4: Stabbed by a Glass Corner


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00:00:07   Hello and welcome to episode 4 of Connected on Relay FM.

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00:00:29   the neat ice kit. My name is Myke Curley and I am joined by my two co-hosts as I

00:00:34   always am Mr. Steven Hackett and Mr. Federico Vittucci. Hello gentlemen.

00:00:40   Hi. Ah! We did it! You can't do that to us Myke. I know. I'm sorry. Do it one at a time.

00:00:47   Shall I just say it again? Mr. Steven Hackett. Hey! And Mr. Federico Vittucci. Hey guys.

00:00:52   Do you feel more comfortable now? Yes. Yes. Thank you. I'm sorry. I appreciate it.

00:00:58   So, big show today guys, big show.

00:01:03   Oh yeah?

00:01:04   Why?

00:01:05   There was something about a TV truck?

00:01:08   Were we supposed to prepare for this one?

00:01:09   Well no, I've been, all day I've been ensconced inside a TV truck and I've been looking at

00:01:15   like the something.

00:01:17   How's your scene?

00:01:20   Do you wanna talk about the, I think the Windows Phone rebranding, right?

00:01:25   Has there been a Windows Phone rebranding?

00:01:27   Yeah, well, today there's a new rumor that apparently Microsoft is discontinuing the

00:01:33   Windows Phone name.

00:01:35   It's gonna be just Windows.

00:01:37   And that will be nice and nice and confusing for everyone.

00:01:39   Yeah, they're also dropping the Nokia brand, and they're gonna buy Minecraft for $2 billion.

00:01:47   Maybe they're just gonna like, make the Windows interface just look like Minecraft.

00:01:51   Yeah, tell you what, they should just bring back Balmer.

00:01:55   It's all going crazy over in Redmond.

00:01:58   Maybe we should talk about Apple stuff.

00:02:00   Why?

00:02:01   Maybe, yeah.

00:02:02   There's never any Apple news to talk about.

00:02:05   Apple is doomed.

00:02:06   They don't know these products.

00:02:07   I have three follow-up links so we can just wrap it up.

00:02:09   Yeah, okay, let's just do that.

00:02:11   So as is Apple's sort of thing during an event, sometimes they do little secret things and

00:02:20   And so you realize later that they've discontinued the iPod Classic, as Marco pointed out on

00:02:27   Twitter yesterday.

00:02:28   And then there's a link in the show notes to Mac stories with a fun little chart of

00:02:35   the iPod.

00:02:36   What is this chart?

00:02:39   It's when it was updated, and you can see that it was updated a lot, and then it stopped

00:02:42   being updated in 2009, and now it's dead.

00:02:45   I love the gap in that time.

00:02:47   It's really sad.

00:02:48   It's like...

00:02:49   And then it's just like...

00:02:51   No, there should be just like in that gap between the last update and the discontinuation

00:02:59   of the device, just in bold letters, whatever.

00:03:07   And then someone's like, "Oh, this is still here?"

00:03:09   And maybe Steven's face, like around 2013, when he was still hoping for some kind of

00:03:16   update and then you know it's dead. I mean it's sad right because it's like an

00:03:21   old friend. If you can ever become friend with an iPod. You get the idea right?

00:03:28   Yeah. I think that personally I think that this product has been

00:03:31   discontinued because we've been talking about it so much recently. Like Apple

00:03:35   just forgot that it existed and they didn't know it was on the store and now

00:03:38   we've been talking about it and someone was like oh yeah take that thing down. So

00:03:42   So Stephen, this is your fault.

00:03:44   - It's like when we killed Everpix on the old show.

00:03:47   - Yeah, like every single photo service.

00:03:48   - Yeah, the curse lives on.

00:03:51   - So if we just keep talking about the iPhone.

00:03:53   (laughing)

00:03:54   - The iPhone's gonna win.

00:03:55   - The iPhone's just gonna go away.

00:03:57   - Yeah.

00:03:59   Also in the show notes is this article from 2003,

00:04:02   so I'm really on top of it,

00:04:04   from the New York Times called The Guts of a New Machine.

00:04:07   And a couple people emailed this to me,

00:04:08   I don't have any names handy yet,

00:04:10   So I apologize if this is because someone mailed it to us who's listening.

00:04:15   Which is a little interesting.

00:04:19   I'm sorry Steven, I just wanted to ask you.

00:04:21   Do you remember when there was like that American energy drink that at one point it was like

00:04:27   retired from sale and there were like people you know buying the last few boxes of that

00:04:33   drink?

00:04:34   The uh, the loco whatever?

00:04:36   Yeah.

00:04:37   Did you do the same with the iPod Classic?

00:04:39   I did, I bought one three months ago.

00:04:42   And now they're killing.

00:04:44   Yeah.

00:04:45   Let's see, how many classics do you have?

00:04:54   Yeah four logo, Joe Steele still has some at his house I think.

00:04:58   But this article is really interesting because it's written in 2003 and so it sort of talks

00:05:04   about Apple at the time and just, you know, like there's no guarantee that today's leader

00:05:12   will not be copycatted and undersold until tomorrow's niche player.

00:05:16   Like it's just an interesting article because it was two years after the iPod and this is

00:05:21   really before, I mean the iPod was growing by 2003 but I would argue that 2004, 2005

00:05:26   were the big years.

00:05:28   So it's just an interesting little snapshot into what people were thinking at the time.

00:05:32   And you should check it out in our show notes, which are on the internet somewhere.

00:05:38   They are at relay.fm/connected/4.

00:05:42   For like four loco.

00:05:44   For like four loco.

00:05:46   Yep.

00:05:48   So some sad news, but there is a silver lining to it.

00:05:56   So a friend of the show, actually was our guest host last week, Mr. Jason Snell, has

00:06:03   departed IDG and Macworld today.

00:06:06   And unfortunately as well today there have been some changes at Macworld in which some

00:06:12   fantastic people have lost their jobs or have left.

00:06:14   There's been a lot of change.

00:06:17   Macworld Magazine is going away.

00:06:19   It's the end of an era for Macworld Magazine and macworld.com will be continuing.

00:06:24   So I think first off I want to give on behalf of Relay, on behalf of all of us, our best

00:06:31   to everyone who has been affected by this news today because they are friends of the

00:06:36   network.

00:06:38   But the silver lining is Mr. Jason Snell is going to be a part of Relay FM now.

00:06:47   Did you have, sorry Stephen, did you have something?

00:06:51   I can hear you in the background, ready to say something.

00:06:54   - It is, I tweeted this earlier,

00:06:58   but I've been published in Macworld,

00:07:00   as a lot of people have, they were always really good.

00:07:03   If you were an up and coming writer,

00:07:05   I emailed a bunch of those guys over the years,

00:07:08   worked with an editor there a couple of times,

00:07:10   and I really will miss the printed Macworld.

00:07:14   It was something that I would go buy,

00:07:15   I had a subscription for a while,

00:07:17   write it on the iPad and newsstand for the last couple

00:07:20   years and it's just a real cornerstone of our little world.

00:07:25   And yes, it'll be on the web, but you know,

00:07:28   and I'm sure the people who are staying

00:07:30   and people who run the web will do a great job,

00:07:32   but it is sad and a lot of our friends

00:07:34   are now looking for work and our community

00:07:38   is going to be worse off without a printed

00:07:41   Macworld magazine, I think, and I don't just say that

00:07:44   because I'm an old man with like a journalism degree.

00:07:46   Like I really believe that they held an important,

00:07:49   an important corner of our world.

00:07:52   You know, they've been around since 1984.

00:07:53   I mean, they're a 30 year old institution

00:07:57   and we're super excited to have Jason on board.

00:08:00   You know, I wrote in our company,

00:08:03   our brand's blog today, like,

00:08:06   Myke and I, like you and I really were honored

00:08:10   when Jason approached us about this deal

00:08:12   and we couldn't be happier to have him here,

00:08:15   but it definitely is a dark day for the community as well.

00:08:18   So the good news is, Clockwise, which is a current podcast that IDG have at TechHive,

00:08:26   is going to be joining Relay soon. We will have more updates about that soon. We have to just do

00:08:33   some stuff for the technical side. And Jason will be having a new show, which I'm going to be helping

00:08:38   him out with, called Upgrade. And that's going to be starting very soon. So keep your eye out for

00:08:43   that we've got some exciting stuff planned so yeah there's gonna be a lot

00:08:48   of Jason Snell all over the internet and thankfully you're not gonna sunset

00:08:54   Jason's brands I'm trying not to I'm trying to give Jason a sunrise if

00:09:00   anything nice oh dear good job man thanks guys I'll just keep going we

00:09:10   should just move on. So this is a big, big week, huge week as some would say. Apple

00:09:19   took the stage yesterday at the Flint Center in Cupertino and introduced a

00:09:25   Flint Center. What did I say? No, I was listening to last week's episode and it was Flint Center.

00:09:31   Sorry. The website's really good, they haven't updated it yet. And so our plan

00:09:39   today is to kind of give some overall thoughts and then break it down and

00:09:42   through the iPhone the payment stuff and the watch and I think all three of us

00:09:51   have watched the cat so the stream we should start like the stream had a lot

00:09:55   of issues it was really actually frustrating to watch yesterday which is

00:09:59   a shame right because they've hyped it up so much and they should have been

00:10:03   expecting it I'm sure that they were I'm sure there's only so much you can do but

00:10:07   it was very frustrating. It was embarrassing considering all the hype and all the anticipation

00:10:12   that went to the promotion and all the tweets and the apple.com, it was kind of embarrassing.

00:10:20   Because they did a real fancy job with that page and then it was just like severely broken.

00:10:25   Video was starting and failing, there was like the Chinese, I think it was Chinese translation,

00:10:35   like the bed underneath yeah dubbed in which was it's kind of distracting yeah it's i have a friend

00:10:44   of mine uh who's here in town and uh he actually speaks chinese he's bilingual speaks chinese and

00:10:51   english and he was like it gave me a headache like i had to just like stop watching because

00:10:56   i was keeping up with both it'd be like an echo yeah so they they ended up getting that sorted

00:11:04   out I mean I think at work we watched the last you know all the watch stuff on

00:11:07   and it was it was fine but it clearly an energy at this event that we haven't

00:11:17   really seen of Tim Cook like we had like an emotional Tim Cook and I really think

00:11:24   and we'll get to this more later with the watch but like this is sort of his

00:11:29   first keynote like I truly believe the watch is a project that originated you

00:11:36   know that had its conception underneath Tim's watch this is not something that

00:11:40   was in the works before Jobs passed away and you can see that right like he he

00:11:47   uses the line you know one more thing and he actually I want to rewatch it

00:11:52   last night he actually gets choked up yeah when he says that line which is

00:11:55   like I really believe is genuine like it I think it's really him the weight

00:11:59   yeah yeah I think the thing that some of this excitement though was present in

00:12:06   WWDC I think that there was you could see from him as well that there were

00:12:12   things that were Tim Cook's Apple there as well and I think the excitement

00:12:17   started there but it definitely was more palpable in this presentation especially

00:12:22   Especially from them.

00:12:25   Yeah, I think there was a different vibe from WWDC.

00:12:32   And I mean, of course, these are different products.

00:12:34   You know, this is consumer stuff.

00:12:36   It's a phone and a watch.

00:12:38   And the kind of crowd is also different, because at WWDC, you have all these developers with

00:12:43   new technologies and APIs.

00:12:46   But it felt, like Steven said, it felt like a different Tim Cook.

00:12:50   and it felt like a different Apple on stage, even different from, you know, because in

00:12:55   June we were saying "oh this is a new Apple, this is a different Apple" and this one was

00:13:00   also different in another way.

00:13:03   And I don't know if it's, you know, if it's maybe the fact that they announced a product

00:13:08   that is so focused on fashion and, you know, being a mass market product for all kinds

00:13:15   of consumers.

00:13:17   But it felt different, it felt new and it was strange and maybe it's the fact that the

00:13:23   live stream had all sorts of issues and so I was kind of struggling to keep up with the

00:13:28   news.

00:13:29   And maybe it's also the bigger phone, right?

00:13:32   Because we got so used to thinking about the iPhone as the compact phone.

00:13:36   So it was a lot of different aspects and factors that together make me think that it was kind

00:13:44   strange and and I think it's a lot to process but in a different way than

00:13:48   WWDC it's like meeting a friend after a decade and and it's strange there's

00:13:56   Apple with a watch and with a bigger phone that doesn't seem like Apple right

00:14:01   I agree yeah and even the pacing right like Apple's events are methodical and I

00:14:10   I mean just a couple minutes in he's like showing the new iPhone and it's I

00:14:16   Think 40 minutes or so in like they're done with the iPhone and done with iOS 8 and it's time for something else

00:14:22   So the pace was definitely fast. It was still I it was still two hours long

00:14:27   Yeah, and a lot of the watch stuff was in video, you know, there was a really long Johnny I've white room video

00:14:35   With a lot of like flying watches and and there was a demo by you know, the old Adobe guy

00:14:40   It was just a different pace and I think that

00:14:43   Reflects their excitement about it

00:14:46   and

00:14:47   You know, we'll get a little bit later about maybe why that excitement could hurt them

00:14:51   But overall sort of a different vibe, but one that was not bad

00:14:55   I mean, it was a very enjoyable event to watch and to take you know take in

00:15:00   Yeah, I guess the only

00:15:04   weird parts were the YouTube and the mobile game?

00:15:09   The demo of the game? Like it seemed unnecessary.

00:15:12   I mean the graphics were nice but it seems

00:15:16   this kind of demos unless it's a huge company like

00:15:20   Epic Games or you know electronic cards

00:15:23   they're always a bit like it's filler

00:15:27   right? It's stuff that it's there for you know

00:15:30   I don't know why and YouTube

00:15:33   you know it was just strange.

00:15:37   Or like the finger touch?

00:15:40   The game, like I would understand if they had something new to show but we

00:15:45   already saw a demo of Metal.

00:15:47   Yeah it wasn't necessary.

00:15:50   When you're rushing through it, like to spend like five or ten minutes

00:15:55   with a company showing an interesting game but

00:15:58   it seemed a little bit peculiar in this one but

00:16:02   - And they skipped all of the normal,

00:16:05   this is how the Apple Store is doing,

00:16:06   this is how the Mac is doing.

00:16:07   I think we will see that in October at the iPad event.

00:16:10   But it was like, just jump in, straight business.

00:16:13   We also learned, there's a GIF in the chat room

00:16:18   and in the show notes.

00:16:19   And if you actually, if you go to the page on Relay FM,

00:16:23   you'll see it in action.

00:16:25   There's a, like, Tim Cook is actually like fist-pumping

00:16:28   in front of a crowd of cheering people,

00:16:30   and maybe he's going to jump into a mosh pit.

00:16:32   - He's fist pump guy now.

00:16:35   - He's fist pump guy, he's double fist pump guy.

00:16:37   - There is a potential, there is a potential

00:16:39   that Tim was the original fist pump guy

00:16:42   because Steve was on stage.

00:16:44   - Yeah, exactly.

00:16:46   What if Tim Cook has been the fist pumping guy all along?

00:16:49   - We've uncovered a real, this is a real secret.

00:16:52   Tiptak meme.

00:16:53   - Yeah.

00:16:58   So let's talk about Linda and then come back

00:17:00   to the new iPhones.

00:17:01   - Sounds great to me, guys.

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00:19:25   Thank you so much to Linda for supporting Real AFM and Connected.

00:19:32   So this week was another example of Apple sort of announcing, at least in the phone

00:19:38   space, basically what people expected. There was even a joke about "oh in case

00:19:46   you don't know what their sizes are" - it's like if you don't know already like - yeah

00:19:50   wink wink. And that's sort of to be expected I think Apple having a sense of

00:19:55   humor about that at least on stage. I'm sure privately that they don't find it

00:19:59   funny. Heads are rolling. Yeah I mean someone booted one from like extra parts

00:20:06   But so quickly, you know, 4.7 to 5.5 inches.

00:20:10   The specs are the same except battery life

00:20:14   and the optical image stabilization,

00:20:16   which we'll get back to.

00:20:18   And I for one think it's really nice looking.

00:20:21   Jason had a picture on Twitter of the two phones

00:20:25   with the original iPhone laying next to them

00:20:28   and it kind of harkens back to that with the curved edges,

00:20:30   the backs are all aluminum.

00:20:33   I think they look really nice.

00:20:36   - Yeah, Apple has been doing all the rounded edges thing

00:20:41   with like the iPod touch and the iPhone 5C.

00:20:45   And actually I think it looks more like

00:20:48   the latest iPod touches more than the original iPhone.

00:20:52   But I do see the point, right?

00:20:55   And I do think that it's more comfortable to hold

00:20:59   thanks to the rounded edges.

00:21:01   And it looks more friendly as well

00:21:05   because the iPhone 5 and before the iPhone 4, you know, with the sharp edges, they always

00:21:12   looked and felt a bit too, I guess, sophisticated.

00:21:17   Industrial, as I feel like.

00:21:19   Industrial, yeah.

00:21:21   The rounded edges significantly help with the larger screens too.

00:21:25   It helps them sit in the hand a little bit more and it makes it more comfortable, so

00:21:29   when you're reaching, you're not getting, like, stabbed by a glass corner.

00:21:35   It sounds silly, but it really does help.

00:21:39   It's true.

00:21:40   It's true.

00:21:42   So I wanted to print.

00:21:44   There's this sort of paper mockup of the--

00:21:48   and Steven, you link to this PDF, too.

00:21:51   You can print your own iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

00:21:55   and see what it looks like.

00:21:56   And so last night at about 5 AM, or maybe 6 AM,

00:22:02   I tried to print this PDF from--

00:22:05   I went to Steven's website and I opened this PDF and I wanted to print it.

00:22:11   I was afraid that it was early morning and the noise of the printer would wake people

00:22:16   up.

00:22:17   Like that, somewhere in the back room.

00:22:19   Exactly.

00:22:20   Is that your mouth making that noise?

00:22:23   I don't know what to say.

00:22:26   I realized that I was out of ink, so I couldn't print the paper thing.

00:22:32   So I went to Apple's website and there's the compare all the iPhones, right?

00:22:38   There's a little web page that you can do a comparison.

00:22:41   And it looks like the image at the top is a real size screenshot, a real size photo

00:22:49   with all the iPhones.

00:22:50   So I took my iPhone 5s and I put it on the screen and I confirmed, no hold on, and I

00:22:57   confirmed that it was a real size iPhone.

00:23:01   So I spent like 30 minutes at like 6am with my hand on the screen trying to figure out

00:23:10   if the iPhone 6 Plus is too big for me.

00:23:13   And so this morning, this morning I opened my MacBook Air and I found all these matches

00:23:19   on the display.

00:23:22   Did you put your face on your screen at any point?

00:23:25   No, just my full hand, right?

00:23:27   And I just pretended to hold the phone.

00:23:29   I even resized the Safari window to like put it next to the bezel and just hold it.

00:23:39   Yeah, it was a...

00:23:40   I don't know what I was doing.

00:23:41   What did you learn from this?

00:23:43   It's kind of big.

00:23:44   Okay, great.

00:23:45   Thanks.

00:23:46   Let's move on.

00:23:47   This is true pro blogging.

00:23:50   I did the same thing and I have to say, I think the 4.7 is the one for me.

00:23:57   I guess we can we can move on into the display a little bit. Let's talk about them

00:24:02   and then we can talk about what we think what we're gonna get if anything.

00:24:06   So they're using something called photo aligned pixels which in the keynote they sort of gloss over

00:24:12   but apparently the screens look better.

00:24:14   They're calling them retina HD displays which it's the same the 6-inch and the iPhone 5 or the excuse me the

00:24:21   4.7 and the old 4.8 inch display is the same density. So I don't know

00:24:26   HD is just sort of added to it because it's cool

00:24:28   The big one is at 401 pixels per inch. So it's it's it's nice and it's 1080

00:24:35   So it's 1920 by 1080. It's all of the pixels basically all of them. They're all in them two million there

00:24:42   So they said in the keynote that they're slightly curved, but I didn't see anybody really talking about that and the hands-on videos

00:24:48   I watched yeah, so I don't know how aggressive that curve is. I assume it's super slight. I

00:24:55   I think so too. But it's interesting, I think again trying to make it more comfortable in

00:25:04   the hand. Someone just put in the share notes, Panic apparently is 3D printing them so they

00:25:10   can hold them for real, which is sort of awesome. So that'll be in the share notes.

00:25:15   Hair Force Ones is in the chatroom.

00:25:17   Probably not the same guy.

00:25:19   It definitely is.

00:25:21   So can we talk about Reachability for a second?

00:25:24   name the worst name of anything it's not as bad as continuity but so more or less

00:25:32   if you double tap on the the home button is this on both iPhone 6 and 6 plus I

00:25:37   don't I don't think it's just 6 plus so if you double tap it basically the whole

00:25:42   UI slides down so you can easily push a button at the top of the screen is like

00:25:48   - Double tap or double touch?

00:25:51   - Double touch.

00:25:52   - Double touch.

00:25:53   - Which is trying to, like I have always struggled

00:25:56   like when I was showing people Touch ID.

00:25:59   But just press your finger on the home screen.

00:26:02   No, no, no, no, no, not Siri.

00:26:04   Just press and, no, no, don't do it.

00:26:08   (laughing)

00:26:09   - I'm really liking the sound effects today.

00:26:11   - I'm all about sound effects, clearly.

00:26:13   I've discovered this about myself.

00:26:15   - Yeah.

00:26:16   - You remember the movie Police Academy?

00:26:17   yeah I basically that guy yeah you're like the the the apple beatboxer

00:26:23   I am beatboxer and there were there been a report out in the New York Times that

00:26:30   Apple was going to have some sort of one-handed mode and apparently this is

00:26:33   it which is a lot better than what Samsung does with a cram it all in the

00:26:37   corner and I could see this being helpful you know Phil Schiller says you

00:26:41   know not all apps support swipe gestures and so it's if you need the back button

00:26:45   you can do it. I hope that this is one of those things that we sort of forget

00:26:50   about and you don't really need a lot of the time but it is nice that it's there

00:26:55   No, it will be difficult right so I've been I've been looking at some of some

00:26:59   of our favorite applications. There are things that you will need to get to in

00:27:04   that top left or that top right like tweetbot for example there are

00:27:08   important pieces that's navigation in the top left and top right it's something

00:27:12   that's needed because there just simply isn't enough space on the bottom. Well,

00:27:16   there might be on the new one, but you're never gonna get all of the

00:27:20   important items that you need in the bottom. It's a clever thing to

00:27:24   have. It's an inelegant solution. It's an ingenious inelegant solution to a

00:27:31   real problem. It's inelegant because it's weird, right? The whole

00:27:36   phone UI just slides down the screen. That's just strange. But it's

00:27:40   smart and it will do the job but it is maybe more displaying a baked-in problem.

00:27:49   It's highlighting a problem that exists via the solution itself.

00:27:53   It's smart. I like it.

00:27:55   I have a few points, Myke.

00:27:57   Yes, please.

00:27:58   I totally agree with you that at first I was...

00:28:03   When I first saw the screenshot, I was hoping that it would turn out to be

00:28:09   running iPhone apps in compatibility mode on the iPad.

00:28:13   Like something that it's there, it's not elegant,

00:28:16   but for some people it's necessary and all the other...

00:28:20   I mean the majority of users have likely forgotten about that feature.

00:28:24   But I agree with you when you say that it's an ingenious solution for a real problem,

00:28:29   because for as much as you try to keep the controls at the bottom and use gestures,

00:28:36   there are just some buttons and some pieces of the interface that you gotta keep at the top of the display.

00:28:42   So you gotta use something like Reachability to get to those buttons easily.

00:28:47   And I also think that using the double touch on the home button is an interesting idea.

00:28:54   Because I guess it opens up for another kind of control on iOS devices.

00:29:04   Like right now we are using the you know, the the touch for touch ID and now there's gonna be double touch for each ability

00:29:12   But what about the iPad is it possible that you know, there was a rumor about the iPad gaining

00:29:17   About the iPad gaining and split multitasking and multitasking split screen feature

00:29:24   So could it be you know that maybe double touch is gonna be used to to split the screen in two and use

00:29:32   The app you're using and the most recent app from the multitasking tray at the same time

00:29:37   That could be an idea because I don't see you know, there's not gonna be a reachability problem on the iPad

00:29:42   So Apple now has a new gesture a new a new command essentially that's not used on the iPad

00:29:49   That I think that that's quite a smart idea. I think that works in my brain

00:29:53   And the last point is that I'm curious to see if in reachability mode

00:29:59   What happens to the status bar when you basically pull down an app to reach the top of the interface?

00:30:07   Can you tap on the status bar while in reachability mode to scroll a list to the top?

00:30:12   Like you can by tapping the status bar normally, that's one of my questions and I look forward to the reviews

00:30:18   next Tuesday or Wednesday, what is it that they that they will hit the interwebs?

00:30:27   It's interesting too on the big phone that they're sort of doing landscape mode a little bit differently because when you turn

00:30:33   That big phone sideways the home screen rotates like it does on the iPad and they're showing

00:30:39   To up display like on the iPad so on the phone in mail you either see your list of messages

00:30:45   Or you see the messages themselves and the big phone sideways

00:30:48   You see you see like you do like you do on the tablet, and I've really been

00:30:56   like thinking

00:30:58   thinking this over

00:31:00   Because an app does not have to be universal to do this, you know the new stuff in iOS 8 allows you to do this

00:31:08   In just an iPhone app, but I do wonder what will happen

00:31:11   Overall with universal apps. Will this have an impact?

00:31:15   Does it make it does adaptive layout make it easier to make an iPad version of your UI and so people just start doing universal

00:31:23   apps because it's easier or is it less likely to do it?

00:31:27   I'm just curious how that's going to play out.

00:31:29   I think it'll be interesting to see over the next year, uh, what happens there.

00:31:33   But I do like that they are using that, that extra display space for extra things

00:31:38   like in landscape, the six plus.

00:31:41   Keyboard shows copy and paste commands.

00:31:43   I think there's also a cursor selection, like cursor movement buttons.

00:31:48   There's like a left and right, right?

00:31:50   Did you see that?

00:31:51   I haven't seen anybody mentioned that.

00:31:52   I wanted to mention that because there are custom buttons to do stuff that are not enabled

00:31:59   in third-party keyboards and in general allowed for third-party developers to access.

00:32:07   And there was a tweet by the Oles Zorn, the Pythonista editorial guy today showing all

00:32:13   the buttons that Apple is putting in the keyboard for the iPhone 6 Plus.

00:32:17   like a cut feature which you cannot access programmatically when you create a custom

00:32:23   keyboard.

00:32:24   And so there's gonna be, you know, those are all features, exclusive features to Apple

00:32:31   software that will become feature requests for iOS 9 in a few months.

00:32:36   I feel like they couldn't have indicated that this was a possibility before now though,

00:32:41   because it would have given it away.

00:32:43   So maybe it would come sooner than that.

00:32:45   And I don't think we'll see that on the iPad. I bet that in landscape on the iPad, the keyboards

00:32:51   will pick this up. And before I forget, or before the chat room murders us, reachability

00:32:57   is on both phones.

00:32:58   Okay, great.

00:33:00   So that's nice.

00:33:01   A little time follow up, right?

00:33:03   That's right.

00:33:05   About the iPad layout, I think it's just Apple is generally advising developers to develop

00:33:16   applications using adaptive layouts, so I don't think it's going to change the fact

00:33:20   that they need to create two separate apps and two separate designs.

00:33:26   Apple is just saying use this new API to make sure that on the phone and on the iPad you

00:33:31   can scale your design and layout according to new screen sizes.

00:33:36   But I don't think that the fact that you have an iPad app necessarily makes it easy.

00:33:41   I guess it makes it easier from a conceptual standpoint because you know how things should

00:33:47   move on screen, but from a technical perspective it's still two separate things.

00:33:53   And also, I mean of course there's a rumor about a larger iPad coming, the iPad Pro,

00:33:58   like 50 inches, I don't know. And so maybe developers will, you know, also on the iPad

00:34:05   there will be an advantage in using these new adaptive layouts things when eventually

00:34:12   there will be a new iPad with a display so big, Jim Master is gonna scream in excitement.

00:34:23   The size thing is, you know, I did the same thing you did.

00:34:26   I printed them out and my wife for one is not excited.

00:34:30   I think Marco's wife Tiffany tweeted about this

00:34:33   last night too.

00:34:34   Like, there's a lot of people who aren't excited

00:34:37   about a bigger phone and of course the cynic is like,

00:34:39   oh well you get a big phone and leave it in your bag

00:34:41   and your Apple Watch does all this stuff.

00:34:43   And it's, you know, the 5.5 is too big for me.

00:34:48   I'm gonna go with the 4.7.

00:34:51   I think a lot of people will but it is interesting to see some of this backlash that if you want

00:34:57   a four inch phone you have to buy an old one and I understand that Apple's moving forward

00:35:01   and I don't begrudge them for that but it is, you know, seeing some people's feedback

00:35:07   on that over the last 24 hours has been pretty interesting to me.

00:35:12   My girlfriend is not gonna buy a new iPhone because of the size.

00:35:17   She thinks it's too big for her hands and she's gonna try to get a 5S.

00:35:24   And maybe she's an exception, I don't think so.

00:35:29   I do believe that there are lots of people who honestly just want the current 4-inch

00:35:35   iPhone and maybe some people do want the old iPhone 4 sized iPhone and they're not gonna

00:35:42   get the new 6 or 6 Plus and it'll be interesting to see if this is a real problem, if this

00:35:52   is just some people and maybe if these people will eventually upgrade because they just

00:35:58   want the new iPhone and if next year Apple is gonna release after all a 4 inch iPhone

00:36:05   that's a new iPhone because I was also thinking about what if the problem is from a technological

00:36:13   perspective what if the problem is that they added all these new sensors right there's

00:36:18   a new stuff for the to measure your pressure like barometer and there's all these other

00:36:28   stuff right there NFC what if the problem is that they couldn't fit all these new stuff

00:36:33   in the current 4-inch design.

00:36:35   Strong chance.

00:36:36   And what if next year they manage to make it smaller and to figure out ways to make

00:36:42   it fit into the case of the iPhone 5S?

00:36:47   So next year there's gonna be three sizes and people are gonna be happier and they're

00:36:52   gonna upgrade to an iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 or whatever it's called.

00:36:56   Yeah, I mean I think that they're gonna do what they've always done there and that these

00:37:00   phones maybe just one of them becomes the old phone I don't see them putting

00:37:05   this technology in a four inch chassis I think that I think a lot of people will

00:37:10   look at that and say oh the big size didn't work Apple's going backwards and

00:37:13   that's just not something they want to deal with it's much easier just to say

00:37:16   well keep making this phone and just sell it for $100 less I think the 5c

00:37:20   will prove to be historically be an outlier in which they sort of had a

00:37:25   quote new phone in that in that middle price point I wouldn't be surprised to

00:37:30   see as we go into the future the 5c become like the iPod touch so it's

00:37:37   always there even as the phones are bigger and bigger and they kind of just

00:37:42   make very small upgrades to it every couple of years or something so they

00:37:47   always have it as an option for people that want it and it just remains like a

00:37:52   free option yeah but maybe it's new territory they've never had new to top

00:37:58   to your phones at the same time so I think to a degree any pattern could be up for disruption.

00:38:06   So anything else we want to talk about in regards to this sort of stuff or should I

00:38:12   take a break now and then we talk about what we want to get, what we think we're going

00:38:16   to get?

00:38:17   Yeah the camera technology, you know sort of the gains in this this year are really

00:38:21   interesting.

00:38:22   Using focus pixels for phase detection, Phil Stiller said it's a big deal and it really

00:38:27   It's it's DSLR technology in a mobile phone now. It's not to say it's DSLR

00:38:33   You know lens package with you know, you have a lot of space when the glass and the sensor

00:38:37   It's not saying that it's going to compete with something, you know that you could buy from Nikon or Canon for thousands of dollars

00:38:43   But I think Apple has gone after and at this point

00:38:47   It's probably killed the point shoot market and maybe even sort of like the low-end, you know, sort of mid-range. Excuse me

00:38:53   digital camera

00:38:55   it's

00:38:56   it's really a

00:38:58   Impressive that they keep moving the bar every year on the on the camera. There's some other stuff to

00:39:04   1080p at 60 frames per second is nice

00:39:07   Slow-mo is now 240 frames per second like that video of the guy jump roping was crazy. Yeah

00:39:14   You know you're saying about how like it's not DSLR like, you know, that's what quality but it's moving towards it

00:39:22   The crazy thing to me is every year

00:39:26   the iPhone

00:39:27   Camera continues to get better and better like they continue to edge further and further into this

00:39:34   field like they add this thing and they add this thing and it makes it better in this way in this way and the

00:39:39   Camera is one of the most interesting parts to me at the way that they iterate the phone

00:39:43   Wait, it just gets better every single time

00:39:46   Not not everything else does but every time they release an iPhone the camera gets better in some way

00:39:51   I just see that the advancements that they're making, to me, I mean, I'm not that entrenched in the camera industry.

00:40:00   But surely it feels like they're making steps faster than the camera industry is moving.

00:40:05   And so it's bringing the distance between them closer and closer together.

00:40:10   It's interesting to me that they always say that music is very important in Apple's DNA,

00:40:17   But they never make the speakers better on the iPhone.

00:40:21   Because I mean, I mean, there are going to be people upset at me for saying this, but occasionally I do listen to music on the iPhone speakers.

00:40:31   Because I don't have time to go find my headphones. I'm not Marco Amant. I don't have, you know, all this stuff in my house for listening to music.

00:40:42   and so sometimes I just listen with the iPhone and it's never, every year it's never better.

00:40:50   And so I agree with you Myke, it's impressive what they do with the camera. I wish that they

00:41:00   would do the same with the speakers. I wouldn't be surprised if we see something in the next phone

00:41:05   because of beats. Because all of those really cool HTC speakers, you know like

00:41:12   the JUULs, they were beats speakers. And they were good. I

00:41:16   actually played around with one of those, where the speaker on the top and the

00:41:20   bottom of the phone. I'm not saying they're gonna do that, but like the

00:41:23   speaker technology may get better. We'll see. I would like it to personally,

00:41:27   because I'm the same as you. I have a jam box that I use quite a lot, but there are

00:41:30   times when I haven't got that with me and I'm at home and maybe I'm cooking

00:41:34   dinner or something. I listen to even just podcasts but I would love the quality to be better.

00:41:39   Plus Beats as an official feature it would be a huge marketing boost I guess.

00:41:49   It definitely would because that's why HTC did it.

00:41:52   That including Beats audio is a great big tick on the marketing plan.

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00:44:21   So, what are we going to buy?

00:44:26   Who wants to go first?

00:44:29   I think Federico's will be the most interesting.

00:44:32   So should he go first?

00:44:33   Yes.

00:44:34   Okay.

00:44:35   Teach, tell us all about it.

00:44:37   Yeah, so here's what I've been thinking.

00:44:41   So for the past two years, I've been using an iPad mini and of course an iPhone.

00:44:49   And I wrote about the reason why I chose the iPad mini is because it lets me use the iPad

00:44:55   more because it's so light and so thin that I can type in portrait mode because I'm not

00:45:01   afraid of thumb typing and I just prefer the form factor of the iPad mini.

00:45:08   So yesterday I was looking at these new phones and as I told you guys I did the MacBook Air

00:45:14   screen test with my hand and I think I'm going with the iPhone 6 Plus and the new 64GB model

00:45:26   because I'm not going to go with 16GB of storage ever again.

00:45:32   My reasoning is that my hand is big enough to handle that kind of display and I realized

00:45:42   that most of the time when I'm using my iPhone I don't necessarily need one-handed

00:45:51   usage all the time. There were, in the past two years, occasions in which I needed the

00:46:00   one-handed operation when I couldn't use my arms and hopefully there's not gonna

00:46:06   to be any more of that.

00:46:09   And so, especially after seeing the custom interfaces in landscape on the iPhone 6 Plus,

00:46:18   it looks like an iPad Mini Mini in a way.

00:46:22   And so, my idea was that I could get the iPhone 6 Plus at 64GB of storage, that would be effectively

00:46:31   a super portable iPad Mini and also a phone.

00:46:34   And for the iPad, because I do like, you know, I do love the iPad, I could get an iPad Air,

00:46:41   and, well, if it's still called the iPad Air, not the Pro, not the, you know, the 50-inch

00:46:47   model that's coming out, you know, the 10-inch iPad.

00:46:51   So go back to the roots of my iPad history and get a regular iPad and, you know, turn

00:46:58   it officially into my portable computer and see what happens.

00:47:05   And worst case scenario, next year I'm gonna get like an iPhone 5C and go back to the iPad

00:47:12   mini.

00:47:13   I'm not gonna go back to the iPhone 5C, by the way, it's just a joke.

00:47:17   Bad joke.

00:47:18   Anything is possible, buddy.

00:47:20   Anything.

00:47:21   Yeah.

00:47:22   get like one of those Android phones for people obsessed with privacy like the

00:47:29   black phone you guys ever seen a black phone oh I know you're talking about yeah

00:47:34   yeah it's like a black a black brick with no features I don't know I think I'm

00:47:40   gonna go with the iPhone 6 plus see what happens use it as an iPad mini slash

00:47:44   iPhone, get a bigger iPad, and give Apple a lot of money, of course, because that stuff

00:47:55   is going to be expensive.

00:47:56   I mean, you know in Euros, the iPhone that I want to get, it's over 900 Euros, which

00:48:05   Which for you American people, it means that I'm buying a phone that it's gonna cost me

00:48:11   $1200.

00:48:15   What configuration are you getting?

00:48:17   iPhone 6 Plus.

00:48:19   In what size?

00:48:20   64 gig.

00:48:22   What the hell is happening in Italy?

00:48:25   What?

00:48:26   It's 949 euros.

00:48:30   Wow.

00:48:32   Do the conversion yourself.

00:48:33   No, I agree.

00:48:35   It's... but that's...

00:48:37   Okay, because I'm... I'll jump ahead. That's what I'm getting.

00:48:41   But either I'm drunk or...

00:48:43   It's way cheaper!

00:48:45   It's £699.

00:48:47   Which is like $1100.

00:48:49   Hold on, I'm checking again.

00:48:51   You know, just to make sure.

00:48:53   iPhone 6 Plus starts at

00:48:55   $839.

00:48:57   All euros.

00:48:59   The model that I want to get.

00:49:01   So, Space Gray

00:49:03   64GB 949€. That is insane. Off contract. Yeah, but I'm looking off contract too. So,

00:49:12   off contract, iPhone 6 Plus starts at 619 pounds, 699 pounds for the 64GB. Federico,

00:49:22   that is insane. Yeah, look in the chatroom for prices around the world. Yeah, this is

00:49:29   - Plus in Norway is $1200.

00:49:32   - Yeah, which is what it is for me.

00:49:34   - So Myke and Federico, you're both doing the plus 64 gig.

00:49:39   - My sort of thinking is quite similar to Federico.

00:49:43   I'm really intrigued by the semi iPad interface

00:49:46   'cause I use my phone so much.

00:49:49   I like the idea of being able to turn it on its side

00:49:54   and get more out of it.

00:49:55   The keyboard stuff is really interesting to me.

00:49:57   I like the idea of it.

00:49:58   I do like having a larger screen in general.

00:50:01   I don't know if I'm gonna like a screen this big.

00:50:03   I saw a relative today who has a six inch phone

00:50:07   and it was okay to hold.

00:50:11   Like it wasn't the best thing ever, but it was fine.

00:50:14   It was definitely usable.

00:50:16   There's definitely more two handed use than one handed use,

00:50:19   but one handed use is possible.

00:50:21   I am a little bit concerned that developers

00:50:24   won't take full advantage of the 6 Plus.

00:50:28   I'm worried that developers probably won't buy,

00:50:31   a lot of developers won't buy it

00:50:33   because it's been getting a bit of like,

00:50:35   oh, why would you buy that kind of phone?

00:50:37   So I'm concerned that people won't take full advantage of it

00:50:40   that is a concern, so I'm hoping that the device

00:50:42   sells really well so it forces people into doing it.

00:50:45   'Cause I think that's somewhat a problem

00:50:47   that we've seen with the iPad recently, right?

00:50:48   People are stopping to use it.

00:50:50   - Right.

00:50:52   And obviously I want higher battery life.

00:50:54   - Oh yeah, thanks for mentioning that, yeah.

00:50:58   - I want higher battery life.

00:51:00   This phone promises that.

00:51:02   However, if it doesn't give me the amount that I need,

00:51:07   I cannot put a Mophie case on this

00:51:10   'cause it will be too big.

00:51:12   So--

00:51:14   - It's gonna be like a skateboard in your hand.

00:51:16   - Yeah, it will be insane.

00:51:18   I will need someone else to come around with me

00:51:21   to carry my phone for me.

00:51:22   - You would need a license for that.

00:51:25   - So basically, this is my thinking.

00:51:27   I already have one of those Mophie juice packs

00:51:31   and I figured that in a best case scenario,

00:51:34   I would need that in emergencies, but not every day.

00:51:37   Like I currently use with my,

00:51:39   I mean like the Mophie brick, right?

00:51:43   I have one of those,

00:51:44   but I also have the Mophie case on my phone.

00:51:46   I need the Mophie case on my phone

00:51:47   for my phone to just be operational for a whole day.

00:51:50   with the amount that I use it.

00:51:52   But I'm hoping that my phone will get me through

00:51:54   most of the day, maybe one charge at lunch or something,

00:51:59   or when I'm sitting at my desk for a bit, which is fine.

00:52:01   And then if I'm out somewhere, or I'm traveling,

00:52:06   then I can rely on the little Mopi brick.

00:52:09   So what I figure I'm gonna do is I'm not sure

00:52:12   if I can use the screen, I don't know how great

00:52:17   that's gonna be, I don't know how the battery's

00:52:19   gonna be for me but I have 14 days in which I can return it. It's true. So

00:52:24   that's what I'm gonna do. I plan to I'm gonna get the 6 Plus. So what are you

00:52:27   gonna do with your iPad because you have a mini. Yes that's the other thing I

00:52:30   don't know there like in theory in my mind I won't need an iPad anymore

00:52:35   because they're so close like really there's I think the difference there is

00:52:40   it actually ends up not being that much I can type with two hands on the iPad

00:52:47   I don't know if we had to do that on the iPhone, who knows?

00:52:51   There's all these questions.

00:52:52   I don't know what I would do iPad wise.

00:52:54   I don't think I'd ever want an iPad Air.

00:52:58   I don't like it.

00:52:59   I think it's too big.

00:53:01   I think it would be strange to have both a mini and the 6 Plus, but we'll see.

00:53:07   I mean, I am very intrigued by this phone, but it may be that I go two weeks and it's

00:53:14   just not the one for me.

00:53:15   Yeah.

00:53:16   I should say that I'm not sure. I may change my mind. Especially because of the money.

00:53:21   But the other thing to say about the Mophie, sorry Federico, is a 4.7 inch phone with a

00:53:26   Mophie is also too big.

00:53:29   Why don't you use an external battery pack? Not a case.

00:53:33   I do, but I have one. But I'm out and about and on the go, walking around and doing things.

00:53:42   So it just sits in this case.

00:53:44   I don't want to be carrying around this brick and cable

00:53:47   and putting that in my pocket.

00:53:49   Yeah, you know why I use it?

00:53:50   It's because I drive a car.

00:53:52   There you go.

00:53:53   And I have room for the cable and everything.

00:53:56   Yeah, it makes sense.

00:53:57   The second I'm in my car, and I use Bluetooth audio,

00:54:00   but I still have a lightning cable in the car,

00:54:04   so I can charge the second that I'm in there.

00:54:09   So you guys are both doing at this point six plus.

00:54:12   - Maybe.

00:54:13   - Maybe, Myke doesn't know what he's doing with his iPad.

00:54:16   Federico is thinking about a bigger iPad.

00:54:18   So I have the iPhone 5, I did not upgrade to the 5S,

00:54:23   and I have the iPad Air.

00:54:25   My plan is to do the 6, the 4.7 inch phone.

00:54:28   The battery life is tempting, it's not drastic.

00:54:32   If it was several hours more,

00:54:35   instead of one or two hours more,

00:54:36   I think it would be more tempting.

00:54:38   And the optical image stabilization is tempting,

00:54:41   but I think going from the five to the six

00:54:44   will be a nice enough improvement on the camera

00:54:46   that I'll be okay.

00:54:47   So my plan is to do the 64 gig iPhone 6, not the plus,

00:54:52   and I'm gonna pre-order Friday morning.

00:54:56   - Yeah, I'll be pre-ordering.

00:54:59   - Yeah.

00:55:00   - Of course, in Italy, we gotta wait a week.

00:55:02   - Oh, really?

00:55:03   - Yeah.

00:55:04   - Oh, sorry, man.

00:55:05   - It's out on the 26th, yeah.

00:55:08   I'm hoping that I'll be pre-ordering and then I'm gonna be in Italy and Federico refuses to come and meet me

00:55:13   So that's me now?

00:55:16   When I get home from Italia, hopefully there'll be a phone waiting for me.

00:55:28   Dude, they're supposed to deliver

00:55:29   The phone in the US is supposed to ship like September 18th or 19th

00:55:34   which is right when we're having our baby and so it's a I get like super slow-mo the birth if it's

00:55:39   This fun is likely gonna be bigger than your baby

00:55:44   It's true. I don't know. We've had pretty big babies in the past. So we'll see

00:55:49   So we should talk about

00:55:53   Payments

00:55:56   We should we should hold this a bit because this I have like a million things to say I think

00:56:03   we should maybe just top-level it and then come back to it.

00:56:07   But basically, Apple did exactly what I expected.

00:56:12   NFC, they have this secure enclave thing.

00:56:16   It's not an Apple thing, like it's a standard thing

00:56:19   for banks to allow you to use NFC for their payments

00:56:23   to be a third party.

00:56:25   You have to have something that is called

00:56:26   a secure enclave in the phones.

00:56:28   It could be another reason why Apple

00:56:30   haven't done it right now, because it was another thing

00:56:32   they had to put in the phone.

00:56:33   it's like a separate chip.

00:56:34   And I think it interacts with the SIM card in some way.

00:56:37   Because you typically,

00:56:40   typically with other, in other institutions

00:56:44   or other examples of this,

00:56:46   you register your phone number with your bank as well,

00:56:48   which helps enable this sort of transaction.

00:56:51   I don't know if Apple are doing that,

00:56:52   it might just be using an Apple ID type scenario with that.

00:56:56   There's a lot of interesting stuff here.

00:57:03   The fact that they're US only is kind of expected,

00:57:06   but I think is not the right place to do it.

00:57:10   As I said before, Europe is much more,

00:57:15   it has the infrastructure in place already to deal with this.

00:57:18   Apple is having to probably strong arm

00:57:20   a lot of these companies and help them along

00:57:23   in getting this done.

00:57:24   But obviously it's the only place they would do it.

00:57:27   Why would they do it anywhere else to start with?

00:57:30   I love these conversations, I love on Slice Slides,

00:57:33   we're like, and we're hoping to work with,

00:57:35   they've not spoken to any bank outside

00:57:37   the United States of America.

00:57:38   They haven't.

00:57:39   And now they're just hoping that the other banks

00:57:41   will come knocking.

00:57:43   But Apple will have to court everyone on this

00:57:46   because these are huge financial institutions.

00:57:48   It is exactly everything that you would want.

00:57:51   I haven't seen payment limits yet.

00:57:56   I don't know if they're out, but in theory,

00:57:57   you should be, if your bank permits,

00:57:59   you should be able to do transactions

00:58:01   of multiple hundreds of dollars with this

00:58:03   because of the added security of Touch ID.

00:58:06   So that's a really interesting idea.

00:58:07   Typically these sort of contactless payments,

00:58:10   as they're called in Europe and other places,

00:58:12   is for small amounts.

00:58:16   Because Apple is using this,

00:58:18   it's a second factor authentication method

00:58:21   by having the Touch ID sensor involved

00:58:25   that you should be able to do larger amounts.

00:58:28   It's super interesting, but I think we're not gonna see

00:58:32   the ramifications of this in the US for some time,

00:58:34   because there is select retailers, some weird retailers,

00:58:39   that don't seem to fit Apple like McDonald's, strange.

00:58:44   I was surprised we didn't see Starbucks.

00:58:46   - So it was on one slide, but not on the other.

00:58:50   I don't know what the deal was with that.

00:58:52   - Right, okay.

00:58:53   - But more so than that,

00:58:54   I bank with a small local credit union that is not,

00:58:59   they barely have online banking.

00:59:02   They're not gonna do this.

00:59:03   And so for me, yes, our business account is at a big bank,

00:59:08   but my personal one is not.

00:59:10   And so there's some confusion to me.

00:59:13   They say if your debit card is in iTunes, you can use it,

00:59:15   but if your bank doesn't allow it, can you use it?

00:59:18   There's a lot of gray area.

00:59:19   - I think the debit card in iTunes part

00:59:21   is for like in-app purchases with Apple Pay

00:59:25   as opposed to card transactions via NFC with Apple Pay.

00:59:30   They are two separate things.

00:59:32   - Yeah, I don't know.

00:59:33   So we're gonna keep an eye on it.

00:59:35   And I'm sure we will revisit.

00:59:38   - One of those things, we're gonna change the world

00:59:41   and then there's a little asterisk

00:59:43   and the asterisk says US only.

00:59:45   - Yeah, we're gonna change the world one country at a time.

00:59:48   - It's really hard for me to care at this point.

00:59:50   I mean, it's super fascinating.

00:59:51   It's just, you know, in America.

00:59:53   - Like, I want this so bad, you can't even understand.

00:59:58   - Yeah.

00:59:59   - This is a feature that I really want

01:00:02   'cause I love the contactless technology.

01:00:06   Like, there is so many things that can be done with this.

01:00:09   And also, including NFC in the phones is a big deal

01:00:13   and there could be so many things Apple could do with that,

01:00:16   like with HomeKit, which we don't know

01:00:19   that's going to be opened up at any point but like homekit and handoff and

01:00:24   continuity NFC could play a big role in that in the future. Yeah it is

01:00:27   interesting that the payments are opened to third parties they showed uber target

01:00:33   a couple others so that's pretty interesting but I do you know I do fear

01:00:38   that it will be sort of a niche market but you know we will see you know it's

01:00:47   It's hard to gauge this sort of thing.

01:00:49   Is this going to be something that really makes a difference or is it going to be something

01:00:52   that's sort of just like, oh I use it in the Apple Store and Whole Foods but most of the

01:00:56   time it doesn't impact my life.

01:00:58   See this is the thing, it would be used in Europe.

01:01:02   It would.

01:01:03   Like I know it would and it's a big thing here.

01:01:05   It wouldn't be used in Viterbo but maybe in Europe it would be used.

01:01:10   Will people finally start caring about Passbook thanks to this?

01:01:15   Is it even Passbook though?

01:01:17   It's Passbook.

01:01:18   It is.

01:01:19   It's in Passbook, right?

01:01:20   Yeah.

01:01:21   I thought there might have been an Apple Pay app.

01:01:23   I didn't recall that.

01:01:25   There's a new icon for Passbook too.

01:01:29   It's like a new design.

01:01:30   Right, let's take a break because I spent more time on that than I said I was going

01:01:34   to.

01:01:35   I really care about this, guys.

01:01:37   I think I'm the only person.

01:01:38   You really care about money.

01:01:40   Me and Eddy Cue, we really care about this.

01:01:44   shirt Eddie.

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01:02:43   - Amazing.

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01:03:50   So-- - The time,

01:03:54   the time has come.

01:03:56   - We gotta talk about one more thing.

01:03:58   - The wearable.

01:03:59   So Federico, break this down, tell us how it is.

01:04:05   So Apple announced a watch and it's not called the iWatch, it's called Apple Watch.

01:04:11   And it comes in three different models, the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the

01:04:17   Apple Watch Edition, which is going to be the most expensive version.

01:04:22   Each model has two sizes, I assume one is a women's model, the other is a standard model

01:04:31   for larger hands, that was at least my assumption.

01:04:37   It's a watch, basically.

01:04:39   It's clearly not a device made for tech geeks, necessarily.

01:04:46   It's a very fashionable item.

01:04:49   Apple spent a lot of efforts both on the website and in the product videos talking about the

01:04:59   effort of making a smart, they never said smartwatch, right, because that's the term

01:05:05   that we use to define, to describe these kind of devices. They wanted to highlight how they

01:05:14   spent so much time trying to make a fine timepiece that builds on the tradition of watchmaking

01:05:24   and combine that with features from the watchOS, which according to Apple is an iOS-based operating

01:05:32   system for the watch.

01:05:34   And so they try to really highlight how the Apple Watch wants to be a regular watch that

01:05:44   you want to buy and that you want to wear and that you want to use as some kind of statement,

01:05:49   right?

01:05:50   is about statement and taste and luxury maybe in a way. But also the kind of watch that helps you

01:05:58   take advantage of your time to manage time in a better way and to have an active lifestyle

01:06:09   and to be in shape and to have a better connection with your iPhone. So Apple used the...

01:06:16   I went to the Apple PR website and I went looking for the original press release for the first iPhone

01:06:23   and Apple used the title "Apple reinvents the phone with iPhone" and instead with the Apple Watch,

01:06:31   Apple is saying "the most personal device we ever made" and that's another big point from Apple

01:06:40   is that they're trying to push the Apple Watch not only as a fashionable object, which it

01:06:48   totally is because it's made from premium materials, and there's gonna be aluminum models,

01:06:55   there's going to be stainless steel, there's going to be 18 straps and bands designed and

01:07:01   crafted by Apple, there's going to be a gold option.

01:07:06   And it is a fine object and a great looking, in my opinion, timepiece.

01:07:15   But Apple is also trying to say that because it's on your wrist and because you wear the

01:07:19   Apple Watch, we can make the software more personal by looking at stuff like your heart

01:07:27   rate because we have sensors and because we can use that for some kind of software features

01:07:34   that we're going to talk about in a few minutes.

01:07:37   And so to my surprise, I have a lot of questions and doubts about the Apple Watch, right?

01:07:43   Because we talked about this before a lot.

01:07:47   And I think the product that we saw yesterday is kind of in the middle of what Myke was

01:07:54   arguing and what I was arguing.

01:07:56   I completely agree, and I'm so happy you see it that way.

01:08:00   Yeah, I think it's kind of in the middle.

01:08:02   I think we saw that there's a little spark of an idea of using sensors to make regular

01:08:12   software more personal, but we didn't see much of that.

01:08:17   We did see a lot of fashion, which is exactly what we were saying last year, or actually

01:08:24   a few months ago. And we also saw a lot of traditional smartwatch features that Myke

01:08:32   was saying, there's gonna be a lot of those. And I didn't think that Apple would do, you

01:08:37   know, I mean, basically, I think Ben Thompson counted the number of apps shown in the screenshots

01:08:46   and demo videos. Apple showed 64 apps for the Apple Watch.

01:08:52   That interface looks insane. It looks good, but I don't even know if I'm going to know

01:08:59   where to start. They had one app, which was a stopwatch, and then an app next to it that

01:09:05   was a timer. You could put those in one. You don't need separate apps for the stopwatch

01:09:11   and the timer. Apple is saying that all these apps are meant

01:09:15   for lightweight functionalities and simple interactions.

01:09:21   So I think that what we saw yesterday is a kind of middle ground between what Myke was

01:09:29   saying, there's gonna be a smartwatch with all these notification features because I

01:09:32   want to get stuff from my phone to my wrist because it's quicker, because it's easier

01:09:37   and because it's more convenient in some situations.

01:09:41   But there's also a strong health and fitness related aspect.

01:09:46   And there is this idea of using sensors and feedback on your skin to make these apps behave

01:09:54   in a different way than what we're used to with phones.

01:09:57   But I think we'll have to wait and see if Apple is going to do more of that if there

01:10:02   is stuff that we haven't seen yesterday because the Apple Watch doesn't ship until

01:10:06   early next year.

01:10:08   And so I have a lot of doubts and questions and I wasn't expecting Apple to do this kind

01:10:17   of new product that does a lot of things.

01:10:20   It's not the kind of product that you expect from Apple, because we're used to imagine

01:10:26   that Apple does a very basic and simple thing and with time it gains more features, like

01:10:31   iOS for instance, or like the iPhone.

01:10:34   And instead, this looks like a new product.

01:10:37   And I don't know what to think, I don't know because the cynical part of me wants to say

01:10:43   Apple couldn't decide, so they just added everything.

01:10:47   And the other part says maybe Apple now has the expertise after all these years of iOS

01:10:53   and they know all, people eventually are gonna want all these features, so they're gonna

01:10:58   start from the first version with all this stuff.

01:11:02   And I don't know what to think right now.

01:11:04   I think it is interesting that Apple is investing so much on the fashion component and on the

01:11:12   materials, on the design, on the machinery used to create the bands and the straps.

01:11:21   And it is going to be interesting to see with apps and sensors the kind of access the developers

01:11:28   gain to information about your body, basically about your movements.

01:11:34   And if this is going to play out as a fancier, Apple-like, traditional smartwatch, or if

01:11:42   there's going to be at some point after the release, there's going to be the kind of surprise,

01:11:51   kind of app and the kind of API that says "okay this is different and I need this"

01:11:59   So I have a lot of thoughts but I'll let you guys continue because this is too much

01:12:05   for me.

01:12:08   From a functionality standpoint, that was something that we argued about with smartwatches

01:12:14   with the Pebble back on the prompt.

01:12:18   I would say that you could split the functionality of the Apple Watch right at the middle.

01:12:23   You have sort of smart watch air quote things like notifications and apps and sort of the

01:12:29   weird messaging which is like I don't want to send anyone my heartbeat but whatever.

01:12:35   I think on all of that stuff I think they're doing a nice job but I don't know if it's

01:12:39   a drastically different thing to what Android Wear is doing right.

01:12:42   It's all this like basic glanceable information but you still need your smartphone to respond

01:12:47   to an email. Where I do think... Oh, you could use Siri. Yeah, which is like, Siri barely works on my phone. I don't.

01:12:55   When he's on a watch. I say that now. Where I think they have moved the needle

01:13:02   is on the fitness side of things and there's been a lot of people I talk in

01:13:06   my office at work a lot of people on Twitter complain that it doesn't have

01:13:09   its own GPS so I can't if I go for a run I have to take my phone with me if I

01:13:16   I want to track where I've gone.

01:13:18   And that's obvious, like 2.0 or 3.0 hardware feature.

01:13:23   But I think Apple bringing fitness stuff to the masses

01:13:27   is really interesting.

01:13:29   Tim Cook said on stage, he said,

01:13:32   "This is important to me and it's important to Apple."

01:13:35   And that's another thing where like the one more thing

01:13:38   comment, this is very clearly Tim Cook's product.

01:13:43   And there's a lot of details that are still missing,

01:13:46   clearly, but the fact that this thing not only tracks steps

01:13:50   and heart rate and all that stuff, just like the Fitbit

01:13:52   or the Samsung Watch or any other thing,

01:13:56   I think where Apple is going to make a difference

01:14:00   is sort of the coaching and sort of the,

01:14:03   "Hey, let's get you moving a little bit more,"

01:14:07   giving suggestions.

01:14:08   And I know, I spoke to somebody today actually

01:14:10   with the Jawbone Up 24 and the Jawbone app does some of that.

01:14:14   But I think Apple's gonna make it really easy.

01:14:16   And I think that, like when I think of the watch,

01:14:20   so far, I'm using like 24 hours later,

01:14:24   but my brain goes to the fitness stuff first.

01:14:27   And I sort of view the notification app stuff

01:14:31   almost as secondary and whether that is how it pans out

01:14:36   in practice, I don't know.

01:14:38   But I think it's pretty clear--

01:14:39   - Is it a personal preference?

01:14:40   'Cause I see it the opposite way.

01:14:42   - Yeah, I'm with Steven, I totally agree.

01:14:44   I think that the recommendations and the suggestions

01:14:48   are gonna be a huge feature,

01:14:51   especially because I mean,

01:14:52   it's fine when you get all these charts and little graphs

01:14:55   in the application on the phone and other stuff

01:15:00   like the job and app, you know,

01:15:02   but when you get a simple message like, you know,

01:15:06   walk more or try to take a break, right?

01:15:10   Don't just sit all day in front of your computer.

01:15:14   You know, this kind of... and plus Apple is saying that the watch is going to learn over time

01:15:19   from your habits and try to get better with the suggestions. I think that's a

01:15:23   powerful message, right? The coaching and, you know,

01:15:26   you can wear this device and with time it gets better because it learns

01:15:30   from you.

01:15:32   And it's not just a pretty graph with, you know, progress.

01:15:35   That's a powerful feature, I think.

01:15:38   - Did you guys find in the demo

01:15:41   like the possibility for confusion around

01:15:47   what you do with touch and when you use the crown?

01:15:50   - So I have,

01:15:51   I have one problem that I have is like,

01:15:55   when Tim started talking about this,

01:15:58   he's like, "We don't want you touching the screen

01:16:00   and hiding the screen."

01:16:01   And then like 10 minutes later, like,

01:16:03   and then you swipe and then you tap and it there seems like the amount of input methods

01:16:09   so you can tap it you can swipe it you can force tap it you can speak to it and you can

01:16:16   use the digital crown which can zoom or it can scroll or you can click it.

01:16:22   It's basically no like there's no two finger gestures I don't think.

01:16:29   I think there is one. I think actually... let me check.

01:16:32   I think there is a two-finger gesture, I think.

01:16:35   There is two... I think you would get used to it.

01:16:39   And I'm sure that over time you would understand what things do.

01:16:43   But it seems like there are too many input methods.

01:16:47   Steven, do you want to know what the two-finger gesture is used for?

01:16:50   Yes.

01:16:51   To send your heartbeat to someone else.

01:16:53   Oh my god.

01:16:55   That heartbeat thing, by the way...

01:16:57   I think I think it's super cute and it's very very sweet and I look at it and I'm like

01:17:03   that is a lovely thing to do. You know it's not sweet? Creepy 3d emoji.

01:17:09   Yeah okay that was a bit weird. The hands freak me out so much. But there's only one person in the world that I want to sell my

01:17:17   heartbeat to. Me! And it's Steven and I'm no it's it's my girlfriend and I don't

01:17:23   think that she's necessarily going to want to buy one of these.

01:17:28   For a second I thought you were going to say Eric Schmidt.

01:17:31   I mean I would send it to Eric Schmidt.

01:17:33   He already has it.

01:17:35   Right.

01:17:36   But like, so I was thinking like all of this stuff like these little, the drawing things

01:17:43   and stuff like that, it's a really nice, I like it, I think it's very nice.

01:17:49   But there aren't a lot of people in the world that I would want to send that sort of stuff

01:17:51   to.

01:17:52   weird if I sent Steven a little like heart that I drew out on my phone like I feel like I would use it completely

01:18:00   like ironically

01:18:03   Yeah, well and there's the whole thing Brian Hamilton brings up in the chat is so in the demo

01:18:09   He's like I drew three blue circles and we just know that that's code for what are you gonna do for lunch?

01:18:15   And again, like just a very message. Yeah. Well, it's a very intimate thing, right?

01:18:20   like I'm sure you guys with your significant others have a shorthand right of

01:18:25   Injokes or references and I get what they're trying to do and I can even get behind most of it

01:18:32   but it it's it's obviously a new thing and I don't

01:18:38   know

01:18:41   Like how like is that gonna just be cheesy in real life or is it going to be sweet? I don't know

01:18:46   It's it's clearly too early to tell

01:18:49   But I would like I would like to try it

01:18:51   But I don't I I don't think it has like they have like when they brought up that little you press the button

01:18:57   It shows all the faces like 12 people. I don't have 12 people. I want to send my heartbeat to

01:19:01   It just doesn't exist and and even if I do I'm sure those 12 people won't all own one of these devices

01:19:07   anyway

01:19:10   I'm I am very excited about this watch because it's it's basically

01:19:17   everything that I wanted

01:19:19   All right, it does some extra things that are really cool, but I wanted the Android wear

01:19:26   Made by Apple so it gives me all of that information

01:19:31   I mean that's the key thing for me is the information and it also will have apps that will allow you to do some

01:19:36   Some extra things that's exactly what I wanted and it's made with Apple design and it looks fantastic

01:19:42   That that that's what you know

01:19:44   And and yes that that was what I've been asking for for the last few months and what me and Federico been screaming at each other

01:19:51   about

01:19:53   its

01:19:55   Which makes the day feel very anticlimactic. There's no there's been no yelling about this

01:19:59   Yeah, there's nothing to yell about like originally I was like I'm gonna go in there and I'm gonna say see Federico

01:20:05   I told you but then the more that I thought about it

01:20:08   It's like, it is close to what Federico was saying

01:20:12   in that it's done differently and it is more refined.

01:20:16   Apple, I would say that they're not doing anything that,

01:20:20   I mean everybody was saying,

01:20:22   there's gonna be this unexpected thing

01:20:23   that we can't even think about.

01:20:24   I don't think we've got that.

01:20:27   The only thing we didn't know

01:20:28   is sending our heartbeat to each other

01:20:29   and I don't think that that is this amazing thing

01:20:31   that everyone was wishing for.

01:20:33   I think if I, I'm just gonna go on with other things

01:20:37   that I think about now.

01:20:39   The watch faces on the whole, I don't think look very good.

01:20:43   - And it seems like, so I'm on the apple.com/watch/design

01:20:50   and there's like, I don't know, like 15 or so watch faces

01:20:55   and in the video, it shows that you can change

01:20:59   what they are, you can mix and match a little bit.

01:21:02   I do not like the one that's a butterfly, but I don't know.

01:21:06   look okay I'm really curious how the screen itself looks like they did not

01:21:09   give the resolution of the screen I don't believe yep I agree that I think

01:21:17   I was on the talk show they were talking about it I don't want a smart watch that

01:21:22   like I want a digital like a smart display like one that shows me the

01:21:28   upcoming you know alarm or sunset like I don't want just a watch face on something

01:21:32   like this. Which is what they're showing like an analog watch face which is...

01:21:35   Yeah, there's one of those Mickey Mouse hands that go around.

01:21:37   Oh, I know. You're going to show me like six and that's one of them?

01:21:41   Yeah.

01:21:43   I think that was one of the watch faces on the iPod Nano from 2010.

01:21:48   It was. They also had like Kermit and...

01:21:51   So one of the interesting things that I'm thinking about a lot

01:21:56   is kind of the new dimension that the sensors on the watch

01:22:02   watch ad for iPhone developers. So I was considering, right, you have this new heart rate sensor

01:22:10   thing going on and there's going to be a watch kit API to make apps for the watch and there's

01:22:19   a post by Greg Pierce, the drafts and terminology developer, and he's arguing that, in his opinion,

01:22:29   watch apps are going to be like extensions, they're going to be bundled inside iPhone

01:22:34   or iPad apps and you can just transfer them to the watch.

01:22:38   And I think that's a good point but we don't know that right now.

01:22:42   But my point is, iPhone developers like Apple is doing with the activity and fitness apps,

01:22:48   they should be able to access information collected on the watch and use it in some

01:22:54   way on the iPhone.

01:22:56   So I was thinking about the heartbeat and what if, and I'm just thinking out loud basically,

01:23:03   what if you're playing a horror game and the game can adjust the monsters that they show

01:23:12   you based on the level of your heartbeat?

01:23:15   Or what if all these other apps, they can track your heartbeat and activity and do other...

01:23:25   I don't know, I think there is an idea maybe about this new, about software that is not

01:23:32   necessarily fitness related but that can take advantage of your body and of these sensors

01:23:38   in new ways and I'm hoping that by the final release we will see these kind of ideas because

01:23:45   otherwise it seems like wasted potential, right, to just have a sensor and use it for

01:23:50   messaging and of course the fitness tracking.

01:23:54   But that's another point.

01:23:56   So maybe developers will come up with ideas, maybe Apple is already working on these ideas

01:24:01   and they didn't show all the stuff they were working on yesterday.

01:24:05   But I think it's an interesting...

01:24:08   There is potential about doing different stuff that's not sending my heartbeat to Steven

01:24:14   or running, because by the way I cannot run for my...

01:24:20   another story but I kind of wish I'll be able to do more. What about the price?

01:24:25   It's gonna cost you a lot of money to go to option. So I'm curious to where the

01:24:30   top level is. Starting at 350. Personally I would have liked to have seen it start at

01:24:36   299. I think crossing that 300 threshold... I mean yes I understand

01:24:44   that watches are expensive and they are luxury items and this is made

01:24:48   out of fantastic materials. I get all of that. It is still a consumer electronic and four,

01:24:56   five hundred dollars will buy you an iPad.

01:25:00   That is, and I know that with Apple products you can never put them side by side on price

01:25:05   because it all starts to get crazy, but it's still a three hundred and fifty dollar accessory

01:25:10   for an iPhone. That is what it is because it doesn't work on its own, is my assumption,

01:25:16   in any way.

01:25:17   I disagree with you already.

01:25:19   - Okay, please tell me that.

01:25:21   - I disagree because, I mean, if you look at the website

01:25:25   and if you look at the marketing material, Apple is--

01:25:27   - What Apple, and Federico, what Apple is saying it is,

01:25:31   is one thing, like Apple is saying it's fashion, right?

01:25:35   - Yeah.

01:25:35   - It is a consumer electronics item, it is.

01:25:38   - I don't think they wanna sell that as a device.

01:25:40   - Of course they don't wanna sell it that way,

01:25:42   because they want it to be a fashion item.

01:25:43   But it is a consumer electronic item,

01:25:45   because you can dress it up with fancy bands,

01:25:50   but it is a tiny computer that you wear on your wrist.

01:25:52   - It's not their stuff.

01:25:54   It's a combination of those two things.

01:25:57   It's not like a display with stuff around it.

01:25:59   It just happens to be a watch.

01:26:01   - I'm not trying to downplay it

01:26:02   'cause I think it looks fantastic.

01:26:03   When I say dress it up, I don't mean it.

01:26:04   I can see the incredible work that's gone into it,

01:26:07   but it's still Apple selling it

01:26:11   and Apple is a consumer electronics company.

01:26:13   - Yeah, I don't know.

01:26:14   it's gonna be expensive. It is expensive that's my point I don't think it should

01:26:19   be as expensive. I think it's a case of $50 in it right for me but I think that you

01:26:26   just you keep the base under 300 and then people can choose whatever they

01:26:29   want. One thing I'd also love to see I would love to see Apple open the ability

01:26:35   for fashion companies to make straps for it. I don't think only Apple should be

01:26:42   making the straps? Just to just to say. Yeah I mean they maybe could open it up it is

01:26:48   very clever you know one thing you could do you know you could buy the you know

01:26:52   if I were to buy one you know I like the sport version in the dark the space

01:26:59   grey aluminum but you know you can change the watch face and change the

01:27:02   band and it has a very different look and you can make it colorful and bright

01:27:05   or you can make it sort of subdued you know one thing I really like about the

01:27:09   the watch that I wear is that the face is black the band is black it's very

01:27:12   subdued it's not it's not flashy and so you can you can tone this thing up or

01:27:16   tone it down depending on what you want to do with just you know swapping in a

01:27:20   band and changing the face so it is it is customizable and flexible from a

01:27:26   fashion perspective which is something that like like you know my watch like

01:27:30   isn't great with a suit like it's okay but it's better if I'm just in my normal

01:27:36   you know jeans and a dress shirt. That part I think they got right and

01:27:43   especially for a version one I mean there's a bunch of options here and

01:27:47   that's really impressive to me that they you know have six cases already

01:27:53   plus however many bands. It's beautiful it is a it's a beautiful thing I must

01:27:59   Federico, are you gonna buy one?

01:28:01   - Yeah, of course.

01:28:03   - Stephen?

01:28:04   - I'm unsure.

01:28:08   I'm unsure at this point.

01:28:11   And after you answer, I wanna come back

01:28:15   'cause I've got one more thing I wanna add.

01:28:16   - Yes, I am.

01:28:18   - Tell people you are, okay.

01:28:19   - Yeah, I will be buying.

01:28:21   - So two yeas and one maybe.

01:28:23   I will tell you this, it will be something

01:28:27   that I do not pre-order.

01:28:28   I want to see it in person.

01:28:30   Printing out the thing last night,

01:28:31   it's the big one is the size of the Seiko watch

01:28:34   that I wear now, but I want to see it.

01:28:38   Want to see it.

01:28:41   So here's my big overall thing.

01:28:43   Apple sometimes gets excited about things

01:28:49   that don't go anywhere.

01:28:52   So you can, I mean, it's hard to come with

01:28:54   like a hardware example.

01:28:57   - iPod Hi-Fi. - iPod Hi-Fi.

01:28:59   And software, I think more on the software side.

01:29:04   Apple's like, "Hey,"

01:29:05   I think payments very easily could be this,

01:29:07   like, "Hey, we got this awesome thing,"

01:29:09   and it doesn't really go anywhere.

01:29:10   Like the iBook store and iBooks Author,

01:29:12   like, yeah, it's cool in a small market,

01:29:14   but Apple did not revolutionize textbooks.

01:29:16   The danger here for Apple is you get Tim Cook on stage,

01:29:21   very clearly his product,

01:29:23   very clearly Johnny Ives' project.

01:29:25   This is their baby.

01:29:26   And for Tim to get on stage and say,

01:29:29   "This is the next chapter in Apple's story,"

01:29:32   is a huge statement.

01:29:34   It's absolutely monumental.

01:29:37   And if this doesn't do well,

01:29:40   I think it will within Apple,

01:29:43   you know, people listening to shows like ours,

01:29:45   but if this doesn't do well, mass market,

01:29:48   I don't know what they do.

01:29:49   And I'm not saying,

01:29:50   so to stop the follow up before it happens,

01:29:54   I'm not saying that the watch has to have

01:29:57   an iPhone size market.

01:29:59   Nothing is going to be the size of the iPhone.

01:30:01   The iPhone is a one of a kind.

01:30:03   The iPad is one of a kind.

01:30:05   But if they only sell 250,000 of these things,

01:30:09   I don't think that's successful.

01:30:10   And then what do they do?

01:30:11   Do they just keep trucking along?

01:30:14   Or is it something that they back away from

01:30:16   and then it's like, oh, you know,

01:30:18   this was gonna be the next chapter

01:30:21   but turns out no one really wants one.

01:30:23   And I have no idea how that story ends.

01:30:26   I really can't sit here and guess in a year

01:30:30   how many of these things they've sold

01:30:32   and how successful it has been.

01:30:34   I do, someone said iTunes, iTunes ping.

01:30:39   - You've got lots of G4 cubes as well.

01:30:41   - Yeah, I have a G4 cube, Joe Steele.

01:30:44   - You might have one, it doesn't mean it's a success.

01:30:47   - Yeah, it was not a success.

01:30:50   So I don't know, that worries me a little bit

01:30:53   because they're so clearly have invested so much in it.

01:30:57   And very publicly have said, this is the future.

01:31:00   This is where we're going.

01:31:01   I do think that's not an answer

01:31:04   that we're gonna have in six months.

01:31:06   It's not even probably an answer we're gonna have in a year.

01:31:08   This is a two, three, four year thing

01:31:10   to see what this thing does.

01:31:13   It is very interesting.

01:31:15   I do think ultimately lots of Apple people,

01:31:18   nerds will have them.

01:31:19   I just don't know, like my wife does not want one.

01:31:23   like, will she want one in the future?

01:31:25   Like that sort of market is what I wonder,

01:31:30   you know, I wonder how they're gonna react.

01:31:32   - Oh no.

01:31:35   I'm Federica, I'm glad that we found our point to argue over.

01:31:40   - Yeah, now it's the price.

01:31:42   - Yeah.

01:31:43   - Yeah, I mean, there's so much potential,

01:31:47   I think, for stuff that Apple didn't announce yesterday.

01:31:51   We didn't see a single mention of HomeKit, of using the Apple Watch for authentication

01:31:58   that is not Apple Pay.

01:32:01   There's plenty of stuff that could come with the first release or that Apple may be saving

01:32:08   for the Apple Watch 2, so it's super early to tell.

01:32:12   I think it's both, I think it's wrong to say this is going to be the future or this is

01:32:18   is going to be a huge failure.

01:32:20   And so I guess we're--

01:32:22   reasonable people often choose to wait.

01:32:26   And I think we should wait and see what happens.

01:32:29   And now my problem, actually, is trying

01:32:32   to choose a band for the watch.

01:32:35   Yeah, I've been thinking about that.

01:32:39   I'm serious, because the sports one is nice, right?

01:32:44   And it's not too serious.

01:32:45   I'm not that, you know, I never, I'm not too fancy in the kind of clothes that I wear.

01:32:53   I mean, I want to look good, but I'm not too sophisticated.

01:32:58   I'm not too sophisticated, right?

01:32:59   And because the gold one is not for me.

01:33:03   So there's the Apple watch with the Milanese band.

01:33:09   I love that one.

01:33:10   Yeah, the loop, right?

01:33:12   Yeah, I really love that one.

01:33:14   looks fantastic but also the stainless steel looks great.

01:33:18   Yep.

01:33:19   Hey, Wilfredo Rico, buy a more one.

01:33:21   Yeah, sure.

01:33:22   Yeah.

01:33:23   Yeah.

01:33:24   I should sell my house to get Apple watches.

01:33:27   The differences between them, right, is the materials they're made out of.

01:33:31   And is there a thickness difference?

01:33:34   I mean, I'm sure there's some, but Apple said they're all pretty thin.

01:33:37   You know, the classic buckle looks a little thick.

01:33:41   The leather loop does not look good to me.

01:33:43   I meant the watch faces.

01:33:45   Oh, no, I think they're all the... I don't think Apple said the thickness, which is interesting.

01:33:50   Apple didn't publish any tech specs, which is also interesting because clearly this is not an

01:33:56   announcement for the tech nerds. This won't do more than a day

01:34:01   battery life and they kind of said that. They're like, "It will last you all day."

01:34:05   Yeah, that... I don't want to charge a watch every night. You will be.

01:34:10   charges nice though like magsafe is a great way of doing it like

01:34:13   They need to put that into like some sort of dock though. I think would be really sweet

01:34:18   You know, you just plug it into a little dock put you turn down on it at night

01:34:21   But I would then be carrying around more cables to charge my devices when I go places modern a day

01:34:27   But I am excited about this get it you get a mofie

01:34:31   Respect to watch just sit inside. That's a great. That's Stephen go

01:34:36   Open a kickstarter right now

01:34:39   for the Mophie watch. Done. What could we call that? I'm gonna give you so much

01:34:46   money. So my mother called me today. I just wanted to conclude on this note.

01:34:53   My mother calls me and she's like I watched the live stream yesterday. Okay. How did you do

01:34:59   that? I mean it was impossible. So and she asked me about the Apple watch. So of

01:35:05   course she knows what's coming and now I'm afraid that because she can relate more to

01:35:16   this kind of product, she's gonna ask me about all the details every day because she already

01:35:24   asked me twice today about this watch and what it does because she seems to understand

01:35:29   the watch more. She's not great at using the iPhone, like she does the basic stuff like

01:35:36   messages and Facebook and a little bit of Safari. She gets confused with mail. But the

01:35:42   watch, she seems to be already very much into the idea of an Apple Watch. I wanted to say

01:35:51   this because it's pretty funny, but I think there's a serious point about normal people

01:35:58   find iPhones and computers too much complex and instead the Apple Watch is a

01:36:04   kind of a gateway to new tech for these people and I don't want to say

01:36:13   right now because it's too soon but if this plan works I guess for Apple

01:36:17   fashion will be a new thing and a new kind of halo effect just like the

01:36:25   I don't know, it's something to think about for the watch release.

01:36:33   So I think that's about it, right?

01:36:35   Yeah.

01:36:36   Big week.

01:36:37   Yeah.

01:36:38   Oh, I'm happy we've got some news again.

01:36:41   You were missing the Apple keynotes.

01:36:43   Yeah.

01:36:44   You know what's not great?

01:36:45   It's that I gotta prepare all these articles for next Wednesday.

01:36:50   Yeah, I would say next Wednesday.

01:36:52   So that'll be the topic of the hour next week.

01:36:57   - That will be the end of me

01:36:58   because I'm writing basically 20 hours each day.

01:37:02   So.

01:37:05   - You can do it, buddy.

01:37:08   - Yeah, hopefully.

01:37:10   I don't know.

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