58: Wake up in a Gentle Mood


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00:00:07   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode number 58.

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00:00:16   My name is Myke Hurley and I am joined by Mr Stephen Hackett. Hello sir.

00:00:20   Hello Myke, how are you?

00:00:22   I'm very well, how are you?

00:00:23   I'm doing well.

00:00:24   And also by a, I'm sure, much relieved Mr Federico Vittucci.

00:00:29   Hello fellow travelers.

00:00:32   How is your quality of life these days?

00:00:36   I would say it is acceptable.

00:00:38   I'm recovering from the past three months of riding.

00:00:43   It's time to go to the beach house.

00:00:46   I don't know, see my dad removed all the fancy comforts of the summer because we cannot go

00:00:54   in the winter, you know.

00:00:56   I would go there but I would miss my chair, I would miss my TV.

00:01:01   Yeah, that doesn't sound like a good scenario anymore. No, it's not a good scenario. It's really a thing that we do from June to September.

00:01:07   So now the time is over. See you next June.

00:01:10   Beach House. Look at that. He's turned the Beach House basically into like a storage unit.

00:01:14   That's what you're saying? Yes. That's what it does in the winter. It just goes there

00:01:19   and it removes all the greatest aspects of having, you know, the

00:01:23   glamping beach house. Where do they go? Where do the things go? Inside! Like just inside,

00:01:28   it's a mess. They just go inside. You cannot even enter the house because it's full of

00:01:33   chairs and stuff. It's all piled up. Yeah. It's good. It's good to know. We're gonna

00:01:41   start off this episode this week with something new. We're going to institute maybe the first

00:01:47   ever follow in? Can you explain what it is? Yeah so a couple of days ago CHP Grey, host

00:01:56   of Cortex on Relay FM, sent me an image with a highlight from your review in it and he

00:02:04   demanded, actually said demanded, I demand to know why Federico does this and the image...

00:02:10   Is he curious? Does he want to steal my tricks? I have no idea but as soon as he sent it I

00:02:16   I felt exactly the same way.

00:02:18   So he highlighted a sentence from your review

00:02:22   where you're talking about, I assume,

00:02:25   notification center and widgets and that kind of stuff.

00:02:28   And you said, "For example, I use the Do Button app

00:02:31   "every night before sleep to tell my girlfriend

00:02:34   "the exact time I went to bed with an email."

00:02:37   That is what he wanted to know.

00:02:39   And this is follow in because he is another host

00:02:41   and would like this question to be asked on the show.

00:02:44   So both me and Steven have our own theories

00:02:48   about what this is, and Steven, I will allow you to go first,

00:02:51   and Federico, you can provide us with the answer

00:02:53   as to why you need to send an email every evening

00:02:56   to your lovely Silvia to tell her why you went to bed.

00:02:59   - Okay. - I would imagine

00:03:00   that our theory might be similar,

00:03:02   in that it is well documented

00:03:04   that Federico does not sleep enough,

00:03:06   and he sleeps at awkward times to be living where he lives,

00:03:10   and my thought is that this is a little accountability,

00:03:13   to prove that you are going to bed at a reasonable time.

00:03:18   Maybe you guys have some time set upon

00:03:21   that if you go past that you get in trouble.

00:03:23   I don't know.

00:03:23   I feel like it's an accountability system of sorts.

00:03:25   - No, close enough.

00:03:26   - I was thinking it was either that

00:03:29   or it's a way of tracking your health, which she does,

00:03:34   and/or so she knows that she shouldn't wake you up

00:03:37   when she gets up, right?

00:03:39   'Cause if she sees that you went to bed at 6 a.m.

00:03:41   and she wakes up at nine, maybe not wait for the week.

00:03:44   - You might, you get closer to the problem.

00:03:48   - Okay.

00:03:49   - It's a combination of both,

00:03:50   but you're missing one essential aspect

00:03:53   is that my girlfriend is a normal person and I'm lazy.

00:03:57   So I don't wanna be woken up by an alarm

00:04:03   either from my phone or from my watch.

00:04:06   I like to be woken up by my girlfriend

00:04:08   with a smile and a cup of espresso.

00:04:11   That's how I like to be working.

00:04:15   So what's the problem here?

00:04:18   Because I go to bed, as Steven said, I go to bed at unusual times.

00:04:22   My girlfriend does not.

00:04:24   She usually, I mean, she usually goes to sleep at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m.

00:04:28   She doesn't go to bed at like 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. like I do because I'm working.

00:04:34   She doesn't have to go to an office in the morning, so she still likes to wake up at

00:04:40   around 10am to 11am. So what I do is for many years she had to guess when I went to bed

00:04:48   and that was a problem because it meant that I could be waking up with 4 to 5 hours of

00:04:55   sleep and I cannot function if I don't sleep at least 6 hours. 7 hours is how I feel best

00:05:03   during the day but I need to sleep at least 6 hours. So for many years we were searching

00:05:10   for a system so I could tell her in an obtrusive fashion when was the exact time that I was

00:05:18   going to sleep, that I was going to bed.

00:05:21   And the best way to do that, we found out, was to use the IFTTT app because it sends

00:05:31   a precise timestamp of when I'm going to bed.

00:05:35   So every morning she doesn't wake up to notifications because she doesn't keep notifications for

00:05:40   an email.

00:05:42   She just opens the mail app, she sees the timestamp and she does the math, she lets

00:05:49   me sleep six to seven hours and then she wakes me up at the best time for me with the kind

00:05:55   of waking up scenario that I like, which is her waking me up with an espresso and breakfast.

00:06:02   I love my girlfriend very much.

00:06:04   I need to have this disclaimer.

00:06:05   I think we're older now.

00:06:07   She's amazing and she knows me very well.

00:06:11   I try to various techniques.

00:06:13   I try to be woken up by the iPhone's alarm.

00:06:18   Doesn't work because it just makes me angry.

00:06:19   I tried the various sleep trackers for iPhone.

00:06:24   They do the kind of, "I'll wake you up at the best time for you," but I really just

00:06:31   to be woken up by another person and that person happens to be my girlfriend who does

00:06:36   know how to make me happy.

00:06:39   So yeah, that's why I use this app.

00:06:41   It's a very, it's an even, you know, I told you that I'm lazy.

00:06:46   The best part is I just need to press a button in the widget to send an email.

00:06:52   So before putting up my phone in the charger, which is the very last thing that I do before

00:06:59   sleeping I can just open a notification center or the app it doesn't matter I

00:07:03   tap I send my hey I'm going to bed right now email and I'm done it's it's the

00:07:09   only way that I don't forget we get the timestamp of when I'm going to bed she

00:07:14   knows how much I need to sleep and everybody's happy I mean I guess she's

00:07:19   happy she has to wake me up with this whole system every morning I should

00:07:24   probably ask her if she's happy. I guess she is or maybe she's just she's just

00:07:30   learned how to accept it. I don't know but either way that's why CGP.

00:07:35   I really like the the combination of technology and espresso delivery that

00:07:43   you've created into this workflow.

00:07:45   Yeah, you're like Doc Brown. You know, like he has whatever happens at the start of Back to the Future that makes his breakfast.

00:07:53   Yeah, it's like that.

00:07:55   Yeah, it's a Rube Goldberg machine involving a person and a button in an app.

00:08:01   I have to say though Federico that I

00:08:03   whilst not having a system like you do agree with many of the things that you do so

00:08:08   Every morning before Adina leaves for work. She does wake me up

00:08:12   And then we just have a system where she'll wake me up and then say do you need to sleep more and

00:08:17   Then I will say yes

00:08:19   and then she will assist me in setting an alarm whilst I'm tired. Or I wake up.

00:08:23   Like this morning I woke up and we walked together to the shops where I

00:08:27   bought some milk so I could drink some coffee in the morning.

00:08:29   And so I am very much like you in that I don't like...

00:08:32   Alarms annoy me and my quality of life has improved significantly in that I don't have

00:08:38   to be woken up by alarms anymore and I can be woken up by a human being.

00:08:42   That is a big, big difference in my life. So I agree with you completely.

00:08:47   but just that entire... I actually don't think I've ever loved you more than I love you right now

00:08:51   because that was so much more than I expected it to be. So I would also like to thank Gray for

00:08:59   providing this following which has created probably the best moment to ever occur on this show.

00:09:04   I'm very peculiar with my morning routine and habits and in fact the only... the few times

00:09:14   that I forgot to put my phone in silent mode. Let me tell you how much I hate

00:09:19   getting phone calls in the morning. When I was having treatments a few years ago,

00:09:26   my oncologist learned not to call me in the morning because I told her please

00:09:31   never call me in the morning because I'm sleeping and if you wake me... I have a

00:09:35   very strange relationship with my oncologist, she's more of a friend really,

00:09:39   But she knew, and she told other doctors and the nurses in the department not to call me,

00:09:46   not to call Federico in the morning, because he won't pick up.

00:09:49   If he does pick up, he's another person completely.

00:09:52   So please don't call him in the morning.

00:09:54   A few days ago, I got a telemarketing phone call in the morning.

00:09:59   And I woke up, because the ringtone wakes me up every time, and was a very nice lady,

00:10:05   I'm sorry, from British Telecom.

00:10:07   I don't know how they got my number, but they wanted to make me an offer.

00:10:11   So she started talking real fast.

00:10:13   And I was like, "Uh-huh.

00:10:15   Yes.

00:10:16   What's up?"

00:10:17   And she said, "We want to give you this offer."

00:10:20   And I was half asleep, half awake.

00:10:23   And I told her, "Is this an offer?"

00:10:25   And she's like, "Yeah."

00:10:26   And I'm like, "Thank you, but no."

00:10:29   And I just hung up the phone.

00:10:31   And I later realized that I was very rude to the lady.

00:10:35   She was just doing her job.

00:10:37   really if I can be terrible if I don't sleep enough and so I devised this entire system

00:10:45   and I try to always put everything to silent mode so I can wake up in a gentle mood ready

00:10:52   for the day ahead and using the help of scripts and you know recipes whatever this is a perfect

00:10:59   combo of the human aspect the the teachy aspect of you know automating this sort of process

00:11:05   So I'm happy. It works for me.

00:11:07   I think we can just end the show there.

00:11:11   Yes, thanks so much for listening.

00:11:12   Let me take a break and then we'll actually do some real follow up.

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00:13:10   Stephen, hit me with your follow up.

00:13:14   - I'll hit you with some follow ups

00:13:16   starting with the iPad Pro and the apps

00:13:20   that could come about with this new hardware,

00:13:24   with the pencil and everything.

00:13:25   This was a theme in our follow up this week.

00:13:30   Matt won the who gets pasted into the document challenge.

00:13:34   Matt works in video post production in Hollywood

00:13:40   and he says that people are always talking about

00:13:41   how we'll be eventually editing on iPads

00:13:44   and he's tried iMovie, Adobe's got an app,

00:13:48   Avid had one and he says they're fine

00:13:51   but he thinks the interaction isn't the problem.

00:13:54   He thinks the problem is storage.

00:13:56   So I'm gonna quote his email now

00:13:57   'cause he's got some impressive numbers in it

00:13:59   that I think are important to our conversation.

00:14:02   Every professional video editor works

00:14:03   with some kind of media storage

00:14:05   that could range from a portable LaCie external drive

00:14:08   to an 8 bay Thunderbolt RAID,

00:14:09   all the way up to a 48 terabyte fiber channel system

00:14:12   supporting like six editing machines at once.

00:14:15   That's the system he uses.

00:14:16   So big data, fast IO is really important in this.

00:14:20   And I've experienced this a little bit

00:14:22   helping my brother with his documentaries

00:14:23   that if you're dealing with video

00:14:26   very quickly hard drive space and speed become an issue being able to get your

00:14:37   files to your computer quickly and reliably and access to various other

00:14:42   editors is a very complicated problem and the Mac is well suited to solve this

00:14:47   problem right it's got Ethernet it's got Thunderbolt it's got a finder and I

00:14:54   don't think that I think like this issue is one of those one of those things that

00:15:00   divides iOS from OS X and I just don't see them really being willing to tackle

00:15:06   this sort of problem like having hours of HD video on Dropbox is not a solution

00:15:11   for real people.

00:15:13   Yeah, yeah especially you know not just about hardware or thought that that's

00:15:18   that's a very big problem but even if you just look at software you mentioned

00:15:22   finder on OS X and that's the biggest argument in favor of using a Mac when it comes to moving

00:15:28   a bunch of heavy files around and organizing these files in projects.

00:15:33   The file management in iOS, in spite of the improvements over the past two years with

00:15:38   document providers and extensions and the iCloud Drive app in iOS 9 is still miles and

00:15:45   miles away from the experience that you get on a Mac.

00:15:48   The iCloud Drive app, as I wrote in my iOS 9 review, is mostly an embarrassment because

00:15:55   of how much it lacks compared to, not necessarily the Finder, because I wouldn't expect Apple

00:16:04   to bring a full Finder to the iPad.

00:16:07   But even when you compare that to the features for document management and sharing that you

00:16:12   get in other apps from competitors on iOS, such as Dropbox or Microsoft, and even Google,

00:16:18   So, when it comes to working with files and external storage, I wonder if the iPad Pro

00:16:25   with the smart connector could lead to a new generation of external storage units.

00:16:33   The smart connector is used for keyboards right now, but I wonder if it could be used

00:16:37   in some way, maybe with a cable, I don't know, to transfer data and power to an external

00:16:43   drive.

00:16:45   When it comes to software, Apple really needs to ship a better app to manage files and a

00:16:53   better system across every app installed on iOS.

00:16:57   Because right now it's fine if you want to move a bunch of PDFs or a bunch of Word documents

00:17:04   around, but really I wouldn't advise you to keep several gigabytes worth of movie files

00:17:13   on your iPad because the experience is just not gonna be the same kind of experience that

00:17:18   you demand and you expect from a Mac.

00:17:21   So we need a lot of improvements in every aspect, I think.

00:17:25   On an infinite timescale, right?

00:17:27   Yes.

00:17:28   Yeah, I'm not saying it's never going to happen, but I think there's significant work that

00:17:34   would need to happen for it to be possible.

00:17:37   But I thought it was good feedback and something that we didn't really touch on directly.

00:17:42   I think it's good. I've also got some feedback about the A9X which is the

00:17:50   processor at the heart of the iPad Pro. It seems to be that getting closer and

00:17:57   closer to where the MacBook is as far as performance. Apple is talking about

00:18:01   desktop class CPUs, console class GPUs and yes so so Romain wrote in thinking

00:18:10   that hey you know is it time that um that the A9X or some you know child or

00:18:18   grandchild of it you know move into the Mac and it was interesting you know

00:18:23   Apple compared the A9X and the iPad Pro the ship to the shipping PC's saying

00:18:30   that iPad Pro is faster than whatever it was ninety percent of portable PC's

00:18:35   shipped clearly Apple's talking about it sort of while not talking about it

00:18:40   But I really think that the time is coming where Apple could build an

00:18:48   ARM chip fast enough for a low-end Mac. They're not going to be able to build an

00:18:52   ARM chip right now that you know can replace a MacBook Pro or a Mac Pro but

00:18:55   in the MacBook with its little Intel Core M, not a very fast machine and

00:18:59   surely an ARM system would be well equipped for a machine like that.

00:19:09   but I think the problems that we talked about whenever it was a year ago when

00:19:15   this came up I think those problems are still there where things like

00:19:20   virtualization and boot camp would suffer I don't see Apple wanting to

00:19:24   split their Mac line by processor type long term so in the wood from PowerPC

00:19:30   to Intel which you guys were children you don't remember it it happened in

00:19:34   in about eight months.

00:19:35   It was very quickly done.

00:19:39   It was not a strategy to say we're gonna have

00:19:42   PowerPC Max, we're gonna have Intel Max.

00:19:44   They got through that as quickly as they could.

00:19:47   And they can't do that with ARM right now,

00:19:49   and so I really don't think they're gonna start doing this,

00:19:52   if they ever do it, until they've got the runway saying,

00:19:55   hey, we know that we could build a 27 inch Retina iMac

00:19:59   with ARM chips within a year.

00:20:01   And until that day comes, I just don't see this being possible.

00:20:07   What do you guys think?

00:20:09   The assumption is if they're going to do an ARM CPU for a Mac, they're still going to

00:20:14   use OS X.

00:20:16   They're not going to put iOS on the Mac just because they're using the ARM CPU.

00:20:21   I guess in theory it makes sense, right?

00:20:25   Because they want to move the CPU production to the same line that they use for iOS devices,

00:20:31   which are super successful.

00:20:35   And assuming that OS X is going to stay on those possible machines, I still wonder if

00:20:43   they're going to do it, if they're going to use some kind of inspiration, let's just say,

00:20:49   from iOS and bringing it over to OS X.

00:20:52   And I wonder if what's the reason to do that.

00:20:57   innovation moves faster in the ARM CPU line I feel like I'm not best equipped

00:21:02   to talk about this particular aspect. I would have thought it's because Apple

00:21:08   have more control over it right that's the reason that if they were ever gonna

00:21:12   do it that's why they would do it and the reason that they're able to make

00:21:15   such great products with the iOS devices is that they control the whole thing and

00:21:19   they can build the hardware and software together in harmony where with the

00:21:23   laptops they're waiting on Intel. On like you know on the desktop machines. They're

00:21:27   waiting on Intel right now. Intel are late with their chip design so that's

00:21:32   basically holding up any new revisions that Apple have for their products. So I

00:21:37   assume that that would be the reason they would do it because then they have

00:21:39   control of the whole stack. Stephen what do you think? Yeah I think that's a big part of it.

00:21:44   I mean like you said these there's a lot of like MacBook Pros and iMac updates

00:21:48   and everything that have been rumored but Intel is slipping on the on the ship

00:21:53   dates for those those chips. I do think control is is one of the big factors but

00:22:00   I think too if if this comes with a big trade-off in power consumption then they

00:22:09   can either make their machines last longer or what they will probably do is

00:22:14   make everything thinner and lighter and I think there's a lot of things about

00:22:18   the MacBook that Apple likes, that it is fanless, that it is, you know, silent to

00:22:25   operate. It is basically an iPad, you know, with running OS X except for the

00:22:33   the Intel chip and that and that system wasn't even possible until the Core M

00:22:37   was in such a shape that Apple could use it. I think it controls a lot of it and I

00:22:42   think too, Apple does care about the experience of things like the

00:22:49   temperature that the machines run at the battery. I'm sure they might get fans

00:22:53   out of everything. But it does come with a cost and you know losing virtualization

00:22:59   would be a big deal. You know right now you can run Windows on a Mac natively.

00:23:04   That's a really big deal for a lot of users and I'm not saying that would stop

00:23:10   Apple, but I think that is a strong consideration

00:23:12   or strong thing to consider if you're Apple looking at that and

00:23:17   So I just don't know I mean I

00:23:21   Could see them doing it

00:23:24   But I would really

00:23:25   They would have to convince me that it was the right choice for a bunch of other reasons because I would be upset about

00:23:30   Virtualization think a lot of people would be yeah, and and I'd be upset if I couldn't

00:23:34   buy a

00:23:38   As powerful a machine as I can as I can buy now and and splitting the product line long term

00:23:42   Like I said doesn't make sense. I think that's confusing to customers. I mean I was

00:23:46   You know, I was a Mac user during that transition and even though I you know knew what I was doing and on top of it

00:23:55   You know, it's like well is this app universal it run on both. It is power bc only well, it's okay

00:23:59   I can use it in Rosetta until they take that away and there was there was all of this like little

00:24:06   details you had to worry about

00:24:08   Really for years after that really until snow leopard the sort of stuff all went away

00:24:13   And it came with a cross, you know leopard

00:24:16   Since the tiger had a power PC and Intel version so you had to know which one to buy when you in the store

00:24:22   which was crazy and

00:24:24   Then leopard was universal and leopard was huge. I mean one reason snow leopard was so much smaller and they touted that

00:24:32   It was not but hey the install is so much smaller. It's the OS has lost gigabytes

00:24:37   Yeah

00:24:37   because they stripped all the power PC stuff out leopard is universal and leopard was really complicated as an OS because of it and

00:24:43   I think all that trade-off stuff like they just did it a decade ago

00:24:47   I'm not sure they want to do it again unless there's a really compelling reason

00:24:50   I'm not sure that control is enough of a reason quite yet. Yeah, and especially a messy transition from

00:24:57   Intel to ARM for new max

00:25:00   Would be more of a problem for today's Apple than 10 years ago

00:25:05   you know because they're a bigger company the spotlight is always on Apple they have more users and

00:25:10   Ten years ago. They could do that kind of I wouldn't say rough

00:25:16   Transition but still for users like you is still required a lot of knowledge. I would say today

00:25:23   It would need to be

00:25:26   much more smoother and easy for all types of users if they don't want to compromise

00:25:33   the basic idea that millions of people have that Macs work and that PCs have problems.

00:25:40   They don't want to create the assumption that Macs are problematic because they spent the past 10 years

00:25:45   positioning the Mac as the fastest easiest platform. Do they want to change that? I don't know.

00:25:54   It's a lot to think about and I think it's a topic that is just gonna continue

00:25:57   I mean the you know with the iPhone 6s

00:26:00   You know it's it's benchmarking higher than ever it's it's the iPad Pro obviously when it comes out is gonna benchmark

00:26:07   It's the highest fastest iOS device, and so I think this will continue to be a topic until they do something or

00:26:13   You know till they say something definitive either way

00:26:16   Do uh

00:26:19   Do we want to close out the Apple pay corner for me? Yeah, we're gonna put it to bed for you forever

00:26:24   Yes, so in the last couple weeks, I think we talked about it last week

00:26:29   I don't know. So my local bank supports Apple pay now, right and with with iOS 9 my credit card early

00:26:36   Company also supports Apple pay. Oh, well all of my cards in the last two weeks have just gone from no Apple pay to Apple pay

00:26:43   But then my debit card number was stolen someplace that didn't take Apple pay. So I'm dealing with that

00:26:48   that which really has been an interesting experience like and we've

00:26:56   had it happen a couple of times over the years but I'm always struck by just how

00:27:00   ridiculous the system is that it's the same set of numbers and if that said

00:27:04   numbers gets taken like I have physical possession of my card but the number was

00:27:09   stolen and used and they racked up a bunch of basically took a bunch of money

00:27:13   on my checking account before it got stopped this how like old-school and

00:27:18   ridiculous that is and how if Apple Pay was accepted everywhere it wouldn't be a problem

00:27:24   because the one time use number and everything that we talked about in detail earlier. So

00:27:29   I'm definitely going to be of the mind of any place that uses Apple Pay. I definitely

00:27:34   will be using it. Having gone through all of this in like just the last couple of days

00:27:39   really reiterated to me that it's the current system we have in the States is so bad and

00:27:45   And I'm looking forward to being better.

00:27:47   Yeah, it's weird.

00:27:49   I always find it so weird, using my credit card and debit card in America.

00:27:54   It's like going back in time.

00:27:56   So strange.

00:27:57   Yeah.

00:27:58   Also, weirdly, I couldn't get Apple Pay to work when I was in Poland.

00:28:03   Which doesn't make sense to me why that would be the case.

00:28:06   Yeah, I wonder if there's some sort of region checking or something.

00:28:13   Who knows?

00:28:14   Who knows?

00:28:15   - So, what else is on the docket for today?

00:28:19   - Well, iPhone pre-order news and reviews

00:28:22   kind of come out before we recorded today.

00:28:25   So Apple had a press release where they announced

00:28:30   a couple of interesting things.

00:28:31   Fastest iOS adoption ever with more than 50% of devices

00:28:35   already using iOS 9 as of Monday, September 20th.

00:28:39   I think that's interesting because my feelings

00:28:43   My feeling from just talking to people is that there is a general fear of

00:28:49   upgrading to iOS now because you don't know what you're gonna get. Is it gonna

00:28:54   be a new UI again? Is it gonna break? So I think that that's very interesting

00:28:59   that it's been such a high adoption rate. So I guess Bravo Apple, what they've

00:29:05   been doing there to convince people that it's worth doing. And also another stuff

00:29:11   about the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus pre-orders. So this is a quote from the press release.

00:29:15   "Customer response to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has been incredibly positive. We can't

00:29:20   wait to get our most advanced iPhones ever into customers hands starting this Friday," it says

00:29:25   Philip Schiller. Philip. Apple's Senior Vice President of World Wide Marketing. iOS 9 is

00:29:30   also off to an amazing start on pace to be downloaded by more users than any other software

00:29:34   release in Apple's history. So all around good news for iOS 9 and the iPhones.

00:29:41   Looking forward to picking mine up on Friday. Mine's on a truck. I did the trick

00:29:48   where you search your phone number and so mine was in China when I looked it up

00:29:51   yesterday. Did you guys see that woman that she got her phone already and was

00:29:58   just like running deep edge on it and stuff? It was awesome. She was just giving all

00:30:04   this information away. It was absolutely fantastic. She's @moonshinedesign on

00:30:10   Twitter. I'll find a link. I think MacRumors wrote up a little bit about her.

00:30:13   But she was doing stuff like she confirmed the RAM, she was running Geek

00:30:18   Bank scores. It's hilarious. She was just like completely just giving everything

00:30:24   away. She tweeted pictures, she had benchmarks, she provided the full

00:30:30   resolution videos and photos to MacRumors, she knew what she were doing.

00:30:35   Oh yeah! That's awesome. And I wonder if the

00:30:40   the embargo for the reviews was modified in any way to account for all these

00:30:45   unexpected details? Maybe, maybe. I mean it feels like not everybody was ready

00:30:52   because a bunch of reviews that I expect to be out aren't yet

00:30:56   or like they were staggering through the day but I don't know if that's just

00:30:59   people's way that they do such things but it does seem a little bit rushed.

00:31:04   It doesn't feel to me in my mind like it's the Tuesday, it usually feels a little bit

00:31:09   later in the week that they do the embargo.

00:31:12   On Wednesday I think usually.

00:31:15   It's a day early.

00:31:16   I saw someone on Twitter saying that maybe Ben Thompson on Twitter said that it was a

00:31:21   day earlier than usual because they do, it comes out on Friday and on Wednesday you get

00:31:25   the reviews.

00:31:26   That's what they usually do.

00:31:28   So it's interesting, maybe it's just a conspiracy theory.

00:31:33   Talking about reviews, the only one that I've really taken a look at yet is The Verge's

00:31:37   just because they make a great video.

00:31:40   So for me that's just the way I consume these things because, you know, I just don't want

00:31:44   to read it because that's just how I am.

00:31:47   And Neai's review, his video review was great, he spoke very highly about it and I thought

00:31:54   I'll just give a quick overview for anybody that hasn't read it or doesn't want to.

00:31:59   Neillay says to go plus, so it's a good news for all of us.

00:32:02   Bigger screen, bigger battery, better camera.

00:32:04   And when you think of it that way, that just makes sense to me.

00:32:07   And his idea of it was just like, why wouldn't you get the better one on specs?

00:32:12   But I guess it depends on what you can put in your own hands.

00:32:16   He thinks 3D touch will actually be really useful.

00:32:19   It feels quite natural, better than force touch.

00:32:21   It is a big step and could potentially be a big step for interaction on iOS devices

00:32:27   but believes, and it makes sense, that it won't make true sense until third-party developers

00:32:31   create their own design language and interaction methods that they use and the way that their

00:32:35   apps communicate with it.

00:32:37   The better selfie camera is awesome and much improved and the back camera is great but

00:32:43   feels that, and from the photos that I've seen anyway, that the improvement isn't dramatic

00:32:48   but it is better.

00:32:49   So if you zoom in on the pictures they look better.

00:32:52   And they look better but it's not like a huge jump in the photos.

00:32:56   And live photos are interesting it seems.

00:33:01   It feels like you kind of have to think differently about the way that you take pictures, right?

00:33:05   Because he's saying a bunch of his live photos ended in him putting his phone away.

00:33:10   Because the video keeps going or whatever it's doing.

00:33:13   So usually you take the picture and put the phone down, which maybe isn't the way you'd

00:33:16   want to do it.

00:33:18   they do take double the space of a regular photo.

00:33:21   So as Nilay has suggested, which is probably what I'll do,

00:33:25   which is exactly how I treat HDR as well,

00:33:27   is to use it for the photos I want to be live photos.

00:33:31   - Yep.

00:33:32   Yeah, I'm definitely that way with HDR.

00:33:34   - Yeah, taking a specific picture and being like,

00:33:36   this is gonna be something I think I would want

00:33:39   as a live photo.

00:33:40   That's probably how I'll do it.

00:33:41   I don't know if you need every picture.

00:33:42   - How do you decide?

00:33:43   It sort of defeats the purpose of capturing a moment.

00:33:46   - Well, I mean, it depends, right?

00:33:47   It puts a cognitive load on you to assess every time whether you want to capture a moment

00:33:52   or not.

00:33:53   I can deal with that cognitive load, but it's the idea of being like, yeah, I might end

00:33:57   up missing some great ones, but like if I'm taking a picture of, so like for example,

00:34:02   if I'm taking a picture, me currently, if I take a picture of a person, it tends to

00:34:07   be a scenario that I would maybe want a live photo because I don't take pictures of people

00:34:13   a lot, right?

00:34:15   It's just because I don't have kids.

00:34:16   I think it's when you have kids is when you start taking pictures of people all the time.

00:34:21   And or if I'm somewhere where I'm taking pictures of something that's moving, then I might want

00:34:26   to do one.

00:34:27   Otherwise I might miss out on it, but I'm not sure if I want to double the size of my

00:34:30   photo library going forward.

00:34:32   Yeah, I worry too about the support of Live Photos.

00:34:38   So it'll be iOS 9 and Okapitan when it comes out in about a week and a half.

00:34:45   But they haven't said like, and I haven't read,

00:34:47   so maybe someone has said now,

00:34:49   like do these things just work in Finder?

00:34:50   Because I'm still using Dropbox and folders,

00:34:52   I'm not using the Photos app.

00:34:53   - Yeah, what happens to my backup?

00:34:56   I just end up with GIFs, that's all I have now.

00:34:58   - So am I stuck in Photos if I wanna use these things?

00:35:01   I do have kids and I do wanna use this with them.

00:35:04   I think, I mean the little example of like the little girl

00:35:07   they used in the keynote who's like smiling

00:35:08   and thinks he has a flower or something,

00:35:10   like that just, that was like aimed straight at the dad in me

00:35:14   And I want to play with that, but I really don't want to use photos.

00:35:18   And so is it going to be a thing where like all my live photos are just sort of like shuttled off in the side and photos and everything else I keep in Dropbox?

00:35:25   Or is this going to make me blow everything up again?

00:35:29   I just, I want to see how good the support is in OS X.

00:35:33   Because I do worry that it may be half baked.

00:35:35   You guys are still using Dropbox for photos?

00:35:38   Yeah, I don't use the photos app.

00:35:40   Really?

00:35:41   Yeah.

00:35:42   Wow.

00:35:43   I've been using Photo Library with iCloud since it launched, and it's been perfect for me.

00:35:50   My entire...

00:35:51   I have all of my photos go in there, but I haven't put my entire library previously into it.

00:35:59   I guess it's really a decision of how safe you feel with photo management services.

00:36:05   We're not going down this rabbit hole again.

00:36:07   Well, I have a couple of things, right?

00:36:09   So I have that thing, the safety thing.

00:36:15   But also I have this incredible legacy account.

00:36:19   I don't know if you heard this on Upgrade Federico, but I was thinking to myself a couple

00:36:25   of weeks ago that I don't recall paying for iCloud frequently.

00:36:31   And I have this crazy legacy account from MobileMe or .Mac where I pay £7.99 a year

00:36:41   for 25GB of storage space.

00:36:45   And I quite like doing that because if I put all of my photos in, I'm going to start having

00:36:51   to pay more for iCloud and I also pay for Dropbox.

00:36:55   So I'm going to have to keep, I'll be paying more to put my photos in different places.

00:37:00   That's one of the things.

00:37:01   And it's like, well, everything goes into Google Photos, which is free, and Google Photos,

00:37:04   I find for me, is easier to search for pictures, because they have their magical stuff.

00:37:10   I just don't need my photos, all of my photos, in another place.

00:37:13   So I have iCloud Photo Library on, but I haven't got my years and years of pictures in it.

00:37:19   So I understand.

00:37:20   Works for me.

00:37:21   Yeah, because you're using a Mac and the Google Photos uploader is always working, right?

00:37:25   Yep, exactly.

00:37:26   It sits in the menu bar, it just uploads, and then I can get my images everywhere.

00:37:30   though it kind of does this weird thing on my iPhone where it tries to update and duplicate

00:37:36   my photos but it doesn't matter because I only use it for search anyway so it doesn't

00:37:40   matter if I have a million duplicates in there it's not a problem for me. So there we go.

00:37:45   So I just don't have them all in there so I agree with Stephen on the idea of what a

00:37:49   live photo is going to actually look like as files.

00:37:52   Yeah, so Underscore in the chatroom is saying that they just show up as regular JPEGs, which

00:38:00   is fine, but not as much fun.

00:38:04   So I guess they won't be broken.

00:38:05   I guess at best they just sort of degrade back to still images.

00:38:10   In the Verge review, Nilay Patel says that Apple is going to offer an API for developers

00:38:16   to properly display, I guess, live photos.

00:38:20   So maybe apps like Google Photos or Dropbox will need to update to display live photos,

00:38:27   otherwise they'll just fall back to JPEG.

00:38:29   That's what I understand right now.

00:38:32   I really think that this, if Instagram does it, Facebook, Twitter, I think this could

00:38:39   really take off.

00:38:40   I mean I could think this is one of those features that I think really could be a big

00:38:44   deal.

00:38:45   I think people are really going to enjoy it.

00:38:48   gonna be a little while but um I think we're gonna see a lot of these you know

00:38:53   sometimes Apple does something like I feel this way about news like they did

00:38:57   it but their hearts not in it and I feel like live photos is not that the fact

00:39:02   that it's they made a big deal of it it's built into the camera app like

00:39:05   which everyone on the planet uses I think it'll do I think it'll do pretty

00:39:10   well I mean I see HDR I see I see you like a regular like friends on Facebook

00:39:14   post-panoramic images they take with their iPhone.

00:39:18   People use this stuff.

00:39:19   So I'm looking forward to seeing it take off.

00:39:20   I hope that it's adopted more widely than just iOS 9 and OS 10.

00:39:26   Yeah, for sure.

00:39:27   Yeah, I just wanted to add that the screenshots for my iOS 9 review were entirely managed

00:39:35   with iCal Photo Library.

00:39:36   I would take a screenshot on my iPhone, combine them with a workflow, and then just wait for

00:39:42   the iPad 2, which is almost instant basically to pull down photos from the

00:39:46   cloud and upload them from an iPad. It worked really really well for work

00:39:52   purposes. I did have a weird thing the other day. I opened an image that I

00:39:56   wanted to edit for a presentation that I'm working on and I edited the image in

00:40:02   VSCO on my iPhone and I put it back into iCloud photo library and then it for

00:40:09   reason I had Cloud Photo library on my Mac not on my iPhone my iPhone it just showed up most recent

00:40:15   but on my Mac it observed the original posting the original picture date it was very strange so

00:40:21   I had to like trawl through my library to find it but there you go it's just a weird thing that I

00:40:26   found the iPhone and the iPad recognized that it had just been created in an app but the Mac

00:40:32   thought that it was taken sometime in July. I know that photos is getting an update and

00:40:38   El Capitan, I wonder if there's weirdness around that.

00:40:41   Yeah, could be, could be.

00:40:42   Let's take another break.

00:40:44   Let's do it.

00:40:46   Yeah.

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00:42:43   So we alluded to it earlier Federico your iOS 9 review has come out it came out a week ago

00:42:51   how did it go how does it how are you feeling do you want to do it again?

00:42:56   It was exhausting in the end, but I'm very very happy.

00:43:05   Not just because of the performance of the review, basically in two days we did what

00:43:13   we usually do in a month on the site.

00:43:16   So that was awesome.

00:43:19   And I believe that pagination of course helped a lot when it comes to traffic to the website

00:43:24   because people of course are moving across multiple pages.

00:43:28   But that's not the metric that I use to measure my happiness with the review.

00:43:34   The best part was reading of all these people from around the world, reading the review,

00:43:40   discovering things, making annotations and sharing pictures of them reading the review

00:43:48   in unusual places.

00:43:49   I got pictures from readers enjoying the review while eating pasta, others while drinking

00:43:56   wine.

00:43:57   I love seeing those.

00:43:58   That makes me really happy.

00:44:01   And just getting feedback from people on Twitter, it always warms my heart and it makes those

00:44:09   three months of hard work really worth the effort.

00:44:15   Of course, seeing the actual consequence and effect on the site also helps, but really

00:44:23   the response from readers is what makes me really happy to have done this.

00:44:28   So it's obvious for me to keep doing this for the next, I would say, few years.

00:44:37   I wouldn't say several years, but I am going to keep doing this and I want to make a few

00:44:41   I'll do a few tweaks here and there to tweak the format.

00:44:44   There are some things that I probably should have covered, other things that I want to

00:44:50   change, you know, the screenshots are presented.

00:44:53   And so I'm going to do it next year, basically, and I'm going to do it the year after that.

00:44:58   I don't want to say that I'm going to do this for 10 years, like John did, but you know,

00:45:04   we'll see.

00:45:05   Definitely, I need to keep doing this for at least a couple of years, you know, to get

00:45:09   better.

00:45:11   I was also very happy with the response to the ebook version that is bundled with the

00:45:16   Club Maxories subscription.

00:45:19   That was awesome.

00:45:20   We basically had another launch day when the review came out and people really responded

00:45:26   to the idea of having an ebook version and Myke, you were absolutely right in me having

00:45:32   to offer an EPUB version as a downloadable ebook because readers, when it comes to an

00:45:39   this size, especially when it offers technical information, the kind of API details in a

00:45:49   few sections, readers really want to be able to highlight, annotate, make notes and comments.

00:45:56   So that was really, I'm thankful Myke for you pushing me to do this as an e-book.

00:46:03   The year of Myke was where it continues.

00:46:05   Yes, it continues also business-wise.

00:46:08   So Myke is always right in any case.

00:46:12   I'm really happy.

00:46:13   I'm happy.

00:46:14   I feel like I didn't feel weird the moment that I published.

00:46:23   It sort of hit me the day after, and maybe even during the night, when I realized I'm

00:46:29   not going to spend the night editing and writing and putting together screenshots until 7am

00:46:35   again, I can go to bed because it's done.

00:46:38   And the few hours after publishing the review were sort of hectic and crazy, you know, fixing

00:46:45   a few typos, responding to people's emails for Club Max Stories.

00:46:49   But during the night, when I realized I'm done, that's when I felt really a sense of

00:46:56   accomplishment, as a personal accomplishment.

00:46:59   You know, I felt happy that I was done.

00:47:03   I'm already thinking about what to do next year.

00:47:05   So I guess we'll see at WWDC.

00:47:08   I'll probably use the same strategy.

00:47:10   I'm going to start taking notes, doing research as soon as WWDC ends.

00:47:15   I'm going to work on a couple of articles before writing the review to kind of test

00:47:18   the waters, test my style, make sure that I still got it.

00:47:22   So I do a couple of articles after WWDC and then I use that research to the bigger goal

00:47:29   of putting together a review.

00:47:32   For next year, and me and my girlfriend talked about that, I gotta find a better work-life

00:47:39   balance and I realized that on a few occasions, writing this review was a problem for maintaining

00:47:52   relationships, getting out of the house.

00:47:56   There was a week where I basically never left the house to make sure that I could finish

00:48:00   this in time and I don't want to repeat this next year.

00:48:04   So I should be better prepared when it comes to finishing a bit early or avoiding Twitter

00:48:11   completely because I feel that the days when I was the most anxious and nervous were the

00:48:18   days when I checked Twitter for a couple of hours.

00:48:21   And that sort of distraction, even though I tried to eliminate Twitter and RSS from

00:48:26   these past three months, that sort of minimal destruction every day, that needs to be removed.

00:48:32   I need to be completely focused, I need to accept the fact that we have a small team,

00:48:37   other people need to take care of the website.

00:48:39   If I want to do this sort of big launch with a big review, I need to be heads down, completely

00:48:46   focused on that and avoid Facebook, about Twitter, about Reddit and just spend three

00:48:51   months of my life on this.

00:48:53   So next year I need to get better also for work-life balance.

00:48:56   I need to make the final section with everything else and all the other details a little more

00:49:02   in depth and with more screenshots.

00:49:05   And I need to maybe find a better flow for some sections.

00:49:08   But overall, I would give myself a 7 this year.

00:49:15   Is this the review of the review?

00:49:18   Yeah.

00:49:19   I'm evaluating my own performance.

00:49:24   And I feel like maybe if I want to be a benevolent reviewer, I would say a 7.5.

00:49:34   Next year I'm shooting for the 8.

00:49:36   So we'll see how it goes.

00:49:37   I have a few years to get better, you know, and I feel like this is a solid foundation

00:49:42   for me to improve upon.

00:49:43   We'll see.

00:49:44   Thank you for that Federico.

00:49:46   I want to talk about the Apple TV a little bit, but before we do that, actually, let

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00:51:59   So the Apple TV dev units have been sent out to people and because of that there are some

00:52:07   people posting information and stuff like that online about them and we actually got an email from a

00:52:13   person who we will call Bob

00:52:16   who has one of these Apple TV dev units and they provided a bunch of information which you know

00:52:21   Some of it was really interesting some of it was stuff that we knew but like confirming things worked in a certain way

00:52:26   But there were some points that I wanted to bring up which I found quite interesting

00:52:30   And so I just wanted to highlight those and maybe we could talk about them as we go through

00:52:34   So one of the things that Bob pointed out is that the screensavers, you know they spoke

00:52:39   about those screensavers that looked like images but were actually videos, they were

00:52:43   subtly moving and changing time of day and stuff like that.

00:52:46   They were taking them to different locations around the world.

00:52:49   Apparently they are really cool and look amazing, but I wonder, do people actually do this with

00:52:54   their TV?

00:52:55   Do they leave their TV on?

00:52:56   Like just there on?

00:52:58   Do people do that?

00:52:59   I don't think so, right?

00:53:00   Like I'm trying to think who needs that.

00:53:03   So we've got an Apple TV now in the living room and very often if we're listening, we

00:53:09   listen to a lot of music on it and the TV has to stay on for the music to work.

00:53:17   And so right now the screensaver on Apple TV is just like family vacation photos synced

00:53:22   over from iTunes.

00:53:23   So I think if you listen to music, I think it stays on.

00:53:28   But I think overall I would imagine that people may see the screensaver from time to time,

00:53:36   but I don't see people leaving it on all day just to look at these things.

00:53:40   We don't do screensavers.

00:53:42   In fact our TV is mostly turned off.

00:53:45   This is why I'm thinking this Federico, I'm the same as you.

00:53:48   My TV is awesome.

00:53:49   Also because I think it's a huge waste of energy to just keep the display on all the

00:53:53   time.

00:53:54   I want to ask you, why Bob? Can I call him with another, with a fancier name? Can I call

00:53:59   him Carlos?

00:54:00   Okay, well Carlos now. He'll be Carlos. I just went with the easiest, most nondescript

00:54:05   name. But Carlos is also good. So Carlos goes on to say that the Apple Music app seems pretty

00:54:12   good. It has all of the functions that you'd need and want. It doesn't have sharing built

00:54:16   in. But everything's in there like For You and Beats 1 and all that stuff. But this is

00:54:22   what I find really interesting about that. So Siri search works with video,

00:54:26   sports scores, and weather only. It doesn't work with Apple music. Oh no, why?

00:54:32   I don't know. So this is this is how it is currently. Who knows what it will be

00:54:36   when it comes out, but this is how it currently is. So if you select an album,

00:54:39   for example, you're in the Apple music app and you select an album and you say

00:54:43   "play this" to Siri. Siri says "sorry I can't do that for you here but I can help

00:54:47   you with movies, TV, sports and weather if you ask.

00:54:50   It's the play command. It gets confused when you say play.

00:54:54   Seems that way.

00:54:55   Because I would guess that it associates play with movies and TV shows. So if you say, I

00:55:00   don't know, play Oasis, what if you have a movie that is also called Oasis? I guess it

00:55:06   would let you choose, but maybe that's the problem right now. They don't have either

00:55:10   the UI or another set of commands for it. So maybe it's just disabled right now.

00:55:16   Well, but this is where it gets weirder, right?

00:55:19   In that regard.

00:55:20   So there is a separate search app where you can use the trackpad to scrub among letters,

00:55:25   right, and type in stuff.

00:55:27   The search results include movies, TV, and cast and crew.

00:55:30   No music.

00:55:34   That's uh... seems a little problematic.

00:55:39   That seems a little unfinished.

00:55:41   It feels like, so Carlos said, it kind of feels like that the music app was made and

00:55:47   dropped in separately.

00:55:49   You think so?

00:55:50   It's there and it works, but it's not integrated with the system.

00:55:56   Like it's just an app.

00:55:57   It's strange because on iOS 9 the search APIs are plugged into the music app.

00:56:02   You can search for a song name and you can start playing from search results.

00:56:06   So they have the system in place on iOS.

00:56:09   Hey, maybe it's just not done on the TV.

00:56:11   I've just looked at Carlos's original note to me and I cut something out when I pasted it in

00:56:15   If you search with Siri for music doesn't return results

00:56:21   Yeah, it may just be that to Frederick's point it's not all hooked up yet

00:56:26   I mean all of this needs to be taken except for the hardware with a grain of salt. Yep. Is it done?

00:56:31   course

00:56:33   Sure, I mean surely there, but it could be done. It could be

00:56:37   know right now this is could be done it this might be it right we don't know like

00:56:42   we can take it over grain of salt but this might be it right we don't know it

00:56:47   could be could be or Carlos doesn't listen to music but it's just seems

00:56:51   strange to me that even in this state it wouldn't be working like why why would

00:56:57   why would the movie stuff be working but not the music anyway fast-forwarding

00:57:01   video works well but is limited so you have to pause the video and then swipe

00:57:05   put the trackpad to fast forward and the preview box above the scrubber doesn't

00:57:09   update in real time which will make John Siracusa really sad it only shows a

00:57:12   thumbnail of the video at the point where you stop scrubbing which kind of

00:57:17   seems pointless because then surely the video will have updated on the screen

00:57:22   hold on why is John upset can you repeat this so I remember he was talking on

00:57:28   ATP about this a long time ago about like real-time previewing oh the preview

00:57:33   doesn't update in real time. Yeah it just it's not until you stop scrubbing and

00:57:37   then it shows you that. The remote so the back of the new remote is aluminium and

00:57:43   kind of looks a little bit like the 5th gen iPod touch finish. I'll put

00:57:50   some pictures in the show notes. It's slightly longer than the old one maybe

00:57:54   three millimeters or so larger. The remote's trackpad click is a physical

00:57:58   click it's not false touch so you can actually see it moving so there's a tap

00:58:02   and a click. The difference between a tap and a click is that a click selects

00:58:07   an item whereas a tap is for navigation and is an alternative to swiping. So for

00:58:12   example if you tap on the left side of the little trackpad it will move the

00:58:17   section one spot to the left or tap on the right edge to move up a row of icons

00:58:21   for example. So it like it you can swipe or tap to move around and then click to

00:58:26   select. So they were the most interesting things to me like some additional

00:58:30   details about the remote and the interesting music functionality.

00:58:37   My thought of the remote is sort of like the 3d touch thing on the

00:58:41   iPhone which trying to describe it or talk about it as hard and then if you

00:58:45   use it it seems everybody who's used it has talked about it makes a lot of sense

00:58:50   and it's very sort of natural and you're not going to accidentally trigger it and

00:58:54   my guess is that the Apple TV remote is probably like that as well where it's

00:58:59   like we got into a debate about like tap versus clicking and like all this stuff

00:59:04   and my guess is that once it's in your hand the physical feedback is what makes

00:59:07   all the difference and at least I'm hoping that's the case and I think

00:59:12   that's the case with the force touch or 3d touch stuff and I mean I can't

00:59:16   imagine that they were designed a brand new remote and then it'd be ambiguous as

00:59:21   to what you were doing on it you know when you're using it so hopefully it's

00:59:26   it's one of those things where it's all about the feel and the hand and the words around it are just

00:59:31   Difficult to to use yeah from the way that Carlos described it kind of makes sense to me

00:59:37   Like that that clicked in my brain anyway, like there is a tap and there is a click. Can I ask you a question?

00:59:43   Well, you got to be honest with me. Mm-hmm

00:59:45   Are you excited about getting an Apple TV not in any stretch of the imagination? No

00:59:53   And I ask you because I believe me and you are kind of similar in our

00:59:57   TV consumption habits. We don't have kids. We don't need the TV to put the kids in front of the TV and just say, you know,

01:00:04   watch something.

01:00:05   We use TVs as displays for consoles and we watch movies on our MacBooks. And that's why I ask you.

01:00:12   See, I don't even

01:00:16   really want one. Like, I will probably get one because it's not that expensive and it's a platform that I want to be

01:00:23   that I want to know about properly now.

01:00:26   Like previously the Apple TV,

01:00:28   like I didn't need to care about it.

01:00:29   Like there was nothing there that was interesting.

01:00:31   It was just another view for iTunes effectively.

01:00:35   Like it didn't do anything that was specific.

01:00:37   But now with the apps,

01:00:39   it's like a platform that might be meaningful.

01:00:41   So I feel like I should get one

01:00:44   just so I can install the interesting apps that come up.

01:00:48   But I can't see myself using it

01:00:50   anything that I don't currently use all of the other smart connected devices to

01:00:55   my TV. Like, for media consumption and stuff like that, like, many of my games

01:01:01   consoles can do a lot of the same kind of stuff. Like, for example, watching

01:01:05   Netflix. But I still watch Netflix on my laptop in bed instead anyway. Or plug my

01:01:11   laptop into a TV in the rare instances that we want to do that. It's just not

01:01:16   really a thing that I'm too massively interested in right now. Maybe that will

01:01:20   change over time. I'm sure it will change over time but I just right now don't

01:01:26   really care for it. Yeah I wanted this answer, you provided this answer, thank

01:01:32   you for this answer Myke. Anytime. That's exactly what I wanted. You are excited

01:01:38   about this. I am professionally curious about the Apple TV, that's what I would

01:01:44   Steven I guess he's excited. We use our Apple TV all the time especially with

01:01:52   the kids but even if the after the kids go to bed or they're you know doing

01:01:55   something else it's really a nice interface for for Netflix and for

01:02:01   YouTube and stuff so we don't we don't have a console hooked up with the TV I

01:02:06   do have a Mac Mini hooked up with the TV although I think that's getting ready to

01:02:09   change. So for us it is really like we don't have cable it is the way things get

01:02:16   onto our TV so we use it like I said a lot for music listening and we use it a

01:02:21   lot for for streaming stuff and so yeah I will be I'll be ordering when they

01:02:28   when they show up because it gets so much use. I do have some sort of

01:02:32   lingering questions around the durability of the remote and we've joked

01:02:37   about everyone who has an Apple TV loses their remotes at some point but like our

01:02:41   remotes also get like you know fall off the couch and and get tossed around and

01:02:45   like you know run over and I hope that the thing is tough enough to take some

01:02:51   abuse because I would imagine that it's gonna be more expensive than the in the

01:02:56   current one I think the current ones either 19 or $29 to replace I think 19

01:02:59   my guess is this one will be more and I just hope that it's it's pretty durable

01:03:05   because you know remotes get abused and and lost and beat up so I feel like it

01:03:11   will probably still take a beating but it won't be as durable as the previous

01:03:15   one no way yeah I mean looking at it on the website I mean the top you know third

01:03:20   of it or something is this multi-touch yeah panel and imagine that that could

01:03:25   crack at some point but and there's a microphone in there that could get this

01:03:28   lodged like there's all kinds of stuff going on in here yeah for sure so that

01:03:34   was that I guess potentially Carlos may provide some additional follow-up based

01:03:40   on our discussion today but we'll see I appreciate Carlos's information. He slid

01:03:49   under the door to me. Thank you, thank you Carlos. Thank you Carlos.

01:03:52   That's a cool name Carlos. Yeah very cool, very cool name. Much better than Bob. Yeah.

01:03:57   I mean you gotta pick a fake name, pick a cool one. Good point. Alright do we want

01:04:02   talk about anything else today or are we set? I think we're good. Okay great, cool. If you

01:04:08   want to catch our show notes online, it's a great place that you can do that. Head on

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01:04:56   Fracture and Smile. And thank you for listening. We'll be back next time. Until then, say

01:05:02   goodbye guys.

01:05:03   Arrivederci.

01:05:04   Adios.

01:05:04   Adios.