120: Perennial State of Worrying


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00:00:05   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 120. Today's show is brought to you by Braintree,

00:00:13   Boom2 and Foot Cardigan. My name is Myke Hurley and today is a joyous day in the history of

00:00:19   Connected. Federico has forgiven Steven and we are back together as a trio. Federico,

00:00:26   Thank you so much for your kindness.

00:00:28   Yeah, sure, but I don't get it.

00:00:30   Last week, I was out and I started getting tweets from people that lasted throughout the entire week of

00:00:37   "Please forgive Steven. You two should sit down, have a beer and talk about your issues."

00:00:42   "Please forgive Steven." I'm not sure what Steven did.

00:00:46   It didn't do anything to me, you know?

00:00:49   Like, I forgive you, but for what?

00:00:52   You know exactly that's the question. We were all it was on the lips of everybody is why would you just not forgive him?

00:00:59   Nobody could understand why you were doing it like I get it

00:01:02   this was your revenge for all the times that I pronounced you dead on the show and now you're you're you're a vengeance to

00:01:09   Basically have hundreds of mentions in my Twitter account of people asking me to forgive someone

00:01:16   Very well played Myke very very well played

00:01:20   I think it's very sweet that you're trying to hide what Steven did by pretending you had no idea Steven Hackett. Welcome to the show. I

00:01:26   Guess let's just do it. Whatever

00:01:29   Come on do some follow-up make yourself feel better

00:01:33   So Federico had really a follow-up this week is Federico has bought some things

00:01:39   Which is fun. The first one has the most like stereotypical Apple accessory name ever

00:01:46   The iXpand drive with a little i and a big X.

00:01:49   So the i10pan drive.

00:01:53   This is made by SanDisk

00:01:56   and I'm not sure I really understand what this is doing. So Federico, what is this doing?

00:02:00   This is a... it was discounted

00:02:03   for Black Friday which is why I bought one.

00:02:06   It is a pan drive. On one end

00:02:10   there's a standard USB that you can plug into a computer and it's a pan drive.

00:02:14   64 gigabyte model I bought. On the other end there's a lightning connector so you can plug this into an iPhone or an iPad and

00:02:21   when you do that nothing happens because you need to download an app the iXpand app and that lets you

00:02:27   copy files into this USB pen drive

00:02:30   so you can copy files on iOS then you plug it into the computer and you can access it from the Finder and

00:02:36   move the files around. So it's meant to be an external USB drive for iOS devices that uses lightning

00:02:43   But because of the limitations of iOS you need to use this app and you

00:02:47   You need to manually copy one file at a time

00:02:51   So using the copy to extension from the share sheet if you have like I don't know a PDF or a Word document

00:02:57   And you need to put it into the USB drive you use the share sheet you copy it

00:03:01   Then you disconnect and you plug it into the computer. There's no centralized finder on iOS

00:03:06   so you need to do this manual process from every document individually every time or

00:03:11   you can automatically backup contacts, you will end up with a VCF file for all of your contact cards on your iOS device,

00:03:20   backed up into the iXpand drive, or you can automatically backup photos and videos from the Photos app.

00:03:26   This last aspect has turned out to be quite problematic because

00:03:31   I tried to back up my entire photo library, which is like 10,000 items from my iPad Pro,

00:03:38   into the iXpand drive and those are like, I would say

00:03:42   couple of hundreds videos and

00:03:45   the rest is all photos and screenshots and I haven't been able to perform this entire backup because

00:03:53   even if I try to leave the iXpand drive plugged in with my iPad Pro at a hundred percent

00:03:59   the battery runs out before the backup is completed, which is

00:04:05   There are two problems here. The first problem is the iXpand app should let you

00:04:10   select, like split up a backup in batches.

00:04:14   So before the battery runs out you can say I want to back up the first 2,000 items

00:04:19   and then I want to back up the second set of items. And the second problem is

00:04:23   because of the way iOS devices and lightning works,

00:04:29   You cannot, even if you buy an adapter, you cannot charge an iPad and leave the IX-Pendry plugged in at the same time.

00:04:36   I tried with two adapters. I have the Dongle, the Belkin Rockstar, which is used to charge and listen to an iPhone at the same time.

00:04:45   But that adapter is limited to charging and audio. You cannot do dual charging or dual audio.

00:04:52   You need to do one of these simultaneously.

00:04:55   So that one didn't work.

00:04:57   Then I tried with the Lightning to USB, which you plug into the iPad, there's a lightning

00:05:02   connector in the dongle so you charge the iPad and there's a standard USB.

00:05:06   So I thought maybe if instead of plugging the iXpand drive via the lightning connector,

00:05:11   if I plug it into the USB side, maybe the app will work anyway.

00:05:15   Well it doesn't work anyway.

00:05:17   If you want to use the app on iOS you need to plug the iXpand drive via lightning.

00:05:21   And because there's no way to charge the device and to work with the iXpand drive at the same

00:05:27   time I haven't been able to perform the full backup of my follow library.

00:05:31   So from what you've seen it seems like you cannot charge and pass data, audio you can

00:05:37   do but not data.

00:05:38   At least with this device, if you try the bulking dongle or if you try the USB one,

00:05:46   the lightning 2 USB, it's not recognized by the system and the app tells you you should

00:05:51   plug in your IXPend drive. So there's just no way to charge and pass data to the IXPend

00:05:58   drive at the same time.

00:05:59   Do you have one of those Apple powered lightning thingamajigs?

00:06:04   What is an Apple powered?

00:06:06   Didn't Apple make an adapter that Phil Schiller said would be good for podcasters? Do you

00:06:12   remember that one?

00:06:13   That one I tried, the lightning 2 USB.

00:06:16   Right that's the one you tried?

00:06:18   Yeah, and I also tried that actually with my Tascam USB interface, which you guys made me use for recording podcasts.

00:06:26   And the USB power is not enough to keep the USB interface alive. It just doesn't power on.

00:06:36   So if I plug the Tascam into my MacBook, the USB power is enough and I see the power light on the Tascam.

00:06:43   If I try to, so with the 29 watt adapter with the USB to Lightning on the iPad Pro, if I plug the Tascam into this adapter it doesn't turn on.

00:06:54   So I'm waiting for a separate AC adapter for the Tascam and see if I power that from a wall outlet and then if I plug into the USB maybe it should be recognized on iOS.

00:07:06   Anyway, no way to charge and pass data to the IXPend drive at the same time, which is

00:07:13   a bummer.

00:07:14   Everything else works, I can transfer files via the share sheet, the contacts backup is

00:07:19   quite convenient, the app is not great but decent, but there should be a way to perform

00:07:27   this full backup or at least Apple should allow iPads to have multiple lightning ports

00:07:32   or make another adapter, no idea, but still not possible.

00:07:36   So how do you get files onto this thing?

00:07:39   With the share sheet.

00:07:40   You have a file.

00:07:41   No, no, no.

00:07:42   Like if I want to take it from another computer.

00:07:44   Like is it possible to take something from a Mac, put it onto this SanDisk thing and

00:07:48   then put it onto...

00:07:49   How do you do that?

00:07:50   Yeah.

00:07:51   via USB.

00:07:52   Do you need a cable?

00:07:53   No.

00:07:54   It's like a USB key.

00:07:55   Oh, like it unplugs?

00:07:57   It's like...

00:07:58   Look at the picture of it.

00:07:59   It just looks like a USB key.

00:08:01   There's not even a cover.

00:08:02   I have my scale wrong.

00:08:05   I'm looking at the photos I'm thinking it's bigger than it is. I work out how big it is

00:08:08   now. It just goes straight into the USB port. That's what that holds in the end.

00:08:12   It's like a USB pen drive with a lightning connector on the side.

00:08:17   It's this old fashioned thing called USB-A. You kids probably don't remember it. But yeah,

00:08:24   we used to use this to put files in and out of what we called computers. It's crazy.

00:08:28   Yes, yes, yes.

00:08:29   I mean the thing, and the reason it's in follow up A, listener Peter suggested this, so thank

00:08:33   Thank you Peter, I think.

00:08:35   But we keep coming back to this that iOS is just not very good at external storage and

00:08:42   dealing with getting files on and off anything that's not a cloud service.

00:08:46   So there's a link in the show notes to a thing Jason wrote on 6 colors about this.

00:08:50   He was trying to transfer audio files from an SD card.

00:08:53   We've talked about this before on the show.

00:08:55   The SD card import functionality in iOS is just for photos and videos.

00:09:00   You can't get files on and off them,

00:09:02   which is really frustrating

00:09:04   if you're using a portable recorder for audio.

00:09:06   It's like all these things that iOS keeps bumping up

00:09:09   against that it just can't quite do.

00:09:11   And the iPad in particular would be really well suited

00:09:15   for work like this, right?

00:09:16   If you could back your files up,

00:09:18   you could have documents or something,

00:09:21   someone hands them to you

00:09:22   and you just put them right on your iPad.

00:09:24   This is stuff that it should be able to do

00:09:25   at this point in its life.

00:09:26   And I hope that it's coming

00:09:29   because it would make it more flexible out in the real world.

00:09:33   Now Apple would say, you know, just use AirDrop

00:09:35   or just use these other things.

00:09:38   This is one of those instances where Apple's sort of like

00:09:41   approach to things doesn't always line up

00:09:43   with what professionals need or even prosumers need

00:09:47   out in the real world.

00:09:48   So I'm hoping that some of this gets better in the future.

00:09:51   - What I really want to see is either two lightning

00:09:56   connectors or just put USB-C on the iPad Pro. I know that it's inelegant maybe

00:10:01   that Apple likes the idea of there's a single port on the iPad and I know that

00:10:04   we made fun of years ago people who wanted the iPad to have like an SD port

00:10:10   or a USB port but now it seems like Apple quite likes USB-C, it's very

00:10:15   flexible, it's very versatile and from a practical perspective there's just so

00:10:22   many more accessories and there's going to be so many more accessories that use

00:10:25   USB-C rather than the ones who use Lightning and it seems just inconvenient, especially

00:10:31   because you need to buy all these adapters and they're doing weird things with powering

00:10:37   and placing data at the same time. It's just more convenient to have one for charging and

00:10:42   one for data.

00:10:45   I agree with you. It was a joke initially, right? To have a USB port, but the world is

00:10:51   different now and the iPads are being positioned differently now.

00:10:56   They were content consumption devices, they were companions to iPhones, there was a place

00:11:02   to read a book, that's what they were originally.

00:11:05   Now Apple is trying to position the iPad as a PC replacement, at that point we need to

00:11:10   be able to get a little bit more expandability.

00:11:14   And this can come in one or two ways, ideally we would like to see USB-C ports or Thunderbolt

00:11:20   three ports on these devices or find some way to force people to make better lightning

00:11:27   stuff.

00:11:28   Yeah.

00:11:29   Right?

00:11:30   I mean if you really want to use lightning then convince these hardware makers to use

00:11:33   lightning.

00:11:34   Yep.

00:11:35   And if you can then great.

00:11:36   Like it's one or the other but we just assume that putting like a USB-C on these things

00:11:41   would mean that you don't have to do any of that.

00:11:45   True.

00:11:46   Yep.

00:11:47   Federico you have returned to the glorious plus club.

00:11:49   Yes.

00:11:50   So you had an iPhone review unit for a while, the regular 7, but now you've gone ahead and

00:11:56   bought your own 7 Plus.

00:11:57   Yes, and it's so good to be back on the Plus.

00:12:01   I mean the 7 is great, and my girlfriend for example loves the form factor, but I was missing

00:12:09   the big phone so much.

00:12:11   And not just because of the dual camera and all the photography stuff that I can finally

00:12:15   try out. But just because of ergonomics I'm so used to having a big phone and it just

00:12:21   feels better to me. And this is in really big difference from two years ago when I was

00:12:28   so skeptical about big phones and now I'm totally on the other side. It feels better

00:12:33   in my hands, I see more content, it's just a better iPhone and I'm so happy. I bought

00:12:40   a matte black 7 plus red cover so red actually red silicone case from Apple

00:12:49   and it's a 256 gigabyte top of the line iPhone 7 plus and I'm so relieved.

00:13:00   That's very cool. Welcome back.

00:13:02   As tradition holds on connected we will be working on our year in review

00:13:09   episode to be later this month. Myke can maybe find the date as I keep talking.

00:13:15   This year I would like some help getting this put together so kind of the format

00:13:20   is we go through the calendar year month by month and pick one or two stories

00:13:25   that really jump out and kind of stand the test of time that we think are still

00:13:30   relevant and worth mentioning at the end of the year. It's a lot of fun putting it

00:13:32   together. If you have a suggestion for a story that should be in there you can

00:13:39   and put it on Twitter, we're gonna be looking at the hashtag

00:13:43   connectedyear, all one word, connectedyear,

00:13:46   and we will start pulling those together

00:13:49   for that episode that will be coming out

00:13:51   in just a couple weeks.

00:13:53   - Yeah, that's gonna be on December 20th.

00:13:55   So we're gonna be going month by month throughout the year.

00:13:57   If you have some stories that are weird, wonderful,

00:14:00   impressive, or funny to look back on,

00:14:02   like to think, oh, we were so worried about X in February,

00:14:05   let us know about it and we'll put it in the show as well.

00:14:09   we want some user submission. So #ConnectedYear, obviously one word because that's how hashtags

00:14:14   work, and you'll be able to help us put the show together.

00:14:17   I think we're actually still worried about everything, basically, but let's try.

00:14:22   I always think that. I always think that there was a thing, it was so important in February,

00:14:27   we must still be worried about it. But every year we've done this, it's funny to look back

00:14:31   on the things that we were concerned about like six months ago. It tends not to be.

00:14:36   If you're a Mac user, none of them have been deleted.

00:14:40   They're all still around.

00:14:41   We're in a perennial state of worrying.

00:14:44   We'll see.

00:14:45   We'll try to revisit that.

00:14:48   I think it's going to be fun.

00:14:49   I think there'll be some surprises.

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00:15:58   So Steven Hackett, you have been secretly squirreling away over there on a new little

00:16:03   project.

00:16:04   I have, since July.

00:16:07   Uh huh, it's been quite a process over there.

00:16:10   Yeah, so last week when we were recording the show, I had just submitted my book, my

00:16:17   new book, Aqua and Bondi, to the iBook store, and it basically went through their review

00:16:23   process way faster than everything I'd read said, "Be prepared for like three to five

00:16:29   days." And it was like five hours. And so Tuesday night, stayed up super late and got

00:16:35   the website and everything ready to go. And now the book is out. So it is looking at a

00:16:42   couple of things. Listeners will know I spent a lot of my time earlier this year with the

00:16:49   iMac G3, you know that colorful consumer line of computers from the late 90s and

00:16:55   early 2000s and that computer really kind of turned around the Mac line, helped

00:16:59   turn around Apple, but it was really only part of the story and the other part of

00:17:03   the story is OS X where when Jobs came back when when Apple bought Next

00:17:08   computer, the the company Jobs had founded after he was booted from Apple

00:17:13   in the 80s. They bought NeXT because they, Apple had failed several times to make

00:17:20   the classic Mac OS modern. There are a couple projects in there in the 90s,

00:17:25   Copeland being the most famous, where Apple just couldn't modernize their OS.

00:17:29   And more or less by the time 1996 rolls around, the Mac software, Mac operating

00:17:35   system is still very closely related what shipped in 1984. They hadn't made

00:17:39   much progress in 12 years. And it was a real problem for the company. There were also political

00:17:45   problems within the company and they were selling like 37 different Mac lines at one

00:17:50   point. All that's in the book about how Apple falling apart in the 90s, how their software

00:17:55   had fallen apart, and how the iMac and what I call the road to OS X really like in concert

00:18:03   with each other is what brought Apple back from the brink. The iMac was important and

00:18:07   software was important but they couldn't happen independently. The iMac provided

00:18:11   capital, provided cash influx for Apple to do additional hardware projects and to

00:18:17   fund the software. That drive to combine Next and Apple technology, actually

00:18:23   the first round of that was something called Rhapsody, an OS that really never

00:18:28   saw the light of day to consumers. It didn't go far enough, so I'll talk about

00:18:31   that in there. And it's kind of this whole process of Apple pulling

00:18:35   itself out of the ditch and doing so by combining a hardware and a software product. Just like

00:18:41   every other thing Apple does, its own salvation was the marriage between hardware and software.

00:18:46   So all that's in there. It's like 80, 81 pages, lots of pretty pictures. And so yeah, it's

00:18:53   out and I'm here to answer questions, I guess.

00:18:57   All right, let's leave the content of the book, right? Let's not address more of the

00:19:02   content because we want people to actually go and buy this thing and they can find it

00:19:04   out themselves. So let's talk about the making of the book. Right? I think that's

00:19:09   kind of interesting. You have a PDF version, as well as your iBooks version.

00:19:16   I am wondering why you have a PDF version of the book. I think some people

00:19:22   are hesitant to have something like in iBooks just because maybe they don't

00:19:28   like the app or maybe they they want to read it in a different app

00:19:33   than the iBooks app, maybe they don't do it with the DRM stuff in iBooks. I just wanted

00:19:36   people to have options. I figured that the iBooks version would outsell the PDF and it

00:19:42   has by like a factor of like one to five almost. So that the iBooks version is much more popular.

00:19:49   Obviously it's easier to buy, easier to deal with. But I wanted people to have the option

00:19:54   to have a PDF if they wanted. Did you lay this book out in iBooks Author? I did. Okay.

00:20:00   Now this has been a piece of software that has had some interesting thoughts.

00:20:09   I mean I remember when it first came out and Apple did all that stuff where like you could

00:20:12   use it but you couldn't charge outside the store and all that sort of stuff.

00:20:16   So one I assume that's changed because you sold a PDF as well and the other like how

00:20:21   was the actual usage of the application for you?

00:20:25   So the selling bit is interesting.

00:20:28   So you can sell a PDF or an EPUB if you decide to create one.

00:20:33   You can sell those outside of the iBooks store.

00:20:36   What you cannot do is sell an iBooks file.

00:20:39   So this is all confusing because they use the same name for everything.

00:20:43   But the actual, I think it's .IBA is the file extension, the actual iBooks file itself that

00:20:47   you download from the store, I can't sell that directly to you.

00:20:51   Now I could give it away to you.

00:20:52   So if I made this free, I could just say, "Hey, go download an iBooks file, import it

00:20:56   into the iBooks app and you can write it

00:20:58   and it has all the fancy stuff.

00:21:00   So that's really the only difference now

00:21:02   that used to be more strict I believe,

00:21:04   but they've loosened up on that.

00:21:06   As far as the program itself,

00:21:08   it's for those who aren't familiar,

00:21:10   it's a Mac program.

00:21:12   It's sort of like pages and keynote,

00:21:15   like had a baby and the baby took steroids.

00:21:17   It feels like an iWork app,

00:21:19   but it's a lot more powerful.

00:21:21   And it's pretty good.

00:21:25   It is a little unstable at times.

00:21:28   I ran into this bug actually filed a radar on it

00:21:31   where if I import an image above a certain size,

00:21:34   the app would just crash instantly

00:21:35   instead of like importing the photo.

00:21:37   - I wouldn't worry about stuff like that.

00:21:40   It's fine. - Yeah.

00:21:42   There's some instability.

00:21:43   I was working on it in Dropbox.

00:21:45   When I took the file off Dropbox and had it on my local disk

00:21:48   it made it much more stable.

00:21:53   So I don't know how much of that was like file system

00:21:54   Dropbox weirdness, so I'm not positive I can lay all the blame for that at iBooks Author's

00:21:59   feet.

00:22:00   But not all, it's nice if you're familiar with iWork, you can just sit down at iBooks

00:22:05   Author and start working.

00:22:06   They have really nice templates you can start from.

00:22:08   My book is based on one of the templates that I modified in places.

00:22:12   And you can drag media in and do text reflowing and do all the kind of stuff you would expect

00:22:18   from something like Pages or Keynote.

00:22:21   Now iBooks Author, one of the good things about iBooks Author is that it allows you

00:22:25   to create those iBooks files which have lots of multimedia in them.

00:22:30   Did you consider any multimedia elements for Aqua and Bondi?

00:22:34   I had an earlier version that had a lot of, like a lot of the places where I link out

00:22:40   to a YouTube video, I had basically ripped all those down to QuickTime files and had

00:22:45   them embedded and I decided not to do that for a couple reasons.

00:22:48   One, I wanted it to be easy if I update the iBooks file

00:22:52   that I could update the PDF in the future.

00:22:54   So I didn't want to have basically a forked version

00:22:57   of the book and be making changes in two versions.

00:23:00   Also, when you start adding that stuff,

00:23:02   a lot of those videos and stuff,

00:23:04   obviously I don't have copyright availability

00:23:07   to those videos, so I didn't want to run into issues there.

00:23:10   And it makes the file a lot bigger to work with.

00:23:12   And all in all, it's not a big deal to link out to it.

00:23:16   The links are preserved in the PDF.

00:23:17   So if you're reading on the Mac or on an iPad and tap the link in the PDF, it opens a browser

00:23:22   just like it does in the iBooks app.

00:23:25   So for me, it was like, you know, I can just link out to stuff and that gets you close

00:23:29   enough and I don't have to deal with any of the extra headache of having a lot of media

00:23:33   in the book.

00:23:34   Did you write the book directly into iBooks Author then?

00:23:37   No, I actually wrote it all in Google Docs for a couple of reasons.

00:23:42   like iBooks author, just a heavy app to be dealing with like writing into and a

00:23:47   lot of writing on iOS and I had, so several people have edited and like

00:23:53   provided feedback on the book and some of that feedback came directly through

00:23:58   Google Docs. Like before I had any layout done I had a couple people who are like

00:24:01   really familiar with some of this stuff go through the Google Doc and just leave

00:24:07   comments there and so most of the writing was done online and then I would

00:24:11   you know copy and paste it into iBooks. Some of the stuff of course was in an

00:24:15   iBooks like I had some of the call-out sections and stuff I just I just wrote

00:24:17   there as I went but most of the writing was done online. Who were these experts?

00:24:22   So you able to reveal names? So there is a thank-you box on the about section that

00:24:28   a lot of people a lot of people helped her listed there there are a couple

00:24:31   people who asked to do it anonymously so. Oh did you talk to Tim Cook or

00:24:37   something. Johnny Ive, who did you talk to? Sim Cook doesn't care about Mac history.

00:24:42   So Steven I want to know what's the response been like and can you

00:24:53   do you have or can you share any interesting feedback or comments from

00:24:58   people about the book? Yeah the response has been great so I put it up

00:25:03   Wednesday, it got some press, including at Mac stories, so thank you. It's been

00:25:07   really good. I've heard from a lot of people who seem to be enjoying it.

00:25:12   Reviews have been good on iBooks. I've gotten some nice emails from people

00:25:15   thanking me for it. I've gotten several emails from people who like used this

00:25:19   stuff back in the day. I heard from one person who actually worked at Apple

00:25:24   during this time frame, like yeah I worked on some of the stuff, like it's

00:25:26   really cool to read about it, like and by the way you got all the details right,

00:25:29   which is like what I care about the most.

00:25:32   So it's been really good and it's been something

00:25:34   that has definitely met my initial goals,

00:25:38   like sales-wise, which is good.

00:25:43   And it feels good to just have people

00:25:45   who don't necessarily follow everything I do.

00:25:47   Like a lot of these notes I'm getting from people on Twitter

00:25:49   don't follow me on Twitter, so they found the book elsewhere

00:25:52   and then decided to reach out.

00:25:54   So that's been really encouraging and really, really fun.

00:25:58   And what was the worst part of putting this book together?

00:26:03   - Some of the layout stuff in iBooks Author, like I said,

00:26:06   was just kind of hairy at times.

00:26:07   I really was not expecting the,

00:26:10   I don't know why I wasn't expecting this,

00:26:12   the publication to iBooks itself is pretty weird in places.

00:26:16   So you export your file in iBooks Author,

00:26:19   and then you have to upload it to iTunes Connect.

00:26:21   There's a Mac app that kind of sits in between.

00:26:23   And when I initially did it, I made a mistake somewhere,

00:26:27   and the book was basically going to be free everywhere,

00:26:30   which is not my plan.

00:26:32   The book's $3.99.

00:26:34   And so I had to go in and figure out how to fix that.

00:26:37   I talked to you, I talked to a couple other people

00:26:39   who've used iBooks.

00:26:40   David Sparks helped me out a little bit.

00:26:43   So that, the iTunes Connect end of it,

00:26:46   of setting pricing, I already pushed a small update

00:26:49   to the iBook store, I fixed four typos.

00:26:51   That process is super strange.

00:26:55   You don't just give them a new file,

00:26:56   basically have to like re-enroll the book and like copy all your metadata over.

00:27:00   This is nothing new to app developers of course but I've never been through this

00:27:04   process personally so that was a little bit of a learning curve and honestly

00:27:09   Apple's documentation really isn't that good. There's not a place at least

00:27:13   that I found of Apple saying these are the steps you go through in this order.

00:27:17   There was a lot of like clicking around and like googling stuff and asking

00:27:21   people who know how do I get this onto iBooks what do I need to be done

00:27:26   I ran into a problem like weeks ago when I signed up when I opened my iTunes

00:27:32   Connect account for this and I had to apply for a you basically apply for a

00:27:36   paid books agreement so you prove to Apple hey you know I'm an individual or

00:27:41   in my case I'm a company and this is all my tax information and they basically go

00:27:45   off and verify all of that and that took longer than I expected and they actually

00:27:51   ran to a problem where I moved and my address wasn't changed everywhere and it

00:27:54   It was basically a black hole and I had to email Apple and finally someone got back in

00:27:58   touch with me and fixed it but that end of it was definitely worth it but definitely

00:28:04   more frustrating than I had anticipated and definitely took more time than I thought it

00:28:09   would.

00:28:10   So do you plan to do more hacked books in the future?

00:28:14   I think it's going to be like a whole family of publishing industry, hacked books.

00:28:21   I would like to.

00:28:22   I don't have any real well-formed ideas right now.

00:28:26   I still need to see if this one pays off in the long term.

00:28:28   It's really kind of five or six months

00:28:31   of on and off again work.

00:28:33   I need to make sure that's a financially viable decision

00:28:35   for my company.

00:28:36   But so far, it's working out.

00:28:38   And I would like to do more.

00:28:40   I was telling Myke the other night,

00:28:42   I like that it exists.

00:28:46   I like that I was able to do it and able to pull off.

00:28:48   And it's not my first book.

00:28:49   My first book, actually, you can't buy anymore

00:28:51   for a bunch of reasons.

00:28:52   - God, I love that book so much though.

00:28:54   - I know, but--

00:28:56   - Can I say what it was for people that don't know?

00:28:58   - Yeah, it was a book, yeah, I mean, it's around.

00:29:00   I mean, it was a book about my time at the Genius Bar

00:29:02   and it was a collection of short stories about that.

00:29:03   If I ever read-- - Oh, I love that book.

00:29:05   - Bar tending, right?

00:29:05   - That book caused a lot of-- - Such a great name as well.

00:29:07   Oh my God, it's so good. - Problem.

00:29:09   Yeah, it's currently not on Amazon.

00:29:10   It was just an EPUB.

00:29:11   I may put it back for free at some point.

00:29:13   So I'd like to do more stuff.

00:29:14   I'd like to do more stuff like this.

00:29:16   So yeah, we'll see how it goes

00:29:19   and I think that I will do more of it.

00:29:22   - Nice, well congrats.

00:29:24   It's been, the book is really awesome

00:29:26   and I definitely think you should do more.

00:29:29   I mean especially because you can use all of these computers

00:29:33   and stuff that you have and I think John Gruber,

00:29:36   when I linked to you on The Ring Fireball,

00:29:38   he said something around the lines of,

00:29:40   "Only Steven Hackett could do this."

00:29:42   And it's true because you have all of this huge collection

00:29:47   And to, I mean, of course you don't want thousands of people to come knocking

00:29:52   at your door to view the collection, but to put that into a book that's

00:29:56   convenient and it's awesome.

00:29:57   So yeah, you should do more.

00:29:59   Yeah.

00:30:00   I view the books very much like how I view the YouTube channel where it's like,

00:30:03   and that's what John was talking about, the design by Apple video I did.

00:30:06   Uh, the, like the ability that I have to showcase this stuff, like that's

00:30:13   like my advantage right now, like in the Apple coverage space.

00:30:18   And so doing that in more interesting ways.

00:30:19   I can write more blog posts, I can do more pictures, and I will keep doing that.

00:30:23   But this stuff also like plays well in books and does really well in video.

00:30:28   And so I'm looking to kind of expand all of this in different ways and kind of see what

00:30:31   works, see what doesn't and keep experimenting.

00:30:33   You got to keep advancing that personal brand.

00:30:36   That's right.

00:30:38   It's all about the personal brand.

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00:32:47   - So Federico had a really good idea

00:32:49   for an iOS 10 check in.

00:32:52   So we're gonna do this.

00:32:53   It's kind of a thing that we like

00:32:55   and a thing that we don't like

00:32:57   and we're gonna do it in a modified round robin

00:33:00   per our tradition.

00:33:01   Federico is going to start I think with something that he likes.

00:33:04   Yes, and the feature that I... there are some iOS 10 features that I like but the one I like the most

00:33:11   is the redesigned search screen with widgets. I use widgets all the time now.

00:33:17   I was not a huge widget person before with iOS 8 and iOS 9 but with iOS 10 and the

00:33:22   fact that I can access my widgets everywhere. They're on the lock screen, I

00:33:26   I can swipe down from any app and swipe left to view my widgets, they're on the home screen,

00:33:32   I use them all the time. And widgets are getting better with iOS 10.2, which is adding a minor

00:33:38   change that I have as a deep effect on my usage of widgets, which is when you swipe down, it used

00:33:44   to be every time you swipe down iOS resets to show you notifications. In iOS 10.2 when you swipe down

00:33:51   it remembers where you were the last time you swiped down. So if you use widgets all the time,

00:33:57   when you swipe down you will see widgets, you won't go back to notifications, which results in

00:34:01   "I don't see my notifications anymore, anytime I swipe down I have my widgets". And it's great

00:34:07   because I use it all the time, especially with two apps, Workflow and Launcher. So both are

00:34:13   widgets to save time, but not in the sense of they just launch apps. I mean sure, Launcher

00:34:20   just launches either an app or a web page in Safari. But the Workflow widget actually lets me do stuff

00:34:26   more quickly, like for example I have a workflow to start a timer on toggle, which is my

00:34:32   time tracking service of choice, so I can start a timer for anything I'm doing on my iPhone or my

00:34:39   iPad, whether it's editing or reading or playing games or catching up on Twitter, I can do that

00:34:45   quickly from the widget. I also have workflows to do things like I want to share a Spotify song

00:34:52   both with the Spotify link and the Apple Music link. I have a widget that does that for me.

00:34:58   I use it all the time. I have other widgets as well. I use Copied for clipboard management,

00:35:03   I use the Time Page widget for the calendar and I have of course the Batteries widget to check on the

00:35:10   status of my wireless headphones and other accessories such as the Razer keyboard on the iPad Pro, but I would say overall

00:35:17   because they're available everywhere and because they're easy to access and thanks to iOS 10.2, which is hopefully launching soon,

00:35:24   I would definitely say widgets are my most used and my favorite iOS 10 change.

00:35:30   I don't use widgets to the incredible level that you do, although I do at some point plan to do more with Workflow.

00:35:37   I use Workflow for a couple. I have a couple of like podcast posting

00:35:41   checklists that will be triggered into OmniFocus from a workflow extension

00:35:46   which I'm pretty proud of. But the two applications that I love the widgets of

00:35:51   the most are Carrot weather which has a really excellent weather widget and

00:35:56   Fantastic Hell 2. I think it does a good job of displaying my calendar in a way

00:35:59   that I like and I'm able to kind of just from the widget see what's coming up on

00:36:03   on future days which I love, I think that's really good.

00:36:06   So yeah, I am a big fan of widgets.

00:36:10   But only Federico can you use them to the full extent, you know?

00:36:16   - No, I don't think so. - That's all you need, man.

00:36:18   That's, you know, wonderful things that you're able to do.

00:36:21   I would like to start with a negative of iOS 10,

00:36:26   a thing that makes me upset.

00:36:28   And it's a thing that has made me upset for a long time

00:36:30   and will continue to, and I'm going to continue to talk about this.

00:36:33   is the handling of rich text on iOS. It is a nightmare. It's always been a nightmare

00:36:40   and I feel like it might be a nightmare forever. Like all I want to be able to do is to open

00:36:45   Google sheets or open numbers and select a table, copy that table and paste it into an

00:36:52   email. That's not difficult, right? Like this is something that we do. This is something

00:36:57   that the Mac can handle, fine. Or if I just copy a bulleted list, just paste the bulleted

00:37:03   list. Like, this is all I want, right? Like, there are things that, you know, we talk about,

00:37:10   we talk about this quite a lot. What are the things that are, that we still use our Macs

00:37:14   for? Me and Federico talk about this. And I have one other task that I use my Mac for

00:37:20   other than the heavy audio production. And that is once a week when I have to send some

00:37:25   emails, which is data copied from Google Sheets. I use my, I turn on my iMac to do

00:37:32   this because it is so frustrating to try and do this with iOS. And I feel like, I

00:37:38   feel like a Philistine doing it. Like that, I turn on my huge Mac computer to

00:37:43   send some emails. And it's not even limited to Google Sheets, even if you

00:37:48   just use Apple apps, even if you just try to copy some formatted text from Apple

00:37:53   notes in a mail or, you know, and you try to paste that in a message, it doesn't work.

00:37:59   And the entire, the problem here is that the entire rich text framework is messed up on

00:38:04   iOS. There's not even a single rich text framework. There's a bunch of ways developers can do

00:38:09   formatted text. And it changes from app to app. Apple never really optimize and says,

00:38:14   "Okay, if you want to do rich text, if you want to work with Assistant clipboard, if you

00:38:18   want to accept rich text when the user pastes some content, you've got to do this and this.

00:38:23   It's all inconsistent and it's a problem because the user expects consistency, so I copy a

00:38:31   list or I copy a table, I should be able to paste the table.

00:38:34   And instead iOS never shows you that kind of control and it doesn't work.

00:38:39   So yeah, it's a problem.

00:38:41   I don't come across that as much as you do, but it's definitely a problem.

00:38:45   It really, really frustrates me a lot.

00:38:47   Just because it feels like it's such a simple, fundamental thing, right?

00:38:55   Like the copying of text from application to application.

00:39:00   Copies plain text, takes rich text, converts it to plain text and then just pastes plain

00:39:03   text.

00:39:04   It frustrates me because it's something that you never have to think about on platforms

00:39:11   other than iOS.

00:39:12   Right, like it just works because that's just how text is formatted.

00:39:17   But it seems like this is something that is not being fixed and it's something that I

00:39:22   can't understand in the world of professional iOS devices that we don't even see rich text

00:39:28   being handled consistently or at all in some cases.

00:39:31   It's very, very, very confusing to me.

00:39:35   I'm going to start with something positive and it's something that when I was thinking

00:39:40   about this it's what came to mind almost immediately which really surprised me

00:39:43   and it's the improved maps app in iOS 10. There are a couple things that I really like

00:39:49   about it. One, they've moved much of the interface like the buttons and the menus

00:39:54   and stuff to the bottom of the screen. Apple Music does some of this as well

00:39:58   but Maps I think does it really nicely. If you have a bigger phone like I am or

00:40:03   if you're using Maps one-handed because you're walking or you're on a bus or

00:40:08   or you're in a car, it's really easy to sort of navigate

00:40:12   with just your thumb.

00:40:13   A couple of new features really stand out to me.

00:40:16   It is a much better job at remembering

00:40:18   where I parked my car.

00:40:19   So I've got Bluetooth in my car,

00:40:20   the phone unpairs when the car turns off

00:40:23   and drops a pin on the map saying,

00:40:25   "This is where your car is."

00:40:26   That doesn't always work for me.

00:40:28   It's still a little hit or miss,

00:40:29   but it seems like it works more often than it used to.

00:40:33   And it does a nice job about recently searched

00:40:36   locations or addresses, things on my calendar, things in the proactive system.

00:40:44   So like on Tuesday night I always go to the same place. When I open maps it's

00:40:48   always there waiting for me. So that stuff is really nice and they've added

00:40:53   search along your route. So if you are in the car, if you're on a trip and you want

00:40:57   to say hey you know is there a Starbucks you know the next few exits it can now

00:41:02   do that. You used to have to go to Google Maps for that because maps didn't

00:41:05   wasn't able to do that you basically had to stop your directions and then search

00:41:09   and kind of know where you were on the map and then go back in. That's much more

00:41:12   streamlined now. I don't use maps every day I use it a lot less than I used to

00:41:16   but when I do use it it's it seems like it's far better than it's been I should

00:41:21   say as fine print. I've never really had the problems here in Memphis that some

00:41:25   people had with like streets missing or like one way streets being wrong or

00:41:29   anything like that that the map data the tile data has always been pretty good

00:41:33   for me in my area but all the rest of the stuff, all the features, all sort of the niceties

00:41:38   on top seem a lot better in iOS 10 and I'm a big fan of it.

00:41:43   Something I don't like as you might imagine is the lack of iPad updates in iOS 10.

00:41:49   We only got minor changes in iOS 10 for the iPad which is basically Safari split view

00:41:55   and the home screen icon added to the command tab switcher.

00:42:00   I cannot think of anything else basically.

00:42:02   The rest is all optimizations from iPhone interfaces.

00:42:06   And even the new stuff that we did get in the betas,

00:42:11   it got removed before the final release,

00:42:13   such as side-by-side compose in Apple Mail,

00:42:16   which was really nice.

00:42:18   For some reason, it was cut from beta four or beta five.

00:42:20   - So yeah, so that was like a three-pane view, right,

00:42:23   on the larger iPads.

00:42:25   - That was like you could do split view inside Mail,

00:42:27   so you had the mailbox with the messages on the left

00:42:31   and the compose screen on the right.

00:42:33   - The same as the Safari thing, right?

00:42:35   - Yes, kinda, yeah.

00:42:36   It was the same concept.

00:42:37   You can actually drag the compose panel to the right.

00:42:42   It was really nice.

00:42:43   And it was removed.

00:42:45   So my hope is that we will get with iOS 10.3

00:42:49   next year in the spring with new iPads

00:42:53   and iPad focus release.

00:42:54   And there's a lot of things that Apple needs to fix.

00:42:58   It's been almost not two years,

00:43:00   but more than a year since iOS 9 came out,

00:43:04   and the entire split view and multitasking features

00:43:07   need to be improved.

00:43:09   The app picker, you know, when you swipe down

00:43:12   and you need to scroll apps vertically,

00:43:14   that's so slow and it's inconvenient,

00:43:16   and people have been complaining about that feature

00:43:19   ever since the days of iOS 9.

00:43:21   - And that's just like, ugh, the more I've used it,

00:43:23   the more I'm just frustrated

00:43:25   at just the fundamental way that it works.

00:43:27   Like, how does it pick those three applications

00:43:30   that it shows because it's never the one that I want.

00:43:32   I think I explained this before, but again, those three apps at the bottom, those are

00:43:38   not necessarily the last three apps that you use on your device. Those are the last three

00:43:45   apps that you use in multitasking.

00:43:47   That just doesn't make sense.

00:43:49   I know, I know, it's just the way that it is. So that entire interface needs to be redesigned

00:43:55   And there has to be external keyboard integration.

00:43:59   Because I use my iPad in multitasking all the time.

00:44:02   But every time I want to open split view

00:44:04   or change the layout or open a different app,

00:44:08   I need to lift my fingers off the keyboard

00:44:10   and I need to touch the screen.

00:44:11   You cannot do multitasking with a keyboard.

00:44:13   But there are other problems like the home screen

00:44:15   on the big iPad Pro is starting to feel like a joke.

00:44:19   The space is not being used at all.

00:44:22   The iCloud Drive app, I know that David Sparks

00:44:25   is a fan. It's so, so bad in every possible way. From the extension to the interface of

00:44:33   the app, to the fact that it's not clear how you can deal with folders, it needs to be

00:44:38   redesigned. And in general, I feel like it's been a while since the, you know, with iOS

00:44:44   9, we saw a lot of potential, we saw a lot of promise and we said, "Okay, Apple cares

00:44:49   about making iOS for the iPad again and we didn't get the kind of focus and the kind

00:44:55   of features, the kind of reimagination of what an iPad can do with iOS 10.

00:45:03   So hopefully with iOS 10.3 we will get some major changes.

00:45:07   I'm not saying that we will get some entirely new iOS for come the spring, but I would say

00:45:15   we should get at least some really welcome features.

00:45:18   So, you know, fingers crossed.

00:45:20   - I think this is the thing,

00:45:20   is like we're very frustrated now about the fact

00:45:23   that iOS on the iPad has stalled with 10.

00:45:27   But if in the spring we do see that update,

00:45:31   then we'll know that we can expect it in the future, right?

00:45:34   And we spoke about this many times

00:45:36   that we may see like this kind of six monthly

00:45:39   or whatever it ends up being turnaround

00:45:42   where we see iOS for the iPhone and then iOS for the iPad.

00:45:46   and that becomes kind of like the schedule going forward, which would be amazing.

00:45:51   Like that would be an ideal scenario because iPad users then get double the features, right?

00:45:56   We get the iPhone features in September and we get the iPad features in March.

00:46:01   Like that would be brilliant.

00:46:03   But we haven't seen that yet, right?

00:46:06   It's like this is what we're expecting.

00:46:08   This is what we're hoping.

00:46:09   And if that ends up coming to fruition, that will be fantastic.

00:46:12   But right now, all we have is the facts that are in front of us.

00:46:15   and the facts are in September the iPad was ignored basically. It didn't get anything

00:46:22   specific for it and even features that it should have are broken and then just removed.

00:46:27   Try and drag a sticker in split view. If you've got messages open in split view, try and drag

00:46:32   a sticker. You just can't do it. You cannot drag a sticker onto the iMessage's window. First it was

00:46:38   a bug, you could do the drag and drop but nothing would stick. Then they just removed the ability

00:46:43   to even drag them. There is like, and so this is, for people like me in Federico, these

00:46:49   types of things are worrying until we see something more.

00:46:54   Or at least just get some specifics, you know, just "hey, don't worry, we got some stuff

00:47:00   coming, we haven't forgotten about it". Because from our outside perspective it sure feels

00:47:06   that way, you know. If I'm an iPad user and I'm like "okay, this is like iOS 9 and I got

00:47:12   no new features. So perhaps a little more communication, you know, or at least making

00:47:17   sure that iPhone features work correctly. That's all I'm asking.

00:47:21   It's not just the professional Mac users that are worried, you know. All right, us professional

00:47:25   iPad users over here, we haven't had any updates.

00:47:27   You make it sound like a joke, but it's not really a joke.

00:47:30   No, I'm not joking. I'm being serious. But it's a funny thing that it's like everyone's

00:47:35   focused on like at the professional, the Mac professional, but the iPad professional is

00:47:40   also concerned at the lack of updates for their platform as well.

00:47:45   I mentioned stickers.

00:47:46   I think the single greatest thing about iOS 10 is iMessage stickers.

00:47:51   iMessages in general is really great, but I love stickers.

00:47:55   I know some people hate them, some people think it's stupid, some people want to never

00:48:00   use iMessage again because of the stickers, but I think I can speak for the three of us

00:48:05   that we all really enjoy them and there's so much creativity in these stickers.

00:48:12   Like, if you do not subscribe to MaxLories, to Club MaxLories, you should because in the

00:48:18   Club MaxLories newsletter, Jon does such a great roundup of stickers, all the new stickers.

00:48:23   I do some of those too.

00:48:24   Well, all I know is I get tons of new stickers from Jon, so I just assume he's doing it.

00:48:30   Yeah, he has great taste and he spends a lot of time on the iMessage App Store. Yeah, that's true.

00:48:35   And there is just so much fun stuff in there and

00:48:39   it's it's fun and also useful I think like

00:48:43   This for me the stickers have as much use in communication as emoji do right like you're able to communicate things

00:48:51   But you're also able to communicate more complex things because there are a lot more stickers than there are emoji

00:48:56   So you can find things to try and convey a feeling and or just be silly

00:49:00   You know, you can send a sticker of dancing toast to each other right like you this this is a thing that exists

00:49:07   You can do that. It's great. I love the toast sticker pack

00:49:09   It's like one of my favorites right now

00:49:11   I'll find a link and put it in the show notes

00:49:13   But this is the thing every couple of weeks I find a new sticker pack that I love

00:49:17   And I have been enjoying it immensely

00:49:20   I think that it is a really really fun way to communicate and then there are other things like

00:49:26   Like the effects are really fun, like all of the confetti and the making the text big

00:49:31   and stuff.

00:49:32   And you can use them sincerely or you can use them ironically, but the ironic use of

00:49:37   them is more fun and has lasted longer than the ironic use of digital touch.

00:49:42   Yes.

00:49:43   That ironic use lasted about a day and a half I think, but I still send, you know, like

00:49:49   when Steven put his book out I think we both sent him different confetti related congratulations

00:49:53   messages.

00:49:54   I think so.

00:49:55   you know, and I get some really funny pairings every now and then, right?

00:49:59   Like, it works really well.

00:50:00   And also, one last thing about messages, which initially I really, really didn't like,

00:50:04   but have come to like, which is when you click the camera button

00:50:07   and you get that tiny camera app in the message pane,

00:50:10   like where the keyboard goes and you can take a picture.

00:50:13   I really like that.

00:50:14   I wish that it's a little bit slow, like when you press the capture button,

00:50:18   it takes a little while to appear in the message, which is weird,

00:50:22   But it's very cool to have it just pop up like that,

00:50:26   rather than just take over the whole screen.

00:50:28   'Cause you typically,

00:50:29   the photos that you're taking in messages,

00:50:31   they're not really gonna be your best pictures

00:50:33   if you're just taking them to share them.

00:50:34   So I think that that actually works really well.

00:50:37   But at first I was like, I don't like this.

00:50:39   But now I've gotten used to it and I do really like it.

00:50:41   - So it's my turn to have a downer.

00:50:47   And I'm gonna talk about 3D Touch.

00:50:49   been out well I guess two cycles now of the iPhone not the iPad I think three of

00:50:55   us are pretty much in agreement that that's not coming to the iPad at least

00:50:58   anytime soon. My issue is that in iOS 10 Apple is relying on 3d touch a lot so

00:51:06   they're pushing or hiding a lot of things behind the actions of things like

00:51:10   notifications that are actionable that's my biggest complaint is that if

00:51:14   you don't have 3d touch or if you're like me I have it on the lightest

00:51:19   setting and I still find it uncomfortable at times to put that pressure onto the glass,

00:51:24   it's sort of annoying that I have to use it all the time.

00:51:27   And that if I turn it off or I try to do things other ways or if I'm on my iPad, that a lot

00:51:33   of things are just done differently or some things aren't even really all that possible.

00:51:40   And I think that, you know, there's some confusion around 3D touch and like some other gestures,

00:51:45   Apple needs to figure that out.

00:51:47   But my big complaint is that anything that is reliant on 3D touch should be able to be

00:51:54   done in a different way that is like on the same footing.

00:51:58   So notifications, you know, you gotta drag down and like kind of get the right amount.

00:52:03   Swiping over to reveal the actions was fine.

00:52:08   There's a lot of stuff that they've changed to leverage 3D touch that I'm not sure was

00:52:12   worth the change or worth the hassle.

00:52:15   If you don't want to use it or if you can't use it, then you're sort of stuck in some

00:52:19   weird places and that's unfortunate.

00:52:21   Yeah, I agree really with the notification action thing.

00:52:27   I know some people that don't have 3D touch devices and there is just information on some

00:52:34   notifications that you just can't see.

00:52:36   Like you're just stuck.

00:52:38   There's just no option for you.

00:52:40   And I find that really weird.

00:52:42   Is it the alarm one? Which you can't do anything from? Like you can't snooze an alarm from

00:52:50   non 3D touch devices?

00:52:51   I'm not sure.

00:52:53   I think that might be one of them. Which is just such a strange thing to me. And it's

00:52:59   there are times where like Apple's ham-fisted push towards having you update is good. But

00:53:06   I think that there are some times where it's not so good and some of the 3D touch stuff

00:53:10   is weird. I mean I have to say personally I've come to really like a lot of the 3D touch stuff

00:53:15   but I think that there should be options where for people you know where they think of other things

00:53:23   and honestly the iPad is one of those. Yeah. Right like there's a lot of stuff that I would like to

00:53:28   do on the iPad but I can't do it because I don't have 3D touch and it's like well you need to work

00:53:32   out a way around this because like I don't see 3D touch coming to the iPad from a technical level

00:53:37   and you need to find another way to do it.

00:53:39   Especially the fact that you've got to have, for those people who don't use 3D Touch,

00:53:44   like my girlfriend, she doesn't use 3D Touch because for some reason she just never triggers the correct 3D Touch input.

00:53:52   And for those people you've got to have a graceful fallback.

00:53:55   And I feel like in iOS 10 if you disable 3D Touch, especially for notifications,

00:54:00   you gain this additional tap required to view a rich notification, to expand it.

00:54:06   and it would be much better if we could just keep swiping to open the rich notification instead of having to swipe and tap.

00:54:14   So I feel like a lot of the engineers and the designers at Apple are so used to testing on the latest hardware,

00:54:20   and they're like "ok, sure 3D Touch is great and we gotta do all the things 3D Touch",

00:54:25   but then when they do the bare minimum work to make sure that these features work on older devices,

00:54:31   But you also got to consider people who don't like the new setting, who cannot use the new setting, and to optimize the software

00:54:38   for those people. And I feel like in many instances iOS 10 is not optimized for non 3D touch usage.

00:54:46   It's been optimized for 3D touch in some very useful ways, and I like it,

00:54:50   but I also recognize that for other people and for other devices

00:54:53   it's not optimized enough if you don't like or cannot use or don't have 3D touch. And there should definitely be

00:55:01   some redesigns or some updates to

00:55:04   also make it fast and make it quick and make it easy

00:55:08   if you don't use 3D Touch.

00:55:09   So I agree with all of the above.

00:55:12   It's also just a really, really weird

00:55:15   way of interacting with your phone.

00:55:17   Like, it's just strange. It is strange. Like, I'm used to it and I like it,

00:55:22   but it's weird. Like,

00:55:23   press harder and find more things.

00:55:26   It's like, "Alright, I guess that's what happens now."

00:55:28   So yeah, that is iOS 10. I have to say, like, I think especially on the iPhone, iOS 10 has aged quite well.

00:55:35   Yes, there's some things like, eh, like Digital Touch for example, but sure.

00:55:40   You could just ignore that that even exists. I didn't even bother to bring that up with messages. It's like, okay, is it even there?

00:55:45   Yeah, but it takes up a spot in the message drawer, whereas it would be much better.

00:55:50   I mean, the entire iMessage app picker needs also to be redesigned.

00:55:54   Can we just say Apple has an app picker problem? Like they don't know how to design good app

00:56:01   selection UIs anymore.

00:56:02   Yeah. You know what, I actually agree with you, because what have we got? We've got the

00:56:07   Split View app picker and then the iMessage app picker, which are both just disasters.

00:56:12   And the home screen, which you could argue that on the iPad it's, you know...

00:56:16   I think the problem was they designed the home screen and then just tried to make the

00:56:20   home screen in different ways.

00:56:22   Home screen everywhere.

00:56:24   Very weird, very weird.

00:56:25   All right, so that is iOS 10.

00:56:27   We're looking forward to hopefully some more improvements in the first quarter of next

00:56:32   year and then I guess we'll start looking to 11.

00:56:35   First, let the iPads come.

00:56:39   We'll talk about it.

00:56:40   We could do that.

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00:58:34   Okay so there was a Mark Gurman rumor over on Bloomberg about a new version of the Echo

00:58:42   with a screen, the Amazon Echo will come with a screen in the future, as well as just having

00:58:50   it's speakers. So currently there are three versions of the Echo, the regular, the dot

00:58:56   and the tap. Is it tap? I think so. And they are all just speaker canisters of different

00:59:02   sizes basically. That is all they do. You speak to it, it speaks to you, there you go.

00:59:09   Now it looks like that there's going to be a version with a screen on it as well, so

00:59:16   there will be some visual input/output as well, which is interesting.

00:59:20   And maybe touch, who knows.

00:59:24   I mean they've been doing this stuff to an extent with the Fire tablet, right?

00:59:30   They have like an Alexa optimized interface, I think?

00:59:33   I think so, yeah.

00:59:34   There's an app, I think.

00:59:35   There's an app that basically shows you requests visually.

00:59:39   I don't know, I have a lot of questions about this,

00:59:42   honestly, because I love my Echo

00:59:45   because it's not an interface,

00:59:46   because it's a voice conversation

00:59:49   and it does stuff without the overhead

00:59:51   of having to look and touch.

00:59:53   I get it, like, why it might be convenient,

00:59:57   especially if you're cooking,

00:59:59   you can view, for example, steps of a recipe as you go,

01:00:02   or you can view a weather forecast,

01:00:05   You can view artwork, you can view photos,

01:00:07   but much of the appeal of the Echo is that, for me at least,

01:00:11   it's Siri that works.

01:00:13   And by works, I mean, I'm not the Siri that works for other people,

01:00:15   but it works for the stuff that I need,

01:00:17   which is like my Task Manager or my automation stuff.

01:00:21   It's a voice assistant that I can fully control and I can customize.

01:00:26   And I like that because it's not another screen that I need to look at.

01:00:30   I have enough screens in my life, and the Echo is not one of them.

01:00:33   So I sort of get it, this rumor, why Amazon might be interested in doing this, but the

01:00:39   idea of having another, possibly a fork of Android, you know, another Android type device,

01:00:45   another screen to look at, another interface to manage, I don't know.

01:00:49   It doesn't seem super appealing to me right now.

01:00:54   My thinking would be, like, imagine that everything you can currently do with your Echo, you still

01:01:00   do and you do it in the same way, right?

01:01:02   But now you can also do additional things.

01:01:05   So like nothing changes with your Echo.

01:01:07   You can continue to talk to it, it will continue to talk to you and you can do all the stuff

01:01:11   that you've wanted to do.

01:01:12   But then imagine if you're like, you have additional commands that you're able to give

01:01:16   like "show me X", which you can't currently do with it.

01:01:21   So you know, or "what does X look like?"

01:01:25   You know it allows for more kind of question types as well as showing you like a video

01:01:31   recipe.

01:01:32   But everything you can currently do, it doesn't need a screen for so it can continue doing

01:01:37   that. This is how I imagine it. But now it also allows you to do more things.

01:01:43   And also one thing that I would like, sometimes I ask my Echo for things and I'm not sure

01:01:52   that it heard me right. So I've asked it to set a timer and it's given me a time back

01:01:58   but I didn't hear it properly because someone was cooking something. And then I have to

01:02:02   open the app to make sure I got the correct timer on. It would be really nice if I could

01:02:05   just look at the Echo and just see, get a visual confirmation that it has understood

01:02:11   the request I've asked it for.

01:02:13   Yeah, maybe. It needs to be a big screen.

01:02:17   Well, I mean, it depends where you have it, right? I mean, I think the idea for a lot

01:02:23   of people with these things is that for stuff that you would need to see, so i.e. cooking,

01:02:28   you'll probably have it near you.

01:02:30   I think this is for a lot of people, a kitchen device.

01:02:33   And I think for me, a lot of the,

01:02:35   well I mean I think of my Echo as a kitchen device.

01:02:39   - Yeah, same. - My big one.

01:02:41   So I think of a lot of kitchen related things

01:02:43   like timers and recipes,

01:02:45   because that would make a lot of sense for me.

01:02:46   Or it is a device in kind of one of the central places

01:02:50   of the home where you go to to make an Amazon order.

01:02:54   You know, like so you go to it and say like,

01:02:56   go, "Hey Echo, can you order me some garbage bags?" and it's like, "Which garbage bags

01:03:00   would you want?" and it will show you them and you say, "Give me those ones." Like, it

01:03:05   could become like, I mean, I know we're thinking of it of like, it's not a hands-free device

01:03:11   anymore if it's got a screen, but that's us assuming that it's a touchscreen. We might

01:03:17   be able to control everything by our voice still, but it just shows you stuff.

01:03:21   Yeah, maybe.

01:03:22   Maybe I'm hoping for too much.

01:03:24   I mean in the I think in the Bloomberg article he lists the pricing of them all and this

01:03:29   would clearly be like a an upper tier you know most expensive option for people who

01:03:35   want more.

01:03:36   I would hope that anything they add visually is A) just an addition so you know they're

01:03:43   not rolling out Alexa features that are like problematic if you you know are like me and

01:03:50   you have a dot in your office, it's never gonna have a screen attached to it. And I

01:03:55   think we can look at how Siri's done it and it's sort of context aware

01:04:00   about how you interact with it. But I agree, like I just have an uneasiness

01:04:05   about it because of the way I use mine. I use it specifically because I don't have

01:04:11   to look at it. And I just don't know like how it could ever know when it's

01:04:18   appropriate to show me something versus just read something to me and maybe it

01:04:22   will do both and you know there'll be a learning curve or something but I don't

01:04:26   know it just feels like to me like it's it's breaking away from like the one

01:04:31   thing this product is really well and I hope that it doesn't make it make it a

01:04:35   weaker product or a weaker service overall because of one new type of

01:04:39   device or interaction. Because the thing is like if they want to continue making

01:04:43   making the current Alexa products, the Echo products, then they're going to still be focusing

01:04:51   on the voice control, right?

01:04:52   They can't start changing all of the base functionality to mean it needs a screen when

01:04:58   they have three quarters of their product line don't have screens on them.

01:05:02   Right.

01:05:03   Right.

01:05:04   So that would be kind of my thinking is like, yeah, it's going to just add either add some

01:05:07   new things in that it didn't have before, or some new features, and/or like augment

01:05:13   things so you can still use your voice but if you want to look at the screen you might

01:05:17   get a little bit more information. I think I'm a bit more excited about the idea of this

01:05:22   product than you two are I think. Which is just how it is.

01:05:26   Right now yes, because I cannot imagine if and how I might want to look at this display,

01:05:35   But I'm open to the idea, just I need some more details.

01:05:39   Right now it doesn't strike me as something that I really want.

01:05:42   I think, I don't know if this is just our use cases, our primary use cases are different,

01:05:47   but I am frustrated with my Echo quite a bit because it doesn't have a screen.

01:05:53   You know, like, that like, I'm asked, I have a time, I mean, I use it so much when I cook.

01:05:59   when I mostly use my Echo and I'm setting timers on it

01:06:04   and I have no idea how long is left on those timers

01:06:07   until I then open the Echo app on my phone.

01:06:12   I would really like to be able to look,

01:06:13   just glance over and see the timer sticking down.

01:06:16   And there are other things that I might like

01:06:20   when setting up, not having to use the app on my phone

01:06:26   to do set up stuff like to do it directly on the device, I think would be

01:06:30   I don't know, it feels to me like a more cohesive and better experience

01:06:34   because plus the Echo app sucks.

01:06:38   It's terrible. Just terrible.

01:06:40   I would expect that like Amazon might do a better job

01:06:44   with the application when it's on their own operating system.

01:06:48   That'd be my my hope, at least anyway.

01:06:51   Yeah, we'll see.

01:06:53   I'm keeping an open mind.

01:06:56   Yeah I think so.

01:06:57   I think so.

01:06:58   Alright if you want to catch us online there's a few places you can do that.

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01:07:14   I am @imike.

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01:07:38   in a couple of weeks time. Thanks for listening, we'll be back next time. Until then, say goodbye

01:07:41   guys.

01:07:42   Arrivederci.