59: Built for Experimentation


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00:00:20   My name is Myke Hurley and I have the pleasure as always by being joined by Mr Federico Fittigi.

00:00:24   Hello Myke.

00:00:26   Hello Federico.

00:00:27   Hi.

00:00:28   Hi, I'm Mr. Steven Hackett as well. Hello, sir, how are you?

00:00:32   Hello, Myke, and also hello, Federico.

00:00:35   Hello, Steven, and also Myke again.

00:00:37   And hello to the listeners out there.

00:00:40   This has been Connected.

00:00:43   Anyway, Steven, let's do some follow-up.

00:00:46   Yeah, so it's two-part follow-up today.

00:00:50   The first one is about 3D Touch.

00:00:53   We're going to talk about 3D Touch later in the show.

00:00:55   Are we following up before we've even got to the topic?

00:00:58   Yeah, well, because we have to take care of the past issues with the topic before we can

00:01:02   move to the present issues of the topic.

00:01:04   Okay.

00:01:05   What?

00:01:06   Have you not learned anything about how this works?

00:01:08   This has gotten so confusing, all these prepositions after the follow part of the show.

00:01:13   Follow up, follow in, follow out.

00:01:15   This is like follow before or something.

00:01:17   Yeah, it's like a combo in Street Fighter.

00:01:19   I'm not sure I'm following anymore.

00:01:21   Whatever.

00:01:22   It's like follow around.

00:01:24   Okay. Okay. Follow round robin. We had talked concerning 3d touch if if some people would find

00:01:34   it uncomfortable to use because you got to put force down. Myke I think you and I had both voiced

00:01:39   some concern about that. We heard from a couple people this week saying that that was

00:01:43   indeed the case for them that they found the act of like pushing kind of through the glass

00:01:51   That sort of sensation being uncomfortable. I think it's nice that Apple included in accessibility the option to

00:01:59   Adjust the sensitivity of 3d touch, so there's basically low

00:02:04   Like the medium which is the default and then high and they even include a little image on that screen where you can

00:02:12   Practice the 3d touch just to kind of see how it feels

00:02:15   I've ended up turning mine down

00:02:19   so it's easier not because it was uncomfortable for my thumb, but I

00:02:22   Because I have this 6s plus and because I use it

00:02:28   One-handed a good bit of the time. I knew that I was just gonna 3d touch it out of my hand

00:02:32   And so I turned it down to be a little bit easier

00:02:36   So I don't like pushing down icon it just like flips out of my hand into the abyss

00:02:39   But uh, so yeah, so there's that

00:02:42   Have you guys had any issues with it?

00:02:45   Are you trolling me?

00:02:48   - Oh, Puerto Rico.

00:02:50   I did turn it all the way down.

00:02:52   I've said this before, I will maintain my position.

00:02:56   I find 3D touch a little bit uncomfortable

00:02:59   just 'cause you're smooshing, you know?

00:03:00   You're like smooshing your finger into the screen.

00:03:02   I did have pain in my thumb,

00:03:04   but I think it's 'cause I was like a couple of days ago,

00:03:06   but like, I think I was using it too much, right?

00:03:08   I was like constantly trying to activate

00:03:12   the multitasking thing.

00:03:14   And I think the problem is because it's so far away,

00:03:18   right, on the six plus,

00:03:20   that if you play around a bit too much, it's gonna hurt.

00:03:24   But like I actually don't like, that's the title,

00:03:27   I actually don't like the multitasking gesture,

00:03:31   I think it's a bit awkward, to activate.

00:03:34   So I'll probably keep to the home button.

00:03:36   But yeah, I did turn it all the way down

00:03:38   and I like the force touch in it,

00:03:42   in the like the what is it called this the actual setting the lowest sensitivity

00:03:48   whatever they call it yeah I think it's I think it's nicer that way you guys

00:03:54   have currently never played Super Smash Brothers or Street Fighter or Tekken to a

00:03:59   very obsessive extent because the more you play these games you develop some

00:04:04   kind of thumb resistance and you never feel pain or you know slight touches on

00:04:10   your thumb ever again. So I feel like this won't be an issue for me because I

00:04:14   have the thumb skin of a gamer.

00:04:18   Well, I mean, my issue isn't so much the problem with the skin on my thumb, it's the pain in the joints.

00:04:27   It doesn't hurt my thumb like the tip of my thumb, it's hurting like the joint of

00:04:32   my thumb. And I'm probably like in the minority and I was saying it's an

00:04:36   upgrade I'm very sensitive to the thought of RSI at the moment so I think

00:04:41   I'm overreacting but it's just because it's really really in the front of

00:04:46   my mind because I've been getting wrist pains again so I think I'm just I'm very

00:04:50   sensitive to the idea of something making that worse so I'm just it's just

00:04:57   been something I've been thinking about but we'll talk about 3d touch and our

00:05:00   opinions of it a little bit later on in the show today hey why don't you why

00:05:03   Why don't you press with your nose, Myke?

00:05:05   Do you know what?

00:05:06   I haven't tried that.

00:05:07   Let's do that right now.

00:05:08   You're so proud of your nose as an input mechanism.

00:05:11   Yeah, it works, man.

00:05:14   Are you seriously trying to press your nose against the glass?

00:05:16   I am doing it right now.

00:05:18   And I'm selecting something with workflow, so I'm dragging my nose across the screen.

00:05:23   The problem is when you're that close to the phone, you can't see it.

00:05:26   That's the only problem.

00:05:27   This has gone too far, Myke.

00:05:28   I activated a workflow.

00:05:29   I activated the Convert Time Zone workflow.

00:05:33   your nose with my nose and 3d touch good work yeah I feel like I have gone too

00:05:38   far it's a miracle of technology Myke thank you thank you for trying Michael

00:05:43   Carlos sent in some follow-up about the Apple TV in regards to Apple music how

00:05:49   is he doing he's pretty good he's pretty good yeah he's he's you know hammering

00:05:54   away on the Apple TV or something and so this is what Carlos said this is in

00:05:58   discussion in response to the discussion we had about Apple music and the seeming

00:06:02   lack of support in the Apple TV. With music you can choose things on the screen with Siri,

00:06:10   which is probably accessibility driven. So for example if you're on their Apple Music

00:06:14   New page and it shows Ellie Goulding, you can say play Ellie Goulding and it will play,

00:06:19   or you could say show me activity playlists and it would go to that screen. But if for

00:06:23   example you said play the Arctic Monkeys and none of their music was on that page you get

00:06:27   an error. So currently there's no way to access Apple Music content beyond what is featured

00:06:31   on you and for you, providing you're on those screens. Interestingly, Siri does correctly

00:06:37   interpret the band name and artists to display a name in the Siri UI, it just can't do anything

00:06:41   with them. And some Siri commands that are supported in the music app are play, pause,

00:06:46   fast forward and start over. Not supported are skip track, next track and next.

00:06:52   How weird, right? Like especially the music commands, because you can see the music commands

00:06:56   that work are the commands that you would say when you're watching a TV show, right?

00:07:01   play pause fast forward and start over but skip track next track and next

00:07:05   obviously you don't say those things when you're watching something on the

00:07:08   TV so they're not gonna work so again pre-release but if this is the way it

00:07:12   actually is that's super strange to me. Maybe Carlos should try in Spanish.

00:07:18   That's a good point. Except his name was Bob until you changed it so I don't know

00:07:22   if that I don't know if he's had time to learn Spanish in a week. I know what I

00:07:26   I didn't say before, his full name was Spanish Bob, and now we've changed it to Carlos.

00:07:32   I can improvise some Spanish like "Prothema Cancion", I guess it's "next track", you know?

00:07:38   I'm just making up Spanish words from Italian ones.

00:07:43   I don't think our Spanish friends would be very happy that that's how you consider their language.

00:07:47   It's really similar!

00:07:48   And I have new, I made some new Spanish friends here in Rome, they're studying at the same

00:07:53   dance school where Sylvia goes and I studied Spanish back in middle school

00:07:59   and I haven't spoken any Spanish in like 10 years but I understand

00:08:03   Spanish quite a bit and now I'm you know with these new friends I'm exposed to

00:08:07   more Spanish every day but still Prothema Cantion is probably not the

00:08:11   right way to say it. Hang on. I'm sure we will get tons of follow-up. Can you back

00:08:16   up a second? You were in middle school ten years ago? No actually it's a little more.

00:08:24   The thing to remember is like what people call schools, the different types

00:08:29   of schools, is different all over the world. Yeah but you're not 18 in middle

00:08:33   school anywhere. No but more like 15 years ago Steven. Well thank you for

00:08:37   making me feel old. I bet you were feeling alone today so you really needed

00:08:41   of these. Thank you for making me feel younger. And thank you all for making me

00:08:46   feel the exact same age as I was before even though I hardly ever know what that

00:08:50   is. El Capitan reviews are out it comes out September 30th which is tomorrow as

00:08:55   we record this. I mean okay it's not it's fine right I've been running it on my

00:09:01   laptop the best parts that I find about El Capitan is like the Notes app and I

00:09:08   I love the new mission control.

00:09:09   The split screen stuff, I like all of that.

00:09:13   - So I think,

00:09:16   I think El Capitan is an interesting release

00:09:21   but it's not a very noteworthy one.

00:09:25   There was nothing in it in my opinion,

00:09:27   my review's coming up a little bit later today.

00:09:30   In my opinion, there's nothing in it

00:09:32   that couldn't be a point of date to Yosemite, honestly.

00:09:37   I think it's fine, they're gonna do this annual release thing,

00:09:42   and that's fine, I don't like it,

00:09:44   but they don't listen to me.

00:09:46   But the--

00:09:48   - Hey Rich, shouldn't Ava.

00:09:50   - Wow.

00:09:51   I don't understand why they do an annual release,

00:09:54   I just wish they didn't.

00:09:56   I think though, when they do these annual releases,

00:09:59   that there's only so much that they can get done

00:10:00   within a year.

00:10:01   I mean, even look at photos,

00:10:05   You know it came out in 10.10.3 so it was it was basically mid-cycle Yosemite and I

00:10:12   think that's because they couldn't get it out the door in time to launch with Yosemite

00:10:15   or wasn't ready or who knows what.

00:10:18   And so they already they already do things mid-cycle it's just that the cycle is really

00:10:23   fast and I don't know that the Mac is you know the Mac is stable the Mac is is a mature

00:10:28   platform and in my mind the days like really crazy OSN updates are probably behind us.

00:10:35   I mean Yosemite's gonna set the tone for years to come

00:10:39   and LCAP is just not a very big step past that.

00:10:42   Which is fine, I'm perfectly okay with that.

00:10:45   It's just important going into it like

00:10:47   our lack of enthusiasm is sort of born from

00:10:52   like it's kind of a boring update.

00:10:54   - I think like they do the yearly releases

00:10:57   because I guess now 'cause they have yearly releases

00:10:59   on iOS right?

00:11:00   So like as iOS needs new features sometimes

00:11:03   some of those features have to be mirrored on the Mac.

00:11:07   So they're gonna have to put stuff out every year anyway,

00:11:10   so they might as well just say,

00:11:11   well everything comes out once a year.

00:11:13   - It's features and it's shared technologies.

00:11:17   And so things like continuity and handoff

00:11:21   using NSURL session, that sort of stuff,

00:11:24   is more and more of that shared.

00:11:26   You know, when Apple did their sort of reorg

00:11:30   and rethink about the way the things they build,

00:11:33   It used to be that there'd be people in the OS 10 division

00:11:36   and the iOS division building on the same thing,

00:11:40   but not having a lot of communication,

00:11:42   and not having, you know, basically having the minimal,

00:11:46   viable teamwork kind of between those organizations.

00:11:49   And now it is much more sort of mixed and open

00:11:53   and put together, and I think that helps OS 10

00:11:57   and iOS work better together, but I think that does

00:12:00   basically ensure that we're gonna see an annual release.

00:12:02   It just means that each one is not a snow leopard release.

00:12:06   Like El Capitan is not a snow leopard release.

00:12:08   There are new features.

00:12:09   There are actually quite a few user facing features.

00:12:14   But the more they share, the more that these things are just going to be tied together

00:12:19   naturally.

00:12:20   And I think that's fine.

00:12:21   I think you just have to understand that the trade-offs that come with that.

00:12:24   There are some interesting developer technologies in El Capitan, I think.

00:12:28   There's like a new compression algorithm that supposedly doesn't have many advantages over

00:12:34   the old compression stuff that they did but it's faster.

00:12:39   There's of course Swift 2, there's a new Xcode, there's a lot of some welcome metal changes

00:12:46   for developers.

00:12:49   More specifically this is for games and graphical intensive apps.

00:12:54   But I haven't seen, probably because I don't have a Mac that supports the latest metal

00:12:58   things, but there's a potential for a lot of improved games coming to OS X with Metal.

00:13:07   And I've seen of course the other technical changes, the system integrity protection,

00:13:13   which you know, this I wanted to ask people like Steven and Myke, you know, you too use

00:13:21   OS X quite a bit and this SIP stuff is going to change the way that some apps can modify

00:13:27   the system because it doesn't give admin users access to kernel modifications, that kind

00:13:34   of stuff. Do you think this will be a problem for years to come if you want to tinker with

00:13:42   OS X, if you want to change stuff, if you want to modify things? And I'm considering

00:13:48   like candy bar which used to be an app to change the system icons or even

00:13:52   Dropbox it started as a finder hack to show syncing icons in the in the finder

00:13:59   and to make a special Dropbox folder. Do you think that this new security stuff

00:14:03   in El Capitan is going to be a problem for future generation of kids who want to

00:14:06   just mess around and create things by breaking the existing frameworks and

00:14:11   features of the OS? I mean I think to a degree but I think it's one of those

00:14:15   things where you know you look back at

00:14:17   older versions of OS X where all that stuff was

00:14:19   possible you know the era of the Haxi.

00:14:23   We were doing some crazy stuff to our system

00:14:25   that really did you know take advantage

00:14:28   and even create security issues on the

00:14:31   system. I think OS X will always be more

00:14:35   flexible and more open than iOS in that

00:14:37   way but I don't I don't blame Apple that

00:14:40   they've got to solve these issues and

00:14:42   that they need to ensure that their system is secure from things like code injection

00:14:50   and all sorts of other stuff that can happen.

00:14:52   And SIP is interesting.

00:14:54   It's basically looking after the welfare of the system itself.

00:14:58   You can still play out in user land all you want within sandboxing and stuff.

00:15:03   So I think it's just one more step in that direction.

00:15:06   I do think that some types of apps will go away.

00:15:11   Just like apps that can't exist under sandboxing

00:15:16   have been removed from the store

00:15:18   and now only exist on the outside.

00:15:20   It does mean that certain types of things

00:15:23   will have to change or be updated.

00:15:25   Like I know Bartender 2, which comes out today,

00:15:28   Bartender 2 is slightly revamped

00:15:34   so it can work within the new confines.

00:15:36   For instance, I think legitimate developers and legitimate applications will find ways

00:15:39   around it.

00:15:40   I think that things that are not legitimate will continue to be more difficult to work

00:15:43   on.

00:15:44   And that's a fine trade-off with me.

00:15:46   Yeah, I don't understand it enough in all honesty.

00:15:50   But as long as ... Because I don't do anything I think that's really, really crazy to the

00:15:55   system.

00:15:58   Stuff like bartenders, as far as I go, my expectation would be the things that I use

00:16:04   and the things that most nerds like me use will probably end up being okay.

00:16:10   And as long as that's the case, then good stuff.

00:16:12   Cool.

00:16:13   Yeah, it's not keeping me up at night.

00:16:14   It's not.

00:16:15   My very, very little understanding is it's not as tough as sandboxing was.

00:16:20   Yep.

00:16:21   It depends on what you're trying to do, I guess.

00:16:24   There's an issue of the principle of locking down some system modifications.

00:16:32   It's more of a theoretical problem than maybe a practical one for prosumers of some kind,

00:16:40   you know, people like us, people like you actually, you use OS X to a professional extent.

00:16:47   Even if you don't, like you're not a rocket science engineer, you're not doing crazy stuff,

00:16:52   but you're still using OS X for work, so you're maybe above the threshold of consumer.

00:16:57   And for people like you, you want to install bartender, you want to make some lightweight

00:17:02   modifications so the technology is, you know, you can say it's not a big deal for me, I

00:17:08   understand the concern but it doesn't affect me in any meaningful way.

00:17:12   But for people who really like to mess around, to play around, to look at stuff, to change

00:17:16   settings and other things that Apple doesn't want you to change, that's gonna be not a

00:17:20   theoretical problem but a practical one.

00:17:23   So it'll be interesting, like right now, I ask you, I ask Steven and you say it's not

00:17:28   a big deal for me. But I want to see in a couple of years when this becomes the common

00:17:33   practice you cannot access these types of system features unless you go through crazy

00:17:38   hoops to disable them. I'm curious to see if we will ever get the same degree of customization

00:17:45   on our stand that we used to have. Probably not. Probably there's going to be some new

00:17:49   way to play around, hack things, break them, I don't know. We'll see.

00:17:54   Yeah, I agree, it's definitely one to watch out for.

00:17:57   Alright, let's take our first break.

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00:20:22   Do we want to talk about our new phones?

00:20:25   Yeah, I mean, I think what might be fun is because a couple of weeks ago we spoke about

00:20:30   and we looked at your post, Steven, that you did about the kind of the things that you

00:20:35   wanted in the 6+ and I think it might be fun to look at that through that lens.

00:20:42   Does that make sense? So like to see were we right? Did we get the things that we

00:20:46   wanted? Yeah so we had talked about things like RAM I think it was a RAM

00:20:53   speakers, Taptic Motor and Touch ID I think were the big four things. Yeah I

00:20:57   think so that sounds about right. And so I think we spoke last week you and I

00:21:03   both have the 6s plus we stayed in the

00:21:08   Myke was right Club I think Federico

00:21:09   will do that once the phone is available

00:21:10   to him so correct for you

00:21:12   yes so I think the biggest thing for me

00:21:21   at least is that the the RAM has been

00:21:25   updated to two gigs and with the with

00:21:29   the improved processor speed that the

00:21:33   The 6S Plus, at least in my experience,

00:21:35   is much faster than the old Plus.

00:21:38   You know, the old Plus really struggled at times.

00:21:41   It's got more pixels to drive than the regular 6,

00:21:44   and basically with the same internals.

00:21:47   And at times, the 6 Plus could really feel bogged down.

00:21:51   We've spoken a lot about that over the last year.

00:21:52   We were just sort of like bottom out sometimes.

00:21:54   And I have not had that with the 6S Plus.

00:21:58   And I'm sure part of that is the new iOS install,

00:22:00   and there's lots of factors,

00:22:01   but I really do think that this phone really finally has

00:22:04   the horsepower it needs to drive the display.

00:22:07   And I mean the RAM really is what I feel the most often

00:22:10   that I can go back into Safari and my tabs are still there.

00:22:13   That would never happen on the regular Plus.

00:22:15   The multitasking is much smoother and much faster.

00:22:18   Just all in all it feels much more responsive

00:22:21   and much more sort of ready to take on what I throw at it.

00:22:25   And that alone is worth the upgrade for me at least.

00:22:29   Every piece of the OS feels faster to me.

00:22:32   Like, I mean, I know this is the RAM and the,

00:22:35   it's A9, right?

00:22:37   - Yep.

00:22:39   - Yeah, the A9 chip, working in tandem

00:22:41   and making it just an incredibly capable device,

00:22:44   which makes me very happy.

00:22:45   There were a couple of like parts of the UI

00:22:48   that I would see slowdowns in on the 6 Plus,

00:22:51   but I'm not seeing anything like that with the 6S Plus.

00:22:55   I never get the S in the right place in my mind.

00:22:58   I wasn't like I never sure if it's 6s+ or 6+s it just confuses me.

00:23:03   So one thing that we didn't mention actually but it was in your piece was I mean I dreamed

00:23:06   that you had Steven which was to fix the camera lens issue like the little bump but they didn't

00:23:11   do that.

00:23:12   Still there.

00:23:13   Yep.

00:23:14   I mean it's not an issue to me.

00:23:16   No and the new camera is noticeably better I mean that they bumped the resolution and

00:23:23   I've done some additional things and to my eye at least it is drastically better.

00:23:27   So I, you know, if it was keep the old camera and get rid of the bump or get a new camera

00:23:32   and keep the bump then I'd prefer a new camera.

00:23:35   So I'm happy with that.

00:23:39   So the speakers, I haven't seen any marked improvement on those.

00:23:43   Like I haven't noticed it being any louder of you.

00:23:46   No if anything mine seems a touch softer than the old one.

00:23:51   Oh no!

00:23:53   next year. At some point they gotta do something with the Beats stuff. I've used Android phones.

00:24:00   It is gimmicky, but they can really get the volume in there. I'm hoping that the 7 will

00:24:08   have something. They're doing that on the iPad Pro, right? They made a big deal with

00:24:11   the speakers, and hopefully that happens with the other devices too.

00:24:14   The iPad Pro thing, it just makes everything else seem so crazy. There's four speakers

00:24:19   on it, right? It's like we get one quiet speaker, not quiet, but one decent speaker on everything

00:24:27   else but that one gets four of them. Is it like they had a speaker shortage in Cupertino

00:24:30   because they put them all on the iPad Pro? There's no more speakers to go around because

00:24:35   there's four.

00:24:36   And it's not just four speakers, but when you rotate the device, the audio reflows correctly

00:24:42   depending on the device's orientation. That's crazy. And according to people who tried it,

00:24:47   really does work like they say so. You know, I'm excited about the speaker part of the

00:24:52   iPad Pro, honestly.

00:24:54   I bet that thing gets super loud. Like, I bet you can crank that thing up.

00:24:58   Yeah, yeah. That's what I want to do. You know, crank it all up.

00:25:02   Especially with a larger screen, imagine how big the little speaker UI could be. It could

00:25:05   be like, you know, 20 little pips there or something.

00:25:09   Yeah, I want my neighbors to complain because of my iPad Pro. That's my goal. It's gonna

00:25:15   - That's gonna be my review.

00:25:17   - All right, Touch ID.

00:25:18   It's kind of fast to a fault, right?

00:25:21   Like it's just, it's like mental.

00:25:24   - Yeah, I agree.

00:25:26   I'm sure like everyone else had the habit

00:25:29   of sort of bumping my home button

00:25:30   to look at the lock screen to see my notifications.

00:25:33   And when you, I mean, you just have to graze the thing now

00:25:38   and it unlocks.

00:25:40   It is really, really fast and that's nice.

00:25:44   You know, you don't, it used to be like,

00:25:46   you know, I pick up my phone and I've gotta rest my thumb

00:25:48   there for a second, and now that seems so archaic,

00:25:50   but I need to relearn the how do I wake up my phone

00:25:54   to look at the screen workflow,

00:25:56   because bumping the home button unlocks the phone.

00:25:59   And so I've tried to get used to hitting the power button.

00:26:02   I also, I, one of the fingers I use,

00:26:07   so my Touch ID I have set up with both thumbs

00:26:09   and both index fingers.

00:26:10   So if my hands are full or the phone's sitting down,

00:26:12   I can unlock it anywhere.

00:26:14   And I've taken my index fingers off Touch ID now,

00:26:17   just have my thumbs.

00:26:18   And so if someone removes my thumbs,

00:26:19   I can't get in my phone anymore.

00:26:21   But that has helped too a little bit.

00:26:23   I just know to use my index finger

00:26:24   if I just want to look at the screen,

00:26:25   but then you have to remember that too.

00:26:27   It's nice, but the trade off is a little weird.

00:26:30   - Yeah, it's great that it is fast,

00:26:32   but like I think when I mentioned how much,

00:26:34   like I wanted it to be instant, which it basically is now,

00:26:37   I didn't think about the idea that like now

00:26:40   I would never see the home screen again.

00:26:42   Because, I mean, you know, you can unlock it with the side button, but that's just not,

00:26:47   you know, that's like seven years, seven, eight, however many years it's been of brain

00:26:51   training that would have to go away.

00:26:54   You know?

00:26:55   >> Yep.

00:26:56   Totally agree.

00:26:57   >> Federico.

00:26:58   >> Yes.

00:26:59   >> When can you get one?

00:27:03   >> That's -- I don't know what's the proper answer to that.

00:27:08   When it launches in Italy.

00:27:09   That's my -- what I'm going to say.

00:27:11   On October 9th, my girlfriend and I are going to buy an iPhone 6s for her and a 6s Plus

00:27:18   for me.

00:27:19   We're both going to go with the 64GB model, of course.

00:27:24   I'm not going to get the top of the line model because I don't really need all the storage.

00:27:29   So it's less than two weeks at this point.

00:27:33   And if anything, if everything goes correctly and they follow the same pattern as last year,

00:27:39   They're gonna have, so the iPhone launches on Friday, and in theory on Wednesday they

00:27:44   should put up the reservation page online.

00:27:49   So I should be able to reserve my iPhone, go to the mall, which is five minutes away

00:27:53   from me, and they're gonna have a separate line for people who reserve the iPhone online.

00:28:00   And last year it took me about an hour to, I was like in and out, and they have a separate

00:28:05   line, it was really fast, you go in, you show your ID, you pay for the phone, and you, you

00:28:09   you go away basically.

00:28:12   That's my plan.

00:28:13   A good old-fashioned customer going to the Apple store to buy an iPhone.

00:28:18   Yeah, that's what I did this time and it was a good experience.

00:28:21   The reservation in store was good and I was kind of in and out in 15 minutes.

00:28:26   I was really happy with that.

00:28:28   It takes a while in Italy because people always argue in line, you know.

00:28:33   Hey, what are they arguing about?

00:28:36   That's the perfect Italian stereotype of people trying to catch you in line, people like arguing.

00:28:43   I remember last year there was a separate line.

00:28:46   So I went in at like 3 p.m. and there were still people there from the morning in the

00:28:54   separate line.

00:28:55   And there was some person having a nervous breakdown because they were waiting too much

00:29:00   and they didn't understand the concept of you came here this morning without a reservation,

00:29:06   these other people made a reservation online.

00:29:08   This man didn't quite understand that this type of organization, he was just freaking

00:29:13   out and they had to call security on this guy.

00:29:17   Italians, that's what they do.

00:29:21   They yell and they are agitated and they make people waste time.

00:29:26   Yeah.

00:29:27   So…

00:29:28   Don't get in a fight at the App Store.

00:29:31   Be careful.

00:29:32   No, no, no.

00:29:33   I'm a chill type of person.

00:29:36   - Yeah, iPhones and chill.

00:29:38   I have to say that my favorite thing so far about the iPhone

00:29:44   is not the iPhone itself, I think,

00:29:46   but the hashtag MykeWasRight has been on fire

00:29:50   the past few days.

00:29:51   It has been a lot of fun to see people

00:29:55   tweeting their six pluses with the hashtag

00:29:58   and their new purchases.

00:30:00   What's been even greater is we did t-shirts for Cortex and for a lot of people they arrived on the same day that their iPhones did.

00:30:06   So, you know, it's all mic all the time in some people's postboxes at the moment.

00:30:11   So that's been a lot of fun for me.

00:30:14   I mean it's been quite a year in the land of mic.

00:30:18   You know what, it has. The year of mic has provided many fruits.

00:30:21   Much much better than the year of Luigi.

00:30:24   We've got like another six months on Myke right now, right?

00:30:27   Because it's the 18 month rule by the year of Luigi,

00:30:30   obviously we were about a year.

00:30:32   I think it's a little bit longer, right?

00:30:33   Because I bought mine, said how great it was,

00:30:35   and then a couple of months later,

00:30:36   you guys both agreed with me.

00:30:38   And that was when the hashtag began.

00:30:40   - You gotta come up with more opinionated thoughts

00:30:44   that people are gonna argue against initially,

00:30:46   but eventually they're gonna agree with you.

00:30:48   So you have six months to continue using this hashtag

00:30:52   before we seed the righteous part to someone else on the relay team.

00:31:01   Okay, so by the end of this episode I will have tried to come up with something.

00:31:06   Okay, try to be opinionated, Myke.

00:31:09   That's what you gotta do as a pundit on the internet.

00:31:12   I have a very strong opinion right now.

00:31:15   About what?

00:31:15   About Hover.

00:31:17   Okay.

00:31:17   Because they are the best way to buy and manage domain names.

00:31:20   Hover has been my place of choice for many years and as you know right now I am very

00:31:24   opinionated and my opinion counts and my opinion is you should be going to Hover to buy your

00:31:29   domains because when you have an idea for a project giving it a name can be really difficult.

00:31:35   You can kind of sit and brainstorm for days and days and days about the new name that

00:31:38   you want to give to your website, your project, your podcast, whatever it may be and one of

00:31:43   the steps that you have to take is to get the domain name and one of the steps is, is

00:31:47   it available?

00:31:48   If it's available, great.

00:31:49   If it's not, you may have to go back to the drawing board.

00:31:51   Hover provides simple, fast and hassle-free tools to allow you to search for and buy the

00:31:58   domain names.

00:31:59   You're not faced with thousands of screens.

00:32:01   You don't see tons of add-ons with increasingly high prices.

00:32:04   They let you get in, select what you need, buy it and get out.

00:32:07   And they also have great tools to allow you to manage that domain afterwards as well.

00:32:11   They have all of the TODs that you'd want, expect to need like .com.co.me, .net, .co.uk.

00:32:18   and they also have ones that you maybe wouldn't need so much,

00:32:20   but you can get them if you want them, like .plumbing, .fish, .academy, .limo, .diamond, etc.

00:32:27   They also have great prices on them as well.

00:32:30   For example, their .com domains start at just $12.99,

00:32:32   and where available, every single domain that Hovah sells

00:32:35   will come with Whois privacy for free.

00:32:37   So if the TOD supports Whois privacy, Hovah will just give it to you.

00:32:41   And they enable it, right?

00:32:43   You have to go in and say, "I don't want it,"

00:32:45   which I think is definitely the right way to go with privacy stuff like this.

00:32:48   This basically means that people can't search your information

00:32:52   and find out stuff about you, like your home address,

00:32:54   because you can do that with Whois and a lot of other domain registrars

00:32:58   will make you pay for that privilege, which doesn't make any sense to me.

00:33:02   I want to mention Hover Connect, which is a new feature that Hover have.

00:33:05   So once you've bought your domain and you want to enable it with the website

00:33:09   or the service that you want to connect it to, like say, for example,

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00:33:14   Usually you have to go in and copy and paste a bunch of numbers confusing numbers into different fields

00:33:19   Well hover connect is this new feature where you just go into your domain admin panel

00:33:23   You say which service you want to connect it to and hover will automatically amend all of the DNS records for you

00:33:29   Like they just take care of it. It's just fantastic. This is on top of hovers great other stuff

00:33:33   They have their customer support is next to none. They have no hold no wait, no transfer telephone support

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00:33:52   First purchase at hover.com and show your support for this show and all of relay FM that is show notes or one word

00:33:58   And of course that code will also be in the show notes. Thank you so much to hover for sponsoring this week's episode

00:34:04   Let's talk a little bit more about 3d touch. Okay. So Steven, how do you feel about it? Like what do you think about it?

00:34:11   So far I really like it. I mean I think there's kind of three things that 3d touch actually is there's the actual

00:34:18   I'm pressing down and the phone you know provides haptic feedback

00:34:22   There's the the home screen shortcut deal where I can 3d touch on a icon and get quick action so

00:34:30   For instance the camera Apple's building camera has like take selfie take video

00:34:35   I think there's a couple others and

00:34:37   Then there's peak and pop with an app so I can be looking at a grid of images and Instagram for instance and

00:34:43   3d touch a

00:34:46   Thumbnail and it sort of pop up you know bigger

00:34:49   So if I'm going through someone's profile when I look at the picture

00:34:52   I can do that really easily without having to change screens. I think all three of them together

00:34:58   Really make a nice cohesive thing. I mean yes, it's early day

00:35:02   So a lot of apps that I use don't have it yet

00:35:04   Although I will say the home screen shortcuts seem to be coming out pretty rapidly. I think that's relatively easy to implement

00:35:09   But it's it's it's nice. It does make

00:35:13   You know it sort of adds this layer to the iPhone that makes it faster to get around and like the

00:35:21   Go back button that appears

00:35:23   You don't have to use it and if you so if you never notice

00:35:27   It's there if you turn it off the iPhone still works the way the iPhone always has but it's sort of this like higher plane

00:35:32   of use that does make it faster and and I've already come to I found myself

00:35:38   doing without thinking about it even just after you know a couple of days and

00:35:41   I I do like that it does you know to speed things up in areas there's less

00:35:48   tapping and waiting for screens and you know to slide in and out all that junk

00:35:52   where you can just really look at it and then deal with it if you want to or or

00:35:56   come back to it later I like the cohesiveness that it that it provides

00:36:00   the OS. It feels less like a series of siloed apps but sort of like

00:36:06   "hey I'm in messages I can just like pop into Safari for a second and then pop out of it."

00:36:09   I like that sort of breaking down of those walls.

00:36:13   What apps are you using that you like the implementation in?

00:36:20   Well I use a lot of the built-in apps. I use the built-in mail client for instance and I really like it there.

00:36:27   I like it a lot in messages.

00:36:28   If someone sends me a link,

00:36:29   I can just kind of preview the link

00:36:31   and then decide if it's something that I need to deal with.

00:36:33   Or, "Oh, I sent you this funny GIF.

00:36:36   "I can just view it and then come out of it."

00:36:38   I do like it in things on the home screen,

00:36:43   third-party apps.

00:36:44   Evernote has one that created a new note,

00:36:47   which I've used a couple of times already.

00:36:49   And I think that's really where my usage will grow

00:36:52   as more developers use it.

00:36:54   But in the built-in stuff right now,

00:36:56   it's really quite nice. Yeah I'm a little bit more interested to see how

00:37:03   developers take this new interaction method and create different things. Like

00:37:09   Peek and Pop is fine but it's extremely limited, right? It's just previews. And

00:37:14   Dropbox have a really great implementation of it, right? As you would

00:37:17   hope that they would, right? It makes perfect sense. I like Workflow, so like

00:37:21   inside the workflow app you can easily like preview the workflow inside of it

00:37:28   like so you can kind of see what the steps are before you produce it which I

00:37:31   quite like but I'm interested to see like what are the things that people

00:37:36   come up with like what happens there that's what I'm interested in seeing

00:37:40   like you know not peak and pop but stuff using 3d touch that developers can take

00:37:45   a fine job and I'm not really I mean me and Federico spoken about this like I'm

00:37:49   I'm not really interested in games that have it because it's fine but I don't really know

00:37:55   a lot of game makers especially are not really going to be able to do a lot of interesting

00:37:59   stuff with it for a long time because it will make games too difficult to work right if

00:38:04   you're putting in 3D touch and then some devices can't use it but I feel like app developers

00:38:09   like for productivity apps and stuff like that would be able to take more advantage

00:38:13   of it as they may have a wider usage base on the new devices.

00:38:18   So I'm interested to see what can OmniFocus do with it that's interesting?

00:38:22   What can Tapbots do with it and Tweetbot that's interesting?

00:38:26   That's what I'm more excited about.

00:38:28   But the more time I've had to think about 3D Touch, having used it a little bit, I really

00:38:34   am bought into the hype that this is a big, big step forward for iOS because it is something

00:38:40   that didn't exist before which can provide a new interaction method.

00:38:44   And that hasn't come around in any meaningful way in quite some time.

00:38:49   Yeah, I feel like right now most developers are just trying to support all these shortcuts

00:38:55   on home screen and pick and pop in their apps.

00:38:59   And that's like the same way they added support for widgets or a watch app when they launched.

00:39:07   Or iOS 7 design, right?

00:39:08   Like you just do it as Apple said to do it and then think about it again later.

00:39:14   And instead I'm thinking if this is really like the new touch, we're gonna see different

00:39:25   input mechanisms in apps, like entirely different interactions.

00:39:29   The problem with that is that it's gonna take a few years because it's only exclusive to

00:39:34   the 6S.

00:39:35   So right now it makes sense for developers to only support the basic system stuff.

00:39:41   maybe two to three years from now when a developer can come up with an app that's entirely based

00:39:47   on 3D touch that wouldn't exist otherwise.

00:39:50   Imagine the first iPhone apps or the first iPad apps that were mostly adaptations of

00:39:57   what came before and then they started to leverage the exclusive features of the iPhone

00:40:02   like the gyroscope or the multi-touch gestures on the iPad.

00:40:07   With 3D touch it has the potential to have the same effect on apps.

00:40:11   Right now it's the basic stuff.

00:40:13   It's the shortcuts and the pick and pop.

00:40:15   But in a few years, down the road, there can be apps and games that only make sense as

00:40:21   3D touch software.

00:40:23   And that's exciting I think.

00:40:25   And I'm also considering like when Siri first launched, we said "oh this is going to be

00:40:31   the fourth interface of iOS.

00:40:33   This is going to be the new layer of interaction between users and apps.

00:40:37   And that hasn't quite been the case yet.

00:40:42   Mostly because developers don't have access to Siri.

00:40:44   With 3D Touch we're saying the same thing all over again.

00:40:47   It's the new input layer, it's the new interface, but this time Apple is giving developers the

00:40:52   tools right away.

00:40:54   And that's why I'm more excited about 3D Touch than I was about Siri when it came out.

00:40:58   There are two different things.

00:41:00   But when it comes to developer support, this is different.

00:41:05   I want to see, maybe with the iPhone 7s or the iPhone 8, we're going to have apps that

00:41:11   are exclusive to 3D Touch.

00:41:14   That's going to be interesting, I think.

00:41:17   Exclusive in what way?

00:41:20   They can only be used on a 3D Touch display.

00:41:23   How will they...

00:41:24   Can developers do that?

00:41:28   In the future, when maybe they can make an app that only runs on the iPhone 6s and above,

00:41:34   they can create apps and games that only make sense as 3D Touch software.

00:41:40   That's what I'm imagining.

00:41:42   So there's something that I've been thinking about with 3D Touch, which is the home screen

00:41:46   interactions, right?

00:41:47   So the shortcuts.

00:41:48   Which, I mean, I think, again, will be more useful over time.

00:41:51   I think a lot of the apps that I currently am using on the web, it's like, this is useful,

00:41:56   I don't know if I need this, right? Like I don't know if this is something that I

00:42:00   really really need. But like for example it's really useful in messages because I

00:42:04   can... I don't really know how Apple is picking what three people show up in

00:42:07   messages. It doesn't really seem to be by any metric that makes sense but more

00:42:12   often than not it tends to be the person that I want is in there. And you've got

00:42:16   stuff like, you know, Launch Center Pro has some actions but I like their

00:42:20   notification widget more. But you know there could be some really good stuff

00:42:24   come here in the future right? The camera stuff is really good for example but you

00:42:28   know not all of my apps on my home screen support this right now. Maybe not

00:42:31   all of them should but we'll see. But this idea of an addition to the

00:42:36   home screen that wasn't there before it signals to me anyway that I believe

00:42:42   that 3D touch is a sign that Apple have no intention of redesigning the home

00:42:45   screen for a while because they're enhancing the home screen in a

00:42:50   new way that hasn't been done before which means personally I don't expect

00:42:53   that iOS 10 will have any meaningful redesign to the way the home screen works.

00:42:58   There's your opinion Federico. No I agree with you Myke and because in a

00:43:05   way I mean if it's still early days but you know people who look at the iOS home

00:43:12   screen and are unhappy with it you know that one of the the first complaints that

00:43:16   comes is is widgets which I don't disagree with but really you could

00:43:22   create I mean theoretically widget like functionality behind 3d touch you know

00:43:28   you already have apps that show a badge for the temperature or for the date and

00:43:34   that's already workarounds and I just wonder if 3d touch on the home screen

00:43:38   it's flexible enough for that sort of information to kind of be quickly hidden

00:43:42   away I mean there's other problems with springboard we could get into but I

00:43:47   think that if the idea is I want more information then if you can display that

00:43:51   behind a 3D touch menu that doesn't solve the problem perfectly but it gets

00:43:56   us further down the road than where we are today. Yeah like I can imagine

00:43:59   something UI wise that is reminiscent of a watch app or an extension that could

00:44:05   appear or even a widget that could appear when you 3D touch right? I could

00:44:10   imagine something like that but I can't imagine you know widgets on the home

00:44:15   screen or whatever. Yeah. Because of this. What do you think Federico? I saw a

00:44:21   I saw a teaser of CopyFeed, it's a clipboard manager for the iPhone and iPad, and they

00:44:29   showed a 3D touch shortcut on the home screen and the first option was a way to quickly

00:44:37   re-copy the last item from the app and show the preview of the text.

00:44:43   So I guess it's possible for developers to kind of hack around the 3D touch shortcut

00:44:48   menu to show data instead of just jumping points.

00:44:53   And that's exciting because it kind of opens up a whole layer of, instead of looking at

00:44:58   a widget or opening an app, even if it's faster, I can just peek at the contents from the home

00:45:04   screen.

00:45:05   It's kind of like Android in this sense, only that you get a tap and press on an icon to

00:45:10   view that kind of information.

00:45:12   And I'm curious whether this is an accepted policy within Apple.

00:45:17   they're allowed to do that, but I definitely saw a screenshot of a working implementation.

00:45:23   That's the type of stuff I don't have to go to the notification center anymore. I can

00:45:28   just press "View the last item that I copied" and recopy it again. I never have to open

00:45:35   the app, I never have to open the widget or do any kind of navigation. I can just peek

00:45:41   and take action instead of just jumping around.

00:45:46   Even if it's a faster process, I can just remain on the home screen.

00:45:50   And that's exciting, I think.

00:45:52   Yeah, I would like that.

00:45:54   It makes sense because it seems like, again, someone can correct us on this later, but

00:46:01   it feels like there is an element of the apps being able to display something that's dynamic

00:46:06   because workflow and stuff like that, right?

00:46:11   pulling in data from inside the app and showing it to you. And so in that regard

00:46:17   you think it would maybe make sense? I don't know. They're

00:46:21   showing stuff from inside the app so maybe in theory that could be a little

00:46:25   bit more fluid of what can be in there. I've seen the image, the tweet that you

00:46:31   were talking about Federico and I'll put it in the show notes, but it says like

00:46:34   "Recopied last item and shows a preview". That's really cool. That is really

00:46:37   really cool. I hope that that comes through because again there you go this

00:46:41   is exactly the type of stuff that we were just talking about right like

00:46:44   developers using this technology to create interesting things. Like we always

00:46:47   say this right and it's becoming a bit of a meme I think but people mean it

00:46:54   seriously but it's being used in that way where like you know Apple creates

00:46:57   something and we all go there are gonna be apps that are gonna be made from this

00:47:01   that we never even knew were possible or were never possible before. Like that is

00:47:06   thing that is said a lot far too often I think these days but hey that could be the case here as well.

00:47:10   There was something I forgot to mention about the 6 Plus S Plus that I didn't mention before but I

00:47:19   will now because I just got a phone call is how quiet the vibrate motor is the Taptic engine.

00:47:24   Like if I would have gotten that phone call before literally everybody would have known about it

00:47:30   but the Taptic Motor is very very quiet. So much so that I am now very happy that I don't have to

00:47:36   keep my phone on Do Not Disturb anymore when it's unlocked because I was even doing that because

00:47:42   I would be getting messages when I'm using my phone and it was so loud that it would disturb

00:47:47   people but now I don't need to do that anymore. So the Taptic engine was much needed in the 6S+

00:47:53   and I'm really really happy that they implemented it. Yeah it feels much more refined than the old

00:47:59   the old motor and they brought it down so if you if you pull the screen

00:48:05   off the phone the Taptic Engine is towards the bottom of the device now and

00:48:10   that is a couple things it makes the 3d touch feel a little more connected to

00:48:14   the screen I think and it helps with that balance of the thing vibrating it

00:48:18   before it wouldn't vibrate you could really tell it was rocking on the camera

00:48:23   lens I think that's why one reason it was so loud especially on a desk and

00:48:26   and this thing just seems so much more precise

00:48:29   and just fine again, that's a nice improvement.

00:48:34   And it's one of the things that like,

00:48:36   I don't know how many people would actually ever notice that

00:48:39   but for those who do, it's a detail worth appreciating.

00:48:43   - I think it also makes sense to bring it lower down

00:48:45   the device because that's where your hand goes.

00:48:47   So if they're gonna be using this haptic engine

00:48:49   to provide feedback like for 3D touch,

00:48:52   it makes sense to put it where your hand

00:48:54   is most likely to be gripped.

00:48:56   Mm-hmm, exactly.

00:48:57   I think that's very smart, very smart.

00:48:59   All right, we didn't actually talk about watchOS 2 last week.

00:49:03   Nope.

00:49:04   And I think we all want to, so why don't we do that just after we thank Squarespace.

00:49:09   Sound good?

00:49:11   Yeah.

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00:49:58   and all that stuff.

00:49:59   And you can also using their dev platform kind of get in under the hood and make some

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00:51:17   So watch OS 2 I mean, you know, we probably don't need to go through stuff like how the update process was

00:51:24   It was really slow

00:51:25   The fact that I had to delete everything from my watch a couple of days ago to set up with my new phone is ridiculous

00:51:33   But let's talk about the the watch OS 2 itself. And so Steven what what things in OS 2 you actually excited about?

00:51:40   What are you enjoying? It's one of those things kind of 3d touch. I think that the

00:51:44   The possibilities are not here quite today. I mean, I've I've tried a couple of third-party complications

00:51:50   I haven't really been super impressed with any of them

00:51:52   I've tried a couple apps that have been updated like the OmniFocus app. I mean they are faster they still

00:51:58   Though if they rely on a phone for or syncing or something that is still slow and so the apps

00:52:05   Themselves are faster, but sometimes the data lag is still there. Oh

00:52:09   It's not I don't think watch OS 2 is like the magic bullet. I was hoping for for the iPhone in some ways

00:52:14   I think it's a regression but I

00:52:16   Don't know it just hasn't made a huge impact day to day for me yet

00:52:20   It's been nicer for me apps are faster. They're still not as you know as quick as the iPhone

00:52:29   They're still talking to the iPhone in a lot of ways and there's an improved

00:52:33   connectivity

00:52:35   framework

00:52:36   between watchOS apps, the watchkit extension and the iOS app on the phone, but they're faster for me

00:52:43   And I'm looking at examples like Peacock which has a native watchOS 2 app now

00:52:48   I was able to finally use Peacock as a risk calculator when we go grocery shopping, me and my girlfriend

00:52:56   We like to keep a total, a running, you know a tab of the total that we're gonna spend

00:53:02   because of the points that we can accumulate with our card at the supermarket where we go to and

00:53:09   Using peak alcohol shopping. It's it's been great with watchOS too because the app is faster

00:53:14   It gives me haptic feedback whenever I tap buttons

00:53:18   So I know that that I'm doing you know stuff correctly on the screen and I don't have to walk around the supermarket

00:53:24   With a phone in my hand anymore, which gives me the freedom to you know, grab stuff from the shelf and you know

00:53:29   because the app is on my watch. And also WaterMinder

00:53:34   it's a native watchOS 2 app that reminds me to drink more water during

00:53:38   the day, it's also faster and I can launch it from a complication on the

00:53:42   watch face.

00:53:43   Apps in general, they're faster for me

00:53:46   and David Smith's excellent Sleep++, it's

00:53:50   the faster app that I have on my watch.

00:53:54   I've been using this new app whenever I go to sleep each night

00:53:58   I followed David's instructions to set it up with airplane mode

00:54:03   so I can keep my watch when I sleep and

00:54:07   in general I feel like they're not, the watchOS 2 is not the

00:54:11   real native OS that we're kinda looking forward to

00:54:15   but that's obviously coming down the road in the future of the watch

00:54:19   and I'm spending too much time

00:54:22   that's a good problem to have I guess I'm spending too much time

00:54:27   customizing my watch face and my complications and I feel like the early

00:54:32   days of getting a new iPhone where I'm moving icons around I still don't know

00:54:36   what I really need I'm playing around with a lot of apps and it's fun you know

00:54:41   if you like to spend time setting up your gadgets the way that you like them

00:54:46   to it's been a fun process for me I still feel like the watch can be too

00:54:52   complex in a lot of ways and I feel like the fact that a lot of Apple apps don't have a

00:55:00   watch version yet is completely absurd.

00:55:03   My girlfriend, she's a normal human being, she's not a tech person and I don't mean that

00:55:10   in any disrespectful way.

00:55:13   In fact, she's the normal one and I'm the obsessed one.

00:55:18   But she complains all the time that there's no native reminders app on the watch.

00:55:23   And she's right.

00:55:24   It doesn't make any sense that you can't have a list on the iPhone and have the same list

00:55:28   on the watch as well because that would be super convenient when…

00:55:31   Other apps are doing it.

00:55:33   Other apps are doing it.

00:55:34   Exactly.

00:55:35   Other apps.

00:55:36   There's going to be reminders clients.

00:55:38   But still she has a point.

00:55:40   There should be a native reminders app on the watch.

00:55:43   And maybe…

00:55:44   But if other people can do it, Apple should be doing it.

00:55:48   And I don't understand why they made other apps that I could argue are not as useful

00:55:55   as maybe reminders could be.

00:55:58   So it's kind of weird to, you know, kind of weird mix of Apple apps on the watch.

00:56:03   So watchOS 2, my opinion is, it's a nice step forward, but I'm waiting for watchOS 3.

00:56:13   know it still feels limited in a lot of ways it's better but kind of halfway

00:56:19   there maybe. Yeah I like some of that stuff too like I'm not actually

00:56:26   using a ton of apps on my watch anyway and I'm using even less that a watchOS 2

00:56:31   enabled but pcalc is one of them. The omni focus one is way better as well

00:56:36   and it's nice to be able to go through the OmniFocus watch app if I need to and

00:56:44   everything loads quickly so that's really great so I mean I'm enjoying that

00:56:47   but for me some of the stuff that I like I like that there are more color options

00:56:52   for customizing the watch faces they have some that match the new bands and

00:56:56   they also have new names attached to them now too which is really good because

00:57:00   when I have I have six Apple watch sport bands at the moment and I like to change

00:57:06   the colors to match the sport band. I'm happy that one click on the crown if

00:57:12   you're not zoomed out that is takes you back to the watch face you don't need to

00:57:16   click twice now on the crown and also the Wi-Fi mode I don't know if you guys

00:57:20   have had any experience using this yet.

00:57:24   No, not really.

00:57:26   Did you know what this does because I'd forgotten about it?

00:57:28   We talked about it on virtual I think Myke.

00:57:31   So this is the idea that if your phone isn't near you or your phone isn't connected to something,

00:57:37   your watch can connect to any wi-fi network that your phone knows. So I've tested it out and it's

00:57:42   useful and this was something that Idina was really interested in and she sent me a text

00:57:46   message today from her watch while she was in the cafeteria which is on the opposite side of

00:57:52   the street to her building where her phone was charging and she was very happy about that.

00:57:56   She liked that she could use her watch to do things when her phone wasn't around.

00:58:01   Like, it's just basic stuff, but she was able to see messages from me, she could send messages to me,

00:58:06   we could still exchange digital touch stuff, which we still do, and I like now that you can change

00:58:10   the colors of the drawings, so that adds a layer of artistry to my digital touch drawings that I

00:58:16   didn't have before. So the wi-fi mode is something that I think is really really cool, so I like that

00:58:21   that it's there for sure. I told my girlfriend about the new multicolor option on the watch

00:58:28   face and she really likes it but she thinks there should be a way to, basically she wants

00:58:36   to be able to customise each complication, even like the time and the date to a different

00:58:42   colour because she likes the idea of the multicolour option but she wants to be able to customise

00:58:49   each option individually and it makes sense but I told her that's the kind of deeper

00:58:55   customization that Apple doesn't like to do in the first versions of an OS but that's

00:59:00   got to be coming in the future I think.

00:59:04   Should we talk about colors on the watch faces?

00:59:07   I think we should.

00:59:09   Let me give you my opinion first because it's really something that has been driving me

00:59:14   crazy.

00:59:15   What's the problem with having colors on a watch face?

00:59:18   It's fun, it's, you know, each color represents a different icon and it gives you like a better

00:59:24   eligibility, and I don't understand people who are freaking out about colors on their

00:59:29   watch faces.

00:59:31   My problem, okay, so let me tell you why I think it's, it's, it's, okay, this is, this

00:59:35   is gonna sound way too extreme.

00:59:37   I think it is fundamentally and philosophically wrong.

00:59:39   Wow, my god, Myke, it's a watch, not a, not the constitution.

00:59:44   Ah, do you know what it's, it's not a watch though Federico.

00:59:48   It is the most personal device I have ever owned.

00:59:52   If something is the most personal device that I have ever owned, don't reach in and change

00:59:56   it.

00:59:57   So I very much liked and was very happy with the utility face.

01:00:04   And then I turn it on after the watchos 2 and my activity ring was colored.

01:00:08   And I was like, okay, I can see the utility in that.

01:00:10   I tried it for a couple of days and was like, no, I don't like this.

01:00:13   I want to change it back.

01:00:14   You can't.

01:00:15   but you can change it on some other watch faces,

01:00:17   but not the utility one.

01:00:18   So it's like, why have you changed something?

01:00:20   Like this, I had the watch set up how I wanted to,

01:00:24   and now I can't have it like that, so you have changed it.

01:00:27   So I now use a different watch face,

01:00:29   I now use the simple face, which I don't like as much,

01:00:33   because I don't want one of the icons

01:00:36   to be colored like that on my,

01:00:38   'cause all of the other complications I was using

01:00:40   didn't have color on them.

01:00:42   And it just doesn't make sense to me,

01:00:43   on modular you can choose to turn the multicolor option on but on utility you can't.

01:00:52   And it doesn't make sense to me why you would make that option and also why you would change

01:00:57   it and then make it the default.

01:00:59   That's what I don't like and that's why I say that I think it is wrong from a fundamental

01:01:03   perspective because it goes against Apple's marketing message for the watch.

01:01:08   What's your problem with colors?

01:01:10   It's only because it's mismatched.

01:01:12   So the colours are there and I didn't have colour in any of my other complications.

01:01:18   And I don't want it to be coloured like that.

01:01:21   I prefer it monochrome when I look at it.

01:01:23   I think it looks nicer to have it monochrome because when the colours are there it draws

01:01:27   my attention away which isn't exactly what I want at all times.

01:01:30   I maybe want to look at a specific part of the watch.

01:01:32   So I just don't want it that way.

01:01:34   So considering how customisable this device is, why make a binary change to an option

01:01:39   and not allow me to customise it?

01:01:41   And I can customize it on other watch faces.

01:01:44   That is my problem.

01:01:45   Yeah, I understand.

01:01:46   I know that I'm being a bit crazy about it, but I really do.

01:01:50   No, no, it sounds boring because colors are fun, you know?

01:01:54   They are, but it's not what I want though.

01:01:57   Like I like, because I like the color of the second hand.

01:02:01   That is the color that I want because I match that color to the watch band that I have.

01:02:07   That's what I like to do with my watch.

01:02:08   And I like that to be the only color because I think that that adds the personality that I want

01:02:12   And and to your point Myke the the fact that you can't change it back

01:02:17   I mean, it's fine to add options, but don't don't take options away

01:02:20   My my problem with it. I mean is the matching but also that out of the corner of my eye

01:02:25   It looks if you're just glancing down

01:02:28   It looks like there's a notification coming in because it's at the top, you know

01:02:33   or at least where I keep mine on the utility faces at the top.

01:02:36   And it's a bit of color that I'm not used to.

01:02:39   And previously, you just had the second hand,

01:02:41   and then you had the red notification alert little dot

01:02:46   guy.

01:02:47   And now that is competing with it

01:02:50   in a way that is distracting to me, at least.

01:02:52   And so I was already back and forth

01:02:54   between simple and utility, but I've rooted myself

01:02:56   in the simple amp now, really because I

01:02:59   can't keep those activity rings from being colored.

01:03:02   Again, it's fine. I think it looks nice, it's just not for me.

01:03:05   And so, why change it and take away my ability to have it the way that it used to be?

01:03:12   I agree that it looks nice, but also it's not what I want.

01:03:15   There should be more color in your life, guys.

01:03:19   I have six watch bands of different colors. That's enough color for me.

01:03:24   There's never enough color for you, Myke.

01:03:27   I want to give you guys a life hack, alright?

01:03:30   Oh, okay.

01:03:31   Are you ready for a life hack? Because I don't want to talk about color on the things anymore.

01:03:35   So I'm going to give you a life hack instead.

01:03:37   With time travel, I've set up a modular watch face as a time zone checker thing.

01:03:47   What do you call that? A time zone app?

01:03:50   Time shifting app. Yeah, I get what you're trying to do, Myke.

01:03:54   So I've set up three complications, New York, Memphis and San Francisco.

01:03:58   And I've... so now I can use time travel to check the time in different time zones

01:04:05   and compare them to mine. I mean in theory you could use like five of them on here

01:04:09   or something but I only really need three. So there you go, that's my life

01:04:13   hack for you. That is genius Myke, I'm doing this right now. And you can have

01:04:17   your calendar in the middle, right? So then also not only when you're checking

01:04:21   to see about the time you can also see if you're aware of an appointment at

01:04:24   that time when you're trying to book a meeting in.

01:04:27   That's a very nice Myke life hack.

01:04:31   One small teachy tip if you use the workflow complication, time travel lets you switch

01:04:38   across multiple workflows.

01:04:40   So you spin the digital crown and with time travel you cycle through workflows that you

01:04:46   have enabled as a complication.

01:04:48   That is a genius piece of software development by the way.

01:04:52   Because on the face of it, it seems like this is weird.

01:04:54   You're showing me a random one and then it's like, "Oh, now I get it."

01:04:59   It's very clever.

01:05:00   I could make the case for having to...

01:05:05   I want to have multiple complications from workflow at the same time.

01:05:08   I don't know if it's a limitation from watchOS 2 or if it's just a decision of the developers,

01:05:14   but still it's a nice workaround right now.

01:05:16   You can just spin the digital crown and you move between the different workflows in the

01:05:20   same complication.

01:05:21   nice. It makes for a nice demo. It does indeed. Yeah, I think it's very, very clever. Very

01:05:27   clever. I like the carrot weather complication as well, when we're talking about complications.

01:05:32   It's the best weather one that I've found, because even on the little small complication,

01:05:38   it has the temperature and the little icon of the weather. So it showed me a little cloud

01:05:45   or something. Very cool. Oh, by the way, let me have some quick follow-up, because I saw

01:05:50   Some people on Twitter and the Koala are kind of poking fun at me because I'm famously

01:05:57   against the idea of checking weather apps when you can just look out of the window.

01:06:03   First of all, I always try to understand why other people are into something that I don't

01:06:10   understand, so that's why I try new stuff all the time, because I try not to be too

01:06:14   stuck on my own ideas.

01:06:16   I like to experiment.

01:06:18   I'm always curious.

01:06:19   And the second one is, I need to test watchOS 2 complications.

01:06:24   So of course I'm trying out what people believe and what I believe are one of the best complications

01:06:29   around yet, which is the Carrot Weather app.

01:06:32   I don't need to look at the weather all the time, I'm looking outside of my window right

01:06:38   now and it's quite nice here today by the way.

01:06:42   I just wanna try new stuff because I don't wanna be one of those old people saying "yeah

01:06:46   doesn't work for me so I'm never gonna check it out that's not how you know how

01:06:51   I'm built I'm built for experimentation and that's what I like to do.

01:06:55   And that's why we love you.

01:06:57   Oh thank you.

01:06:58   Yeah have you guys used the nightstand mode very much?

01:07:02   No.

01:07:02   Not really because now that I use David's app I don't need nightstand mode.

01:07:07   Although you are smart. I don't use it because I don't have a stand and I want to wait until the

01:07:15   stands that come out that have got like the made for Apple watch program

01:07:18   whatever you know that a 9 to 5 report on this a while ago that Apple are

01:07:22   allowing people to create stands with integrated charges into them now so I'm

01:07:27   waiting for those and then I'm gonna get a stand and maybe we'll use the night

01:07:31   stand mode. Yeah I haven't I haven't used David's app yet I I need to get around

01:07:36   to that. I have been using nightstand mode though it's it's nice the the alarm sound

01:07:42   is quite nice and it's nice that the the watch's screen will go off until you

01:07:49   like bump it so you can kind of like bump my nightstand the screen comes on

01:07:52   and it's it's like a dark green so it's not real hard on your eyes if you if you

01:07:57   turn over the middle of the night and want to check the time it's it's a nice

01:07:59   addition and I think it's something that I think most people are gonna still

01:08:02   charge their watches at night I'm not gonna move the 24/7 thing but it's it's a

01:08:08   nice little touch that you know the things already there charging on my

01:08:11   I'd stand why not make it useful when it does that? I probably should point out

01:08:15   that I know you don't need a stand to do this but my little

01:08:21   charging puck is I stuck it to my desk so it doesn't like flail around all the

01:08:26   time so that's why it's just stuck to my desk like my not my desk my bedside

01:08:30   table so that's why I can't just lay it on the side because it won't work.

01:08:37   I mean, if the watchOS 2 is a good jump, I think it just signals that there's still more

01:08:45   to come and a lot of the stuff that they've added is fine.

01:08:49   So it's great.

01:08:50   I mean, what do you guys use your watch for?

01:08:52   Federico, what do you actually use your watch for on a daily basis?

01:08:55   That's a great question, Myke.

01:08:59   I'm still trying to understand the watch, you know.

01:09:02   I would say I love my watch for notifications.

01:09:08   That sounds so stupid, but just being able to pick out an email and archive it right

01:09:13   away, it's a major addition to my daily habits.

01:09:17   I love my watch for looking at phone calls and hanging up on people.

01:09:24   I'm sorry, but I don't like getting phone calls and I love the ability to understand

01:09:28   quickly who's calling me.

01:09:31   I also love my watch for cooking pasta because I need to set a timer and it's so simple to

01:09:38   set up a timer complication and I like, you know, real Italians don't overcook their pasta.

01:09:47   And so whatever's on the box...

01:09:49   Al dente, right?

01:09:50   Yes.

01:09:51   Yeah.

01:09:52   And me and my girlfriend like actually a minute before al dente, we do usually what's on the...

01:09:58   What do you call that?

01:10:00   to al dente, which is like al dente very much. Me and my girlfriend...

01:10:07   I'm gonna start cooking my pasta al dente very much. That is my new way of doing it.

01:10:13   Whatever's on the box for cooking time, we said two minutes ahead. So with the watch,

01:10:20   with the phone I used to calculate the time in my mind and on occasion like I forgot and

01:10:26   it was a mess and we used to fight over pasta. You don't want to do that. With the watch

01:10:31   I can just set up a timer, look at the time, it's super easy for cooking and I love it

01:10:37   as a cooking accessory. Fitness stuff, that was one of the features that I was most excited

01:10:46   about the watch. But with WatchOS 2, WatchOS 1 third party apps, which were what I wanted

01:10:53   to use were basically useless because they didn't have native performance or native access

01:10:58   to sensors.

01:11:00   Now that there's watchOS 2, I'm downloading a bunch of apps and I'm getting into a new

01:11:06   exercise routine for the new year.

01:11:09   So I'm kind of rethinking the entire fitness part and that I'm still not sure about.

01:11:16   I have big hopes for watchOS 2 and fitness but I'm still trying to understand what's

01:11:22   the best app for me because the Apple workout app doesn't really work for me because I don't

01:11:28   do runs or walks, I do stretching because of the physical therapy that I have to do

01:11:33   for my leg, so I need very specific apps and I'm still browsing around the App Store.

01:11:40   In fact, if you guys have any fitness app for watchOS 2, any recommendations, please

01:11:45   send them to me because I need to be aware of them.

01:11:49   It's not easy to browse on the app store for the Apple Watch.

01:11:53   It's not always updated and it's hard to find app updates.

01:11:58   So yeah, right now it's notifications, phone calls, hanging up on people, I love that,

01:12:06   and cooking pasta.

01:12:08   That's what I do.

01:12:10   Perfect.

01:12:11   Oh, also, I should say controlling music and podcast playback.

01:12:16   I love the remote glance, also that one.

01:12:21   - Yeah, I'm similar in a lot of those ways,

01:12:23   the music and podcast playback,

01:12:25   notifications is a big thing for me.

01:12:27   I like just the small actions on notifications

01:12:30   that you can take, right, is very, very good,

01:12:33   and I like that a lot.

01:12:35   There are some apps, it's like I always mentioned you

01:12:38   as just a fantastic watchOS app, like it's just superb.

01:12:43   I don't even think that they've had an OS/2 update,

01:12:45   and it still feels as responsive as any app that I use on my watch.

01:12:49   I don't actually know how they do it, but it's just brilliant.

01:12:53   And I mean, you know, some of the activity tracking stuff is good.

01:12:56   Like it's nice that I have it and I think about it and act upon it.

01:13:00   And you know, I still like that stuff.

01:13:02   I'm maybe one of the only people in the world that likes digital clutch because, you know,

01:13:07   me and Adina, we use it in a meaningful way.

01:13:10   Yes.

01:13:11   Me and Sylvia too.

01:13:12   Actually, whenever I drive Sylvia to class every day, she says, because of Rome's crazy

01:13:20   traffic and there's a dangerous intersection before we get home, she wants to know every

01:13:25   time when I get home safely.

01:13:27   And we used to send each other a text message when I got home.

01:13:31   Now I just tap on the watch.

01:13:34   She gets a tap, she responds, and we know that everything's fine, I'm home.

01:13:38   So yes, we're also using that in a very practical way.

01:13:41   It's also fun, but it's also practical.

01:13:43   And it's faster because whenever I'm parking, I don't have to reach out to my phone and

01:13:47   write a text message and it's boring.

01:13:50   I can just hold up the watch, tap the side button, then tap on the friend icon to send

01:13:57   a bunch of taps, which is nice, also useful.

01:14:00   Yeah.

01:14:01   Steven, I assume that was you.

01:14:03   Just sent me a little digital touch.

01:14:05   I did.

01:14:06   I was like, "I haven't sent one in weeks.

01:14:08   I just sent one to Myke."

01:14:09   I don't have that phone number.

01:14:12   Oh yeah, I'm on a T-Mobile SIM today, which is an interesting...

01:14:16   A story for another time.

01:14:20   My watch usage really aligns closely with you guys.

01:14:22   I really like the notifications.

01:14:24   I will say working at home I'm much more prone to use Siri just throughout the day than when

01:14:29   I had an office.

01:14:30   And so I will respond to text messages or whatnot just on my...

01:14:33   Even if it's sitting at my computer, sometimes just on the watch via dictation.

01:14:37   Lot for things like timers and alarms and and for the the workout stuff - it has not

01:14:43   Really made any impact in other types of usage

01:14:47   So I don't like review my OmniFocus list for the day on my watch. I'm gonna do it on my computer or my phone

01:14:52   those sort of things like I

01:14:56   Know it can do them, but maybe it was watch OS one and I'm just have been turned off for the idea

01:15:01   But it's just going to be slower and more clunky on the watch

01:15:04   And so why why do that when I wouldn't already have a phone or a Mac at hand?

01:15:08   So we'll see if that changes over time, but at this point, you know

01:15:13   It's a it's a finished tracker with notifications and and that's really about it. Yeah, but see the thing is I'm okay with that

01:15:20   like

01:15:23   The Apple watch is a device that I use very simply but it has become an important device that I own

01:15:29   And that I put on every day and I like it.

01:15:33   And one of the key things for me is,

01:15:35   Adina puts hers on every day too.

01:15:38   And that for me is more of an interesting data point

01:15:42   than for me.

01:15:43   Like if we are planning on staying at home,

01:15:46   she puts her watch on in the morning, same as I do.

01:15:49   And that is, you know, that is for me,

01:15:52   as key a thing as anything else.

01:15:55   'Cause she, somebody who doesn't care about this stuff

01:15:58   just for the sake of caring about it,

01:16:00   continues to use and make use of her watch every single day.

01:16:05   Like one of the other big things, timers for cooking.

01:16:08   I use my Apple Watch for that constantly.

01:16:11   And that is not constantly, only when I'm cooking,

01:16:14   of course, like I don't use timers for cooking

01:16:16   when I'm not cooking.

01:16:17   But it is something that I use and I really like

01:16:20   and I like that it's just simple to set up.

01:16:23   And I've even started, I was doing this today

01:16:25   and something I'm gonna think about doing

01:16:26   using timers for working. So like saying I'm gonna do this for an hour and then

01:16:33   just sitting down and just powering through it through something for an hour

01:16:36   at a time and having the timer complication on the watch face which I

01:16:41   set today I might keep that on there and try and use that as a system for myself.

01:16:46   I might talk about that later if I do but I mean I know people are down on the

01:16:51   watch or whatever I think in some circles but for me it has become an

01:16:55   important part of my computing life I think.

01:16:58   Yeah, I cannot just say the very simple act of wearing the watch, it makes me look cool.

01:17:06   It's nice to look at.

01:17:08   It's a nice accessory.

01:17:09   And I have bought four different bands.

01:17:14   I have the middle-lengths loop, I have the leather loop, I have a black sport band and

01:17:19   I just bought a red sport band.

01:17:22   And I think I can change the watch depending on my outfit and it's nice.

01:17:28   It's a nice thing to wear.

01:17:30   That's the basic aspect of wearing a watch for me.

01:17:33   Yeah, I agree.

01:17:35   And it's nice and customizable.

01:17:36   Yeah.

01:17:37   Right, I think that about wraps up this week.

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01:18:21   Say goodbye guys.

01:18:23   Arrivederci.

01:18:24   Adios.