72: What's a Heart, Really?


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00:00:06   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode number 72.

00:00:10   Happy New Year to you all.

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00:00:16   My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by Mr Federico Vittucci.

00:00:20   Oh hey Myke.

00:00:21   Hey Federico, how are you?

00:00:23   I'm doing well, how are you Michael?

00:00:24   I'm good, how has 2016 treated you so far?

00:00:27   I want to say pretty good, yeah.

00:00:29   Pretty good. Yeah.

00:00:31   And Stephen Hackett, what about you?

00:00:33   It's going well. Happy new year, you guys.

00:00:36   Oh, look at that, so kind.

00:00:38   Myke, in England, do you say happy new year

00:00:41   or merry new something?

00:00:43   Do you have a different-- Why would we say merry?

00:00:45   Oh, 'cause of merry Christmas, right?

00:00:46   You say happy Christmas, I think.

00:00:48   No, we say merry Christmas.

00:00:49   And then we say happy Christmas.

00:00:51   We say all of them.

00:00:52   No, you say happy.

00:00:54   I read somewhere that you people say happy Christmas.

00:00:59   Yep. We do say happy Christmas. Yes. We do say happy Christmas.

00:01:03   Why were you confused?

00:01:06   Because of America and everything that it does to my brain all the time. You know, like

00:01:10   the reason that I say mobile and cell phone. It's all the same.

00:01:13   Instead of?

00:01:14   Mobile and mobile phone.

00:01:17   Oh, okay.

00:01:20   I've recently had this happen to me a couple of times where I meet people for the first

00:01:24   time and they ask me if I'm American. That happens.

00:01:27   Really?

00:01:28   Well, a very specific type of American. I guess your accent. Where would you live in

00:01:33   America with your accent?

00:01:36   The edge, I suppose. One of the edges, right? Because it's closer to the UK.

00:01:40   Because it's closer to the ocean.

00:01:42   Live on the East Coast and maybe like I'm closer to the UK. So it explains my accents

00:01:47   like this.

00:01:48   That is a great theory, Myke.

00:01:49   Where do you live in America? The edge?

00:01:52   Just on the edge.

00:01:53   I just live on the edge, man. That's where I am.

00:01:56   Well, Myke, let's just get this over with.

00:02:00   Was Google Docs updated?

00:02:01   No, and I am getting so angry!

00:02:03   Calm down.

00:02:04   I can't even say what I've written in a document.

00:02:08   There's lots of expletives in there.

00:02:10   I don't know what's going on anymore.

00:02:12   I can't understand.

00:02:13   Later on, we're talking about iOS 9, right?

00:02:16   And the fact that it's been here for three months.

00:02:20   But it's been like six months since the betas came out.

00:02:25   All of the previous things I've said about Google, like saying they're a big company,

00:02:30   they don't necessarily have to bow down to Apple and get things ready when Apple want,

00:02:34   these things happen. That's all out the window now because it's been three months and they're

00:02:39   releasing updates every week and none of them give me what I want. The Google Drive app

00:02:48   works in split screen but the actual apps I need, Docs and Sheets, don't. I try and

00:02:56   use a web browser and you cannot use these documents in iOS web browsers, right? So like

00:03:01   I try and open Chrome and Safari so I can edit a document in one and look at something

00:03:05   on the other. Can't do that, like I need the app. It won't let me do anything to open the

00:03:08   app and then I open the app and I can't split screen.

00:03:11   Have you tried iCab?

00:03:14   For that, no I haven't. I haven't tried iCab for that.

00:03:17   it's one of the browsers that I know of that lets you say, "I want to set my user agent."

00:03:24   Yeah, that's not a bad idea.

00:03:27   Because what you can do is, you can say, "I want to use this iPad as a user agent all

00:03:32   the time, but for these specific domains, so docs.google.com, I want to pretend that

00:03:40   I'm on Chrome on my Mac." And that could be an option, maybe. I don't know. But yeah,

00:03:46   Why is there no app update? I mean seriously, it's been three months and did you make a note about Quip getting an update?

00:03:56   Because it did get an update.

00:03:58   Yeah, this morning there, or last night, their release includes the iOS 9 multitasking.

00:04:04   They're doing that just to rub it in now.

00:04:07   They're doing it because it's the right thing to do, Myke.

00:04:11   Nope, they're just doing it to upset me.

00:04:14   That's their reason. I know you're up to quip, I know your game.

00:04:18   We don't want to use quip. We want to keep using Google.

00:04:21   We tried using quip and it was just a little bit too weird in certain places.

00:04:27   Yeah, it was kind of odd. There's the font. I remember the font. There's a weird font.

00:04:34   When you do a checklist, maybe. It's like a serif font, I don't understand.

00:04:39   But really, we want to use Google. And I say this because we've been getting questions.

00:04:43   At least I have been getting questions on Twitter.

00:04:46   Why do you stick with Google?

00:04:47   What's the name of when you get close to a kidnapper?

00:04:51   Stockholm syndrome.

00:04:52   Yeah, that one.

00:04:53   That's what we have.

00:04:54   I get a few people saying that I suffer from that.

00:04:57   The issue is, yeah, people can get really creative sometimes.

00:05:01   The issue is we are using Google for everything, so it makes sense to stick to Google Docs.

00:05:05   We don't want to move an entire system to something else.

00:05:08   Well, it's just flat out like the best system for doing shared documents.

00:05:15   The problem is their mobile apps are behind the curve, but the actual system itself, the

00:05:21   underlying system, is the best that I've ever used.

00:05:24   And so that's why I want to keep using it.

00:05:25   We've tried a bunch of stuff and just nothing is as good as Google Dogs, but they're lacking

00:05:30   in some areas.

00:05:33   What about using iCloud Drive?

00:05:36   No, I'm just kidding. I will cut you.

00:05:38   Wow.

00:05:39   Just kidding.

00:05:40   Federico, when you mentioned iCab a moment ago, that was a very poignant tip.

00:05:45   You were very, you know, you really, it's just proving that you completely know what you're talking about.

00:05:49   You should have a show focused completely on tips for people that use iOS.

00:05:55   You really do know how to switch topics, Myke.

00:05:58   Look, if you draw attention to it, it doesn't work, right?

00:06:01   You've got to let it go and you go "Oh yeah, let me tell you about this show that I've got coming this week."

00:06:07   That's what you should, you know, that's how you transition into those things.

00:06:10   Okay, so what you...

00:06:12   Should I do it again? And then you do it and then we'll just pretend like it never happened?

00:06:16   Please continue Myke, what do you want to know from me?

00:06:20   So Federico, you're really good at giving tips for people that use iOS.

00:06:26   You should have a show about that.

00:06:28   Yes, there's gonna be one Myke.

00:06:30   on your network. Well, it's launching officially this week.

00:06:40   This week. And we've been thinking, me and Fraser Spears, we've been thinking, both

00:06:51   of us, independently, about a show that's all about the iPad and iOS in general, I guess,

00:06:59   getting work done on the iPad and mobile devices and using iOS apps to do things that maybe

00:07:07   a lot of people don't know that they're possible. And I think this idea of a show about, you

00:07:16   know, with a shorter format, so 30 to 45 minutes, all focused on a specific topic and with a

00:07:24   special attention to not using a Mac. The Fraser even sold his Mac, by the way. It really

00:07:31   started to grab my attention again over the past year, when I moved all of my, I would

00:07:40   say daily tasks, except Skype and podcasting, to my iPad Air 2 and later to the iPad Pro.

00:07:46   So the show that went out to Relay FM members last week, it's called Canvas, and it's

00:07:53   Yep, Relay FM members got a little sneak peek of it and that same episode will be available

00:07:59   to everyone this week.

00:08:00   Yes, it'll be available this week and I'm really, I mean it's obvious I'm really excited

00:08:06   right because it's a new project and everything but I'm possibly more excited about not just

00:08:11   the launch but the concept and the idea that I'm finally doing this because I've been writing

00:08:18   you know about the iPad and iOS apps for years and my stories but I feel like the time is

00:08:22   is just right to do also a show with a different format with another accent, because if you

00:08:29   listen to the show you will hear yet another accent or relay, and I feel like the timing

00:08:35   is just right for us to do this after the iPad Pro launched and before iOS 10 this year.

00:08:43   So we'll see how it goes. I had a really good time doing the first episode, we have

00:08:49   already a bunch of topics planned for the future and yeah we'll see how it goes.

00:08:55   So the show is called Canvas it will be available later on this week you can follow the Twitter

00:09:01   account it's @_canvasfm and they'll be tweeting from that account obviously when the show

00:09:06   goes live and relay FM and we're just doing something different pre-announcing it and

00:09:09   giving a little sneak peek to our members beforehand but it's a great show and there's

00:09:13   also another little secret that is going to happen on the same day and it really is a

00:09:19   just another way that we're starting off the year of tichi in the right way. It's all tichi

00:09:23   all the way down this week on Relay FM.

00:09:27   So have you been keeping an eye on the hashtag?

00:09:30   I've seen it fly by. I'm not willing to relinquish my year just yet, but...

00:09:36   I mean, just let it go, Myke.

00:09:38   We're having an overlap period now. It's how you pass the torch. You've got to have some

00:09:43   kind of like succession planning in place.

00:09:46   So I'm like an interim hashtag.

00:09:49   Yeah, the interim hashtag. That feels about right.

00:09:52   So speaking of hashtags, we wanted to mention real quick that

00:09:55   MacPowerUsers, which is part of the Relay family as well,

00:09:59   is about to hit episode 300.

00:10:02   And they've been recording for seven years.

00:10:04   You reckon we'll get to that level or you're gonna be sick of each other by then.

00:10:08   Well, we've been doing it a long time already, but

00:10:11   that really is a testament. I mean, MacPowerUsers is one of the very first shows I discovered

00:10:16   I mean years and years ago well before any of us thought about a career in this stuff.

00:10:19   And so we're going to be recording episode 300 next week and we're gonna do something special

00:10:25   where Myke, you and I are taking over the show and we're going to be interviewing David and Katie

00:10:31   about the show, about how they get their work done, the technology and how it's changed over the years.

00:10:36   And so we're really excited about that. I know you and I both felt really honored that they

00:10:42   We're up for that idea, but we need y'all's help.

00:10:47   Speaking of the hashtag, we're going to use #MPU300 on Twitter.

00:10:51   Don't mention Dave and Katie.

00:10:52   We want them to go in cold.

00:10:53   We want them to be--

00:10:56   Surprised.

00:10:57   Surprised by our questions and comments from listeners.

00:11:00   And we know there's a lot of you guys out there.

00:11:02   MacPower users really is just an institution in our space.

00:11:06   And so feel free to ask questions or leave comments

00:11:11   there.

00:11:11   We're gonna sort through them for the show, working on putting that together this week

00:11:15   and this weekend, and really look forward to that coming out real soon.

00:11:19   It's gonna be fun.

00:11:21   Most definitely, I'm really excited.

00:11:23   And I'm honored that we've been given the opportunity to take the reins of the show

00:11:26   for that episode.

00:11:27   If we keep doing this for seven years, Steven will be like 50.

00:11:33   Are you sure you can podcast if you're 50, man?

00:11:37   Too much?

00:11:38   much. I mean for sure you cannot go to Vegas at that age.

00:11:42   No, I don't have a good base now. But you know, it's fine. So now that we're done with

00:11:50   whatever that stuff was, we do have a little bit of like more normal follow-up. Myke, do

00:11:57   you want to tell us about this updated piece of artwork we got?

00:12:01   So when, after Federico did his review at the iPad Pro and we were talking about the

00:12:06   pencil, there was some fantastic artwork created by a guy called Gabriel, if you

00:12:12   remember, and Gabriel created a drawing of Federico walking

00:12:18   around with his iPad suspended, well like propped up by his pencil like it was

00:12:24   some kind of protest. And at the time we really wanted a colored version and

00:12:29   Gabriel has now created that so we now have a color version of the Federico

00:12:34   protest which is just superb and we had to mention it and it has to be in the

00:12:39   show notes so you can go and take a look at it because that is kind of beautiful

00:12:42   really well done there's even a correction with the red ink yep because

00:12:47   you corrected his spelling didn't you yes and it's much better now so really

00:12:52   really well done I love the coloring and I love the jeans so yeah and the red

00:12:56   jacket too I don't have a red jacket I should probably buy a red jacket it's

00:13:00   really cool yeah you look good in a red jacket yeah I should probably go buy one

00:13:04   and use that. I should probably print this out and take it to the store and like get

00:13:07   me one of these. See what happens. Anyway, thank you, thank you Gabriel for the effort.

00:13:14   Really good. And friend of the show, Jon Voigt, he's discovered

00:13:18   a blah blah blah blah booth for you Federico. Really?

00:13:22   Yeah. So I don't really know what blah blah booth does, maybe it's where you get your

00:13:27   photo taken. That's a terrible idea. Is it like you rent

00:13:31   the booth of someone else? I don't know. I'm looking at the whole picture and it just makes

00:13:36   no sense to me. You guys need to load their website. I don't want to do it. It looks like

00:13:41   you can like hire or like rent a booth for an event or maybe they have them at like you

00:13:47   see these things we have them here like you see them in movie theaters at the mall and

00:13:50   stuff you go with your friends to take goofy pictures but um the website is pretty spectacular

00:13:57   So thanks John for looking out for us.

00:14:00   As always.

00:14:02   Yeah, so this is strange, but blahblabooth.com...

00:14:07   Oh, it's not blah blah, it's blah blah booth.

00:14:10   Yeah, it's close, but no cigar.

00:14:14   Oh, okay.

00:14:15   Pose four times, comma, share online.

00:14:18   They have a comma splice right in their tagline.

00:14:21   Just leave people alone with the comma splices.

00:14:23   No, he's right. He's right.

00:14:25   See?

00:14:26   Alright, talking about crazy things.

00:14:29   I don't understand, Stephen, why you do anything that you do.

00:14:34   So on Twitter yesterday you posted a picture of an archive of OS X installers going all

00:14:40   the way back to 10.1.

00:14:42   And I just don't know why you have them.

00:14:45   Why do you need them?

00:14:46   Why do you have an installer for 10.2?

00:14:50   What do you need that for?

00:14:51   I don't get it.

00:14:54   Why do I do anything that I do?

00:14:55   Don't know anymore. Why does the earth rotate around the Sun?

00:14:59   So here's another question for you like ten dot four dot seven and ten dot four to eight

00:15:03   Why do you not have the both the power PC and Intel versions for both of them?

00:15:07   so the that was

00:15:10   the oh

00:15:12   No, I've made it a broken him

00:15:14   They moved to Intel you couldn't buy

00:15:17   OS 10 like the installer on its own if you bought an Intel iMac it came with like the restore disk for that computer and

00:15:25   at some point Apple realized "oh people

00:15:27   might just need a copy of OS X" and so

00:15:30   they they did like a mid-release like

00:15:33   retail version of Tiger. As far as why I

00:15:37   have them you know it's it's maybe I

00:15:40   think it's well it actually is

00:15:41   well-documented that I have a growing

00:15:43   Apple collection of stuff and this is

00:15:46   sort of part of that in a way and

00:15:49   because I have a bunch of old stuff it

00:15:51   is nice to be able to if I'm going to

00:15:52   write an article, you know, a history thing, it is nice to have access to this stuff. So

00:15:59   I've got a bunch of machines that come in a bunch of different versions of OS X and

00:16:01   it's handy. And it is incomplete. I actually had someone email me last night, they wanted

00:16:07   to mail me copies of the public betas, which I think I'm going to let them do.

00:16:11   It's crazy.

00:16:13   It doesn't make any-- like that makes no sense.

00:16:15   It's part of the collection.

00:16:16   You're never going to need the public betas. You're never going to need those.

00:16:20   Probably not, but it would be fun to see them, it'd be fun to play with them.

00:16:23   That weird version of Aqua that had the Apple logo.

00:16:25   You know there's a version of OSN that had the Apple logo in the center of the screen?

00:16:28   Yeah, I've seen that.

00:16:29   All the way on the left.

00:16:32   If your menu bar had a lot of items in it, it would just smash into the Apple logo?

00:16:36   Why is it there?

00:16:37   And it was before it was a menu, it was purely decorative.

00:16:42   It's just part of that collection.

00:16:43   This is the nerd equivalent of the DNA preservation in Jurassic Park, where they keep the DNA

00:16:51   of all species around.

00:16:54   And you keep the installer.

00:16:56   An old version of OS X is gonna come alive and eat everybody on the island.

00:17:01   You are the Richard Attenborough of OS X.

00:17:06   I keep saying, does your family know about this?

00:17:09   I mean, they must have a sense of the extent that you go to keep the old Macs around, but

00:17:16   do they know about the software and the K-based stuff?

00:17:20   I mean, it's really like a second career for you at this point.

00:17:25   It is.

00:17:26   The software is interesting because most of those—who got a screenshot—most of those

00:17:29   I have hard copies of and have had hard copies of for a long time.

00:17:34   And really, I just recently kind of was like, "I should make images of these CDs since

00:17:37   They're just sitting in my attic and slowly dry rotting. Why wouldn't you do?

00:17:40   But uh, yeah, they're aware. They're they're aware. Yeah

00:17:45   As I like seeing the way that technology changes and how many places do you have these images back?

00:17:51   Well

00:17:56   They're on the the drive they live on at home. Mm-hmm, which has an off-site back of its in my office, which is here and

00:18:06   They are the those external drives are also backed up to my Mac mini cola machine

00:18:12   and back place

00:18:15   Virus the virus is spreading all around the United States

00:18:19   So this 10.2 feels like the right thing to do

00:18:22   You know one day you guys are gonna need to run it I'm for your only hope

00:18:28   I do have a little bit of a problem. That's where I make it me

00:18:35   I'll just I'll just go ahead and share this not even Apple is all these backups

00:18:39   I'm troubled that 10.7 and higher or app store like app bundles

00:18:44   To make CD images of them as well so I can burn them if I need them

00:18:48   Because you have to like what so like if you want to install 10 7 like from nothing you have to start with 10 6

00:18:54   Because 10 7 is an app and but you can make CD images of them, so they come that's gonna happen soon

00:19:00   I think so you will make a CD image of it and then burn it back into the location

00:19:05   Oh, you can just do it all virtually. You don't have to actually make a CD.

00:19:10   You didn't capitalize from the App Store. You kept it lowercase f. That's a really nice

00:19:17   touch. I appreciate that.

00:19:19   You know, I'm a conservationist.

00:19:24   This is, I mean, I'm speechless, Steven.

00:19:27   Yeah. And the screenshot is actually I found my 10.0 disk late last night, so that will

00:19:31   be in this folder too.

00:19:33   - Phew.

00:19:34   - No, thank God, right?

00:19:35   What a relief.

00:19:36   - If you wanna experience a world of hurt,

00:19:38   install 10.0.

00:19:40   It was a terrible operating system.

00:19:42   You know, it was so bad that they released 10.1

00:19:44   shortly thereafter and it was free.

00:19:46   Like, this was in the days when OS X cost $129

00:19:49   and they were like,

00:19:50   if you pay shipping and handling for the disk,

00:19:52   we'll just give you 10.1.

00:19:54   We're really sorry about 10.0.

00:19:56   Anyways, can we carry on now?

00:19:59   This has been-- - Yes.

00:20:00   - Yes. - Pleasant.

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00:21:41   over the FM.

00:21:42   - So, the iPhone rumors, which we talked about

00:21:47   a couple weeks ago, and sort of bemoaned

00:21:50   that they were already happening,

00:21:52   they're continuing to happen.

00:21:53   I think this one is particularly interesting

00:21:55   as all three of us carry the 6S Plus

00:22:00   and are interested in that bigger model.

00:22:02   The new rumor, which I made really early on,

00:22:05   all of this is really shaky,

00:22:06   but it's talking about the iPhone 7 Plus

00:22:10   possibly having a lot, like 256 gigs of storage,

00:22:14   which is crazy to me, and a larger battery.

00:22:19   What are they saying, 3100 milliamp battery?

00:22:23   This really being a high-end iPhone

00:22:25   in a way that we really haven't seen before.

00:22:29   And I think it's interesting for a couple of reasons.

00:22:31   I'm really curious what you guys think about this,

00:22:33   how this would fit into things.

00:22:34   Historically, it has been making the rounds recently,

00:22:40   this idea that Apple, they wanna go thinner and lighter,

00:22:44   and I think with the weight is really what they're after.

00:22:47   And they do that while preserving battery life

00:22:50   in a couple of different ways.

00:22:52   that the systems on a chip that Apple is using

00:22:55   that they're designing in house are so power efficient

00:22:58   and have such great gains year over year,

00:23:01   they're putting a new system on a chip

00:23:03   with the same battery results and better battery life.

00:23:05   So they can shave a little bit off the battery

00:23:07   and preserve that number that they like to hit.

00:23:09   And we see this in things like the iPad, right?

00:23:11   Where the iPad Pro and the original iPad

00:23:15   are vastly different in processor speed and GPU speed,

00:23:20   but has the same battery life

00:23:21   and they're able to balance that, if that makes sense.

00:23:24   But this 7 Plus rumor kind of

00:23:27   goes almost in the other direction, right?

00:23:30   They're saying, well, this is gonna have

00:23:32   a much bigger battery and coupled with a new CPU

00:23:35   that if Apple stays on its current trend line

00:23:37   would be more energy efficient than ever,

00:23:40   this phone could get dramatically better battery life

00:23:43   than the current 6S Plus, which is already better

00:23:45   than the regular sized iPhone, the smaller sized iPhone.

00:23:50   You know it's interesting too because we've had rumors that the you know the new 7 the new phone the 7 is going to be

00:23:56   like iPod touch then there's the headphone jack rumor that we're getting rid of it because the phones that's gonna be the

00:24:02   Thickest thing and that's what's holding the back

00:24:04   But if they're putting a battery the size in it those other things probably can't be true at the same time

00:24:09   So it's like this conflicting

00:24:11   thing

00:24:13   Like Federico you had something I think interesting in the document about this about maybe Apple doing something new here

00:24:19   And what do you think about this?

00:24:21   - Yeah, well, there have been a few rumors

00:24:23   about Apple doing some new things

00:24:25   at the high end of the iPhone line.

00:24:28   And I've seen these rumors for the past few months

00:24:30   about an iPhone Pro.

00:24:31   So instead of having an iPhone,

00:24:33   I mean the traditional plus version of the iPhone,

00:24:37   which is just bigger,

00:24:38   but doesn't have any new or different features

00:24:41   from the smaller iPhone version,

00:24:45   that Apple may consider having new

00:24:48   and different functionalities or hardware specifications in the bigger iPhone in the future.

00:24:54   And these people were saying for the iPhone 7 there's going to be an iPhone 7, so the traditional version,

00:25:00   and the Plus is going to be more similar to a Pro edition, so it's got more hardware, like more battery,

00:25:07   or more RAM, or stronger GPU, or maybe there's going to be software differences.

00:25:13   And I think there's something to the idea of having a bigger phone that also has some exclusive features.

00:25:23   But then again, I don't know if introducing that kind of differentiation between iPhone versions could confuse people,

00:25:33   you know, especially considering the popularity of big phones.

00:25:38   but also the fact that these big phones are really expensive for a lot of people.

00:25:43   I don't know if people may be confused by a new iPhone that comes with the lesser version

00:25:51   and the real goods in the big model.

00:25:55   I totally agree with what you're saying, but I think more battery and more storage are not confusing.

00:26:03   Like if they start at, let's say 3D Touch was iPhone 6 Plus only, then that would be

00:26:10   weird, right? That would be difficult. But just saying, "Oh, the big one has a bigger

00:26:14   battery and it has more storage," I don't think that is confusing, in my opinion. Like

00:26:18   that's just like, "Okay, it's bigger so it can have more stuff in it." Right? That just

00:26:23   feels like a thing that kind of makes sense.

00:26:25   Yeah. And I think they want to be careful too of, you know, like say your 3D Touch example,

00:26:30   of course is an extreme example but say they do that that is only going to hamper

00:26:37   that technology's adoption rate amongst third-party developers right if you're a

00:26:41   third-party developer and you're looking at adding something like 3d touch you're

00:26:47   much more prone to do it if all the new phones have it right but if it's just

00:26:51   another plus which already doesn't I mean seems like doesn't sell as well as

00:26:55   as the normal size phone.

00:26:57   Like that's only gonna slow that down.

00:26:59   And while Apple is not,

00:27:03   doesn't hesitate to make their part developers'

00:27:05   lives difficult at times,

00:27:07   they do like to see their technology adopted quickly.

00:27:11   So I agree like--

00:27:13   - Well the one counter argument is the pencil, right?

00:27:15   Like that's one that's, it's a new thing,

00:27:18   developers have to do some stuff to implement it,

00:27:20   it's only on one version of a line.

00:27:23   - Yeah, and I agree with you there,

00:27:26   and I think that the pencil will probably

00:27:27   filter down eventually.

00:27:28   And it may be that the iPad Pro proves

00:27:30   to be the outlier here.

00:27:32   'Cause they sell so many more iPhones than anything else.

00:27:37   But this already kind of exists now, right,

00:27:40   with things like optical image stabilization,

00:27:43   which most people don't know what it is,

00:27:45   most people don't care what it is,

00:27:46   but those who do, you know,

00:27:48   how many times have we heard on other podcasts

00:27:51   people writing that they they like the 6s

00:27:53   size but they are disappointed they

00:27:57   don't have that image stabilization and

00:28:00   that I think you know Apple kind of

00:28:02   never really said it but it's kind of

00:28:04   understood that the size constraint

00:28:05   maybe or maybe they're doing it for

00:28:07   budgetary reasons because the plus

00:28:09   remember does start at a hundred dollars

00:28:11   more the base price is up a little bit

00:28:14   but I do think Myke to your point that

00:28:16   having battery life and storage space is

00:28:20   being what's unique about the plus those things only coming to that line that I

00:28:26   can see happening and you know I guess the question really is then is it are

00:28:33   those trade-offs in Apple's mind worth you know making a phone that maybe it's

00:28:38   as thick as it is today and maybe the regular smaller phone gets thinner but

00:28:43   this one stays the same and our consumers when they look at those two

00:28:48   phones they say well this one's so much thicker and heavier well it comes with

00:28:54   like two day battery life or something or you can get it with all this extra

00:28:58   storage and like that like are there do those trade-offs make sense I will speak

00:29:02   for myself and I would say yes as someone who already likes the plus some

00:29:05   already buys end up into purchasing a plus again if I get one with even more

00:29:10   storage space or with two day battery life or something like that's just a

00:29:14   bonus for me but if you're on the fence I wonder like is that enough to kick you

00:29:17   up to the next level or is it not worth it to people?

00:29:22   The other thing is the branding.

00:29:23   So I mean there's also rumors of a four inch phone.

00:29:27   What if they all three of them with the iPhone 7 line and then you end up like they just

00:29:33   go they just go all in and just call it like 7 Air and Pro.

00:29:37   With like mini normal plus.

00:29:40   Yeah I mean I do think that like if they do something like this just forget that it was

00:29:44   called the plus and called it the Pro and just have it fit with the rest of your lines.

00:29:47   Yeah, probably.

00:29:48   Like, they didn't call the iPad the iPad Plus.

00:29:51   Right.

00:29:52   They called it the iPad Pro, right?

00:29:53   I mean, and effectively, it is just a plus.

00:29:57   Like it's just bigger.

00:29:58   Right?

00:29:59   Well, it's also a Pro, in a way.

00:30:00   That's what I mean, like, by the same reason that they gave the plus, the 6 plus, the name

00:30:07   plus, is like it's just bigger.

00:30:08   I mean, I know it has more powerful CPU, blah, blah, blah, but it's, the main thing is it's

00:30:13   bigger.

00:30:14   I think that they should maybe go all in and go with like if they go they call them all iPhone 7

00:30:19   I just call them all iPhone 7 and then have like the 7 which is the 4 inch maybe and then the 7 air is the

00:30:25   What the 6 is now and then the pro is the what the plus is now

00:30:31   Yeah, I could see a world where that that is how how things are named and because it is confusing with the plus is like

00:30:38   An outlier branding wise I think that's yeah, it's well said

00:30:41   Yeah, it's funny to think now that when you think about it now, why did they ever call it the plus?

00:30:46   Like they had names that worked, right?

00:30:49   Like they have a long history of established names in the

00:30:53   convention that could have worked because like they say they chose pro

00:30:56   I mean the iPad Pro is very much a professional device. It made sense that they gave it that name

00:31:01   So I think we could see the iPhone going in that route if they added things like bigger battery and more storage

00:31:09   It's like we've done this. It's a little bit thicker

00:31:11   and it's the pro version. Or hardware keyboard, no I was kidding. Oh god. That's what Samsung would do.

00:31:16   It's a pro because they put a hardware keyboard on it. But we do see this sort of device offered by other manufacturers

00:31:23   You know the one that springs to mind for me is the Motorola

00:31:25   Motorola

00:31:28   It's the Droid turbo max that you know is like it's a little bit thicker a little bit bigger

00:31:32   Yeah, and they just did it again with the new moto ones, right?

00:31:35   They have like a range of three phones which are all built on the same kind of core right foundation

00:31:40   I guess, what have they got, the Pure style and something else, Play maybe?

00:31:45   Yeah, but they have one that's like the battery life, like that is the thing.

00:31:50   Like I would welcome it to someone who I'm already going to buy the bigger phone they

00:31:56   make.

00:31:57   Like I really like the screen size.

00:31:58   I think I shared a couple weeks ago, I recently bought my wife an iPhone 6s, she was on a

00:32:03   5s, bought her new phone, and so I've spent time with that form factor again very recently,

00:32:09   for me it's a sort of cement the fact that the the plus is what I like

00:32:14   personally and so for me I said it'd be great and I I do think I do think things

00:32:21   like that matter to consumers like I do think we're kind of at a point where

00:32:24   it's not just nerds talking about like the battery life and the the thinness

00:32:31   the in a world where people basically everyone puts their iPhone in a case so

00:32:38   that is by far how most people experience their devices, then like some

00:32:45   of that work is lost, right? And so if you have one model where the

00:32:49   trade-offs are different, then that's going to put options on the table for

00:32:53   people. Now it is another, you know, if they do this, like say this all comes

00:32:58   true, you know, it is another point of fracturing in their product line, which

00:33:03   is a different conversation, but I think that it's one that makes sense to me as

00:33:07   someone who some days my phone is my primary computer and it you know a bonus

00:33:15   having the plus is the better battery life so to see that push further would

00:33:18   be welcome we are super bias right the three of us but I want the plus to have

00:33:23   more I mean I'm already sacrificing the fact that this thing is huge so like you

00:33:28   know make it a little bit thicker maybe or keep the thickness and give me the

00:33:31   bigger battery like I'll live of it man I want it I don't even care if it

00:33:35   continues to stay as heavy as it is maybe it gets a little bit heavier like

00:33:38   I would love a bigger battery more battery like I don't care about 256

00:33:42   gigabytes of storage I don't know why you'd put that in the phone and not the

00:33:45   iPad like go crazy if you want to I don't know who's using that but yeah I

00:33:51   would love to see more battery I'd love to see more done with the iPhone 6 plus

00:33:57   you know than the 7 plus to make it like that I mean don't don't splinter the

00:34:02   product line, don't give it crazy things but show me some some reasons why I

00:34:08   would want this other than just a screen make it a different kind of device I

00:34:12   like I like the sound of that.

00:34:13   Oh you know actually pay attention to the software

00:34:16   and like landscape stuff. It feels like it was put together in like a

00:34:21   couple of months two years ago and they didn't ship any update after that.

00:34:25   Yeah there's some there's still some super weird landscape bugs.

00:34:29   So yeah, I think I would also, again, you know what I think, I would be okay with keeping

00:34:35   the same thickness and having more battery. But again, I like surprises. So I don't

00:34:42   know if maybe Apple comes out with a thinner iPhone 7 Plus and I'm like, "Okay, yeah,

00:34:47   I really like this. This is what I wanted. Forget about battery life." I don't know.

00:34:52   We're like eight months away. So I'm sure we'll come back to this sooner or later

00:34:59   Yeah, it is an early time to talk about it for sure. But this this idea this

00:35:04   New rumor is is is interesting enough to think about just quickly amongst the three of us

00:35:10   Do we think they're gonna make a new four inch phone?

00:35:13   Yeah, that's what also what I wanted to ask and I think they there's gonna be something about about this

00:35:18   I think that it is, right? Because I mean I look at Adina and she's using my 5s right now, my old 5s

00:35:24   Mm-hmm. Her hands are just too small. Like she is a petite woman and

00:35:28   She could not comfortably use a 6 like just flat out and what will happen is she will use that 5s until it is just dead

00:35:37   Yeah, she was using a 4 for the same reason

00:35:40   Yeah

00:35:41   So I think if Apple want to continue to make sure that they have everybody that they could have

00:35:47   They should consider doing something like updating that line even if they do it every two years or something like that

00:35:52   But just making sure that they don't lose those people because not everybody wants a big phone. Yeah, Sylvia's using an iPhone 6s and

00:36:01   She she's you could say she's petite and she she doesn't like it. Basically

00:36:08   She's like the moment that Apple makes a makes a four inch phone. I'm gonna go back

00:36:11   I don't care if it's got the latest CPU or the latest camera

00:36:14   I just want to use a modern but smaller iPhone. And I keep seeing this from, not from a lot

00:36:21   of people, but it is the kind of request that never quite went away. So I think there's

00:36:28   a market for people who want a smaller iPhone or maybe using right now an iPhone 6s or an

00:36:35   iPhone 6 but they don't fully love it because it's gotten too big. And you know, in any

00:36:40   type of fashion industry trends are cyclical. They come, they go away and maybe the trend

00:36:49   of compact phones, and let's remember that the iPhone 5 and 5s were even bigger than

00:36:55   the original iPhone, that trend never went away really. And so if Apple wants to make

00:37:01   a new C line of iPhones, then I think making the smaller version is probably a good idea.

00:37:10   If you're going to make a big phone for people that want big phones, you should maybe also

00:37:13   make a small phone for people that want small phones.

00:37:16   This is a situation that they put themselves into, so they're probably going to have to

00:37:20   cater to that, I think, going forward.

00:37:21   Yeah, I'm going to have a little mutiny in my household if we just bought her a 6S and

00:37:27   she wants something smaller.

00:37:30   It was kind of before those rumors picked up, and I was like, "Ah, you know, they may

00:37:33   do it, they may not," but her 5S took a bath and I was like, "It's time to replace this

00:37:37   thing.

00:37:38   The external speaker didn't work anymore."

00:37:40   I was like, okay.

00:37:41   But so if they do this, I'm gonna be in trouble.

00:37:44   But I agree with you guys.

00:37:46   I think it's pretty clear that people want it.

00:37:48   And I for one hope they take the opportunity

00:37:51   to make a modern phone that they don't just slap the guts

00:37:55   of a 5 or a 5S into a new case, right?

00:37:58   Like that this is--

00:37:59   - They're gonna put Apple Pay in it, whatever it is.

00:38:01   - I think they've got to.

00:38:02   They have to put Apple Pay in it.

00:38:03   So if that means that it's, I guess, like a 6,

00:38:08   I think that's okay.

00:38:10   if it's one generation behind I could live with that.

00:38:12   I definitely don't want it to be two though.

00:38:14   I think they need something that is a real option.

00:38:18   Right now you can get a smaller phone

00:38:20   but it's gotta be a 5S and that's not really

00:38:21   a compelling phone at this point in time.

00:38:23   So I hope they make the opportunity

00:38:25   to make a good phone at this size and I hope they will.

00:38:27   I think they probably will and I think that it will

00:38:30   do well amongst people who want it.

00:38:32   - Should we take a break?

00:38:35   - Yeah. - Let's do it.

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00:41:00   So we were talking about what to discuss this week and Federico posed a very interesting

00:41:04   topic which is now that iOS 9 is 3 months old which is crazy that it's only been 3 months

00:41:09   like all of this stuff moves so fast but you think you've had it forever but nope it's

00:41:14   in only three months, we want to take a moment to review iOS 9 again, now that we've spent

00:41:20   a very long time with it, and to see what are the things about it that stick out to

00:41:25   us.

00:41:26   And one for me, most definitely, something that I love is Notes.

00:41:30   I use Notes all the time.

00:41:32   It's one of my favorite iOS apps.

00:41:33   It was very close to getting my vote for my upgradey app of the year on the upgrade last

00:41:39   week.

00:41:40   It was my runner up.

00:41:41   it's just super simple and it does a ton of things that I need so I keep a bunch

00:41:46   of very simple notes in there now like when I travel now I just make notes of

00:41:51   all of the information I need you know all my flight numbers and hotel

00:41:54   information just goes in notes very easily I keep just notes of ideas of

00:41:59   things that I want to do what you would usually put in an app like simple note

00:42:01   or something like that right like those sorts of things they all go in there but

00:42:05   my favorite thing is having my follow-up documents like I have little follow-up

00:42:09   notes for every show and you can add things with the extensions so easily and I just love

00:42:14   that. The extension is fantastic. I mean it's not perfect. I would love to be able, I think

00:42:19   I mentioned this last week, to be able to indent lists, you know when you're making

00:42:23   a bullet list with the tab key on the keyboard on my iPad Pro but it doesn't work it just

00:42:27   tabs and the bullet point stays where it was, where it's not correct. And also on OS X I

00:42:32   would love a global font setting so it's bigger so I don't have to make everything bigger

00:42:36   all the time. Yeah, it's way too small. But it is crazy to me that Notes is the Notes

00:42:42   app of choice for me now, like that's the app that I want to use. Why do you think it's

00:42:47   crazy? Because it's the Apple Notes app, right? It was like a joke app for many years, you

00:42:53   know, like it had the stitch lever in it, right, in the little pocket which you couldn't

00:42:56   put anything in, and then it was like ruled paper and you used to write on it in what

00:43:00   was marker felt font. Marker felt. Like it was a joke for a long time I think. Here's

00:43:06   where you guys will mock me, I have screenshots of it and I will provide one for the show notes

00:43:09   because I keep old software around.

00:43:12   You got it running on the device somewhere?

00:43:14   You just like a stack of iPads of every single running device?

00:43:16   An original iPad, yep.

00:43:18   Yeah, I mean, I'm using it every day as well.

00:43:22   It's basically...

00:43:23   I've tried many note-taking apps and it's...

00:43:27   I think for me it's the perfect one for links.

00:43:31   So I love the way that you can save a link with the Notes extension into an existing

00:43:36   note, and this is what many, many other apps don't get right.

00:43:41   Like Myke, I keep a few notes that are a running list of things, whether it's text or bullet

00:43:49   points or links to web pages or Twitter.

00:43:53   And many note-taking apps, they don't let you append, so save content into an existing

00:44:02   note.

00:44:03   They only let you create a new note.

00:44:07   And with the Notes app, I can save a link into an existing note, so it goes at the bottom

00:44:12   of the note, and not only is it saved in the note that I already have, so I don't end up

00:44:19   with like 12 notes every week, but the link is saved with a little preview, so it shows

00:44:25   me the lead image of the web page and the title, if it's like an article I can see the

00:44:32   title when I save a link, so it's like a snippet of the link.

00:44:36   And no other note-taking app that I've tried does this, so I've tried Evernote, it only

00:44:41   saves links, and I've tried OneNote, which saves like a full copy of a web page, a web

00:44:46   I don't really want.

00:44:48   So I've been keeping lists for Max Stories Weekly, for Max Stories, and

00:44:54   it's basically perfect for links. There's a few things I would like to see in Notes now that it's been out for a few months.

00:45:01   So when you draw with the Pencil,

00:45:04   Apple has an API, I think in Zwift, that lets you

00:45:09   automatically

00:45:11   convert

00:45:13   shape-like objects to precise geometric shapes and

00:45:17   As far as I'm aware you cannot do that in in notes. So a few apps have this

00:45:23   OmniGraffle by the Omni group

00:45:26   OneNote by Microsoft lets you convert shapes to you know that you draw with your finger or with a pencil to a real shape

00:45:34   That would be really convenient to have in notes

00:45:37   Also, I would love the ability to export a full note or full page as a PDF.

00:45:43   I'm not sure you can do that.

00:45:45   And I really sometimes miss being able to OCR, you know, to search for text contained in an image that I save in Notes.

00:45:56   So that was one of the features from Evernote and from OneNote too, I think, that I really like.

00:46:02   And I miss being able to do that.

00:46:04   But overall I would say iOS 9 and Notes, probably the highlight of this release is the new Notes app.

00:46:11   Which I agree, it is surprising, you know, we used to make fun of this app and now it's one of our essential tools, I guess.

00:46:21   So the next item in our list that I feel is like an obvious point of follow-up, iPad multitasking.

00:46:31   So, Myke, I want to ask you, because you sort of came into iOS 9, maybe not as a skeptic,

00:46:41   but you were not using iOS 9 as much as you are now with the iPad Pro and everything.

00:46:48   So what's the effect of multitasking being so far to the way that you get work done every

00:46:53   day?

00:46:54   Love it, man.

00:46:55   I mean, I use it on OS X as well, like the split screen stuff.

00:46:59   the split screen on the iPad Pro is so awesome. And that's why I get so mad about Google Docs,

00:47:04   right? Because it's so great for me to be able to like, I have Chrome open on one side and my

00:47:10   email up on another side and I can check something or I have Twitter open and I have Slack open at

00:47:14   the same time. You know, I have like, I'm using Outlook and Dropbox to make sure I've got files

00:47:20   in the correct places before I'm attaching them. Like, it really works for me. I mean,

00:47:24   because most of the time I'm not working with more than two apps, right?

00:47:28   Like at a time. But when I do, I can just very easily command+tab and the

00:47:33   one on the left changes for me. So it's like it's very easy for me just even to

00:47:37   have three or four apps on the go and then have that one on the other side.

00:47:40   You just think about that. What is the app that I need to stay, to remain

00:47:44   to stay in one place and what other ones need to switch through and then you choose

00:47:46   where you want to be on the left or the right. I think it's great. Like I really

00:47:51   do think that it is great and it makes using iOS for work a breeze and it is

00:47:57   something I'm doing so much. It is difficult for me to even say how much I

00:48:03   love my iPad Pro, like I just don't use my iMac for anything other than when I'm

00:48:07   recording and editing now. The rest of my work is happening on my iPad Pro.

00:48:12   It's kind of crazy, like I didn't expect it but it's just something that has

00:48:17   happened. And you think the multitasking played a big role in this? Huge, huge.

00:48:22   Because a very simple thing for me is booking in sponsors into our system.

00:48:29   So like someone will send me an email and they want this date, this date, and

00:48:33   this date. Now I can just keep the email up on that side, book them in on the

00:48:38   other side, right? Or like I need to take the sponsored's email, like what they'd

00:48:44   like me to talk about and then write a script for the show like write talking

00:48:48   points and stuff like that for our hosts to read so I can add the email up on one

00:48:52   side and a byword up on the other and write it out or you know or notes or whatever

00:48:56   because sometimes I write them in markdown it's like write them in byword and then take that

00:49:00   script and put it into Chrome into our sponsor system having just those two

00:49:04   apps side by side makes it easy for me to check one and add it into another or

00:49:09   or copy and paste one thing and put it into here.

00:49:11   It just makes that work for me

00:49:14   in a way that iOS wouldn't have worked before.

00:49:16   Like the iPad Pro would be useless to me

00:49:18   if it was just a big screen to have one app on at a time.

00:49:21   Like I'd be like, what's the point of this thing?

00:49:23   Or why does it even exist?

00:49:24   Like it makes no sense.

00:49:25   And that is like just making,

00:49:29   for the type of work that I do when I'm not recording,

00:49:31   the iPad Pro is basically all I need.

00:49:34   Like if I'm not recording or editing,

00:49:36   All I'm doing is looking at the web, reading Twitter, reading Slack, doing email, saving

00:49:42   documents.

00:49:44   It's super simple for me to use that stuff.

00:49:47   What I use on my Mac, right?

00:49:49   If I need to send a contract to someone, I use Pages.

00:49:51   Well, I can use it on iOS.

00:49:52   If I need to sign something, I use PDF pen.

00:49:54   I can use it on iOS.

00:49:57   It works for me, man.

00:49:58   I'm falling into the Federico life.

00:50:00   If I did what you did, I would only use an iPad.

00:50:03   But it's just because I have to do so much audio stuff and I'm not comfortable right now to make the transition over to

00:50:09   iOS to even audio edit and I know that there's stuff out there like ferrite which people mention a bunch is meant to be really

00:50:16   Good situations used it to edit the incomparable like his actual show that goes out. I just don't want to do that right now

00:50:21   I love the power of my iMac and

00:50:23   I love my iMac for what I use my iMac for which is like heavy

00:50:27   Intensive work that needs a ton of crunching. I need a big screen or I want a big screen

00:50:32   So I've got it all in front of me and I can get everything done.

00:50:34   Like when I'm recording as well, I've got multiple windows open, I've got the chat room over here,

00:50:38   I've got audio recording apps over here, I've got my notes over here. It really works for me.

00:50:42   That's what I need it for. That's the machine I need in that scenario.

00:50:45   But when I'm just like reading Twitter, looking at Slack and answering email,

00:50:50   that's what the iPad Pro is for and that smart keyboard is amazing. I love it.

00:50:54   Yeah, yeah, I'm finding myself using Split View.

00:50:59   Maybe not all the time, but every time I gotta do something, it's usually done better with SplitView.

00:51:04   So two use cases that occur every day.

00:51:07   One is having Outlook and Safari open at the same time.

00:51:12   So when I get an email from a Cloud Maxories member,

00:51:16   and I need to look up some information in the dashboard for the memberful system,

00:51:21   I can just keep the email client and the browser side by side.

00:51:25   So I can double check like the email address or the full name and I'm also finding that

00:51:32   preparing blog posts is much easier whether they're just linked items, so really short form blogging or

00:51:40   full reviews and articles. I can keep for example

00:51:45   One Writer, which is the app that I'm using now to write and publish to Mac stories

00:51:50   I can keep that on one side, then I can keep Safari on the other side and research a bunch of information

00:51:56   so I can, you know, like quote

00:51:58   some person, copy the text, paste it into the text editor, and I don't have to do the app

00:52:05   jumping, you know, dance that used to be before iOS 9, so it's all done in a single screen. And

00:52:12   even when I'm looking at things like RSS or, you know, Twitter

00:52:17   and I want to make sure that I open a few links in a row so I don't have to

00:52:21   open, close, open, close, I can just switch to Split View and it's all done

00:52:27   almost simultaneously, which is more convenient for me. But still I find

00:52:31   there are some aspects that I would like to see get better and the

00:52:38   first one is absolutely the way that you activate multitasking, which I

00:52:43   think is a bit slow for two reasons. One is you don't have a way to activate

00:52:49   slide over or split view with a hardware keyboard, so it's all done by touching

00:52:54   the screen and when you touch the screen the interaction is too slow so I don't

00:53:00   know if it's just me but the slide over gesture, so you slide in from the right

00:53:06   edge of the screen. It got slower on the iPad Pro with iOS 9.2 and it takes like

00:53:14   a second to show up. I don't know why. But even then that's not the main issue.

00:53:19   The main issue is it's so slow to switch between apps in the slide over app

00:53:26   picker UI and to find the specific app that you want to put in the

00:53:31   multitasking mode. There's no search box so you cannot type in, I don't know, like

00:53:36   Tweetbot and you narrow down the results to Tweetbot. And the interface is a list of three

00:53:43   apps at a time, so there's no compact grid, there's no compact home screen with a bunch

00:53:49   of icons, you gotta scroll and scroll and scroll, and if you wanna open, in multitasking,

00:53:55   an app that you last opened like a few days ago, well good luck with that, because you

00:54:00   gotta scroll for like 30 seconds before you find it. And I feel like Apple should definitely

00:54:05   revise this piece of design, you know, to make it faster. And to at least allow for

00:54:11   a more compact view, to have a search box, I don't know, but definitely make it faster.

00:54:17   And also when I'm working in Split View, I think it's starting to become quite apparent

00:54:22   that there's no real communication between two apps shown at the same time. There's

00:54:29   no drag and drop, of course, and that would be great, you know, to be able to touch an

00:54:33   image and drop it to another app, or to drag and drop some text from the browser to a text

00:54:40   editor. But even if Apple doesn't want to do this, and if they want to keep relying

00:54:44   on extensions, even those are starting to become quite limited, in the sense that you

00:54:49   gotta open the sharesheet, and then you gotta find the extension. And I mean, the entire

00:54:56   sharesheet system was introduced with iOS 8 almost two years ago, and I feel like it's

00:55:01   time to open that up a little bit more and to maybe allow apps to define their own extension

00:55:09   points.

00:55:10   Just for example, think about 1Password.

00:55:13   Right now, if you want to log in into an app or a web page, you cannot activate the 1Password

00:55:18   extension directly.

00:55:20   You gotta go through the sharesheet first, find 1Password, and then use it.

00:55:24   Wouldn't it be great to have a direct 1Password integration based on the extension, but without

00:55:29   the sharesheet?

00:55:30   And it's all these little things that used to be great two years ago, because we didn't

00:55:36   have them before, but now that we have all this extra space and all these new multitasking

00:55:40   capabilities, it feels like it's time to kind of revise the entire extension system a little

00:55:46   bit more.

00:55:48   Using the clipboard to copy and paste, because there's no drag and drop, there's no custom

00:55:54   extension points, that's starting to feel a little dated.

00:55:58   I think maybe with iOS 10 there's going to be even more flexibility for developers.

00:56:05   So in your mind, you know where some developers put the little 1Password icon next to their

00:56:11   logins?

00:56:12   Like you would click that and it just opens the extension, it doesn't open the open-end

00:56:16   thing or whatever you'd call it.

00:56:18   The best part of that is it shows a share sheet with just one password in it.

00:56:21   Yeah, I don't even, I mean, it does need to be explained to me, but I don't understand

00:56:24   how that happens and every time it does happen I'm like, this is weird.

00:56:26   It's a custom protocol that allows the sharesheet to just narrow down the apps to one password.

00:56:34   If that exists, then why even have it?

00:56:36   Because Apple wants to make sure that you go through the system sharesheet first.

00:56:40   And I feel like that kind of made sense two years ago. Like, I can't understand why they wanted to

00:56:46   launch with that. But now what I want is for developers to be able to define their own

00:56:52   on extension points anywhere in their apps.

00:56:54   So for example, you install a downloader app

00:56:58   from the App Store while you're in Safari

00:57:01   and you can have a downloader icon in the toolbar.

00:57:04   Much like you can have custom icons in Safari for OS X,

00:57:08   you can still be based on the existing extension framework

00:57:12   so everything is safe and secure and the user decides,

00:57:16   but let me skip the sharesheet activation system

00:57:19   Give give me a new

00:57:21   Interface to the side. Okay. I want to have this extension and I want this up to allow me to use this other app

00:57:26   basically treat extensions as

00:57:29   mini apps

00:57:31   Inside of another app and it's quite difficult to to explain with words

00:57:36   One I imagine is like say you're in Foursquare and you're looking at a restaurant and there's an open table button

00:57:42   You press it and in it just automatically opens the open table extension

00:57:46   You book the table and then done, you never leave Foursquare.

00:57:50   Yeah, and basically developers don't have to create custom OpenTable integrations.

00:57:55   They just say, "Yeah, we'll call the OpenTable extension here."

00:57:58   And so the job is on the OpenTable app, it's not on us.

00:58:04   And you can imagine this with a bunch of other apps.

00:58:09   Think of a Tweetbot extension, 1Password of course,

00:58:13   a Dropbox extension that lives in the text editor, you don't have to use a sharesheet,

00:58:18   you don't have to use a custom integration, so you don't have to provide a login to that

00:58:23   app. Because even with extension, with the extension system, what some developers are

00:58:28   still doing, they're still forcing you to have custom logins and integrations inside

00:58:34   their apps, because the sharesheet is either too limited or too slow to do what they want

00:58:39   to do. So if you open up the extension framework a little bit more, you could maybe enable

00:58:45   more developers to skip the custom integrations and allow for extensions to be more adopted

00:58:50   across many, many different types of apps. And again, the share sheet, I know what it

00:58:55   exists as it is, and I feel like for some types of sharing activity it makes sense.

00:59:01   The problem is, too many extensions are not really tied to the idea of sharing anymore.

00:59:08   They never were, in fact. If you go back to WWDC 2014, even Apple was demonstrating a

00:59:15   Bing translator extension. Is that really sharing anything? That's an action, and I

00:59:22   feel like you want to be able to have these actions outside of the share sheet and have

00:59:27   a little more flexibility, you know?

00:59:30   I completely agree. Do we have anything more to say on iPad multitasking?

00:59:33   I mean I was just going to touch on something you said Myke about really

00:59:38   loving your iPad Pro and I think in a couple weeks a couple more weeks into

00:59:42   owning it I really think the multitasking is why I'm so drawn to the

00:59:47   iPad Pro that doing that sort of work on even an Air 2 just feels cramped to

00:59:52   me and I think that if multitasking wasn't here and Apple just kind of had

00:59:57   the iPad Pro and it still ran one app at a time that's all it was it would be a

01:00:01   lot less compelling to me but like you I can sit down and do some stuff side by

01:00:05   side and you slide over and all these things and it makes it feel much more

01:00:08   productive and much better on that bigger screen.

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01:02:41   So moving on, the software keyboard Federico, I believe this is something that is upsetting

01:02:46   you.

01:02:47   Still very much upsetting. The main problem is the iPad Pro layout of the software keyboard.

01:02:54   I covered this in my original review and

01:02:57   more than a month later, it's still a problem. Almost two months actually.

01:03:03   I really don't understand why Apple isn't making a real

01:03:07   European or Italian layout an option here.

01:03:12   I want the, especially the rightmost

01:03:16   side. Yeah, it's all kinds of messed up over there.

01:03:20   It's basically a weird combination of an American layout and a European layout. I really don't

01:03:27   like that. I don't understand what's going on. I'm still hitting the delete key every

01:03:30   time I want to type the enter key and vice versa. It's really messed up for me. Again,

01:03:37   I don't understand what's happening there. And also on the other side, on the left side

01:03:44   of the keyboard, the globe icon. I'm still switching between keyboards all the time.

01:03:50   I thought I could get used to that relatively quickly, but nope, I'm still switching from

01:03:56   English to Italian or to the emoji keyboard, because the globe key, the position got reversed

01:04:02   from the iPhone and from the iPad R2, and worse, when you do use apps that still haven't

01:04:09   been updated for the iPad Pro, such as Google Docs, the globe key changes the position again,

01:04:17   so when you get the upscaled keyboard, the globe icon is in a different spot.

01:04:22   When you go back to the iPad Pro keyboard, it's in a different spot again.

01:04:26   And it's really, on both sides, really unhappy, I can say.

01:04:34   Maybe before WWDC we'll get another update.

01:04:38   I haven't seen anything about iOS 9.3, which doesn't make me optimistic exactly about getting

01:04:47   major updates to the keyboard before June, but we'll see.

01:04:51   Also, speaking of hardware, where's the international layout for the Smart Keyboard?

01:04:59   We're still stuck with the American keyboard, which by all means, with respect to Americans

01:05:05   in general, but we really don't like your keys.

01:05:08   So we want to be using our own layouts.

01:05:14   The keyboard department has been kind of a disappointment with Yappet Pro.

01:05:18   I'm really getting used to it.

01:05:23   And it's working fine for me, I'm using the keyboard every day, but I would really like

01:05:28   it if it was just the keyboard layout that I'm used to.

01:05:33   Because now I have three software keyboards now, the US, UK and emoji because it seems

01:05:39   to enable the US keyboard every time I plug in the smart keyboard.

01:05:45   And also the smart keyboard and iOS need to work better together, they need to just stop

01:05:53   losing any sense of each other.

01:05:56   This happens to me so much, just buttons stop working.

01:06:00   Why?

01:06:01   Please stop doing that.

01:06:02   to actually work together.

01:06:04   That would be really nice if you could do that for me.

01:06:06   - Yeah, so far I am not regretting my choice

01:06:10   to forego the smart keyboard.

01:06:12   I'm using it with the new Magic keyboard

01:06:16   just paired over Bluetooth.

01:06:17   And so far I'm really happy with that decision.

01:06:19   I don't need the keyboard all that often

01:06:21   unless I'm really just writing something long.

01:06:23   And it seems like it's still like a really buggy experience

01:06:26   in a way, which is disappointing, right?

01:06:28   It's like their flagship,

01:06:29   one of the flagship things about this device

01:06:32   this keyboard cover and I would say it's even more disappointing in looking at

01:06:36   how well the pencil works. Like I've never had any flakiness or anything

01:06:40   weird happen with the pencil. It's been rock-solid and so to see, you know, hear

01:06:44   your story about the keyboard being less than ideal is pretty disappointing.

01:06:49   Yeah, I mean but I do really like it though at the same time. Like it has problems

01:06:53   but like I'm happy using it every day, you know? Like it is good for me. Like it

01:06:59   it does the job and I like having the keyboard there at all times. That's a really great

01:07:02   thing to have. But it's not perfect.

01:07:06   Yeah, it's like one of those kids. It has potential.

01:07:10   Yeah.

01:07:11   Should do more.

01:07:12   Speaking of keyboards, emoji. I know this has been quite a problem for many of us. Finding

01:07:21   emoji is really slow. Especially now that we have lots of new emoji, it's even harder

01:07:28   to remember, you know, where do I find all of these emoji?

01:07:32   And Apple, of course, changed the layout last year with an iOS 8 update, I think.

01:07:39   But what I really want is two things, search and a way to

01:07:45   enter emoji via text, basically like you can in Slack.

01:07:50   I don't know if you guys are the same.

01:07:52   I would love to be able to enter by text, but I don't think that's ever going to happen.

01:07:56   I just think there needs to be a different way of laying it out now because there's a

01:08:00   lot more emoji which I love.

01:08:01   Like iOS 9 brought loads of great emojis like the money mouth man and the geeky nerd face

01:08:06   guy and the popcorn emoji.

01:08:08   I'm very happy that they all exist.

01:08:10   There's a proper bell now so we can make the Merlin man bell joke correctly rather than

01:08:16   using just the liberty bell looking thing.

01:08:18   So you know, they've got one of those reception bells, like one of these ones.

01:08:22   One of those guys.

01:08:23   So I'm happy that we have these new emoji,

01:08:26   but I would like to be able to find them in a different way.

01:08:29   And something that also really frustrates me,

01:08:30   so if you go to the emoji picker thing,

01:08:33   you see you've got the food emoji,

01:08:35   the little hamburger and the drink with a straw in it?

01:08:37   There is no drink with a straw in it emoji.

01:08:39   So you're killing me.

01:08:41   I was looking for that the other day,

01:08:42   like a fast food cup drink type thing.

01:08:45   That doesn't exist, there is no emoji of it.

01:08:47   - Yeah.

01:08:48   - It's like, what are you doing to me?

01:08:49   You're hurting me.

01:08:50   - The problem with using categories for this is,

01:08:53   Sometimes I know that I'm looking for a specific emoji,

01:08:56   but I'm like, okay, where does Apple believe

01:09:00   this emoji should be?

01:09:02   I'm trying to get in their mind and be like,

01:09:04   okay, if I were the Apple engineer

01:09:06   in charge of emoji categorization, where would I put this?

01:09:09   And that's the biggest argument I feel like

01:09:12   in favor of search, or at least a way to type out

01:09:16   the possible name of an emoji.

01:09:18   Because I know that the coffin, I know what it's like,

01:09:21   But what is a coffin really? Is it empty? Or is a body inside? Should I look for it in the object category?

01:09:29   Or should I look for it next to a hospital? Or maybe in the people category?

01:09:33   So just let me search or maybe type out the coffin.

01:09:37   And a lot of third-party keyboards do this, and Slack is the obvious example.

01:09:44   And I feel like Apple may be stuck in one of those principles, that it's maybe a too geeky feature

01:09:50   to do this, but really everyone knows how to spell out the name of an emoji, but a lot of people are struggling,

01:09:58   and I see this with my friends all the time, a lot of people are struggling to say "where do I look for this emoji?

01:10:03   which tab should I use?"

01:10:06   Like I can never remember where the hearts are now.

01:10:08   Exactly! So what's a heart, really? Where do you find it?

01:10:12   I mean, we're getting pretty existential now, like when we're thinking about emoji.

01:10:16   Exactly.

01:10:17   You know, what is a crown?

01:10:19   Is a crown an object or is it part of a human?

01:10:24   Do we really want to talk about the levitating man?

01:10:27   Yeah, what is that?

01:10:29   What's that?

01:10:30   I don't know what that is and why is it in the activities category?

01:10:33   Levitating man in a business suit is the full name I believe.

01:10:36   I don't know why but I associate that with Michael Jackson for some reason.

01:10:41   Wow, that's weird.

01:10:42   Yeah, I know right?

01:10:45   - What's frustrating is that Apple has solved this,

01:10:48   sort of, on OS X, where you have the emoji

01:10:51   and character palette.

01:10:52   The character palette's been around forever,

01:10:54   and they sort of slammed emoji into it,

01:10:56   and you can search in there.

01:10:57   But you can also search, again, messages,

01:10:59   if you hit the little smiley face emoji guy.

01:11:01   It comes with a little popover,

01:11:03   and they're all categorized like they are in iOS,

01:11:06   but if you scroll to the top, there's a search field.

01:11:08   - Exactly.

01:11:09   - Even something as simple as that,

01:11:11   they already have the names of these things.

01:11:13   the exact same organization that's on OS X,

01:11:16   like why not port that over?

01:11:17   It's not like they have to,

01:11:20   maybe they feel like they have to reinvent this

01:11:22   and make it new on the Mac and iOS,

01:11:26   but until then, give us what you have on the Mac,

01:11:29   'cause you already have it, it already exists.

01:11:31   And I do like the way Slack does it,

01:11:33   where it's like colon, you start typing the words

01:11:34   in autofills, that's fine, that's nice,

01:11:38   but you know, even just like something

01:11:40   as low-hanging as search would be enough, I think.

01:11:45   - All right, while we're on this,

01:11:46   why does the upside-down smiley face guy exist?

01:11:49   What is that?

01:11:50   - My interpretation is it's like a creepy smile.

01:11:55   - I view it sort of as like he's grimacing,

01:12:00   like he's sort of happy but also sort of sad.

01:12:03   Like the one that, you know,

01:12:05   it's got like the half frowny face.

01:12:07   Like I view him kind of like that guy.

01:12:10   I just don't know why he's upside down.

01:12:12   Ah, because he's...

01:12:15   Hanging out.

01:12:16   What about the hole in the ground?

01:12:18   Oh, that's a great one.

01:12:20   What about there?

01:12:21   It's fantastic, because it looks like there's a hole in the message.

01:12:24   It's brilliant.

01:12:25   It's fun to have the little guy running into it.

01:12:27   Yeah, that's a good one.

01:12:29   I like combining the little running guy emoji with different scenarios.

01:12:33   Oh yeah, I'm using the running guy as the emoji for when I have physical therapy.

01:12:39   in my calendar events. Perfect. I put in the running guy. So what else do we want from

01:12:46   iOS? And we'll have an iOS 10 wish list down the road. Yeah, in like six months or something.

01:12:52   Yeah, I feel like the immediate reactions after iOS 9, like stuff that we want to see

01:12:59   the most. I agree with everything you guys have said, and I think that's all stuff that

01:13:03   I would welcome to iOS 9. The big thing I want, and it's not something that I really

01:13:08   wanted until the iPad Pro is like

01:13:12   persistent background utilities and so

01:13:14   the example comes to mind is Copy. The

01:13:17   clipboard manager Federico you reviewed

01:13:19   it a couple weeks ago I've been using it

01:13:20   it's really powerful really great and

01:13:24   they do some things to kind of work

01:13:26   around it you can hit their notification

01:13:30   center widget and it will grab what's on

01:13:33   the clipboard or if the app is running

01:13:35   in the background still it will grab it

01:13:38   but it gets purged or you don't want to

01:13:39   go to notification center and you know

01:13:42   you end up in this opportunity where you

01:13:43   might think it's running and it's not or

01:13:46   you forget to use the share extension

01:13:48   and you lose what you had it's very

01:13:51   often as an active thing to interact

01:13:53   with something like a clipboard manager

01:13:54   on iOS where on the Mac it's just

01:13:58   running all the time and there's a

01:14:02   couple interesting things here I think

01:14:03   I think on the Mac it's almost too easy

01:14:05   to insert yourself into login items.

01:14:08   So we've all installed something

01:14:09   and the next time you log into your Mac,

01:14:13   it automatically, it's bouncing in your dock and launches.

01:14:16   And because it inserted itself into login items

01:14:18   without your permission, which it's not supposed to do,

01:14:19   but apps do it.

01:14:20   And if you look in your menu bar on your Mac,

01:14:22   if you look in mine, I've got eight or nine things

01:14:25   running up there that are running all the time.

01:14:27   And what's interesting about that is that my iPad Pro

01:14:31   gets better battery life than my MacBook Pro does.

01:14:33   It's like it's, Mac apps very often even post Mavericks where they added the timer

01:14:44   coalescing and the power shame feature.

01:14:48   Mac apps have a tendency to exist with the thought of, "Oh, I just have unlimited power

01:14:55   and I could just run in the background and no one's going to notice me and it's fine."

01:14:58   And iOS of course doesn't work that way and apps get purged and there are workarounds

01:15:03   and you can use a share sheet and stuff,

01:15:04   but I would really like the ability in iOS to say,

01:15:07   hey, you know what system?

01:15:08   Like, I'm a human, I know what I'm doing,

01:15:10   I want copy to run all the time.

01:15:12   Exempt it from background purge, let it always run,

01:15:16   and that, you know, you don't have to like do anything weird

01:15:20   with like silent push notifications to keep it awake,

01:15:23   and like, or like hit the widget to keep it awake,

01:15:26   just run all the time and do your thing in the background.

01:15:29   And if, you know, I don't think I'm alone in that.

01:15:33   I mean, obviously there are some apps

01:15:35   that would benefit that more than others.

01:15:37   And I think it would have to be very clear

01:15:39   that it is opt-in only because, I mean,

01:15:42   how often do we talk about things like Facebook or YouTube

01:15:44   running in the background and destroying your battery

01:15:46   'cause they're thinking they're playing video all day.

01:15:49   That's a problem that needs to be addressed.

01:15:51   And I think that Apple hasn't done this

01:15:53   because they haven't, you know,

01:15:55   maybe that's a hard problem to solve.

01:15:57   Like you have to have the UI to say,

01:15:58   I'm always running. And like, well what happens if I go into the app switcher and accidentally

01:16:03   quit you? Are you still running in the background? Are you not running in the background? Do

01:16:06   I get a pop-up and say, "Oh no, I'm running. Don't kill me." Like, there's a lot of UI/UX

01:16:11   problems here, but it would be really helpful to have something that I could say, "Hey look,

01:16:14   I always want you on, always do your thing, and I accept the consequences of what that

01:16:19   could mean."

01:16:20   >> Yeah, and when you think about the possible apps that could benefit from continuously

01:16:26   running in the background. Clipboard managers, file downloaders, which by the way, Safari

01:16:32   still doesn't have, which is ridiculous.

01:16:33   That's crazy.

01:16:34   And it's one of the top of my wish list, really. You could download files, you could keep all

01:16:39   sorts of news apps checking for new items in the background. And there could be ways

01:16:45   that Apple could maybe throttle the resources that apps can access in the background. There

01:16:52   could be all sorts of limitations, but the benefit of having some kind of continuous

01:16:58   activity going on would definitely benefit those types of users like us. I feel we can

01:17:04   say at this point we're always using the iPad. And developers have resorting to all sorts

01:17:11   of workarounds to make sure that apps can sync or can receive changes in the background.

01:17:17   I've seen developers use CloudKit to get around a limitation of getting a notification change

01:17:25   from a server.

01:17:27   Just because CloudKit is able to check for changes more frequently than other frameworks

01:17:33   and system APIs.

01:17:35   So the benefit for many, many types of apps would definitely enable a lot of new use cases,

01:17:43   especially on the iPad, and on the iPad Pro, I feel like.

01:17:47   And that really, together with Safari downloads, is the two features that stick out to me the most after iOS 9.

01:17:59   And of course the other stuff that we mentioned above.

01:18:01   Multitasking changes and software keyboard improvements and emoji.

01:18:06   Three months after iOS 9, I would say, kind of to sum up,

01:18:10   it's been by far the biggest change to the way that I work on my iPad.

01:18:16   But in many areas, it's obvious to me that more has to be done this year.

01:18:25   And I don't know what Apple is planning for iOS 10, whether it's a redesign or new system

01:18:32   apps, I don't know, I have no idea at this point, but it's pretty clear to me that there

01:18:37   should be, again, for, you could say the second year in a row, major improvements to the iPad.

01:18:45   Last year was a great start, now they gotta keep running, basically.

01:18:50   And they gotta keep shipping features and changes.

01:18:54   And especially if you were to say "okay, just pick one", and it would be multitasking.

01:18:59   Just keep banging the drum, basically.

01:19:03   Keep shipping improvements, because slide over and the way that you used to up at the

01:19:07   same time, that's gotta get better, and that's gotta get faster soon.

01:19:12   And again, I'm really happy with iOS 9, but I'm at the point where I'm like "okay, I'm

01:19:19   happy, what's next?"

01:19:21   And waiting till June is gonna be hard.

01:19:24   And I promised myself last year "yeah well, when there's the next beta of iOS, I'm not

01:19:31   gonna put on my primary device."

01:19:34   And I feel like, yet again, I will be in June waiting for beta 1 and do the crazy thing

01:19:42   and put it on my iPad because that's what I do. So you know, we'll see.

01:19:47   That's what you do.

01:19:49   Yeah.

01:19:50   Alright, is that it? We done?

01:19:52   I'm done.

01:19:53   We've had our catharsis.

01:19:55   Yes. Thank you, Myke.

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01:20:44   Adios.

01:20:45   Adios.

01:20:45   Adios.

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