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00:00:28   My name is Myke Hurley.

00:00:29   I am joined, as always, by Mr.

00:00:31   Federico Vittucci. Hi, Federico.

00:00:33   Hey, Myke. And Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:36   Hey, boys. Guys, big show today.

00:00:39   Big, big, busy week.

00:00:42   Yeah, lots of lots of little lovely things to talk about,

00:00:45   including an Apple event, I suppose.

00:00:49   Yeah, with the last show to talk about it.

00:00:52   Yeah, I mean, I guess it wasn't

00:00:54   it wasn't too bad to be the last show to talk about it.

00:00:56   Like there wasn't.

00:00:57   No, we can sound super smart because we know what everybody else said.

00:01:00   Yeah.

00:01:01   Well, it was actually like 30 minutes of new stuff and 30 minutes of recap of old features

00:01:09   and iOS 8, which was kind of weird, I think.

00:01:12   So we can recap the recap and recap the new stuff.

00:01:15   Yes, it's gonna be recapping all the way down.

00:01:19   We should be like...

00:01:20   Recapping sounds like a knee surgery.

00:01:23   We should be the tech meme of Apple events.

00:01:25   Oh no.

00:01:27   Tell me what this means to you Federico, I'm interested to know.

00:01:30   Like you know when you go on Techmeme and you get all these headlines with the summaries

00:01:36   about a specific topic and like you have the bigger summary and like you have smaller headlines

00:01:41   from like other websites.

00:01:44   So if we do the recap of the recap we can be sort of like aggregating news, you know?

00:01:50   Just read Techmeme to our audience, like just go to Techmeme, read it all out.

00:01:56   we have Craig Federighi as a bigger headline and then we have Tim Cook, you know? Like,

00:02:02   we could do like a little chart, you know? This is a fantastic business idea and you're not getting

00:02:12   it, trust me. Yeah, I think we need a bit more blue sky thinkinering in here. Did you say thinkinering?

00:02:20   You're clearly not synergizing your...

00:02:23   Stop talking! I'm gonna put you in the parking lot.

00:02:27   Let's do a follow-up.

00:02:30   Myke is gonna be in a parking lot in a few weeks.

00:02:32   I'm gonna be permanently put in the parking lot.

00:02:37   Yeah, just living in a parking lot.

00:02:39   Follow-up. Let's do follow-up.

00:02:41   Follow-up.

00:02:43   That kind of hurt my throat.

00:02:45   iPad versus Mac.

00:02:48   Factors listeners wrote in questioning.

00:02:50   So we talked a lot about could Federico work just from a Mac or excuse me just from an iPad?

00:02:56   Could I get rid of iOS? You see it was it was subtle but then we called attention to it and now

00:03:03   we're still talking about it. So a couple things I was going to run these by you real quick.

00:03:07   Typing speed and accuracy. So I am terrible on the iPad keyboard both sizes. What about you guys?

00:03:17   I'm definitely faster on the iPhone than I think anything.

00:03:23   But I think everybody knows that I'm accurate on nothing.

00:03:28   Yeah, I think I'm faster on the iPad mini in portrait mode.

00:03:38   Like I'm super fast in that orientation, like surprisingly fast even. I'm faster than the iPhone

00:03:45   on the iPad mini. And now that I'm getting a new iPad, which we're going to talk about in a bit,

00:03:51   I'm kind of afraid that I will lose my ability to be a fast thumb typer, typist.

00:03:58   What's the proper noun for this? Like thumb typist?

00:04:03   Thumb typist. Yeah, thumb typist works, I think.

00:04:06   Yeah. Yeah, I'm very fast on the iPad mini. In fact, I'm faster in that, you know, sort of setup

00:04:14   than in landscape mode on the iPad mini because in landscape when I try to use like

00:04:19   two or four fingers I'm slower because you know I cannot cannot type with you know due to the space

00:04:28   between the letters and you know the keys yeah I prefer the iPad mini in portrait mode and I never

00:04:34   use the split keyboard never it's yeah it's it's yeah it's really weird I always like the split

00:04:40   I have to say that landscape typing on the 6+ is just a middle ground of horror.

00:04:49   Wow.

00:04:50   Shut up.

00:04:51   There's no good way to do it.

00:04:56   Trying to type in the middle of your farms is uncomfortable because you kind of can't

00:05:02   really reach that well into the middle so much just to make it comfortable.

00:05:06   and you can't put it onto the table and type with your multiple fingers because the keys are too small.

00:05:12   So I don't, I mean I never typed in landscape anyway and I still don't type in landscape.

00:05:17   So I'm not losing anything but it really isn't that great. If they put a split keyboard on this

00:05:22   and just so I could use two thumbs, that would be awesome. I would be happy with that and that would

00:05:27   work really well for me but I'm just waiting. Just waiting guys. And yes I know there are

00:05:31   scammy, weird keyboards that allow me to do it.

00:05:34   But I'm just not on board with them.

00:05:37   I don't like them and they're weird.

00:05:39   So I will not use them.

00:05:42   Up next, file storage stinks on iOS.

00:05:45   I kind of agree.

00:05:49   I think until iCloud Drive and document providers

00:05:52   kind of become more widespread, like it's really cool.

00:05:55   You can use document providers and iWork now.

00:05:58   Except Dropbox inexplicably just doesn't even nearly work at all.

00:06:05   Well, it's still really new.

00:06:06   I mean, I think that file storage and file management, which I think is what this question

00:06:11   is really about, will improve much.

00:06:17   This is the worst it will be.

00:06:18   It will only get better.

00:06:20   Yeah, because it would be harder to be more problematic than this.

00:06:27   There's Dropbox and a bunch of other document providers that don't really work right now.

00:06:33   Another one is I think Quip is having issues when you try to open documents from other

00:06:39   apps.

00:06:41   I think that in theory iCloud Drive and the fact that you can open documents from other

00:06:48   apps is a great feature, it just needs to be a little more reliable and faster, especially

00:06:57   faster because every time I try to open a document from iCloud Drive, it takes ages

00:07:03   to load for me and, you know, like you said, it can only get better so they need to get

00:07:10   better, faster, like I don't want to wait like four months as we did for iOS 7 last

00:07:19   year so hopefully Apple will be faster this time. I also forgot to make a point

00:07:23   I forgot to make a point about the keyboard, Steven. Okay. Is that I

00:07:29   sometimes actually no I often prefer to write on the iPad mini on the

00:07:37   iPad in general I guess because I feel like I'm more focused on what I'm doing whereas

00:07:43   when I try to write on the Mac, you know, this may sound crazy to you, all these windows

00:07:51   like they bother me at this point because I'm used to open an app, I only see the text,

00:07:59   I can mute notifications easily, I don't see the background, I don't see the desktop, I

00:08:04   don't see the doc I only see you know the document and text and you know I can

00:08:10   just I'm super this sounds like one of those productivity blogs I'm very

00:08:19   productive in that way I mean that kind of goes to the next item we have as well

00:08:28   of multiple apps at once.

00:08:30   In particular, you say that, and for me,

00:08:34   it's really the opposite where I'm,

00:08:37   like if I'm writing an article,

00:08:38   like where you'd use that as our sort of

00:08:40   common ground example, I'm actually much faster on OS X

00:08:44   because I can pull in like 14,

00:08:46   like when I write, I've got 1400 Safari tabs open,

00:08:49   or I've got, you know, a PDF of like

00:08:51   technical documentation or something.

00:08:53   So it's, for me, like the-- - K-Base.

00:08:56   Yeah, I've just got the KBase saved all out as text files.

00:09:00   It's much like...

00:09:02   I understand the minimalism iPad writing thing, and it is like...

00:09:08   No, don't say like that.

00:09:09   I didn't mean to sound so fancy, you know?

00:09:14   I don't like that attitude.

00:09:16   I like to see one thing at a time.

00:09:19   It's not about minimalism and that sort of lifestyle.

00:09:23   My desk is a mess right now.

00:09:25   I have like a bunch of cups of coffee and I have a sock on my desk because you guys

00:09:31   told me to keep a sock on my microphone when I don't use it.

00:09:36   So there's a sock right now.

00:09:39   Well, that's so people know that.

00:09:41   Nevermind.

00:09:42   Uh, so I mean, so the, the question then becomes like, if we didn't see it last week and we

00:09:49   haven't seen it yet but if like side by side iPad apps or a thing like with that

00:09:54   that would be helpful for me the way that I work would it be like a something

00:10:01   that you would avoid using because it would be distracting? I think it depends

00:10:06   like I'm so used to writing in editorial right now that I and because there's the

00:10:14   browser which is only you know you can swipe in editorial and you switch from

00:10:18   the text editor to the browser. Right now I'm very much used to having that kind of workflow

00:10:24   in the app but you're right that when I use other apps such as Mail and Safari for instance

00:10:31   or maybe it's Evernote and Safari I think I would like the ability to see multiple stuff at the same

00:10:38   time. I only fear that on the other hand it'll add complication to the interface. So right now there's

00:10:48   this idea right that Apple is going to do split view multitasking and based on

00:10:54   a bunch of rumors it is going to be the kind of multitasking where you can

00:10:59   decide the size of the the second app that you show on the screen so there's

00:11:05   like a sidebar mode which is the other app is really narrow by the side of the

00:11:11   screen, there's a larger panel mode, but I'm kind of afraid that it'll be.

00:11:17   Like I don't want my iPad to become a computer in the sense that I

00:11:22   don't want to see windows and stuff.

00:11:24   So I hope that whatever Apple does, it will not be weird.

00:11:29   I hope that if they really do it, I hope that it's simple.

00:11:34   Like, and I hope that it's an option, not something that necessarily always happens.

00:11:41   You know what I mean?

00:11:41   - Yeah.

00:11:43   - Like you need to do it if you want it.

00:11:46   - Yeah, what about you, Myke?

00:11:47   - I think, kind of to go back to what you were talking about

00:11:52   a bit earlier, Steven, about multiple apps

00:11:55   and stuff like that.

00:11:56   What I've started to realize is that

00:11:58   as I'm starting to do more business things,

00:12:01   I'm starting to realize how much slower I am

00:12:05   doing things on iOS.

00:12:07   Like anything that requires a spreadsheet

00:12:09   of which I do not lots but I frequently do things in spreadsheets. iOS just can't cope

00:12:16   with stuff like that. It takes so much longer to do everything. Like, everything. And even

00:12:23   like formatting things. Like if I want to take what's in a Google spreadsheet and I

00:12:27   want to copy that and paste it into an email, on the Mac it retains some of the formatting.

00:12:32   iOS it just pastes its text which is not good in any way. Many things I'm

00:12:41   finding recently are harder for me to do on iOS than they are for the Mac or

00:12:45   harder for me to do in a way that I feel gives comparable output quality. I don't

00:12:52   feel this to be the inverse and what I'm finding recently is that I'm kind of

00:12:58   of I've got this like I'll do it later attitude as in I will do it when I get

00:13:02   back to a Mac as opposed to trying to fight iOS into doing this for me. Myke

00:13:08   don't you think that the problem may be Google instead of iOS? No because I've

00:13:13   tried I tried to use numbers the other day and numbers is not good. Like for

00:13:21   example I wanted to take this is a very common thing in a spreadsheet

00:13:27   application, I had a column and I had like ten rows and I wanted to take one

00:13:32   piece of text and copy it across, across, down across all of the rows. In Google

00:13:38   Drive and in Google Sheets for example you get an actual little selector you

00:13:42   can select and pull it down and it was copy it the whole way. Couldn't find a

00:13:45   way to do it on iOS. If there is a way I don't know what the way was. Plus trying

00:13:49   to enter lots of information into a number spreadsheet. It's unpleasant. It's

00:13:53   It's a nightmare on iOS, it's just a nightmare.

00:13:56   It's actually all of that stuff is easier to do on Google Sheets, but just the formatting

00:14:01   doesn't stay very good.

00:14:02   But yeah, then I guess I could maybe copy it into Google.

00:14:06   But that's the thing, right?

00:14:07   For me to get the output that I want, I may have to use like three different applications

00:14:12   to try and get that.

00:14:13   You need a workflow.

00:14:14   Yeah, I agree that, you know, text selection and support for rich text are one of the two

00:14:22   big things that I hope Apple fixes next year, especially text selection, because it's so

00:14:28   weird, especially when you, like, there's a bunch of text related issues in various

00:14:34   iOS apps, like when you try to select text and the keyboard comes up and like the text

00:14:40   flickers or maybe you lose the selection or maybe you select some text and you want to

00:14:45   scroll under the keyboard and you cannot scroll because everything gets weird.

00:14:49   I think the problem is that different developers are doing different things

00:14:53   But I also think that you know, the iOS text framework has a few problems

00:14:59   So I hope that next year will get different, you know text selection features

00:15:03   I also wanted to say however

00:15:05   Thanks to you know extensions and new stuff in iOS 8

00:15:11   Um, like the other day I was I was waiting in my car and I wanted to do some you know

00:15:16   I needed to wait like 30 minutes. I was like I should do some some Mac stories work

00:15:22   so at one point I needed to get

00:15:25   The the link for to an image for for a blog post and

00:15:31   I was like, oh no, I cannot do this on the iPad because I

00:15:37   you know, I cannot view the source code of a web page because the the image link was a was a

00:15:44   on a web page on Mac stories. And then I remembered that now there's an extension to do that.

00:15:49   So I used the View Source extension in Safari. I grabbed the image link. Then I used Clips,

00:15:56   the widget to shift. I love Clips. I love it. So good.

00:16:01   I used Clips to archive a couple of snippets. Then I went to my text editor. I pulled everything

00:16:08   back together and yeah that was really nice because sometimes on iOS 8 I get the feeling

00:16:16   like I don't remember the new stuff exists and then I remember and I'm happy, you know?

00:16:22   There's probably a German word for this.

00:16:26   I have found that some of these things on iOS 8 is making working on iOS a lot better.

00:16:33   Like for example, if I wanted to take a tweet and put it into our show notes document, why

00:16:38   What I used to do was, I used to go into Tweetbot, hold, copy the tweet link, go over to the

00:16:44   document, paste it, go back to Tweetbot, copy the text of the tweet, go back in, paste it.

00:16:49   Now I just hold it, I wait for the share sheet to pop up, I click clips, I select title and

00:16:55   URL, I copy the whole thing, write it over, and it's one paste.

00:16:59   And it's so much faster to do, and to have to keep jumping backwards and forwards, backwards

00:17:03   and forwards.

00:17:04   Yeah, really, there are little things like that that are making it a lot easier, but

00:17:09   I agree with you Federico, but half the time I forget to even look for these things.

00:17:15   So it's gonna take time to embed this sort of different way of working.

00:17:20   But when it does work, it's magical.

00:17:24   >> Yeah, I guess next year we'll see extension points in the copy and paste menu.

00:17:31   I mean that makes sense, right?

00:17:33   >> Yeah.

00:17:34   So what about real computers? Anybody buy a Mac Mini?

00:17:40   Nope.

00:17:42   Are you going to?

00:17:44   I don't know. I need to buy an iPad first.

00:17:48   What about you, Myke? You and I were talking an iMessage of the day. Do you end up ordering anything?

00:17:56   haven't yet but I plan to. I think that a Mac Mini is gonna be a good upgrade for

00:18:07   me going forward because I want to move to something that has an SSD in it

00:18:10   primarily as a key thing for me but I am not 100% sure what route

00:18:22   that I'm gonna go down because you know I've spoken about my weird little things

00:18:25   that I want and don't want, but I think that just an upgraded Mac Mini is going to be the

00:18:32   thing that I will go for next.

00:18:35   Yeah, I mean I'm not looking to buy a new Mac Mini.

00:18:40   Mine is now two years, two or three years old.

00:18:43   It's got SSD in it, it's got a bunch of RAM.

00:18:46   The, you know, there's some stuff floating around.

00:18:50   There's a link in the show notes.

00:18:51   The new Mac Mini is much harder to get into than the old one.

00:18:54   you have to use a suction cup, there's a security screws, the RAM is soldered to the board,

00:18:59   if you do a fusion drive or an SSD it's on the board like the MacBook Air.

00:19:05   It's sort of disappointing, I figured that if they did that sort of stuff the form factor

00:19:11   would change and the form factor didn't change because you can still get a hard drive in

00:19:15   almost, if not all of them.

00:19:17   And so it's still the same size but it's much harder to get in and deal with.

00:19:22   I think that's a real bummer, you know, the RAM being soldered doesn't save them any space

00:19:28   inside, it's still the same size.

00:19:30   Clearly they're doing it to simplify and maybe with an eye towards the future of shrinking

00:19:33   the Mac Mini, but especially that $499 machine, like it's not a great machine, it's a 1.4

00:19:40   gig CPU, not a ton of RAM, slow hard drive which is a major pain to replace on the Mac

00:19:47   Mini now with those security screws.

00:19:50   So it's a little disappointing as someone who likes to tinker with things.

00:19:54   But I understand that I'm a dinosaur and the way the future is sealed machines.

00:20:00   We did have a question.

00:20:02   Someone was like, "Well, what machines can you upgrade RAM in?"

00:20:06   And now it's only the 27-inch iMac, the 27-inch iMac with Retina Display and the Mac Pro.

00:20:12   Everything else has RAM soldered to the board.

00:20:15   And so if you're buying a new machine, save up the extra 200 bucks and max out the RAM

00:20:20   if you want to keep it because you can't you can't circle back a couple years later and increase the amount of

00:20:26   amount of memory

00:20:29   That's my soapbox for the day. I think you're just gonna have to get used to it. I'm afraid buddy. This is the one

00:20:36   Oh, yeah, oh yeah, that's what I say like I understand like this is the way that it is

00:20:39   But you know like a four hundred nine nine Mac Mini only comes with four gigs of RAM is sort of insane like

00:20:45   It's not

00:20:49   It's kind of in line with like 16 gigabyte iPad and iPhones.

00:20:55   Just not a good experience for people who want to buy the base model.

00:20:58   And I get that Apple's trying to push people up the chain and we're going to talk about

00:21:02   that when we get to the iPad.

00:21:05   But it's it's like really like four gigs of RAM and a 500 gig slow hard drive.

00:21:11   Like I understand the Mac the Mac Mini only costs $500 but that's not awesome at all.

00:21:18   Anyways.

00:21:19   piece of follow-up I received my case finally. The blue one? The blue one. I love

00:21:23   it. I love having a big bright blue iPhone. It's just a nice thing to have. I

00:21:30   feel like I have the Lumiophone I always wanted. Oh. Because it's nice and soft to

00:21:36   the touch and it's bright blue and like it's not as grippy as the the Spigen

00:21:45   case that I have previously but it's grippy enough but it just looks really

00:21:50   great and it feels really great and I'm very happy and I have a nice Apple logo on the back

00:21:53   and as I said the Apple logo is embossed in the back of it

00:21:56   uh-huh see I'll be wrong about it I've taken mine out of the case because

00:22:01   Federico told me to live life and I've been living life for a week now and my

00:22:06   phone is still in one piece so we'll see how next week goes

00:22:08   Have you been enjoying your life more, Steven?

00:22:15   I mean, there's a lot of factors that go into answering that question, but I would say sure.

00:22:21   Wow, that's quite big.

00:22:25   I think we need to call Apple because we've got some problems here that we need to address.

00:22:31   Clearly people's lives are improved if they stop selling these cases.

00:22:34   Although I would say that my life has improved since I got my case.

00:22:41   You're looking up. You're on the sunny side of life.

00:22:46   Yeah.

00:22:47   Okay.

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00:25:49   So we had a question from listener Josh who kind of wanted to know what services

00:25:58   and apps we were using for email. We addressed this like a year ago on the old show

00:26:03   but I thought it'd be worth revisiting. So I guess I'll go first.

00:26:09   I'm all iCloud for personal stuff with the iOS and OS X mail app. Relay and 512

00:26:16   is those email accounts are hosted at Fastmail, which if you're looking for a mail service,

00:26:23   Fastmail is really great. And the day job is Google Apps, which I use in the Gmail app for iOS

00:26:31   and Mailplane for OS X. So work is separate, I can turn it off on the weekends

00:26:34   and still get all my personal inside email through the built-in app.

00:26:42   I'm still on Rackspace email for all my Mac stories email. We have like

00:26:49   six or seven mailboxes for the team and I'm using Apple mail on OS X. Also mail on the iPad because

00:27:01   I couldn't find a great third-party client for the iPad yet and on the iPhone I'm using the awesome

00:27:09   fantastic, excellent dispatch from the same guys behind clips.

00:27:16   And for personal stuff I'm using iCloud. I still have a legacy Gmail account but I don't use it for

00:27:26   anything. In fact my Gmail account, my Google account is only for authentication with Google

00:27:31   services like Google Analytics and YouTube. I don't use Gmail for anything.

00:27:37   Yeah, I'm very happy with Rockspace Mail. IMAP can be a little slow, like with search and moving

00:27:49   like a bunch of messages together to another mailbox, but overall it's been very very solid

00:27:58   And I'm especially happy about the new dispatch update for iOS 8, but I guess we talk about this later in the show. Is that the plan?

00:28:08   Is that the plan?

00:28:10   Is there a plan anymore? Who knows?

00:28:13   Who knows?

00:28:13   I think there is a plan. There's always a master plan.

00:28:17   That's right. It's not accidental.

00:28:20   Myke, what about you?

00:28:21   I'm so unhappy with email right now.

00:28:24   [laughs]

00:28:26   I'm just so sad about the apps that I'm using.

00:28:31   I can't find anything that I'm happy with.

00:28:34   I use Apple Mail and iOS because there's no iOS app that I've found that really meets

00:28:40   my needs, except Mailbox.

00:28:42   I loved Mailbox, but I can't use it because we use Fastmail.

00:28:48   So we use IMAP, we need IMAP, and Mailbox doesn't support that.

00:28:52   Dispatch is good, but search is just basically non-existent, or at least it was for me.

00:28:58   It just never worked properly.

00:29:00   But I'm thinking about trying it out again, and I've got it downloaded.

00:29:04   I also downloaded the new Boxer update for iOS.

00:29:08   They just released version 5, and I want to try that out again.

00:29:11   I've seen some praise of it, so I want to give that another go.

00:29:15   Maybe one of them will be able to cure my woes on iOS.

00:29:19   One of my main problems with iOS mail at the moment is the lack of extension support and

00:29:24   stuff, so it's just frustrating me.

00:29:26   Yeah.

00:29:27   Because I can't work it out.

00:29:30   And also I want to be able to open my links in Chrome because that's my web browser of

00:29:34   choice on the phone, so I don't get to do that.

00:29:38   But I use a combination of Fastmail, iCloud, and Gmail, different apps, different reasons.

00:29:46   And on the Mac I've been using Air Mail and Air Mail has gotten so bad, so fast.

00:29:53   Oh really?

00:29:55   Air Mail 2 is making me want to cry.

00:30:01   I've never been a fan of Air Mail.

00:30:03   It's clunky and it can be very CPU and memory intensive.

00:30:08   Air Mail 2 is extremely CPU intensive and it's basically, the animations are so slow

00:30:16   and everything kind of works weirdly for me.

00:30:19   - I use MailPlane for Google Apps

00:30:22   'cause it's like Gmail and a wrapper.

00:30:23   So you get your local contacts and stuff and it's fine.

00:30:26   Everyone I work with uses AirMail

00:30:28   and everyone loves it but me.

00:30:30   - I did love it, but this new version,

00:30:34   I'm not getting on board with.

00:30:35   Feels a little bit rushed.

00:30:38   But I can't use Mail.app for one specific reason.

00:30:45   I just cannot stand that if a message is previewed,

00:30:49   it marks it as red.

00:30:50   Like, I just cannot understand the logic of that,

00:30:53   and I don't know why I'm not able to stop it doing that.

00:30:57   And I can't live like that.

00:31:00   I can't live like that.

00:31:00   It's like I'm living like an animal or something.

00:31:03   Just because of, yeah, I just don't want all my emails

00:31:06   to be marked as red automatically.

00:31:08   I like to action them and then they become marked as red.

00:31:11   Which is the main reason I use airmail.

00:31:13   I was a big sort of defendant of the first ML, ML1,

00:31:18   but ML2, I'm having a bunch of problems with it.

00:31:21   But I think just in general,

00:31:22   I'm having problems with Yosemite,

00:31:24   so maybe Yosemite's the problem.

00:31:25   But yeah, that's what I'm using.

00:31:30   But basically, my story is just a story of woe.

00:31:34   - Maybe Google Inbox can solve your woe.

00:31:38   - Yeah, so this is interesting, right?

00:31:39   This is floated by today.

00:31:42   I don't think it's going to be able to solve it because it's probably going to be Gmail

00:31:45   only.

00:31:46   I'm sure it is because they're doing all the stuff Google now does of like looking in your

00:31:51   email for ticket information and pictures and...

00:31:55   Well Stephen, funny you should say that.

00:31:57   There was some news that came out earlier this week.

00:32:00   There have been some leaked screenshots of the Gmail app for Android allowing you to

00:32:06   sign up with Outlook and Yahoo mail email addresses into the official Gmail app.

00:32:11   what and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case it's in Google's

00:32:15   interest to just have all of your email just flow through Gmail. Oh sure but like

00:32:21   inbox doesn't even work with Google Apps yet which is crazy. Yeah but it's in

00:32:26   beta beta right? Yeah it's invite only beta. But the invite is you send an email

00:32:31   it's so weird like you send an email to it was an inbox at gmail.com and then

00:32:36   emails you back and it's like "yeah okay thanks buddy" it's very strange. It also if

00:32:43   you use it in the browser is Chrome only which is a whole tangent that Google is

00:32:47   actually doing bad things with the internet and splitting up. Go Chrome

00:32:52   forever! God no no why would you ever say that Myke? I love Chrome! I don't I don't

00:33:01   I don't hate Chrome.

00:33:02   It destroys your battery on a laptop.

00:33:04   But the internet should be the same,

00:33:08   regardless of what browser you use.

00:33:10   And Google, when they are splitting Chrome away

00:33:13   from WebKit, it's like Internet Explorer used to be.

00:33:16   You already have to do some things just

00:33:18   for Chrome in development.

00:33:19   And it's only going to become more ridiculous.

00:33:22   Chrome.

00:33:26   In all honesty, I do think that that is dumb.

00:33:29   That is just dumb.

00:33:30   It's bad for the internet.

00:33:32   Yeah, it is.

00:33:33   It's Internet Explorer level of bad.

00:33:35   Yeah, and not because--

00:33:38   Internet Explorer is bad because they're behind the times,

00:33:41   and they still are.

00:33:42   It's crazy pants what you have to build around

00:33:45   for Internet Explorer.

00:33:45   But Chrome is like a super set on top of WebKit now.

00:33:48   And so you're going to have things that you can only

00:33:50   do in Chrome that just don't work in Safari,

00:33:53   or let alone whatever's going on at Firefox and Internet

00:33:56   Explorer.

00:33:58   I totally get optimizing for your own browser that you make.

00:34:03   Like optimize for Chrome.

00:34:05   I think that is more than acceptable.

00:34:07   But don't require it.

00:34:10   That's just a dumb move.

00:34:13   It's just not good.

00:34:14   It's, you know.

00:34:15   Because all the iCloud stuff works better in Safari and all the Google stuff works better

00:34:20   in Chrome.

00:34:21   But you can use them both.

00:34:24   Google Drive was unusable in Safari 6.

00:34:26   It's better in Safari 7 on Yosemite, but it was just unusable and Google didn't care and

00:34:34   apparently Apple probably didn't care or couldn't fix it.

00:34:38   It's like...

00:34:40   It makes me angry.

00:34:42   We should talk about the event.

00:34:46   So what do you want to talk about though?

00:34:48   So while it's just like day of the soapbox.

00:34:54   So a lot of people have been hard on the event for being dull, like Federico said it before

00:34:58   he got started of like, "Oh, we'll just recap."

00:35:00   But like, people have such short memories, like that's what most Apple events are.

00:35:06   Most Apple events are, this is where we've been, like, WWDC keynotes like this.

00:35:11   The first half hour is like, this is how many things we sold, and this is how awesome the

00:35:15   store is, and look at our market share of upgrades, and like, yes, the iPad Air 2 is

00:35:22   exciting, the iMac is exciting, yes the iPad mini is not exciting, the Mac mini is

00:35:27   not exciting except for me, but to say that it's like a dull, boring keynote

00:35:32   like I get it but in context it's I don't think that's a fair assessment and

00:35:37   not like "oh stop picking on Apple" like I don't care about that but I think that

00:35:43   like this is how these events go with Apple and other companies right they

00:35:47   have to lay the groundwork of this is what we're up to and they have to

00:35:51   reshow Yosemite and iOS 8 because not everybody watched the WWDC keynote.

00:35:56   Like that'd be a little boring for us because we've all been running Yosemite forever, but

00:36:01   for the media who's gonna like put these stories out into the world they have to recap this

00:36:06   stuff and I think that's completely fair and I think that like the idea of I was like a

00:36:13   big letdown like I just don't see it.

00:36:17   This is how Apple events normally go.

00:36:19   month obviously was a unique thing. I think in five years we're gonna recut

00:36:24   the Apple Watch event like we've done the iPhone and iPod because it's

00:36:28   gonna be historical. Not every Apple event, most Apple events are not. I think

00:36:34   I was just hoping for more than one iPad and the Retina Mac though. Like that was

00:36:40   kind of what we got. But like they can't deliver like all new things all the time.

00:36:44   Yeah but like you know even to the point... Even the reviews of like the iPad are like oh

00:36:48   "Oh, it's not much better than the iPad Air."

00:36:50   We're like, "A, people don't go from iPad Air to iPad Air 2

00:36:53   unless they're insane or Federico."

00:36:55   And they can't turn over the whole thing every time.

00:37:00   And so it's about what is going to be updated this year.

00:37:04   And there are cycles of these things.

00:37:06   - Yeah, but last week we were talking about

00:37:08   how we would love to see some new software from Apple

00:37:11   or some software enhancements to the iPad.

00:37:13   And we didn't get any of that.

00:37:15   So yeah.

00:37:16   But who put that into your head?

00:37:18   Like Apple never promised that.

00:37:19   Like--

00:37:20   - I put the idea into his head.

00:37:22   - Yeah, better he gets the blame.

00:37:25   Better he gets the blame.

00:37:26   And I mean, I get it.

00:37:28   Like I understand and I too, one of those things,

00:37:30   like I would like, I think multitasking on the iPad

00:37:32   kind of sucks and it'd be really cool

00:37:33   to see some new things there.

00:37:35   I think it's very limiting.

00:37:37   But like, I think at the same time,

00:37:41   like we want to get ahead of where Apple is and like,

00:37:46   Yes, there's like lots of indications in iOS 8 that side-by-side apps are happening, but

00:37:53   it's their timetable, not ours.

00:37:54   Go for it, Teac.

00:37:56   I don't know, I mean, it's really getting ahead of ourselves.

00:37:59   It's been like, what, three years?

00:38:03   Since Apple released a brand new popular app for the iPad that's not like an adaptation

00:38:10   of an iPhone app.

00:38:12   What, I mean like GarageBand iPhoto stuff?

00:38:14   - Yeah, yeah, I mean it's...

00:38:16   - And then we had all their software titles are on the iPad.

00:38:19   Like what are they gonna announce?

00:38:21   - Make a new software title.

00:38:22   - Yeah. - Oh yeah.

00:38:23   That's exactly what Apple needs to do.

00:38:25   - Or, you know, professional stuff like Logic

00:38:27   or like what's the other one, Final Cut.

00:38:30   I mean, the last type of apps,

00:38:32   like the really new iPad apps

00:38:34   that we've been getting from Apple are,

00:38:37   I think the Apple Store app, Logic Remote

00:38:41   and well, airport utility maybe.

00:38:45   - That's helpful.

00:38:46   - Yeah, I mean, if that's exciting for you, I don't know.

00:38:49   I'm just saying now we have this new iPad Air 2

00:38:52   which is really awesome.

00:38:54   It has a faster processor, it's got three cores

00:38:57   and it's got two gigs of RAM

00:39:00   and we can run pages in it,

00:39:03   which is fine if you use pages.

00:39:05   It's just that we have this super special hardware

00:39:09   which is, I think it's probably faster than my MacBook Air.

00:39:12   Only my MacBook Air can run, you know,

00:39:15   a lot of professional software.

00:39:17   My iPad can also run professional software,

00:39:19   but it feels like, like Steve Jobs said,

00:39:23   it feels like baby software in a way.

00:39:26   And it's just that the advancement of Apple software

00:39:29   doesn't match the advancements on the hardware perspective.

00:39:32   And it feels like Apple talks a lot about collaboration

00:39:36   between their teams, but it feels like the hardware team is going faster than the software

00:39:40   team, probably because the software team has been busy, you know, doing redesigns and fixing

00:39:45   bugs.

00:39:46   Still, you know, there's a...

00:39:48   I mean, that's like, that's the counter argument of last week, of like, they're moving too

00:39:51   quickly, they have too many things, annual releases are bad, like, I don't disagree with

00:39:56   you.

00:39:57   Like, I think the iPad is underserved by iOS 8 and iOS 8 apps, like, I think it could do

00:40:03   a lot more and more or less you can do what you could do on an iPad five years ago.

00:40:09   Like I'm on board with that idea totally.

00:40:14   I don't want to portray the thought that I'm not.

00:40:17   I just think that that's like that comes with costs and right now Apple's burning the candle

00:40:24   at both ends on software and so it's just not happening.

00:40:27   It wouldn't be nice to see Apple doing stuff with their new software features on iOS 8.

00:40:35   It would have been nice to see Apple saying, "Hey, we made these extensions for instance,

00:40:40   and now we're doing extensions ourselves."

00:40:43   Instead, they demoed.

00:40:44   They spent 30 minutes doing a demo call with Steven Colbert, and they did all these funny

00:40:51   unfunny skits.

00:40:54   The handshake was pretty funny.

00:40:56   Yeah, that one was pretty nice. So instead, it would have been nice to see another, maybe like

00:41:03   Steve Jobs did. I'm not saying there should be another Steve Jobs, I'm just saying there should

00:41:08   be another kind of iPad event saying there's a story behind the iPad. You can use it for work,

00:41:15   you can use it for entertainment or whatever. And here's the demos, here's the software,

00:41:21   here's how developers can take advantage of it.

00:41:23   And instead they just say it's thinner, it's lighter, and it's got a better camera,

00:41:29   and yeah, that's it.

00:41:31   Now I'm not saying that it's not a great iPad, in fact I cannot wait to get one,

00:41:36   it's just that it doesn't really paint a story for the iPad,

00:41:41   and maybe we need to wait until next year for that, hopefully.

00:41:47   yeah and and kind of in hand with that I think one reason people thought the

00:41:52   event was underwhelming I think is solely at the feet of the iPad mini

00:41:58   you know that the iPad mini 3 is now is the same as the recond iPad mini 2

00:42:03   which is the

00:42:04   iPad mini with Retina display with touch ID

00:42:08   which like I really like touch ID but if I were to buy an iPad mini today

00:42:12   I would go iPad mini 2

00:42:15   almost for sure

00:42:19   uh... and they kept you know people in the chat room are talking about they kept

00:42:22   there's like a a bajillion ipad skews now they kept the

00:42:26   original ipad mini which is functionally the ipad mini or the ipad 2

00:42:31   and they kept the old ipad air around you know so now there's there's five

00:42:35   different models of ipad each with a bunch of different

00:42:38   uh... sizes

00:42:40   and colors and

00:42:43   There's a lot of iPads.

00:42:45   Can you imagine using an original iPad Mini like every day now?

00:42:49   No!

00:42:50   I can tell you it's not funny.

00:42:51   It's not really pleasant at all.

00:42:53   I tried a couple of weeks ago.

00:42:57   I needed to sell that iPad, right?

00:43:01   So I installed iOS 8 and I tried to use it.

00:43:06   Not good.

00:43:07   Yeah, it was kind of terrible.

00:43:10   And like if they keep selling it, do they have to support iOS 9?

00:43:14   I hope not.

00:43:15   I would have been okay if they kept the iPad mini without the Retina display and bumped

00:43:20   it to an A6.

00:43:21   But like the A5 processor just won't die and maybe they only made so many A6 because like

00:43:26   there's no A6 devices anymore.

00:43:31   But it's crazy and like I understand from a business perspective, like Apple is trying

00:43:35   to spread out the pricing where like if you want to spend just a couple hundred bucks

00:43:40   you can get an iPad mini and you can work your way up and they're always tempting you

00:43:44   like hey a little bit more you get a retina display a little bit more you get touch ID

00:43:47   but yeah from a the iPad mini the original still being for sale is it's just crazy you

00:43:55   know last week on ATP they were talking about this and and John Sirk you said made a really

00:43:59   good point of like why can't Apple... Apple could make a $249 iPad that wasn't

00:44:07   three years old but instead they just move them further down the line to make

00:44:10   them cheaper and it's like you know what if what if you did a iPhone 5c style

00:44:16   iPad where it's like yeah it's like an a6 and it's got a plastic shell and like

00:44:20   it's lower cost but no they just they keep the old stuff around and and like

00:44:24   the 16 gigs of RAM or 16 gigs of storage and like the 4 gigs of RAM on the Mac

00:44:30   Mini it's a bad user experience like people are drawn to the cheapest device

00:44:36   and and people who are only going to spend $250 on an iPad Mini are probably

00:44:41   the same type of person who are not going to be like upsold to an iPad Mini

00:44:45   2 or 3 they're gonna have a bad time because like you said it's bad on iOS 8

00:44:50   the screen is gross. I think it, I think Apple's playing this game of like

00:44:55   wanting to get into the low-end market. I think they're hurting themselves long

00:44:58   term by doing that with a old device.

00:45:02   There seems to be like an element of panic and

00:45:07   desperation are not the right words but they're the only words I can come into

00:45:10   my mind. So like you've got this spread of iPad models, then you've got Tim Cook

00:45:15   on stage saying about how the iPad has sold more in its first five years than

00:45:20   any other product I think. Which is a super weird stat. It's a

00:45:25   fake stat. You've found a statistic. You have found a

00:45:31   statistic that sounds good. Because Apple of five years ago to today is

00:45:38   very different to Apple previously. So any product that Apple releases now

00:45:45   new new category should always sell that quickly. And then you've got like in the

00:45:50   the earnings call, we found out that the Mac had sold more than the iPad in the

00:45:54   last quarter. Which is a weird, weird statistic. Yeah and like we

00:46:00   spoke about last week with like post post PC devices, the Mac is in a sinking

00:46:05   demographic. Like desktop and laptop computers are like that's a fading part

00:46:12   of the market and the fact the Mac beat the iPad despite that is troubling and

00:46:18   like I wrote the other night I think Apple with the 2014 holiday iPad lineup

00:46:25   like I think they're experimenting I think they want to see what which ones

00:46:28   do better because at one end they're trying to raise the average selling

00:46:33   price which I think is why the iPad mini 3 is what it is like okay if you want

00:46:38   the best iPad you get the bigger one that's more expensive but on the other

00:46:41   hand like they're trying to go downstream and do cheaper ones and so I

00:46:46   I don't know what they're doing and the only conclusion I can come to is that they're not

00:46:52   sure exactly quite yet how the iPad looks long term.

00:46:57   Tim Cook even said that on the call, where like, people upgrade these things differently

00:47:00   than iPhones and we're figuring that out.

00:47:04   And so if you're from an iPad 3 or 4, like my wife has the iPad 4, which I apologize

00:47:09   for every time I pick it up.

00:47:11   Really?

00:47:12   Like the iPad 4?

00:47:13   Yeah, yeah.

00:47:14   even bought the one of them the mythical iPad 4 it's like legendary yeah it's a

00:47:20   never saw worry it's the iPad 3 with a lightning connector I'm probably gonna

00:47:25   give her my air here pretty soon it's like the iPad 2 is great but year to

00:47:31   year like the iPad 2 is very impressive but as an iPad air owner I'm not tempted

00:47:36   by it I think Apple is just figuring this out and it's weird they're thinking

00:47:41   out loud with this in a way that you don't see Apple do this very often,

00:47:44   where they're like, clearly there's competing ideas.

00:47:46   So we're just going to push it onto the market and like, see what happens.

00:47:49   Not the way Apple works, but I can't get over the fact that I

00:47:52   think that's, what's going on here.

00:47:53   Okay.

00:47:54   So, um, I'm going to share my opinion.

00:47:57   It may not be popular with you guys.

00:47:59   Um, but I still, you know, um, I think that the iPad will be fine.

00:48:03   Eventually, because the, the problem that I see, it's that, like you said,

00:48:10   even that Apple's timing has been weird like they prioritized certain features and revisions or you

00:48:18   know multiple versions available on the market that I don't quite understand like why is Touch

00:48:26   ID coming to the iPad only this year or why do we have three iPad minis around or why don't we have

00:48:35   more apps by Apple made for the iPad.

00:48:37   The timing has been weird, but I

00:48:40   honestly believe that the iPad will be fine and

00:48:43   I

00:48:44   I don't tend to believe, you know, what CEOs

00:48:47   say during earnings calls or that kind of statements, you know?

00:48:52   But one Tim Cook said that the iPad is only going through like a speed bump.

00:48:57   Like I think that's pretty accurate.

00:49:03   I mean maybe or it is that the iPad had really explosive growth at the beginning and now

00:49:08   it's settling into what it will always be.

00:49:10   Like I don't think the iPad is ever going to be bigger than the Mac.

00:49:15   Well I don't think it's going to like get worse sales wise.

00:49:19   I think it's going to level off about where the Mac is again because people don't upgrade

00:49:23   these things every year and it's a tablet the tablet market in of itself is just a lot

00:49:28   smaller than smartphones.

00:49:32   So how big is the PC market?

00:49:35   Not shrinking.

00:49:36   I mean the PC market is huge.

00:49:38   Like the PC market is insane.

00:49:41   But the PC market is not like people aren't moving to tablets en masse.

00:49:45   There are people who do, including yourself, but I think that the average user is not trading

00:49:51   out their Dell desktop for an iPad.

00:49:53   Well I think that's the goal for Apple, right?

00:49:56   Sure.

00:49:57   Yeah, that's what they want.

00:49:58   Go after every PC user.

00:49:59   So how do they do that?

00:50:00   That's the question.

00:50:01   That's why I think that the timing for some stuff has been weird.

00:50:04   I think you've got to just put flash on it.

00:50:06   I think that they need to do it, and this is like an impossible thing, they need to

00:50:10   do it by driving the overall price down, but keeping the quality high, which is a relatively

00:50:18   impossible thing to do, but I think that you're only going to see that growth if it's more

00:50:26   attractive to upgrade every year, or every two years.

00:50:30   Because people will hold on to these things, as you say Stephen, for a longer period of time.

00:50:34   Longer than a phone because nobody's subsidizing them.

00:50:37   And you know, nobody wants another contract when you can get iPads on contracts from networks,

00:50:41   but nobody wants that because who wants a second contract?

00:50:44   I think that's the problem.

00:50:47   Federico, I have a question for you. It's kind of unrelated,

00:50:50   but I'm interested to know your take on it.

00:50:52   Do you think that it was a bad idea last year for Apple to put all of that power into the iPad mini?

00:50:59   Why would it be a bad idea?

00:51:03   Because now this year, we're upset that they haven't upgraded the processor.

00:51:07   Oh yeah.

00:51:09   So do you think that in hindsight, like if they would have just bumped it a little bit,

00:51:13   or then maybe we wouldn't be so frustrated about it this year.

00:51:17   Because last year it was kind of like, why have they put this...

00:51:20   It's the curse of the A6. The A6 just can't exist in an iPad mini.

00:51:24   Oh yeah!

00:51:26   They just skip right over it.

00:51:28   Yeah, I think the question isn't whether Apple should have gone easier with the iPad Mini last year.

00:51:35   The question is why are they doing this with the iPad Mini 3?

00:51:40   I mean, last year they needed to put the Retina display on the iPad Mini, that's for sure.

00:51:46   And they couldn't have gone with the slower processor because that wouldn't have been a problem with the higher-res display.

00:51:53   So they needed to go with the variation of the A7.

00:51:57   The problem is this year, why is it impossible for Apple to do the same strategy as last year

00:52:04   with the iPad Mini 3? So I've been thinking about this, so either it's a political decision,

00:52:10   so we want to push the iPad Air 2 because we believe that the people want the bigger size iPad

00:52:16   and then we're gonna do the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini will slowly die or at least

00:52:20   stay as the underpowered iPad that costs a little less money?

00:52:26   Or the problem is technical.

00:52:28   We cannot put the anti-reflective stuff, we cannot put the new processor into the iPad

00:52:35   mini this year, so we're gonna be weird this year.

00:52:39   And maybe next year we'll fix it.

00:52:41   I don't know.

00:52:42   See, that's the thing, we're doing a show about these problems and we don't know the

00:52:46   real answer, we can only speculate.

00:52:50   I think that last year was amazing for the iPad mini.

00:52:53   Like in retrospective, I think we'll remember the first gen Retina iPad mini as, you know,

00:52:59   fantastic device.

00:53:00   The way that we remember, I don't know, like the iPod was, what was the popular one?

00:53:05   Like the mini, the Nano, what's the name?

00:53:07   We even did a show about this.

00:53:10   You know, I think we'll remember the second gen iPad mini as a breakthrough for Apple.

00:53:19   The iPad mini 3, I want to believe that it will go down in history like the iPad 4, like

00:53:25   it's so weird, like why does it exist?

00:53:30   No I don't think last year was a mistake, Myke.

00:53:32   I think what we're going to see is the process has trickled down now, so next year the mini

00:53:38   will get the A8.

00:53:40   8X.

00:53:41   And I think that's how it will go on.

00:53:45   I think that there was either a technical thing with the A6 or the Mini required an

00:53:50   A7 to power the Retina display.

00:53:53   And it was kind of like, we need to make a decision, we can't not have the Retina display

00:53:56   so let's level them out.

00:53:59   And then from now it will fall into the iPad Air as the top of the line iPad.

00:54:04   Then there's two different, you know, then there's the iPad Mini and there's two different

00:54:09   models of each or whatever.

00:54:11   And there's some weirdness around the processors too.

00:54:13   The A7 was the same everywhere as far as we know.

00:54:16   The Retina or the iPad 2 has an A8X not the regular A8 that the phones have.

00:54:24   And so, assumably the iPad mini would also need the A8X to handle the display.

00:54:30   And so, is there an issue there with whatever the differences between the A8 and the A8X?

00:54:35   Early testing shows it has a third core.

00:54:37   Was that the issue?

00:54:39   But you know, the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3 have to have slightly different processors

00:54:48   anyways because they're using Touch ID which has the security stuff that the old iPad didn't.

00:54:54   So was that always there in the iPad Mini?

00:54:56   They just added the Touch ID button or did they rework the iPad Mini 3 in some way that's

00:55:02   minor?

00:55:03   But I think Federico is absolutely right.

00:55:05   really not going to know for a year what's going on.

00:55:11   Is the iPad Mini going to go back to being the little brother or is it going to be that

00:55:16   hey 2014 was kind of weird for reasons we don't ever really know and they'll be back

00:55:21   on track.

00:55:22   Or Apple's experimenting.

00:55:24   The iPad Mini was a huge success.

00:55:27   The average selling price of the iPad dipped the first quarter of the iPad Mini was for

00:55:30   sale.

00:55:31   It's a very popular product.

00:55:34   And so is Apple looking at maybe the reasons it is so popular?

00:55:39   Is it the size?

00:55:40   Is it that it's the same power as the big one?

00:55:41   Or what are those factors?

00:55:43   So I think today we really can't say for sure what's going on until there's a few more dots

00:55:50   on that line.

00:55:53   Let's talk about purchasing.

00:55:54   So I mean I've stuck by how I felt and I'm not even considered a new iPad.

00:56:02   Stephen are you standing by your guns or have you bought an iPad Air yet?

00:56:06   I have not bought anything.

00:56:09   We spoke about this last week.

00:56:10   You know I bought an iPad Air a year ago and it's in my review of the iPad Air that I

00:56:14   bought, I went to the bigger screen because the keyboard was better with the idea that

00:56:18   I would write on the iPad and I honestly don't write on the iPad very much.

00:56:23   It's basically a consumption device for me.

00:56:26   And so I've sort of thought about picking up an iPad Mini 2 just to go smaller again

00:56:33   because I like that form factor, I just hated the keyboard.

00:56:37   But I don't know what I'm going to do.

00:56:38   So I also have an original iPad Mini floating around at the house, I have an iPad 4 that

00:56:43   I need to replace for my wife because it's just like carrying around a bag of sand.

00:56:49   So I don't know, I'll keep you guys posted on what I do.

00:56:53   Federica, what are you doing about your consumption device?

00:56:58   What I'm doing about my creation device is that I'm going with the iPad Air, man.

00:57:06   I mean, I have to, right?

00:57:08   What if Apple does some new software feature just for the iPad Air 2 because it's got more

00:57:13   RAM and because it's got a faster processor?

00:57:15   So you're going back full size?

00:57:17   Yeah.

00:57:18   Yeah.

00:57:19   Wow.

00:57:20   You know, I need to go bigger this year.

00:57:23   Go big or go home, teach.

00:57:25   Yeah, I mean, I'm gonna miss my iPad mini friend, you know.

00:57:28   I'm saying goodbye this week.

00:57:31   You could keep both.

00:57:32   We're having like a ceremony.

00:57:34   No, I don't want to do, you know, how I'm using.

00:57:38   I don't want to pull a Dave Morin, you know.

00:57:42   I just want an iPad.

00:57:43   Yeah, an iPad and an iPad.

00:57:46   No, not really.

00:57:47   You know, that's a lot of money also.

00:57:50   I want to try the latest and greatest features, so to essentially future-proof my iPad experience.

00:57:59   And also because, you know, I've been talking about not using a Mac, like, for real, real

00:58:04   this time.

00:58:05   So, a bigger screen, maybe, you know, I'm growing older, my eyesight is getting worse.

00:58:10   So maybe, you know, I'm becoming, in a way, an Italian, Steven, you know?

00:58:15   I need bigger displays and stuff.

00:58:20   - I actually have an eye appointment next week.

00:58:22   It's sad.

00:58:23   - See, see, see.

00:58:24   So yeah, I'm going with the new Air

00:58:27   because primarily because I want to make sure

00:58:30   that if Apple does, you know, multitasking

00:58:32   is only for the iPad Air 2.

00:58:34   I don't think it's gonna happen, but you never know.

00:58:36   So yeah, I'm getting Space Gray 64,

00:58:40   Wi-Fi and 4G.

00:58:42   I'm about to drop my cash to the Apple store.

00:58:47   - Yeah, gold, right?

00:58:48   You're on gold?

00:58:49   - No, no, Space Gray.

00:58:50   - No, not gold.

00:58:51   - Yeah, you're gonna go gold, right?

00:58:52   Gold 128. - No, no, no, no.

00:58:54   - Gold 128 WiFi, yeah?

00:58:57   - Space gray is definitely the way to go.

00:59:01   - You know, I'm a little skeptical about my choice

00:59:06   for the smart color.

00:59:08   I wanted to go with standard black color.

00:59:11   - Yeah.

00:59:12   - I'm thinking about like doing like Myke does,

00:59:15   just picking a random color and going with it.

00:59:18   - No, no colors are random.

00:59:19   they're picked. Go bright. I'm thinking about getting one of the lime green cases.

00:59:24   I was with Myke when he bought his iPad 3. Was it your iPad 3 you bought here in

00:59:30   Memphis? Yeah. And you were guilted into buying the Apple red leather smart cover

00:59:36   by the Apple Store guy. I didn't even want the red one. I wanted like a green one or

00:59:39   a blue one. He was like no this one helps AIDS. There's probably a

00:59:44   a casey-less way to refer to these iPads and covers when you put them together.

00:59:52   Like if you pick a green cover or a yellow cover, is that a lemon-a-pad mini?

00:59:57   Yeah, probably.

01:00:00   Ahhhhhh!

01:00:02   Well, you gotta believe that the guy has multiple nicknames for Apple devices.

01:00:13   World's greatest nicknames.

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01:00:36   I've been listening to this new podcast called StartUp and on it they're talking about naming,

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01:00:47   me of when me and Steven were trying to think up names for Relay FM.

01:00:51   It was bad.

01:00:52   I say think up when we were arguing for about two weeks about names. And I had two things

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01:03:31   - That code is excellent.

01:03:34   I didn't know that was the code until just now.

01:03:36   That's pretty good.

01:03:39   So OS 10.10 Yosemite is here.

01:03:44   >>Do we really have to?

01:03:46   >>No, we're not going to do that again.

01:03:47   OS 10 Yosemite is here.

01:03:48   What do you guys think?

01:03:54   What about you, Federico?

01:03:54   Let's start with you.

01:03:57   >>OK.

01:03:57   So yeah, I don't know what to think, honestly.

01:04:02   I mean, the new design is fine, I think.

01:04:05   I don't get, probably because I'm not a designer, you know.

01:04:09   I don't get all the designer criticism

01:04:12   that the OS is getting, like,

01:04:14   oh, this font size is especially wrong.

01:04:17   I don't understand.

01:04:19   Like, the ligatures are all wrong.

01:04:20   I don't get it.

01:04:22   I don't understand.

01:04:23   Like, there's a new font.

01:04:24   Okay, fine.

01:04:25   Honestly, I'm not trolling or anything.

01:04:30   It looks fine.

01:04:32   Some parts look weird, some parts look okay, others are really nice.

01:04:37   Like the new dock is really nice, notification center is really nice.

01:04:42   What else?

01:04:45   The new finder.

01:04:46   I like that you can use the preview pane in any view.

01:04:52   I never used the new mail features for iCloud drop, no, mail drop, I

01:05:01   I think it's called for attachments.

01:05:02   - Someone tried to send me an attachment by that today

01:05:04   and it failed.

01:05:05   - Yeah, I never used that.

01:05:07   What else?

01:05:09   I like widgets.

01:05:11   Is that even a question?

01:05:12   I like widgets, I keep two of them.

01:05:15   No, Steven, the modern era widgets.

01:05:18   - Yeah, I don't know if my dashboard is still a thing.

01:05:21   - I like extensions, especially in Safari

01:05:24   because they bring up little sheets

01:05:27   that are consistent with the Twitter and Facebook sheets.

01:05:30   so that's nice.

01:05:31   The Tumblr one is pretty great.

01:05:33   Yeah, I have the

01:05:35   Todoist one and I tried the

01:05:37   Wunderlist

01:05:39   couple of others. That's nice.

01:05:42   iTunes is a mess,

01:05:44   honestly. I don't understand how Apple

01:05:47   manages to make iTunes more difficult every year.

01:05:51   They must have some kind of, you know,

01:05:54   strategy to move stuff around and just make it a puzzle for people.

01:05:59   So that's really not okay with me.

01:06:02   Messages is fine. Still, as all the issues with

01:06:09   doing group chats using your phone address or email address and then you

01:06:13   get split threads. I know that you guys, we've tried

01:06:17   many times to have a group chat without having multiple threads on messages

01:06:22   for the Mac. I've never seen anybody else complain about this other than us.

01:06:27   I don't know if it's a thing or if it's just us. It was a thing with the Mac Stories team also,

01:06:32   so it's probably me at this point. One thing I've done is I've turned off iMessage to my

01:06:39   email addresses. It is only my phone number now because I don't... That's a good idea.

01:06:43   Because my personal email is super easy to guess and not really all that private anymore. And so

01:06:50   my phone number is, and I figure if I'm texting with somebody, like it's fine if they have my phone number.

01:06:54   And that has helped because it, what happens is when I message thread split,

01:07:00   it goes to alternative

01:07:03   contact information for somebody. So say the three of us are all using our phone numbers,

01:07:07   it splits and all of a sudden Myke is texting from his email address.

01:07:10   So I'm not for no apparent reason, and so I'm hoping that cuts it down for me at least,

01:07:15   anything that I'm causing into the world. But um,

01:07:19   Can I finish with the controversial please? Yes. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to jump in please please. I know

01:07:25   It is still OS 10, you know, it's not like a major change

01:07:33   I mean, there's a new the bones are the same. Yeah, there's a new design

01:07:38   there's in you know, the things are a little flatter and

01:07:42   there's a

01:07:45   Transparencies all over the place

01:07:48   But it is still OS X, you know, the buttons are still in the same place mostly

01:07:53   It's just a different style, right?

01:07:55   I don't think that OS X

01:07:59   Like

01:08:03   It's not changed, right? It's still the same operating system

01:08:07   And I think that I don't see how it can fundamentally change at this point

01:08:13   Like OS X is here to stay and there's going to be

01:08:17   different features, but I don't think that Apple is changing how people put files on their desktop.

01:08:24   It is still the same structure and maybe the structure is going to stay.

01:08:29   There's the new stuff with iOS integration with continuity and handoff.

01:08:34   Which is cool when it works.

01:08:37   See, getting phone calls on my Mac, that's really nice.

01:08:43   Getting...

01:08:43   I love it.

01:08:45   Yeah, same. Getting text messages to propagate across every device is really nice, especially

01:08:52   when you use two-factor authentication. You get the verification code on your Mac, which is nice.

01:08:57   Hands-off I don't really get. I get the idea. It is cool, it makes for a cool demo,

01:09:05   but it's just impractical everyday usage. When I'm doing something on my iPhone, I finish it on my

01:09:12   my iPhone. When I'm starting an email on the iPad, I usually finish it on the iPad.

01:09:18   And same with the Mac. If I start a document on the Mac, I don't want to carry that over

01:09:21   to, you know, with the hand of gesture to the phone. Maybe it's just me, but you know,

01:09:28   I get why a lot of people are excited about Yosemite, because they use OS X a lot. So,

01:09:34   to conclude, I'm sorry if this took too long, I guess I'm not excited by it, because I just

01:09:41   don't use it anymore several hours every day.

01:09:49   So I do.

01:09:50   I mean, it's not news, anybody listens.

01:09:53   I consider myself a MacPower user.

01:09:57   Yes.

01:09:58   I think that's a podcast.

01:10:02   Never been on it.

01:10:03   So you guys have.

01:10:04   I haven't yet.

01:10:05   I can't believe you beat me to it.

01:10:08   If you're listening, MacPowerUsers, you are my white whale.

01:10:12   The mic power user.

01:10:13   Oh, God.

01:10:14   You're a mic power user.

01:10:16   That should be a show.

01:10:17   Of course, it already is.

01:10:18   I think it's this show.

01:10:19   I think it's this show.

01:10:22   So I consider myself Mac first.

01:10:24   I consider myself, I think, I'm in the upper tier of Mac users.

01:10:29   And I agree with you completely, Federico, that OS X is still OS X, right?

01:10:33   Things still work the same way, it still feels the same.

01:10:36   If you sat...

01:10:37   This is my test, right?

01:10:38   in front of like 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 could they use Yosemite? The answer of course is yes

01:10:43   like it looks different actually in some ways Yosemite looks much more like OS

01:10:49   or like OS 10.0, 10.1 it's it's the same OS right they've been refining it

01:10:57   they've been polishing it I think Yosemite is a little weird because like

01:11:01   if you draw a if you draw a line through the versions of OS 10 and how they look

01:11:07   look which I did back in April on 512 looking at how aqua has evolved.

01:11:16   Yosemite is a natural evolution for OS X it's just skipped over several middle

01:11:22   steps and they didn't go all iOS 7 on it like it looks like OS X and iOS merged

01:11:30   and combined their UI elements. Well my problem is and what I wrote about in my

01:11:37   UI review is that there are some serious trade-offs in Yosemite with the design

01:11:43   that I think really hurt usability in places. So my favorite thing maybe ever

01:11:49   by favorite I mean least favorite ever is there is a screenshot in my review

01:11:54   about halfway down of mail.app sitting in front of Safari with CNN loaded and

01:12:02   so you get this like crazy red background in the mail app but only in

01:12:11   parts of the mail app because not even all of its translucent the same way it's

01:12:14   like that's translucency and like the idea that content like slides below the

01:12:20   window UI and like you get this really nice vibrancy to see what's back there

01:12:24   that's really nice on iOS and it works on iOS because it's one app at a time

01:12:29   time but the second you have overlapping windows you run into all sorts of weird

01:12:34   issues and the end this male example the the problem is that all of a sudden

01:12:40   parts of my UI are bright red and bright red seems bad and it's only because like

01:12:46   the because of the background you know Craig Federica got on stage and said

01:12:52   look like with Yosemite like your desktop wallpaper gives your computer

01:12:56   personality right so I use a very dark wallpaper on my Mac and so like my finder

01:13:03   windows are darker and my doc is darker and like but if I make it like

01:13:08   you know some crazy rainbow color then my computer feels more vibrant and

01:13:13   bright and happy and like that's that's great but it doesn't work because it

01:13:19   leads to all sorts of readability and legibility issues it leads to all sorts

01:13:23   like these weird edge cases.

01:13:26   So if you have multiple windows open,

01:13:28   say you have multiple Finder windows open,

01:13:29   only the foremost one picks up the translucent sidebar,

01:13:34   and the ones in the background, the inactive windows, don't.

01:13:36   And I think that's fine.

01:13:38   It's easier to tell in some ways what an active window is.

01:13:41   But most of the time, your active window

01:13:43   is on top of other ones.

01:13:44   So the desktop doesn't even come through clearly.

01:13:47   It's a great idea.

01:13:48   It's just an execution.

01:13:49   there's lots of problems with this UI that clearly Apple's okay with. Like dark

01:13:55   mode is just broken in places like I've got screenshots of running the final GM

01:14:02   which is only like which is basically the final build and like the dark menus

01:14:08   look really cool but then they're just broken in places and sometimes they're

01:14:13   more translucent than other times like the vibrancy is weird in dark mode it's

01:14:17   just it doesn't feel as complete and as polished as I would expect it to at this point.

01:14:22   So I don't have an awful lot more to say except I'm just having some

01:14:27   weird things happen. Like I've had to turn off transparency because for some

01:14:32   reason like I'm just having terrible performance issues with mission control

01:14:37   spaces and expose. Trying to move from space to space right now is like a

01:14:42   multiple swipe gesture because like it goes like halfway and then I have to

01:14:46   keep swiping for it to go the whole way. I don't really know what's going on.

01:14:51   Yeah you sent me that video and like my first thing was like well show me what

01:14:55   activity monitors doing like is something eating up 400% of your CPU and

01:14:59   it wasn't everything was idling and you and I have the same computer like the

01:15:04   exact same machine. So maybe I need to check the k-base reset the PRAM. You

01:15:10   probably should reset the PRAM. We also haven't even made fun of the finder I

01:15:16   icon yet. I like it. I like it. Did you see I linked to it. He's so happy in the dark. I love him in

01:15:23   Italy, he's like smiling at me. He's like "hey Myke you doing a good job buddy". Did you see the

01:15:28   Easter egg in the review? A friend of mine made the finder icon into Walter White. It's pretty

01:15:34   awesome. Why? Well because it looks... Meth'd out was the adjective I used. I was gonna say mellow

01:15:41   but sure we can go with that.

01:15:43   - Messed out, I'm really good at adjectives.

01:15:47   My parents are very proud.

01:15:49   So all in all Yosemite's a great update to OS X

01:15:53   and in hindsight it's crazy that iOS and OS X

01:15:56   weren't better siblings until now.

01:15:58   And yes there's weirdness, like you have to have a Mac

01:16:02   that does Bluetooth low energy and sometimes my Mac thinks

01:16:05   I can open a pages document from my iPad

01:16:08   that's in a different building.

01:16:10   There's weirdness to it, but I think those sort of issues will get ironed out.

01:16:15   I think that it's great that you can move more seamlessly between your, especially for

01:16:19   me, my iPhone and my Mac, but I'm just not sold on some of the visual changes.

01:16:27   For me, thankfully it's easy.

01:16:28   I just turned off transparency and my Mac looks sane again, but I think it's just one

01:16:34   of those things that maybe they went a little too far.

01:16:36   said that about iOS 7 but then iOS 8 didn't really bring any of that back so

01:16:42   I'm not holding out that this is going to be better in the future but at least

01:16:46   you can you can make some changes in system preferences to make it a little

01:16:50   more sane. One other thing that I just found frustrating is the messages app

01:16:54   window is bigger and I can't make it back to the size it was before. Sometimes

01:17:00   messages app will follow your mouse around so you tab away from it and click

01:17:04   in a Safari and the messages window will follow you and be behind where your

01:17:08   cursor is. Hey buddy don't forget about your friends in here. No you gotta text

01:17:11   people like that one's fun and my favorite Yosemite bug is that sometimes

01:17:19   you'll tab away from finder but finder will still be in the like finder will be

01:17:23   in the background like instead of finder in the upper left-hand window you see

01:17:26   Safari but then you click in Safari and the finder window comes back to the

01:17:30   front it's like no I put you back there you're not the foreground app but it's

01:17:35   like finder is really self-important now and he's methed out so he's just there

01:17:39   all the time finder messages are working together yeah they want you to send some

01:17:44   files to friends Walt and Jesse so I don't know like it's fine I guess the

01:17:51   features are nice I'm just and I don't think this is not me being grumpy right

01:17:59   this is like there are usability problems with Yosemite. I think if I

01:18:05   weren't, if I was not, sorry, having this issue that I'm having with

01:18:13   mission control I would be very happy on the whole. I think it looks fine. I like

01:18:19   how good it makes my retina Mac look. I actually quite like the change to

01:18:25   Helvetica because it's so good on the Retina Mac, like it just looks so good.

01:18:30   So once I get that, I think that I don't know if I... so it's interesting thing,

01:18:36   okay, I have this problem more often when I use the trackpad than when I use my

01:18:41   Magic Mouse. On my Magic Mouse the spaces go fine. I can't conflict between them fine,

01:18:49   but on my trackpad that's when I start to see the hang-ups.

01:18:54   So...

01:18:55   It's weird.

01:18:56   You should definitely do some P-Ray, Safe Boot, maintenance type stuff.

01:19:01   Mail it to me, I can do it.

01:19:04   That seems like a...

01:19:06   No, I don't want to do that.

01:19:10   Thank you so much for listening to this week's episode of Connected.

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01:19:50   Yeah, I meant to say that at the top of the show. I just wrapped that episode up yesterday.

01:19:56   And like you guys did an excellent job explaining like the background of it and

01:20:02   Could not be prouder of the two of you for calling out the just the complete

01:20:11   Insanity that's going on around that that topic people are terrible. Yep. So good job

01:20:18   Basically Federico did a really good job of explaining it. I know I just shouted

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01:20:50   week.

01:20:51   Say goodbye, gentlemen.

01:20:52   Adios.

01:20:53   Adios.

01:20:53   Adios!