29: I Do Love a Good Launch Partner


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00:00:25   My name is Myke Hurley and I have the pleasure as always of being joined by my co-founder

00:00:29   of Real AFM, Steven Hackett. Hello Mr. Michael Hurley. I was gonna say

00:00:35   your middle name but that's not important today. And the editor-in-chief of

00:00:43   maxstories.net, Mr. Federico Vittucci. Hello co-founders. How are you doing today?

00:00:51   I doff my cap to you, sir. I feel like I could bring a bit more like officialness,

00:00:57   officiality, whatever. Yeah, I... And then I made it terrible. I liked the introduction.

00:01:04   What's the formality like? A special day for all of us. You know, it's

00:01:11   Tuesday. I'm still trying to adjust to that. I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and

00:01:17   I had a horrible realization earlier that I thought I was late and that the

00:01:22   show was gonna interrupt with the wedding, but no, the wedding's Wednesday

00:01:25   I am today's Tuesday.

00:01:26   Did you know that last Wednesday, like, we were not recording the show on Skype and I

00:01:31   felt weird and I didn't know what to do on Wednesday evening, so I just stood there in

00:01:35   the kitchen just staring at the wall and I'm like, "What am I supposed to do now?"

00:01:39   Because my schedule on Wednesdays is, you know, typically for the podcast.

00:01:43   So I was-

00:01:44   Little bit worried about you now, buddy.

00:01:45   I'm not gonna lie, that's concerning behavior.

00:01:50   Maybe I'm, you know, it lasted just like 30 minutes and then I moved on but still it felt

00:01:57   strange.

00:01:58   Well you can play video games tomorrow.

00:02:01   I don't know, I will probably text you and then pretend that we're recording the show

00:02:05   on iMessage.

00:02:06   Okay, well I'll be at a wedding so I'll probably be in high spirits.

00:02:10   I don't think I've ever been to a wedding during the week.

00:02:12   That seems odd to me.

00:02:13   Yeah, it's weird to me too.

00:02:15   I didn't know if that was like a thing that was different in our cultures but

00:02:21   it seems I don't think I've ever I don't think I've ever been to one that's not a

00:02:25   Friday or a Saturday.

00:02:27   It is strange it's very strange but it's fine for me

00:02:31   because I can I can kind of do it but it is it's a weird occurrence to be

00:02:36   happening on a Wednesday.

00:02:37   Connected listeners get married on Wednesdays.

00:02:40   Do you know they probably do.

00:02:43   I know for a fact. Or the bride and groom, are they listeners to our show?

00:02:50   Instead of reading vows, they do follow-up. They follow up on all their

00:02:57   previous relationships just to get it all out of the way. That's right. We should do

00:03:02   some follow-up and leave this terrible introduction behind. Why? We talked about marriage.

00:03:06   It's a great topic. Yeah, do you have a problem with our union here, Steven?

00:03:11   No, I'm very happy for you both. Thank you very much. I work in the iCloud in the

00:03:21   browser. You work in the iCloud? What? It's time to take action. I work the product, not...

00:03:27   Oh God. Not you work the product? The terrible... Stop! Let me talk! It is out of beta that we have a link to TechCrunch.

00:03:37   crunch so pages numbers and keynote on the web which we have used in

00:03:43   the past and weren't particularly impressed with are out of beta so I

00:03:47   think we're going to revisit them maybe very soon. You also don't need a Apple

00:03:53   device anymore so it used to be that you could use it but you had to have an iPad

00:03:56   or an iPhone or a Mac now you can just go use it on your ThinkPad and on your

00:04:01   Windows Phone if you like which is you know it's cool I think it's you know

00:04:06   Apple services are very, historically are very tied to hardware and they're kind of

00:04:11   breaking that with this, which I think is good.

00:04:13   It's no Google doc killer of course, but if I work in the cloud as your jams, then your

00:04:19   jams are out of beta.

00:04:21   You're saying of course that concerns me because now we're going to get the feedback, you know?

00:04:25   It's like, why do you discount it?

00:04:28   Because it's terrible.

00:04:29   Well.

00:04:30   Listen to that, you person writing your email to me, I work in the cloud is garbage.

00:04:34   Yeah, episode 20 of The Prompt, man, that was my favorite.

00:04:38   You're going to get the email from that one guy who uses iCloud in the browser for academic

00:04:44   essays and it just happens to be amazing and you will personally get that kind of feedback,

00:04:51   Steven.

00:04:52   I'm going to change our feedback email to you so I don't get it.

00:04:55   No, I will set up a rule.

00:04:57   I will set up a rule to forward the email to you again.

00:05:01   It'll be like an email round robin or something.

00:05:05   What's the name of the thing we did one time?

00:05:08   An infinite loop.

00:05:09   No.

00:05:10   No.

00:05:11   The round robin.

00:05:12   It was round robin.

00:05:13   When we were doing the Q&A show.

00:05:16   That's right.

00:05:17   Myke knows about birds.

00:05:19   Myke knows about birds.

00:05:20   What's a round robin?

00:05:22   It's a robin that's eaten too much food, so it's round robin.

00:05:27   That's what I have for you.

00:05:30   Steven do we have more follow up instead of Myke and birds?

00:05:35   No, the show's over.

00:05:39   So we spoke last week about my experience restoring iPhone from iCloud that wasn't completely

00:05:46   up to date with iOS.

00:05:47   We got a lot of email, most people saying that it was ridiculous to me to expect that

00:05:52   it would work.

00:05:53   A lot of people agreed that at that point should allow you to update it.

00:05:58   but we got a really interesting email from someone who works in Apple retail and

00:06:03   So this person wrote in and and and they said it's extremely frustrating

00:06:09   To do this and like the personal setup with customers who don't understand that nothing is wrong

00:06:14   And so that was kind of my perspective of you know I know what I'm doing, but not everyone

00:06:18   does and and you know they're gonna think that their backup is broken somehow and that that seems to be a

00:06:25   sentiment that's shared in the store sometimes. And this particular person had to walk their

00:06:30   own mom through this over the phone across the country, which is just, okay, if you got

00:06:36   to do that, then the setup process should be simpler. And suffice it to say that they

00:06:45   close. I'm not looking forward to the personal setup experience for the Apple Watch, which

00:06:49   is uh I think actually might be simpler you know if the Apple watch is all

00:06:54   controlled by the watch app on the phone maybe it's it's not too bad but I

00:06:58   thought it was interesting that that my frustration was felt also within Apple

00:07:03   retail people who do this professionally so I think I think Apple should address

00:07:07   it. I think it would be interesting to to go through that setup process like you

00:07:13   know pretending to be a layman and just see what it's like in the way that it's

00:07:18   explained. Like I don't know if I would have the patience to do it but I think

00:07:23   it would be interesting to see how it goes. It's a bunch of screens too. I had

00:07:28   kind of forgotten because I haven't set up an iOS device in scratch in a long time.

00:07:31   There's just a lot of stuff to do when you set up an iPhone. And there is. Like

00:07:36   will you enable location? Will you enable diagnostics? Will you enable touch ID?

00:07:40   Right, you got to enter your iCloud account. If your iTunes account is

00:07:43   separate like mine is you have to enter that too and it's just it's all

00:07:46   necessary right like I would rather do it all at once and like go to reach for

00:07:50   something on my phone and realize it's not configured but I have to think

00:07:55   there's some way they could streamline that and you know the second you have

00:07:59   somebody on the phone with their mom trying to explain it I think it's I

00:08:04   think it's too complicated so pretty pretty interesting moving moving on to

00:08:13   next follow-up point. Federico made a

00:08:15   comment last week about the iPhone 6 Plus

00:08:17   being thin and light which of course it

00:08:20   is. But listener Alex emailed us and pointed

00:08:24   out that many big Android phones weigh

00:08:25   less or the same as the 6 Plus. So I did

00:08:27   some homework. You guys can see this in

00:08:31   our document here. The iPhone 6 Plus is

00:08:34   5.5 inches, 172 grams. The Galaxy Note is

00:08:39   5.7 at 176, so 4 grams difference is

00:08:42   basically nothing. What I found really interesting was the Moto X which is just

00:08:47   a little bit smaller 5.2 inches weighs 144 grams so is I think significantly

00:08:52   lighter than the 6 Plus and then rounding it out the the Nexus 6 is 5.9

00:08:56   inches and 12 grams heavier. So the 6 Plus I think is you know pretty in line

00:09:03   with what these other phones weigh it's not drastically heavier or drastically

00:09:06   lighter than any of the others. Alex also pointed out I think it was Alex that

00:09:12   maybe the 6 Plus feels heavier or somehow more dense because it's made out

00:09:16   of metal as opposed to like cheap plastic which I agree with you know I've

00:09:20   got a Moto G and it's I think 4.5 inches and it feels kind of gross because it's

00:09:25   like plastic and bloated and the 6 Plus is very thin but I thought was

00:09:30   interesting doing this homework that you know Apple's in the ballpark of

00:09:33   what these other companies are doing and I thought that we would maybe at this

00:09:38   time follow up on our Federico, you and I on our six plus thoughts and because

00:09:44   it's been another week it's been now one week for me and I think two weeks for

00:09:47   you using one. Yeah. So what how are you feeling about it? I love it. I want to

00:09:53   change my phone. Yes! Yeah Myke come on I told you last week you were right. You

00:09:59   didn't say that though that you wanted to change your phone that's new. Yeah I

00:10:02   - I wanted to, I, so I, can I go on a bit of

00:10:07   extra mini follow-up before I go back

00:10:12   to the actual follow-up?

00:10:14   I'm just gonna take it as a yes.

00:10:15   So yesterday when I was putting together screenshots

00:10:18   for the article that I published today,

00:10:21   I was having trouble taking screenshots on the 6+

00:10:25   and combining them with my workflow.

00:10:28   I guess because of the final image was too big,

00:10:32   So the extension was crashing and I'm also guessing this is related to the fact that the 6+ is doing some strange things with RAM allocation to extensions.

00:10:43   But anyway, I couldn't combine screenshots.

00:10:46   So I needed to take the screenshots on my iPhone 6 where I know that the image is smaller and my workflow and the extension can handle the screenshot cropping and combination.

00:10:58   So I restored my iPhone 6 from a backup of the 6 Plus.

00:11:04   And I was using the iPhone 6 and it felt so small.

00:11:08   I was like, "How am I supposed to use this now?"

00:11:12   Because the keyboard was tiny and the screen, like, I wanted to go up, but there was no screen anymore.

00:11:20   And it felt like moving from the 6 Plus back to the iPhone 6, it felt not so different from using an iPhone 5S.

00:11:31   Like the difference, I don't know, there must be some kind of objective, like it grows exponentially, I think, whatever.

00:11:39   Basically, once you move back from the iPhone 6 Plus, everything seems small, like at the same level of smallness.

00:11:47   Yeah, and the jump that it takes from the six to the six plus

00:11:51   Feels much greater than it actually is the feeling of that jump is it feels huge. I

00:12:00   Fitter God totally agree with you

00:12:02   My wife has a 5s and I was using it the other night and I was like this phone is a toy and then I can't

00:12:07   I can't use my girlfriends. It's basically impossible

00:12:10   Then I picked up a 4s and I was like what this is the stamp like what is happening?

00:12:15   It's really, it's amazing. I used my 6 on Sunday for a little while, just around the house, and it really feels limiting, which is crazy, right?

00:12:27   Because then I got the 6 in the fall, I was like, "This is big! This is maybe too big!"

00:12:31   And now, having spent a week on the 6+, I'm right there with you where the 6 feels small, and I'm with you in saying that I think I might go big next time around.

00:12:43   - Yeah, yeah.

00:12:45   I was thinking, Myke, come on, stop celebrating.

00:12:48   - I can't help it.

00:12:49   When am I ever right? - No, you can.

00:12:50   - I'm never right.

00:12:51   - You, that's sad.

00:12:54   You are allowed to celebrate, Michael.

00:12:56   So I was thinking maybe there must be a way

00:13:00   to exchange my iPhone 6 and get a 6 Plus,

00:13:03   but I think it's too late.

00:13:05   I'm not sure that Apple accepts

00:13:09   like the free recycling program, the iPhone 6 yet.

00:13:14   So I don't wanna sell my iPhone 6 by myself on eBay

00:13:19   and stuff like that because--

00:13:21   - Go to a eBay store.

00:13:22   - Good joke.

00:13:25   Man, I'm so thankful for my old boss for firing me.

00:13:32   Anyway, I don't wanna sell my iPhone 6, it's too much time.

00:13:37   So I'm just gonna wait like you until next September, October, I guess.

00:13:42   Maybe, I don't know, maybe there...

00:13:44   I don't know, is there an easier way in Italy to get to...

00:13:47   Like, I give you my iPhone 6, you give me your 6 Plus.

00:13:51   Is there a legal way of doing things?

00:13:52   Why don't you just...

00:13:54   Find a guy in an alley.

00:13:55   -Yeah. -To trade.

00:13:57   Do you have many Italian Twitter followers?

00:13:59   Like, that you could tweet and say, like, people willing to trade?

00:14:02   Like, I saw people doing that initially and there were people that did it.

00:14:06   Yeah I think Ben Brooks traded because he wrote something on the 6+ a couple weeks ago and he had traded, or he alluded that he had traded with somebody.

00:14:12   Yeah he did, that's the exact person that I was thinking of, thank you for dragging my memory.

00:14:17   You're uh, you know I'm here for you and your brain.

00:14:20   That's a good idea. So yeah, Myke, you again, you were right.

00:14:26   And we like our iPhone 6+s.

00:14:30   Instead of the plural 6+s.

00:14:32   Plus Club man, got some new members to the Plus Club.

00:14:34   Mm-hmm feels good the term feels weird

00:14:37   So so I think that's I'm gonna write something about it at some point when I have time, but it's really it's really interesting

00:14:45   I will say that my iPad mini is a hilarious joke

00:14:48   I I've been watching house of cards and my iPad mini and I was watching it. No spoilers

00:14:55   But he was dead the whole time

00:14:58   And then he woke up from his dream. Yes, exactly

00:15:01   I was watching it on my iPad mini and my phone someone was texting me and so I pulled my

00:15:06   phone out of my pocket and for a second they were side by side and I was like, what am

00:15:10   I doing with my life?

00:15:12   The iPad mini, that drive to go like 6+ and iPad Air, having that difference really jumped

00:15:21   out at me and as much as I like the iPad mini, I think that if I were to carry a bigger phone,

00:15:27   I would kind of deal with it and go back to a larger iPad as well just so they're

00:15:32   they're more different if that makes sense. You can see what I mean right like

00:15:35   that there is a difference there is a difference but like the things that you

00:15:39   do on the iPad mini it's like it's not that much more of a stretch to just do

00:15:45   them on the on the 6 plus instead like reading. Reading is good enough you don't

00:15:49   need to get a bigger screen and it doesn't feel that way with like the 6 or

00:15:53   like the 5 and the you know the iPad Air or whatever like they match up a

00:15:57   lot better like having a 5 or a 6 and having an iPad mini but this once you

00:16:02   get to the 6 plus size it's kind of pointless there's no real big

00:16:06   benefit anymore to having a screen of that size.

00:16:10   No no I was gonna say I think that you know we we lamented the fact that the iPad mini

00:16:16   didn't get a lot of updates with the last cycle I got was Touch ID actually

00:16:22   and a new color. And I don't think that was specifically about the 6 Plus, but it doesn't

00:16:27   help my restlessness about the iPad Mini. Like, I fully expected to see updates this year,

00:16:35   but you know, as the landscape is today, like I think if you're looking at the Air 2 versus

00:16:41   the Mini, especially if you have a 6 Plus, it's kind of a no-brainer.

00:16:46   I think our realization in the end of this experiment, by the way I'm still keeping the

00:16:53   6+ till almost the end of the month so we're gonna have more follow-up if I notice some more

00:17:02   things about it, but the realization is that we like our screens big and I was wrong about the

00:17:12   the iPad mini, because once I tried the Air 2,

00:17:16   it was much better.

00:17:17   I was wrong about the iPhone 6.

00:17:19   So my lesson for our listeners is that

00:17:22   you should listen to Myke more often.

00:17:25   It might take away, like there's an episode,

00:17:31   there's a podcast, at the end of each episode,

00:17:35   and this is Myke, you know the podcast,

00:17:37   is the Tiny Cartridge podcast, it's about video games.

00:17:40   At the end of each episode, they say, "What have we learned today?"

00:17:44   And my lesson today is that I should listen to Myke more often.

00:17:49   Because he happens to be right occasionally.

00:17:53   And recently, he's been right a lot of times.

00:17:58   It feels good.

00:17:59   Even more surprising than me being right about something,

00:18:04   I find it even more surprising that the three of us really agree on something.

00:18:09   It's really strange. Like, I feel like I've been drugged. There's something going wrong here.

00:18:15   But what we have learned is it takes about six months for us to agree on something.

00:18:20   Which also feels about right.

00:18:24   Yeah, so Myke, do you want to walk us through the "there's more pebble news" now?

00:18:31   Yeah, there is more. You're a pebble expert, you own a pebble. I do.

00:18:35   You wear a pebble every day. Myke is a pebble-babble user.

00:18:39   Yes. So what's up? So today in a shock announcement and it really is kind of

00:18:47   quite a surprise and it seems like they did this in time in time of Mobile World

00:18:51   Congress, Pebble have announced the Pebble Time Steel. So it's you know if

00:18:57   you remember the Pebble Steel which is the edition that I have it's basically

00:19:00   the nicer looking Pebble in the original version and we now have a nicer looking

00:19:05   Pebble TimeSteal. So the Pebble Time that we spoke about last week, Pebble's new

00:19:10   color e-ink display, Pebble Watch with their new OS. We now have three new

00:19:16   versions of the time in TimeSteal. They have a silver, a grey and a gold version

00:19:23   with a couple of different straps as well. And what they're allowed, they've

00:19:28   basically updated all the information on their page and they're allowing previous

00:19:32   backers to increase their pledge. This one's 250 which is the same as the

00:19:37   original Purple Steel and they've got 20,000 of them available at the moment

00:19:42   and then it will go up to 299 from looking at their page but they're

00:19:47   allowing people to bump up and they won't lose their place in line so they'll

00:19:51   still get it at the same time which I think is also awesome. It's a surprise

00:19:56   I wonder why they're doing this I can't work it out. My only thinking is

00:20:00   that they'd always intended to do this but they've raised so much money that

00:20:05   it's enabled them to tool up quicker to create the steel so maybe it always

00:20:11   been in their product roadmap but now they've raised enough money and they've

00:20:15   got enough interest that they might as well try and get that bit more like

00:20:19   during this period of time while the eyes are on them and it has

00:20:23   significantly increased their Kickstarter again today by over two

00:20:28   million dollars again today. They're getting more people backing and

00:20:33   they're also getting people increasing their pledges. So this morning they went

00:20:38   over the 13 million two hundred and eighty five thousand mark which makes

00:20:44   them the most successful in pledged dollars Kickstarter of all time beating

00:20:50   the coolest cooler. It was like a cooler. They had already

00:20:56   occupied the third place position now with the original Pebble but it's

00:21:01   currently sitting at like 14.3 million with how many I want to check how many

00:21:06   backers they've got at the moment they have 59,500 as we currently record so

00:21:15   basically where they sit at the moment is the Pebble time is the most money

00:21:21   pledged ever. The most backed Kickstarter, so the most amount of people that have

00:21:28   backed a Kickstarter, was the recent Exploding Kittens board game which had

00:21:32   219,382 backers. It raised 8.7 million dollars but obviously it was a cheaper

00:21:39   product so they have more backers but haven't raised as much money. It's

00:21:43   extremely unlikely that Pebble will reach that level. It's

00:21:49   extremely unlikely they would have to like quintuple their current amount no

00:21:55   octuple what's the 8 one? Octo? anyway yeah Octomom they have to Octomom it

00:22:00   uh-huh Octomom it that sounds right I agree with that but you know they've got

00:22:05   24 days to go I think I think we'll probably see them get to 20 million I

00:22:09   think because I can't imagine them being able to pull anything out of the bag now

00:22:13   to just you know like the Pebble Times deal but I'm looking at this and I like

00:22:18   how this looks. I really really like the way that the time still looks. I think it's super interesting.

00:22:25   It's handsome. I think I have a couple thoughts. The first one is that I think the timing,

00:22:31   I mean I think what you said is probably accurate, but I think also that you know there were several

00:22:36   smart watches announced at Moverworld Congress and of course Apple has an event on Monday which

00:22:42   we're going to talk about in a second. And so I wonder if they wanted to make sure they stayed in

00:22:47   the news cycle especially at Mobile World Congress. I already have forgotten

00:22:51   the other watches that were announced at that show. The one that's making a big

00:22:56   splash is the Huawei watch. Yes. The what? Huawei is a Chinese manufacturer.

00:23:03   Yeah. And there's one that runs web OS which is crazy. Yeah that was announced

00:23:08   at CES. Yeah so you know I think they do look good. They look better than the

00:23:12   the first Pebble Time that we saw last week. They also, alongside this, talked

00:23:19   some about the smart strap so that if you look at these pictures there's a link to

00:23:22   the Verge article in the show notes and the back of the watch has this little

00:23:26   connector and you can build straps that can hold sensors or maybe even hold more

00:23:34   battery they say. That's clever. I missed that. Yeah it's kind of buried in the article I think

00:23:40   it's a bigger deal than they let on.

00:23:43   It could, if people build them, extend the functionality

00:23:48   of the watch and use that band for more than just

00:23:51   sort of structural or decorative purposes.

00:23:55   Which is interesting, you know, like we spoke last week,

00:23:58   I agree with your assessment, Myke,

00:24:01   that Pebble, long term, is probably in trouble.

00:24:04   I think they probably do need to embrace Android Wear,

00:24:06   maybe like just full blown.

00:24:09   But I think they are doing some interesting things.

00:24:12   And I don't think there's necessarily space

00:24:15   for a large third party smartwatch platform,

00:24:20   but I think they are doing some interesting things.

00:24:22   No one else is really doing things with like smart straps.

00:24:24   You have fitness bands and stuff,

00:24:26   but the Apple Watch bands are just decorative

00:24:30   and structural, they're not doing things.

00:24:32   So it'd be curious to see how that particular piece

00:24:35   of technology plays out.

00:24:38   Yep, I continue to be super excited for them. I'm really really happy that they are doing it.

00:24:43   Like this steel, they've improved some of the design issues from the previous one.

00:24:49   Namely the pebble logo on the face.

00:24:53   I was looking at mine today and I've settled on that's the worst part of the original pebble steel.

00:24:59   I know why they did it because the bezel had to be so large so they might as well put something in that space.

00:25:05   That's my thinking.

00:25:06   But yeah, I really really do think this new one is very very attractive.

00:25:12   Well not that, actually let me go back, let me resend on that.

00:25:15   It's more attractive, it's a much nicer looking product.

00:25:20   I would buy one without a shadow of a doubt, but it seems ridiculous to do right now.

00:25:25   It's like the same thing as last week for me, like I'm not gonna buy it because Monday.

00:25:30   But like, I wouldn't even hesitate to get one of these.

00:25:33   I actually like the way the gold one looks.

00:25:35   I mean, okay.

00:25:37   Should we just say that yes,

00:25:38   it does look like the Apple Watch and fine.

00:25:42   I mean, well, when I say it looks like the Apple Watch,

00:25:44   like they're using the same colors and stuff,

00:25:46   but I kind of see it as like a twofold thing for them.

00:25:49   I feel like it's partly like them being a bit cheeky,

00:25:52   which I think is perfectly acceptable

00:25:54   for an independent company to do.

00:25:56   Like it's like they're being a little scrappy.

00:25:58   - This is the company that like directed a comment

00:26:01   at Jonny Ive on their homepage for a while.

00:26:03   - Yeah.

00:26:04   like, "Relax, it's just a watch."

00:26:06   Yeah.

00:26:07   And there's something about ... I mean, that was a bit silly, but I don't know.

00:26:11   There's something I like about this little indie company being a bit ... It's like Steve

00:26:17   Jobs flipping the bird at the IBM logo.

00:26:20   There's a little charm about it.

00:26:24   I also do think that the Galaxy S6 Edge is a nice looking smartphone.

00:26:31   I'm very intrigued by the way that looks.

00:26:34   But in that scenario, I appreciate that there are some significant design cues that they've

00:26:39   taken, which is probably a little bit more like, "Come on, Samsung, you could work it

00:26:44   out on your own."

00:26:47   I think it does look good.

00:26:48   I mean, it does still look good, but just my whole...

00:26:50   Can they really?

00:26:51   Can they work it out on their own?

00:26:53   Well, in theory, they have the resources.

00:26:56   They have the resources.

00:26:58   They design other products that are unique looking, like their TVs and stuff.

00:27:02   Yeah, like dishwashers.

00:27:03   dishwashers look good and you know all the other but you know what I mean like I would say that

00:27:08   in theory like on paper Samsung has more resources to develop new looking products in Pebble.

00:27:15   Yeah oh for sure and you know Samsung's an enormous company I told you guys in Slack I

00:27:21   was going to talk about this but I'm going to talk about it. Like I agree with you that I think the

00:27:28   Samsung Edge in particular is really interesting and I don't know if that like whole like so you

00:27:33   So you haven't seen it, the screen, you know the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the screen is kind

00:27:37   of rounded at the edges, which is much more exaggerated and you can see some LCD underneath

00:27:42   the bend.

00:27:43   And I think it's interesting, it's, you know, a lot of people have written that it looks

00:27:47   like an iPhone 4 and iPhone 6 kind of smashed up.

00:27:51   What I don't understand and what I'm glad that we didn't just sink into because I would

00:27:56   have been upset with us is that, like, who, so what?

00:28:00   I think going to the defense of Apple saying Samsung is you know shamelessly

00:28:06   ripping off whatever like who cares it's a product and I think that yes the

00:28:11   pebble steel and yes the Samsung whatever all of them yes I clearly they

00:28:17   these companies are cribbing some ideas from Cupertino but it I don't think it's

00:28:22   something to get like worked up about and like though a pity party on your on

00:28:26   your site or Twitter about it. I certainly don't want to. But anyways, anyways.

00:28:32   If you'd like to get in contact with us to send in your feedback for this week's episode,

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00:29:01   Shall we... we do need to get to Federico's middle name, but shall we take a quick

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00:32:07   the moment we've been waiting for. Yeah, so Federico, did anybody guess? No. You want me to know

00:32:14   a name? Now do you, Stephen, I don't know if you know this, maybe you do, but Federico gave out some

00:32:18   additional clues on virtual. This has been a real multi-show experience here, but nobody.

00:32:24   It's like surround sound, right? Yeah. That's how it works. Okay. It's just how, you know, it's like one of

00:32:30   those, like in comic books, they have crossover events. It's kind of been like that. So Federico,

00:32:36   nobody got it so can you share? Are you sure that you want to know? Yeah. Yeah. You don't want to

00:32:44   wait anymore. You want to know right now. Yeah. Any last second guesses? Should we go over to

00:32:51   the chat room? See if anybody in the chat room has a guess. A very last call. So I was just bringing

00:32:59   up the URL to put the episode of virtual which is all about Alto's adventure and we interviewed

00:33:03   Ryan Cash, one of the co-founders of Snowman who built the game. I was typing in the URL to put it

00:33:08   into the show notes and I typed in relay.fm/vitiji. We should have a show called Vitiji, it could be

00:33:14   like your evening show or something. Why, welcome to Vitiji. Got the house band in attendance.

00:33:20   Anybody in the chat room? - Can you explain, Myke, just one second, to people who listen to the show

00:33:27   normally in a podcast client. What is the chat room? Because I feel like there's people who

00:33:32   don't know. The chat room is an IRC which I think is like Internet Relay Chat

00:33:38   something like that. Stephen? Yeah okay that's I'm just gonna roll with that.

00:33:44   And obviously it's called the Relay Chat because it's you know we're Relay and

00:33:47   that's the chat. It's interweb, real-time, communication.

00:33:56   When you get old you forget things. Like the word communication. So that

00:34:01   is a chat room which goes on you can you can access it is pound relay FM see how

00:34:06   you pound there that's a lot of go for that it's in dollars great British pound

00:34:12   euro relay FM in IRC chat or you can go to whenever we're streaming live you can

00:34:17   go to relay.fm/live nobody's guessing I'm gonna read some of the guesses from

00:34:24   from the internet relay communication. Can you do your best Italian accent? Probably not. I don't think I have one.

00:34:33   Jason Snell, some guy in the chat room, he's suggested a couple. Pius, Evelyn,

00:34:40   Frederico, like Federico Frederico, which I quite like. We have Alexander,

00:34:47   Doug Beeler suggested Marco.

00:34:50   We have Roald Dofo from PM rules.

00:34:54   We have Guida.

00:34:55   Valdesaro.

00:34:56   Valdemero.

00:34:57   John Paul we have there from, another one from Jason.

00:35:05   He's got a lot this Jason Stahl guy.

00:35:08   This Papi.

00:35:09   The obvious ones like Giovanni, Giuseppe, Luigi, Mario.

00:35:13   We have Orlando which is another one.

00:35:16   Manchego is a suggestion from Carl's degree.

00:35:18   Federico, put us out of our misery.

00:35:22   What is your middle name and why is it embarrassing?

00:35:26   My middle name is Dante.

00:35:29   Oh, that's... okay.

00:35:31   Yeah.

00:35:32   Okay.

00:35:33   Federico's Inferno.

00:35:34   Yeah, it's, I mean, you know, it's kind of old.

00:35:39   So that was what you meant by classic.

00:35:42   Yeah.

00:35:43   Mm-hmm.

00:35:44   And it's my grandfather's name.

00:35:48   So yeah, you can see why when I tell people, they kind of chuckle.

00:35:55   I feel like there could be some incredible fan art made.

00:35:59   Fidante, that's what I'm going to call it now.

00:36:03   Fidante Vittici.

00:36:05   Yeah, I'm trying to remember.

00:36:10   The first time that I asked my mom what my middle name was, I was like seven, I think.

00:36:15   I was like, "What kind of name is that?"

00:36:17   And she's like, "You can't respect the name.

00:36:19   It's your grandfather's name."

00:36:20   I was so sad because all my friends had cool second names, you know, and I'm stuck with

00:36:27   Dante.

00:36:28   I mean, it's kind of cool, but also very old.

00:36:33   So yeah, Dante.

00:36:36   Thank you, Dante.

00:36:37   Oh, God.

00:36:38   Now we're going to do this?

00:36:39   Michael would you like to talk about topic one?

00:36:42   I would.

00:36:43   I would like to talk about topic one.

00:36:46   So Monday, March 9th, Apple is having an event seemingly about the watch.

00:36:53   What's the name of the event?

00:36:54   Spring Forward.

00:36:55   Spring Forward, which is a Daylight Savings Time joke because you know, Daylight Savings

00:37:00   Time is hilarious.

00:37:01   And it comes into effect on Monday.

00:37:03   It's true, which is bad for you.

00:37:05   Is it bad for you this time?

00:37:06   No, this is the good one.

00:37:07   This is where everything's an hour earlier, but this is the one that lasts for three weeks,

00:37:13   which is insane.

00:37:15   So you're going to be just an hour off for a while?

00:37:17   Yeah.

00:37:18   So Federico, remember that.

00:37:20   Okay, yeah.

00:37:24   You know what?

00:37:25   I will put an event in my calendar.

00:37:27   Oh no!

00:37:28   Here we go, we're all going to get it.

00:37:30   I will send you an invitation.

00:37:33   Thank you.

00:37:34   Do you still get my...

00:37:36   Yeah.

00:37:37   all the time seriously but the thing for me though they show up like sporadically

00:37:43   they don't show up every week every now and then like something just arrives and it's another

00:37:47   invitation from you the machine has become self-aware because i'm i'm not even using the

00:37:53   that iCloud calendar anymore oh it's still doing this thing on its own for me i i think i gotta log

00:38:01   in and delete the event or something. It's like a robot intern. So the event,

00:38:08   Apple Watch, people, you know, it seems obvious right? They need to do it.

00:38:12   So I want to talk a little bit about our, what we think we might see because we

00:38:17   were obligated to speculate on things and so I think that, yeah, I rewatched the

00:38:26   Apple watch hmm I revisited a review. That's work. The I don't know what's happened to us.

00:38:35   Rewatched the Apple watch event I don't know maybe two or three maybe two months

00:38:39   ago and it kind of hit me I think we spoke about it that they really they

00:38:44   kind of like knocked out like the feature set a little bit but there

00:38:47   wasn't really a narrative around why the watch matters and I think they I think

00:38:53   they I think they're going to do that this time I think that they're gonna

00:38:55   obviously review the features I think that there are some features and some

00:39:00   things that they haven't shown yet and obviously battery life and price being

00:39:05   two of those but I think there's functionality we haven't seen yet we

00:39:07   have 20 minutes of third-party developer application demos that we're gonna we're

00:39:13   gonna see how your Apple watch can drive robot cars around oh we're gonna see

00:39:16   launch partners I'm guessing just guessing Twitter Facebook Pinterest I do

00:39:21   I do love a good launch partner, must say.

00:39:25   What else?

00:39:26   I'm trying to think of the big names.

00:39:28   There'll be something health related.

00:39:30   There'll be like a medical application that nobody understands, like when they used to

00:39:34   do those like, "We're a bunch of doctors and here's how we can look at the brain!"

00:39:38   And everyone's like...

00:39:39   There's gonna be some of those.

00:39:44   There's gonna be like, someone's gonna drive a car on the stage, we're all gonna think

00:39:47   it's an Apple car but really it's somebody unlocking a door with a watch.

00:39:52   That's my bet.

00:39:53   Something like that.

00:39:54   >> Here you go to troll with a car.

00:39:56   >> I'm curious to see if they will feature any indie developers.

00:40:00   There was a, I think a report from 9to5Mac a few weeks ago that said that Apple was inviting

00:40:07   a few developers to Cupertino to provide feedback and let them use Apple Watch demo units to

00:40:14   test their upcoming applications.

00:40:17   So I'm curious to see if any not big, big time developer, if any developer will be on

00:40:24   stage talking about Apple Watch apps.

00:40:27   I don't know.

00:40:28   I think they will be.

00:40:29   I think they will be.

00:40:30   Yeah.

00:40:31   So my question, besides the Apple Watch apps functionality price, which we're going to

00:40:38   talk about in a minute if you guys want, I kind of want to see Beats Music news.

00:40:46   last year there was a like a rumor from writers I think or Bloomberg or one of these big publications

00:40:54   they said that Apple was going to unveil a new music product in the spring. So now it's the spring

00:41:02   also the name of the event is Spring Forward which is kind of similar to the next step

00:41:07   by used by Beats Music and I kind of want to see what's up with Beats. I feel like I feel like maybe

00:41:16   uh they had intended but like it seems like there's been a lot of chatter about it being

00:41:20   in development and far off from development you know like again mark german has had great pieces

00:41:25   that we spoke about on the show i i as much as federico i would also like to see this um i would

00:41:32   be surprised if it was ready right now jane like i i don't know i feel like we've maybe got a bit

00:41:39   of time but i think maybe me and you are like the only people that that really really want it but

00:41:44   Like I do really really want it

00:41:46   But my concern is actually do you know what Federica? I don't want it because I don't why change your mind

00:41:52   Well, I would like the product but I know it's not gonna be available here immediately and it's gonna cut off my access to Beats music

00:41:58   I mean, there's a possibility the watch isn't available to you immediately either

00:42:03   There was some report that it was gonna be us only but then there was another report saying that wasn't true

00:42:08   So well, Tim Tim was quoted on his European tour that he's been Tim is your friend now

00:42:13   We're not all friends of Apple executives Federico.

00:42:18   We'll get to that later.

00:42:24   He's been quoted on his European tour of saying it will be available in April internationally.

00:42:30   So it might be that it comes out first week of April and then staggers across April.

00:42:36   But he was in a store in Germany.

00:42:38   You can always trust the Germans to ask the good questions.

00:42:41   How do you listen to music with the Apple Watch?

00:42:44   Do you just connect the earpods to the iPhone

00:42:47   and then you use the Apple Watch for controls?

00:42:50   - This is all the stuff we don't know, right?

00:42:51   'Cause they're saying you can apparently,

00:42:53   I mean, everyone said this,

00:42:54   saying you can apparently store music on it.

00:42:56   Well, like what benefit is that

00:42:58   if you can't plug headphones in?

00:42:59   I think we're gonna see

00:43:00   a Bluetooth-related headphone product as well.

00:43:02   - That's why I was speculating about Beats News

00:43:05   because if there's going to be Bluetooth stuff,

00:43:08   that seems to be like,

00:43:10   It'd be cool to have headphones by Beats, you know?

00:43:14   Especially to push in the sports version of the Apple Watch.

00:43:19   You know, the market segment appears to be kind of similar.

00:43:24   And I don't know, maybe there's going to be

00:43:28   just Bluetooth earpods by Apple and all Beats Music

00:43:31   or Beats Electronics stuff.

00:43:33   But it'd be cool, I guess.

00:43:34   I don't know.

00:43:35   - It would be nice to see at least

00:43:38   the first Beats Apple collaboration product,

00:43:40   be those Bluetooth headphones.

00:43:42   - Which, I mean, makes sense.

00:43:44   They've been a part of Apple for a while now,

00:43:47   and even if they hadn't been,

00:43:49   I mean, you could put something together.

00:43:51   I do think they've gotta show some of that stuff.

00:43:54   That's a really kind of basic function, right?

00:43:56   And the fact that the three of us who are smart

00:43:58   and have read lots of things on this don't know,

00:44:01   I think is an indication that Apple's gotta kinda

00:44:04   just deal with the details on Monday.

00:44:07   I think they've also got to deal with the details.

00:44:09   In fact, people in the chat room are talking right now about the, you know, there's a lot

00:44:12   of speculation about like some bands are only going to be available for some watches that

00:44:16   it won't be as like freeform as maybe we thought or maybe was hinted at in September.

00:44:22   I think it's going to be too complicated.

00:44:23   I was thinking this a moment ago.

00:44:24   I think it's going to be too complicated for them to show on.

00:44:28   We're not going to hear that on stage, but there will be a web page which goes up, which

00:44:32   has the configurations.

00:44:33   They'll show some basic configurations on the stage and be like, you know, you can get

00:44:37   this for this and this for this but if you want to get this band and this band

00:44:40   and this band like can you imagine like we're gonna end up with that huge like

00:44:43   table. Tim is just gonna print out spreadsheets and hand them to the media.

00:44:48   People freaked out when when Apple showed the iPad lineup last year.

00:44:53   Imagine if they show all the combinations of Apple Watch and Apple

00:44:56   Watch bands. It's gonna be insane. They're just gonna be insane. I guess there will be like there

00:45:00   will be like a web page and you choose your Apple Watch model and then when you

00:45:04   choose you select the bands available for that kind of version and that's it.

00:45:09   Because I've been so confused in the past week, if you follow people on Twitter who

00:45:12   tweet about Apple Watch, so much speculation about bands and pricing and edition, gold,

00:45:19   I mean, just, you know, too much.

00:45:23   I would like to play a very quick game of Apple Watch The Price is Right with you two.

00:45:28   Okay.

00:45:29   So considering this is going to be the last time we're going to be able to do it, why

00:45:33   Why don't the three of us take a guess, and somebody can write these down, we'll take

00:45:37   a guess each of how much we think the Apple Watch will start at, and how much the Apple

00:45:42   Watch Edition will start at.

00:45:45   Because assuming we already know that the sport starts at $349.

00:45:49   Federico, would you like to give your prices for the Apple Watch starting price and the

00:45:54   Apple Watch Edition starting price?

00:45:57   So the watch is the middle one, right?

00:46:01   Not the sport one.

00:46:02   I'm guessing $6.99.

00:46:08   And the edition?

00:46:09   And the edition...

00:46:12   I don't know, I would say above $5k.

00:46:18   I don't know, I would say $8,000.

00:46:25   So we have, what was that?

00:46:26   $6.99 and $8,000?

00:46:28   Yeah.

00:46:29   Okay, so I hope someone's writing this down.

00:46:31   Yes, I have a notebook here.

00:46:33   Steven you can go next.

00:46:34   I would say that the stainless steel Apple watch would start at...

00:46:39   I'm gonna go $799.

00:46:42   Go 100 more than Federico.

00:46:46   And I would say that the watch edition, I'm gonna go under Federico and I'm gonna say...

00:46:51   I'm gonna say $6999.

00:46:56   Okay so I'm...

00:46:57   I'm gonna go low.

00:46:58   I'm just gonna take the two wildcards now.

00:47:01   I'm gonna say $5.99 for the watch.

00:47:07   We should probably establish...

00:47:09   We can work out the official price is right rules.

00:47:12   Because there's something about whether you're under or over and how that ends up winning.

00:47:15   For the watch edition, I'm gonna say $15,000.

00:47:18   15.

00:47:19   15?

00:47:20   Yep, starting at 15.

00:47:23   Myke is on drugs.

00:47:24   I don't know man.

00:47:26   I don't know.

00:47:28   just this part of me that's like you're gonna have something I mean I know it's

00:47:31   it's this has been the speculation coming from John Gruber right I

00:47:34   understand that but the more that I've been thinking about it it's like if

00:47:37   you're gonna go gold like just ramp the price right up because the stainless

00:47:41   steel is gonna be expensive enough anyway because I reckon you'll be I

00:47:45   reckon that some models that are stainless steel version is gonna

00:47:50   stainless steel is the watch right I get I'm so confused

00:47:53   stainless yeah so I reckon there's gonna be models of that that will set you back

00:47:57   like three grand. It seems really nuts and it seems like... this has been

00:48:06   taught, it's not original thought by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm here

00:48:09   and I have a microphone so I can repeat it. Apple has to... I wonder if Apple has to

00:48:15   build the case that the gold is worth it, that the luxury is worth it, and

00:48:19   my thought is that if Apple can really capture the imagination of people who

00:48:24   exist in that part of the market, which none of the three of us do, right? Like we

00:48:29   spoke last week about what we're picking out and we're all, you know, the sport of

00:48:32   the stainless steel, but like people like us and in the categories that we are in

00:48:39   consumer wise are going to flip out. And if Apple can like make their case to the

00:48:46   wealthy to say, "Look, you know, this thing costs whatever it costs and you are

00:48:51   buying it and we are now a luxury brand we are not just a consumer electronics

00:48:54   brand and I think I think they'll do well at it but it'll be interesting to

00:48:58   see how Apple makes that that pitch and I wonder if we will see the sports and

00:49:04   watch pricing but not the watch edition I was not the gold pricing at the event

00:49:09   but it comes out later on the site or in the stores and it's not because whatever

00:49:15   that price is that's going to be the headline on Monday right that that not

00:49:19   Not that the Sport is $349, not that the watch is whatever it is.

00:49:23   But if that gold one is, you know, $8K, $10K, $15K, that is the headline on the verge.

00:49:29   And that sort of swallows the rest of the news.

00:49:31   And I'm not sure Apple wants that.

00:49:33   I think Apple needs to get the story of why this thing matters.

00:49:36   They need to get that out, and I think the gold pricing might be a distraction.

00:49:40   Do you know what I would do if I was in charge of this scenario?

00:49:44   I wouldn't say anything about the edition price and I would say that it's coming in

00:49:48   May so it doesn't take any of the attention away.

00:49:54   So you just don't talk about the price because apparently it's coming later.

00:49:58   It comes out in May and then in May you announce the price.

00:50:02   So you're completely taking the question.

00:50:04   The question's still there but you can't print the headlines.

00:50:07   You can't print the headlines of Apple Watch for $20,000 or whatever because it won't be

00:50:12   available.

00:50:13   Because as well, if you're going to pitch it above, say, $10,000, the type of person

00:50:17   that's going to buy that, they're either going to wait, or they're going to buy one of the

00:50:22   standard ones and just buy another one.

00:50:25   So that's how I would do it.

00:50:26   I think that's pretty smart, but I would think that because it's my own point.

00:50:32   If I was in control of the situation, that's what I would do.

00:50:34   Because I completely agree.

00:50:35   though it's not going to be for any of us, like for like maybe half a percent

00:50:41   like half a half of half of a percent of people listening to the show could even

00:50:46   afford something like that. So it's it's not for us so there's no point in us

00:50:50   even having to think or worry about it and I think it would be difficult for

00:50:55   Apple to get away from if they're gonna price it at the level that it probably

00:51:00   should be priced at if it's gonna be as good quality wise as they're saying it

00:51:05   will be. Yeah it makes that makes a lot of sense and it sort of solves the

00:51:09   problem of the tech press freaking out and it and it makes that that target

00:51:15   market maybe feel more special that they you know that it's reserved that it's

00:51:20   somehow you're not public yet. Also as well, if they have to refit some stores to

00:51:28   enable the sale of the watch edition with special luxury areas that has not

00:51:33   been started. They have not started doing that yet so that stuff

00:51:38   takes time. Yeah I was speaking over email to someone who works in Apple

00:51:44   retail pretty high up and they were like it's going to be interesting you

00:51:48   know because it's like not only and it was in the Johnny Ive thing like people

00:51:52   want to stand on carpet when they buy a nice jewelry but like at least my Apple

00:51:55   store does I love them all but they're staffed by hipsters like even the

00:51:59   staffing of the store might have to be different somehow or might be affected

00:52:05   you know the way that there was a story they're moving all to blue polo shirts

00:52:09   or something to look a little more professional but like it's someone going

00:52:12   to buy a $15,000 watch from a guy with like a sleeve full of tattoos I bet Apple

00:52:18   in America hire in like all the retail stores hire a ton of British people

00:52:23   really so it's like you know welcome welcome sir welcome to the Apple store

00:52:27   today. What do you think Federico? An influx of British stuff into America to enhance the

00:52:33   poshness of it all? Because people think British accents are cool? Well like just you know more

00:52:39   fancy you know we can down turn it up we can like top hat it you know. They should hire Italian

00:52:45   people then. That's a good idea yeah for just for the fashion aspect in general. I'm actually

00:52:50   surprised that Apple didn't do any pop-up shop stuff in Milan for fashion week. I wouldn't be

00:52:56   surprised if a lot more of that starts to happen now and like because we assume like

00:53:03   they're going to announce it and it's going to be maybe a month until they ship considering

00:53:07   the date is apparently April so I wouldn't be surprised if it then starts ramping up

00:53:13   because you know seeing it in more magazines and stuff now it's a totally different way

00:53:17   of doing things.

00:53:18   If they do one in Rome, I will go there like so fast.

00:53:25   Because there's all the boutiques in Rome, right?

00:53:27   In Biacondotti and the Corso.

00:53:31   There's a boutique from Gucci, Armani, Versace, you know, all the brands.

00:53:37   If you go to...

00:53:39   Have you two ever been to Rome?

00:53:42   So you have no idea what I'm saying?

00:53:44   I have not.

00:53:45   Well, yeah, I do.

00:53:46   Because we do have that in London.

00:53:48   We do have this stuff in London.

00:53:49   No, I was talking more about the geography.

00:53:52   If you're not familiar with Rome.

00:53:54   No.

00:53:55   Federico, if I were to come to Italy,

00:53:57   I would come to Rome to visit you.

00:53:58   That's all I'm saying.

00:53:59   Thank you.

00:54:00   I mean, my kitchen is much better than a boutique,

00:54:03   but thank you, Steven.

00:54:06   Anyway, if they do one in Rome, I'll go for sure.

00:54:10   If they do one in Milan,

00:54:11   because it's more of a fashion city, I don't know.

00:54:15   It's kind of far away from me.

00:54:18   We'll see.

00:54:19   I'm excited.

00:54:20   I wanna get an Apple Watch.

00:54:21   I'm excited for the Apple Watch.

00:54:24   I'm kinda bored with all the speculation

00:54:27   and people making charts and rumors.

00:54:31   - Melting down gold and weighing it for a block post.

00:54:33   - Yeah. - You've only got

00:54:34   a few more days Federico.

00:54:36   - Just say, I know, just a few more days

00:54:38   and all will be hopefully revealed.

00:54:41   - Should we take a break

00:54:43   and talk about the article Federico wrote today?

00:54:47   - Okay.

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00:56:42   we love you guys so Federico so Michael you've published an incredible post

00:56:51   today talking about the personal struggles that you've been through with

00:56:56   your health and how when you decided that you wanted to to get healthy you do

00:57:01   the thing that Federico Vitucci does finds apps it's workflows right you know

00:57:06   whenever you make any kind of big decision, this is the life

00:57:10   that you lead, right? I know this of you. You go out there and you find some

00:57:13   interesting stuff. However, maybe, well definitely, in a contrast to some of

00:57:17   the other things that you've done, this has actually made big, big impacts to

00:57:22   your life. Sometimes it's fun to tinker around with apps and sometimes

00:57:26   it's fun to chain Python and Easter workflows together to see what's possible to do

00:57:30   on iOS, as you've been known to do, but this time you actually were able to

00:57:34   improve your health. It's an incredible piece that people should read. How many

00:57:38   words? Ten thousand. Ten thousand words so it's a pretty standard

00:57:44   Federica Vatici blog post. I think you're kind of maybe being a bit lazy. Ten

00:57:48   thousand words? Come on buddy, what's happening? I've done better. It's great. I read it today. I couldn't

00:57:54   read it sitting down. I was walking around my house reading it because I

00:57:57   felt guilty to be sitting down and reading this. I hope that people have

00:58:03   read it by now. If they haven't they should. And I don't want you to spoil the

00:58:08   article because this really is... it's, you know, I feel like I always say this but I

00:58:13   really do mean it. Like this is definitely one of one of my most

00:58:17   favorite things that you've ever written. It's just an absolutely

00:58:21   fantastic, just from a "what you expect from Federico" kind of post. Like some

00:58:26   really great tips and tricks and apps you've never heard of and the way that

00:58:28   they're cool but also a really really heartwarming and inspirational personal

00:58:33   story as well and maybe a little bit more definitely more detail about your

00:58:39   battle with cancer than I know I knew about I think there's some there's

00:58:43   definitely some new stuff in here to me stuff that was is quite emotional to

00:58:47   read which which you know it adds to the beauty of the piece but what what

00:58:52   inspired you to actually go ahead and write this and why did you decide to be

00:58:57   so personal?

00:59:02   That's a good question.

00:59:04   Why?

00:59:05   So first off, thank you, Myke, and thank you, Stephen, for helping me with the piece.

00:59:11   I've been asking you to read my drafts and to give me feedback, so always appreciate

00:59:21   and also thanks to the other guys in the Relay team and Maxories team.

00:59:27   I really have a great team of friends who helped me out with this sort of stuff.

00:59:35   Why? I think because I wanted to, because I felt like I...

00:59:46   out of respect for the people who read Mac Stories, I think, most of all.

00:59:51   And I'm in the... like, I'm super comfortable in the fact that I'm not doing this for the page views,

00:59:59   because I switched Mac Stories to a different business model, and so when I...

01:00:07   if I had to be more scenic than I am, I would say, "Okay, yeah, a story about cancer

01:00:15   and getting healthier with an iPhone probably drives a lot of page views.

01:00:19   So that's the story that I want to write because I'm gonna get a lot of traffic.

01:00:24   But thankfully I don't live on page views. So what I do, and I say this sincerely,

01:00:32   I do only because I want to. Can you explain that very quickly?

01:00:38   Because many people that have websites like yours do live on page views. What do you mean?

01:00:44   I mean, of course I do appreciate traffic.

01:00:48   It's not the direct means of making money for me.

01:00:53   I don't live on CPM.

01:00:56   Do you sell more flat rate for your sponsorships and things like that?

01:00:59   Yeah, because the website is already moderately known.

01:01:05   So I'm on flat rate.

01:01:06   Don't be so modest, Federico.

01:01:08   And no, I always, I think that I can always do better.

01:01:14   So I don't have Google ads or there's only one ad on the homepage of the site and I make

01:01:23   a very small amount of money from that.

01:01:25   So if you come to a single article to visit Mac Stories, you don't even see that single

01:01:30   ad in the middle of the homepage.

01:01:33   Anyway, I did this because I wanted to and because I felt like I never fully addressed

01:01:39   my conditional max stories.

01:01:42   Because there's people who know me only for the website.

01:01:48   There's people who don't follow me on Twitter, there's people who don't listen to the podcasts,

01:01:52   who don't send me emails, they just read the website.

01:01:57   And I feel like I have talked about cancer and my struggles in various places, but not

01:02:04   on the website.

01:02:05   for years, I was on the old mindset that it would feel problematic for people to read

01:02:14   this sort of topic.

01:02:16   And also to give a little behind the scenes, you were even feeling this way leading up

01:02:21   to this going live, because me and you have had conversations like this very recently.

01:02:26   Yeah.

01:02:27   When I published today, I felt sick because I really didn't know whether the piece would

01:02:35   be well received.

01:02:36   Because a lot of people don't want to hear about cancer, and a lot of people pretend

01:02:41   it doesn't exist.

01:02:43   A lot of people, especially in my real life experience, when you bring up the subject,

01:02:50   they tend to drift away to avoid talking about it.

01:02:57   And I understand why, because it's awful, and because people find it uncomfortable.

01:03:01   So I thought that maybe a lot of people could find it uncomfortable on the website, which

01:03:07   is known for apps and tips and tricks.

01:03:10   But one of my, and this is the second reason, one of my resolutions for the new year was

01:03:20   to try to go out of my comfort zone for topics that I cover.

01:03:27   And this is one of the things that I struggle with all the time.

01:03:30   I think I have a self-imposed kind of topic that I'm supposed to cover, and I've totally

01:03:42   made this up on my own.

01:03:44   So many times I want to write about something and I'm like, "Yeah, but I'm not supposed

01:03:48   to write about this sort of topic stuff because people don't know me for approaching these

01:03:53   topics."

01:03:54   One of my resolutions this year was to do different things,

01:03:58   to try different topics, to try different apps,

01:04:01   and to try to prove myself wrong more,

01:04:05   and to see if maybe my preconceptions can

01:04:09   lead to different opinions.

01:04:11   And the iPhone 6 Plus is an example.

01:04:16   I'm so happy when I can say I was wrong.

01:04:18   So one of my resolutions was to talk about,

01:04:22   I thought that I could have some experience in talking about health and changing lifestyle

01:04:29   and working despite being sick and having issues with cancer.

01:04:37   So that's why.

01:04:38   And the problem is that I was working on this piece last August, so before the launch of

01:04:46   of iOS 8.

01:04:47   I wanted to publish this piece with iOS 8 in September to talk about the health application

01:04:55   which launched on iOS 8.

01:04:59   As you can guess, we talked about this on Connected before, I didn't end up finishing

01:05:08   the piece because it would have been different because my take on the health app wouldn't

01:05:15   being so positive.

01:05:16   So I decided to wait.

01:05:19   Because I knew, I sort of--

01:05:22   I think I knew that Apple was onto something nice and useful.

01:05:29   But it didn't work.

01:05:30   And I thought, OK, maybe I can wait.

01:05:32   And I can see if things get better.

01:05:34   And I can see if this can work out for me.

01:05:37   So I waited.

01:05:39   And Apple fixed many of the problems in the app.

01:05:45   And here we are today.

01:05:49   This post has been in my drafts since August.

01:05:54   And I finish it in less than two weeks.

01:05:58   It's one of those articles that you sit on it for months,

01:06:03   and then it comes to you all of a sudden,

01:06:06   and you need to publish it.

01:06:07   And that was the process.

01:06:10   I know I told you when I read it over the weekend

01:06:12   that your sentence about, I'm searching for it,

01:06:15   life after cancer is an everyday carnival

01:06:17   of small victories that, I told you that line

01:06:19   made me hate you because that's really well written.

01:06:22   - Yeah, quite singly the best one line you've ever written.

01:06:26   I issued my first ever text shot today

01:06:30   in ceremony of that line.

01:06:33   - And I totally, before we move on,

01:06:36   I do wanna get to the nitty gritty of the apps and whatnot,

01:06:39   But, you know, hearing you talk about, you know,

01:06:43   it being a weird topic for Mack Stories,

01:06:45   and I'm not gonna go like,

01:06:47   I told you guys I'm not gonna go like deep into like,

01:06:49   this is not gonna be the cancer episode,

01:06:51   analog episode five, which we'll put in the show notes.

01:06:53   You should listen to if you want my thoughts on that.

01:06:55   But I definitely struggle with that as well.

01:06:58   I've written a lot about my son's cancer

01:07:00   on 512 over the years.

01:07:03   And I definitely, like that feeling you had today of like,

01:07:07   I cannot believe I'm getting ready to publish this.

01:07:09   I cannot believe that, you know, a lot,

01:07:13   a lot of people are going to read this.

01:07:16   I totally get that.

01:07:17   And it doesn't go away.

01:07:19   Like anytime I write about it,

01:07:20   I still have that like,

01:07:21   I know that feeling you get in your gut of like,

01:07:24   am I doing the right thing by sharing this?

01:07:26   But it's somewhat, I can share with you privately,

01:07:30   what the beauty of this article is that

01:07:34   It puts a light on the fact that this sort of thing,

01:07:39   cancer or some other catastrophic disease,

01:07:42   when people hear that and they know you were in the hospital

01:07:47   for a while or know someone, a loved one is in the hospital

01:07:50   and then they get out of the hospital

01:07:52   and life kind of moves on, but your article shows

01:07:54   and reminded even me that these things have long reaching

01:07:58   side effects and echoes for sometimes years to come.

01:08:03   I mean, we're entering our sixth year with my son's battle,

01:08:08   and those wounds are still fresh,

01:08:10   and they expose themselves in different ways.

01:08:12   So as someone who has not been in your shoes,

01:08:16   but have been very close to your shoes, I loved it.

01:08:19   And I think that it's something that only you can write,

01:08:24   because you've been there, and because you're a nerd,

01:08:29   using nerd things to move past it,

01:08:32   Which is great!

01:08:34   Like I try to solve problems in my life and approach them from the stance of a nerd.

01:08:43   I think that's what this is too, so it's a really fun blend for me to read, kind of being

01:08:47   in both of those categories.

01:08:48   I'm going to stop because I'm getting dust in my eye, but I really appreciate it.

01:08:56   Thank you, Steven.

01:09:00   You wrote about this stuff on 512 before, and I wonder many times, like, when I see,

01:09:09   because you do this regularly, when I see your posts, I'm like, someday I'll have to

01:09:15   write about this myself.

01:09:17   And I think I postponed many times because of all these reasons, because how are people

01:09:23   gonna react to this topic?

01:09:25   Are there gonna be people who are gonna be sarcastic and say "yeah this guy uses cancer

01:09:32   to make money" you know?

01:09:34   And there's been today a few people on Twitter who like made fun of the article but it doesn't

01:09:43   matter because you can't get everyone to like you.

01:09:48   And so it doesn't matter and I think...

01:09:51   Screw those people.

01:09:52   I mean honestly like...

01:09:53   I mean, everyone is entitled to his opinion.

01:09:56   - Well, yeah, I mean, you can, okay.

01:09:59   - But you shouldn't be a terrible person.

01:10:00   - You can have your opinion,

01:10:02   but if you have an opinion like that, keep it to yourself.

01:10:05   - Just sit on it. - Yeah, but people

01:10:07   like to share, people like to share.

01:10:08   - Okay, if you wanna share it though,

01:10:10   like, I mean, and I don't know how much

01:10:12   if you've heard of this,

01:10:13   but don't share it directly with you.

01:10:15   Like, just subtweet it. - Yeah, I mean, yeah.

01:10:19   - If you really feel like you have to get that

01:10:21   off your chest, like, and I don't know

01:10:22   people have done this so correct me if I'm wrong but they shouldn't say it to

01:10:26   you I don't think there's any benefit. No I blocked a few people it's it's fine

01:10:29   there's a thankfully Twitter has a blocked feature because if you're gonna say

01:10:35   certain things to me in relation to my experience I don't want to even argue

01:10:40   with you because I'm trying to imagine what if you stop me in the street and

01:10:45   you say hey you're dumb because you wrote about cancer it's not like I'm

01:10:49   If you were to come to me in real life and say that kind of stuff, I wouldn't reply to you, I would probably punch you.

01:10:57   So instead of being violent...

01:10:59   A block is kind of the same kind of scenario, right?

01:11:01   I'm just going to block you because thankfully we're on Twitter.

01:11:04   So I wouldn't say that I'm a violent person in real life.

01:11:09   I didn't mean to say that. It's just, you know...

01:11:12   No, no, it's perfectly okay to say it, Federico.

01:11:14   People don't say these things in real life, they go to Twitter to say this sort of stuff.

01:11:19   But it doesn't matter because there's a blog feature.

01:11:21   So anyway, was there a question?

01:11:25   No, there was Steven talking.

01:11:27   Thank you, Steven.

01:11:28   I know that it's been hard for you, I think, to read this stuff and I was super careful.

01:11:35   Like I thought about it, should I send this to Steven?

01:11:40   You were a gentleman as usual and read the piece and so thank you. Yeah, so I wanted yeah

01:11:48   I appreciate that I was

01:11:50   Aware as you send it to me like I could feel that on the other side of the conversation

01:11:54   So it's definitely no worries. I

01:11:56   Was happy to read it

01:11:59   But I think I think what's what's interesting to me from a technology perspective

01:12:04   Kind of moved past the part where I almost cry on the podcast

01:12:09   I've already done that. Yeah

01:12:11   We you approach it you approach these apps and the technology from a couple different angles and

01:12:18   You approach it from a like a

01:12:22   Sort of the food like what we are eating you have this picture of this like pasta in front of your iPad looks

01:12:27   quite frankly amazing

01:12:38   The little bits that would be in the piece where you would be referencing food, where

01:12:43   it was like you said the amount of bread and you're like, well I'm Italian.

01:12:48   It's cultural to eat all these carbs.

01:12:52   But I think, so you have food tracking, you have exercise tracking, you have FitStar,

01:12:56   which has like kind of exercise plans in it, which is really interesting.

01:13:00   In fact, I'm going to check this app out because of this article.

01:13:04   But for me at least, I want to see if it's true for you.

01:13:07   Myke, I also want to see if it's true for you,

01:13:08   because I know you're doing some stuff,

01:13:10   working out and things now as well.

01:13:12   For me, things like this,

01:13:16   like I do much better if I can track them,

01:13:18   and if I can have a data point,

01:13:21   again because we're nerds,

01:13:22   of like this is what I did, this is my goal,

01:13:25   this is how far away I am from my goal,

01:13:27   this is on a chart how I'm doing,

01:13:29   and how powerful is that to the two of you?

01:13:33   Is that important to you guys,

01:13:35   or is it just a side effect of all this technology?

01:13:37   For me, it's the point.

01:13:39   But I'm curious how you guys felt about that.

01:13:41   - Well, I find it as like a little piece

01:13:43   of positive reinforcement, you know?

01:13:46   You put a little notch on an app

01:13:49   or you see a line go up or down the way that you want it to

01:13:53   and it's kind of like a little merit badge,

01:13:56   which is why those little badges

01:13:58   that you're gonna get on the Apple Watch

01:13:59   are gonna be so interesting

01:14:02   and it's the reason that they exist.

01:14:03   You know, like when you hit a certain goal and you get the little 3D animated badge that

01:14:08   pops up, you know?

01:14:09   Yeah.

01:14:10   Those are going to be very powerful because that's exactly what items like that represent

01:14:17   is like a little medal.

01:14:18   And these are actual little medals.

01:14:20   And I think that's going to be really cool for people.

01:14:23   I can see Federico how that sort of stuff is looking at what you've written about and

01:14:29   you know, you're saying you're excited for the watch.

01:14:31   Like things like that.

01:14:32   obvious why you would be. And now I can kind of also see why, you know, having read this, why all

01:14:38   the fitness stuff was so important to you and why it is so important and why I was kind of maybe

01:14:44   stupid to kind of write it off. No, no, no, no, no, it's fine. Because I did, and you know, and maybe even up until today, I did kind of

01:14:53   write off the fitness features of being just another thing. It's like, oh, you're just going

01:14:59   gonna throw fitness features in there because it looks like the right thing to

01:15:02   do but for many many people and myself included to a point like having real

01:15:08   important and rich fitness features built into a device that will be on you

01:15:14   all the time is actually very very important and if you're able to

01:15:19   create a real multimedia experience out of it it will actually make a big

01:15:25   positive effect to many people's lives and it does make it important.

01:15:27   I think for me to, to answer to you, Myke, about the watch and to Steven

01:15:34   about, uh, tracking this sort of stuff.

01:15:38   Um, I think this is my problem, but, but I guess that other people can relate.

01:15:43   Um, it's easy to forget about your progress and, and it's easy when you get

01:15:51   caught up in the rhythm of life every day with work and family and you need to do this

01:15:59   and you need to reply to that email and you need to go to that store, you need to pick

01:16:04   up the kids.

01:16:05   It's easy to forget about yourself because most people tend to take themselves as in

01:16:13   their bodies for granted.

01:16:15   And so being able to track and to visualize, I think, to put an item on a calendar to say,

01:16:22   "Today I walked this amount of steps, and today I did this exercise, and today I ate

01:16:30   pasta or I ate fish, and I need to be, you know, to take a different approach."

01:16:37   To be able to see all that.

01:16:39   I mean, people use spreadsheets for a reason, because they let you see stuff in a different

01:16:45   And we live in an age where technology lets us track ourselves, our steps and health status and activity and what we do and how we do it.

01:17:01   we do it. And so we went from being able to keep track of numbers and emails and

01:17:08   articles from being able to reliably and cheaply with tools that we use every day

01:17:16   to track ourselves. So when I look at something like the Apple Watch, which I'm

01:17:21   guessing in the sport and in the regular version, it's going to be an

01:17:28   an object that a lot of people can afford. That sort of stuff can track your heart rate and it

01:17:35   also looks good on you so it doesn't feel like you need to go outside into the world with bracelets

01:17:42   and sensors strapped on your body. So the lines between technology and fashion and being able to

01:17:52   take better care of ourselves, the lines are blurring every day. And this is empowering for

01:18:01   people. Because this is the main point. Not everyone will ever need to do what I'm doing

01:18:09   and what others are doing. Because fortunately most people are fine, don't need to switch

01:18:20   eating habits, they don't need to do specific exercises.

01:18:26   But the people who do, because unfortunately

01:18:29   a lot of people have to deal with these sort of consequences of

01:18:33   various diseases, the people who do are going to find

01:18:37   terrific benefit in this kind of new technology.

01:18:42   And for years I think when I last Christmas, when I was

01:18:50   thinking about what am I going to do next year, what do I want to change about what I do every day.

01:18:55   And one of my resolutions was I want to be, to paraphrase Myke, I want to be known for

01:19:03   the guy who does stuff on iOS and the iPad. No, that's actually one of your best taglines, Myke.

01:19:11   It's such a perfect way to think about what you do. So I was like, I want to be known for

01:19:19   what I do on the iPad and what I do on iOS. But I also want to, not necessarily be known

01:19:26   for, but try to help people publicly with this sort of topic. And it was difficult because

01:19:34   I've been thinking for years to do that and I'm happy that it came out somehow well. Well

01:19:42   enough for people to like it. I don't know if I'm gonna do this regularly, I don't wanna

01:19:52   talk about cancer all the time, but I do want to talk about fitness and I want to talk about

01:19:58   using technology not just for email and workflows and scripts, because I love that stuff, but

01:20:05   there's also this other use of technology that's happening right now and it's a major

01:20:12   area of interest for me and so I guess there's another thing I want to be known

01:20:18   for and I will try my best. There's one really exciting thing that happened

01:20:24   today, we'll talk about it very quickly after this break, where I can thank our

01:20:30   friends from SaneBox. It's a problem that many of us have these days is we have

01:20:35   just too much email. On a daily inbox, on a daily basis, on a daily inbox as well

01:20:40   they're overflowing with email. Who has time to deal with the amount of email

01:20:44   that they get these days? I feel like I'm personally always playing catch-up

01:20:48   and that's where a company and a product like SaneBox can come in, save the day

01:20:54   and solve this problem for you. SaneBox was designed to give you back the

01:20:59   control of your inbox and help you save time on dealing with email. How does it

01:21:04   work? After a quick analysis of your inbox, SaneBox is able to determine what

01:21:09   emails are important to you with incredible accuracy, you can automatically

01:21:13   filter your unimportant emails out of your inbox into a new email folder

01:21:17   called SaneLater, which means the only the emails that land in your inbox are

01:21:21   the ones you actually want to see. And those emails that are put into SaneLater

01:21:25   they're summarized in a daily digest so you can quickly check and scan to

01:21:29   make sure if there's anything that you do want to go in and grab or you know

01:21:32   you can just go and peruse it at your own heart's content. A friend of the show

01:21:36   Mr. Davis Box is telling me on upgrade. We had him on this week and he was saying

01:21:40   about how he used SaneBox to set up like weekend boxes where he would just like

01:21:45   put all these Max Sparky stuff. He would like delay them until the weekend and

01:21:49   then he would go in and take a look at that stuff. Doesn't need to now as he's

01:21:52   joined the self-employed, the independent life, but you know it's just another

01:21:57   example of how something like SaneBox can help you kind of compartmentalize

01:22:01   email into where and when you want to deal with it. Loads of people use

01:22:05   SaneBox. Their customers include employees at fortune 500 companies,

01:22:09   salespeople, accountants, lawyers like David, CEOs, entrepreneurs, anybody that

01:22:15   gets a lot of email can get value out of SaneBox. And it works anywhere you check

01:22:19   email. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail, Gmail, anything. It's cloud-based, it's not an

01:22:25   app, there's nothing to download, nothing to install, you don't have to sync

01:22:28   anything between your devices. And of course it's mobile friendly.

01:22:32   Basically it doesn't make a difference the way that you set up your

01:22:35   but it lives there and it does exactly what you need it to do at all times.

01:22:38   SaneBox has a bunch of other awesome features like one-click unsubscribe from

01:22:42   email newsletters, you can have follow-up reminders, you can move attachments to

01:22:46   the cloud and so so much more. If you're ready to clean up your inbox and spend

01:22:50   less time on email get a risk-free no credit card required fully featured trial

01:22:54   at SaneBox.com/connected that's S-A-N-E-B-O-X.com/connected

01:23:00   Thank you so much to SaneBox for sponsoring this show and if you decide

01:23:04   to buy after trying them out they will throw in up to two months free

01:23:08   along with your plan so thank you to Sandbox for that and thanks for

01:23:14   sponsoring this week's episode. So in a complete surprise moment about an hour

01:23:21   before the show this week Federico could you just explain what happened?

01:23:26   In detail? As much detail as you'd like to go into. So I was sitting on my bed and I

01:23:32   I was preparing the show notes.

01:23:34   I was taking a look around at some links

01:23:39   and I was listening to, I think, Oasis.

01:23:44   I think I was listening to Some Might Say,

01:23:47   which is a very fine song from Oasis 20 years ago.

01:23:52   And I was at my Mac as every Tuesday and before Wednesday

01:23:58   when I'm about to do the show.

01:24:02   and I had Tweetbot open on the Mac.

01:24:05   I keep notifications for mentions.

01:24:09   I don't keep them on iOS.

01:24:11   I only keep them on the Mac.

01:24:13   I don't know why.

01:24:14   So I was just scrolling through,

01:24:18   and there was a, I mean,

01:24:19   I was getting a good amount of replies today

01:24:23   because of the article.

01:24:24   And then at one point,

01:24:25   like every time I get a notification banner,

01:24:31   my eye quickly looks at the banner and then back up what I'm doing.

01:24:36   So I was browsing and then I see this banner and like every other banner I look at it and I read

01:24:45   @Pichiller and I'm like what? Like my brain took a good second to understand what was going on.

01:24:56   I was like, like I stood there with my eyes just like silently. I stopped the music,

01:25:04   like I was quiet. I stopped the music and very slowly I open tweetbot and I saw the tweet from

01:25:12   Phil Schiller and it was, it's nice, it's awesome because it's, you know, I'm happy that I can get

01:25:23   get that kind of recognition, I think.

01:25:29   It's nice after all these years of work.

01:25:32   It's nice that this person works at Apple.

01:25:36   >> You just work at some employee, just some dude.

01:25:40   >> No, I mean, he's of course a well-known figure.

01:25:44   It's just I'm glad that maybe the first and only link that I'm getting from an official

01:25:51   Apple account is about this story. This is the best part because it didn't tweet about...

01:25:57   I mean it would have been awesome to get a tweet from, you know, from Schiller about

01:26:02   the iPad or, I don't know, Workflow, but this personal story is just the best combination.

01:26:09   You know, I'm happy, not necessarily because it's Schiller, I mean, awesome that it's Schiller,

01:26:16   But it's Shiller and this story, and that's the best part for me.

01:26:21   So I kind of panicked and I went to the other room and I had to tell my girlfriend and I

01:26:27   kind of, you know, was really emotional.

01:26:30   I'm a really emotional guy.

01:26:32   Especially today, I mean, yeah.

01:26:34   Especially today, and you know, I told my mom and, you know, fun times.

01:26:40   Well I was screaming and trying to explain to my girlfriend, so I can't even imagine

01:26:46   what it was like in the Viteegee household.

01:26:48   I am so proud of you.

01:26:50   I'm so proud of you.

01:26:51   - Thank you. - You deserve it,

01:26:51   and it's incredible to see.

01:26:54   - He's a really cool guy, Phil.

01:26:58   Now I'm just gonna call him Phil, like you do with Tim.

01:27:02   - My buddy P-dog.

01:27:03   - He's a cool guy.

01:27:06   He reads, he has good taste in websites about his company.

01:27:15   - No, it's super cool and I think, you know,

01:27:20   with the watch and with all the I would say it stuff

01:27:23   clearly struck a nerve with what they were trying to do

01:27:27   and you know, I think it's super cool.

01:27:29   I had missed it, I follow Phil Schiller,

01:27:33   but I had missed it until a bunch of people

01:27:35   started tweeting at the show account

01:27:37   and I was like, my phone was just like going crazy.

01:27:39   I was picked up and I was like, oh, look at that.

01:27:42   (laughing)

01:27:44   - It's pretty sweet.

01:27:45   - Well.

01:27:45   (laughing)

01:27:46   - I texted my developer right away

01:27:50   and I was like, there's Phil Schiller

01:27:53   and he tweeted a link to Mac stories.

01:27:56   - Hold on.

01:27:57   (laughing)

01:27:58   - You need to check, you need to go check

01:27:59   the website logs and the stats

01:28:02   and make sure that we can hold up.

01:28:04   And he didn't reply, so I was like,

01:28:06   his name is Alessandro and I call him Ale

01:28:09   and I was like, Ale, Ale, Ale on iMessage

01:28:12   and he didn't reply.

01:28:13   And then 10 minutes afterwards, he was like,

01:28:16   "Holy, what is going on?

01:28:17   Fear Shield and Twitter linked to you."

01:28:19   And I'm like, "Yeah, I texted you."

01:28:21   And basically he panicked when he opened,

01:28:24   he was at the gym and he opened Twitter

01:28:27   and he saw the link, he didn't see my text and he panicked.

01:28:29   And then he opened my message

01:28:31   and he sent me this panicking text.

01:28:34   And then he saw my previous message and he was like,

01:28:36   "Okay, yeah, you saw before me.

01:28:38   By the way, the server is fine because we have caching.

01:28:42   So thank God for caches and WordPress, I guess.

01:28:47   Yeah, we have a great developer.

01:28:51   He's a cool guy.

01:28:52   - Now, Federico, we have but a couple of minutes left

01:28:57   on today's episode. - Yes.

01:28:59   - Can you very quickly establish

01:29:01   what you would like people to help you with?

01:29:03   I see you have a thing here. - Yes.

01:29:06   Okay, I have a problem with my Wiimao switch.

01:29:11   I need to be able to do the following. Every time I go to sleep I use the new If This Then That app to turn off my Wemo.

01:29:26   And that works really well. It's really fast and I'm happy with the app.

01:29:31   So what I need to do is, my Wemo switch is a regular switch, the basic one.

01:29:36   I need to turn off Wi-Fi when I go to sleep, and I need to turn on Wi-Fi back at 10 a.m. in the morning.

01:29:45   I won't go into the reasons why I need to do this, but basically I need to cut off my...

01:29:50   That's what I want to know.

01:29:51   No, it's personal.

01:29:53   I need to turn off my internet at night, and it needs to go on before we wake up in the morning.

01:30:02   So the problem is the following.

01:30:04   Because the Wiimote switch is connected to the internet, I'm seeing that when I turn off the Wiimote in the morning, because the internet is off, there appears to be some sort of bug that basically the Wiimote doesn't turn on using the timer that it has.

01:30:27   I'm guessing because it's like a chicken and egg problem, because there's no connection,

01:30:33   the Wemo doesn't turn on and because it doesn't turn on, there's no connection.

01:30:39   So I'm trying to understand.

01:30:42   When I set the timer in the Wemo settings in the app, I can say every morning turn on

01:30:50   at 10 a.m.

01:30:52   So does the Wemo timer require an active internet connection?

01:30:57   Because sometimes it works and then other times my girlfriend wakes up before me and

01:31:03   she finds the Wemo to be off and the router to be disconnected.

01:31:08   So I'm not sure if it's my fault I'm trying to do something that is not possible or if

01:31:15   there's a bug because sometimes it works, other times it doesn't work.

01:31:18   I'm trying to understand. I need to have my router go off and on while it's

01:31:23   connected to the Wemo. Is there a reliable way of doing this or am I just

01:31:28   crazy? You need a British guy to come in and do it every day. Hello. Myke, are you

01:31:35   familiar with Wemo switches? No, he's just gonna stand there. Yeah, I'll just turn it off and on again.

01:31:40   We don't need a Wemo, we have a Mykelo instead. Wow, I would pay so much for that.

01:31:48   So I assume the reason that you can't use a regular just timer is because the

01:31:53   time in which you switch it off changes every day?

01:31:56   Yeah.

01:31:57   Yeah, okay.

01:31:58   And I also want the, you know, I want to lay in bed and just press a button on my phone and I don't have to, you know, walk to the router myself and, you know, I just want to be comfortable.

01:32:12   I want to use IFTTT.

01:32:13   You don't want to just turn it on in the morning because sometimes it needs to be on before you're awake.

01:32:18   Yeah, it needs to be automated. I'm not an animal. I'm not supposed to press balance and stuff.

01:32:25   Needs to work on its own.

01:32:27   Sure, I get it.

01:32:28   And also I bought the Wiimote, so now I need to find a way to make it work.

01:32:32   There's no escape. Needs to work.

01:32:35   Yeah, that makes sense.

01:32:36   We... I put my faith in the follow-up.

01:32:42   If you'd like to get in touch with us about anything or to help Federico's problems,

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01:32:55   We are @_ConnectedFM on Twitter. Federico is @Vittici, V I T I C C I.

01:33:00   Steven is @ismh and I am @imike, I M Y K E. Federico writes the fantastic macstories.net.

01:33:10   Stephen writes at 512 pixels dot net I do not write but I host many podcasts on

01:33:15   Relay dot FM. Of course. This show is one of those

01:33:18   I want to thank our sponsors again for helping us out with this week's episode sane box igloo and Linda

01:33:24   Comm thank you for helping us out today, but most of all thank you for listening

01:33:30   Until next time I'm Myke Hurley. He's Stephen Hackett. The other one's Federico Fattucci and we'll be back. Say goodbye guys

01:33:37   Arrivederci. Adios.