130: San Frosé


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00:00:06   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 130.

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00:00:18   My name is Myke Hurley.

00:00:19   I am joined by Monsieur Stephen Hackett.

00:00:22   Hola.

00:00:23   Hola, Stephen Hackett.

00:00:25   How are you?

00:00:26   I'm good, Myke.

00:00:27   How are you today?

00:00:28   I'm very good.

00:00:29   sad though we have no Federico but we have a very special guest who's gonna be

00:00:34   joining me a little later on in the show when I kick you out. It's true you're

00:00:39   gonna trade me out for our guest basically. An upgraded Hackett. There you

00:00:44   go. Let's do some follow-up. So we talked a little bit, I don't even know what it was, a

00:00:51   couple weeks ago about kind of what we're doing with HomeKit. We've been

00:00:54   talking a lot about it recently. A lot about it. I wrote a whole thing up about

00:00:59   it on phytopixels we'll put that in the show notes if you haven't seen it it was

00:01:02   fun to kind of put that together and walk through what I'm using but if you

00:01:06   are a really FM member we have a members only show that you should be aware of

00:01:11   and I recorded an episode about this with you and Matt Alexander of Bonanza

00:01:16   amongst other things and I think it came out really nice like a 30-minute

00:01:20   conversation about what we're using and got into like the ecosystem question so

00:01:24   Lots of like home automation stuff going on around Relay right now, but it's a lot of fun.

00:01:29   So yeah, Relay.fm/membership sign up and you'll get a link in the email to our very

00:01:34   special subscriber podcast, member podcast. There you go, Secret Relay Subscriber

00:01:39   Membership Podcast. That's the full name by the way if you want to search for it, you'll find it.

00:01:44   Let's talk about WDC a little bit. So this happened... This is how I feel about this.

00:01:52   - This happened on Wednesday, I think.

00:01:55   - All I know is it destroyed my day.

00:01:57   Like I was getting ready to make myself some lunch.

00:02:01   I had an afternoon full of recording, right?

00:02:04   Like back to back recordings I had to do on Wednesday.

00:02:07   Including that member, the secret member special subscriber.

00:02:11   - Yeah, it was Thursday.

00:02:12   Thursday, excuse me.

00:02:13   - Whatever day it was.

00:02:14   It doesn't matter what day it was, but it was that day.

00:02:16   So I was just getting out some stuff

00:02:18   to start cooking myself some lunch.

00:02:20   And then Federico texted me.

00:02:22   "Well, I think you sent it to our group chat."

00:02:23   And he's like, "WWC announced."

00:02:25   I'm like, "Oh, lolz, Federico, look at you.

00:02:27   "It's February, it's not even March yet, come on."

00:02:31   And then the next text said, "San Jose."

00:02:33   And I'm like, "I don't know where that is."

00:02:36   I know it's in California.

00:02:38   - I was still in bed.

00:02:39   I had just gotten up and rolled over and picked up my phone

00:02:42   'cause usually y'all have been talking

00:02:43   and I didn't make sure anything is pressing

00:02:45   and this was happening.

00:02:47   And so Apple is returning to San Jose for WWDC,

00:02:52   where it was until like 2002 or so, somewhere in there.

00:02:56   And they moved to San Francisco.

00:02:57   They're moving back.

00:02:58   I believe it's a permanent move.

00:03:01   I don't think they're gonna go back to San Francisco

00:03:02   at some point, but we'll see.

00:03:04   So it'll be really different.

00:03:05   And San Jose is, the little bit of time I've spent there,

00:03:09   it is vastly different than downtown San Francisco,

00:03:13   where we have been for the last four years.

00:03:15   This will be my fifth WWDC, which is pretty crazy.

00:03:20   And it's just going to mean a lot of changes, I think.

00:03:23   There are a lot of people, including me and you and a lot of people we work with who don't

00:03:28   attend WWDC as a developer, but they go to the conference and do things around the conference

00:03:36   and in the evenings and that sort of thing.

00:03:38   And my guess is that a lot of that will be drastically different this time.

00:03:44   I would point people to yesterday's episode of Upgrade

00:03:47   where you and Jason talk about this.

00:03:49   Jason, of course, has been going to Apple

00:03:52   developer conferences for like 150 years

00:03:55   and talked about what it was like in San Jose

00:03:58   and then they moved to San Francisco.

00:03:59   So he has a really unique perspective

00:04:01   that obviously I can't have.

00:04:03   But I think it's gonna be different

00:04:04   and we've had a lot of questions about what we're gonna do

00:04:07   since the two of us run the business and we're on the show.

00:04:10   So it's a good place to talk about that.

00:04:12   We established a tradition, right?

00:04:15   But that tradition was--

00:04:17   We had our, what you would call, a first annual event.

00:04:20   Yep, we had our first annual RelayCon San Francisco.

00:04:25   And we were mere days away from signing a contract on a space,

00:04:31   which would have been--

00:04:33   It was a 50% non-refundable deposit was required.

00:04:36   Yeah, that would have been unfortunate.

00:04:39   So, thankfully we didn't do that.

00:04:42   But obviously we're unsure,

00:04:44   there's a lot of uncertainty about,

00:04:46   not only is like, what is this gonna be like,

00:04:47   there's a lot of conversation,

00:04:48   even Jason got into this, like,

00:04:50   is Apple going to provide more stuff after hours

00:04:53   for people to do because it's not in San Francisco,

00:04:55   'cause it's a little bit of a quieter city?

00:04:58   I don't know, I don't think they're going to, but,

00:05:00   we'll see.

00:05:03   But this is, this is uncertainty, right?

00:05:05   Like things and traditions that came up in San Francisco

00:05:08   are now kind of up for grabs.

00:05:09   and the big problem I'm running into

00:05:11   as the Senior Vice President of Live Events at Relay FM.

00:05:14   (laughing)

00:05:16   We have an organization, aside Myke and I,

00:05:19   we share an organization chart at the company,

00:05:21   but there's only two of us, so like,

00:05:22   I'm co-founder and SVP of like four things,

00:05:25   and you're co-founder and SVP of another four things.

00:05:27   It's very, it's a very interesting process to go through.

00:05:31   And so we're trying to find space,

00:05:33   and as you may imagine, San Jose has a lot fewer options,

00:05:36   especially downtown, because we want to be

00:05:38   walking distance of the conference.

00:05:39   We don't want people to have to Uber anywhere.

00:05:41   And most of those places are bars.

00:05:43   So we're working through it.

00:05:46   What we can say today is that we are working

00:05:50   on at least a meetup, is our hope to have a meetup.

00:05:53   But we are probably not going to do a live show this year

00:05:57   because of the venue problem, because it's a new thing.

00:06:02   If we plan all this and Apple says,

00:06:04   "Hey, attendees, there's stuff for you

00:06:05   "every night of the week."

00:06:07   it could be really hard for independent events

00:06:10   to be successful.

00:06:12   And so if this year we do a meetup and it sells out

00:06:16   and there's demand for something,

00:06:18   then I think, it's obviously a long way away,

00:06:21   but I think I'd be comfortable saying in 2018

00:06:23   we would be looking at that again.

00:06:26   But this year I think we're gonna play it safe,

00:06:27   and my guess is a lot of other people are too.

00:06:30   - So for me, it's not even about,

00:06:32   I mean, that's definitely a factor, right?

00:06:34   that we have no idea what every evening is going to look like, but for me, the shows

00:06:40   that we record during WWDC week are some of the most important shows that we record in

00:06:45   the entire year and we don't know what the situation would be like at any of the potential

00:06:50   venues that we're going to go to because we've never seen them. And if they're not conducive

00:06:54   to a good atmosphere, like a good AV set up for recording, we could end up losing the

00:06:59   episode which would be a disaster for all of the people that tune in that aren't going

00:07:04   to be able to be there. So I don't want to sacrifice the episode that week because we're

00:07:10   not sure of what the arrangement is going to be like. So we will of course be recording

00:07:15   in person because all three of us are going to be in San Jose. I keep going to say San

00:07:19   Francisco. I wish it didn't start with San.

00:07:22   San Fran Jose.

00:07:23   San Froze. We're all going to be there. So we're going to record an episode together

00:07:27   But it won't be a live episode

00:07:29   But we do want to because one of the best things about relaycon last year was getting to meet a bunch of people

00:07:35   So we want to do that

00:07:37   So we will we're working on a meetup. We're just trying to find a good venue for that

00:07:41   And then hopefully we'll be able to return

00:07:44   Next year in 2018 to be doing a relaycon live show

00:07:49   In San Jose because we will have been able to kind of scout out

00:07:52   some venues and and I know like I'm sure there will be people in and around the area that

00:07:56   That will be as we've had already some people that are willing to like

00:08:00   Help us out find a good place. If you know anywhere that's good for a meetup. Let us know but

00:08:05   I'm really particular about a lot of things and really yeah, and I'm concerned

00:08:12   I I won't feel comfortable about recording a show in a place until I can see it

00:08:16   Well, yeah. So anyway, so there's all that going on. So

00:08:21   we will have news hopefully soon on what we're going to do and

00:08:25   Stay tuned for that so all in all though. There's a lot of stuff again. Watch this the two of us

00:08:32   There is a lot of stuff coming in 2017. So

00:08:35   Especially with the pan addict if you haven't checked out that Kickstarter

00:08:38   You totally should you guys are bringing the pan addict to Elena?

00:08:42   DC and Chicago this year US tour baby

00:08:46   US tour Mac power users has an event next month in Chicago, which I will be flying up for

00:08:52   And then there will be something at WWDC

00:08:56   So we're doing all in all a lot more this year out kind of out in the world, which is a really exciting

00:09:02   It's a lot of fun to do that stuff

00:09:03   Yeah, like a lot of the the pan-adic stuff there will be pan-adic shows

00:09:08   But also we're gonna be trying to work on meetups in those cities. So, you know

00:09:13   More information will follow about all of those and there is potential for maybe two London meetups this year

00:09:21   One of them inside Myke's new house. It's not true

00:09:25   Yeah, but I think that might be like two people invited to that one. But yes, there will be

00:09:29   It's not a meetup if you don't know everybody's name

00:09:34   Also kind of in

00:09:38   corporate update this week we are hiring for a

00:09:42   administrative assistant to help

00:09:44   Behind the scenes at relay FM. So if you haven't looked at this or haven't looked at it yet, there's a new page relay FM

00:09:50   jobs

00:09:52   You have until Friday to send a cover letter and a resume if you're interested we've had

00:09:58   What I would call an overwhelming response. We've spent a lot of time looking through stuff already, but you have until Friday

00:10:04   we're going to cut it off then and

00:10:05   And move forward in that process. So it's exciting. Thank you to everybody that supplied

00:10:11   we have some amazing candidates already.

00:10:14   So thank you if you have, and if you haven't

00:10:16   and you're interested, you still have

00:10:17   a couple of days to do that.

00:10:20   - Yep.

00:10:21   So let's get into some sort of more regular follow-up again.

00:10:25   I wanted to point out and talk to you about Reverb.ai.

00:10:28   I saw this yesterday, and it is a,

00:10:32   an app for Mac, iOS, and Android

00:10:36   that ties in to the Amazon Voice Services,

00:10:41   which is the kind of technology behind the Echo

00:10:44   and the Lady in the canister.

00:10:46   And I've been using an app on iOS for a while now

00:10:50   that Federico pointed out to me called Astra.

00:10:53   - Me too.

00:10:54   - These apps are basically interchangeable.

00:10:55   They do the same thing.

00:10:56   You open the app, you hit the button,

00:10:59   and you talk to it, and then Amazon's Lady answers you,

00:11:04   just like if you're talking into an Echo.

00:11:06   I'm really trying hard not to say her name for you, Myke.

00:11:08   - I appreciate it.

00:11:10   - And it's nice because you have those services

00:11:13   just with you and I've used Astra a bunch.

00:11:16   It's on my home screen.

00:11:18   I'm really happy with it.

00:11:19   I downloaded Reverb just to kind of play with it.

00:11:22   The UI's a lot nicer but I like Astra

00:11:24   and I like that it has a pink icon.

00:11:25   So they do the same thing so the icon's a big factor.

00:11:28   - Yeah, there's not a lot of interface

00:11:30   in these applications.

00:11:31   - There's basically no interface.

00:11:33   (laughing)

00:11:35   The thing about this though,

00:11:39   it just really highlights to me,

00:11:40   it's like why has Amazon not done this?

00:11:42   Just put a-- - 'Cause they don't need to.

00:11:45   - Echo app.

00:11:45   I agree with you, but I think what it would do

00:11:51   is the thing about the best of the voices

00:11:55   and it's the one you have with you all the time,

00:11:57   that Apple nerds like to trot out

00:11:58   and Phil Schiller trotted out the same line.

00:12:01   There is truth to that to a degree

00:12:03   and I think that Amazon could very easily put this out

00:12:08   on iOS and Android and everywhere else

00:12:09   and really grow its ecosystem.

00:12:12   Now of course, Amazon wants to sell you the hardware, right?

00:12:14   Like having a bunch of freeloaders

00:12:16   using the Amazon voice services

00:12:19   really isn't their main goal with this, right?

00:12:21   I think they really want to sell that hardware.

00:12:23   But I think for people who already have an Echo,

00:12:26   like it's nice that I have that same capability

00:12:28   just on my phone when I'm out and about.

00:12:30   And I found myself using it a good bit.

00:12:32   And again, Siri has improved, but I think I,

00:12:36   like a lot of other people, have for the most part

00:12:40   kind of written off Siri, for now at least,

00:12:42   because it does get things wrong

00:12:43   and it is frustrating to use sometimes.

00:12:46   And the Echo and the Amazon Voice service

00:12:49   just works more the way that I want it to work.

00:12:52   So I like having it.

00:12:54   So you said you have Astro on your phone.

00:12:58   Do you end up using it?

00:13:00   - Very, very rarely.

00:13:01   I've used it a couple of times.

00:13:04   I have it in case I need it,

00:13:05   but honestly, most of the times that I need to control

00:13:09   something on my Echo, I'm at home where I have two of them.

00:13:12   Like, I just gotta raise my voice and it will hear me.

00:13:15   - Yeah, so that's a good point.

00:13:19   I mean, I've got a dot right here, like, I can touch it.

00:13:22   I'm touching it right now.

00:13:23   But if you're on about, it's nice.

00:13:25   Lastly, Snapchat Spectacles,

00:13:29   which are something that kids like.

00:13:31   you're a youth, you can now just buy them online which is super boring and so mainstream.

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00:15:34   of this show. Rumors, rumors, rumors! Rumors everywhere! All of the rumors, they're all

00:15:41   over the place and we're going to talk about them.

00:15:44   - That's a good intro.

00:15:47   So we're gonna talk about the next iPhone

00:15:50   and I feel like every day there's some new rumor

00:15:54   or facet or feature that the iPhone 8 is going to have.

00:15:59   And I think I first voiced this back in the fall

00:16:03   that this is quickly becoming like the magic unicorn phone

00:16:06   and there's a lot of expectations to do this

00:16:11   and I think that if this stuff isn't true,

00:16:14   we will see Apple PR start its whisper campaign,

00:16:16   probably here pretty soon to kind of bring

00:16:19   things down a notch.

00:16:20   But we haven't gotten to that yet.

00:16:21   We're all doped up on MacRumors and iPhoneRumors,

00:16:25   so not MacRumors.

00:16:26   - Not MacRumors. - MacRumors is the website.

00:16:27   - We're at the website. - Apple's.

00:16:28   - There's absolutely zero MacRumors.

00:16:30   - If there was a new MacProRumor,

00:16:31   it would be like sweet drugs to so many Mac users.

00:16:34   - Somebody should just write that.

00:16:35   You should just write that, you know?

00:16:37   Just start a rumor campaign, you know?

00:16:39   That's how it works.

00:16:40   - Yeah, that's what people come to 512 for.

00:16:42   - Yeah, they do.

00:16:43   some reports from Ming-Chi Kuo, our favorite over at KGI Securities. We've written some

00:16:50   more reports. Would you like me to go through them, Steven?

00:16:53   Please. So the current rumor is that the unicorn phone

00:16:57   is going to be the third iPhone model debuted in September alongside the 7S and the 7S+.

00:17:04   So we will see the... So the rumors we're hearing about like the iPhone 6 design being

00:17:10   and trotted out for a fourth time is because there will be a 7s and 7s plus.

00:17:25   This device will have similar physical dimensions to the 4.7" iPhone 7 but will have an edge

00:17:32   to edge display.

00:17:34   This screen panel will measure around 5.8 inches.

00:17:40   inches, but 5.15 inches of it will be used like a screen that we're used to. So there

00:17:47   is part of the screen at the bottom of the phone that is not used for standard screen

00:17:51   use. The rest of this screen is being referred to as a function area, basically software

00:17:58   buttons at the bottom of the phone, right? Kind of like how you see on Android phones,

00:18:02   they have software buttons, right? It's part of the screen, but you can't do anything there

00:18:06   in theory. So the screen for content, so the content area will be just a little bit smaller

00:18:12   than the plus size phone, which is 5.5 inches. So over a 5 inch screen in a 4.7 inch body.

00:18:22   Which is very interesting. Big screen, small phone. Alongside this, so we're going to come

00:18:28   back to that function row in a minute because there's some other rumors but that's a whole

00:18:31   big thing on its own.

00:18:35   This phone will feature a new stacked logic board design to allow for a bigger battery

00:18:41   inside which I'm sure will be needed as well because the screen is getting bigger.

00:18:47   It is expected that this phone will adopt other biometric technology.

00:18:51   It is unknown at this point whether Touch ID will be replaced or somehow embedded into

00:18:56   the screen. There will be a new front facing camera and infrared module that can sense

00:19:06   3D space according to another rumour. This new front facing camera technology will include

00:19:14   facial recognition, iris recognition and the ability to take 3D selfies that you can add

00:19:20   to characters in games. This is apparently a use of the technology that Apple acquired

00:19:24   from PrimeSense. That's a whole big bag of stuff. This unicorn phone is expected to

00:19:32   cost around $1000, which makes a ton of sense because it sounds like it's going to be

00:19:36   super advanced and also what a great way to increase the ASP again. I'm not being cynical

00:19:42   here but like yeah what a great way to like give me this phone that is full of insane

00:19:46   technology and charge me a huge price for it. And the pricing is not bananas. I mean

00:19:52   right now if you buy off contract which is what this price is about the 7 the

00:19:57   iPhone 7 starts at $649 here in the US and the iPhone 7 Plus at $769. Now if you

00:20:04   take the 7 Plus to a 256 gig configuration so the most expensive

00:20:08   iPhone you can buy right now unlocked in the United States is $969. So if this

00:20:14   phone you know if we have the 7s and 7s Plus and then we have this new phone at

00:20:20   at the top of the range.

00:20:22   The pricing is in line with what you would expect to see.

00:20:24   Like, it's a lot of money, but it is,

00:20:27   you know, the phone that I have right here at my desk

00:20:29   was $869 unlocked.

00:20:31   Like, it is within reason, I think.

00:20:33   And to your point, would help with the ASP

00:20:36   and other things Apple cares about that in the bottom line.

00:20:38   - Yep.

00:20:39   And that'll be starting at 1,000, right?

00:20:41   That'll be like the base storage at 1,000.

00:20:43   - Yeah, that'll be the 16 gig.

00:20:45   No, I'm just kidding.

00:20:46   (laughing)

00:20:48   - Can you imagine?

00:20:48   (laughing)

00:20:49   all this new technology with 16 gigs of storage.

00:20:53   - Yeah, well they got rid of that right now.

00:20:55   It starts at, what does it start at now?

00:20:57   I'm trying to get-- - I think it starts

00:20:58   at 32 now, right?

00:20:59   - Yeah, 32, 128, 256.

00:21:01   Now I can even see a world where like,

00:21:03   maybe the 32 gig goes away in this model

00:21:05   that is sort of the flagship. - 128, 256.

00:21:07   Like the iPads, you know?

00:21:08   - Yeah, so the pricing I got no problem with.

00:21:12   There's a lot of interesting stuff in these rumors.

00:21:14   Like each one of these is a topic unto itself.

00:21:17   But let's go back to the no bezel function area thing.

00:21:22   And when I saw this last week,

00:21:26   or over the weekend, whenever it was,

00:21:27   the first thing that came to mind was the touch bar.

00:21:30   So on the MacBook Pro, you have this new thing

00:21:32   that is basically like software powered function buttons.

00:21:37   And you could see a world in which that would be

00:21:43   useful on an iPhone.

00:21:47   And the thing that's really impressed me

00:21:50   after having switched to the touch bar on MacBook Pro,

00:21:52   as you predicted, #mikewasright,

00:21:54   is that it really can make things faster if you embrace it.

00:21:59   And you can ignore it, so for instance,

00:22:02   in something like Logic or Final Cut

00:22:04   where I know all the shortcuts,

00:22:05   I'm not really using the touch bar.

00:22:06   But just yesterday, actually,

00:22:08   I was in Microsoft Word doing something,

00:22:10   and Office recently added really great touch bar support.

00:22:14   - And who knows where the buttons are in Office, right?

00:22:16   - Exactly, exactly.

00:22:18   And I think this could be a nice boon to iPhone software

00:22:23   to say if you have something you want users to get to

00:22:25   but it's buried behind a button somewhere,

00:22:27   you can surface that.

00:22:28   And the other thing that comes to mind is that,

00:22:31   you know, this unicorn phone is going to be

00:22:34   a little bit smaller screen real estate than the Plus.

00:22:37   And that's the only thing about this

00:22:39   that makes me a little sad

00:22:40   'cause I like the real estate on my Plus.

00:22:42   But if you have a way to move

00:22:45   some of your on-screen elements off-screen

00:22:48   and put them in this touch bar,

00:22:50   then it kinda balances out a little bit.

00:22:53   And so it all kinda makes sense to me from that perspective.

00:22:56   And you could, in theory, use the touch bar stuff

00:23:02   on the Mac, and people forget,

00:23:05   Federico brought this up in our notes,

00:23:06   is that on the iPad you have the shortcut bar.

00:23:09   So above the iPad keyboard,

00:23:13   there are space where developers can put in buttons.

00:23:17   And you see this on the iPhone sometimes,

00:23:18   but it's really designed for the iPad.

00:23:22   So a blend of those two things would be interesting.

00:23:24   And you already have some of that in iOS

00:23:27   with the iPad keyboard.

00:23:28   And you already have it on the Mac with a touch bar.

00:23:31   You can kind of bring those things together

00:23:34   into something new, which I think would be actually,

00:23:36   honestly, pretty exciting.

00:23:38   So in an outlet in the chat room,

00:23:40   it says something which I find really interesting.

00:23:42   So the home button will be virtual.

00:23:44   Not sure how much I would like a totally onscreen home button.

00:23:46   It makes literally no difference to the button you've got now because that button

00:23:50   doesn't move. That button is a flat piece of plastic or glass, right?

00:23:54   Which is completely unmoving.

00:23:56   Like if they just had a little circle, right?

00:23:59   Which is how I'd expect there'd be a little circle on the bottom of the phone

00:24:02   constantly.

00:24:03   You just press in that area and it just kicks back at you like the Force Touch

00:24:06   like the, um, haptics, taptic stuff. I don't even think you'd need it.

00:24:10   Like, I really don't think that this is a thing that would be necessary.

00:24:14   You know, Mrs. Super said, like, you wouldn't be able to feel where it is,

00:24:18   right, which I totally get because it's not going to be recessed in any way.

00:24:22   But the actual, the button went away.

00:24:26   Like, there is no button anymore.

00:24:27   There are a couple of different ways that an area like this could be used, right?

00:24:32   You could use it the way that Android uses it and it's just nothing, right?

00:24:36   Like when you're watching video and you're playing games,

00:24:40   most Android phones take advantage of the full screen. Um, not all of them,

00:24:44   but many of them. But other than that,

00:24:45   there's like the three buttons at the bottom.

00:24:46   It was like a multitasking button, a home button and a back button. Now I don't,

00:24:50   there are no buttons that Apple would add to this thing, right?

00:24:53   You could maybe put a multitasking button next to it,

00:24:56   like it was a permanent button,

00:24:58   but there isn't like a back button and I can't imagine Apple adding a back

00:25:01   button to iOS now. So like from my perspective,

00:25:05   The idea of this being just like a dumb area with those three kind of unchangeable buttons

00:25:09   doesn't seem like a thing to me.

00:25:11   Like I feel like there will always be the button in the middle, right, like a dedicated

00:25:15   space to go home, but there will be other things, right?

00:25:18   And what could they be?

00:25:19   Like you said, we could have like a black area with colorful buttons on it, like the

00:25:23   touch bar, right?

00:25:25   Or what if you dropped the tab bar that's in a lot of applications down to that area?

00:25:30   Like, you know, like an app like Tweetbot, right?

00:25:32   like a consistent UI paradigm of iOS is to have that tab bar at the bottom,

00:25:36   right? Where you just go from area to area.

00:25:38   Well what if that dropped down to that bottom area?

00:25:40   So you could have more real estate on screen, you know,

00:25:43   you could do something like that.

00:25:44   So instead of it being like just a function key, it could be dynamic.

00:25:48   It could do any of those things, right? You could,

00:25:50   you could have just functions there. If you're an application,

00:25:53   it just needs functions. Or you can put some tab bars there.

00:25:57   If you're like an app that uses tab bars or what if it's like a control center

00:26:01   type thing like control strip. Like there are a bunch of different things that could

00:26:04   happen here that frankly I would I think I'd be more interested in having some of this

00:26:09   stuff on iOS than on the Mac just because of the direct manipulation with the entire

00:26:14   screen at all times. Right. Like it's all in front of you. It's all there. It's easier

00:26:19   to hit like you're looking at it. It's right there. Like you know people say about the

00:26:23   touch bar isn't as good because I don't look at my keyboard like I'm a touch typist. Like

00:26:26   that isn't a consideration. That isn't an issue with the phone because you're always

00:26:30   looking at the screen, right? So those buttons are more discoverable at all times. I would be

00:26:36   really interested to see this thing and honestly this makes so much sense to me because Touch Bar

00:26:42   feels like retina, right? Like it feels like one of the things, like one of those like, oh like

00:26:48   Touch ID, like it feels like just something that will permeate across Apple products.

00:26:51   Right, it's going to just kind of spread and trickle out over time.

00:26:55   So I'm... I mean who knows with these rumors right? Like they're rumors but this one makes a lot of

00:27:02   sense. Like the 3D selfies and facial recognition stuff like okay I can kind of see it but that

00:27:07   seems like super out there but like you can couple it to be like well maybe there's no touch ID

00:27:12   although I still think there will be touch ID. I think they're gonna put touch ID on the back

00:27:15   of the device honestly. I don't think it's gonna be embedded into the screen this time.

00:27:20   I should put my stake in the ground now that's if that feels like a big jump I think

00:27:24   maybe the one after this that put it on the screen.

00:27:28   But then they might want to have a different

00:27:29   unlocking mechanism and facial and iris recognition

00:27:32   if you can do it right sounds fun,

00:27:33   but that still seems like a huge,

00:27:35   like that's a really big thing,

00:27:37   it seems like a big jump,

00:27:38   but something like having this function area

00:27:41   seems possible.

00:27:42   Mobile World Congress is coming up

00:27:44   and there are a bunch of leaks and press invites

00:27:48   for LG and Samsung and all of these phones

00:27:51   are going edge to edge.

00:27:53   And so I'm very confident that Apple can do it, will do it, and if they do, adding a touch

00:27:59   bar to the iPhone seems like a really interesting idea.

00:28:03   Yeah, I think it's definitely time for them to re-evaluate the industrial design.

00:28:10   The chin and the forehead are really aging.

00:28:14   I think, I agree with you on all of that, and I think there's a lot of interesting stuff

00:28:17   here, and I think as we get closer to it, it will probably become more clear what's

00:28:20   going on.

00:28:21   It's February and we're talking in detail about the next iPhone like it's seems like it's earlier than ever

00:28:26   But it's because we there were people were a bit underwhelmed, you know, or at least the yeah, he was underwhelmed including me

00:28:34   Yeah the previous one

00:28:35   So it's like we're hanging and also this has been a discussion this phone has been a discussion since before the seven, right? Yeah

00:28:42   Let's talk a little bit about what this would mean from like a strategy perspective because that is almost equally interesting to me and

00:28:50   And so if we go with this model that in the fall this year we will see an iPhone 7s, an

00:28:58   iPhone 7s Plus, which looked the same as the 7 and 7 Plus we have now, which is what my

00:29:04   prediction was for the year.

00:29:06   With this 8/Pro, we'll get to the naming in a minute, on top of those is the new high-end

00:29:12   model.

00:29:13   This would be a really big break from Apple's iPhone strategy to date.

00:29:18   the only other break has been, well there have been two others. The first has been the

00:29:22   iPhone 5c. So when they introduced the iPhone 5s, instead of demoting the iPhone 5 to that

00:29:29   sort of, you know, low cost, maybe even free on contract or $100 on contract phone, they

00:29:37   pulled the iPhone 5 from sale and replaced it with the iPhone 5c. Now it had all the

00:29:42   same guts, it had a better camera, but an all new industrial design that only lasted

00:29:46   one year plastic colorful to date probably one of my favorite iPhones in

00:29:50   the hand the iPhone 5c is great but it was a break in strategy and the

00:29:57   conversation then was Apple's gonna make a cheap phone people who said the C

00:30:01   would stand for cheap of course it I think it ended up staying for colorful

00:30:05   or unapologetically plastic I think it's what Johnny I've said in the video but

00:30:10   But it was a break and clearly it didn't work.

00:30:14   And they went back to demoting the new phone a year later

00:30:18   to that middle price point and then kind of shuffling it

00:30:21   down the line until it was free and then out the door.

00:30:24   And there were a lot of reasons for that.

00:30:27   My guess is and what I've read and kind of what I've heard

00:30:29   since then is that the iPhone 5 was problematic to produce,

00:30:32   especially in the black.

00:30:34   And it's one reason they changed the color on the 5S.

00:30:39   That's one reason that the they've never gone back to that black even now.

00:30:44   And maybe the 5C was meant to be more but the very least it covered the manufacturing

00:30:49   angle and but it didn't paint out right the F and 5C faded into history and most people

00:30:55   never had one but people never used one and it's kind of gone.

00:30:59   The second break was the next year when they introduced the 6 and 6 plus whether you had

00:31:05   two main like headlining phones. The Plus was a little bit better in some ways

00:31:11   and more expensive but basically two new phones. Spec wise basically the same

00:31:17   except you know camera battery life but same processor same same industrial

00:31:21   design and this is where they've been for a while now so the 6 and 6 Plus got

00:31:27   demoted to the middle spot and stayed around the options get simpler you can't

00:31:31   choose colors you have limited size options and then they sort of shuffle

00:31:34   down the line and then disappear.

00:31:36   And that's the world that we live in now.

00:31:38   My question is with this phone,

00:31:40   a year from now, or a year and a half from now I guess,

00:31:45   the 7 and 7S Plus get demoted

00:31:49   and then does the 8/Pro, where does it go, what happens,

00:31:53   what's happening with the iPhone SE,

00:31:54   which we're gonna talk about after the ad break,

00:31:55   it's rumored to get an update soon.

00:31:58   Like it's much more complicated than it used to be.

00:32:01   And I don't have a problem with that,

00:32:02   I think Apple is trying to grow the iPhone into new markets.

00:32:06   The 5C was supposed to be a lower cost, really wasn't,

00:32:09   but it looked new and really was a new phone,

00:32:13   so had some potential there,

00:32:15   but it's just a different strategy.

00:32:17   And instead of breaking low with the 5C,

00:32:20   they're breaking high with the 8/Pro/Unicorn phone.

00:32:24   And I think it will work.

00:32:26   I think this phone, if any, even if half this stuff is true,

00:32:29   Even if it's just an upgraded 7S with a new industrial design,

00:32:35   I think at least the fans are going to buy it.

00:32:37   Like, sign me up for this phone, dude.

00:32:40   This is what I'm getting.

00:32:42   Even if it means a downgrade in screen size a little bit.

00:32:47   So I think it'll be successful.

00:32:49   But I just wonder why Apple is doing it now.

00:32:51   Is this a way to head off leveling iPhone sales?

00:32:56   iPhone sales were up this year over where they have been,

00:33:01   which is good, it's what Apple said would happen,

00:33:03   but they wanna continue growing.

00:33:05   Is this a way to do that?

00:33:06   Or is this a weird like stop gap?

00:33:11   Is the iPhone 7 a hiccup?

00:33:14   And that's kinda to your next point in the notes of,

00:33:18   does this phone explain why 2016 was a little underwhelming?

00:33:22   Was this phone supposed to be out in 2016

00:33:25   and this whole strategy thing I just broke down

00:33:27   really wasn't the plan,

00:33:28   but it's kind of the world they're gonna be in

00:33:30   because this phone wasn't ready.

00:33:32   And we will probably never know the answer to that

00:33:33   until someone's dying and writes a book,

00:33:36   but it's really interesting to think about.

00:33:41   - I think this was the plan all along, honestly.

00:33:43   I feel like it would've,

00:33:47   I think we would've seen some other signs

00:33:49   like if Apple had to go back to the drawing board, right?

00:33:52   'Cause I think you know that a long time in advance.

00:33:55   I think that the plan was always to kind of just hold over a year and then make a big

00:34:01   jump.

00:34:02   And I don't think the next phone after that will be as big a jump.

00:34:04   It will be like what we're used to.

00:34:06   Right?

00:34:07   Like it will be more incremental stuff.

00:34:08   But they wanted to maybe...

00:34:11   The areas that they wanted to move into required a lot more time to develop.

00:34:16   Like this full screen stuff seems like maybe like a pretty tricky thing to get perfectly

00:34:20   right.

00:34:21   So maybe it was just like, we need two years on this one, you know, three years on this

00:34:24   We need a longer time period.

00:34:25   And this strategy, I am totally seeing what you're saying,

00:34:29   right, there's so many different models,

00:34:31   but whether you like it or don't like it,

00:34:33   I'm not annoyed by it like some people are.

00:34:35   This is Tim Cook.

00:34:36   Every Apple line has grown under his leadership,

00:34:42   like in product choice.

00:34:44   That's what he does, right?

00:34:47   This is the Apple under Tim Cook,

00:34:50   whether it's him or whether it's somebody else, right?

00:34:52   Like we're gonna talk about the iPads again in a minute,

00:34:54   but like there are more iPads than there's ever been.

00:34:56   I know that there maybe aren't as many Macs,

00:34:59   but there are still a ton of choices,

00:35:00   even when there maybe shouldn't be

00:35:02   all the choices that there is, right?

00:35:03   They're still selling products that shouldn't be sold.

00:35:05   Like this is a, they sold two models of Apple TV

00:35:08   when there was absolutely no reason to.

00:35:10   Like they sell lots of options.

00:35:13   And one of the reasons to do this

00:35:15   is because you can then have something

00:35:16   that's super expensive.

00:35:18   And this will be a way to grow revenue in the iPhone sector.

00:35:21   Like, I don't disagree with these things.

00:35:24   Like, I see the business use and I see the business case

00:35:26   for many of these things.

00:35:27   Like, having a more expensive iPhone is a smart thing to do

00:35:30   because you have some cultures that will buy it

00:35:33   just because they want to have the most expensive phone

00:35:35   to show that they have the most expensive phone.

00:35:38   Or you have some people that are just like so eaten up

00:35:40   in the technology.

00:35:41   Or you just have some people that just want

00:35:42   the latest and greatest.

00:35:43   But whatever it is, you're gonna be able to get

00:35:45   maybe double the ASP from some people, right?

00:35:48   More, triple.

00:35:50   And that's gonna be an interesting thing for the graphs.

00:35:53   But if you don't care about the graphs,

00:35:56   if this phone is what we're hoping it's gonna be,

00:35:59   it's gonna be freaking amazing.

00:36:00   And also I think that they will call this the iPhone Pro

00:36:03   and this is the perfect time to give it a different name

00:36:06   and then maybe to change the iPhone name and go forward

00:36:08   so they get off the number cycle

00:36:10   'cause I don't think that's helping them.

00:36:11   And I think this one will probably be called the iPhone Pro

00:36:13   because what else would you call it?

00:36:16   - Yeah, and that kind of defers the problem.

00:36:19   I'm very curious what they call the second generation of iPad Pro, like iPad Pro 2, I

00:36:24   bet.

00:36:25   But I think you're right, and I think that if this had been the plan for 2016, the leaks

00:36:30   we're seeing now we would have seen a year ago, leading into what would be the 7 and

00:36:35   7 Plus, but instead all the leaks were there's no headphone jack.

00:36:38   And this stuff was kept really quiet until recently, and so I agree with you, I think

00:36:43   it's weird that maybe 2016 was a little underwhelming.

00:36:45   That's not to say this isn't a good phone.

00:36:47   I really like my 7 Plus, but it is much more evolutionary for a new model number than they

00:36:57   have been in the past.

00:36:58   And this phone, to back up a second, would be a huge break from where we've been and

00:37:04   would really be a big turn in a new direction without evolving to that point.

00:37:12   A big jump forward.

00:37:14   And of course then from then they will have to iterate again and you know you kind of

00:37:18   get this the spurt of innovation all at once which is I mean if all if all this stuff is

00:37:23   true we didn't even talk about wireless charging I don't think but if all this stuff is true

00:37:27   then this would be probably the biggest feature set change to the iPhone maybe ever I mean

00:37:34   really you had the 4 that brought the random display and that that does that industrial

00:37:38   design and then you had the 6 and 6 plus.

00:37:42   But I think this phone would be a bigger change than those two years brought.

00:37:48   So it would be exciting as someone who has carried an iPhone for a long time, almost

00:37:53   continuously since the beginning, except for a little dabbling in webOS and Android here

00:37:58   and there, that, like I said, sign me up for this.

00:38:02   I think I'm ready.

00:38:04   But this isn't all, kids.

00:38:05   We have more rumors.

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00:39:55   support of Connected and Relay FM.

00:39:59   Alright, so the March event seems to be back on,

00:40:03   according to the rumor cycle.

00:40:05   Real quick rundown, a 128 gig iPhone SE option.

00:40:10   No real word as to if it's gonna get a spec bump or not,

00:40:13   but at least a new model.

00:40:16   iPhone Mini Pro, I'm gonna come back to that,

00:40:21   and a product red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

00:40:25   And I remember leading into the iPhone 7,

00:40:27   was a rumor then that they would have a red anodized version and I think it looks

00:40:33   really good in the renders. So all that's rumored. The iPad mini is expected to

00:40:39   get the smart connector, true tone, and four speakers so to bring it in line

00:40:42   with the other iPad Pro options. I don't really know why they would do this. I

00:40:51   mean the iPad mini is by I think any way you can measure it. Of course, Apple

00:40:56   doesn't say but not the best-selling iPad. It's generally the slowest to

00:41:01   receive updates and I think it's winning like feature is that it is so portable

00:41:08   and do you want to put a keyboard on an iPad that small? Do they have room inside

00:41:12   to put four speakers? I just don't know it just seems like an odd thing to

00:41:17   me but this would be alongside with the already expected to refreshes to the

00:41:22   9.7 and the 12.9 inch iPad Pro and of course the introduction to the 10.5 inch

00:41:29   iPad Pro. So we're just talking about Apple doing a lot of different devices.

00:41:32   We could be looking at four new models of iPad Pro in March which is just

00:41:38   exhausting to talk about. So the 9.7 inch iPad Pro and 12.9 are expected to get

00:41:46   some bumps right so you're gonna get like true tone in the 12.9 talking about

00:41:51   adding like four microphones to it and then also the introduction of the 10.5

00:41:55   inch iPad Pro Mac Otakara is referring to this as the 10.5 now not the 10.9 and

00:42:01   it seems to be a change there still edge to edge design but a change in the size

00:42:07   when everything is pro is anything really pro like will there be any iPads

00:42:13   available that are new that will not be pro iPads? Just old ones just the iPad Air 2

00:42:19   however long it lasts.

00:42:21   - It seems really weird, right?

00:42:23   - Mm-hmm.

00:42:24   And maybe they've gotta get through this

00:42:27   and eventually they can drop the pro from the name.

00:42:30   You know, I just don't know.

00:42:32   But I mean, we've talked about Apple naming problems forever.

00:42:37   As long as we've been doing podcasts together,

00:42:40   Apple has some stupid naming decision they've made.

00:42:42   So it's just part of the deal, I think.

00:42:46   But all in all, I think what's most exciting is that 9 point,

00:42:50   the 10.5 inch iPad Pro.

00:42:54   The idea that it's roughly the same form factor

00:42:56   as the 9.7, but the screen real estate of the 12.9

00:43:01   and some of the layout stuff from the 12.9.

00:43:05   If this is true, this will be my next iPad.

00:43:07   And you know, does the 9.7 Pro just get demoted

00:43:12   and kind of be fill the air to spot?

00:43:15   I don't know, I don't think they can do 9.7, 10.5, and 12.9.

00:43:19   That's a lot of iPads way close to each other.

00:43:22   But I guess time will tell.

00:43:24   Never underestimate the silly decisions

00:43:26   that the operations guy can make when he runs the company.

00:43:30   - I want the 10.5 inch iPad Pro

00:43:34   and I'm happy for that to exist.

00:43:35   The 9.7 I think shouldn't be an iPad Pro anymore.

00:43:38   I think they should have a 9.7 which is an Air model.

00:43:41   The 12.9 should exist as the iPad Pro.

00:43:43   should get all of the features that the 9 7 got right should get true tone it

00:43:47   should get a new processor it should be faster beefy or better I don't see why

00:43:52   you would make a mini a pro I really want to see the case for that is there

00:43:56   still gonna be a regular mini you know you said that the mini doesn't sell very

00:43:59   well I don't know about that right like I wonder if that's just the basic iPad

00:44:03   that most people get is the cheapest it's the one that you buy for kids like

00:44:06   there is a product there that makes a lot of sense that I think would be

00:44:10   strange if they replaced it with a product that was more expensive.

00:44:13   I think that would be a big, a big mess.

00:44:15   Um, if they basically have decided that they don't want the iPads to be pro

00:44:19   anymore, they want all iPads to have these features.

00:44:22   Cool.

00:44:22   But don't put all the prices up.

00:44:25   Like if this is what an iPad just becomes, right?

00:44:29   Like Apple has decided that the, all of the iPads get these features.

00:44:32   That's that's fine.

00:44:33   And then you can call the pro devices, the super expensive, fancy ones, like

00:44:37   the 10.5 and the 12.9 and then the mini and the 9.7 they're just iPads but iPads

00:44:42   now all have smart connectors they work true tone they all have maybe Apple

00:44:45   Pencil support. Right that would be fine yeah but I don't think you can have your

00:44:52   entire line called the iPad Pro when then all that's left is what like the

00:44:56   iPad mini 4 still and like the Air 2 like that's a big gulf in between the

00:45:03   regular and the pro at that point. However, when we saw the lack of iPad stuff in 10.3,

00:45:11   we were concerned about whether a March event would exist at all. It seems like we might

00:45:15   get something. And as a PIVO iPad user, as I said, I think I said on the show, I would

00:45:22   take new hardware if there's no new software until September. Because I just want to see

00:45:26   commitment to the platform. It's the same way that people are upset about Mac commitment.

00:45:30   we have the same issue in the iFi camp.

00:45:32   - I don't think it's the same issue.

00:45:34   You haven't had it on three years

00:45:36   without your best model being updated.

00:45:38   - Yeah, but we're not, okay,

00:45:40   but I'm just saying consternation in the Mac completely.

00:45:42   There hasn't been anything for a year now.

00:45:45   Haven't had any new hardware for a year.

00:45:47   Haven't had any new software for 18 months.

00:45:50   That's not great.

00:45:51   So it's not exactly the same, but it's not great.

00:45:52   - What's Apple working on?

00:45:54   - This new phone, I think, right?

00:45:56   I'm starting to wonder, right?

00:45:58   So this is my current thinking.

00:46:00   If we get an iPad which has like edge to edge iPad,

00:46:05   this like beautiful thing that's apparently coming,

00:46:08   and this iPhone, then I will know why 2016 was so weird.

00:46:12   - Yeah.

00:46:13   - Because 2017 is gonna be amazing.

00:46:15   - Maybe we'll get a edge to edge Mac Pro, okay.

00:46:18   - Yeah, yeah, it's like just all screen

00:46:20   and you just touch it and stuff happens.

00:46:23   - Hmm, that sounds like a different

00:46:24   type of computing platform.

00:46:26   Okay, so yeah, so that's the iPad stuff.

00:46:29   I don't really have much else to add.

00:46:31   It seems like it's mostly kind of just like gathering up all the previous rumors, but

00:46:34   we'll see how it goes.

00:46:35   But please, please, please give it.

00:46:36   I expect that if this March event exists, there will also be a bump to the iMac.

00:46:41   Not like a crazy one, but just like some spec bumps.

00:46:43   Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 3, and KB Lake.

00:46:48   I ran, so I do my KBase article of the week thing on 512, and this week it was the article

00:46:57   about using target display mode so you can use an iMac as a display for like a

00:47:02   MacBook Pro and they got rid of that with retina because you can't you

00:47:05   couldn't drive the 4k or 5k display from Thunderbolt 2 and at least the way

00:47:12   Apple wanted to and I posted that yesterday and someone on Twitter was

00:47:16   like well it could come back with like Thunderbolt 3 you could theoretically

00:47:20   run an iMac 5k as a display from a Thunderbolt 3 MacBook Pro which I think

00:47:25   it's totally doable and now I'm hopeful that it comes back but we'll see. I just

00:47:30   bought an iMac last year so I am set with this machine for years but I think

00:47:34   all that stuff will come. So I agree with you I think if we're gonna see an iMac

00:47:37   be in the spring it'll hold over some Mac stuff until later in the year. Yeah I

00:47:41   feel like I am with my Mac now I'm gonna be like John Siracusa. Like I can't

00:47:48   imagine there being a thing that makes me want to update this Mac until it's

00:47:51   like just dying. Yeah. Like it's what my issue now will be speed and I think I'm

00:47:57   gonna have a long time before that's gonna be a problem. They're so they're so

00:48:00   good like these these 5k machines are so fast and you know you can put RAM in them

00:48:06   and it's just I think I agree with you the longevity of these computers is a

00:48:10   lot better than it used to be. What no he didn't say it move on. Hmm so we're gonna

00:48:21   have our guest on in a minute but I want to talk a little bit about where we store

00:48:25   our data. This came up for me a couple weeks ago I got an email to renew my

00:48:32   annual Todoist you know premium or whatever so I pay for Todoist extra

00:48:36   features and I pay it a year at a time and I signed up a year ago and I got an email

00:48:40   "hey pays money" I also at the same time basically like a couple days later got

00:48:45   one to renew my Remember the Milk professional account thing, which is a to-do list that

00:48:52   I have used on and off over the years. I really like the way that it works, but I hate the

00:48:58   icon because it's a cow.

00:49:00   Remember the Milk had their reminder to email their one customer, which is you, to ask them

00:49:06   to up to them.

00:49:07   Apparently. So I didn't know that. I marked them once, and people came out of the woodwork,

00:49:10   especially like non-American customers.

00:49:14   Like they seem to be really big in parts of the world.

00:49:16   But anyways, don't have a cow head is your icon.

00:49:19   - Don't have a cow, man.

00:49:21   - This burden me, I wonder what else I'm paying for

00:49:24   that I'm not using.

00:49:25   And so I kind of took a couple days

00:49:26   and like broke down all the services I'm using.

00:49:29   I put together a blog post with a little mind map

00:49:32   with a little cartoon me in the middle,

00:49:33   which was fun to put together.

00:49:36   And just kind of thinking about where my data lives,

00:49:39   what I pay for, do I have overlap,

00:49:42   are there things I can simplify?

00:49:43   And I really walked away with two big thoughts.

00:49:47   One, I'm pretty happy with my setup

00:49:49   after I quit paying for Remember the Milk.

00:49:51   And two, that especially with iCloud,

00:49:54   I only really use iCloud where it does not overlap

00:50:00   with something else.

00:50:02   And so in 2016, I moved my personal email,

00:50:05   contacts and calendars to my Gmail account,

00:50:07   I've had since like the you know private beta days I've had it forever and I moved

00:50:11   away because iCloud really because iCloud email they're filtering and rules

00:50:16   are just pitiful compared to what Gmail offers and we're already using Google

00:50:20   Apps to run relay my company runs on Google Apps like it was just nice to

00:50:25   have everything on Gmail and looking at this I really only use iCloud for things

00:50:31   that only iCloud can do so things like iCloud Keychain and iOS backups and I do

00:50:36   I do use iCloud photo library.

00:50:38   Google Photos can do that and I do have my data there

00:50:41   as sort of a secondary system,

00:50:43   but I really like the way iCloud photo library works.

00:50:45   And I use Notes there and Family Calendar,

00:50:49   but anything else that I'm not sharing with my wife

00:50:52   who's on iCloud exclusively,

00:50:55   or that Apple just restricts to iCloud only,

00:50:58   I'm using Google for stuff.

00:51:00   And I can hear you writing your emails now,

00:51:03   I get it, it works for me, I'm not as paranoid about their privacy stuff as some people are.

00:51:12   But that was just an interesting thing I walked away from with that sort of in mind.

00:51:19   And so yeah, so you can go see the graph, it is all in all I can have things in fewer

00:51:24   places than I thought.

00:51:25   I thought going into this that I had stuff that was fragmented all over the place.

00:51:29   And it's really not true.

00:51:30   I mean, I've got some duplication in like iCloud and 1Password.

00:51:34   I use 1Password for secure notes.

00:51:36   So like notes with like my kids' social security numbers

00:51:39   and birthdays in them.

00:51:39   'Cause you always need that when you're on the phone

00:51:41   with somebody like, you know,

00:51:42   dealing with insurance or something.

00:51:43   It's like, I can never remember whose social security

00:51:46   numbers, whose.

00:51:47   I have those in 1Password, not in Notes.

00:51:48   But other than that, it ended up that I was actually

00:51:52   in pretty good shape.

00:51:53   And I really didn't cancel anything besides my remember

00:51:56   the Milk membership.

00:51:57   And so yeah, so it was helpful.

00:51:59   and I think it's helpful for people to kind of walk through this. So Myke,

00:52:02   I challenged you to do the same thing and I'm curious as to what you learned

00:52:06   about where you have your stuff.

00:52:07   The main thing I learned is that I have photos in too many places. Um,

00:52:11   but I think that anybody that's in the show would assume that.

00:52:14   So I kind of used yours as a template, um,

00:52:17   to try and work out where my stuff is. So on iCloud,

00:52:19   I have my iCloud photo library and then stuff like iOS backups and key chain,

00:52:24   right? Like that stuff is just there. Um, my calendars currently, um,

00:52:28   like all of my personal calendars and shared calendars, um, are in iCloud.

00:52:33   Uh, all of, obviously my notes cause I use notes.app and my personal email.

00:52:39   I've just had the email address for so long that there's so many things attached

00:52:44   to it. I can't change it.

00:52:45   Like so many logins for so many services like just attached to this email

00:52:51   address that it's just like, I can't, I can't change it. Um,

00:52:56   Google I have my browsing data, my Chrome data, and I have my Google photos as well.

00:53:03   Then I have some personal email accounts run through there and my work email accounts all

00:53:08   run through there. And I have some work calendars, right? So like people invite me to events

00:53:13   via my like relay address or whatever which is a Google apps thing. So I have work calendars

00:53:19   there and I'm also going to move some personal calendars to take advantage of automation

00:53:22   stuff because Google Canada can lock into different services that I'm using right now.

00:53:28   Then of course I have a lot of Google Docs and DriveDocs, right? Sheets and Docs and

00:53:32   stuff is all in Google.

00:53:33   So many.

00:53:34   So many. Just like a billion things.

00:53:36   I mean our company, we've said this, our company runs Google Drive. Like, it's nuts.

00:53:42   And then Dropbox is maybe the service that I use the most extensively though because

00:53:46   Dropbox is my file system. If something is not a web document, like a drive document,

00:53:53   or a video or audio production file, it is in Dropbox. Everything. So stuff that I share

00:53:59   with you for work, stuff that I share with other people for recording, and then just

00:54:02   all of my own documents just all go in there. Just all goes in there. I have like a pro

00:54:06   account. I think I have more Dropbox space than I do disk space. Like, yeah, everything

00:54:12   just goes in there and also as well my photos go there as well it all my photos

00:54:17   go everywhere my photos are also in backblaze I'm now fully backed up to

00:54:21   backlit back plays welcome so good 24 hours I hate you and my on my internet

00:54:28   connection 24 hours to back up about 600 gigabytes of stuff mmm oh and all of them

00:54:37   Oh, I forget as well. I backed up all of my external stuff as well.

00:54:40   So, we're talking, I think it was like a terabyte stuff that went up in 24 hours.

00:54:46   I want to talk about your external storage a little bit. So, I know just from our conversations

00:54:51   over the years, you have, best I can tell, between 1 and 17 USB hard drives floating

00:54:58   around with stuff on them.

00:54:59   I have two constantly connected to my Mac.

00:55:02   Okay. Time machine?

00:55:03   One is the time machine.

00:55:04   So two terabyte disk, I have it split, I have it partitioned.

00:55:08   One terabyte is dedicated to Time Machine,

00:55:10   then one terabyte is what I just call cold storage.

00:55:13   It's just where like just stuff goes, like it's just not important stuff.

00:55:16   It's just like offloaded stuff.

00:55:17   But I want to keep it.

00:55:19   Then I have like another one, which is like a 500 gig thing

00:55:22   where I have system backups and some things that I don't need.

00:55:26   So I have some movies on there, some entertainment stuff on there.

00:55:28   And I also have YouTube video stuff goes on there,

00:55:32   just so it's off the hard drive. It just goes in there as well. Now that I have a bit more

00:55:40   of a better setup, I'm thinking, and I have bought a printer now, so now I just feel like

00:55:45   I'm buying stuff that's more official for an office. I'm so unhappy that I have a printer,

00:55:49   by the way. There's just something fundamental about the fact that that makes me sad. But

00:55:55   it's just like, you know, every now and then you go into an event and it's like, "You need

00:56:00   a printed version of this.

00:56:01   Yeah, we've got a little black and white brother that sits on the network and prints to it

00:56:06   like once every six weeks.

00:56:08   So now I've just got this thing and it's sitting under my desk.

00:56:11   So like I say this because like you know I'm thinking about these devices like I want to

00:56:14   get a network attack storage now like I want to do this I just haven't done this like but

00:56:20   I just don't know what it's going to be whether I'm going to go Drobo or Synology everybody's

00:56:24   got their own opinions on this I haven't come up with what I want to do yet.

00:56:27   So I'm back on that train again.

00:56:29   But I do have some, like, you know, the others that you have, I have one password.

00:56:32   I don't really keep any notes in there, but all of my logins and my bank account information

00:56:36   is all in one password.

00:56:38   Don't hack me, bro.

00:56:39   Obviously, I've got Backblaze now.

00:56:41   Todoist and Toggle, right?

00:56:43   Productivity things.

00:56:44   Then I have Zapier, which I found out recently.

00:56:47   It's Zapier, not Zapier.

00:56:49   Oh, today I learned.

00:56:51   Yep, I took that from Federico's pronunciation.

00:56:55   Someone took me to task on it and tweet it at these app here people and ask them for

00:56:59   Pronunciation and it's like zappy. I like happier. Oh

00:57:02   This is an imp in there then yeah, I know but they could they should put a different another p

00:57:07   No, also because they make things called zaps right like that all of their little actions called zaps

00:57:11   So it's zapier and also if this than that I have stuff in there as well right there part of my automation stuff

00:57:18   so that's kind of where my

00:57:20   My data my online data is spread across. Are you happy if I do have I done wrong?

00:57:24   No, it's, I mean, our iCloud and Google stuff is very similar.

00:57:28   I mean, probably that obviously is that we work together seven days a week.

00:57:31   But the thing that I think most people get hung up on is the, like, I need more storage

00:57:37   than what my SSD can have.

00:57:38   And like, how do you manage that?

00:57:39   So for me in our household, we have a Mac Mini hooked up to our television, which I've

00:57:43   talked about at length in the past.

00:57:45   And I have a Drobo hooked up to that via Thunderbolt.

00:57:48   And that Mac Mini is on Ethernet, it has a static IP address, like I can, that is my

00:57:52   file server at home.

00:57:53   I can get to it from the outside.

00:57:56   And anything, kind of like your cold storage,

00:57:59   anything I don't need on my local SSD on my iMac is there.

00:58:03   And I have it there and I have it plugged in via Thunderbolt

00:58:05   so I can back it up to back Blaze.

00:58:06   So I'm actually pulling up my dashboard.

00:58:09   My Drobo has something like 4.2 terabytes on it

00:58:14   and that's all on back Blaze.

00:58:15   It took a really long time because I don't have fiber

00:58:18   like you do.

00:58:19   But it's all there in one place and in one place

00:58:22   it makes it easy to back up.

00:58:25   And I also do like off-site external hard drives

00:58:28   that I use Carbon Copy Cloner and duplicate those disks

00:58:31   and take them elsewhere.

00:58:33   But I think the biggest thing people run into,

00:58:35   and it sounds like you've solved it now with Backblaze,

00:58:38   is that people don't back up their external drives.

00:58:41   I can tell you how many times, like when I was doing tech

00:58:44   or even doing consulting, like someone's like,

00:58:46   "Well, I had an external drive."

00:58:47   It's like, well, did you only have one copy of it?

00:58:49   Because one copy of data is temporary.

00:58:52   Like even the chat room people are like, "Yeah, I have all my work stuff on an external USB

00:58:55   drive."

00:58:56   Good for you.

00:58:57   Back it up.

00:58:58   Like, only one drive, stuff on one drive is temporary data.

00:59:02   Like I literally backed up my Dropbox folder to Backblaze.

00:59:05   Yeah, yeah.

00:59:06   Oh, by the way, I just checked, I have 1.1 terabytes of stuff there.

00:59:11   On Backblaze?

00:59:12   Yeah.

00:59:13   Yeah, mine's got to be bigger than that because I've got three computers and the Drobo.

00:59:18   But I think that's where people get hung up is they just don't know how to backup an external

00:59:23   drive.

00:59:24   So backblaze can do that if it's locally attached.

00:59:27   It cannot do, I believe this is still true, it cannot do a network attached drive.

00:59:31   But I'm sure the chat room will correct me if I'm wrong about that.

00:59:36   But if you have a USB hard drive that's plugged into your computer all the time, like just

00:59:40   add to your backblaze account.

00:59:42   Or if you can't afford the bandwidth to do that or whatever, like just buy another USB

00:59:47   drive and copy it over every once in a while because again data that's only one

00:59:51   place is temporary three is two two is one and one is none as a wise man once

00:59:55   said so I think that's where most people get hung up and that's what's kind of

00:59:59   made me nervous about your setup over the years but it sounds like you're

01:00:01   solving that with your fiber connection and a backblaze account so I think all

01:00:06   in all you get a Vitechy seal of quality today I can hand those out

01:00:12   because he's not here. So good job. So we have a special guest now and this

01:00:19   special guest means that you need to go away. Yeah. So goodbye Stephen Hackett.

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01:01:59   All right, so we are now joined by a special guest on connected, the one and only Mary

01:02:04   Hackett. Hi Mary, how are you?

01:02:05   Hey, I'm well, how about you?

01:02:07   Very good, thank you. So we wanted to have you on the show, well, I mean, there's many

01:02:11   reasons I want to have you on the show, and we're going to get to some of those shortly.

01:02:16   But Steven is gone, it's just me and you.

01:02:19   He is.

01:02:20   And we wanted to have you on to talk about the Beats X headphones, because you got some

01:02:24   of the Beats X wireless headphones, right?

01:02:27   I did, I got them for my birthday from Steven Hackett.

01:02:31   What a nice guy he is, huh?

01:02:33   You know, he really is.

01:02:34   He really is a very nice guy.

01:02:36   I like him.

01:02:37   did you want the Beat Sex maybe over something like AirPods?

01:02:41   Well, to be honest, I lose things.

01:02:46   Ah, okay.

01:02:47   So the AirPods were not super appealing.

01:02:51   I mean, they're really cool.

01:02:52   I enjoy looking at Stevens and flipping the little top and putting them in and out and

01:02:57   seeing them charge.

01:02:59   But not really practical for me mainly because I start and stop whatever I'm listening to

01:03:05   so frequently because I've got little people around the house. I'm always stopping to,

01:03:11   somebody's asking me a question, "Okay, what was that?" And then I'll start my music back

01:03:14   again and so if I'm constantly taking one out, I'm gonna set it down somewhere and then

01:03:18   I'll never find it again.

01:03:20   So honestly, I wondered if maybe you were just like, like many people just didn't like

01:03:25   the silliness of the AirPods, like that they look kind of, they do look kind of dorky.

01:03:29   They do, they're a little dumpy. But especially for something so new, I don't know, you just

01:03:35   look a little awkward. I'm getting over that. I think just seeing it more often

01:03:40   helps you kind of get over the factor. Yeah I found myself quite lucky that I

01:03:46   have a beard because like the end of them just kind of like hides in my beard

01:03:49   and you can't really tell so much that they stay out of the way a little bit

01:03:52   more because it just tucks in there. I have a feeling if I were wearing them

01:03:55   with my hair pulled back like working out it wouldn't they would really stick

01:03:58   out. Yeah. Is this your first pair of Bluetooth headphones? If you had Bluetooth

01:04:03   It is.

01:04:04   It is.

01:04:05   So what do you think about that?

01:04:06   Like no wires.

01:04:07   How do you find that?

01:04:08   I love it.

01:04:09   Because I was constantly…

01:04:10   Well, so what I should maybe say what my setup was before getting the BeatsX.

01:04:14   Before I just had the regular earbuds and so then I would wear, if I were working out

01:04:19   or doing something around the house where I was going to be moving and listening to

01:04:23   podcast music, then I would have my phone in a little armband and then have my wired,

01:04:33   you know, have my headphones plugged into that.

01:04:36   So then I would have to like wrap it back behind my head so that it's not in front of

01:04:40   me when I'm working or picking up kids.

01:04:42   So I'd have it wrapped behind my head around my hair and then have usually one tucked into

01:04:48   my ear and the other one wrapped around my shirt, like my clothing, to keep it out of

01:04:53   the way so that I could hear what was going on but also get a little bit of music in the

01:04:56   background.

01:04:58   And it was getting kind of ridiculous, especially with the cool weather, trying to get it around

01:05:03   – like, is it under my hoodie?

01:05:05   Is it over my hoodie?

01:05:06   Well, now my armband is stuck, so I've got to reach up my sleeve to plug in, and I can't

01:05:11   see what I'm doing.

01:05:12   So it was pretty ridiculous.

01:05:16   So I really am enjoying it.

01:05:18   It doesn't matter how small the phone is, those armbands just, they just suck.

01:05:23   Like it's just not a good, it's just not convenient.

01:05:25   It's too big, it's too bulky.

01:05:26   Like that's one of the things that we've lost since having all of our audio on little iPods

01:05:31   that could just be clipped to you, you know, like the shuffle or whatever.

01:05:33   They were awesome.

01:05:35   But then like now we move to our phones and they're just these huge big bricks that had

01:05:39   to be strapped to us somewhere.

01:05:40   It's true.

01:05:41   Yes, I'm really enjoying the wireless factor.

01:05:45   So do you just like, you know, I assume if you're at home or whatever you can just leave

01:05:48   the phone wherever to walk around the house.

01:05:50   Do the Beat Sax have good range if you found that like if you're walking around the house

01:05:54   they stay connected?

01:05:55   They do.

01:05:56   And I feel like it kind of gives me a little, like I'll forget that I don't even have my

01:05:59   phone with me.

01:06:01   And so I'll walk from the front of the house to the back and it'll kind of blip in and

01:06:06   out and be like, "Oh yeah, I need to go get my phone if I'm going to move and be working

01:06:10   in a different part of the house."

01:06:11   But I mean, I went, I couldn't tell you how many feet exactly, but I went from the kitchen

01:06:18   out to the garage, I mean, you know, closed doors, walls, two walls.

01:06:23   And I could still hear the music.

01:06:25   It was obviously not as good a connection, but I feel like it does a really good job.

01:06:30   So what are you finding yourself using these for?

01:06:33   Is it just music?

01:06:34   Are you listening to podcasts?

01:06:35   And like, is it for around the house, working out, that kind of thing?

01:06:38   Yes, it's for both.

01:06:39   I've only gotten to use them once for working out, but it's been amazing because, well,

01:06:47   for several reasons.

01:06:48   I really like the skin of them.

01:06:50   They're kind of, they're not slick.

01:06:52   It's a little bit rubbery.

01:06:53   It's like a soft touch kind of material.

01:06:55   Right.

01:06:56   Right.

01:06:57   So then it's not slipping around if I'm doing yoga, if I'm upside down, they're not falling

01:07:02   off, I'm not trying to stick things back in where, back into my ears or they really stay

01:07:07   put.

01:07:09   the tips are really comfortable in the ears.

01:07:12   - Yeah, I struggle with those.

01:07:13   Like in my left ear, no headphones will stay in them.

01:07:18   Like you know, the ones that go in the ears,

01:07:19   I don't know what it is, my right is totally fine.

01:07:22   But like I've used foam ones,

01:07:23   I've used the rubber ones of all sizes,

01:07:25   but they always just pop out on my left ear.

01:07:27   Just my left ear, I don't know what it is.

01:07:28   So I can only use either the over ears

01:07:32   or like stuff like the ear pods,

01:07:34   which just sits on the inside,

01:07:36   like you know, just kind of just sits there.

01:07:37   anything that goes in it just pops out. I wonder if these these are a different

01:07:43   shape I feel like than most other ones they kind of angle in fact we were

01:07:46   sitting there like looking at them like monkeys really confused like do they is

01:07:50   this the right one is this the left one because they they hook it almost looks

01:07:54   like they hook forward and hook into your ear. And it has those little wing tip things as well right

01:08:00   yeah those really weird looking things. Right right it's um I think it's three

01:08:05   three that kind of stack on top of each other. So you get some, you get good, not suction,

01:08:12   but you get good contact.

01:08:13   Right. Have you tried switching devices at all? Like have you played around with any

01:08:17   of the quick pairing stuff?

01:08:18   You know, I've only used my phone.

01:08:21   Right. Because these have that same, they have like the same pairing technology in them

01:08:25   that the AirPods do, like where you don't need to go through all the crazy Bluetooth

01:08:29   stuff, you just hold them near and they connect.

01:08:31   Uh huh, yes.

01:08:32   So you can switch them around a lot of people complain or don't like the way that beats headphones sound because they think they

01:08:38   Equalize them in a specific way, right? I think typically they're quite bassy

01:08:42   Do you have any thoughts on that?

01:08:44   Like if you found them to sound good or if you found them to sound weird at all depending on what you listen to

01:08:48   um, I

01:08:51   Really think that they're pretty good. Yeah, it's I mean I'm coming from just the plain old earbuds

01:08:56   So pretty much anything's probably gonna be better

01:08:58   better quality

01:09:00   We did find out when we first put him in it's like really tinny

01:09:04   I can't hear the bass almost at all, but it was something on my phone. I had like bass equalizing

01:09:10   I don't know how you've been hearing anything

01:09:14   Stephen was really complaining about them like when he tries like all these things sound crap. There's no bass at all

01:09:20   It's like I don't know how this happened don't look at me and

01:09:29   No, it is nice though. That's a good point the way they they I don't know if they mix it or the way that it's equalized

01:09:36   It is good because like I said

01:09:39   I most of the time I'm listening with one in one out that I can hear if somebody's crying or need something

01:09:45   So but I don't feel like I'm missing

01:09:49   Half of the music, you know and they have inbuilt controls on them, right?

01:09:54   One of the benefits of these over the air pods as you mentioned is like they're attached to each other

01:09:59   So it's it's harder to lose them because there's like a big cable there and they have the controls

01:10:04   Built into the little cable and what what controls does it have?

01:10:08   So on the left you've got a microphone if you need to take a call on them and then you've got the pause

01:10:15   Volume up volume down and then I would say on the other side. You've got the on off switch

01:10:21   Okay, so you're not gonna confuse them

01:10:23   You're not gonna accidentally like try to turn the music up and turn them off and then have to you know

01:10:27   Push it back on and repair it

01:10:29   Like I do is the thing that I miss from my apples

01:10:32   Like I really like the airpods for many of the same reasons that you like the beats right like the convenience and there's no wires

01:10:38   And stuff and the connection is good

01:10:39   They sound good, but the benefit that these things have is having those controls like I do miss them

01:10:44   I I'm willing to kind of let it go because everything else about them is really great

01:10:49   But not being able to play in pools like just by pressing a button is frustrating like that

01:10:54   The tapping on them doesn't work 100% of the time and it's an uncomfortable thing to hit yourself in the side of the head

01:11:00   Right, like it's just not a thing and taking them out. I don't like taking them out because I drop them all the time

01:11:06   Yes, and they because it just sees little this is the thing like that the air pods are like they're like shiny plastic

01:11:12   We're like, I wish they had a coating more like the beat sex where it was a bit more grippy

01:11:16   Yeah, I really am been really happy with them. And what about the battery life?

01:11:20   Have you had any thoughts on that? I expect that you haven't really had to charge it

01:11:24   You know, I I have I have charged it once and last night

01:11:29   I did a little experiment to see exactly how quickly I could charge them and

01:11:33   They were at 45% after I'd listened to them all morning while I was working around the house and doing some painting and

01:11:41   So then I charged him set a timer for five minutes and after the five minutes is up. They were up to 67 percent

01:11:47   Yeah, that's awesome. So I mean even if you you know, even if you

01:11:50   Completely drain them the day before and then you're on your way to the gym as long as you have, you know

01:11:56   Your your charger, um, you could just sit there for a minute check email

01:12:00   And by the time you finish checking email and looking at Twitter

01:12:03   Then they would be charged up and you'd be able to use them

01:12:06   And can you use you can use lightning cables to charge them, right? You don't need a specific cable

01:12:11   That's really awesome. That's something that's frustrated me like yes, especially if you travel a lot. Oh, yeah

01:12:17   Cuz it's another table

01:12:19   Like I have a pair of the newer beats over the ear headphones like that have the same technology and as these do

01:12:25   But they charge with a micro USB

01:12:27   Like it's so annoying like I just wanna just use the lightning cable and I'm pleased that they did that like it just sticks into

01:12:35   The little control part right?

01:12:37   Yeah, so easy. That's so nice

01:12:40   Yeah, because that I love, I know Steven doesn't really care for them very much, but I love

01:12:46   my Fitbit, but it drives me insane.

01:12:51   Every model has a different charger almost, at least in our house.

01:12:54   And so we've got a little hub, a charging hub with three different chargers, plugs plugged

01:13:01   in, but they're all for different Fitbits.

01:13:03   We don't even have one for all Fitbits.

01:13:05   It's so annoying.

01:13:06   Yeah, talking about those Fitbits like you're big on the Fitbit right? You've gone through like 60 of them or something?

01:13:13   They're they're not long-lasting, but I love them for what they are

01:13:18   What do you use in the Fitbit? It's like just step counting? What was it that you like on them?

01:13:23   I you know, I don't really care how many steps I take in a day. It doesn't really mean anything to me

01:13:28   I I like to measure distance. It's just exciting to me if I've like walked a 5k like yeah

01:13:34   No wonder my feet are sore, whatever.

01:13:36   But I really like, my favorite thing is probably the sleep tracking in the evening.

01:13:42   Sometimes you wake up and you're like, man, I just feel like I didn't even close my eyes.

01:13:46   I feel like I just went to sleep and then I can go and see like, oh,

01:13:50   because I was like twisting and turning all night. That's what happened.

01:13:53   So it gives you that sort of data, right? Do you tell it you go to sleep?

01:13:56   Do you leave it on when you sleep?

01:13:57   No, I don't even tell it. I'm charged too. I don't have to tell it that I'm going to sleep.

01:14:01   So it can like if I nap it knows I

01:14:04   Don't have to I don't have to tell it to start or stop. It's always great sign you it does

01:14:11   No, nothing. No nothing. You're always watching. Yes. It shocks me whenever I nap during the day. So then I get up again

01:14:18   Well, I hope for your sake that I stay in business

01:14:21   Yeah, that's right. They're struggling a little right now

01:14:24   I know if they can just do better make their stuff last longer than nine to twelve months

01:14:30   So overall the Beats X, thumbs up? Yes! Well it's good I'm happy that there's there are a bunch of

01:14:39   different options I mean of course these are made by Apple but they they have the same core technology

01:14:44   to them which is this this new chip which is the great Bluetooth the great battery life and now

01:14:48   there are three headphones available you've got like the over the ear like well the on-ear ones

01:14:52   but the big ones that go over I think they call the Solo 3 and then we have the Beats X and then

01:14:56   the AirPods as well. So there's a bunch of options available.

01:15:02   And you still use an SE, right? So you still have a headphone jack.

01:15:06   Yes, I do. So this isn't like, for us, we're like, we

01:15:08   have no choice. I'm not locked into it. Yeah, but it's still a choice that you're

01:15:12   happy to make because you like the conveniences of Bluetooth.

01:15:15   Yes. I want to ask you a few questions about Steven before I let you go.

01:15:18   Oh good. I have a document in front of me of what I'm allowed to say and what I'm not.

01:15:24   throw that document on the window.

01:15:26   Steven is known, widely known, as a collector of old computers.

01:15:31   These computers are huge and take up a lot of space.

01:15:35   And from what I have seen and from what he mentions,

01:15:38   they are dotted all around the house.

01:15:40   What do you really think about these old computers?

01:15:42   You know, some of them are just... ugly.

01:15:46   And I don't really want them in the house.

01:15:48   But most of those are his most prized possessions,

01:15:51   possessions and so they're out here with him.

01:15:53   The ugliest ones like the the one that he spent all that money on right that came with all the things that is that thing

01:16:00   It was fun at the time, but now it looks terrible.

01:16:02   Yes, yeah, you know since we moved we have a little more space for people and computers and that's been really nice

01:16:16   Do you not worry that he's just gonna fill all that space though with moral computers?

01:16:20   Oh, it's it's very full. Yeah, I

01:16:23   Mean you've probably seen pictures of the rack that he's like fitted with the awesome lights to show off the display and

01:16:30   At least that's out of the house now though, right like it's out in there, right?

01:16:35   I feel like if you if you had asked me this question maybe in May

01:16:39   Last year probably would have been a different answer

01:16:42   Do you have a favorite? There are a couple that I'm acts that are are pretty adorable

01:16:48   Yeah, like after he made his whole collection seeing them all lined up together was kind of sweet

01:16:53   Stephen made the news a couple of months ago with his hissing iPhone

01:17:03   Did you hear the phone hissing at all? Oh, yeah, and what was your thought on it?

01:17:08   We used to like get out of the house type of thing

01:17:10   I mean, I heard it

01:17:14   Since I don't I don't pay attention quite as closely as you guys do to tech

01:17:18   So many people do, really.

01:17:20   You know.

01:17:21   [laughter]

01:17:22   I feel like if it had been my phone and I weren't married to Stephen Hackett, I would

01:17:29   probably be like, "Hmm, that's weird."

01:17:32   And that's it.

01:17:33   I would not have taken it in.

01:17:34   But since he noticed it and was like, "Hey, listen to this," it was definitely noticeable.

01:17:39   I thought, "Oh, that's weird.

01:17:40   Why is it doing that?"

01:17:43   So then it apparently became a thing that a lot of people were very bothered by.

01:17:47   Turns out, right? Turns out many people. What was that like? Were you getting family members

01:17:52   and stuff like commenting about that, like seeing it on the news?

01:17:56   Yeah. Like Josiah's our son's preschool teacher from when he was three. He's eight now. When

01:18:03   he was three, she was like, "Um, is this like your Stephen Hackett? He's on the news. Like,

01:18:09   I was just watching the news last night and his name popped out in this little video."

01:18:13   I was like, "Yeah, that's Myke."

01:18:15   - Yeah, that's him, troublemaker.

01:18:16   My troublemaking husband, there he is.

01:18:19   Mary, thank you so much for joining us today.

01:18:21   - Of course, glad to be with you.

01:18:23   - I would just like to know if the opportunity ever arose,

01:18:25   would you replace Steven on the show?

01:18:28   - Would I replace him on the show?

01:18:29   Oh, you know, I'll fill in whenever, yeah.

01:18:31   - Excellent, that's good, 'cause I mean,

01:18:33   of all the Hacketts, I think I like you the most.

01:18:35   - Oh, thanks, Myke.

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01:18:46   But again, most of all,

01:18:48   thank you to our special guest this week, Mary Hackett.

01:18:50   Until next time, say goodbye, Mary.