56: My Feeling About This is That I'm Jealous


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00:00:07   From Relay FM this is Connected episode 56. Today's show is brought to you by

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00:00:19   and later on a special message from Stephen Hackett. My name is Myke Hurley and I am joined

00:00:24   by that man Mr Stephen Hackett. Hello sir, how are you?

00:00:26   I'm well today Myke, how are you?

00:00:29   I am very well indeed, I am very well indeed because not only am I speaking to you,

00:00:32   I am speaking to the wonderful Mr Federico Vittucci.

00:00:35   Hey guys!

00:00:36   Hello Federico.

00:00:37   Hi.

00:00:38   Nothing going on in your world today, buddy? You've got a nice quiet week, right?

00:00:43   Uh yeah, sure.

00:00:45   Yeah, it's a nice simple one.

00:00:46   Absolutely. I have nothing to do.

00:00:50   I think we should set this out up front in this episode.

00:00:53   This is not a predictions episode, we're not going into that.

00:00:56   we're actually kind of talking about nothing really that will be in could or

00:01:00   could not be announced tomorrow so if you've gotten this far because you just

00:01:04   wanted to see I'm looking at our topic list right now and aside from us just

00:01:09   saying what we'd like to see in the six plus that's it right so it's not really

00:01:14   a prediction show we're just gonna grumble a little bit and then carry on

00:01:17   from there so don't don't go away everyone let's still talk let's do good

00:01:21   content here should we do some follow-up so stop me talking speaking of good

00:01:25   content. It's long been known that the three of us have the power to curse a company, especially

00:01:32   if they're in the photo management business.

00:01:35   - We're really able to affect change.

00:01:37   - Yeah, I mean, it's not good change if you own one of those companies, but it is what

00:01:42   it is. But I have to say that maybe our luck is turning. We've spoken about, of all companies,

00:01:50   God's green earth we've talking about blah blah blah for three weeks of the road

00:01:53   Just

00:01:58   just today

00:02:00   It was announced on tech crunch that friend friend of the show. Mr. Roman delay

00:02:05   Yes

00:02:08   Baba car has just raised 160 million dollars of funding

00:02:13   and

00:02:15   of evaluation

00:02:17   at 1.2 billion dollars

00:02:20   Which puts them in a unique class of businesses and one that I think quite frankly we can

00:02:26   take all the credit for.

00:02:27   Yup.

00:02:28   So it's just a little press Federico that you gave them.

00:02:32   The connected episode where I described the BlaBlaCar service clearly pushed investors

00:02:39   over the edge and convinced them to give BlaBlaCar money and for this crazy valuation also.

00:02:47   Because obviously our show was a bit problematic for photomanagement apps and services, but

00:02:54   maybe we have found our market niche, which is car sharing services.

00:03:01   So if we keep talking about them, we will keep the economy flowing, you know?

00:03:06   Keep all the money going.

00:03:09   And I think we have found our voice and our future is to cover car sharing companies.

00:03:18   I mean it's obvious.

00:03:20   Look at the first one, 160 million investment.

00:03:25   So you know, we connected this transforming in a car sharing show I think.

00:03:33   That's what I'm reading from this follow up.

00:03:35   I think we all did a great job on this.

00:03:38   Do we have a stake in this?

00:03:42   I'll double check that.

00:03:44   I'm not sure how that works, but I think we do.

00:03:46   I think we own them now.

00:03:49   We own the rest of the 1.2 billion, right?

00:03:51   So Inside Ventures owns the 160, we own the rest.

00:03:57   So I told a complete lie.

00:03:59   I'm going to talk about something that might happen tomorrow now.

00:04:02   because I'm not going to be on any of the episodes that talk about the event that happens

00:04:08   tomorrow.

00:04:09   So I could potentially miss, and I just want to remind everyone of my prediction a couple

00:04:13   of weeks ago about the iPad being at the iPhone event and everyone thought I was crazy.

00:04:18   Now there's lots of reports that it will be, so I just wanted to throw a mic that was right

00:04:22   in there, potentially, depending on what happens tomorrow, because this is an important one

00:04:27   for me because it further just pushes my cause into into the minds of the world.

00:04:32   Yeah I mean whatever Myke. Myke was right man. Gotta get on that train Federico.

00:04:38   Oh I got on the train at the first station Myke, believe me. Yeah we talk about the 6+

00:04:46   a little later on, nose tapping, the whole thing. What are you gonna do when the year ends?

00:04:52   To be going to year two?

00:04:55   Oh, year two.

00:04:56   So you're not stopping.

00:04:58   You're continuing this insanity of convincing people that you're right.

00:05:03   It's not insanity, man.

00:05:04   Facts are there.

00:05:05   You should write some kind of self-help book on the topic.

00:05:10   Basically, you convince people of something and then you let them share their achievements

00:05:16   with a hashtag, which is #mikewasright.

00:05:19   I think what I really need to do is build a website of some description or something.

00:05:26   So I'm currently on Hover who are not sponsoring today's episode, but I'm taking a look at

00:05:31   them now to see if I can try and nab myself mikewasright.com and then I can push my calls

00:05:38   further into the internet, right?

00:05:40   Maybe I'll just direct it to the hashtag.

00:05:43   mikewasright.com is not available.

00:05:45   Who has this?

00:05:46   There has to be someone who listens to the show.

00:05:49   This is unacceptable behavior.

00:05:51   Who has michaelsright.com?

00:05:52   - I wonder if I own it.

00:05:54   I might own it, let's see.

00:05:55   - Somebody owns it as a hobbit.

00:05:57   And did you buy that?

00:05:58   Why did you do that?

00:05:59   - I may have.

00:06:01   (laughing)

00:06:02   - Why have you done this to me?

00:06:04   I'm gonna make an offer.

00:06:05   - Your own business partner owns the domain

00:06:08   that you wanted to use as your future career

00:06:10   as a life advisor.

00:06:12   - I'm signing in, let's see if it's mine.

00:06:14   This is really exciting radio.

00:06:16   - This is unacceptable.

00:06:17   This is unacceptable behavior.

00:06:19   Why would you try and buy my brand?

00:06:22   - I don't know if I did.

00:06:23   I'm just seeing if I did.

00:06:24   If I don't own it, Casey List does.

00:06:26   - Someone does.

00:06:27   - Your brand?

00:06:29   - Oh well, they offer who is privacy,

00:06:32   so I probably can't look it up who actually owns it.

00:06:33   Let's see.

00:06:35   - This is turning out to be more complex

00:06:37   than we thought, Myke.

00:06:38   - Yeah, I was just getting ready

00:06:39   to further push my brand into new worlds,

00:06:43   but here we are now, somebody owns it.

00:06:46   This is just ridiculous.

00:06:47   And Steven-- - It's not me.

00:06:48   So this is going to be follow-up next week.

00:06:51   Why, why are people doing this to me? Federico, you need to fix this for me.

00:06:56   It was registered in April of 2015.

00:07:02   Hmm, but they haven't done anything with it.

00:07:04   It's a recent one.

00:07:06   This is, ladies and gentlemen, what you call a cliffhanger.

00:07:09   I want to move on now, because I'm sad.

00:07:13   So, topic 0.5, yesterday evening I was on Twitter and I saw Benjamin Brooks tweet that

00:07:19   his iPhone on iOS 9 has not been backing up to iCloud.

00:07:25   So I wanted to just make this as a PSA to all listeners, mine isn't and everybody else

00:07:29   that I've spoken to is not.

00:07:31   So if you are on the iOS 9 beta or the public beta, the developer of the public beta, there

00:07:36   is a strong chance that your phone is currently not backing up, which is a problem, so you

00:07:41   you should check that out and back up to your computer or something.

00:07:46   I did see something quite beautiful today though.

00:07:49   I don't know if you guys saw this when I plugged my phone into my computer to

00:07:53   back it up. Uh, I was greeted with a, um,

00:07:57   a message for when my phone was last backed up to iCloud.

00:08:02   Cause you know iTunes tells you like when was it last backed up to iCloud.

00:08:04   It told me it was backed up on the 2nd of August, 1910.

00:08:10   That's impressive.

00:08:12   So I've had my iPhone for about 100 years now,

00:08:16   and I'm happy to say that I love it.

00:08:18   - Yeah, I mean, you gotta, you know,

00:08:20   people say that Apple doesn't get cloud services,

00:08:23   but you gotta hand it to them

00:08:25   to keep a backup for over a century.

00:08:27   Some impressive cloud.

00:08:29   (both laughing)

00:08:30   - So there's clearly something going on here.

00:08:33   I don't know what it is,

00:08:34   but you should make sure that you're backing up your iPhone

00:08:38   to your Mac or PC. That would be my advice as Myke's top tip for today.

00:08:43   I Club backups have been passed down from generation to generation.

00:08:50   Ye olde backup.

00:08:54   We need to do some actual topics here because this show is just going off the rails. So

00:08:59   I'm going to take a break and thank our friends over at Fracture for helping support this

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00:11:10   Thank you so much to Fracture for supporting Real AFM.

00:11:16   So Stephen, would you like to tell us about the iPhone 6S Plus?

00:11:21   Yes, I wrote this thing and to remind listeners, Myke, you and I are both on the 6 Plus.

00:11:29   I switched to it from the 6 because you told me to.

00:11:32   Federico, are you using the Plus still?

00:11:35   Yeah.

00:11:36   Okay.

00:11:37   So all three of us are in the Plus Club, if you will.

00:11:43   And I sort of, in thinking about what would the 6th S Plus, what could that mean for an

00:11:51   owner of a device that's sort of weird in a lot of ways. The 6 Plus has got the same

00:11:57   internals as the 6 but a much higher resolution display and because of that it sort of runs

00:12:03   into issues and so I kind of broke it down into a couple of things. I think the first

00:12:09   thing and I think the most important thing for the 6 Plus as well as the 6 but definitely

00:12:13   the Plus is to have some more RAM in that thing. We've talked about in the past you

00:12:17   can get your 6 plus in a state where it's stuttery where I have had like audio tearing

00:12:22   and video tearing like very clearly it struggles to catch up sometimes and that seems better

00:12:27   on iOS 9 in the beta than it did in iOS 8 but I think looking at the iPad Air 2 which

00:12:33   I also own, actually all three of us do now, such a better experience having more RAM onboard

00:12:41   for the system to use and so I hope that comes to the 6s plus and I think that's pretty universally

00:12:47   wanted by anybody who kind of knows how these things work.

00:12:52   Would you guys agree?

00:12:54   I mean even on the iOS 9 beta, it hasn't been good for me on the 6 Plus.

00:13:02   You know?

00:13:03   Yeah, I get those.

00:13:04   I still get like, you feel like you can overload it really easily at times, right?

00:13:08   Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

00:13:09   Like I'm listening to a podcast and I'm going to check something on the web and then I go

00:13:12   into multitasking and boom, it dies.

00:13:15   And before that you feel it starts to slow down, right?

00:13:20   It stops registering things and then bang, it goes.

00:13:23   And it's clearly 'cause it just can't deal

00:13:25   with the load that you're putting on it.

00:13:27   Which is something like I never have that problem

00:13:30   on the iPad Air.

00:13:31   - Yeah, no.

00:13:32   - And it's doing way more in some instances,

00:13:34   like running multiple apps at once.

00:13:36   And then I'm playing audio and watching a video

00:13:38   and picture in picture, right?

00:13:39   So it can deal with that, but there's just something

00:13:41   about the combination of, I assume it's like

00:13:44   the pixels that it's trying to draw, right?

00:13:47   The amount where it's trying to,

00:13:49   'cause it's some crazy resolution, right?

00:13:51   And then they scale it.

00:13:52   Am I remembering that correctly?

00:13:53   - Yeah, no, no, that's correct.

00:13:55   - So in doing all of that

00:13:56   on top of the standard operations of the phone,

00:13:59   I think that's where it starts to die,

00:14:01   where the other devices don't have that problem

00:14:03   because it's trying to do way more with less power.

00:14:06   So I would love to see that.

00:14:08   That would make me very happy.

00:14:10   - Yeah, I mean, there are at least

00:14:13   give it two gigabytes of RAM.

00:14:15   And hopefully with double the amount of memory

00:14:18   should be able to have the same performance

00:14:20   of the iPad Air 2,

00:14:21   even if actually the iPad Air 2 is capable

00:14:23   of showing two apps at once.

00:14:25   But still I agree with Steven and Myke,

00:14:28   more RAM is absolutely needed on the next 6S Plus,

00:14:32   if that's gonna be the name.

00:14:33   - I think that more RAM is just needed

00:14:37   across the board in the products.

00:14:38   - Always needed.

00:14:40   - Like just add it every time.

00:14:42   Send a man to my house and he just puts it in the phone every week.

00:14:45   Like you just plug it in there like those, well, that Project R phone, you know, just

00:14:50   give me a little RAM chip, slot it in, put the case back on, no problem.

00:14:55   Whenever you buy a new device and you plan on keeping that device for a few years or

00:14:59   months there's never gonna be a moment when you say, "Oh man, I wish I bought this device

00:15:03   with less RAM."

00:15:05   You know, you're always gonna want more memory available.

00:15:09   So Apple should, we've seen with the 6 Plus all these problems were not an isolated case.

00:15:17   So the rumors are saying there's going to be double the RAM.

00:15:20   So hopefully we're going to be happy tomorrow, Myke.

00:15:23   I feel like it's got to be a given at this point, right?

00:15:27   You just do that.

00:15:28   It's just the thing that you do.

00:15:29   But we'll have to wait and see.

00:15:31   I think something else I would like at least is a louder speaker out of the 6 Plus.

00:15:37   I don't know if it's something about all of a sudden working from home a lot more or having

00:15:43   gone back to the full size iPad but I use my phone a lot to listen to podcasts just

00:15:49   like walking around the house with the thing jammed in my pocket or out on the desk if

00:15:53   I'm working.

00:15:54   Or when I'm in the bathtub.

00:15:56   Yeah or when you're in the tub and I for one would like more volume out of the thing and

00:16:02   the own beats right?

00:16:03   I mean how many Android phones have we seen with like beats the audio strapped to the

00:16:06   back of it so I think it'd be nice for them to do something. Yeah I would like

00:16:11   that I would like that a lot yeah then this is the thing you don't have to

00:16:14   throw a Beats audio logo on there right oh you could just brand it but just tell

00:16:18   me you're doing something you know I would like that yeah and that and my

00:16:23   next one of the flush camera lens objectively probably more likely in a

00:16:28   a full revision. The camera lens being

00:16:33   a flush drives me crazy because I don't use the case most of the time but

00:16:38   you know in thinking about how they normally do these things that would be a really big

00:16:41   change

00:16:42   for an S revision and so I think

00:16:45   at some point if they do manage to get the camera thin enough again to go back in the

00:16:49   body that

00:16:50   it won't be this week but I can hope. I know that it

00:16:54   doesn't look, I mean it looks ugly like the camera bump

00:16:58   But has it been a problem, like practical usage for you guys?

00:17:02   I wear a case on my phone so I don't even know it's there.

00:17:06   I'd forgotten about it.

00:17:07   See, this is the thing, I don't care about the camera bump because I put a case on it.

00:17:11   And I really do think that the majority of people do that.

00:17:15   Like so...

00:17:16   Yeah, true.

00:17:17   I don't think it's a problem anymore.

00:17:19   I know why it is an issue, I can see why it's an issue, but I think lots, like I would expect

00:17:26   the majority of people that own these devices don't know it's a problem because they just

00:17:30   put a case on it.

00:17:31   Yeah, I agree.

00:17:32   Oh, no, absolutely. I think that's one. I mean, thinking the way that, you know, I'm

00:17:38   sure perhaps there's someone at Apple that looks at that camera bump, it just dies a

00:17:42   little bit inside, but I think they obviously have information that, you know, the vast

00:17:46   majority of people use cases. I mean, I very rarely see people with a naked phone, and

00:17:50   most of the time it's nerds. Like, it's not, you know, the everyday man puts his phone

00:17:54   in a case, and so...

00:17:55   When I think, looking at it now and having this conversation,

00:17:58   when I think about that thought process,

00:18:00   I agree with them, right?

00:18:01   They were like, we can either have this bump,

00:18:05   have a worse camera or the phone is thicker.

00:18:07   If the phone is thicker, the majority of our customers

00:18:10   end up with a thicker phone.

00:18:11   If we just put the camera protruding from the case,

00:18:15   then we end up with the camera that we want

00:18:17   without making the phone too thick.

00:18:19   Like you can clearly see the design trade-off, right?

00:18:22   'Cause you can't make the 6 Plus any thicker

00:18:24   because nobody would be able to hold it.

00:18:26   So you've got to kind of shave some space off

00:18:29   and you end up just with a camera that sticks out.

00:18:31   I know it's not ideal

00:18:35   and it's not the prettiest way to make the phone,

00:18:37   but sometimes you really do have to go with function

00:18:40   over form and I think you have the right choice.

00:18:43   - It's not the purest form of industrial design maybe,

00:18:48   but it's very practical when you want to let people

00:18:52   take your pictures and also have a thin phone.

00:18:55   - Yep.

00:18:56   - So if you believe that's the right choice,

00:18:59   it's not a huge issue.

00:19:01   And it's not, I mean, I don't wear a case on my E6 Plus,

00:19:04   you know, and it's fine.

00:19:06   I don't mind the fact that it's not perfectly flush

00:19:10   on my desk when I put the iPhone there.

00:19:13   So I don't think we're gonna see a revision this year,

00:19:17   but maybe next year, you know,

00:19:18   Apple even bought that camera company a few months ago.

00:19:21   What camera company?

00:19:22   It doesn't matter, right? A camera company, right?

00:19:26   Some kind of lens company, I think I remember.

00:19:30   Or sensor company, I don't know.

00:19:32   It would surprise me if they made their own lenses.

00:19:34   I mean, because there are people that, you know, those Sony lenses,

00:19:37   they use Sony lenses, don't they?

00:19:39   And they're incredible. But hey, it's Apple, right?

00:19:42   Yeah, you never know.

00:19:44   So there we go. What else?

00:19:49   Someone, one of you guys put in better touch ID?

00:19:53   - Yeah, me.

00:19:54   I really think even the touch ID,

00:19:58   the improved sensor on the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus

00:20:02   still could use some adjustments.

00:20:04   So it's much better than the original touch ID

00:20:07   on the iPhone 5S.

00:20:09   And it's gotten faster and it recognizes my fingerprint

00:20:12   in more, in different scenarios.

00:20:15   But still, in the summer especially,

00:20:17   has been a problem for me to get the Touch ID to recognize my thumb.

00:20:24   So the thing is, I think this is an iOS 9 problem because I'm having issues on both

00:20:29   of my devices that I weren't having before.

00:20:31   Sometimes it recognizes my thumbprint and then just asks me for it again.

00:20:37   So I think that you may be in your mind thinking, "Oh, because I'm out in the world and I'm

00:20:42   getting wet in the sea," and that kind of stuff.

00:20:44   I think it's just you're running iOS 9 and iOS 9, I think, has some touch ID issues.

00:20:49   Could be, but that's another case of you can never have enough of it.

00:20:54   Just like RAM, having a better touch ID sensor is always going to be better because you make

00:21:00   sure that you future-proof the sensor for any kind of possible future scenario in which

00:21:05   the user may want to unlock a device using touch ID.

00:21:08   So if you keep making it better, it's always going to be welcome.

00:21:11   Yeah, faster, faster, faster.

00:21:13   it's quick but it would be great if it was just immediately when I put my thumb

00:21:17   on the knob, you know? Faster, faster, faster.

00:21:21   So I do hope they're gonna say and we made it even, I don't know,

00:21:27   20% faster. Doesn't matter, just make it faster every year and I'm happy.

00:21:31   So I have a couple of things that I want. A new vibrate motor, so it would be really

00:21:35   nice if we had the Taptic thing providing it worked. I'm not sure if

00:21:41   you'd necessarily feel the taps if it was in your pocket. I don't know if it's

00:21:44   strong enough but I just want a vibrate motor that is an audible and you know if

00:21:50   you think the 6 is loud the 6 plus it's basically louder than the phone ringing

00:21:55   it's ridiculous it's I don't know what they put in this thing but it is

00:21:59   incredibly loud like I don't have any notifications on my phone anymore like

00:22:04   it's constantly on do not disturb and I put it that way before I even got the

00:22:08   watch because the vibrate motor is so loud it was kind of pointless. So I would

00:22:13   love to see them refine that a little bit. And I would also like some software

00:22:18   changes in iOS to complement the 6s+. I think the landscape keyboard needs to

00:22:24   be scrapped and started again. It was a good idea but the implementation is

00:22:29   terrible. It's a disaster. Yeah, it should be a split keyboard in my opinion or you

00:22:34   should have the option to do that. I was talking to Gray about this a couple of

00:22:37   days ago because he uses his 6+ in landscape quite a lot and he believes

00:22:42   which makes a lot of sense take those buttons that are on the edges put those

00:22:45   in the middle and then have the keyboard split out a little bit more because

00:22:49   trying to with if anyone with even with monster hands like I have it is really

00:22:54   difficult to hit those middle keys when you're holding the device naturally so I

00:22:59   think that would be great I would also like to see folders like on the 6+ like

00:23:04   they are on the iPad. More apps in a folder, better previews of what's in there. I would

00:23:09   really like to see just Apple take more advantage of the screen size in general on the 6s Plus.

00:23:16   Because developers have done a pretty decent job of it overall, I think. But Apple, I think,

00:23:22   is still lacking in some parts where they started off with good intentions, but I feel

00:23:25   like they could still follow those through.

00:23:28   Yeah, I feel like there's always going to be a tension between the fact that the iPhone

00:23:34   is meant to be using portrait and landscape is an option.

00:23:38   So maybe we're never going to see the kind of specific designs as we're seeing on the

00:23:45   iPad, which is really meant to be used in two different orientations.

00:23:49   And on the iPhone, on the 6 Plus, it always feels like it's nice to have, but it's not

00:23:55   essential.

00:23:56   So I wonder if that's keeping Apple from going all the way into making landscape designs

00:24:02   and features?

00:24:03   Well, my feeling is if you're going to go and do something as crazy as reachability

00:24:07   and break the UI in such an ugly way, then you could put a little bit more time into

00:24:11   other parts of the OS.

00:24:13   I feel like if you're going to do that, which is, I mean, nobody likes the way reachability

00:24:18   looks in any scenario.

00:24:20   I think it would be nice for them to kind of follow that thinking through and do things

00:24:25   that are better for the usability rather than just the look.

00:24:29   That's my feeling on that.

00:24:32   Agreed.

00:24:33   I agree.

00:24:34   You're right, Myke.

00:24:35   I think we're right.

00:24:36   Even in this discussion.

00:24:37   Well, we know this.

00:24:38   We know this.

00:24:40   We don't even need to say it.

00:24:42   Let's talk about this Apple gaming Twitter account quickly.

00:24:46   So I don't know what they're doing.

00:24:49   Let's, wait, let's have Steven talk about this Twitter account because he seems ecstatic

00:24:54   about this addition to his timeline. Stephen, can you tell us about this account?

00:25:00   Oh, it's not an addition to my timeline anymore. So, when was this? This was late last week.

00:25:09   A @appstoregames account emerged from the...

00:25:15   Ether.

00:25:16   The ashes?

00:25:17   The ashes, exactly.

00:25:18   What's left for Twitter.

00:25:24   So it is the, according to the bio, the game editors at the app store tweeting about games,

00:25:34   about specials, about all sorts of things.

00:25:38   And that's fine, and I think that obviously it's funny that it's the week before the event.

00:25:46   I guess I wanted to go ahead and get this out there, but clearly Apple is taking the

00:25:53   thing more seriously than ever and Apple is not one to do much on social media

00:25:58   officially I mean there's iTunes accounts, the iBook store is an account

00:26:01   now this Apple itself as a corporation does not have a Twitter account where a

00:26:05   lot of other companies do. I think it's great I think it's it's clearly

00:26:10   that they're making a push here but I think that they're doing a lot of things

00:26:15   wrong with the Twitter account mainly they did this Q&A. I feel like I have to

00:26:22   jump in here. They are doing things incredibly right, we just don't like them.

00:26:28   Yeah, I mean they got 88,000 followers in five days.

00:26:33   Basically, my feeling on this is I feel this way now because I'm looking at their Twitter

00:26:38   stream on Twitter.com and this thing is like it may as well have been made by a Twitter

00:26:43   marketing manager, like not even somebody who works at Apple. There are GIFs everywhere,

00:26:48   There are videos everywhere.

00:26:50   They do things that we find annoying.

00:26:53   The thing that I know you're gonna say is,

00:26:54   which drives me crazy as well,

00:26:55   they do these Q&As and retweet every answer.

00:26:58   I just can't.

00:26:59   But the great thing about it is they hashtag it all.

00:27:02   So you can just mute it, which I've done.

00:27:04   But basically what this is,

00:27:06   is it's just this really interesting way

00:27:09   that Apple are doing marketing.

00:27:10   This is like really heavy marketing for the App Store

00:27:15   in a way that we've never seen before.

00:27:17   So they're doing a few things every day basically.

00:27:22   They're breaking things down into different sections.

00:27:25   They're doing Q&A, so they have every day,

00:27:29   so I'm looking at this on the site, right?

00:27:31   On Mondays, they do a Monday preview,

00:27:33   so an exclusive look at the hottest upcoming games.

00:27:35   Tuesday is Unstuck, where they give tips

00:27:38   for people that are getting stuck in certain games.

00:27:41   Wednesday is the Like a Pro Day,

00:27:42   where they show mind-blowing skills

00:27:44   from the best players in the world.

00:27:47   also on Wednesdays is the App Store Challenge, one game, one challenge once a week. They're

00:27:51   doing the game showcase on Saturdays, okay so clearly it's not every day, and they're

00:27:57   showcasing games on Saturdays and they do these App Store chats as well. So it's like,

00:28:03   I don't think this is coming from the games editors because it's too much, right? There's

00:28:07   so much going on here and what I have noticed Federico, you've probably seen this as well

00:28:11   because I'm sure you're locked into this stuff, the App Store account seems to have gone up

00:28:16   of gear as well in the last couple of days. I saw them today, just the general App Store,

00:28:22   they were tweeting about App Store deals, which I've never seen before. So there's something

00:28:28   going on at Apple with App Store marketing. I think this is just an overall good thing.

00:28:33   Whether we like it or not, and there are things that really frustrate me about the way that

00:28:38   they do stuff just because it's not the way that I work with Twitter, you know? Like,

00:28:42   Like seeing these retweets from people in a Q&A that I'm not necessarily wanting to

00:28:48   read but I'm seeing it anyway.

00:28:50   I think this type of marketing is very different and I think that is for them anyway and I

00:28:56   think this is a good thing.

00:29:00   It is.

00:29:01   You know, the kind of modern Twitter experience or marketing that maybe some of us don't fully

00:29:10   get in especially when you're using apps that are on Twitter.

00:29:14   So with no autoplay,

00:29:17   with the support for muting hashtags,

00:29:21   which you cannot do in the Twitter app,

00:29:23   we can avoid and we can also

00:29:27   customize the experience in a different way than most users.

00:29:31   Clearly, here the app store is trying to

00:29:33   reach the kind of audience that opens Twitter,

00:29:37   straight to the top of the timeline,

00:29:38   checks out a video or two, some GIFs, and doesn't mind a Q&A because they're not as

00:29:44   into the idea of a perfectly curated timeline as we are.

00:29:49   So it feels very, I want to say made for teenagers, but it's not just teenagers.

00:29:57   It's like, you know, even the casual users who don't use Twitter and Facebook differently

00:30:03   from us.

00:30:04   And I wouldn't be surprised actually to see some big App Store changes tomorrow.

00:30:13   The way that this App Store games account was introduced and some tweets from Apple

00:30:19   people on Twitter about tomorrow's event, they just seem to suggest that even if just

00:30:26   for the Apple TV and games on the Apple TV, there's going to be some kind of major App

00:30:32   announcement in that it looks, at least the feeling that I get, is that it's not just

00:30:38   going to be App Store games from the iPhone and iPad put onto the TV.

00:30:43   It's going to be something more.

00:30:45   I don't know if that more is the interface.

00:30:48   I mean the interface has to be different.

00:30:49   I don't know if it's different pricing models or different tools for developers to advertise

00:30:55   an Apple TV game, but I feel like it's not going to be just the iOS App Store put onto

00:31:01   the big screen. That's what I feel, that's also what I hope. So maybe the two, you know,

00:31:07   these two are mixing. My thoughts? I don't know.

00:31:12   The more they go down this road, the more I think there's going to be two stores.

00:31:16   Yeah. That was my immediate reaction. I saw the App Store account and I was like, they're

00:31:22   going to split the apps and games on the App Store. Now there's pros and cons.

00:31:27   I don't necessarily think they're going to do that tomorrow.

00:31:29   Yeah, me neither.

00:31:30   But I just can see now, I think they are going to do it.

00:31:34   I wouldn't be surprised if on the Apple TV home screen,

00:31:38   there's different icons to open the App Store for games and apps.

00:31:44   Even if it's just the same App Store, but two icons to, you know,

00:31:49   to go to different parts of the App Store.

00:31:52   Because this Twitter account and again, the general excitement from Apple people on Twitter

00:32:00   who are probably tweeting, by the way, so it's kind of strange.

00:32:03   But still, it seems to suggest that it's not just a Twitter account.

00:32:08   There are some changes afoot.

00:32:10   Yeah, yeah.

00:32:12   I really don't think they're going to do iOS games on the Apple TV, by the way.

00:32:16   Like, straight port and conversions without anything new.

00:32:19   But you can't do it. The control mechanism is completely different.

00:32:23   Yeah, but even just the general policy.

00:32:26   you know, Apple likes to always do new software that's really optimized for the device it runs on.

00:32:32   So saying, yeah, you got Angry Birds on your phone, like you can play Angry Birds on the TV.

00:32:37   I don't think that's what we're gonna see. Well, you know, 24 hours left, so.

00:32:42   Steven, do you want to take us for a break? Yeah, that sounds good. We spoke last week a little bit

00:32:50   about St. Jude and we had a spot open on the show this week and I wanted to point people

00:32:57   to this link that'll be in the show notes and be on the page when the episode goes up.

00:33:04   St. Jude is a children's research hospital here in Memphis, Tennessee where I was driving

00:33:12   by this place and you just kind of see it off the interstate, kind of a bunch of weird

00:33:15   looking pink stucco buildings and really didn't understand the, just what they did and how

00:33:21   special it was until 2009.

00:33:24   My wife and I had a six month old, our oldest, and he was diagnosed with a brain tumor two

00:33:31   or three days after his six month checkup.

00:33:34   And we went very quickly from diagnosis to surgery and to treatment and were admitted

00:33:42   to St. Jude, which is a hospital and research institution

00:33:47   that really is a special place.

00:33:50   No child is denied treatment based on race, religion,

00:33:54   or a family's ability to pay.

00:33:57   All through those things are just,

00:33:59   are at the heart of what they do.

00:34:01   I've met so many people over the years

00:34:03   from all over the world, all different types of countries,

00:34:07   all different types of people,

00:34:09   and St. Jude covers the cost of their care.

00:34:12   In our son's case, that's millions of dollars now.

00:34:14   He's been a patient for six years.

00:34:16   And we would be just ruined financially

00:34:19   if it were not for that clause in their mission statement.

00:34:24   Today, our son is doing great.

00:34:26   He's in first grade, he's running around.

00:34:29   He's playing with his younger brother and sister

00:34:31   and just a normal, almost seven year old.

00:34:35   And that is all thanks to the amazing care at St. Jude.

00:34:38   So we would love you to go check it out

00:34:41   you never have come across it or you've just seen their ads out and about and just go read

00:34:47   about it, I think you'll really be moved. Like I said, there's a link in the show notes.

00:34:51   I'm running this fundraising race they do every December and I'm running it for the

00:34:58   first time which is going to be very interesting. I've been doing some training and I would

00:35:04   love you to help meet my goal of raising $5,000 for that. So check out the link

00:35:10   and thanks.

00:35:12   Let's smash it guys. That'd be great. We'd appreciate it.

00:35:16   Yeah.

00:35:16   Let's talk about the elephant in the room which is the fact that there's no more

00:35:22   fun in Apple announcements anymore. And the elephant is in the shape of Mark

00:35:27   German right like no there's no poor guy in this scenario he's doing just fine

00:35:37   German in the last couple of years has really kicked it up a notch and he has

00:35:45   access that nobody else seems to have or at least he is willing to print things

00:35:51   that maybe other people aren't I don't know the details of how this this stuff

00:35:55   works but it is undeniable that his sources are incredible and I think you

00:36:00   know I've come to really enjoy his writing in general I think he's very

00:36:03   good at breaking all this stuff down and some of the scoops that he has been

00:36:07   getting recently it's simply just stuff that nobody else has and due to its

00:36:13   nature kind of every time he publishes a post no you know I don't think any of us

00:36:19   can resist it we all just want to go and read it it's like sneaking a look at

00:36:23   birthday presents, right? You know they're in the cupboard and you go and take a look and you

00:36:28   don't like the fact that you know but you couldn't help yourself anyway. Because leading up to this

00:36:33   announcement he is just basically every couple of days breaking some more news and rumors.

00:36:39   And we're, you know, we've all been watching this stuff and following this stuff for long enough,

00:36:47   for where this stuff wasn't the case. There were always rumors but there were never leaks to this

00:36:52   this kind of, there were never leaks to this extent, I think.

00:36:57   And definitely now, when we're going into Apple events,

00:37:02   we're not going in with a list of hopes,

00:37:05   we're going in with a checklist,

00:37:07   and it makes it very different.

00:37:09   And I don't begrudge the work that Mark Gurman does.

00:37:12   If I got the access that he had, all this show would be

00:37:15   is just me telling you guys about all the stuff

00:37:18   that I've found out.

00:37:19   No one, if you got this, you're gonna print it.

00:37:22   And I don't begrudge him of that,

00:37:23   and I enjoy reading his work,

00:37:25   but it has significantly changed the way that I feel

00:37:30   towards these Apple events.

00:37:31   And I wonder how you guys feel about that.

00:37:33   - Myke, I tend to agree with you.

00:37:35   I was thinking about this yesterday and earlier this morning.

00:37:41   I remember back years and years ago with the G4 Cube,

00:37:47   funny little Power Mac Apple made for about a year,

00:37:50   and then they stopped making it.

00:37:52   I remember that the specifications

00:37:56   for the video card leaked.

00:37:58   'Cause there was rumors that Apple's gonna do

00:38:00   a small power Mac and then basically the video card leaked

00:38:03   and people kinda put two and two together and said,

00:38:05   "Oh my gosh, it's the real machine."

00:38:06   And that was over a decade ago.

00:38:09   And I remember that kinda being a moment of like,

00:38:11   holy cow, like really big story from Apple,

00:38:15   you know, is out there.

00:38:19   Likewise, they had, you know, a couple times over the years had specifications for upcoming

00:38:24   Macs published on their website, you know, accidentally, and then they'd pull them down

00:38:28   and there'd be screenshots on Mac rumors and think secret way back in the day before Apple

00:38:32   sued the pants off that guy.

00:38:35   So there is a history of rumors and leaks, but I agree with you that it is much more

00:38:42   prevalent today through the work of Gurman.

00:38:44   And you know I do think that there is that sense of excitement that is lost but at the

00:38:53   same time Apple knows that as well.

00:38:56   And so you know Apple jokes about it famously when the iPhone 4 was lost/stolen from a bar

00:39:04   and you know Gizmodo had pictures of it and the whole thing.

00:39:09   Steve Jobs gets on stage and said hey you think you've seen this before but you know

00:39:12   haven't really seen this before and it goes on to explain you know run a display and whatnot so

00:39:17   apple lives in a world where they know this is true and i think it's it's up to them now of

00:39:22   maybe instead of having an event that's exciting in the way that um the news is

00:39:28   sort of ruined a little bit i think they have to create an event where they

00:39:33   the excitement is now in the details of how they do it and you know yes we know that the

00:39:41   you know these new phones apparently have force touch or something like force touch.

00:39:46   So if that's blown then Apple has to tell the story of why that's important

00:39:51   and why that's exciting. The thing itself is not enough anymore and I think long

00:39:56   term that's actually an interesting problem for Apple to solve even if it

00:39:59   means that you know going into tomorrow is not not as exciting and I would just

00:40:08   add real quick that if you're a journalist and you cover this stuff I

00:40:11   I know a lot of people who have articles kind of pre-written

00:40:14   and they can just drop in the details

00:40:15   and publish very quickly.

00:40:16   So from the journalist perspective,

00:40:18   it's kind of nice to have some idea

00:40:20   of what you're gonna be writing about tomorrow.

00:40:22   But that's a real weird side effect.

00:40:25   - It's been especially impressive to see Germin go

00:40:31   over the past few years from finding out information

00:40:34   about features and feature devices

00:40:36   by looking into the iOS betas and the SDK

00:40:40   to having a full-on access to sources at Apple

00:40:45   who clearly know what's happening,

00:40:47   not just in terms of features or screen resolutions,

00:40:51   but entire feature sets of new devices

00:40:55   and the accessories and the price points

00:40:57   and the release dates.

00:40:58   This clearly is someone with deep, deep access

00:41:02   to whatever Apple is working on.

00:41:03   And if you've been reading Gherman's work for,

00:41:07   since basically when he began in 2010,

00:41:09   I believe his first leak was about the domain

00:41:13   that Apple had registered for the upcoming iPad.

00:41:16   If you've been reading German as I did

00:41:20   for the past five years, it's been super impressive

00:41:22   to see this guy going from mildly interesting scoops

00:41:26   to full on reports and exposes on what Apple is doing

00:41:31   internally and with products, with PR, all kinds of aspects.

00:41:37   So his work is impressive.

00:41:39   And for these events, I agree with Steven,

00:41:43   the fun is not in the what anymore,

00:41:46   is in the how Apple presents a new product.

00:41:49   And I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple,

00:41:53   if Gherman starts leaking the actual marketing taglines

00:41:57   at some point or website screenshots

00:42:00   before Apple updates apple.com.

00:42:03   I mean, what is left for Gherman to leak at this point?

00:42:06   - Every new product?

00:42:07   (laughing)

00:42:09   Look at the MacBook, right? Like that's probably his crowning achievement.

00:42:13   Months ahead.

00:42:15   And he had every detail. So I don't know where his sources are but it appears that

00:42:24   there were a couple of different places. I feel like there's people in

00:42:28   the background like in the iOS team and then there's got to be somebody in the

00:42:32   marketing team because sometimes he knows the entire picture which from my

00:42:37   very basic understanding of how Apple works, not a lot of employees get that

00:42:42   idea, get the idea of the entire picture, right? If something's secret they

00:42:45   know what they're working on but not the other part. But the people that will know

00:42:49   the entire picture are the marketing teams because they're gonna have to sell

00:42:52   the device, right? So there's got to be somebody in that part of the business

00:42:55   that is feeding a lot of this stuff to him. And you know, I always find it

00:43:00   interesting as to why are they doing it, why do these people do it, I don't know

00:43:03   why they do it. It's certainly interesting but it does significantly

00:43:08   change the way that we approach these things and I completely agree with you

00:43:12   Stephen. Now like Apple has to, they have to surprise in the details because it's

00:43:18   difficult to explain the implementation of something and you know we're always

00:43:21   talking about this right and you know I think one of the big reasons that

00:43:24   everybody was saying about the Apple watch like where's the story where's the

00:43:27   story is because the reveal isn't as exciting anymore right because we had a

00:43:32   we knew it was coming and we knew a lot about the device. And I

00:43:38   wonder what it would have been like if we would have known that much about the

00:43:42   iPhone. I wonder how amazing that announcement would have been.

00:43:46   That announcement was so amazing because all we knew was there'll be one.

00:43:50   That was it. And that is a very very different scenario too. And these are

00:43:55   some of the features that it has. Here is a mock-up of the UI based on

00:43:58   descriptions I have. So it makes 2015 a very different world. But I do

00:44:04   wonder on the other side of it, who are Apple doing these events for? Are they

00:44:09   for us or are they for the general media? Because if it's the general media and the

00:44:13   general populace, they don't know about any of this stuff. They don't read Mac

00:44:17   rumors, they don't read 9 to 5 Mac. So maybe Apple is still doing a lot of that

00:44:21   job, but there may be, you know, not the people are actually watching the

00:44:24   announcements themselves. Yeah I wonder that especially this time you know the

00:44:30   what's the name of the venue it's the Bill Graham Center.

00:44:39   It seats like 25, 3000 people. It's a huge venue and I think

00:44:47   they're bringing more Apple employees to these things but I think too they're

00:44:52   they're inviting a lot more media. I mean think about the watch event last year, you

00:44:56   know it was all the standard people and then it was also editors of fashion magazines and

00:45:00   fashion websites and they had people from the watch community there. And so as Apple

00:45:05   expands out into these other areas they're inviting more different types of press, you

00:45:09   know not just the Jason Sonnels and the John Grubers of the world but people who work for

00:45:14   all sorts of different places. And so I think you know I do think to a degree they are aiming

00:45:24   at the general media who are mainstream media more than they have in the past but not at

00:45:29   the exclusion of other sort of niche content people like we are. But yeah that tomorrow

00:45:37   be interesting it's a big it's a big facility and if it's full it's going to be a lot of

00:45:43   human beings to get in and out of there for, you know, what is really, I mean, what is

00:45:48   really a press conference, right? Like, that's all these things are. They're fancy press

00:45:52   conferences. They're a company announcing products that they sell. It's weird for us

00:45:56   because we follow them so closely that it's sort of like a, like a Super Bowl for us,

00:46:01   but objectively it is just a company announcing products for sale. So that, that sort of excitement

00:46:08   that we have is, is always tapered in my mind, but like sort of just a strange thing in general

00:46:12   to be excited about.

00:46:14   But I don't know, we'll see.

00:46:16   And you know, I think with the leaked stuff

00:46:19   that at any point that could dry up,

00:46:23   either Apple could find the people doing it internally.

00:46:25   I think there's always this thought of people like,

00:46:27   well, you know, is Apple doing this intentionally?

00:46:30   Apple does do that.

00:46:31   Historically, they've done it with the Wall Street Journal

00:46:34   where they have leaked certain things,

00:46:36   or WSJ has like weird access

00:46:38   like the night before a story breaks or something.

00:46:41   but that's not what this is, I don't think.

00:46:45   I mean, you get that the way that Phil Schiller

00:46:47   answered the question at the talk show.

00:46:50   You get that impression that Apple really doesn't like this

00:46:54   and so they could either find the people who are leaking,

00:46:58   they could put, if they have a person

00:47:03   that they think is doing it,

00:47:07   they could leak them bad information.

00:47:08   If that bad information comes out,

00:47:09   I mean, that sort of stuff does happen

00:47:11   and not just at Apple, that happens in all sorts of companies.

00:47:14   It's just famous with Apple because Apple's the biggest

00:47:16   tech company in the world.

00:47:18   But I do think that at some point,

00:47:20   this could stop or could slow down.

00:47:24   I think right now, the government has a lot of people,

00:47:27   which is great, it's a heck of a way to start a career.

00:47:31   But I do think that just because it's this way now,

00:47:35   I don't know if it will always be that way,

00:47:36   or I think it may come and go.

00:47:38   because people might just move on in the company

00:47:42   or move to a different area or make it caught.

00:47:44   If I were in that position,

00:47:48   I don't know what would make me do it.

00:47:51   'Cause I would guarantee you it's fireable immediately.

00:47:54   But I do like you Myke, I do wonder why people do it.

00:48:00   - Can I just tell you guys how excited I am

00:48:02   by the iPad Pro?

00:48:07   looks like it's gonna be quite a monster I'm interested to see what what they're

00:48:13   gonna do with this and we'll see tomorrow I will see a delayed time yeah

00:48:18   because you're getting out of a plane old school baby I'll be checking the

00:48:22   blogs and yeah it's a I'll be I'll be filling it for you and upgrade tomorrow

00:48:27   we'll be a good live yeah you should tune into that Steven will be talking to

00:48:32   Jason pretty much as soon as after the event as possible to get Jason's

00:48:38   opinions on how the event went and also any stuff that he got a hands-on with so

00:48:43   that will be a lot of fun to tune into that tomorrow relay.fm/upgrade

00:48:47   it will be streaming live so you should follow the _relayfm

00:48:52   twitter account to see when that's gonna happen because I don't know if I don't

00:48:56   know if you guys have agreed to a time but I expect it's gonna just be whenever

00:48:59   you can do it right yeah that's basically yep because we have no idea

00:49:04   how long it's gonna run so yeah I'll be tweeting when we get a rough idea but it

00:49:09   will probably be you know mid to late afternoon to you know and for US

00:49:15   listeners so yep but that's always a fun episode so you want to tune in for that

00:49:20   so I'm gonna miss it but got a great person feeling for me right should we

00:49:25   take our final break and then Federico I know you have a little topic that you

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00:51:55   So guys I wanted to talk about Slack and how we're using Slack at Mac stories for what

00:52:02   accounts to more than communications, primarily communications, but something a little different

00:52:08   than usual.

00:52:10   And so this discussion is something that I've been thinking about for the past few weeks

00:52:18   because we upgraded to a paid Slack account.

00:52:22   We're a small team, seven people, and I felt like I could really use the unlimited integrations

00:52:29   and the direct email support for Slack because we received quite a bit of email that needs

00:52:37   to be shared across the team.

00:52:41   And a lot of people send me pitches for new apps

00:52:44   and updates over email to my personal account.

00:52:47   And I want my colleagues at McStories

00:52:52   to be able to look at the same email

00:52:55   without me having to forward an email.

00:52:58   You know, it loses the attachment sometimes,

00:53:00   and it adds all the quoted text that I don't like.

00:53:04   Instead, I just want the email with a clean view

00:53:07   to be able to be shown to be displayed to others in Slack.

00:53:12   And with email integration,

00:53:13   I can just have a nice email preview in a Slack channel.

00:53:17   So that with the unlimited integrations

00:53:19   and the additional search features

00:53:21   and all the other options pushed me over the edge.

00:53:24   And I was like, okay, I know that it's a bit of money,

00:53:26   but we're a small team and I wanna start paying for Slack

00:53:29   because I feel it's gonna be an investment

00:53:31   to save us a bit of time every day.

00:53:35   And what I didn't expect was to end up using Slack

00:53:40   as a notifications hub,

00:53:43   as like a shared notifications layer for the entire team,

00:53:47   which is quite surprising and what I wanna discuss with you.

00:53:50   So before using Slack,

00:53:53   we tried many group management services and apps.

00:53:58   We went from iMessage,

00:54:00   which was terrible for group messaging, to Google Hangouts.

00:54:04   Then for many years we used GroupMe, which is I think it's under Microsoft's control now.

00:54:09   And eventually we moved to Slack. And before Slack, whenever something happened, whether it

00:54:17   was an email or a new Apple video on YouTube or a new Apple press release, some kind of major

00:54:23   update, we would have to communicate that change to someone manually, to each other, all the time.

00:54:32   So whether I saw a change, I had to go into our team chat and say, "Hey, this happened."

00:54:39   Maybe I was asleep and nobody else was aware of that change.

00:54:44   Maybe someone else follows a different website than me or maybe someone else is a different

00:54:49   RSS app than me.

00:54:52   So what we see in terms of news and stuff we need to cover on the website is different

00:54:57   from each other.

00:54:58   With Slack, we have unlimited integrations.

00:55:02   So we can play around and connect a bunch of services to Slack.

00:55:07   But what we're doing is we have connected the team chat,

00:55:13   the general channel, it's called in Slack,

00:55:17   to different notification sources.

00:55:20   So we have notifications for new Apple videos on YouTube.

00:55:23   We have notifications for new Apple press releases,

00:55:26   notifications for new iOS and OS X updates,

00:55:31   or new versions of developer betas on the Developer Center.

00:55:36   We have notifications for NewsBlur,

00:55:39   which is the RSS service that I use because it lets me

00:55:44   specify keywords in articles that I find either important,

00:55:50   so that matter to me or useless,

00:55:52   which I don't want to see.

00:55:53   So I've been using NewsBlur for a year.

00:55:56   I have assembled these pretty nice curated list of keywords and tags that we're interested

00:56:05   in.

00:56:06   And so I can use my own curation to expose interesting stuff to other team members.

00:56:12   And we're doing this in two ways.

00:56:14   So we either send notifications to the general channel, and this is useful because it means

00:56:19   that I don't need to be awake or using Slack to notify others about something new from

00:56:27   Twitter or somewhere else because it happens in the cloud.

00:56:32   There's an API that takes care of the news.

00:56:36   They go from whatever they originate to Slack, and everybody sees that at the same time.

00:56:42   So it doesn't depend on me or anyone else.

00:56:45   It's just Slack takes care of that.

00:56:47   And all of these integrations that you're using, are they ones that currently exist,

00:56:50   or have you had to build some yourself?

00:56:52   No, no, they're all...

00:56:53   I don't do any of the custom API or web hooks.

00:56:57   It's just default integrations, just a lot of them.

00:57:01   So I'm pretty sure you would be limited to five with a free account, I think.

00:57:06   Yeah, I think they just upped it, but it's around that, yeah.

00:57:10   Yeah.

00:57:11   And no, they're all...

00:57:12   It's no custom integration yet.

00:57:15   We may end up doing some of that later on, but not yet.

00:57:20   And so we're doing the shared notifications in the journal channel and that's turned out

00:57:27   to be quite handy because when I'm not around, when someone else is not around, there's going

00:57:33   to be someone who looks at the notification and decides whether we should cover that on

00:57:38   the website or maybe ping someone else about it.

00:57:43   It feels like it's a notification hub for everyone,

00:57:49   rather than being a manual effort from me or someone else to inform others about it.

00:57:57   We're also doing a separate channel which I call The Aggregator,

00:58:01   which is a channel dedicated to links and news.

00:58:07   So it's only links and it's filtered in a way that it's not too much,

00:58:13   but it can be handy when you wake up in the morning and you want to see what's new

00:58:17   or maybe you haven't been on Twitter in a while and instead of having to find what's new

00:58:23   and what's important, you can just open the aggregator in Slack and take a look at all these bunch of links.

00:58:29   And how are you curating those? Like, so you're not just, it's not just a fire hose of stuff you don't want to see?

00:58:34   It's not a firehose. This is interesting because it uses my own curation to build a stream of stuff

00:58:44   that I think is interesting for Mac stories. So it uses my keywords from NewsBlur. So only the stuff

00:58:52   that I highlight in my RSS goes into the Aggregator channel in Slack. Also, it picks items from Techmem

00:59:03   because usually that's tech related and it's not too much and it's generally interesting for

00:59:10   everyone. It also picks tweets from Product Hunt. So every time Product Hunt highlights some new

00:59:20   Apple product, we get a link in the aggregator. And it also uses my own Nasr account to send me,

00:59:28   to send a notification in the Slack channel every time it's shared by more than five people I follow.

00:59:35   So basically I am using my own obsessiveness with RSS and Twitter, all the websites that I follow,

00:59:43   all the people that I follow on Twitter, which is more than a thousand people.

00:59:47   Basically I am sacrificing my own time to let others enjoy the benefit of my

00:59:54   my curation in the Slack channel.

00:59:56   And because I'm used to it anymore,

00:59:59   at this point, I'm just,

01:00:01   I know that my Twitter is busy every day,

01:00:05   and I know that my RSS is busy,

01:00:07   but I don't want my team members

01:00:09   to go through the same process.

01:00:11   I don't want the other guys to be forced

01:00:16   to follow a thousand people,

01:00:17   or to be forced to follow 200 websites.

01:00:21   So they can just use Slack to see what's up

01:00:25   in terms of tech news and Apple news.

01:00:27   And it's an interesting concept for me

01:00:29   because first it doesn't mean

01:00:32   we have to share any credentials.

01:00:34   Like maybe years ago I would have said,

01:00:37   maybe I should just give the other folks

01:00:39   access to my RSS subscriptions so they can see what's up.

01:00:44   Instead, we can just highlight what's important,

01:00:46   send it to Slack, everybody sees it at the same time.

01:00:50   We could use other integrations to assign tasks to each other.

01:00:55   So we're using this service called MeisterTask, which is from the same people behind MindMeister,

01:01:01   which is an online mind mapping tool.

01:01:03   I like how you said that, like, "Oh, it's by those people, I still had no idea what

01:01:06   they're doing."

01:01:07   I was like, "I don't know."

01:01:09   Yeah, they're kind of popular.

01:01:11   And MeisterTask is an online...

01:01:15   It's like Trello.

01:01:16   You know Trello?

01:01:17   Okay.

01:01:18   Yeah, we use Trello.

01:01:19   but kind of more visual and with better Slack integration.

01:01:23   So directly from Slack, you can have a custom command

01:01:27   to create and assign a task without leaving Slack.

01:01:32   And we're using that, like we're talking about,

01:01:35   I don't know, maybe an app we wanna cover

01:01:37   or some link that we just saw in the aggregator channel.

01:01:41   And we can just assign that as a task

01:01:44   without having to open my start task

01:01:46   in the app or the website.

01:01:48   So we're using Slack as a Swiss army knife.

01:01:53   And it's like this, I like to describe it

01:01:56   as a virtual office with crazy APIs,

01:01:59   because that's really what it is for me.

01:02:02   It's an office, so we're all together,

01:02:05   we're spending time there.

01:02:08   We're always there, always chatting and discussing news

01:02:11   and what we're working on, sharing links with each other.

01:02:15   And it's also got all these other integrations

01:02:17   APIs that it's unlike anything I've tried before.

01:02:22   If you use iMessage, you don't even get previews for links.

01:02:26   You just get a link you can tap.

01:02:28   Slack, whether it's an article or a tweet, it gives you a rich, nice visual preview.

01:02:36   So you save time, you see more context, and everybody gets that.

01:02:41   So it's not an individual user feature.

01:02:44   It's for everyone.

01:02:45   And this has been true for notifications, for previews, for search.

01:02:50   We can all access the same information at the same time.

01:02:53   So in that regard, it's like an office.

01:02:56   But with all these APIs, we can customize it and we can use it our way, which is, I

01:03:02   mean, we're saving so much time.

01:03:04   And even if it costs us, you know, some hundred dollars each year, we're a small team, we

01:03:10   can cover that.

01:03:12   The time that we save thanks to Slack can be put into something else, which is work

01:03:18   for the website, so it pays for itself.

01:03:22   And man, that was quite a description.

01:03:25   I wasn't expecting this to go for so long.

01:03:28   My feeling on this is I'm jealous.

01:03:31   Because we can't do this with the relay Slack.

01:03:34   There's too many people in it.

01:03:35   It's like, "Oh, that's 30 people.

01:03:37   We can't pay for that.

01:03:38   It's too insane."

01:03:39   It'd be insane.

01:03:41   I think at that point,

01:03:41   Slack would be the most expensive thing we pay for.

01:03:44   I really wish we could pay less and get some of this stuff,

01:03:48   but it jumps too much for us.

01:03:50   It was like $7 per user per month or something like that.

01:03:53   Yeah, same thing.

01:03:55   That's too much for us.

01:03:57   'Cause all of these things would be nice to haves, right?

01:04:00   We, I don't feel, need any of this stuff,

01:04:04   'cause we don't need to break.

01:04:05   We're not working on a speed kind of basis, you know?

01:04:09   We don't need to break news or anything.

01:04:11   We have a few integrations.

01:04:12   We have the Twitter integration, which is great,

01:04:14   and we have Giphy and stuff like that.

01:04:16   So they're simple things.

01:04:18   But the way that you have this set up,

01:04:20   this is exactly how I expect you would wanna work, right?

01:04:25   Like you, with Mac Stories.

01:04:27   'Cause this is information coming to you at all times

01:04:31   from different sources is really like the perfect way

01:04:35   for you Federico Vittucci.

01:04:37   It seems like it completely gels with the way that you work.

01:04:42   Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

01:04:44   Especially to be able to control what I think is relevant to the website and what it's not.

01:04:50   And to be able to say, "I'm going to use my own account for that, but everyone else can

01:04:55   see the result."

01:04:56   That's basically exactly what it's meant for me, I feel like.

01:05:01   And yeah, we're saving time, we're happy.

01:05:05   We like, sometimes we're surprised, but the utility obviously lack notification.

01:05:10   Like we're talking and suddenly a notification comes in and we're like, "Oh, nice."

01:05:15   We didn't have to do anything about that.

01:05:18   Like when we send a new issue of Mac Stories Weekly, we have a MailChimp integration that

01:05:23   at 4 p.m. it does everything on its own.

01:05:27   It's like, "Hey, MailChimp just sent the campaign."

01:05:29   And we're like, oh no, yeah, that worked.

01:05:32   - Thanks, Mowjimp.

01:05:34   - Thank you, thank you, Bot.

01:05:36   And oh, and Slackbot, I'm using as a scratch pad

01:05:39   all the time, like I need to say something.

01:05:41   - Explain this for me.

01:05:43   - So, you know, I copy and paste a lot of stuff every day,

01:05:48   whether it's some text, a link, a picture,

01:05:51   or I make a note of something, and increasingly,

01:05:56   The more I try to use clipboard managers or not taking apps,

01:06:01   I never end up with exactly the same set of information

01:06:07   from one device to the other.

01:06:10   There's always some kind of syncing issue or inconsistency,

01:06:14   and I don't see the same stuff in two places.

01:06:17   But because of the rich previews that you get in Slack,

01:06:21   I find myself sharing bits of text, links, files, YouTube links that turn into previews

01:06:31   into the Slackbot, which is a personal private channel.

01:06:34   It's like your personal assistant in Slack.

01:06:38   Because it's in the cloud, it's always the same across any device.

01:06:44   I know that it's not as native or as local as an app may be on your device, but when

01:06:52   you don't need a fancy integration with the system, you just want to say, "Hey, I want

01:06:58   to save these five links and I want to have them instantly on my iPad," or, "I want to

01:07:03   share this code snippet from my Mac to my iPad and I don't want to use AirDrop because

01:07:09   it never works, or I don't want to use one of those Wi-Fi or Bluetooth clipboard managers

01:07:15   because also they never work.

01:07:18   I just paste it into Slackbot and it's right there on my iPhone and I can copy it.

01:07:23   And I don't know, it's probably not an intended use case for Slackbot, but I know a lot of

01:07:28   people who do this and I have to say it's also working well for me.

01:07:33   So it's a crude implementation of a cloud clipboard manager, but it works kind of well.

01:07:40   So yeah.

01:07:41   Well, look at that.

01:07:42   Cool, man.

01:07:43   I'm pleased that you like it.

01:07:46   I'm surprised that it does the amount that it does, right?

01:07:49   Because I don't really think of Slack in that way, you know?

01:07:53   For me, it's just like a little chat room that does some cool stuff, but I can see how

01:07:59   it does the incredible things that it does and I wonder what its future is like, you

01:08:03   know?

01:08:04   Like what kind of crazy stuff could happen?

01:08:08   So yeah, we'll see.

01:08:09   But that's cool.

01:08:10   I'm pleased that you shared that story.

01:08:11   I'm looking forward to the myriad of questions and feedback we're going to have about that

01:08:15   as you have to list every integration four times so everyone catches them.

01:08:20   But you can catch some show notes.

01:08:22   We haven't got a lot of show notes this week, but if you do want to find them, you can head

01:08:26   on over to relay.fm/connected/56. Thanks again to our sponsors this week, the great

01:08:35   people over at Fracture and Squarespace and don't forget there will be a link in our sponsor

01:08:40   section to donate some money to Steven's charity Run for St. Jude which you should definitely

01:08:47   get involved in. If you want to find us online there's a couple of ways you can do that.

01:08:50   You can head on over to relay.fm, you'll find information about this show and a bunch of

01:08:54   other shows that we do including Upgrade and Clockwise which will be fun to

01:08:58   listen to for coverage of the announcements that are coming out

01:09:00   tomorrow as we record this. If you want to find Steven online he is @ismh on

01:09:05   Twitter and he writes over at 512pixels.net and also Mr. Federico Vatici is

01:09:10   @Vatici V-I-T-I-C-C-I and he writes over at maxstories.net and if you're still

01:09:15   listening Federico can I can I give a little tease? Sure, yeah. There's something

01:09:20   big coming to Max Stories on Monday so you should look out for that and

01:09:24   something that Federico has been working very very hard on for a long time and

01:09:28   I'm very excited about it so you want to keep your eye out for that.

01:09:31   Thank you.

01:09:32   So little secret tea so the people that go listen all the way to the end.

01:09:35   We'll be back next time. I won't be. I'm gonna be on holiday but I'll be back the

01:09:41   week after and I'm looking forward Federico to talking about the process of

01:09:45   your review in a couple of weeks. That'll be a little fun.

01:09:48   But until then thanks so much for listening and we'll be back. Bye bye.

01:09:53   Thank you.

01:09:55   Adios.