90: A Set of Unlucky Coincidences


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00:00:06   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 90. Today's show is brought to you by

00:00:12   Memories. My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by Mr. Steven Hackett. Hello, Steven Hackett.

00:00:17   Hello, Michael Hurley. And ciao Federico Vittucci.

00:00:21   Hello, Myke. How are you?

00:00:24   I'm doing great. Why are you saying ciao? What's your occasion?

00:00:29   I like to localize, you know?

00:00:31   Oh yeah? You do?

00:00:33   Talking about localizing,

00:00:35   whenever I sell t-shirts now, I like to localize

00:00:38   to the US or Europe,

00:00:40   so people don't have to pay high shipping rates.

00:00:43   Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, new connected t-shirt time!

00:00:47   And we have a link, a special link in our show notes,

00:00:51   if you go to our show notes, Federico.

00:00:54   Where can people find the show notes?

00:00:56   You can go to relay.fm/connected/90

00:01:01   And you will see a lovely link to our t-shirt

00:01:04   You'll be able to click that and if you are in the US or Europe or whichever you're closest to

00:01:09   They will be this t-shirts will be shipping from that region. So you'll be able to get better prices

00:01:17   They're not all shipping from the US as we've done in the past

00:01:19   We've worked with Teespring who've been great and they've been able to hook us up with that

00:01:23   So there are two kind of two parallel campaigns

00:01:25   but if you click that link it will just automatically throw you to the right one and you'll be able to get a

00:01:30   Fantastic t-shirt it is to celebrate

00:01:34   Stephen collecting all of the IMAX which we'll talk about in a little bit

00:01:39   He collected all of the IMAX all 13 and we have created a t-shirt which

00:01:44   Kind of also riffs on the meetup

00:01:48   Poster that our designer Frank made for us. We loved it so much

00:01:52   we decided to have a Steven made and then once we had a Steven made we decided to have a bunch of IMAX made

00:01:59   these t-shirts are

00:02:02   Basically commemorative items because there's so much involved in the printing that we're basically making no money on them

00:02:09   Yeah

00:02:10   But we love this design so much and I hope that you will all love it and you should buy it and if I see

00:02:15   Anybody at WWDC wearing this they will get a big hug. Yes, maybe from all three of us

00:02:21   I'll give you an iMac.

00:02:23   I got loads of them, man. I just bring them down.

00:02:26   Yeah, and a lot of people, including you, Myke, told me that on the t-shirt I look like Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters, which is great.

00:02:34   It's true.

00:02:35   It's very nice. And for some reason, Frank used a t-shirt that I actually have, but I didn't know that I have that exact t-shirt in my collection.

00:02:47   Oh, he knows everything. He knows everything.

00:02:49   It kind of, that character kind of does look like me.

00:02:54   So yeah.

00:02:55   These T-shirts are a limited design.

00:02:56   They're available until the 19th of May and we tried to get them out as soon as possible

00:03:01   and because we have the localised shipping, if you're kind of in Central Europe, the UK

00:03:07   or in the continental United States, probably Canada, you should have these just in time

00:03:13   for WWDC if you're coming.

00:03:16   If you're not, doesn't even matter, but they're great.

00:03:19   They're gray, they're blue, you can choose which one.

00:03:21   You should buy both like I did

00:03:23   and enjoy them because they're awesome.

00:03:26   Thank you very much.

00:03:27   All right, so Steven.

00:03:30   - Yes.

00:03:31   - You wanted to talk about 90th anniversary gifts.

00:03:33   I see a thing here.

00:03:35   - We've been doing this as we hit bigger

00:03:37   and bigger numbers on connected.

00:03:39   And so I just felt like it would be wrong to skip over this.

00:03:43   So for you, Myke, the traditional gift

00:03:46   in the United Kingdom is "stone". I don't know what that means, you're gonna get some

00:03:50   rocks. Or get... stoned. I don't think that's what it means. No? Is that not what it is?

00:03:56   I mean, if you're 90 years old, I feel like that's probably okay, but... Oh yeah. If I

00:04:01   make it to 90 it's gonna be a game over. Every other country on this website, US Spain, Germany,

00:04:08   France and Italy granite is the gift and then as far as gemstones emerald is the

00:04:18   rock of choice for the 90th anniversary Club so so basically some kind of stone

00:04:23   with an emerald in the middle and we're all good I think that's that um that's

00:04:27   pretty good so I know people were dying to know what that what that would be so

00:04:32   I felt like I had an obligation to fulfill their curiosity.

00:04:37   Perfect. But more importantly, you have collected all of your IMAX now. You have all 13 IMAX.

00:04:46   I do. There are actually 16, which is a funny story, but I have one of each color.

00:04:51   It's probably not that funny.

00:04:52   No, it's just that I had some bum ones that I replaced.

00:04:55   but um yeah so all 13 are here

00:04:59   I've put together a page that will be in the show notes

00:05:02   a project page on 512 pixels that has

00:05:07   basically links to all the other stuff

00:05:10   I'm doing so there's I did a big blog

00:05:12   post with like high-res like product

00:05:15   photos that you can go and play with

00:05:17   like someone told me they're making a

00:05:18   poster out of one of them like go do

00:05:20   with them as you wish they are they are

00:05:22   yours to play with and there's a youtube

00:05:25   video which I put up of the basically me doing the photo shoot which was a lot of

00:05:30   fun and there's a bunch more coming so I think I'll hide those as we go but we

00:05:38   are off to the races as far as exciting content for an 18 year old computer yeah

00:05:44   content I love the video that you did and it's good I assume that was the

00:05:49   video which resulted in the photography right yes so the pictures that I'm taking

00:05:54   in that video are the pictures you can download in the blog post.

00:05:57   Yeah, I like it a lot because you get to see, I like it, there's a subtle thing that you

00:06:02   may or may not notice when you watch the video how the colors change during the time lapse.

00:06:07   Yeah. Which I thought was quite clever.

00:06:09   Yeah, so you know, it's just, um, I had fun making it, it was fun to do a bunch of time

00:06:13   lapse stuff. Um, and uh, and I like too that it's a lot of like behind the scenes that

00:06:18   you can see how messy our, our office is right now. But um, it is, it is sort of funny, uh,

00:06:24   If you look at the video, the first little bit is me setting up a light that actually

00:06:29   it happens in the time lapse, but it's so fast you can't see it actually cut the back

00:06:32   of my like two of my fingers open saying that light up just exciting little tidbit of information

00:06:38   real behind the scenes here.

00:06:39   Yeah.

00:06:40   And and you can see to the right like there's like backpacks and stuff packed up.

00:06:43   So I make movies about old computers.

00:06:45   My brother is going to Africa to shoot a documentary this summer.

00:06:48   And so it's like we share this space and do like the most opposite things in it that you

00:06:52   could think of.

00:06:53   - Yeah, but who's doing the real important work here,

00:06:55   you know?

00:06:56   - I would say that it's him.

00:06:57   (laughing)

00:06:58   It was a lot of fun making it,

00:06:59   I think people seem to be enjoying it.

00:07:01   So yeah, there's a lot more coming.

00:07:03   - I've gotta say, when you started off on this,

00:07:06   I thought it was kinda crazy,

00:07:07   and whilst it is still crazy,

00:07:09   I am becoming more and more interested in it.

00:07:12   - Oh, thanks man, that's good.

00:07:14   I was telling you guys before we recorded,

00:07:16   what this project is,

00:07:17   like this is the byproduct of me

00:07:21   not having anyone to answer to anymore. Like, if I have all the time and like, you know,

00:07:26   there I spent some money on this, it wasn't real expensive. Like, like I said, the video,

00:07:29   like half of these are donated by listeners and readers, which is awesome. Thank you so

00:07:33   much. But like, this is what happens when I work for myself, like without any checks

00:07:38   and balances that I do 13 computers and have a video about them. But people seem to be

00:07:45   enjoying it. I've got a lot of great response. It's it's a lot of fun to hear from people

00:07:50   about their stories of this computer and I think it is an important computer so

00:07:53   it's a lot of fun exploring some new ways to kind of tell people about it.

00:07:59   Yeah, you are the iMac man now. Seems that way.

00:08:02   So last week we spoke about the Logitech base for the iPad Pro and Jason Snell of

00:08:12   Six Colors and Upgrade, he got one of these and wrote a little review of it

00:08:17   And you know, Jason overall seems pretty positive about this device, I guess you'd call it.

00:08:25   But basically what his main, he has kind of two main complaints, which I completely feel

00:08:31   would definitely stop me from buying this, is the viewing angle is kind of okay, but

00:08:37   you can't adjust it naturally, right?

00:08:38   So you're kind of just stuck with what it is.

00:08:40   But the biggest one for me is taking the smart cover, you know, we spoke about this last

00:08:44   time, off every single time is frustrating.

00:08:47   Yeah, it just looks like a strange product to me, that we waited all of these months

00:08:53   for a second smart connector accessory to come out, and it's just a base where you

00:09:00   connect the iPad and you cannot do anything else. There's no fancy solution for an audio

00:09:06   enhancer type of acoustic shell. There's no pencil holder for the iPad Pro. It's just

00:09:15   a base, you cannot adjust the angle. I mean, it looks terrific, it looks very nice. And

00:09:19   I can imagine, like in some scenarios, like you're a designer working at a desk, you don't

00:09:24   need to adjust the angle, which I doubt, but it's possible. Or maybe like a, what did they

00:09:30   call those iPads in the museum, like a kiosk or something? I could imagine that, but it

00:09:36   looks like, I mean, if you want to use an iPad Pro in a museum with a Logitech base,

00:09:41   I mean, it must be a real fancy museum, but sure.

00:09:45   I mean, I could imagine the big iPad Pro 13 inches almost, it makes sense.

00:09:50   It looks very nice, but it's mostly a disappointment for me because I wanted to see a little more.

00:09:56   Yeah, I mean, I don't really fully...

00:10:00   The more I think about this, I can't really understand what you would use it for, right?

00:10:03   Like, in an artist's perspective, you wouldn't want it at that angle.

00:10:09   I can't really imagine people using it. Maybe you would put it in here and type on an external keyboard?

00:10:16   You, Federico, just bought your Magic Keyboard, which we're going to get to in a minute.

00:10:22   Would you maybe want to put your iPad in this and then type with it? Or would you want to put it on something else?

00:10:28   Or would you just leave the Smart Cover on and just stand it up on that thing?

00:10:31   I don't need to buy this because I can just leave it on the Smart Cover.

00:10:35   It's one less thing to have around my house. The smart cover is perfectly fine for my preferred

00:10:43   viewing angle when typing. So it looks nice. Again, it looks very nice, but I don't need

00:10:48   it.

00:10:49   Yeah, I've got to say, in actual usage, I don't really get this so much anymore. On

00:10:57   paper, it just seems like a nice product, like "oh, this is a cool thing that someone's

00:11:00   doing with a stand", but there kind of isn't really a lot to it.

00:11:05   Yeah, I wonder, and I was talking with Jason about this, I wonder if it's a problem of

00:11:10   the smart connector, the first revision being

00:11:13   not offering a lot of control to manufacturers, or if maybe we'll see a software update that will unlock more

00:11:22   functionalities in the smart connector, or if there has to be a hardware revision, because it's kind of odd that

00:11:28   in seven months we've only seen essentially two

00:11:32   accessories for this new connector from third parties, which happen to be the same company,

00:11:39   so it's the Logitech Create keyboard case and the Logitech Base, and of course the Smart

00:11:43   Keyboard from Apple.

00:11:45   And when I reviewed the iPad Pro I was told we'll have more international layouts for

00:11:50   the Smart Keyboard soon, and I wonder if 7 months lies within the soon threshold, I doubt

00:11:57   it.

00:11:58   kind of strange you know that seven months on we've only got one American keyboard layout

00:12:03   for the smart keyboard from Apple and only two third-party accessories for the smart

00:12:08   connector which come from the same company so you know it's kind of odd.

00:12:13   It is strange. On keyboards, so what do you think about the Magic Keyboard?

00:12:18   I love it. It's definitely the best keyboard I've bought in many many years actually and

00:12:24   I'm surprised why I didn't consider this before.

00:12:27   Like, what was I thinking?

00:12:29   So the size is just right for me.

00:12:34   The size of the keys,

00:12:37   the size of the distance between each key works for me.

00:12:42   I do love how they sound, how they click.

00:12:45   So I don't understand what some people hate.

00:12:47   I guess--

00:12:48   - I think it depends what you're coming from.

00:12:50   - Yeah, yeah. - Because it clicks less,

00:12:52   right?

00:12:53   And yeah, some people really do love their clicks, like deep clicking keyboards.

00:12:58   And I understand that, but it works for me, I love the sound, it's super comfortable,

00:13:06   and it seems even easier to connect to the iPad.

00:13:10   So I used to... what was it called, the Apple Wireless keyboard a few years ago?

00:13:16   I used to have one of those back in the days of my iPad 2 and the iPad 3, and it was always

00:13:26   a mess to connect to it.

00:13:29   You needed to go into the Bluetooth settings because it got stuck.

00:13:32   Now there's a switch on the Magic Keyboard which I like.

00:13:35   It's easy to turn off and on.

00:13:40   One of the things that I miss from the dedicated iPad keyboards is the standalone iPad keys,

00:13:50   like a screenshot key, a home screen key, and I know that I can go back to the home

00:13:59   screen by hitting Command+H.

00:14:01   Yeah, that's how I live my life.

00:14:03   Yeah, it's just easier to go back with a standalone key, for me at least.

00:14:10   But other than that, I really, really do like it.

00:14:14   I'm only just wondering, I think I gotta buy some kind of cleaning product, because it's

00:14:21   white and I know how it's gonna end up when I spend the entire summer writing on it.

00:14:29   And I don't know what Apple recommends when it comes to cleaning white keyboards, so I

00:14:33   gotta look that up.

00:14:35   But I'm very happy with the purchase, it works well with the Smart Cover, I just prop the

00:14:39   iPad app and I type.

00:14:42   And yeah, I also miss the, you know, it's on the Logitech keyboard, and other keyboards,

00:14:49   but on the Logitech One you get this globe key to switch between keyboards, you get like

00:14:53   a little pop-up in the middle of the screen.

00:14:55   I don't remember if there's a similar shortcut to do the same on the Magic Keyboard.

00:15:01   And another thing that I noticed is that in iOS 9, there's still, iOS 9.3 even,

00:15:08   there's still some weird keyboard inconsistencies.

00:15:11   Like sometimes Command-Tab doesn't work, I need to perform it again like twice or three times for it to work,

00:15:19   it gets stuck for some reason, or like some other weird bug, like the caps lock key gets

00:15:28   also stuck, so when it's off I type uppercase, when it's on I type lowercase, which is confusing,

00:15:36   and I need to disconnect and connect again. So there's still some oddities in keyboards

00:15:42   on iOS 9, but overall I give it a solid 85%. Were you looking for an approval rate, Myke?

00:15:49   Yes.

00:15:51   It's 85%.

00:15:53   That's good. I think most people would be pretty happy with that kind of approval rating.

00:15:57   Yeah.

00:15:58   Two things. I put a knowledge base article in the show notes of what Apple says, how

00:16:05   Apple says to clean it.

00:16:06   Oh, thank you. Thank you.

00:16:08   I will give full credit to Kyle's the gray in the chat room. He pasted it there basically the same moment

00:16:13   I pasted into quip, so we'll give him credit

00:16:16   And - I I've used the magic keyboard since its debut and out of the

00:16:22   Generations of Apple keyboard I have at my disposal. It's really

00:16:26   one of my favorites if not my favorite the um

00:16:29   The keythroat, you know took a little getting used to it's not as shallow as something like the MacBook

00:16:35   But one of my favorite things honestly, and I guess I guess you don't get this really with the iPad is the

00:16:40   Being able to charge it over lightning. So actually today I came into the office and my keyboard is like 4%

00:16:47   You know, it's got I had a notification on my computer and I just unplugged the lightning cable

00:16:52   I usually have on my phone and just put it over here on the

00:16:55   Keyboard or you don't have to worry about dealing with double-a batteries and all that sort of stuff. So

00:16:59   I'm a big fan of this of this little keyboard

00:17:03   Yeah, I think the battery thing is good

00:17:05   That's why one of the reasons that I love the new magic trackpad for the same reason, right?

00:17:10   Like I love it because I can just charge it by lightning and I have a gajillion lightning cables now

00:17:15   You know just like all over the place

00:17:17   So it's easy for me to just grab on and charge it so I can totally see why you would want that for the keyboard

00:17:22   right for the same reason but I

00:17:25   as I said before like that keyboard just

00:17:30   It's fine for me, but I much prefer when I'm using my Mac

00:17:33   to use the Microsoft one,

00:17:35   because it's more comfortable for me.

00:17:37   And then when I'm using my iPad,

00:17:39   I'm happy with the smart keyboard

00:17:40   'cause I can kind of maneuver it in a way

00:17:42   that I can get comfortable quite easily,

00:17:44   but it's also always there.

00:17:47   That's what I like about it, right?

00:17:49   But I totally see, for the reason that you have bought it,

00:17:52   Federico, makes perfect sense for you

00:17:54   because as I said to you last week,

00:17:56   you should not be typing those 10,000 words on the screen because it just can't be good for you.

00:18:02   I wish there were 10,000.

00:18:05   Sometimes there's only 10.

00:18:06   Yeah, I'll probably bring the smart keyboard to San Francisco,

00:18:12   just because it's a not-in-one kind of solution, it's easier to carry,

00:18:16   but I think I did the right thing in buying the Magic Keyboard for this summer, you know?

00:18:22   And it's also very nice how I can look up the battery information in the notification center widget.

00:18:28   Which I also get with the... I mean, no, I don't get it with the smart keyboard because it uses a smart connector.

00:18:34   I get it with the Beats headphones.

00:18:36   And the pencil.

00:18:37   And the pencil. So it's nice. Seriously, the only thing that worries me is the white color.

00:18:43   And the way that it will get dirty over time.

00:18:49   So, I will thank you Steven and Kyle for sending me the link. I will look up the Apple recommended

00:18:57   cleaning methodology. It really doesn't get real bad. I mean, unless

00:19:01   you're... Okay.

00:19:02   I sort of have a bad habit of eating at my desk, like for lunch, and you know, you'll

00:19:07   get food and stuff on it, but like in general use, like this one at my office I've had up

00:19:11   here for nine months, and like it... I mean, looking at an alicate seems fine. They're

00:19:15   They're pretty durable.

00:19:16   Alright.

00:19:17   Unless you're just really dirty.

00:19:19   Are you really dirty?

00:19:20   No, not at my desk.

00:19:24   This week's episode is brought to you by Memories.

00:19:28   Memories, the corners of my mind.

00:19:31   Do you ever remember the Everpix flashback feature that everybody loved?

00:19:35   You know, we loved that, right?

00:19:36   Like you could go back and see things that had happened in your past.

00:19:40   It's the one that Picture Life quickly implemented.

00:19:42   And now I think Picture Life is going the way of the Dodo 2.

00:19:45   I think that was recent news that I saw somewhere, right?

00:19:48   Picture life is going away.

00:19:49   I know Casey was upset.

00:19:51   So now Memories for iOS gives you that feature

00:19:54   for the photos that live in your iCloud photo library.

00:19:57   This isn't going to be something that's cast to the shadows

00:20:01   that you can find prompt.photos.

00:20:04   Do you remember that?

00:20:05   I just saw Kyle put that in the chat room.

00:20:07   This isn't gonna happen with Memories

00:20:08   because it's just taking the photos

00:20:10   that you have in your iCloud photo library

00:20:12   and it shows you them sort of what you did.

00:20:15   a year ago. You can travel back in time and revisit those old photos that you might otherwise

00:20:26   never see again. You can get a notification each day to tell you how many memories you

00:20:35   have that day and you can quickly see them in a lovely today view widget as well.

00:20:43   If you want to see a specific date, you can very easily just pick that date.

00:20:48   Memories makes it also easy to share these photos and if you've come across some that

00:20:52   you'd rather forget, it's really easy to remove them from the app as well.

00:20:56   Go to memories.land/connected to find out more and check it out for yourself.

00:21:00   Thank you so much to Memories for their support of this show.

00:21:04   I do like how epic it sounds when you say that the show is brought to you by Memories.

00:21:08   Like it just sounds pretty awesome.

00:21:11   It's a super cool app.

00:21:12   Yeah, I like it. I've been playing with it and I like it a lot. It's great. So you should go check it out.

00:21:16   Have you found any photos that you'd like to forget about, Myke?

00:21:19   Most.

00:21:20   So let's go from photo management to music streaming services.

00:21:28   I feel like there needs to be a big disclaimer before we talk about this.

00:21:33   It is not our intention to kill Apple Music or to kill Spotify.

00:21:39   You know just want to make sure that people don't say that we jinxed it or that we're bad luck or whatever

00:21:44   It's just a rumor. We're just reporting. No, it's not a curse. It's a set of unlucky coincidences

00:21:52   So I figured we break down the news only you guys talked about it since you guys actually use this stuff more than I do

00:22:01   a

00:22:03   Article came out in Bloomberg which like as a sidebar Bloomberg is killing it with the Apple coverage recently

00:22:09   They have a big article saying that sweeping changes are coming to Apple Music as soon

00:22:15   as WWDC, which of course is really as we speak today only about a month away.

00:22:22   And that this is going to be sort of a twofold change a big user interface change to make

00:22:28   it more intuitive, the better great integrate online radio and music downloads, and that

00:22:34   would also according to a nine to five

00:22:37   articles these things are kind of coming

00:22:40   at the same thing two different

00:22:41   directions that it would be a big change

00:22:44   for the for you tab and the new tab and

00:22:48   apparently iTunes connect is still there

00:22:51   you know the connect tab that should be

00:22:53   going away and that all this is being

00:22:56   spearheaded and this is really the

00:22:58   paragraph that is troubling to me is

00:23:02   is that the new look is being overseen by like 18 people, including Robert Kondrick.

00:23:08   I don't know how you say that name. Kondrick. Kondrick. Trent Reznor, Johnny and Johnny

00:23:14   Ive and Eddie Q and Ive Eyn. So everyone really. It's a bunch of people and it seems like a

00:23:19   little bit of design by committee which we can get to. But I think the big headline is

00:23:24   here that Apple Music just a year in seems to be at least slated for big changes. You

00:23:31   this isn't just like, oh, we're just gonna tweak something.

00:23:33   Like if this, if all this comes true, this is like major surgery, you know,

00:23:37   on a service that's 12 months old.

00:23:38   Yeah. But a lot of, I mean, I look at this, you say like, oh,

00:23:42   Bloomberg are killing it. And you know, they've definitely had the article,

00:23:45   but this news came during a week where lots of people were complaining about

00:23:50   Apple music. So Apple saying to Bloomberg, oh,

00:23:54   hey, we're changing so much, like feels like a thing that might happen.

00:23:59   So, you know, lots of people were upset this week about Apple Music deleting music.

00:24:05   Has that ever happened to you guys, by the way?

00:24:08   I don't have a local music library that I have really cared about and taken care of over the last years.

00:24:14   I moved to streaming years ago.

00:24:16   So all of my music is sitting on a hard drive, but it's not on my machine.

00:24:19   Okay. Yeah, I'm the same. Yeah.

00:24:24   So, I mean, Steven, I don't think you've really got into the situation where it would be a

00:24:29   problem for you because...

00:24:30   Right.

00:24:31   I do have iTunes Match turned on, which I let laughs, but I've actually re-updated because

00:24:37   it actually is helpful.

00:24:38   But I'm not using Apple Music.

00:24:41   We do have a Spotify account now, mainly for the Amazon Echo, so we can just shout at it

00:24:45   to play something because the Amazon Prime Music Library is pretty hit or miss.

00:24:49   But yeah, I mean, I think yeah, I think like the all the background noise right now is

00:24:54   that Apple music, I think, especially on the Mac, because they really like as janky as

00:25:00   the iOS music app can be where they sort of glued music.app and beats together, like in

00:25:05   iTunes on the Mac, it's even worse.

00:25:07   And so there's a lot of like, just low level dissatisfaction with how this is working right

00:25:16   now from at least the tech community?

00:25:20   The idea of making big user interface changes is not something that surprises me with a

00:25:26   service like this.

00:25:28   Like Apple, in the way that they do, they just put it out there and then every year

00:25:33   will make big changes to it.

00:25:34   Like Spotify just did some changes in the background to their UI, but they just do them

00:25:39   whenever they want to do them.

00:25:41   And they make these small changes which might last over a year.

00:25:44   So the idea of Apple doing one release every year and it making big user interface changes

00:25:48   doesn't surprise me.

00:25:50   Because they put it out there, lots of people didn't like the way that a bunch of things

00:25:53   worked so now they're going to be changing them in the next version.

00:25:57   I don't think that these sweeping changes are going to be as big as the Bloomberg article

00:26:02   says.

00:26:04   Making things more intuitive doesn't mean that they need to basically rip the guts out

00:26:07   and start all over again.

00:26:09   reorganizing some tabs and changing the names of them, you know, changing the "for you"

00:26:13   tab a little bit more, making that a bit better, and discontinuing the new tab, calling it

00:26:19   "browse" and showing all the same stuff in a different way.

00:26:21   Like, none of this is huge, it just feels like changes that need to be made.

00:26:28   And the idea of getting rid of "connect" as well, like, that's a good idea, and they're

00:26:32   saying it's going to be rolled into the "for you" tab.

00:26:35   But again, it's like these just feel like a big collection of small changes as opposed to like "we started over again"

00:26:41   No, they cannot start over realistically. I mean the streaming infrastructure is there

00:26:47   And what else is to change about uh beats one, but you know adding new

00:26:52   New shows and the reports from bloomberg and 925mec don't even mention beats one

00:26:57   So it seems like it'll stay mostly unchanged. So the sweeping changes that bloomberg refers to

00:27:04   sounds to me like they're changing the color scheme of the interface, they're reorganizing

00:27:09   a bunch of areas of the app. So it's more of a cleanup or more of a, you know, restructuring,

00:27:15   but it's not a sweeping change, it's not like Apple Music is turning into Spotify all of

00:27:19   a sudden, you know? So it sounds like what we should expect from Apple, and this is a

00:27:25   sort of a pattern that we've seen with other apps. The design changes once a year, the

00:27:31   feature additions throughout the releases of iOS and OS X. If you look at Notes, OS X

00:27:38   and other apps, if you look at stuff like Safari, we're seeing design, once a year,

00:27:45   features throughout the year, which I think makes sense. And I think we'll see these

00:27:50   design changes with Apple Music at WWDC. Judging especially from the 9to5Mac article, it sounds

00:27:58   like they're doing away with the artwork influencing the background of the app, so if you open

00:28:07   like an album that has a red artwork, you get a red background, you know, that kind

00:28:13   of stuff, it seems like they're changing to a simpler black and white background and text

00:28:19   all the time.

00:28:20   I want to throw out a weird theory about this black and white thing.

00:28:26   I know what you're going with.

00:28:28   You know where I'm going, don't you? I can feel it.

00:28:30   So there has been a few, like, leaked black and white designs recently.

00:28:35   Yes.

00:28:36   I saw a story of Instagram trying out a new black and white design.

00:28:40   iOS 10 might have some different design stuff going on here, which is focusing on black and white.

00:28:46   I don't know why they would do this, but it seems super weird to me that Instagram would even consider doing this tested black and white design.

00:28:54   and then there's rumors of Apple doing these black and white designs.

00:29:00   It feels like there might be something, because if Apple's going to work with some companies,

00:29:06   Instagram's going to be one of them.

00:29:08   Yeah, and you know, black and white, when you flip it, it's easier to achieve a dark

00:29:13   mode with more consistency.

00:29:15   It is, isn't it?

00:29:17   And look, the idea of the general overall user interface isn't going to change, right?

00:29:24   because that is still consistent, but the idea of this over-blur and taking the theme

00:29:32   colors from the artwork, that's all dead now. That's old. That's many years old.

00:29:38   That's really been a problem also for the accessibility community. When you have such

00:29:42   low contrast between text and the translucent background fetched from the artwork, I think

00:29:50   switching to a simpler, you know, here's the background, here's the text, and here's your

00:29:54   artwork, and it's separate from the rest of the interface. I think it should bring more,

00:29:59   you know, sort of clarity to the interface. But I'm also interested in the functional

00:30:06   changes. So, 9to5Mac has more details than Bloomberg. Bloomberg is all, "Yeah, there's

00:30:11   going to be sweeping changes."

00:30:12   Well, because the Bloomberg story came from Apple PR, and the 9to5Mac story comes from

00:30:17   leaks from Apple.

00:30:18   seems likely, but, you know, giving them the benefit of the doubt.

00:30:23   9to5Mac says, there's going to be a simplification of the For You section, Connect is going to

00:30:29   lose its dedicated tab at the bottom of the app, and it's going to be rolled into For

00:30:35   You in what they call a demotion. So, it sounds like a demotion, but also having it in the

00:30:42   For You section should also give it more visibility, maybe? Because right now, you go to For You,

00:30:48   you see no Connect stuff, right? But there's a dedicated, you know, standalone Connect

00:30:53   area. In the future, it sounds like you're gonna lose the standalone Connect page, but

00:30:58   you will get Connect recommendations in the For You section.

00:31:02   Which if you imagine For You becoming more like a timeline, so like, "Here is a new

00:31:07   artist we think you might like, and then here's something from Coldplay because you follow

00:31:11   them, and here's a new playlist." So it's less a static page that refreshes, but like

00:31:16   a timeline of stuff that you go through. Like that's how I imagine you could integrate those

00:31:20   two things together. I saw a tweet the other day, and I wish I would have marked this down,

00:31:24   about the 4U recommendations, that apparently like it's really fundamentally built on the

00:31:30   artist selections that you initially make. Yes, yes, yes. And I hadn't realized this,

00:31:35   so my thought was the people that are complaining about the 4U thing, redo the artist selection,

00:31:40   and maybe you'll get a better... I don't think you saw a tweet, I think you saw a link in

00:31:45   my newsletter, Myke? I saw a link in your newsletter. That's why I couldn't find

00:31:50   it. Look at that. I read it! See, I read it! I just don't remember where it comes from.

00:31:54   Yeah, yeah, nice. You're honest. Clubmax stories, everyone. Thank you. You know, what's

00:32:00   my idea for improving for you? So can I tell you? Yeah. I suppose I can also tell Steven

00:32:05   or Tom, he's maybe sleeping at this point. Anyway, you there, buddy? Still there? I'm

00:32:10   here. So here's the thing. One of the things that annoy me about For You is that I always

00:32:20   get stuff that I know. So artists that I know, albums that I know. And I know that that's

00:32:27   because Apple is more skewed towards familiarity, maybe, than discovery of unknown bands, unknown

00:32:34   EPs and singles. And I know that it's also heavily based on the initial selections that

00:32:40   you do for the kind of music that you want to listen to, the artists that you like, what

00:32:45   I would do is I would change that initial screen to have sort of like a slider that

00:32:53   says, "Are you more interested in artists that you know or stuff you don't know?"

00:32:58   So you yourself, at any point you can change it, can say, "I want to discover new stuff,"

00:33:04   or I just want a stream of familiar content that I already know but that maybe I haven't

00:33:10   listened to in a while. I think Beats Music had this, but maybe I'm wrong, or maybe I've

00:33:16   seen it somewhere else, but like a discovery toggle that you can say... because I can recognize

00:33:22   how Discovery Weekly on Spotify is heavily skewed towards Discovery of unknown bands.

00:33:28   There's literally no band nor artist that I know in my Discovery Weekly.

00:33:33   Yeah, see, I don't want either of those extremes. I want something that's closer to the middle.

00:33:38   Yeah, exactly. So I wouldn't mind to have a revised, for you, setting screen that you

00:33:43   can easily open any time, and you can say, "Look, this week I'm in the mood for something

00:33:48   new, so give me something new." Or maybe in general, I want something in the middle,

00:33:52   so stuff that I know, some stuff I don't know, because right now it's all stuff that I know,

00:33:57   and Spotify is all stuff that I don't know, which I can understand why for many people

00:34:01   is maybe too much because it feels like you're doing homework instead of listening to music.

00:34:06   It's like "oh my god I gotta learn all of these songs". So somewhere in the middle

00:34:11   a "better for you" section would be nice.

00:34:14   I agree with that completely and I hope that that's part of what we're gonna see.

00:34:18   Yeah, yeah. So what do you think of Connect?

00:34:20   I don't know anything, is there?

00:34:23   Yeah me neither. And I've seen so many artists initially posting videos and pictures and

00:34:30   audio clips to connect, then it quickly grew into artists posting weird short links to

00:34:41   their websites, and then now just nothing. A lot of people that I follow there, like

00:34:48   bands that I follow there, don't post anymore, and I get the random picture every once in

00:34:53   a while and I just never open it.

00:34:55   I had a theory that like the music labels and Apple did a deal and that like some of

00:35:00   these artists and bands were contractually obliged to post things

00:35:03   initially probably because why would they have been so excited about it I

00:35:07   don't know why you would be it's why you get Drake on stage I think all of this

00:35:13   stuff is good as I said like I use Apple music and ultimately I find it to be

00:35:18   good it's fine it does what I need it to do I would love it to be better on the

00:35:22   Mac when I do play music on the Mac because it's it feels like Apple music

00:35:25   is fighting against iTunes.

00:35:28   When you do a search, it tries to search your existing library

00:35:31   before it will search Apple Music, which

00:35:33   doesn't make any sense to me.

00:35:34   You should just search the whole thing.

00:35:37   I know that this is what happened,

00:35:39   but it really feels like Apple Music was just squeezed in.

00:35:42   And then part of the problem that I

00:35:43   know a lot of people face on the iPhone

00:35:46   is that basically Apple Music is squeezing out the local music

00:35:51   collection.

00:35:52   If you don't subscribe to Apple Music,

00:35:53   Apple is like, they basically spam you with sign up, sign up, sign up every time you open

00:35:59   the app. So I think that could be better. Some people have suggested, and I think I

00:36:03   saw a drunk group of suggestors like to make a separate app. I don't think that's a good

00:36:07   idea because what do you call them? What music and Apple music? Like I don't think that works,

00:36:12   but I think that there is, you know, if you're going to get rid of the connect tab, I think

00:36:16   you could have a tab for local music. Um, if people really want to do that or you could

00:36:20   just find a good way to mix them all together and kind of stop trying to push one out and

00:36:25   keep one in. I think overall that these changes sound good, but I don't think it means that

00:36:34   Apple Music is being smashed down to the ground and rebuilt. I really don't think that that's

00:36:40   what's happening here. I think they're just making the changes that the users of Apple

00:36:43   Music have wanted to see for a few months since it's changed at least. And I really

00:36:48   do think that a lot of this stuff came out just because there was some bad press. There

00:36:55   was another piece of news about Apple Music and this is a strange one I think. Apple Music,

00:37:01   you can now get a 50% discount if you're a student. I think it kind of authenticates

00:37:06   depending on where you are.

00:37:09   No I think it authenticates with an email address.

00:37:12   Ah, okay.

00:37:13   Like an edu email address. And I've seen someone say that it's even more

00:37:18   restrictive than it should be? I think?

00:37:21   Well, that's not a surprise. It's a very strange one to me.

00:37:24   Like, student pricing feels like a Microsoft 2003 thing.

00:37:29   I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but like it just sounds strange to me now.

00:37:34   Like getting a student discount on software product?

00:37:37   It feels very weird.

00:37:40   Well, Spotify has it. Spotify has it.

00:37:42   I'm not saying they don't. I'm sure many people do.

00:37:44   It's just like now, in today's kind of like application economy, it just seems like

00:37:49   a pick- it just sounds strange to my ears after, you know, so many years of seeing like

00:37:54   Microsoft Office Student Edition, you know?

00:37:57   You know, because getting students with clear issues with cash on a monthly basis to sign

00:38:06   up and eventually those students grow up and get a job and they stay with your service

00:38:11   and they stay with your platform, I think it's like one of those investments that you

00:38:16   make to get people to use your service and to make sure that in the future even a tiny

00:38:20   percentage of them stays with you.

00:38:22   Give it to them for free.

00:38:23   No, not for free, but you know, half the price, because you're a student and because whatever

00:38:29   reason, you know, it's, I mean, I understand why you do this, it's sort of weird to have

00:38:36   like an educational discount in this modern age where it's like there's an app store and

00:38:42   it's the same price for everyone, but I understand why, you know, Apple Music the service wants

00:38:48   to offer this. Actually, I've seen a few people suggesting "Could there be, with the same

00:38:53   system, student discounts for the app store coming?" and I've seen a few developers responding

00:39:00   well to that on Twitter, saying "I would actually raise the price of my own apps if I were able

00:39:06   to offer student discounts. It's interesting to think about, to have student pricing on

00:39:13   the App Store.

00:39:14   Yeah, I've seen a couple of people say this, "Well, obviously there is some kind of authentication

00:39:19   going on here, so it would be kind of cool if there was a way to bring this sort of stuff

00:39:25   out to more people." I would like that.

00:39:29   Yeah, and Kyle in the chatroom is saying that it's not just email authentication, it goes

00:39:34   through this college web interface for, you know, saying "I am a student at this college."

00:39:41   So I think it's interesting. It makes sense a bunch of other services have it. Spotify

00:39:46   has it, and there's a big banner on the Spotify front page right now that says "If you're

00:39:51   a student, get Spotify for $5 a month." I think it'll be interesting to see... I mean,

00:39:58   There has to be some kind of app store announcement at WWDC, right?

00:40:03   Now this has nothing to do with Apple Music, but there has to be some app store changes

00:40:09   coming, right?

00:40:10   Well, I mean, you'd expect it.

00:40:12   There's some weirdness happening right now, right?

00:40:14   Like apps are getting accepted and put for review significantly faster, right?

00:40:21   What's happening there?

00:40:22   Faster than TestFlight, even.

00:40:24   Approval.

00:40:25   It's strange.

00:40:26   And initially I thought, historically, app review times were always lower in May, but

00:40:32   I looked it up on a story that we had on the site a while ago, and it's never been under

00:40:39   48 hours or even 24 hours. It's always been around 7 to 9 days around this time of the

00:40:46   year. So there's something going on, like more stuff, or Apple has a new app review

00:40:53   policy we don't know about, but definitely 24 hours to get an app approved for the App

00:41:00   Store. It's definitely new. And I'm seeing a lot of positive feedback from the developers

00:41:04   like they're really liking this. In fact, I'm not kidding. App Review is faster at the

00:41:10   moment for several apps than TestFlight beta approval, which is crazy because TestFlight

00:41:18   is just for testers and app review is for the public app store.

00:41:22   But still, I wonder, it's been a rough year, it's been a rough couple of years for the

00:41:27   app store and the Mac app store, and we've seen the executive shakeup, you know, Phil

00:41:33   Schiller now in charge of the app store.

00:41:35   I do wonder if Apple has been preparing some, in that case, I'll allow it some sweeping

00:41:40   changes for the app store.

00:41:43   And we'll see those at WWDC.

00:41:46   I don't know.

00:41:47   Yeah, this is an interesting kind of like story that nobody can do anything with because no one's saying anything

00:41:53   Right, like Apple isn't saying anything about this

00:41:56   All we know is that the average review times are down to like two days for iOS and one day

00:42:03   for the Mac based from appreviewtimes.com

00:42:06   It's like okay. This is crazy, but great. Yeah with the thing that's

00:42:12   Interesting to me and all of that like we see this leading up WBC most years

00:42:17   We can like see the ground shifting a little bit. And so we have things like the student pricing you have things like

00:42:22   You know review times coming down like something is coming, right?

00:42:27   I can always enjoy this part of the year because it's fun to try to read the tea leaves and see what's going on

00:42:32   but um

00:42:34   You know, I think the what underlies both of these stories is you know apples?

00:42:41   ongoing insistence that they are becoming a services company, right?

00:42:44   Those in the quarterly results, Tim Cook says that every interview is on right now,

00:42:48   that services are an increasingly important part of Apple's business and you can see that in their results.

00:42:54   And so if that is true, then they have to make these moves, right? They have to do things like

00:43:00   increase the Apple Music user base, and I think a discount to college students is a pretty smart way of going about that.

00:43:06   They have to make the App Store better for developers and users.

00:43:09   They have to do things like maybe iCloud pricing adjustments or up that free tier of storage,

00:43:16   which they don't do at WDC, like everyone's going to be sad again. But I think this sort

00:43:21   of stuff is going to be in the news more and more as Apple puts an increased emphasis on

00:43:27   its various and its under services that they offer.

00:43:30   I completely agree with you because they're also a service to the people that develop

00:43:36   on their platforms, right? Like, that's part of the whole service package, I guess.

00:43:42   There's a question that it's not about services and that we didn't discuss before, but that

00:43:47   just came to mind, and that I would like to ask you both, if you don't mind, which is

00:43:53   do you believe that fundamentally the changes that Apple could make for indie developers

00:44:04   matter to the general public or to Apple as a company? Do you believe that they care about

00:44:12   what's better for indies when the App Store is making so much money with the big companies?

00:44:20   I think that there's a couple of parts to this. I think that indie developers have shown

00:44:27   in the past and continue to advance and develop iOS apps in new and inventive ways which feel

00:44:34   filter out to the bigger companies.

00:44:37   They help Apple kind of push and test things in ways that big companies won't because they

00:44:41   can't, and I think it helps Apple grow their APIs and think differently about this sort

00:44:46   of stuff.

00:44:47   I also believe that any changes that they make for indie developers are going to find

00:44:53   some way to help the bigger developers too.

00:44:57   The reason that WWDC is an open event is because Apple believe in the community of independent

00:45:03   developers because otherwise they could just do a video and just bring in you

00:45:08   know King and EA you know they could just bring those people in I think that

00:45:12   they genuinely do believe in the independent developer because it helps

00:45:16   them advance the platform right like you just know that everybody at Apple is

00:45:20   using apps made by people like Underscore right they're just doing that

00:45:25   because that's something that they do the same as we do so I think that the

00:45:29   people that help make these rules, they use these apps and want these apps to get better,

00:45:34   and they know that one of the ways that they can make it better is by making it better

00:45:37   for indies. That's how I feel, you know? And funnily enough, in parallel, I feel the same

00:45:42   way about podcasting as well. There's been a whole big hullabaloo about all of this,

00:45:46   you know, and Apple do help out the bigger players, but I genuinely believe that they

00:45:50   care about the needs of people like me and you because we'll help push the medium in

00:45:55   new and different ways the same as we always have done. And I think having the balance

00:45:59   making everyone happy, like the big players and the indies, means that they're going to

00:46:04   get a better platform overall. And I think Apple know this.

00:46:07   Yeah, I agree. Yeah, I think so.

00:46:10   So for that reason it's interesting to me to kind of imagine what they're going to do

00:46:15   and to see what they're going to do because like I see two approaches to the App Store.

00:46:23   The romantic one, which is to care for the indies and to nurture the indies, and to kind

00:46:29   of make, sort of like treating software development as kind of an artistic form, and to enable

00:46:35   the best possible environment for those creators, for those makers.

00:46:41   And then I see the realistic approach, which is to just look at the money, to just look

00:46:45   at the biggest names on the App Store, and those big companies, what they need, and to

00:46:51   kind of have features for those companies because those are driving sales and driving

00:46:55   downloads. So it's definitely, when you think about it, it's a tough spot to be in, like

00:47:01   to have the sort of idealistic approach and to be sort of romantic about software development

00:47:08   and as an artistic endeavor and to be realistic and look at the spreadsheets, look at the

00:47:14   numbers and say, yeah, you know, people just want to play Clash of Clans. And so we're

00:47:19   going to have features on the app store for those people? I don't know what I would do,

00:47:23   that's why I'm not an executive at Apple, but from the outside it's fascinating, you

00:47:28   know. We're going to be talking about this more as we lead up to because we are very

00:47:32   close to WWDC now. We're a month away this week. Yes. So that's what you can expect from

00:47:38   us, you can expect lots of this talk now, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

00:47:43   it is really.

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