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00:00:24   My name is Myke Hurley and I am joined by the editor-in-chief of MacStories.net,

00:00:29   the one and only Italian stallion that is Mr Federico Vittigi.

00:00:33   Hey Myke.

00:00:34   How you doing?

00:00:35   I'm okay, how are you?

00:00:36   I am very well sir, I am very well indeed.

00:00:38   All the better for speaking to you guys today, I'm very excited about today's show.

00:00:42   We also have with us the grand poobah of 512pixels.net, Mr Steven Hackett.

00:00:48   Hello Michael Hurley, co-founder.

00:00:51   He's the man in charge, you know.

00:00:54   He's the boss.

00:00:55   The boss.

00:00:55   Doesn't seem like it but he's the boss.

00:00:58   He's the boss of the world.

00:01:00   He's a silent boss.

00:01:02   Yeah.

00:01:03   Hi, Steven.

00:01:05   I don't really know what to do after this new intro.

00:01:07   Hey, boss!

00:01:08   We've been doing it.

00:01:09   We've been testing this intro for a couple weeks now.

00:01:11   For a couple of years, actually.

00:01:13   We still don't know what to say.

00:01:15   I know what to say.

00:01:17   Opening, so the show title,

00:01:21   "Hello, this is Connected from Relay FM."

00:01:23   That's pretty simple,

00:01:25   but it's this intermediate stage,

00:01:27   Which I am now drawing attention to that has always felt awkward to me and we've been doing shows for like four years

00:01:31   And I just never know to do with it, but that's why you just leave it to me

00:01:36   So I think it's weird because three of us have been chatting on Skype for like ten minutes now, right?

00:01:41   We you know, but now people didn't hear that and they hear this and this is the beginning of the conversation

00:01:45   We have to like go back and start the conversation again. It's all it's very hard. The problem is when you talk about this

00:01:53   That's the problem. Yes, because nobody wants to hear this. I think I'm definitely making it worse

00:01:57   So we should just do follow-up, please. Could you could you start off with some follow-up for us Oh Michael

00:02:03   I would love to do some follow-up

00:02:05   So we had a comment on Twitter

00:02:08   from

00:02:10   Costas somebody. Yes

00:02:12   You keep saying that beats curation is great. How is it better than playlist that Spotify maintains?

00:02:18   I thought we talked about this but Federico, what's the difference here? What makes beats creation special? I

00:02:23   Think the big difference is that they feel more human

00:02:28   like you can tell that it's people actually being there and picking songs or like

00:02:33   each playlist has like an explanation and

00:02:36   First presence. There's like the best hits from a specific band from a specific time period of the band and

00:02:45   and you can tell that there's like a concept behind the playlist. It's not just like a cover

00:02:51   photo and a bunch of songs. It's like there's a human there picking songs and often like I

00:02:56   remember last year during the Grammys there was people at Beats Music creating playlists from the

00:03:03   show like in not in real time but like a few minutes after and to me they they and I mean I

00:03:11   I tried Beats Music, I tried Spotify and we talked about this before.

00:03:16   I think Beats Music, like the descriptions and the way that they were presented to the

00:03:22   listener, I feel like they were more created by music experts.

00:03:28   You can tell that there's a meaning, that there's a basic idea behind the playlist.

00:03:33   It's not just a collection of songs.

00:03:35   It's not like a folder full of files.

00:03:38   It's there because the editor of the music section wants you to listen to something and

00:03:43   I think that's a big difference.

00:03:45   I think Myke is also a fan of playlists so maybe he can add more.

00:03:49   Yeah, I mean I guess I haven't had too much of an experience recently with Spotify playlists.

00:03:56   I don't know if they're doing this stuff but I like Beats playlists and I know they're

00:04:00   made by people.

00:04:02   Or at least they do a really good job of faking machines to seem like people.

00:04:06   Do you know what I mean?

00:04:07   So it's like, I know that that's the case,

00:04:09   so it's really great.

00:04:10   If Spotify has that as well, awesome,

00:04:12   but I don't know that they do,

00:04:13   but I know that Beats does,

00:04:14   and I really like their playlists.

00:04:16   And I've never been taken to use playlists

00:04:20   from another streaming music service.

00:04:23   But like, I like what they suggest, you know,

00:04:25   when I see something on Beats,

00:04:27   I try it out because it's a good suggestion typically.

00:04:31   - Spotify has these playlists,

00:04:33   but they're like, there's a cover photo,

00:04:35   which is usually just the same, there's like a workout playlist, if you like to listen to hip-hop during workouts,

00:04:43   there's an Oasis playlist and there's like a description with a couple of sentences,

00:04:48   but it's never with the same degree of there's a human behind this factor.

00:04:55   It's, I don't know, it feels different, it feels more...

00:04:58   The Spotify system feels more automated by machines to me, honestly,

00:05:02   And I know that Beats Music has actual music editors and journalists that work there, or at least used to work there,

00:05:09   so it feels more natural and human to me, and I think there was a big difference.

00:05:13   And just for the sake of comparison, there's nothing of this stuff on Google Music.

00:05:21   Like, you know, the playlists tend to be, especially if you don't have the songs integration on your Google Music country,

00:05:30   The plays are like, I think they're automated by the same Google crawler that they use for web pages.

00:05:39   I think Beats Music has the best combination of tech and people out there when it comes to music streaming.

00:05:46   Hopefully we will get some new stuff next month.

00:05:50   Actually not next month because we're still in April, so in 40 days at WWDC.

00:05:57   It's so it's that you want it to be

00:06:00   Human after all that human connection of you don't want a machine playing your music for you

00:06:06   And I saw Daft Punk

00:06:08   You know reference. I enjoyed that as well. Yeah, get another Steven was into Daft Punk, honestly

00:06:14   so yeah a little so um

00:06:18   Martin is gonna get credit for this but we got several emails and I saw a couple tweets about this

00:06:25   saying or revisiting last week where Myke you had the experience that you had restore your phone and your beats music was not

00:06:33   restored from backup, but the beats app kind of looked like it had been and

00:06:38   How that was not a great experience and Martin writes in to say

00:06:41   the developers can specify what data should be backed up with iCloud backup and

00:06:47   his theory is to reduce space of that backup that that

00:06:51   Beats is not including the actual music tracks, or maybe there's legal reasons or something like that

00:06:55   and

00:06:58   So, yeah, we kind of touched on that. I don't think we said it explicitly like that's you know

00:07:03   It seems like a reasonable trade-off to me

00:07:05   So you don't have to back up all that music to your iCloud backup, but it is bad that the app

00:07:09   You know didn't prompt you to hey, you know, you need to redownload your music

00:07:13   That's not what underscore says underscore

00:07:16   Tweeted to say the apps are not permitted to include redownloadable content in backups. So it's not beats fault

00:07:23   It's Apple's fault

00:07:26   Conflicting follow-up. I don't I don't know Martin. I'm sure Martin smart, but I trust underscore of everything. So

00:07:32   Well, one of the reasons because I mean underscore makes pod Wrangler right so I'm sure he's come into this because of that

00:07:40   His

00:07:43   Yeah, he's got the experience there

00:07:44   But it does I think at the very least we can agree on

00:07:47   The fact that the app should have somehow alerted you that you needed to redownload your music. Oh, definitely definitely should have

00:07:54   because that's you know sort of a cardi experience, but um

00:07:58   Anyways, the bin writes in and bin says you keep saying Apple doesn't have a streaming service

00:08:03   What about iTunes radio does it not exist outside North America and the answer been no, no, it does not

00:08:10   Really a music streaming service. I think by the classification that we are giving a music streaming service

00:08:16   Yeah, I think iTunes radio is like a I think of iTunes radio is a Pandora

00:08:20   Like you know you kind of set a station. Yeah, we're talking about like on demand. I wouldn't listen to this album

00:08:27   I'm gonna stream this album and

00:08:29   It's only in

00:08:31   North America just it's just in the States. I think isn't it?

00:08:34   Maybe and uh basically yes our country um

00:08:39   Yeah, I mean, you know, we've talked about this many times over the years like this would be great for it to expand

00:08:44   and there's lots of reasons that it hasn't and

00:08:46   But I agree with you guys like the core difference is iTunes radio is not

00:08:50   Really the same class of service as something like beats Spotify or audio

00:08:54   Totally anyways

00:08:58   We're gonna finish this with a little follow out Myke what uh, what happened on relay this week

00:09:03   We were very lucky to welcome

00:09:06   Honored in fact to welcome Mac power users to the relay FM family, which is just absolutely incredible

00:09:13   We are all the three of us here huge Mac power users fans

00:09:16   Davis box and Katie Floyd do an incredible job every week and they have been running since 2009

00:09:21   And they are now a part of the relay FM family

00:09:25   Well, Steven is also a Mac power users

00:09:28   That is a good point with the typo with the with the ease of power users because he is friends with Myke

00:09:34   However, me and you both got to be guests before him.

00:09:37   Yeah, yeah, but that was in my OS X past.

00:09:41   Does it mean that we get to do a now-US power users spinoff now on Relay?

00:09:46   Yeah, I think it's just you.

00:09:47   It's you talking for hours.

00:09:48   Just me talking.

00:09:49   It's like, it's called Federico today.

00:09:52   And it's a...

00:09:53   I'm just talking about workflows.

00:10:01   I would subscribe instantly.

00:10:02   So Federico, when you linked to this, and thank you very much for looking to it, you

00:10:06   shared a little story about MacPowerUsers and kind of what it did for you, and I thought

00:10:11   it'd be fun to talk about that for a second.

00:10:12   Yeah, and it was in August 2012 when I was hospitalized for about 22 days, just over

00:10:22   three weeks.

00:10:23   Didn't know what to do, couldn't move, couldn't work.

00:10:26   I could listen to music and to podcasts and I remember deciding to catch up on the Mac

00:10:33   Power users backlog that I had.

00:10:36   I think it used to be Instacast.

00:10:37   Man, remember those days?

00:10:42   And yeah, it is.

00:10:46   The podcasting scene is just a bit different today on iOS.

00:10:50   And I remember, I think one of the first episodes that I listened to, because I kind of knew

00:10:56   the show but didn't really listen and I think I started by listening to one of those Merlin

00:11:02   Man episodes, you know, used to be like an annual thing that they would interview Merlin on the

00:11:09   like the apps and workflows that he used and I remember getting into the whole idea of markdown

00:11:14   and plain text, you know, that kind of stuff and I kind of took it from there and when I left the

00:11:21   the hospital when I went home.

00:11:23   I remember downloading this app

00:11:26   for the iPhone and iPad called Nebulas Notes,

00:11:29   which was one of the first markdown editors for iOS,

00:11:34   with some basic support for automation.

00:11:36   Only was based on JavaScript, I think,

00:11:39   instead of Python and the apps that I came to use later.

00:11:46   I think David and Katie are

00:11:50   responsible for my addiction today.

00:11:53   So it feels good to have my, my, my, you know, these, these, these two friends

00:12:00   on relay and to, to continue listening with them, you know, on our, on our network.

00:12:05   I think it's, it's great.

00:12:06   I'm a huge fan and many things have changed for me since three years ago.

00:12:11   And so I should probably keep a photo of Katie and David in my office, you

00:12:16   know, and just thank them every day.

00:12:20   They may be kind of creepy, but also in a way nice, I think.

00:12:23   You should now, you should set up like a Zapier or something to automatically thank them every day in the Slack room.

00:12:31   Just every day the little tgbot pops up. Thanks David and Katie.

00:12:36   Is there anything in the UK or maybe in America to keep a photo? Like in public offices, like you keep a photo of the president on the wall?

00:12:43   No, that's not a thing.

00:12:45   It is a thing in Italy, we keep, like, when you go to a public office space, you can find photos of the

00:12:52   the president of the Republic of Italy. I always start like that, why do they do that? It seems to

00:12:57   be a tradition. Maybe I could keep a photo of David and Katie, you know? Just look at them,

00:13:04   as a sign of respect, you know, as an authority.

00:13:10   You could just have them as your lock screen wallpaper on your iPad.

00:13:15   That'd be real creepy, you know.

00:13:18   If someone put a picture of them on the wall it's kind of worse.

00:13:21   You get a tattoo of Kady on one form and of David on the other.

00:13:28   So you put your arms together it's like Mac Power users combined.

00:13:33   You could get like like like power and user on your knuckles or something.

00:13:38   - Wow, that's real.

00:13:40   It's really gangster, Myke.

00:13:42   - I will start a Kickstarter right now

00:13:44   for your hand tattoos.

00:13:46   - I don't think that my power users

00:13:48   will be around for the next episode.

00:13:50   I think they're gone already.

00:13:52   - You could do power users if you do your thumbs.

00:13:54   I was counting letters on my fingers.

00:13:56   - Yep.

00:13:57   - Okay.

00:13:58   - Anyway.

00:13:59   - It is, no, it is very exciting.

00:14:01   I mean, I echo everything the two of you said.

00:14:03   Super honored that they would want to join Relay,

00:14:06   and it's been a heck of eight months for the network

00:14:09   and it's really, this is just another amazing step

00:14:12   that we definitely are humbled by

00:14:15   and very thankful for, so.

00:14:18   - Most definitely.

00:14:19   Huge show today.

00:14:21   Let's take a break and thank our first sponsor for this week

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00:16:11   I do. I do. So we get this box and it came through the front door, so I don't know if

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00:16:23   Anyways, this little box, you cut it open

00:16:24   in the room that you're in because it's like vacuum sealed.

00:16:28   So it's like space magic.

00:16:29   You cut the box open and we did it,

00:16:31   we actually periscoped it.

00:16:33   So I streamed it to the internet

00:16:35   to like hundreds of people watching me

00:16:36   do this in my bedroom.

00:16:37   Cut the box open, pull the wrapper off

00:16:39   and it just goes (inhales)

00:16:41   and like unfolds and uncurls and just lays out flat.

00:16:45   It's really an amazing sort of hilariously

00:16:49   awesome experience and the mattress is great.

00:16:51   We've really enjoyed it.

00:16:52   we've had it several weeks now and it's comfortable it's my wife and I have

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00:17:00   That's awesome. That's great.

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00:17:20   supporting this show and all of Relay FM.

00:17:25   Why does Steven get to review mattresses with his wife and I don't?

00:17:29   I mean not with his wife, you know, with my family.

00:17:32   Uh, because Steven's in America and Casper only ship in the US at the moment.

00:17:36   Oh, that's sad.

00:17:38   No, don't do that.

00:17:41   There's plenty to like about ERL.

00:17:43   No, I...

00:17:44   You know, shipments.

00:17:45   Not that much.

00:17:46   As soon as I can find an Italian mattress company, I'll hook you up Federico.

00:17:52   Okay, thank you.

00:17:54   You say that, the ultimate irony is going to be that you get your Apple Watch before

00:17:58   me, but we can talk about that later.

00:17:59   No, that's not going to happen.

00:18:03   So I just wanted to give a brief story.

00:18:05   So later on in the episode I'm going to talk through a day in the life of wearing an Apple

00:18:09   Watch, but there's just one thing that happened on that day which doesn't really get into

00:18:13   the story but I thought it was really funny.

00:18:15   So me and my girlfriend, we went to the Apple store because I wanted to see if they had

00:18:19   any bands in stock.

00:18:21   And we were upstairs in the Regent Street store.

00:18:24   I was just looking at stuff and I was buying, I was like using EasyPay to buy a charging

00:18:29   cable.

00:18:30   I was getting an extra charging cable.

00:18:32   To which my girlfriend then just kind of walked off to get out of the way because she basically

00:18:36   had seen an empty area of the store.

00:18:39   So she was just walking to get out of the way.

00:18:41   She walked about three paces and a security guard basically jumped on her.

00:18:45   she wandered into the addition try-on area.

00:18:50   And they freaked out.

00:18:52   They did not like that at all.

00:18:54   So she just walked into the area?

00:18:56   So this is the interesting thing, right?

00:18:58   The Regent Street store is a two floor store.

00:19:00   It's really big.

00:19:01   And basically all they have is just in the corner of the top floor.

00:19:05   It's not roped off.

00:19:06   There's just one security guard, one Apple store person, and two tables and one try-on

00:19:13   thing.

00:19:14   I think the table had the glass thing in it with the addition watches inside

00:19:18   As well as like one of the try-on pads. That's all they have. It's not roped off. It's not a special room. Nothing

00:19:23   It's just a part of the Apple Store that has a security guard and an Apple Store rep

00:19:27   And what happened next?

00:19:31   They basically

00:19:33   Effectively threw her out of the area like as quickly as possible

00:19:37   Well, thank god you're in the UK in America. They would have shot you.

00:19:42   Exactly, I started laughing a lot because I realized what had happened and she had no idea what was going on

00:19:47   They didn't say no ma'am this is where

00:19:52   She was like, I don't understand what's going on and I explained it to her and she just said that it was stupid

00:19:58   She should be a tech blogger she that was a hot take

00:20:03   Right Federico, let's do some more serious stuff. Can you give me a

00:20:11   a brief overview of the Q2 results that came out yesterday, Apple's results.

00:20:19   This is supposed to be serious.

00:20:21   Yeah. Well, I mean, you can joke about it, but...

00:20:23   Lots of money, you know?

00:20:25   You can make fun of the iPad number a little bit.

00:20:27   No. Wow. Okay. I'm no longer talking to Steven.

00:20:33   Steven, it's okay, because that number makes fun of itself.

00:20:35   There's only three of us on the podcast. How are you going to do that?

00:20:37   And I'm not talking to you anymore.

00:20:39   So, uh, 58 billion revenue, 61.2 million iPhones sold to customers.

00:20:47   Of course.

00:20:48   Um, 12.6 million iPads and 4.6 million max sold and total profit for the quarter

00:20:59   was $13.5 0.6 billion.

00:21:03   So it's just about 3 billion over the guidance from Apple for the quarter.

00:21:12   So it was a good quarter, you know, especially iPhone sales.

00:21:15   Analysts were expecting about 58 million iPhones.

00:21:21   Instead, they did over 61 million.

00:21:24   So the iPhone continues to be a huge business for Apple, the biggest, of course.

00:21:28   And the real surprise for many people was the importance of China.

00:21:32   for the numbers. If you look at the results, basically the revenue by area. Apple has I

00:21:43   think five regions. There's Europe, Americas, Greater China, Asia Pacific and Japan, and

00:21:50   Greater China was about 29%. And it was bigger by revenue than Europe, which was 21%. So

00:21:58   it's become the second biggest market for Apple.

00:22:01   Is that the first time that that's happened?

00:22:03   See that I don't know I think it has been growing for a while and I remember Tim Cook's comments from a while ago

00:22:11   that he said we feel like China could be our biggest market by you know over the next year

00:22:18   I think it's not the first no, maybe it's the first time that it was bigger than Europe actually

00:22:23   I think so because lots of people yesterday

00:22:26   I follow a bunch of those analysts on Twitter and a lot of them were surprised by basically

00:22:32   almost 30% of revenue from China.

00:22:36   So of course Apple had a bunch of announcements during the conference call.

00:22:43   Most importantly they're going to have about 40 retail stores in China by next year.

00:22:51   making big investments in China considering the numbers that they're

00:22:54   seeing. Best Buy it's one of the major partners of that what's the name the

00:23:03   payment system that's like against Apple Pay.

00:23:06   They're basically changing their mind and they're adopting Apple Pay.

00:23:11   I think currency got shut down I think like it was just such a security

00:23:16   disaster it just went away. And basically Best Buy is gonna offer Apple Pay

00:23:20   support in the app first and later this year in all of their stores. So yeah.

00:23:26   What else? I'm trying to think of the most.

00:23:31   Was there anything about Apple Pay outside of the US?

00:23:33   Nope.

00:23:35   Team Cook confirmed that Discover, one of those US companies, is gonna use Apple Pay,

00:23:41   but nothing about the US, I think. What else? I don't know. They talked about

00:23:50   3,500 apps for the Apple Watch available at launch basically.

00:23:56   iPad sales, this is the big topic from the quarter.

00:24:01   iPad sales were a bit low as usual.

00:24:05   I think it was the second weakest quarter for iPad.

00:24:10   The thing about iPad is that Tim Cook remains confident about the product.

00:24:17   He brought up a couple of times the apps and the collaboration that they're doing with

00:24:22   IBM for iPad, especially in the enterprise.

00:24:25   So he seems to believe that iPad can become a better, bigger business, especially when

00:24:33   you consider the enterprise market.

00:24:36   And there was a couple of analysts on the call that tried to kind of push him to talk

00:24:39   about iPad sales in the future, and he just says, "I remain confident that it's a great

00:24:46   I feel like his comments, and this is totally just my idea, I feel like his comments kind of suggest that some stuff is happening with the iPad.

00:24:56   I don't know if it's software or if it's some major hardware change. I feel like it's software, I feel like we're gonna see some changes just for iPad and in my mind just for the iPad Air 2 and future revisions of course.

00:25:12   But there were some people on Twitter who were saying, "We're gonna see Force Touch on the iPad this year,

00:25:19   and we're gonna see a stylus accessory from Apple to kinda make the iPad more unique."

00:25:25   And I think it makes sense if you consider Force Touch, if you consider all these new technologies that Apple is doing with touch,

00:25:31   and if you consider that a lot of people still don't get the iPad, so maybe making the iPad better for designers and artists could be a nice idea to kinda expand the product line.

00:25:41   Other numbers Myke

00:25:43   Just for a second because I have a question that one. Yes, I believe Stephen wants to provide some real-time follow-up

00:25:51   yeah, so

00:25:54   Currency isn't isn't dead

00:25:56   It's still around

00:25:58   It's just that Best Buy is gonna run it in parallel see according to Arsenica seems like it's in parallel

00:26:03   With Apple pay so I think it's still around I you know

00:26:08   Seems like Apple pay is clearly a better technology, but they're gonna do both this seems like so these will see how that goes

00:26:15   But yeah, I did I did notice you know I was not expecting Apple paid

00:26:19   Make such waves in the in the quarterly results call, but clearly apples being successful with the unit discover

00:26:25   Which is a major credit card here in the US that's not currently on Apple pay is joining later this year

00:26:31   They made that announcement as well, so it's getting some some press time with

00:26:35   With uncle uncle Timmy so good times. So Federico I have a question for you about iPads. Okay, I

00:26:42   mean

00:26:45   obviously I

00:26:47   Understand what you're saying about you know

00:26:49   about

00:26:51   It looking like there's gonna be some let's what we what Tim saying it hints to the fact that they could be working on something

00:26:58   Right, but if you will allow me to play devil's advocate for a moment

00:27:04   Doesn't he kind of have to say this?

00:27:06   Like, he can't go on the call and be like,

00:27:09   "Man, that iPad ain't working, huh?

00:27:12   Like, no one's buying that anymore."

00:27:14   Like, let me, please, I know, I know.

00:27:17   Sure, okay, sorry.

00:27:18   I'm being inflammatory, right?

00:27:20   I'm trying to, you know, I'm trying to play the opposite.

00:27:23   Do you think that, do you genuinely believe this?

00:27:29   Like, if you think about it, like, in your heart of hearts,

00:27:31   or do you think that maybe this comes from a little bit of just hope from you?

00:27:35   No, not at all, because it's still a big business, you know, 12 million units is still a huge business,

00:27:43   bigger than most companies.

00:27:44   Yeah, but this is the thing, right, and again, to put this into perspective,

00:27:48   that you are completely correct of that. However, Apple size, it's interesting.

00:27:56   No, that's where I think you're wrong, basically.

00:28:00   OK.

00:28:02   The problem is that, so if you put the iPhone out of the picture, Apple sells two computers.

00:28:11   One is the Mac and the other is the iPad.

00:28:14   So for the Mac they did 4-6 million units and for the iPad they did 3 times that.

00:28:21   And the problem, I think, what I think is, it's not that the iPad is struggling, it's

00:28:28   that the iPhone is just huge, it's insane, but not because... I mean, the iPhone is a

00:28:34   great product, it's just the smartphone in general, it's taking the world by storm. And

00:28:39   the thing that the iPhone is selling, it's just like a different story. But the moment

00:28:45   that people are gonna take a look at a computer, like, they use their iPhones all day. Because,

00:28:52   you know, and even some people use their iPhones as a sort of a computer because they do work

00:28:57   on the phone or they watch movies on the phone. And that's fine, but at some point people

00:29:03   are going to want a bigger screen, you know, to either watch a movie or, I don't know,

00:29:08   create documents or browse the web and whatever. And if you consider that Apple sells two types

00:29:13   of computers, the iPad consistently does three times the numbers of the Mac. So, I think

00:29:22   There's a couple of issues here. First is that the iPad had a great, fast, incredible

00:29:27   start five years ago and some people kind of got used to those types of numbers. But

00:29:33   because the iPad is more like a computer and it's not like an iPhone and I think some people

00:29:38   are looking at the iPad like an iPhone and they're expecting kind of the same numbers,

00:29:42   I think they're misguided. Because they're not seeing the same numbers and therefore

00:29:46   the iPad needs to die, basically. It's useless. That's not the point because if you consider

00:29:51   the iPad in the perspective of a computer, even if you look at other computers by other

00:29:57   companies and just the numbers of the PC industry, you can see a clear difference between what

00:30:04   the PC is doing and even what the Mac, the PC from Apple is doing and what the iPad is

00:30:13   doing. And I generally believe that the iPad's problem is not the reason that it exists.

00:30:20   The iPad needs to exist because people are buying iPads.

00:30:23   The problem, or two problems I see, first is that old iPads are still working really

00:30:29   well and you can install the latest software on the latest iOS on an old iPad and you mostly

00:30:36   get all the new stuff.

00:30:39   The second problem is that Apple, if anything I think Apple's fault is to not have figured

00:30:47   out really how to make unique, new, useful software for the iPad.

00:30:54   I think they've been, for two or three years, kind of caught up in a situation where they

00:31:01   just wanted to make iPhone software bigger on the iPad, and instead they should have

00:31:07   maybe taken the opposite direction and to make, I wouldn't say a separate fork of iOS

00:31:12   the iPad, but bigger differences, different features and not just an adaptation of iOS

00:31:19   for the phone to the iPad.

00:31:21   But my point is that you shouldn't look at the iPad in the context of the iPhone, but

00:31:26   in the context of the Mac, because people are going to buy a computer, are going to

00:31:30   choose between an iPad and a Mac, not an iPhone and an iPad.

00:31:34   And I think that's the biggest difference.

00:31:36   I'm going to push on you again, though.

00:31:39   Okay.

00:31:40   Okay.

00:31:41   I appreciate the numbers are larger on the iPad,

00:31:43   but Mac sales are growing, iPad sales are declining.

00:31:47   - Yeah, but it's still three times bigger.

00:31:48   - No, I know that, but it's a decline.

00:31:50   And that is rare. - Sure.

00:31:52   - That is rare in a currently sold,

00:31:55   currently developed Apple product.

00:31:57   Apple products tend not to decline.

00:31:59   - Not necessarily, because quarter to quarter,

00:32:01   you can see higher or slightly smaller Mac results.

00:32:05   I think that you can, I don't know,

00:32:10   I feel like it's kind of natural for the iPad to be that way, especially if you can go back

00:32:15   to the iPad 2, I think, and still install iOS 8 on the iPad 2.

00:32:19   Yeah, but arguably a Mac has a longer shelf life than an iPad.

00:32:26   I don't know.

00:32:27   I'm not trying to get you to answer these questions because you cannot answer them,

00:32:33   because you just can't.

00:32:34   Yeah.

00:32:35   But I'm just enjoying the thought experiment.

00:32:38   It's just interesting to me because I don't know how I feel about this.

00:32:42   All I know is I don't use an iPad anymore, but that doesn't mean anything.

00:32:46   It's just I don't use one.

00:32:48   Because of my working environment and the way that I work, I don't need one.

00:32:53   But you do, and again that's totally fine for you, but just as the iPad guy, it always

00:33:01   intrigues me to understand how you think and feel when this happens because everybody around

00:33:07   you is saying the iPad is dying?

00:33:09   Yeah, I feel like I don't understand, and I know that Steven wants me to stop.

00:33:14   I just want to say this, and then we're going to move on.

00:33:17   I just don't understand people's commitment to saying that the iPad needs to die, and

00:33:23   this is especially true in tech circles.

00:33:25   I feel like nobody, at least in the people I follow, so take that as a sample of about

00:33:30   a thousand people, with the exception of a few good ones.

00:33:34   I feel like most tech bloggers and other people who follow the tech scene, they have this

00:33:40   weird kind of natural obsession with the iPad and just maybe the tablet in general needing

00:33:47   to go away for some sort of out of spite.

00:33:50   I don't know why, honestly.

00:33:52   I feel like they feel endangered by the idea of a tablet as a computer and this has always

00:33:57   been true.

00:33:58   I mean, I've been talking about this stuff for the past two years so I wouldn't mind

00:34:01   you know, people say "Hey, you're stupid" or you know, that kind of stuff.

00:34:04   I don't care basically, but you know, every time there's a new, you know, the Mac sells

00:34:12   for million units, the iPad sells, I don't know, 10, 12, and it's maybe declining but

00:34:17   it's still bigger, and there's people saying "Oh, see, the iPad needs to die" and blah,

00:34:21   blah, blah.

00:34:22   I don't understand.

00:34:24   Because maybe it's a bunch of factors, maybe because they don't understand why would anyone,

00:34:29   including me, would want to work from an iPad.

00:34:32   And I feel like I published an article and it still didn't suffice to justify my cause.

00:34:37   And that's okay.

00:34:38   But maybe other people feel like they want to be analysts and they want to kind of tell

00:34:43   Apple what to do.

00:34:45   And that's also fine because everybody has a hobby.

00:34:47   I just, at a very basic level, at a very basic level, I don't understand why, I mean, usually

00:34:58   I'm not the type of guy who says it's okay, just listen to what Tim Cook says, because

00:35:02   I like to question Apple's motivations and I like to do what you do, Myke, and to kind

00:35:08   of push them, you know, to want to know more.

00:35:11   But I feel like when Tim Cook says there's an iPhone, there's a Mac, there's an iPad,

00:35:16   and everything will work out eventually and it'll be fine.

00:35:20   Why can it not be that way?

00:35:22   Let's just wait it out.

00:35:23   If I want to use an iPad, let me use an iPad.

00:35:25   If you want to use a mic, good for you.

00:35:28   Everybody should chill, I think, more.

00:35:31   If anybody is ever gonna make a connected clip show, "Everyone Needs a Hobby" is potentially

00:35:38   my favorite clip of all time.

00:35:40   That was the sickest of bounds.

00:35:43   Thank you for that Federico.

00:35:44   Yeah, I mean, to chime in real quick, I think what you said about the tech press or whatever

00:35:52   wanting it to go away. I think it's because a lot of those type of people have fallen

00:35:56   into a usage pattern sort of like Myke where the iPad is not a big part of it. And so they

00:36:02   it was very easy to take your own personal experience and like, push it out onto how

00:36:12   you view the world. It's a very natural thing to do, right? The three of us have done it

00:36:15   three of us do it probably all the time. But I think it's particularly problematic in the

00:36:19   in the case of a product like the iPad

00:36:20   where very clearly a very strong business.

00:36:23   Most technology companies would kill for any product

00:36:26   that moved, was it 12.6 million and a quarter?

00:36:29   It's huge.

00:36:31   But at the same time, it is weird

00:36:32   because it is within Apple's stable of products

00:36:35   where nothing on the planet competes with the iPhone.

00:36:39   Just period.

00:36:40   It is a technology product in a world unto itself,

00:36:44   in a world that is completely separate

00:36:46   everything else in terms of sales or popularity or impact.

00:36:51   And so I think that's where the weirdness comes in,

00:36:54   that on one hand you have something that is kinda hard

00:36:57   to understand for some people and then you look at it

00:36:59   in light of the iPhone while in unfair comparison,

00:37:02   it's easy to take a shortcut and say,

00:37:05   "Oh, well it's dying."

00:37:06   And I think that's untrue.

00:37:08   I think the heart of it really is that,

00:37:10   you can run an iPad 2 today, it's not great

00:37:13   and I don't wanna do it, but lots of people do it

00:37:14   and lots of people can.

00:37:15   And it's almost unusual, you know,

00:37:20   Apple has a tendency not to be super backwards compatible

00:37:23   with stuff and this old iPad is just like,

00:37:26   lasted forever and you can still go buy an iPad Mini

00:37:29   because they want that low price point.

00:37:30   I think to a degree, Apple is in this to themselves

00:37:34   if that factor is indeed a big one.

00:37:37   I'm not smart enough to say if it is or not,

00:37:38   but it feels like it is.

00:37:40   And if so, you know, what happens in two years

00:37:43   you can't buy an a5 or an a6 powered iPad and they start to cut those older models off

00:37:48   will sales go up or you know we'll be able to just continue to live behind the times

00:37:53   because like you said you can put iowa sate on those things and yeah it's not great but

00:37:57   it works and most people aren't going to know the difference it's just a very there's like

00:38:00   lots of weird factors here and i think anyone who just looks at one or two of them and makes

00:38:04   a conclusion is cutting corners and i think that's where all the frustration comes from

00:38:09   for the three of us looking at this. Why don't people like people who are

00:38:13   different from them? That is a question that is way bigger than we

00:38:20   have time for today. I'm gonna take a break because I want to talk about the

00:38:25   Apple Watch. I don't know what you guys want to do but that's what I want to do.

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00:41:21   to use it Squarespace build it beautiful so gentlemen I have my watch

00:41:28   you two what is your current status very sad very processing it's both processing

00:41:35   yes I've for the show I'm very lucky that I got mine I guess that would have

00:41:41   sucked yeah we hate you Myke well okay I mean it's not my fault yeah it is well I

00:41:48   just I didn't choose the one that everybody wanted I suppose you were

00:41:54   being different yeah I have the aluminium sport with the blue band you know like a

00:41:58   blue band yeah like blue yeah like blue what are you a smurf oh why are we being

00:42:06   this way you asked like two seconds ago why people don't like that's the joke I

00:42:14   just thought I was being attacked yeah I thought I was just being bullied so what

00:42:20   what I thought I would do because I mean I've spoken about some impressions on

00:42:24   upgrade people talk about impressions all over the place so I thought I would

00:42:27   maybe try and frame the discussion on this slightly differently and what I

00:42:31   have done is on Saturday of last week so over the weekend I was out of the house

00:42:37   all day I was out doing various different things that you'll hear about

00:42:40   shortly so I decided that what I would do would be to write a diary of the day

00:42:45   with all of the different ways that I used my Apple watch to try and give an

00:42:49   idea of what a day in the life of an Apple watch user can be. So I thought I

00:42:54   would maybe go through some of that and then you guys can ask me questions and

00:42:57   stuff. Okay I have a question. Please. Did you write or dictate the diary? I wrote

00:43:03   the diary because I wanted to have text expander snippets. Okay. So I used draft

00:43:07   to do that because I have time stamps and I wanted to use text expander and draft

00:43:12   to put it together. So I have my diary I also have just some general thoughts as

00:43:17   which I can refer to if necessary.

00:43:20   But do you guys have any questions for me before we begin?

00:43:23   Do you maybe want me to give my overall opinion

00:43:25   about some stuff about the watch?

00:43:27   What would you like me to do?

00:43:28   - I really only had one question.

00:43:31   It's sort of a meta question, but how has it been using it?

00:43:34   Do people notice? Do you feel weird?

00:43:36   So we talked a lot about that,

00:43:37   and I still actually worry about it.

00:43:40   In fact, just the other evening,

00:43:42   I had to run an errand on the way home

00:43:44   and stop by someone's house.

00:43:45   house and I could have felt weird in that situation wearing it especially if

00:43:52   it's new you know just for kind of like you know social reasons and I was

00:43:56   wondering if you've had any of that sort of awkwardness that we had predicted.

00:44:00   I feel it because I know what it is and it's with this huge blue band it kind of

00:44:05   draws attention anyway. I have had some people look at it I've had some people

00:44:11   ask questions about it I have had that so like at the thing that I was out on

00:44:17   Saturday someone asked me if it was the watch and what I thought about it they

00:44:24   they knew it when they saw it they called it the iWatch yep what kind of

00:44:30   friends do you have they're not friends these are random people you'll hear about

00:44:34   this in a bit I don't know these people I definitely definitely not my friends

00:44:37   after that. They asked about charging and they asked why nothing was on the face.

00:44:44   Well that was quite interesting. It's a good question. I'll get to that in a bit.

00:44:50   It is a good question, why is there nothing on the face? But yeah I do I do

00:44:55   feel a little bit awkward but I'm just trying to get over that. Like I'm trying

00:44:59   to not feel too awkward when I'm talking into my wrist. Like I'm trying to just

00:45:03   push past this because otherwise I'm always gonna be weird about it. It's like

00:45:08   when I got the iPhone for the first time or whatever you know we've spoken about

00:45:11   this that you use it in public in public or on public transport and you know

00:45:15   people know what it is but you kind of just gotta got to carry on or you'll be

00:45:19   hiding it forever which is not the point of the device. I wouldn't be able to do

00:45:23   that in Rome I would just be mugged as soon as I leave the... what do you

00:45:28   call it the tube? Yeah I mean I do a point. As soon as I leave the tube they would mug me.

00:45:31   I'm not like, flashing it around the place, but I'm also kind of trying to not like, hide it, you know?

00:45:37   Yeah, yeah.

00:45:38   If I want to use it, I'm like using it, I'm not like covering it up with one hand and like tapping it with my nose or something.

00:45:45   I do way more nose tapping than I expected, by the way.

00:45:48   Nose tapping?

00:45:50   Why?

00:45:51   Why?

00:45:52   Because you cannot use this device with one hand.

00:45:55   Like, it is not possible to do.

00:45:57   Just use your nose?

00:45:59   Yeah!

00:46:00   So let's say for example I get a message, right? I've got a message. I've only got one hand free.

00:46:04   The one hand that's free is the one that my watch is on, right? And I want to respond to the message.

00:46:08   I can use my nose to tap the reply, then to tap Siri, talk into it, tap done, and it will send.

00:46:14   And then it's easy. I use my nose. It's easy. And those can touch the screen like anything else.

00:46:18   You guys wait. You'll be nose tapping. I'm telling you, that is the future. Nose tapping is the future.

00:46:23   I just wanna see this happening.

00:46:27   Can you have someone take a photo of you?

00:46:31   Somebody said this to me a while ago.

00:46:33   This is not a one-handed device.

00:46:34   You can't, like you cannot do it.

00:46:37   Say for example you want to send a message to someone.

00:46:40   Like I can say "hey" and then the next word, but you cannot go through that process without

00:46:45   tapping things.

00:46:46   Like it is not possible to do things on this device without having another hand free.

00:46:51   Sometimes you don't have a hand free.

00:46:52   you use your nose. Do you have a long nose? I think I have a long nose. I think the end

00:46:58   of my nose is relatively pointy so that may help. Maybe it's kind of like a finger.

00:47:04   Wow. Well we know that you have long fingers. The thing is, the thing is now, even if you

00:47:12   never would have thought about it, I know now that when you guys get your devices you're

00:47:16   going to be like "I could use my nose for this". I'm starting a revolution here. Myke

00:47:20   was right 2015 nose tapping I'm telling you did you did you talk about this with

00:47:25   other people no stepping no did you guys are the first to hear about nose tapping

00:47:30   you know I keep all the good stuff for connected trust me on this one okay you

00:47:38   guys don't know yet I'm waiting for you to do that while you have a cup of

00:47:42   coffee in your hand so you just like bring the watch up to your nose and just

00:47:45   pour coffee all over your shoes see in theory I would be less likely to do that

00:47:49   because I don't need to tilt the device too much. If I was like looking at it to tell the time I'd be more likely to spend it on myself.

00:47:54   Your nose crooked? Do you reach around your wrist with your nose?

00:47:56   Uh huh, that's part of the...

00:47:58   Is this gonna be another "Myke was right" kind of thing?

00:48:00   I don't think so. I think this is the end of "Myke was right".

00:48:02   This is just insane!

00:48:04   This is the thing!

00:48:05   Myke is weird.

00:48:06   The thing that Myke is right about, you all think I'm weird about at first.

00:48:10   Trust me. Trust me.

00:48:12   No, you're getting cocky after the 6+ victory.

00:48:15   No way. No way. This is the next thing.

00:48:18   You're trying to sell us on tapping stuff with our nose.

00:48:22   Uh huh.

00:48:23   No, no, no.

00:48:24   I'm telling you.

00:48:25   I'm telling you, nose tapping.

00:48:26   Okay, so.

00:48:27   Anyway.

00:48:28   I'm going to start going through my diary, okay?

00:48:30   Yes.

00:48:31   9.35am.

00:48:32   I woke up, took my watch off my charging cradle and put it on.

00:48:37   That's actually stopped now.

00:48:39   No more nose tapping.

00:48:40   There's no nose tapping in this story.

00:48:41   Yeah, I'm just thinking about you reading this diary now and tapping your nose.

00:48:45   Do you want to hear the serious stuff?

00:48:47   or do you want me to keep talking about stupid things I'm doing?

00:48:49   Yes, I'm sorry. Okay, no.

00:48:51   So, taking the watch and putting it on is actually one of the first things that I do now in the mornings.

00:48:57   And one of the reasons for this is because the devices work very...

00:49:02   My iPhone works very differently now because it very rarely buzzes, if at all,

00:49:07   because it's sending stuff to my watch a lot of the time.

00:49:10   So I put my watch on because it then just creates the communication between the two

00:49:16   devices and I carry on my day that way.

00:49:20   The first thing that I saw was I saw some OmniFocus alerts start popping up on my watch

00:49:27   which I could snooze for a bit.

00:49:29   I then saw it had a due reminder come up which I was able to grab because I was grabbing

00:49:34   some paperwork because I was going to a cocktail making class on that day.

00:49:38   my girlfriend had bought me for my birthday. So I had a due reminder pop up

00:49:42   to remind me to grab the documentation. I was able to clear the due reminder and

00:49:46   we were all good to go. So 10.02 a.m. I'm out and about. I had a text come in. I

00:49:53   replied via Siri for that text message. There was no nose tapping involved at

00:49:59   this point because I had both hands free. I was listening to a podcast on my phone

00:50:03   and obviously Siri didn't pause the podcast which felt weird. So like usually

00:50:09   when you reply by Siri the music in your ear stops but that isn't the case

00:50:13   obviously because those two devices are split apart and that was a strange thing

00:50:16   but it makes sense that it wouldn't do it but it was just weird to be talking

00:50:20   into Siri and still hearing like ATP in my ears or something. Then I received a

00:50:25   phone call and it came up on my watch and this is the first time that this

00:50:29   happened so I answered it and the conversation was happening from the

00:50:36   loudspeaker on my watch which wasn't what I was expecting because I was used

00:50:40   to doing this with the pebble where you answer and it's in your ears again right

00:50:44   but the call is on the watch and I wasn't sure how to switch it back to my

00:50:49   iPhone because I knew you could use handoff but I wasn't sure like if there

00:50:53   was maybe a way to just say like on the phone like root to the like root to my

00:50:58   phone like on my watch like send this to my phone I don't want to have this

00:51:01   conversation like Dick Tracy right now it's not something I need to do so I

00:51:05   grabbed my phone out my pocket and I had the little handoff icon and I flicked it

00:51:08   up and the call just switched over what I did find out later because I watched

00:51:13   one of the guided tour videos about phone calls because it seemed weird I

00:51:16   tried I tried force touching and that wasn't working but it turns out you can

00:51:20   you can scroll down and it has a button that lets you switch it this is an

00:51:25   example, one of the reasons I bring this up because it's a good example of a

00:51:28   frequent problem that I have with the Apple Watch is I don't know what

00:51:31   interaction method is going to give me something. So I tried force touching

00:51:36   because it seems like lots of stuff is hidden in the force touch menu but that

00:51:39   didn't do it. But you actually scroll down but there was no way of me knowing

00:51:42   to scroll down because there was no kind of indication that there was stuff below

00:51:45   that screen because most screens are just one screen you don't scroll them. So

00:51:49   it's like there are things that you still kind of have to get used to

00:51:52   because the interactions don't seem the same. Having conversations on the watch

00:51:57   via the phone is actually pretty cool. I do it in my house when I'm at home now

00:52:02   and someone calls me I just answer on my watch and it works pretty well. I've had

00:52:06   a few phone calls I haven't really noticed much latency like I haven't had

00:52:10   any problems specifically and that's it's a surprisingly well working feature

00:52:14   I think. So you guys can stop me at any time by the way if you have anything. 12.49

00:52:21   I am at my cocktail making class now so I need to pay attention mainly. There are

00:52:28   taps on my wrist every now and then to let me know that things are happening

00:52:30   and I can kind of just raise the watch to my face where I need to. I notice some

00:52:37   messages are coming in and I just know that they're there and that's fine and I

00:52:40   archive some emails that are coming in. Mailbox has... doesn't have an app

00:52:46   but obviously it takes account of the notifications, the snooze and the

00:52:50   I'll get a notification so that's fine. So I can deal with that and that's good.

00:52:55   I do find myself looking down at the watch and nothing's looking back up at me.

00:53:01   And that is still frustrating. So like I want to know what the time is

00:53:05   and I can't see it. And sometimes you raise it to your face and it doesn't

00:53:10   it doesn't work and it happens enough that it's annoying.

00:53:13   I'm trying to look at what the time is and I

00:53:17   think that I'm doing what Apple wants me to do which is to raise it to my wrist.

00:53:20   but sometimes you're maybe at the wrong angle, maybe you're laying down, and just sometimes it doesn't work.

00:53:25   And with all of those things, any time this kind of stuff happens where you expect something to happen that should happen and it doesn't, it's frustrating.

00:53:32   And I feel that the accuracy of this is not as good as I would want it to be.

00:53:39   But also, like, the weird thing is, like, my hand is on the table right now.

00:53:44   If I look down, I cannot see the time. That is weird on a watch.

00:53:48   Like, flat out there, which is weird. That's not what I expect.

00:53:52   Is it, uh, getting it to wake up, I mean, do you find more luck with it if you sort of do an exaggerated motion?

00:53:57   You know, like, very deliberately turn your wrist over, or is it just sort of hit or miss no matter what you do?

00:54:03   Um, like, I'm now, like, moving my wrist back and forth, like, spinning it, and it's not coming on.

00:54:10   You have to raise it to your face for it to come on.

00:54:13   Although now it's not doing it. Oh, there we go, now it's doing it.

00:54:15   This is the thing, it just seems like you can't get it

00:54:18   to work the way you want sometimes.

00:54:20   It's frustrating.

00:54:21   - I would imagine they're, you know,

00:54:25   if it's going to be wrong, they want to be wrong

00:54:28   for the sake of battery life, which seems like maybe

00:54:31   not the right choice, but I guess they don't want it,

00:54:33   you know, accidentally on all day

00:54:34   and then you run the battery down by lunch,

00:54:37   but that does seem frustrating, 'cause I mean,

00:54:39   I'm in a dark room and, you know, I'm wearing

00:54:41   my Casio today and I can just turn my, you know,

00:54:44   just there my hand is just dangling here and I know what time it is and it's that

00:54:48   seems like a pretty rough like transition if you're used to wearing a

00:54:53   watch and it being really glanceable.

00:54:55   Mm-hmm of course you can tap the screen as well

00:54:58   which is what I do when it decides that it doesn't want to turn on I tap the

00:55:02   screen sometimes with my finger and sometimes with my nose you know that's

00:55:05   the way it is. 1253 my battery life on my watch is 89% my iPhone is 67%

00:55:14   percent. I was using my iPhone a lot on the train which is why the battery is

00:55:19   lower. I do think that it is having an impact on my phone battery. My phone

00:55:26   while at home is running down to the point where I need to charge it in the

00:55:32   daytime which sometimes that wouldn't happen. I don't think I have enough data

00:55:36   yet to say categorically if that is happening but I think that it is and if

00:55:40   that's happening to me over 6+, if you're an iPhone 6 or lower owner you

00:55:45   are gonna be very sad with what the Apple Watch could be doing to your

00:55:47   battery if I'm correct. But I think it is having an effect on my phone battery.

00:55:55   At 1.27 p.m. my watch rebooted after I pressed the crown. I don't know why that

00:56:00   happened, it just did. I've had this happen a couple of times using third

00:56:05   party apps sometimes you use the app you press the crown to go home and it

00:56:11   reboots that is a that is a thing seems fine I mean to be fair my iPhone 6 plus

00:56:17   does that just you know switching to an app so what can you what can you do 1

00:56:22   39 p.m. I used walking navigation for the first time so 15 taps to so turn

00:56:29   right yeah they're gonna take some getting used to I think I could get used

00:56:33   to them they do feel different I just couldn't remember which one did was for

00:56:36   which like I could tell that one of them was it was a long list of taps and the

00:56:41   other one was some groups of taps right that's how it works I think one is like

00:56:45   12 taps in a row is left or right and then I think it's three sets of two taps

00:56:51   is the other one I couldn't remember which one was which which isn't helpful

00:56:55   I think it's I think there's a basic there's a basic math that we can use to

00:57:01   to understand the left tap. So it's a series of like three series of two taps.

00:57:09   So it's like six taps in total. So if you do 666 it's the number of devil, the devil is

00:57:18   you know is evil and the left is usually associated with the evil you know in some

00:57:25   traditions so the the six steps are evil and left and you should go left okay

00:57:31   Wow let me know that makes sense I mean it's gonna stick in my brain now I mean

00:57:35   that so it's it's a series of 12 taps to turn right and three pairs of two to

00:57:40   turn left so you were right or close to right what what I thought of and it only

00:57:45   works here and it doesn't work for you Myke is that like what I thought of is

00:57:51   that you can make a right on red like if you're driving and so it's kind of

00:57:54   continuous you don't have to you don't necessarily have to

00:57:56   You have to stop but you know left you have like stop and look and so I don't know like that's kind of what made

00:58:02   Me think of like a left-hand turn driving in the states is more dangerous, and you know requires like closer attention

00:58:09   So that's just what I thought of like oh well you kind of

00:58:11   Sort of like more attention going to the left. I don't know if that makes sense to anybody, but me but it

00:58:18   This feature like the fact that it's 12 taps and then three sets of two or whatever

00:58:24   It sums up so much of what I think about the Apple Watch of just being like

00:58:28   complicated and not consistent in the way that it is complicated. I don't know

00:58:34   it's I don't see myself using this this particular feature very much.

00:58:39   So I want to go back a moment because there are some people in the chat room that

00:58:41   are upset at me. The thing is like I'm turning my wrist in the same

00:58:48   motion that I was a minute ago and it's now working that the screen is coming on.

00:58:51   My point wasn't to say that it didn't work.

00:58:53   My point is that I find it to be inconsistent.

00:58:56   Sometimes the same movements can either turn the face on

00:59:00   or do nothing.

00:59:01   And that's my problem.

00:59:03   And it doesn't not work.

00:59:05   It's just sometimes it doesn't work.

00:59:06   And that I find more frustrating than a consistent thing

00:59:09   that I can bet on.

00:59:10   - Yeah, and I've seen that comment from several,

00:59:13   several people.

00:59:14   I don't think it's just like your weird

00:59:17   like British wrist action.

00:59:19   At 2.28pm, Matt Alexander sent me his heartbeat and we exchanged some taps and doodles.

00:59:29   I like digital touch a lot.

00:59:31   I think that it is silly and sometimes kind of like why, but I like it.

00:59:37   My favourite thing about it is the fact that there is no history of it.

00:59:42   I like that the things that you send, they only exist in the time that you see them and

00:59:46   the time that you send them there is no history of what's been sent. You cannot

00:59:49   see what people have, how people have tapped you if you've already looked at

00:59:53   it or what they have sent to you by doodling. I like that it is kind of like

00:59:57   an ephemeral way of talking and I have been enjoying it. I think again like with

01:00:03   the crazy freaky emoticons a lot of it is being used at least by me in a kind

01:00:07   of ironic way right now. But I do like it. I'm enjoying it. I think it's

01:00:12   fun and so that's something that I'm enjoying. Do you want to talk about the emoji?

01:00:20   So you've sent some to me and I don't have a watch I've just got the phone and

01:00:24   they show up in their gifts and you can drag them out of messages onto your

01:00:27   desktop and it's a gif file like you have them there but they're they're

01:00:32   weird right like we talked about that like how it's just the same odd oddly

01:00:37   designed and childish but not in a cute way but in a creepy way.

01:00:43   I like the fact that they are animated and that you're able to have control over

01:00:50   them because it really makes sense that to be able to have choices of emoji so

01:00:57   faces, hearts and hands and you can select which one you want by scrolling

01:01:01   the digital crown and it cycles through. That is a very smart way of picking

01:01:06   emoji, because there is also an emoji picker in some instances where you can

01:01:11   pick the most recently used emoji on your iPhone and it's just more tapping

01:01:15   and tapping and tapping. But you can be way more emotive by being able to change

01:01:19   things by using the digital crown, scrolling through emotions or whatever.

01:01:23   I think the 3D is the problem with it all. I think that I don't know why they

01:01:28   are 3D. I think that's what makes a little sense to me. I think they would be

01:01:33   a lot better if they were designed slightly differently. There are a lot of

01:01:37   elements of the Apple Watch that are 3D, there are a lot that are like flat and

01:01:42   there seems to be a mix between the two that I don't fully understand. But I just

01:01:48   think that there is a overly comicalness to them which shouldn't be there and

01:01:56   And they can be fun without being like stupid to look at.

01:02:03   And I think it's a little too slapstick for me at times.

01:02:11   But I am enjoying them very much sending them ironically to people because everybody that

01:02:15   I send them to seems to hate them.

01:02:18   Which is fun.

01:02:19   - Can you define everybody?

01:02:21   You, Steven, my girlfriend, Jason, who else have I sent them to?

01:02:28   My mum didn't like it.

01:02:30   Basically everyone that I have sent them to seems to find them really creepy or weird.

01:02:35   I think Federico's response is to some of them have been the funniest because he just

01:02:39   swears at me a lot when I send them.

01:02:43   But yeah, I haven't sent them to one person yet who has enjoyed it.

01:02:50   They're just creepy and I think part of the reason is the tongue of the little faces.

01:02:56   Like, it moves and it's got like... is it sweat or like... I don't know. It's just weird.

01:03:02   It's just creepy in many ways. It's the 3D and the animations and the tongue and it's

01:03:07   just... they're creepy and weird. They're not cartoonish, they're just creepy.

01:03:12   I'm gonna make one that I'm gonna send to Steven where like the guy is like screaming

01:03:19   And it's terrifying because you can also force touch them and turn the guy from yellow to red.

01:03:28   Oh wow. I just threw it up.

01:03:32   So I'm sending this one to Steven and we'll actually put it in the show notes.

01:03:37   So if you go to the site or if some apps support images and GIFs, so we'll put it in there.

01:03:42   and it is horrifying.

01:03:45   Like, this guy is in some serious terror

01:03:49   and I don't know why he's so upset,

01:03:53   but he is really upset and that upsets me.

01:03:57   - Oh, oh.

01:03:58   - It's scary, right?

01:04:00   - He's so angry.

01:04:01   - It's not anger, it's like,

01:04:03   it's some form of horrific terror.

01:04:07   And now Federico, I'm gonna send it to you two

01:04:11   so you can also appreciate the horrors and the terror.

01:04:17   I would like to have seen these supported on iOS and Mac devices better than them just

01:04:22   showing up as animated gifs.

01:04:23   See, and that's not just the animated...

01:04:26   Oh my god.

01:04:29   That's not just the...

01:04:30   Okay, I wanna say stuff that I cannot say on the show.

01:04:35   It's not just the animated gif, it's the black background.

01:04:39   Like it makes it all, it makes it grim, you know, it makes it like, what's going on there?

01:04:45   Like it's in danger or something.

01:04:48   Why is it shaking?

01:04:49   Oh man, I don't know.

01:04:51   I don't know.

01:04:53   Maybe there's just like, there's people who find, who find this funny or like pleasant

01:04:59   in a way, maybe.

01:05:01   I mean, there's all, there's all sorts of weird people out there.

01:05:05   You never know.

01:05:06   Because the thing is about them, there is real utility in them because I'm able to send like a thumbs up, right?

01:05:11   Which is exactly what I use them in the same way that we use emoji and

01:05:15   The picking of them is very good. The problem is they look too weird and that is a real issue

01:05:21   I have a question for you Myke. So when I reply to someone on the Apple watch, yeah on iMessage

01:05:27   Do I get to choose between these creepy faces and the standard static emoji?

01:05:34   Let me check.

01:05:35   If I get to choose normal traditional emoji, do I get like a grid of my recent emoji?

01:05:41   Because I always use the same emoji. I don't want these little shaking guys.

01:05:46   I just want my traditional classical, you know, artisanal emoji.

01:05:52   Right, so what you have here, when you click to reply to a message,

01:05:58   you get canned responses, which you're able to edit some as well.

01:06:01   you can put in six standard ones which is great.

01:06:04   And also I found it to do a pretty good job

01:06:08   of picking out the words.

01:06:10   I think it does a pretty good job of that.

01:06:11   But you get four panels when you click the little,

01:06:15   there's a little emoji icon,

01:06:17   a little face that you can click which is next to Siri.

01:06:20   And you get a creepy face guy.

01:06:23   You get hearts, a section of hearts,

01:06:28   selection of hands, and then a recent, and then kind of all emoji. You can pick from

01:06:34   all of the emoji, you just scroll down down down down down and they're categorized. The

01:06:39   list gets really laggy, but they're all there, you can use them all, you just gotta find

01:06:42   them. And that could take a while. So there, there we go. It's there, you're able to get

01:06:53   to them. One of the things that I find craziest is I think it's running the 8.2 set of emoji,

01:07:00   not 8.3, so the watch emoji is the old watch and not the Apple watch.

01:07:04   Oh okay. That's so weird. So I sent a watch emoji to someone and it was the wrong watch

01:07:12   and it was like "ah that's weird". So yeah. Should I carry on with my diary?

01:07:19   Yes please.

01:07:20   At 3, so yeah, at 3.53 I noted that the quick suggestions to reply to messages were a lot

01:07:27   better than the iPhone because I thought you get a longer list.

01:07:30   So on the iPhone you get the three, right?

01:07:32   But on the Apple Watch you get a list that you can scroll and pick them and sometimes

01:07:37   there's better ones in there.

01:07:40   At 4.21pm I was getting ready to leave my cocktail class.

01:07:44   It was a great class, I learnt how to make great cocktails.

01:07:48   She was like, but I wasn't finished, we were in the last part of the class.

01:07:53   And Adina was coming to meet me and she was texting me about her direction and I could

01:07:58   quickly see her messages coming in as she was approaching and I could either just see

01:08:04   them so I knew they were there, I didn't need to grab my phone to check what she was saying

01:08:07   because sometimes she's like "I'll meet you here" or whatever and you don't need to reply

01:08:10   to that always.

01:08:11   Or I could quickly tap an "OK" reply or a "Yes" reply or something like that.

01:08:17   I was able to check in to the bar on Foursquare before I left using the app.

01:08:22   This will be my first... so this is the first time I've mentioned third-party apps.

01:08:28   There's so much lag.

01:08:29   The lag is so bad.

01:08:32   And the lag comes from just spinners.

01:08:34   You just open an app and it starts spinning.

01:08:37   And I have had, and I've timed it, I've waited for two to three minutes for an app to load.

01:08:43   And it's like, I don't know what to do with this.

01:08:46   I don't know what to do here.

01:08:48   Just give up.

01:08:50   Because as well, one of the other things is the watch turns itself off after a number

01:08:53   of seconds.

01:08:54   So I'm looking at it and it's spinning and then the screen goes off, I tap it and it's

01:08:57   still spinning, the screen goes off and I tap it and it's still spinning and we just

01:09:00   do this for a while.

01:09:02   Because the watch could load the app but it doesn't light the screen back up again so

01:09:06   I have to keep checking.

01:09:09   That's gonna get better I know but like for the time being until the SDK like that is

01:09:13   always gonna be a problem.

01:09:15   Some apps are way better than others.

01:09:18   I don't know if it's development time.

01:09:19   I don't think, like, hard time with the watch because companies like Foursquare have that

01:09:24   problem and I'm sure Foursquare got to try on a watch.

01:09:28   I'm sure that there's also things that when developers have it with them they can do things

01:09:32   to make it better but the situation is right now third party app support is leaving a bit

01:09:41   to be desired, unfortunately.

01:09:43   I have a question.

01:09:45   So can you explain to me, because I read the reviews, I couldn't figure this out.

01:09:51   When you open an app on the watch, like when you go to the home screen, whatever it's called,

01:09:57   and you tap an app, and you see the spinner because it's loading, does the watch turn

01:10:05   off by itself after a few seconds?

01:10:07   Like is there like a forced auto-lock for the watch?

01:10:13   You cannot configure this out of locked time.

01:10:17   No.

01:10:18   This is just wrong, why wouldn't you?

01:10:22   Probably because the battery would die.

01:10:24   Yeah, I want my battery to die, so what?

01:10:27   Just let me choose, you know?

01:10:29   So how many seconds is that?

01:10:30   I think it's no more than like, it's like around 10 seconds.

01:10:37   But what if, I mean, if you're tapping the screen it doesn't turn off.

01:10:41   That's correct.

01:10:42   Okay, so if you're just waiting for more than 10 seconds, it turns off because you're waiting and you're not touching the screen.

01:10:49   Yep.

01:10:49   So when you unlock the watch again,

01:10:53   are you taking to the same screen you were looking at?

01:10:58   That is up to you.

01:10:59   Okay.

01:11:01   Typically what happens is

01:11:03   it brings you back to the previous app that you were in, but you can set it to just take you back to the watch face.

01:11:11   So there are issues where this there are times where this is a big problem. Like I was playing trivia crack

01:11:16   Which is a game which actually is amazing on the Apple watch. I can't believe some of the animations that they've been able to do

01:11:23   And you get 30 seconds to answer your question

01:11:26   If you're just looking at the screen thinking about your answer

01:11:29   You end up in a situation where it where it goes off

01:11:34   It's like oh so now I need to tap it so I can turn it back on again. Yeah, where's my nose?

01:11:40   Gotta get my nose ready. Yep. I mean I do wonder

01:11:43   surely watch kit

01:11:46   you know has a

01:11:48   Lot of blame here more than likely and it sounds like you know developers. We know talking about it seems to be the case

01:11:52   but I do wonder if if

01:11:55   The SDK is the the end-all be-all or if there is you know hardware at play here

01:12:01   You know slowing keeping things slow. I think the watch kit

01:12:05   Stuff you know well as that fades out in the SDK app move in you know at some point Apple said this year

01:12:12   I think

01:12:13   Hopefully we get better, but I just I'm still like

01:12:16   Reserving judgment. I I see you know all you guys using the watch

01:12:20   And I think that I will be very hesitant to use a lot of apps and only really go to them

01:12:25   When I have to and I don't I don't see this. I don't see me cramming my watch full of

01:12:31   Every single app that you know is built into my iPhone now that that has watch stuff

01:12:36   It just seems like like overkill and seems like a really frustrating experience. So why?

01:12:40   Why deal with it if I don't have to a couple of points on that?

01:12:43   In general Apple's watch apps don't have this problem

01:12:49   There are some times where it is spinning a bit while it's grabbing some data

01:12:52   So like if you open mail, it will spin but it's for seconds not for minutes

01:12:57   The other thing is you said that you only have to go to it when you have to

01:13:00   You're still gonna face the same problem though

01:13:02   I know what you're saying

01:13:04   But like by not putting a lot of apps on it doesn't mean that you're not gonna have this spinning

01:13:09   No, it's I'm not saying that like fewer apps make it faster

01:13:12   I'm just saying that if the apps are cruddy right now then like why deal with them at all

01:13:17   like why not just use the notifications and the time stuff and it glances and

01:13:21   Okay, I just I don't think I'm ever gonna like open a watch app to hell and uber

01:13:25   I think I'm gonna always put my phone out of my pocket.

01:13:27   But see this is the thing though, I would prefer to use a watch app to hail an Uber.

01:13:31   This is the thing right, so now that I'm using the device, I am seeing there are so many times where

01:13:39   I would prefer my main method of operation for quick things that require typically a couple of

01:13:45   taps to be on the watch. To call an Uber, you typically open the Uber app, you tap a button to

01:13:52   say where you are and you confirm. I don't want to be pulling my iPhone out

01:13:56   my pocket anymore to perform an action that takes three taps. I should just do

01:14:00   that on my watch because it is an experience that takes 30 seconds.

01:14:07   I don't need to have my phone in my hand in theory to do that anymore

01:14:11   because I have a device which is strapped to my wrist which can do that

01:14:14   stuff. So whilst I get what you're saying I think for me anyway having used it

01:14:21   there are times where I want to do this stuff. Like for example, Overcast. Now I

01:14:26   don't want to have to pull my phone out to either start a podcast or change a

01:14:31   podcast. I just want to use the watch app instead to pick my podcast because my

01:14:35   hands are already out in front of me.

01:14:39   And your nose is ready.

01:14:41   And my nose is ready. My nose is ready to make the taps.

01:14:44   So when you use Overcast, does the audio play from the iPhone, from the watch?

01:14:51   - Yes.

01:14:51   - For what?

01:14:53   - Oh, sorry, sorry, I missed him.

01:14:55   I answered before I heard the end of your question.

01:14:57   It plays on the iPhone, it doesn't play on the watch.

01:15:00   That is one of the things in the SDK

01:15:02   is developers can't have access to the speaker.

01:15:04   It plays on my iPhone.

01:15:06   So basically now, for example, I have done this,

01:15:10   I have had my iPhone charging in the other room,

01:15:13   I have had my Jambox in another room,

01:15:16   and I have my watch on my wrist,

01:15:18   and I can start a podcast playing on the Jambox

01:15:20   because it just starts playing on the iPhone which is connected to the to the

01:15:24   Jambox. That's actually another question that I had. What about proximity with the

01:15:30   iPhone and the Apple Watch? Do you need to be close for the watch to be faster

01:15:35   because of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and stuff? I don't know about faster but I was

01:15:40   using the watch to make... I was on the phone on the watch and had to leave my

01:15:46   house like to go out to the garden and I could still talk on the phone it does a

01:15:52   really good job and I haven't noticed a problem being out of the house like if

01:15:59   it's not on Wi-Fi it doesn't seem to have any more of issues to me anyway I

01:16:03   haven't noticed that right I still have a bunch more to say and we're running

01:16:10   shorter on time so maybe I take a break now and we see where we get by the end

01:16:13   of it because I know we were going to talk about music but I think that I do actually

01:16:18   still have a bunch of other stuff Apple Watch related that I wanted to discuss.

01:16:20   Yeah sure.

01:16:21   Excellent.

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01:17:38   So let me go back to where I was in my diary here.

01:17:44   At 4.26pm I left the bar where my class was, which is genuinely a cocktail class, like

01:17:50   it sounds so weird, I left the bar where my class was being held.

01:17:53   What cocktail did you make, anyway?

01:17:55   I made a selection of cocktails.

01:17:57   I made a Tom Collins, an Old Fashioned, I helped make a Punch, which is the whole class

01:18:04   as helping make this punch. I made a sour of some description that I can't remember.

01:18:11   I think it's called a Daisy. And I made one of a drink that I can't remember the name

01:18:15   of at all.

01:18:16   >> I have a quick confession.

01:18:18   >> Yes.

01:18:19   >> If you allow me just like 30 seconds.

01:18:21   >> Yes.

01:18:22   >> I feel like I'm approaching 20, being 27. And I see a lot of people my age on Twitter

01:18:27   being experts about cocktails. They need, they know how to drink. And instead, the only

01:18:34   cocktail I know is the old-fashioned and because of Don Draper on Mad Men.

01:18:38   I feel sometimes I feel stupid because when I think of drinking I think of like you know

01:18:43   those maybe stupid young cocktails like vodka, Red Bull and stuff or beer, just beer.

01:18:52   And instead there's people on Twitter who are really serious and fancy about their cocktails

01:18:58   and I feel slightly more ignorant.

01:19:01   I don't know. Sometimes I feel stupid for stupid stuff.

01:19:04   Yeah. Well, so this is one of the reasons I went to the class because I like a couple of cocktails.

01:19:09   I want to learn how to make more cocktails.

01:19:11   So I went to my girlfriend knows this and so she she got me a cocktail class for my birthday.

01:19:17   Do you feel more educated now?

01:19:21   Yeah. A lot more. A lot more.

01:19:23   You don't have to leave the house though. Our friends at Studio Neat make an app called Highball.

01:19:27   It has lots of techniques and recipes and stuff in it.

01:19:31   - Yep. - Put that in the show notes.

01:19:32   - I like that.

01:19:33   - We haven't said where the show notes are, I don't think.

01:19:35   Federico, where are the show notes this week?

01:19:38   - They're on the web.

01:19:40   You just go to the web and you will find it.

01:19:43   Yeah.

01:19:44   - Just type the show notes into Google.

01:19:47   What's the AOL keyword?

01:19:49   - What's the what?

01:19:51   - The AOL keyword.

01:19:52   - Yeah, we didn't have that stuff in Italy.

01:19:56   Not sure what it means.

01:19:57   Anyway, you can go to relay.fm/connected/37.

01:20:04   I feel like that whole thing again was just us stalling until you worked out the show

01:20:07   number.

01:20:08   No, no, no, I knew this time because I think there was a... in the document we...

01:20:14   So we're gonna follow up on AOL keywords next week.

01:20:16   Put it in the notes.

01:20:19   I really don't want to.

01:20:21   Okay so at 4.26 I used maps again to direct me to a gallery.

01:20:29   I had decided at this point, and this is the way that I feel like, the taps are fine but

01:20:32   sometimes I actually found them come a little bit late for the turning that I needed or

01:20:35   it was just a bit confusing.

01:20:37   All I really wanted from maps on iOS, which is exactly what I've got, is to be able to

01:20:42   check the map, like so it shows the little blue line of where I'm supposed to walk, on

01:20:46   my wrist.

01:20:47   That was what I wanted and it's awesome, it gives me exactly what I want, I can zoom in

01:20:50   and out and it nice and smoothly shows me where I'm gonna go because I'm pretty

01:20:54   good at map reading when I had the big blue line there right I know where I can

01:20:58   see this street I can see that Street I can see I've got to take my path that

01:21:01   way it's perfect I can do it that's killer for me I love it I love the fact

01:21:05   that that that like when I was thinking you know like when you think about what

01:21:09   do you want that's this device to be when you know it exists and you know

01:21:14   what it can do like after you've seen the introduction of it you're like

01:21:17   thinking in your daily life the things you want to be able to use it for. Maps

01:21:22   was a big thing for me because I walk around and so this was a good thing for

01:21:26   me. I was very happy about that. As I approached the gallery and the other

01:21:32   reason I mentioned this stuff and the thing I'm about to mention now is

01:21:35   just to give ideas in the way that I have used it. So I was approaching the

01:21:39   gallery because I was then going to a gallery. Me and my girlfriend we were

01:21:43   go into an exhibition and I was able to ask I was able to bring up Siri and I

01:21:48   could dictate a message and send it to her like that's the kind of stuff where

01:21:52   I found it to be very useful and it was just very quick and I could get it done

01:21:56   at 5 25 p.m. my watch is at 63% my iPhone is at 41% at 5 45 p.m. we sat down at a

01:22:07   restaurant for a meal. At 5.45? Yep. Okay. Sorry. Yeah. Sorry. Let's say it was lunch.

01:22:18   Let's not do that again. I don't know. It was a pizza? No! Look, we were in London,

01:22:25   we'd just been to the restaurant. It's not an excuse, you could be, I don't know, in

01:22:29   Paris or in Singapore. This is like a late lunch, alright? Late lunch. It's not a late

01:22:35   lunch it's not an early dinner it's nothing at 5.45. I hadn't eaten since breakfast and I was

01:22:40   drinking alcohol I needed a meal anyway. That's real penalty Myke. Well I was at class.

01:22:46   Making cocktails. It's like road testing a device I was very sleepy. The only table was outside so

01:22:54   I used dark sky on the watch to check if it was going to rain. It told me it wasn't going to rain

01:22:59   but it did rain a little bit so this was dark skies fort not the apple watch.

01:23:03   7.54pm, 54% battery life on my watch, 29% on my phone. At 8.15pm I did a little bit

01:23:12   of grocery shopping and I used clear on my watch to check things off which is

01:23:16   kind of cool. So I had my clear list up. So this is where the watch going off

01:23:20   coming back on worked well right. So I just had clear open and I could look and

01:23:24   be like right that's the next thing that I need. I put my arm down the screen

01:23:26   would go off I'd raise it again clear would still be there. So that was pretty

01:23:29   good. That worked in that scenario. I wanted to leave Clear open, I didn't want

01:23:34   the screen to stay on the whole time obviously, so it worked. 8.45 p.m. start

01:23:40   cooking something and I was able to set a timer with Siri which was very good

01:23:46   and again same idea as Clear. I don't close the app, so I don't close

01:23:53   the timer app and then I can look at my watch and it will tell me how long is

01:23:58   remaining on my timer so I can prep my other ingredients to kind of match up at

01:24:02   the right kind of times. So again, this is like another use that was very good for

01:24:07   me I think. At 9.32 p.m. I had a text conversation by just dictating to the

01:24:12   watch like maybe four or five messages each side. It went flawlessly, it was just

01:24:17   a lot easier than grabbing my phone in some instances. I can just be like, "Oh, you

01:24:21   know, yes I did that today, it was good. I'll just press send and it's done." I found

01:24:26   Siri to be way more accurate on the watch. I don't know why, I just have.

01:24:33   Some people say the opposite, you know. Mileage varies, like I usually get

01:24:39   really frustrated at Siri on the phone and I haven't found myself frustrated as

01:24:46   much with the watch. But the other thing is that the great fallback is you can

01:24:49   just send the audio file. That was really smart, that was one of those

01:24:54   things where someone had a good day when they were thinking that feature up, right?

01:24:58   You can just... it's recording your audio, you can just send the audio, or if Siri

01:25:02   worked you can send the message. Do you use audio messages much these days?

01:25:07   I don't. I have started using them more now that's like in the odd occasion where

01:25:11   Siri hasn't got it right I use it, but I've also been sending audio messages to

01:25:15   people now because I do it on the watch. Because it's like a bigger feature than

01:25:18   it is on the iPhone. And it kind of makes... sometimes it just makes sense to do that

01:25:23   I find. I guess it feels more natural on the watch. That's good to know.

01:25:28   I've been sending a few of those audio messages so that's

01:25:33   I like that, that you touch this feature. Yeah it's good, it's very good.

01:25:38   And the microphone is okay, like it's fine. At 9.33 p.m. my watch is at 37% and

01:25:46   my phone is at 20%. I've now put my phone on charge at this point and other than

01:25:53   like kind of like general usage at 1.14 a.m. which is when I went to sleep my

01:25:56   watch battery was at 22%. So I have found every single day that I've used it that

01:26:01   the watch battery remains and I have had some instances like I was awake one day

01:26:07   this week and it would be the same today where I was awake at 8 a.m. and I went to

01:26:12   sleep at 3 a.m. and I still had 10% battery life on the watch. So for right

01:26:19   Right now it's midnight and I have 11% but I know that that's gonna last me for the next

01:26:26   few hours.

01:26:27   I haven't had to put it into power reserve.

01:26:29   It's been great.

01:26:30   Can you tell us a bit more about power reserve?

01:26:33   So when, actually it just come up and said you have 10% power remaining.

01:26:39   So put it in power reserve, tell us what it's like.

01:26:41   I've already done it and I don't want to do it.

01:26:42   So I could tell you what happens.

01:26:44   When you put it into power reserve it asks you some questions like you know you're gonna

01:26:48   do this you're gonna put into power reserve now and then all it does is you have a black screen

01:26:53   with a green digital watch face that will come up whenever you... Why do they like green?

01:26:58   No idea, I don't know why they chose... Green watch face? My guess is that that is

01:27:03   uh really low power on the AMOLED screen you can probably do red green you can probably do red

01:27:10   green or blue because of white you're gonna need uh more pixels and my guess is that green was

01:27:16   easiest to read so that's that's what they went for. That's real engineer of you

01:27:20   Steven. Thank you. Real smart. Real Dr. Dwayne. So then that's all the watch does

01:27:26   and the reason I didn't want to put it into it now is because to get it out of

01:27:29   power reserve you have to shut the watch down and then turn it back on again. Or

01:27:34   seriously? Yeah. Or charge it maybe like if you come back over the threshold does

01:27:38   it come out of it? I haven't tried that. I would imagine that it would come out

01:27:43   of it but I think I think it tells you I'm just gonna do it now see what it

01:27:47   says so I think it tells you the way you bring it out is yeah power reserve

01:27:51   prolongs battery life by turning off all features except the current time to exit

01:27:54   power reserve press and hold the slide button the side button and then it turns

01:27:58   the device off and on again so I have a kind of no maybe not a strange question

01:28:06   but a real specific question all right can you do you know the free emergency

01:28:11   calls with the Apple Watch?

01:28:16   There is nothing that I can see which tells you how to do it.

01:28:19   I guess if I asked Siri to call me an emergency it would do that, but there isn't a thing

01:28:26   anywhere which says emergency calling that I can find.

01:28:28   You should definitely not try that on the air.

01:28:30   I'm not going to try it ever.

01:28:34   She called the police and said "Help, I'm stuck recording a podcast."

01:28:38   The phone app has favorites recent contacts in voicemail.

01:28:41   It doesn't have anything in it about emergency calling.

01:28:44   Because you can't dial a number.

01:28:47   Yeah.

01:28:48   Yeah, makes sense.

01:28:49   Yeah, I thought maybe you could dial a number with Siri, but I don't know.

01:28:54   I'm sure I could ask Siri to call that.

01:28:58   I'm not going to say it in case it does it for anyone.

01:29:00   Please don't do that.

01:29:02   So I'm sure you could have it do that, but I haven't tried that.

01:29:06   I bet it would work. Yeah, I have a follow-up question the

01:29:09   Ahoy telephone feature. Uh-huh. Do you say hey, and then you say the name of Apple's digital assistant?

01:29:16   That that's on the watch all the time

01:29:19   Is that sensitive like it is like it seems to be on the iPhone or do they have that honed in pretty well where it's not

01:29:25   accidentally going off all the time and

01:29:27   Follow-up number two. Can you turn that feature off most of the time that I have tried to invoke that it has not worked

01:29:35   hence the fact that therefore it is very solid.

01:29:40   Frustrating.

01:29:41   Well, instead I just pressed the crown to hold the crown.

01:29:48   You probably, I don't know if you can turn it off.

01:29:50   I haven't found it and I'm looking in the app now and I can't see like a place that

01:29:55   would make sense to me that you would be able to turn it off.

01:29:59   I can't see it.

01:30:01   Okay.

01:30:02   you know just the the the joke of you can go to the Apple Store and shout

01:30:07   those two magical words and all the phones go off like can you imagine that

01:30:10   and a room full of people wearing the Apple watch and just like watches going

01:30:15   off everywhere yeah I could see that that that could happen but say I have I

01:30:19   have struggled to get it to do it yeah okay one of the things that I've felt

01:30:27   the strongest about is the way that you think about the device. Like initially I

01:30:35   was like I was using the device in the wrong way like I was going to it to do

01:30:41   things rather than waiting for it to come to me which is a slight difference

01:30:46   between the way that you use the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Like the iPhone you

01:30:50   go to the iPhone and you do things to the iPhone you go and get information

01:30:53   you ask it to do things, you play games, you go to Twitter, like that kind of stuff.

01:30:57   But with the Apple Watch what I have found is the device makes way more sense when I just interact

01:31:01   mainly with things that are coming my way that the watch is telling me to do.

01:31:06   And once I was able to kind of lock into my brain the usage of that, I've been way happier with the watch as a device.

01:31:13   It makes more sense to me that way. I really really love the tap.

01:31:18   The taptic feedback is great.

01:31:21   It makes perfect sense to me. I don't find it distracting so much in that you can be

01:31:29   typing or whatever and it will tap but the screen doesn't come on. It just taps you,

01:31:33   which I think is the right way to do it. And then I then take a look at it when I want

01:31:37   to. I am trying something out with the Apple Watch.

01:31:41   Because I've mentioned this before, I tend to leave my phone in Do Not Disturb most of

01:31:46   the time. But I am not leaving my watch in Do Not Disturb and I am trying to get to the

01:31:50   point where I am bringing all of the notifications down to where that makes sense for me.

01:31:57   So I'm working through that at the moment to the point where I've even at the moment

01:32:00   like right now because I want to be notified about tweetbot DMs I've decided but I don't

01:32:06   want to be notified about tweetbot mentions but I don't want to change...

01:32:09   Who does want to be notified about tweetbot mentions?

01:32:12   Exactly.

01:32:13   I don't want to change my tweetbot notifications on the phone because I would have to change

01:32:19   them to make it work on the watch so I have enabled Twitterrific to be

01:32:23   notified me about DMs on the phone which will then notify me on the watch.

01:32:28   So I just get notifications about DMs that way. Plus with Twitterrific you can

01:32:33   actually reply to them on the watch so makes sense. The other thing is that the

01:32:40   home screen is just the worst thing in the entire world. Why? Trying to position

01:32:46   apps is an absolute nightmare. They just move all over the place, whether

01:32:51   you're doing it on the watch or in the app, the companion app, because you can move them in

01:32:56   both places, it just seems to just move them all around all over the place.

01:33:02   It's so difficult to get things to stay where you want them to be without

01:33:05   moving an entire line. It's inelegant. Because as well, you can't...

01:33:12   I don't know the exact geometry of it but the icons have to be touching in a certain

01:33:17   way to lock into a place, like maybe between two you can't attach one to one.

01:33:23   It has to be attached to two different ones.

01:33:25   It's just really difficult.

01:33:26   And it's difficult to explain, but it's a nightmare.

01:33:29   It's kind of like Minecraft for home screens.

01:33:34   I guess so.

01:33:36   Did you spend time making one of those weirdly specific layouts?

01:33:44   Mine is basically just like the...

01:33:47   It's a bunch of icons.

01:33:48   Yeah, what I've tried to do is just try and group them in a way that makes sense.

01:33:54   Like travel apps go over there and productivity like apps go over there.

01:34:00   So I remember from the first reviews, some people mentioned that it can be difficult

01:34:05   to tap on a specific icon, did you see this problem?

01:34:09   I opened the wrong one all the time.

01:34:11   Oh, okay. So you did see the problem.

01:34:14   Yeah.

01:34:15   You get the wrong spinner for just minutes.

01:34:16   Like right now I just tried to hit OmniFocus and I opened the watch instead.

01:34:19   Well, that's basically the same thing.

01:34:22   Yeah, sure.

01:34:25   What about complications, Myke?

01:34:27   Yep.

01:34:28   Can you tell us about, like, is there a screenshot of your setup anywhere? Did you share a screenshot

01:34:35   your Apple watch? I tweeted it. Where is it? So I am using the utility face.

01:34:42   Okay, so it's the... oh that's the analog one. Yes. Oh that's another topic

01:34:48   that I want to discuss about me being stupid but please move on. We don't have

01:34:52   time for this. I like the analog one. I like the way it looks. I like that I can

01:34:56   change some of the accent colors so I have it blue to match my watch. And I

01:35:01   have... you can enable the date, time and date on here which I like and it shows

01:35:08   where you'd expect that on an analog watch. And I have three other

01:35:11   complications. I have the New York time zone and the San Francisco time zone

01:35:15   because the other American time zones I can kind of work out in the middle. And I

01:35:19   also have my calendar and I like that. I like that they're there. I use them all

01:35:23   time. So the utility face. Yeah that's the one that I use. I try it out like

01:35:31   modular is good it's the one that enables allows for the most complications

01:35:35   but I just don't think it's very attractive. That's the one like with the

01:35:39   big digital clock on it. I have a question. If it's not on all the time

01:35:46   why do you want your watch face to be attractive? Does it need to be attractive

01:35:51   to you? I like looking at it. Do you? Yes. Maybe you do for now. I mean if it's not

01:36:00   on all the time because you know a nice watch is kind of like a statement

01:36:03   because you want others to see your watch but if it's only on when you raise

01:36:08   your wrist maybe right now you do like the appearance of the of the utility

01:36:13   phase but maybe in the end you will come to prefer the practicality of the of the

01:36:19   modular face. Just a thought, I don't know.

01:36:21   Well I tried the modular face first.

01:36:23   And I get your point, but

01:36:25   I guess it depends on, and this isn't

01:36:27   like, I'm not aiming this at you,

01:36:29   but I guess it depends on what

01:36:31   what customisation

01:36:33   of fashion is to you.

01:36:35   Like, to me, I get what you're saying,

01:36:37   but to me these kinds of things aren't

01:36:39   necessarily for how I present

01:36:41   to the world. I like to look

01:36:43   at it because I think it looks good and I

01:36:45   want, I want when I look

01:36:47   look at my watch to feel like yeah that looks the way that I want and because

01:36:52   currently my favorite thing about the Apple watch is how beautiful the watch

01:36:56   face that I use is in my opinion I love it I think it looks fantastic and every

01:37:01   time it comes on like because you know I've moved my arm and I catch it out of

01:37:05   the corner of my eye or I raise it to my face to look at the time I find myself

01:37:11   quite frequently blown away by how good I think it looks that also goes for the

01:37:16   same with the app screen and actually many screens because the screen on this

01:37:20   thing is incredible. It is so good-looking, the colors are so bright and

01:37:26   so vibrant and you know the pixel density for the screen size is just

01:37:32   excellent. The screen on this thing is way better than it needs to be.

01:37:37   How do you feel about the Pebble now? Do you remember when we did the the Pebble

01:37:43   episode. Do you have any any follow-up on that? Well the pebble will last for five

01:37:51   days battery but my pebble would die all the time. Jason spoke about this a bunch

01:37:57   and I agree with him because because I was never used to charging my pebble

01:38:02   because it didn't need to be charged every day it would die on me randomly

01:38:05   you know not randomly but like it would the battery would be dead like I would

01:38:10   go away for two days forget to charge it wouldn't have to charge in cable with me

01:38:14   it'd be like 10% battery remaining so trap the pebble was good for what it did

01:38:18   but you know it was the fact remains as I've been saying for a while which was

01:38:23   the pebble was never gonna be able to compete with the Apple watch because the

01:38:26   Apple watch can tie into iOS which the pebble could never do like it just could

01:38:30   never do it and it's like night and day now because the Apple watch does way

01:38:38   more. The Apple Watch frustrates me way more than the Purple ever did, but that's because

01:38:42   it's more complex, so inherently it makes more sense that that would happen.

01:38:46   What's the thing you liked the most about the Watch so far?

01:38:55   The thing that I liked the very very most is one animation, which is when you're on

01:39:00   the home screen, which is where all the apps are. I should talk about this maybe next week,

01:39:07   about how much the difference between the clock screen and the app screen frustrate me.

01:39:11   But when you're on the home screen, when you're looking at your apps,

01:39:16   and you zoom out with the digital crown to the watch,

01:39:19   the watch faces animate into place, and different watch faces animate in different ways.

01:39:25   Oh.

01:39:26   Yeah, like for example, I think it's called the solar one,

01:39:31   the solar one which shows where the moon is.

01:39:34   the watch icon zooms out to become the moon on the face.

01:39:42   Oh wow, that has to be nice.

01:39:44   Yeah, it's very pretty.

01:39:46   But my favourite, well the one that I love because I look at it all the time,

01:39:51   is when I zoom out, or zoom in, yeah zoom in,

01:39:55   basically just all of the elements of my watch face come into view.

01:39:59   So I see the hands first and then the number 12

01:40:03   And then it cycles around, filling in all of the other numbers the closer I get.

01:40:07   It's like it all ticks into place. It's very nice. I really, really like it.

01:40:14   That's probably my favorite thing. A bunch of the animations and UI things.

01:40:19   I really like, like, some of the notifications are beautiful. The calendar notification is beautiful.

01:40:26   Yeah, I think it's just the way this thing looks is my favorite thing.

01:40:32   What's the overall mic take on the Apple Watch for now?

01:40:38   Based on a few days.

01:40:40   You don't need it.

01:40:42   I think once you get it, you see and you can see how it fits into your life, now I don't want to let it go.

01:40:51   But if someone's on the fence, I wouldn't tell them to buy it right now, I would say maybe to wait a little bit longer.

01:40:57   Unless you are and when I say that I mean like, you know people in my life

01:41:02   Not necessarily nerds. I mean if you enjoy this podcast

01:41:07   You probably will really like the watch and I would say look into it and see if you think it's right for you

01:41:12   Like go and try one and if you like the look of it

01:41:15   Or if you like hearing what I've been talking about and that really interests you and you think you can overlook some of the pitfalls

01:41:21   Of it which in general I am able to do

01:41:25   Then you maybe should get it, but I don't think people need it right now

01:41:29   I think that's still gonna take some time because the the OS still needs to grow. This is very 1.0

01:41:35   It reminds me of other 1.0 products. It reminds me of the iPhone

01:41:38   Because it does a lot of things great. It does some things not so well

01:41:43   But I can you know

01:41:45   We saw how the iPhone progressed and I think this thing will progress too like it just makes sense to me that it's gonna get

01:41:50   better

01:41:52   Thank you, Myke. That was a we're gonna I want to you I want to hear more of your diary. I assume there's more

01:41:59   Well that day is done

01:42:02   Okay, the cocktail day the cocktail day

01:42:04   But I have more I have way more stuff that I have way more stuff that I want to talk about that

01:42:09   I haven't spoken about yet

01:42:11   so

01:42:13   But the thing is I hope now that one of you guys will have one by next week

01:42:16   So you want to be talking not gonna happen?

01:42:19   But if it is the case, then I will continue talking about it because every day I have new thoughts about this device, so...

01:42:25   Well, Myke, we... we...

01:42:27   Well, Steven and I didn't exactly talk about this, but I want to say that we have decided that in order to properly test the Apple Watch, you will need to exercise.

01:42:38   Okay. That's perfectly fine.

01:42:42   Can you?

01:42:43   Yes, can you?

01:42:45   I always do.

01:42:47   do. I don't have a watch but I feel like it would be interesting to

01:42:53   to hear your take on the workout features. You know? I mean if

01:43:00   Steven gets his Apple watch he can test a bunch of workout

01:43:04   features because he runs... What do you do? You have a bike Steven?

01:43:09   Yeah several different bikes for varying occasions.

01:43:14   Nice, so run a little bit do some weight. So yeah, that's really what I'm interested in is seeing how that

01:43:20   You know how that changes that cuz I don't know about you guys were like

01:43:24   Working out the six plus is just awkward in every way and even oh, yeah, I just I just own a bike

01:43:30   I have an idea. I just keep it in my on my desk when I'm doing like

01:43:33   Crunches and sit-ups in my room, you know, it's very basic setup

01:43:40   I'm guessing that when you're running it can be awkward to strap the six plus your body

01:43:44   Yeah, I was carrying in like a little wagon behind me. It's worked out well

01:43:49   So Myke it'd be cool Myke to hear your your opinion on the on the fitness features

01:43:55   Yeah, one of the things that annoys me the most it's like my my favorite way of exercising

01:44:01   I'm not gonna use is swimming right? I'm not gonna swim with this on. I'm just not gonna do that

01:44:07   I

01:44:09   I have found the fitness tracking stuff, walking and things like that to be great

01:44:12   And I like it's making me stand up. So I like that it does that

01:44:18   It's doing the whole standing up thing

01:44:20   So you don't think that's annoying?

01:44:23   No, I don't find it annoying.

01:44:24   Because I saw people on Twitter

01:44:24   Oh my god, I'm already annoyed by the notifications to stand up

01:44:28   It's just one notification that I can ignore but most of the time it's making me stand up

01:44:33   So if it annoys me twice a day

01:44:35   but five times a day makes me get up and walk around for a few minutes then I in

01:44:39   the aggregate I'm happy with it. Very cool. Right so that's about the end of this

01:44:45   week's episode there will be more next week I'm sure I want to take a moment to

01:44:50   thank our sponsors again this week Wealthfront, Squarespace and Casper you

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01:45:24   you so much for listening and we'll be back next time. Until then, say goodbye guys.

01:45:29   >> Arrivaderci.

01:45:30   >> Adios.