154: Beta on the Beach


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00:00:05   From VLA FM, this is Connected, episode 154.

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00:00:14   My name is Myke Hurley, and I am joined by Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:17   Hello, Steven Hackett.

00:00:18   Hello, Michael Hurley.

00:00:20   Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:21   Ciao Federico.

00:00:22   Ciao Myke, how are you?

00:00:24   I'm good.

00:00:25   I'm on edge because this is probably the most ambitious, from a recording perspective, we

00:00:32   have ever tried with this show.

00:00:35   So you want an iPad?

00:00:36   I'm using an iPhone and Federico's using an iPod.

00:00:39   No, this is not true.

00:00:41   So Stephen, you are at home in your office.

00:00:44   There is no change on your side.

00:00:47   I am in New York in a hotel room with a bunch of equipment that I've only used once.

00:00:54   Federico is at the beach tethering. Yeah, whilst also using High Sierra on a Mac

00:01:00   So we are like really just throwing

00:01:02   This so strange because he was using beta software

00:01:06   Uh-huh to record this part. Are you not?

00:01:09   Not using beta software. No, I I don't believe you. I'm on Sierra

00:01:14   I wish that I wasn't even on Sierra, but this is the situation that I'm in for reasons

00:01:19   We'll get into a little later on the show that I don't want to talk about right fine

00:01:23   Alright. But no, I've run, I always try and stay behind on the Mac. So, you know, if you

00:01:28   just don't touch things, then it will continue to work.

00:01:31   Well, I mean, you stay behind on the Mac anyway, so.

00:01:33   Yeah, exactly, because I mean, old platforms, am I right? Inherently behind on my, anyway,

00:01:39   so I just… This is already off to a great start.

00:01:41   Excellent start. So I'm in New York City right now.

00:01:43   Is it a great start? It's brilliant. It's perfect. So I'm

00:01:46   in New York right now, and I've had two observations that I wanted to share with you

00:01:50   you both about using technology in New York City.

00:01:53   Okay.

00:01:54   Number one is that GPS is basically unusable. My phone never knows where I am when I'm walking

00:01:59   around. So like trying to find somewhere on Broadway or whatever, Times Square, it's impossible.

00:02:06   It can never seem to really find where I am. It never knows what location I'm going in.

00:02:10   So like I'm having to basically just ignore the GPS now and I'm just looking at street

00:02:15   signs and just map reading. And I found that really interesting because I don't have this

00:02:19   problem in London. It must just be something about the amount of tall

00:02:23   buildings because the density of tall buildings is higher here than in

00:02:26   central London. But I just found that really interesting. The other which is

00:02:30   more frustrating is that my AirPods are really unreliable when walking around

00:02:35   the streets. Like they keep breaking up and like stuttering. So like I...

00:02:41   Does that happen in London?

00:02:42   No. I've had it happen to me a couple of times but like taking them out and

00:02:48   putting them back in it's fine but like I'm walking around here and it's just

00:02:53   kind of cutting out and weirdly it seems to be like if like that seems to

00:02:59   sometimes cut like based on my movement so like as I'm walking it like cuts for

00:03:04   every step sometimes or like if I move my head one of the air pods cuts out so

00:03:10   like I'm wondering if there's some kind of Bluetooth thing where like so many

00:03:15   devices and sending it a little bit crazy, and it doesn't seem to make a difference

00:03:20   whether I have the case with me or not.

00:03:22   And I just wondered if this is a normal thing.

00:03:25   I feel like it can't be because I would have heard this more, but it's been almost

00:03:30   unusable today.

00:03:31   It's not just been a little bit, it's like a constant thing.

00:03:36   It's probably the government, first of all.

00:03:38   Gosh darn it.

00:03:39   Yeah, that's true.

00:03:40   Some people in the chat room are saying that they see this sometimes in densely populated

00:03:44   areas so it definitely could be a thing I'm really curious if you have this

00:03:48   issue please let us know yeah I would like to know I would really like to like

00:03:51   if this is the thing that happens to people especially in big cities like New

00:03:55   York but it hasn't happened to me in London but it's it's been really bad

00:04:00   when walking around

00:04:01   hmm that's weird I I sometimes have problems with mine dropping out if I

00:04:07   change direction too quickly so like if I'm on a bike I'll wear just one of them

00:04:14   sometimes and if I turn my head real quickly sometimes there'll be a little stutter or

00:04:18   if I'm at the gym and I do something where I end up like, I don't know, like doing back

00:04:26   extensions or something where like my head is upright and then it's not anymore like

00:04:30   if I'm leaning way far over or something sometimes I'll get a drop like it's just weird little

00:04:34   things from time to time but I have not had anything like that and but I've also never

00:04:38   been in that densely populated area with AirPods.

00:04:40   I mean, I work in my backyard.

00:04:43   Not a lot of people out here.

00:04:44   It's very quiet.

00:04:45   Very quiet.

00:04:47   So yeah, the air pods are weird.

00:04:50   But I do love them still, but weird.

00:04:53   Should we do some more traditional follow up?

00:04:55   We should.

00:04:56   And this show is going to really, I think,

00:04:59   bend our definition of follow up.

00:05:01   Because scrolling through this, a lot of the topics,

00:05:04   almost all of the topics, are part follow up.

00:05:07   So it's going to be hard to draw a line here.

00:05:09   But we're going to get into this.

00:05:10   This is a very special episode today.

00:05:15   It is something.

00:05:17   So last week we spoke about the Apple Watch as sort of a spiritual successor to the iPod

00:05:22   and we were going on and on about how great it would be if Apple Music could do something

00:05:25   with the watch.

00:05:27   And turns out WatchOS 4 does some stuff with Apple Music.

00:05:33   We had a bunch of tweets and emails about this because none of us are running this right

00:05:39   So we weren't really aware of it, but it basically seems like the music app on iOS and it can

00:05:49   send the songs you love the most.

00:05:52   I guess if you listen to them or if you heart them in Apple Music, it will sync some of

00:05:56   those to the watch.

00:05:58   I don't really understand like the parameters that you have to cross into to have music

00:06:03   sync, but the idea is that you have some up-to-date music on your watch at all times.

00:06:08   Yeah, it seems like it's sending the, like a combination of your personal mixes.

00:06:15   So like my new music mix and my favorites mix and the new recently launched my chill

00:06:20   mix.

00:06:21   And it's also sending the, I think it's called the heavy rotation playlist, which is basically

00:06:25   like the songs you love and the ones you listen to the most in any given time period.

00:06:30   And I saw today that on beta five of iOS 11, which we'll talk about in a minute, there's

00:06:36   a new dialogue when you open the music app and if you have an Apple Watch paired with

00:06:39   your device, you will get this screen that tells you there's going to be music automatically

00:06:44   sent to your watch so you can listen offline without having to, you know, it's automatically

00:06:52   downloaded on your watch and you can select with a few toggles the playlists that you

00:06:58   want to keep on your Apple Watch, which is quite handy because as soon as you start the

00:07:02   app you can say well yes I automatically have this music for me so I don't have

00:07:07   to think about it anymore so that's getting closer to what I envisioned last

00:07:12   week about you know sort of like having an extension that you can say send this

00:07:17   to my watch it's good to see that there's an automatic option that takes

00:07:22   care of that for users in you know especially for the playlist that a lot

00:07:26   of people listen to. I think that's a great idea.

00:07:29   Yeah, man, me too. So there's also some talk like today, or I guess yesterday with Beta

00:07:36   5, that the now playing complication has been removed from watchOS 4, which is a bummer

00:07:42   if that is true. I've got to think that's temporary, right? Like, that seems like an

00:07:47   important complication to have.

00:07:48   That feels like a bug. Why would you remove now? I mean, maybe because you, I could see

00:07:54   Apple maybe saying you can access now playing from the dock but that doesn't make any sense

00:08:00   because you know the Apple watch is all about customization and having multiple options

00:08:04   so why would you remove the complication? I don't know. So I haven't installed Watch

00:08:10   OS 4 yet but I plan to especially because I want to try this automatic music stuff and

00:08:16   also the Siri watch face. My only problem that I tried you know I tried yesterday is

00:08:22   downloading betas while on vacation using personal hotspot. So if you...

00:08:27   there's two ways to download a beta. You can download the actual file that you

00:08:32   restore with iTunes or you can do the OTA installation. When you do the OTA

00:08:37   installation with the profile, so you do directly on iOS, you cannot download and

00:08:43   install over 4G. And this is one of my bigger complaints about going on

00:08:48   vacation without having Wi-Fi at home, just using the iPhone and iPad with their 4G connections.

00:08:56   Even if I have like 20 gigabytes of like my monthly plan with on my iPad is 20 gigabytes

00:09:04   and I have another 15 on my iPhone, so I have plenty of data, I cannot choose like let me

00:09:10   download the firmware file and install it or let me download a game even if it's one

00:09:15   gigabyte. Like this is something that I understand that I want to do because I

00:09:18   have enough, you know, capacity in my data plan. But iOS doesn't let you.

00:09:24   And there are so many things that iOS still doesn't let you do, whether it's by,

00:09:27   you know, whether it's something that Apple decided, or limitations of

00:09:31   third parties like streaming HD YouTube videos. I like those limitations feel

00:09:35   like something that, like solutions to a problem that was kind of mainstream

00:09:43   years ago, but now I don't think, especially in Europe, I don't think it's too uncommon to have these crazy data plans

00:09:49   that are relatively cheap and

00:09:51   you can stream a lot of video, you can download a lot of games on 4G. Often

00:09:55   it's even better than the Wi-Fi I have at home,

00:09:57   but I cannot use it because Apple or others decided that I cannot use it and that kind of, that really annoys me because

00:10:05   yesterday I

00:10:07   I had to basically create a personal hotspot on my iPhone and then install the firmware on my iPad because personal hotspot kind of

00:10:14   Makes the iPad believe that it's on Wi-Fi

00:10:17   That doesn't make any sense, but it's the only workaround that I can think of

00:10:21   Yeah, I feel like this is something that

00:10:24   You know

00:10:25   I don't think you should

00:10:27   Apple should just change the setting for like in general like to be like oh use whatever you want

00:10:32   But it would be maybe a thing you could have in like the carrier section just like a toggle of like data usage limits or something

00:10:39   You know, so you could just be like just let me do it. Just let me use this as if it's

00:10:44   Wi-Fi because I mean if you

00:10:46   Took the data plan from your iPad

00:10:49   Turned the iPad into a personal hotspot. You could then download that wherever you want on the phone

00:10:54   Right, and it's just taking it from the iPad data plan

00:10:57   So like if you can do that, then it's the same thing, just in a weird reverse kind of

00:11:04   order. So just let me make the decision. You know what, it's weird, right? Because you

00:11:09   can trick it by using two devices. So why can't I just do it? And I get the idea of

00:11:16   not having this kind of thing on by default, because there would be people that would just

00:11:19   destroy their data plans and get huge charges. But a toggle would be really good, and it's

00:11:24   it's something you could just hide in the carrier settings or something like that.

00:11:28   Yeah, it's like it's like speed limit like my car has a speed limit button that you press

00:11:34   and once it's engaged the car doesn't go over 130 kilometers on the highway even if you

00:11:40   keep pushing on the gas but I can disable the speed limit and either I get a ticket

00:11:45   you know I get fined because I go over.

00:11:48   Not that I would but or like if if I'm on an empty road and I know what I'm doing you

00:11:52   know, it's my choice and you know, I feel like with this cellular stuff, I'm not saying

00:12:00   that we should go over the speed limit by the way, it's just...

00:12:02   You're walking into some real tricky...

00:12:04   No, I'm not saying that, I'm saying...

00:12:07   You take your car to Germany and you go on the Autobahn, that's what you're talking about,

00:12:11   right?

00:12:12   Oh yeah, it's easy to get that confused.

00:12:14   Yeah and I mean, it's one of those like design choices from the manufacturer that they believe

00:12:22   that's the best option for you but they don't necessarily know the context that

00:12:26   you're in. So in my case I have a lot of gigabytes and I cannot use them because

00:12:33   for some reason Apple thinks that it's the best option for everyone to not use

00:12:37   those, you know, to not go over a hundred megabytes on the App Store and to not

00:12:41   download betas. And I understand that argument, it makes sense for most

00:12:45   people but it's also true that a lot of people do have the data to

00:12:51   do those things and we are forced to use this workarounds and so this is all

00:12:56   basically a parenthesis to say that I want to download watchOS 4 beta

00:13:01   yesterday but I couldn't because after I downloaded my iPad beta at the

00:13:09   beach I had to go because it took a while and I didn't have time and it's

00:13:15   very sad because I wanted to try watchOS 4. You sound like unnecessarily

00:13:20   sad about it. You sound like really down about this.

00:13:22   I'm very down about it because I wanted to, you know, to try the beta, to try all the

00:13:27   new... I know, Myke, that you love when people say to try the new beta bits. And I wanted

00:13:32   to try the beta bits. I'm sure you did. You want all those good

00:13:35   bits. All those bits, Myke.

00:13:38   Put the bits on your watch. Talking about the watch, there are lots of

00:13:42   rumours, well, thanks to the treasure trove of information that was the HomePod firmware,

00:13:48   Which is probably going to be, you guys mentioned it last week, like, favourite story of the

00:13:55   year contender, right, like when we do our wrap up.

00:13:58   Because this thing is just so wonderful, like the amount of stories and information that

00:14:02   have come out.

00:14:03   So because now, when there are more rumours of something, so like there was a big Bloomberg

00:14:07   article about there's going to be another Apple Watch this year, people start digging

00:14:12   into the HomePod firmware again looking for stuff and there's more kind of traces to confirm

00:14:17   that it looks like that there will be a LTE enabled Apple Watch at some point this year,

00:14:24   probably around September.

00:14:27   I'm all for it. I really am. I mean, we've talked a lot about this. We talked about it

00:14:33   last week. I feel like I talk about it every time I talk about the Watch. This seems like

00:14:37   an obvious next step and one that I'm excited about.

00:14:40   Yeah. I mean, we were talking about this with Silvio just a few days ago. We were into the

00:14:47   problem where now we have to go out with the dogs in the morning so they can do their things

00:14:54   and often we're in a rush so they don't do their things inside the house and usually

00:15:00   in the morning our iPhones are still charging often because I fall asleep listening to music

00:15:06   so my iPhone didn't charge at all so as soon as I wake up I attach it to the charger and

00:15:11   I was walking out the door and I didn't get my iPhone I was like you know it would be

00:15:15   great if the Apple Watch had a SIM card and so even if my mom calls me or whatever I still

00:15:20   get those messages and I can still do something on my watch. It's kind of like having a mini

00:15:24   iPhone without having to get to take my iPhone with me and I know that it sounds crazy to

00:15:29   you know why wouldn't you take your iPhone with you because you know everybody has a

00:15:34   smartphone as a smartphone all the time but I feel like these brief moments of the day

00:15:42   whether you're working out or you're going for a walk with the dog, you know, it's going

00:15:48   to be great to have just a little computer on your wrist and you can forget about the

00:15:53   smartphone and just have that useful connection to the outside world on your wrist.

00:16:00   That's going to be awesome I think.

00:16:02   It does raise a lot of questions about how it would work, how it would…

00:16:06   I mean I assume this thing is not going to be like a full-fledged iPhone where it's

00:16:10   on the cellular network all the time. My thought is that if it's companion iPhone

00:16:15   goes away then it either like gives you a little bump that says hey do you want to

00:16:19   turn LTE on or maybe it does it automatically. You know kind of like the

00:16:24   the GPS on the watch is only on when you are using a workout that utilizes GPS

00:16:30   it's not on all the time to to save that battery. I think the LTE is going to kind

00:16:34   of be on demand as opposed to something like the phone or maybe even a cellular

00:16:37   iPad where it's just it's kind of on all the time and iOS can use the data for

00:16:41   whatever it wants. I think to manage that battery life they're gonna have to put

00:16:46   some constraints on it. I think it's fine I think I think they can totally do that

00:16:49   because you know most of the time my phone is gonna be with my watch right I

00:16:53   don't hardly ever go anywhere without it but if I want to go for a run or a bike

00:16:57   ride or workout and leave my phone somewhere else then it you know it

00:17:01   should do the right thing kind of be able to stay in on its own in those

00:17:04   situations.

00:17:05   All right, should I take a break?

00:17:07   Let's do it.

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00:19:03   So we have, oh my God, the HomePod stuff again.

00:19:08   Never ends.

00:19:09   I wonder if this, do you think we're going to keep finding out more or do you think we've

00:19:14   probably got everything we can get out of this?

00:19:16   I don't know. I mean, I feel like just now on Twitter, as we started recording the show,

00:19:19   someone found something about the phone knows or can tell if you're looking at it and would

00:19:24   mute notification sounds if it senses that you're aware of the phone. I don't know. It

00:19:28   seems like there's all sorts of stuff in here.

00:19:31   But there's another one. There's more hints of an Apple TV refresh as well. It is weird

00:19:36   to me. Like, why is every single product mentioned in this thing? It's very confusing to me.

00:19:43   It's like a parade of leaks.

00:19:45   Yeah, it's just one file in everything.

00:19:48   Let's just put everything in there.

00:19:50   I don't know, one idea could be that because all of these devices can now talk to each

00:19:55   other with stuff like continuity and automatic setup, you know when you tap to set up a nearby

00:20:02   device, the reason to include these flags and these sort of headers for different devices

00:20:08   is to make sure that the HomePod is aware of other similar devices in the ecosystem.

00:20:13   So like if you want to, for example, I don't know, but maybe stream a video or a song from

00:20:22   the Apple TV to the HomePod, maybe you can.

00:20:25   Or like if, and of course, if you want to stream a podcast from the iPhone Pro to the

00:20:29   HomePod and to the new Apple TV, it's just to make sure that all of these new devices

00:20:34   are aware of each other.

00:20:36   And that's my interpretation for why all of these product names and placeholders are in

00:20:41   there.

00:20:42   It's kind of weird though.

00:20:45   Imagine how many things that we don't know are actually in the betas that we try every

00:20:51   year.

00:20:52   And this time we got lucky.

00:20:53   So it's kind of a fascinating glimpse into how the machine works.

00:20:58   It's like someone was using Xcode as a note editor.

00:21:01   Like, "Oh, all this stuff I'm working on, I'll label it top secret so no one sees it."

00:21:05   This rumor though it so there's reference in the the source code to a 4k Apple TV that

00:21:14   seemed like it would be capable of HDR output.

00:21:17   So if you have a 4k HDR TV, this thing would look awesome.

00:21:22   If you're like me and have a 1089 HDR TV, then you get to skip an upgrade cycle.

00:21:26   But this does match with reports from a couple of weeks ago, there was a mac rumor story.

00:21:31   noticed like 4k HDR in their iTunes purchase history like a little flag had

00:21:36   been set wrong and you know if you you still can which blows my mind you can

00:21:41   buy SD content in iTunes and it'll say like SD or HD seems like 4k HDR was a

00:21:47   label in there and there was a talk then this was last month that Apple could be

00:21:53   getting iTunes and like the movie rentals business ready for 4k / 4k HDR

00:21:59   content and obviously they're not going to do that unless they have an Apple TV

00:22:03   to play it on so I think if this is true all this will come at once we'll see the

00:22:07   4k HDR Apple TV and we'll see 4k HDR content available in iTunes I'm sure to

00:22:13   be very limited at first just like it was when they rolled out HD video it

00:22:17   took some time for everything to sort of get updated and some stuff didn't but

00:22:21   it's time for this 4k televisions are here to stay and it seems like Apple may

00:22:26   finally be kind of getting all the pieces together which is which is great

00:22:29   I mean the future of television may not be apps like Apple said it was going to

00:22:34   be but 4k and HDR are definitely here to stay and they need to address that you

00:22:40   know if you have a 1080 if a regular Apple TV now into a 4k TV looks okay

00:22:45   most TVs kind of sample that stuff and scale it up and where it looks alright

00:22:50   but having this in 4k really would would be nice. Steve John Smith on Twitter I

00:22:56   think today was talking about you know developers of Apple TV apps apparently

00:23:01   people develop still develop out with us. I know it's really

00:23:05   confusing that you know you need to get like 2x assets ready and so this is will

00:23:12   be very much like the retina transition on iOS where you have your regular sort

00:23:17   of 1x graphics which are you know for the 1080 and then you'll have 2x for 4k and uh

00:23:24   so yeah it seems like that that is uh where this is headed and i think it's um i think

00:23:30   it's great and mike i had a question for you you bought a tv this this year did you buy

00:23:34   4k television yeah 4k hdr enabled tv okay so does this excite you as someone who like

00:23:39   your tv can take advantage of all this like is this something you would get oh without

00:23:43   a shadow of a doubt, because my TV has a bunch of apps built into it, like Netflix and Amazon

00:23:49   and stuff, and those applications, they show HD content, like, sorry, 4K HDR content, and

00:23:57   it's unbelievable. Like, we watched House of Cards in 4K, and it just looks fantastic.

00:24:02   I mean, House of Cards isn't the best for this because everything's just dark, right?

00:24:06   Right, right. In more way than one. Exactly. But there's, you know, we've seen some nature

00:24:10   shows that the BBC iPlayer app has this like HDR demo thing which I was just

00:24:16   screaming the whole time I was watching it because it looks so good. So I like it

00:24:19   I like that content a lot and you know I'm fine using the TV apps but like the

00:24:25   Apple TV apps are better than the apps that I use on my TV right? I would love

00:24:29   to be able to watch YouTube videos in 4k and all that sort of stuff so this would

00:24:35   be a purchase that I would make I would upgrade mine. Okay. Plus I do I

00:24:40   I mean, look, I want to keep beating around this,

00:24:42   but I will keep saying it.

00:24:43   I have the bandwidth for it.

00:24:45   It's no problem.

00:24:47   I have amazing internet.

00:24:48   I don't know if you knew that.

00:24:49   Oh, I was unaware of what I mentioned today.

00:24:52   It is true.

00:24:53   It is true.

00:24:53   I've seen it.

00:24:54   It's fast.

00:24:55   Oh, yeah.

00:24:56   When Federico came to my house, I showed him speed tests.

00:24:59   I was--

00:25:00   Should have downloaded your beta then.

00:25:04   He was bragging to me.

00:25:05   He was like, oh, you're not even in the best spot in the house.

00:25:08   You should go near the Wi-Fi.

00:25:09   you can get even faster speeds. It's like it's fine man this is plenty fast.

00:25:16   Steven I'm gonna quiz you here all right we're gonna do a little Apple history

00:25:20   quiz because I need you to give me a name of something. Do you remember when the

00:25:26   iTunes store all the music was increased in bitrate? Mm-hmm. There was a program

00:25:34   that Apple did where it allowed you to pay a little bit of money right and you

00:25:39   could increase the quality of all your songs? Yes. Do you remember what that was called?

00:25:46   Was it like mastered for iTunes? No, that's something different. That's when an album

00:25:50   is like specifically been mastered for digital. Yeah, it wasn't complete my album. That's

00:25:58   like if I own two songs. And you want to just buy the rest of them. It's called iTunes Plus.

00:26:03   iTunes Plus, good work. I found the K-Bass article. Of course you did. So I'm hoping

00:26:09   that they will have something like this for iTunes purchase content right so

00:26:13   that you don't have to buy everything again you can just pay a little bit of

00:26:16   money for all the movies that you own and now they're in 4k I hope they do

00:26:22   that that would be good it'd be nice iTunes that would be iTunes plus good

00:26:27   what I had to reach deep for that mic but it was in there it was in there so

00:26:32   let's let's change gears a little bit two weeks ago yeah I'm leaving now alright

00:26:37   so you two got this without me? No, no, you're not leaving. I was waiting for this. I was

00:26:42   looking at the documents like, yes. The housekeeping is here. I have to go. That's not true. No,

00:26:47   there's no housekeeping. Just bring them on the podcast. Two weeks ago, you were getting

00:26:54   ready to travel, like we talked about, you're traveling this month, and you bought a 12-inch

00:27:00   MacBook, single little USB-C port. A while ago. I didn't buy that two weeks ago. We need

00:27:06   need to just clarify that it made it sound like I just bought that thing I

00:27:09   thought if you bought that months ago two weeks ago in preparation of your

00:27:14   travel I confronted you about this laptop saying that basically you bought

00:27:19   the wrong computer and you if I remember correctly you agreed with me 100% you

00:27:25   were very thankful for my loving advice listeners you can check the tape that's

00:27:30   definitely what happened now I agreed with your point I just did was a pause

00:27:34   From the heavens right? That was it. Hmm. Yeah

00:27:37   So what computers in front of you right now?

00:27:39   Marco Ammann smack book escape

00:27:42   Yes

00:27:45   So what happens after the show is the slack conversation begins, but that was started by Marco

00:27:52   I believe and I'm I'm almost confident that you two were talking about this beforehand

00:27:56   because what happened was like - I think two days probably two days of

00:28:03   cajoling

00:28:04   From these two to me telling me why I was making such bad decisions and how easy it would be

00:28:10   For me to get everything over

00:28:13   So Marco because Marco I think has bought 17 laptops and the loss. Yeah

00:28:19   he had a stack lying around and

00:28:22   One of them is a 13 inch MacBook Pro and it's it's pretty decked out. It's not the current one, right?

00:28:29   It's the one before it's the first the first lot 2016. Yeah, so I have a

00:28:34   2.4 gigahertz Intel core i7 16 gigabytes of RAM and

00:28:38   like 500 gigabytes storage and

00:28:42   Yeah, I'm gonna say you were right you were right because if there ought to be a hashtag

00:28:48   It would be Steven is really mean hashtags. That's really Wow

00:28:52   Best hashtags great, right? I

00:28:56   Really backfired on me 100% agree with this because all right

00:29:01   So I'll say just because one of the big things to me was the weight thing, right?

00:29:04   I have not put this in my backpack yet

00:29:06   I put it I picked it up and I because I haven't got on a plane since this I've just been like

00:29:10   Traveling on trains and stuff. So I just threw it in my suitcase in the box, right?

00:29:14   So it's just in there my suitcase was already mega heavy

00:29:17   Anyway, because it's packed full of a month's worth of stuff and equipment including microphone stands which are effectively just weights

00:29:23   That's all they are. Yeah, my suitcase is already really heavy. I haven't put in my backpack. It will be in my back when I fly

00:29:29   but I'm willing to accept the weight because

00:29:31   After the first show I recorded and edited I was like, you know

00:29:36   This was the right choice because this thing honestly it feels a lot like speed wise and capability wise just like my iMac

00:29:42   Right, like I feel like I'm able to just process stuff really quickly good and I'm not waiting for things and I know I would

00:29:49   Have been with the MacBook and I'm just gonna say as well, right?

00:29:52   I have it plugged in right now and I have my USB recorder.

00:29:56   I've taken a trip to Donkleton.

00:29:58   There's a little dongle sitting here, but I have two ports.

00:30:01   And they're both plugged right in,

00:30:02   rather than having to use this little adapter thing.

00:30:04   This was the right choice.

00:30:07   I didn't want to buy a new computer for the price that it was,

00:30:12   and Marco gave me a good deal, so here I am with a computer.

00:30:16   I feel like it has really good lineage now, you know?

00:30:18   This is a good vintage machine.

00:30:21   I do feel like I should clarify the timeline a little bit. So Marc and I did not speak

00:30:28   about this before I talked to you on the show, nor did we speak before he started our Slack

00:30:34   conversation. However, this was the exact laptop that was in the back of my mind because

00:30:40   I knew that he had one that he wasn't using and that I figured would be for sale.

00:30:44   I got to say, I got to say, this sounds like an organized effort.

00:30:50   It sounds like a hit, right?

00:30:54   It sounds like someone saying "I'm not a liar" and they're in fact lying.

00:30:58   No, I'm not.

00:31:00   No, I just know Myke very well and I like to think I know Marco pretty well and I figure

00:31:06   Marco will hear this and want to help Myke out.

00:31:08   He'll understand the jam that Myke's in and you know he's got this computer to unload

00:31:12   so Marco makes some money, sells a laptop he doesn't need, Myke gets a laptop and I

00:31:17   get all the glory.

00:31:18   really worked out for everybody. This is the MacBook Mafia, Steven, over here. It really

00:31:22   is. Man, you are fishing for titles today. It's like an enterprise, man. I'm fishing

00:31:29   for titles. You're just thinking of computers to move around between families. It's just

00:31:35   what you're doing. I'm just helping people, man. I can't help. It's in my nature to

00:31:38   want to help my friends. Yeah, you better watch out, because you won't just be fishing

00:31:41   for titles, Federico. You'll be sleeping with the fishes if you carry on poking on

00:31:46   this guy. I will say as well, I got the true like TAM service with this. So like I was

00:31:54   at Marco's house before we went to the...

00:31:57   So what it's like buying, tell us what it's like buying a computer at the Marco store.

00:32:02   So I had a hard drive which had a time machine back up and he was just like give me the hard

00:32:09   drive and he took it and he like, and then about an hour later I was given a computer

00:32:14   ready to go. He did the whole thing for me. It was amazing. I got everything. He presented

00:32:18   all of the pieces to me individually. I even have the plastic that goes over the computer

00:32:22   that goes into the box. You get the whole deal. So, A++++ would buy again.

00:32:30   This is better than the Apple store.

00:32:35   I can't guarantee that you'll always get this experience if you buy computers from Marco,

00:32:39   but there's no doubt.

00:32:40   Well, I'm glad it worked out. I'm really pleased to hear that it is making a difference.

00:32:45   Even though it was done, it was done in actual concern, not just getting to make fun of you on

00:32:52   the show. So I'm glad, I'm glad it worked out. And I'm glad you're happy with it. So what are

00:32:56   you going to do with the 12 inch MacBook? I mean, is it going to be does this have a place in your

00:33:00   life? Or does this MacBook Pro push it out the door? I don't know. I don't know. I haven't made

00:33:04   my mind up yet. I don't want to keep two computers, like two laptops, just right up going and running

00:33:10   all the time so I think it's gonna have to find a new home. I just I just don't

00:33:16   want that is it it's already frustrating enough like every time I have to go on a

00:33:20   trip or whatever like just dealing with the administration of like making sure

00:33:23   the laptop is all up-to-date or I actually open it everything needs to

00:33:26   sync right like all of my messages need to come through one by one like it's a

00:33:30   whole big thing I don't want to have two computers lying around like it's just

00:33:35   not a thing so Italy if I go to somebody in my family that wants it I don't think

00:33:40   I can see people saying like, "Oh, what did Dina want?"

00:33:42   She has a MacBook Pro which she loves.

00:33:44   I can't imagine her wanting to change to this

00:33:46   because she doesn't think the MacBook Pro anywhere,

00:33:48   like it's just at home.

00:33:49   So I think she's not gonna wanna change it.

00:33:52   I'll ask her though if she wants it and she could have it.

00:33:54   Maybe I have another family member that might want it.

00:33:56   Otherwise, we'll look to sell it, I guess.

00:33:59   Even if, like I know I'm gonna miss the weight, right?

00:34:04   Like I'm gonna miss the lightness of that computer.

00:34:07   I don't wanna have two laptops.

00:34:09   Like, it's silly.

00:34:11   It's just silly.

00:34:11   Yeah, that's not really a solution.

00:34:13   It's not for me.

00:34:14   Both of you--

00:34:15   Right?

00:34:15   Yeah.

00:34:17   So I'm going to get rid of that somehow.

00:34:19   But I'll work that out when I get home.

00:34:21   I'll work that out when I get home.

00:34:22   Cool.

00:34:23   I'm glad it worked out.

00:34:24   So I'm also very curious.

00:34:25   I see you in just a few days.

00:34:27   And I'm very curious to see if this new MacBook

00:34:29   Pro has stickers on it by the time

00:34:31   you make it to Memphis in like 48 hours.

00:34:33   I don't think I have any here.

00:34:35   You don't have a reserve with you at all times?

00:34:37   No.

00:34:37   You know what?

00:34:37   I should have brought some because obviously I knew that this was going to happen, but

00:34:40   I didn't think to bring stickers.

00:34:42   Pre-stickered.

00:34:43   You have some stickers at the house, I'm sure, so I'll just take some of those.

00:34:47   I've got some.

00:34:48   Yeah, I've got some.

00:34:49   Well good, I'm glad it worked out.

00:34:52   So it's August, so that means August is Relay FM's anniversary, so is it next week's episode

00:35:00   or the week after when we and Steven will be together?

00:35:03   Is that next week?

00:35:04   It is next week, a week from today.

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00:36:11   Now these will start next week. I think Connected is first, right? On Monday?

00:36:15   I believe so, yeah.

00:36:16   So we recorded an episode where we spoke about our home screens. So we did this last year,

00:36:22   so we did it again. We all put together our iPhone home screens. And I think what I'll

00:36:26   I'll say is it is surprising that we are still here today based upon how that conversation

00:36:33   went. Um, there was, you're making it worse than it was. Come on. It was fine. I'm trying

00:36:38   to sell it to people here. I want them to think that there's like drama, right? We got,

00:36:42   we got to sell this. This is the hard sell. People, people like love. We were torn apart

00:36:48   at the center over the decisions that we all decided to make about our home screens. It

00:36:54   was

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00:37:39   Yeah, we do have one additional thing.

00:37:44   So we've done, we did this at launch and then we did it last year.

00:37:48   So it's not quite an annual tradition, but after this year it will be, I guess, where

00:37:52   you and I sit down for a Q&A during anniversary week.

00:37:56   Last year we did this, actually just listen to it like a month ago.

00:37:58   I was super sick this time last year of laryngitis, so it's basically just you talking for an

00:38:03   hour.

00:38:04   But this year we're going to do it when you're here.

00:38:08   We're going to do it as a video, so you and I are going to answer questions on camera.

00:38:11   We're going to put it, I think, on your YouTube channel, so it won't be as long as the hour-long

00:38:16   podcast was last year, but just to spice it up and do something different.

00:38:20   So if you have a question for us about Relay, about podcasting, about what MacBook Pro you

00:38:26   should buy, whatever, about life, love, what you should do at the beach for a month if

00:38:32   you're Federico.

00:38:33   We're probably just going to answer questions about Relay FM, though.

00:38:36   Like you can send in anything you want, but like, you know.

00:38:39   - I'm only gonna answer questions not about,

00:38:41   no I'm just kidding.

00:38:41   - Okay.

00:38:43   - You can submit questions on Twitter,

00:38:44   use the hashtag RelayQA,

00:38:47   and we will see them and be gathering them.

00:38:51   We're gonna record that in the early part of next week,

00:38:53   so get those in and we're looking forward

00:38:56   to answering your questions.

00:38:57   - Hashtag RelayQA.

00:38:59   - Birthday week's fun, you're here.

00:39:01   We get to do a bunch of fun stuff.

00:39:03   If you're in Memphis, we're gonna do a meet up

00:39:05   next Thursday night there's a Facebook event floating around.

00:39:09   So anyways, that's this month of Relay.

00:39:12   Lots of stuff.

00:39:13   Lots of cool stuff.

00:39:14   Yeah.

00:39:15   So thank you so much.

00:39:16   To everybody that helped support us, let's take a break.

00:39:18   We have, oh my gosh, there's so much more left to talk about today.

00:39:21   This is an action packed, action packed episode.

00:39:23   I want to talk to you about Balance.

00:39:25   Balance are the team behind Balance for Mac, which is an app that helps you monitor all

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00:39:50   Now if you know what that means you should go and check it out right because you should

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00:39:59   If you have no idea what I'm talking about and you're completely new to cryptocurrencies,

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00:40:10   The first 1000 people that go to bal.money/relay will receive $2 in the Ethereum cryptocurrency

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00:40:24   Go check it out today, find out more and try out Balance Open.

00:40:28   thanks to Balance for their support of this show. Never had a sponsor give away free money

00:40:32   before. I think that's really interesting. When they told me about that I was like, yeah,

00:40:38   okay, we'll do that. That sounds like fun. So go get yourself some free money, I guess.

00:40:43   All right, should we talk about new iPhones? Did you guys know that there's a new iPhone?

00:40:49   There's a new iPhone.

00:40:50   Interesting.

00:40:51   It's pretty cool, right?

00:40:52   I find it funny when every time I'm talking about the new iPhone every year, there's someone

00:40:59   among my friends or my family, usually my mother, she goes "Oh, they're making a new

00:41:04   one?"

00:41:05   They hadn't given up yet?

00:41:08   Yes, they are making a new one in fact.

00:41:12   And apparently this year it's gonna be a big one.

00:41:15   That's amazing.

00:41:19   So what do we have this time?

00:41:21   We have a bunch of stuff.

00:41:23   We're going to start with the design and then we're going to talk about maybe some of the

00:41:27   features and some of the stuff has been stuff we've spoken about but then some of it's new.

00:41:32   So MKBHD, everyone's favorite tech YouTuber, put a video up a couple nights ago of a model

00:41:40   that some people have made kind of putting all this together.

00:41:44   So it has the edge to edge screen, it has the little notch in the top for the camera

00:41:49   and the earpiece.

00:41:51   It's a great video, all of his videos are great, but the thing that really dived out

00:41:56   at me is that this model has white front glass and, boys, it is not good looking at all.

00:42:03   It is really, I think, at least really sort of jarring.

00:42:06   Well, this is exactly why I threw out a prediction that I thought there wouldn't be one, right?

00:42:11   There wouldn't be a white phone, because it doesn't look right.

00:42:16   The back looks fine, the front looks really strange, because there's barely any of it.

00:42:22   It's very weird.

00:42:23   And we're going to talk more about this, like, what are they doing with the chin and the

00:42:27   forehead, like what is that all going to be?

00:42:29   Like, we're going to talk about that a little bit later on.

00:42:32   But this is like, part of it is like, why would you have this OLED screen, this beautiful

00:42:37   black OLED screen, with this white little part sticking in the top?

00:42:41   It just looks really weird.

00:42:42   Yeah, it does look really weird.

00:42:44   So some other things on here, the phone looks really small compared to a Plus.

00:42:50   So the general idea here is that it's the screen size of the Plus, but basically in

00:42:56   a body the size of the regular phone.

00:42:58   And that's easy to say, but when I saw them side by side in his video, it really surprised

00:43:05   me.

00:43:06   And as someone who's used to a bigger phone, and I like the Plus, all three of us do, I'm

00:43:13   of looking forward to this because I can have the same screen size but in an

00:43:16   overall package it's smaller and I think that's a big win Samsung and others have

00:43:21   already gone down this road of course but I think it's gonna be really nice to

00:43:24   have a phone that's this size but also smaller kind of all at the same time

00:43:28   yeah it's gonna be so weird it's gonna be so weird like I wonder if it's gonna

00:43:32   feel small or if it's gonna feel big right like that's what I wonder about

00:43:36   like how is it gonna feel to actually hold it and that when you look at it

00:43:39   what is your how does your brain process it I think for us it's gonna feel small

00:43:43   You know, we've all carried the Plus now for like three years.

00:43:47   I think for Plus Club members it's going to feel like a smaller phone.

00:43:51   And that may take some getting used to, but I think for everyone else, it's going to feel right.

00:43:57   I think it depends on whether we're going to get the same amount of content shown on screen as the iPhone Plus,

00:44:06   or if we're gonna get like an iPhone 7 type of content area with like this function sort of

00:44:12   non

00:44:15   content area at the bottom. So like when I'm scrolling through my Tweetbot feed, am I seeing

00:44:21   you know the same number of tweets that I would see on the iPhone plus or am I gonna see two, you know, like

00:44:29   Five tweets instead of seven tweets and then like this empty row at the bottom with the home button and other shortcuts

00:44:36   so like I think the idea of having

00:44:38   the screen of a

00:44:41   Plus iPhone into the body of a non plus version. I think it's great

00:44:46   but he ultimately it comes down to how Apple deals with the

00:44:50   Function area situation if it's like if it's a percent persistent area or if it's like it's an overlay that can disappear

00:44:58   it's like it's contextual and it can show you content.

00:45:01   I think we've got to see what they do in that regard.

00:45:05   - But this model itself, right, the phone,

00:45:09   I think it looks amazing.

00:45:11   I think it really looks very cool.

00:45:14   Like the band that runs around the side,

00:45:16   stainless steel, right, is the thinking.

00:45:18   I think that looks fantastic.

00:45:21   Just looking at this model and it's like, wow, okay.

00:45:25   this is gonna feel like something pretty special, I think.

00:45:29   I'm excited about it.

00:45:30   - Yeah, I think it's gonna be a nice change.

00:45:33   You know, there's talk about the glass back,

00:45:36   and so you automatically think of the iPhone 4 and 4S,

00:45:40   and so I've actually have one.

00:45:42   I pulled my 4 out yesterday, kind of in prep for the show,

00:45:46   and like, it's nice because it is so,

00:45:49   like, the design of it's nice because it's symmetrical,

00:45:52   and I think it's very clean looking.

00:45:53   I still think that's a better looking phone that we have now.

00:45:56   And it seems like a move back to that a little bit.

00:45:59   Obviously, in something much thinner,

00:46:01   and probably something still with rounded edges,

00:46:02   as opposed to the squared off look,

00:46:04   I think it kind of will blend the current design and that

00:46:07   4, 4S design in a way that's really pretty special.

00:46:11   And I think something great.

00:46:13   I said this, I think, last week.

00:46:15   The more we learn about this phone,

00:46:16   the more excited I am about it.

00:46:18   It's not a, oh no, the surprise has been ruined.

00:46:21   Pardon me, yes.

00:46:22   Feels that way.

00:46:23   But overall, I'm like, come on September.

00:46:25   Let's do this.

00:46:25   I can't wait to get my hands on one of these.

00:46:28   So there's some rumors and images about the colors.

00:46:34   It looks like from some leaked images,

00:46:36   there will be three colors for the next iPhone.

00:46:38   White, black, which is probably jet black.

00:46:42   It looks pretty shiny in the images.

00:46:45   Well, if it's glass, it's going to--

00:46:48   it seems like it's got to be jet black or something

00:46:51   close to it because the glass is going to make it shiny.

00:46:54   And then also champagne gold, which looks kind of copper-like. It's almost like if you

00:46:59   took...

00:47:00   It looks kind of brown, basically.

00:47:02   Yeah, I feel like if you took rose gold and gold and kind of mixed them together, it would

00:47:07   probably come out close to this, right? Like it feels like it's this mix between the two

00:47:11   of them.

00:47:12   It's the Zune phone.

00:47:13   I mean, do you know what? I actually think it looks kind of cool, right? Like I think

00:47:17   it's an interesting color.

00:47:19   Depending on how the front looked,

00:47:22   dependent on whether I'd want it,

00:47:24   like I really want a black front,

00:47:25   like if it looks exactly as it's being shown off right now,

00:47:29   I think the black model is gonna look the best

00:47:32   with the screen, right?

00:47:34   But I think it's an interesting color choice.

00:47:37   But again, like I just remain completely surprised

00:47:41   about the idea of a white front on these things.

00:47:43   That just seems so strange to me.

00:47:47   There's also wireless charging stuff.

00:47:49   So there was a leak from Foxconn,

00:47:51   which shows something called an engineering validation

00:47:54   test of a product code named Ferrari, which is understood

00:47:57   to be a code name of this iPhone, which

00:48:00   shows a large wireless charging coil within the product.

00:48:04   So this, I guess, would suggest wireless charging,

00:48:08   with the glass back being able to assist that.

00:48:11   Yeah, so this is very similar to the leak

00:48:14   we had of the Apple Watch two days before it was announced.

00:48:16   sort of late stage testing. Also it's on Windows XP, which is hilarious to see if

00:48:23   you haven't seen Windows XP in a long time. But the wireless charging would

00:48:28   require the glass back so it can help explain that move. And if these photos

00:48:34   are real then this is what's happening. I mean you don't get to to this level of

00:48:39   testing in China if this isn't the plan. So the conversation is also about like

00:48:45   what what does this look like? So Gruber for weeks and weeks has been saying I

00:48:49   think the tipster even the ATP tipster even today on Twitter said, yes, but it's

00:48:54   going to be an add on. So the the wireless charging, you know, what the pad

00:49:01   or whatever the other side of it is, would be an additional purchase, which

00:49:05   is okay, like I kind of get that. But the the idea here, I guess, or the thing I

00:49:14   I want to talk about is this post that Casey wrote, Casey Liss. He's on vacation and so

00:49:18   the, the URL is "I always think dumb stuff like this but I'm on vacation so YOLO I guess."

00:49:24   Which is really good because his argument is dumb. Like that this phone would be the

00:49:28   first phone with no ports. Like if this thing comes without a lightning port and no ports

00:49:35   then like I don't, I don't know. Like when you make a crazy bet that can't come true.

00:49:38   I would say like I read this and the argument isn't bad but it's too soon is the way it

00:49:43   Like everything that he poses about the potential for why this could be a phone that doesn't

00:49:50   have any ports on it.

00:49:51   So like wireless charging, wireless debugging, EX code, water-resistance, the fact that the

00:49:56   7 dropped the headphone jack, there's AirPods, like all of that stuff I think leads to the

00:50:01   argument, but it's too soon.

00:50:03   I think we're a couple of revisions away.

00:50:05   I believe that one day there will be an iPhone with no holes in it, right?

00:50:10   Because why not?

00:50:12   you're introducing all this technology, you may as well go the whole way. But I think

00:50:16   he got that, I think his conclusion isn't on the money this time that it would be this

00:50:22   fun. I think we're a couple of revisions away, but I think it will happen.

00:50:25   Yeah, that's fair. But if you're going to write a post of a URL

00:50:31   like that, I'll support it. I love it. It's in the document, it's so funny. But the thing

00:50:37   is though, I do this too. Like what cases down here, and I'm sure we all do, I have

00:50:41   these ideas in the shower, I'm like, "I've cracked it!" And then I think about it a little

00:50:44   more later, and I'm like, "No, that doesn't make any sense."

00:50:47   One of these thoughts is actually what I want to talk about now, which is the virtual home

00:50:52   button, because I've been spending some time thinking about the virtual home button after

00:50:55   listening to you two talk about it last week, right? The idea of there being, as Federico

00:51:00   was talking about a minute ago, like this function row, this area of the screen, which

00:51:04   is unused by applications, and it has a circle, that's the home button, and maybe some other

00:51:10   stuff on it. I just wanted to like just talk about the kind of pointlessness of that with

00:51:17   the information that we have at hand. So we don't know the whole picture, right? But let's

00:51:22   just assume that everything that people were talking about like those posts that Alan Pike

00:51:26   did that you spoke about, all of the tweets that Steve Trouton Smith has been doing where

00:51:29   he's trying to see what he thinks it looks like. You know, everyone is drawing these

00:51:33   conclusions of that, that there'll be this bottom of the phone which apps can't use,

00:51:38   right, and that there is some system stuff in there. This feels like a waste. It feels like

00:51:43   this is wasting everything. Like, it wastes touch ID because we may as well keep the button

00:51:50   if it's part of the screen we can't use. We may as well keep the whole physical thing.

00:51:54   It loses the idea of touch ID as a thing, right? Like, we lose that if the phone goes,

00:52:01   we all scream with this face detection thing. And it also wastes putting the bigger screen. Like,

00:52:06   Why make an edge-to-edge screen if part of it can't be used?

00:52:10   I feel like there must be more than what is being proposed.

00:52:15   But the idea of there being this black part of the bottom of a screen that has a circle

00:52:20   in it that's a home button, it feels like such a waste, right?

00:52:25   Why would you make this screen much bigger if all you're going to do is block off part

00:52:29   of it that nobody can ever use?

00:52:31   So I've been trying to think, what additional features could go there?

00:52:34   Now I don't know completely what they would be, but let's just assume that this is completely

00:52:40   unused and underused by the system. I thought that maybe one of these things could be a

00:52:45   multitasking button. I was watching a Lyft driver use her Android phone and she wanted

00:52:51   to switch apps so she pressed a button, right, which is persistent on the screen of Android

00:52:56   phones to go into multitasking. And I was thinking that that could be a thing because

00:53:03   multitasking now would be double tapping an area of the screen

00:53:06   right because that would be the home button

00:53:09   and that feels weird to me right like to double tap this area of the screen

00:53:14   and also in iOS 11 the 3d touch action

00:53:17   is gone where you squeeze on the side yeah so if

00:53:21   yeah if this is just this completely unusable part of the screen which I

00:53:25   I hope it isn't I hope there's a way to do more of it I was thinking that maybe

00:53:29   they could put a button to activate multitasking in there yeah

00:53:32   I've been thinking about the introduction of the iPhone when Steve Jobs was talking

00:53:39   about the physical keyboards on smartphones at the time. And he mentioned, and I'm paraphrasing

00:53:44   here, but he mentioned that one of the problems with physical keyboards is that once you ship

00:53:48   them, you can never update them with software because you shipped a bunch of physical buttons

00:53:53   that cannot be ever changed unless you buy a new phone. And so I'm thinking if Apple

00:53:57   is doing a virtual home button with this virtual function area at the bottom, why replicate

00:54:05   the physical bezel of the iPhone with the home button when you can do so much more?

00:54:10   Because it's a screen, it can become anything you want.

00:54:13   And so it would be a loss, I think, not just for users, but for Apple to imagine, you know,

00:54:21   how can we go beyond this bezel that we have, this basically this glass that we don't use

00:54:27   at all. Now we have a chance to put any control we want in there. And so it would be not just

00:54:32   a loss for us, but a loss for Apple to not imagine something like this. So I want to

00:54:37   be positive and I want to be optimistic. And I think Apple is doing something like this.

00:54:41   And there are so many ideas. Obviously the multitasking one, I think it's a great idea,

00:54:45   Myke. But arguably, if you think about it, right now the home button already is kind

00:54:52   software because it's not a physical, it doesn't physically move anymore and uses the Taptic Engine.

00:54:58   And so I think we should go a step beyond. And so the Home button could maybe transform into multiple shapes.

00:55:05   So like when you look at Siri, for example, in iOS 11, it kind of looks like a Home button, like the Siri icon.

00:55:12   So I would assume when you press down, the Home button would physically trans, like virtually transform under your finger.

00:55:18   your finger, you would see the Siri graphic.

00:55:20   And maybe, I don't know, but depending on context,

00:55:23   it could become a Siri indicator,

00:55:25   or it could become an Apple Pay icon.

00:55:27   Or maybe, you know, when you're on the home screen,

00:55:29   it could be something else to, you know,

00:55:31   to open Spotlight or to, you know,

00:55:34   to navigate between pages.

00:55:35   It could support gestures, for example,

00:55:38   to switch between apps or to open multitasking.

00:55:41   And we're not even thinking about the idea of 3D Touch,

00:55:44   because it's a screen after all.

00:55:45   So if there's 3D touch support in the function area,

00:55:49   you could enable even more shortcuts

00:55:51   by pressing either the home button

00:55:54   or some of these other controls.

00:55:56   There are so many possibilities.

00:55:57   And I think, you know, Siri, home button, multitasking

00:56:01   and spotlight could be pretty safe bets,

00:56:05   especially now that it's even harder

00:56:07   to open spotlight on iOS 11 and to open widgets on iOS 11.

00:56:12   I think there's room for those kinds of controls.

00:56:15   So I've been thinking also about how do you deal with the status bar, you know?

00:56:20   Like if Apple is truly sort of embracing this notch at the top of the iPhone with the split

00:56:27   status bar, does the function area get some of those controls that would normally go at

00:56:33   the top, or do those stay at the top and we get different stuff at the bottom?

00:56:39   It's interesting to think about, like, how do we change the gestures that we use?

00:56:44   Can we still tap the status bar to scroll to the top of a list for example?

00:56:48   Or do we have to tap on some indicator in the function area?

00:56:52   And usually I think I try to apply the model of usually the simplest explanation wins.

00:57:03   And that is the status bar is gonna be split.

00:57:06   We're gonna be able to tap near the notch or in the two ears on the two sides of the

00:57:12   iPhone.

00:57:13   We can swipe down from the notch to open notifications and we're gonna get some controls in the function

00:57:19   area.

00:57:20   I also think judging from the HomePod leak and some of the other APIs in iOS 11, some

00:57:27   apps will be able to request full screen entitlement to the system, so like photos or videos or

00:57:33   maybe YouTube could say, "Hey, I wanna display content in full screen."

00:57:37   So hide the Home button and the function area right now and when you tap the screen, it

00:57:43   will be shown as an overlay. So in full screen you watch a video, there's no home button.

00:57:48   You tap the screen, you view the playback controls, you also view the home button again.

00:57:53   And maybe there's going to be like a minimized mode to only show the home button, but not

00:57:59   the full set of controls in the function area. And also there's the question of what happens

00:58:04   when you switch to landscape? How do those controls sort of reorient themselves? So it

00:58:10   It feels like it's a crazy territory right now because there are so many possible ideas.

00:58:16   It's basically we have an entire new screen into the screen and only Apple knows what

00:58:22   they're doing with it and we're only left here speculating and thinking of ideas in

00:58:26   the shower.

00:58:27   So, you know, I'm really excited about this.

00:58:30   I think it's going to be, you know, not even… people are saying it's like a touch bar.

00:58:36   I think it's going to be so much better than a touch bar because if my instanton is correct,

00:58:43   we're going to get all the most essential controls and shortcuts in there, not like

00:58:48   additions like the touch bar is, but like the stuff that we use every day, multitasking,

00:58:53   search, open button, all in there.

00:58:55   And that's exciting.

00:58:56   Yeah, so I just want to see it be used well, right?

00:58:59   Like a lot of that stuff is it.

00:59:00   I just what I'm what I don't want is just it's just the bottom of the phone right like that's boring

00:59:07   Yeah, and we can look I'm gonna be that guy we can look to see what Samsung has done here because the vs8

00:59:15   Has a touch sensitive, you know, it's screen all the way to the edge and there's a excuse me a pressure sensitive

00:59:21   home button

00:59:23   So it's you know, you're down there at the bottom

00:59:25   you force touch or 3D press, whatever the verb is, to activate that.

00:59:30   And they have multitasking and stuff like every other Android phone has ever had.

00:59:33   But they sort of have layered in pressure to make the bottom of the phone

00:59:38   act differently in different situations.

00:59:41   And I think that whatever they end up doing here, and I'll go with you Federico,

00:59:45   there's lots of possibilities. I think the simplest one is always the best way to go.

00:59:50   I've got to think that 3D touch is going to make a huge impact here.

00:59:55   They're going to rely on that to mode switch or have different things available at the

01:00:00   bottom.

01:00:01   And so I think the way Samsung has done it and the way they solved it, it may not be

01:00:04   perfect.

01:00:05   I actually haven't used an S8 for any extended period of time, but I think Apple would follow

01:00:09   it down the same direction of using pressure sensitivity to solve some of these problems.

01:00:14   Maybe considering how we got personalization in Control Center in iOS 11, I could envision

01:00:20   like a menu that says customize the controls that you get in there.

01:00:25   Do you want to get search or do you want to get multitasking?

01:00:28   It's like it's your choice because it seems like this seal has been broken in terms of

01:00:34   customizing the system controls.

01:00:35   Now we have a precedent and it's coming with iOS 11 so it wouldn't be out of character.

01:00:39   You know there's a home button menu in the settings right now.

01:00:42   It wouldn't be weird I think to have like a function area or something.

01:00:46   We don't even know what the name is.

01:00:47   I think function area is ugly.

01:00:50   So whatever the name is, shortcuts bar or something, we're going to get, I think it

01:00:55   wouldn't be too crazy to see some customization available.

01:01:01   Last thing before we move off this, I just want to talk about this HomePod thing again,

01:01:04   because maybe I don't understand enough of this stuff, but I'm just thinking, whilst

01:01:10   there is so much information coming out from this, is it worth creating it like it's a

01:01:15   Holy Grail, like every piece of information is contained inside of here?

01:01:19   Like could there be APIs that relate to things with this new screen size that we just haven't

01:01:26   seen yet that are meant for the phone?

01:01:29   That like we just don't see?

01:01:31   Sure, I think so.

01:01:35   I mean especially when it comes to the hardware stuff specific to the new iPhone and I don't

01:01:44   know because this is like a full version of iOS as a HomePod

01:01:49   software update.

01:01:50   But I think it's possible that some of the APIs

01:01:54   are not included in there.

01:01:56   I think it's unlikely because it feels like the major stuff we've

01:02:01   already seen.

01:02:02   But maybe we're wrong.

01:02:03   Maybe we don't know.

01:02:04   And maybe there's like an API for third party

01:02:08   functional integration is coming.

01:02:11   And it's not advertising this leak.

01:02:13   Because I was wondering, what if most of what we've seen

01:02:17   is akin to some kind of compatibility mode

01:02:19   or something, like how apps run without taking

01:02:23   advantage of this stuff because these APIs just

01:02:26   weren't included?

01:02:28   Yeah, I don't know enough of how these things are built.

01:02:31   Me either.

01:02:31   I was hoping you would be able to tell me

01:02:33   if I was right or wrong.

01:02:34   No.

01:02:34   [LAUGHTER]

01:02:36   But I just think it's possible.

01:02:38   It's possible.

01:02:40   It's possible, but I guess it also depends on if you test

01:02:43   compatibility mode how why wouldn't you include the other bits of code like maybe

01:02:49   they weren't ready but maybe it just wasn't because you know this isn't meant

01:02:53   to be this full thing like you know you guys were talking last week about like

01:02:57   things change and they might not have included everything like we don't

01:03:00   hundred-percent know what it is we've got access to I guess like how far along

01:03:04   it is in any of the tracks right like nobody I can assume truly would know

01:03:08   that information.

01:03:09   Mm-hmm.

01:03:10   Yeah, and there's always going to be...

01:03:12   I mean, you can look at all this stuff and look at all the evidence, but we don't have

01:03:16   like the full story of it, right?

01:03:19   That's really hard to separate from features with Apple, the way they frame them and the

01:03:23   way they explain them during the keynote and then afterwards through marketing.

01:03:28   All that's missing from this too, right?

01:03:30   So all we know or seem to know is that this is what the new phone looks like roughly,

01:03:36   we don't really know, to our points a couple of minutes ago,

01:03:39   but what is the bottom area going to be like?

01:03:41   What are they going to do with the top?

01:03:42   Why are they doing all of this?

01:03:44   What happens to developers who don't update their apps?

01:03:46   What do developers get if they do update their apps?

01:03:48   All of that stuff is still unknown.

01:03:50   That can't be revealed in firmware.

01:03:52   Hopefully we haven't been

01:03:57   guilty of holding this up saying this has all the answers

01:04:02   because it doesn't.

01:04:03   It has lots of answers,

01:04:04   but it also raises way more questions than we had before this, right?

01:04:08   And so it's super interesting.

01:04:10   I think it's historic in the sense that we haven't seen an error or a leak, whatever

01:04:15   you want to call it, from Apple like this in a really long time.

01:04:18   And I bet it's a really long time before we see it again.

01:04:20   I would imagine there's been some policy change about how things happen now.

01:04:24   I would hope.

01:04:25   But it's just a very fascinating thing.

01:04:29   And you know, if the new phone will look like this and we'll get the full story in a couple

01:04:34   of weeks, but until then it's, I have to say like July and August are generally quiet

01:04:39   times for us as far as like content and things to talk about in the summer, like it's just

01:04:44   quiet in tech.

01:04:45   That's not been the case for 2017.

01:04:46   Like weeks and weeks of shows.

01:04:47   I would like to personally thank whoever it was that did this.

01:04:50   I know you're going for a real tough time and I apologize that your life has maybe taken

01:04:56   turn that you wish they hadn't, but from... I would like to just thank you because you've

01:05:01   made my job really easy for the last few weeks. Terrible. I'm trying to be nice, you know,

01:05:06   I feel for this person, I make mistakes all the time, but fortunately for me I guess they

01:05:10   don't... Well I'm sure I make mistakes akin to this, right? Like just putting somewhere

01:05:16   where it's not supposed to go, but the ramifications aren't the same. Just gonna make a note there.

01:05:21   Check all of Myke's folders. Check relay security. Usually I just put the laundry in the wrong

01:05:26   drawer not the wrong firmware in the wrong directory but that's basically the same mic.

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01:06:52   So yesterday iOS 11 beta 5 came out, with it came some new features, some late break-in

01:07:01   reversals of features, some stuff that we've spoken about on this show over the last few

01:07:06   weeks. I guess the first one is that messages in iCloud has been removed, right Federico?

01:07:11   Yeah.

01:07:12   What does this mean?

01:07:13   It means that WWDC Apple announced a feature to store your entire iMessage thread history

01:07:22   in iCloud, and to sync that between devices, and to also sync deletion status of, like,

01:07:28   you delete a message on your iPhone, it's also deleted on your iPad and your Mac.

01:07:33   And the feature was working well for me, but after checking in on Twitter and talking to

01:07:38   to a few people it seems like it was very problematic for others. Whether it was using

01:07:45   a ton of storage, or like we're talking hundreds of gigabytes of storage to sync entire threads

01:07:51   that go back like multiple years, because if you flip on the switch on a Mac that has

01:07:55   been running messages for three years, now you get three years of attachments and logs

01:08:00   on iCloud. So it seems like Apple needed more time to get this feature ready. And I think

01:08:08   according to the release notes in beta 5, it's not coming with iOS 11.0, it's coming

01:08:13   in a later update to iOS 11. And usually when Apple posts these notices, I remember a couple

01:08:20   of years ago there was a search feature for Spotlight that didn't ship with iOS 9 and

01:08:27   eventually came out in iOS 10 as differential privacy. So usually when Apple does these

01:08:32   delays it's not unusual that they come out a year later as a full feature like

01:08:40   presented differently so I wouldn't be surprised if messages in iCloud become

01:08:45   something else next year or maybe this time is different and maybe this time

01:08:48   it's actually coming with iOS 7.1 or 0.2 I just don't have a lot of faith so

01:08:54   that's too bad because it was useful it was working well for me but you know

01:08:58   it's that kind of feature that is so essential you know when you ask people

01:09:01   to flip a switch for iMessage and upload their entire history to iCloud, the system better

01:09:08   be working well, otherwise don't do it at all.

01:09:14   I'm more hopeful than that that it will show up.

01:09:17   My thought was when I saw this news that either they came across something they've got to

01:09:22   fix and they need more time, or that something with the ramp up to this, whatever the initial

01:09:31   And it's like, I signed up for iOS 11.

01:09:34   This checkbox gets checked by default.

01:09:37   What does that mean in the background?

01:09:38   What does iCloud have to do?

01:09:40   What sort of data is required on Apple's end?

01:09:43   That something in there maybe needs more time that maybe they started load testing it and

01:09:48   it developed a problem.

01:09:50   Who knows?

01:09:51   I will never know.

01:09:52   But I agree with you.

01:09:53   The feature seemed really interesting.

01:09:54   It seemed, you know, for me, like, you know, like Myke, I have a MacBook Pro.

01:09:59   They don't use every day and anytime I open it, it just takes forever to sync the stuff

01:10:06   and to make that better, I welcome.

01:10:10   But it's got to be done right.

01:10:11   They can't get that wrong.

01:10:12   And so I'd rather them delay than have a failure.

01:10:18   Messages are really important to people.

01:10:19   iMessage is an incredibly important service for Apple.

01:10:23   And if they blow it, then that becomes what everyone remembers about iOS 11 and they don't

01:10:27   want that.

01:10:28   it in a point of date, make sure it's good, totally cool with me.

01:10:33   Now we have spent a ton of time talking about the blue bar, the location bar, right? I think

01:10:39   on the whole we were all pretty upset about the persistent blue location bar, it seemed

01:10:43   like a bad decision. It seems like Apple agrees that it's a bad decision, so they've completely

01:10:51   changed the way this works really late, right? Beta 5 is pretty late to be making a sweeping

01:10:57   change like this, I don't fully understand what's going on here Federico, so I'm hoping

01:11:03   that you can help me.

01:11:05   This is a quick "teachy reteaches" I guess.

01:11:09   We're going back to school!

01:11:11   We're going back to school boys!

01:11:14   Back to school season!

01:11:16   Alright have a seat and listen up.

01:11:18   So here's what's changed.

01:11:21   So remember I told you that there were two types of location access.

01:11:27   When in use and always.

01:11:29   When in use means you're actually using the app right now, always means the app is requesting

01:11:35   your location in the background.

01:11:36   In the first few betas of iOS 11 until beta 4, if you had an app that was using the always

01:11:44   of location access in the background, like Google Maps Timeline or Moves or Swarm, you

01:11:52   were seeing constantly the blue bar.

01:11:56   Because Apple was thinking, you know, there's an app using your location in the background,

01:12:01   you want to see the blue bar.

01:12:03   Now in Beta 5, they have completely changed cores.

01:12:08   Now the blue bar is an option that developers can request if they want it.

01:12:14   So by default, if you have an app like Google Maps or Facebook Moves or whatever that is

01:12:21   using your location in the background, now you only see the location arrow icon in the

01:12:28   status bar.

01:12:29   In iOS 11, the location arrow is hollow when there's an app that is requesting your location,

01:12:36   and it's a filled icon, it's a filled-in arrow when your location is actively being transmitted

01:12:43   to the app. But that's all you see. And if the developer wants it, it can also show the

01:12:48   blue bar as a shortcut that you can tap to go back to the app. So basically, before the

01:12:55   blue bar was being enforced on every single app that was using the location in the background,

01:13:01   now it's not enforced anymore and it's something that developers can ask for if they want it,

01:13:07   if they think it's useful.

01:13:08   And I should also specify that the apps that use

01:13:15   the When In Use access, so apps that you're using right now

01:13:20   to access your location, those apps can also be

01:13:24   backgrounded, but it means they're still running,

01:13:28   so they're not being suspended by the system.

01:13:30   So like when you start up the, you know, the,

01:13:34   I think of the excellent skiing app Slopes.

01:13:38   For example, when you open it, when you start a workout

01:13:41   and you close the app, you see the blue bar

01:13:44   because that's an app that you're using right now

01:13:49   that is still running in the system

01:13:51   and that can also show the blue bar.

01:13:53   But that's a different topic.

01:13:55   What Apple changed is the whole deal

01:13:57   with the background location access.

01:13:59   We were talking about, oh, Apple is now shaming apps

01:14:02   are using your location in the background and it seems like enough people complained

01:14:06   and enough people found that confusing or maybe big companies complained that Apple

01:14:11   changed course completely and now the blue bar is something that you should want if necessary.

01:14:19   It's not enforced by default anymore. I don't know what to think. Maybe, you know, I've

01:14:27   come to, I mean besides the fact that I wasted like an entire day writing up this chapter,

01:14:33   which is now useless, so imagine how hypey I am. But besides that, maybe, maybe we were

01:14:38   wrong and maybe Apple didn't want to shame apps at all, like maybe Apple was thinking,

01:14:44   "Hey, this is useful for everyone." Like, it wasn't supposed to shame apps, it was only

01:14:52   supposed to be useful and that kind of backfired, so Apple found another way to be useful, which

01:14:57   is make it an API that developers can ask for optionally.

01:15:01   I don't know.

01:15:02   It just seems so strange.

01:15:03   It doesn't make any sense to me because who would ask for that?

01:15:06   Like there's no logic.

01:15:07   So I've also been thinking about this.

01:15:08   I've also been thinking about this and an idea could be, and this is, I realise, a pretty

01:15:14   narrow use case.

01:15:15   You're going for a stretch here, aren't you?

01:15:17   I can feel it.

01:15:18   I'm going for whatever I can find, man.

01:15:21   It's like, maybe you have an exercise workout type of app

01:15:28   that you want to quickly get back into while you're running

01:15:34   or doing something else.

01:15:36   And maybe the developer says, I actually want the blue bar,

01:15:40   because I want to enable users to open the workout

01:15:43   screen quickly.

01:15:45   That is actually a pretty good use case.

01:15:47   But I feel like you are finding that, as opposed

01:15:49   to it being the intention.

01:15:51   Do you know what I mean?

01:15:52   You have put the thought in to be like,

01:15:54   oh, okay, this is a good application for that.

01:15:56   I don't believe that this was the intention

01:15:59   when they put it into iOS 11 in the first place.

01:16:01   - Me neither, honestly, me neither.

01:16:04   All signs were pointing to Apple

01:16:06   sort of not wanting developers to use

01:16:13   always location access as much as they are.

01:16:16   They had an entire segment at WWDC talking about,

01:16:20   you know, how many apps use location access

01:16:22   in the background that they don't actually need it.

01:16:25   And they were talking about, you know,

01:16:27   all the stuff in iOS 11 with when in news is now enforced.

01:16:32   And that is still true.

01:16:33   You gotta support the when in news authorization

01:16:36   and you can also upgrade from when in news to always.

01:16:39   So none of that has changed.

01:16:40   - So all of that's the same.

01:16:42   - All of that is the same.

01:16:43   So your app needs to support

01:16:46   the basic when in news location access.

01:16:49   And your app can still do the upgrade flow

01:16:52   from when in use to always.

01:16:54   So that is still the same.

01:16:55   The only thing that has changed is

01:16:58   if your app is using the always type location access,

01:17:02   not necessarily it has to show the blue bar.

01:17:06   It's an option.

01:17:08   And if they want it, they can show it.

01:17:10   If they don't, they won't show the blue bar.

01:17:13   - I think that this is what happens

01:17:15   when you have a public beta, right?

01:17:16   Like I think it was the same with the cover sheet stuff

01:17:19   that I just expect that people were just losing their minds over this, right? Because, again,

01:17:24   this isn't on the iPad, is it? Because I've never seen the blue bar. Is it just on the

01:17:29   iPhone, this stuff?

01:17:30   I think it's also on the iPad. I'm not 100% sure because I didn't enable the Google Maps

01:17:36   timeline but I don't see why it wouldn't be on the iPad. So I just assume it's on both

01:17:42   of them.

01:17:43   Okay. Well, I mean, my assumption from this is just like they were paying attention to

01:17:47   to people that just weren't liking this feature, right?

01:17:50   The same with cover sheet, rather we,

01:17:52   there were a lot of people saying this doesn't work,

01:17:54   like the notification stuff doesn't work the way that I want,

01:17:56   like I need to be able to tap this,

01:17:57   like all this kind of stuff.

01:17:59   I just expect that it was a similar thing here,

01:18:01   because as we spoke about,

01:18:02   and we've been speaking about it for a couple of weeks,

01:18:04   right, this is not a good user experience,

01:18:06   having this persistent blue bar that pops up

01:18:08   because there's an application like Tracker or like Swarm,

01:18:12   which you want to be doing this stuff,

01:18:14   but there was no way to be like,

01:18:16   no, please just let me.

01:18:19   So I assume that they've just figured

01:18:20   we're just gonna revert it

01:18:22   and maybe come back to it later in another way.

01:18:25   I guess like if this at this stage,

01:18:27   it's probably for iOS 11 easier to remove the blue bar

01:18:31   than to change it to have this like user opt-in type thing,

01:18:35   right, like where I can go in and say like,

01:18:37   no, don't do it for this app.

01:18:39   I expect it's easier to just be like for this release,

01:18:42   just like let's just get rid of that.

01:18:44   We'll keep the underpinning of the whole location stuff.

01:18:47   We can then come back to it later on.

01:18:49   That makes sense to me.

01:18:51   - Yeah, I think so.

01:18:51   I thought about it and it seems like adding

01:18:53   an entire set of user preferences,

01:18:56   it's probably too late for that.

01:18:57   But to make a single API call, it's probably easier.

01:19:00   - Yep.

01:19:01   A couple of other little things I just wanted to touch on.

01:19:04   It seems that multitasking is being really kind of

01:19:06   called out during setup, which is really good.

01:19:11   - Yeah, I was setting up my iPad.

01:19:14   upgrading from beta 4 to beta 5 and during the update process, you know, when you get

01:19:20   a sign in to your account again, I saw these two screens, I believe they will get some

01:19:26   kind of video in the final seed, right now it's just a static image. They were basically

01:19:31   Apple explaining the dock and the new app switcher and how you can access recent apps

01:19:37   from the app switcher and also how you can put your favorite ones in the dock. So it

01:19:41   It seems like our feeling of you gotta buy into the idea of the dock and the app switcher

01:19:48   to understand iOS 11, it's also the way that Apple is gonna explain iOS 11 to people of

01:19:54   use the dock for your most important stuff and find your recent apps into the switcher

01:20:00   and then use drag and drop and you know all these other multitasking commands to rearrange

01:20:03   our apps or combined or you know with preview and slide over and stuff.

01:20:10   And then the last thing that I saw that I found interesting that there's been a bunch

01:20:13   of keyboard shortcuts added to files, which Steve Transmith obviously discovered, which

01:20:19   I think look great.

01:20:20   Like, there's a fantastic list here, like, create folder and duplicate and paste and

01:20:24   move it.

01:20:25   There's loads.

01:20:26   And I'm really excited about that.

01:20:28   A Vini app file should have these.

01:20:30   Yeah.

01:20:31   Oh, yeah.

01:20:32   I think it's great.

01:20:33   So it's good to see them adding those in.

01:20:35   I don't understand why create folder has to be common shift and probably because of compatibility

01:20:40   with the finder because on the finder command and creates a window instead of a new folder

01:20:45   which doesn't make any sense to me. So I guess they've kind of kept that for files as well

01:20:50   out of legacy.

01:20:51   Yeah, muscle memory.

01:20:52   Muscle memory, yeah. It doesn't make sense to me because why the shift? Well, like I'm

01:21:00   not opening a new window on iOS but it's fine.

01:21:03   wait to see what Command N does. Just keep pressing it all day. Someday something will

01:21:09   happen. Last thing before we finish today, I kind of wanted to, we're getting close to

01:21:13   this point and I know you guys are both working on reviews. I'm working on reviews of your

01:21:18   reviews so I'm really keen to see how this is coming along. Steven, I know that you're

01:21:23   working on a High Sierra review. How's that going for you?

01:21:28   It's good, slow, I actually spent some time today looking through the sections I've left

01:21:35   and I've put all the hard stuff off and now it's time to do the hard stuff.

01:21:37   But it's kind of nice because High Sierra is a smaller release so it's not as expansive,

01:21:43   not nearly as expansive as Federico has to do.

01:21:45   But there's still lots of little things.

01:21:48   I like to try to draw attention to the little touches, little grab bag stuff, just little

01:21:53   tweaks here and there and those just take time to find using High Sierra and noticing.

01:21:59   It's moving along, slowly but surely.

01:22:01   Federico?

01:22:03   It's going really well I think.

01:22:05   So usually by this time in August, so the first week of August, I'm still not even halfway

01:22:11   through and this time if my calculations and plans are correct, I should be done with the

01:22:20   writing either tomorrow or in a couple of days.

01:22:23   - Wow.

01:22:24   - And I basically have the entire review,

01:22:28   except the conclusion,

01:22:29   but I'm not gonna write the conclusion

01:22:31   until I've done at least a couple of rounds of editing.

01:22:35   But I have just one chapter left,

01:22:36   which was of course notifications and the cover sheet,

01:22:39   which I saved for the fifth beta of iOS.

01:22:42   Now I feel pretty confident

01:22:43   that that is the actual design we're gonna get.

01:22:46   So I only have that chapter left.

01:22:49   I finished a bunch of sections today of another chapter.

01:22:53   Now the only thing left is notifications.

01:22:55   I should be done with that in three to four hours, I think.

01:22:58   So once I'm done with that,

01:23:01   I've already done the editing for the intro

01:23:04   and I have an actual editor this time.

01:23:07   - It's me.

01:23:09   Ha ha.

01:23:10   (laughs)

01:23:11   - I can confirm it is not Myke.

01:23:13   Otherwise there would be no editing.

01:23:16   I'm just kidding, Myke. - Watch it.

01:23:17   Watch it.

01:23:18   I'm kidding. I add errors in that's my edit. That's how I do it. I just like to keep you on your toes. I

01:23:24   Think for you know, we're at the 8th of August. I think it's going well. I'm way ahead of schedule, which is good news

01:23:32   That's good news, man. I'm really pleased for you. You've you've budgeted your time real well this year

01:23:37   Yeah, I mean I basically haven't worked in two months, but

01:23:43   That's what happens when you have a team of people taking care of the website for you

01:23:47   you can focus on other stuff. So that's been great. But yeah, I'm basically done.

01:23:52   Alright, I think that wraps up this week's episode. You can go and find our show notes

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01:24:34   Adiós.