28: The Color of Myke's Eyes


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00:00:07   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode number 28.

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00:00:21   Glasses should not cost as much as an iPhone.

00:00:24   My name is Myke Hurley and I am joined as always by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:28   Hi Federico. Hey Myke. How are you doing? I'm doing well. Thank you. Good to hear from you as always. I'm Mr.

00:00:35   Steven Hackett. Welcome, sir to Connected episode number 28. Hello my fair young co-hosts.

00:00:42   We are young and you are old. That is correct. Goodbye everyone.

00:00:46   We survived the curse of the 27 group. We did. We're all still alive.

00:00:56   We we didn't die as a rock star. I'm really pleased you didn't bring this up last week. I would have been worried all week

00:01:01   Yeah, I thought about it all the time

00:01:03   I was like, maybe we're just I don't know

00:01:06   Maybe the show is dying like right now and I don't want to tell him and instead we survived

00:01:11   So we did we're on we're on

00:01:13   episode 28 and it's a Tuesday, which is our new day for at least for now, so

00:01:20   Tuesday it is Tuesday feels different than Wednesday. I'm still energetic

00:01:25   Well, it's a it's a day before yes it is. Yeah

00:01:28   I feel I feel younger than I would have felt tomorrow. So that's a good point you are for once young

00:01:34   I don't know how much you can feel younger

00:01:37   You'd be shocked

00:01:40   You already passed a real point a while ago

00:01:44   Small victories my friend

00:01:51   diminishing returns at this point really. What I don't like about like when we

00:01:56   change days because as well like we have recorded it's I'm all over the place

00:01:59   right because I no longer record inquisitive on Wednesdays and now I

00:02:03   don't record this show on a Wednesday so my schedule this week I don't even know

00:02:08   where I am I multiple times a day did not know what day of the week it was.

00:02:13   What are you doing on Wednesday? I don't know well tomorrow tomorrow I'm gonna be getting a talk at the Apple

00:02:19   in the Apple Store and the Comic Garden.

00:02:20   Oh, it's tomorrow?

00:02:21   It's tomorrow.

00:02:22   Can you tell us more about it for people who don't know?

00:02:25   Yeah, I'm going to be, I'll put a link in the show notes.

00:02:28   I'm going to be giving a talk on how I became an independent podcaster and talk about kind

00:02:34   of what I think people who are interested in this sort of stuff should think about and

00:02:39   that kind of stuff and be doing that at the Apple Store and Comic Garden.

00:02:42   Unfortunately the event is sold out but it will be recorded and released after the fact

00:02:48   now which we wasn't going to be originally but I think the event was so popular that

00:02:55   we decided we're gonna record it so I'm very excited about that so you'll be able to hear

00:03:00   that probably before next week's episode. There'll be a link for that.

00:03:06   Can you tell us the ending? I'm really short on time.

00:03:10   The ending is questions, questions and answers will be the end of my talk.

00:03:16   Oh it's really cool. I'm excited you guys knew that. And you know people are

00:03:21   going to want you to sign their phones probably and maybe sign a

00:03:28   relay shirt or two. I should take, I should remember to take some pens just

00:03:31   in case something like that does occur. Oh yeah I thought you're talking about

00:03:35   relay pens. You have like a pen show anyway. Exactly. Plenty of pens.

00:03:41   Maybe we can do on you know on the pen addict we could talk about the best pens

00:03:45   to sign something with, you know?

00:03:47   - Done.

00:03:48   - It all goes around.

00:03:49   - They, when we formed the LLC,

00:03:54   that triggers basically a giant junk mail machine,

00:03:57   and so I just get all sorts of mail from our business.

00:04:01   And this one company about every six weeks

00:04:03   sends me an ink pen with Relay FM on it.

00:04:08   They want me to buy pens from them.

00:04:09   And one of them is, my wife uses it,

00:04:13   It's like purple with this like crazy metal zigzag.

00:04:16   It's horrendous, but it's like the best riding pen

00:04:19   in our house, so we all use it.

00:04:21   It's really ugly.

00:04:22   - Did you get it for free?

00:04:23   - Oh yeah, 'cause they want me to do business.

00:04:25   They want me to buy branded merchandise.

00:04:28   And I have a guy for that, so.

00:04:30   - If you just wait for long enough,

00:04:31   you will eventually have all of the pens that you need.

00:04:34   Like they just keep sending them to you,

00:04:36   and then you can sell them.

00:04:39   - Yeah, we could just put them on the store.

00:04:41   - We should make a pen.

00:04:42   But that's not funny.

00:04:44   It's the edition junk mail pen.

00:04:46   Yeah. The junk mail is crazy.

00:04:49   Anyways, we should do some follow up.

00:04:51   First, from Papa Drang, and I have this tweet up in Chrome, and the snowman in his background is just peeking out behind the tweet, which is very, very disconcerting.

00:05:05   I'll put a screenshot of that in the show notes.

00:05:09   Four things that I'm trying to hit the bookmark clip and I can't do it quick enough

00:05:13   If you follow the direction of this no man's eyes is looking directly at the people who?

00:05:19   Engaged oh

00:05:22   Stephen he's looking right at you. I know

00:05:24   It's really it's really terrifying

00:05:28   So before we get to this tweet this week can be found in the show notes

00:05:32   That can be found on the internet. I believe is that is that true Myke that is true

00:05:37   can find us over at relay.fm/connected/28 or in your podcast application

00:05:43   that you of which you have chosen. That's good. So Dr. Drang points out that

00:05:49   rounding off corners is something that's actually very old at Apple and when he

00:05:54   saw this, well you can see my reply on Twitter that basically was "I can't

00:05:58   believe I didn't remember this." So Dr. Drang points us to an Andy Hertzfeld

00:06:02   article on folklore.org which if you haven't checked out you should

00:06:06   definitely check out it's it's a lot of fun if you're like me and basically

00:06:12   talking about how rounded rectangles were a big thing in the original Mac UI

00:06:16   and kind of how they did it and he actually is talking about how they did it

00:06:21   on the Lisa which is pretty cool so that article is in the show notes and

00:06:25   Sappl has a long history of rounding off rectangles because they don't like

00:06:29   pointy things apparently. Do you? Do I like pointy things? Mmm. I'm okay I'm okay

00:06:39   with rounded rectangles. Mm-hmm. Do you wish everything was square? Just find it

00:06:44   strange that you didn't bring this up on your own. Oh I'm sorry. When you get old

00:06:48   you forget you get forgetful so and Dr. Drang snowmen don't age so he's he's

00:06:54   young on the inside. In conjunction with this someone pointed us to Johnny Ive

00:07:03   versus corners on tumblr but there's nothing on this tumblr.

00:07:08   Somebody set up Johnny Ive redesigns corners.tumblr.com which was something

00:07:12   that somebody said on last week's episode so someone got there and

00:07:15   registered it but they've not put anything on there so whoever owns Johnny

00:07:19   ivory designs corners tumblr.com which honestly is probably Kyle it probably is

00:07:25   Kyle you need to put things on there you know don't just don't just take the

00:07:28   domains because it could have been somebody waiting to get it who what who

00:07:31   had like who'd already opened Photoshop ready to to show some corner redesigning

00:07:36   this is not how you tumblr at all that you're supposed to put content if we

00:07:43   learn one thing from Taylor Swift it's out to tumblr yeah I just assume that's

00:07:49   a reference that young people get. I was waiting for his comment. I know you really set me

00:07:55   up you just handed it to me. We have a tweet from Glenn Austin Green on Twitter which props

00:08:04   for using all three names I like the sound of that. We spoke about HomeKit I think a

00:08:10   couple weeks ago now and basically we're like where's HomeKit? Well HomeKit takes a long

00:08:16   time you have to certify your equipment with Apple to use HomeKit and Glenn

00:08:24   has a customer or somebody he knows who has been invited to beta test that so it

00:08:28   does seem like there's some movement. I do believe there are a couple things

00:08:32   that were shown at like CES saying that they would tie into HomeKit but overall

00:08:36   I think our point stands that there's just not a lot going on yet. You know

00:08:42   It's still sort of a thing that is coming in a lot of ways, I think.

00:08:47   Yeah.

00:08:48   Yeah.

00:08:48   When I bought my YT home camera a couple of months ago, I was told--

00:08:56   or at least I read, I think, on the Wirecutter or maybe somewhere else--

00:09:01   I was told that it was going to support HomeKit.

00:09:05   Now I'm not sure whether that was true or not.

00:09:10   I'm really confused by the whole HomeKit rollout.

00:09:14   I'm in the process of buying a lot of these home automation

00:09:18   things.

00:09:19   And I was excited to check out HomeKit

00:09:23   and do stuff with Siri, that sort of features.

00:09:28   I'm very confused by what is it, how

00:09:31   it's going to appear at the Apple Store or anywhere else.

00:09:35   And there's websites and companies saying,

00:09:38   yeah, we will support HomeKit.

00:09:39   I'm not sure if my Whiting's Home will support HomeKit with a software update or if there will

00:09:47   be a different version of the camera, which means that my existing Whiting's Home model will be

00:09:54   updated. So yeah, I'm very confused. I don't know. It's cool, but the rollout was...

00:10:02   It's kind of like iTunes Analytics. Never coming.

00:10:09   I'm like terrified at the thought of you like automating your home.

00:10:16   Well you know actually the other day album, so I set up like a Philips Hue light.

00:10:23   I'm trying to find a Belkin WeMo switch. Turns out that my local Apple store doesn't have

00:10:32   Belkin switches so I think I will have to buy it from the online store.

00:10:36   And so right now I have these Philips lights and the Whiting's camera.

00:10:44   The other day I was giving a demo to my friends and so I was using IFTTT to turn on my lights.

00:10:53   And what's cool is that I can use the...

00:10:55   You know, IFTTT has these new apps for like the Dew apps they're called.

00:11:03   And there's one called DewNote.

00:11:06   And it's cool because even if it's text,

00:11:09   you can create a recipe for the Philips lights.

00:11:13   And then you can type the color, like the name of the color

00:11:20   that you want to turn on in your lights.

00:11:24   Or you can type the hex code.

00:11:27   Of course you can.

00:11:28   So I was just typing the colors and showing it to my parents,

00:11:34   actually, not to my friends.

00:11:35   I was showing it to my parents, I typed "red" and I had to tell my dad, he doesn't really know English, that it meant "roso", which is the Italian for "red".

00:11:43   So I was just messing around with web automation and the lights, and then my girlfriend, which was not with me, got a notification from the Whiting's home camera about movement in the house.

00:11:58   And she called me like she was panicking.

00:12:01   She was, she thought they were like,

00:12:03   we were getting robbed.

00:12:05   And she was like, they even turn on the lights.

00:12:07   And I told her, no, that's me, them.

00:12:10   I'm just showing my parents how you can turn on the lights.

00:12:14   She thought there was people.

00:12:16   - Wow.

00:12:17   - This is the problem with connecting your home

00:12:20   to the internet is you then start to fear things

00:12:23   that you'd never thought of before.

00:12:24   - Yeah.

00:12:26   How specific can you be with the instructions?

00:12:28   Can you say like, give me a slightly light blue?

00:12:33   So I tried like red, pink.

00:12:36   I tried light blue, but it wasn't really different from blue.

00:12:40   So I think if you want to be precise, you need to use the hex code.

00:12:44   What if you were like, the color of Myke's eyes?

00:12:47   Would it change to the color of Myke's eyes?

00:12:49   I don't think you can do that.

00:12:50   It's also kind of confusing because in the Philips Hue app, you can create, there's like

00:12:56   these custom colors like energetic or relax or romance.

00:13:02   I'm not sure whether I can type that name into IFTTT.

00:13:07   I got a pretty more with that.

00:13:09   I only spent like a week with the lights.

00:13:12   But yeah, I want to connect all my stuff, the internet of things.

00:13:19   I'm gonna connect it all.

00:13:21   And then I'm gonna talk about it on connected, which is going to be all kinds of meta because

00:13:25   of this.

00:13:26   You could set a color called "special business" since you're the president of that.

00:13:31   My thought was to, whenever there's a new Apple press release, to just start flashing

00:13:39   a strobe red color.

00:13:43   God, that would be terrifying.

00:13:45   Yeah.

00:13:46   But if you're like a sleep still, you're sleep still just going off.

00:13:51   The next time that you have a product for sale, like the next time you write a book,

00:13:56   every time there's a sale, flash green.

00:13:59   Yeah, that's a good idea.

00:14:03   So anyway, what we were talking about?

00:14:05   Oh yeah, the HomeKit.

00:14:08   Also, I thought about it because I saw the Steven Newt said that this listener used his

00:14:15   complete name. Did I ever tell you guys about my middle name?

00:14:19   No, we're gonna need to hear this.

00:14:22   No, so basically in Italy, I guess it's different from America. We don't, like,

00:14:30   the middle name is not really as important, I think, as it is in America. Myke, is it like a

00:14:39   thing in the UK?

00:14:40   Middle names? Like we have them and like...

00:14:45   do you care usually? Not really, I don't think most people do. Yeah, I think it's the same in

00:14:50   Italy. It must be a European thing. So I don't want to tell you right now my middle name, I want you to

00:14:56   guess it. And it's, I'm just gonna say it's a very classic Italian name. It's kind of awesome actually.

00:15:06   Jeffrey. Also kind of embarrassing maybe for some Italians, I don't know. I'll just let you guess it

00:15:14   and then we'll wait for feedback.

00:15:17   And whoever guesses correctly gets, I don't know...

00:15:24   An iPad?

00:15:25   No, gotta think of a price.

00:15:28   I will think of a price.

00:15:29   Okay.

00:15:30   Okay.

00:15:31   So how are we accepting these guesses?

00:15:35   On Twitter.

00:15:36   Okay.

00:15:37   Or send an email to Steven.

00:15:39   No!

00:15:40   @_ConnectedFM and you can guess Federico's middle name for a prize.

00:15:47   I don't even know why we're having this competition.

00:15:49   I can't even remember how we got here.

00:15:51   I decided to have a competition.

00:15:55   I've known you a long time, I don't think I know your middle name.

00:15:57   I know Myke's and Myke knows mine.

00:16:00   I never tell anyone.

00:16:03   No, people in the chat room, you're far from the truth.

00:16:08   Also Alejandro, it's not Italian.

00:16:11   Will you reveal it?

00:16:14   Next episode.

00:16:15   Next episode it will be revealed whether people guess it or not.

00:16:18   Yeah.

00:16:19   Okay so tune in next week guys.

00:16:22   For some epic follow up.

00:16:24   Clearly I have a little thing, a little follow up.

00:16:28   Listener Jonathan Morris sent me a recording that he has done of the Jonathan Ive article.

00:16:38   if you remember, I didn't want to read it,

00:16:40   so Jonathan has recorded it

00:16:44   for his own podcast that he has.

00:16:47   And I've been listening today, I'm like 25 minutes in

00:16:49   and I'm enjoying it a lot.

00:16:51   It's great, because I get to hear all of the things

00:16:54   that you guys got to read.

00:16:55   There are a lot of little interesting things

00:16:57   that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere,

00:17:00   'cause they're just like these small things.

00:17:03   - And because it was a billion words long.

00:17:05   - Yeah, exactly.

00:17:05   But you know, there are just these little things that I just mentioned.

00:17:09   For example, the whole setup of the Apple Watch event when he had Chris Martin and Stephen

00:17:15   Fry and Sean Combs and it all just hanging out in a garden together.

00:17:20   Why is this happening?

00:17:21   But I'm happy that I now know that it happened.

00:17:24   So yeah, it's great.

00:17:26   So this is like a bedtime story for you, Myke.

00:17:30   Yeah, I mean, I think I mentioned on upgrade first.

00:17:35   I wish that the New Yorker had recorded it.

00:17:38   With the length that this was, it feels like the perfect kind of thing to have somebody

00:17:42   professionally narrate for them.

00:17:46   Like an audiobook.

00:17:47   Yeah, like an audiobook.

00:17:49   You could sell it.

00:17:50   Like an audio article.

00:17:52   An audio article.

00:17:54   And people had written in to me and said that they do actually do that with some of their

00:17:58   stuff, but they hadn't seemed to do it with this one.

00:18:02   Which is frustrating.

00:18:03   Mr. Morris has fixed it, so I'm happy about that. So thank you Jonathan.

00:18:07   Cool, hopefully it doesn't run into any legal issue.

00:18:10   That is the only thing about it, but whatever. Like they got their page view out of me, so what more

00:18:16   than they want. Like I'm not gonna read it, at least I'm enjoying their content.

00:18:20   Cool, cool.

00:18:23   One last piece of follow-up. A reader sent, or a listener, or a reader I guess, if they are...

00:18:30   Maybe you can do the opposite. Maybe you can listen to an article and you can print out a podcast

00:18:35   I don't know what you're talking about anymore. I don't know. It's like a special kind of

00:18:41   Synesthesia, I think it's called when you mix two different

00:18:46   Senses like hmm, you know what? I mean like I don't know

00:18:51   Look up synesthesia. It's it's a real thing Myke. Okay

00:18:59   While you're doing that I'm going to point this Medium article about a an app that

00:19:06   seems to work alongside photos app for OS X and iOS where you can do some

00:19:11   metadata and stuff to photos in the database which is pretty cool. Some of that stuff is

00:19:16   easy to do like an automator but if your photos are in a database it's harder to

00:19:19   get to. I have not spent a lot of time with this so if this nukes your entire

00:19:25   family photo collection don't blame me but that's in the show notes as well.

00:19:31   Myke have you followed up with a doctor about my disorder? Someone's gonna come

00:19:37   and visit you. Like right now? At some point. Try not to worry about it. Well how will I know?

00:19:43   It's really creepy. Yeah that's a it's super creepy because I'm sitting in like a dark room in a

00:19:48   giant building by myself so I'm a little worried. With these kinds of things it's

00:19:53   best for you not to know they're coming. Like, just let it happen to you.

00:19:58   That's no good at all. Oh man. Maybe we should, I think that concludes the follow up.

00:20:07   I think it does indeed. We're done with the FU.

00:20:09   This week's episode of Connected is brought to you by our friends over at Warby Parker,

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00:22:26   Stephen Hackett has had a pair of Warby Parker glasses including the whole home try on thing. So mr. Stephen Hackett

00:22:32   What did you think of the Warby Parker experience?

00:22:35   It was it was great. So I don't think like a lot of people, you know going somewhere talking to people

00:22:41   That's not really my my thing

00:22:43   and so I was able to sit down at my table and pick some out and

00:22:47   They actually showed up on the evening that my wife had a bunch of friends over. So like the house was

00:22:53   Full of some of her friends and I basically modeled them. You've got to have different disguises

00:23:01   Yes, and so I basically had like six women telling me what they thought of these frames and it was great

00:23:07   I mean, it's super fast super easy, you know, I'm crazy busy. And so it wasn't like I have to go

00:23:12   Visit the eye doctor. I just I actually just graduated wearing glasses full-time, which is depressing

00:23:19   But they made it fun and it was like you said it's kind of a group exercise of like pick the frames

00:23:24   They look good on me. So

00:23:26   It's really really great. You should definitely check it out and you did what I hear many people do

00:23:30   You ended up picking some that you may not have thought would look good on you, right?

00:23:34   And then I think you ended up going one of those pairs if I remember rightly

00:23:37   yeah, they're they're really different than what I picked out it like my eye doctor and

00:23:42   It was great because I mean you get you get you know to try several pairs

00:23:47   So I kind of like picked out some crazy ones

00:23:49   I was like, oh, you know, we'll see how this goes and ended up really really liking them

00:23:54   So you can go to warbyparker.com/connected to get your five free home try-on frames

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00:24:37   Go to warbyparker.com/connected and sign up.

00:24:43   I would, uh, topic zero is basically me complaining for a minute if that's okay.

00:24:47   I always want to hear you complain.

00:24:50   So there's a link in the show notes to a day one post.

00:24:54   My photo of the day on Friday was what was left of my iPhone 6, so my iPhone 6 met its

00:25:00   end.

00:25:01   Within a week you damaged it in like varied ways, didn't you, as well last week?

00:25:07   No.

00:25:08   It's been bent.

00:25:09   No, didn't you do something where you kind of bent it and then it fell down some stairs?

00:25:14   It's been bent for a while, but then it fell down some stairs on Friday.

00:25:18   you have a dead pixel in it or something didn't you son out of it it's not me oh

00:25:23   yeah oh yes it's okay I'll just I'll just I'll tell you you don't you decide

00:25:28   dropped it and it had a little ding and this in the display of anyways I broke

00:25:32   it real good and so made you spar appointment and where the genius bar and

00:25:37   got us swapped out at AppleCare+ it was that was super easy like props to the

00:25:42   kids at the genius bar it's always weird I always heard sort of touched the

00:25:46   Genius Bar as if it was my battleship in like a war and I've come back to visit

00:25:50   it. I always kind of just like rub my hands across I'm like all right you're

00:25:55   gonna be nice to me right so anyways um so that was great. I will be the lead

00:26:00   genius of the Memphis region. You know what Myke? You will be my office. I will

00:26:05   come over there. The problem started when I got home with it so I get the phone

00:26:12   swapped out, I go home, it's all active, they activate everything for you in the

00:26:16   store which is really great because that used to be a big pain on Verizon. So I'm

00:26:19   going through the setup at home, I'm like yep here's my Wi-Fi, here's my thing,

00:26:23   here's my iCloud ID, I was like I'm just gonna restore from my iCloud backup. I

00:26:28   didn't have a iTunes backup that was really fresh, I was like well I'll just do

00:26:32   a restore from iCloud and it won't let me do it. And basically all it says is

00:26:37   something along the lines of a newer version of iOS is required. At this point

00:26:42   I'm sort of stuck. I don't have a good iTunes backup, my iCloud backup is sort

00:26:46   of locked away and like and I'm running iOS 8.1.3 I want the public like build of

00:26:51   iOS I'm not running the betas at this point. And so I had to set the phone up

00:26:59   as new, go into settings, update to 8.1.3 it was running something older and then

00:27:06   erase all the contents and settings so I could then restore my iCloud backup so

00:27:11   I had to do this loop of setting it up, updating it, erasing it, setting it up

00:27:15   again which was frustrating but I know what I'm doing. The problem is, and I'm

00:27:20   gonna see what you guys think about this, I think that screen should say you can't

00:27:25   install your iCloud backup, you know, you can't restore your data until you update.

00:27:31   Oh, and here's a button to update your phone at this point

00:27:33   Overall I think yeah

00:27:36   I'm really surprised to hear this because it literally doesn't make any sense to me that you would have had to have gone through what you

00:27:42   Went through that doesn't make sense. Like I don't understand. I don't understand

00:27:46   I didn't realize a that the iCloud backups were tied like to a specific iOS version

00:27:52   I figured that 8.1 is kind of all the same. That's also the case with iTunes backups, I think

00:27:58   Yeah, so it's I remember I got that message like a couple of years ago the last time when I tried to

00:28:05   You know where when jailbreak used to be a thing?

00:28:09   and I used to always like update and then downgrade and

00:28:15   one time I chose to downgrade to

00:28:18   an older version of iOS and then I try to restore a backup from like a

00:28:26   newer version of iOS and it showed me that message. I didn't know that it was

00:28:32   the case with iCloud. The thing is like 8.1 or whatever the phone came with to

00:28:37   like 8.1.3 I don't know why that would cause such a catastrophic problem. If it

00:28:43   would be like 7.0 to 8.0 or like 6.0 to 7.0 I would understand but like if it's all

00:28:48   iOS 8 like it feels like that this shouldn't be an issue. Yeah it was really

00:28:53   surprising to me and I mean overall I think because we're gonna get to in a

00:28:57   minute I've set up two phones now in like four days. The iOS setup is really

00:29:01   long like there's a bunch of screens and the interactions are a little bit

00:29:06   different sometimes you hit continue sometimes you hit next sometimes you hit

00:29:08   you know it's like I think the whole thing should be simplified but if if

00:29:12   they're going to tie and iCloud backup to a specific version of iOS like for

00:29:16   whatever reason that's fine like a normal person is not going to think

00:29:22   about doing what I did and they're going to be like well I guess all my stuff's

00:29:27   gone and then they're going to complain to iCloud to their friends because the

00:29:30   iCloud backup didn't work. Like they should allow you to update the phone

00:29:34   from the setup screen. I do not have a problem with the

00:29:39   fact that the phone out of the box from the Genius Bar was out of date.

00:29:42   That's just the way supply chains work right? That phone has been in a box for a

00:29:45   while but I shouldn't have to like go around my elbow and back to get this to

00:29:51   get my data back on it. It should be really simple. You know backups and we

00:29:56   have joked about for years doing a backup show and one day I really do want

00:29:59   to do it but one of the most important things with any backup system is ease of

00:30:03   restore and this was not easy and it not in any way something that I think a

00:30:07   normal person would be able to figure out without some real frustration. I think

00:30:12   you could figure it out but the road yeah so the road to get there it's just

00:30:16   going to be one filled with cursing as it probably even was for you.

00:30:22   I was like really? I mean I knew immediately what I needed to do but I was like are you serious?

00:30:27   Like that's ridiculous and time-consuming right? You got to like

00:30:31   update it and then you have to go and erase it again and then it was

00:30:34   really frustrating and I think that onboarding to an iPhone should be the

00:30:40   opposite of frustrating. You know once it was set up because I use iCloud you know

00:30:46   had some issues with passwords because I used one password heavily but I also

00:30:49   have iCloud keychain turned on and not everything gets stored there and then

00:30:54   like all my text messages were just two-factor authentication codes from

00:30:58   like Dropbox and Gmail and everything but overall just I wish that that would

00:31:03   be more seamless for people and not just for people like me who broke a phone but

00:31:09   you know moving from one phone to a new phone like if you just buy a new phone I

00:31:14   I think it should be better than it is now.

00:31:16   I hope Apple addresses that.

00:31:18   You know, if iOS 9 is gonna be super big air quotes,

00:31:21   snow leopard release,

00:31:22   like I would hope that this is part of that,

00:31:25   of making that onboarding easier is all I want.

00:31:29   - You know what they should do?

00:31:29   Like if you own multiple iOS devices with touch ID,

00:31:34   like if you own an iPad and you buy a new iPhone,

00:31:39   they should do like use touch ID on your iPad

00:31:43   and set up this new phone with the same settings

00:31:46   and exactly like my iPad.

00:31:48   I don't need to type anything.

00:31:51   I don't need to confirm anything.

00:31:53   Just take the settings from this device

00:31:55   because it's still my device and just don't ask me stuff

00:32:00   because I went through the same process myself

00:32:02   and the setup process for an iPhone,

00:32:05   it's so long and boring.

00:32:08   I just wish there was a different way to just say,

00:32:11   "Okay, this is me, this is my favorite settings, just don't ask me stuff and just do your setup,

00:32:18   this is my authentication and I'm done."

00:32:21   I think there is a similar thing with the latest Apple TV, that you use your phone to

00:32:27   set up the Apple TV, so at least Apple has been thinking about this problem in some ways.

00:32:33   Yeah, I mean overall that's a whole other topic.

00:32:36   I would like to see the option of like,

00:32:40   hey, I would like to sync certain things between my devices.

00:32:44   'Cause I mean, like, I'm sure Federico you've run into this.

00:32:46   I have like my, I have all my extensions or whatever,

00:32:49   the way I want them on one device.

00:32:51   And then I have to do them somewhere else,

00:32:55   go to my other device and tinker with them there.

00:32:57   I wish that it would be more cohesive between devices

00:33:00   if you wanted it to be.

00:33:02   But I don't know, we'll see.

00:33:04   I think overall in the history of iOS,

00:33:07   someone having multiple devices is,

00:33:09   you know, that's really since I guess 2010

00:33:12   when the iPad came out.

00:33:13   I mean, it's been five years,

00:33:15   but iOS I think was designed as a very like inward looking OS

00:33:20   where it's not super aware of what's going on around it

00:33:24   and they add to that over time,

00:33:25   but it's not as a good of a community player

00:33:29   as I think it could be one day.

00:33:30   But we are now nearly twice as long into a multi-device iOS than we were a single one.

00:33:37   So I feel like that, why I understand what you're saying, I feel like that's not a valid

00:33:42   reason.

00:33:46   I understand that you know a lot of the core is still the same, but it could have been

00:33:51   addressed by now.

00:33:52   I don't think, oh it wasn't designed to be that way, I don't think that, for me, anywhere

00:33:56   that holds up like it was released in 2007 initially and then yeah you know

00:34:01   2010 is when the iPad came around yeah no that's a good point anyways so that's

00:34:09   that's a thing to thing to think about I hope that they they make that better

00:34:16   check quick break talk about Apple watch bands when we get back sound good yeah

00:34:22   - Yes.

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00:36:39   Can I just say a word about SaneBox?

00:36:41   No, yes, of course you can.

00:36:43   Okay, so it really is an awesome product.

00:36:48   I used it for a couple of months last year before I switched to Outlook, but that's another

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00:38:27   I was just about to ask if it had received that accolade and it sounds like it, so I'm happy to hear that Federico.

00:38:34   Yeah, always happy to have these kinds of sponsors.

00:38:39   Excellent stuff, thank you SaneBox and thank you Federico.

00:38:42   Right, should we talk about Apple Watch?

00:38:44   So there's been lots going on this week and Chairman Gruber is kind of like at the fore of predicting pricing and stuff like that.

00:38:54   I mean, it's insane to try and, I think, wrap our heads around what the prices could be

00:39:02   of some of these things right now, because there's so many variables.

00:39:07   Even if you exclude the fact that the edition is probably going to cost like a gajillion

00:39:12   dollars, even just the regular Apple Watch, when you think about what the bands could

00:39:18   be and how the pricing could add up, there's so much that we don't know right now.

00:39:23   A lot of the discussion this week has been focused around the bands, as it seems like

00:39:27   at least some of my perceptions, mine especially, is slightly different to what I expected.

00:39:35   Steven, can you kind of frame this a bit for me?

00:39:38   Yeah, so we know the base model, which people believe to be the sport, is going to start

00:39:44   at $349, but that's all Apple has said.

00:39:48   All they have said is the Apple Watch is going to start at $349.

00:39:52   And so Gruber's been writing about the edition, which will be the gold one, and saying 10

00:40:00   grand, which is a lot of money.

00:40:03   There's obviously precedent in the sort of world of watches for something to be that

00:40:09   expensive.

00:40:10   But that I think is less interesting than the discussion of the bands.

00:40:16   So there's a lot of confusion if you look at Apple's site

00:40:20   about what bands are available with what models.

00:40:24   And so there's a link in the show notes as well

00:40:26   to this chart of what kind of we know.

00:40:30   And it's not as flexible as I thought it would be.

00:40:33   And when you pair that with Gruber's other point of,

00:40:36   you know, these bands could be really expensive.

00:40:38   Like maybe the gold watch is, you know, $7,000 for instance,

00:40:43   but then if you add this band, it's suddenly $8,500.

00:40:47   I mean, these bands could be really expensive.

00:40:49   And again, that makes sense in the high-end watch market,

00:40:54   but the whole thing seems like it's gonna be

00:40:57   really complicated to understand

00:40:59   unless Apple just like puts a chart up on his website

00:41:02   and says, "If you buy the sport, you can buy these bands."

00:41:04   The idea that they're completely interchangeable

00:41:07   seems to be going by the wayside a little bit.

00:41:09   It's unclear if you're gonna be able to go out

00:41:11   to buy the Milanese loop, for instance, for your sport.

00:41:16   You might not be able to buy that as a standalone thing.

00:41:18   You might have to buy it with a watch.

00:41:20   It's all very confusing.

00:41:22   That's really what I've walked away with.

00:41:23   This is all very confusing at this point, and Apple's going to need to really make it

00:41:26   clear, I think, of what you can actually buy when you step in the store.

00:41:32   I think that one of the things that I'm thinking about when looking at a lot of this stuff

00:41:38   whether Apple think this way or not but it's made this this process I think is

00:41:46   making it more and more difficult to try and buy one of these online like because

00:41:51   I feel like you're gonna have to go in and kind of see it you know like the

00:41:55   more I'm thinking about this and more I'm thinking about the straps is like if

00:42:00   for example the strap that I want is actually $400 more than the one that it

00:42:04   comes with then maybe I have to go and see it for myself to work out if it's

00:42:08   worth it you know does that make sense like if I wanted the link bracelet but

00:42:16   you know what it comes with is a white sport band but the link bracelets

00:42:19   another four or five hundred bucks on top of the price then maybe I have to go

00:42:24   and look at that to really kind of get a feel as to if I'm gonna actually spend

00:42:28   that money or not if it's worth the extra money right I mean yeah for sure I

00:42:32   I think I think more than any other Apple product and we're gonna get to what we are currently eyeing to purchase

00:42:39   But I think more than any other Apple product

00:42:40   This is gonna be when you have to see in stores before you can make a decision about some of these things

00:42:45   Which is which is nuts

00:42:47   I mean being in the Apple store the other night like looking around talking to one of the store managers who was there when I was

00:42:52   There I was like, this is gonna be weird in April. He's like, yep, it is

00:42:57   It's gonna be really a very different mindset than what they have now

00:43:01   So we'll see how it goes. I mean it's it's it's a new chapter. I think it's a really exciting one, but

00:43:07   We have to kind of stop

00:43:10   I think I think what we have to do and what I have to do at least is stop thinking about this is like a

00:43:13   Tech product of like this is a MacBook Pro. These are my options like

00:43:16   When you purchase something like a watch it is not that cut and dry

00:43:20   You know it's not like well

00:43:22   I can get the discrete video card with the 15-inch if I go to the you know the high end

00:43:26   But the low end doesn't like that's if that's complicated the watch is gonna be even more so

00:43:31   but it kind of has to be right because it's so personal I mean I don't see a

00:43:36   way around it really no I think anything that you're gonna put on your body you

00:43:42   you have to be able to make considerations for that and it's

00:43:45   something that we've not really seen from many other wearable devices is like

00:43:50   the consideration of fashion I know this is something that me and Federico argued

00:43:54   for a long time yeah I don't want to know but I agree I know please let's get

00:44:01   back into that. No no no no I agree now looking at it like this considerate the

00:44:06   consideration of looking good and the consideration of fashion are two very

00:44:09   different things and where whether Motorola and like Ythings and people

00:44:17   like that have considered that they want their devices to look good

00:44:21   it doesn't mean they're fashionable but Apple is going for fashionable and

00:44:26   and they're doing that with extreme customization.

00:44:28   Would you agree with that statement, Federico?

00:44:32   -Yeah. -Good.

00:44:34   So yeah, I think we're on the same page now.

00:44:36   I would say that...

00:44:39   a lot of people that I follow and that I read,

00:44:44   they're going crazy with this speculation about the price

00:44:48   and the band compatibility.

00:44:51   And I think that's a bit...

00:44:53   I wouldn't say wrong, but...

00:44:55   I think it's not the right approach. I think it is a bit silly to think about these customizations in like text packs, because fashion is not a text pack.

00:45:10   If you're not going to be able to use the link bracelet on the sport, so what?

00:45:15   I mean, you don't go into a clothing store and you ask "Why doesn't this shirt come in a long-sleeve model?"

00:45:25   Because whatever, because the designer chose to do it this way, you know?

00:45:29   And I think, I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I find this constant speculation about the price a bit boring.

00:45:37   It is going to be a gold watch, it is going to cost money, so I mean, let's...

00:45:42   Can we just wait?

00:45:44   I mean, I kind of get it because it's, you know, it's good to talk about an upcoming Apple product.

00:45:51   But I kind of want to wait and focus more on what you will do rather than spend hours.

00:45:57   I mean, there's people making charts.

00:45:59   Yeah, well, I know, but Apple's created a vacuum because they haven't said anything.

00:46:03   Like, there's really even questions around the software still.

00:46:08   And so in that vacuum, like, people are just gonna, people are gonna find topics.

00:46:13   Did you see people comparing the price of gold to other things?

00:46:19   Yeah, then I just sort of jumped out the window.

00:46:21   Yeah, I mean seriously, this is like before the iPad mini came out,

00:46:26   people were doing all sorts of crazy calculations about the weight and the price and the screen size,

00:46:33   and it was so boring after a while, because just wait and don't spend all your time doing this.

00:46:39   But that's good fun for page views.

00:46:41   Yeah, that's my point. Thank you.

00:46:44   Let's try and brighten it up a little bit.

00:46:48   Federico, have you taken a look at the configurations?

00:46:54   Do you have an idea in mind as to what you might be interested in?

00:47:00   I want the SteelWatch.

00:47:02   No, the SteelOne's the shiny one, right?

00:47:05   Yeah.

00:47:06   Because I get confused in my mind as to which one's the shiny one and which is not.

00:47:10   So the steel one is the shiny one, so that's the standard, the Apple Watch.

00:47:14   I want the Apple Watch 42 because I'm a big guy.

00:47:19   And the link bracelet.

00:47:23   And that's it.

00:47:24   You want to go silver or...

00:47:28   They call it black but it looks grey.

00:47:31   The black looks more grey than the grey is black. Anyway.

00:47:36   What are you thinking there?

00:47:38   What's the name of the one that looks like steel?

00:47:41   I think that's just...

00:47:44   Steel?

00:47:44   It hasn't got a name, but the black one is called ceramic black.

00:47:49   No, it's not ceramic black, it's ceramic back.

00:47:52   It's called space black.

00:47:57   Yeah.

00:47:58   So what about you, Myke? What are you looking at?

00:48:01   So I'm definitely gonna go 42 because bigger is better, naturally. And I'm undecided on color.

00:48:11   I do want the steel version myself. I'm undecided whether to go black or not. I need to see that

00:48:18   in person. Yeah I'm afraid it's gonna be like in their renderings it looks really shiny. Yeah so

00:48:24   that that's why I would maybe go with the black one because I don't want it to be shiny but I

00:48:29   interested. The reason I don't want the sport is because if the bands are

00:48:34   locked in the way that they're saying, like they're

00:48:39   locked into certain devices, I don't want a sport band. That's my reason. I don't

00:48:44   want the sport band. I like the look of the other bands and I have got my

00:48:50   eye on either the Millenii's Loop or the Link, but my concern is that they are

00:48:55   gonna be the two most expensive, more than the terrible leather, but I want one of those

00:49:01   two. I am trying to think about this in more of what Federico was saying about it not being

00:49:12   a tech product. I'm trying to think of it that way and really consider to myself, okay,

00:49:18   if you do this, you're gonna be like, this is an investment you're gonna make here. So

00:49:24   need to think about this. It's up to me how I end up deciding to do it, of course, but

00:49:30   do I want to think of this as a tech product or do I want to think of this as if I was

00:49:34   buying a watch? And I'm trying to think of it that way in, yeah, maybe I spend a thousand

00:49:41   pounds on this. Maybe that's what ends up happening because it's the one that I want

00:49:45   to get. Do you know what I mean? I don't know where I'm sitting with that yet, and I think

00:49:52   that that will inform the final pricing decision that I make.

00:49:56   - I think that's a conversation that affects the whole thing.

00:49:59   If you're gonna spend a significant amount of money,

00:50:02   I mean, you're talking about a lot more

00:50:03   than an iPhone potentially,

00:50:05   if you view it as a piece of technology,

00:50:07   you're gonna be tempted to upgrade it

00:50:09   when the second gen comes out.

00:50:10   But if you view it as more of a fashion,

00:50:12   more of as an accessory,

00:50:13   maybe you're less likely to do that.

00:50:16   So I think that's the flip side of all that conversation.

00:50:19   Serenity had a nice piece at EyeMore

00:50:20   about the gold one specifically, I think yesterday or today.

00:50:24   - 'Cause I was super fine with like the,

00:50:29   my pebble steel being cheap, right?

00:50:32   And like the fact that with the pebble steel,

00:50:36   I just got it as it looked because I was treating it

00:50:38   like a piece of technology.

00:50:40   So like if I was to apply the same thinking to that,

00:50:43   then I would just get the sport.

00:50:45   - Right.

00:50:46   - But it's not necessarily what I'm thinking of.

00:50:50   - Yeah, so I'm looking at the Sport,

00:50:53   and we are still assuming that the Sport is the cheap one.

00:50:56   I mean, they haven't actually said that, I don't think.

00:50:59   'Cause on the site, it's in the middle

00:51:02   of the Apple Watch and the Sport,

00:51:03   but the materials seem cheaper.

00:51:05   I like the, I like the space gray a lot on the Sport one,

00:51:10   and I like the sport band in black.

00:51:12   So I'm thinking space gray, sport with the black band.

00:51:16   I don't know what size.

00:51:18   My two current watches I have are 38 millimeter.

00:51:21   My wrist aren't enormous, but it might be nicer

00:51:24   to have the additional screen space.

00:51:25   So that's the one thing I wanna see them in sizes

00:51:28   before I purchase, but I'm thinking currently at least,

00:51:32   Space Gray Sport with the black sport band.

00:51:35   I like the dark look.

00:51:36   I don't want something real flashy or shiny,

00:51:38   but it's just kinda my personal taste.

00:51:41   - I love that all of us nerds are considering

00:51:44   our fashion options now, it's so fantastic.

00:51:47   It's true, but what can you do?

00:51:50   And it's because it's a new chapter.

00:51:55   So you kind of have to ask those questions now,

00:51:57   I think, with a product like this.

00:51:59   And it's funny, you know, we've spent a lot of time

00:52:02   in the past talking about the iPhone and the iPod.

00:52:05   And the iPod, especially for a long time,

00:52:09   you could pick a color of your Mini or Nano or something

00:52:11   to sort of match your personality.

00:52:13   And the iPhone 5C had the same thing.

00:52:15   But this is so much more than that,

00:52:17   because like you said, Myke, you wear it.

00:52:19   Like the two watches I own that I wear,

00:52:21   I sort of alternate.

00:52:24   I picked out because of the way they look

00:52:27   and one of them because of what it says,

00:52:29   because it's a calculator watch and I can do math on it.

00:52:31   And I like having a little symbol of nerdom.

00:52:35   And so this definitely is well beyond like,

00:52:39   what color iPod mini do I want?

00:52:41   So it's interesting and I think it'll be fun to see

00:52:45   the different combinations that are available

00:52:47   and what people do with it.

00:52:48   And we'll see, we'll see how it goes.

00:52:52   So there was some other smartwatch news though.

00:52:56   And Myke, I have not caught up on this.

00:52:58   So do you wanna kinda walk us through this maybe?

00:53:00   - Yeah, so Pebble have been teasing

00:53:04   that they were gonna be having an announcement today

00:53:07   of a new product.

00:53:08   And we're recording on the 24th of February, 2015.

00:53:13   and 9to5 Mac had kind of gotten it a little bit early and basically let the cat out of the bag for them.

00:53:19   But I think what was maybe not necessarily expected is that Pebble's next watch would be a Kickstarter project

00:53:27   which is the way that they decided to launch.

00:53:28   Pebble very famously launched their first watch on Kickstarter.

00:53:35   It was an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign in the first instance.

00:53:38   They made $10.2 million for the first one, which was just incredible.

00:53:46   They were like 10,000% funded.

00:53:49   And that was back in May of 2012.

00:53:53   And then today they came out and they had a goal of half a million dollars for the Pebble

00:53:56   Time, which is the first, at least that I've seen, colour e-ink screen.

00:54:02   And it's a watch.

00:54:03   and they're claiming seven days battery life, thinner, more ergonomic design

00:54:08   claimed by Purple. I say that because I personally don't like the way that this

00:54:13   one looks very much, but to each their own and they've got you know standard

00:54:17   watch bands and stuff like that. It comes with a new UI and operating

00:54:23   system upgrade called the timeline as well where they're rethinking

00:54:27   the way that the information is presented to you. So you see like the

00:54:32   The watch face that you have is the present, and you press the down button to see things

00:54:36   that are in your future, like your appointments for the day and stuff that apps can show you,

00:54:40   and then you can go backwards and see your past, so see your notifications and stuff.

00:54:43   It's quite an interesting way to think about the UI, and I think of everything that I saw

00:54:48   from this, the user interface, I think looks quite nice.

00:54:52   There's some really interesting animations which look very impressive for an E-ink display.

00:54:59   I think overall the product looks really nice and they were doing early birds, they had

00:55:06   10,000 early birds that sold out now for $160 and I considered it because it looked fun

00:55:13   but then I was like "eh, by the time it gets here, which is May, you're gonna have a new

00:55:17   one so it's like, you're gonna get the Apple Watch" so that was the reason I didn't go

00:55:22   ahead and buy it.

00:55:23   But that didn't really seem to matter because they raised their goal within a steely amount

00:55:31   of time.

00:55:32   And I think they made a million within half an hour.

00:55:34   They made a million dollars.

00:55:35   Which is insane.

00:55:37   Which is, it's the fastest project to ever get to that point.

00:55:43   Now I'm gonna tell you what the number is.

00:55:45   I think now at this very moment,

00:55:47   they've raised $6,450,709.

00:55:52   They've got 31 days to go,

00:55:56   they have just under 31,000 backers.

00:55:59   And I say that because it is changing right now.

00:56:02   They're now already at 6,452,007.

00:56:06   Like it's insane.

00:56:08   I have never seen a Kickstarter project like this one.

00:56:12   And I'm really happy for them.

00:56:13   super thrilled for them. So what's interesting, I mean that's really

00:56:17   interesting to me, but the device is interesting too because they are tapping

00:56:21   into, they're not running Android Wear, but they're doing some Android Wear like

00:56:26   things, correct? Yeah but this has been the case, this is currently the case with

00:56:31   the Purple as well. Okay so is that not new with this? What, they are

00:56:36   they are going further in that they have a microphone now built into this, so the

00:56:42   the new version has a microphone in so you can do some text entry

00:56:45   which you've not been able to do before. But part of Android Wear, part of the

00:56:51   API's are for actionable notifications and the current Pebble has been able to

00:56:56   do this for a while. But they're taking it a little bit further and basically

00:57:02   that once you go into it you take a look into some of the stuff that

00:57:08   that they're talking about the things that it can do.

00:57:11   This is very, very clearly becoming

00:57:13   an Android focused device.

00:57:15   It supports iOS, but so much of the new stuff

00:57:18   that they have, like the voice to text APIs

00:57:21   and things like that, currently there is no way

00:57:24   that they can do this on iOS.

00:57:26   - Which I mean, they're kind of caught in between

00:57:30   two platforms that have first party smartwatch stuff now.

00:57:35   and it makes sense I think to gravitate towards Android

00:57:40   because I think the Apple Watch is gonna be,

00:57:43   is obviously gonna have hooks to iOS

00:57:46   that the Pebble just won't,

00:57:47   you know they're not gonna open that up,

00:57:48   but on Android they have a little bit more

00:57:50   and I think that Android Wear is maybe an easier target

00:57:54   in some ways for something like this than the Apple Watch.

00:57:58   But I think it's interesting you know,

00:58:01   we've talked about the Pebble at length,

00:58:02   Myke you still own one.

00:58:04   their timing for this makes a ton of sense.

00:58:08   You gotta get out before the Apple Watch,

00:58:09   and I think moving closer to Android in their feature set

00:58:14   is something they've gotta do,

00:58:15   and I think it makes a ton of business sense for them

00:58:17   to create a little market for them.

00:58:22   - I think where they set themselves now,

00:58:24   which is very smart,

00:58:25   is arguably the best smartwatch for Android.

00:58:31   And I think that is a very clever place for them to put themselves.

00:58:35   Can I just be that guy for this topic?

00:58:38   Okay, so I think it kind of makes sense as a short term plan

00:58:45   to pre-sell effectively a lot of these watches.

00:58:49   I don't see Pebble as having a future.

00:58:54   I don't either.

00:58:55   Long term.

00:58:56   No, I don't.

00:58:57   I think they will be squeezed by both sides, by Apple, with the Apple Watch and iOS, and

00:59:04   on Android eventually when Motorola and Samsung will get better and cheaper at making useful

00:59:11   and good looking watches, and eventually by Google, if they're going to make their own

00:59:17   Google Watch, which you can only assume they're thinking about.

00:59:23   I mean, I kind of understand why they're using Kickstarter as a marketing platform, more

00:59:31   than a crowdfunding solution, because they don't really need funds, considering how the

00:59:38   beginning of the video is the Pebble CEO celebrating how many Pebbles they've sold.

00:59:45   And unlike the first Pebble, this time this model is basically done, and they're just

00:59:51   taking pre-orders, basically.

00:59:54   I think it makes sense right now.

00:59:55   You just want to get them out of the door

00:59:57   before the Apple Watch, if it's really before the Apple Watch.

01:00:00   Because this is coming in May, and the Apple Watch

01:00:04   is coming in April.

01:00:05   Yeah, but they got the news out.

01:00:06   I think that's maybe more of it.

01:00:07   They got the news out.

01:00:09   And I don't think it looks good, personally.

01:00:11   It looks kind of chunky and toyish.

01:00:16   Some people like it.

01:00:17   I think it'll be like--

01:00:19   And I mean, I perfectly understand why it is nice to root for the indie guys going after, you know, the big guys.

01:00:31   I totally understand that.

01:00:33   But the sad reality, I think, is that on Android and iOS, smartwatches and wearable devices in general, made by the platform owner,

01:00:44   will always be and will eventually have better integration, better native APIs than whatever is exposed over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to these kinds of devices.

01:00:58   So it's kind of sad when you think about it. There could probably be a market for Pebble as the most popular, cheap Android smartwatch.

01:01:11   I think about it like those cheap tablets I see at the mall by companies like MediaCom.

01:01:19   I'm not even sure what they do. I just see these Android tablets running Android 4 point something,

01:01:26   and they cost 99 euros. And some people buy them just because they're tablets, and I guess eventually

01:01:34   some people will buy Pebble just because it's a smartwatch. I don't want to sound too negative,

01:01:39   but I just don't think they have a future realistically.

01:01:43   So I do agree with what you're saying. I think that where this is another very successful thing

01:01:51   for them and from a business perspective they've made a very very smart few moves here.

01:01:55   In getting this out to where it is now. It's good money, it is good money.

01:02:00   They're making great money. And the interesting thing is they've actually limited this Kickstarter

01:02:05   that they can't actually make an awful lot more unless they bring more pledge levels in.

01:02:10   They capped it. Well, they can make a lot more, but it won't be like, at their current rate,

01:02:17   they can't make like $60 million or whatever. They can't do that. I think that maybe we,

01:02:26   the three of us, don't understand enough about Android Wear. I know I don't. I believe that

01:02:34   that they're able to really kind of be comparable,

01:02:39   like from a software perspective,

01:02:43   because they're able to hook into the APIs.

01:02:46   - Maybe right now.

01:02:48   - The one thing that they can't use is the apps.

01:02:51   So the apps that are on Android where they can't use.

01:02:54   You have to develop a Pebble app,

01:02:55   and that might be where it starts to fall apart for them.

01:02:57   So they can hook into a lot of the notification APIs,

01:03:03   but then if apps become a thing for Android Wear,

01:03:05   that's where Pebble gets squeezed.

01:03:07   So I'm interested to see what happens to them.

01:03:11   I think that they have a future,

01:03:13   but I think it's a short future, if I'm being honest,

01:03:16   unless they do what they really probably should do,

01:03:21   is create a Pebble device which is full Android Wear,

01:03:26   and they go that way,

01:03:27   because that's probably gonna have to be the next step

01:03:29   if they wanna have a future.

01:03:31   I don't know if the Pebble platform is going to be a credible third platform.

01:03:38   Or maybe just make more niche professional devices like, I don't know, a smartwatch for

01:03:45   people who run or for people who ride bicycles.

01:03:49   You know, that sort of small angle.

01:03:52   I don't know.

01:03:53   Indeed.

01:03:54   All right, we do have one more thing that we want to talk about today, but let me take

01:03:58   our third and final break to thank our friends over at Harry's. For many of us, shaving can

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01:06:59   Shave Better Today with Harries. Thank you so much to Harries for their support of this show.

01:07:03   So you two have finally seen the light. Everyone has finally accepted. 2015 is the year of Myke.

01:07:14   And you've both decided you're going to get six pluses.

01:07:17   Well, not exactly.

01:07:20   Well, you both have them. That's all I have to know.

01:07:23   That's true.

01:07:25   I have one right now, I have it for a month and so this is week two.

01:07:30   Should I share my thoughts with you guys or I don't know just say for 10 minutes that Myke was right?

01:07:41   What do you want me to say? No, I want you to go into a lot of detail about how right I am.

01:07:48   Yeah, so 10 days ago, more or less, I got this iPhone 6 Plus, white, top capacity, so that's 128GB.

01:08:03   I was really, as listeners of the show may remember, I was really skeptical of the size

01:08:13   and the comfort in general of using the 6 Plus, because all my interactions were based on two things.

01:08:21   One was my preconception of a big phone, and second was my brief demos at my local Apple store.

01:08:31   And so it's really big, it's huge, it's just a giant screen and you gotta use it as a phone,

01:08:41   and the first 24 hours are weird because it's huge.

01:08:45   And after the first day it's still huge but it at least my experience it kind of starts making sense.

01:08:54   What I noticed immediately was the battery was amazing.

01:09:00   Like when Myke was saying I need this phone because the battery is better

01:09:06   and I need to go all day with my iPhone.

01:09:10   I was kind of, "Yeah, I can get all day with my iPhone too if I just sneak in a couple of charges during the afternoon."

01:09:18   But after using this, I appreciate the fact that I can really use this phone without even charging it once,

01:09:27   and without having to worry about packing an extra charger, a portable one, with me.

01:09:34   because it doesn't need it because I get to 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. and I still have

01:09:39   25 or 30 percent left

01:09:42   Which is amazing. It's incredible. I don't get that kind of battery life with the iPhone 6

01:09:47   Also what I what I noticed and I kind of initially I felt kind of gross

01:09:54   Maybe and then I felt kind of good after after a while

01:09:58   Finish this sentence. No

01:10:02   I need to.

01:10:04   Is that I'm using my phone in landscape mode for the first time in six years.

01:10:11   The keyboard is so bad.

01:10:12   No, no, no, hear me out.

01:10:14   So what I really, I was like, oh my God, what am I doing here?

01:10:19   The home screen in landscape mode, it kind of, when you, when you try it for the first

01:10:25   time, it's like, what?

01:10:27   Then, I was trying to navigate my apps, to switch between apps back and forth, to open

01:10:34   folders, which by the way, folders on the 6 Plus have this crazy paginated layout that

01:10:41   lets you swipe over multiple pages.

01:10:43   It's crazy useful.

01:10:45   So as I was using this, my girlfriend looked at the 6 Plus and she was like "This is like

01:10:51   a game controller, but it's an iPhone."

01:10:54   And that comment alone, it kind of made it click for me because I told Myke I think in

01:11:01   the after show of virtual last week, this is like a PS Vita, but it's an iPhone because

01:11:08   I hold this phone as I would hold a game controller or a portable game console and instead I get

01:11:15   the iPhone experience and I get iOS apps.

01:11:18   And it's kinda cool, because it's not an iPad, it's not a typical iPhone, it's kinda this

01:11:26   weird and kinda intriguing in between.

01:11:32   And so I type in editorial with this new keyboard, and it's got shortcuts for copy and paste,

01:11:40   which I find super useful.

01:11:42   And I can select text holding down Shift and using the special arrow keys on the 6+ keyboard,

01:11:50   which I find super useful when I'm typing a blog post on the 6+.

01:11:55   And also what I really like is that some apps like Todoist, of course Apple apps, and I

01:12:04   think also, what is it, I'm looking at my home screen right now.

01:12:10   Fantastical

01:12:11   they have this special layout for the 6 Plus,

01:12:14   and when I switch to landscape, I see a sidebar.

01:12:18   And in To-Do, it is really handy for me

01:12:21   because I can switch between task lists on the left

01:12:25   and see my actual tasks on the right.

01:12:28   So a lot of people ask me on Twitter

01:12:31   while I was testing this 6 Plus,

01:12:34   are you going to switch from the iPad only to the iPhone?

01:12:38   So that's a bit crazy.

01:12:41   I think my iPhone for me it's always going to be a companion device because

01:12:48   the iPad Air 2 is really much much bigger than the 6 Plus of course so I

01:12:53   really need the you know the big screen of the iPad but the 6 Plus I think you I

01:13:01   need to say I was wrong so Myke was at least from my point of view was right

01:13:07   when he told me you're going to like the battery life you're going to like the

01:13:10   bigger screen, trust me, makes sense. And I think it is the kind of device, especially

01:13:14   if you were used to smaller iPhones, and if you never really tried bigger phones with

01:13:21   this kind of thinness and lightness, because I think it is important to consider that,

01:13:27   unlike old Android devices, you know, when I used to make fun of big Android phones,

01:13:32   they didn't have this kind of thinness or lightness. So once you try this, this is the

01:13:37   kind of device that you need to experience for at least a couple of days to really get

01:13:41   it.

01:13:43   So I have to say the mic was right and for me it is this kind of companion device that's

01:13:50   still in between but when I need a phone, that's how I'm trying to think about it,

01:13:56   when I need a phone I think this phone would be better for me.

01:14:01   I don't always need a phone because I get a lot of stuff done on the iPad but I can

01:14:05   see why, because I have big hands, because I don't mind this phone in my pocket, I can

01:14:13   see why this can be a better device.

01:14:15   I see more... when you hear people saying "you see more content" on the screen, and

01:14:20   it doesn't really mean anything because "content" is really a buzzword.

01:14:24   I see more tweets, I see more emails, I read more without having to swipe to scroll, so

01:14:31   it has a real practical consequence.

01:14:35   So this is only week 2, I have about until March 20 to try this and I think I wouldn't

01:14:44   say falling in love because I only say that about people.

01:14:50   And iPads.

01:14:51   And iPads.

01:14:52   And the people who make iPads.

01:14:57   But I see myself liking this device more and more, and I like the catharsis of saying that

01:15:08   I was wrong, which I think is good to admit your own...

01:15:13   Not as much as me hearing you say.

01:15:15   Yes, I can imagine.

01:15:16   I can imagine.

01:15:17   I can send you a recording of me looping Michael's right over and over.

01:15:22   I'm gonna make it, so it's fine.

01:15:25   So I can see myself liking this phone and wanting to exchange my iPhone 6 for 6 Plus.

01:15:31   I don't know if I can do that, I don't know if I'll have, you know, drive to the Apple

01:15:37   store and see if it can be done, but I can see myself having this kind of desire.

01:15:43   I would be really, I really wish that you hadn't switched to the iPad Air 2, because

01:15:48   I would love to know how you felt about this, using a Mini,

01:15:54   because I genuinely feel that you would have just said,

01:15:59   "No, I don't need an iPad anymore."

01:16:01   No, I don't think so.

01:16:03   I don't know, man.

01:16:05   The difference is too much.

01:16:07   I don't know.

01:16:09   Sometimes I try to prepare entire articles on the 6 Plus,

01:16:13   and I just need the bigger screen

01:16:15   because my eyes are just too much fatigue.

01:16:17   I mean like iPad mini bigger or iPad Air 2 bigger?

01:16:21   I'm super happy with the Air.

01:16:23   No no no but that's what I mean like I wish that you wouldn't have switched yet to the iPad Air 2

01:16:27   so I would know how you felt if you were an iPad mini user still

01:16:32   like how you would have felt about the 6 Plus is just the only device for you, yeah?

01:16:37   No I don't think that can because I mean I think it's still small you know

01:16:43   I mean it's much bigger but it's still a small device and I

01:16:46   I feel more comfortable with the iPad.

01:16:49   - It is though really close to the,

01:16:51   'cause I've got the iPad mini and the six plus,

01:16:54   it's closer than I thought it would be.

01:16:56   And it's actually funny,

01:16:57   my wife has an 11 inch MacBook Air

01:16:59   and I was doing something on it last night

01:17:03   and I held the six plus like up to the 11 inch air screen.

01:17:07   I was like, oh, it's kind of as tall as that screen is.

01:17:10   I mean, so I've only been using it for about a day,

01:17:15   which is not a lot of time, I am using it full time,

01:17:19   it is one that will go back from once it came

01:17:22   in a couple days.

01:17:25   But it is not as weird as I thought it would be.

01:17:30   My biggest problem is it's just big,

01:17:34   like in my pockets or like in my car,

01:17:35   like it's just, it's a big device.

01:17:38   But there are a lot of benefits to that

01:17:39   and I can totally see why someone would be attracted to that

01:17:44   that sort of device, especially if you don't have a tablet.

01:17:49   Like the idea that you can have one device

01:17:55   and is definitely doable with something like this.

01:17:59   I will say that I, and Federico,

01:18:03   I wanna see what you thought about it.

01:18:04   I had to adjust kind of my phone habits

01:18:07   when I went to the 6, but like the 6 Plus for me at least

01:18:10   is definitely a two-handed device.

01:18:11   like I cannot do it single-handedly and I've got you know regular-sized human

01:18:16   hands and that's really been interesting to me. I have found myself like leaving

01:18:22   work today to come here to record. Usually if I get on the elevator you

01:18:25   know I put my phone out and look at something but I had something in my

01:18:28   hands already like under one arm and I knew that I couldn't use the 6 Plus

01:18:33   one-handed very well so my phone just stayed in my pocket which is probably

01:18:36   good ultimately but it's just the size like does impact your usage of it a

01:18:41   little bit which I did not really expect all that much but it is substantially I

01:18:46   mean on paper doesn't seem like it's that much bigger but it definitely is in

01:18:49   practice. Once you like adjust because like I if you I look forward to

01:18:58   you seeing me use it because there are there are some hand movements and stuff

01:19:05   that I make which are crazy like I sometimes will like be holding it in one

01:19:11   hand and kind of like rock it onto my thumb to like to press oh my god yes yes

01:19:17   I was doing that with the six already okay then small hands. It really does have small hands I think.

01:19:26   Old man with small hands.

01:19:28   [Laughter]

01:19:30   No, just...

01:19:32   Are you still there?

01:19:34   [Laughter]

01:19:36   I know that I do some crazy kind of things with the device

01:19:41   that you kind of will get eventually

01:19:44   you kind of just work these ways of using it.

01:19:47   But it is kind of crazy and I do drop this way more than I've dropped any iPhone

01:19:52   because of these stupid things that I do.

01:19:55   and I'm talking catastrophic ones, on multiple occasions, I've dropped it and then hit the

01:20:02   corner and it's spun in the air.

01:20:06   Never a bit of damage though, because I keep it in a case like a gentleman.

01:20:10   Yeah, I'm nervous about that with this, that I don't smash it in the time that I have it.

01:20:14   I'm super nervous with mine.

01:20:16   I'm just being super careful around the 6+ because I cannot drop it.

01:20:22   You gotta get a case, Teach, you just gotta get one.

01:20:24   No, because I gotta... it's temporary.

01:20:28   Yeah, but can't you...

01:20:30   I don't want to buy a case.

01:20:31   You could return it.

01:20:32   Yeah, I don't do this sort of stuff.

01:20:35   I feel bad going back and say, "Hey, I want to return this."

01:20:37   I feel like a jerk, you know?

01:20:38   I don't do that.

01:20:41   I don't want to waste anyone's time.

01:20:42   Yeah, so that's fair.

01:20:46   So, I mean, overall, I don't know if I'm ready to say,

01:20:50   I wish I had done this over the six,

01:20:52   or I'm not ready to say that I would next time around go to the bigger phone,

01:20:57   but I will say that my dismissal of it early on was a little...

01:21:02   Hasty.

01:21:06   A little hasty.

01:21:07   A little hasty.

01:21:08   Yeah, yeah. A little conservative, maybe even.

01:21:12   Perhaps.

01:21:13   All phones have been smaller and this one is bigger and oh my god, it's a copy of Android.

01:21:19   I mean, I made that kind of argument and trying this device in actual everyday life, it's different.

01:21:28   And I want to see, I think I will eventually, because when I get this sort of feeling that

01:21:36   this is the device for me, it's like when I held the iPad R2, I was like, yep, that's it.

01:21:43   And this is the one that I want. And I'm getting the same feeling with the 6 Plus. And I know I

01:21:49   will eventually replace my iPhone 6.

01:21:52   Wow.

01:21:53   If I did go to a bigger phone, I would go back probably to the iPad Air just to have

01:21:59   more of a difference.

01:22:00   You know, I like the iPad Mini, but the reasons I like it, the 6 Plus kind of fall into.

01:22:07   And it would be nice to have something faster as an iPad than the Mini 2.

01:22:12   There is one thing that I want to bring up that I don't like, and it's about iOS and

01:22:16   the fact that apps seem to refresh from memory a lot, at least way more often than the iPhone

01:22:25   6.

01:22:26   I can't compare it, but I do know that that is something that I see.

01:22:31   I've noticed it too, and I think the 6 and the 6 Plus are basically the same except for

01:22:35   the screen, and I wonder that if the increased pixel density is putting a stress on the internals

01:22:42   that the the 6 doesn't feel as badly and you gotta remember too Federico like

01:22:47   you're also an iPad Air 2 which is way better than these other devices at that

01:22:51   so yeah you're kind of seeing like the worst-case combination of like you went

01:22:55   from a 6 or 6 plus and you have an Air 2 I've got you know that iPad mini 2 and

01:23:00   the iPhone 6 and 6 plus both feel faster than the mini 2 and I guess the mini 3

01:23:06   since they're the same so it's I can definitely see that I think the Air 2

01:23:11   hopefully is the first of what will come to all the Apple devices like these things need more memory because

01:23:16   Safari just just kind of just disappear sometimes and that's that's no fun

01:23:21   It's also awesome that on the 6 plus you get the iPad

01:23:25   Safari layout in landscape you get actual tabs and you get a special

01:23:32   Didn't you know that? I haven't used it much in landscape. Oh, man. It's awesome. Go to landscape open Safari open multiple tabs

01:23:40   Steven you can't have this device and not use it in landscape like it might not be what you

01:23:46   think you want, but you've got to try it because

01:23:48   seriously, you don't have an experience like this on any other iOS device because there are so many apps that look

01:23:56   completely different in some like for example in fantastic al you can get like

01:24:02   Like an agenda view on the left and like a full day view on the week view on the right like you

01:24:08   I'm gonna give it a shot. I mean, I'm a person who leaves their iPhones. My iPhone 6 is always locked in portrait orientation

01:24:14   But I will give this a shot. Break out of it. Break out. I'm gonna give it a shot. I got some more time with this.

01:24:18   There's new things in there. So we're gonna keep using these. Federico,

01:24:21   are you using it as your carry phone? Like you your stuff is on it? Yes. Yeah, me too.

01:24:26   I feel ridiculous on a phone call.

01:24:28   I used iTunes like an old man to restore my backup. I used a cable and a Mac.

01:24:36   This week you used USB and I complained about iCloud. We have apparently entered some bizarro connected. Yes

01:24:43   So I'm sure we will follow up on this on this next week's you and I both have some more time with these devices

01:24:49   So yeah, I got two I got three more so plenty of follow-up

01:24:54   I am also using my six plus as my carry phone

01:24:57   Right now. It's camera. We don't care about your opinion

01:25:02   I've had all the opinions. I'm allowed now. It's right. We we have said you were right plenty of times now

01:25:08   We know with the yes. Yeah. Thank you. All right

01:25:12   Excellent. Well, I feel great. This is the best episode of the show probably don't need to know like no no Myke

01:25:19   You know that there's going to be a very special one soon. Oh

01:25:23   Yes, we still have not heard from this secret from federal. Do you remember this Steven?

01:25:29   mentioned a secret a couple of weeks ago I thought that was off-air maybe I don't

01:25:36   remember I do remember it I didn't want to bring it up I don't know if it was

01:25:39   private well they're private surprise there is continuing to be teasing of this

01:25:44   secret and don't forget my middle name oh yes that's the real reason to tune in

01:25:51   yeah maybe we'll once and for all find out

01:25:56   Federico Vittucci's middle name. Is it Vittucci? Why would it be Vittucci?

01:26:01   It's Federico with a Y. No it's Federico with PH like Steven. There you go.

01:26:10   Federico. Alright take us home Myke. If you want to find the show notes for this

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