435: I'm So Fedi Sorry


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00:00:02   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 435.

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00:00:15   I'm one of your co-hosts, Federico Viticiu,

00:00:18   and it's my pleasure, as always, this week,

00:00:21   most weeks, now kinda every week,

00:00:23   to introduce my other co-host, Mr. Stephen Hackett.

00:00:25   Hello, Stephen.

00:00:26   - Is it that I'm not here every week

00:00:28   or it's not a pleasure every week?

00:00:29   No, you are, you are, you are here every week.

00:00:32   It's not you, you know, the person who travels around,

00:00:37   goes places, sees stuff and people, you're always here.

00:00:41   Wait for your introduction.

00:00:43   - I'm gonna miss one in a couple of weeks.

00:00:44   I am introduced by Federico as normal most weeks.

00:00:49   It's enjoyable.

00:00:50   Some weeks it's awkward like it is right now.

00:00:52   - God, this is terrible.

00:00:53   - Myke.

00:00:54   - Yo, what's up?

00:00:56   I'm back, baby.

00:00:57   Remember when we were good at podcasting? That was fun.

00:01:01   This is being good at podcasting. Everybody does a regular intro. Who wants a regular

00:01:05   intro?

00:01:06   That's true. That's true. You know, like, usually it's like the crotch of the regular

00:01:10   intro. Like, we just go into these things. You don't even know what's going to happen.

00:01:14   You, Zig and Zach.

00:01:15   You can improvise. I mean, life is already pretty boring with, you know, we got routines

00:01:21   and habits and alarms. Who cares about the intro? Just, you know, just wink and see what

00:01:26   I will say in not in defense of you in attack of you I guess is the opposite we do have like a

00:01:32   Structure of like this person introduces this person. It's like a whole website for it. Mm-hmm

00:01:37   Well, we did it you got you got to start bringing the chaos. There you go. Just introduce people that aren't even here

00:01:43   Okay, please welcome Craig Federighi

00:01:52   We are also joined by John Turnus today. Welcome to the show John

00:01:56   Like that

00:02:01   Alright

00:02:02   Stephen yes, I'm gonna say yeah, I guess something else I want to say before we get started it is on a serious note

00:02:08   But I'm from Memphis still live in Memphis

00:02:12   I've lived here my whole life and if you've seen the news over the last week or so

00:02:17   No doubt you've seen my hometown on the news

00:02:21   after the death of Tyree Nichols at the hands of

00:02:24   Memphis City police officers. Now, five of those officers have been charged with second-degree murder amongst other things and

00:02:32   other first responders have been taken off the job. There's more investigations going and the special unit the officer served in has been disbanded.

00:02:40   There are still questions about

00:02:43   how what started as a traffic stop turned into a fatal beating,

00:02:47   But there is no question in our minds that there should be no place for this

00:02:52   In our society Tyree was just 29 years old and the simple truth is that no one should be treated the way that he was

00:03:00   It's infuriating and heartbreaking

00:03:02   all at once to see people in Memphis and honestly all around the world live in fear of those who swear to protect all of

00:03:08   Us from the very crimes committed by these police officers last month. I hope that you'll join me in

00:03:16   Mourning this and sending love and thoughts to this family

00:03:20   But also join us in pressing our elected officials to restart conversations about police reforms

00:03:26   To make the world a better safer place for all of us

00:03:29   So I've got a couple links in the show notes if you've no idea I'm talking about there's a New York Times

00:03:33   Kind of running page they have going on the story that is in the show notes as well as a article on Vox

00:03:39   That talks about some legislation about police reform that was in play here in the US

00:03:45   and kind of petered out and some stuff got passed and some didn't, but it is extremely unfortunate and

00:03:51   extremely angering that we continue to see this in our country and I think it's something that

00:03:57   We need to address head-on and it being in my hometown

00:04:01   Really drove that home for me in a new way. So

00:04:05   Yeah, if you've reached out to me a bunch of people have thank you like obviously this is very hard time

00:04:11   But you know, I don't know this family. I can't imagine

00:04:15   What this must be like but it cannot happen again. It's been headline news here. Yeah here, too

00:04:22   Yeah, this one quite rightly is has captured the world's attention

00:04:26   Yeah, it's it's absolutely terrible. And I think the funeral is today the vice president is here

00:04:32   we're also having an ice storm, so I don't know if they got postponed or not, but

00:04:36   It's been really unreal and just this should not happen. There is no

00:04:42   No reason under heaven that this should be allowed and I'm thankful that so far the investigations and things have moved quickly

00:04:49   But I think we all desire to live in a world where we don't have to have these sorts of new stories and investigations ever again

00:04:57   Especially from people whose job is to protect others. Yep. Yeah, right

00:05:03   It should never happen ever from anyone to anyone right but like the circumstances of this it doesn't pass

00:05:11   what you consider to be general human logic?

00:05:14   No, no. I've seen the videos and it's just incomprehensible to me that something like this can happen.

00:05:23   So thank you Steven for bringing it up on the show before we do the actual show.

00:05:27   It was the right thing to do. It's just, yeah, there are no words to describe what is,

00:05:33   but tragedy and effectively like a murder of an innocent person. Just, yeah.

00:05:40   I don't know how to transition from that into the show. So we're just gonna do it. You just got to do it

00:05:45   You just got to do it. It's got to do it follow up

00:05:48   The show now has a Mastodon account at connected FM. Yes, we are

00:05:54   For the dawn, okay. Okay. So I'll be sending updates there

00:06:04   What now?

00:06:05   We got 36 followers. This is way too, way, way too, this is not enough people. We got

00:06:17   to close the account. It's just, we failed.

00:06:19   Oh, I didn't pass fitter because internal testing.

00:06:22   We failed. 36 people. Come on. What are we? Like an amateur show? Come on.

00:06:27   Yeah, we've been doing this 10 years coming up. Please like and subscribe is what we're

00:06:31   saying.

00:06:32   I'll give credit.

00:06:33   Do you follow?

00:06:34   Is that the, yeah, follow.

00:06:35   You faddy follow.

00:06:37   Oh.

00:06:38   Fadollo.

00:06:39   Can I start using faddy as like a prefix to just stuff that doesn't, is not related to

00:06:50   federation at all?

00:06:51   Yeah, I mean.

00:06:52   Like faddy follow up?

00:06:53   You should start using it as like, you know, when people refer to themselves in the first

00:06:57   person.

00:06:58   You mean the third person?

00:06:59   Third person.

00:07:00   Damn it.

00:07:01   The third person, you know?

00:07:03   So you'd be like, 'cause it is, you know,

00:07:05   I don't know if you knew this,

00:07:06   but Fedi is the beginning of your name.

00:07:08   - Okay.

00:07:09   - So, you know, you could be like,

00:07:11   Fedi doesn't like this.

00:07:13   Fedi doesn't like this.

00:07:15   - Fedi doesn't, well Fedi, I'll tell you.

00:07:19   No, it just happened to me a few years ago.

00:07:23   I was talking to this person

00:07:25   and I'm making up this name.

00:07:27   Let's say this person was named Laura.

00:07:29   And I noticed that she was one of those people using the third person.

00:07:35   And at some point she was like, "Not because Laura thinks..."

00:07:38   And I look at her and I'm like, "Who's Laura?"

00:07:40   And she's like, "Me, I'm talking about me."

00:07:43   I was like, "Oh, sorry."

00:07:44   It was a...

00:07:46   I really dislike it.

00:07:50   But anyway, moving on.

00:07:51   We have a show account.

00:07:54   Follow the account.

00:07:55   Thank you.

00:07:56   Fede says follow.

00:07:57   Fede says follow.

00:07:59   44 followers now. It's connected FM at Macedon dot social because

00:08:05   Relay is not the business of running our own instance at this point. Okay

00:08:09   Moving on I'm gonna give chip the credit for this but many people wrote in to correct me that lyrics are

00:08:18   available in

00:08:20   Apple music I had an off-the-cuff

00:08:22   Moment in the show last week and in my defense Federico agreed with me

00:08:28   I think it's just safe to assume Apple Music on the Mac doesn't get features.

00:08:31   I just assumed that you were the expert.

00:08:34   I know, I should have been.

00:08:35   And Apple Music is bad on Mac OS.

00:08:37   John is always, OTJ is always telling me about how bad music is on Mac OS.

00:08:42   I just went with it.

00:08:44   I was like, "Yeah, sure. I mean, you don't have lyrics on Mac OS."

00:08:48   I regret the assumption, Chip.

00:08:51   I faddy regret it.

00:08:53   Yeah.

00:08:53   Faddy regrets.

00:08:56   I'm so faddy sorry. Yeah.

00:08:58   We also spoke about the climate and

00:09:04   temperature

00:09:06   Sensors being unleashed in the HomePod mini or if you have the new HomePod if you've got one of those on its way

00:09:13   if you are using a pair and their two temperatures are in

00:09:18   Conflict as it's driving you batty

00:09:21   Tony wrote in I said in the home app on the home summary page tap climate and

00:09:27   Then then you can decide what temperatures are displayed so you can go in there and say include in home summaries or turn that off

00:09:35   and

00:09:36   That's on a per home pod basis. So for me like I've got two in my office

00:09:41   I just have one of them because I don't need two things that are basically one degree apart. So

00:09:47   Pretty cool. You can you can do that. It did take about 48 hours for for the temperature and humidity sensors in my home

00:09:55   Pod mid needs to show up, but they did eventually right after the update

00:09:59   I don't know what they're doing, but it took it took them a little while to populate for me

00:10:02   Maybe it's like trying to get a baseline. Yeah, you can figure out in some way

00:10:07   Couldn't have been doing that for the last two years

00:10:11   at any point. I set up an advanced data protection.

00:10:15   Okay.

00:10:16   Because it came with 16.3. It is a very long, very particular process.

00:10:21   Like I had to do the whole thing, I had to set up recovery contacts, I didn't have one.

00:10:26   And then you have to go through the whole thing of like writing down, this is what Stephen was talking about before,

00:10:30   like you get like the recovery key thing. I don't remember if it's called that, but you know, it's like the

00:10:36   if all else fails kind of key thing,

00:10:40   that you have to write down and then type back

00:10:43   in multiple times if you can't copy and paste it.

00:10:46   Took a long time to set up, but it's done now.

00:10:49   I've had a couple of things I've needed to

00:10:52   re-sign into with my iCloud account like my Sonos,

00:10:57   stuff like that, I think maybe doing this kicked

00:11:00   a few things into needing reauthorization.

00:11:03   I don't know that's the case,

00:11:05   but I think that's the case.

00:11:06   But yeah, I'm happy that it's available now

00:11:10   and that I got it set up and let's say it was long,

00:11:13   like it was a long process, you really got to sit down

00:11:15   and give yourself some time to go through it,

00:11:17   but they made it very simple to do, I think,

00:11:20   provided that it works for you.

00:11:23   - Okay.

00:11:24   I still haven't done it, but that's good to hear.

00:11:27   - I recommend it.

00:11:29   - Okay. - Safety and security.

00:11:30   - Question for you,

00:11:30   can you give us part of your security key?

00:11:33   - Sure. - On the show?

00:11:34   - Okay. - Yeah.

00:11:35   Hold on, let me sign into one password.

00:11:38   iCloud, let me see where that is.

00:11:42   - This is called, you know, this is what--

00:11:44   - Part of the key is E.

00:11:47   - Okay, okay.

00:11:49   - That's one part of the key.

00:11:50   - Good. - It's in there.

00:11:51   - Good, so if anything happens to you,

00:11:53   an Apple calls, just tell them E.

00:11:57   - I'm gonna distribute the key

00:11:59   over episodes of Connected into the Future, secretly.

00:12:02   - The Fetty key. - And someone has to.

00:12:04   I'm gonna federate the key. This is actually federating the key. Yeah, I'm gonna federate the key and then if I die

00:12:12   whoever can get there first, like National Treasure style, gets my iCloud account. You should federate the key

00:12:20   throughout the course of your life. Yeah. Okay, hear me out. You're gonna federate the key. Maybe you give another portion on the show

00:12:29   Another part of the key you write on like a piece of paper that you store like in a security box

00:12:35   and then you leave instructions like

00:12:38   What's it called? Like when people need to find like a like a hunt?

00:12:43   Oh like a treasure hunt.

00:12:45   Like a treasure hunt.

00:12:46   Scavenger hunt?

00:12:47   A scavenger hunt. Thank you. Like you should do it and then when you know as

00:12:53   You know far far into the future as possible. You will no longer be with us

00:12:59   We will all put together your key and take a look at all your photos and messages in iOS, you know 52 or something

00:13:06   Yeah, I love this. I'm gonna I'll get working on this. I'll get a lot box. Perfect. Perfect. Okay. Thank you

00:13:13   What version of iOS we on now?

00:13:15   16.3 going into 17 this summer. Okay, so let's say it's another 36 years Myke just turned 35

00:13:25   Okay, so you will die when you're 71 that's not great. No, no, I'm great

00:13:31   But you never know right this episode of connected is brought to you by Express VPN

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00:15:00   Alright so I've been teasing the boys today because I have in the topic here

00:15:05   I've written Myke's smart home surprise. Yeah I don't like it. I don't like this.

00:15:10   I'm not used to surprises from you. Okay well let me try something else for you.

00:15:14   (

00:15:25   - Season of the Quizzies.

00:15:27   Welcome back to everybody's favorite podcast game show,

00:15:32   where I ask various sets of questions to my co-hosts

00:15:35   and score them.

00:15:36   We would like to close out the 2022 round of the Quizzies,

00:15:41   where Steven scored 10,673 points

00:15:45   and Federico scored 8,801 points.

00:15:48   Congratulations to Steven Hackett

00:15:50   for winning year one of the Quizzies.

00:15:52   Federico, it's all on you

00:15:54   to try and pick up some scores for year two.

00:15:56   In year two, my pledge is to try and keep this point

00:15:59   somewhat consistent throughout the year

00:16:02   so it doesn't get out of hand like it did last year.

00:16:04   - What do you mean?

00:16:05   10,000 points is a perfectly reasonable number

00:16:08   of points to win.

00:16:09   - It was a whole year of game playing,

00:16:11   you know what I mean?

00:16:12   - Yeah, but it's not like we played every episode.

00:16:14   We played six times.

00:16:16   - Yeah, I mean, it looked like a combo in Street Fighter.

00:16:19   When you do it really well and you got like 8,000 points,

00:16:23   like, okay, geez. So over the last month or so, I have been quizzing the

00:16:29   passionate ones, the connected audience. Over 700 people filled out the "How well

00:16:35   do the passionate ones know you?" quiz, where I asked a bunch of questions about

00:16:41   things that you two like, and the passionate ones had to try and guess

00:16:45   what they were, right? So the way we're gonna do this is family feud style, as we

00:16:51   have before where there are five possible answers that you can score points from. The

00:16:57   most answered answer, the top answers were 50 points, 40, 30, 20, 10, and going on from

00:17:03   there. I'll give you an example of a kind of question. So this is from one of our previous

00:17:07   rounds where you had to guess what the passionate ones liked. Where, for example, I said, what

00:17:12   email app do you use? And if you would have said mail, that would have gotten you 50 points.

00:17:17   Spark would have gotten 20 points, you know, that kind of thing.

00:17:21   And with this one, what I wanted to know is,

00:17:24   how well do the passionate ones know you?

00:17:26   And I've asked them a selection of questions,

00:17:29   some app-related, some media-related, some device-related.

00:17:34   And we're gonna go through a selection of these today.

00:17:36   The way it will work is, I will be asking,

00:17:40   what is Federico's favorite X?

00:17:42   What is Steven's favorite X?

00:17:44   They're different questions,

00:17:45   but you both have the opportunity to guess

00:17:48   for each round, right?

00:17:50   So Federico and Steven, you will get to guess

00:17:53   for Federico's favorite and Steven's favorite and so on.

00:17:56   - Got it.

00:17:56   - So, you know, here we are.

00:17:59   I have got all these answers and I'm ready to go.

00:18:02   So we're gonna start with, Federico,

00:18:04   you will get to answer first.

00:18:06   - Okay.

00:18:07   - 'Cause you are challenging for wins today.

00:18:08   - Okay.

00:18:09   - And we're gonna start with,

00:18:12   what is Federico's favorite movie?

00:18:15   - Ooh.

00:18:15   - Over 700 people answered.

00:18:17   - Ooh, okay, so.

00:18:19   What is your first guess for what The Passionate Ones say is your favorite movie?

00:18:24   This is something I've said on the show many times, and I guess, you know,

00:18:29   The Passionate Ones must have paid attention maybe? I'm gonna say, uh, Titanic.

00:18:33   I remember you saying this. In fact, the whole reason that this game exists

00:18:40   is because of you saying you like Titanic. It made me think, like,

00:18:45   how well do people know these answers about you?

00:18:47   Yeah. The answer is maybe not that well. That scores you 20 points. It was our fourth highest

00:18:54   answer. People don't know me at all. So fourth out of five. Okay, so do I need to go for another

00:19:01   answer now? Nope, it goes to Steven now. Okay. You will get more opportunities, but that was your

00:19:06   first guess. Okay. You know, Federico and I share somewhat of a love for the sad, right?

00:19:17   We like emo music. We both wore a lot of black in our past and our present, honestly, looking at my

00:19:24   outfit today. So I kind of think people may go that sort of direction, right? Something from the

00:19:33   mid-2000s that's a little sad, a little emo. Maybe we don't want to think about it now, you know,

00:19:39   how much it meant to us all then but I'm gonna say Garden State. So that preamble that you gave

00:19:48   was this a confident preamble? Well it was me trying to remember the name of the movie to be

00:19:52   perfectly honest. So this is for Steven's movie? No this is for your movie. We're still guessing my

00:19:58   movie? Yeah you're both guessing your movie and then we're gonna move on to Steven's movie. Okay

00:20:03   I never said Garden State. Okay. What? You haven't seen Garden State?

00:20:09   I have seen Garden State. I have never said it's one of my all-time favorite movies.

00:20:14   Seems like it should be. Three people wrote in to say Garden State. That is not enough.

00:20:20   Okay. In the top five. Okay. All right. All right. I'm going with something that I also must have

00:20:26   mentioned it is one of my all-time favorite movies Inception. Inception got

00:20:32   four votes. No no what have people guessed? Are they? Keep it to yourself. Whatever it is

00:20:43   you know don't think aloud you're in competition Federico. The passionate

00:20:47   ones can be tricky so I'm gonna throw in a Star Wars. Yeah that's what they did

00:20:54   Top answer of 50 points is Star War.

00:20:58   No, this game is not valid.

00:21:00   Yes!

00:21:01   No, come on.

00:21:02   Okay, now Federico, now that that has happened, I'm now going to suggest to you...

00:21:06   Yeah, okay, Star Trek. I'm going to say Star Trek.

00:21:09   Whoa, whoa, wait a second. I haven't said what I'm going to say.

00:21:12   The thing to both of you now is, remember how these games go, right?

00:21:17   It isn't necessarily the answer that makes sense.

00:21:21   Right, you gotta get into the heads of the listeners.

00:21:24   Yes, so Federico, what is your next guess?

00:21:26   Star Trek.

00:21:27   I'm afraid that's not on the list at all.

00:21:29   (laughs)

00:21:30   Everyone just went fully into Star War for you though.

00:21:34   Just so you know, Star War was 11% of the overall.

00:21:39   Wow.

00:21:41   So what do we have on the board?

00:21:42   Could you remind us?

00:21:44   The top answer, which is Stevens, was Star War.

00:21:47   And the fourth highest answer was Titanic,

00:21:50   which Federico guessed.

00:21:52   - Okay, okay.

00:21:53   I'm going to say,

00:21:55   I kinda, I'm gonna say the Dark Knight.

00:21:59   I don't know.

00:22:00   I'm thinking Batman.

00:22:02   Dark Knight.

00:22:02   - Have you ever seen that Federico?

00:22:03   - No.

00:22:04   - Come on.

00:22:05   - It's not on the list.

00:22:06   No one, no one wrote him with that at all.

00:22:08   - I was thinking like,

00:22:09   I'm still in the dark moody thoughts, you know?

00:22:11   - Uh huh.

00:22:12   - I'm gonna go with the Godfather.

00:22:15   - Now Federico, tell me that.

00:22:18   Tell me why.

00:22:19   Why did you pick The Godfather?

00:22:21   Because I'm thinking that if people are memeing these answers, they are probably after Star

00:22:28   Wars, they would probably go for the stereotypical like Italian movie like, "Oh, what does the

00:22:33   Italian guy like?

00:22:34   Surely the Italian guy likes the movie about the Italian mafia."

00:22:39   I'm just guessing.

00:22:40   Do you like The Godfather though?

00:22:41   I do.

00:22:42   Okay.

00:22:43   Well, it's 40 points.

00:22:44   So it's the second highest answer with The Godfather.

00:22:47   Nice.

00:22:48   your assumption was correct.

00:22:50   - Nice, okay, okay.

00:22:52   - You're up Steven.

00:22:53   - This is a really hard first question.

00:22:58   - Maybe they get harder from here.

00:23:00   - Star War, Star War.

00:23:03   Man, I don't know.

00:23:06   - Most of the answers were Star War by the way.

00:23:10   I collated them all together 'cause it made the most sense.

00:23:13   But by and large it was rather than like Star Wars episode,

00:23:17   people just wrote Star War.

00:23:18   - Yeah, thank you people.

00:23:19   - That was like, I was like, oh, I'm proud of you.

00:23:21   I'm proud of you.

00:23:22   - Thank you, thank you.

00:23:23   Well done, well done.

00:23:24   - I'm gonna go with Lord of the Ring.

00:23:29   I'm gonna stay in that vein.

00:23:30   Lord of the Ring, singular.

00:23:32   - The Ring?

00:23:34   - I wonder what that meant.

00:23:35   Like what is my, but yeah, okay.

00:23:38   Lord of the Ring is not on the list at all.

00:23:42   This is gonna be a final guess Federico in this round.

00:23:44   - I am gonna mention a movie franchise

00:23:45   that I now given all the things that have changed,

00:23:49   I don't particularly appreciate anymore

00:23:52   because of JK Rowling.

00:23:55   But if people were guessing,

00:23:57   I'm gonna say one of the Harry Potter movies,

00:23:59   because when I was little, I did like them.

00:24:02   So maybe they guessed that it's another popular

00:24:05   movie franchise, but I'm gonna guess that.

00:24:08   - Four people wrote in to say Harry Potter

00:24:10   and that is not enough.

00:24:11   - Okay, now that's good though.

00:24:14   yes I when I saw it started to see Harry Potter oh no oh good good good good good

00:24:20   good sign good sign okay I didn't want it to be like Federico's favorite movie

00:24:26   Harry Potter! Good sign. Alright Stephen final guess for you final guess of this

00:24:32   round. Going to go with I'm gonna throw I'm just gonna throw a Pokemon movie of

00:24:41   some description. There were quite a lot of Pokemon movie votes that came in. Okay.

00:24:48   I think we had like Pokemon the first movie was in here, Detective Pikachu too.

00:24:54   None of them were enough to make it into the top five. Okay, alright. So what you missed

00:25:00   was the fifth highest answer, Avatar, for 10 points. I wanted to say that, okay. Fourth

00:25:07   highest answer was Titanic, which Federico picked up 20 points for. The

00:25:11   The third highest answer was the Italian job. Oh, come on. I've never seen that movie. Come

00:25:17   on. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, nobody got that. 40 points go to Federico for the Godfather

00:25:24   and 50 points for star war goes to Steven, which brings you at the end of the first round,

00:25:33   Stephen at 50 points, Federico at 60 points.

00:25:38   - Okay.

00:25:39   - So we will now go to the second round,

00:25:41   which believe it or not is what is Stephen's favorite movie.

00:25:46   Federico, you still get the first pick.

00:25:48   - Okay.

00:25:49   "Pirates of the Silicon Valley."

00:25:50   - Ooh, now this, we did this for a member special, right?

00:25:53   We did a rewatch of this?

00:25:54   - We did, yeah.

00:25:55   - So I'll ask Stephen actually,

00:25:57   Stephen, how high would this rate on your personal list?

00:26:00   - I don't think it'd be in the top five.

00:26:02   Well, the passionate ones put it at number two.

00:26:05   40 points go to Puerto Rico.

00:26:06   - Yes, yes, yes.

00:26:08   - So Stephen, what is your favorite movie?

00:26:13   - Back to the Future.

00:26:14   - Back to the Future.

00:26:16   When I saw, I saw Back to the Future in the list

00:26:18   and I was like, oh, surely that's gonna go out there.

00:26:20   It got seven writings.

00:26:22   That is not enough.

00:26:23   - That's actually my favorite movie.

00:26:25   - Yep. - Wow.

00:26:26   - I just booked tickets to go see the West End stage show.

00:26:31   Ooh, I'm going to see you next month.

00:26:33   - That's awesome.

00:26:34   - With the underscores, very excited.

00:26:36   - Nice.

00:26:37   - Apparently it's really good.

00:26:39   I would not have assumed that would be the case,

00:26:40   but apparently it's really good, so.

00:26:42   - My turn again.

00:26:43   - It's your turn.

00:26:44   - Steve Jobs, the one with the fake actor.

00:26:47   - Michael Fassbender.

00:26:50   - Yeah, that guy.

00:26:51   - There were lots of write-ins for both of you

00:26:54   for various Steve Jobs movies,

00:26:56   but not enough to make it onto the list.

00:26:58   - Okay, so just the meme one.

00:27:00   Alright, cool.

00:27:01   "You're stealing from us!"

00:27:03   Remember when he yells at poor Bill Gates?

00:27:06   Oh, that's great.

00:27:07   Uh, back to me, huh?

00:27:09   Mm-hmm.

00:27:11   I did a Muppet podcast for a while, so I feel like maybe they would put a Muppet movie on there.

00:27:21   And I'm gonna go with the original one, because I think it's the best one.

00:27:23   I'm gonna say the Muppet movie.

00:27:24   So like Federica for Pokemon, I condensed the various Muppet movies into one.

00:27:30   It did not get enough to make it into the top five, but there were seven people also, like the Steve Jobs movies, that knew that you liked the Muppet movie.

00:27:39   Back to you Federica.

00:27:40   People think of Steven, they think of the movies that Steven liked. What are they going to say?

00:27:45   While I think of other meme picks, I am gonna try the same strategy as before that Steven did, Garden State.

00:27:55   Also received quite a lot of write-ins, Garden State did for Steven.

00:28:00   Six, which was I believe more than Federico, so maybe they believed Steven to be like a sadder person two times.

00:28:08   Yeah, six is not enough to make it into the top five.

00:28:11   Okay.

00:28:12   When I saw Garden State appearing for both of you, I did think it was gonna sweep the

00:28:18   list but it didn't.

00:28:20   You both like really sad songs and it's like a movie about sad songs.

00:28:25   My turn again?

00:28:26   It's your turn again.

00:28:28   My turn again.

00:28:30   I'm gonna go with, oh gosh, I'm trying to think what my Italian job is.

00:28:36   Like when you hear from a dude from Tennessee, what do you maybe somewhat problematically

00:28:42   think his favorite movie is?

00:28:45   I just don't know like what movies scream "the south" that are appropriate to talk about.

00:28:55   I'm gonna say... this is really hard.

00:28:59   What do they think I like?

00:29:00   I don't know.

00:29:01   Name a southern movie.

00:29:03   I don't know.

00:29:04   I don't think it takes place in the south.

00:29:06   I think it's in the Midwest, but let's say Twister

00:29:08   Nobody said Twister. No one said Twister. I have it on DVD somewhere

00:29:17   Maybe you do. You know what I mean? That's good for you. I suppose

00:29:21   You're on Federico just to remind everybody there is just one correct answer given so far. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, which is part of Silicon Valley

00:29:28   I am going with Blade Runner.

00:29:33   Good one only one person people have no taste whatsoever

00:29:38   Huh, we saw the second one together. Yeah, that's why I mentioned it hmm on the biggest screen

00:29:48   I've ever seen what are people what are people me mean about you Steven? I don't know

00:29:54   Hmm so I would say right this is this isn't really gonna help you all the fourth highest answer

00:30:01   I genuinely cannot understand why it's on the list.

00:30:04   Like, I don't get it.

00:30:05   -Mm.

00:30:06   -Like, maybe there's something here that, like,

00:30:09   when I say it, Steven will go, "Oh, because of this?"

00:30:11   And, like, I haven't picked it up.

00:30:13   But, like, I don't understand why it's here.

00:30:15   -What is it?

00:30:16   -I'm not gonna tell you.

00:30:18   -What is it?

00:30:19   -I will tell you eventually.

00:30:21   -What is it? You were just gonna ask him?

00:30:24   [ Both laugh ]

00:30:26   I thought maybe it'd slip, you know?

00:30:28   -You never know, right?

00:30:29   -Mm.

00:30:31   I don't even know

00:30:33   I'm gonna say I'm gonna say this is again one of my favorites. It's my favorite in a genre

00:30:39   So I'm gonna say it and maybe I've said it before and people picked up on it. I'm gonna say Wally

00:30:43   Mmm, good one

00:30:45   So I was convinced Wally was gonna be like the one because especially we were just talking about it like two days ago

00:30:51   It picked up six votes. It was not enough to get it in the list

00:30:54   Federico's is your last guess last, you know, okay, but let us keep going

00:30:59   Well, I mean, okay, you could try a couple more, but you're both just completely striking out.

00:31:04   Alright, two more.

00:31:05   Two more. Okay, this and another one for me.

00:31:08   I am just going to throw random stuff at these predictions.

00:31:15   Mm-hmm.

00:31:16   Well, for the last one.

00:31:18   That might be the best thing to do.

00:31:19   First, I will say, I'm still gonna say Star Wars.

00:31:23   Top answer, 50 points go to Federico.

00:31:26   Oh, man.

00:31:28   okay okay okay I really hope one of you was gonna say it right cuz it's just

00:31:35   sitting there yeah yeah okay Star War does that track all for you Steven I

00:31:42   mean I like Star Wars I don't yeah I don't know Empire Strikes Back is

00:31:47   probably in the top five just so you know for Federico is ten point six

00:31:51   percent mm-hmm and for you it was eight point five yeah a little more diluted

00:31:56   I'm a secret Star War fan. Secret Star War fan of the war. It's my turn again I guess?

00:32:03   It is your turn again, yeah that's how this works.

00:32:07   Apollo 13.

00:32:09   Thank you! Third highest answer goes to Steven, Apollo 13. See, you think, gotta think, what

00:32:15   do people think of you? They think space.

00:32:17   That's right, that's right.

00:32:18   Alright, now it's your final guess. There's two answers on the board Federico.

00:32:21   My final guess is the random one. I'm gonna say Mean Girls.

00:32:25   [Laughter]

00:32:28   Didn't get on here at all. One person wrote in to say Mean Girls.

00:32:33   Yes.

00:32:33   Which is not enough.

00:32:34   That's fantastic.

00:32:36   Final guess, Stephen.

00:32:37   Final guess. Give us the rundown, please.

00:32:40   Top answer was Star Wars, 50 points, Federica.

00:32:45   And Pirates of the Caribbean, Federica.

00:32:48   And Apollo 13, in a number 3.

00:32:50   We got two spots left.

00:32:52   - Four and five left on the board.

00:32:53   - Four and five are left.

00:32:55   I'm gonna say El Camino.

00:32:57   - That's the Breaking Bad movie?

00:33:01   - Breaking Bad movie.

00:33:02   - Does not make it on the list.

00:33:05   So that is the end of this round.

00:33:07   I'm gonna start with number four.

00:33:08   This is one I don't understand.

00:33:10   All right, the 20 point answer, Die Hard.

00:33:12   - I have no idea why that's there.

00:33:14   - Why is it there?

00:33:15   I don't know why it's there.

00:33:16   Because of the manly dead energy of it.

00:33:21   I guess he's very daddy, but like...

00:33:23   That's a different thing.

00:33:25   No, no, it's fine.

00:33:26   Then now the fifth highest answer just really annoyed me, which was I don't know.

00:33:31   Now, just don't answer.

00:33:34   You know what I mean?

00:33:34   Or like, why are you taking the quiz?

00:33:37   If you open the quiz and it's all about like, what is Steven like?

00:33:40   What is Federico like?

00:33:41   It's just alright, I don't know.

00:33:43   Just leave it.

00:33:43   But anyway.

00:33:45   So that was the fifth highest answer was I don't know.

00:33:48   There were some I don't knows for Federico, but I think, Stephen,

00:33:52   people have less of a sense of what your movie tastes are.

00:33:55   Wow.

00:33:57   At the end of round two, it's 150 points to Federico,

00:34:01   80 points to Stephen.

00:34:03   OK.

00:34:05   We're going to keep the order today, which is this is how I should run this.

00:34:08   No, I'm going to flip it now.

00:34:12   I'm going to flip it now.

00:34:13   So Stephen, you will answer first in round three, which is what is Federico's

00:34:20   favorite band?

00:34:21   Ooh, come on.

00:34:23   Favorite.

00:34:24   Super easy.

00:34:25   Super easy, Stephen.

00:34:26   Here's the thing is what I'll say.

00:34:29   There were the top three answers.

00:34:31   I can't choose between them as to which one I think the answer is.

00:34:35   Well, my gut said, and it's our, it's our shared love is Death Cab for Cutie.

00:34:40   Is it going to be enough?

00:34:42   25% of the passionate ones said Deathcap for QT.

00:34:47   That is the highest answer, 50 points.

00:34:49   - Boom, go to Steven. - Nice, nice.

00:34:52   Yeah, I'm gonna say Oasis.

00:34:55   - That is the second highest answer for Federico.

00:34:59   40 points scored.

00:35:01   - I'm going to say, going to say,

00:35:05   oh, what's the name of the group?

00:35:07   Jason likes them too.

00:35:08   I haven't gotten into them yet.

00:35:12   The Beatles.

00:35:13   You heard of those guys?

00:35:17   Yeah, they're up and coming.

00:35:20   What is the...

00:35:22   The 1975?

00:35:23   You should get into them, they're very good.

00:35:27   Nine people wrote in to say the 1975.

00:35:32   That is not enough to make it into the top five.

00:35:35   I am going to go with My Chemical Romance.

00:35:38   Woo boy!

00:35:39   Third highest answer.

00:35:41   I was hoping that we might get a clean sweep on this one, but we didn't.

00:35:45   My Chemical Romance.

00:35:46   So do you see Federico, Death Cab, Oasis, My Chemical Romance?

00:35:49   I could not choose between those three as to which one I thought was your favorite.

00:35:54   With these things, like I always like to imagine, like for whatever weird reason, imagine you

00:35:58   are at gunpoint and you need to pick one.

00:36:02   I don't know why it would be a matter of life or death to pick a favorite band, but let's

00:36:06   assume that it is.

00:36:08   I would say Oasis.

00:36:09   Oh, okay.

00:36:11   You see, you're at quiz point right now, you know?

00:36:14   So you could pick, it doesn't need to be a gun.

00:36:16   Just like you find yourself in a quiz,

00:36:19   which is the number one, you know?

00:36:21   - Yeah.

00:36:22   - I believe we're back to Steven now.

00:36:23   - Yes. - We are.

00:36:25   - You got the fourth and fifth highest answer,

00:36:27   the 20 and 10 point left on the board.

00:36:31   - I'm gonna say, 'cause they've been in the news,

00:36:33   'cause they're back, I'm gonna say Blink 182.

00:36:37   - Nice, nice pick.

00:36:38   - Ooh, that is a good pick.

00:36:40   Blink-182 found its way into, listen, nine people,

00:36:45   right, to say Blink-182.

00:36:46   That does not put them high enough.

00:36:49   - I am going to go next with the meme answer,

00:36:52   and I'm gonna say The Seniors.

00:36:55   (laughing)

00:36:57   - The Seniors, Federico's band.

00:37:00   That will score you 10 points, Federico.

00:37:02   That was the fifth I had answered it.

00:37:03   Your favorite band was your own band.

00:37:05   (upbeat music)

00:37:08   (upbeat music)

00:37:10   - Considering there is one answer left on the board,

00:37:15   this will be the final round, Stephen.

00:37:17   - Okay, there's a lot of pressure to wrap this up now.

00:37:20   Death Cab, Oasis, My Chemical Romance.

00:37:24   - Blank, The Seniors.

00:37:26   - Yeah, now it could be anything at this point.

00:37:28   - Yeah, this is the wild card, you know.

00:37:31   - The Killers.

00:37:32   - The Killers made an appearance.

00:37:34   They got eight people, right?

00:37:37   for them. That is not enough to put them in the fourth position. Federico close out the

00:37:40   round please.

00:37:42   I'm gonna say Jimmy Eat World.

00:37:44   Jimmy Eat World, four people. You need to cast your mind back to the previous round.

00:37:49   The fourth highest answer for 20 points was Maniscine. Which I think is a good pick. You

00:37:57   know there are a lot of just like Italian bands and Italian singers on this list. You

00:38:03   you know like people just like putting you in the Italian pocket.

00:38:06   We've got Lorenzo Giovanotti.

00:38:10   - Giovanotti. - Giovanotti is in here.

00:38:12   - Yes. - We've got, what did it just say?

00:38:14   Italian 90s band Schisma.

00:38:18   - Who, what? - I don't know.

00:38:19   That's what it says.

00:38:20   I don't know what it means. - Schisma?

00:38:23   - Yeah.

00:38:24   - No, I don't know.

00:38:25   - And there's one answer, I think my favorite answer,

00:38:27   which is, "It's a universal fact

00:38:29   that Federico dislikes music and audio in general."

00:38:32   - Oh my God.

00:38:33   - What?

00:38:33   - Great answer.

00:38:34   We finished round three.

00:38:37   - Okay.

00:38:38   - Steven, you have 130 points.

00:38:41   Federico, you have 230 points.

00:38:44   We are also now halfway through today's quizzes.

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00:40:12   All right, we now move into, believe it or not,

00:40:16   what is Steven's favorite band?

00:40:18   Steven, you will get the first pick on this one.

00:40:21   Death Cab for Cutie.

00:40:23   Yeah.

00:40:24   50 points.

00:40:25   What else does Steven like?

00:40:30   The question.

00:40:31   Beyond Death Cab for Cutie.

00:40:34   I honestly have no idea.

00:40:37   Because mostly Steven and I, we just talk about Death Cab for Cutie.

00:40:42   Is the problem.

00:40:44   Uh, yeah.

00:40:45   Well, I'm going to say the Postal Service.

00:40:49   did not make it into the top five.

00:40:51   What?

00:40:52   Alright, I feel like at this point, it is only fair that two people wrote in the postal service.

00:40:59   I think most people wrote in Def Cap.

00:41:02   Now, I've known Steven for like, how many years now?

00:41:08   Thirteen?

00:41:10   Like, thirteen years? Alright.

00:41:12   There are four more bands on this list.

00:41:14   I don't think I've ever known him to listen to any of this music.

00:41:18   - So it's totally random.

00:41:20   - I don't think it's random.

00:41:22   Genuinely, I don't think it's random.

00:41:24   I cannot fathom the answers given.

00:41:29   Now, just to put this in perspective,

00:41:30   28% of people said death cab,

00:41:34   and then it gets really small, right?

00:41:36   So the second highest answer was 3% of the responses.

00:41:40   I do not know why the next four are here, all right?

00:41:45   So this is maybe one of them I could imagine Steven would have listened to.

00:41:51   So I want you to now go into it with that.

00:41:54   I feel like if you two try and guess, logical bands will be here all afternoon.

00:41:58   Right. So we're now back around to Steven with that in mind.

00:42:03   What is your next pick?

00:42:04   Wait, did he pick?

00:42:05   Yeah.

00:42:06   I said the puzzle service.

00:42:07   Oh, that's right. That's right.

00:42:08   Yeah. I'm still in shock over that.

00:42:09   OK. Yeah.

00:42:10   I'm going to say I'm just trying to think of like music.

00:42:15   people would have heard at our events or bands I've talked about online. I'm gonna

00:42:19   say the Avett brothers. Yeah, see you're not listening to me are you? Right? Because... I know, I know,

00:42:23   but I'm trying to like see maybe there's some sort of hint. Uh-huh. Well, the

00:42:28   Avett brothers, no one wrote them in at all. That's unfortunate. I'm gonna... I'm...

00:42:34   Oh, actually sorry, one person did. Apologies. Yeah, my friend in the Avett brothers.

00:42:38   I'm gonna say the Dave Matthews Band?

00:42:44   Oh no!

00:42:45   Unbelievable!

00:42:46   Yes!

00:42:47   The 20 point answer!

00:42:48   Come on!

00:42:49   The fourth highest answer, Dave Matthews Band.

00:42:52   Why?

00:42:53   Why?

00:42:54   Why does this happen?

00:42:55   You confuse me with Casey Liss.

00:42:57   It feels American.

00:43:00   But I don't understand!

00:43:02   It feels, it's uniquely American.

00:43:05   15 people wrote in to say Dave Matthews Band. I don't think they're joking and I don't understand.

00:43:13   That's wild.

00:43:14   Right? It doesn't make any sense to me. Like there are other ones on here where I think

00:43:20   maybe they're joking, also I don't know, but the Dave Matthews Band thing, I can't fathom

00:43:25   it. It doesn't make any sense to me. But yes, the fourth highest answer is Dave Matthews

00:43:29   Band. 20 points go to Federico.

00:43:31   Wow. So that's how we're going to play this game.

00:43:34   Yeah.

00:43:35   So I was thinking about like big bands that people think like dads listen to.

00:43:42   Weezer.

00:43:44   Yeah.

00:43:46   It's a dad band.

00:43:49   Yeah.

00:43:50   Good one.

00:43:52   Five people said Weezer.

00:43:53   Oh, that was a good one though.

00:43:55   That is not making it to the top five.

00:43:59   So it's always bands, right? Because the question was bands, not music artists.

00:44:06   I say bands, people just interpret that the way they want to.

00:44:10   So Dave Matthews bands, I'm gonna go with Aerosmith.

00:44:16   Oh, interesting. One person said Aerosmith.

00:44:20   Wow.

00:44:21   It is not enough.

00:44:23   I'm going to lean into the problematic voting and say Elvis.

00:44:28   Elvis, Elvis Presley, king of rock and roll.

00:44:35   That was his thing, right?

00:44:36   King of rock and roll, taking care of business.

00:44:38   Five people said Elvis, that is not enough.

00:44:40   - Okay, I am going to go with Taylor Swift.

00:44:44   - Taylor Swift actually got a lot of writings

00:44:46   for both of you, or at least I should say

00:44:48   some writings for both of you.

00:44:50   Six people wrote in Taylor Swift.

00:44:52   - Okay.

00:44:53   put on the list. I'm the problem it's me. I'm gonna go with... by the way,

00:45:01   for the record, not a single Dave Matthews band song in my music library.

00:45:05   I knew this, like I didn't need to ask you. I know, but I feel like I need to defend myself.

00:45:11   Like this is not about like throwing shade at Dave Matthews. No it is a little bit.

00:45:15   Like whatever, it's just like I know that Steven doesn't listen to them and I don't know where this has come from.

00:45:22   Well they confused me with with Casey maybe they'll confuse me with another ATP

00:45:27   host and I'm gonna say I'm gonna say fish. And that will get you 40 points it

00:45:32   is the second highest answer. Is there a gas leak out there when people are filling this form out?

00:45:40   Wow I don't know what it is I think maybe you only talk about Death Cab so

00:45:46   like people think it's the only band you like?

00:45:49   159 people said Death Cab.

00:45:53   - I was gonna mention fish, but then I was like,

00:45:56   no, I mean, come on, it cannot be true

00:45:58   after Dave Matthews.

00:46:00   - Hey, the only fish I'm into is the weird fish.

00:46:03   - Yeah. - Yeah, baby.

00:46:04   - Thank you.

00:46:05   I'm gonna go with, we have more picks, right?

00:46:09   - Yeah, there's two left on the board.

00:46:11   - Okay, one of mine, I don't know,

00:46:15   Bruce Springsteen.

00:46:17   Bruce Springsteen and/or Bruce Springsteen in the E Street band picked up two votes.

00:46:23   So one of each.

00:46:25   I'm gonna give you one more pick each.

00:46:29   One more pick.

00:46:30   Oasis.

00:46:31   Nope.

00:46:32   I am leaning into the problematic, I guess, answers.

00:46:38   I'm gonna go with...

00:46:39   No, actually, I don't know.

00:46:44   something old from the south are they were they from the south I don't even

00:46:52   know the the Jackson's five this went by in the chat now I don't know if this if

00:47:05   there is if this is a meme like a collective meme I can't imagine that it

00:47:10   was because we had fish.

00:47:13   We had Dave Matthews band.

00:47:16   Oh, third, high starts.

00:47:17   It was you too.

00:47:19   Oh, which is John's favorite bit?

00:47:20   Yeah, I don't know.

00:47:23   I put see the thing is no way did these hundreds of people work together.

00:47:28   Right, so I don't know what happened here.

00:47:31   The fifth highest answer was the Beatles.

00:47:34   The fourth highest answer.

00:47:35   Dave Matthews band.

00:47:36   Third is you too.

00:47:37   Second was fish.

00:47:39   One was Death Cab for QT. That was a train wreck of a round.

00:47:43   But Stephen you did pick up...

00:47:45   Yeah, you're not up to the strongest start this year, Myke.

00:47:48   I just say, not the strongest start.

00:47:49   What are you talking about? This has got nothing to do with me.

00:47:51   I do not control the results, right?

00:47:55   What I will say, Stephen, is this is on you.

00:47:58   You need to be more open with your music tastes.

00:48:00   True.

00:48:00   Because I feel like they got Federico pretty much down to a T, except for the one meme answer.

00:48:05   Yeah, you don't share enough music, Stephen.

00:48:08   Right?

00:48:08   Deathcap, Oasis, My Chemical Romance, Maniscian and the Seniors.

00:48:12   Yeah, I mean, pretty much right there.

00:48:15   Okay.

00:48:16   But you did pick up 90 points, which now brings you to 220 points to Federico's 250 points.

00:48:22   And we go into the final pair of the first quizzes of 2023.

00:48:27   Okay.

00:48:28   And Federico, you will get to answer first this round.

00:48:31   Okay.

00:48:32   The question is, what is Federico's favorite app?

00:48:36   App?

00:48:37   app. Shortcuts. Shortcuts picked up 25.7 percent of the vote, putting it as the second highest

00:48:50   answer. You pick up 40 points for shortcuts. Obsidian. The highest answer was Obsidian,

00:48:57   with 54 percent of the overall vote in this round. Put down your text editor and smoke it.

00:49:06   We go back around to you Federico. There are three more answers left on the board.

00:49:10   Interesting, interesting.

00:49:12   Reader, the RSS client.

00:49:17   One person wrote in with Reader.

00:49:21   That will not put it in the top five.

00:49:24   Okay.

00:49:24   You could have guessed that I think.

00:49:25   I'm gonna lean into the time we live in and I'm going to say ivory.

00:49:31   This was before Mastodon.

00:49:34   This was before one person said ivory.

00:49:36   Well, actually, I only closed the voting today, but we were talking about it over

00:49:41   the last few weeks. So that does not put ivory on the list.

00:49:43   Timery. Fifth highest answer, Timery.

00:49:47   Ten points goes to Federico.

00:49:48   Safari.

00:49:50   Interesting. Safari.app.

00:49:53   Some people might probably call it, I expect.

00:49:55   That is the fourth highest answer.

00:49:58   Twenty points go to Steven.

00:49:59   OK, music.

00:50:00   Music is not on the list.

00:50:02   How many do we have left? One. The third highest answer. 30 points on the board available.

00:50:13   Good tasks. Not one person said good task. The guy who makes good tasks. No, nobody said

00:50:19   it. Oh, not even that person. Yeah, okay. Reminders. Four people said reminders. That

00:50:28   There's not enough to get it in the top third spot.

00:50:31   - Come on, give us another round.

00:50:32   - I'm gonna give you another round.

00:50:33   Well, I mean, there is another one 'cause Steven has one

00:50:36   and then you're gonna get one more go

00:50:37   'cause you went first Federico.

00:50:39   - So I get one more, I don't need to blow this.

00:50:42   - No, no, you get two more.

00:50:43   - You get two more.

00:50:44   - Federico went first.

00:50:45   - Okay.

00:50:45   - So you get one, Federico, and then back to you again.

00:50:48   - I'm gonna say Music Box.

00:50:51   - What is that?

00:50:52   - On my home screen.

00:50:53   Music Box, the app to save new music releases.

00:50:57   Oh yeah no, no one wrote it in.

00:51:00   Can you give me the list again Myke?

00:51:02   The highest answer was Obsidian,

00:51:04   second was Shortcuts,

00:51:06   third is Unpicked so far,

00:51:08   fourth highest answer Safari,

00:51:10   fifth is Timery.

00:51:12   Interesting, very interesting.

00:51:15   Okay I will go with Discord.

00:51:20   Nobody said it.

00:51:22   Interesting.

00:51:23   Hmm, Stephen your final pick of the round.

00:51:26   I think I'm going to stay in the music lane and I'm going to say Marvis Pro.

00:51:33   Ah, yes.

00:51:34   That will pick you up 30 points to close out the round for Federico's favourite app.

00:51:40   Now putting Steven in the lead with 320 points to Federico's 300 points as we go into the final round of the quizzies today.

00:51:51   Believe it or not, it is what is Steven's favorite app.

00:51:56   Federico, you pick first.

00:51:58   - Devon Think.

00:52:00   - Devon Think is the second.

00:52:03   - Okay.

00:52:04   - Most popular answer.

00:52:05   You pick out 40 points for that Federico.

00:52:08   - Remember the Milk.

00:52:10   - 39.5% of the respondents said Remember the Milk.

00:52:14   That is the highest answer.

00:52:16   It's the top answer, 50 points go to Steven.

00:52:18   However, one thing I must notice on this,

00:52:20   which was absolutely hilarious to me.

00:52:23   I got things like, forget the milk.

00:52:26   Things like, the things that people wrote in

00:52:30   was just incredible.

00:52:32   I collated them, I knew what they were going for,

00:52:35   but just that like, it's called remember the milk

00:52:37   and people were like, forget the milk.

00:52:40   It was, there were lots of those.

00:52:41   It was very good.

00:52:42   I don't think people were doing it intentionally.

00:52:45   Federico, we come back around to you.

00:52:46   We have the 30, 20 and 10 left on the board.

00:52:51   - Okay, fantastical.

00:52:54   - Fantastical, eight people wrote him a fantastical.

00:52:58   That does not get it into the top five.

00:53:01   - Carrot weather.

00:53:02   - The third most popular answer was carrot weather.

00:53:05   Picking Steven up 30 points.

00:53:08   We just have the 20 and 10 left on the board today.

00:53:12   - Overcast.

00:53:15   20 points go to Federico with the fourth highest answer being Overcast.

00:53:20   So we have one left on the board for a total of 10 points.

00:53:25   Timery.

00:53:26   Timery is not on the list.

00:53:28   Mail.

00:53:29   Mail is not on the list.

00:53:31   Woo!

00:53:32   Oh my goodness.

00:53:35   Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

00:54:05   todoist.

00:54:06   It's not it either. It was Safari of Ten Points of Double. Not really an exciting one to end.

00:54:13   I would like to thank the passionate ones for writing in. There are still more questions

00:54:19   in the "Do the Passionate Ones Know You?" which we will get to in a later installment

00:54:25   of the quizzes. Now let me give you the points after today's first round. Federico was off

00:54:30   to be storming start flying ahead in the beginning but tables turned at 360

00:54:36   points is Federico Vatici but in the lead with 400 points Stephen Hackett

00:54:42   thank you so much for listening to this installment of the quizzes I will now

00:54:46   hand you back to connected so the Humpod reviews are out they are they are and

00:54:55   the the theme deja vu right yeah it sounds good it looks very much the same

00:55:06   serious still kind of kind of bad and the white model still leaves rings on

00:55:11   hardwood furniture I just don't understand this product I don't get it

00:55:15   I know why they've done it I don't know what the point of it is I don't

00:55:18   understand it doesn't make any sense to me I don't know why it's the price the

00:55:21   way it is like I just I don't think it makes sense to like fill a hole in the

00:55:26   market like they don't need to do that like I don't get it it's yeah I don't

00:55:33   know if they've done enough here to make it to make it successful because it's

00:55:38   basically the same as it was mm-hmm and it wasn't successful last time and so I

00:55:44   just I just don't many exists like the home-pond meaning why I don't I just

00:55:48   can't work out why typically people would choose the HomePod over the HomePod Mini.

00:55:55   Do people want it to be physically larger? Yeah, I don't get it at this point. It doesn't

00:56:03   make sense to me.

00:56:06   They might think it's a good product for people who want a HomePod Mini that sounds louder

00:56:14   and bigger. It's very lacking of imagination and flexibility. Like, I think especially

00:56:24   now compared to five years ago in the smart home market, we have all kinds of form factors

00:56:31   and different styles of speakers, both from Amazon and Google and Sonos, that can slide

00:56:36   into different types of contexts and scenarios around the home. You've got small speakers,

00:56:41   medium, big speakers, soundbars, speakers with a display, big and small, tons of different

00:56:47   configurations with tons of different colors because of all the different needs that we

00:56:52   have around the house.

00:56:54   And here we have a speaker from five years ago that it's basically the same, has a temperature

00:56:59   sensor inside and has fewer speakers inside but it sounds still pretty good.

00:57:07   just kind of--

00:57:10   Apple had a job, and they did the bare minimum required

00:57:14   to kind of like, yeah, I guess we'll do this,

00:57:17   and we'll bring compatibility with matter, and that's it.

00:57:20   Like, it feels like something that they did--

00:57:23   I don't want to say out of spite,

00:57:25   but just because they had to.

00:57:28   And I don't know, it kind of feels uninspired.

00:57:33   Yeah, it's that.

00:57:36   for five years, we still have a HomePod and a HomePod mini,

00:57:41   and that's it.

00:57:42   - Why did they stop selling the other one?

00:57:45   - There must have been something inside

00:57:46   that they didn't want to keep producing

00:57:49   for another five years or so.

00:57:52   I don't know what exactly.

00:57:55   Maybe supply chain reasons.

00:57:56   Maybe they really wanted to have

00:57:58   the temperature sensor inside.

00:58:01   I'm sure there were some component.

00:58:03   - Yeah, but they didn't need to stop selling it, right?

00:58:05   Because that's not what they do.

00:58:06   They always would just sell it up until they were revised the product

00:58:09   you know what I mean?

00:58:09   It's just like weird to me of like they stopped selling the home pod and then for years and then replaced it with

00:58:15   The same thing that's very slightly different which they would do normally right? But like why did they stop?

00:58:23   Yeah, well

00:58:23   Do you remember the stories?

00:58:25   Back then that like you would get a home pod and the the OS version on it would be like two years out of date

00:58:31   Like yeah, there were questions

00:58:33   Like did they make so many and they just sat in a warehouse and so someone got mad and just like killed it

00:58:38   I mean so many questions and and

00:58:41   Why after years is it back now and the same I cannot um, I was so surprised

00:58:48   it didn't look like a big home pod mini like I really thought they were gonna go there and

00:58:52   They just did it and you know

00:58:55   They took they took a couple of tweeters out and hopefully they resolve whatever

00:58:59   Electrical issues that have killed a lot of home pods for a lot of people including two of mine

00:59:03   So hopefully it's better even if it's the same

00:59:06   But yeah so many questions about where this fits and why now and why the long delay?

00:59:11   I would love to know more because I get the feeling like someone at Apple really wants us to exist and everyone else is like

00:59:17   I don't know. Yeah, and so they kind of do the bare minimum and

00:59:22   It's out now like I mean if you want a big home pod like that's awesome

00:59:27   You know, I've got one of mine left and it sounds amazing

00:59:30   But when it dies because I'm sure it will I'm gonna replace it with a mini because that's good enough and the price is way

00:59:36   Better the one good thing they added to this one is a removable power cable

00:59:40   Yes that that's awesome

00:59:42   like mine sits on the kitchen counter four inches away from the power plug and I have this all this braided cable like

00:59:49   velcroed up behind it and

00:59:51   with this one you could get a really, you know short cable from the game is on or something and

00:59:56   have a much cleaner setup. So I was really glad to see that.

01:00:00   Because for me, like in the new house, we have like the previous owners had built like a

01:00:06   TV thing into the walls, so there's like a space for the TV and then spaces on either sides where they put lights

01:00:13   but I will eventually put speakers in there, right?

01:00:15   So and that would fit perfectly the home parts

01:00:18   but it just has like a small hole for a cable to go through and

01:00:21   And the current home pods, that's not going to work.

01:00:23   I have to do a massive hole to put a plug through it, right?

01:00:26   But now this would work for me.

01:00:28   But now I found Sonos and I'm going down that route.

01:00:31   But like then, you know, if I hadn't found Sonos

01:00:35   and was I felt that that was a better product for me,

01:00:38   I probably would have replaced both of my home pods for this one exact reason,

01:00:42   because then I would have only needed to make a much smaller hole

01:00:45   to put the cable through from behind the wall. Right. That's great.

01:00:50   But that's it, and that's not really anything, to be honest.

01:00:54   It's not really anything.

01:00:55   It's like, oh, you can take the cable out.

01:00:57   It's like, great.

01:00:59   Yeah, I don't know.

01:01:00   Maybe there was a--

01:01:01   They wanted to stop manufacturing it for whatever reason.

01:01:06   And if they have a bigger vision for the kind of home accessory they want to sell,

01:01:12   if they have one, I assume they do.

01:01:14   It's taking longer than expected.

01:01:16   As I am guessing, it will be a recurring theme with Apple products, you know, except the

01:01:23   iPhone maybe, that never takes the backseat, but everything else, given that they're working

01:01:28   on the headset, everything else is going to take a little more time, I suppose, while

01:01:32   Apple finishes up the work on the headset and gets that whole ecosystem ready, and of

01:01:36   course also works on the iPhone 15 line, everything else will probably take longer.

01:01:42   I mean, happy to be proven wrong here,

01:01:45   but after five years that they entered the home market,

01:01:50   they still have two basic speakers and nothing else.

01:01:55   People like me and Myke, we're now homeowners.

01:01:58   I mean, I am now a homeowner, Myke has been for a while,

01:02:01   but got a new house.

01:02:02   You're looking for smart home products.

01:02:06   And like, okay, you're looking for that flexibility.

01:02:09   You're looking for that,

01:02:10   I want to have more options than just two.

01:02:14   And so I think it's necessary,

01:02:17   if you are really serious about the smart home market,

01:02:20   to go after that flexibility for foreign factors,

01:02:25   for colors, for, you know,

01:02:28   connectivity to multiple services, you gotta be flexible.

01:02:30   You gotta be versatile.

01:02:32   And so far, Apple is not.

01:02:33   It's really just kind of boring.

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01:03:05   Capital One, what's in your wallet?

01:03:07   We've been talking about our desire for Apple to get weird. And over the last couple of

01:03:13   days, there have been competing rumors. So earlier in the week, our friend Ming-Chi Kuo

01:03:20   reported that Apple was working on a foldable tablet with a kickstand for 2024. A carbon

01:03:30   fiber kickstand at that. Give it to me. For 2024. And then the next day, Mark Gurman and

01:03:36   Ross Young clapped back as the kids say saying that they've heard quote nothing

01:03:42   about a foldable iPad for 2024 but Young goes on to say their supply chain

01:03:48   chatter about a 20.5 inch foldable notebook for the year 2025 but more

01:03:56   details are unknown that he has no details on if this is a Mac or an iPad

01:04:02   or something else. I love the spice. I love when when rumors disagree and people fight it out in

01:04:08   the streets of Mastodon. But what do y'all think about this? I mean, Federico, you and I have

01:04:14   talked about last week about the form factor and how important that is. Myke, you have experience

01:04:20   with foldables. So let's get into this. First of all, do you think that Mark and Ross, they gossip

01:04:28   behind the scenes with each other? Yes. They're like, "Yeah, okay, me too." I expect they all do.

01:04:32   I don't know, obviously this rumor, the rumor from my boy Ming-Chi sounds incredible, like

01:04:40   a bigger iPad that folds with a carbon fiber kicks and I mean, like, I would pay serious money for

01:04:48   that kind of product. Obviously it all comes down to the software, but we're going to talk about

01:04:52   that later. I've been following this scene over the past couple of months as, you know, as per

01:05:00   my desire to get weird with technology. And I've been taking a look at a lot of different

01:05:07   options and I think, first of all, when we hear this rumor, and this is also why I want to hear

01:05:12   Myke's take, the main question is, are we looking... what kind of product are we looking here?

01:05:21   is it a small tablet that can turn into a phone so when it's closed you have the footprint of a phone

01:05:28   and then you open it and it becomes this sort of mini tablet, sort of in the style of the most

01:05:36   popular foldable I would say like the Samsung Galaxy Fold or arguably you also have a spin-off

01:05:44   of that device which I want to talk about later which is the Microsoft Surface Duo, that is two

01:05:49   screens that are sort of separated, but it folds in that it becomes a smaller device, and you fold

01:05:56   it open and it's got a 360 degree hinge, so you can choose to use two screens side by side or just

01:06:02   one screen at a time. Or, are we looking at this other category, this other up-and-coming category

01:06:09   of products? I believe there is one shipping product in this category, one that is coming out

01:06:14   very soon from Lenovo, which is the foldable laptop, like the folding laptop, meaning you

01:06:20   got a screen, like you got a usually like a 16 or 17 inch display that folds and so you can choose

01:06:30   to use it as a large monitor in front of you and it's also a tablet of course, it supports multi-touch

01:06:37   So you can either put it upright, or you can use it as a giant tablet on your lap,

01:06:44   but you can also use it folding the display in half.

01:06:49   It turns into a small laptop, like an 11-inch or 12-inch laptop,

01:06:55   and you can either use a software keyboard in the lower half of the display

01:07:00   or put a keyboard accessory on top of it.

01:07:03   what kind of product do we think Apple is working on and what kind of product do we think they

01:07:09   should work on? What's your take on this, Myke? Where I'm struggling,

01:07:15   it is I think the most important question is which operating system are they targeting?

01:07:22   Because then it's very different because like yeah a folding screen with an iPad

01:07:31   is not particularly helpful unless there's also a screen on the outside, right? So like

01:07:36   your mini on the outside, pro on the inside, right? Yeah. Just like me. So I, you know,

01:07:44   interesting perspective. You know, I think everybody's taller than me. So that, if it's

01:07:51   iPad OS, I feel like it has to be that. I feel like just a big iPad that you can fold in half

01:07:57   to put in your bag doesn't feel compelling. Like, I don't really get that as a product

01:08:05   right now. And that is, you know, maybe more akin to the Surface Duo. Remember there was

01:08:12   the Surface Neo as well, which was a product that was cancelled, which was effectively

01:08:17   this. It was like two screens, but it was a Windows PC. And that was like cool because

01:08:21   it was new but it was a PC, right? Like it wasn't a tablet. I do think that if Apple

01:08:27   do this they're not going to do the two screens thing, it's a one screen thing and it would

01:08:31   be an elegant foldable. I think because that is the nice design option, right? Rather than

01:08:36   the two screen thing.

01:08:37   And even Microsoft I believe they're switching to a traditional foldable design with the

01:08:41   Surface Duo 3.

01:08:43   Yeah, I think that that's what everyone wants to go for eventually.

01:08:46   Yeah, and Google is coming out with the Pixel Fold at some point in the spring in theory

01:08:51   So yeah, that's the traditional design.

01:08:54   So my, honestly, at the moment, with the way that this is being described,

01:08:58   which is a 20.5 inch foldable screen, notebook, whatever,

01:09:03   I think this is a laptop, not an iPad.

01:09:07   So I expect it's running macOS.

01:09:10   And it will do something like these devices that we've seen recently.

01:09:14   I know you put the ASUS Zenbook into the, Shonas, you mentioned it a moment ago,

01:09:19   where you can have this magnetic keyboard that attaches to the top of it if you want

01:09:23   that. But it is a big screen with a kickstand so you can stand it up and watch content on

01:09:29   it, but you can also fold it halfway so you can use it as a laptop with a software keyboard

01:09:34   or a hardware keyboard. That kind of makes the most sense to me, unless they're going

01:09:40   to put a screen on the outside. Otherwise I kind of can't get my head around this being

01:09:45   an iPad.

01:09:46   Yeah, I mean, what would the benefit of a folding iPad be? I mean, surely there's the

01:09:56   question of, well, I feel that when I'm working with an iPad, even when it's a 12.9-inch iPad

01:10:03   Pro, I feel constrained by multitasking, by stage manager. I wish I had more space for

01:10:10   The thing is though, that sentiment is in direct opposition to the reality of

01:10:16   stage manager which manages the windows for you.

01:10:20   So maybe Apple has a bigger plan in the future to say, well,

01:10:24   you wanted to have traditional windowing and multitasking.

01:10:28   We're going to give it to you and we're going to give you a bigger iPad that folds.

01:10:32   So you still have the compact size when you want to fold it close and

01:10:36   put it in a bag or something.

01:10:38   and maybe when you don't want to use the big display,

01:10:41   but when you're working,

01:10:43   we can also give a bigger iPad, much bigger surface,

01:10:46   and we're going to give you much better windowing

01:10:48   than stage manager,

01:10:49   so you can have this larger canvas

01:10:52   for managing your windows.

01:10:53   - Yeah, but 13-inch laptops exist, right?

01:10:56   Like they're the most popular laptop.

01:10:57   (laughing)

01:10:59   The only way to fix it is to make the screen 20 inches.

01:11:02   - As I am saying this,

01:11:06   I don't even believe this theory myself.

01:11:09   I'm just trying to come up with an excuse

01:11:12   for this kind of product.

01:11:14   - Steven, where are you leaning?

01:11:15   Where are you leaning at the moment in this conversation?

01:11:18   - I lean toward it being iPadOS.

01:11:22   I can't imagine that they would jump to something

01:11:26   this radical without having touch already on the Mac

01:11:30   at this point.

01:11:31   And like, that's another rumor out there,

01:11:34   right there that touch is going to come to the Mac

01:11:37   within a couple of years.

01:11:39   This seems like an awfully fast moving change for the Mac,

01:11:44   but I can see it fitting in a little bit better

01:11:47   on the iPad side.

01:11:49   - That's a very good point, right?

01:11:51   Like you could introduce touch on the Mac

01:11:54   with this product, right?

01:11:56   But I agree with you that like touch on the Mac

01:11:59   to do it right is a big project.

01:12:01   Now, maybe they did start two years ago,

01:12:04   but I don't know,

01:12:05   that's not what the recent rumors have said.

01:12:07   So yeah, on that, when you look at it on that,

01:12:10   it does make more sense for the iPad.

01:12:12   I'm just really struggling to understand

01:12:14   what the benefit is of like a 20 inch iPad

01:12:18   that you can fold in half.

01:12:20   Like, is it just so it's more portable?

01:12:22   Like, is that really worth it folding in half

01:12:26   and like all the cost?

01:12:27   - Maybe the idea would be you wanna have a bigger iPad,

01:12:31   but we think a bigger iPad that's like,

01:12:33   if we gave you a 20-inch iPad

01:12:36   and it's just a big 20-inch slab of glass,

01:12:39   you wouldn't be able to carry that anywhere, really.

01:12:43   It'd be like almost like carrying an iMac or something.

01:12:47   But what if you fold it in half

01:12:48   and it becomes a more manageable product

01:12:50   to sort of lug around?

01:12:52   I could see that, but personally,

01:12:56   I am leaning toward the laptop style.

01:13:00   I think, especially given what we are seeing right now coming out of the PC market, and

01:13:06   if you give it a couple of years and if you think that's the right direction for this

01:13:10   kind of product, I think Apple could do something that is much nicer than the first, I don't

01:13:16   want to say prototypes because they are products you can buy, you can use, but they are first

01:13:21   versions of something that I think is a more compelling product.

01:13:25   And the product I'm thinking about is the Asus ZenBook Fold.

01:13:30   So this thing is a, effectively it's like a giant thick tablet, and it's a Windows PC,

01:13:37   it runs Windows.

01:13:39   And it's got a kickstand, right?

01:13:43   So you can open it up and it becomes like a 17-inch display, and you can use it in front

01:13:50   of you as a giant display.

01:13:53   And it comes with this keyboard accessory, and the keyboard accessory is like, imagine

01:13:57   like the keyboard part of the Magic Keyboard, but just the keyboard.

01:14:04   And it's got a mini trackpad and everything, so when the display is open in front of you,

01:14:08   you can use it as an external keyboard in front of the display.

01:14:15   Or if you fold the thing, what I was mentioning before, when you fold the device, you can

01:14:21   place it, you can physically place the keyboard on top of the lower half, and it kind of looks

01:14:27   like a laptop, it kind of looks like you got a laptop there. And then of course if you want,

01:14:31   you can just use the thing as a giant tablet, right? So if you want to use a 17-inch tablet,

01:14:38   there's also that form factor. But obviously, I think Apple can do a much nicer job here.

01:14:45   These first foldable laptops that are coming out, Lenovo, they have one, I don't know,

01:14:52   I don't remember the name. I think it was supposed to ship last year and it didn't,

01:14:56   but it's coming out soon. It is a ThinkPad. It is a ThinkPad, it's got a name,

01:15:02   but it is a ThinkPad and it actually looks nicer. I think it's gonna be nicer. ThinkPad X1 Fold.

01:15:09   I think it's gonna be nicer than the Asus one, but I mean you look at these first foldables,

01:15:19   they're thick and they have fans in them, obviously, because they run windows. They're

01:15:26   plastic-y, they got thick bezels. But if you set aside for a moment like the first rough

01:15:34   drafts of these products, and again, they're not drafts because people can actually spend

01:15:39   money on them, but if you set that aside and you project that idea, you know, three years

01:15:44   into the future, four years into the future, and you think, okay, now this product can

01:15:49   be something much nicer. And imagine if you could have like a giant screen and it runs

01:15:55   Mac OS and it runs an operating system that lets you do whatever you want. Maybe it's

01:16:00   got two, three Thunderbolt ports on it, great battery life, no fans, Apple quality display

01:16:07   that folds. And if you want, you can use it as a laptop or you can hold it, use it as

01:16:12   big tablet and I think that product is very compelling because it will explain

01:16:18   the kickstand right the kickstand because well what if you want to fold it

01:16:21   open and use it in front of you but with a keyboard and mouse. I mean to go back to

01:16:26   what Stephen was saying though like you can do all of this still could be an iPad right

01:16:30   like you can use an iPad and laptop configuration if you want to right and

01:16:35   that's just you they give you a magic keyboard or you know like there is a

01:16:39   a possibility for it to be that.

01:16:42   - Yeah, I just don't, I feel like I'm just very skeptical

01:16:46   of Apple, of iPadOS being ready for this

01:16:50   and Apple also willing to,

01:16:52   my main issue is I don't know what Apple is thinking

01:16:57   in terms of iPadOS at this point in time

01:17:00   and I don't think we probably will

01:17:01   for at least another year, unfortunately.

01:17:06   I am not sure that they are ready to go beyond Stage Manager yet.

01:17:13   I don't know.

01:17:15   If you ask me today, like, where do you expect Stage Manager to be three years from now,

01:17:20   four years from now?

01:17:21   I don't know.

01:17:22   I don't know.

01:17:23   Because at some point, I mean, I said it last episode, they brought me to the point where

01:17:30   I'm wishing for an iPad that runs macOS.

01:17:33   But at some point, and Apple will say no to the idea of convergence between two platforms,

01:17:39   but eventually it's got to happen, right?

01:17:46   If you're making computers that have touch and tablets that have keyboards, at what point,

01:17:52   X years down the line, at what point are you making the same thing twice?

01:17:57   Like if the future is for Macs to get touch

01:18:01   and for this place to get thinner and foldable,

01:18:04   and if the future is for tablets

01:18:06   to also support indirect manipulation

01:18:09   and multi-window multitasking,

01:18:10   at what point, X years from now,

01:18:13   are you effectively doing the same homework twice?

01:18:17   - Yeah, I mean, I think they're already there in some areas.

01:18:20   - In some areas, they are already there.

01:18:22   So you're doing this,

01:18:25   you're completing the same task in two slightly different ways.

01:18:29   And stage manager is one of them, right?

01:18:31   And stage manager is one of them.

01:18:33   And years ago, we would have looked at iPadOS as,

01:18:39   "Oh, this is the chance of a do-over."

01:18:43   It's a do-over for desktop metaphors, to do them in a better way.

01:18:49   But as we have seen over the years, they are doing them differently.

01:18:55   I'm not sure they're doing them in a better way after all.

01:18:58   And they always stop sort of halfway there.

01:19:02   They always stop short of other features that you need macOS for.

01:19:07   And so at some point I kind of wonder, maybe it's just more efficient to make one platform

01:19:14   that can do it all, rather than two that have a bunch of weird asterisks about the differences between them.

01:19:22   Yeah, I don't know. This is a very... this is very perplexing, this one.

01:19:26   It's very perplexing, yes. There's... and we're talking like at the very least two years, three years from now.

01:19:34   Until then, if you want to read stuff that we've talked about this episode, you know, the next couple years, you got nothing going on. Hell no.

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