162: Daily Dongle Carry


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00:00:12   Squarespace, and Flight Logger. My name is Myke Hurley, and I am joined by Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:18   Hello, Steven Hackett.

00:00:18   Hello, Mr. David James Michael Gregory Pierce Hurley.

00:00:25   Yeah, you ruined that one.

00:00:27   Hello to Mr. Federico Fittucci as well. How are you Federico?

00:00:30   Hello Albus Percival Horley, how are you?

00:00:33   Oh my gosh, what is happening now?

00:00:35   How are you doing buddy?

00:00:40   I'm doing very very well, thank you very much.

00:00:42   I'm pretty sure I got your names right. I wrote them down.

00:00:45   Yeah, you probably did.

00:00:48   Do you want to do some follow up? I can't take this.

00:00:51   I would like to do some follow up.

00:00:53   We've been talking about the iPhone X and reachability.

00:00:57   It seemed that reachability was gone,

00:01:00   but our friend, Mr. Rambo on Twitter,

00:01:05   says that it may still be there.

00:01:09   There's a, he has an animation that he tweeted,

00:01:11   I guess from the simulator that looks like reachability,

00:01:15   like that comes down from the top,

00:01:17   but we don't know how you would enable it

00:01:21   'cause there was no home button.

00:01:22   The side button now does 15 things.

00:01:24   Maybe it's a volume button, we don't really know.

00:01:27   It seems like it's maybe still there.

00:01:28   This could be a remnant from this being in the firmware

00:01:32   for four other phones and it won't be on the 10,

00:01:34   but anyways, I would say that this is not a closed book yet.

00:01:38   I would say that we don't know for sure

00:01:40   that reachability has gone on the new phone.

00:01:44   This is a conjunction, I don't know who put this

00:01:46   in the notes, but someone, it was Mosex,

00:01:49   as this document said, "You can no longer bring

00:01:51   notification center down via reachability which I've noticed as well

00:01:55   which is I don't use reachability much but that's one of the things I use it

00:01:59   for and that's been a little frustrating. So clearly something is changing here.

00:02:06   Have y'all's feelings changed on this over time? Do you feel like we'll be okay

00:02:09   without it? I mean I'll be okay without it right because I'm okay now.

00:02:14   The thing that I use it for on the plus I can't use it for so I just

00:02:19   don't use it. You know, like the only thing I've used reachability for was just a quick way to get to the

00:02:23   Notifications without like moving my hand or whatever. Like I feel like it's gonna be fine if the iPhone 10 doesn't have

00:02:29   reachability mode, but I think it would be nice if they could find a way to elegantly put it in but I don't know

00:02:37   I don't know what that is

00:02:39   Yeah, I very rarely use

00:02:41   reachability on the iPhone plus

00:02:44   I don't think I will need reachability on the 10.

00:02:48   And by the way, quick aside,

00:02:50   I've been talking to a lot of friends about the new iPhone

00:02:53   and literally everybody is saying iPhone X.

00:02:56   Like I've yet to meet a single person who says iPhone 10.

00:03:01   And when someone asked me,

00:03:03   "Why do you call it the iPhone 10?"

00:03:05   And I explained the reason, they just laughed at my face.

00:03:08   - They're like, "What's wrong with you, Federico?

00:03:10   Why do you call it the iPhone 10?"

00:03:11   (laughing)

00:03:13   They were like, "What do you call the iPhone X?"

00:03:14   I was like, "Yeah, because Apple's marketing approach

00:03:17   is that it's tomorrow's iPhone today."

00:03:19   They're like, "Yeah, sure."

00:03:21   They just laughed at me.

00:03:23   And so good luck, Apple convincing people

00:03:25   that it's the iPhone X.

00:03:27   - Some real-time follow-up from the chat room.

00:03:31   Apparently, now I'm not running this beta,

00:03:33   but the 11.1 beta returns reachability

00:03:36   and notifications there, like it reconnects them.

00:03:39   So maybe this was just a short-term bug.

00:03:42   I mean it's in the chat room. I have no reason to doubt it.

00:03:44   Can we trust them? Can we trust the chat room?

00:03:46   Yeah. Yeah.

00:03:48   I think so.

00:03:50   Steven, you took a visit to an Apple Store, right?

00:03:52   Yeah, I've been there twice in two weeks now.

00:03:55   Yeah.

00:03:57   So, middle of the week last week, my iPhone 7 Plus took an unfortunate tumble onto the concrete floor of my studio.

00:04:05   It missed the rug that's right next to my desk. It hit the concrete.

00:04:09   It hit a bigger rug.

00:04:11   You know, if there was only a way to make the whole floor

00:04:14   rug, what would you call that?

00:04:15   It's gotta be something that would do that.

00:04:18   Anyways, it fell and shattered from the bottom right corner

00:04:22   basically across and up the screen.

00:04:24   It's a pretty good break.

00:04:25   So I made an appointment to the store.

00:04:28   It was like several days out, but on Friday,

00:04:31   I had a little time and I was already in the area

00:04:33   and I was like, well, you know, I'll just drop by the store

00:04:35   and see how long it would take.

00:04:37   And they could see me in about 10 minutes.

00:04:39   They had my phone about an hour and a half

00:04:41   and they replaced the screen,

00:04:43   so I got the same phone back.

00:04:44   I've never done this.

00:04:46   It's been a long time since I've broken an iPhone.

00:04:48   Last time I did, they still replaced the whole thing.

00:04:51   So I had to disable Touch ID and find my iPhone.

00:04:55   It goes in the back.

00:04:57   They have a special machine that puts the screen on.

00:04:59   It lines it all up.

00:05:00   A machine, by the way, that I broke the story on years ago,

00:05:03   not that anyone cares,

00:05:04   but I was reminded of that in this experience.

00:05:08   and got my phone back.

00:05:09   So it was interesting being without a phone

00:05:12   for an hour and a half.

00:05:13   I didn't hang out in the store.

00:05:14   I went to, there's a Whole Foods around the corner,

00:05:15   so I thought I was gonna go get something to drink

00:05:18   and hang out in their cafe area and get some work done,

00:05:21   but I had my Apple Watch.

00:05:22   So I turned on LTE on my watch,

00:05:25   so if someone needed a hold of me, they could get me.

00:05:27   And I got back in my car,

00:05:29   and I realized that I didn't have any music.

00:05:31   Believe it or not, even though I own 37 iPods,

00:05:34   none of them were with me at the time.

00:05:36   And I was like, oh well, I have a watch

00:05:38   that has music on it.

00:05:39   And I thought, I'll just pair my watch to my car

00:05:43   and I can just listen to music, right?

00:05:45   Like it'll work, it doesn't work.

00:05:47   It didn't work.

00:05:48   - Can you pair it to Bluetooth stuff other than like AirPods?

00:05:52   - Not really, so you can do it to headphones and stuff.

00:05:57   But the car, so on tomorrow's episode of query,

00:06:00   Serenity and I talk about this.

00:06:02   And it's because when you pair it to a car,

00:06:05   The car also can pull contact information

00:06:08   and recent phone calls and stuff.

00:06:10   And so the watchOS doesn't allow that connection to happen.

00:06:14   They saw each other and they attempted to pair,

00:06:17   but then the car basically said, you know,

00:06:19   a device unable to connect,

00:06:22   kind of a generic error message.

00:06:24   So that's why.

00:06:24   So Serenity explains some of that on Query Tomorrow.

00:06:27   Probably not, honestly probably not super surprised,

00:06:30   but it was a little disappointing that it didn't work.

00:06:33   But I survived the 10 minute drive to Whole Foods

00:06:36   and back, guys, I had to listen to the radio.

00:06:38   It's like us, people are talking and there's music and stuff

00:06:43   but it's way worse than podcasting, it's terrible.

00:06:46   When my phone's back, I was out 187 bucks or something

00:06:50   after tax and it's here and it looks brand new.

00:06:53   I mean, they did a great job and the 7 Plus rides again

00:06:58   for the next two to 27 months when I can get my hands

00:07:01   on the iPhone X.

00:07:02   $187 seems like a lot of money.

00:07:05   - Yeah, it was, I think the repair is 170 or 175

00:07:09   and then sales tax on top of that.

00:07:11   That was only about 10 or $15 more

00:07:14   than the sort of third party repair centers.

00:07:16   We have a couple of those in town,

00:07:18   like iFix or like whatever, you know,

00:07:20   you take your phone in and they'll do a similar repair.

00:07:22   My phone was out of warranty, so I, you know,

00:07:25   I did consider that, but because Apple's repair

00:07:29   was only like a little bit more,

00:07:31   I opted for, to kind of get it done officially.

00:07:36   So, but it's seamless, you would never know.

00:07:38   Like if I handed you my phone,

00:07:40   you would never know that the front of it had been shattered.

00:07:42   They did a really good job.

00:07:43   - But the reason I mention that is like,

00:07:45   I know in many times you've made reference

00:07:49   to AppleCare being your case, right?

00:07:51   Isn't that a thing?

00:07:51   - That is a phrase that I've used.

00:07:53   - I remember that you have laughed at me and Federico

00:07:56   for using a case.

00:07:57   Oh, you use a case.

00:07:59   Like, oh, it's fine because AppleCare is my case.

00:08:02   So that seems like a really expensive

00:08:03   AppleCare payment there, Steven.

00:08:05   - Yeah, so here's the situation with that.

00:08:09   I bought my now internationally famous

00:08:14   original iPhone 7 Plus, pre-ordered it, it showed up.

00:08:18   - Oh, the hissin one.

00:08:18   - The hissin one.

00:08:19   - The snake phone.

00:08:21   - Right.

00:08:21   So when I signed up, when I booked my Genius Bar appointment

00:08:26   I did it in the Apple Support app on iOS,

00:08:28   which by the way is like really awesome,

00:08:29   it's way better than using their website.

00:08:31   And it tells you your warranty status.

00:08:33   And I said, "No AppleCare Plus."

00:08:34   And I thought, huh, that's weird.

00:08:36   So I assumed, I bought AppleCare Plus on the Hising phone,

00:08:39   that phone got replaced by Apple,

00:08:42   and maybe the AppleCare Plus didn't get attached

00:08:45   to the new phone, but I'm sure I have emails

00:08:47   of all that stuff and I can get them to fix it.

00:08:49   So I went back to my email archive,

00:08:51   and I was like, well, let me find the receipt

00:08:54   from that original phone, the Hising phone.

00:08:56   I found that receipt. No Apple Care. I don't know. I don't know what happened in the middle

00:09:01   of the night. I didn't order it. I usually do. I most definitely will on the 10 because

00:09:07   if the back of that phone breaks, it is going to be super expensive because the way that

00:09:11   phone is constructed is the same as the six, seven and eight where they've already said

00:09:16   they're going to be more expensive, right? Like they've just said it's more expensive.

00:09:19   Mm hmm. And there's a put a link in the show notes for Apple has pricing of this on their

00:09:26   website. So it's it's a KBSR called iPhone screen repair prices. And so you can look

00:09:32   at this, the 10 will be more. So I would urge everyone who's looking at the 10 who's like,

00:09:38   usually does AppleCare definitely do AppleCare plus on the 10 because it's gonna be really

00:09:42   expensive. So anyway, so my seven plus is here has a 90 day warranty on the screen.

00:09:47   So if it, you know, gets weird in the next three months, they'll take care of it.

00:09:51   I do have it now and back in my Apple leather case now that I know I don't have AppleCare

00:09:57   Plus on it and I've already sold this phone like a family friend is going to buy it for

00:10:02   me when the 10 shows up.

00:10:03   So I'd rather not smash it up anymore.

00:10:05   So it is now in a case and it will remain in the case until until it is is no longer

00:10:11   mine.

00:10:12   But yeah, it's, you know, AppleCare visit or Apple store visits come in threes.

00:10:16   So I'm sure I'll be back this Friday for something and then I'll be done for another six months.

00:10:20   Your iMac explodes.

00:10:22   Don't say that it can hear you.

00:10:24   Well, you know, animals get in them now.

00:10:26   Jason has a spider in his iMac so you might have something similar.

00:10:32   The Belkin Rockstar now has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

00:10:37   So I remember Federico you bought this adapter.

00:10:39   This adapter came out with the iPhone 7 right?

00:10:42   It was a Belkin adapter that had two lightning ports to allow you to charge and listen to

00:10:49   music with your lightning earphones at the same time.

00:10:54   They have now released a new version of this which has one lightning port and a 3.5mm headphone

00:10:58   jack instead of the second lightning port.

00:11:01   Yeah, they made this for The Verge, specifically, because they really miss the headphone jack.

00:11:08   I had the original version with two lightning ports. It's fine. I bring it with me when I travel.

00:11:16   It's quite comfortable to use on the plane, you know, when I can plug in a battery and also listen to my headphones.

00:11:22   Yeah, I mean, I'm happy to see this. It's a good option. It's just, you know, I'm not gonna get this one

00:11:29   because I don't use headphone jack based headphones anymore, but I can say that the original version is a

00:11:37   fine dongle. It is funny though, because this should have been the one that came out first,

00:11:43   right? Yes, I think the timing is a little strange here. Like this should have been the first one,

00:11:49   because this is what everybody wanted then. I do wonder if Apple played any kind of role in this,

00:11:57   like they wanted to push the idea of lightning headphones, so they convinced Belkin to do the

00:12:03   Lightning version first, otherwise I just have no clue, really.

00:12:07   Why did it take them a year? It's like, "Oh, I know what we can do! We can put a headphone jack on this!"

00:12:16   I mean, it's not like nobody ever attempted the combination of a headphone jack and a

00:12:23   Lightning port before, so...

00:12:26   Oh man.

00:12:27   You know?

00:12:28   It is a bit out there, I give you that, it is a little bit out there.

00:12:31   It's a wild idea, really.

00:12:33   Yes.

00:12:35   So did you all buy them?

00:12:37   No, but this feels like something I would buy in an airport.

00:12:41   Right? Like, I would be in an airport and I would buy this. Like, it feels like something

00:12:45   that would be useful in that situation.

00:12:48   It feels like something I would buy to have in my bag of, like, tech stuff.

00:12:54   Yeah, dongle bag.

00:12:55   Like, if... Yeah. Well, not my daily dongle carry.

00:12:58   No, no.

00:12:59   my emergency dongles dongle reserve yeah dongle reserves really good yeah yeah

00:13:05   I should probably buy for my upcoming trip like a dongle pouch or something

00:13:11   like yeah oh I have I have some ideas I'm gonna send you what you need like a

00:13:15   separate thing for my for you know I have the bulking rockstar and the of

00:13:21   course the Apple one or the headphone jack then what do we have some USB C

00:13:26   stuff. I have one for the SD cards for the iPad and one for the USB

00:13:33   connections to the iPad. I have the Ethernet adapter with the Lightning

00:13:38   connector. It's like five or six of them. So yeah, I do need to

00:13:43   figure out the dongle situation. I cannot tell you the uncomfortable feeling that

00:13:48   I have right now because I can't think of a word for bag that begins with D. I

00:13:52   I want it so bad, right? So it can be like the dongle de something.

00:13:58   You want to do the alliteration.

00:13:59   Yeah, that's what it's all about these types of name things, right? Like I just want the alliteration. That's all I want.

00:14:05   The dongle duffle bag.

00:14:07   Dongle duffle. The dongle duffle works. That works. You did it. I'm so happy to know you right now, Steven. Like you have no idea.

00:14:16   You truly are a wordsmith, Steven.

00:14:19   I'm glad I finally found a way to please the two of you.

00:14:22   - Dungle duffle, oh so good.

00:14:24   So good. - Dungle duffle.

00:14:25   - Dungle duffle, we should trademark that and sell one.

00:14:29   There you go.

00:14:29   - Why don't you, why don't we do an Indiegogo.

00:14:31   - I have it in my mind.

00:14:34   You know a regular sized duffle,

00:14:35   I use one for my gym bag, but it's just tiny.

00:14:38   So it has the tiny little loops,

00:14:40   but you can just kind of put like one finger through them.

00:14:43   And then where the shoulder strap would be

00:14:45   is only like four inches long.

00:14:47   I think it's perfect.

00:14:48   The side pockets would be too small to put anything in.

00:14:50   like can't do anything in it.

00:14:52   One thing that I'm struggling with is how do you spell duffel?

00:14:56   Is it L E or E L?

00:14:57   Uh, let's look at the dictionary app.

00:15:00   D U F F E L.

00:15:02   I think in England Myke it's F F L E.

00:15:07   Well, cause it's frustrating because you've got, uh, I'm ignoring you G L E

00:15:11   and then F E L right?

00:15:13   Like that's, there is a frustration in there.

00:15:15   You know,

00:15:15   I think it's kind of nice.

00:15:16   It's got a little rhythm to it.

00:15:17   Don't worry about it guys.

00:15:19   I'm buying dongleduffled.com.

00:15:20   I've got us taken care of.

00:15:22   Good.

00:15:24   Good.

00:15:24   If only we knew someone who made tiny things.

00:15:27   Oh, we do.

00:15:29   Call Brad.

00:15:29   Can we add Brad to this call?

00:15:31   He's like, Brad, we've got a great idea for you.

00:15:33   It's called the dongleduffle, and he just hangs up immediately.

00:15:37   We promise your company won't go out of business if you do this.

00:15:41   This is a great idea.

00:15:43   All right, I own it now.

00:15:44   dongleduffled.com, everybody.

00:15:46   Oh, gosh.

00:15:47   That's really good.

00:15:48   Okay, so we should move on.

00:15:52   Google Drive got files--

00:15:54   - Oh, in England it is D-U-F-F-L-E.

00:15:57   - I told you, I was not joking.

00:15:59   - I thought you were trolling me.

00:16:01   - I was, but then I realized I was also right.

00:16:03   And so that sort of, that canceled the troll

00:16:07   because I was right.

00:16:08   - You gotta buy both.

00:16:09   - I've gotta buy both now.

00:16:10   - It's like analog, there's no right way to spell it.

00:16:13   - All right, you gotta carry on with the follow up

00:16:16   'cause I'm buying domains.

00:16:18   - Okay, we will carry on with the follow-up.

00:16:20   - I'm spending so much money on these things now.

00:16:22   - Federico, tell me about Google Drive file support.

00:16:26   - So you can now use the Google Drive as a file provider

00:16:29   in the Files app, which is nice.

00:16:32   It's kind of like Dropbox and others we've seen so far.

00:16:35   The problem is that it's super buggy right now.

00:16:38   I would say it's still less stable

00:16:40   of all the file providers I've seen so far.

00:16:42   And I've told you guys before that these extensions

00:16:45   are not extremely reliable right now,

00:16:49   but the Google Drive one is the most problematic one.

00:16:52   I've seen issues with people trying to just tap

00:16:56   on a thumbnail and the file provider extension

00:16:58   just crashing and displaying a content unavailable message.

00:17:02   - Oh no.

00:17:03   - And this sort of adds,

00:17:05   I mean, at least Google fixed the problem

00:17:08   with the Google Drive app,

00:17:09   just opening any kind of file

00:17:11   that you tapped on in the files app,

00:17:13   but now they gotta fix the file provider

00:17:15   because it seems to be very prone to crashing

00:17:18   and just erring out because of memory constraints, I think.

00:17:21   So yeah, I mean, it's good news

00:17:25   that Google is being relatively speedy

00:17:28   when it comes to Google Drive at least

00:17:30   in adopting iOS 11 features,

00:17:32   but here's to hoping they will improve the,

00:17:36   especially the memory management of the extension

00:17:38   in the short term.

00:17:39   - Gotcha.

00:17:42   I have a little more real-time follow up.

00:17:43   The Belkin Audio Plus Charge Rockstar is sold out on Amazon.

00:17:48   - Wow, people want it.

00:17:49   People need that sweet sweet Rockstar.

00:17:52   I will agree-- - I could get it

00:17:53   from my Apple store though.

00:17:54   - That the Google implementation,

00:17:58   the Google Drive implementation, it's not that good.

00:18:01   Right, like there's,

00:18:02   there's clearly something wrong with this one

00:18:05   in a way that isn't with the Dropbox one.

00:18:07   And the Dropbox one isn't perfect.

00:18:09   Like I've had some slowness or some weirdness,

00:18:13   but Dropbox have clearly implemented it better than Google.

00:18:16   I mean, also as well, like, I mean, you know,

00:18:18   the Google Drive one, it kind of, I mean,

00:18:21   for most people that use Google Drive,

00:18:23   like, it doesn't really work the way you would want it to.

00:18:26   Right, like, all it is is just links to open Google Docs.

00:18:29   Right, that's kind of all it is.

00:18:31   And my, it's just all a big mess there for me,

00:18:35   just a bunch of Google Docs that like,

00:18:37   I haven't put into a folder,

00:18:38   but now they just all live there

00:18:40   and they're all intermingled of everything else.

00:18:42   Yeah, I much prefer the Dropbox one, I think.

00:18:45   - To round out follow-up,

00:18:47   I'm gonna ask you guys a very serious question.

00:18:50   Does Google Docs have drag and drop support?

00:18:52   - No.

00:18:53   - Nope.

00:18:54   And you know what, it never will.

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00:20:21   read it as living, but anyway, this is my problem,

00:20:24   not yours. (laughing)

00:20:26   Do Not Disturb While Living.

00:20:28   So Alan's post is basically suggesting some improvements

00:20:32   and some enhancements that could come

00:20:33   to the Do Not Disturb system,

00:20:35   currently exists in iOS and he comes at this from a place which I completely

00:20:39   agree with that like notifications these days are constant and they can be

00:20:44   anything right like you can find out about a friend of yours is just at a

00:20:48   baby all the way down to atrocious things that are happening around the

00:20:52   world and of course just take a quick sidebar there are a lot of terrible

00:20:56   things happening right now and we think about them all the time and they're

00:20:58   horrible and I wish that stuff would change but anyway so you can find out

00:21:02   stuff like this, like from news alerts, or you can find out what the weather's like,

00:21:07   or you can get an email telling you that you just received a pay – it can be anything,

00:21:10   right? Notifications can be anything and they all come to you and it doesn't matter when

00:21:13   you want them or when you don't. So more controls over this and what you see would

00:21:18   be great. And so like this is an interesting time to think about Do Not Disturb because

00:21:24   Apple seems less intent on making Notification Center better, it's only regressing Notification

00:21:29   center over time, but they are improving Do Not Disturb with Do Not Disturb while driving.

00:21:34   So maybe this could be an improvement to notification handling in improving Do Not Disturb.

00:21:40   So I wanted to start off by asking you two what you're doing about Do Not Disturb.

00:21:46   Like Stephen, do you have a programmatic Do Not Disturb?

00:21:50   When is it set for you?

00:21:51   Do you have it on Never all the time?

00:21:53   What do you do?

00:21:54   So I use it in the car and I actually just looked at my schedule.

00:21:58   I have it enabled at 10 30 p.m. and it comes off at 6 45 a.m. which is about you

00:22:05   know probably half an hour after my alarm is set in the morning I have it I

00:22:09   have phone calls from favorites allowed to pass through I keep my favorites is

00:22:14   very short I mean it's my immediate family Myke it's you on FaceTime and

00:22:19   that's you know maybe one or two other friends it's a very short list and of

00:22:24   that list of favorites, none of those people would call me late at night unless it was

00:22:31   something truly serious.

00:22:33   These are people that I text with.

00:22:35   So I feel comfortable that if someone needed to call me, then it would get through at night.

00:22:41   I also have the repeated calls turned on.

00:22:44   If someone, now my favorite is just calls you and then they call you back within three

00:22:48   minutes, the call will come through.

00:22:50   I've never had an experience where that's been an issue,

00:22:55   where like a robocall or something,

00:22:56   so I leave that on as well.

00:22:57   So yeah, it comes on at night automatically.

00:22:59   I used to not do this,

00:23:01   but then the three of us became friends,

00:23:03   and I will often wake up to many, many iMessages

00:23:07   that the two of you have passed while I've been asleep,

00:23:10   and that used to drive me crazy,

00:23:11   and so I really use this because the two of you.

00:23:15   - Anytime.

00:23:16   - And so yeah, it's about it.

00:23:18   I will manually do it occasionally.

00:23:19   Like when we're recording, I put it in Do Not Disturb manually.

00:23:24   But that's how I use it.

00:23:26   What about you, Federico?

00:23:28   I actually don't.

00:23:30   Most of the time, I enable Do Not Disturb manually

00:23:34   when I know that I absolutely need it.

00:23:37   But when we record, for example, I

00:23:41   need to be able to see if my girlfriend is texting me.

00:23:44   Because either she's coming back home or something's up

00:23:47   with the puppies.

00:23:47   and I need to be able to see the notification

00:23:51   on the lock screen.

00:23:52   And when I turn it on manually,

00:23:55   when I'm working, when I'm writing,

00:23:57   when I need to be focused,

00:23:58   like when I'm working on the iOS 11 review,

00:24:01   when I was working on the iOS 11 review this summer,

00:24:03   I kept it on all the time basically

00:24:05   because I needed to be super focused.

00:24:07   But during the year for the typical workday,

00:24:12   I don't keep the Not Disturb and Able

00:24:13   unless I'm working on a long form story

00:24:16   or like a review that requires a lot of attention.

00:24:19   And I also do not keep the while driving option

00:24:25   enabled anymore.

00:24:27   Not because I want to look at my phone while I'm driving,

00:24:29   but because I want Sylvia to be able to look at

00:24:31   notifications while I'm driving.

00:24:33   If something happens and there's like an important email

00:24:35   or a message, she's able, funny story,

00:24:38   she's often the one who replies on my behalf to John

00:24:41   and Myke or Steven, but they actually don't know this.

00:24:46   because I tell her what to write, but she's the hands behind the messages.

00:24:51   I'm not comfortable with this.

00:24:53   You never know. You never know when it happens.

00:24:56   This is now the problem, right? I'm not comfortable because who knows what I could be saying.

00:25:00   Now I'm going to have every message that I send to you. I'm going to imagine it's Sylvia seeing it.

00:25:04   Yeah, you really do not ever say anything appropriate.

00:25:08   Not appropriate.

00:25:09   Oh my gosh. I was like, "Oh no, what have I done?"

00:25:11   You never say any appropriate thing. You are a terrible human and we hate you.

00:25:14   Anything not appropriate.

00:25:17   So all of your messages are very, very polite and kind and funny.

00:25:21   He's a gentleman.

00:25:22   So I think you're fine, really.

00:25:24   I've got to say, I don't like the driving thing because you're the only person

00:25:29   that I've had this with Federico, like sending a text message and it comes up like,

00:25:32   "Oh, Federico's driving. I really don't like those messages."

00:25:34   Yeah, I turn them off.

00:25:36   Yeah, me too.

00:25:37   And first I turn those off and then I just realized I should just turn off

00:25:41   DLD while driving because most of the time I'm driving with another person.

00:25:45   I rarely drive alone and I want Sylvia to be able to look at my messages and just give

00:25:51   me like a summary of if there's anything important she'll tell me otherwise you just say you'll

00:25:55   respond later.

00:25:57   So yeah, I enable it manually when I want to.

00:26:04   So I still live my system of do not disturb always.

00:26:07   So my phone is in constant do not disturb mode and then things come through to my watch.

00:26:11   I still live that life, that's my life that I live.

00:26:13   So my phone is always in do not disturb so that works great for me.

00:26:16   And I do the calling thing right like favourites it will ring and the multiple people calling

00:26:20   through it will ring.

00:26:22   But I keep the do not disturb on my phone all the time.

00:26:25   So one of the things that Alan proposes which I actually think is something just from listening

00:26:29   to you two talk is actually something that would be great is the ability to set timed

00:26:36   do not disturb. And this is kind of like the big thing that he's talking about in his article

00:26:40   that there are a bunch of applications like Slack, right, that have their in-app based

00:26:45   do not disturb, which you can set up on their schedules or you can set for small periods

00:26:50   of time. So you can say like, I'll turn this off at such and such time because the remembering

00:26:55   to turn off do not disturb can, I assume, is something that happens quite a lot if you're

00:26:59   someone that does it the way that you guys do, right? Like you turn it on for a little

00:27:02   while like why are you necessarily gonna remember to turn it off so it would be

00:27:06   really great if do not disturb could be set for a specific period of time and

00:27:10   turn itself off like if you're about to go into a one-hour meeting or you're

00:27:13   gonna record a podcast for two hours just set it to be like turn off in two

00:27:16   hours and there is definitely an ability within Apple's UI to do this right like

00:27:22   the new 3d touch stuff and even Alan created a mock-up right like there are a

00:27:26   bunch of things where you can press down and make effects and it would work in

00:27:29   control center. So it all fits and I think that this would be a really really

00:27:33   good evolution of the Do Not Disturb system.

00:27:38   Yeah totally I agree I think especially the manual option with the sliders that

00:27:43   you select an amount of time that's super clever and it fits with the

00:27:46   current control center interface design and I also agree on the idea of more

00:27:51   contextual Do Not Disturb triggers. I think it would be super useful. First

00:27:56   well to have like a movie mode where automatically when I'm watching a video

00:28:01   and I'm in full screen I do not want notifications to come in and interrupt

00:28:05   me whether they pop up on screen or they also lower the volume of the

00:28:10   movie and I also think there should be a mode where like Do Not Disturb is able

00:28:16   to look into my calendar and like when I create an event there's a toggle that

00:28:21   says when this event is in progress automatically engage Do Not Disturb

00:28:26   and I would flip the switch in the event creation UI.

00:28:29   And so when the event is on, like connected recording,

00:28:32   my iPhone would automatically see that the event is going on

00:28:35   and it remembers, well, I should turn on the

00:28:37   Do Not Disturb now because Federico

00:28:38   doesn't wanna see notifications now.

00:28:40   So I think there's definitely a lot of potential

00:28:43   for extending Do Not Disturb in addition to the manual mode

00:28:47   and to the driving mode to other contextual options.

00:28:50   - Yeah, that would be, I really like the idea

00:28:53   of the event-based, doing a disturb, right?

00:28:56   Like, even if it was like,

00:28:58   even a whole calendar would be amazing, right?

00:29:00   So like, my podcast calendar would just set

00:29:01   doing a disturb on constantly,

00:29:03   and then I would just, nothing would ever come through.

00:29:05   Like, that is a really nice idea.

00:29:07   - Yeah, it seems like, you know,

00:29:08   Apple's trying to build all these links.

00:29:10   You know, they're kind of using the Siri branding

00:29:12   to do this, and this feels like such a natural extension

00:29:15   of what they're already doing.

00:29:16   Like, they have all this data,

00:29:18   and it's all on device.

00:29:21   Like, this would all be done on device, right?

00:29:23   it can parse the calendar and put it on a widget and do all such stuff.

00:29:25   It really seems like do not disturb is one of those things where besides the

00:29:30   driving thing they added this year, like I can't remember the last time they

00:29:33   approved it. Like it's been basically the same since launch.

00:29:37   I don't even, I mean, do you guys even remember when this was added to the

00:29:40   iPhone? Like I can't even.

00:29:42   I want to say 5, 6 maybe?

00:29:45   Yeah, somewhere in there. It's been a long time.

00:29:47   It feels like a 6 or 7 thing for me. I don't think, I think it was later than 5.

00:29:51   five seems pretty far away but.

00:29:53   - But I agree with you, it's time that Apple sort of

00:29:56   make this smarter.

00:29:58   I mean they have all the data like, come on, just do it.

00:30:02   - This is one of those things where like, rightly so,

00:30:04   like anybody that uses Android, you know,

00:30:06   I'm sure you can do this, I bet you can, I bet.

00:30:09   And so it should be in iOS.

00:30:12   Like this is one of those things where they can be like,

00:30:14   oh this is Siri powered.

00:30:15   Like wherever it is or isn't, right,

00:30:16   you could just be like, Siri's doing this.

00:30:18   This is one of the things that Siri can do for you.

00:30:20   so smart. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sure that will be the branding actually, yes you're

00:30:25   right. And also piggybacking on this, just like a super quick thing for me, right, because

00:30:29   I use the watch as my notification filter, I would love to see the abilities when a notification

00:30:34   comes through to force press on a notification to get an option to disable all notifications

00:30:39   for that application. Like, because too often apps sneak through my system because if you

00:30:46   enable notifications on the phone, it enables them on the watch. And I would love to be

00:30:50   able on the watch to just be like, I don't want to see notifications from this game on

00:30:54   my watch, right, rather than needing to go into the app all the time and turn them off.

00:30:59   Just purely because the force touch and push notification does nothing. So give me something,

00:31:04   right? Like, I would like to be able to do something there because I've tried it. It's

00:31:09   like, I wonder, will it work? Or I just looked at my watch and Federico's looking at me on

00:31:13   my watch. So that's that's fun. Last week it was Casey. This week is Federico. He's

00:31:18   It's just smoldering at me on my watch face right now.

00:31:22   - Okay, all right.

00:31:23   - I'll put a screenshot in the show notes

00:31:25   so people can see smoldering TG on my wrist.

00:31:28   - You know I disabled the Siri watch face.

00:31:31   I really like it.

00:31:33   I like the idea.

00:31:35   But every time I raise my wrist,

00:31:36   I need to, I read about what is going on

00:31:40   with US politics or some other tragedy

00:31:42   and it's really depressing.

00:31:43   - Just turn that off.

00:31:44   Just what source is that?

00:31:45   What news source?

00:31:47   Like what thing is that?

00:31:48   - You can turn news off entirely.

00:31:49   - Yeah.

00:31:51   - You're right.

00:31:51   That could be that I didn't think of that.

00:31:54   Yeah.

00:31:56   - What data source is that though?

00:31:57   - Is it news? - Apple news.

00:32:00   - Oh, that's interesting.

00:32:01   It doesn't show for me probably

00:32:02   because I deleted the application on my phone.

00:32:05   - That would probably do it.

00:32:06   - That's cool that it does that, right?

00:32:08   Like, so it knows the app isn't there

00:32:09   so it doesn't even show it as a possibility

00:32:11   in the Siri watch face for me.

00:32:13   Huh.

00:32:14   So yeah, just turn off the Apple news thing.

00:32:15   Because we can go, if anybody doesn't know this,

00:32:17   on the Siri watch face, once you've enabled it,

00:32:20   you can tap on it and you can change the complications

00:32:23   and amend the data sources.

00:32:24   So I turned off stocks because it was like,

00:32:26   what are you doing?

00:32:27   Right, like I don't know that.

00:32:28   So yeah, if you like the watch face Federico,

00:32:31   that's a way around it, right?

00:32:32   You just turn that off.

00:32:34   - I really wish that I could,

00:32:36   that third party developers could plug into this

00:32:39   and like show me like a summary of my to-do list or whatever.

00:32:42   Like that would make it,

00:32:43   Like just that single addition would make it like 10 times more powerful for me.

00:32:48   I genuinely think that that is a watchOS 5 thing.

00:32:51   Like I genuinely believe that they're going to do that because I think that they've introduced this as a potential,

00:32:58   like this is how we think the watch should be right.

00:33:01   Like this is what it should be.

00:33:02   It should be showing you this information.

00:33:04   So I have my I have my fingers crossed for like watchOS 5 to allow developers to push this sort of information to the Siri face.

00:33:13   I got my fingers crossed. I got my fingers crossed. That's all I can have. I've got my

00:33:20   picture here now. I'm going to put it in the chat room. I'll put it in the show notes so

00:33:23   you can see. They've got a smoldering tg on my wrist. I'm really happy to have that today.

00:33:30   You see it? See him? See him just there? Just looking back at me?

00:33:33   Let me take a look at this picture. Oh wow. Okay. That is really intense for a watch face.

00:33:41   This is nice. I like it. It's like you're just looking into my soul and just telling

00:33:45   me that it's all going to be okay.

00:33:47   You should set it as your actual watch face.

00:33:49   You know what? I might set him as the kaleidoscope. You know, and every now and then I'll just

00:33:54   match it all up again and it'll look great.

00:33:57   That's good.

00:33:58   The TG emerges from the mayhem.

00:34:00   Wow.

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00:34:55   And then it fills out a Google Sheet for us, which is awesome.

00:34:58   And then because I'm super nerdy, I set up a pushover push notification.

00:35:04   So every time somebody filled out a cell in that spreadsheet,

00:35:07   I got a notification about it on my watch.

00:35:10   but that's just like a little extra thing.

00:35:12   But yeah, Squarespace enables me to be able to do that.

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00:35:43   All right, so Amazon did a bunch of stuff.

00:35:50   There's like a bunch of new Echos.

00:35:52   We're gonna touch on a couple of those

00:35:53   and talk about some news related to the Amazon Echo.

00:35:58   On upgrade, we spoke about some of the new devices.

00:36:03   And during that segment, I caught an amnesty on the name

00:36:07   and just let it fly.

00:36:09   I think we're gonna do that here today too.

00:36:11   There is a vast possibility that if you have an Amazon Echo

00:36:15   in a room with you, we're gonna trigger it at some point.

00:36:18   So I am giving everybody the time right now

00:36:21   as I'm talking to mute their Amazon Echos

00:36:24   and we could just let it fly.

00:36:26   So Federico, we have some middle show followup

00:36:30   to address right now.

00:36:31   Both me and Steven made a heavy bet

00:36:35   which we'll get to around timeframes,

00:36:39   about you coming back to the Echo

00:36:42   because a couple of weeks ago, you were like,

00:36:45   "I'm done, I don't want this anymore in my life.

00:36:48   Siri is amazing, we don't need this Amazon Echo nonsense."

00:36:53   And both me and Steven on episode 158,

00:36:56   published on September the 5th,

00:36:58   believed that you would come back

00:37:01   to the Amazon Echo and Alexa lifestyle.

00:37:05   Now, Steven, you bet six to eight weeks, right?

00:37:08   And I said by the end of the year.

00:37:11   So Federico, that was three weeks ago.

00:37:14   Have you stayed true to your pledge?

00:37:18   - No.

00:37:19   (laughing)

00:37:21   - There we go, welcome back, buddy.

00:37:22   Nice to see you again.

00:37:24   - So what happened?

00:37:26   Well, we're back partially,

00:37:28   and I think we both found out what the problem was.

00:37:32   So it was funny because it turns out

00:37:34   that both Silvia and I were actually missing the Echo,

00:37:38   but we were not telling each other

00:37:40   because we were kinda ashamed of the fact

00:37:43   that we were wrong.

00:37:44   And it was so surprising to me

00:37:46   that especially Silvia was missing being able

00:37:48   to ask the Echo to do stuff like setting timers

00:37:52   or turning on the lights or listening to music

00:37:54   via the Spotify integration.

00:37:56   And then one day we were like cleaning the house

00:37:59   and rearranging a few things.

00:38:01   And I just went, you know, I kind of miss Alexa.

00:38:04   And she's like, oh my God, I do as well.

00:38:06   Like, I didn't want to tell you.

00:38:08   - It's a real moment for y'all.

00:38:10   - Yeah, it was really romantic in a way that, you know.

00:38:14   Yeah, and so I went into the,

00:38:16   like where we keep all of our old accessories and stuff.

00:38:21   - Computers.

00:38:22   - Like a box that I keep outside.

00:38:24   And I just, I just brought Alexa back from the dead.

00:38:29   And yeah, but what we did is we realized that we were,

00:38:34   the Echo Dot, we're not using that

00:38:39   because we both were annoyed by the constant presence

00:38:44   of the Echo in the bedroom.

00:38:46   And we didn't like that I set it up

00:38:50   so it was connected to a bunch of,

00:38:54   to a set of really crappy speakers

00:38:57   and terrible sound quality.

00:39:00   And also the fact that I thought it would be a nice idea

00:39:03   to control our television just with Alexa

00:39:07   and the Harmony remote.

00:39:08   - That's a terrible idea.

00:39:10   - That is a terrible idea.

00:39:12   And also Sylvia really doesn't like the touch input

00:39:15   of the Harmony remote.

00:39:17   And also the fact that it combines a bunch of shows.

00:39:20   She prefers, so we have a TV and a soundbar

00:39:23   and she prefers having separate remotes for the soundbar

00:39:27   and the TV.

00:39:28   - Okay.

00:39:29   - She finds the interface of the Harmony remote confusing,

00:39:31   which I totally understand.

00:39:32   - Yep.

00:39:33   - And so we're not using the Echo Dot anymore,

00:39:36   but we have the full standard Echo back in the kitchen.

00:39:40   And yes, I was missing especially timers

00:39:43   and lights controls.

00:39:45   And also the Spotify integration is nice

00:39:49   because when you're cooking,

00:39:51   you can just say something, play something real quickly.

00:39:54   and it does play something on the Echo.

00:39:58   So yeah, I think it's important for me to,

00:40:02   you know, I do this all the time,

00:40:03   it's important for me to leave a few things behind

00:40:07   to understand what is really important to me.

00:40:09   And another experiment that I did recently

00:40:12   was for like three days,

00:40:13   I wanted to use Things as my task manager.

00:40:16   And I was able to appreciate the design of Things.

00:40:20   I think it's a really great looking app, seriously.

00:40:23   Like it's super, like it's adequately put together.

00:40:27   But it made me realize just how much I rely on Todoist

00:40:31   for automation, for collaboration.

00:40:33   And even if it's not as pretty, it is so useful to me.

00:40:37   - Yeah, it's interesting that you actually did undergo

00:40:40   that experiment, 'cause I feel like I could have told you

00:40:42   immediately that you wouldn't be able to live

00:40:44   about the automation.

00:40:46   - Yeah, yeah, but I need to see this with my own eyes.

00:40:51   - Yeah, I understand.

00:40:52   I need to test this and also the fact that we removed both of the echoes and then we realized we were really missing only one of them.

00:41:00   I think that was useful to just to understand how we use technology around the house.

00:41:06   And so now we're back on the echo train and we're keeping our usage quite light.

00:41:13   We have controlling the Philips U lights, listening to music, setting timers.

00:41:19   And maybe we're going to enable the Logi Circle skill for the camera because we got a wireless circle to camera.

00:41:28   Maybe we're going to enable that skill. I'm not sure it's so useful because all I think all you can do is start a new recording or set in private mode.

00:41:35   What made you want to get the camera?

00:41:37   The wireless camera. Basically, we need to keep a camera in the by the front door.

00:41:41   And with the angle that we want to have, there isn't any wall outlet nearby.

00:41:47   So up until now we needed to run a cable and like duct tape it to the wall, to the wooden frame of the kitchen door.

00:41:57   Because that's the nearest wall outlet and that was super inelegant.

00:42:03   So we got a wireless camera and I also bought a...

00:42:07   I already bought like another battery so that when it runs out I'll just whop it in and put the other one to charge and do so every two to three months.

00:42:15   Also, I mean a wireless camera is amazing.

00:42:17   Like, you can just place these anywhere.

00:42:19   It's true, yeah.

00:42:21   It's true.

00:42:22   So it's really what you have done here with your Echo is like what I do with Evernote

00:42:27   sometimes, right?

00:42:28   I just have to go...

00:42:29   It is actually what you do with a lot of things, right?

00:42:32   I have to go try it and then I come back to where I was.

00:42:36   You still using Apple Music?

00:42:37   Yes, yeah, very happy with it.

00:42:39   Good, good, good.

00:42:41   Yeah.

00:42:42   I don't think that...

00:42:43   I'm really happy with Apple Music.

00:42:44   Anyways, so Frederick, I'm glad you're back.

00:42:47   I'm glad that the two of you had some sort of

00:42:50   weird tech-centric couples therapy over this.

00:42:53   It sounds like you maybe worked through some things,

00:42:55   which is really good, it's encouraging.

00:42:57   - Yeah.

00:42:58   - Did you welcome the Echo back when you set it up?

00:43:01   - I actually did.

00:43:02   I said-- (laughs)

00:43:04   - I'm so sorry.

00:43:05   - No, I said, you know, I said like,

00:43:08   Alexa, welcome back, and she came back

00:43:10   with some totally useless reply.

00:43:13   And Sibiya was like "oh she's back"

00:43:15   She's like "I'll show you, put me out in the hallway, I'll show you"

00:43:19   Yeah, yeah, yes I'm really happy that we were able to stay without the echo for two to three weeks

00:43:30   and sort of understand what we appreciate about this speaker and just how we use it

00:43:38   I think it's a powerful idea and it made me even more curious about the HomePod.

00:43:42   Like will Apple be able to replicate this kind of experience?

00:43:46   I don't know.

00:43:47   Okay, so the event was done in secret.

00:43:49   It was even, like the event itself was embargoed, which I found hilarious.

00:43:54   They released a whole wide range of stuff very quickly.

00:43:59   There's the Echo Plus, which is in the body of the old full-sized Echo.

00:44:03   It has an improved speaker system, some new finishes.

00:44:07   smart home stuff so it has a radio that can talk to some smart home devices

00:44:13   directly and it comes with a is it a Philips Hue bulb like yeah a Philips Hue

00:44:18   bulb comes with it which is kind of cool they have the the regular echo which is

00:44:23   now much smaller if you've seen a Google home it looks very similar to that sort

00:44:26   of small smaller and squad ear you get them cloth covered or different finishes

00:44:31   again they say better speakers and then there's the spot which is like a

00:44:36   shrunken down Echo show so it has a screen it's like a it's like a two and

00:44:42   a half inch round display maybe three and a half inch not very big this is

00:44:47   really I think designed to be like a smart alarm clock like it feels like it

00:44:51   wants to be on your nightstand remember it has a front-facing camera so maybe

00:44:55   you don't want it on your nightstand or maybe you'll go all Zuckerberg on it and

00:44:59   tape over it this feels way more approachable and more friendly than the

00:45:03   The Echo Show, it's way better looking.

00:45:05   The Echo Show looks not great.

00:45:08   And these things are like scattered across the price range.

00:45:12   So I think the normal Echo now is 100 bucks.

00:45:15   You can spend less, you can spend more.

00:45:18   There's a whole wide range of things.

00:45:19   They've really taken the Apple approach

00:45:20   of having lots of devices to hit every price point.

00:45:24   Which is new for Amazon that, you know,

00:45:26   up until this point they had the Echo Dot,

00:45:28   which is for sale anywhere between 35 and 50 bucks

00:45:33   depending on when you get it.

00:45:35   And then the Echo was, I think, 149

00:45:37   was its most recent stable price point.

00:45:40   So they've spread out a little bit,

00:45:42   which I think is good.

00:45:43   You can charge them with throwing spaghetti on the wall

00:45:49   to borrow a phrase from the chat room,

00:45:51   and Apple's doing the same thing with iPhones, I think,

00:45:53   and iPads and everything else.

00:45:55   But companies do this because it works,

00:45:57   'cause people want different price points.

00:45:59   They don't wanna feel like they have to spend 149 bucks

00:46:02   to get something decent.

00:46:03   So I see whether Amazon's doing it.

00:46:06   I don't have a problem with it.

00:46:07   As far as my household, I've ordered the new Echo.

00:46:11   You know, we have a full size Echo in the kitchen.

00:46:13   We primarily use it for Spotify,

00:46:15   even though my wife really likes it

00:46:16   for like the news roundups at the end of the day

00:46:18   and we do all sorts of stuff on it.

00:46:20   But music is a big use.

00:46:21   And if it does sound better,

00:46:23   which Amazon says it does,

00:46:25   but they're like imagery of the inside,

00:46:27   looks a lot like the imagery of the old ones,

00:46:28   so there's some question there.

00:46:31   You know, if it does sound better,

00:46:32   then I think we'll be happy with it.

00:46:33   So I got the new full-sized Echo.

00:46:36   So it'll be shorter and smaller than the old ones,

00:46:38   which would be, actually would be nice.

00:46:39   Where we have it sitting in the kitchen

00:46:40   is very conspicuous, so something a little bit smaller

00:46:42   would be nice.

00:46:43   And I will probably put the full-sized Echo,

00:46:46   the previous one, out here in the office

00:46:47   and replace the Echo Dot that I have out here.

00:46:50   So that's what we've done.

00:46:52   I'm not interested in the Echo Plus,

00:46:54   because I already have lots of smart home hubs

00:46:56   running around on my network.

00:46:57   I don't wanna take them off the network

00:46:59   and swap them out with this.

00:47:00   didn't seem to make any sense to me, so that's what I've done.

00:47:03   What about y'all?

00:47:04   Y'all doing anything?

00:47:05   I did want to say about the spaghetti on the wall thing just real quick.

00:47:08   Yes.

00:47:09   I'm actually really impressed by Amazon here, that they have been able to come out with

00:47:14   like essentially three main products and a bunch of ancillary products like the landline

00:47:20   thing or whatever, but they've developed all of these products really quickly.

00:47:25   Like they're just like, here's a bunch of new stuff, right?

00:47:28   including the show and the look. I'm impressed by their research and

00:47:33   development and design teams. They've been able to kind of, they made

00:47:36   this one cylinder and then they're like, "People seem to like this,

00:47:39   let's make all of the form factors now instead." And they've just done all

00:47:43   of it. I think it's pretty impressive, the speed that they've

00:47:46   been able to move to expand the line and what works they'll keep and what doesn't

00:47:50   they want. I don't think Amazon care about that. What you'll notice,

00:47:56   one of the echoes seems to have completely disappeared now which is that battery power

00:48:00   Bluetooth one was it the tap?

00:48:02   Yeah.

00:48:03   Right and they just don't care about that sort of stuff. That one's gone now and here

00:48:06   are the new ones. I bought the new echo the smaller echo I think it's a much better looking

00:48:12   device. I like the cloth coverings but we went with the metal finish because we're going

00:48:18   to put it in the kitchen we're going to replace the big one in the kitchen. So I don't think

00:48:22   that a cloth covered thing will hold up very well in the kitchen, right? Like I

00:48:27   feel like that that thing's gonna get all nasty after a certain period of time,

00:48:31   right? Yeah, I did, I'm actually looking at my order, I think I did the black

00:48:36   cloth one and I had that thought but ours is sort of, it's not near the stove

00:48:41   or the sink or anything, it's sort of just on a counter. Yeah, ours is like bang in the

00:48:45   middle of the sink and the stove, right? Like it's like right there. Yeah, that's gonna get, that's gonna get nasty.

00:48:49   - Yeah, so we went with the metal one,

00:48:51   and then we're gonna do the shuffle.

00:48:53   So like, I'm gonna put the big one in the office,

00:48:56   then we're gonna put the dot in the bedroom.

00:48:58   We'll see how that goes.

00:48:59   Maybe we'll go Federico in that situation,

00:49:01   but that's where that's gonna go.

00:49:02   Like, and we're just gonna use it as an input device,

00:49:04   we don't have to attach anything to it.

00:49:06   'Cause we have smart lights in the bedroom,

00:49:08   and I think it would be nice

00:49:09   to just be able to control them that way

00:49:11   rather than shouting to hope that it will hear me

00:49:13   in the office.

00:49:14   - That's the only reason I have a dot in our bedroom

00:49:16   is that at the end of the night,

00:49:18   we come to bed and I have several lights on smart switches

00:49:22   and they're set on a timer to turn off late at night,

00:49:24   but if we want them to turn them off early,

00:49:26   we just say hey, shut my front light off and it does it.

00:49:29   - So yeah, we just further continue connecting the house.

00:49:33   Although, I mean, our house is, our apartment is

00:49:35   of the size where you can be anywhere in it

00:49:37   and just speak loudly enough and one of them

00:49:39   will pick you up, but we're just gonna fill it all out.

00:49:42   'Cause we're gonna have an extra one,

00:49:43   so we might as well put it in another room

00:49:45   and that feels like the place for it.

00:49:46   But I like the new Echo, I think it looks lovely.

00:49:48   It's a much better looking thing, it has the controls on it, you can hook up speakers to it if you want to.

00:49:53   I think it's a good looking product.

00:49:55   Yeah, I do too.

00:49:56   What I want to do is I want to get an echo spot, because I think it looks nice and definitely nicer than the Echo Show.

00:50:03   And I want to put one on my nightstand, but without connecting a speaker to it.

00:50:09   And I want to see if... there's a few things that I would like to be possible.

00:50:14   First I want to see if I can talk to it and create tasks in Todoist and see like a visual confirmation on the tiny screen.

00:50:26   I assume that that is possible for developers, I'm not sure, but I want to see if I can just talk to it and then see like a UI pop up on the screen.

00:50:35   I also want to see if maybe now that I have all these different cameras inside the house if they can maybe send

00:50:41   Like a video stream so that if we keep the bedroom door

00:50:46   locked we can see what the dogs are doing somewhere else in the house and

00:50:51   Finally I want to see if I can just do regular Alexa stuff

00:50:57   but without a speaker now I want to see how much the screen can help in this regard and

00:51:03   I wonder if maybe Amazon is gonna do things differently than the echo show or

00:51:07   if it's gonna be just the same interaction and the same API's just on

00:51:11   a smaller screen. Now that I don't know. Yeah I'm interested by the little um

00:51:16   what is it called the the spot - I think it's like a cute little thing like it

00:51:21   just looks kind of fun and it feels like you know that like this show is the

00:51:27   original Kindle and the spot is like every Kindle that came after it. You can

00:51:33   actually look at it without your eyes bleeding. Yeah it's less angles, less

00:51:36   weird angles. They love angles on first-gen hardware. They sure do but like

00:51:42   it's a it's not it's I mean I know that Federico you can get around us like you

00:51:45   did the original one but it's US only starting sale in December. Oh yeah I got that

00:51:50   covered. Yeah I have no doubt that you've got it covered I have absolutely

00:51:54   oh you know I'm gonna be in the US in December I might just order one to like

00:51:58   a hotel or something but yeah I'm looking forward to that like on that

00:52:02   note as well. The show is available to buy now in the UK and it ships within the next

00:52:09   couple of weeks like the regular echoes do. It comes out at the end of October, the new

00:52:15   echo stuff, but I won't get mine until November. If you're not buying one of the cloth ones,

00:52:20   it's a little bit longer wait, it's a couple of weeks more. Also, the echo to echo voice

00:52:26   calling as of today has been enabled in the UK and Germany. Not that I'm ever ever going

00:52:32   to use that.

00:52:33   You can call Germans now.

00:52:35   I just don't want to do that. I'm not up for that.

00:52:39   I used the Echo messaging the first day to troll other people who I knew had them and

00:52:45   that was the end of that.

00:52:48   There was a moment today where I saw the app update and was like "Oh I'll call Steven"

00:52:53   but it was like 11 a.m. my time.

00:52:55   So that would have been fun for everyone.

00:52:58   - Yeah, that would have been bad news.

00:53:01   The Alexa app on iOS, still the default screen

00:53:04   when you open it is conversations,

00:53:06   which still drives me crazy.

00:53:08   And mine are all from May when it was introduced

00:53:10   here in the US.

00:53:11   Not a super useful feature.

00:53:15   They're obviously pushing into it.

00:53:16   We didn't really talk about the Kinect,

00:53:18   but it plugs into your landline

00:53:19   and turns your landline phone number

00:53:21   into some sort of Alexa messaging platform,

00:53:26   but I don't know.

00:53:28   It seems, I don't know why they're doing it.

00:53:33   Maybe it'll prove really popular in some place

00:53:37   where FaceTime and iMessage or WhatsApp

00:53:39   don't have a strong hold on the market,

00:53:41   but at least here in the US, it really feels like a,

00:53:44   okay, well, I don't really care about that at all.

00:53:47   - Oh, I can not enable it.

00:53:50   That's great.

00:53:51   I'm looking at the app right now and it wants my phone number and I'm just like skip and

00:53:55   then it's just not letting it's just not setting up the messaging stuff so I'm just gonna leave

00:53:59   it like that because I don't want this like I have no design for it.

00:54:02   It's a silly thing.

00:54:03   Yeah because now everybody's tested it and they know it works and whatever like I don't

00:54:06   need to do it so great news everybody.

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00:55:38   Like I've tested them against other stuff and all the notifications come through

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00:56:18   Thanks, Flight Logger.

00:56:20   Okay, so iOS 11 has been out for a couple of weeks

00:56:24   and we've been testing it.

00:56:25   Is that how that goes?

00:56:27   We've been testing this app for a couple of weeks now.

00:56:29   - We've been testing it for a couple of weeks.

00:56:29   - Yeah, I mean, I've just been on iOS 11 since,

00:56:33   you know, I don't put betas on my devices.

00:56:35   - Yeah.

00:56:36   - I installed it when it came out, you know,

00:56:38   I read the full--

00:56:39   - Yeah, we were waiting for the release date

00:56:40   and you know, I read this walkthrough on MacStories

00:56:44   and then I started.

00:56:45   - Yeah, I don't like those walkthroughs and those guides.

00:56:48   I really don't think they're for me.

00:56:50   I just prefer-- - It spoils the game, right?

00:56:52   - Yeah, yeah, yeah, I just prefer to read short posts,

00:56:56   like 500 words or something.

00:56:57   - Hot takes.

00:56:58   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:56:59   - The hottest takes, 280 character hot takes.

00:57:01   That's what I like.

00:57:02   Finally, there was a place to get them.

00:57:05   - Yeah.

00:57:06   - But in all seriousness, we've been trying,

00:57:08   there's been so many app updates and new apps

00:57:10   that have come out since iOS 11.

00:57:11   We wanted to share some of our favorites with you

00:57:14   and you know what this means, it's time for a round robin.

00:57:17   So we're gonna round robin some iOS 11 apps.

00:57:20   I'm gonna start off with one that I was sent a beta for

00:57:24   and it is something I've used a bunch of times already

00:57:26   and I love it and it's so simple.

00:57:28   It's called Zipped and it's by a developer

00:57:30   called Multi-Educator.

00:57:32   There'll obviously be links to all these in the show notes.

00:57:34   It is just a very simple application

00:57:36   that lets you zip and unzip files on iOS.

00:57:39   You can import things from the files app,

00:57:41   so you can just open the file,

00:57:43   like the document picker files app thing,

00:57:45   and choose a bunch of files and it will zip them.

00:57:48   Or you can use drag and drop,

00:57:49   so you can drag multiple files in at once

00:57:52   and it creates a zip.

00:57:53   Or you drag a zip file in and it will unzip it,

00:57:56   and then you can save the results somewhere in files.app.

00:57:58   Super simple, something that I'm very happy to have.

00:58:02   There have been a bunch of applications that can do this,

00:58:05   but this is the one that works for me in this iOS 11 world,

00:58:09   because it does one thing and does it well

00:58:12   and it implements drag and drop in a great way.

00:58:14   So yeah, it's called Zipped and I really, really like it.

00:58:17   - So my pick is a default app.

00:58:22   It's actually Apple Mail.

00:58:24   - Look at you.

00:58:25   - I have a complicated relationship with Apple Mail

00:58:28   in that I think Apple is making a mistake

00:58:32   by being stuck in the past

00:58:34   and not adopting push notifications for Gmail

00:58:37   or app integrations with third-party services

00:58:40   or just really enabling some kind of extensions

00:58:43   while you're reading an email message.

00:58:46   But also, the reason that I'm using mail for now

00:58:51   is that I've yet to find an alternative email client

00:58:55   on iOS 11 that works with drag and drop the way that I want.

00:58:58   And before people recommend airmail--

00:59:02   - Like I will in a little bit. (laughs)

00:59:05   I've been having some issues with airmail and just general stability and animations,

00:59:12   a few bugs, a few graphical glitches and...

00:59:14   Oh, so you've come into the problems that have existed with airmail for airmail's entire

00:59:18   time.

00:59:19   It's so buggy.

00:59:20   I feel like we could have said this constantly, right?

00:59:22   Like it is like that.

00:59:23   This is the app.

00:59:24   It has gotten worse for me and to the point where I, you know, when it launched in my

00:59:30   review I wrote that there's a few bugs, there's a few glitches and it seems like over time

00:59:34   it's gotten worse and I feel bad because I love those guys. They have so many good ideas,

00:59:39   but in terms of polish and in terms of bugs they really do need to find a solution. Because I mean

00:59:45   sometimes my emails they say airmail plays the sent sound and then an email message is not sent

00:59:52   at all. And that for me is a problem. And I do appreciate the general stability and you know

01:00:00   Apple Mail is fast and fluid. You can say whatever you want about it, but at least the UI is not as buggy as

01:00:08   Air Mail. The reason that I like it is that when I drag an email message from Mail into something else,

01:00:15   usually my task manager, which is Todoist, it creates a link back to the email message.

01:00:20   Like a message column slash slash link that I tap it and it takes me back to that individual message.

01:00:26   And that for me is the right way to implement drag and drop on iOS 11 from an email client.

01:00:31   I want to pick up an email message and drop it into my task manager or my note-taking application.

01:00:37   And I want to reference that message. I've yet to find, besides Yarmil, which does this,

01:00:43   you know, stuff like Outlook or Spark or email by EasilyDuo, which is now called Addison Mail,

01:00:50   I think. So all these other email clients, Polymail, they don't have this feature,

01:00:56   which I think it doesn't make any sense because it's perfect. So until that happens,

01:01:00   or until Airmail figures out all these bugs and graphical glitches and, you know,

01:01:04   bugginess, I'm sticking with Mail. It's, even if I don't love it, but it works with drag and drop.

01:01:13   So, yeah. Welcome to using the adult Mail client. Every time I try Airmail, it lasts shorter and

01:01:20   shorter periods of time for all those all those issues. So my my pick is Todoist

01:01:26   which is an app that all three of us use and have used for a long time now. With

01:01:31   iOS 11 it has Siri kit support so you can ask the Ahoy telephone to add things

01:01:38   to your to-do list or to tell you what's due today those sort of things. I

01:01:42   I struggle with the trigger word making that work correctly for me.

01:01:51   Some of the phrasing is a little funny and the word "todoist" sounds like a lot of

01:01:55   other words I guess the way I say it.

01:01:57   It just flat out doesn't work.

01:01:58   Like it doesn't work.

01:02:00   It just thinks that I want to do it.

01:02:03   And like I know like but the thing is I'm not going to say "toidoist".

01:02:07   I'm not going to do that, right?

01:02:08   Like this is what people tell me.

01:02:11   They say, "Oh, just say todoist or to-do-st."

01:02:14   I'm not doing that.

01:02:15   It's called todoist, and until they can find a system

01:02:19   to make that work, like, I don't care who this is on,

01:02:23   like, this is not usable.

01:02:24   Like, I'm not gonna give apps, like, random names

01:02:26   because Siri might work with it.

01:02:29   - Yeah, yeah, it's a little iffy,

01:02:32   but when I get it to work, it's nice.

01:02:33   It has drag and drop support for notes attached to tasks.

01:02:38   You can drag in things like email messages.

01:02:41   I have, however, discovered a super fun bug between iOS 11 and High Sierra, where iOS

01:02:48   mail links don't work on the Mac.

01:02:50   They seem to encode them incorrectly.

01:02:52   I don't know if it's a to do issue or a mail issue.

01:02:55   Haven't dug super far into it.

01:02:57   But it drops the two slashes after messages colon and so the links are broken on the Mac.

01:03:03   If you manually fix them, then they work on the Mac, which is super annoying.

01:03:07   So I don't know whose fault that is, but, so, Todoist iOS 11 isn't perfect by any means,

01:03:13   but I like the direction they're moving, I like that they're adopting things quickly,

01:03:18   so that gets my first pick.

01:03:21   I would like to pick an app called Air Mail.

01:03:24   It's a mail client that I really like.

01:03:28   So here's the thing, right?

01:03:30   I don't like the phrase that Steven used about using an adult client, that mail is some

01:03:37   somehow better because the thing that Federico started on

01:03:41   I mean, it sends mail when I tell it to you.

01:03:42   Yeah, but the thing that Federico started on was the idea that Apple's Mail app, and

01:03:47   it's in the review, I know this because I read it a bunch of times.

01:03:51   Oh, interesting.

01:03:52   Oh really, did you?

01:03:53   Yeah, that Apple's Mail client is stuck in the past. And that there are a bunch of features

01:04:00   that they either don't want to do or can't do or for some reason believe there's some

01:04:04   some philosophical reason that they shouldn't do. But there are just a bunch of things that

01:04:08   people expect from mail clients now that Apple's mail just seems to refuse to do. And I don't

01:04:14   like mail because I am a very heavy email user, very heavy. I spend a lot of time in

01:04:19   email and I want my email client to be the application that has every setting imaginable.

01:04:27   I want all of the settings and that's what I get with AirMail. Like I can completely

01:04:31   customize the app to work in the way that I want and that's why I use it.

01:04:35   And the thing is, it's just a thing, right?

01:04:38   Like if you use airmail you need to accept that it's going to be bugs with it and you

01:04:41   end up getting into some different workflows.

01:04:44   You can say you don't want to do them and that's fine, but just every now and then if

01:04:47   I send an important email I just check my sent folder and just make sure that it's in

01:04:50   there.

01:04:51   You know, it's just something that I do every now and then.

01:04:54   Like look, I know it sucks and I've said it and like I have said this for as long as I've

01:04:57   used airmail that it is an application full of bugs and eccentricities but I love the

01:05:04   settings I'm willing to make the trade off because the thing is if I used Apple's mail

01:05:09   app I would rage quit it in like a day because every time I open the application I'm frustrated

01:05:15   by some of the settings that it has and the things that it does and just the amount of

01:05:19   extra steps that I have to go through to get my email to work in the way that I want. But

01:05:24   But anyway some of the things I like about Airmail and iOS 11, I like all the drag and

01:05:28   drop implementation, like the fact that I can drag an email to my notes app to make

01:05:32   a PDF which has removed the need for me to use workflows.

01:05:36   I like that I can drag an email to Todoist and I get a mail link, they are the two expected

01:05:40   things for me that's what I want.

01:05:41   And I like the drag and drop for attachments, so I can drag attachments in and out of my

01:05:45   emails.

01:05:46   I would like to see them work out a way to drag multiple items in, that would be really

01:05:51   great but just dragging three things one at a time is so much faster than how I've previously

01:05:56   done it. I think it's great. And of course Apple's Mail app I'm sure allows you to do

01:06:01   the drag and drop of multiple things and I'm sure that's great but you know just simple

01:06:05   stuff that I really like like for example the way that I like messages to be marked

01:06:09   as unread and what state I want that to be in. Todoist allows me to do that and no other

01:06:14   email app does. Not Todoist, Air Mail. Air Mail allows me to do that and that's one of

01:06:19   that I love about it. It's buggy, it's dumb in places, but I love the development that they have

01:06:24   in that application. So that's why I use it. My next pick is going to be an app that I've been

01:06:30   using for a long time. It's been my clipboard manager of choice on iOS. It's called Copied.

01:06:36   And Copied, thanks to iOS 11, evolved into something closer to a shelf type of app,

01:06:42   of which there are plenty. What is a shelf?

01:06:46   A shelf is one of those things you buy at IKEA and then you have to assemble with a bunch of instructions.

01:06:53   So it got AR support then, right? So you can put the shelf in your house, is that what you're saying?

01:06:58   Yeah, and you just do it on the iPad.

01:07:00   Sounds nice.

01:07:01   Yeah, it is nice. So now on iOS 11, copied, you can use it with drag and drop and you can keep it in slide over.

01:07:10   and you can drop images, text and links into it.

01:07:15   As you go you can pick up a bunch of things and drop them into Copied,

01:07:18   which syncs them with iCloud.

01:07:20   So they show up on your Mac and they show up on your iPhone too.

01:07:23   And it's really nice because for a long time I've been using the Copied extension

01:07:29   or the Copied custom keyboard to clip text and links into the app.

01:07:34   But now it's just so much easier to keep Copied in slide-over, slide it onto the screen

01:07:39   screen and drop things in from either like an interesting tweet that I want to share

01:07:45   with my team or like a bunch of links or a bunch of screenshots that enter a kind for

01:07:50   reference. It's really nicely done. And I like the shelf apps like I've been testing

01:07:57   the beta of Yoink that Apple apparently doesn't want to approve on the App Store. And there's

01:08:03   this new shelf app called Gladys, which does a bunch of things that I like and also workshelf.

01:08:08   those apps, copied cannot work with files, with documents, like you cannot put PDF

01:08:14   documents in there or you cannot put a zip file in there, which is too bad

01:08:18   because I would like copied to evolve into something bigger but right now it's

01:08:22   still mostly a clipboard manager in the sense that it deals with text and images

01:08:27   but I would like you to become a little deeper.

01:08:30   So I was gonna ask you what is the Shelf app?

01:08:36   What is the one that you recommend? I've got a bunch on my iPad, right?

01:08:42   Like I'm meaning to test out. What is the one that you recommend that provides the

01:08:46   features that you were looking for? It's like a place to store everything.

01:08:50   So I would say either Workshelf or Gladys. It's spelled G-L-A-D-Y-S. It's got like an alien icon.

01:09:02   icon. And I recommend this too because Gladys, I think it's got a nicer UI, but

01:09:09   both of them allow you to drop anything you want into the app and inspect the

01:09:15   multiple versions of what you just dropped. Like if you drop in an image

01:09:19   from a webpage, you get both the image and the link to the image, and you can

01:09:24   choose what you want to export later. So you can inspect the multiple

01:09:28   representations of an item. And both of them, both Work Shelf and Gladys, are free to download.

01:09:35   They have in-app purchases to unlock the complete feature set. And they are the closest

01:09:42   implementations of my original idea, which of course was something else for my iOS 11 concept.

01:09:48   But if you're looking for Shelf apps to use to clip anything, from text to links to documents,

01:09:55   I would go with these two.

01:09:57   Okay, then I will delete the other ones that I have.

01:09:59   And if I really had to choose,

01:10:02   I would probably say Gladys because it's nicer.

01:10:05   Okay, this is new, right? Like, I haven't heard of this.

01:10:08   Nor can I find it anywhere.

01:10:10   I'll give you, I'll send you, I'll send you a link.

01:10:14   App Store search, man.

01:10:16   Like, I'm literally searching the word.

01:10:18   Have you tried searching with John's Blink app?

01:10:23   Let me try. I bet Blink will find it.

01:10:25   This is a live test here of Blink.

01:10:28   See if it can help me.

01:10:30   Gladys Shelf maybe?

01:10:32   My gosh, why is that so such a good one?

01:10:34   Gladys Shelf works.

01:10:36   Yup, Blink found it.

01:10:38   And Blink, you know.

01:10:40   As always.

01:10:42   Yeah okay, well there's something to try.

01:10:46   I don't know what I feel about that icon, but like, what are you gonna do?

01:10:49   Alright Steven, you're up.

01:10:51   I am up and I'm going to pick Day One. This is another app that I've used for a

01:10:56   long time, but with drag-and-drop my most common workflow with it is much faster.

01:11:00   So my biggest use for Day One is say we take the kids out for a day of stuff.

01:11:05   I'll throw you know three or four pictures in Day One and write a

01:11:08   paragraph or two about you know what we did that day. By far my most common

01:11:11   use of Day One. And before you'd have to go in there create a new entry, hit the

01:11:16   media picker, find the images and add them. But now with drag-and-drop I can have

01:11:20   photos and day one open and I can just select the images I want and drop them

01:11:24   into day one and they attach and it's much faster. So that's one of those

01:11:30   things that you know it seems like a small thing but when you do this maybe a

01:11:34   couple times a week or several times a month it makes it a lot faster and using

01:11:37   the media picker you know even in iOS 11 if you have iCloud photo library on it

01:11:41   could be a little slow at times and this way I kind of avoid all of that and just

01:11:45   drag them in so it's a it's a big win for me and every time I use it you know

01:11:50   I'm glad that it's there. It makes it much faster.

01:11:52   And it's kind of fun, right?

01:11:53   Just like to watch stuff and drag them over and drop them in the funny animation.

01:11:56   So, um, that's, uh, something I've been enjoying a lot.

01:11:59   Uh, I want to talk about an AR game that I think works pretty well and it's AR

01:12:05   sports basketball. It's very simple.

01:12:08   You can put a basketball hoop in the world that you're in,

01:12:11   either full size or desk size, and you fire basketballs into the hoop.

01:12:15   And you can play a couple of different games. They have a horse mode.

01:12:19   But...

01:12:20   It's fantastic and you can just fire little basketballs into a basketball hoop.

01:12:24   It's just a really really simple fun AR game.

01:12:27   It's one of the nicest implementations that I've seen just for like a fun quick little

01:12:33   game.

01:12:34   So AR sports basketball would be my recommendation there.

01:12:37   So another app that I've been using for years really is called Linky.

01:12:42   And Linky is a custom share sheet for Twitter and Facebook.

01:12:47   And of course it's become even more essential now in iOS 11 that Apple removed the native

01:12:52   Twitter and Facebook integrations.

01:12:55   And for a long time, Linky has allowed you to set up multiple accounts and tweet.

01:13:04   When you select an article in Safari and you want to tweet like a snippet of text as an

01:13:09   image, you can do that natively.

01:13:12   Now in iOS 11, the developer of Linky has done something that I didn't know was possible.

01:13:17   And that is, you can drop stuff into the extension.

01:13:21   So as you're using Safari, you can pick up a bunch of things.

01:13:24   You can select text, you can start dragging a link or even an image, and then you can

01:13:29   tap on the share sheet and bring up the Linky extension, and then you can drop stuff in.

01:13:36   And I had no idea that would...

01:13:38   Yeah.

01:13:39   I think you didn't know this, Myke, because it was a footnote in my review.

01:13:42   And of course you didn't read the footnotes.

01:13:44   Didn't read the footnotes.

01:13:45   But yes, it is possible to drop stuff into an interface generated by an extension.

01:13:53   So that's really cool.

01:13:54   And I've been using this to share articles from Mac stories and other sites,

01:13:59   and it works really well.

01:14:01   So yeah.

01:14:02   That's awesome.

01:14:03   I didn't know you could do that. That's really cool.

01:14:07   Yeah.

01:14:08   All right, Steven, you're up.

01:14:11   So my last pick is an update to the Notes app.

01:14:15   I think like lots of people, Notes has become very central to a lot of my work.

01:14:21   And in addition, in iOS 11 and in High Sierra, is the ability to add simple tables to Notes.

01:14:28   So these aren't as fully formatted and fully featured as what you may get in something

01:14:32   like Pages.

01:14:34   But for simple organization, having tables there is really nice.

01:14:38   So just the other day, I kind of went through and I had some notes that were sort of, they

01:14:43   had structured data in them, but not, it was kind of messy.

01:14:47   And I could just very quickly make a table and say, "Hey, these are all the specs for

01:14:51   this thing," or, "These are some," I use it for contact information or the classroom numbers

01:14:57   my kids are in at school, that sort of stuff that was just sort of text.

01:15:00   I can now have it nicely formatted and it works cross platform so it's on my Mac and

01:15:05   my iOS devices.

01:15:07   Something that on the surface of it may not be that exciting, right?

01:15:12   Features in the Notes app, they've had bigger and better features over the years, but it's

01:15:17   one that's really helping me keep my notes more organized than I ever have.

01:15:21   And I've been enjoying slowly converting a bunch of my notes to include tables for the

01:15:25   first time.

01:15:26   All right, I have two quick ones that I want to just touch on.

01:15:29   That's not how round robin works.

01:15:31   Well then you two, okay.

01:15:33   Myke gets the extra because he came up with the idea.

01:15:36   You two can come up with two more picks then.

01:15:39   Oh no.

01:15:40   How about that?

01:15:41   No, no, no.

01:15:42   You did the dual pick Myke.

01:15:44   I'll do it then.

01:15:45   Just two applications that I think have nice implementations of drag and drop just for

01:15:48   a couple of things I wanted.

01:15:50   Fantastic L2.

01:15:51   You can now drag and drop events around on days for rescheduling.

01:15:54   This is something that I've wanted to be able to do for a while rather than having to select

01:15:58   the date picker to move something so I really like that. And 1Password you can drag and drop

01:16:03   fields which is fantastic. Some things don't auto fill. I find that sometimes you want

01:16:10   to put a credit card in and it just doesn't work so now you can just open 1Password anywhere

01:16:18   and you can drag and drop things out. You can also do this from the, you know you get

01:16:22   the fill in extension. You can drag and drop things out of the extension. So that works

01:16:27   So yeah, you can do that and it's great and it just allows you to drag and drop stuff in nice and easily

01:16:33   So yeah, that's it. That's all my picks. That's all of our picks

01:16:36   That's the end of the round robin and the end of this week's episode

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