134: Minimum Viable Keynote


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00:00:15   My name is Myke Hurley.

00:00:16   I am joined by Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:19   Hey buddy.

00:00:20   How you doing?

00:00:21   I'm good.

00:00:22   We got some stuff to talk about today.

00:00:23   Yeah, I think Federico's on a fainting couch somewhere today.

00:00:26   [Laughter]

00:00:27   He couldn't make it today.

00:00:28   I think he fell down, he couldn't get up, and he'll be back next week.

00:00:33   Yeah.

00:00:34   So, we should do some follow-up.

00:00:37   I had one of those instances last week on the show where as I was saying something,

00:00:41   part of my brain was doubting what I was saying.

00:00:44   And turns out that that doubt was well placed.

00:00:47   So we were talking, well, I was talking and the two of you were playing Zelda, about Thunderbolt

00:00:52   ports on the MacBook Pro.

00:00:55   And I said something about the 15-inch has limited PCI lanes, and so the Thunderbolt

00:01:03   ports maybe aren't the same everywhere.

00:01:05   So anyways, here's what's actually true.

00:01:08   The 15-inch Thunderbolt USB-C Touch Bar MacBook Pro, you know, has four of those ports, and

00:01:18   it delivers full performance on all four ports, which is great.

00:01:22   So if you have a 15 inch MacBook Pro,

00:01:23   the left side ports and the right side ports

00:01:25   offer the same speed of data transfer.

00:01:29   What I got wrong was the 13 inch

00:01:32   Touch Bar 4 port MacBook Pro, the one that I have now.

00:01:36   And the left hand ports are full sized,

00:01:40   full speed I should say, but the right hand ports

00:01:43   deliver all the same functionality,

00:01:45   but they have reduced bandwidth.

00:01:46   So the data transfer, if you're transferring

00:01:48   over Thunderbolt 3, is a little bit slower

00:01:51   those right-hand ports. My guess is that in the real world like I just don't see

00:01:57   this being a huge problem. You know I've got this machine but like I'm not

00:02:05   doing anything over Thunderbolt 3 directly right like I'm adapting out to

00:02:11   other things that fall well within the speed cap. You know I'm not I don't have

00:02:17   a Thunderbolt 3 raid that I'm using right that's like fully saturating that

00:02:21   connection. I'd be curious if people are running into that or if you've read

00:02:26   anything about it. I haven't even really read much about this out on the internet

00:02:29   but there is a support article because that's what I do in the show notes that

00:02:34   outlines all of this. I will say reading through this document it is perhaps the

00:02:41   most confusing thing like ever to do with the Mac.

00:02:46   It's got Thunderbolt 2 displays and accessories,

00:02:49   you have standard USB stuff, you have HDMI,

00:02:52   you can use VGA, like just all the stuff

00:02:55   this port can do is great, right?

00:02:56   That it is the sort of all in one,

00:03:01   all encompassing port, like that's great,

00:03:05   like that's the future, right?

00:03:05   But it comes with all this fine print,

00:03:07   like even in the chat room now they're saying

00:03:09   You can't run two of the 5K displays

00:03:12   on a single side of the 15 inch.

00:03:14   You've gotta have one on the left and one on the right.

00:03:16   So there are all these little things you have to be aware of

00:03:21   if you're fully diving into this world.

00:03:24   Now, would a Thunderbolt 3 iMac have the same problems?

00:03:28   I don't know.

00:03:28   Would a future 13 or 15 inch MacBook Pro

00:03:31   have these problems?

00:03:31   I don't know.

00:03:33   But I can say that a professional desktop Mac,

00:03:39   let's call it, I'm gonna make up this name,

00:03:40   I'm gonna pull it out of thin air, the Mac Pro.

00:03:42   I kinda like that name.

00:03:43   If a Mac Pro were to exist with this stuff,

00:03:46   I would expect that there would be enough

00:03:49   horsepower behind it for all these ports to work the same

00:03:52   and you could do anything you want to with them.

00:03:54   So if you have one of these machines

00:03:55   or you're thinking about buying one,

00:03:57   check out this article.

00:03:58   None of this is a showstopper.

00:03:59   I've got the 13 inch touch bar.

00:04:01   Again, it's been no problem for me,

00:04:03   but I'm just using it as a notebook

00:04:05   and plugging USB stuff into it occasionally.

00:04:08   But anyway, so there's that.

00:04:09   So a bunch of people emailed me about that.

00:04:11   Thank you all.

00:04:12   Like I said, it was one of those times on the show

00:04:14   was like, I don't think this is what I'm saying

00:04:16   is actually correct, but I can't do anything about it

00:04:18   'cause I'm mid-sentence.

00:04:19   So that's why we have follow-up, Myke.

00:04:21   That's why we have follow-up.

00:04:23   - Super Mario Run is coming to Android on March 23rd.

00:04:27   It's for version two of the application,

00:04:29   which launches on iPhone on the same day.

00:04:32   There are new features, including new characters

00:04:35   will be available, but I don't think

00:04:38   there's any more information about that.

00:04:40   They're just saying that's what's coming in version two.

00:04:43   I'm interested to see if Nintendo will release any data

00:04:46   about sales on Android.

00:04:48   I just wonder how it will compare to the iPhone on iOS.

00:04:52   I have no real hypothesis to it honestly,

00:04:55   because iOS users on the whole seem to be frustrated

00:04:59   by the in-app purchase.

00:05:01   So I just wonder what that experience

00:05:03   will be like on Android.

00:05:04   So I'm keen to see stuff, you know,

00:05:06   because as well with Androids you get in the Play Store,

00:05:09   you get like a rough idea of how many times

00:05:11   it's been downloaded, so we'll get that.

00:05:13   And then kind of compounding that with reviews,

00:05:15   I guess we'll get a similar idea as to how it will perform.

00:05:18   But who knows, for all we know Nintendo is looking

00:05:21   to change something about this with version two.

00:05:24   But that's coming just in a couple of days here.

00:05:26   On the same day, I think March 23rd is also when Samsung

00:05:29   is having its event for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus,

00:05:34   which they look very interesting.

00:05:37   There's been a bunch of leaks going around and--

00:05:40   - Yeah, we know all about that phone.

00:05:42   - It is a really, really good looking phone.

00:05:45   If you haven't seen it, I will put a link in the show notes

00:05:50   to @EeveeLeaks, the most recent kind of leaks

00:05:54   of what the phone is gonna look like.

00:05:56   I remain very interested in the design

00:06:02   of the new Samsung phones.

00:06:04   So yeah.

00:06:08   - So yeah, so talking about new phones,

00:06:12   I don't know, this is not a good segue here.

00:06:14   Colorware, which you may be familiar with,

00:06:16   they're the company that they take tech products

00:06:19   and basically take them apart and paint them.

00:06:21   It seems like a crazy business, but they are totally a thing

00:06:24   and they have released what they're calling

00:06:26   the iPhone 7 Plus Retro.

00:06:29   So this is a iPhone 7 Plus, painted to look like a 1980s era Mac.

00:06:37   Really it looks more like an Apple II or something even.

00:06:41   But it is beige, it's got the little lines like the Snow White design, got the six color

00:06:46   Apple logo on the back.

00:06:48   They did an iMac like this maybe last year, we can find that maybe for the show notes

00:06:54   as well.

00:06:55   Really incredible looking.

00:06:58   It is expensive, it is a SIM-free 256 gigabyte phone,

00:07:02   so that phone is normally $969 in the US.

00:07:07   This phone is $1900, so a little bit of a premium there.

00:07:12   But it looks awesome.

00:07:16   Sometimes an article will happen or a story will break

00:07:19   where like the entire internet needs to tell me about it

00:07:22   and this was that story this month.

00:07:24   Like I don't know, I'm still getting tweets about it

00:07:26   even though I wrote about it a little bit.

00:07:28   But it is pretty awesome looking and part of me, if I were just made of money, would

00:07:34   be extremely tempted by it.

00:07:35   Oh my god, I just found the iMac.

00:07:37   It's legit.

00:07:38   They don't sell it anymore.

00:07:39   I want the keyboard and mouse.

00:07:42   Because they do that in the same colors.

00:07:44   So flat out, right, this phone, this color-wear phone, is beautiful.

00:07:50   That is so good looking.

00:07:52   even just because like oh it's retro just like all of it just looks fantastic

00:07:57   right like it looks really good so I wanted to put to our listeners if

00:08:01   anyone's found a case that looks like this yeah let us know I want to see that

00:08:07   I wanted to say right like would you buy this let's say it was a little bit less

00:08:13   right let's say it was like 1200 1300 right which is push in what a plus

00:08:19   costs. Sure. What if the unicorn phone will cost me? Yeah.

00:08:24   Would you do something like this? Like if it wasn't, if it was like a

00:08:28   couple of hundred dollars more? I mean like the part of me that loves old

00:08:34   tech would say yes but like the pragmatic side of me says no just because

00:08:37   it's like it's a weird thing like what happens if I drop it and break it

00:08:41   or I need some sort of like repair on it right like what if it hisses? Oh god.

00:08:47   Remember that? So no, I mean it's beautiful and it's like, you know...

00:08:53   It's about a $900 premium. Yeah, but like I use a phone, like a phone for me needs

00:09:00   to be really like pragmatic and the usability trumps all and if I had this I

00:09:05   would be afraid of hurting it or just want to look at it right like have it on

00:09:08   the shelf and like you know really like my phone is some days the most

00:09:12   important computer in my life and I need it to function and I need to you know

00:09:16   not be afraid of something happening to it.

00:09:18   So I would say no, but boy does it look good.

00:09:22   I would have a poster of it in a heartbeat.

00:09:25   - Yeah, I do want a case.

00:09:27   I need a new case.

00:09:28   We might speak about this later.

00:09:29   Apple released new cases today.

00:09:31   New colors, right, along with some other stuff,

00:09:34   which we'll just refer to collectively as stuff.

00:09:37   And none of the new case colors really push my buttons,

00:09:41   like the new silicon ones.

00:09:43   So I need a new one 'cause mine's broken,

00:09:45   So I'm in the market for a case.

00:09:47   I don't have to get an Apple case.

00:09:48   Like if anyone finds a case that looks like that,

00:09:50   like I would get something like that.

00:09:52   Otherwise I'm just going to go back down to sort of come root.

00:09:54   - Yeah.

00:09:56   Well, it'd be a future follow-up, I guess.

00:09:57   - I guess so.

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00:11:35   Alright, so it is Tuesday the 21st of March 2017.

00:11:43   As we record this, yesterday it became abundantly clear that Apple was going to put some new

00:11:48   stuff on their website.

00:11:49   The store was going down for maintenance.

00:11:52   Hashtag web objects.

00:11:55   Yeah, this is, I don't think, I mean I'm starting to believe now that they do this for the buzz.

00:12:01   But anyway.

00:12:02   I don't know.

00:12:03   Anyway, whatever it is.

00:12:04   They add music to iTunes without iTunes going down.

00:12:06   And apps, and you know, stuff can be added without there being a craziness.

00:12:15   We're all expecting, I think, new iPad Pros, because they're effectively due at this point,

00:12:23   maybe some Mac bumps as well.

00:12:26   Maybe we'd see Thunderbolt C iMac.

00:12:28   Especially, look, we've been speaking

00:12:30   for weeks and weeks and weeks,

00:12:31   and probably again next week,

00:12:33   about this new iPad line,

00:12:36   about this, you know, maybe a mini,

00:12:38   there being like a new 10.5 inch Pro,

00:12:41   but I think we're, I was at least expecting today

00:12:43   to get a bump to the 12.9 to give it a true tone

00:12:46   and maybe a new processor.

00:12:48   Because that machine now, the iPad Pro 12.9 inch,

00:12:52   is like 18 months old. It was introduced in September, last September, September 4. I'm

00:13:02   very confused about calendars right now. But it's old. It was introduced with the 6s.

00:13:10   So there you go. It's old.

00:13:14   A year and a half old.

00:13:16   But we didn't get any of that. But we did get some stuff. And I want to run through

00:13:20   this stuff. So something that we'd heard rumoured that was coming was a product red iPhone 7.

00:13:27   It is interesting to me thinking about this now that Apple has never done this before.

00:13:31   There has been product red cases but not a red colourway. So there is a product red iPhone

00:13:39   7 in the mix now. It is red aluminium with a white front. Now lots of people don't like

00:13:50   of people do like that. I don't honestly I my feeling is all red that's what I

00:13:56   want I don't think that either black or white looks any better than the other

00:13:59   for my tastes I figure you just should just go all red I don't know why the

00:14:04   colors need to have a white face on them but they do. Yeah well it's glass you

00:14:11   know maybe they have an issue with that it matches someone in the chat room point

00:14:14   out it matches the iPod touch. iPod touch yeah and I think that makes it

00:14:19   - It's a little bit colored on the back.

00:14:20   - Honestly.

00:14:21   - A little bit, I don't like white on the front.

00:14:23   I do really like the red,

00:14:25   I really like the white Apple logo on the back.

00:14:27   - Yeah, that's nice to know.

00:14:28   - I think this is really nice.

00:14:30   And you know, Product Red started with the iPods.

00:14:34   There was, you know, iPod Nanos and then the Touch,

00:14:37   but you're right, it's never come to a phone.

00:14:39   And so I think that's pretty cool.

00:14:41   - Yeah, so you know, it's there if you want it.

00:14:43   I think if I was buying,

00:14:46   I was buying an iPhone today I might do it. It would be in the running for me, right?

00:14:52   Seriously because it's a fun new color. It's different. It is a color. I've wanted a color

00:14:57   in the iPhone line for a while. The iPhone 7 with Product Red is $749 for 128 and $849

00:15:06   for 256. The Plus is $869 for 128 gig and $969 for 256 gig. Basically these are the

00:15:13   same price as the jet black which makes sense. So that's that. If you want it you can get

00:15:19   it. I don't know who wants it. I assume that there are people that will get it. But I don't

00:15:26   know if... This just doesn't feel like the right time to be buying an iPhone basically.

00:15:32   That's what's weird about it right? That it's mid-cycle. And it feels kind of mid-cycle.

00:15:37   I'm on the buy page now for the iPhone 7 and you choose a model and it's all the other

00:15:42   colors. Then up at the top there's a little banner saying, "Oh, it's available in red

00:15:45   now too!" Apparently they didn't have enough time to get that integrated on the website.

00:15:50   But it is, yeah, it's mid-cycle, right? We haven't seen this on the mainstream iPhone

00:15:56   before. Are they trying to prop up sales, you know, in those later quarters of an iPhone's

00:16:03   life? I think the reality is people upgrade phones year-round, right? The holiday quarter

00:16:08   is the biggest, but people do it year-round and maybe they're trying to help that along

00:16:13   a little bit.

00:16:14   But I think it's nice.

00:16:17   The question I have is will the red stick around so when the 7S comes out this fall,

00:16:22   will there be a red one and will it be kind of integrated all at the same time?

00:16:24   I think so too.

00:16:25   I think it will definitely be there.

00:16:29   But it is interesting too that it is the special edition.

00:16:34   They're calling it the slug and everything on the websites,

00:16:37   like iPhone 7 special edition.

00:16:38   So I don't know.

00:16:40   It's just really interesting.

00:16:44   My gut says that, I mean they could have done this earlier,

00:16:50   I think they could have always done it earlier,

00:16:51   but I think they wanted it to be a little splashy

00:16:54   in the spring, so I think this was planned out.

00:16:57   And a little bit of a note, it's 128 or 256 gigs,

00:17:04   there's not the base model to line up with the other phones.

00:17:07   So it's a little bit unique in that.

00:17:08   - It's the same with the Jet Black too though, right?

00:17:09   Isn't the Jet Black only available in those two?

00:17:12   I don't think you can get it in the lowest configuration.

00:17:14   - I don't know, let's find out together.

00:17:15   - I don't think you can.

00:17:16   I think it only has those two options,

00:17:18   like the higher pricing options.

00:17:20   I'm gonna see if I can be the first person to say this.

00:17:23   I mean, I don't even know if this is true,

00:17:26   but I feel like I've heard it enough now

00:17:28   that I'll mention it.

00:17:29   This might sell really well in China 'cause it's red.

00:17:33   and that might be good for Apple.

00:17:35   They might just be like, great,

00:17:36   let's put it in the mid-cycle.

00:17:38   We might sell a bunch of them in China,

00:17:40   and that will be really great for our earnings report.

00:17:43   I'm not saying it's the reason they do it, right?

00:17:45   Like it's great.

00:17:46   I mean, I wanna underscore, like the reason they do this,

00:17:48   the reason Apple's always done this

00:17:49   is to benefit toward AIDS charities, right?

00:17:54   The Product Red AIDS charity.

00:17:55   That's what this is for.

00:17:57   I haven't seen anything about how much money goes

00:18:00   to Product Red,

00:18:03   But I assume they put it at the high pricing

00:18:06   so they were able to do that.

00:18:08   They put it with their top tier pricing on the iPhone

00:18:10   so they would have more money to be able

00:18:12   to give to the charity.

00:18:13   So honestly, I hope it does sell in good enough numbers

00:18:17   and that Apple keeps doing it

00:18:18   because you get to have a great looking phone

00:18:20   and also benefit charity.

00:18:22   It's a good thing, it is a good thing.

00:18:24   It's just weird, it's weird, right?

00:18:28   Now there is another color,

00:18:29   when they already introduced another color,

00:18:31   are known as more colors, all the iPhones change in different colors I guess. The iPhone

00:18:37   SE also silently got a bump today, you cannot get 16 and 64GB anymore, it's now 32 and 128

00:18:46   with the same pricing no other changes. Right, it's the same phone they introduced almost

00:18:50   exactly a year ago, so it's got the A9, it's basically what the 6s inside. My wife's got

00:18:59   I bought her one. She loves it. It's whole it's holding up really well

00:19:01   Yeah, I think the SE is popular like I I do see them out and about

00:19:06   It's hard to spot them unless they're not in a case, but I definitely know people who have them and who like them

00:19:12   I'm not super shocked. We haven't seen a CPU bump. I think I think if this device sticks around it'll be a

00:19:19   Two-year type deal, which is fine. I totally fine

00:19:23   But yeah, I'm glad to see that capacity bump.

00:19:26   So 32 or 128, give some people some breathing room

00:19:30   who want a smaller phone but don't want to suffer

00:19:32   having a smaller storage device for the same reason.

00:19:36   - Yeah, I think what this might show,

00:19:40   I mean, kind of what I think is that they don't consider

00:19:43   the SE to just be a one and done.

00:19:45   - Yeah, yeah, I don't think it is.

00:19:49   I mean, I guess you could argue that they do this

00:19:52   and then they never updated again.

00:19:54   But I think the SE is gonna stick,

00:19:57   you know, especially if the 7S and 7S Pro,

00:20:01   like we've been talking about,

00:20:02   are basically the phones we have now but updated,

00:20:05   then there's still room in the lineup for the SE.

00:20:08   And-- - Yeah, I think so.

00:20:10   - I think that's fine.

00:20:12   Do it every couple years.

00:20:13   Keep it one revision behind.

00:20:17   So in another year it'll be kind of, I guess,

00:20:21   two year old internals or two and a half year old internals

00:20:23   but the reality is like iOS devices age better than ever.

00:20:28   I think it's fine, I'm not worried about the SE.

00:20:31   - I wanna jump back one step to just give one last complaint

00:20:35   about the red iPhone.

00:20:36   - Sure.

00:20:37   - The home button ring is silver, it should be red.

00:20:40   - It should be red.

00:20:41   - It should be red, they match the colors

00:20:42   on the other phones, you know.

00:20:44   I've got a gold one, rose gold phone gets a rose gold one,

00:20:47   silver phone gets a silver one,

00:20:49   That should be a red ring around the Touch ID thing.

00:20:51   Yep, agreed.

00:20:52   That would look kind of like a boss to have red.

00:20:58   Um, okay.

00:20:59   Apple have made an app.

00:21:03   This I've got, what was this?

00:21:05   I remember this thing coming up a while ago.

00:21:09   So there was a rumor in August of 2016, this is another case of Germin getting details

00:21:15   but the picture wrong, I think, that they were going to work on a social network or

00:21:21   a new app that would integrate with social networks.

00:21:27   That's what this does, but it is not a social network.

00:21:31   Clips is a tool to create something and send it to a social network.

00:21:36   But this is a story—and we don't know that Clips is what he was writing about, but

00:21:40   you can kind of assume.

00:21:41   A lot of the details are kind of there.

00:21:46   But there's that.

00:21:47   So Apple has been working on this.

00:21:50   He was saying that it's going to signal a renewed push that relies heavily on video.

00:21:56   Apple can leverage its cameras.

00:22:00   Matt Panzareno just tweeted a minute ago that Clips is not about social, it's about the

00:22:04   camera, that it's about pushing on that.

00:22:07   Totally makes sense to me.

00:22:08   This is a camera application.

00:22:10   not a social network.

00:22:12   - Yeah, it's to combine video clips, photos,

00:22:15   and music together to create these little videos

00:22:17   that you can share with friends through the Messages app,

00:22:20   and as Apple calls out in their press release,

00:22:22   or on stuff like Instagram, Facebook,

00:22:24   and other popular social networks.

00:22:25   There's a little video, there's real-time filters,

00:22:28   and there's some interesting new filters,

00:22:30   like a cartoon filter and stuff.

00:22:31   It reminds me of an app called Comic Life.

00:22:33   Do you remember Comic Life?

00:22:34   - Oh yeah, you would throw a picture in it,

00:22:36   and it would make it look like dithered and stuff,

00:22:39   all sorts of fun effects. Yeah. Plask made it. Same company that made Skitch. You can

00:22:45   still get it. It used to come pre-installed on Mac's Comic Life. Yeah dude, TBT. Look

00:22:53   at me, I know stuff. See now, now we're getting into the history that I know, right? Like

00:23:00   because this is... Weird bundled applications. We're just, as we move along the timeline,

00:23:05   the stuff that I started on becomes history, right? Like it's over ten years ago now. Anyhow,

00:23:09   So the focus is on making videos of these things.

00:23:11   And there's text and emoji and stuff that you can put on.

00:23:15   I want to read a couple of things from Apple's press release.

00:23:18   - Okay.

00:23:19   - With live titles is one of the things

00:23:21   that they've got in clips.

00:23:22   Users can add animated captions and titles

00:23:24   using just their voice.

00:23:25   Captions are generated automatically as a user speaks

00:23:28   and appear on screen, perfectly synced with the user's voice.

00:23:31   That's fricking awesome.

00:23:32   So you could be recording yourself.

00:23:34   - Until Apple has no idea what you said

00:23:36   and it just comes out nonsense.

00:23:37   - Well, I'm going to assume

00:23:38   that they're gonna get it right.

00:23:39   The dictation stuff is good, right?

00:23:41   The text dictation stuff is good, like I find anyway.

00:23:45   Anywho, but I think it's pretty cool.

00:23:46   So you would be saying something like, "Hey, look at me."

00:23:48   And then it would say like, "Hey, look at me."

00:23:50   I think that's kind of interesting.

00:23:53   I like that.

00:23:54   So I'm looking forward to trying it out.

00:23:56   It's coming out in April with iOS 10.3.

00:24:00   - Yeah, it's weird, right?

00:24:01   - I don't really know why they announced it today.

00:24:04   There's one other thing just for--

00:24:05   - Filler. (laughs)

00:24:07   - I guess so.

00:24:08   When sharing these directly with your friends in the messages app, clips suggest who to

00:24:13   share it with based on people who appear in the video using the face detection for photos.

00:24:17   That's crazy.

00:24:18   And it's kind of cool, I mean, I don't know what work you have to do to attach people,

00:24:23   because you'd have to attach contacts to the faces.

00:24:27   So yeah, but anyway, if you do that, that's kind of cool.

00:24:30   But yeah, it looks like a fun way to make simple videos to share.

00:24:35   I'm pleased that Apple is making tools

00:24:38   and not trying to make their own network.

00:24:40   I think that is a good, that's a good point.

00:24:43   - Yes.

00:24:45   Yeah, it is a fundamental difference, right?

00:24:48   So what Clips really is, like Clips,

00:24:52   the way I'm thinking about it,

00:24:53   is Clips could have been a panel in the camera app, right?

00:24:56   Like you swipe over to all the different modes,

00:24:58   it could have been there, and it would have been,

00:25:00   like, it would have been fine.

00:25:02   I think the reason it's separate is that,

00:25:04   A, the camera app already has like a thousand things in it,

00:25:07   but they want this to feel unique and fun and--

00:25:12   - No, I'm totally cool with it not being in a camera app.

00:25:15   - Yeah, I am too.

00:25:16   I'm saying it could have been there, but it's not.

00:25:18   That's great.

00:25:19   But it's definitely not a social network, right?

00:25:22   Like I can't scroll through this and see,

00:25:24   oh, this is the clip that Myke made.

00:25:25   This is the clip that Federico made.

00:25:28   This is a clip that someone else made.

00:25:30   This is, I am creating something in here

00:25:32   and I am pushing it out to the world via Instagram,

00:25:35   or it'll even go into Snapchat.

00:25:36   And honestly, so this morning, you know this,

00:25:41   I was running some errands and some family stuff

00:25:43   this morning and this news was breaking

00:25:46   as I was kinda out doing stuff.

00:25:48   And my first concern was,

00:25:50   oh no, they made an app that sounds,

00:25:54   just in reading the headlines on Twitter,

00:25:57   it sounds like how you describe Snapchat to your dad

00:26:00   and they made that, right?

00:26:01   Like that's what I was really afraid of.

00:26:04   But I don't think it's that.

00:26:05   I think this is something that, it feels appley in a way.

00:26:10   Like looking through these screenshots and like seeing how the UI is.

00:26:13   It feels like an Apple app.

00:26:15   I think there's a, I think, I mean we haven't used it, but I think there's going to be a

00:26:17   lot of fun and whimsy in it, which is great.

00:26:21   And then I get to choose what I do with this.

00:26:22   If I make these and I just save them to my camera roll and never share them, totally

00:26:26   fine.

00:26:27   Apple doesn't care.

00:26:28   If I make these and just put them on Instagram, which is what I'm going to do because I don't

00:26:30   understand Snapchat because I'm old. That's fine too. Like it's just a creation

00:26:34   tool and some of Apple's best apps are that, right? Like if you look at on the

00:26:41   Mac and on iOS you know these little apps like like music memos right like

00:26:45   it's not a full-blown editor you just kind of make some stuff and send it out

00:26:48   to GarageBand or Logic later and it's a great tool for that. I view this as that

00:26:54   sort of thing right it's just it's a toolbox to play in and then I can share

00:26:58   it wherever I want. Yeah I'm looking forward to playing around with it. I think it's one

00:27:05   of those things where this looks like a fun little app but just like it was released at

00:27:10   the wrong time because I was already in a bad mood. Right? Like we were all waiting

00:27:15   for stuff to drop and then it's like hey we've got this app that we're launching in a month.

00:27:19   And I was like eh it just seemed a bit strange to me. But one thing we did get, something

00:27:23   that always makes me happy is new Apple Watch bands. There's a bunch of new colors so they're

00:27:28   There are new sport and leather colours, so just straight up colours also in the Hermes

00:27:32   as well.

00:27:33   There's some new colour options.

00:27:36   You can now buy the Nike bands separately if you want them, so the ones with the holes

00:27:41   in them.

00:27:42   I actually really like the one that they call Platinum and White, which is grey and white.

00:27:46   I think it's a really good looking band.

00:27:48   But the thing that I'm most interested in is new nylon bands and for the first time

00:27:53   They have some bands that have three colors on them rather than two so they're in stripes.

00:27:59   The orange, the berry, the red and the pollen and also the Tahoe blue they're all like that

00:28:05   they all have like different shades on them. So I expect that I will get one or two of

00:28:10   these because I really love the nylon bands I find them really comfortable and I think

00:28:15   that these are some fun and interesting new colors. There's also a midnight blue which

00:28:19   I really like which is just one color but I like the midnight blue the

00:28:24   midnight blue is what I have a bunch of stuff in like I had a sport bounder that

00:28:29   my current case my broken case is a midnight blue so I like that color a lot

00:28:32   I think I like the red and the pollen the most or the orange is good too but I

00:28:37   think I like the red and the pollen the most yeah I will say too about the Nike

00:28:40   plus band so my series 2 watch is actually a Nike plus watch and oh really

00:28:46   Yeah. You can't lie to yourself. Well I just... Look at you. It was what they had in stock.

00:28:51   Uh-huh. Why do you... He's never mentioned that before. I don't know. Secrets. It's no different.

00:28:55   Like there's a watch face and... which is hideous. And what's on the band? You've got the band. So

00:29:01   I've got the band. So I don't... when I got it I was like I just put the band away. Like I wear

00:29:06   the regular sport band. I have a NATO watch band which I reviewed on 512. I don't think we talked

00:29:10   about on the show, but it's a great band.

00:29:12   We'll put a link to that in the show notes.

00:29:13   The thing about the Nike band though

00:29:17   is it is super lightweight.

00:29:20   Because it has all those holes punched in it,

00:29:21   it looks goofy, I don't really care for the way it looks.

00:29:24   But it weighs nothing.

00:29:26   And I have actually been wearing the Nike+ band

00:29:30   when I work out.

00:29:31   Because it's so light and punchful of holes,

00:29:34   it feels really good, but it doesn't get sweaty.

00:29:36   So I'm sure anyone who wears the nylon,

00:29:38   or the rubbery sport band knows this.

00:29:41   Like if you sweat in it, it's kinda gross

00:29:44   because it's like a solid chunk of rubber

00:29:45   and it's your skin and like you have to wash the thing off.

00:29:47   But all the holes in it make it much cooler to wear.

00:29:52   So I don't like wearing that band walking around,

00:29:54   but if I'm working out or if I'm going on a bike ride,

00:29:57   I really like it for that.

00:29:58   So if you work out a lot on your watch,

00:30:01   check out the Nike+ band.

00:30:02   Like the looks may not be for you,

00:30:04   but it's extremely functional and it's extremely comfortable.

00:30:07   it's more comfortable than the regular rubbery one

00:30:10   because it's so much softer, it bends so much better.

00:30:12   I'm a big fan of it, so I'm glad they're doing that

00:30:17   where you can just get one.

00:30:19   The one I have is the black one,

00:30:22   but the, yeah, that white one, or the gray and white one

00:30:26   looks really good too.

00:30:27   If I were to pick up a second one,

00:30:28   that'd be the one I would do.

00:30:30   - We're learning new things.

00:30:32   I saw something from Marco last night,

00:30:33   which was kind of funny, he sent out a tweet,

00:30:35   which I think maybe only Marco would know this.

00:30:39   He said it would be amusing for Apple

00:30:41   to launch new watch bands on day one of,

00:30:43   I'm gonna say this is called Bezelworld,

00:30:45   the watch industry's biggest annual event of new releases.

00:30:51   And it just made me laugh.

00:30:52   It's like, this is like when we say,

00:30:53   "Oh, they release things to CES."

00:30:55   But yeah, it really made me smile.

00:30:59   Like Marco's watch knowledge is helping keep informed

00:31:03   for all of us about Apple Watch band timed releases.

00:31:06   - Yeah, what's this, yeah, so I followed,

00:31:09   someone replied to him on Twitter,

00:31:11   is it Hodinkee, is that how you say it?

00:31:12   - Yeah, that's like, that's the big watch company

00:31:15   who CEOs Kevin Rose.

00:31:18   - Yeah, it's like the big watch, like they have a huge blog

00:31:20   and like on the top of their blog is the Hermes,

00:31:23   like their new straps and photos of them

00:31:25   and the colors and everything.

00:31:27   Yeah, so Apple, you know, we, I at least,

00:31:30   speak for myself, I sometimes forget that Apple is playing so much in the

00:31:35   fashion world with this. A, they've toned that down, right? I remember when

00:31:38   the Apple Watch launched and they invited a bunch of fashion bloggers

00:31:42   and they were set up in Paris, right? It was a little weird. They've

00:31:46   dialed that back, but with this edition of the Watch, they are still in that world.

00:31:50   And so they are there, they're showing it off. And I think it's great.

00:31:55   I think what Apple's done, I think, so the first generation of Watch,

00:31:59   they tried really hard to like span that gap, right?

00:32:02   So you had a sport watch and you had a gold one

00:32:03   that was whatever it was, $17,000 or whatever.

00:32:07   And they don't have that anymore.

00:32:08   Like the most expensive one is that white ceramic one

00:32:10   that you and I lust after so much.

00:32:12   Talking about things that are impractical to spend money on,

00:32:15   that watch, man, whew, I'm telling you.

00:32:18   - It's tough times.

00:32:20   - I'll just be honest with you and our listeners.

00:32:22   If my, like my book sold really well,

00:32:26   but if it had sold, if I had a benchmark

00:32:28   that didn't quite hit that I was thinking about buying that watch as a gift to myself

00:32:31   for the book. So go buy that book and I can go buy a new watch.

00:32:36   You already spent extra on the sport Nike one.

00:32:39   It's true.

00:32:40   So, you know.

00:32:41   So, yes, so it's good. It did great. Thank you for buying it. I'm not complaining.

00:32:47   What I haven't been talking about anymore. Anyways, so Apple has dialed that back a little

00:32:50   bit with their SKUs, but I think that they're doing a better job, like having these bands,

00:32:57   Was it twice a season, like spring and fall collections?

00:33:00   Turning them over, changing them out, so adding the nylon band was huge.

00:33:04   A lot of people wanted that.

00:33:06   It's not high fashion, right?

00:33:07   It's just something that normal people want, and they responded to it.

00:33:10   And changing these colors and changing the way they look, I think they're getting that

00:33:14   right.

00:33:15   And I think it keeps people interested.

00:33:18   People like you and me who I own, I don't even know how many, like four or five watchbands

00:33:21   now.

00:33:22   None of these new colors really jump out at me, so I'm probably going to skip them.

00:33:25   but every six months I know there may be something that catches my eye.

00:33:28   I think that's great.

00:33:30   Alright, we have more stuff.

00:33:33   Today's show is brought to you by Eero.

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00:34:41   It's not just an extender, this is all on one network so you're not switching from

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00:35:00   any time. You'll know how many devices are connected and also the internet speed you're

00:35:05   getting from your provider as well. Now Steven you I know have some Eero's at home and I

00:35:10   just kind of wondered if you had any thoughts about this.

00:35:14   I think where they really win is that easy setup.

00:35:17   You know, it's easy to hold up like the Apple Airports as being easy setup, but this really

00:35:22   redefines it.

00:35:23   So you don't have to be super nerdy.

00:35:26   Like you could ship these to somebody and they just open the iPhone app and follow the

00:35:29   directions and they've really made it super simple not only to set up but understand what's

00:35:34   going on, right?

00:35:35   So many of these routers have like complicated configuration screens and they're full of

00:35:39   jargon.

00:35:40   You have to understand like what you know what a NAT is and stuff like.

00:35:43   takes care of all that and it's the ease of use is so much like an Apple product

00:35:49   and I mean that in like the highest sense of praise that you can understand

00:35:53   what's going on you can set it up without a computer science degree and

00:35:56   you can feel confident that you set it up correctly right that it's not doing

00:36:00   weird things because it's just a very straightforward process. The average US

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00:36:21   Eero is the original whole home wifi system and they are just celebrating their first

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00:36:59   The iPad Air 2 is now the iPad. Apple are doing this again. You remember they did this

00:37:09   before? They decided that they were just going to call the iPad 4 or something. Just iPad.

00:37:14   Just straight up like retconning the entire thing. So we now have just iPad. We're going

00:37:20   to have to work out how we refer to this. I don't know what it is yet. I will wait for

00:37:25   Marco to come up with some kind of name I guess as he has been wont to do in recent

00:37:30   times. Maybe we could just call it the iPad disappointment.

00:37:33   Wow. Because that's how I feel today. I was looking

00:37:36   for iPad Pros. You're feeling how professional Mac users

00:37:39   have felt for a year and a half. Welcome. I am a professional iPad user, you know, and

00:37:44   I didn't get what I wanted today. This is a cheaper iPad which is good. It starts at

00:37:51   $39, 32 gigabytes. The Air 2 was $4.99 for 16. So it's a much better deal. Basically

00:38:00   what this iPad has got, the only new feature, the only new thing it's got is an A9 chip.

00:38:06   The Air 2 had an A8X chip. We now have an A9 chip in this new iPad. And because of this,

00:38:15   I expect is thicker and heavier. So the dimensions and weight are about the same as the original

00:38:22   Air. So the new iPad is 7.5mm in thickness as opposed to 6.1 that the Air 2 had and it

00:38:31   weighs 469 grams instead of 437 grams. There's no chamfer bezel which Steven has written

00:38:39   in a document he thinks is an improvement.

00:38:42   Yeah, the shiny edge has always bugged me.

00:38:46   Well the photos on the webpage show that it has the shiny edge so I don't know where

00:38:50   you got it.

00:38:51   No, no, no, no, the presser photos it looks just like the SE, like it's just the same

00:38:55   aluminum on the back.

00:38:56   Oh, I see what you mean, it doesn't have like an additional shininess to it.

00:39:00   Right.

00:39:01   I see what you're saying.

00:39:02   Yeah, it's just like the SE, I think, best I can tell from the photos.

00:39:06   Yeah this is an interesting iPad.

00:39:11   I think, so the price is super aggressive, right?

00:39:15   $329 for an iPad that is basically as up to date

00:39:19   as an iPad is today.

00:39:21   - Yep.

00:39:21   - For 32 gigs of space.

00:39:23   So a couple of weeks ago, I think it was on ATP,

00:39:29   someone, some podcast or somewhere,

00:39:32   they were talking about education only hardware,

00:39:35   like the EMAC or my beloved Power Mac G3 all-in-one.

00:39:39   I think it was ATP, 'cause Syracuse had mentioned

00:39:41   that computer, and he and I are the only two people

00:39:42   that know it exists.

00:39:43   And the idea was like, well, there's not an iPad for that.

00:39:47   For a long time, Apple was selling the iPad 2.

00:39:49   Remember that thing?

00:39:50   It never died.

00:39:51   They just kept selling it until, I think sometime

00:39:55   like a year and a half ago.

00:39:57   And it just got cheaper and cheaper, but it was old.

00:40:00   And some would argue that it held back iOS,

00:40:02   it held back feature requirements and that sort of thing.

00:40:06   This new iPad is not that.

00:40:09   It is-- we'll see how long it goes before they update it,

00:40:11   but it is up to date.

00:40:13   It has modern tech in it.

00:40:16   The A9 is a great processor.

00:40:19   It's what's in the iPad Pros right now.

00:40:21   I think they have the A9X, but it's on par, more or less,

00:40:25   with what we have.

00:40:26   And the price is so good.

00:40:28   The first thing I think about this is that it's for education.

00:40:31   We're going to get into that in a minute.

00:40:34   But it sort of replaced a little bit, I think,

00:40:37   the iPad Mini for families.

00:40:38   And maybe that's just my perspective as a parent,

00:40:40   but I was not gonna buy a $409 iPad for my kids to use.

00:40:45   But a $329 iPad that I can sync more movies on

00:40:48   is much more compelling.

00:40:50   And the iPad Mini 4 is only available in one SKU now.

00:40:55   You can get 128 gig model for 399.

00:40:58   The Mini 2 is dead.

00:41:00   I think the iPad Mini's done.

00:41:01   Like I think the iPad Mini 4 is still around,

00:41:04   but it didn't get an update today.

00:41:07   don't think it's I don't think it's

00:41:10   really going anywhere. I think the

00:41:11   future of the iPad mini is dark and

00:41:14   maybe this new iPad without any other

00:41:16   name just iPad is the answer. Maybe this

00:41:19   is going to be that low-end model that

00:41:21   sort of scoops up all those other users.

00:41:23   Scoops up education, scoops up people who

00:41:25   want it for their kids or for a family

00:41:28   member or if you just want a cheap iPad.

00:41:31   Right? If you want an iPad that's still good.

00:41:33   It's got good cameras. The chat room is saying it's the

00:41:35   the same cameras as the iPad Pro 12 inch? Sure. Like that's a compelling product and

00:41:44   I think even though you and a lot of other people wanted updated iPad Pros, I really

00:41:49   want that 10.5 inch model to be a thing. I don't think it's fair to this iPad to like

00:41:55   dump on it because we're sad about the others. I think this is a great device.

00:42:00   You can say that but it's not how I feel Steven. You can't tell me how to feel.

00:42:03   - I can't, well, I understand, right?

00:42:07   Believe me, believe me, I understand.

00:42:11   But I think on its own, this is a great product.

00:42:15   And I--

00:42:17   - Sure.

00:42:18   - I think what's really, I think what's interesting

00:42:22   about it is that the price is so much lower.

00:42:25   In a world where it's easy for us to point

00:42:27   to many examples of Apple raising their prices

00:42:30   or tweaking things to get their, you know, ASP up higher,

00:42:33   this flies in the face of that.

00:42:35   - Yeah, no, it is an aggressive push,

00:42:39   I think, primarily to education.

00:42:40   And I saw Fraser Spears call it

00:42:44   the iPad Education Edition.

00:42:46   I had somebody tweet at me,

00:42:48   I wanna see if I can find their name

00:42:49   so I can credit them,

00:42:50   'cause I thought it was kind of funny,

00:42:52   to just call it the E-Pad,

00:42:53   which I kinda liked.

00:42:55   - I think you have to be plastic.

00:42:58   - Yeah, E-Pad, lower case E.

00:43:02   And I saw Ben Bajarian tweet that Apple are offering this iPad to education at $299.

00:43:07   So they've been very aggressive with it.

00:43:10   And when I was going on my big iPad model numbers and all of that thing a few weeks

00:43:16   ago, I had somebody write in to me to say that like a lot of education areas, a lot

00:43:21   of schools were waiting for this iPad.

00:43:26   And not only have Apple introduced an iPad that fits them, they've also done it at a

00:43:31   lower price. So this may push some turnover in education space. I'm interested to see

00:43:37   what Fraser Spears has to say about this in more depth. So I assume he'll talk about this

00:43:42   on his podcast Out of School. But he is also the host of Canvas and Relay FM. So there

00:43:49   might be something on there too. But yeah, I can see this being a really good product

00:43:55   for the school market.

00:43:59   I just think that my feeling about it is like,

00:44:02   it isn't exciting, right?

00:44:05   Like it's not an exciting product and

00:44:08   I'm just worried, where's my excitement?

00:44:13   Like, you know, I want my MTV.

00:44:16   And I think that's how a lot of people are feeling right now

00:44:18   and this is just another thing to that.

00:44:21   And like, you know, I don't, please don't sustain to be,

00:44:23   oh, no, you don't, my kids just feel like,

00:44:25   I understand, right? Like I get it. I've been talking about it for two months. Where you been?

00:44:28   Right, like I understand that feeling, but like this is just another drop in that bucket of frustration.

00:44:38   Like what is Apple actually doing? Well, we don't know what I'm talking about today,

00:44:42   but they're doing augmented reality apparently. The big question for me with this iPad,

00:44:47   if you're not a school and you're not buying 30 of them for a classroom or 300 of them for a school,

00:44:53   and you're walking in an Apple store and you want a 9.7 inch iPad you get you

00:45:00   have two options at 32 gigs you have this thing for 329 and you have the 599

00:45:08   9.7 inch iPad Pro what is the pencil and is the keyboard which are even more

00:45:18   money because they're not they don't come with it right at I don't know you

00:45:21   you know, you're gonna spend another $350 or more.

00:45:25   Is that worth upgrading to the Pro?

00:45:28   That seems like a really big gap to me.

00:45:29   Now, you know, we can put on our conspiracy theory hats

00:45:33   and say if there were supposed to be a new iPad Pro today

00:45:36   or at some point there will be,

00:45:37   the Pro 1 will move down to 499 and then this levels out.

00:45:40   I think that's probably what will happen.

00:45:42   But today, if you walk in an Apple store on Friday

00:45:44   whenever these things ship,

00:45:46   there's a huge gap between this iPad

00:45:49   and the 9.7 inch Pro.

00:45:52   And I just don't know if a normal average user

00:45:57   who just wants an iPad, or this like theoretical person

00:46:00   who we keep blaming on the iPad sales numbers being bad,

00:46:03   or they still have an iPad 2 and haven't updated yet,

00:46:05   say this finally does it for them,

00:46:06   and I think it will for a lot of them.

00:46:09   They're gonna spend this money,

00:46:10   they're not gonna upgrade to the Pro.

00:46:12   And I just find that a very interesting little phenomenon,

00:46:15   little like hole in their product line,

00:46:17   there's this huge gap and honestly I'm not sure the pro is worth it for most

00:46:22   people like it's great like you and I both have the 9.7 inch pro it's my

00:46:26   favorite iPad I've ever owned it's great but I don't know if it's so great it's

00:46:31   worth the extra the extra dough and I'm very curious what the ASP does in the

00:46:35   coming quarters that average selling price of iPads I bet it'll fall and I

00:46:40   and I would imagine that this iPad will sell very well

00:46:45   relative to other devices of its size.

00:46:48   - Yeah.

00:46:51   - Like the chat room's going off like thinness,

00:46:53   true tone, speakers, like I get all that.

00:46:55   Like the Pro is a better iPad,

00:46:57   but I don't know if it's better in ways

00:46:58   that people actually care about

00:46:59   if they're just going to watch movies on it,

00:47:01   which I know like y'all are different,

00:47:04   but there are a lot of people

00:47:05   that's just how they use iPads, right?

00:47:07   And if you are just that consumer,

00:47:09   If you're that type of consumer, those pro features aren't worth it.

00:47:13   Now if you're not, if you're Myke or you're Federico or you're Jason Snell and you work

00:47:16   on an iPad, like yeah, get the pro.

00:47:18   It's totally worth the money.

00:47:19   It's great.

00:47:20   Lots of features.

00:47:21   Maybe they'll update it later this summer.

00:47:23   But I think for like the average consumer who is just consuming content on their iPad,

00:47:28   how most iPads are used, then I think that it's, I think it's fine to go with this one.

00:47:35   Yeah.

00:47:36   It makes sense as a machine.

00:47:37   I get the machine, but I, as I say, it's not the supercomputer, and the supercomputer is

00:47:47   the thing that they're pushing, and I do think that there is, I still think that there's

00:47:52   a compelling thing for why the iPad Pro exists and why it's more expensive.

00:47:55   I understand your point, but I don't think it's meant to be for everyone.

00:47:59   I think the people that buy the iPad Pro are the people that want to replace their computer,

00:48:02   like they are looking to replace their computer, and that's what it's for, that's what Apple's

00:48:05   trying to build it into and I think it makes sense for that. Everybody else if

00:48:09   like you just want a content consumption device you know if you want to watch

00:48:12   Netflix and play video games this new iPad is perfect for you and that's the

00:48:17   one you should be going. Yeah so maybe this is Apple acknowledging in a way the

00:48:23   iPads dual nature. There are lots of people who are just doing content

00:48:30   consumption on it. Yeah they shouldn't make all of the iPads pros they

00:48:34   shouldn't do that. That is the right thing to do. Yeah, I think that's fair. I think

00:48:37   we're saying the same thing and I think that that is, you know, every year or 18

00:48:42   months Apple tries a new approach to the iPad and some of them have been really

00:48:48   head-scratching and some of them have been more interesting than others and

00:48:52   maybe this one is finally the one that sticks and maybe it, if this

00:48:57   really is what this is, if they're saying look if you want a 9.7 inch iPad

00:49:01   for this basic stuff, this is the one, but if you want some more stuff, if you're

00:49:05   interested in that power user end of things, and we have this other product,

00:49:08   it's more money but you get all these features for it, and that works for

00:49:11   people, I think that's good. Like, in a way this is the least confusing iPad line

00:49:17   we've had in a long time. You know, where you had the Air 2 and the Pro, you know,

00:49:23   yesterday, the prices being much closer together, it was maybe harder to see

00:49:28   those lines between them but I think maybe this makes it more clear even

00:49:32   though there's that gap in the middle that I complained about maybe that's

00:49:35   okay maybe yeah maybe it's fine as Kyle points out in the chat room Apple is

00:49:39   making it abundantly clear with their taglines on the product pages iPad Pro

00:49:43   supercomputer iPad flat out fun they are making it abundantly clear what they see

00:49:51   these devices to be useful right so content creation versus content

00:49:56   consumption. They are outlining that I think with their marketing message about what these

00:50:01   devices are for. So look, I will underscore that this is a perfectly good device if that's

00:50:06   what you're looking for. But I'm just frustrated because I was hoping to see something different

00:50:12   today like many other people. The iPad Mini 4 is now only in 128GB at $399. It does feel

00:50:20   like as you say Steven, it's maybe reaching the end.

00:50:24   I think it is. Who knows what they would do in the 7.9 inch form factor if they ever do

00:50:32   anything in the future. But the iPad mini 4 is maybe kind of being pushed out now and

00:50:41   as I said the mini 2 is gone away. Yeah. And the Air 2 is gone too best I can tell. Yeah

00:50:47   it is gone. Looking at the comparison models there's now, so it's also a simpler line

00:50:52   up. Yeah it is. 12.9 Pro, 9.7 Pro, iPad and iPad mini 4. Like I'm glad they've gotten

00:50:59   rid of that. I mean this cheaper price kind of fixes the problem that the Air 2 was holding

00:51:03   on to so I'm glad for the simplicity. And again while I make jokes I prefer the naming

00:51:09   this way. You know it's like I've been saying on the iPhone you've got a ditch numbers at

00:51:13   some point. So just iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro that works for me. Like it's tricky to

00:51:19   to talk about when you're trying to reference them,

00:51:22   but I really don't want iPad Pro 2.

00:51:24   Like, just call it the iPad Pro.

00:51:27   - To do it with Macs.

00:51:27   - Exactly, they don't do this with the Mac line.

00:51:29   It's just MacBook, MacBook Pro, like this is how it is.

00:51:33   So like, I'm just gonna call it iPad

00:51:34   and hope that everybody knows what I'm talking about, right?

00:51:37   - Yeah, I mean, you know, my iMac is iMac 17,1.

00:51:42   It does have that name, but it's hidden away.

00:51:44   It's not the feature product marketing name.

00:51:49   - Yeah, and then we have iPad Pro 12, iPad Pro 9.

00:51:53   That's just how they are in inches,

00:51:55   and that'll do for me.

00:51:57   Nothing on the Mac.

00:51:59   So USB-C, iMacs, and updated MacBooks,

00:52:02   like the iPad Pros, they seem like something

00:52:05   that should be here around now.

00:52:08   We're gonna talk about this in a second.

00:52:10   And the Mac Pro, now baby, she's hanging on.

00:52:14   - It survived the store refresh.

00:52:17   I remember with the iPod Classic a couple years ago

00:52:20   when it finally went away, there was no announcement.

00:52:23   They made a comment after they were pushed on it

00:52:25   by the press, but basically they refreshed something else

00:52:28   in the store, and the store came back up

00:52:29   and the iPod Classic was just gone.

00:52:31   - Right.

00:52:32   - It's like silently taken out to pasture

00:52:33   and no one really noticed except those people who cared.

00:52:37   The Mac Pro is still there.

00:52:39   and

00:52:41   okay

00:52:42   it means something, I don't know what it means

00:52:44   uh... it's still there and

00:52:46   maybe WDC is it

00:52:49   but I found it interesting that it was still there

00:52:51   alright let's take our final break today and then we can maybe pontificate on

00:52:56   and maybe hope for something else

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00:54:36   So alright, I'm looking at all of this, okay?

00:54:40   All of these announcements.

00:54:43   There's nothing here that they would have put on stage as the big thing.

00:54:47   These are all like the stuff you mentioned.

00:54:50   So let's look at this, right?

00:54:52   Let's say that they announced a new iPhone.

00:54:56   They would also say, "Hey, we've got it in this color."

00:54:59   So there's no new iPhone, so you're not going to do it.

00:55:01   If they announced new iPad Pros, they might say,

00:55:05   oh, and hey, we're also doing this to the line.

00:55:07   We're now, the iPad Air is now the iPad,

00:55:11   and we're doing the iPad Mini 4, right?

00:55:12   You'd announce those on some slides

00:55:14   going through the overall announcements, right?

00:55:17   There's no Macs, you know, watch bands,

00:55:19   they come and go now when they talk about new cases

00:55:22   and stuff, they just throw the watch bands in there

00:55:24   when they're doing a, hey, we're doing an update

00:55:25   on the watch.

00:55:26   There's nothing in what we've seen today

00:55:28   that they would build an event around.

00:55:30   All of this stuff is like supplementary stuff

00:55:32   to other product announcements.

00:55:34   - Yeah, the only thing I could see,

00:55:36   and I agree with you, is not like a headline or an event,

00:55:38   but I would think that Clips, the new app,

00:55:42   would benefit from a demo.

00:55:43   - Yeah, and they would do that, 100%,

00:55:45   like I agree with that, but they wouldn't invite press

00:55:48   to come and see Clips.

00:55:49   - Right. (laughs)

00:55:50   - Which I know is not what you're saying,

00:55:51   but they wouldn't do that.

00:55:52   There's nothing in here that would be big enough

00:55:56   to do even a town hall.

00:55:57   Like these are all little things, right?

00:56:00   I think even together, it doesn't really--

00:56:02   - No.

00:56:03   - Last year's spring event where they did the iPhone SE

00:56:08   and the iPad Pro 9.7, so it was kind of like,

00:56:12   I think the joke was like,

00:56:14   it's the event for smaller products,

00:56:16   that felt like the minimal viable keynote, right?

00:56:20   That it's an iPad Pro, you already know what an iPad Pro

00:56:23   does, it's just smaller and we have True Tone now.

00:56:25   And the iPhone SE, you know what a iPhone 5, 5S looks like.

00:56:30   It's that again, but new internals.

00:56:35   That was the backbone of that event,

00:56:37   and that felt like, that feels really close

00:56:41   to not being an event.

00:56:44   I think this falls below that threshold for sure.

00:56:47   I totally agree with you.

00:56:49   Today on stage would have been weird, not enough.

00:56:54   So, you know, we've been talking for this whole show about what we were expecting and what would go along with this, right?

00:57:00   Which would be new iPad Pros and new Macs, you know, like updates to those lines. They are they are event worthy and

00:57:06   You know, we've been talking the whole time about you know

00:57:10   This 10.5 inch and there's been a lot of discussion about whether or not that's even gonna come now

00:57:17   And we're not gonna talk about that today, but like whether it might be next year later this year

00:57:21   But no matter what about that 10.5 there is still something in the iPad line that needs to be updated, right?

00:57:28   They are gonna in theory update these products. They're also in theory gonna update the max, right?

00:57:33   Like they were gonna put Thunderbolt 3 USB C on these

00:57:37   Devices right like on the iMac hopefully on the MacBook as well, right?

00:57:42   Because it's got it has USB C but not Thunderbolt 3 right? I've got that the right way around

00:57:47   the MacBook

00:57:49   Yeah, currently so that they might do something there they might do some other speed updates

00:57:54   Could we still see something in April? Could there still be an event before?

00:57:59   WWDC I mean I still have a hope that there might be and

00:58:03   That this was just stuff that they would have done in an event but decided to just put it out now. So there's something

00:58:11   My

00:58:16   My thought on that is to look to the fall and so in the fall over the last couple of years

00:58:22   They have changed

00:58:25   direction so

00:58:26   They would do a long time ago. They did

00:58:28   Fall music events where they introduced iPods a lot of fun going in the holiday

00:58:33   The iPhone took that over with the iPhone 4s they did that event in the fall and since then the iPhone has been in a

00:58:39   September event

00:58:40   very consistently you get bet money on it and

00:58:44   They have had an October event

00:58:46   several years now for other things and so things like the

00:58:51   You know iPad updates or I think the retina iMac came out in October event two years ago

00:58:57   They merged them right remember they had like that five-hour keynote where they did

00:59:00   new iPhones and

00:59:03   They did the Apple TV and then the 12.9 inch iPad Pro

00:59:07   they did all of it together in one event and that seemed like too much and

00:59:11   so they

00:59:13   Didn't do that again. They're doing the to event track

00:59:16   That works because both September and October have enough

00:59:22   For an event right there's so much stuff in the fall. They their holiday quarters the biggest quarter

00:59:27   they hold a lot of stuff for the fall or that's when the schedules are and

00:59:30   the iPhone

00:59:32   with the exception of 2014 when the watch was basically the main event and the

00:59:36   Remember that like the iPhone 6 and 6 6 and 6 plus are basically done within like 20 minutes

00:59:42   It was super strange.

00:59:44   But generally there's enough stuff there.

00:59:45   They have two big piles of stuff

00:59:47   and it divides into two eventually nicely.

00:59:50   And thinking about the spring, that could be true.

00:59:54   It could be that they had this stuff today

00:59:58   and they got it out today

01:00:00   and there's still enough left over for an event.

01:00:02   But what's different, what I'm finally getting to here,

01:00:05   is that there's not enough for two events in the spring.

01:00:08   And so why not hold an event and then do all this stuff,

01:00:12   you know, put clips in the keynote, which I think it desperately needs. I think people

01:00:15   need to see what this app can do to really understand it and have, you know, the iPad

01:00:21   be a 10 minute thing, have the iPad mini stuff be press release. It could have been one thing.

01:00:29   And I just don't see in the rumors enough to justify like splitting it up in this weird

01:00:35   way, because if they do an event and they did all this PR stuff today, that is a break

01:00:39   from the norm. And that's not something Apple does very often or without good

01:00:43   reason. So as I see what you're saying like and I understand like the desire

01:00:47   for new hardware like I totally do but I don't think I could be wrong I'd love to

01:00:53   be wrong but I don't think we're gonna see an event in April because they did

01:00:57   this today and like what what how I read these these tea leaves is that they had

01:01:02   some stuff they need that there was ready to go they want to get out the

01:01:04   door it wasn't enough for an event so fine we don't do an event we have some

01:01:08   press release stuff. We should point out, I think we mentioned it, but The Verge had a really nice

01:01:12   article about clips. Apparently Lauren Goode got to use it for a little while

01:01:16   so she had some hands-on stuff. And this other stuff will either be at WWDC or

01:01:23   you know, sometime later.

01:01:27   I just don't see it, I just don't see them doing it in April. Like I just don't see why would they

01:01:31   divide stuff up like this. I don't know if there's a compelling reason that I

01:01:35   can think of today that would justify a full event in a couple of weeks

01:01:40   potentially plus all this PR stuff like it's just it's just unusual. So you think

01:01:46   that there will be no new iPad hardware until the fall? I think I think the next

01:01:53   opportunity we have for hardware is at WWDC which again would be weird because

01:01:57   because W W has been software only now for a while,

01:02:01   but I think the reason that's possible is iOS.

01:02:06   And so iOS 10.3 has come and gone,

01:02:12   well it's not gone yet, but it's in beta 12 or beta seven.

01:02:15   We know what iOS 10.3 is.

01:02:18   There's no new iPad professional stuff in there.

01:02:22   If iOS 11 brings that, like now we think it will,

01:02:26   it makes sense, I can see Apple's logic in saying,

01:02:30   iOS 11 has all this great iPad stuff,

01:02:32   and we have a new iPad, and you can buy this iPad today

01:02:35   or this week or whenever, and when iOS 11 comes out,

01:02:37   it's gonna support all this great stuff.

01:02:39   If Apple is pushing the iPad further down this road,

01:02:44   having hardware and software together on occasion

01:02:48   makes a lot of sense to me.

01:02:49   But I don't know, it's all weird, right?

01:02:52   Because this is a weird time,

01:02:53   because it seemed like all this stuff was ready,

01:02:55   the rumors, there's a lot of smoke, we didn't see it, and you know, and I do want

01:03:01   to address one thing, it's been in the chat room, it's been on Twitter, like

01:03:04   people saying, "Oh, they're gonna do it next month, I like the campus." Like, two

01:03:07   problems. A, the reports have been that the Steve Jobs theater isn't done, and it

01:03:11   won't be done until later, that they focused on getting offices ready, and

01:03:16   people are starting to move in in April, that doesn't mean the campus is done.

01:03:20   Like, my understanding from, like, talking to people who actually are moving, is

01:03:24   is that they're doing it in stages because it's not done.

01:03:27   Like, parts of the building are done

01:03:29   and people are gonna be moving into those,

01:03:30   but it's gonna be very staggered,

01:03:31   and that the theater is like way down on the schedule.

01:03:34   So, the CDops Theater, unless I'm wrong,

01:03:38   I don't think I am, the theater's not ready yet.

01:03:40   So, saying, oh, they're gonna do it next month

01:03:42   when the theater's ready, like, theater's not ready.

01:03:44   Two, like, Apple wouldn't punt all this stuff

01:03:48   to a press release just because the theater's not ready.

01:03:51   So say that this was gonna be in the theater,

01:03:55   they didn't, it didn't get done,

01:03:56   and so they just like, just pushed it all out

01:03:58   on Apple Newsroom and The Verge got an exclusive.

01:04:00   Like, Apple, if they wanted to hold an event,

01:04:04   they would do it.

01:04:05   There's plenty of opportunity to do so,

01:04:07   they have done, they have rented a bunch of various places.

01:04:09   They could do a weird, private, like mountain lion thing.

01:04:12   Do you remember that?

01:04:13   Like, it's been in our show notes forever to talk about,

01:04:14   but they invited a bunch of people to like a hotel,

01:04:16   and like John Gruber and Phil Stiller sat down

01:04:18   and used mountain lion, like in a hotel room,

01:04:20   and then he wrote about it.

01:04:22   That's been a one-time thing, it was super weird.

01:04:25   But they can even do something like that.

01:04:27   So if they do an April event,

01:04:29   it's not gonna be on campus, I don't think.

01:04:31   At least the new campus, I guess it could be in town hall.

01:04:34   But I just,

01:04:37   I don't see them having a stage presence

01:04:41   in between all of this stuff and WWDC.

01:04:48   Like, if they do new iPads, that's fine,

01:04:50   but you're so close to when we're gonna see the new software,

01:04:53   like put them together, really build that case

01:04:56   that these iPads are meant for work

01:04:58   and look at all this great stuff we're doing

01:04:59   with our software to make them even more useful

01:05:01   for you as you work.

01:05:02   Like that's just too compelling to me to skip over.

01:05:05   - I can get on board with that story.

01:05:09   If that's how they do it, then fine.

01:05:11   I will begrudgingly continue to wait.

01:05:15   - Sure.

01:05:16   - I am just really, all right, okay.

01:05:18   - Let's do it.

01:05:21   - I'm just, I'm just, I'm getting frustrated

01:05:26   like everybody is, I'm getting frustrated

01:05:28   about the way that I feel and I'm getting frustrated

01:05:30   about listening to how everybody feels.

01:05:32   - Sure.

01:05:33   - Like it is a, I get annoyed when I talk about it

01:05:38   and I get annoyed when I hear it because it's just,

01:05:40   right now is just a time of uncertainty

01:05:45   and the reason that it upsets me and upsets everybody else

01:05:47   because we have so much personal stock in this company.

01:05:50   On ATP last week, Marco went deep

01:05:59   and kind of really, I think succinctly,

01:06:05   stated the case that he's been making for months

01:06:08   and was kind of just like,

01:06:10   and his ultimate end to the discussion was

01:06:16   If we go a whole year with the way that 2016 has been into 2017,

01:06:20   someone should be fired. Right.

01:06:22   That was his thinking and he was shut down for it. And you know,

01:06:26   like I don't know, I don't a hundred percent agree with that,

01:06:29   but I don't disagree with it. So like,

01:06:32   let's imagine best case scenario,

01:06:36   Apple struggling with something and they want to do everything that we want them

01:06:41   to do, but they can't, right.

01:06:44   There's something going on inside of the company that's stopping them.

01:06:47   If they as a company believe that that is wrong, and I understand the idea of the

01:06:54   shareholders and the stock price going up, like John's argument was very good,

01:06:57   like the stock price is going up, so why is it a problem? You know,

01:07:01   we just talked about some upgrades yesterday. They just be,

01:07:03   they keep the last week they've hit their,

01:07:06   they've broken their all time high on the stock three times, right?

01:07:09   Like things are good right now, but if they don't believe that,

01:07:13   Like if Apple believe like us, that this isn't what they want to be doing, then I understand

01:07:18   why the ultimate way to show internally to the company that this is not right is to fire

01:07:27   an executive.

01:07:28   Like that is how a corporation…

01:07:31   Calling for blood.

01:07:32   Yeah.

01:07:33   This is how a corporation shows its intent like this in that you make a sacrifice of

01:07:40   someone to show this is not how we do things and there has been some kind of hold up. We

01:07:48   assume that the forestall thing was that. Internally there were problems, people could

01:07:54   see them and stuff wasn't getting done the way they wanted. And then maps was a big screw

01:07:59   up so they ousted forestall as a way to show to the enthusiast press and to the people

01:08:06   inside of the company this is not how we run.

01:08:09   So who would you get rid of?

01:08:11   I'm not saying I want anyone to go.

01:08:13   But who would?

01:08:14   So Marco also made a good point.

01:08:17   It doesn't have to be a firing, but it's like a reshuffling.

01:08:20   And he used the App Store as an example, which is a perfect example.

01:08:23   The problems at the App Store wasn't working.

01:08:25   They moved it to Shilla, now the log jam is gone.

01:08:28   So let's, I don't know what it is, but let's say that they move something to someone, or

01:08:32   they bring someone in, or they move someone away.

01:08:34   They just make a change, which is like, we've made a change.

01:08:37   I don't say why the change is made, but they say we made a change. That is how you show

01:08:42   that something is broken. But the other part of it is, maybe there isn't anything broken.

01:08:51   That's the worry. That's the concern. That nobody feels like they've been given what

01:08:57   they want. Nobody feels like their needs are being fulfilled if you are a professional

01:09:03   Apple user and maybe this is just the new norm and that's the worry right like

01:09:08   the concern is nobody's gonna get what they want and that's what they want is

01:09:11   an iPhone they get over the one on iPhone they're gonna be fine and we all

01:09:14   want iPhones right we all want great iPhones I want the iPhone that we think

01:09:18   we're gonna get my hope right now is that this iPhone has been so freaking

01:09:22   hard to make that everyone's on it and they're gonna put it out and we're gonna

01:09:26   have an amazing iPhone and everything's gonna go back to normal that's what I

01:09:30   I want. But if it doesn't, then what does Apple want from that? If this is what they

01:09:35   want, then we're just going to have to deal with it, right? It will eventually become

01:09:38   our new normal. We all wait two to three years for any of our products to be updated, unless

01:09:42   it's an iPhone. If that's how it's going to be, fine, like I'll live with that, but I

01:09:47   just want to know what that is. And if that's not what it is, then Apple needs to make some

01:09:51   kind of display that they change in something, right? So that they're able to show most importantly

01:10:00   inside of the company to their people, this is not how we want to run our company.

01:10:06   Yeah, I don't disagree with any of that.

01:10:09   I think there's got to be frustrations on the part of Apple employees that Apple, the

01:10:18   company, is struggling to ship stuff.

01:10:22   And what's interesting is it's easy for us to get bogged down in specifics.

01:10:26   So like yes, they skipped a Xeon generation or two,

01:10:30   and yes, the Kaby Lake processors had issues

01:10:35   out of the gate so they haven't shipped them,

01:10:38   or yes, they're having issues with display panels

01:10:43   for the iPad, and it's easy to get bogged down

01:10:50   in all those details, and it could be

01:10:52   that just a lot of stuff went wrong at the same time.

01:10:55   - Right, that happens, right?

01:10:57   We're in a business, like it happens to us,

01:10:58   like things go off the rails and sometimes,

01:11:01   usually more than one thing at a time.

01:11:03   And it could be that we're just at the tail end of that,

01:11:07   and right, that something bad happened in late 2015

01:11:10   or early 2016 that they are still dealing with.

01:11:13   And I think part of that was the car thing, right?

01:11:17   The Project Titan, best we know, is dead,

01:11:19   or at least not nearly as ambitious as it once was,

01:11:22   and some of this may be reshuffling people back

01:11:25   after that. It may be that if this Bloomberg thing we're not talking about

01:11:29   but keep mentioning is true that you know people have been shuttled off to

01:11:33   work on augmented reality and other things are slowing down. The problem I

01:11:39   have with that though is look at look at the iPhone in 2005 and 6 and 7 and

01:11:46   they're working on it right till it was done. You know Steve Jobs is going around

01:11:49   like cherry picking the company's best people to work on the secret thing right

01:11:53   that they couldn't tell their spouses about.

01:11:55   If you read some of the stories now,

01:11:56   people would like, you would just come in

01:11:58   and your office mate would be gone

01:12:00   because they're working on secret iPhone stuff

01:12:02   in a secret lab somewhere.

01:12:03   Legitimately, that's how it was.

01:12:05   You may see them at lunch and be like,

01:12:06   "I can't tell you what I'm working on."

01:12:09   But Apple was still shipping stuff.

01:12:12   Apple actually made the move to Intel

01:12:15   right before they shipped the iPhone.

01:12:16   They were still producing stuff.

01:12:18   They were still firing on all cylinders.

01:12:22   For whatever reason, if Titan has been a distraction,

01:12:25   which I totally believe it has,

01:12:26   and now Titan, the car project, is now,

01:12:29   at best, seriously disbanded,

01:12:33   they're not building a car, I don't think.

01:12:36   Seems to be the reporting I've heard.

01:12:39   And they're working on augmented reality stuff.

01:12:42   Just what is different now?

01:12:44   Why can't they walk and chew gum at the same time?

01:12:48   That, I agree with you,

01:12:51   I agree with you that it seems like there's something more systemically wrong.

01:12:56   And I don't know, I doubt it's a single executive, right?

01:13:00   Like is it, you know, this doesn't come down to Phil Schiller, does it come down to Craig

01:13:04   Federighi?

01:13:05   Well, he's over software, so maybe not.

01:13:06   Does it come over, you know, some like VP of Mac Hardware somewhere?

01:13:10   Like I don't know.

01:13:12   But I agree with you and I agree with Marco.

01:13:15   And I will say on the front, like I've skipped episodes of every tech podcast I listen to

01:13:20   as this comes up because it is tiring to listen to you.

01:13:23   Because it makes me sad when I hear it.

01:13:25   Like I apologize for even bringing it up because I know it makes people annoyed

01:13:30   and angry and upset because this is something that we all really care about.

01:13:35   Right. It's our it's our passion.

01:13:36   It's our hobby. It's a thing that that we all have emotional ties to and a

01:13:42   constant sense of frustration doesn't make for fun entertainment.

01:13:46   Sure. Right.

01:13:47   And and yes, we're almost done with it.

01:13:50   - But it is how I feel though, right?

01:13:52   - No, I totally agree, man.

01:13:53   - I'm not gonna lie, you know?

01:13:55   Like, you know, I'm not gonna sit here and be like,

01:13:58   I'm totally fine with still using my 18 month old iPad

01:14:03   when I was used to having one every year.

01:14:05   - Right.

01:14:06   And like, I would have loved to have a decent Mac Pro option

01:14:09   when I bought my iMac.

01:14:10   - Yep.

01:14:11   - But it wasn't the case, so I bought an iMac.

01:14:12   And the, so now the proof is in the pudding, right?

01:14:18   If we have 2017, like you said, that looks like 2016,

01:14:23   then you gotta change something.

01:14:25   - Then I'm just gonna get used to it, right?

01:14:28   - Maybe, and that's a possibility.

01:14:31   It's possible this is the new norm,

01:14:32   and that would really be lame.

01:14:34   - But it's what we got.

01:14:36   - But it's what we have.

01:14:37   But my hope is that they're nearing the end

01:14:43   of whatever this was, and maybe the Mac Pro

01:14:45   doesn't survive this whatever that'd be a bummer but whatever but like you

01:14:52   should be able to update the iMac you know you should be able to these other

01:14:54   products and I'm hoping that we're towards the end of that and maybe this

01:14:59   weird non event event PR not PR argument is like the the tail end of it I hope it

01:15:06   is I really hope it is but so anyways so to wrap this up I think I think my final

01:15:15   thought on why no event and like you know the big picture is that I think

01:15:20   best-case scenario is we see new Macs in a very similar way as we saw this iPad

01:15:26   today so we see iMacs we see a MacBook you know if I'm gonna get crazy drunk

01:15:31   with power as a podcast host maybe say USB C Mac Mini I really said that

01:15:35   because my home Mac Mini is dying all of a sudden and that worries me but um so

01:15:40   So maybe we see new Macs with the press release in April, and we see new iPads as part of

01:15:47   a large narrative about iPad Pro users, iPad Pro software, iPad Pro operating system features

01:15:55   at WWDC.

01:15:58   That's what I'm hoping for.

01:15:59   Macs in April via press release, and a huge iPad is for work push in the summer.

01:16:06   And I would be so happy.

01:16:09   If WWDC 2017 is what WWDC 2015 was, right?

01:16:18   9?

01:16:19   Then I will forgive all of this.

01:16:21   Sure.

01:16:22   And again, I'm only angry about what I'm seeing because part of the problem here is Apple's

01:16:27   secrecy.

01:16:29   You can make a lot of this go away if you want, right?

01:16:33   You should be upfront about things.

01:16:35   But I understand why they don't do that, right?

01:16:37   Because this is them.

01:16:38   This is the cult of personality thing or whatever it is.

01:16:43   This is their personality as a company.

01:16:45   Part of it is built around their secrecy.

01:16:47   So I get why you don't break it.

01:16:49   Apple is more open than they used to be, but they're open after the fact, right?

01:16:53   So the new MacBook comes out and then Phil Schiller goes on a speaking tour with Mashable

01:16:56   and everyone else about the engineering of the new MacBook.

01:17:00   They are more open that way.

01:17:01   What we haven't seen is Apple, Phil Schiller is the person for this because he's the one

01:17:07   who got on stage and said, can't innovate anymore,

01:17:10   I won't say it so you don't have to bleep it,

01:17:13   he should be the guy who's on the talk show or--

01:17:17   - Here.

01:17:18   - Here. - Open arms, Phil.

01:17:20   - Steven@relay.fm emailed me Phil.

01:17:23   I will record any time of day or night

01:17:24   to ask you a single question,

01:17:26   what is happening with the Mac Pro?

01:17:28   - No, iPad Pro.

01:17:30   - Well, no, he's the Mac guy.

01:17:32   - Oh man, I would love that, right?

01:17:33   Like we bring him on, like we only get one question

01:17:37   And everyone's waiting, and then I'm like,

01:17:38   "Where's the iPad Pro?"

01:17:40   And then everybody puts the show up.

01:17:41   - I would, yeah, I'd probably murder you.

01:17:44   He's the Mac guy.

01:17:45   The Mac is very clearly something that's close to his heart.

01:17:49   Apple should be open about what's going on

01:17:51   on that side of the coin too, right?

01:17:53   Like they're very happy now to have these huge press spreads

01:17:56   about we're doing this awesome stuff with Siri,

01:17:59   and look at all the stuff we've added.

01:18:00   Let's talk about HomeKit.

01:18:02   But they need to be more open about

01:18:05   when it's a bummer too.

01:18:07   And in that way, they are just the way they have been.

01:18:10   Do you remember just the vile and the bitterness

01:18:15   in Steve Jobs' voice at the Intenagate thing?

01:18:18   There's actually a line where he's like,

01:18:21   "Everybody wants a case?"

01:18:22   And he shrugs and he said, "Let's give him a case."

01:18:24   And you know every time he rehearsed that line,

01:18:27   he dropped the F-bomb in it.

01:18:28   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:18:29   - He had to hold it back on stage

01:18:31   because the world is looking at him.

01:18:33   And that's like the only time

01:18:34   they've ever done anything like that.

01:18:35   And I think it's high time that Apple

01:18:37   deal with things more proactively.

01:18:39   Like, if Phil Schiller is on the talk show this week

01:18:42   and he says, "Look, we know it's been a long time

01:18:47   "for the Mac Pro, here's what happened.

01:18:49   "We made a mistake by skipping a Xeon processor

01:18:52   "and it turns out our design is like desperately flawed

01:18:54   "so we're redesigning it and it's not ready yet

01:18:56   "but there is something coming

01:18:58   "and we will tell you more in the summer."

01:19:00   Or if Craig Federighi is on an interview at The Verge

01:19:04   and people are like, "Why is the 12.9 inch iPad Pro

01:19:06   "18 months without an update?"

01:19:08   And he says, "Look, it's almost done.

01:19:11   "We ran into issue with the True Tone display of that size,

01:19:14   "or we're gonna make the smart connector better,

01:19:19   "so you can do a keyboard and more stuff

01:19:22   "and people will actually use it this time around.

01:19:24   "It's almost done, we're gonna have more

01:19:26   "for you in the summer."

01:19:27   That would be a huge break for Apple

01:19:29   and blood would boil within the company to do it,

01:19:32   but maybe it's time to do it.

01:19:33   I just find that sort of lack of honesty

01:19:38   about what's going on maybe even more frustrating.

01:19:42   It's more frustrating to me that the Mac Pro's

01:19:43   still in sale after the store refresh

01:19:46   than when it was still for sale yesterday,

01:19:47   because someone made the decision somewhere,

01:19:50   "Hey, boss, do you want me to pull this

01:19:51   "from the navigation?"

01:19:52   And someone said, "No."

01:19:54   Why?

01:19:55   Why was the answer no?

01:19:58   They know, they know how people feel.

01:20:01   They know how we feel.

01:20:03   And Tim Cook saying every now and then

01:20:08   there's new stuff for pros coming

01:20:11   is pointless when you release new products

01:20:16   that aren't for pros.

01:20:17   You do all this stuff today and there's nothing.

01:20:21   There's no hint of anything.

01:20:23   Then you're not making good

01:20:27   on the reason you did it, right?

01:20:29   Like we know why these things occur.

01:20:31   You post that thing to an internal job board

01:20:34   so it gets out to the world.

01:20:35   And if that's not why they're doing it,

01:20:36   then I don't know why they do it.

01:20:38   Not a job board, but like a message board, right?

01:20:40   Because they're trying to satiate people like me and you

01:20:45   who are upset, right?

01:20:47   People like our listeners that are upset,

01:20:48   that want to be able to give this company

01:20:52   the money we've given them every year for 15 years, right?

01:20:56   - Yeah.

01:20:57   we love their products, it's important to us, it's something that we want to do.

01:21:00   And I understand that everybody buys every year, and you don't have to buy every year.

01:21:04   There will be people that have been waiting for three years because they buy something

01:21:07   every two years, but they're waiting.

01:21:10   We hear from these people all the time on upgrade who are asking us, "When should

01:21:14   I update this old computer?"

01:21:16   And it's like, "Well, I can't tell you anymore because this company that used to

01:21:19   be incredibly on schedule with things isn't anymore."

01:21:24   And so it's like, okay, let's go through a change together, right? Let's all know that

01:21:30   our products come every two years now unless it's an iPhone. That's fine. But I just want

01:21:35   to know that. That's all. I just want to know that. I want to see that. I want to see that

01:21:41   the iMac is going to get an update. So I know that in three years time when I update my

01:21:46   iMac, like I know when I'm going to be able to do that, when I'm going to be able to plan

01:21:50   for that. I want to know if the Mac Pro is a product that I want in my future. I want

01:21:55   to know if the iPad is going to get the updates that it needs. The software that it desperately

01:22:01   needs to continue to make it the product that Apple want to make it. Right? Like, I'm

01:22:08   so sorry that I'm doing this. I apologize to all of you. But like, I'm angry. I'm

01:22:15   angry right now because I just I can't understand them I just cannot understand

01:22:21   them and and and the the silence at this point is is really freaking annoying

01:22:29   like it's really annoying you just did all this stuff today you just gave

01:22:33   embargoes to people just give someone a story anyone someone anyone anybody like

01:22:40   You just made an entire advertising campaign about why the iPad Pro is awesome.

01:22:47   I haven't had any software for it since 2015.

01:22:53   And I haven't had any hardware on the best device, the 12.9, for 18 months when there

01:22:59   is another product which you sell in the same line which has better hardware features which

01:23:05   you never gave to what should be the flagship of that product line.

01:23:12   Yeah.

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