146: Dubbed Dub Dub Follow Up


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00:00:06   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode number 146. Today's show is brought to

00:00:12   you by Encapsula, Squarespace and StoryWorth. My name is Myke Early. I am joined by

00:00:18   Mr Federico Vittucci. Ciao Federico. Ciao Myke, how are you? I am very well, I am very well indeed,

00:00:24   and Mr. Steven Hackett, how are you, sir?

00:00:27   - I am good.

00:00:28   It's sad to be apart.

00:00:30   - I know.

00:00:31   We've been torn apart by our regular lives

00:00:34   coming in and disrupting everything.

00:00:36   - But it's okay.

00:00:37   - Why don't we just go back to California

00:00:39   and pretend it's WWDC every week?

00:00:41   That could work.

00:00:43   We could just walk into convention centers,

00:00:47   shake people's hands.

00:00:49   - Hi, nice to meet you.

00:00:51   - Hey, how are you here for the Apple event?

00:00:53   no, Apple man, this is a Cisco conference, why are you here? Oh well. Look around with

00:00:56   connected stickers handing them out, be like thank you so much for listening. To what?

00:01:01   Imagine that, we look like crazy people, that wouldn't last. So yeah, back to regular life

00:01:06   I guess. Yeah, but we should say a big thank you. If you're a listener and came to one

00:01:12   of our events or if you said hi on the sidewalk or if you're waiting outside Myke's hotel

00:01:17   room creepily. I think I speak for all of us that it was an incredible week. It was

00:01:23   the least stressful/most enjoyable WWDC I think I've ever been to and that is in no

00:01:30   small part to the listeners. It really was a special week for me.

00:01:34   Oh yeah. I mean what is this, my fifth? I think this is my fifth WWDC and this is without

00:01:41   a doubt the best one. It just keeps getting better and better every year and as you say

00:01:45   I think in part of that it's because of the time that we get to spend with people that

00:01:49   enjoy what we do.

00:01:51   That makes it really really special and attending the meetups and hosting meetups that we did

00:01:56   and again to talk to people, to talk about what they're excited about for the week is

00:02:00   really what makes it all worth it and makes it so much fun to attend every time.

00:02:05   I obviously in my style I was vlogging during the conference and have posted that vlog now

00:02:13   So if you would like to see it, I will put a link in the show notes and you can go and watch my vlog

00:02:18   and Steven and Federico are in it. So what more could you want?

00:02:22   It really was an awesome week. I felt like we got like thinking about it now. I felt that we got

00:02:30   what we were looking for, like there was a little bit of everything for everyone, which was great.

00:02:35   Even Steven was happy, at least I think.

00:02:38   Yeah, so definitely, especially compared to last year with iOS 10,

00:02:47   we were kind of sad, Myke and I, about the iPad,

00:02:49   that we didn't get a lot of love.

00:02:52   We got our message and stickers, which was great,

00:02:55   but it feels like this year, it's the year of payback.

00:02:58   So I'm really happy to be back installing the betas and everything.

00:03:04   So yeah, double thumbs up.

00:03:06   - Yeah, I think, we talked about this on the show last week,

00:03:09   I think, but I think every part of the Apple community

00:03:14   like gotta win at W2C, right?

00:03:16   If you're iPad only or if you're Mac only

00:03:18   or you're like most of us kind of, you know, in both worlds,

00:03:22   like all their platforms, at least the two major ones,

00:03:25   got significant improvements,

00:03:27   and improvements that the community wanted.

00:03:29   It almost is like Apple was really like bent

00:03:33   on trying to please the biggest number of people.

00:03:38   And I think they succeeded in that.

00:03:40   I think that's one reason, like, you know,

00:03:42   things feel pretty good and the community's excited.

00:03:45   I think developers are excited but not overwhelmed.

00:03:48   I think Apple did everything right this year.

00:03:51   - They did.

00:03:52   That's the perfect way to talk about it.

00:03:54   It's the perfect way to like kind of encapsulate

00:03:58   what happened last week.

00:04:00   Everyone got something, right?

00:04:03   like Apple, we're talking about products

00:04:05   that aren't gonna be out until the end of the year

00:04:07   because they wanna make sure that everybody gets the thing

00:04:09   that they're excited about, right?

00:04:11   If you wanted the speaker, you got the speaker.

00:04:12   If you wanted to know that there was more Mac hardware

00:04:15   coming, well, you got told about that, right?

00:04:16   Like there was a bit of everything for everyone

00:04:19   and I think that's what made it so much fun.

00:04:22   - Agreed.

00:04:24   So we have kind of two sections of follow-up.

00:04:28   We're going to do traditional follow-up first

00:04:31   and then we're going to move into what I dubbed

00:04:34   follow-up WWDC edition, some stuff from the keynote

00:04:37   and details that--

00:04:37   - Did you dub the follow-up dub follow-up,

00:04:39   dub-dub follow-up?

00:04:40   - This is non-traditional follow-up.

00:04:43   - I feel like we actually got through all of WWDC this year.

00:04:46   I didn't hear dub-dub at any point.

00:04:48   - I did hear dub-dub.

00:04:51   - Oh, you did?

00:04:52   Well, you were in the convention center.

00:04:53   I think that that is the epicenter of dub-dub usage.

00:04:58   Do you think it's accepted to use it inside the convention center?

00:05:04   It shouldn't be, but I think people do it anyway.

00:05:07   There's renegades, there's dub-dub renegades.

00:05:09   I mean it's better anyway than here in San Fran or Frisco or, you know, those other names

00:05:17   for the city, so...

00:05:18   That's a good point.

00:05:19   I think, you know, I think dub-dub can pass compared to that.

00:05:24   Yeah.

00:05:25   So traditional follow-up.

00:05:28   up. Okay. You can now, not just the two of you, everyone can block calls and

00:05:34   messages on the Amazon Echo. So if you remember when they had that big software

00:05:39   update now maybe a month ago or so when they added for some reason messaging to

00:05:45   the Echo so you could do it via text or voice and send that message to any other

00:05:49   Echo user. You had to upload your contact book to Amazon and once you did that

00:05:54   then you could send things around.

00:05:57   This was a feature that was lacking.

00:05:59   There was no way to block or manage people

00:06:04   who could contact you.

00:06:05   They have since resolved that, which I think is good.

00:06:09   Apparently if you want to completely disable the service,

00:06:13   you have to call Amazon's customer service.

00:06:15   So even with this update, it's just a matter of,

00:06:17   "Hey, Myke keeps sending me weird messages

00:06:20   "in the middle of the night.

00:06:21   "Just block Myke."

00:06:23   she would stop doing that.

00:06:24   This is like a good step.

00:06:27   I'd like to see them be able to turn off altogether,

00:06:29   but at the same time,

00:06:30   I'm not sure anyone's actually using this.

00:06:32   I sent a few as a joke to people,

00:06:34   but I haven't received one or sent one

00:06:37   since like the first day.

00:06:39   - This was my point when they announced it, right?

00:06:41   And talking about the Echo Show, nobody needs this.

00:06:43   People already have their ways

00:06:45   of communicating with each other.

00:06:47   Amazon does not need to come into the game

00:06:49   with their fantastic messaging service.

00:06:51   it's not a thing that people need.

00:06:53   And I also don't even think that this is something

00:06:55   that people want on their Echo devices, right?

00:06:58   Like this isn't a thing that anybody asked for

00:07:01   when they signed up for these things.

00:07:02   Like I just don't get it.

00:07:04   I don't get the messaging service.

00:07:06   So I don't know, I'm excited about,

00:07:08   which I don't think is on my Echo yet,

00:07:11   but is out for the US and is coming very shortly

00:07:14   for the UK and Germany apparently in the coming weeks.

00:07:17   It was posted at the beginning of June,

00:07:19   but we missed it in WWDC.

00:07:22   You can now, on your Echo,

00:07:24   when talking to the canister person,

00:07:27   you can name timers,

00:07:28   and this is something that I've wanted for so long.

00:07:30   So for example, if you're cooking,

00:07:32   you could set a five minute timer for potatoes

00:07:34   and a 10 minute timer for steak.

00:07:37   Do not follow those instructions, by the way.

00:07:39   That is not good cooking times for those things.

00:07:42   - No, this is a cooking show now.

00:07:43   It's fine.

00:07:44   - You can now name the timers,

00:07:47   and also set reminders.

00:07:49   This is a new feature in the Echo stuff.

00:07:53   That's really nice.

00:07:54   And they added iCloud calendar support.

00:07:56   They did!

00:07:57   So they, yeah.

00:07:59   So they, Amazon continues to push this thing forward and I think that's all great stuff.

00:08:06   We I wanted to touch on this briefly.

00:08:07   We mentioned it in passing last week but Federico and I have Echo shows on the way and I for

00:08:14   one have not cancelled my order.

00:08:17   I have, I'm sorry. You did? Why? Because I got the Google Home and... Oh yeah, nobody

00:08:25   knows this yet, you bought a Google Home at the Google Campus. Yeah, I did and it just,

00:08:31   it just felt like I was setting up and I was playing with it and I just felt like too much

00:08:37   having yet another one. Are you not allowed at Federico? Have you been told you're not

00:08:41   allowed to bring any more voice boxes into the house.

00:08:45   Kinda. Yeah.

00:08:47   And, yeah, it's like, enough is enough.

00:08:51   I was in the car when you were telling Sylvia about the Google Home and it seemed like a

00:08:56   little bit of a discussion had to occur about the fact that you were bringing another.

00:08:59   No, she actually likes that one, but because, you know, it's more compact and, you know,

00:09:05   - Mind-wise, I think it looks more kitchen-y

00:09:08   than the Amazon one.

00:09:11   So, yeah, it just felt like I didn't want to get another one.

00:09:16   And, you know, I mean, basically I have like four speakers

00:09:21   at this point and then I will get the Apple one eventually.

00:09:23   So I wanted to try it and I'm gonna miss the,

00:09:28   you know, the feeling of this is new toy

00:09:31   and I'm gonna play with it, but whatever.

00:09:33   - Well Steven, it's all on you now.

00:09:36   - I know, I feel like I'm obligated to keep my order now.

00:09:38   - You have to, one of us has to.

00:09:40   - Yeah, I'm still excited by it.

00:09:44   I don't think it's gonna live in my kitchen,

00:09:46   but it may live out here in the studio.

00:09:49   Yeah, I just wanna see what the,

00:09:52   and if Apple says these things should have screens,

00:09:54   Amazon says at least some of these things

00:09:55   should have screens, I wanna see what that adds

00:09:57   to the experience.

00:09:58   Whether it sticks or not, who knows,

00:09:59   but mine is still in pre-order.

00:10:02   Should we move on Myke? I think the next one is really exciting for you. You put it in

00:10:07   it seems like something that you would love. So what's next?

00:10:11   So Slick Wraps, which is one of these companies that creates decals, they have made in the

00:10:16   past apple pencil skins and I own one. I own one of the Crayola ones which is really fun.

00:10:23   However they have just created a new thing, a new custom print option to create your own

00:10:30   wraps your own decals for the Apple pencil so you submit a design and they

00:10:37   will print it and send it to you for just $8.42 which is

00:10:41   really quite cheap I think I was surprised about the price of that right

00:10:46   that you can just custom print your own decal and then I'll send it to you for

00:10:50   under 10 bucks so I am currently working with our wonderful designer Mr.

00:10:55   forgotten towel to create my own pencil brand and get that printed and sent to me. So I'm

00:11:03   going to make something that looks like a pencil but it's going to be mic branded.

00:11:06   You're all about branding, Myke.

00:11:08   Well I just figured, look, it's $8, right? Like it's so cheap. Well, okay, it's not like

00:11:16   no money but it's way cheaper than I would think that a custom printed sticker would

00:11:21   be in this type like when you're just doing a one-off so I mean I'm excited to

00:11:26   try it out because I have the I've had one of those skins and I'm really happy

00:11:29   with the quality so I am excited to to get my own mic branded Apple pencil.

00:11:36   What do you mean mic branded? It's gonna be like your face all around the the

00:11:39   sticker? Currently we're working on a classic wood pencil design but instead

00:11:45   of it saying like Palomino or whatever it will be a brand which is mine so it

00:11:50   say like Myke something or something we're working on it but it's basically going to be it will look

00:11:56   like a pencil but it will be one that we made and as Kyle suggested which I didn't think of that it

00:12:01   should say Myke was right in it I definitely think it should I'm now going to tell that to Frank so

00:12:07   he can put it on there. Wow okay this is how it begins there'll be a whole Myke store before long

00:12:15   - Yeah, we should mention, do you wanna talk

00:12:18   about the AirPod stickers?

00:12:20   - Sure, we had some stickers that are live events

00:12:22   that turn your AirPod case into a Tyndall Fosse case,

00:12:27   as Frank did.

00:12:28   I will put a picture of them in the show notes.

00:12:31   There are 200 of them that are going to go

00:12:34   on the Relay retail store very soon.

00:12:37   Like, they should be up maybe even by the time

00:12:40   the next episode is out.

00:12:41   It is, there are only 200 of them,

00:12:44   We're not doing them again, it's a one-time thing.

00:12:46   And if you want one, there'll be a link up

00:12:50   on the Twitter account probably,

00:12:52   as soon as they're available.

00:12:54   I think they look awesome.

00:12:56   - They are so cool. - I think everybody else

00:12:58   thought they looked awesome, so if you were interested

00:13:01   in this, I would act quickly when they go on sale,

00:13:04   'cause like I said, it's a one-time thing.

00:13:05   - Yeah, so keep your eye on the _relay_fm_tutor account,

00:13:10   and we'll be tweeting it when they go up.

00:13:12   But yeah, we've had a lot of people asking about them

00:13:15   because people have been sharing pictures.

00:13:17   So yeah, they will be available shortly.

00:13:20   And they are really cool.

00:13:22   - So up next in the traditional follow up,

00:13:26   we spoke a while ago about HomeKit security cameras

00:13:30   and home cameras.

00:13:31   I've got a Nest Cam, it doesn't talk to anything

00:13:34   except the Nest app.

00:13:35   But there have been a few that come out.

00:13:37   Federico, which one do you own?

00:13:39   Do you own the last one?

00:13:40   No, you have the D-Link camera.

00:13:43   That's right.

00:13:45   Logitech has announced this morning the Circle 2, which is a, it's actually like a, I think

00:13:50   it's one camera but they have different mounting options for it.

00:13:54   It's HomeKit compatible.

00:13:55   They have options that like, it goes straight into a wall outlet, they have a window mount,

00:14:00   they have one that runs on a battery, they have one that's weatherproof, and they start

00:14:06   at $179 bucks. You can get them, you get a wireless one for $200. They ship in July but

00:14:15   they're available for pre-order now. And these are HomeKit enabled security cameras. I don't

00:14:21   know if they work with the Amazon service, I haven't actually looked at that yet, but

00:14:26   if you want home cameras that work with HomeKit, which I do, like I'm increasingly frustrated

00:14:33   that my Nest stuff is an island.

00:14:35   This looks like a really nice option.

00:14:38   And so there'll be a link in the show notes.

00:14:40   MacRumors wrote it up with all the details to it.

00:14:43   - I can confirm that it does work with Amazon too.

00:14:47   - It does.

00:14:48   - Yep.

00:14:49   - So that's, that'll be tempting.

00:14:52   I, you know, we talked about this a little bit

00:14:54   when we talked about Federico's.

00:14:55   I really like having like cameras set up at the house.

00:14:59   You know, I've got a couple.

00:15:01   And it's nice just to be able to check in and see,

00:15:03   I've got a Canary as well, I know Myke you do too, we both like our Canaries.

00:15:07   But like the Nest Cam, the Canary is kind of its own deal.

00:15:12   They have promised a version 2 with HomeKit support but that has yet to surface.

00:15:17   At this point they're in their own app.

00:15:19   But if you want something that's extensible a little bit, then the Logitech looks like

00:15:22   a good option.

00:15:23   I really like the one that just goes straight into the plug socket.

00:15:27   I think that's a really smart design.

00:15:29   Right, so like you just plug it in and it stays there.

00:15:32   You don't need to mount it, you don't need to find somewhere to put it.

00:15:35   It's just held up by the fact that it's plugged in.

00:15:38   I think that's a really, really unique and kind of cool design.

00:15:42   I like that one a lot actually.

00:15:44   Yeah, so a lot of people have outlets on a porch or a garage that may be in the ceiling.

00:15:51   I know my garage, I have a ton of them.

00:15:53   It's to hang, you know, put lights up.

00:15:55   And so if I wanted one in my garage, I could just plug it into the outlet and it'd be secure

00:16:02   there.

00:16:03   So lots of mounting options.

00:16:04   I really like the option they have to stick it to a window, which is pretty clever.

00:16:08   A lot of times you want a camera somewhere and you have difficulty mounting it.

00:16:11   And it looks like Logitech has thought through a lot of that, which is pretty neat.

00:16:15   I should say the Nest has an outdoor cam, and I put one up for somebody else, and it

00:16:21   It has a mount and then the camera attached to the mount magnetically.

00:16:25   So you could like pitch the camera at different angles.

00:16:29   But this looks even a little more flexible than that.

00:16:32   Do you know if it has like one of those subscription services or something like to keep the information?

00:16:39   So I believe that it has...

00:16:43   Oh I'm looking at it right now.

00:16:44   I'm on their website.

00:16:46   Circle free is one day.

00:16:47   Circle safe basic.

00:16:49   it keeps it for 14 days and CircleSafe Premium is 31 days.

00:16:53   And they're just different tiers,

00:16:55   they're different pricing tiers.

00:16:57   So one is, it's sort of free one,

00:16:59   then it's £2.99 a month per camera,

00:17:02   and then £7.99 per month per camera.

00:17:05   So it's not too bad, like the £3 a month,

00:17:08   or it'd probably be similar in dollars,

00:17:09   I'm looking at the UK website.

00:17:12   So it's not a lot of money, right?

00:17:14   Like £3 a month is pretty good.

00:17:17   I think that's relatively comparable to what I'm paying for the Canary I think.

00:17:21   So I like it, I like the look of it.

00:17:25   Yeah I'm probably gonna get the wire last one with the battery.

00:17:28   Says it lasts three months.

00:17:32   Seems very compact.

00:17:33   It's not available on the Italian Apple Store but the Italian Logitech website has it for

00:17:38   available today.

00:17:41   Yeah there's the wireless version.

00:17:42   This is very nice actually.

00:17:44   This is going to be a tale of happiness and a tale of woe for Logitech this episode.

00:17:49   That is a teaser for later on in the show.

00:17:53   I'm really interested to see what happens when you add multiple cameras to HomeKit.

00:17:58   Right now I just assume there are going to be multiple camera views.

00:18:02   Ideally I would love to have like a single camera screen with multiple angles for different

00:18:09   cameras in different rooms.

00:18:10   I don't think that's going to happen.

00:18:11   It would be really interesting to see what would happen with multiple cameras from multiple vendors, right?

00:18:16   Yeah, that also. I mean, I assume that as long as it just talks to HomeKit and you're gonna go into the Home app

00:18:23   and you will get just basically two panels for two cameras and that's it.

00:18:27   Like, you say one in the living room and the other in the bedroom and there's no fancy unified screen for multiple camera angles.

00:18:36   But you know, that works. We've been using the OMNA so much because it's basically real time.

00:18:46   Whereas with the Canary there's like a 20 second, 30 second delay when we access the live view.

00:18:53   With HomeKit, because we have the Apple TV plugged down all the time and connected with Wi-Fi,

00:18:57   which is the only use of our Apple TV so far as the remote HomeKit hub.

00:19:02   When we want to check on our dogs, it's basically real time. There's not even a

00:19:06   once, I would say a one second delay, which is more than acceptable. So I'm

00:19:12   probably gonna get this other one, especially the wireless, because it lets

00:19:15   us place it wherever we want to put it and because the dogs won't have cables

00:19:20   to chew on. So yeah.

00:19:23   Lastly in traditional follow-up is an item that I did not expect to be talking about this week and there's a lot more to

00:19:31   unpack here but we wanted to mention it. There's an article in Bloomberg and we

00:19:36   also have a link to TechCrunch which sort of summarizes the Bloomberg article.

00:19:39   Tim Cook is out talking about the car system and I say system because that is

00:19:47   the word that he uses. They are focusing on an autonomous system. He

00:19:55   calls it the mother of AI projects which is a turn of phrase that is super

00:20:01   Apple executive like. He says it's probably one of the most difficult AI

00:20:07   projects to work on. The TechCrunch article again summing it up says that

00:20:13   this still is kind of open-ended. Again to quote Tim Cook, "We're not

00:20:20   really saying from a product point of view what we will do." So it's still unclear

00:20:26   if this is a system they're gonna sell to car manufacturers, if this is some

00:20:30   sort of ride hailing service they're building for somebody,

00:20:33   or if they're gonna actually sell a car.

00:20:36   My, Apple may not know at this point,

00:20:38   but Tim Cook's out there talking about it,

00:20:40   which of course is a huge break from a company

00:20:42   that generally doesn't talk about things they're doing yet.

00:20:46   But, you know, this has been in the news for so long,

00:20:49   maybe they just wanna start controlling the story

00:20:51   a little bit, for whatever reason.

00:20:53   But there you go, Tim Cook, out talking about

00:20:55   the Project Titan, like there's no tomorrow.

00:20:58   - I don't even know what to say about this.

00:21:00   it's so weird. Right.

00:21:01   Like, I just I need to think about it more like this.

00:21:04   This news came out just before we recorded.

00:21:06   It's just so strange to me that he's like, yeah, no, we're doing

00:21:09   we're doing something.

00:21:11   They don't, you know, like it's so I feel like he said this kind of thing before,

00:21:15   but it's so out of place that I keep forgetting

00:21:18   that Tim Cook has acknowledged that they're working on something like this.

00:21:22   Just it's just such a very it's just a very, very strange thing

00:21:26   to hear him talk this way, you know, to be like, yeah,

00:21:29   that we're working on this and we think this is really interesting.

00:21:32   No big deal, yeah, we're working on car software.

00:21:35   So what's your problem? Of course we are.

00:21:37   Like whatever. He went on the record saying like, yeah, whatever, it's car software.

00:21:41   It does, it's just so out of place because why is he doing this right now? I don't get it.

00:21:46   Yeah, I mean, it could be that, you know, they're seeking to obtain more like

00:21:51   approvals from regulators. So they just want to, you know, make it less weird.

00:21:56   Right, control the story a little bit more.

00:21:59   Yeah, and the Apple name came out a bunch of times already.

00:22:02   Or maybe they just need to justify that a bunch of employees are moving in different office spaces.

00:22:07   I don't know. Or maybe just a way to say, yeah, I mean enough with the rumors, we're working on this,

00:22:11   just it's gonna take a while and basically yeah, whatever. Seems to be the approach. Like there's a

00:22:18   few quotes from Bloomberg saying we're working on this, we think it's very important, it's autonomous

00:22:23   driving, it's really nice and you know it's the most difficult project we ever worked on.

00:22:28   And I was left after reading the article, I was left like asking, so what? Like, what's next?

00:22:34   You know, like, okay, sure. Sounds fun. You know, I don't know. I guess we,

00:22:42   they just want us to wait and keep this in mind for whatever reason.

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00:24:14   So it is now time for the WWDC part of the follow up.

00:24:20   And we're going to start with the HomePod.

00:24:24   We had a couple listener questions that were worth addressing.

00:24:28   Listener Brett asks, "Can Apple TV send its audio to a HomePod?

00:24:31   Seems like it should."

00:24:32   So I guess the thought is like comparing it to a soundbar, right?

00:24:37   So Sonos and all these other companies have soundbars you can hook up to your television

00:24:42   and if the HomePod sounds as good as Apple says it does, you can kind of see a world,

00:24:47   right?

00:24:48   you have a HomePod on either side of the screen

00:24:51   working in stereo, 'cause if you have more than one,

00:24:53   they can work in stereo together.

00:24:55   It's unclear at this point, I believe,

00:24:58   what the relationship is between an Apple TV

00:25:01   and the HomePod.

00:25:02   I would think AirPlay 2 could maybe be a part of this,

00:25:04   but again, and I watched the session this week

00:25:07   on AirPlay 2, it's super hand-wavy about what it can do

00:25:10   and where it works and what it does.

00:25:13   So I think it'd be nice if a HomePod or a set of them

00:25:17   could work as a soundbar, but I think to Brett's sadness,

00:25:21   we just don't know enough at this point to say yes or no.

00:25:24   Listener Damian asked, "I was looking at getting an Echo,

00:25:30   "but was waiting to see what Apple offered.

00:25:32   "By showing it in June, Apple has kept me

00:25:34   "from exploring something else."

00:25:36   So we were speaking about why did they announce this thing

00:25:41   so early if developers aren't working on it?

00:25:43   And this, I think, is a pretty obvious answer

00:25:46   that I don't think any of us thought of,

00:25:47   at least when we were recording last week,

00:25:49   but it's sort of to potentially,

00:25:53   Osborne affect other products, right?

00:25:57   To say, you know, I was looking,

00:25:58   or like, you know, what Google Home did to Federico,

00:26:01   I was looking at getting this other product,

00:26:02   but now I'm gonna wait, now I'm gonna do this instead.

00:26:05   And that's a very real thing,

00:26:08   and if this isn't shipping until December,

00:26:10   then Apple can curb the conversation

00:26:15   and curb other product choices for the holiday season.

00:26:18   This thing isn't, unless they move it up,

00:26:20   I believe Apple said December,

00:26:22   it's not gonna be ready to buy for the holiday season,

00:26:25   it's gonna be ready right at the end of the year.

00:26:27   And that sort of November timeframe,

00:26:30   beginning in December, is an important shopping period.

00:26:33   And so even if Apple's not out yet,

00:26:35   if they have said, hey, this is coming,

00:26:37   then that may encourage consumers

00:26:39   to put off another purchase and to wait

00:26:42   and spend that money at an Apple store

00:26:44   as opposed to on Amazon's website, for example.

00:26:47   What do you guys think about it?

00:26:48   Do you think that's a thing?

00:26:50   Like, do you think people think that way,

00:26:52   or is it just sort of a marketing ploy

00:26:54   we can retrofit into a conversation?

00:26:57   - No, I think so.

00:26:59   The point of, like, that Apple showed this so early,

00:27:03   and now I'm already thinking about

00:27:04   not buying other companies' products.

00:27:07   I see this all the time, especially with my friends,

00:27:09   when they even just hear the first wave

00:27:13   of rumors about new Apple updates.

00:27:17   So like, I had a friend in December

00:27:20   and he heard that the MacBook Pros

00:27:22   were gonna be updated, I think, in June at WWDC.

00:27:28   And basically it was like,

00:27:30   maybe I should actually wait until six more months.

00:27:33   You know, what is after seven years in Windows hell,

00:27:38   what is six months at this point?

00:27:40   And so I definitely think it's a way that,

00:27:42   Especially when you're buying these expensive products.

00:27:46   It's not like you're buying a $5 ice cream or whatever.

00:27:50   You're spending a lot of good actual money on these speakers and laptops and phones.

00:27:57   So it definitely makes sense to me that by pre-announcing you're at least putting the

00:28:01   thought into someone's mind of "maybe I should actually just be patient and wait and see

00:28:08   what happens".

00:28:09   But then there's people like us who have a serious problem and we just buy everything,

00:28:13   especially you Steven.

00:28:15   Steven is the new Myke.

00:28:16   Steven is buying everything.

00:28:17   Just because I live in the States.

00:28:18   It's not my fault.

00:28:19   It's only available here.

00:28:20   Yeah, that's just an excuse.

00:28:21   Hey, don't worry.

00:28:22   I've got you covered later on.

00:28:24   I'll be back to being the new Myke again.

00:28:27   Don't worry.

00:28:28   Myke wins this conversation today.

00:28:29   Okay.

00:28:30   Yeah, I think it does actually.

00:28:32   You just give it a little bit of time.

00:28:34   I wonder about this.

00:28:35   I feel like that the effect occurs, right?

00:28:38   That the effect that people are like,

00:28:39   "Oh, maybe I'll wait."

00:28:40   But with the HomePod,

00:28:42   I don't know if that was an intention from Apple's side.

00:28:46   It may well have been,

00:28:48   but I think that it's kind of just like a,

00:28:50   it is a happy accident,

00:28:53   which they have had based on everything else

00:28:56   that they were trying to do, right?

00:28:57   Like we spoke about it already.

00:28:59   We feel that Apple showed off the HomePod

00:29:02   because people believed they had to, right?

00:29:04   If they didn't show this off on stage last week,

00:29:07   so many of the headlines would have been,

00:29:09   Apple misses the boat on X, right?

00:29:12   Like, 'cause they didn't have any product to show,

00:29:14   and I think just a happy accident of this

00:29:16   is now that people will maybe not buy Sonos's

00:29:20   or Amazon Echo's or Google Homes

00:29:23   because they're waiting for the product

00:29:25   that may integrate with the rest of the ecosystem.

00:29:27   - Yeah, it's a good point.

00:29:30   So, I don't think my opinion on the HomePod

00:29:33   really changed from last week. I'm not sure I want to switch to Apple Music. I'm

00:29:37   not sure there's a place for this in my household but I look forward to

00:29:41   revisiting that once we have some more information. And I think you know I think

00:29:44   like Brett's point about like a soundbar like how do these things integrate with

00:29:47   each other just a lot of unknowns right now and Apple will will slowly show us

00:29:53   more as the year goes on. Switching gears to watchOS, we spoke last week about

00:30:00   about the honeycomb of apps and there had been a tweet

00:30:05   sent out by somebody and I couldn't find it for the note,

00:30:07   so forgive me if you are the person who tweeted it,

00:30:10   that a user could set an alphabetical list

00:30:14   instead of the honeycomb.

00:30:15   Turns out that is an option, you can do either one.

00:30:19   I think there are pros and cons to both.

00:30:20   The honeycomb, for me at least, I can never remember

00:30:23   where anything is and too many icons,

00:30:25   especially Apple's first party ones,

00:30:27   all look the same to me.

00:30:29   I never know what I'm doing, so I definitely--

00:30:31   - Everything clock related.

00:30:32   They're all orange and they all have different clock faces.

00:30:35   - Yeah, what do they mean?

00:30:36   So I'm looking forward to at least trying this.

00:30:38   I don't visit this screen very often

00:30:40   and I keep very few apps on my watch,

00:30:42   so I think the list may be for me.

00:30:44   - I think it makes, I've been thinking about this.

00:30:46   I was talking to Jason about this on upgrade.

00:30:49   Neither of these are good, right?

00:30:51   But if you go to that screen,

00:30:54   I never remember where anything is.

00:30:56   At least if they're alphabetical,

00:30:57   they're in a defined order?

00:30:59   Yeah, I mean, sure.

00:31:03   Do you remember Federico where the apps are on your Honeycomb screen?

00:31:07   Maybe two or three of them, really.

00:31:10   That's what I mean, right? Those apps are probably in your dock though.

00:31:14   Yeah, oh I don't use the Honeycomb at all.

00:31:17   I just think, I'm not sure either is a great solution.

00:31:21   No, neither of them are good, right? But it's just how bad, like what bad option is best for you?

00:31:27   I think is the question.

00:31:29   I'll go on the record and say I really don't understand why they're switching the dock on WatchOS 4 to a vertical scrolling list of apps.

00:31:37   We argued about this.

00:31:41   The crown scrolls up and down Federico.

00:31:45   It doesn't look as good as WatchOS 3 with a horizontal dock.

00:31:51   It looks just as bad as the Safari tab picker.

00:31:54   people who use a vertical dock anywhere are in profound disagreement with my world view.

00:32:02   Like, use a vertical dock on the Mac or now you like the watchOS one.

00:32:08   When is a side dock coming to iOS? When is that going to happen?

00:32:12   I don't know. If you asked some people, it might as well happen.

00:32:18   Those people are monsters!

00:32:20   Like, a dog is horizontal.

00:32:23   A dog is horizontal.

00:32:25   I quit. I quit the show.

00:32:27   Federico, you have no idea what you've just opened yourself up to.

00:32:30   This is on you, right?

00:32:32   I am distancing myself from this conversation.

00:32:36   I would like to be taken out of the narrative here.

00:32:39   Federico has some serious concerns,

00:32:43   and I don't want to deal with them.

00:32:45   They're not for me.

00:32:47   So here's how I want to wrap that up.

00:32:51   Dear listener, if you're a Mac user and your doc is on the side, please tweet a picture

00:32:56   of it to @Vatici.

00:32:57   That's a good idea.

00:32:58   V-I-T-I-C-C-I.

00:32:59   And I-S-M-H also.

00:33:00   I-S-M-H also.

00:33:01   No, mine's on the side.

00:33:03   It's been that way as long as I've used a Mac because that's where it belongs.

00:33:07   And I'm a side doc too.

00:33:09   Moving on.

00:33:10   We're going to talk about AppleCare for Macs.

00:33:12   I know people are really excited about this, but I got two emails asking about it, so I'm

00:33:16   justifying this tangent that neither of you care about. I'm doing it for the

00:33:20   listeners. This is one of those announcements that Apple just sort of

00:33:25   slipped in, right? So, AWBC or the fall event or really anytime the store goes

00:33:30   down, Apple like always changes little things and people sort through it later.

00:33:34   A big change if you're a Mac user is AppleCare+. So that name should be

00:33:39   familiar to you if you're an iPhone or an iPad user. You can buy AppleCare+

00:33:44   Plus and it gives you limited coverage for damage.

00:33:48   So if you shatter the screen on your phone, you still have to pay to have it repaired

00:33:52   but it's like a $99 fee or something.

00:33:54   You know, you're not charged the whole hundreds of dollars for what the repair actually cost.

00:34:02   The problem is that's always been limited to iOS devices and now it is coming to the

00:34:07   Mac in the form of AppleCare Plus.

00:34:09   So it changes a few things about the old AppleCare system.

00:34:13   It used to be that you had a year to purchase AppleCare.

00:34:15   If you want AppleCare Plus, you have to do it within 60 days.

00:34:18   And you have to prove that your device is not damaged.

00:34:21   So you have to go to an Apple store,

00:34:23   or if you buy it on the phone, Apple

00:34:25   has a remote diagnostic they can run and see

00:34:27   if it's damaged somehow.

00:34:29   This is great for notebook users.

00:34:33   Having a MacBook that gets water in it,

00:34:36   or you break a screen or something, that can be very

00:34:39   expensive.

00:34:39   just ask Casey Liss or really anyone who's ever done it.

00:34:44   And it adds up.

00:34:45   And so this I think is a really nice alternative

00:34:48   if you are accident prone.

00:34:50   Best I can tell, it basically starts last week

00:34:56   and then moves forward.

00:34:59   So I have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

00:35:01   that I bought months ago.

00:35:03   I cannot buy AppleCare+ for that is my understanding

00:35:06   because it's past the 60 days.

00:35:07   I can still get regular AppleCare for it.

00:35:09   And I probably will,

00:35:10   'cause I'm gonna have this laptop for a long time,

00:35:12   and it's super expensive to do anything in it, so.

00:35:15   People go back and forth on whether a warranty

00:35:18   is worth it on a Mac.

00:35:20   Jason Snell, I know when he hears this,

00:35:22   is going to disagree with me,

00:35:23   'cause I don't think he ever does it.

00:35:25   I generally do it on Macs,

00:35:26   because I just know how expensive they can be to work on.

00:35:30   And I've had hardware failures, so I do it.

00:35:33   And maybe it's money that I could spend better otherwise,

00:35:37   But if I sell a Mac, it helps to resell value.

00:35:39   And if I have a repair, then it makes that cheaper.

00:35:43   And if I never have a repair and I keep it for the three

00:35:45   years, then yes, it's money I spent that I didn't need to.

00:35:47   But for me, it's a fee that I'm willing to pay for the

00:35:54   ease of mind that comes with it.

00:35:56   So if you have a notebook, or you buy a new notebook, or

00:35:59   you buy one for your kid or something, I would definitely

00:36:01   look at this, if anything, just for the accidental

00:36:04   damage.

00:36:05   So that's super exciting.

00:36:07   Finally, and this is in this edition of Follow-Up

00:36:13   because it was requested by my children to put it in.

00:36:16   - Oh, this is the best follow-up ever.

00:36:18   - They bought me a fish when I was at WWDC.

00:36:21   They bought me a betta fish, his name is Woz.

00:36:24   He sits here next to, on my desk now.

00:36:26   He's in a little aquarium.

00:36:27   He's red and blue.

00:36:28   And they asked me to talk about it on a podcast,

00:36:30   so now I have, and he's adorable.

00:36:32   And there'll be, I'll put a picture of him in the show notes

00:36:34   'cause he's just here watching me podcast.

00:36:37   He has a lot of thoughts on the Apple TV remote, turns out.

00:36:40   Fish really hate the Siri remote, but.

00:36:41   - Huh, I guess it's really hard to operate

00:36:43   with their fins, right?

00:36:44   I guess that's the problem.

00:36:46   - Yeah. - Interesting.

00:36:47   - He's a good boy.

00:36:48   He's a good boy.

00:36:49   - All animals are good boys.

00:36:51   - They're all good boys.

00:36:53   - They're all good boys.

00:36:54   - All girls. - That's right.

00:36:55   - Yes, of course.

00:36:56   - Piece of unrelated news that just broke

00:36:58   that I just thought might be worth just popping in here.

00:37:01   the Verizon Yahoo deal closed this morning and Marissa Mayer has posted on Tumblr her

00:37:09   goodbye to the company.

00:37:11   Woah.

00:37:12   So that's that.

00:37:15   What a really weird set of circumstances that ended up being.

00:37:20   So now Verizon owns Yahoo so I guess Tumblr as well and everything else related to it

00:37:27   is now owned by Verizon.

00:37:29   And flicker my ears is it seems like she's gone.

00:37:33   Yeah.

00:37:34   So now if you have a Verizon contract, you'll be able to back up your photos for free to

00:37:38   flicker, to flicker, I guess.

00:37:42   You know, what is net neutrality after all?

00:37:45   Well, fun times in the US as always.

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00:39:11   Look at Wozda Fish there.

00:39:14   - Yeah. - He's a cool dude.

00:39:17   - He's in the center notes.

00:39:19   So the 10.5 inch iPad Pro is out.

00:39:24   They're shipping to people.

00:39:26   My Twitter timeline today has been full of people

00:39:28   unboxing their new iPads.

00:39:30   Federico, you got to review it and like great review.

00:39:34   I love the photos, really, really great job.

00:39:38   So tell us a little bit about how you feel about this new iPad.

00:39:43   Well, I think the form factor feels really, really nice.

00:39:46   And after two years of the 12.9, I was really missing the--

00:39:51   being able to hold an iPad with one hand,

00:39:54   and it's so light, it's over 200 grams.

00:40:00   I'm not sure what it means in pounds,

00:40:03   but it's so much lighter than the big one.

00:40:05   And I feel like the first time I tried it last week,

00:40:10   the screen felt immediately incredible

00:40:16   and almost to the point of feeling sort of fake,

00:40:19   like coming from years of 60 hertz

00:40:24   and the choppy slow scrolling in Safari,

00:40:30   just moving across home screen pages

00:40:31   and loading Mac stories and scrolling through my homepage on the new one.

00:40:36   It felt so crisp, so smooth.

00:40:40   It almost looked like one of those, you know, when in the movies,

00:40:44   they show people using computers, but they don't, you know,

00:40:47   they can't or they don't want to show the actual interface.

00:40:50   So they sort of slap some CGI on top of a screen and it looks so fake.

00:40:54   That was my impression.

00:40:55   Like, I know I'm physically touching the screen.

00:40:59   No, it is me that is responsible for swiping, but it doesn't look like I'm actually swiping, it looks fake.

00:41:05   And that's the deal with promotion and the new 120Hz display.

00:41:10   It felt so nice.

00:41:15   And in terms of actually working from the small iPad,

00:41:20   of course from a multitasking point of view,

00:41:26   It's difficult for me to prefer this one over the big one and

00:41:29   It's the reason why I ended up also buying the 12.9 the new one today

00:41:34   Just because for multitasking and doing research and switching between lots of apps, especially when I put together

00:41:39   You know articles and and the newsletter. I just feel like the big one is the one for work

00:41:45   But for everything else just walking around the house with this one and and reading in bed. I was watching E3 last night

00:41:52   the live stream and I was holding my iPad and you know my wrists weren't actually hurting after 30 minutes

00:41:59   That feels very nice. So I should say that you know mic sometimes has some some

00:42:05   Let's how can I say this?

00:42:08   controversial ideas

00:42:10   but when it comes to when it

00:42:12   When it comes to switching between multiple iPads is not too far off

00:42:17   Multi-pad lifestyle man.

00:42:19   Now, don't brag, I mean I'm trying to keep it cool.

00:42:21   Alright, okay cool, cool, cool, cool.

00:42:23   Cheer, cheer, cheer, yes, it's great man, it's cool.

00:42:25   So yes, it feels very nice. The smaller bezels are super awesome.

00:42:33   When you're holding the iPad in portrait it feels like they sort of disappear into your hands.

00:42:38   So yeah, another thumbs up. I mean there's nothing really bad about this iPad.

00:42:43   this iPad. In fact everything's better. It's nicer, better and faster. And you

00:42:47   know what more could you want from an upgrade if not this? I mean it doesn't

00:42:51   officially run iOS 11 so maybe that's the only downside for now. The screen on

00:42:56   the 12.9 is bonkers bonkers bonkersness. I don't have the words for it. It's so

00:43:07   good I have waited and waited so patiently for true tone on my large iPad

00:43:13   and now I have it and it's got the 120 Hertz stuff like it is fantastic I am

00:43:19   very happy with it I do have a slight problem right now I bought both iPads

00:43:25   this morning because I just wanted to do that I gotta update them both because

00:43:31   that's how I roll. Multi-pad lifestyle, that's what it dictates. And I put the

00:43:37   betas on both of them and I don't think the beta is running very well on the 12.9

00:43:42   right now. I put an app in a folder today, the springboard crashed and my iPad is

00:43:47   currently in a reboot loop so I'm downloading 10.3 to restore it.

00:43:53   I'm gonna leave, so my plan now is, I think it's gonna work out this way, I'm

00:43:58   I'm going to keep running 10 on the large iPad because that's going to replace the previous

00:44:04   12.9 now. So I'm going to be using the new one. And I'm going to keep the 10.5 running

00:44:09   the beta as a beta test machine. I'm continuing to be incredibly confused between switching

00:44:15   modes of multitasking. If you're using both of those simultaneously, it will destroy everything

00:44:21   that you think you know about how to use a computer. I like both of them. I do like the

00:44:27   new method more but it takes a bit of getting used to because it's brand new and if you're

00:44:31   switching between them it's almost impossible to remember what things do and how it all

00:44:36   works but I will put the beta back on the 12.9 once it's in a little bit more of a stable

00:44:40   state. It just as well as as well as just completely dying it was also a little bit

00:44:49   buggy in ways that the 10.5 is not the 10.5 feels way smoother and the 12.9 was a little

00:44:55   bit unsure about everything I was doing is how it felt to me. Something I wanted

00:44:59   to tell you Myke we were actually talking about how far-fetched this idea

00:45:03   was a few days ago in person yeah I think I was I was looking into your eyes

00:45:09   it was really romantic in a way as we were discussing iOS ideas anyway you

00:45:15   know you said wouldn't be nice if there was a way if you own multiple iPads to

00:45:21   sync your home screen and we ended up concluding well that's just crazy it's

00:45:25   never gonna happen well it seems like in the next version of TV OS if you own

00:45:30   multiple Apple TVs which is apparently a thing that some people do I guess for

00:45:34   schools and offices make sense you can sync your home screen. I really would

00:45:38   love this. That's cool. You know so I mean maybe it's it's more complicated in iOS

00:45:45   sure, but at least we have some precedent now. And you know Apple is doing it on

00:45:51   the Apple TV so why not on the iPad too? There's people who use multiple iPads

00:45:56   just let me sync my home screen and my data. I feel like Apple should embrace

00:46:00   the multi-pad lifestyle as a thing as a way to help boost iPad numbers. So

00:46:05   Myke you feel that the the 10.5 is unable to replace the 12.9?

00:46:10   you're still gonna, you still want the bigger one?

00:46:13   - It can't, it's the software.

00:46:15   So what we were hoping, what we were wishing,

00:46:19   what the math all told us would happen

00:46:21   is that we would get the 12.9 and a 10.5 body

00:46:24   from a software perspective, but that hasn't changed.

00:46:26   It's the same as the 9.7.

00:46:29   You know, the apps that are running side by side,

00:46:31   they're not full-size iPad apps.

00:46:33   They are, you know, somewhere in between an iPhone app

00:46:36   and an iPad app.

00:46:37   Like, it's not enough.

00:46:39   I need more resolution, I need more space on the screen to be able to get all my work done.

00:46:43   So I'm going to be sticking as I was using, as I've said before, like the 12.9 inch iPad,

00:46:50   think of it like my iMac and the 9.7 think of it like a MacBook. That's how I use the devices.

00:46:56   One stays in the home, one leaves me, leaves the home with me. So I'm going to continue doing that.

00:47:01   I really like the 10.5. I think it's a great device. I feel like they've really found a good

00:47:07   way to make it bigger without destroying the things that we like about the smaller iPad.

00:47:13   Like it's still light, it's still easy to move around, it's nice and thin, but it's

00:47:17   got a little bit more space on the screen, bigger keyboard, the smart keyboard is bigger

00:47:20   and nicer as well. I really like the new 10.5 smart keyboard, I like that I could buy it

00:47:26   in the British layout straight away. But the 12.9 is where I'm going to be continuing to

00:47:32   to put the majority of my time into as my main computer.

00:47:37   - Yeah, I saw a lot of 12.9s at WVDC

00:47:41   and a lot of people carry them.

00:47:43   And I had one and ultimately ended up on the 9.7 Pro

00:47:47   for all the reasons you just said, right?

00:47:48   The portability, the weight, et cetera.

00:47:51   The 10.5, because it's just a little bit bigger,

00:47:56   I think it's gonna feel fundamentally like the 9.7.

00:47:59   I ordered one, it's coming today.

00:48:01   excited to get it. My hope is that iOS 11 with files and multitasking all this

00:48:08   stuff will fix my workflow problems with the iPad which I've talked about in

00:48:13   length on the show. I'm not gonna rehash them. But iOS 11 stands to address a lot

00:48:17   of them. My thought is that on this 10.5 with iOS 11 if I can if I see a big

00:48:25   boost in my productivity on the iPad then you know maybe in the future I

00:48:29   I would re-evaluate and look at the 12.9, but I'm excited about the 10.5.

00:48:34   It seems like a really nice device.

00:48:40   I like the size of the 9.7, I like the portability of it.

00:48:43   So I'm excited to try it.

00:48:44   I'm excited to get iOS 11 on it.

00:48:47   I'm not going to run the beta anytime soon.

00:48:48   I'll do it some point later in the summer.

00:48:51   But I'm pretty great.

00:48:55   Pretty excited about it.

00:48:59   I was in the store today and I saw that the Logitech slim combo was available.

00:49:04   So this is Logitech's kind of new keyboard case.

00:49:08   And I was like, OK, let's see what you got.

00:49:11   So I picked up the Logitech slim combo thing because I really like the create

00:49:15   keyboard, right? The create keyboard was really good.

00:49:18   And I was very happy with that on the small iPad.

00:49:22   So I thought that I would I would give this one a go, too.

00:49:25   I don't like it in any way.

00:49:29   It is so much bulkier than the create.

00:49:32   The case portion is really oh, it's so much bulkier.

00:49:35   How is the case?

00:49:37   All right. So I expect the case is thicker.

00:49:40   The edge is way too high.

00:49:41   So the edge of the case kind of like sticks up around the iPad.

00:49:45   So when you hold it, like you can't comfortably put your hand

00:49:48   back onto the iPad again because the case kind of gets in the way.

00:49:51   It's thicker because it has the kickstand built into it,

00:49:54   and it has to have all this like these hinges and stuff for the kickstand.

00:49:58   So the kickstand is the only good thing because it's adjustable, it can be positioned at various

00:50:03   viewing angles, I really like that.

00:50:05   But the case that it's attached to sucks and it gets worse because the connection between

00:50:10   the keyboard and the case, right, it's used as a smart connector and you can just take

00:50:13   it off, that's the only thing that connects it.

00:50:15   And it's just this soft material which the smart connector is attached to, so it goes

00:50:19   from hard plastic to like a fabric and then to a hard plastic which is the smart, the

00:50:27   is it called the smart connector connector so

00:50:30   It doesn't connect straight on so it can still be open and closed so it has this material that runs in between it

00:50:36   But what this means is when you put it on your lap the keyboard and the iPad can be totally different angles

00:50:42   So like they're wonky when they sit on your lap because there's no rigidity to hold the frame

00:50:47   So like you could have the keyboard like turning off the left and the iPad to it

00:50:52   off to the right because there's no rigidity to it because like on the Create it's all

00:50:58   one piece right so it keeps its shape. There's a wrist rest on the keyboard which I don't

00:51:05   need so the keys are way too far back like they're closer to the screen because the whole

00:51:11   thing is bigger right and I don't like it there's too much space between the edge of

00:51:16   the keyboard and the keys for me. You can't fold the keyboard around to the back because

00:51:21   Because if you do, the keyboard just pops off.

00:51:25   So you either have the keyboard on or you have it off.

00:51:28   So if you want to read something with this, you have to take the keyboard off and find

00:51:33   somewhere to put it down.

00:51:35   It's so bad.

00:51:36   Like everything I liked about the create, it has done the absolute opposite of all of

00:51:42   the things.

00:51:43   Every single thing I liked about it, it's the opposite.

00:51:45   I am not going to, I'm returning it.

00:51:47   It's terrible.

00:51:48   They actually managed to make the create even worse.

00:51:51   They made it worse.

00:51:52   Okay, the previous create for the 9-7 is very good.

00:51:55   It's very good.

00:51:56   The original create for the 12-9 sucked.

00:51:59   They made it way better and now they've just done away with that and created something

00:52:03   else.

00:52:04   I don't know why they're calling it the slim combo because it is bulkier.

00:52:09   It's not slim at all.

00:52:10   It's huge.

00:52:11   Like I haven't done like measurements but it feels worse.

00:52:14   It feels heavier.

00:52:15   It feels bulkier.

00:52:16   I really, really don't like it.

00:52:17   I do not like it at all.

00:52:19   I cannot, I cannot recommend this in any way.

00:52:24   It is not a nice product.

00:52:27   And their photos are like, they do not accurately show

00:52:32   a lot of this, like the way that the lip of the case

00:52:35   kind of sticks over the side.

00:52:37   You can kind of see it if you scroll right down

00:52:39   to the bottom, they kind of have like images

00:52:42   where you can see different angles on their website.

00:52:44   And you can kind of see the fact that like there are just

00:52:46   huge plastic like lip lips or something that line we call like edges that go all

00:52:53   the way over like not good it's really really not good you want to look at a

00:52:57   10.5 one and you see more of what I mean the 12.9 case actually looks better

00:53:01   because you've like fold the keyboard under itself but the 10.5 is is an

00:53:06   abomination so funnily enough it seems like they've done the exact inverse so

00:53:10   the create was really good for the 10.5 and not for the 12.9 and it looks like

00:53:14   that this one is better for the 12.9 and not for the 10.5. I don't know what's going on

00:53:20   over there in Logitech.

00:53:22   Once again, I'm still looking for my perfect integrated iPad Pro keyboard stand case solution.

00:53:32   I'm using the Kanopy from the Studio Knit folks with an Apple Magic keyboard. I love

00:53:38   the setup but I would love to have an Apple Magic Keyboard that is backlit

00:53:44   that somehow works with the canopy or that I don't know like a new product

00:53:49   that has the same switches that Apple is using because I actually love the Magic

00:53:53   Keyboard is backlit and can be used on a desk and on my lap when I'm working in

00:53:59   the car. All the previous solutions that I've tried Smart Keyboard, the Razer

00:54:04   keyboard which eventually actually broke the canopy with the magic keyboard.

00:54:09   They all excel at one thing but they lack all the aspects together that I want.

00:54:17   So maybe we should just do a Kickstarter for the teaching keyboard and you know

00:54:22   make lots of money from Kickstarter because that's what Apple with ideas do

00:54:27   these days I think. Do people still do Kickstarters? I think they do.

00:54:31   Yeah, what's ever gone wrong with a hardware Kickstarter?

00:54:34   Right, right.

00:54:35   They've never failed.

00:54:36   Yeah, so let's just do it.

00:54:38   I'm going to quit podcasting and make keywords on Kickstarter.

00:54:42   Does that work for you guys?

00:54:44   Yeah.

00:54:45   Good luck.

00:54:48   Thanks for the encouragement, Myke.

00:54:49   Nice knowing you.

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00:57:28   Alright, so Planet of the Apps is out now. So this is something that we've spoken about

00:57:36   a bunch and me and Steven have watched it to talk about today and Federico we're going

00:57:40   to tell you about Planet of the Apps.

00:57:43   So I will be the prototype listener who hasn't watched Planet of the Apps and needs to be

00:57:51   convinced of the idea or not.

00:57:53   So go for it.

00:57:54   Okay.

00:57:55   So Stephen, do you want to start this by just saying up front what we think about the show

00:58:00   or do you want to save that to the end?

00:58:02   Yeah, I think we get it out of the way now.

00:58:06   And we're going to have some spoilers in this.

00:58:08   I don't really care about the spoiler horn, but we're going to talk about some plot points

00:58:12   for episode one. If you haven't seen it and you still want to see it then maybe don't

00:58:17   listen but let you know. But we are going to tell you what it's like so it might be

00:58:21   useful. I mean to be honest any spoiler we give it doesn't like ruin the show. You still

00:58:26   get the same out of it. The big question is does the guy get the money at the end? I feel

00:58:31   like that's the only spoiler. Yeah we won't answer that. Okay. I will start my opening

00:58:38   statement by saying that I know TV like this is extremely popular or they

00:58:44   wouldn't make it. That there's lots of shows like this where you follow real

00:58:49   people and you watch their dreams rise and then sometimes crushed. That TV was

00:58:55   not for me before Planet of the Apps and Planet of the Apps did nothing to change

00:58:58   my opinion on this type of television. So if this show had not been by Apple, if it

00:59:04   had been on regular television and I was somewhere when it was on I would not

00:59:07   watch it. Planet of the Apps didn't do anything to change that. I think that in this genre,

00:59:12   Planet of the Apps does some interesting things, but overall I'm not a fan and I

00:59:19   will not be watching another episode. I only watched this episode to

00:59:23   talk about it on the show. It's not for me. I think there's a lot of weird stuff in it,

00:59:27   but I don't like the genre on the whole, so it's difficult for me to like draw

00:59:31   those lines, right? Like what I don't like about the genre versus what I don't like

00:59:34   about the show, but there's definitely some weird stuff about the show in particular that

00:59:37   I think is worth talking about, but overall, not going to keep watching.

00:59:43   I think I will. It was exactly what I expected the show to be, and I guess hoped it would

00:59:50   be, in that it is this mix of Shark Tank/Dragons then with The Voice. That is what they have

00:59:57   made, it is exactly what I thought it was going to be. They didn't do the regular trope

01:00:04   that I see in reality TV of telling these heartbreaking stories about the struggles

01:00:11   of the app developers. It didn't do any of that. It touched on it a little with one person

01:00:17   that we're actually going to talk about this in a moment, but it doesn't really dwell on

01:00:20   it too much. So there isn't any of that stuff that kind of distracts you from what's going

01:00:24   on. It was cheesy, but the subject matter is something that's of interest to me, apps

01:00:30   and stuff like that, but also creating businesses. And there was an element of that in the show.

01:00:34   So it's not the best TV I've ever seen. But you know, when we were talking about this,

01:00:40   you know, me and Federico were talking about the types of reality TV that we can stand.

01:00:46   And for me, this is part of that, like it falls within that, like this is the type of

01:00:50   reality TV that I can watch and when I was watching the show I found myself interested

01:00:56   and engaged by it.

01:00:58   I watch a lot of stupid TV, not because I'm a fan necessarily, but for two reasons.

01:01:05   One, stupid TV makes for some really fun times with friends, so we usually have a friend,

01:01:11   she's really into this kind of crappy television experiences and she comes over for dinner

01:01:16   and we basically we laugh about how terrible this is and we are we have lots of fun because you know

01:01:24   it's it's hard to have fun watching you know a political debate it's much more fun to make fun

01:01:29   of other people on tv like the big brother or you know this kind of stupid tv shows not stupid in

01:01:34   the sense of those people are stupid because it's their job it just it lets you turn your brain off

01:01:40   and there's not much to think about, it's just comfort television, really.

01:01:45   And second, it goes back to the first point,

01:01:48   sometimes I just want to not think about, you know, all the things, I just want to put on a

01:01:57   stupid movie and shut my brain off and, you know, just watch it without ever thinking about bigger

01:02:05   themes or bigger ideas or watching like those movies with a really deep story.

01:02:10   There's a place for that but I feel like at the end of the day sometimes I just

01:02:14   wanna I just wanna crash and watch something stupid on TV. So that is the

01:02:19   reason why right now I'm inclined to watch Planet of the Apes but please

01:02:24   continue. I think that you might like it Federica because it is very simple

01:02:28   watching honestly. Yeah. Yeah. So there is one this planet of the

01:02:35   amps made the news over the last week not because of the content of the show

01:02:41   itself but because of something around it so there was a Twitter ad which was

01:02:46   focusing on one of the contestants whose name was Andrew commando commando he

01:02:52   was working on an app called pair which actually I think got the majority of

01:02:55   focus in the episode. And there was one point where he was kind of doing some vlogging,

01:03:02   which was interesting to see in the show. There's a lot of different types of direction

01:03:07   and camera stuff in the show, but he's kind of like doing some stuff where he's walking

01:03:11   through an airport and he's talking about the fact that he hasn't seen his kids for

01:03:15   a while, but he's working really hard. Like this is the thing that he wants to do. He's

01:03:20   talking about the fact that he is going down this road and giving it everything he's got,

01:03:25   However, there was a Twitter ad, which I assume Apple bought or the production company bought,

01:03:35   somebody has purchased this Twitter ad, which just says "I rarely get to see my kids, that's

01:03:40   a risk you have to take."

01:03:42   Which is something I believe that he says in the show, but out of context, out of complete

01:03:48   context, it sounds like a badge of honour from the guy, right?

01:03:53   But I feel like when he was saying it in the show,

01:03:56   it didn't sound the same way as when you just see it

01:03:59   written down with a guy smiling next to it.

01:04:02   Like it felt like he was, like he had remorse

01:04:05   for the fact that he was doing it.

01:04:06   He talks about his kids, but kind of talks about it,

01:04:10   I felt, in the light of like,

01:04:12   he really believed in his idea and he was making a sacrifice.

01:04:15   Now I'm not saying that people should do that,

01:04:17   but it was different in the show

01:04:19   to how it looks as this like, just this quote next to a dude

01:04:23   and it looks like he's telling you that you have to do this

01:04:27   as opposed to it being a consequence

01:04:29   of the life that he chose.

01:04:31   Would you agree, Steven?

01:04:32   - Yeah, I mean in the show, like you definitely,

01:04:35   I definitely felt bad for the guy

01:04:37   and I disagreed with a lot of his decision making.

01:04:40   I mean like, you and I have a, well,

01:04:42   so we have a sort of start up and like we see our families.

01:04:45   But I agree with you and as a standalone ad,

01:04:47   it was a really poor judgment.

01:04:51   But in the show I didn't feel like it was as bad.

01:04:53   But yeah, it definitely was like whoever bought that ad

01:04:56   should have run it by somebody.

01:04:58   And I think it's a little unfair

01:05:01   to judge the show on that ad.

01:05:03   That's not, to balance that guy,

01:05:06   the other app that's really the focus of it

01:05:08   is called Companion.

01:05:10   And it was two friends who met in college

01:05:12   and who worked on this app in college

01:05:15   and have continued to work on it after school.

01:05:17   and their relationship seemed really good and healthy.

01:05:20   And so it's not all people working 24 hours a day.

01:05:23   So I think even in the show they did a good job

01:05:25   at balancing that out a little bit.

01:05:26   - Yeah.

01:05:27   - But as a San

01:05:41   in the show, you have the pitch,

01:05:43   which is what people were mocking

01:05:45   when they first showed it,

01:05:47   where you are riding an escalator down to the judges,

01:05:52   and you have 60 seconds, and so if it's just you,

01:05:55   you talk on the way downstairs.

01:05:57   A couple of the businesses obviously had partners,

01:05:59   and they took turns talking, and everyone on the show,

01:06:02   like they said they spent time on,

01:06:05   it was well polished, well done,

01:06:09   like they know what they're gonna say,

01:06:10   they've clearly practiced this pitch over and over.

01:06:13   And by the time you reach the bottom of the escalator,

01:06:16   it's a sentence I just said seriously,

01:06:20   you get voted on by the four advisors.

01:06:25   And the mechanism here is really funny,

01:06:30   they vote on iPads, but they're like trying to hide

01:06:34   from the camera what they vote on,

01:06:36   so they have the iPad up under their arm

01:06:39   and like tapping a button underneath.

01:06:41   And apparently their whole screen turns red or green

01:06:43   'cause on several shots you can see like the glow

01:06:44   of the iPad like on their clothing

01:06:46   so you know what they voted.

01:06:47   Like the iPad mechanism here is really like awkward

01:06:51   and I just kept thinking about it and noticing it.

01:06:53   - They're also swiping left and right as well

01:06:55   which is funny.

01:06:55   - It's Tinder for startups really.

01:06:57   - Yeah, pretty much.

01:06:58   I did actually like, I think that the execution

01:07:01   of the escalator metaphor worked well.

01:07:04   It worked as well as I expected it would.

01:07:06   It added tension, right?

01:07:08   were people that were clearly cracking because of it and were speeding up towards the end.

01:07:12   I think it served the purpose of showing the time, right? I think that's what they were

01:07:16   trying to do. And again, I know that an escalator pitch doesn't exist, but there's just no sensible

01:07:22   way to do this in an elevator. Like it just doesn't work. With the tools that they have

01:07:26   and to create a standalone set with it, I actually think that the escalator metaphor

01:07:30   worked really well. Like it was a good way to see how long the pitch was continuing for.

01:07:35   added drama, I think that it worked.

01:07:38   - I wonder if they were on the phone

01:07:41   with the production company,

01:07:42   and they were like, "Yeah, we're gonna do an elevator pitch,"

01:07:44   and the guy was going through a tunnel,

01:07:45   he's like, "What, an escalator pitch?

01:07:47   "You sure you want an escalator?"

01:07:48   The guy's like, "Yeah, build an elevator,"

01:07:49   and they ended up with an escalator on set,

01:07:51   and it was too late.

01:07:52   (laughing)

01:07:54   So Myke, we should probably talk about the advisors, right?

01:07:57   Like who is here and what they do,

01:07:59   and why they're important, are they important?

01:08:02   What do you think?

01:08:03   Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Vaynerchuk, Will.I.Am.

01:08:07   I think everybody had an interesting showing

01:08:10   throughout the entire episode.

01:08:11   There are moments where each of them seem like

01:08:13   they really know what they're talking about

01:08:15   and there are moments where each of them feel like

01:08:16   they don't know what they're talking about.

01:08:18   And I think it was just because everyone's trying

01:08:21   to have their say but everybody has their skills.

01:08:24   Like I can't remember, I think it might have been

01:08:27   in the Pear app for example.

01:08:29   No, on one of the apps, Jessica Alba,

01:08:32   she's talking about things and it's like,

01:08:34   do you know what you're talking about?

01:08:35   But then in other ones, she like super is on it, right?

01:08:38   Like she's having great ideas

01:08:39   and throwing out great suggestions.

01:08:41   It was the same for Gary Vaynerchuk as well.

01:08:44   Like there are things that they're talking about

01:08:46   where it's like, he knows what he's talking about right now.

01:08:47   Like this is his wheelhouse,

01:08:49   but there are others where it's like,

01:08:51   I think that you actually are just trying to say something

01:08:54   for the sake of it, right?

01:08:55   Like it felt like that there were just moments

01:08:58   where each of the advisors shine

01:09:02   more than the others, but it feels like they all have to

01:09:05   have their say or they're told that they all need to say

01:09:08   something about every company,

01:09:10   even if it doesn't fit within their skillset.

01:09:12   - And a couple times at their credit, they say,

01:09:16   I don't think I would be helpful to you.

01:09:18   I don't feel like my skillset matches what you need.

01:09:21   And I liked that, I liked that that got left in.

01:09:23   So you're right on the escalator,

01:09:27   these advisors vote on you,

01:09:29   so their names turn green or red

01:09:31   this very dramatic giant iPad on the floor, basically,

01:09:35   like in a circle, and they ask you questions,

01:09:38   but if you get one green when you get to the bottom

01:09:44   of the escalator, then you can continue your pitch.

01:09:47   So you have a couple more minutes,

01:09:49   you get to show them a demo, and then the advisors

01:09:52   discuss amongst themselves and with you,

01:09:56   are we all out?

01:09:58   I think there was one app where after the pitch,

01:10:00   the full pitch they all backed out and so then this person just had to go back to being

01:10:04   a barista. This was the twist app which was the worst one and I'm so pleased that they

01:10:09   kept it in. So it was an online dating app that was built for people to attend events.

01:10:14   So you would look at the app, you'd find an event, you'd select the event you wanted to

01:10:19   go to and then there'd be a list of people that had also chosen and they wanted to go

01:10:22   to that event and then you could like select the people and then maybe you could talk to

01:10:27   them and arranged to meet at this event, right? So I think it was Gary Vaynerchuk who said,

01:10:31   "Yeah, like, okay." He was like the only person, right? And then immediately Jessica Alba just,

01:10:37   like, destroys the company. Like, just absolutely ruins them. But the idea that, like, if you are

01:10:45   a girl in this scenario, or a woman, and you have chosen to go to this event, people are going to

01:10:53   see your picture right the men and women will see each other's picture if you're

01:10:56   like the one woman in a list of like ten other guys all those ten guys know

01:11:02   you're gonna be at that event whether you selected them or not and she was

01:11:05   like so this so she said this one girl shows up and then all these guys are

01:11:10   just like trying to find her in the event because they know she's gonna be

01:11:13   there and it's like how can you not see that and like she just lays into them

01:11:18   over and over again and then eventually like everyone's like not the one

01:11:23   nothing to do with this. This is terrible. Like you've clearly not thought this thing

01:11:26   through. And I think that is it Gary Benichock? He says it's just a bunch of dudes making

01:11:32   something for dudes.

01:11:33   Yeah. Pretty brutal.

01:11:35   And it's like, yeah, you made a really good point. And I think Jessica Alba was like,

01:11:39   why don't you try and employ a woman who can actually advise you on this? And the whole

01:11:43   thing is really good and I'm pleased they kept all of it in because it shows that this

01:11:49   This is one of the things that showed the varying levels of understanding amongst the

01:11:54   panel, but also is showing some kind of an idea of a systemic problem in app development

01:12:00   in Silicon Valley, where more female voices are needed and thoughts are needed to be put

01:12:06   into these applications before they're put out into the world, because this app works

01:12:10   well for men.

01:12:11   It clearly does not work well for women.

01:12:13   So they did not get any money.

01:12:16   So you pitch, you get either, you get kicked out

01:12:20   at this point or an advisor, you know,

01:12:23   through a process you are assigned an advisor,

01:12:27   so one of the four.

01:12:28   And then phase two is the founders working with that advisor

01:12:33   and there's no, at least in episode one,

01:12:36   there's no technology really involved in this phase.

01:12:39   So one of them, the companion app,

01:12:41   which is like basically an app to like

01:12:43   promote safety amongst friends, like hey I'm walking home,

01:12:46   Apple tell you when I get home, et cetera.

01:12:48   They ran into a problem where Google basically released

01:12:51   the same thing and their advisor, Gary Vaynerchuk,

01:12:55   is freaking out about it and makes them do all this work

01:12:57   and call security companies and get partnerships.

01:13:00   It's more on the business side

01:13:03   and not so much on the tech side.

01:13:04   The show's not gonna be about like,

01:13:06   oh, your Swift doesn't compile.

01:13:07   You need this bracket somewhere, right?

01:13:09   But more the human and sort of the business side of it.

01:13:14   And then ultimately, the advisor and the founders

01:13:18   go to meet with VCs, and so you go and ask for money

01:13:22   from another panel of I think three or four people,

01:13:25   and you either get funding at that point or you don't.

01:13:28   So there's like multiple levels you kinda have to achieve

01:13:32   before receiving money.

01:13:36   But even if you don't make VC money,

01:13:37   these apps are all in the App Store.

01:13:39   They are all, there's a plan at the app's feature page,

01:13:43   which we can dig up for the show notes.

01:13:45   So you can go check them out.

01:13:46   These are real apps.

01:13:48   You can really use them.

01:13:50   They talk about their sign-up and their user base

01:13:54   and this sort of stuff.

01:13:55   It's all real stuff, which is kind of nice,

01:13:57   as opposed to sometimes there's shows like this

01:14:00   where it's all manufactured or it's not something

01:14:03   that I, as the audience member, can interact with.

01:14:06   My wife likes a lot of home renovation shows

01:14:09   that are kind of like this, right?

01:14:10   Like Human Element, sometimes Fake Drama,

01:14:13   but like stuff, you know, but I can't like move

01:14:16   into that house.

01:14:17   But this, I could go download a companion

01:14:19   and my family knows that I'm safe,

01:14:21   you know, after a bike ride or something.

01:14:22   So that part is really nice and I like that,

01:14:24   but you know, all in all it's like, it's reality TV

01:14:29   and it's just not for me.

01:14:31   - I think that the show did a good job of showing

01:14:33   the way that the companies progress,

01:14:35   like the way that their pitches progress.

01:14:37   There's this whole funny thing where this app pair

01:14:40   is talking about AR and the fact that nobody can do it

01:14:42   And Gary Vaynerchuk just destroys the guy,

01:14:45   'cause he's like, "You're wrong, people can do it."

01:14:47   And it's so funny to see this guy talking about

01:14:50   how great his VR technology is,

01:14:52   having now Apple released ARKit,

01:14:55   which probably does an insane amount of the stuff

01:14:58   that this guy can do.

01:15:00   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:15:01   His whole technology stack just got replaced

01:15:04   by an SDK from Apple.

01:15:06   - And it's literally, his company ends in,

01:15:09   his story ends in the idea of trying to sell his SDK.

01:15:12   Yeah, whoops, good luck.

01:15:16   That was the guy who was like, "I'm never going to see my kids again."

01:15:20   He'll have lots of time with them now.

01:15:23   The companion app, which was the one that had the nicest story and it was the wholesome

01:15:27   app that really could do something.

01:15:31   They had a good end that I liked.

01:15:32   I think Gary Vaynerchuk really helped steer them through and helped push them in different

01:15:38   directions that ultimately resulted in them doing a good job at the end of the show.

01:15:44   So I think that the advisors actually do a good job, right? They show their worth, especially

01:15:51   when it gets to that second stage, because it shows them in their environments being

01:15:55   able to apply their skill set. Jessica Alba helps the Pear app move through their route,

01:16:01   and Gary Vaynerchuk helps the companion app sail through some choppy waters. I think that

01:16:06   this is where they really shine when they're kind of out of the studio environment and

01:16:10   they're in their environments.

01:16:12   You know, I think the show was pretty good.

01:16:15   I think it was totally fine for what it's supposed to be.

01:16:18   I think the production values were pretty good.

01:16:21   I think it kind of nailed the points that it needed to.

01:16:24   I am interested in watching more of it.

01:16:26   I think that 45 minutes is a little bit long.

01:16:30   I feel like they should try and...

01:16:32   I would like to see the episodes be a little bit shorter than that.

01:16:35   I was hoping it would be around the half hour mark so maybe they just need less pitches

01:16:39   you know.

01:16:41   Maybe they could stretch it out over a longer series of time by just showing two pitches

01:16:44   instead of three for each episode and kind of following those through.

01:16:49   But I do think it's good and I really like Gary Vaynerchuk, Steven I know you don't,

01:16:53   but I really like him and I think that he did a good job of being him but not being

01:16:57   like completely overboard and I think that he again, I think more than anybody on the

01:17:02   panel showed his understanding of this type of technology because I think that he probably

01:17:08   has his hand in it way more than anybody else does. I think Will.I.Am was the most disappointing

01:17:12   of the entire show.

01:17:14   He just sat there and he stared at people as they made bad pitches.

01:17:18   Yeah, he didn't really do anything and I think it was obvious, right? He was always there

01:17:24   as just kind of like a person who knows reality television. Again, I don't think people know

01:17:30   this in the US but the voice which was created in the UK will.i.am has been on the voice

01:17:35   panel for the entire time so like he is he understands how to do this type of reality

01:17:40   TV that's why he's there I think but he actually added the least to the show overall.

01:17:48   Yeah and you know I do find Vaynerchuk a little intense he does say at one point I swear in

01:17:56   my children's lives if you don't do this I won't take a meeting like that's a little

01:17:59   intense.

01:18:00   - He's a very hyperbolic person though, right?

01:18:02   Like that's just him. - Oh yeah, sure.

01:18:03   Oh yeah, but I, you know.

01:18:05   - I know, it's, yeah. - No doubt, out of the four,

01:18:08   he has the most experience in this,

01:18:09   and like, well-earned success.

01:18:11   Like I don't, you know, I find him intense,

01:18:14   but it's hard to argue with his success.

01:18:17   And I think, like the companion founders,

01:18:21   they went in saying, "We want to work with him."

01:18:23   And I think out of the four, he has the most to offer,

01:18:26   you know most startups that come through the show.

01:18:30   - If anything just because he runs a huge marketing company

01:18:33   now right like that is as valuable as anything.

01:18:37   - What is he famous for again?

01:18:40   - Gary Vaynerchuk he created a company,

01:18:42   I can't remember the name it's Wine Library,

01:18:46   then he made a video web a web video series

01:18:48   called Wine Library TV which became really popular

01:18:51   because of his presentation style to the point

01:18:53   that he then created a video production company I think

01:18:55   and now he runs a huge marketing company.

01:18:57   Because he became popular because of the way

01:19:02   that he would market his product.

01:19:04   Like that was what kind of brought him into the public eye.

01:19:07   So he's a marketing guy, right?

01:19:09   That is what he is through and through.

01:19:12   Wine Library TV, I don't like wine.

01:19:14   I used to watch that show because it was so entertaining.

01:19:17   So back in the old Revision 3 days with Dignation.

01:19:22   That wasn't used to watch that.

01:19:24   So yeah, I'm gonna keep watching it.

01:19:25   Steve and I assume you won't.

01:19:26   Federico, I recommend that you do.

01:19:27   - Yeah, I think I will.

01:19:28   Yeah, seems like something that I will enjoy.

01:19:31   - Yeah, this is not a categorically bad

01:19:33   television show, in my opinion.

01:19:34   - No.

01:19:35   - It's just reality TV.

01:19:36   - No, I agree.

01:19:37   I agree, I mean, I think if you like this sort of thing,

01:19:40   then I think you would like the show.

01:19:42   I think we skipped over it.

01:19:44   We should say, this is part of Apple Music, right?

01:19:46   So, episode one was free to anyone in the iTunes store,

01:19:49   so I just downloaded it on my iPad yesterday.

01:19:52   But I think moving forward,

01:19:53   you have to be an Apple Music subscriber

01:19:55   and there's like an Apple Music tag at the beginning of it.

01:19:58   Which is, you know, it's a little,

01:20:01   it's a little strange.

01:20:03   I wonder if Apple had known they were gonna be doing TV

01:20:05   when they launched Apple Music

01:20:06   if they would have renamed it something else.

01:20:08   Or maybe there's a rebrand coming.

01:20:10   But it's part of that whole system.

01:20:14   And I think that makes sense,

01:20:16   like as awkward as the naming is,

01:20:17   I think it makes more sense to brand this Apple Music

01:20:19   and have it for those paid subscribers,

01:20:21   which they just announced last week,

01:20:22   I think it's 27 million Apple Music subscribers,

01:20:26   than just having it iTunes for sale.

01:20:28   Like, Apple Music is a more exciting brand

01:20:30   and the people there are gonna be more engaged.

01:20:32   So I think Apple's doing the right thing

01:20:33   by putting it there, but it means some like awkward,

01:20:36   you know, language stuff because it's TV and music product.

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