12: Come Grocery Shopping With Me


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00:00:33   My name is Myke Curley and I have the pleasure of being joined by the one and only Mr Federico

00:00:39   Vittucci.

00:00:40   Oh, hey Myke.

00:00:41   Hello Federico, how are you?

00:00:43   Doing good actually, you know.

00:00:45   Have you ever had Moncheri, like the chocolate?

00:00:52   How do you spell it Federico?

00:00:53   It's M-O-N-C-H-E-R-I, Moncherie.

00:01:00   I think it's French.

00:01:03   It's a Ferrero chocolate.

00:01:06   It's a little chocolate with liquor and a cherry inside.

00:01:11   It's really good, man.

00:01:13   I just had one.

00:01:14   I don't know.

00:01:15   You seem to ask me every time, "How am I doing and what I'm up to?"

00:01:20   I'm doing good.

00:01:21   I just had a Moncherie.

00:01:23   one? Oh yeah only one. It was the only one left sadly. Oh. Yeah. I usually like it like

00:01:29   two or three in a row. Do you notice anything different this week? It's raining in Rome.

00:01:38   Okay. It's firework night here. So does firework... I can tell there doesn't seem to be anything

00:01:44   different honestly. Well if you were in this room you'd be hearing lots of explosions.

00:01:50   Luckily my microphone doesn't pick up too much of them, but if you hear any explosions,

00:01:55   don't worry, I haven't exploded, or my computer hasn't exploded.

00:01:59   It's a firework.

00:02:01   Because it's Guy Fawkes night.

00:02:04   Oh, the guy with the mask.

00:02:07   Or the movie, right?

00:02:09   V for Vendetta, right?

00:02:11   That's the guy.

00:02:12   Yeah, kind of.

00:02:14   I mean, come on, I'm part of the younger generation stuff.

00:02:20   I know Guy Fawkes for the movie, come on.

00:02:22   You're Generation V.

00:02:24   Yes, I am.

00:02:26   Generation V from Canada.

00:02:27   Yeah, I guess apart from it being raining and firework night, there's nothing too different

00:02:32   about today.

00:02:33   Well, that guy isn't here.

00:02:36   What, Matt?

00:02:37   No, no, the other guy, the Mac guy.

00:02:41   Oh, the K-Base guy?

00:02:42   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:02:43   The lead genius for the Memphis region?

00:02:45   Yeah, yeah.

00:02:46   Yeah, Steven's not here today.

00:02:48   He bought an iPad Mini 2 but that's got nothing to do with it.

00:02:51   But he did buy an iPad Mini 2.

00:02:53   So he's not here because he bought an iPad?

00:02:56   Just out of spite he's not here?

00:02:57   Well, I think he definitely couldn't have been here if he had bought an iPad Mini 3,

00:03:02   which I had to kind of, we had to have some discussions about that earlier this week.

00:03:06   He was like "I'm gonna buy an iPad Mini today" and I was like "what one are you gonna get?"

00:03:10   and he was like "the iPad Mini 2".

00:03:11   He said "but I'm thinking about getting the iPad Mini 3" and I was like "don't get it,

00:03:16   it's like, you know..."

00:03:18   That's why he's not here.

00:03:19   But then I thought, I think I said to him, well, you know, if you're going to buy it,

00:03:22   why not go all out?

00:03:23   I just wanted to see if he'd do it, but he didn't.

00:03:25   He went with the iPad Mini 2, he made the right choice.

00:03:27   Although I have seen him now complaining that he doesn't have Touch ID.

00:03:30   He's never happy for Rico.

00:03:33   He's always so grumpy.

00:03:34   Is he grumpy?

00:03:37   We love you, Steven.

00:03:39   We really miss you.

00:03:41   So there's not really a lot of follow up this week because Steven's not here.

00:03:45   Because we cannot do follow up.

00:03:47   There's actually literally no follow-up.

00:03:48   I have a couple of quick topics before our main topics today, but there is literally

00:03:53   no follow-up.

00:03:54   What are we supposed to do with our follow-up?

00:03:56   No, no, should we make some up?

00:03:57   Just let's come up with some follow-ups.

00:03:59   Okay, okay.

00:04:00   So, yeah.

00:04:01   No, no, I actually have some real follow-ups.

00:04:03   Okay, please go ahead, Federico.

00:04:04   So a couple of weeks ago, I tweeted about my quest to find a Malm closet at IKEA.

00:04:13   We got one today.

00:04:15   my girlfriend is in the other room right now building up the the mom closet thing.

00:04:21   It's very nice of you to leave your girlfriend to pull the closet whilst you're recording a podcast.

00:04:24   You know I gotta do the shows.

00:04:26   Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sure she understands.

00:04:28   I have some follow-up from listener Derek who emailed in to say that all of my,

00:04:37   basically everything I said last week was correct for once and he wanted to congratulate me because

00:04:43   is usually what everything I say is wrong.

00:04:46   But not last week, apparently everything I said was correct and everything that you and

00:04:49   Steven said was wrong.

00:04:50   So thank you listener Derek for pointing that out.

00:04:53   What is this about?

00:04:54   This doesn't matter, Derek sent me an email.

00:04:57   This guy doesn't exist does he?

00:04:59   I don't know what you're talking about.

00:05:02   Very nice, it's nice.

00:05:04   Moving on from our follow up, I did have a couple of small things that I wanted to talk

00:05:09   about.

00:05:10   listened to Underscore David Smith's Developing Perspective show today, episode 201.

00:05:15   Congratulations Underscore for crossing 200.

00:05:17   And he was talking about wearables and he's been experimenting with some stuff as he's

00:05:22   thinking about like the watch kit and the Apple watch and just generally like you know

00:05:28   about fitness and things like that.

00:05:30   He's tried out the Up and the new Microsoft band.

00:05:36   You know the what do they call it?

00:05:37   They call it the band right?

00:05:39   - The Microsoft band.

00:05:40   - Yeah, that's Microsoft band.

00:05:41   - That's literally the name.

00:05:42   - Yeah, I was like, what's the name of that Microsoft band?

00:05:45   - It's the Microsoft band.

00:05:46   - It's called the Microsoft band.

00:05:47   And he's just said some really interesting stuff

00:05:49   that I think you should listen to.

00:05:50   Like he's talking about the fitness things

00:05:52   and saying how like, you know, he is a developer

00:05:54   of Podometer++, a Podometer application,

00:05:56   but he has to carry his phone around

00:05:58   for it to work all the time.

00:05:59   So having a device on you that like always does it,

00:06:02   irrespective of whether you have your devices on you

00:06:05   is really awesome.

00:06:06   Like it can track your sleep

00:06:07   and it makes you think about things differently.

00:06:09   But the Microsoft band also does notifications,

00:06:12   like has a little screen, and he was saying,

00:06:14   and he actually mentioned about how the things

00:06:16   that I've mentioned in regards to the purple before,

00:06:19   you know, about how it actually makes you think differently

00:06:21   about how you use your device, and it helps you

00:06:23   sort of untether yourself from it a little bit,

00:06:25   and you don't need to, you don't get that anxiety

00:06:27   to grab your phone out of your pocket and check it,

00:06:30   because you can just look at your watch

00:06:31   and you can see the notifications,

00:06:33   or there's just this different feeling to it,

00:06:36   which is something that I think I've struggled to try and get

00:06:40   people to understand.

00:06:41   And what I have always said is that it makes sense to you

00:06:45   once you actually start doing it.

00:06:46   And Underscore, who said that he didn't understand

00:06:48   what I was saying, now understands what I'm saying.

00:06:51   So if you think that I'm crazy, you probably

00:06:54   don't think that Underscore David Smith is crazy,

00:06:56   because he's smarter than me.

00:06:58   So you should go and listen to episode 201 of Developing

00:07:00   Perspective, never longer than 15 minutes.

00:07:03   And you can find out who it is.

00:07:04   So let's get started.

00:07:05   [laughter]

00:07:10   I don't know, just when you say those words it just comes out automatically.

00:07:15   If you've never heard Developing Perspective, that's what Underscore says every episode.

00:07:19   Never longer than 15 minutes, so let's get started.

00:07:21   It's a great show actually.

00:07:23   Yeah, I love it.

00:07:24   If you enjoy this show, you should listen to it.

00:07:26   Because it's like, in the world of a 90 minute podcast like ours, or like 400 hour podcast like ATP,

00:07:34   It's nice to have something that you can maybe listen to over lunch or something,

00:07:38   or when you're just taking a stroll.

00:07:40   Developing perspective is really good for that.

00:07:42   When I'm washing my dishes, I'm always there with the underscore.

00:07:46   You know, it's like my dishwasher companion.

00:07:50   Oh, that's nice.

00:07:51   Yeah.

00:07:53   So the underscore has joined Team Myke when it comes to notification on your wrists.

00:07:59   Yes.

00:08:01   Yes, he's part of Team Myke.

00:08:03   Go Team Myke!

00:08:04   I see.

00:08:05   I see.

00:08:06   Mm-hmm.

00:08:07   Steven added something before he disappeared.

00:08:09   So Steven is clearly he wants to punish us.

00:08:13   Yeah.

00:08:14   For, I guess he knew we were going to kind of poke fun at the K-base and the Mac, so

00:08:22   he put in a topic for us.

00:08:24   Myke, do you want to do the honors here?

00:08:29   Amazon have set up photo storage for Prime members.

00:08:34   It's a new Prime member benefit, it's free,

00:08:37   and it's unlimited photo storage.

00:08:39   They have an iOS app, which actually the iOS app,

00:08:43   no I've not actually tried this out,

00:08:45   and this is like the first time I've ever looked

00:08:47   about anything with it, 'cause I'm kind of,

00:08:49   I'm so burnt out on photo storage solutions,

00:08:51   like it's unreal, like people were sending me this,

00:08:53   and I'm like, I just don't care,

00:08:54   I don't wanna look at it, I don't wanna see it.

00:08:56   - Please stop.

00:08:57   Pleased to stop, pleased to stop and leave me alone forever.

00:09:01   But their app looks like it does the searching by time,

00:09:06   the month and the year thing that I quite like.

00:09:09   But I don't know if it's location stuff, but yeah.

00:09:12   You can do that.

00:09:12   Steven did leave a note where he said

00:09:14   that he uploaded some images

00:09:15   and he wasn't happy with the organizational tools.

00:09:18   So if you are a Prime member, maybe you can check it out.

00:09:21   But if you're like what I think

00:09:23   and that there will never be anybody

00:09:24   that ever wins ever at this, don't bother.

00:09:27   - So let me understand.

00:09:29   Amazon Prime used to be about shipping stuff faster.

00:09:33   - Yeah.

00:09:34   - Now it's about photos and videos

00:09:37   and a bunch of other benefits.

00:09:39   - Amazon Prime, man, is amazing.

00:09:42   Like you get so much with Amazon Prime.

00:09:46   I love Amazon Prime.

00:09:47   Like just the shipping is good enough, but you get...

00:09:51   So this is in the UK, for example,

00:09:53   Unlimited one day delivery on over 7 million items, over 500,000 Kindle titles to borrow for free,

00:09:58   unlimited instant streaming on more than 15,000 titles on Prime Instant Video, and now unlimited photo storage too.

00:10:04   But do you ever use all this stuff?

00:10:06   I use the shipping stuff so much.

00:10:12   I have saved more money in shipping fees.

00:10:16   No, no, the shipping is awesome.

00:10:18   I have Amazon Prime in Italy.

00:10:21   for Amazon Italy. It's amazing.

00:10:23   I do watch Prime Instant Video.

00:10:25   Oh yeah?

00:10:26   Yeah, they have a bunch of interesting series. They have some of their own stuff.

00:10:30   Oh yeah, there's the new one with...

00:10:34   Yeah, but actor names with the guy.

00:10:36   The guy from Arrested Development.

00:10:37   Yes, Jeffrey Tambor.

00:10:39   Yeah, it's called...

00:10:42   It's called...

00:10:44   I'm thinking of Transparent?

00:10:47   It's called Transparent, yep.

00:10:48   I'm watching community on it at the moment.

00:10:51   The one thing about Prime Instant Video,

00:10:55   everything about it is horrible.

00:10:57   The website is terrible to navigate.

00:11:00   It's basically like, it's barely,

00:11:03   it's like impossible to find where you need to go

00:11:05   to actually bring up the videos.

00:11:07   It frustrates me when you search for something

00:11:10   and it looks like you can watch it,

00:11:11   but actually it's just giving you a link to go and buy it.

00:11:15   Like it takes you to a page where it looks like,

00:11:16   It looks exactly the same as the Watch Now pages,

00:11:19   but it's just trying to make you buy it

00:11:21   because they don't have it.

00:11:22   And also we're watching a TV show, right?

00:11:26   A 30 minute TV show.

00:11:28   You have to select and play each episode.

00:11:30   It doesn't have like the automatic starting

00:11:32   of the next episode like Netflix does.

00:11:34   But their selection's pretty good.

00:11:37   So I like them for that.

00:11:38   But yeah, Amazon Prime was a good decision for me.

00:11:41   And then I don't know if you knew this Federico,

00:11:44   but you can share your shipping with other people.

00:11:47   - What does it mean?

00:11:49   You get my stuff?

00:11:50   - I didn't necessarily mean that.

00:11:53   I got angry.

00:11:54   You get my stuff, you ain't getting my stuff.

00:11:56   - Yeah, exactly.

00:11:57   - Your one day shipping thing,

00:11:59   you know, you get free one day shipping.

00:12:01   You can share it with friends and family.

00:12:04   I think it's like up to five people.

00:12:06   It's buried away in the settings of your Amazon account.

00:12:09   - So you're like an Amazon Prime power user.

00:12:11   - I am an Amazon Prime power user.

00:12:13   You know all this stuff.

00:12:15   Well done.

00:12:17   So you can go to the settings

00:12:19   and you can like have shared family shipments or something.

00:12:24   - Yep, but my, I have my girlfriend using,

00:12:27   ships a slightly different address,

00:12:29   different surname, but they still allow it.

00:12:31   And she gets, she gets free one day shipping, same as I do.

00:12:34   - And this is from the same Amazon Prime account?

00:12:37   - Yes.

00:12:38   - Nice.

00:12:38   - I'm gonna include in the show notes,

00:12:41   a link to the A base.

00:12:42   I just made that up.

00:12:43   The A-Bass, the Amazon Bass, which explains how you go about adding...

00:12:48   The Amazon Bass sounds like an evil plan from Jeff Bezos.

00:12:53   Like the drum bass.

00:12:56   He would definitely do that, I think.

00:12:57   It's called inviting a household member, but you can ship stuff to anywhere.

00:13:01   So, you know, maybe one day the Amazon Police will come and arrest me.

00:13:06   But until that day, free shipping for everyone!

00:13:09   Yeah, this is definitely something that sounds illegal.

00:13:12   But yeah, good, good tip, Myke.

00:13:15   Good. So Myke tip.

00:13:17   The Mykey tip.

00:13:18   Mykey tip is all about how to dodge shipping costs.

00:13:22   The law. The law, yes.

00:13:24   It's all about I'm all about dodging the law these days.

00:13:26   Oh, Myke. So we talked about so these prime photos, I only wanted to say

00:13:32   because the topic was actually Amazon Prime photos.

00:13:36   It doesn't have any file or upload limitation, just any file from any device.

00:13:43   They don't care and they keep the full resolution version of your file and then you can use the

00:13:50   Amazon Prime app on your phone. And yeah, it doesn't sound like something that I will ever do,

00:13:57   mostly because I never got into the cloud drive, cloud music, whatever it is that they call the

00:14:06   products. I only wanted to say that it seems like the right thing to do,

00:14:11   especially for other people, and by other people I mean Apple. Unlimited storage, no file limitations,

00:14:21   free forever for all subscribers, that's definitely the way to go. And instead Apple is insisting on

00:14:29   in these iCloud plans with upload.

00:14:34   Now there's no more upload limitations

00:14:36   but there's still different kinds of plans

00:14:39   and storage that you can buy from Apple.

00:14:43   - Yeah, but that's kind of like paying

00:14:45   for Amazon Prime though, right?

00:14:47   You're still paying an amount of money to Amazon.

00:14:49   - Yeah, but it's simpler, right?

00:14:50   You pay this and it's unlimited.

00:14:53   Instead of pulling it's like,

00:14:54   oh, you have to choose how many gigabytes

00:14:56   of storage you want to keep.

00:14:58   There's more friction to Apple's idea of storage on iCloud.

00:15:06   And it's also more expensive if you have a lot of data and a lot of photos and vidoes and documents.

00:15:11   I don't know why you would ever want to store all your documents on iCloud, but still, it's not the main point.

00:15:17   At the moment, is it even possible to do that?

00:15:20   Well, it's possible on the new iOS 8.1.1 beta.

00:15:24   Really?

00:15:25   Yeah, it's fixed.

00:15:27   I mean, you're telling the internet that a lot of things are fixed in 8.1.1.

00:15:34   Yeah, can you imagine if they're not actually fixed in the final release and people would

00:15:39   be upset at me?

00:15:41   So at the moment in 8.1.1, from what I've seen you say, the ordering of the share extensions

00:15:46   is fixed?

00:15:47   Yeah.

00:15:48   The...

00:15:49   Share and action extensions.

00:15:50   They're fixed.

00:15:51   What else is fixed?

00:15:53   I haven't seen the iCloud hanging/crashing bug

00:15:58   that I was experiencing with a bunch of apps.

00:16:02   What else?

00:16:05   Rotation seems to be better.

00:16:07   I'm not getting the--

00:16:09   - Yeah, I have really weird rotation problems.

00:16:11   - Yeah, that's a major problem on USAID.

00:16:14   I'm not getting the stuck iCloud

00:16:16   for rivalry uploads anymore.

00:16:19   That just seems to be going well.

00:16:23   What else? There's a bunch of other minor fixes.

00:16:27   Have you had like the 25 minute wait to delete an app?

00:16:31   No, that's gone also. That's been fixed.

00:16:34   I'm still seeing... See, I don't know if this is a thing.

00:16:38   I only saw... I only had a reader on Twitter telling me the same thing.

00:16:43   On my iPad Air 2, there's... Just randomly, there's a pop

00:16:51   in the speaker, like this.

00:16:55   And it's just random.

00:16:56   - Well, like it just happens.

00:16:58   - It just happens like-

00:16:59   - Oh, that's weird.

00:17:00   - Not even when you're like playing music or other audio,

00:17:04   like when you, I don't know,

00:17:05   you open the settings page of an app and the speaker pops.

00:17:09   (laughing)

00:17:11   You know?

00:17:12   And because of the iPad R2, because it's so thin

00:17:15   and you can feel the device vibrate

00:17:17   when you play some audio on your device,

00:17:20   The pop is like you can hear it and feel it in your hands.

00:17:24   And it's really weird because it's not related to audio

00:17:27   and it just keeps happening.

00:17:29   And I had another person on Twitter,

00:17:31   he told me the same thing.

00:17:33   So I'm not the only one

00:17:34   and it doesn't seem to be a hardware issue.

00:17:38   So it must be a software issue that's still not fixed

00:17:41   in the 8.1.8 beta, which came out two days ago, I think.

00:17:46   So Apple is doing betas for everything now.

00:17:48   doing betas for iOS, for Yosemite, for iCloud.

00:17:53   I wonder if they'll ever do a beta for, I don't know, do they do other software?

00:17:59   Like Apple WatchOS, WatchKit.

00:18:00   Apple Watch betas.

00:18:01   WatchKit is in beta, let's just say that that's accurate.

00:18:04   No, it's actually coming out in November, the WatchKit beta, I think.

00:18:09   Is it a beta or is it just the tools?

00:18:11   It's probably just the tools, right?

00:18:13   Yeah, the developer tools.

00:18:16   But they're technically betas until they're real.

00:18:18   But anyway, yeah, Apple is a beta company.

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00:20:50   - Oh, you really did say that.

00:20:52   - Say what?

00:20:53   - Nothing. - Nothing.

00:20:54   So carrying on from last week's episode,

00:20:58   we did kind of mention this,

00:21:00   that we were thinking of doing this,

00:21:02   and I thought, why not carry on

00:21:05   with talking about the way that we set up our devices.

00:21:08   And that's gonna be a bit of discussion today.

00:21:10   We're gonna talk about our iOS Today view widgets

00:21:13   and maybe a little bit about extensions that we like.

00:21:17   And Federico is gonna talk us through his iPad home screen.

00:21:21   There isn't really anything interesting to mind,

00:21:23   so we'll just talk about Federico's.

00:21:25   - No, don't say that.

00:21:26   I bet there must be something interesting about you.

00:21:30   - Well, there's other things interesting about me,

00:21:32   just not about my iPad home screen.

00:21:37   The one thing, so we're gonna talk about today view widgets.

00:21:42   I mean, I don't know about you Federico,

00:21:43   but I don't really know if I can share screenshots

00:21:46   of my today view widgets.

00:21:48   - Oh, because you have betas.

00:21:49   - No.

00:21:50   - Why? - My personal information.

00:21:53   - Like, my calendar, my only focus.

00:21:56   Like, it's not like, you do a really great job

00:21:58   of like setting up awesome events

00:22:00   when you do like reviews and stuff.

00:22:01   - Yeah, that's dedication to the past.

00:22:03   - Yeah, but for me to do that,

00:22:05   I had to delete a bunch of stuff that I'm not gonna do,

00:22:06   but we're gonna talk through the things that we use

00:22:09   and I'll make sure that there's links in the show notes,

00:22:12   like the beautiful way that Stephen put that together

00:22:15   last week, I'll make sure that we do that.

00:22:17   - Have I ever told you where people can find the show notes?

00:22:21   - No, Federico, and I have no idea.

00:22:23   Please, if you could let me know.

00:22:25   - You can open your Netscape Navigator browser

00:22:28   And you can go to relay.fm/connected/12, which is a 12, as a number,

00:22:35   and you will find a list of links which are called show notes

00:22:40   in this podcasting language of ours.

00:22:44   That's really good.

00:22:45   Really good description.

00:22:46   Very specific, and I appreciate that.

00:22:51   So Federico, would you like to start and talk through

00:22:57   some of the fantastic apps that you have.

00:23:00   - Sure, so let me start with a little criticism

00:23:05   of the Today View on the iPad.

00:23:07   I'm talking about the iPad today

00:23:09   because that's the device that I use the most.

00:23:13   So in the Today View, I removed the default

00:23:18   Today and Tomorrow sections

00:23:22   that Apple puts in the Notification Center.

00:23:24   And the Today section is where they give you

00:23:26   like a summary of today, the weather conditions and traffic information.

00:23:30   Tomorrow, which is at the bottom, tells you like your upcoming schedule and what's

00:23:36   the first event on your calendar tomorrow.

00:23:37   If you remove the first block from the today view and you put a widget in under

00:23:44   the days, the current day which cannot be removed, there's no margin between the

00:23:52   first widget and the day.

00:23:55   And it's really awful to look at

00:23:59   because when you have something like a Wednesday, right?

00:24:01   So it's spelled out in the today view at the top,

00:24:04   Wednesday comma November 5th.

00:24:07   And there's a Y at the end of Wednesday.

00:24:11   And the Y goes like,

00:24:14   what's the typography term for this?

00:24:16   It goes below the line.

00:24:19   - Below the line works perfectly.

00:24:20   - Okay.

00:24:21   And it really, it's basically, it kind of goes into the widget's name.

00:24:30   I can take a screenshot and show you because it's really awful.

00:24:35   And it's one of those graphical glitches that...

00:24:36   Oh, you see, I don't see that because I used the weather.

00:24:41   I used the official weather widget as like a...

00:24:43   It obviously works as a buffer for me.

00:24:46   So you see the letters from the date go down and into the bar of the first widget.

00:24:54   The Y on Wednesday goes into the draft widget name.

00:25:02   Like the darker grey bar, each widget has a name with a darker grey horizontal bar,

00:25:09   and the Y goes into the grey area.

00:25:14   But aside from that, the first widget that I keep in my today view is "Drafts".

00:25:22   I use this because, especially after it got an update and it became a smaller widget,

00:25:30   it allows me to quickly save text into "Drafts", which is an exceptional app by Greg Pearce,

00:25:39   and not just because it lets me open "Drafts" and type from anywhere.

00:25:43   So I don't have to go back to the home screen and find the Drafts icon, I can just open

00:25:49   the Today View and launch Drafts.

00:25:51   But it's not strictly about that, it's about the clipboard feature that lets me automatically

00:25:58   open Drafts and create a new note from the contents of my clipboard.

00:26:03   So I can copy a link or a piece of text and I can open the Today View, tap the Drafts

00:26:10   clipboard button into today widget and I'm taking to drafts and I have an e-note

00:26:16   and that's really handy especially because I have all these actions in

00:26:22   drafts to like save text to Evernote or to Todoist which is my task

00:26:29   management system these days and it's really convenient to be able to just

00:26:33   swipe and save your clipboard with a bunch of types. The second widget that I

00:26:40   that I have is the fantastical widget.

00:26:44   And I really, really like the way

00:26:46   that Flexibits built this widget.

00:26:52   The way that I chose to go with fantastical in the today view

00:26:56   is to show the monthly calendar and also the events.

00:27:00   So you can choose to have only the list of events

00:27:03   or the calendar or both.

00:27:05   So I went with both because it lets me see--

00:27:09   I want to see two pieces of information, like the position of time in the current week and

00:27:16   the current month, so I know what day of the week it is and I also know what day of the

00:27:20   month it is, and I also want to know events for today.

00:27:24   So by default the widget shows you the current day, which is highlighted in blue.

00:27:29   But you can also tap on other days and you can get events for other days.

00:27:33   So if I get, like you asked me Myke over iMessage, "Hey, can we record the show on Thursday?"

00:27:40   I can just open the Today widget and tap on Thursday in Fantastical and I can see my schedule

00:27:48   without having to open the Fantastical app or Sunrise, which I also use on my iPad.

00:27:55   The Fantastical widget with the Markview takes up a lot of space though, right?

00:27:59   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:28:00   True.

00:28:01   You're happy with that though?

00:28:02   How many ways do you have to visualize a month? You know, I really want the functionality. So

00:28:08   It's a trade-off that I accept. Are you reading these out in order?

00:28:13   From the bottom. Okay, cool. Top to bottom. Just so people can visualize. Yeah people want to visualize everything

00:28:21   Shall I continue in my virtual visualization of my today view? Please continue to visualize. Okay, so

00:28:31   Oh, another little detail about the...

00:28:34   Actually, two details about the Fantastical widget.

00:28:38   You can tap and hold on a day,

00:28:41   and Fantastical will open in Event Creation mode

00:28:46   with that day already added to the new event.

00:28:50   - I didn't know that. - So let's say, Myke,

00:28:52   you send me a message and you're like,

00:28:55   "Hey, we need to record the show on the 20th of November."

00:29:00   I can tap and hold that day in the widget, and Fantastical opens,

00:29:04   and it creates an event with that date already prefilled for me.

00:29:08   You know, so I can only type out the name.

00:29:11   And the second detail is that the days in the calendar, in the widget,

00:29:17   they have colored dots for events.

00:29:21   So if I have events for my personal calendar, which is red,

00:29:25   I will see red dots if I have birthdays, which is in grey, I think.

00:29:31   I will see other colored dots, which is a nice touch.

00:29:35   So below Fantastical, I keep Todoist.

00:29:38   Todoist is my new task management system.

00:29:41   I switched to Todoist in August because I was using Reminders for over a year, and it

00:29:51   was perfect for me.

00:29:54   The moment that I started taking on some new projects for Mac Stories, we added the Mac

00:29:59   Stories Weekly newsletter, which I manage with my Mac Stories writers on a weekly basis.

00:30:06   And then the two podcasts with the launch of Reel AFM and a bunch of other projects

00:30:12   for Mac Stories, like the design work that I do with Silvia and Alessandro and other

00:30:19   stuff that we want to add to Maxories next year. So a bunch of new projects have been

00:30:27   setting up my new place here in Rome. So a lot of different tasks going on. And the moment that

00:30:33   reminders broke for me was when I started to organize my iOS 8 coverage for Maxories.

00:30:38   I had all these different tasks. So I needed to get in touch with developers. I needed to cover

00:30:44   the betas, I needed to track the status of my reviews because I was coming up with like 20

00:30:50   articles on iOS 8 launch day. So reminders were completely like exploded for me. I switched to

00:30:57   Todoist for two reasons. It seems like a cool company and they have a business model, so that's

00:31:03   reason one and reason two you can add collaborators for projects you can add

00:31:12   notes and files to tasks also from Dropbox and you can use filters to

00:31:21   actually you can use your custom filters to create

00:31:26   personalized lists of tasks it's kind of like OmniFocus perspectives only like

00:31:32   easier and they make more sense. You have a simple syntax that you can use to

00:31:37   create a filter. So for iOS 8 for instance I created two filters. One was

00:31:42   for reviews that I needed to finish soon. It was called "soon" and the other was

00:31:49   called "soonish" which was a filter that showed me apps that were

00:31:55   also important but not as important as the other apps and it was blue. So you

00:32:00   You create all these custom filters to visualize all your projects and tasks.

00:32:04   And it comes really in handy for me because it lets me break down

00:32:08   the stuff that I need to do in a matter that makes sense to me.

00:32:11   And in the widget, that wasn't...

00:32:15   Sorry for the long introduction.

00:32:17   No, I think it's important because I don't think a lot of people use Todoist.

00:32:21   So I think it's interesting to explain why you use it

00:32:25   because I think it's... I don't know.

00:32:27   See, the thing about Todoist is that it's really popular, just not in the Apple kind of corner of the web.

00:32:36   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:32:37   You know, because in our little niche, people either use OmniFocus or things or maybe some people are Wunderlist.

00:32:43   Todoist is like a Wunderlist for power users.

00:32:48   And it's really, really cool.

00:32:51   It's a really cool company.

00:32:52   Last week they launched this crazy awesome IFTTT integration that lets you automate everything on Todoist with IFTTT.

00:33:02   The only thing that kind of upsets me is that they still don't have an iPhone 6 update with an extension, but it's coming out I think very soon.

00:33:14   So the widget, as you can imagine, it gives you tasks in Notification Center and you can

00:33:21   complete tasks from there and it shows you colored tasks that are colored in different ways depending

00:33:30   on the label and the project that you assign in the app. And it's nice, it shows me stuff that I

00:33:36   that I need to do for the current day in Notification Center.

00:33:40   The thing that I don't like is that you need to open the app

00:33:47   for the changes that you make in the widget to sync back to the cloud.

00:33:51   But this seems to be a problem also with Wunderlist.

00:33:54   Like, if you complete a reminder from the today widget,

00:33:58   it doesn't sync back to the app and to the cloud

00:34:01   and therefore to your account.

00:34:03   I don't know if this is an iOS limitation

00:34:06   or if maybe Todoist and Wanderlist just happen to share the same mistake,

00:34:14   still, you've got to open the app for changes to sync back to your account.

00:34:20   If you have any questions, Myke, please ask me, because otherwise I'm going to keep talking.

00:34:26   I realize that when I talk about iOS 8, I get, and especially on the iPad, I get a little bit carried away.

00:34:32   I treat it as like being in session, you know, like I'm listening, I'm being taught, it's like I'm in class, you know.

00:34:38   I'm learning all these new things from you, as always, and I enjoy it.

00:34:42   If you want to go to the bathroom, you can ask.

00:34:45   Okay, thank you. Thank you, sir.

00:34:47   Raise my hand if I have anything to say, right?

00:34:51   Yeah, sure. I won't see you, but you know, you can make some noise, I guess.

00:34:55   Okay.

00:34:56   So next, below, the Todoist widget.

00:35:00   This one is called WorldTimeWidget. It's the name of the app.

00:35:06   It's a time zone widget. It shows you multiple cities around the world in their relative time zone.

00:35:16   Two things about this widget.

00:35:20   One, it's got a horizontal layout which I prefer to other time zone widgets because it doesn't take up

00:35:29   so much space because it's not a vertical list.

00:35:34   So I can have multiple cities and it's a single row of cities for me.

00:35:40   The problem is that I guess this is also an iOS limitation.

00:35:47   When you open the widget, if you leave Notification Center open,

00:35:50   the time doesn't refresh. So it shows you the current time but it

00:35:57   doesn't advance with the system clock. I guess it's because memory problems with widgets in iOS 8.

00:36:04   Next, PCALC, obviously. I saw a lot of people say when Apple threatened to remove PCALC from

00:36:13   the App Store, a lot of people said, "Why would you ever want to use a calculator widget in

00:36:21   Notification Center and I'll tell you why because if you ever decide to come grocery shopping with me,

00:36:28   you will see that when I buy groceries, I use the Peacock widget, which is super handy and super

00:36:34   convenient because it syncs with the app. So if I start, you know, entering amounts in the widget

00:36:41   and then for some reason I want to switch to the full app, the amount will sync back to the app. So

00:36:50   it's shared among the app and the widget and it's super convenient. On the iPhone, it's got this simple layout.

00:36:56   And it's really useful because I don't have to go find the Peacock app or the Apple calculator, which I really don't like.

00:37:06   So yeah, Peacock widget. I don't like that you cannot put the custom layout that you design in

00:37:16   in Pcalc back into the notifications center.

00:37:18   So I asked developer James Thompson about it.

00:37:22   And he told me that it's also a memory problem

00:37:25   because custom layouts will likely take up

00:37:28   too much memory in the widget.

00:37:29   So it cannot enable custom layouts yet.

00:37:34   And it really is a bummer because I transformed Pcalc

00:37:39   into this awesome calculator slash unit converter for me.

00:37:43   It does conversions for kilograms and pounds and dollars and euros.

00:37:49   You can create all these custom functions and patterns and it's really awesome.

00:37:54   My last widget mic is one of the most impressive and possibly my favorite widgets on iOS right

00:38:03   now.

00:38:04   It's the Music's Match widget.

00:38:07   So Music's Match, made in Italy.

00:38:10   I know the guys who make it, they're awesome people.

00:38:13   They're based in Bologna, where they make the Bolognese,

00:38:17   by the way.

00:38:20   - That's important to know.

00:38:21   - It's important detail, you know?

00:38:23   So Musics Match, it's a music lyrics application

00:38:28   that gives you song lyrics on your iPhone, iPad,

00:38:32   and on Spotify on the desktop.

00:38:34   They also have a Mac app,

00:38:36   but I'm not sure it's really maintained.

00:38:39   So they have this widget on iOS 8 that shows you real-time lyrics for the song that's playing in the Apple Music app.

00:38:50   So you start a song, it can be a local song or an iTunes match song. It cannot be an iTunes radio song.

00:38:59   And in a second you get these two lines of text for real-time lyrics.

00:39:07   And that's it. You don't have to do anything else.

00:39:11   And the lyrics scroll as you keep listening to the song.

00:39:14   There's a progress bar, there's playback controls in the widget, there's a small album artwork preview.

00:39:21   and you don't have to open the MusicSmatch app, you don't have to do the Shazam-like scanning or tagging, I guess it's called.

00:39:32   Just open the widget and it shows you lyrics. It doesn't work, that's the downside.

00:39:39   It doesn't work with other streaming apps, such as Spotify, RDO or BeatsMusic.

00:39:44   And that's because they don't... this is only like an API issue that it needs to be a media item from the Apple Music framework, the guys of Music Smash told me.

00:40:00   They are trying to come up with ways to support all the other music players, but still right now it only works with the Music Smash app.

00:40:09   And it's really, really impressive. I seriously love this widget.

00:40:13   And I keep it at the bottom, not because I'm weird though, but because at the top I keep the work stuff

00:40:24   and at the bottom I keep this widget because if I want to know the lyrics I can quickly scroll the today view and I will see the lyrics of the song.

00:40:36   It's like the act of scrolling acts as a... like it lets me separate two kinds of widgets.

00:40:45   I used to keep TV files below music's match.

00:40:50   So TV files is also made in Italy.

00:40:53   It's a TV show tracker.

00:40:56   It tells me the schedule of the TV shows that I watch.

00:40:59   And see, I've tried so many TV trackers and I keep coming back to TV files which has got

00:41:08   this Qmorphic design and it really looks like a folder containing scripts of movies and

00:41:18   TV shows.

00:41:20   I keep coming back to this app because it gets how I want to browse and organize my

00:41:25   TV shows and the widget showed which TV shows are airing today.

00:41:34   But I found that I really just wanted to use the app so I removed it.

00:41:41   And therefore my today view ends with Music Smach and the Tomorrow block made by Apple

00:41:48   which I need to correct myself because it cannot be removed.

00:41:53   Oh yeah, it can be removed.

00:41:54   removed. Can be removed, yeah. Oh yeah, you know why? Because I set up my

00:41:58   iPad with the cleaning style and I didn't remove it, so now it's gone. So it

00:42:03   ends with music smash. So do you have them the same across your iPhone

00:42:08   and your iPad? Yes. Cool, makes sense. Makes sense.

00:42:12   Obviously I have a list but let's take a quick break to thank our second sponsor

00:42:16   for this week's episode and then we can go into learning what's in my today view.

00:42:20   This episode is brought to you by a brand new sponsor and an awesome new company called Clubhouse.

00:42:25   Clubhouse is a platform that allows you to create private communities where people can be themselves

00:42:30   without having to worry about a larger social network leering in and reading about what people are up to.

00:42:36   Everything is part of a defined Clubhouse community that they choose to join.

00:42:40   So when you join a Clubhouse community, I mean, you can join them all for free, so people can go in and they can join a community.

00:42:46   But the thing about it is, you can post stuff to the community without it being seen by

00:42:52   all your Facebook friends, you don't necessarily want them to see it, but they're going to

00:42:55   see it, or maybe you want to talk about a TV show that everybody loves and you're in

00:43:00   a group with a bunch of friends with it and you don't necessarily want to spam people

00:43:04   on Twitter with it.

00:43:05   So it's a great way for organizations to have little communities or for you to have communities

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00:43:27   at home.

00:43:28   You can have free activity streams that let people in your community easily chat, post

00:43:31   comments and photos, they have liking as well so you can like things.

00:43:35   I like to be able to like things, it's a nice little thing, little hearts you can give to

00:43:39   people.

00:43:40   integrative external sources like Twitter and Instagram to pull in

00:43:42   relevant content. You can show all content from tweets or maybe you just

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00:43:50   all of that. Clubhouse enables you to also extend your community by adding

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00:44:24   This is how Clubhouse makes money.

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00:44:36   They have a very clear business model.

00:44:37   This is their business model.

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00:46:02   There's a ton of cool stuff in there,

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00:46:04   So that's clubhouse.cc/relay,

00:46:07   or just download Clubhouse from the App Store

00:46:09   and search for relay.fm.

00:46:11   So thanks so much to Clubhouse for their support

00:46:13   of this show and Relay FM.

00:46:15   So my turn.

00:46:18   - Yes. - You ready Federico?

00:46:21   - My body is ready.

00:46:23   - Great.

00:46:24   So there's a bunch of, like everybody,

00:46:26   I kind of enabled everything and got rid of a bunch of stuff

00:46:29   that didn't make sense to me.

00:46:30   So I got rid of the Evernote widget,

00:46:32   I got rid of the Drafts widget,

00:46:35   and the Swarm widget.

00:46:39   Because what I found was, it was pretty much for me,

00:46:43   just as quick to just open the apps from my home screen,

00:46:46   than to just pull down Notification Center and open it.

00:46:50   It's just the way that I found for those applications.

00:46:53   So I have the weather right at the top, the Apple weather.

00:46:56   Apple weather is like the weather widget

00:46:59   that I find to be the least offensive.

00:47:01   Some of the weather widgets that I've seen are crazy

00:47:05   and I don't need that kind of information.

00:47:08   And I actually kind of use it as a quick way

00:47:10   to see what the temperature is

00:47:11   and then also as a way to open the weather app

00:47:13   if I need to see any more.

00:47:14   But usually what I wanna know

00:47:16   is just what's the temperature today.

00:47:18   - Right, yeah.

00:47:20   - Then I have Fantastic Cal.

00:47:22   Now I only have the list view of Fantastic Cal.

00:47:27   So I don't have the calendar and the list.

00:47:29   like you do. I just have the list.

00:47:31   'Cause I have it right at the top there,

00:47:33   and I still want to be able to see things that are below it.

00:47:36   And sometimes I have so many appointments in a day

00:47:38   that like otherwise basically notification center

00:47:41   just became fantastical.

00:47:43   So it's basically like opening the app.

00:47:45   - That's what I want to know.

00:47:47   Without sharing personal information,

00:47:49   what kind of appointments do you save?

00:47:52   Because sometimes I get confused,

00:47:54   is this like a task or is this an event?

00:47:56   - These are just meetings.

00:47:58   - Oh, meetings, okay.

00:47:59   - Yeah, so like I have, so in my Fantastic

00:48:12   quitting Federico but I've already quit. I have three work appointments there and

00:48:16   then I have both of the shows in. So I have all the shows in. I mean it's probably

00:48:19   gonna, my calendar is gonna get lighter as I won't have as many meetings as I

00:48:23   will but at the moment I kind of have meetings for two different jobs right?

00:48:26   So they're in there. Then I have OmniFocus. I think the OmniFocus

00:48:33   yeah the OmniFocus widget is my favorite. I just love it. I love having my tasks

00:48:40   right there because we have a quick flick.

00:48:42   I can just find what I want.

00:48:45   Or otherwise I can just check things off.

00:48:49   I love having it there.

00:48:52   Then I have Clips.

00:48:53   - Oh man, I forgot Clips myself.

00:48:55   And you know why?

00:48:56   Because I needed to stop using the app

00:48:59   when I was back on iOS 8.1

00:49:03   and I had the iCloud issue,

00:49:05   Clips was crashing all the time and the widget was empty.

00:49:10   But now I'm putting it back.

00:49:11   And I'm putting it under Todoist.

00:49:14   - There you go, Clips as well from Puerto Rico.

00:49:16   - Clips as well.

00:49:18   - So what I like about Clips, I like a couple of things.

00:49:20   I like that I'm able to let you know just to grab stuff.

00:49:23   I use the extension all the time.

00:49:25   Even though it seems to have gone a bit weird recently

00:49:27   and it's like for Twitter stuff,

00:49:29   it's pulling in the wrong URLs.

00:49:30   There seems to be something weird going on

00:49:32   with sharing URLs with extensions.

00:49:35   - Yeah, I want to say that's probably Apple's fault.

00:49:38   Yeah, because it seems to have changed.

00:49:40   But anyway, the other thing is I have in there constantly

00:49:44   a Dropbox link for the Relay FM rate card.

00:49:49   Because I need access to that quite a lot, so I'll sponsor a rate card.

00:49:53   So I'm able to just pull down Notification Center,

00:49:55   grab the Dropbox link, drop it into an email.

00:49:58   Like, so awesome. I love that I have that there.

00:50:01   Good idea. So you're using like the temporary storage location, kinda.

00:50:07   - Yeah. - 'Cause it's always there.

00:50:09   I need that quite a lot,

00:50:11   so it makes perfect sense for me to have it there.

00:50:14   And it's just an easy way for me to grab it

00:50:15   rather than open Dropbox.

00:50:16   - Yeah, yeah, it makes sense.

00:50:18   It's like a permanent clipboard for you.

00:50:21   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:50:22   Yeah, I'm using it more as a temporary clipboard.

00:50:25   - Yeah, I use-- - For things

00:50:26   that I copy and shift around.

00:50:27   - I do that, but then I just keep that one there.

00:50:30   - Uh-huh, yeah.

00:50:32   - Then I have Time Zones by Jared Sinclair.

00:50:34   Now, this is a lot of information in here.

00:50:36   I have like two, four, six, eight.

00:50:38   I have nine time zones here, so there's lots.

00:50:40   - Nine? - Yeah.

00:50:42   - You have more time zones than me.

00:50:44   - Yeah, Adelaide, well see, it's not just time zones,

00:50:47   it's places.

00:50:48   A bunch of them are the same.

00:50:49   So I have Adelaide, Viterbo, London, New York City,

00:50:54   Toronto, Atlanta, Memphis, Dallas, and San Francisco.

00:50:57   'Cause they're ones that I just need to know.

00:50:58   And it's not, obviously look,

00:51:00   I have three of them are on the East End,

00:51:02   two are on Central, and then one is Pacific.

00:51:06   But it's just about having,

00:51:08   'cause I know where the people are in the world

00:51:11   is what I'm most locked into.

00:51:13   So yeah, yeah, so I have that there.

00:51:18   I have Adelaide for Russell Wojbenowicz of Shifty Jelly.

00:51:22   We talk by our message quite a lot

00:51:25   and I don't like to like,

00:51:28   they're like 10 and a half hours in front.

00:51:31   So it's so crazy that I have to like think about

00:51:34   when I'm like talking to him.

00:51:35   It can be tricky to do the math with these people.

00:51:40   Then I have a pedometer plus plus.

00:51:44   So this is a bit of a off topic.

00:51:47   I'm sorry I'm cutting you off.

00:51:49   I just wanted to ask you this.

00:51:52   Have you ever considered the fact back in Australia when it's Christmas, it's the summer?

00:51:59   Yeah, it's weird, isn't it?

00:52:00   It's crazy.

00:52:01   I mean, that's totally weird.

00:52:03   And for them, we are the weird people.

00:52:08   Because we have Christmas in the winter, with the snow.

00:52:13   Christmas is tough, right?

00:52:16   In Australia they go to the beach with Santa in a bikini.

00:52:20   It's crazy.

00:52:21   I don't know.

00:52:23   I'm sorry.

00:52:26   Every time somebody mentions Australia, I think of Santa in the summer and it doesn't

00:52:31   make any sense.

00:52:33   I have to know what a plus plus and then right at the bottom I have the tomorrow

00:52:37   thing just because I didn't know I could get rid of it until like two days ago

00:52:40   and now it's just there so I just leave it there actually I'm gonna get rid of

00:52:44   it who uses that sort of tomorrow thing yeah pull tomorrow so tomorrow who needs

00:52:49   that like some live for tomorrow live for today man

00:52:55   well you should be one of those are life coaches Myke yeah I can do that yeah see

00:53:02   You told me you'd be boring, but actually it was pretty interesting to know.

00:53:06   Oh no, my iPad home screen, which we're going to talk about yours, there's nothing interesting for me there.

00:53:12   Yeah, I don't think so, but you want to know my home screen? I'm telling you my home screen.

00:53:18   But before I tell you about that, I'd like to quickly...

00:53:23   Do you have any comments on my setup there? Or are we good?

00:53:28   I haven't... Now timezones just keeps telling me unable to load. That's fun.

00:53:31   I don't know why I'm saying that.

00:53:33   But yeah, what do you think about my selection of Eiriko?

00:53:37   I want to know--

00:53:38   see, I have a question, actually.

00:53:40   I want to know if you--

00:53:44   like, what's your relationship with OmniFocus?

00:53:48   Does it work well for you?

00:53:50   Are you happy with OmniFocus?

00:53:52   I love it, yeah.

00:53:53   Because you work with a lot of people, right?

00:53:55   You work with a lot of people for the podcasts

00:53:57   and this kind of stuff.

00:53:58   And it seems to me like you could use a more collaborative

00:54:02   task management system.

00:54:05   I'm not trying to sell you on Todoist.

00:54:07   I don't care about selling other people to the system.

00:54:10   It just seems strange to me that you work

00:54:12   with so many people and you use this kind of personal system.

00:54:16   - Well, so there's a couple of things there.

00:54:17   So me and Steven use Wunderlist for shared tasks.

00:54:20   - Oh, okay.

00:54:21   - But as well, like I'm working with people

00:54:23   that don't necessarily work for me in the same way.

00:54:27   well maybe it's kind of the same,

00:54:29   but I don't necessarily want to force Jason, Brad,

00:54:34   Casey, Matt, Steven, and you

00:54:37   to use a task management thing with me.

00:54:40   'Cause really, I typically don't need to make a task

00:54:44   like for everybody, you know?

00:54:51   Like I have tasks, you guys have tasks,

00:54:54   we don't really need to share them,

00:54:55   I kind of take care of most stuff or Steven takes care of most stuff.

00:54:59   It's just kind of like the ongoing things we're preparing the shows but we all know

00:55:02   to do that.

00:55:04   We are turning into back to work.

00:55:07   Kinda.

00:55:08   You wanna talk about comics?

00:55:12   What do you think about that?

00:55:13   I don't read them.

00:55:15   Myke.

00:55:16   Do you not like comics at all?

00:55:21   I'm sorry but I don't.

00:55:23   I prefer manga.

00:55:25   I don't know.

00:55:27   I'm serious.

00:55:29   I don't disagree. I don't doubt it.

00:55:31   But, manga's cool.

00:55:33   Yeah. Thank you.

00:55:35   Like, I was super into Dragon Ball when I was a kid.

00:55:41   You know?

00:55:42   Right.

00:55:43   And I bought all the original volumes.

00:55:45   It cost me a fortune.

00:55:47   Actually, my parents.

00:55:49   And specifically my mother.

00:55:51   You wanna know about my iPad Air 2?

00:55:55   I wanna know all about it, yeah.

00:55:57   So I bought this device with the idea that I would like it, not the idea that I would

00:56:05   love it.

00:56:07   And it turns out that I really love it.

00:56:11   And the biggest reason why, actually the two main reasons are the memory upgrade and the

00:56:18   thinner design.

00:56:19   So I was a huge proponent of the iPad mini because it was light, because it was portable,

00:56:26   because it was super comfortable to use and I'm finding out that the iPad Air 2, thanks

00:56:33   to this crazy thin and light design, is just as comfortable for me.

00:56:39   I can use it with one hand and I don't feel like fatigue on my wrist.

00:56:46   I'm using it all the time.

00:56:48   I've been using this iPad instead of my MacBook for the past two weeks every day and I'm fine, really.

00:56:58   Thanks to Pixelmator, which came out on iOS, I have a decent image editor, which was one of my biggest frustrations for working on iOS.

00:57:09   You know, I really didn't think I could fall in love with the bigger iPad, but the

00:57:19   fact that Apple managed to keep the same battery life and have this new crazy design on the

00:57:27   iPad Air, it's really crazy to me because even after two weeks, it still feels crazy

00:57:34   how thin and light it is.

00:57:37   So that was a huge factor in switching to a bigger iPad from the iPad mini.

00:57:45   And the memory, the RAM, typically I don't care about these kind of specs, but I guess

00:57:55   that I care about the specs when they have a practical consequence.

00:57:59   Yeah, yeah.

00:58:00   That makes sense.

00:58:01   Yeah, you know, like a consequence that I can measure practically.

00:58:05   So I'm not talking about how many seconds it takes to render video.

00:58:10   I have no idea.

00:58:13   But like when you tell me, you know, you can open 10 Safari tabs and they don't reload

00:58:18   all the time.

00:58:19   See, that's a practical aspect that I can understand.

00:58:24   So besides Safari tabs, which I open all the time, a lot of them, I'm seeing that thanks

00:58:31   through all this memory it keeps more apps active without forcing you to wait

00:58:38   when you launch them and there was a test I think by PocketGamer

00:58:46   a couple of weeks ago about trying to see how many apps the iPad Air 2

00:58:53   can keep in memory without, you know, like, flushing them out from RAM and

00:59:00   you can definitely tell the difference from the iPerf and the iPerf2. So in

00:59:07   general I'm really in love with the hardware except for that vibration that

00:59:13   I told you for the audio because it's so thin and light when you play music you

00:59:19   can feel the the entire device vibrate especially in the back. I guess it can be

00:59:26   sort of like a feature because you feel the music. It's really not nice, but you get used

00:59:34   to it. The entire iOS experience seems to be much, much better with iOS 8.1.1, which

00:59:42   is in beta, and I told you about a few minutes ago. And in general, you know, I've been...

00:59:49   I really don't want to say this, but I've been computing.

00:59:52   Oh, yes.

00:59:54   Wow.

00:59:55   Yes.

00:59:55   From the iPad.

00:59:57   Um, is that what we call it now?

01:00:00   Yeah, that is what we call it.

01:00:02   See, here's the point.

01:00:04   The reason why I use my iPad is not to prove that I can do it.

01:00:11   Uh, as always being, it has always been that I need to be able to take

01:00:16   my computer with me all the time.

01:00:19   For the kind of life that I have and the kind of lifestyle I guess, I'm always, you know,

01:00:25   sometimes I'm at home.

01:00:28   Sometimes I need to work in my bedroom.

01:00:29   Sometimes I need to work in the kitchen because I'm preparing dinner or lunch.

01:00:33   Other times I'm driving and maybe I have a 20 minute pause that I can get some work done.

01:00:39   Other times I'm waiting for somebody and I need to wait 40 or 50 minutes in my car and

01:00:44   I need to be able to work from there.

01:00:46   Other times I'm waiting at my doctor's.

01:00:48   times I'm waiting at the hospital. You know, I'm a very... what's a right adjective for this?

01:00:55   You're on the move. I'm on the move, see? And I need my computer to be with me, because I get

01:01:01   work done anywhere. And because, you know, I need to get work done anywhere. So the iPad,

01:01:07   because it is portable, because it has 3G and now 4G, I want and I need to take it with me.

01:01:17   And the iPad Air 2... man, I'm really, really liking it.

01:01:23   And typing is more comfortable, thanks to the larger display, which I had forgotten about after the iPad Mini.

01:01:32   I'm really curious to see if the rumor is true and if Apple is doing new multitasking stuff.

01:01:40   Because I told you last year I wasn't sure about split screen multitasking on the iPad.

01:01:46   I still have many many many doubts about it, especially when it comes to managing multiple apps on screen

01:01:52   I guess we'll see, you know

01:01:55   Maybe, again, I don't know, if there's a good way to do it

01:02:00   Like it can't happen without this like Microsoft idea of like snapping, you know, that kind of thing

01:02:07   Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know

01:02:11   So yeah, my iPad R2 I really like. Good job from Apple.

01:02:17   You talk about there and you've spoken about before, about portability.

01:02:25   You've just made your iPad a lot less portable. How do you feel about all of that?

01:02:31   See, I have a Tom Bihn bag.

01:02:38   Oh, what one do you have?

01:02:39   Oh like the original one, the TambiĆ©n from 2010 or 2011.

01:02:46   2011 name.

01:02:49   Basically, okay here we go.

01:02:51   Guys, I'm going to ask you for some help.

01:02:53   I feel like this is a...

01:02:56   I know you guys are going to help me, but I feel like this is one of those things where it's like, okay, get ready for the email.

01:03:02   I'm looking for a bag.

01:03:04   I'm looking for a bag, like a nice small bag to carry my laptop in. I have a 13-inch

01:03:14   Retina MacBook Pro and maybe like an iPad as well and like a notebook. Like a

01:03:19   thin light bag that can be used for that stuff or I could just throw some small

01:03:24   things in there and an iPad or my laptop or whatever. If you have a good bag

01:03:28   recommendation please send it to me. Twitter would be great. I'm @imyke.

01:03:32   I'm looking I'm in I'm in the market for a new bag basically. I'm looking at the

01:03:38   Tom Bihn website. It's like a I think it's called a large cafe bag but it's

01:03:47   not that. It's kind of it's similar you know it's um it has a multiple pockets

01:03:54   inside. There's a two main pockets then there's a like um like other smaller

01:04:01   pockets for like a stylus and other like cables and the kind of stuff and so I

01:04:07   can easily like right now because I'm moving between Viterbo and Rome I have

01:04:13   my iPad mini which I still have to sell my iPad Air, my PS Vita, my Nintendo 3DS

01:04:19   a bunch of cables and an external battery pack for my iPhone. There's a

01:04:24   lot of stuff in there so no it's not a problem when it comes to portability.

01:04:30   I also didn't notice, you know, like, is it comfortable to use?

01:04:36   Is there a problem for like when you try to hold it with one hand?

01:04:40   It could be that I have abnormally large hands.

01:04:46   You know, I have no idea.

01:04:49   But no, it's not a problem because it's light and because it's thin.

01:04:55   Well, people have asked me that question, right?

01:04:58   So going from like a 5s to a 6 plus,

01:05:03   yeah, there is a difference,

01:05:04   and yeah, you can feel the difference at times,

01:05:07   but it's not so much that it causes any problem,

01:05:11   which I assume is probably the same, right?

01:05:12   You can't say there's no difference,

01:05:14   'cause I'm not saying you're saying that,

01:05:15   but you can't say, oh, it doesn't feel any different

01:05:17   to go from an iPad mini to an iPad Air.

01:05:19   Of course it does, it's heavier and it's bigger.

01:05:21   But it's, whether that difference actually makes

01:05:25   a negligible problem,

01:05:27   or whether it's just like you just adjust to it

01:05:29   and it becomes normal.

01:05:31   - Yeah, I guess my judgment of the larger iPad,

01:05:35   you gotta remember that I used to have an iPad 3.

01:05:40   So we're talking to 2012.

01:05:44   And when I, when in my life I was at a point where,

01:05:49   you know, between treatments, you know,

01:05:52   switching between different hospital rooms,

01:05:56   I was always connected to an IV, so I needed to use my iPad with one hand.

01:06:02   And the iPad 3 was really bulky and heavy.

01:06:07   And then I switched to an iPad Mini and I was like "Oh my god, this is perfect!"

01:06:12   But now that the iPad Air 2 is so...

01:06:14   I mean it's thinner than the iPad Mini and it's still heavier but you cannot really feel

01:06:19   that weight because of the new design.

01:06:22   So this is a larger iPad, so because I cannot talk about the original iPad Air, but from

01:06:30   the perspective of someone who used to have an iPad 3 and then switched the iPad Mini,

01:06:35   iPad Mini 2 and now back on the iPad Air 2, it seems like a completely different 10-inch

01:06:41   iPad to me.

01:06:43   - Yeah, I find iOS on the big iPads to look comical.

01:06:48   Like it just looks like a joke to me.

01:06:55   Because it just looks so weird now,

01:06:57   because I'm used to everything looking small.

01:07:00   Like I have a small iPad and the phones are smaller,

01:07:03   so like the icons are small.

01:07:05   And I get a big iPad and I'm like, ah!

01:07:07   It's like the size of a postage stamp, each icon.

01:07:10   Have you found that, have you found it weird

01:07:12   moving to everything being like blown up?

01:07:15   - Yeah, it was weird initially.

01:07:16   And then I tried to move back to the mini

01:07:20   and it looked so tiny.

01:07:22   - Yeah, like when you try and use an iPhone 5 right now.

01:07:26   - Exactly, yeah.

01:07:27   I was like, how could I use this?

01:07:31   This is like an iPad for ants, you know?

01:07:34   - So let me ask you this question.

01:07:37   If Apple had released an updated iPad mini

01:07:40   with the same specs as the iPad Air,

01:07:42   Would you have stuck with the Mini or would you have gone to the Air?

01:07:44   Have you gone to the Air purely because it's now the powerful one?

01:07:47   Yeah.

01:07:48   So if, for example, if Apple came out and said,

01:07:52   "Just JK, guys, here's a true iPad Mini 3,"

01:07:56   would you take the Air back and get the Mini?

01:08:01   That's a good question.

01:08:02   I don't know.

01:08:04   Because, I mean, with the same specs,

01:08:11   With the same thin design, the only difference is the size?

01:08:18   I mean, the iPad Air 2 is not really a problem when it comes to portability and form factor.

01:08:25   I don't know.

01:08:28   At this point, Myke, I don't think so.

01:08:30   I think I would stick to the Air.

01:08:33   Yeah, I'm not sure I need to move back at this point because I can use it comfortably enough.

01:08:45   I do believe that the iPad design has arrived to a point where the larger iPad is comfortable enough and that's portable enough.

01:08:57   I'm not so sure about the future of the iPad mini, honestly.

01:09:01   I do think if I love the mini, but I think now maybe if I was gonna get a new iPad

01:09:07   it might go for the air because

01:09:09   That my my my plus and the mini that they are so close together

01:09:13   Like there is still a huge difference between them. Don't get me wrong like

01:09:18   The the mini screen is a lot bigger than the pluses screen

01:09:22   Yeah, but the things that you do on a mini and the things that you do on a plus when you actually do the things

01:09:27   on them, there's not that much of a difference between them, like reading.

01:09:31   The screen is so big on the Plus that you don't really

01:09:36   need to go to a mini to read. The only thing I notice is filling out...

01:09:39   If I want to use it in landscape, like to do a spreadsheet or something,

01:09:45   the mini is better for that because you've got a bigger screen to do it all on.

01:09:48   But I think that for most tasks the Plus works. I have

01:09:56   literally used my iPad mini to play a game since the day I received my plus

01:10:04   and play one game I don't touch it anymore

01:10:08   can you tell me what game it is?

01:10:10   uh well I you know what it is but I can't say what it is yet

01:10:15   I know I asked you this question knowing you what the game was

01:10:20   you just want to drive people crazy

01:10:21   yes and you especially you

01:10:23   So, yeah, I mean, I'm not sure, honestly, especially considering the iPad Mini 3 and

01:10:33   the kind of upgrade that it received.

01:10:35   I'm not sure about the device's feature at this point, because it seems to me like the

01:10:40   iPad Mini 3 was, you know, let's put Touch ID on that and forget about it, you know.

01:10:46   Yeah.

01:10:47   We'll see.

01:10:48   We'll see.

01:10:50   Alright, I want to take a moment to thank our final sponsor for this week and then I

01:10:54   want to understand what's on Federico Vittucci's home screen.

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01:11:18   thing I do, go to hover.com, type in the name of the idea that I'm thinking about,

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01:11:37   they have the crazy ones like .plumbing, .london, .nyc, there should be a .viterbo,

01:11:44   Federico, you should speak to the mayor about that or something. I would like, I

01:11:48   I would like to get Myke.Viterbo.

01:11:50   - Yeah, he's friends with my dad, so.

01:11:52   - So there you go, you've gotten in.

01:11:53   Speak to the mayor, see if you can sort that out.

01:11:56   So you go and you type in the words that you're looking for

01:11:58   or you type in the actual domain that you're looking for,

01:12:00   Hovel will show you what's available.

01:12:01   And they'll also show you all of the other stuff too.

01:12:03   They have a great way of categorizing it,

01:12:05   so you don't have to just have this crazy long list.

01:12:07   They bring out, like they have different categories.

01:12:10   They show you like the top selections in that category.

01:12:12   We can expand it and see more.

01:12:13   So they have over 200 TLDs at great prices.

01:12:17   .com is at $12.99 now and all of Hover's domains include free Whois privacy.

01:12:22   Hover believe in keeping your private information private unlike some other

01:12:26   registrars and that's something that I love about hover.com. It's actually one

01:12:29   of my very favorite things is because I got bitten by that once. I thought

01:12:35   I'd used, enabled Whois. This is before I heard about Hover and somebody found

01:12:40   out some private information online which is a bit weird. But it wasn't

01:12:44   Nothing crazy happened but it's just very strange for somebody to email you and say

01:12:47   look I know your address now because of this, this and this.

01:12:50   And I was like argh!

01:12:51   So Hobba, I never have to worry about that because I get Whois privacy for free.

01:12:55   Hobba have awesome fantastic customer support.

01:12:58   They have a no hold, no wait, no transfer telephone support policy.

01:13:01   They are famous for this.

01:13:02   They have great email support too.

01:13:04   So if you prefer to speak to robots, although they're not actual robots, like it's just

01:13:08   you're speaking to computers and the people email you back and they're very friendly still.

01:13:11   They're like friendly robots that are not actually robots.

01:13:15   Anyway, they also have Hover's valet service where they take all of the hassle out of switching

01:13:19   from your current provider because they just want to be nice and do it all for you.

01:13:23   They have volume discounts.

01:13:24   You can get email stuff with them too.

01:13:26   So go right now to hover.com and try them out.

01:13:29   You want to use the code "specialbusiness" all one word at checkout and you'll get 10%

01:13:34   off your first purchase at hover.com and show your support for Connected and Relay FM at

01:13:38   specialbusinessatcheckout@hover.com.

01:13:41   Thank you so much to hover for sponsoring this episode and for supporting Relay FM.

01:13:46   Federico Vittucci.

01:13:49   That's my name.

01:13:50   I'm looking at an image of your home screen, which people can find in something called

01:13:55   the Notes of this Show.

01:13:57   Oh yeah.

01:13:58   The Notes of this Show, which you can find at a web portal domain, relay.fm/connected/12.

01:14:07   That's right.

01:14:08   And if people are looking at the Notes of this Show and they see Federico's iPad, what

01:14:14   they gonna see on there? Well basically that's how it works. The lower you go

01:14:21   the more business it gets. Right. Right? Okay. So in the top row there's the App

01:14:27   Store music, Spotify, photos and Overcast. Overcast which is in beta on the iPad.

01:14:34   I'm showing the screenshots because I think Marco has been open about it.

01:14:40   the apps with the orange dot, those are betas from TestFlight, so that would be

01:14:46   overcast and editorial in the doc. So I try to keep on my home screen all the

01:14:55   apps that I use several times every day. Alright, that's the most obvious excuse

01:15:02   for a home screen. But still it's the truth, right? I don't try to keep

01:15:07   like apps that I want to try or apps that I'm playing with this is just the

01:15:12   apps that I use all the time. At the top App Store because I'm constantly looking

01:15:17   for updates or searching for apps or browsing the App Store or looking for

01:15:21   new apps. Music because I actually enjoy iTunes radio and I keep a few albums in

01:15:28   iTunes match especially Taylor Swift's new album which I really really like.

01:15:33   Spotify because that's the... I've been trying all the music streaming services again.

01:15:39   I love Beats Music.

01:15:42   But I need to use Spotify because...

01:15:45   So my girlfriend and I, we've been sharing our audio subscription.

01:15:50   But we are moving back to Spotify. Now there's a Spotify family, which I think launched today in the US.

01:15:59   It was announced a couple of weeks ago.

01:16:01   of weeks ago. The problem is that I want to use Spotify for personal use and we are consolidating

01:16:10   basically the family subscriptions into it as well. Beats Music, I love Beats Music. I mean,

01:16:18   I saw the potential of Beats Music soon after it launched. It's a really awesome service.

01:16:23   It just needs to get better on iOS and it needs a desktop application. For instance,

01:16:30   you cannot add songs to a queue.

01:16:35   That's something that I really want to do when I'm working.

01:16:40   I don't want to switch all the time to my music player

01:16:43   to find the song.

01:16:46   Spotify lets me create a queue.

01:16:48   And Spotify also has, like many parts of the app

01:16:53   make more sense on the iPad than Beats Music.

01:16:55   So for now, we are consolidating our family subscription

01:17:00   into Spotify.

01:17:02   I'm also using Spotify for personal use.

01:17:04   We'll see about Beats Music when Apple releases

01:17:09   hopefully major updates.

01:17:11   Photos, obviously, because I want to look

01:17:13   at my photos anywhere, and because I use the Photos app

01:17:16   also for screenshots, and because I also act

01:17:20   on the screenshots with extensions.

01:17:22   So obviously, Photos app for work and personal use goes to the top.

01:17:29   And Overcast, because I mean it's the best podcast client on iOS, I love the smart speed.

01:17:38   Oh, so now you have it on your iPad, are you using Overcast on your iPhone again?

01:17:41   Of course, I told you, you guys made fun of me because I had the podcast app.

01:17:45   It was just temporary, I told you.

01:17:47   I was just checking. I remember you telling me that.

01:17:49   Steven was really upset. He was like, "Oh God, this guy."

01:17:53   Who is this guy?

01:17:55   Yeah.

01:17:57   Second row is Todoist, which I told you about, my to-do management system.

01:18:06   And I keep it to the left side because when I use my iPad when I'm working mostly in landscape mode,

01:18:15   and therefore it goes to the leftmost side of the screen which is really easy to reach

01:18:22   you know, when I need to find the app icon

01:18:25   Nasl, this really cool and useful news reading application to find links from Twitter

01:18:33   I think we discussed Nasl last week or two weeks ago

01:18:37   I keep trying, I keep going to try them out and it's high on my list

01:18:41   I've downloaded, I've also downloaded the new Flipboard and I want to try them

01:18:44   I want to try them both out in a Federico Vittucci style.

01:18:47   Yeah, an evaluation of your workflow.

01:18:50   Uh-huh, I'm actually thinking a lot about evaluating my workflows now.

01:18:54   Did you see that I managed to sneak in the word "workflow" in my interview with the Globe and Mail?

01:19:01   I did! You put it in there a few times, didn't you?

01:19:04   Yeah, yeah.

01:19:05   I'll put that in the show notes if anybody hasn't seen it.

01:19:08   Federico was interviewed on the real news by real people. It was very, very exciting.

01:19:13   Yeah, I needed to put on a shirt.

01:19:16   Yeah, you look very handsome.

01:19:17   Thank you.

01:19:19   Next is...

01:19:20   You're an expert as well, aren't you?

01:19:22   I am an expert according to the Globe and Mail, which is really...

01:19:26   It was really awesome. I'm really, you know, honored to be doing this kind of stuff.

01:19:30   It doesn't... It looks crazy to me, you know, I'm just a guy.

01:19:33   But anyway, Elevate.

01:19:38   This is my favorite kind of non-work related app on my home screen because it lets me exercise my brain.

01:19:48   We talked about this on our other show, Myke, which is virtual.

01:19:53   I cannot remember the episode when we mentioned Elevate, but it's a...

01:19:57   If you remember the Brain Age game for the original Nintendo DS, this is kind of like that.

01:20:05   series of mini games that supposedly they let you improve your brain skills.

01:20:16   But in practical terms Elevate has all these mini games to kind of enhance your reading

01:20:22   skills, your writing skills, like your patience, your focus when you're reading a paragraph

01:20:28   of text.

01:20:29   And in my experience it really helps because the minigames are really well designed.

01:20:36   The graphics are awesome.

01:20:39   It looks fantastic on the iPad.

01:20:40   The interactions are simple.

01:20:42   You can use taps and swipes and the minigames are really thoughtfully designed.

01:20:48   And this app has taught me so many new words.

01:20:55   And that really helps, right? Because English is not my native language.

01:20:59   And also it's got this minigame to avoid unnecessary words and sentences in your writing, which

01:21:08   is really helpful when you write for a living.

01:21:12   Clipz, this clipboard manager of choice on iOS 8, it's awesome because it's got this

01:21:17   crazy extension that lets you clip text from anywhere.

01:21:20   Pcalc. I use Pcalc in iPhone layout mode because I love the huge buttons in the app and I want

01:21:29   to do unit conversion and basic calculations on the iPad. So I keep it on my home screen.

01:21:36   The Messages app, because I use it to talk to my mother and to Myke. Fantastical. That's

01:21:42   really my reason, Myke, for using Messages. It's you and my mom. And my girlfriend. My

01:21:47   girlfriend I should mention the three people in my life. I feel so privileged.

01:21:53   Well yeah. You're the only person of the internet I know that uses messages with

01:22:00   me. Why is that do you think? I don't know maybe because you put up with me all the

01:22:04   time. Oh, I put up with you. Anyway, this is... Anyway, this is really romantic.

01:22:10   from this touching moment.

01:22:12   - Yeah, so Fantastical,

01:22:15   because it's the best way to create new events.

01:22:21   I've tried so many other calendar apps,

01:22:23   including Sunrise, which is really popular.

01:22:26   But Fantastical with the natural language commands

01:22:30   and with widget is, continues to be the best

01:22:33   calendar app for iOS.

01:22:35   My wild dream and fantasy would be to have a

01:22:39   fantasy would be fantastical with Todoist integration. I know it's never going to happen,

01:22:44   but still, I can dream. Instapaper, right in the middle of the screen because at the end of the

01:22:50   workday I want to read some articles and Instapaper is my favorite solution. GroupMe, which has an

01:22:59   unread badge, I'm really sorry about that, I'm also sorry about mail and Twitter. GroupMe because

01:23:07   we use it for Mac stories. We used to use it for Relay before I talked you guys into using

01:23:16   Slack which is next to GroupMe. So now I have to use both GroupMe for Mac stories and Slack for Relay.

01:23:23   They are both nice. Slack has a nice extension that lets you post files and images from anywhere.

01:23:33   Pinner is a Pinboard client. I use Pinboard to bookmark web pages that I know I want to use in the future.

01:23:40   So I'm talking about stuff like tutorials and guides or like Python stuff, regular expression stuff.

01:23:49   It's nerdy stuff that I need to reference in the future.

01:23:53   And Pinner is really nice because it's got this iOS 8 share extension that works from Safari and other apps.

01:24:00   It's really well done.

01:24:02   Mail, the only reason I use Apple Mail on the iPad as my default client is because there's

01:24:08   no dispatch for the iPad yet.

01:24:11   I'm using dispatch as my main email app on the phone.

01:24:16   You know dispatch, right Myke?

01:24:18   Yeah.

01:24:19   It's the app from the guys that also make clips.

01:24:24   I have to use it on the iPad.

01:24:26   I would use dispatch, but there's no dispatch.

01:24:29   I try to use Cloud Magic.

01:24:31   I try to use something that is called MailDeck.

01:24:38   Apple Mail remains my favorite because it's fluid, it's fast.

01:24:43   But I would really love to use extensions in Mail and snippets and custom salutations

01:24:47   and all the other awesome stuff that this patch does.

01:24:50   But still, I need to use Mail.

01:24:53   Quip is the Google Docs-like service that I'm using with YouMyke and with their Mac

01:25:01   stories folks to organize Mac stories weekly. You and me we use it for virtual.

01:25:05   It's like Google Drive and Google Docs, it lets you

01:25:09   collaborate on documents. You can also add spreadsheets into documents, you can

01:25:16   also chat with other people next to a document, so it's this collaborative

01:25:21   environment to work on text and images and documents. And it's really

01:25:26   nice because I use it for the virtual topics and I use it to organize my stories weekly,

01:25:32   so the different sections of the newsletter.

01:25:35   Digg, which Steven really liked last week, is the RSS service that I'm using lately.

01:25:47   A lot of people make fun of Digg because he was, you know, Kevin Rose and the raccoon

01:25:52   and that kind of stuff.

01:25:53   But actually, it turns out that the new, you know the raccoon video, right?

01:25:57   Yeah, yeah.

01:25:58   Can you put it in the show notes, Myke?

01:26:00   Of course.

01:26:01   Okay.

01:26:02   So the new Digg is actually this kind of curated front page of the web.

01:26:08   So the front page of Digg is they have a team of people.

01:26:13   They choose great articles and videos from the web, and they showcase them on the front

01:26:20   page.

01:26:21   If you don't want to use the RSS part of the service, which is called DigReader, it's fine.

01:26:26   You can have all these article recommendations and they're great articles.

01:26:29   And I love the funny subtitles that they put in the app.

01:26:36   Really nice.

01:26:37   The RSS service is nice.

01:26:41   You know, it supported iOS 8 and the iPhone 6.

01:26:44   No, actually just the iOS 8.

01:26:48   when it launched, they added support for the iPhone 6. It's fast, it supports extensions,

01:26:55   it syncs your reading position across the iPhone and the iPad, it's free, you can star articles,

01:27:03   you can save them to Instapaper, and I'm finding that because of all these new services for RSS,

01:27:10   it's really easy to switch. I don't have the pressure of "oh my god, I need to keep using

01:27:18   this RSS service forever. You know, I can keep trying Dig and Feedly and Feed Wrangler and,

01:27:24   you know, I can just switch because my opml file is always the same.

01:27:30   Yeah, but then you have to kind of mark everything as unread installer again.

01:27:34   Yeah, I mean, that's no big deal, right? Nobody ever died of marking as unread.

01:27:39   In theory.

01:27:40   In theory. Next is actually an app called Next. See, I planned that.

01:27:47   You spoke about them. So like a bunch of these like Next, this is on your iPhone as well, right?

01:27:53   Yes.

01:27:53   Yeah.

01:27:54   This was on my iPhone and now I can use it again because iCloud has been fixed on the latest iOS

01:28:01   8.1.1 beta, which I keep talking about because I'm so happy about the bug fixes. It's a Nextpens

01:28:08   tracker for iOS and OS X. And I love the simplicity of Next. I love the fact that it lets you

01:28:16   assign icons to different expense types so I can have a fork for my restaurant expenses and I can have a globe

01:28:24   for my internet related expenses. And it syncs with iCloud. The iPad app has some really nice gestures and

01:28:31   tablet only

01:28:34   like

01:28:35   designs

01:28:36   It's the kind of iPad app that really gives you the idea of when a developer gets the iPad

01:28:43   That's the kind of app that they can make

01:28:46   In the dock we have the apps that I use all the time, Evernote, because I keep all my visual and rich text personal notes into Evernote.

01:28:59   And lately that I've been setting up my new place here in Rome, it's especially handy to keep all the receipts and the bills that I need to send as a PDF to my landlord.

01:29:10   Also, all the manuals for the various electronics around the house.

01:29:17   Personal notes for work, for research, all kinds of notes.

01:29:21   Safari is my web browser of choice.

01:29:23   I talked about this on my story.

01:29:25   I talked about this, I think, on the prompt and then on connected.

01:29:29   I love Safari.

01:29:30   It's fast, it's stable, it's made from Apple, it's not creepy in theory.

01:29:35   I like iCloud tabs.

01:29:38   It's my favorite iOS app ever made by Apple, so thumbs up to the Safari team, which are

01:29:43   nice people also.

01:29:45   It's a nice plus.

01:29:47   LaunchCenter Pro in the middle of the dock.

01:29:52   I'm going really fast through all these apps, Myke.

01:29:57   I keep all sorts of shortcuts into LaunchCenter Pro.

01:30:00   The ones that I use the most are a shortcut to quickly open a link in Safari.

01:30:06   So I copy a link in the clipboard, I open Long

01:30:30   create new tasks in Todoist because Todoist has an undocumented but really

01:30:36   powerful URL scheme. So I have an action that lets me type the name of the task

01:30:43   then the date because the thing that people don't know about Todoist is that

01:30:47   it supports natural language as much as Fantastical does. And this is really

01:30:53   awesome because I can type something like "do research for

01:30:58   Mac service weekly and then when I need to add the date I can write tomorrow at 2pm.

01:31:06   And they have an advanced syntax for recurring tasks, for other different types of entering

01:31:15   times and dates and it's another really nice touch of Todoist.

01:31:22   Last three apps Myke.

01:31:23   We're almost done.

01:31:26   because that's where when I need to quickly save text I go to drafts then I

01:31:36   can I can send this text to Evernote for instance one of my most used actions is

01:31:42   one to append a link to an Evernote note which is called Mac stories weekly

01:31:50   links. So every time I come across a link that I find interesting, I can quickly save

01:31:56   it to the bottom of an existing note in Evernote. And then each Thursday when I go through all

01:32:05   the links for Mac Storage Weekly, I will find all the links that I saved with drafts.

01:32:11   because it's my the iPad app that changed iOS for me.

01:32:19   Editorio is the most powerful markdown editor ever made for iOS and I guess any other platform.

01:32:27   It's a mix of markdown, multi-markdown and automator on iOS.

01:32:31   You can create custom actions, workflows, you can do Python, you can avoid all the scripting

01:32:36   if you want.

01:32:37   You can just use visual actions like building blocks for your workflows and it's crazy.

01:32:43   The guy who makes it is also crazy but also awesome and the entire app is fantastic and

01:32:48   it's the app that I use every day to post articles, automate any other aspect of iOS

01:32:56   such as discovering price drops for App Store apps, sending links to other people via email

01:33:05   or stuff like image editing and processing and uploading through Python.

01:33:14   And last, Myke, is Twitter for the iPad with the Twitter app and not a third-party client

01:33:25   because for a series of reasons, which I have covered before, which I will hopefully soon

01:33:31   and my schedule allows, will further cover on my stories.

01:33:38   I really like the official Twitter app for iOS.

01:33:43   It's an unpopular opinion among iOS geeks.

01:33:49   And I just want to mention a few of them.

01:33:51   I really like Twitter cards, which I also wrote about.

01:33:57   cards are these interactive or otherwise rich previews of content directly into your Twitter

01:34:04   timeline. So things like web articles, they get an excerpt and they get an image or image galleries,

01:34:13   SoundCloud audio previews, videos, GIFs and all other kinds of content that are directly previewed

01:34:23   into your timeline. And I like the fact that you can send images in direct messages.

01:34:31   And I like that you... and this is one of the most underappreciated features of a Twitter client.

01:34:39   You can see the number of retweets and favorites that for each tweet directing timeline

01:34:50   without having to open the tweet in a separate view.

01:34:54   So when I'm scrolling my timeline I can see right away whether a tweet is popular or worth

01:35:01   paying attention to or not.

01:35:03   And you can fill it with one tap, you can retweet with two taps, you don't have to switch

01:35:08   between views and I wish that more people would consider using the Twitter app even

01:35:12   though it doesn't have streaming or it doesn't have timeline syncing but let me tell you

01:35:18   It takes a bit of getting used to, but the trade-offs and the other features of the Twitter

01:35:24   app make it worth it for me.

01:35:27   As you can see from the screenshot, there's other three screens of apps.

01:35:32   The last screen is the betas.

01:35:36   The other two screens are folders and games.

01:35:40   And that's it.

01:35:41   Thank you Federico.

01:35:42   It was my pleasure, Myke.

01:35:43   It was my pleasure, Myke.

01:35:45   I hope that people have an understanding into the...

01:35:48   what's on the home screen of an iPad power user.

01:35:51   Federico, there will be links to all of this stuff in the show notes.

01:35:56   Where would people go to find such a thing?

01:35:58   So, if you happen to be aware of the web,

01:36:05   you should just go to your web browser of choice.

01:36:09   whether it's Opera, whether it's Firefox, or I guess whether you use Internet Explorer,

01:36:18   you can just go to the address bar and you can go to relay.fm/ as in the character, not the guitar player.

01:36:29   - From "Gone with the Roses"? - Yes.

01:36:31   And connected, slash again, and dodici, which means 12 in English.

01:36:38   Actually, it's 12 in English, it's in Italian, that's how we say it.

01:36:43   And at that webpage, you will find text, you will find pictures.

01:36:49   But if you keep scrolling, you will see a player to listen to this episode.

01:36:54   And underneath the player, you will find the show notes.

01:36:57   Well, that was a lot of information. I appreciate you giving that to our listeners.

01:37:02   Yeah, especially for people who use Opera as their web browser.

01:37:06   Hey these people, you know, they need some love too.

01:37:08   That's useful information, yeah.

01:37:10   Very useful, especially if you use Opera.

01:37:13   If you'd like to follow us on the internet, I am @imike, I M Y K E.

01:37:17   Federico's @fitti, G V I T S C C I. Federico of course writes at thefantasticmaxstories.net.

01:37:23   We'd also like to thank our sponsors again for this week, Lindo.com, Hover and Clubhouse.

01:37:30   Go and check those guys out. We'll be back next week with another episode of Connected,

01:37:34   and hopefully Stephen will join us. Until then, say goodbye Federico.

01:37:38   Arrivederci.

01:37:39   [