166: The Warm Water of Bribery


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00:00:12   From Relay FM, this is Connected. Episode 166. Today's show is brought to you by Away.

00:00:19   Timing and encapsulation today is a very spooky episode because it's Halloween. My name is Myke

00:00:23   Hurley and I am joined by Federico Vittucci. Ciao Federico. Ciao Myke. And Mrs. Stephen Hackett.

00:00:28   Hello, Steven Hackett.

00:00:30   - Hello, Michael Hurley.

00:00:31   I thought that you may give us spooky names

00:00:34   that people do on Twitter,

00:00:35   which I think is the dumbest thing people do on Twitter.

00:00:37   - Please don't.

00:00:37   Please do not. - When I said,

00:00:39   when I said spooky, my brain was scanning

00:00:42   and I couldn't do it in time.

00:00:43   - So maybe we should try it now?

00:00:46   Like Frightening Federico?

00:00:47   - Okay.

00:00:48   - I think it's pretty good.

00:00:49   - Well, I like it.

00:00:50   Frightening Federico, Scary Steven, and--

00:00:52   - Malicious Myke.

00:00:53   - Ooh, I like that, yeah, Malicious Myke,

00:00:56   Frightening Federico, and Scary Steven.

00:00:58   are our Halloween names. It's my least favorite Twitter meme. We have a huge show today so

00:01:03   we should probably start with follow up with the most important anticipated piece of follow-up

00:01:08   item in a while. Federico's Nvidia Shield. So if you listen to last week's episode,

00:01:14   you know for some reason Federico bought an Nvidia Shield and there was a specific reason

00:01:19   for this and we asked our listeners to send us in some suggestions. So I wanted to read

00:01:24   a couple of them that I thought were a little bit compelling. O players said to play PC

00:01:29   games because there is some software that they have where you can set up something on

00:01:34   a Mac or a PC and you can play these games over the internet. Bob, Boris and Kostas all

00:01:40   guest emulators of some description like many different emulators of old Nintendo consoles.

00:01:45   Ferris was wondering if it was to do with HEVC playback. Eric and Paul thought that

00:01:50   Federico was buying this for his baker and Neil believed that it had something to do with home automation or camera systems

00:01:57   So Federico, why on earth did you buy an Nvidia shield?

00:02:00   so I feel like no one really got the specific reason why I bought the shield but you Myke and

00:02:08   Ferris got

00:02:11   The closest to the to the real story here. So it was for Plex

00:02:16   but it was for

00:02:20   hardware-based decoding of videos played through Plex.

00:02:25   - Oh, I'm taking that.

00:02:26   I'm taking that as a big--

00:02:27   - We said Plex on the show last week.

00:02:29   - Yeah, we spoke about Plex.

00:02:30   - You spoke about Plex, but I asked you why,

00:02:33   because I told you.

00:02:34   - Come on, come on.

00:02:35   - I said, no, no, no, I said on the show,

00:02:38   I already have Plex on my Synology.

00:02:41   Why would I want to use Plex on the NVIDIA Shield?

00:02:44   And you said, I need to think about this some more, so.

00:02:47   I'm awarding myself half of a mic point for that.

00:02:50   It's half of a mic point and also half for listener Ferris

00:02:53   because HEVC playback is indeed part of the story here.

00:02:58   So yes, the reason is I like Plex.

00:03:00   I've been using Plex for years on my DS214Play Synology NAS.

00:03:06   And it's fine.

00:03:07   But every time I was playing a video,

00:03:09   whether it was a TV show or a movie,

00:03:11   it took a long time to buffer the video

00:03:13   because the chips inside the Synology

00:03:15   were not powerful enough to do the decoding,

00:03:19   hardware-based decoding, to stream to my iOS devices.

00:03:23   Because Plex does a bunch of things,

00:03:25   whether it's called direct stream or direct playback.

00:03:28   Most of the time, if you're not feeding the correct format,

00:03:31   which tends to be MP4 container, H.264, and AAC audio,

00:03:36   if you do not do that,

00:03:38   Plex needs to do some decoding on the fly,

00:03:42   as you're watching the video.

00:03:43   And with my Synology, that was always super slow,

00:03:45   and my girlfriend and I were getting annoyed by the fact that as we're watching the movie,

00:03:49   it starts buffering and it pauses and it takes minutes to do another chunk of five minutes

00:03:55   of decoding and that was super bad. But we didn't want to stop using Plex, because we

00:04:01   like Plex. And so I did a bit of research and I realized by watching some YouTube videos

00:04:07   and reading on the various Plex forums that the cheapest way to get hardware-based decoding

00:04:14   via Plex. And also, while keep using my Synology as basically a ton of storage, was to get

00:04:23   an NVIDIA shield and hook it up to my Synology, use the Synology for basically just hosting

00:04:28   the files and the NVIDIA shield to run Plex Media Server. So the NVIDIA shield can get

00:04:35   the actual movie and files from my 4 terabytes of storage on the Synology, and the shield

00:04:44   takes care of decoding those to a compatible format for Plex on iOS and Apple TV.

00:04:51   That is the only reason why I bought the NVIDIA Shield in the first place, because I wanted

00:04:55   to have a faster Plex experience and to be able to have transcoding sessions or streaming

00:05:01   sessions without buffering and without having to wait several minutes just to watch a movie.

00:05:07   As I did this last week, I set this up, it's very easy, you log into your Google account,

00:05:14   and on the NVIDIA Shield, then you confirm with the code on your iPhone and

00:05:20   you're basically off to the races. You just need to update Android TV, which

00:05:25   is what the NVIDIA Shield uses, and then you can start using the Shield. The only

00:05:29   thing that I needed to do was to configure my Synology with the NVIDIA

00:05:33   Shield as an external storage source. This is the kind of stuff that you can

00:05:37   do on Android TV. You can basically scan your network for compatible storage

00:05:42   devices and the Synology showed up right away because of course it's on my network.

00:05:47   But I had a bit of a struggle initially because all of my... basically the Synology was being

00:05:53   recognized by Plex but the videos were still super slow.

00:05:58   And so I spent a couple of days obsessing over this problem, we had already talked about

00:06:02   it on the show and it would have been really bad if I couldn't figure this out before the

00:06:06   next episode.

00:06:08   So I did more research and I realized that initially I thought it was going to be some

00:06:12   kind of permission problem with accessing files and folders on my Synology, but it turns

00:06:17   out that the NVIDIA Shield comes with a built-in version of the Plex Media Server, which is

00:06:25   an old one, and to get the best experience and the latest features from Plex, I needed

00:06:30   to install a beta version of the Plex Media Server from the Google Play Store.

00:06:34   This is all done natively on Android TV.

00:06:37   You can just basically go to the Google Play Store, search for Plex.

00:06:42   Actually before you need to sign up your Google account for beta access.

00:06:45   And then you go to the Google Play Store and you see the beta.

00:06:47   And it's all done sort of like Test Flight really.

00:06:50   And so I downloaded the beta of Plex on my NVIDIA Shield.

00:06:54   It's a much, much more recent version.

00:06:56   And it runs great.

00:06:57   It's doing hardware decoding of videos.

00:07:00   It can do multiple streams at a time.

00:07:02   I was able to do like two to three 1080p transcoding sessions simultaneously on the NVIDIA Shield

00:07:09   and I got the best of both worlds. I got the storage on my Synology like 4TB in RAID 1

00:07:15   and I also got the NVIDIA Shield that is behind a fast and efficient Plex experience and this

00:07:22   is the best Plex setup that I've ever had. I never had a powerful machine being able

00:07:28   to do transcoding for videos on the fly as I was watching them. And of course the NVIDIA

00:07:33   Shield is, I don't know which version of the, what's it called, the Snapdragon chip or whatever

00:07:39   the Android device is used. But it's fast and it takes care of multiple HD streams.

00:07:43   In theory it should be able to handle at least one 4K HDR stream, but I don't have a 4K HDR

00:07:49   TV yet so that's not a problem for me. It's running an NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor. Alright,

00:07:55   NVIDIA Tiger, right. So yeah, fast plex, hardware decoding, no more wait times, it's really awesome.

00:08:01   Like, I hit play on a video in Plex, I don't care about which format, which encoding it is, I tested

00:08:07   with like H.264, H.265 and HEVC, MKV containers, MP4 containers, everything just works, because the

00:08:17   chip is fast enough to do the the transcoding necessary for iOS devices and Apple TV. But in

00:08:24   in the process, I also got a chance to sort of play around with Android TV and appreciate

00:08:30   the things that Google is doing on the big screen. And I gotta say, it's not too bad.

00:08:37   It's actually very nice. I think from a UI perspective, from a navigation perspective,

00:08:43   everything makes a little more sense to me than the tvOS UI. It's not too Android-ish

00:08:50   in the sense that, like, whenever I use, I have an Android phone, and whenever I use

00:08:55   Android, I, there's some UI metaphors that I never really understand, or, just because

00:09:02   they're so different from what I'm used to. But with Android TV, because I'm not a huge

00:09:08   TV OS user, with my Apple TV, I found the switch to be more, to be less cumbersome than

00:09:16   switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. And there are some nice features like Chromecast

00:09:22   integration is built in. So you can, I was watching a video on my iPhone and with a YouTube

00:09:29   app and if you have an Nvidia Shield hooked up to your TV you can just beam the video

00:09:34   to the Shield as a Chromecast device, which is really nice. And of course it's got, because

00:09:40   it's Android and there are no, you know, those limitations do not apply, you can use Spotify

00:09:45   as a native audio playback source, so I added my Spotify account, and with the recent update

00:09:53   to the NVIDIA Shield software, there's also the Google Assistant.

00:09:57   You can ask to the Google Assistant on the Shield to play music for you, and it will

00:10:01   play in Spotify, which was also really nice.

00:10:04   And finally, I haven't played any games.

00:10:07   I also got the, like, there's a game controller that came in the box, I don't care, because

00:10:10   I just want to play with Mario on my Nintendo Switch, but I can see that the remote, so

00:10:17   there's in the box I got an Nvidia Shield Pro because it's got 500GB of storage and

00:10:22   I thought I would need that storage because sometimes when Plex is doing the transcoding

00:10:26   it caches some of the buffered video content into the local storage. So I thought, you

00:10:30   know, if I'm transcoding like five videos or if I'm downloading five videos because

00:10:35   I'm getting on a plane, I want to be able to have a local cache instead of doing the

00:10:39   back and forth with the Synology and the network.

00:10:41   So in the box for the NVIDIA Shield Pro, you get the actual NVIDIA Shield with 500GB of

00:10:47   storage, you get the TV remote and you get the game controller.

00:10:50   The game controller, I don't know what it's like to use because I haven't done it in a

00:10:56   single game, but the TV remote is much much better than the Apple TV remote.

00:11:00   It actually makes sense.

00:11:02   I feel like I always pick it up in the right orientation, the buttons are nicely labeled

00:11:08   and there's an area somewhere in the middle that I think acts as a touchpad

00:11:11   so you can you can swipe up and down to adjust the volume and stuff like that

00:11:16   it's nice and I mean for something that I primarily bought as a home server for

00:11:24   hardware accelerated Plex streaming it also comes as with Android TV so I guess

00:11:31   That's a nice plus.

00:11:32   But overall, this basically this Nvidia Shield thing just sits next to my dour

00:11:40   and my Synology.

00:11:41   My basically, I never turn it on on my TV and it just does streaming for video

00:11:50   content to my iPhone and iPad.

00:11:52   That's all.

00:11:53   And with that, we made our final evolution into becoming Accidental Tech Podcast, as

00:11:59   Federico spends time with hardware encoding machines looking for Plex. So congratulations

00:12:06   everyone we did it, we made it. Was this explanation satisfying to you Myke? Yeah, you definitely

00:12:11   gave me a lot more information than I was expecting. I feel like for Halloween we decided

00:12:17   to dress as ATP, that's what we did. Federico I have Casey here? Yeah, you're Casey in this

00:12:26   one though because Casey is the Plex guy right like I'm sure he's obviously writing down yeah

00:12:32   okay I'll happily will be Marco so there we go congratulations to all of us I am very surprised

00:12:40   at the amount of power that the shield has I would not have expected it to be able to do everything

00:12:44   that you was describing like just the multiple trans like encoding of videos it just it wasn't

00:12:49   a device that I necessarily considered would be that powerful when thinking about other devices

00:12:55   and it's like that it's competing against you know like the Apple TV I

00:12:59   can't imagine that that could do that you know something like a Chromecast

00:13:02   obviously cannot you know it was interesting. Yeah the main difference is

00:13:06   because it's Android you can do stuff like you go into the settings like the

00:13:10   system settings of the Nvidia Shield and you can you can add multiple external

00:13:16   storage sources stuff like Synology for example or even I mean it's got USB

00:13:21   ports on this thing so you can connect like a USB SSD and use it for external storage.

00:13:27   This is the kind of stuff that you will never be able to do on an Apple TV and so that allows me

00:13:31   to keep my Synology and the money that I spend on my Synology have four terabytes of external storage

00:13:37   but also use a modern TV box that does the hardware decoding behind the scenes which is nice.

00:13:46   In your continued quest for the best keyboards for your iPads,

00:13:52   David sent in to us the Slimbook Zag.

00:13:57   It seems like on paper for the 12.9, this thing has everything

00:14:02   that you're looking for Federico.

00:14:03   Have you ever come across this product before?

00:14:05   So I think

00:14:07   many, many years ago, I used to have a Zag keyboard.

00:14:13   They had like the Zag Folio or something, right?

00:14:16   that was a pretty popular keyboard that they made.

00:14:18   Yeah, I think so. My only problem with this product, just two small things.

00:14:23   One, there's no Italian layout, so if I were to consider this I would have to get the English UK option.

00:14:29   And the images in the screenshots are from iOS 8, so that doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.

00:14:35   [laughter]

00:14:38   I'm just saying.

00:14:39   How can you tell it's 8? I can tell it's not new, but...

00:14:42   It's, look, I remember, this is, no, no, the wallpaper and the music icon, it's ISH.

00:14:48   No, I just said, there is newsstand, there is a newsstand icon there.

00:14:51   Yeah, yeah.

00:14:52   Wow.

00:14:53   Come on guys, what are you doing?

00:14:55   TBT.

00:14:56   Yeah, out of principle, like, just don't buy this, right?

00:14:58   Like, it's just like, if you can't get that set, like, I cannot trust your product.

00:15:02   I just can't.

00:15:03   Exactly.

00:15:04   It doesn't inspire confidence, yeah.

00:15:06   Because that's clearly not that device, right?

00:15:09   Like, in that thing, anyway.

00:15:11   Remember we used to care about screenshots that was a different time. Oh, yeah. Yeah

00:15:15   Gotta clean those screenshots

00:15:18   Does Google Docs have drag-and-drop?

00:15:21   Nope

00:15:22   No, and they also we don't have access to Google Docs anymore

00:15:26   Yeah

00:15:30   We were getting ready to record the show and it seems so a quick check on Twitter says this is happening a

00:15:36   Big yellow arrow box shows up on the Google Doc for me

00:15:40   I own the document this item has been flagged as inappropriate and can no longer be shared

00:15:44   When you hit request a review it goes to a tab that is a 404 page on Google Doc support

00:15:51   So they're they're struggling today. So we're in Dropbox paper

00:15:54   but it's uh

00:15:56   It's quite a scene over there. I

00:15:58   Don't think Dropbox paper has drag-and-drop either right? I don't know. I

00:16:03   I don't know. Do you know Federico? I'm assuming no.

00:16:06   No, I don't think they do. Okay. Okay. So nobody does basically. If you want a collaborative

00:16:12   editing suite. I tried it into editorial the other day and then I thought wait a second.

00:16:19   This is the wrong app to be trying this. That's not gonna ever happen for you. 2025. A quick

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00:17:00   So I'm super excited about this.

00:17:02   I think it looks awesome.

00:17:03   Frank did a great job and it's just a fun holiday,

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00:19:40   So Steven, where is your MacBook Pro?

00:19:44   Do you have it back yet?

00:19:45   Did they fix the top case?

00:19:46   - I do have it back.

00:19:48   So what I shared last time was not the whole story.

00:19:52   I went to the Apple store and had a Genius Bar appointment,

00:19:56   whatever went, and they wanted to charge me $428 plus tax

00:20:00   to repair this computer.

00:20:05   Now this computer is under the limited warranty

00:20:07   until January.

00:20:08   I've not purchased AppleCare to extend that,

00:20:10   but it is under warranty.

00:20:13   The genius who was helpful,

00:20:16   I have nothing against my interaction with him,

00:20:18   basically explained it as the butterfly switch,

00:20:22   a little plastic piece that Phil Schiller

00:20:23   was so excited about when they introduced it

00:20:25   a couple years ago, that sits in little metal brackets

00:20:28   on the top case and the issue, the way my key failed,

00:20:33   if you remember, the bottom part of it was flapping

00:20:36   and so the key was like smashing into

00:20:39   those little metal pieces and bent them down.

00:20:41   and his concern was that that was accidental damage.

00:20:44   Which of course is just like complete fill in the blank

00:20:47   so I don't have to bleep this later in the edit.

00:20:49   Like it's ridiculous.

00:20:50   I told him that and I was like I really needed

00:20:53   to speak to the service manager and explained it to her.

00:20:57   How the key failed and that I understood

00:20:59   that that's what it was showing

00:21:00   and that this is why it was showing that.

00:21:02   I do not play the I used to do this for a living card ever

00:21:06   at the Apple store but I played it in this conversation

00:21:08   with the manager.

00:21:09   I was like I understand what your genius is saying.

00:21:11   - Oh dang.

00:21:12   - But this is ridiculous.

00:21:13   It's not like I tried to put the key back on,

00:21:15   it's not like I tried to bend these things.

00:21:18   The key failed.

00:21:19   This is a nine month old computer

00:21:20   that's owned by a business.

00:21:21   It's unacceptable.

00:21:24   And so--

00:21:25   - Did you say don't you know who I am?

00:21:27   - I did not say that.

00:21:28   I said I've got a background in hardware repair,

00:21:31   including at the store.

00:21:33   I understand that these things are fragile.

00:21:35   I would not have gone in there with a tool

00:21:36   trying to fix it myself.

00:21:38   And so she, thankfully, said,

00:21:41   "Hey, you know, we'll cover that.

00:21:43   "I understand your point of view."

00:21:45   We decided to do it in the store

00:21:47   because sending a cover repair to the repair center

00:21:50   can get weird, they find something else wrong,

00:21:51   they have to get it okay, it can add a lot of time to it.

00:21:54   So I get the computer, they order the top case.

00:21:56   So it's top case, keyboard, and battery is one component.

00:22:00   Those parts came in, I don't know, three or four days later.

00:22:03   I take my computer out there, they're gonna fix it,

00:22:05   I'll have it back in three or four days.

00:22:08   Three days into it, I get a phone call.

00:22:09   I'm like, great, my computer's ready.

00:22:11   The computer's not ready.

00:22:12   Turns out they also have to order a screw kit

00:22:15   because something about these screws can't be reused.

00:22:17   And they didn't, so they basically didn't have

00:22:19   all the parts, which is ridiculous.

00:22:21   And the genius admin was like, you know,

00:22:23   we actually haven't done one of these in store.

00:22:25   We sent them out to the repair center.

00:22:27   At that point, I did not want anyone locally touching them.

00:22:30   He's like, you haven't done this before?

00:22:31   Like, send them to the repair center.

00:22:32   They do these all day.

00:22:34   And if it takes a longer time or something,

00:22:36   that's on the store, that's the store's problem, not mine.

00:22:38   So I go, you know, they ship the computer

00:22:42   to the depot for me.

00:22:44   Two days later, I get an email from Apple.

00:22:47   You know, "Dear Mr. Hackett, we're trying to get in touch

00:22:50   "with you about your repair.

00:22:50   "Please call this number, reference this case number."

00:22:52   So I call, and they need the firmware password

00:22:56   for the computer.

00:22:57   I have a firmware password on it,

00:22:58   means you can't boot it from an external device

00:23:00   without the password.

00:23:01   Clearly they were doing that as a diagnostic at the depot.

00:23:04   And the Apple Store didn't need it,

00:23:06   'cause they don't need that to do repair internally.

00:23:08   And they didn't think to ask for it

00:23:10   when they sent the computer out for repair.

00:23:13   So I give this person over the phone

00:23:15   my firmware password, which is very complicated.

00:23:17   - Let me ask you a question about this.

00:23:18   I wanna ask you a question about this process.

00:23:20   Why do you have the firmware password?

00:23:22   - Why do I have it?

00:23:24   Because I travel with the MacBook Pro

00:23:27   and if it were to walk away or something,

00:23:30   I wouldn't want somebody to be able to boot it

00:23:31   get into it. It's not anything you ever run into unless you try to boot it from a USB

00:23:36   driver from recovery or something.

00:23:38   It's kind of like the reason for having it is negated by giving it to somebody over the

00:23:42   telephone though, right?

00:23:43   Yeah, but it's Apple. And honestly, I would change it when I got it back because I gave

00:23:49   it to somebody else. So in my mind, I think they did not ask for an administrative password,

00:23:57   and they're probably going to need it.

00:23:59   Right, so I hang up the phone.

00:24:01   Two hours later, Mr. Hackett, we're trying to get in touch

00:24:04   with you about your repair, please call us at this number,

00:24:05   reference this case number. - Oh my gosh.

00:24:07   - I call them back.

00:24:08   Now I had created a administrator on this machine

00:24:11   just for them, the username was Apple,

00:24:13   the password was Apple.

00:24:14   I give the nice moment on the phone,

00:24:17   that username and password.

00:24:18   She says, "Great, thank you so much.

00:24:20   "Hopefully I won't have to call you again."

00:24:22   Like, 'cause they have a record of all this.

00:24:23   So she can see what I've been through already.

00:24:25   At this point, I've been without the machine six days.

00:24:28   So it's like nine days or something

00:24:30   since my first interaction,

00:24:32   and then it's been gone for a while.

00:24:35   So I finally get it eight days later.

00:24:38   It's gone a total of eight days.

00:24:40   I finally get it back.

00:24:42   And it's fine.

00:24:43   I'm not out the 428 bucks.

00:24:46   The first thing I did in the Apple Store,

00:24:48   open TextEdit and type every single key.

00:24:51   All the keys work.

00:24:51   They all feel good, right?

00:24:53   None of them are uneven.

00:24:55   So it's fixed, it's fine.

00:25:00   In the meantime, an episode of ATP came out,

00:25:05   and I'm gonna ruin, this is a couple episodes ago now,

00:25:07   so sorry.

00:25:08   Marco Arment bought a late 2015 MacBook Pro

00:25:13   to replace his touch bar,

00:25:14   'cause he just got fed up with it, which I understand.

00:25:18   I'm not doing that,

00:25:20   But I did have a 2012 MacBook Pro in the collection

00:25:23   that it needs a battery, but it's fine.

00:25:26   And I needed, actually came into a situation

00:25:29   where I needed a laptop while this thing was gone.

00:25:31   Usually I don't need a laptop in town,

00:25:33   I usually mostly use it for travel.

00:25:35   Or I just wanna work from somewhere else,

00:25:36   but my iMac is my main machine.

00:25:38   So I needed it, so I migrated my user to it.

00:25:44   There's a lot of funny stuff with that,

00:25:45   including that this MacBook Pro now thinks it has Touch ID,

00:25:48   because I migrated it from a computer with Touch ID,

00:25:50   which is pretty funny.

00:25:51   There's a tweet about that in the show notes.

00:25:54   So I've been using this late or mid 2012,

00:25:57   whatever it is, Retina MacBook Pro.

00:25:59   And I see, again, I don't think I'm doing this,

00:26:04   I see what Marco is saying, right?

00:26:05   Like it has all the ports I need,

00:26:07   the keyboard is pretty good, it's still Retina.

00:26:10   I understand why he did it.

00:26:11   And like I have this virus in my brain,

00:26:13   like maybe I just used the 2012 MacBook Pro for a while.

00:26:16   Because at the end of the day,

00:26:19   yeah, the Apple sort of screwed this up multiple times,

00:26:21   but ultimately they took care of me,

00:26:22   ultimately they paid for the repair,

00:26:24   which is all I wanted.

00:26:24   After that,

00:26:25   after that, it doesn't really matter how long it took,

00:26:31   'cause I didn't have to pay for it.

00:26:33   But the deal is,

00:26:37   I now feel like this computer's a ticking time bomb.

00:26:39   I feel like this keyboard is just one tiny piece

00:26:44   debris away from failing again.

00:26:47   I would not own a late 2016 MacBook Pro without AppleCare.

00:26:53   People can debate if AppleCare is worth it or not.

00:26:56   I tend to do it because I know how expensive these repairs are on these computers.

00:27:00   But at the same time, I can say I've had multiple computers over the years where I bought AppleCare

00:27:04   and never needed it.

00:27:05   But if the GPU goes out on this iMac, then whatever it was, two or three hundred bucks,

00:27:11   is worth it.

00:27:12   If your keyboard dies on your MacBook Pro and it's $428 to get a key fixed, maybe you

00:27:19   should buy AppleCare.

00:27:20   So if I keep this thing, I'm definitely going to buy AppleCare for it.

00:27:24   But I just don't want to.

00:27:26   It left such a bad taste in my mouth knowing how much this repair is.

00:27:29   I don't know what to do.

00:27:30   So I have the 2016 MacBook Pro.

00:27:32   It's here on my desk.

00:27:34   I haven't really logged into it again.

00:27:36   I've just been using the 2012 and we'll just see what happens.

00:27:40   But it was such a pain.

00:27:44   At the same time, I think nerds experience, as we're going to talk about this later,

00:27:47   I think, when nerds have something happen with their computers or with their devices,

00:27:52   it's sort of better than the average person.

00:27:54   Because I understand how things can go wrong, how repairs can be complicated.

00:27:58   But at the same time, it also kind of makes it worse, because I know how to do a good

00:28:03   job at it.

00:28:04   I know what steps they could have taken.

00:28:07   genius should have known better than trying to blame accidental damage on it.

00:28:10   I told him, "You and I both know that these keyboards are fragile.

00:28:14   I don't know why we're playing this game."

00:28:17   So it's been really frustrating, but it is back.

00:28:20   Apple did take care of it ultimately.

00:28:22   Any interaction I had with Apple was really potty.

00:28:24   The second time I had to call them to give them the second password, you could just hear

00:28:29   in her voice that she was disappointed that she had to call me again, that we had to have

00:28:33   another interaction over it.

00:28:35   So yeah, that's the story. It's been like four years since this key broke it feels like.

00:28:42   But now it's over until, you know, another nine months from now and it breaks again.

00:28:47   Whew!

00:28:49   Well, that was a story.

00:28:52   The problem with this, you both have great stories today, the problem with this issue

00:28:56   that I find is that it shouldn't cost nearly $500 to replace a key on a keyboard and if

00:29:04   is what it costs, the product wasn't designed well. Yeah, so I think we should

00:29:11   clarify a little bit. If the key itself just breaks, they basically do it in

00:29:15   store, they have a box of them, whatever, they pop one on, and they tried that at

00:29:18   first and then he took the time to actually see what was wrong, but if the

00:29:24   top case fails, so if those little metal brackets bend or break or if the little

00:29:28   so the key sits on a little rubber switch, if that breaks or falls off or is

00:29:34   is damaged somehow, then the entire top case is that 428.

00:29:38   So it's top case, keyboard, and battery.

00:29:42   And a lot of that expenses is the labor

00:29:44   because the way these machines are built,

00:29:45   they're built into the top case.

00:29:46   So basically you put them face down

00:29:48   and you take all the guts out of one,

00:29:50   including the screen, and like attach it,

00:29:52   like you're rebuilding the computer from zero.

00:29:55   So I understand why it costs that,

00:29:56   but I totally agree with you.

00:29:58   It is ridiculous that such a simple failure

00:30:02   can lead to such an expensive repair.

00:30:03   And it is worse with this MacBook Pro

00:30:06   because the keyboard is worse,

00:30:07   but this is a flaw inherent to the Unibody design,

00:30:11   that since they started doing Unibody

00:30:13   with the original MacBook Air,

00:30:14   and then in 2008 when they introduced it

00:30:16   into the MacBook Pros, this is the expense

00:30:18   because everything is built into this one piece.

00:30:21   And you have to replace that piece,

00:30:23   a lot of stuff comes with it.

00:30:25   And I'm not suggesting Apple get away from the Unibody.

00:30:28   I really like it.

00:30:29   I mean, this machine is thin and light

00:30:30   and amazingly rigid,

00:30:31   but clearly you need to have some sort of thing

00:30:35   in your system of like, if this key,

00:30:38   you know, if these keyboards have problems,

00:30:42   we need a cheaper way to fix them.

00:30:45   I still think that we could be in a situation

00:30:47   where Apple opens a repair extension program

00:30:50   on these keyboards, okay, for three years,

00:30:51   in or out of warranty, if your keyboard's failed,

00:30:53   we're gonna replace it for you.

00:30:55   They should do that because this design,

00:30:57   as you said, is inherently flawed.

00:31:00   'Cause the thing is, we've had unibody Macs for a while.

00:31:04   - Yes.

00:31:05   - But it's only now that there seems to be

00:31:06   widespread keyboard problems.

00:31:08   - Yeah, 'cause the old keyboards are way more robust.

00:31:10   - And could they be replaced without taking

00:31:14   the top case off, the old ones,

00:31:16   or did they still need that?

00:31:18   Like if you bust a key on your 2012, what happens?

00:31:21   - So it's the same type deal.

00:31:23   If that little rubber piece or one of the brackets

00:31:26   is broken, it needs a top case.

00:31:28   But the way they were designed,

00:31:29   that was far less likely to happen.

00:31:32   I mean, to really break one of these keyboards

00:31:34   in a way that you need a top case,

00:31:35   it would have to be accidental damage.

00:31:37   You would have to go in there

00:31:38   digging around with a dental pick.

00:31:40   Now, it's much easier for it to happen

00:31:42   because the keyboards fail

00:31:43   and then it leads to this other issue.

00:31:45   - Yeah, I don't know, man.

00:31:49   It seems like a bit of a mess to me.

00:31:50   - Connected, we are all just in keyboard pain,

00:31:55   I feel like, the last couple months.

00:31:57   and it's just-- - I'm okay.

00:31:58   - You're okay?

00:31:59   - Yeah, yeah, Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard

00:32:02   on the Mac and then I barely use the laptops

00:32:06   so I don't care and I don't have problems

00:32:08   and then I use the smart keyboard

00:32:09   because smart keyboard is the best keyboard

00:32:11   that Apple currently makes.

00:32:12   - I agree with that.

00:32:13   Well, the Magic Keyboard is still pretty good,

00:32:16   the external aluminum one. - I prefer it.

00:32:17   I don't like the Magic Keyboard, I never liked it.

00:32:19   - Yeah, that's fine. - I don't know why,

00:32:20   it's just not for me. - That's fine.

00:32:22   I like the smart keyboard too.

00:32:23   I mean, I've been typing a lot on the iPad

00:32:25   and like, keyboard's really good,

00:32:26   especially on the 10-5, like the size is really nice.

00:32:29   And it uses the same switches as my stupid MacBook Pro,

00:32:33   but it's covered in cloth, so stuff can't get in.

00:32:36   Like, just pull a Surface Book and cover the thing in a rug

00:32:38   and you'll be fine.

00:32:39   - Fishing for titles there, I like it.

00:32:43   Cover it in a rug is a good one.

00:32:45   Federico, I'm just taking a nice little back seat today,

00:32:49   but I've got something right for the end of the show,

00:32:50   so we'll wait, we'll wait, don't worry, I'll get my time.

00:32:53   Federico, I see a note in the document here where you are concerned about fine art in

00:32:58   your applications.

00:32:59   Well, it's just, this is something that Steven and I were discussing a few days ago, that

00:33:04   it seems like there's a trend lately in these big services of sort of redesigning some key

00:33:16   aspects of the branding and splash screens, websites, with these new artistic, you know,

00:33:24   these illustrations. And I find it fascinating because, especially, you know, we talked about

00:33:32   Dropbox and how they are putting this huge emphasis on this, you know, this fancy redesign

00:33:39   and the whole idea of letting your inner creative energy flow, whatever that means.

00:33:48   And Todoist has also now added a bunch of illustrations to the service.

00:33:54   They're making these announcements.

00:33:55   Now we have new illustrations.

00:33:58   Now I'm not against pretty things.

00:34:03   If you want to have these illustrations, it's fine.

00:34:08   I think there's a... I think it's somewhat strange when...

00:34:13   Like, you do not expect art, you do not expect fine art from your water pipes.

00:34:23   Like, utilities are not supposed to be showcased in a museum, you know?

00:34:31   And so I think it is strange, it's just strange to me to have this contrast between

00:34:37   something that I use because it's useful, but I'm not expecting to be gaining an artistic

00:34:43   sentiment out of that. And also having these companies focus on "oh now you have these

00:34:49   beautiful illustrations in your to-do list". Well, I'm not sure I needed illustrations in my

00:34:54   task manager, but sure I'll take it. And when it gets to the extreme, such as with Dropbox,

00:35:02   it's a you know and they have this and like site wide redesign and a blog post and it's

00:35:09   major announcements it kind of makes me wonder if they focused on this for the past several months

00:35:15   so it's just something to to sort of you know we see these trends come and go with this

00:35:21   big companies big web companies they have money they can invest on this stuff and of course to

00:35:27   do is just like a minor case of a bunch of splash screens. It's more exaggerated in Dropbox maybe.

00:35:34   But I was thinking about why I find this strange, and I guess the problem is indeed that when I'm

00:35:44   using some kind of software, because it does a thing, I'm surprised when that simple utility,

00:35:54   that simple thing gets embellished with a bunch of illustrations. Like, I'm not expecting

00:36:00   to see the Mona Lisa in text edits, you know what I mean? There's that contrast which I

00:36:05   find strange.

00:36:08   So for Todoist, it came with version 11.6 of their iPhone and iOS app. It's like the

00:36:15   top bullet. A new surprise when you reach Todoist 0.

00:36:18   Yeah, that's the tone. It's always like, there's something new for you to experience.

00:36:23   It's not an experience, it's an illustration. It's not like I'm opening my task manager

00:36:28   and I'm taken aback by this magnificent illustration.

00:36:31   I was taken aback.

00:36:33   No.

00:36:34   I think the problem with a lot of this stuff, and I mean, this is how things tend to be

00:36:38   with software and services. Like, if they're not perfect for you, if there's something

00:36:42   you use them but there's something about it that frustrates you, but like whenever

00:36:45   the company or the individual is working on something that's not something that you

00:36:49   want, it's frustrating, right? Because it's like, why are you not fixing the thing or

00:36:52   advancing the thing and I want, but instead you're adding this other feature.

00:36:55   It is exacerbated when that additional feature is a new illustration, because you

00:37:00   just know people had to take time to do it.

00:37:02   Right. Like these things, they don't they don't just magically appear.

00:37:05   So it's I get the frustration.

00:37:07   Also, like, you know, I'm with you that it's like, please understand what you are.

00:37:12   Right. Like this is a big thing with Dropbox right now.

00:37:16   It's like your customers don't care about the fact that you have created some

00:37:21   beautiful illustrations.

00:37:22   This is not a thing that we care

00:37:25   about.

00:37:25   And so you don't have to position it

00:37:27   like it is the best thing ever.

00:37:28   Dropbox should have published the

00:37:31   redesign stuff, but they shouldn't

00:37:33   have tweeted about it from the main

00:37:34   Dropbox Twitter account.

00:37:35   Right. Like, it's not something

00:37:37   that your customers should care

00:37:39   about, like your internal

00:37:41   ideas about your design.

00:37:43   Like, people don't

00:37:44   care about that.

00:37:46   Right. Like, it is for you to

00:37:48   do and you should care about it.

00:37:49   but you don't have to be like, look how amazing this is and expect everyone to go,

00:37:53   yep, I know it. Right. Like, no, that's not, that's not how it works.

00:37:57   So I also like really like realistically,

00:38:00   it's not like I'm opening Dropbox and like I'm moving a bunch of folders around

00:38:04   and I'm zipping documents. And then as I'm looking at the file manager,

00:38:08   I realize, you know, my life should be better. I should,

00:38:11   I should let my creative energy flow.

00:38:13   It's not like that process does not exist.

00:38:16   Like there's no correlation between managing my files and suddenly realizing that my life

00:38:21   needs to have more creative energy.

00:38:23   I just, I don't understand.

00:38:25   It is, I don't know what it is, but like I feel like it is a thing where these services

00:38:32   and these companies, they feel like they have to make you feel like they're more important

00:38:37   to you than they actually might be.

00:38:39   And I assume this is to keep you using their system.

00:38:43   Savage.

00:38:44   don't know who this works on. There must be some people that this works for, but I mean,

00:38:52   it's like, I'm trying to understand why this bothers me, because I think it shouldn't bother

00:38:58   me, like it's just a company doing a thing, but it's the trying to extract a feeling from

00:39:07   my usage of your software that, like on a personal level, like just sync my files and

00:39:14   let me move my folders on iOS. That's all I ask for. And instead they're trying to get

00:39:19   personal with me and I don't want that. And also the illustrations are kind of ugly. But

00:39:25   I'm sorry this is just taste.

00:39:27   The Dropbox ones. The Todoist ones are fine, right? They're fine.

00:39:31   Yeah, yeah. The Dropbox ones are, you know,

00:39:35   So Federico, what you need to do and what I expect to see now, you know, you review

00:39:38   a lot of apps on MacStories, you and your team do an incredible job.

00:39:43   I expect a section in every review now to discuss the type of art that's being used

00:39:48   on screens and otherwise I'll just have text.

00:39:52   You can write that all in Italian or something so it's more fine.

00:39:56   Yeah fine art, fine text, fine stories.

00:40:01   And it's like written in papyrus or something so it fits that little section.

00:40:07   I think your site's finally going to make it after this.

00:40:11   This is going to be the turning point.

00:40:13   This is your breakthrough moment.

00:40:15   - It is.

00:40:15   - Yeah, this is what I need to do.

00:40:17   All right.

00:40:20   - We talked about the iMac Pro a little bit on the show.

00:40:24   I know Federico's super excited about it.

00:40:26   I just wanted to point out,

00:40:27   there's this Final Cut Pro X creative summit

00:40:30   that happens in Cupertino that Apple is involved with.

00:40:34   I don't quite understand the relationship

00:40:36   between Apple and this thing.

00:40:37   Anyways, the iMac Pro was there on demo

00:40:42   And it looks really awesome, space gray accessories,

00:40:45   which look really sweet.

00:40:48   Talked about Final Cut Pro 10.4,

00:40:50   which will include color support and support for HEVC,

00:40:55   and direct import of iOS, iMovie timelines, which is cool.

00:41:00   You can start on your iPhone or iPad

00:41:01   and then move it to Final Cut.

00:41:03   And the Sidekick Pro just seems awesome.

00:41:05   People were doing like 8K footage on it,

00:41:08   and it was taking it like a champ,

00:41:10   whereas the late 2015 sometimes struggles on 4K.

00:41:13   I think if you make video for a living

00:41:15   and you aren't interested in a Mac Pro

00:41:17   or can't wait for the Mac Pro,

00:41:19   this definitely seems like a computer

00:41:21   that could work for your needs.

00:41:23   And I'm super interested in it.

00:41:25   I wanna see how it goes at launch,

00:41:27   but I definitely have been thinking about this computer

00:41:29   as an eventual replacement of my iMac, so.

00:41:32   - Do you dream about it?

00:41:33   - No, no, I don't dream about it, but.

00:41:36   - Okay.

00:41:37   - Do you feel like an illustration would help?

00:41:39   - I think so.

00:41:40   Yeah, if they put like a nice colorful light. No, no, that's what I need now. That's what

00:41:43   I need because my late 2015 takes so long to render 4K video. If Final Cut could just

00:41:48   show me some illustrations while it's crunching video in the background, I think that'd be

00:41:52   really nice. See? Yeah.

00:41:55   So that'll help your creative energy flow. Yeah.

00:41:57   You know what a Johnny Ivey illustration would be like?

00:41:59   It's just a white screen. Just a white screen.

00:42:03   Like I understand, about this iMac Pro, right, like seriously, like I understand how difficult

00:42:08   this thing is to build and blah blah blah blah blah like you know it's very powerful

00:42:12   I really don't like those air vents on the back. It needs it though. It's very I know

00:42:17   it needs it which is why I knew you were gonna say which is why I said I understand it right

00:42:22   I understand it needs it but it looks very Windows PC. It's like racing stripes. I don't

00:42:28   like them. Yeah so. I don't like them and they've done a good job of trying to hide

00:42:31   them and like I never see that right like I'm never gonna look around the back of my

00:42:35   on my Mac, but it is a little ugly.

00:42:37   - Yeah, so I've talked to several nerds

00:42:38   who do video and audio names you would expect,

00:42:42   and there are definitely some people

00:42:45   who are super interested in this,

00:42:46   and the people like Marco and me, I think,

00:42:48   of like, yeah, this looks great,

00:42:50   I just wanna see how it performs,

00:42:51   because they say that the airflow is like,

00:42:54   whatever they say, 18 times better,

00:42:56   but it's only 10 times hotter or something,

00:42:58   whatever it is, they seem to have headroom built in,

00:43:00   but as long as it's silent while recording a podcast

00:43:03   my late 2015 is, then I think it would be fine for my uses.

00:43:07   But I kind of want to see, just because it's so new, I don't know if I would wait to Gen2

00:43:14   or very less cease and refuse, have some people I trust use it for a while.

00:43:18   I know Jason Snell's been thinking about it.

00:43:21   He's doing anything multi-core, Final Cut, or sound cleanup or whatever.

00:43:27   Any sort of those tasks would be faster, and speed is always good.

00:43:30   Plus, the accessories are in space gray.

00:43:32   So even if I don't end up with one, I'm sure I actually already have it on my collection

00:43:36   wish list.

00:43:37   iMac Pro Space Gray Input Devices.

00:43:40   Because it looks like the mouse Darth Vader would use.

00:43:44   If he used a bad mouse.

00:43:47   It would be in his little containment pod that he sits in.

00:43:50   His cool office.

00:43:51   Spoiler alert.

00:43:54   Today's show is brought to you by Timing, the smarter way to track time.

00:43:58   Time is your most precious resource.

00:43:59   You need to know what you're doing with it.

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00:45:03   I think this is a great app.

00:45:05   I love the graphs.

00:45:06   I love the charts.

00:45:07   I love the fact that it saves you from needing to deal with a ton of categorization

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00:45:21   Timing.

00:45:21   Stop worrying about time and focus on doing your best work instead.

00:45:25   So did we make our pre-orders in time for the iPhone 10?

00:45:30   Steven, did you make your pre-order?

00:45:32   - I most definitely did.

00:45:33   I was up at 2 a.m. my time,

00:45:36   and I have a silver 256 gig with AppleCare Plus.

00:45:41   I remembered this time,

00:45:43   and I did not follow Federico's advice.

00:45:44   I ordered it at the same time.

00:45:46   My order closed at like 2.03 a.m. or 2.04 a.m.,

00:45:50   and I'm doing in-store pickup this Friday

00:45:53   at 8.30 in the morning, so thumbs up.

00:45:56   - Wow, early bird. - Thumbs up here.

00:45:57   Yeah, I got a busy day Friday,

00:45:59   and the store's gonna be hectic so you know just get it, it was the first one available

00:46:04   so I could just get it out of the way. And yeah so I'm excited. What about you Myke?

00:46:11   Let's go to Federico first. Just get Federico's situation out of the way and then we can maybe

00:46:20   go to mine. I was able to pre-order my iPhone X which should be coming on Friday. My setup,

00:46:30   as I described last week, consisted of my MacBook Pro on Wi-Fi, my iPhone on 4G, and

00:46:38   one of my iPad Pros, because now I can say that, Myke, one of my iPad Pros on Wi-Fi also.

00:46:45   the Italian time for pre-orders was 9 a.m. and I started refreshing at

00:46:50   859 and

00:46:53   for until

00:46:56   906 a.m

00:46:58   The website was down and the app was not loading

00:47:01   I was kind of getting concerned because I had Twitter streaming on my MacBook and I was taking a look at people being able to

00:47:08   Put in their pre-orders, but at 906 the app when became available on my iPhone

00:47:15   so on 4G and I was able to do the pre-order in like 10 seconds and my email that I got right

00:47:22   away my email says that at seven minutes basically 907 that's when I when I did my pre-order and I

00:47:31   paid with Apple Pay so that took about like three seconds to complete and I did not add AppleCare

00:47:39   and I did not select a pickup location no I'm gonna get AppleCare I just I didn't want to add

00:47:44   extra seconds to the purchase process. So I am going to buy Apple Car Plus. I also did

00:47:52   not set a… I was thinking about like Silvia was looking at my phone and she was like,

00:47:56   "Do you want to get it at the Apple Store?" And I thought about it for a fraction of a

00:48:00   second. Then I thought, "No, it's going to ask me questions about the place where

00:48:03   I want to go to and I don't want to waste time so I'm just going to buy right now."

00:48:08   And I got the email right away. My card got charged the same day and now supposedly it's

00:48:14   coming on Friday. I screwed it up. No, no, no. I screwed it up. What did you do, Myke?

00:48:22   What happened? I mean, I followed the teaching method, right? Like I had all different devices,

00:48:27   all different situations, networks, all that thing. And then, like, the store refreshed

00:48:33   and I was able to, like, it popped up and it was like third for pickup. So, like, I

00:48:40   went to do that but then I don't know why I did this I decided I should change

00:48:44   the store to a different store in London I don't know why I did this it was so

00:48:49   strong I don't know I don't know why I did it it recommended a store that like

00:48:53   isn't very easy for me to get to but like I could have gotten to it right

00:48:59   like it's not a problem but no I was like no I want to get it from this store

00:49:01   so I've ruined it I ran out of time like if by the time I got there it was

00:49:07   already like weeks away so then I'm not thinking straight right so what do I do

00:49:12   I back out to get and try to have a color I don't know why I did this it's

00:49:16   all wrong I just I was in a haze it's like I've never done this before and then

00:49:20   I went into that and it was like they couldn't that was everything was

00:49:24   unavailable pick up then it was only a couple of minutes so I have an order

00:49:27   from Apple for a silver it's not white I keep getting told it's not white for the

00:49:32   silver iPhone X to be delivered between the 13th and 20th of November. Problem number

00:49:40   one, I am going to America on the 16th of November, so I have a small window of time

00:49:46   to receive this order. But I have some other options going on right now.

00:49:53   Oh no. Options. I have other options.

00:49:57   Is this one of the options? A guy in an alley? What are you doing?

00:50:02   Maybe. No, no. That might be one of them. I placed an order for pickup at a store in

00:50:12   a chain, very big chain in the UK called the Carphone Warehouse. It's huge.

00:50:16   People seem not to like them. Like just on Twitter.

00:50:20   Problem. Okay, so the problem with the Carphone Warehouse is this is very normal for them.

00:50:24   They will tell you that the phone is going to be with you on release day. They will charge

00:50:28   you and you get an email like the next day and like, "Nah, it's gonna be the tenth."

00:50:32   Oh no.

00:50:33   This is a very normal thing. But I have spoken to them and they have told me it's the third,

00:50:38   that I'm gonna be able to pick this phone up. Everybody that I know that has been, that

00:50:43   has called them, because I know a few people that did this, that called them and they were

00:50:45   told the tenth, I think they're all getting the space gray. So that might be a bit delayed.

00:50:50   I don't know what's going on, but I've been charged, they told me it's for pickup. But

00:50:54   And I also have a potential resale opportunity from a very nice person.

00:51:00   So I have a couple of options.

00:51:02   I may end up with two iPhones.

00:51:05   I don't know what I'm doing yet.

00:51:07   This is like the Nintendo Switch all over again.

00:51:09   Day phone, night phone.

00:51:10   But yeah, I'm going to deal with it.

00:51:13   If I do end up with two, I already have a buyer for the second one.

00:51:17   Don't @ me.

00:51:18   So I don't know what's going on yet.

00:51:21   But I'll say by next week you'll know.

00:51:24   I'm confident that I will be able to get an iPhone on Friday, but it's all still very

00:51:30   like who knows.

00:51:32   But I've ruined it. I just hope I just I don't know what I did. I was awake like half an

00:51:37   hour before.

00:51:38   But you just you just panicked. I panicked. Yeah. I panicked.

00:51:43   Well I don't know.

00:51:44   Once. So yeah, I totally understand. I totally understand. Yeah. Yeah. That's too bad. Well,

00:51:49   you got options. So you got a bunch of.

00:51:51   I'm really pleased that I have like a couple of options. There's even like a nut

00:51:55   There's like another option as well. Well, I can have a friend is like that

00:51:59   they've bought a phone but it's not the one that they want and if I

00:52:03   Don't get it. They will sell it to me, but it's also not the phone that I want right?

00:52:07   It's like a 64 but like so yeah

00:52:09   I have a bunch of options which will mean that I will hopefully at least have a phone next week so I could talk about it

00:52:15   And then I'll work out what I want to do after that, but fingers crossed. It's very

00:52:21   I have a second part to my story, which we're now getting to the potential problem of my

00:52:28   pre-order. So, I will be driving on Friday, because we need to do a few things.

00:52:36   No, this is unacceptable.

00:52:38   Hold on. So, in theory, we are leaving at 11am, around that time. And usually, my UPS,

00:52:51   person and friend does not show up until lunchtime. And that is a problem, of course, because

00:52:58   I want to get my iPhone on Friday. So I've been considering multiple options here. First,

00:53:05   I need to understand whether the UPS guy comes usually around lunchtime because he likes

00:53:12   to have lunch to pick up like a slice of pizza at the bakery, or if the lunchtime...

00:53:18   This bakery is so intrinsic to your life.

00:53:21   I feel like your entire world revolves around this bakery.

00:53:24   So the reason why this entire bakery delivery system started

00:53:30   off in the first place, it's because the UPS guy

00:53:33   had the idea.

00:53:36   He planted the seed of the idea in my mind,

00:53:39   and then I decided to use that as a plan.

00:53:44   But I knew that, like, he goes to this bakery

00:53:48   to pick up something for lunch.

00:53:50   Now, does the UPS guy have to do that,

00:53:54   or can he come to my house and deliver the package

00:53:57   at like 10 a.m. if I asked him to?

00:54:00   But there's two problems to this.

00:54:03   First, how can I ask the UPS guy to make an exception

00:54:05   from his usual schedule?

00:54:08   And second, am I sure that the delivery

00:54:12   is going to be taking care of UPS. So I'm trying to address these doubts in two ways.

00:54:25   So the second point, I'm trying an experiment. I pre-ordered, like I bought other stuff from

00:54:36   the Apple store. So I can see the UPS guy before and talk to him. Like, tomorrow. Like,

00:54:43   today and on Thursday. So I'm just going to say this, right? Like,

00:54:49   you could just grease his palm a little bit, you know?

00:54:52   No, no, no. Once you go down that road, you are always

00:54:57   greasing the palm. That's a bridge you can't uncross.

00:55:00   No, no, because you just say like, on this occasion, could you please come to me at this

00:55:04   time and I would really appreciate it." And then you reach out your hand, right? And you

00:55:09   have, you know, you have a cool 20 in it.

00:55:13   There's more, hold on. So what I did is I told you that I didn't particularly care for

00:55:18   wireless charging, but I bought the Belkin BoostUp charger anyway, because it had a delivery

00:55:25   date of Thursday. So I thought, "Well, this is perfect because UPS..."

00:55:29   You just got a case or something.

00:55:31   you need it to be in the style of the iPhone 10. So the UPS guy comes to my house the day

00:55:37   before and I can talk to him and I can be like, hey, is there any chance like tomorrow

00:55:42   morning you can maybe make an exception and instead of showing up at 1pm you can be here

00:55:47   at 10am. But you know, it's the day before. This is perfect. And I was really excited

00:55:51   because I had this plan. And yesterday, last night, I get this notification from the from

00:55:57   the Apple Store that says, "Well, your order is gonna be to your house tomorrow instead

00:56:03   of Thursday." And I'm like, "Okay, tomorrow is Tuesday, it's fine. It will probably remember

00:56:09   something that I asked him on Tuesday on, you know, it'll keep it in mind for Friday."

00:56:14   And as I was thinking about this, like, you know, is he really gonna remember a question

00:56:19   from Tuesday when it's Friday morning? And so in the meantime, I also bought something

00:56:24   nuts from the Apple Store. Oh my God, what are you doing? Which keyboard? No, no, no,

00:56:31   a cable. A USB cable. Oh really? This poor guy. I got a USB-C cable that should be coming

00:56:41   on Thursday. Did you need it? Or was it the cheapest thing you've found? No, no, no. You

00:56:48   You should have just come with the adapter, the headphone adapter.

00:56:51   So I thought I can ask him a question on Tuesday and then I can ask him the same question on

00:56:58   Thursday and then when it's Friday morning he will remember my request.

00:57:03   So have you seen him today? Has he come today?

00:57:06   Hold on. This morning I get the following notification from deliveries. It says "A

00:57:15   non UPS labor dispute as the as delayed your delivery. So there's a national there's a

00:57:22   national strike for delivery companies. There are yesterday and today they are not delivering

00:57:31   orders and it seems that UPS is affected even if it technically it's not a UPS strike, but

00:57:40   some of the companies that they use, you know, like truck drivers for example, there's this

00:57:46   national strike. So, at this point I'm not sure where the Belkin BoostUp charger is.

00:57:55   The cable should be here on Thursday, I think. And all of this says that my iPhone should

00:58:03   be coming on Friday, I think I will be able to still get the phone because I signed up

00:58:10   for UPS My Choice, which is this extra additional service where you can monitor your delivery

00:58:16   and make changes.

00:58:17   Quite possibly the hardest sign up process for anything ever. It's almost impossible

00:58:22   to do it, but once you do it, they give you more information about your packages. But

00:58:27   it is baffling to try and sign up for this service.

00:58:31   Yeah, so worst case scenario I will make changes to my delivery from UPS My Choice and set

00:58:38   like a pickup point. There are a bunch around my house, I mean like official pickup points,

00:58:44   not the bakery, like stores when you need to show your ID, like stuff like that. But

00:58:49   worst case scenario I will just call the guy or text him because I have his phone number.

00:58:55   Wait, you have his phone number?

00:58:57   I have his personal cell.

00:58:58   Why are you doing all of this Federico? You have his contact information.

00:59:01   It seems like an intrusion of his privacy to just call him on the phone and be like,

00:59:05   "Hey, I'm the guy from Amazon."

00:59:06   Where did you get his phone number?

00:59:08   Where did you get his phone number?

00:59:10   He gave it to me.

00:59:13   But he called me once.

00:59:16   He called me on the phone and he was like, "This is my phone number."

00:59:18   And so I saved his phone number.

00:59:20   I never used it.

00:59:22   I never used it because it seems like a little too much, maybe.

00:59:26   I still think he needs to give him some money.

00:59:28   needs a tip or a bribe, however you want to do it, but you gotta make this worth his while, man.

00:59:34   I'm struggling, man. You know, I was thinking about this. All of these problems would be solved

00:59:40   if we decided to move and go live in a building where there's a doorman that takes care of

00:59:47   packages instead of doing this whole dance of the bakery and the UPS guy and being able to talk to

00:59:52   the UPS guy before. If we had an actual building with an actual doorman that would take care of

00:59:57   these problems and these packages that would be fixed.

01:00:02   The other thing is just to plan your week better and not be leaving the house on Friday.

01:00:06   Yeah. Well, that…

01:00:09   Just cancel whatever else.

01:00:14   Is it more important than an iPhone? You know, like is anything…

01:00:16   I feel like I'm exhausted. I don't know.

01:00:18   I still feel serious. I make it. It's a joke, but like I'm being serious. You need

01:00:24   to make it worth this guy's time because if he does this, if he actually does this for

01:00:29   you, he's going outside of the route that is decided for him by the company. His day

01:00:34   is going to be worse. No, you're going to get him fired is what you're going to do.

01:00:38   No, no. Don't do this. As long as he delivers all these packages, he'll be fine. I mean,

01:00:42   the guy stops at a bakery to have lunch, I'm sure he can be flexible. He can just, you

01:00:47   know, I mean, I don't know how this stuff works, but my assumption is like they give

01:00:50   him a route so he can finish his stuff within the time that he has allotted for the day.

01:00:54   So like he might just need to work a little bit later. So in that case, you gotta make

01:00:59   it worth it. So how much money is acceptable, Myke? What should the amount be? Is it bribery

01:01:04   if it's a favor? 100%. 100% bribery. But how much? This is inconvenient. I don't know,

01:01:11   something like, well okay, so this is the thing, right? You're spending like a thousand

01:01:14   euro right on this phone yeah so give him 50 so 5% is it is it bribery if you

01:01:21   talk about it before on a podcast yes it makes it more bribery if you give in the

01:01:26   money beforehand it's bribery if you give him it afterwards it's a tip right

01:01:30   it's I see it's a tip no but you've got him you've got to convince him to do it

01:01:35   beforehand by giving him the money what if I promise a tip that's bribery yes

01:01:40   That's bribery.

01:01:41   Oh no.

01:01:42   Because you may as well give him the money at that point.

01:01:44   Well, are you uncomfortable with bribery?

01:01:46   Isn't that, I mean, why, why?

01:01:48   Well.

01:01:49   Does that not happen in Italy?

01:01:50   I was trying to avoid that.

01:01:52   What I'm saying is, okay, so I was just-

01:01:56   It happens everywhere.

01:01:57   It happens everywhere, Myke.

01:01:58   I mean, I didn't listen to this show, so I'm going to say it.

01:02:00   Quite a lot of this happens in Romania.

01:02:02   Like there's a lot of this type of thing.

01:02:04   Like everybody's doing favors and giving each other money for it.

01:02:08   It does happen a lot, especially in Rome with the local government.

01:02:11   But I don't want to be like them.

01:02:13   So I feel like there should be another way for me to convince the UPS guy to...

01:02:19   Why don't you give him some pizza?

01:02:21   Or just be like, "Oh, I'll cover your lunches for you for a few weeks."

01:02:25   It's all bribery, but there's just no money changing hands.

01:02:27   Is it bribery if you eat it?

01:02:32   If it's a slice of pizza, it's not money, it's not cash.

01:02:35   Still bribery.

01:02:36   The rules are so stringent on this, like, it's not fair.

01:02:40   - I mean, it's what you're doing by going to the bakery

01:02:43   and buying bread or a cupcake or whatever

01:02:46   every time you go pick up something.

01:02:47   It's the same, you're just moving to the next level

01:02:50   of handing someone cash.

01:02:51   - If you get a receipt, if you get a receipt,

01:02:53   that's not bribery.

01:02:54   - But you weren't gonna buy the cupcake otherwise.

01:02:56   You're already down this rabbit hole.

01:02:59   Just go, just fully--

01:03:00   - Just take the next step.

01:03:01   - You're already in the tub, just slowly lower yourself

01:03:04   into the warm water of bribery.

01:03:06   It's fine.

01:03:07   Yeah.

01:03:08   It's fine.

01:03:09   Like, you know, you're not committing a crime, right?

01:03:11   Like, you know, nothing bad's happening.

01:03:14   You just, you're making it worth this guy's while.

01:03:17   That's all it is.

01:03:18   You keep repeating this expression.

01:03:20   It's really creepy, Myke.

01:03:21   But it's true though, right?

01:03:23   You're saying to him like, "Oh, do me a favor."

01:03:25   And he's like, "Why?"

01:03:26   And you're just like, "Because I want my iPhone?"

01:03:28   Like what's the reason?

01:03:29   So Myke, have you bribed somebody in the service industry for something?

01:03:32   You seem to be comfortable with it.

01:03:33   I've never bribed anybody.

01:03:34   Yeah, me neither.

01:03:35   I've never done it.

01:03:36   I've never done it.

01:03:37   But in this case though, I would totally do this.

01:03:41   Like if I am Federico in this situation, 100% I would say to the guy, please can you do

01:03:46   this, I'll make it worth your while.

01:03:49   I would do that.

01:03:50   And then you've got to be done asking.

01:03:51   So after this though, no more favors.

01:03:54   Like you've got to reset or the expectation is going to be the cash is involved with everything.

01:03:59   You've got to back off.

01:04:00   Someone on Twitter told me, "Have you considered buying gifts for the bakery and the UPS company?"

01:04:07   You definitely should.

01:04:08   Oh, you've got to do that anyway.

01:04:09   I think I should.

01:04:10   That's the Christmas bonus, right?

01:04:11   I saw, like, we have a guy who does, like, caretaking services for our building.

01:04:16   And we give him a Christmas bonus.

01:04:20   Just so, like, if later on we might need something, he might help us because he knows he's going

01:04:26   to get a bonus from us every year.

01:04:27   So I went through this.

01:04:28   I went through this.

01:04:29   I remember when I was collecting the 13 IMAX.

01:04:32   As you might imagine, actually like 17 showed up

01:04:35   because we threw some, and the boxes are very large

01:04:37   and heavy, and turns out in my old house,

01:04:40   I knew the UPS guy, we were in the same cycling club.

01:04:43   So one day I'm outside with my kids, he's like,

01:04:46   "Oh hey man," I'm like, "Oh, you're the guy

01:04:48   "bringing all these IMAX every day, so sorry."

01:04:51   And I was going to get him a gift, and then we moved.

01:04:54   And I haven't seen him since, like, I don't know,

01:04:57   we're just not riding together anymore,

01:04:58   But now I have this over my head.

01:04:59   Like if I see him, I feel like I gotta have a gift

01:05:02   in the trunk of my car, like ready to go at all times

01:05:04   because he lugged these heavy IMAX.

01:05:06   And I wasn't even doing anything near the level

01:05:09   of messing with the system that Federico is.

01:05:12   So you should definitely do gifts for the bakery

01:05:15   and the B.S. guy.

01:05:16   And you should just hit reset on all of this.

01:05:18   Like tell them like, hey, if I'm not here,

01:05:19   just like treat me like any other customer

01:05:21   or use one of those pickup locations.

01:05:22   Like Amazon just opened one at the Whole Foods

01:05:25   around the corner of my house because they own Whole Foods.

01:05:27   - It is kind of wild, Federico, that you have a designated pickup locations that you can

01:05:31   use but yet you can't use the bakery.

01:05:33   - That's really troubling.

01:05:34   - Well, it's just, it feels like I'm caught up in this situation.

01:05:38   - You are.

01:05:39   - You're on a web of life.

01:05:40   - So pay this guy if you want to and then just back out.

01:05:43   Like you go up and touch the stove real quick with the cash and then you're done.

01:05:47   Like back out, be a normal person again.

01:05:50   And then if you need to do something in the future, like the expectations are reset.

01:05:54   But you've got it back all the way out or this guy is going to expect cash every time.

01:05:59   Things may start happening to your deliveries.

01:06:01   Who knows?

01:06:02   I don't know how we were talking about this.

01:06:03   Again, it just keeps coming up.

01:06:05   I do want to touch real quick on AppleCare.

01:06:08   The costs are higher on this phone.

01:06:11   So if you break the back glass on this phone, it is extremely expensive.

01:06:16   Like $549 for out of warranty repair.

01:06:22   The screen repair is $279, which is more than the previous phones.

01:06:26   It's an expensive phone with expensive parts by AppleCare+.

01:06:30   It's the charging, right?

01:06:31   It's the wireless charging stuff, all the coils, that's probably why the back is more

01:06:34   expensive.

01:06:35   I assume all that's like one piece, you know.

01:06:38   So you break it, you've got to get it all replaced.

01:06:40   For $549 you can just go buy an iPhone 6.

01:06:44   So don't break your phone, put it in the case.

01:06:46   I bought a case, I bought the Apple leather case, the black one, the one I use now.

01:06:51   What do the two of you do?

01:06:52   Myke, I know you've been talking about a bumper case.

01:06:54   Have you found anything that has met your wildest dreams?

01:06:59   I've had a few options sent to me, but I haven't decided on one yet in case of making one called

01:07:04   the frame, which looks pretty interesting, but I haven't seen it available for purchase

01:07:08   anywhere yet, which is not surprising.

01:07:11   I bought the silicone.

01:07:13   Yeah.

01:07:14   You know, like the purple silicone one, because it looks great.

01:07:19   I don't want to have a case on this, so I am also going to buy AppleCare whenever, if

01:07:24   ever, I get one of these things.

01:07:27   And then I want a bumper just so I have added protection, but I want to be able to hold

01:07:31   the glass again like I did with the iPhone 4 line.

01:07:33   I miss that.

01:07:35   That might be a road that I go down.

01:07:36   But I am buying a case so I can put it straight in a case until I end up eventually getting

01:07:42   AppleCare on it.

01:07:45   Yeah.

01:07:46   So with that, you have to take the phone into a store.

01:07:48   You have to prove it's not broken, Federico,

01:07:50   that you said that's what you're gonna be doing.

01:07:52   I would, I mean, the application's expensive,

01:07:55   but you already spent $1,000 on a phone.

01:07:57   Like, we're already past the point

01:07:58   of this being ridiculous for most people.

01:08:00   - You have to take it into the store?

01:08:01   That's so frustrating. - I think so.

01:08:03   I think maybe you can do it, I'm Googling,

01:08:06   I think maybe you can, they do like some sort of diagnostic

01:08:09   on it over the internet?

01:08:11   I don't really know.

01:08:12   But you have to basically prove that it's not broken.

01:08:15   So if you've like smashed your phone,

01:08:17   then you can't show up.

01:08:19   So here we go.

01:08:20   Purchase AppleCare+ with your new phone

01:08:23   or buy it within 60 days.

01:08:25   So you only have two months, Myke.

01:08:27   So don't mess that up.

01:08:30   Online, it verifies your serial number

01:08:33   to run a remote diagnostic.

01:08:34   Go to an Apple store or call a 100 number

01:08:37   and again, it requires a remote diagnostic.

01:08:40   So you can do it in your own home,

01:08:43   but you gotta do it within 60 days.

01:08:45   There'll be a link to that in the show notes.

01:08:47   you can read about it. Yep, kbase probably. Always. Always. Alright, should we talk about

01:08:54   reviews? Yes. Because all the reviews have come out today. Yes! Alright, well, I say

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01:10:15   So iPhone X reviews have been staggering out over the last couple of days. So there are

01:10:22   a couple of things that happened yesterday, which is Monday the 30th. Steven Levy of Backchannel/Wired

01:10:29   published a first impressions post as kind of a call back to the fact that he was one

01:10:34   of the people that got the original iPhone. Then there were a smattering of YouTube videos.

01:10:40   So there were a large selection of videos from not the usual suspects, so there isn't

01:10:46   like MKBHD or Unbox Therapy or Tilly Today, the big tech YouTubers weren't in this.

01:10:54   But it was more kind of middle ground YouTubers, a bunch of people that I've been familiar

01:10:58   with like there's a guy that I subscribe to called Your Average Consumer, he was there,

01:11:02   he had a video, there was like a bunch of different YouTubers that have videos.

01:11:06   kind of like, I say mid-level, but it's like hundreds of thousands of subscribers, right?

01:11:10   But like in the YouTube tech world, that is mid-level because the top tier is like millions

01:11:15   of subscribers. And it was seen, what it looked like, it was a large selection of videos.

01:11:20   Sarah Dietschy had one too, she's really great. I'll put some links to some of these in the

01:11:26   show notes in case you want to see them. What it looked like is that there were a bunch of

01:11:32   of videos that went out having all been recorded in the same place. So what it appears to have

01:11:39   been was a location in New York that Apple had set up to kind of look like a demo area

01:11:47   that exists after a hands-on, like after an event like the hands-on type stuff. And obviously

01:11:54   if you're given that kind of access as a content creator you are going to call it a review,

01:12:01   right? This is my review. But really, it was more like extended hands-ons. That's kind

01:12:08   of the way that it ended up being. It was like big hands-on videos from a couple of

01:12:13   relatively large size YouTubers and some magazines and stuff like that. They were pretty surface

01:12:18   level because obviously these people had only had a small amount of time, I think, to spend

01:12:25   with the devices because they were just kind of in a confined environment. And then that

01:12:30   That was kind of it for Monday, and it was an interesting, different approach.

01:12:36   It's usually what we see are sort of the standard reviewers, Verge, Daring Fireball, etc., hit

01:12:45   the embargo and drop off at the same time, and I think we were all expecting that, and

01:12:49   that is what happened.

01:12:50   We were talking about that.

01:12:51   But instead we saw this sort of smattering of these YouTube videos that are really, I

01:12:56   agree with you, are hands-on.

01:12:57   I don't think the label's that important.

01:12:59   review is to walk through, no one knows.

01:13:02   But I watched a bunch of them,

01:13:04   I follow some of these channels already,

01:13:06   and some of them I didn't.

01:13:07   And I thought it was kind of nice to see

01:13:10   people's takes on it who aren't steeped

01:13:13   in the technology that we are.

01:13:14   And you know, some of the details are wrong,

01:13:17   and whatever, it's a different approach.

01:13:20   And if you've been paying attention to Apple PR,

01:13:24   a different approach should not be that surprising.

01:13:26   Apple BR has changed rapidly over the past few years

01:13:30   under new leadership and I think they are more willing

01:13:35   to try new things.

01:13:35   Like those big name YouTubers that you mentioned

01:13:39   get Apple press event invites.

01:13:41   You know, it's like people like MKBHD or Jonathan Morrison

01:13:46   are at events.

01:13:48   Like they're in the Steve Jobs Theater

01:13:49   like doing the hands-on and the deal

01:13:50   and this is sort of like one step past that.

01:13:52   So it's Apple continuing to evolve their

01:13:55   who they used to get their messaging out.

01:14:00   And then today, the 31st, a bunch of reviews dropped from the usual suspects. So, you know,

01:14:06   there was reviews from TechCrunch, The Verge, I think Mashable, Buzzfeed, Jason Snow had

01:14:13   a review, MKBHD published a video. There's a bunch of stuff that's come out today which

01:14:18   are more kind of your standard reviews, you know, they're bigger and they're written and

01:14:24   etc etc. But one of the differences here is that, save for some exceptions, most of these

01:14:31   individuals got the devices yesterday. This is very unusual. Usually these devices are

01:14:39   given out to journalists and reviewers weeks and weeks in advance, or days in advance.

01:14:47   weeks was a bit of a stretch, but days and days and days. So they've given out an amount

01:14:53   of time in advance. These weren't so much. And then kind of, you know, from there, for

01:14:59   some people it kind of tainted the way that they reviewed it. Like for example, the Verge

01:15:02   review is almost completely focused on the fact that they've only had the device for

01:15:07   a short period of time. It was a really great view because Neelay is awesome, but I feel

01:15:12   like they spent a little bit more too much time in their review talking about the kind

01:15:16   point that's inside baseball when they actually got the device? Yeah, I think they probably,

01:15:20   I mean, David Pierce at Wired did the same thing. He's like, "I got this five minutes,"

01:15:23   and the first five minutes of the video is him literally setting up the phone.

01:15:25   I think it's just hard for people to separate that, but it's insane that Jason got a review

01:15:33   out. You guys are going to talk about it on upgrade this week, but most of these are like

01:15:37   sort of unboxing or first impressions, being more fair to the situation that they're in.

01:15:42   Some people push through like Jason did.

01:15:44   I think he's awesome for doing it.

01:15:47   But a lot of these bigger publications are saying,

01:15:49   hey, we just got it.

01:15:50   We're gonna do a full review,

01:15:53   but this is sort of a setup.

01:15:55   And the thing that is true about most of these

01:16:00   sort of big reviews or hands-on and the YouTube ones

01:16:04   are that they're basically the design,

01:16:06   so you get to see the phone,

01:16:08   setting up and using Face ID,

01:16:09   which all of them talk about, and the camera.

01:16:12   and things like sort of the more traditional review stuff

01:16:14   like battery testing or like what's it like

01:16:17   to live with this new size or what's wireless charging like?

01:16:19   That stuff will come later,

01:16:22   but these sort of early limited time things

01:16:24   basically force most of these stories

01:16:27   to be just about the essentials,

01:16:29   and that's what most people who watch these

01:16:31   are gonna care about.

01:16:32   What is Face ID like?

01:16:32   What's the camera like?

01:16:33   And so they can answer those questions

01:16:35   and then leave the detail for a second smaller cycle.

01:16:37   - So this is what I've been thinking about, right?

01:16:41   Like there's been a lot of people kind of hand wringing today about why is this happening?

01:16:46   Why are these unknown people getting it first? Why are they only giving 24 hours to all of the established names?

01:16:52   This is clearly a new new strategy and I actually think it's quite a quite a smart one

01:16:57   So this is kind of the things that I've been thinking about point one is

01:17:00   Who does it serve for Apple to give?

01:17:03   These devices to tech blogs like who is it serving? Like if an Apple focus tech blog, right?

01:17:10   they're kind of just breached into the converted.

01:17:14   You know, people that are likely to buy it

01:17:17   and or have made their decision.

01:17:18   You know, like a lot of people,

01:17:19   I don't think are necessarily waiting for the reviews

01:17:21   to make their decision if they're in a particular bracket.

01:17:24   Of course, there will be people like that,

01:17:26   but I think a lot of audiences of these types of websites,

01:17:28   you know, kind of like Jason's website,

01:17:30   Daring Fireball, The Loop, Macworld, right?

01:17:33   Like these people have already made their decisions,

01:17:35   I think, by this point,

01:17:37   as to whether they're gonna buy it now.

01:17:39   I don't know if a review is going to change much of that and

01:17:42   Frankly, the iPhone is as mass-market as a product can be so why wouldn't they push this out wider like to more mainstream?

01:17:51   Publications why wouldn't they give it to fashion calm? Why don't they give it to BuzzFeed?

01:17:55   I mean, I think BuzzFeed they were one of the sites that had it for a week

01:17:58   it looked like they had it for a longer period of time and

01:18:00   Then they picked like one website tech crunch to the one technology side to have it for longer because for whatever reason they've picked

01:18:07   people that they think can tell their story the way that they want it to be told because

01:18:10   that's what this is. PR is not a democracy, right? It is a specific thing that is chosen

01:18:18   for Apple to be able to get their message out in the same way. And then by doing the

01:18:22   way that they've done things with the extended hands-on and then some reviews and they give

01:18:28   people a short lead time, I think what we're going to do is we're going to see in-depth

01:18:33   coverage all week, which is not normal. Usually it's like reviews come out, then there might

01:18:37   be the old story here and there right but we got a bunch of press on Monday

01:18:41   because it was this big thing that was just happening like it just started to

01:18:44   happen and nobody knew what's going on Tuesday you start getting reviews then

01:18:48   Wednesday Thursday Friday we're gonna see people having bigger columns that

01:18:51   haven't published yet like as of this recording there's nothing from the Wall

01:18:54   Street Journal but they're working on something and Joanna Stearns has been posting

01:18:57   like pictures of like a 3d model of her face right which seems quite fun right

01:19:02   you can see what she's gonna do with that there's nothing from daring fireball

01:19:05   yet. The Verge is still saying that they're going to have an actual review coming. MKBHD

01:19:09   will have a review coming. This stuff is going to continue to move forward. I think that

01:19:18   one of the problems with Apple and the way that they communicate is that they tend to

01:19:23   do things by trend so that when they break a trend, people think that something's broken,

01:19:28   like something's wrong, rather than maybe they've just changed the way they do things.

01:19:32   And I think the last 12 to 18 months has shown that they are changing all of this stuff.

01:19:39   The way that they communicate has changed significantly in the last year or two.

01:19:43   So what they have done is they have decided that this old way of having these like strict

01:19:48   embargoed reviews of giving people products for a week, this is not how it's going to

01:19:52   be anymore.

01:19:53   They're changing the narrative.

01:19:54   They're changing the way that this stuff is done.

01:19:56   And I actually think from a pure like getting your message out perspective, giving people

01:20:02   these devices and getting yourself a week's worth of coverage is genius. I think it's

01:20:07   a really good idea.

01:20:08   I do too. There's a really good blog post by our friend Matt Alexander that'll be in

01:20:12   the show notes basically outlining what you just said but he's got a good background in

01:20:16   PR sort of explaining why that longer cycle is important. And yeah, it's different and

01:20:21   clearly some people were not a fan or were very confused or freaking out or showing that

01:20:28   there may be a little out of touch,

01:20:29   but I think it's interesting the Monday releases

01:20:34   that sort of mostly younger, less known YouTubers.

01:20:40   Jason, we were talking to Slack earlier,

01:20:42   mentioned that most of these channels

01:20:44   are still bigger than popular tech podcasts, right?

01:20:46   So I'd love for tech podcasters to have access

01:20:50   to this stuff, but we're further down the chain.

01:20:52   But this is--

01:20:54   - Plus it's better to have a visual medium

01:20:56   to show off your beautiful new phone.

01:20:57   - Totally, especially on a phone that looks crazy pants.

01:21:01   This phone looks all new.

01:21:02   But they have different audiences.

01:21:04   A lot of these YouTubers do tech stuff,

01:21:06   but they also do vlogs and do some other types of content

01:21:08   that people who may be listening to our shows or even us,

01:21:12   we may not be their audience.

01:21:14   And I think something that came to mind this morning for me

01:21:19   is that Samsung spends a ton of money and time

01:21:22   in this audience.

01:21:24   So Samsung, especially the New York vlog scene

01:21:26   Casey Neistat and those people. Samsung does a lot of stuff on those channels, they do

01:21:32   a lot of events, those people get review units from Samsung, and I think it's been very successful

01:21:36   for them. And I think Apple is smart to look at that sort of media. Like, you know, people

01:21:43   like I've just closed Twitter for the day, people arguing, you know, these people are

01:21:46   not going to replace John Gruber and Jason Snell and Matt Panzareno. Well, one day they

01:21:51   Like one day we'll all be gone and what we do will be seen as sort of one type of media.

01:21:59   And I think this, the YouTube side of things is a different type.

01:22:03   And yes, you know, you can make fun of the videos and you make fun of their own skateboards

01:22:07   and use GoPros and use jump cuts.

01:22:09   Like some people are very upset about the editing.

01:22:11   It doesn't matter.

01:22:12   It does not matter because their audience is important for Apple to reach.

01:22:17   And Apple PR is not about what we want.

01:22:19   company PR, like you said, it's not democracy,

01:22:22   it's what the company wants.

01:22:23   Like, who does PR serve?

01:22:25   It serves the company.

01:22:26   Companies have PR groups internally and externally,

01:22:30   so they sell more products.

01:22:31   And using younger, but extremely influential

01:22:36   in their spheres YouTubers is brilliant

01:22:39   when you think about it that way.

01:22:41   Now, are all those people, all the audience

01:22:43   gonna rush out and buy $1,000 phones?

01:22:45   No, but not everyone who's listening connected

01:22:46   is running out and buying a $1,000 phone,

01:22:48   because we've talked about it either.

01:22:49   But it's about getting this device,

01:22:52   and getting the hype for this device

01:22:54   into the audiences of these YouTubers.

01:22:57   And like I said, I watched almost all of them,

01:23:01   and the excitement is there.

01:23:03   You can tell they're excited to be there.

01:23:05   Yeah, you know, it's not as professional

01:23:06   as someone who's been doing this for a long time,

01:23:09   but again, it doesn't matter,

01:23:10   because I think they were doing a very good job

01:23:12   at showing the device to their audiences

01:23:14   in a way that their audiences want them to do.

01:23:17   Some of these channels I've watched for a long time

01:23:20   and their Apple videos are right in line

01:23:22   with the other type of content they make.

01:23:23   It's not like they sort of put on the suit and tie

01:23:25   to go talk about Apple.

01:23:26   They're doing it in a way that's authentic

01:23:28   to what they do on their channel.

01:23:30   And I think if there are people in our community

01:23:32   who really freaked out about that,

01:23:34   and I would say all of us, those of us in the media,

01:23:37   those who just consume media,

01:23:39   we should think about this and really,

01:23:42   instead of making fun about their style

01:23:44   or about what they do, or you know,

01:23:47   and some of them did better jobs than others, right?

01:23:48   But that's true of the mainstream press as well.

01:23:51   Like really understand what Apple is doing here,

01:23:54   and if we make the conversation about that,

01:23:55   then I think it all makes a lot more sense

01:23:57   than complaining about the way they edit their videos.

01:24:00   That's just stupid.

01:24:01   I mean, and I think sort of the last thing,

01:24:03   and I'll be quiet, I'll go for my soap boxes.

01:24:07   As someone who has worked in tech media now

01:24:09   really nine years since I started blogging,

01:24:11   I remember the first times I got breaks,

01:24:15   and the first time I got my content

01:24:17   in front of people who I respected.

01:24:19   The first interaction I ever had with Jason Snell,

01:24:21   I don't even know if he knows this,

01:24:23   I wrote something in reply to what he wrote on Macworld,

01:24:27   and he emailed me disagreeing with my point,

01:24:30   and we had a back and forth,

01:24:31   and then we came to an understanding,

01:24:33   and then he tweeted publicly about it,

01:24:34   like hey, we had a chat,

01:24:36   full credit to Steven for whatever.

01:24:39   And that meant the world to me at the time,

01:24:41   because I still look up to Jason,

01:24:42   but I looked up to him then as well.

01:24:44   And the fact that he read something that I wrote,

01:24:46   even if he disagreed with it, meant a lot.

01:24:49   And anyone who has a blog remembers,

01:24:51   if you've been on Daring Fireball

01:24:52   the first time that's happened,

01:24:53   or the first time that your favorite writer

01:24:55   or podcast mentions, that means things to people.

01:24:58   And I don't want our community to be beating up

01:25:03   on these YouTubers, 'cause it's a big deal

01:25:06   for their careers, right?

01:25:07   That some of these channels are getting promotion

01:25:11   this week that they've never gotten before

01:25:13   and it's exciting for them to be invited,

01:25:16   it'd be exciting for Myke or I, Federico,

01:25:18   to be invited to an Apple event.

01:25:19   Federico has and it was exciting for him.

01:25:21   And so there's that angle too that I really find

01:25:24   disheartening of like, this is a big deal for these creators

01:25:29   and we should be excited that they get the opportunity

01:25:31   to do this and that, so what if they don't make something

01:25:34   that we agree with or that we like 100% of their decisions?

01:25:37   It's good for Apple, it's good for these creators

01:25:40   And I think we should all just grow up a little bit.

01:25:45   I have two thoughts here.

01:25:50   The first one is, if you take a look at the type of people who worked on these first impressions

01:25:57   on YouTube, it's a very diverse type of creator in the sense there's a good variety of non-white

01:26:10   men who are about 40 to 50 years old.

01:26:13   And to have this kind of representation

01:26:16   among the people who get some kind of early access

01:26:19   to the new iPhone, I think it's great news.

01:26:22   And I think that it's showing now, to some degree,

01:26:26   Apple is going sort of beyond the usual circle

01:26:29   of middle-aged bloggers.

01:26:31   And I'm counting myself into that group,

01:26:33   who get access to some Apple hardware when it comes out.

01:26:38   So, you know, there's a,

01:26:40   if you take a look at the channels that get access

01:26:43   to these hands-on area,

01:26:45   if you take a look at, you know,

01:26:48   the people who are talking in these videos,

01:26:50   you can see that it tends to be more diverse

01:26:53   than what we usually see when it's embargo time

01:26:56   and you see the review on the Verge

01:26:57   and you see the iPhone on Daring Fireball

01:27:00   and you see maybe an iPad on Mac stories.

01:27:02   So that's great.

01:27:03   But also, I mean, besides,

01:27:05   So besides the social aspect of increasing the group of people who can talk about new

01:27:13   Apple hardware beforehand, let's consider this from our own perspective of the traditional

01:27:19   media, you know, tech blogs and publications with websites where they put out text.

01:27:25   I think it is, if you think about it, it is counterintuitive and it is actually counterproductive

01:27:32   to be sort of bitter and maybe unwelcoming to new types of tech reviews and tech audiences.

01:27:44   Because it is those people who have a different kind of audience and maybe a wider audience

01:27:51   that later, you know, those people can make younger minds or new types of people interested

01:27:59   in tech and to expose maybe a teenager to what it means to test an iPhone before it

01:28:07   comes out or to expose a family, someone like my mother for example, she can watch a video,

01:28:14   she can understand what is going on. And it is those people that will maybe later become

01:28:21   geeks and obsessed with tech and it's that kind of audience that we cultivate on tech

01:28:28   blogs. So to be against new forms of media, it is effectively, if you think about it,

01:28:36   the worst move that we can possibly make, because we need to make sure that new people,

01:28:43   that fresh minds, are constantly exposed to these interests, to tech news, to iPhones,

01:28:50   or to Google phones, whatever. So all I'm saying is, to think that Apple is doing the

01:28:56   wrong move here or any company is doing the wrong move by going beyond the traditional

01:29:02   tech review. I think it's not only, personally I think it's wrong from a social and human level,

01:29:09   but even if you only want to talk about the business aspect, I think it's not the best move

01:29:16   that we can make because our entire businesses are predicated upon the fact that there's people

01:29:23   who want to know more about technology. And so eventually, you know, the 50-year-olds that read

01:29:30   Mac stories, that read The Verge, you know, those people maybe in 20-30 years they will die because

01:29:35   this is what we do. I'm just being honest. And so we, you know, it's a cycle and we need to move on

01:29:42   with times. And YouTube is now a big deal and these folks from these channels will one day be a big

01:29:47   deal and it matters that one there's a representation but two that you know we

01:29:53   constantly have new people reading what we want to write and watching the videos

01:29:58   that we want to make so to be to sort of to not welcome those people is

01:30:05   wrong on so many levels if you ask me it's really not it's really not what I

01:30:10   was expecting some part of the Apple community to do when when Apple did is I

01:30:15   yes I was surprised, I was surprised because it was a strange embargo strategy. It was

01:30:22   an unusual PR move but the fact alone that we are talking about this I think it proves

01:30:30   that Apple PR succeeded. I'm just a little sad when I tweeted for example a link to Sara

01:30:40   a ditchy video and I got a bunch of nasty replies. And that's a little disheartening,

01:30:48   you know, every time it happens. And I've seen others, you know, being a little peculiar

01:30:53   about this, what Apple did, which is sad, if you ask me, it's really sad. But it is

01:30:59   what it is. And I just think that it's awesome that more people get to, in some limited fashion,

01:31:05   I actually wish they had actual review units, if you ask me. But I think it's awesome that

01:31:10   new people, more people can talk about this stuff and from my personal point of view,

01:31:17   when it comes to my business, to my website, the more people can read about technology

01:31:21   and develop an interest, a hobby in technology, the better it is for me personally. But the

01:31:27   bigger picture is, the more people, the more diverse group of people that can talk about

01:31:32   this stuff, the better for everyone it is.

01:31:35   Well said. So the iPhone X looks good. We haven't really spoken about it. This is a

01:31:44   new phone. I think we might as well just wait now until next week. I mean me and Jason on

01:31:51   upgrade today, Jason has one, right? So we're going to review it. So if you want to get

01:31:56   some thoughts from someone who actually has one of these devices, you can go to relay.fm/upgrade.

01:32:01   be an episode posted maybe by the time you're hearing this or shortly after so you can get

01:32:06   that if you want to. But I think this was a worthwhile discussion because it's something

01:32:11   that seems to have upset the apple cart a little bit in kind of the community that we're

01:32:16   involved in. And I think that they're all points well made by you guys so I think we

01:32:21   should maybe put a full stop on it today and then hopefully next week we can have our review

01:32:26   of the iPhone X. So if you want to catch our show notes for this week, go to relay.fm/connected/166.

01:32:33   Thanks again to our fine sponsors, Away, Timing and Encapsula. And if you want to find Federico

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01:32:43   @ismh and I am @imike, I-M-Y-K-E. And we'll be back next time. Until then, say goodbye

01:32:49   guys.

01:32:50   Arriereci.

01:32:51   Adios.

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