8: Squidges


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00:00:07   It is the 8th of October 2014.

00:00:11   Welcome back to Connected. This is episode 8.

00:00:14   My name is Myke Hurley. I am joined by Mr. Stephen Hackett.

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00:00:29   Simplified Domain Management.

00:00:31   Hello, Steven.

00:00:33   Hello, Michael.

00:00:34   How are you?

00:00:35   I'm pretty good. How are you?

00:00:37   I am very well. Steven Hackett, where is Federico Vatici?

00:00:40   What have you done with him?

00:00:42   He is away today.

00:00:45   Is that the best you've got for me?

00:00:47   It's not any of my business to share his business for him.

00:00:51   No, Federico just had something come up, so...

00:00:54   He's not dead.

00:00:55   Why does it always go to death with you?

00:00:57   Follow up. Wow, we're jumping right in.

00:01:03   You know, it's enough. If Federico's here, there's just no fun, so we may as well just

00:01:07   go straight to business. I'm all about getting straight to business,

00:01:11   Myke. Okay.

00:01:12   Federico is a monster and may people use the Twitter app is the exact quote in our show

00:01:17   notes. It's pretty true. I mean, even he said today

00:01:22   that all week he's been getting tweets, which I've seen some of,

00:01:26   of people trying out the official Twitter app because of our episode last week.

00:01:31   Yeah, as did I. I tried it again and then I was sad again.

00:01:34   So I think the moral of the story is that the Twitter app is bad

00:01:39   and Federico should feel bad for telling people to use it.

00:01:43   I use the official Twitter app when I want to just check something but don't

00:01:47   want to ruin my tweetbot preservation state.

00:01:51   What does that mean?

00:01:52   So everybody in the world knows that I get notifications and such and such like.

00:01:57   Sometimes I want to reply to a tweet that I've just seen come in.

00:02:02   But if I go into Tweetbot and scroll to that tweet,

00:02:07   then it's going to ruin everything.

00:02:09   So I go to the Twitter app and reply.

00:02:12   Like today, for example, where I'm not kidding,

00:02:17   I had maybe five or six hundred @mentions.

00:02:22   Insane day.

00:02:25   Thank you everyone.

00:02:26   There was a couple that I saw

00:02:29   that I wanted to reply to quickly.

00:02:31   So I saw those come in via notification

00:02:34   when my phone was not melting.

00:02:37   And I just went into the fshoater app and did it.

00:02:42   - That is insane.

00:02:45   Wait, why was today a big day for you?

00:02:47   I just understand why I started getting lots of notifications

00:02:50   on my Mac.

00:02:52   Because Steven in the chat room has told everybody

00:02:54   to follow and unfollow me.

00:02:57   So if you're listening to the show now, not live,

00:02:59   please unfollow and refollow iMyke, I-M-Y-K-E.

00:03:04   I still do that to Matt Alexander sometimes,

00:03:05   when I know he's looking at Twitter just to poke at him.

00:03:09   It's fun.

00:03:10   So what did you do today?

00:03:11   We should talk about this, because you and I

00:03:14   co-founded Relay. Yep, and I quit Relay. Wait, that's not what we agreed on.

00:03:20   Ah, no. So if people don't know, you have quit your jobby job. Mm-hmm. Today I quit my job.

00:03:29   And there is a whole big story, but this isn't the show for those sort of stories.

00:03:34   Oh, I have a show about feelings. I do, it's called Analog, and on the episode

00:03:39   that we record tomorrow, which we will record live, if you check the schedule,

00:03:43   if it's still Thursday for you.

00:03:45   Otherwise it will be out on Sunday.

00:03:47   And I just want to go through and talk through

00:03:50   the whole sort of process yesterday

00:03:52   that led me to make that decision.

00:03:54   There's an interesting story about shoes.

00:03:57   - Well I'm excited for you.

00:04:01   - I'm--

00:04:02   - I know you've wanted to do it for a long time.

00:04:04   - Five years.

00:04:04   I'm terrified and I'm super excited

00:04:09   and if you would like to sponsor Relay FM,

00:04:12   please go to relay.fm/sponsor.

00:04:14   That is the thing to do.

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00:04:24   to a company that you enjoy

00:04:26   and ask them to sponsor instead.

00:04:27   - Or start a business just so you can sponsor us.

00:04:30   - That's also fine.

00:04:31   We are perfectly happy with accepting sponsorships

00:04:33   from shell companies.

00:04:34   - So that's all Relay is.

00:04:38   So back to Twitter and Tweetbot.

00:04:40   @duncanmusic on twitter @duncanmusic sent a couple tweets in and one of them talks about

00:04:51   timeline sync which we really didn't touch on but if you use Twitterrific on iOS and

00:04:55   the Mac or Tweetbot on iOS and the Mac your tweets all sort of when things work line up

00:05:01   where you know like you said you don't want to mess that up I met a tweet from two hours

00:05:06   ago and I open tweetbot on my Mac the scroll positions will be the same more

00:05:10   or less and apparently the regular Twitter app doesn't do that which is sad

00:05:16   and so that is a that's the thing that happens yeah I mean I love the iCloud

00:05:22   syncing on tweetbot I've used tweet marker on Twitter if it can on tweetbot

00:05:28   But the iCloud one is super, super good.

00:05:31   Yeah, big fan of it.

00:05:36   Me too.

00:05:36   As someone who I go back and forth between devices

00:05:44   a lot during the day, that's a really important feature to me,

00:05:48   I think to a lot of people.

00:05:50   But then Duncan Music tweeted something that cannot be

00:05:53   unseen where there was a suggested tweet that I wouldn't I guess the image is

00:06:01   probably not safe for work depending on where you work but definitely not

00:06:05   something that I would want to ever look at on my computer.

00:06:09   Suggested tweet oh my word what is happening here why would you it's

00:06:18   It's basically a gentleman, not...

00:06:20   Called Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers.

00:06:23   Brothers of Jonas.

00:06:25   Basically almost naked.

00:06:27   Mhm.

00:06:28   So if that's what you desire, then it's in the show notes for you.

00:06:34   Where can people find the show notes, Steven?

00:06:37   Relay dot f m slash connected slash eight.

00:06:46   I could basically now take that and just drop that into every episode because you cut it

00:06:50   up enough that I could just...

00:06:52   I don't know really why I did that.

00:06:54   But it was good though, I mean it provided me with something useful for the future.

00:06:58   So if you are ever not on a show now, I could just have you drop in to do the show notes

00:07:04   link instead.

00:07:05   I would like to always think that I'm always here in spirit when I'm absent like I was

00:07:11   two weeks ago.

00:07:12   But this would make me present physically.

00:07:15   But you will have to provide me with a selection of numbers.

00:07:19   So like 1 to 10 and then 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70.

00:07:23   And you can slice them together?

00:07:24   Uh-huh.

00:07:25   I don't mean to tell you how to do your job, but that seems like a lot of work.

00:07:29   Nah.

00:07:30   I mean...

00:07:31   Totally worth it?

00:07:32   Totally worth it.

00:07:33   I mean, episode one of this show, that was a lot of work.

00:07:37   I'm sure Federico could create a Python script that would just drop the numbers in anyway.

00:07:41   Python's dead.

00:07:42   Well, extensions are built.

00:07:43   Well, extensions, I'm alright.

00:07:48   You have to build that in AppleScript to be a gentleman.

00:07:52   AppleScript. They're talking about clowns in the chat room which is

00:07:55   gotten... Don't read it. Close it. Go away. But they're talking.

00:07:59   And someone thinks that... I don't know. Anyways,

00:08:02   more Twitter tweetbot follow-up.

00:08:06   Matthew Cassanellini?

00:08:11   How would you say that?

00:08:13   - I would say...

00:08:15   - Casanelli.

00:08:16   - Casanelli, yeah.

00:08:18   - Yeah, if Federico was here, he could say it.

00:08:20   Seems Italian.

00:08:21   Do you think that Twitter contacted Tweetbot

00:08:25   and told them to hold off for Fabric?

00:08:27   Just a thought.

00:08:28   The thought did cross my mind,

00:08:30   but I really don't think that, A,

00:08:33   Twitter is really in the business of sharing things

00:08:36   with third-party clients like this.

00:08:39   Fabric of course being their rumored API, you know, change coming in the future.

00:08:44   Hold up, what?

00:08:47   iPad version?

00:08:50   The iPad version still exists and they just updated the iPhone version.

00:08:54   And also, I mean, this Fabric thing is rumored like in the last couple of months.

00:08:59   Tweetbot for iPad has not been here for a very, very long time.

00:09:02   And from, I mean, I've been kind of, I've been thinking about that Tapbots post.

00:09:07   And I reread it earlier today and kind of,

00:09:12   for whatever reason, it didn't sync in properly

00:09:14   that they mentioned that they're bringing back

00:09:15   a couple of new apps and they seem to be cross platform.

00:09:18   So they may have literally just said like,

00:09:20   we're gonna work on something

00:09:21   that makes more sense to us right now.

00:09:23   But.

00:09:24   - Yeah, so I mean, it's an interesting idea for Matthew,

00:09:26   but I don't think that's what's going on here.

00:09:29   - I don't think that Twitter care enough about Tweetbot.

00:09:33   - No.

00:09:34   - Like they would, Tweetbot would just have to get in line.

00:09:37   up you know they're not gonna be like oh please wait

00:09:40   just be like fabrics here now so deal with it

00:09:43   like they're not gonna be like oh please don't update wait

00:09:47   they'll just let tapbots go ahead and do whatever it wants

00:09:51   and then they'll say well now you have to use this instead so good luck

00:09:55   I think that's definitely how it goes down

00:09:59   because Twitter I mean it's just it's not important to them right like if it was

00:10:02   they would be more helpful

00:10:07   you know, like the multiple image thing, you know,

00:10:09   it was late to third parties.

00:10:10   And a lot of that is that third parties

00:10:11   have to take time to implement it.

00:10:13   But a lot of cases, there are things that the Twitter apps

00:10:15   can do that third party apps just can't do

00:10:17   because the API calls are different.

00:10:19   - Well, all of us on Tweetbot, we are costing money.

00:10:23   We make no money for Twitter.

00:10:26   We make them no money.

00:10:27   It's true, right?

00:10:29   That we don't see any of the ads.

00:10:31   - Yeah, no, absolutely.

00:10:32   No, I was just kind of laughing the way you said it.

00:10:33   - We're just a cost.

00:10:35   So like if this fabric thing is because it's ads are gonna be needed to be there, then

00:10:40   such is life.

00:10:41   Like they'll just say, okay, this is here.

00:10:44   You have to start showing promoted tweets or you'll be killed.

00:10:49   Like not like, you know, like in life way, just your API use will be killed.

00:10:57   So speaking about apps that kill people, the health app.

00:11:01   Yeah.

00:11:02   It's still a thing, I guess.

00:11:05   I don't know it's still in a folder for me I'm not really using it. Are you really

00:11:08   using it? No. So listener Derek wrote in so we kind of talked about Federico spoke

00:11:18   about especially... Federico made a very bold claim. That it was as bad as maps

00:11:24   right? I think he said it was worse than maps. Yeah and so Derek disagreed and if I

00:11:29   had been

00:11:31   I agree with Derek and I wish I thought of this on the show.

00:11:34   So Derek says iPhone maps were a feature that existed for five years and was something that

00:11:40   people come to depend on and what Apple replaced it with was unusable for some people and Google

00:11:47   Maps wasn't you know didn't have the same footing as Apple Maps and Health.app is a

00:11:51   feature that did not even exist until 17th of September and no one has had a chance to

00:11:57   come on to come to depend on it yet.

00:12:00   I don't see how they're equitable.

00:12:01   I don't agree with Derek and I agree more with Federico.

00:12:04   I don't think, and I'm going to speak for Federico Vittucci because I can do that,

00:12:08   I don't think that he was saying that they're comparable maps and health

00:12:15   because of the fact that people depended on it.

00:12:18   It's not about like a dependency, it's not about people necessarily depending on the data.

00:12:22   It's the fact that this is data you do not mess around with.

00:12:25   Right.

00:12:26   If you have health data, it doesn't start to disappear.

00:12:31   It doesn't start to go wrong.

00:12:32   Like if you delete an app from your iPhone and then that data leaves the health app

00:12:37   like that is messing around with data in a way that is not logical.

00:12:41   It doesn't make sense and Apple shouldn't be touching.

00:12:44   And the other thing is like if you didn't like the iPhone maps,

00:12:48   you just downloaded the Google Maps app.

00:12:49   Like you just downloaded the app there and there were alternatives.

00:12:54   There are mapping alternatives or you could go to like the map app.

00:12:57   But this stuff that goes into health,

00:13:00   it's all meant to like play together and show you this thing. You can't download another app from the app store

00:13:04   that pulls in all of the information that you have from all these other places and pulls them into one view.

00:13:09   But it's more about the fact that like

00:13:11   don't

00:13:14   don't

00:13:15   mess around with that data. That data should be untouched by Apple and things should not be going wrong with it.

00:13:22   Yeah, I mean, I don't think Apple's touching it, but I definitely agree that

00:13:26   if this thing is going to work it's got to work perfectly and it definitely is not right now.

00:13:31   I tried just the other day to do Strava the bike cycling app I use has some authentication

00:13:39   cross-tie stuff and it like straight up just doesn't work like you hit the button

00:13:43   and you get bumped to the health app and then just sits there it's like let me try that again

00:13:48   and it just sits there it's it's really shoddy we're going to talk a little bit about iOS

00:13:54   aid and some issues around that but I think the health app's got to be

00:13:57   Apple's got to get that right, you know, it's in 8.1 the betas there's some notes about it

00:14:03   I think we spoke about but it's really ridiculous

00:14:07   That it's in the state that it's in

00:14:10   I think yep next piece of follow-up is about you being a liar and needing a workflow to tell the truth

00:14:18   Do you just want to read this?

00:14:22   Well, I mean, this isn't even about this show though.

00:14:25   Oh, I did mention it on this show, didn't I?

00:14:28   I think.

00:14:29   About the fact that I sent 10,000 emoji balloons

00:14:34   to Casey Liss.

00:14:35   - When he, yeah.

00:14:38   - I actually don't think we even spoke about it

00:14:39   on this show, but.

00:14:40   - I don't know, life is blurry.

00:14:42   - This is follow up for analog now.

00:14:44   For anybody that does listen to that show,

00:14:46   or doesn't, I said that I sent 10,000 emoji balloons

00:14:50   to Casey.

00:14:51   I've been talking about it actually in the essence of saying how useful the iPhone 6 plus keyboard is

00:14:55   Who knows? I

00:14:58   Mostakenly said I took ten balloons copied and pasted in ten times copied and pasted in ten times, etc, etc

00:15:03   Brendan told me that I would then have thirteen thousand thirteen hundred and ten

00:15:08   Balloons and was very upset at me when what I should have said which is what I actually did was I copied and pasted them

00:15:15   nine times

00:15:16   So it gave me the addition to get to ten thousand. I'm sorry Brendan. I'm sorry everyone

00:15:21   You're not a math professor.

00:15:24   Not a professor at all.

00:15:27   You could be.

00:15:28   Professor of life.

00:15:30   Professor of life.

00:15:33   More follow up, you put this in, what's the deal with this Blink keyboard?

00:15:36   So Simon SC on Twitter contacted me about this app called the Blink keyboard, it's a

00:15:44   have a third-party keyboard for the iPhone that does some interesting things in placement of keys.

00:15:52   So this is very, in theory, like on the face of it, is very useful for a 6+ owner because it has

00:15:59   two interesting parts. It does a split keyboard which I wanted and it also does a one-handed

00:16:05   keyboard where it kind of like squidges the keyboard into the bottom right.

00:16:13   which is... squidges! I'm going with squidges.

00:16:16   I can't think... what else would you say?

00:16:18   Squishes! I like squidges though, I'm gonna go with squidges.

00:16:22   It also has some cool emoji shortcuts where you can like hold down on the numbers

00:16:27   and then it pops up a row of emoji and you can select from them.

00:16:32   So all of this is very useful. The way that you try and

00:16:36   activate the keyboard splitting or moving is really weird. You kind of have

00:16:40   to swipe across the keys and it worked one hour every three times.

00:16:44   I just couldn't seem to get it to happen.

00:16:47   But the problem with this application is it's spammy and scammy.

00:16:50   So it has some themes in it and to unlock the themes you have to share it on social

00:16:56   networks and the themes that are unlocked look terrible.

00:17:03   The theme that just looks like the Apple keyboard, I have to share the Blink keyboard on Twitter

00:17:08   to get access to it. I wouldn't be surprised if this is why Simon SC sent it to me, you know?

00:17:13   He just shared it with me on Twitter. What if you talk about it on a very popular Apple podcast? Do

00:17:19   you get new themes? Well, I guess only if you talk about it positively, which I'm not. Just let me

00:17:25   pay you, like developer of Blink, let me pay you instead. Just let me pay you like 99 cents or $2

00:17:31   and I would potentially have used your keyboard, but now I have it sitting there on my phone,

00:17:37   but it's going to be deleted.

00:17:39   Keyboards, man. Keyboards are driving me crazy.

00:17:42   - They're a pain in the rear-deeds.

00:17:43   - Oh, my God, they're driving me so crazy,

00:17:45   'cause there's so many good ones,

00:17:46   but I don't want to add any of them, because--

00:17:48   Right, so I'm using Emoji++, right?

00:17:51   - As you should. - Because it's awesome.

00:17:53   But the problem is, now,

00:17:55   I have Emoji++ as my second keyboard,

00:17:58   and then--so if I'm on the standard keyboard

00:18:00   and I want to add an emoji, I press it,

00:18:02   and it takes me to the second keyboard,

00:18:04   and I add my emoji, I press it again,

00:18:05   So again, it takes me to SwiftKey.

00:18:07   Right, that's the third one.

00:18:08   So that works as a flow.

00:18:09   But then I have TextExpander,

00:18:12   and then I have the one where you draw the pictures.

00:18:14   What's the name of that one?

00:18:16   - I don't know, I wish you would stop using it.

00:18:18   - No, 'cause it's so awesome.

00:18:20   I'm gonna find it now, 'cause it's gonna be here somewhere.

00:18:23   It's called Scribbleboard, and it's freaking amazing,

00:18:30   'cause I get to draw little pictures

00:18:31   and send them to people.

00:18:32   But that means if I wanna--

00:18:33   - Including their servers, right?

00:18:34   they see what you're drawing me. I just I have no time for this fear that all of

00:18:42   my keystrokes have been sent. I'm trolling. Like I just can't, everybody just needs to stop.

00:18:46   Just please just stop. The problem is not the apps, the problem is the way that

00:18:51   Apple allows people to use it. Anyway, so if I then am on SwiftKey and I want to

00:19:00   add an emoji, I have to then cycle through another four keyboards before I

00:19:04   I can use emoji again.

00:19:05   - Yeah, it's not good.

00:19:08   - If I could just hold down on the globe button.

00:19:11   - Why does it not,

00:19:11   why do they not allow access to pop over?

00:19:14   - Doesn't make sense to me.

00:19:15   Like it feels like it should be rectified by now.

00:19:18   - Maybe that's part of like,

00:19:19   Apple's keyboards have special access,

00:19:21   maybe that's part of it,

00:19:22   but they should have worked that out.

00:19:26   - Yeah, I'm not a fan.

00:19:30   - I do, so my third party keyboards are the same as yours,

00:19:33   in the same order as yours except for the scribble board.

00:19:36   (imitates scribble board)

00:19:38   - So like, that Clipsy, see Clipsy?

00:19:41   Clips, I don't know why I call it Clipsy,

00:19:43   I don't know why I put a Y on there.

00:19:44   - I think you're thinking of Clippy.

00:19:46   - No, no, no.

00:19:47   Well, yes, always.

00:19:48   But Federico reviewed that app Clips

00:19:51   that he's been talking about for like six months.

00:19:53   - I'm not familiar with his work.

00:19:55   - And I'm really interested in using it

00:19:56   'cause it's like a widget and a keyboard,

00:19:58   so there's like two parts of it.

00:19:59   You can use the widget, you can use the keyboard,

00:20:02   and we use them together and it does magical things,

00:20:04   but I don't want another keyboard

00:20:06   because it adds another button press

00:20:08   every time I wanna add an emoji.

00:20:10   It makes me extremely sad.

00:20:13   It makes me very, very sad.

00:20:14   - And it makes me sad as well.

00:20:17   It is nice though.

00:20:19   - You know what would be great?

00:20:20   If all of the keyboards had the ability to use

00:20:24   whatever it is the official keyboard is using,

00:20:27   because I'm not as accurate typing on any keyboard

00:20:31   other than the Apple keyboard.

00:20:33   - Agreed.

00:20:33   - SwiftKey, I think, does the best job

00:20:35   of standard day-to-day typing,

00:20:37   but it also has the swipe typing,

00:20:39   but it doesn't do such a good job

00:20:40   of recognizing whether I'm pressing

00:20:42   the full stop button on the space bar.

00:20:44   But one thing that SwiftKey does do

00:20:47   is you know when you accidentally press N or B

00:20:50   instead of space, and you end up with this really long word?

00:20:54   - Yes. - It's much better

00:20:56   at splitting up the words.

00:20:58   I do that with the period in Safari.

00:21:01   I always do, you know,

00:21:02   so I try to search for something

00:21:03   and it always has periods in between it.

00:21:04   - So I have that problem in our Slack

00:21:06   because Slack has the @ and the hashtag key,

00:21:09   but SwiftKey doesn't do a very good job

00:21:12   of recognizing the full stop.

00:21:14   It does a much better job of

00:21:17   the, of detecting the @ symbol and the hash symbol.

00:21:23   Recently, I've enjoyed looking at Federico's reviews, right?

00:21:27   I'm just on this page here for clips.

00:21:29   And I realize why he sends me such random text messages

00:21:33   these days.

00:21:34   - It is for screenshots.

00:21:35   - Yeah, like he sends me descriptions of applications

00:21:39   and I'm like, that's interesting, thanks buddy.

00:21:41   And it's because he's using this app.

00:21:44   - Yeah, that keyboard looks insane.

00:21:46   I wanna try this.

00:21:47   I really wanna try it on the iPad more.

00:21:49   Like it seems more like I would work on the iPad.

00:21:53   - It's gonna be really useful I think.

00:21:55   So this we're talking about clips again now.

00:21:57   I think it could be really useful for stuff like when I'm building these documents.

00:22:01   So I like to have both the copy of the... when we take a tweet from follow up and we

00:22:06   put it in show notes.

00:22:08   Follow up.

00:22:09   Ideally I like to have the link to the tweet but also what the person said, put them both

00:22:14   in.

00:22:15   This will allow me to copy and paste both of those things in one go and then go over

00:22:19   to the other app and copy and paste them.

00:22:20   I'd like to do it if I do a link list post on 512 with the Squarespace blog app, like

00:22:26   to have the URL and whatever I'm gonna block quote would be handy or even the

00:22:31   author's name you know now I go back and forth three or four times.

00:22:35   Alright I'm gonna do it again I'm gonna complain about Google again.

00:22:39   Wait you're supposed to be the one who likes Google. Why are the Drive and Docs

00:22:44   apps and the Sheets app why are they still not updated? Gmail just got

00:22:50   updated like two days ago. So did Chrome. So Chrome I mean I'm very happy that

00:22:55   Chrome has been updated and I loved that there was like in their documents I took

00:23:00   a took a screenshot of it I don't know if I kept it though but their description

00:23:04   in the in the release notes was for Chrome better support for iPhone 6 like

00:23:12   is this it's like they're basically saying this is not optimum what we have

00:23:16   done it's just better it's we we had a couple minutes they do really need to

00:23:22   re-think the UI though because like many apps like that's the worst there's just

00:23:27   too many things and that on that top bar now and I think that's what they're

00:23:30   alluding to I think a lot of navigation bars especially in browsers and things

00:23:37   that stuff should go to the bottom I know that will probably make you want to

00:23:40   cry because it's not at the top and that makes you really sad but that's what

00:23:45   stuff like a back button in a browser or whatever should be at the bottom so I

00:23:51   I think we should be moving that stuff to the bottom of the screen at the bottom of the screen

00:23:56   I really turn on it

00:23:58   Because I can't stand Safari on the on the iPhone

00:24:02   Yeah

00:24:04   It drives me crazy that the the bar and all the all the like all the buttons disappear and you have to like

00:24:11   Do some sort of mystery tapping action or swiping action to get them to come back

00:24:15   Like it drives me insane. I don't know how people use it every day

00:24:19   I just can't get it. Drink. And Chrome supports most of the extensions that I want to use?

00:24:28   Why does Mail, I feel like Federico Fittigi right now, I'm just ranting about all the

00:24:32   things that have been annoying me over the last couple of weeks.

00:24:34   You're not even, you're so off the reservation without a document, I don't even know what's

00:24:37   happening. I'm just sharing all of my frustrations about iOS now. Why does Mail not have any

00:24:43   extension support? Like I have a link.

00:24:47   on the standard iOS share sheet but you can't share out of mail to other things.

00:24:51   Yeah like if I get a link in mail I just want to be able to like put it in

00:24:55   Instapaper. Nope! Open Safari first. Okay great thank you.

00:24:59   It's lame. Yeah. So topic zero today is Pebble. Mm-hmm. Which you own a Pebble

00:25:07   still. Yes. Pebble Steel still. I still own a Steel. The Pebble did get much better

00:25:13   because someone made a 512 pixels Pebble watch face. Not just someone, the one and

00:25:21   only Rob Lewis. I've been wearing, wearing yeah I'll go wearing, I've been wearing the

00:25:25   512 pixels logo on my wrist for the past couple of days and I'm happy to say

00:25:29   that I like it. Will you send, will you put that picture in the share notes? Yes.

00:25:33   That'd be really cool. That was not really the topic, it was just a fun byproduct.

00:25:37   Topic is that, Myke have you heard that Apple's gonna do a watch? I am

00:25:42   familiar with with the apple fruit company? Yes they make apple fruits.

00:25:48   Apple fruits. So pebble has gone to the offensive they have the site getpebble.com

00:25:55   and it is super weird because they're like well they've changed it now now it

00:26:01   says breathe everyone but... Previously it said breathe Johnny didn't it? Yeah which

00:26:07   is like super kind of aggressive but I understand where they're coming from

00:26:10   because they are dead. Well I... They're super dead. I liked I liked the way the rest of

00:26:19   the page looks I like the way it looks and feels like it's got this fun playful

00:26:23   atmosphere and it's like pixel art and it looks really cool and stuff. But it

00:26:28   looks like a panic game. Yeah but like no you're thinking of Never Morgan but

00:26:35   But anyway, completely going out on the offensive, like calling out Apple openly is too much.

00:26:45   When they backed off of it.

00:26:49   We didn't really, did we really talk about what you're gonna do?

00:26:51   Are you gonna stay with the Pebble or are you gonna go Apple Watch?

00:26:54   I'm gonna get an Apple Watch.

00:26:57   Like because it will do everything the Pebble does but better.

00:27:02   The only thing that I won't get is seven days battery life.

00:27:06   - It's true.

00:27:07   - Like that's just, it won't happen.

00:27:09   - Yeah.

00:27:10   - And my girlfriend wants an Apple Watch

00:27:12   because she likes the idea of the way

00:27:16   that we can talk to each other.

00:27:18   Like I was telling her about like the heartbeat sharing

00:27:20   and messages and things and she thinks it's nice.

00:27:22   And I mean, I'm looking forward

00:27:24   to sharing my heartbeat with you.

00:27:26   - That's assuming I buy an Apple Watch.

00:27:28   - I'll buy you one just so I can share my heartbeat with you.

00:27:31   Wow.

00:27:32   So that time stamp that everybody.

00:27:35   So the real news though with Pebble

00:27:37   besides them being weird in their marketing

00:27:39   is that they have dropped their price.

00:27:41   You can get a regular Pebble for $100 now.

00:27:44   And you can get a Steel for $200.

00:27:48   And they've expanded their fitness tracking stuff,

00:27:52   which is cool.

00:27:54   But I don't know.

00:27:55   I look at this and it's like Android Wear is

00:27:59   coming from one side and Apple Watch

00:28:00   coming from the other side.

00:28:02   I think there will be a place for Pebble.

00:28:03   Like, I don't think they're doomed,

00:28:06   but I think it's gonna be very hard for them to find

00:28:09   where they are in the market.

00:28:10   And my guess is that they're gonna go like,

00:28:12   "Hey, we're the low cost alternative."

00:28:16   Which will work, I think,

00:28:18   but they're not gonna rule the roost the way they have

00:28:22   the last several years.

00:28:23   - I think they need to take their expertise

00:28:25   in hardware development and design

00:28:28   and make an Android Wear watch.

00:28:32   Obviously throwing out everything that they're good for,

00:28:36   you know, the E-Ink screen and the battery life,

00:28:38   but I don't think that they can continue much past

00:28:43   this time next year.

00:28:45   - Is it weird that now I wanna order one?

00:28:50   - Well, because I just said that.

00:28:52   - Well, because they're gonna go away.

00:28:54   - Well, they've just added a bunch of stuff,

00:28:56   which is interesting, right?

00:28:57   Like a fitness tracker.

00:28:58   - Yeah, and like part of me, so I kickstarted the Pebble

00:29:02   and had an original Kickstarter edition.

00:29:06   And at the time it really didn't do very much

00:29:07   and I was really actually pretty hard on it,

00:29:10   like publicly, like in my review.

00:29:13   And it does a lot more now and I'm kind of interested

00:29:15   to see it from a what does a smartwatch do in 2014

00:29:20   sort of viewpoint and see if the things,

00:29:23   the type of things that it does

00:29:25   are the types of things that I'm interested in with an Apple Watch.

00:29:29   So for me, I kind of view it as like, if I were to order one now,

00:29:33   is it like a test run for an Apple device?

00:29:36   I think it's interesting to use one,

00:29:41   because it sets your mind up into using a device like this.

00:29:46   So the reason that I know I want the Apple Watch is because, as I say,

00:29:51   it's going to do everything that I like better.

00:29:55   so i mean i'm really love my uh... my pebble i love

00:29:59   the notifications i love being able to just close down my wrist and see what's

00:30:03   going on

00:30:04   like i'm a big fan of all of that

00:30:07   having better integration with that and then also being able to maybe do some

00:30:11   additional bits and bobs here and there you know

00:30:14   have some absent that sort of stuff

00:30:16   i'm excited to use all of that unlike

00:30:19   i mean it doesn't bother me too much that you have to have the phone and the

00:30:23   watch in close proximity to work like that. I don't, just from my usage of

00:30:28   a device like this it doesn't really cause that much of a problem. My phone is

00:30:33   always with me anyway so it's like, you know, I can't imagine that even if

00:30:38   the watch worked without the phone that I would then start leaving my phone like

00:30:42   in rooms across the building or something.

00:30:45   Yeah I'm definitely the same way.

00:30:48   yeah so we'll see I'll let you know if I do this I would advise I would advise

00:30:56   against it yeah but like I'm also the guy like used a Newton in 2005 so yeah

00:31:02   but you've already you know you already didn't like it I mean yeah no I did and

00:31:06   but my complaints were the limitation of the software and a lot of that has

00:31:11   gotten a lot better with I was seven and eight and his pebble has evolved I mean

00:31:15   forget this was like over two years ago yeah yeah but I don't know we'll see

00:31:21   we'll see how it does definitely not the orange one I tell you that that's pretty

00:31:25   well you reviewed yours on March 19th 2013 so a year and a half ago here and a

00:31:31   half ago but before I was seven yeah and it seemed like it did they made some

00:31:37   significant changes and the steel got a lot better they updated the software but

00:31:41   The one good thing is you can dismiss notifications now, but I mean it's not incredible.

00:31:46   Yeah, and I would, like you I think, really have it limited to what it's doing notification-wise.

00:31:53   Yeah, yeah I do that. I mean, but I get more notifications than most people choose to receive.

00:32:00   It's true.

00:32:01   Because I choose to keep things on that I shouldn't maybe keep on.

00:32:05   It's true.

00:32:06   Keep on keeping on.

00:32:07   Keep on keeping on.

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00:35:17   Michael, Steven, will you tell me about your dad?

00:35:23   Yes, I will actually.

00:35:26   There's been a lot of stories this week about iOS 8 adoption slowing down.

00:35:33   My understanding, please correct me if I'm wrong Steven, is that there's some information

00:35:37   in Apple's development portal which shows iOS adoption.

00:35:42   That's where a lot of the information has come from.

00:35:44   Is that right?

00:35:46   Yeah, and some third party people.

00:35:51   So there is basically, across the web, there is discussions about the fact that iOS 8 is

00:35:56   slowing down.

00:35:59   All of the signs point to yes, that's happening.

00:36:01   This discussion isn't so much about whether it's happening, we're assuming that it is.

00:36:07   Okay?

00:36:08   Is that fair to say?

00:36:09   Yeah, I mean, so there are some hard numbers here that currently, as of a day or two ago,

00:36:18   Apple reported that iOS 8 was installed at 47% of devices.

00:36:23   But iOS 7 was at the same time period, almost at 70%.

00:36:30   So pretty big, pretty big difference.

00:36:38   And 7 was about the same as 6 for full comparison.

00:36:41   Not great.

00:36:46   So we were going to talk about this on the show,

00:36:51   and I was speaking with my dad yesterday.

00:36:54   And he has an iPhone 4S.

00:36:57   And he was telling me about how he wanted to update his phone,

00:37:01   but couldn't, to iOS 8.

00:37:05   So he's on 7 point something or other.

00:37:09   And he wants to update to iOS 8.

00:37:12   So we were talking about this because I

00:37:14   was showing him my 6 Plus.

00:37:15   and he decided that he wanted to complain to me about this,

00:37:20   which I thought was really interesting at the time.

00:37:23   So currently on his 4S,

00:37:27   he is using three gigabytes

00:37:33   of his overall six gigabytes available.

00:37:36   So he has three gigabytes available, three gigabytes used.

00:37:40   So six gigabytes is in total available

00:37:43   for him to use on the phone.

00:37:44   So I'm assuming he has the 8GB model, right?

00:37:48   The biggest amount of data dedicated to one

00:37:52   app is 401MB in photos.

00:37:56   You can see this, I put the link in the show notes. Which is nothing, I mean

00:38:00   compared to what we do, but... Like he was intent on showing

00:38:04   me, I didn't take any more pictures, that he only had like 20 apps on his phone or something, right?

00:38:08   So it really wasn't a lot of data going into his apps.

00:38:12   And then he shows me the software update screen and it tells him he needs 4.7 gigabytes of storage

00:38:20   on his phone available to be able to install iOS 8.

00:38:28   So he needs to delete basically everything to get to this.

00:38:37   Because he would need to delete all of his apps if he didn't want to delete his photos.

00:38:40   He needs a cloud photo management solution.

00:38:44   I mean, and I know people, to stop people writing in, I did give him this piece of advice.

00:38:49   That he could plug his iPhone into his computer and he could update it that way.

00:38:58   As I'm saying these words out to him, I'm instantly regretting it.

00:39:04   Because I don't know what machine he used to create, you know, he used to do the first

00:39:09   backup of his phone, if he's ever done it.

00:39:12   And I foresaw a world where he then erases his phone,

00:39:18   by doing the update.

00:39:20   That's fine.

00:39:21   Let's make a fun surprise.

00:39:23   And then tried to imagine me telling

00:39:25   him to restore from iCloud, which he probably

00:39:28   doesn't back up to iCloud.

00:39:30   So #cleanmikestad.

00:39:32   And it frustrates him.

00:39:34   No, absolutely.

00:39:35   Like joking aside, it's a terrible user experience.

00:39:38   He thinks it's ridiculous, but then he goes on to tell me about how his stepson can't

00:39:43   update on his iPhone 5.

00:39:46   And apparently this is something that him and his friends know is a problem about Apple.

00:39:52   Like that you can't update the phone software.

00:39:55   And also even if you did, apparently there's nothing new in iOS 8.

00:40:00   And also it breaks your phone anyway.

00:40:06   it was just so interesting for me to hear. I was just letting him say all

00:40:10   these things like I wasn't saying like "yeah I know but they did fix it with

00:40:13   Vado" I'm not gonna tell him all that because it wasn't important but what it

00:40:17   was just interesting to me to hear all of this all of this thinking because I

00:40:24   got to you know Federico loves to do this sort of stuff right where he

00:40:29   listens to people in his real world. And I just found it just fascinating to

00:40:37   be like, well, to see what the media was telling him, i.e. that his phone

00:40:46   was gonna break if he updated, and also the fact that he's facing this problem.

00:40:53   And so the reason that we're talking about all of this is because I

00:40:57   I believe, as do many, of course, and I think Steven you're probably in the same, I think

00:41:02   if I remember your post correctly, that part of the problem is that a lot of people, either

00:41:08   their phone doesn't accept iOS 8 now, but it was accepted in iOS 7, right, so the iPhone

00:41:12   4, or it's the case that they actually just can't install it, they don't have the space

00:41:19   to do it.

00:41:20   And who wants to delete everything from their phones to be able to do an update?

00:41:24   That's not a solution at all.

00:41:25   What happened the last time they updated their phones?

00:41:29   Everything looked weird.

00:41:30   Everything changed.

00:41:32   Yeah, absolutely.

00:41:33   It's sort of a perfect storm for Apple right now.

00:41:36   And I think that a lot of devices can't install it.

00:41:40   A lot of devices don't have enough space.

00:41:42   And people got burned with iOS 7.

00:41:45   And there's this-- you're talking about in the chat

00:41:47   right now-- there's a lot of thoughts on, well,

00:41:49   it's really not-- what good do I get to upgrade?

00:41:54   There's nothing new anyways.

00:41:55   and it's rough.

00:41:57   And we spoke about this last week,

00:41:59   that Apple needs its customers and developers

00:42:04   need Apple's customers to be on the newest version of iOS.

00:42:07   And when that's not true, it holds everything back.

00:42:10   And then we're in like a weird Android situation

00:42:12   that no one wants to be in.

00:42:15   It's not good.

00:42:16   And I don't know what the solution is,

00:42:19   because updates take a certain amount of size.

00:42:21   You know, I would have liked to think that Apple foresaw this

00:42:24   when they looked at over the air updating.

00:42:27   But it leaves people like your dad's stuck

00:42:32   and what it mean, he's gonna run Iowa 7 forever.

00:42:34   I was on somebody last night,

00:42:37   so running Iowa 6 on their phone

00:42:38   and I, kind of the same story, right?

00:42:42   Like, ah, I tried to update

00:42:43   but then I didn't want to and you know.

00:42:45   - The problem is-- - Iowa 6 looks weird.

00:42:49   - Like Apple is still selling phones

00:42:54   that they are still selling phones

00:42:56   with eight gigabytes of storage new today, right?

00:43:00   In many parts of the world,

00:43:01   I don't think they sell them in the US,

00:43:03   but they sell them in Europe and in the UK,

00:43:04   which I don't understand.

00:43:06   I don't get the reasoning for it.

00:43:10   - Everything's bigger in America.

00:43:12   - I don't understand the full reasoning.

00:43:17   (laughing)

00:43:18   You just carry on.

00:43:19   But you know, these phones,

00:43:23   They're not updatable.

00:43:25   I don't know enough about how these things work.

00:43:27   I'm just going to naturally assume there is no other way

00:43:30   to do this.

00:43:31   - Yeah, I mean, people don't, like iTunes is dying off

00:43:36   anyways.

00:43:37   And you can definitely still buy an eight gigabyte phone

00:43:41   in America as well.

00:43:42   The 5C comes in at eight gig.

00:43:43   - Yeah, I didn't know.

00:43:45   I don't think it launched in America.

00:43:46   I didn't know that you now have it.

00:43:48   The wizard let us know.

00:43:49   - Yeah.

00:43:50   Anyways, all that is is not good for Apple. It's not good for its users, but there's kind of a other side of this coin

00:43:58   You know the idea that Iowa 7 was really buggy and gross and people like you including me you who are a power user

00:44:06   Had endless home screen crashes and endless reboots for months. Oh, I've had a couple of home screen crashes, by the way

00:44:14   On8 yeah, I have to

00:44:18   I had a blue screen.

00:44:20   That's fine.

00:44:22   But there's also this conversation going on that

00:44:26   you know, Apple may need to be slowing

00:44:30   it may be in Apple's best interest overall to slow down a little bit.

00:44:34   And it could help users, it could help this idea of

00:44:38   these updates come out and they're not

00:44:42   really well done, like the Health app or Maps or

00:44:46   Iowa 7 like that together with the fact that people can't update or aren't

00:44:51   updating as fast is it's not a good combo and it's it's I don't want this to

00:44:58   be the story of like Apple software releases but I fear that's where they're

00:45:02   headed. Do they have any history going back into history of Apple ever been

00:45:08   like this before? They what do you mean like the speed or the bugs? The yeah the

00:45:14   catastrophic failure? They definitely have had a lot of releases over the years

00:45:21   that had problems like the you know any dot zero version of Mac OS X for years

00:45:26   was rough around the edges. Mac OS X itself was bad for a long time but as

00:45:31   far as like outright bugs I feel like now is about the worst it's ever been

00:45:39   now you know you can go really far back and like there was like a system 7

00:45:43   update that would like delete your hard drive and like there's oddball stuff but

00:45:47   it's a little bit unfair to to compare them because you're talking about a

00:45:51   device now right like it's very hard for most people to understand that this the

00:45:54   OS on their phone their phone are separate things like I pick up this

00:45:57   device and it has these things on it and they just work where on a computer if

00:46:04   you were a Mac guy in the 90s you had a really keen understanding that like your

00:46:07   system and your hardware were separate and so it's even if it's not worse now

00:46:12   it sure feels worse because these devices are everywhere and they iOS has

00:46:18   worked really well into the last couple of years it's very um it's a very odd

00:46:24   time

00:46:27   I don't like it no and I don't really know what what we're expecting to see

00:46:32   from it in all honesty like yeah because if Apple slows down they're gonna get

00:46:36   hammered in the press yeah we thought we talked about this last week but I would

00:46:42   argue that the legacy of bad software releases is more damaging in the long term.

00:46:49   And even Android, you see Android 4, KitKat and release.before, they've slowed down a

00:46:55   little bit as well.

00:46:57   And I think that's fine if the quality goes up.

00:47:02   If they slow down and the quality is still not awesome, then that's kind of the worst

00:47:08   of both worlds.

00:47:09   Nobody wants the worst of both worlds.

00:47:13   I don't want the worst of both worlds at all.

00:47:17   But I mean like, but what are you gonna do, right?

00:47:18   Like Apple customers, myself included, like I don't want to use another platform.

00:47:24   Like I'm here by choice and I'm not planning on changing my mind on that.

00:47:27   So I'm kind of stuck with it, right?

00:47:29   Like if my phone doesn't work well or iCloud eats my contacts, like I don't know what it

00:47:35   would take for Apple to push me away.

00:47:38   And so to an extent like Apple has forgiveness with its customers maybe more so than other

00:47:43   companies but as Apple grows and its customer base grows that would become less and less

00:47:48   true.

00:47:49   You know guys like me I'm you know been there a long time and saw a lot of abuse and people

00:47:53   you know older than me have seen a lot of abuse from Cupertino like just terrible Mac

00:47:58   OS releases.

00:48:01   But as you know Apple's fans now aren't as loyal as maybe they were five or ten years

00:48:07   ago because there's more of them and it's easier to switch and so while I'm

00:48:13   not looking to move to Android because my iPhone is doing weird things some

00:48:18   people might and that's that's not not great.

00:48:22   Carl's the Grey in the in the chat room says I've never seen a PR nightmare over

00:48:28   not releasing an iOS upgrade every year but I could be wrong which is an

00:48:32   interesting point but I think the reason you've not seen it is because it's not

00:48:35   happened. Right? We don't have precedent for the press being upset about it

00:48:41   because they've never had it to be upset about before. In fact, Apple's in the

00:48:45   opposite. They've sped up OS X, which is horrifying. That one might just have to be

00:48:52   around more than 11 months. So I don't know, like, I don't know what Apple... I

00:48:58   mean, the best solution, I think, from Apple's perspective, is to get QA under

00:49:03   control and they can keep the pace they're at but that requires things of

00:49:08   Apple that they don't want they either have to grow and I think Apple doesn't

00:49:12   mind growing I think it's really hard to grow in these areas just from a staffing

00:49:16   perspective or Apple has to say you know what like where the QA is gonna go up

00:49:21   we're still gonna release yearly but they're gonna be smaller releases gonna

00:49:24   be more iterative releases and then it's kind of like what's the point of doing

00:49:30   that each year. So short of just throwing more people at the problem and if time

00:49:38   is a constraint which admittedly is set by them, that's the only thing they can't do

00:49:45   and that's that's not something that's fixed overnight.

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00:53:24   Hooray!

00:53:25   Hooray, Father!

00:53:26   They're awesome.

00:53:27   All my demands are there.

00:53:32   So they're having an iPad event next week.

00:53:37   Yep.

00:53:38   And I just realized I skipped topic number two.

00:53:41   Is it, well, I mean, let's just kill topic number two.

00:53:45   Dead.

00:53:46   No one will know what it was.

00:53:48   Mwahaha.

00:53:49   So...

00:53:50   Is it an iPad event though?

00:53:51   Like do we know it's an iPad?

00:53:52   We have no idea.

00:53:53   Well, technically, no.

00:53:54   No, we don't know because Apple doesn't reveal these things because Apple doesn't release products until Apple's ready Steven. I didn't know that's right

00:54:00   So they never delayed. Okay, Apple is never delayed

00:54:04   My favorite argument it's the one that I've made it but it's the worst argument ever it's not really the worst

00:54:13   It's not when they operate on a schedule

00:54:16   anyway, anyway

00:54:19   You mispronounce schedule

00:54:22   There's a link to Mac stories and a link to loop insight in the show notes October 16th

00:54:27   Apples event is tongue-in-cheek as always saying it's been way too long. This is next Thursday, right?

00:54:33   Sure, all basically every single show on the network is gonna miss it's gonna miss it

00:54:40   I mean, we'll be there the week after yeah

00:54:43   I so people sometimes ask why we don't move this show to handle events. We like time to think

00:54:49   is what I tell people.

00:54:50   - Yep.

00:54:51   - Also, I have a job.

00:54:52   I like the two of you.

00:54:54   - I still kind of have one for at least another

00:54:56   four and a half weeks.

00:54:57   - It's like we literally just had this conversation.

00:54:59   - We can thank the European Union for this.

00:55:01   - So, Jim Davenport says, "iPads, Macs,

00:55:04   "and the introduction of EOS."

00:55:06   (laughs)

00:55:07   - Yo, EOS 10.

00:55:09   - Yo S 10?

00:55:09   - Yo S 10.

00:55:11   Yo-sem-ity.

00:55:12   (laughs)

00:55:18   - OS XE Yosemite, I think all that makes a lot of sense.

00:55:20   I would totally dig the, what is it,

00:55:23   the Retina iMac rumor would be really cool.

00:55:27   App Store would be really expensive.

00:55:29   Mac Mini would be awesome.

00:55:34   Do you remember the Mac Mini?

00:55:35   It used to be a computer Apple made.

00:55:37   - Listen to this.

00:55:38   Shouldn't have done that, shouldn't have done that,

00:55:41   but that's the Mac I'm recording on.

00:55:44   - I don't think, did you hit it?

00:55:46   It's not a cool-- - No.

00:55:47   Is it have a hard drive in it?

00:55:52   Not anymore.

00:55:55   I would I really think the Mac Mini would probably get an update.

00:55:59   This retina iMac thing is interesting.

00:56:00   If the Mac Mini gets an update, what do you think is going to be in it?

00:56:05   Like this is really in like.

00:56:07   It'll be it'll be processors.

00:56:08   I mean they're not gonna you remember my article from last year of like.

00:56:12   It'll be SSDs too though right?

00:56:17   I mean, it doesn't-- part of the Mac Mini is the price, right?

00:56:21   That they put cheap components in there to keep it cheap.

00:56:26   And I've heard a thing in September of last year

00:56:30   about a theoretical Mac Mini that was like,

00:56:32   the Mac Mini is the size and shape

00:56:33   it is because the optical drive.

00:56:35   How cool would it be if--

00:56:37   Mine doesn't have an optical drive.

00:56:40   Well, no, but it's still the same area.

00:56:43   It's like, how cool would it be if you took a MacBook Air

00:56:45   and just put it in an aluminum case with no battery.

00:56:48   So I don't know, I don't think we're gonna see that.

00:56:51   I think if the Mac Mini gets updated,

00:56:53   it'll be processors and RAM or something like that.

00:56:56   Nothing. - You really don't think

00:56:58   solid state though, you really think that they would keep--

00:57:00   - I think maybe it's an option,

00:57:01   but I don't think they're gonna do it by default.

00:57:04   I don't think they can - That would seem so weird.

00:57:05   - to keep the price point. - That would seem so weird.

00:57:06   - But the Mac Mini is so cheap,

00:57:09   and SSDs are expensive compared to hard drives.

00:57:13   The reason I ask this is like, I need... no, I don't need it.

00:57:18   You need a computer?

00:57:19   I would like a faster production machine because I'm using this Mac Mini, it's got a spinning

00:57:24   disk in it and I feel that.

00:57:25   Like I feel the slowness in everything that I do because I've used solid state devices

00:57:33   to do this sort of stuff before so I know what it can feel like to use a much faster...

00:57:40   Why not put an SSD in that Mac Mini?

00:57:41   I did that at home. My home machine is a Mac Mini with an SSD in it.

00:57:44   Why don't you put an SSD in my Mac Mini?

00:57:46   Mail it to me.

00:57:47   But then what do I record on?

00:57:49   Just take the week off.

00:57:51   Okay.

00:57:52   I mean, I don't like to mess around with the machines that are powering the network.

00:57:59   Like, I don't want to do that.

00:58:01   Even if it's simply as something like replacing a hard drive, I don't want to do it.

00:58:06   No, I know. And...

00:58:08   I get it.

00:58:10   I mean it'd be great to have an SSD Mac Mini, maybe they will but I'd be a little surprised

00:58:16   I think I'm still running...

00:58:18   I don't even want to know

00:58:19   I'm running Mountain Lion

00:58:21   That's not too bad

00:58:22   Mountain Lion?

00:58:23   No I'm running...

00:58:24   MOUNTAIN LION!

00:58:25   Yeah, Mountain Lion's 10.8 right?

00:58:26   Mizzy Lizzy, yeah

00:58:27   Yeah I'm running 10.8

00:58:30   Good for you

00:58:31   Well I would still be on Lion but they made me update it so I could use Logic Pro

00:58:39   again I don't like to do anything to that machine like because it works right

00:58:44   now so don't touch it but anyway all of this is to say I would like a faster

00:58:50   more powerful computer I don't want an iMac because I don't want to lose the

00:58:56   up the audio in and audio out it's just purely I just don't want the Mac many

00:59:01   have audio in and out yes oh I didn't realize that was still around yeah the

00:59:06   Mac Pro has it.

00:59:08   - Yeah.

00:59:09   - So then the only thing is like, I wanna go,

00:59:11   I have to go to a Mac Pro, I don't want to do that.

00:59:13   So a new Mac Mini would probably, would hopefully be good

00:59:16   if it had a, what processor do you think you'd get,

00:59:19   like an i5, an i7?

00:59:21   - Yeah, which I think you can do, I think you do now,

00:59:23   but it's an older, that's,

00:59:26   it's not even Haswell, I don't think.

00:59:30   Like it's pretty old.

00:59:32   - So, I mean--

00:59:34   - But you know, if you could do an i7 with SSD

00:59:36   and like 16 gigs of RAM,

00:59:37   that'd be a fine machine for what you need.

00:59:39   - I need a fine machine.

00:59:43   And then I'll be very happy.

00:59:44   I would be very, very happy with that, I think.

00:59:46   - So we'll cross our fingers.

00:59:49   And okay, so to be clear,

00:59:52   before to save people from emailing us,

00:59:54   you can get a Mac Mini with an SSD.

00:59:57   You can get a 256 gig SSD,

01:00:00   and it's 200 bucks.

01:00:03   - Yeah, I don't want 256 though, you know.

01:00:05   Or if you buy the Apple server version of it,

01:00:08   which is, then you can get two 256 gig drives for $600.

01:00:13   So I'm not really sure why the price goes up.

01:00:18   - Ideally I would like to put.

01:00:19   - I mean, math does not really scale.

01:00:24   - I would like to be able to put a terabyte.

01:00:27   - Of SSDs?

01:00:29   - Yeah.

01:00:30   - Send it to me.

01:00:31   You could totally do it.

01:00:32   - I know.

01:00:33   - Okay, that's it.

01:00:34   okay like I can no you should take it somewhere I'm not doing it

01:00:41   well there are a lot of people making SSD puns in the chat room I will ban I will

01:00:46   ban you how could I have to say this Aaron LM Goodwin it will be SSD sent

01:00:55   it's not even a pun you just threw letters together no it is a pun that's

01:01:00   - It's not a very good one.

01:01:00   - It's an excellent pun.

01:01:02   - What about, so even a Redneck iMac,

01:01:06   you want the audio in and out.

01:01:08   - I want the audio in and out.

01:01:10   I use Firewire, sometimes.

01:01:13   Sometimes I use audio in and out, right?

01:01:15   Sue me. - Like a gentleman.

01:01:16   - Just sue me.

01:01:17   But I just, I could use Firewire, but whatever.

01:01:20   I just like to know that it's there.

01:01:24   If something goes wrong, if something blows up,

01:01:26   like it's just, it's there.

01:01:29   I've had horrible things happen with the firewire in this machine once when I think it shorted.

01:01:35   Do you remember that?

01:01:36   That was a horrible day.

01:01:37   I do remember that, yeah.

01:01:38   That was a horrible day.

01:01:39   And I fixed it for you over text message.

01:01:42   Did you fix it?

01:01:43   Did.

01:01:44   No, I think you did.

01:01:45   I've read that iMac would be cool.

01:01:47   So we didn't talk about this, so I own a Retina MacBook Pro now.

01:01:51   And lots of things on the internet are blurry, which is not good.

01:01:55   You have to just get used to that, and you do get used to it.

01:01:58   I know you don't but don't run it at the best retina. Just don't ever do that. Anybody that does that is crazy

01:02:04   It's way too small for me. So I use the the 1440 by 900 settings. So the one-click

01:02:10   better than stock and

01:02:13   The retina is really nice and as I use an external display at my desk and it's not retina and it makes me sad

01:02:19   But I can't imagine like a retina iMac would be

01:02:23   Maybe like vaguely overwhelming like your background picture is like you're looking at the window

01:02:28   because it's enormous in retina David's box has had some fantastic points about

01:02:34   this like what you should and shouldn't do and he was like don't look at it if

01:02:38   you if you don't want to buy one don't ever go to a store and don't ever look

01:02:43   at it because that screen will look incredible like it will be just insane

01:02:49   but I feel like that will be such a terrible version one like I can't

01:02:56   - Maybe.

01:02:57   - You can't even imagine the amount of things

01:02:58   that would go wrong.

01:02:59   I mean, what size do you think it would be?

01:03:01   - 27.

01:03:02   - That seems like just--

01:03:03   - And I think like this Apple Insider article

01:03:05   kind of, the conversation has been

01:03:07   that it would sit above the 27 inch in the current lineup,

01:03:10   so they could justify the $12,000 it would cost.

01:03:13   - That's the same as they did

01:03:14   with the Retina MacBook Pro, right?

01:03:15   - Exactly.

01:03:16   - They show it as this is the future of computing.

01:03:18   - That's exactly right, Michael.

01:03:20   - I'm an Apple historian now.

01:03:22   Congratulations to me.

01:03:24   - That's literally all it takes.

01:03:25   Like, I feel like, to me, I mean,

01:03:29   there are smarter people that can tell me this is wrong, okay?

01:03:32   I feel like it would just heat up.

01:03:35   I feel like it would be the hottest computer in the world.

01:03:38   Like, I just imagine, like, all of these little pixels

01:03:41   working really, really hard, and it just starts to melt.

01:03:45   - I don't think you--

01:03:46   - Whatever, I just, that's how I feel, okay?

01:03:49   - So what about iPads?

01:03:51   Thinner?

01:03:52   Can I just say--

01:03:53   - I don't even care.

01:03:55   I don't, so what I do want, I'm not gonna upgrade my iPad this year.

01:04:00   I haven't used my iPad in a month.

01:04:04   However long I've had my iPhone 6 Plus.

01:04:06   It's a good workflow.

01:04:07   I've not used my iPad at all.

01:04:09   I really want Touch ID on my iPad though.

01:04:11   So I skipped the 5S, so I'm from a 5 to a 6, and it's just my first device with Touch

01:04:17   ID, and I love it, and I want to use it for everything, and I turned it on to apps that

01:04:20   don't even require it because I get to use it.

01:04:22   No, I want Touch ID on my Mac more than I want to use it.

01:04:25   would be legit but on I think it'll obviously be on the iPads do we want a

01:04:31   bigger iPad I don't want there would have to be a really good reason like the

01:04:36   only thing this sounds crazy but I don't want a mini right because it's too close

01:04:43   in size to my 6+ yeah they're not that close right that the iPad is still feels

01:04:49   different but they're close enough like the the main things that I would do on

01:04:54   my iPad is read, right? But this 6 Plus screen is perfect for reading, like it's

01:05:00   just fantastic, it looks better and it's easier to hold, etc etc. I don't like

01:05:08   the Air form factor, I don't like it, I think it looks crazy. I think it looks

01:05:14   like Fisher Price iPad because everything is huge, like all the icons

01:05:19   are huge and I still think it's too big and too heavy even the air like I don't

01:05:25   like it since the day the mini came out I've fallen out of love with the

01:05:30   original iPad form factor in all of its form factors with the huge comical

01:05:35   picture frame bezel and then even even in its current form I just don't like

01:05:39   the big iPads they don't make sense to me so the only thing I can think of is

01:05:43   like a super big iPad would obviously be for a reason well actually I say that

01:05:49   they never really gave a reason for the big phones.

01:05:51   So they're just like, big iPad, apps are big.

01:05:54   - Yeah, Apple doesn't have to explain anything anymore.

01:05:55   - Bigger, then bigger, then bigger.

01:05:56   There you go, that's what it's gonna say.

01:05:58   - Bigger, then bigger, then bigger, then bigger.

01:06:00   - Bigger, bigger.

01:06:01   - Bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger.

01:06:02   - If they do this split screen stuff,

01:06:05   which I still don't actually think would be that great,

01:06:08   that's the only reason I can foresee them doing it.

01:06:11   I mean, at that point, they're just Microsoft, right?

01:06:14   'Cause that's just what Microsoft did.

01:06:17   I don't really see what more you'd get out of it,

01:06:21   but someone like Federico Petitchi

01:06:23   would have like a field day, right?

01:06:25   - I mean, maybe.

01:06:26   It's gotta be done well,

01:06:28   and my faith in that working currently at Apple is waning.

01:06:33   - I feel like you need--

01:06:35   - Waxing?

01:06:36   - I think we need another year.

01:06:38   - Waxing or waning?

01:06:39   Which one means getting smaller?

01:06:40   - Waning.

01:06:41   You don't even trust me, do you?

01:06:43   I don't know why you asked me, but it is waning.

01:06:46   I feel like you need to give it another year for developers to really understand auto-layout

01:06:52   because clearly quite a lot of them ignored it.

01:06:55   It's like, "Eh, it'll be fine."

01:06:57   Remember the time you made fun of what we bought for an hour?

01:07:01   Nobody disagreed with me vehemently.

01:07:04   So I mean, it's clear, right?

01:07:07   And I'm not saying that I know better than everybody, but some developers decided to

01:07:13   follow the auto-layout rules and some of them didn't.

01:07:15   the ones that didn't now are working really, really hard.

01:07:18   I'm looking at you, Google, right?

01:07:19   I'm just looking straight at you

01:07:21   because I don't know what you're doing over there,

01:07:23   but I don't understand why my apps still look like this,

01:07:27   why I'm still using Fisher Price keyboards.

01:07:29   Fisher Price is the word of the day.

01:07:31   - Yeah, they're gonna sue us.

01:07:32   - God, they're gonna sponsor.

01:07:34   Yeah, it's one or the other.

01:07:36   What about Apple Pay, right?

01:07:41   I saw a dumb rumor about this.

01:07:44   Apple Pay and an iPad.

01:07:46   - Whatever, I totally wanna pay with a 12 inch iPad.

01:07:48   - Cool.

01:07:49   - Oh, a good thing I brought my iMacs I can pay with.

01:07:52   Have you ever picked up a 27 inch iMac?

01:07:55   It's like picking up a car.

01:07:56   - I had to--

01:07:57   - And like, drop it on the Starbucks counter

01:07:59   and like a barista cuts herself on the glass.

01:08:01   Like, this is not gonna go well.

01:08:02   - I bought a 27 inch iMac

01:08:03   and then had to carry it home on the tube

01:08:05   and I honestly thought my arms were gonna break off.

01:08:08   - Did you think you were gonna get mugged?

01:08:09   You can't like hide that in your bag.

01:08:11   I was walking along the streets of London with this huge box.

01:08:15   There's no easy way to hold it.

01:08:16   I don't want to hold it by the handle

01:08:17   because I was confident the handle was just going to snap.

01:08:19   Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, the new thin IMAX.

01:08:26   Can I tell you about this?

01:08:27   The new thin IMAX that are dumb because you can't upgrade the RAM.

01:08:31   Can we go back to this again?

01:08:32   Yeah, it was like two years ago.

01:08:34   The boxes are trapezoidal, so you can't stack them on each other.

01:08:37   Like, it's insane.

01:08:40   and they open like a garage door

01:08:42   and it's the worst thing in the world.

01:08:43   - Can't you like do some weird stacking

01:08:45   where you do one and then turn the other one upside down?

01:08:47   - Yeah, and then when you open it,

01:08:48   your iMac falls out and it explodes.

01:08:49   And people in the chat room are saying

01:08:51   the iPad won't have NFC.

01:08:52   And I just don't know about that

01:08:53   because this guy's Twitter handle is crazy.

01:08:56   Let's see, touch ID enabled iPads

01:08:58   get the same setup screen without the part, oh, oh.

01:09:01   Someone's been poking my eye, I was eight.

01:09:03   - What's happening?

01:09:04   - I don't know, it's in the chat.

01:09:05   - Oh yeah, this ham's a suede person.

01:09:09   I've seen them today.

01:09:11   Did he? Was he yellow with one eye?

01:09:13   Well, he's a despicable meeko. He's in London, you may have actually seen him.

01:09:18   There have been many

01:09:20   tweets from this person, like hacking into iOS.

01:09:24   Like showing what the

01:09:26   Apple Pay setup

01:09:28   information is going to be like.

01:09:30   And

01:09:31   loads of just interesting things.

01:09:34   I should follow this person.

01:09:35   they are digging around and they are having a great time.

01:09:39   - Until Apple bombs your house with a drone.

01:09:43   - Is that what they do?

01:09:44   - I don't know, I don't work there anymore.

01:09:46   Are we done?

01:09:47   I feel like this shit ended up going down again.

01:09:48   - No, this is, it's just getting good.

01:09:50   - It is.

01:09:51   - I'd, I--

01:09:53   - How's your CES?

01:09:55   - Great.

01:09:56   Yo S10, Yo 70, are we gonna get, what's gonna happen?

01:10:01   Is it gonna ship next week?

01:10:03   - I hope not.

01:10:04   (laughing)

01:10:06   Don't ask me how many of you is.

01:10:08   Last year they did it, they dropped Yosemite

01:10:13   on the day of the event, or Mavericks last year,

01:10:18   whatever the old one was.

01:10:19   I would say that they could do it at the event

01:10:23   unless there's new Mac hardware,

01:10:25   in which case they will say,

01:10:28   "Hey, order the new 12 inch Mac ProCare,

01:10:31   "or the new RedNet iMac.

01:10:32   they ship next Friday in Yosemite ships with them so we'll see. There's been

01:10:39   like 19 goldmaster releases so I don't know what's happening over there.

01:10:43   Could, yeah I love I love goldmaster too. It's not either way it's supposed to work.

01:10:48   I love it it's like because the first one wasn't golden enough. But a Mac right?

01:10:55   Mac hardware couldn't they just say shipping today? They could. And so they

01:11:00   would just do it anyway?

01:11:02   They did, I mean, yes, for sure.

01:11:04   My guess is that we will probably see

01:11:06   Yosemite on the 16th, but

01:11:08   I don't know. That's not the date I

01:11:10   that had floated around earlier

01:11:12   that I had seen, so.

01:11:14   When you say your review isn't ready

01:11:16   are you actually doing a review?

01:11:18   I've done like four now.

01:11:20   Well I don't know if you're doing one, you said you were just doing

01:11:22   a design one. Yeah, that's what it's

01:11:24   going to become I think. Right. Because

01:11:26   the design section is really finished and the other

01:11:28   stuff is really not finished so I think that's what I'm going to do.

01:11:31   The Mavericks review is still the longest thing ever posted on my site.

01:11:37   You should read it.

01:11:38   There's jokes about you in it. I think I did read it.

01:11:41   There weren't any videos. And I read Syracuse's.

01:11:45   Yeah.

01:11:47   Oh no, I blame Matthew Alexander.

01:11:49   And I will do that again.

01:11:50   This, oh...

01:11:52   Look what's in

01:11:54   footnote one.

01:11:56   I'm going to link directly to the footnote in the show notes because people should definitely

01:11:58   watch that video.

01:12:00   Can you please?

01:12:01   Too late.

01:12:02   Okay, what are we even doing now?

01:12:07   Have you run Yosemite?

01:12:09   I've ran the first preview, the, what do they call it?

01:12:16   The WWDC?

01:12:17   For the normal people.

01:12:19   Public beta.

01:12:21   I ran the first public beta just so I could try out the app previews because that seemed

01:12:27   like a really good idea.

01:12:29   Then I got too busy with this relay thing.

01:12:32   So I've not pursued app previews but I may start looking at app previews again.

01:12:37   As in selling my voice to app previews.

01:12:40   So you really didn't answer, are you still running it with somebody?

01:12:42   I put it on an external hard drive.

01:12:45   Good boy.

01:12:47   And I ran it that one day.

01:12:50   I may have accidentally signed up for iCloud Drive, ruined everything.

01:12:57   Sped through that. Uh-huh and clear what still won't sync and have not used it since.

01:13:07   Good times. So now I'm waiting. I'm running it full-time. I have been for a while now.

01:13:14   How do you feel about it now you're using it on a retina? That's so much

01:13:19   better. It looks really bad on a non-retina machine. It looks really good

01:13:23   on a retina machine. Does it look really bad or does it not look as good? It's muddy.

01:13:28   Like, I mean the colors are fine. Helvetica just doesn't do very well. It's

01:13:32   sort of gross in places. So isn't it maybe the wrong time to go to Helvetica?

01:13:39   Yeah. Because what's the portion of Macs that have got retina screens? Like all of

01:13:45   them except the ones that don't. It's like the MacBook Pros. It's not a lot. It's not,

01:13:50   yeah. Yeah. It's not a ton of them. So if you don't own a MacBook Pro from the last

01:13:55   couple of years. Sort of Mavics forever. It's gonna look terrible. It's not awful but once

01:14:03   you get into it on a retina machine you don't want to go back. Yeah it's fine. I mean gold

01:14:12   master jokes aside it's pretty stable at this point it's it's it's pretty much

01:14:15   ready to go I think. Really? Except for the part where finder sometimes doesn't

01:14:22   start and you have to reboot your computer because you don't because you

01:14:26   don't have a finder anymore. Seems like a pretty big thing. That's fine.

01:14:31   You don't need finder. The finder icon is the worst part about you somebody.

01:14:37   just review the finder app icon. I love the finder app icon it looks so happy and it makes

01:14:45   me feel happy. It's meth doubt! Not good. That's what I like he's blue like the meth.

01:14:52   You know it's so good. It's dark mode still look horrible. It's not it's not good. It's

01:15:01   It's not good at all.

01:15:06   Third party icons that live in the minibar obviously need updating so a lot of it is

01:15:10   sort of grossness there but it just looks, I don't know, like the contrast is really

01:15:14   weird in places and it's kind of harsh when you hover over it in the blue or grey appearance

01:15:21   theme.

01:15:22   Sometimes the edges look weird.

01:15:23   I don't know, I'm not a fan, I've not been running it in dark mode, I don't plan on it.

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01:16:22   So thank you.

01:16:23   What has happened?

01:16:24   Thank you to Jason Snell and Dan Morin for bringing that over.

01:16:27   I'm trying to think of some other things to say.

01:16:32   I will soon be funemployed as part of Real AFM so that'll be great.

01:16:39   Really looking forward to that.

01:16:40   About four and a bit weeks.

01:16:43   I'm just filling time now.

01:16:44   This is quite fun.

01:16:45   >> Just read our Twitter handles and we get home.

01:16:47   >> I've already done it.

01:16:48   If you'd like to find Federico Vittucci, he's at maxstories.net and he is @vittucci.

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01:17:20   and he writes it during Fireball.

01:17:21   (laughing)

01:17:23   I think that's about it.

01:17:24   That's everybody I think that you need to know.

01:17:26   We'll be back next week with Federico hopefully

01:17:29   so we can try and restore some order to this podcast.

01:17:32   Until then, say goodbye Steven.

01:17:35   - Adios.