19: Click on the Blue E


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:10   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 19.

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00:00:31   My name is Myke Hurley and I am joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:34   Hi Federico.

00:00:35   Hey Myke.

00:00:36   And Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:38   Hello Steven Hackett.

00:00:40   Hello gentlemen.

00:00:41   Hello.

00:00:42   Merry Christmas guys.

00:00:43   Oh, Merry Christmas to you Federico.

00:00:45   Yeah, I mean, it'll be, I'm getting ready for tomorrow for this crazy Italian dinner

00:00:51   that we're hosting with 12 people.

00:00:54   And if you don't hear from me tomorrow night, assume that the food was just too much and

00:01:00   you were in my thoughts.

00:01:02   I wish I'd met you, but you know, Italian food.

00:01:07   So what time does the dinner start tomorrow evening?

00:01:10   8pm.

00:01:11   I would guess maybe later because you know it's a lot of people to get together so I

00:01:16   would say before 9pm for sure.

00:01:21   we always eat at like 8 p.m. especially like when I met my parents there's like a tradition

00:01:28   to start eating dinner at 8 p.m. because that's when the news begin on TV.

00:01:35   So you know you eat dinner and you watch the news.

00:01:39   And when you say begin how long does this meal take?

00:01:43   At least 40 minutes.

00:01:49   Can you, in Italian, name the meals?

00:01:53   Like primo, antipasto.

00:01:56   I like hearing them, in order, how they're going to go tomorrow.

00:02:00   Tomorrow there's going to be antipasto, there's going to be primo, secondo, dolce, fruta,

00:02:10   and cafe.

00:02:11   Oh, this is just so good.

00:02:12   That was one of my favorite things about Italy, was just hearing people say that.

00:02:17   We're just asking people to say the order of the meals.

00:02:22   Yeah, just please.

00:02:23   Sir, can you tell me the order of the food?

00:02:25   Just the order, not the food, just the order.

00:02:27   Just the order and then I'll decide what one I want.

00:02:30   Oh, sure.

00:02:31   One of my favorite things in our Slack channel is if someone says Italy,

00:02:34   Slackbot replies that Myke went to Italy but was too busy to visit Federica.

00:02:38   The Slackbot is really correct.

00:02:42   Well, I like that whenever anybody says Memphis, the Slackbot gives out a big

00:02:46   yee-haw, like a really big yee-haw.

00:02:49   Yeah, it's true.

00:02:51   So what is, Myke, you told me, I think last week, that Christmas Eve is only

00:02:56   like big in certain parts of Europe.

00:02:59   Yeah.

00:03:00   What you doing tomorrow?

00:03:01   So tomorrow evening, I will be going for dinner with my dad.

00:03:06   We always go for dinner with my dad on Christmas Eve.

00:03:09   And that's like with my brothers.

00:03:11   And then we will all go back to my grandma's house where we'll be for a couple of days.

00:03:16   and we'll kind of just in the evening we'll just be probably be drinking and eating but not like

00:03:23   big meals but you know just like sweets and treats and things like that and I will probably be doing

00:03:28   some work because that's the kind of person I am but it'll be great and I'm excited for Christmas

00:03:35   because of my Wii U but people know that if they listen to virtual but right now let's talk about

00:03:41   places where our show notes have been seen this week in our new segment.

00:03:49   Could somebody explain to me these browsers?

00:03:51   Steven can.

00:03:52   Of course.

00:03:53   I can.

00:03:54   So we have to do links this week.

00:03:58   The first one is running in Internet Explorer 4.5 in an old version of Mac OS.

00:04:07   OS I think probably 8 dot something anyways in IE 4.5 for the Mac the

00:04:14   relay site does not do super well there's a bunch of broken images and

00:04:21   there's no background it's just not this is not very good but if you look at

00:04:27   OmniWeb under running on Rhapsody yeah which we should do a show about

00:04:35   about some time. OmniWeb is a pretty... No idea. Say what? No idea. You don't know

00:04:40   Rhapsody is? No, I don't either, Myke. Just pretend you do, otherwise the guy will be

00:04:47   upset. Sorry, yeah, I know all about Rhapsody. Exactly. The guy. I just read the label in the window and said, "Mm-hmm, yeah, Rhapsody."

00:04:58   So OmniWeb on Rhapsody is a pretty decent job. The text is there, and the

00:05:04   sidebar is in line but it has Federico and Myke's faces on it so it's

00:05:09   definitely better seems legible but continues so.

00:05:15   So OmniWeb is still supported by the this is the the Omni group web browser right?

00:05:22   Yes.

00:05:23   Okay so they still have builds for Yosemite.

00:05:26   Yeah it's around

00:05:31   Like nobody uses it?

00:05:33   Yeah, I don't know if they're still actively developing omniweb. I don't think they are

00:05:38   But I'm not sure

00:05:41   There are there are builds available for 10.10 like yeah, I don't know why

00:05:47   So you might already googled the omniweb. It's already in the show notes. Wow you have such a workflow Myke. You're quick

00:05:56   The last stable release was two years ago. So I say it's already in the show notes

00:06:01   I use the wrong bookmark that and now it's going to a a show's show notes, but I don't know which

00:06:06   So now a show

00:06:12   Okay, the current episode of upgrade got it so that's gone now so

00:06:21   Maybe you just sent a message to your brother with a link to Omni web

00:06:25   And he's like, "What?"

00:06:27   It's been a long day, guys.

00:06:29   It's been a long day.

00:06:30   Ends up in Clockwise.

00:06:31   They're like, "What?

00:06:32   This is not one of our four topics in 30 minutes?"

00:06:35   Wow, nice plug.

00:06:37   I love Clockwise.

00:06:39   I'm opening OmniWeb version 5.11.2 as we speak.

00:06:43   Stephen Hackett.

00:06:45   Hi.

00:06:46   Oh, Stephen Hackett of America.

00:06:49   If somebody would like to find the show notes for this week's episode,

00:06:54   Where will they go?

00:06:57   Here's what you gotta do.

00:07:00   Go down yonder to the fancy city boy coffee shop.

00:07:04   Ask the nice young man to show you the computer box in the back room.

00:07:07   They call it internet cafe.

00:07:12   Click on the blue "e" on the background.

00:07:15   Now it's going to make some noise like robots making love, but eventually you'll be able

00:07:20   to type.

00:07:22   want to type R E L A Y period FM like the radio in your truck dot FM slash now

00:07:41   slash looks like a tree that's fallen over to the right then connected with a

00:07:46   C, Connected Starts with a C. Another slanty line. One, nine. Now once that page

00:07:56   loads you can click on a list of any other pages but be careful you know

00:08:02   Obama's watching that internet. I really don't trust them European

00:08:10   socialist on this radio show. Wow. Are you done? Yeah. Was that even English? That was

00:08:18   really good work. I enjoyed the "wa". "Wa". "Wa". No, I really appreciated the

00:08:27   slash "looks like a tree falling to the right". That was really good. Yeah. Anyways, do we

00:08:33   want to do topic zero? Yeah, please. You want to do topic zero. I do. So Federico, you have

00:08:39   ruined my life.

00:08:41   Whoa! Again? Why?

00:08:43   So, somebody

00:08:45   you tweeted about Goat Simulator

00:08:47   and then, I don't know what happened, but basically it came

00:08:49   out on Twitter that I was too old to

00:08:51   understand this game, and I said, "You know what?

00:08:53   I can relate to these millennials."

00:08:55   And I downloaded it, and that's all I've been doing

00:08:57   for two days.

00:08:59   So you just downloaded

00:09:01   this game to feel young?

00:09:03   Well...

00:09:05   When you say it like that...

00:09:07   This is like when people turn 50 and suddenly they decide they want to go to the gym.

00:09:15   You know?

00:09:16   Yeah or buy a convertible and get a neck tattoo.

00:09:18   But yeah it's really quite a hilarious game.

00:09:24   Basically you control a goat and you gotta like lick stuff right and just go around.

00:09:29   Yeah and you can blow stuff up.

00:09:31   I got attached to a baseball like automatic pitching machine earlier today.

00:09:36   It does all sorts of crazy stuff.

00:09:38   It's really hard to explain.

00:09:39   You should just go check it out.

00:09:42   So you're liking this game?

00:09:45   I am.

00:09:46   Well, I don't play a lot of games,

00:09:49   but I like games that sort of have

00:09:52   a level of ridiculousness to them.

00:09:54   So I like racing car games, but not real clean, cut and dry

00:09:59   ones, like ones where you turn your car into a weapon,

00:10:02   or you're power sliding as long as possible.

00:10:05   that sort of over-the-top type thing, and Goat Simulator is maybe the most over-the-top

00:10:10   application in the App Store.

00:10:11   So it's a lot of fun.

00:10:13   And it's like on sale, it's like a buck right now, so...

00:10:15   Cool.

00:10:16   It's hard to argue with.

00:10:18   Very nice.

00:10:19   So yeah, so I think I'm gonna start a gaming podcast now.

00:10:23   Oh, great, great.

00:10:24   That's cool with you guys.

00:10:26   Good stuff.

00:10:29   So you haven't played it, Myke?

00:10:30   I have not played Goat Simulator yet, no.

00:10:32   I have it for iOS and it's been sitting on my phone forever and I've yet to dive in.

00:10:37   Myke confessed to me a while ago that he doesn't like goats.

00:10:41   It's true.

00:10:43   Why? What did they do to you?

00:10:45   Well, you know.

00:10:46   They're not popular in England.

00:10:48   Yep, we don't like goats here.

00:10:50   We're a real anti-goat society, you know.

00:10:54   Well, you know.

00:10:56   I hate it.

00:10:58   How is that even a thing?

00:11:00   have an anti-goat society. Well look okay if you just dig deep into the history of

00:11:05   our country then you'll find out if you ever bothered to like you know just find

00:11:08   out anything about where I live then you'd understand you'd know you'd know

00:11:11   what the goats did to us. I was joking but now I kind of want to check. Kind of sad.

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00:13:06   Yes, exactly Federico.

00:13:09   I've been singing that song all week.

00:13:12   Yeah, it's so catchy.

00:13:15   I'm just going around and singing Dash.com and people are like, "What?"

00:13:18   And I'm like, "You should listen to Relay.fm."

00:13:21   And then go to the Dash.com.

00:13:23   Come. They're running a promo show.

00:13:26   Exactly.

00:13:28   We have some real-time British goat follow-up.

00:13:30   Okay, great.

00:13:31   I found on Google...

00:13:32   So it's the British Goat Society.

00:13:34   Yes, the British Goat Society.

00:13:37   They're basically like people who like goats, Myke.

00:13:40   Well yeah, these are the campaign groups that are trying to make goats acceptable again.

00:13:44   To circulate knowledge and general information upon goats?

00:13:48   See? They're trying to bring people around, you know?

00:13:51   To extend and encourage the keeping of goats, Sue has to increase the production and use of

00:13:59   their products. See, there's good people caring about goats, Myke.

00:14:02   Well, you know, you don't want to know what I think about those guys.

00:14:07   So this week we have a special. There's no news and we recorded an episode a couple of only a few days ago, Q&A special.

00:14:14   So, you know, we are at the time of year where there's not an awful lot of stuff to talk about,

00:14:19   so we decided that we would put this out to our listeners and find out what they would like to know about us.

00:14:27   And we have some fantastic questions.

00:14:30   And I will begin via listener JJ.

00:14:34   And JJ wants to know what our first memories are of each other.

00:14:39   And I was thinking about this question because I saw it go by.

00:14:43   And I don't remember specific memories of how I found out about you both individually,

00:14:50   but I have early memories of you both.

00:14:53   Like I knew that I'd come across MaxLories a bunch, but I think I kind of subscribed

00:15:01   and really dug in after that time where... was it Business Insider called you an enthusiast

00:15:06   blog or something?

00:15:09   It was all things digital.

00:15:12   What did they call you?

00:15:14   An Apple enthusiast website.

00:15:18   And John Gruber was really upset about it.

00:15:22   It was one of those things where the whole internet got really upset.

00:15:28   And it was about you.

00:15:31   And then I kind of joined in with the upset and outrage and then became a fan of Federico

00:15:38   Vittucci.

00:15:39   And then I tried to get Federico to be on my interview show and he kept declining me.

00:15:44   I did?

00:15:45   Yeah.

00:15:46   Oh.

00:15:47   Yeah, because you were nervous about your accent.

00:15:50   Oh, that makes sense.

00:15:52   That was three years ago, Myke.

00:15:54   Yep.

00:15:55   And then I ended up pushing you into it.

00:15:58   then that's that's another story. You basically forced me. Yeah there was a fun

00:16:03   times. And Steven Hackett I came across Steven because he was working for was

00:16:12   working with for I'm gonna say for a guy called Joshua Schnell on a site called

00:16:18   Matt Gazem. Do you remember that Steven? I do remember that. Wrote some news for him

00:16:23   for a little while. So that was how I came into contact with Steven and then I

00:16:27   I had him on my show. Most stories kind of like end up beginning with me interviewing someone

00:16:33   and then that was how me and Steven became friends and that is my earliest memory of you both.

00:16:40   Everything begins when you ask people what they want to be known for.

00:16:44   I didn't ask it then though.

00:16:45   No?

00:16:47   It was before.

00:16:47   Yeah it was before that. It was before the question.

00:16:49   So is a Macgasm still around?

00:16:52   Yes.

00:16:54   Because I'm trying to load the homepage. Oh yeah, it loads for me. Cool. Nice.

00:16:59   Steven used to be a pro blogger.

00:17:02   He was a pro blogger.

00:17:04   I think he was my editor as well, because I used to write some app reviews for these guys.

00:17:09   You reviewed like two apps.

00:17:11   That is an incorrect fact.

00:17:13   I want to find app reviews by Myke.

00:17:15   Please do.

00:17:17   I reviewed Path.

00:17:19   Seriously?

00:17:21   Oh yeah.

00:17:22   Yep, and I reviewed a couple of other games too for Matt Gasm.

00:17:25   So I assume Steven, that is your earliest memory of me.

00:17:30   It is.

00:17:31   It was you writing for Josh and then I know you did some shows and I listened to some

00:17:37   shows before I came on.

00:17:39   And then with Federico...

00:17:44   I found your original tweet.

00:17:47   Check out my review of Path.

00:17:49   I'm proud of this one.

00:17:51   I was proud of it.

00:17:52   I put a lot of work into that.

00:17:54   I'm going to, hopefully the URL still loads and then I'll put that into the channel.

00:17:58   Yeah, yeah.

00:17:59   It's, I think it's loading.

00:18:00   Well, something's happening.

00:18:03   It's three years ago, Myke.

00:18:04   It's a long time ago.

00:18:07   Myke, according to your blog, your story holds up that we met when we were writing for Josh.

00:18:14   I found that on the mikehurley.net.

00:18:16   Yep.

00:18:17   Yeah, I came across Federico before Enthusiastgate, but just from reading, you know, people linking

00:18:27   to it and have read Mac stories for a long time.

00:18:31   And then it linked to me and we kind of had, I think we exchanged some emails early on

00:18:35   and then of course really got to know each other with the prompt starting a couple of

00:18:39   years ago.

00:18:41   My first memory of Steven was because I think I discovered ForkBomber.

00:18:47   I think I told this story before with the Gmail guide.

00:18:53   With a guide to set up Gmail in Apple Mail or something?

00:18:58   Yeah, yeah, it was because at the time it was...

00:19:04   It's still weird, but it was really weird for a minute.

00:19:06   And that's why I just did like a little how to, a little PDF and people liked it.

00:19:12   Myke, you know how to write reviews.

00:19:15   It's really nice.

00:19:17   Thank you.

00:19:18   See, you know, I can do some things, you know, people think that, you know, I'm a one trick

00:19:23   pony but no, I know what to do.

00:19:26   You should be doing more reviews, Myke.

00:19:29   Why not?

00:19:31   Why not?

00:19:32   Come on.

00:19:35   there's a there's a there's a screenshots in here there's a sections

00:19:38   and you're talking about all the features this is pretty good man I

00:19:42   actually told this story but Dave Moran emailed me I think you told this story

00:19:50   before I think I told it to you yeah they they found it and they they really

00:19:57   liked it and yes you like embarrassed I don't know they invited me to the

00:20:07   offices if I was ever in San Francisco did you go well no because this is like

00:20:11   years before and they're not gonna remember me now but if you just show up

00:20:14   You just before that...

00:20:15   In 2010, I wrote a review you liked.

00:20:18   Oh dear.

00:20:20   Yeah, so there you go.

00:20:24   They really enjoyed it.

00:20:25   So listener JJ, our first memories, they go back in years.

00:20:32   I don't remember my first memory of Myke.

00:20:34   I'm pretty sure it was something for 70 decibels.

00:20:38   Probably because Steven linked to Myke at some point.

00:20:42   Or because Steven Niu used to have the show.

00:20:46   I don't know.

00:20:47   This is too many years ago.

00:20:48   I don't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday.

00:20:51   No seriously, I cannot.

00:20:54   It is kind of like, it's sad that I don't remember.

00:20:59   I wish I would have recorded these things, but you have no idea then knowing that it

00:21:05   would be important now, you know?

00:21:08   record in my little day one journal that this was my first interaction with you guys or

00:21:13   whatever but it wouldn't have been important then.

00:21:17   Not that you two weren't very important but you get what I'm saying.

00:21:20   Anyway, so listen, Bradley, friend of the show, wants to know our least favorite Apple

00:21:27   purchases of all time.

00:21:29   Federico?

00:21:30   My least favorite.

00:21:31   Your least favorite?

00:21:35   be difficult for me to choose between the iMac that I bought in 2010 and that I basically never used

00:21:42   or the second gen Apple TV which doesn't, doesn't, cannot get all the latest features, it cannot

00:21:52   receive the latest Apple TV software update, doesn't support 1080p but if I had to choose I

00:21:59   I would say the iMac because I really never used that computer and I want to sell it to my father

00:22:05   but it doesn't want to buy it from me. I don't know why and

00:22:09   The Apple TV I still use even if I don't like it I still use it

00:22:14   So the iMac maybe also because I realized I like I had some money, you know laying around that I could spend

00:22:22   So I was like, yeah, I should get an iMac because you know, I'm a Mac person

00:22:27   That was 2010, so four years ago.

00:22:29   Mac stories, right?

00:22:30   Yeah, I mean, I was all excited, you know, I'm gonna get an iMac.

00:22:36   Of course, as years went by, I realized I really didn't like the idea of a desktop computer,

00:22:42   first because, like, originally because I wanted to use my MacBook Air, and eventually

00:22:47   because I just want to use my iPad.

00:22:50   So today, I barely use my MacBook Air, and I never, like, I'm pretty sure it doesn't,

00:22:56   It's like it's still got Mountain Lion on it, the iMac.

00:23:01   So yeah, not because it's a crappy computer,

00:23:05   just because it's not the computer for me,

00:23:08   so it's my least favorite.

00:23:09   - Steven?

00:23:12   - Mine is the first generation MacBook Air,

00:23:18   which is not technically in the spirit of the answer

00:23:20   'cause it was my company at the time purchased it,

00:23:24   but I ended up taking it back

00:23:25   it had the you know how like the ipod spinning hard drive and was really really slow and it made

00:23:32   me sad and i gave it back what about you mike fat nano no yeah i owned a fat nano man what's a fat

00:23:44   nano oh the ipod nano third gen it was the one with the it was the small nano with the widescreen

00:23:51   video oh yes yeah like that's weird the worst thing ever I don't know what that

00:23:59   what do you just call it huh the squatty pod like like it's squatted like squat

00:24:10   like like squats yeah yeah yeah no I get it never never never heard these are

00:24:20   These are Mac people nicknames. You have to be a former Apple genius.

00:24:25   Come on!

00:24:28   No, or an aspirational lead genius in the Memphis region.

00:24:32   These are internal nicknames. You don't get the joke. You cannot get the joke.

00:24:38   We're just not Mac enough to understand.

00:24:40   So why did you not like the iPod Nano?

00:24:45   It was such a terrible form factor and like everything that it was built for didn't make any sense

00:24:52   Like it was built so it could play video, but you'd never watch video on it because the screen was so small

00:24:58   It was yeah, and like there wasn't really that much space on it anyway

00:25:03   Like hard drive space it wasn't as enough as much as like an iPod video or whatever they called iPod photo

00:25:08   So yeah, it was just it was a mistake

00:25:12   it was just a mistake I think. One of your impulse buy decisions.

00:25:17   Look I can't comment right now and then. Yeah sure. I found the user guide

00:25:26   on the KBase and I'm putting the technical specifications in the show

00:25:30   notes. Is that important Steven? It is to me. Okay. Yeah do you guys have any

00:25:36   questions about the tech specs we'll have this open? No. Battery life. Okay. After

00:25:41   24 hours of music playback. How many battery cycles? That's not even a

00:25:46   question. Two inch diagonal color LCD. It was the manufacturer of the display.

00:25:55   Yeah, I was gonna say that. Was it Sharp? Was it LG? The listener Zach has a question. This is a good

00:26:03   question and we gave, I feel bad, we gave Zach credit for this but a bunch of

00:26:07   people ask this sort of thing.

00:26:08   So what's the one thing you're,

00:26:10   what is one thing you're each excited about

00:26:12   regarding tech life, photo management, LOL,

00:26:16   et cetera, going into 2015?

00:26:18   What about you, Myke?

00:26:20   - So pleased I get to go first.

00:26:22   I am actually excited about the Apple Watch.

00:26:24   I mean, I know it's the thing that's on the horizon.

00:26:28   So it's the easy one to pick.

00:26:30   But as somebody who, you know,

00:26:32   loves having something on his wrist

00:26:34   sees notifications all day every day. I'm really looking forward to a device that

00:26:38   can hook deeper into iOS and give me more power. I want more power.

00:26:44   And I think that the Apple Watch will give me that. And I'm excited because

00:26:48   there's so many things we know but so many things we don't.

00:26:52   And that excites me too, like you know, how much is the gold one gonna cost and

00:26:56   stuff like that. And I think for people that do, that

00:27:00   talk about these things professionally, I'm happy that we're

00:27:04   going to have a whole new device class to talk about, so maybe there'll be more to talk

00:27:08   about in December next year than there is in this December.

00:27:12   Stephen?

00:27:13   That's a good answer.

00:27:17   I was, I am excited about the watch.

00:27:20   I think overall I'm just, I'm excited, there's a lot of play in web services and the way

00:27:26   that our devices interact with each other that makes it easier to go from one device

00:27:30   to another, and I'm looking forward to that being even more the case.

00:27:33   And not just through things like Handoff or the iCloud stuff,

00:27:37   but the watch kind of plays into that.

00:27:39   It's the idea that I can go from one device

00:27:42   to another more seamlessly.

00:27:43   And not just Apple stuff, but just what will the watch do?

00:27:50   My phone integrates in my car really well.

00:27:52   All this sort of continuous client stuff

00:27:54   really made a lot of progress in 2014.

00:27:56   I'm hoping it makes even more progress next year.

00:28:00   Do you have a CarPlay thingamabob?

00:28:04   I don't.

00:28:07   It does Bluetooth, but I can plug my phone into USB in my car and it gives me a lot more

00:28:12   control than just like the Bluetooth is just standard streaming and I can do audio controls,

00:28:17   but if you do it over USB it does a lot more, but it's not CarPlay.

00:28:21   I wish it was, but it's not.

00:28:23   Federico what are you excited about in 2015?

00:28:27   can I answer in order of the original question?

00:28:31   - Oh, yes, please.

00:28:33   - About tech, I'm excited.

00:28:34   I mean, of course about the Apple Watch,

00:28:36   but I guess even more than the Apple Watch

00:28:38   to see if Apple does new stuff with extensions

00:28:41   and multitasking on the iPad,

00:28:43   especially now that I like use,

00:28:45   like it's, like I said, every day, all day,

00:28:49   I'm excited to see if they make like changes to the system.

00:28:52   like if they extend extensions, if that makes sense.

00:28:57   About life, I'm excited about, I think,

00:29:01   traveling more, if I can.

00:29:03   That'd be nice.

00:29:06   And about photo management,

00:29:07   I'm excited to see if iCloud Photo Library,

00:29:13   which I'm now using with over four years of photos,

00:29:18   keeps working, you know?

00:29:19   because I'm paying for iCloud now.

00:29:22   I guess you could say I'm personally invested

00:29:26   into this service,

00:29:28   and I want to see if Apple delivers on their promise

00:29:32   to have this reliable photo management service,

00:29:37   which I realize sounds crazy,

00:29:40   but so far it has been working pretty nicely.

00:29:43   So I'm excited to see that continuing into the new year.

00:29:49   I think I have pretty simple wishes for the next year, guys.

00:29:56   Steven, would you like to answer any more?

00:29:58   Would you like to give any more answers than what you gave?

00:30:01   Because you seem upset now.

00:30:02   I feel bad my first answer was just about tech.

00:30:06   I mean, I think I can speak for all three of us

00:30:09   that we're excited about our business and that--

00:30:11   Eh.

00:30:13   Oh.

00:30:13   Excuse me one moment.

00:30:16   Make a phone call to our attorney.

00:30:18   excited about podcasting as a medium

00:30:21   and not to talk about podcasting on podcasts,

00:30:23   but I think we're doing a lot of things right at Relay

00:30:27   and we've enjoyed great success in our first quarter,

00:30:29   first quarter and a half.

00:30:30   And we have a lot, so many things planned for 2015.

00:30:35   It's some that's really gonna blow your mind

00:30:38   and it blows my mind planning it and like thinking about it.

00:30:41   And so we're excited to keep making good stuff.

00:30:44   All three of us, I think I can speak for all of us

00:30:46   in our various capacities and what we do creatively

00:30:48   that we're excited about making bigger, cooler stuff.

00:30:52   All right, listener Nerd Uprising asks,

00:30:56   when did, how, reading guys, reading comprehension,

00:31:01   I'm excited about that in 2015.

00:31:03   How do you find the right time to coordinate recording

00:31:05   with so many time zones?

00:31:07   Who says when?

00:31:08   - Myke, he's a dictator.

00:31:11   - Yeah, he is.

00:31:12   - 'Cause I have the tightest schedule.

00:31:15   - You used to.

00:31:16   - Yeah, I used to.

00:31:18   So it used to be we had to record after Myke got off work,

00:31:23   but we also have to record at least like--

00:31:25   I leave work early on Wednesdays to do the show,

00:31:28   but I can only push that so far into the workday.

00:31:32   And so currently, we record at the time we do,

00:31:35   mostly because of me, I think.

00:31:38   Yeah, but now I've built my entire schedule around--

00:31:42   Right.

00:31:43   So if we had to move it, there's only certain times and days

00:31:47   that we can move it on.

00:31:48   I guess if we have to make a change,

00:31:52   I am probably the most difficult at that point

00:31:55   because I have other shows that I do and stuff like that.

00:31:57   So if I have to move, which sometimes I do,

00:32:00   like this one, there's like a domino effect.

00:32:02   Like I move one, I move another.

00:32:04   And I guess the other thing is we have to try

00:32:07   and work out the times and stuff like that.

00:32:09   So we have to work out, oh, this time for this person,

00:32:11   this time for this person, and that brings me quite nicely

00:32:15   onto our second sponsor this week.

00:32:17   Zones is a super simple and super awesome way to manage time zones.

00:32:22   This is an example of an app that focuses on doing one thing well.

00:32:25   It really subscribes to that mentality.

00:32:28   It has a very well executed design, simple intuitive interface that is clearly designed

00:32:32   to fit its purpose.

00:32:35   Zones is a great dedicated app to see what time it is in other places around the world

00:32:40   right now.

00:32:41   It is specifically designed to facilitate conversion between time zones, allowing you

00:32:44   to check the right time for an upcoming international podcast or conference call, making sure that

00:32:49   you won't wake up friends or family members overseas and sending text messages, and for

00:32:53   checking what time dinner will be right after your next flight.

00:33:08   Zones also gives you a view of the current times of your chosen cities from its today

00:33:12   widget too. Of course it is a good iOS citizen and has a today widget. So to help illustrate

00:33:18   the usefulness of this app, allow me to paint a totally hypothetical situation that bears

00:33:22   no meaning to what we were just discussing. Let's say that you live in London and you

00:33:27   want to tell your friends in Rome and Memphis to be on your podcast at the right time after

00:33:31   some holiday rescheduling. All it takes is tapping on London in your list of time zones

00:33:35   and then you select the date and time you want and all of the cities will update right

00:33:38   in front of you and you'll be able to see it all there. You'll have all of the right

00:33:42   times to send to them and to ensure they'll be at their microphones on time.

00:33:46   This is a purely hypothetical situation.

00:33:49   Zones is on sale for $2.99, returning to its full price in the new year, and now is the

00:33:54   right time as they have a bunch of really cool new features coming soon, like the ability

00:33:58   to set alarms to remind you of a specific time, so you can set an alarm to remind you

00:34:03   what time 2am central time is going to be in your time zone, and also sharing, which

00:34:08   which is something I'm really excited about.

00:34:10   So once you've checked out the time zones that you like,

00:34:13   you'll be able, what they're building in is

00:34:15   that you can share, you can send an email or a message

00:34:17   of all of the time zones in a list super easily.

00:34:20   So go now to zonesapp.net, that's Z-O-N-E-S-A-P-P.net

00:34:25   slash download on your device right now

00:34:27   and it will take you straight to Zones in the app store

00:34:30   because it's incredibly difficult to find this app in search.

00:34:33   Thank you so much to Zones for supporting this show

00:34:35   and all of Relay FM.

00:34:38   You didn't even ask me about time zones.

00:34:42   I didn't know that that was a round-robin question.

00:34:45   Do you feel it's different?

00:34:47   Well, no, I just wanted to say that I have a very bad lifestyle.

00:34:53   That I live on American time zones.

00:34:55   Let's talk about that a minute, because I'm shifting towards your life.

00:34:59   Oh yeah?

00:35:00   Yeah, I mean, well, we quite frequently talk at like 3am now.

00:35:04   And I'm still playing with workflow or something.

00:35:08   Yeah.

00:35:09   And it's tiring, isn't it, Federico?

00:35:11   Yeah.

00:35:12   And it's not healthy.

00:35:13   And I realized that.

00:35:15   But also what's not healthy is not having an income.

00:35:20   So sometimes you got to make compromises.

00:35:26   And for me, that's meant just having a different schedule than my friends, for instance.

00:35:33   For me, the concept of the morning doesn't exist anymore.

00:35:38   When I'm told that I need to do something at 9am, my heart sinks, because that means

00:35:44   I'm getting like 3 hours of sleep.

00:35:50   When they tell me "you gotta go to this office, and you gotta go there at 10am", it's always

00:35:58   a problem for me.

00:35:59   And when I try to explain the reason why, like people get all judgmental, when they

00:36:06   also use sleep much in the morning, and they treat you like you do nothing with your life.

00:36:11   But instead I get explained, yeah, actually, you know, I stay up until 5am or 6am because

00:36:17   of my work schedule, blah, blah, blah.

00:36:20   It's difficult sometimes.

00:36:22   But I also love it.

00:36:23   So I was joking when I said that you're a dictator, Myke.

00:36:27   That's okay.

00:36:28   It's not a democracy around here, so it's perfectly fine.

00:36:32   But it's not a...

00:36:33   It's not a dictatorship either.

00:36:36   You are a good dictator.

00:36:38   Oh, thank you.

00:36:42   So listener Luca would like to...

00:36:44   He's my friend.

00:36:45   He's my friend, by the way.

00:36:47   Good.

00:36:48   So he had a couple of questions for us.

00:36:52   In tech, Federico, I'm going to direct this question to you initially.

00:36:56   Will Apple finally slow down their pace and just refine their existing OS?

00:37:00   This has been a topic that many have spoken about, many have pontificated about, but in

00:37:08   all actuality Federico, do you think that we're going to see like a snow leopard year

00:37:12   for Apple?

00:37:15   Does it matter what I think?

00:37:17   Yes, Luca wants to know.

00:37:19   Luca wants to know.

00:37:21   Okay.

00:37:22   I think they should, but I don't think they will.

00:37:28   Is that a good answer?

00:37:29   Why do you not think they will?

00:37:31   Because it doesn't make for a popular commercial release.

00:37:42   I don't think they can sell at this point new iPhones running a new version of iOS that's

00:37:47   only like what it was supposed to be last year, you know?

00:37:53   They cannot just say, "Yeah, we made bug fixes."

00:37:56   Like bug fixes, I'm sorry for saying this, but they are not sexy in the way they don't

00:38:02   sell devices.

00:38:04   Like they are the right thing to do, but they are not like a big feature that people like.

00:38:12   So instead I think maybe a good compromise would be to have a couple of new features

00:38:19   like redesign the music app which is in a really bad state.

00:38:23   You know, don't do big things like "oh let's do extensions again this year" you know?

00:38:29   This is why I'm skeptical about a Siri API which will be a major change.

00:38:35   It'll be nice to have some new features and then a lot of fixes and as I said a couple

00:38:41   weeks ago, make the entire iOS faster, maybe focus on battery life for the new devices,

00:38:49   maybe you can focus on stability in that way. I don't think that a Snow Leopard release

00:38:55   with just no new features, only fixes can happen at this point. But maybe some new features

00:39:02   and maybe no major changes, maybe that's the right way to do it in 2015. But then again,

00:39:10   Maybe next year Apple will redesign iOS and this discussion will be worthless.

00:39:17   I like the idea of making stability sexy and that is an interesting way to do it.

00:39:23   I haven't heard anybody say that before, Federico.

00:39:27   They could say things like, "Battery life's better," and things like that.

00:39:32   Your phone responds faster.

00:39:34   I guess that there's ways around it that they could make it sound better or maybe just,

00:39:39   they could maybe, I don't know.

00:39:40   I don't know what they would be, but put in some features that aren't going to cause major

00:39:44   problems and then put most of the development work.

00:39:47   It is tricky because if you try to say "yeah everything is faster or better" you're implying

00:39:52   that last year was bad, you know?

00:39:56   And of course the new version of iOS is always better, but when you say "yeah we fixed all

00:40:01   the crap that we left" it makes you look bad, you know?

00:40:06   Not that people don't know that you have bugs.

00:40:09   It's just that I'm pretty sure they could find ways around it.

00:40:13   I'm not a marketing person.

00:40:16   This is why I watch Mad Men, guys.

00:40:19   The other problem though with just doing stability fixes this year is this is an S year.

00:40:27   This isn't a new iPhone year, this is an S year.

00:40:32   Those years tend to get really upset anyway.

00:40:36   So maybe they don't, well then you can kind of look at it both ways.

00:40:39   People are already upset so maybe this is the year that you try and hide it.

00:40:42   Or it's the wrong time because you need to give them some software features to counterbalance

00:40:47   the lack of hardware features.

00:40:51   And also with the new Apple Watch, I don't know, I think we will see new features next

00:40:56   year.

00:40:57   I mean because from our geek perspective, no lay apart stuff sounds great because we

00:41:03   love bug fixes.

00:41:05   We love spear improvements.

00:41:09   We love this kind of stuff, you know?

00:41:10   We love when technology doesn't have bugs.

00:41:14   Yeah.

00:41:15   Steven, what do you think?

00:41:18   We've been talking for ages.

00:41:20   I agree with Federico.

00:41:23   Especially in mobile, because it moves so quickly, they can't...

00:41:26   Like they would take a really big blow saying, "Hey, this year there's not new features."

00:41:30   It's just whatever.

00:41:31   stability, battery life, like not seeing the Apple logo when you open mail.

00:41:38   That sort of thing is difficult to sell in mobile OS.

00:41:44   I think overall, even annual releases for iOS, at some point it has to slow down, but

00:41:52   I don't think that time is yet.

00:41:54   I think on the Mac, you know, they got away with Snow Leopard because it was sort of before

00:42:03   the iPhone halo effect.

00:42:05   And not even like that the Mac is selling more because of the iPhone, but like sort

00:42:09   of the Mac wasn't as consumer-y as it is now.

00:42:13   And I think that was sort of like the last time they got to do that.

00:42:17   Like, I don't think they could even do it with OS X again because they're moving to

00:42:21   this annual release cycle because the Mac is very popular, you know, more popular than

00:42:25   ever and sort of in a different way than it has been before.

00:42:31   But Luca's really important question is how we will be spending New Year's Eve.

00:42:37   And I will let you guys guess what I'll be doing.

00:42:40   But it involves sleeping before midnight.

00:42:42   You will be replacing hard drives at midnight.

00:42:46   No.

00:42:47   No.

00:42:48   And we're doing his backups, you know?

00:42:50   Yes.

00:42:51   it will be testing his backups.

00:42:53   Yeah.

00:42:54   Which is even more exciting, like when the adrenaline, like, "Oh, that's the backup

00:42:58   work.

00:42:59   That's backup work."

00:43:00   And when the backup boots, you're like, "Oh, yes."

00:43:02   You know?

00:43:03   You guys laughed, but Myke lost data like three months ago.

00:43:08   So I'm feeling pretty good.

00:43:09   No, I didn't.

00:43:10   It was all in dropbox.

00:43:11   Generally, my wife and I sort of, you know, with kids now especially, we're not going

00:43:20   out like you know we will put the kids to bed and then she and I might have you

00:43:23   know have a drink or you know kind of hang out together but it's nothing

00:43:27   really all that exciting just hanging out Federico can you I still don't know

00:43:33   the excitement you don't know what you guys I don't know just whatever we

00:43:36   decide would just pick up and go that's an party so young Federico I think when

00:43:43   we were talking about when to record next week I made the joke that like you

00:43:47   guys just deciding to go somewhere like on a moment's notice like it takes weeks

00:43:50   to plan to go somewhere that really stresses me out it's fine

00:43:55   Myke I assume that you'll be shooting fireworks off of the top of the London

00:44:00   Eye you've been reading my email again haven't you well I'm the I'm the admin

00:44:05   on our Google Apps account so that's quite terrifying yes okay I'll be back

00:44:12   in a minute I just need to just go and do some stuff. No I think me and my

00:44:18   special lady are gonna have a quiet New Year's Eve this year we'll get some

00:44:21   maybe get some champagne and some nice food and maybe watch some movies or

00:44:25   something. She has threatened to allow me to start showing her the James Bond

00:44:31   movies in order. She's not seen them so we may that might be what we do. We can

00:44:37   because she's like oh we can watch a James Bond movie like no no no we have

00:44:41   to start and like watch a bunch in a row because otherwise it's not gonna end bad.

00:44:47   You know, Myke, what would make for a really romantic New Year's Eve?

00:44:50   Please tell me Federico, I need to know.

00:44:53   Watch a James Bond movie and then listen to John Gruber and then Benjamin.

00:44:56   Nailed it!

00:44:57   In the quiet of the New Year's midnight, John's soothing tone has a comment on James Bond.

00:45:09   I can be... I can wear a tuxedo or something.

00:45:13   Yeah. I have a Vesper.

00:45:14   Can I say that I've only seen about four James Bond movies?

00:45:19   Can I say that I never watched a James Bond movie?

00:45:23   What am I doing with these guys?

00:45:24   Or Star Wars.

00:45:26   What is happening?

00:45:27   Come at me.

00:45:29   Yeah, he's never seen Star Wars, so I still win.

00:45:33   Never seen Star Wars, never seen James Bond movies.

00:45:37   I don't like playing cards.

00:45:39   What else do you want to know about me?

00:45:41   And we both don't know what Rhapsody is.

00:45:43   The only Rhapsody that I know is the music streaming service.

00:45:48   Or whatever it was.

00:45:50   Oh yeah, yeah.

00:45:52   What else should I confess before the year is over?

00:45:57   Is there something I'm not proud of?

00:45:59   Let's see, I keep my dock at the bottom.

00:46:02   No!

00:46:03   Yes, I do.

00:46:04   Sorry.

00:46:05   Whatever.

00:46:06   I enjoy very much the new Taylor Swift album.

00:46:12   I don't know, a lot of people are very open about that.

00:46:15   Okay. I still haven't found an image optimization workflow.

00:46:22   Oh, that is something to be ashamed of.

00:46:24   Yes, it really is. Can I do a question, guys?

00:46:30   Yeah.

00:46:31   OK, so listener Mr. Espresso.

00:46:37   Mr. Espresso?

00:46:38   Mr. Espresso.

00:46:39   I promise I didn't make this up.

00:46:42   Will you guys make any New Year's tech resolutions

00:46:45   for 2015?

00:46:48   Steven, you want to--

00:46:50   I would like to reduce the number of services

00:46:55   I have data in.

00:46:56   So I'm working on this poster 512 of all the services

00:47:01   pay for and use and it's been a very depressing list because I have things

00:47:06   everywhere and so seeing you know how can I simplify what I rely on day to

00:47:12   day just in my like in my workflow stuff will be that's my kind of immediate

00:47:18   resolution kind of address that. Where do you think you will be starting your

00:47:25   request to reduce the number of services? I'm not sure yet I think

00:47:32   there's some media stuff that I could probably simplify like apparently I'm

00:47:37   still paying for Hulu Plus and haven't used it in forever. I discovered that one the other day.

00:47:41   I was like oh look at that! So we'll see I don't I don't really know I mean I'd

00:47:46   like to you know get rid of maybe some things but we'll see we'll see what

00:47:52   happens. Myke? Part of that... yeah, go. So yeah, yeah I'm fine. So I have a couple of

00:48:01   things but they're kind of related. So I want to upgrade my production machine.

00:48:07   This is something I've spoken about a bunch but I really want to do it in 2015

00:48:11   but I don't know what to yet. I need a machine that has solid-state drives in

00:48:17   basically because this spinning disk is is killing me and I also need to then

00:48:23   get a new monitor and I see because I can't use something like an iMac or I

00:48:28   don't want to use something like an iMac because I don't want to have two screens

00:48:31   on my desk because I also have a TV on my desk where that's actually what that

00:48:36   menu is running into at the moment which is one of the reasons why it hurts me so

00:48:39   much because that TV is also I plugged my games consoles into it so I kind of

00:48:44   need a monitor that can have both a Mac and games consoles. So most likely I

00:48:50   will buy a Mac Mini but the previous gen Mac Mini with an SSD in it because of

00:48:57   the processors were quicker if you get the right configuration. But then they're

00:49:01   easy to find and then obviously my only other solution there is a Mac Pro which

00:49:06   I really don't want to do to like a hundred thousand reasons. A hundred

00:49:11   thousand dollars. Yes and then what will go along with that is I then want to

00:49:16   rethink just my general workspace that I have here and kind of just make it

00:49:22   nicer to work in considering how much time I spend in it now. At times it feels

00:49:26   a bit cramped and I think I need to get some storage, I need to do some cable

00:49:30   management. Maybe I'll just get Steven to come around because I'm sure he would love it.

00:49:34   I have a passport, just find me out. Okay great. I will bring an SSD and we can

00:49:38   and upgrade your Mac Mini.

00:49:40   - Yeah, see, I don't wanna do that either.

00:49:41   I wanna get a new machine, but.

00:49:44   - Yeah, we gotta get you something this year, for sure.

00:49:47   - Fun times with C and Hackett.

00:49:49   - What about you, Federico? - That's right.

00:49:50   - What are you doing?

00:49:51   Are you gonna go back to the Mac this year in 2015?

00:49:53   - No, not really.

00:49:54   In fact, one of my tech resolutions is

00:49:56   I need to sell all my old stuff, like my iMac.

00:50:01   I have some iPhones that I'm just keeping in my drawer

00:50:04   that I don't really use them.

00:50:07   You should go to an eBay store.

00:50:09   - Yeah, you know, I should ask people

00:50:12   to sell my stuff on eBay.

00:50:13   I want to sell my old iPads.

00:50:19   I don't know why I keep them around.

00:50:20   Like I understand why I want to keep around

00:50:22   the first iPad and the first iPhone.

00:50:24   Just all these other models in between.

00:50:27   I need to monetize that stuff.

00:50:29   - Sell them to Steven, he could build a new museum.

00:50:32   - Okay, yeah, probably.

00:50:34   You want to keep the-- - It's not a mocking.

00:50:36   when I will be famous you will be able to show my iPad home screen from 2013

00:50:42   that's right, this is the Federico Vittucci's home screen

00:50:45   original

00:50:47   this smear was pasta he made

00:50:51   you know what you should do Federico, you should

00:50:55   you should sell all of that stuff, like everything

00:50:57   and then get

00:50:58   a replacement

00:51:00   MacBook Air or something because of your keyboard

00:51:02   And then just--

00:51:03   - Or maybe just sell the MacBook Air

00:51:06   and buy a cheaper Mac.

00:51:09   - Yeah, like a Mac Mini or something,

00:51:11   but then you need a TV or a monitor to hook it into,

00:51:13   but I'm sure you've got something.

00:51:15   - Yeah, so I had other tech resolutions.

00:51:19   One of them is finding an image optimization workflow.

00:51:21   - Oh really?

00:51:22   - Yes.

00:51:23   - I had no idea you were looking for something like that.

00:51:24   - Yes, I'm looking at this service

00:51:27   that was recommended to me,

00:51:29   I should say, many, many months ago, my developer for Mac stories, my web developer, told me

00:51:38   you should be using this service and I ignored him because it was a web service and I was

00:51:42   like, no, I just want a native app.

00:51:45   And then other users on Twitter this week followed up about our discussion about image

00:51:52   optimization and there's this web service called Kraken.io. They have Rackspace integration,

00:52:02   they do image optimization, you can take a look at the samples on the website. There's

00:52:07   an API, it works with Python, a bunch of stuff that I like, the pricing is not too crazy,

00:52:14   looks like something that I should be trying out and see if it works for me. It can also

00:52:20   import and optimize images and re-upload them just if you give an image link to the API,

00:52:28   which could work for me because I could upload the untouched screenshot using DropShare on

00:52:36   iOS, send the link to Kraken and then use the optimized link in my Mac.

00:52:42   Sorry, we'll see, I don't know.

00:52:44   This actually sounds pretty perfect for you.

00:52:47   Yeah, it sounds pretty perfect because DropShare just gives me a link, it doesn't touch the image.

00:52:54   And then with Pythonista, I could just send the link to Kraken and put the optimized image on my

00:53:04   stories. It sounds optimal, I just want to try the API and read the privacy policy, this kind of stuff.

00:53:11   Would you say it's optimal optimization?

00:53:14   Optimal optimization? Yeah, actually that sounds good

00:53:17   because optimization was always there with image optimization.

00:53:21   It wasn't optimal with my workflow, it was kind of bad actually.

00:53:24   There was another tech resolution that I wanted to mention.

00:53:28   And now I forgot about it because...

00:53:32   Oh, well, there you go then.

00:53:34   Because Steven keeps writing in the chat.

00:53:37   Oh, don't read the chat.

00:53:39   Yeah, but Steven keeps writing, it kind of pulls my attention.

00:53:42   I apologize on behalf of Stephen Hackett.

00:53:46   Well, Myke, why don't you share listener Randy's question,

00:53:49   because Federico and I are going to argue.

00:53:51   Well, plus I don't even understand.

00:53:53   OK.

00:53:54   I know.

00:53:54   I'm going to explain it.

00:53:56   You're going to mike-splain.

00:53:59   Yeah.

00:53:59   Listener Randy wants to know, why don't you

00:54:02   use the Oxford comma?

00:54:03   Round one.

00:54:05   Which I think was directed at me, because Federico

00:54:07   does use it.

00:54:08   So for the uninitiated, the Oxford comma,

00:54:10   sometimes called the serial comma is--

00:54:12   - Is that like the podcast?

00:54:13   - So picture--

00:54:14   No.

00:54:15   - Okay.

00:54:16   - You totally did it.

00:54:17   So in the phrase,

00:54:18   Federico comma, Myke comma,

00:54:23   that's the Oxford comma, and Steven.

00:54:25   So it's the comma in a series before the adjoining word.

00:54:30   So it could be Myke comma, Federico comma, or whatever.

00:54:34   It's common practice to use it depending,

00:54:40   So here, at least, when you go to college,

00:54:44   depending on your major,

00:54:45   you learn a different style of writing.

00:54:46   And so MLA style, which is what most people learn,

00:54:49   they use the Oxford comma.

00:54:51   And it's what Federico uses on Mac stories.

00:54:53   It's what we use on the suite setup

00:54:54   because Sean Blanc is crazy.

00:54:57   I'd learned AP style,

00:54:59   he's going to journalism school.

00:55:00   And I don't use the Oxford comma

00:55:03   because I don't think it's necessary.

00:55:04   And I think it's cluttered,

00:55:06   like I think it looks cluttered.

00:55:07   And people argue about it.

00:55:10   My wife believes in it, and she has an English degree, and we're not sure on how we're going

00:55:17   to raise our children in this regard.

00:55:18   It's a big deal.

00:55:20   I will throw my hat in the ring and say I do not use the Oxford comma.

00:55:24   Hooray!

00:55:25   Can I go?

00:55:26   You can go.

00:55:27   So, of course, I didn't study journalism, especially I didn't study in America, but

00:55:33   to me...

00:55:34   But what I did do is learn from Pokemon.

00:55:39   And also, I mean, I just, I read a lot and I used to write a lot in Italian before when

00:55:48   I was in school.

00:55:49   I loved writing and I just, to me, it just looks better to separate series of, you know,

00:55:56   elements in a sentence.

00:55:58   It just looks better to me.

00:55:59   I don't like the way that two words or, you know, two people, for instance, look when

00:56:06   when you mention them without the Oxford comma. It just looks better to me. I just pasted

00:56:14   an example in the chatroom with the popular webcomic about the use of the Oxford comma.

00:56:21   I just don't like how it looks when it's not there.

00:56:28   I've never seen this comic before, and if you do click the comic link which is in the

00:56:32   shown that it is a little bit not safe for work.

00:56:36   Yes.

00:56:37   But I'd never thought of it that way and I can see that. But it to me just looks messy

00:56:46   like when you see it, like it feels like that second comma is superfluous because you got

00:56:51   an and. But I see how it can change the meaning which I'd never really considered before.

00:56:55   You gotta think of it as a list, you know, like an array.

00:56:59   Yeah, but then it would feel like why above we're the and, but yeah okay.

00:57:05   No the and has to be there because otherwise the sentence would just look weird without

00:57:10   the...

00:57:11   I don't know.

00:57:12   We have different opinions.

00:57:13   Mm-hmm.

00:57:14   I never really thought of it this way.

00:57:17   I don't use it, but not for any reason other than that was just the way I was taught in

00:57:22   school.

00:57:23   Yeah, I mean that's really what it boils down to for most people.

00:57:26   If you learned AP, I think Chicago style, I think Chicago ditches the Oxford comma at

00:57:30   the chat room, you can correct us.

00:57:32   But MLA and a lot of others definitely have it there.

00:57:37   There are pros to both sides, I choose not to do it on 512.

00:57:39   I actually write 512 in strict AP style because that's kind of what clicks in my brain.

00:57:48   And I'm sure you get a joy out of it.

00:57:52   I do.

00:57:53   to beat people up about it. Listener Matt asks, "What could be the

00:57:58   biggest can of worms as far as this question?" So I say that we're gonna limit

00:58:03   to one example each. So any more workflow examples? What about you, Myke? I've just

00:58:11   opened workflow now. I don't have any of my own that are like original ones so I

00:58:21   I kind of feel bad, but I feel like I'm either going to steal yours or Federico's.

00:58:27   Well I have a couple I can pick from.

00:58:29   Alright I'm going to go with the YouTube to Huffduffer.

00:58:32   Yeah, fine.

00:58:35   So this is a workflow that was developed in conjunction with a few people including Steven

00:58:41   and @dannybrez on Twitter.

00:58:44   And basically what it does is it takes a YouTube link.

00:58:49   uploads... so it takes you to give it a YouTube link it goes to the YouTube link

00:58:54   pulls the audio uploads the audio to Dropbox and then puts it into

00:59:01   Huffduffer so you can listen to a YouTube video audio in your in your

00:59:05   favorite podcast client. So crazy. It's just so crazy. I don't know how these things happen.

00:59:11   I definitely don't like it is mostly stolen but it's it's helpful and I use

00:59:18   it you know people will be like hey you know here's a talk at XOXO or you know

00:59:22   some conference and I want I want to listen to the talk but I'm never I'm

00:59:27   never gonna sit down and watch an hour long talk that someone gives unless it's

00:59:31   really visual most of the time these things aren't like you don't necessarily

00:59:33   need the slides a good talk you don't need the slides and so I for a long time

00:59:40   I've done this on my Mac with you can you can rip audio out of a YouTube link

00:59:46   on the Mac pretty easily in the command line and so I used to do that and like

00:59:50   save an mp3 somewhere then give that link to Huffduffer but it's very manual

00:59:53   and this way like if someone tweets hey I just gave this talk here's a video I

00:59:57   can just add it to Huffduffer and listen to it in overcast with just a click of a

01:00:01   button now and workflow which is really really cool. Oh I have another one I'm so

01:00:07   sorry we keep yeah it was kind of more yours than mine send repeated text in a

01:00:12   message. Yeah I renamed it Emoji Bomb. So listeners of this show may remember when

01:00:19   I told the story of sending I think it was a thousand emoji red balloons to

01:00:23   Casey. It was kind of the story. I now cannot find, I think it was, I can't find

01:00:31   the person now who sent it to me which really upsets me, but a fantastic

01:00:37   listener created this and sent it through. I will find it. I'm gonna find

01:00:41   this person and I will credit them shortly. Basically what it does is it asks you for

01:00:48   a message, emoji, any text, and then asks you how many times you want to repeat it.

01:00:55   It just runs the workflow and then gives you the ability to send a message to somebody.

01:00:59   So for example, I sent, like Stephen has now just sent me maybe a couple of hundred top

01:01:04   hats and video game consoles. I'll give you a word of warning, it doesn't like it when

01:01:10   you try and do a million. Yeah because you sent a million balloons to me and I

01:01:15   basically had to buy a new computer. Yeah so workflow gets super upset by it and

01:01:20   it crashes quite bad. Yeah Federico just sent a thousand I think and it's

01:01:26   just scrolling endlessly. Also 10,000 is also a little bit doesn't

01:01:32   doesn't work too well but but like you know a thousand thousand emoji you can

01:01:37   ready to kind of get it going.

01:01:39   Yeah, I did tweak it to just dump into the share sheet.

01:01:43   I think by the-- or when I saw it,

01:01:45   it opened a new message window.

01:01:47   And I want to be able to put it in Slack or whatever.

01:01:49   So I just have it go to the share sheet.

01:01:51   And I can copy it out or do whatever I need to do.

01:01:55   What about you, Federico?

01:01:57   So I'm told that I can share this feature that is coming

01:02:03   with the next update to workflow.

01:02:05   So based on this feature which is the ability to use the text selection in Safari on a web page

01:02:13   I put together two workflows that I'm using every day now and they're kind of similar.

01:02:17   Basically I often want to select an image in Safari and get its link back.

01:02:27   So for some reason Safari when you tap and hold an image

01:02:31   it doesn't always let you open the link or copy the link to the image

01:02:36   because if there's no link on the image with an tag in HTML, Safari doesn't give you a copy option.

01:02:47   So I always want to have the copy option because sometimes I need to reuse images in reviews or other places on Mac Sorrys.

01:02:56   And so this first workflow, I can select an image in Safari, I run the workflow, and it scans the text selection for image links using regular expression,

01:03:08   and it gives me a pop-up of all images found in the text selection.

01:03:13   I can, when I tap a link, it opens in a new tab, and the link is also copied to my clipboard.

01:03:20   So I can confirm the image and I can use the link again in my text editor or whatever.

01:03:26   The second workflow is kind of similar but I use it for the featured articles, so Max Stories.

01:03:34   So if you go to maxstories.net, you'll see at the top there's three featured articles

01:03:39   and they use a smaller version of their top image.

01:03:44   To generate this smaller version, which is usually like a 500 pixel wide, like a really tiny screenshot,

01:03:53   to generate this I used to have like a manual process. I needed to get the image, save it locally,

01:04:00   resize it, re-upload it, and use the link in a custom field in WordPress.

01:04:05   Now with Workflow I can just select the image in Safari like I do with the text selection that I just mentioned.

01:04:11   I run the workflow, the workflow finds all images, I can choose the image from a preview,

01:04:18   workflow resizes my image, brings up the sharesheet, the image goes off to Rackspace and then I

01:04:24   get the link back and I can use it in my article.

01:04:27   So I don't have to do saving back to the camera roll, resizing manually, I just give a value

01:04:33   to workflow and I end up with a smaller image that I can use in the featured gallery at

01:04:39   the top.

01:04:40   Those are quite time savers for me.

01:04:42   And this Safari text selection edition

01:04:46   is coming to the next version of the app, which I guess

01:04:49   is coming after when iTunes reopens for business.

01:04:52   Because right now, iTunes Connect

01:04:54   is closed for developers.

01:04:55   So I don't know when, but it'll be a great update.

01:05:00   So you don't have shareable--

01:05:03   you can't share these?

01:05:04   I can.

01:05:05   It just will be unusable for you.

01:05:07   Fair enough.

01:05:08   Reese Wayward was the person who created the emoji repeating workflow.

01:05:16   By the way, airdrop can never get it to work.

01:05:20   It just can never get airdrop to work ever, ever, ever, ever.

01:05:23   Never works with me.

01:05:24   That's what I want to say about that.

01:05:26   And personal hotspot never works.

01:05:28   Just just does never, never, ever finds anybody.

01:05:31   Yeah.

01:05:32   It's really sad.

01:05:35   What's next?

01:05:37   This is a good one from listener Danny.

01:05:43   What apps would make you switch if they went Android only?

01:05:48   So what app would you leave iOS...

01:05:50   So if an app left iOS and went only Android, what app would it take for you to follow it?

01:05:58   Can I go first?

01:05:59   Please.

01:06:00   So I could just get it done.

01:06:05   I think I gotta say editorial. It'll be a real problem for me if I cannot use editorial

01:06:12   on my iPad. I use editorial not just for writing but for publishing to MacStories, updating

01:06:19   articles, MacStories deals, it runs entirely in editorial. All sorts of stuff, just you

01:06:28   You know, Python stuff that I use with text and emails, links.

01:06:34   Mac Stories Weekly is composed in editorial, it's our newsletter.

01:06:40   It basically, it sounds kind of scary, but I would say that 80% of Mac Stories is done

01:06:49   on my iPad with editorial.

01:06:52   And so if that app went Android only, it'll be a real issue for me.

01:07:00   I don't think it's going Android only, but to answer this question it'll be editorial.

01:07:05   Yes.

01:07:06   So, I mean, I may be jumping the gun a little bit here and Stephen can correct me, but I

01:07:13   think that that answer is stronger than any answer that we could give.

01:07:19   At least for me, that was why I have an extension question of this, which I'll get to in a moment,

01:07:26   which I thought would draw out more answers.

01:07:29   I didn't expect an answer like that.

01:07:31   But I don't think that there's even any combination of apps that if they went Android only, I

01:07:39   would switch because I could replace them.

01:07:42   For example, the ones that are probably most important to me are Tweetbot and OmniFocus.

01:07:51   They're the only two main apps that are iOS only at the moment that I rely on.

01:07:57   But I could replace both of those.

01:07:59   It wouldn't be as good as an experience, but just if those two went Android only, it wouldn't

01:08:04   drag me over to Android.

01:08:06   But I do feel like that could potentially happen with you Federico, if editorial, not

01:08:12   I'm sure it wouldn't, but if it did, I can see that the impact that that would have on

01:08:16   you would be greater than the impact of Tweetbot and OmniFocus going for me.

01:08:21   Now, that's really, for me, the worst case scenario.

01:08:24   I think about it, about this sometimes, like, what happens if a tutorial stops being supported?

01:08:29   And I'm not joking, like, I would seriously consider acquiring the app and just hire a

01:08:35   developer and keep making the app because I need it.

01:08:38   I think about this, like what if all it decides someday that it wants to stop developing the

01:08:43   tutorial?

01:08:44   That would be a real tangible, like a real problem for me financially and speaking like

01:08:51   not just the workflow, like I make money by writing and using this app, like it's part

01:08:58   of my process, my job.

01:09:00   Yeah, because it's not just a text editor.

01:09:03   No, no.

01:09:04   Because you can replace all those functions.

01:09:05   It's incredible automation you have to do things with like the max stories deals.

01:09:11   It's probably the key thing.

01:09:13   You might be able to replicate it, but it would be a lot more work still.

01:09:18   I think.

01:09:19   It's really interesting.

01:09:20   Steven, what about you?

01:09:21   Myke, I'm with you.

01:09:24   There are definitely some apps that I would be...

01:09:27   Like if I were to switch to Android, there'd be apps that I would miss, but there's really

01:09:33   not much that I like there's some things like day one I would just work on just

01:09:38   on my Mac but like you I think I could replace just about anything it might not

01:09:44   be like my favorite solution but I could get by much better than I could maybe

01:09:49   even maybe even a year ago on on Android so kind of the extension that I wanted

01:09:56   to ask because I didn't expect any of us to come up with an answer but and then

01:09:59   and mine are Steven's really, is if Apple was to go crazy,

01:10:04   and we all decide we wanna go to Android,

01:10:08   because in this alternate reality, Google is less crazy,

01:10:13   what is the bare minimum of the current apps that you have

01:10:17   that you need to go?

01:10:18   So for example, for me, of all of the apps that I have

01:10:22   that aren't already on Android, I would need Tweetbot

01:10:25   'cause I've never been that happy

01:10:27   with the Twitter clients that are available,

01:10:29   OmniFocus. Oh and Fantastic L2. Those three apps are like the only iOS

01:10:35   and the apps that I rely on. Like I love workflow but I don't rely on it yet and

01:10:40   it would be a shame to see it go you know. But I haven't found a

01:10:46   Twitter app, a calendar app or a task management app which is as good

01:10:52   as those. Where pretty much all of my other apps, they're either

01:10:57   cross-platform or they're comparable enough you know

01:11:04   yeah yeah for me it will be a tutorial of course yeah do you have anything else

01:11:10   like what else would you need to well what else would you really want to see

01:11:13   my workflow would be would be really shame you know

01:11:17   well I imagine workflow on Android like Tasker oh yeah but task is like

01:11:23   horrific to use. Yeah, workflow on Android would be amazing.

01:11:28   Yeah, I can imagine. Fantastical would be, I would miss the app. I don't know

01:11:34   if there's any replacement for the natural language parsing. I know

01:11:39   there's quite a few apps that have copied this feature by now. Probably

01:11:44   there's an Android version of those apps. I don't know. Workflow would be

01:11:48   bad for me. And Twitter, I'm good. Email, I would switch back to Gmail, I guess, because

01:11:56   even this alternate reality, I mean, whatever, if Apple is evil, then, you know, what else

01:12:04   is there to save in the world? I would switch back to Gmail and yeah, I would miss the tutorial

01:12:11   on Workflow and Python East, of course, which I use less, but still I use it. And then all

01:12:17   sorts of other apps but then again I mean if Apple goes crazy do iOS developers go crazy

01:12:22   too in this universe Myke?

01:12:25   Well I mean like Apple do something that we all hate so much that we all decide to leave

01:12:29   so then you assume that all the developers move over right in this parallel universe.

01:12:34   So they will continue to make apps.

01:12:37   Yeah so this is like you know all of those developers are going to go but what is like

01:12:41   the minimum you would need?

01:12:43   Like short term pain.

01:12:44   Yes, it'd be short-term pain.

01:12:46   Mr. Hackett?

01:12:50   Goat Simulator.

01:12:54   I mean, you know, there's like, you know, I have my, like, I prefer Overcast, but Pocketcast is really excellent, especially on Android.

01:13:03   I

01:13:05   would, I'd be fine. I mean, I've

01:13:07   used Android for extended periods of time in the past and was just fine and

01:13:12   have thought about doing it and could do it again if I if it came down to it, you know, the thing is like

01:13:17   Android is a lot better than it used to be and the apps on Android are a lot better than they used to be

01:13:23   That's not to say they're on par with iOS, but they are much much closer than they've ever been and so it's not

01:13:29   You know and I ran it

01:13:31   Android starting with 2.0 when the original droid came out like it was a very different platform at that point

01:13:38   But now with with lollipop and modern

01:13:41   Android app and modern Android design you can get a lot further down the road than you used to be able to so

01:13:49   We'll see

01:13:51   The moral of the story is that Myke is switching back to Android

01:13:54   It's probably not true

01:13:58   Let's take a break to thank our final sponsor for this week's show and that is iStat menus from Pajango

01:14:04   iStat Menus is an advanced system monitor for your max menu bar. It lets you keep an eye on

01:14:08   pretty much every aspect of your max hardware including CPU, GPU, memory and disk usage activity.

01:14:15   You've got networking, battery information, temperature information, fans and just so much

01:14:21   more. It's incredible how much stuff is crammed into this app. It's like bursting with amazingness.

01:14:27   The new iStat Menus 5 supports Yosemite's dark menu bar as well as many new Yosemite and Maverick

01:14:33   specific features like memory pressure and compressed memory.

01:14:36   iStep Menus also features a time menu intended to replace the standard OS X Time Menu Bar

01:14:42   item.

01:14:43   It includes loads of information including a calendar which has your events in it as

01:14:47   well, sunrise and sunset information and a world clock for over 120,000 cities.

01:14:53   This is something that I personally love about iStep Menus and I have it in my menu bar all

01:14:56   the time.

01:14:57   It looks just like the standard one but then when I click it I get all this awesome information.

01:15:02   I also really love the battery stuff. I was playing around with that in the last couple

01:15:06   of weeks and now I have all this awesome battery information so I get obviously what the battery

01:15:11   is on my MacBook Pro. But I also have my Magic Mouse. I know that I have 8% battery on my

01:15:16   Magic Mouse right now so I need to change that. And I like that it's got health. I have

01:15:20   a 98% health battery. So I just love some of the stuff that's in here because it can

01:15:25   really kind of just make your menu bar much more powerful. In Federico Viticci's review

01:15:30   of iStep Menus, he says, "It's always there in my max menu bar."

01:15:34   I don't know why I read this, and it's one of my must-have apps that I mention every

01:15:38   year.

01:15:39   You could say that bit.

01:15:40   But anyway, I will read it for Federico.

01:15:43   Listen to that guy.

01:15:44   He's right.

01:15:45   He's pretty smart.

01:15:46   You can't argue with Federico.

01:15:48   I mean, I try, and it's really, really difficult.

01:15:51   He knows what he's talking about.

01:15:53   I'd like to think that everybody trusts his opinion by now, to listen to the show.

01:15:56   I hope that we have convinced you that this is an app that you should have.

01:16:00   So head over to Bajango.com right now and pick up a 14 day free trial so even if we

01:16:05   haven't convinced you, go try it out for free for 14 days and iSnap Menus 5 will convince

01:16:10   you itself.

01:16:11   And when you do decide to buy, make sure that you use the offer code 'connected' because

01:16:15   listeners of this show get a huge and special 25% off by using that code and the code is

01:16:22   connected.

01:16:23   Thank you so much to Bajango for their support of this show and Relay FM.

01:16:28   Great app.

01:16:29   So apparently we have more questions.

01:16:32   Apparently, there was the apparently kid, it was a meme this year.

01:16:38   Have you guys seen this video?

01:16:40   Nope.

01:16:41   A kid saying apparently, like he went on TV in America.

01:16:45   Come on Steven, the apparently kid.

01:16:48   Okay, well I don't know what he is, but he'll be in the show notes.

01:16:51   Which you can find at relay.fm/connected/19.

01:16:57   So hit us with the next question, Myke.

01:17:00   Listener SummerSalvoDan, which is a really interesting name.

01:17:06   What a cool name.

01:17:07   Which inanimate objects do you love, Federico?

01:17:10   SummerSalvoDan is really awesome.

01:17:13   I love my new iPad, so my iPad Air 2.

01:17:17   I love my PS Vita, such a great portable console.

01:17:21   And I love like that kind of...

01:17:26   I'm trying to describe the joy that I get every morning when I wake up and I see this object.

01:17:34   And it's comparable to coming home after a long vacation and sleeping in your own bed.

01:17:45   But this happens every morning for me and that happens with my espresso machine.

01:17:50   It's just... it's like a good friend in my kitchen every morning grilling me with a hot cup of espresso.

01:18:04   And I would be like... it was broken for a couple of days this year and I felt awful for two days

01:18:13   because my headache was killing me and I just needed coffee.

01:18:18   That's not a problem.

01:18:19   No, it's...

01:18:20   Yeah, I know.

01:18:21   I would just go to the bar and just buy coffee there, espresso there, because I needed espresso.

01:18:29   And so I love my espresso machine, which is a Saeco.

01:18:33   I know there will be people asking.

01:18:34   I don't know the model.

01:18:36   It's from a few years ago.

01:18:38   I will try to take a picture and send it to Myke.

01:18:44   Is that okay, Myke?

01:18:45   No, I would like to see that picture.

01:18:47   Okay.

01:18:48   No, I mean the answer in general.

01:18:49   Oh, right.

01:18:50   Yes, the answer was fantastic.

01:18:51   Oh.

01:18:52   Steven, what about you?

01:18:54   I really like my iPhone 6 and I really like my, of all things, my bicycles.

01:19:01   You need to say love.

01:19:03   You love.

01:19:04   You are capable of love.

01:19:05   I've heard that. And I love my bikes. I love both my mountain and my road bike and love

01:19:12   spending time on them and not crashing them.

01:19:17   I love my 6+. That's my device. I love my Retina MacBook Pro. I love my PS4. And I love

01:19:26   my pens and my Field Notes notebooks.

01:19:30   the ps4 maybe you guys have talked about it on virtual but definitely have the

01:19:34   the beige one is pretty awesome looking it's great is that well whatever the

01:19:41   20th anniversary one yeah it's great I want I don't want a ps4 but I want that

01:19:46   ps4 everybody does and that's why they're going to grant sorry guys my

01:19:51   tech resolution was to buy a ps4 yes Kyle's the beige in the chat room is

01:20:00   freaking out that I didn't know what color the PS4 was. I found a picture of my

01:20:04   special machine on Google Images. It's pretty small but you can see the name of

01:20:10   the model which is Via Veneto. Nice. Oh yes. Listen to Graham, friend of the show.

01:20:20   Yeah. Not a question but a challenge. Steven to use Windows and Federico to

01:20:26   and not use the iOS devices for a week for Myke to taunt them both.

01:20:31   Oh, I like that.

01:20:34   I could do it.

01:20:35   I could totally run Windows for a week.

01:20:38   In fact--

01:20:39   Do it then.

01:20:40   --little known story, I owned a ThinkPad for a while,

01:20:42   like two years ago.

01:20:44   And then I was like, what am I doing?

01:20:46   I don't need two laptops.

01:20:47   But I could get by on Windows for a week.

01:20:50   Do it then.

01:20:52   Prove it.

01:20:53   I've got a-- how?

01:20:55   - Dual boot my MacBook Pro? - No, by doing it and then talking about it.

01:20:59   Yeah, I could do that.

01:21:01   I honestly wouldn't be able to do this.

01:21:05   Well, you could, it would just be a vacation, like, it wouldn't be actual doing work.

01:21:11   You'd have to just stop work.

01:21:12   Spend a week in the forest without an iPad. Done!

01:21:15   No, I'll just be playing Minecraft and just use iMessage on my MacBook Air and

01:21:20   talking to my iCue

01:21:22   will need to work at some point and I'll just be bothering the guy.

01:21:25   Could you not like...

01:21:28   Oh no, iOS devices in general. Yeah, yeah.

01:21:30   You would struggle. I would have to be doing all this stuff for you.

01:21:34   I know that's what would happen.

01:21:35   He would just ask me, "Oh, could you just install this in editorial and just do this please?"

01:21:40   Can you do this for me?

01:21:42   Just a quick favor, like what happens if you do this?

01:21:45   So, I'm looking at Thinkpads again on Amazon.

01:21:50   I'm gonna use the company card.

01:21:52   So yeah, that's an interesting challenge.

01:21:55   I could do it, Federica would die.

01:21:57   Interestingly, Myke was not asked to give up anything, so what would be difficult for

01:22:03   you to give up for a week, Myke?

01:22:06   My iPhone.

01:22:07   Like, I don't think I could do it.

01:22:10   Actually I couldn't do it, I couldn't give up my iPhone for a week.

01:22:12   No way.

01:22:13   I would lose my mind.

01:22:16   Because I was able to give up my MacBook Pro for a week because I had no choice.

01:22:22   Because I poured liquid into it, right?

01:22:23   And I got...

01:22:24   Baptized it with a soda.

01:22:25   Uh-huh.

01:22:26   And I actually did quite a lot from my iPad.

01:22:28   And that was great.

01:22:29   It was...

01:22:30   I had a keyboard and it was awesome.

01:22:32   I felt like Federico.

01:22:34   But if I lost my iPhone, I would be really lost.

01:22:37   I don't think I'd be able to leave the house.

01:22:39   I wouldn't know what to do.

01:22:43   That's good.

01:22:44   That's a good question/thing.

01:22:45   last thing. Here's another question about if people should expect more of the

01:22:52   the prompt had pre-recorded report segments we did a handful of them I did

01:22:56   one on the history or like the introduction of the Mac and we had some

01:23:00   others if there's coming back in 2015 and I think I would like to do more of

01:23:04   that sort of stuff it's just time has been the issue I think we will also have

01:23:10   guests again at some point but again it's just been hectic to like do the

01:23:14   show each week without some of the extra stuff but I think if you like that sort

01:23:20   of thing you're going to be happy with future stuff all over the place on the

01:23:25   network so get a question some Graham Graham um you know he writes for Mac

01:23:31   stories right I know I do mm-hmm that's why I called in front of the show I

01:23:35   don't throw that out lightly so as we are approaching the end of our Q&A so we

01:23:44   have one more and then we have one from someone named Joe Steele. No! To be a

01:23:52   surprise. We just said it's from him. Yeah I wanted to keep a secret even the name.

01:23:58   See, Kyle's in the chat, it's betting 10 bucks. It's Joe. Yes, it's Joe.

01:24:06   listener Arnav? Go with that. He has three questions so Myke you ask the first one

01:24:15   and then we'll take turns asking the other ones. Okay so we kind of already

01:24:21   answered this one earlier but if you had to go to a metaphorical

01:24:25   app-less island which three apps would you take with you? That's how Lost started I

01:24:31   think. Yeah I think so I mean if I actually do know it's not the same because

01:24:34   If I'm going to an Apples island, I definitely don't need OmniFocus anymore.

01:24:38   Like I don't need that anymore.

01:24:39   No, you do.

01:24:40   How do you know when to build your hut and how do you know what dependencies you have

01:24:45   for that project?

01:24:47   I could live with it.

01:24:48   I would take Tweetbot, Overcast and Threes.

01:24:54   So it's Apples but there's the internet and podcasting is still a thing.

01:24:57   They never said that it wouldn't be.

01:25:00   It's really not Apples.

01:25:01   There's no Apples for it.

01:25:02   You're going on an island and you don't even take the real Twitter app with you.

01:25:08   You're going on an island with a Twitter API. I think you're honestly crazy, but whatever.

01:25:19   What if the API stops working and you're on the island and you cannot get in touch with

01:25:22   anybody because you're using a third party client and it's not working anymore and you're

01:25:26   stuck on the island and your communications are cut out with the rest of the world.

01:25:32   Even if the Twitter API was only available for one day, that one day would be better than the subsequent years of using the official Twitter API.

01:25:40   That's already a bad investment, I think.

01:25:42   Whoa! That's harsh!

01:25:45   Like, I'm not trying to be that guy, but as a strategy to go on an island with the Twitter API.

01:25:54   Obviously I didn't put enough thought into it.

01:25:56   Come on then Federico, what are yours? Please tell me your three apps.

01:26:00   Let's see how perfect your app picks up.

01:26:03   Come on.

01:26:04   No, I don't want to tell you, man.

01:26:07   No, come on.

01:26:08   Let's play the game.

01:26:10   Okay.

01:26:11   It'll be editorial, Twitter, and Safari.

01:26:14   Okay.

01:26:15   And what do you expect to be doing with editorial?

01:26:17   I expect to be working.

01:26:20   To be writing my journal.

01:26:22   But your website is about apps.

01:26:27   In plain text.

01:26:29   So you'll just be writing a journal and you won't be writing Mac stories anymore?

01:26:33   No, see, I have actually, I think this is pretty clever, and not because I said it,

01:26:39   so not because I'm my own bias, but because with the tutorial and with Python, I could

01:26:44   contact other services so I could search iTunes, not download apps, but I could still search

01:26:51   iTunes and know what's going on in the rest of the world just by looking at screenshots

01:26:56   fetched with the iTunes API.

01:26:58   What do you say now?

01:27:02   - Well, you do all that crazy stuff like build other apps,

01:27:05   which kind of cheat, you're cheating a bit.

01:27:07   - No, I'm not cheating.

01:27:08   - You could build an RSS reader inside of editorial

01:27:10   because you're crazy like that.

01:27:12   - I have one.

01:27:13   It works with fit wrangler from the good underscore.

01:27:16   - Why does anyone want that?

01:27:18   (laughing)

01:27:20   - You know what, Myke,

01:27:23   I don't want to discuss this topic with you anymore.

01:27:26   - Wow, I too would choose Safari.

01:27:30   I thought I would be clever and say Safari first

01:27:32   because if you have Safari, you have

01:27:34   a lot of other things.

01:27:37   I would maybe say depending on how bad the island is,

01:27:41   maybe some sort of Google Maps and or like web,

01:27:44   local WebMD, like if I get bit by this spider

01:27:49   or the scorpion, what do scorpions do, sting you?

01:27:53   what to do. That's just a practical standpoint. And I think I would take Instagram because

01:27:58   it's a fun social network. And I could take pictures of scorpions and people could tell

01:28:02   me if they're dangerous or not.

01:28:07   The next question in this little trio, the App Store has been around for so many years,

01:28:11   it's not really that long, which apps have had the most impact on your life?

01:28:18   Myke?

01:28:19   Michael.

01:28:21   The app which has a dying API has heard what?

01:28:28   I would say Twitter apps as a genre.

01:28:31   Okay, that's better.

01:28:33   So we don't fight.

01:28:34   Okay, so we'll go with that.

01:28:37   Twitter apps as an entire genre.

01:28:42   And I mean, I would probably go podcast apps as well, right?

01:28:46   Because without listening to podcasts, I wouldn't be a podcaster.

01:28:50   My customers podcasters so that that was

01:28:53   Pretty you guys done yet. You can tell the mic is really upset

01:29:01   So

01:29:06   Steven you go then

01:29:08   Doesn't say Twitter apps because that's how I've met like all the internet people that I know is via Twitter

01:29:15   Right, I think like we talked obviously I've talked a lot about apps and and how like each app had an era and how Twitter

01:29:22   Itself has changed but like overall with with like if Twitter didn't exist

01:29:26   Three of us might not know each other, you know, except for me editing Myke and putting you know, Oxford commas and things. I

01:29:33   think it's I think it's true for a lot of people that

01:29:37   Twitter as a platform and as a family of apps over the years has made a huge impact

01:29:42   So I think that's definitely the top of my list really without question.

01:29:46   >> Federico?

01:29:47   >> I would say Twitter apps and I mean of course markdown text editors, not just editorial.

01:30:02   I feel like when I started writing all my articles in markdown and plain text in general,

01:30:10   I saved so much time and for me personally the markdown has been like, like I gotta thank

01:30:19   John Gruber for life, you know?

01:30:23   And the other category I would say just Dropbox in general, like it allows me to have all

01:30:33   my files on all my devices and that sounds really like obvious but it's not, especially

01:30:41   if you try to do the same with iCloud.

01:30:44   You know all the apps that integrate with Dropbox and I remember when the first text

01:30:50   editors with Dropbox integration started coming out in 2010 I think the first one was, at

01:30:56   least the first popular one was elements from second gear software.

01:31:02   I remember Elements started this trend of Dropbox, Markdown, text editors.

01:31:08   So for me these two categories have been huge.

01:31:12   Like I've tried so many of these apps, I still depend on this kind of workflow.

01:31:18   And so Twitter, Markdown and Dropbox have been the big ones for me.

01:31:23   Cool.

01:31:24   Are you mad?

01:31:28   No I'm not mad at you.

01:31:29   How can I get mad at you?

01:31:30   That's good to know.

01:31:31   That's good to know.

01:31:33   There's a third question from Lister Arnav.

01:31:36   Oh, yeah.

01:31:38   Which apps do you think have had the most impact on the iOS experience? Not necessarily current versions or current apps.

01:31:44   So if I can go first, I would say Tweety.

01:31:48   Tweety 2 specifically.

01:31:52   I would say also the first Flipboard for iPad.

01:31:57   Because I think that sets... like Flipboard is still an example in many many things.

01:32:05   I know that now Flipboard is on Android, is actually bigger on smartphones,

01:32:11   but I think Flipboard and like the interactions, the graphics, the animations,

01:32:15   they provided many developers with some rules to follow on the iPad four years ago,

01:32:25   almost five years ago at this point.

01:32:28   So 22 Flipboard and I'm struggling.

01:32:32   Because I want to say, I don't know,

01:32:35   maybe fantastical with the natural language stuff,

01:32:39   but there's so many other... I mean, it's difficult.

01:32:41   How many apps can I pick?

01:32:43   I don't know.

01:32:45   I'm trying to pick all of them so you can leave some for us.

01:32:48   I would go with Instagram, photo filters.

01:32:54   I mean I know that there were apps that were doing this stuff like

01:32:57   Hipstagram but you know I think that

01:33:03   I think that Instagram's photo filters popularized that and made a huge difference.

01:33:09   Do you mean hip-dum-hipt-a-mastic?

01:33:11   Hipstamatic?

01:33:13   Hipstamatic?

01:33:15   Hipstamatic.

01:33:15   Hipstamatic.

01:33:15   Hipstamatic.

01:33:16   Hipstamatic.

01:33:17   Hipstamatic.

01:33:17   Hipstamatic.

01:33:18   Hipstamatic.

01:33:19   Hipstamatic.

01:33:19   Hipstamatic.

01:33:20   Hipstamatic.

01:33:21   Hipstamatic.

01:33:23   Hipstamatic.

01:33:24   I bet there is a hipstergram.

01:33:26   Hipstergram.

01:33:28   Is there one?

01:33:30   It just uses the original Instagram filters.

01:33:32   There is hipstergram, by the way.

01:33:35   It is a real app.

01:33:37   A hipstergram is when you send somebody a pajama gram, but it's a dude in a plaid shirt with a beard at the door instead of somebody in pajamas.

01:33:45   Stephen, would you like to contribute?

01:33:52   I think you guys thought too small with your answers.

01:33:55   Whoa, look at me.

01:33:56   Whoa.

01:33:57   Look at me.

01:33:57   Whoa.

01:33:58   Let me take you back to the Mac SE.

01:34:00   Mac guy.

01:34:00   [MAKES SOUND]

01:34:04   You know what, Myke?

01:34:05   I think there are two big apps that really define iOS.

01:34:10   I think, to this day, I think it's Safari,

01:34:12   and I think it's the App Store.

01:34:14   Safari first being that when Steve Jobs gets on stage

01:34:18   and he says, it's an internet communicator,

01:34:20   Like that was sort of the dud of the line, but it's really what has proven to be the

01:34:24   most important.

01:34:26   And a lot of that in those early days was because of Safari, because you didn't have

01:34:30   apps, you had to do everything in the web.

01:34:32   And to have the entire internet like in your pocket was, it still is crazy.

01:34:39   And obviously the app store coming in a year later is the, you know, the genesis of all

01:34:48   third party apps and third party workflows and everything we do on our devices now.

01:34:52   But I think Safari is still as important.

01:34:54   I think it's definitely my most used app, especially on my phone, because you have access

01:35:00   to the world's information.

01:35:02   I think those two apps, without those two or without one of them, iOS would not be what

01:35:09   it is today at all.

01:35:11   I think we're thinking about the question slightly differently, but I get your point.

01:35:16   I think I took the lead Federico at least in like apps where in which the

01:35:20   functionality of those third-party apps have influenced the design and features.

01:35:24   Yeah I mean there's no right or wrong answer. Well there are, there are.

01:35:29   Y'all's are wrong and I'm right but you know it's fine.

01:35:34   Is it time for the last question? I think it might be. Okay. Where did Myke go?

01:35:42   go I'm back here sorry I was taking about what I'm way way off searching for

01:35:47   a second it was searching for old dabs in his closet

01:35:52   right I'm back hi all right I'm gonna set the stage for this because Federico

01:36:01   has promised an answer yes so this is from listener Joe Steele which is not his

01:36:06   real name we have changed his name to protect the innocent if you were casting

01:36:11   "connected the motion picture", which actors would you cast for Myke, Federico, and Steven?

01:36:18   Pitch the story.

01:36:22   Can I go ahead?

01:36:23   Because I thought of this and I don't have anything to say.

01:36:26   This is all you.

01:36:27   Yeah, I don't have anything.

01:36:29   Steven, so this is my vision for this movie.

01:36:34   I think there's potential for a good picture here.

01:36:38   played by Bradley Cooper, owns an antique shop. One day, a fine-looking British man

01:36:46   named Myke, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, walks into the store and asks for the map,

01:36:54   winking twice as a signal. The two understand the signal because when they were children,

01:37:02   they were taught by their grandfather to wait for another person in this world to come in

01:37:09   their life and use this signal.

01:37:12   So they understand the need to collaborate together on a mission to find again their

01:37:18   long lost Italian-American friend Federico, played by Joseph Gorun Levitt, to come back

01:37:27   from retirement and reconnect to help them.

01:37:31   Wow. Why am I Bradley Cooper? I'm not complaining with the choice. Why are you

01:37:38   even questioning this? I'm sorry. Like the casting that we have been

01:37:44   given is incredibly complimentary to all of us. It's true. Oh Federico look in the

01:37:55   look at the IRC. So in the show notes there's a... Myke are you happy Myke?

01:38:02   Oh I'm very happy, yeah. Perfect.

01:38:07   Steven didn't like Bradley Cooper. No, I'm fine with it, I'm just curious why.

01:38:13   Because of the beard I think? Yeah that's why I thought too. There's a

01:38:19   picture of a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It looks like Federico's picture from

01:38:23   the Senors album is in the show notes. Nice, okay. Hopefully, just see all those movie

01:38:32   directors of sorts, we'd be able to have a script. I would really like to see Joe Steele

01:38:40   come out of retirement to write some of this script. And there's apparently, there's a,

01:38:46   yeah, I'll take that. They found a Cumberbatch image with him with a beard. See, it's Myke.

01:38:52   I'll take that. I'll take that. Can anybody help Steven?

01:39:00   Steven, come on. There's just this week, no actually I think next week, whatever, there's

01:39:09   the new Bradley Cooper movie, American Sniper, coming out in theaters here in Italy. There's

01:39:15   movie posters.

01:39:16   They did it. They found one.

01:39:18   Yeah, there's a picture on TinyPic and that is definitely my haircut and my beard.

01:39:25   This is perfect!

01:39:27   Wow, look at us guys!

01:39:29   I honestly spent 20 minutes thinking about this.

01:39:33   And you perfectly casted us!

01:39:36   I really care about this podcast.

01:39:38   Is Kyle's the Grey your casting assistant?

01:39:40   It seems like it.

01:39:42   No comment.

01:39:47   I do not comment on Kyle's plans.

01:39:50   Federico, do you have a working title for this movie?

01:39:53   Oh yeah, it's called "Re-Connect".

01:39:57   The "Re" in parentheses.

01:39:59   Oh.

01:40:01   So it's like Re-Code, but in a different way.

01:40:03   Mm-hmm, it's with "Connect" instead of "Code" in a different punctuation.

01:40:06   And there's this red for no reason.

01:40:08   Can somebody...

01:40:12   I mean, we're totally in the show now.

01:40:14   can somebody like take those three images and put them together and I'll

01:40:18   put them in the show notes. Can we have a fake movie poster with these three actors

01:40:23   called Reconnect? Somebody gets to work on that too. So I'll put all three

01:40:28   I replaced the Bradley Cooper one for you Myke I found a better one and I'll

01:40:34   put all three in the IRC so they're all together. Excellent how beautiful how

01:40:39   beautiful. We are some handsome young men well y'all are handsome young men I'm

01:40:44   handsome middle-aged man. We're very handsome when we recast ourselves as

01:40:48   very famous actors. We gotta think of supporting worlds but I need more time.

01:41:00   I need more time. Can you believe we're a permanent pre-permanent that's not even

01:41:07   I'm just gonna stop talking. We're a major player in the Apple

01:41:17   podcasting space and we used to be. We used to be talking about fake movies. Hey guys do you

01:41:26   remember the prompt? Yeah. Can you take us home? I sure can. I would like to wish all of our

01:41:36   listeners a very happy holidays I hope that you celebrate very well and get all

01:41:39   of the gadgetry that you're hoping for if you'd like to find the show notes for

01:41:43   this week including some picked some beautiful imaginary photos of us you can

01:41:48   go to relay.fm / connected / 19 I think I said 20 earlier in the show I meant to

01:41:56   say 19 if I did if you'd like to find us on Twitter I am at I Myke I am YKE

01:42:01   Federico's at Vitici, VITI CCI and Steven is at ISMH. This show is a part of the

01:42:09   glorious Relay FM which you can find at relay.fm. If you'd like to find some

01:42:13   more of Steven and Federico's work you can go to maxstories.net and 512pixels.net

01:42:19   We'll be back next week with our final episode of 2014. Until then, goodbye.

01:42:27   Arrivederci and Buona Festo!

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