and the DOGs. And by Monday, in the meantime I should say

00:09:27   that I discovered that the UPS guy also has my phone number saved in his address book

00:09:34   on his phone. Because when I called him, I was like "Hey, I'm Federico, I don't know

00:09:39   if you remember, I'm the guy, you know, I gave him my address" and he's like "Oh yeah,

00:09:42   yeah, how are you doing?" So I assume he had my phone number and he later told me that

00:09:48   Do you think that the UPS delivery driver listens to Connected?

00:09:53   I don't think he does, honestly.

00:09:56   So he was super kind and he told me that actually a lot of people call him on the phone and

00:10:02   arrange like, they drive to wherever he is right now with the van and they pick up the

00:10:09   package because he said it's also easier for me because I don't need to drive to their

00:10:13   house so it saves me a bunch of time and people are happier because they get their packages

00:10:17   earlier. So on Monday instead of getting the package at like 2pm I drove by you know like

00:10:23   5 minutes in another you know somewhere close to my house. It was delivering a bunch of

00:10:28   boxes and it just got my iPhone and it's like there you go. Done. So no bribe involved because

00:10:35   it's something really common that people do all the time apparently. But I got my iPhone

00:10:40   on Monday so yesterday not on Friday which means that I'm still fresh to all of this.

00:10:46   So just one thing real quick, in case you're just trying to incriminate, you know, not

00:10:51   to incriminate yourself, like if there was bribery involved, you know, just like blink

00:10:55   once for yes, and you know, and we'll know. Maybe you're just trying to not incriminate

00:11:00   yourself.

00:11:01   Well, the beautiful, the beautiful thing about podcasts is that even if you blink, there's

00:11:04   no one there to see you.

00:11:06   Exactly. It's the age old. In podcasts, nobody can hear you blink. Stephen, you picked up

00:11:13   your iPhone nice and early and like all millennials you made a vlog about it?

00:11:19   I did. I did do that. So I did the in-store pickup at 8 a.m. I was suddenly very nervous

00:11:24   that I was going to be like clapped in or out of the store because that's a creepy thing

00:11:29   Apple stores do. But I didn't, which was good. There were some other people there before

00:11:34   me. There was a huge line at my store and I went in and the woman who got my phone from

00:11:40   and who I'd completed the transaction with was like,

00:11:43   yeah, most, or if not all of those people will get phones.

00:11:47   And I was back at the store last night for a reason,

00:11:50   we'll talk about it in a little while,

00:11:51   and these people have been coming in every morning,

00:11:54   they have stock almost every morning.

00:11:55   So it seems like these phones are easier to get

00:11:58   than anticipated, but the in-store pickup

00:12:00   was real straightforward.

00:12:02   - Good.

00:12:04   I had many harebrained schemes.

00:12:08   I don't want to go into all of the details of those hair brain schemes, but I do have

00:12:14   a silver iPhone 10.

00:12:17   I ended up getting it at a store and also maybe related or not related to that transaction.

00:12:25   I was in the Regent Street store on iPhone launch day and bumped into my new buddy, Sir

00:12:31   Jonathan Ive, just hanging out, just hanging out in the store, demoing face ID with an

00:12:38   Apple Store employee, with a gaggle of geniuses. What's a group of geniuses called? Like, you

00:12:46   know, what are they called?

00:12:47   A sorrow of geniuses.

00:12:48   A sorrow of geniuses. A genie surrounding Johnny while he was giving this demo. Johnny

00:12:56   was dressed exactly how you would imagine, all white linen trousers and a green jacket.

00:13:01   He was wearing his the Johnny uniform for the day. He seemed like a very nice man. I

00:13:06   did not talk to him because I am too British for something like that.

00:13:14   I just love how you were the most skeptical one in regard to getting an iPhone on launch

00:13:22   day and you ended up being the first, I think of all of us, having an iPhone X.

00:13:28   Well, because I had to launch into action, right? Like, you guys had your plans, right?

00:13:33   Your plans were all set in stone. I had no plan. So I had to leave my house and just

00:13:37   like attack London until I got an iPhone. Yeah, I, you know, I just had a bunch of things

00:13:42   going on. I had some irons in the fire and one of them ended up coming true and then

00:13:46   I got the phone before anybody. Well, not anybody, but before YouTube.

00:13:51   job and you know I saw the picture on Twitter and I almost couldn't believe it. It was like

00:13:56   that's awesome. It was very surreal. It was a very very surreal moment for me. So you

00:14:02   just turned and you saw Johnny. I turned around and the Apple Store on Regent Street has like

00:14:08   all the apples like long lines of tables right? Yeah. I'm standing by one of the trees. I

00:14:14   turn around. There's nobody in front of me but like two tables down Johnny Ivers is standing

00:14:19   there. He's just standing there looking around the store and I was like, "HUH!" I made a sound.

00:14:25   Was it a light coming down and shining on Johnny?

00:14:29   They bring it out for him. Every Apple store has a spotlight that is activated by iBeacon,

00:14:36   which is attached to Johnny's phone. So it's something that you maybe didn't know that,

00:14:41   but it's true. And I was able to see the spotlight and yeah, you know, I know taking pictures of

00:14:47   of people when they don't know is a bit, but I couldn't. I had to. I couldn't help myself.

00:14:51   Not if they're celebrities. I had to do it. Like I had to do it. I had to take a picture

00:14:56   of him and I wasn't going to ask for a selfie because I don't, I can't imagine that going

00:15:01   very well. Like if it was Tim Cook or Craig Federighi, I would ask them for a selfie.

00:15:05   Like I've seen many selfies. I can't recall a Johnny Ive selfie being about anywhere on

00:15:10   the internet. No, it doesn't exist. I don't think it would go very well for me. And you

00:15:17   know, I kind of imagine he would be very nice about it, I'm sure, but yeah, I was happy

00:15:23   to just be in the presence because he's a man that I look up to greatly and yeah, it

00:15:29   was very, it was a very, very cool moment for me.

00:15:31   I enjoy your new role as the geek paparazzi, Myke. Just going around London, taking pictures

00:15:39   of celebrities, posting them casually on Twitter. Very good job, Myke.

00:15:44   I'm starting a new website called The Mic Zone is what it's going to be called.

00:15:49   It's TMZ?

00:15:50   TMZ for sure.

00:15:51   Basically.

00:15:52   Yeah, The Mic Zone. So that's going to be my new website.

00:15:59   Kyle's the Grey is posting many tweets in the chat room now of people taking selfies

00:16:03   with Johnny Ive. But I, yeah, I'm sure it happens. Johnny doesn't look incredibly happy

00:16:09   in any of them to be honest.

00:16:11   So also, I feel like the question, yes, those are pictures, but the real question is, are

00:16:16   those people still alive?

00:16:17   That's what I want to know.

00:16:18   - Exactly, right?

00:16:19   Are they trapped inside of a big white box somewhere?

00:16:21   Nobody knows.

00:16:22   - Exactly.

00:16:23   - So we have one mini topic this week.

00:16:27   This is a really weird story.

00:16:29   So it started happening, I guess, over the weekend.

00:16:33   I think I first saw it on Twitter, where someone's tweet would be mostly fine, but instead of

00:16:40   the letter I, like the word, you know, like I tweeted,

00:16:43   it would be A with a little symbol next to it

00:16:46   and then the rest of the tweet.

00:16:47   And it has slowly been, it seems like it's slowly spreading.

00:16:51   I don't know if that's actually true or not,

00:16:52   but it's, like I saw a tweet yesterday,

00:16:53   it was like, oh no, I haven't now.

00:16:55   So it's some sort of weird deal.

00:16:58   What's actually happening, and there's a really good

00:17:00   blog post that's in the show notes by our friend

00:17:04   and creator of Emojipedia.

00:17:05   Myke, you were on his podcast last week, weren't you?

00:17:07   Am I making that up?

00:17:08   - I was, yep, I was on Emoji Wrap last week

00:17:10   with Jeremy Bush.

00:17:12   - So Jeremy has this great blog post

00:17:14   about what's actually happening here.

00:17:17   So the letter I is being appended,

00:17:20   for some reason it's obviously a bug,

00:17:22   with an invisible character known

00:17:24   as the variation selector 16.

00:17:27   I did not know what this was, but now I do.

00:17:31   It is basically what is used in Unicode

00:17:34   to make the previous character have an emoji appearance.

00:17:39   And it, for some reason, again, some sort of weird bug,

00:17:42   is that it is being appended to the letter I

00:17:45   in autocorrect and that breaks it

00:17:46   and makes it A with a little question mark next to it.

00:17:49   Apple's fix for this, they say that it's going to be,

00:17:53   there'll be a fix in the public beta this week.

00:17:56   So, assuming it'll be out to the public pretty soon.

00:17:58   After that, but they say, if you have this,

00:18:02   just go to the text replacement.

00:18:04   keyboard settings and just for phrase type an uppercase I for shortcut type a

00:18:10   lowercase I I love this for many reasons a most people don't know that's there be

00:18:15   that system is so broken that you're gonna have to redo it like every three

00:18:19   days when it just they all just disappear from your phone it's just so

00:18:23   this is weird like it's just so funny to me I don't know how that you end up

00:18:27   breaking this it's very strange it's a very it's not someone in the chat room

00:18:31   is saying that's the most weird KBase article, that is patently false. There are far stranger

00:18:37   things, but this is my current favorite for a modern KBase article.

00:18:41   I love these types of fixes, like to these sort of situations where it's like it's not

00:18:45   actually a fix, right? Like it's not, you're not actually fixing anything. It's just like

00:18:50   pretend that it doesn't exist and just use the lowercase i instead of the uppercase i,

00:18:56   like forever and you're all good. It's very weird. I assume this is some kind of Unicode

00:19:01   Like they screwed something up somewhere with Unicode.

00:19:05   Because I thought, I kept thinking that I wasn't on the right beta and didn't have the

00:19:08   right emoji.

00:19:09   Me too.

00:19:10   And I had to keep checking.

00:19:13   So do you guys have this?

00:19:14   My phone, my devices are not doing this.

00:19:17   My plus had this problem, my iPhone X doesn't have this problem yet.

00:19:24   Which is interesting because I was on the 11.2 beta on my Plus, but I restored on the

00:19:32   stable, the public version on my 10.

00:19:35   And Apple says that this problem affects iOS 11.1, but I've also seen people saying that

00:19:41   they have iOS 11, you know, the first version before 11.1 shipped, and they also see this

00:19:48   problem.

00:19:49   seems to be widespread on iOS 11 in general, but it seems to be hitting people like at

00:19:54   random times. I'm not sure how it propagates. If it relates to some kind of setting being

00:20:00   enabled at some point in the background, I have no idea. I should also say, as a quick

00:20:05   aside, that when I restored my iPhone X, actually I didn't restore when I set up my iPhone X

00:20:11   as a fresh new device, no backups. Yesterday, the text replacements, they synced back from

00:20:17   iCloud almost immediately. Like 10 minutes later I was able... I just... I reached out to the keyboard

00:20:23   and I typed my text replacement for my email address. Just... I didn't even think about it and it worked.

00:20:28   So I'm not sure if Apple migrated those text replacements to CloudKit. As they mentioned a few

00:20:34   weeks ago they said we're gonna move to the new system in the future. But... or if it's just maybe

00:20:41   just luck but it did work. Like 10 minutes later I logged into iCloud, I started

00:20:47   downloading a bunch of apps and then the text replacement worked. So that was nice.

00:20:52   Yeah I don't have it on any of my devices. Like I see it but it doesn't

00:20:55   happen to me which is very... I mean it honestly does feel like it is this weird

00:21:00   virus that is spreading from device to device which is what I find so funny

00:21:04   about it. Like yeah but it hasn't happened to me and I don't know why or

00:21:10   why not, but it's a very, very, very peculiar and kind of hilarious thing.

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00:22:25   - So we're gonna get into our iPhone X

00:22:28   hands-on impressions, review, thoughts, feelings, emotions.

00:22:35   Myke, you did, you did mention earlier that I did two videos and I want to talk about

00:22:40   this just real briefly. The link's in the center notes. Go like and subscribe.

00:22:45   Hold on, hold on. Wait a second. I need to ask you both a question and you need to be

00:22:49   honest with me. Okay. You need to be extremely honest even if you are on a podcast. Okay.

00:22:54   Okay. Never lied to you, Federica. Okay. No. I want you to tell me if when you're with

00:23:01   friends or when you're with family, when you're with someone and you're talking about the

00:23:05   new iPhone. Do you occasionally call it the iPhone X? Not anymore. Because I feel like

00:23:15   I'm very self-conscious about the fact that it's, I mean of course I know it's called

00:23:20   the iPhone X, but my friends don't. And so whenever they keep saying iPhone X, I don't

00:23:26   want to be the guy telling them, "Oh well actually you're supposed to..." "Excuse me!"

00:23:31   Well, you know, Apple want you to call it the iPhone 10. So I'm sorry, but you're using

00:23:37   the wrong terminology here, my friends. And I don't want to be that guy.

00:23:41   What is this iPhone X that we've heard so much about? I think you'll find the most recent

00:23:45   phone is the iPhone 10. Hi, my name is Federico Vitigi and I run this website. Now, I haven't

00:23:50   been in a situation like that, where I've been with people that are referring to it,

00:23:55   like as the iPhone X. I honestly don't know what I would do in that situation. Okay. I

00:24:00   still every now and then read it in my head as X. Like when I read it, it just reads as

00:24:04   X. But just having it, you know, over the last couple of weeks, like month or so, just

00:24:11   trying to pay attention on podcasts, making sure I'm calling it 10 means I'm calling it

00:24:16   10 just naturally now.

00:24:18   Okay. All right.

00:24:20   Yeah.

00:24:21   But that is a good question.

00:24:22   I was in that situation on Sunday, so we were with some friends who apparently saw these

00:24:28   videos which was super embarrassing and you know wanted to see it and wanted to

00:24:34   ask questions about it and someone called it the X and I didn't mean to

00:24:37   correct them but it just came out like oh yeah like the 10 I was like oh no I'm

00:24:41   that I'm that guy you are that guy conversation quickly moved on

00:24:45   Federico can't you just be like excuse me do you not know Roman numerals do you

00:24:50   know where you are sir you are in Rome damn it no but it got especially worse

00:24:56   last night we had a bunch of friends over for dinner and they were really excited about

00:25:04   that. They are Sylvia's friends and they use Instagram a lot and so they wanted to see

00:25:08   the iPhone X and they were, I mentioned Instagram because they got super excited about the portrait

00:25:12   mode and so basically what happened was we have this group of 10, not 10 I would say

00:25:18   maybe 6 or 7 female friends and everybody looking at my iPhone X and they're making

00:25:25   Instagram stories about the iPhone 10 and every single one of Sylvia's friends, they

00:25:31   are referring to the iPhone as the iPhone X and they're making Instagram stories and

00:25:36   I'm just sitting in a corner drinking my espresso and being like, all these people are wrong.

00:25:40   What am I supposed to do now? And they're like, and they're making these stories by,

00:25:45   Hey, this is Stitch's iPhone X. Which is even worse. It sounds even worse in Italian because

00:25:51   it's iPhone X, which is, it's all kinds of wrong. Yeah. I don't like that. Yeah. I don't

00:25:56   like it either. So I asked because I'm not sure how to do like socially in these situations.

00:26:01   Like I don't want to correct people and be like on 10 different Instagram stories in

00:26:05   the background. Me the guy, no, it's the iPhone 10 actually. You know, you just pop in just

00:26:12   popping as Clippy, but for Apple marketing names. Did you mean, sorry, Steven. Anyway,

00:26:20   Go ahead.

00:26:21   You called me Clippy.

00:26:22   That's what you've done.

00:26:23   Well, you know.

00:26:26   Anyway, back to the videos.

00:26:31   So yeah, so it was fun to do.

00:26:34   I was extremely self-conscious filming myself.

00:26:36   I do it in the studio a good bit now, so it's not weird in here, but walking across the

00:26:41   Whole Foods parking lot.

00:26:42   So I did that shot talking about Apple Pay, and I get in my car and I put the phone down,

00:26:47   there's someone like in the car crossing me just staring at me like trying to work out

00:26:53   like is he FaceTiming somebody like that's sort of weird to see in public but you know

00:26:58   it's so obvious you're not though right like I always think that like oh well they think

00:27:02   that I'm FaceTiming you don't look like you're FaceTiming right you look like you're filming

00:27:06   yourself I don't know why there's a difference especially especially when you when you say

00:27:11   stuff like, make sure to like the video and subscribe. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't say

00:27:17   that on FaceTime. Like and subscribe to FaceTime!

00:27:25   I will say about this, right, that your vlogs were so good they were almost annoying to

00:27:30   me. Because it is a very awkward thing to do, but you seem to just deal with it very

00:27:36   well except in that parking lot because I could see what you were doing. You were holding

00:27:42   the phone lower down. I did this when I when I did like my first couple out in the street.

00:27:47   Like you don't hold it up to your face like you do everywhere else. You hold it like a

00:27:51   little bit more towards your chest because I really just don't want people to see to

00:27:56   see what I'm doing. Yeah. Out of the woods. It was fine because most of it was shot in

00:28:00   the state park. I'm not really nowhere but but they're great. If you haven't watched

00:28:05   Steven's vlogs, don't just take his word for it,

00:28:07   go and watch them, they are very, very, very good.

00:28:09   And it's more than just the review stuff,

00:28:11   there's some nice scenery, and yeah, it's really nice.

00:28:14   You can get a slice of Southern Life, right?

00:28:16   - There is a slice of Southern Life in there.

00:28:19   Both of these videos were demonetized over the weekend,

00:28:22   and doing some homework, it seems like basically

00:28:25   anyone with iPhone 10 or iPhone 10 review

00:28:27   in the title of their videos were demonetized.

00:28:30   So when that happens, YouTube says you can't advertise,

00:28:34   Advertisements won't run on this,

00:28:36   so you're making no money.

00:28:37   And you can request a manual review.

00:28:41   And so I did that, and both came through that

00:28:44   and were re-monetized.

00:28:46   And it seems like some other videos I had kinda noticed

00:28:48   have been fixed, so maybe that was some sort of weird issue

00:28:54   in YouTube's system.

00:28:55   Insert conspiracy theory about Google and Apple here.

00:28:59   But they're re-monetized.

00:29:01   I thought it was an interesting thing.

00:29:02   Like I was talking to a couple of people

00:29:05   who have much bigger YouTube channels.

00:29:06   They're like, "Yeah, you're a real YouTuber now.

00:29:08   "You've been demonetized without warning."

00:29:10   I was like, "Yeah, that's not what I expected."

00:29:12   But it's been a fun experiment.

00:29:15   I don't expect this sort of video to take over

00:29:18   what I do on YouTube, but I thought it would be a fun way

00:29:20   to sort of share the iPhone X, like first weekend.

00:29:24   - Should we talk about the iPhone X?

00:29:25   - Yeah, yeah, Federico, what do you think?

00:29:30   Well, it's only been like 24 hours.

00:29:35   So I'm still trying to process what I'm actually using here.

00:29:38   But my first reaction and sort of the thought

00:29:42   that I keep going back to is this feels like almost

00:29:47   like an impossible phone.

00:29:50   Because the first time I opened the box

00:29:53   and I took the iPhone out of the package

00:29:56   and I started the setup process.

00:29:59   And I looked at the screen and I went like, this is,

00:30:03   I mean, the first reaction was, my God,

00:30:06   it's almost entirely screen.

00:30:08   And I said to Sylvia, we were together yesterday,

00:30:12   we were doing the setup, and I said,

00:30:14   it feels like I shouldn't be using this phone

00:30:18   in this kind of device in 2017.

00:30:21   It doesn't feel like it's possible to go from an iPhone

00:30:25   that looks like my iPhone 7 Plus to this 12 months later.

00:30:30   It almost looks wrong in a good way

00:30:33   that it feels like something from the future

00:30:36   that it's available today.

00:30:37   So from that point of view,

00:30:38   sort of the iPhone X naming scheme makes sense.

00:30:41   And I've always said that the idea of colony 10

00:30:44   just for the concept of the phone from tomorrow

00:30:48   but today makes sense.

00:30:49   But really in practice,

00:30:51   it feels like the combination of the display

00:30:54   and this sort of seamless design with the glass that blends into the display,

00:31:01   and then it's also in the back of the iPhone, and how the...

00:31:06   It almost feels like apps want to escape the screen.

00:31:10   They want to go all the way up to the corners,

00:31:13   and how those corners are rounded, and they follow the shape of the device.

00:31:18   It does feel to me like a phone that shouldn't be possible, but it is.

00:31:23   And I'm still trying to understand how--

00:31:29   because it's a very different phone.

00:31:30   And so it has this highly gestural-driven interaction.

00:31:37   It's very different from before.

00:31:40   We used to have the Home button, and all of our interactions

00:31:44   were anchored to that button.

00:31:46   But now, it feels like we're free to do whatever

00:31:50   we want in a more natural way.

00:31:53   And so the metaphor of you're just holding a screen

00:31:56   in your hands is stronger than ever in the iPhone X.

00:32:00   And it's a combination, I think it's a combination of it's

00:32:04   almost entirely screen, and it's got these rounded corners,

00:32:08   and it feels like you're holding a display.

00:32:11   But also, the fact that there's no physical Home button

00:32:16   in the front of the device means that you're actually

00:32:19   holding a display, and all your interactions

00:32:22   are driven by multi-touch.

00:32:24   And that's a powerful idea, I think.

00:32:27   Something interesting occurred as I was setting up the phone.

00:32:31   Silvia looked at it, and she went like, is it all glass?

00:32:35   I said, yeah, because it's an InDesign,

00:32:37   and it's wireless charging.

00:32:39   And she just goes, I don't like it.

00:32:42   I was like, this is the phone we've

00:32:44   been waiting for for months.

00:32:45   It's a hot take right there.

00:32:47   You're supposed to love this phone, because I also love it.

00:32:50   And she was like, "I don't know, I'm probabilistic with the iPhone 7."

00:32:55   So you know, the entire discussion that Myke and Jason were having an upgrade about the

00:33:00   people who want the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, I think I have one of those people

00:33:04   in my household.

00:33:07   So we'll see how it goes.

00:33:08   But she started coming around, I think, on the iPhone X when I did a comparison of the

00:33:14   black levels between my iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone X.

00:33:18   And so she went like, "Oh boy, the black on the 7 Plus looks like dark grey compared to

00:33:24   actual black on the X."

00:33:26   And I was like, "See?

00:33:27   See, I told you the iPhone X is pretty good."

00:33:29   And she was like, "Yeah, maybe."

00:33:30   So maybe she'll get an iPhone X eventually, I don't know.

00:33:33   But overall, my first thought, sort of the idea that I keep having today 24 hours later,

00:33:41   it's amazing that when I look at it, when it's on a table or when I take it out of my

00:33:45   pocket and I look at it, it's just a screen. I'm holding a screen. I'm not holding a phone

00:33:51   with a screen. I'm holding a screen that is also a phone or a computer, if that makes

00:33:55   sense.

00:33:56   Jared Ranere It does make sense. And I don't mean to argue

00:34:00   with you because I agree with all of that. But there are other phones have done this.

00:34:06   Like, I'm not saying that you're not saying that, right? I just I just want to point out

00:34:12   that there are other phones that do this, I think maybe even to a greater degree, but

00:34:15   you're right, it's amazing how quickly my old phone looked super old, like way older

00:34:23   than a year. It's new to us, right? Like the three of us, it's new to us because we haven't

00:34:28   had phones that we use in like daily use that are like this, you know? Agreed. So I think

00:34:37   that's a big, like a big part of it for sure. Because I, you know, I agree with what you

00:34:42   guys are saying, right? This is wild. I just want to keep playing with it all the time

00:34:48   because it's so strange in a good way, right? It's this beautiful, just the luxurious feeling

00:35:00   of this phone is really something I keep coming back to. It just feels like such a step up

00:35:08   in every direction. You know, like the glass feels so good and the stainless steel, especially

00:35:14   on the silver in my opinion, just looks wonderful. And I can't stop looking at that screen because

00:35:24   it's all of the technology. Like it's not just the shape and size. It's the wide color

00:35:29   gamut. It's the true tone. All of that stuff together. It's wonderful. Yeah, like just,

00:35:37   you say in Federico, like the blacks and the colors, like when you have the screen off,

00:35:43   it is impossible to see where the seams are. You know, I very frequently am finding myself

00:35:47   trying to turn this phone on upside down. Yeah, me too. Because it's like, you look

00:35:51   at it and it's like, well, there is no seam anymore. Like it is just all black and I love

00:35:57   it. I really, really love it. I know that other phones try, especially Samsung, tried

00:36:03   you did this before, but I generally think that it's not just the way that they have

00:36:14   the ears at the top and the notch at the top. I think the key difference here is the lack

00:36:20   of a bezel at the bottom of the phone. I feel like not enough people are talking about the

00:36:24   fact that this phone goes all the way to the bottom. The display doesn't stop towards the

00:36:31   lower end of the device and I feel like, I don't know if it's just me, but I honestly

00:36:38   think it's more impressive at the bottom of the phone rather than at the top.

00:36:44   Because the top is fine, and I think it's also the reason why I don't think the notch

00:36:49   is such a big deal, and I'm not constantly looking at the status bar anyway.

00:36:56   But at the bottom, you know, when I'm switching sections in apps, I'm tapping on, like, action

00:37:03   buttons or switching top bars, I'm constantly looking at the bottom of, you know, iPhone

00:37:08   UIs.

00:37:09   And so the lack of a bezel at the bottom, I think it's a much bigger contributor to

00:37:16   the fact of -- to the feeling of this feels like an entire screen in the palm of my hands.

00:37:23   Before we talk about-- because I know we want to talk about face ID,

00:37:26   we want to talk about the notch and the status bar.

00:37:29   I wanted to ask you guys about controlling this iPhone

00:37:33   via gestures and all the different swipes and commands that are now

00:37:37   moving away from the Home button and getting different options

00:37:42   and activation methods in the iPhone X.

00:37:44   And I wanted to start with the multitasking app Picker.

00:37:49   Because for the first few hours yesterday,

00:37:52   it felt to me like it was the trickiest gesture to learn.

00:37:56   - It is the trickiest.

00:37:57   - And to familiarize myself with.

00:38:00   I don't know if it's the best way to go about it,

00:38:03   but I've started doing sort of this quick

00:38:07   semi-circle gesture from the,

00:38:11   so from the bottom right, from the bottom right corner,

00:38:14   I do a quick swipe up and to the left.

00:38:20   Like it takes less than a second.

00:38:22   And if I do that, I go straight into multitasking.

00:38:26   I don't do the swipe up and hold.

00:38:29   I think it's faster if I do bottom right and up left.

00:38:33   Less than a second, no holding and waiting.

00:38:35   What do you guys think of opening the app switcher?

00:38:38   So I'm trying that too, right?

00:38:39   Like just kind of flicking in from a corner

00:38:41   like to the other side.

00:38:43   So doing it from the left hand side, for example,

00:38:45   you kind of feel like you're just dragging the apps out.

00:38:49   like from the very bottom left corner. That works. The way I've been doing it is just

00:38:53   like the pull up a little bit and just hold for a second and it comes out. This is something

00:38:58   that I don't feel like I've fully mastered my gesture yet because the gesture that I

00:39:04   have been using is it's slow. You know, like I'm waiting and I'm just kind of just hanging

00:39:09   out and then eventually the this weird multitasking thing will come out like that is of the gestures,

00:39:15   new gestures, that's the one that I have also, along with most people, have been struggling

00:39:19   with. But that like, kind of flicking out from the corner, like across the dock, it

00:39:25   actually works pretty well for Federica.

00:39:27   Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not too bad. I'm not sure if, like, I would probably try and

00:39:36   see if the official Apple method of just swipe up and hold, if it maybe will work over time.

00:39:41   But I'm also kind of struggling with control center.

00:39:48   Not because I cannot reach the status bar, because I mean, I was used to a plus phone

00:39:57   and I could almost use the plus with just one hand.

00:40:01   So using this one is no problem for me.

00:40:03   I can reach the top just fine.

00:40:06   But it's the muscle memory that's the problem for me.

00:40:10   And I constantly keep trying to open Control Center by swiping up.

00:40:15   I think this will be okay in a few days as this new muscle memory kicks in.

00:40:23   But it's also the fact that the Control Center is now the opposite of what it used to be.

00:40:28   It used to be something that came up from the bottom, now it's sort of this model...

00:40:34   I'm not sure how you call it, a sheet?

00:40:35   It's not a sheet, it's like an overlay that sort of comes down from the top.

00:40:43   And the problem for me there is that, for example, on my iPhone Plus I could swipe up

00:40:52   slowly and then tap on the music controls, for example.

00:40:58   Now, if I swipe down slowly with my thumb, the music controls are below my thumb, and

00:41:07   so I cannot do the same gesture with one hand as comfortably as before.

00:41:12   It's a very different, like, it's the, like, on the vertical axis is the opposite of what

00:41:17   it used to be.

00:41:19   And I'm not sure if this is the best way that control center should be done on the iPhone

00:41:26   X.

00:41:27   I know that a lot of people have been telling me on Twitter to use reachability, which is

00:41:30   an option in the iPhone X, so you swipe down on the Home bar and then you swipe down again

00:41:38   from the top right where the status bar would be while in reachability mode, which is fine,

00:41:43   but I keep thinking that maybe there should be another method altogether to open control

00:41:46   center.

00:41:47   Yeah, that's like a hack, right?

00:41:48   It's like a hack, yeah.

00:41:50   It doesn't feel right.

00:41:52   I wondered why there couldn't be a way to put it all in multitasking, you know, like

00:41:57   on the iPad.

00:41:59   I would like to try and see if that could be a potential option, because at least I

00:42:04   would be coming from the bottom for it, you know, which is what I'm used to doing.

00:42:08   Stephen, what do you think about Control Center?

00:42:10   I agree with y'all.

00:42:11   I think it's in the wrong place.

00:42:13   I think it belongs in multitasking.

00:42:16   I also sort of struggle with the visuals of it, where the cover sheet slides down, but

00:42:20   but then Control Center just sort of appears.

00:42:23   - Yeah, it's weird looking.

00:42:24   - There's something about it, yeah.

00:42:26   - Yeah, and one of my least favorite things

00:42:29   is the sort of lack of information in the status bar.

00:42:34   Like if you're in Do Not Disturb,

00:42:36   you can't see that in the status bar

00:42:37   unless you are in Control Center.

00:42:41   And so my rethinking of this,

00:42:43   again, I'm not the, to stop your emails,

00:42:45   I'm not the team of designers and UX engineers

00:42:48   This is one man's opinion.

00:42:50   But you can combine all of that into multitasking,

00:42:53   where if you're in multitasking,

00:42:54   control center's on the far right,

00:42:56   and you bring all the status bar information into that view.

00:43:01   So if you are multitasking, you have control center,

00:43:04   and you have those other items available to you for viewing.

00:43:07   I think that could all be one place,

00:43:11   and I think it would all make sense there,

00:43:12   sort of logically, the way the OS goes together.

00:43:15   It really feels like Control Center's not where it's

00:43:19   supposed to be.

00:43:21   One thing you didn't mention about multitasking is the,

00:43:25   like the fast app switching.

00:43:26   So if you swipe horizontally across the bottom

00:43:29   of the screen, you can move between the three

00:43:31   most recent apps.

00:43:33   You can only swipe to the left, I think,

00:43:35   or sometimes you can't to the right.

00:43:36   That seems a little confusing.

00:43:38   But I've been using it a bunch because I restored

00:43:42   from backup, but not everything comes over,

00:43:44   And so I'm in 1Password way more than I normally am.

00:43:47   And so I can be in an app and then go to 1Password

00:43:51   and then go back to the app and have them

00:43:52   real close together if I have to log into multiple things.

00:43:55   And that's really nice.

00:43:57   It's not at all discoverable, but it doesn't need to be

00:43:59   because multitasking will take care of most people.

00:44:02   But it's a really fast way to switch

00:44:04   between the most recent couple of apps.

00:44:06   I'm really using that one a good bit, actually.

00:44:09   - Steven, you put a note in to our document

00:44:13   that I'm very pleased that you put in.

00:44:16   - Yeah.

00:44:17   - Because I wanted to talk about this

00:44:18   and I figured you would be the person who would understand.

00:44:21   - Yes, as the, what did we decide last week,

00:44:25   the Syracuse stand-in, I must talk about RSI.

00:44:28   And I've had a fair bit of RSI in my right hand

00:44:32   in particular, including before and after

00:44:37   like extensive nerve surgery in my elbow,

00:44:39   which is a topic for another day.

00:44:40   But I am really struggling with all the swiping

00:44:45   in my right thumb.

00:44:46   And I, the last time I really had this on a phone

00:44:50   is when I moved to the plus for the first time.

00:44:52   So I'm hoping that this is just an adjustment period.

00:44:55   But especially, the most troubling one for me is swipe up.

00:44:59   And that's the one you use all the dang time

00:45:01   on this new phone.

00:45:02   And like to a point Friday after I'd set it up,

00:45:06   I just set the phone down for like hours.

00:45:09   'cause I can't do it.

00:45:11   It seems a little better over the weekend,

00:45:14   even until today, so I'm hoping that I'm just adjusting,

00:45:18   but that is worrisome to me,

00:45:22   and if it doesn't go away completely,

00:45:24   I have thought about do I need to try to figure out

00:45:27   how to use my phone with my left hand

00:45:29   so I could use it with both hands

00:45:30   and balance the workload or what,

00:45:33   but as of right now, it's not a home run

00:45:35   for me in this regard.

00:45:36   - Yeah, I'm struggling too.

00:45:39   my thumbs and uh were hurting and I've noticed additional pains in my wrists.

00:45:43   Um I mean I I'm I've never had surgery like like you but I have had RSI problems and this is normal

00:45:50   for me you know like if if I bring a new device into my life that has some new method of operating

00:45:59   it causes me problems like when I first got the switch there was problems with the switch I don't

00:46:05   I don't know why.

00:46:06   And I've had some problems over the weekend with the phone.

00:46:09   I mean, I'm using the phone more than I would normally

00:46:11   use a phone because it's new and exciting and whatever.

00:46:14   But these are new interactions and I'm kind of just

00:46:16   hoping that I'll just get used to them over time.

00:46:19   And this isn't a complaint 'cause what are you gonna do?

00:46:22   You can't stay that way forever.

00:46:24   And do you know what I thought about, honestly,

00:46:26   if this is the thing that continues,

00:46:27   I'll use assistive touch.

00:46:29   You know the little thing that flies around on a screen?

00:46:31   If this is a big problem for me,

00:46:33   then I'll try and use that more.

00:46:34   same. But I remember I had these problems when I moved to the Plus as well, so I'm hoping

00:46:39   that it will just go away. But it's something that I think is always worth remembering.

00:46:45   Also I had some problems when 3D Touch came out as well. It's just like, you're used to

00:46:50   doing these things in certain ways and then when they change, the change can cause stress

00:46:56   until your hands get used to it. This is something that I think affects more and more people

00:47:01   these days because of how much we use the devices. It has made me start to think, I'm

00:47:06   terrified about the thought that using these devices is actually just destroying us all.

00:47:12   And in a few years, no one will be able to use them anymore. I've been playing around

00:47:18   this dystopian hellscape in my mind of everybody and their claw hands and nobody can use touch

00:47:25   screens anymore. And then the robots take hard jobs or something. I don't know.

00:47:30   You can also set "assistive touch to open control center" I just learned.

00:47:33   So you don't have to bring that down.

00:47:36   No, so it's, I don't know.

00:47:38   Federico, your silence is making me think one of two things, that one, or three things.

00:47:42   One, you think that we're wild and have lost our minds.

00:47:46   Two, you have no problems with this.

00:47:48   Or three, you think we're old.

00:47:50   I don't know.

00:47:51   But I know it's one of those.

00:47:52   Which one do you think it is?

00:47:55   I don't think you're having any problems with this because in the past you have like, dispelled

00:48:00   these problems and I'm assuming that you just think we're old. No I don't think

00:48:06   you're old but also I don't have these problems so it's been fine for me

00:48:11   totally fine but I understand why it can be a problem like I know that this is a

00:48:19   concern for you and I don't think you're old I think a lot of people have these

00:48:23   issues so it's important to have fallback options like touch. They exist.

00:48:29   I don't want to use it. Like I don't want to have to use assistive touch, but it's there just in case, right?

00:48:36   All right, should we take a break?

00:48:40   Let's do it.

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00:50:23   So should we talk about apps? Like I have found in general, like the vast majority of apps that

00:50:28   I'm using have been optimized, which is great, right? I've been surprised by it. It's encouraging

00:50:36   to see. I was a little afraid it was going to be a longer term thing, but I would say the majority

00:50:41   of apps I'm in every day are compliant, you know, they're doing what they're supposed to do.

00:50:47   And they were ready for me as well. Like it wasn't like they just kind of shook out. Like as soon as

00:50:52   I turned the phone on like I had a bunch of apps already supported.

00:50:56   Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah. But the ones that aren't look weird and old and tiny. Yeah.

00:51:06   It's kind of funny I guess because they're using the the iPhone 6 size

00:51:12   class and they just put black bars around it that they don't look bad. It's

00:51:18   not it's like they they they blow up or stretch they're just like centered in

00:51:21   the screen in a very, very sort of unsettling way. They're still totally usable, but it's

00:51:28   definitely reminiscent of, you know, going from the, the four to the five or something

00:51:34   like that.

00:51:36   There's also some developers that consciously do not embrace the notch and the new layout

00:51:43   of the iPhone 10. And I think those apps just look wrong. Yeah. When you're using those

00:51:48   apps that are updated for the iPhone X, so they have the correct aspect ratio and all

00:51:54   that, but they made a decision to block out the status bar with a black background, for

00:51:59   example. And I think they look like Android apps on an iPhone, in a way. Like, the notch,

00:52:07   I feel like, and the split status bar, has this distinctive feeling to it, which I appreciate

00:52:15   visually when you're holding the iPhone and you see the UI stretching all the way to the top, I think it looks nice.

00:52:21   But also, there's this sort of... it feels like using like iOS 5 or iOS 4 back when the status bar was black,

00:52:36   and there was like this clear separation between the status controls and the title bar and the rest of the content.

00:52:43   and honestly I think we've moved past that, but there's some, I feel like, there's some designers that kind of want to bring that sort of style back in fashion, and I'm not a fan.

00:52:58   I think it just looks wrong, it doesn't take advantage of the screen, and also it could be a problem for the OLED screen, for the burning problem of OLED.

00:53:09   If you display elements that switch colors and are more dynamic than just blocking out the status bar with a black background, maybe over time there could be a problem.

00:53:22   And I have a feeling that this is the reason why Apple has been advising developers to embrace this layout and to make sure that their UIs stretch all the way to the top corners.

00:53:34   the top corners because you want to have as much dynamic content as possible on the screen.

00:53:40   You don't want to have wallpapers or any kind of background that is a fixed element and

00:53:46   that is displayed always in the same position over time.

00:53:52   Most of all I think they just look weird.

00:53:53   Yeah, honestly I think that people that, or developers that decided to make a stand and

00:54:00   use a black bar at the top, I think that their apps immediately look old and out of place.

00:54:07   And whenever I open apps that are like this, like for example, Castro is one of them, I

00:54:12   opened Castro and I thought that they hadn't updated. And I was really confused about it

00:54:17   because I like the way that their bottom bar looks, right? Because they've got all the

00:54:21   play controls and it's completely black, which is beautiful. I love applications that use

00:54:26   like completely black because completely black with OLED screens is wonderful because it looks

00:54:32   like the screen's not even on right so like they use the background there but at the top they've

00:54:36   just gone for the flat for the flat look and I don't like it and I understand like I've seen

00:54:41   them saying that like they wanted to get the device and they want to play with it and they

00:54:44   wanted to make sure they were doing the right things and so I hope that in the future they

00:54:49   along with other developers support it but it has but this is just an example of what we were talking

00:54:54   about and what I believe from the beginning which was that you really should be designing for the

00:54:59   notch because it was going to look great and turns out does look great and apps that aren't supporting

00:55:05   it I think I think that they're taking the wrong move of it and even just trying to do basic

00:55:10   support even if it's a case of just like extending the color of your title bar all the way up to the

00:55:15   top of the screen it looks modern and fresh and cool and I appreciate any app that is doing that

00:55:22   right now. I don't know who put this next point in our document but I just wanted to say that I

00:55:28   100% agree with this and I was gonna bring this up. Was it you, Myke? It was me. More apps need true dark modes.

00:55:36   So we've had dark modes for a long time on iOS that are kind of like a dark gray, you know, they're kind

00:55:43   of stylized, they look really nice, and that worked really great until we got OLED screens. I have used

00:55:48   enough Android devices with OLED screens to understand what a true dark mode is

00:55:52   and a lot of Android apps have a setting in them for like an OLED dark mode

00:55:57   because this is where the dark mode is black and when it is black it looks

00:56:03   wonderful like I called Steven on slack yesterday and when you're in a slack

00:56:08   call they own they the screen is completely black except for the like the

00:56:13   hang up and call button and the little picture of the person and I was like oh

00:56:17   oh yeah, that's how great this looks.

00:56:19   Because it looked like the only elements of the screen

00:56:22   that were on were the ones that were in color.

00:56:24   And I want more apps to have true dark modes now.

00:56:28   Because we have a screen now in our hands

00:56:32   that can really take advantage of black levels.

00:56:37   - Yeah, I think it's time for Apple to even extend that

00:56:42   to the system.

00:56:43   Like if you use a lot of first party apps,

00:56:46   you know, you maybe have a bunch of dark modes

00:56:48   in Tweetbot and Overcast and stuff,

00:56:49   but then you go to mail and you're blinded.

00:56:51   And Apple has the pieces there in the watch app,

00:56:56   you know, that's been a dark mode,

00:56:59   a true dark mode, like black background,

00:57:01   as long as it's shipped, like two years now

00:57:03   or three years, however long the Apple watch has been out.

00:57:05   So Apple clearly has experimented with this,

00:57:09   and I think it'd be really nice to see that

00:57:10   in a future iOS update,

00:57:12   to at least have the option to put the OS

00:57:15   and the first party apps into a sort of OLED friendly mode.

00:57:19   Because I agree with you,

00:57:20   I'm not generally a dark mode kind of guy,

00:57:23   but I have switched to it in a couple apps

00:57:25   because it does look so nice on this OLED display.

00:57:29   - So are you guys struggling with finding wallpapers

00:57:34   for this device?

00:57:35   Because I feel like I spent two hours yesterday

00:57:37   just looking on the internet for iPhone 10 wallpapers.

00:57:42   And what I eventually did, which this might make Steven happy,

00:57:48   on the lock screen, I think I'm using what some Reddit person

00:57:52   said was a macOS wallpaper flipped vertically.

00:57:56   So it's basically a 16 by 9 wallpaper flipped

00:58:01   so it can be used on the iPhone X, which

00:58:04   is a very colorful wallpaper.

00:58:06   And then on the home screen, I just--

00:58:09   I always like homescreen wallpapers that are either purple or black or dark blue.

00:58:19   Because I like the way that these colors contrast with the colors of apps on my homescreen.

00:58:26   But I couldn't find anything that I liked for the iPhone X, and so what I did was I

00:58:31   took one of Steven's 5K classic Mac OS X wallpapers, the Leopard one, I used an app called

00:58:39   blur on my iPhone to apply some blur to the image and I flipped the image vertically and

00:58:47   I'm using that as my home screen.

00:58:49   I hadn't changed my home screens, like what I'm using right now is the same as what I

00:58:54   was using before and I'm using a remaster artwork wallpaper which is an exclusive perk

00:59:02   for Relay FM members as my home screen but for my lock screen I'm using a picture of

00:59:09   of me and Adina from our engagement,

00:59:10   and they both look fantastic.

00:59:12   I was like perfectly fine with both of them.

00:59:15   I don't feel like I need to find something

00:59:18   which is specific for this phone

00:59:20   because the ones that I am using are really good.

00:59:23   - Yeah, I-- - For me.

00:59:24   - I haven't changed mine either, I don't think.

00:59:27   I'm using a family picture as the lock screen,

00:59:30   and for a long time I was using black for the home screen,

00:59:35   and I'm still doing that because it looks really nice

00:59:38   behind the icons on OLED and the black is just so deep.

00:59:42   So no change for me, but I do appreciate

00:59:45   what you're saying Federico.

00:59:46   I think part of it for me is the,

00:59:48   'cause the form factor is different

00:59:50   and the resolution is different,

00:59:52   so the family photo I was using,

00:59:55   I ended up kind of resetting it

00:59:56   and moving it over a little bit

00:59:57   because the cropping was strange on the taller phone

01:00:00   'cause that size difference is noticeable

01:00:03   if you're using a photo that's like exactly placed.

01:00:07   Alright, so do we want to talk about the actual features of this phone?

01:00:11   Nah.

01:00:12   Because we're talking about apps, we're talking about the notch, we're talking about wallpapers.

01:00:16   Let's talk about the camera.

01:00:18   So I don't think neither of us use the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, so the portrait lighting effects

01:00:26   are new to us.

01:00:28   They were new to me, for sure.

01:00:31   As I mentioned last night, the selfie portrait mode was a huge hit among Silvia's friends,

01:00:39   and I should say it's a very nice upgrade if you take a lot of selfies.

01:00:44   It's not too bad, honestly.

01:00:45   I think it's better than how the original portrait mode launched last year, I guess.

01:00:54   It's actually pretty decent for 1.0 beta.

01:00:57   I don't know if Apple calls it beta, the selfie portrait, but it's actually very nice.

01:01:01   and I can see how normal people that don't have podcasts or write workflows,

01:01:08   they might appreciate this change. It's a very welcome upgrade.

01:01:12   I have mixed feelings about the portrait lightning effects.

01:01:18   The studio light, the stage light and the mono.

01:01:20   I haven't been able yet to take a decent photo with those effects

01:01:26   And when I tried last night to demo this feature to said friends, it failed miserably.

01:01:34   Like, it didn't just fail, like it created some incredibly and ridiculously wrong images

01:01:41   with like some person's face like blurred in half with a sort of black background, with

01:01:48   a black background cutting into their jaw.

01:01:51   That's awful.

01:01:52   Which is super wrong.

01:01:54   Just awful.

01:01:55   I was curious if you guys had a better experience with this.

01:01:58   - Nope.

01:01:58   (laughing)

01:01:59   - Okay, moving on.

01:02:01   - I have a couple of problems,

01:02:03   which are specific to me, but they are problems.

01:02:07   So I just took a picture right now

01:02:10   that I'm sending to you two,

01:02:11   so you can kind of get some idea of one of my problems.

01:02:16   Right now, I am currently wearing eye glasses,

01:02:21   which are, the frames are clear.

01:02:24   Oh boy.

01:02:25   And portrait mode does not like those, right?

01:02:29   Like it's, I found portrait mode to struggle with, uh, eyeglasses anyway.

01:02:33   Um, but clear ones does not like, uh, the picture that I've just sent you both is

01:02:38   the only time that I've ever gotten a half decent picture out of this thing

01:02:42   because portrait mode hates my beard.

01:02:45   Oh, it hates my beard.

01:02:48   So if I take a picture kind of from the side, so like my beard is in front of

01:02:51   some clothing or whatever, and I kind of angle it just right.

01:02:54   But if I take a picture front on it kind of cuts my chin into a triangle. It's very peculiar

01:03:00   It really doesn't like I mean, you know portrait mode struggles with with hair

01:03:04   It really struggles when that hair is on your face and this is only in the stage lighting ones in the regular ones

01:03:10   They're kind of fine, right? Like they're fine

01:03:12   They take pictures and they look mostly okay

01:03:16   But in the stage lighting ones it can get it can get it can get pretty hairy right now for me

01:03:22   I've got to say. Yeah. I just took two stage lights and both the mono and the normal one,

01:03:29   they don't like the fact that I have headphones on. So it looks like I have like a ring of

01:03:35   light around my head because it's not cutting. It's not cutting where the hair should be.

01:03:41   So it keeps the headphones and then it gets confused and it's like, Oh my God, what is

01:03:44   going on here? There's no, there's no, what am I supposed to be cutting here? So there's

01:03:47   like this light around my head but the contour and the studio light are

01:03:52   actually pretty decent I think they're not too bad.

01:03:55   Yeah it's struggling. It's fine. I mean I kind of thought we would see these

01:04:01   things everywhere and then once we I think saw how it's performing there's a

01:04:07   reason why our Instagram feeds aren't full of them but I think it'll get there

01:04:10   you know the the portrait mode out the back cameras has definitely improved and

01:04:15   and I think they will get their Soy But Surely.

01:04:20   - Oh God, Steven, this is so bad.

01:04:23   - Yeah, so mine, it's like I've been

01:04:27   in some sort of industrial accident.

01:04:29   - We have to put these in the show notes, right?

01:04:32   Like I feel like we can't not, because we're,

01:04:34   you know, like, oh man.

01:04:36   - So mine looks like I'm sinking into a vat of like black oil

01:04:40   and it's like creeping over my shoulder

01:04:42   as I slowly get pulled down into it.

01:04:44   look like a badly cut out cartoon character in Microsoft Paint, right? Like you know when

01:04:50   someone has tried to like go through and remove the background by hand? That's how it looks.

01:04:57   Oh Federico, yours is terrible. Mine is the only half decent one I think. Oh my. I'll

01:05:03   put these all, I'll put these in the show notes so you can see them on the page. Oh

01:05:10   Oh my god, yeah, look, it's not good.

01:05:13   But you know what, right, like I've seen a lot of videos,

01:05:15   I've seen a lot of comparisons,

01:05:17   the ones on the Pixel are way better.

01:05:19   Every comparison video, every comparison photo

01:05:22   that I've seen, the Google Pixel seems to do a better job

01:05:26   because #machine learning, right?

01:05:28   - Yeah, yeah.

01:05:30   So anyway, I think in the short term,

01:05:33   we will probably see normal portrait selfies,

01:05:39   and maybe some studio light and control light.

01:05:44   The stage lights are just too buggy right now, I feel.

01:05:47   The other camera related feature is Animoji,

01:05:52   which is also another hit with my friends

01:05:56   and my girlfriend and my mom.

01:05:58   - And the world.

01:05:59   - And the world, really, if you take a look on Twitter,

01:06:01   AnimojiKaraoke, Animoji, what's called theater

01:06:04   with the movie scenes, people are using and remixing

01:06:08   and sort of doing creative things with Animoji

01:06:11   that maybe Apple could, you know,

01:06:14   they knew this was gonna happen,

01:06:16   maybe they didn't know that this was gonna happen.

01:06:18   It feels to me like if they knew,

01:06:21   this should have been somehow integrated into clips.

01:06:24   You know, they have this social video

01:06:27   creative movie making app.

01:06:29   Why not integrate Animoji with clips?

01:06:31   Anyway.

01:06:32   - 'Cause honestly, I don't think

01:06:34   we can criticize them for that.

01:06:36   I don't think anybody saw this coming.

01:06:37   Maybe, maybe.

01:06:39   Anyway, I think it's super fun, an emoji.

01:06:42   If anything, I want more characters

01:06:44   and I want the 10 second limit to be removed.

01:06:47   I think it's super fun.

01:06:48   Every time I create one and I send one,

01:06:51   I start laughing because it's just so funny

01:06:53   to have these animals or the pile of poo or the pig,

01:06:57   making different faces and expressions and emotions.

01:07:00   Maybe I think this is the first iMessage feature

01:07:07   or app, you know.

01:07:09   - That's a true success.

01:07:10   - That is a true success.

01:07:11   Apple tried with digital touch multiple times.

01:07:15   The Apple Watch and the iPhone never worked.

01:07:18   And they also did stickers, but this one,

01:07:21   I think they got it.

01:07:22   - What is your favorite Federica?

01:07:23   What is the animoji you gravitate towards?

01:07:26   - I want to say either the pig,

01:07:28   because I think it's fun that I represent myself

01:07:32   as an emoji pig.

01:07:35   I mean, I'm partial to the monkey. Of course monkey's good - yeah

01:07:39   You've been sending them to anybody. I've just I've sent a handful to you and I've used the Fox so far

01:07:46   Fox is good. I think I like his he's not my favorite animal out of those, but I like the expressions that that it

01:07:53   That it has

01:07:55   Yeah, see I'm in the the exact opposite of that. The unicorn is my favorite but the unicorn is difficult to express with yeah

01:08:03   But I try my best because the unicorn I think of myself, you know, if I was gonna be any of those animojis

01:08:10   I would be the big bright colorful

01:08:12   Unicorn, I think that's probably what I would be

01:08:14   So it's the one that I've been using but it's not as expressive as some of the other ones which is a shame

01:08:20   But I love I absolutely love it. It's such a fantastic and fun and weird and silly feature

01:08:26   But it's the photo booth of the iPhone right like yeah what it is, right?

01:08:31   Like it's this fun thing that people are enjoying and it's turned into this really really great meme like that people

01:08:37   Seem to be really catching on with and I think that's awesome

01:08:40   Two interesting points that I want to make

01:08:43   once again, I

01:08:46   Take a look at what Sylvia does because she's a normal person and so I value her feedback

01:08:52   Literally

01:08:55   20 seconds into using Animoji she goes like why is it not recognizing my tongue?

01:09:00   So she was trying to do like, seeing faces, and she was like, "It's not picking up what I'm doing with my tongue."

01:09:07   And I thought that was a good point.

01:09:09   So I can see how maybe down the road Apple's facial mapping model will be enhanced,

01:09:16   so it recognizes even, you know, what you're doing with your mouth, basically.

01:09:20   I think that that should be done.

01:09:21   And also, people are digging around the iOS 11 code on the iPhone X,

01:09:25   And it seems like Animoji are using this private framework called Avatar Kit, something like

01:09:32   that, which in theory, if you know what you're doing, and you call a bunch of private APIs,

01:09:38   you can write an app.

01:09:39   There's one on GitHub, in fact, it's been going around on Twitter.

01:09:43   You can make an app that lets you create Animoji outside of iMessage, which is interesting

01:09:49   because it means in theory, this is a framework, so Apple could easily reuse it in different

01:09:55   apps outside of messages.

01:09:57   Very interesting, right? And I assume that there are people inside of Apple right now

01:10:02   scrambling to work out how to capitalize further on this trend, right? Like, they're not silly,

01:10:09   they know what to do, and if they think that there is an opportunity for them to extend

01:10:14   this right now, then they'll probably do that.

01:10:17   If only this company had a music service to bundle with this feature, you know?

01:10:21   Oh wow, yeah. They should just make an emoji karaoke. It should just be an app, right?

01:10:27   And you get the lyrics come up in front of you and you can sing along and mouth along

01:10:31   to it.

01:10:32   I mean, they have Apple Music with all the songs you could possibly wish for. And they

01:10:37   are the only music streaming service with lyrics built in. And they also have an emoji.

01:10:42   So I mean, I'm not a product manager, but this seems like a safe idea.

01:10:49   Yeah, somebody needs to get on it, right?

01:10:52   Someone has to get on that.

01:10:53   What about Face ID then?

01:10:55   Because we're talking about Animoji, it's part of the whole camera thing.

01:10:59   Steven, Face ID, I want to go to you first.

01:11:02   How has it been working for you?

01:11:03   What do you think?

01:11:04   It's been working really well.

01:11:05   The setup is super simple and I've used it in pitch black rooms.

01:11:11   I used it to unlock my phone at like 4 o'clock in the morning, you know, without my glasses

01:11:14   on and it did fine.

01:11:17   It's worked with glasses, without glasses,

01:11:19   with a hat, without a hat.

01:11:21   The only real thing I've noticed,

01:11:23   and I never would have noticed except that I was

01:11:25   using my camera in landscape to shoot a bunch of video,

01:11:28   and the phone wants to be oriented

01:11:32   in the same direction as your face.

01:11:33   So if you pick your phone up,

01:11:34   it wants to be in portrait mode.

01:11:36   If you're laying down on your side,

01:11:38   then the phone needs to be in landscape.

01:11:40   I think I'm explaining that right.

01:11:41   The phone needs to be oriented in portrait mode

01:11:44   in relation to your head.

01:11:46   And I tried thinking into maybe why that's possible

01:11:50   and I read some like crackpot theories

01:11:51   but I'm not really sure why.

01:11:53   But that's something to think about,

01:11:55   especially like if you're using it in bed,

01:11:56   you just need to turn it a little bit.

01:11:58   But honestly, it's been really nice.

01:12:02   I haven't really missed touch ID.

01:12:03   I haven't had it fail, I think outside of the

01:12:07   why doesn't it work on its side?

01:12:09   And once I sort of understood that, it's been fine.

01:12:12   Where it really shines is using it in apps.

01:12:16   So my banking app supports Face ID,

01:12:19   one password of course, and when the system asks you,

01:12:24   hey, do you wanna log in, all you have to do

01:12:27   is be looking at the phone.

01:12:28   And it makes using those apps feel way faster,

01:12:33   even though it's not.

01:12:34   It feels like way less friction,

01:12:38   and that's something I didn't anticipate.

01:12:39   - It feels like part of the flow of the application.

01:12:42   - It's not like you're being interrupted.

01:12:43   - You're just waiting for it to return an answer

01:12:45   as opposed to you having to go and act upon something to make something occur.

01:12:48   Yep, it's really nice. So I have been really happy with it. I have not had a bunch of errant,

01:12:54   you know, issues with it. So far I've been really impressed.

01:12:57   What about you Federico?

01:12:59   I just love it. I think it's, I was, you know, I need to say that I was wrong, that I take

01:13:07   back all the possible... you know, I was highly skeptical of abandoning Touch ID.

01:13:14   Not only does this work better than Touch ID, because so far it's never failed me.

01:13:19   And that's because, you know, Touch ID was dependent on this point of contact with your hand,

01:13:27   and it was an additional step. Even if it got better with the second version of Touch ID,

01:13:35   it was still an extra step that you needed to take and that was affected by external conditions such

01:13:41   as maybe you just get out of the shower and your hands are wet and so touch ID is not working as

01:13:46   it should be but face ID is not an additional step because you are you know you're always

01:13:53   wearing your face and your face is always on and it doesn't you just like to look at your phone

01:14:01   Face on worldwide. Exactly. So it's this idea of this ambient technology that is aware of you

01:14:11   and it just things by detecting you. I think it's awesome. I think it works really well for me.

01:14:16   I saw a few people saying it doesn't work in the morning because I look sleepy. I didn't have that

01:14:23   problem this morning and I woke up without my eyeglasses on and it just unlocked just fine.

01:14:29   I had this thing this morning. It was so ridiculous. I woke up like earlier than I should have,

01:14:37   right? Like I just woke up and whatever and I picked up my phone and I was trying to unlock it,

01:14:43   but like my eyes weren't fully open and like, you know when you're tired, like you're right

01:14:47   open your eyes and one eye closes like I was fighting with the iPhone to try and unlock it

01:14:53   because like I couldn't open my eyes and I just kind of started laughing to myself as I realized

01:14:58   what I was doing and there was this part of me that's just like how often was I doing

01:15:03   this like unlocking my iPhone whilst half asleep.

01:15:07   In a stupor.

01:15:08   Yeah and now it's like my phone is like come on dude like just actually wake up before

01:15:16   you start digging into this stuff eh.

01:15:18   Yeah I think as Steven mentioned it's especially impressive inside apps. I was surprised that

01:15:26   I shouldn't be surprised, but it's always nice when the 1Password extension comes up.

01:15:31   So you're outside of the app and Face ID kicks in and it authenticates you.

01:15:37   Like I was, I needed to fill in my login details in Slack and so I brought up the 1Password

01:15:43   extension and Face ID worked.

01:15:46   And I thought, well, that's really nice.

01:15:48   And I also noticed that now Apple is sort of using authentication in more places.

01:15:53   in Safari, like the automatic login stuff, now it's constantly checking for Face ID authentication.

01:16:00   I'm pretty sure it wasn't as frequent with Touch ID and the previous Safari iCloud Keychain.

01:16:07   Or maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like...

01:16:09   I don't think it was doing it.

01:16:10   I honestly find it kind of frustrating that it's doing the Face ID so frequently.

01:16:16   But I guess it's nice that it's there, but a lot of the time these pages are opening.

01:16:21   opening. Like, so for example, I was setting up tweetbot, right?

01:16:24   And I was setting up with like four Twitter accounts. Now what, what,

01:16:29   um,

01:16:29   the system is trying to do is to keep authenticating me for the same one over

01:16:34   and over again. So like I had to wait for face ID, it would fill in one account.

01:16:40   Then I'd have to open one password,

01:16:41   wait for face ID and filling the other account. Do you know what I mean? Right?

01:16:45   Like what it was trying to auto fill was not the account that I was trying to

01:16:48   sign in on, and it was just a bit like "ok phone, just chill out for a moment and

01:16:53   just let me take control of the situation". That was something that I

01:16:57   noticed, but at the same time that is a situation that I don't do very often, and

01:17:01   the rest of the times that it's doing this stuff, if it's actually pulling in

01:17:05   the right information for me and prefilling it, that's kind of great.

01:17:08   I understand why a machine learning based functionality wants as much data

01:17:14   as possible. So I can see why Apple is increasing the number of places where

01:17:19   Face ID authentication is required, so they have a nice excuse to feed more

01:17:24   data to the model behind Face ID. But overall, double thumbs up, even if that

01:17:31   doesn't matter anymore because I'm not using my fingers to authenticate. So

01:17:34   double nod, maybe? Yeah. I'm really happy with that.

01:17:40   Alright, there's something that we haven't been talking about, and we need to talk about

01:17:45   it, which is the dissolving of the plus club.

01:17:50   Dissolving? That's not the verb I was expecting.

01:17:53   Is that what happens when an exclusive club is no more?

01:17:56   Yeah, don't they dissolve? Like, don't you dissolve the club?

01:17:58   You have a ceremony, you give out some flowers, maybe? Some pins? I don't know.

01:18:01   And then the club dispends, right? Maybe "dispends" is better, but I thought you, like, dissolve

01:18:06   like an organization. Isn't that the word that you use?

01:18:09   is dissolved yeah I think so. Okay but before we talk about the dissolving of our club let

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01:20:06   So how many years has Plus Club been a thing? Like three years now?

01:20:11   Three, yeah. Two and a half maybe.

01:20:14   It is something that has lasted for a long time for good reason because I think we will all say here that we're all of the firm belief

01:20:22   that the Plus phone is the best phone out of the decision between regular and Plus, right?

01:20:27   It's why we all went there. We love the features. I want to ask you both how you're feeling now

01:20:33   about moving away from the Plus to a smaller sized phone. Federico,

01:20:40   how has this experience been for you so far? It's fine so far. I miss the width of the Plus.

01:20:53   from a vertical perspective, the fact that this phone is taller than the iPhone 7 means

01:21:01   that I'm still seeing as many tweets as I've seen before or as many email messages without

01:21:08   having to scroll.

01:21:10   And also because I reduced the text size, that also helps, and it kind of feels like

01:21:15   a mini plus in a way.

01:21:19   So it's fine for now, but I can tell you already, and again, my friends last night brought up

01:21:25   the same point, I want to have a plus version of this.

01:21:29   So whenever Apple makes a 10+ or whatever it's called, 11+, I'm gonna jump on that.

01:21:36   Because I can only imagine how the physical body of the iPhone Plus, but with an edge-to-edge

01:21:44   display, that's gonna be amazing.

01:21:46   For now, I took the text size down a notch, no pun intended, and it's fine, because I

01:21:56   can see the fact that it's taller, I can see the content that I want to see, for example,

01:22:02   there's more wrapping for text, so it goes down a line, for example, because there's

01:22:07   not enough horizontal space, so text needs to go on a different line, for example.

01:22:14   But that's fine, that's fine.

01:22:16   I can live with this for a year and I can appreciate

01:22:20   the, you know, all the great features of this phone,

01:22:24   like the display and all that.

01:22:27   But next year, if next year we're gonna get two models,

01:22:32   I'm gonna get the bigger one because I know I want

01:22:35   my iPhone to be as big as possible with the design of the 10.

01:22:39   So if that's gonna happen, that's gonna be my next iPhone.

01:22:42   - You seem very confident about one year there.

01:22:45   I said if, maybe it's two years, I don't know.

01:22:49   - Okay.

01:22:50   - I don't, like, I miss my iPhone Plus right now,

01:22:55   but the things that I'm missing

01:22:58   are not as nearly as important as this new design.

01:23:02   So I'll take the new design over,

01:23:05   I don't wanna be that person saying,

01:23:07   ah, I'm gonna stay with the Plus,

01:23:08   I'm not gonna switch to the 10

01:23:09   because I want the Plus form factor.

01:23:12   It's more important for me to have

01:23:14   this entirely new iPhone design because it's exciting,

01:23:17   because it looks better,

01:23:19   because I love the way that the screen feels and looks.

01:23:22   But if Apple is gonna make a Plus version,

01:23:25   I'm gonna get that one.

01:23:27   - I agree with Federico.

01:23:29   The width is what has surprised me,

01:23:32   especially on the keyboard.

01:23:33   I found the keyboard to take a little getting used to.

01:23:37   I mean, the easiest, if you haven't seen one of these phones,

01:23:39   the easiest way to think about it, I think,

01:23:40   is when you went from the four to the five.

01:23:43   So this phone is basically the width of the six,

01:23:47   slash seven, slash eight,

01:23:48   but closer to the height of the Plus phone.

01:23:51   So it's sort of in between the phone.

01:23:54   I like the size decrease in my pocket.

01:23:57   I like the size decrease in handling the phone,

01:24:00   but I do miss the wider keyboard.

01:24:03   I think if they had a Plus version,

01:24:06   I would seriously consider it,

01:24:09   but I'm not as convinced as some people

01:24:12   that that is actually going to happen.

01:24:13   I think Apple thinks that they sort of have the best

01:24:17   of both worlds on this phone until proven otherwise.

01:24:20   I don't know if they see the need for a Plus,

01:24:22   but I would definitely consider going to the Plus

01:24:27   if it were to exist to have the width back

01:24:29   and as always, increase the battery

01:24:34   that comes with a bigger phone.

01:24:35   But it's all in all, I'm happy with the size, I like it.

01:24:38   There's something nice about having something

01:24:39   little more compact and more portable but it's taken some getting used to.

01:24:46   I think there'll be a plus version just because they won't keep making an old

01:24:52   design forever right and I don't expect a new design which doesn't look like

01:24:59   this with the full screen and the face ID and all that stuff so I reckon there will be

01:25:03   a bigger version of this this kind of design down the road just because Apple

01:25:07   will want to sell more than one phone.

01:25:09   It's funny to me that like, as the person who kind of

01:25:13   forced you both and coerced you both into getting a plus,

01:25:17   that I am the, I think the least bothered of the three of us

01:25:21   about this size change.

01:25:23   I don't honestly feel any difference.

01:25:27   I don't feel it.

01:25:28   And this was something that happened very quickly for me.

01:25:33   Most of the stuff that I was,

01:25:37   The last sort of stuff that I liked about the Plus was landscape stuff, right?

01:25:41   And I feel like I'm seeing more content, I see more emails, I see more messages, I see

01:25:45   more tweets.

01:25:46   I don't really feel like I'm losing anything.

01:25:49   And the majority of the time that I type on my iPhone, I'm using the swiping functionality

01:25:56   on Gboard, and it's easier for me to do that now with the width being smaller.

01:26:03   So I'm actually really happy with this size.

01:26:07   I would move up to a bigger size for the exact same reason I moved up in the first place

01:26:11   because I always want to have the biggest screen available to me.

01:26:15   That's just how I feel with my phone, right?

01:26:18   Bigger is better because I get a lot of benefits from it and there were a lot of initial benefits

01:26:23   like the dual camera system and all that sort of stuff was all really exciting.

01:26:29   So yeah, I funnily enough am absolutely fine with this size and don't really feel like

01:26:36   I'm losing anything. Like for my usage, it feels great.

01:26:39   Yeah, I was just reading over the blog post I wrote when I'm, because I had the 6 and

01:26:44   then moved to the 6 plus and I blame you a lot in this. It's pretty funny.

01:26:48   Yeah, you both did. I remember it was a, it was like a whole big thing for a while because

01:26:53   I convinced you both to buy a second iPhone not too long after buying a first one.

01:26:59   Like that's a very frustrating thing, but you know, it's why I was right.

01:27:03   Because you should have just trusted me in the first place.

01:27:05   I'm sorry we doubted you.

01:27:08   That's alright, I don't mind.

01:27:10   Now we're all in X crew together, so goodbye Plus Club.

01:27:13   Now we're all one big happy family again.

01:27:16   The iPhone X brought with it a few accessories, some new accessories.

01:27:23   Namely the biggest I think being wireless charging.

01:27:28   Do either of you have any thoughts on wireless charging as a thing?

01:27:30   Yes, I do.

01:27:32   Me too.

01:27:33   Okay, so I'm gonna say that I know it's not technically wireless, like it's not power

01:27:38   flowing through the air, but as someone who is deeply annoyed by visual clutter, like

01:27:50   I hate having cables on my desk, on my nightstand.

01:27:55   I don't want to see those kinds of things.

01:28:01   I just hate wires, really.

01:28:05   And I appreciate the... maybe not the convenience, but the elegance of the wireless charging

01:28:15   supported by the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.

01:28:17   So I have a Belkin Boost app.

01:28:20   this white charging mat. You put the iPhone on and it charges. It's got this tiny green dot. It's a LED

01:28:29   indicator that tells you if you place the iPhone correctly and if it's charging. And that's about

01:28:34   it. It's got this rubber circle on top, so it's sort of it's grippy and it kind of it should it

01:28:39   prevents the iPhone from falling off the charger. I should also say I hate, maybe hate is not the

01:28:47   the right word but I don't like having vibration on my phone is either with the

01:28:56   ringtone and sounds on or it's silent and if it's silent it doesn't vibrate I

01:29:02   just hate the feeling of vibration on my kitchen table on my desk or on my night

01:29:07   stand I don't like the noise it I just don't like it so I don't have the

01:29:13   problem of the iPhone vibrating itself off the charging mat. But that said, wireless

01:29:21   charging on the iPhone X, it still does not support faster wireless charging.

01:29:26   Apple said that in a software update in the future they will support 7.5W

01:29:31   faster charging for the wireless protocol. Right now that is not

01:29:36   available so it charges slowly at 5W like the normal Apple adapter.

01:29:41   but I was looking at my nightstand last night with my single like just my

01:29:49   glasses, my AirPods case and the charging mat with the iPhone and I thought you

01:29:55   know this looks really nice. I'm happy that I don't see any cables everything

01:29:59   is in behind the nightstand you know the power adapter for the charging mat it's

01:30:03   all very elegant it's all very minimal and I like that I'm going to sleep and

01:30:06   don't have to deal with the cable, you know? I also know that there will be

01:30:11   times when I will have to use my iPhone and charge it at the same time, so I will

01:30:16   have to use a cable, but I think at night when I'm sleeping and the iPhone needs to

01:30:21   charge, I will just place it there and without having to see the cable, which

01:30:26   makes me happy. So you're all in then? Like, this is something you like? And I cannot

01:30:31   wait for the air power thing that Apple is making. I like the idea of putting my

01:30:36   iPhone and the AirPods case and have them charge at the same time. That's awesome for me. Cables and

01:30:44   wires and adapters visually offend me. So I don't want to see them. I cannot stress this enough.

01:30:50   It makes me upset. It makes me physically upset that I need to see those and manage them and move

01:30:57   them around and then they break. So yeah, yes. I'm one of those people. Are there many of those

01:31:04   people I don't think so many of us I'm gonna be the I'm gonna be the person that

01:31:10   tells you you know on Android we've had two chargers for years mm-hmm mm-hmm

01:31:16   she's great I'm very happy for everybody yeah yeah

01:31:19   Steven I picked up a Samsung wireless charger it was the best reviewed on the

01:31:26   wire cutter and it was I got it super cheap on Amazon and I got it yesterday

01:31:31   and I don't particularly care for it.

01:31:33   The top is slippery so the phone wants to slide around it

01:31:36   if your phone is not in a case.

01:31:39   It sits pretty high off the desk

01:31:41   and the whole bottom of it glows blue

01:31:43   so I wouldn't want it on my nightstand.

01:31:44   - Great.

01:31:45   - So this one, I'm keeping it 'cause it was like 20 bucks

01:31:48   and it's just gonna stay on my desk in the office.

01:31:50   Those things don't really matter out here.

01:31:52   But I wanted to compare the Mophie

01:31:55   because in the Apple store they sell the Belkin

01:31:57   that Federico has and then they sell a Mophie.

01:31:59   So I picked that up last night

01:32:01   and it's pretty great.

01:32:03   It's black, it's really low to the desk.

01:32:05   The top is all rubbery and grippy

01:32:07   so the phone doesn't wanna slide around

01:32:09   and it has one downward firing LED

01:32:11   that is not bright at all.

01:32:13   It's very easy to tape over.

01:32:15   The Samsung one, because the whole,

01:32:16   that glows like a spaceship,

01:32:18   you basically have to cover the whole thing in tape.

01:32:21   I like Federico, I like the lack of visual clutter.

01:32:23   I like that you can just pop the phone down and charge it.

01:32:26   There's something interesting here though

01:32:28   with the speed.

01:32:30   So, Federica, you said,

01:32:31   "You know, software update's gonna enable 7.5 watt."

01:32:34   The Mophie and the Belkin, both on Apple's website,

01:32:38   say that they will support that when Apple enables it.

01:32:43   I don't know why Apple hasn't enabled it, whatever.

01:32:47   The Samsung is a little more interesting

01:32:49   because some of these other manufacturers are saying

01:32:52   only people who have worked with Apple to support 7.5 watt

01:32:56   will be enabled, but it's part of the standard,

01:32:59   so I don't know if the Samsung one will charge it

01:33:03   at 7.5 watts when the phone can accept it or not.

01:33:06   So that'll be an interesting little footnote here

01:33:07   that if you buy one today, you're not guaranteed

01:33:11   that update in the future is gonna unlock faster charging.

01:33:15   The other thing that's interesting about this phone

01:33:19   is that it does fast charging.

01:33:21   So if you have that big, was it 29 watt USB-C

01:33:25   lightning setup which is like 70 bucks or something it will charge it will

01:33:32   charge on that I haven't I have one of those I haven't really I've hooked the

01:33:37   phone into it a couple times but I haven't really like closely paid

01:33:41   attention so I'm gonna do that and see what that's like if that I don't even

01:33:44   know if that's working or if that's part of that software update I'm unclear on

01:33:47   that but the wireless charging is nice I mean even at five watts it's you know

01:33:52   It's the same speed as the stupid slow adapter they put in the box still but it's nice

01:33:57   You can just sit it down and you don't have to have a cable sniped across your desk or

01:34:00   It's just sort of easily just to kind of drop it on the nightstand and be done. So I like it so far

01:34:06   You know, it's not the fastest thing in the world

01:34:08   But it's um, I can see why people were excited that it was coming to the phone. I don't care for wireless charging

01:34:14   It just doesn't I just it doesn't work for me

01:34:19   for what I want like I bought the Belkin thing and I put my phone on it and it charged and

01:34:25   That was okay, and it's because I have a better solution that I've been using

01:34:31   From studio neat I use the material docks

01:34:34   I use the iPhone and watch one on my bedside table and the iPhone one on my desk and

01:34:40   They work better for me than these

01:34:42   Charging pads because the phone just stands up and especially I have the one unit by my bedside

01:34:47   Which is my watch and my phone like that works fine like I can do it with one hand

01:34:52   It just goes in comes out because it's nice and affixed to the desk and then my phone is standing up

01:34:57   Which I find better than the phone laying down

01:34:59   so really the the wireless charging I

01:35:03   Know why people would like it like if you were charged if you are plugging your phone in but to a cable every night

01:35:09   Then this is great for you

01:35:11   But if you have already a dock solution that you like the wireless charging stuff doesn't

01:35:16   It doesn't really add anything like it the cables are already out of the way, right?

01:35:22   Like it's it's not incredibly hard for me to just put my phone into the dock

01:35:26   Like I don't feel like I'm fighting to try and line it up. Like it lines up pretty nicely

01:35:31   It was great. But if you know, so for me, it's just like

01:35:34   I'm not really getting any benefit honestly for because I still have to like

01:35:40   Make sure that my phone is on the pad correctly and check that it's just you know, I don't really feel it

01:35:46   you know maybe when I'm traveling it will be cool with the air power thing maybe but

01:35:51   I don't really feel any need to use it at home. Yeah I get it. It'd be good for Adina though

01:35:58   whenever she gets a wireless charging phone she would like it. Yeah.

01:36:07   are you both using a case on this iPhone? Because I have a problem here and I want to hear if you're

01:36:17   having the same issue, which is this phone is beautiful, I don't want to cover it up.

01:36:22   Yeah, I can't bring myself to do it.

01:36:24   I bought a case from Amazon last night. It arrived this morning because Amazon is now a warehouse

01:36:29   near Rome, so fast shipping times, it's awesome. Anyway, it's a... what's the name? Spigen?

01:36:36   Spigen, air or skin. So it's a very thin, semi-translucent plastic case that does a

01:36:49   good job at covering the back. It's a very tight case, I actually had a problem removing

01:36:54   it from the iPhone later. And I also like the way that it's super thin and it doesn't

01:37:00   cover the edges of the phone much but two problems here one it covers the

01:37:06   beautiful glass of the iPhone 10 and I cannot and I kind of want to see that

01:37:10   design I feel like I want to appreciate it I want to look at it but also in a in

01:37:16   a fun problem that I'm having the glass is actually grippier than plastic so yes

01:37:26   I'm covering up the glass back, so it should prevent the glass from breaking in theory,

01:37:34   but it also makes it easier for me to have this phone slip out of my hands and fall into

01:37:41   the ground.

01:37:42   So the glass is beautiful, it's grippier, I think I'm gonna try and go without a case

01:37:49   for a while, maybe?

01:37:51   Hmm, I don't know

01:37:53   I'm in the same problem

01:37:59   I can't bring myself to cover up the glass and the stainless steel like it looks too good and like so I have the

01:38:07   ultraviolet purple

01:38:09   silicon case the Apple one which is

01:38:11   Beautiful. So one of my favorite cases

01:38:14   I've used it once so right now

01:38:18   When I'm leaving the house, I'm putting the case on because I feel like right now is the worst possible time to break an iPhone 10

01:38:26   I just feel like that

01:38:28   This is if you want to try and take it to the store and get it fixed right now

01:38:32   You might struggle to like I have to wait for a replacement

01:38:35   It's my thinking right like I feel like now is probably the worst possible time for iPhone stock

01:38:39   So like if I'm leaving the house and putting the case on it

01:38:43   Because in my mind that makes me feel better

01:38:46   I don't know why like it's just as dangerous at home honestly because I have it out more at home

01:38:51   But like I try not to think about that. I also ordered the in case frame, which is a bumper

01:38:56   Which is on the way. I'm thinking that might be a good middle ground because at least I'll still feel and see the glass

01:39:03   So I'll let you know what that's like. I don't know how that's gonna go

01:39:07   But that that could work for like the case that I would use if I'm gonna use one

01:39:12   But I don't want to because I really like I just really really like the phone as it is

01:39:20   Steven do you have a case? I bought the black Apple leather case and

01:39:25   Like so I used it this weekend when we were you know hiking and stuff

01:39:29   But I am NOT using it

01:39:32   Otherwise, I'm not using it. I mean I took it off when we got home

01:39:37   And you're the only one of us that's broken an iPhone though, right?

01:39:40   You've broken phones, right? I've never broken an iPhone. Never? What about you, Federico?

01:39:45   No, never. Well, I bought AppleCare+ for realsies this time, so...

01:39:49   Are you sure? Yes, I'm positive.

01:39:52   Okay.

01:39:56   Yeah, I did the same yesterday, actually. I did it online. Like, I didn't have to go to the

01:40:01   to the app, to the physical Apple Store. I did it from the online Apple Store, and it was a surprisingly nice process.

01:40:08   like you add AppleCare+ for the iPhone X to your shopping bag,

01:40:13   and then you get an email from Apple that says,

01:40:15   "Click on this link," and you click on the link,

01:40:16   and it takes you to the system diagnostics,

01:40:19   like the same app that I guess the Apple Store people use,

01:40:23   and it runs these diagnostics on the device.

01:40:26   It uploads the data to the Apple servers.

01:40:29   I suppose they may be --

01:40:32   because you're not bringing the iPhone physically

01:40:34   to the Genius Bar, for example,

01:40:36   there's not an Apple employee looking at the phone and saying well this has no

01:40:40   physical damage. I suppose the Dynostics tool it takes a look at the the motion

01:40:45   data logs on the device to sort of try to guess if the phone dropped maybe I

01:40:50   don't know this would be interesting to know and anyway you you see this

01:40:55   progress bar and it uploads data then it says okay you can go back to Safari you

01:40:59   go back to Safari you click continue and it says yep your phone is verified you

01:41:03   now buy AppleCare. I bought AppleCare, I got an email today with the receipt so I'm officially

01:41:08   covered and I realized all those times I went to the Apple Store just to buy AppleCare that

01:41:14   was useless. So the more you know, yeah. I did this too. I did the AppleCare process

01:41:21   after the fact and did it all on the phone. It's very easy, you just gotta wait for a

01:41:26   few minutes while it's doing whatever it's doing. And I bought AppleCare for this one

01:41:30   because I'm planning to leave it caseless and I do love it like that. And plus, this

01:41:36   phone feels super thin to me because I've had cases on my iPhones for so long. So it's

01:41:41   like this one is like a piece of paper is how it feels to me. It's very peculiar. Boy

01:41:46   do I love it. Isn't this a great iPhone guys? Isn't this just wonderful? It's making me

01:41:52   feel like I'm having the same feelings that I had in 2009, 2008 when I got my first iPhone.

01:41:59   Like all that excitement and all that feeling of wanting to understand what I'm using, like

01:42:06   the curiosity and the excitement and the talking to friends and showing off the phone, like

01:42:11   there, it feels like we're back to a time where we can be excited about new iPhones.

01:42:17   And it feels like since the iPhone 6 and the 6s and the 7, that feeling kind of, kind of

01:42:23   subs, like it kind of went away actually for a while.

01:42:26   And it feels like we're not only back into being excited about these iPhones, but actually

01:42:32   it's just a beautiful piece of hardware that feels like it came from the future but is

01:42:36   actually here with us today.

01:42:38   It's really, I think it's from a technical perspective, it's a huge achievement for Apple

01:42:43   to have this phone.

01:42:45   And I'm really happy with it.

01:42:48   I know it's expensive, it's not for everyone right now, but this is going to be the iPhone

01:42:53   that, you know, maybe a few years down the road, every iPhone will look like this.

01:42:58   And so, to have it today, it feels like we, you know, this is a lucky, lucky, lucky year

01:43:05   because somehow Apple managed to make it happen and I'm just really happy.

01:43:11   It's a phone that makes me happy to use my iPhone again.

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