164: My Mother Has a Bunch of Keyboards


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00:00:16   My name is Myke Hurley, I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:19   Hello Michael.

00:00:20   And Mrs. Eva Hackett.

00:00:22   We're all together.

00:00:23   So I should probably say, hello everybody.

00:00:26   (audience applauding)

00:00:29   So we're in Chicago at the Release Notes Conference

00:00:34   and we're recording live together.

00:00:35   And as I was introducing everybody,

00:00:37   so as we're sitting down today,

00:00:38   we're all sitting down at a table right now,

00:00:40   and I have a mental image in my mind

00:00:42   of where Federico and Steven sit at all times.

00:00:45   Which I've only just realized today,

00:00:47   and then they wouldn't sit that way,

00:00:49   so they sit the other direction.

00:00:51   So when I was about to introduce Federico,

00:00:53   I pointed at Steven.

00:00:54   - I thought it was a fake out.

00:00:55   No, and then I have to point right the way back again.

00:00:57   Because you're in the wrong places.

00:00:59   You're in the wrong places.

00:00:59   But yeah, we are in Chicago.

00:01:01   We've had a great few days.

00:01:02   We went to the movies together, and we saw Blade Runner.

00:01:04   We did.

00:01:05   That was nice.

00:01:06   And then IMAX screens are huge.

00:01:08   It's incredible.

00:01:09   They're so big, and it's really loud, but that was nice.

00:01:12   And we've got the release notes conference coming up.

00:01:15   We went to Field Notes together.

00:01:17   It was really nice.

00:01:18   It's been a lovely weekend together.

00:01:19   Yeah, it has been.

00:01:20   But we have--

00:01:21   We have work to do.

00:01:22   Follow up.

00:01:22   Oh, I missed my cue.

00:01:24   Follow up.

00:01:24   - Follow up.

00:01:25   (laughing)

00:01:27   Follow up.

00:01:27   I can't go that deep.

00:01:28   - Follow up.

00:01:29   - So we're gonna start with emergency bypass.

00:01:32   Last week, or like two days ago

00:01:34   when we recorded the show last time,

00:01:35   we talked about this feature in iOS 11

00:01:38   where you can have a contact do something

00:01:40   with Do Not Disturb, I don't know.

00:01:41   Kyle said it was new, but Kyle was wrong.

00:01:43   This is really the follow up, is that Kyle was wrong.

00:01:45   - Yep.

00:01:46   - Casey Litt, that can't be a real name.

00:01:50   Casey Litts.

00:01:51   - It's a K and then a C.

00:01:53   - Yeah.

00:01:54   A.C.Liss wrote about this in 2016 and was personally offended that I didn't remember.

00:02:01   Sorry Casey.

00:02:02   He was re-upset.

00:02:03   He's like, "You don't read my blog," he says, and then sends a link to us in our Slack,

00:02:06   which we then have to talk about on the show.

00:02:08   So he'll be vindicated about the fact that we've now read his blog.

00:02:11   Yeah.

00:02:12   He wrote his own CMS, he's very proud of it.

00:02:15   He should be.

00:02:16   We had some follow-up on the Pixel Buds.

00:02:19   So the Google event, they had this really, I thought, a very pretty cool demo where they

00:02:23   their earbuds and someone was talking into the phone and they heard it in

00:02:27   their language and they talked in their language and it came out English through

00:02:30   the speakers of the phone back to the other person so you can just have this

00:02:33   conversation very complicated but cool and we got a couple pieces of feedback

00:02:36   saying that can't iOS do this with the Google apps and so we tried it because

00:02:42   their pods turns out we know somebody who speaks another language besides just

00:02:46   English I'm learning Romanian this true it's true yeah and that's actually how

00:02:51   we did test it was I said some Romanian things that is actually true the way

00:02:55   that we did it even though we have Federico in the room because me and

00:02:57   Federico we mean Steven wanted put this in a document me and Federico we felt

00:03:02   adequately trouble shooted shot trouble trouble shot it trouble shot is that is

00:03:10   that it treble shade yeah and so we felt like we knew what would happen is that

00:03:16   if you had the air pods in it would only ever play the audio through the air pods

00:03:20   So it's never gonna play out the speaker to the other person Stephen was unhappy about the fact you have to be thorough

00:03:25   We had not correctly troubleshooted it. So we then tested it and it wouldn't work

00:03:30   so the way what would happen is if you had the air pods in and

00:03:33   You're having somebody speak to you. You would hear the audio

00:03:37   But then when you did the translation the other way you still hear the audio there's a solution to this

00:03:41   You share air pods you say there's I would never do it because it's disgusting but you take your

00:03:47   Really disgusting you put it in their ear like everything is wrong

00:03:51   Now we're communicating air pods are brilliant, but they are horrible your ears very soft. Please don't touch it

00:03:58   Why is it so sweaty?

00:04:01   People here and this would be cool though, and it seems like something I mean the

00:04:08   obviously Google is doing special stuff for the audio routing to make this work and

00:04:12   Then I let Google do that like Siri you should be able to do

00:04:17   Something like this would be a great feature for iOS to have Siri could do that

00:04:20   They could do that exactly because it's so I mean I can just picture so many times. It'd be useful

00:04:23   So anyways so Google Google can't do it on iOS, but so we tested it so you don't have to worry

00:04:31   I made sure that we did our jobs correctly trouble shout

00:04:33   troubleshooting

00:04:36   Mm-hmm we did want to briefly mention our friends at app camp. They have an Indiegogo page up right now

00:04:43   It's called app camp 2020. They are trying to

00:04:46   expand into three more cities and

00:04:48   We just can't say enough great things about app camp

00:04:52   I know they're so close to the heart of of the community that we're a part of the Apple community

00:04:57   There'll be a link in the show notes. If you haven't read about this project. It's incredible review. Yeah, what's wrong with you?

00:05:03   First of all, mm-hmm five little pixels in your home page. I linked to it days ago. Yep, you did

00:05:07   That's where I got the the link for the show someone reads it. So go check it out send some money their way

00:05:13   It's just a great a great way to be involved. There's there's pucks

00:05:17   It's it's like a you know, it's a regular crowdfunding campaign

00:05:19   If you give enough Jean will tattoo the app camp logo on your body directly. Yeah, okay

00:05:24   It's a lot of money you have to give

00:05:26   But she probably would do it if you asked nicely. It's fine. Mm-hmm. Homemade tattoo is not a good idea

00:05:31   Mm-hmm. Now we have an audience with us today. Oh, I need to ask a question

00:05:36   I would like to see if we can get some audience participation for this next question and follow on Oh No, so audience

00:05:42   Audience, does Google Docs have drag and drop?

00:05:45   No.

00:05:46   Everyone's shaking their heads, everyone's really upset.

00:05:49   We can't hear the upsetness unless you say it.

00:05:52   Let's try it again.

00:05:53   Yeah.

00:05:54   Audience, does Google Docs have drag and drop?

00:05:57   No.

00:05:58   There you go.

00:06:00   Thank you, Alan.

00:06:01   That felt good.

00:06:02   I heard just Alan Pike in my head.

00:06:04   Yeah, it was really loud.

00:06:06   I have some very special follow-up.

00:06:08   Steven's laptop is broken.

00:06:10   The iKey fell off.

00:06:11   I should have brought it with me. It's on top of my dresser and my Airbnb so I don't lose it

00:06:16   So Stevens keyboard just emits this little light now. You can show it to everybody

00:06:20   There is no IKEA on the laptop anymore

00:06:24   Steven is just beautiful. I can tell that someone who's used a broken MacBook Air for three years

00:06:30   That is just perfect. It's wonderful. Do you know what doesn't break smart keyboards don't break

00:06:36   There's a lovely fabric and it keeps the keys on.

00:06:39   - It's gonna bend. - And it doesn't make

00:06:40   a horrible noise and the keys don't get stuck.

00:06:42   - I've learned that I hit the I key in the corner apparently

00:06:46   'cause it works if I press the center of it really hard.

00:06:48   And so all of our texts this weekend,

00:06:50   if I've been on my computer,

00:06:51   but I wrote an article yesterday morning

00:06:54   and there were no I's in it.

00:06:55   (laughing)

00:06:57   I rewrote a sentence to avoid saying the word I.

00:07:00   - The letter I. - The letter I.

00:07:02   Well-- - Oh, it was that.

00:07:04   I can't see what you're doing. - The letter and the word.

00:07:05   Thank you, Style Guide.

00:07:07   - So here's the thing.

00:07:08   I'm fed up with this laptop.

00:07:09   - Yep.

00:07:10   - So I have a little bit of an announcement

00:07:11   to make live on the show.

00:07:12   - iPad.

00:07:13   - No, but I am, I do have another computer

00:07:16   that I'm gonna use tonight.

00:07:18   Done with this. - What is going on here?

00:07:19   - Oh no, I didn't know he died.

00:07:21   - Did you know about this?

00:07:22   - No, I have no idea. - Did you know about this?

00:07:23   - What's he doing?

00:07:24   - What is he--

00:07:25   - Steven's rustling around in a bag right now

00:07:28   for the audio. - Is this unscripted?

00:07:29   - He's taking way too long to get this done.

00:07:31   Oh no! - No!

00:07:33   (audience cheers)

00:07:36   - Okay, so this is a iBook G3.

00:07:42   - There's a Blueberry claim show iBook G3.

00:07:45   - He's legit like getting a power cord for this now,

00:07:48   'cause I expect it won't last more than 20 minutes.

00:07:51   - It won't.

00:07:52   - Does Google Docs work on that?

00:07:53   - I have a text file of the Google Docs

00:07:56   saved on the desktop already.

00:07:57   - That's why you did that.

00:07:59   I get it, 'cause earlier he was like,

00:08:02   "Oh, just for safety reasons, in case we lose all internet connection, I'm going to save a text file of our show notes."

00:08:08   That's why they walked in and I saw a USB key into his computer.

00:08:11   Garbage magnifier.

00:08:12   Someone just walked in and is hacking, Steven.

00:08:14   I cannot believe you're doing this.

00:08:17   So I went through airport security with two laptops in my bag. You're not supposed to do that.

00:08:21   That's barely a laptop, though.

00:08:23   They pulled it out and they were like, "What fresh hell is this?"

00:08:26   [laughter]

00:08:28   It's, to answer I know there's a lot of burning questions about this. Let me give you some

00:08:33   specs of my new laptop. You can't stop me. These show notes look so bad on this, like

00:08:40   so bad. What font is that? I don't know. 300 megahertz PowerPC G3. That's enough. 576 megabytes

00:08:49   of RAM because I have five of these. I pulled RAM out of another one to upgrade this one.

00:08:53   And what is wrong with you?

00:08:56   Please like and subscribe to my youtube channel

00:09:01   And it's running Mac OS 10 point two point eight it makes so much noise when you click it

00:09:09   Yeah, it does. I was going to bring the orange one because it looks cooler

00:09:12   But the hard drive failed when I was installing it was 10

00:09:15   So I brought the I brought this one so now I have to scroll to where we are

00:09:19   I legit had we had no what we had no I

00:09:22   Had this was really afraid you're gonna pick up my backpack and ask why it weighed 14 pounds. Yeah

00:09:27   I'm ready to go now. All right, so

00:09:30   That's better should take our first break so we can all calm down a little bit from this

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00:10:41   Little update mm-hmm my laptop also has a handle

00:10:43   That's really good in case you to get up go to the back of the room. Yeah point we can do that now Oh

00:10:49   Google home mini

00:10:53   So let's get into this a little bit how many and you I see bullet points in your iPad that weren't here when I copied

00:10:58   the text

00:11:00   Oh, no, so I'll take care of it so I think we

00:11:06   And we spoke pretty well about this product last week the Google home mini aside from it having that weird fabric covering that all

00:11:12   These products seem to have now. Oh, we have some follow-up on that. Most speakers have cloth over the over the speaker part, right?

00:11:18   But these aren't just speakers though, like they're not

00:11:20   Whatever like whatever everything's getting this this cloth now anyway

00:11:25   Artem rusakovsky of Android police was writing a review of the Google home mini

00:11:32   Which is the little puck thing that they have now and realized that it was recording constantly

00:11:38   Google recognized there was an issue with the sensor that they have on the top

00:11:46   So you have the sensors and you compress it to talk into it or to turn the volume up and down and they said they

00:11:50   Would issue a software patch to fix this problem then a few days later

00:11:54   They said actually we need to disable that sensor permanently

00:11:58   So if you have one of these now you cannot operate the sensors and I love my favorite part of the press

00:12:04   Comment that Google gave it's like but everybody loves to just do it with their voice anyway, then why did you ever include the button?

00:12:11   Right like if nobody ever uses it. Why is it there so if you have one of these you now cannot control the

00:12:18   Anything with hardware except you can mute it on the back. That's the only thing that still works

00:12:23   There is no word on whether this feature will ever return and Google is just saying to use your voice because it's a hardware like

00:12:29   It's a hardware problem creating the worst software problem imaginable on a voice assistant

00:12:33   Yeah, I assume they they tried to tweak it right like there's maybe some sensitivity stuff

00:12:38   They could do some firmware stuff

00:12:39   Maybe you get an exacto knife and cut the cloth away, and it would work

00:12:42   Maybe that'll be the maybe they're just post everybody out. It's an actual like you make an actual patch because the patch

00:12:47   Real good, that's really good

00:12:52   That's considering you didn't have these notes. You didn't write that in advance now very proud of you right now

00:12:57   I'm literally here all week though. So I think that like

00:13:00   Stop laughing at him

00:13:04   So I think that like

00:13:07   What Google have done it is fine like whatever not their response was appropriate. Their response is appropriate. I

00:13:13   Really wish it wasn't Google though

00:13:16   Because like if anything like this happens to Google, you know

00:13:19   Everyone's just like listen everything you have to say right like it's any other company would have been fine, but like Google why?

00:13:26   Like you know how people feel about you like it really frustrated

00:13:31   They did say they've ensured they deleted all of the audio from the capture by the defective models

00:13:36   But then I'm still like but did you though right? It's like even now I'm like but did you know it's just looks

00:13:41   I think it's important to note -

00:13:43   It's believed that the vast majority if not all of the models affected were given to press

00:13:48   Before and so if you go out and buy one and I don't give them away

00:13:51   Oh, yeah

00:13:52   They come in New York and stuff and a bunch of places up these like pop-up shops and donut shops

00:13:56   And that's you really go in and they just go to the mic yet and they would even like it

00:14:01   And it was like a like a lucky dip type thing

00:14:03   You would either get a donut or a Google home if you were really hungry and you were sad you got to eat the Google home

00:14:09   So yeah, but it's gonna run a software update if you buy one and you're gonna be fine

00:14:15   But yes, it's it's the worst thing that happened to buy a thing and then have all the buttons to say well

00:14:20   But it arrives to you. I mean, that's how I feel about my MacBook Pro exactly

00:14:24   It's the same thing so I got a scroll down if we're moving on yeah minute

00:14:30   I'm ready. Is this not I guess this doesn't have any way to like no swipe on the right you have to click

00:14:37   Do you have multi touch on that?

00:14:39   No, no trackpad super small and a super small the keyboards really good though

00:14:44   No keys have fallen off. This came out in 1999, has 100% of the keys.

00:14:49   MacBook Pro 2016, eh, some of them.

00:14:52   Alright, I'm done. I'm done making fun of the MacBook Pro.

00:14:55   Let's talk about something called Drag and Drop and an app called Bear.

00:14:58   I don't know anything about any of these things.

00:15:00   So there's this new update to Bear, the note-taking app for iOS.

00:15:03   Is it like Evernote?

00:15:05   Except no workshop.

00:15:07   Oh man, I need that.

00:15:08   There's a bear instead of an elephant.

00:15:10   It's pretty good.

00:15:11   It's all animals.

00:15:12   - It's good. - They have long memory.

00:15:15   - If Apple Notes was gonna be an animal, what would it be?

00:15:18   It's yellow, that rolls it down, that mirrors it down.

00:15:21   Maybe a giraffe? - Giraffe.

00:15:22   - Maybe giraffe, yeah.

00:15:23   - 'Cause it's kinda yellow and got some brown in there.

00:15:25   - Or a lion, could be lion. - A lion.

00:15:26   - Lion's good. - Anyway.

00:15:28   (laughing)

00:15:30   - Sorry. - No, let's keep talking

00:15:31   about yellow animals.

00:15:32   Canaries, canaries are yellow.

00:15:35   - Yeah, Myke. - Chicks,

00:15:36   like little baby chicks. - Baby chickens,

00:15:37   oh, baby chickens are adorable.

00:15:38   - Little baby chick's a good one.

00:15:40   - Yeah.

00:15:41   What was that one?

00:15:42   Canaries.

00:15:43   Canaries are yellow.

00:15:44   Peeps, the weird Easter candy.

00:15:45   They're yellow animals though.

00:15:46   I mean, we can go on.

00:15:47   Do you have any more?

00:15:48   Not really.

00:15:49   Okay, then you can carry on.

00:15:50   Tell us about Bear.

00:15:51   So, now that I've had the time to actually work on iOS 11, they launched this first update

00:16:00   last month, and they had this basic drag and drop support.

00:16:04   You can drag in text, you can drag up text and images and the basic stuff.

00:16:07   Now they have this sort of special feature. They call it the drop bar which by the way, there's this meme

00:16:13   I don't know. It's basically like this

00:16:15   Mythical creature from Australia. It's called the drop bear

00:16:18   Yeah, and that would have been just amazing in the app, but they call it the drop bar which so close

00:16:24   So here's the thing here. It's this animal that kind of jumps from trees and kills you. Yeah

00:16:29   I know this is gonna play into your thoughts about how I relate to the internet. I have no idea what you're talking about

00:16:36   about oh it was like audible gasps computer to find some stuff out

00:16:44   didn't even connect to the internet I mean it can I installed an airport card

00:16:51   it's optional oh god what do you do let's see anyway anyway yeah so now

00:17:02   Basically you can pick up notes from there and when you start dragging you

00:17:08   get this little floating menu at the bottom and you can drop in a note and

00:17:11   when you do so you get this bunch of special features like multiple notes as

00:17:15   well. You can do the multi-select with native drag and drop on iOS 11 and you

00:17:19   get all these features like you can pin a note to the top of your list you can

00:17:22   copy, you can put them in trash, you can export in multiple formats and my point is that it's

00:17:29   fascinating to me that we've seen like multiple waves of drag and drop support

00:17:33   like as soon as the I mean with some exceptions like Castro for example yeah

00:17:38   oh she's sitting right there Castro is unbelievable drag and drop it's one of

00:17:46   its because it's like with bear I think everybody assumed drag and drop is

00:17:50   purely like take this thing take it to another place sure like that was how I

00:17:55   think it was Apple spent time showing it but there's so many things you can do

00:17:58   inside of your app if you think about it right yeah and bear done that whether

00:18:03   it's like reordering of multiple items in a list that's like an easy one that's

00:18:07   the real drains like an easy way the kibitz an obvious one yeah but the idea

00:18:11   of like taking a bunch of notes dropping them to a place and performing bulk

00:18:14   actions on them like that's really cool yeah and and it kind of shows how there

00:18:19   can be like multiple levels of updates throughout time as developers familiarize

00:18:24   with iOS 11 all the features but also you can now do things like from Safari

00:18:29   you can select text and that may be rich text with images and headings and you

00:18:34   know links for example formatting you drop it into bear and it converts from

00:18:38   HTML and rich text whatever it's called to the native markdown format which is

00:18:43   amazing which is really nice like I don't know if you Mac users know but

00:18:48   like for us iOS users stuff like that is really useful otherwise we'll be

00:18:52   sitting there and you have to like you just have to reformat it by hand which

00:18:56   typically is how we do things but now we get doesn't it automatically if you

00:19:00   strange that we're sort of so happy for rich tech support well I mean but hey

00:19:07   tech support is so but does that have rich tech support Steven yes it does

00:19:10   Wow look at you we're only like 16 years behind but there is this look there is

00:19:18   like a meme in, no it's fine, this is one I'm okay with, in like the developer

00:19:25   community like when something is announced it's like we know it's gonna

00:19:29   be one thing but when developers have time to live with it it can be something

00:19:33   more right like it's like what happens over time is more interesting than

00:19:37   what happens like initially so it's like the same with like the iPhone 10 is the

00:19:42   designs are gonna be just like we need to support this make sure that we fill

00:19:46   screen up, let's get it out there, but then after a few months we might, and I

00:19:49   believe we'll start to see a lot more tailored design for the notches, the

00:19:55   bad man is. So and then that was a slow burn, but they got it. I want to talk about

00:20:03   the watch app there as well because they have just introduced a watch app with

00:20:06   this new release which is super simple, you just dictate notes to it,

00:20:11   you can create notes and append to notes and if you have both apps open for a

00:20:15   while and let it sync you can also append to notes that already exist so it

00:20:19   loads them all in but what notes you can create on the watch you can then just

00:20:23   append to them super simple but it works independently from the iPhone so with

00:20:27   the LTE watch over Wi-Fi it works and this is great because last week I was

00:20:33   swimming and I had a great idea and I was like I'll open the Apple notes app

00:20:36   on my watch that doesn't exist which I thought was an obvious one that seems

00:20:40   like a real obvious one to exist but it doesn't but now I can do it with bear

00:20:43   This is a great app like it's a really nice app, and you know it's made in Italy so oh no wonder

00:20:49   No wonder all the great things come from it nepotism there

00:20:53   nepotism

00:20:55   everyone's

00:20:57   Patriotism patriotism. Thank you, man. These they're not related. It's a small country, but we're not related

00:21:02   Do you know that though have you checked? I mean I live next door, Arkansas

00:21:07   Let's not do that

00:21:12   Last week last week on the show you may remember that we had a lengthy discussion about email apps

00:21:19   And at the time everyone was riveted

00:21:22   at the time

00:21:24   My two co-hosts were oh I use Apple's mail app and it's great and the apps that you use Michael Doman stupid

00:21:30   Well, I don't remember this

00:21:32   Federico how is mail app treating you this week?

00:21:36   Do I need to answer you do need to answer?

00:21:39   It's in a folder hashtag Myke was right. No. Yes

00:21:43   you're not using it anymore and I said you shouldn't use it and you're not and so I've been traveling with Federico for a

00:21:48   few days and

00:21:49   I think he has been using a different email app every day for the last five days

00:21:55   And he's been really struggling and he's super mad at all of them. I think well

00:22:01   Here's the problem. The perfect email app for me does not exist. Yeah exists for nobody

00:22:07   You just have to choose the one that you're most comfortable with.

00:22:10   That's the other problem.

00:22:11   I'm not comfortable with anything at the moment because like I've been using like this bunch of email apps.

00:22:17   So like four or five of them maybe and

00:22:21   every one of them has a great feature or like great design detail that I really like

00:22:25   but none of them have the combination of all the aspects that I would like to see.

00:22:30   Yeah.

00:22:31   So you've seen me jump from

00:22:34   again, you know between the two.

00:22:36   - So, Airmel, Spark, Newton, Outlook was involved.

00:22:41   - Ooh, Outlook, I didn't see that one.

00:22:43   Things got dark.

00:22:44   - I was kind of feeling bad about it,

00:22:46   so I've been trying email apps where you were not looking.

00:22:49   - Yeah.

00:22:50   - Because you were judging me at one point,

00:22:52   so I was feeling really bad, but yeah.

00:22:56   So what I would really like to have is,

00:23:00   I mean, if I had like a few million dollars, right,

00:23:03   to spend on an email app.

00:23:04   - Is that how much they cost?

00:23:06   - Well, I don't know.

00:23:08   - Okay, probably.

00:23:09   - They're not free.

00:23:10   - We have a bunch of developers.

00:23:12   - Can I just write an email out for us?

00:23:14   - A few million dollars, yeah.

00:23:15   (audience laughing)

00:23:16   - I would like to state that Relay FM LLC

00:23:18   has not entered any contracts with Alan, or anyone.

00:23:22   - So if Relay FM can expense a few million dollars for it,

00:23:26   okay, that's right.

00:23:27   Anyway, I would like to have like a combination

00:23:31   of AirMail because it's fast, the interface is simple and fluid. I would also like to

00:23:38   have the elegance of Spark, the integrations of AirMail, and the amazing settings screen.

00:23:44   What about the bugs from AirMail? Do you want those?

00:23:47   Not the bugs from AirMail.

00:23:48   Oh, I had a new one. I was like, we're in the airport and I'm trying to convince Federico

00:23:54   about AirMail again. And I send an email and I have like five email accounts of a unified

00:24:01   inbox for an hour only one of those accounts are showing in the unified

00:24:06   inbox it didn't matter what I did like a combination of force quitting the app

00:24:11   and it just wouldn't it just wouldn't it just have one email account in the email

00:24:15   inbox and he's looking at me and after all of this he still convinced me to try

00:24:19   our mail so I was writing a really important message to a PR person and I

00:24:27   I can post my message.

00:24:29   I can post my--

00:24:29   you know they're important.

00:24:31   They like the replies.

00:24:34   I add my read receipts because it's all business, you know?

00:24:37   So I need to know when to read my message.

00:24:39   And I'm like, OK, Neil, I just need to fix some typos.

00:24:43   I try to scroll the message, and it doesn't scroll anymore.

00:24:46   Yeah, that was real bad.

00:24:47   And I didn't know how--

00:24:49   I think I rotated my iPhone like five times.

00:24:52   And eventually, I was able to scroll.

00:24:54   But then I realized, what have you made me do, Myke?

00:24:56   - Install a mostly better email app.

00:25:00   - Well, okay, so that was also a beta,

00:25:02   so it's not completely fair to the RML guys.

00:25:04   - Yeah, it's not fair, it's not fair.

00:25:06   - But I also think that, like I was trying RML,

00:25:08   I was like, you know, all these integrations,

00:25:10   like I can save tasks to Do-It,

00:25:12   and I can have all these settings, that's amazing,

00:25:14   and I want that, but I also want to have like

00:25:17   stable email client that actually makes me scroll my text.

00:25:22   - So let me, what if there's a simple,

00:25:24   would this be a solution that would work?

00:25:26   and this is gonna sound bananas.

00:25:28   - I'm not gonna get an iBook G4.

00:25:31   (laughing)

00:25:31   That's not gonna happen.

00:25:32   - It's not a G4.

00:25:33   - If you say G, that's something.

00:25:34   - If you say Newton.

00:25:36   - An actual Newton?

00:25:37   - Yeah, you're gonna go.

00:25:37   - He's not gonna bring any of this.

00:25:38   - Okay, so this is a serious--

00:25:40   - No, seriously.

00:25:41   If Apple were to add an actual share sheet in mail,

00:25:45   would that get you what you want?

00:25:46   'Cause you would get the niceties of mail

00:25:48   and you could send stuff via extensions

00:25:50   and not nice integrations like Airmail,

00:25:51   but I feel like that would be enough for me at least.

00:25:54   What about you?

00:25:55   So I've gotten used to these modern features

00:25:58   that some developers do, stuff like read receipts

00:26:01   to be able to know when someone reads your message.

00:26:03   I don't use them always, but I do want them sometimes.

00:26:05   - You use them with me?

00:26:07   - I'm not telling you.

00:26:08   (audience laughing)

00:26:11   Well, if I said no, that would mean that I just don't care

00:26:14   if you read my message.

00:26:15   (laughing)

00:26:16   - Yeah, it's best for you just not to know.

00:26:18   It's best not to know.

00:26:19   - Ignorance is bliss.

00:26:19   - I use them for you because they're really important to me.

00:26:22   - Thank you.

00:26:23   - But there's also these other features,

00:26:24   Like I want to be able to snooze my messages.

00:26:26   And I'm not sure that Apple wants

00:26:28   to do all of these modern features,

00:26:30   because they seem kind of to be against this modernization

00:26:33   of Apple Mail.

00:26:34   And I just don't see them do features

00:26:36   like push notifications, for example.

00:26:38   Are they ever going to do push for Gmail accounts?

00:26:41   It's the Cold War.

00:26:42   So it's not just one feature like I want the share sheet.

00:26:44   It's a collection of all these modern takes on email

00:26:48   that others are doing.

00:26:50   But each one of those companies is doing one aspect.

00:26:53   and I want all of them, right?

00:26:56   And that's just not possible.

00:26:58   - You just need to use four email apps.

00:26:59   - Done, no. - And then you can just

00:27:00   switch between each one, depending on what you need,

00:27:03   it'll be easy.

00:27:04   - If you need to scroll, don't use airmail.

00:27:05   - Yeah, you just, if you're halfway through a message

00:27:07   and you can't scroll it, you just save the draft,

00:27:09   you open Spark. - Oh, that's a life hack.

00:27:11   - Yeah, and then you can-- - It's not a life hack.

00:27:13   - Open the draft, and then you just scroll it,

00:27:14   and then when you start scrolling,

00:27:15   you go back to airmail again,

00:27:17   and put the reader's name on it, and then send it.

00:27:19   - Hashtag Myke was right. - It's easy, no, it's easy.

00:27:22   I'm sorry.

00:27:23   Yeah, I've been like--

00:27:25   and when I'm not sure which apps I want to use,

00:27:28   I have this bug in my brain, and it really stresses me out,

00:27:32   like for real.

00:27:33   I get really upset.

00:27:34   It's like when I couldn't decide between Apple Music

00:27:36   and Spotify.

00:27:37   I get really upset.

00:27:38   I realize it's a problem.

00:27:40   The other thing you were getting really--

00:27:42   he's like, oh, the scrolling performance

00:27:43   isn't good enough in airmail.

00:27:44   I'm very upset about this.

00:27:46   I cannot use applications where the scrolling isn't smooth.

00:27:49   And that was when he deleted it.

00:27:50   I was like, okay

00:27:52   Slowly sometimes we just have to slowly walk away from the eye

00:27:55   It was skipping frames as you were scrolling the settings. Oh

00:27:59   You you're so happy with all those settings and then when you scroll them it's like you don't need them that much though

00:28:08   But it's a sign of if the settings screen scroll slowly. What else could possibly go wrong? Well, you cannot scroll your message

00:28:19   I mean we should again just for the sake of this we are both using beta software

00:28:24   Yeah, right like it is just worth pointing that out like I don't know what bugs there are in the shipping version

00:28:30   But we are both using beta versions. Yeah, that's why I love the air my guys. They're also Italian so

00:28:34   Yes, so you need to say what you need is you need bear to buy air mail

00:28:41   Oh god, it then they would make bear mail bear milk

00:28:45   Or air bear what's not fair is when I make these jokes when it's just the three of us everyone just groans at me

00:28:52   But when you make them there's so many people here to laugh because it's funnier

00:28:55   I

00:28:59   Can't thanks so much for listening everybody

00:29:01   Cuz any bothy so we didn't tell me like what am I supposed to use a male?

00:29:10   All right, it is a bummer and I agree with you Federico Apple seems almost allergic to adding

00:29:16   Right modern takes because I mean mail

00:29:18   I mean, I'm not gonna bring this machine up anymore after this but mail on this machine

00:29:22   Right 10.2 is basically mail running on high Sierra like there's no I mean name one drastically different feature like you

00:29:29   They're not part of the problem. I'm not a serious support. No, that's that we need that part

00:29:35   I think part of the problem is stuff. So a lot of stuff that's that you are asking for

00:29:39   I think requires server-side stuff that they're just not gonna do right because spark and all these email some of these email clients are doing

00:29:46   Things because they have access to your account in a way that Apple does it but a share sheet doesn't need that

00:29:51   Just put a share sheet in it. It is really weird that there's no she in mail

00:29:55   I mean, I don't know this because I honestly have not used mail in about three years because it is junk

00:29:59   But okay, that's a hot I really don't like it. It's like all it like you got apps like notes, which is so good

00:30:06   It's really yeah, and like the the mail app has just done it doesn't do a stagnant

00:30:10   But it's like even little things that like I you know

00:30:12   Cuz I I can see like if they don't want to do snooze and stuff and they don't want to push notification

00:30:16   She went fine, but like smart folders stuff that is already on the Mac. Yeah, that doesn't make any sense to me

00:30:22   No bringing to iOS. I don't understand. It's like oh you made the the title bigger like yeah

00:30:28   It's now easier than ever to find your

00:30:34   current inbox. - Mailboxes.

00:30:36   It's all about-- - Mailboxes.

00:30:39   No one needs that.

00:30:40   All right, let's take a break.

00:30:41   - Please.

00:30:42   - Today's show is also brought to you by Timing,

00:30:44   the automatic time tracking app for the Mac.

00:30:46   This, the developer, Daniel, he's here right now,

00:30:50   and I'm really uncomfortable about reading this.

00:30:54   - Just remember, he signed a contract.

00:30:56   - Yeah, but like, no, but like the contract,

00:30:58   there's like, this doesn't usually happen, right?

00:31:01   Like, when I read Squarespace ads,

00:31:03   Like they don't come in the room?

00:31:06   Squarespace is ever present.

00:31:09   No, no, you please stay.

00:31:10   Because I want you to know I can do a good job on this.

00:31:13   So look, time tracking, time tracking.

00:31:18   Now stick with me here, everyone, time tracking.

00:31:20   I know a lot of people don't like it

00:31:22   when I talk about time tracking.

00:31:23   But I and Federico got me into time tracking.

00:31:26   We love it.

00:31:27   But the problem is, and this is a problem

00:31:29   we-- this is a problem me and Federico talk about just

00:31:31   a couple of days ago, is you have to start and stop

00:31:33   the timers like with the services that we use you have to manually go in start

00:31:37   one and stop one I very frequently wake up with a 16-hour timer that I set when

00:31:42   I finished work yesterday and I sleep in you get a lot more sleep than I do well

00:31:47   you know maybe I finished at 5 and and maybe it's sometimes I have started

00:31:53   Monday from a timer on Friday I did that this past weekend actually I started

00:31:57   something like Saturday for like 10 minutes or something and then Sunday

00:32:00   afternoon I opened it it's like I have not been working connected for a day and

00:32:03   a half can't you tell how long did it take you to put all of the things in

00:32:08   that Mac book though I didn't have to start my book I says it right here

00:32:12   anyway again so sorry why should you have to do all the work of starting and

00:32:20   stopping those timers the timing for Mac automatically tracks how much time you

00:32:25   spend on every one of your apps even documents and websites which is amazing

00:32:29   Which means that you never have to worry about starting or stopping a timer again and because timing collects more data in a regular time

00:32:35   tracker

00:32:35   It goes far beyond just billable hours or like these buckets of just like I am prepping for connected

00:32:40   It shows you which app website page you're open

00:32:44   And so like for example, I when I set up time tracking stuff at times and I would say oh I'm doing this show

00:32:49   But when I use timing on the Mac

00:32:51   It knows I'm in the connected document because I got the website page open so it can categorize it for me

00:32:57   It's really really smart. Timing's timeline automatically makes suggestions filling gaps in your timeline and can also ask you what you did offline

00:33:05   Every time you return to your Mac

00:33:07   So you don't just have to be at the Mac for it to be tracking what you're doing this way

00:33:12   You will never forget to enter a meeting again

00:33:14   I love that there are loads of graphs and charts as well that break down not just the apps that I'm using but also the

00:33:19   categories and types of tasks

00:33:20   It can also it can suggest them and you can customize them as well

00:33:24   And because the people at Timing who love Connected so much because they're sitting in the audience right now

00:33:28   You can download the free 14-day trial when you go to timingapp.com/connected and save 10%

00:33:35   When you purchase. Did I do a good job Daniel? I got a thumbs up. Alright Timing stop worrying about time and focus

00:33:42   I get a round of applause!

00:33:44   *applause*

00:33:47   Stop worrying about time and focus on doing your best work instead

00:33:51   thanks to timing for their support of this show Tim Cook is doing one of his

00:33:55   European tours right do these so much I loves to go to stuff he just likes to go

00:34:01   visit people he's a friendly guy and he just wants to go he's always down about

00:34:05   and he's been talking about AR this time he has discussion anytime he does one of

00:34:10   these tours a couple years ago it was about wearables before that he thought

00:34:15   he talked of Federico's what app use I wanted to try one of the apps that you

00:34:19   recommended an AR app doesn't work what is it are we back on mail yeah basketball

00:34:24   it's not he's playing the basketball game so you have to find a surface no

00:34:29   you're in you're in like the tutorial mode well I'm sorry maybe we can find a

00:34:37   lot of time playing basketball oh why is it not working thanks Tim Cook wait we

00:34:43   can't find a surface try another area guys you remember we're talking about

00:34:48   This is the show all right you keep going

00:34:50   You keep going and I'm gonna find a surface air air kit basketball. Oh, I got it

00:34:57   See you shoot the hoop you rose literally no I can see what you're doing yeah, no it's not working

00:35:07   I'm too close to the who they're just on ready

00:35:13   He's walked away from the stage Steven so Steven tell me about Tim Cook so Tim Cook is doing all these interviews

00:35:21   He spoke at a like some sort of startup thing at Oxford doing he did this big thing in vogue

00:35:27   And he's talking about how AR is going to change everyday life

00:35:32   Sure, thank you keep playing keep playing my

00:35:37   So I think we can break these down a couple big categories. He's talking a lot about

00:35:43   shopping and retail experience and how AR could really change that. He said that

00:35:48   AR will be as critical and as calm as having a website if you're a retailer

00:35:52   which is an astounding statement. Very bold. Astounding statement. He says a lot of

00:35:57   stuff like this right? Do you remember the wearables thing? Right when he was

00:36:00   going on the Apple watch he was like everybody like he was he really hypes

00:36:04   this stuff up. I mean it's part of the job right? I know I know. This comes at a time

00:36:08   where there have been rumors for some reason

00:36:11   that Apple is working on AR glasses,

00:36:14   which is like, we've been down this road before,

00:36:17   it didn't end well for Google, but you know,

00:36:19   they'll be carved out of a single piece of aluminum

00:36:22   so all of us will love them.

00:36:23   So here's a quote, he was asked directly

00:36:27   in this Vogue piece about AR glasses.

00:36:29   He said, "Of course there are rumors and gossip

00:36:30   "about what companies work on,

00:36:32   "but obviously we don't talk about what we work on,

00:36:35   "even though they totally do all the time now.

00:36:37   But today I can tell you that the technology itself doesn't exist to do that in a quality way.

00:36:42   I think they're building AR glasses.

00:36:45   Today in a quality way, right? Like it's yeah

00:36:51   I mean right now if you if you're deep in an Apple lab, you have a laptop strapped to your face to make this work

00:36:57   but

00:36:59   They've no doubt they're pulling you see that. It'd be really good

00:37:02   I would try it with this but I'd be injured terrible. Yeah, you'd fall over immediately

00:37:07   He also said getting back to the air pod thing he was asked, you know is Siri like combined with air pods

00:37:12   Is that an AR experience and he said he doesn't think that it is and I agree with that because you're just talking to your

00:37:18   Assistant that sometimes was the back sometimes works

00:37:21   That's not a iron in but but he said that he does think audio

00:37:24   Could play an important part in AR in the future, which I find really really interesting is right now these experiences are

00:37:30   Primarily visual he was playing a basketball game or doing whatever he was so bad at that game. It's really bad

00:37:37   But I try so so in one of these things in Oxford he like Tim like super pans VR

00:37:44   Right like he's just like and this is on the heels of oculus had an event last week

00:37:48   Yeah, and they introduced some products that may as well have just said VR sucks

00:37:52   He may as well have just because he's just like it doesn't work. It's gimmicky

00:37:55   They were like niche uses of it

00:37:57   But one of the great things about VR is pairing it with audio and like it's a big part of it

00:38:02   Right like it is the PS VR they have this whole system for the audio what it's called binaural audio

00:38:08   I think so where it's it kind of creates an almost surround sound like experience, but just headphones

00:38:13   So yes the thing about AR games and apps right now is that they are very much

00:38:17   Just like look at the phone and they can be more immersive without having to necessarily strap something to your face sure by adding an audio

00:38:24   Component well sure because if you're if you're in that world and then you hear your neighbor set his car door

00:38:30   then you're taken out of it.

00:38:32   But I can see where he's going with it,

00:38:35   and again, he has to do a lot of hype

00:38:37   'cause it's part of the job.

00:38:39   But I just find it so interesting

00:38:40   they're making such a big push on it.

00:38:42   'Cause I really can't think of a time,

00:38:45   at least in recent history, where Apple introduced a new,

00:38:50   you know, let's call it a technology stack

00:38:51   for lack of a better word, sorry developers,

00:38:54   that Apple hyped so hard just based on technology alone.

00:38:59   - Without something that went alongside.

00:38:59   - They didn't do this when they added copy and paste to iOS.

00:39:02   - Yeah.

00:39:03   - It's so closely tied to the most important part

00:39:07   of the iPhone's hardware to the camera,

00:39:09   that it kind of becomes an extension of the iPhone,

00:39:11   at least that's what they hope to do,

00:39:12   that AR experiences will become just as important

00:39:15   as the iPhone.

00:39:16   That's what he's saying.

00:39:17   I don't know if it's gonna happen now,

00:39:18   because most of these ARKit games and apps

00:39:21   are just gimmicks and little demos, you know.

00:39:23   - Sure.

00:39:24   - I don't see us using ARKit apps all day long.

00:39:27   I mean Google Docs and AR will be something.

00:39:29   - I played Peacock for like four hours yesterday.

00:39:31   - Yeah. - So good.

00:39:34   So good.

00:39:34   - But the idea is that they're hyping this so much

00:39:37   because it's so closely tied to the iPhone

00:39:41   and not just to the iPhone,

00:39:43   but to the most important feature of the iPhone.

00:39:45   - Yeah, that's a good point.

00:39:47   He goes on, he talks,

00:39:48   he kind of falls back into the old position

00:39:50   that Apple has an extremely strong position

00:39:52   because they have hardware and software.

00:39:54   And we see Google, they have responded to this

00:39:56   with ARCore, is what they're calling theirs.

00:39:59   It runs on some phones, it's gonna spread

00:40:01   as it does on Android.

00:40:02   But then he also says that the App Store

00:40:05   is super important to this.

00:40:07   That Apple is not only providing great hardware

00:40:10   and a software development kit,

00:40:13   whatever the kits call it now, to build this stuff,

00:40:16   but the whole end-to-end thing is there.

00:40:19   And there's a very obvious parallel in my mind

00:40:23   to the App Store in the beginning.

00:40:25   that the App Store was the first successful version

00:40:29   of this idea because Apple had all the pieces in place.

00:40:33   - Yeah.

00:40:34   - And I don't think AR's gonna be as big as the App Store,

00:40:37   but it is sort of intriguing to think about

00:40:39   that they have all these pieces lined up

00:40:41   and that the hardware's better than ever

00:40:43   and they have this great software

00:40:44   that some people are doing amazing things with very quickly.

00:40:47   And I agree, I think like drag and drop,

00:40:48   we're gonna see this evolve.

00:40:50   And the stuff we see now is gonna be just blown away

00:40:53   in six months and then six months after that

00:40:54   six months after that.

00:40:56   But Apple's clearly very excited about it,

00:40:58   and I think that's worth paying attention to.

00:41:00   - I mean, it's so obviously the beginning

00:41:01   of this sort of feature or ecosystem of apps.

00:41:05   And I was talking to a couple of developers

00:41:07   who are doing ARKit apps now.

00:41:09   And the problems that they mentioned,

00:41:12   like they were common to all of the developers

00:41:15   that I talked to, stuff like,

00:41:17   you cannot detect vertical surfaces.

00:41:19   You can only detect horizontal ones,

00:41:21   unless you wanna write your own algorithm and engine,

00:41:23   which is complicated.

00:41:24   Or some people have like a measure kit, for example,

00:41:28   which is the measuring app.

00:41:29   They do some custom stuff to detect vertical surfaces

00:41:31   and basically walls.

00:41:33   The performance when it comes to low light performance,

00:41:36   you know, in a really dark room, for example, it's not good.

00:41:39   Or if you wanna, there's some obstruction, for example,

00:41:42   there's some objects standing in the way

00:41:44   that also causes problems.

00:41:45   So it's obviously the beginning for this framework.

00:41:49   And I'm not surprised if you consider

00:41:52   all these potential issues right now

00:41:53   that Apple is not doing their own app,

00:41:55   like an official navigation mode in AR in Maps, for example,

00:42:00   because there are so many things to fix first.

00:42:02   And so it's intelligent, I think, to go to the developers

00:42:06   and say, why don't you make some apps

00:42:08   and give us some feedback so we can make it better next year,

00:42:11   for example?

00:42:12   Whilst at the same time, they're getting

00:42:14   good at making infrared cameras.

00:42:16   Yeah.

00:42:16   Right?

00:42:17   So I wonder-- because I mean, the iPhone X, I assume,

00:42:21   can probably have some more interesting things that it can do.

00:42:24   Yeah, like the face tracking stuff, for example.

00:42:28   Like the filters that sort of use ARKit to superimpose graphics on your face.

00:42:33   Yeah, because the ones that they showed on stage with what Snapchat had done were vastly

00:42:39   more...

00:42:40   I mean, that stuff is very good.

00:42:42   Very good.

00:42:43   I mean, and I think that Snapchat have their own baked-in version of AR as well that they

00:42:47   use, which isn't as good as the ARKit stuff, but it's good.

00:42:50   face detection stuff was vastly superior to what they're doing. I do have a lot of

00:42:54   questions about Craig Federighi using Snapchat. What kind of questions? A lot.

00:42:59   I don't understand Snapchat, he's older than I am.

00:43:02   Myke uses Snapchat all the time now. But y'all are the same age. I never send anything to

00:43:10   anyone. I just like to play with... You know it's not day one, did you get them confused?

00:43:13   He's really into the Bitmoji. Bitmoji? Oh God. Yeah, this is great. So I downloaded Bitmoji to

00:43:20   create just because I don't know if you know this you create a character of

00:43:23   yourself and you have the ability to just have hundreds of stickers that have

00:43:27   a little character of yourself in them Stephen hates them for a reason I can't

00:43:33   understand like it's really hates them so today Federico signed up for bitmoji

00:43:37   too so now we send him the same stickers but just with our faces in each of them

00:43:41   I think I'm gonna do an Apple show with Jason from now on that's mine AR

00:43:49   So I think part of the problem is I struggle to think about what really is

00:44:00   gonna happen here. Right? Like he says like, "Oh, fashion, that's another good one."

00:44:04   But what else? Like it has to be things that are visual otherwise you're just

00:44:09   taking non visual things and putting them into AR. Right? So like the idea of

00:44:13   like, and Microsoft showed a bunch of this stuff, and what Microsoft's doing with

00:44:17   HoloLens is referred to as MR, which is mixed reality because it's kind of,

00:44:21   because you put a headset on and you can see things in the world. So it's like a

00:44:25   combo between VR and AR. And all they're showing is like, oh here's edge, just

00:44:30   Microsoft's browser on the wall. Everybody wants it. It's like, this stuff

00:44:34   is no, there's no real use for that, right? And this is my concern with AR, is like

00:44:39   are we just gonna end up with like our Notes app on the floor? Like what is the...

00:44:45   Why not?

00:44:47   What is the use of that?

00:44:49   Mail in the bathroom?

00:44:51   I mean you could do that anyway though if you want to.

00:44:53   You don't have to be able to see it.

00:44:55   Would Air Mail have trouble sticking you to the wall?

00:44:57   Awwww.

00:44:59   That was mean.

00:45:01   Air Mail is a great app that you should all use.

00:45:03   Two things come to mind for me.

00:45:05   And then I have a problem with the whole thing.

00:45:07   We'll get to that.

00:45:09   Oh no.

00:45:11   I think of, and they're sort of related, but like

00:45:13   sort of job or career training, right? So you start a job, you're making burritos,

00:45:19   you're making cars, or you know, you're whatever. Burritos or cars? I don't know.

00:45:24   This is a very broad range of jobs. I don't have a job. I don't know. People either make burritos or cars.

00:45:33   If you have a career that you're using your hands and you want to have

00:45:38   training or a lot of jobs, you have to have certifications, and having that sort

00:45:42   of on-the-job training where I can I can hold an iPad up or a phone up in front

00:45:46   of the thing I'm supposed to do and it teach me about that thing I think is

00:45:51   incredibly powerful. All of those things are better when you've got something

00:45:54   strapped to your face though. Well that's the big problem I have we can get

00:45:57   to that. Yeah. The other thing I see and is related is like k-12 education so

00:46:02   we have we've played with a few AR kit apps at home one of them and I forget

00:46:07   the name so forgive me but okay thank you helps you locate we talked about on

00:46:15   the show even locate stars and stuff in the sky at night mmm-hmm starwalk yes I

00:46:21   think and so there's a big park out by our house and so you can see the sky

00:46:25   really well and so we've taken the kids out and you know we've gone through this

00:46:28   thing and and I've done it and it's it's really great and so I think there's a

00:46:32   lot of opportunity there but again to your point that you stole from me it's

00:46:35   not in the notes, is that ARKit is limited until they make glasses through the window

00:46:42   frame of your iPad. Unless you have the giant one, it's a 10.5 inch window. And I just wonder

00:46:49   if that fundamentally limits what this sort of stuff would do.

00:46:53   Yes, it's great that I could walk into a store and I have my phone out and I could see prices

00:46:56   or I could see fitting information if it's fashion or whatever, but at some point if

00:47:01   want to get out into the real world like big things, is it limited to look through

00:47:06   the camera of your iOS device? Yeah, it's a problem because there has to be one

00:47:15   before the other, right? So like they can't put the cart before the horse and

00:47:18   they have I think for us to be able to buy into the idea of wearing Apple AR

00:47:24   glasses we need to already understand why AR is important because one of the

00:47:29   reasons that the Google Glass project failed I think is that there wasn't

00:47:34   really a lot of understanding of the use cases and I think like if Apple

00:47:38   introduced AR glasses right now it would be the exact same thing because I just

00:47:43   don't think that we fully understand what these things can be used for but

00:47:47   the same problem there is a limitation in that you have to have the apps open

00:47:51   to use them and hold your phone in front of like so it's like there is this issue

00:47:54   of we need better use cases but the current method is not ideal it's not

00:48:01   simple. So what I wonder is exactly this when Tim Cook says we believe AR is the

00:48:06   future but that future right now is you need to open a bunch of apps to do

00:48:11   different tasks like you want to play a game you want to play some furniture in

00:48:15   your bedroom or whatever and I think when he says the future in Mabel implies

00:48:21   eyes at, you just open the camera on your iPhone and it knows what you want to do.

00:48:26   So it highly depends on context.

00:48:27   So if I'm looking at you with my camera, it probably suggests an online store where I

00:48:33   could buy this jacket.

00:48:34   Or of course take a picture.

00:48:36   But the friction that we have right now of, I want to try AR so I need to download a bunch

00:48:41   of games and a bunch of apps and I need to launch them and do the calibration.

00:48:45   It would be so much easier if it's constantly on.

00:48:49   I don't know if that means like extensions for the camera or some baked-in mode that can recommend some defaults like

00:48:56   navigation for example or

00:48:58   Recognizing, you know, we got the barcodes now in the camera. You can recognize QR codes with the Apple camera

00:49:03   So it's not impossible to imagine that kind of feature where it's the system camera on your iPhone

00:49:07   That knows what you want to do or that at least makes it easy for you to do different tasks

00:49:12   Instead of let me jump between 10 different apps so I can place a basketball and throw up, you know

00:49:17   Do you think this is similar to Google lens? Yeah, though

00:49:21   My concern is if like if that's the route right like if the old end goal of this is

00:49:27   You open the camera app and our cameras are smart

00:49:30   series got that

00:49:33   It's the Siri camera because like Google are introducing Google lens with the pixel - mm-hmm, but it's super limited like that

00:49:41   That's why it's the future, but that's what concerns me though right like Google

00:49:46   have done this and they are

00:49:48   Really held back right now, and this is Google with all of the information that they have

00:49:55   that

00:49:57   Apple doesn't get access to and that's why right now we can play basketball and place a

00:50:02   Desk in our bedroom and do that. Come and look at the stars. Yeah, I guess you're right. I guess you're right, but I

00:50:08   Get a lot of my concern with a lot of things that Apple are doing now is

00:50:15   is that I worry that they are held back

00:50:18   by a lot of their core guiding principles,

00:50:20   which are great for so many things,

00:50:23   but the lack of data that they have,

00:50:27   I think can be troubling, and this could be one of those

00:50:30   because I think we can all agree that we struggle sometimes

00:50:34   with object detection and stuff like that in photos, right?

00:50:36   Like that Google Photos tends to be better

00:50:38   at finding what you're looking for.

00:50:39   If I'm pointing my phone at a thing in real time

00:50:43   and I need it to identify what that thing is,

00:50:46   I trust Google will be able to do that.

00:50:48   - I worry that they're hyping this so much

00:50:51   before they have an actual timeline

00:50:54   of we'll be able to reach our vision within five years.

00:50:59   - I mean, we still haven't gotten the car,

00:51:01   the ultimate mobile device.

00:51:03   I mean, that hype was years ago.

00:51:05   - That is a mobile device, though.

00:51:06   - It's what they said, it's what Jeff Williams said.

00:51:08   - That was an actual quote, a joke.

00:51:10   - I mean, it is a joke, but not my joke.

00:51:11   - That's not my joke. - That's just a terrible joke.

00:51:13   - So I got one more Tim Cook quote before we move on.

00:51:15   - All right, okay.

00:51:16   - And he said this in passing,

00:51:18   so I don't wanna read too much into it,

00:51:19   but we're a podcast, so we're gonna read too much into it.

00:51:20   - Yeah.

00:51:22   - He said a comment a couple times

00:51:26   that we tend to use our devices too much.

00:51:29   Johnny Ive said a similar thing.

00:51:31   He was interviewed last week at some fancy design place,

00:51:34   and he said that the near constant use of iOS devices,

00:51:39   and we'll say the iPhone troubled him.

00:51:41   And I think there was a connotation

00:51:45   'cause it was in the VR burn section

00:51:47   that VR actually makes it more limiting

00:51:49   because instead of just looking down at our phone,

00:51:50   we're looking at some wraparound

00:51:52   head screen thing all the time.

00:51:54   And I'm curious, let's see what you guys think.

00:51:57   Does AR have the ability, or does it have the capacity

00:52:01   to help us connect with each other

00:52:03   in new and meaningful ways?

00:52:05   Right now we're measuring the size of our TV

00:52:07   and putting furniture in our offices.

00:52:09   beyond an emoji?

00:52:10   - Beyond, yes, beyond an emoji.

00:52:13   - So excited for an emoji.

00:52:14   - I know.

00:52:16   - You're warming me up with bitmoji to get to this.

00:52:19   - Yeah, oh that's gonna be just a nightmare for you.

00:52:21   - You're gonna jump from the mic bitmoji

00:52:25   to the mic poop emoji.

00:52:27   - Oh, I'm never gonna use that one.

00:52:28   I'm probably going with unicorn.

00:52:32   I'm gonna ignore that comment.

00:52:34   I honestly think that for a while,

00:52:36   All of my messages will just be an emoji movies.

00:52:41   Like that's it.

00:52:41   That's just all it's gonna be.

00:52:42   All right, so to your point, to your serious question.

00:52:45   - Yes.

00:52:45   - No.

00:52:48   I don't think that-- - I don't buy it either.

00:52:50   - I don't think that AR is better.

00:52:55   Like just 'cause I'm doing something different

00:52:57   with the phone doesn't mean that it's better

00:52:59   than checking my messages.

00:53:01   - But can we come up with a scenario in which

00:53:04   AR creates an experience that connects you and I as humans that we wouldn't have otherwise.

00:53:11   Maybe I just don't have an imagine.

00:53:12   What does that mean?

00:53:13   I'm putting Steven on my desk and I'm talking to you on a little character jumping around?

00:53:16   I would love that though.

00:53:18   Like in Star Wars, the little holograms.

00:53:21   What's the problem that we're spending too much time on our phones sending messages?

00:53:25   We're still sending messages to each other.

00:53:26   It's kind of amazing that we can be always in touch.

00:53:31   Like I don't see this...

00:53:32   We're in touch but the person sitting next to me

00:53:34   Spending time with my girlfriend and I'm gonna send messages to Myke no offense

00:53:40   But like if I'm spending quality quality time with my partner

00:53:44   I I have like a brain that tells me look maybe put my phone away. I think the point though

00:53:49   Is that it is becoming increasingly worse for more people like phone addiction is a real thing sure, right?

00:53:55   Like it is, you know, like I I did a thing this week. I've done this a few times

00:53:59   I just moved Twitter away from

00:54:01   Tweet what away from its usual point on my home screen, and I just kept opening the other app

00:54:06   Right so like I moved your phone knows what to do. Yeah, I moved Twitter, and I put email there

00:54:13   Just like to see no client

00:54:15   Airmail the best email client, and I realized that I just I just would open my phone

00:54:20   And I just kept opening a man I close it because I don't want a male and then 20 seconds later air mails back again

00:54:25   Right if you've never tried this by the way just try it

00:54:30   Something really you Greg's here. Yeah, which I have used you tally tally is a great

00:54:35   Month away from Twitter a while ago

00:54:39   We were talking about this and I replaced it with Greg from agile tortoises app tally

00:54:43   So I could then every time I opened it just go one more to see just how many times I've done this

00:54:48   It was interesting that over the weeks that went on I did it less and less

00:54:52   But I think that it is a thing that that plagues many of us

00:54:56   But if we can let's just say for a moment from earlier in discussion

00:54:59   I'm just gonna play out the idea that they're making AR glasses.

00:55:01   Sure.

00:55:01   So much worse.

00:55:02   Because it's all, yeah.

00:55:04   Because then you...

00:55:04   So much worse!

00:55:05   Oh yes, we're looking at each other but we're also checking Twitter.

00:55:07   Through a computer that Apple makes, right?

00:55:09   Like it is, it's way worse.

00:55:11   So how does AR improve the fact that we're looking at our phones all the time

00:55:15   and we have phone addiction?

00:55:16   Well that's the question.

00:55:17   It's like giving us more reasons to look at our phones.

00:55:19   Like I don't, I don't like this, this line of thinking

00:55:22   because it's clearly something that either they are talking about

00:55:26   or being told to talk about.

00:55:27   The fact that both Johnny and Tim are both mentioning this line of like people using

00:55:33   their phones too much, it's fine, but you still may come.

00:55:35   Wasn't this the exact same argument when the Apple Watch came out that, "Oh now you don't

00:55:40   have to look at your phone all the time."

00:55:41   It was.

00:55:42   "Look at our other device instead!"

00:55:43   And now three or four years later we got cellular so now people can always send you messages.

00:55:48   And the thing about that, I've noticed it because my partner doesn't wear an Apple Watch.

00:55:53   I've got friends who do, but I'm basically at home all the time.

00:55:55   But when I'm with the two of you, I notice both of you do it your watch to go off

00:55:59   You look what it is. You put your wrist down to pick your phone up. It's like a

00:56:02   Two-part movie. I'm sure I do it too. I'm sure we all do it. And so yeah that the the

00:56:07   Apple watch hasn't lived up to the promise that's gonna break the chain of addiction to my phone

00:56:11   but I just don't buy the line of thinking that Eric is somehow going to

00:56:16   Make that easier. I think to your point Myke it may make it

00:56:19   more difficult or somehow like more

00:56:23   More confusing to people especially if you have glasses that would actually blur the lines of are you actually looking at me?

00:56:29   Or are you looking at this was the Google glass problem, right and like and I?

00:56:33   Don't know that Robert Scoble in the shower

00:56:36   Yeah, I don't know I I like a our kit games

00:56:42   That's kind of all I've used it for they're fun

00:56:45   I don't play them every day

00:56:46   But like they're a fun little thing to do like I can put a t-rex in the living room take a picture of it

00:56:50   Like it's really funny

00:56:52   You know and I like that sort of stuff. I'm interested to see more

00:56:55   I'm getting less and less convinced at oh, here we go

00:57:01   Apple's ability to just change the world again

00:57:04   Like they think they're just gonna keep doing that like because they've done it a bunch of times like legit

00:57:08   But like the Apple watch it's gonna change the world. No, it's not gonna like AR it's gonna I don't I'm

00:57:15   I think they are chasing it as all technology companies should be but like they chase it at a level of

00:57:22   "Oh, but we did this before, so like, we got this."

00:57:26   And I'm just a bit like,

00:57:27   just rein it in a little bit more, I think.

00:57:30   - It's this idea of, this is the future, like--

00:57:34   - It's just like, calm down, like it's cool, right?

00:57:36   Like, it's been like a couple of months.

00:57:38   - Well, I mean, they can't come out and say,

00:57:40   we got this new thing, meh, meh.

00:57:43   - No, but you can say, like, it's really amazing,

00:57:45   we're so excited to see all people,

00:57:47   but like, to say this is the future is really bold.

00:57:51   - I get you there and I think we see more of that

00:57:55   out of Apple now than we used to.

00:57:57   And maybe it's Tim Cook's leadership,

00:58:01   maybe it's that they have this history now

00:58:03   of Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad,

00:58:07   that they feel like they've got to,

00:58:09   and the world has pressed on them

00:58:10   that they have to do it again.

00:58:12   - And also, it's not Steve, right?

00:58:16   Like, I think that that is a part of it.

00:58:19   I mean, if I was Tim Cook,

00:58:20   I would feel that way, like I feel like I have to do this.

00:58:24   Where like I have to do this.

00:58:26   - Yeah, I mean, and I think, I mean,

00:58:27   that's not to discount the success of the watch.

00:58:29   The watch is very good Tim Cook's product.

00:58:32   And I think the watch we have today.

00:58:34   - It's really, really, really great.

00:58:36   - It's really good minus the stupid red dot.

00:58:38   And I think it is more of a picture

00:58:40   of what Tim Cook had thought or like they had seen, right?

00:58:43   Like really good at fitness stuff.

00:58:46   And they've honed that messaging.

00:58:49   and maybe ARKit will do the same thing

00:58:51   where right now it's gonna change the future

00:58:53   and it's gonna be in retail,

00:58:54   it's gonna be in the classroom.

00:58:55   And maybe once it's in the world for a little while,

00:58:57   they say, "Hey, you know what?

00:58:59   "We have an amazing game platform."

00:59:00   And you know what, that's enough.

00:59:02   - That is more than enough. - More than enough

00:59:04   if iOS continues to be a great gaming platform

00:59:07   and that they can extend it to the Apple TV,

00:59:09   who knows what they could do.

00:59:11   But if it was just gaming, I think that's enough.

00:59:13   And so maybe they change their tone over time

00:59:16   like they have with the watch.

00:59:17   - Yeah, 'cause I just think they need to just chill out

00:59:20   just a little bit.

00:59:21   - Just take a breather.

00:59:22   - And I'll be happy with that.

00:59:23   These products are really great.

00:59:26   Just give it some time.

00:59:27   The iPhone's still doing really good.

00:59:30   We're okay.

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01:00:35   So we haven't talked about purchases in a while.

01:00:41   And it is that time and as you can tell from Federico's moaning.

01:00:45   been doing it. Federico has been buying some things. So Federico, why don't you tell us what you've done?

01:00:50   Do I have to? Yes. So I've been buying iPad keyboards for a few months now because I can

01:01:04   never find an iPad Pro keyboard that I like. And just a few weeks ago I was actually reading through

01:01:12   Apple's website and I realized that the Logitech slim combo which is the keyboard that we really

01:01:17   didn't like when the iPad pro 10.5 came out yeah the one that like just it had no stability like

01:01:23   it really didn't like it like we actually went you on twitter were recommending against buying

01:01:30   seriously like I think it's a bad reply to you on twitter and they told me that the slim combo was

01:01:35   it not it was built to be rugged which doesn't make any sense like that is not what that means

01:01:41   Like it's slim, it's meant to be like... Anyway, because I was complaining about the thickness and weightness

01:01:45   and I said it's built to be rugged and protect...

01:01:47   But it's not slim, yeah. Anyway, they have a different version for the 12.9, which I had no idea it existed.

01:01:55   So I bought this keyboard, which is right here.

01:01:58   Do you want to pass it around, everybody?

01:02:00   I mean, sure.

01:02:01   Show and tell.

01:02:02   I mean, if you really want to talk...

01:02:03   Don't do that.

01:02:04   So do that, it's fine, you need it.

01:02:06   I really like it. It's not perfect, but it's sort of the combination of things that I wanted an iPad keyboard

01:02:12   So when the first round of iPad pros came out

01:02:15   It was universally believed that the the create for the 12.9 was a disaster. Yeah

01:02:22   But the create for the 9.7 was amazing

01:02:25   They flipped that because this is really good on this device and I think as a couple of reasons for it

01:02:30   So a couple of the issues I had two major issues with this keyboard for the 10.5

01:02:36   One was when you put it on your lap. It's not stable

01:02:39   So the previous version it had like a cloth covering that went from the iPad round to the keyboard

01:02:45   So it stay nice and stable on your lap because there was one flat piece of material there

01:02:48   With this product as a kickstand

01:02:51   So you kind of have to have stable places to keep the kickstand and also the keyboard is attached via this like

01:02:57   Material which was super thin so you'd be typing and the thing would be wobbling and then you want to wrap the keyboard round to

01:03:04   The back to hold it and the keyboard would just pop off

01:03:06   Now the keyboard still pops off on this one, but I'd find at least myself

01:03:10   I don't hold the 12.9 inch iPad very often to just read with it because it's like reading a dinner tray

01:03:17   Right so like when I'm reading with that. I still keep it in like the keyboard orientation for me

01:03:23   So like that isn't so much of a problem and because everything's bigger

01:03:26   The stability for stability is increased because there's more surface area for it to lean against right and on the small version

01:03:33   Because it's so small right the cover part of the keyboard cannot fold

01:03:39   Yeah, I know the keyboard but actually on this one you get the cover that you know

01:03:44   I said, yes

01:03:45   If you imagine the cover that goes over the screen it folds in half and back around

01:03:51   underneath the keyboard, which then elevates the keyboard

01:03:54   at a nice angle as well.

01:03:55   It's really nice.

01:03:56   - Uses the smart connector, so you can have back click keys,

01:03:59   which I was really missing from the Apple Magic keyboard,

01:04:02   which is the one that I was using before.

01:04:04   - No battery to worry about.

01:04:06   - You got no battery to worry about,

01:04:07   no Bluetooth connections. - No Bluetooth connection.

01:04:08   - And you get the function rows,

01:04:10   so you can have like spotlight shortcuts,

01:04:13   which by the way with iOS 11 is really handy,

01:04:15   because now accessing spotlight is kind of harder

01:04:18   than before.

01:04:20   You can also do like the home button.

01:04:22   You can, this is real actual life hack.

01:04:26   If you press and hold the home button on this one,

01:04:31   and if you activate type to Siri in the iOS 11 settings,

01:04:35   you can press and hold and then just type in

01:04:38   to issue commands to Siri.

01:04:40   - That's pretty good.

01:04:41   - So your hands never leave the keyboard

01:04:43   and you can still do stuff with Siri.

01:04:45   And also additional life hack.

01:04:47   - Thank you.

01:04:48   Let's do tears of life hacks.

01:04:50   - It grows exponentially.

01:04:52   If you also, you can create text replacements

01:04:55   in the iOS settings.

01:04:57   If maybe eventually they will sync across your devices.

01:05:01   But if you create, basically you can create templates

01:05:03   for Siri.

01:05:04   Like if you create a shortcut for turn off

01:05:07   the bedroom lights, then you just type, I don't know, TTB.

01:05:12   - That's good.

01:05:13   - It's gonna expand and turn off your bedroom lights.

01:05:14   - You just put some minds in the audience.

01:05:15   Or just like weather, right?

01:05:16   You could just type, very nice.

01:05:17   - Yeah, whatever you want.

01:05:18   - Very nice.

01:05:19   Wow, look at you.

01:05:20   - Yeah.

01:05:21   - It's very smart.

01:05:22   Teach you tip.

01:05:23   - That's good.

01:05:24   - Teach you tip live.

01:05:25   - So you're keeping this?

01:05:28   - Well, I bought it and--

01:05:29   - It doesn't mean you can't return it or--

01:05:30   - No, see I don't like returning things.

01:05:33   It's so, it's always so awkward.

01:05:35   Like you go back to the store--

01:05:38   - Do you buy things in person?

01:05:40   - Yeah.

01:05:41   - Why?

01:05:42   - And I'm pretty, it's like what, you didn't like it?

01:05:44   - I would like to give you a mic tip.

01:05:46   - Amazon.com.

01:05:46   - You stole it right from under me.

01:05:48   You see, amazon.com would be a solution if my delivering packages situations in Italy

01:05:58   - No, you have a guy in a bakery, we went over this on the phone.

01:06:01   - We need to offer some context here.

01:06:03   So for some reason in Rome, delivery companies are terrible.

01:06:08   - They're bad everywhere.

01:06:10   - They're bad everywhere, but there's an especially problematic situation for me that my building,

01:06:16   I don't know why, but delivery companies don't like to leave packages there.

01:06:21   It's cursed.

01:06:22   It's kind of cursed.

01:06:24   So I set up a system years ago where I befriended the local bakery shop.

01:06:30   And with a bunch of excuses, I started going there every day.

01:06:35   Even to just buy like one.

01:06:36   The excuse can be, I would like some bread, please.

01:06:39   I don't want to eat bread every single day.

01:06:42   Hang on.

01:06:43   - Does this bakery participate in the Google Home

01:06:45   versus donut bake-off?

01:06:48   - Wait, what?

01:06:49   - Nevermind, he's forgotten about that already.

01:06:51   - You want him paying attention?

01:06:52   - No, it's fine.

01:06:53   - Anyway, I befriended this family-owned bakery

01:06:58   and over time we became friends.

01:07:01   And one day I was just like, by the way--

01:07:04   - Why would you feel the need to say family-owned?

01:07:06   - Because it's a whole enterprise.

01:07:08   It's like there's the kid and there's the husband.

01:07:10   - Have you seen Master of None?

01:07:12   Is it like that?

01:07:13   No, I'm behind actually.

01:07:14   Oh, man.

01:07:15   I bet it's like that.

01:07:16   It is definitely like that.

01:07:17   It's a very stereotypical Italian bakery.

01:07:18   Everyone's nodding.

01:07:19   They know it's like that.

01:07:20   Is it like a little child and he brings you bread?

01:07:22   Yes, actually, yes.

01:07:23   Oh, my god.

01:07:23   The child.

01:07:24   The child.

01:07:25   Does he call you Mr. Fettigy?

01:07:27   There's a dog which is super unhealthy for that type of stuff.

01:07:30   This dog just walking around.

01:07:32   Shh, don't worry about it.

01:07:33   Anyway, so one day I was like, hey, by the way,

01:07:36   if I have a problem with the package and UPS,

01:07:39   is there a chance you can hold the package for me?

01:07:41   They're like, yeah sure no problem. So and we need to be clear you befriended these people so you could ask that question. Yes

01:07:48   It didn't come up naturally over time. How long how long took?

01:07:54   Two three months a long con that's pretty good

01:07:59   Do you still go every day? Okay. Why don't you buy a p.o. Box is a long story?

01:08:04   so I

01:08:06   started like

01:08:09   One day the UPS the UPS guy come comes over and gives me a package and I just say hey, you know

01:08:15   If I'm not at home, there's the bakery. It's like one minute away

01:08:20   they know me so, you know if I'm not at home, you can just leave a package there and I started telling this to all the

01:08:25   delivery guys and

01:08:27   Now what they do is whenever I'm not at home. They send me a text message and they're like, hey, I left the package at the bakery

01:08:34   Why don't you just get things to the but they're all done

01:08:38   So the problem here is that I feel like the bakery doesn't like this anymore

01:08:44   Because in all of these I started buying a lot of amiibo

01:08:53   So this summer I had the great idea of completely

01:09:07   completing the Zelda collection.

01:09:10   This is a lot, there is a lot of them.

01:09:14   There's a lot of baggage here.

01:09:16   It's like 30 figurines from Amazon.

01:09:20   So, like, we're talking July and August here.

01:09:24   And so within the span of like three weeks

01:09:27   these people had like 20 packages.

01:09:30   Every day. Every day they get.

01:09:36   And we're now at the point where...

01:09:38   Where are you though? Like everyday? Where are you all day?

01:09:40   I feel so bad. Like I'm around. Two things.

01:09:44   And we're now at the point where if I actually need to buy bread and I walk into the store, the guy looks at me and is like "Hey, there's no package today for you."

01:09:56   And I can tell that they're kinda upset.

01:10:01   You flew too close to the sun with these eyeballs.

01:10:03   Yeah, you did. You pushed it way too far.

01:10:05   far I know when did you complete this arrangement like when did it begin I was

01:10:10   earlier this year can we can it last until the iPhone 10 ships in March can

01:10:15   you can you make it it's done it will be it's time you get it yeah I'm really

01:10:20   sad because like I can tell that especially after the last batch of amiibo

01:10:25   the situation really changed you could bring them something like a cake but

01:10:31   they won't appreciate it. Yeah, just flour and stuff. I don't know. And I'm so sad because in June

01:10:38   I was talking to you and Grey about this whole life hack that I had. It was a great idea at the time, but

01:10:45   you know Amazon and Amoeba was... What about a butcher? Yeah, is there someone else in the neighborhood? So there's the

01:10:53   candlestick maker. There's the pharmacy.

01:10:56   Uh-huh. I'm not sure I want to go to my pill. What are you supposed to buy the pharmacy and pills every day?

01:11:02   sure

01:11:04   Like so I want to have a backup option or either I apologize profusely to the bakery family

01:11:10   Yeah, do you ever like give them any money or anything? Oh, maybe you should give them some money

01:11:15   sleeping at 20

01:11:18   Thanks for the bread. Hang on

01:11:20   I've solved I've solved your problem because that this is what I do for people

01:11:24   You have a bunch of iPad keyboards you can't return let's give them those

01:11:27   Maybe yeah anyway anyway, so that's why you don't buy things

01:11:36   I need to go to the store and if I buy the keyboard then I go back to digital error the guy looks at me

01:11:45   It's like you didn't make it himself. I know but it's like yes, you didn't like the keyboard

01:11:51   It's like, no.

01:11:53   What's wrong with that though?

01:11:55   I feel bad about it. I feel so bad about it.

01:11:57   Wow.

01:11:58   I will tell you right now, I just want to say, I did this for three years.

01:12:02   I worked on a customer service desk at a supermarket.

01:12:05   I didn't care.

01:12:07   It's actually my job.

01:12:09   My job only exists if people bring things to return.

01:12:13   If everyone's like you, I had no job.

01:12:16   Guy doesn't care.

01:12:18   doesn't care you know you know what I do with my old stuff I give it to my mom

01:12:22   what's she gonna do with that what's she gonna do with that I tell you what you should do you give her the

01:12:31   keyboard and the receipt and say mom if you take this to the store some money for you

01:12:34   that's brilliant that's brilliant she has a bunch of stuff you just give it to her like

01:12:42   she can set up an eBay store you know how to do eBay like one time I was reading through Marco

01:12:45   headphone review. You bought a lot of headphones. You should try some here. You bought a lot. See headphones she can use

01:12:51   but iPad keyboards does she even have an iPad? She has an iPad but here's the

01:12:55   problem also she has an iPad one. Oh what are you doing? How many iPads must you have because you don't return anything

01:13:02   because you don't sell them. And I told her mom I have a few iPads for you. Just a few. She can have one of mine I got a ton of them.

01:13:08   And she was like no I really like this one because you I don't know some some

01:13:13   excuse that she gave you could replace it and she probably wouldn't know like

01:13:18   if you went to know I remember she really likes the original iPad dock with

01:13:22   the keyboard they're not making that anymore well you ever been a vertical

01:13:26   one has she tried using Facebook for iOS 5 something like that wow I want to

01:13:31   have your mom on the show to can she speak English she doesn't speak English

01:13:36   that's a shame I'll learn a town she calls she calls but she calls podcast

01:13:41   the radio that's amazing yeah sums it up you know what my man calls

01:13:46   ingenious WikiLeaks you know what she does she's she asked she calls me

01:13:57   multiple times a day I know I know Oh Federico's checks in a lot so in the

01:14:04   summer when I'm busy writing the is review she calls me and I'm kind of

01:14:08   noise and like mom I'm busy I'm writing she's like what you're writing you know

01:14:13   in September there's a big story that comes out yeah yeah the September thing

01:14:16   so she doesn't know she doesn't speak she doesn't read English but what she

01:14:21   does is she's very sweet on the work issued computer at work she opens Google

01:14:28   translator and she runs max or his articles through Google Translate that's

01:14:32   great pretense that she understands it's like it's terrible Frederick tendril

01:14:37   It's my name is translated Frederick tendril. That's what Frederick tendrils is what?

01:14:43   Google translate thinks Federica, but he she is it is amazing so this year

01:14:49   I I was really sure I was really curious to turn on and she knows all the other she knows all the other team members

01:14:56   She was oh John

01:14:58   We are no

01:15:05   But so I wanted to know I asked her did you like the iOS 11 review?

01:15:11   And she tells me well, I know that you really care about the iPad

01:15:16   So I I used the navigation this really advanced. I used the navigation menu to

01:15:23   Open the iPad chapter like okay, that's impressive. And then she told me but I was surprised because you were constantly talking about bees

01:15:33   bees? And then I realized that the word API in Italian...

01:15:42   Oh no! The developers, they use the bees! Everybody loves the bees! Oh, that's incredible!

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