121: Software Update Therapy


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00:00:06   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 121. Today's show is brought to you by Foote

00:00:11   Cardigan. My name is Myke Hurley. I'm joined by Federico Vittucci. Ciao, Federico!

00:00:16   Ciao, Myke!

00:00:17   And Steven Hackett. Howdy, Steven Hackett.

00:00:19   Hey, man. How are y'all?

00:00:21   Good. How are you?

00:00:22   Good. I'm just gonna go right into follow-up because as we were recording like an hour ago,

00:00:29   Apple got the AirPods put on sale.

00:00:32   Yay!

00:00:33   We should play the, you know, some kind of orchestra music to like, to celebrate.

00:00:39   Like what's the name of the song that they play for the New Year every time?

00:00:43   Old Land's Line?

00:00:44   No, that's like...

00:00:45   Do you guys watch the New Year's concert on television?

00:00:51   It's like a tradition in Italy.

00:00:52   Yeah, but they don't play the same song.

00:00:55   No, at the end they play the same song every time, at the end.

00:00:58   Do you mean like Ode to Joy or something?

00:01:01   No, it's like the...

00:01:02   Hallelujah Chorus?

00:01:03   No, it's like, it's like the, some kind of march I think.

00:01:07   I don't know.

00:01:13   So I assume the three of us all ordered them.

00:01:17   Myke, why don't you go first?

00:01:19   Did you order?

00:01:20   When do they show up?

00:01:21   I ordered and they'll show up on Monday the 19th of December.

00:01:27   I will say, I mean, because I feel like I've got to say this, but I don't say this, people

00:01:29   from the UK are just going to be mad at me. They're super expensive, right? It's £159.

00:01:34   I think they're like $159. It's just one to one right now. I'm just going to get used

00:01:39   to that because this is just the way it's going to be and just stop thinking about it.

00:01:42   But this is the world that we live in.

00:01:45   It is, by the way, the Radecki March, the song. So I was not wrong.

00:01:50   Well, you weren't right either because you didn't say it.

00:01:54   No, but what I knew that there was...

00:01:55   - It's a piece of music.

00:01:57   - The name was slipping my mind,

00:01:59   but I knew that there was a song

00:02:01   that they play at the end of the New Year's concert

00:02:03   every year.

00:02:04   That's what I was trying to say.

00:02:05   (upbeat music)

00:02:07   - So you said coming the 19th,

00:02:09   I ordered mine, they're coming on December 21st.

00:02:14   Already, right now, an hour later,

00:02:16   if you order them today, at least in the States,

00:02:19   they don't deliver until December 29th.

00:02:21   So they've already slipped some.

00:02:23   I'm sure they've slipped further.

00:02:23   - That there is not a lot of stock, honestly.

00:02:26   - In conjunction with this, Apple has massaged,

00:02:33   adjusted, changed the shipping date

00:02:35   for some of the other products that are using the W1 chip,

00:02:39   mainly the Beats X, which are,

00:02:44   I don't know, how would you guys find them?

00:02:45   I guess they're workout headphones,

00:02:47   they go around the back of your head.

00:02:49   And I think they are now showing for February,

00:02:53   I'm trying to find them on Apple's site as we talk,

00:02:55   but if there was a manufacturing issue at the heart of this,

00:02:59   is what John Gruber and some other people reported,

00:03:01   then maybe that wasn't with the AirPods themselves,

00:03:05   but maybe it was with some of the technology inside of them,

00:03:08   and all of that's the same in the AirPods

00:03:10   and the other Beats products.

00:03:11   And so maybe they just had to sacrifice the Beats X

00:03:16   to get the AirPods out the door.

00:03:19   - Yeah, as Kyle's in the chat room says,

00:03:22   The Beats X, you kind of imagine them like Apple's version of the Jaybirds.

00:03:25   So it's like two in-ears that connect to the cable around the edge.

00:03:29   Yeah.

00:03:30   I'm looking on the UK website, they're saying coming February.

00:03:33   Um, and that, I don't think that was the case before.

00:03:36   Um, I don't think that they were meant to go, there was meant to be that kind of slip on them.

00:03:40   It is funny that like, if these products were delayed, like how did they get the

00:03:44   solo threes out of the door?

00:03:45   Like, it's interesting that one product went out straight away and then everything else

00:03:50   really struggled.

00:03:51   But there has to be something related to the bigger battery in combination with the W1

00:03:56   chip, because the Beats Solo, they have a bigger battery.

00:03:59   And maybe the problem is, the smaller you get, the more difficult it gets.

00:04:04   And clearly Apple prioritized the AirPods instead of the Beats X, which makes sense,

00:04:08   I think, they're a better holiday gift, I think.

00:04:12   And I'm quite happy right now about my December 20 date.

00:04:17   We're all supposed to get the AirPods before Christmas.

00:04:20   now even just an hour later people are gonna get it after Christmas. So that's good news

00:04:26   for us, for once, if there are no delays.

00:04:30   Whilst they were late, I think it's a good thing that Apple was still able to get them

00:04:34   in the hands of people before the holidays.

00:04:36   Very last minute, you know, just before the holidays. This is like one of those situations

00:04:43   like when the Mac Pro came out and it was like two weeks before the end of the year,

00:04:48   if I remember correctly. It's like, well technically we did release it in, you know,

00:04:53   before the end of the year. So yeah. There was a, there was an OS X release once,

00:04:57   Stephen, you can maybe help me with this, where they kind of just said the fall and

00:05:00   then it came on like the last day of fall. Yeah. It was a…

00:05:05   Well technically it's correct. It was maybe something like Snow Leopard or

00:05:13   something like that, but I remember them being like, oh, we'll be here in the fall. And

00:05:16   was just like the last day before winter. Something like the end of October or something.

00:05:21   Yeah, they cut that close sometimes. I think the saddest OSTN release story is when they

00:05:27   sent an email out saying, "Hey, we know we said Leopard was coming, but we need another

00:05:31   three months because everyone's working on the iPhone. Sorry."

00:05:34   Oh yeah. Yeah, that got used for a long time as Apple should take their X moment, right?

00:05:40   Yeah.

00:05:41   You've got to take those extra three months. But if they do, we'll all get mad. You can

00:05:46   take the extra time but when the product gets delayed we will get real upset about it.

00:05:50   Yeah, used to be a meme, right? Used to be, for a while people were saying, "Apple should

00:05:54   have another leopard or snow leopard moment, whatever." It's like, you know, times change

00:06:00   and it's never gonna happen again, I think. So some stuff that did come out. Yesterday,

00:06:06   iOS 10.2, tvOS 10.1 shipped where I think Mac OS 10.12.2 should be out probably today.

00:06:16   So a lot of updates, of course there's lots of coverage at this website called Mac Stories.

00:06:22   I guess the highlights of these releases, at least on the iOS side, are 70+ new emoji,

00:06:28   which gets everyone excited.

00:06:30   Actually saw people tweeting yesterday of people who aren't in the tech circle like

00:06:34   we are.

00:06:35   "Oh look, there's new emojis, I'm going to update my iPhone."

00:06:37   It's like, "Oh, that really works!"

00:06:38   People really do update just so they can sit back into each other.

00:06:43   And then there's the other types of people like my girlfriend who had of 10.2 installed,

00:06:50   she didn't know, she had no idea that she had new emoji.

00:06:56   And she was complaining to me yesterday because she was like, "the battery on this iPhone

00:07:01   is weird, it's like it's dying on me all the time."

00:07:04   I was like, "did you know that I put a beta on your phone because I needed to take some

00:07:08   screenshots?"

00:07:09   And she got really upset.

00:07:10   I've used the new emoji and I don't care about emoji.

00:07:15   So yeah.

00:07:16   Yeah, I know.

00:07:18   Well, she uses them.

00:07:21   Come on.

00:07:22   How could you not care about emoji?

00:07:23   It's so important.

00:07:24   It's not like, "Oh my God, I got an update for the new emoji."

00:07:25   She's like, "Yeah, whatever.

00:07:26   I got emoji.

00:07:27   I use them."

00:07:28   But, you know, she's like, she really hates any kind of software update.

00:07:31   You know, I wonder if like, if you know, if you guys, like if somebody was able to kind

00:07:36   of like dig this apart like there might be some kind of like response to the fact that

00:07:41   you spend so much time devoting your life to software updates and like ruining all of

00:07:47   your plans and all of your holidays that it's actually ended up in a case where she hates

00:07:52   them.

00:07:53   Yeah, well you know we should go to therapy guys for it.

00:07:58   Software update therapy.

00:07:59   Yeah.

00:08:00   I think I think Myke is your therapist right now.

00:08:02   Thank you, Myke.

00:08:04   How much do you do?

00:08:05   What's your hourly rate, Myke?

00:08:07   You can't afford me, baby.

00:08:09   Oh wow.

00:08:10   I know, right.

00:08:11   Okay.

00:08:12   I'm so happy about the emoji.

00:08:14   I'm going to put a link in the show notes to Emojipedia because Jeremy, of course, has

00:08:18   broken it all down so you can see every single emoji that's changed and every single emoji

00:08:23   that's added.

00:08:24   And this is a big one because it's not just the addition of emoji.

00:08:28   also the kind of fundamental redrawing of a lot of emoji as well. And there are some

00:08:35   great ones in this one, you know, as well as like fun things like avocado and whiskey.

00:08:39   There's also I think much needed emoji like facepalm and fingers crossed and a sick face.

00:08:44   And Stephen would tell you black heart. He likes to send black hearts to people now.

00:08:49   I do like the black heart. The clown is really freaking me out.

00:08:53   I hate that thing so much.

00:08:54   It's so creepy. Like very creepy.

00:08:57   really horrible I wish it would go away. So what else is there besides emoji?

00:09:01   It's really that Apple did something else in all these betas right? Anything else?

00:09:06   Not anything that matters I don't think.

00:09:10   Some widget improvements. The TV app is out and I would encourage people to go

00:09:16   read the review on Mac stories and I don't know I mean it's it's there I'm

00:09:22   I'm not super excited about it. That's just me.

00:09:24   What my review or? No, the TV app.

00:09:27   Okay. It's there. I don't even care about it. Thank you.

00:09:35   I may be bothered to put in the show notes. We'll see.

00:09:39   Thank you. Thank you very much.

00:09:40   I'm trying the TV app from Italy with a very convoluted setup. I got my fake US upst-

00:09:48   well it's not fake, it's real account, it's just fake information. It shouldn't be, but

00:09:56   it's there. US App Store account, some of course US iTunes credit, a VPN and HBO Now,

00:10:07   it's I know it's too much, but I've been using TV app, I actually started watching for the

00:10:10   first time, so I don't have to hear my friends anymore. I started watching Game of Thrones.

00:10:17   I'm only like six seasons behind, but I'll get there.

00:10:21   It's nice.

00:10:22   It reminds me a lot of the music app, of the home app,

00:10:25   and the general style of these bold headlines.

00:10:29   And I like how you cannot watch any content in the TV

00:10:34   app, which is basically like a glorified launcher that takes

00:10:37   you to the actual content app where you can stream the video.

00:10:41   But Apple does a few nice things with basically organizing

00:10:45   and curating content from these external apps.

00:10:48   So even if the video is inside HBO Now,

00:10:51   the curation that Apple does is inside the TV app.

00:10:55   So you can browse categories or view the top TV shows

00:10:59   or top TV episodes and a bunch of collections

00:11:02   for actors and directors.

00:11:05   It's very nice.

00:11:06   Very similar to the music app.

00:11:08   I think I'm going to keep using it,

00:11:10   because I've actually discovered that HBO Now has a lot of TV

00:11:13   shows and movies that I've always wanted to watch. So it's kind of expensive, but I also,

00:11:18   you know, it's not very convenient because I just need to pay and watch. I actually understand

00:11:24   why people do this now because it's very simple once you pay with money. So...

00:11:29   Have you seen The Wire, Federica? That's on my list. I want to watch The Wire.

00:11:33   I want to watch Game of Thrones. I got a couple of mo- more than a couple of movies that I

00:11:37   need to watch. So yeah. Sopranos? Have you seen Sopranos?

00:11:41   on my list, Myke. Oh, you're going to have a good time. I'm going to give you a tip with

00:11:45   the wire, though, right? You've got to know this tip. Everyone knows this tip. You've

00:11:48   got to stick with it for like three episodes. Three. Because you'll watch it at first and

00:11:52   you won't have a clue what's going on. You've just got to keep with it, okay? Okay. Sopranos

00:11:57   is probably the best TV show ever made, so enjoy that one. Okay. Yeah, for Game of Thrones,

00:12:01   I'm keeping the closed captions on because of the sort of medieval British accent that

00:12:07   they have and I kind of have a hard time because they're not your type of

00:12:12   British people Myke. It's like you are the accessible British and then

00:12:17   there's like the TV show British which is kind of difficult for me. So Federico you have been

00:12:23   using the Bear app for notes and I thought it may be time to check in on

00:12:28   that and see how it's going. As I said in my in my regional review the

00:12:32   the automation stuff, the power user stuff in there. It's very nice. And I've created

00:12:38   a few launchers to save time when opening specific notes, which you don't have the possibility

00:12:46   of doing that with Apple Notes. There's no way to create a bookmark for a single note.

00:12:52   But I'm running into the same problems that I mentioned in my original review, and that

00:12:56   it's starting to become even more of a problem every week, where I save new content into

00:13:04   a note, either from my iPhone or from my iPad. And because Bear doesn't synchronize the

00:13:10   changes in time, I don't know what it does or doesn't do, but I end up with a conflicted

00:13:15   copy of a note. And that's really annoying. And I'm considering whether the trade-off

00:13:22   of having but also these conflicted copy issues is worth it for me. And this is exactly the

00:13:29   kind of point that I mentioned in my review. I want to try this for a couple of months.

00:13:33   I want to see if they fix these problems. And if they're not fixed, then I gotta understand

00:13:40   what I prioritize the most, whether it's automation or reliability. And I think I'm the reliability

00:13:49   camp, because I really want my Notes app to be fast and, you know, it's a thing I don't

00:13:56   want to manage. I manage enough options and, you know, apps in my life and the Notes app

00:14:01   is the kind of, you know, little thing, little space where I just want to save stuff without

00:14:07   thinking about it. So I'm considering...

00:14:09   It's also important stuff goes in there.

00:14:11   Exactly.

00:14:12   I put a lot of really important things inside of my Notes, just my general Notes application,

00:14:17   I don't want to forget things that it's like, you know, the off-board brain mentality like the reason Evernote existed in the first place, right?

00:14:23   It's the idea of just storing those things. So they're out of your brain. Yeah, and then there's somewhere else. Yeah, I

00:14:29   Love bear right? I really love it

00:14:32   And I'm using it as my markdown text editor basically and you know as we said when we spoke about it last time

00:14:37   I wanted to see your kind of experience with it going forward to see if the conflict resolution stuff was dealt with better if I before

00:14:44   I considered switching my notes to it. Because I'm really interested in a lot of the stuff

00:14:48   that it can do, like the workflow actions and the extension is like beefed up and it's

00:14:53   super awesome and you can do some great things with it, but at a basic level if there is

00:14:58   a possibility that I'm going to lose text, I'm just not going to use it for my notes.

00:15:02   Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's really a problem for me and I'm probably going to switch this

00:15:06   weekend, I don't know, because it happened again yesterday and I'm putting together these

00:15:11   two big stories before the end of the year. You know, the thought of losing a note or

00:15:16   having five minutes and, you know, text back and forth, I really don't like it. So, you

00:15:21   know, almost, let's say 70% sure I'm gonna switch back.

00:15:25   Have you heard of work chat?

00:15:27   I, I, you're, Steven, you are fired from this podcast.

00:15:33   Hey, I have some socks here that I would like to sell you. Are you interested? What about

00:15:41   a scanner? Would you like a scanner? Oh, Evernote. I get lots of emails from Evernote, they're

00:15:49   trying to get me to renew my subscription.

00:15:53   We just realized you're not wearing our socks anymore. How do you know?

00:16:03   So this is our sort of last, I think last regular episode for the year. Next week we're

00:16:11   going to do our year in review show and

00:16:15   we mentioned this last week we're starting to

00:16:17   put that document together but if you

00:16:18   have stories that you think we should be

00:16:20   included stories that were either

00:16:22   important at the time and in hindsight

00:16:24   are not important those are fun to talk

00:16:26   about or things that really you know

00:16:28   change the course of of what the year

00:16:31   looks like technology wise or you know

00:16:33   all the different areas we cover on the

00:16:35   show. Let us know we're collecting all

00:16:37   that stuff on Twitter with the hashtag

00:16:39   connected year and we're gonna be putting the document together and it's

00:16:44   I'll speak for you guys too like this is one of my favorite shows we do each year

00:16:48   because it's so much fun to like revisit all the stuff we talked about and see

00:16:53   how it has changed you know over the course of time you know one of the weird

00:16:58   things that doing a weekly podcast that's sort of news focused is that

00:17:01   there are a lot of times we talk about things that in hindsight don't really

00:17:05   Like don't pan out or don't don't bring the impact

00:17:08   We thought they might like and that's a lot of fun to do and it's kind of fun to look back at that as well

00:17:13   so

00:17:14   Hashtag connected to your on Twitter. You can help us out with that

00:17:17   I will also plug

00:17:20   while we're doing this

00:17:22   Jason and Myke y'all will be doing the upgrade ease which is a

00:17:26   Award that y'all made up on your show and give to people and give to developers and products

00:17:32   Basically a ton of people that don't want it, but we try and give it to them anyway.

00:17:35   Yeah, you email somebody like, "What is this?" I'm not putting this on my website. But I

00:17:41   think you guys have a Google Doc form, or you were going to. I don't know if you do.

00:17:45   I haven't listened yet. So maybe we'll put that in the show notes as well. So lots of

00:17:49   ways to kind of get involved with the end of the year with some fun stuff that we do

00:17:51   here at Relay.

00:17:53   There is a Google Doc, there is a voting form. Me and Jason have put together some nominees,

00:17:59   shortlisted nominees, but we're also accepting suggestions as well. So there's a bunch of

00:18:02   different categories. I'll put the link in the show notes so you can go and check it

00:18:07   out. But also tweet us #ConnectedYear with, as Stephen said, with any links that you want

00:18:12   us to talk about on our year in review episode.

00:18:15   Personally, my favorite show of the year is the MacBook event one. This one is also pretty

00:18:22   good.

00:18:23   Second best, it's a close second.

00:18:25   Yeah, I think you said like four things on that last episode we did about the MacBook Pro keynote.

00:18:31   [Laughter]

00:18:34   I was like in a fugue state I think once.

00:18:36   It is fun. Those episodes are fun because they highlight the differences between the three of us.

00:18:42   Like one reason Connected works is that the three of us don't see eye to eye on a lot of stuff.

00:18:47   I mean, we're all close friends, but like technology-wise, the way we approach

00:18:51   our topics are very different from each other and that's what makes it fun.

00:18:55   Federico and I are often at opposite ends of the spectrum with Myke somewhere in the middle so

00:18:58   so it's a tasty Myke sandwich here on Connected. As always. It's the sandwich approach that's our

00:19:06   strategy. After this please Steven move on. All right I'm gonna move us into our first topic.

00:19:14   Here in a couple days Super Mario Run for iOS will be launching it's on December 15th

00:19:23   And there are a couple of news stories I think we want to talk about.

00:19:25   One, about his internet connection.

00:19:27   And two, that they are demoing this in Apple stores,

00:19:31   which I believe both of you have taken advantage of now.

00:19:34   But I want to know what you guys thought about the need for a constant internet connection.

00:19:39   From my perspective, the only thing I think is,

00:19:41   you know, kids are going to be playing this in the car on an iPad without internet access.

00:19:46   It's kind of a bummer from the gameplay perspective,

00:19:48   but you guys know Nintendo a lot better than I do and know gaming better than I do.

00:19:51   better than I do. Like what do you think about this? Is this weird? Is it a problem? Or you

00:19:55   know, kind of what's the deal?

00:19:57   It's so stupid. This is Nintendo's problem. Like if you've ever listened to remaster or

00:20:03   any of the shows that me and Federico have ever done about video games, you will know

00:20:06   like the constant thread that we have about Nintendo is they can never do anything perfectly.

00:20:13   Everything that they do has a critical flaw in some way. Like for example, the NES mini,

00:20:18   little Nintendo thing that they just released, right? Looks like the old NES. The cable is

00:20:24   like two feet long for the controller. So you cannot sit on the sofa and play the NES

00:20:31   Mini. Right, okay, congratulations Nintendo, you did it again. Right, like everything that

00:20:36   they do has some sort of stupid flaw of it.

00:20:38   They always manage to snatch the feet from the jaws of victory.

00:20:42   Every single time.

00:20:43   In some way, every single time.

00:20:46   And it's always like a decision that they've clearly made which shows a lack of understanding

00:20:54   of something.

00:20:55   So this one, right, is that they've said, and it's like, this isn't just like, oh, we

00:20:59   tried the demo version, it didn't work.

00:21:01   There are quotes from Shigeru Miyamoto specifically about this saying that to play Super Mario

00:21:07   Run, it needs a constant internet connection because they're worried about privacy because

00:21:11   they've never done something like this before.

00:21:13   piracy, sorry I should say, like they're worried about people who are gonna pirate the game.

00:21:16   Which is like, Nintendo, what are you doing? Like, because what happens here is like people like me,

00:21:24   commuters who are the exact market for a one-handed iPhone game cannot play

00:21:31   when they're underground. You cannot play when you're on a plane. Like, the time that these

00:21:39   games get played, like infinite runners, tends to be when people are travelling, right? That

00:21:43   is a big use case. But can you play Super Mario Run? No, no you can't. Like, what are

00:21:48   you doing Nintendo? Like, this is just so stupid. It's so, like, it just shows like

00:21:53   this problem that they have of just completely misunderstanding something. It's, I think

00:21:59   it's just ridiculous.

00:22:00   Yeah, I know there's going to be people who say like, every major game today requires

00:22:06   a wifi connection, this is no big deal, I don't understand why people are making a big

00:22:10   deal out of this. And the problem is, when you announce this type of game at an event,

00:22:15   and you make a big deal out of the ability to play with one hand, and you say "well,

00:22:19   you can play on the train, you can play on the subway", well, guess what's the place

00:22:23   where people have no access to the internet? It's exactly the subway. And there's also

00:22:28   the fact that I think we, as a community of Nintendo fans, I think we expect Nintendo

00:22:35   to do better than, I don't know, Clash of Clans for example, and these games that are

00:22:40   required to be constantly connected.

00:22:42   I think we were sort of hoping that Nintendo would bring back the classic idea of "you

00:22:49   can pay once, you can play forever, there are no weird social modern requirements",

00:22:55   you know?

00:22:56   It's not like all those other iPhone games were different.

00:23:00   And I thought we were hoping that would be the case.

00:23:02   from a practical level, I think, especially because it's the very first major Nintendo

00:23:07   game on the iPhone, and you announce the kind of game that you can say you can play with

00:23:12   one hand on the subway. There are three modes. Why not make one of them always playable?

00:23:18   And I know that they're making the excuse that, you know, having an always online requirement

00:23:25   makes it easy to connect the three modes in the game. But that's a very, that's basically

00:23:30   the stretch, it sounds to me like Nintendo went on stage at the Apple event and announced

00:23:37   their idea for this game. And then whether it's an internal decision or whether Dina,

00:23:44   which they collaborate with the Japanese gaming company for these games, pushed them to be

00:23:49   like, "Look, if you want to have more stats, if you want to have more information about

00:23:54   your players, you want to have stricter security in place, it's probably best if you always

00:23:59   to require an internet connection. And I wouldn't be surprised. So if this lunch is going to

00:24:04   go well, no doubt. There's going to be people who complain about the requirement. And I

00:24:08   wouldn't be surprised if-

00:24:09   Especially because it's a $10 game.

00:24:11   Exactly.

00:24:12   Right, when you unlock it.

00:24:13   I wouldn't be surprised if at least one, the main mode, the story mode, whatever it's called,

00:24:17   the one with the worlds, with the levels, at least that mode gets an update to remove

00:24:24   the internet requirement.

00:24:25   there's no need for it. Right? So I want to talk about this. I wish I could find this tweet.

00:24:30   I saw a tweet that somebody put out that perfectly encapsulates this. Games like Pokemon Go,

00:24:37   games like Clash of Clans, they require an internet connection because that's the game.

00:24:42   Right? You have to be connected. The Super Mario Run enforces one.

00:24:47   That was Renee, I think.

00:24:48   Yes, yeah, it was Renee there and it perfectly summed it up right that that Nintendo are

00:24:54   forcing you to have an internet connection for this which

00:24:59   For the main mode there is no online play now in the stage where you are connecting with other players

00:25:06   Then make me connect then the rest of the time

00:25:09   I shouldn't need to be connecting to the internet because I'm it's a single-player game. It's a one-player game

00:25:16   And I think that it really put it well because the easy argument that I've been seeing people make is like

00:25:21   "Oh, well, such and such game needs it. We have to connect online."

00:25:25   But either they're scammy games or they're games that won't work unless you're connected online.

00:25:31   And Super Mario Run is neither of those.

00:25:34   Yeah, also, I mean if you're making the argument that you need to check whether people have a pirated copy of the game

00:25:40   Do you really need to check in real time? Do you really need to check every 10 seconds?

00:25:44   Yeah, if the game is being pirated from instead of bought from the App Store. I mean, can't

00:25:48   you check out or not twice a day? Is that a big problem? Or every X hours? I mean, it

00:25:54   just seems so disrespectful for people who pay $10. I don't know that it's not a lot,

00:26:00   but that's the current state of the App Store economics. So you can be blind to the fact

00:26:03   that $10 is not considered a lot of money, or you can just hope for the best. And Nintendo

00:26:08   seems to be hoping for the best. I think there will be a slew of App Store reviews mentioning

00:26:14   the requirement, I think it's going to be a problem and I think it's going to be

00:26:17   reversed.

00:26:18   Yeah, I do too. You know you're saying about the Dina thing, like that is a definite argument

00:26:22   right that like Dina have told them you should do this because of the tracking. But I actually

00:26:27   take Shigeru at face value but think that they're making a stupid decision. Like I

00:26:32   think Nintendo have never done this before, right? They have never had a serious release,

00:26:38   a Mario release, like one of their tentpole titles on another platform. So they are, I

00:26:44   think they're scared, right? That they're like, "Oh, we don't know about this Apple

00:26:48   App Store. Like, we should make sure that no one's going to steal our game." Right?

00:26:53   I genuinely think that they're feeling this way.

00:26:57   Just picture in the discussion with Nintendo executives about all of them have your face

00:27:02   and your voice. And it's very amazing.

00:27:04   Where do we put the seal of quality? Like, where does that go? Does that go on the App

00:27:08   Store page? Where does the seal of quality go? I really think that they're just kind

00:27:13   a little bit blinded to it. Like, this isn't something that they should be spending, this

00:27:19   isn't something that should make everybody's play worse. They are sacrificing everyone

00:27:28   for the sake of some pirated copies, people that are never going to pay for the game.

00:27:33   Yeah, it's like someone who goes on a bike for the first time and he puts on the helmet

00:27:37   and a bunch of protections because he thinks he's going to die. And he's doing the same

00:27:43   with an Apso release. It's like just leave it to Apple to deal with the piracy thing.

00:27:47   Nobody else really frets in this way, like just just chill. But anyway, I am really annoyed about

00:27:55   this. But I am super excited about the game anyway. Like it's gonna frustrate me when I

00:27:59   want to play in a place that I can't play. But the thing is, this is a game I've wanted for a long

00:28:04   time. This is the exact Mario game I wanted Nintendo to build because it's so perfect for

00:28:09   Mario, right? The infinite runner. And I've played it and you've played it. Federico,

00:28:13   what do you think of Super Mario Run from your demo in the Apple Store?

00:28:18   I played it for a couple of minutes because there were people standing by, so, you know.

00:28:23   It felt really good in terms of gameplay. The jump felt like a Mario jump, and the graphics

00:28:32   were delightful. It didn't feel like a cheap game at all. Like, from a couple of minutes

00:28:38   I could see that a lot of care went into making this game. And I played on a, I think it was

00:28:43   an iPad mini. The controls, the relationship between touch and Mario jumping and Mario

00:28:50   running felt exactly like a Nintendo game. And I saw from that limited demo that in every

00:28:57   level there's a couple of roads you can take. So it seems like the replayability factor

00:29:06   -Like seriously massive. -Would be massive.

00:29:08   I played the first two levels two times,

00:29:11   and I mean, just kind of like counting it in my head,

00:29:14   there were probably like four different routes you could take for each level.

00:29:17   Like different things that you could do, different jumps that you could make,

00:29:20   and like with clear difficulty barriers,

00:29:23   like there were some that like I just couldn't get up there.

00:29:26   It didn't matter what I was doing, so it's like right,

00:29:28   well that means that there's a perfect timing for it.

00:29:31   So it's like this is a, this is clearly Nintendo's take on this,

00:29:34   because it is so well done.

00:29:36   I played it today on an iPhone 7 and an iPad Pro 12.9 which was ridiculous.

00:29:43   I took a little video of it.

00:29:45   It looked really good on the 12.9 but it was kind of silly.

00:29:50   I just said to the guy in the Apple store, I was like, "Is it on the iPads too?"

00:29:54   He's like, "Yeah, it's on that one."

00:29:55   I'm like, "Oh my God."

00:29:57   The guy that I spoke to said that he put all the demos on and he said it took forever.

00:30:03   So I didn't press him on this, but I wonder how they got them on there.

00:30:07   But he's like, yeah, it took my entire day.

00:30:09   They do the MDM solution for installing these apps.

00:30:13   Yeah, but this is unique, right?

00:30:15   You mean 10% unique promo codes?

00:30:18   They sent them some CDs, you know, it's like, they sent them cartridges, 3DS cartridges.

00:30:25   I assume this might be a little bit different because it's a demo, right?

00:30:28   It's something that doesn't exist in the store.

00:30:30   And that might have made it a bit trickier, but he said it took a long time.

00:30:33   And there were only six devices because I went to like a part of a store, like a store

00:30:39   inside of a store.

00:30:40   It was like an Apple store inside of a mall, like a department store.

00:30:45   Like it wasn't the actual Apple store.

00:30:46   Oh yeah.

00:30:47   Okay.

00:30:48   Got it.

00:30:49   So he only had like six devices and it took him most of yesterday.

00:30:51   So I feel sorry for the guy.

00:30:53   It was not a test flight build because there was no orange icon.

00:30:56   I checked.

00:30:57   Look at you.

00:30:58   You're always looking for those little details.

00:31:00   I mean, I really like it. The game looks great, it plays great. Like, I'm super excited for it.

00:31:03   Like, I cannot wait.

00:31:05   Yes.

00:31:06   And when... it's coming out Thursday, right?

00:31:09   Coming out Thursday.

00:31:10   Like, are we thinking midnight or are we thinking time?

00:31:12   Well, Apple is doing something strange this time because there's already an App Store

00:31:17   page for the game. There's already an iTunes link. So in theory, it should roll out at...

00:31:23   usually should be 11pm New York time, which would be my 5am or your 4am mic. But being

00:31:32   a new release, I don't know if Apple wants to wait for the morning or 6am New York time

00:31:39   maybe. Usually, when developers do these tiny releases, it tends to go out at 11pm New York

00:31:47   time the night before. Maybe this time is different. And I also want to see how the

00:31:54   notification system that Apple put in place works.

00:31:56   I almost guarantee that I will have downloaded the game before I get the notification.

00:32:01   I also think so too.

00:32:03   Unless it's like the iPhone 7 tweets and they just blast them out early.

00:32:08   Yeah, oh god. But you know, Apple has a really bad job with their email marketing program.

00:32:16   They don't use data very well.

00:32:19   It's funny, like a company at their size with the amount of emails that they send, like

00:32:22   how bad they are at it.

00:32:23   You know, like you'll own a product for a while, you buy an Apple Watch on day one,

00:32:27   and then two weeks later you're like, "Hey, buy an Apple Watch!"

00:32:29   It's like, you know I own one of these, like you know this.

00:32:33   They don't use data very well.

00:32:35   It's like, "Hey, you should buy one!"

00:32:37   So yeah, I'm excited, I'm frustrated, but I'm excited.

00:32:43   But I do believe, as you do Federico, that they are going to reverse this decision, but

00:32:49   I don't think the game will ship that way.

00:32:51   No.

00:32:52   Just because they've got so much bad press and the game isn't even out yet.

00:32:58   I have a story for you two.

00:33:00   Okay.

00:33:01   Okay.

00:33:02   I haven't told either of you about my tales today, which led me to playing Super Mario

00:33:08   Run.

00:33:09   Okay.

00:33:10   I'm going to take a few steps back and just say that I've recently realized that the Apple

00:33:16   Watch is an essential device for me.

00:33:20   Oh no.

00:33:21   A couple of weeks ago I came to this realization that it's like it's how I get my notifications,

00:33:26   which is good, but it's also how I triage them.

00:33:28   So like I can be connected at all times and I can easily kind of just make things more

00:33:32   simple so that when I do sit down at a computer for a certain reason, a lot of stuff is already

00:33:36   dealt with.

00:33:37   So this morning I woke up and I woke up early, I was leaving the house early to come to the

00:33:42   new flat because I had some stuff that I needed to take care of and I saw that there was an

00:33:47   update right, like an Apple Watch update came out, like a point update.

00:33:50   So I started the update, I don't know why I did this, I just started it and I had to

00:33:54   leave at a specific time.

00:33:56   So I took the Apple Watch off the charger and it wasn't very happy about this.

00:34:04   So you know you have the little dots that go around the Apple logo, right, that shows

00:34:08   the progression?

00:34:10   It's stuck on that screen and it was just blinking.

00:34:14   So I put the watch on my arm for a bit and kind of like went around my day and wanted

00:34:18   to see what would happen.

00:34:19   And the screen wouldn't go off.

00:34:21   And it was just getting hot.

00:34:24   So I thought to myself, I need to stop it doing this because I'm worried about going

00:34:29   about my day for the next two hours or whatever with this screen just like on constantly.

00:34:36   So I force rebooted it and it killed it.

00:34:39   Yeah you bricked it.

00:34:41   Straight up bricked it.

00:34:43   Straight up straight up killed it.

00:34:44   I got the red exclamation mark that takes you to a support page.

00:34:49   So it's just a red exclamation mark and it just said look by the way before I get feedback

00:34:53   I know what I did was stupid but I had no other option.

00:34:56   I was leaving the house, I figured I could maybe leave it for later.

00:35:00   I was just going to take the watch off and I figured it would just pause the update.

00:35:03   But it was then I was worried about it being on all that time, so I took a flip of the coin and rebooted it.

00:35:10   I was fully aware of what might happen if I did this, but I kind of went with it.

00:35:15   It was like 8am, I was very tired, I wasn't maybe at my best thoughts.

00:35:19   I was like, "Oh, maybe it will just come back to life." No, it didn't.

00:35:22   So it takes you to a support page.

00:35:24   My other thinking was like I know I can fix this like my brain is saying to me

00:35:28   I'll just deal with it like I do with an iPhone right you just put into DFU mode or whatever the equivalent is

00:35:34   And you just flash the OS back on to it right doesn't exist on the watch. This is

00:35:37   Exactly. This is what I found out like in my mind

00:35:41   It's like well, I've done stuff like this before and you can you know, it might be a pain

00:35:45   But you can always get it back to life again, but no the support page

00:35:49   Says that you have to go to Apple

00:35:53   That's all it says. It's like oh you go to go to a URL that says come to the Genius Bar confess your sins

00:35:59   My child confess your sin. It's ridiculous. So I was like, okay, let me see what's available at the Genius Bar

00:36:06   There are many Apple stores in London. This is 8 a.m. In the morning

00:36:10   I could not get a Genius Bar appointment in all of London for today

00:36:15   Yeah, yeah, same in Rome

00:36:17   It's been getting worse actually.

00:36:19   And then what I think is worse than this is you can only book same day.

00:36:23   It wouldn't let me book into the future.

00:36:27   So what's the point of this?

00:36:28   Do I now spend like an indefinite amount of time waking up at 7 a.m.

00:36:33   every morning to see if you will grant me a Genius Bar appointment?

00:36:37   Like, and that's just not a solution for me.

00:36:40   Like right now, like what I'm doing in my life right now, like moving house

00:36:45   and then holidays, and then I'm taking a trip

00:36:48   after the holidays, like, I can't do this.

00:36:52   So I now have an Apple Watch Series 2.

00:36:55   (laughing)

00:36:56   - Whoa!

00:36:56   Oh my. - Which one?

00:36:59   - I went with a black sport.

00:37:02   - Okay, okay.

00:37:02   - So what you had before?

00:37:03   - 'Cause they were available, no I didn't have a black one,

00:37:06   I had the regular one.

00:37:07   Now I have a black one.

00:37:09   So like, I was, this is like another thing,

00:37:11   I was like, oh, well now I'm gonna have to get one, right?

00:37:13   Like this is what I'm thinking in my head,

00:37:14   It's like I don't know what I'm gonna do. Like I don't want to go about it for like the next month

00:37:18   Maybe so I'll get one and then I couldn't order any to home

00:37:21   Because they're all shipping on in January

00:37:24   No Apple watches shipping and then there is a big department store in London called Selfridges that has an an Apple watch store in it

00:37:32   And they had some for pickup. So I went there to pick one up and then what I'm gonna do is after the holidays

00:37:38   or maybe before I'm gonna take this to the Apple store and

00:37:43   have it fixed or

00:37:45   And give it to my brother because my brother wants one so it can be a Christmas gift or I'm just gonna give him the box

00:37:51   Now I'll be like this is yours, but you have to fix it

00:37:53   Take it to have I got you this

00:37:56   Merry Christmas

00:38:00   Brother I know Myke. Yeah, it's the guy you met. Yeah

00:38:07   Yeah, he's a nice guy. I was always the plan was whenever I eventually upgraded my Apple watch

00:38:13   I was gonna give him my old one

00:38:14   I then decided I didn't want a series 2 because I mean I didn't want a series 2

00:38:18   But it was all that was available for pickup

00:38:21   Even it's just this all I could get today after searching for all of these like six stores was a black series 2

00:38:27   That was like against

00:38:29   available

00:38:30   and so I

00:38:33   Decided to just go with it. I I can't like, you know, Carl's staying to me in the chat room like to call Apple care

00:38:40   I just and they'll ship me one. I just I just can't I just know I

00:38:44   Haven't I'm like moving house. I've got too much going on right now. So there we go

00:38:49   I know a series 2 Apple watch nice black one. So a couple of things about it

00:38:55   I can totally feel that it's thicker. Hmm. And the reason I know this is I've had to change the hole on my watch band

00:39:02   Oh, wow that much so the one that I yeah the one that I was wearing it was just it was just slightly too tight

00:39:09   So I've changed it like and also I know that it's heavier as well

00:39:13   This is the thing with a watch when you have something on your wrist at all day every day when it changes you notice

00:39:18   It doesn't matter how little it changes like I can feel that this thing is thicker

00:39:22   And I know it's heavier because I've had to change the the hole in my watch band

00:39:25   Like or maybe I've got those two things all around but whatever but yeah that that's kind of I have nothing else to say because

00:39:32   I haven't had this thing long enough the blacks nice and I guess it's faster like I don't know

00:39:37   And mark mark is asking the chat room

00:39:39   Why not get the series one because there were none available in all of them

00:39:42   But like all I could get was the black one. I couldn't get gold. I can get rose gold

00:39:46   I couldn't get so like there was nothing there was absolutely

00:39:48   I was just looking as you were talking about what my local Apple store had in stock and it changes all the time

00:39:53   I think the only thing I could buy right now in my Apple store is the

00:39:58   Nike watch, you know the Nike plus one in the dark aluminum at least in the 42 millimeter

00:40:04   So I looked at but it's like these things are still

00:40:07   Constrained. I mean, it's it's I don't know what's going on, but they are struggling to ship these things and numbers to keep up. I

00:40:15   Guess it's good for Apple right now. Maybe means they're selling more than I mean they would maybe that's they're making three a week

00:40:22   And they're selling and they need to sell five a week. They still be ahead like

00:40:26   Who knows I do want to take a quick time as I was I know this is all my fault

00:40:30   To just say that the Apple watch update process is barbaric. Yep. It's it's really just like

00:40:38   The all of the steps you have to take and then how long it takes

00:40:42   Like what is good? There's barely any software in this thing as far as I'm aware like, you know, what is it doing?

00:40:50   Yeah, it's because it depends on the iPhone

00:40:52   So it's not as straightforward because for whatever reason the Apple watch cannot update itself

00:40:58   it has to talk to the phone and the phone has to manage the process of fetching the software update and

00:41:04   Letting it install on the watch. It would be easier if also there's no you know, there's no

00:41:11   Connection to override the the software like you can with an iPhone you just plug it into iTunes and you install the you know

00:41:18   the IPSW file, you cannot do the same with an Apple watch.

00:41:22   So it has to talk to the phone.

00:41:23   And because of that, it's super slow and it's super,

00:41:26   you know, it comes with those trade-offs.

00:41:28   Like if I break my watch, I cannot reinstall the software myself.

00:41:31   I need to bring it to Apple for servicing.

00:41:33   You see, that's the thing that like annoys me now is like, I know what the process is.

00:41:37   They're just going to take that little service cover off the back, right?

00:41:40   And like the little thing that's hidden under the watch

00:41:42   and then they're going to plug it in and flash the OS.

00:41:44   Like, I know that's all it takes.

00:41:45   I'm kind of just like, can you not sell me a cable so I can do it as myself?

00:41:50   Maybe in the future.

00:41:52   You know, like if my iOS device fails, you make me do it.

00:41:55   Right. Yeah, I know.

00:41:57   You tell me to do this.

00:41:58   So I do this like, why can't I just why can't I do this?

00:42:02   Like it's so because the thing is, if I could have taken it to the genius bar today,

00:42:07   I would have done that.

00:42:09   Like I wasn't looking to spend this money.

00:42:11   Right. Like I but I it was

00:42:15   even if I could have booked an appointment in three days time, but it was like, no appointment

00:42:19   today is to try again tomorrow. That was all it said. It's like, this is like,

00:42:24   Something is going on with the Genius Bar situation. It used to be in Rome. I live five

00:42:29   minutes away from an Apple store. And it's one of the bigger ones here. And it used to

00:42:35   be that even in busy times of the year, like in the Christmas season, for example, you

00:42:41   could book an appointment usually two to three days in advance in the non-busy times of the

00:42:47   year, you could book an appointment for the same day or the next day.

00:42:51   This is the, this is the exact experience I've had in the past two, for the past couple

00:42:55   of weeks, maybe for the past month has been getting so worse that in the two weeks ago,

00:43:05   So not exactly Christmas season yet.

00:43:09   I could book an appointment on Sunday, for example, for Friday.

00:43:16   And there were only a few spots left.

00:43:19   So I don't know what is going on, whether Apple has changed something in the Genius

00:43:23   Bar strategy, how it works, how many appointments per day they can handle, but it seems to be

00:43:29   a common trend in Italy.

00:43:32   Now that you tell me so in the UK, I've heard from people in Canada with the same problem.

00:43:37   I don't know what is going on. Maybe they're understaffed, but are they really understaffed

00:43:41   at a worldwide level?

00:43:42   It doesn't surprise me that they're busy, and it doesn't surprise me that I can't get

00:43:46   one on the same day. What frustrates me is that I can't then book one. So I then have

00:43:52   to spend, like I said, an unknown amount of time before I will get an appointment, checking

00:43:58   every single date, multiple times a day, like when am I supposed to see if there's appointments

00:44:02   available?

00:44:03   Like that doesn't work.

00:44:04   And it's like, again, like I wouldn't complain about this except for the fact that you're

00:44:09   forcing the only way for me to get my product resolved is to come to you.

00:44:14   That's what you tell me.

00:44:15   So I have to come to you.

00:44:16   And even then it was like, come to the Genius Bar.

00:44:20   And when you go to Apple's page, like the support page, the problem that I have, you

00:44:25   can't select in the support system.

00:44:28   You can't say like, "red exclamation mark" like it doesn't know what that means. Or

00:44:32   like, "the Apple Watch is brick." I just had to choose like, there's a power problem.

00:44:36   It was the only way it would then let me get to the Genius Bar booking system. Everything

00:44:40   else was just like, "Hey, talk to us online." It's like, no, I know what I need to do

00:44:44   because you've already told me.

00:44:45   I don't want to talk to you all.

00:44:48   Well, because then it's just gonna be like, "Have you done this?" Yes, I've done

00:44:51   it. I've done it.

00:44:53   I like when you do the other people voices.

00:44:56   Me too.

00:44:57   always sound the same.

00:44:58   This is what I think of these computers.

00:45:01   Wow.

00:45:02   Oh, dear.

00:45:03   I did.

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00:46:34   Is a quick update in the time from follow up until now air pods are now

00:46:41   Four weeks out so you're into 2017

00:46:45   You're welcome Apple

00:46:48   Yeah, we saw it. We we sold out their entire stock

00:46:51   So we're gonna wrap up we're gonna wrap up this week talking about

00:46:55   Pebble a company that we have

00:46:57   Covered on the show for a long time. I had the original Kickstarter pebble watch Myke

00:47:02   You've had one or two. I had the steel. I got the steel one

00:47:06   Well, you can't buy another one because they're gone and if you did buy one do you get refund?

00:47:13   So yeah, this has been really interesting to kind of watch unfold

00:47:18   Like I think it was maybe about a week or two ago rumors started circulating that Fitbit were looking to buy a pebble

00:47:25   Right that that that news has been around for a couple of weeks

00:47:28   But kind of at that point it kind of just looked like wow

00:47:31   They're gonna buy them like that was kind of there wasn't really anything else that would have suggested that a sale was needed

00:47:37   So the the story seems to be that

00:47:39   They have been in like financial trouble for a while. There's a great article on back channel about this saying that

00:47:47   But as far back as 2015, Pebble was losing money.

00:47:52   They were not meeting their sales goals and they sort of had a realization that the company

00:47:57   was not going to be profitable.

00:47:58   If you remember, they did a round of layoffs then laid off like 20, 25% of people.

00:48:04   Yeah, it's like 160 people or something.

00:48:06   It was like a quarter of their workforce.

00:48:08   Yeah, it's a bunch of people.

00:48:09   And it's always, and we say this every time, it's always terrible to cover these stories

00:48:13   because you know real people are affected and lost their jobs.

00:48:17   But so Pebble shrank.

00:48:19   They had a Kickstarter for the Pebble Time 2.

00:48:25   Their names are confusing to me.

00:48:27   And then like a little like keychain 3G thing that could do things called the Core.

00:48:33   But it doesn't seem to have been enough.

00:48:36   And so in this acquisition kind of two things happened.

00:48:41   Fitbit seems to have bought the software.

00:48:44   And in this deal, most if not all of the hardware people at Pebble were let go.

00:48:51   They were not given the opportunity to join Fitbit.

00:48:53   So Fitbit seems to have bought Pebble for their software, for their--

00:48:58   And their engineers.

00:48:59   Yeah, the engineers.

00:49:00   The IP there, which is super important, right, that they now have the right to the ideas

00:49:04   in the Pebble software, which we can get into.

00:49:07   Had some interesting stuff, I think.

00:49:09   But clearly not even like another Kickstarter campaign could do it.

00:49:14   I think, we talk about this in companies sometimes,

00:49:17   where if they have a big public layoff,

00:49:20   it really damages trust in the company.

00:49:22   It's like the same reason the time capsule

00:49:24   in the airports are dead.

00:49:25   Even if Apple isn't discontinuing them,

00:49:28   that story broke everyone's trust in that product line.

00:49:31   So effectively, they're dead.

00:49:33   It's kind of the same thing with Pebble, I think.

00:49:35   - Yeah, 'cause what happened was,

00:49:36   yeah, what happened was after they kick-started a campaign,

00:49:39   they needed to raise more money, 'cause--

00:49:40   - Yeah. - For whatever reason.

00:49:43   But at that point, nobody would give any money to them.

00:49:45   And it's probably, you know, it was a combination of,

00:49:47   you just lay it off a bunch of your people and also Apple.

00:49:50   Like Apple are here now.

00:49:52   You know, and it's like, I think it kind of crushed them.

00:49:55   And the C, basically the back channel article

00:49:59   is a lot of like direct quotes from in conversation

00:50:01   with Pebble CEO.

00:50:03   And one of the things that he says is he thinks

00:50:05   that everybody misjudged what the smartwatch devices

00:50:09   were for.

00:50:09   He said, "We went after productivity,

00:50:13   "Apple went after notifications and communication,

00:50:16   "but it actually seems that people want health devices

00:50:18   "on their wrists and that both Pebble and Apple ran for that

00:50:23   "and Apple were better placed to be able

00:50:25   "to make the changes in time."

00:50:27   And by that point, with the Pebble 2,

00:50:29   the Pebble 2 was focused on health, but it was too light.

00:50:32   It was just too light for them, which is a shame.

00:50:36   It's a real shame.

00:50:37   And so now it's like, this is where they are.

00:50:39   And so one thing, there's another article on The Verge where Fitbit CEO talks about

00:50:46   kind of like why they did this.

00:50:47   And one thing that's brought up in that article is the fact that Fitbit also bought

00:50:51   coin. Now coin was the card, like the credit card replacement thing, right?

00:50:56   Is that what that was?

00:50:57   Yeah. Never ship to people, kind of, or ship super late, I think.

00:51:02   Why did Fitbit do this?

00:51:03   They're like, buy all these like crowdfunding campaigns just before they're ready to

00:51:06   ship.

00:51:06   - They have like a thing for failed products it seems.

00:51:11   I don't know.

00:51:14   - Well, so I mean, if you look at it,

00:51:15   if you back up though, Fitbit has the health tracking stuff

00:51:18   right, they've been doing that a long time.

00:51:20   We get to have a conversation about the quality

00:51:22   of some of those, my wife is on her like fifth Charge HR

00:51:24   because they die every three months,

00:51:26   but they just keep returning,

00:51:28   they just keep shipping us new ones, it's crazy.

00:51:31   But they have, so they have the health fitness stuff down,

00:51:34   Right, like I think that outside the Apple Watch,

00:51:37   Fitbit's the only wearable that's really

00:51:38   kind of making an impact.

00:51:40   I think maybe to a bigger degree,

00:51:42   sort of out with the kind of common consumer,

00:51:46   Fitbit is a known brand, which is impressive for a wearable.

00:51:50   So they have the health stuff.

00:51:52   With coin, they have some sort of mobile payment.

00:51:54   I was never really sure how coin worked.

00:51:56   Like you gave it your credit card numbers

00:51:58   and it turned them into contactless payment or something.

00:52:01   Some magic.

00:52:02   They had a sandwich video that was cool,

00:52:03   but that's all I really remember.

00:52:05   And now they have Pebble with its,

00:52:07   assuming it's OS and all of its IP

00:52:10   and its software engineers.

00:52:11   So like Fitbit now has all the three components

00:52:15   that the Apple Watch is kind of good at, right?

00:52:17   You have health and fitness, you have payment,

00:52:19   which is pretty good on the Apple Watch,

00:52:22   and you have an OS that can handle notifications

00:52:26   and you know, kind of smart watchy type things.

00:52:30   So is Fitbit going to go up against Apple directly?

00:52:33   Like one reason I think Fitbit has continued

00:52:35   to be so successful is that they don't take

00:52:39   on Apple head to head.

00:52:41   Like a lot of people have Apple watches just for fitness

00:52:43   and the notifications are bonus,

00:52:45   but the price difference is so much that,

00:52:47   you know, you can walk in a Best Buy and buy a Charge HR

00:52:49   for like 140 bucks or something,

00:52:51   where the cheapest Apple watches

00:52:53   is noticeably more than that.

00:52:55   But is Fitbit going to now go upstream

00:52:57   and go against Apple?

00:52:58   There's a whole lot of questions there, but it's I find it very interesting

00:53:02   You see what if it does with all this because they keep putting these pieces together through these acquisitions

00:53:07   They're clearly doing something right like you count that they are doing something because they are buying up all of the

00:53:16   Individual parts that they need I do think that it's a shame that they're killing the pebble brand. I think it's a good brand

00:53:23   The name and like all of the stuff around it like I think it's kind of nice

00:53:27   It's a shame that they're gonna kill that as well. I think nerds know it, but I don't think it has any meaning to

00:53:32   Anyone I don't know I don't necessarily mean it's like it's got a lot of

00:53:37   It's not just on its cache a like I actually just think it's just a nice product name it

00:53:42   Yeah, no, I liked it and the first one we may have had when it was kind of gross

00:53:46   But it was like this really nice. You know black smooth thing. It was it was a it was a good branding

00:53:50   I see what you're saying

00:53:53   It's, for me the biggest question here is if, like, if Pebble failed in part or maybe in whole

00:54:02   because it couldn't do stuff with the iPhone, the Apple Watch could. Right? Like at the beginning,

00:54:08   the Pebble felt like magic because it was the only thing doing any of this. The Apple Watch came along

00:54:12   and did a whole bunch of stuff that the Pebble all of a sudden couldn't do. And remember like Pebble

00:54:18   sort of pivoted to like more Android stuff.

00:54:21   I think that they emulate Android Wear,

00:54:23   they did something where like--

00:54:25   - What they were able to do,

00:54:27   even with their own operating system,

00:54:28   was to tie into some of the hooks

00:54:30   that Android Wear provides.

00:54:32   - That's right.

00:54:33   - So they weren't like hacking it,

00:54:35   but they were building their own software on top of it.

00:54:38   They could do more with Android

00:54:40   because of the hooks that Android Wear has

00:54:42   that iOS doesn't have,

00:54:44   like allowing you to actually act upon notifications

00:54:48   in a meaningful way, reply to stuff and things like that.

00:54:51   This was stuff that Pebble could take advantage of

00:54:54   with the Pebble Time 2 on Android

00:54:57   that they couldn't on iOS.

00:54:58   - So if that doomed Pebble to a degree,

00:55:02   how can Fitbit do it?

00:55:05   And some people in the chat room are talking,

00:55:07   the smartwatch market is not that big,

00:55:09   Garmin, Apple, and Fitbit ate up all the pie,

00:55:11   so maybe Fitbit will be more successful

00:55:12   just because they're bigger,

00:55:14   but at some point you're gonna be in the same boat

00:55:16   like I can buy this Apple Watch it's a little bit more money or a lot more

00:55:19   money and it can do all this stuff or I can get this thing that is cheaper but

00:55:25   does drastically fewer things. I just don't know at what point that that tips

00:55:30   over into Fitbit's favor or not but again it's it's really interesting to

00:55:36   see in this larger conversation that wearables aren't as the the market of

00:55:41   wearables is collapsing the Apple Watch is probably the only one doing anything

00:55:44   of any real value as far as a business. So I don't know, it's sad to see

00:55:53   Pebble go because it was like cheerleading by a lot of nerds. It was

00:55:56   sort of a nerds brand but it's gone now and it's up to Fitbit to either take on

00:56:02   Apple or do something interesting with the Pebble software. I hope it doesn't go

00:56:05   the way that WebOS did and ends up on TVs in five years and like no one

00:56:09   recognizes it. Like a lot of the cool ideas in WebOS are gone. I hope some of

00:56:13   the cool ideas and the Pebble software can survive.

00:56:16   So like in the same way that Pebble exists and that you know Fitbit have their own thing

00:56:21   anyway and they're maybe going to make a new own thing, they're not the only company that

00:56:26   is like this right?

00:56:27   So Android Wear exists right?

00:56:28   Android Wear is still going, Google is still doing more for that, there's still more watches

00:56:33   coming out for that platform.

00:56:35   But now Samsung are further pushing the Gear S3, this is actually new, I actually think

00:56:41   it looks really nice, just like looks nice.

00:56:43   This all runs on Samsung's own operating system called Tizen.

00:56:48   And they have that whole like interaction

00:56:50   by twisting the bezel thing,

00:56:52   which is I think a really nice way

00:56:54   of doing the majority of the interaction.

00:56:55   Like it's a lot of twisting and clicking.

00:56:56   So your fingers are not actually on the screen,

00:56:59   which is something Apple made a point of talking about,

00:57:01   but their product doesn't work that way.

00:57:04   Right, like I remember like, oh, the digital crown,

00:57:06   that means you won't be touching the screen.

00:57:08   No, I touch the screen always

00:57:10   because it seems to be the only way to get the Apple Watch to do anything.

00:57:14   But anyhow, the S3 watch has this twisting and clicking thing, so you use it that way.

00:57:20   They have their own app store as well, which is slim right now, which you would expect,

00:57:26   because it is a niche product with a niche operating system that only exists on this one product.

00:57:34   and Samsung are probably able to throw money at companies to make them make these applications.

00:57:41   I don't think Fitbit is going to be able to do this, which makes me wonder if they're

00:57:47   even going to have any apps. Like this might not even be a thing that they're looking to

00:57:50   do. I don't know.

00:57:52   What I can tell you, I bought a Fitbit a while back and I tried it for like about a week.

00:58:02   And you got the, what one did you get?

00:58:03   The Charge 2.

00:58:05   And what is that one? What does that do?

00:58:07   It has a heart rate sensor and a tiny display and it can do sleep tracking at night and

00:58:14   the battery lasts for five days.

00:58:17   Okay.

00:58:19   And it is nice that you can do the automatic sleep tracking. You don't have to signal the

00:58:27   fact that you're going to sleep with, you know, you don't have to touch the screen,

00:58:30   and to tell the device anything. It just knows. That's nice. But everything else about it

00:58:39   feels cheap, plastic-y, and it made me... the heart rate seemed to be off in my experience,

00:58:50   like it was lower than it had to be. And just the whole thing made me miss the Apple Watch

00:58:58   so much that in a surprising turn of coincidences I had placed an order for a series 2 watch,

00:59:10   one for me, one for Silvia.

00:59:12   And we were waiting to be delivered at the end of December.

00:59:16   Silvia noticed that the Apple Watch Series 2 was actually in stock at our local Apple

00:59:20   Store, so I cancelled my order, went to the Apple Store, bought two Apple Watches, and

00:59:26   And I'm just loving the Series 2 and I realized because of the Fitbit just how much I missed

00:59:33   my Apple Watch and how much better the Series 2 is compared to the first watch.

00:59:38   It's faster, the battery life is impressive, I can use the Apple Watch at night as a sleep

00:59:44   tracker, I'm testing a new app that does very cool things with sleep tracking on the watch.

00:59:50   And when I wake up the battery is still like at 70% left.

00:59:55   And so I basically consume 30% of battery during the day and during the night, which

01:00:01   is impressive.

01:00:02   And I'm just appreciating the Apple Watch at a whole new level.

01:00:06   And the Fitbit, I first tried it in 2014, when we started to talk about the Apple Watch

01:00:12   on, I think it was still the prompt maybe.

01:00:17   And it's just, I went back, I tried it again, and sure, it got better, the app, the Fitbit

01:00:23   app is better, the device was slightly better, but the overall feel is, this is a cheap fitness

01:00:30   tracker, what I really want is an Apple Watch. Because I want apps, I want music playback

01:00:37   on my wrist, I want, you know... I was actually missing the Apple Watch. So I think the best

01:00:42   way to appreciate the Apple Watch is to not use it for a while, maybe use something else,

01:00:47   then you realize, I actually miss my Apple Watch a lot. And I had this discussion with

01:00:51   Sylvia because she also sold her first Apple Watch to a friend and she was without one

01:00:58   for a couple of months and she was trying to explain this to people because we got friends

01:01:04   ask us about the Apple Watch and she told those people it's hard to describe why I need

01:01:13   it but now that I don't have it I really miss it and I guess I love it because it's a bunch

01:01:20   of small things, small, you know, enhancements to my daily life, whether it's checking the

01:01:27   time or notifications or, you know, having a tiny screen always with me. And there's

01:01:33   no great way to say, look, look at this device. It's impressive. It's not like an iPhone seven

01:01:38   plus, right? It's like, like an instant demo. It's a bunch of things. And once you do not

01:01:45   have them anymore, you miss them a lot. And that totally clicked with me. I was like,

01:01:49   yes you're right. So we bought two Apple Watches, we're super happy now and Fitbit,

01:01:57   good luck I guess. There's always gonna be a market for those devices, maybe, I don't

01:02:02   know.

01:02:03   I think Adina is in the same camp that Sylvia is, which is like, I like this thing, I don't

01:02:08   really know why, but I don't wanna not have it. Because she wears it every day, like even

01:02:12   if we're just at home. And she can't really put in, she can't really put in, like, to

01:02:18   Why I mean, I feel like I know my reason now and because I was like that

01:02:22   I was like, I know I really like this thing, but I don't know why but I have realized that

01:02:26   It's just become a thing with like primarily with notifications for me

01:02:29   It is just this view into my world at all times. Like it actually

01:02:34   For me makes me more

01:02:38   It helps me be more attentive to people when I'm in conversation or like at dinner or something

01:02:46   because just glancing up my watch is way better than

01:02:50   Something going off in my pocket and me having to grab and check it and also like I have more

01:02:56   Notifications on my phone than I do on my watch. So it's like also like the super

01:03:00   Important things come to my watch like the things that I should be seeing

01:03:05   And that really works for me and it does help me focus and also it's like if I don't have my watch on

01:03:11   I like the batteries died which happened a couple of times or whatever then

01:03:15   the whole time I'm just like, "What's going on?"

01:03:18   Like, I feel like I'm completely disconnected.

01:03:20   And look, you can say that that's a problem.

01:03:22   I don't think it's a problem.

01:03:23   And the reason is, it's not because like,

01:03:26   "Ooh, you know, what are people saying about Apple's MacBooks on Twitter?"

01:03:30   It's like, no, it's, "What important things could be happening in my business

01:03:34   that I need to know about?"

01:03:35   That's for me, right?

01:03:37   Totally, people are saying things about MacBooks on Twitter.

01:03:40   It's not the stuff that I give a crap about, right?

01:03:42   and I'm not giving a crap about my free to play game notifications.

01:03:46   No, it's like, are there any emails that come in with contracts that I need to sign?

01:03:50   Or do people need something from me in Slack because something's blowing up somewhere?

01:03:54   Or like these are the things that come through for me,

01:03:57   because that's the stuff that I really care about.

01:03:59   And the watch is enabling me to filter those things

01:04:02   rather than me just turning off every single notification that I have on my iPhone,

01:04:06   because I don't want to do that.

01:04:07   I like this system of phone gets loads of stuff permanent, do not disturb.

01:04:12   then the most important things come to my watch. It works for me so well that I've decided that the watch is

01:04:19   essential enough that I buy a new one on the same day.

01:04:22   Permanent do not disturb on the phone

01:04:25   notifications to the watch.

01:04:29   Hmm. Yeah, it works so good. It's so good. Hmm

01:04:34   Yeah, I'll think about it. You know, I feel like I need to I

01:04:39   I need to try something else for notifications. I feel like I'm always bothered by lots of

01:04:44   things coming at me all at once. That's a good idea maybe. I don't know. I'll think

01:04:49   about it.

01:04:50   That's my top tip for today.

01:04:51   It's a mic hack.

01:04:55   But I do feel bad for Pebble. I just feel bad for Pebble. There's good company there,

01:04:59   some good stuff like that. And I hope that Fitbit really takes advantage of the things

01:05:03   that they were good at. Like the Pebble Time OS looked really interesting and I hope that

01:05:08   Fitbit is able to to do something with that.

01:05:11   All right if you want to catch our show notes for this week head on over to relay.fm/connected/121

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01:05:29   stuff coming this week.

01:05:31   Yeah there's a big story coming tomorrow finally. It took a long time should be a should be

01:05:37   a good one. It's got all the special things that we do every once in a while. So check

01:05:42   it out tomorrow afternoon.

01:05:45   And then you can find Steven at 512pixels.net and @ismh. I am @imike. Thanks again to Foote

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01:06:14   guys.

01:06:15   Adios Erci.

01:06:16   Adios.