11: Ruining Lives With Perspective


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00:00:20   My name is Myke Hurley.

00:00:21   Today I'm joined by Federico Fittucci.

00:00:23   Hi Federico.

00:00:23   - Hey Myke.

00:00:24   - And Mr. Stephen Hackett.

00:00:25   Hello Stephen.

00:00:27   - Hey boys.

00:00:28   Guys, it's another episode of our favorite show.

00:00:31   It's the only Apple show that goes beyond America.

00:00:36   Yeah, I mean, sure.

00:00:37   We can make that claim.

00:00:38   You know?

00:00:39   Europe really taxes the hell out of ATP.

00:00:46   What's up?

00:00:47   Welcome back.

00:00:49   Well, you guys know, I told you that I have an Ikea kitchen

00:00:54   fully set up at this point.

00:00:56   I'm very happy.

00:00:57   I'm very glad.

00:00:58   And to my disappointment, I realized that IKEA doesn't have an iOS app.

00:01:04   Have you guys ever bought a kitchen at IKEA?

00:01:09   No. There's not an IKEA here, actually.

00:01:14   You have to go like five hours away to one in Georgia.

00:01:19   So they have a 3D modeling program for web browsers on the desktop that requires you

00:01:29   to install a plugin in Safari and it's kind of terrible and I was hoping that they would

00:01:35   have like an iPad app or at least some compatible apps made by other people but it turns out

00:01:42   that such a thing doesn't exist and I needed to use my MacBook to sketch out my kitchen

00:01:50   with the IKEA browser tool and my MacBook's fans were spinning really really fast and

00:01:58   it was loud and awful.

00:02:01   I'm sorry to hear that.

00:02:04   Yeah but at least my kitchen is done so I don't have to think about that anymore.

00:02:08   by Mac Mini and your MacBook Air I think probably only has one fan but it's fine.

00:02:13   Only one? I think so. Well that's enough I guess. Maybe, I don't know. So let's jump into

00:02:22   some follow-up. Follow-up. So we got a lot of feedback. Brian Redmond is the one

00:02:32   that we are going to bless with attribution about. We got some angry

00:02:37   follow-up as well I received some angry follow-up. We have angry listeners? Yeah.

00:02:43   I received an email that was ridiculous. Oh yeah, I forgot about that email. You have avoided those emails to me by the way.

00:02:49   I archived them. There used to be a podcast about angry people, but now it's

00:02:53   they shut it down. Too soon, bro. So Brian Redman on Twitter links to the

00:03:01   KBase, as you might imagine, about how to do the thing...

00:03:08   What is this? What are you trying to do? Copy a logical range of data, right?

00:03:12   Yeah, so basically I was complaining that I couldn't find a way to take a field in

00:03:20   numbers on iOS, select it, and sort of drag down and just copy it down the

00:03:27   column because Google Drive does this by just adding a small button that's on the

00:03:33   bottom of the columns which is always exposed so you can do it quite easily.

00:03:35   Now to do this on iOS you have to tap in the first row so you receive like so you

00:03:44   see the copy-cut-paste thing and then you have to tap it again or something

00:03:52   and press like the fill button and then when you press the fill button this

00:03:56   yellow box appears around the field and you can drag it around. Now I still

00:04:03   maintain it okay it's possible but that is not intuitive it is intuitive in

00:04:08   Google Drive, Google Sheets because it's just a button that's always just there.

00:04:15   It's a pro tip from the Apple website. I would never have thought that like you

00:04:23   would need to tap to bring up the copy and paste dialogue to then press another button

00:04:28   to then activate a mode in which you could do that.

00:04:30   It just doesn't seem like an intuitive way of doing it.

00:04:34   It's not.

00:04:35   It's not at all.

00:04:36   The entire copy and paste system needs to be revamped eventually.

00:04:44   It was first designed in 2010 and things have changed quite a bit around iOS apps and interaction

00:04:51   with different extensions and widgets and stuff and we're still stuck with the same

00:04:57   copy and paste menu of four years ago and you know developers cannot tap into that menu,

00:05:04   only Apple can do stuff, developers can have some limited control so they can add but they

00:05:11   cannot really build for recent extensions into that menu and I guess they also, the

00:05:17   whole text selection mechanism on iOS is one of my major limitations when I try to work

00:05:27   on the iPad without using a keyboard.

00:05:30   Because selecting text on iOS, especially when it comes to selecting text that spans

00:05:34   multiple paragraphs and lines, that's always cumbersome.

00:05:38   And this example in numbers and Google Sheets is just one instance of a system that I think

00:05:46   it's growing a bit stale, you know?

00:05:50   Yeah, because I mean they're doing like this interaction here, they're

00:05:54   trying to do more in the interface than what they initially

00:05:58   brought it into the world needing to

00:06:02   do. Like the "you're going to replace and define" and like, it's all great

00:06:06   but it's really feeling more and more like they

00:06:10   don't know what to do with it. They just keep adding things to it or adding things behind extra buttons

00:06:14   And I totally agree that the system needs a good overhaul.

00:06:19   I don't know what that looks like.

00:06:20   I'm not smart enough to figure out what that's supposed to do,

00:06:23   but I do agree that it is very frustrating to use

00:06:26   if you really need fine-grain text control on iOS.

00:06:30   - So I wanted to just bring up quickly

00:06:36   something just about last week and et cetera.

00:06:41   I complain about iOS because I love iOS.

00:06:46   Like I do so much work on it that when it kind of,

00:06:49   when it frustrates me or things seem weird

00:06:52   or they don't operate the way that would seem logical

00:06:56   or intuitive, I get annoyed by it

00:06:58   because most of the time it does.

00:07:00   Like iOS is my operating system of choice,

00:07:03   like just generally, it's my favorite.

00:07:05   I like doing things on it more than anything else

00:07:08   than any other platform.

00:07:09   But it's just when you come into these roadblocks

00:07:12   where it's like, oh, I don't know how to do this,

00:07:15   or this doesn't make sense to me,

00:07:17   there are things that are hidden.

00:07:18   Like in Mail, for example,

00:07:20   so many functions are hidden behind scrolling views

00:07:24   of the cut, copy, and paste dialogue.

00:07:28   That just seems like such a weird place to have,

00:07:31   press this button to see more options.

00:07:34   Little things like that, or like I was saying

00:07:36   about how rich text means that I can't very easily copy something from a Google Doc document

00:07:45   and paste it into mail and it loses formatting and things like that. So it frustrates me

00:07:49   because it's so powerful. But then when I can't do those things, it annoys me and that's

00:07:54   why I get upset about it.

00:07:56   Copying rich text on iOS is like the Russian roulette. You never know if it's going to

00:08:02   work or not. You copy some rich text in Safari and you paste it in Mail and it keeps the

00:08:07   formatting by you copying like pages or Evernote or maybe an RSS reader and you paste elsewhere

00:08:17   and either you screw things up and you get crazy formatting or you don't get rich text

00:08:22   at all and you just get plain text and that's always annoying for me. I guess the reason

00:08:27   behind this is that it's both Apple's and the developers fault to implement rich

00:08:33   techs in a way that's consistent and that works across multiple apps. It's

00:08:38   just that this feature seems to always work on OS X and it kind of never does

00:08:44   on iOS. So I don't know whose fault it is, I don't want to care. It's

00:08:51   something that's supposed to always work like it mostly does on the Mac

00:08:55   and it doesn't on iOS, so that's one area for improvement.

00:09:01   Or at least another one.

00:09:06   So I got something else wrong last week.

00:09:10   I mentioned that the iPad sold less than the Mac and either I said it wrong or at least

00:09:21   made it sound in such a way that what I meant was that the Mac sold more units

00:09:27   than the iPad. That is incorrect. What is correct is that the Mac brought in

00:09:34   more revenue than the iPad for... what was it? Q2 or Q4? No, what Q? Q. That's a lot of Qs.

00:09:43   Q4. Q4 2014. So the last quarterly profits. So yeah, there was that. Very sorry.

00:09:50   that I misled you everybody I didn't mean to do that but it's I still find the

00:09:55   data point as interesting whoever with no matter what way it is just the fact

00:10:00   that the Mac made more money it's just very interesting to me so I wouldn't

00:10:05   have expected that well I guess you could argue that Apple has been doing a

00:10:10   good job with it with the Mac advertisement campaigns in the in the

00:10:14   past year, especially the 30 year anniversary of the Mac.

00:10:22   And they did a bunch of videos, they had the crazy timeline on the

00:10:30   Apple website and it was a really, really good campaign.

00:10:35   And in my opinion, it was more practical from an everyday perspective

00:10:42   than the Your Verse campaign for the iPad.

00:10:46   Because with the Mac, they had this timeline,

00:10:49   and they had these examples of people doing their jobs

00:10:54   with the Mac and doing stuff

00:10:55   that most people can understand, right?

00:10:58   They showed graphic artists, they showed musicians,

00:11:02   and professions that people can relate to, I guess,

00:11:06   architects, designers, writers.

00:11:08   With the Your Verse campaign,

00:11:11   they're showing people climbing mountains or diving under the ocean, you know, just

00:11:17   crazy tasks that are possible with the iPad.

00:11:20   It's just that it's, you know, you don't hear those kind of tasks on a computer every day.

00:11:29   You don't know what's on my to-do list.

00:11:33   I would probably say as well that the MacBook sticker campaign was also probably, I mean,

00:11:41   speak maybe a little bias but I expect that that campaign was also very popular

00:11:47   just because you don't like to put stickers on your Mac there's clearly a

00:11:50   lot of people that do enough that Apple deemed it they blessed my decision

00:11:57   with a with an advertising campaign no they did and it makes me sad we should

00:12:02   make you happy because I'm accepted the I agree with you Federico I think that

00:12:10   the 30th anniversary of the Mac, I think it was stronger because it did show like

00:12:15   the Mac had real impact on a bunch of different industries, right? Like most notably

00:12:21   education and print design and like publication stuff, but you know, made real impact and they

00:12:29   can't either they can't say that about the iPad and maybe they can't back to the conversation

00:12:34   of the last several weeks or maybe they feel like, you know, the iPad, like the Mac could never

00:12:42   go to these places that the iPad can and so the iPad is like a super set of everything the Mac

00:12:47   does but sort of in a weird way. But I do agree with you, I think that the campaigns aren't equal

00:12:54   for sure. Indeed.

00:13:02   yeah extremely important piece of follow-up most important ever would you

00:13:06   like to explain Steven the national scale tragedy that occurred and how it's

00:13:14   been yeah how it's been it's been fixed fixed yeah that's the word so in Star

00:13:19   Wars if you remember they blow up an entire planet with the Death Star and

00:13:24   it's very sad sort of they kind of gloss over it actually so we never watched

00:13:29   Star Wars. Please explain the reference. Stop saying it in public. Why? Is that a shame?

00:13:40   Why? I don't like sci-fi stuff. Oh my god am I doing a crime? Well you know people will get very

00:13:52   upset if... What? Because I don't share the same tastes? Yes, for Star Wars. Other

00:13:58   things is fine typically. Well I guess people should grow up then, you know? Alright let's move on okay so... No I'm just saying if you don't, just because I don't like something that you like and you accuse me of not liking it, it doesn't seem like a mature thing to do, you know?

00:14:12   Star Wars gate. Welcome to the internet my friends. For real. So we had accidentally done basically the same thing to Greenland with our show artwork and we got a lot of emails about it and it kind of dropped off my radar but we have it fixed now

00:14:28   And Greenland is now back on the map, on the connected artwork.

00:14:34   It's on the site, should be in iTunes.

00:14:35   A bunch of third-party apps cache artwork, and there's a hundred different ways to reset it.

00:14:40   Maybe you'll see it eventually in your third-party app.

00:14:42   Maybe you won't, but it is there.

00:14:45   I'll tell you what though, if you-- I mean, not because we don't love Greenland.

00:14:48   I mean, sorry Greenland, we really didn't get to do this to you.

00:14:51   Yeah, it was a mistake.

00:14:51   If we're going to get rid of a country, it would not have been Greenland.

00:14:54   If you currently subscribe to the show in an app that doesn't update the artwork and you ever see me in person,

00:15:00   if you show me the artwork and it doesn't have Greenland in it, you'll get a special prize because you'll be vintage.

00:15:06   A kiss on the cheek.

00:15:08   Yeah, sure, we can do that.

00:15:09   So we're extremely apologetic to the people of Greenland.

00:15:14   And to Federica.

00:15:16   You guys seem really afraid of me saying that I don't like Star Wars.

00:15:23   No, I'm not afraid of you. I'm afraid of everybody. I'm afraid for you.

00:15:27   What are they gonna do?

00:15:28   I'm afraid for you.

00:15:30   Come find me?

00:15:31   They're gonna dox you.

00:15:32   Well, they can dox me.

00:15:34   They will. They'll dox you.

00:15:36   I'm sure we'll have a good time.

00:15:38   Whoever comes visit me.

00:15:41   In a Jedi costume.

00:15:43   Hey guys, the iPod classic made headlines this week.

00:15:47   I had to check what year it was and then I read the article.

00:15:51   So, this week Tim Cook was at WSJD, which is like the new Wall Street Journal conference,

00:16:01   which is the same time as the ReCode conference, which I find hilarious.

00:16:05   That's not weird at all.

00:16:06   No, it's just, no, they're not bitter, I'm sure.

00:16:09   MBD, guys, MBD.

00:16:11   It's fine, there's 52 weeks, we just happened to land on the same one.

00:16:17   So Tim Cook was asked in the Q&A why the iPod Classic was discontinued and there's a link

00:16:23   to the Verge and basically Tim Cook said the iPod Classic was discontinued because they

00:16:27   couldn't get the parts anymore and worth designing a new one wasn't really worth it.

00:16:33   Which I find like, I mean, I get it, like this is not me like asking Apple to bring

00:16:39   the iPod Classic back.

00:16:41   Are you about to launch a conspiracy theory?

00:16:43   No.

00:16:44   No.

00:16:45   But?

00:16:46   But if I were, no, like Apple doesn't not do things because they

00:16:57   can't get the parts, right? Like Apple invented, you know, like, "Hey, we need RAM

00:17:02   for the next decade. Go build a factory. Here's $45 billion." Like, it's not that

00:17:08   Apple can't get the parts. It's the second one, that it wasn't worth designing a

00:17:11   whole new one when the parts became difficult or, you know... Like, I'm sure

00:17:15   Toshiba was only making 1.8 inch hard drives for the iPod.

00:17:19   Those things have gone the way of the dodo.

00:17:21   But it's just, I was excited to see my little friend make the news again and then it was

00:17:26   sad that it was about his death.

00:17:28   But it's okay, I still have mine.

00:17:30   It's still clicking and whirring away.

00:17:33   It's good.

00:17:35   Do you want my iPod Classic, Simon?

00:17:37   I bought one, remember?

00:17:38   Mine's a new.

00:17:39   Oh yeah, you bought one.

00:17:40   New, air quotes.

00:17:41   Myke, do you want mine, Myke?

00:17:44   I can ship it to you put some service music on it if you put some of your

00:17:53   music on there yeah listen yours then I'll take it hey why don't we use one of

00:18:01   your songs for the intro to the show I really messed up no we really shouldn't

00:18:04   I don't know but I mean I can still make that happen no it's not a good idea it

00:18:08   It is not a good idea.

00:18:09   A co-founder approved.

00:18:11   [MUSIC PLAYING]

00:18:13   You say I'm Chinsa Sofa, but you remember my name.

00:18:16   You don't get a co-founder veto on this.

00:18:18   So yeah, so that's follow-up this week.

00:18:25   iPod Classic, Greenland, and Myke getting things wrong.

00:18:29   Pretty average week.

00:18:30   That actually sounds like a really normal week.

00:18:32   You know what we should talk about?

00:18:33   Greenland is the only thing that--

00:18:36   So I guess the topic zero is photo management.

00:18:39   And then we are going to circle back to, let me guess,

00:18:45   music streaming services.

00:18:47   And then me and Federico can argue about the iWatch.

00:18:52   Oh yeah. And pebble notifications. Yeah.

00:18:54   I'm just going to sit in the corner and cry. Sounds like a solid show guys.

00:18:58   Just a typical connected show.

00:19:00   Why not we not do that and Myke, you tell us about our friends at Backblaze.

00:19:05   I would love to.

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00:19:34   Not a lot, but there were things gone from my machine that I'll never see again.

00:19:40   The worst part is the realisation that I actually don't know what I lost, I just know that things

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00:20:34   Federica, you'll like this.

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00:20:51   I was super impressed by that,

00:20:53   because I was kind of like,

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00:21:48   Should check it out for sure.

00:21:52   So topic zero.

00:21:55   Someone has labeled what in the Google Doc?

00:22:00   What is this?

00:22:02   What is this video that I haven't watched?

00:22:05   - So somebody has somehow, I'm not sure how,

00:22:09   basically created an app which is a UI demo

00:22:13   of the Apple Watch user interface on an iPhone

00:22:17   and how that would look.

00:22:19   So Steven, if you've not seen this,

00:22:21   just jump to like a minute in the video

00:22:23   and you'll see what's going on here.

00:22:26   It's basically the tiny,

00:22:28   circular apps

00:22:30   like infinitely displayed

00:22:32   and you can zoom out and see them all in tiny, tiny dots and you can zoom in.

00:22:37   There you go. And you can drag around and select apps.

00:22:42   I've seen some people say that this looks fantastic and is the way that

00:22:46   things should be.

00:22:47   It looks fantastic? I love this.

00:22:51   oh really?

00:22:53   yeah

00:22:54   are you being serious?

00:22:55   I mean I don't want to use it, I don't want to use it but it looks pretty

00:22:58   I think it looks pretty?

00:22:59   I think it looks horrible

00:23:01   oh my god

00:23:02   can you imagine trying to find your...

00:23:05   there is no organisation

00:23:07   I said I don't want to use it but it looks pretty

00:23:10   it doesn't look pretty, it looks like a bee hive

00:23:12   at this point he's just opening safari over and over

00:23:14   yeah because it's the only one that got working probably

00:23:16   I... well one, bravo to that guy for doing that

00:23:21   I like the animation transition of the circle, but that's all I like.

00:23:26   I can't ever imagine wanting my phone to look like this, plus I just think it looks weird.

00:23:31   I understand it maybe on the watch, although I'm still not sold on that UI anyway, but

00:23:36   I can't imagine ever wanting to have my iPhone do that.

00:23:40   It just seems like a horrible, horrible way of navigating.

00:23:47   Not a fan.

00:23:50   It's interesting. I mean, I do think it's a nice interface. Again, it is weird on the

00:23:56   phone. It would not work on the phone, I don't think. But it is. I think the animation, I

00:24:02   think the way it looks is pretty. I do think usability-wise, it's no good on a bigger device.

00:24:08   But no bueno. But I mean, you're right. They're not bringing this to the iPhone, probably.

00:24:15   Right? Famous last words?

00:24:16   We don't like it. Myke and I have decided that we don't like it.

00:24:20   Yeah, they're going to bring it to the Mac, right? Like you...

00:24:22   Use your mouse?

00:24:24   They're going to replace the Finder and Launchpad with this thing that the circles and the animations.

00:24:34   And they will specifically say "We made this for Steven."

00:24:40   I don't want it. I'm saying it looks nice.

00:24:44   They will force it upon you.

00:24:46   Yeah, you'll be the only person that has to use it because you want it so bad

00:24:49   They will modify your Mac like like the NSA does for the wireless

00:24:56   routers that they sell they will modify your Mac to

00:25:00   to have this sort of springboard and

00:25:05   Not the finder and you won't even be able to look at the library folder so you cannot mess around

00:25:12   That sounds really punitive

00:25:15   Sounds like a nightmare, right?

00:25:19   So I mean, yeah, I wouldn't want to use it, but I do think it's pretty and I do think

00:25:25   that it's probably much better suited for the phone or for the watch, excuse me, than

00:25:31   the phone.

00:25:32   But we'll see.

00:25:33   I agree with you, Myke.

00:25:34   We need to touch it and use it before we know what it'd be like.

00:25:38   But seeing this video made me think about something because what this...

00:25:43   My main reason for not liking the way this looks, especially on my phone, is there's

00:25:47   no seemingly standard organisation to anything.

00:25:52   Things just repeat themselves.

00:25:54   You would not, even if you could organise in that view, you probably wouldn't want to.

00:25:57   Well they repeat because dude made a YouTube video.

00:26:00   I don't think on the watch videos things repeat.

00:26:03   Things have placement, and I think they even showed in the demo that you can adjust that

00:26:07   placement.

00:26:08   But even if there is placement, which I don't remember seeing, I feel like that placement

00:26:12   is not as ordered as the current placement that we have, and I quite like the placement.

00:26:19   So basically this got me thinking about the age-old discussion of how do we organize the

00:26:25   apps on our phones.

00:26:28   And I thought it might be a really nice time to revisit this because we all have bigger

00:26:31   phones now, so we recently potentially had to look at reorganizing.

00:26:37   The other thing that made me think of it, so it was that, and then also I had to choose

00:26:41   a new wallpaper for my phone and I'll talk about that in a moment.

00:26:47   So we have in the show notes for this episode some apps will show it as an image otherwise

00:26:53   you can click a little link and you can see it.

00:26:57   Steven has created a size accurate depiction of our home screens including the phones that

00:27:03   we're using which is very nice.

00:27:04   Thank you Steven, you've shown off your artistic work, you get a gold star.

00:27:07   Did you guys know that people can find the show notes at relay.fm/connected/11?

00:27:12   I didn't know that, but thank you for letting everybody know!

00:27:15   See?

00:27:16   I'm doing my homework.

00:27:19   You were on the ball with that.

00:27:22   Yeah, I know.

00:27:24   So what you can do, if you want to see how big these phones are, you can put your hand

00:27:30   up next to your MacBook screen.

00:27:32   No, just kidding.

00:27:33   Wow, wow.

00:27:34   So guys, can I...

00:27:35   So we call it TBT.

00:27:36   Do I have to talk about the home screen on my phone or can I use my iPad?

00:27:43   No.

00:27:44   As a reference.

00:27:45   Phone.

00:27:46   No because, you know, I swear Myke, I'm not trolling you but I restored my phone a couple

00:27:52   of days ago and so my... Myke?

00:27:56   Yes?

00:27:57   I'm not joking.

00:27:59   This is not meant to tease you.

00:28:01   Well, do you know what you can do Federico?

00:28:02   You can look at the image and you're gonna have to pretend.

00:28:04   Yeah, we told you this was coming.

00:28:07   So somebody that restores their phone during the time that we decided to do this topic

00:28:12   and the show being, which is like 48 hours, you now have to look at an image.

00:28:16   I have the same setup on the iPad.

00:28:21   So you can pretend, okay?

00:28:23   But if it's not like the image, then so be it.

00:28:25   Why do you sound bitter?

00:28:26   Why do you sound so, so upset?

00:28:29   Because we've done, we've made lists.

00:28:30   Why is your phone bigger in the middle?

00:28:33   because my phone's the biggest.

00:28:35   - This is the six plus.

00:28:36   - You have such an ego.

00:28:38   - Well, maybe I do, but it's still a bigger phone.

00:28:41   I have a phone which is comparable to my ego.

00:28:43   So.

00:28:44   - This was really fun doing this podcast with you guys.

00:28:50   I'm just gonna go.

00:28:51   - Why is, Myke, why is your home screen

00:28:54   a bunch of check marks?

00:28:56   - We'll get to that.

00:28:57   - We're gonna get to that.

00:28:58   (laughing)

00:28:59   Okay, so in the show notes,

00:29:03   They have this image and basically we've organized them

00:29:07   to apps we have in common, which there's only four apps

00:29:09   that the three of us share on our home screen,

00:29:11   which is like the most prompt slash connected thing

00:29:14   that's ever happened.

00:29:16   And then we have a bunch of apps that we have

00:29:18   that two out of the three of us have in common.

00:29:21   And then there's a ton of apps that Federico

00:29:25   is the only person with.

00:29:26   There's only two that I'm the only person with.

00:29:28   So we're gonna talk about what that means

00:29:30   for us philosophically.

00:29:31   - Yeah.

00:29:32   Let's talk about wallpapers first and then we can talk about...

00:29:35   Yes.

00:29:36   Now let's talk about Steven using the weather app.

00:29:39   It's not the weather app.

00:29:40   It's not?

00:29:41   Oh, that's perfect weather.

00:29:42   Do you not look at the...

00:29:43   There's a Google...

00:29:44   That's perfect weather.

00:29:45   The icon is so...

00:29:47   It's the same one.

00:29:48   Come on, you cannot blame me.

00:29:49   It is perfect weather.

00:29:51   I don't understand why anybody uses the weather app and not just use the notification center.

00:29:55   I should say, guys, before we get into this, I wanted to comment on the weather app.

00:30:01   I never really addressed the follow up that I got for my weather comments.

00:30:05   I was hoping that was going to just go away quietly.

00:30:07   No, it's not going to go away quietly.

00:30:10   So I appreciate all the people that got in touch with me and shared my thoughts on this.

00:30:17   Someone sent me a picture of a snowy hill in my email.

00:30:21   So a lot of people, basically the main comment was that not everybody lives in Italy and

00:30:27   not everybody can enjoy the warm, generally nice weather that we have here.

00:30:35   I get it.

00:30:37   I guess I have a different perspective on the kind of weather that you gotta expect

00:30:44   outside.

00:30:47   I received a bunch of photos of "hey I live in this part of the world and when I get out

00:30:55   in the morning I don't know whether it's going to rain or to snow or to be hot or cold so I need a

00:31:01   weather app with the forecast on my on my home screen and I need to look at the widget so yeah

00:31:07   people gotta use weather apps and thank you for your comments those were really appreciated I'm

00:31:14   not I'm not being sarcastic it's just that I don't really use weather apps and also I couldn't use

00:31:24   the fancy weather apps that Americans have like Steven with all the the radars and the

00:31:29   animations so but thank you for the for the emails on on the weather do you go outside

00:31:35   have you seen my balcony I have well not in person but you asked me if I got you kind

00:31:43   of always you're kind of always outside of that balcony like yeah it's just that I don't

00:31:47   don't need you know precise statistics to know whether I need to put on as weather as

00:31:53   whether or a t-shirt or a jacket or not. It's just that I can look at the sky. But let's

00:31:59   not get into the topic again. Wallpapers.

00:32:02   Wallpapers, yes. Go Myke.

00:32:05   So I had been using one of the wallpapers that our brand and designer Frank Towers had

00:32:15   put together for us. I was using the analog one. But when I rotated my phone into landscape,

00:32:23   it zoomed in too much and didn't look very good anymore. So I decided to

00:32:27   start looking for a new wallpaper and after some searching I thought to myself

00:32:31   I want something blue like my case. So it's kind of like how they do it on

00:32:38   the C range, the 5C range, right? So you have like the same color background to

00:32:42   the case. So I started looking through and I remembered about that like jaggedy

00:32:46   blue wallpaper which is one of the stock wallpapers and I now use that and I'm

00:32:50   very very happy with it because it's like my phone and my case they're like in partnership

00:32:57   together and like it's magical and it's like I'm looking through my screen and I'm looking

00:33:02   at the back of the case and the case is all like jagged.

00:33:06   That's an integration of hardware and software.

00:33:09   Exactly.

00:33:10   Only Apple can do that.

00:33:14   This is what happens when you control the whole thing.

00:33:18   This is the collaboration between teams.

00:33:21   I like it, Myke, but I dislike how one password and fantastical are underlined by the checkerboard

00:33:27   pattern.

00:33:28   It freaks me out.

00:33:29   Well, I can't...

00:33:30   Oh, now I'm going to have to change it because now I can't ever look at it that way again.

00:33:37   I'm here to help you.

00:33:38   No, that doesn't help me because now I'm going to spend...

00:33:40   Trying to get that right because now I have to get it perfect because I can't see what

00:33:46   it's gonna look like until I already said it and then it might underline another app.

00:33:50   Oh, you've ruined it. You've ruined everything.

00:33:52   Steven Hackett, ladies and gentlemen.

00:33:54   Ruining lives.

00:33:56   Federico.

00:33:57   How much coffee have you had?

00:34:00   Federico uses the default.

00:34:01   Oh my God, you can't zoom it in.

00:34:04   Like a fanboy.

00:34:05   You can't zoom it in.

00:34:08   And...

00:34:08   You gotta turn perspective zoom up.

00:34:10   I have.

00:34:12   It doesn't work.

00:34:14   Well, blame Steven, your friend Steven, your co-founder, to blame.

00:34:18   It took me so long to settle on that one.

00:34:23   You should have known better to go into a business with a guy

00:34:26   that tells you these things about a wallpaper.

00:34:28   Well, now I'm going to have to turn perspective zoom on.

00:34:32   Oh, that's the worst.

00:34:33   But now, at least sometimes it won't be lined up.

00:34:36   You know, when you use the parallax,

00:34:39   the device becomes a single entity in your hand.

00:34:41   What is that voice you're doing?

00:34:43   The voice creeps me out.

00:34:44   - It gives you a real sense of understanding placement

00:34:47   of all of the...

00:34:48   (laughing)

00:34:51   - Federico, why do you use the default iOS 8 wallpaper?

00:34:54   - Because it makes me feel like I'm using a new device

00:34:57   because it looks like the iPhones

00:34:59   that Apple has on the website.

00:35:01   So it reminds me that I have a new iPhone and I'm happy.

00:35:04   I'm totally serious, I'm not joking.

00:35:06   - It is the best default wallpaper

00:35:08   that shipped with iOS in a long time.

00:35:09   - Yeah, it's nice. - Remember how janky the,

00:35:11   Was it the iOS 5 one that had like the water droplets?

00:35:15   - I have six. - Ah, yeah.

00:35:18   - I was five.

00:35:18   Maybe six as well, maybe.

00:35:20   - Six had, yeah, the water.

00:35:24   - What was the one that made it look like

00:35:26   you had a scratched phone?

00:35:28   - That was the original iPad one.

00:35:29   - The original iPad with the stars.

00:35:31   - Oh yeah.

00:35:32   - This one, putting it in the chat room.

00:35:35   - No, seriously, I used the default one

00:35:37   because it gives me the idea that I have a new device and a new OS.

00:35:44   A fresh outlook on life.

00:35:47   Yeah, a fresh start, a new season.

00:35:49   A restored phone.

00:35:51   A restored phone. That kind of feeling.

00:35:54   Steven, people are going to be so upset at you that you didn't clean up the status bars.

00:35:58   I know. Yeah, I know.

00:36:01   So can we talk about Myke's to-do apps yet?

00:36:05   - No, I haven't talked about my wallpaper yet.

00:36:08   - Sorry.

00:36:08   - Because this is a very important,

00:36:09   'cause here's the thing.

00:36:10   So we do, every week on this week's setup,

00:36:11   we do like setup interviews.

00:36:14   And for the longest time,

00:36:15   we didn't put links to wallpapers.

00:36:17   And every Monday I'd be like,

00:36:18   where'd the wallpaper come from?

00:36:19   Oh, where'd you get that image?

00:36:20   Oh, can you send me that wallpaper?

00:36:21   So now we link to them.

00:36:23   So that's why we're doing this.

00:36:24   - Well, you know which kind of a feedback I get all the time

00:36:27   I post a screenshot of my notification center.

00:36:31   And I talk about an app.

00:36:32   Like today I was talking about Peacock.

00:36:34   And the question that I got on Twitter was,

00:36:38   hey, what's the weather widget?

00:36:39   Like 10 people in five minutes.

00:36:43   - You gotta crop those things.

00:36:45   - Just like blank it all out, like with the pixelation,

00:36:48   everything, just everything,

00:36:49   except the one thing you're talking about.

00:36:51   - Yeah, because people then are gonna think

00:36:53   that they gotta dodge me because they wanna find out

00:36:55   what's behind the pixelation.

00:36:56   - Yeah, but then let them know.

00:36:58   - Whatever, okay.

00:37:02   My co-host is from John Kerry, who's a photographer at 50footshadows.net, from his dust collection,

00:37:08   which is fun.

00:37:10   He actually shot here in Memphis.

00:37:13   And it's one of those dust images.

00:37:14   I like it because it's real blurry and not in focus at all.

00:37:18   I don't like wallpapers that compete with the icons visually.

00:37:22   It's just kind of muted in the background.

00:37:24   Like mine.

00:37:25   I'm surprised you don't have one of those shelved ones.

00:37:27   I thought that you'd be all up for that.

00:37:31   I thought you were going to have a mac pro.

00:37:33   Why would I be up for that?

00:37:34   Yeah, how come you don't have a picture of an old mac?

00:37:36   I don't know if it's one of the two of you today.

00:37:41   People use photos of their kids as wallpaper.

00:37:45   I do for my... stop it.

00:37:47   I do for my lock screen.

00:37:49   My lock screen is my kids.

00:37:51   Yeah, my lock screen is a picture of my girlfriend.

00:37:53   Yeah. What's your lock screen?

00:37:55   My lock screen is the Apple one.

00:37:57   Of course it is.

00:37:59   it is. Stephen are you not concerned that like sometimes you look at your phone

00:38:03   and think there's dust behind the screen? No. Because it's actual dust. Like if you

00:38:08   did get dust there you wouldn't even know. Well how would I get... So the four

00:38:15   apps that we share in common. Slack, GroupMe, Drafts with an asterisk, oh I

00:38:24   know what the asterisk means, and Evernote. Those are the only four third party

00:38:29   apps. So we're not talking about first party apps. We also all share messages. I think

00:38:34   messages is the only first party app we all use.

00:38:37   Where do I find the meaning of the asterisk?

00:38:42   Thanks for exposing my show planning ideas, guys. So the listeners at home, though, the

00:38:49   asterisks that you cannot see mean that I denoted these applications as potentially

00:38:54   worth further discussion.

00:38:56   So I do think it's worth discussing why we all have Slack and GroupMe, because they do

00:39:02   basically the same thing.

00:39:03   Well, I'm going to get rid of GroupMe now.

00:39:05   No, why?

00:39:06   Well, because we're not getting rid of it.

00:39:08   I'm probably going to move it off my home screen.

00:39:10   I use Slack for day job and for relay, talking with everybody.

00:39:18   And I use GroupMe as my brother and some friends.

00:39:22   We all use it because people are on Android and all sorts of crazy things.

00:39:25   We use that as just a group chat over there.

00:39:27   So that's why they're still both on my home screen.

00:39:29   - I'm actually considering putting the game threes

00:39:32   on my home screen.

00:39:33   - That's gonna be bad for you as you.

00:39:35   - I play it all day every day.

00:39:36   - Myke, did you see the-- - Work at home.

00:39:39   - Did you see the screenshots of the upcoming version?

00:39:41   - Yeah, and the Vine videos.

00:39:42   - Yeah, yeah.

00:39:43   - There's too many, so just follow Asher Vollmer

00:39:49   - Asher Voll, yeah.

00:39:51   - On Twitter.

00:39:52   I'll put his link to his...

00:39:54   his account in the show notes.

00:39:57   I use Slack because you guys forced me

00:40:00   to use it.

00:40:03   After I suggested Slack to you. So you kinda set

00:40:07   major embed really because you were the first person

00:40:10   who told me that Slack was so great and then we couldn't use it because

00:40:14   Stephen used it for work which meant we couldn't use it. Before the Mac app had

00:40:20   multi-team support.

00:40:21   Yep. And now now we can now we can do it.

00:40:24   So we use it.

00:40:25   And now Federico is the one that doesn't want to use it.

00:40:27   But it's too late now because we're all using it.

00:40:29   And it's really good for things like relay or for like me at work,

00:40:32   because you can have different channels for different things.

00:40:34   So like we have one just for connected.

00:40:36   You know, we have one that's just about merchandise and like

00:40:39   you can keep them private.

00:40:40   You can make them public like you do all these different things.

00:40:42   Spoilers, bro. Flexibility is good.

00:40:45   Oh, oh, yeah, we're doing merchandise at some point.

00:40:49   probably really soon. So draft is interesting. So we obviously all have it

00:40:57   and I'm interested to know what we all use it for because I'm sure I don't use

00:41:01   it for the same reasons that you guys do. So I currently use drafts as like my

00:41:06   quick note-taking application on the iPhone. So I have things in drafts that

00:41:10   will always be in drafts. So I have things like a list of future guests I

00:41:16   would like to have on inquisitive. I keep it there. But I also put in things

00:41:21   like quick notes, like if I need to remember a restaurant order or something

00:41:25   because I'm about to walk up to order it or something like that. So I have

00:41:30   all kinds of things in there. I don't really use it so much for the "put

00:41:34   something in here, send it to somewhere else".

00:41:37   That's exactly how I use it.

00:41:40   Yeah, that's why I thought it would be interesting, right? I do that sometimes,

00:41:43   sometimes, but that's not my main use of the app.

00:41:47   My main use of the app is it's a super powerful note-taking application, because what I love

00:41:52   is all of the new keyboard things that you can do.

00:41:56   So like the extra row of keys.

00:41:57   >>Bubble text, bubble text.

00:41:58   >>Well, okay, I mean, I don't necessarily need that.

00:42:03   I didn't even know it was possible, so maybe I can add that.

00:42:05   But I have it for like quick access to markdown stuff and things like that.

00:42:11   So I really like it for that.

00:42:13   And it has a really, really sweet dark mode, which makes me very, very happy.

00:42:18   So I like dark modes.

00:42:19   >> Yeah, I use it more as a quick scratch pad for information that I need to save quickly

00:42:25   and then maybe take elsewhere.

00:42:28   Because the kind of note-taking app that you describe, that's Evernote for me, for like

00:42:33   lists or information that I need to store for the future for reference or, you know,

00:42:37   like lists of article ideas from Mac Stories of or maybe links that I want to mention in

00:42:44   our newsletter, Mac Stories Weekly.

00:42:47   I use Drafts for things like I need to save the phone number of a friend that I got a

00:42:57   call or I need to save an address quickly or I need to save a link into Evernote.

00:43:04   And in fact, one of my most used actions in drafts is the append to Evernote action.

00:43:10   Basically I keep a lot of lists in Evernote and drafts is able to append text to the bottom

00:43:18   of an existing note.

00:43:19   So for instance, if I find an interesting link that I want to mention on Mac stories,

00:43:24   I keep a note in my Evernote called "stuff to check out" where I append links of interesting

00:43:31   articles and apps that I want to cover.

00:43:32   Yeah, I should do that because I have like notes and stuff like that and I do keep things like that in Evernote

00:43:38   So that would be really good. I might set stuff like that up

00:43:40   I'm looking forward to when I quit my job and can really dive into

00:43:43   Workflowing Federica. Will you be my like my workflow czar or something?

00:43:49   Yeah, I can be your workflow

00:43:51   Guru. Yes, sir. Okay, we'll go with guru

00:43:54   So you can just have like an hour a day where you just like yeah sure workflow me

00:43:59   But I'll tell you it'll be in Italian.

00:44:02   That's cool. I'll get a workflow for translating it.

00:44:05   Another user case for Evernote that I started enjoying in the past few weeks is

00:44:12   in setting up our new place with my girlfriend.

00:44:16   We have a lot of things to buy still, like furniture or stuff for the kitchen, for the bedroom.

00:44:25   I keep a list in Evernote and every time we think of something that we gotta buy when we go to IKEA for instance,

00:44:32   I can open drafts and I just quickly type out the item and then I

00:44:37   swipe to the left and I tap the Evernote action and it's saved in a shared notebook

00:44:42   that me and my girlfriend we share on Evernote and so we can keep that information around

00:44:48   essentially forever at least until we buy the item and we check it off from Evernote.

00:44:55   So yeah, Drafts is a really nice scratch pattern for me.

00:45:00   - Yep, yeah, I'm in between you guys.

00:45:04   I use it a little bit for the action stuff

00:45:06   and like if someone is like rattling something off

00:45:08   that I need to capture really quickly

00:45:10   and I just have my phone, Drafts is much faster

00:45:12   than Evernote as far as getting started typing.

00:45:15   So it's sort of my go-to, so.

00:45:20   - Yeah, Evernote's really cool.

00:45:21   I use it for a lot of business documents

00:45:23   and I use it mainly for travel stuff and just to store things long term.

00:45:28   I see it as like a cold storage for things, you know?

00:45:31   Like email and stuff like that.

00:45:32   So like if I get a receipt that I need to keep and that sort of stuff, Evan, it's kind

00:45:36   of my place for that.

00:45:37   Yeah.

00:45:38   It's like a cold storage that you can easily search.

00:45:41   Yeah.

00:45:42   Because in Dropbox you could keep around PDFs or text notes.

00:45:46   I mean everybody does, but search is not great for that.

00:45:49   It's like a finder with cloud features done right, whereas Evernote is like a database

00:45:55   that you can search.

00:45:57   And again, for instance, I've been doing the paperless thing, you know, with all the bills

00:46:05   and the receipts for the furniture that I bought, or I scanned the manual for my air

00:46:14   conditioner and a bunch of other electronics in my house, and I keep everything in Evernote.

00:46:19   So when I need to look up some commands for the air conditioner that I don't understand,

00:46:24   I can just open the Evernote app and it's there.

00:46:27   And I can search and I can have shortcuts, I can do recent searches, it's really useful.

00:46:33   Cool.

00:46:34   Should we take a quick break and then we'll talk about the apps that we have in common

00:46:39   that some of us share?

00:46:41   Sure.

00:46:42   So I want to take a quick moment to thank our friends over at igloo who build an internet

00:46:47   you'll actually like.

00:46:48   If you've ever used something like SharePoint or you work in a company or an organisation

00:46:52   that has some sort of corporate intranet product, you're going to know what it's like to feel

00:46:56   like you're working with something that was built in the 90s.

00:46:59   Because it probably was built in the 90s.

00:47:01   You're going to know just how dull and boring and unengaging an intranet can be.

00:47:06   You're kind of like dragging it along throughout your daily work life and just trying to force

00:47:10   it to do the things that you want.

00:47:11   You can never find the information that you want.

00:47:13   It doesn't do anything to help you try and stay in touch with your colleagues and all

00:47:16   this sort of stuff.

00:47:18   That's where igloo can help you.

00:47:20   That is where igloo is like a shining light in your workplace.

00:47:24   Igloo does so many incredible things and one of my favourite things that igloo allows you

00:47:30   to do is to create and craft a space for you and your work colleagues that looks and feels

00:47:39   like something that fits in your company.

00:47:41   So this is more than just like changing some colours and putting your logo in the top left

00:47:46   hand corner.

00:47:48   What igloo allows you to do is to create an intranet that is like a reflection of your

00:47:52   company.

00:47:53   So this is of course in the look but also in the feel of how you use it on a day to

00:47:58   day basis.

00:47:59   With igloo everything is widget based and it's drag and drop so it's really easy to

00:48:02   build something and you can customise your own pages and stuff like that.

00:48:06   But the things that you can customise it with is where it starts to get really special and

00:48:09   that's igloo's apps that they have.

00:48:11   They give you the flexibility to change the structure and presentation of your internet.

00:48:15   So this can take your internet from what it is currently to just being content driven

00:48:18   and just pushing information out to everyone in the company to somewhere where it feels

00:48:23   alive with activity and conversations.

00:48:26   You can have forums and blog things, you can have micro blogs, there's comments throughout

00:48:34   the whole system, you can @reply people within igloo.

00:48:37   They've basically built interaction methods which are like the ones that we are used to

00:48:42   using on a day-to-day basis in our social internet lives.

00:48:47   And it allows you to basically work with the people in your company the way you're used

00:48:51   to working with them and you can talk to them in the ways that you want to.

00:48:54   But you're able to also like, you're able to customize, you can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript

00:49:00   across different, across the whole of igloo.

00:49:03   You can also make just some of these changes including some of the app stuff just to certain

00:49:07   areas if you want to keep different parts of the business, want to keep their own private

00:49:10   conversations and then have conversations with the wider teams and

00:49:13   stuff like that you can do all of this it is incredible this is just some of

00:49:19   the amazing just a small sliver of the amazing things that you can do with igloo

00:49:23   and if you want to see how flexible it can be go to igloosoftware.com because

00:49:26   they build their entire website on top of the igloo platform igloo is free to use

00:49:31   with up to 10 people there is no reason you shouldn't be trying it out go sign

00:49:35   up right now igloosoftware.com/connected that's where you will be able to

00:49:40   sign up for your free account for use of up to 10 people and if you want to sign

00:49:46   up further you can check them out they're really great pricing.

00:49:48   That's igloosoftware.com/connected. Thank you so much to igloo for their

00:49:52   support of this show and all of Relay FM. There is just one more thing I wanted to

00:49:58   mention we are currently across the network you may have heard it on other

00:50:01   shows we are running some surveys at the moment this is to try and make sure that

00:50:04   we are doing the best we can to find advertisers that you are interested in.

00:50:08   So if you go to podsurvey.com/connected,

00:50:11   if you have filled out a survey for one of the other shows,

00:50:14   you will see that all of this stuff

00:50:15   should be pre-filled for you, which is really nice.

00:50:17   So you can just click submit again.

00:50:19   It's basically, we just wanna know some basic information

00:50:21   that enables us to try and display some stuff

00:50:24   to our advertisers about demographics and that sort of stuff.

00:50:27   You know, the average types of things

00:50:28   that people need to go out to more advertisers.

00:50:32   And also we wanna understand the types of things

00:50:35   that you want to know and what you like

00:50:38   and what you want us to be interested in as well

00:50:40   so we can bring you the best products and services around.

00:50:44   Also, if anybody that enters the survey

00:50:46   will be entered into a draw for a $100 Amazon gift card,

00:50:50   we will not use your email address

00:50:52   for anything other than telling you

00:50:54   you're aware of the gift card if you are picked at random.

00:50:57   So go to podsurvey.com/connected, fill that out,

00:51:00   and we will be your best friends forever.

00:51:04   So the next list, I'm going to read through them all and then we'll kind of pick a few

00:51:08   to talk about, are apps that two out of the three of us share.

00:51:12   So we have, and most of these shouldn't be a surprise, Fantastical, Overcast, Day One,

00:51:18   1Password, Instapaper, Dropbox, OmniFocus, Unread, Beats Audio, you can guess which one

00:51:24   of us doesn't have that, Editorial, and Tweetbot.

00:51:29   The one that comes out to me is 1Password.

00:51:31   Federico why is that not on your home screen anymore?

00:51:35   'Cause it's-- - Yeah, because I,

00:51:37   a lot of apps are using the extension now.

00:51:40   And if I need to copy a password,

00:51:43   I use Spotlight a lot on iOS to find apps

00:51:48   and one password I just need to type one in the search box

00:51:52   and I launch it.

00:51:53   So I feel like, because I'm not constantly switching

00:51:58   the 1Password app, I can keep it in a folder, which is called "work".

00:52:05   So Stephen, this raises a question that I have for you in this same instance.

00:52:09   Why do you use it if it's integrated into Safari and you use Safari?

00:52:14   Because not everything that I have in 1Password is helpful in Safari.

00:52:21   So I have a lot of things in 1Password that are not just logins.

00:52:27   And I'm not always using that information on my phone.

00:52:33   So I might be at another computer and need to log into Dropbox or doing something where

00:52:37   it's just handy to have.

00:52:40   Skipping ahead a little bit, but the top four, so maps, time zones, day one and one password,

00:52:46   those were promoted to my home screen when I got my iPhone 6.

00:52:50   And so these apps are all on secondary pages and one password out of the four probably

00:52:56   has the weakest argument for being on the home screen anymore but it is handy to have

00:53:01   nearby for things like wireless passwords and you know various pin numbers and things

00:53:08   like that that I store in there so anyways does that answer the question a little bit?

00:53:14   Yeah I mean obviously I use it because I don't use Safari so.

00:53:18   Which is crazy.

00:53:19   Nope it's not crazy when you use Chrome all the time on your desktop.

00:53:22   You're still using Chrome?

00:53:23   Yep.

00:53:24   Can I ask you why?

00:53:26   Seriously, then I'm not again trolling or anything. I'm curious. Okay, because I used to use Chrome

00:53:34   So I'm really curious

00:53:36   One massive reason at the moment is I have Chrome on my Windows PC at work

00:53:43   So I like to be able to use one browser where I can share the history

00:53:48   So it still makes me to use Chrome. I

00:53:52   I have not tried Google Drive in Safari for Yosemite.

00:53:57   I understand that it's old.

00:53:58   People tell me it's better.

00:53:59   Nobody tells--

00:54:00   It's fine.

00:54:01   It's fine.

00:54:01   Fine, OK.

00:54:02   So I find my experience to be perfectly acceptable

00:54:06   and works really great in Chrome.

00:54:08   Everyone just tells me it's fine, which suggests to me

00:54:11   that maybe it's not--

00:54:12   No, it works.

00:54:13   Like, it works or it doesn't.

00:54:14   It didn't work in Mavericks.

00:54:15   It works in Yosemite.

00:54:17   Federico's like, it's OK.

00:54:18   It's fine.

00:54:19   There's nothing exceptional about it.

00:54:21   It just works much better than pages.

00:54:25   Bam!

00:54:26   I was wondering why unread?

00:54:33   So which one of us doesn't have that?

00:54:35   No, hold on.

00:54:36   I had, I'm sorry, Stephen.

00:54:38   One last question.

00:54:39   Myke, do you think that when you go full indie and you will start using Safari on your Mac

00:54:45   because you don't have to use a Windows PC anymore, do you think that you can switch

00:54:49   to Safari instead of Chrome?

00:54:51   Probably not. I don't really know why I would.

00:54:53   Like I actually think that well one big reason I think I personally feel that

00:54:58   Chrome looks better than Safari does in Yosemite

00:55:01   Transparency. Mm-hmm, and I don't like that everything is all in one bar

00:55:07   I like to have my my big bar and then the the tabs because I'm used to it. I'm being I'm being

00:55:13   Grumpy and old and and I this is just how I like it

00:55:17   And I just like Chrome.

00:55:18   - That's my gig, come on.

00:55:19   - And I also like to not have to install too many plugins.

00:55:22   I don't have Flash on my machine.

00:55:24   I don't ever want to put Flash on my machine.

00:55:26   Obviously I'm always playing Flash games.

00:55:28   I'm not, I don't really know why I brought that up

00:55:30   as a point.

00:55:31   I think Chrome is really fast and snappy.

00:55:36   I like it, I don't really.

00:55:38   - Okay, okay.

00:55:39   Good answer, thank you.

00:55:40   - I don't have a reason to switch to Safari.

00:55:42   So I'm just gonna keep using Chrome.

00:55:45   You don't have like an incentive to start using Safari.

00:55:49   - Yeah, 'cause the only extension

00:55:52   that I would really want to use is 1Password.

00:55:56   But I mean, okay, shock horror everybody.

00:56:00   I use Chrome to also store my passwords

00:56:03   so they sync across devices.

00:56:04   Okay, I know it's horrible, isn't it?

00:56:06   Isn't it disgusting?

00:56:08   - That's so bad. - Isn't it true

00:56:09   there's plain text?

00:56:09   - I love the sarcasm in Myke's tone.

00:56:13   - Yeah, of course it does, Stephen,

00:56:14   but I also don't care, like, you know, it's just whatever.

00:56:18   Like whatever. - No, no, I get it, yeah.

00:56:20   - You know, if you're gonna get to my Mac,

00:56:22   you've gotta know my password to unlock my Mac

00:56:24   to get to my Chrome plaintext passwords.

00:56:27   - Spoiler alert, it's, I don't know what it is.

00:56:30   - Steven is a bully.

00:56:32   - Long live the queen.

00:56:33   - That's not a password.

00:56:35   - So Steven, unread. - Yeah, unread,

00:56:38   which is really a question about why are you using DigReader

00:56:41   instead of a regular RSS?

00:56:42   - Yeah, that's more my question.

00:56:44   (laughing)

00:56:45   - Okay, so basically I'm going through that phase, you know?

00:56:50   - That old boys go through.

00:56:54   - Yeah, I don't know which RSO service

00:56:59   I want to use anymore.

00:57:01   - Dig is never the right answer.

00:57:02   - What difference does it make?

00:57:03   - No, no, no, really, no, no, don't make fun of it.

00:57:05   It's a really solid service, guys.

00:57:08   I talked about this on Mac service a couple of times.

00:57:11   It's actually a really nice app.

00:57:13   and there are some really nice ideas in the front page of Dig.

00:57:17   It's not the same Dig anymore.

00:57:20   Like now it's a better works company

00:57:23   and they have a team of people every day,

00:57:25   they feature interesting stories and links

00:57:28   and they don't do anything shady

00:57:30   like they link to the original source.

00:57:34   They, you know, it's an editorial team

00:57:37   that picks the best articles from around the web.

00:57:40   So on the front page of Dig,

00:57:41   I discover a lot of great stuff every day.

00:57:45   They have a video section where it's like...

00:57:50   What's the name of that website that highlights all YouTube videos?

00:57:54   Devour.

00:57:55   I love Devour.

00:57:57   Yes.

00:57:58   So it's like that.

00:58:03   They highlight all this cool, interesting stuff.

00:58:07   And it also works as an RSS app.

00:58:10   It was ready for iOS 8 before many many other RSS clients.

00:58:18   So it had support for the share sheets and you could use extensions.

00:58:25   It has all the basic RSS features that I want.

00:58:27   And it's really nice.

00:58:30   You can sync your reading position across the iPhone and the iPad.

00:58:35   And it was a nice surprise for me.

00:58:38   But also I've been, you know, I used to rely on Fitt Wrangler every day and I love it.

00:58:48   It's a really nice RSS service from the underscore that we know and love.

00:58:55   But I've also been keeping an eye on Fiddly because I think it was last year I bought

00:59:01   a lifetime Fiddly Pro subscription when they were on sale.

00:59:07   So that basically grants me access to 3D Pro forever, as long as I'm on this planet, I

00:59:13   think.

00:59:14   So I can try all the Pro and early features, and in the past week they did a couple of

00:59:22   things that I like.

00:59:24   They shipped a new search feature that lets you search for any keyword, and you can use

00:59:32   operators for advanced search too, and you can look in your feed.ly, so you can look

00:59:37   into your subscriptions or you can look beyond your Fidli, you can look in any website. And

00:59:44   they also stopped using the Fidli URL shortener. So now articles that you share on Fidli take

00:59:51   you directly to the source page. So basically I've been trying all these RSS

00:59:55   apps. I still have Dig on my home screen because I think a lot of people make fun of Dig but

01:00:00   actually they do some really nice things. But I'm also curious to try Fidli because

01:00:05   there's a bunch of apps that I would like to try. There's, I think, an app that Myke

01:00:11   mentioned, Fiery Feeds. Is it possible?

01:00:16   >> That has to do with me.

01:00:18   >> No, you mentioned Reconnaissance.

01:00:20   >> Yeah, Reconnaissance.

01:00:21   >> Which is feed wrangler only, right?

01:00:23   >> Yeah.

01:00:24   >> So there's this other one that supports feed delay and it does a bunch of iOS 8 things

01:00:28   that I want to try. Also, the feed delay app has been updated this week with a bunch of

01:00:33   improvements and iOS 8 support. And finally, I like it because they're huge. They have

01:00:39   a lot of users. They're doing interesting partnerships like with Evernote and Dropbox.

01:00:45   And they actually have a business model, which is to charge people for advanced features,

01:00:51   which I like. I want to try them all. I don't want to have any preconceptions about RSS.

01:01:02   Twitter clients.

01:01:03   Oh yeah, we're going to skip over the fact that you're the only one with the Twitter

01:01:07   app on your home screen.

01:01:08   No, I don't want to skip over that.

01:01:10   We've covered that really well.

01:01:11   Come on, we've talked about this.

01:01:12   No, you're back again.

01:01:13   You said you were going to Tweetbot.

01:01:14   You're back on the Twitter app again.

01:01:16   Yep.

01:01:17   It's like drugs.

01:01:18   In fact, okay, so let me tell you.

01:01:20   It's like drugs.

01:01:22   I'm working on this article from Mac Stories about my experience with Twitter clients in

01:01:28   in 2014, I've been taking a look at Twitter, Tweetbot and Twitterific again, and I don't

01:01:37   know when it will be ready, but it's something that I want to officially cover on the website,

01:01:43   because I feel like I've been talking about Twitter clients in the Tweetbot review, in

01:01:48   the Unconnected, in the newsletter, and now I want to kind of put it all together and

01:01:56   make it a nice article.

01:01:58   Lovely.

01:01:59   Yeah.

01:02:00   So let's dive further into the world of Federico Vittucci's home screen.

01:02:07   Why ridiculous?

01:02:08   There's some crazy stuff on here.

01:02:10   What's crazy about it?

01:02:11   Come on.

01:02:12   Okay, so let's just go through it.

01:02:14   Let's just read the list of apps that only you have.

01:02:16   Okay.

01:02:17   Peacock, Next, Pinterest, Pinner, Nuzzle, Dig, Todoist, Sunrise, Dispatch, Quip, Clips,

01:02:24   and Twitter.

01:02:25   I like about Federico's list, compared to mine and your lists, is I think that

01:02:30   there are more apps on Federico's list that either nobody's heard of or a few

01:02:34   people have heard of and that's not a bad thing. I think what that shows is

01:02:37   Federico is really in tune with the app world as we kind of expect but it's just

01:02:41   interesting to me. Like Next, I mean people are talking about nozzle but it

01:02:46   just sounds funny. You don't know what Next is? I've seen it.

01:02:53   the Apple bottom in the late nine. No, not that one, Stephen. It's an expense tracker for iOS made by

01:03:00   a lovely indie development studio based in Switzerland, I think, called NoIdentity.

01:03:09   And they make fine apps such as Next, ListBook, and another iPhone app called Yearly, I think.

01:03:17   great guys. Next is just the kind of expense tracker that I want because it's got fast input,

01:03:24   it's got a great UI. My only problem is that I'm having the iCloud bug in iOS 8.1 and none of my

01:03:34   iCloud apps are syncing. So I cannot use Next for now. That's a bummer. But I will keep using it as

01:03:43   as soon as Apple fixes the problem.

01:03:47   What about, I've heard people talking on Twitter about the oldest thing, the oldest person

01:03:52   they've ever said.

01:03:53   I saw the kids talking about Nuzzle.

01:03:56   What's special about Nuzzle to you?

01:04:00   It's basically this news reader that kind of collects links that people share on Twitter

01:04:10   for the past two hours or eight hours or 24 hours.

01:04:15   So if you've been absent from Twitter

01:04:19   and you just wanna know what people have been talking about,

01:04:21   and this app collects all the links

01:04:25   that have been shared the most by the people you follow,

01:04:29   and it lets you see, for the past day,

01:04:31   here's what people have been sharing,

01:04:33   is the article that everybody's been talking about.

01:04:35   - Personal tech meme.

01:04:37   - Yeah, basically, yes.

01:04:39   And it's nice because it lets you have filters.

01:04:42   So you can say, "Hey, I want to know for the past two days,

01:04:48   for the past day, or for the past eight hours."

01:04:50   So if you just wake up in the morning

01:04:51   and you wanna know what people have been sharing overnight,

01:04:54   if it's not football or baseball stuff

01:04:57   or Game of Thrones spoilers,

01:04:59   you can find links in Nozzle.

01:05:01   It's really nice.

01:05:02   - I have Nozzle downloaded to try 'cause I saw you,

01:05:06   I know that you've been speaking highly about it.

01:05:08   And I also saw that Jason wrote a big post about it as well, and I respect both of your opinions.

01:05:12   So, and the way you've explained it there, because I haven't really bothered looking into it too much,

01:05:17   but that sounds really cool.

01:05:18   Like just the ability to like, just jump in and be like, what are people talking about?

01:05:21   Yeah, it was a, it was really nice for me because, um, when I was on vacation, and, um, at the end of

01:05:27   which day I could just open nozzle and say, I want to know what people have been talking about today.

01:05:32   So I have a rough idea of what's going on on Twitter.

01:05:34   And so I don't have to scroll my timeline to see all the tweets.

01:05:38   I can just look at the nozzle and I don't know if like there's been a big app or

01:05:42   game announcement. I can use an asshole to discover it.

01:05:45   Uh, I also like that the logo is a hedgehog and I liked that it's called nozzle.

01:05:51   I saw that's super cute because, because the guy,

01:05:56   because the guy digs through all the links. Yeah. So as you can see,

01:06:00   there's a nozzle, uh, alongside dig. Wow.

01:06:04   It's the cutest little thing.

01:06:07   The last one I wanted to ask you about Federico was Quip.

01:06:10   Oh, Steven, you're going to learn about Quip soon, my friend.

01:06:14   So Federico, you tell him.

01:06:16   Yeah, Steven, see, Quip is the thing that you will start using soon instead of Google

01:06:21   Drive.

01:06:22   Right, me personally?

01:06:23   Yes.

01:06:24   We'll see about that.

01:06:25   Maybe, maybe.

01:06:26   I still haven't made my mind up yet.

01:06:27   Myke needs to decide.

01:06:28   It's up to you.

01:06:29   Well...

01:06:30   It's up to Myke.

01:06:31   So basically, me and Federico are using it for virtual.

01:06:33   So if I decide that I also want to use it for connected, then you'll be out-voted and

01:06:40   you can write your own document and then we'll have our document.

01:06:43   That's basically how it works.

01:06:44   I'm not a real AFM.

01:06:47   I always want to say that.

01:06:48   So it's online documents.

01:06:52   Documents editing.

01:06:53   I could look it up I guess, but that's a lot of work.

01:06:54   It's a collaborative document.

01:07:01   It's kinda like Google Drive but it's different in that in a document you can have, you can

01:07:07   put any kind of information you want, like besides the usual links and lists you can

01:07:14   do spreadsheets with advanced formulas and all the stuff that you normally get in a dedicated

01:07:21   spreadsheet app, only it's done right into the same document.

01:07:26   And it's got all these notifications, features that basically tell you when people have opened

01:07:34   the document that you're collaborating with.

01:07:39   Each document has a separate chat so you can send messages to people.

01:07:44   And it also has a revision history that it keeps along with the chat, which is really

01:07:47   interesting.

01:07:48   So you can see what edits people are making.

01:07:50   Yeah.

01:07:51   see what device people are using to make edits. It's got this clean desktop view

01:08:00   that lets you organize documents in folders and you can have subfolders, you

01:08:04   can pin specific documents to the desktop. So for instance with

01:08:09   Max Stories, we have a Max Stories docs folder and inside there's a Max Stories

01:08:15   weekly folder with all the documents that we use to organize like the

01:08:19   Mac Stories favorite or the Mac Stories collections and the Mac Stories

01:08:23   collections document is pinned back on the desktop so when I open Quip I can

01:08:27   just tap on the document and open it and every week when we decide which

01:08:32   apps to feature on the newsletter we can discuss in the Quip document with

01:08:37   my teammates the kind of apps that we want to cover and we have a spreadsheet

01:08:42   sheet right into the same document with a list of apps organizing columns and rows for

01:08:51   different app types. It's really nice. It's got great support for rich text, so even when you

01:08:58   copy something that has formatting, like huge errors or other sorts of weird colors or block

01:09:06   Quip tends to normalize RichText so it keeps the links, the basic formatting, but it removes all the weird craft, like junk that RichText usually comes with.

01:09:23   it and it's really nice, works on the iPhone, on the iPad, it works on the web, it's an

01:09:31   excellent web app and they also have a business model for businesses.

01:09:39   They charge you for team management features and stuff like that.

01:09:47   good company. When you sign up for a Quip business, they actually share a document with

01:09:54   you, and they talk to you in the chat, and they ask you for feedback, and you can put

01:09:59   the feedback in the document that you share with the Quip team.

01:10:03   It's cool.

01:10:04   It is good. It's good. It's just got some weirdness to it. But everything has weirdness

01:10:11   to it. But yeah. Should we go through my list?

01:10:15   Yeah, I wanted to talk about

01:10:17   Wunderlist

01:10:19   It affects me too. It's just not on my home screen. Okay, so let's talk about so the apps that I have on

01:10:25   Just on my phone are foursquare. This is on my home screen of course Wunderlist

01:10:30   Silo, clear, due, Google Maps, launch center pro,

01:10:35   whatsapp

01:10:36   Chrome and Instagram

01:10:38   All my home screen that are not on

01:10:41   either of these guys. So what would you like to quiz me on if anything?

01:10:45   A) you have...

01:10:48   Let's just count them. Yeah, so Federico, this is where you can ask me the question you've been dying to ask me.

01:10:52   One, two, three,

01:10:54   four,

01:10:56   five to-do apps on your home screen. Okay, so

01:10:58   Wunderlist. That's one question, why five? Right, so Wunderlist,

01:11:02   me and Steven use it to track tasks for Relay. However, we don't use it as much anymore

01:11:08   So I'm thinking about moving it off the home screen.

01:11:11   So I am actually going to do that after today's episode is over,

01:11:15   but I don't know what I'm going to replace it with.

01:11:16   So Silo is a great shared to-do app

01:11:23   that me and my girlfriend keep lists together in

01:11:26   of places we want to go, places we want to eat,

01:11:28   movies we want to watch, that kind of thing.

01:11:30   So I like that.

01:11:31   Clear is where I keep my own little lists and to-do lists and things

01:11:36   just because I like the interaction of Clear. I wish Clear had

01:11:41   shared to-do lists because then that's what people I use. Dew I use for alarms and

01:11:46   reminders. What I like about Dew is it is persistent. It will not stop until you

01:11:53   tell it to stop. And OmniFocus is where I keep all of my tasks.

01:11:58   Except for the ones that are in all those other...

01:12:00   Yeah but they're not tasks in those because I can't share with you, so in OmniFocus

01:12:05   Otherwise it would all be in there.

01:12:07   And I don't like to create shopping lists in OmniFocus.

01:12:11   And so there you go.

01:12:13   Otherwise it would all be in OmniFocus.

01:12:15   So my second question was about Wonderlist.

01:12:18   Because I've been trying Todoist.

01:12:21   I've been trying Wonderlist and I'm using Todoist now because it's got all these advanced

01:12:27   features like I can use natural language commands to add dates.

01:12:34   and it's quite capable at natural language support.

01:12:38   It's got filters and it's got all these, you know, you can set up collaboration with other

01:12:43   people and then you can, there's a syntax for filtering down specific tasks and projects

01:12:50   and it's really nice.

01:12:53   But I've been, I kinda wanna try Wonderlist again because it's got support for the iPhone

01:12:58   which Todoist still doesn't have and it's got an extension to save tasks from anywhere

01:13:04   So I wanted to ask you if you've been using the Wanderlist extension at all from other apps to save tasks quickly. No

01:13:11   Okay, sorry. Nope

01:13:14   Nope, nope

01:13:16   But just me and Steven tried a few things in the planning of Relay

01:13:19   And Wanderlist was the only one that we could both agree on basically

01:13:24   Steven wanted to use remember the milk. I shot myself in the head

01:13:27   And then, what did I want to use that you weren't happy with?

01:13:33   Oh hey, Simon, where's the cow icon?

01:13:36   Where is little?

01:13:38   I don't remember the milk.

01:13:40   Y'all troll me, I used to remember the milk successfully for years.

01:13:43   Well...

01:13:44   It's still pretty good.

01:13:46   So, Google Maps is a self-explanatory launch center.

01:13:50   So it's interesting that it's not on Federico's homepage, but it is on yours.

01:13:54   I use Launch Center for a couple of key actions,

01:13:58   but so much so that having one app

01:14:00   that does all these things makes me happy.

01:14:02   I use it to access my Starbucks card

01:14:04   if I ever go to Starbucks.

01:14:06   I use it to--

01:14:08   - Starbucks.

01:14:08   - Hey. - Sorry.

01:14:10   - Hey. - Sorry.

01:14:11   - Hey.

01:14:12   In seven days time, I will be brewing my own coffee at home,

01:14:15   and then in a couple of months time,

01:14:17   I'll be grinding my own beans, so.

01:14:19   - Whoa.

01:14:20   Whoa.

01:14:22   Nice.

01:14:24   I use it to grab GIFs using the Giphy search.

01:14:28   I use it to send canned text messages.

01:14:32   And I use it to access all of my frequently used

01:14:35   Google Drive documents.

01:14:36   That is my key use for launch center.

01:14:38   - I have it for that, but it's in a folder

01:14:40   on my second screen now.

01:14:41   - So I have a Google Drive document thing, like a folder,

01:14:44   so I hold down, I have all of the show documents

01:14:47   that we have, the running documents for the shows.

01:14:48   I have an open Google Drive command.

01:14:50   Then I have our sponsorship calendar

01:14:52   and our sponsor read folder.

01:14:53   I have all of those just with their own little shortcuts.

01:14:56   That is my main use of Launch Center Pro,

01:14:58   is using the Google Drive Actions.

01:15:02   So I only have two that are unique to me,

01:15:07   which I found really interesting as we did this,

01:15:09   that I'm much closer to-- I thought

01:15:12   I was going to be closer to Myke,

01:15:14   but Federico is so far in left field

01:15:16   that I don't think it's easy to compare us.

01:15:18   I just don't know what it says about you,

01:15:21   that you're closer to us than me and Federico are to each other.

01:15:25   If that makes sense.

01:15:26   You are the closest to all of us.

01:15:28   You sit in the middle.

01:15:29   No, no.

01:15:29   That's the continuum of our relationship,

01:15:31   that you two are on the end, and I'm usually in the middle.

01:15:34   Right?

01:15:35   Is that how it normally works?

01:15:36   Unless we're talking about how dumb iOS is, and then--

01:15:41   Anyways, so I love Perfect Weather.

01:15:43   I wish they would get around to doing an iPhone 6 version here

01:15:46   pretty soon.

01:15:47   But really nice weather app, really beautiful.

01:15:50   And I use time zones, which I'm shocked is not on your home screen, since A, you basically

01:15:55   invented the app with Jared and you deal with time zones more than anyone I know.

01:16:00   I have it in my notification center.

01:16:01   Oh, interesting.

01:16:02   I have it on my Today View.

01:16:05   Gotcha.

01:16:06   So you just flip the thing down.

01:16:08   Yep, I see it.

01:16:10   And then if I need to know any more information, I just tap it and it opens the app.

01:16:13   Yeah, I have one widget in Today.

01:16:15   I've really not fallen in love with that.

01:16:18   Can I say what widgets I have in my today view?

01:16:21   That's a totally different show.

01:16:22   But it sounds like five.

01:16:25   But then Federer goes to say all 18 of his.

01:16:28   We have to compare again.

01:16:30   That'll be follow up.

01:16:31   We're already long.

01:16:32   That'll be follow up.

01:16:33   I would like to point out real quickly that you guys didn't even take the time to clean

01:16:36   up your status bars.

01:16:37   Stop it.

01:16:38   No, it wasn't me.

01:16:40   I just sent an image to Steven.

01:16:42   He should have been his.

01:16:43   Just look at my screenshots, look at mine, and look at yours.

01:16:45   Yeah, I know.

01:16:46   I'm just saying.

01:16:47   I know, you took the time.

01:16:49   I'll put myself on, we'll put ourselves on the screenshot patrol.

01:16:52   Actually, hang on a minute.

01:16:54   Hang on a minute.

01:16:55   You didn't even send that image.

01:16:56   Yeah, we had to steal it out of your email.

01:16:57   I had to go through my email archive to find the Max Stories email to copy and paste that

01:17:04   because you didn't send it.

01:17:05   Because you were too busy doing whatever it is you do and not looking at your notes.

01:17:11   Which I still don't completely understand because you sent us a message in Slack saying

01:17:14   I'm out, I can't send you a screenshot.

01:17:16   Was it because you wanted to clean it up?

01:17:19   Yeah it was.

01:17:21   Or maybe it was because you just restored your phone and you had just the official Twitter

01:17:25   app.

01:17:26   I think it was both because my home screen is a mess right now and because I couldn't

01:17:30   clean it up.

01:17:32   But yeah I always clean up my status bars.

01:17:35   There are a couple of questions that we should deal with.

01:17:38   They've been talking in the chat room that Federico you have the podcast app, the Apple

01:17:43   podcast app on your home screen.

01:17:46   Because Marco, wow, fanboy, really?

01:17:50   You're using Apple, Apple supplies.

01:17:53   Hey, well clearly I'm a Marco fanboy, so you know, either or I suppose.

01:17:57   No, just because I really want Marco to make an iPad app.

01:18:01   And because I'm fine, because basically there's a little back story here.

01:18:07   I don't have a data plan on my iPhone right now because I'm switching to a new phone number.

01:18:14   number and I'm waiting for my new sim to be activated by my carrier.

01:18:20   So I don't have a...

01:18:23   I cannot call people right now.

01:18:25   I cannot send text messages.

01:18:26   I cannot go on the web.

01:18:28   I need to use my iPad for everything.

01:18:30   And I'm using personal hotspot.

01:18:33   And there's been an issue with my carrier because my sim for some reason is still not

01:18:36   active after two weeks.

01:18:38   Two weeks?

01:18:39   Yeah, that's weird.

01:18:42   you should get that dealt with.

01:18:44   - Yeah, I know.

01:18:45   - I mean, there was a fire at the SIM card factory.

01:18:48   - Okay, so basically I'm using my iPad even more

01:18:52   because that's my only source of mobile connection

01:18:55   when I'm not at home.

01:18:57   And because I'm using my iPad,

01:18:59   like I'm listening to music on the iPad

01:19:01   and I'm listening to podcasts on the iPad,

01:19:03   but Marco doesn't have an iPad version of Overcast yet.

01:19:06   So as soon as Marco does Overcast on the iPad,

01:19:09   I will switch back.

01:19:10   - She's using Pocket Casts, man.

01:19:12   Yeah, I just figured whatever.

01:19:16   So you're like walking into the supermarket

01:19:18   with your iPad Air in your pocket listening to a podcast.

01:19:21   I don't, see, I don't listen to podcasts

01:19:24   when I'm into the supermarket.

01:19:26   Or I don't listen to music.

01:19:29   Usually I talk to my girlfriend, yeah.

01:19:31   Okay, so there's some big overall questions

01:19:33   that we're gonna answer and then we're gonna be done.

01:19:36   And maybe you just did, but why,

01:19:39   you don't have the phone app on your home screen, Federico.

01:19:41   - That really struck me as odd. - Because I don't call people.

01:19:43   I don't call people.

01:19:44   I don't even like to be called,

01:19:47   but sometimes people call me, so I answer.

01:19:51   I just don't call myself.

01:19:52   - Okay.

01:19:54   - I only have it 'cause there wasn't on my 5S,

01:19:57   it used to be on my second screen,

01:19:59   but I needed to fill a space.

01:20:01   - That's really fascinating to me.

01:20:03   - I needed to fill a space on my top left,

01:20:05   so I just put the phone there.

01:20:07   - Mine is where it's always been,

01:20:09   because I make a lot of phone calls.

01:20:11   - Clearly.

01:20:12   - Mostly work relate, like it's all--

01:20:13   - Bottom left of the dock.

01:20:15   - Wow.

01:20:16   I had settings in the dock until like,

01:20:18   draft four and people, every time I post a screenshot,

01:20:20   people are like, "Why do you have settings in the dock?

01:20:22   It's all like, all center."

01:20:23   It's like, because I do a lot of stuff in settings

01:20:25   and now it's on my second screen.

01:20:26   - I can't stand when people say to me,

01:20:28   "Why do you have camera on your home screen?"

01:20:31   - Seriously, why do you have the camera?

01:20:32   - Why do you have camera on your home screen?

01:20:35   - Come on.

01:20:35   - Because whoever remembers that--

01:20:38   - Me.

01:20:38   How can you not remember?

01:20:40   Yeah, but also having the camera on my home screen

01:20:43   is also having like the photo-- no, never mind.

01:20:45   We need to have a workflow intervention.

01:20:47   You don't have photos on your--

01:20:48   Yeah, because I have camera on my home screen.

01:20:51   OK, so--

01:20:52   So when I press the camera app, I just press tap once more,

01:20:56   and I'm in the photos app.

01:20:57   It needs to review--

01:20:58   Or you could tap just the photos icon and go into the photos

01:21:00   and use--

01:21:01   Yeah, but I like having the camera there.

01:21:03   So if I have the camera app, I have both.

01:21:05   I have both.

01:21:06   Boys.

01:21:06   You just select the icon.

01:21:08   So neither of you make phone calls.

01:21:11   I have a topic in my back pocket of why the FaceTime app

01:21:14   and the phone app are separate.

01:21:15   It's super dumb.

01:21:16   I have-- well, I typically only ever make FaceTime audio calls.

01:21:20   I'll never make any calls.

01:21:22   I very rarely, very, very rarely make a phone call.

01:21:24   I receive phone calls.

01:21:25   Steven, you've got to understand that Myke and I,

01:21:27   we are basically millennials.

01:21:29   Yeah, we're millennials.

01:21:30   We don't do phone calls anymore.

01:21:31   I'm two years older than you.

01:21:33   That means you're not a millennial.

01:21:35   You're just outside of that range.

01:21:37   I'm not Gen X, I'm a millennial.

01:21:39   You don't sound believable Steven. I think no matter when you were born it doesn't make a difference.

01:21:48   What is the idea behind their icon placement? So I hinted at mine earlier

01:21:53   My setup is exactly how it's been for a long time

01:21:56   Except I added new row of icons at the top because they're hard to reach but I still need them sometimes

01:22:03   What about you Myke when you went to the six plus you gained like five extra rows

01:22:06   So well, I had to like totally rethink everything because I started with a fresh phone

01:22:11   So it didn't have a backup of which for my icons to draw themselves from and then because of the size of the phone

01:22:17   I needed to like not put my most used app potentially which is messages in the top left anymore

01:22:24   Cuz I can't reach it that easy. It's now in the bottom left. So I kind of just rethought things

01:22:29   I used to have like a whole audio folder in the bottom right.

01:22:32   I remember that, yeah.

01:22:33   Now I just have overcast and I-- because I can also have beats music.

01:22:37   Because basically I wanted to have beats music and overcast quick access

01:22:40   and I didn't have any space on my home screen.

01:22:42   But then--

01:22:43   So the bottom right kind of working its way out is the most used-ish?

01:22:48   Roughly?

01:22:49   Yeah, actually.

01:22:49   Roughly?

01:22:50   No, it is.

01:22:50   It is.

01:22:51   It is.

01:22:51   So that like-- that bottom-- like that like-- the bottom row,

01:22:56   like the bottom four and then I guess that whole that whole bottom like bottom

01:23:02   section is the most used. I'm kind of the same way the middle like tweet on my

01:23:06   screen overcast slack tweet button right is paper I use drafts a lot but with the

01:23:13   way I hold my phone is like drafts is kind of hard to reach which settings was

01:23:17   there but I use drafts enough it's it kind of picked up that spot not super

01:23:22   heavy usage but kind of the same way I hold it in my right hand use my right

01:23:25   thumb and it kind of radiates outward from there. And I can reach up to the messages icon pretty

01:23:30   comfortably on my phone but past that it's harder. Have you guys ever heard of the concept of feng shui?

01:23:37   Yeah. It's like the Chinese theory of being in harmony with what's around you. So

01:23:45   basically I kind of use that concept like to place the icons. They don't really have

01:23:54   relevance to usage except for the stuff in the dock, it's the apps that I always use.

01:24:01   The other apps they don't really have...

01:24:04   I put them on the home screen based on how nice the combination of the colors look.

01:24:12   Right.

01:24:13   Like if they have a balance.

01:24:14   In a similar sort of way, I mean, okay, you have colors.

01:24:19   If you take a look at my home screen,

01:24:21   my apps tend to be paired with something else.

01:24:24   - Got the to-do apps together.

01:24:27   - Yeah, so I mean, I've made some changes now

01:24:29   to my home screen, which may need to settle in a little bit.

01:24:31   During this episode, I now have threes in Instapaper

01:24:33   on my home screen, having moved one to list

01:24:36   and group me away.

01:24:37   So you've got like, the chat apps

01:24:38   are all together at the bottom,

01:24:40   and then 1Password, Fantastical, and OmniFocus,

01:24:43   they're like the apps that I get work done with.

01:24:47   I have my audio apps there on the right side towards the bottom.

01:24:51   The camera and Instagram are next to each other.

01:24:54   Evan and Dropbox are next to each other.

01:24:56   The Ddudu apps are next to each other.

01:24:57   Day one and editorial are next to each other.

01:24:59   Yeah, that makes sense to me.

01:25:02   Mine's roughly that way too.

01:25:03   They're just kind of clumped together through utility.

01:25:06   A lot of mine are replacements for the system apps.

01:25:08   Like Fantastical is where Calendar sits or used to sit before I added the row above it.

01:25:13   That was how mine.

01:25:17   changed to a 6+ that's exactly how I organize mine whenever an app replaced

01:25:22   the app or that it went in that place. Yeah so we don't have screenshots of it

01:25:28   I don't want to spend a ton of time on it but the two of you guys have three

01:25:32   total home screens I only have two. What's past the home screen?

01:25:36   Folders. Yeah I have loads of folders and mine at the moment is just it's not

01:25:42   in any real order because it's just still too soon.

01:25:48   And that means that this is now the order,

01:25:49   but I can look at it and I'm like, there's no order here.

01:25:52   Yeah, I use Spotlight a lot.

01:25:54   My second home screen is folders.

01:25:56   There's two rows of folders based on app type.

01:25:58   So like media, utilities, I have a folder for--

01:26:04   there are various apps that Myke and I use for Relay.

01:26:06   And then three rows of just apps that I use a lot,

01:26:10   but they're not on the home page.

01:26:11   like Instagram you know drive carousel like but it needs some work like I agree

01:26:20   I got my home screen kind of the way I want it but not really quite yet and

01:26:24   yeah I agree like after that it's just like craziness right now

01:26:29   now making changes now everything's moving around yeah you change that

01:26:34   wallpaper I'm gonna be upset about everything so it's not in the doc but

01:26:39   What do you guys think?

01:26:40   I feel like we talked about copy and paste earlier, that the organization structure of

01:26:45   apps and the springboard is really dated.

01:26:48   It's ridiculous that on bigger phones you can only see nine apps in a folder at once.

01:26:53   Why can't a folder be four rows long or four apps across?

01:26:57   It's crazy.

01:26:59   I feel like Apple needs to address some of that.

01:27:02   The 6 Plus especially, why do apps have to start in the upper left-hand corner?

01:27:06   can't have a blank row or a blank spot like you can on Android.

01:27:11   It drives me crazy.

01:27:13   It doesn't make sense to me.

01:27:14   Yeah, I think that being able to customize the home screen will eventually come to iOS.

01:27:21   Because it's one of the things that I think Android does really nicely.

01:27:27   It definitely does.

01:27:28   I think when they open that door, it's kind of like the inevitable complaint will be,

01:27:32   "Well, I can now put icons where I want, but why can't I have widgets?"

01:27:36   That's where that argument goes. I mean have you have you looked at you know?

01:27:40   There are some widgets on Android that are really really useful. I come I saw a tweet by you wonder list

01:27:46   I think yesterday they they have a new quick add menu on Android on the on the home screen

01:27:54   It's it looks really nice. Well the Evernote

01:27:57   Notification Center widget is the Evernote Android widget. Yeah

01:28:04   Nice. But one really cool thing you can do, you can

01:28:07   Like it's not really like widgets, but kind of because you can also have shortcuts on Android

01:28:12   So you can actually make shortcuts to Evernote notes and put them on your home screen

01:28:15   Hey guys, we should probably switch to Android. I think we should right?

01:28:18   I think we've made a clear enough clear enough case now at this point

01:28:21   Cool great, okay, so that's about it for this week's episode

01:28:28   We didn't put links to all of the apps that we discussed in the show notes

01:28:32   But there's a link to a bunch and maybe at least the ones that we went into a bit more detail on you'll find links to

01:28:37   Those in the show notes, which you can find at relay.fm/connected/11

01:28:42   If you'd like to find us in other places on the internet, we are all on Twitter. I am @imike

01:28:47   Steven is @ismh and Federico is @vitici

01:28:54   I am a host of many shows on this wonderful relay.fm

01:28:59   You can find this show and many of our other shows at relay.fm, including Virtual, which me and Federico host together.

01:29:06   Federico writes at maxstories.net and Steven writes at 512pixels.net.

01:29:14   We'll be back next week with episode number 12.

01:29:18   Thanks again to our sponsors for this week, Igloo and Backblaze. Until then, bye bye.

01:29:25   Adios.

01:29:28   [ Silence ]