6: The Divine Comedy of Homescreens


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00:00:23   It is the 23rd of September, 2014, and it is Tuesday.

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00:00:51   My name is Myke Curley, and today I am joined by Mr Federico Vittucci.

00:00:55   Hi Federico.

00:00:56   Hello Myke.

00:00:57   How are you?

00:00:59   I'm doing very well, it's been a great week, I'm happy to be here, and I'm happy to be

00:01:03   here with the guys in the chatroom.

00:01:06   I'm back, I mean you guys said that I died last week, but I was only in Israel.

00:01:11   No, we said you were deceased!

00:01:13   Uh, okay.

00:01:14   That's not really like dying.

00:01:17   Well it is actually 100% that.

00:01:19   No, it's like a fancier way of ending your existence.

00:01:23   Oh, okay, not dying then.

00:01:26   It was fun, I listened to the show on the plane back from Italy, I enjoyed it very much.

00:01:33   But I missed you, I missed Stephen, Stephen's not here, we'll talk about that in a moment.

00:01:39   And I'm glad to be back on the show, I love this show very much and so I'm happy to be

00:01:41   here.

00:01:42   Yeah, I missed you too, especially the way that you handled the introductions, you know,

00:01:46   because it's like me and Stephen were waiting for you all the time, so when you're not here

00:01:52   it's like there's a presence on Skype, like, you know, it's kind of weird and unsettling.

00:01:58   So it's much better when you introduce us to the world.

00:02:04   Thank you.

00:02:05   Stephen does a great job, but it's like you are the glue that keeps us together.

00:02:11   You've warmed my heart, Federico Vittucci.

00:02:14   So our brother-in-arms, Mr. Stephen Hackett, is not with us today because he has some fantastic news.

00:02:22   Um, as of yesterday, which was the 22nd of September in the Hackett family, welcomed

00:02:28   in new arrival, Jude Steven Hackett, um, little baby boy.

00:02:32   So congratulations so much to the Hackett family, to, to one of my best friends in

00:02:37   the world and the co-founder of Relay FM and his lovely family for their fantastic,

00:02:42   beautiful little addition to the Hackett family.

00:02:44   So congratulations everyone.

00:02:46   Yeah.

00:02:47   So send your congratulations to @ismh for, uh, the birth of his new son.

00:02:52   But we do have Federico, we have such a huge show today.

00:02:57   - Why, how so?

00:02:59   - Oh, there's-- - It's been a slow month

00:03:01   for Apple News.

00:03:02   - Well, I've dreamed up some topics

00:03:05   and we're gonna talk about some of my hopes and wishes

00:03:07   for the next two hours.

00:03:08   What do you think about that?

00:03:09   - Cool, yeah.

00:03:10   - Well, before we get onto my hopes and dreams,

00:03:12   we do have a plethora of follow-up,

00:03:15   which I have to run through this week.

00:03:17   This is definitely Steven's domain,

00:03:18   so we're gonna see how we go.

00:03:20   So our friend, the wizard, KilesTheGray,

00:03:24   he sent to us a tweet in which he attached another tweet.

00:03:29   - He sent a tweet with a tweet?

00:03:32   - Yes.

00:03:33   - That's a real wizard tweet, yeah.

00:03:35   - Well, that's the way he works.

00:03:37   This tweet by Jeff Lamache, which says,

00:03:41   with iOS 8, it almost feels like some apps

00:03:45   have been reverse-Sherlocked, like 1Password.

00:03:48   Federico what do you think of that as an assessment?

00:03:51   That's a great point but I wanted to add a few thoughts.

00:03:56   The point is that because of extensions, I think Jeff, his point is that because of these

00:04:02   new technologies, apps can be better integrated in apps like Safari or other Apple apps that

00:04:11   have a share sheet.

00:04:13   And for instance now 1Password can be launched directly in Safari so you can fill your logins

00:04:18   on webpages.

00:04:20   And that's a great point, but there's still the fact that because of how Apple designs

00:04:27   things there are still many limitations for the kind of access that third-party apps get

00:04:36   to the system.

00:04:37   So in 1Password's case, you could argue that you can use 1Password as a replacement for

00:04:43   iCloud Keychain and that's doable, totally doable and in fact I'm using

00:04:49   1Password in Safari every day but 1Password is still limited to

00:04:55   the sharesheet. You cannot have the same kind of integration and flexibility that

00:05:01   you get on OS X with 1Password extension in Safari which can work in

00:05:05   background all the time on iOS 8. You need to activate 1Password from the

00:05:10   share sheet. So that's one of the first differences from OS X and iOS and iOS 8.

00:05:20   I would also argue that because of this new secure design that Apple chose for

00:05:27   extensions in iOS 8, you're always going to be limited to the so-called extension

00:05:33   points. So extensions, and by extensions I mean widgets and keyboards as well,

00:05:40   not just action and share extensions, at least now they're always going to be restricted to a specific area of the OS.

00:05:49   So widgets cannot go on the home screen, there can only be a notification center,

00:05:53   and keyboards, they have all sorts of weird bugs right now, but more importantly they have all sorts of limitations.

00:06:00   They cannot enjoy the same, for instance, the same keyboard switcher that the Apple keyboards have,

00:06:06   and they cannot access dictation, they cannot access all these other features that are possible with the default solution.

00:06:14   So Apple is opening up and that's great news, but they're still doing so in a way that

00:06:19   there's a long way to go for developers to have the same kind of native 100% full access integration with the rest of the OS.

00:06:30   So there are all these private APIs that Apple is not sharing yet.

00:06:36   I think there's a long way to go for Apple to be

00:06:40   completely open about the kind of stuff that a developer can do on iOS.

00:06:46   Right now it's a great starting point, especially because of the way that iOS used to be.

00:06:52   To respond to the tweet that Kyle sent

00:06:56   and to Jeff, I do think that

00:06:59   But reverse share locking is a good point.

00:07:03   I think that it's possible to use apps like 1Password and maybe in the future where we're

00:07:09   going to see, for instance, mail clients that offer share extensions that let you write

00:07:17   and send an email from Safari without using the Apple Mail app.

00:07:22   That's another example of possible reverse share locking of a third party app becoming

00:07:26   more integrated with a first party app.

00:07:29   I think it's a good starting point, I think there's a long way to go for developers to

00:07:33   gain the same access and I think Apple has a lot of bugs to fix, especially when it comes

00:07:39   to extensions, when it comes to keyboards, when it comes to IOS 8 in general.

00:07:44   It's not as buggy and as problematic as IOS 7 was last year, but there's still a lot of

00:07:50   work to do.

00:07:52   So I would conclude this brief piece of follow-up as a good point, but not yet.

00:08:01   Reachability doesn't move notifications down.

00:08:04   That's crazy.

00:08:05   Yeah.

00:08:06   So this is something that's come from Jackermic on Twitter, even though the actual, interestingly,

00:08:14   the tweet link seems to have disappeared.

00:08:18   Oh yeah?

00:08:19   Yeah.

00:08:20   it seems like that there was maybe a tweet sent to us that has now been deleted.

00:08:26   No, it was not a tweet sent to you.

00:08:28   Oh, well there was a link to a tweet.

00:08:31   Anyhow, yes, in applications using Reachability brings down the application view, right?

00:08:43   So it slides the whole app down.

00:08:45   But on the home screen it just slides your app icons down but leaves the status bar at

00:08:51   the top and the bottom rows of your app slide below the dock.

00:08:55   So what this doesn't do is if you get a notification on the home screen or if you get a notification

00:09:00   anywhere it doesn't bring that down.

00:09:04   So you'll double tap and it will slide the app icons down and it will slide the app down,

00:09:09   the view of the application.

00:09:12   So that doesn't help you.

00:09:13   And one of the other things I wanted to point out also, it doesn't help you access notification

00:09:17   center any easier either.

00:09:19   Oh, because the status bar doesn't move.

00:09:22   Status bar doesn't move.

00:09:24   That seems like the kind of a half-baked solution that Apple would do.

00:09:28   So yeah, that's got to change I think.

00:09:32   You know, I'm going to talk about the iPhone 6 that I'm getting later on the show, but

00:09:37   reachability seems so weird to me.

00:09:41   I think it's probably a better solution than what Samsung is doing with the weird phone

00:09:47   mode thing.

00:09:48   Have you seen screenshots of the kind of one-handed mode that Samsung has on, I think the Note

00:09:55   304?

00:09:56   Yeah, it shrinks the apps down into the corner.

00:09:59   Like in the corner, yeah, it's like they're punishing an app for existing.

00:10:03   And yeah, probably Reachability is a better solution and still kind of confirms that,

00:10:10   You know, a 4-inch phone was the biggest size that Apple could do to allow people to still

00:10:19   use just one thumb to interact with the device and now, I mean, the screen is bigger, the

00:10:25   screen may be better, it's awesome, it's a large screen, but still, you remember the

00:10:30   old commercial about the iPhone 5 and the 4-inch display?

00:10:34   Yeah.

00:10:35   I wonder how Apple feels about that.

00:10:38   Because even the new phones, right, if you go to the website, and I talked about this

00:10:43   last week, the tagline is "bigger than bigger", it doesn't really explain why bigger is also

00:10:49   better.

00:10:51   And then there's the new commercial that the company aired last night with Jimmy Fallon

00:10:55   and Justin Timberlake, and one of them is called "Huge", and basically it's Fallon trying

00:11:02   to explain why, it feels like an episode of Connected, honestly, there's Fallon trying

00:11:07   to explain why the bigger screen is better. In the background there's Timberlake just

00:11:11   saying "Huge". Yeah, but it's huge. It's so huge. This is like 30 seconds of this.

00:11:18   So it seems to me that Apple just want a bigger screen, just because consumers want bigger

00:11:22   screens. But there are also consumers that don't want bigger screens. They're fine with

00:11:27   the 4" display. So I would be really surprised if the 4" display doesn't come back at some

00:11:34   point.

00:11:35   Well, it's not gone away yet. You know what I mean.

00:11:40   No, I'm not being, I'm not trying to be facetious. No, no, no, no, no. Because I saw this argument

00:11:47   for people that try to be, you know, smart in this way. People don't want to feel like

00:11:52   second-class citizens. You cannot tell people, "Yeah, but you can get a 5S for like 99. What's

00:11:58   the price now for free? I don't know." That's not an iPhone 6. And people want the latest

00:12:02   iPhone, not in a smaller size. And I have quite a few friends actually who are not seriously

00:12:07   buying an iPhone 6 because it's bigger. I'm sure, I mean the numbers, they speak for themselves.

00:12:12   Apple sold like 10 million iPhones in a weekend. But there are people who are not buying an

00:12:17   iPhone because it's bigger, so.

00:12:19   Wow, I mean, I'm sure there are, but...

00:12:24   I'm sorry to be the guy.

00:12:26   No, no, no, you're not being that guy. I mean, yeah, of course there aren't people that are

00:12:30   buying but I reckon there are people that are buying and then those numbers

00:12:34   are showing it right. Biggest sales ever in an opening weekend with some key

00:12:40   countries where they're gonna make potential bigger differences not

00:12:43   included you know. I think that this is an overall positive win for

00:12:50   Apple these bigger sizes with sales numbers we'll see how it translates in a

00:12:54   couple of years see what they do. I mean I think we're not gonna know what

00:12:59   Apple's starts will be on this for a few years time because those devices are

00:13:06   just gonna fall down the chain, they're not gonna go away just yet.

00:13:09   Yeah I think that in a few years, maybe in a decade, smaller phones are

00:13:14   gonna become fashionable again because people will

00:13:19   have forgot about when phones used to be small and some company will

00:13:24   come up with an idea and say "oh look, we made a phone so small you can use it with

00:13:28   one hand as a marketing point but it used to be that way.

00:13:34   People tend to forget these things.

00:13:37   Steven finally got what he feels he deserves this week.

00:13:41   A Reddit thread or post.

00:13:46   What is this called on Reddit?

00:13:48   The post is the person that the original item, the thread is what follows underneath.

00:13:55   So there's a post and then a thread.

00:13:57   titled the grown-up guide to Apple. Steven is included as being a grown-up

00:14:02   talking about Apple along with people like Benedict Evans, Marco Arment and

00:14:08   John Siracusa. The fact that Steven got called a grown-up I think makes him more

00:14:13   happy than potentially he's ever been. So congratulations to our old old friend.

00:14:18   Have you seen the top comment?

00:14:21   No, what is it?

00:14:23   The scroll.

00:14:24   Let me see.

00:14:25   What have we got here?

00:14:27   I'm in good company.

00:14:28   Oh, cannot forget Federica Vite

00:14:29   Cinci's Mac stories.

00:14:31   By far the best coverage of all things iOS and software and productivity.

00:14:35   And just below, Jason Snell.

00:14:37   Jason Snell.

00:14:38   Yeah.

00:14:39   Goes right in there.

00:14:40   By Jason P. Becker.

00:14:41   Fan of the show.

00:14:42   Friend of the show.

00:14:44   Yeah, I never understood how comments on Reddit really work.

00:14:50   I guess you can vote comments too, and comments have points.

00:14:55   It's quite difficult to understand.

00:14:59   Apparently RedKing315 in the chatroom says that I'm mentioned in there somewhere, which

00:15:04   is nice.

00:15:05   Nice to know.

00:15:08   Topic zero for today.

00:15:10   I just wanted to touch on very quickly your output last week.

00:15:13   Um, Bravo.

00:15:16   First and foremost, uh, I'm actually not a hundred percent

00:15:20   sure how you're still here.

00:15:23   Uh, an incredible amount.

00:15:26   So I'm gonna talk to a couple of quick questions about the amount of

00:15:28   articles that you wrote last week.

00:15:30   So how many articles did you have up on launch day?

00:15:32   17, 17 articles in one day.

00:15:35   How long have you been, how long had you been working on those 17 articles for?

00:15:39   So, the main iOS 8 article that I wrote about how iOS 8 changes the way that I work on my

00:15:49   iPhone and iPad, I started the research note in my Evernote, I think the day after WWDC.

00:15:57   And over June and July, I started assembling a lot of notes and screenshots and that kind

00:16:06   stuff and I think in late August, after my summer vacation, I started writing the intro

00:16:15   and over the past three weeks I finished the article. It was ready, I think, a week before

00:16:25   launch day so I spent the last week just reading and reading and fixing typos and changing

00:16:32   screenshots.

00:16:33   words was just your iOS 8 review piece?

00:16:37   I think it was over 10,000.

00:16:40   Yeah, it was not really a comprehensive review because I didn't mention several of the new

00:16:50   features.

00:16:51   It was primarily focused on working and trying to get work done, at least the kind of work

00:16:59   that I need to do on an iPhone and iPad.

00:17:01   So big focus on extensions and mail and keyboards, that kind of stuff.

00:17:07   Oh, I like that you write these pieces.

00:17:09   I was talking to my girlfriend about it, about how you don't write reviews because you have

00:17:18   the ability of being able to write things that other people simply cannot write, which

00:17:23   is the working on iOS thing.

00:17:27   Other people just don't do it as much as you do.

00:17:29   I mean, with maybe the exception of like Fraser Spears,

00:17:32   I don't know anybody that spends as much time on iOS

00:17:35   and trying to actually do real work on iOS as you do.

00:17:39   I mean, like René's iMore article was fantastic, right?

00:17:44   But it was a review of the operating system,

00:17:47   which is not, I'm not saying it's a bad thing.

00:17:49   That's what it was.

00:17:50   That was what he set out to do.

00:17:52   But your review is your,

00:17:55   just how it changes the way that you work.

00:17:57   and I don't think anybody else that I know can credibly talk about it in that way?

00:18:02   Yeah, I started… thank you, first of all.

00:18:07   I started having these kind of thoughts last year with iOS 7.

00:18:11   I didn't do… actually with iOS 6.

00:18:16   I stopped doing the full review with iOS 5 because in terms of the Apple blogging scene,

00:18:25   doing reviews. And so it's extremely difficult unless you have a big team and you know, resources

00:18:33   and you have access to photos, high quality photos and videos. It's extremely hard to

00:18:39   be noticed if you only do an iOS 8 or an iOS or OS X review and I don't have the kind of

00:18:47   resources or team to do that kind of stuff. So as my website's name suggests, Max Stories,

00:18:56   I always prefer to do the kind of personal article, whether it's a 10,000 article or

00:19:01   just a two paragraph link. That's just my opinion and maybe the opinion of somebody

00:19:08   else on my small Max Stories team. And people seem to like that and people can relate, I

00:19:14   think to a personal story rather than, you know, I could do a review, I wouldn't be happy

00:19:20   with it because it wouldn't be personal because there are features on iUSA that I don't like

00:19:24   or that I don't use, so I don't want to be forced to write a section about those if I

00:19:29   just don't use them and I don't want to rehash what Apple is writing in the documentation

00:19:34   because that's useless.

00:19:36   So yeah, thank you Myke, I appreciate that you like my approach.

00:19:41   Other people seem to appreciate it too because it was I think the biggest "IOSA review"

00:19:50   that I've done so far in five years of Mac stories.

00:19:54   And I think because it had a story to tell and I think that people can see and people

00:19:59   can appreciate a story.

00:20:00   So I'm extremely thankful for everybody who read the article.

00:20:06   I'm seeing some people in the chat room and I've had this problem as well that René's

00:20:10   review was kind of making the web browser a bit upset and it reminds me of when your

00:20:16   editorial review just flat out crashed. I could not load, cannot load that review on

00:20:22   Chrome and iOS. It crashes the browser.

00:20:24   Yeah, see in that case, the editorial review was 25,000 words.

00:20:28   Yeah, that was a book. I mean, you made a book out of it after a little bit of pushing.

00:20:33   It became a book with 10,000 words more. So 35,000 is the word count of the book version.

00:20:40   Yeah, it's also a problem if you don't paginate articles that are too long. Web browsers are

00:20:47   going to crash, especially if you embed a lot of photos and videos alongside text. So

00:20:55   That's a real problem. I wanted Myke to also count the words that I published on iOS 8

00:21:04   launch day, and I wanted to use a script to do that, to basically grab the articles from

00:21:11   my WordPress site.

00:21:13   Of course you used a script.

00:21:15   Of course you did.

00:21:16   I just didn't have the time, so I did an estimation based on the markdown preview that I do before

00:21:23   I publish and I think the total amount of words was around 30,000 for those 17 articles

00:21:32   and I'm pretty happy about that.

00:21:35   Well, that is incredible. Did you see the results from it? Like traffic-wise, was it

00:21:43   a good day for you?

00:21:46   Yeah, because basically, not the day that IUSCA came out, the day after, and there's

00:21:52   a simple reason for that. On Wednesday, I didn't publish my iOS 8 stuff until Apple

00:22:02   launched the iOS 8, actually, until it was available. And I saw many websites publish

00:22:10   their reviews during the afternoon. My afternoon, because I'm in Italy, I just didn't want to

00:22:16   go ahead and publish my ISA reviews without having the main ISA article on the site. So

00:22:23   I started my coverage at my local 7pm, so I had until my midnight to see the kind of

00:22:31   traffic that I was having before the midnight reset for the analytics on the website. So

00:22:39   So I just figured I could just post everything, like a couple of articles each hour, and I

00:22:45   did.

00:22:46   And what happened is that people loved the idea of being able to read all this stuff

00:22:53   while they were downloading and installing iOS 8, but the result was that the biggest

00:22:58   traffic was the day after, because the majority of people started coming in after my midnight,

00:23:05   which would be, I guess, 6pm for people in New York and 3pm for people in San Francisco.

00:23:15   So in the middle of the afternoon or evening, so people started reading max stories after

00:23:20   my midnight.

00:23:21   And so Thursday was the second biggest day for max stories ever.

00:23:28   And I didn't reach my record for just 6000 page views.

00:23:37   I just needed like half an hour more and I would have had a new record but still.

00:23:43   If only 6000 of you just refreshed once, that was all you needed.

00:23:49   Maybe next year.

00:23:50   No, definitely next year.

00:23:52   If you're this close to this year, you'll do it next year.

00:23:58   Yeah, my girlfriend was very upset that I didn't reach the record.

00:24:02   She disappointed.

00:24:03   Yeah, she was kind of hoping because she told me, "Don't try to, you know, don't be stuck

00:24:09   on the idea that you need to have a record."

00:24:12   But then when she saw the numbers, she was like, "No, we need to beat the record."

00:24:16   Yeah, but you know, the 6,000 people that just didn't want to listen to my website,

00:24:23   it's fine.

00:24:24   It's been an amazing day.

00:24:25   everybody for the feedback on Twitter, the emails.

00:24:27   Seriously, thank you.

00:24:29   It's such a privilege for me to be able to do this stuff for a living,

00:24:34   and I appreciate the fact that people tell me that the articles are useful,

00:24:39   because that's what really matters to me, that the articles are useful.

00:24:44   I want to be of some utility to people, so thank you.

00:24:49   Let's take a quick break for Dorico to talk about our first sponsor this week.

00:24:54   That was, I think, just follow-up and topic zero.

00:24:57   I want to talk about the new iPhones again.

00:25:00   - Yes.

00:25:01   - Because I have something.

00:25:02   I have some things to say.

00:25:04   So let's take a moment to thank our first sponsor for this week,

00:25:09   and that is the great people over at lynda.com,

00:25:13   who are an easy and affordable way

00:25:15   to help individuals and organizations learn.

00:25:17   You can instantly stream thousands of courses created by experts on software,

00:25:21   Web development, graphic design and oh so much more.

00:25:25   Lindo makes sure that they work directly with the experts in the field

00:25:29   so this could be on specific fields like say photography or on software say Lightroom.

00:25:33   They work with these people, companies directly to make sure

00:25:37   that they're able to provide timely training, often on the same day new

00:25:41   versions are released of a product or an item or

00:25:45   as quick as they possibly can so they're making sure that they're keeping you

00:25:49   up to speed. All of Linda's stuff is produced with fantastic quality. These

00:25:55   videos are just great to look at which is a really important

00:26:00   thing for me. I think that Linda get it right, like the exchange.

00:26:05   You pay them for this great content, they produce this great content to you,

00:26:09   they make the content look good and sound good and so you feel like you're

00:26:13   just getting a great deal out of it. So you're paying for the access

00:26:17   professionals and these professionals are giving you their knowledge in a

00:26:20   professional looking and sounding way. These aren't like, it's not like a guy in

00:26:25   his bedroom like me talking to you. It's these people are in studios, they've

00:26:33   got all this fantastic equipment around them. I find it just a really

00:26:37   refreshing way to get this sort of information. All of their courses are

00:26:40   broken down into bite-sized pieces so you're able to learn at your own pace

00:26:44   and you can also learn wherever you want, whenever you want, with their apps for

00:26:48   iPhone, iPad and Android. What I like to do when I'm watching courses on Linda, I

00:26:52   watched a video on my iPad and I kind of follow along with the actual project

00:26:57   files or with the apps like say Logic on my Mac. Right, so I'm watching it on the

00:27:02   iPad and I'm going along on my Mac and sort of following what they're doing so

00:27:06   because I learn very well like that and that's what Linda enables me to do. They

00:27:10   have great tools like Playlist, you can create your own playlists or maybe if

00:27:13   you want to they have great transcripts so as the videos are going

00:27:18   along you can read what people are saying and they've got good like subtitles that

00:27:21   sort of stuff so what this enables you to do not only it enables you to follow

00:27:25   things that's going along because you can read along if that's the type of

00:27:29   person you learn that way that's great for you but if you remember something

00:27:32   you're like what was it that they said about how to get the best exposure on my

00:27:36   camera you can type it in you can go into the page you can search it find it

00:27:40   and you can double click on it and watch that part of the video over again.

00:27:44   Really, really cool. One low monthly price of $25 gets you unlimited access to

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00:28:04   They have, as I mentioned, photography. They have great Lightroom courses. They

00:28:09   have great Photoshop courses, maybe just general design stuff, or maybe you want to learn web

00:28:15   design, maybe you want to create a fantastic site like Federico, you want to learn to do

00:28:18   some marketing to get your iOS reviews out to the world. They've got all these sorts

00:28:22   of videos in there. You can learn so much stuff at lynda.com. The best way to find out

00:28:29   if Lynda is for you is to go and try it out. We've worked out a special deal with Lynda

00:28:33   where you can go and get access to all of their courses for free for seven days. So

00:28:38   So go to lynda.com/connected to sign up.

00:28:42   That's L-Y-N-D-A dot com slash connected.

00:28:45   Thank you so much to Lynda for their support of this show and all of Relay FM.

00:28:50   Federico.

00:28:52   Myke.

00:28:53   I'd like to talk about the iPhones a little bit.

00:28:58   So my understanding is, I mean we mentioned it here, sort of brushed across it a moment

00:29:03   ago but Apple sold a bunch of these things, right?

00:29:07   few. Well how many how many was it again? 10 million? 10 million over the opening

00:29:13   weekend it's crazy. Yeah last year was 9 million with the iPhone 5s but China was

00:29:21   a launch country this time no China but 1 million more. Is China launching at

00:29:28   the same time that you guys are this week? Do you know? I think... can you let me

00:29:36   confirm that in a second, Myke? I'll let you get back to me on that one.

00:29:41   I'll circle back with the numbers. So you've decided your phone, right?

00:29:47   The one that you're gonna be buying. Yes, I did. I'm getting an iPhone 6, 64 gigs of

00:29:55   storage, space gray. This Friday I made a reservation in Rome. I'm going in and I'm

00:30:02   getting my iPhone. I'm going in. I'm going in, yep. Why did you change from the plus

00:30:08   to the six? Because I realized it's just too big. By the way China is not a launch

00:30:15   country this week. Why do you think it's too big? You've not tried one out yet.

00:30:20   Yeah but I saw a lot of videos, a lot of photos and I read a lot of reviews and I

00:30:28   don't think I need a phone that's that big and I think I'll be fine with the

00:30:33   iPhone 6 because I'm kind of in the middle of the, you know, the virgin

00:30:39   opinions on the iPhone 6. I like my iPhone 5s, I think that I will like the

00:30:47   bigger display and the slightly better battery life. I don't want a Galaxy Note

00:30:52   basically. Because I'm not gonna, I mean at first I was kind of tempted by you

00:31:00   know I have big hands so probably I could use my the iPhone 6 Plus with you know

00:31:04   no pain. I was tempted by the battery life I wanted you know a bigger screen

00:31:11   means I have this new awesome display by Apple that has better colors, better

00:31:17   viewing angles but then I realized that I don't really want a huge phone and

00:31:21   And so I want to continue with the smaller phone available, with the iPhone 6 and with

00:31:29   my iPad mini, and I think I'll be fine.

00:31:35   Plus I also want to save money, you know, whenever I can.

00:31:41   Let me see if I can try and change your mind.

00:31:43   No you cannot, because I cannot change my reservation.

00:31:46   Let me tell you anyway.

00:31:48   Tell me.

00:31:49   My phone has arrived after a stressful period.

00:31:54   It was meant to arrive on Friday on launch day, it didn't arrive until Monday.

00:31:59   The courier company that Apple decided to use in my part of the UK is terrible.

00:32:06   It was out for delivery for three days, Friday, Saturday and then Monday arrived.

00:32:10   What did they do?

00:32:11   Did they just drive around with your iPhone?

00:32:14   I think I was towards the end of the run for the courier.

00:32:20   And really long run.

00:32:22   It seemed like it.

00:32:23   Well, basically what my sort of understanding was they were only working

00:32:27   up until a certain point every day and the depot that they were leaving from was

00:32:31   close to where mine needed to be delivered to, so it more likely be at the end of the

00:32:37   run, so they'll go out and do all the deliveries and then deliver to the more

00:32:40   local to the depot at the end.

00:32:43   So basically they were just getting to the end of the day, too many phones to

00:32:46   deliver, and then the guy was going home.

00:32:48   So an interesting process.

00:32:52   I do plan on sending some feedback to Apple about this as there are much better,

00:32:58   um, there's a delivery company in the UK called DPD and they equip all of their

00:33:05   vans with GPS, so you can track the van and it gives you like a written, it gives

00:33:12   you like, their estimated times are really good, but it's the idea that you

00:33:16   could track it so you can see where they are so you don't have to like plan your

00:33:20   entire day around this delivery. Like I had to have somebody at home all of those

00:33:24   three days because they kept telling me it'd be delivered but it just never was.

00:33:28   And I've had problems, I've had notorious problems with this company and I don't

00:33:32   understand why Apple are using them. It doesn't make sense to me. They are

00:33:35   really bad. There's a company called UK Mail. They're just shocking. So, hey-ho, this is a

00:33:41   little rant for you which probably only I care about but trust me guys I did

00:33:45   care about it. So I received a 6+ as 64 gig space gray. It was in my hands

00:33:55   yesterday for the first time and I have spent a full 24 hours at a device now

00:34:01   and I have some thoughts Federico that I'd like to share with you about

00:34:07   about my time with the device.

00:34:08   - Oh, yeah.

00:34:09   - And it's kind of like I was just taking some notes

00:34:12   about the things that I was encountering.

00:34:15   So--

00:34:16   - How did you take your notes?

00:34:17   - In Google Drive.

00:34:19   - In Google Drive.

00:34:19   - But it's hidden from you.

00:34:21   - Okay.

00:34:22   - So you can't support, so you won't spoil yourself

00:34:23   by reading them.

00:34:24   - Nice, okay.

00:34:25   - It's big.

00:34:26   It is just big, it's flat out a large, huge phone.

00:34:31   It's insane.

00:34:33   I forget how big it is.

00:34:36   And then I pick it up and remember how big it is.

00:34:38   But then sometimes the interesting thing is whilst using it, I then forget again.

00:34:42   Because it has a way of, I don't know what it is, but like it's, you pick it up

00:34:50   when the screen's off and it seems a lot bigger than when you turn the screen on.

00:34:53   I can't really explain much more what that means.

00:34:59   Cause I, I don't fully understand this phenomenon yet, but when I pick it up

00:35:03   the screens off it feels a lot larger than when I turn it on and start using it, it doesn't feel as

00:35:07   big anymore. Obviously it's just a perception thing. I do feel like I can use this device and

00:35:15   I have been using this device. As the day went on today I became more and more comfortable holding it

00:35:22   and using it. I can use it in one hand relatively comfortably for most tasks. I

00:35:29   definitely feel that most people would not be able to do this.

00:35:33   Like I am probably in a minority of people that are able to to hold it.

00:35:38   I can hold this phone in one hand and still use my thumb

00:35:42   to get to most points of the screen.

00:35:44   I can cover comfort whilst comfortably gripping it.

00:35:47   I can probably cover about 75 to 80 percent of the phone.

00:35:51   That's because you're special.

00:35:53   I have quite big hands.

00:35:55   And I think you have to make that decision.

00:35:58   If you have big hands, you probably do fine.

00:36:00   If you don't, you have to be happy with the fact that you'll have to use two hands for most actions.

00:36:05   You can choose if you feel it's the right device for you.

00:36:09   And I have some other stuff that I want to talk about.

00:36:11   I have a grippy case, and I think that is incredibly important.

00:36:17   So I bought a case in advance on Amazon by a company called Spigen.

00:36:26   It's a clear case, but it's made of like a rubber,

00:36:30   so it's got a nice grip to it.

00:36:31   It's not crazy, but it's just enough

00:36:34   that if I have my hand out flat,

00:36:37   I can have my phone,

00:36:40   I can have it facing up.

00:36:44   I can't think of what the angle would be,

00:36:47   but it doesn't slide out on my hand

00:36:48   if I raise my hand up, basically.

00:36:51   I can hold it flat, and what it does,

00:36:53   it enables me to not have to grip the phone too tightly.

00:36:57   So I can kind of rest my fingers on the back,

00:37:01   put one of the corners just gently rested onto my palm,

00:37:04   and then I'm able to easily use the phone.

00:37:06   I don't need to support the phone by the bottom,

00:37:09   by the fact that I'm using a grippy case,

00:37:11   and I think that's why Apple has silicone cases

00:37:14   for these devices.

00:37:16   I have a silicone case on order,

00:37:18   one of the official Apple ones,

00:37:20   that will not be shipping until October for some reason.

00:37:22   I ordered it at the same time I ordered the phone.

00:37:25   Like in the same order.

00:37:28   But the case won't come until October.

00:37:29   And I went to the Apple store today,

00:37:31   I'll tell you why in a moment.

00:37:33   And I wanted to try and get one of the cases

00:37:35   but they only had black and I didn't want a black one.

00:37:38   I've ordered a blue one.

00:37:40   - Blue case?

00:37:41   - A blue case, a bright blue case.

00:37:42   - What kind of, what's the color of your iPhone?

00:37:45   - Space gray.

00:37:46   I like the bright colors.

00:37:49   I also want to get the green case too.

00:37:51   I think they look cool.

00:37:52   - The green case?

00:37:52   lime green one, I like it. This is one of your things. Like the stickers, I get it.

00:38:00   I like it, I like the bright colors and stuff like that. So I feel self-conscious using

00:38:06   this phone in public. But the same level of self-consciousness I had with the first iPhone,

00:38:15   it stands out like the first iPhone did and people spot it and they can be like "that's

00:38:21   new one because I think people wouldn't necessarily recognise the 6 as much.

00:38:27   The 6 is bigger, it's definitely bigger but it's not as noticeably bigger as this one

00:38:33   is.

00:38:34   So people could be like "Oh, is that the new phone?

00:38:38   I'm not sure, is that the new one?"

00:38:39   This, you know this is the new one, there's no way it could not be the new one so people

00:38:44   notice it or at least I feel that way.

00:38:47   So did they ask you?

00:38:50   what work did. But yeah, when I was on the tube this morning, I felt, I don't know, I

00:38:56   felt a little bit self-conscious, but it's how I felt when I had my first iPhone. It

00:39:01   just felt like people were looking at me. The people of the tubes. The people of the

00:39:07   tubes, yes. They look at you. So I mentioned I went to the Apple Store today. Oh, but I

00:39:14   expect that self-consciousness to pass, by the way. Yeah, it's like the first iPad.

00:39:18   That'll pass in a few months.

00:39:20   Yeah.

00:39:21   I bought AppleCare+ for the first time.

00:39:24   Yeah, I gotta do that.

00:39:25   I just feel like there is more of a risk of me dropping this phone and I'm happy to pay

00:39:33   the £75 for the extra two years and then I think it's like £50 excess for repairs

00:39:40   of any kind.

00:39:42   Like that covers like water damage and just dropping it and smashing it.

00:39:47   And you can buy that within 30 days, 60 days?

00:39:52   There is a time period.

00:39:55   It's on the website, but I think it's within 30 days.

00:39:58   And I was able to go in...

00:40:00   You can't buy it online if you don't buy it at point of purchase.

00:40:05   So I bought my phone online and didn't add AppleCare+.

00:40:09   So you either have to call or go into an Apple store and they're like, "Take your serial

00:40:13   number down and put it through.

00:40:18   So now it's just attached to my serial number.

00:40:21   RedKing315 in the chat is saying it's 60 days.

00:40:26   Just as a quick aside, you know in the Apple stores they have that like iPod touch payment

00:40:32   system thing?

00:40:33   EasyPay.

00:40:34   EasyPay.

00:40:35   No, no, no.

00:40:36   Is that what...

00:40:37   EasyPay, is that the one where you can scan it and just walk out the door?

00:40:42   No.

00:40:43   what's that called? Well whatever, whatever, but the system that the Apple store retails.

00:40:49   The special iPod touch, that's a point of sale system.

00:40:52   Yeah, still running iOS 6.

00:40:54   Yeah, I noticed that. Yeah, you're right.

00:40:57   Two software versions behind now. Federico, the screen is incredible.

00:41:05   It's just so bright, it's so crisp, it's fantastic to see.

00:41:13   Everything just looks brilliant on this device, except upscaled apps.

00:41:19   Tell me about those. How many are you using?

00:41:25   Practically all of the apps that I use on a daily basis are upscaled.

00:41:30   I don't have a lot of apps at the moment that I use that are not.

00:41:34   So Overcast is optimized, Beats Music is optimized, Evernote is, Vespa is, Day One is, but that

00:41:48   kind of is about it.

00:41:51   So other apps that I use a lot, Chrome, Tweetbot, 1Password, Slack, Instagram.

00:41:57   You see using Chrome.

00:41:58   - So you're using Chrome. - So you're using Chrome.

00:42:00   Google Maps isn't...

00:42:05   OmniFocus, editorial...

00:42:11   - Yeah. - The list goes on and on.

00:42:13   I know people were getting upset at John Gruber yesterday

00:42:18   for complaining.

00:42:20   Once you use a phone, if you haven't, you will want to complain too.

00:42:24   Yeah, I mean, it's not...

00:42:26   I know it sucks for developers and there's a bunch of reasons.

00:42:30   So like there's delayed app store processes at the moment.

00:42:34   Obviously nobody knew what was happening. I appreciate that it's really hard.

00:42:39   It doesn't detract from the fact though that the apps that I use on a daily basis

00:42:43   look bad right now. The keyboard looks comical.

00:42:47   Text is not good. Like I have the lowest text size on tweetbot and it

00:42:53   it feels like I'm reading a billboard.

00:42:55   Like it just, yeah, apps, they look like toy apps.

00:43:02   It's basically like constantly using the, uh, iPhone

00:43:08   compatibility mode on the iPad.

00:43:10   Yeah.

00:43:11   Because the keyboard is really big, really, and it just feels dumb.

00:43:16   And there's so, there's so much wasted potential, even in the apps that are

00:43:23   updated, people haven't had enough time to think about what they want to do.

00:43:28   So there's just a lot of wasted potential at the moment.

00:43:33   It's not wasted potential, it's untapped potential.

00:43:37   Because people haven't had the ability to think about what their applications can do

00:43:41   to optimize for this screen, how they can show information differently or added information.

00:43:47   But the upside of it, I felt this earlier, I had the phone in my hand

00:43:52   and I was walking. And it feels like a device with immense potential.

00:44:02   Why?

00:44:03   Because the screen is so big, you can put a lot of stuff on it. And if people, if

00:44:11   developers really embrace it, and start to think about what they can do with the

00:44:15   additional layout stuff, like the landscape stuff and things like that, or just in

00:44:20   general how to optimize better for this screen, even for the 6 but definitely for the Plus.

00:44:25   I think that there's some real interesting things that could happen.

00:44:29   And don't you think that was the case with the iPad before?

00:44:32   Oh, for sure.

00:44:33   Why is it different in this case? Because it's the iPhone?

00:44:38   Yeah, because it's in my hand constantly. It's in my pocket all the time.

00:44:43   But it depends, right? It depends on the pocket that you have.

00:44:48   fits perfectly in my pockets, I mean, yes, of course, but I think that there's so much

00:44:54   that can be done.

00:44:55   Because an iPad is an iPad, but your phone is your phone, and I think that the phone

00:45:01   is a more important device to many people, including me.

00:45:04   Yeah, I can see the point.

00:45:05   So basically you're saying that the bigger screen has more potential on the phone than

00:45:09   the tablet, because the phone is, everybody has a phone, whereas the tablet, some people

00:45:14   have an iPad and some people don't.

00:45:16   And also as well, I know it's not as pocketable but it still is a portable device more so

00:45:23   than the iPad mini.

00:45:24   Are you seeing the new gate that there's this year about the iPhone?

00:45:32   Bendgate.

00:45:33   Bendgate.

00:45:34   Yeah, so people are bending their phones.

00:45:36   I don't really know.

00:45:37   I guess by sitting on a phone.

00:45:38   Who sits on a phone?

00:45:39   I mean, in my opinion if that's happening because people putting it in their back pocket

00:45:44   then they don't deserve to have their phones.

00:45:46   What keeps a phone in its back pocket?

00:45:47   I don't know.

00:45:48   Keep it in your back pocket, but don't sit on it.

00:45:51   Why would you sit on it?

00:45:52   No matter how big it is, why would you do that?

00:45:55   Every year there's a new iPhone and it feels to me that I'm becoming more detached with

00:46:00   reality and the stuff that people do to break their phones.

00:46:03   I know.

00:46:04   I don't know why.

00:46:05   There was the year that people were holding their phones with like weird combos with their

00:46:09   hands and fingers and there was the antenna gate.

00:46:12   And then there was, what was that, with the iPhone 5 there was the scratching on the back

00:46:20   and there were people using their keys on the back.

00:46:22   Who does that with the keys on the phone?

00:46:25   Last year, what was that last year?

00:46:29   Oh, Touch ID.

00:46:30   Touch ID, so everybody was basically having problems with their fingers.

00:46:34   And everybody had moisture on their fingers.

00:46:36   Or just severed fingers and the potential ability to use a severed finger to unlock

00:46:41   the phone.

00:46:42   So people say "oh you could replicate my finger using this material and then you could

00:46:49   steal my phone and then unlock it".

00:46:52   People are just crazy.

00:46:54   They find all sorts of things too.

00:46:56   So this year people are sitting on the iPhone.

00:47:00   So weird.

00:47:02   There's a video going on, I'm sure you can find the link.

00:47:06   There's a video of a guy who says that the iPhone 6 Plus can be banned.

00:47:12   if you watch the video, there's a guy applying pressure by bending a phone. So if you want,

00:47:19   and if the people in the chat room want, I can find an old console in my house and I

00:47:24   can try to bend it and I can try to prove that if you bend something, it's going to

00:47:29   bend. Also people that do these things, bend their phones. They have lots of money, I assume?

00:47:36   They have no right to own this device. There are people... I went to the Apple Store today,

00:47:41   There are people that have clearly still been queuing there for hours.

00:47:46   If all you want to do is, okay great, give me any piece of technology and I'll find a

00:47:51   way to destroy it.

00:47:53   Like I can do that.

00:47:55   I have the ability.

00:47:56   I have a very particular set of skills.

00:47:59   I can destroy any piece of technology.

00:48:02   I could cook pasta with my new iPhone 6 Plus.

00:48:05   Exactly.

00:48:06   I mean if you boil your phone it will not work anymore.

00:48:09   Will it boil?

00:48:10   who should have a serious.

00:48:12   - I really,

00:48:13   it was fun to watch everybody independently come up

00:48:17   with the will it bend joke today.

00:48:19   - Yeah.

00:48:20   - So coming back to this, the new keyboard buttons

00:48:25   are really cool.

00:48:26   Feels like something you'd love.

00:48:28   And I know that the 6 has some of them.

00:48:31   So that's great.

00:48:32   This there is one glaring omission.

00:48:35   So you have on the 6 Plus, you have cursor placement, right?

00:48:40   with the cursor backwards and forwards. You can cut, copy and paste. You cannot select.

00:48:47   So, to select text you still have to tap it and highlight it anyway, so then the cut, copy and paste buttons appear.

00:48:55   You should be able to select text in some way, even if it's just holding the shift key and moving the cursor buttons back and forth.

00:49:01   What happens if you select and then hit the arrow keys?

00:49:08   I'll find out for you.

00:49:11   Thank you.

00:49:12   So let me go into a text message.

00:49:15   So you want me to...

00:49:17   No, go to a note, not to a text message.

00:49:20   You cannot select text in that way.

00:49:24   Okay, so in the Notes app...

00:49:27   Yeah, just type something and try to select a word and then use the arrow keys.

00:49:32   I'm curious, I don't know what's going to happen.

00:49:34   So I'm writing "hello".

00:49:35   So you want me to select it by double tapping it?

00:49:38   Yeah.

00:49:39   If you press the arrow keys it just undoes the selection.

00:49:42   No, seriously?

00:49:43   Yeah.

00:49:44   Oh, that's a...

00:49:45   It moves the cursor to the start or end of the word.

00:49:48   That's dumb, okay.

00:49:49   Because in my opinion it should be like you hold the shift button and move the cursor

00:49:53   keys and it should select, but it doesn't do that.

00:49:57   That's probably going to be an iPad feature.

00:50:00   Yeah.

00:50:01   But I feel like that that is an easy fix and they should have had it, it should go in,

00:50:07   in my opinion.

00:50:08   But they are really cool though, the buttons are really cool to have, I like that they're

00:50:11   there.

00:50:12   >> That's a private API and, you know, another example of the kind of stuff that third-party

00:50:16   developers cannot do.

00:50:18   Apple has a cut button, I think, and a paste icon.

00:50:22   >> Cut copy and paste, yep.

00:50:23   >> Cut copy and paste and the paste is a glue bottle.

00:50:25   >> Yep, it's terrible.

00:50:28   There's also a bold button.

00:50:29   Yeah, fantastic metaphor. I was tweeting the other day with my friend Zach, site-shy on Twitter, and I told him that

00:50:39   the bold icon on the keyboard is the

00:50:42   is because the landscape keyboard on the iPhone 6 Plus is the business keyboard and

00:50:47   The regular keyboard is the party one. So the iPhone 6 Plus has a party mode in portrait and business in landscape

00:50:56   Because that's why that's when you want to do all the fancy formatting when you do your serious emails and spreadsheets

00:51:02   You want to make things bold. I don't know why they chose bold

00:51:06   That's probably because Tim Cook likes to make things bold. I

00:51:10   Don't know. I honestly don't know

00:51:13   It's the business keyboard. I told you so here's a really weird thing that I've just noticed, right?

00:51:20   so

00:51:22   If you type a word and it's incorrect, right?

00:51:25   It's trying to correct it.

00:51:28   The OS realizes that the word is not correct,

00:51:32   so it selects it for you.

00:51:34   You know what I mean, right?

00:51:35   You can then, at that point, when it's selected like that,

00:51:38   you can bold and unbold the text.

00:51:41   But when it is selected like that, you can't cut it.

00:51:45   What?

00:51:47   Exactly.

00:51:48   Seriously?

00:51:49   So there just hasn't been enough thinking through of it?

00:51:55   There must be a bug.

00:51:56   I mean, it'll fix it.

00:51:57   There are some bugs with the way that that works, and I think it needs people to use

00:52:01   it like this to realize it.

00:52:03   Yeah, there was the review on The Verge that basically called all the new software features

00:52:09   of the iPhone 6 Plus glitchy, and it was strange because the overall review was positive and

00:52:18   They actually praised iOS 8 for all the new features.

00:52:21   It's just they said the 6+ features were glitchy.

00:52:24   I think all of the new iOS 8 features are glitchy.

00:52:28   Yeah, it's glitchy but not as bad as last year.

00:52:33   But weird things happen.

00:52:34   So like every time I pull down Notifications Center, everything just moves slightly, which

00:52:39   is weird, right?

00:52:40   All of the widgets, they just move a little bit.

00:52:43   Oh yeah, that's right.

00:52:44   Have you tried to...

00:52:46   Yeah, I know what you mean. It's like the wiggling.

00:52:49   It's just like, "Oh, sorry."

00:52:51   Have you tried to disable the weather widget in the Today View?

00:52:59   No.

00:53:00   Because basically, if you disable that in the privacy settings on your iPhone,

00:53:04   otherwise, every time you open a notification center,

00:53:08   I think the widget is going to geolocate you.

00:53:12   You know?

00:53:14   So I disabled the widget because I don't really need it anyway.

00:53:17   See, that's one of my things with weather apps.

00:53:20   Why would I need a widget to know what the weather is like

00:53:24   if I can just open my window and look at the weather?

00:53:26   I never really got the reason why people want the current weather conditions.

00:53:31   Can you just look at this guy?

00:53:33   What's your email address?

00:53:35   What's my email address?

00:53:37   It's vtchat.macasaurus.com.

00:53:38   Great, because you've got a lot of complaints.

00:53:41   You're going to find out a lot, buddy, about what I mean.

00:53:44   Okay.

00:53:45   Because weather apps are a particular thing.

00:53:47   No, no, I totally get the forecast, right?

00:53:51   And I can understand why you would want to look for the current conditions in another

00:53:55   location.

00:53:56   I totally get it.

00:53:57   I do have a widget for a forecast in my today.

00:54:00   It's just the current conditions for your current location.

00:54:04   Why would you want to need that information if you can just look at the sky or feel if

00:54:09   it's hot or cold?

00:54:10   I don't know.

00:54:11   I'm going to get a lot of email and hate.

00:54:13   I know that. You know, the nice thing is that people are always kind to me, and I appreciate

00:54:20   that.

00:54:21   Except when you say that the weather apps are dumb.

00:54:25   No, no, actually I'm encouraging them to go out and enjoy life and look at the sky. See,

00:54:30   I'm not making fun of them. I'm sending a positive message.

00:54:36   The sleep button, the sleep button, the sleep/wake button. Is that what it's called? What is

00:54:41   that button called?

00:54:42   -Sleep/Wake -Okay

00:54:44   It's taking some getting used to

00:54:46   -Oh yeah because it's on the side -Yeah, when I was in the Apple Store today

00:54:49   the Apple Store guy had my phone and like he needed it because he needed to take the zero number down

00:54:54   and the screen locked and he was trying to touch the top, he was like "Oh I just can't get used to it"

00:54:58   I'm like "Never can I buddy, we're in this together"

00:55:01   The speaker is super loud

00:55:04   -It's really loud -Yeah, tell me about that because that was one of my questions

00:55:06   Yeah, it's loud

00:55:08   It sounds fine, but it's loud.

00:55:10   It's a lot louder.

00:55:11   - Is it Skrillex loud,

00:55:13   or is it I can listen to podcasts loud?

00:55:15   - It's I can listen to podcasts loud.

00:55:17   I can listen to Skrillex too, but not at that level.

00:55:21   - Probably Skrillex is gonna bend your phone.

00:55:25   - Most likely.

00:55:27   Here's the big one Federico, battery life.

00:55:32   - Okay.

00:55:33   - So you will know that one of the main reasons

00:55:36   got this phone was for the battery life. That was one of the, I said it before the event,

00:55:41   if Apple gives me a phone that has increased battery life I will buy it,

00:55:46   because that's what I want the most out of my phone. So, typically on a daily basis,

00:55:54   and I checked this yesterday because I wanted to kind of take a mental note,

00:55:57   I leave the house between 7.30 and 8.00am, my commute is about an hour and a bit,

00:56:05   That's when I'm using my phone quite intensely, checking emails, tweets, listening to podcasts,

00:56:10   all basically at the same time.

00:56:12   Applying to text messages, applying to messages in Slack, stuff like that.

00:56:18   By about 10am, so I'm at work at 9, and I'm doing whatever for an hour,

00:56:24   my phone typically would be around 60%, I reckon.

00:56:28   So this is before the iPhone 6?

00:56:31   This is with my 5s.

00:56:33   Okay. 60% already.

00:56:35   About 60%.

00:56:36   Yeah. Well, not even mid-morning.

00:56:38   Like it's morning.

00:56:40   Oh no, that's mid-morning.

00:56:42   You actually gave the complete accurate description of mid-morning.

00:56:45   Okay.

00:56:45   When I got to work this morning, so we could be looking at 70% usually,

00:56:51   it was down to 90%.

00:56:53   Wow. Same tasks as usual.

00:56:55   Same tasks.

00:56:57   Wow. 90%.

00:56:59   I would typically charge my phone about twice before getting home.

00:57:04   And that may be like not necessarily four recharges.

00:57:08   Let's say it went through one full recharge a day.

00:57:10   My phone lasted today until 7 p.m. It's 12 hours.

00:57:18   Crazy.

00:57:18   Now I wouldn't get until 12 p.m. at daytime before needing to charge my phone.

00:57:24   And this is on 4G?

00:57:26   4G, I used my phone as intently as usual and I thought I would check it, at 7 hours and 50 minutes of usage.

00:57:34   Myke, I'm so so sorry and I apologize already for bringing this up.

00:57:39   Is this a fresh install of iOS?

00:57:42   I'm gonna take a quick break.

00:57:45   I want to talk about that.

00:57:48   So, this episode today is also brought to you by our friends at Harry's.

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00:58:44   Harry's were lovely enough to send me some stuff to try out for myself.

00:58:48   The box.

00:58:50   So I got one of the kits.

00:58:52   That's sort of the Harry's kind of starter kit.

00:58:56   The box is just beautiful.

00:58:57   The packaging is so thoroughly thought out.

00:59:00   So when you're opening it up, it's a really nice experience.

00:59:03   It feels very premium and I really enjoy that.

00:59:07   That sort of first opening experience, and Apple kind of really pioneered this, that

00:59:12   opening experience is important.

00:59:14   It's one of your first interactions with the brand, especially when you're buying things

00:59:17   off online. If they come to you, you don't really know what they're going to be like.

00:59:21   You open them up, it looks fantastic. And this design extends to the products themselves.

00:59:26   So the set that I have is one of the Winston sets, which features a razor with a handle

00:59:30   that's made from aluminium. It's really light, it's easy to use, it feels great, it has a

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01:00:17   I like to neaten up the edges and take care of my neck and stuff like that.

01:00:22   Federico, I'm sure you understand these things.

01:00:24   You're a man like me.

01:00:26   Harry's make products that I'm happy to put on my face and use on my face.

01:00:31   And that's quite an important thing.

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01:00:45   So these are brand new products for Harry's.

01:00:47   Their shaving gel is really cool.

01:00:49   It feels super smooth to use and it smells fantastic.

01:00:53   I love that it's a gel, right?

01:00:55   You put the gel on your hands,

01:00:56   you rub your hands together

01:00:57   and it lathers up into this foam.

01:00:59   I just like that.

01:01:00   It feels like some sort of weird science.

01:01:02   - Yeah, yeah, I'm the same.

01:01:03   Yeah, I'm the same.

01:01:05   - It smells really great.

01:01:06   It's made of a combination of licorice root extract,

01:01:08   cucumber and aloe vera, which is super fancy

01:01:11   and it makes my skin smell fantastic.

01:01:13   And their aftershave moisturizer,

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01:01:17   it feels great on my skin.

01:01:18   It doesn't leave me with an oily feeling

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01:01:22   And even more important to me,

01:01:24   this is something that my girlfriend agrees

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01:01:30   So you may not think that moisturizer is important,

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01:02:04   to start shaving better today.

01:02:06   Thank you so much to Harry's for the support of this show and Relay FM.

01:02:11   So you asked me a question and I planned to do it this way because I wanted to drop the

01:02:15   bombshell on you Federico.

01:02:17   Okay, do you want to keep it for last?

01:02:21   I don't know.

01:02:22   No, no, that was the end of my kind of hardware point.

01:02:26   Do you have any questions about the hardware specifically right now?

01:02:30   Yeah, actually I do.

01:02:32   First is the camera annoying because it sticks out from the body of the device?

01:02:40   So I have a case on my phone, so it's not a problem.

01:02:42   So second question, because you have a case, can you feel with the case the curved edges

01:02:50   of the display?

01:02:51   Yes.

01:02:54   I think that better cases could do it better.

01:02:56   I can kind of feel it, I can't feel it as much, but I do definitely feel it.

01:03:01   So can you tell me in which direction they are curved, because I'm not understanding

01:03:07   how this works.

01:03:08   to explain. So on episode one of Upgrade, which is our new show of Jason Snell, I

01:03:15   asked him this question because I'd heard that they were curved and I didn't

01:03:19   understand it and he tried to explain it and we clarified it on

01:03:23   this week's episode. Basically, the glass isn't curved in so much that

01:03:33   the screen is curved, the screen is flat, right?

01:03:35   Okay.

01:03:36   But where the glass meets the edges of the

01:03:40   phone, if you imagine where the glass meets the

01:03:43   metal, that is curved, that is softened, the edge

01:03:47   is soft.

01:03:47   So you no longer, there's no longer a chamfer,

01:03:50   there's no sharp edges.

01:03:52   The edges of the phone are curved like the

01:03:56   original iPhone was curved, right?

01:03:59   So imagine not being able to feel where the glass and the aluminium meet.

01:04:06   Yeah.

01:04:08   So the edges of the glass where it touches the phone is curved in.

01:04:13   So it's like, imagine it was just sanded.

01:04:15   Like if it was wood, you would sand the wood, right?

01:04:17   To make the wood feel smooth.

01:04:19   So you can't fill any corners.

01:04:21   It's just like that.

01:04:21   This is the sexiest description of a chamfer edge you have gave to me.

01:04:25   This isn't a chamfer, buddy.

01:04:26   This is something brand new.

01:04:28   Yeah.

01:04:28   and then more chamfers. Sounds amazing, yeah.

01:04:30   So yeah, but that does feel good.

01:04:33   And you still do kind of feel it with a case, but obviously not as well as if you don't have a case on, so I've just taken the case off

01:04:39   and you can definitely fit it a lot better. Cool.

01:04:41   But I wouldn't use this thumb without some sort of case on it.

01:04:44   Okay, so I have one last hardware question, then you can drop your bombshell.

01:04:48   How's the selfie camera?

01:04:51   I don't know.

01:04:53   Why? Don't you take selfies? I haven't tried it. Let me take a selfie right now.

01:04:57   Okay, send it to me, please.

01:05:00   Okay, I've taken a picture of myself.

01:05:04   So let me judge.

01:05:06   You can judge for yourself just how good this camera is.

01:05:09   I think it looks pretty good actually.

01:05:11   I must say Federico, I look very handsome in this picture.

01:05:16   You must say, you must say.

01:05:19   One thing that I have noticed is like the focus, you know, you've got these focus pixels.

01:05:22   The phone focuses incredibly fast.

01:05:26   it's focusing before I had the ability to attempt to focus it.

01:05:29   You do look good Myke. Thanks buddy. Yeah it's a... oh man this is the FaceTime camera?

01:05:35   Yeah. Nice. Looks good right? Yeah. Nice. So... okay so... Listeners of the prompt are familiar

01:05:47   with something... a hashtag called #CleanMyke and maybe for the last year of my life

01:05:55   people have been telling me to restore my phone. I didn't feel like I should

01:06:01   have to do it. I felt like Apple should create the devices and the software that

01:06:07   they purport to create and that you can just take your iCloud backup from phone

01:06:11   to phone to phone. People are literally tweeting clean mic at me right now.

01:06:17   The Carl's the Grey just tweeted at me.

01:06:23   So I have not wanted to do this.

01:06:27   I have wanted to keep my backup running, keep my text messages, just keep my phone the way

01:06:32   it was, all my settings the way they are, all my email accounts, all my apps in the

01:06:36   place that I wanted them, just to continue rolling that history through with my device.

01:06:40   But then I was faced with the conundrum of...

01:06:43   This is an epic story, Myke.

01:06:46   I cannot wait for the end, go on please sorry, sorry Tim Teft.

01:06:50   Battery life is so important to me and so many people tell me you have to restore your

01:06:54   device because you won't get the best battery life possible unless you restore your device,

01:06:59   you must do it.

01:07:02   So I did it.

01:07:03   No, no way.

01:07:04   Really?

01:07:05   This phone I have not installed from any backup.

01:07:12   You started from scratch.

01:07:13   Started from scratch.

01:07:14   Finally!

01:07:15   You did it?

01:07:17   No backup will be put on this phone at any point.

01:07:21   Oh man, finally.

01:07:23   The 6 Plus is my brand new device and it basically is a few different things.

01:07:30   This felt like the right time.

01:07:33   It feels enough like a different device.

01:07:37   It's like if I was to buy an iPad, I wouldn't try and install an iPhone backup to my iPad.

01:07:42   So there feels like it's a cut off in such a way that I feel like I can do it.

01:07:48   I want to rethink a little about how I use my phone and this feels like the new form

01:07:54   factor for me.

01:07:56   For example, doing more reading, like I'm getting back into RSS after not using RSS

01:08:03   for like six months.

01:08:04   So I want to get back into thinking about that a little bit more.

01:08:09   And honestly Federico, if I can get analogue for a moment, I'm kind of fed up with people

01:08:15   telling me what I need to do all the time. Like, you have to restore it, you have to

01:08:20   restore it.

01:08:21   And you know, they're just joking.

01:08:23   Not always. There were lots of jokes, people would joke and I was fine with that, but there

01:08:31   were people who were like, you know, you need to do this, you don't understand.

01:08:34   Like people trying to teach you?

01:08:36   Yeah, like your phone is clearly corrupt in some way,

01:08:39   you must do it.

01:08:40   And it was like, I understand what you're saying

01:08:43   and I agree with you, but it's the principle of it

01:08:46   that made me not wanna do it.

01:08:48   But however, one of the most important things for me,

01:08:52   the more I was thinking about this is,

01:08:54   I don't have another option.

01:08:56   If battery life is the important thing for me,

01:08:59   I have to give this phone the best chance possible

01:09:03   because a Mophie case is not possible on the 6 or 6 Plus.

01:09:06   The phone would be insane in size.

01:09:11   Like the Mophie cases,

01:09:12   they double the thickness of the phone

01:09:14   and they add space on the top and bottom.

01:09:16   On the 6 and the 6 Plus, I can't do that.

01:09:19   So I felt like I had to give this one

01:09:22   the best chance possible.

01:09:24   I backed up my important messages

01:09:27   using an app called iExplorer.

01:09:30   - Nice choice, but I would have recommended this case.

01:09:33   but anyway, next choice.

01:09:34   I just googled this one worked for me and it had a nice UI and I kind of went with it.

01:09:40   So you had to use an app on your Mac?

01:09:42   Mm-hmm.

01:09:43   Okay.

01:09:44   Because I wanted to get, I was able to back up the multiple kinds of messages between

01:09:50   me and my girlfriend, the kind of ones I really care about.

01:09:53   Setting up a phone from scratch is a pain in the ass.

01:10:00   There's no other way to describe it.

01:10:02   have to download everything again. You have to kind of, and there is an element

01:10:08   of like adding things as I need them which is quite nice because I have been

01:10:12   feeling like there's too many apps on my phone but I feel like I can't delete any

01:10:15   of them. Yeah exactly. You know so this is at least letting me think about doing

01:10:19   that but just doing things like getting your settings right takes forever. Like

01:10:24   getting the notification sounds to be the way that I want. Setting up my six

01:10:31   email accounts that I...

01:10:33   See, I have a strategy because I do this every year, possibly two times a year, because for

01:10:41   the first beta and for the first GM.

01:10:46   Because I have your same problem, right?

01:10:47   Because I end up with all these apps and all these settings and I think, "Oh man, this

01:10:51   is going to be such a problem because I cannot uninstall any of these."

01:10:55   So what I try to keep in mind is that nobody's going to die if I don't install a specific

01:10:59   app. So I feel better just wiping my device because I know that the world is not going

01:11:06   to end, I can download my apps. This seems like a silly tip but actually it works. Just

01:11:12   keep in mind that it's going to be fine, it's just apps, you're going to have the apps back.

01:11:17   So every time I start fresh, it's annoying, it's tedious, it's easier because many of

01:11:24   the apps that I use are like Dropbox and Evernote, so they just sync.

01:11:29   Now it's even easier with…

01:11:30   So that's part of the problem though, right?

01:11:31   So that's a good thing.

01:11:35   Most of the data that I've had has synced over.

01:11:37   I have lost some things, but I knew I was going to lose them.

01:11:41   So like my, you know that app that I like, Birdbrain?

01:11:44   Oh yeah, you're going to lose the data.

01:11:46   I've lost the data from that app now.

01:11:50   But you know, I knew that there was some stuff that I was going to lose and I kind of just

01:11:54   I just faced it.

01:11:56   But I had to download all of my Evernote notes, I had to download all of my music in Peet's,

01:12:03   I had to download all of my podcasts, like multiple gigabytes of data.

01:12:07   I don't have the fastest internet connection in the world.

01:12:10   It takes days to get that stuff.

01:12:12   If you only ask me about Birdbrain and all those other apps, I had just the teacher tip

01:12:20   for you.

01:12:21   What is it?

01:12:23   The app that I told you, Discade, lets you backup individual apps as IPA files, which

01:12:30   are the file formats that apps use in iTunes.

01:12:34   Only these files contain an app's documents and libraries, so you can just generate these

01:12:41   files and save them on your Mac.

01:12:45   For apps like Birdbrain, they store documents locally, they don't have a cloud backup feature.

01:12:50   When you're done, you just drag and drop this file from your Mac to your phone using this

01:12:56   case, not even iTunes, just this case, and you have the app back with all your data.

01:13:01   Awesome.

01:13:02   iExplorer does do this, so I'll just do that.

01:13:03   Oh yeah.

01:13:04   They have the same feature?

01:13:05   I think so, yeah.

01:13:06   They said it.

01:13:07   They're very similar apps.

01:13:08   I'll double check it, otherwise, what's that other app, DiscAid?

01:13:11   Oh, I think actually it changed the name last week, so it's no longer DiscAid.

01:13:17   I think it's, Myke, it's quite funny name, it's iMazing.

01:13:22   Yeah, I know, I know it's iMazing, but it works really well.

01:13:27   - Okay.

01:13:28   - It's amazing.

01:13:29   - That name is kind of unbelievable.

01:13:32   - Yeah, I know.

01:13:33   - Okay, I'll take a look at that.

01:13:38   That's a really good, I didn't think to do that.

01:13:41   I saw it when I was doing the settings and I was like,

01:13:44   I don't think I'll need that for anything,

01:13:45   but you're right, that's a good idea.

01:13:48   Yeah, these apps look very similar.

01:13:51   All right, I'll take a look at that.

01:13:52   That's a good idea.

01:13:54   I'll kind of see what I'm missing and what I'm not.

01:13:56   - You're looking in the chat room,

01:13:58   there are people mixing your name with iMazing.

01:14:02   (laughing)

01:14:04   - iMazing, yeah, okay guys, we get it.

01:14:07   Where was I?

01:14:12   - You were talking about these apps.

01:14:14   Yeah, I mean, so it's good to have all that stuff,

01:14:16   but it just takes forever to get,

01:14:18   to download all your beats music again

01:14:21   and things like that, you know?

01:14:23   Oh, and Federico.

01:14:24   Arranging home screens.

01:14:27   - Oh yeah, that's, I know.

01:14:30   - It's an added nightmare now.

01:14:32   You've not come across this nightmare yet, buddy,

01:14:35   and you will have seen people complain about it.

01:14:37   The way that the phones work now,

01:14:41   the reachability that you have changes the way

01:14:46   that your home screen needs to be designed.

01:14:50   So I used to put some of my most used apps on the top rows,

01:14:56   but that doesn't make sense anymore.

01:15:01   So Messages, probably my most used app,

01:15:07   maybe other than Tweetbot,

01:15:10   but I've never put Messages in a dock.

01:15:12   It was always top left,

01:15:13   'cause that was where I came up with the original iPhone,

01:15:15   and I was just so used to it.

01:15:16   It's now in the bottom left, but not on the dock,

01:15:20   because top left is one of the hardest places

01:15:23   for me to reach, 'cause I use my phone in my right hand.

01:15:26   But now, so I put the phone icon on the top right,

01:15:30   'cause I like to have the phone there,

01:15:31   but I don't use it that much, so I put it in,

01:15:34   oh sorry, top left,

01:15:35   because that's like the most misused place,

01:15:37   but now I keep opening the phone app

01:15:38   instead of the Messages app,

01:15:39   because it's like seven years of muscle memory.

01:15:43   I wanna send a text message, top left.

01:15:45   So my home screen feels like it has no order to it

01:15:52   because I don't know where anything is.

01:15:56   - So you still have to rearrange everything.

01:15:58   - I've put it in what I think is a logical order,

01:16:02   but it's not an order that I'm used to.

01:16:03   So I don't know if it's the order that I'll stick with.

01:16:06   And also, arranging icons on iOS needs to change.

01:16:12   There is no reason that I shouldn't be able to just put them anywhere.

01:16:16   I mean, if Dante were to write the Divine Comedy these days, I'm pretty sure the arranging

01:16:23   icons on the iOS on screen would be a near circle to hell.

01:16:28   I agree.

01:16:29   It's...

01:16:30   I don't know.

01:16:32   It doesn't make sense to me why they have to snap to that grid and they have to fill

01:16:36   top left along.

01:16:37   I should be able to have just the bottom row if I want.

01:16:41   It doesn't make sense to me why they...

01:16:45   I think that this is the time they should have made the change, but they haven't done

01:16:49   that.

01:16:50   Anyhow, that's kind of it for me, I think Federico.

01:16:56   For my experience of my 6+, I'm sure I'll have more experiences.

01:17:01   There was something I wanted to kind of add about reviews of this device.

01:17:08   Okay.

01:17:09   So, basically, all of the reviews that came out at Embargo Time were from people that

01:17:16   I respect, including my new co-host, Jason Snow.

01:17:24   People that you read and trust.

01:17:25   People that I read and trust, exactly.

01:17:28   And on the whole, people are quite down, especially John Gruber about this device.

01:17:36   There is a lot of negativity about this device.

01:17:41   I think the problem that I've found is, because then I read a review like our friend Gabe

01:17:46   Wotherhead's review at MacDrifter about the 6 Plus, and there's some positivity in there,

01:17:53   where all of the embargoed reviews were quite negative about the device, as in, "It's a

01:17:59   great phone, it's a good phone, but nowhere would I use it.

01:18:01   This is ridiculous.

01:18:02   Why would you want to use it?"

01:18:04   Neil I. Patel's review was actually pretty good, and I think that it shows what I'm trying

01:18:12   to get at, which I haven't even nearly tried to explain yet.

01:18:17   I think that many of the embargoed reviews are by people that would never have chosen

01:18:22   this device. So they had a bias. Their bias was this is not the device for me so this

01:18:30   is a bad device. Which is not the wrong, that's not wrong, I mean that's the way that you

01:18:35   judge these things. But basically I feel that the people that had, a lot of the reviews

01:18:41   that came out, they would never have rated this device well. So it maybe tarnished the

01:18:46   view of a lot of people into thinking well they think this phone is bad, it must be bad.

01:18:52   But I think the people that then want to use the device would have wanted the device like

01:18:55   myself or review it a lot higher because they can see more potential in it and its use and

01:19:01   how it would fit them.

01:19:04   Am I making sense?

01:19:05   Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely.

01:19:07   Yeah, I read a couple of reviews.

01:19:09   I have a few in Instapaper.

01:19:12   It seems to me that the problem is that most of the tech press was so in love with the

01:19:19   idea that the iPhone needs to be a one-headed device and now that Apple sent them this new

01:19:24   device they didn't like it but they had to you know to still write a review because if

01:19:32   anyone is a follows you know what Apple tends to say it's the the Apple press now I'm not

01:19:40   I'm not saying that these people are dumb it's just that because we and I'm throwing

01:19:46   myself into this group, we follow a pulse marketing and you know communications on a

01:19:51   daily basis. We tend to unconsciously believe that many of the things that we read are absolute

01:20:00   truth, you know, it's just true, they're just like facts and so maybe it's difficult for

01:20:07   for us to to change our minds. Does that make sense?

01:20:11   Yeah, you have it ingrained in you.

01:20:14   Yeah.

01:20:15   think of think or feel a certain way. Apple should have sent review units to

01:20:19   Samsung blogs. Probably not a bad idea actually.

01:20:25   Yeah so I just think that there is an ingrained bias which means that you

01:20:31   know a bunch of people never would have been able to rate it well you know

01:20:36   that's just a feeling that I have because some of the reviews that I'm

01:20:39   seeing post launch day like Gabe Weatherheads which was a great review I

01:20:43   I enjoyed it a lot and it made me feel a lot better about the device that was arriving on my doorstep that day

01:20:49   Because I was starting to feel like you know, have I made the wrong decision here?

01:20:54   but a lot of the things that he was saying that he liked about it and even concerns that he had matched mine and

01:21:00   Overall, you know, he seemed relatively positive about the device and that's I mean and I I feel very poor

01:21:06   I know I've made the right choice for me. I know this is the right choice for me

01:21:10   I'm very confident in that feeling.

01:21:15   But I still have two weeks to return it, but I don't see that happening.

01:21:18   I feel like this is the phone that I want.

01:21:21   I've used a 6, a coworker has a 6, and it's very, very nice, and I can see why most people

01:21:28   would go for it.

01:21:29   But for me, I think I'm a 6+ person.

01:21:33   Cool.

01:21:34   So do you have any tips for me when it comes to...

01:21:38   Because it's the first time that I did an online reservation.

01:21:42   I've never done it before.

01:21:44   So I was told that I should try to go in a bit earlier, because there's going to be...

01:21:51   If there still is a line...

01:21:52   So I have an appointment at 12pm.

01:21:56   So if there still is a line, because in Rome, Friday, the launch sale kicks off at 8am.

01:22:05   So if after four hours there's still going to be a line, which I tend to believe, some

01:22:11   people told me that there's going to be a separate line for the reservations.

01:22:14   Yeah, there's always separate lines for the reservations.

01:22:17   So just go there and say, "Hey, should I just like print my email or something?"

01:22:23   Definitely print it, because why not?

01:22:26   You can never be too...

01:22:27   Or I should have it on my iPad, maybe.

01:22:29   Take your iPad in and have it printed.

01:22:32   Show them a workflow.

01:22:34   I do think you want to get there early, at least an hour early I think, because there

01:22:40   will be a line, there will be a big line.

01:22:43   I went to the Apple Store in Regentree today, which is one of the busiest Apple Stores in

01:22:46   the world, and there were two huge lines.

01:22:50   One was for reservations and one was for people trying their luck to buy a new phone.

01:22:54   So you will face lines, especially on launch day, especially in a world city like Rome.

01:22:59   Well, I have nothing to do on that day, so.

01:23:03   Well, I'm sure you'll be up at 6 a.m. Really excited about your phone.

01:23:06   I go to sleep at 6 a.m. Myke.

01:23:09   You know...

01:23:10   I'm not up at 6 a.m.

01:23:12   You won't sleep.

01:23:13   I really do think that you would have liked the Plus.

01:23:16   I do. I've been thinking about you, you know, even more than I usually do.

01:23:21   You've been thinking about me.

01:23:22   All the time.

01:23:23   And I...

01:23:25   For as much as you use the Mini, I think you would really like the Plus.

01:23:29   But if you still want to continue using your Mini, then you should get the 6.

01:23:33   In another universe, what could have happened?

01:23:38   There's another version of me using a 6 Plus.

01:23:40   Do you want to talk about iOS 8 still today?

01:23:44   Yeah, sure.

01:23:45   Yeah?

01:23:46   Okay.

01:23:47   Because this is a big episode, Steven's going to get so mad.

01:23:49   I've actually...

01:23:50   We're going to hold the Apple Watch pricing stuff for another time, I think.

01:23:57   We have until next year, so I think we're fine.

01:24:02   I wanted to ask you, because obviously, even with all of your fantastic connections and

01:24:10   wisdom and such, you didn't have every iOS 8 beta.

01:24:15   Of course.

01:24:16   So has there been anything that's caught your eye since launch data now that you wanted

01:24:22   to point out about any cool iOS 8 apps or stuff like that, or widgets, extensions, that

01:24:27   kind of thing?

01:24:30   Yeah.

01:24:32   I'm surprised by the new Pcalc, the power user calculator app for iOS.

01:24:43   Because I never picture myself as the kind of person who...

01:24:50   I mean like Dr. Drang, I don't use a professional calculator because I don't have to calculate

01:24:55   if a bridge is going to fall off or not.

01:24:58   But still, what's nice is that there are two features, there's a widget that basically

01:25:03   gives you a mini calculator in Notification Center, which I'm using all the time when

01:25:08   I go shopping to just count my euros.

01:25:13   And speaking of which, the second feature is that you can customize the layout of your

01:25:17   calculator and you can basically tap and hold in the app and you can just delete and replace

01:25:27   buttons which are on features, which are on commands and like variables and stuff and

01:25:32   so I made my pcalc to show a euro to usd and a usd to euro conversion buttons and they

01:25:42   just calculate the exchange rate of euros and dollars for me. So that was a nice surprise.

01:25:50   I'm looking forward to an update to the Sunrise Calendar app, which is going to add a Notification

01:25:56   Center widget for the calendar, which I want to play with because what's nice about Sunrise

01:26:03   is that they show you icons for your events, so if you have something like meeting or phone

01:26:11   call in your event you're gonna get a nice phone icon. If you have Skype you're gonna

01:26:17   get the Skype logo. So it really helps me in quickly finding events on my calendar.

01:26:22   Another surprise was this bundle by this company called Avanio Labs. They make three apps,

01:26:32   Paste Plus, Agenda Plus and Forecast Plus. I bought these apps as a bundle on the new

01:26:40   iOS 8 App Store. And I'm using Paste Plus all the time. It's basically this super simple

01:26:46   widget that lets you perform actions on anything you copy. And it's not as geeky as something

01:26:56   like Drafts or Launch

01:26:56   like drafts or launch Suriname Pro, basically you copy text, you get buttons to message

01:27:02   the text or search for that text in Safari. You copy a link, you can open the link in

01:27:08   Safari or just like send it to Instapaper. And that's super simple and super nice.

01:27:15   Other big app updates that I didn't have access to, you know there was the food tracking

01:27:23   app that I use, Lifesum, was actually updated to have health kit integration on iOS 8. Then

01:27:30   Apple had their issue with the health app on launch day. They had to pull on the apps

01:27:37   that had health integration. And now Lifesum added a new widget in Notification Center

01:27:44   that lets you see at a glance all the calories that you have eaten on the current day. And

01:27:53   There's also organizing breakfast, lunch, dinners, and exercise.

01:27:59   That's a nice way to quickly see how much pizza I can still eat today.

01:28:05   Do we know anything about what's happening with healthcare?

01:28:08   Yeah, it's coming back at the end of the month.

01:28:10   End of the month?

01:28:11   Yeah, I think so.

01:28:13   The big app that I didn't have beta and that I really, really like is Pinterest because

01:28:18   they have a new share extension that lets you pin anything from Safari to your Pinterest

01:28:26   account.

01:28:27   This was a demo at WWDC, you can just hit Pinterest cycle in Safari, you can pick images,

01:28:33   videos, you can switch to a specific board and you can save anything there and that's

01:28:39   really really nice.

01:28:41   I don't have many new apps on my iPhone and iPad because basically what I'm seeing is

01:28:46   that either big companies shipped ISA updates on time and some of those I had access to,

01:28:55   others I didn't but I'm not interested into. Other developers were ready and I had betas

01:29:02   and others, other indie developers, so smaller companies, they're still working on their

01:29:09   ISA updates, so I still have to wait. I don't have, basically all I have right now is keyboards

01:29:16   and widgets. And my prediction that it's going to be a problem to choose with all these widgets

01:29:23   is coming true because I need to cut down on this list because it's useless. I need

01:29:28   to scroll my today view and that's really not the point. I'm looking forward to Twitter

01:29:36   updates, either tweetbot and twitterrific and the twitter app, because I don't think,

01:29:45   I only think the twitter app added interactive notifications, but that's really it, they

01:29:52   don't have like, you know, their own custom sharesheet, because of course apple has a

01:29:59   twitter sharesheet already and it'd be strange to have another one, but I wanna see what

01:30:05   the icon factory and tapbots too.

01:30:07   Yeah, that couldn't come quick enough.

01:30:11   Especially for 6+ support.

01:30:15   So the Twitterrific update just went live on the App Store.

01:30:19   Oh yeah?

01:30:20   Let's see.

01:30:21   Yeah, I saw a tweet that it was processing and a guy in the chat room said, "Red King,

01:30:27   thanks Red King."

01:30:28   He said that it just went live so I'm checking as we speak.

01:30:32   And of course I don't see it because I'm in Italy.

01:30:34   I don't see it either.

01:30:39   Twitrific actually looked okay anyway on the 6 Plus.

01:30:44   Tweetbot does not look okay.

01:30:46   But you can kind of configure the settings with text and stuff for it to be...

01:30:56   It looked a lot more appealing, basically.

01:30:58   There's this great little utility that I'm using.

01:31:02   called Metaphor. It basically lets you... it is a photo editing extension, so you use

01:31:10   this in the Photos app, and it lets you remove metadata, like GPS and Exif information from

01:31:17   your photos. That's super handy because otherwise I would have needed to open an app and import

01:31:24   my photos and then save back the copy without the metadata, and now I can just do that in

01:31:30   the photos app with an extension, it's much, much better than before. I do that when I

01:31:35   don't want to share where I am. Now there is a problem because if anyone wants to come

01:31:40   see me, I'm happy. I'm always happy to have friends. I just don't want weird people. So

01:31:49   sometimes I remove my information.

01:31:53   There was one last thing that I wanted to ask you, and we could both do this. If you

01:31:58   just want to run through your today view, I'd like to know what widgets you have.

01:32:06   What do you have enabled?

01:32:07   Right now?

01:32:08   Yeah.

01:32:09   Okay, so keep in mind that I need to do some spring cleaning.

01:32:13   Yeah, I think everybody does, so I don't think we can judge you on that one.

01:32:18   Anyway, top to bottom, Evernote, Paste Plus, Clips, which is not out yet, it's coming out

01:32:26   soon. It's gonna be great. Agenda Plus. Launcher, which lets you set up shortcuts for apps,

01:32:38   basically using URL schemes, and you can launch them from Notification Center, so anywhere

01:32:43   on the system. Workflow, also coming out soon. You can follow updates at Workflow HQ on Twitter.

01:32:52   This other one that I bought yesterday, World Time Widget, it's a timezone widget only that

01:33:00   unlike other apps that display a list, this is a more horizontal layout timezone widget.

01:33:13   there's this bundle of widgets that come with this app called Widgets Only Without Vowels.

01:33:24   It's just W-D-G-T-S widgets. There's a calendar, month view. There's a currency converter that

01:33:37   is nice, it's got a custom keypad in there. Then I have Pcalc, Forecast Plus, and finally

01:33:46   LiveSum. I think I'm gonna drop Forecast Plus because I really don't care about the forecast

01:33:53   all the time. I'm gonna probably gonna drop the currency converter one because when I

01:34:01   need to do a conversion, I can just open pcalc. I'm gonna keep pcalc because the

01:34:08   general-purpose calculator in the notification center is really handy.

01:34:12   But you have it in Control Center, right? Yeah. Pretty much. What's the difference?

01:34:18   The calculators are probably gonna, you know, I'm gonna do some sprinkling there.

01:34:21   I'm gonna keep Evernote and Paste Plus because they're too handy, and clips

01:34:25   clips, must have, you will see in my review Myke.

01:34:29   I'm excited for clips and workflow.

01:34:31   Yeah, I think that the launchers and these clipboard things, those are the most useful

01:34:40   ones so far, I'm going to keep those. I will add, I will drop Agenda+ and add the

01:34:46   the sunrise widget. It reminds me of the early App Store days. I was just trying apps and

01:34:54   apps and apps and that eventually led to one of my story's best, you know, most prolific

01:35:00   periods. So I'm really optimistic about ISA and iOS 9.

01:35:05   So do you want to know what mine are?

01:35:08   Yeah, sure.

01:35:09   So I use weather and calendar.

01:35:12   Then I have OmniFocus, timezones from Jared Sinclair.

01:35:19   I use that widget there, because I have lots.

01:35:24   Evernote, pedometer++, and then just tomorrow.

01:35:29   Pedometer++, huh?

01:35:31   Nice.

01:35:32   >>Sebastian Yeah, I am going to reinstall because I had this on the 5S from that widgets,

01:35:41   the currency converter, because it was very simple, rather than having a full calculator

01:35:45   there.

01:35:46   I like that one.

01:35:48   >>Vic Gundotra Yeah.

01:35:49   So the koala in the chat room brought up a great point.

01:35:55   asks if I'm gonna go through my whole workflow again around January when

01:36:03   things settle a bit. Definitely. Actually, at the end of the year I always do the

01:36:10   "My Must Have Apps" series and this year is gonna be a great one because in

01:36:16   December, so mid to end December, I will have the time to really understand

01:36:23   what kind of apps I use or what are the apps that I just bought because I was curious.

01:36:29   And it's going to be a great one this year, definitely, so I'm going to keep you guys

01:36:33   updated on all these apps.

01:36:36   Just so much stuff happening.

01:36:39   Seems to me that these new widgets and keyboards, they opened up a lot of possibilities for

01:36:47   developers.

01:36:48   I do believe that Apple is going to start rejecting some ideas, probably.

01:36:56   I know that the app review team, basically they found themselves in the situation of

01:37:02   having to decide what to do with all these keywords.

01:37:07   It appears that many of the keywords that I wrote about, the stuff for the GIFs and

01:37:15   emoji, they are getting rejected now. They've been stuck in review for a week. And now they're

01:37:22   getting rejected because Apple decided that a keyboard, even if it doesn't show an alphabetic

01:37:31   keyboard, it still needs to have a numeric option. So things are still changing and moving

01:37:39   because all these new APIs are enabling developers to do some things that Apple

01:37:45   is still unsure about. We're going to see changes on the App Store, but I

01:37:51   do believe that otherwise Apple is pretty much going to be cool with all

01:37:55   the basic ideas that we saw. Maybe just the more... there's going to be

01:38:00   some reshuffling, I think. Keyboards need to have numbers and widgets cannot

01:38:05   do this specific feature and that, but otherwise we should be cool.

01:38:11   It's going to be a great year until June.

01:38:16   Can we start talking about IS9 yet?

01:38:19   If you want to.

01:38:20   No, not really.

01:38:21   We haven't got the time today.

01:38:23   So that's about it for this week's episode of Connected.

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01:39:17   Arrivederci