74: Orange Light, Blue Light


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00:00:15   My name is Myke Hurley, I am joined by Mr Federico Vittucci.

00:00:18   Hi Federico.

00:00:19   Hey Myke.

00:00:20   And Mr Stephen Hackett.

00:00:22   Hey boys.

00:00:23   Big week.

00:00:25   Lots of video this week.

00:00:26   Really?

00:00:27   That's not a big week at all, is it?

00:00:28   I just figured I'll go with that.

00:00:30   Yeah, well, not much is happening.

00:00:33   We got the goods last week with the new Apple betas, a bunch of releases and announcements.

00:00:39   This week, I wouldn't say we're talking to ourselves, but we're close.

00:00:44   Yeah, we've thought out a topic from the cryogenic chamber, and that's going to be on the episode a little later on.

00:00:52   We've been wanting to talk about it for a while, but Steven, I believe that you have

00:00:55   some follow up based on 9.3.

00:00:59   I do.

00:01:00   I just thought it would be nice to follow up on Night Shift in particular.

00:01:03   I believe that all three of us are running the beta currently, is that correct?

00:01:09   Yes.

00:01:10   I'm running the public beta, which I haven't ever done before.

00:01:12   I've always run the developer builds.

00:01:14   This time I just kind of wanted to see what that process was like.

00:01:16   It's really nice.

00:01:17   You do it all on your phone and download the certificate.

00:01:20   It's actually really nice now.

00:01:22   Hey Hacker, do you know that I still use your developer account to download the betas?

00:01:26   Did you know that?

00:01:27   Why?

00:01:28   You know our company has one.

00:01:29   Oh yeah, that's a good point.

00:01:30   I'll just do that in future.

00:01:32   I've been using your developer account since like iOS 7.

00:01:37   Like my 512 one?

00:01:38   Yeah, your 512 one.

00:01:39   I didn't think I was still paying for that.

00:01:41   I should look into that.

00:01:42   You are, I use it.

00:01:43   I think we should try to have Myke do some developer stuff and see what happens.

00:01:47   I accept all of the NDAs for you and stuff.

00:01:50   Oh good.

00:01:51   Just so you know.

00:01:52   If you ever see any alerts in there, let me know.

00:01:54   No words.

00:01:55   Myke's just spending money on iTunes under that account.

00:02:00   Look at your receipts.

00:02:01   I, um, I'll probably spend a bit of time.

00:02:03   I've used Flux for years and I like instantly have loved this on iOS and it works really

00:02:11   well and it's pretty nice.

00:02:13   You can go in there, you can turn it off, you can turn it on, you can adjust how dark

00:02:18   or how like red it gets, which is pretty nice.

00:02:20   I think it's really well done. What do you guys think? You all liking it?

00:02:24   I really like night shift. I installed Flux on my Mac and it's a lot more tricky to set

00:02:30   up and because of my weird hours and stuff, like one evening, my Mac was just orange.

00:02:39   The entire screen was orange because it's trying to judge by the times that you actually

00:02:44   should and shouldn't be on the computer and it was basically telling me to go to bed,

00:02:47   but I still was working. So I had to tweak it quite a bit and I haven't really found

00:02:51   that to be the case with iOS. I pushed the slider up a bit so at its warmest it gets

00:02:57   a bit warmer than it was, the color. But it's way simpler. But with Flux you get way more

00:03:03   features right, which is why it's more complicated.

00:03:05   Yeah, my experience with Night Shift, and I did the same as Myke, I installed Flux on

00:03:11   my computer. And my experience so far is night shift on iOS 9.3 is really nice, really easy

00:03:18   to use, I can set a custom schedule, and I've grown really accustomed to it already, to

00:03:22   the point where I'm showing the features to my friends and they're really into the idea,

00:03:27   you know, when you're in bed and the lights are turned off, the screen is less of an eye-burning

00:03:33   sensation to your eyes. The problem is, with Flux on the Mac, it's really trickier to use,

00:03:39   And it almost feels, I mean Flux is like my mother.

00:03:43   No matter how many times I explain that I work late in the evenings and I don't want

00:03:47   my computer screen to be orange at 9pm, it keeps making my screen orange and I really

00:03:53   don't like it and I forgot to turn off the feature a few days ago and I opened the computer

00:04:00   at about 2am or 3am and the screen was like red.

00:04:04   Yeah, that's what I had.

00:04:05   And I was like, what's going on here?

00:04:07   The tip that I have Federico, because I was trying to adjust it and it wasn't working,

00:04:11   if you tell it you wake up at like 11 or 12, so there's a little button you can click to

00:04:19   say what time you wake up, that's what fixes it.

00:04:21   It pushes the whole schedule out.

00:04:23   So I told it I wake up at 10am, and it's made it way more usable for me later in the day.

00:04:28   I just like, I guess, the iOS implementation better.

00:04:32   It's just easier to use.

00:04:34   there's a custom schedule, you set that, there's a slider and you're done.

00:04:38   But I'm really liking it.

00:04:40   And in fact I'm wondering how did I go so many years without this sort of yellow display

00:04:46   during the night.

00:04:47   And I wonder what damage did I cause to my eyes all these years?

00:04:51   It's fine.

00:04:52   I don't know if it's damage, like, you know, I don't know how damaging it is, I don't know,

00:04:56   like I was listening to ATP and they were talking about like studies that were saying

00:04:59   it maybe is better or maybe isn't.

00:05:02   So that's not why I like it.

00:05:04   I like it just because it's more pleasant.

00:05:06   I just find it more pleasant to use.

00:05:07   I'm not using it because I'm worried

00:05:09   that I'm burning my retinas.

00:05:11   I just think it's just a nicer experience.

00:05:14   And I hope that, I really hope that Apple bring it

00:05:17   to the Apple Watch because I look at my watch now

00:05:20   and it's like a flashlight.

00:05:22   It's ridiculous.

00:05:24   When my watch goes off in the evening,

00:05:25   I'm like, ah, it really does grab me.

00:05:28   It really just affects me quite deeply.

00:05:31   Yeah, the white text on the watch is like blue after you use the iPhone or the iPad

00:05:36   with night shift.

00:05:37   It could be a placebo effect, that now that the feature is new it's looking super amazing

00:05:43   to me, but I feel like I can sleep better because my eyes don't feel as much strain

00:05:49   as before.

00:05:50   Because, you know, I'm one of those people, I use the iPhone or the iPad until the very

00:05:54   last point before I fall asleep.

00:05:56   I'm reading and I feel like it's more pleasant and it makes me more relaxed in a way.

00:06:06   Justin tweeted to us and asked if we thought that it would make its way to the Apple TV

00:06:10   and I'm not really sure why that would exist for the TV because you're watching stuff and

00:06:16   I think probably the best thing is not to have the colors really affected when you're

00:06:22   watching a movie.

00:06:24   I have on my flux setup on the Mac you can you can tell it to like opt out of

00:06:30   certain applications so for me if I Photoshop in the foreground or if I have

00:06:34   iTunes in the foreground it disables because it especially TV shows that are

00:06:40   sort of like or movies that are sort of have dramatic coloring so something like

00:06:45   Breaking Bad I noticed it where you know a lot of their palettes are sort of

00:06:50   already kind of orangey warm colors that

00:06:53   flux really messes with that. So I agree

00:06:55   with you I think it'd be weird on the

00:06:56   Apple TV once you're in content but I

00:07:00   would not mind it being an option when

00:07:02   you're like zipping around the menus or

00:07:05   at least something that is darker. I mean

00:07:07   the the old Apple TV basically was a

00:07:09   black background like like iOS used to

00:07:11   be way back in the day before you could

00:07:13   set your own wallpaper and now it's that

00:07:16   much lighter color and it is it is

00:07:17   brighter there's more light coming from

00:07:20   that UI now so I think it'd be nice if

00:07:24   night shift is not the right answer

00:07:25   something on the Apple TV to make it to

00:07:28   make it darker especially when you're

00:07:30   when you're navigating around but uh to

00:07:35   back up to second you know Federica

00:07:36   you're saying you know you couldn't

00:07:37   believe you made it this long without it

00:07:39   I was showing it to my wife actually

00:07:42   just last night she had her phone out

00:07:44   had my phone out she's not running the

00:07:46   the beta and I was like oh hey you know like we talked about this on the show

00:07:49   but it's this thing I've tried to get her into flux in the past she just isn't

00:07:54   interested and I learned a long time ago not to force technology upon her unless

00:08:00   it's something like backup strategy but um so showing her the phone she's like

00:08:04   oh that really is nice like it really does feel better on my eyes and I found

00:08:08   that interesting a that now she wants me to install flux on her macbook but that

00:08:13   people who haven't been part of this conversation

00:08:18   of like blue light is potentially bad for you,

00:08:21   that it just feels better, that it just looks better,

00:08:24   it's nicer to use.

00:08:25   And all of like the science stuff aside,

00:08:28   which ATP talked a lot about,

00:08:30   you know, I think it's just a better experience for people.

00:08:35   You know, there was that conversation on ATP, I believe,

00:08:37   last week about the idea that it makes it easier

00:08:41   go to sleep and and flux says that to a

00:08:44   degree that Apple doesn't say it to the

00:08:47   same degree and you know just kind of is

00:08:50   it actually scientifically valid or is

00:08:52   it again just something that's kind of

00:08:53   nice and I don't know where it falls in

00:08:55   that I'm not here to to answer that

00:08:56   question but I do find it interesting

00:08:58   that in iOS 9 itself if you go to the

00:09:01   displays settings where this blue light

00:09:04   reduction is the little helper text is

00:09:07   when enabled blue light reduction allows

00:09:10   your eyes to relax so that falling asleep is easier. Again, not saying that it helps

00:09:15   you sleep better, but that falling asleep could be easier. It's just sort of like quasi-scientific

00:09:20   language that I find it interesting to see how they explain it because there may be those

00:09:25   benefits but at least in our very limited sample size of us, it is just nicer and there's

00:09:32   nothing wrong with it just being nicer if that's all it is.

00:09:35   Yeah, cosmetic changes are some of the best types of changes, right?

00:09:39   It feels nice, it looks nice, and this is one of those things that makes

00:09:44   kind of iOS feel new in a different kind of way, right? Like it's got a new thing to it, which

00:09:49   again, like, is very interesting as to why they did it now, and I'm very interested to see what June holds.

00:09:55   Yeah, maybe because they know that from now until June there's going to be a lot of bloggers

00:10:01   staying up late at night, working on rumors and news.

00:10:05   - All for you, man.

00:10:06   - They wanna help him, you know, sleep better.

00:10:09   That must be the reason.

00:10:11   - Yeah, I reckon so.

00:10:12   - Internally, it's the Federico feature.

00:10:15   (laughing)

00:10:17   - Yeah, also Myke.

00:10:18   You know, Myke does quite a bit,

00:10:19   a lot of late night working and podcasting.

00:10:22   - Yep.

00:10:22   - Now, you know, Myke is a busy guy,

00:10:24   so we gotta respect Myke's eyes.

00:10:27   - Yeah, I can't say that using Night Shift on my iPad

00:10:30   helping me sleep better, but I know that when I'm using it in bed at 2 a.m.

00:10:33   it's nicer and it's not as bright you know so it doesn't affect Adina right

00:10:38   when she's trying to sleep. Right so there's been a long-standing joke on the

00:10:45   show and the show's predecessor that Myke has a shopping problem and I think

00:10:51   that's overstated I don't want to I don't want to beat you up. So this week

00:10:55   we're going to beat up Federico a little bit. Okay well thank you. What have you bought

00:10:59   What have you bought, Federico?

00:11:01   I bought an old Macintosh computer.

00:11:04   [LAUGHTER]

00:11:05   It started a collection.

00:11:07   Not really.

00:11:09   I bought a Sonos Play One.

00:11:11   And it's all your fault, Steven.

00:11:13   Because you were talking about the Sonos,

00:11:16   and the speaker was nice.

00:11:19   You said the app was also nice.

00:11:22   And I got curious, and I got an Amazon.

00:11:24   There was a very small discount, but still was a discount.

00:11:28   So I used that as an excuse and I bought a Play One and it's now in my living room.

00:11:36   I gotta say, it is nice.

00:11:37   It sounds great and despite the fact that I cannot use Apple's music app with AirPlay

00:11:45   to send audio to the speakers, you gotta use the proprietary Sonos iPhone app.

00:11:52   It's really nice and it's got a couple of features that I prefer over Apple's music

00:11:57   app. And those two features are the fact that you can add multiple services to the app.

00:12:04   My example I added the local music library, Apple Music and SoundCloud. So from the same

00:12:12   search screen you can search for a song and you get results organized in different sources

00:12:18   within the same screen. So last night for example I was looking for the remix of a song

00:12:24   and it was not available on Apple Music because in the results screen I got the official original

00:12:31   song, but in the same screen I also got the remix from SoundCloud. So I like that I can

00:12:37   look for music in multiple sources and within the same app send audio to the Play one. I also

00:12:44   like the fact that you can mark as favorite any item. So you can essentially create bookmarks,

00:12:52   and I believe they're called Sonos Favorites.

00:12:54   And so I added a couple of Apple Music playlists

00:12:58   to the favorite screen, an album, couple of songs.

00:13:01   So depending on what I'm into lately,

00:13:04   I can create these bookmarks

00:13:06   so I can get to them more quickly.

00:13:08   And that's nice.

00:13:10   The setup with Apple Music,

00:13:11   and you didn't mention this, Stephen,

00:13:13   because you don't use Apple Music,

00:13:14   it was also pretty good, I would say.

00:13:20   basically when you install the Sonos app, you gotta go into the settings screen and accept the beta program

00:13:29   and the beta program allows you to access beta channels, so beta audio sources, and one of them is Apple Music.

00:13:35   When you reboot, actually you gotta quit the app and reopen it for the setting to show up, you accept Apple Music

00:13:44   and you're taken to this custom permission screen in the Apple Music app

00:13:50   and it says you're logged in with your Apple ID, do you want to authorize Sonos to connect

00:13:57   to your Apple Music account?

00:13:59   You say yes, and then I came across a bug that wasn't redirecting me to the Sonos app,

00:14:04   but after like 30 seconds it did take me back to Sonos and Apple Music was a source.

00:14:09   So when you're back into the Sonos app and your Apple Music account is connected, you

00:14:15   get access to the "For You" recommendations, the "New", the "Section", the "Top Charts",

00:14:23   Apple Music playlists by the Apple Music editorial team, you can search, you can view new releases,

00:14:31   top charts, basically everything that Apple Music does, well almost everything, because

00:14:35   there's no connect.

00:14:38   You cannot love songs with the little heart icon, but everything else works and it's nice.

00:14:45   I really do like the way that the Sonos app is designed and the bookmark feature, of course

00:14:52   the performance of the Play one is great, I do love how it sounds.

00:14:56   One thing that I'm skeptical about is because of this external integration between Sonos

00:15:03   and Apple Music, and the lack of the ability to like a song. I wonder if when you listen

00:15:11   to Apple Music inside Sonos app, does it train the Apple Music algorithm to kind of understand

00:15:19   what you like? So my fear is that as long as I listen to Sonos, my taste in Apple Music

00:15:28   won't be updated to reflect what I'm listening to. Or maybe it does, it really doesn't say,

00:15:34   I couldn't find any documentation or FAQ section explaining how the integration works, but

00:15:41   as long as the listener experience goes, I gotta say, it's pretty well done, the Play

00:15:46   One sounds great, now I was talking to Steve on the mic before the show, I kinda wanna

00:15:51   a Play 5, but it's really expensive, so I guess I'm just gonna use the Play one for

00:15:59   now.

00:16:00   It also looks great.

00:16:01   I invited a bunch of friends for dinner last weekend and every one of them was like "hey,

00:16:05   what's that?

00:16:06   It looks great!"

00:16:07   So I think the Sonos as a home accessory also has a nice feel and look to it, which is welcome.

00:16:14   And so for now, come me as a satisfied customer.

00:16:18   I just wonder, the nerd in me wonders about the integration with Apple Music, but it's

00:16:23   in beta, so maybe by the final release we'll get a love icon and all the other features.

00:16:31   Why do you like it more than your Bose?

00:16:34   Because you can just send everything via Airplay to the Bose soundlink that you have.

00:16:38   Because it's louder and it sounds better.

00:16:40   Okay, so you actually find that it's not just a software thing, like that speaker is much

00:16:46   better than the Bose speaker.

00:16:47   Oh yeah, oh yeah, it sounds better. And when you do the first setup, so this is funny,

00:16:54   Sono says, "What's the name, Steven, of the like real audio?" What did they call it,

00:16:59   clear audio or something?

00:17:01   Uh, yeah, something. Is that the thing where you have to walk around your room?

00:17:04   Yes, you have to walk around your room and scan your room with the iPhone microphone.

00:17:09   So my girlfriend walked out on me while I was doing that, and I was basically telling

00:17:14   her to stay quiet and she was like looking at me and just wondering what I was doing.

00:17:19   I looked like a crazy person walking around the kitchen with an iPhone and just waving

00:17:24   the iPhone around and the Sonos was playing like a little continuous beep. It was quite

00:17:29   unsettling, but yeah, it sounds better than the Bose and it sounds great as a speaker

00:17:35   in general.

00:17:36   Now we're gonna get the follow-up from audiophiles telling us that there are much better speakers

00:17:41   around. But I don't care because it looks great, works well. So Steven was right, dare

00:17:48   I say. But I wouldn't say that I have a shopping problem.

00:17:52   Based on your recommendations, I would get one. As I said, like if our home situation

00:17:58   was different, right, and if we were in our own place already, this is something that

00:18:03   I would probably get because you two both seem very effusive about it. And when you'll

00:18:08   like that, as you know, the same thing was with the 6+, right? If one of us likes something

00:18:14   this much, we probably all will.

00:18:16   Yeah, I think that's fair. And, you know, to Federica's point, mine is out in the kitchen

00:18:22   and we've had people over and like, it doesn't look like a piece of technology sitting out

00:18:27   there on the counter. It does a remarkably good job at being understated while looking

00:18:32   nice. And that is important for something that's going to be part of your home, right?

00:18:37   in the kitchen or things out in the living room like in these common areas

00:18:40   should look good and it's nice that they play into that so thumbs up from two of

00:18:47   the three connected co-hosts. Before we move in to our first break for

00:18:52   this week's episode we should ask the question, Federico Viticci, has Google

00:18:57   docs or Google sheets been updated for iOS 9?

00:19:04   Well, no. I'm sorry guys, it's just not happening. We keep mentioning these and, you know, no.

00:19:17   I'm sorry Myke.

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00:21:16   So a few weeks ago Federico, you created a, and you were tweeting about this a bunch,

00:21:21   but I don't think that you've written it up or anything. You kind of shot, edited, and

00:21:27   posted a video to YouTube all of your iOS devices, right?

00:21:33   Yeah, yeah. A dense video.

00:21:35   Yeah, so just explain kind of the background for this video so people can understand what

00:21:41   it was and what it's all about.

00:21:44   Well, the backstory is my girlfriend studies hip hop in a local dance school here in Rome

00:21:53   and there's different groups of people there and a few months ago some of our friends were

00:22:00   talking about recording a choreography video and posting it on YouTube because this is

00:22:07   something, you know, recording routines and choreographies that they do quite often at

00:22:12   the school so the teachers can either collaborate with students or they leave students to do

00:22:18   that by themselves to kind of form smaller crews and create a choreography and eventually

00:22:25   make a video and share it on YouTube or Facebook. So we were talking during the summer about

00:22:31   recording a video and because Sylvia and her friends know about my interest in technology

00:22:39   and the fact that I have always the latest iPhones, and the fact that the iPhone has

00:22:43   a decent camera, they were like, you know, you should maybe record a video on the iPhone

00:22:49   because maybe it'll turn out to be a decent one. And in September, when I bought the Z-Cast

00:22:55   Plus with additional camera improvements, the topic surfaced again, and so we decided

00:23:03   by November/December we would get together after they of course decided the choreography

00:23:10   and the music to record a video. So I offered to shoot the video and edit the video with

00:23:20   the devices that I own and I made it very clear from the outset that I couldn't use

00:23:25   a Mac because I don't have any professional video editing apps on the Mac or the knowledge

00:23:31   to use a Mac for such a task.

00:23:35   And I'm assuming you also saw this as a nice little challenge for yourself.

00:23:39   Exactly, exactly.

00:23:40   It was a nice challenge and I always like to mix...

00:23:45   I'm about to sound terrible, but I like to mix favors with personal interests.

00:23:53   I was doing a favor to my friend, but it was also an opportunity to say, "This is going

00:23:57   to be nice for me because maybe I can write about it, maybe I can get in touch with developers,

00:24:02   or I can talk about it on the show. And I always like when I can try different apps

00:24:08   and kind of get out of my workflow, which is basically just writing.

00:24:13   I always like when I can turn things that happen in my life into show topics.

00:24:17   Yes, yes, exactly. So, you know, I said "yes, sure, let's do it" and the girls decided the music.

00:24:26   Silvia did the editing and the mixing for the track because they wanted to cut out some seconds

00:24:36   here and there from the music and so we settled on the equipment that was needed to shoot the video.

00:24:44   So I was using my iPhone 6S Plus, the audio during the shooting process was coming out

00:24:52   of my Bose portable bluetooth speaker, and this is one aspect that I couldn't quite

00:25:01   understand.

00:25:02   So I asked the girls, "So how does it work when you dance and there's music in the background,

00:25:09   And then you gotta remove the background audio from the videos and you gotta overlay the

00:25:16   clean track from the mp3 file.

00:25:20   And I thought there was maybe some kind of signal that the girls would have to suggest

00:25:25   later when I needed to cut the track.

00:25:28   But basically the process was really simple.

00:25:29   You just mute the track, get a couple of dancers with you during the editing process, and they

00:25:34   tell you where to put in the music.

00:25:36   So yeah, that was basically, there's no fancy system for overlaying the music after, you

00:25:42   just gotta get the dancers and tell you, and the choreographer to tell you, okay, this

00:25:47   is where the music goes.

00:25:48   It's an art man.

00:25:50   Yeah.

00:25:51   So during the, we were lucky because we picked one morning that was really nice weather and

00:25:57   we shot the video at the park where we also go to have parties at night.

00:26:02   We talked about this before.

00:26:03   a public park and it's got a couple of areas where you can play around, you know, there's

00:26:09   kids playing football or, you know, there's other dancers also practicing the routines.

00:26:16   So we picked the location. I took my Bose, my iPhone 6s Plus, and I bought a Joby Gorilla

00:26:23   Pod, you know, one of those like arms that you can wrap around things. I used my tripod

00:26:30   and which is also a selfie stick by the way, it's an accessory that I bought on

00:26:35   Amazon last summer. So I had that, a couple of external batteries for the

00:26:41   iPhone, you know, in case it was running out of power. And I also downloaded a

00:26:47   different camera app than the the standard one. It was called Pro Camera

00:26:52   because I wanted to be a pro, right? That was my thinking. So I

00:26:56   I researched a few of these topics, so I looked at Austin Mann's blog, I read a couple of

00:27:03   reviews of the iPhone as a camera from photographers and people who shot video on the iPhone, I

00:27:10   watched some YouTube videos, so I knew what I had to do, but I just wanted to make sure

00:27:16   that I had the best apps for the job.

00:27:18   And I thought that Pro Camera was going to be a good option.

00:27:21   It wasn't, because I didn't really understand the interface, and eventually I realized very

00:27:25   quickly during the shooting process that what we needed was just the standard camera app

00:27:32   with the exposure and focus lock. So I shot a couple of videos with the Pro camera app,

00:27:39   I noticed some inconsistencies with the output and just went back to the standard camera

00:27:44   app by Apple. Also, another decision that we made, we wanted to have the video, of course,

00:27:52   1080p HD, no 4k because it wasn't necessary. Why? Well because the file size was gonna

00:28:00   be huge and I thought that was gonna be maybe a concern with editing a lot of videos at

00:28:07   once on the iPad. Probably it wasn't gonna be an issue but I still have said, you know,

00:28:14   most of you guys at the school don't even shoot videos in 720p. I think we're gonna

00:28:21   be fine if we do 1080p and upload to YouTube, that's gonna be all that you need really.

00:28:27   It wasn't maybe a future-proofing decision, but I still think that for now, you know,

00:28:33   people don't have 4K TVs or 4K displays, at least not the people that I know here, the

00:28:38   people who are gonna watch the video at the school or, you know, other dancers, so I think

00:28:43   1080p is just fine. Another decision that we kind of struggled was whether we were

00:28:51   gonna do 30 frames per second or 60 and after many tests we chose to go with the

00:29:00   60 frames per second because of the fluidity of the movements and it just

00:29:06   It looked strange initially.

00:29:08   Yeah, 60 frames per second does look weird.

00:29:12   It looks weird, but for choreographies and dance routines, I think you can tell the difference

00:29:22   between 30 and 60, and 60 looks much, much better, because you can catch all of the movements.

00:29:28   Yeah, if what you're trying to do is display movement, then 60 frames per second is better

00:29:34   because you'll catch more of it. That would be my assumption anyway.

00:29:38   Yeah, and it was really tricky to explain and to show the differences and why it mattered

00:29:49   because again, you know, these are not the kind of tech people that follow the latest

00:29:56   specs for the new iPhones and what does it mean to have a video with specific frames

00:30:02   frames per second, they just wanted to have a good video. But I think in the end, showing

00:30:08   the same video in 30 frames per second and 60, I convinced them to do 60 and they all

00:30:16   loved it. So that was nice. The morning of the shooting, we got nice weather, which was

00:30:23   nice. And what I really had to do was make sure that the iPhone was on a stand and it

00:30:30   was, you know, wasn't moving, and I had my iPad with the Documents app by RIDL with the

00:30:39   MP3 file, and what I needed to do was connect both to the iPad and play the segment of the

00:30:46   song that they needed to record the section for over and over. So I had my iPad next to

00:30:52   me the iPhone on the tripod recording the girls and I was just saving the video for

00:31:01   each section to the camera roll. And other highlights and maybe struggles. At one point

00:31:08   I needed to record a section where I was walking and walking towards the girl in the middle

00:31:18   of the group and I didn't buy one of those shoulder mounts for the iPhone that stabilizes

00:31:25   your camera when you walk or when you move around and in hindsight I should have bought

00:31:30   one of those because the section of the video that I don't like is when I walk and go towards

00:31:36   the group of dancers.

00:31:38   So you wanted like a steady cam type thing?

00:31:40   Yeah I wanted like a steady cam.

00:31:41   I saw on Amazon there's like chest mounts or shoulder mounts and for the next video

00:31:47   because we're doing one, I'm probably gonna get one of those, because I want to make sure

00:31:52   that it holds steady as I walk, or, you know, pan around, that kind of stuff. The other

00:31:59   section that I liked doing, because it was quite funny and original, I had to lay on

00:32:04   the ground, wrap the Joby around the iPhone, put the Joby GorillaPod on the ground, and

00:32:11   the little tilting arm that the Joby has, I needed to pan slowly with the camera because

00:32:18   there's like a section of the song where the camera goes from right to left and then again

00:32:22   from left to right and I needed to just lay on the ground and I looked like something

00:32:28   was wrong because there were people walking and they were looking at me just you know

00:32:32   all laid on the ground just moving this phone. It was quite the scene, it was quite the scene

00:32:36   there were people looking definitely.

00:32:38   When you do things like this you have to remove any embarrassments that you would normally

00:32:42   have in life. Oh no, I just don't care, whatever, it's not like I was stealing something, I

00:32:47   was just recording a video. And there was quite an audience there because there were

00:32:51   other people watching. And I think I looked more professional than I really was. I really,

00:32:59   I wouldn't say that I didn't know what I was doing, but it's just, you know. You were kind

00:33:02   of making it up as you were going along, right? Exactly. Like, because you'd never done it

00:33:05   before?

00:33:06   JF: No, never. First time. So we were done, I would say, in about two, three hour stops.

00:33:14   And we recorded other sections where the main character from the video, my friend Julia,

00:33:21   was just walking around doing silly things because we wanted to have filler sections.

00:33:29   By the end of that we went home and it was all done in three hours, I would say.

00:33:34   So you're filming over a couple of hours. How long was any one

00:33:37   Shot I mean did you we did you know how long was any one section of recording?

00:33:42   I would say between usually between 40 seconds and two minutes

00:33:47   Okay, and the the phone kept it up with that. Okay. I know some

00:33:51   Even some like full-size air quotes super big air quotes real cameras

00:33:57   You know you've got sort of a time up before the sensor gets too warm

00:34:01   and they've got to shut the shutter and sort of reset.

00:34:04   But the phone kept up fine, it sounds like.

00:34:06   - Oh, yeah, no, it was perfect.

00:34:08   I kept the phone open in the camera app all the time.

00:34:11   And actually I noticed the saving process,

00:34:14   because one of my concerns was maybe the camera app

00:34:18   will go crazy after saving, what was that,

00:34:21   like 50 files in a row, one after the other,

00:34:24   to the camera roll.

00:34:25   And instead it just worked flawlessly.

00:34:27   Actually the problem was when I got home

00:34:30   and I plugged my phone into the power outlet,

00:34:33   it started backing up to iCloud,

00:34:35   and my Wi-Fi got crazy because I couldn't,

00:34:38   I was like, what's going on, what's my Wi-Fi down?

00:34:41   And he said it was the iPhone,

00:34:42   backing up to iCloud immediately, yeah.

00:34:44   - All right, so what does the edit process look like?

00:34:48   What were you using to edit these files together

00:34:50   into the final video?

00:34:52   - So before, during the research phase,

00:34:55   before shooting the video,

00:34:59   What I knew, my very limited knowledge was that Apple makes iMovie.

00:35:04   So my idea was, "Okay, can I use Final Cut?"

00:35:07   Because I don't own Final Cut and I don't feel bad saying this.

00:35:12   I don't know how to use a Mac anymore, so I want to do this on the iPad.

00:35:16   I got an iPad Pro, it's powerful, Apple makes it to be a powerful device for video editing,

00:35:22   I want to use my iPad Pro.

00:35:24   So what are my options?

00:35:25   I looked at iMovie.

00:35:27   I imported a bunch of old videos into iMovie, and now I know that we're gonna get a lot

00:35:33   of people saying "oh you could do this and this with iMovie, it's a great app", I just

00:35:37   cannot figure out how to use iMovie on the iPad.

00:35:41   There's something or maybe more, a bunch of different aspects about the interface or the

00:35:47   features that I don't get.

00:35:48   I don't understand how to place videos, how to overlay text, how to do transitions, and

00:35:56   I'm quite positive that I'm not completely stupid and there's something about the UI

00:36:02   or the gestures that I don't get. So I started looking at options on the App Store and what

00:36:08   I wanted was ideally like a final cut made by other people. That was my idea. I couldn't

00:36:14   find one. I did find a lot of camera apps with even advanced ones that do 4K, have a

00:36:21   lot of professional settings, you know, these are the apps that TV crews use. Those apps

00:36:28   had like basic video editing features built in. But what I wanted was not a camera app

00:36:34   with some video editing features, I wanted a professional, powerful video editing app.

00:36:39   What I then remembered was that a few years ago Avid used to make their video editing

00:36:46   app for the iPad. And I remember because I wrote about it on Mac stories, but the app

00:36:52   disappeared at one point, it was discontinued by Avid, and what I discovered was that some

00:36:59   folks at the... The developers are called Luma Studio, I believe. They acquired the

00:37:05   assets of the app, or they licensed maybe from Avid. Anyway, they make now what is called

00:37:12   Pinnacle Studio and Pinnacle Studio Pro for the iPhone and the iPad, which is essentially

00:37:18   the successor to Avid on iOS. And it immediately clicked with me. The interface, how you place

00:37:28   videos in the timeline, how you organize text effects or transitions or how you import music

00:37:35   from external sources, everything about Pinnacle Studio kind of plays well with the way that

00:37:42   I think about video editing and importing files, making transitions, cutting little

00:37:48   seconds here and there. So I downloaded, I bought Pinnacle Studio Pro from iPad Pro on

00:37:55   like four or five days before the video and I spent all of those days learning the documentation,

00:38:03   watching the tutorial videos, reading on the forums and when the, after the day of the

00:38:09   shooting when I went back home, I started putting the videos into Pinnacle Studio Pro

00:38:14   to get an idea. Is this gonna work out or what? And, you know, earlier results were

00:38:20   positive, so I invited the girls over to do the video editing together, especially because

00:38:26   of the music and because my friend Julia had to decide, you know, which kind of shoots

00:38:31   and scenes to use, and we just went from there. And we did it all in Pinnacle Studio Pro.

00:38:39   for the editing, for the effects, we use a bunch of other apps.

00:38:43   And I assume you guys want to know about them.

00:38:46   Yeah, I just wanted to mention about Pinnacle that it's hard to look at.

00:38:51   Yeah, it is not pretty.

00:38:54   It's really, really not pretty. And it's not even...

00:38:57   Okay, if it does the job, great, but it really is not good looking.

00:39:01   And it's not just bad looking in a weird way.

00:39:06   It's like it doesn't even look like an iOS app in places.

00:39:08   No, yeah, no, no. It looks like a Windows app.

00:39:12   If I was looking for an app in the App Store and saw this one,

00:39:16   like, I wouldn't get it. I would look at the screenshots and be like, "Nah."

00:39:22   And this is why I think it's so important sometimes to go beyond the app icon,

00:39:29   all the screenshots, and to actually take a look at the functionalities.

00:39:32   Because Pinnacle doesn't look great, it doesn't even look good, I would say.

00:39:35   say body work, it's very functional.

00:39:38   But like it's difficult though, right? Because the UI is all you have and if you're looking

00:39:42   at the screenshots and it looks horrific, like how do you know that it's good?

00:39:48   Well…

00:39:49   You know, like that's the problem, right? And then you go into the whole like this should

00:39:53   be more editorial, blah blah blah blah blah, right? But I guess this is kind of the job

00:39:58   that people like you do, right?

00:40:01   Yeah, every time I face a problem that requires software and I don't know my options, or I

00:40:12   know that an option exists but I'm not completely sure about it, I kind of take a leap of faith

00:40:18   every time I buy something from the App Store.

00:40:21   And so I took a look at the features and the app was updated for iOS 9 and the iPad Pro.

00:40:28   supported all the stuff that I wanted, like 4K, 1080p, 60 frames per second, it could

00:40:35   be integrated with Dropbox to import the audio file that I had. And when I also noticed that

00:40:43   it was the new version of Avid, I just... it all came back to me. I remember that back

00:40:50   in the day, we're talking about four years ago, I had the same reaction with iMovie and

00:40:56   I just preferred Avid by a wide margin to Apple's take on video editing.

00:41:02   And so yeah, it didn't look pretty.

00:41:04   And I mean, in some places it looks terrible.

00:41:08   But I had a feeling that it could be functional and it could be what I wanted.

00:41:14   So I downloaded the app and I still think, you know, there's a, it could be improved

00:41:17   in a lot of ways.

00:41:19   But when it comes to working and making a video, I would say I'm super happy that I

00:41:26   I bought it because, you know, it got me from 50 files to a video on YouTube and I'm pretty

00:41:33   happy with the result.

00:41:37   So what do you think was maybe made more difficult in using iOS for this process? Did you come

00:41:47   up to anything or come up against anything that was like "I can see that iOS is making

00:41:53   this tricky for me"?

00:41:54   Yeah, well, aside from limitations of the app, so of course if you get Final Cut or,

00:42:03   you know, what's the one that Adobe makes, Premiere, you get tons more features.

00:42:11   There's no question about that.

00:42:13   So I was already limiting myself to a subset of features that, you know, professional video

00:42:19   editing people get in desktop apps.

00:42:22   IaaS itself, I would say a couple of limitations I did see.

00:42:29   And it comes down to the photos app and the way

00:42:33   that you manage files and the way that you export files.

00:42:37   So the first issue was I wanted to be

00:42:43   able to do some basic organization

00:42:47   and do some kind of tagging to kind of attach metadata

00:42:50   to files to say, "Okay, this is a wide shoot.

00:42:54   This is a panoramic shoot.

00:42:56   This is a photo."

00:42:57   And I wanted to have some,

00:42:59   me, I don't know the correct terminology,

00:43:02   but maybe like project management to do,

00:43:04   "Okay, I wanna tag these videos.

00:43:06   I wanna put these assets together."

00:43:09   And I couldn't do that in the Photos app.

00:43:10   I can only do folders or I could like videos,

00:43:15   but I wanted something more to organize the assets.

00:43:18   And also I assume working on a project like this is where you start to feel the issues

00:43:22   of there not being a central accessible file system.

00:43:26   Yeah, definitely. Because, you know, Pinnacle has a photos UI. It's not a traditional popover.

00:43:36   It actually displays all the videos from your camera roll in a custom list. And it's nice

00:43:42   because Pinnacle remembers, like if you set a different starting point or a different

00:43:49   cut point in a video, it remembers that the next time you import the file from the Photos

00:43:55   app.

00:43:56   So it's doing the job of saving some metadata about the files?

00:43:58   It does, it does, but the moment you delete those files from your device, you know, to

00:44:03   save space, it sort of goes crazy and you need to put the files back again into the

00:44:09   the Photos app, otherwise you cannot open the project. So I don't know if it's a limitation

00:44:14   of Pinnacle or if it's Apple or it must be both. But what I knew was I was thinking,

00:44:20   man, it'd be nice to have some tags or folders here. And the second problem was we wanted

00:44:28   to apply some additional effects and edits to the videos before importing them in Pinnacle.

00:44:36   So we used VideoGrade to do what's called color grading. Basically that's you define

00:44:43   the same sort of color effect and tints and, you know, saturation, that kind of stuff,

00:44:50   because we wanted to have like a grungy fading feel to the video. And every time I export

00:44:57   it from VideoGrade, it creates another copy in the Photos app. And I know that, you know,

00:45:04   You gotta do that because of course you gotta export a new file with the settings applied.

00:45:09   But still, you know, it relates to the first problem.

00:45:11   You end up with all these files and you cannot tag them.

00:45:14   It would have been nice, for example, to have a single view of all these assets in the Photos

00:45:20   app and have maybe a little icon or a little badge next to the ones exported from VideoGrade

00:45:26   to say "Yeah, you exported this from VideoGrade so you can filter by app that you exported

00:45:30   from."

00:45:31   Even giving them a file name would help, right?

00:45:34   No, you cannot, yeah.

00:45:36   Thank you for mentioning that.

00:45:37   I wanted to give them a file name and I couldn't.

00:45:39   iOS actually has file names, but you don't see them.

00:45:44   And you can access them with workflow,

00:45:46   you can do stuff with the file names,

00:45:49   but you cannot do that natively.

00:45:51   And when you work on a project like this,

00:45:53   it becomes a problem.

00:45:55   I was gonna say, just how was strolling the storage?

00:45:57   I mean you've got the 128 gig iPad Pro, right?

00:46:02   - Yeah.

00:46:02   - I mean were you, was there a lot of juggling stuff around

00:46:06   or did you have a pretty decent amount of storage

00:46:11   where you weren't running into that very much?

00:46:13   - I thought about that.

00:46:15   But eventually storage was fine.

00:46:18   It wasn't really a concern.

00:46:21   What I did was, the moment I got home,

00:46:25   I backed up with the image capture, all the files to my Mac, just to make sure that they

00:46:31   were on another physical location.

00:46:33   Could you have done that with a hard drive?

00:46:35   You can, right?

00:46:36   If you have the camera connection kit?

00:46:38   Probably, yeah.

00:46:40   There's a bunch of third party companies making hard drives that let you back up photos and

00:46:44   videos.

00:46:45   I could have, but I didn't have one.

00:46:48   And then what we did was, when the girls came over and we started looking at the footage,

00:46:54   were looking on the iPhone. So when there were bad shoots that were immediately clear,

00:47:01   we were not going to use them, we just discarded them on the iPhone. So we were watching on

00:47:06   the iPhone. And the videos that we liked on the iPhone, we airdropped from the iPhone

00:47:15   to the iPad to transfer them selectively, you know, just the ones we liked from the

00:47:20   the iPhone to the iPad, we looked again on the iPad, confirmed that we were going to

00:47:24   edit that one, and we imported from the Photos app into Pinnacle. And actually, I gotta say,

00:47:31   AirDrop was okay. But I believe it's because, you know, latest iPhone, latest iPhone, decent

00:47:38   local Wi-Fi connection. I mean, if AirDrop failed in that case, I would have been disappointed.

00:47:45   But it didn't. Once you get it working, it works. But sometimes

00:47:48   the problem is just like it won't find any devices.

00:47:51   It did get stuck a couple of times and it was fixed by switching to airplane mode, waiting

00:47:57   a couple of seconds, toggling airplane mode off and it was working again.

00:48:04   What was made easier by iOS?

00:48:06   Well the downside of photos, you know, no management, no file names, no tagging, it's

00:48:14   It's also the app side, because you get all these photos and videos straight from the

00:48:20   camera app into a single location, and it's very easy to import and to preview.

00:48:27   The footage looks great from the iPhone 6s Plus, so it's nice to be able to just shoot,

00:48:32   and it's there.

00:48:33   So that was nice.

00:48:34   I can imagine using a camera, you gotta use an SD card or a separate hard drive, import

00:48:39   back on your computer.

00:48:42   set on the iPhone the same device, the same, I would say, computer, it's both the camera

00:48:48   and the storage location, which was, you know, it was a nice experience. On the iPad Pro,

00:48:56   the videos looked and sounded great because of the screen and because of the speakers.

00:49:03   You could tell the difference between the iPad R2 and the iPad Pro, you know, when you

00:49:07   that kind of stuff, especially with that song, where some movements are based on a very specific

00:49:15   beat in the song, and you gotta catch that beat, which is usually like a drum beat or

00:49:20   another electronic effect, or the bass, you know, you can tell with the speakers the difference

00:49:28   between the iPad Pro and the R2. In fact, I never use headphones to overlay the footage

00:49:35   with the song, because the speakers were more than enough. And the Apet Pro, I would also

00:49:40   say performance was great, not just when editing, because Pinnacle, it really is a powerful

00:49:45   app. It never crashed or stopped working. When we exported from Pinnacle to the local

00:49:54   Photos app in 1080p, it took me about 20-30 seconds. So I know that if I was doing this

00:50:05   on my MacBook Air from 2011, it would have been a problem. Probably I wouldn't even

00:50:11   been able to import all those files and scroll the timeline in Pinnacle. Instead on the iPad

00:50:16   it's super smooth, I was scrolling, always responsive, so performance of the hardware

00:50:22   really nice. So do you feel that next time you've got pretty much everything

00:50:28   you need like setup wise now? You're feeling pretty confident. I'm gonna buy one of those

00:50:33   static cam accessories because we already know the next video is gonna

00:50:37   involve more walking and movement and zooming you know on dancers faces so

00:50:44   we're gonna we're gonna get new equipment there and what we actually

00:50:49   actually have to figure out is to YouTube. The biggest problem in the end was YouTube

00:50:55   because the video got blocked on mobile devices because of a copyright problem, of course,

00:51:01   with the song.

00:51:02   You got hit by the attack.

00:51:04   Yes, I was hit by YouTube copyright system, the Content ID. And it's stupid because on

00:51:10   the desktop, YouTube chose to show ads from the, I believe, from the label, from the music

00:51:19   So you can view the video on the desktop with ads, but you cannot view the video with ads

00:51:26   on mobile devices, which I don't understand.

00:51:29   Just show an ad on mobile too.

00:51:32   Anyway, next time I know the girls are probably going to use a lesser known song from a smaller

00:51:40   label, so there's a good chance that maybe this label won't have any copyright problem.

00:51:47   If it does, we're also considering Vmail Plus.

00:51:51   The problem here is, when the video got blocked on YouTube, they asked me, "Do we have any

00:51:58   other options?"

00:51:59   So the first option was, "Just put the video on Facebook."

00:52:03   A lot of dance schools and crews do that these days, because you get the autoplay, you get

00:52:11   a lot of views, but that can also be a concern, because a lot of those views, I wouldn't

00:52:17   say they're fake, but they generate from autoplay. And instead, the girls wanted to have real

00:52:22   metrics to kind of understand the video. And plus, you know, people go to YouTube and it's

00:52:26   nice to be able to search on YouTube and find the video. But maybe if they want to have

00:52:33   a proper portfolio or a webpage where they can showcase the video in full quality, maybe

00:52:38   we'll consider having a backup on Vimeo. But, you know, we don't know yet.

00:52:44   I'm gonna put just an interesting YouTube video

00:52:47   from the In A Nutshell channel,

00:52:49   which was previously called Kurzgesagt,

00:52:52   which I can't say, about how Facebook views work.

00:52:55   It's fascinating, and yeah, you're right,

00:52:58   they are fake in a lot of instances.

00:53:00   But it's just that if you are at all interested in that,

00:53:02   it's fascinating.

00:53:04   Plus that channel's production quality is incredible.

00:53:06   So you should watch their videos anyway.

00:53:10   Yeah, okay, so that's, yeah,

00:53:11   the content ID system is a problem.

00:53:13   So are you looking at maybe Vimeo instead, other than Facebook?

00:53:17   It's less of a platform though, right?

00:53:20   Yeah, exactly.

00:53:21   It's more of a, again, I use the word portfolio, because if you want to have a website where

00:53:26   you show off your videos, you can have a Vimeo embed, and it's nice because you don't have

00:53:30   to upload the video to your own CDN, which of course the girls don't have.

00:53:36   But it's less popular, basically.

00:53:40   20-somethings don't go to Vimeo and search for videos, they go to YouTube, or they scroll

00:53:48   their Facebook feeds.

00:53:50   And so if we're gonna end up using Vimeo, it'll only be a backup plan.

00:53:58   Basically we're just crossing our fingers that the next song won't be problematic with

00:54:02   the content ID.

00:54:03   And I know that teachers at Silva School also have the same problem.

00:54:08   It's basically random.

00:54:10   the video is okay, other times they block you, other times it's okay for a couple of

00:54:14   months and then they block you, but only on some devices or in some countries. For example,

00:54:18   the video, the ones that I shot, was originally blocked in Germany, and in Germany only. I

00:54:24   don't understand why it's only in Germany, maybe the Germans don't like that kind of

00:54:30   thing, I don't know. But now it's blocked everywhere on mobile, but you can go on a

00:54:35   desktop computer and I'm pretty sure also if you use an iPad just request the desktop

00:54:40   website for YouTube and you'll be able to watch it.

00:54:46   Alright so you weren't the only person creating videos for YouTube but Steven did it in the

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00:57:04   So Stephen what did you do this week?

00:57:06   It was really interesting listening to Federico describe his process with this video and because

00:57:12   that basically did everything completely, like you said, completely the opposite way,

00:57:18   completely different.

00:57:22   even to the subject matter where Federico had beautiful dancing people I

00:57:27   had other people's used iPod Nanos quite the same still beautiful collection

00:57:34   nevertheless far less music far less dancing so I've as we have discussed on

00:57:42   the show have a growing collection of Apple stuff and I've written about it

00:57:47   for years so if you look at the Apple history archives on 512 it goes way back

00:57:51   but I thought a new fun way to talk about some of that stuff would be with

00:57:56   video and so this is the first and what I hope will be a long series of videos

00:58:02   talking about the history and showing off you know in this case the seven

00:58:06   generations of iPod nano so I've gathered one example of each generation

00:58:11   and talked about it and put a little four and a half minute thing together

00:58:15   and basically in a completely different way and I think a much more traditional

00:58:21   way than what Federico did but you know was able to have something at the end of

00:58:27   it that is on YouTube in 1080p that I'm you know happy with so we end up in the

00:58:33   same place but came about it a very different way no iOS devices whatsoever

00:58:39   involved in mine everything was shot on a Sony RX 100 mark 3 why did you choose

00:58:45   that and not your iPhone just out of interest? I did try it with the

00:58:51   iPhone and the iPhone does a good job. The Sony does a really good job though

00:58:56   tightening the depth of field a little bit and making that background

00:59:03   washed out a little bit. I shot it all in a light box and I really wanted the

00:59:08   background to be basically just completely just blown out and Sony did a

00:59:14   better job of that than the iPhone. I definitely could have done it on the

00:59:16   iPhone. I mean that the iPhone footage and no surprise it does a wonderful job

00:59:21   but I like the way the Sony looked a little bit better. But it does come with

00:59:25   those trade-offs like Federico was saying. You can you can go back and you can look

00:59:28   at it on camera but it's really best to pop that SD card out and and import it

00:59:33   in my case into Final Cut Pro X on the Mac. And the like Federico my video has

00:59:42   audio in it but I didn't use the audio from the camera I narrated the the whole

00:59:46   thing a couple days later actually into the microphone I'm talking in right now

00:59:51   to my my podcasting setup and so the the audio at the time you know of filming

00:59:59   like has like my our one-year-old was walking around the house babbling and

01:00:04   he's in there so yeah cut out called cut all that out but it was all done in

01:00:09   in Final Cut Pro X.

01:00:10   - Why did you choose Final Cut?

01:00:12   - I will say I have very little video experience,

01:00:15   but the little bit of video experience I have

01:00:16   is in Final Cut Pro X,

01:00:18   just because it's what's been available to me in the past.

01:00:21   I have, I pay for Adobe Creative Cloud and have Premiere,

01:00:26   I can download it and install it,

01:00:28   but I'm just a little more familiar with Final Cut Pro X.

01:00:32   That's not to say I'm an expert,

01:00:33   that's not to say that I'm even competent,

01:00:35   it's just the little degree of knowledge I have

01:00:38   is in that app and I know especially on the Mac that you know people kind of

01:00:43   choose their camp and live in it and and that's fine but it got the job done for

01:00:47   me. I will say that as someone who uses logic every week and is pretty

01:00:52   proficient at logic, logic and Final Cut Pro X are much more different than you

01:00:58   would expect them to be. So even the way you go in and make cuts and the

01:01:04   keyboard shortcuts like they're not the same and I really wish they were because

01:01:09   my logic muscle memory it was actually harmful in places at Final Cut so that

01:01:15   that was just surprising to me that they're not more similar in the way they

01:01:20   operate but I guess they are very different tools and that's fine. I did do

01:01:26   a little bit of shooting on an iPod nano the fifth gen iPod nano had a video

01:01:30   camera because and it's in the keynote Apple wanted to go after the flip cam so

01:01:36   good job I guess killing those guys off well flip is dead so maybe with the

01:01:43   iPhone than the iPod nano but you know the nano was always Apple's playground

01:01:48   to a degree and and they tried different things and they made it a new one every

01:01:52   year for six years I think to keep it fresh and to keep it people wanting the

01:01:57   new one and 150 bucks it was good Christmas present and I think they just

01:02:02   tried things and that video you walk through some of those iPod anos are much

01:02:06   stranger than others but I'll say that even doing four and a half minutes I did

01:02:15   very little color correction I did a little bit I did you know I was in my

01:02:19   audio tracking I had still images that I dropped in into the thing as well that

01:02:25   even on a current generation 15-inch MacBook Pro like you're waiting for the

01:02:31   render time and you're hearing the fan spin up and the computer is working it's

01:02:36   not necessarily a walk in the park to put some like this together from a

01:02:39   hardware perspective and so hats off to the iPad Pro to be able to do this sort

01:02:45   of work in that form factor with the thermal constraints and no fans it

01:02:51   really is it's I'm in awe of what the iPad Pro can do. Seeing what my much more

01:02:56   expensive much more powerful 15 inch MacBook Pro struggled to do. And it's not to say

01:03:01   that my render times are long it's not to say that you know my computer was

01:03:05   getting ready to take off like a jet but it it was noticeable I mean when it was

01:03:10   rendering my computer was rendering it wasn't doing much else and so it's

01:03:15   really, really impressive what is-- just how capable the iPad has become and

01:03:21   and really how amazing that that Apple chipset is in that thing that it can

01:03:28   keep up with this sort of work is it really just blows me away. But I will say

01:03:34   I think the big difference in listening to Federico's workflow and think about

01:03:37   my own is that mine was all done in one program. It was all done in Final Cut

01:03:43   including the voiceover work where I had Final Cut open and Final Cut has a

01:03:49   record voiceover function. It's very similar to what like we record in Quick

01:03:53   Time or a call recorder or something where there's just a button you go in

01:03:57   there and you can record it but you can see the video at the same time so it's

01:04:02   kind of nice to know where you are. I did all of that in Final Cut Pro I didn't

01:04:05   have to go out and do something somewhere else and then re-import it and

01:04:09   and kind of do that dancing around a little bit

01:04:12   that Federico did.

01:04:13   And that was nice.

01:04:15   And I know depending on what you're doing,

01:04:17   you have to do that even on the Mac.

01:04:18   I'm not saying that's a unique thing,

01:04:20   but it was kind of nice that all these tools

01:04:22   were in one program.

01:04:23   Now that program is a multitude times more expensive

01:04:28   than what Federico spent on his software.

01:04:30   And much more complicated.

01:04:31   I mean Final Cut Pro X does stuff that

01:04:34   I just straight up don't understand

01:04:36   and don't have any need for at this point

01:04:39   where I feel like on iOS,

01:04:41   the tools are a little more sharpened

01:04:43   and you can get something that does

01:04:44   just what you need to do and nothing else,

01:04:46   but it does that really well.

01:04:47   It's always been an interesting trade off

01:04:52   and like a different approach in desktop software

01:04:56   and mobile software to me.

01:04:57   - I was thinking about this a couple of days ago

01:05:00   about kind of apps on iOS and apps on the Mac.

01:05:04   And it really is now, at least in my opinion,

01:05:08   Apps are just more exciting on iOS.

01:05:12   And I think it's because this is where the movement is.

01:05:15   This is where the idea of the un-bundling type thing,

01:05:20   that people make specific tools that do specific things.

01:05:23   And because of that, you use way more apps on iOS,

01:05:26   which means that there's a larger market and more choice.

01:05:29   And I think that's what's pushing me to do a lot more

01:05:32   of my work on iOS these days,

01:05:35   that there seems to just be more excitement and more movement in the apps

01:05:39   that I use than there is on the Mac. It's very rare that I will add a new Mac app

01:05:44   to the system, right? It just doesn't happen so much. The things that I have

01:05:49   are the things that exist but I'm adding new iOS apps like basically on a daily

01:05:54   basis things that I'm trying out, things I'm excited to check out and that just

01:05:57   doesn't happen for me on the Mac. It's just interesting and maybe it's the way

01:06:03   that desktop software should be you you look in the Mac App Store and you can

01:06:06   kind of see that trend where the Mac App Store is chock-full of these little

01:06:10   utilities or little programs that do a handful of things. I feel like if you

01:06:14   were to just go to the Mac App Store and look at everything like you could do

01:06:19   that like you could just scroll through and see every icon and it wouldn't take

01:06:23   you a massive amount of time you couldn't do that on iOS okay like it

01:06:28   it would take too long.

01:06:29   Yeah, exactly. And iOS is a younger platform. Final Cut Pro X, even though they ripped all

01:06:39   the guts out and everybody set their hair on fire, it really is an old program. It's

01:06:45   been around in one form or another for years and years and years. Well, that is not the

01:06:52   case for all these programs on iOS. Some of them are and some of them have been around

01:06:56   since the beginning of iOS but... That beginning wasn't still, wasn't a long time

01:07:00   ago. Right, right. So it's, that's an interesting thing too and I wonder if

01:07:05   it'll level out over time but that is really, that really struck me in

01:07:13   thinking about the workflows being so different where Final Cut Pro is this big

01:07:17   market of stuff and I can do anything I need to in it where on iOS you kind of

01:07:21   string it together but anyways like I said at the end of the day I think what's

01:07:25   most interesting about this topic to me is that Federico and I both got at the

01:07:29   end of the day something we were proud of something that we you know I worked

01:07:33   hard in my video Federico worked hard on his but it wasn't an insurmountable

01:07:37   amount of work right I didn't rage smash my MacBook Pro trying to get it to do

01:07:42   something Federico didn't rage smashes iPad Pro trying to get to do something

01:07:45   it the tools are there and you can use them and for people like us who are not

01:07:51   professionals in this sense whatsoever we can make something that looks good and

01:07:57   that we're proud of with the tools that we can just go out and purchase and that

01:08:00   is pretty cool and something that you know Federico's next video and the video

01:08:04   for that the video if that will continue to get better and better and I hope mine

01:08:07   will as well I think they will and that's because we can use these tools

01:08:12   and push them harder as we learn about them and I just that is kind of what

01:08:16   computing is about to me that you can have a picture in your mind of what you

01:08:21   want and then you can go make it and

01:08:23   figure it out because of the tools the

01:08:24   software gives you and that's a lot of

01:08:27   fun I think it's fun to explore that

01:08:29   sort of work.

01:08:31   Yeah what I like is like looking and

01:08:34   watching both of these videos there's no

01:08:35   way that you could tell which one was

01:08:37   made on either device right there's

01:08:40   nothing to say that one was made on iOS

01:08:43   and one was made on the Mac. Right. They just

01:08:46   look like they were professionally made

01:08:48   like there's nothing to say that all you can tell that video was made on iOS

01:08:53   because of X. There's nothing to say that. Yeah and I think that's a the biggest

01:08:58   testament there is the iPhone 6s camera then it's footage really does look like

01:09:04   something that you know my Sony the RX100 is an expensive camera and I've

01:09:09   got a full DSLR that I'm going to use in the future but you know there's even more

01:09:14   money but the iPhone 6s that Federico had in his pocket did you know

01:09:18   really just as good of a job and if the conditions are right, I mean Federico gave it the best

01:09:25   shot possible being outside being on a beautiful day, but even inside under studio lights or

01:09:31   you know in a controlled environment it does such a fantastic job that unless you really

01:09:37   know what to look for or unless it's struggling in low light or something like that, it's

01:09:42   more than passable. I mean it does a great job.

01:09:46   Well, you know because this video is about I put nanos that original nano best best iPod best looking iPod in my opinion

01:09:53   Yeah, the the one before they went with colors that went with white and black. Yeah, the first one the white and black one

01:09:58   Yeah, it's that they all have their charms except

01:10:02   So look at the YouTube comments or on reddit or in my email

01:10:06   everyone

01:10:08   Has a very strong opinion about the third generation the sort of fat squatty one

01:10:13   a

01:10:14   Lot of people really love it like they say oh, it's my first iPod. It's my favorite

01:10:18   You know, I still have it and then the other side of the coin is that's the worst one by far. What were they thinking?

01:10:26   It's just funny to see people's

01:10:28   responses to that or in Apple return to the candy bar form factor for the fourth and fifth gen and

01:10:33   They hey, they sort of in the keynote. They're like, yeah, we were going back to the previous design

01:10:40   Sorry about that thing. It's just it kind of cracked me up how people responded to it

01:10:45   So yeah, they did that of a shuffle didn't they the one that had no buttons and then they went back. Yeah

01:10:50   Yeah, maybe we could see a shuffle video from you one day. I have them all I mean I've got yeah

01:10:56   I have all the hardware. I just haven't done it

01:10:58   I thought the Nano would be fun to start with because a lot of people had them

01:11:01   They were colorful. I bought

01:11:04   Mine are all if you haven't watched the video in all blue except for the first one

01:11:09   I did in white but um it's just fun to see like they were just a fun product and I think that

01:11:16   resonated with a lot of people even if you didn't own a Nano you wanted one and

01:11:20   I think that is one reason like that's a reason that I picked it first

01:11:25   I could have done something more esoteric or unusual and I'll get to that stuff

01:11:29   But I thought the Nano was like a good universal first topic so did you own any of the Nanos Federica?

01:11:38   No, never. I always had the iPod classic right before getting an iPhone

01:11:44   Yeah, I think I had maybe one. I think I only got the first nano

01:11:48   That thing man. That's a good. Yeah, it's funny now

01:11:53   They're also I make the biggest one you could ever get was 16 gig

01:11:58   That might be wrong, but I'm pretty I don't think they ever did a 32 gig nano

01:12:03   But those first ones were like 2 gigs 4 gigs 8 gigs and it's really

01:12:08   I mean trying to like decide what two gigs of music I want to sync to something now is just an impossible task like

01:12:15   I

01:12:17   Move obviously we all lived in that era for a long time, but now in the air of streaming or

01:12:22   64 gig phones or you know whatever like two gigs just seems so small, but you know at the time it was

01:12:31   So much cheaper than the full-size iPod then it really it was great and the the seventh gen

01:12:37   I know the one that has lightning and Bluetooth and everything. That's my workout iPod. It's one that I

01:12:42   Take to the gym or from wearing my bike the one or mowing the grass

01:12:45   that's when I use my phone is big and the iPod is so small and like that's where the Nintendo really fit in and I

01:12:53   Think people bought them as secondary iPods a lot

01:12:57   Which is kind of crazy to think about but I think it definitely happened. I had no idea that that had lightning

01:13:02   That's what that's what Marco said. I shared the video in our in the relay slack a couple days ago

01:13:08   and

01:13:10   Some people were like I didn't know they still made it or I didn't know it had lightning

01:13:14   Which is it's pretty funny that the last two were weird because they it looked like iOS like five and six, but they're not iOS

01:13:22   They run

01:13:23   The iPod software still but made to look like they don't it's all very strange and and and crazy

01:13:30   But um, it is what it is, I guess

01:13:32   If you want to find the links for this week's episode head on over to relay.fm/connected/74

01:13:38   If you want to find us all online, you can go to maxstories.net for Federico

01:13:43   You can go to 512pixels.net for Steven and we are all on Twitter as well Federico's @Vittici

01:13:48   the next one.