32: I Misplaced That Civil War


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00:00:24   My name is Myke Hurley, and I am joined as always

00:00:27   the editor-in-chief of MaxLories.net, Mr Federico Vittucci. Hi Myke. Hello Federico, how are you today?

00:00:33   Doing well, thank you. And the editor-in-chief and co-founder of Relay FM, the one and only Mr

00:00:38   Steven Hackett. Hey bud, hello, how are you? Good, how's Italy? Is Italy in one piece Federico?

00:00:47   Still together, I think. It's good, no civil war or anything. No, no, no, no, we are not America.

00:00:55   Have you ever had a civil war Federica in Italy?

00:00:58   No. I'm really bad at history.

00:01:05   Italian, all Italian, you definitely did.

00:01:08   There was some kind of...

00:01:10   It was in 1943, it wasn't even long ago.

00:01:13   And it was two years long.

00:01:15   Like your grandparents would have been involved in this. Maybe even your parents.

00:01:19   Were they? Maybe they just didn't care. I don't know.

00:01:24   No, that was World War II in '43.

00:01:27   In which the Italian resistance and the Italian co-belligerent army fought and defeated the

00:01:32   forces of the fascist Italian social republic.

00:01:34   Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.

00:01:35   Oh yeah, you knew all about that one, right?

00:01:37   Yeah, yeah.

00:01:38   Oh that civil war, I misplaced that civil war in my memory.

00:01:41   No, you know, I told you as all sorts of, you know, when I'm supposed to know stuff that

00:01:49   involves politics I tend to just not care. So the moment you mention you know

00:01:55   the resistance and fascism I just my mind my mind just goes blank. That's okay.

00:02:01   I hope that like your family don't listen to this and get really upset at you.

00:02:04   Yeah yeah I'm pretty sure you know a lot of Italian people would get upset I just

00:02:09   don't care about not Italy just you know politics. When I left sort of

00:02:15   regular school we go into what we call college here which is between the ages

00:02:19   16 and 18 which at the time was it was like a choice but now it's compulsory

00:02:23   that you have to go into school or some form of higher education till you're 18. One of

00:02:28   the subjects that I decided to take for my A-levels was history and one of the

00:02:33   subjects that we did in our first term was the English Civil War which I found

00:02:37   so boring that I dropped the entire subject and I just no longer did

00:02:41   that A-level. There you go there's a Myke fact for you.

00:02:45   There's a lot of people, especially a lot of my friends, they get really upset when I tell them that I don't follow the news when it comes to politics in Italy and stuff.

00:02:55   And they get really, really upset. I don't know, I just don't have the time to follow that, you know, theatre. I don't know, just me. Not politics on the show.

00:03:07   Steven, please take us into follow-up.

00:03:10   I will take this into follow up.

00:03:13   So yesterday, I'm gonna paint you guys a picture,

00:03:15   I get home from work and there is a package waiting for me.

00:03:19   I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I order things

00:03:21   and then I lose track of when they're going to show up.

00:03:23   So I was like, oh, what did I order

00:03:25   that would show up today?

00:03:26   And I couldn't think of anything.

00:03:27   I did not recognize the sending address.

00:03:29   It wasn't from Amazon, it wasn't from Apple, just a guy.

00:03:32   So I cut it open and it is the QuickTime Live sweatshirt

00:03:38   that we talked about last week.

00:03:40   That's incredible.

00:03:42   Wow.

00:03:44   So there's a picture of it in the show notes proving that it exists.

00:03:47   Are you wearing it?

00:03:49   No.

00:03:51   Did you wash it?

00:03:53   Not yet. It isn't the laundry though.

00:03:55   It's from a friend of mine who listens to the show, so that's how he had my address.

00:04:00   And he emailed it to me.

00:04:02   And I was really freaked out at first, and then there was a little piece of paper,

00:04:05   like a little eBay receipt saying, "Oh, this was a gift from so-and-so."

00:04:09   And so a big thanks to my buddy Cole for the sweatshirt.

00:04:13   Definitely the--

00:04:14   I know Cole.

00:04:15   Yeah, you know Cole.

00:04:17   The most tangible follow-up we've ever had.

00:04:18   I can wear the follow-up.

00:04:20   You better wear that to the VODC.

00:04:22   I really should.

00:04:24   I really, really should.

00:04:26   I should pack that.

00:04:28   Yep.

00:04:29   So that's pretty great.

00:04:31   We also have a lot of follow-up from Sweden.

00:04:34   So the Swedes have come out in force this week about teletext, which if you missed last week's show,

00:04:40   we talked about teletext, which is was this weird like internet over your TV thing that was in

00:04:46   Europe for a while until in the BBC land, the United Kingdom, so just a couple of years ago,

00:04:54   according to the BBC. So we have a couple links here. Gustav wrote in, Gustav the V,

00:05:01   Said the service was huge here in Sweden and is still widely used.

00:05:06   It was migrated to digital TV.

00:05:08   So that's what we talked about with the two of you, that it more or less went away when

00:05:11   the move to digital over the air happened.

00:05:16   Sweden apparently it survived and it is available from the publicly funded TV network's website.

00:05:23   So I played with this for a little while.

00:05:25   It's in Swedish so it's not super helpful.

00:05:28   But it's really kind of an adorable way to get around the internet because it's just

00:05:32   numbers that you would put in with your remote.

00:05:35   It's pretty fascinating.

00:05:37   Myke, if someone were to want to play with this, how could they find that link?

00:05:41   Well, they could go to our show notes, which you can find at relay.fm/connected/32 or check

00:05:46   your podcast app of choice.

00:05:50   We also have in the show notes a screenshot from the Swedish App Store where the Text

00:06:00   TV apps do very well.

00:06:04   They are in the number one free news app.

00:06:09   So in the news category you can download the iOS app.

00:06:13   I did not try this.

00:06:14   I didn't see if it was available in the US store.

00:06:16   I assume that it's not.

00:06:18   if you have an iPad and you're in Sweden you can use this on your iPad instead of

00:06:22   pointing a remote at television which is somehow even stranger. Federica this

00:06:27   feels like like something that is ultimate for you. You can get it on the

00:06:31   store, Text.TV on the App Store, go put it in the show notes. You know I feel like

00:06:34   now you can really you can finally use your iPad as a creation consumption

00:06:40   device. Exactly. That's a good joke Michael. Joke will never end my friend.

00:06:47   Yeah, you know, I should actually check out one of those Italian teletext apps.

00:06:52   They're really popular on the Italian App Store. I guess because people like my

00:06:57   dad still read the teletext maybe? I don't know.

00:07:02   You should do it and then follow up next week. So that's your homework. But we need

00:07:09   to be fair. We want to be fair to all nations and creeds. So Sweden is not the

00:07:15   only country we have heard from this week. In the Netherlands it is also still

00:07:21   around from the the public TV organization and there's a site here as

00:07:26   well nos.nl/something in Dutch but um so what my very part about

00:07:36   this website is that on the left it puts the teletext screen and on the right

00:07:40   hand side puts a fake remote so you can navigate this as if you were at your

00:07:45   TV it's really quite quite wonderful and I really just love how we have gone down

00:07:52   this route to something I was not kidding last week I had no idea this

00:07:56   existed so it's been it's been very fun for me. I find something so beautiful

00:08:00   about Dutch like the word teletext the way that they spell it in Dutch is so

00:08:07   it's just so beautiful T E L E T E K S T teletext like it just I don't know

00:08:14   There's just something about the way that they write a lot of their words like I see one button here

00:08:17   Which is about cookies, which is cookie in Stellingen and Pinson. I

00:08:22   Don't know. I really like Dutch. Have you ever been to Amsterdam? I'm gonna probably guess no

00:08:28   I've been through the airport, but that's it. She Paul

00:08:31   No, I I've never been my friends went for obvious reasons

00:08:37   reasons. I didn't. I have been to Amsterdam on a purely cultural basis.

00:08:43   Seriously. I went with a previous girlfriend and we went and we went to

00:08:50   museums and it's a you know went to the canals and all that sort of stuff.

00:08:55   As well as all of the obvious things that exist. There it is. No that wasn't on... wait.

00:09:01   So you pointed out the word that you like. My favorite thing about this

00:09:06   screenshot is that sports and disclaimer are just English words. Sport is channel

00:09:11   601 and the disclaimer is on 393 if you need to check that out later. Unless they

00:09:15   mean completely different things. Yeah sport could mean news and disclaimer

00:09:21   could mean sports. Who knows? Who knows how words are formed. Myke, we have the next

00:09:27   week's follow-up from Adam on Twitter is directed at you. Did you ever take the

00:09:31   bamboozle quiz yes and a friend of the show mr. Ian Broome wrote to me today to

00:09:36   remind me about the bamboozle quiz what is a bamboozle so it was this was just

00:09:42   the name of a quiz that was on channel 4's teletext so you could play a game

00:09:48   on it looks like a fake simsons on the teletext did you remember how I was

00:09:55   saying like you could kind of do like make your own adventure type things you

00:09:59   you'd go to the right pages or the wrong pages depending on the answers and you

00:10:03   know you type in numbers and it would tell you if he was right or wrong so bamboozle

00:10:07   so did you play this? oh yeah yeah yeah definitely

00:10:10   were you good at it? I don't remember I probably wasn't because I would have been

00:10:15   very young how did you feel while you were playing the quiz? probably

00:10:22   stupid I'm gonna go with stupid these are really weird questions that you're

00:10:27   asking me right now and I think you both know you're doing it so I don't really

00:10:32   know what to do. I don't know what you're talking about man.

00:10:35   sounds like a normal question to me by the way. so there's a I see an old Mac

00:10:43   in the follow-up so just assuming it's related to you. yeah so Paul Moore he

00:10:50   just gets me and he wrote in to say that his old Mac a performer so some of the

00:10:55   performance you could put a TV card in, you could run content or coax into

00:11:00   the computer, not to be confused with the Mac TV which is a totally

00:11:04   different model. With the TV card you could do teletext and even copy text

00:11:09   from pages to the clipboard. So you could have text and a teletext article and

00:11:13   then like paste into Appleworks which is really the the most strange sentence

00:11:18   I've ever said related to technology. I can't believe the amount of teletext

00:11:23   follow-up that we have had? I mean think about it Steven, what are the chances of

00:11:28   another person on earth who owned an old 68k performer and listens to a podcast

00:11:38   where they mention teletext and tweets back saying that he used to do the

00:11:45   clipboard copying on this old Mac and you happen to be on this podcast. It's

00:11:51   pretty amazing it's pretty it's pretty special pretty special the stars have

00:11:59   aligned there's other people like you out there oh yeah there are dozens of us

00:12:05   yeah development reference so the the next bullet point I didn't write it says

00:12:12   turning off the Wi-Fi and why Federico is dumb I really hoped you didn't write

00:12:18   this otherwise I was worried there was gonna be a fight. No no Federico what

00:12:23   what's going on with your Netgear? I'm stupid that's what's going on. Basically there's a

00:12:29   there's a setting in the in the administration ugly webpage that you get

00:12:36   with the with the Netgear device by default of course when you go there you

00:12:41   can go to advanced settings and you can schedule the Wi-Fi to be off for a

00:12:47   a certain period of the day and you can set a schedule for

00:12:52   You can say do this every day

00:12:55   so at this very specific time turn the Wi-Fi off and turn it back on at this other time or

00:13:01   You can set

00:13:04   You can do this every day or choose the days where these settings are repeats and

00:13:11   What's nice about this is that you don't have to turn off the entire device. It's just the Wi-Fi

00:13:17   is turned off and back on and

00:13:20   So yeah, I'm very much

00:13:23   dumb because I should have looked before

00:13:26   So now you didn't want to put it on a fixed timer though

00:13:31   Yeah, that's a problem because now that I've discovered this setting

00:13:36   There's another another issue

00:13:40   What if I wake up earlier?

00:13:44   >> Or you work late.

00:13:45   >> Or I work late and I need to adjust the Wi-Fi time.

00:13:51   I'm pretty sure there's no Netgear app that lets me do this easily.

00:13:57   Even if it existed, the Wi-Fi is off.

00:14:00   I would have to go into the settings with my computer,

00:14:04   not using the Wi-Fi because the Wi-Fi is off.

00:14:07   I will need to get an adapter,

00:14:09   plug in the ethernet cable into my computer and

00:14:13   Override the setting so I'm not sure if this setting is what I want to do what I want to choose. I don't know

00:14:21   See that this is a this is a whole problem for me pretty sure I should just give up. So was it that the the the

00:14:29   Wiimote is it called the Wiimote was it called the Wiimote cannot turn on without there being Wi-Fi

00:14:37   The the Wemo rules that you can set up in the in the Wemo app

00:14:42   They are triggered by over over the internet, right? So which is kind of silly. I

00:14:49   mean, I thought the rules could be like stored locally on the device and

00:14:54   Instead they are activated from your Wemo account

00:14:58   I suppose so you for a rule to run the Wemo needs to be

00:15:05   connected to the wifi.

00:15:07   So if the wifi is off, the WIMO doesn't turn on.

00:15:11   And, but also this solution in the Netgear settings is not optimal for me.

00:15:16   No.

00:15:17   And so either I just give up or I go through this whole process of using the

00:15:24   router settings webpage in my computer, which is also awful.

00:15:30   I don't know.

00:15:31   Can it?

00:15:32   Can it?

00:15:33   Does it turn off the wireless connection or does it turn off the connection to the internet?

00:15:44   Just the wifi.

00:15:46   The device stays connected to my DSI line and the wifi is off.

00:15:55   See that's a problem because okay cool, it's not like I'm turning off the entire device

00:16:01   but I'm not using any ethernet cables either.

00:16:05   So it's basically useless.

00:16:08   You know, it's the same if you were turned off, really.

00:16:13   I don't know.

00:16:14   And can you remind the listeners and me

00:16:17   why you need your wi-fi off at night?

00:16:19   Because of another personal story.

00:16:24   Yeah, he never said that the reason was there's a personal reason.

00:16:28   Just take my word for granted.

00:16:30   Because someone asked me why you were trying to do this,

00:16:33   and I couldn't remember.

00:16:35   Yeah.

00:16:36   Yeah.

00:16:37   I was asked to find a way to do this.

00:16:42   And there's no easy way that would require

00:16:47   us to go there each morning and turn on the Wi-Fi manually,

00:16:53   which we don't want to do.

00:16:54   So what you need to know is that right now, I've

00:16:57   I've been using the Wiimote to turn on my coffee machine remotely, which is awesome.

00:17:02   So when I'm driving home, I can use the Wiimote app and the espresso machine is turned on.

00:17:15   And today, for instance, I walked into my apartment and the espresso machine was hot

00:17:22   and I brewed my espresso and then it turned off automatically.

00:17:28   I felt like a king.

00:17:32   See that's the problem with this stuff is you feel like a king until it does just one

00:17:36   thing that you can't solve.

00:17:40   Have you tried any other brands of home automation switch?

00:17:47   Do you have any brands you would recommend?

00:17:49   Smart things?

00:17:50   Oh no, that's by Samsung, they're not buying Samsung stuff.

00:17:53   Really? Oh come on.

00:17:54   What's the one that David Sparks uses? Isn't it the smart things?

00:17:59   Yeah, I don't... I guess.

00:18:01   No, they bought them, it's not by Samsung.

00:18:03   Come on, Federico.

00:18:05   Come on, it's the same.

00:18:07   Don't be that guy.

00:18:08   What if they work though?

00:18:10   Well, I bought a Samsung television because it's a nice display.

00:18:15   Right.

00:18:16   stuff for my house that you know controls my lights and

00:18:22   i'm just that guy everything you have Samsung parts inside your iPad

00:18:27   it's like not anyways Myke well i don't know if there's

00:18:31   Samsung parts inside my iPad they're definitely

00:18:36   Myke can you put us out of our misery yeah there is a solution here i don't

00:18:40   know what it is yet but one day we will before

00:18:44   before too long Federica we will solve this problem for you. No we won't there's really no way to solve

00:18:49   this and it's terrible because I really wanted to. The only solution would be for Wemo or any other

00:18:56   company to store rules locally into the switch that's the only way. Yeah that's what I'm saying

00:19:03   I'm sure I bet that there is another one of these connected home things that could do this but I

00:19:09   I just don't know what one it would be.

00:19:10   - Can you imagine if the smart things is the only one?

00:19:13   - Then get the smart things.

00:19:15   They existed before Samsung.

00:19:16   Come on. - We'll see.

00:19:19   - I'm gonna buy you one. - We'll see.

00:19:19   - I'm gonna buy you one.

00:19:20   - No, don't buy me stuff.

00:19:22   - I'm gonna buy you one.

00:19:23   And I'm gonna buy you a Nest and I'm gonna buy you--

00:19:25   - You always have this urge to buy me stuff.

00:19:28   - Because I wanna infiltrate your home

00:19:32   with connected devices.

00:19:33   - You want to, you just want to project

00:19:36   your shopping problem onto me.

00:19:38   - Yes. - Wow.

00:19:40   - Because it's not really my shopping problem

00:19:41   from just buying a gift, it's a whole different thing.

00:19:45   What about the iSmart alone, no it's a home security system.

00:19:48   - What's an iSmart, an iSmart what?

00:19:50   - I don't know, it's on the Apple Store.

00:19:53   I'm looking now.

00:19:54   - You're just looking at the Apple Store for gifts.

00:19:56   - Well I'm just, I'm looking, I don't know,

00:19:58   I was gonna say what about the Belkin,

00:19:59   but no that's the Wemo.

00:20:00   What's the Insight Switch?

00:20:03   They have a couple of different ones.

00:20:06   What is the Insight Switch?

00:20:08   Can you buy me a new car, Myke?

00:20:10   Yes.

00:20:12   As soon as Apple release one, I will buy you one.

00:20:14   How about that?

00:20:15   See, that's the kind of a gift

00:20:20   that I would really welcome into my life.

00:20:24   I'm looking at a different Wiimote switch here.

00:20:29   Also don't buy me a Nest

00:20:30   because I'm not sure I can use a Nest in Italy.

00:20:34   You don't know if you have the correct wiring.

00:20:37   I don't even know what's a wire.

00:20:40   But they...

00:20:42   That's a significant problem.

00:20:45   See, I call people for this stuff.

00:20:51   I don't fix stuff in my house because I create damage.

00:20:57   I don't do wires.

00:20:59   I call the wire guy.

00:21:02   That's how I do things.

00:21:04   I think we've asked you this question before. Can you have the router in your bedroom?

00:21:12   It is in my bedroom.

00:21:13   So why can't you just reach over and turn it off?

00:21:15   It's the principle.

00:21:16   Oh Federico. I thought it was in a totally different part of the house.

00:21:22   It's on my nightstand.

00:21:25   I'm done with trying to help you now.

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00:24:25   we have a topic zero this week okay and it's the becoming Steve Jobs book it's

00:24:34   gone on sale today obviously not prepared to talk about the book because

00:24:38   none of us have read it yet I just want to point out like how interesting it is

00:24:43   is that Apple is promoting it. So there's a link to MacRumors that, you know,

00:24:50   EdiQ was quoted, you know, about the book and the iBooks team had just been like

00:24:54   tweeting about it for weeks and I thought it was really interesting, you

00:25:00   know, they even had a spokesperson in the New York Times say that it was better

00:25:04   than anything they've seen. John Garuba said the same, right, as well?

00:25:09   Sure. I just find it really interesting that it is a... like they didn't say a

00:25:19   word about the Isaacson book. They didn't have said a word about anything else.

00:25:22   They basically ignore the fact that there's like blog coverage and stuff. You

00:25:27   know they have journalists come to events but that's about as far as it

00:25:30   goes and so this is basically like the gold stamp from Cupertino so I'm looking

00:25:35   forward to reading it. Are you guys gonna pick this up?

00:25:39   Yeah, I think I will get a Kindle copy just because I have a lot of Kindle

00:25:48   credit in my Amazon account. Just more convenient. Also the Kindle app is not

00:25:55   too bad. I think it used to be worse. Now it's kind of decent. I also am

00:26:03   I'm trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible, which can be difficult these days because

00:26:09   every Apple blog, except a few ones, are basically posting news from the book.

00:26:16   Which is kind of silly, but I guess it makes sense for page views.

00:26:21   So I set up a filter in NewsBlur, which is my RSS app of choice, and I'm trying to avoid

00:26:29   all the spoilers there.

00:26:31   The problem is Twitter and now I'm gonna get you two and other people saying, "You can

00:26:35   set up filters in Tweetbot."

00:26:37   I wasn't gonna say that.

00:26:38   You said it for me.

00:26:39   I didn't even think of it.

00:26:40   I don't use Tweetbot, so no filters on Twitter, which is being problematic because I see the

00:26:49   blog people posting the news, but I'm surviving and so I'm gonna read the books even.

00:26:56   That was a long answer.

00:26:57   I'm sorry.

00:26:58   I haven't seen any information about the book yet.

00:27:02   Why you don't follow the right people?

00:27:04   I follow you.

00:27:05   See?

00:27:06   [Laughter]

00:27:07   You're getting it.

00:27:09   Hey, can you guys guess how I am going to consume this book?

00:27:13   The audio version.

00:27:16   Yeah.

00:27:17   I've already downloaded it and I'm going to be listening to it on my travels.

00:27:22   It's 16 hours long and I'm really excited about it.

00:27:26   I got audible.com when I got it on audible. They're not a sponsor.

00:27:30   Yeah, I went and downloaded it and I signed up for like...

00:27:34   It was like £25 or I could sign up for a new account

00:27:39   because I had an old account and get it on the free trial and pay £7.

00:27:44   So I did that and then I'm just going to cancel.

00:27:46   Myke, do you do anything to compensate for your lack of usage of your site?

00:27:55   I look at things all the time. Really? I'm looking at stuff right now. Well you're not really looking, you're seeing.

00:28:04   You don't really exercise your eyesight because you either talk or you listen to audiobooks

00:28:09   and videos but you never really read. But why do I I don't think you understand how eyes work.

00:28:15   I'm concerned a little bit now. No I do understand it's just you need to exercise them also.

00:28:22   I mean I do read things. I'm reading these web pages. I'm reading them right now. I just don't read books.

00:28:29   Promise me you're gonna read a book this year.

00:28:32   No. Promise me you turn off your modem by the wall every night. There we go. You start doing that

00:28:42   and I'll read a book. I'll read a book about modems.

00:28:45   Well follow up on this.

00:28:46   So today is a question and answer episode of connected and you might be

00:28:54   thinking to yourself is that because no one came up with topics and you would be

00:28:58   more or less correct. So there is a thing about this like I was thinking about

00:29:02   this like why why are we doing Q&A today and then I was listening to the talk

00:29:07   show and they were talking about the gap currently between where we are from

00:29:11   product announcement, product release. It's Apple's fault. We are in like a valley at

00:29:17   the moment of a waiting. The valley of the shadow of Apple Watch. Yep. So here we

00:29:24   are we have a Q&A episode. I like Q&A. I mean I have shows that have

00:29:30   their whole components, whole verticals actually about Q&A. Can we do

00:29:35   the round robin? Yeah my thought was we could round robin based on... Myke

00:29:41   Myke has very helpfully organized these by subject so I figured one of us could ask per

00:29:47   subject and we just go around.

00:29:49   So that's like a round robin round robin?

00:29:52   Yeah it's a...

00:29:53   It's the double round robin.

00:29:55   It's like robin cubed.

00:29:57   Federico, do you want to start with the Apple Watch questions?

00:30:02   Sure.

00:30:03   Listener Justin is asking, "Do your significant others plan on getting Apple Watches based

00:30:11   on your comments or independent desire or lack thereof?

00:30:14   I would love for mine to have one for digital touch and messaging, but she thinks it is

00:30:21   ridiculous."

00:30:22   So I'm going to reply first.

00:30:27   Yes, Justin, my girlfriend is planning to get an Apple Watch.

00:30:33   We still don't know, both of us, which model we want to get.

00:30:39   Also, my mom is really interested in getting one, and she keeps saying that the gold one looks nice.

00:30:45   I'm pretty sure she doesn't know the price.

00:30:48   So I think she'll eventually end up with an Apple Watch Sport,

00:30:53   because she also mentioned, yeah, the gold is nice,

00:30:56   but also the bands in the sport one are colorful and I like them.

00:31:02   So I'm fairly sure that when I'll mention the price,

00:31:06   she'll go with the sport one.

00:31:08   And I talked to a bunch of friends over the weekend.

00:31:12   They really complained about the pricing of the...

00:31:15   So my friends are, at least these two friends,

00:31:18   they are watch people.

00:31:19   They were traditional watches.

00:31:22   and they spent hundreds of euros for these watches, I'm talking stuff like Citizen and all these other popular brands.

00:31:30   And they were really upset because they mentioned there's a price gap between the Sport and the Apple Watch Steel

00:31:38   and they argued that it was too much and that the bands were too expensive for the Steel.

00:31:43   And so I asked them, "Are you still gonna get an Apple Watch?"

00:31:47   And they were like, "Yeah, sure, just want to complain about the price."

00:31:50   So I know a few people who are planning on getting an Apple Watch, and they are already asking me all sorts of questions about apps and stuff, which I don't know the answer to.

00:31:59   Myke, you answered this last week, right? That you're both getting watches?

00:32:05   Yeah.

00:32:06   My wife thinks it's a ridiculous device, and a ridiculous use of money, so I will just be emotionally touching Myke in Federico, but not my wife.

00:32:18   wife. We have that to look forward to then I guess. Yeah. That's great news.

00:32:29   That is great news. Looking forward to couples therapies. Oh it's gonna be so

00:32:36   awkward isn't it? Everyone touching each other all the time.

00:32:39   like you know. Can we switch to the next question? Yes. So listener Amir is good.

00:32:58   What changes do you see happening between version 1 and version 2 of the

00:33:04   Apple Watch. Myke? Battery life. I don't think we're gonna see any changes in

00:33:11   screen sizes for a long time if ever. Like I think the only way the screen

00:33:16   sizes changes people's... or like the physical size changes is people's wrists

00:33:20   have to get bigger. I think the screen might get bigger, you know, it might push

00:33:24   further and make smaller bezels. But we'll have to see about that. Small what?

00:33:32   Oh that's the ATP thing right?

00:33:38   I think that battery life will be a key part.

00:33:40   I think being more independent, even more so might be another part of it.

00:33:47   I guess from my tiny brain right now that's kind of all I can think of.

00:33:53   What about you Steven?

00:33:54   I mean I agree with Myke.

00:33:56   I think battery life is something that I would hope would improve.

00:33:59   I think GPS will show up at some point, maybe not in version 2.

00:34:04   I could see that being like a version 3 or beyond.

00:34:07   But I think something that would be welcome for people

00:34:10   who want to run with it without their phone

00:34:11   and keep up with where they have gone.

00:34:15   You know, I do think that they will change the--

00:34:20   maybe not the cases, but the band lineup

00:34:23   to keep those fresh over time.

00:34:24   And that might not have to be necessarily tied with version

00:34:27   too but you know maybe in the fall or you know some point they introduce a new band,

00:34:33   some bands go away.

00:34:34   I think they'll kind of be changing that as they go.

00:34:39   Yeah I'm still not sure whether I see more Apple doing the thinner kind of upgrade that

00:34:48   they do on the iPhone or on the iPad or if they're gonna keep the same form factor for

00:34:55   second-generation one assuming there's going to be a second-generation one and

00:35:00   assuming there is going to be an annual release cycle. I still don't think there

00:35:04   will be. I still think that the release cycle will be longer than annual and the

00:35:10   bands will be annual or seasonal. I don't know it's a new territory so I don't

00:35:17   know if it'll be like thinner and lighter like an iPhone or if they're

00:35:22   gonna prioritize different materials, battery life, maybe find a way to upgrade the chip

00:35:29   inside without replacing the entire device. I don't know. I'm just excited to see native

00:35:36   apps coming to later this year, I think they said. But that's not really version 2. That's

00:35:43   just a software change. I don't know. That was a good question, listener Amir.

00:35:50   There's Chris with another Apple Watch question. Are you going to pre-order an Apple Watch

00:35:59   sight unseen or go to try an appointment at an Apple Store first?

00:36:07   So I'm gonna reply first here, I will definitely go to an Apple store.

00:36:15   And actually if Apple is doing, when the Italian launch happens, whatever that is, if they're

00:36:22   doing any of that pop-up shops in Rome or somewhere close, I don't know, in Florence,

00:36:29   Milan is too far away. If they do any of that, I will go to the, you know, in- what's the

00:36:36   name? In-store?

00:36:37   In-store try-on?

00:36:38   In-store, yeah, try-on, yeah. If they do, I don't know, some pop-up shop in the centre

00:36:43   of Rome, that'd be kind of cool. But yeah, I definitely, I'm not buying one without trying

00:36:51   an Apple Watch first.

00:36:52   I'm going to order one and then go and do the try-on because I want to make sure that I can get it on launch day.

00:37:04   So there's a couple of things. So one thing that's not clear and I'd seen this I think on 9to5max somewhere,

00:37:11   or Mark Germen tweeted about it saying about how when you go and do the try-on they may actually book one for you to go and pick up on the day.

00:37:20   So basically I would do that.

00:37:24   So this is kind of my, I have a multi-tier strategy here guys.

00:37:28   You ready?

00:37:29   So I'm going to order one.

00:37:31   I'm going to pre-order one on the 10th.

00:37:32   Then I'm going to book to go and try one out.

00:37:34   If I either change my mind or if they say to me,

00:37:38   you can come back and pick it up in store,

00:37:40   I will then cancel my pre-order

00:37:41   and do one of those two things.

00:37:43   - This sounds just like when you ended up with two iPads.

00:37:48   - Oh yeah.

00:37:50   Yeah, do you remember that? I don't even remember how that happened.

00:37:53   Oh, this is exactly how it happened.

00:37:56   Is that what I did? Oh yeah, I ordered one and then went to an Apple store and I had them and I had two.

00:38:01   And you somehow forgot to cancel the pre-order I think.

00:38:06   Yeah, or it already dispatched and I couldn't cancel it. I did return that though.

00:38:11   I didn't keep multiple iPads.

00:38:14   But I will, so yeah, I don't know what I'm gonna do, I don't know how it will end up being

00:38:19   But that's kind of my current plan of attack.

00:38:22   - I'm pretty confident in the one that I'm gonna order,

00:38:28   being the 42 millimeter black sport model.

00:38:31   So my plan is to pre-order it.

00:38:34   I will still go to the store and try it on,

00:38:37   mainly so I can talk about what that experience is like

00:38:39   and not so much thinking that it might change.

00:38:46   But yeah, so my plan is to pre-order.

00:38:49   Go from there.

00:38:50   - Cool.

00:38:53   - And that about sums up all the Apple Watch questions.

00:38:56   - Steven, do you wanna go next?

00:38:57   Oh no, I'm going next.

00:38:59   Oh, who assigned these in the document?

00:39:01   You did that, didn't you?

00:39:02   Yeah, you did that.

00:39:03   Okay, so this comes from a listener.

00:39:07   That's how you say the name apparently?

00:39:11   A-tan?

00:39:12   I-tan?

00:39:13   - A-tan?

00:39:14   - E-tan?

00:39:15   - E-tan?

00:39:16   pronunciation and we probably we probably got it what do your iOS home

00:39:21   screens look like right now so I we're gonna include in the show notes an image

00:39:25   of our home screens currently I will say that I haven't I don't think I've

00:39:31   changed an awful lot about about my home screen since the since we did that the

00:39:36   episode previously so I know maybe I have a workflows on here now which is

00:39:43   which is a newer addition, I think. But yeah. Still using 7 to-do apps, so that's still the same.

00:39:52   No, I have 4, actually. One, two, three, four. If you count Fantastical 5...

00:40:00   I don't put to-dos in reminders, I'm a civilized human being.

00:40:04   That's convenient. So, 4. Making progress there, Myke.

00:40:12   I hate you. I don't even really use silo and clear that much they're just I don't really have anything else to put there I don't have anything else to put there.

00:40:24   Put an icon with your face I don't know do something.

00:40:30   I should put my face there.

00:40:32   Oh god.

00:40:33   Mine's pretty different. I have been playing with Todoist.

00:40:40   Moves about OmniFocus and Todoist. I'm not positive that's gonna stick yet.

00:40:44   It's just been experimenting for the last couple weeks. I switched out my

00:40:47   weather app to Storm, which is this app by Weather Underground that's really

00:40:51   great. And I have moved out of Evernote into Simple Note. So that's now on my

00:40:56   home screen from last time. Oh that's a topic later, so we'll bring that up in a

00:41:01   bit yeah yeah sorry I didn't mean to jump the gun Myke well you did calm down

00:41:05   you did trouble to jump the gun so my home screen I guess it changed a bit

00:41:13   since the last time still going through changes because of this iPhone 6 plus

00:41:19   that I'm trying and are you not using the stock wallpaper anymore

00:41:24   no using I I went with a simple black wallpaper actually a few months ago both

00:41:30   on the iPhone and the iPad. And again, Myke, you know of this problem that I have because

00:41:35   of virtual, my problem with too much choice, so I just went nuclear on this and I just

00:41:44   went with the black wallpaper. So I don't have to choose nothing. It's just the icons.

00:41:49   Which is actually really helpful in quickly seeing where my stuff is. What's new here?

00:41:57   A bunch of betas, as usual.

00:42:01   Still using Todoist, which is coming out with version 10 soon, which is awesome.

00:42:07   Switch to Pocket for reading stuff later.

00:42:13   I think I'll have to write about this.

00:42:15   Also, I still have to write about NewsBlur, which is my new RSS client for now about 3

00:42:22   months.

00:42:23   Really, really happy with this.

00:42:27   I gotta talk about Google inbox also.

00:42:30   - Google inbox you say?

00:42:34   - Yeah, Google inbox.

00:42:36   - Would it have to be a Gmail user?

00:42:38   - Yeah, so we will talk about this.

00:42:40   - Oh sure we will, yeah.

00:42:41   Myke was right, 2015.

00:42:46   - What?

00:42:47   I hate you Myke.

00:42:48   (laughing)

00:42:50   - Is here Myke, man, it's happening.

00:42:52   - Yeah, yeah.

00:42:54   - Cool.

00:42:56   What else?

00:42:57   DoNote, which is in the bottom row,

00:43:01   alongside Workflow and Lifesum.

00:43:03   DoNote is actually interesting

00:43:04   because all this stuff IFTTT is doing

00:43:07   with all these new channels,

00:43:08   and also because I bought a lot of home automation devices,

00:43:12   I can use these apps more.

00:43:14   This is actually like a bunch of topics for the future.

00:43:18   Google stuff, Pocket, Todoist,

00:43:22   there's a lot of stuff we need to talk,

00:43:24   The Sunrise Beta, they're doing some awesome work there.

00:43:29   Yeah, this is actually not a home screen,

00:43:31   it's like a to-do list.

00:43:33   - It's like a work in progress.

00:43:34   This is like articles coming up page.

00:43:37   - Yeah.

00:43:39   But I'm happy with the 6+

00:43:41   because it gives me more room for apps and betas,

00:43:43   which is nice.

00:43:44   - We have more about the 6+ a little later on.

00:43:46   So kind of leading on from this,

00:43:48   we have Spencer who asks us

00:43:49   what our current wallpapers are on the iOS and Mac.

00:43:52   Federico is sporting a very attractive black number right now.

00:43:57   I'm assuming that Federico doesn't have a wallpaper on his Mac.

00:44:01   Yeah, it's the default one.

00:44:04   Okay.

00:44:05   Yeah, because I use a Mac twice a week, so it's not a problem.

00:44:10   And also I don't see the wallpaper much because I have a dock at the bottom and all my windows

00:44:15   on top of the dock.

00:44:16   So I just see two stripes on both sides of the dock.

00:44:21   Like most people in this planet who use a Mac, they're not weirdos like you, who insist

00:44:27   on keeping the dock on the left and the right.

00:44:29   You can send follow-up email to Steven about this.

00:44:33   But yeah, the wallpaper is not a problem for me.

00:44:35   So it's just like, I think we need to rename this from Round Robin to Round Trolling.

00:44:40   That's effectively what this is right now.

00:44:43   Steven, what is your wallpaper on your iOS and Macintosh devices?

00:44:49   It is an image from 50 Foot Shadows which is a really great photography blog.

00:44:55   I have a link to the exact page.

00:44:57   It's from his dust collection which he actually shot here in Memphis which is super cool.

00:45:02   This is a dusty town.

00:45:05   It is.

00:45:06   So John Kerry is a great photographer, one of my favorites and so I have it from there.

00:45:12   My wallpaper on my MacBook Pro is an image from NASA of their new Orion capsule which

00:45:19   is what's gonna take man to Mars and it's floating in the ocean after a test

00:45:22   and there's a battleship behind it to come swoop it up and take it back

00:45:27   to land and it's awesome because space is awesome so there's I have a dropper

00:45:32   link to that in the show notes.

00:45:33   Did you take that photo?

00:45:35   No it was made available to me by the NASA website.

00:45:41   They sent it to me personally.

00:45:44   Yes.

00:45:45   My iPhone has one of the stock wallpapers.

00:45:49   Up until like two days ago, I kind of had forgotten about it.

00:45:53   It was a really weird thing.

00:45:54   I was like, "Oh yeah, that's what I use."

00:45:55   I don't know how that happened.

00:45:57   I just ignored it for a long time.

00:45:58   I still like it.

00:45:59   It matches the red case of my iPhone quite nicely.

00:46:03   So I'm happy about that.

00:46:04   My Mac desktop is of,

00:46:07   I am a Patreon supporter of CGP Grey,

00:46:11   and he has a selection of wallpapers

00:46:13   for his Patreon supporters. And if you've seen his animals voting in the jungle,

00:46:18   voting in the animal kingdom, that's it, he had some artwork done and I have the

00:46:24   lion as my as my background right now. So there you go. That is what I have.

00:46:32   Sweet. So the next section is workflows with a Z. To show how exciting it is?

00:46:41   is. Yes, so Nathan asks, or says, states, demands, "I would love to hear more about

00:46:47   Myke's workflow when editing this show in Logic. I'm a Pro Tools user but am

00:46:51   getting into Logic." So I included this and have no idea how to really answer it

00:46:58   and that was why I included it because I feel like it's been a little while since

00:47:03   I demonstrated my cluelessness so I figured I would do that right now. So I

00:47:09   don't record directly into logic everyone records separately and then we

00:47:14   put it in there because I find logic to be hilariously unstable like logic I

00:47:21   think I spoke about this in this show recently I did somewhere like logic is

00:47:24   so unstable that if you try and open more than one logic project it warns you

00:47:28   like are you sure you want to open more than one if you have more than one logic

00:47:32   project open at once logic project open at once it gets yeah it things go

00:47:38   horribly wrong but that's just one example of how it can be unstable. So I

00:47:42   kind of just drop everything in, line it all up and I edit. Like I don't really know

00:47:48   what to say. I use a trackpad and a mouse to edit, which is magic if

00:47:59   people see me do that. That's so I can use the trackpad for the zooming

00:48:02   features and for panning around the waveforms and I use a mouse for

00:48:09   precision editing. Do you have any questions to help guide me?

00:48:15   I don't really know what to say. It's really sort of too open-ended.

00:48:20   I mean it's very very difficult because I don't do... How do you

00:48:25   bounce the shows? Like what's the export like? Talk about that I guess. I have

00:48:29   the settings that we choose mp3 96 came on oh and they bounce quickly it's like I

00:48:38   don't macro well as well like the other thing is logic is extremely powerful and

00:48:44   I use the tiniest sliver of its capability and that's the same for most

00:48:49   podcasters like I have a few like you know I have some templates set up and we

00:48:54   have some like noise gating and I give Federico some extra bass because I think

00:48:58   sounds more attractive that way. Did you know I did that for you Federico?

00:49:01   You give me extra bass? I give you extra bass. I'm all about the bass. Exactly, so that's why I give you more of it.

00:49:08   Thank you. The only person I give anything like that to, yeah I give you more bass.

00:49:13   Because when we moved you from the Yeti to the RØDE podcaster, you lost...

00:49:19   And also from the bathroom to an actual room. You lost bass and I wanted to give you

00:49:23   more, so I give you some bass to make your voice more warm for the listening

00:49:27   audience and yeah if you have any further questions about that I would be

00:49:31   happy to answer them but I'm afraid that maybe I have done a terrible job.

00:49:38   John asks are you still using Evernote if not what have you switched to? So I'll

00:49:45   answer like I said a second ago I have moved like text note stuff into

00:49:50   simple note the bulk of what I had in Evernote though was stuff that Myke you

00:49:55   and I shared for running Relay. As you might imagine, dear listener, it takes a

00:50:00   lot of... there's a lot of stuff that we have to keep up with and you and I have

00:50:05   basically migrated our entire business to Google Drive.

00:50:07   Woah woah. Let's back up on that a little bit. There was no me in this. You migrated us.

00:50:12   You were fine. I mean the important stuff was already in there. We already had our

00:50:16   budgets and calendars and stuff in Google Drive so it's really just moving

00:50:20   the tech stuff to it. I literally had no say in this. One day it all appeared in

00:50:26   Google Drive and I was told that everything new was going in there. Just

00:50:29   want to let you know everyone this is how a business works. What about what about

00:50:36   the two of you? I notice it's still on both your home screens. Yeah because I

00:50:41   tried to at least consider the option of leaving Evernote and going with another

00:50:48   solution because you know I don't like some of the stuff they've been doing.

00:50:53   We talked about this and Myke disagrees with me but it's fine we're still

00:50:58   friends. So we I mean I try to... we're still friends right Myke?

00:51:05   Oh 100% like best friends. Yeah okay yeah so I tried to consider the option and I

00:51:12   When I was thinking about this, I made a list of the things that I need in Evernote.

00:51:19   And these are support for rich text, the ability to create notes that combine text and PDFs and images,

00:51:32   the ability to share a notebook with another person, that person being my girlfriend,

00:51:39   And perhaps the single task that I do the most in Evernote every week.

00:51:46   The ability to use third-party apps to append text or links to an existing note.

00:51:54   So I consider two options. Either I split up Evernote in a bunch of apps,

00:52:01   so I do, I don't know, plain text and rich text with an app, then I do images and PDFs with Dropbox,

00:52:08   and then I collect links and text in another way, or I go with OneNote by Microsoft.

00:52:16   My problem is that basically I can't find an alternative that works as easily as Evernote

00:52:26   does for me, and in spite of the stuff that I don't like, such as the context feature that they

00:52:33   did, the fact that Evernote always shows me some kind of advertisement, when I opened the app,

00:52:40   I still need its functionality because I have this workflow that I use in the app called Workflow

00:52:47   also, that I use to append links to two notes. One that I keep for virtual, which is the show that

00:52:54   Myke and I do for video games, and another note that I keep for Mac Stories Weekly, our newsletter.

00:53:01   And in just three seconds, I can append text and links to those two notes.

00:53:07   And then when the time comes, I open the note, I copy all the links, and I do stuff with them.

00:53:12   And there's no "I looked around". I consider Google Docs. I consider OneNote.

00:53:20   I consider doing workflows with plain text and Dropbox. Evernote is just too easy.

00:53:27   and it's got all these features. So even if they do a couple of weird things that I don't like,

00:53:33   it's still the better solution for me. Again, a long answer. I hope that's okay.

00:53:38   No, but that's good. It's good to know. I mean, for me, my main use of Evernote, and I still

00:53:43   consider it to be, in my opinion, I know that other people feel differently. I mean, there is

00:53:48   no better app for traveling documents. Absolutely.

00:53:53   everything that I do when I'm traveling, I put it all in there.

00:53:57   And, uh, yeah.

00:53:59   And I love it for that.

00:54:01   You told me to do the same when I went to San Francisco.

00:54:04   So I created an offline notebook and I, I kept all my documents and references

00:54:11   in there, uh, with a copy of my, with a good picture of my passport also.

00:54:15   And I saved the notebook offline to the top of my shortcuts.

00:54:21   and it was a huge, huge help.

00:54:23   Yeah, totally agree.

00:54:25   - And like, what I like is I get an itinerary or something,

00:54:28   I just email it to Evernote.

00:54:29   And I know that there are apps and services that do it,

00:54:31   but the apps and services that do it,

00:54:33   they have like a vested interest

00:54:36   to try and upsell me on there.

00:54:38   Like you could get a car from the airport type stuff

00:54:40   and like for whatever Evernote may or may not be doing,

00:54:44   their business model isn't tied to like travel services.

00:54:47   And like, I'm just not interested in that.

00:54:49   I just like all of my documents like my passport and all that sort of stuff to have scans in there like

00:54:53   Evernote is killer for that and you can download it all yeah, it works really great

00:54:57   Shall we should we take a quick break and then we got a bunch more stuff including

00:55:06   What it's probably gonna be the greatest segment, which is personal stuff. Oh

00:55:10   Nice. Yeah, go a lot of personal questions. I like getting personal with you guys good cuz you're gonna this episode

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00:57:52   - Sweet.

00:57:57   Love those guys.

00:57:58   - They are the very best.

00:58:00   - So before personal questions,

00:58:02   we're talking about the 6 Plus.

00:58:06   everyone's favorite phone

00:58:09   including

00:58:10   three of us

00:58:11   Jason Snow

00:58:12   Casey Liss, lots of people love it.

00:58:16   John asks

00:58:19   a question that Federico is now going to read

00:58:22   so I did that.

00:58:24   Really nice introduction Steven, thank you. I was distracted in thinking about my

00:58:29   6+.

00:58:32   What aspect of the 6+ is the hardest to get used to?

00:58:36   #ConnectedQA.

00:58:38   Myke, what has been the oddest aspect of the six plus for you?

00:58:46   - I think it's obvious though, right?

00:58:48   Physical size, like you have to get used to that.

00:58:51   Especially if you come in like from what I did

00:58:53   and I came from the five, like that's a big jump

00:58:56   and you have to get used to that.

00:58:59   But once you do-- - Interesting, we disagree.

00:59:02   - Interesting, okay.

00:59:03   Yeah, but you didn't come from the five.

00:59:05   I mean I could we may have different ones because you came from the six yeah

00:59:09   and one of the reasons I think that you two like it so much is because you were

00:59:12   able to come from the six so you get a lot more of the benefit for not that

00:59:15   much more space taken up but for me like I was coming from a device that like it

00:59:21   this the entire device fits inside of the screen right it's like this it was a

00:59:28   huge huge jump but I got used to it really quickly but for me it was the

00:59:31   biggest thing. So now I'm interested in what you have to say, Federico.

00:59:35   Yeah, for me it has been the inconsistency of landscape mode. Because I really like how

00:59:47   the 6+, and I think we talked about this before, it's like when you hold it in landscape mode,

00:59:55   It's like a video game console, you know, because at least the way that I like my grip

01:00:01   on the device, it feels like holding like a PSP or a PS Vita, but it's an iOS device.

01:00:09   So I get this landscape home screen and I get, you know, apps in landscape and it's

01:00:16   not really like an iPad, but it's also not like an iPhone and I really like this mode

01:00:23   because I can keep my hands around the device and I can use my thumbs to tap stuff around.

01:00:30   And what I'm struggling to get used to is the software and hardware inconsistencies.

01:00:38   From a hardware perspective, I really don't like how when you switch to landscape and

01:00:45   when I wrap my hands around the device, the audio jack is basically right where my palm

01:00:53   is. And so because I use the Apple EarPods, I don't have Bluetooth earbuds yet. You know,

01:01:05   when I put my hand, my right hand on the device in landscape, it feels like I'm crushing the

01:01:13   little plug. So that's not great. And also from a software perspective, I really don't

01:01:21   like how some apps have been updated for the 6+ and they have the special mode for landscape

01:01:28   and others are not. And this includes Apple's own apps. Pretty sure the podcast app is not

01:01:37   compatible with the 6+ in landscape mode and of course Twitter doesn't have landscape mode at all.

01:01:43   So I really don't like when I'm like "okay I want to switch to landscape mode" and then I start using

01:01:49   my phone, most apps have been updated for landscape and then there's that particular

01:01:56   app that forces me to switch back to portrait mode. That inconsistency has really been a

01:02:02   struggle for me and I do wish that in the future, you know, at least developers will

01:02:09   take better advantage of the 6+ special layout because I'm not hoping for Apple to

01:02:17   change the position of the audio jack. But at least, you know, apps could be better.

01:02:23   "Apps could be better." That's the title.

01:02:28   The Federico Vitecci story.

01:02:31   I think for me it was one-handed use. I use my 6 a lot one-handed. You know,

01:02:39   if I'm just walking around or doing something, you know, we've got kids and whatnot. Sometimes

01:02:45   Sometimes I'm like doing something on my phone, all of a sudden they need something, so I'm

01:02:47   like trying to transition from doing something on my phone and like put it in my pocket while

01:02:51   I catch, you know, the hot dog that's flying to the floor or whatever's happening.

01:02:55   And the 6 Plus makes all that like one-handed interaction a little more awkward.

01:02:59   Totally doable under the right circumstances, but I think for most people, including me,

01:03:04   it's a two-hand device most of the time.

01:03:06   But that said, I got used to it really quickly.

01:03:09   You know, I had mine for two weeks and it was lovely and I miss it and I wanted to come

01:03:14   back. Federico would you like to ask me the question that Chris has posed?

01:03:24   Has iMyke tried the @vitici all landscape gain controller style iPhone 6+ method? Have you?

01:03:35   Well this is kind of what you were just describing right about how you like to use it landscape

01:03:39   And I do, I definitely do, but I have been dealing with the frustrations that you have

01:03:46   as well and also like because so few apps supported this for a while, I've kind of got

01:03:53   used to not using it that much, I do every now and then but probably not as much as I

01:04:00   could or maybe even should.

01:04:02   There are some apps that support it really well like Omni's apps are all starting to

01:04:06   support this stuff really well because they're making their apps universal so I

01:04:10   think they're taking from what they're learning from the iPad and building a

01:04:13   lot more like split view control which is really cool but I think a lot of a

01:04:17   lot of apps it feels like some of the split view stuff that they're doing it's

01:04:22   it's like I think I mentioned it feels like a little gratuitous it's like oh we

01:04:28   can do this so we'll just do it without anybody actually really understanding

01:04:33   the utility but in the year of Myke was right where everybody switches to

01:04:38   6+ like I expect there to be changes in the way that people think about these

01:04:42   things I don't really not everybody will a lot of people will but my point there

01:04:46   is like I think that it's it's like you know some of the problems that you see

01:04:50   with the iPad right and it may be not a lot of developers use the iPad so a lot

01:04:53   of iPad apps go by the wayside which I think was a conversation we were having

01:04:58   a few months ago I think it's the same kind of thing with a 6+ like people

01:05:02   don't fully understand the device so they don't think about how much utility

01:05:06   you can add because they're kind of not used to it. But I do try and use it

01:05:10   where I can. So what happens Myke when the the year of Myke is over? We go to

01:05:17   the year of Myke 2. Do you die? We'll have to wait and see. That's the cliffhanger I suppose.

01:05:26   What happened to Luigi? Well Luigi went for like 18 months right? So I might...

01:05:30   When do you turn 27, Michael?

01:05:33   I already am.

01:05:34   Oh.

01:05:35   Yeah.

01:05:36   Okay.

01:05:37   So, I mean, is there any significance to that?

01:05:41   Oh.

01:05:42   No.

01:05:43   Uh oh.

01:05:44   Moving on, what do we have there?

01:05:47   Oh, we have some stuff.

01:05:48   This is in the category of miscellaneous Apple stuff.

01:05:52   This comes from Zach.

01:05:53   "What are some of the new features that you would like to see in iOS 9?"

01:05:57   I'm going to restrict this to one thing Federico, okay?

01:06:02   'Cause we only have like 45 minutes left.

01:06:05   - How am I supposed to pick one?

01:06:07   - Because as well, you know,

01:06:09   we have time to do this stuff later.

01:06:11   We're approaching that time of the year.

01:06:12   We'll have whole episodes dedicated to this.

01:06:15   One thing. - Whatever.

01:06:16   - Steven, why don't you go first?

01:06:22   - Thank you, Steven.

01:06:23   (laughing)

01:06:25   What do I want out of iOS 9? I would like the ability to set my extension order

01:06:35   and then remember it between applications. That's all I want. No,

01:06:38   nothing else. Right now, for instance, if you change your share extensions in

01:06:44   Tweetbot and then you go to Safari, it's different again. And usually reading

01:06:48   lists is at the front and that makes me sad and angry. I just want better control

01:06:52   over extensions and the way they appear and the way they work? I would like to...

01:07:02   I'm never gonna get this. I would like to be able to set default email client as

01:07:07   mailbox instead of mail and maybe even like you know set other types of that.

01:07:16   Like I would like to set Chrome as my web browser. Like I would like to be able to

01:07:20   do all of that stuff instead of having to be pushed into the Apple apps I do

01:07:25   not use. Like I'll give you an example of a reason for this. So Federico sent me a

01:07:31   draft of an article he's writing earlier and it was a Dropbox link right and I

01:07:36   opened it up in Dropbox and then I look into the into Safari right because

01:07:42   he sent it to me in messages so open up in Safari so I was like fine I'm just

01:07:45   gonna copy and paste this text into Byword right because I get a nice

01:07:49   preview of all the markdown I think I like the way it looks. So it's in Safari

01:07:54   I click the link to download the text and it shows me like a list it just

01:07:58   shows me all the text in like a in you know in its glory in the Dropbox

01:08:01   website. Safari would not let me copy copy this text, couldn't select it.

01:08:06   Chrome could though, Safari couldn't. So I did you know I had to go for that

01:08:13   I had to open my great workflow of OpenURL in Chrome to be able to get these things to

01:08:20   happen.

01:08:21   Safari, man.

01:08:22   I'm sorry.

01:08:23   I'm sorry you went through all this trouble.

01:08:26   It's not your fault.

01:08:27   You'll be using Chrome soon anyway, so it won't be a problem.

01:08:31   Federico, what is the one thing that you would like to see in iOS 9?

01:08:36   The one thing I would really like to see is more ways to activate extensions without going

01:08:44   through the sharesheet every single time.

01:08:47   And if I had to pick one, or maybe allow me to, Michael, it would be one to be able to

01:08:55   run extensions from the copy and paste menu.

01:08:59   So for, I don't know, selected text or for selected images, so that I can run, you know,

01:09:06   an extension, you know, in different places.

01:09:11   And the other extension-related wish would be to...

01:09:16   This is two things.

01:09:18   It's one thing in two flavors.

01:09:21   Oh, silly me.

01:09:24   I also would like to open a specific extension directly without having to choose it manually.

01:09:33   So I don't know, developers could have a 1Password icon in their apps and I type the icon and

01:09:43   I get presented with the 1Password extension without picking the extension from the sharesheet.

01:09:49   Yeah, because like you... and at many apps you press the one password button and it opens the share sheet.

01:09:53   And I find some then just have the one password extension in them, which seems so redundant.

01:09:59   Yeah, I agree with that. That's a really good one.

01:10:03   Okay, so I believe that YouTube maybe could take this one or maybe Steven you could do it.

01:10:08   Whoever wants to do it, because there's a lot of questions here, a lot of personal stuff.

01:10:11   Steven, Steven, let's make Steven pick this one.

01:10:14   Okay, Steven Hackett, give us some personal stuff.

01:10:19   Oh, you don't have to ask me twice.

01:10:21   Federico, what was your first screen name?

01:10:26   I really don't want to share this one because there will be...

01:10:29   I don't want to share mine either.

01:10:31   There will be the creepy people looking into my past.

01:10:34   Yeah, I call a foul on that question.

01:10:37   Unless someone wants to share.

01:10:38   I don't want to share.

01:10:39   Myke, do you want to?

01:10:41   Well for as far back as I can remember I've used i-Myke, which is a significant problem

01:10:45   for me, because people find things and they like to show me them.

01:10:49   remember we found your own tumblr yeah I remember that and I had to delete it

01:10:54   whilst we were on the air it was really things yeah mm-hmm thanks again so you

01:11:01   guys won't share but I was forced to share so there we go next next we have a

01:11:11   question about coffee Federico I'm gonna let you read and answer this question

01:11:17   Why is Myke always right?

01:11:22   We know that part is correct.

01:11:26   And is it okay to drink mocha from a bialetti, which is a brand of coffee machines, when there is no espresso machine around?

01:11:39   Hmm. Well, it's always, this is listener,

01:11:44   Zhiui, Zhiui?

01:11:46   Yeah.

01:11:47   Zhiui.

01:11:49   Listener Zhiui, it is always right to drink mocha

01:11:54   from a bialetti when there's no espresso machine around.

01:11:58   In fact, I will tell you a story.

01:12:01   There was a time when I couldn't drink espresso

01:12:04   because, you know, I was going through treatments

01:12:06   and my sense of taste was kind of weird.

01:12:10   So for some reason, I really didn't like espresso anymore

01:12:13   because it was too strong and I switched to the mocha.

01:12:18   And it was awesome.

01:12:19   You can always have, in fact, I'm pretty sure most Italians,

01:12:23   after lunch or dinner or whatever,

01:12:25   they brew a mocha instead of a,

01:12:28   it's not so common to have an espresso machine.

01:12:31   It is far more common to have a mocha,

01:12:35   least most Italians. So yes, it is always okay. Don't be afraid.

01:12:42   I don't even understand half of the words in that question. So I'm just gonna say that Federico's

01:12:51   right. See, Teach, you can be right too. Oh, thank you.

01:12:55   I'm pleased. Thank you. It's a great feeling.

01:12:59   Stephen, do you want to tell us the name of the next listener?

01:13:04   nope but this person asks let's go for it watch watch watch watch watch tech

01:13:15   what's there whatever it's like the polish was nyak I'm sure yeah yeah

01:13:22   it's wash tech he asks what our favorite movies are and why Federico hasn't

01:13:28   watch Star Wars.

01:13:29   OK, so

01:13:33   let's start for Star Wars

01:13:36   and just get it over with.

01:13:37   Because I didn't

01:13:41   grow up with

01:13:44   friends obsessed with sci-fi

01:13:46   and

01:13:48   because my parents didn't,

01:13:52   you know, they didn't tell me about

01:13:54   the existence of Star Wars when I

01:13:57   was really

01:13:58   when I was little and so I didn't have any sort of sci-fi influence to learn from.

01:14:05   And when I grew up I sort of, you know, I was never into sci-fi because I was never, you know, guided towards sci-fi.

01:14:16   And when I started using Twitter and I saw that most nerds that I followed were obsessed with sci-fi,

01:14:24   I just I I thought it was kind of cool to be different. I never I never watched Star Wars

01:14:31   That's that's fair what's your favorite what's your favorite movie my favorite movie

01:14:38   Yes, it's a stupid Italian comedy

01:14:43   called savages

01:14:45   The name of our podcast

01:14:51   So, okay, let me come clean here. I don't think I have a very

01:14:57   developed taste in movies. I tend to like a lot of stupid stuff

01:15:06   because I

01:15:10   subscribe to the theory that because life is always so complicated, when I sit down and I

01:15:17   want to spend a couple of hours being entertained, I don't want to watch something heavy or too complex.

01:15:24   I just want to unplug my brain and, you know, laugh.

01:15:28   This is the reason why most of the TV shows and the movies that I watch are comedies, because I want to have a good time.

01:15:35   Not saying that you cannot have a good time while you watch more,

01:15:39   you know,

01:15:41   involved material or, you know, complicated movies with big themes and stuff.

01:15:46   I do watch those type of, you know, entertainment every once in a while.

01:15:52   I do like House of Cards and I do love Breaking Bad.

01:15:56   It's just that most of the time I just want to have a good time and be stupid, if you know what I mean.

01:16:02   And so there's this Italian movie. It's called Salvaggi.

01:16:07   It means savages. And it's from the 90s. And it's a really, really silly movie.

01:16:15   I'm struggling to find this on LinkedIn.

01:16:17   Oh, sure. Let me send you a link. And every time it is on TV, it's from 1995.

01:16:26   So every time it's on TV, I just, I watch the movie and I laugh like an idiot. And, you know,

01:16:36   it reminds me when I was young, when I first watched this movie and it's full of old Italian

01:16:42   pop culture which is always funny. I mean I guess that there's also a favorite movie from the serious

01:16:50   kind of library from you know I don't know I'm really not a movie person I like Harry Potter

01:16:57   movies I'm sorry guys. We're just naming movies now. What about you Myke? Back to the future I

01:17:06   think. Yeah it's mine too. You're so cliche. Sorry. Wow. How did Federico keep

01:17:18   himself busy if he didn't sleep on his flights to and from California? Well first

01:17:23   off, first off those people need to be listening to virtual don't they Federico

01:17:26   where you explained what you did. Yeah exactly and also I first I stared into

01:17:33   the nothingness of the plane because it was, you know, they turned off the lights and I

01:17:41   could only see, you know, the seat in front of me and a bunch of lights in the, in the,

01:17:47   a few meters away.

01:17:49   And I also looked at the presentation my, my, my plane neighbor was working on and it

01:17:58   was really boring.

01:18:01   And then for, I guess for 20 minutes, I looked at the screen with the movie he was watching

01:18:09   also, without audio of course.

01:18:12   Wow.

01:18:13   And then I just stood there and I, you know, I ordered some food and some drinks.

01:18:21   Not much actually.

01:18:23   And then I just, you know, I just kept thinking about not crashing.

01:18:29   Yeah.

01:18:31   was 11 hours of... - Didn't do anything. Why don't we go for the next

01:18:40   question from Joe. - What are our favorite colors? - Can I pick this one? - Yeah, of course you can.

01:18:49   - Steven, what's your favorite color? Myke, what's your favorite color?

01:18:53   I prefer the color.

01:18:56   You rearranged his Italian for him.

01:18:59   Yeah, because I need to, I need to, you know.

01:19:03   Well, I...

01:19:05   When I was a kid, I always said that my favourite colour was orange.

01:19:09   I guess it was, but it's kind of not anymore, but I still say it anyway.

01:19:16   But I actually, you know, I don't really own a lot of orange things.

01:19:20   I guess I maybe tend more towards like blue

01:19:23   But I still keep orange as my is the one that I say is my favorite color. So there you go

01:19:28   Do people ask you what's your favorite color? You just did

01:19:32   No, Joe just did

01:19:35   Joe did why are you? Okay, Steven. What about your color?

01:19:41   it's

01:19:44   It's black. That's not even a color. It's a shade

01:19:49   Wow, it's not so technical Myke everything everything looks better in black black is not a color

01:19:55   well

01:19:57   Now we're gonna get all the follow-up from the color experts, huh?

01:20:01   And they'll tell you that black is not the color a color that's what the color experts are saying

01:20:04   What about what about you teach?

01:20:07   I really don't have a favorite color verify. I mean a gunpoint I would pick

01:20:14   That was a good one. I guess.

01:20:16   I don't know. I don't have one. But let's just say red is my favorite color.

01:20:24   Yeah, red. It's cool. It looks red.

01:20:29   It's like, no, don't mug me. No, I don't want your wallet. I want to know what color I should paint my house.

01:20:35   Ben asks, obviously because of your endless mocking of me, how old are each of you and

01:20:47   how long have you been on the Apple platform?

01:20:49   So I...

01:20:50   Steven is 42 and he's been on the Apple platform for 36 years.

01:20:55   I'm 29 and I've been on the platform since 2000 and 2001.

01:21:04   I have an article that I'll put in the show notes about my introduction to the Mac.

01:21:08   What about you guys?

01:21:10   I am 27, I think, and I have been on the Apple platform since 2004, 2005, something like

01:21:23   that.

01:21:25   Well I'm 19, and no one interests me.

01:21:32   I'm just gonna let you keep going and see where you end up.

01:21:34   Okay I'm 26, turning 27 in August and I've been on the Apple platform since October,

01:21:44   November, maybe October, maybe December, I don't know, just say late 2008.

01:21:51   So Steven is either the winner or the loser.

01:21:56   No definitely the winner.

01:21:59   So Myke, I know yours was the first Intel iMac, right? Federico, you had a MacBook Pro.

01:22:07   MacBook Pro, late 2008, yeah. Yeah, I had a classroom full of iMac G3s and then eventually

01:22:15   a titanium power book, so I think I win. I think that's what we're learning here. Yeah,

01:22:20   but you had to deal through more of the rubbish time than we did. That is not untrue. So maybe we

01:22:27   win? Maybe. So yeah, so what's the next question? Last question to my

01:22:36   confederico. Since you do the live recording at night how do you keep

01:22:39   yourselves awake and alert? This is from Shaf. Shaf. I don't think I do, I don't do

01:22:45   anything specific like I don't drink coffee to stay awake or anything like

01:22:49   that I just, this is my job so I kind of have to stay awake you know. Sometimes

01:22:54   sometimes you will hear me maybe mainly on analog like get a bit sleepy because

01:23:00   sometimes I record that show at midnight so maybe if I'm ever sleepy it's on that

01:23:06   show or there was this one episode of commands bass I did with John Siracusa

01:23:10   once which I recorded at 3 in the morning that I was very tired in that

01:23:15   Well I don't use drugs. Why do you always have to tell people that?

01:23:24   You talk about drugs a lot. It sounds more suspect. Defensive. Yeah. Just don't say it.

01:23:31   I think because I can, you know, I can be assumed to be a drug person for some

01:23:41   reason because I'm, you know, because I tend to, you know, I go out and I enjoy

01:23:48   partying and that sort of stuff, so maybe there's an assumption. I just want to be clear, you know?

01:23:55   Just want to make sure people don't get the wrong idea, that's all. I do drink coffee,

01:24:04   espresso, which is the real coffee, as everybody knows. It's also the real drug.

01:24:10   Such the real drug, yeah.

01:24:12   And I guess the main point is that I have adjusted my schedule to be more

01:24:19   sort of American.

01:24:22   Yeah.

01:24:22   Unfortunately.

01:24:23   See, I thought that that would happen for me,

01:24:26   but I kind of go to bed at like 2 or 3 in the morning and wake up at 9.

01:24:28   So I feel like I'm not doing that

01:24:31   properly.

01:24:33   Interesting.

01:24:35   You're close to it.

01:24:36   I used to go to bed at like 6 a.m. 7 a.m. and for the past few months I've been trying to be more decent and go to bed at 4.30 a.m. 5 a.m. tops.

01:24:56   So it's not like I'm really American, it's more like I'm in the middle of the ocean time zone wise.

01:25:02   But yeah, a big part of my... because basically right now it's almost midnight, so it would be like...

01:25:13   I mean most Italian people go to bed now, but for me it's like 6 p.m. maybe? Yeah, kinda. 6 p.m. 7 p.m.

01:25:24   So I feel strong and energized. So on that strong and energized note

01:25:31   we have come to the end of this week's episode and so I think that we have

01:25:39   sufficiently aid some cues today. Would you guys agree that we have done that?

01:25:45   It was always a fun episode to do. Feels good. If you want to find our show notes

01:25:53   this week you can go to relay.fm/connected/32. I will not be here next week. I'm going to be

01:26:00   traveling and then the week after that we're gonna maybe record it a different day so I don't have to

01:26:05   miss two episodes because I will miss my friends on connected so I'm gonna be all next week.

01:26:11   Feels to me like you're always traveling Myke. I travel a lot these days Federico but so do you now.

01:26:20   do I really? Recently you've traveled the furthest out of all of us. You went all the way to California.

01:26:25   For two days. Still a distance my friend. I have not been to America this year, I don't think. Yet

01:26:33   then you would go like three times in two months. That's not actually too wrong.

01:26:39   But yeah you can look out for these guys next week I'm sure they'll have a very fun show. I

01:26:47   I always enjoy listening to Connected when I'm not on it.

01:26:51   I like this show.

01:26:52   I do like this show.

01:26:53   I'm sure that you like it too, and if you like it enough that you would like to interact

01:26:56   with us on a social brand engagement level, you can follow Federico.

01:27:00   He's @Vittici, V-I-T-I-C-C-I.

01:27:02   Steven is @ismh, and I am @imyke on the Twitter, and we are _ConnectedFM as a show, as a sentient

01:27:11   show being, which Steven sometimes nudges in the right direction.

01:27:16   Thanks again to our sponsors this week, our friends over at Bushall and Smile with their

01:27:20   great app PDF PenScan Plus for the iPhone and the iPad.

01:27:25   But thanks most of all to you guys for listening and until next time, bye bye.

01:27:30   Adios d'erci.

01:27:32   Adios.

01:27:33   [BLANK_AUDIO]