437: Mr. Nice Wrist Guy


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:07   Hello and welcome to episode 437 of Connected from Relay FM.

00:00:12   I got really mixed up because I looked at the document and saw that it was my name to do the thing.

00:00:18   And I wasn't ready, but everybody else went quiet for a second.

00:00:21   If you were listening to the pro show, you would have noticed that.

00:00:23   This episode is brought to you by ZocDoc, Squarespace, and Indeed.

00:00:27   I don't remember if I introduced myself.

00:00:29   My name is Mike Curley and I am happy to introduce Federico Vatici.

00:00:33   Phew, okay, I was concerned you were not Mike Curley.

00:00:35   I'm a professional apparently and that is what I did.

00:00:37   Your mic, your mic, that's good to know.

00:00:40   Hi, how are you? You good? Yeah?

00:00:42   I don't know, man.

00:00:43   You doing alright over there?

00:00:44   I don't think so.

00:00:47   Okay.

00:00:48   And it's my pleasure to also introduce Mr. Stephen Hackett.

00:00:51   Hello, Stephen.

00:00:52   Hello, we're back.

00:00:54   I'm back. You guys were always here.

00:00:56   How's the snakes?

00:00:58   The snakes were exotic snakes.

00:01:01   The kind that have a special kind of fiber in them.

00:01:06   So fibery snakes.

00:01:09   No, I enjoyed the episode.

00:01:10   Thank you for doing an excellent job as always, guys.

00:01:14   It was really enjoyable discussion.

00:01:16   And I appreciated the references to snakes and ISP fires.

00:01:20   And I can confirm both are things

00:01:22   that actually happened in my life.

00:01:24   Or at least they told me they happened.

00:01:27   I don't know if they were two, but they happened.

00:01:30   - You turned the fiber into something,

00:01:32   the snakes into fiber, right?

00:01:33   You have fiber now?

00:01:34   You've got good, fast internet now.

00:01:36   - I finally have gigabit fiber.

00:01:39   So to give you a bit of a summary of how it all went down,

00:01:44   after, so we moved in July, right?

00:01:46   We've been living in my new apartment

00:01:49   since July of last year.

00:01:52   And we were told, all the people, like when we moved in July,

00:01:58   three out of 33 apartments were occupied by people.

00:02:07   And we were one of those apartments.

00:02:10   And so initially we were told, "Oh, you guys got to wait for fiber.

00:02:12   It's not being activated yet."

00:02:15   And so we started waiting and waiting.

00:02:18   And in the meantime, I started using Personal Hotspot.

00:02:20   And then I bought one of those mobile routers with a SIM card inside.

00:02:25   And we were told like in September, oh no, it's not ready yet.

00:02:30   And so we kept waiting and waiting and waiting until in January.

00:02:35   I got tired of waiting. I was like, I, I, it's,

00:02:38   it seems impossible to me that we've been living here. And now of course,

00:02:43   the building has filled up with other people.

00:02:45   And it seems impossible to me that we're here.

00:02:48   this building obviously exists, there's people living in it, and we still cannot get an internet

00:02:55   connection here. Turns out that the building company didn't know that there's an official

00:03:02   procedure with an actual website where you need to go, if you are a company that builds buildings,

00:03:11   to say this piece of land upon which we constructed

00:03:16   the building needs to have an internet connection activated.

00:03:20   And it's like a whole thing you need to do,

00:03:24   if you do this for a living, to tell

00:03:26   one of the major Italian ISPs, please come here

00:03:30   and lay a fiber cable and connect us to the internet.

00:03:35   We had-- me and another guy, we had

00:03:38   to tell the building company, go to this web page and fill out this form with your information.

00:03:46   After a week, we had fiber. It seems incredible to me that like I had to figure out what the

00:03:53   bottleneck was from a bureaucratic perspective. But anyway.

00:03:58   Maybe you just got yourself a new job in this building company.

00:04:02   If it's this easy, I don't know, geez.

00:04:05   Anyway, so I go to the website

00:04:07   and I was doing this with you guys on iMessage.

00:04:10   The website tells me, hey, you can buy for 30 euros a month,

00:04:15   one gigabit connection, or for 10 euros more,

00:04:18   so 40 euros a month, you can have a 10 gigabit connection,

00:04:23   10 gigabit fiber.

00:04:24   It's like, I mean, for sure, for like for 10 euros more,

00:04:27   it's gonna be 10 times faster.

00:04:29   I mean, I'm in, sure, I'm gonna do 10 gigabit.

00:04:32   And you guys were like, "Yeah, if you can,

00:04:34   "future-proof yourself, do the 10 gigabit,

00:04:36   "even if it's gonna be relatively useless right now,

00:04:39   "but do it."

00:04:40   And so I did it, and I put in an order for 10 gigabit fiber,

00:04:45   and I sent in my documents, I signed a bunch of things,

00:04:49   and I started waiting again.

00:04:51   And everybody else in the building was like,

00:04:53   "Well, I didn't go for the 10 gigabit,

00:04:54   "I went for the one gigabit, and the ISP guy came today,

00:04:58   "and I have an internet connection finally."

00:05:01   and nothing was moving on my end.

00:05:03   I was like, I don't know, three days, five days, a week, two weeks, ten days.

00:05:09   Like, no, when it became too much, I started investigating this.

00:05:14   So basically, long story short, there was an error on the ISP website.

00:05:19   I couldn't really buy the 10 gigabit fiber.

00:05:23   It was fake news.

00:05:24   -Misinformation. -There was no 10 gigabit support yet.

00:05:31   and I went in basically as soon as the webpage for our street address.

00:05:37   Once it became available, I think I was actually the first person to go there and say,

00:05:42   "I want 10 gigabit fiber!" And it wasn't really true.

00:05:45   It's going to be true in a few months, it sounds like, and maybe at that point I will reconsider.

00:05:51   But yeah, I cancelled my request, put in a new request for a regular 1 gigabit fiber,

00:05:57   and in three days I was connected.

00:05:59   So, I have one gigabit fiber and it's life-changing, guys.

00:06:05   Like, it's truly...

00:06:06   You don't think about it anymore.

00:06:07   No, it's truly life-changing.

00:06:10   Like, uploading podcast recordings takes 20 seconds.

00:06:14   It's like, I never had this before.

00:06:18   This is when you start recording in Wave, right?

00:06:21   Because this is like, well, what's the point?

00:06:22   I might as well.

00:06:23   I'm like, it's no problem.

00:06:25   Yeah, it's great.

00:06:26   And everything was like before, when I had to download like a 3 gigabit file,

00:06:33   I was like, "Oh man, it's gonna take like 45 minutes or something."

00:06:36   Now it takes 30 seconds.

00:06:38   Digital video games become like...

00:06:41   -Yes. -It's just so good.

00:06:42   -It's just so good. -You download things on your PlayStation or whatever

00:06:45   and it's done like in an hour.

00:06:46   -Exactly. -They're still slow, right?

00:06:48   But you are getting it at the fastest speed that they can deliver.

00:06:51   Yes, updates, downloading games on Steam or the PS Store, like it's incredible.

00:06:57   And speaking of video games, something that I started doing this week, streaming video games.

00:07:04   So I set up the NVIDIA GeForce now cloud streaming service.

00:07:09   It's wild.

00:07:10   You can pay for the ultimate tier, and they give you access to better quality,

00:07:18   better image quality, including the data centers upgrades.

00:07:23   NVIDIA, for people who pay more, are upgrading their servers

00:07:28   to have 4080 GPUs in the server racks.

00:07:33   And so you can now do things like, for example,

00:07:37   I was playing Cyberpunk 2077, Ray Tracing Ultra,

00:07:42   so it's like the top tier graphical settings you can have,

00:07:46   at 60 frames per second on my iPhone via a web app.

00:07:51   - Ridiculous.

00:07:53   - Ridiculous.

00:07:54   Just having that kind of setup at home

00:07:57   would be space consuming and energy consuming.

00:08:01   Here I'm just-- - And cost prohibitive.

00:08:02   - And cost prohibitive.

00:08:04   Here I'm just streaming a video game because I have fiber.

00:08:08   I'm so happy and I'm also very happy

00:08:10   that I preemptively laid cat six ethernet cable everywhere

00:08:16   as I spoke with Steven.

00:08:19   Yeah, it's right now, I am recording at my desk.

00:08:23   I have 935 megabits down

00:08:28   and something like 310 up.

00:08:33   I'm very happy.

00:08:36   It's incredible.

00:08:38   I finally have what I've always wanted.

00:08:39   And yeah, super good.

00:08:43   - That's awesome.

00:08:44   I am very glad about your upload speed because for the last several months,

00:08:49   I've had to wait like half an hour for the file.

00:08:51   Everyone that works at Federico is as happy as Federico.

00:08:55   Yeah. So OTJ and Steven have got a little present here for this.

00:09:01   We definitely do. I want to talk about the Don for a second.

00:09:05   Oh yeah. The Don.

00:09:06   We have stood up relay FM dot social. This is going to be...

00:09:11   Are we still on the Don?

00:09:13   We are on the Don more than ever.

00:09:15   - Don't hit him, baby.

00:09:15   - Did he kick us out?

00:09:16   Okay, cool.

00:09:18   - I'm donning.

00:09:19   - Yeah, he's donning, donning all over the place.

00:09:22   So the show can be found at relayfm.social.

00:09:25   The network is there.

00:09:26   Some of our other shows will be joining

00:09:28   over the next few days.

00:09:29   I'm kind of doing it slowly

00:09:30   because when you migrate it crushes everything for a while.

00:09:33   Everything's very slow.

00:09:34   - Yeah, it's bad.

00:09:36   - But yeah, Connect is there, MPU is there,

00:09:38   Clockwise and Upgrader are there,

00:09:40   and I'm sure others will join us.

00:09:41   So if you already followed, then you just,

00:09:44   you got moved right along.

00:09:45   So we're excited about this.

00:09:48   And I think it's gonna be, we got some work to do.

00:09:50   There's some things that we wanna do,

00:09:52   like set some webhook stuff up

00:09:54   so the CMS can post when shows go live.

00:09:57   We had that on Twitter.

00:09:58   We don't have that on Mastodon yet.

00:10:00   The master feed is just being served by a,

00:10:02   if this, then that applet.

00:10:04   But we got big plans for this.

00:10:06   And really Federico, like you kind of led the way here.

00:10:10   in setting up your own and getting that going.

00:10:15   - Well, and also doing the, like, what I consider brain,

00:10:21   like manipulation, brainwashing of me

00:10:25   just through app stories.

00:10:26   Like I just multiple episodes of app stories

00:10:29   talking about Mastodon clients

00:10:30   and I'm just like the whole time,

00:10:32   like, maybe this is interesting.

00:10:35   And now here I am.

00:10:36   - Well, I am glad that, although that was not my goal,

00:10:39   I am glad that the outcome was still that.

00:10:42   So.

00:10:43   - Okay.

00:10:44   - Yeah.

00:10:45   Very well.

00:10:47   I should consider more brainwashing.

00:10:49   - Hey, I've got to go sign for a piece of furniture.

00:10:51   Can you guys give me like five minutes?

00:10:53   - Yep.

00:10:54   - Okay, I'll be right back.

00:10:55   - Ridiculous.

00:10:56   - You signed for furniture.

00:10:58   - Unbelievable.

00:10:59   Do you think that's code for something?

00:11:03   - I think so.

00:11:04   - Gotta go wink sign for some wink, wink furniture.

00:11:08   - Furniture.

00:11:09   Do you think that means he needs to use the bathroom?

00:11:11   Interesting.

00:11:16   I mean, that's a very elaborate metaphor.

00:11:19   I don't know.

00:11:20   Oh, huh.

00:11:22   Interesting. Interesting.

00:11:24   That's time for some furniture.

00:11:27   You know what I need, Mike?

00:11:30   I need some compact desk light

00:11:36   to bring some color to this desk.

00:11:39   I heard Jon suggest, and it's also my recommendation,

00:11:42   like one of the little hue lamp things.

00:11:44   They have like some small hue lamps.

00:11:46   They have that like tube one and they have the ball one.

00:11:49   There's a tube one.

00:11:51   Oh yeah, baby, but they're not portable.

00:11:54   No, well they are, but they got like this base.

00:11:57   So like it's not.

00:11:58   Ah, the base is fine.

00:11:59   Let me show you.

00:12:00   The base might be too big though.

00:12:03   called gradient,

00:12:05   cygni gradient, s-i-g-n-e.

00:12:08   Oh, they've made the table lamp one much nicer.

00:12:12   - Yeah, the go?

00:12:13   - No, no, no, no, this is something else.

00:12:15   This is something else.

00:12:16   You hold on one moment.

00:12:17   Take a look at that thing.

00:12:19   You might like this.

00:12:20   I make a big one and a little one.

00:12:22   I have the big one.

00:12:23   Steven has the big one too.

00:12:26   But it's like, I feel like aesthetically this fits you.

00:12:32   Yes.

00:12:33   It's like you can shine it at you or at the wall.

00:12:38   Yeah.

00:12:39   Yes.

00:12:40   Yes.

00:12:41   I have a black one and a white one.

00:12:42   The small one.

00:12:43   That's what I was thinking of, the small one.

00:12:45   The small one.

00:12:46   Yeah, see, they have a promo photo, which is what I want to do.

00:12:50   Yeah.

00:12:51   Shine it at the wall?

00:12:52   Yeah.

00:12:53   In one of the corners of the desk, shining at the wall.

00:12:57   Yeah.

00:12:58   Hmm.

00:12:59   Now this website's clever, you can tap the scene buttons and it changes.

00:13:03   That's really clever at the top of the website.

00:13:05   That's very smart.

00:13:06   Yeah, Savannah Sunset.

00:13:07   Oh, that's clever.

00:13:08   Nice animation.

00:13:09   There you go.

00:13:10   That might be what you're looking for.

00:13:16   Yeah, okay.

00:13:17   Thanks for the tip.

00:13:18   This small one.

00:13:19   Yeah, because once I get the new desk, I gotta figure out the cable management solution again.

00:13:26   my thought was I am gonna put my audio stuff

00:13:30   and the CalDigit TS4 on top of the drawers, right?

00:13:35   So the cables, they can come out from either

00:13:41   underneath the desk for like my headphones and stuff.

00:13:45   And I also have easy access to it,

00:13:47   but the studio display needs to go down there, right?

00:13:51   So I need to study this.

00:13:54   But if I put this lamp,

00:13:58   I can actually cover the hole with the base of the lamp.

00:14:02   Hmm.

00:14:03   Steven, how was your furniture experience?

00:14:05   It was good.

00:14:05   So you know we bought the sectional,

00:14:09   and then we're like,

00:14:10   oh, the TV table doesn't really go here anymore, so.

00:14:13   New TV table. Placing that.

00:14:15   That all came today.

00:14:15   It came in nine boxes,

00:14:16   so I guess I know what my weekend's gonna be.

00:14:18   What?

00:14:19   How big is it?

00:14:20   It's not big.

00:14:21   Well, you've been in my den.

00:14:22   It's basically the size of what's in there now.

00:14:25   Let's just say you think it's not big,

00:14:27   but it's in nine boxes,

00:14:28   so maybe it's bigger than you thought it was.

00:14:31   Unless it's like small boxes.

00:14:33   None of them were big.

00:14:34   The biggest one was like clearly the top of the piece.

00:14:38   So anyways, sorry.

00:14:39   I just knew they were gonna show up as soon as we recorded.

00:14:43   Yeah.

00:14:43   That's how it always works.

00:14:45   We're probably ready to move on to the next topic.

00:14:48   We have a new entrance

00:14:49   into the everything is a computer category.

00:14:52   This is an Apple insider article.

00:14:54   I just wanna read the first sentence of this article.

00:14:58   Apple recently issued a firmware update

00:15:00   for the two meter USB-C to MagSafe 3 charging cable,

00:15:04   but it's unknown what it updates or fixes.

00:15:07   - What's going on over there, man?

00:15:08   - I don't know, but the first comment from John White,

00:15:11   1001, still hoping for firmware updates

00:15:14   for the Apple polishing cloth.

00:15:16   (laughs)

00:15:17   - That's good, that's actually better

00:15:18   than I thought it was gonna be.

00:15:19   I thought you were gonna say something wild.

00:15:21   - That's a pretty good comment.

00:15:23   - I can't really imagine the comments

00:15:25   on the Apple Insider articles are typically full

00:15:27   of like insightful things.

00:15:29   - Oh, you never know.

00:15:32   - Just gonna say.

00:15:33   - So yeah, apparently this will run at some point

00:15:35   when you are using MagSafe on your MagSafe equipped laptop.

00:15:40   There doesn't seem to be any UI or anything

00:15:42   that tells you what firmware version

00:15:44   of the cable you're running.

00:15:46   - Do you think the cable reboots?

00:15:48   Like, right? Like...

00:15:51   Maybe.

00:15:52   Like what, it just like,

00:15:53   you can replace some firmware that apparently exists

00:15:57   and like nothing changes?

00:15:58   That's super weird, man.

00:15:59   Maybe.

00:16:00   I don't like all of this.

00:16:01   This isn't good.

00:16:02   This doesn't make me feel good.

00:16:04   You know, maybe you're charging

00:16:05   and then just like the little LED,

00:16:08   you know, usually it's green or orange,

00:16:09   but like it turns red for a second

00:16:10   and then it comes back.

00:16:12   Very strange.

00:16:13   Very strange.

00:16:15   We spoke, I think this was in the Pro Show.

00:16:17   I don't remember, but I'm gonna put it here.

00:16:20   K9 Play is listener of the show.

00:16:23   They sent a little ice sculpture,

00:16:26   swan 3D print to me in the PO box.

00:16:29   And they have now put the file up on Thingiverse.

00:16:33   So if you have a 3D printer

00:16:34   and you want to make your own little N ice letter

00:16:38   for connected, you can print one out for yourself.

00:16:42   It's very cool.

00:16:43   - And I would like to read something sent

00:16:45   into filofeedback.com, which is where you can go

00:16:49   to send feedback in for this show.

00:16:51   And it came from Dylan who says,

00:16:53   "Hey boys, I thought I should write in

00:16:55   "to talk about my long thighs."

00:16:57   - No, no. - No.

00:16:59   - I've measured them to be 48 centimeters,

00:17:02   which is 19 inches long.

00:17:04   - Yes, okay. - I couldn't find

00:17:05   any online data on average thigh length.

00:17:08   I mean, I don't know why you couldn't.

00:17:10   But I'm guessing from my height,

00:17:12   my thighs are longer than most.

00:17:14   Do I get a prize for having the longest thighs of anyone in the connected audience?

00:17:19   Maybe the winner can get access to longthigh.social.

00:17:23   In case you were wondering, my height is 2.03 meters or 6 feet 8 inches.

00:17:29   Dylan's a big, big one.

00:17:34   Dylan also included a thigh photo with a tape measure.

00:17:41   So I have a tape measure.

00:17:44   Oh, I don't, but I know I don't have bigger thighs than this.

00:17:47   Can I go grab mine?

00:17:49   Let me get my ruler. Hold on,

00:17:50   I'm just gonna grab my, take my ruler.

00:17:52   So I am six feet tall.

00:17:55   I'm eight inches shorter than Dylan,

00:17:58   which sounds like a lot when you say it that way.

00:18:00   I'm gonna measure my thigh here

00:18:02   and I'm coming in at about 16 inches.

00:18:05   So we're doing this from what?

00:18:07   Like it looks like it's going right into the hip.

00:18:10   Yeah, to the end of the kneecap.

00:18:12   Yeah.

00:18:13   - I'm closer to 17, I think.

00:18:15   - Okay. - 17 inches.

00:18:17   - Let's see.

00:18:18   Let's see, I'm gonna measure how Dylan measures.

00:18:20   - This is terrible.

00:18:21   This is a terrible podcast.

00:18:23   What are we doing?

00:18:24   - Oh man, I have a smaller thigh.

00:18:26   - Well, I mean, that's for sure.

00:18:28   So what are you coming in at?

00:18:30   - 43 centimeters.

00:18:33   - Ah, I'm 42 centimeters.

00:18:35   I was really hoping I was gonna have longer thighs than you.

00:18:37   - No, you're also, you're shorter

00:18:39   and you also have a shorter thigh.

00:18:41   Now, now, now Dylan wins.

00:18:44   - Dylan wins big time,

00:18:45   but Dylan's throwing down the gauntlet, right?

00:18:50   Hey, passionate ones,

00:18:53   do you have bigger, longer thighs than Dylan?

00:18:56   There is an image in the show notes.

00:18:59   If you do, send us an image.

00:19:02   Go to filefeedback.com.

00:19:04   You got to upload the image somewhere and put a link in

00:19:07   'cause we don't currently have,

00:19:08   I don't know if we ever will have image uploads.

00:19:09   Probably best not to ever have that.

00:19:11   Nope, I don't want that. I don't want that at all.

00:19:13   So you can upload them somewhere and put a URL in.

00:19:16   Dylan used Imgur. Imgur works.

00:19:19   We need this photographic evidence to see if you have a longer thigh than Dylan.

00:19:23   Yes.

00:19:24   You can go to filerfeedback.com or you can submit it.

00:19:28   You know, just click the link in the show notes to send him feedback for the show.

00:19:31   Winner will be known as Longest Thigh.

00:19:34   Who wouldn't want to be known as Longest Thigh?

00:19:37   King Thigh? King Thigh?

00:19:40   Yeah, you can be king thigh.

00:19:42   King thigh.

00:19:43   Chairman thigh.

00:19:44   Chairman thigh.

00:19:45   Thigh chairman.

00:19:46   There we go.

00:19:48   If you would like to be thigh chairman.

00:19:50   His royal thinus.

00:19:52   Hey!

00:19:53   We'll go with their royal thinus, but yes, I love it.

00:19:57   Their royal thinus.

00:19:58   Their royal thinus.

00:20:00   Congratulations Stephen.

00:20:02   You do not take the thinus trophy.

00:20:05   Currently, Dylan is their royal thinus.

00:20:09   Do you have longer thighs? Let us know.

00:20:14   Why is this a podcast?

00:20:15   This is definitely worse than the weirdest listener, right? Remember that, Federico?

00:20:20   This has, what was it? Oh yeah, from the weird places.

00:20:24   Yes, who was like the most remote place and I checked it based on stats from the show.

00:20:30   Was this podcast a mistake?

00:20:32   Not yet.

00:20:33   Is this?

00:20:34   We'll find out in a week.

00:20:35   Is this the worst thing we've ever done?

00:20:38   Probably.

00:20:39   (hums)

00:20:41   Probably.

00:20:42   I'll get back to you on that one.

00:20:42   Okay.

00:20:43   Yeah.

00:20:44   (hums)

00:20:45   (laughs)

00:20:46   That might be worse.

00:20:47   Harmonizing might be worse.

00:20:48   (laughs)

00:20:51   Yeah, okay, okay, all right, all right.

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00:20:55   and now we're whatever this is.

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00:22:41   Roast me daddy!

00:22:42   Yes!

00:22:43   Yes!

00:22:44   Roast me!

00:22:45   Let's roast Apple Watches!

00:22:48   So we have completed a selection of roasts in the past.

00:22:51   macOS docs, macOS menu bars, iPhone home screens, iPad home screens, desks.

00:22:57   We have some other ones in the future.

00:22:59   Today we're roasting Apple Watches.

00:23:02   Okay.

00:23:03   When we were talking about this, I think it started life as we're going to roast watch

00:23:07   faces but really the watch is like a, it's a whole thing, right?

00:23:11   Because you have the fashion part of it.

00:23:13   You have your complications, you have your settings, you have your bands.

00:23:18   So we're going to do it all.

00:23:19   The whole thing.

00:23:21   All nine yards.

00:23:22   The whole kit and caboodle.

00:23:23   The nine yards would be a long thigh.

00:23:25   That would be a very long thigh.

00:23:26   would become their royal thioness of a thioness like that. I have a question. So we have different

00:23:32   things. We have hardware, bands, watch faces, complications, and some settings. Are we going

00:23:37   to... What kind of round robin are we doing here? Are we doing like all me, all Steven,

00:23:44   all Federico? Or are we doing like each one and then round robin of each of those? Like

00:23:50   what are we going to do? Like each area?

00:23:53   I think we do each area.

00:23:55   So like you talk about your hardware, your case, your material, that sort of thing.

00:24:00   And then I'll go, then Federico will go or whatever.

00:24:02   Okay.

00:24:03   So like I'll do hardware, you do hardware, Federico, and then we carry on?

00:24:06   Yeah.

00:24:07   Do the thing?

00:24:08   Yeah.

00:24:09   Am I starting?

00:24:10   I guess I am based on your image.

00:24:11   Yes.

00:24:12   There's an image in the show notes and I put it in the discord of Mike's watch, my watch,

00:24:16   and Federico's watch.

00:24:17   Federico's band isn't right.

00:24:18   I couldn't find a good image of his color band,

00:24:21   but you know, it's in the ballpark.

00:24:23   - What I want to know is why you chose this order.

00:24:25   'Cause our typical order is you, me, Federico.

00:24:27   - Is it in thigh order?

00:24:28   - It's in thigh order.

00:24:30   - Should it go in thigh order?

00:24:31   How would it go in thigh order?

00:24:33   Who had the longest thigh?

00:24:34   It was Federico, right?

00:24:35   Even me and Steven are tied.

00:24:38   - Yeah.

00:24:39   - You are thighed.

00:24:40   - Thigh order?

00:24:42   - We're thighed.

00:24:42   - The only podcast arranged by thigh order.

00:24:45   But usually, like if we're doing a live show, right?

00:24:47   It's you, me, Federico.

00:24:49   I wanted the ultra in the middle since it was bigger.

00:24:51   I thought it looked kind of balanced and I don't know.

00:24:53   I thought you had the coolest one, didn't you?

00:24:54   So you wanted to put it in the middle.

00:24:56   I do have the coolest watch.

00:24:58   You have the biggest watch, like that's for sure.

00:25:02   Yeah.

00:25:03   It's the biggest one.

00:25:03   I think I have the most stylish watch.

00:25:06   Well, I mean, if you're into a sort of like vibe,

00:25:08   and you like stainless steel gold.

00:25:10   Like good, like a good one, a good vibe.

00:25:12   Well, let's talk about your vibe.

00:25:13   Tell us about your Apple watch.

00:25:15   I have a gold stainless series 7?

00:25:18   What is that, series 7?

00:25:20   Does anybody know?

00:25:22   Series 7, I took it off, checked.

00:25:24   Is it the new one?

00:25:25   No, that's the series 8.

00:25:26   The new one's the series 8.

00:25:27   Oh, that's what I thought, yeah.

00:25:28   Yeah, so you got the 7.

00:25:30   Yeah, I have a gold 45 millimeter stainless steel

00:25:34   series 7 Apple Watch.

00:25:37   Okay.

00:25:39   With a midnight magnetic band.

00:25:42   Okay, I have not experienced this band.

00:25:46   Can you walk us through it and how it works?

00:25:48   They are really bad.

00:25:50   So when Federico says they're bad,

00:25:51   what he actually means to say is they are the best ones?

00:25:54   Oh, that's what he meant.

00:25:55   I mean, if you hate quality, yeah, they're the best ones.

00:25:58   What are you talking, okay, Federico,

00:26:00   I do have a quick question for you.

00:26:01   Yeah.

00:26:02   When did you try one of these?

00:26:03   'Cause I am aware that they used to be bad,

00:26:05   they went away, they came back.

00:26:06   I've got the good ones.

00:26:07   Like, I think it's good, but this was a thing.

00:26:10   I tried it, I don't know, three years ago

00:26:12   four years ago, like in the first two years of the watch.

00:26:16   I genuinely, I think it might be better because I remember it was like a thing, people didn't

00:26:21   like it.

00:26:22   I kept thinking that the watch was tapping me and it wasn't the watch tapping me, it

00:26:26   was the band moving.

00:26:28   I mean, sometimes the band for me only ever moves when I make it move, like it doesn't

00:26:33   move on its own, but I understand how it could, mine doesn't, which makes me think that maybe

00:26:37   they made this a bit better.

00:26:38   I do think this band went away and then they brought it back and I wonder if they made

00:26:43   it better.

00:26:44   Because I love it.

00:26:45   Like it.

00:26:46   I was really hesitant of it when I bought it.

00:26:49   Like I liked the look because I wanted I wanted a leather strap with my watch, but I didn't

00:26:55   want to get one of the buckle ones like I don't like apples buckle ones.

00:26:59   So I was like, well, I'll give it a go.

00:27:01   But I was convinced it was going to come off like it would just it would just come off

00:27:05   and it has never happened to me.

00:27:06   The watch has never come off and I have a way of adjusting it.

00:27:11   Like if I flex my wrist specifically, if it's on too tight, I can get it to knock by one.

00:27:15   But I can't recall it happening to me without like unexpectedly because then I would think

00:27:20   my watch was falling off and this like isn't a thing that I feel.

00:27:24   I love this band.

00:27:25   I like that it's really adjustable and it's adjustable easily and it doesn't get caught

00:27:32   on things and get pulled off.

00:27:34   It's a great band and I think that the pairing of it is really nice.

00:27:37   I wanted a leather band because I wanted it to kind of feel and look like a regular watch

00:27:44   as much as was possible, which is also one of the reasons that I went with gold because

00:27:48   I wanted it to add on them.

00:27:49   I said this before, I don't like the design of the Apple Watch in general.

00:27:53   I think that it's pretty ugly and I think now it's really old looking.

00:27:59   It's why I am intrigued by Steven's monstrosity that he has on his wrist.

00:28:04   Because it looks different, right?

00:28:05   Like the sides and the overall profile and design.

00:28:09   So you know, but it's, I think it's too, it's too big and too like gnarly, you know, like

00:28:15   especially that thing going on on the side, it's like pretty aggressive.

00:28:19   So I really hope Apple will change the design of the watch at some point because I can't

00:28:23   believe it's been like we are hurtling towards a decade with this same visual

00:28:30   design yeah and I think that that's wild but yes I have the the most stylish as

00:28:36   they would call it. The gold and I know you like the gold you have the gold

00:28:39   stainless phone it just it's kind of like a Miami Vice vibe to me like you

00:28:45   need a white sports jacket and drive like an 80s Lamborghini maybe do

00:28:51   cocaine on the golf course? I don't know. Interesting. Interesting. Yeah, the one

00:28:58   thing that sticks out to me is that like this is the watch for someone who likes

00:29:03   to say "oh I know how to read analog watch faces". We're not talking about the

00:29:08   watch face yet. Pause that. Watch face later, alright? We'll come back to that.

00:29:15   You and your computers and your wrists, you know what I'm saying? I mean it's

00:29:19   literally that it's it is a computer like your knee this is not you got the

00:29:24   gold one because you thought it was a Rolex or something this is not a Rolex

00:29:27   it's not only Rolex is coming gold do you trust me trust me I know this thing

00:29:32   ain't a Rolex screen not a Rolex you know what I'm saying mr. rich guy

00:29:41   playing golf with these multiple gold watches I'm sorry I have one I have one

00:29:47   gold watch is this one. Do you use cellular on your Apple watch? No because

00:29:53   I have had an issue with my carrier and it will not transfer and I don't want to

00:30:02   call them. If it was fixed magically would you use cellular on the Apple

00:30:09   watch? Like do you see is there a place for that in your life? I don't even know

00:30:13   what that would mean though you know what I mean like I mean if it uses

00:30:16   this cellular I'll use cellular like you saying like would I leave my phone at

00:30:19   home and go out and no I wouldn't do that. Not me neither. Because currently the

00:30:23   microphone doesn't work on my Apple watch so I'd be kind of screwed.

00:30:26   Interesting what happened there? Don't know. It just doesn't work. I have no idea. I have no I

00:30:34   genuinely have no idea what's happened but the microphone does not work on my

00:30:38   Apple watch unless I really shout into it like if I get right up on the watch

00:30:43   and like shout at Siri then it will do what I asked.

00:30:45   Honestly that may be a feature.

00:30:47   (laughs)

00:30:48   That may be an improvement.

00:30:49   Yeah but no because Siri still gets triggered

00:30:52   by like me pressing the digital crown by accident

00:30:55   and it's just like what did you say?

00:30:57   Right like it's just--

00:30:58   The crown guard helps with that hugely I will say.

00:31:02   Yeah but then you just get in this huge crown guard

00:31:04   digging into your hand.

00:31:05   That's true.

00:31:06   You know I told y'all I tried wearing it the reverse way,

00:31:10   that didn't last, it's back to the--

00:31:12   - 'Cause that's silly.

00:31:13   - It's a good way to wear it the reverse way.

00:31:15   - Trying to think of other questions I have

00:31:16   for your hardware.

00:31:17   How's the battery life?

00:31:18   You're a year and a half into this one.

00:31:20   How's that holding up?

00:31:22   - It's the only thing that I think is starting

00:31:24   to crumble on me a bit.

00:31:28   Like if I have a day with like, say like two workouts

00:31:31   or whatever.

00:31:32   - Oh, poof.

00:31:32   - Oh, look, a busy guy.

00:31:33   - Then I'm like, that thing can't handle it.

00:31:37   Like comes to the end of the day.

00:31:39   - If I go for a swim and then play a quick 18 holes,

00:31:41   my gold watch dies.

00:31:43   I could play some,

00:31:44   once I'm finished with racquetball and golf,

00:31:47   it's over, you know what I mean?

00:31:49   After being in the sauna for an hour

00:31:52   and you got the golf and the racquetball,

00:31:54   it's like, oh, I can't handle it.

00:31:55   That poor leather strap is going through a lot of moisture.

00:31:59   The leather strap is not,

00:32:01   has not lived very well over the last couple of years.

00:32:05   Like the inside leather has worn a little bit.

00:32:08   The outside's great,

00:32:09   but the inside has kind of worn away a bit, which is,

00:32:12   I do, I will say on the battery though,

00:32:14   the low power mode on the Apple Watch is incredible.

00:32:17   Like when you get to like 10% and turn on low power mode,

00:32:21   how long it lasts is awesome.

00:32:23   Like that was a good feature that they added

00:32:25   rather than that stupid feature they had before

00:32:27   where you would turn it into that mode

00:32:28   where it just have the silly green clock

00:32:30   and the red lightning bolt on it.

00:32:32   It's just like, this is useless to me.

00:32:34   Can I be released?

00:32:35   - I think so.

00:32:36   - I think so, yeah.

00:32:38   Alright, Steven, what's going on, man?

00:32:40   This watch is awesome.

00:32:41   How much do you want people to notice you?

00:32:42   Like at what point?

00:32:43   Like are you just...

00:32:44   Look at me, look at me, I got the new giant watch and an orange!

00:32:47   Orange, orange, orange, orange.

00:32:49   Like we had this whole conversation on this show where you were like, "I think I've got

00:32:54   to stop wearing the orange watch band because people keep asking me about it."

00:32:58   It's true.

00:32:59   And now miraculously, were you upset no one was asking you about your watch anymore?

00:33:03   Do you do this because you feel like you have a particularly attractive wrist?

00:33:09   I think they're okay.

00:33:10   Ah, he wants to show it off.

00:33:11   It's like, "Hey, check out my tattoos."

00:33:13   Yeah, "Check out my wrist."

00:33:15   And just that body part.

00:33:17   Like, "Hey, take a look at this."

00:33:18   "Look at that, look at that, Mr. Nice Wrist Guy."

00:33:21   Mr. Nice Wrist Guy.

00:33:23   He just like pulls up his sleeve a little bit like, "Oh, oh, so I happen to see my wrist?"

00:33:27   Yeah, just pokes out of there.

00:33:29   I rotate between the three Apple Watch bands.

00:33:32   So the Trail Loop, Alpine Loop and the Ocean Band.

00:33:37   Big Apple Watch buddy over here.

00:33:39   What, aren't they like $70 each, these Ultra Bands?

00:33:42   We're not talking about that.

00:33:42   He's just buying all the Ultra Bands now.

00:33:45   Like, oh, look at me and my titanium lugs.

00:33:48   Yeah, here's the thing.

00:33:50   The two cloth ones have not held up well.

00:33:53   So I'm wearing the Trail Loop today

00:33:55   and the Trail Loop's the most comfortable.

00:33:57   That's the one that's got like the velcro on the inside of it where the velcro attaches

00:34:01   It's like slowly coming apart like every time I take it off. There's like fuzz in there where it's like losing

00:34:08   Material which is very concerning, huh?

00:34:12   It's also the and this is true for the the orange, you know kind of the main band as well

00:34:18   the orange gets stained really easily and is very hard to keep clean and

00:34:26   Keep it looking nice like the orange pull tab on the band

00:34:29   I'm wearing today is like got like black lines all over it and I can like scrub it

00:34:34   But then it is dirty again in like three days. So I don't I don't love that about either of these bands

00:34:40   Yeah, the ocean band I got in white. I really like yeah, I found it really comfortable

00:34:46   Because it's rubbery. It's like easy to keep clean. It's made of very similar stuff like the regular sports band, I think

00:34:53   But it's bulkier and so like if I have a long sleeve shirt on with like tight

00:34:57   You know like a like a dress shirt or something with kind of nice sleeves

00:35:01   The ocean band kind of gets in the way a little bit because it's just a little bit

00:35:05   bulkier, but I do rotate between them and I do I do like the size the battery life on this watch is

00:35:11   It's just it's unlike any other Apple watch. I mean even with sleep tracking and working out like you can go two days

00:35:20   really easily. Like I never worry about the battery life.

00:35:24   I mean it's the size of a toaster, so like you want it to have a decent battery.

00:35:28   Federico, did you know that Steven lived near the ocean?

00:35:31   Wait, what?

00:35:31   Well I mean he has like this ocean band, like I'm only assuming that he's scubaing.

00:35:37   Well the Mississippi River is pretty close.

00:35:39   Yeah, and you get in there frequently do you? How's that doing for you?

00:35:43   No, no. You do not want to get in the Mississippi River.

00:35:45   You're in like that brown river you've got going on over there?

00:35:48   Yeah, you do not want to get in the Mississippi River.

00:35:52   But yeah, it's a look, right? Like it is definitely a look, but I dig it, and I hope that

00:36:01   more stuff uses titanium and looks like this in the future.

00:36:04   And your extreme sports career is going well?

00:36:10   Have you gone on many adventures with this yet? Is it scuffed because of the adventures?

00:36:16   Yeah, I went to Whole Foods and I was fine.

00:36:18   You know, I had dropped waypoints around the store.

00:36:22   What about in like the cold temperatures of the freezer aisle?

00:36:25   How did that do for you there?

00:36:26   Did the Apple Watch hold up?

00:36:27   It was great. Yeah, it really held up well.

00:36:29   That's really excellent. I'm very pleased to hear that.

00:36:32   Did you happen to use the GPS satellite emergency at any point?

00:36:36   Like maybe you got lost from your wife or something

00:36:38   and like you weren't sure where to go.

00:36:40   I did.

00:36:41   I said, "Please find my spouse.

00:36:43   I'm lost in the aisle with the jelly and the almond butter and stuff.

00:36:47   They came and got me.

00:36:48   When you wear this watch and you're just living your everyday life, do you feel inadequate?

00:36:52   Like you're not doing enough with it?

00:36:55   No.

00:36:56   Does it make you feel like you don't do enough extreme sports?

00:36:59   No.

00:37:00   As you're currently doing what I think is maybe the most indoor activity anyone could

00:37:06   ever do, which is walking on a treadmill desk.

00:37:08   We weren't going to bring that up today.

00:37:11   not be further away from extreme, right? Like you are walking very slowly on a treadmill

00:37:18   underneath your desk while you're reading, I don't know, old Apple press releases.

00:37:22   Yeah, yeah. If I were you, Steven, I would feel like I'm letting Tim Cook down.

00:37:27   Yeah, you are letting him down actually. You should feel that way because you are. He built

00:37:33   that so you could go climb a mountain and instead you're just like...

00:37:37   He built that to prevent people from dying.

00:37:40   Yeah.

00:37:41   And all you're doing is walking in your office.

00:37:43   How does that feel really?

00:37:44   Is it good?

00:37:45   I feel like this turned more into a roast of me

00:37:47   than my Apple Watch.

00:37:48   You started it.

00:37:49   (laughing)

00:37:51   You really did start it.

00:37:52   You know, I've been waiting,

00:37:53   I've been sitting here fighting my time.

00:37:55   I've got the--

00:37:58   Very orange.

00:37:58   I've got the action button set to the flashlight.

00:38:01   That seemed to be the most useful.

00:38:02   You find yourself looking for many things in the dark?

00:38:05   I did it just the other night.

00:38:07   So the other night we had--

00:38:08   - Oh yeah, because you wake up many times a night.

00:38:11   - He's gonna use the bathroom, you know what I mean?

00:38:13   (laughing)

00:38:15   - But we had our fire pit going the other night

00:38:16   and I needed to get some firewood

00:38:18   and then have my phone on me.

00:38:19   It was like dark back there.

00:38:21   I didn't wanna like stick my hand in that.

00:38:22   - You had the fire going?

00:38:23   - Well, the fire was going,

00:38:24   but the pile of firewood is behind my office.

00:38:29   And it's dark back there at night.

00:38:31   I don't wanna stick my hands in there

00:38:32   and there'd be like a animal or something.

00:38:34   And so I just hit the action button

00:38:36   And I felt real hardcore and I used it

00:38:38   and I got my firewood and then I was saved.

00:38:42   That's really good.

00:38:43   Were you sent in GPS way markers

00:38:45   when you were going to get the firewood just in case?

00:38:47   Just in case, yeah.

00:38:48   Which way's the pot cabin?

00:38:50   Put the siren on, so you scare away the pins.

00:38:52   What kind of animals were you scared of?

00:38:53   Like possums?

00:38:55   Like what?

00:38:57   There have been possums.

00:38:59   They're pretty scary, man.

00:39:00   Possums are messed up.

00:39:01   Those things are, yeah.

00:39:01   They have the sharp teeth, right?

00:39:04   They do.

00:39:05   Yeah, they're no good, man.

00:39:06   - Yeah, you know, there could be snakes back there.

00:39:10   - Yeah.

00:39:11   - Fiber snakes.

00:39:12   - Shall we do mine?

00:39:15   Let's do mine.

00:39:16   - Basic energy coming in here.

00:39:18   - Look at this, look at this basic thing, okay?

00:39:21   - You didn't even pick an Apple Watch.

00:39:23   You just got the most basic aluminum silver watch.

00:39:29   - Yeah, yes, yes.

00:39:31   - I will have one Apple Watch, please.

00:39:33   - And they said, here is the default.

00:39:36   Like, yeah, like I don't even want to think it like,

00:39:40   if I were you, like I would roast myself right now.

00:39:45   This is so boring.

00:39:46   I despise myself for doing this.

00:39:51   - It's bad, man.

00:39:52   - I got a basic Apple Watch.

00:39:54   So I got an aluminum Series 7.

00:39:58   So not even the latest one.

00:39:59   It could be like, well, it's a basic one,

00:40:01   but at least it got the Series 8.

00:40:03   No, it's a Series 7, aluminum, like I cheaped out real bad.

00:40:08   What's this, what are the sizes now?

00:40:10   44, 45, no, 45 is the ultra.

00:40:13   44?

00:40:14   - 49 is the ultra.

00:40:16   - 49?

00:40:17   - 165 is the ultra.

00:40:19   - 49?

00:40:20   No, it can't be 49.

00:40:21   Really?

00:40:22   - Yeah, it's their royal finest of the Apple Watch world.

00:40:24   - Oh my God.

00:40:25   So I get the 45, I guess.

00:40:28   What do I have?

00:40:28   I don't even know what I have.

00:40:30   See the thing? - It's written on the back.

00:40:31   Take it off and look on the back.

00:40:32   No, can I?

00:40:33   Yeah.

00:40:34   I think it's 45.

00:40:38   40?

00:40:41   Five, yeah, 45.

00:40:43   I don't know.

00:40:44   So my thing with the Apple Watch is that

00:40:46   I don't have a specific use case for it.

00:40:50   I just like it for notifications

00:40:54   and playback control mostly,

00:40:57   and the heart rate stuff, obviously, like just feeling safe.

00:41:01   So I spent many years with the cellular one.

00:41:04   I never used the cellular stuff because let's be real.

00:41:08   I never leave my house without my phone.

00:41:10   Like I need to have my phone.

00:41:12   I just don't feel safe without it.

00:41:14   And so I figured, you know,

00:41:17   and these watches they're easier to resell.

00:41:20   If you get the cheaper one and you want to sell it

00:41:22   to somebody else.

00:41:23   - You lose less money, that's for sure.

00:41:26   Resale on the Apple Watch is miserable.

00:41:28   Unless you so happened to own a white ceramic Apple watch.

00:41:34   Yeah, you made bank on that, didn't you?

00:41:35   I think I might have made profit, to be honest, when I sold that thing.

00:41:40   I don't so happen to have one.

00:41:42   [laughter]

00:41:44   And, uh, yes, I figured, you know, I'm gonna get the cheap one with a basic sport band.

00:41:51   And so the screenshot is wrong, but I have like a rubber sport band, like the regular.

00:42:00   What is it called?

00:42:01   Sport band?

00:42:02   Sport band.

00:42:03   Yeah.

00:42:04   Stone.

00:42:05   The color is called stone or...

00:42:06   Is it sand or stone?

00:42:07   I think it's stone.

00:42:08   It is stone.

00:42:09   Adina has that and she loves it.

00:42:10   Yeah.

00:42:11   But you can't get it anymore.

00:42:12   It looks nice.

00:42:13   You can't get it anymore.

00:42:14   It looks nice.

00:42:15   But yeah, the thing is, then when they announced the Series 8, I was like, "Do I need to get

00:42:21   the Series 8 and I figured I didn't so I kept the 7 but like Mike I am starting

00:42:29   to see the battery life get worse and I was just telling this to Siva like 30

00:42:34   minutes ago it's like man I just got a notification for the low battery alert

00:42:39   again and it's happening more frequently so I'm gonna get the 9 I guess later

00:42:44   this year when they do it but yeah it's it's it's a boring watch honestly like I

00:42:48   I don't know, you guys are right. Please roast me.

00:42:51   It's bad.

00:42:52   People can choose this watch if they want to, right?

00:42:54   And that can be your thing.

00:42:55   But I know that this isn't your thing.

00:42:57   Like, I know silver Aluminium Apple Watch,

00:43:00   it's not, that's not your thing.

00:43:03   No, no.

00:43:04   You used to have like titanium, right?

00:43:06   Like you were one of those people.

00:43:07   Yeah.

00:43:08   I used to have stainless steel.

00:43:10   I used to have that.

00:43:11   I know, I know.

00:43:13   It's a watch that reflects, I guess,

00:43:16   the fact that I was busy doing other things in my life,

00:43:19   it's like, no, I just need something simple and basic.

00:43:23   I don't know, I wanted to be basic for a while,

00:43:25   but the basic vibe does not suit me well, I think,

00:43:28   because I'm not basic as a person, you know?

00:43:31   - Well, your watch choice would suggest you are.

00:43:34   - Yeah, it's bad, it's bad.

00:43:38   Something I need to change. - It's pretty basic.

00:43:39   - It's basic.

00:43:40   - 'Cause you effectively got a silver Apple Watch

00:43:44   and a white sport mat.

00:43:45   That's effectively what you have.

00:43:47   It's pretty...

00:43:49   If you had the blue, do you remember like the original blue?

00:43:52   That is like maybe the most basic, right?

00:43:54   Yeah, the underscore blue band.

00:43:56   Because that was just like, everyone had that.

00:43:58   Like, that was just, everybody had that.

00:44:00   Yeah, it's bad, really bad.

00:44:03   Okay, very basic, very simple.

00:44:07   Very basic.

00:44:08   Very simple.

00:44:08   We really run the whole gamut over the three of us, to be honest.

00:44:12   I think so.

00:44:12   Who would have thought I would have been the most extra?

00:44:14   Didn't see that coming.

00:44:16   - I would have.

00:44:17   If you've seen what you drive.

00:44:19   - Pickup truck?

00:44:20   - Hmm, good point.

00:44:22   It's pretty extra, to be honest.

00:44:24   - It's loud.

00:44:25   I'll give it that. - That's extra.

00:44:27   (laughing)

00:44:28   - Oh yeah, no, I got wheels and--

00:44:31   - Lights.

00:44:32   - Lights and a lift kit and an exhaust.

00:44:34   Someone in Discord burned me down the other day

00:44:36   'cause we were talking about like our next like DIY project

00:44:40   or something in Discord and someone was like,

00:44:41   "Did you ever fix the antenna on your truck?"

00:44:43   It's like, no, but I talked about it on a show

00:44:45   like two years ago that I broke it off

00:44:47   and so I fixed it.

00:44:49   I have all the parts, but haven't gotten to it.

00:44:52   I've been too busy, you know, swapping watch bands.

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00:46:42   Squarespace for supporting connected and all of relay FM. Alright let's talk

00:46:46   about watch faces. Mike you're up. I use the Metropolitan watch face. Of course you

00:46:53   do. It's nice, it's nice. What do you mean of course? I live in a big city, we have electricity and plumbing.

00:46:59   Live in a big city. It's just what it's called, it's got nothing to do with anything.

00:47:04   in the city with with you know and I know how to read an analog watchpiece.

00:47:10   I get healthcare. I am so fancy, I am so educated, I know how the clock hands move and what numbers

00:47:16   mean even without seeing numbers. Honestly I'm not gonna take a roast if I know how to read the time.

00:47:24   No, really? This one isn't gonna settle with me to be honest. You can feel free to go for it but

00:47:30   like I'm fine with that. It's no problem.

00:47:35   Yeah. When you glance down and you see those clock hands moving and you can just get,

00:47:40   what do you feel about constantly guessing the time instead of seeing the numbers?

00:47:47   But I am seeing the time.

00:47:49   No, you're guessing the numbers because how can you tell really if it's 46 or 47?

00:47:55   Because it points at it.

00:47:56   No, it doesn't.

00:47:57   I can see that it's.

00:47:59   Everything about analog clocks is so primitive. I don't understand why people

00:48:05   keep using them. Just have numbers. Because this is the most attractive. You

00:48:11   two, your watches will get to it. But that to me, terrible. I can't handle it. The

00:48:18   way it looks is so bad. But anyway, my watch face is very attractive. I find

00:48:24   myself always annoyed by the way the transition between always on and on. So I

00:48:28   I always have to choose like a dark color

00:48:31   because the transition is too much.

00:48:34   Like I don't know why they can't just like,

00:48:36   they found a way to do this on the iPhone, right?

00:48:38   - No, I would argue they don't.

00:48:40   They didn't on the iPhone.

00:48:41   In fact, I use dark mode on my phone all the time,

00:48:44   partially because I don't like the way the lock screen

00:48:46   like comes to life in light mode.

00:48:49   It's too much, it's too much.

00:48:51   Too much, Jerry! - I don't know about light mode.

00:48:52   I use dark mode all the time.

00:48:53   But my point is like when my iPhone goes into always on mode

00:48:58   and it's an image, it just dims the colors.

00:49:02   But with the Apple Watch, it completely changes the color.

00:49:08   And so it goes gray in always on mode.

00:49:11   And then when it's on, it will change to whatever color

00:49:13   you've set it to.

00:49:14   So I have to change it to--

00:49:16   I have mine in the gray color, because it's the only color

00:49:19   that the transition isn't too harsh.

00:49:23   Because I would maybe like this in a white or something,

00:49:26   'cause I have like a nice white on this watch face.

00:49:28   But yeah, I have it and I have the style

00:49:31   where I get like few numbers

00:49:34   and it's nice and comfortable.

00:49:35   I like the red hand, like second hand.

00:49:38   I like the--

00:49:39   Can you change that on Metropolitan?

00:49:41   I do not think you can though.

00:49:42   I think on Utility,

00:49:44   which is like the first good analog watch face,

00:49:47   you could change the second hand

00:49:49   and it was fun to change it to like match your band,

00:49:51   but they've kind of dialed that back over the years.

00:49:55   get it, they dialed it. Yeah. Watch face. Yeah. It took you a minute to... Oh, you know

00:50:02   what? I've actually just played around with this. They may have changed it. Some colors

00:50:05   don't change too much between the always-on mode or not. That's good. Unfortunately, a

00:50:09   lot of the colors that they have are bad. But I'm gonna keep the gray for now. Do you

00:50:13   have any alternative watch faces? Or is it always this one? I mean, I have them, I don't

00:50:19   use them. They're like ones I've used to use. You know, like the one that I'm sure will

00:50:23   really upset Federico which is the GMT face I think I used to use that one in Upset. Oh my god.

00:50:27   Yeah no one knows how that one works. No I know how it works uh but oh you're so good I just know

00:50:33   I have a watch that's like I mean we've had this conversation before I have a watch that does that

00:50:37   so I had to learn how to use that watch uh when I got the watch and now I know how the Apple one.

00:50:43   Metropolitan indeed. Okay. That would make me a world traveler. Do we want to talk about

00:50:49   complications now? Yeah sure if you want to I mean we're already on mine so okay

00:50:55   I can tell you what I got top left is Carrot Weather, top right is Fantastic

00:50:58   Owl, bottom right is Timery, bottom left is Fitness or Activity or whatever it's

00:51:05   called now. The calendar one in particular stands out to me actually

00:51:10   I talked about this on MPU I think I don't like Fantastic Owls calendar

00:51:15   widgets on the iPhone. I also don't really like their complications. I think

00:51:20   the text is too big. Look how big "in 14 minutes" is compared to all other texts

00:51:24   on your watch. It's too big. Yeah, but I want to know that information. You got a

00:51:30   meeting in 14 minutes! 14 minutes guys! Yeah, but that's that's important

00:51:35   information. But as Federico rightly points out, I don't know when 14 minutes

00:51:39   is gonna be because you know what I mean? Like who knows how long it is when you're

00:51:42   looking at that on the watch. Who knows? I will say the Apple watch has made me

00:51:46   change how I name calendar events where I assumed that end of that phrase is

00:51:53   like has someone's name in it right? Yeah. So what I do now say that mine was like

00:51:58   meeting with Anthony I would change it to Anthony meeting. How did you know that?

00:52:03   Is that his name? Yeah. I didn't know. How did you do that? I had no idea. Have you hacked me?

00:52:11   (laughs)

00:52:13   Take that advanced data protection.

00:52:16   That's ridiculous.

00:52:17   That's hilarious. How did you do that?

00:52:19   I just picked a name out of the air.

00:52:21   Or out of my calendar.

00:52:22   But I have changed my event names to be short

00:52:27   and to be kind of front loaded with detail.

00:52:29   And I find that to be helpful on the watch.

00:52:31   Let me ask you this, Mike.

00:52:33   I'm still thinking about the analog watch face, I'm sorry.

00:52:36   Do you have a kitchen scale?

00:52:38   Yeah.

00:52:39   Does it have a display?

00:52:40   Yes, a digital display.

00:52:41   Okay, so when you put stuff on it, quickly it tells you the number.

00:52:45   I need the precision, yeah.

00:52:47   Yeah, and you can glance at it and it's...

00:52:48   I saw... When do I need to know the precision?

00:52:53   You know what I've got actually? What you don't have?

00:52:56   I can see in seconds when it's about to become a minute, right?

00:52:59   You have to sit and wait.

00:53:01   Like, "Oh, how many seconds until the minute changes?"

00:53:03   Like when you've got an embargo, right?

00:53:05   You're just looking at your watch and you're waiting for the number to change

00:53:08   and you click the button.

00:53:09   I get a countdown.

00:53:10   Sometimes I click before.

00:53:12   What are they going to do, sue me?

00:53:13   No.

00:53:15   No, no they're not.

00:53:21   Look, I'm in agreement with you that like there are certain things

00:53:25   I would need precision for, right?

00:53:27   But like for me, time,

00:53:28   I so infrequently need to know the exact minutes.

00:53:34   Like that is very rare.

00:53:36   And if I do, I should look at my phone.

00:53:38   But like, to me, I don't need that.

00:53:41   I just need to know it's like, oh, and as I would say,

00:53:44   if somebody said to me now, what's the time?

00:53:47   I would say, it's just gone five.

00:53:49   Or it's actually just gone seven, but.

00:53:51   - Really? - Yeah, yeah.

00:53:53   Just all rounding, just gone this or quarter past this.

00:53:55   - I never round. - Quarter to.

00:53:57   - Like whenever somebody-- - Well, yeah,

00:53:58   'cause you don't need to,

00:53:59   but if somebody says to you, what's the time, right?

00:54:01   They do not want to hear, it's 4.59.

00:54:05   They don't want that.

00:54:06   - Well, that's what I say though.

00:54:07   I've always been that way. - Yeah, no,

00:54:08   No, because that's what you've got, you know?

00:54:10   I'm just like, I'm more like loosey goosey, you know?

00:54:12   I'm just like, hey, just gone seven, like live your life, you know?

00:54:16   No, I need to keep a schedule, need to be precise and exact and, you know?

00:54:21   Anyway, and rigorous, I guess.

00:54:24   My grandma, rest in peace, my grandma used to say,

00:54:27   so say it was like, this was crazy to you, right?

00:54:29   This is crazy to me the way she used to say this.

00:54:31   Imagine the time was 7.35.

00:54:37   Yeah. Right. She would say five and twenty to eight. What? Yeah, I know, right? Five and twenty.

00:54:49   Not twenty-five to eight. She would say five and twenty to eight. Five and twenty. Is there a reason why?

00:54:56   I have no idea why she used to say this. Okay. My mum says it too, but like I know she picked it up

00:55:02   for my grandma so like it must be some English or London thing or whatever but

00:55:07   it's like oh it'd be like 25 past would be five and 20 past and it always just

00:55:11   felt to me like you're giving me the piece of information I need least first

00:55:16   right which is the five 25 is more helpful for I starting with five is not

00:55:23   so helpful because it could be anything you know very strange anyway I'm sorry

00:55:29   back to the comp yes please go back yes yes okay let's see do I have anything to

00:55:35   say do you have any thoughts either of you on my complication suggestions like

00:55:40   the apps that I've chosen no to be front and center these all make sense they all

00:55:46   make sense to me they all make the weather one is that that's Carol weather

00:55:52   Yeah. Useful to you? Very. Yeah? I like to know at a glance the range and temperature I will

00:56:00   experience in a day. Okay. Like I find that very helpful for like, okay, what kind of coat am I

00:56:05   gonna get or whatever. Okay, okay. I mean pretty basic in a good way I think. The complications

00:56:14   more acceptable than the watch face to me so I'll let this one pass. I will say as well for me. You

00:56:20   compensate well. One of the reasons that I choose the analog watch face is I much

00:56:26   prefer the corner complications to any other complication style. Oh interesting

00:56:31   okay. I think that they are the good balance between attractive and

00:56:38   information where I feel like the circular ones don't tell me anything and

00:56:43   the text ones like the long ones we'll get to all these in a minute it's too

00:56:47   much. I don't need all of it, you know? So like for me, I feel like corner

00:56:51   complications are the best complications. One thing I noticed is you don't have

00:56:55   date or day anywhere, which to me is like one of the most important things in my

00:57:01   watch. It drives me crazy with this. I've really wished I could add it to this

00:57:06   watch face. This is like, this is the thing. All right, here we go. Apple? These

00:57:10   are computers! Why? Why? Why can't I add the date as a date window on every

00:57:17   single watch face. Yeah, because you could burn a complication slot with it, but you don't want to do that, I assume.

00:57:22   No, I don't want to do that, because I don't have somewhere, you know, like I

00:57:26   don't know why I can't put the date on this. Why can't it have the date?

00:57:31   Why can't the date be there? But some of them have it and some of them don't, and I

00:57:34   don't understand what the logic or the reasoning is for that. Like the GMT

00:57:40   face has it. It has a little date number, like it's like, it's not even a

00:57:45   window it's just a number right next to the three and tells me what the date is. I

00:57:48   don't understand why every analog watch face or analog style watch face doesn't

00:57:54   have that like I just don't it doesn't make sense to me like my problem with

00:57:58   Apple too frequently when it comes to watch face design is that they are way

00:58:03   too they restrict themselves too much to try and emulate the watch face that they

00:58:08   are emulating right so like this is a typical I have a metropolitan style

00:58:12   watch which actually does have a date window but like whatever but they are

00:58:16   like oh we've got to go we got to make it look like that we've got to make it

00:58:19   look oh it can't do anything else it's gonna look like the thing that we're

00:58:22   doing and I just find that to be maddening like I don't understand why

00:58:26   can't it just be an option for me to add this it's just another number on a

00:58:30   computer screen like it drives me mad but there we go

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01:00:06   support of the show and all of relay FM. I just wanted to double check that like

01:00:12   I didn't like it wasn't some incredible setting somewhere for me to add this

01:00:16   date thing and I was and I was reminded that there is a share button so if you

01:00:25   want watch face I guess I'll try and put a link in the show notes suppose you

01:00:31   You know that there are, at the very least, I think, two web services or like apps that

01:00:38   are like galleries for pre-made watch faces based on this functionality that you can install

01:00:44   and they have like a whole gallery thing going on if you're looking for inspiration or something.

01:00:50   I don't remember the names, but they exist.

01:00:52   I don't even know how, like I'm trying, like I can't even find a way to get a link, like,

01:00:58   because if you click it, it just like, it's like, it's on my Mac, it's like, do you want

01:01:01   to install this Apple watch face,

01:01:02   like where are you gonna go?

01:01:04   You know what I mean?

01:01:05   - Install it on my Mac.

01:01:06   - The link is a .watchface URL.

01:01:09   What are you doing?

01:01:10   - Oh, do you have the link, Stephen?

01:01:13   - Yeah, if you right click on it

01:01:14   and messages on the Mac and hit copy, you can.

01:01:17   - I mean, it's probably what,

01:01:18   just like a custom JSON package or whatever.

01:01:20   Like if it's a text file with an image

01:01:24   and some instructions, I would-

01:01:26   - But when I put that into Safari and hit enter,

01:01:31   it like tries to load a file.

01:01:34   Like what is happening?

01:01:36   - I don't know.

01:01:37   - I don't think there's a way,

01:01:38   actually I don't even think there's a way for me

01:01:39   to share this that doesn't export my iCloud email address.

01:01:43   So you're on your own, you know what I mean?

01:01:45   You're on your own.

01:01:46   - We got a screenshot.

01:01:48   You can see what we're doing.

01:01:49   All right, I'm ready.

01:01:51   - Honestly, I don't even wanna roast you.

01:01:54   - All right, well let me do it then.

01:01:55   - I think your watch face is better than mine.

01:01:57   - I got it, don't worry, stand back.

01:01:59   All right. I'm coming in. I'm coming in.

01:02:01   Leave him alone.

01:02:02   No, I won't.

01:02:03   He made decisions with hardware, but software,

01:02:09   Steven, you got it.

01:02:10   It's super good.

01:02:11   No, you too.

01:02:12   I don't even know what's going on.

01:02:13   What's the name of this watch face?

01:02:14   This monstrosity that you both got?

01:02:16   Modular something.

01:02:17   Modular?

01:02:19   Modular.

01:02:20   And is it a specific choice to have so many,

01:02:23   just so many colors on the watch face?

01:02:26   Is that like a thing that you choose?

01:02:27   choose? Unlike you, we chose not to be boring. So like what you both like is to

01:02:34   walk around as billboards for the apps that you use. Yes. Right, so like Steven is like

01:02:39   looking to rep Todoist specifically with their colors that they choose, right?

01:02:44   Like you you're cool with that? Wow, so Mike doesn't like indie developers. I

01:02:48   mean have you looked at my arms, Mike? Wait, do you consider Todoist an indie developer? No, as soon as I

01:02:53   said it I realized that it wasn't but carrot weather you know Federico no

01:02:56   you're not like running around with like you know like advertising your dogs you

01:03:01   know what I mean like well I have flowers snakes you're advertising flowers

01:03:07   and snakes like flower brand he has a weird fish unlike you know I mean colors

01:03:12   on your body are good I never said anything about colors on your body I

01:03:16   never said anything about like colors like specifically the colors of the

01:03:22   companies, right? Like, Todoist has chosen that it's red and you just have to go with

01:03:26   whatever they decided.

01:03:28   Oh, so it's like a whole, like, you know,

01:03:31   Corporations, man.

01:03:32   Yeah, okay.

01:03:33   Corporations, man. I've been playing too much Cyberpunk, you know what I mean? I like corporations,

01:03:37   man.

01:03:38   I see. I see the vibe. All right. I get it. I get it. Okay.

01:03:41   And Steven, is that very nondescript Todoist circle helpful for you?

01:03:46   It's it's okay. I mean, it kind of gives me a rough estimation of where I am on what I

01:03:50   had to do for the day.

01:03:51   - Ah, so like, here's what I'm saying, right?

01:03:54   You two are like, "Oh, how could you have like,

01:03:57   "this watch face?"

01:03:58   It's like, "How do you even know what the time is?"

01:04:00   Do you have a good idea

01:04:01   of how many tasks you have left today?

01:04:02   - Well, I also don't want a number there with like six.

01:04:06   - But why do you even want that?

01:04:07   What's the bar?

01:04:08   That's like worse than a number.

01:04:10   'Cause that could be, that could tell you

01:04:12   you either have two tasks or 4,000 tasks.

01:04:14   You don't know.

01:04:15   - Most days, it's closer to the 4,000.

01:04:18   - Exactly, like, so you could look at that.

01:04:20   It could be a two task day, but you've got the anxiety of a 4,000 task day.

01:04:24   Cause you don't know cause the circle.

01:04:25   It's also a short member complications are also launcher.

01:04:28   So it's also a quick way to get to my tasks for the day.

01:04:31   But does it have to have the ring around it?

01:04:34   I don't know what other complications they have. Let me see.

01:04:37   They don't have many.

01:04:38   Did you use Todoist on your Apple watch?

01:04:40   Yeah.

01:04:41   What are you doing? Why?

01:04:43   Cause a lot of times I will have...

01:04:45   He's productive.

01:04:46   Yeah. You know, I own two businesses, son. I got stuff to do.

01:04:50   It does the productivity.

01:04:51   But on the Apple Watch, like how many tasks are you completing on the watch,

01:04:56   like your phone or one of your 7000 Macintosh's aren't within arm's reach?

01:05:01   We're not talking about the Mac today, thankfully, but it seems, uh, you know,

01:05:06   OK, prime example to do list in the grocery store

01:05:10   for your shared grocery list is awesome.

01:05:13   You have a share grocery list in Todoist?

01:05:15   Yeah. With all your tasks?

01:05:17   Yeah, because my wife, Mary has moved into Doist full time and that's where she told me the shared grocery list was.

01:05:24   So that's, I kind of want to unpack all of that.

01:05:27   I don't know if we have the time today, but getting your wife on your task manager, like that's a whole thing.

01:05:36   We need to, we need to talk about that.

01:05:38   Do you assign tasks to each other?

01:05:39   No, we don't.

01:05:40   Yeah.

01:05:41   That's what I want to get into, but not today, but yes.

01:05:43   Okay.

01:05:43   - We do also have though a shared task list

01:05:47   that has like things that either one of us could do.

01:05:50   Like for instance, we need to make one of our kids

01:05:52   an eye doctor appointment and that's due today

01:05:54   and either she'll do it or I'll do it

01:05:56   and then we'll check it off.

01:05:57   - Do you have your children used to do it?

01:05:59   - Not yet.

01:06:00   - Just one of them.

01:06:00   - It's just a matter of time.

01:06:02   I will say me and my wife have, we share two Trello boards.

01:06:05   - Okay.

01:06:06   - We can maybe dig into that another time.

01:06:08   You know what I mean?

01:06:08   - In the spirit of my basicness, we share a reminders list.

01:06:13   We share a piece of paper.

01:06:14   It goes between the two of us.

01:06:15   We also, we actually also do, but yes.

01:06:18   Okay.

01:06:19   Oh, I love notes.

01:06:20   I know it.

01:06:21   I love notes.

01:06:22   He's so romantic.

01:06:22   I sent y'all a screenshot

01:06:24   and I'm putting it in the live chat and discord.

01:06:27   I was trying to look at complications

01:06:28   and then I came out of it

01:06:29   and now my Apple watch is stuck in whatever this mode is.

01:06:33   That's actually a better design for your Apple watch.

01:06:35   (laughing)

01:06:37   Reminds me of when they accidentally enable

01:06:40   the custom lock screen in iPadOS 16.

01:06:42   Yes. It kind of looked like this.

01:06:44   Yes, it did look like that.

01:06:46   It did look like that.

01:06:48   Just shortcuts, right?

01:06:49   You just want shortcuts, access to shortcuts all the time?

01:06:52   So this is the newest edition.

01:06:54   I used to have the breathe thing up there,

01:06:56   but then I realized I never really used it.

01:06:58   You stopped breathing?

01:06:59   Okay. Still breathing.

01:07:00   It's getting harder and harder to breathe.

01:07:03   Nice.

01:07:04   Yes, yes.

01:07:05   Okay, cool.

01:07:07   We are the same age and we get the same references.

01:07:10   All right, cool.

01:07:12   but my short cuts for the Apple watch.

01:07:15   - Man Maroon 5 used to be a good band though.

01:07:15   I'm sorry.

01:07:16   - They were so good.

01:07:17   That first album, like kids today,

01:07:20   they think Maroon 5 is a certain thing.

01:07:22   Do you even know about songs about Jane?

01:07:25   Do you even know?

01:07:26   - Do they know?

01:07:27   Kids these days, "Oh, Maroon 5, no.

01:07:30   Songs about Jane, man."

01:07:32   - You don't even know.

01:07:32   - That was good.

01:07:33   I'm so upset about Maroon 5 now.

01:07:36   Anyway, sorry, Steven.

01:07:39   Go ahead.

01:07:40   So in the shortcuts on the watch,

01:07:44   all of them are just to set home kit scenes

01:07:47   or to control specific things that I wanna do easily.

01:07:52   I used, I tried and I see in the same spot

01:07:55   on your smaller worst watch, Federica, you have home.

01:07:58   That's too much for me on the watch.

01:08:01   I just want a handful of things.

01:08:02   So I have a scene that basically turns

01:08:04   on all my home kit lights in the house,

01:08:05   which is in several rooms,

01:08:07   and like open and close the garage door,

01:08:10   arm or disarm the alarm, just a handful of things.

01:08:14   And so this is new for me, I'm still kind of trying it out,

01:08:17   but so far I'm digging it.

01:08:19   Now getting shortcuts on the watch

01:08:22   to sync with shortcuts on the iPhone

01:08:25   is like kind of hit or miss.

01:08:26   Like I should--

01:08:27   You should run Apple frames on the watch.

01:08:30   I think it would explode.

01:08:31   You should do it.

01:08:33   I'm gonna do it right now, I'm gonna see what happens.

01:08:34   No, you won't, I don't think it will work.

01:08:35   Yeah, it's gotta have that iCloud folder

01:08:37   of all of his less JSON.

01:08:40   Look, I can find out though, can't I?

01:08:42   You know what I'll say?

01:08:43   We're not onto it, Fedor,

01:08:44   'cause yeah, but you mentioned the Home app.

01:08:46   The Home app on the Apple Watch

01:08:47   feels like it was written in WatchKit.

01:08:49   Like, it feels like-- - Yeah, it's bad.

01:08:51   - Every single time, it has to load

01:08:54   and check every single device.

01:08:55   Like, I don't understand, right?

01:08:56   Like, why can't it be aware of the state of my Home

01:09:00   like my phone is?

01:09:01   Like, I don't, every time I open the Home app on my phone,

01:09:04   it's not like everything's unavailable for a second

01:09:07   until it checks them all and loads them all.

01:09:09   Yeah, and that scrollable list, oh my god, just give me a grid of stuff.

01:09:15   So bad.

01:09:16   Actually, if I...

01:09:17   I actually don't even see Apple Frames on my watch.

01:09:19   Yeah, it will not show up because it's not compatible.

01:09:23   Actually, if anybody has recommendations for like...

01:09:25   Are there like a third party, like HomeKit clients for the watch?

01:09:32   Is it Home Plus on the watch?

01:09:34   Is it?

01:09:38   Now that I have a new home automation setup, I need to rethink that because I mean we'll get to that in a minute

01:09:44   But that home app on the watch, it's super bad and I don't like it

01:09:48   I had to turn on Apple frames on the watch.

01:09:51   Don't do it! It will not work!

01:09:53   There might still be hope. Yeah.

01:09:55   My Apple watch is now rebooting to the Apple logo

01:09:58   What did you do? What did you do to it?

01:10:01   I just went to complications and then that screenshot happened. I put it in the show notes and now it's mad. So anyways

01:10:06   How do you quit Apple Watch apps?

01:10:09   How is that a thing?

01:10:10   Is it possible?

01:10:12   Yes, yes.

01:10:13   So you hold down the side button

01:10:19   and then when the menu for like shutdown and all that appears,

01:10:24   you hold down the crown instead

01:10:28   and it force quits the app, I think.

01:10:30   Well, I mean something happened.

01:10:32   I don't know what just happened.

01:10:33   And it used to be that?

01:10:35   Because there's people that say in the side button,

01:10:38   I don't have recent apps in the side button menu thing.

01:10:40   I have like a selection of apps that I always want because that's what I want.

01:10:45   That's the correct way to use the dock on watchOS.

01:10:48   - Yes. - Because like...

01:10:49   I agree.

01:10:50   Trying to get to any app on the Apple Watch is always a nightmare.

01:10:55   Anything else with my complications?

01:10:57   Oh yeah, I'm not even nearly done.

01:10:58   - Okay. - Oh my God.

01:10:59   Why like the calendar one, right?

01:11:02   That's like prime real estate.

01:11:04   Is that that's the only thing that you have there, correct?

01:11:06   Yes. Now I do have a watch face that I use on the weekends.

01:11:11   I use modular duo that basically gets rid of the calendar

01:11:15   and makes carat weather bigger in the bottom.

01:11:17   But during the work week, calendar is up front because I put

01:11:22   I mean, so much stuff on my calendar.

01:11:24   And it's important to me to be able to glance down and see that, you know,

01:11:27   I've got whatever coming up or I'm supposed to be doing something

01:11:31   That it was recommended Home Run 2.

01:11:32   Oh yeah.

01:11:33   That's what I was thinking about.

01:11:34   I should have remembered.

01:11:35   Yeah.

01:11:35   Home Run.

01:11:36   That's yeah.

01:11:36   I'm going to set that up again.

01:11:38   Now Federica.

01:11:39   Wow.

01:11:40   What?

01:11:40   What?

01:11:41   He just is aiming all over the place.

01:11:42   Yes.

01:11:43   Well, how, why, why is this, why do you need it?

01:11:45   So, okay.

01:11:47   So many times it happens that like I'm in a store or just I hear song and I want to get, I want to recognize it quick.

01:11:55   I was like, yeah, it's a cool song.

01:11:56   Like it happened today.

01:11:58   For example, we were shopping for knives.

01:12:01   All right.

01:12:01   Whoa.

01:12:02   I dislike my knives, my kitchen knives, like my regular knives, bad knives.

01:12:07   So we went to the store like downstairs at the mall and I was like,

01:12:12   I need to get some knives.

01:12:13   And there was this cool song playing and I just, uh, you know,

01:12:17   I tapped on the Shazam icon on the watch and I sort of held up my wrist like I

01:12:22   was calling for, you know, somebody's attention, but it wasn't.

01:12:26   I was Shazaming the song that was playing on the radio inside the store.

01:12:30   But why not just ask...

01:12:32   Yeah, what? Talk to the watching public?

01:12:34   You're holding your arm up.

01:12:35   Well, it's less bad...

01:12:37   You're hardly inconspicuous.

01:12:39   No, I don't want to be like, "Oh, I can just do it."

01:12:41   Pretend you're doing something like, I don't know,

01:12:43   scratching your head or something,

01:12:45   but instead you're Shazaming a song.

01:12:47   I actually do it all the time.

01:12:51   It's like, you're casual, you're touching your ear or something.

01:12:56   like yeah but in the meantime you're actually doing the Shazam I don't want

01:13:00   to be the guy you know talk to the watch look at me I'm a secret agent talking to

01:13:05   my watch no now with that now with that watch you know maybe the gold one yeah

01:13:10   no secret agent would wear that one exactly unless they were trying to like

01:13:14   go undercover as an absolute basic person yeah that would be that would be

01:13:18   the vibe that would be the vibe yeah all right cool okay so that's the reason

01:13:22   for Shazam, what else? I know where this is going anyway.

01:13:25   Big Spotify fan, you know what I mean? Just like, big Spotify fan.

01:13:30   I am trying Spotify again. This is not like a serious commitment, it's just an exploration

01:13:36   of sorts.

01:13:37   I would say putting it on your actual watch face is a pretty big commitment.

01:13:41   Well, given the circumstances, yes. And I'll tell you that from the watch it is super nice.

01:13:48   Well, now I cannot tell you because yeah, my watch died.

01:13:51   See that battery is not.

01:13:52   - Yeah, that battery is not good, man.

01:13:54   What are you doing over there?

01:13:56   What's happening to you?

01:13:57   - Maybe I should get a series eight actually,

01:13:59   before I cannot wait for the nine.

01:14:00   Maybe I should get an ultra.

01:14:02   Maybe I should get an ultra.

01:14:03   Maybe I should do it.

01:14:04   Maybe I should just do it.

01:14:05   - Just do it.

01:14:06   - Is that where this episode leads?

01:14:08   That Federico ends up buying an Apple watch?

01:14:09   - Should I buy an ultra?

01:14:10   Should I buy an Apple watch ultra, guys?

01:14:12   Do you think?

01:14:13   - You know what Federico?

01:14:14   Do it right now.

01:14:16   Come on.

01:14:18   on the show. Go to apple.com/IT, I assume is the URL that you need. No, no, no. Just

01:14:25   do it. No, I need to sell this for now. You can sell it afterwards. What are you going

01:14:30   to go with? No watch. No, no, no. See, they won't let me do it. No, this is, I don't appreciate

01:14:35   this peer pressure. This is peer pressure. This is bad. This is a, anyway, maybe I will

01:14:41   buy an Apple watch out there. I don't know. I don't really need an Apple watch out there,

01:14:46   But the big display is nice.

01:14:47   Federico, let me break it to you.

01:14:49   99% of people that buy the Apple Watch Ultra do not need the Apple Watch Ultra, including

01:14:54   our friend here, who as we have already pointed out, just uses a treadmill desk all day.

01:14:59   You know what I mean?

01:15:00   We're not talking about that today.

01:15:02   Because he can't see in the dark and he needs a flashlight.

01:15:04   The thing is, I have already spoken about it multiple times.

01:15:06   So like, it's happened.

01:15:10   So the Spotify app is nice because it lets you control the Spotify connect thing from

01:15:16   the watch.

01:15:17   Okay, that is cool.

01:15:18   That is cool.

01:15:19   Much better than Airplay.

01:15:20   Pretty cool.

01:15:21   Yeah, that's pretty cool.

01:15:22   It's nice.

01:15:23   There isn't a Sonos watch app, right?

01:15:24   But you could just use that.

01:15:26   Yeah.

01:15:27   I guess.

01:15:28   Man, I wish Airplay was more like the Spotify thing.

01:15:31   Yeah.

01:15:32   Yeah, I wish the same.

01:15:34   Okay.

01:15:35   Reminders.

01:15:36   Good that today is complete.

01:15:38   That's good.

01:15:39   Reminder, so I am at this moment, I am in between task managers.

01:15:45   Interesting. What's that? Well, I've never done that.

01:15:48   Federico, this isn't meant morbidly, but that could be put on your tombstone.

01:15:52   Both of us.

01:15:53   Well, yes.

01:15:54   I'm in between task managers.

01:15:57   I would say Federico's worse than you, Steven, in this one area.

01:16:01   Yes, yes.

01:16:02   I haven't even told you everything I've done recently in my setup.

01:16:05   Well, we know you're on Todoist.

01:16:07   I think when the time is right, I think I will easily one-up you on that.

01:16:13   Oh, yeah, I know this.

01:16:16   I've seen hints of this.

01:16:18   I know what's happening.

01:16:20   No, I don't think you do.

01:16:21   But loose lips sink ships, as they say.

01:16:23   Interesting.

01:16:24   You should text me privately, Mike, if you have guesses.

01:16:29   I know what's going on.

01:16:30   I know what's going on.

01:16:30   But I am in between task managers at the moment.

01:16:33   However, I never stop using reminders with Silvia.

01:16:36   So I basically only use it for shared stuff.

01:16:41   And I put it there so that I don't forget the things

01:16:45   that we put in reminders.

01:16:47   See, I got a text from Mike.

01:16:49   Let's see.

01:16:50   This is unfair to me.

01:16:51   I feel left out.

01:16:52   Oh, no.

01:16:53   Well, no, Mike, that's not.

01:16:56   Okay.

01:16:57   I'm wrong then, so it doesn't matter.

01:17:00   My guess was wrong.

01:17:01   Well, yeah, that is correct, actually.

01:17:03   but it's the bigger surprise I was afraid you actually caught.

01:17:09   It's not that.

01:17:12   Much bigger thing, of which I actually dropped many, many hints in the past few weeks in public,

01:17:21   but I did it elegantly and cleverly so that nobody noticed.

01:17:27   Well, I mean, it depends what you're talking about,

01:17:28   because I have some theories about some stuff you're up to anyway.

01:17:31   At least you're being humble about it.

01:17:32   Who are we talking to now?

01:17:34   Federico.

01:17:35   Okay.

01:17:36   Many, many hints.

01:17:38   Many hints.

01:17:40   Today complete is a terrible way to say that you finished all your tasks.

01:17:44   Like what on earth does that mean?

01:17:46   Today complete.

01:17:47   Today complete.

01:17:48   So yeah.

01:17:49   I have nothing more to say about your watch because there really isn't much to say about

01:17:52   it.

01:17:53   Yeah, it's pretty basic, right?

01:17:54   The home icon I will probably replace like tonight with the home run icon.

01:18:00   Thing?

01:18:01   Yeah.

01:18:02   I have. We'll talk about this maybe next week. New home automation setup that I have, finally.

01:18:09   It's very basic. Really, I mostly use my watch for glancing at the time, controlling music

01:18:17   and podcasts, and making sure that I'm not dying because of the heart rate monitoring

01:18:22   stuff.

01:18:23   That's good. You don't have any fitness or activity stuff on the watch face, though?

01:18:28   No, no, I don't, and I don't use it.

01:18:32   So you're not worried about your rings?

01:18:34   No, no.

01:18:35   You don't like that?

01:18:36   I don't do the whole thing with the rings anymore.

01:18:39   It was too much anxiety, you know?

01:18:41   That I agree with.

01:18:42   And the system is not flexible enough.

01:18:44   It's like, "Don't make me feel bad."

01:18:47   That I agree with.

01:18:47   You know, it's another thing to complete every day.

01:18:49   And I used to like really do it.

01:18:52   No, I don't need that stress in my life anymore.

01:18:55   So yeah, that's it.

01:18:56   Well, I do it, but I agree that it's a stress.

01:18:59   So what we've learned, I think,

01:19:01   that I have the best taste in Apple watches, hardware and software. Mike is

01:19:07   fancy and Federico is basic but in love with Shazam. I would just say I don't

01:19:15   agree with your assessment of yourself. Well that's fine. Yeah I feel like you

01:19:19   can say it but I don't agree with it. Mike do you have a like a monocle? I wished.

01:19:27   Yeah that kind of fits you. That would be no good to me I'd need two monocles because I

01:19:31   glasses so wearing a monocle is no help yeah you know yes you're right two

01:19:38   monocles currently okay all right binnacle binnacle two last questions

01:19:44   sounds on and off off off of course all of course members civil is off app list

01:19:52   or honeycomb honeycomb list list boring what do you want a come for man so that

01:20:00   It's so that I can cringe whenever I see it.

01:20:04   [Laughter]

01:20:07   You know what, that's a perfectly reasonable way of doing it.

01:20:09   Every time I saw it, I was like, "Man, I mean, look at this thing."

01:20:11   What was that? What a mess.

01:20:12   It's an icebreaker. It's a nice conversation starter.

01:20:15   And it's like, "I mean, look at this."

01:20:17   Can you imagine? They did this.

01:20:19   Exactly.

01:20:20   It doesn't ship default like that now, right?

01:20:23   I think it does.

01:20:25   I feel like the default's got to be the list, right?

01:20:27   I think it...

01:20:28   So in the setup, it now asks you what you want.

01:20:30   Okay. So I just went through this helping somebody set up an Apple watch for the

01:20:36   first time so it asks you... Was it you? When you broke it? No. And you got another one? No. Mary got a

01:20:40   Series 8 for Christmas and her Series 6 went to my mom who was wearing an old

01:20:47   Series 5 and I had trouble with the backup so I had to set it up fresh for her

01:20:50   and it's in the onboarding now. I had a thing recently where I said to my mom

01:20:54   that I wanted to buy her an Apple watch because like I thought it'd be really

01:20:57   good for fall detection and stuff. That did not go down well. Yeah you can't

01:21:00   Mention the fall detection. Yeah, I know. Well, I know now. Yeah, you know what I mean too late

01:21:06   But I'm just like mom. I'm worried that you're gonna fall over you live on your own

01:21:09   But like no she wasn't happy about that

01:21:11   So if you want to find links to the stuff we spoke about this week there on the website at relay.fm/connected/

01:21:18   437 is of course there's an image there of course of all of our Apple watches and

01:21:23   some other stuff we spoke about home run 2 for home kit and

01:21:29   Federico's fiber lots of lots of things going on in the show notes while you're on the website

01:21:33   Or if you're just looking at the links in your podcast player a couple things

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01:21:53   Mike's entrance into the world of sports

01:21:57   Mike is gonna be the next Tiger Woods seems like I remember that ad I'm Tiger Woods

01:22:03   Mmm, remember that had the Mercedes ad

01:22:05   Woods I'm Tiger Woods. You're my curly you can find us all online

01:22:12   Nike not Mercedes. Mmm Nike Federico is the editor-in-chief of max stories dotnet

01:22:19   They write and podcast about all the stuff we talked about here. If you're not ready max stories

01:22:24   what are you even doing with your life?

01:22:26   You can also find Federico on the DAWN,

01:22:29   and was it maxstories.net is y'all's instance?

01:22:33   - Yeah.

01:22:34   - Yeah, you did tricky web stuff to make that work, right?

01:22:37   - Well, you can either search for @vittici@maxstories.net

01:22:40   or just type in your browser address bar

01:22:44   vittici.maxstories.net and it'll take you there.

01:22:46   - That's good.

01:22:48   - Yeah.

01:22:49   - Mike hosts a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM.

01:22:51   He's also the co-founder of Cortex brand.

01:22:54   You can learn more at cortexmerch.com.

01:22:57   Mike, you are also on the don at mike.social.

01:23:00   - Correct.

01:23:01   - You can find me online.

01:23:03   I write at 512pixels.net.

01:23:05   I'm a co-host over at Mac Power Users

01:23:07   on every Sunday here on Relay FM.

01:23:10   And I am at eworld.social on the Mastodon.

01:23:15   - It's never not funny, man.

01:23:16   - It's perfect. - It's never not funny.

01:23:19   - I'm glad, I'm glad y'all like it.

01:23:20   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week. They are ZocDoc, Squarespace, and Adeed.

01:23:26   And until next week guys, say goodbye.

01:23:28   Arrivederci.

01:23:29   Cheerio.

01:23:30   Bye, y'all.