60: Driving on a Vespa in a Landscape of Pastel Colors


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:06   From Relay FM, this is Connected episode number 60.

00:00:11   My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined as always by Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:14   Hey Myke, how are you?

00:00:16   I'm very well, sir. How are you?

00:00:18   I'm doing really well.

00:00:19   And of course, the wonderful Mr Federico Vittucci.

00:00:21   Buona sera, boys.

00:00:23   Ah, si, si.

00:00:24   That's what I have for you.

00:00:27   That's how you can say, hi, Myke, how are you?

00:00:29   I know very little Italian. What was it? Al dente mucha? What were we doing last week?

00:00:35   Al dente mucha, you're mixing up Spanish and Italian again.

00:00:37   So similar though. Was it al dente?

00:00:40   Al dente, that's okay.

00:00:43   No, no.

00:00:44   Molto al dente means very much. Molto means very.

00:00:48   Yeah, al dente very much.

00:00:49   Yeah, that was last week Myke.

00:00:52   Talking about Italian and Spanish, Chris Wilson, and Chris is a man of many languages,

00:00:59   he pokes at me every now and then to ask me how I'm getting along with learning Romanian,

00:01:05   which is not going very well at all, Chris, I'll tell you right now.

00:01:09   But he loved your Spanish, Federico.

00:01:11   Oh yeah?

00:01:12   Yep.

00:01:13   And he said that recently he gave an Italian directions in Spanish, I assume accidentally,

00:01:19   and wondered if you would be up for trying to improvise another language like Polish.

00:01:25   Let's do this.

00:01:26   I'm going to Google Translate.

00:01:28   What should I say?

00:01:29   Say, "Thank you, Chris."

00:01:31   Let's see.

00:01:32   We'll go with that.

00:01:35   Thank you.

00:01:36   Oh man, this is difficult.

00:01:42   There's a sign on the letters.

00:01:44   I'm not sure what they mean.

00:01:45   Just go for it, man.

00:01:46   Just say it how it looks.

00:01:48   Zie kueh, Chrisar?

00:01:50   Perfect.

00:01:51   You probably didn't need to translate Chris into another language.

00:01:54   Oh, no, no.

00:01:55   I wrote Chris.

00:01:56   The Chryssas of the world are known as Chryssas in Poland.

00:02:01   - It's like a whole different thing.

00:02:03   - It's like a whole different name.

00:02:05   Your name is Chris, well you become Chryssa in Poland.

00:02:09   That's how they roll.

00:02:10   - You know how sometimes in the show,

00:02:12   one of us will veto something the other two are doing?

00:02:15   I veto any more that Rico learns

00:02:18   foreign languages on the air.

00:02:19   (laughing)

00:02:21   - Are you sure?

00:02:22   This could be a whole new section.

00:02:23   I mean there's--

00:02:24   - That's what I'm worried about.

00:02:25   How many countries are there in the world?

00:02:28   We should have CGP here right now to tell us how many languages we can try to improvise

00:02:33   on the show.

00:02:35   If you would like Federico to read a sentence in your language, please tweet @Steven, that's

00:02:40   @ismh on Twitter, and he will field all of these suggestions for a later episode.

00:02:46   Yeah, but people should also provide the sentence, you know.

00:02:49   It's not like every time I'm supposed to say thank you.

00:02:52   The sentence and the language.

00:02:54   And at some point in the future we'll do a special episode entirely devoted to Federico

00:02:59   reading other languages.

00:03:01   This is how we connect the world together.

00:03:02   That's what this show's all about.

00:03:04   We connect the world together through Federico's attempts at speaking.

00:03:08   Stephen, please take follow-up back from me.

00:03:11   Forever after that.

00:03:13   Thank you in advance for what you've done to my Twitter mentions.

00:03:17   So this is getting you back for something you did to me many, many years ago.

00:03:22   So me and Steven used to have a podcast together called the Five Twelve Podcast.

00:03:27   And I think I wasn't on an episode, like I was on holiday and somebody filled in for

00:03:31   me.

00:03:32   I think that was how it went.

00:03:34   And what did you say something about, you came up with this crazy recipe for how I like

00:03:38   to eat hot dogs and then told people that they should send me their own recipes for

00:03:43   hot dogs.

00:03:45   And for a week all I got was just people telling me how they eat hot dogs.

00:03:48   Yeah, it was pretty great.

00:03:51   So this is in return.

00:03:54   That's a long game you've been playing.

00:03:55   Yeah, I've been waiting for the day.

00:03:57   Four years.

00:03:58   You know what, Myke?

00:04:00   Helvette.

00:04:01   I don't know what's happening anymore.

00:04:05   Do you remember the PewDiePie video?

00:04:07   Cursing in Finnish.

00:04:08   Oh yeah, what was that?

00:04:09   Oh no, what's that in Swedish?

00:04:12   I don't remember.

00:04:14   What was Helvette?

00:04:15   I don't know.

00:04:16   I think it was just hell.

00:04:18   We'll put a link in the show notes to this because so few people are going to know what

00:04:21   we're talking about.

00:04:22   Please, Steven, just do something about this.

00:04:24   You're fired from follow-up.

00:04:27   We have some more on 3D Touch, and this is something that I meant to talk about last

00:04:32   week, but we didn't.

00:04:34   Devin on Twitter asks about the Settings app and why it doesn't have quick actions to things

00:04:41   like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Hotspot.

00:04:43   Now, the obvious answer is that Control Center exists, right?

00:04:46   So if you slide Control Center up, you can do things like turn Wi-Fi off, turn Bluetooth

00:04:51   on and off, etc. etc.

00:04:56   And I think that while it would be nice for settings to have some quick actions or you

00:05:00   could maybe turn some common things on or off, I see that they don't want to compete

00:05:05   with Control Center.

00:05:07   But the other thought I had was, "How do you guys feel about Control Center now?"

00:05:14   To me Control Center feels sort of old-fashioned, sort of out of date now in this world of 3D

00:05:20   Touch.

00:05:21   It works great on the iPhone 6, I'll tell you that.

00:05:25   It definitely works great, but I think that 3D Touch should have brought about some change

00:05:32   to Control Center.

00:05:36   Maybe you could long press on something and it could give you an option.

00:05:42   I think as well looking back at it, I don't know if calculator and

00:05:46   timer need to live there. I use it quite a bit, right? I use it a lot.

00:05:51   It's just part of iOS that is normal to me. I use it to turn on Wi-Fi and

00:05:55   airplane mode. I use it to turn on the flashlight. I use it to resume audio and

00:06:02   stuff like that. But I think it could do a bit of a rethink. Not

00:06:08   dramatically, but there could be some different things done there and I think

00:06:12   that it should definitely be 3D touch enabled in some way to do something cool.

00:06:16   Yeah, I often wish that Apple allowed us to customize Control Center to kind of choose

00:06:22   the toggles that you want to put in there.

00:06:25   There's a friend of mine here, he always asks me, "You should write on the website that

00:06:31   I want to be able to turn off my cellular data from Control Center."

00:06:35   I don't know why he thinks that I have this kind of power, but it's been on my wishlist

00:06:40   for like two years.

00:06:42   I definitely hope that iOS 10 will get a customizable control center, maybe with a new design, I don't know.

00:06:48   So even just now, I imagine you could 3D touch Wi-Fi and choose network,

00:06:54   you could 3D touch the airplane mode and turn off cellular like your friend would like.

00:06:58   There are things you could do there. Or why can't you 3D touch the camera icon

00:07:03   to get what happens when you 3D touch the home screen camera icon?

00:07:08   It just feels like something that was kind of maybe like forgotten about when they were putting

00:07:13   this in there. It's just like, "Oh yeah, that thing's there." So I don't know. I agree, I think your

00:07:19   suggestions are really good. And you know, I'm not suggesting it go away, but you know, I think it's

00:07:23   due for an overhaul. No, I don't want it to go away either. I like it and use it, but I agree. I think

00:07:30   there could be a little bit more. Yeah, I mean even if it was just like Apple presented you with a list

00:07:35   of things like you couldn't put whatever app you wanted in there but that would

00:07:39   be really nice to do I think so.

00:07:42   We also have a tweet about 3D Touch from Tambor Koalasingh that he was

00:07:50   trolled into 3D touching with his nose so...

00:07:53   Can Koalas even use their giant nose to 3D Touch?

00:07:59   It's kinda like you gotta have the 6S+ you gotta have a big phone to do it but

00:08:03   But so that's happening.

00:08:05   So Myke is still making people do things with their noses that are as weird and strange.

00:08:11   Even animals, Myke.

00:08:13   It's the kind of pool that I have.

00:08:15   You should be proud of yourself, Myke.

00:08:18   I'm very proud.

00:08:19   Lastly, in follow-up, we were speaking about the Apple TV Universal Search.

00:08:25   And at least my understanding from the event was that it was a program that Apple had to

00:08:32   opt you into, at least that's what we had theorized. The article came out over

00:08:35   the weekend. There was an interview with Tim Cook on BuzzFeed and it basically

00:08:42   says that that is going to be a API. So if you have a app with content in it you

00:08:52   can basically opt in to be part of that universal search like Spotlight Search

00:08:56   now on iOS 9, which I think is great. I think it's good that other

00:09:00   people can opt into this because just having the select few of what was it it

00:09:06   was iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime and HBO like that's fine but there's a lot more

00:09:10   content out there and I think it's good to have more people show up in those

00:09:14   results so yeah that'll be a good thing that will definitely be a good thing

00:09:18   it's a needed thing if you know I want to be able to see YouTube videos when

00:09:23   I'm doing these searches yep you know I want to be able to see videos on Amazon

00:09:29   Prime if that ever comes about, who knows what's gonna happen there. You know, all

00:09:33   that kind of stuff that I want to see. I don't want this to be so

00:09:37   locked down that it's like Apple's approved parties. Right, and there's, you

00:09:43   know, there's always this tension on Apple's platforms of you have things

00:09:49   that are blessed by Apple and you have things that are not blessed by Apple. So

00:09:53   on the iPhone you've got, for instance, apps you can't delete or things like

00:09:56   control center that it only does what Apple says it can do and on the Apple TV it's gone

00:10:02   even further, right? The current Apple TV is not even open, right? You've got to go

00:10:08   and make a deal with Apple and you get to build a really shady app and...

00:10:11   Like CarPlay, right? Same kind of deal.

00:10:13   Right, exactly. Another great example. And that's, like I understand why things are that

00:10:18   way, right? Apple wants to control the experience, they want to make sure that everything is

00:10:22   as high quality as possible, blah, blah, blah.

00:10:24   But this open API for search, I think,

00:10:29   is a step in the right direction

00:10:30   for something like the Apple TV.

00:10:32   Whereas you know what, like, the more content

00:10:34   on the Apple TV, like, the more valuable it becomes to me.

00:10:38   And the easier it is to get around it and to use it,

00:10:40   the more likely I will be to keep using the device

00:10:45   and upgrade again, et cetera, et cetera.

00:10:47   So it's a good move and one that I'm happy about.

00:10:49   I'm still planning on buying an Apple TV.

00:10:51   The Roku 4 was announced or released

00:10:52   or something this morning.

00:10:54   It looks really interesting, but I'm still gonna

00:10:56   hold the course and upgrade to my Apple TV later this month.

00:11:00   - Yeah, the only way this works as a thing

00:11:02   is that you've got to be able to put all of your stuff in it

00:11:05   like and watch all of your stuff on it.

00:11:07   Like if you, you kind of want it to be the only box, right?

00:11:11   - Exactly.

00:11:13   And this lets it do that in a more seamless way.

00:11:15   So I think it's good, it's a good move.

00:11:17   - Cool.

00:11:20   There were some new watch ads put out today, short ads, I think they're about 20 seconds

00:11:26   each.

00:11:27   I think there's six of them in total, is that right?

00:11:31   What do you guys think of them?

00:11:33   They're very cool, they're kind of hippie, they're kind of trying to play for a new generation

00:11:38   of customers maybe.

00:11:40   I think this is Apple's new style, right?

00:11:43   Like the iPhone ad is very cool too, right?

00:11:47   like fun and hey look at us guys oh we're crazy come on haha jokes at us like

00:11:51   then it's that kind of style which I really like and I love these ads for

00:11:56   that reason I like that kind of light-hearted we poke fun at ourselves

00:12:01   and do silly things and there's funny music and pastel colors and people do it

00:12:04   people people that look interesting like I like all of that stuff yeah I can see

00:12:10   why though people wouldn't like these. Yeah maybe I guess the old commercials

00:12:16   were made for people like my mother and maybe these new ones are for like

00:12:22   teenagers and younger people who want to know why the watch is cool and why

00:12:27   they need one. The older ones showing like family, babies, you know staying in

00:12:31   touch, using apps as a tourist. Those are maybe for another generation of

00:12:37   customers these ones are for like the 17 year old or the 20 year old guy who

00:12:43   wants to buy a watch and doesn't know why. I guess it makes sense.

00:12:46   When I look at these ads as well it makes me think of the iPod ads just because

00:12:51   they're very stylized in an interesting way and it's focused completely on the

00:12:55   individual which was how the iPod ads were right they were focused on the

00:12:58   person and I know that these are more so like it's not like a silhouette but I

00:13:03   look at them and think that they they really do feel that way they have a

00:13:07   flavor of the old iPod ad. Yeah probably although there isn't the iconic white

00:13:13   earbuds you know. No and I think that that is a choice isn't it like that they

00:13:21   want because the watch can't be iconic because it's so customizable. Yeah there

00:13:26   is no canonical watch design. Yeah. I think they do a

00:13:32   good job too as the chat room points out with the diversity in the ads there's a

00:13:35   bunch of different people from different parts of the world, men and women. I think it's

00:13:40   nice. I agree with you guys, they're fun. They're just little stories, which I think

00:13:46   is nice too. They're real short, but you get something about the Apple Watch out of each

00:13:52   one, something different out of each one. So I think they're really effective. Thumbs

00:13:57   up on the new ads from me.

00:13:59   But as I say again, I can see why people will hate them.

00:14:03   Sure.

00:14:04   know you can just see it right? Apple advertising is divisive and when they

00:14:09   take a specific like tone like this that becomes even more so but I think the

00:14:15   people that won't like it are the people that Apple aren't trying to attract anyway.

00:14:18   I think that's fair. Not that it's wrong right but I just feel like they're going

00:14:25   for a very specific age group and you know I think outside of that age group

00:14:30   it maybe doesn't land as well. But I love them.

00:14:36   This is definitely the kind of mic commercial that you like. All these crazy colors. I could

00:14:42   picture you driving on a Vespa in a landscape of pastel colors.

00:14:47   It's a dream of mine Federico. But you don't drive.

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00:16:56   So Federico, today was, I believe, you reserved an iPhone.

00:17:03   - I woke up and my girlfriend brought me

00:17:07   a piece of chocolate and an espresso.

00:17:09   - She's so good, just look at that.

00:17:11   - And I didn't even drink the espresso.

00:17:15   I tapped the home button on my phone.

00:17:19   I saw an email from a reader telling me

00:17:21   that the iPhone reservations opened a few hours

00:17:25   before in Italy.

00:17:27   I was in a state of, you know,

00:17:30   wasn't basically half asleep.

00:17:32   And I just went to the Apple website.

00:17:34   I typed in my details.

00:17:36   I reserved an iPhone and then I proceeded with my breakfast.

00:17:40   It was really fast, you know.

00:17:42   I couldn't pre-order a 6 Plus in my local Apple Store.

00:17:47   It was only the iPhone 6.

00:17:49   I needed to pick a time, so of course I picked noon

00:17:52   because it's brutal to wake up at 8 a.m. in the morning,

00:17:56   who does that?

00:17:57   So I'm going there Friday at noon.

00:18:00   I got my reservation, iPhone 6S, Space Gray, 64 gig.

00:18:05   I'm gonna use it for a few weeks,

00:18:07   then I will probably give this to Sylvia

00:18:10   because she wants one and then I will buy my own 6S Plus as soon as it's available at

00:18:15   the Apple Store.

00:18:16   You just want to get your hands on the 3D Touch as soon as possible, right?

00:18:19   And it's Friday, isn't it, that they come out?

00:18:22   It's Friday so I got the whole weekend to set it up, you know, install my apps.

00:18:27   It really does take a whole weekend though.

00:18:29   Yeah, basically, because I don't do the restore from backup.

00:18:33   It's probably going to take me less, you know, because I won't have any issues with the backup

00:18:39   like you guys. Well you're gonna lose all your health data and stuff, you know that

00:18:43   right? I'm gonna use that but I'm used to it because I back it up in different

00:18:47   places you know I think it will life some so at least I get a subset of

00:18:51   information saved somewhere else but I gave up on the idea of a lifetime of

00:18:56   health data because Apple doesn't let me do that and I really want to start fresh.

00:19:00   Why? Why I start fresh every year? Because I think the OS

00:19:06   experience is just better. It's cleaner, I get to decide again which apps I want to keep

00:19:12   and which apps I can avoid installing and I found that I don't run into issues with

00:19:18   like corrupt backups and that kind of stuff. All my information and data is in iCloud and

00:19:23   other like Dropbox so I don't really need the backup. I just need to accept that I will

00:19:30   lose my messages which I don't care about because it's just messages. All my photos

00:19:36   are in iCloud, I'm just gonna lose my health data but for me, having a daily experience

00:19:43   that is faster, cleaner, no weird issues is more important than having two years of health

00:19:51   data.

00:19:53   I'm just not gonna enjoy my iPhone if I experience slowdowns, random crashes, reboots, I just

00:20:01   want to diminish my chances of having issues and that's why I do the cleaning

00:20:08   install every year. Actually I do it every year for each new device and each new

00:20:12   public version of iOS so I do it twice a year basically. Call me crazy but that's what I like.

00:20:19   I mean I understand it's like a personal preference thing like so you know my

00:20:23   personal preference is not to do that I just don't like going through and

00:20:27   checking everything and I actually like it. I get that. I told you know I can

00:20:33   knowing you as I do I totally understand why you do this because it just allows

00:20:38   you to spring clean and rethink and like optimize which I know is something that

00:20:43   you really really love to do. So it makes sense. I tweeted this a few days ago I

00:20:48   actually like tweaking settings in my devices in my apps I like to just waste

00:20:55   like two hours just playing around with settings, looking around, discovering stuff

00:20:59   and many times this makes for interesting articles or like stuff that I can

00:21:06   mention in the newsletter or teachy tips that I discover. Like it's it is part of

00:21:11   my job to mess around with these things so the clean install facilitates this

00:21:17   kind of you know workflow I guess to just play around, see what's new, see all the

00:21:23   settings, all the options. I don't mind the process at all.

00:21:28   Good. Good.

00:21:31   So I'm going there on Friday, Gamma Reservation. Last year was super easy. There was a separate

00:21:38   line. Hopefully this year there won't be the screaming guy who doesn't understand how lines

00:21:44   work. Fingers crossed there won't be any accident of sorts. So yeah, Friday finally. I mean,

00:21:51   It's like, what, three weeks after the American launch?

00:21:54   Two weeks?

00:21:55   I don't know.

00:21:56   I don't remember.

00:21:57   Yeah, I think after hearing the two of you guys talk about it, I'm going to Reserve next

00:22:01   year.

00:22:02   Because, you know, this year, like, I'm waiting for the UPS guy to show up, you know, show

00:22:06   up till like 8pm, and I'm afraid I'm gonna miss him, and I think I'm just gonna have

00:22:11   Reserve and drive out to our store.

00:22:12   It seems like everyone who does that has a much better experience than I have, so.

00:22:17   I just like being in control.

00:22:21   Like in general.

00:22:24   Just in general.

00:22:25   That's all I have to say.

00:22:26   I was just thinking about that and thought I'd share it with you.

00:22:30   Let's talk about carriers.

00:22:31   The opposite of being in control.

00:22:34   Well I just, I had an experience last couple weeks with a carrier here and I thought we

00:22:40   could talk about carriers sort of in general a little bit.

00:22:42   So I've been a Verizon customer since six years, six and a half years.

00:22:48   I actually, it was actually before the Verizon iPhone came out because I carried an Android

00:22:56   phone for about eight months, maybe a year, and then a Palm Pre Plus, rest in peace, webOS.

00:23:05   And I've switched to Verizon for a bunch of reasons that aren't important now, but I've

00:23:08   I've had sort of increasingly bad service with them

00:23:13   and it sort of hit a peak a couple weeks ago

00:23:18   when I needed to call 911 from home and couldn't.

00:23:23   And the call dropped twice and then they called me back

00:23:26   and it dropped two more times

00:23:27   before I finally got ahold of them.

00:23:29   And as you guys might imagine I was--

00:23:30   - That is an unacceptable situation.

00:23:33   - That's exactly what I told the Verizon phone rep.

00:23:36   - Yeah, like that's, I don't think you can go

00:23:38   further than that, like, you know,

00:23:40   that is as far as it goes.

00:23:42   - And the point of sharing the story

00:23:44   is not to bad mouth Verizon,

00:23:46   'cause they actually handled the subsequent story very well.

00:23:49   - You should say what they did.

00:23:50   I think it would be interesting,

00:23:51   'cause me and you were talking,

00:23:52   and you said that you were gonna call them on council,

00:23:55   and it was a case of, there is no scenario in the world

00:23:59   where they could charge you a no-determination fee,

00:24:01   and me and you were talking about

00:24:03   how you would burn them down to the ground.

00:24:05   Yeah, thankfully I didn't come to that. So yeah, so I called and I was like, hey, look,

00:24:12   I actually spoke to them the week before and their only fix was for me to buy a network

00:24:16   extender and put in my house that they were not going to pay for, which like, well, not

00:24:21   doing that. So yeah, they took it very seriously and they, you know, went through about a 24

00:24:28   hour period with their techs, checked a couple of things in the neighborhood and then basically

00:24:32   called me back and said, "You know, this is not something that we can resolve for you.

00:24:37   We understand if we want to port your numbers, we will waive your early termination fee."

00:24:41   So I had an ETF on each of our phone lines still, which was like hundreds of dollars,

00:24:45   and they waived that. They really took care of me.

00:24:48   Which is the right way to do it.

00:24:49   Like, there's nothing they could do, like that that person could do about the fact that

00:24:53   the call dropped. Like, other than this person coming to your house and installing a new

00:24:58   new telephone pole, right, which is just,

00:25:00   it's not gonna happen.

00:25:01   So like this is, they dealt with it in the right way,

00:25:03   I think, they just was like, it's up to you

00:25:05   what you wanna do, if you wanna go,

00:25:06   then that's totally fine, we'll help you out with that.

00:25:10   - And I think that any cell phone network

00:25:13   or any carrier would do that, I mean that's a pretty,

00:25:15   it's a pretty serious issue.

00:25:19   So I ended up taking both of our phones,

00:25:21   both my 6S Plus and my wife's 5S, to T-Mobile.

00:25:24   And T-Mobile's a carrier here in the States

00:25:27   depending on where you live you have drastically different opinions of. Here

00:25:31   in Memphis it's all I can speak to. It's really really good and it's a lot

00:25:36   cheaper and I'm contract free because I brought my own phone so I can leave it

00:25:40   anytime. I am still interested in the Apple upgrade plan next year. You know

00:25:47   I'm gonna see how a year goes on T-Mobile and go from there but I wanted

00:25:50   to point people to a link that I found. This is a page that I wasn't aware of.

00:25:56   apple.com/iphone/LTE and as you may know if you look at the bottom

00:26:01   the bottom of your phone on the back or if you go into settings, iPhones have a

00:26:06   model number and they differ from year to year and they depending on what year

00:26:16   a phone may work on all the US carriers or only a couple of them you know these

00:26:22   LTE bands are changing all the time and they're adding new ones. Same thing

00:26:27   overseas right? It's an ever-shifting landscape. So this page

00:26:31   will be in the show notes. Yeah I've spent a lot of time looking at this page

00:26:34   when I've considered buying funds in the US before. Mm-hmm. So yeah so it's if

00:26:41   you're looking to change at some point I think it's a good thing to have

00:26:44   bookmarked. But Myke you and I were talking about this and you were saying

00:26:48   that you are contemplating a change as well and I was curious to compare

00:26:52   You know, I'm doing this right in the middle of this transition here in the States of two

00:26:56   year contracts to you pay the phone off and you're sort of, it's not really a different

00:27:03   thing but it is sort of a different thing.

00:27:06   And I'm kind of doing the nerd dream of contract free, I own my phones but you know, it's a

00:27:10   transition here and we're in the middle of it and it's really messy right now.

00:27:13   If you go in you can like make a wrong decision and spend more money than you have to, etc.

00:27:17   etc.

00:27:18   I was kind of curious how y'all's experience with carriers were and then Myke maybe talk a little bit about what you were thinking about doing

00:27:25   Yeah, so I am currently at the end of the two-year agreement from when I got my iPhone 5s

00:27:32   So that's over now

00:27:33   So I'm out of contract which is why I'm getting missed calls from numbers that I don't know a couple of times a day

00:27:39   As I assume is my carrier trying to contact me to get me to resign

00:27:45   Because my bill at the moment is quite expensive. It's 47 pounds a month to my carrier, which is expensive for here even

00:27:53   So what is that like 60 70 dollars or something and with that I get unlimited calls and messages and eight gigabytes of data

00:28:00   That oh, see if eight or ten gigabytes of data. That's what I'm currently getting

00:28:03   So I've been looking around because I've decided that I'm just gonna from now on most likely just get phones out of contract where possible

00:28:11   So I'm looking for the best possible deal that I can find that also makes me unencumbered from a cell carrier

00:28:19   Like I don't want to be in a contract anymore

00:28:22   Just where I can avoid that type of thing. I would like to do that. So it gives me more flexibility

00:28:28   So like if one year I can't afford to buy the phone outright

00:28:31   Then I can jump straight into a contract and pick it up, right?

00:28:34   Like that's because you know you as I've mentioned before you can get phone like iPhones for free or for next to free

00:28:40   in the UK on contracts when even when they're new.

00:28:43   So I was looking around and I'm probably gonna go with the Network 3 here in the UK.

00:28:51   They don't have the best

00:28:54   coverage in certain areas. So I've ordered the SIM and I'm gonna try it out before I cancel my current.

00:29:01   But the reason that I've gone with 3 is it's I think I'm paying 25. I will be paying 25 pounds a month

00:29:07   on a 30-day rolling contract, so I'm not fixed in with them,

00:29:11   I'm fixed in with them a month at a time,

00:29:13   which is exactly what I want.

00:29:15   I get like 600 minutes, which I don't even care about,

00:29:18   unlimited text and unlimited data

00:29:20   with eight gigabytes of hotspot,

00:29:22   and that plan, that unlimited data, will work abroad.

00:29:26   So if I go to the US, I don't need a SIM anymore

00:29:31   because my data will just work,

00:29:32   and it's all part of my plan.

00:29:34   So they do a thing called, I think it's called

00:29:35   at home, something like that, or feel at home. So that's one of the reasons. They

00:29:39   have a bunch of countries in this and the US is one of them. So it's kind of

00:29:43   like a, as long as I can get LTE and it's at least half the speed of my current

00:29:49   then I'll be happy with that and I'll probably go with it just because it will

00:29:53   significantly improve my life as I'm traveling a lot more than I used to of

00:29:59   having to try and buy SIMs and paying $80 a time to get data when I'm abroad.

00:30:03   So that's probably what I'll go with. I've ordered the SIM card and I want to see if the coverage is good

00:30:08   And if it is then I'm gonna switch

00:30:11   Guys you may be surprised by the fact that I don't do contracts

00:30:16   Not surprised. I always pay cash

00:30:21   new devices I I mean I have a

00:30:25   Have a pretty sweet deal with my carrier, which isn't the one that used to you know, catch on fire two years ago

00:30:32   it's a new one. I have, they call it a package, basically I pay for DSL at home and included

00:30:43   it's, there's a sim card which gives me 3GB on my phone and some hundreds of minutes and

00:30:52   texts. I don't use that, I don't call people. So I only care about the 3GB on the phone.

00:30:59   so I never you know I don't use 4G much on my phone so I rarely go over 2

00:31:09   gigabytes each month which is good but then on my iPad I bought these offer from the

00:31:17   same ISP basically what is is it Tim it's telecom Italy and team yeah it's

00:31:26   It's basically the same one.

00:31:27   I love Tim, man.

00:31:28   I just love it says Tim on the phone.

00:31:30   Yeah, it always says Tim.

00:31:33   Basically I get 10 gigabytes of 4G each month on my iPad for basically 12 euros each month,

00:31:43   but because I'm also a customer at home with the dual DSL and iPhone offer, those gigabytes

00:31:50   on the iPad are doubled.

00:31:52   So I get 20GB of 4G LTE on my iPad each month for 12 euros a month.

00:31:59   So I never do contracts because I can always find these offers.

00:32:05   I love the coverage of Teams and telecom in Rome and I like the feeling of walking into

00:32:11   an Apple store and paying cash.

00:32:14   You know?

00:32:15   Yeah, yeah.

00:32:16   But that deal man is crazy.

00:32:19   It's a pretty good deal.

00:32:21   That's why I don't like being constrained by contracts that you gotta keep track of

00:32:28   the months, how many months are you forced to pay the contract and usually you get an

00:32:37   offer that is not as good as what you can get by paying for the device upfront and then

00:32:43   finding one of these offers.

00:32:45   So yeah, I don't like contracts guys.

00:32:51   does. But I also don't do them besides not liking them. This is all about that control

00:32:59   thing I was talking about a moment ago. You should come live in Italy Myke. I'll look

00:33:04   into that. It's nice to have options. For so long the iPhone was just on so few carriers.

00:33:15   I mean, famously AT&T only here for a long time.

00:33:19   But as they've, you know, I think LTE's been a technology that has allowed them to spread

00:33:24   out and it lets the carriers compete on crazy deals like what you're doing Federico.

00:33:28   So it's nice to be able to pick these things up and move them around as you see fit over

00:33:34   time.

00:33:35   You're not locked into something for a decade.

00:33:39   I remember in the UK it started out on one carrier as well.

00:33:41   I think the first two maybe were just on 02 at the time which was good because it was

00:33:46   the carrier that I was already on but yeah it was also locked here I remember that and

00:33:50   they always launched the phones at 602 in the evening because branding.

00:33:58   Alright let's take a second break and we've still got a bunch of stuff I want to talk

00:34:01   about today.

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00:35:04   Yeah absolutely and for the reasons you just talked about that I can encrypt all

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00:36:17   Right so Jack Dorsey is back at Twitter. Jack is back. Jack is back in the biggest

00:36:23   surprise of the year. Nobody expected this to happen but I mean I'm pretty

00:36:30   positive on the whole thing but I think it's good to have him back. I like the

00:36:35   Steve Jobs parallel story quite a lot just because it's romantic

00:36:38   in its own little way. But I'm interested to see what you guys feel. Now Federico

00:36:43   you, I think of all of us, have been the most likely to praise Twitter as a

00:36:49   company and the decisions that they make and the product itself. So I'm

00:36:54   interested in what you think about Jack Dorsey's return. I think it's a good move

00:36:59   you know. Currently many people say he's a changed man from the last time, he's been able to mature

00:37:07   to know how to grow a company, how to manage people, how to delegate, which is an essential

00:37:12   you know trait for someone who needs to lead two companies, both Twitter and Square.

00:37:20   The last three months, Twitter has seemed to be faster in terms of releasing updates,

00:37:28   even when they're not great updates, like the iPad app, it's mostly still a joke,

00:37:35   but at least they're moving quickly and now that it's returned as CEO,

00:37:41   they're also moving with this new moments feature that they launched today,

00:37:46   It's been in the works for the past few months.

00:37:49   I think he knows, Jack knows Twitter.

00:37:51   Obviously there's some kind of romanticism, as you say, not just about Steve Jobs, but

00:37:55   as a co-founder, you know, as a founder returning to a company many years later, I feel like

00:38:03   it's the right move at the right time.

00:38:06   He's, most importantly, he's a man, he's someone who knows Twitter, who uses Twitter.

00:38:12   He's always every day tweeting about all kinds of stuff, not just company announcements.

00:38:19   It doesn't matter what he's tweeting about, he's actually doing it, right?

00:38:22   Yeah.

00:38:23   He's on Twitter, he knows the product.

00:38:28   I think he has a great presence in terms of public image.

00:38:35   My only doubt is whether he will be able to do Twitter in the morning and Square in the

00:38:40   afternoon because that seems to be the plan according to a Rekout story, but I'm positive.

00:38:46   I think it's the right move.

00:38:48   My feeling about that is he will be able to just...

00:38:52   I expect that he will not be working on the day-to-day aspects at either companies and

00:38:56   will be providing an overview or just guidance as to maybe the last person to make a decision

00:39:06   about an important thing, that kind of role.

00:39:09   I see if he can do that, then that makes way more sense to me and seems like a very possible

00:39:14   thing to do.

00:39:15   But we'll see.

00:39:17   Stephen, what do you think about all of this?

00:39:21   I'm excited.

00:39:22   You know, from everything that has been reported to Federica's point has evolved and matured.

00:39:31   Square is a really interesting company that is doing really, I think, at least really

00:39:36   interesting things. I do think there might be a time and intention issue between the

00:39:43   two companies, but I think that you can look at Square and see what Jack is capable of

00:39:49   as a CEO. They're going to IPO pretty soon, this seems to be the story. The technology

00:39:58   is great. It's easy to use. For a payment system platform, they have fans. That is crazy.

00:40:06   platforms are the most exciting. Yeah, not the most exciting thing in the world

00:40:11   but Square has done a good job at everything from branding to the

00:40:16   technology to adoption and I think if Jack can wade through the muck that

00:40:23   seems to be at Twitter right now there seems to be a lot of just confusion and

00:40:29   unclear direction and I think if he can get through that and he can

00:40:35   share his vision for the product should be then I think that that'll be good.

00:40:39   I don't think it's going to be easy you know I don't think this is going to be a

00:40:44   slam dunk you know thinking about Steve Jobs came back jobs cancelled almost all

00:40:50   their products and then came out with a very simple idea of the grid of four

00:40:54   you're going to have a professional and consumer desktop and notebook. They just made

00:40:59   four Macs for a really long time it wasn't until the cube where they added a

00:41:02   at a fifth machine.

00:41:04   And Twitter's not Apple, right?

00:41:07   You can't really compare them directly,

00:41:11   but the idea that Jobs came in and sort of cleared the table

00:41:14   and like, look, what are we good at?

00:41:16   What can we do?

00:41:17   How can we simplify?

00:41:19   Those are all questions that Jack should be asking Twitter

00:41:21   because 90s Apple and Twitter of today

00:41:25   are similar in some ways.

00:41:27   There are some details that are the same,

00:41:29   that it's, the products are confusing.

00:41:32   Onboarding is difficult.

00:41:34   They financially are not in super great shape.

00:41:38   I don't know what they're trading at today,

00:41:39   but they're still well below IPO level, I believe.

00:41:42   So can he do it?

00:41:44   I think he can, but I do think this is gonna be a long road.

00:41:47   This is not gonna be a three month turnaround for Twitter.

00:41:50   But yeah, I'm excited about it.

00:41:53   I have faith that he can do it.

00:41:56   And I hope that he can,

00:41:57   'cause I love Twitter like you guys do.

00:42:00   I can't even imagine the internet or my life

00:42:03   without Twitter at this point.

00:42:04   It is so critical to everything that I do professionally

00:42:09   and a lot of things I do personally.

00:42:11   It going away is really scary.

00:42:13   I don't think Twitter's in danger of that right now,

00:42:17   but I think Jack can turn it around

00:42:20   and make it a better product than it is today.

00:42:22   That would be more than welcome.

00:42:25   - Something that Jason says about this that I quite like,

00:42:28   'cause me and him have spoken about this

00:42:29   bunch of times on upgrade is it doesn't necessarily mean he's gonna make it a

00:42:33   better product for us right but but I'm pretty much okay with that like Twitter

00:42:40   could be harder in the future to use for people that are using third-party apps

00:42:45   but more importantly I don't want it to go away right that that I care about

00:42:49   that more than the app that I use because worst case scenario I can live

00:42:53   with a Twitter app if it means that Twitter sticks around. I found it

00:42:57   interesting that he said he wants to make Twitter more useful for existing users and

00:43:03   easier for new ones.

00:43:04   I don't know if I'm reading too much into that.

00:43:09   What does it mean that they want to make it more useful?

00:43:11   Because when I see useful and existing users or power users, that usually means more advanced

00:43:18   features, the nerds, the API.

00:43:22   be interesting because I remember there was another, maybe on Recode, another story a

00:43:28   few weeks ago about Jack wanting to keep the API and actually bring new features to third-party

00:43:35   Twitter clients. That would be interesting to see what kind of approach they want to

00:43:40   take with these other apps. Basically on iOS there's Twitterrific and Tweetbot left of

00:43:45   all the major players. You know, it used to be many many Twitter clients a few years ago,

00:43:50   Now it's mostly down to two of them, maybe four if you want to count some of the minor

00:43:55   ones, or at least the ones with a smaller user base.

00:43:58   It'll be interesting to see what it means by more useful and existing users.

00:44:05   Do you mean existing in the way that they already know Twitter or maybe they exist in

00:44:10   other apps?

00:44:11   That's my question.

00:44:12   I'm curious.

00:44:13   >> Yeah, I think it's going to be interesting to see for sure.

00:44:17   But hey, it's time.

00:44:20   I'm pleased that he's back because I think that it just gives it gives it more of that story as well

00:44:26   I think Twitter as a company need right now. Yeah, which I think which I think is really fun

00:44:30   yeah, I mean, I mean Twitter is so as a as a service is so iconic and

00:44:35   Sometimes look at Twitter as a service and how I use it and Twitter as a company and it's hard to imagine that

00:44:42   They're one of the same right that

00:44:45   You know you look at Apple as a company you could Apple as a products and very clearly the same thing right that Apple

00:44:51   generates the products it does because Apple is the way that it is and

00:44:56   The Twitter that we know is nerds is not mainstream Twitter

00:44:59   and you know there's there's that that stress there right between users like us and the company and then the service at large and

00:45:07   that's I

00:45:08   Can't imagine that being super high up on on the to-do list for Jack. I've taken care of users like us

00:45:14   but I do think that there's room for alignment between

00:45:18   The Twitter the company and Twitter the service and and that's maybe a little disjointed right now

00:45:25   definitely

00:45:27   Alright, should we do some we've been doing collecting some connected Q&A

00:45:31   Last day or so. So how do you do you want to do this round robin style? Yes. Yeah. Okay round robin style

00:45:38   So I will begin and then should we go me Federico Steven?

00:45:44   Let's go from based on latitude. So let's go from

00:45:48   east to west

00:45:51   So what's what's more to the east Italy London or Rome depends where you're starting from?

00:45:58   What's this place this is

00:46:04   All right

00:46:07   Your first and so let's go Federico sure and me because then we'll go around the globe that way

00:46:12   So Federico, would you like to take the question from Ken?

00:46:15   >> Federico Paeschi Yes.

00:46:17   So Ken asks, "Do you think an iPad 3 is coming?

00:46:23   Upgrade my Air to a new iPad Air 2 now or hold off?

00:46:27   I won't split screen badly."

00:46:31   And man, I don't know.

00:46:34   We haven't heard anything about an iPad Air 3 and usually about, you know, when it comes

00:46:39   to iPads and new Apple devices, if Mark Gurman doesn't say anything about new devices coming

00:46:44   soon, that's usually a sign that you should purchase an iPad Air 2.

00:46:49   Now at least what's current now, if you really want split screen badly, I would say the iPad

00:46:55   Air 2 is an excellent iPad.

00:46:58   It's still going to be powerful enough next year.

00:47:01   You can use split view until the next generation of iPads.

00:47:07   And if you really don't want an iPad Pro but you want to keep the 10 inch iPad and you

00:47:12   want to try Split View, I would say buy an iPad R2 now.

00:47:15   That's my answer.

00:47:16   I'm going to go for one of my theories.

00:47:20   So I think now that all iPads will begin to go on an every two year cycle with the exception

00:47:27   of the iPad Pro for the first and second version.

00:47:31   So I believe that the iPad Pro will get a version this year and a version next year

00:47:35   and then it will join the Mini and the Air

00:47:37   for every two years.

00:47:39   There's just not enough to keep putting in them.

00:47:41   And they don't sell as well as the iPhones,

00:47:44   so they may as well pack a bunch of power into them

00:47:47   like they've just done to the Mini,

00:47:49   and then just do it every two years.

00:47:52   That's my feeling on it.

00:47:53   I don't think they need to be doing iPads every year

00:47:55   if the sales currently are not saying

00:47:58   that that makes any sense.

00:48:00   - Yeah, I agree.

00:48:01   We talked about that a couple weeks ago, right,

00:48:03   they could be going to a more computer-like release cycle.

00:48:08   And I think that's fine.

00:48:09   I mean, I've got the Air 2, and all three of us do,

00:48:13   and it's such a good machine.

00:48:15   Like, if you're on an older iPad,

00:48:18   there's no reason not to upgrade, in my mind,

00:48:20   to an Air 2 at this point.

00:48:22   It really is a good device.

00:48:25   And I think iPads age really well.

00:48:27   I mean, you can look at the long tail of sales,

00:48:29   that much people are running around

00:48:31   with iPad 2s and 3s still,

00:48:32   and they're fine on iOS 9, more or less.

00:48:35   And so I think it's totally cool that Apple

00:48:37   goes to a slower cycle where one year the Mini gets updated,

00:48:42   one year the Air gets updated,

00:48:43   no stress from me on that sort of thing.

00:48:47   So I think Ken, I think if you wanna upgrade

00:48:50   for split screen and stuff,

00:48:51   the Air 2 is a good choice for you.

00:48:53   - I agree.

00:48:54   - So, I'm next.

00:48:59   You have the only name that is impossible to pronounce.

00:49:02   Go on, Stephen.

00:49:04   "Guyak."

00:49:05   "Guyak?"

00:49:06   I don't think, it was their username.

00:49:07   It wasn't, they didn't have a name on their Twitter profile.

00:49:10   Sounds like "Kai-yak."

00:49:11   I was gonna go with "Jack."

00:49:14   "Jack."

00:49:15   "Jack."

00:49:16   It's G-I-A-C-K for the listeners out there that can't see our document.

00:49:19   "Jack."

00:49:20   That's how you say "Jack" if you're from Mississippi.

00:49:22   "Jack!"

00:49:23   "Jack."

00:49:24   "Mississippi burn."

00:49:26   I promise you at least one listener did not hear any difference between the way I mockingly

00:49:30   said it and the way I actually said it, so let's leave that there.

00:49:34   Does iOS 9 search not support looking up definitions in the dictionary?

00:49:38   Know of any app that lets you do that.

00:49:40   Federico, do you want to answer this one?

00:49:42   You're the iOS 9 expert.

00:49:45   I don't think it supports looking up dictionary entries.

00:49:48   I was never able to do that with Spotlight on iOS 9.

00:49:52   There's a bunch of dictionary apps on the App Store, there's Terminology, it's an excellent

00:49:58   dictionary app.

00:50:00   I don't know if it integrates with Spotlight but I don't think it does because it means

00:50:06   that you should be able to look up any word, any definition in the iOS 9 search page.

00:50:13   I don't think it's possible to do that so I would recommend installing one of these

00:50:19   dictionary apps and using the search feature inside the app.

00:50:22   It would make sense to be able to have a system-wide dictionary in the spotlight page, but the

00:50:28   problem I guess is that for every word there should be a dictionary entry and maybe Apple

00:50:36   doesn't want to do that, maybe they will do it eventually as the search page gets more

00:50:41   stable or faster, I don't know.

00:50:45   You cannot do this right now.

00:50:48   - You can definitely, I think you should definitely

00:50:50   get terminology, but another like real quick way to do it

00:50:55   would be to open an app like notes or messages,

00:50:57   type a word, double tap and click the define button.

00:51:00   Like.

00:51:01   - Yeah, but it wants to be able to just.

00:51:02   - I know to search it easy.

00:51:04   There isn't an easy way to define a word,

00:51:06   but it is possible to define a word in iOS.

00:51:09   - Or it could be like on the Mac with Alfred.

00:51:13   I have a shortcut for the definitions, which is def.

00:51:17   So I type like "def" - I don't know, what's a word that I like - I don't know, coffee.

00:51:26   So I type "def coffee" and it gives me a preview snippet in the Alfred little box with the

00:51:31   definition so I don't even have to open the dictionary app or to open an app and then

00:51:36   click "define".

00:51:38   That would be cool on iOS to have a shortcut for definitions and then kind of append the

00:51:43   the word that you want to define and see a preview with the snippet in the search page.

00:51:48   But no.

00:51:50   There's one other thing we could try and do that I didn't think of until just now.

00:51:56   Define connected.

00:51:57   Wait, hang on.

00:51:59   Define connected.

00:52:00   Connect means bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established.

00:52:07   There you go.

00:52:08   So Siri will do it.

00:52:10   Siri will do it.

00:52:12   Yeah, I mean I think if you know something like terminology

00:52:18   supports spotlight then I wonder if that was a something that Apple left out just

00:52:23   to suit you know hoping that third-party app would would solve because on OS X

00:52:26   you can well in my backboard you can force touch a word or you can triple tap

00:52:30   there's a bunch of different things because there's a system dictionary on

00:52:33   OS X and it defines it in a little popover but um yeah it's a good question I

00:52:38   I didn't really thought about it, but it's a good one.

00:52:42   So the next question will come from me then, and that is from Matthew.

00:52:46   Matthew has asked, "Yesterday," as we were recording, which is the 6th of October 2015,

00:52:51   "It has been four years since Steve Jobs passed away.

00:52:55   How do you think that Apple has changed for the better or for the worse?"

00:52:59   Stephen, I can see you have many thoughts.

00:53:01   Why don't you begin?

00:53:03   I do.

00:53:04   I think that the idea that Apple is Steve Jobs' best product

00:53:09   and maybe most important product is true.

00:53:13   I think that he, especially in later years,

00:53:16   through things like Apple University

00:53:18   and grooming his leadership team,

00:53:22   most of which is still in place,

00:53:24   I think he was setting up Apple to stay the course

00:53:28   in not necessarily in the way that Jobs made decisions

00:53:32   or the way that he thought, but that systematically,

00:53:35   that from an organizational standpoint,

00:53:37   Apple would be okay.

00:53:41   That said, I do think the company is different.

00:53:45   I think you can look at things like

00:53:48   the way the iPad line is, right?

00:53:52   That there's a lot of old ones in there now

00:53:53   to hit a price point.

00:53:55   That I'm not sure would have happened under Jobs.

00:53:57   I think that if anything, Apple has deviated

00:54:02   course a little bit into more logistic type thinking,

00:54:07   16 gig phones, right?

00:54:10   And that Jobs was better at making decisions by feel

00:54:14   and by thinking about the sort of the real world,

00:54:19   maybe a little bit more than Cook

00:54:23   and present leadership does.

00:54:25   You know, I'm not saying that that's good or bad,

00:54:29   I think it's bad in some cases,

00:54:31   but I think it's different.

00:54:32   I think that if you have a scale of what feels right

00:54:36   or wrong and then what makes sense on paper,

00:54:39   I think maybe they tilt towards what's better

00:54:44   on paper a little bit.

00:54:45   And of course there are examples of that

00:54:47   in Steve Jobs' time as well.

00:54:49   The chat room just pointed out that two little RAM

00:54:52   and devices and a Macs happened under Steve Jobs.

00:54:54   So I mean, that's always been going on.

00:54:57   Apple's always kind of been on the cheap side sometimes,

00:55:00   but I feel like it's a little more so now.

00:55:02   I don't think it's out of hand yet,

00:55:04   but I do hope that they course correct at some point

00:55:07   to make sure they don't fall too far down that hole.

00:55:11   - So I mean, I said this before,

00:55:14   and I still feel the same,

00:55:15   that I believe that as a company,

00:55:19   Apple is better under Tim.

00:55:21   Like as an organization,

00:55:22   and what an organization's effect can be on the world,

00:55:26   because Tim is way more,

00:55:29   he seems way more altruistic at least on the outside and with what the company is able to do

00:55:34   and it seems like he is more focused on making an effect on the world from what he as a person can do

00:55:41   than maybe Steve was. Steve seemed to funnel all of that into the products that he created and

00:55:46   changed the world that way where Tim is, you know, he makes political stands in some ways and he

00:55:53   made, you know, when he came out as being gay and he wrote that great post about it, like those

00:55:58   sort of things I think that they are really important from the most powerful

00:56:03   man and the most one of the most powerful companies in the world so I

00:56:06   think that Apple as a company is doing a lot of stuff differently that I really

00:56:12   really like but of course you know who doesn't miss Steve yeah that's a good

00:56:17   point Myke I think Apple maybe more so than other companies it sort of molds

00:56:24   itself to its CEO's agenda and personality even, right?

00:56:29   So Jobs, Apple was maybe more artistic,

00:56:35   maybe more, a little more free-spirited in some ways,

00:56:40   but very secretive.

00:56:41   And you look at Tim's Apple and like you said,

00:56:44   so much more going on in the way of just doing good

00:56:47   in the world, right?

00:56:48   They have the employee donation matching program,

00:56:51   all this stuff that big corporations should all have,

00:56:53   but that's what's important to Tim.

00:56:54   And so it's important to Apple as well.

00:56:57   And he uses Apple as a weapon in those fights sometimes.

00:57:01   And I agree with you, I think it's great.

00:57:03   I think it's, on my list, the number one best thing

00:57:07   that Tim has done, from a CEO perspective,

00:57:10   is using Apple as a force for good.

00:57:14   It's not something that Jobs is particularly interested in

00:57:17   most of the time.

00:57:20   I feel like there's a certain empathy about Tim Cook's Apple that I couldn't feel under

00:57:30   Steve Jobs.

00:57:31   Like when Steve was around, and I don't just miss Steve, I'm sad because I know that I

00:57:43   will never get to meet Steve, even from a distance.

00:57:47   I miss the fact that it's gone as a person, not just as a CEO.

00:57:53   But I feel like when Steve was around, Apple was more of a... like an artistic piece.

00:58:00   Apple was his creation and instead with Tim Cook, he's still working on Apple as a sort

00:58:07   of... as a company, as an idea with the Apple University, with all these things to keep

00:58:13   the culture intact.

00:58:16   But it's also using Apple to make good in the world and that makes me feel closer to

00:58:25   Apple today.

00:58:26   You know, when you look at its letter when it came out as gay and also all the initiatives

00:58:36   to match employees' donations to a research kit, health kit and the Apple Watch and the

00:58:43   fitness aspect. It makes it feel more, I don't want to say human, because you know

00:58:48   Steve was a person too, but I see Apple as having an impact on society, on

00:58:55   many other things in our lives, not just an appreciation of the device, of the

00:59:03   product, but Apple as an organization that uses the money to improve other

00:59:09   aspects of our life and of our planet and that's different and I feel like that's better.

00:59:16   For me it looks like a better Apple, although I do miss Steve of course.

00:59:21   Yeah I think that goes without saying for all of us but there is a difference there

00:59:27   that is interesting to see for sure.

00:59:30   Alright, shall we take a break and then move on?

00:59:34   Yeah.

00:59:35   So I want to take a break now to tell you about something that's quite difficult, but

00:59:41   this is a simple ad for that difficult thing, which is working for yourself.

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01:01:21   There'll be a link in the show notes.

01:01:24   And Andrew is @cpaandrew on Twitter.

01:01:26   So thank you so much to our lovely accountant for sponsoring this week's episode.

01:01:29   So, Federico, do you want to carry on?

01:01:33   Yes, so the next question is actually directed at me, from Mikkel, I guess.

01:01:41   Yeah, we'll go with Mikkel.

01:01:43   Mikkel, what does Federico think of the iPad Mini 4?

01:01:49   I don't know what to think, I guess it's a, if you like the iPad Mini, it's a good update,

01:01:55   faster, it's got a much better screen, it allows for more multitasking features on iOS 9.

01:02:04   It really depends on whether you want to try the new multitasking stuff, so slide over

01:02:09   and split view on a bigger iPad like the iPad R2 and the upcoming iPad Pro or if you want

01:02:15   the same features on a smaller iPad.

01:02:18   So keep in mind, Mikael, that with such a small screen, using two apps at the same time

01:02:25   can feel really cramped, I guess. There's simply not enough room to show two apps, I

01:02:32   mean, you can show two apps, you can use two apps at the same time, but it won't be as

01:02:38   comfortable or as easy maybe to interact with them as it would be on an iPad Air 2 or an

01:02:44   iPad Pro. Also keep in mind that on the iPad R2 when you use two apps in compact mode,

01:02:50   you can already tell that you're using two small apps and that's on a 10 inch device.

01:02:57   I would suggest if you're looking at the iPad Mini 4 because of the improved hardware and

01:03:02   the new iOS 9 features, I would say go to an Apple Store, check it out with the Split

01:03:07   View with Slide Over, see how it feels to use two apps at the same time on an iPad Mini.

01:03:14   And try to do the same on an iPad Air 2 and see what you find more, not useful because

01:03:21   you may not be able to judge the utility of that during an Apple Store demo, but just

01:03:26   the physical aspect of using two apps, tapping interface elements on an iPad Mini 4.

01:03:32   If you love the iPad Mini, get the iPad Mini 4 because it's much better, color reproduction

01:03:38   on the screen is better than the iPad Mini 3, it's got better hardware.

01:03:42   If you really need or like an iPad Mini, go with the iPad Mini 4, but if it's a software-related

01:03:50   question, I would say try it first on every iPad.

01:03:57   Maybe just wait a month, try it on the iPad Pro too, but if you're the type of guy who

01:04:01   likes an iPad Mini, maybe you don't want to use an iPad Pro.

01:04:05   But still, try multitasking on the iPad Mini 4 and the iPad R2 and see how it feels to

01:04:10   use it.

01:04:11   That would be my recommendation.

01:04:13   - So I'm breaking the round robin format

01:04:15   because I had some questions that I wanted to ask you.

01:04:18   (laughs)

01:04:19   - Okay.

01:04:20   - So Myke wrote in to say,

01:04:23   so Federico, if the iPad Pro--

01:04:26   - Oh, this is you, Myke, you.

01:04:27   - This is me.

01:04:28   This is why I'm breaking the format.

01:04:29   I have asked the question.

01:04:31   If the iPad Pro ends up being amazing for you

01:04:34   and you love it, would you consider a two iPad system?

01:04:37   Now I know this sounds crazy, right?

01:04:39   But I imagine one for power, the iPad Pro, and one for portability, like how I have a

01:04:44   Mac at home and a laptop and iPad that I take to somewhere else.

01:04:48   I don't think that sounds crazy when you put it in those terms.

01:04:51   So would you consider something like this?

01:04:53   You would say business at the desk and party on the go.

01:04:57   Exactly.

01:04:58   That's your idea.

01:04:59   Yeah, that's my idea.

01:05:00   And Myke, no.

01:05:03   I wouldn't do that because I know that I said that I use the iPad, you know, when I walk

01:05:10   around the house, when I'm in my car, when I'm waiting somewhere for, you know, longer

01:05:16   than an hour, but I wouldn't use two iPads, Myke.

01:05:21   Yeah, but the feeling is like, say you get the iPad Pro and you're like, this is incredible.

01:05:25   This is the perfect iPad experience.

01:05:26   I have two apps side by side.

01:05:28   I have this great keyboard.

01:05:30   But then you're like, ah, this is too big to use in the car.

01:05:33   I really love this fantastic device with the OS that I love at home, do you see where I'm

01:05:40   going with it?

01:05:41   So then you're torn.

01:05:42   And then the logical situation then is to get an iPad Mini 4 and an iPad Pro so you

01:05:47   can get the best of both worlds.

01:05:48   I thought about this, Myke.

01:05:51   But two factors to consider.

01:05:55   My girlfriend would kill me if I had to use two iPads to buy two iPads.

01:06:00   Because at that point I would go with the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini 4, which means

01:06:04   two iPads to buy and also a new iPhone.

01:06:08   From a family perspective, it's not a wise decision, Myke.

01:06:11   I would feel bad about buying all this stuff.

01:06:15   And I would also look stupid.

01:06:16   I'm the guy with two iPads, you know?

01:06:20   But the main problem, Myke, is that if I'm going with the iPad Pro, I'm going all in

01:06:26   with the iPad Pro.

01:06:27   I'm going to use it every time.

01:06:30   You know, I don't understand, it's not that I don't understand, I couldn't do with the

01:06:39   CGP strategy of having multiple iPads, I just would go crazy with having the same notification

01:06:45   settings on both iPads, having the same workflows, having the same icons in the same place.

01:06:53   my mind couldn't bear two iPads, because I would have... I obsess over consistency when

01:07:01   it comes to wallpapers, icons, the sharesheet with the same menus in the same place, you

01:07:07   know? So two iPads would be a problem for that. But the main thing is, if I buy an iPad

01:07:15   Pro it's because I feel like I can use it anywhere. And I want to have that... because

01:07:22   Because I wouldn't want to be in a position where I wish I was at home with my iPad Pro

01:07:28   because the multitasking is so much better on the iPad Pro, but now I'm in the car and

01:07:32   I'm kind of using the iPad Mini 4, but I'm like "I really don't want to use this iPad,

01:07:36   I wish I had the iPad Pro".

01:07:38   And at that point, if the experience of iOS 9 is so much better on the Pro, I'm just going

01:07:42   to use the Pro all the time.

01:07:44   And if I need the portability, I do what I do now.

01:07:46   In those cases, I have a 6+.

01:07:50   I cannot wait for the iPad Pro to come out.

01:07:53   And see what I do.

01:07:54   So we can see what you actually end up doing.

01:07:56   Not that I think you won't do what you're saying, but I'm really kind of looking forward

01:08:00   to, not in a mean way, the crisis you're going to have as to how you continue.

01:08:05   Because this is a very, very different device and it has a lot of good things, but potentially

01:08:11   some bad things.

01:08:12   So I'm very interested.

01:08:14   I'm more excited for this device to come out for you to try it than I am for me to try

01:08:19   Right.

01:08:20   But I have to say, I have to say that I put together this Q&A and some of the show notes

01:08:25   stuff today on my iPad, which I usually don't do that, and being able to use the slide over

01:08:31   for Twitter and just copying the tweets and then pasting them into the document was very,

01:08:35   very nice.

01:08:36   I mean, it would have been even better if the Google Docs app had multitasking support

01:08:40   so I didn't have to keep swiping backwards and forwards, but that's a discussion for

01:08:42   another time.

01:08:44   I really, really did find it a pleasurable experience to sit and do that this morning.

01:08:49   All I'm saying, Myke, is that if I find myself able to use the iPad Pro,

01:08:56   it has to be for me an iPad monogamy, you know? I cannot have two iPads.

01:09:04   You're just fishing for a title now.

01:09:05   No, no, no, no. I was trying to think of the best word to describe this one-way relationship,

01:09:14   And that's it, you know, there can only be one iPad in my life because all my icons,

01:09:21   all my apps, all my workflows, all my notifications, and if I like that iPad, I know I want to

01:09:30   use it all the time.

01:09:32   So just not two iPads, Myke.

01:09:35   I cannot do that.

01:09:36   You have a lot of love to give, but just for one iPad.

01:09:39   Yes.

01:09:40   For a year until you upgrade it.

01:09:42   There is that.

01:09:43   That's another topic.

01:09:45   That's another topic.

01:09:47   Okay, Steven, you're up next.

01:09:49   Will asks, "What are your thoughts on Nespresso?"

01:09:52   So this is, in case you didn't catch that, but you'd go, "Nespresso," with an "N".

01:09:57   Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know Nespresso.

01:09:59   Okay.

01:10:01   This is difficult. So, you know when, like, it's 4 a.m. and you don't want to cook, you know,

01:10:09   you just go to a McDonald's because that's the only thing that's open at 4am.

01:10:14   And it's easy and fast and you don't have to do anything about it.

01:10:17   That's the same with Nespresso.

01:10:20   I have many friends who buy Nespresso, but that's what you do when you cannot make an

01:10:29   espresso because maybe you don't want to, it's easier, it's faster.

01:10:34   My parents drink Nespresso every day and I'm ashamed because, you know, why would they

01:10:42   do that?

01:10:43   But my thoughts, see, how can I give you my thoughts?

01:10:47   It's like...

01:10:48   You bring shame to our family.

01:10:54   My thought is I always have time for a real espresso.

01:10:59   But if you find yourself in the position where it's so much easier and it's faster and it's

01:11:06   convenient, also from a pricing perspective maybe, it's not the end of the world and it's

01:11:13   still better than what these American people do.

01:11:18   It's a kind of, you know, really think about it, think if you want to go the Nespresso

01:11:23   way.

01:11:24   If you really have to, know that at least you will be better positioned to experience a decent or at least sufficient level of caffeine and taste than what these other guys do.

01:11:41   Definitely.

01:11:43   Sorry Steven, sorry Myke.

01:11:44   No, don't apologise, I'm not a massive fan of it.

01:11:47   Nikhil asked, "Do you guys use screen protectors on your iPhones?"

01:11:53   I don't, I really hate these things.

01:11:56   Yeah, I don't.

01:11:58   It's the same theory that I have every time.

01:12:02   All these protections that people put on their phones and tablets, they just make them bulky

01:12:08   and then there's a little...

01:12:11   When you use these screen protectors, there's always that little bubble between the protector

01:12:16   and the screen that bothers me immensely every time I look at a friend's iPhone. I don't

01:12:24   like it.

01:12:27   Steven of you.

01:12:28   Nope. That's gross in every way. It's up to you Federico.

01:12:35   From Graham, what kind of recurring reminders do you guys put in "due" - so it's the reminder

01:12:43   app or another app. So recurring reminders, want to pay rent each month, otherwise my

01:12:53   landlord is going to kick me out. Pay rent, pay the bills. Actually I've been using todo

01:13:02   for the past few months because of one simple feature, checklists. I have many repeating

01:13:09   checklists that I go through each week. So I have a checklist for MaxAriesWeekly, our

01:13:15   newsletter, because there's a bunch of steps that I need to make sure they're complete,

01:13:20   you know, every Friday. I have a checklist for assembling the virtual document, the show

01:13:25   that Myke and I do about video games. What else? I created checklists during the summer

01:13:34   for the iOS 9 beta because there were a few things that I wanted to check on each beta

01:13:39   seed.

01:13:40   That wasn't exactly a repeating one, it was just a checklist that I went through and I

01:13:45   repeated that for each beta, but there was no fixed schedule.

01:13:49   So the ones that I make a recurring reminder each week is pay rent, pay the bills, do the

01:13:57   virtual document and prepare Mac service weekly.

01:14:00   That's what I do.

01:14:01   I really like the look of their app. It's very pretty. But that icon...

01:14:06   The to-do icon?

01:14:08   Yeah.

01:14:08   Yeah, try not to be too political about icons.

01:14:12   I can't help it though. I look at it and it's upsetting to me.

01:14:16   I want to try this out though because I like the idea of that.

01:14:20   I use OmniFocus and I love OmniFocus but I would like to be able to have

01:14:26   recurring checklists for certain things and I don't want to put all of those actions

01:14:31   in OmniFocus because then my forecast for you says 30 which gives me an undue amount of stress.

01:14:38   So I like the idea of, so I assume you can set up a checklist and then say this you have to show me

01:14:45   this checklist every Monday at two o'clock. - Yep. - I'm gonna give it a go and I like that it's

01:14:50   everywhere. It's one of those apps. I'm all about systems. - They're coming out with a great update

01:14:55   for iOS 9 and there's so... like it can be complex. It's the kind of app with a lot of

01:15:02   options and a lot of settings but once you configure it the way you want it, it can be

01:15:07   super powerful. You can do checklists that are complete. When they're done you can make

01:15:12   them recurring checklists and say "I want to repeat this upon completion" so it starts

01:15:19   and new basically, it's so much easier to save links in this app from the extension

01:15:26   when you use Safari or other apps.

01:15:30   And the next update is going to have some more shortcuts that I suggested, so I'm really

01:15:35   excited about what to do.

01:15:38   But it can be a little too much for some people.

01:15:41   Still, if you want the checklist, Myke, it's your best option I guess I think.

01:15:46   Alright, I'm gonna, I'll take a look at it. I'll take a look at it. But I mean, the sort of stuff, I don't really put a lot of recurring reminders in due.

01:15:54   I have one in there, just to remind me to turn Audio Hijack on with me and Gray Record Cortex,

01:16:02   because we don't record live, we don't have another backup, so I want to make sure we have a backup.

01:16:06   And then I put things in there kind of on a daily basis, like take out the trash, that kind of stuff.

01:16:12   just like these little reminders that I want to set for myself or time to have

01:16:16   lunch because you have to have lunch now because you have to call it to a

01:16:18   o'clock that kind of thing. It may be controversial but I don't use a separate

01:16:24   app for little reminders like that all that goes into OmniFocus so I have a

01:16:28   project called home and that's where things like every Sunday evening take

01:16:32   the bin down to the street so the guys come on Monday morning and pick it up

01:16:36   and that's sort of just repetitive stuff but so much of my work at Relay is

01:16:41   repetitive so I have two days a week where I, that's fine, so like Tuesday and Friday are bank days so

01:16:51   Tuesday and Friday I have repeating tasks of like I need to do these four

01:16:55   things or you know however many it is to complete bank day and it's you know go

01:17:00   by the post office you know etc etc and so for me any system that does not offer

01:17:08   good repeating tasks is just not useful to me. And all that's an

01:17:13   OmniFocus for me. So it's all kind of mixed in together. So I know some people

01:17:16   forget when they hear that, that you know little to-dos and your projects should

01:17:20   be different. But for me it's all just kind of in one place and that works

01:17:25   well for me. So yeah I live by recurring tasks most of the time. See I use the

01:17:32   OmniFocus forecast view as an indicator of how busy my day is gonna be. So see

01:17:37   - Seeing like 25 on there would make me feel like

01:17:41   I will be working for 35 hours today.

01:17:44   - Yeah.

01:17:45   - You know, like I can't, it just doesn't,

01:17:47   I like to see like under 10.

01:17:50   - You're not working 35 hours a day?

01:17:52   - Not yet, I'm working on it, I'm up to 26.

01:17:55   - Yeah, me too.

01:17:56   Zach asks, what do you guys,

01:18:02   what have you guys used split view on El Capitan

01:18:05   for the most?

01:18:06   having two Safari windows open side by side is what Zach says. What about

01:18:11   you Myke? At the moment I've been using it for a presentation that I'm working on

01:18:15   for release notes the most so I've had Keynote and Notes next to each other.

01:18:20   I haven't really used Split View too much outside of that. I've done it with

01:18:23   like Chrome tabs so like if I'm looking at one spreadsheet and I need another

01:18:29   spreadsheet then I might set up to Chrome windows and put them next to each

01:18:32   other that kind of stuff so it's pretty cool for that. Yeah that's... Pass. Yeah, yeah, okay. That's a good point.

01:18:42   I haven't been doing it a lot but buying very similar uses as you so the other day I

01:18:47   needed to reconcile a couple spreadsheets and have them side by side. I tried using

01:18:53   it for some research I was doing for an article where I had Chrome and then I

01:18:57   had had notes and that's nice I mean it's there's still you know a little

01:19:02   weirdness if you go to open a new window it doesn't quite know where to go and

01:19:05   there's some rough edges with the way it's implemented but all in all like I

01:19:09   didn't think I'd use it at all so using it a handful of times is a win for for

01:19:13   the new split view but you know I'm using it you know either I mean the

01:19:18   smallest Mac display I use now is my 15 inch MacBook Pro usually it's hooked up

01:19:22   to a 27 inch display on my desk so it's it's it's nice big but I think if I had

01:19:27   a smaller machine like if I was using my wife's MacBook more I could see it being

01:19:31   a bigger boon on something like that, like full screen was.

01:19:35   But yeah, it's helpful under certain circumstances for me, but definitely not something I'm using

01:19:41   all day every day.

01:19:43   I wish I could do split screen with Safari tabs or Chrome tabs on iOS.

01:19:50   Yeah, have two instances of the browser open.

01:19:56   You can sort of fake this.

01:19:58   I'm gonna give you a t-t-tip, Myke.

01:20:01   If you really need to see two web pages at the same time, you could do this.

01:20:08   Install Copy Feed from the App Store, it's a clipboard manager.

01:20:12   What this lets you do is you can copy a link to a web page, put it into Copy Feed, then

01:20:21   you can tap and hold the link and it gives you an option to open, which brings up Safari

01:20:26   View Controller.

01:20:28   you can open Safari, split the screen and you have Safari View Controller and Safari

01:20:32   next to each other in Split View.

01:20:34   >> NICK BUTCHER-

01:20:54   I... so I'm sorry I'm...

01:20:57   You cannot perfect art and love, huh?

01:21:00   You know, as Noel Gallagher used to say, "True perfection has to be imperfect."

01:21:08   So I'll tell you what I do, and I apologize to American listeners who may not be used

01:21:12   to these units.

01:21:15   What I do is, each hundred grams of pasta, a hundred milliliters of sauce.

01:21:23   Let me specify here. It depends on the sauce, right? I

01:21:27   Buy one of one of those. I don't know how you call it in America. Can I use Italian here?

01:21:35   Yes, please. It's Paul Padipomodoro

01:21:38   It's tomato

01:21:41   Not, you know the one that is mostly liquid. There's like little pieces of tomato and

01:21:47   it's like

01:21:50   Man, I really don't know how to call this in English

01:21:53   It's like it's like a tomato sauce with pieces of tomato in it. Yeah, it's not all completely blended

01:21:59   Yeah, it's the good one. You know the good quality not just it looks like ketchup. It doesn't look like ketchup

01:22:06   It's little pieces and it's not completely liquid and blended

01:22:10   So when I have to prepare sauce that has you know tomato in it

01:22:15   I try to do this ratio so a hundred milliliters for a hundred grams

01:22:20   usually in my house a

01:22:24   Single portion for one person is a hundred grams at least

01:22:29   So what Sylvia and I do is two hundred grams for two people so 200 grams of pasta and

01:22:36   A single can of pulpa which is two around 200 milliliters. Do you?

01:22:45   Yeah, I do.

01:22:47   Because each pasta has a different, each piece has a different weight.

01:22:52   So I haven't learned how to do it just by looking at it.

01:22:58   I need to weigh it.

01:22:59   We have a scale with an LCD display.

01:23:03   So I try to use this ratio but it's mostly, and this sounds totally idealistic, it has

01:23:13   to feel good when it's in the frying pan, when you're cooking the sauce, it has to look,

01:23:22   it has to feel like the right amount of sauce for the type of pasta that you're cooking.

01:23:28   And it really depends also on taste. Do you like your pasta to have a lot of sauce? Do

01:23:34   you like it to be not dry, but still that it's not too much?

01:23:39   I like a drier pasta personally.

01:23:41   Yeah, yeah.

01:23:42   And it depends on the kind of sauce.

01:23:44   There's some sauces that I like, you know, it needs to be a lot of sauce and less pasta.

01:23:50   Other types of, you know, pasta that I like to have like a lot of penete, for example,

01:23:57   and not as much sauce.

01:23:59   So there's no perfect ratio.

01:24:01   That's what I was trying to say.

01:24:02   When it comes to the polpa, that's what I try to do.

01:24:06   but it really depends on what you're trying to cook.

01:24:10   Just one thing about cooking pasta for American and European listeners, please don't overcook

01:24:16   your pasta.

01:24:18   Whatever's on the box for cooking time, do two minutes less.

01:24:21   Al dente.

01:24:22   What was that?

01:24:23   I've forgotten it again.

01:24:24   Yes.

01:24:25   Motto al dente.

01:24:26   Motto al dente.

01:24:27   There we go.

01:24:28   So if it says 10 minutes, try to do eight and then, this is another common mistake,

01:24:34   And just take the pasta and just drip the sauce on it while on the plate.

01:24:41   Take the pasta, put it in the same pan of the sauce and give it another minute to mix

01:24:46   it all together.

01:24:48   To mix the pasta with the sauce, then put it in the plate.

01:24:52   So you will enjoy some really mixed pasta and sauce really together.

01:24:58   Al dente.

01:25:00   So it's not soft.

01:25:02   Nobody likes soft pasta.

01:25:05   You're supposed to eat pasta, not a marshmallow.

01:25:08   That's what I do.

01:25:09   Stephen, as the gluten-free member of the group, what is your opinion on this?

01:25:15   Miserable pasta.

01:25:16   Oh no!

01:25:17   And on that note, I want to take a moment to thank everybody for listening this week.

01:25:26   Thanks to Linda, Ark, and Andrew at NCH for sponsoring this week's episode.

01:25:31   Thank you all for listening, as I said if you want to catch us online there's a few

01:25:34   places you can do that. You can go to Macstories.net for Federico's writing, you can go to 512pixels.net

01:25:40   for Stevens and you can follow us all on Twitter. I am @imike, I M Y K E, Federico is @vitiici,

01:25:45   V I T I C C I, Steven is @ismh and the show is @_connected FM and we'll be back next time.

01:25:53   Until then, say goodbye guys.

01:25:55   Adios derci.