36: My Technique, but in France


00:00:00   [Intro]

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00:00:22   My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined by the Editor-in-Chief of MaxStories.net and the

00:00:26   co-host of the virtual podcast on Relay FM, Mr Federico Vittucci.

00:00:30   Hey Myke.

00:00:31   How are you doing buddy?

00:00:32   I'm doing well, how are you?

00:00:34   I am very well indeed, and I'm also joined by the managing director of FiveTwelvePixels.net

00:00:41   and the co-founder in chief of Relay FM, Mr Steven Hackett.

00:00:46   I sound fancier than I really am, but I'll roll with it.

00:00:49   The journalism magnate, Mr Steven Hackett.

00:00:54   I like it.

00:00:55   You know just I like to make you guys feel really important see it's weird

00:01:00   It's Federico has people working for him on his site, but me it's just me so it's like

00:01:05   managing director of my macbook pro

00:01:08   Have people write some stuff you sometimes I've written things to you in the past. You know it's not lonely

00:01:12   She was make it out to be

00:01:14   Blogging is a lonely gig oh

00:01:17   The podcasting is not because we are here with our friends

00:01:22   With our friends on Skype and our friends in the chat room and our friends out there in the world. So it's very

00:01:26   I'm feeling the love today. Do we have any friends really in this world? Oh my god

00:01:33   I'm way too sleepy to get this deal

00:01:35   Think about it. I feel like I wanna

00:01:40   Explore this idea, you know, you're gonna end up crying alone in the bathroom probably

00:01:47   Yeah, or on an island. I don't know just up front today

00:01:51   I'm reserving the right to get super weird because I am I arrived from Atlanta this morning

00:01:56   yeah, London and

00:01:59   Spend a day. I

00:02:00   Fell asleep randomly at one point today

00:02:02   Which I hate that I hate that so much because you wake up and I don't know what day it is anymore like so I'm very

00:02:08   Very tired, but I'm committed to connected. You know, so I wanted to do the show today. So

00:02:14   Here we are. Where did you fall asleep exactly? Where? Where? Yeah. I was on my bed. Oh

00:02:20   Okay, so not too weird. No, like the supermarket. Yeah

00:02:25   No, like you fall asleep in the middle of the street. That can be you know kind of strange but in your bed

00:02:32   I mean I can understand that. Well, you know, I fell asleep in bed and I woke up in the supermarket

00:02:37   So, you know, I'm not really 100% sure what happened, but everything's okay, you know

00:02:43   Yeah, sure seems seems fine seems seems fine we're gonna get to Atlanta though, but first we have some follow-up

00:02:49   So people have been charged some people at least for their Apple watches

00:02:56   Myke have you been charged and do you have a ship date? I was charged like an hour ago actually no let me change

00:03:04   I was charged for my Apple watch like about two hours ago

00:03:07   and I'm now preparing for dispatch with delivery from 24th of April to the 8th

00:03:13   of May still. Dispatch is a shipment right? Yeah, people always point

00:03:19   this out to me. They label it different in the UK so we are preparing for

00:03:23   dispatch and dispatched rather than preparing for shipment. So I think if

00:03:29   we're preparing for dispatch I'm feeling pretty good about Friday right now.

00:03:35   Yeah, you will get it on Friday.

00:03:37   Don't say that, you'll build my hopes up.

00:03:40   I'm really not looking forward to...

00:03:42   I hate just this process, like, of having to wait at home for it.

00:03:48   Like I hate it, because it never goes right for me.

00:03:51   Like, they always say "Oh, we tried to deliver and you weren't home" and I have to call people

00:03:55   liars on the phone.

00:03:57   Every time we have to go through this.

00:03:59   And I really don't want to have to go through this, but here we are.

00:04:02   Maybe you fell asleep when they tried to deliver your stuff.

00:04:11   Let's not tell these people that.

00:04:12   So we'll find out.

00:04:13   Hopefully I'll get it on Friday.

00:04:15   This is why I really wanted to be able to go into a store and buy one, but Angela Arendt,

00:04:20   she has her own agenda and it's not the same as mine.

00:04:23   I don't think that lays at her feet.

00:04:24   No, I think it does.

00:04:25   I'm blaming her completely.

00:04:27   She signed the notes, man.

00:04:29   What can I say?

00:04:30   My guess is that it has much more to do with stock levels.

00:04:36   So we'll blame the person in charge of the supply chain then, instead.

00:04:41   So Federico, what about you?

00:04:44   I'm still waiting.

00:04:45   I'm still going to the German website and I'm still getting all my German messages about

00:04:51   that the order is processing and my credit card has not been charged.

00:04:57   Even if today I got one guy on Twitter, another Italian Apple Watch wannabe customer who tried

00:05:05   to do my same technique.

00:05:07   He did it in France.

00:05:08   He bought an Apple Watch from the French store and his order was on four to six weeks, just

00:05:15   like mine.

00:05:16   And it got moved up to Friday and mine didn't.

00:05:20   So lucky.

00:05:21   Not yet.

00:05:22   Not yet.

00:05:23   I have, I have, I'm really...

00:05:26   I don't know what did he order?

00:05:28   Uh, did he um, I don't remember

00:05:31   See, I don't remember. Um trying to look now. Uh

00:05:35   I don't know. I can't find the guy on twitter anymore. Um

00:05:41   Still I don't have a good feeling about this

00:05:44   So I think I will have to wait and look at my german messages

00:05:50   Uh, you know, yeah

00:05:53   just wait for... maybe next week when there's the Apple earnings call they will say something...

00:05:59   address where your watch is.

00:06:01   No, no, no, maybe they will say something about the second wave of launch countries,

00:06:07   maybe, hopefully. Although I got some doubts, you know, because of all the supply chain problems.

00:06:12   Yeah, but I mean at this point the second wave is kind of pointless to you because you

00:06:17   have one in Germany.

00:06:19   Well, do I?

00:06:21   It's stuck on the website.

00:06:23   I mean, the delivery date is from the 12th of May to 26th of May.

00:06:31   So, you know, it's basically another month of waiting.

00:06:35   I don't know. I don't have a good feeling about this at all.

00:06:39   It's probably the Germans.

00:06:41   I'm kidding, by the way.

00:06:43   I know that we got a lot of German listeners.

00:06:47   We love you, we love you all the same.

00:06:50   So yeah, I'm still waiting.

00:06:52   Long answer, sorry Stephen.

00:06:53   - No, it's fine.

00:06:55   Mine is still processing

00:07:00   and I have not been charged my credit card,

00:07:03   but Bradley Chambers reminded me of this the other day

00:07:06   that a lot of times Memphis will,

00:07:09   or Memphis will be used because FedEx is here for Apple

00:07:13   and other companies, I'm most familiar with Apple,

00:07:16   to stage shipments, so it's very possible

00:07:19   that mine is in town, and if that is true,

00:07:21   then I probably won't get shipping information

00:07:24   until Wednesday or Thursday,

00:07:26   even if it's to be delivered on Friday.

00:07:28   Now that's how my iPhones have been in the past,

00:07:30   like my iPhone 6, I got shipped to my house,

00:07:32   and I had the tracking number in hand

00:07:34   for about 12 hours before it showed up,

00:07:37   so I'm not freaking out yet.

00:07:39   It still says delivered 4/24 through 5/8,

00:07:42   So we'll see. We'll see if it's just around the bend.

00:07:46   The Deliveries app, you know, the app Deliveries?

00:07:49   Yes.

00:07:50   I've just realized it really doesn't like the UK date format.

00:07:54   Because it's telling me that I will have my watch by the 5th of August.

00:07:58   Fine.

00:08:00   Which is fine, you know, we don't need to worry about this thing.

00:08:03   What if you do get it on the 5th of August?

00:08:05   I would be really upset. That would suck so bad.

00:08:11   I mean there's plenty of time to sleep, you know, until August.

00:08:15   That's a good point.

00:08:16   You can recover, you can sleep every day for like six months.

00:08:21   When is August by the way?

00:08:22   Is it like...

00:08:23   Three months away.

00:08:24   Oh, three months away.

00:08:25   So not six.

00:08:25   Or three and a bit, maybe.

00:08:28   Yeah, kind of.

00:08:29   We don't know how a year works, so...

00:08:34   No, totally different.

00:08:35   Wait, totally different way of counting time.

00:08:38   But you guys do it in metric, it's crazy.

00:08:40   - That's true.

00:08:41   - Speaking of things, shipping to people.

00:08:44   We've been getting a lot of photos of people

00:08:45   in their new Connected shirts,

00:08:47   and I got mine just yesterday,

00:08:50   and they look awesome, and everyone looks--

00:08:52   Say what? - Where's your picture?

00:08:54   - I was gonna wash it first, so.

00:08:56   I'll send you some photos for your wall of me later.

00:09:01   - Are you still doing the shrine of people

00:09:06   with the T-shirt, Steven?

00:09:08   - I did it with the prompt shirts.

00:09:09   I probably should do it with the connected shirts, but I just don't have any time.

00:09:13   But uh...

00:09:14   I would like to issue an official decree that you do have.

00:09:18   Oh.

00:09:19   That is, you know, Federico, do you second my motion?

00:09:24   Yeah.

00:09:25   Yep, there you go, motion seconded and...

00:09:28   Do I have any say in these dictatorships?

00:09:31   Well, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:09:33   This is a dual dictatorship scenario we've got going on here.

00:09:38   Don't think dictators need a second motion to do anything. It just wants to feel good about himself

00:09:44   Yeah, I need to reinforce it. Yeah

00:09:47   Okay, so I'll put some pictures together for next week people look very very attractive in their shirts

00:09:53   They're really they're they're nice. The colors are great. I'm very pleased with how they came out. So

00:09:57   Thank you again to our awesome designer

00:10:00   Frank towers for putting that together if you do put together a web page Steven

00:10:06   I'm just gonna ask you to sort the photos by beard quality of

00:10:12   The people in the photos. Yeah, that's good. It's a good metric. Yeah

00:10:17   But it's up to me to judge the quality of beard. Yes

00:10:20   It is up to you a lot of stress guys. I know

00:10:24   I'm probably gonna fail you

00:10:27   Okay, so should we talk about topic 0.2? Yes, please. So

00:10:33   Myke alluded to it a little bit ago

00:10:35   He and I, you and I, Michael, Michael, the two of us,

00:10:39   with lots of other people,

00:10:41   just got back from Atlanta, Georgia.

00:10:43   We did the Atlanta Pin Show, the fans of The Pin Addict,

00:10:47   which is a great podcast here on Relay FM.

00:10:49   Back to Kickstarter Project to bring you over

00:10:53   from the Queensland to our humble southern soil

00:10:58   to film the Pin Show, so we had a film crew down,

00:11:03   and we did a live audio podcast,

00:11:06   and all that's being edited and put together

00:11:07   for Kickstarter backers.

00:11:09   And I don't know, I don't know what you want to say.

00:11:11   I'm sure you guys are gonna unpack it some more

00:11:13   on the Pen Addict, but I for one had a really good time.

00:11:15   - Oh, I've had a great, I had a fantastic weekend.

00:11:18   And it was great to meet so many people,

00:11:21   not just listeners of the Pen Addict,

00:11:22   but listeners of Relay in general.

00:11:24   And we had a great time.

00:11:26   Federico, I met Doug Beal.

00:11:28   - Oh yeah? - Yeah.

00:11:29   - Seriously? - Uh-huh, Doug was there.

00:11:32   Doug Beal from the chat room, you know our title suggests are extraordinary

00:11:37   Yeah, we met a bunch of people

00:11:40   Doug Beal?

00:11:40   The Doug Beal.

00:11:42   Oh man.

00:11:42   We hung out, we hugged.

00:11:44   You touched him.

00:11:45   Oh I did.

00:11:47   I don't know if you wanted to be touched, but I touched him.

00:11:50   Wow.

00:11:51   Yeah, human contact is so like a strange concept to Americans, I think.

00:11:57   Yeah, I don't I don't like being touched even for an American.

00:12:01   Federico do you do the kissing? Like the kissing on the cheek?

00:12:05   Of course two, two kisses. Yeah yeah yeah I've gotten more used to that since

00:12:10   having a European girlfriend you know? Oh yeah yeah because in Romania I think

00:12:15   they do the same like in Italy. They do they do. Yeah nice yeah of course a lot

00:12:20   a lot of contact here going on yeah. So Atlanta was a lot of fun and I'm very

00:12:27   tired still I don't know if I mentioned that earlier I fell asleep earlier guys

00:12:30   Did I tell you?

00:12:32   That's fine. Follow-up was kind of boring

00:12:34   No, it was great we had a party Friday night at not Co which is

00:12:41   Brad's business and had I don't know how many people were there. I mean it was nuts. It was over 60 people

00:12:47   Yeah beer beer and pizza and a field note swap

00:12:50   Which was crazy and then the show itself and you and I got some time to work on some stuff

00:12:55   So it was just it was a lot of fun just to you know

00:12:57   You think of that world as being really separate from ours, but like I spoke on upgrade this week with Jason

00:13:02   Like what ties all these nerd little nerd communities together as passion for?

00:13:06   For we're interested in and that was definitely evident to me in Atlanta

00:13:10   And and I think I think it was really great to see that that

00:13:13   Little world you know it's in parallel to ours over here and like the Apple Mac iOS camp so yeah

00:13:19   Thank you to everyone who came out and said hi

00:13:22   And it was great to talk to people and we have to do more of that sort of stuff in the future

00:13:26   I think so. Did you play any pen games together? No, I do believe that when we

00:13:33   were recording the show there was a drinking game happening. Oh okay. That was

00:13:37   the rumor that I heard but I don't know if there are any pen games. We swapped

00:13:42   pens and played with pens of each other's you know but I don't think there

00:13:47   are any games specifically. That's sad but I understand. For the next show I'll

00:13:54   create a game. Yeah but it has to be entertaining also on a podcast. Oh okay

00:14:02   that makes that's a little bit more difficult but I can work on that. Maybe you

00:14:05   you could guess which pen is it by the noise of the pen against paper. It's

00:14:11   pretty good that's pretty good idea actually. See I'm a I don't know I'm a

00:14:17   You're visionary. I'm full of resources and ideas. Yeah, you really really are

00:14:22   He's a thought leader really more than anything else. Yeah, and also a frequent visitor of the German Apple Store

00:14:31   Besides, you know being a thought leader. That's what I do. I think I think they go hand in hand

00:14:37   Topic point three. Yes, so topic zero point three. Yes

00:14:43   So in the midst of all of this you were actually still in the States

00:14:46   I had just gotten home, but yesterday we put up our teaser video for the relay FM

00:14:51   iPhone and watch app. Yes, super exciting. If you haven't seen this video, you should definitely go watch it and

00:14:57   The app is built by the guys over at glide there and also to miss being kickstarters there

00:15:04   They just were funded in their Kickstarter

00:15:06   for their new platform and it's

00:15:09   It's super great

00:15:11   Like I can't say enough good things about glide and their platform and our app is going to be super awesome. It is super awesome

00:15:17   We'll be out soon

00:15:20   Cetera, etc. Yeah, we're working on it

00:15:22   But we wanted to talk about it now because glide I've got the kickstart going on and the teaser video like everything

00:15:28   It's in a teaser video is all actual stuff that's gonna be in the app like the UI and the animations and stuff like that

00:15:34   so

00:15:35   Chris and Matthias and everyone at glide they're super good at like motion animation and things like that

00:15:39   So the app's gonna really be like a living thing. It's very excited. Every time

00:15:44   he sends us something, like a new animation, it's like "ahh!" So yeah, go check it out.

00:15:50   We've got links in the show notes. Federico Vittucci, where can they find the show notes, please?

00:15:54   They can find them on a web browser. They can go to relayfem/connected

00:16:04   And then there's going to be another slash.

00:16:09   And then there's going to be a three followed by a six.

00:16:15   Or they could just go to teletext page 36.

00:16:18   Yeah.

00:16:19   You can also get the show notes there as well.

00:16:21   Now you could tell I was buying time because I needed to check out the number of the last

00:16:26   episode.

00:16:27   Yeah, yeah, I've done that.

00:16:28   I've done that.

00:16:29   A number!

00:16:30   Three?

00:16:31   - Yeah, three.

00:16:32   - I mean, you can't expect me to remember

00:16:37   the numbers of episodes that we have.

00:16:39   - Sure. - I mean, I'm not Steven.

00:16:42   He has a, Steven has a tattoo

00:16:43   for all the episodes that he does.

00:16:45   I don't. - It's true.

00:16:46   My arms are getting full.

00:16:48   It's sad.

00:16:49   But yeah, so that link will be in the show notes.

00:16:51   We'll have a link to the Glide Kickstarter page as well.

00:16:54   And it's gonna be great.

00:16:55   You can favorite a show and get a push notification,

00:16:58   including on your watch, if they ever ship.

00:17:00   and listen live and there'll be chat and stuff and it's gonna be it's a lot of

00:17:04   fun to be working on it so what if they keep everyone up to date as we get

00:17:08   closer to it so so talking about the watch today Apple are offering they sent

00:17:15   out an email to some developers offering the ability to enter a draw in which the

00:17:22   selected the lucky selected developers will receive a sport with a blue band

00:17:27   which me and _DavidSmith agree is the best watch. Any developers

00:17:36   chosen in the draw will receive a guaranteed watch delivered by April 28th

00:17:40   and this is Apple saying they want to be able to give developers access to test

00:17:44   their watch kit apps on the Apple watch as soon as possible. This is really

00:17:48   interesting but it definitely does more to indicate the issues maybe, is maybe

00:17:55   Maybe one way to say in supply, if they're having to do a program like this?

00:18:00   Yeah, I mean, because everybody's waiting for a watch, and now they're in the position

00:18:06   of, you know, there's all these apps coming out for the watch.

00:18:09   But the developers who made these apps actually tried them on a simulator, on a computer.

00:18:15   They didn't try them on a real watch.

00:18:19   And now they have to do a lottery.

00:18:22   So it's not like they're offering developers a unique link where they say "ok, we want

00:18:27   you to buy an Apple Watch".

00:18:28   So you go to this link and you buy your watch and you will get the watch next week.

00:18:32   This is a lottery to... basically you can apply to buy a watch and if you're not chosen

00:18:39   to buy one, you're still gonna have to wait.

00:18:43   I think yeah, it kinda...

00:18:44   I mean it's nice, you know, that they're giving developers a chance to get a watch sooner

00:18:50   than expected, but it also highlights the problems of supply chain problems.

00:18:58   There's more people than watches.

00:19:00   So Apple is going to do lotteries for everything.

00:19:04   You're going to do a lottery for WWDC, a lottery to apply to get a watch, there's going to

00:19:10   maybe be another to download the next iOS beta faster.

00:19:16   They should do lotteries for everything.

00:19:18   It's fun, it's fun, and it creates anticipation.

00:19:21   Lottery to see if your iCloud photos will sync.

00:19:24   I mean, yeah, clearly they've got supply issues and that's a problem when they want people

00:19:32   to have access to write apps for it.

00:19:35   I was thinking about this, has Apple been in a situation like this before?

00:19:40   And OS X had a public beta, the iPhone went a year without applications on it, and then

00:19:47   iPad had apps on day one but the iPhone and iOS already around so it's a bit of

00:19:51   unusual situation that people are writing and publishing to the store

00:19:56   software they haven't you know been able to run on an actual device so as a

00:20:00   developer you know I would definitely you know be concerned if my watch was

00:20:05   you know shipping shipping later and my app were out there kind of you know

00:20:10   without a lot of hands-on hands-on testing but uh you know it seems like

00:20:14   Apple's doing with the can to to minimize that impact which I think is good.

00:20:18   Yep.

00:20:19   Okay so shall we thank our first friend and then move into some we'll move into

00:20:28   topic 0.5 we're not even at topic 1 yet we've got some real low-level topics today.

00:20:34   We're doing all the zeros today.

00:20:37   I can deal with that.

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00:20:56   Coming up with ideas for names is like a really hard job.

00:21:01   Like when, you know, I heard Stephen talking about this, I think maybe last week,

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00:21:08   which was like coming up to a year ago that we spent like basically two days

00:21:13   going backwards and forwards and fighting with each other, trying to come up with a name.

00:21:19   And one of the, like when you're going through a situation like that it can be really stressful,

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00:23:43   Thank you so much to Hover for sponsoring this week's episode of Connected.

00:23:48   Myke was right, guys.

00:23:49   It's true.

00:23:50   I'm not even arguing with Nate anymore.

00:23:52   Well, you can't.

00:23:53   It's true.

00:23:54   There's a six plus setting right here.

00:23:57   So topic, what is this? We're up to 0.5. Google and mobile search with apps. What's Google doing?

00:24:07   This is something that Google announced last week. It's a new initiative for search on Android devices, for mobile search.

00:24:17   Now, on Android, when you will look for something on Google Search, if that content that you're

00:24:26   looking for is inside a mobile app from the Google Play Store, even if that app isn't

00:24:35   actually installed on your device, you will get a shortcut in Google Search to install

00:24:42   that application.

00:24:43   So let's say you're looking for the lyrics to Wonderwall, because Myke likes to sing

00:24:49   Wonderwall and is looking on his Android phone for the lyrics.

00:24:54   I do need those, they're really important that I have those.

00:24:58   So in Google search, it gets a bunch of results from websites, but at the top it gets from

00:25:07   the Google Play Store an app that it doesn't have installed, let's say Myke doesn't have

00:25:12   Music's Match, you know, the lyrics app on his Android device.

00:25:17   But in Music's Match, the app, there's the lyrics to Wonderwall.

00:25:21   So on Android now you can install the app directly from the Google search results.

00:25:28   And once the app downloads, you click, like, continue, you tap on the continue button,

00:25:33   and from search you're taken to the newly installed app and into the Wonderwall lyrics.

00:25:41   So you can find content from mobile apps, not just from websites, and that's not necessarily

00:25:47   new because Google has been doing something called app indexing.

00:25:54   They can look into apps for content on Google search.

00:25:57   But now they can also look into apps that you don't have installed and they can let

00:26:03   you search, install and continue your activity directly into the apps.

00:26:09   So a lot of people have been saying that this is going to be kind of important for app discovery.

00:26:16   Because there's a lot of people who don't necessarily know which app they're looking

00:26:19   for, they're just looking for content, whether it's lyrics or news or recipes.

00:26:27   And being able to get to a native app in most cases is a superior experience, because you

00:26:36   have all the benefits of a native app.

00:26:39   And I've been thinking first whether this can actually be good for app discovery.

00:26:48   But again, this is limited to Android and I feel like I'm not qualified enough to consider

00:26:55   the implications.

00:26:56   But in general it made me think about what if Apple did something like this for Spotlight

00:27:03   on iOS.

00:27:04   Now before you call me crazy, Spotlight can search apps from the App Store.

00:27:11   You can look for Minecraft in Spotlight and you tap on Minecraft and you get a pop-up

00:27:19   without even leaving Spotlight and you can install Minecraft.

00:27:24   But what Google is doing is much much different because they are actually looking into content

00:27:31   from apps, so they're looking at text, they're looking at images, they're looking not at

00:27:35   the app's name, they're looking at what's inside an app.

00:27:40   So I've been thinking about what Apple has been doing on iOS.

00:27:44   Apple took the opposite approach as usual, they prefer to team up with specific companies,

00:27:54   so for instance in Spotlight and also in Safari, in the search box of Safari, you can look

00:28:00   for directions from Apple maps of course, but you can also look for restaurants in Yelp,

00:28:07   you can get results from Wikipedia.

00:28:10   And so Apple does have this sort of idea of smarter search, but they're not doing what

00:28:17   Google has been doing with continuing your activity from search to an Android app.

00:28:24   So I'm thinking this would be cool in Spotlight.

00:28:27   I'm just not sure whether Apple is interested in this and also if, let's say that they are,

00:28:34   I'm not sure they can pull this off, you know?

00:28:37   Yeah, you can imagine that Google can do it because they know how to index, right?

00:28:41   Like that's the thing, like they know how, Google won't, you know, they've got the indexing

00:28:45   of the data down.

00:28:46   So like even if Apple wanted to do it, like can they, do they have this kind of technology?

00:28:51   I don't know.

00:28:52   Looking at what Spotlight does, you know, Spotlight's looking within documents and stuff,

00:28:57   you know, locally, but the second that you're kind of outside your own personal data, they're

00:29:02   they're partnering and bringing in Wikipedia and all these different things like they're

00:29:05   on on OS X and iOS.

00:29:08   So I don't know, you know, I think sandboxing comes into play at some point the way this

00:29:12   is working.

00:29:13   You know, I don't know.

00:29:14   I just don't know if it's if it's possible with the way sandboxing works on iOS because,

00:29:18   you know, for the most part, unless you're was is built on top of the extensions, you

00:29:22   know, frameworks, apps are basically unaware of each other.

00:29:26   It would be nice to you know to be able to search for something and say that it's in you know in my Dropbox

00:29:32   Or you know someplace else and spotlight be able to find it quickly on my iPad really be great

00:29:37   I mean, I don't know about you guys, but you know I've stitched together all these different services

00:29:41   And I have data and all these different apps and the times you be like where did I?

00:29:45   You know where did I put that note where to where did I save that document and and having sort of a more universal?

00:29:51   Look at what's available to me would definitely be welcome

00:29:55   especially on the go on iOS devices.

00:29:59   - Yeah, I would definitely want this

00:30:01   because currently on iOS, Spotlight for me

00:30:04   is just an application launcher.

00:30:06   - Yep.

00:30:07   - That's all I use it for.

00:30:08   And even then, it's like sometimes,

00:30:11   for some reason, it just cannot find the apps.

00:30:14   My favorite is when it can't find official Apple apps.

00:30:18   I just type in, I don't know,

00:30:19   say I'm opening the official calendar app for some reason,

00:30:22   I type in like CA and it's like, I don't know.

00:30:25   I don't know what to do.

00:30:26   Like that's basically what I imagine it's saying.

00:30:28   It's like you never use this app.

00:30:29   So obviously we're not gonna find it for you.

00:30:31   Do you guys have this problem

00:30:32   where sometimes spotlight just doesn't?

00:30:33   Okay, so it's not just me.

00:30:35   - It's a very known bug and it's so annoying.

00:30:38   - It's such a weird one as well.

00:30:39   - And they actually said that iOS 8.3

00:30:43   was supposed to fix the spotlight

00:30:45   not finding apps by name,

00:30:48   but it's not true because it's still happening to me

00:30:50   even on the 8.4 beta, still happening.

00:30:53   But what I wanted to kind of continue on this discussion is

00:30:59   the difference between what we want from our spotlight

00:31:04   on iOS and actually what's in Google's best interest

00:31:07   for search, because on Android, Google is saying,

00:31:10   okay, we kind of want to treat apps as websites.

00:31:15   So because we depend on, you know,

00:31:17   our business is based on search and advertisements

00:31:20   that kind of stuff. We want you to continue searching like you normally do. Just now you

00:31:27   will also see results from apps and now again you will also see results from apps that you

00:31:32   don't have installed and if you install them from our Google Play Store you can continue

00:31:37   your search easily. So Google wants to kind of bring search into the mobile age by letting

00:31:45   your search into the content of the apps, just like traditional Google search can look

00:31:51   into websites.

00:31:53   On iOS, what we want is for Spotlight to be more like on the Mac, because on the Mac I

00:32:02   can look for my documents in the Finder, or I can look for stuff around my computer.

00:32:08   On iOS, like you said Myke, it's just an application launcher.

00:32:11   So the basic problem on iOS is that there's no spotlight API for apps.

00:32:20   If I'm a developer and I make an app that stores documents, I cannot say "ok, I am an

00:32:25   application and I want to advertise my documents to the spotlight agent on iOS" because there's

00:32:31   no such technology on iOS.

00:32:33   I can look for my reminders, I can look for my specific email messages from Apple applications,

00:32:40   But I cannot look for specific files into my Dropbox or Evernote or any other third-party

00:32:47   app on iOS.

00:32:48   So I wouldn't be surprised, or rather, I really really wish for better integration between

00:32:58   Spotlight and apps in iOS 9.

00:33:01   Because I feel like it's truly time to be able to look for specific stuff into apps

00:33:07   you keep on your device.

00:33:09   you know with iCloud drive all this focus on documents and stuff, I feel like we got the

00:33:14   technology in place for extensions for, I mean, kind of for document management. It's

00:33:20   not perfect but it's a good start. But we don't have the counterpart for search, because

00:33:26   Spotlight is still an application launcher or it can only look for specific items just

00:33:30   for Apple apps. But what I don't see Apple doing is what Google is doing. Not necessarily

00:33:37   by because of a philosophical problem, but because they don't have the technology to

00:33:45   index content in applications and to say, "Okay, we want to crawl the content of all

00:33:50   the apps on the App Store," because also they would find a lot of crappy birds inside.

00:33:56   The Apple method would be, "Hey, we've provided this extension.

00:34:00   If you want to show up in search results, push data out on this extension in this format,

00:34:05   and we will send it to us."

00:34:07   where Google wants to go out and crawl,

00:34:09   I think Apple would say,

00:34:11   "Hey developers, provide us with some sort of manifest

00:34:13   "of what you have available to you that we can search.

00:34:17   "Do all the heavy lifting for us."

00:34:18   Right, I mean that seems like a pretty typical

00:34:21   Apple thing to do.

00:34:23   Even if you look at extensions,

00:34:24   that they've been on Android for much longer

00:34:27   and they seem much more flexible

00:34:29   and I believe they're much easier to implement

00:34:31   for an iOS, the system and Apple and everyone,

00:34:35   It's up to the developer to build that stuff out.

00:34:38   I could see that coming.

00:34:40   I think it makes a lot of sense.

00:34:41   I think it's-- I agree with you.

00:34:42   It's definitely time, and it seems like they're moving

00:34:44   in a direction where dealing with documents

00:34:47   and data and notes and all this stuff should be easier.

00:34:50   And so I would hope to see this sort of functionality done

00:34:54   on iOS at some point.

00:34:56   - At least I would expect to see something like this

00:35:00   for iCloud Drive documents.

00:35:02   - Oh, man, yeah.

00:35:03   Because that would be a selling point to use iCloud Drive as well.

00:35:07   Yeah, I mean at least give me...

00:35:09   I mean, it's great that we can keep all the documents from apps in a single place, and

00:35:16   we got these special folders with icons and they're cute, you know, they have icons, you

00:35:21   can browse them and stuff.

00:35:23   But at least give me some kind of iCloud Drive app on iOS where I can just open the app and

00:35:29   "Okay, I find all my documents and I type a document and it goes back into the original

00:35:34   app and I have a search bar and I can look for documents.

00:35:38   Instead I have to keep third party apps like Documents from Riddle or all these other third

00:35:44   party file managers just to tap on the iCloud Drive interface because otherwise there's

00:35:49   no Apple unified solution to just say "Okay, I want my iCloud Drive on my iPad.

00:35:55   Where do I look?"

00:35:56   Can you explain to people how to look for iCloud Drive?

00:35:58   No, because I'm not even really sure how to do it.

00:36:01   Yeah, exactly.

00:36:02   So you've got to download an app that supports iCloud Drive, and then you will see a sharesheet,

00:36:08   and then on the sharesheet you tap on iCloud Drive.

00:36:10   I mean, it's awful.

00:36:12   It's nice, the underlying idea, but it should be more like the Mac.

00:36:15   Not saying that there should be a finder on iOS, but at least give me a shortcut, a place

00:36:19   where I can go and I find all my iCloud Drive stuff.

00:36:23   the thing that I find the most interesting about that is Apple have

00:36:26   already built the UI like which is the document picker. Like that's that would

00:36:31   be the the basic UI for an iCloud Drive app. So I agree it would be really... because it's

00:36:38   still like everything is still kind of siloed like it's still kind of like what

00:36:44   app did I have that in? Was it in Byword? Oh no it's not in Byword so maybe it's

00:36:48   in Editor. No it's not here. Like you know if you don't have an app like Documents

00:36:53   or something or you don't think to open an app like that you end up like playing

00:36:56   a wild goose chase until you actually find the document in the place it's

00:36:58   meant to be. Going back to Google though I'm really fascinated as to what the

00:37:04   business reason is for this. Because if you think about it like

00:37:09   fundamentally this is pushing people away from this is pushing Google's

00:37:14   customers away from their standard revenue model because ideally for Google

00:37:20   they want people to make Google searches because that's where the advertising

00:37:24   revenue comes from right? So the only thing like I'm sitting there and

00:37:28   thinking about this maybe that like the idea is they just want people to search

00:37:32   for everything because that's the idea yeah it builds in just an inbuilt like

00:37:39   why would I look for anything I just search for everything and that just

00:37:43   builds the behavior in people to just keep searching all the time so then in

00:37:48   in the aggregate people will hit more Google pages.

00:37:51   But it's just very interesting to me to see that

00:37:54   because it's like they're showing an example

00:37:56   of somebody looking for a perfect cup of tea, right?

00:38:01   That's the thing here.

00:38:03   So you kind of, they do like a okay Google search for it.

00:38:08   And then it takes them to the Daily Mail app,

00:38:12   which is a UK newspaper, and they find it inside the app.

00:38:16   And the process flow, they have a GIF on the page.

00:38:18   You just watch it, it's incredible.

00:38:20   So you just search, you press install, it installs the app.

00:38:22   Once the app is installed,

00:38:23   the app automatically opens and completes the search.

00:38:27   Like that's really cool.

00:38:28   - Yeah, that's very well done.

00:38:30   And I feel like they wanna put you in the perspective of

00:38:34   why would I look for anything outside of Google search?

00:38:39   Because they wanna make you understand

00:38:43   that apps are kind of like websites.

00:38:46   They have stuff inside, and you can go to Google Search

00:38:50   to find stuff, whether it's from a web page

00:38:52   or from an app from the Google Play Store.

00:38:55   It's kind of a hard trick to pull off,

00:38:58   because there is a very different mindset.

00:39:02   There's a website is one thing, and a native app is another.

00:39:08   And I find it fascinating, especially

00:39:10   all this transition from Google Search.

00:39:13   you install, you get to the content that you ask for.

00:39:16   I think it's very clever and potentially it can be good

00:39:20   for app discovery, you know, for developers who make apps

00:39:24   that can show up in Google search.

00:39:26   But again, it's weird from a business perspective

00:39:32   because you're pushing people away from websites

00:39:35   which carry Google ads and you're giving them

00:39:39   an easier shortcut to a native app

00:39:41   which doesn't necessarily have Google Ads inside.

00:39:44   So it's kind of strange and maybe Google doesn't care

00:39:48   or they have metrics that suggest that what really matters

00:39:53   is just to get people hooked

00:39:54   and to keep them searching on Google search.

00:39:59   Maybe that's what matters to Google.

00:40:00   I don't know, it's interesting.

00:40:03   - Well, this just could be something where Google,

00:40:05   it's just a play for functionality.

00:40:09   like some people look at like how we're looking right now

00:40:12   at Android has been like huh I would really like that

00:40:15   you know if you do enough of those sort of things that's what moves the needle for some

00:40:19   people right if you keep

00:40:20   keep giving them functionality they can't get on their iPhone and it's

00:40:24   functionality they really want then maybe they're more inclined to move

00:40:27   because that's the way that you do it right you just give people more of the stuff that they want but can't get

00:40:33   yeah I mean it's a nice feature I don't know if it'll support

00:40:37   you know all kinds of apps. Will the the unknown app from a third-party developer

00:40:42   show up in Google search just like the app from the Guardian or Musixmatch do?

00:40:47   I don't know. It's possible because they have this technology called App Indexing

00:40:51   that you know seems to be open to everybody.

00:40:55   I mean there's the GIF on the on the Google blog shows BuzzFeed,

00:40:59   the Daily Mail and you know pretty big websites.

00:41:05   I don't know, we'll see. I think it's interesting. I don't know if they can kind of do this on iOS

00:41:12   maybe. No, I don't think they can actually, because on iOS it would show the App Store

00:41:16   pop-up and then I don't think there's a way to trigger, you know?

00:41:22   Yeah, they could leverage the indexing maybe, but they wouldn't be able to push you out again.

00:41:32   Yeah, I don't know. Because I mean, they could use some kind of URL scheme and deep linking to

00:41:39   take you directly into the specific page of, I don't know, Daily Mail. But I don't think they,

00:41:46   on iOS, they can update in real time and say, "Okay, now on this device, the user has downloaded

00:41:53   this app from the App Store and the app has finished downloading and it can now be open

00:41:58   into this specific section. I don't think they can do that. They can do that on Android.

00:42:02   They can kind of fake it on iOS, but it wouldn't be as seamless as it is on Android.

00:42:09   Right, we actually, believe it or not, have more Google news. This is where we are now.

00:42:16   We're all fed up waiting for Apple Watches, so we're just talking about Google instead.

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00:44:39   So Federico.

00:44:40   Myke.

00:44:41   I was, I've been so upset this week.

00:44:44   Why?

00:44:45   I had seen about this fantastic Chrome update for iOS. It's a great Google Chrome update

00:44:52   for iOS. I saw it on a lovely website called maxstories.net, which I think is an Android

00:44:57   blog now. I'm sorry. I didn't even link to the Google search news. I wanted to discuss

00:45:07   it on the podcast. I'm just so excited about how much Google stuff you have for me this

00:45:13   And I've been without data.

00:45:18   Where I've been traveling, I had to be roaming

00:45:22   and dealing with hotel wifi,

00:45:24   so I haven't been able to update Google Chrome.

00:45:28   And one of the reasons I'm really excited

00:45:30   is now Google Chrome has extension support,

00:45:33   so I can use one password in Google Chrome,

00:45:36   which makes me the happiest man ever.

00:45:38   So tell me a little bit more about what is in this

00:45:41   really great update for Google Chrome on iOS.

00:45:45   So for us tech nerds, you can now use extensions of all kinds.

00:45:52   You can now use share extensions, you can use action extensions, you can use 1Password

00:45:57   or other password managers.

00:45:59   It had share extensions, so I could already share to other services previously, but it

00:46:04   didn't have the extension support for like 1Password and stuff like that.

00:46:07   - Yeah, I think they didn't support

00:46:10   like the action extensions of some types.

00:46:13   That's the idea that they improved support

00:46:16   for action extensions.

00:46:18   So most notably one password can now fill logins,

00:46:23   usernames and passwords in Google Chrome.

00:46:25   It's not as seamless or as basically perfect

00:46:30   as it is in Safari.

00:46:33   There's a couple of web pages, at least for me,

00:46:36   my Italian bank of course because bank websites are always weird.

00:46:40   There's a couple of logins that don't play nice with 1Password in Chrome, but overall

00:46:46   it's very nice.

00:46:49   The other two big features.

00:46:52   There's a bunch of new gestures on the iPhone.

00:46:58   Not on the iPad, just on the iPhone version, and these new gestures are meant to let you

00:47:03   more easily and comfortably use Google Chrome on your iPhone.

00:47:07   So you can now swipe down and you get this custom pull-to-refresh done by Google.

00:47:14   This is so good, man.

00:47:15   I have so much to say about this.

00:47:17   Yeah, I told you about this when I was trying it.

00:47:20   Because you've been trying it out for a couple of weeks, right?

00:47:23   Yeah.

00:47:24   It's actually true.

00:47:28   When I published my 6+ review, there was a photo of Google Chrome with the orange dot

00:47:35   of the test flight beta, and I was afraid that people would be like "Oh, is that a

00:47:40   Chrome beta?"

00:47:41   Instead they didn't, so I kind of kept it quiet.

00:47:44   Can I just share a quick frustration I have with the orange dot?

00:47:48   Sure.

00:47:50   So I have this problem more with the orange dot than the blue dot, right?

00:47:56   They're kind of see-through, right?

00:47:58   Because I have a background with a crazy pattern on it, across my home screen some dots are

00:48:05   yellow and some dots are orange and it drives me mad.

00:48:08   They're not the same color.

00:48:10   And like the blue one, there's slight variations but because it's a darker color it's blue,

00:48:13   like it doesn't get as affected so much and the difference between blue and purple isn't

00:48:17   as harsh as yellow and orange and it drives me mad.

00:48:20   Like just please, just make it a solid color.

00:48:23   There is a Syracusian level of frustration with a tiny, tiny piece of technology.

00:48:30   It drives me crazy Federico, it really, really does, I hate it, I just wish there wasn't

00:48:34   such a fool.

00:48:35   So the shade of the orange dots.

00:48:36   I don't want dots, I just don't want dots, like just get rid of the dots.

00:48:40   Remember when they used to do the little tag that said "new", like the little banner?

00:48:45   I prefer the banner, I prefer the banner, because the thing that annoys me about the

00:48:48   dots is it then truncates the text so omni-focus just says omnif dot dot dot.

00:48:55   It drives me mad.

00:48:56   I hate it.

00:48:57   I hate it so much.

00:48:58   But that's my rant about dots.

00:49:01   Okay.

00:49:02   So anyway, there's this custom pull to refresh swipe down gesture that Google has done on

00:49:09   Chrome for the iPhone.

00:49:11   And what I mean by custom is that you can swipe down to refresh the web page.

00:49:17   And that is the basic gesture.

00:49:21   But what's different is that instead of being...

00:49:24   It's more like a tray of icons at the top.

00:49:27   When you swipe down, you get this refresh icon in the middle, and you get two other

00:49:32   icons.

00:49:33   One to close the current tab, and another plus button to create a new tab.

00:49:38   And what's really smooth about this implementation is that while you're swiping down, while you're

00:49:45   still holding your finger on the screen, you can quickly move the finger to the right or

00:49:50   to the left to make this indicator at the top, which is a blue one, basically pop from

00:49:56   the middle position to the left or to the right.

00:49:59   And effectively it's like three gestures in one, because you can just wipe down and then

00:50:05   move your finger quickly to the left or to the right to open a new tab or to close the

00:50:11   current one.

00:50:12   And it's harder to describe that it is in practice, but it's really fast and really

00:50:18   convenient, especially if you have a big phone, like all of the three of us do, you can, instead

00:50:25   of reaching out to the top to create a new tab or to close the current tab, you can just

00:50:29   swipe down and then either to the left or to the right and you're done.

00:50:33   It's really quick, really, really, really, it's really well done.

00:50:37   And I know that Myke is a fan of this new gesture.

00:50:42   So are you a happy Myke?

00:50:44   Oh very.

00:50:45   This is, when I spoke about this, like I think when I originally got the 6+, like I was talking

00:50:50   about how many developers in my opinion have not considered the larger phone sizes.

00:50:56   Like Twitterific is a really pretty app, right?

00:50:59   But all of its UI sits at the top of the screen.

00:51:01   Oh man, yes.

00:51:02   And there's no way of changing that.

00:51:03   it's like, "are you using any big phone, like at all?" Like it's just crazy to me

00:51:10   like that you would keep it all up there still. And this is like one of those

00:51:14   things where you know I was concerned before there has been this recent people

00:51:20   trying out the 6+ more often that I was worried that people would just forget

00:51:24   about the 6+ and that things wouldn't continue to be developed more

00:51:28   specifically for it. And this is I think really great app design from Google. Like

00:51:33   This is one of the first things that I've seen that that reminds me of pull to refresh

00:51:37   like this idea of

00:51:40   Important navigation which is frequently used being placed in a position like this because obviously pull to refresh is the main

00:51:49   One of the things that's in here, right?

00:51:52   But also the the idea of adding a new tab closing the current tab

00:51:55   But they're frequently used things in a web browser

00:51:58   So like this is like an advancement of pull to refresh really makes sense on these larger screens

00:52:03   like this is already just a thing that I do now, I just know that that happens

00:52:07   and I love it. I really wish they would add one more for the share extension but...

00:52:12   Exactly, that's the... yeah, I agree. I'm struggling to have a stronger agreement with you. I really agree.

00:52:23   That's something that I would love and I would also love, and I don't know how they would do this,

00:52:29   I think this needs to be an easier way to jump to the top.

00:52:32   Yeah, because you gotta tap the status bar.

00:52:35   Yeah, or just scroll really quickly.

00:52:37   But Google's Chrome, I think they may have pushed this change out too early.

00:52:42   They changed the way that the scrolling inertia is on Google Chrome, and it makes more sense

00:52:47   now, because it now scrolls a lot faster.

00:52:51   And now I can kind of, now I'm not, because that frustrated me, but now I'm happy about

00:52:55   that.

00:52:56   at the end of a page or whatever, now I can scroll super fast up to the top.

00:53:00   But yeah, I really, really love this.

00:53:02   This is just very smart app design.

00:53:04   And now, like Google Chrome, I just feel even better about my browser choice now that I

00:53:10   have the extension support and a really nice way to interact with browser tabs.

00:53:15   Yeah, but there's one more thing, Michael.

00:53:19   There's a widget.

00:53:20   Oh yeah, I've actually only just enabled that.

00:53:23   I've not really tried it out.

00:53:24   So what's the good news about this widget?

00:53:27   So it's a simple widget.

00:53:29   You can swipe down, you open Notification Center, and you get two shortcuts for Google

00:53:36   Chrome.

00:53:37   One to open a new empty tab in the browser, and another one to start a new voice search

00:53:43   in Google Chrome.

00:53:45   I saw a lot of people making fun of these two shortcuts in the widget, and I can understand,

00:53:51   because they're pretty useless I think. Usually when I want to create a new tab I just go to the

00:53:56   web browser or I open a link from an app like my RSS reader or my email. But what's really

00:54:06   really great I think about the widget is that it supports opening links in Chrome after you copy

00:54:13   them from anywhere. So say you're into Messages or Apple Mail or Safari or whatever and you just

00:54:20   want to copy a link and go to Google Chrome. Before either you did some kind of crazy iOS automation

00:54:27   you know with Workflow or Drafts or Launch

00:54:47   I see only box now because it's not a bar.

00:54:51   So you have to go there and paste the link.

00:54:54   Now with the new widget you can just copy a link, you swipe down from anywhere, when

00:55:00   you copy a link there's a new shortcut, it says copy link and you tap it and you're taken

00:55:06   to that link but in Google Chrome instead.

00:55:09   So it's really easy if you're using an app that doesn't have native Google Chrome integration

00:55:15   on iOS and there's plenty of apps that have direct Google Chrome support now.

00:55:22   But if you're using an app that doesn't, like Apple's apps, or there's still a bunch of

00:55:27   others, you can just copy links the old way, but you use the widget to get to Google Chrome

00:55:32   quickly.

00:55:34   So I don't understand why people are making fun of the widget, because just this functionality

00:55:39   alone is worth the widget, I think. It's really convenient and I'm using it all the time.

00:55:44   Because I'm trying to see Google Chrome on iOS, WhatsApp, they've been doing some nice

00:55:48   work lately.

00:55:50   So I'm trying to see if it can be used.

00:55:53   It's been many years since I last used Google Chrome, so I kind of want to catch up.

00:55:56   Because I'm young, I gotta stay current, I gotta keep my brain fresh.

00:56:01   I don't wanna grow old.

00:56:03   So I wanna try new experiences.

00:56:05   I sound like one of those people who go to Burning Man.

00:56:09   Only the app version.

00:56:11   It's a similar kind of thing.

00:56:13   - The last thing I was saying on this,

00:56:14   I actually think the most impressive part of the widget

00:56:16   is that they have built the animations

00:56:18   for material design into it.

00:56:19   - Yeah, true.

00:56:21   - So like when you tap the buttons,

00:56:24   it does like the expansion from the circle.

00:56:27   I can't, I mean, I don't know,

00:56:28   but I can only imagine that

00:56:30   that was incredibly difficult to do.

00:56:31   That just feels like something that's really hard.

00:56:35   - Yeah, I don't know, but I do like that, you know,

00:56:37   Google is, you know, it's keeping its personality

00:56:42   apps if you go to drive or sheets or something you know you get the big band

00:56:45   of color at the top like you do on the web I think they're doing a good job at

00:56:50   making sure all their apps feel googly even on iOS and if you use a lot of them

00:56:55   you know it starts to feel like you're just in a little Google

00:56:59   ecosystem on your phone or iPad I think I think it's a good thing from their

00:57:02   perspective yeah I like that it keeps that design language I think is a really

00:57:06   smart way of doing things yeah absolutely all right should we take a

00:57:10   a final break and then talk about music streaming?

00:57:14   Yay!

00:57:15   This is the Federico episode, this makes up for you not talking last week.

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00:58:36   Federico.

00:58:37   Myke.

00:58:38   I know you want to talk about Apple's music streaming service. We only kind of, we touched

00:58:42   on this a little bit and then I can see you've had some more thoughts on this which I'm excited

00:58:46   about. But I want to tell you a little story.

00:58:48   Okay.

00:58:49   So, I was having some problems with having my phone except overseas SIMs. I have an unlocked

00:58:57   6 Plus that I bought from Apple, I have recently found out that, this is at least what my carrier

00:59:03   is telling me, that if you buy an unlocked phone from Apple and you put a SIM into it,

00:59:07   it automatically locks to that carrier and you have to request a carrier unlock, there

00:59:12   is a word of warning.

00:59:13   Oh, this is the same issue with the Romanian SIM.

00:59:16   This was the problem with the Romanian SIM, yeah.

00:59:17   Okay.

00:59:18   When I was trying to get that to work and couldn't get it to work.

00:59:20   So that is a word of advice for all of you that have what you believe to be an unlocked

00:59:24   phone to check that before you travel.

00:59:27   So this is what I've been told, that it can and carriers can then lock it, so I had to

00:59:32   get it unlocked again.

00:59:34   So in the process of getting my phone unlocked I had to restore my phone.

00:59:39   Whichever I already know, this is my favorite thing to do.

00:59:42   So I did a full restore and it seemed like everything went okay.

00:59:48   And I restored from a backup.

00:59:50   And then I was on a plane today.

00:59:52   Oh I know where this is going.

00:59:54   And I opened Beats Music.

00:59:58   And all of my music still had those little pink down arrows to signify to me that everything

01:00:03   was downloaded to my device.

01:00:06   Why would I assume it wouldn't be?

01:00:09   And I put it into offline mode and nothing worked.

01:00:11   And I was very confused by this.

01:00:13   And so I looked into my library and everything was showing in the offline library.

01:00:17   Then I went into settings and looked in the download information and it said I had zero

01:00:21   songs downloaded to my device.

01:00:24   And I'm very upset about this because I have then had to, when I got home today, I have

01:00:29   had to log out from the app, log back in again, and then manually go in and set every album

01:00:38   to download again to my device.

01:00:41   That's awful.

01:00:42   You know what always works on an airplane?

01:00:44   iPod classics.

01:00:46   That's true.

01:00:47   Yeah.

01:00:48   Yeah, I mean, the way that these music streaming apps download stuff on your device, like these

01:00:55   caches that they create, they never, in my experience at least, and now Myke in your

01:01:01   experience too, they never work with the backup and restore of an iOS device, which is probably

01:01:09   Apple's fault because this stuff should work better.

01:01:12   I don't know if, I don't think it's an issue only of the Beats Music app.

01:01:17   I think it's an issue with any other kind of local cache on your device.

01:01:22   Especially for music streaming stuff or even video caches.

01:01:27   I used to have one of those unofficial YouTube clients that used to download videos offline.

01:01:36   And I remember like it was three years ago maybe, I did a backup and restore and it didn't

01:01:42   keep the videos.

01:01:43   And I was really upset, but this was before I knew you, so I didn't have a podcast to

01:01:48   complain about that.

01:01:49   But yeah, same issue.

01:01:52   I'm sorry.

01:01:54   I was so upset.

01:01:55   Because the thing that annoyed me the most about it is it's like, it's not even the fact

01:02:04   that this happened is that the UI showed me that it was downloaded.

01:02:09   Well, to be fair, they've been acquired, so maybe there's no engineer anymore to remove

01:02:17   the pink arrows from the app.

01:02:20   Yeah, they're there and they're just waiting, you know, they want to do this, somebody's

01:02:23   there is waiting for any moment to remove them for me.

01:02:27   Can you imagine like Tim Cook walking, actually, Eddy Q walking into the office, like, "Hey,

01:02:31   where's the guy in charge of the pink arrows?"

01:02:34   And like, there's no guy anymore because there's no office anymore.

01:02:39   It's just the Apple office in Cupertino.

01:02:41   I'm sorry for you, Myke.

01:02:43   Thank you.

01:02:44   You didn't listen to music.

01:02:45   No, I couldn't.

01:02:47   What did you do on the plane?

01:02:48   I listened to the Flop House, which is a podcast that I enjoy, but I wanted to listen to music.

01:02:54   I had a song in my head and I wanted to listen to it.

01:02:57   And I also wanted to put some music on so I could sleep more comfortably, but could

01:03:01   not do that.

01:03:03   That was disallowed by Beats Music.

01:03:08   I'm sorry.

01:03:09   It's okay.

01:03:10   It's sad.

01:03:11   The story of woe, really.

01:03:12   It was a story of woe.

01:03:13   For the modern time.

01:03:14   It was a story of woe.

01:03:15   But, you know, like Federico said, they've been acquired, and now there are rumors that

01:03:20   something might be happening in June.

01:03:22   So yeah, what do we think about that?

01:03:25   This is what I wanted to discuss with you guys.

01:03:27   The rumor is that there's going to be some kind of announcement for an Apple Music streaming

01:03:34   service powered by what used to be Beats Music and that is going to be into the new music

01:03:40   app for iOS 8.4. We discussed the new app I think last week and we talked about how

01:03:50   all the features and the design choices seem to suggest that there's going to be room for

01:03:55   streaming in the app. So I've been thinking, you know, I was a fan of Beats Music last

01:04:02   year way before the acquisition when people used to make fun hey it's the

01:04:07   music streaming service from dr. Dre and stuff yeah I was thinking this the other

01:04:11   day that people might think that me and you just use this app like because Apple

01:04:17   but we were using it for a long time before. Yeah months before because we saw you know

01:04:25   decoration like it was a different approach to music streaming and it was

01:04:30   really really great. So I'm thinking now, let's say that the rumor is true, and I do believe that the rumor is true, because they acquired the company.

01:04:41   What do we want from an Apple Music streaming service? What do we want and maybe what do we need? Because Apple is kind of late to the music streaming business.

01:04:52   There's no music streaming from Apple at all.

01:04:57   So I want to first ask you guys, what do you want from...

01:05:00   Steven, I don't know if you want anything at this point, but what would you like from

01:05:05   an Apple Music streaming service?

01:05:08   I mean, what I would like is something that...

01:05:11   Works on an Apple Classic.

01:05:13   Well, no.

01:05:14   Something that's attractive to me as someone who...

01:05:18   I don't want to deal with that, you know, downloading a bunch of music and then having

01:05:22   to sync it over or hope that it's there after a restore.

01:05:25   Like, that's something that works.

01:05:27   And I want something that has the ability

01:05:29   to blend local tracks and stuff available on the service.

01:05:34   'Cause none of these services,

01:05:36   even the bigger ones, have everything.

01:05:38   And you end up in the situation where you have

01:05:41   stuff in RDO or Beats or Spotify,

01:05:45   and then you also have the music app

01:05:46   with like weird stuff that you synced over.

01:05:49   And so with all this being first party now,

01:05:52   theoretically Apple could do something about that

01:05:54   and make it more of a combination

01:05:57   or some sort of blended experience.

01:05:59   And that I think is like the Holy grail for a lot of users.

01:06:02   I mean, I know a lot of people who use something

01:06:05   like Spotify, but still have iTunes around

01:06:06   for that stuff that's not available.

01:06:08   And we'll see if that dream comes true.

01:06:11   - Can I stop you right there, Stephen?

01:06:14   Because that's exactly what Google Music does.

01:06:18   Okay, I know.

01:06:19   You can hear the pain, you can hear him.

01:06:21   Welcome to Connected, the leading Google podcast on the internet.

01:06:26   But the rest of Google Music is so bad, like...

01:06:29   No, no, listen to me, it's not terrible anymore.

01:06:33   So, you can...

01:06:35   So it used to be called, you know, the super long name,

01:06:38   Google Music Play, All Access, whatever.

01:06:41   Now it's just, I think, Google Play Music.

01:06:43   It's kind of a more decent name.

01:06:45   But besides the name,

01:06:47   They let you do what you want, the blend of local tracks.

01:06:52   So you can upload songs, up to 50,000 songs, I think it's more than iTunes match.

01:06:58   So you can upload songs from your computer.

01:07:01   GoogleStories.net.

01:07:03   And you can upload songs from your computer.

01:07:09   And you can use music streaming, like streaming songs that you don't own at the same time.

01:07:16   So I wanted to try Google Music a few weeks ago and I chose to take my Taylor Swift album

01:07:25   from my iTunes library because it's not available on Spotify and other streaming services, including

01:07:30   Google Music.

01:07:31   So I uploaded 1989, which is the album's name, to Google Music with the Google uploader, whatever

01:07:39   the name is.

01:07:40   So when I'm in Google Music now, I can look for streaming stuff, as usual.

01:07:47   And I can also look for the Taylor Swift album that I uploaded.

01:07:52   They coexist in the same interface.

01:07:54   Actually, if you go to your Google Music library, you see in the same interface streaming albums

01:08:03   that you added to your library and also stuff that you uploaded from your Mac.

01:08:10   Which is nice, I think it makes sense for people like you who want to, you know, there's

01:08:15   this album that I can find on music streaming services and now, you know, I can see the

01:08:21   combination of the two making sense.

01:08:23   It's not perfect in Google Music because they're still terrible at many many things, as I will

01:08:27   discuss in a bit, but they do have this feature.

01:08:31   Maybe Steven, next week you will try Google Music.

01:08:34   I'm busy with all the pictures of beards next week.

01:08:39   You always have an excuse not to try the young stuff.

01:08:44   It's true.

01:08:45   Federico, Fabian in the chat room is letting me know that GoogleStories.net is available

01:08:50   for $13.

01:08:51   You should go to Hobber and buy that.

01:08:52   No, that's not...

01:08:53   I don't want to have a Google story.

01:08:55   That is not a dumb domain name to have though.

01:09:00   I don't know.

01:09:01   Is it really available?

01:09:02   That's what I'm being told.

01:09:04   Yeah, I will check.

01:09:07   It's just, you know, I have an intellectual interest more than anything in being up to

01:09:12   date with what's going on.

01:09:14   That's all.

01:09:16   So anyway, Steven wants the unification of iTunes Radio, iTunes Match, and regular iTunes

01:09:23   music files and the new music streaming stuff from Apple.

01:09:27   What do you want, Myke?

01:09:32   Beats does so much of what I like.

01:09:36   are frustrations with the app. Like the catalog is is good enough, the the

01:09:42   curation stuff I really really really want to stick around. But the app really

01:09:49   does need some love. Like offline mode in general makes Beats Music pretty upset

01:09:54   and I've also had this thing where it just randomly cuts off like 10 seconds

01:10:00   of a track and it's like impossible to get it back. So there is definitely some

01:10:05   just technical work that needs to occur like to make the app really the best it

01:10:10   can be. I'm not really that interested anymore in uploading my own music. It's

01:10:17   just not something that I need to do if I'm paying for a subscription service.

01:10:20   There's a good chance they've already got it and on the odd occasion that they

01:10:24   don't have it like there's maybe like three albums that I own that music

01:10:28   streaming services don't have so I just have them in the music app like that's

01:10:33   not a problem for me. I know why a lot of people do want that, especially if you

01:10:37   have more obscure music or like lots of live recordings or something, but for me

01:10:43   that's not really a big thing. But I do really want the app to think more

01:10:48   intelligently about offline mode, making it easier for me to get into it or just

01:10:53   putting itself into offline mode more easily. And that comes from a lot of the places that I

01:10:58   listen to music. It's like underground, you know? So I've always felt that

01:11:02   no apps really intelligently use offline mode and/or just maybe default to offline mode

01:11:09   until I request something online would be a much much better way for me.

01:11:16   The app is constantly trying to connect to the server to make sure I'm not like "oh heaven

01:11:20   forbid stealing music for a day!"

01:11:23   Just chill out, everything's gonna be okay.

01:11:26   Yeah, especially now that we have iPhones with at least 64GB of storage.

01:11:32   I think I'm finding myself saving more and more albums for offline listening, just because

01:11:39   I have the space, so why not?

01:11:41   When I'm driving I don't want to use my 4G data, I can just use the offline album on my

01:11:46   device.

01:11:47   So yeah, I agree, a lot of apps don't make good use of offline mode.

01:11:51   And also I want it to be available in Europe, like straight away.

01:11:55   I mean, of course. Actually, that's a good jumping point for me because I made my own list.

01:12:02   As you can already tell from the document that you have in front of you, listeners don't.

01:12:08   You know, I think about this stuff usually when I'm in the shower or cooking, like I keep thinking about

01:12:15   music streaming. That's the stuff that I do. You know, video games, music streaming, what else?

01:12:20   iPads, you know, these are my thoughts.

01:12:22   Uh, anyway, um, the first point that I, that came to mind was the, the beats

01:12:30   music curation, that was the big deal with beats music, you know, all the, uh,

01:12:35   curated playlists, the recommendations, the, you know, the, uh, what's the, the

01:12:41   deep cuts, I think was the name of the, you know, the, uh, human curated selections

01:12:47   from albums, from a specific artist.

01:12:49   Great album tracks basically.

01:12:51   Oh yeah, yeah.

01:12:52   And so I'm thinking this curation, if Apple is doing music streaming, first question,

01:12:59   are they doing music streaming internationally at launch or is it going to be another iTunes

01:13:04   radio scenario, which is basically just available in the US and Canada, or are they going to

01:13:10   do a real, you know, international rollout, a real Apple service for everybody else outside

01:13:17   of the US and Canada?

01:13:19   I hope so, but my question is, besides getting the rights to have music streaming internationally,

01:13:26   can they also do curation internationally?

01:13:30   So can they assemble a team of people in each country to create these curated playlists

01:13:38   or sections?

01:13:40   Can they have someone in Italy, a team of people in Italy curating what's popular right

01:13:47   now or maybe the history of Italian music, can they do this then for any other country?

01:13:53   Because in the United States, what Beats Music did was they assembled a team of music journalists,

01:14:00   reviewers, and just in general experts of the music industry.

01:14:05   And they assembled this team and Apple, based on what I know, they took many of these people

01:14:11   in at Cupertino.

01:14:13   And can they do the same in Italy, in France, in Germany, can they do the same in all the

01:14:19   other countries where the iTunes Store is available?

01:14:22   Because my other question is, is it gonna be this music streaming service, if it exists,

01:14:28   is it gonna be available in the same countries where the iTunes Store is available, which

01:14:33   should be around 155, I think, maybe more?

01:14:38   Or is it gonna be, again, like Ajin's Radio, a separate rollout, a separate set of countries

01:14:45   where it's available?

01:14:47   I don't know.

01:14:48   But I'm seeing, even Google, last year, shortly after the Beats Music acquisition, they bought

01:14:55   Songsa, a company focused on curation and playlists for music streaming.

01:15:03   And they're doing this, I think in the US and recently in the UK, they're doing this

01:15:08   curated front page for Google Music, which is based on the songs on playlists.

01:15:13   And they're not doing this in other countries because they don't have a curation team internationally.

01:15:19   So if Google is struggling, I don't know if Apple has a team or plans to have a team or

01:15:24   even if they plan to continue doing that kind of curation.

01:15:28   Because what's really, when I say curation, I don't mean, okay, there's a bunch of new

01:15:32   releases every week, what's the best stuff? That's not curation, because GoToBeat's music,

01:15:39   you see a lot of playlists and sections and collections, and you can tell that they've

01:15:45   been assembled with taste, you know, with a deep knowledge of music. When I say curation,

01:15:52   it's not just picking a bunch of singles and a bunch of albums and say "oh, we curated

01:15:56   the front page". So I'm curious to see if the world has a team.

01:16:02   So I would be very surprised if they had local teams around the world.

01:16:08   I think it's just going to be English music focused in the US most likely.

01:16:15   I think that that is just going to be the way it's done.

01:16:17   Because that's just a lot of people.

01:16:20   My hope for why we haven't seen iTunes Radio really break out into Europe is that they

01:16:28   they decided to just put the resources into getting this ready.

01:16:33   Like to whatever, let's just call it Beats for the sake of giving it a name.

01:16:38   That they want to get Beats in every country, or they want to get it in as many countries

01:16:41   as possible.

01:16:42   I don't think it's going to be in every country that iTunes is in, at least initially.

01:16:47   But I would be very surprised if they just launched a big project like this only in the

01:16:52   US.

01:16:53   But they did it on Apple Pay, but I would like to think that they maybe have a little

01:16:57   bit more sway with the music record labels.

01:17:01   And this was something I really remember, I really wish I could remember who sent this

01:17:04   in, but someone said, you know, we were talking about like how Eddy Cue would start the deals

01:17:09   and Jobs would close them.

01:17:11   Somebody tweeted at us to say like, imagine if like now Jimmy Eovine is the one that closed

01:17:17   the deals.

01:17:18   No, it's possible.

01:17:20   And that would make a Beats acquisition worth it in and of itself.

01:17:24   Yeah.

01:17:25   Yeah, and plus you got the team, you got the streaming service, you got the headphones,

01:17:32   you got this full package of resources, I think it makes sense.

01:17:37   So next on my list, anyway, now I don't know if this is just my frustration, I know that

01:17:43   there's other people like me out there, so I'm kinda reaching out and it's a call for

01:17:47   help basically.

01:17:49   I struggled to find a proper, well-done, new releases section on every streaming service

01:17:58   that I tried.

01:17:59   And I tried them all.

01:18:01   I tried Spotify, I tried RDO, I tried Beats Music, now I'm trying Google Play Music.

01:18:07   I even signed up for Tidal, you know, the Jay-Z streaming service a few weeks ago.

01:18:14   So I tried them all.

01:18:17   I don't think I tried Deezer. Maybe I should try Deezer at one point.

01:18:21   Don't bother.

01:18:22   Anyway, I'm the kind of music guy who wants to...

01:18:27   I have a bunch of bands and artists that I follow and I want to keep current on what they do.

01:18:34   I want to stay up to date with new singles, new records.

01:18:39   And in the music industry, there's a specific day of the week.

01:18:44   It is Tuesday. I think it will change to Friday to conform to the other entertainment industry,

01:18:51   movies and video games. But it still is Tuesday, the day when new music comes out.

01:18:56   So it is called New Music Tuesday on Spotify and other places. And it's the day when you get to

01:19:03   listen to new singles, new albums and all that's new. And I think it is essential for a streaming

01:19:10   service to get this section right, because you want people to be able to find new stuff,

01:19:15   because people like new stuff, because new is new.

01:19:19   I tried all these services, and they all tend to get this wrong, for some reason or another.

01:19:28   So RDO was the only one that got their new releases section kind of right, because each

01:19:34   Tuesday...

01:19:35   Yeah, that was good.

01:19:36   RDO was good at that.

01:19:37   It was good.

01:19:38   they would send you an email and they would say "yeah, there's new music for you and there's a new releases section

01:19:44   right there in the app" or at least there used to be because the problem is that you know

01:19:49   RDO changed a lot since I last tried it

01:19:52   But based on what I know they used to send you an email, there's new music, you go to the section, you find new music

01:19:58   And it was really well done and for more than two years I used RDO and loved the new releases section

01:20:06   Spotify is surprisingly in the middle of this because they do have a new releases section

01:20:19   but it's not updated each Tuesday as RDO does.

01:20:25   Instead, what they do is they have a new Music Tuesday subsection with a playlist done by

01:20:33   the Spotify team and if you subscribe to this playlist, each Tuesday you get a notification

01:20:39   and there's new music, new songs added by the Spotify team.

01:20:43   And sure enough, there's new singles, new songs and I'm subscribed to this playlist

01:20:49   and I go there and I find new singles.

01:20:51   And it's pretty good but not perfect because it's not like the audio section where you

01:20:56   You get a date at the top and you get a list of albums sorted by popularity, which I think

01:21:03   makes the most sense.

01:21:05   So Spotify has a section but it's not updated.

01:21:08   They have a playlist which is convenient but it's not a real section.

01:21:12   Which brings me to Beats Music, which based on what I remember from last year, there is

01:21:21   new releases and they also kind of rotate on the front page but it used to be super

01:21:28   confusing to find a list of new releases by all genres.

01:21:33   It's like they're doing a bunch of "you can go into this category and you find new releases

01:21:38   here or you can go to the front page and if you're into this artist we suggest a new release

01:21:44   for you" but there's no single place where you go and say "okay I want to see all new

01:21:49   music from Tuesday. Give that to me. There's no... Myke, am I wrong? Is there any section

01:21:57   like this in Beats Music?

01:21:58   There is, I've never been able to find it. Like, I always go to like... there's one tab

01:22:03   where it sometimes shows that, but...

01:22:06   Yeah, exactly. Yeah, see, a lot of services do this "sometimes" thing, where like, sometimes

01:22:13   Sometimes you can find new music, other times you don't.

01:22:19   After years of...

01:22:20   I mean, I've been on music streaming services for like 6 years at this point.

01:22:26   And each Tuesday I want to go there and I want to find new music.

01:22:30   And every time there's something rock with them.

01:22:32   Google Music is terrible at new releases.

01:22:36   It's the worst service that I tried from this standpoint.

01:22:42   So Google Music is tied to your Google account. And if you want to keep a real personal Google

01:22:49   account like I do, you gotta give Google your location. You gotta say "I live in Italy"

01:22:55   because they use that for two-factor authentication, they use that for Google Maps, for your address,

01:23:02   and all the stuff that Google does. So of course I'm Italian, I live in Italy. And that's

01:23:09   That's the problem for many things, but in this case for Google Music.

01:23:14   So when I go to Google Music, there's an Explore section in the left menu.

01:23:21   There's a menu on the left.

01:23:22   You open the menu, there's Explore.

01:23:24   So I decide to explore because I'm a brave man.

01:23:27   And I explore and there's a bunch of tabs at the top.

01:23:32   And you can switch from Recommended to New.

01:23:35   There's also other tabs, but I don't care.

01:23:38   So when you go to new, because I'm Italian, but also because I'm into, you know, English

01:23:44   music, I think Google Music is confused.

01:23:48   So they're giving me new releases for Italian music, which I never, never, ever listen to.

01:23:57   And you know, actual music that I listen to, like, I don't know, Foo Fighters or Noel Gallagher,

01:24:02   you know.

01:24:04   So I get this mix of Italian music and pop singles from the Italian top charts.

01:24:11   Do you listen to Italian music?

01:24:13   I don't.

01:24:14   See, that's the point.

01:24:15   They're only giving those new releases to me because they assume that because I live

01:24:19   in Italy, because I'm Italian, I'm interested in Italian new releases.

01:24:23   But what's really driving me crazy about this is that this is a real problem, right?

01:24:30   I live in Italy, but I don't care for Italian stuff.

01:24:34   give me Italian content ever. And Google understands this problem because in YouTube they have

01:24:41   a setting to say "I don't wanna see regional stuff ever, just give me the US or the worldwide

01:24:48   YouTube, don't give me the Italian front page". And that's what I did. I go to YouTube and

01:24:53   I say "don't ever show me Italian videos, because I don't care". And there's no way

01:24:58   to do the same in Google Music, which is dumb, because in Google Music there is YouTube integration,

01:25:04   That's another thing, Steven. You can look for your own music, you can look for streaming music, and you can look for YouTube videos in Google Music.

01:25:12   It's all unified in the same app. So they have YouTube integration, but they don't let you change the regional settings.

01:25:18   So my new releases section in Google Music is a bunch of Italian bands that I don't care about, and actual real bands that I care about.

01:25:28   And so it's useless for me.

01:25:30   So what I'm... basically I'm stuck, because I'm going to websites to find out more about

01:25:38   new releases.

01:25:39   I'm still keeping my Spotify subscription, because I have a family account that I need,

01:25:45   and I'm not sure about whether Google Music will stick around, but man, is their implementation

01:25:50   of new releases wrong.

01:25:51   It's really just wrong.

01:25:55   got it right though. I don't think anyone's really got it right.

01:25:58   Well, see, that's the point. Apple kind of gets it right on the iTunes Store front page.

01:26:03   Yeah, I'd buy that actually. I mean, I've said this before, I used to go in and buy

01:26:11   a couple of new albums every week because they just surface good stuff at the front

01:26:15   page.

01:26:16   - Yeah, they tend to surface that popular, you know,

01:26:21   bands and other artists, it's just, you know,

01:26:25   they know what's popular.

01:26:26   So they give you the new releases for popular stuff.

01:26:29   - And I can't help but wonder if the curation,

01:26:33   like manpower problem also solves new release issues.

01:26:38   Like can iTunes do it because they have a bunch of people,

01:26:41   you know, keeping up with what's gonna be new

01:26:43   and what they should push and, you know,

01:26:44   they have editorial calendar where like is on Spotify

01:26:48   is like one intern in charge of New Music Tuesday

01:26:51   and he's not very good at it.

01:26:53   Like could that be solved with more man hours?

01:26:57   - Yeah, probably.

01:26:58   So real quickly, I had other wishes for Beats from Apple.

01:27:03   Family accounts, me and my girlfriend,

01:27:11   we want to share the same music streaming subscription because we want to save a couple

01:27:18   of euros each month because we both have to use music streaming for different needs but

01:27:24   we both need to and I don't think, I think Beats Music has family accounts just in the

01:27:30   US of course so hopefully Apple will consider, you know, does Apple have any kind of family

01:27:37   subscription for iCloud?

01:27:39   I don't think they do.

01:27:43   It's not exactly promising for a streaming service.

01:27:47   So anyway, Family Accounts.

01:27:50   Hopefully.

01:27:52   What's really interesting for me is the consideration of having different kinds of content into

01:28:01   Beats Music.

01:28:04   Before the acquisition, I think Beats Music was already doing that kind of thing where

01:28:11   they allowed artists to showcase non-music content to users of the app.

01:28:19   So you could look for, I think, merchandising like, you know, hats or other accessories,

01:28:25   t-shirts, because I think there used to be some kind of partnership between Beats Music

01:28:31   and another company that used to provide this service.

01:28:35   Now I'm thinking it would make sense, you know, because Apple has an interest in the

01:28:45   music industry in general.

01:28:48   When Apple does iTunes Festival each year, you can tell that they care about music kind

01:28:55   of as a lifestyle, you know?

01:28:57   And it wouldn't surprise me if Apple continued to offer this kind of, I wouldn't say recommendations,

01:29:04   but I would say you go to the streaming, to the Beats Music app, and you go to your artist

01:29:11   page and besides a list of albums and a list of songs, maybe you should be able to see

01:29:19   more.

01:29:20   Maybe you should be able to see, you know, status updates from your favorite artists,

01:29:24   or you should be able to see concert dates.

01:29:27   Maybe you should even be able to buy concert tickets with Apple Pay inside Beat Music.

01:29:32   It wouldn't be too crazy when you consider all these little technologies and pieces that

01:29:39   Apple has already into place.

01:29:42   Especially when you consider the company's affection for music and the company's past,

01:29:46   because this is not too dissimilar from PING.

01:29:49   I know that we used to make fun of PING, but I think that, yeah, I mean, it was awful.

01:29:57   I think there was the seed of a good idea in PING, which is to connect easily a listener

01:30:05   to an artist and to see what an artist is doing.

01:30:09   Because nowadays the kids are going to Twitter and Instagram to see Beyonce wearing an Apple

01:30:14   Watch or whatever Leon Gallagher is doing.

01:30:20   To be able to see this stuff, to be able to see where the next concert is, or to buy a concert

01:30:28   ticket with Apple Pages by using your fingerprint, I think there could be potential there. And it

01:30:34   would be fascinating to see Beats Music expanding to these different types of connections. Because

01:30:39   Trent Reznor and Jimmy, they always said in previous interviews, "We want to make it easy

01:30:47   for artists to connect with their fan base and I think it will make sense for Apple to pursue

01:30:53   this kind of integration. If anything, I want to see Apple buy Songkick, which is an app that I love

01:30:59   that I use on a daily basis and it would be awesome to see Songkick integration in the music app.

01:31:04   Songkick is a service to receive notifications for concerts by your favorite artists when they're

01:31:11   playing in your area. It's awesome, I use it every time. In fact, I just got a notification

01:31:16   for the Foo Fighters concert in Bologna this year, which I'm going to.

01:31:20   I'm going to London Lego Tour.

01:31:23   Nice.

01:31:25   I have more thoughts on music. I think I don't have time. I can feel Steven wanting me to

01:31:37   continue my thoughts next week. And I agree, Steven.

01:31:41   It's like telepathy.

01:31:45   Yeah, like I can just picture him just nervously looking at the timestamp in QuickTime and

01:31:51   wanting me to shut up in a good way.

01:31:54   And I agree, I can do that.

01:31:57   Well, I think what you have left in your outline is really interesting, like stuff with Apple

01:32:00   TV and, you know, I think there's a lot more here to explore.

01:32:05   Yeah.

01:32:06   You've just, you my friend, have just been produced.

01:32:11   You know, that's what this is.

01:32:13   But I like it.

01:32:14   I like it.

01:32:15   Right, I think that's about it for this week then.

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01:32:55   Adios.

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