30: To America and Back


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00:00:27   My name is Myke Hurley and I'm joined, as always, by the one and only Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:32   Hey Myke, how are you?

00:00:34   I am very well.

00:00:35   And a man who has just returned from jet-setting around the globe, three time zones, three

00:00:40   countries, 48 hours, Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:43   Hey guys, I feel like I don't know which language I'm supposed to speak anymore.

00:00:48   German.

00:00:49   Everywhere that you went, they speak English.

00:00:53   So just, if you go with that, you'll be fine.

00:00:55   Yeah, that's true.

00:00:56   - Stick with English.

00:00:57   - I actually, when I was back in Rome last night,

00:01:01   for a moment, like I went to grab dinner

00:01:04   with a friend who picked me up at the airport.

00:01:06   And for a second, I was about to say thank you

00:01:09   to the lady at the restaurant.

00:01:12   And then I realized I was in Italy.

00:01:15   So I switched to Italian.

00:01:16   That was super weird.

00:01:18   Like I was in my, okay, I'm in a shop,

00:01:22   so I need to say, you know, I need to talk in English mode.

00:01:25   and I didn't realize that I was in Italy.

00:01:27   I've been feeling off all day.

00:01:30   Anyway, hi Myke and Steve.

00:01:32   (laughing)

00:01:33   - Hey buddy.

00:01:34   - So we have a real huge show

00:01:36   and we have a chunky amount of follow up to get through.

00:01:41   - We do, sorry about that. - And also topic 0.5

00:01:43   and 0.5.1, so we should probably get started.

00:01:46   - So we'll just open to follow up.

00:01:49   First up we have part three,

00:01:51   the final chapter of the connected comic book strip which we've covered parts one

00:01:58   and two maybe we can put all three in the show notes and the we're not gonna

00:02:03   spoil the ending here but I for one was very satisfied with the way that our

00:02:07   story ended yeah this I didn't see it going that way and I the third part is

00:02:12   my favorite part there's yeah I really there was one bit that I really really

00:02:17   liked. Oh, when it finishes the training, when we finish the training,

00:02:24   Federico's like, "I don't understand what we've accomplished." I think I was, when

00:02:27   I read that, I just laughed out loud. I really liked that. That sentence really sums up the

00:02:32   entire Connected podcast experience for us. We've done something but we don't

00:02:39   know what it was. It's good, it's good. There's a couple

00:02:43   surprise guests. The bad guy, there's a bad guy. It's all it's all really really

00:02:50   great. Myke if someone wanted to see this where could they go about finding it?

00:02:55   You can find our show notes over at relay.fm/connected/30

00:03:02   30? Mm-hmm. The show is now older than me, finally. No, that's a lie.

00:03:10   Oh man, so up next we have some artwork by listener Michael who wrote, emailed us in,

00:03:21   who did some artwork based on Federico's fitness and health article which is really cool.

00:03:26   It's got a phone and it's got apps flying into it.

00:03:29   It's really pretty awesome.

00:03:30   It's really nice, yeah.

00:03:32   Yeah it's super cool.

00:03:33   So Federico has committed to getting this as a tattoo across his chest so I will follow

00:03:38   up on that.

00:03:39   Yes, yesterday. You're tired, it's hard to remember what's happened or not.

00:03:45   Don't try to make this an excuse for everything.

00:03:51   Up next, some iPhone 6 Plus follow-up and it's more some questions for us.

00:03:57   Three questions. The first one from Robert is,

00:04:01   Robert says, "I'm having lots of issues hitting the RAM limit on the 6 Plus.

00:04:05   Have you guys seen this?" So, a little background, the 6 and 6 Plus have the

00:04:09   the same amount of RAM which is a gigabyte but the 6 plus has many more pixels and much

00:04:14   more display to drive and I've in my time with the 6 plus I have noticed some audio

00:04:22   tearing so if I'm listening to a podcast listening to music I'm if I go to switch apps or if

00:04:28   I like reload a Safari tab or something I'll get a little glitch in the audio and I don't

00:04:32   know if that's RAM or not my iPhone 6 doesn't do that what about the two of you guys have

00:04:37   Have you guys seen anything with this sort of problem?

00:04:41   - No, not the audio glitch.

00:04:43   - No, I haven't had that either.

00:04:44   - Just the usual memory problem with the apps refreshing,

00:04:48   but not the audio one.

00:04:49   - Yeah, so that might've just been the unit I had,

00:04:53   but yeah, the apps flushing out of memory

00:04:56   definitely noticed.

00:04:57   I mean, I think the saying will do much better

00:05:00   if Apple upgrades the RAM,

00:05:01   which the rumor is that the next batch of phones

00:05:03   will be two gigs of RAM to match the iPad Air 2.

00:05:06   I think that will be a good addition to the iPhone line.

00:05:12   One thing I do see like apps that data refreshes sometimes quite aggressively

00:05:19   so like for example I've had this problem and it's my I don't know if this

00:05:23   is a 6+ but sometimes sometimes I leave like I go I'm playing Altos adventure

00:05:28   and I like open another app and go back and the whole level is restarted and

00:05:32   sometimes sometimes that doesn't happen but I don't know.

00:05:35   Yeah I think that's the app getting flushed out but I'm not I'm not super

00:05:39   sure someone in the chat room if Apple doesn't give the next iPhone 8 gigs of

00:05:43   RAM it's doomed. Yeah that's true. Good luck. So Andy writes in, Andy asks if

00:05:52   we're using the 6 Plus in workouts he says he uses the 6 in an armband and it

00:05:58   works really well the 6 Plus seems like it would be bulky strapped to your arm. I

00:06:03   I agree that it probably would be.

00:06:05   Probably. Well it depends on your arm.

00:06:10   Myke you swim mostly so I guess you haven't taken your 6 Plus swimming.

00:06:16   I'd put it in my Speedos, not a problem.

00:06:18   I'm just gonna carry right on from that. Nathan asks or says after several months

00:06:25   of having the 6 I found that I wasn't using my iPad Mini as much and he ended

00:06:28   up going to a 6+ plus his MacBook so it kind of collapsed his iPad and phone

00:06:34   usage into one device. I know Myke that's what's happened to you more or less.

00:06:39   I don't use it at all, I never use my mini. Didn't you just buy a new iPad again?

00:06:43   That's... it's complicated.

00:06:47   We moving on from that question? No, I did buy an iPad Air 2 but it's... it was more about

00:06:55   replacing the iPad that my kids use for like school stuff because it was an iPad

00:06:59   Mini 1 and running like educational like a lot of those or media heavy apps and

00:07:05   like I was watching my daughter try to like draw a letter on it and it was

00:07:09   stuttering and like falling up falling down and so I gave them my iPad Mini 2 and

00:07:13   I bought an iPad Air 2 which is super awesome and fast. I think my comment when

00:07:18   Stephen told me this was like what I find really interesting is Federico is

00:07:22   the iPad guy but Steven has owned and bought more iPads than Federico. I think

00:07:26   every couple of weeks you're changing your iPad. It's just been it's just been

00:07:30   that the Mini 2 didn't last very long that's all. Hey you should be proud of me

00:07:36   that I did not buy an iPhone 6 Plus even though I really wanted to. You talked to

00:07:40   me into waiting until the fall to go. Yeah I did. So you've given yours back now?

00:07:44   Yes it is no longer my position I'm back just on the 6 and it feels tiny and

00:07:49   terrible and small but what can you do? Federico how did you find traveling with

00:07:53   the 6+? It was amazing, it was awesome especially because the battery lasts so

00:07:58   much. Yeah. Like it was it actually saved me because when I was at the airport and

00:08:03   I couldn't charge my phone I still had like 20% left that was really convenient

00:08:08   and it was like when I hand when I handed the iPhone to at the airport to

00:08:17   for the checking, for scanning the boarding pass,

00:08:22   I noticed that a lot of people were extremely careful

00:08:25   with holding the 6 Plus.

00:08:27   And actually one person at the gate said like,

00:08:32   "Oh, this is the big one.

00:08:34   I'm not used to the big one.

00:08:36   I gotta be extremely careful with this one

00:08:38   because I'm used to the smaller ones."

00:08:40   But yeah, it worked fine.

00:08:43   And the battery was great.

00:08:45   That was my, like, something that I really noticed.

00:08:50   And for all the other stuff, I think

00:08:52   my comments from the past episodes are still the same.

00:08:56   Yeah, definitely the battery life is--

00:08:58   I have noticed, coming back to the 6,

00:09:01   that the battery life is--

00:09:03   I miss those extra hours, for sure.

00:09:05   So yeah, so do we have any--

00:09:09   Federico, do you have any closing thoughts on the 6+

00:09:12   more than what we've covered in the past, or--

00:09:15   Well, I still have a couple of weeks left to try it.

00:09:20   So I think I'll save the final thoughts for the end.

00:09:25   It's still an ongoing trial and experiment.

00:09:30   I'm really liking the battery life in the camera.

00:09:33   And of course, the screen, because it

00:09:37   lets me see more at once.

00:09:39   But it hasn't impacted my usage of the iPad,

00:09:41   which is interesting, I think.

00:09:42   I want to make these considerations at the end.

00:09:47   Cool.

00:09:48   That's more than fair.

00:09:50   Like I said, I think I will be going to the bigger phone in the fall.

00:09:55   Myke was right.

00:09:58   Myke was right.

00:09:59   It's fine.

00:10:00   That's 2015.

00:10:01   It's the year of Myke being right.

00:10:04   Last year was the year of Luigi.

00:10:06   And also Myke being wrong.

00:10:10   This year is the right time for you.

00:10:12   like that. We're gonna get to the Apple Watch but we have some follow-up for the

00:10:19   Apple Watch first. We had last week some price guessing and we said that we were

00:10:27   going to apply the prices right rules to this which... Who won? Well so that's what

00:10:33   we're gonna do. Basically the price is right rules are you cannot go over so so

00:10:40   to back up we guessed the starting price for Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition

00:10:45   and if you go over you're disqualified you want to be under but as close as

00:10:50   possible so for instance if the answer was $100 and I said 101 and Myke said

00:10:56   $1 Myke would win which is a little crazy. These rules make no sense I wish I

00:11:01   wouldn't have claimed Price is Right rules on this. Well so the chat room just

00:11:05   provided us the Price is White Wikipedia entry or Price is White wiki, the rules to this.

00:11:15   So let's do the Apple Watch first.

00:11:17   So Federico you said it would be $699 to start on the stainless steel.

00:11:24   Michael I believe you said $599 and I came in at the highest at $799 and if we were a

00:11:34   game show this is where we would have some music but Myke where does the

00:11:38   where does the Apple watch pricing start?

00:11:42   Store.apple.com

00:11:44   I'm doing the same thing I was hoping someone else was there.

00:11:47   Store, I'm pressing the store button and now I'm pressing the watch button and now I'm

00:11:53   pressing view models and pricing what are we looking at here like with sport band?

00:11:58   yes so the Apple Watch starts at $549 yeah we were all higher than that okay

00:12:05   well that's the 38 millimeter the 42 is $599 so we'll give it to you we'll give it to

00:12:13   Myke yes we'll give it to Myke which is fine because you lose the next one okay

00:12:17   Apple Watch Edition Federico you said $8,000 to start I said $6,999

00:12:27   start and Myke Hurley went insane and said $15,000 to start.

00:12:31   What did you say $15,000 to start?

00:12:33   Because I wanted to get it in case it was above...

00:12:36   See, I didn't understand the rules, otherwise I would have said $10,000.

00:12:40   That's fine. So, Michael, where does the iPhone Watch... or iPhone... Apple Watch Edition...

00:12:48   The iPhone Watch Edition starts at $10,000.

00:12:51   So that would make SeƱor Vitechy the winner.

00:12:56   so yeah uh so we have the gold yes so yes so federico wins a apple watch edition

00:13:03   and mike wins a sports do i uh no you don't we can't afford that yeah i wonder i wonder 17 000

00:13:11   one yeah it's uh you're gonna have to find a different 38 millimeter 18 carat rose gold case

00:13:17   with rose gray modern buckle okay i'll get right on that for you buddy i'll just put that in my

00:13:22   my budget for next month. Thank you. So we also spoke about the Pebble having a port for

00:13:30   smart bands and there's been a lot of back and forth on this. Our buddy and really friend

00:13:38   of the world Matthew Panzorino at TechCrunch has an article saying that the Apple Watch

00:13:43   does have a what appears to be a diagnostic port inside the bottom of the case where the

00:13:48   bottom part of the band slides in and maybe that could be used for something in the future.

00:13:52   9to5 Mac says that that's there for testing and won't ship with that but then in the video

00:13:58   Panzorino pointed out that it looks like the port is there like when they pan over all

00:14:03   the steel cases in those crazy Johnny Ive videos.

00:14:06   So no one knows but I do think that if it is there it is diagnostic like the USB port

00:14:14   on the back of the Apple TV.

00:14:16   I don't see this being some sort of way to have a band that does something clever in

00:14:20   the future, at least in this generation of hardware.

00:14:23   I'll say that at the event they didn't let people exchange bands.

00:14:28   Yeah, I saw that.

00:14:30   I was hoping someone would have tried that to see how easy it was.

00:14:33   They were taking care of swapping the bands for you.

00:14:38   Which is probably why they want to hide, you know, there's a diagnostic port on the units

00:14:45   display at the event I guess. Right, yeah because I mean those display units could

00:14:49   be you know Apple internal ones and not slated for retail. Maybe I didn't

00:14:53   trust you and I thought you might run away with them. With a true band? Yeah.

00:14:57   Probably. You get one of those gold ones buddy and you're in the money. Just yeah

00:15:01   I mean yeah just just a band not the watch. Yeah the bands are all, well we'll

00:15:06   get to that, but the bands are all cheaper than I thought they would be. So

00:15:10   last bit of follow-up has to do with our end of the show topic last week where

00:15:14   Federico you are having trouble basically getting your router to go on

00:15:18   and off at night and in the morning automatically and listener Andrew wrote

00:15:23   in and said sometimes a low tech solution is best and links to the

00:15:28   clapper which if you're not familiar with the clapper it's a device that you

00:15:34   plug like a lamp or something into and then you clap your hands and it turns on

00:15:38   or off depending on its current status it's been made fun of a lot at least

00:15:44   here in the States for being made mostly made for ancient people but maybe it

00:15:51   could work for you Federico. I think you should get one.

00:15:53   This is a good suggestion and speaking of the the Wemo switch that I mentioned

00:15:59   was it last week? I feel like I don't remember anymore. Anyway I got two

00:16:05   different types of feedback about the Wemo switch. The first type is that the

00:16:10   timer that you set in the settings can only be activated over the web.

00:16:16   So the timer is not local, but it's activated from the, like from your cloud

00:16:21   account, from your Wemo account.

00:16:22   That's insane.

00:16:24   So, because you, so if I want to turn off my router, I cannot do that because the

00:16:28   timer is not local in the, in the physical switch, which seems odd.

00:16:33   It just seems like it's like, it's inefficient.

00:16:37   Yes.

00:16:38   It's counterproductive.

00:16:39   The second type of feedback is that this is simply a bug, which was recently introduced in a version of the firmware of the balcony WIMO switch, and that should be resolved.

00:16:54   Which would explain why, for me, sometimes it works and other times it doesn't work.

00:16:59   So I don't know. Basically, I said, "No, maybe I should really get a clapper."

00:17:04   Yeah, and maybe Clapper will support HomeKit so you could clap at your iPhone and turn off.

00:17:12   I think there's a lot of untapped potential here.

00:17:15   Clap at Siri.

00:17:17   Yeah.

00:17:18   Press the button.

00:17:22   Yeah, I think that's fine.

00:17:24   So that is the follow-up this week, gentlemen.

00:17:30   I have a very, very small topic.

00:17:33   that I would like to talk about.

00:17:35   - It's topic 0.5.

00:17:37   - I just saw this go by today,

00:17:39   that Apple is donating over $50 million

00:17:42   to a couple of different charities,

00:17:44   the Thurgood Marshall College Fund

00:17:45   and the National Center for Women Information Technology,

00:17:49   and this is to improve diversity in tech in general,

00:17:51   and also to help Apple try and find new people

00:17:56   and foster new talent to help them

00:17:58   increase their own diversity in the future.

00:18:00   I thought that this was incredible.

00:18:03   I didn't really see many people talking about it.

00:18:05   This happened yesterday as we were recording.

00:18:07   And it just led me to say this one thing,

00:18:10   that when I was reading this,

00:18:12   and I've thought this for a while,

00:18:14   I think I prefer Tim Cook's Apple to Steve's Apple

00:18:18   for a lot of these types of things.

00:18:21   I think as a company, they're a lot more responsible.

00:18:26   They seem to at least outwardly do more for diversity

00:18:30   seem to be even more concerned with the environment. And I think that like Steve

00:18:38   Jobs wanted to change the world of his products and like you know change the

00:18:42   world with you know the fact that the iPhone is here and that kind of thing

00:18:45   but I feel like Tim Cook wants to actually have a greater impact on the

00:18:51   world in that he wants you know not just changing it through shiny aluminium

00:18:54   things but like set the bar for other companies to follow. Like ResearchKit

00:19:01   which we'll talk about in a bit is like another example of it and it it's just a

00:19:04   feeling that I've had for a while with a lot of the moves that Tim's made and I

00:19:09   just think that it's so incredible to see the change that that he is making

00:19:15   and whether Apple did this stuff or not before maybe they didn't talk about it I

00:19:19   don't I understand that people say that I don't know how I feel about that I think if you do

00:19:22   these kinds of things you do talk about them I just think it's I just think it's

00:19:26   really cool and I'm just very very pleased that they're doing things like

00:19:29   this because no no company has to nobody has to do it and I just like that they

00:19:35   do and and I think that this is you know this is one of Tim Cook's things that he

00:19:39   finds important. I totally agree you know they um I think when Cook first took

00:19:46   over maybe we can dig this up there was a memo that came out that Apple was

00:19:52   increasing what they would do for like matching charity stuff for employees

00:19:57   and clearly that was just step one and I totally agree with you I think it's I

00:20:01   think it's super great and I think it to a degree like large companies have

00:20:06   responsibility because they have power and wealth to do good and I think that

00:20:13   of course everyone could do more including Apple but I like to see that

00:20:17   Apple is is making some moves and I think this is a great move and I think

00:20:21   the other stuff that Tim has done over the last couple years is great and I

00:20:24   really think he'll only ramp it up as time goes on.

00:20:27   Yep I just I think it's really great I'm really great I think it's a fantastic

00:20:32   thing to see but that was all it was just this this one little feeling that

00:20:36   I've had for a while and I wanted to share it with the world and get ready

00:20:39   for people to tell me things. Should we take a quick break thank our first

00:20:43   sponsor? Yes. I'm really excited about this one guys. Today one of our sponsors

00:20:48   this week and our first sponsor for this episode is Swift Summit which is the

00:20:51   first major international summit for Swift and it's happening in London. It's

00:20:57   gonna be a way, a great way for people to get up to speed with Swift. The event is

00:21:02   going to exist, it exists to distill everything down that's happened from

00:21:06   June to now for anybody that wants to attend. If you want to get to know Swift

00:21:10   this is for you. Swift Summit is going to be a fantastic chance to meet and talk

00:21:14   to top engineers and fellow Swift enthusiasts from all around the globe.

00:21:19   Swift Summit is being put on by a small team of people who have been totally immersed in

00:21:22   creating and helping grow the Swift community since the week after the language was launched

00:21:27   at WWDC 2014.

00:21:29   They've been organising meetups all over the globe and since the launch.

00:21:35   Swift Summit is going to be a real meeting of the minds.

00:21:38   It's the collaboration between two of the largest Swift community groups, Swift London

00:21:41   and the San Francisco Swift community.

00:21:43   coming together to put on the Swift Summit. It's a single track conference, full of days

00:21:48   of talks on the Saturday, laying the groundwork and raising the main themes of the weekend.

00:21:53   This features a fantastic lineup of speakers, some of the most involved engineers and developers

00:21:58   like Chris Eidhoff of OBJC.io. I never know how to say that, I read it all the time though.

00:22:06   Brian Jeziak, a software engineer at Facebook, and Daniel Steinberg, who is author of a Swift

00:22:11   to kickstart. There's also a panel discussion on Saturday evening, they have

00:22:16   a party at a place called Bloomsbury bowling lanes, which sounds a lot of fun,

00:22:20   and a bunch of shorter talks on Sunday. It's located in a historic building in

00:22:24   the heart of London, home to the Dickens library and a long line of public

00:22:28   educators. So you kind of think like wood paneling and like a fireplace and a

00:22:32   library, it's that kind of feel, it's like super fancy. They have a courtyard garden

00:22:36   and a grand hall as well. And it's fully catered, there's breakfast, lunch for

00:22:41   everyone. You'll meet across the weekend you're gonna meet loads of new people

00:22:44   you're gonna get loads of new skills ideas and all that sort of stuff if you

00:22:47   are interested in Swift this is the place for you. Get that training budget

00:22:52   allocate from your office or just head along on your own London is a great

00:22:55   venue and it's gonna be a real springboard for a lot of people to get

00:22:57   involved in Swift. It's happening from the 21st and the 22nd of March in Bloom

00:23:02   3 in central London and we have a special offer for listeners of this show

00:23:05   you can save 15% on a ticket to Swift Summit by going to these, the URL is great

00:23:10   guys you're gonna like this. SwiftSummit.com/MykeWasRight is the URL.

00:23:16   Or alternatively you can go to SwiftSummit.com/Dante.

00:23:20   Wow. I'm very happy for both of you.

00:23:26   Thank you so much SwiftSummit. I think this is a really cool thing that's happening and I love that it's in London.

00:23:31   And if, you know, come on down to London and go to SwiftSummit. It's gonna be great.

00:23:38   All right

00:23:40   Topic zero point five point one

00:23:43   Starts with a story and then we'll get to the news. So I've very often

00:23:50   Wake up to text messages from one or the both of you because you're ahead of me by the time I'm up and moving

00:23:56   It's you know midday mid morning midday for you

00:23:59   So this morning I get text from Federico's like hey

00:24:02   Have you heard the new death cap single and I said well, no, there's a new one. I haven't seen it

00:24:08   And I said, "Oh, let me go download it from iTunes."

00:24:12   I go to iTunes and I can't download it.

00:24:14   I hit the buy button and it just spins and stares at me.

00:24:17   And so I tell Federico this and he says, "Oh, well,

00:24:20   I've been listening to it on streaming services."

00:24:22   So I go to the app store and I can't download any apps.

00:24:25   Can't download Spotify or RDO or Beats.

00:24:29   And it was very sad for me because I wanted to listen

00:24:32   to the song and I couldn't because turns

00:24:34   out Apple has had a massive DNS issue today where iTunes connect and both app

00:24:43   stores the iBook store and the iTunes store were all down. And the podcast directory. Podcast

00:24:48   directory. This is sad for us as a feature today. We're all down for a while and I

00:24:56   think they're back up now as we record now. They made a statement to CNBC

00:25:01   saying that it was an internal DNS error in Apple. And so yeah, most of the day

00:25:09   Apple stores and services offline, which is sad. Well did you listen to the song

00:25:15   eventually? I did, I bought it and listened to it on the way home and it

00:25:19   was quite enjoyable. I must just take a quick aside on this. So I opened the

00:25:26   document today and I've seen Federico and Steven have been we're having a

00:25:31   conversation in the show notes which says Federico to Steven hear the new

00:25:35   DCFC song Steven no can't download it from iTunes frowny face Federico streaming

00:25:42   services Steven I can't I can't download any apps no the conversation was over I

00:25:48   message I basically just pasted it in here. We don't cover the show notes Myke. We're talking through together. I was very confused by this.

00:25:58   Sorry about that. So yeah I mean and some people in the chat room saying iTunes

00:26:02   Connect might still be down I don't have iTunes Connect account to verify that

00:26:06   but definitely not a great day for the online for ADQ's online division at

00:26:12   Apple but um you know what can you do at least they made a statement about what

00:26:17   it was. Speaking of old Apple, Myke, I don't think old Apple would have made a

00:26:20   statement about what specifically was wrong. It's working here.

00:26:29   It's not wrong, it's just problematic for a limited number of users.

00:26:35   There you go. It's not down.

00:26:40   Right, so in between last week's episode and this week's episode, something insane

00:26:45   happened. Federico, can you please tell us your story from Thursday?

00:26:53   So, on Thursday I was invited by Apple to go to the event on Monday.

00:27:03   It's when you hear those days!

00:27:08   The event being in America, I didn't have a passport.

00:27:13   And now I don't know if it's different internationally, but in Italy, you,

00:27:21   uh, you at least need like two to three weeks, um, to get a passport for the

00:27:28   United States and so of course, from Thursday to Monday, I will only have

00:27:37   Friday to get a passport, which in my mind right there at the moment seemed impossible.

00:27:45   So what I did was very much an Italian thing.

00:27:48   I called my dad, who has a bunch of connections.

00:27:55   Call three bells.

00:27:56   Basically, without going into the details, I had a passport in 24 hours.

00:28:04   And the name said Bob Stevens on it.

00:28:06   No, no, it's actually my name.

00:28:10   And on Friday morning, I went to apply for the passport.

00:28:13   I did all the paperwork for a UJAM passport.

00:28:17   And on Friday at lunch, I had the passport with me.

00:28:22   So on Sunday, I left for America.

00:28:28   And this is so crazy.

00:28:33   I flew from Rome to London, from London to San Francisco, and I spent Monday at the event,

00:28:42   then at San Francisco hanging out with a bunch of friends, including our own Jason Snell.

00:28:49   On Sunday evening, I jumped back on a plane and I flew from San Francisco to London, and

00:28:56   Basically, I left San Francisco at 9 p.m. on Monday,

00:29:01   and I was in Rome at 10 p.m. on Tuesday.

00:29:04   - Sounds fine.

00:29:05   - Which was yesterday.

00:29:08   - So on a scale of one to 10,

00:29:10   how dead do you feel inside right now?

00:29:12   - I think like 12.

00:29:14   11 wouldn't be enough.

00:29:17   I feel off.

00:29:20   I feel like, I told Myke and other people,

00:29:24   I feel like I don't know where I am.

00:29:25   everything feels strange.

00:29:28   Moving from between two continents in two days

00:29:33   can do strange things to your mind and to your brain

00:29:36   and to your body.

00:29:39   I think the best decision that I had during all this craziness

00:29:44   happened so fast was to not sleep on the trip

00:29:52   to San Francisco.

00:29:53   Because when I got there, I was basically so tired that I slept overnight and I woke up in the morning ready for the day.

00:30:01   Yeah, that's the trick. That is the trick.

00:30:04   Also because I was kind of dumb and I couldn't figure out how to adjust my seat on the plane.

00:30:12   So I just took there for 11 hours and I didn't move.

00:30:19   And so I was like, okay, so I'm just gonna stay awake.

00:30:24   So when I get there, when I get to the hotel,

00:30:29   I'll be ready to sleep.

00:30:30   And in the morning, I'll be ready for the day.

00:30:32   And that strategy worked.

00:30:34   So I was really happy.

00:30:36   - It's a good life hack.

00:30:38   - Yeah, I should start a blog.

00:30:40   And so yeah, basically in two days,

00:30:44   to America I'm back.

00:30:46   It's crazy.

00:30:47   I've been planning for years to go to America and now it's just like that two days.

00:30:52   I would like to tell a couple of my favorite little tidbits of this whole experience of

00:30:59   like getting you there.

00:31:00   So I was very worried for Federico.

00:31:06   Like a mother kind of worried.

00:31:10   You're a worrier though.

00:31:12   We've talked about this I think.

00:31:13   Oh god yeah I really am.

00:31:15   And I was so concerned for him because he'd never been to America before, he was going

00:31:20   on his own.

00:31:23   You've never been outside of Europe, have you?

00:31:24   No, never.

00:31:25   I mean Europe is big enough, there's lots of places, but because you have traveled outside

00:31:31   of Italy many times.

00:31:33   But I was very worried about Puerto Rico so I spent an hour with him on the phone talking

00:31:40   through things like how to get through security and we were talking about

00:31:44   airports and all this stuff I was giving him all the information I could I stayed

00:31:48   awake until 3 a.m. in the morning to make sure he landed okay

00:31:54   I was pretty worse than your mother

00:31:56   My mother went to sleep you didn't

00:31:58   No I didn't

00:32:00   I had all of your flights in my flight tracking app so it would tell me when you were taking off when you were landing

00:32:08   was I was very concerned it was very concerned it's very sweet of you really

00:32:11   I I was texting him on the morning on Monday morning to make sure he was awake

00:32:17   I was just getting ready to call Federico when when he replied to me

00:32:23   because I wanted to make sure that he was awake I was I was giving him

00:32:26   directions to places like this is I was finding him blue bottle coffee and was

00:32:31   telling him how he could get there and I was just very yeah very very concerned

00:32:36   concerned for you Federica, I'm so happy that it all went very well for you.

00:32:40   Myke was a huge help because I'm a, I'm a, you know, I come from a small town and

00:32:46   I've never been outside of Europe and I, and I, I often say this, I can, I can get

00:32:52   anxious and clumsy when it comes to, you know, paperwork and police officers.

00:32:56   Like I start to be nervous and, and Myke told me everything that there was to

00:33:01   know about, you know, getting into the States and replying to questions and how

00:33:06   and how to address people.

00:33:07   And also because I'm Italian,

00:33:09   so I'm used to different interactions with people.

00:33:13   So Myke is an expert when it comes to going to America

00:33:17   from a European perspective.

00:33:19   So it was a huge help, yeah.

00:33:21   - Yeah, and what did you think of Blue Bottle Coffee,

00:33:24   by the way?

00:33:25   - It was good, it was actually good.

00:33:27   I mean, it was an espresso.

00:33:28   I went with Matthew Panzorino, which is awesome.

00:33:33   And he told me to get the drip coffee, which was nice.

00:33:38   Uh, not espresso and not the coffee that you get on the plane.

00:33:42   Uh, so, you know, it wasn't in between.

00:33:46   Uh, I still like my coffee short, you know, like I'm not used to

00:33:50   these big cups of coffee.

00:33:52   Uh, when I take you there, I'm going to make you drink that cold coffee.

00:33:57   It's good.

00:33:59   It's very good.

00:34:00   They call it the new Orleans and it's

00:34:02   - Sure, I will try everything, whatever,

00:34:05   but just you can't beat Espresso.

00:34:07   - But what did you think of San Francisco?

00:34:10   I mean, I know you didn't get to see a lot of it.

00:34:12   - I didn't get to see a lot,

00:34:13   but I did get to walk by myself a lot to go places,

00:34:17   especially when I need to get back to the plane.

00:34:21   I basically had to walk from the Macworld offices

00:34:24   where I went with Jason to record the surprise.

00:34:27   - Oh yeah, where you gave me a heart attack on upgrade.

00:34:30   - Yes.

00:34:31   So I walked from Macworld to my hotel, so I walked for like 20 minutes.

00:34:37   It was strange because it was beautiful from looking at all the modern buildings.

00:34:54   it makes an impression on you, at least on me.

00:34:58   Like I'm not used to that type of modern architecture, you know, downtown, the city.

00:35:03   I'm not used to that.

00:35:04   Um, but also it was different, I think, in an unsettling way in that it's

00:35:12   all so modern and new, whereas I'm used to the idea of, of a city center

00:35:18   where you have the old stuff.

00:35:21   Like you have the monuments and the churches and you know, all the narrow

00:35:25   streets, you know, the corners and the fountains and San Francisco, at least

00:35:30   the part I was in was all like, all the streets look the same, you know, like

00:35:35   it's first, second, third street.

00:35:37   And it's all like a, like a grid.

00:35:40   It's not like a, like a complex.

00:35:42   Um, map, you know, like Rome, it's all, you know, different places and squares.

00:35:47   It's a grid.

00:35:49   And it's like, it feels like a video game, you know?

00:35:52   It feels like the map from GTA.

00:35:54   And actually it's kind of like the map from GTA.

00:35:56   - Well this, you know, Federico, obviously, you know,

00:35:58   this all comes from the fact that America has no history.

00:36:00   This is why it's like that.

00:36:01   - Wow. - Wow.

00:36:03   (laughing)

00:36:04   Wow.

00:36:05   - So yes.

00:36:07   (laughing)

00:36:09   - San Francisco is a special place, you know?

00:36:10   It's definitely not like where I'm from either.

00:36:14   Definitely some things that are different,

00:36:17   But I'm glad you had a good time.

00:36:20   Next time, maybe you'll have some time

00:36:22   to kind of explore a little bit.

00:36:23   There's a lot of good stuff to do.

00:36:24   - Yeah, it was really great, even if it was just 25 hours.

00:36:29   I think I'm, I mean, I managed to get good pasta

00:36:34   with Jason, Renee, Serenity, other cool people.

00:36:40   - Do you remember the name of the place you went to?

00:36:42   - Zero Zero.

00:36:43   - Oh, they do great pizza there.

00:36:45   - Yep, yep.

00:36:46   Yep, I have a good 0-0 story from Myke was it Macworld?

00:36:50   WBC a couple of years ago where a bunch of us went out to dinner and had a bunch of drinks

00:36:54   and then a drunk Steven bought dinner for everybody and spent all of his budget.

00:37:01   All of his budget.

00:37:02   You were being so nice to everyone.

00:37:03   Because that was super wasted.

00:37:06   We had like 8 pizzas, dessert and drink and cocktails.

00:37:09   Yeah I was like yeah 5-12's got it.

00:37:12   0-0's good spot.

00:37:14   So anyway, just in general, it feels really different from Italy.

00:37:22   I don't know if all America is the same, but when I go to other countries in Europe, it's

00:37:29   different from Italy, but you can tell it's Europe.

00:37:32   And I don't know how to explain this, but maybe it's because you know that it's in Europe,

00:37:37   but I think it also feels like Europe.

00:37:40   When you go to America, it's really different.

00:37:42   Yeah, but it also, when you go around in America, it feels like America. Like, at

00:37:47   least to a non-American. And for everywhere that I've been, it's like, it's

00:37:52   different, like it's all different, but it's all a little bit the same. Like, like

00:37:56   it, like Europe is.

00:37:59   Yeah. Anyways.

00:38:01   Should we talk about the event?

00:38:05   We're glad you're alive. Yeah, let's talk about the event.

00:38:07   Thank you.

00:38:09   My thought is, I mean, we're now a couple days out, so people kind of know what happened,

00:38:13   but can I talk about the points that jumped out at us?

00:38:18   That makes sense for everybody, but maybe we should, uh, maybe we should start at the

00:38:22   beginning.

00:38:23   Maybe we should start with a break.

00:38:25   Oh, that's even better.

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00:40:34   your support for this show and all of relay FM that's code time zones thank

00:40:38   you so much to hover for supporting this week's show so I think I speak for a lot

00:40:44   of people and that I did not expect the event to start with the Apple TV of all

00:40:48   things Myke you and I were kind of chatting during the event and we were

00:40:52   like what's happening because we were questioning whether there would be

00:40:56   anything other than the watch right that was a question and then they start with

00:41:00   probably the least important product like maybe if they brought the iPod out

00:41:04   you know that might have also been a surprise yeah it'd been been nice guys

00:41:09   we're just kidding about the iPod classic back and better than ever back

00:41:14   and still and there's a picture of Steven the iPod iPod hack it that's

00:41:20   right um so I guess the news is what 69 bucks which is pretty nice I think they

00:41:26   Realizing they've got to compete with things like the Chromecast and like the the Amazon fire TV stick which is like four dollars

00:41:33   Got a deal with HBO for HBO now, which is interesting. It's it's 15 bucks a month. So like I

00:41:41   don't like

00:41:44   My like fundamental problem with core cutting is that to really save money?

00:41:48   You have to steal that if you pay for

00:41:51   Netflix and Hulu and HBO Go or HBO Now and all these little things like you end up paying

00:41:56   You know what you did to Comcast for your TV, especially if you're buying stuff on iTunes and

00:42:03   You know so HBO Now I think is a little more expensive than I was hoping but not more expensive than I was expecting really

00:42:10   and it's a

00:42:12   It's an exclusive for the Apple TV for what 90 days

00:42:15   Says that right? I think I think it's three months. Yeah

00:42:19   Yeah, 90 days and cost it also cost them a lot of stage time

00:42:23   Yeah, I mean, yeah time we all love these TV shows right? Let me tell you yeah TV shows. I love super weird like

00:42:31   Like oh, there's a teaser for Game of Thrones like very I'm not sure 90 days of exclusivity was worth everything

00:42:38   They had to hand over at least they didn't make them drive robot cars around the stage

00:42:43   It's still my all-time favorite awkward Apple keynote

00:42:46   I think I did say that to you right it was this year's Anki Drive like yeah, yeah, oh man those guys

00:42:52   I hope they're doing okay

00:42:54   Got jumps on their tracks now

00:42:56   sweet

00:42:59   So yeah, so the Apple TV 69 bucks still kind of what it's always been

00:43:04   I

00:43:06   For one would like a Apple TV that ran better like I've got one and we like it

00:43:11   But it's you know

00:43:12   it's kind of sluggish at times. I might as well connect even though it's like hooked

00:43:16   into my wired Ethernet network. Just a little strange sometimes. This doesn't

00:43:21   quite work as well as it should but um I don't know. Yeah this is the Apple TV is

00:43:28   a product that I've never really wanted.

00:43:32   Is that why is that? Because you have a computer hooked up to your

00:43:37   television right? Yeah but I don't ever really watch stuff on there. I did watch

00:43:41   Apple event on there but that's like the only time I've ever done that. I just watch

00:43:44   things on my laptop like I don't know. So you're not a big TV person anyway?

00:43:49   No, no. So that's probably why you don't need an Apple TV. That's a good point.

00:43:54   Or you don't want an Apple TV. It's like you know every every like I feel like every device that I own

00:43:59   gets Netflix like just everything. Yeah it's everywhere. Like my toaster gets

00:44:04   Netflix, the oven gets Netflix, everything gets Netflix. It's crazy. Yeah it's like

00:44:10   Like, you know, this device has a screen.

00:44:12   Of course it does.

00:44:13   It's got Netflix too.

00:44:14   Yay!

00:44:15   Yeah, it's just obvious.

00:44:17   I think it's interesting, the new pricing.

00:44:21   Because I was talking to Jason the other day about, you know, I think we were on upgrade

00:44:26   mic also.

00:44:29   I guess they just want to sell them in the meantime because they have to be working on

00:44:33   something new.

00:44:34   And I guess in the meantime, there'll just be whatever, just sell them for $69.

00:44:38   Yeah, I mean, I would, you have to imagine that at some point they have an update to

00:44:45   that little hockey puck.

00:44:46   You know, it's running an A5, it's sort of janky.

00:44:52   I don't know.

00:44:53   It feels like there's got to be something at some point.

00:44:56   Anyways, let's talk about the MacBook.

00:45:01   I guess that was next.

00:45:03   This computer, man.

00:45:05   Okay.

00:45:06   What do we want to say about this?

00:45:11   What do you guys think of the fact that they went with no physical ports other than USB-C?

00:45:19   My feeling on this remains.

00:45:20   Like okay, I think the problem with this device and doing this is that for it to be truly

00:45:29   useful, you end up having to have something else.

00:45:33   I couldn't use this computer as my computer because there are going to be times where

00:45:38   I'm going to need to do X, Y or Z with it, right?

00:45:41   So I'm going to need to maybe plug in a USB whilst I'm also charging, which means I'm

00:45:46   going to have to have a dongle or like a other thing.

00:45:49   And then at the point that I need to then bring other things along with me if I'm going

00:45:53   on a trip, it kind of doesn't make it that great that it's that much thinner.

00:45:56   I don't know.

00:45:58   I'm not sure how I feel about it.

00:46:00   I think one port is so difficult and Apple really didn't... they didn't give enough of

00:46:09   a solution for if you need more than one.

00:46:11   Just buy a $79 dongle that has two other ports on it that you can use.

00:46:17   Alright, great.

00:46:19   One USB port and either a HDMI or a DVI but then you have to use the other USB-C to charge

00:46:24   it.

00:46:25   there's not enough on even that like that it makes sense to me like you'd

00:46:30   need a couple of USBs at least like just I don't know I don't know like I feel

00:46:36   like sometimes I have enough problem with connectivity of a MacBook Pro yeah

00:46:42   but I think the MacBook is not for you oh no I know that like but this I think

00:46:46   that this I'm just saying that for me personally that's how I feel about it

00:46:50   Like, I think I said this, like when we first were speaking about it, and I still feel this

00:46:56   way that this is not the MacBook for now.

00:47:00   This is the computer.

00:47:01   This is Apple's vision of computers for the next five years in the same way that the MacBook

00:47:06   Air was.

00:47:07   It's like the MacBook Air was so underpowered, like this, this MacBook isn't so underpowered,

00:47:12   but it is underpowered.

00:47:14   It's constrained and we can talk about that in a bit.

00:47:16   But it has some things on it that you're gonna see across their entire lines over the next

00:47:21   few years, like this new USB connector, the Force Touch trackpad which is already on the

00:47:27   MacBook Pros now, this new keyboard, like obviously this new screen technology that

00:47:31   they're using, this new battery technology, like you're gonna, that's, this is like, we're

00:47:35   building this now to show what the future's gonna be like, but they put it in this product

00:47:39   that I think is only useful to a subset of people.

00:47:43   Right and I mean the obvious parallel and again we talked we spoke about this a while back is that that original MacBook Air which was

00:47:50   underpowered and had limited I/O and

00:47:53   you know a sort of weird in some ways and and

00:47:58   The MacBook just seems like the next step and that in that direction

00:48:03   and

00:48:06   You know yes, I totally agree with you on the single USB C port like

00:48:12   Everyone who buys one is gonna have a $80 dongle so they get USB and video and power, you know in and out and

00:48:19   I

00:48:21   Do think it's an iCut, you know built with an iCut toward the future but like in five years

00:48:25   I'm still gonna need to charge my iPhone while I'm at my desk, you know, like

00:48:29   To me the power is the biggest thing not so much the the data I/O

00:48:33   I could I could live without you know, some things I would be sad this but again this machine is not for me

00:48:39   but like

00:48:40   people are gonna need to charge their computer and their phone at the same time because that's the way the world works and and

00:48:45   That's really where it falls down for me just in that really lowest common denominator use case

00:48:50   this machine doesn't

00:48:52   doesn't solve those problems and I think that's I

00:48:55   Think if you're looking at this machine, you've really got to think about that sort of thing like, you know, I'm in the airport

00:49:02   Right. I need to charge my computer and I need to charge my phone and there's only one

00:49:07   Wall outlet what do I do? And I assume I'll be right in thinking that there isn't a lightning to USB C

00:49:14   Cable, not that I have seen yet. I mean they're they're breakout

00:49:19   So they have these dongles which look sort of like ATPs rumored hub a little bit

00:49:24   So like this one I'm looking at has USB C. So that'd be for power in HDMI out and then regular USB out

00:49:31   So you could you know, you could charge

00:49:35   Your device and charge your phone back through this dongle

00:49:38   But the thing's 80 bucks and I'm not sure everyone is gonna buy that right off the bat

00:49:42   I

00:49:44   Think maybe it was something that they should have included in the box. I don't know

00:49:48   You know that's not the way Apple rolls anymore

00:49:53   But it just seems really limiting and like really frustrating ways in day to day life

00:49:58   it is strange as a as a choice to

00:50:02   You know to just go without physical ports, especially

00:50:06   Because how you said Steven?

00:50:09   What if I have an iPhone and I need to charge my phone and I only have one available

00:50:14   Yeah, you got it. You better hope you bought that $80 dongle at the Apple Store

00:50:17   Yeah, so maybe it should have been included but also on the other hand like

00:50:22   When we talk about you know, this is how it's gonna be in the next five years

00:50:27   I don't think the next you know

00:50:29   the next few years are going to happen if you don't start making a point now.

00:50:34   Sure.

00:50:35   Oh, I agree with that.

00:50:36   But Gen 1 put the adapter in the box.

00:50:39   Yeah, but I think these sort of things need a big break at one point.

00:50:44   Like you need to draw a line and say, "Okay, this is how it's going to be."

00:50:49   So people can get used to it.

00:50:53   In the meantime, you have other options available, like the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air,

00:50:57   But this is how it's gonna be. Because we don't know if in the next few years we'll still need like

00:51:02   physical charging for an iPhone with the cable. That's the point. So maybe in five years

00:51:07   there'll be wireless charging and then, you know, USB-C, only one plug in the... only one port in the MacBook, in the

00:51:14   MacBook, just MacBook, will make sense.

00:51:17   I mean, I guess we don't know. Because I cannot see the point from both sides. Like, it's super

00:51:24   inconvenient and I need to buy this extra accessory, which is also 80 bucks, but also if you don't make a

00:51:30   precise statement

00:51:32   Change is always gonna be delayed. Yeah, I mean I get from a marketing perspective if you include the adapter in the box

00:51:39   It's like why cut the ports out? Yeah, like

00:51:42   We're gonna cut them out, but we're also gonna give you this thing because we believe you need them like

00:51:47   You know, I get that from that is a mixed marketing message

00:51:50   But then you know, maybe the adapter should be cheaper, but I have to say

00:51:54   It's stunning

00:51:58   Like oh, it looks really it's so beautiful and I love that keyboard and I love the use of San Francisco on the keyboard

00:52:05   I think that looks incredible. I

00:52:07   love

00:52:09   The it just looks yeah, man. It just looks so good Federico. Can you because you've used it, right?

00:52:15   Can you tell us what it's like? Like what does it feel like? What's the weight? Like? What is that trackpad like?

00:52:20   It's incredibly light.

00:52:22   Like, I needed to... and I own a MacBook Air, so I'm used to a lightness in a Mac.

00:52:31   But it's like, it's super light and you have this huge keyboard in front of you.

00:52:39   The space grey looks fantastic, I think, but the best part for me was the trackpad and the first touch.

00:52:47   Because we were talking with Jason, Myke, there is this illusion, right?

00:52:55   When you try to apply pressure on the trackpad and you think you're actually going down into

00:53:06   the trackpad because you feel physically that you're depressing, that you're applying pressure

00:53:13   and you're going into the trackpad, you're going down.

00:53:17   feel like you're moving an object down and you feel in your finger this feedback from

00:53:22   the trackpad. And you're like, "Okay, I'm applying pressure, I feel it in my hand and

00:53:28   I'm also seeing the results on the screen." But actually how it works is that there's

00:53:32   this Taptic Engine that basically moves sideways and it gives you... but it makes it feel like

00:53:40   you're going down vertically into the trackpad. And when I tried the trackpad, it felt like

00:53:46   When I was applying different levels of pressure, it felt like I was moving my finger towards a little series of steps.

00:53:55   Like I could feel little... it's not necessarily like clicks, but yeah, like a series of steps that I was moving into.

00:54:03   But actually you're not moving into vertically down into anything. It's just feedback from this engine.

00:54:09   So it doesn't physically move like at all? It just bounces back at you?

00:54:15   It's so weird. The Taptic Engine makes it bounce sideways and it feels like it's moving vertically down into,

00:54:23   like there's pressure moving into the trackpad.

00:54:26   I need to try this because I feel like I understand the words you're saying, but I cannot think what that feels like.

00:54:34   Yeah, I'm the same way.

00:54:36   It is freaky and weird, but it really works. And it's awesome.

00:54:42   I mean, I had to play for a couple of minutes.

00:54:44   I tried with a bunch of apps.

00:54:46   I tried with the Finder, with Mail.

00:54:48   Basically every smart data detector from OS X,

00:54:53   like addresses, HTTP links, calendar events, dates,

00:54:57   that sort of stuff can be force touched.

00:55:00   And it worked really well.

00:55:03   And I think it has potential for changing how we think

00:55:09   of the contextual menus and bring it up different options.

00:55:13   It's a new gesture, so you can really think about the potential for apps and developers

00:55:18   to plug into the APIs for Force Touch.

00:55:22   To describe it, it's really freaky and weird, but it works.

00:55:28   It's really well done.

00:55:29   Honestly, it's really well done.

00:55:31   Yeah.

00:55:32   Go ahead.

00:55:33   No, no, I just wanted to say I can't wait for something like this to be available on

00:55:41   iOS, on an iPhone, or on an iPad.

00:55:45   That's next, right?

00:55:46   Like, 7, maybe?

00:55:47   Might be the iPhone 7.

00:55:48   I don't know.

00:55:49   Probably.

00:55:50   I don't know.

00:55:51   Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of interesting things there with the iPad and drawing and

00:55:55   stuff.

00:55:56   I had just a comment and then a question.

00:56:00   one is and I wrote this up on 512 but I find it really interesting that when you

00:56:05   go to buy one of these things it's basically like buying an iPad you pick

00:56:09   the color which by the way the space gray at least in the photos looks really

00:56:13   awesome I don't know if in real life it looks as good as it does in photos but

00:56:18   the space gray looks great it would be my jams but it's like an iPad so you

00:56:23   pick the color and then you pick the capacity so on this thing there's two

00:56:27   processor speeds and two SSD sizes and those are tied together so you pick kind

00:56:32   of better or best and that's it like compare that to where you go to buy a

00:56:38   MacBook Air and there's you know four different SKUs if you buy a MacBook Pro

00:56:41   there's you know four or five different SKUs and you can be real fiddly and say

00:56:45   I want this much RAM and I want this SSD but not that and it's all gone with this

00:56:49   machine it's very much a more of a device than like computer sort of in

00:56:56   some ways. I think it's really interesting. Do you think it's so locked down because of how...

00:57:00   because of the insanity of the logic board? I think that my... I think it probably has a lot

00:57:06   to do with it so they don't have a lot of different parts running around. So like both models have 8

00:57:10   gigs of ram. And by the way like that that logic board thing I remember when the the the first

00:57:17   Mac Air came out I was at Apple and we opened one... we had a guy buy one on day one and it

00:57:24   it was dead out of the box and so we took it apart before we sent it back. We

00:57:28   weren't supposed to but we did. And I remember being so blown away by the

00:57:31   logic board in the original MacBook Air. It's like a whole Mac on this tiny little

00:57:34   board and the one in this MacBook, this new MacBook, is just crazy. It's a third of the size, right?

00:57:42   Yeah it's hard to imagine how they did that. Obviously they don't have the

00:57:45   cooling stuff with the Intel Core M. They can run fanless but really impressive.

00:57:50   Is that going to be hot though? I can imagine this machine will get

00:57:54   warm but they're this this platform is shipping in a bunch of ultra books they

00:57:59   run fanless and you know I haven't gone to take up any of those reviews or

00:58:03   anything but I don't think it's like you know burning hot but I would imagine

00:58:07   that it'll be warm. That MacBook Air, the original MacBook Air man, that could

00:58:11   actually burn you. Yeah. My brother had one and he burnt his thigh once. That's

00:58:17   - That's fine.

00:58:18   - Wow.

00:58:18   - That's fine.

00:58:20   So my question is, Federico,

00:58:22   your MacBook Air is not in great shape.

00:58:25   Is this a machine that you would consider

00:58:27   replacing your MacBook Air with?

00:58:30   - Probably.

00:58:31   I mean, it's the most basic Mac I can,

00:58:33   portable Mac I can get.

00:58:35   And it's got a retina screen,

00:58:37   so it will be better for my eyes.

00:58:39   And I would just need to get an adapter for, you know,

00:58:42   when we record the podcast,

00:58:45   because I need to charge and use USB for the microphone at the same time.

00:58:50   But yeah, I guess when I'll be about to upgrade my MacBook, fine, I mean, it's got a broken keyboard,

00:58:58   and eventually you gotta assume that the next few versions of OS X won't run nicely on this machine.

00:59:05   I think that's the... because I mean if it doesn't...

00:59:09   if things on iOS don't change, if I'll still be unable to

00:59:14   do podcasts properly

00:59:17   on an iPad, now please don't send me the ideas for

00:59:21   microphones on iOS. Because we looked at all the options.

00:59:25   That's not gonna work. If things don't change on iOS,

00:59:30   I'll have to upgrade my Macbook and yes, I think I'll get the new

00:59:35   the new MacBook. It's not as expensive as I thought it would have been either.

00:59:38   Yeah it's not expensive. You're gonna get it in gold.

00:59:41   No I'm gonna get it in space grey.

00:59:45   So the price is interesting too, it's what 1200 bucks for the base model?

00:59:49   Yeah $1299. So the MacBook Air

00:59:52   the 11 inches $899

00:59:55   and 1100 bucks and then the 13 inches $999

01:00:00   and 1200 bucks so you can get a high-end 13-inch

01:00:04   Air for the same cost as the low-end MacBook and they're the MacBook actually a little bit

01:00:09   It's sort of a mixed bag. So the the MacBook Air is faster, but the MacBook has more RAM at that price point

01:00:17   There's been a lot of people complaining about sort of you know, the Apple sort of mixing the lineup, you know

01:00:24   The MacBook Air and the MacBook are really similar

01:00:26   Now the MacBook Air has the Air name, but the MacBook is thinner and lighter. Yeah, the name is is

01:00:31   He's weird.

01:00:31   I don't, I think it's a short term problem.

01:00:34   And I think that, Hey, like I wouldn't let this keep you up at night.

01:00:38   Um, I think what they've done is the Mac book air is now the, the introductory,

01:00:44   you know, Hey, you want a Mac, you want the cheapest Mac you can get.

01:00:47   That's a notebook.

01:00:48   Hey, you know, buy this, this Mac book air for a thousand dollars.

01:00:51   I think the value for money, the Mac book air is crazy.

01:00:54   Like, um, I just bought a refurbished one, uh, or picked out a refurbished one,

01:00:59   I should say for my brother and he got a heck of a lot of machine for 1,100 bucks. I mean, it's really crazy

01:01:04   The MacBook is sitting above that in price, but below that in in

01:01:10   Sort of functionality and power, but I think that's okay

01:01:14   I think the MacBook will slowly eat into the MacBook Air line

01:01:18   I think I can't imagine the 11-inch air will stay around

01:01:22   I think as soon as Apple can do a 13-inch air at that $899 price point

01:01:26   I think the 11 inch air is in trouble because

01:01:29   you know, especially comparing the 11 inch compared to the 12 inch MacBook is a

01:01:34   ridiculous machine

01:01:35   I mean the 11 inch air we've got one at the house and it's not great like it's slow

01:01:40   it's really chunky looking the screen is not very good and

01:01:43   In all those metrics the MacBook is a lot better

01:01:48   So I I think that these lines will sort of shimmy around over the next, you know

01:01:52   year or two years and I think we'll end up in a place where

01:01:56   I think the MacBook Air will probably still exist but on the low end and

01:02:00   You know this this MacBook will be in the middle

01:02:03   I do think the MacBook Air will get get thinner again at some point

01:02:06   I think the name at this point isn't tied so much to weight and thickness

01:02:10   I think if if you're freaking out about that you should so some for a walk someone wrote in a

01:02:15   Circle maxis the they sent this in to upgrade early

01:02:19   But thought it was interesting thing we talk about it now and he said it's interesting that like this naming

01:02:24   convention kind of matches the watch now because like the cheapest one is like the sport which is kind of like the air and then

01:02:32   Yeah, the titular product is the middle one, which is the MacBook, right?

01:02:36   That's the like but it's the middle of the road one and then you have like the pro and the addition at the top end

01:02:41   So it was quite interesting. It does kind of mirror that I don't think that that was intentional but it is interesting that it does that

01:02:47   Yeah, and and like I said, I think I mean if Apple had seen this machine coming, you know

01:02:54   in 2011 when they redid the Air maybe that would have become the MacBook and

01:02:58   they reserve the name for this but yeah you know these things happen right these

01:03:02   product names don't really mean anything and they could they could have just

01:03:05   flipped the flip-flop the names right they've actually the new MacBook Air

01:03:09   right or they could have given this the Air name and rebadged the the old ones I

01:03:14   mean they've done all sorts of weird things in the past but uh you know it's

01:03:17   it'll be interesting how this plays out but I fully expect the MacBook Air line

01:03:21   to not exist as it does today.

01:03:23   And the new MacBook Air, the new MacBook Air with Retina display.

01:03:27   Yeah, it could.

01:03:29   I mean, that was the rumor, right?

01:03:30   People were thinking it'd be MacBook Air.

01:03:32   Exactly.

01:03:33   I wanted to ask you, can you imagine our reactions?

01:03:36   Hadn't this Mac leaked anywhere before?

01:03:41   We all like people would have been would have gone crazy on Monday.

01:03:47   and instead just a couple of months ago we knew exactly how because uh the leak from

01:03:53   925 Mac was basically perfect I think like he was dead on except for the uh power button

01:03:59   being on the wrong side of the keyboard thank god yeah well big deal no I'm really glad

01:04:05   he was wrong about that I mean yeah even the colors uh I think they I feel like yeah it

01:04:09   was crazy I feel like they said smaller key caps though not larger uh I think but I think

01:04:16   I don't know. He got it. That is much much stuff. Like yeah, right

01:04:21   Yeah, I mean right like he you know, they when they said there's a new MacBook. I was like, oh well

01:04:25   This is garments computer. So the dicks the magic out of it. We talked about that before she called a germac

01:04:31   I think that would make everyone Apple dying. Oh, no, we can call it that they don't have to call it that

01:04:37   No, so we're not Casey giving

01:04:40   Yeah

01:04:43   I bet you guys cash money that he calls it the gold book at some point atp tonight

01:04:48   Like we just have a little have a little I don't know one in the chair

01:04:51   I'm tip him off because I would like someone to pay me money for that

01:04:54   the

01:04:57   The gold Mac retina the gold mac, right?

01:05:03   Yeah, good man. Right now retina gold Mac. That's terrible. We love you Casey, but

01:05:08   So so Federico this machine I thought of you

01:05:12   you know your iOS primarily you just need a Mac sometimes. I think the other use case

01:05:18   for this or sort of the general use case for this is you know it's someone who I think

01:05:26   the MacBook Air is going to be you know what students pick up what a lot of like like our

01:05:30   entire small business at my day job runs with MacBook Airs like almost everyone has one.

01:05:35   I think this thing is going to be really popular for people who travel.

01:05:38   Yeah, this is the Traveler's computer.

01:05:41   Like if I, if I didn't, if I use the Mac Pro as like the machine that I do most

01:05:46   of my work on, I would buy one of these for travel.

01:05:49   Yeah.

01:05:51   And I, I even had the thought today, I was talking with the other friend and, uh,

01:05:54   he's looking to buy a new iMac.

01:05:56   And so we were kind of talking about the pros and cons of the Retina iMac.

01:05:59   And, and I haven't said, you know, like if I had a desktop set up, you know,

01:06:02   I would own a Retina iMac and I would probably own one of these.

01:06:05   It's just like my take it to the coffee shop and write machine.

01:06:08   You know right now I've got a MacBook Pro and I kind of use it as a desktop most of

01:06:12   the time.

01:06:13   So like I can see this also for people in two machine setups maybe someone like Snell

01:06:17   who you know has a Retina iMac who you know also needs a notebook sometimes.

01:06:22   I think it would be hard for at least any of the three of us.

01:06:28   I think even Federico you might run into some of these limitations but I definitely couldn't

01:06:32   live on this machine as my only computer.

01:06:33   As much as I desire it, I know that it would be endlessly frustrating because I've got

01:06:39   displays and external drives and a Thunderbolt dock and all this crazy stuff hooked up that

01:06:46   this machine just can't do.

01:06:49   Anyways.

01:06:50   Should we take a break and then talk about the watch?

01:06:54   Yes.

01:06:55   Let's do it.

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01:09:11   So the watch.

01:09:14   They talked about it.

01:09:17   They showed it off.

01:09:19   complained on Twitter that

01:09:21   Apple didn't tell the story of the watch and I think I'd missed that in the live blog and maybe

01:09:25   Frederick you can speak to how it was

01:09:27   You actually hate watching the even itself, but and watching the keynote of the night

01:09:31   I think they did tell the story better. They said yeah, I got three pillars right they have timekeeping they have communication

01:09:38   No, that was that was in the original one

01:09:41   But but it was but it was a story and story was what Kevin Lynch did that that is the key part

01:09:46   I've gone back and watched that like because what he did was exactly what I was looking for

01:09:51   was he showed you a day in the life of what it's like to use this device and the small parts where

01:09:57   It can can work for you. I remember remember a long time ago where me and Federico

01:10:02   Came to a knife fight over the Android wear video

01:10:06   We talked about the airport that spoke to me

01:10:08   Whether it did anybody else because I looked at it and could see the daily interactions that you have

01:10:13   where you can use something like this to connect you to your information and I

01:10:18   think that that they did that he did and I think Kevin Lynch is a great presenter

01:10:23   by the way. He's a lot better than he was. I think he's very entertaining and he

01:10:29   seems very like familiar with the product like it was very obviously he

01:10:33   would be but it just really came across like you know he was like yeah this is how you do all this stuff.

01:10:37   And he was funny as well like as much as he needed to be it was it was all good I

01:10:42   I really enjoyed his presentation, but I loved all of those little moments like showing the hotel room stuff and the garage door opening

01:10:50   and showing the, you know, being able to scan into American Airlines by using the QR code and all that stuff.

01:10:57   That to me really got me excited. It definitely, definitely did.

01:11:03   Yeah, I mean I didn't mean to discount his his appearance but you know that they broke

01:11:08   it up into timekeeping, communication, and fitness and I think that's like if you think

01:11:16   about it this device revolves around those three things it's not as strong as the iPod

01:11:22   phone internet communicator of 2007 but clearly they're trying to kindle that sort of you

01:11:28   know these are three categories that this thing falls into and I think his demos played

01:11:33   into that really well. A good mix of of those things and I think they did a

01:11:40   better job than than I had I had realized in that. I do think they answered the

01:11:49   question pretty well of, you know, like you said Myke, what does this thing look

01:11:52   like in everyday life? And you know we've all seen these these comments we've

01:11:58   gotten some emails about it of, you know, "Well you could do everything in his

01:12:01   presentation with your phone and yes, you can, but the point is that you can do it more

01:12:07   discreetly, more easily, and sort of in a new way on the watch, which is really the

01:12:14   whole point of this thing is to make these things quicker and easier to deal with so

01:12:20   you're not dealing with them but you're out in the world doing things, which is good,

01:12:24   I hear.

01:12:26   I think the fact that they're showing like three, what they consider the three basic

01:12:34   features or use cases for the watch.

01:12:38   I think that makes sense when you want to say, okay, we made it, we made this device

01:12:45   for these basic features.

01:12:47   But also what Apple is saying is I think these are the basics, but everything else will be

01:12:53   made possible by software, by apps. So it's not like they're saying "look, we made this

01:12:59   thing with three features and that's it". And also they're not saying "we don't know

01:13:04   what the..." because I saw a lot of people saying "Apple is not telling us what the watch

01:13:08   is for". And that's not possible. And that also misses the point. Because I think, if

01:13:14   anything it shows that Apple has learned from the history of the App Store. In seven years

01:13:21   almost of the App Store, we possibly couldn't have imagined what the iPhone would turn out

01:13:27   to be. Because it can be so many things, right? And it's not like today, at the beginning

01:13:33   of the show they had this big slide where I think Tim Cook said the iPhone is now so

01:13:40   many things. And there was a slide with a bunch of photos of an iPhone running so many

01:13:45   different apps. So it can be a fitness tracker, it can be email calendar, FaceTime, phone,

01:13:51   basically it's a computer, right? But it's a different type of computer. And I think

01:13:55   the same will happen with the watch. So they're saying internally, we made it for three use

01:14:02   cases in mind. But also, we made it for others to make apps for. So what it will turn out

01:14:09   to be, we don't know. And where some people see a negative in that, I see the exact opposite.

01:14:16   I see insane potential because now that you're free from the constraint of saying "I have

01:14:24   to find a single use case", you can be whatever you want.

01:14:28   The point is, what we should be arguing about is, do we believe that a wearable device that

01:14:34   is in constant connection with our skin, do we think that's the right way to go for technology?

01:14:41   That's the question, I think, not "Is Apple telling us the story of the watch?"

01:14:47   The question is, "Is this the future to make the technology personal and useful in this

01:14:52   way?"

01:14:53   If it is, I think there's no need to tell a single story, because there won't be a single

01:14:57   story.

01:14:58   Just like there's no single story with the iPhone, because every time you ask somebody,

01:15:01   "Hey, what do you use your iPhone for?"

01:15:04   Everyone has a different answer, and I think the same will happen with the watch.

01:15:09   I've been thinking a lot about this because I saw so many people saying Apple is not telling us the use for the watch.

01:15:16   There's no single use for the watch.

01:15:18   The basic question is, is this the right idea to have a wearable device?

01:15:25   Just like it was with the iPhone. Is this the right idea to have a big screen and you use touch?

01:15:30   I think most of the tech press isn't seeing this basic point.

01:15:37   I've been thinking about it a lot. I get that. I do too, but I think

01:15:44   the time is a factor, but in a way that, not in the way that you

01:15:49   described, but we all now have different stories of what we do on our phones

01:15:55   because we have had the App Store for seven years, but if you go back to what

01:15:59   they originally showed off the phone, it was very much about those core

01:16:03   functionalities because that's all it had. Now what's different is that the

01:16:09   watch is standing on the shoulders of the smartphone, it's got apps, it's got

01:16:12   these things, it's starting further down the road than the phone did and I think

01:16:16   that's where that disconnect comes in. You know smartphone did browsing, email,

01:16:22   some photo stuff, but that was really about it. Where this thing, I think

01:16:27   because the answers are more varied people get more nervous about the

01:16:30   question. I'm not saying that's fair but I think it's when I think about it

01:16:34   that's kind of the difference is that this thing is coming into a market that

01:16:38   we already understand to a degree where the smartphone was sort of a different

01:16:45   era of you know these personal computing devices so I think it will do well I

01:16:51   mean I agree with you I think the potential of this thing is is crazy but

01:16:55   I don't know if the setting in which it is coming to the world is the same as a smartphone.

01:17:01   So why don't we...

01:17:05   The software and stuff's interesting, some stuff has changed, some stuff has stayed the same,

01:17:10   but one of the key pieces of information that we have

01:17:14   now that we've been questioning

01:17:17   was the bands and the pricing. So we have that information now, and it's not what we expected.

01:17:25   So effectively, I mean, I think the prices are, I think in general maybe cheaper than

01:17:33   most people expected, not by a lot, but like it fell under a lot of guesses and/or around

01:17:41   the kind of level that we thought it was going to be at.

01:17:44   But I think more interestingly, it seems that there is going to be, like you'll be able

01:17:50   to buy a selection, not all, but a selection of bands for any and all device. So like for

01:17:57   example I could buy a sport and Milanese loop if I wanted to. I like how you say that. I've

01:18:04   been practicing. That's good. Yeah and you're right, I mean we've got the link to the show

01:18:09   notes. Apple has all this up on their store. For instance I really like the look of the

01:18:14   black stainless steel watch with the black link bracelet but you can't, the link bracelet

01:18:19   you can buy is only the silver one if you go you know just to buying that the

01:18:24   band itself so it's definitely still not as free-flowing as some people thought

01:18:29   but it's definitely more flexible than rumors late in the game would have would

01:18:33   have said. So now we know the prices now we have a bit more information where do

01:18:39   we stand so I mean Federico I'm gonna leave you to last because you're the

01:18:43   most informed of the three of us. Okay. Because you've actually seen them but

01:18:48   Stephen what do you what are you thinking now what are you gonna what on

01:18:51   April 10th what is gonna be your order it will be the black Apple watch sport

01:18:59   probably in 42 millimeter I do like I said I do really like the black

01:19:05   stainless steel with the black link bracelet but it's like a thousand

01:19:09   dollars and I'm not gonna I'm not gonna spend that so I'm gonna go with the the

01:19:14   black sport. So I'm gonna buy the sport with the blue band but I'm also

01:19:21   gonna buy a black band like the sports band which is what I'll probably wear

01:19:26   most of the time or and maybe later I want to try these out first and get

01:19:30   maybe get one later like maybe get the lead the classic leather buckle yeah I

01:19:35   think that looks really nice I'm gonna go 42 millimeter and the reason I'm

01:19:40   gonna do this is because it turns out the Apple watch 42 is exactly the same

01:19:46   size there are thereabouts as my pebble steel nice like but I'd looked at it

01:19:52   like so the steel is 46 by 34 we have and it's 10.5 millimeters thick and the

01:19:59   Apple watch is 35.9 by 42 like 42 high and 35.9 wide so it's it they're

01:20:07   effectively the same which is really interesting because it looks much bigger.

01:20:11   Yeah my only problem with the mixing and matching because I do want to go with

01:20:17   the black sports the black case is that a lot of these other bands have the

01:20:23   lighter metal on the sides like if I were to go with the like the the loop or

01:20:31   something I worry about how that seam is going to look like if the matching on

01:20:38   the side so I don't know I mean I'm gonna buy the black one I might pick up

01:20:42   the white band down the road staff something a little bit different seems

01:20:46   to be less of a big deal on the sports bands but well I think I think some

01:20:49   bands you can actually choose to have the right color the black or the silver

01:20:58   but at least in one color at least you can do that I saw. Yeah so it'll be in

01:21:04   the black one you can it looks like but it'll be interesting to see I think

01:21:07   it'll be fun to mix and match a little bit. So now what about you Federico and

01:21:13   what was it like using one? I was expecting the watch to be much bigger

01:21:20   It was smaller than I was expecting and it really felt great I think.

01:21:30   I tried the Milanese loop and it was super smooth and soft.

01:21:36   It feels like fabric, it doesn't feel like it's actually made of metal.

01:21:42   So originally I was offered a 38 model and it was really tiny for my wrist.

01:21:49   So I asked for a 42 one and it felt just right.

01:21:56   It didn't feel too big at all.

01:22:00   And I think, like, the first minute I was a bit, like, confused because I was expecting

01:22:08   some sort of an iOS kind of structure of the operating system.

01:22:14   And it's different.

01:22:15   The way that stuff is arranged from a pure architectural perspective in the software,

01:22:23   like what is up, what is down, what is sideways, it's different.

01:22:26   So it takes a minute to get used to.

01:22:29   And also, I think just a couple of minutes at a demo area don't make for the best way

01:22:34   to get used to that.

01:22:36   But the device itself, well, depending of course on the bands and the model that you

01:22:41   try, I think it feels great.

01:22:44   So I tried the Apple Watch, the steel one with the Milanese loop, but what I want to

01:22:55   get for myself is the steel space grey with two bands.

01:23:02   I want to get one rubber band for when I exercise and the link bracelet for when I go out and

01:23:09   I try to be fancy.

01:23:10   - And you party.

01:23:11   - When I party, yeah.

01:23:14   I go places.

01:23:15   I've been kind of turned off this deal because a lot of the pictures that I've seen, it looks

01:23:19   so shiny.

01:23:22   There's a picture from someone that I follow on Twitter that really gives you the idea

01:23:27   of the Space Gray.

01:23:29   Because when you see it up close, I think it looks great.

01:23:32   So now I'm trying to find this picture.

01:23:34   I will send you the link when I find it.

01:23:37   So I think, like, I'm sure that part of my problem is that my, I mean, we talked about

01:23:44   this before, my hands are big.

01:23:47   So when I tried to tap on the screen, I felt a little like, okay, I need to be careful

01:23:51   here.

01:23:52   Yeah.

01:23:53   So navigating the home screen can be a little different than, of course, you know, than

01:24:02   a phone.

01:24:04   And also trying to understand that you need to go back to the watch face to look at the

01:24:09   glances that can take a while because if you think of glances as widgets like I was, you

01:24:17   assume that you can activate glances from anywhere because on iOS you can activate widgets

01:24:23   from anywhere or you can activate control center from anywhere.

01:24:27   But instead glances are only like at the bottom of the watch face.

01:24:31   So now I don't know if it's a good idea to split up the software components in this way.

01:24:36   But it's only at the bottom of the...

01:24:38   When you say the watch face, you mean like when you're looking at the clock, not like

01:24:42   the whole time.

01:24:43   The clock.

01:24:44   Yeah, the clock.

01:24:45   That was in the Verge's hand on, and I found that interesting.

01:24:48   And Patel was basically like, "That's a little confusing, and I wonder how much that will

01:24:53   get tweaked over time."

01:24:56   But having glances just...

01:24:57   Yeah, that's what I was doing too.

01:24:58   what you have to do is you think of glances as a subset of the of the clock

01:25:01   face which doesn't make a lot of sense to me I agree with you I think it should

01:25:06   be available from anywhere now again you've only used it for a couple minutes

01:25:10   I haven't used it and so maybe once you're into it that makes a lot of sense

01:25:13   can I but it seems like an opposing thought on that like so I agree that

01:25:17   it's confusing but like maybe feel like I can see some of the thinking in it so

01:25:22   yeah glances are meant to be quick pieces of information right so they're

01:25:26   the things that were there when you just turn on the watch once you've not used it for a while.

01:25:31   Once you're past the watch phase, you use the apps to get the information?

01:25:36   Yeah, exactly. So there's a basic problem here. Because it's been seven months and we didn't get

01:25:43   any additional information from Apple, we've all been used to think of Glances as the iOS widgets.

01:25:51   And so we kind of tricked ourselves into the mindset of saying, "Okay, glances are just like

01:25:57   widgets." So we basically convinced our brains that you can activate glances from anywhere.

01:26:04   So when you see the demo and it's only from the, let's call it the lock screen, so the clock,

01:26:09   you're like, "Oh my god, this doesn't make any sense because I want to look at glances from

01:26:14   any screen." But it's just like how Myke said, when you're not in the clock, when you're not

01:26:20   in the watch face you have the apps, which are supposed to be quick interactions anyway.

01:26:25   So it makes sense because when you wear the watch, the watch face, the clock,

01:26:32   the screen turns on when you rotate the wrist, when you actually want to look at the watch. So

01:26:39   it turns on and off, and that's been done super well, at least in my tests. I move my wrist,

01:26:46   just a rotation movement and it turns on. So from there you look at glances and when you accept the

01:26:54   fact that it's only like because the watch face is the place where you want to have a quick peek

01:27:01   at information it makes sense to have the glances there. I think we all just need you know a bit of

01:27:07   time to to get used to this stuff because it's been seven months and we kind of because you know

01:27:13   nerds are always in need for an explanation.

01:27:16   We don't like to be left in the dark.

01:27:18   So in the past seven months, we just built this image

01:27:22   of how the watch OS architecture was like.

01:27:26   And it's quite a bit different from our imagination.

01:27:29   So of course, tech bloggers, when they got to the event,

01:27:33   everybody freaks out because it's different.

01:27:36   And because it takes a little time.

01:27:38   I think once the watch units go out to reviewers,

01:27:43   viewers, I think it'll... and they'll have more time with advice, I think it'll

01:27:48   make more sense. And Myke, you absolutely nailed this point of the

01:27:54   watch, face and the glances.

01:27:55   So like, I don't know how I will feel about it, but it's just like when I

01:28:00   when I heard that, when I read that, that was just where my brain went. It was like

01:28:04   this, if I was gonna think of why they made this decision, that might be it.

01:28:10   And then like you think the clue is in the name with glances. I don't know. Yeah

01:28:14   Federica that that picture in the show notes from Twitter. Is that the aluminum or the steel? That's the aluminum. I

01:28:23   mean

01:28:25   Because I was looking at Twitter right and this guy says that it's the steel one the space gray one

01:28:30   And I don't remember being as shiny as the people are saying on Twitter

01:28:36   I mean it is shiny.

01:28:38   Space grey is what they call the aluminum.

01:28:40   I mean this is part of the problem right?

01:28:41   There's like 38 SKUs of this thing and it's hard to talk about but...

01:28:44   Yeah it's a little confusing to remember all the model names and stuff.

01:28:48   Yeah I mean this definitely looks flatter than some of them.

01:28:52   When you go to the... in the demo room like I was able to look at all the watches.

01:28:59   so many of them. It really takes a bit of time to understand what every watch is like

01:29:07   and what every band is like.

01:29:10   So yeah, I think this one may be the sport one actually, so aluminum, and I think it

01:29:19   looks nice. But also the link bracelet and the Milanese, when you see them in person

01:29:23   they look great. So I don't know. I think to make sure, because I really like those

01:29:30   bands, especially the Link bracelet. So I think I'll go with the steel one, even if

01:29:35   it's a bit shinier and therefore a little more subject to fingerprints and stuff. But

01:29:43   the Link bracelet and the Minelaser, they are amazing.

01:29:46   One thing that I hope is that the bands remain usable on the next version and they have a

01:29:54   whole new set and then the ones that we have currently are called the 2015 edition and

01:29:59   then the next ones are the 2016 collection.

01:30:03   I think that would be really nice if they did that and that they were still usable because

01:30:06   in theory, at least for version 2, the sizes aren't going to change so I think that that

01:30:12   would be nice if they kept those and I hope that that's the case. Yeah I would

01:30:18   I would imagine that that they would at least for a while. I think so I think so

01:30:22   yeah. But we don't know I mean this is there's so many things that are new and

01:30:26   weird about this like we haven't even talked about the gold one which is crazy

01:30:31   and expensive and not a tech product but a fashion lifestyle product there's just

01:30:37   lot of questions here and I think as we go further into this like I mean I don't

01:30:43   I don't even I'm not even sold to myself this is gonna be an annual update like

01:30:47   the other bits of hardware I mean it's my part of me thinks this could be on a

01:30:51   longer refresh cycle than the other. I hadn't even thought of that. Like yeah there's nothing to say

01:30:56   this there needs to be one of these every year. Yeah I mean I don't I don't

01:30:59   know because this is uncharted territory. Again like they could they could not

01:31:04   update the watch but update the bands like yeah to do whatever they want they

01:31:08   could they could have they could have seasonal band updates like field notes

01:31:13   you just get a subscription well more just like fashion but yeah sure yeah

01:31:17   that would make sense to me like as well that these are the spring collection and

01:31:21   there might be a fork right yeah I hope I get a camouflage one that'd be awesome

01:31:25   I'm just kidding just kidding well there's the real there's the real watch

01:31:30   apps coming in theory like native apps right that could be a big update yeah

01:31:36   yeah do we want to talk about the addition I do want to point out that

01:31:40   that Myke you were right last week you said again Myke as you've been right

01:31:44   just all right you said last week that you you had a thought that not even all

01:31:53   Apple retail stores would get the the watch edition I wrote about that last

01:31:58   week saying the Apple Store is the wrong place to sell such a watch because the

01:32:02   Apple Store is it's not a jewelry store it's it's a very different thing. So you

01:32:10   were right about that it seems like Apple Apple said that the watch edition

01:32:14   will be available at select retail locations. They didn't really get into

01:32:18   what that means. There's been some talk of some pop-up

01:32:21   watch shops that might get them, some jewelry stores might get them. We don't

01:32:24   really know quite yet but you know watching the watching the video when you

01:32:30   know Tim says and it starts at $10,000 the room is just kind of silent like

01:32:34   Federico was that an uncomfortable moment in the room when that price point

01:32:37   came out? No there was some like some some people whispering and you know just

01:32:43   say I think most people just knew and I guess most people were saying John

01:32:47   Gruber was right. Yeah I think if they would have said that in September there

01:32:51   would have been uproar. But at this point, everyone in that room knows what Gruber said.

01:32:57   Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was like, I remember the first thing I said to the other,

01:33:01   to some friends after the event was like, "Yeah, John was right."

01:33:04   I was about that one though.

01:33:07   Yeah, it was the first big claim from John about the addition of $10,000. But yeah, he was right.

01:33:16   yeah um and i think it's fine i mean i think that you know there there's been people complaining

01:33:23   about that but again i don't think that i don't think the watch edition is that a tech product

01:33:28   i don't think it should be thought in the same way as uh that's the sport that's just how fashion

01:33:33   works yeah even if it's even if it's the same object you pay for the different material you

01:33:39   pay for the exclusivity you pay for the premium treatment you know it's just how it works it's

01:33:44   It's been this way for hundreds of years in the fashion business.

01:33:48   So it's really no surprise.

01:33:49   I saw this somewhere, either a tweet or a post, I can't remember now where and I hate

01:33:55   it when I do that, but someone said like if you are in the kind of world where you own

01:34:03   $10,000 watches, right, if that's the thing that you own and you're interested in this

01:34:10   product you don't want to have to buy a product that you wear in the day and

01:34:14   then when you go out in the evening you have to take it off and then put your

01:34:17   expensive watch on like to go out you just want to have your watch on all the

01:34:21   time so that's why this exists and like that is could be one of the reasons that

01:34:25   Apple made it is so that people that want to spend that amount of money they

01:34:29   can just wear their Apple watch because it's kind of embarrassing for Apple to

01:34:34   be like you know these like fancy people they don't wear it when they're out and

01:34:38   about on the town because it's not expensive enough and it kind of makes sense to me that

01:34:44   I see and that sounds kind of weird but like I kind of get that like if you want to make

01:34:49   this kind of product and you want to get everyone you kind of got to go out there a little bit

01:34:54   yeah you know I mean it it's a it's this weird new field for Apple because when you make

01:35:02   computers, when you make consumer electronics, most people tend to buy based on utility.

01:35:09   So they look at the tech specs, they look at the price, and they consider what they

01:35:13   need.

01:35:15   But when you enter the fashion field, most people tend to buy irrationally.

01:35:22   So they tend to buy, not necessarily because I need a bag, because I need to put stuff

01:35:28   into the bag.

01:35:29   So you could buy a $20 bag.

01:35:32   Or you could buy the $5,000 Gucci bag because you like it and because you want to make a

01:35:39   statement.

01:35:40   And that's the kind of mindset that most followers of the Apple news cycle have been struggling

01:35:49   to understand.

01:35:50   Because it doesn't make sense to them to spend $10,000 on effectively the same watch, only

01:35:56   the material changes.

01:35:59   And yes, it doesn't make sense, that's the point, it doesn't have to make sense.

01:36:03   That's just how people who have that kind of disposable income to spend on a watch,

01:36:10   that's just how they're gonna do, you know, they just buy stuff because they can.

01:36:15   And once you accept the fact that fashion is unlike technology and that this is a new,

01:36:23   Interesting combination of two worlds meshing together

01:36:26   It did it sort of makes sense. And I think it's it. I mean, it's um, it's no surprise really

01:36:33   Yeah, I agree and it's you know

01:36:38   If someone wants to drop that kind of money on this like more power to them

01:36:43   But I think Apple I think Apple is being realistic about it. That's why there's one that's three hundred and forty nine dollars

01:36:49   You know, that's yeah

01:36:52   I think the sport one will be very popular, at least in our circles.

01:36:58   Absolutely. No, I mean my mother for reasons. She's like, "I love the gold one.

01:37:05   It looks beautiful, of course, but I'm gonna get the sport one because I

01:37:09   want the Apple Watch because I think it looks nice. I don't have $10,000 to spend

01:37:13   on a gold watch, but I just want the Apple Watch, so I'll get the rubber band,

01:37:17   which is nice. It's available in multiple colors." And I think that's like

01:37:21   the reasoning that most people will have.

01:37:26   Cool. Anything else we want to talk about?

01:37:30   Anything, any parting thoughts Federico from you having made the journey?

01:37:36   It was really quite an experience and I came away, I mean

01:37:43   maybe it was the, you know, all the excitement because when you're there

01:37:48   and you meet all these people, it's really like it gives you all these positive feelings, right?

01:37:59   And you're all excited for stuff. But also, I haven't published all my thoughts because I

01:38:06   wanted to really consider what I saw. And I'm really, really excited for the watch.

01:38:12   because I think that from my perspective I'll be primarily interested in communication and fitness stuff.

01:38:22   Not necessarily about timekeeping because I pretty much already...

01:38:26   every day my schedule is mostly already organized, so I really don't need to manage my time better.

01:38:34   But communication and fitness will be huge for me.

01:38:37   And after what I saw, after the demos and trying to watch,

01:38:42   and looking at the early apps and talking to people

01:38:46   and talking to developers who are making more software

01:38:49   for the watch, I really can't wait to try one.

01:38:52   I think it is the right idea.

01:38:55   I think I was very much wrong on many aspects

01:38:57   when I talked to Myke, when I almost had a fight with Myke

01:39:02   about smartwatches, I think I was, yes, Myke was right.

01:39:05   And I think I was wrong on some aspects.

01:39:08   I think I was right on the health and fitness stuff.

01:39:11   And I think that there'll be even more coming in the future.

01:39:14   So I'm really excited for the watch, yeah.

01:39:18   - I'm really excited too.

01:39:19   And I'm so, so, so happy

01:39:21   that you got to be there, Federico.

01:39:23   Just so incredibly happy about it.

01:39:27   And I know that so many people listening were,

01:39:30   I had a great day planning out and sharing your travels,

01:39:34   spotting you in crowds. - Yeah, it was awesome.

01:39:36   - Did you see the one where I drew the arrow over your head?

01:39:39   - Yeah, how did you find me there?

01:39:41   - Someone else did, I can't remember who.

01:39:42   I put it in the tweet, like it wasn't me that found that one.

01:39:46   - That was crazy.

01:39:47   - But I liked it, and yeah, that was a lot,

01:39:50   I had a lot of fun doing that and being involved

01:39:53   in the incredibleness that was happening that day, so.

01:39:57   - Yeah, I know that, I know that,

01:39:59   we say this stuff often when there's always a big event

01:40:04   where you get to meet people.

01:40:06   But for me, it was the first time, right,

01:40:08   to switch from Twitter mode to real life mode.

01:40:13   And it was really an experience because I'm not used to,

01:40:16   like I've been doing this for six years, since 2009,

01:40:20   and I've never ever met people in real life before.

01:40:24   So I've basically, I've condensed all these years

01:40:29   of online interactions into a single,

01:40:33   like 10 hours with people and it was really too much to take in all at once.

01:40:41   And it was really amazing to get to know all these people and, you

01:40:46   know bloggers and developers.

01:40:49   There was people who got to shake my hand while, you know, outside of the

01:40:54   year, but when it was really, it was really amazing and I want to do more of this.

01:41:00   Well, you have to be at WWDC.

01:41:02   It's like a brawling now.

01:41:03   - I know, I know.

01:41:04   - It's a brawl.

01:41:05   It's an official rule.

01:41:06   - I know.

01:41:07   - I guess that's about it then for this week.

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