159: Badman Ears


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00:00:13   Hover and Encapsula. My name is Michael Hurley. Oh wow, why did I do that? I'm joined by Federico

00:00:19   Vittucci and Steven Hackett. Hello everyone, we're very formal today. What did I do that for? Oh no,

00:00:26   As you can tell, I'm a little bit sick and I'm afraid the cold has spread to my brain.

00:00:30   So that's the end of me now.

00:00:33   I have never done that.

00:00:34   Why did I do that?

00:00:35   That was so strange.

00:00:36   Hello, my name is Michael David James Hurley.

00:00:38   Welcome to the show.

00:00:40   We have some follow-ups.

00:00:41   Steven, please, please follow up because I've ducked myself now.

00:00:45   Steven: Yeah, you really did.

00:00:46   You used all your names.

00:00:48   We spoke about my annual St. Jude fundraiser and thank you to the connected audience.

00:00:54   We have, as of Monday, we reached our goal of $9,000.

00:00:59   It's currently at $15,000 and change, which is super awesome.

00:01:02   They met the challenge!

00:01:04   Thank you.

00:01:05   I challenged everyone and they did it and destroyed it because you had a goal of $9,000

00:01:10   and it's at $15,000 now, which is unbelievable and it's the best clause ever and please give

00:01:16   money if you haven't already.

00:01:18   Please just do it because it's worth it.

00:01:20   So great.

00:01:21   So awesome.

00:01:22   - Yes, so thank you, and I know lots of people

00:01:24   have been linking to it on Twitter,

00:01:26   and I saw some blog posts about it from lots of people,

00:01:28   so thank you all for sharing,

00:01:30   and it just means the world to me and my family,

00:01:33   and lots of other St. Jude families.

00:01:35   - Yep, couldn't be a better cause.

00:01:38   - So we're going to jettison the rest of follow-up

00:01:42   to next week.

00:01:43   There's some very exciting Spotify follow-up

00:01:45   that I'm not gonna tell you about yet,

00:01:46   but it's really a scene in my house right now,

00:01:50   my music situation.

00:01:52   I've just gone back to cassette tapes, that's the--

00:01:54   - Oh no, there's no spoilers.

00:01:56   - Yeah, there's just tapes everywhere.

00:01:59   We're gonna get into this Apple event,

00:02:01   but really the Apple event wasn't yesterday,

00:02:04   it really sort of started over the weekend.

00:02:08   Because-- - Oh wow.

00:02:10   - Because a couple of weeks ago we would have said,

00:02:14   the HomePod firmware leak,

00:02:16   probably the worst software leak Apple's ever had.

00:02:19   Surely it won't happen again.

00:02:21   I guess what happened guys, it happened again.

00:02:24   - It happened again. - It was worse.

00:02:26   - It was kind of worse and different.

00:02:27   - Yeah, I think this was worse, right?

00:02:28   I think this was definitely worse.

00:02:29   - I think it was worse too.

00:02:31   - Because the HomePod stuff,

00:02:33   it really kind of mostly confirmed things

00:02:36   we already thought we knew, right?

00:02:39   - Yeah, and also it was a mistake.

00:02:41   This one-- - Yeah,

00:02:43   we're gonna get into that in a minute.

00:02:44   We're gonna get into this mistake malicious meme

00:02:47   that's going around right now.

00:02:50   But this really kind of,

00:02:53   it took away a lot of the little things, right?

00:02:57   'Cause when the HomePod stuff's going around,

00:02:59   wherever these leaks, people were just like,

00:03:00   oh, you know, this is the broad strokes,

00:03:03   but where Apple really excels is the little things.

00:03:06   And this leak had all those little things in it.

00:03:09   Stuff like Animoji, you know,

00:03:11   like some of the portrait mode stuff.

00:03:13   Like so many really interesting tiny details

00:03:16   were shared in advance.

00:03:19   and even stuff like the animation for registering face ID,

00:03:24   the fact that there was gonna be an update to AirPods,

00:03:27   the list goes on and on and on, right,

00:03:29   of the little things that came out because of this leak.

00:03:32   And from what can be discerned,

00:03:35   I think initially it was presumed

00:03:36   that this was a leak from a carrier, right?

00:03:39   I think that was originally how it was reported,

00:03:41   that it maybe slipped out during the testing process,

00:03:45   but it later came to light that really,

00:03:48   this was just someone shared a public URL,

00:03:51   'cause the URL was public, to get the GM,

00:03:54   which I assume is created to share with carriers

00:03:58   and stuff like that, to share with people

00:03:59   that need to do regulatory testing.

00:04:02   Apple has a URL that they give to these companies,

00:04:04   which is obscurity, what is it,

00:04:07   like security through obscurity type deal?

00:04:09   - Yeah, basically.

00:04:10   They shared an entire list of links from,

00:04:15   I assume from what I've heard, from an internal email,

00:04:19   like they selected an entire paragraph of links

00:04:23   and they just sent that around to a bunch of publications

00:04:27   and then eventually on Reddit and other sites, yeah.

00:04:31   - And I think it might have been for me personally,

00:04:35   John Gruber, who I first saw mentioned to the fact

00:04:37   that he was very aware that this was sent out

00:04:42   by someone inside of Apple, not as a controlled leak,

00:04:46   but as a, I want to spoil things or I wanna share,

00:04:50   you know, like somebody was leaking this

00:04:52   to spoil something, right?

00:04:54   And so Federico, you mentioned mistake

00:04:57   and what do you mean by that?

00:04:59   Can you explain that?

00:05:01   - For the HomePod, I do mean that it was like,

00:05:04   it was not an accident because of the way that,

00:05:07   the way that Apple handles these releasing OTA updates

00:05:12   for internal employees only and the general public.

00:05:17   My understanding is that the system

00:05:19   that they used to have in place,

00:05:21   I don't know if it's been changed since, I hope so,

00:05:24   but the system that used to be in place months ago,

00:05:26   it was really easy to make that kind of mistake.

00:05:28   It was a very manual process.

00:05:30   And someone who was in charge of pushing this OTA update

00:05:34   for the HomePod to the employees

00:05:36   that are currently testing the speaker,

00:05:38   made a genuine mistake and basically dropped the wrong,

00:05:42   the file in the wrong folder.

00:05:44   And the fact that that was even possible,

00:05:47   it wasn't meant to be a malicious act.

00:05:49   It just, you're dealing with drag and drop

00:05:52   and you're dealing with two folders,

00:05:53   it's easy to make that kind of mistake.

00:05:55   But the system shouldn't be structured like that

00:05:57   in the first place.

00:05:58   So from what I know, that was a mistake.

00:06:01   This one, it was done on purpose.

00:06:03   I don't know with,

00:06:05   I mean, I guess if you're sharing the GM before the release,

00:06:10   and especially the GM seed of the iPhone 10,

00:06:13   you know that there's gonna be stuff in there

00:06:15   and you know that people are gonna be able

00:06:16   to decrypt the firmware and to look inside

00:06:21   and see stuff like an emoji.

00:06:22   So to say that that person didn't know the extent

00:06:26   of his actions or her actions, I don't believe that.

00:06:31   I don't think that's the case.

00:06:34   They knew perfectly that leaking the GM a few days ahead of the event would cause damage to Apple.

00:06:41   All the reporting around it was really interesting for a couple of days, right?

00:06:45   There seemed to be a lot of discussion about like whether 9to5 should have reported on it, etc, etc.

00:06:52   My personal feeling on it is it is a shame that this stuff came out, but 9to5 should have reported on it.

00:06:58   If you get some really interesting juicy details, would you not share?

00:07:03   So Federico, somebody gave this to you.

00:07:05   You got this GM.

00:07:07   Would you do anything with it?

00:07:09   I mean, you don't have to say like,

00:07:10   we do go to the whole extent that they did

00:07:12   ripping it to shreds, but.

00:07:14   - No, I mean, you know me and you know I wouldn't do that

00:07:18   because I've had much better material in the past.

00:07:21   And I've, you know, I've sat on it with my mouth shut,

00:07:26   not because I don't think it should be reported on

00:07:29   because I do believe 95 mecha make rumors

00:07:32   and they're doing their job.

00:07:33   And it's their business model to report this.

00:07:37   And especially after the links were on Reddit, were public,

00:07:41   thousands of people had the GM installed

00:07:43   before Apple stopped signing the file.

00:07:46   So they were just doing their jobs.

00:07:49   Personally, I don't like doing that

00:07:52   because it's not the way that I see Max

00:07:52   because it's not the way that I see max stories,

00:07:55   it's not what I do,

00:07:56   and I wouldn't be able to sleep comfortably at night

00:08:00   knowing that I'm upsetting other people,

00:08:04   even if it would be a considerable gain for my website,

00:08:08   I mean, at least in terms of traffic.

00:08:10   But I had stuff in the past and I didn't share it,

00:08:14   but I also believe it's totally,

00:08:19   95 Mic and MicRumors are just doing their jobs

00:08:21   and if they were not reporting on that first,

00:08:24   somebody else would have.

00:08:25   - So I don't think they did anything wrong

00:08:28   in reporting this information.

00:08:30   I mean, because the idea of spoilers

00:08:33   is an interesting thing for me.

00:08:35   Like a spoiler's a thing for a company event

00:08:38   where they're introducing new products.

00:08:40   Like, this is something that I've been really bouncing around

00:08:44   in my head a lot over the last week or two.

00:08:47   Spoilers, spoilers is a thing, right?

00:08:50   For an Apple event.

00:08:51   seems kind of strange in the abstract term because like, spoilers, this is a term that we use for

00:08:59   works of entertainment, fictional things, and obviously we see Apple's presentations as a

00:09:07   work of entertainment, right? It's why we watch the two-hour keynote presentation or whatever,

00:09:12   but it's like this, it's really weird that like there is this entire industry built around

00:09:20   reporting on rumors that we all pay attention to but then there is a certain

00:09:26   line that could be crossed where people start talking about spoilers like it I

00:09:30   think that these leaks this past weekend it's been really interesting and I can't

00:09:35   in my mind sum up exactly why this one was considered to be so bad I think it

00:09:43   was a combination of the fact that it was the second time and so a lot of

00:09:49   people thought that we had the immune system to this kind of leak because of the HomePod

00:09:55   and instead this was worse. So it's like, imagine if you get a bad disease and you do

00:10:02   a vaccine and then a few months later you get the same disease again, only it's worse.

00:10:08   And apply that in terms of spoilers, you know? And we thought, you know, we have, you know,

00:10:14   that there was a leak months ago, it's fine and now we're gonna be surprised. And then

00:10:18   just a few days before it hit hard again with even more details.

00:10:22   I guess it was the proximity, right? The proximity to the event was the problem.

00:10:27   Yes.

00:10:28   Because it was, you know, everybody thinks once you get to like Saturday before the keynote,

00:10:33   you're probably good now, right? Like you've probably got everything you're gonna get.

00:10:39   But then it was just like, for the entire weekend, more and more and more information

00:10:45   as Steve Trout and Smith and Guillermo Rambo were looking through all of this stuff and

00:10:51   pulling out more and more and more things.

00:10:54   Again like I think it's totally fine that they do that stuff because look if you don't

00:10:59   want to see it don't follow them on Twitter because you know you're just gonna you're

00:11:03   gonna get it right because this is what they do.

00:11:06   The problem is though that now whatever they find is reported more widely and if you follow

00:11:12   anyone in technology or anything in technology you are gonna find out about

00:11:16   what happens in these things because it's it's such big news you know like

00:11:23   even the people who are talking about the fact that it's terrible still linked

00:11:26   to it yeah I got a lot of replies after I got in a kind of argument about

00:11:34   about whether an Apple event constitutes a spoiler-worthy event comparable to Star Wars,

00:11:43   for example. Some people obviously believe that an Apple event is comparable to going

00:11:48   to the cinema to watch a movie and someone walks out and tells you who dies at the end.

00:11:54   Other people say, "Well, it's just a big commercial for a company." I think I sit somewhere in

00:12:00   the middle and I think I tweeted this. Of course there are spoilers about an

00:12:05   Apple event and it's nicer to be surprised. I think it would have been, you

00:12:11   know, we would have been in a different mood hadn't we known anything about the

00:12:17   iPhone X. Like the design. Imagine if the design with the ears was completely new

00:12:22   yesterday. We would have gone crazy. Instead we got a... we were already used to

00:12:27   it. But I also think that any Apple event is more about how Apple presents a story and presents the

00:12:34   features and I think it was still a good show from that perspective. There's sort of a strange

00:12:39   phenomenon right, Phil Schuler's on stage and he is introducing things and then people are clapping

00:12:45   which is like a side topic which I find super weird in press events. I know they have Apple

00:12:49   employees there. In my mind I just hope it's all Apple employees and not people in the press

00:12:53   applauding but please clap please clap poor Jeb sad he so he announces his

00:13:01   stuff and he's rolling it out and like everyone in the room knows it's coming

00:13:04   but he still announces it like there was no nod it's like when the iPhone 4 was

00:13:09   left in a bar and gizmodo picked it up and took it apart your job said on stage

00:13:16   you know you've seen this before but you you ain't really seen it and and Apple

00:13:20   made jokes like that in the past of you stop stop us if you've heard this before

00:13:24   there was none of that yesterday and in in my mind I think it's because the

00:13:28   leaks were so serious and like so deep like we knew almost everything that

00:13:35   Apple just had just chose for whatever reason just to not address it whatsoever

00:13:41   and that that was sort of strange or like it's sort of like there's this big

00:13:44   elephant in the room and like you can kind of joke about it when you know one

00:13:48   gets left in a bar but when an employee leaks a bunch of firmware to the press

00:13:52   maybe it's awkward to joke about. It's a very strange dynamic I think played out

00:13:57   on stage. Yeah I think it was the right move right because acknowledging it you

00:14:02   know it depends what people are doing it for. Acknowledging it in a way encourages it

00:14:08   right? Yeah because it makes people famous. Yeah if the two-year-old is bad

00:14:11   like like sometimes all the two-year-old wants is attention and if he's throwing

00:14:16   a tantrum to get attention, like that you need to be careful

00:14:18   about how you approach that situation so you don't

00:14:21   encourage that bad behavior.

00:14:23   And I think that, I'm not calling whoever does this

00:14:25   a two year old, but I think there's some parallels

00:14:28   that if Apple, like Apple doing nothing about this

00:14:32   publicly is more of a voice of damnation than if they

00:14:36   got on stage and said yes, we had a leak and we're working

00:14:39   to find who it is, because then you embolden people

00:14:41   who are tempted to do it.

00:14:43   I think, you know, where we are,

00:14:46   we were doing what you were saying Federico,

00:14:48   where we are today in 2017,

00:14:51   like you can't go into these events

00:14:54   without knowing anything anymore

00:14:56   and it's been that way for such a long time

00:14:58   and clearly it appears that Apple's attempts

00:15:02   to increase secrecy are upsetting some of their employees.

00:15:06   That's what I think has done this personally.

00:15:09   You know, like we heard that big report about the secrecy.

00:15:12   I can imagine many people inside of a company being really upset about being put through

00:15:17   that and lashing out, because it is kind of a very strange thing, right, to be sat down

00:15:22   in a room and to be told off by some security officers and being told what to do. And I

00:15:27   expect that there are people that are lashing out against that, which is why we're getting

00:15:31   some really weird and involved and deep leaks from inside of Apple.

00:15:36   Well I mean, you're right, and I would also add to that, that in the current political

00:15:42   climate in the US, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some kind of personal revenge against

00:15:48   you know the direction that for example management and especially Tim Cook and you know is going for

00:15:53   with totally in regards to to Apple and you know their views yeah. So there's you know there are

00:15:59   more maybe more reasons than ever before for people to get things out and honestly like this

00:16:05   is going to be a cat and mouse game every time Apple plugs a hole there will be another one.

00:16:11   right, this is just how it's gonna be because at the end of the day people

00:16:15   could just talk to people, right, like it doesn't, the firmware stuff is more

00:16:19   revealing because people, you know, can find things themselves and show evidence

00:16:23   but people couldn't always talk. So my feeling on this is it is a shame that we

00:16:28   found out so much information but when I see it I appreciate it for what it is as

00:16:32   exciting news and just wait for the event as normal. It's like what am I

00:16:37   gonna do about it? Like I'm not gonna avoid it because do you know what last

00:16:40   weekend was really exciting and super weird and fun to watch in its own way. So my feeling

00:16:47   on it is just like appreciate it for what it is and move ahead. Do you know what I mean?

00:16:53   Like last weekend was crazy and I had so much fun chatting with you guys and reading Twitter

00:16:58   about all the stuff that was happening because it was like "Whoa, what is going on?" And

00:17:03   I still watched the event and I still had a great time watching the event and I was

00:17:07   still like gasping and laughing my butt off and stuff like I feel like where we

00:17:12   are in 2017 one like these things come together now like you got to take one

00:17:17   and you got to take the other yeah yeah but don't don't leak anything to

00:17:23   Federico because he ain't never gonna do nothing with it right Federico well I'm

00:17:28   gonna keep it to myself yeah you can yourself you know that that's the way to

00:17:31   do it you know just know the knowledge know that I'm a I'm just saying I'm a

00:17:36   a good receiver of the leaks. You're like a vault, right? It just goes in and you lock

00:17:40   it in the vault and it stays there. Yeah, that's exactly it.

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00:19:59   Alright, should we talk about the event, Steven?

00:20:02   Over to you.

00:20:03   Yes, let's talk about the event.

00:20:06   We like to start with meta comments, that's where we're going to go first.

00:20:11   First time on Apple Park, first time in the Steve Jobs Theater, the event opens with a

00:20:17   really nice video of the park and the theater and all these wonderful glass buildings.

00:20:23   I will insert a comment here that if you have not listened to,

00:20:27   or don't normally listen to, Upgrade with Jason and Myke,

00:20:29   you definitely should, 'cause Jason was there

00:20:31   and talks a lot about just the process of being on campus

00:20:34   and how the theater was.

00:20:35   I find all this stuff endlessly interesting.

00:20:37   - We're gonna go to next year, right?

00:20:39   We're gonna take a trip, right?

00:20:40   - Take a field trip. - During WWDC?

00:20:42   - Absolutely.

00:20:43   It seems like it went off without a hitch.

00:20:46   There's no reports in press of people being locked

00:20:49   in bathrooms or the power not working in their chairs.

00:20:52   It seems like everything worked.

00:20:53   So that's good.

00:20:54   - Maybe they're still locked away, right?

00:20:56   - Maybe, yeah.

00:20:58   I did see press posting pictures of the bathrooms,

00:21:00   which I have just--

00:21:01   - There were no handles on the doors,

00:21:03   which people were complaining about.

00:21:04   But like, I don't, you know,

00:21:06   if you can't find a handle for a door, push the door.

00:21:09   I mean, I don't really know how difficult that is, but.

00:21:12   - Put your back into it, come on.

00:21:13   - Yeah, use some elbow grease.

00:21:16   - Yeah.

00:21:17   Use your giant iPhone Plus to leverage it open.

00:21:20   - Just smash it open.

00:21:22   It's good.

00:21:23   That's what Johnny Ive wants.

00:21:25   The event opens, of course,

00:21:27   it's the first time at Steve Jobs Theater.

00:21:28   It opened with what I thought was just a really

00:21:31   heartwarming dedication of the theater to Steve Jobs.

00:21:37   - It hit me, man.

00:21:38   - Yeah, so it opens, if you haven't watched the video,

00:21:41   you should definitely watch it.

00:21:42   There's, it just says Steve Jobs Theater on the screen,

00:21:46   and there is a voiceover from Steve

00:21:48   talking about the passion he has for making things

00:21:51   and infusing that passion into Apple.

00:21:53   And as long as Apple keeps that first, Apple will be okay.

00:21:56   It was actually very sobering

00:22:00   because the theater was dark, it's just the white text.

00:22:03   You don't see any pictures of Steve during this time.

00:22:05   - Do you know where that came from?

00:22:07   - You know, I tried finding it.

00:22:10   So it sounds, it doesn't sound like it's recorded

00:22:13   at the very end of his life.

00:22:15   I don't really know where it's from

00:22:16   and I couldn't really find it.

00:22:18   The audio quality to me sounded like an older clip.

00:22:23   It wasn't something, maybe it was maybe recorded, I don't know, like 20 years ago or something.

00:22:28   You know what I mean?

00:22:29   Like it doesn't sound like it was super new.

00:22:33   As new as it could have been anyway.

00:22:35   So if you, listener, if you know, if that's from a speech or something I would really

00:22:38   like to know, so let us know.

00:22:42   Tim comes out, one of his first lines is, and this felt super, super genuine from him,

00:22:48   was "I miss hearing his voice."

00:22:53   And I get it, right?

00:22:55   Like even part of my brain now is like, "He's a CEO of a company, you've never met him."

00:22:58   But like, a lot of us looked up to Steve and still have feelings about him and his work,

00:23:05   and as much as the three of us feel that way, if it's cheesy or not, it's kind of not my

00:23:10   point.

00:23:11   Cook and these guys, like all these executive team, they work with him for decades. I can't,

00:23:16   I still imagine it's very raw for them moving into a campus that was Steve's last work,

00:23:21   running a company that is Steve's biggest product. And it just, it was really nice.

00:23:27   Steve's widow was there. And I think in the front row, like it was just a very, like,

00:23:33   very nice, like Apple family moment. I had some pictures of Steve talking about his life, talking

00:23:39   about how Apple Park was his vision for the future of the company and he wanted developers

00:23:46   and designers to work together.

00:23:48   Steve Jobs came up with the open floor plan, I guess we can blame him.

00:23:51   But all of this really nice stuff.

00:23:54   We're not going to see this every time.

00:23:55   This is a, you have to dedicate the theater to who you named it after.

00:24:00   And I think it was just, it was an incredible way to open it.

00:24:03   And even the transition was, you know, Steve love days like this where we get to announce

00:24:07   new products and we have a bunch of new products.

00:24:10   They even handled that transition out of it,

00:24:11   I think, really gracefully.

00:24:14   - Yeah, it was good.

00:24:14   It was really good.

00:24:15   - Yeah, it was.

00:24:16   It was really nice.

00:24:17   Not everything was awesome.

00:24:18   So there's a link.

00:24:19   We have a link in the show notes to an article on The Verge.

00:24:21   They were keeping tally, as I think a lot of us were.

00:24:24   The gender ratio this time was pretty bad.

00:24:28   We talk about this after every event.

00:24:31   Apple seems to do better at WWDC

00:24:33   because there's more opportunity for more people on stage

00:24:36   events like this but it was basically all white dudes this time. Angela had

00:24:44   a section at the beginning talking about retail but after that

00:24:49   it was just dudes. Yeah it's a shame they had a couple of like cameo

00:24:55   moments like Deidre on the paddle board. It was like the best, that was one of the best

00:25:01   demos apples dine since since Phil Schiller jumped out of a window but yeah

00:25:07   it wasn't good it wasn't good and I feel like they do some of that stuff to like

00:25:11   attempt to try and balance it out but that for me only points out the fact

00:25:15   that they're not doing a good job in general you know what I mean like I feel

00:25:21   like sometimes they're trying to compensate but by doing that they only

00:25:24   serve to continue to highlight the fact that one all of their executives are men

00:25:30   and two, that they only have those executives

00:25:34   come out on stage to demo the product.

00:25:36   Like it's peculiar.

00:25:38   Like does EdiQ like really need to come out

00:25:41   to demo Apple TV?

00:25:42   Like does he need to do that?

00:25:44   - No.

00:25:45   - I don't know if it actually has to be him.

00:25:47   So yeah, this is something that I own,

00:25:51   I mean all of us only hope we'll get better,

00:25:54   but it's still a shame that we have to talk

00:25:56   about this all the time.

00:25:58   - Yeah, and it's a shame that it's predictable,

00:26:01   like going into this, that the fall events,

00:26:04   because they're smaller, and Apple,

00:26:07   I mean, I get it, like,

00:26:07   Phil Shiller's gonna be on stage to talk about that,

00:26:09   I don't have a problem with that,

00:26:11   but if you have opportunities for other players to come in,

00:26:14   you should take that, and like you said,

00:26:15   like, Eddy Cue's the perfect example,

00:26:17   like, Eddy's who he is, and you know,

00:26:20   he did a good job this time,

00:26:22   but is there someone on the Apple TV team who,

00:26:27   you know, A, has more ownership over the product

00:26:29   than he does, right?

00:26:30   Because Apple doesn't just pick somebody

00:26:33   because of their gender or race to put them on stage.

00:26:35   It's somebody who is over that product

00:26:38   or who is involved in it, right?

00:26:39   They just don't randomly pick to meet a number.

00:26:41   And that's important to them.

00:26:42   Like, was there somebody there?

00:26:44   Is there somebody on that leadership team

00:26:45   that could do that?

00:26:46   I don't know, but I hope that they do better than this.

00:26:52   This is not a stroke in the win column for me.

00:26:56   - Mm-hmm.

00:26:57   - So what else?

00:27:00   Big Apple retail section.

00:27:03   I don't think there's anything particularly new in there.

00:27:05   They talked about how they're calling

00:27:06   their fancy stores town halls,

00:27:07   which is like my eyes rolled so hard

00:27:09   they fell out the back of my head.

00:27:10   - T.G., you going to Milan to watch a movie?

00:27:12   - I'm going to the Milan town square for movie night.

00:27:16   Instead of watching a movie at my house,

00:27:18   I'm gonna go to the Apple town square.

00:27:21   I think it's, I mean, the stores

00:27:25   and the locations look fantastic.

00:27:26   And I'm pretty sure that the one in Piazza Liberty

00:27:28   in Milan will be amazing.

00:27:30   - I'm sure. - There's just a tone of like,

00:27:33   I don't know, pretentiousness maybe.

00:27:36   - Yeah, luxury, man.

00:27:37   It's luxury.

00:27:38   It's what it is.

00:27:39   - It's like, yes, it's a very,

00:27:41   I mean, the Apple stores are amazing,

00:27:43   but like, it's a store.

00:27:45   - Yeah.

00:27:46   - Like people, they have this idea

00:27:49   of the people like to hang out at the Apple store

00:27:52   And maybe there's some element of that

00:27:57   when you consider the cultural events

00:27:59   with like today at Apple and that kind of stuff.

00:28:02   But in practice, people go to the Apple Store

00:28:04   when their iPhone screen is broken

00:28:06   and when they need to buy a new lightning cable

00:28:09   and stuff like that.

00:28:11   I don't see that beautiful image of

00:28:15   couples sharing a day at the Apple Town Square

00:28:19   and children smiling and running around

00:28:22   as the genius grove is, you know, filling up with people.

00:28:26   I just don't see that.

00:28:27   It's not a park, it's an Apple store.

00:28:29   Like they're making this more romantic than it should be.

00:28:33   That's all I'm saying.

00:28:34   - It's like they can embrace the fact

00:28:36   that people do go there

00:28:38   and they just wanna look around and stuff like that.

00:28:40   But it's like, you know.

00:28:42   - If I want to spend quality time with my girlfriend,

00:28:45   I'm not going to the Apple store.

00:28:47   - Like make the nice stores.

00:28:48   Like yeah, make the nice stores because they're amazing.

00:28:51   but just understand what they are.

00:28:55   They're not community spaces, right?

00:28:58   They're not.

00:28:59   They're still stores.

00:29:00   Even if you have events,

00:29:02   it's just a store that has events in it, right?

00:29:05   Like if they actually build something

00:29:07   that you cannot buy anything in, then fine, right?

00:29:10   Which is not unheard of, like not unheard of,

00:29:14   but it's not like a thing you could never imagine, right?

00:29:17   'Cause it could just be like a big marketing thing.

00:29:19   But if you can buy something in there, it's a store.

00:29:23   Right?

00:29:24   You know.

00:29:25   Wait, come on guys, come on.

00:29:27   - So what you're saying is I should cancel my family trip

00:29:30   to my Apple Town Hall.

00:29:32   - Yeah, you should, I'm sorry.

00:29:34   I'm really sorry.

00:29:35   - Yeah, imagine that.

00:29:36   For example, for my birthday, instead of organizing,

00:29:39   I don't know, a dinner at a fancy restaurant at the beach,

00:29:42   I'm just gonna say to my friends,

00:29:43   hey guys, my birthday party is gonna be

00:29:46   at the Apple Town Square.

00:29:47   - I'll meet you at Apple, right?

00:29:49   - Isn't that the line we're supposed to say?

00:29:50   I'll meet you at Apple.

00:29:52   - I'll meet you at Apple.

00:29:54   I mean, so you can buy me my birthday gift directly.

00:29:57   - Yeah, that's what we're gonna do for Myke's bachelor party

00:29:59   to scrap what else we're working on.

00:30:01   We're just gonna go to--

00:30:02   - Go to the Apple.

00:30:04   - Go to the Apple.

00:30:06   - Go to Apple Town Square, somewhere in America.

00:30:09   - See you at Apple, everybody.

00:30:11   - Yeah. - Okay, it's gonna be great.

00:30:13   I was a little surprised by the retail section.

00:30:16   We haven't seen one in a while,

00:30:17   and I figured there's a lot of stuff to talk about

00:30:21   in this event, 'cause I don't think there's gonna be

00:30:23   a second fall event.

00:30:24   I started to doubt myself once we were into retail.

00:30:27   I was like, oh, are they pushing this

00:30:28   so they can push something else to October?

00:30:30   I don't think that's the case.

00:30:31   I still think we're only seeing one event.

00:30:33   Maybe they just wanna talk about their new stores,

00:30:35   but it's good to see.

00:30:37   I think it was an informative section,

00:30:40   but just a little unexpected and such a busy morning.

00:30:44   - Talking about busy.

00:30:46   There were three iPhones.

00:30:47   Yes.

00:30:48   Crazy.

00:30:49   Should we talk about the 8s quickly?

00:30:50   I mean, really, it's just quickly, right?

00:30:51   Yeah, why not?

00:30:52   No one cares about the 8s.

00:30:54   We should talk about them though, come on.

00:30:55   We can't not talk about them.

00:30:56   And I'm mocking the 8 a little bit.

00:31:01   I think if you are a consumer, if you're this person, you're probably not listening to this

00:31:07   show, but if you upgrade your phone every two or three years, the 8 or 8 Plus is going

00:31:12   to be awesome.

00:31:13   of friends you know I'm sure y'all are like this on iPhone day everyone in your

00:31:16   life text you to be like what should I buy like I went to a thing last night

00:31:21   with like five or six friends and they were all like this is what we talked

00:31:24   about the first 20 minutes as a new iPhones but the I think if you know if

00:31:29   you're that sort of user like I've got friends who have you know an iPhone 6 or

00:31:32   a 6s they're gonna go to an 8 and it's gonna be an awesome upgrade and they

00:31:36   don't want to spend the money for the 10 which is totally understandable so the

00:31:39   The 8 is an important phone.

00:31:41   I think it is overshadowed in the enthusiast circle,

00:31:44   but we have to remember that we're like the king

00:31:46   of the enthusiast circle.

00:31:47   Like, of course we're all doing the 10.

00:31:50   But for a lot of consumers, the 10 is just like

00:31:52   a crazy thing Apple did at the top of the line,

00:31:54   like the gold Apple Watch was.

00:31:56   - 'Cause it's so expensive. - And the 8

00:31:56   implies what's new. - It's silly.

00:31:57   It's so silly silly.

00:31:59   - Yeah, exactly. - It's silly silly.

00:32:00   - That's what basically everyone last night said.

00:32:02   And then, you know, I'm sure they were all judging me

00:32:04   because they know I'm gonna buy it, but.

00:32:06   - Yeah, but also like-- - I think they're great

00:32:07   at this. - I do need to say,

00:32:09   like the jet black plus silly, silly expensive.

00:32:12   Right, they're silly expensive, these phones.

00:32:14   The plus phones were very expensive,

00:32:16   the 10 is very expensive.

00:32:18   I just wanna say something super quick.

00:32:19   Maybe someone can help diagnose this for me.

00:32:21   But I think Apple's product pages give me motion sickness.

00:32:25   The scrolling, I get so uncomfortable

00:32:29   with the scrolling on these pages, like the iPhone pages.

00:32:33   - I hate that where they hijack your scroll.

00:32:35   - It makes me feel ill.

00:32:37   And I don't know what it is.

00:32:38   I don't have motion sickness.

00:32:39   I've never had motion sickness before.

00:32:41   - So you feel how I feel when I look at the--

00:32:44   - I think the ProMotion.

00:32:46   - iPads, I can't handle ProMotion.

00:32:48   - I feel physically uncomfortable scrolling these pages.

00:32:50   - That's 'cause you know how much money you're gonna spend.

00:32:52   - But I'm looking at the iPhone 8 right now.

00:32:54   I really don't like it.

00:32:56   Like I'm scrolling, I have to like look away when I scroll.

00:32:59   - There's a lot of moving elements.

00:33:00   It's not just like the initial animation.

00:33:04   It's like as you scroll,

00:33:06   every single section has some moving parts.

00:33:08   - Yeah, and also it doesn't--

00:33:09   - And they move in different directions.

00:33:10   - It doesn't scroll as smoothly as I think it should,

00:33:13   and I think that might be part of it as well.

00:33:15   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:33:16   - Like it's a bit jittery

00:33:17   because it's such a heavy webpage, I expect.

00:33:20   - Yeah.

00:33:21   - They're very beautiful, but they make me sick.

00:33:22   I tried it in Safari too on my iPad

00:33:25   and I had the exact same problem,

00:33:26   because I figured, oh,

00:33:27   maybe Chrome isn't rendering this correctly,

00:33:30   because that has happened in the past,

00:33:31   but it doesn't seem to be the case.

00:33:33   But anyway, the 8 is a really good looking phone.

00:33:39   I like the glass, I like the return of the glass.

00:33:43   I do really like the new gold colour which seems to be a mix between rose gold and gold.

00:33:48   It seems to be something in between those.

00:33:50   I was watching some hands on videos this morning, it seems very subtle.

00:33:55   I like it.

00:33:57   I think the video watch called it a sandblasted look almost.

00:34:00   was colorful and they stripped the color back somehow. It looks

00:34:04   really nice in the renders but very subtle I think in person. It almost looks

00:34:08   like there's some yeah there is like some kind of color on the back of it

00:34:12   which is not white and you know it looks really nice it's like this goldy color

00:34:17   and then the aluminium is like a gold color and the phone itself it's it's

00:34:21   good right like it's got the wireless charging in it which I wouldn't have

00:34:24   expected it's you know it's got all the features that we expect it's got a these

00:34:29   - These new portrait mode features, right?

00:34:31   This lighting stuff, is this just for the new phones?

00:34:34   - Hold on a second.

00:34:35   - All right.

00:34:36   - It's also got the standard power adapter,

00:34:39   which is a shame that Apple is still

00:34:42   putting this one in the box.

00:34:43   Of course it's got the ear pods,

00:34:45   it doesn't have the ear pods.

00:34:46   It's gonna be a long time, I think,

00:34:47   before we get the ear pods in the box.

00:34:49   And it's got the lightning jack to,

00:34:52   lightning to headphone jack adapter.

00:34:54   So that's still a thing.

00:34:56   - Yeah, that comes in the box with the X.

00:34:58   Oh, the X, here we go.

00:34:59   - With the 10 too. - Oh no.

00:35:01   - It comes in the box, we'll get to that.

00:35:02   It comes in the box with the 10 or adapter thing,

00:35:05   which I'm really surprised they put it in there.

00:35:08   - I'm just really annoyed that these phones

00:35:10   support fast charging and then Apple is still upsetting you

00:35:13   on the USB-C charger, which should be the correct one

00:35:17   to give to people.

00:35:18   But anyway. - Yeah, it does.

00:35:19   What's the fast charging when it does what,

00:35:21   like 50% in 30 minutes or something?

00:35:24   - 50% in 30 minutes thanks to USB-C power delivery,

00:35:27   which is obviously has been built into the lightning controller, so now you can take advantage of any USB-C brick that has power delivery built in

00:35:35   and you can fast charge your iPhone just like you can do roughly the same with the iPad Pro and USB-C

00:35:40   I will say that that's nowhere near what Android phones can do, like with the USB-C stuff they charge so much faster than that

00:35:47   so maybe that's why they're not heavily promoting it yet because it's not really fast charging

00:35:52   it's faster charging

00:35:54   it's faster

00:35:55   I was asking about the portrait mode, right?

00:35:57   So you get it on the iPhone 8 Plus also.

00:36:00   But you don't get it on the 7 Plus, right?

00:36:03   They're not adding these things to the 7 Plus.

00:36:05   Even though they seem to just be software, right?

00:36:08   This seems to be a software feature for that phone.

00:36:10   But I think it's in the sensors that they're using for the new dual cameras.

00:36:15   Okay.

00:36:16   So I think that's the reason.

00:36:19   I mean, it wouldn't be the first time that Apple is artificially...

00:36:22   I don't think it's a problem.

00:36:23   I don't think it's a problem.

00:36:25   limiting a feature even if older hardware would be perfectly capable.

00:36:28   You gotta sell your product, right? Like you've got to do that and sometimes it's

00:36:32   the combo of software and hardware that you sell. No, but I mean it gets

00:36:35   especially obvious when stuff like the first-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro, if you just

00:36:41   change a couple of lines in the iOS 11 firmware, you can use three apps at once,

00:36:45   but Apple is artificially limiting the feature so that it only works on the

00:36:49   second-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro. But I think in this case for the portrait lining

00:36:54   effects. I think it's down to the sensors in the camera. It's not just like

00:36:58   marketing making a decision that no this feature must be on the on the new phone.

00:37:03   I think it's actually in the sensor. So so we can move on to the X. I think my

00:37:08   feeling on this is... I got one more thing on the 8 and 8 Plus. I think it's great that Apple is using the same

00:37:15   system on a chip in all these phones. That like if if the X didn't exist the

00:37:23   the 8 and 8 Plus is still a huge upgrade in performance

00:37:26   over the 7 and 7 Plus.

00:37:28   I was hoping for this, but I was a little nervous, right,

00:37:33   that this would get, say, the A11,

00:37:37   and then the high-end phone will get

00:37:40   the X version of it, right,

00:37:41   it's like a faster GPU or something.

00:37:44   But the silicone is the same in all of these phones,

00:37:47   and that means they're gonna age better,

00:37:50   they're going to age more appropriately

00:37:51   for a high-end phone.

00:37:53   This is, if it weren't for the X,

00:37:55   this would be the flagship,

00:37:56   and it has all the power we expect

00:37:58   in a flagship upgrade year over year.

00:38:00   And that was encouraging to me,

00:38:02   that Apple is taking this phone seriously.

00:38:04   - Yeah, I would say that if you have upgraded,

00:38:09   like any time during this iPhone 6 body generation

00:38:13   of phones that we've had,

00:38:16   you will be as happy upgrading to this phone

00:38:19   probably as you've been upgrading to any others, because--

00:38:21   - I think so.

00:38:22   - It is a similar kind of bump that we've had

00:38:25   over the last couple of years, right?

00:38:26   It looks the same, the cameras are better,

00:38:28   and it has some other cool features.

00:38:31   You know, you get wireless charging,

00:38:32   everything's faster, right?

00:38:33   Like it feels like that. - True tone.

00:38:35   - True tone?

00:38:36   Actually, like the seven to the eight feels better

00:38:39   than the 6S to the seven.

00:38:42   - Yeah. - For sure, if you're right.

00:38:44   - I think this is quite possibly for this design,

00:38:48   like this iPhone 6 era design,

00:38:50   this is as good as it gets.

00:38:52   - Right, so yeah, this is it.

00:38:53   This is the ultimate design of that.

00:38:55   This is how good that is gonna get, right?

00:38:57   Like that is as good as it will get.

00:39:00   I think that they have managed that.

00:39:01   I think adding glass back into that phone

00:39:04   is gonna make it look really fancy again,

00:39:06   you know, like in a new way.

00:39:07   But let's talk about the 10.

00:39:10   All right, just super quick.

00:39:11   I keep saying X in my head.

00:39:13   I can't help it. - Yeah, me too.

00:39:14   - I can't help it, 'cause it says it right there, right?

00:39:17   Like it says X, so I just keep saying X,

00:39:21   because honestly, like personally, just I prefer X.

00:39:25   I think it's cool in a weird way.

00:39:28   I get why they've done 10, I get it,

00:39:32   but I do personally wish that they called it X,

00:39:35   and I will accidentally call this the iPhone X

00:39:39   in a way that I never called it Mac OS X.

00:39:43   - Yeah, totally the same problem, yes.

00:39:47   I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do it all the time.

00:39:49   - I was having a conversation with Steven Transmith

00:39:54   yesterday over iMessage and he was telling me,

00:39:58   look, they're gonna call it the iPhone 10

00:39:59   because it's tomorrow's iPhone today.

00:40:01   And I was like, sure, sure, it's a beautiful idea

00:40:03   but iPhone X just sounds cool

00:40:05   and they cannot possibly do the iPhone 8

00:40:07   and the iPhone 10 in the same year.

00:40:09   And I was so certain they were not gonna do the 10.

00:40:13   And I was so surprised when they actually said

00:40:16   I literally couldn't believe it that they actually went there.

00:40:21   I was so sold on the idea, oh, they're going to do the iPhone X.

00:40:24   So it sounds futuristic, it sounds cool, and it's a chance for them to reset the numbering.

00:40:29   So next year, they're going to do iPhone X2 and iPhone X3 and iPhone X4, you know?

00:40:34   And they just went in the opposite direction.

00:40:38   They already solved this. This is a solved problem.

00:40:41   problem it's gonna be 10.1 no then 10.2 Jaguar and 10.3 Panther. Let's bring the

00:40:52   big cat names back. Time is a flat circle. It really is. If I was gonna make a super

00:40:57   early prediction that I shouldn't make oh no I think that next year we get 9

00:41:01   and 11 and then 12 they have two models I don't think there's gonna be a plus

00:41:08   version next year I think they're gonna make an iPhone 9. I don't think that

00:41:15   can I don't think that between now and then they're gonna be able to make a

00:41:18   bigger phone in this form factor I just don't think it's gonna happen so they're

00:41:24   not just gonna have one phone for sale which costs $1,000 I think that they'll

00:41:28   make another version of the current design and then they'll make another one

00:41:33   of this new 10 design but it will be the iPhone 11 and then there will be an

00:41:37   iPhone 9. I just as we stand here today I don't believe that they will be able to

00:41:43   make what is essentially the plus version of this phone within a year. I

00:41:46   don't think they're gonna be able to do it because they seem to have struggled

00:41:50   to put this one out right like it seems like it's gonna be constrained it seems

00:41:55   like it was difficult for them to make right like it if you if you are to

00:41:59   believe anything that you are to believe then that would be the case because I

00:42:02   can tell you there is no way Apple wanted this phone to ship in November

00:42:05   like why would they want to do that? They want it to ship now. Why would you do that?

00:42:11   Why would you want it in November? You want to have it immediately for everyone, right?

00:42:15   That's the whole point of doing the event. Like you have it available for pre-ordering

00:42:20   in a week and you sell it the week after that. But they're not doing that. I really think

00:42:24   that we're going to see a nine next year and I think personally, I think that's probably

00:42:31   why they went with calling it 10 and nothing else because it's in the line but it's in

00:42:36   the future and they're still going to backfill up until this point.

00:42:41   Yeah, the idea of selling the phone from the future today is the perfect excuse to make

00:42:49   it a more expensive phone because you're paying for the future and God knows what the future

00:42:55   costs so it's okay for Apple to charge you over a thousand dollars for this.

00:42:59   In the future, $1,000 isn't worth what it's worth now.

00:43:02   You know, in the future, money loses all meaning.

00:43:06   Inflation, you know, they're just charging inflation.

00:43:09   They're preemptively charging for inflation in the markets. Makes sense. So, yeah, I was

00:43:18   just surprised because I – and we go back to this discussion on the leaks and the rumors.

00:43:26   Like macOS 10, which macOS 10 was already a thing when I came into the Apple ecosystem.

00:43:31   So I had to learn the correct pronunciation of macOS 10 as I was learning the Apple world.

00:43:39   But the iPhone X and iPhone X, it was rumored that I convinced myself in my mind before

00:43:45   the event that was going to be the correct naming.

00:43:48   And now it's going to be, I mean, maybe in a month we're not going to talk about this

00:43:51   anymore, but I'm already hearing people.

00:43:53   I mean my mother called me a couple of hours ago.

00:43:56   She was like, "So what about the iPhone X?"

00:43:58   And I thought, you know, this is gonna be a problem.

00:44:02   Everybody's gonna call it the iPhone X.

00:44:04   - Whenever, I think it was Tim that said the name,

00:44:06   or whoever it was that said the name,

00:44:08   when they said 10, I was like, "No!"

00:44:10   I was like, "Why?

00:44:11   "Why did you do this to me?"

00:44:14   Like I don't dislike it.

00:44:15   I don't dislike that it's 10,

00:44:17   but my brain was already set on X.

00:44:20   Like it's done. - Yeah, you mean the iPhone,

00:44:22   The iPhone Tim, like Tim would say.

00:44:25   - The iPhone Tim.

00:44:27   The Tim phone.

00:44:29   Yeah, okay, right, should we just get off this,

00:44:32   start talking about it?

00:44:33   Should we just stop talking about the number?

00:44:36   - It's beautiful, it's a beautiful phone.

00:44:37   - It's so beautiful.

00:44:38   Oh my god, I want it so bad.

00:44:39   I want it so bad, like just give it to me right now.

00:44:41   Like I'm so sold on this.

00:44:45   I know many people have many problems.

00:44:47   We'll talk about some of those many problems.

00:44:49   I don't see 'em.

00:44:50   I just see this beautiful thing that I want.

00:44:53   That I want so bad.

00:44:55   And right, like I feel like we should probably

00:44:56   just address this right now.

00:44:58   Obviously all of us are not getting the eight plus.

00:45:01   Right? - Nope.

00:45:04   - So like plus club is over.

00:45:05   Hashtag plus club is dead for now.

00:45:08   We're gonna put it on a shelf.

00:45:10   - Now it's the X Club.

00:45:13   - I've thought about X Crew, hashtag X Crew.

00:45:16   'Cause I don't wanna go for club

00:45:18   'cause we already had a club.

00:45:19   like we should be a crew now so I'm going with #Xcrew. We should be, maybe we should be a fam,

00:45:25   you know? No I don't like that so much. The X fam. Personally I'm going with #Xcrew to replace the

00:45:33   plus club. The thing is right, and people have been asking me this already about like oh obviously

00:45:39   you're gonna stick with the plus because you love the plus so much. The idea of like plus club

00:45:46   was never about just "I want to have a big phone."

00:45:50   Like for me, you guys can chime in too, it was about "I want the best phone."

00:45:54   And I believed personally the Plus to be the best phone.

00:45:58   And it's not anymore, the X is better. And it's going to take some time for us,

00:46:02   for all Plus users to like to get used to this new phone,

00:46:06   right, because it seems like it's a compact design

00:46:09   in UI, obviously the keyboard is going to be smaller,

00:46:13   The screen is still big but it's big in a different way, right? Like it's tall not wide.

00:46:18   I still think that I will get what mostly what I want which is good battery life. It looks like

00:46:24   it's probably got like plus level battery life because it's what do they say two hours more than

00:46:29   the seven so the battery life is going to be fine. And I'm going to get the two cameras which I

00:46:34   really love and they're even better right because they're both optically image stabilized. That was

00:46:39   That was a terrible way to say that,

00:46:41   but you know what I'm trying to say.

00:46:43   And you get a screen where I can see a ton of stuff on it.

00:46:47   That's kind of all I really want.

00:46:49   This is gonna be the best phone, so I'm gonna move to it.

00:46:51   And then as soon as Apple make another one,

00:46:53   and they make it bigger, that will probably be better,

00:46:55   and then I'll move back to that one, right?

00:46:58   - Yeah, that's basically my plan.

00:47:02   Stick with the 10 as long as they make just one version,

00:47:07   and whenever there's a bigger model, upgrade to that.

00:47:10   Because I'm sure the screen on that phone

00:47:12   is gonna be glorious.

00:47:14   - Like six and a half inches or something.

00:47:16   - Yeah, imagine like a plus with no bezel.

00:47:18   I mean, that would be amazing.

00:47:19   - So the two of you feel confident

00:47:21   that there's a plus version of this new phone

00:47:23   coming at some point.

00:47:24   - Yeah, because I imagine they won't continue

00:47:26   making the iPhone 6 design forever

00:47:29   and they won't sell just one phone.

00:47:30   This is why I think there'll be a nine.

00:47:34   There will always be more than one phone.

00:47:36   Maybe. I'm torn on that. I think maybe there's part of this that feels like I

00:47:44   want there to be a bigger phone. Let me just state my preference before I say

00:47:48   what I'm getting ready to say. But I can look at this phone and I could see the

00:47:52   argument of saying this gives you the best of both the regular and the plus. So

00:47:56   we just what we used to do with two phones because we had to we can do with

00:48:00   one phone now with this new technology. So I think that you are right for now in

00:48:05   in the same way that the screen was as big as we needed

00:48:09   before there was a plus, right?

00:48:11   Like the argument of like,

00:48:13   oh, why would we have a big screen

00:48:14   like those silly Android phones?

00:48:16   I think it's the same kind of thing.

00:48:18   It's just a reset.

00:48:19   And after this becomes the norm,

00:48:21   we'll want a bigger screen again.

00:48:23   - But I think we're thinking ahead of ourselves here.

00:48:26   Let's talk about the notch,

00:48:31   or as Apple calls it, the sensor housing.

00:48:34   a small, let's call the sensor,

00:48:36   a small place where the sensors are placing the device.

00:48:41   So all the folks that were saying Apple sure

00:48:44   embraced the notch were right.

00:48:46   Apple is most definitely embracing the notch

00:48:49   and actually they have put out updated developer guidelines.

00:48:53   They've even refreshed the WWDC app and developer portal

00:48:58   with new videos and new guidelines.

00:49:00   And they're explicitly telling developers,

00:49:02   do not place black bars at the top to hide the corners,

00:49:07   the rounded corners of the display.

00:49:09   Do not place a black bar at the bottom

00:49:11   to hide the home indicator.

00:49:14   You should take advantage of the full screen of the iPhone X.

00:49:16   - So happy.

00:49:18   - Yes, and I agree because I think it's one of those cases,

00:49:22   you know, when Johnny Ive says,

00:49:23   it's the purest expression of,

00:49:25   I think this is totally correct.

00:49:27   I think this is not marketing, this is true.

00:49:30   I don't understand, actually I do understand,

00:49:33   and I have some ideas, but the developers

00:49:36   and the designers will, you know, on Twitter,

00:49:37   if you scroll Twitter, especially what I call design Twitter

00:49:41   there's a trend right now going on of designers

00:49:45   posting mock-ups of what an iPhone 10 with black bars

00:49:49   will look like and they will look better.

00:49:50   - Oh, it would be so wonderful, no.

00:49:52   No, no. - No, not at all.

00:49:54   - No, no, because it's on principle.

00:49:56   I don't want a screen that I'm paying for to be cut off.

00:50:00   I want all of it.

00:50:01   I'm buying this screen, goddammit,

00:50:03   and I want to use all of that screen.

00:50:06   Right?

00:50:07   - I know, so it just looks so much--

00:50:09   - I don't, no, I don't, no, I don't, no.

00:50:10   - It just looks more, it just looks more futuristic.

00:50:14   - Yes.

00:50:14   - I think it goes back to

00:50:17   a fraction of the design community

00:50:21   that sort of looks back at the days of iOS 6

00:50:26   iOS 5, the old Apple design, thinking that it still looks better than iOS 11, which I totally don't understand, but you know, everyone has different tastes.

00:50:37   But I do believe that embracing the notch and having a full screen app design on the iPhone X looks so much better than faking a black status bar at the top.

00:50:46   the top. I think the black status bar makes sense for some types of

00:50:50   applications like photo editing apps for example, where you want a more you know

00:50:55   maybe a more constrained space like you don't want to have any distractions on

00:51:01   top of the on top of the app so it makes more sense for some apps but in general

00:51:06   I think it looks so much better and so much it's just so cool when you look at

00:51:13   the entire app UI that extends towards the top of the iPhone X.

00:51:18   And I think Apple is right here.

00:51:21   It's also really funny to me that a lot of criticisms right now is how bad everything looks in landscape.

00:51:26   It's as if nobody's ever used a landscape iPhone before.

00:51:29   It's always looked terrible, everyone.

00:51:31   It's a... yeah.

00:51:32   You don't know this because you also are diametrically opposed to having a Plus phone.

00:51:37   Yeah.

00:51:38   Landscape iPhones, it's just not...

00:51:40   No one uses it because it sucks, right?

00:51:42   Like, because it's just not right.

00:51:43   It's just not built right.

00:51:44   Like, you know, I've used it every now and then, but everything's kind of awkward.

00:51:49   Right?

00:51:49   Like it's never been a good experience.

00:51:51   It's always been kind of terrible and kind of like an afterthought.

00:51:55   It wasn't really the primary way of interacting with the phone.

00:51:58   Even on the plus, you can tell it's an afterthought.

00:52:00   Nobody builds stuff right for it because nobody uses it and et cetera, et cetera.

00:52:04   Right?

00:52:04   Like saying how bad everything looks in landscape because of the notch.

00:52:09   At that point, in my opinion,

00:52:11   you're just looking for something.

00:52:13   You're looking for a criticism to make,

00:52:15   which is totally fine because you know what,

00:52:17   you don't have to like it, but I do.

00:52:20   I mean, my problem with a lot of this sort of stuff is like,

00:52:23   and this is just a problem with the internet,

00:52:26   where people just state something like it's a fact, right?

00:52:29   (laughing)

00:52:31   Like your opinion is not fact.

00:52:33   All of the stuff that I'm saying right now, it's my opinion.

00:52:36   My opinion is all of this,

00:52:37   But I know it can be super difficult to state this stuff about context, especially on Twitter.

00:52:41   But it's just, you know, anything should rub you up the wrong way.

00:52:44   And that's one of them for me.

00:52:45   It's like, this is a fact that I'm stating.

00:52:47   My fact is based upon my opinion.

00:52:49   These are not the same.

00:52:51   Myke, I think you in general have a problem with some type of memes from the Apple

00:53:01   community.

00:53:02   Yeah, I really do.

00:53:04   I have shared beliefs.

00:53:06   Uh-huh. Or like just shared phrases, terms, anything really. I have lots of, just lots

00:53:15   of problems. Lots of them.

00:53:18   You have lots of problems?

00:53:19   I have lots and lots of problems.

00:53:20   I'm sorry.

00:53:21   It's okay. It's okay. I mean, I can live with them. The problem is everybody else has to

00:53:27   as well, because you have to listen to me talk about it.

00:53:30   So anyway, the notch. You now have two Batman ears on the top of the phone.

00:53:36   Do you know what's so great about that Federico? I love you so much, but to me it sounded like

00:53:41   you said "bad man" and I was like "oh, hang on a second, we got a bad man in here, huh?"

00:53:47   We got a bad man. So from the right side, they are kinda interactive in that you can

00:53:55   can swipe down from them and the features that they activate have been

00:54:01   splitting too. So the right side opens the new control center which doesn't

00:54:06   come up from the bottom anymore, it comes down from the top, kind of like an

00:54:09   Android phone. And the left side, it goes to the cover sheet which is the new

00:54:14   notification center/lock screen of iOS 11. And you can swipe down in the middle

00:54:19   of the screen as always to access Spotlight MKBHD. Very thankfully cleared

00:54:24   one up for me. I have a lot of thoughts before we move on from this, this very thing.

00:54:32   I just want to say that for Control Center I was hoping, I was maybe thinking/hoping that

00:54:38   Apple would integrate Control Center with the app switcher like on the iPad. I think this looks kind

00:54:44   of weird because I have never, I mean it's gonna take a while in terms of muscle memory to think

00:54:50   that my flashlight I now need to swipe from the top of the phone it's also maybe gonna be more

00:54:54   difficult to access I don't know. The flashlights on the on the locked home screen. I know I know

00:54:59   it's also on the locked home screen so then maybe it's not a problem what about music playback or

00:55:03   like the other shortcuts. Well yeah I mean well hopefully it would be showed there right if you're

00:55:08   playing something already. I think I will get used to it anyway it's not gonna be a deal breaker

00:55:15   But yeah, it's gonna be strange initially.

00:55:17   Yeah, I think one of the reasons they did that is just because I can't imagine how they would have fit

00:55:22   all of that on one screen like the multitasking and the control center because I bet you'd always be swiping the wrong way

00:55:28   It's like the cards thing again

00:55:29   You'd always be swiping and you're either looking for one or the other and which one does it show you?

00:55:33   So at least with the control center as it's going to be

00:55:36   Whilst it's a place to get used to it's a dedicated place that it always is and you will always get it

00:55:42   You know what I mean?

00:55:44   But yeah.

00:55:45   So in January 2016, actually on my birthday that year,

00:55:49   oddly enough, I wrote what has to be the most unpopular thing

00:55:52   I've ever published.

00:55:54   All right.

00:55:54   Mainly because Gruber called it out.

00:55:56   He disagreed with it.

00:55:57   So I got emails for months.

00:55:59   A few people telling me I was stupid.

00:56:02   Talking about combining Control Center and Notification Center.

00:56:08   Now this is obviously now a year and a half ago.

00:56:10   So it's an older system, Control Center and notification

00:56:14   center, different now, right?

00:56:16   With cover sheet, I guess.

00:56:17   But it is, I think, inherently odd

00:56:21   that you pull down from the left bad man ear to get one thing,

00:56:27   and you get another thing when you go right.

00:56:30   And I don't know if the solution is combining them,

00:56:33   or if you pull down and you swipe one direction,

00:56:36   you get widgets, but you swipe the other way

00:56:38   you get Control Center.

00:56:40   It just feels very disjointed right now.

00:56:43   And maybe it,

00:56:44   I'm sure this is not the case,

00:56:48   but it feels a little bit like they designed this phone

00:56:50   and then they figured out,

00:56:51   then they realized they had a retrofit control center

00:56:53   into it.

00:56:54   And it feels a little hacky to have one thing on one side

00:56:58   and one on the other.

00:57:00   And then Spotlight is a third thing.

00:57:02   Like why can't Spotlight live in some other place?

00:57:04   Like it just,

00:57:05   it feels like there's a lot going on

00:57:07   with the gestures on this phone.

00:57:08   We haven't even gotten to,

00:57:09   When you go home, you swipe up,

00:57:10   and those animations are weird too.

00:57:12   There's a lot going on, there's a lot to remember.

00:57:14   I'm sure we will all adjust, right?

00:57:16   That's not my problem, we will all adjust to it.

00:57:19   But I feel like there's a lot going on,

00:57:20   and it's a little disappointing

00:57:22   that they didn't take the opportunity

00:57:24   to readdress some of this stuff

00:57:25   and combine those now, like they did on the iPad.

00:57:27   The iPad, for all of its pros and cons

00:57:30   of the new multitasking system,

00:57:32   having your multitasking and your control center together

00:57:35   is actually pretty nice,

00:57:36   'cause you just have this dashboard view

00:57:37   of all the things you can do.

00:57:39   and the iPhone doesn't have that,

00:57:41   and on the iPhone X, it's even more fragmented

00:57:45   than it was before.

00:57:46   - I'm happy with it though.

00:57:52   I mean, I wanna use it, but this makes sense to me

00:57:57   because it's persistent.

00:58:00   Like, the things that you were just recommending there,

00:58:03   Steven, it's the same problem I have

00:58:04   with the current control center, right?

00:58:05   Like, combining it with widgets,

00:58:08   it's like, just the idea of swiping

00:58:11   and I never feel like I've got what I want

00:58:13   and I can never remember which way I need to swipe.

00:58:16   - Oh yeah, no, and I'm not saying that I have the answer.

00:58:19   This is a hard problem.

00:58:20   - Yeah.

00:58:21   - This is a complicated thing, but I'm not,

00:58:26   like what they did is probably the,

00:58:28   even though there's a lot of gestures,

00:58:30   it's probably the simplest from your perspective, right,

00:58:32   that you don't have to mode switch

00:58:34   once you've entered a new area of the UI,

00:58:36   but I don't feel like they've quite hit it.

00:58:40   - Yeah, I think the separation of the two sides,

00:58:45   of course, makes it easier and makes it possible

00:58:48   to do this kind of multiple gestures,

00:58:51   because you know left is one thing and right is another.

00:58:53   It would have been stranger

00:58:55   if there was like an invisible separator between them.

00:58:58   So I think the ears actually make this possible,

00:59:01   make this better. I'm just curious, technically speaking,

00:59:07   and maybe I should have checked in the simulator or in Xcode, but if

00:59:12   you're using a left-to-right language, does the functionality reverse? Like the

00:59:19   left side becomes control center and the right side becomes the cover sheet? I

00:59:23   think so, because the entire UI kit should be flipped. That's interesting.

00:59:29   I do wanted to ask you guys, do you think there will be a time in the let's say

00:59:36   next three years, so by say 2020, are we gonna see an iPhone 10 like phone without

00:59:46   the notch? I think that that is the ultimate goal. Yeah. To keep making that

00:59:53   smaller and smaller until it's gone. That's how you take this phone to its

00:59:57   end but they're not close to that yet because there's so much technology that

01:00:04   has to be crammed into that thing and I think the goal will be how do we get it

01:00:08   all under the screen yeah if you look at the the there one of their many

01:00:15   confusing product pages there's a graphic of everything in that notch and

01:00:18   I agree with you like there's a ton of stuff in there yeah and it is crammed

01:00:22   packed it's actually probably a little surprising as it's as small as it is now

01:00:25   I do think ultimately that, Federica, you're right, that they will get there.

01:00:29   Is it in three years? I don't know, but I do think ultimately that's where they

01:00:33   want it to be, and if they get rid of the notch and then they get rid of the bad

01:00:38   man ears, then they run into the problem that we have. This is my favorite. This is my

01:00:44   absolute favorite. The bad man ears. You guys are terrible with me. It only took us three

01:00:53   years to get back to time of koalasing. Only three years.

01:00:58   Oh man remember that? Yeah this is the new one.

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01:02:53   All right, so face ID. Face ID is a pretty big deal, right?

01:02:59   Yeah. I guess.

01:03:02   I'll start with you, Steven. You're gonna miss the home button, do you think? What do you think?

01:03:07   I don't I don't think so. I mean, so we talked about when we talked about this when this

01:03:12   rumor first came out, and we made some predictions, and we all did terribly it. I think it's because

01:03:18   we sort of lacked the the understanding of how this would work. And I think Apple did

01:03:25   a good job at selling it selling it that it's easy to use. And that it is the things that

01:03:34   that are not Touch ID related at the home button,

01:03:36   they've moved other places.

01:03:37   So the side button you long press for Siri,

01:03:41   which seems like it's gonna be more accident prone.

01:03:42   I'm curious to how that's gonna play out

01:03:44   'cause with the 7, if it's in your pocket,

01:03:47   you can't really do Siri accidentally

01:03:49   because you can't press the button.

01:03:50   But with this, it seems like that's gonna happen a bunch.

01:03:55   I'm curious to see how that plays out.

01:03:56   You can double tap the side button to do Apple Pay.

01:03:59   You can still do the five press thing to enter SOS mode

01:04:02   you can on the current phones under iOS 11. So the things that the home button

01:04:07   has done they have moved elsewhere. The one feature as best I can tell and

01:04:12   Federico maybe you know the answer to this I think reachability is gone I

01:04:16   don't think I've seen where it goes. No it's gone it's no more yep. So rest in

01:04:22   peace reachability. Rest in peace ability. Oh it's probably fine on a phone this

01:04:28   size right like I miss it I don't know I thinks did you ever know I use it all

01:04:35   the time really to bring notifications sent to them with one hand hmm I do use

01:04:43   it sometimes I'll just that if I can't reach it I don't know I mean I don't

01:04:47   know how this thing feels in the hand yet like I don't actually know how it

01:04:50   feels it looks or feels in my hand maybe I can reach the entire screen just on my

01:04:54   thumb who knows like I haven't I mean I don't have the context yet but

01:04:58   But if I can't reach the notification center with just one hand, like if holding the hand

01:05:04   that I'm holding, then I will miss reachability for that because it allows me to do that.

01:05:08   But it is a dumb feature which they probably should get rid of, right?

01:05:11   Because it's like, it's an embarrassing thing to have to add to a phone.

01:05:15   Yeah, I mean, but yeah, I get that.

01:05:18   But I do think, I mean, I don't use it, but it sounds like you do and you find it useful

01:05:22   so that it's probably worthwhile.

01:05:25   So I mean, so to kind of wrap up, it feels like they have built a case for these are

01:05:29   all the things the home button used to do.

01:05:32   And this is where they are now.

01:05:33   They're either behind gestures, which you'll learn to figure out, or they're behind the

01:05:36   aside button press.

01:05:38   And they've kind of reassigned all those actions elsewhere in the phone.

01:05:42   And so I think I'm I think I'm honestly going to be just fine.

01:05:47   Many months ago, we made touch ID predictions.

01:05:50   So like we've been talking for weeks about whether touch ID would go away or not.

01:05:53   and we made predictions.

01:05:54   There were three questions.

01:05:56   One was if the iPhone 8 would feature a touch ID sensor

01:06:00   on the back or embedded.

01:06:02   Obviously this question was misguided

01:06:05   considering what we know now.

01:06:06   We were obviously all wrong.

01:06:08   Me and Stephen thought it would go on the back.

01:06:09   Federico thought it would go under the display.

01:06:11   The answer is it doesn't exist.

01:06:13   The second question was would Apple ditch touch ID

01:06:17   because of hardware issues?

01:06:19   We don't obviously know what the answer was.

01:06:22   We all didn't think that Apple would do that.

01:06:25   It will maybe never be known if they got rid of Touch ID

01:06:30   because they couldn't do it,

01:06:31   as opposed to wanting to go to Face ID, like we don't know.

01:06:35   And would Apple ditch Touch ID in favor of another form

01:06:38   of biometric identity for the iPhone 8?

01:06:41   I said that I didn't think that Apple would have something

01:06:44   that could be as secure as Touch ID.

01:06:46   I was wrong.

01:06:47   Steven said that he didn't think that Apple would do it

01:06:50   because they spent so much time preaching the security of touch ID, so it would be too

01:06:56   hard to remove it.

01:06:58   And Federico was the only one of us who said, "Unless something new is safe or safer."

01:07:04   So we had three predictions.

01:07:07   There were nine possible right answers.

01:07:10   We got one of them.

01:07:12   So well done to us, I guess, especially Federico.

01:07:17   There were nine possible outcomes and only one of those nine were correct.

01:07:22   So we didn't do the best job there.

01:07:26   But Federico, you got something right.

01:07:29   I mean, if you look at the hard numbers that Apple presented yesterday, it sure seems like

01:07:37   the Face ID is more secure than Touch ID because fewer people in the world could accidentally

01:07:42   unlock your phone because they share the same facial features as yourself.

01:07:49   Yeah, I mean there's some real like, but when they put the asterisk on there I'd love to

01:07:54   know what those statistics are because they never said before, unless someone you live

01:08:00   with has similar fingerprints to you, like that was never a thing that they spoke about,

01:08:04   but they did say...

01:08:05   They mentioned the...

01:08:06   The genetics.

01:08:07   Even if it was a joke.

01:08:08   Right.

01:08:09   about the evil twin but that was not... I don't think that was meant to be a joke

01:08:14   No. It was meant to be serious but presented in a lighthearted way. Yeah I'm really

01:08:19   keen to understand like my brother who kind of looks a little bit like me can

01:08:25   he unlock it? Like how close do you have to be? So I'm excited... not excited I'm

01:08:30   keen to try that out right and see what that's like and I appreciate that they

01:08:34   said it but like I would also like to know what those numbers are because

01:08:39   those numbers they didn't share like what is the chances at that point

01:08:42   because I bet it would be less than one in fifty thousand at that point because

01:08:47   they had felt they needed to say it I can already kind of feel how the next

01:08:52   iPhone gate will be about twins being able to unlock each other's iPhones

01:08:59   especially yeah that's probably what it will be and get and twin gate twin gate

01:09:05   Maybe I can maybe I can break that gate wide open to you

01:09:08   I just want you to win why don't you register the web domain already twin gate calm? That's good

01:09:15   Judy looks a lot like you sponsor

01:09:18   so maybe you can see if Jude can unlock your phone and then you can post maybe ten second YouTube clip and

01:09:23   Get a billion views and go on TV

01:09:26   That anniversary is coming up like next week sometime. Well, it's always gonna be whenever the iPhone come out, right?

01:09:32   like oh yeah I guess that's a good do you want to talk about the the the fact that do you want to

01:09:37   talk about the incredibly poor luck for Craig Federighi I very much the worst possible thing

01:09:43   that could have happened during this presentation actually did happen yes so around the hour 36

01:09:50   minute mark uh Craig Federighi goes to demo the iPhone 10 for the first time and as you it makes

01:09:57   a lot of sense right he's got to pick it up and lock it with his handsome man face because

01:10:02   that's the first thing you want to demo on this phone and it fails and so there's a screenshot in

01:10:06   my blog post enter passcode your passcode is required to enable face id we have all seen

01:10:11   messages like this a lot of people said what's what happens when your phone restarts that is not

01:10:17   true that's not the language used when your phone restarts that language is touch id requires uh your

01:10:23   passcode when iPhone restarts. It gives you the reason it is required. However, iPhones can enter

01:10:29   this state where a PIN is required to authenticate before you can use a biometric authentication.

01:10:37   If Springboard crashes, if you've installed a software update and haven't logged in since,

01:10:43   that happened to me after the iOS 11 GM yesterday. I got this exact language on my 7 Plus.

01:10:50   This is not what happened. I'm sure this phone was not put in SOS mode. But if a phone goes into SOS

01:10:54   mode, it shows this error message. Or if touch ID can't match after several tries, so we've all done

01:10:59   this, we got another shower, right? And we're all raisin-y and warm and cozy. And we go to unlock

01:11:04   touch ID and it won't work. You can get this message. So all that to say something happened

01:11:09   to this phone. I don't think it was restarted. But either the springboard crash while it was sitting

01:11:14   there under a black cloth waiting for Craig to walk over to it, or in people getting it

01:11:21   ready.

01:11:22   It tried to unlock on their faces a bunch of times and it couldn't do it and then entered

01:11:25   this mode.

01:11:27   But something happened.

01:11:29   And the initial response was, oh my gosh, Face ID is broken.

01:11:33   And like, it that's just not true.

01:11:36   I think it's just bad luck that that this phone entered a state that it needed a pin

01:11:42   before he could move forward.

01:11:44   Federighi has come a long way from his shaky hand on the trackpad in the in the back to

01:11:49   the Mac event in 2011.

01:11:51   He said, Hey, we have a backup phone.

01:11:52   He picks up the other phone, he unlocks it, he proceeds to unlock that phone several times,

01:11:57   which seemed off script.

01:11:59   But I think just to like reiterate, hey, this works, like, lock the phone, do it again.

01:12:03   I did a couple of times during the demo.

01:12:06   I think the first phone was just really bad luck.

01:12:08   I'm sure it's embarrassing for Apple and the event team.

01:12:11   I'm sure someone when that happened sort of sank through the floor they were standing

01:12:16   on maybe someone got yelled at.

01:12:18   There is a funny bit that happened years ago when Steve Jobs trying to import photos into

01:12:23   iPhoto for the first time and the digital camera wouldn't come on and he throws it into

01:12:27   the front row of the audience I guess to his assistant or somebody.

01:12:30   Really?

01:12:31   Yeah it's great.

01:12:32   We'll dig that up for the show notes but he just like chunks it and is like here fix this

01:12:37   and then I think it happens again.

01:12:39   So I think I think he should have untone the phone like chunked it off the side of the stage

01:12:43   I think it would have been a really nice you dedicated the place of Steve Jobs throw something off the stage

01:12:46   So it's all I want

01:12:48   So anyways, I don't I think face ID is fine, I think this was just an incredible crummy piece of luck

01:12:55   I think Federighi handled it. Well, yes, it's embarrassing for Apple. Yes

01:13:00   It'll be kind of made fun of for a while with people who remember it

01:13:02   But I don't like I'm not worried right that I'm gonna go use Apple pay at Whole Foods and I have to enter my pen

01:13:08   Like it this is something that happened on stage happens in real life to us

01:13:12   Randomly and it's unfortunate, but I don't think it's anything more than that

01:13:17   That's all yeah, I'm not concerned about it like I think it is is what it is

01:13:23   It will happen to me every few days because it happens to me every few days right now, right?

01:13:28   Like I have to put my passcode in instead of my thumb. Like I'm not bothered about it

01:13:32   There's something that I that I want to mention about the new unlocking process on the iPhone 10

01:13:38   - Yeah.

01:13:40   - So right now I see some benefits

01:13:43   and some things I'm kind of concerned about.

01:13:47   So the obvious benefit to me seems like

01:13:50   when you're holding the phone

01:13:52   and you're dealing with notifications,

01:13:54   it's more convenient than ever

01:13:55   because just by looking,

01:13:57   you put the iOS lock screen in a locked state

01:14:01   so you can fully interact with notifications

01:14:04   and read messages, respond to messages and all that.

01:14:07   But the fact that you need to, you know, there's a padlock icon now on the lock screen.

01:14:15   It's a very big icon. And the animation for that icon to unlock is kind of slow.

01:14:22   And it feels to me like the animation is actually slower than it takes for Face ID to authenticate you and to recognize you.

01:14:29   So I wonder if the animation of the icon will cause the perception that Face ID is slower than Touch ID.

01:14:36   And also I wonder if having to do the dance of look with your eyes open then swipe up

01:14:43   It's gonna be slower than place your finger and click

01:14:46   So I

01:14:50   Am under the assumption that

01:14:53   You are able to swipe the screen as

01:14:58   You are raising it to your face and then look at it and it will go to the home screen

01:15:05   Okay. I wonder how that works.

01:15:09   Well because when you swipe up it will then say look to open.

01:15:14   Or put in your passcode. Yeah, okay.

01:15:17   Right, so this is something that I am under an assumption with which I am confident is based on true fact.

01:15:25   Okay.

01:15:27   So that will be a way that you'll be able to do the kind of unlock from the pocket, right?

01:15:33   because this was my big thing, I unlock my phone, my phone's on the home screen before

01:15:38   it gets to my face because I just unlock it as it's coming out of my pocket, right, so I just press the home button or whatever

01:15:44   this is a way, it might be a bit slower, but a way to kind of mimic that so I don't feel like I'm always look, swipe, like I want to swipe and look and then get there

01:15:51   and it seems like that is going to be a thing that is possible

01:15:55   but you know the thing about the animation?

01:15:58   I would maybe, if that's the case, right, like I would maybe say that the animation is taking as long as it takes the system to do what it's supposed to do.

01:16:08   Rather than the system is waiting for the animation to complete.

01:16:13   It wouldn't be, there's precedent for that though. It wouldn't be the first time that IOS animation framework is actually slower than it takes the system to perform a feature.

01:16:22   So, we'll see. Obviously this phone is not coming out until November and I think it's going to run probably iOS 11.1.

01:16:31   So Apple has plenty of time to tweak things.

01:16:34   And I mean, maybe we'll even see some leaks from iOS 11.1, who knows?

01:16:40   Maybe we'll know more in a few weeks.

01:16:45   I guess.

01:16:49   But yeah, overall, I think I'm a fan. I was talking to some friends and my girlfriend

01:17:01   and my mom about this. First question is, Face ID is super cool. You look at your phone

01:17:08   and it understands your face. I feel like when people hear that Apple did some tests

01:17:14   with photographs and videos and masks and it uses the depth information and the lasers

01:17:20   to make sure they're actually looking at a real human being. They're not being spoofed

01:17:24   by these other authentication tricks.

01:17:27   It needs your attention and all the work.

01:17:30   And it needs your attention. And everybody says that it's super cool. Like the invisible

01:17:34   lasers and the 30,000 dots on your face. That's amazing. There's an element of that's kind

01:17:39   of creepy but I think we all had the same reaction four years ago when Touch ID first

01:17:46   came out.

01:17:47   It was kind of creepy that a company can now read my fingerprint.

01:17:52   And of course it all comes down to the secure enclave and the way that Apple deals with

01:17:57   this information.

01:17:58   So I think the creepiness factor won't be an issue at all.

01:18:01   If anything I think Apple will probably have a PR problem with the identical twin stuff

01:18:08   and they're maybe sort of trying to get ahead of the problem

01:18:10   by talking about it at the keynote.

01:18:13   But I think overall, this idea is super cool.

01:18:15   It looks, sounds, and it works futuristically.

01:18:20   So I think it's the perfect compliment

01:18:23   to this kind of futuristic phone.

01:18:24   - All right, there's, oh my gosh,

01:18:26   there's still so much more to go on this.

01:18:28   Let me take a break and we can get back to talking

01:18:31   about the iPhone, we'll call it 10?

01:18:34   Yeah, we'll call it 10, right?

01:18:35   10, 10 is the agreed upon?

01:18:36   10 is the agreed upon. - 10, yes.

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01:20:06   So the cameras on the iPhone X, I don't know if either of you understand this more than

01:20:12   me but it seems like they're the same but with optical image stabilisation on both,

01:20:18   like are there any other differences?

01:20:20   I don't really understand.

01:20:22   So the X and the 8 Plus both have the new 12 megapixel sensor, it's also true on the

01:20:29   the 8 but the plus and the 10 have the dual camera system with the telephoto lens.

01:20:33   And they're both 12 megapixel now right? They weren't both 12 megapixel before.

01:20:37   I think so yeah. The differences between the plus and the 10 is that both lenses on the

01:20:44   10 are optically image stabilized. So before just the regular lens was and the telephoto

01:20:51   wasn't. So this would make portrait stuff and zoomed in video smoother which is good.

01:20:57   The other slight difference is the aperture's

01:20:59   a little bit better on the X than the Plus,

01:21:01   but it's a pretty minor change.

01:21:03   I think, again, going back a step,

01:21:06   eight versus 10, the 8 Plus has an amazing camera system,

01:21:09   and the 10 is only a little bit better.

01:21:12   If you're looking at the 8 or 8 Plus,

01:21:14   I don't think you have to be super sad

01:21:16   about the camera system you're not getting on the X.

01:21:18   - Real-time follow-up, the 7 Plus,

01:21:20   both of them are listed as 12 megapixel as well.

01:21:24   - Well, there you go.

01:21:26   they're apparently they're new and they've got stuff in them.

01:21:29   But yeah, I don't, I mean, looking at it,

01:21:32   it's like the difference is the new one has a 2.4 aperture

01:21:37   on the telephoto, the old one had a 2.8,

01:21:39   and then it's digital optimized,

01:21:42   no, just a dual optical image stabilization

01:21:45   and a true tone flash with slow sync, whatever that means.

01:21:49   They're the differences. - I don't know what

01:21:50   that means, but a better flash.

01:21:52   - And apparently they've got a bunch of sensors in

01:21:54   which are enhanced by, what do they call it kids?

01:21:57   - Neural networks.

01:22:00   - There you go, neural networks, machine learning.

01:22:02   That's in the camera now.

01:22:03   - Bionic.

01:22:04   - It's everywhere.

01:22:04   - Bionic, ISP.

01:22:06   - Bionic, that's fun.

01:22:07   - Apple's building their own, we skipped over it,

01:22:09   but Apple's building their own GPU and ISP now,

01:22:13   'cause the power of VR stuff's gone.

01:22:14   - Internet service provider is my understanding

01:22:16   of that phrase.

01:22:17   - Image system processor.

01:22:19   - Image system processor.

01:22:20   - Yeah, so that's all good stuff.

01:22:23   So they can do more fancy stuff.

01:22:25   Front camera you can do on the 10, you can do the depth stuff because they have all the

01:22:28   stuff for the face ID.

01:22:30   So even though it doesn't have two cameras.

01:22:31   Selfies are gone, it looks so good guys.

01:22:33   Yeah, Snapchat games gonna go way up if you're young and into that sort of thing.

01:22:38   Like me being in Federico?

01:22:40   Yeah, like you in Federico.

01:22:42   Yeah, y'all should be in your 20s.

01:22:43   For now.

01:22:44   Not much longer.

01:22:45   I look at this phone and I'm so blown away by the beauty of it.

01:22:49   I don't want to put it in a case and I'm really concerned about my opinion and my feelings

01:22:52   about this. Well AppleCare+ is $200 on this phone. $200! Because it's glass, that's why.

01:22:58   I mean it's strong glass but it's still glass, right? So it's, that's more than the 8 and

01:23:04   8 Plus, even though the Plus, AppleCare+ - that's really a confusing sentence - is more expensive

01:23:09   than on the 7 Plus. God, names. Oh gosh darn it. I assume it's because if you smash the

01:23:14   OLED screen it's just more expensive. Oh man. They said the glass is harder than what they've

01:23:20   put up on previous phones.

01:23:22   See the back glasses, it's got a steel reinforcement

01:23:25   under it to help keep it stiff.

01:23:27   But yeah, people are gonna break it.

01:23:29   I am not gonna put a case on it 'cause I'm not an animal.

01:23:31   My phone has been naked basically the whole time

01:23:35   I've had an iPhone and I will continue that tradition.

01:23:38   The only question is what color to get.

01:23:40   But no case here in my life, no case.

01:23:44   - What do you wanna do Federico?

01:23:48   Well I think I'm gonna go with the obvious choice which would be 256GB black.

01:23:58   I mean that's, you know, I guess it's the most expensive one, no the most expensive

01:24:05   one is the 512 model.

01:24:07   No it's not a 512.

01:24:10   Okay so the best one, yeah.

01:24:12   So are you gonna put a case on it though?

01:24:15   Umm...

01:24:16   What about the folio?

01:24:19   At least initially I will not.

01:24:23   I will try to see, I mean obviously I'm going to get AppleCare so I will see if I can survive

01:24:28   without a case.

01:24:30   But I don't want to do the folio because I don't see the phone as an iPad.

01:24:35   Also I'm not the kind of business user I don't think.

01:24:39   You got to put your debit card in there for fast access.

01:24:42   Yeah sure sure.

01:24:43   Apple pay fix that now that's the sweet irony of apples yeah apples basically

01:24:50   built a wallet case you're like a book use Apple pay properly because your card

01:24:56   will be trying to talk to the reader I'm sure they've the cards on the front of

01:25:02   the phone and if he's in the back I'm sure they've worked that out you can't

01:25:07   have them stacked on top of each other though you'd have to have it opened to

01:25:10   use it? Maybe. No that's how NFC works. Like if you have two cards on top of each other

01:25:18   and try and put them against the reader it just doesn't know what to do. You have to

01:25:22   like separate them. So you would have to open the folio every time you wanted to use Apple

01:25:27   Pay and leave it open when you scan it. So you'll be doing it with like two hands like

01:25:31   a little book. Like you'll walk into the checkout with a book in your hand and you're putting

01:25:35   it against the card reader. There's a word of warning to all of you folio fans out there

01:25:39   hashtag folio fam the folio fans the iPhone 10 beats MacBook Pro in geek

01:25:47   bench tests it beats the 13 or no Pro in geek bench tests so your new phone will

01:25:55   be faster than your new laptop what does that really mean though it doesn't mean

01:26:00   anything because I'm just gonna preempt a ATP I'm sure they're gonna talk about

01:26:07   this for four hours. I don't think it really matters because the type of task even on an iPad,

01:26:15   the type of tasks that push an iPad or is different from the type of tasks that push a Mac

01:26:20   like there's some overlap right like Jason Snell is editing podcasts on iPad because he's a crazy

01:26:24   person. But most people don't do that. And like, it's great if you're doing that sort of like

01:26:30   hardcore production on iOS, but 99% of iOS users don't. And even the stuff Federico does, it's

01:26:37   pushing the CPU and GPU more than most people do. But I think they're so

01:26:42   different like oh my god the ARM processor is faster than the MacBook Pro.

01:26:46   That doesn't mean we're gonna have a MacBook Pro with ARM because it may be

01:26:49   faster but there's still a hundred other problems with putting this chip in a Mac.

01:26:53   Like you don't have thunderbolt. All the stuff we talked about you know

01:26:56   thunderbolt you know Windows support all you have to have developers recompile

01:27:00   their stuff which they're not gonna do because they don't care about the Mac.

01:27:02   like I don't see it happening. It's more for me

01:27:06   lol Intel that Apple's custom

01:27:09   assumingly much smaller team than what Intel has like I'm sure Apple's CPU team is a much smaller group of people than all of Intel and

01:27:18   They're getting it handed to them, but I don't think it is a big deal

01:27:23   It's no big of it. It's no bigger video than it was before this I don't think

01:27:28   Are you both worried about how many animated emoji you're gonna get from me?

01:27:33   I'm definitely gonna block you and I message I am gonna this is it now

01:27:37   This is this is the pinnacle of everything its emoji stickers, which I've always wanted

01:27:42   I've always wanted to have to be able to use emoji like stickers

01:27:45   But now I can make them do whatever I want. I can make them make any type of face

01:27:50   You know, I can make an angry robot. I can make a happy monkey. I can make a perplexed chicken

01:27:56   Anything I want to do I can do it. I'm so excited about this

01:28:00   I may just send all of my messages as audio messages recorded through the face of

01:28:06   A unicorn that might just be the way I communicate with people in 2017

01:28:10   No, I want you to be the chicken Myke. Yeah

01:28:14   I I feel like I need to spend some serious time choosing what my one will be

01:28:19   Right, like I think everybody needs to go through this

01:28:21   They even did it on stage right where would it Tim was the alien and what did what did Craig Craig's Fox?

01:28:29   It was the Fox course obviously

01:28:31   So I'm gonna need to spend some serious time looking through this. I haven't seen anywhere yet. Like what the full list of emoji is

01:28:39   So so if you go to Apple newsroom

01:28:42   On the iPhone 10 page. I think there's a list of there's 12 of them

01:28:48   I think because they said they have about six or seven of them as gifts. I

01:28:53   will put the Fox one in the show notes so we can see that on the show notes page

01:28:58   for this this episode. Okay I'm trying to find this list now I don't see it.

01:29:06   I think there's like 12 of them. Okay. What's interesting it's an

01:29:10   iMessage app like it's not in the emoji keyboard. It makes sense to me.

01:29:17   I think so too and I think you know they're still trying to make I message apps a thing but

01:29:20   It is what it is

01:29:23   I'm very excited about an emoji guys. I really really really really am like very very excited about it like

01:29:29   it was it was the first time that I

01:29:32   Did I that I generally love that?

01:29:36   Laughing my butt off I was especially

01:29:40   like I

01:29:42   I did not expect Johnny to do the demo of the animoji and that was, you know when you

01:29:50   when you get the feeling that you know someone and that person tends to be a very serious,

01:29:55   very composed person and then suddenly they do something funny and it's funnier than it

01:30:02   should be because you never see them in that light. Because it's so out of character for them.

01:30:07   Yes, and that's exactly what happened to me with Johnny yesterday.

01:30:11   He was doing the monkey, the monkey animoji and I was like, this is, this is just so funny.

01:30:17   It's like, you know, good times at the, during the Apple video, you know, the white, the white room

01:30:24   is funnier than usual. The white room got some character in it and those characters were animated

01:30:29   monkey faces. I'm really excited about this feature. Like, this is something that people

01:30:35   people are going to go crazy for, I think.

01:30:38   And I'm very, very, very excited to play with it.

01:30:41   - You know, even technically speaking,

01:30:43   it's quite the accomplishment from Apple

01:30:45   because they're using the new face recognition APIs.

01:30:50   And I guess they're also available with ARKit,

01:30:53   you know, all the detection points that developers

01:30:56   can request to form this approximation of your face.

01:31:00   And they're also doing some stuff, I guess, with Metal 2

01:31:03   and maybe sync it to animate the Animoji on screen.

01:31:07   So if you look at the leaks from the iOS 11 GM

01:31:12   from last week, all the Animoji were low poly versions,

01:31:17   so very low polygon count.

01:31:19   And I believe Apple is doing some hardware tessellation

01:31:23   to smooth all the surfaces out and make the polished,

01:31:27   you know, rounded fully 3D Animoji

01:31:30   that we have on the iPhone 10.

01:31:31   So that's kinda awesome from a technical perspective too.

01:31:35   It's a silly feature, but it's very nicely done

01:31:39   from a technical perspective.

01:31:40   And it's also interesting--

01:31:41   - This is not silly.

01:31:42   This is deadly serious.

01:31:43   - It's serious too.

01:31:45   I mean, I think it's gonna sell iPhones, honestly.

01:31:48   And it's gonna make for some amazing commercials.

01:31:52   - Yeah. - Yeah.

01:31:53   I am very excited.

01:31:55   - This isn't in the notes, but iOS 11

01:31:59   does not have Apple's new emoji.

01:32:02   It's gonna be, assuming later,

01:32:03   maybe in 11.1 with this new phone.

01:32:06   Is that a, I was gonna ask you, is that a break?

01:32:10   Has it been on a minor update

01:32:11   or have they been in major releases the last couple years?

01:32:13   I just couldn't remember.

01:32:14   - No, they've been in the like 10.2, 10.3, 10.2,

01:32:19   I think actually, yeah.

01:32:21   Like a couple of months later.

01:32:22   - This isn't a break from precedent then.

01:32:24   - Yeah, I mean, you know,

01:32:27   You have to wait for your elf emoji, which is coming with the next version.

01:32:32   I just want the mind blown one.

01:32:34   iOS 11 comes out next week.

01:32:36   How are you feeling for the week?

01:32:38   Umm...

01:32:41   Do we need to talk about it?

01:32:43   Like...

01:32:45   I mean, we can just gloss right past it and pretend it's not happening if that will make you feel anything.

01:32:49   No, I just wanted to say that, of course, the final week is sort of a rush to get everything done.

01:32:55   there's still bugs to be fixed, screenshots to be taken, and this year we're working on new

01:33:02   extras, new avenues to be explored, so we're also trying to finalize that and more more

01:33:10   shall be revealed next week on connected and on max stories and everywhere hopefully.

01:33:18   And, but yeah, obviously, you know, six days left means not much sleep will be experienced

01:33:28   by my body.

01:33:29   Odd way of saying that.

01:33:32   It's very weird.

01:33:34   This is a real roundabout.

01:33:36   What day does it come out?

01:33:37   Is it Tuesday the 19th?

01:33:39   Yes.

01:33:40   Okay.

01:33:41   Yes.

01:33:42   Okay.

01:33:43   Yeah.

01:33:44   hopefully a couple of hours before Apple pulls the switch so people have time to

01:33:49   check out the review before they rush to update everything. Yep.

01:33:54   It's a big day. It's a good review. It's good. Very exciting. Yeah.

01:34:00   Alright so we are actually out of time for today. Mostly because Federico has an

01:34:07   espresso deficiency right now or something and like there's some words

01:34:11   words that are needed. I'm not 100% sure of the reason, I just know that there's

01:34:15   some kind of real emergency in regards to I think the sleep that Federico has put into

01:34:21   his body or something. Something. His word is in some way like that. So we're gonna

01:34:25   hold talking about the Apple Watch and the Apple TV to next week, along with talking

01:34:32   about iOS 11. So we've still got an action packed show. I mean there's so much stuff,

01:34:37   why not spread it out? We've got a few weeks that we need to fill here before the

01:34:41   products come on to our doorstep so we'll talk about the Apple Watch and our opinions

01:34:46   on the Apple TV next week. If you want to find our show notes for this week head on

01:34:50   over to relay.fm/connected/159 you can find Federico at maxstories.net you should keep

01:34:57   your eyes locked to max stories over the next week or so because there's lots of cool stuff

01:35:01   happening Federico is @Vittici on Twitter V I T I C C I Stephen is at iasmh and you

01:35:08   You can find his work over at 512pixels.net.

01:35:10   I know that Steven has finished work on his High Sierra review but that doesn't come out

01:35:14   until what, the 25th?

01:35:16   The 25th, so I got a couple of weeks but yeah it's ready to go.

01:35:19   You're the lucky one.

01:35:20   I am.

01:35:22   You can find me, I am @imyke on Twitter and yes I do have a cold and yes I am sorry about

01:35:29   that.

01:35:30   Thanks again to our sponsors this week, the fine folk over at Encapsula, Hover and Blue

01:35:34   Apron and we'll be back next time.

01:35:37   Until then, say goodbye guys.

01:35:38   Adios.

01:35:39   Adios.

01:35:41   [BLANK_AUDIO]