108: Confusion as a Discovery Mechanism


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00:00:14   My name is Myke Hurley, and I am joined by Steven Hackett.

00:00:17   Hello, Steven Hackett.

00:00:18   Hello, Michael Hurley.

00:00:20   And somehow, we are joined by the reviewer himself, Mr Federico Vittucci.

00:00:25   Ciao, Federico.

00:00:26   Ciao, Myke.

00:00:27   Hey, Steven.

00:00:29   I feel very good today. I'm so happy to be here.

00:00:32   It was going to go one or the other way, right? You were ever going to feel great or you were

00:00:36   going to feel terrible because of the amount of work that you've had to do today. Didn't

00:00:40   you write the whole review today? I think that's what it was, right?

00:00:43   Last night actually. That's how tech bloggers do the tech blogging. You do it the night

00:00:49   before so you can have plenty of outtakes the following day. Yeah, that's what you do.

00:00:54   Yeah, I learned.

00:00:55   implemented Google Wave technology so you can update it on the fly right? For

00:00:59   sure yeah I got a whole workflow with with Google Wave, Google Buzz, you know

00:01:03   all the great products. That's awesome. So we are recording, we're recording today

00:01:08   it's iOS 10 release day. What is the date today? Does anybody know? It's 13th of

00:01:13   September, which also means that Federico Vittigi has published the review that

00:01:16   we've been talking about for the last few months and we're gonna talk about

00:01:19   that today. We're gonna talk about iOS 10 as well because we all have some some

00:01:23   hot takes on iOS 10, but we should probably do some follow up to begin the show.

00:01:27   Yeah, so we had a tweet from Jason talking about Super Mario Run, which Federico and

00:01:32   I spoke about last week.

00:01:34   The pricing model of a free download with in-app purchases to unlock all content would

00:01:38   prevent "family sharing" emoji for thumbs down.

00:01:43   Typical Nintendo.

00:01:44   Alright, so someone needs to explain this to me, right?

00:01:47   Because you can restore purchases of in-app purchases, right?

00:01:51   I guess on family sharing it doesn't work. On family sharing you cannot share and you

00:01:54   cannot purchase I think. Right okay. So and restore purchases wouldn't work because it's

00:01:59   different people's devices and IDs. Yeah so I think that if you, I mean a little bit I

00:02:07   looked into this, I mean part of the problem with family sharing is that it's not super

00:02:10   well documented even on an Apple support site but it seems that Jason is right that if you

00:02:17   download this in a family sharing and both of your kids want it, you're going to be purchasing

00:02:22   the an app purchase twice. But again, it's tricky to say. And I don't use family sharing,

00:02:28   I don't think either of you guys do either, do you?

00:02:30   I do use family sharing with Sylvia, yeah. Why are you surprised, Myke?

00:02:37   I'm very surprised.

00:02:38   Yeah, we use family sharing, we share apps from my account, so I'm like the account,

00:02:43   the family owner, the family holder, I'm not sure what's the name. So she can download

00:02:47   apps that I buy. But yeah, you cannot share in-app purchases because it's not allowed.

00:02:52   And I'm actually surprised by the lack of family sharing updates in iOS 10. I only briefly

00:02:57   touched upon this in the review, but there's basically no changes. But yes, I do use family

00:03:02   sharing. It works okay. We can share, like I can pay for my Apple Music subscription

00:03:07   with my account. I can share apps, but free apps with in-app purchase, that's a problem.

00:03:12   You cannot do it.

00:03:13   See I understand that this is a sucky situation but I don't blame Nintendo for this.

00:03:21   Like I understand, Nintendo has a history of terrible technology which means that you

00:03:25   can't share things and there's no accounts and they're changing it going forward.

00:03:29   But I don't think this is a Nintendo problem, I don't think they're doing this to prevent

00:03:33   people from being able to share it, I don't think they're doing this to make people buy

00:03:37   it over and over and over again.

00:03:39   is just an issue with Apple's system as opposed to Nintendo making it a bad thing. Does that

00:03:45   make sense? Like I don't think this is Nintendo being like "haha, I know how we'll get them!"

00:03:49   I just think that they're working within the confines of what Apple has built.

00:03:53   Well maybe there's someone at Nintendo rubbing their hands because they're happy that Family

00:03:57   Sharing has this limitation, but I don't think it's a decision that Nintendo can make. I

00:04:01   mean if you wanna speculate, maybe Nintendo did this on purpose because they know about

00:04:07   this limitation, but it's just something that applies to every developer on the App Store

00:04:12   from sharing limitations. So maybe Nintendo is taking advantage of it, we don't know,

00:04:16   but you know that's the basic truth is that it's a basic limitation of the OS.

00:04:21   So there are some new iOS wallpapers, I think these are the new iOS 10 wallpapers that have

00:04:27   been made for Steven.

00:04:29   Yeah, so if you go to pick your iPhone in the store they're using these images. I don't

00:04:36   I think I've seen these in iOS 10 and the public beta, but maybe they're there now.

00:04:41   And it's like these, I don't know what they're supposed to be, they kind of look like gemstones,

00:04:45   but they also kind of look like bubbles.

00:04:47   I thought they were just like weird liquid color bubbles.

00:04:51   Blobs of color.

00:04:53   Anyways, they're in blue, pink, a color based on an Australian beach name, orange, and purple,

00:05:00   so it's very much like the IMAX.

00:05:02   So Matt sent this to me, a bunch of people sent it to me.

00:05:05   Kind of funny that we returned to those colors.

00:05:07   I've been planning on painting my new office in Australian beach name.

00:05:10   I think it's pronounced "bondee" with a French accent.

00:05:15   Yeah, "bondee".

00:05:16   A "bondee"?

00:05:17   A "bondee", yeah.

00:05:18   Perfect.

00:05:19   Yeah, that's it.

00:05:20   Yeah, it's the French beach, right?

00:05:21   That's the one.

00:05:22   Yeah, that's the one.

00:05:23   What have y'all done?

00:05:24   Sorry, Stephen.

00:05:26   So Myke, you want to make fun of me for this next item?

00:05:29   So everybody was buying 128 gigabyte iPhones, you know, that's something that everybody's

00:05:35   doing this time because it's the nice middle tier that everybody can go for.

00:05:38   We got a nice bunch of space.

00:05:40   And Steven decided to go 128 gigabytes as well, but in his iPod video by putting an

00:05:46   SSD card in it.

00:05:48   And I'm not 100% sure why anybody would do this.

00:05:51   I'm happy you did it, but I don't know why you've done it.

00:05:54   What is it?

00:05:55   I mean, why do I do anything?

00:05:56   there's this there's this little component called the iFlash and

00:06:02   basically you open an iPod take the little spinning hard drive out put this

00:06:06   card in and it takes an SD card or the version that the more expensive version

00:06:10   from what I bought has two SD cards and you put your iPod back together and you

00:06:17   restore it in iTunes and it sees it so mine after formatting is 116 gigs. I will

00:06:23   if you've never opened an iPod it is really difficult like I've opened

00:06:28   computers for a living. I repaired Macs for almost like a seven or eight

00:06:34   years and it is extremely difficult to do an iPod. In fact I have like a huge cut

00:06:40   across the back of two of my fingers from doing this. It's not super pleasant

00:06:44   but now I have a super light super fast with the new battery also put in it

00:06:49   super long-lasting iPod. So this is going to be my car iPod. The one I did have in

00:06:55   the car was acting up and so I decided hey be kind of fun to do something.

00:07:01   Why do you want the car iPod? Like I've seen you use your iPhone with Bluetooth or something.

00:07:05   And I do most of the time but like I don't leave a lot of like kids music and stuff on

00:07:10   my phone and so it's nice to have like our entire library. Now with 128 gig iPhone I've

00:07:14   showing up on Friday, that'll change a little bit. But because I don't stream any music,

00:07:21   sometimes I'm in a situation where somebody wants to hear something I don't have. And

00:07:24   this iPod is ready to take on that mantle. It's an interesting project. It's just really

00:07:31   funny, you know? Because this isn't even like a thing that you're just doing for the lolz.

00:07:38   Like you actually just really want this. And I find that really endearing. I was on an

00:07:44   airplane ride the end of last week going to Portland and my my phone was I needed

00:07:52   to basically reserve the battery I had left in my phone so it was actually off

00:07:55   in my bag and I was listening to music on the iPod and we got up at the end of

00:07:59   the flight and the woman who was sitting next to me was like oh that's really

00:08:03   funny I haven't seen an iPod in a long time and so I said a little moment of

00:08:07   like yep that's that's what I'm doing I'm hanging out like it's 2005 but it

00:08:14   works. iPhone reviews are out. Everybody's been publishing their iPhone reviews

00:08:19   today. Big day for reading stuff. Yeah so, Daring Fireball, The Verge, TechCrunch,

00:08:25   those are the three that I've read so far. It's funny, the reviews seem to be

00:08:31   mostly positive and you know some are more positive than others but there's I

00:08:35   feel like there's an undercurrent and at least a couple of them of if you're

00:08:38   ready for an upgrade this is a great phone but if you're not or if your

00:08:42   phone's okay then wait to next year which I find yeah that's not necessarily

00:08:47   a new thing but it feels a little more pronounced this year. Yeah I a lot of

00:08:53   people as well commenting about the camera you know saying that it's it's

00:08:59   good but not incredible yet right on the on the plus model but I think that it's

00:09:04   just a little addition right and the the zoom thing I'm looking forward to but

00:09:10   the proof is really going to be in the pudding for the portrait mode and it is a shame that

00:09:14   they can't ship this right now.

00:09:15   You know like everybody that I've read so far, like I've read Gruber's review and I

00:09:20   watched the Verges video which is really good, they're kind of saying that we have no idea

00:09:25   what it's going to look like yet, right?

00:09:28   This could be a big feature for the phone but we just don't know if it's going to be

00:09:32   any good, which is a shame.

00:09:34   And also the headphone jack is a thing, people are talking about it, I think it's worth talking

00:09:38   about, I think it's worth thinking about. And I liked kind of Nilay Patel's overall

00:09:44   thing of like, this is a device that's maybe slightly ahead of its time in a few ways and

00:09:49   that can be both a good thing and a bad thing. I think that's a really nice way of thinking

00:09:52   about this device, is it's like it's maybe a little bit further ahead of headphone technology

00:09:57   than it should be, but then also the cameras are further ahead than it should be, right?

00:10:02   If the hardware's further ahead than the software is, it's like a really interesting way to

00:10:06   think about this device but it's also a good thing too like the quad core

00:10:10   processor is ahead of its time like nobody else is doing what they're doing

00:10:13   here. Yeah so I think it's a good way to think about this phone and it might be

00:10:18   like you know like you say the idea that it ends up being that if you can wait a

00:10:21   little bit longer it might be better because everything will start to catch

00:10:25   up after. And I think that's fair right I mean there are going to be people who

00:10:28   find the headphone jack more of a problem than others but I think over

00:10:35   time whether it's the right decision or not kind of will matter less and less as

00:10:39   the world moves on. And that's what Apple does, they make a decision and things get

00:10:43   pushed forward kind of with or without your will or your opinion.

00:10:51   Federica, have you read any of the reviews? I was able to read John Gruber's

00:10:56   and to watch the Verge video and I was surprised by the fact that Apple seeded

00:11:01   pre-production AirPods, you know, units to journalists this week.

00:11:05   But notice how nobody really reviewed the AirPods because they were

00:11:11   not final. So I'm curious to see, like, because everybody seems to be liking them,

00:11:17   but I'm curious to see how they will improve, if they will improve, come the final launch in sometime in October.

00:11:22   Yeah, Nielai said in his review that Apple said he couldn't.

00:11:27   No, no, so I I think then the video it's confusing

00:11:31   I saw somebody on Twitter asked him about that and he says that their policy is not to review non-final products

00:11:37   So I think it was a policy decision, which I would agree with

00:11:41   Yeah, I think that's the right thing to do because they're not probably not ready right? So, you know, they're not done yet

00:11:48   But yeah, you know, it's interesting because everybody seems to be liking those things and I have my reservations

00:11:55   But I'm looking to try them out as well the air pods

00:11:58   It's a shame that we can't get them all on the same day, right?

00:12:01   Like it's clear why Apple gave them to reviewers because it helps with the headphone situation

00:12:08   So it's a shame that we also can't do that

00:12:10   You know, like it's this this device is really weird because there are a bunch of things going on here

00:12:15   But there's a bunch of things we can't do anything with like we can't use the camera to its full potential yet

00:12:20   We can't use the wireless to its full potential yet because we don't have the Apple built

00:12:25   Bluetooth headphones. It's kind of strange. It's kind of strange. Also if you want a black

00:12:30   version you'll have to wait until like, I don't know, 12th of November or something.

00:12:34   Yeah. So yeah. T.G., you didn't pre-order, did you?

00:12:37   No, I didn't pre-order. My plan is to show up sometime during the week at the Apple store,

00:12:43   see what happens.

00:12:44   So hey, do you not know who I am? Like, I'm Federico Vittigi.

00:12:47   No, no.

00:12:48   I wrote this big review, right? Like, where's my phone?

00:12:49   I don't do that. I just show up and hope for the best, basically. I think I'll probably

00:12:55   try to go there late in the morning and see what's left. I mean, if only the 256 gigabyte

00:13:04   model is left, I'll get the one. I don't care. I just don't like doing the pre-order and

00:13:09   then it comes to your house and you've got to wait for shipping. I just want to go to

00:13:12   the store with my credit card and buy an iPhone.

00:13:15   Why didn't you try and reserve though? Because it's not available in Italy this time. It

00:13:20   opens up again on the 17th. Usually what I would do is I would make a reservation, go

00:13:26   there and get the iPhone. That's what I've been doing with the iReserve webpage for the

00:13:31   past couple of years. But it wasn't open this time and Apple put up a notice on the Italian

00:13:35   website that it's going to resume a reservation on the 17th, so at this point I might as well

00:13:40   just go to the store and see what's left. Yeah, and then maybe try and reserve one as

00:13:45   well in case they haven't gone. Yeah. Because this is the first time that Italy is a launch

00:13:50   country, right? Indeed. Indeed it is the first time. So maybe next year you'll get the reserve.

00:13:57   Because the reserve is only a recent thing in the UK, like reserve for launch day. Alright,

00:14:03   we should talk about iOS 10 coming out today, but first let me take a moment to thank our

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00:15:07   Alright, so today iOS 10 is released and I wanted to spend a little time talking about it

00:15:14   Clearly we don't need to review it because that's been done already

00:15:16   But I figured we could just touch on some of the things that we're all

00:15:21   Excited about some things that we're not so excited about

00:15:24   about. I mean for me at least and I think for everyone, like stickers and iMessage apps

00:15:28   are winning the day. They're like probably going to be the big thing, right?

00:15:32   T.G. you spent a lot of time with this. I think from a consumer perspective would you

00:15:36   agree with that? Like it's going to be the stickers and the iMessage apps?

00:15:39   Oh absolutely. I think there's a huge focus on iMessage and iOS 10. I mean I wrote in

00:15:46   the review I haven't felt as excited about the apps since the beginning basically and

00:15:53   it feels like a new era for apps and sharing with stickers and even emoji to a degree.

00:15:59   There's a whole like iMessage is the blockbuster update in iOS 10 for sure.

00:16:05   So let's talk about a few of them.

00:16:08   Now as we record a bunch of these aren't available in the store so you may need to search your

00:16:13   local app store of choice to get them.

00:16:16   But I found, because the store went live last night and I found the sticker pack which somebody

00:16:21   created by looking through my window. It's called the Hipster Sticker Pack. And the icon

00:16:27   is basically me. And I'm so happy. Yeah it really looks like you. I love it. I'm really

00:16:34   happy with it. And it's got a bunch of things in it like Polaroid cameras and old TVs and

00:16:39   record players and cassettes. It really makes me laugh. And I love it. So that's a cool

00:16:43   one. The Icon Factory have generated an incredible amount of stickers, right? How many packs

00:16:51   that they have for their eco?

00:16:53   - 15, I think 14 or 15.

00:16:55   They're still waiting for review on a bunch of them, I think.

00:16:57   But they have a whole family of stickers, yeah.

00:17:00   - And they're all independent packs, right?

00:17:02   They're not just one app.

00:17:04   - They're doing some interesting things like,

00:17:06   they have independent packs, but if you buy more of them,

00:17:10   you can unlock bonus stickers in other packs.

00:17:13   So they're trying to kinda have this sense

00:17:15   of a sticker family from the same company.

00:17:18   So if you buy more of them,

00:17:20   you can unlock additional stickers in the sticker browser in iMessage.

00:17:24   It's a very interesting idea.

00:17:26   >> And David Lanham is doing something similar, right?

00:17:29   >> David Lanham has teamed up with the folks at Impending.

00:17:34   They do the Fugu game.

00:17:36   I don't know what's the name of the app itself.

00:17:40   And they have created this sticker pack called Sticker Pals.

00:17:44   I think it's still waiting for review, but

00:17:46   it's basically the most amazing illustrations I've ever seen in a sticker pack. It looks

00:17:51   fantastic seriously. And it's got hundreds of stickers and it's not a simple sticker

00:17:57   pack like one of the basic ones that you just basically just see the images and you scroll

00:18:02   and you use a sticker. It's a whole custom sticker app so you got categories in the sticker

00:18:08   view, you can switch between them, there's sound effects, there's animations, there's

00:18:12   There's a way to unlock more stickers with an in-app store so you can buy more.

00:18:17   There's a way to send gifts to people so they can unwrap them.

00:18:21   There's a use of coins, I think.

00:18:24   It's very rich and it's beautiful to look at.

00:18:26   And the sounds are amazing.

00:18:28   It's by far my favorite sticker pack and we're just waiting for it to get approved because

00:18:32   we want to feature it on Mac Stories.

00:18:35   Sounds awesome.

00:18:36   It's awesome.

00:18:37   And I mean, if you love David's style, I mean, it's great.

00:18:40   I truly believe that both David and the IconFactory, I think with the iMessage sticker packs, they've

00:18:45   found really a new avenue to show off their work. It's amazing.

00:18:50   So I guess between the IconFactory one and the David Lanham one, you can see the different

00:18:56   ways that you can do this stuff. I know that even the IconFactory ones are built like independent

00:19:01   applications, but they are effectively just each pack, they just have different colors

00:19:05   in the background, but then the sticker piles one is like a full iMessage application which

00:19:11   has stickers in it, because there are a couple of different ways you can do it, right?

00:19:14   >> Yeah. You can do a basic sticker pack, which only requires you to drop a bunch of

00:19:19   image files into Xcode, create a new simple sticker pack project, you drag and drop images

00:19:25   and you create a sticker pack. You have basic control over a few settings, but then you

00:19:29   can also use the messages framework to create a sticker app that has a custom sticker browser,

00:19:34   And that's where you can unlock more functionality, and that's where you're going to see developers

00:19:37   experiment a little more with crazy ideas, such as, for example, navigation, sounds,

00:19:42   custom effects.

00:19:43   And just in general, you can access more features because you can create a full iOS app.

00:19:48   You can access iOS frameworks, and you just implement the sticker behavior.

00:19:53   So you can create an iMessage app that is primarily a sticker browser, but also with

00:19:57   a few additions with a few extra features that can complement the experience and make

00:20:01   it a little more special, make it richer.

00:20:04   And that's what you're going to see with the sticker pads, with the other sticker apps

00:20:07   on the App Store.

00:20:08   It's difficult to explain, but I feel like you don't need to explain this difference

00:20:11   to users, because there's a sticker pack that's only a bunch of images, and then there's a

00:20:15   sticker app with a lot more functionalities.

00:20:18   And I mean, if you're an artist and you just want to create some stickers, the basic sticker

00:20:23   packs are fine, you know, because they give you an opportunity to be on the message App

00:20:26   Store.

00:20:27   And there's also a third way to offer stickers, which is you can build an extension to an

00:20:32   existing iOS app. So what we're going to see, what we're already seeing on the iMessage App Store,

00:20:37   all of those like Kimoji, JustMoji, custom keyboards for iOS 9, they used to be

00:20:43   confused with emoji by people, but actually don't generate emoji, they're just like custom images,

00:20:49   those are going to offer iMessage extensions. So you can still buy the app from the regular iOS App

00:20:55   Store, so Kimoji or JustMoji for example, but those apps can bundle an iMessage extension so

00:21:01   so that you can use stickers in iMessage.

00:21:03   And there's a, you know, this way of giving developers

00:21:05   a few options to offer extensions,

00:21:09   it's like the underlying theme of iOS 10.

00:21:11   It's all about extensions.

00:21:13   - And it means that there will be lots and lots

00:21:15   and lots of them, right?

00:21:16   Like every game I have is getting updates,

00:21:18   like with stickers.

00:21:20   And there are a couple of other cool ones.

00:21:21   Mario is great.

00:21:23   There's a Mario sticker pack.

00:21:24   There's an amazing Star Wars one.

00:21:26   So that'll be in the show notes too.

00:21:30   Have you guys run into the fun iPad multitasking bug with stickers?

00:21:35   It is not fun.

00:21:36   So my understanding is from best I can tell is if you are if you are multitasking with

00:21:40   messages you can't drag stickers up into the conversation and attach them to message bubbles

00:21:45   which is was really infuriating because I it took me a minute to realize what was happening

00:21:50   but if your message is full screen it works.

00:21:52   Fredrick have you heard anything about that bug or why it's happening or maybe when we'll

00:21:57   see a resolution?

00:21:59   I haven't heard anything honestly, I just guess it's one of those bugs that got left

00:22:04   over in the final release and it's probably going to get fixed with a manual update.

00:22:08   But it's still very annoying, especially if you use messages on the iPad Pro in SplitView

00:22:12   so that you're working and you're trying to do something else, for example prepare show

00:22:16   notes and you want to discuss with Myke Hurley for instance, and you want to use stickers

00:22:21   in SplitView while you can.

00:22:22   This is the only way I communicate.

00:22:23   It's very annoying.

00:22:24   I know, I know.

00:22:25   It makes me really sad because I mostly use messages in Split View because I do it on

00:22:31   my iPads and I can't use, I can't drag the stickers, I have to close my other application,

00:22:36   it's really annoying.

00:22:39   Before we move off stickers though, I mean the elephant in the room, we are making stickers.

00:22:45   There is going to be a Relay FM sticker pack which will be bundled with our Relay FM application.

00:22:51   It's in the works.

00:22:52   We don't have a date yet but it's coming.

00:22:54   we have some amazing sticker designs and we're gonna have one sums that we'll be able to

00:22:58   add in over time but we're working on it. So you can rest assured that we will tell

00:23:04   you when it's happened but if you want to get ahead of the curve just go download the

00:23:08   Relay FM app, I'll put a link in the show notes and then as soon as it's updated there'll

00:23:12   be some amazing stickers in there for you.

00:23:16   Should we talk about applications? Any cool like iMessage apps? The carrot weather one

00:23:21   I really like, mainly because I just love Carrot Weather, it's my favorite weather application.

00:23:28   I think that one works pretty well, you can show people forecasts and stuff and it's got

00:23:35   a pretty nice view, it just looks like the Carrot Weather app within iMessage which is

00:23:39   quite cool.

00:23:42   One of my other favorites is one called Emoji Stickers, is that in the App Store yet Federico?

00:23:48   emoji stickers i don't know because i checked earlier today and it still wasn't live

00:23:53   okay well emoji stickers is an application that allows you to create your own custom

00:24:01   stickers out of the emoji one set and so i've been doing this to like create my own custom

00:24:09   emoji stickers you can build them with other emoji so you take like the nerd face emoji

00:24:15   and put a UK flag behind him and then you have a little mic sticker to put everywhere.

00:24:20   It's one of my very, very favorites. I was on the beta for it for a bit and I have been

00:24:25   using this one like every single day. I think it's awesome.

00:24:28   Real time follow up from John Voorhees says emoji stickers is in the app store now. So

00:24:33   it's live on the MSA app store. Yeah. So very cool. I mean you can mix and match this emoji

00:24:39   characters. I've been making pineapple pizza stickers or Italian stickers with an Italian

00:24:45   man eating pasta for example. I think it's a feature somewhere on Mac stories. Yeah,

00:24:50   it's very fun.

00:24:51   So that's one that I really like. And that's like another example of combining apps and

00:24:56   stickers together. There was one that I haven't played with too much, but I think it's kind

00:25:00   of cool, which is Do With Me. Can you explain what Do With Me is, Federico?

00:25:05   So Do With Me is one type of iMessage app that I think we're going to see quite often

00:25:09   in the next few months.

00:25:11   It's a collaborative iMessage app and it's a shared to-do list.

00:25:15   So one of the features that is probably the most difficult part of the review to explain,

00:25:21   you can build, as a developer, you can build collaborative iMessage apps to let multiple

00:25:26   participants in a conversation collaborate on the same interactive message.

00:25:31   So an interactive message is a message bubble that you can tap on and open a custom view,

00:25:35   open an app.

00:25:36   And with collaborative apps such as Do With Me, you can, for example, create a to-do list,

00:25:42   you share it on iMessage, and then on the other end, the user, you know, your friend

00:25:47   taps on the message bubble and it opens the to-do list and they can add new items to this

00:25:53   list.

00:25:54   So for example, let's say you're planning a grocery list with your partner, you can

00:25:58   share this message bubble with "Do with me" on iMessage, then you can add a bunch of items.

00:26:03   The other end can add more items to your shopping list, resend the message, and it's going to

00:26:07   update, showing you the complete list of items added by multiple participants in a conversation.

00:26:13   And if you think about this, the possible implementations of collaboration in iMessage

00:26:19   for shopping lists in the family, I mean, that's going to be an obvious one, but even

00:26:22   task managers to share a specific list with multiple people, for example.

00:26:28   And it's another way for developers to offer specific functionality outside of the scope

00:26:34   of the main app, where people actually talk with each other.

00:26:38   So task managers often have collaboration features built in with messaging, but now

00:26:45   you can use the messaging app that a lot of people actually use on a daily basis.

00:26:49   I mean, I don't talk with Myke on to-do lists, I talk with Myke on iMessage.

00:26:53   So now these apps can offer a shared to-do list on iMessage.

00:26:57   And it's not the, I mean, it doesn't have all of the functionalities of the main app,

00:27:01   but it's a fun, quick way to, you know, share specific bits of data and collaborate with

00:27:05   people inside a conversation.

00:27:06   Seeing this sort of stuff, it like, it builds a dream for me where like I could have my

00:27:11   to-do list app, but then a specific list could be shared with an individual and that data

00:27:15   could sync between the messages and the application, right?

00:27:19   So let's say for example that me and Federico were planning something for remaster.

00:27:24   I could have it in my task manager, he could have it in his task manager, but it's also

00:27:28   in the messages app so we can go in there together to collaborate and all of that data

00:27:32   is shared across.

00:27:33   That could be where we're going here and it would be glorious.

00:27:37   It gives messages as like a base for collaboration.

00:27:43   There is the base, there is the main way that people will collaborate and then they use

00:27:47   the applications within it to do that. Whilst we're talking about the

00:27:51   applications, the UI really needs some work here and it is not scaling very

00:27:56   well even on day one right? Like the picker breaks really fast so like you

00:28:00   you have like the the pains that you swipe between. Basically everybody I

00:28:05   think by the end of the day will have broken that UI where like the little

00:28:10   dots to indicate the different apps kind of start to sneak underneath other

00:28:15   images, other pieces of interface.

00:28:20   It's one of the most problematic aspects of the iMessage app situation is the whole app

00:28:25   switching UI.

00:28:27   It doesn't scale to over 30 apps.

00:28:30   It's clearly broken because the indicators at the bottom overflow over the edges of the

00:28:35   screen.

00:28:37   But at a more fundamental level, I feel like it's not just the visual glitches and the

00:28:42   bugs, it's just the whole idea of too many tabs involved to switch between

00:28:47   iMessage apps and stickers, especially when you consider how Facebook Messenger

00:28:50   for example allows users to have like a custom bar at the top of a messenger

00:28:56   with shortcuts to apps and other features. And I feel like in this first

00:29:01   version it's a repeat of the slide-over problem from last year with the iPad

00:29:06   multitasking, the way that you choose apps. It's very slow, it's very limited and

00:29:10   and it's not customizable at all.

00:29:12   And I feel like Apple needs to rethink the entire idea

00:29:17   of how you switch between apps in multitasking on the iPad,

00:29:20   and at the same time, how you switch between apps

00:29:22   and stickers on iMessage.

00:29:24   Because right now, they're kind of forcing you to go,

00:29:26   at least over with two or three taps,

00:29:29   to switch from a normal text conversation

00:29:32   to the iMessage app driver.

00:29:34   Instead, I would like to be able to remove

00:29:37   the digital touch shortcut,

00:29:39   which I don't think a lot of people will use,

00:29:41   and put up my own shortcuts

00:29:44   next to the iMessage text field.

00:29:46   So I can, for example,

00:29:47   quickly access my favorite stickers

00:29:48   or quickly access my favorite to-do list.

00:29:51   And I mean, if you wanna go the extra mile,

00:29:54   you could even allow per conversation app shortcuts.

00:29:58   So for example, when I talk to Myke,

00:29:59   I could have specific shortcuts to-do lists or some stickers.

00:30:02   And when I talk to my mom,

00:30:04   I could have dog stickers, for example.

00:30:06   But that's just thinking way ahead.

00:30:08   For now, even just basic fix for the iMessage app indicators that would go a long way.

00:30:14   Something that had been driving me crazy, and I'd only just worked out what the problem

00:30:17   was last night, was I would open the app thing and go to the home screen looking view and

00:30:23   rearrange them, right?

00:30:25   To the order that I wanted them in.

00:30:26   Then I would go to the view where you're just kind of swiping through the pages and it wasn't

00:30:30   in the same order.

00:30:32   And the whole time I'd been driving myself crazy.

00:30:34   Like, I'm reordering them, why are they not keeping the order?

00:30:37   I kept asking Federico about this, but now I've worked out that they're completely independent

00:30:41   of each other, right?

00:30:43   Like the order that you set in like the home screen view where you have the little bubbles

00:30:47   doesn't equate to the view where you're swiping through pages.

00:30:51   It's maddening.

00:30:52   Truly maddening.

00:30:53   Like it doesn't make any sense to me.

00:30:54   Like what is judging the other view?

00:30:57   And like why would I be, like what's the point in me rearranging this stuff if it doesn't

00:31:01   keep it?

00:31:02   Like those two things shouldn't be independent.

00:31:05   doesn't make any sense to me. Is it like recency or something that dictates the

00:31:10   overview? I think best I can tell it may be the number of times you've used that

00:31:16   sticker pack but I don't even I'm not even sure about that. I mean it feels

00:31:21   like this whole little section of the UI was clearly developed before any

00:31:25   third-party stuff was available and you know Apple had what three four five

00:31:30   sticker packs available in the during the beta and maybe they just didn't test it

00:31:35   past that or consider what would happen past that which is a startling oversight

00:31:40   but one my guess is they're gonna see this today and that this would be fixed

00:31:44   in the next you know the next update well I'd be surprised Federico has been

00:31:50   tweeting about this for like a month right like yeah I think it was very difficult yeah I mean

00:31:56   there is an app wise a history of this right like they release iOS and when

00:32:00   people actually get it they break it in an interesting way but this one I just I

00:32:04   don't give them the credit of that. Like, this is an easy problem to foresee. I

00:32:08   just, I don't see how they got this way. They're like, "Oh, there'll only ever be

00:32:12   five sticker packs." Like, did they expect that? I feel like we need to sit down at Apple with

00:32:19   some Apple engineers, Apple designers, and say, "Look, you've got to rethink the way

00:32:23   that you think people switch between apps." Because the slide-over app picker,

00:32:27   the iMessage app door, like, there has to be a better way to move between apps and

00:32:33   and let's rethink it all.

00:32:36   It's kinda crazy to me that the slide over

00:32:39   multitasking UI on the iPad more than a year later

00:32:42   still designed that way.

00:32:44   Doesn't make any sense.

00:32:45   It shows you three apps at the same time

00:32:47   and you gotta swipe and swipe it, there's no search bar.

00:32:49   And on iMessage, how could you not imagine

00:32:52   that on day one users would just buy them all

00:32:55   and download them all just out of curiosity?

00:32:58   How can you miss that?

00:33:00   And it's somewhat concerning,

00:33:02   But at least they're fun.

00:33:05   So I think the cuteness of the stickers

00:33:08   kinda balances out the visual problems.

00:33:11   - Let's talk about some other things.

00:33:14   So 3D Touch has been significantly enhanced

00:33:17   throughout iOS with 10.

00:33:20   Federico, can you give a brief overview

00:33:23   as to what 3D Touch can give you if you have an iPhone?

00:33:28   There's a bunch of 3D touch additions in iOS 10.

00:33:33   Perhaps the most visible one is the widgets

00:33:36   on the home screen, which I don't fully understand,

00:33:38   but still, if you press on an app,

00:33:42   besides the quick actions that were added last year,

00:33:45   you can now view the same widget in compact mode

00:33:49   that you view in the search screen or notification center.

00:33:52   There's also a lot of 3D touch shortcuts across the system.

00:33:57   You can press on the clear icon in Notification Center

00:34:00   to clear all notifications at once, like on the Apple Watch.

00:34:03   There's plenty of use of 3D Touch in the new Apple Music app.

00:34:07   So you can press on Songs to open a menu.

00:34:10   You can press on the Now Playing Bar

00:34:11   to open a contextual menu.

00:34:13   There's 3D Touch in Messages.

00:34:17   If you press on a person avatar at the top

00:34:20   to open shortcuts, there's 3D Touch in Contacts even more,

00:34:24   in Maps to open contextual menus for locations,

00:34:27   And in general, it feels like Apple is using 3D touch

00:34:30   in a more deliberate way

00:34:32   as a contextual menu/time saver solution.

00:34:37   Instead of basing entire interfaces on 3D touch,

00:34:40   they're kind of doing it to save time.

00:34:43   And perhaps this is best exemplified by notifications.

00:34:46   So you can swipe down on notification to expand it,

00:34:49   but you can also press on it.

00:34:51   So if you just pick up your phone

00:34:52   and you don't have to press any button to wake it from,

00:34:55   you know, from sleep because there's race to wake in iOS 10,

00:34:58   there's a bunch of notifications on the lock screen.

00:35:00   You can just press on a notification

00:35:02   to pop up a bigger preview

00:35:04   if an app has been updated for iOS 10.

00:35:06   And it feels like when you consider 3D touch

00:35:09   and the upcoming optics on the iPhone 7,

00:35:13   there's a lot of potential for apps

00:35:14   to gain a more physical kind of feel.

00:35:18   And it's one of the things that I wanna test

00:35:20   as soon as I get an iPhone 7.

00:35:22   You know, this combination of 3D touch

00:35:25   and the Taptic Engine kind of opens up a new dimension for apps on the iPhone, which of

00:35:31   course begs the question, what's going to happen with the iPad?

00:35:33   Because as Apple keeps adding more and more 3D Touch features on the iPhone, the iPad,

00:35:38   which doesn't have 3D Touch, is going to be left out.

00:35:41   And for now, Apple, again, is using the fallback option of swipes and long presses to replace

00:35:48   3D Touch.

00:35:49   But how long until Apple is like, we want to do these 3D Touch only functionalities

00:35:54   the iPhone can we do the same on the iPad or should we just cut the feature

00:35:57   from the iPad and do it on on the iPhone only that's gonna be one of the things

00:36:02   to follow going forward how do they balance this 3d touch on the iPhone non

00:36:06   3d touch on the iPad yeah it's gonna be interesting to see yeah I mean I sort of

00:36:12   worried that they're a little ahead of the curve with that they show a lot of

00:36:16   iPhones out there a lot of old iPads in fact just yesterday someone who has I

00:36:21   think a I guess a six you know just had just updated to the iOS 10 beta just a

00:36:27   couple of days ago and we're like asking me like they were like trying to

00:36:30   understand how they did certain things with that on my phone with 3d touch are

00:36:35   very simple and so there's that tension there right of trying to pull ahead with

00:36:39   this feature but still needing support a huge base of devices that are less than

00:36:44   a over a year old but um all in all I can think I think they're the way

00:36:49   they're applying 3D touch is is really interesting that I don't think anything

00:36:54   that requires 3D touch like if you didn't know it was there you could still

00:36:58   do everything but it's sort of that that extra layer of flexibility and and

00:37:04   options to treat things differently if you know it is there so I'm okay with

00:37:09   the balance they've struck but I have a phone that supports it I don't know if

00:37:13   I'd feel differently if I was on a phone without 3D touch.

00:37:17   Professor Tichy, I need your help.

00:37:21   Okay.

00:37:22   How does the lock screen work?

00:37:25   Okay, so, the slide to unlock is gone.

00:37:29   So now when you swipe on the lock screen, you don't unlock the phone anymore.

00:37:33   At least you don't bring up the passcode anymore, you bring up the search screen, which is a spotlight and widgets.

00:37:39   So, on the lock screen, there's a new message at the bottom that says "Press home to unlock".

00:37:46   and from a technical perspective there's a difference here to understand. So Apple

00:37:53   tells you press the home button to unlock your phone because that's an

00:37:57   illusion that they can sell to users. It's easy to understand, press the home

00:38:01   button and with Touch ID you unlock the phone. But actually the unlocking, so the

00:38:08   authentication and leaving the lock screen are two separate actions. So you

00:38:14   You can just place your finger on the Touch ID sensor without clicking the Home button,

00:38:19   and you're going to unlock your phone. You're going to authenticate into Touch ID.

00:38:23   So don't think of unlocking as leaving the lock screen. Think of the verb "unlocking" as giving access to my credentials.

00:38:31   So you can unlock the phone without clicking the Home button.

00:38:35   And when you do so, you're going to see the padlock in the status bar with an animation be unlocked.

00:38:41   So why would you want to unlock the phone without leaving the lock screen?

00:38:46   Maybe it's a notification that requires a confirmation from you, such as deleting an

00:38:51   email message, or a widget that wants to show your personal data, but it's on the lock screen,

00:38:56   so of course it needs to make sure that it's really you.

00:38:59   So you can place your finger on Touch ID, you're going to unlock the phone, but you're

00:39:02   not going to leave the lock screen.

00:39:05   Or you can, in one go, place your finger on the home button and click it.

00:39:11   And when you click it, two things are actually going on.

00:39:14   It's reading your touch ID and it's registering the click as your intention to say, "Okay,

00:39:19   I want to leave the lock screen, take me to the home screen."

00:39:21   So Apple tells you with a single message, "Press Home to unlock," but behind the scenes,

00:39:26   it's a two-step process.

00:39:28   You can try this for yourself.

00:39:29   It's very easy.

00:39:30   Place your finger on touch ID and it's going to authenticate you.

00:39:33   going to see the padlock in the status bar be unlocked. Then with another finger, even

00:39:38   your pinky, you know, just click the home button and you're going to leave the lock

00:39:42   screen. That's because it's a two-step process. The first step is Touch ID, the second step

00:39:47   is clicking the home button. But Apple doesn't tell you so because it just says "Press Home

00:39:51   to unlock." Because on the second generation Touch ID, the Touch ID is so accurate, when

00:39:56   you click it, it also registers Touch ID. It doesn't fail, so it incorporates two steps

00:40:02   into one action.

00:40:03   So now to get to the home screen, I pick up my phone and push the button, right?

00:40:09   Yeah.

00:40:10   Okay.

00:40:11   So it's very, it is different in a way.

00:40:13   I mean, but it's, it's the, it's in the reverse.

00:40:15   Cause I mean, that's how I've been getting to my phone since Touch ID came around, right?

00:40:19   Like I would click it to wake the phone and then the Touch ID would authenticate and I

00:40:25   would get into the phone, right?

00:40:27   Yes.

00:40:28   But now it's doing it kind of in the opposite way around because the raise to wake should

00:40:33   be waking the phone, then the Touch ID unlocks the phone, and then the push gets me to the

00:40:39   phone. So it's the same actions, but in a kind of a reversed order.

00:40:46   That's pretty much it, yeah. And the reason is, Apple wants you to be able to use the

00:40:50   lock screen without the risk of unlocking a device. So if you count all of the different

00:40:57   changes going on, so there's race to wake, so you no longer need to click any button,

00:41:01   whether it's the sleep button or the home one.

00:41:04   So there's race to wake,

00:41:05   and then they want you to be able to stay on the lock screen

00:41:08   without leaving the lock screen

00:41:09   and jumping into the home screen.

00:41:11   But at the same time, how can you handle authentication?

00:41:14   Because if there's a widget

00:41:16   that shows you your personal health data, for example,

00:41:18   you don't want that to be available to anyone

00:41:20   who picks up your phone and swipes, right?

00:41:22   So they're gonna have, they needed to unbundle

00:41:26   the unlocking and authentication behavior.

00:41:30   But at the same time, they're telling you with a single message at the bottom of the lock screen.

00:41:36   In fact, if you just authenticate with Touch ID, besides the lock animation in the status bar, the message at the bottom also changes.

00:41:46   So when it's not authenticated, it says "Press Home to unlock". When it's authenticated, it says "Press Home to open".

00:41:53   Because it takes you, it opens the lock screen and it takes you to the home screen.

00:41:58   going to take some getting used to. Yeah, but you'll get used to it. Is it really useful

00:42:04   though to unlock it and see the widgets? Like is it actually useful? Well it depends, right?

00:42:09   It depends on the widgets that you keep installed, it depends on the notifications, the actions

00:42:14   that you want to use. And I mean of course even for Siri on the lock screen, you know.

00:42:21   It's a different way of thinking about the lock screen because Apple really wants you

00:42:27   to discover that search screen.

00:42:29   In fact, in my lock screen section,

00:42:32   I opened with the first interaction with iOS 10

00:42:34   is likely going to be an accidental swipe,

00:42:37   because a lot of people are going to slide to unlock.

00:42:39   But instead of seeing the passcode screen,

00:42:42   you're going to see the widgets.

00:42:43   So now you're going to be like, oh, OK.

00:42:45   So now I can view widgets here.

00:42:46   That's kind of useful.

00:42:47   And the lock screen experience has

00:42:49   more than a list of missed alerts.

00:42:52   That's what Apple wants you to discover and to hopefully use.

00:42:56   Now we're going to have to see if apps take advantage of that or not.

00:43:00   That's really beautifully real, by the way.

00:43:02   I like that part.

00:43:04   That is how it's going to be.

00:43:05   It's a really good observation.

00:43:07   People are going to do it wrong, and that's going to be their first interaction with the

00:43:12   VyOS.

00:43:13   Yeah, it's a way to increase discoverability by playing on how people are going to get

00:43:17   it wrong.

00:43:18   So you use confusion as a discovery mechanism, in a way.

00:43:25   did this wrong but look widgets are your prize exactly now before we wrap up on

00:43:31   ios 10 Federico you mentioned this a couple of times in your review and

00:43:35   without completely spoiling the review because people should definitely go read

00:43:39   it you mentioned atomic units and like apps breaking up as one being one of the

00:43:44   big themes of ios 10 what does this mean well it means that the idea of an app is

00:43:51   changing, not in the sense that the technical nature of an app is changing, you still download

00:43:58   apps from the App Store, but the idea of increased extensibility, of using, there was a line

00:44:04   from I think from Phil Schiller or Craig Federighi a while ago, people want to use apps where

00:44:11   they want to use them. And in the sense that going past the idea of I'm using an app, I

00:44:19   go back to the home screen, I use another app.

00:44:21   I go back to the home screen, I use another app.

00:44:23   So this jumping back and forth.

00:44:25   Instead, what iOS 10 wants to do is to have app features

00:44:30   come to you in a bunch of different places.

00:44:33   And that kind of transition was started with iOS 8,

00:44:36   was kind of passed in iOS 9,

00:44:38   but now it's back in full speed in iOS 10,

00:44:41   to be able to have app functionalities

00:44:44   in the places where they make the most sense.

00:44:46   And you can see this in the lock screen

00:44:48   and widgets everywhere, spotlight search everywhere,

00:44:52   Siri, Maps extensions.

00:44:54   I mean, you're gonna be able to start

00:44:55   a restaurant reservation in Maps.

00:44:57   So instead of looking up a restaurant in a dedicated app,

00:45:02   you can just go into Maps, look it up,

00:45:04   because that's the app that you use for directions

00:45:06   and to explore, and you're gonna see an app extension there.

00:45:10   There's a whole discussion about Maps extensions,

00:45:12   but that's probably too long.

00:45:14   The idea is, and of course, iMessage, right?

00:45:16   Instead of sharing like a to-do list or weather forecasts,

00:45:20   you can just do it all inside messages.

00:45:22   So this increased modularity, if you will,

00:45:24   of the idea of an app to be able to have

00:45:28   the single app on the home screen, that's for sure,

00:45:30   but also some functionality of that app

00:45:33   embedded into other parts of the system.

00:45:37   So instead of moving back and forth,

00:45:39   you can save time by having contextual features

00:45:44   in the places where they're most useful.

00:45:46   So whether it's iMessage, whether it's Siri,

00:45:48   or the lock screen, widgets, maps, even CarPlay to a degree,

00:45:52   it's a dis-effort to let developers break up their apps

00:45:57   in a bunch of little pieces so users can access those apps

00:46:01   without constantly jumping back and forth

00:46:04   between apps on the home screen.

00:46:05   - So just before we move on

00:46:09   and actually talk about Federico's review,

00:46:12   we're seeing a bunch of reports coming in

00:46:13   from the chatroom that the iOS 10 update is out and it's bricking devices again. So beware,

00:46:19   Apple seem to keep having this problem with every update that they put out that it bricks

00:46:24   devices and there's reports of it doing it to iPads and iPhones so YOLO I guess. This

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00:47:52   So I was thinking about your review Federico and trying to like put in my mind what is

00:47:58   this. Like I don't even think, I think review is a bad word for it now. Like I think that

00:48:05   is the word that we ascribe to these things because it's something that comes out on the

00:48:11   day and it has your opinions in it and it's about the thing. But I think it's a resource

00:48:15   now because of the way that you have changed your style over the last couple of years from

00:48:21   writing a piece that was your opinion to this is the documentation of all of the changes,

00:48:27   they mean and how they work. Like you basically have created part guide, part documentation,

00:48:35   part review. Like it's like a definitive thing which is why it was at 1.5 million words.

00:48:40   Is that what it is? Oh no, did I get that wrong?

00:48:44   It's 50,000 words.

00:48:47   But see that's what I'm saying, right? A 50,000 word review seems huge but if it's a 50,000

00:48:54   resource, that's a totally different thing. And that's how I think of it.

00:49:01   I use "review" in the title because you gotta sell something to people.

00:49:07   It's the understood name for a type of thing.

00:49:09   It's the understood name, but it's just like the iPhone is not a phone. It's just what

00:49:14   people know, right? And it's... I don't look at it as a review or as a guide. I look at

00:49:22   it as a story. And it's a story that's awfully highly descriptive, a little technical in

00:49:28   places where it needs to be, and it's personal. And you can agree or disagree with me, but

00:49:36   it's a story, right? Because it's intermixed with descriptions and overviews and opinions

00:49:45   and testing apps, and it's not the traditional model, I guess, of doing reviews.

00:49:55   It's not just that I'm sitting down with iOS 10 and I'm like "okay, here's what's new,

00:49:58   here's what's changed".

00:50:01   I don't know how to describe it, I just look at it as a story.

00:50:04   It's also why I don't use the review category on Mac Stories for this one, it's stories.

00:50:09   Because it is a story, right?

00:50:11   reviewing it's in the title because you know that's how we can relate to it you

00:50:17   know how everyone can relate to it and I don't know I guess him something that I

00:50:25   want to do every year and last year was the first time and I learned a lot of

00:50:31   lessons and I try to apply those this time and in the process we went a little

00:50:36   little crazy with the final product.

00:50:41   Yeah, so let's talk about that final product.

00:50:43   Like, the website version of the review

00:50:45   is very different this year to previous years.

00:50:49   Yes.

00:50:50   So what we wanted to do is we were looking-- me and Silvia

00:50:55   and Alessandro is my web developer--

00:50:58   we were looking at last year.

00:51:00   And we were talking.

00:51:01   We were like, so this review is pretty good.

00:51:04   There's a lot of content.

00:51:06   but it's also a whole block of text.

00:51:08   And it can be difficult for people

00:51:11   to navigate this block of text

00:51:13   because we added pagination last year,

00:51:16   but still that wasn't enough.

00:51:17   There were, if you were to visually differentiate

00:51:22   the text from the images, it was the,

00:51:26   you know, the scale was tipping all over,

00:51:29   you know, in favor of text.

00:51:31   So this time we asked ourselves,

00:51:35   how can we have an even deeper review

00:51:39   but make you feel lighter when reading the review?

00:51:42   And the answer was we gotta do a whole new design.

00:51:46   And that came with a few aesthetic preferences

00:51:51   but also every one of them I think has a functional role

00:51:57   in the review on the website.

00:51:59   So for example, there's a whole new way

00:52:02   of navigating chapters.

00:52:04   So we built this custom table of contents top bar,

00:52:07   which includes navigation between sections,

00:52:11   a dropdown to view every section

00:52:14   with the page they belong to,

00:52:16   and also an icon to switch between light theme

00:52:19   and dark theme.

00:52:21   We reimagine the idea of chapters and sections.

00:52:26   So every new chapter starts with a cover image

00:52:30   to give you the idea of progress

00:52:32   and to give you the idea of, OK, I'm starting a new chapter.

00:52:36   And titles are all new.

00:52:38   We're going with this new, bold, big font for titles

00:52:43   in the middle of the screen so they clearly stand out.

00:52:46   And you can view your progress from section to section.

00:52:49   We have aside boxes.

00:52:51   So these little information boxes

00:52:53   that can be to the left, to the right, or to the center.

00:52:56   And they contain somewhere in the middle of an aside

00:53:01   and a footnote, but it also contains images.

00:53:05   And it's a way to have information on the side

00:53:08   without making it too hidden, like a footnote,

00:53:12   and also with the same media that we can have,

00:53:15   like images and screenshots and stuff.

00:53:18   Then we were looking at it as we went through the design,

00:53:22   and we also considered all of these design changes in iOS 10.

00:53:27   It's fine to show them with screenshots and images,

00:53:30   but we need to do animations as well.

00:53:32   And how can we do animations?

00:53:33   We didn't want to have GIFs in the review

00:53:37   because GIFs are computationally intensive.

00:53:39   They take up a lot of space on the CDN.

00:53:41   And thankfully, Apple is shipping a WebKit change in iOS 10

00:53:46   where MP4, actually H.264 videos can autoplay like GIFs.

00:53:52   And Apple had a post on the WebKit blog

00:53:56   about using H.264 video as a GIF replacement.

00:54:00   And we've been using that, I think,

00:54:04   to a good extent in the review.

00:54:05   Instead of having GIFs,

00:54:06   we can have this beautifully rendered HD.

00:54:10   Most of them are actually 1080p video of iOS emotion.

00:54:15   And with that, so they autoplay

00:54:18   as soon as you scroll past them.

00:54:21   But in addition to having this autoplay,

00:54:25   we built a custom replay controller,

00:54:27   so that when you view the animation for the first time,

00:54:30   if instead of looping through the animation

00:54:32   as you're reading, which can be distracting

00:54:34   if maybe there's a long paragraph

00:54:35   that you wanna concentrate on,

00:54:37   we built this custom replay controller

00:54:39   so you can replay the animation whenever you want.

00:54:43   And of course, we also added Super for captions,

00:54:45   which, you know, it's integrated with the video itself.

00:54:48   We did galleries, so, you know,

00:54:51   sometimes I want to show off different parts

00:54:53   of the same app, but I don't want to have one image,

00:54:56   one screenshot after the other.

00:54:58   So we built galleries.

00:54:59   You can swipe between them, those captions in galleries.

00:55:02   What else did we do?

00:55:04   I honestly can't remember.

00:55:06   There's video with audio.

00:55:08   So there's a bunch of examples in the sound design section,

00:55:11   in the iMessage section where I'm showing the screen effects.

00:55:15   Of course I built a workflow thanks to Graham

00:55:19   to show off, it's a grand building workflow for me,

00:55:23   to show off the visual differences

00:55:25   between iOS 7, 8, 9, and 10,

00:55:28   and Myke provided all of the iOS 9 screenshots,

00:55:30   so thank you, Myke.

00:55:32   - That's got a long time. - I don't know, I'm missing.

00:55:34   - I can't even imagine how long it must've taken for you

00:55:36   to do all the ones that you did,

00:55:37   'cause just providing the ones,

00:55:39   like the 15 or whatever, it took ages.

00:55:41   - Oh, do you wanna know how many screenshots I have?

00:55:44   - I do, but in a moment,

00:55:45   'cause I have a whole quickfire round of stats

00:55:48   that I want to get from you about this review.

00:55:50   - Okay.

00:55:51   - So--

00:55:52   - And finally, I just want to mention quickly,

00:55:54   for Club Maxories members, there's an ebook version.

00:55:58   That ebook version is based on a custom script

00:56:02   made by the crazy evil genius of Brett Terpsa.

00:56:06   He made a custom script for us to convert my markdown file

00:56:11   straight to EPUB, following the specifications of EPUB.

00:56:14   So the "aside boxes" are converted to asides for EPUB.

00:56:19   There's pull quotes, they also work in the ebook.

00:56:21   The galleries are automatically unwrapped

00:56:25   into single images because there's no gallery specification

00:56:28   in the EPUB standard, and it's just a better version

00:56:32   of the ebook that we've done last year,

00:56:34   and it's all automatic thanks to this script.

00:56:36   Yeah.

00:56:37   - To Myke's point about it feeling like a resource,

00:56:40   I think the table of content/index mechanism you have,

00:56:44   So you can go in and say, "Oh, I need to jump right to this subsection about this particular

00:56:49   feature."

00:56:50   It is a huge addition.

00:56:52   So many times these things are just paginated and you kind of forget where you are or if

00:56:57   you're going to read it in chunks, like I think most people will, it would be really

00:56:59   easy to remember where you were using that navigation system you guys have.

00:57:06   Well done.

00:57:07   - Yeah, you told me, like when I asked you, I was like, "Steven, tell me which things

00:57:13   you don't like about my iOS 9 review. And the first thing you told me, I remember, you

00:57:17   were like, "It's difficult to navigate." And I'm like, "Okay, we're going to improve that."

00:57:22   And trust me, it took a lot of time to get the table of contents bar to feel just right.

00:57:29   Because on the web, it's not as easy as making iOS apps which are fluid and the views are

00:57:35   responsive. When you do things on the web, it's easy to get messed up, especially when

00:57:39   you know, when you start to customize WordPress and when you need to scale to, you know, a

00:57:44   certain amount of page views and to keep performance up. So, you know, when you consider caching

00:57:50   and all of these different things on the web, so definitely the top navigation bar by far

00:57:55   is the single aspect that took the most time to get right.

00:57:59   To dream of 123, the 123 brand has been fully realized with 123 Trip Planner, which made

00:58:07   its debut in the review. Yes. Which is amazing. So, backstory here. A few months ago, I think

00:58:18   before I was leaving for vacation, it was early August, I was trying to finalize my

00:58:23   iMessage section, the collaborative apps. And I didn't have any apps to show off what

00:58:29   was possible with collaboration in iMessage. So I was thinking, how can I show these examples

00:58:35   to people and make it understandable. So I thought I should have Frank make a mockup

00:58:43   for me.

00:58:44   Our designer at Relay FM.

00:58:46   Yes, he's amazing. And so I asked Myke and I was like, "What do you think about this?"

00:58:54   As I was considering this idea, I was also trying to come up with a fictional example

00:59:00   in my mind of describing a potential iMessage app with collaboration. And so I wrote the

00:59:08   1-3 trip planner text. I showed it to Myke and I was like, "This is amazing, but I don't

00:59:15   understand." So I got in touch with Frank. I sent Frank the draft of my review and I

00:59:20   was like, "Read this text. Can you make it an iMessage app for me?" And, you know, a

00:59:26   Couple of months later, there's one to three planner lives on in my iStun review.

00:59:31   So just to make sure this app doesn't actually exist, readers, it's all, you know, pretend.

00:59:38   But it's all technically accurate.

00:59:39   It's real to me.

00:59:41   It's real in your heart, but it's not real on the App Store.

00:59:46   It's all technically accurate.

00:59:48   So we went through the documentation for the messages framework, the way that the message

00:59:53   bubbles collapse into summaries, the use of the icons, the use of full screen views.

00:59:59   Even I got to say, Dave underscore David Smith before we started this process, he made, he

01:00:05   quickly made a custom iMessage app for me to test that the calendar framework event

01:00:11   kit could be accessed from an iMessage app.

01:00:14   And he showed me screenshots of reading calendar events inside messages.

01:00:18   And he told me, yeah, you can, you can access the calendar.

01:00:21   No problem.

01:00:22   "Okay, let's do this mock-up." And so, yeah, it was a good investment.

01:00:27   Yeah, it really made me smile. I'm very happy that it exists. And I love that it is technically

01:00:33   possible to make this application, and I love that you went to that length.

01:00:38   All right, let's do some quick fire statistics, Federico, about your review. Do you know how

01:00:45   long it took you to write it? Do you know your time spent actually writing the review?

01:00:50   Do you know how many hours it took?

01:00:52   Writing, not researching.

01:00:54   Writing.

01:00:56   Let's say... I cannot tell you the hours because I don't keep track of hours. I'm sorry I'm not like you and CGP.

01:01:03   That's probably a good thing for this though.

01:01:05   Yeah, what I can tell you is I started writing in early July.

01:01:13   I got most of my writing done in 10 days in mid-July when Sylvia was not around

01:01:21   and I spent like 15 hours a day writing for 10 days but then I kept writing even

01:01:28   when she was back home and I've basically been writing from July from

01:01:35   the first week of July until last week I took a break from when I was on

01:01:42   vacation for a week in the end of August. But on average I would say I worked on

01:01:47   this for, on the writing alone for two months, on average 10 hours a day.

01:01:58   Do you know what is the exact word count?

01:02:00   50,000. It's all very rounded up nicely.

01:02:05   What about image count?

01:02:07   Image count, I don't know yet because I had to change the syntax for image galleries.

01:02:13   So we made custom shortcodes to use on Mac stories.

01:02:17   And the links to the images are actually duplicated in my text sometimes.

01:02:22   So I got to come up with the new rejects to count the links to the screenshots.

01:02:27   I can tell you that in my screenshots folder, which I cleaned up before starting taking

01:02:33   screenshots on the GM.

01:02:34   So all of the screenshots that you see have been taken on the GM seed of iOS 10.

01:02:39   I made a point of not using pre-release screenshots, which is the detail that I really care about.

01:02:45   In my screenshots folder, I see 1,365 screenshots.

01:02:54   Wow.

01:02:55   Okay.

01:02:56   So of course, these are single screenshots.

01:03:00   They have been combined, rearranged, some not used.

01:03:04   But I would say I wouldn't be surprised if in the review there's just short of 400 images

01:03:10   maybe.

01:03:11   I can tell you that the ebook, which is assembled from all of the videos and all of the images,

01:03:17   it's 200 megabytes.

01:03:20   So the text doesn't weight much, but the media is basically around 200 megabytes.

01:03:26   Do you know how many espressos you had?

01:03:31   On average, three to four a day.

01:03:36   And other interesting stats for you, the review has I think 81 or 82 footnotes, and if I'm

01:03:49   not mistaken 310 links.

01:03:55   What else?

01:03:56   20 videos.

01:03:58   An uncountable amount of Easter eggs.

01:04:00   Oh yeah, the reason why the screenshots always take me so long is because I really care about them.

01:04:06   So if you pay attention, in most screenshots the battery is around 90%, so it looks nice and all filled up.

01:04:14   And on every screenshot I try to capture a screen that looks nice, or that has a reference, or that has a funny joke.

01:04:23   In fact, I didn't tell you, Myke, and you didn't notice them, but there's at least two other one, two, three themed references.

01:04:31   Oh, I've seen some of them. I've seen some of them. I've seen the references to the NX as well.

01:04:36   Yes.

01:04:37   And I've also seen where I think you spell my name incorrectly, but we don't need to worry about that for now.

01:04:43   Where?

01:04:44   In the draft screenshots, unless you're referring to some other Myke with an "I".

01:04:49   No, that's autocorrect, I'm sorry.

01:04:52   I assumed it was done by dictation and then I just let you go.

01:04:57   Ah, it could have been dictation.

01:04:59   No, it could have been dictation because I've also been using dictation in drafts.

01:05:03   Yep, it was in drafts, so that was what I had assumed.

01:05:07   One single tier is all it took.

01:05:10   How are you feeling?

01:05:12   Did it feel good to publish this year?

01:05:13   Is it going well so far?

01:05:14   Are you happy?

01:05:15   Like, do you feel happy when you finish this?

01:05:19   If I'm happy.

01:05:20   I'm happy.

01:05:21   I am happy, but I think I'm fundamentally broken, you know, in a sense that I'm already

01:05:29   thinking about what else I can do.

01:05:32   And like, I'm recording now and I'm just itching because I want to publish more stuff on Mac

01:05:38   stories.

01:05:39   You have more to go still.

01:05:41   And I'm just, I'm seeing the iWork updates on the App Store now and I'm writing to the

01:05:45   Mac stories team on Slack and be like, somebody needs to cover this.

01:05:49   And I'm still thinking about, is there anything I should have done better?

01:05:53   Is there anything I should have explained in different ways or more images, more videos?

01:05:58   I am happy, but I'm also, I don't want to say unsatisfied, because I am very much satisfied.

01:06:06   And it's a big milestone for me to have done this.

01:06:11   And it was my goal to leave something to, this sounds grandiose in a sense that I'm

01:06:17   I'm not really that kind of person, but I wanted to leave something to be remembered

01:06:21   for in a way.

01:06:22   Yeah, it doesn't make any sense.

01:06:23   Legacy.

01:06:24   I wanted to leave, I don't know, legacy, you know, something that people can identify with.

01:06:30   So I'm very happy about that.

01:06:32   But I mean, I already have a note in my notes up, iOS 11, you know.

01:06:39   So I'm constantly, and I was talking to Silvia today, I was like, "What can we do next year

01:06:46   for the design. So there's no, it's all, and I think I have this line in the review, probably

01:06:53   I took it out, I don't remember, but everything is always flowing, you know? Change is constant

01:06:59   and it's not just about Apple, it's not just about iOS, it's about me as well. The theme

01:07:04   of change and the theme of, I'm going to spoil one of the very final sentences, you can never

01:07:12   be finished you can only be relevant. I wrote that about iOS 10 as much as I wrote it about

01:07:19   me. So again, I'm already thinking about what else I can do. Now, I'm going to take it easy,

01:07:28   not take a break because I don't like breaks. I mean, when I was on vacation, I didn't think

01:07:33   about the review, but I organized the Club Backstory's anniversary month because I needed

01:07:38   something to hold on to, you know? But to answer your question, this is way too long,

01:07:46   it feels great, I'm very happy, I am happy. Today, right now, I will be happy tomorrow,

01:07:53   but I'm already thinking about what else I can do.

01:07:58   So we have some quick connected Q&A from our audience about iOS 10 and about the review.

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01:08:08   episode.

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01:10:02   All right Federico, are you ready for some connected QA from the listeners?

01:10:08   Yeah.

01:10:09   Thibaut wants to know, what was the hardest part of writing the review?

01:10:17   From a technical point of view, it was the messages section, because I wanted it to be

01:10:26   the focus of my review, because I felt that it was the big deal, it's a big deal, messages.

01:10:33   And I'm gonna give you another stat, the messages section alone is 10,000 words.

01:10:41   the big meaty part of the review. Probably actually over, probably like 12,000 because

01:10:47   I have some things to add in final revisions. And from a personal level, it was... I'm trying

01:10:59   to put this into words, to find a way so my girlfriend wouldn't break up with me.

01:11:07   Yeah. I know what you're saying.

01:11:11   I was obsessed. I know she wouldn't. At least not for this, I hope.

01:11:15   Well you want to just not make it too difficult for her, right? Like, this should only take

01:11:20   over your life, not hers as well. Exactly, and I was obsessed with this. And

01:11:26   she told me, because in every conversation I would bring up the review. It was either

01:11:30   a screenshot that I needed to have, or something with the website, or some beta. Every conversation

01:11:39   was starting with her was about the review. She told me, "Look, I get it, but you're obsessed."

01:11:44   And so, from a personal point of view, and I mean, I asked a WWDC, John, for advice on this matter,

01:11:54   to keep living a normal life while writing the review in the summer. And I'm still struggling

01:12:02   with that, because every year I, I mean, I told you, Myke, we were flying to San Francisco,

01:12:06   I was like, yeah, you know, this year, I think it's going to be easy because there's not

01:12:10   going to be the major iPad stuff.

01:12:13   As it turns out, I did it even bigger than last year.

01:12:17   Maybe I'm misremembering, but you seem in a much better state this year than you were

01:12:22   last year.

01:12:23   Yeah, for sure.

01:12:24   Because I got a lot done before going on vacation.

01:12:28   Last year I was freaking out because I wasn't ready with the actual content.

01:12:33   This time I freaked out maybe the last week because of the design. We had so many bugs

01:12:41   on the new layout and so many technical problems. But, you know, Ale is a crazy genius also

01:12:48   and he figured it all out. And we had a minor problem with caching today for five minutes.

01:12:53   He took the website up again and it was all done. So I didn't freak out for the content.

01:13:01   was the design. So maybe next year will be something else. And maybe this is just the

01:13:04   way that I am. I have to be nervous about something for, you know, for good performance,

01:13:10   I guess.

01:13:11   Gtime wants to know, would you update an old device to iOS 10, like an iPad Air or an iPhone

01:13:18   5S?

01:13:19   I honestly don't have a suggestion for that, because I haven't tried. My advice would probably

01:13:25   be wrong, because I'm sorry, but I honestly don't have the facts. I haven't tested. I

01:13:30   I don't do performance reviews on Mac stories,

01:13:33   I try to focus on the experience.

01:13:35   And I mean, performance is the experience,

01:13:38   but I just sit, I'm not that kind of reviewer, I guess.

01:13:41   I don't compare multiple old devices.

01:13:44   Also because I don't have them, I sell them.

01:13:46   And I don't wanna keep an archive of all of my old

01:13:49   iOS devices and install the beta on each device.

01:13:52   Because otherwise, if I were to do that,

01:13:55   I wouldn't be able to focus on apps,

01:13:57   on developers, on software.

01:13:59   would only focus on hardware because otherwise I... You're aware though, is it is it

01:14:03   a thing you should do or is it likely to cause some issues? I don't know.

01:14:08   I don't know it's probably better I don't know I keep telling my friends

01:14:11   every time you should update because it's better but you know people then

01:14:14   come back to me and say hey you told me to update but it's actually made my

01:14:17   phone slower so I don't know. Or breaks them. Yeah.

01:14:21   Devin wants to know what is the final iOS 10 behavior if mail.app is removed

01:14:27   and you click a mail to link.

01:14:29   It gives you an alert.

01:14:30   There's a screenshot in the review.

01:14:31   It tells you to go back to the App Store and reinstall mail.

01:14:35   You cannot change default links.

01:14:37   I love it.

01:14:37   It's like, hey, you idiot.

01:14:39   We told you you shouldn't do it.

01:14:40   You wanted to do it, and now you can't send email.

01:14:43   And John has a follow-up question.

01:14:48   Will Apple ever include share extensions in mail?

01:14:51   It's a very difficult problem, because think about it

01:14:54   this way.

01:14:54   When you're in photos, you're sharing an image.

01:14:57   When you're in notes, you're sharing text.

01:15:00   What are you sharing when you're in mail?

01:15:02   Are you sharing the plain text?

01:15:04   Are you sharing the attachments?

01:15:05   Are you sharing the email message like you can in Mac OS?

01:15:09   You can just drag it out of mail and drop it on the desktop.

01:15:12   That's probably what Apple wants you,

01:15:14   wants eventually to do,

01:15:15   to have a single representation of an email message,

01:15:18   like a Mac OS, but it's not possible on iOS.

01:15:20   So for now, you can only select text and share text,

01:15:23   or you can open an attachment in Quick Look

01:15:25   and share it from there.

01:15:26   It's a very difficult problem to have the share sheet in mail.

01:15:30   - Yeah, I mean like an app like Air Mail does it,

01:15:32   but the Air Mail's implementation works really well

01:15:35   for power users, I don't know if it works

01:15:36   for everybody else. - Exactly, exactly.

01:15:38   Yeah.

01:15:39   - And what would you tell your friends about iOS 10

01:15:41   to push them to upgrade?

01:15:43   - iMessage, for sure.

01:15:45   I would show them iMessage, I would show them the fact

01:15:48   that you can use WhatsApp with Siri.

01:15:49   That was a big seller in my conversation this summer

01:15:53   about the beta. A lot of my friends are so into WhatsApp and to be able to message with

01:15:58   Siri using WhatsApp is going to be great for them. But just stickers, iMessage, Siri and

01:16:03   WhatsApp, and the new maps, I think, you know, that's about it.

01:16:08   I'm surprised that Apple hasn't included all of the new, I think it's Unicode 9 emoji.

01:16:13   Yeah, that's going to come with a later update, as they always do.

01:16:16   Yeah, I reckon that this is like, they want people to update for stickers, not emoji,

01:16:21   right and then they'll get them with the emoji later on. Well they can use the

01:16:25   same trick twice if they don't put them together. Yeah exactly exactly.

01:16:29   So they have some emoji but not all of the emoji that's in 9. So Federico

01:16:35   congratulations on shipping your review it is incredible. I think I'm about a

01:16:39   third of the way through. I'm doing what I always do and just I don't go

01:16:44   chronologically I just pick the sections and it is incredible and you did a

01:16:48   fantastic job and you should be very proud of yourself.

01:16:51   Thank you.

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01:17:35   I didn't mention this until now, but I'm still in Portland, which is why I might sound weird

01:17:39   to you.

01:17:40   I don't have my usual recording equipment.

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01:17:44   I am @imike, I-M-Y-K-E.

01:17:47   Next week, I guess we're gonna try and do our show notes in pages with collaboration, right?

01:17:53   Everyone up for that?

01:17:55   Yeah

01:17:57   Yeah, we're gonna go for that. We can try so that's something to look forward to everyone. We'll be back next week

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01:18:16   Arrivederci. Adios.