151: The Snapchat of Moving Plastic


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 151.

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00:00:20   My name is Myke Hurley, and I am joined by Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:24   Hey, buddy.

00:00:26   How you doing?

00:00:27   Just us today.

00:00:29   Yeah, Federico, he had to go tend to some very urgent tortoise business.

00:00:34   So he's on clean-up duty from last week's episode with 150 tortoises I sent to Italy

00:00:40   for him as a surprise gift.

00:00:43   You would think chasing 150 turtles would be easy, because they're slow, but when you

00:00:48   have that many of them, it just really gets out of hand.

00:00:52   It's just us.

00:00:53   Just the two of us together.

00:00:56   I would recommend that maybe people tweet to Federico.

00:00:59   Ah, see you can't send 150 character tweets.

00:01:02   I was going to suggest that people send 150 tortoise emoji to him.

00:01:06   Well you do 140 and then you do a second tweet with 10 more.

00:01:10   It's easy.

00:01:11   Yeah that would work.

00:01:12   Yeah.

00:01:13   Well just any amount really and eventually it will add up to 150.

00:01:15   That's good.

00:01:16   I'm going to do it right now.

00:01:19   Send your solidarity to Federico as he's dealing with the tortoise situation by sending him

00:01:25   I'm on the Mac so I had to open the emoji picker and then I was reminded how terrible

00:01:30   that is on Mac OS.

00:01:31   So we have some follow-ups, Stephen.

00:01:33   We do, but I'm still pacing turtles.

00:01:35   Well you're gonna, you know, come on, get your eyes on the pros.

00:01:38   Okay, my eyes are on the weirdest, not the weirdest, it's definitely not the weirdest

00:01:43   email we've ever gotten for this show, but it's a little unusual and this is from a listener

00:01:48   I will call "person familiar with the matter."

00:01:52   So a person familiar with the matter writes in,

00:01:56   Apple was conducting a field capture period.

00:01:59   So I'm going to stop right here.

00:02:00   Field capture means if Apple is looking

00:02:03   at a problem with some of their hardware,

00:02:05   then if you go to the Genius Bar with that problem,

00:02:08   they're going to replace your device,

00:02:10   and your old one gets into Apple for them to poke at it.

00:02:13   So very often in the weeks after an iPhone launch or a new Mac

00:02:18   launch, for instance, they may open one of these

00:02:21   if there's some sort of issue,

00:02:23   or if they think there's an issue.

00:02:24   So Apple is doing this with Apple Watches

00:02:27   in the realm of the back plate separating.

00:02:32   So we've spoken about this a couple of times now,

00:02:34   where the little charging, it's either glass or ceramic,

00:02:38   or not ceramic, what's on the stainless steel watch,

00:02:41   like the nice glass, the sapphire cover.

00:02:45   Those things sometimes come off on the charger.

00:02:48   We've all seen pictures of it.

00:02:50   Apple was conducting a field capture period for that issue, looking at a chemical found

00:02:57   in Cernit sunscreens and lotions, which they believe can cause the adhesive to break down

00:03:03   and fail.

00:03:04   So there is adhesive that holds that little window on to the body, and some types of sunscreen

00:03:10   and lotion can get in there and break that adhesive down, then the thing comes apart.

00:03:13   Person familiar with the matter says, "I understand that the number of affected units is quite

00:03:16   vast but the issue only occurs with Cernit topical products and it's unclear

00:03:22   if it's just first-generation pains or if later models may see the issue in the

00:03:26   future. I believe in this email that it's just the first-generation Apple Watch

00:03:31   and that they have resolved this or changed the adhesive on later models but

00:03:36   you know you can't test for everything right and an Apple back in the Earth Day

00:03:39   push they were talking about how they test sweat and all these different

00:03:43   things and it seems like maybe something slipped through. So if you have one of

00:03:49   these watches like we've talked about Apple's repairing them or replacing them

00:03:53   if you have a problem like this take it to a Genius Bar call Apple Care and they

00:03:58   should get you taken care of but it's kind of interesting to hear a little bit

00:04:00   behind the scenes. I find this sort of stuff just super interesting. Yeah it

00:04:05   also it lends kind of an explanation to the reason where it seems that at least

00:04:11   the people that I've seen complaining about this tend to say this isn't the first time

00:04:15   this happened to me. Yeah. Right? Like, you know, people that written in or people that

00:04:19   I've seen talking about us on Twitter, there seems to be quite a few people that it's happened

00:04:23   to multiple times, which would make sense, right? Because if it's a specific lotion or

00:04:27   type of cream that is weakening this, well, if you continue to use that, there is a, you

00:04:33   have a still like a strong likelihood of it happening again unless they fix it. But yeah,

00:04:38   it was really interesting. Yeah. Cause you've got the brand of whatever that you like to

00:04:41   use totally makes sense yeah so I've I've not had this happen I've had you

00:04:46   know I watch for a long time and but turns out it's out there so again if you

00:04:50   have this issue talk to Apple it seems like they're taking care of people maybe

00:04:55   what it's really saying is that me and you just don't even use enough lotion

00:04:59   products hmm I use very little product there you go that's why you just you

00:05:04   just keep it real Oh natural so we're gonna move from a person familiar with

00:05:09   lotion matter to issues with face scanning? So Leon sent a tweet in to me which was really

00:05:14   interesting. He mentioned that women who wear headscarves that may cover their faces like

00:05:20   hijabs or niqabs or burqas could have issues with a face detection system on the iPhone.

00:05:25   I thought this was very interesting because yes, if you're covering your face for whatever reason

00:05:30   it is that you want to cover your face be it religious or if you just prefer to live your

00:05:35   your life that way, you could potentially have a problem with a face detection system

00:05:39   that you may not have with a fingerprint system.

00:05:43   Now I just said, you know, that there are people under certain circumstances where they

00:05:47   would also wear gloves as well as headscarves, so they may not be able to use any of these

00:05:52   types of systems.

00:05:53   But let's just say that you do have your hands free, right?

00:05:55   Right now you can just use Touch IDEA and you're good to go.

00:05:58   And if Apple are going to just use a predominantly camera-based system, right, this could be

00:06:04   a problem. When I say camera, I mean like you know traditional cameras as we see.

00:06:07   But I was wondering if maybe an infrared system could also help with this? I don't

00:06:14   know what the power or the technical limitations or benefits of using

00:06:18   infrared is, but I will be very interested to see if Apple's system will

00:06:23   be able to see through stuff like that because it will obviously help with

00:06:30   people that are in these situations or choose to be in these situations. But if

00:06:34   If it doesn't, then that's going to be a frustration.

00:06:36   But with every one of these things, it does, I guess, discount some people, right?

00:06:40   Like if you don't have fingerprints, if you don't have a hand, if you don't have any hands,

00:06:45   right, that can help you.

00:06:46   That's going to be difficult for you with Touch ID.

00:06:48   This is what we were talking about the first time, right?

00:06:50   Like every one of these systems, these biometric systems, will exclude a group of people in

00:06:56   in some cases, and it's up to Apple to make it so their phones, their products are still

00:07:05   accessible to these people in some way to try and not make it too difficult for them

00:07:09   even through a period of change.

00:07:11   Yeah, I think it's totally fair, and it's just about making the right trade-offs.

00:07:15   And you know, if Touch ID survives and they add face scanning ID, whatever they're going

00:07:21   to call it, then it could be more inclusive, right?

00:07:24   that you could have groups of people who can't use Touch ID

00:07:27   who can use the face.

00:07:28   And so I'm hoping that this is additive, but who knows?

00:07:32   Every day there's a new rumor that now the rumor,

00:07:35   we're not gonna get into it today,

00:07:36   but the rumor I think is that the unicorn iPhone Pro

00:07:39   is now not gonna be even in manufacturing

00:07:44   until October or November.

00:07:45   I mean, who knows?

00:07:47   But it seems like there's something going on.

00:07:49   But yeah, I think this was a good point by Leon

00:07:51   and I think one definitely worth considering.

00:07:54   - Now we spent some time talking about

00:07:57   face ID system and twins.

00:08:00   - Naturally.

00:08:01   - And I think at the time when we were talking about this,

00:08:03   I was just like, look, I just believe

00:08:05   that they would be a way to solve this problem.

00:08:07   Turns out there is.

00:08:08   Jonathan wrote in to let us know that Windows Hello

00:08:11   can currently identify identical twins accurately.

00:08:15   So it is in theory possible for Apple to do this.

00:08:18   Now this is from an article on Business Insider.

00:08:21   I'll just read a little paragraph from this.

00:08:23   "The facial recognition software that is in Windows Hello

00:08:27   "requires a RealSense camera from Intel.

00:08:30   "The RealSense camera is made up of three different cameras

00:08:32   "in the system, an infrared, regular, and 3D camera.

00:08:36   "The software then combines these into a single image

00:08:39   "that can judge depth, heat, and photos

00:08:41   "to decide whether the user matches.

00:08:43   "And this, combined with whatever software

00:08:45   "that Microsoft have written for Windows Hello,

00:08:48   "can tell twins, identical twins, apart."

00:08:51   So yes, it is possible if it's done correctly.

00:08:55   So that's pretty cool.

00:08:56   That is pretty cool, I think.

00:08:58   You know, if I was making a product like this,

00:09:00   I would totally do that demo, you know?

00:09:03   - Yeah.

00:09:04   - Like bring identical twins out

00:09:05   to show how good your product is.

00:09:06   - That's pretty good.

00:09:07   - Like that'd be a pretty cool demo.

00:09:08   Like you bring identical twins on the stage

00:09:10   and then like you set it up with one of them,

00:09:11   then the other one tries to open it and can't,

00:09:13   then you know, that's a pretty cool demo, I think.

00:09:15   - I think you also have to demo evil twins, right?

00:09:18   Like you don't want your evil twin

00:09:19   getting into your Facebook account.

00:09:21   - That would be, that was how Craig Federighi

00:09:23   would do the demo, I think, would talk about Evil Twins.

00:09:25   - He would just come up with a goatee, back at Evil.

00:09:28   Yeah.

00:09:29   - From the bad timeline.

00:09:30   - So we have spoken a lot about security cameras recently,

00:09:34   about the Logitech thing.

00:09:36   Nest is back with something they're calling the Nest Cam IQ.

00:09:40   It looks sort of like the outdoor Nest Cam,

00:09:43   but it's only indoor,

00:09:44   there's not an outdoor version of this yet.

00:09:46   It uses a 4K sensor, but it is only recording in 1080.

00:09:51   And what that lets this camera do is really kind of trippy.

00:09:54   And there's a video in the show notes MKBHD did on YouTube

00:09:57   that explains this and shows it.

00:10:00   It can zoom in and keep the image really clear

00:10:04   because it's capturing 4K but only, I guess,

00:10:07   exporting 1080, so there's lots of data to work with.

00:10:10   And because it can do this, it can zoom in,

00:10:13   it can follow people and learn faces.

00:10:16   So for instance, if I have my face and my wife's face

00:10:21   in the NES software, it won't sense a problem

00:10:25   if it sees us enter.

00:10:26   - Yeah, MKBHD was saying that right now

00:10:30   it still sends notifications, which is a little weird.

00:10:33   So it'll say like Steven is in the office,

00:10:35   when really it would be nice if you just said

00:10:37   if you recognize a face, don't send a notification.

00:10:40   At least it's good to get, 'cause I mean,

00:10:42   I can see why you would also maybe want one, right?

00:10:44   you know when your partner is home or you know when your family member is home

00:10:48   if that's a thing but it would be good to have the ability to turn that off.

00:10:53   I do think that all of this stuff sounds really cool and I will say watching this

00:10:57   video I felt a little bit sad about my Canary. Like I love my Canary home

00:11:01   security system. Like I love it. I have spoken about it effusively over the

00:11:05   years but I don't... whatever the company is doing right now is not what I'm

00:11:12   interested in right like the the outdoor camera great I mean I don't have an

00:11:16   outdoors to protect I live in an apartment building but I would like to

00:11:20   see some more like a new version of the canary which has some cool features that

00:11:23   are like this because honestly like I'm getting a bit tempted with the nest now

00:11:28   like looking at that I'm like oh I like all of that like the 4k sensor thing is

00:11:33   really smart face detection is really smart like being able to set those hot

00:11:37   zones that you talk about like all the areas not to detect like our canary goes

00:11:41   off every once in a while because it gets light from a window and we could I guess just

00:11:46   put a box around the area and be like don't sense anything from that area because it's

00:11:50   like it's just sensing it from the window. So I don't know I would like to see that I

00:11:54   have my fingers crossed because you know the Canary in my opinion was the superior camera

00:11:59   for a long time and my hope would be that like they're working on some stuff that they

00:12:04   can leapfrog again but we're just gonna have to wait and see.

00:12:07   - Yeah, I've got a Canary and I use it

00:12:09   because it can make an alarm sound.

00:12:12   That's all built in.

00:12:14   And it will show temperature and humidity,

00:12:16   so it's nice, I keep one in my office.

00:12:18   But yeah, so I definitely am very interested

00:12:22   in the Nest Cam IQ.

00:12:23   I ordered one of the Logitech cameras

00:12:25   that they are promising future home kit support.

00:12:29   I ordered the system where you can stick it to a window.

00:12:32   'Cause where I wanna put it,

00:12:34   that's actually kind of a key thing.

00:12:36   So I am looking forward to trying that,

00:12:39   but at the same time, this Nest Cam IQ

00:12:41   definitely has my eye, and so I've got the Logitech.

00:12:44   I'm not gonna commit to changing platforms.

00:12:46   At this point, I'll have the Logitech,

00:12:48   a Nest, and a Canary, so I feel like I can kinda keep eye

00:12:51   on everything and see how it evolves.

00:12:54   - Wow, you're all over the place.

00:12:55   - All over the place, and none of them support HomeKit,

00:12:58   so I can just have a little folder on my iPhone

00:13:01   full of camera apps, but I'm hoping that Logitech's

00:13:05   Logitech says they're gonna support HomeKit with this thing.

00:13:08   There's that rumor that Nest may move that way.

00:13:11   Canary has promised it in a version two

00:13:14   that continues to not ship,

00:13:16   so I don't really know what's going on there.

00:13:18   But yeah, it's an exciting time if you care about this stuff.

00:13:22   - And again, I'm also continuing to hope

00:13:25   that we're gonna see something interesting

00:13:29   come from the new HomeKit stuff, right?

00:13:31   That that's gonna help more companies.

00:13:34   that was kind of the hope.

00:13:35   - Yes, I will say, it's early days I think for that, right?

00:13:38   Like if that was just announced,

00:13:40   it takes these companies time to change course.

00:13:42   I mean, maybe in the fall or sometime next year,

00:13:44   we'll see an influx of options.

00:13:47   - Yeah, we will.

00:13:48   I hope so because I would like to be able

00:13:52   to have a system that works with HomeKit, right?

00:13:54   Like I'm interested in that,

00:13:55   so I'm hoping that we can get it.

00:13:58   And I really hope that it is the canary

00:14:01   because for all of the reasons that you mentioned

00:14:03   the reasons that we went with it, right? Like the fact that it has these additional functions in it,

00:14:08   it has additional sensors in it, it has like the alarm, like all of that stuff is what made me go

00:14:14   this route in the first place and I wouldn't want to lose any of those, right? Like they are all

00:14:19   things that I find useful and I'm happy that we have. Like for example, like I think to myself,

00:14:23   if there was a fire, the canary would know because of a temperature spike, right? And like that is a

00:14:32   that's just a good thing to have where these other systems don't have it, right? Like, it is what

00:14:37   makes the Canary kind of a more well-rounded security system as opposed to just a camera.

00:14:43   So, you know, really I want to see that product advance rather than me having to move to a

00:14:49   different product because I'm unhappy with a rate of change. But anyway, should we move on?

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00:17:10   support of this show. So more follow-up? All the great follow-up. All the great follow-up. I think

00:17:15   we've transitioned it into tiny topics. It's very confusing this week. PayPal is coming to iTunes.

00:17:21   Remember PayPal?

00:17:22   I know what PayPal is.

00:17:23   You put this in the document.

00:17:24   I don't understand this "remember PayPal" thing.

00:17:27   You know, PayPal's a big deal.

00:17:31   You use it every month to pay me.

00:17:32   Yeah, we use it a lot at Relay.

00:17:35   I really just mean that like, I don't know, I have a growing uneasiness about PayPal for

00:17:40   some reason.

00:17:41   So I just don't keep money in it.

00:17:42   I use it as a conduit and that's it.

00:17:44   But it's still a thing.

00:17:46   now you can use it to pay for stuff in the Apple App Store and content universe. If you

00:17:53   use PayPal a lot, that's nice. I was curious about this, I don't really know the answer,

00:17:59   but maybe you do. If you can use PayPal, if you don't have a credit card in a certain

00:18:04   country, if you have a US account and you don't live in the US, if PayPal lets you get

00:18:08   around that.

00:18:09   Well, that could be interesting. I hadn't thought that like

00:18:13   Potentially. Yes

00:18:14   I mean, you know the good thing about this that the reason that this is a big deal

00:18:18   Is there are lots of people in different countries in the world?

00:18:21   but like in everywhere that just for whatever reason can't get a credit card can't get a bank card or

00:18:25   Whatever and PayPal can help a lot of that like there are different ways to get money into PayPal

00:18:31   You know, you can do it by direct deposit in the UK. They could do it by direct debit

00:18:35   sort of just take it straight from your bank account.

00:18:37   You can transfer money into it in different ways.

00:18:40   Like it is adding a level of flexibility.

00:18:42   Honestly, when this news came out,

00:18:44   I was like, oh, why don't they already do that?

00:18:47   Like that seems like a thing that should already exist.

00:18:50   But now it does.

00:18:53   - Now it does.

00:18:54   - So if this is the thing that you need,

00:18:55   then great, PayPal is for you.

00:18:57   And it's starting out in Canada or Mexico

00:19:00   and rolling out to more countries

00:19:02   as the year progresses, I think.

00:19:04   - Yeah, so there you go.

00:19:06   You put the next one in.

00:19:08   What are you doing?

00:19:10   - Yeah, so, all right, okay.

00:19:12   Just bear with me a second, all right?

00:19:14   I wanna talk about fidget spinners.

00:19:16   Like, okay, look, don't, just hold on, all right?

00:19:18   Please, just wait, like, just give me a second.

00:19:21   Come on, I need to do this.

00:19:23   The reason we're talking about fidget spinners now

00:19:26   is because I guess they're going out of style, right?

00:19:28   Which I think is, this is the way,

00:19:30   this is how you do things on tech podcasts.

00:19:32   You start to talk about something

00:19:33   soon as it's on the decline, right? Because that's by the time that it's entered into

00:19:37   the tech nerd's fear, the rest of the world has stopped caring. I think there have been

00:19:41   many examples of this type of thing over the years. But here we are with the fidget spinners.

00:19:47   Now I had seen this, didn't understand it. Like, I just don't get what it is. I just

00:19:54   didn't, just had no idea.

00:19:57   You're too old.

00:19:59   Maybe that's what it is.

00:20:00   Millennials are too old.

00:20:01   Just wanted to be like why why is this like why are people so like why is this a phenomenon?

00:20:06   So I thought so I opened up Amazon one day

00:20:09   And I searched for fidget spinner and it was just a nightmare like just just nightmare results like just every

00:20:17   conceivable thing

00:20:20   From prices from like $2 to $70 like I just didn't get

00:20:24   Where to go where to look I was like well

00:20:27   I'm not gonna get one of these things if what I end up getting is just some piece of junk like it all of the

00:20:32   Articles that you would search for like what is the best fidget spinner was just completely useless

00:20:36   so I just gave up because I'm like I'm not gonna just

00:20:39   Spend money on this thing that's gonna fall apart

00:20:42   Like if I want to do this if I want to buy one of want to try it out

00:20:45   I want to see what the fuss is about. I want to get one that I know is good

00:20:49   so I get the idea of the experience a

00:20:53   Couple of weeks ago the thing that I wanted to happen happened the wire cutter published the best fidget spinners article and

00:21:00   I went ahead and bought what they considered to be the best basic spinner, which is the ZEC Pro

00:21:07   Anti-anxiety 360 they all have these crazy names

00:21:12   It was like $12 on Amazon. It was like 8 pounds for me. It was on Prime

00:21:16   it came the next day and I have it and

00:21:19   I opened it up. I span it and I was like, I don't understand like I just didn't get it

00:21:25   I was like, what is this? This is nonsense

00:21:27   Like this is just some pieces of plastic that I'm spinning and it's just moving like I didn't get it. It was just ridiculous

00:21:33   Right. It's really the the snapchat of moving plastic is what you're saying

00:21:37   You know what? I would say that and that was really good title bait. So that's all it was good work

00:21:42   I know I know you've been sitting there and cutting that one. It was really good

00:21:45   It was really good if we don't use it as a title

00:21:47   Because it was funny then I just want to acknowledge at this point that it was a really good title

00:21:52   I will say at this point I have I also have a fidget cube

00:21:57   I backed the fidget cube on Kickstarter because like that is a thing that I would want because I do I fidget with stuff I

00:22:03   Twiddle pens and I'm doing when I'm recording

00:22:07   I like to keep my hands busy and that's the way that I do it the problem with the fidget cube

00:22:10   It's basically all of it makes noise

00:22:13   So I can't do anything with it when I'm recording because you'll be hearing these little

00:22:18   Clicky sounds the whole time and it will drive me or whoever's editing the show wild

00:22:24   So then I put my fidget spinner on my desk and I can spin it

00:22:29   I'm spinning it right now and you can't hear anything because it's silent unless like you hit something with it

00:22:34   All right, or if you I'm doing a lot foley work today, by the way

00:22:38   This is really good stuff or if you're kind of spinning it in front of the microphone

00:22:42   you might hear the wind and then it made sense to me because now I have this dumb little

00:22:46   plastic toy that I can mindlessly play with and I have been for like a week. So I don't

00:22:55   understand the idea necessarily of these things relieving stress. I think they relieve stress

00:23:00   as much as any stress toy relieves stress which is actually not at all but they're just

00:23:05   fun little desk toys to play with and I just wanted to give my personal endorsement to

00:23:11   fidget spinners, especially if you're a podcaster, as a thing to keep your hands occupied while

00:23:16   you're recording. I've only dropped it like one time and I was luckily in a show where

00:23:21   I could edit it out and it was no problem. I just wanted to say thank you to the Wirecutter

00:23:27   for helping me through this and now I have the best basic fidget spinner or spidget thinner

00:23:33   depending on your tastes and I enjoy it a lot and if you've been listening to a show

00:23:37   that I have recorded in the last seven days, including this one, you can feel safe in the

00:23:42   knowledge that I have been spinning my fidget spinner for the entire time.

00:23:46   Well, there you go.

00:23:48   If the launch is powerful, applet tool in new maker tier.

00:23:52   You're not interested, huh?

00:23:54   You just want to breeze right past the whole fidget spinner thing?

00:23:57   Yep, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna, we'll see if it's a razzie edit.

00:24:02   If you take it out, then there's gonna be trouble.

00:24:06   No one's going to hear your great line.

00:24:08   Oh, no.

00:24:09   No.

00:24:10   You can't take it out.

00:24:10   You made too good a joke.

00:24:11   You can't take it out.

00:24:12   Oh, man.

00:24:13   An editor divided against himself cannot stand.

00:24:16   We have long talked about IFTTT as a web automation tool,

00:24:19   but I think there's been a lot of complaints

00:24:21   that it is basically just two steps, right?

00:24:23   You have a trigger and you have an action,

00:24:27   and that's been basically it.

00:24:30   But IFTTT has slowly been evolving

00:24:32   where you can tie multiple things together,

00:24:36   more like what Zapier does.

00:24:37   Zapier does a whole lot of stuff.

00:24:38   One of the things it can do is you can set off

00:24:40   a whole chain of events with one trigger, right?

00:24:42   So this thing happens, and I want all these other things

00:24:46   to happen because of that.

00:24:48   And IFTTT is slowly moving into that space,

00:24:52   and so you have an example of this.

00:24:54   It's kinda hard to talk about it in the abstract.

00:24:56   You have an example of what you're doing now with IFTTT.

00:24:59   Yeah, so they launched this Maker tier a couple of months ago, and it's just been something

00:25:04   I've been having, like, been wanting to talk about, and we had some space in the show today,

00:25:08   so I'll put it in. And, you know, you mentioned Zapier, and Zapier is great. It already lets

00:25:14   you create, like, in one of the what they call Zaps, their little workflows, you can

00:25:19   create actions that have multiple steps, right? So it can, like, one thing can trigger multiple

00:25:23   things. And as you rightly put, like, the problem with IFTT is that it hasn't been.

00:25:28   just been to like one thing happens, the other thing happens, job done. And the

00:25:34   thing that was frustrating for me is like I've had some stuff that I've

00:25:36   wanted to do with my home automation things that I haven't been able to do

00:25:40   because Zapier just doesn't have the hooks for this stuff and any of the kind

00:25:45   of people that are trying to bridge things I've not been too happy with the

00:25:48   way it's all worked but I've known the IFTTT works really well because I've

00:25:53   been using it to trigger my canary and stuff for a while.

00:25:58   And so what I've created is there's something that I've wanted to do for such a long time

00:26:03   and haven't found a real good way to do it, which is when we go to bed, we're like in

00:26:07   the living room and we go to the bedroom, I've wanted to be able to say to my Echo to

00:26:12   trigger bedtime and the lights would turn off in the living room, our Hue lights, and

00:26:17   turn on in the bedroom.

00:26:19   it does this now because I've created an IFTTT applet that I can it starts off

00:26:24   with a Amazon echo trigger which is trigger bedtime and then it has two

00:26:30   options you know the two hue options one is turn off the other is turn on and

00:26:34   it's done and it's perfect like it's really great that you have to do some

00:26:38   funky stuff for the to make the make it here you have to like sign up for it

00:26:43   separately but with your IFTTT account I put a link in the show notes to max

00:26:47   stories article that Ryan wrote kind of explaining how you do this. It's not a

00:26:52   weird thing it's just like I don't know why they're doing it it feels like a

00:26:54   kind of a separate product which really I think they should probably charge for

00:26:58   but they're not. And I haven't done anything else of it yet but I know that

00:27:03   I will eventually because the more and more of the home automation stuff that I

00:27:06   get the more I want these things to talk together and the ability to have a

00:27:11   trigger operate multiple things I think is a really useful and powerful part of

00:27:16   this whole thing and this new IFTTT maker tier has done that for me so I've

00:27:22   been really happy because it was one of the last big things that I wanted to

00:27:28   solve within my home just because it is so much easier and so much nicer to just

00:27:34   say the one thing and we do it and we love it and that's how we use it every

00:27:39   single day when we're getting ready for bed to just say just call out to the

00:27:43   echoes, they trigger bedtime and we're all good to go. It's nice. I wonder if you

00:27:47   could have done that with scenes. You could have one scene with the living

00:27:51   room on and the bedroom off and another scene the opposite and just trigger the

00:27:55   scene change. Yes but it requires... yeah but it also requires certain parameters

00:28:03   need to be set. Right so let's if if the lights are already on in the bedroom and

00:28:08   we say trigger bedtime it just takes care of it where I might not necessarily

00:28:13   know that the lights are in the bedroom but then if you're doing a scene change

00:28:17   thing it can ruin stuff like that like it can things start to get a little bit

00:28:22   confused I think hmm that's interesting I'm glad they're doing it and I agree

00:28:26   with your point you sort of set it as an aside but I want to come back to it they

00:28:30   should charge for this like I don't know why they're not I pay zappy or whatever

00:28:34   it is 20 bucks a month because I have a lot of stuff feeding todoist through

00:28:37   there and I'm happy to pay for it because it makes my life better but if

00:28:41   like you you need a business model and this seems like something you know maybe

00:28:45   it's hard to sign up for right now and that maybe it's some sort of beta I

00:28:49   don't know if that's how they're describing it but maybe in the future if

00:28:51   it's easier to deal with it could be paid but I agree with you like I think

00:28:55   you'd probably pay for it and I think other people would too like it seems like

00:28:59   an easy way to monetize a service that otherwise has been I think everything

00:29:02   else they do is free right there's no way to give them money yep yeah I can't

00:29:05   pay for Zapier because of the things that it can do and because I have Zapier

00:29:10   Zaps that run every single day like that help create spreadsheets and stuff for

00:29:14   me. That I'm very happy to pay for and I would be happy to pay for this

00:29:19   because I would use this trick I use a trigger every single day like why would

00:29:24   I not give like throw down five dollars a month right like I would be happy to

00:29:28   do that. Mm-hmm Kyle put a link in the chat room apparently when you sign up

00:29:32   for this you get a little public profile page. So I can see your bedtime lights.

00:29:38   Yep, you can see my bedtime lights, Tucker, if you want. This is it. It's like the maker's

00:29:42   thing. It's like, no, it doesn't, luckily, it doesn't interact with my specific house.

00:29:47   Oh man, what a bummer. That would suck, wouldn't it?

00:29:52   I'd pay for that. Well, I mean, I think a lot of people would pay for that, wouldn't

00:29:55   they? If they just turned my bedroom lights on and off at any time that they wanted.

00:29:59   The next item says you want to make a prediction.

00:30:01   I do.

00:30:02   I want to make a prediction.

00:30:03   So last night our intrepid designer, ForgottenTale on Twitter, tweeted about an image that's

00:30:12   been going around of some iPhone faceplates, right, and it's their white.

00:30:17   So this is a current iPhone faceplate in white and a purported iPhone 8 faceplate in white.

00:30:25   And the tweet just says from him, "What would be the point of having a white faceplate with

00:30:30   this design?"

00:30:31   And if you look at the image, you'll see that this is following what you expect the iPhone

00:30:35   to look like with these really thin bezels, right?

00:30:37   So what's the point in having a white face if the bezel's so thin, right?

00:30:42   That's kind of the conceit here, which makes sense.

00:30:45   My prediction is that there will be no white version of the iPhone 8 because they wouldn't

00:30:51   want to highlight there being any bezels at all.

00:30:54   Right like this this phone will be marketed and sold upon the fact that the screen's so big

00:30:59   So it make more sense in my mind to have

00:31:02   Black bezels because then they won't be highlighted as much they kind of blend in with the screen in a more comfortable way

00:31:08   I think the phone will still come in colors

00:31:10   I don't know what colors they'll be but I my prediction is that all of the faces will be black for the next iPhone. I

00:31:16   Will I'll get a more with that. I think looking at this picture

00:31:21   This this thing is hideous and and I am biased that I don't like the white front glass anyways

00:31:28   But with the cutout and everything it looks it does not look good. So yeah when there's so little it

00:31:34   Doesn't make sense to stand out. Yeah, and then they just have different colors on the back. I'm a worth this prediction

00:31:40   I think that the mix two of us

00:31:42   Yeah, I do also wonder if this next iPhone will even come in gold or rose gold. I think it might just be like

00:31:51   silver and a like a stainless steel

00:31:55   and maybe like a jet black like you know if it's all glass I don't think it will

00:32:00   actually come in colors

00:32:01   but we'll see about that. Yeah we'll see. We will see.

00:32:05   Alright this week's episode is also brought to you by our friends

00:32:10   over at smile and today I want to talk to you about

00:32:14   TextExpander because you can communicate smarter

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00:33:08   I cannot state enough how much I love TextExpander. It's just one of these tools that if I'm

00:33:14   trying to use it and it's not open or something's gone wrong because I hate my Mac and for some

00:33:21   reason it will not open. A small selection of apps still every time I turn it on. I don't

00:33:27   want to get into it today but if TextExpander is one of the affected applications my Mac

00:33:32   feels broken until I put it back together again. Like there are things like the names

00:33:37   of our shows, right? They're all in TextExpander snippets for me now and it's one of these

00:33:41   things become muscle memories. I couldn't even tell you what the snippets are, but my

00:33:45   fingers know because I use TextExpander so often. I also do this thing where I'll set

00:33:50   a due date on an invoice or whatever, and I'm sending out an invoice, and you can do

00:33:54   this thing with TextExpander, which is so amazing. I can have it auto-find the date

00:33:58   by just doing today's date plus a month, and it's just like, "Oh my God." When I had that

00:34:03   epiphany that day, because I was writing in, I give people 30 days notice or whatever on

00:34:07   an invoice and say like today I would put on the invoice 18th of August is when it's

00:34:12   payable by. But now I just type in like a couple of keys for the date and it knows what

00:34:18   today's date is and does a month plus one and I am in love. If you spend any amount

00:34:24   of your day typing you need TextExpander. Try it for free for 30 days on the Mac, iPad,

00:34:29   iPhone or Windows. Go to textexpander.com/connected and you can try it out and start your free

00:34:34   trial today. We'd like to thank TextExpander for their support of this show. Emry Lea, FM.

00:34:41   There is a rumor about the next Echo from Amazon that it will be more like the upcoming HomePod. I

00:34:49   think this rumor really kind of focuses on this speaker in the Echo is it's not great. It's not

00:34:57   terrible, but it's not great. And especially I think in comparison with like a Sonos system

00:35:02   or what Apple's promising the HomePod to be, the full-size Echo falls a little behind.

00:35:08   And this rumor reported on by Engadget says that Amazon is going to take those on in a

00:35:15   more direct way, that the next Echo will sound a lot better, maybe a little bit smaller,

00:35:21   a little bit wider, but the key feature will be sound quality.

00:35:26   I for one would welcome that change.

00:35:28   What do you think?

00:35:29   Yeah, I would be excited about that because I... basically the rumors overall for this

00:35:38   product is I'm more interested in than I was the Echo Show. Like the Echo Show, everything

00:35:47   that it does, or adds I should say, is stuff that I'm not really too interested in. It

00:35:52   apparently has better sound quality but it also comes with a bunch of other things that

00:35:55   don't want where just a straight up version 2 of the echo is more something

00:36:03   I'm more interested in like I like my echo mostly how it is like I'm good with

00:36:06   it but if they so they're gonna put put what it says from the the the engagement

00:36:11   article they're gonna be packing in several tweeters apparently instead of

00:36:15   just one also a woofer and it seems like that audio quality is what they're what

00:36:20   they're gunning for and I sometimes will play music on it I connect it via

00:36:24   Bluetooth to play podcasts if I'm washing dishes or whatever and don't have an iPad

00:36:29   nearby because honestly those iPad speakers do a pretty fantastic job.

00:36:33   They do.

00:36:34   But the other things that they suggest from the article are physical changes to the Echo

00:36:40   and that it's going to change significantly in size. So instead of it being a big tall canister,

00:36:46   it's going to be much smaller. It's described as if four Echo dots were stacked on top of each

00:36:51   other which is a significant size difference. It's probably like a third maybe

00:36:56   somewhere between a third and a half of the size which I find peculiar if

00:37:01   they're gonna be putting more audio equipment in to make it smaller. I'm not really sure how

00:37:08   they're doing that my only assumption is that maybe there's just a lot of wasted

00:37:11   space in the current one which could be possible. They're also gonna be putting

00:37:18   unspecified improvements to the microphone technology as well and that

00:37:22   it's gonna be kind of a softer more round edges design with a cloth like

00:37:28   covering so it sounds honestly sounds a lot a lot like a home pod it sounds like

00:37:34   it would be fizz probably physically smaller than a home pod I think from

00:37:37   everything that I've heard described like the home pod seems from everything

00:37:41   that I've heard that it's small but it's kind of plump where maybe this wouldn't

00:37:45   be. It would maybe be a little bit more of the size that we're used to but like half of it.

00:37:50   This is an intriguing product to me. It's kind of what I'm looking for.

00:37:55   Because as I said, the HomePod seems more focused on music and less on digital assistant,

00:38:02   where I'm way more focused on digital assistant and less music. So like just everything that the

00:38:08   rumors say, everything that the basic information would say, I would be more I think interested in

00:38:13   an Echo 2 than a HomePod. Yeah, me too. And as a side, I put the iFixit

00:38:19   teardown of the Amazon Echo in the show notes. It's suspect in there pretty well, but it

00:38:24   looks like it could be more dense. I agree with you, my issue with the HomePod is going

00:38:30   to be that I'm not an Apple Music subscriber, and I try it every nine months or so, and

00:38:34   it's just not for me. We have a Spotify account we use with the Echo so we can just talk to

00:38:38   and I think that we will probably continue that route and I like you want

00:38:44   the assistant stuff. In fact on Prime Day the only thing I bought was another

00:38:49   Echo Dot for somewhere else in the house. Like we've got three of them now and

00:38:53   it's just kind of becoming our voice system in the house and you know if it

00:38:59   sounds better then I'll replace the one in the kitchen because that we've used

00:39:02   that to listen to music all the time and like I said it's not great but it's not

00:39:06   bad it's not terrible it gets the job done but having something that would

00:39:10   sound better would be welcome and so I like you and definitely interested in

00:39:12   this rumor if it comes true I would replace the tall echo in our kitchen

00:39:18   with this thing yeah I mean I was thinking about getting another dot on

00:39:22   Prime Day but I was waiting to see if there would be an echo too because then

00:39:27   I'll have an extra echo right like if I replace it like the one more that I

00:39:30   would maybe want for our house I would have fit because if I would have to

00:39:34   spare one, the old one. I mean this is a product that I am very interested in because it's

00:39:41   moving more towards what I want out of these products. I'm really just not interested in

00:39:50   putting a screen on it and a pure music product is not my bag. It's just not where I am with

00:39:57   what I want from these things and I don't foresee, based on what we've seen already,

00:40:03   I just don't foresee Apple being as open as Amazon has been with allowing people to develop

00:40:08   to it and allowing the system to adapt.

00:40:13   Because you know, even if that was the eventual plan, it's going to be a ways away because

00:40:17   everything that they've shown so far is like, "Oh, it's going to be a basic version of Siri."

00:40:24   It's not even the Siri that we're used to in its entirety.

00:40:27   So I don't have high hopes for the HomePod to replace the Echo, but I don't think honestly

00:40:36   that is its intended thing right now.

00:40:38   I think at least from what the story Apple have told so far is that it's meant to be

00:40:41   a music product.

00:40:42   This could all change, right?

00:40:44   By the time that it comes out, they could have done a million more things and it's going

00:40:48   to be like, "Surprise!

00:40:49   We tricked you!"

00:40:51   You know?

00:40:52   It's got a micro projector in the top.

00:40:54   I mean, and there's this…

00:40:55   No!

00:40:56   Yeah.

00:40:57   there's a projector. There is the possibility that it could that it still

00:41:01   has the ability to do more than what we've seen but I'm not I'm not gonna

00:41:04   hold out hope for that when I'm already happy enough with my echo family of

00:41:09   products that I would get this right if it comes out like I'm not gonna hold off

00:41:15   if the echo 2 comes out because the home pod might fulfill my dreams when I just

00:41:19   I just don't think that it will. Yeah agreed totally agree so I think it's

00:41:23   I think Amazon has to do this right they got

00:41:25   Pinged by Apple of being a smart assistant, but that sounded like garbage like in that side-by-side thing

00:41:31   The Sonos sounded good, but didn't have a voice assistant and both Sonos and Amazon

00:41:36   I think I'm gonna move closer to the middle where Apple is but of course the echo

00:41:41   Friend in a tube can do a lot more than Siri can so I really don't see a lot of movement for Sonos

00:41:47   I'm just gonna say I

00:41:49   Yeah

00:41:51   As we have a lot of these types of things it's a lot more beneficial

00:41:55   When you have a whole ecosystem of products that can take advantage of this

00:41:59   This is the same for me as the photo stuff, right?

00:42:01   Like photo sharing photo services are really expensive and difficult to run

00:42:05   So the companies that can afford to do it reliably

00:42:09   Accompanies that give you photos as part of an overall product

00:42:12   And I think that this is going to be a similar thing that like creating a smart speaker or like just a good sounding home speaker

00:42:20   when these companies start to move in on it, it becomes more and more difficult for a company

00:42:25   like Sonos to keep it compared to DevEdge because they can't underwrite the cost of

00:42:28   it against anything else. So I just don't... as soon as companies like Amazon, like Apple,

00:42:34   like Google start to move in on a space like this, it becomes a lot more difficult for

00:42:38   other companies to compete because these large technology giants have a lot to lose.

00:42:47   The Echo voice assistant is showing up in more and more places.

00:42:50   So there's a new phone, the HTC U11, that includes hands-free Amazon assistant.

00:42:58   So before, you could just use it in an app like you can on iOS or Android, but on the

00:43:03   U11 it's built in like Siri.

00:43:05   It's actually built in parallel to the Google Assistant.

00:43:08   Yep, and what's kind of interesting about this is this is a phone that has already been

00:43:12   for sale and now it has this.

00:43:14   nobody knew this was going to happen until now, which is very interesting.

00:43:19   So it assists the Google Assistant wake word as well as the Amazon one.

00:43:23   They can be enabled at the same time, so you can just shout at your phone either keyword

00:43:27   and the correct thing will happen.

00:43:31   There are limitations, of course.

00:43:33   If the phone is locked, you have to unlock it before it can perform an action.

00:43:36   I agree with you, but I can kind of see why it's that way, that the Google Assistant is

00:43:42   built in to Android and this thing has been bolted on by HTC and maybe they

00:43:47   can't they can't modify it. Well yeah but HTC make a skin right they make a

00:43:52   version of Android that is going on these devices so it's not impossible I

00:43:59   assume it's not impossible for them to do this it might be like I don't know

00:44:03   what the security is like but that you know there could be a way it's basically

00:44:08   the way that I feel about this is I don't understand how these types of

00:44:10   things happen. Like if you have an idea like this and your idea is we're gonna

00:44:15   put Amazon's assistant into our phones and it's gonna be an option and it's

00:44:20   gonna go head-to-head with Google Assistant plus this one that HTC have

00:44:23   which isn't they don't really promote very much because I don't think it's

00:44:26   very good. You can call it from any point and you know we're gonna make a

00:44:31   big thing about the fact that it's built in. You've like screwed up so badly

00:44:35   in the effect that I could shout it out but it won't it can't do anything right

00:44:41   like what's the point in having it be wake wordable if the wake word all it

00:44:46   does is just like turn a screen on and then you have to unlock it you've got

00:44:50   the phone in your hands like it's not useful I don't see why people would go

00:44:56   to this over the Google Assistant when the Google Assistant can do whatever it

00:45:01   needs to do. Like it seems like honestly, whilst I think this is interesting for a few

00:45:07   different reasons, like this, the fact that it has this limitation kind of invalidates

00:45:13   it from actually being useful in any meaningful way. And this isn't all. It also cannot perform

00:45:20   any on-device actions like opening apps or sending messages. It cannot play any music

00:45:26   from services other than Amazon. It has no ability to set alarms, reminders or timers

00:45:31   or make the video or audio calls through Amazon service that they've been promoting.

00:45:38   And like HTC man, alright like okay you got some headlines but like that's all this thing

00:45:45   does for you. Like this is so interesting as a potential thing to occur for Amazon,

00:45:51   right, that they could put their assistant, bake it in to other Android smartphones, right?

00:45:56   Like what a great idea, but then when you get down to the nuts and bolts, I don't know

00:46:01   why anyone would use this.

00:46:03   Agreed.

00:46:04   Totally agree.

00:46:05   Like you may as well at this point just use the app.

00:46:08   There's no point having it have a wake word if you have to have the phone in your hand

00:46:12   and unlocked every time.

00:46:14   Yeah.

00:46:15   No, you are correct.

00:46:18   So there is one thing that I don't know which is a potential here. I'm not sure if and how

00:46:24   this is working, but I am aware of the fact that, and I think this is going to be official

00:46:29   in the next version of Android, that your phone can be unlocked based upon proximity.

00:46:34   So if you're connected to your home Wi-Fi network, your phone will be unlocked. Now,

00:46:39   if that can work in conjunction with this, then it's useful again. If your phone is automatically

00:46:44   unlocked because you're at home, then you can use it and it works. Now I cannot verify

00:46:50   that that is the case because I don't have this device, but if that was the case then

00:46:53   great. Otherwise if that doesn't work then this is done. You should buy one. No I don't

00:46:59   want one. This is, as you asked me before we were recording today, this is the phone

00:47:04   that you can squeeze. And basically what that means is it is not a squishy phone, but if

00:47:10   you apply pressure to the sides of this phone, it can jump into like apps and launch shortcuts

00:47:18   and things for you. It has pressure sensitivity built into the frame of the phone, which is

00:47:26   weird, but it is interesting because you can map it to anything, right? Like it is a weird

00:47:35   way to perform a shortcut action, but the fact that you can map it to do whatever you

00:47:39   to open your favorite application or whatever is cool but that is strange

00:47:45   I'm gonna include another MKBHD video into the show notes he did a review of

00:47:49   this phone including kind of demoing the squeeze ability factor of the HTC u11

00:47:57   it's really it's weird like it is weird but like I think at this point with

00:48:03   where HTC is they kind of need whatever they can get to make them stand out

00:48:07   Which I think is why they've done the Amazon thing because HTC and not the Titan that they once were

00:48:13   So yeah, I think that that might be why they're doing this in the first place

00:48:18   Yeah, who knows?

00:48:21   Whilst we're talking about squeezy phones. Oh

00:48:23   I'm not done. This is actually rumored to be in the next Google pixel as well

00:48:29   I read this story and I was I was really surprised because it seems so gimmicky to me and so

00:48:35   just waiting for accidents to happen.

00:48:39   But Android Police posted a,

00:48:43   what they say is a leak of the pixel,

00:48:45   of the pickle, of the pickle XL.

00:48:47   - Oh, Google Pickle.

00:48:48   What? (laughs)

00:48:50   - That sounds like a April Fool's joke waiting to happen.

00:48:53   - Yeah, yeah, that's really good.

00:48:55   - The phone looks great.

00:48:56   It's, you know, small bezel,

00:48:59   AMOLED display, squeezable frame.

00:49:03   What can you do?

00:49:04   Just squeezing all over the place.

00:49:06   Oh dear, yeah, the edge-to-edge display is gonna be a big thing, right? Like this is the thing,

00:49:12   this is the trend of the year, right?

00:49:15   Which it adds to the pressure on Apple to have a phone that has it because everybody else is doing it.

00:49:22   What I found interesting about the squeezable pickleness of this phone is that this phone is being made by LG.

00:49:30   Now the previous pixel was made by HTC. So when I first heard that it was gonna be squeezable

00:49:34   I'm like, yeah, of course because HTC did that but LG are doing it as well

00:49:38   So maybe this is the thing that's happening now

00:49:42   This is like a thing in the in the Android hardware device world that the phones are gonna be squeezable

00:49:48   I mean

00:49:49   I guess it helps like if you want to have shortcuts and you don't want to put buttons on the phone make it squeezable

00:49:54   The edge to edge display amoled six inches two point one a two to one aspect ratio

00:49:59   How do you feel about a two to one aspect ratio? I feel like you would have an opinion about this

00:50:03   I do have an opinion about this and I have spent a little time with a s8 not

00:50:09   I don't own one but spend some time with one it is very strange

00:50:14   it feels

00:50:17   Really different than you know what we've been used to I

00:50:22   I have a feeling that it's coming to the iPhone.

00:50:25   This seems to be where things are going.

00:50:26   Maybe not quite 2 to 1, but closer to it.

00:50:29   It is nice to have a phone that's narrower, but all in all I think I'm a little uncomfortable

00:50:34   with it, but it may just be lack of, you know, 10 years of using it, right?

00:50:41   That we've been basically the same ratio for a long time.

00:50:44   Then Apple slowly changed it.

00:50:46   But it feels more different in your hand than you think it would.

00:50:50   feels futuristic in a way. I don't know. I don't really know how to put it into words,

00:50:57   but it's more of a break from what I was used to than I thought it would be. I'll leave

00:51:03   it at that. Bigger camera sensor. The glass panel at the back is smaller this time. Has

00:51:09   a fingerprint sensor on the back, front facing speakers. This will probably be unveiled,

00:51:15   Reckon either just before just after the iPhone

00:51:18   I don't know when they'll ship. I think last time they invalid it before and shipped it way after

00:51:24   Which I think is I think is a better move for Google to do it that way

00:51:30   Right like announce it before the iPhone ship it after the iPhone. It's totally fine, right?

00:51:35   Like just get the news in before the iPhone comes out. I think that that is a smart move for them

00:51:39   2017 is

00:51:41   shaping up to be a pretty interesting year for smartphones.

00:51:44   No doubt.

00:51:45   So, I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to it.

00:51:50   Alright, we're gonna do Hack It Helps this week. We have no teachy-teachers, so Stephen

00:51:55   is gonna, Professor Hackett is gonna shed a little more light, a crash course you could

00:52:01   say, on the features of Mac OS High Sierra, because I think it's getting a little bit

00:52:06   lost in the shuffle everywhere, right? High Sierra is maybe not the most interesting Mac

00:52:12   OS release, but Stephen's going to do his best to give us a little crash course and

00:52:15   make sure that we're all thoroughly up to speed with the features coming in the next

00:52:20   operating system for the Mac. So I just want to take our final break for today to thank

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00:54:12   Blue Apron a better way to cook. Over to you Professor Hackett.

00:54:17   All right, so we're gonna talk about Hi, Sierra. Hi. Hi, Sierra. There are some links in the

00:54:24   show notes to some developer pages on

00:54:27   Apple's website so you can read a lot

00:54:30   more about this stuff. I thought today I

00:54:32   would talk about user features and then

00:54:34   a little bit about under the hood stuff

00:54:36   but there's a lot more under the hood

00:54:38   stuff than we have time for today but

00:54:40   it's there in the reading if you want to

00:54:43   to do that so there's a lot of fair

00:54:48   comparison of High Sierra to like a

00:54:51   snow leopard type release you know one

00:54:53   that is sort of light on features but more about improvements and I think that's totally

00:54:58   fair.

00:54:59   But even in Snorlop or Apple had user facing features and it's the same here but they are

00:55:06   small.

00:55:07   Most of the things in these release notes are smaller, sort of nice to have and not

00:55:12   necessarily big sweeping headline features.

00:55:18   We'll start with Safari.

00:55:19   Safari improvements will also come to Sierra and LCAP before it.

00:55:25   The current version of Safari generally supports the last three OSs.

00:55:29   So you're going to get things like speed improvements and battery life improvements.

00:55:35   Apple is claiming that at least as of June this version of Safari is 80% faster than

00:55:41   Chrome in some JavaScript tests.

00:55:45   You're not going to see 80% improvement everywhere, but under very certain circumstances you may

00:55:51   if a web app or website is using just this new type of JavaScript libraries that are

00:55:58   out there.

00:55:59   But overall it should be faster.

00:56:00   I think the one everyone knows about is it disables autoplay video.

00:56:04   So if you go to a website, my local newspaper website does this now, where they just autoplay

00:56:09   video on every story and that can be disabled on Safari.

00:56:13   If you want video to play, you just click it and it will start.

00:56:17   Bloomberg is the literal worst of this.

00:56:20   Oh yeah.

00:56:21   This happens to me all the time.

00:56:22   Every time we discuss a Bloomberg article in any show, I open the article to add it

00:56:26   to the show notes and immediately blasted by some news video, like or an ad for the

00:56:32   video that I didn't ask to be played in the first place.

00:56:35   Yeah, it's super exciting.

00:56:36   Yeah.

00:56:37   Apple is calling this next item "Intelligent."

00:56:39   So they're tracking prevention.

00:56:42   It's tracking prevention for cross-site ads.

00:56:44   So if you visit Amazon and look at a water bottle, and then you're on Facebook, that

00:56:50   water bottle shows up in an ad.

00:56:52   They're not blocking those ads.

00:56:54   They're making it more difficult for those sort of cross-site things to work.

00:56:59   They're using machine intelligence to do this.

00:57:01   That's sort of hand-wavy at this point.

00:57:03   I don't really know how they're doing that.

00:57:04   They're apparently looking at all these things and figuring out in real time what's going

00:57:07   on.

00:57:08   This, I think, is the most interesting thing in Safari.

00:57:11   A lot of ads work this way.

00:57:13   A lot of ad networks work this way.

00:57:15   And yes, there's some bad players,

00:57:17   but there are also people who are perfectly

00:57:19   fine advertisers that do this.

00:57:20   And so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

00:57:25   I think it's just only going to further hurt the web ad

00:57:29   ecosystem, which is already in free fall, it seems like.

00:57:33   Moving to Mail, everyone's favorite, most exciting app.

00:57:36   Search will actually work.

00:57:38   We talked about this on query, my new show with Serenity, that in iOS 11 you can actually

00:57:43   search in mail and it actually works.

00:57:44   For years I've kept the official Gmail app on my phone and if I need to search for something

00:57:48   I'll go to that because the search is much better.

00:57:51   What's it doing then?

00:57:54   How is it better?

00:57:57   They said that they are applying Spotlight search technology to mail, but they said that

00:58:03   when mail got searched for the first time.

00:58:05   So I don't know if it was a rewrite of that search engine

00:58:08   or they're doing a better job indexing it.

00:58:10   I'm not quite sure how they've actually done it.

00:58:12   But if you search for something now,

00:58:15   before it would usually find like, you know,

00:58:18   all messages to Myke or all messages from Myke.

00:58:20   But it sort of fell down on I'm looking

00:58:22   for a particular phrase or sentence or subject

00:58:25   that I know someone referenced at some point,

00:58:28   but I don't know when it was.

00:58:30   And Gmail is always really good at that,

00:58:31   because Google is really good at search.

00:58:33   And now that is available in the Mail client itself.

00:58:37   About time.

00:58:38   They should have fixed this years ago.

00:58:41   There's some full screen stuff in Mail.

00:58:43   And they mentioned this in the talk show

00:58:46   that Mail stored on disk will take up 35% less space.

00:58:50   That's because of some APFS stuff.

00:58:53   They can archive that stuff better.

00:58:55   And it seems like they're just being more efficient.

00:58:57   So if you upgrade to High Sierra and open Mail,

00:59:01   After a little while, if you go to your mail folder in your user

00:59:04   library, it will be smaller than what is in Sierra.

00:59:07   And I've got Hi Sierra running now.

00:59:09   I can compare them.

00:59:09   It's definitely smaller.

00:59:10   So that's nice if you're like me and sync all of your email

00:59:13   to your computer, which I do.

00:59:17   Any questions on Mail Safari?

00:59:18   I know you don't really use either of these.

00:59:21   Nope, I have zero desire for any of these-- well, features,

00:59:25   because I don't use these applications.

00:59:26   But it sounds really nice to people that do.

00:59:29   Yeah, I use both.

00:59:30   So I used Chrome for years and years.

00:59:32   And when I bought my MacBook Pro last year,

00:59:36   I gave Safari another shot because the battery life

00:59:38   was so unpredictable on that laptop at first.

00:59:41   And what I've sort of discovered is

00:59:43   that Safari, for almost everything I do, is fine.

00:59:46   It's fast.

00:59:47   It's lightweight.

00:59:48   I still hate that the whole UI is centered at the top.

00:59:50   Like, why is that the case?

00:59:53   But there's still a couple apps I

00:59:55   use that work better in Chrome, a couple websites,

00:59:58   and some online banking stuff.

01:00:01   But for just most of the time, Safari's perfectly fine.

01:00:05   It's a lot better than I remember it last time

01:00:06   I really checked it out two years ago.

01:00:08   So if you haven't used Safari in a while

01:00:11   and you're worried about battery life,

01:00:12   maybe give it a shot.

01:00:13   It seems like they're doing a good job with it these days.

01:00:15   I think the biggest app that got sort of the most attention

01:00:20   in High Sierra is Photos, which is good.

01:00:23   Apple has been really hammering on Photos

01:00:24   for a couple years now.

01:00:26   There's a new framework for projects.

01:00:30   And so if you're using Photos data in your app,

01:00:37   a third-party Mac app, or you are interacting

01:00:41   with that database somehow, that is a lot more robust now.

01:00:45   You can do more with it.

01:00:46   Built on top of that is some new printing services

01:00:49   within Photos.

01:00:50   So you can now print not just Apple's Photo Book,

01:00:53   but Wix, White Wall, Shutterfly, and a couple others

01:00:57   have built plugins into photos where you can

01:01:02   print books and calendars and stuff through them.

01:01:05   I do wonder if this means Apple's

01:01:06   getting out of that business, I don't know.

01:01:08   I have several Apple printed photos books

01:01:11   I've done over the years.

01:01:12   Have you ever done one, Myke?

01:01:13   They're really nice.

01:01:14   - Yep, I've done, I used to do cards as well.

01:01:17   I think they still offer cards, right?

01:01:19   I mean, not just from the cards app, which I had,

01:01:21   but also from photos, I've done calendars,

01:01:23   I've, yeah, for gifts and stuff, I've done a bunch.

01:01:25   Like, we were thinking, you know, we would probably do,

01:01:28   maybe do some with some wedding photos and stuff as well

01:01:31   when the time comes.

01:01:32   - Yeah.

01:01:32   - 'Cause they're just really nice

01:01:33   and like good for gifts and stuff, so.

01:01:35   - Oh, totally, they're great for gifts.

01:01:36   And it's just nice to have 'em, like we have 'em out,

01:01:38   you know, and we can flip through 'em

01:01:40   and look through like a family vacation,

01:01:42   have some from our wedding, like it's a really nice way

01:01:44   to kinda get those photos into the real world.

01:01:47   But so you can do that with more services now.

01:01:50   They've changed the sidebar some.

01:01:53   It's persistent now before you could turn it on or off.

01:01:55   And the app looked and worked differently

01:01:57   if the sidebar was on or off, which is a little confusing.

01:02:00   There's some new filtering options.

01:02:01   So again, this idea of search and finding what you want

01:02:05   is better in mail.

01:02:06   It's also better in photos.

01:02:08   They're doing faster and better face auto detection.

01:02:12   So if I say this picture is Myke, this picture is Myke,

01:02:15   this picture is Matt, it will take that data

01:02:18   and apply it to more photos more quickly.

01:02:22   Hopefully that means less of a battery impact

01:02:24   as well, because that will really just shoot

01:02:26   through your CPU.

01:02:28   The naming and sorting of faces is synced across devices,

01:02:31   which is a huge win.

01:02:33   They are-- what's interesting about this, how this works,

01:02:37   is you select, you go through and say,

01:02:39   these eight pictures are Michael.

01:02:42   What Photos then does is goes out into your library

01:02:46   and finds more photos that it thinks are Michael,

01:02:49   and adds that to the Michael collection

01:02:51   without really asking you.

01:02:52   And then if you stumble across it later and say,

01:02:54   oh, that's wrong, then you can correct it.

01:02:56   So what they're actually doing is

01:02:58   they're just seeking that data that you put in manually.

01:03:01   And on device, it's still churning

01:03:03   through the whole library to see, OK, the user said

01:03:07   these eight pictures were Myke.

01:03:09   I think, based on what I know and my machine learning

01:03:11   capability, these other 200 pictures are Myke.

01:03:15   So it's, I think in practice, it's like they're syncing

01:03:19   all of it, but it lets them sync a lot less data.

01:03:21   And it's letting them use the powerful chips

01:03:24   in the iPhone and iPad and the Macs to do that work

01:03:27   on device, so it's sort of a hybrid approach.

01:03:29   And as long as it works, I don't really care.

01:03:31   I have not sorted through faces in photos

01:03:34   because once I do it, I want it everywhere.

01:03:37   And now with Hi Sierra and iOS 11,

01:03:39   I will take the time to do it.

01:03:41   So I can pick up my phone or my iPad and that stuff,

01:03:44   I'll be there.

01:03:45   That's maybe my favorite thing they've done in photos this year.

01:03:49   I think a lot of people are really going to like it.

01:03:52   And kind of rounding it out, new editing tools are laid out better,

01:03:56   and you can edit with an external app, and the changes sync back to photos.

01:04:00   You can have a photo, and you can right click and say,

01:04:02   I want to edit this in Photoshop.

01:04:04   You make your changes, you hit Command-S in Photoshop,

01:04:06   and that change is reflected in the Photos app.

01:04:09   iPhoto had something very similar years ago,

01:04:11   and they've sort of resurrected it for photos.

01:04:13   Aperture did the same thing.

01:04:15   It's really nice so you're not dragging a photo

01:04:17   to your desktop, editing it, dragging it back in,

01:04:19   and it's just all kind of a very cohesive workflow,

01:04:23   and one that I think a lot of people,

01:04:24   including myself, will really like.

01:04:26   So I do like to do edits in Photoshop,

01:04:28   but then I'm sort of managing files manually,

01:04:31   and this will make it a little bit easier.

01:04:33   So photos, I think, is the,

01:04:34   if you had to look at what got improved

01:04:36   from a user perspective,

01:04:37   I think photos is what most people will see the most often.

01:04:42   Are you excited about photos? You're just sitting there quietly.

01:04:44   Not really. Not really. I mean, look, these are great things,

01:04:49   but I just don't think I'm going to do the face thing. Not now.

01:04:55   I might eventually do it,

01:04:56   but I'm not going to do it yet because I don't have a hundred percent confidence

01:05:01   in the system to work.

01:05:03   Yeah.

01:05:04   Because it's still not doing what I hoped it would do,

01:05:08   which is just straight up say this photo has this person in it.

01:05:12   they're not doing that still and I don't know yet if this system will work so I want to see what

01:05:19   people say first plus I mean you know I am a Google Photos person and they do it for me so sure in a

01:05:26   way that is the same on all my devices and I'm not convinced right that Apple's Photos app will get

01:05:35   get it right 100% of the time.

01:05:37   And that will-- I know that that's a potential source

01:05:41   of frustration in that a photo that I know

01:05:45   is here on one device might not be on the other.

01:05:48   I don't like that.

01:05:49   Yeah.

01:05:50   I'm hoping that-- I remember when they added this,

01:05:54   was it last year, and you could search for objects.

01:05:56   And I remember even across my devices,

01:05:58   they weren't always exactly the same.

01:06:00   So I totally understand what you're saying.

01:06:02   Hopefully it gets better with time.

01:06:04   With machine learning, that's the promise, right?

01:06:05   That it does get better with time.

01:06:07   But yeah, Google Photos is doing it server side,

01:06:09   it's all on the web.

01:06:11   They're a lot better at it.

01:06:12   I think this is Apple catching up to Google a little bit.

01:06:14   But I think your concerns are totally founded.

01:06:17   I think a lot of people honestly probably feel that way.

01:06:20   - Yeah, and just right now, this type of thing,

01:06:22   it's just not that interesting to me.

01:06:24   It just isn't.

01:06:26   Like I liked all the photo stuff, but like faces, I'm cool.

01:06:30   Like it's just not really a thing that excited me.

01:06:33   I spent many years when Apple put it in iPhoto,

01:06:37   I categorized every picture.

01:06:38   - Me too.

01:06:39   - I was all over that, but yeah, I'm kind of fine.

01:06:43   Like it's just not something

01:06:44   that I'm super excited about doing.

01:06:46   - The, I think it's just different people want to organize.

01:06:50   - Oh yeah, like if this pushes your buttons,

01:06:52   then pull in. - Yeah, then it's awesome.

01:06:54   (laughs)

01:06:56   I use albums heavily, and I know tons of people

01:07:00   who hate albums and just do everything chronological

01:07:02   search like it's just different ways of doing things so I think it's good so

01:07:07   we're gonna move the boring from the boring world of photos and the exciting

01:07:11   world of the file system I know you're all excited I would I will say that I

01:07:17   yield the Florida John Syracuse in every way he's not here so you have to do this

01:07:20   we could dial him in a little history HFS+ is approximately 200,000 years old

01:07:25   it was invented in a time where Macintosh users they put their data on

01:07:32   on stone tablets with a chisel.

01:07:34   And now we have SSDs, and we have fusion drives,

01:07:37   and we have large volumes.

01:07:39   And HFS+ and its stone tablet technology are simply outgunned.

01:07:43   So APFS is SSD first.

01:07:46   It includes trim support.

01:07:48   I know when Mac started putting SSDs in,

01:07:50   if you put a third party SSD in, people were running around,

01:07:52   do I enable trim?

01:07:53   Do I not enable trim?

01:07:55   APFS takes care of all that for you.

01:07:57   It has crash protection.

01:07:59   It has snapshots.

01:08:00   It has native encryption.

01:08:01   So things like FileVault2 are sort of above the file system.

01:08:04   All that's baked in now.

01:08:07   And what's really interesting-- we've

01:08:09   talked a little about this in terms of iOS 11--

01:08:12   it has instant file duplication with no additional space taken.

01:08:16   So if I copy a Final Cut project from Documents to Desktop,

01:08:21   I don't lose another 30 gigs of disk space.

01:08:25   I only start losing disk space once I start editing the copy.

01:08:28   Well that's how drag and drop is working in iOS 11.

01:08:31   If you take a photo from the photos app and you drag it into a note, it just duplicates

01:08:37   that file so notes can see it and it's instant.

01:08:41   You're not waiting for a large file copy situation in the background.

01:08:45   So that instant duplication is really nice.

01:08:48   That is exciting to me because I quite frequently will take a Logic project and copy it or put

01:08:55   it in a different place or it might go somewhere else and sometimes they're like 3GB and it

01:09:01   takes like minutes and I would love that if that was instant.

01:09:05   So now it will be what's called copy on write.

01:09:08   So once you start editing the second one then it will actually start taking up disk space

01:09:13   again.

01:09:14   So it's really nice.

01:09:15   There's been a lot of questions I had at email the other day from somebody about what does

01:09:19   this mean for Time Machine?

01:09:21   Because you have this idea like well I could make Time Machine backups really fast now

01:09:25   because of this file duplication.

01:09:27   They are slowly moving into this.

01:09:30   Time Machine will work with APFS sources.

01:09:33   You should not go out.

01:09:34   The system will not go out for you

01:09:36   and want to convert your backup destination to APFS.

01:09:40   That is still going to stay HFS+ for now.

01:09:44   There's a lot of reasons for that.

01:09:46   Hard links aren't supported in APFS the way they are HFS+.

01:09:48   But the moral of the story is Time Machine backups

01:09:53   will now work in two ways.

01:09:54   If you're plugged into power and you're plugged into your time

01:09:57   machine drive-- so for instance, my iMac-- backups

01:10:00   are going to work the same way they always have.

01:10:02   It's going to copy, change files, and keep up with it

01:10:05   so it knows what's new and what's not.

01:10:07   There's a second type of backup, though, called mobile backup.

01:10:10   And if you use your notebook away from your time machine

01:10:12   drive for an extended period of time,

01:10:14   you will notice you start losing disk space,

01:10:16   because Mac OS is basically doing time machine backups

01:10:20   to the local drive, and then it copies all that at once

01:10:23   through the external.

01:10:25   It's sort of weird, but they do it

01:10:27   so they have these sort of intermediate times backed up.

01:10:30   Now they're just gonna use snapshots for that,

01:10:32   so mobile backups will be much faster,

01:10:35   they'll be much smaller in size.

01:10:36   So if you travel for a month

01:10:39   without your time machine drive,

01:10:40   you could lose significant disk space now,

01:10:43   that will be a much smaller impact,

01:10:46   which I think is great.

01:10:46   Mobile backups are big and they're slow,

01:10:48   and on the spinning hard drive days,

01:10:50   you would notice when it was going on

01:10:52   you would like feel your machine grind to a halt.

01:10:55   That will be in the past.

01:10:56   If you're a notebook user, you should see probably

01:10:59   a little bit better battery life.

01:11:00   You'll probably see less disk activity,

01:11:03   and you will lose less disk space as time goes on.

01:11:06   So that's awesome.

01:11:08   I would like to see them do more with this.

01:11:10   I think that it may be coming in 10.14 or 10.15,

01:11:13   but for 10.13 at least, they're slowly

01:11:16   putting their toe in the water of reinventing time machine

01:11:20   and making it better.

01:11:22   Which is good, backups are good.

01:11:24   You should have backups.

01:11:25   I know you're excited about backups.

01:11:26   I gotta have something here.

01:11:27   Something, anything?

01:11:29   Signs of life.

01:11:30   - Yeah, okay, I'll use Time Machine

01:11:33   and I would be happy to see some

01:11:36   enhancements to Time Machine.

01:11:38   - There you go. - Just because

01:11:38   I really don't want it to go away.

01:11:41   So, like, to see them doing stuff to it is good.

01:11:46   Like, that's what makes me happy.

01:11:47   Just because I love Time Machine

01:11:49   because I don't even need to think about it.

01:11:51   And you know, maybe for the entire time I've used Time Machine,

01:11:54   it saved me like 10 times, but there are 10 times,

01:11:57   it would have been really frustrating. Like I remember there was one time,

01:12:00   this was maybe like three or four months ago,

01:12:02   I did something to a logic edit. Like, I don't know what it was.

01:12:08   I could, but I just could not undo what I did.

01:12:12   Like logic would not undo it, but Time Machine fixed it.

01:12:16   Like that was amazing. So it's great.

01:12:21   There's some questions in the chat room about the conversion to APFS.

01:12:25   So what was it iOS 10.3, 10.3 brought APFS to the iPhone and the iPad user restarted

01:12:34   and you were on APFS magically.

01:12:37   The Mac's a little bit different.

01:12:38   During the install process, HiSierra will ask you at least at this point, I think it

01:12:42   asks you and maybe automatic in the future, this could change, but it's during the install

01:12:47   portion, it will change it over.

01:12:50   You can change over disks also in Disk Utility after the fact.

01:12:53   You can run High Sierra on HFS Plus, so if you don't want to do this conversion yet,

01:12:58   you don't have to, but you don't get all the features.

01:13:02   So the instant file duplication and the improved time machine backups, you won't have, because

01:13:08   that's dependent on the file system below.

01:13:12   Will you do it?

01:13:14   I have actually been thinking about that.

01:13:15   I will probably do it on my laptop.

01:13:17   I may wait on my iMac for a little while.

01:13:19   We'll see.

01:13:20   I said that I got full backups.

01:13:22   The file duplication for the same reason you mentioned would be really nice when I edit.

01:13:26   So I may end up doing it.

01:13:29   But I need to do a little more time with the beta, I think.

01:13:36   So yeah, so that's the that's kind of the lowdown on that.

01:13:38   It is not quite as seamless as iOS, but I think they've made it as simple as they can.

01:13:44   You know, I think, like iOS, I don't think anybody will have any trouble.

01:13:49   Like I think it'll be pretty smooth.

01:13:51   We didn't hear widespread problems with iOS.

01:13:53   I don't expect it to be some sort of apocalypse when people start upgrading their Macs.

01:14:01   So I will give you the choice.

01:14:02   Do you want to talk about the video codecs or image codecs?

01:14:08   Video codecs.

01:14:09   Yay!

01:14:10   So exciting.

01:14:11   - It's exciting.

01:14:12   - Next in your rundown.

01:14:14   I have no desire to talk about one more than the other.

01:14:18   - The video thing is more exciting.

01:14:20   So H.264 is being replaced with H.265,

01:14:24   high efficiency video coding, HEVC.

01:14:27   Really a couple things I think you and I can both benefit

01:14:30   from, we see you and I both do a little bit

01:14:32   of video work now.

01:14:33   It is much better for 4K, much more efficient in 4K.

01:14:37   It will support 4K HDR if you shoot something

01:14:40   can capture that. The file compression is 40% better so your files will be

01:14:45   smaller which means they'll be faster to copy, easier to work with, faster to skim

01:14:50   around in Final Cut Pro. It's all good stuff. The software encoding is coming to

01:14:57   High Sierra but if you are running a late 2015 iMac like I am, early

01:15:03   2016 MacBook or 2016 MacBook Pro, so both my machines are on this list, it can do

01:15:09   it with hardware acceleration which means it will be much faster to encode

01:15:14   and decode the stuff. It's being added to Final Cut Motion and a compressor so

01:15:19   Apple's whole sort of video pipeline will be supported with this

01:15:24   hardware acceleration if you have a new machine. That's cool.

01:15:28   Thumbs up for buying Newmax. I think the big thing here will be if you're a

01:15:32   video editor you'll see obvious improvements. If you're just a regular

01:15:36   consumer then maybe not as much. You can download H.265 stuff now from the web

01:15:42   and it plays okay on 1012 machines. Maybe it's a little stuttery on low-end

01:15:46   machines but that should be better if you have one of these computers or after

01:15:51   even after High Sierra it should be better. So this comes in conjunction with

01:15:55   the new image codec. It's the same as iOS. It's smaller, faster, lighter. Heaf is its

01:16:02   name, better support for live photos which is fun, and you can export it as a

01:16:06   JPEG so if you need something you know need to work within an application or

01:16:11   share it something that doesn't understand Hefia then you can do you can

01:16:14   do that. It means that I think once we're on this world for a while our photo

01:16:20   libraries won't take up quite as much space as they have now because new

01:16:23   images moving forward will be in this new this new better compressed format.

01:16:29   I don't think that photos is going to re-compress all of your images but I'm

01:16:36   not quite sure about that so if someone knows I would like to know and testing

01:16:42   even it's sort of unclear but it's a new image a new video codecs and then there's

01:16:47   graphic stuff we talked a lot about this at iOS new metal 2 we were using metal 2

01:16:54   for like Windows Server stuff so Mission Control now which even on like you know

01:16:59   this really nice iMac Mission Control can be stuttery. It's stuttery on my Mac

01:17:05   like I'm playing with it right now and it's like it is not very responsive like

01:17:10   I compare this to iOS like even on the iOS 11 beta it's nicer there. So in High

01:17:17   Sierra they're gonna use Metal for that like put our fancy gaming graphic engine

01:17:22   behind mission control and it will finally be smooth.

01:17:25   And it is smooth.

01:17:26   In my MacBook Pro, it's really nice.

01:17:28   So they're doing that.

01:17:29   They're using Metal 2 course for machine learning.

01:17:33   The external GPU support is coming.

01:17:36   They have a Thunderbolt 3 Mac.

01:17:38   Right now, you can buy a developer kit,

01:17:39   assuming that will be a consumer thing they've said later

01:17:42   this year or early next year.

01:17:44   So you can buy an external GPU, plug it

01:17:47   into your Thunderbolt 3 Mac.

01:17:48   So new MacBook Pro or the new iMacs.

01:17:51   and have a big beefy video card for processing and gaming and that sort of thing.

01:17:57   And then of course the pro content creation, Metal for VR, SteamVR, Unity and Unreal Engine

01:18:03   for VR all coming to the Mac all built on top of this stuff in High Sierra.

01:18:08   This stuff will benefit gamers to a degree, but what I think Apple's big move here is

01:18:13   they want the Mac to continue to be a machine that people can develop content on.

01:18:19   And they've been losing that race big time to Windows machines because they just can't

01:18:25   do the computation fast enough and they don't have the support for it.

01:18:28   But now hopefully Macs can go back into their place in these content creation pipelines.

01:18:34   Not only for people like me and you, but for people creating games and VR content.

01:18:39   So I think that'll do well.

01:18:40   I think people will like that.

01:18:43   Because I think a lot of these studios use Macs for a lot of stuff, and then it goes

01:18:46   to create VR stuff, they've got to switch to Windows or something else, and maybe this

01:18:51   will help kind of realign that pipeline. So not a consumer feature, but definitely a feature,

01:18:57   and one I think that, you know, if you're in that line of work, I think it would be

01:19:00   exciting to you.

01:19:01   I mean, this is the thing, like, people get sensitive, it has to be consumer feature as

01:19:05   well. Like, if you're developing VR on a system, you have to be able to test what you're developing.

01:19:10   Yeah. Oh, yeah.

01:19:11   So that means it has to run the games.

01:19:13   Yeah, and they're bringing those engines and Steam VR and everything to it.

01:19:19   So I think it'll be good.

01:19:20   I think that you've talked a lot about wanting a VR machine and not necessarily wanting to

01:19:25   run Windows.

01:19:26   It seems like your time may be coming.

01:19:27   Myke, hi, Sierra, maybe bringing it to you.

01:19:30   I think I'll need a new Mac as well, though, honestly.

01:19:34   Probably.

01:19:36   This machine just isn't spec'd well enough.

01:19:39   And I have the top of the line previous iMac.

01:19:43   The late 2015?

01:19:44   Yeah.

01:19:45   Yeah, your and my machines are almost identical.

01:19:49   And yeah, I think that you would be...

01:19:50   This isn't enough.

01:19:51   Yeah, you would need something new.

01:19:54   But that's fine.

01:19:55   I mean, that's fine.

01:19:57   I am more likely at this point right now to buy a Windows PC than I am a new Mac for VR.

01:20:04   Just because of where everything is.

01:20:06   But I keep looking at it, man.

01:20:09   Keep looking at Windows machines.

01:20:11   It's just getting closer and closer to doing it.

01:20:14   But I actually want to try and stay away from it as long as possible.

01:20:17   Yeah, I understand that.

01:20:18   It's not cheap.

01:20:19   It's not cheap.

01:20:20   No.

01:20:21   Thank you for teaching us, Professor Hackett, about High Sierra.

01:20:24   You bet.

01:20:25   We will get back to iOS 11 next week, I'm sure.

01:20:26   But High Sierra is not, like I said, it's not the most exciting release.

01:20:31   It's not one that I think a lot of people are super enthusiastic about from a feature

01:20:36   perspective.

01:20:37   But I think if you care about the Mac, and especially if you create on the Mac, there's

01:20:41   a lot of stuff in here that was going to make those workflows better.

01:20:45   The video codec stuff alone, I'm shooting in 4K now for my YouTube channel.

01:20:51   My last video was in 4K.

01:20:52   The one I'm working on now, I will release in 4K.

01:20:56   It is a dog right now.

01:20:57   I've got, you know, late 2015 iMac that is basically loaded except to have the i5 instead

01:21:03   of the i7, but I have the big GPU in it.

01:21:06   And it just hammers it.

01:21:09   And I am looking forward to the software stuff coming along making the 4K stuff better, but

01:21:15   then the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro coming online as well later this year and next year.

01:21:20   I think content creation on the Mac is getting ready to get serious again.

01:21:24   And that's the Mac's bread and butter, man.

01:21:27   That's where the Mac has always thrived, is people making stuff.

01:21:32   I think that they are getting serious about that again.

01:21:35   That for me as a Mac fan is exciting.

01:21:37   I think if you're a Mac user, it should be exciting to you as well.

01:21:40   It's why they're still here.

01:21:44   It's why they were saved.

01:21:45   Oh yeah.

01:21:46   Because people were still using the stuff to make stuff.

01:21:49   Oh yeah.

01:21:50   I mean, print publishing was the Mac's holdout in the 90s.

01:21:55   you're still awake we could talk about that. I don't want to talk about it today.

01:21:58   Okay. We're all good for today. Plus, you know, we all know the story. Yes. You can

01:22:04   find our show notes this week at relay.fm/connected/151. If you want to

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01:22:35   and Ting, and we'll be back next time. Until then, say goodbye. Steven Hackett.

01:22:41   Adios.

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